Conch Chowder (seasonal)  $ 8.00
  Belizean Bean Soup  $ 6.00
  Fresh Chilled Salad  $ 6.00
  Fish or Chicken Fingers  $12.00


All entrees are served with one side order and dinner rolls.
LOBSTER (seasonal)
  Broiled: Butterfly tails sprinkled w/ garlic, pepper, lime & butter.  Market Price
  Grilled: Butterfly tails grilled and topped w/ onions.   
  Sauteed: Lobster tails cut in small pieces sauteed w/ onions, garlic, pepper & butter.    
  Dejonghe: Lobster tails cut in small pieces sauteed in our special dejonghe sauce (onion, garlic, parsley)   
  Served chilled with hot drawn butter  Market Price
SHRIMP $28.00
  Creole: Cooked in our special tomato sauce   
  Dejonghe: Sauteed in our dejonghe sauce (onion, garlic, parsley)   
  Grilled: Topped w/ onions   
  Fried: Battered and deep fried   
  Steamed: Served w/ cocktail sauce   
CONCH (seasonal) $25.00
  Grilled: Topped w/ onions   
  Fried: Battered and deep fried   
FISH $25.00
  Broiled: Sprinkled w/ garlic, pepper, lime & butter   
  Fried: Battered and deep fried    
  Grilled: Topped w/ onions   
  Parmesan: Breaded w/ parmesan cheese, herbs & spices   
  Stuffed: with cheddar cheese and deep fried w/ beer batter   
CHICKEN $15.00
  Grilled Chicken Breast   

Steamed Rice $4.00
Stir Fried Rice$8.00
Red Macaroni (tomato and cheese sauuce )$8.00
Sauteed Vegetables$8.00
Potato Au Gratin (cheese and ham)$8.00
Belizean Beans and Rice$8.00
French Fries$6.00
Cole Slaw$6.00

  Hamburger with french fries$13.00
 Cheeseburger with french fries$14.00
 Grilled Chickenburger with french fries$12.00
 Grilled or Fried Fishburger with french fries$12.00

 Caye Lime Pie$5.50
 Cheese Cake$5.50
 Caribbean Surprise$5.50
 Flan $5.50
 Ice Cream$5.50
 Coffee Specialties $10.00
 Daily Specials$

 Chardonnay (by the glass)$10.00
 Chablis (by the glass)$10.00
 Cabernet Sauvignon (by the glass)$10.00
 Bottle of Wine$36.00

  Beer $5.00
  Ice Tea or Coffee $2.00
  Soft Drinks $2.50
  Fresh Orange Juice (small) $4.50  (large) $6.00
 Fresh Watermelon Juice(small) $4.50 (large) $6.00
 Fresh Limeade(small) $3.50 (large) $5.00
 Pineapple Juice(small) $3.50 (large) $5.00
  Apple Juice $3.50
  V-8 $3.50

Celi's Restaurant
is part of the San Pedro Holiday Hotel
which was the first hotel established in San Pedro.
Founded in 1965 by Celi McCorkle, it
prides itself in being one of the few locally
owned resorts on the island.

Sales Tax not included
$1.00 charge for each split bill.
15% Gratuity will be charged for tables of 8 and more.

Lunch Menu
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