Kinich Ahau, The Jade Head, Maya Sun God!

The Head of the Sun God!
The Jade Head of Kinich Ahau is one of Belize's greatest national treasures of the past. David Pendergast's scientific, matter-of-fact account of its discovery downplays the sensations:

"Of all the tombs (at Altun Ha) however, the most striking was the last one discovered, the earliest built. This burial, hidden deep within the huge stair block at the top of the building, was part of Phase VII, dating from AD 600-650, and was constructed atop and against the largely demolished face of Phase VIII. Having cut a large and deep trench into the stairblock in the hope of learning more about the earlier structure concealed by Phase VII., we came upon the roof slabs of a tomb which proved to be the richest, in several sense, yet encountered at Altun Ha, and perhaps in the Central Lowlands as a whole. Removing the mass of debris resulting from collapse of one wall of the crypt, and from the decay of many organic objects in the tomb, we came upon the remains of an elderly priest, accompanied by a number of jade objects, including the largest carved jade artifact ever recovered in the Maya area, a giant full round head of the Sun God, Kinich Ahau, standing 14.9 cm. high and weighing 4.42 kg., or nine and three quarters pounds. . .."

The head was surely known over a wide area of the Central Lowlands as an object of the greatest technological, aesthetic and ceremonial significance which, could be allowed to repose only at the centre of equally striking importance. What that importance was, and how it came into being, we shall probably never know.

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