Taxes and the Tourism Industry
In my last article we discussed how heavy taxation on tourism could adversely affect our tourism product. While there are traditional methods of tourism taxation such as departure taxes, hotel taxes, etc., there are other taxes levied on our industry that also affects Our industry in ways not normally considered in the overall aspect of importance. In fact, these issues are very much important to the continued success of our tourism industry.

Belize for sometime has promoted itself as an Eco-tourism destination. As a matter of fact, we are looked upon as one of the leaders in that field. On many occasions other countries see it fit to visit Belize to get a first hand look at our Eco-tourism practices. If we are to continue this trend, which certainly does have positive implications to our environment, it must be done at all levels to demonstrate our commitment to protecting our fragile ecosystems.

One of the worst enemies of our environment is the dumping of plastics and other materials in waste sites. This practice comes mainly from the food industry in the form of foams, plastic cups. plastic bags. and much more. A recent investigation as to why more establishments do not use, for example, more paper products Is quite simple. Duties on paper products compared to the same product made of plastic are much higher thus making it more expensive for the end user to even consider alternate products such as paper.

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