My R&R - Version for Mother

A musical aside: The music you may be hearing is a midi version of a "Golden Oldie" ballad named My Buddy. It's here because "Buddy" was my moniker until I rebelled against it when I was about thirteen years old and, mostly, because My Buddy was Mother's favorite ditty.













This description of a rather benign R&R was nearly all my Mother ever learned about it.


Don't you think it an admirable trait in an only child to spare his mother the truth about how much fun a GI, twenty-two years of age, can have in an occupied country - particularly one as fascinating as Japan?

I did tell Mother how each and every Japanese would bow and step aside when a soldier in uniform neared; and, of course, I did remember to mention how cheap everything was at the time.

You can tell by how the letter focuses on the details of money spent that the great depression was not yet a distant memory to our family.

I made the shopping sound rigorous but, actually, I had some expert help; but, how that was and came about belongs on the next page.

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