Ends and Odds

(16 Jan 2004): This telegram speaks for itself. It very well announces that an end to my Korean life had arrived.

I just learned how to convert an old tattered keepsake into what you see here, and could not resist putting it here even though it's out of time order.

(3 Jan 2001): On this page I will add on, from time to time, photos which really relate to other photos and the story that goes with them. Also, I will give you links to the others.

This is my (from Snyder?) old photo of the refugees who had crossed the Imjin. The Refugees, Snyder, Key, and a Goat page tells the story about that.

This startled me as I first I saw it when Poe (#2) had relayed it on to me after he got it from Fred (#14). Along the fence between the two buildings is where I paced back and forth for many an hour. The story about that is told on the page
The POW (and how!) Place.

Add-On (7 Apr 2002): I couldn't resist showing you a copy of  a label from one bottle out of the case of homemade brew I got last Christmas as a present from Shannon Key Vasquez, my #1 daughter, and Tim Vasquez, my #1 son-in-law. He is one hell of a braumeister, his beer is good stuff, and his recipe for this brand is a keeper!!! MK.     

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