Regrouping - 50 Years Later

MK note (20 Nov 2001): This page is constructed out of email information and snail mail photos from J. C. Poe (#2). The subject is, of course, the 2001 3rd Infantry Division Reunion held in Phoenix, Arizona. It began on 14 Sep 2001 which, as you will know already, was not a happy time to be taking a plane from Missouri to Arizona. But, it takes a lot more than a terrorist attack and the resulting airline snafu (or a rising creek) to stop Poe, the ex-grunt, from doing whatever he set out to do. Sometimes, I wish I could have gotten to know him in that winter of 1951-1952 when we were both in A/15/3 together but in different platoons - and then I think, "Nah!!". It was better as it was with him blasting away with his trusty 60mm Mortar Gun and, thereby, giving class "A" support to whichever part of Company A was (at the time) going up, on, or retreating from Outpost Nori.

Here are the front page of a brochure welcoming all to the reunion and a photo of (?) viewing Poe's come-on gear.

Poe set up a display with copies of stuff from the IBB. He was after more guys to jump into our Bunker.

Good show, Poe!!!!

On the left is John T. Burke (#42). John is a past president of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association. Next to John is Poe in his Class "A" uniform.

In the photo on the left below, John has taken his coat off or changed into a white one. On John's right is Martin Markley, a past president of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. On John's left (at the microphone) is Carl Duncan. He is the Secretary-Treasurer of Outpost 15 (Phoenix, Arizona) of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. Outpost 15 organized the 2001 reunion in Phoenix. Poe is a member of Outpost 17 (Saint Louis, Missouri).







Nearly fifty years ago, J. C. Poe was front and center for his company photo, Able in June of 1952. So, it can't be too surprising that here he is again, front and center for the taking of the photo on the right - it's of all who attended the 2001 reunion.

The only differences are that he has traded in his olive drab fatigues for a black tuxedo and changed his hair color a bit - another good show, Poe.

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