Arc and Co-Pilot

MK note:
I'll let emails back and forth between Arc and me tell the story that goes with these photos. MK.

Arc said: This picture probably was taken in June of 1952 while the 15th Rgt was in reserve near Camp Casey. We had been running some practice live fire attacks up a hill in the training area. I guess the white arm band meant I was US, not Chinese.

I always thought it was funny when the narrator said the two platoons will attack abreast. Arc.

MK said: The 2nd Platoon of Co A (and, maybe, the entire company) was doing the same practice at the same time and place. I always have wondered if the planned deal was cancelled because I, carrying my trusty machine gun in John Wayne style, fell behind and nearly wiped out a few of our guys with "friendly" fire. MK.


Arc said: There isn't any story to go with this. Building models is my hobby and goes back to my childhood. You sent me to your site and a pix of what you looked like and I couldn't find anything that bad. So I sent you this. But tell me, why would you want something like this on a site about the war of 1952. I think it to be a non-sequitor (or however you spell it). Arc.

MK said: I demand a secret ballot. MK.

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