Easy Duty

Major Pearson says (through Poe) that these photos were taken in Sendia, Japan in 1953 - which would make it about a year after he had been reassigned away from his beloved Company A, 15th Infantry Regiment. I note, however, that though he was still a Captain, he seemed to have a few more things attached to his jacket than did the Major on his right. He is identified by Cpt/Maj Pearson as Maj Ed Saxley.

MK late add-on (22 Oct 4002): Cpt/Maj Pearson has told some great tales which are not in the "Can Do" Photo Album. If you did not read the tale about Christmas Day 1951 told on IBB Page Two, this is another chance. Another such tale is The Lighter Side of Front Line Duty and that's what it's about. That page is a link to the Letter of 28 Nov 2000 to Poe which  has even more tales and, though  slow loading, deserves a read too. MK.

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