Herb & Houseman

MK note: The photo to your left is of Herbert Wilde (Entry #16) who is all alone except for his trusty machine gun; and, in the photo on your right, they are joined by a soldier whom Herb identifies only as Houseman (on Herb's left). You civilians will have to get used to the GI proclivity for remembering folks only by their last names, if names are remembered at all - it's been nearly 50 years. MK.


Unless I've garbled up my information, these photos were taken on Hill 355, also known as Little Gibraltar. The background music, Down in the Valley, is added because it looks to me like their machine gun position is not high on the hill but near it's base - in a defilade position, I presume. Herb tells me that the path going up the hill is really their "bug-out trench" - a very intelligent route to have available for coming down the hill in a hurry when circumstances required that course of action.

I think that's Hill 317 in the far distance and that the next two pictures ("Houseman & Young") were taken from positions which can be seen in the rear of these two photos.

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