Get Me With Your First Bullet!!

MK note (25 Feb 2002): Aaron "Art" Ekelchik (#52) came up with, and his son scanned and emailed to me, this article which appeared (Art says) in a 196? magazine (entitled "Men"). You will notice that it appears to have been written by (or, maybe, ghost written for) Henry H. Yoda (#19) who was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross for his 29 Sep 1951 activities which he modestly talks about in the article and during which he was wounded seriously enough to be discharged soon afterwards.

Art, having also been wounded on the same day and on  the same hill as Henry, must have found Henry's yarn of particular interest. The experiences of J. C. Poe (#2) on that same day and that same hill are told on his Baptism of Fire page, and I hope that Art will soon tell us more of his doings on that same day and hill.

You will not appreciate the pictures inserted in the article but the "read" will make your visit worthwhile. Join me in hoping that Henry is still with us and will turn up one of these days to visit the Bunker so we can tell him how pleased we are to have read his story. MK.

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