Vito in Wheels and a Cornfield

MK note: These photos and the information as to who is in them were furnished by
John Bellflower, a son of
Vito Bellflower (Entry #34). The other stuff is my own. MK.








I hope to add a photo of Vito's Quad 50 but, for now, here is:

Left: Vito (on the right) sitting in a buggy with a friend who seems (to me) to be wearing a patch other than that of the 3rd Inf Div.

Judging by the writing on the wall, this photo was probably taken in Japan when Vito was on R&R, but it may have been in Korea - Japanese writing was often used there as a result of Korea being occupied by Japan for most of the first half of the 20th Century. The buggy was pulled by its operator but I cropped him from the photo - not out of spite, but to save posting space because he was very blurred in the photo.

Right and above: John said that this was a photo of Vito sitting in his "Can Do" Jeep. That fact makes it clear Vito served alongside of the 15th Inf Rgt. The dates of his service and the remembrances of other guys in the Bunker (including mine) make it clear that he saw action on "our" hills.

With reservations, I decided to deal Vito the same fate that I dealt the buggy driver and for the same reasons. You would not have been able to make out his features anyway and he was too fine a looking man to have been presented as less than that. The jeep doesn't mind the fact that it's blurred.

Left and above: On this photo, Vito pointed the arrow to himself and told us where he was when the photo was taken. Right and above: Vito is not in this photo; but, I guess that the three guys in it are also in the photo on the left. Is anyone able to confirm that my guess is right?

Here is the flame with which we in the Bunker honor those of us who have passed on before the rest of us - this time it's lit for Vito.

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