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MK comment: These photos were taken when Robert was still in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders whose home base was Fort George, Scotland. In the group photo, Robert is the fourth man from the left (this from his son John after I guessed wrong).

When Robert was sent to Korea, he bcame a member of the 1st Bn of The King's Own Scottish Borderers, which (presumably) also wore kilts from time to time.

Don't let that fact fool you - the 1st Bn KOSB was one fierce fighting unit which, with Robert along, proved its mettle from Apr 1951 to Aug 1952 as part of the 28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade and, particularly, in important battles for both Kowang-San (Hill 355) and Maryang-San (Hill 317).

The battle for Hill 355, a double-knobbed hill on which many in the Bunker (whether then knowing it by that name or as Little Gibraltar, Dagmar, or Armistice Hill) have more than a passing acquaintance, was fought in April 1951.

In the Battle of Maryang-San, November 1951, the 28 CIB, the 1st Bn KOSB, and (it seems certain) Robert Doherty fought along "our" line of hills from Nori to Tessie to Kelly to Breadloaf and, finally, to Hill 317. Thus, there was made a "home" for the 1st Bn, 15th Inf Rgt, for the winter of 1951-1952 and, again, in the spring and summer of 1952. However, by December of 1951, Hill 317 was again off limits.

Maybe more of the Commonwealth story re "our" hills will come out as the IBB gets more of our "mates" to jump in. MK.

MK add-on (28 Oct 2001): My presumption that the "Kosbies" wore kilts was not well conceived. Witness the email add-ons below. MK.

Bill Ballinger (#38) email add-on (28 Oct 2001): Hi, Merv. I was just re-reading some of the stuff on the IBB. Your blurb in the page "High Road to Korea" that the KOSB sometimes wore kilts is wrong. The KOSB is a lowland regiment and therefore wore tartan trews (pants). The Argyls are a highland regiment and wore kilts. All the best, Bill.

Reg Kitchener (#41) email add-on (29 Oct 2001): Merv, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders are a Highland Regiment. They wear kilts. The King's Own Scottish Borderers are a Lowland Regiment and wear Tartan Trousers. Only their Pipers wear kilts. Scotland is divided into the Highlands and the Lowlands, so there are Highland and Lowland Regiments. Many of these Regiments have been disbanded - for example, my father's regiment was The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). It is now disbanded and part of history. If you are interested, you can find them on the British Army web sites. I hope you do not mind the history lesson. Reg.

MK email reply to Reg (30 Oct 2001): Nope - I like history lessons. Merv.

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