Bill and His Mates

MK note: Bill Ballinger (#38) snail-mailed me copies of seven photos, reproduced below, and of some Chinese propaganda leaflets which I'll put on his next photo page. Then, in various emails, he told me what to say for him on this page.

The first photo below is of Bill. He seemed embarrassed that he could not give a name to anybody in the other photos. Bill, all of us in the Bunker can remember a few faces and a few names but have trouble in putting the faces with the names. Most of us have spent the last fifty years trying not to remember too much about our Korean experiences. MK.

I was a Bren gunner all my time in Korea. The Bren has great fire power and a magazine with 28 rounds - 56 if you taped two magazines together. I had a #2 man with me. He carried not only his rifle and other stuff of his own, but also, for the Bren gun, a spare parts wallet and an extra barrel and ammo.

I got the xmas card and some other propaganda when we were on a night patrol. The chinks had left it in a mail box for us.

Here is an untitled poem written by a lad in my company:

Take me out of this place called korea,
Take me back where my old folks remain.
Take me back to civilization,
And let me live once again.

Now there was a hill three one seven,
Where most of the fighting was done.
Twas there that the gallant Borderers,
They fought as second to none.

Now the Australians they fought like devils,
And the Kislies did well I agree,
But give me the lads of the tartan trews,
The lads of the K O S B.

Now all these young lads came from Scotland,
The land where fighting men dwell,
And these were the lads that made the chinks run,
And they ran like the hammers of hell.

                                                                                        Private Bill Dalziel.

I hope nobody takes offence at this poem. We all understand we didn't do it alone.

Your comrade, Bill.

MK note: Bill, a combat veteran who doesn't think his unit was the best that ever fought was one very unlucky soldier. MK.

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