A Gun and Roses

MK note:  Owen "Reg" Kitchener (#41) sent everything  on this page: the insignia and history his old outfit in Korea, the poem, the gun photo with the email comments below it, and even the background music. The only editing done was to give you only excerpts (the insignia and the history text you can read here) from the full History of 170 (Imjin) Field Battery Royal Artillery,  AND, I confess, completing the poem by making up and adding the last line to the last stanza (omitted somehow from what Reg sent). MK.


Imjin Battery

They were not Large in Ordnance Lore,
In Inches: Four point Two,
Muzzle Loaded and Smooth of Bore,
Like Cannons Ancient too.

In Korea, in U.N. Service they came of note,
Winning comments from those up front,
The Enemy Horde they often Smote,
Of the odd '' Fin Off '' Friends felt the Brunt.

In a Valley shadowed by Kamak-San,
With the Gloucester's of Glorious Fame,
Close by the Imjin, Stood Man to Man,
With no retreat, as the Enemy came.

From the U.S. Citations came,
A Ribbon Blue, All Ranks Display,
A token of Presidential Acclaim,
In Honour of that fateful Day.

They also Earned, A Right to Claim,
Amongst the Guns of Great Repute,
A Place in the Rotunda Hall of Fame,
And well deserve our sharp salute.

170 Independent Mortar Battery Royal Artillery. We Salute You.
                                                    Copyright : The Royal Artillery Association.

Merv,  I have only the initials for the writer of the poem: J. A. B. Reg.

 Taken in July 2002 at "Fire Power" Royal Arsenal, Woolwich,
 during one of my re-visits to the nearby
Regimental Home of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich.
I'm standing by a 4.2" Mobile Mortar as used by my Battery in Korea.

After  the Battle of the Imjin River April 1951. I transferred from 70 Field Battery 45 Field Regiment Royal Artillery (see Reg and his Mates at Work, linked to below) to the new ' C' Troop 170 Independent Mortar Battery R A.

For all of the new members, including me, it was a new experience as we had no knowledge of mortars. I was given a Bombardier (Corporal) from one of the other Troops, a first class mortar man; and, after a few demonstrations, my new Detachment was ready for action. If you read my entry into the IBB on Page Five, also linked to below, you will know of our involvement in the taking of Hills 355, 217, 317 and other hills in the vicinity -  some or all of  which no member of the IBB will ever forget.

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Reg and His Mates at Work      Hill 355 Changing Hands Peaceably
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