Flower of Scotland

MK comments (18 Feb 2003): Thanks to Frank Pearson (#45) for finding and sending to me the makings for this page. The background piper music, also named Flower of Scotland, is from Owen "Reg" Kitchener (#41). I hope that your machine handles MP3 music. If so and don't mind having moist eyes for a bit, you will be glad that you clicked on the song's title to hear (maybe after some waiting) its words as sung in a fine male duet.

The July 1952 photo, with J. C. M. "Johnny" Johnston being the third man from your left, and the accompanying obituary were found by Frank Pearson in a publication of the King's Own Scottish Borderers, in which they both served in Korea.

Here, as usual, is the flame by which we warm our hands in memory of our Bunker Buddies on patrol ahead of us. MK.

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