Knightbirds and Nori

MK comments:

Now we know what George Knight (#55) meant when he said, as he gave this photo to J. C. Poe (#2), that it was taken of himself before he was "demoted from a full bird to a Private".

I've always wanted to converse with a guy who could coax birds from trees and wish that George would get a computer so he could email me more of the story.

After reading and not understanding what George said in his entry (as relayed by Poe) about being a full bird, I decided to delay the posting of George's entry until I received both photos by snail mail from Poe and could figure out what the bird proposition was all about and talk about the Nori photo.

As Poe told us, the other photo (below) is a very welcome view of Outpost Nori and its environs as seen from a rise right by and overlooking the "friendly" side of the Imjin River. Nori was the most inportant hill in Korea for all of Company A/15/3 during the winter of 1951-1952 and the early spring of 1952. The tallest and most distant hill in the center (not distant) background seems to be known to most as Big Nori, but was known to most of us in Co A of the 15th as, simply, Nori. Slightly lower and to the right is the hill now known as Little Nori, which, in 1952 had no separate name then known to me. Not quite as near and to the left is Hill 117 where the Christmas Tree adventure took place on 25 Dec 1951. To read that fun tale, go to the entry of  Lendon P. Pearson, the story teller and our CO at the time.

You can click on this Outpost Nori and view another (bigger and in color) photo of Nori et al as viewed from a higher and more remote location.

The photo also tells us that this spot along the Imjin became of interest to George and the other guys in Battalion 3/15/3 only a little later than it became of interest to the guys in Battalion 1/15/3. I'll have to find out from George, who was in Company K/15/3 from March to September of 1952, or some other 3rd Bn guy in the Bunker, when it was that the 3rd Bn relieved the 1st Bn at this spot along the Imjin.

George's vivid memory of Hill 317 is understandable. Although 317 is across the valley (to the left of this view) and beyond Kelly some distance, 317 IS the highest and most dominant feature in view from the spot where the photo was taken.

In case you wonder why this photo rings my bell enough to talk so much about it, I'm going to tell you right now.

I am almost certain (and Poe agrees) that the photo was taken from a spot very near my old machine gun bunker on the left side of the draw on the left flank of the 2nd Plt of Co A and near where I sat on my helmet while drawing Corporal Key's Map in the early spring of 1952. To the left of the 2nd Plt was the 1st Plt and to the right of the 2nd Plt was the 3rd Plt.

This photo will please Ron Cashman (#44) also. It's a good view of the area where he had what he called his Ham Sandwich experiences.

Thanks a lot, J.C., for passing along to me (us) both photos which George gave you. You may even get those originals back one of these days. MK.

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