Blue Reservations

MK note: The text on this page is approved by (Lawrence) Leland Harper (#65) as if the words were his own - they almost are. His reference to being at Camp Blue influenced my choice for the background music. MK.

I am reasonably sure that the photos on this page were taken while the 3rd Bn was in that part of the 8th Army Reserve Area that we knew as Camp Blue. Item Company, as part of the 3rd Bn, went there when Item Co left its position just west of the Imjin (in late April 1952).

Here is a view of the encampment area of the 3rd Bn, including Hq and Medics, when first at Camp Blue.

Item Co was in the third row from the left. My tent  is closest to the camera and, as luck would have it, very near the mess tent.

In the photo below left a group of us fellows are taking a break from training while at Camp Blue. The "me" is marked and is leaning on the ?.

The photo above right will be recognized by most of the Bunker guys as being a shot of a Full Field Inspection. The fellow who is closest to the  camera is Tamotsu Ito. He was the Mail Clerk for Item Company and also my good buddy.

I have learned from the Bunker guys (thanks Arc and J. C.) that the 8th Army Reserve Area was generally known as Camp Casey and was divided into two parts by the road which was its MSR (main supply route).

Item Co stayed at the part of Camp Casey that we knew as Camp Blue until some time in July 1952 when the whole Bn returned to the line near the Imjin and Item Company went to its new position along and just east of the Imjin - with me still being in the Mortar Section of the 4th Platoon.

Merv told me that the next page to follow this one will have my photos of some life on the Imjin and some stories about events on Outpost Nori and other nearby hills.

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