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Memorials posted in the Korean War Project.

KIA 4 Feb 1952

Submission 2725 (27 Sep 1999) by John Fennimore:

Sgt. Hanks was my Platoon Sgt. the first part of my basic training at Ft. Riley, Kansas, but he shipped to Korea. When I completed my training, I also shipped to Korea. By some strange quirk of fate, I was assigned to his Platoon again - 2nd Platoon, Company B.

Sgt. Hanks was killed on a hill called O. P. Kelly, close to the Imjin River, while we were making a night attack to regain the hill. I miss him still. John Fennimore.

Submission 3955 (10 Jan 2000) by Richard J. Lawrence:

I also was involved in the attempt to retake O. P. Kelly on the night of Feb. 4, 1952. I was with the 4th Squad, 2nd Platoon, Company B. I also knew John Fennimore who has left his remembrance. I met Sgt. Hanks when John and I were brought in as replacements. I didn't know Sgt Hanks as well as John, only for several weeks. He was a damn good soldier and a good man. He was sorely missed indeed. There were at least two others who lost their lives that night.

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