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KIA 4 Feb 1952

Submission 3965 (12 Jan 2000) by John Fennimore:

Dudley was hit on the same night as Hanks, Crouch and several others. Dudley, Crouch, and I were very close friends as we were bunker mates. Hanks and Crouch were killed within touching distance of me as our unit was attempting to retake OP Kelly. Lt. Sitler was severely wounded. Hanks, Crouch, and Dudley were killed and, no doubt, others also. It happened suddenly when we received a tremendous barrage of artillery and that was it. Some got it and others did not. We did not take the hill that night but later did. All those men were doing their duty as we all thought was the right thing at the time . I wonder now.

I know now that we should have tried to get in touch with families; but, we only knew first or last names at that time and there was no internet to search with.
Now I know that we should have tried to get in touch with families but we did not know how or where until the internet ....... although we grieved, we actually did know full names or addresses; anyway, that's just an excuse.

MK add-on: John, no excuse is needed. Those of us who experienced similar happenings understand that the pain of remembrance must be cautiously handled, especially at the time and, for some of us, even after the passage of almost forty-nine years. Hanks is Entry #10 and Crouch is Entry #12.

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