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Memorials posted in the Korean War Project.

Remembering PFC German O. Bolen
KIA 24 Apr 1952

Submission 3953 (10 Jan 2000) by Richard J. Lawrence:

I knew German Bolen. I was with the 4th Squad, 2nd Platoon, Co. B, 15th Inf Rgt, 3rd Inf Div. He was a member of the 4th Squad when I was a replacement joining them in the middle of January 1952. We occupied a hill facing O. P. Kelly, Little Nori and Big Nori. The Imjin river was to our right. German had the bunker down in the saddle between me and Cliff Faist. We went on many a patrol together. He was a very god-fearing, steady, and calm person. Liked by us all, a good solid man. He carried a steel backed bible inside of his parka all the time. In early March of '52, they moved us to a blocking position for the Marines, west of Hill 355. On Feb 4, 1952, I and two others were severely burned with napalm. I didn't return to the squad till late April '52. German had a bunker mate whose name escapes me but this is what happened: German was out on a sweep when he was hit by enemy sniper fire. He crumpled and his bunker mate ran out firing at the enemy and dragged German back, but it was too late. His bunker mate received the Silver Star for trying to rescue German in spite of severe enemy fire. German was a damn good person. All of us who knew him couldn't keep the tears from flowing when this happened to him. He was sorely missed.

I'm sorry I have not bothered with anything to do with that time in all of these years. I just blocked it out, never joined any group. The only one I ever saw after getting out (in Jan 1954) was Cliff Faist, who was wounded two times as I was. It is just within the last few months that I have tried to find out about people who I knew way back then. Dick.

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