Ferguson's Page

Memorial posted in the Korean War Project.

Remembering CPL Charley Ferguson
KIA 31 Jul 1952

Submission 3952 (10 Jan 2000) by Richard J. Lawrence:

I knew Charley Ferguson, he was our commo man - 2nd Platoon, Co B, 15th Inf Rgt. I was no more than 4 or 5 feet from him when he was killed. A piece of shrapnel ripped either through his Angr 9 or 10, whichever, that was strapped on his back. It was just about dark when all hell broke loose. We had been out on a full battalion attack that day leaving from the hill in front of O. P. Kelly and had swept Little Nori, Big Nori and received heavy fire, plus C Company got hung up in a mine field. The 1st Battalion took heavy casualties that day. Charley was a fine, upstanding, and good man.

I was a Corporal in the 4th Squad, 2nd Platoon. I received shrapnel through the left side of the face, shearing off a tooth but fortunately lodged in my gum, and shrapnel in my left leg. July 31, 1952 was my second wounding. The first was Feb 4, 1952. Again, Charley was well liked and missed by by us all. He couldn't have been too far away from his rotation back home when this happened.

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