Doc's Page

Memorials posted in the Korean War Project.

Remembering CPL Deroy F. Kammerer
KIA 31 Jul 1952

Submission 3954 (10 Jan 2000) by Richard J. Lawrence:

On July 31, 1952, Doc, along with the rest of us in the 2nd Plt, Co B, along with the other rifle companies (A & C) in our battalion, engaged in an all out attack and sweep up the slopes of O. P. Kelly, Little Nori, and Big Nori. The action started in the morning hours and lasted until close to sundown. I didn't see Doc get hit. However, when the group I was with had returned to the MLR and were milling about, the stretcher bearers came up thru a pass in the hill with several ponchos used as litter covers. One was Doc. We couldn't believe it. In spite of the problems he had at home, which some of us knew about at the time, he was a man amongst men. He was more than a Medic; he was a loyal buddy to all of us and a very courageous individual.

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