Letter of 5 Jun 1989 (p1)

This is the first page of a three page letter that I wrote to Snyder's older brother, Richard Snyder, after he found and telephoned me more than thirty-five years after my last previous contact with Snyder's family. In that telephone conversation, he said he would send the video tape referred to in the first paragraph of this letter, and (as you may have guessed by now) when anyone in the Snyder family says something will be done, it will be done. Meanwhile, Richard had written me wanting more details about 31 Jul 1952 than I had given Mary Snyder in my other letters, so I went into that in this letter. Now having the advantages of the passage of time (making remembrance not so painful) and of more accurate information gained from guys in the Bunker, I may point out, at the bottom of each page, some mistakes I made in the letter and/or make some explanatory comments.

I can't find any corrections for this page.
The POW tale has now been told at The POW (and how!) Place.

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