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"It ain't necessarily so."

.Sorry about that: (25 Jan 2000) I realize that, when you clicked on the link to this page, you did not expect to find a page which could be construed, by some, as a little unpatriotic and that you might not appreciate my trickery in that regard. But, even though it's usually wise to avoid religious subjects (or even semi-religious subjects) altogether, I thought it only fair to give enough information for the visitor to guess at my theology. A guess is all you'll ever get.

Signing off on this page: (05 Nov 2000) Here are three more links to go with the Flag Image link, The Founding Fathers Were Not Christians:

The Faith of our Founding Fathers

 Famous Dead Non-theists

 celebrity atheist list, with some agnostics, etc..

Smile, keep your faith, and visit me often!

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