My Cousins

I found this photo among Mother's keepsakes and suspected that it is a photo of Lucille, the youngest sister of my  Daddy (Tom),  with her husband and their child. I had met Lucille only one time that I remember - when Mother, Daddy, and I lived for a while. California was where Lucille lived most of her adult life.

I sent out feelers and two Key cousins, Harold Hilliard and Eula Belle Key Canada, confirmed my suspicions (making Jerry Max Hoehn our first cousin) and gave me the proper names. Harold added that all three of them are deceased now (Jan 2004)

Harold Hilliard sent me this photo of him and his soulmate of fifty-two years. It'll stay on this page unless a younger picture of Harold turns up.


where?    where?

where?, Belize
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