Articles on Archaeology and the Maya on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Archaeology of Ambergris Caye
Blades and Cores of Obsidian
Maya Jade Jewelery - How did they do that?
Maya Dental Mutilation- Ouch...!
The ancient Maya and modern lawyers
It's great to be King. Most of the time.
Ancient Maya writing ... What is known and unknown
Ancient Maya writing ... Has the code been broken at last?
Whadda ya mean its a thousand years old?
A day in the life of an an archeologist, or What a way to make a living
Occupational hazards for archeologists- Snakes
Ancient Maya Subsistence- or, How they got their groceries, Part (1), Getting Water
Ancient Maya Subsistence- or, How they got their groceries, Part (2), Animals
Ancient San Pedro
Say, whatever happpened to those Maya anyway? Part 1
What Happened to the Maya? Part 2
Real smart folks, but no wheel
Pass the Maya salt, please
A double balche and a toad frog chaser, please
Maya dye and the great tax dodge
Maya Human Sacrifice ... Say it isn't so.
Origin of the Maya...or where did those dudes come from anyway?
Where did those Maya dudes come from anyway? (part two)
Archeological Tour Guide in Belize or .. Why to find another line of work
Archeological surprises- or just when you thought you had seen it all
Letter from Smithsonian
Why I Hate Dinosaurs
Farewell to Dr. Herman Smith

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