Old San Pedro

Picture was taken in 1979, You can look on the upper left (light lines around it) and see my hotel when I was starting to build. The park had just been given to the then village by the Blake family and we were beginning to clean it up. In front of my property there was still grass growing. It is a shame that traffic is allowed on the front street. Someone must see the light. Dusty streets are the primary detriment in keeping tourists away. No cars should be allowed - only golf carts. I am sending more pics. George

On the extreme left you can see the police station, still there. Blake House, later Barrier Reef Hotel is in the center. Far right is Mash, still there. But no church, no Jaguar Temple.

The pier is pretty much in the same spot as the main pier there now, looking there now, you would see big daddys on the right, jerk pit behind it, food booths straight ahead, and to the left of center would be the park.

Jaguar temple would show just to the left of center back off the beach, and the church would show kind of behind the long building to the right where big daddys is now.

Mash is the nickname of a San Pedrano who runs the shipping company "Crystal Shipping" of the town pier and also until recently had a hardware store in that building, now rented to an activities center, and Mash has his shops in the back. May (probably) live upstairs.

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