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Abel Guerrero and his family
Abel Guerrero bringing in the fish
The Cave Actun Tunichil Mucknal
Aerial shot of downtown area
Aerial view of San Pedro
Aerial views coming into Belize City at Municipal Airport
Aerial views of the Cayes
Aerial views of the Cayes II
Aerial pics of the Cayes III
Views from the air between Belize City and San Pedro
View of island and reef from the air
Airboat on a back side island
Downtown San Pedro by the Alijua Building
Dock at Amigos del Mar Dive Shop
Looking north towards Amigos Dive Shop
Belize International Airport
Leaving Belize International Airport
Pilot giving instruction before leaving San Pedro for Belize City
Outside waiting area at Belize International Airport
Alfonso Graniel on the Li'l Alphonse
Altun Ha
Altun Ha, I
Altun Ha, II
Altun Ha, III
Altun Ha, IV
Altun Ha, V
Altun Ha, VI
Altun Ha, VII
Altun Ha, VIII
Altun Ha, more
Altun Ha, still more
Relaxing under a tree, upriver by Altun Ha
Animals of Belize, Animals of Belize, Heron, Jaguar, Howler monkey, and a Snake eating, Caves Branch
Animals of Belize II, Tapir, toucan, butterfly, Caves Branch
Artist on Caye Caulker displays his painting
Women, beer, and sun
Bacalar Chico
Banana Beach courtyard at night
Banana Beach Resort
Banana Beach, 3 views
Banyan Bay, looking south along the beach
Barefoot Skinny and Paisano kicking it up at Fidos
Barefoot Skinny
Barefoot Skinny at work
Barefoot Iguana
Dancing at the Barefoot Iguana
At the bar at the Barefoot Iguana
Foam party at Barefoot Iguana
This and that at the Barefoot Iguana
Barrier Reef Hotel, aka the Blake House
Basketball beach style
Basketball games, downtown court
Basketball games, downtown court - more pics
Basketball court by moonlight
Caye Caulker basketball court
BC's Beach Bar and BBQ
Elito whips up the Beach BBQ
Loading the boat after beach BBQ stop
Beach Scene 1
Beach Scene 2
Beach View, Mike Gvara, Island Dog
Nice Beaches
Walking down the beach...
Chatting on the beach
Excellent view up the beach
Beach in front of Ramons, looking north
Great stretch of beach
Views along the beach
Views along the beach, II
Belize City Swing Bridge
Awesome tree along the Belize River
Belize River from the air
Along the Belize River
The mouth of the Belize River.
Heading up the Belize River
Stretch of beach in front of Belize Yacht Club
Beach view at midnite
Belikin Easter beer label
Belize Yacht Club pier entrance
Benque Viejo
Biking on the streets
Biking in town
Biking at night
Biking thru town
Beautiful bird in the trees
Fun with birdies
Birds in the mangroves
Frigate and booby birds
Cormorants galore on the water
Gull in the air
Stretching out those wings....
Birthday Party at the Beach! Kids Galore!
Blue Hole National Park, in Cayo
The Great Blue Hole
The Great Blue Hole again....
The Great Blue Hole, from the air and snorkeling
Blue hole (small) in the mangroves
Blue Tang Inn
Feeding a blue tang
Boat on the Reef
Boy on a boat
Fun in the boat!
Fellow sitting between a couple boats
Boat trashed from Hurricane Mitch
Boats and the beach
Boats pulled up on the beach at sunrise
Awesome Sunsets
Sunset behind fellow on boat
Aboard a boat, up the Belize River
Working on their boat
View of boats from way off
Boat tied up at the pier
Sunset behind fellow on boat
Two fellows in their boat
Boat traffic on cloudy day
Boat coming in at sunset
Boating towards Rocky Point
Unloading the boats at sunset
End of day, coming home in the boat
Loading the boat for an all day trip
Relaxing on the boat
Jumping from boat to boat
Riding the boat through the mangroves
Fellow sitting between a couple boats
Boats- The Winnie Estelle and the Rum Punch
Wrecked boats from hurricanes past
Breakfast along the beach
Brianna's Beach House
Huge bromeliads up the Belize River
Cahal Pech
Pod from a cahune palm
Cajun Ten Commandments
Caliente Restaurant
Cannon from the sea at Journeys End
Cannon on St. George's Caye
Canoeing dude coming outta the wall!
Father and son canoeing along river
LONG dugout canoe in action
Canoeing at sunset
Sunset sail to dinner at Capricorns
Pictures from Capricorn Resort
Caribbean Villas
Caribbean Villas From the Dock
Caribbean Villas right at sunset
Beach at Caribbean Villas
Grounds of Caribbean Villas
Palapa on beach at CV
Front of Caribbean Villas
Caruso Italian Restaurant
Casa Coral
Casa Tortuga
Caving pictures with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Cave in the Maya Mountains
Family pictures at Caves Branch
Cave Tubing in Cayo with Caves Branch, 9 pages
Cave Tubing
Cave Tubing, getting in
Inside caves in Cayo
Cave passage
Large image of the grounds looking out from a cabana, Caves Branch
Jungle Hike with Caves Branch
Around the grounds at Caves Branch
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch II
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch III
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch IV
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch V
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch VI
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch VII
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch VIII
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch IX
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch X
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch XI
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch XII
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch XIII, Black Hole Drop, Actun Loch Tunich
Animals of Belize, Animals of Belize, Heron, Jaguar, Howler monkey, and a Snake eating, Caves Branch
Animals of Belize II, Tapir, toucan, butterfly, Caves Branch
Flowers and Vegetation, Caves Branch, Cayo, 3 pages
Casado family at Caves Branch
On the Me Too Catamaran
Along the river in Cayo
Small caye from afar
Aerial of Caye Caulker downtown
Scenes from Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker runway approach
Caye Caulker Police Station
Cemetery at Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker Cemetery II
Approaching Caye Caulker from the east
Caye Caulker beachfront
Caye Caulker Downtown
Reef at Caye Caulker
Storefront, Caye Caulker
Walking the beach in Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker homes
A pilots view above the island of Caye Caulker
Two folks looking out their storefront on Caye Caulker
Aerial of Caye Chapel Golf Course
A pilots view above the beautiful island of Caye Chapel
The beautiful hills of Cayo
Swimming in the rain, Cayo
Cement truck in San Pedro? Here's proof!
From the Cemetery
Buildings next to cemetery
Ceramic turtle at the park
Moving the chairs, with a smile on his face!
Chatting on the pier
Chechum Ha
Chechum Ha cave
Chicken Drop at Spindrift
Chicken Poses and the Chicken Drop
More on the Chicken Drop
Chicken Drop in action
Chihuahua Crossing
Children on their way to School
School kids coming and going- Caye Caulker
Children hanging out together
Children playing in the sand
Biking to school
Two young friends on their boat
Napping kiddo in the backpack
Young fellow with bike under palapa, nighttime
Young gal gets to carry the pineapples!
Kids downtown, night Photographs, Images, Scenes, Pictures, Photos
Beautiful Kids
Caye Caulker, kids playing
Children on their way to school
Folks giving away Fanta's up the Belize River
Two young fellows riding a bike to school
Kids running across chairs
Me and Peter's kids
Thirsty children coming home from school in South Stann Creek
Children of Middlesex village running and playing on the hard asphalt of the Hummingbird Highway
Young man working on his boat
Beautiful restaurant in Chetumal
Cholos Beachside Bar
Cholos Bar
Church downtown by night light
The Circus arrives on the barge
Marty O'Farrel's beautiful house in San Pedro, Clarissa Falls Lodge
Class on the beach
Clouds along the beach
Clouds along the beach II
View of clouds from plane
Coatimundi Play
Coatimundi on Tonya's shoulder
Coatimundi getting into stuff
Coatimundi walking in grass
Coatimundi in the trees
Landy climbs a coconut tree
Gathering Coconuts
Midnight Coconut Bowling
Coconuts Caribbean Hotel
Looking out at the sea from Coconuts Hotel
Cohune Tree, and the nuts on the tree
Cooking in kitchen, Mainland by Blue Creek Village
Cooking tortillas
Coral and fishies
Coral Bay Villas by night
The Easy Life, Kicking back at Coral Bay Villas
Corozal Town area from the air
Belikin Pete with the Queens of the Costa Maya Festival
Older couple outside their home
Playing with crabs
Mango Tango sign at Crazy Canuck's
Crocodile Pictures
Crocodile in the lagoon
Awesome Crocodile Pictures
Crococile out of the water
Crocodile in the lagoon south of town by Victoria House
Big croc on a log up the Belize River
Baby croc on a rock
Crocodile face
Cruisin' the Streets
Dia de San Pedro- Mariachis and Dancers
Dia de San Pedro- Games
Dining Room Belize Style
View out to beach while dining
Divers away!
Diving, sharks, and resting onboard
Diving pics I
Diving pics II
Dive Shop along the waterfront
Ryans legs show how clear the water is
Under a ledge at the Great Blue Hole
Movie Star Cameron Diaz Vacations in Ambergris Caye
Gorgeous view of docks
Dog on the beach
Dog on the beach, II
Dogs arguing
Its a dogs world...
Yes, its a dog lover's paradise
Dolphins next to the boat
Dolphins jumping at sunset, Manta Rays, and Diving Deep
Dolphin-Playing with
Dolphin jumping just off the pier
View of downtown beach at sunset
Downtown San Pedro at night by golf cart light
Drinking from the navel
Having a drink late...
Photos from Duplooy's
Eagle Ray eating and cruising
Eastern Shore, Wide View
Elito giving information
Elvi's, famous award-winning restaurant, pre-Keith front
Elvi's Kitchen
Dining at Elvi's
Elvi's Kitchen new front 2001
Another incredible meal at Elvi's Kitchen
Celebrating our anniversary at Elvi's
Breakfast at Estels
Ferry at the cut
More Pics of the Ferry at the cut
Hand ferry almost across
Even more pics of the ferry...
Riding the ferry at the cut
The Cut in San Pedro
Riding the ferry
Fido's at night, inside and out!
Fido's Bar, and a Fun Bunch
Beachview in front of Fidos
Fisherfolks with barracudas
Me and Dad and Armando fishing
"Pete" Graniel Sr., 1st Place Winner of the 9th Annual Belikin Spectacular Blue Water Fishing Tournament
Tyler Fishing off Landy's boat
Cutting up the fish...
Fishing from the dock at Casa Tortuga
Fishing Boat on the Reef
Fishing- Nice BIG catch
Gone fishing
Fishing along shore
Dad and son fishing in canoe
Cubera Snapper caught in the Manatee River
Elito casting the net
Nice catch!
Peter and his long time fisherman friend, Goyo
Fellow in Caye Caulker
Man in front of his home
Flowers of Belize
Flowers of Belize II
Flowers of Belize III
Flowers and Vegetation, Caves Branch, Cayo, 3 pages
Flowers and Vegetation at Caves Branch, 3 pages
Caving pictures with Ian Anderson's Caves Branch
Beautiful Flower
Folks in the Street
Folks on the Dock
Folks along the street
Flowers along the river
Food booths downtown
Food vendors downtown, by nightlight
Food vendors, mmmmmmm
Football (soccer) on the beach
Fountain Blue Resort
Fountain Blue Resort and pool
View out from Fountain Blue
Friends at BC's
Front Street, June 2001
Fun on the beach
Gameboy in Paradise
Garifuna women's group
Young girl in the surf...
Couple of smiling girls
Laughing gals...
Two girls in their doorway
Browsing in a gift shop
Cashier in gift shop
Glass Bottom Boat at daybreak
Glovers Reef
Glover's Reef from NE part of the island
Go Carts in the Streets
Views of and from Goff's Caye
Goff's Caye
Relaxing at Goff's Caye
Man made island near Goff's Caye
Riding golf cart along beach
Golf Cart parade, Several years back on Front St.
Golf Cart 'accident'
Golf Cart- a modern Rad one
Golf Cart Greetings!
Stretch Golf Cart
Golf Cart transportation
A Friendly Good Morning!
Loading up on fruit
Gorgeous View
Outdoor haircut
Hammock on pier by night light
Relaxing in a hammock, great view
Hammock at sunrise
In the hammock at Victoria House
Fellow sitting between a couple boats
Hanging out downtown, late at night, by the food vendors
Hanging out on the pier at night
Big Hermit crab with conch shell
Heron in the mangroves
Heron on the Beach
Heron on the Beach at Sunrise
Beautiful heron
Bright red hibiscus
The front of Hideaway Sports Lodge
Snorkeling at Hol Chan
Snorkeling at Hol Chan II
Getting ready to dive in Hol Chan
Views of Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan
Hurricane Keith took a shot at this home...
After Hurricane Keith
Thirsty memories of Hurricane Keith
Looking at the effects of Hurricane Iris
Hustler Dive Shop area
Beautiful home along Belize River
Nice home
Home by night light
Nice home on the beach
Beautiful red home above the cut
Horseback Riding Sign
Hurricane Iris as it nears Belize, view from space
Along the Hummingbird Highway
Iguana face, up close and personal
Iguana near Xunantunich
Big Iguana
Toucan & Iguana
Iguanas in trees
Iguana Pictures
Iguana Pictures- more....
Tiny island off Ambergris
Island Cuisine Restaurant
Mike- Island Dog
Island Ferry dock
Jaguar Temple, a downtown club
Jambel Jerk Pit
Memorial for Hurricane Janet in Chetumal
Jellyfish- Man O' War - on sand
Jerry's Crab Shack
Jesus Christ Lizard
Jesus Christ Lizard, second picture
Jet Skis on the Dock
Jet of Jet's Bar at Belize International Airport
The pool at Journey's End
Journey's End at night
My wife and daughter at Journey's End
Playing that juke-box late in the bar
Jungle Hike with Caves Branch
Jungle foliage
Jungle Tips
Juvines Bar sign
Kayaking in the open water, along the reef
Kayaking thru the caves on the mainland
Kayaking, Emerging from the caves
Kayak nearing the shore
Kayaking from the beach
Kayaks on the beach
Relaxing in a hammock along the beach
Kicking back in the Hammock
Day trip to Lamanai, 2 pages
Lamanai Pictures, My wife Becky on the Coral Beach Pier, Manatee, Nicole with a Parrot on her head
View from top of N10-43 at Lamanai
Artist Jose Luis Gonzalez recreates The Last Supper in sand
Light sticks show
Bottom of the lighthouse at Lighthouse Reef
On the deck on the way to Lighthouse Reef
View from the porch at Lilies
Lions Club BBQ
Me with just caught Lobsters
Lobsters ready to eat
Fun with Lobsters
Lobster camp
Lobster Camp, more...
Placencia Lobsterfest 2001 / Belikin Poster
Long Caye
Looking north from Coral Beach Hotel
Looking south from Barrier Reef Hotel
Los Encantos Villas, and mango with lobster, yum!
The Lost World
Macal River in Cayo
Along the Macal River
Macal River, more
Main Street
Man o' war
Man O' War jellyfish at the surface
Manatee Pictures
Manatee Picture
Manatee up close
Mangroves on the back side
Martha's Hotel
Mata Chica
Maya Island Air Terminal in San Pedro
Mickey's Restaurant by night
Miss San Pedros chariot in the parade
Several pages of Models and Beauty Queens at work and play at Ramon's Village
Moncho's Golf Cart Rental
Belizean Money
Awesome monkey sillouette
Playing with monkeys
Monkey coming down outta the trees
Monkey relaxing on a limb
Monkey chowing down
Monkey hanging down
Howler monkey
Sunrise over Monkey River
Full moon over the beach
Mosquito Protection
Five Sister Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge
Musician on the beach
Musicians at a wedding on the beach
Nestor's in Corozal
Home in New Haven
Mouth of the New River Lagoon
New River mangroves
Daniel Nuñez at Altun Ha
Daniel at the wheel
Daniel giving directions on the river
Daniel Nunez and a tour group on the Belize River
Nurseshark at the old Tacklebox dock
Offshore Express at the dock
Downtown Orange Walk
Painting a house
Palapa on the beach
Palapa on beach downtown by night light
Palapas on beach downtown
Palapa Bar, 1998
Palapa Bar
View from Palapa Bar
Palm branches
Palmetto homes in the Corozal area
Palmetto construction
Palms on the Beach
Paisano again
Paisano and Robert
Mona Lisa at the Palace Casino
Wild papaya tree
Papi's Diner
Papi's Diner II
Parade down Front Street during election time
Parade of Schoolchildren
Paradise Villas
Up in the air parasailing
Park in San Pedro
Parking the Boat
Parrotfish, the most incredibly colorful fish
Nicole the Parrothead
Peeking around the building
Pelican on a sand bar
People Perch at Caribbean Villas
Pier on a cloudy day
Fun on the pier
Pier-Women and Men on the
Pineapple plant
Placencia along the beach
Planes on the ground at Belize International Airport
A view of the beautiful Placencia beach
Playground in the water
The old Police Station
La Popular Bakery
Portofino Resort
Fun at Portofino Resort
Potting soil,with Maya terra cotta
Preschool Graduation
Pretty cashier in store
Children in Punta Gorda
Views along the shore in Punta Negra
Friendly raccoon with Tyler
Raccoon with Jackie
Too much rain
Rainstorm in Fidos Courtyard
Mom and daughter watch the rain
Nasty rainstorm in San Pedro
Storm on the beach
Ramons at Night
Ramons at Night, II
Relaxing by Ramons
Jogging by Ramons
Palms in front of Ramons
Walking down Ramons pier
Ranguana Lodge in Maya Beach
Rasta Pasta Rainforest Cafe on Caye Caulker
Rattlesnakes used to make Cascabel medicine in Xaibe Village
Rays in the Reef
Ray gliding through the water
Hoisting up a sting ray
Reef, from the air...
Reef Rock Cafe
Relaxing at shop door
Remote beach
Rendezvous Restaurant
Rio On Pools
Rio On Falls
Heading up the river to the Maya ruins
Three guys in a very small boat, upriver on the mainland
Heading upriver to Altun Ha
San Pedro road sign
Views of Robles Point from the air
Walking the beach at Rocky Point
Boating between town and Rocky Point
Beach Views of Rocky Point Area
The reef and beach by Rocky Point
Rope Swing I
Rope Swing II
Ruby's big teapot
Inside Ruby's Cafe
Winnie Estelle and Rum Punch
The Rum Punch
The Rum Punch, 2
Sailboarding, Canoeing
Shopping in San Ignacio
Hanging out at the Sands Hotel
Sarah Smile and friends
Scarlet Macaw
Searious Adventures
SeaDuced by Belize
Sea Turtle on the bottom
Turtle shells
Diving next to a sea turtle
Views from Seven Seas Resort
Night seining
Sharks and rays near the surface
Shark in the shallows
Shark's Bar Pier
Ship at night
Shopping at the Sea Gal Boutique
Helpful store clerks
Woman selling goods in a shop
Ship run onto the reef, August 2003
Debbie Shopping
Shopping at night
Well balanced loads by these gals!
Heading shopping
Shopping downtown, keeping the group together!
Banded Shrimp
A view of the Sibun River Valley
Signboard advertising Lamanai trip
Late night singalong
Skin Divers in the Reef
The Maya still practice some slash and burn agriculture
Slickrock Adventures on the beach
Front porch in San Pedro, little smoke there...
Hungry sharks
Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley
Views of Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan
Shark's Bar in San Pedro
Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley II
Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley III
Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley IV
Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley V
Snorkeling with sharks and rays
Snorkeling at night off the dock
Snorkeling Fun!
Looking at sharks from the boat
The soft drink truck
Here comes that soda truck again...
Storm clouds rolling in
Incredible statue in Chetumal- Maya Mother, Spanish Father, marriage of two cultures
Streets of Ambergris Caye
Street scene with golfcart and folks walking
Street Photographs of San Pedro
Typical street scene
Street corner, nighttime view
Students in from of the high school
Young fellow with sugar cane, Mainland
On the pool deck at Sundiver Beach Resort
View out from Sundiver Resort
Panorama at Sunset Beach Resort
Sunrise at Caribbbean Villas
Another beautiful sunrise from the verandah
Sunrise over the beach
Gorgeous sunrise
Sunset near Blackbird Caye, Spiny Lobster, aka dinner, and the Tzabcan, aka "Queen of Sheba Yacht"
Sunrise from the birding perch
Tropical Sunset
Sunset in Tres Cocos
Tropical Sunrise
Sunrise over the Caribbean
Sweet Basil
Swimming beautiful waters of Ambergris Caye
Swimming pool at a private home in Tres Cocos
Swimming by the pier
Swimming at Caves Branch
Swimsuit Models on the pier
Tanisha Tours and Daniel Nunez head out on a tour
Tikal, more..
Temptation Island Pictures
Thatch home- framework
Thatch home, Blue Creek Village, Mainland
The Tides Resort and Patojo's Scuba Center, page 2
Toes hanging off the boat
Toucan & Iguana
Tour de fours building
Traffic Jam, a brightly painted shop in town
Transportation-Old World vs. New World
Beautiful tree along the Belize River
Tropica Resort Beach
Departing on a reef crawling exhibition on the vessel Tzabcan
Unity Tours Catamaran
Vaca Falls
Vaca Falls 2
Valentina, a Kekchi Indian
View of the Sea from Caribbean Villas
View east out over the water
Looking down on the northern beach area of downtown
View out to sea
Palapa and beach, view from park downtown
View of construction site
Young fellow looking out over the sea
Beautiful view of eastern shore from up high
Gorgeous view of the beach and the sea
Volleyball on the beach
Walking down the pier
Walking down the dock
Walking along the beach
Walking down the pier with a dog
Walking downtown at night, nightlight
Beautiful water, what color...
Water taxi to Caye Caulker
One Thousand foot Falls
Unloading the watermelon
Unloading the boat from an all day tour
Photos of Victoria House and Pool
Walking on Treetops
Water taxi building in Belize City
Getting ready to take out Jorge's awesome waverunner
Myah and Tonya jammin on the waverunner
Waves hitting the sandy beach
Weddings along the beach
Just married on the beach
Wedding Photos
Mel & Mark's Wedding, Page 1
Mel & Mark's Wedding, Page 2
Mel & Mark's Wedding, Page 3
Beautiful Wedding Photos by Kay Scott
On board the Winnie Estelle, 3 pages
Winnie Estelle and Rum Punch
Hanging out (full moon rising) on the Winnie Estelle
Tiger Woods comes to San Pedro
Pretty woman smiling
Folks working late at night
Best thing to do when you are wrong
Xaibe Village Roman Catholic School
Yeah, this is fun! Waverunner
Young San Pedrano girl
Xunantunich II
Xunantunich III
Xunantunich IV
Pictures from the Belize Zoo
Pelicans, jabiru and tapir at the Belize Zoo
Kay Scott's phenomenal FACES & PLACES Gallery
BELIZECARDS.COM, electronic greeting cards. TONS of great photos, including a wealth of historical photos
Abel and son on the beach around 1968
Abel's son at the dock, mid 1960's
Aerial View of downtown north, 1959
Aerial View of downtown south, 1959
Aerial View of Palm Farm, 1959
Aerial View of barrier reef, 1959
Aerial view of reef, 1981
Aerial view San Pedro, 1979
Aerial View of approach to island, 1959
Belize City, 1914
Coral Beach Hotel, 1981
Corozal Airport, 1981
San Pedro Airport, 1981
Fishing with the ladies
Marie Parham with 224 lb tarpon that she caught
Old fishing picture
Caitlin Gone fishing!
Holiday Hotel Dock in early 1970's
Kids wrestling around at school, about 1967
Catching a Lobster gaffed by swimming out to the reef
Old San Pedro
Southern end of island, group shot, 1981
Town Square, 1981
Beach views, 1981
Looking down the beach, mid 1980's
Looking down the street towards the water, mid 1980's
View down street middle 1980's
View of downtown church area, 1980's
Another view of park area downtown, 1980's
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