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The trip and diving through the atolls of Belize is an adventure you will never forget. The Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands areas are among the favorite places to dive and play in this area. The booby birds, hermit crabs, shells, and beauty of Half Moon Caye are also enough to make you pine to go back....

Even if you don't dive, and you want to snorkle or just go along for the ride, you will never forget this little excursion... The incredible Belizean reefs, the underwater world unparalled, the international flavor of your fellow companions, all make for a great trip.

For more detailed information on these areas, or diving in these areas, click on their names above. This area of the site is dedicated to a slide-show type presentation of pictures of this trip. We hope it gives you a good idea of what to expect, and makes you itch to come see for yourselves!

Click "1" below to see the first page of the photograph gallery of the trip, and then click the title bar where it says forward and backward one picture to advance through the photos. You can 'hover' over the numbers below to see a description of the picture on that page.

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Click here for Ambergris Caye tour operators, and click here for dive shops, each with links to the websites of guides who can set up this trip for you... Jungle trips to the mainland, dive trips to the atolls, experience the Belize Zoo, tour wildlife sanctuaries, the land of the Maya calls. We have a large repository of information on these tours, photo galleries, and websites for the guides who will get you there.

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