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October 31, 2018


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The San Pedro Sun

Another spectacular Halloween Party hosted by the Holiday Hotel!
The annual Halloween celebration at the Holiday Hotel was nothing short of spectacular, featuring islanders dressed in elaborately creative costumes. Held on Saturday, October 27th, the highly anticipated event attracted hundreds of spectators near the entrance of the hotel, eager to see the craziest, creepiest, elegant, spectacular and most creative vying for fabulous prizes. Among rockstars and well- known artists such as Frida, the party also had its notorious guests: Hailing from northern Mexico, drug lord Joaquin ‘Chapo’ Guzman took a break from jail and attended the party heavily armed. Other characters that made a pit stop at the biggest party on the island included Death, a few unicorns, Little Red Riding Hood, Beetlejuice and even the Snow Queen from the land of Narnia.

Ambergris Today

Belize Improves Food Safety Laboratory
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is pleased to announce accreditation of its Food Safety Laboratory, the Central Investigation Laboratory (CIL), to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, international standard for Competence of Testing Laboratories. This recognition was conferred by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) effective August 17, 2018. With this achievement BAHA is proud to offer greater assurance to our customers in the quality of their testing services. Their success in this endeavor is a measure of BAHA’s commitment to quality infrastructure and customer satisfaction. Be assured that BAHA and its staff will continue its pursuit of excellence with its ongoing efforts to improve the quality and scope of its laboratory testing services. BAHA remains faithfully committed to fulfilling theirfd mandate to the people of Belize, local producers, exporters, importers, trading partners and collaborators.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Improves Food Safety Laboratory
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is pleased to announce accreditation of its Food Safety Laboratory, the Central Investigation Laboratory (CIL), to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, international standard for Competence of Testing Laboratories. This recognition was conferred by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) effective August 17, 2018. With this achievement BAHA is proud to offer greater assurance to our customers in the quality of their testing services. Their success in this endeavor is a measure of BAHA’s commitment to quality infrastructure and customer satisfaction. Be assured that BAHA and its staff will continue its pursuit of excellence with its ongoing efforts to improve the quality and scope of its laboratory testing services. BAHA remains faithfully committed to fulfilling theirfd mandate to the people of Belize, local producers, exporters, importers, trading partners and collaborators.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Stolling Hen”.

Celebrando el Mestizaje
Corozal, Saturday November 3. Games and entertainment for the entire family.

6th Cancer Awareness Walk
The Cayo branch of the Cancer Society had their 6th annual Cancer Walk on Saturday morning. Adma Robinson was there to capture the wonderful event.

Managing Copyright in Audio Visual Productions
Wednesday Oct. 31, 8am-4pm, Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza.

Mayor Kevin Emmanuel Bernard at the International Visitor Leadership Program
Good luck to Mayor Kevin Emmanuel Bernard during his three weeks participation in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the US. Today after our first very interesting discussion and meeting on Federalism and US Political Systems with Dr. Jeremy Mayer, we visited the President Roosevelt Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

Ya'axché Nursery Seedling Sale
Get your plants for BZ $2.75, except Vanilla which is at BZ $4 per seedling, at Ya'axché’s Nursery! Available in stock are Coffee, Balam, Bay Leaf, Bilimbi, Bread nut, Cacao, Cashew, Cedar, Custard Apple, Kinep, Mahogany, Molley Apple, Monkey Cap, Tambran, Yellow Ginger and Vanilla. Call 722-0108 or email marcelia.assi(at) to order. Our nursery is located at the Mile 68 Southern Highway, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve.

Belize’s Speaker of the House of Representatives Visits the Commonwealth Secretariat
The Honourable Laura Tucker-Longsworth, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Belize, met with officers from the various directorates at the Commonwealth Secretariat during her visit to London as a part of the first phase of a Belize-United Kingdom Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association (CPA) Exchange Programme. Officials from the Commonwealth Secretariat discussed ongoing work of the Secretariat in areas pertaining to human rights, health, youth and sports, civil and criminal justice, governance, and gender. Challenges impacting Belize and the rest of the Caribbean region were also discussed. Key initiatives were highlighted that can promote good governance and democracy in Parliaments. Of interest also, was work being done to increase the number of women entering politics.

Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte's response to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding the implementation of UNCAC

Belize offers a stable doing business environment in fostering Light Manufacturing development with access to a skilled and vibrant labor force. The Government of Belize is committed to continue its support to the Light Manufacturing industry, such as via the granting of strategic investment incentives to qualified investors. The availability of a skilled and vibrant labour force, of approximately 172,086 individuals, coupled with access to an array of preferential markets, provide the ideal environment to foster investments in Belize. Furthermore, the Government of Belize has in place competitive incentive programs, which cater to the priority sectors, inclusive of Light Manufacturing.

Belize Commercial Manufacturing Industries (BCMI), a local company, has recently established a “State of the Art” cabinetry, kitchen and furniture manufacturing facility in Southern Belize. The facility brings new technology, innovation and manufacturing capabilities to Belize. The BCMI factory fills a much-needed vacuum in the market for producing high quality hospitality finishes, furniture, case goods, cabinetry and kitchens that are required by developers of large-scale real estate and hospitality projects, particularly as the Tourism Industry continues on its progressive path of increasing growth. It is also noteworthy that BCMI is producing Belize’s first MDF (Medium Density Fiber board) interior doors and MDF crown moldings, which will be featured in new development, renovations and hardware stores across Belize in late 2018.

ICJ vote discussion in Corozal
Come out this November 16th, 2018 at 6:30pm, at the Corozal House of Culture to discuss about the ICJ topic. Considering a no vote. So, come on out and support this event. Everyone are invited to attend this event.

Corozal Diabetes Walk
Come out on November 14, 2018 for a Diabetes Walk organized by the Corozal Belize Diabetes Association

BEL To Invest $15 Million
BEL plans to invest $15M to reduce noise and air pollution from diesel generation, eliminate the risks associated with transporting diesel to Caye Caulker and reduce generation cost by $3M to $4M annually. Since 2016, BEL has been engaging with the Department of Environment, the community, environmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to provide information on plans to connect Caye Caulker to the national grid by 2020. For more information, visit to view the Feasibility Study Stakeholder Briefing.

Belize Birding Festival 2018
Congratulations to the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) for organizing the first ever national birding festival and partners Belize Tourism Board and the Belize Audubon Society...of course, thank you to Belize's #BirdingNation network of Birders and companies that offer Belize Birding as activities or packages for vacationers to our beautiful jewel. Avitourism is one of the faster growing subsectors of ecotourism, recognized for its economic value..and Belize should be joining the ranks of Costa Rica, Guatemala and even El Salvador all who have a well established birding market. Birds are incredible. Their power to inspire and amaze brings people together across every imaginable boundary. It is said that the birding market alone is worth over $40 Billion worldwide...even a slight fraction of this would boost our tourism numbers and dollars. We look forward to working with the public and private sectors to develop this tourism segmen

Two day training for journalists on referenda
How does a referenda work? Accurate, fair, and balanced reporting. UNDP Belize organized a two day training for journalists as part of their grant funded by the U.S. Embassy. Conducting the training is media special, Robert Powell from the UK. The workshop will cover best practices for reporting on referendum votes and results, promote informed and peaceful debates, voter education and accurate, fair and balanced reporting for the 2019 Referendum. ICJ Be Informed

It is #TreeTuesday and we are highlighting the Ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra)!
Ceibas are native to Central and South America, but are cultivated largely throughout tropical Africa and Southeast Asia as well. Mature ceiba trees can reach a show-stopping size of 9 feet in diameter. Trunks are very straight and often prickly with wide buttresses that provide support at the base. The leaves are palmate compound, meaning they are arranged in the form of a hand with 5-9 leaflets, or fingers. In the dry season when the tree is leafless, branches blossom into sprays of white or pink flowers. Flowers bloom at night and are primarily bat-pollinated.

Channel 7

Cops Say Felina Killed By Solider Husband
There is a major and chilling update to Felina James' murder. Her common law husband BDF officer Albert Stephen Morriera has been charged for murder. James had been with him for 3 years and they share a 2 year old son together. According to the family, he abused her repeatedly and that they had a huge fight the day she went missing which may have led to her killing. It is unclear at this time what could have driven Morriera to murder the mother of his son but we understand it may be because of money. Our information is that James left her husband in the US to reunite with Morriera here in Belize. As we have reported James went missing on October 11th after she dropped off her kids at the babysitter on Thurton lane. She never returned. Her decomposed body was found on October 18th, two miles in the coastal road with a cut to the throat.

Pablo, Caruso And Cannabis
PUP Leader John Briceno put the legalization of marijuana on the frontline of public discourse, and the ruling UDP has shot back with widespread condemnation. Last week, Health Minister Pablo Marin held the party line when he said that the Opposition Leader's proposal wasn't properly thought through:... FILE: October 24, 2018: Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health: "You can't just jump and say legalize marijuana, let's start to sell marijuana to different countries. How are going to provide the way forward on selling it? Who will plant it? Where will you put that money? How will you be able to work along? And you the US is always watching everything that we are doing so we have to be very cautious on what we do."

Southern Students Swamped Out of School
Yesterday in the Prime Minister's press conference, you heard him speak about the multi-million dollar road infrastructure works that are on the way for the Caracol and the Coastal Roads. Well, there are residents in the Toledo District who are asking when will the Barrow Administration fix some of the bad roads in Southern Belize. And right now, the Barranco Road is in a severe state of disrepair. It has caused hundreds of school children from San Jose, Dolores, Poite, Santa Teresa, Barranco, Midway, Santana and San Felipe to either miss classes, or they've gotten to school late. Today, a part of the road that's less than a mile away from the Toledo Community College caused one school bus driver to completely break down. The bus ended up stuck in a huge mudhole, and this morning, our colleagues from PGTV spoke with him about this hardship to do his job.

King Takes Sulph To Court For Facebook Beef
5 and a half months ago, we told you about the lawsuit which Mark King, a former UDP Minister, brought against Moses Sulph, the grassroots activist from Belize City. Sulph is well known for his outspoken stances against the government of the day, but King accused him of going too far earlier this year, with a Facebook post. King is the owner of several companies in Belize, and one of them is the security company, Brints, which currently has a contract to provide security for the Magistrate's Court. King alleges in his lawsuit that Sulph unfairly slandered him when Sulph posted that King and his company were taking advantage of several of his employees.

Crushing Gas Prices Inch Down
The last time we reported on the fuel prices was at the end of July, when diesel went down, slightly easing the pockets of motoring public. Well, as of midnight tonight, the price of regular gasoline will be going down from the painful 11 dollars and 20 cents per gallon. At midnight, that price will go down to 10 dollars and 63 cents, a decrease of 57 cents. Premium gasoline will remain the same at 11 dollars and 75 cents, as well as diesel at 10 dollars and 76 cents, and kerosene at 8 dollars and 32 cents.

Stole A Bike, Fined 10x The Value
He stole his sister's friend's bicycle, and tonight, 35 year-old Kenrick Hendricks will have to pay a huge fine for it, and he still has to buy back a replacement bike. Last Friday, at around 2:00, Candy Gabourel was at her home on Fairweather Street in Belize City when she heard someone trying to enter her gate. She got up to go check who that was, and saw Henricks riding off with her bike. She checked with her friend, Kimberly Hendricks, who is Kenrick's sister. She asked Kimberly if she had given Kenrick permission to use the bike, and when his sister said that she didn't, Gabourel reported him to the police for stealing her bike.

Man Shot At High Noon
Yesterday at midday, 21 year old Jamie Williams was walking behind Sadie Vernon School with two men, when he was shot to his right upper arm. Williams has told police that he did not see who shot him or where the shot came from. Police say he is not cooperating in the investigation.

Trying The Open Government Model
Modern Trends and effective tools for open government: that was the topic for day 1 of a 4 day open week. This is just one of a series of activities and workshops held under the project entitled "Promoting an open government ecosystem in Belize". It is a partnership between Trust for the Americas and the OAS. Local project coordinator, Henry Wade told us more about the first ever open week. Henry Wade, Local Coordinator, Trust for the Americas: "So Belize Open week is a four day forum, a four day event starting today. Each day we have different themes and a different activity and event taking place. Today we are having training workshops done by international experts who have come from all over the world, the Caribbean, South and Central America to be here to share their knowledge, skills and expertise."

Waste Control, Another 10 Years?
The Belize City Council has to pay almost sixty thousand dollars weekly to pick up the city's garbage. The private contractor, Belize Waste Control has had the contract - at one fixed price for over a decade - and now, the council has signed up for another decade. Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold told us more yesterday:... Oscar Arnold, Deputy Mayor: "What our council did was that we passes a resolution to try to bring together everything that was either won or lost in any litigation to try to condensed the contract and the amount of amendments and other side agreements that was signed and that's all we did. There was nothing increased as far as the payments and the value of the contract. There was nothing increase or decrease as far as the scope of work goes and that is the only thing that this council wanted to do."

A Corozal Comeback
Yesterday - at his comeback press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow focussed a fair portion of his prepared remarks on dispelling the notion that Chetumal will become a free zone - thus leeching away business from the already sagging Corozal Free Zone. And what will happen to Corozal town and district? Well, the PM says the idea is to pull some reverse marketing magic Quintana Roo, by encouraging residents of that southern Mexican state to come to Belize. He explained the strategy:.. Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Tourism in Corozal. We are planning a massive tourism expansion we are in any event planning for Corozal. Over 50% of Mexicans from Tulum down to Chetumal (4 municipalities, 1.5 million residents) do not have a passport..."

Ned Pitts Passes
He was one of the most enduring figures in all of Belizean sports - and President Emeritus of the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association, Edward "Ned" Pitts passed away this morning around 2:45 in his Belize City home. He was 91. Pitts was one of the founding members of the Belize Amateur Athletics Association, and served as President of the Olympic Association for close to four decades until 2013. He also served as Chairman of the National Sports Council for many years. It is fair to say that from the late 60's to the early two thousand's every athlete who represented Belize at the National level knew Ned Pitts and depended on the resources he could corral for them to pursue their athletic dreams.

Bartenders For Social Change
25 south-siders are now certified bartenders. As we told you last week, Sr. Supt Howell Gillett partnered with Travelers and Sit and Sip to host a bartending training for persons from his Zone 1. After a full week of training, they graduated yesterday. We dropped by to sample their creations. The participants had a practical session on Saturday where they had to serve guests at sit and sip for an actual event. Within a week or two, Gillett will help the participants get placed for a job.

Orange Walk Police made a big bust of contraband flour that was on the move in the Orange Walk District. On Monday, at around 2:47 p.m., a joint patrol of police officers from the Special Patrol Unit, the Gang Suppression Unit, and the Orange Walk Special Branch acted on a tip they received, and stopped a gold Toyota 4-Runner at the San Martin Gas Station in Trial Farm Village. Three men from Douglas Village were inside. The officers searched the vehicle and found 20 garbage bags filled with 44 kilograms of Bola Roja contraband flour.

BDF Supporting All Agencies
For the past 2 days, the Belize Defense Force has been conducting training for several different agencies, to protect the country's natural reserve areas. It's called the Inter-Agency Patrolling Seminar, and representatives from the Customs Department, the Forestry Department, the Friends for Conservation and Development, and the Belize Defense Force. Instructors from FCD, BDF, and Forestry gave talks to the participating representatives on best practices on the topics of physical fitness, basic first aid, communications, patrolling techniques, map reading and global positioning system (GPS) introduction, laws governing protected areas, evidence gathering, and the rules of engagement and escalation of force.

Dangriga Residents With Two Pounds of Weed
A couple was busted with 2 pounds of weed on Thursday night. They are Dangriga residents Andrew Garcia and Amybelle Perez. They were charged for drug trafficking. Here is police on this case. ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "Dangriga conducted a house search at the home of Andrew Garcia and Amybelle Perez. The search resulted in the discovery of two black plastic bags containing suspected cannabis which when weighed amounted to 2,089 grams. Both persons have since been arrested and charged for drug trafficking." They are well known to police.

Griga Cops Shot Man Who Had Gun
Also in Dangriga, police shot a man in the leg in self-defense. It happened early Saturday morning when police were searching resident John Elijio. Here's more. ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "Dangriga police were on mobile patrol when they observed a dark skin male person on a bicycle. He was approached and informed that a search would be conducted on him. As a result a struggle ensued between this male person later identified as John Elijio, 39 years old of a Dangriga Town address..."

Neighborhood Dispute Led To Arson?
Did an angry tenant torch her landlord's home this weekend? That is what police are investigating in a suspected arson case in Belmopan. Toucan street resident Damian Burns said he had a disagreement with one if his tenants about rent. When things cooled off, Burns left but when he came back, his home was up in flames. Here is more from police. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "Last night shortly before midnight one Damian Burns of 25 Toucan Avenue, Belmopan City, reported to the police that sometime earlier that night he had an altercation with a female tenant to whom he rents one of his rooms...""

What Happened To Rivas?
What really happened to Jose Rivas ? Police are still not sure. Police found his decomposed body floating in the river in Soccutz village. Here is more from police.

Channel 5

John Saldivar’s Sarstoon Excursion is Batted Down by Cabinet
Cabinet met today in Belmopan; one of the significant decisions taken was in relation to a surprise announcement on social media last week, to the effect that the Ministry of [...]

Ministry of Health’s Position on Proposed Hemp and Cannabis Cultivation
The idea that it may be time to legalize marijuana has taken centre stage in the national discourse.  It was proposed by the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño, and [...]

Police Charge B.D.F. Soldier for Felina James’ Murder
Police have cracked the case of Felina James, the woman who went missing and was found murdered days later.  Twenty-seven-year-old B.D.F. soldier Albert Stephen Moriera has been charged for the [...]

Accused of Drug Trafficking Carlos Lopez Gets Off, Again
In December 2017, he was criminally charged for allegedly trafficking eleven pounds of cocaine and in August of this year, he was freed of the charge after the case against [...]

A Timeline for I.C.J. Litigation is Set Should There be a ‘YES’ Vote
In the months leading up to the pending I.C.J. referendum, public discourse has been rife with reasons for and against a legal resolution of the Belize/Guatemala issue.  There have been [...]

Assad Shoman to Join Education Campaign on I.C.J. Referendum?
Government also announced that it is beefing up its campaign effort to educate the nation on the territorial dispute, as well as the I.C.J. alternative.  PM Barrow announced that in [...]

Attorney General Castigates Chamber Over UNCAC Implementation
The Office of the Attorney General has finally responded to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in respect of the UNCAC implementation process.  On October twenty-second, the Chamber wrote [...]

Caleb Orozco Fights G.O.B.’s Partial Appeal on Section 53 Ruling
On Monday Justices of the Court of Appeal heard submissions regarding Government’s appeal to the 2016 Chief Justice ruling to read down section fifty-three from the Criminal Code of Belize. [...]

What’s The Plan for Krooman Lagoon Residents?
Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner recently visited Krooman Lagoon along with Canadian engineers to assess the living conditions of residents and identify alternative housing solutions. Krooman Lagoon is in the [...]

D.O.E.’s Stop Order on Seaside Construction Still in Effect
Two weeks ago, the Department of Environment issued a stop order to businessman Hiasam Diab who has intention to construct a pizza parlour along Sand Lighter’s Promenade, beside the south end [...]

An Invitation to AMLO from PM Barrow: Bienvenido a Belice
An invitation has been extended to Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to visit Belize in December during the upcoming summit of the Central American Integration System, SICA.  AMLO, as [...]

Overnight and Cruise Tourism are Responsible for Economic Turnaround
The travel and leisure industry continues to be the primary source of profit for the country, as well as the number one contributor to its Gross Domestic Product.  Prime Minister [...]

Agriculture – A Mixed Bag
The business of cultivating land, producing crops and raising livestock is also a factor in the improved economic performance, but agriculture continues to experience its share of ups and downs, [...]

Infrastructure Works Will See Construction of Caracol Road and Airport Link Road
Road works and maintenance are a huge part of the infrastructure development taking place across the country.  A number of projects underway and several others are set to commence by [...]

Students Affected by Deplorable Road Conditions in the South
For the past few weeks, students from southern villages like San Jose, Dolores, San Benito Poite, Barranco, just to name a few, have been affected by the terrible road conditions. [...]

A National Disaster Risk Management Training
The Caribbean Tourism Organization today met with stakeholders of the tourism industry in Belize to discuss the organization’s disaster risk management guide for the tourism sector. Participants trained on how [...]

Meet the 2018 Ocean Heroes
Meet the 2018 Ocean Hero Award Winners—they are Captain Earl David Junior and Michael Heusner. The men were recognized over the weekend by OCEANA in Belize for their individual contributions [...]

Study Finds Gap in Graduates to Meet the Demands of the Agriculture and ICT Industries
A skills gap study was officially launched today by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Labour Organization. Due to financing constraints, the study looked particularly at [...]

…MoE May Revisit Curriculum
It is the responsibility of tertiary institutions to have students gravitate to technical and vocational education, which are key to the development of a country. So present at the launch [...]

First Ever Belize Open Week
Open Government in Belmopan? Well, it may not be farfetched. A first activity on the concept of opening up government and freeing up data is taking place.  Belize Open Week [...]


Celebrating Regional Food Safety
The Regional’s Agricultural Health Organization is celebrating its anniversary. Food safety is an issue for the entire region and the CEO for Agriculture, Jose Alpuche told Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz why marking the occasion is significant. Fem Cruz: “The International Regional Organization for Health in Agriculture Oresa in conjunction with Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and …

Open Government and Open Data
The Trust For the Americas has a week of activities scheduled to share about open government and open data. Love News spoke to Rodrigo Irani, the Project manager, Trust of the Americas and the local coordinator about the week’s session and the expectations for the “Belize Open week.” Rodrigo Irani, the Project manager, Trust of …

Thieves ride of with a policeman’s motorcycle
Thieves target anyone, even the cops, in Dangriga. Assistant Superintendent of Police Jesus Cob, the Deputy Commander of the Dangriga Police formation told Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu that a motorcycle was stolen from a police officer.ASP Jesus Cobb: “Police motorcycle that occurred on Sunday the 28th of October between the hours of 4 o’clock and 5 …

Continuous Water Quality Assessment for Belize
Water quality monitoring entities from across the country gathered at the Training Room of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute to collaborate and share information on the continuous health of our aquifers and rivers. Tennielle Williams, the Principal Hydrologist for the National Hydrological Service believes it’s important for the relevant organizations to identify areas …

Officers from San Ignacio formation honored
Today, a short ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart auditorium where several officers attached to the San Ignacio formation were honored for their exemplary performance on the job. Eric Young received an award for the officer of the month, while Ciriaco Medina and Donald Harris were awarded for their outstanding performance and Jerome Ingram …

Have you seen Zane Ireland?
The family of Zane Ireland is very concerned as no one has heard from him for over a month. The 21-year-old from Black Man Eddy Village left home to find work on Ambergris Caye. Up to news time tonight, Ireland’s sister, Cherise told Love News that the family has lost contact with him and just …

Tourism Industry’s contingency plans to deal with hazards
Today, the workshop is part of an activity by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). It’s part of the Supporting Climate Smart and Sustainable Tourism Industry Project. It is being implemented by the CTO in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank. According to Kennedy Pemberton, the Sustainable Tourism Consultant for the CTO, they are updating a …

Skills Mismatch in the Agriculture and ICT Labor Markets
The Belize Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) is the employer’s representative for Belize. The BCCI is recognized by the ILO. Many employers have often guessed that students leave schools without the necessary skills needed for the workforce. Now a study has shown that there is no need to guess as it is true. Kim Aikman, the …

BDF trains other branches of Government
The Belize Defence Force facilitated an Inter-agency Patrolling Seminar at Price Barracks from 29 to 30 October, 2018. The BDF wanted to highlight the importance of patrolling and the invaluable information they provide to the decision-making process and how decisions they make at that level have important implications at both National and International levels. The …


PM Barrow “blesses” hemp!
In his weekly address on Positive Vibes Radio and TV last week, Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño, Orange Walk Central area rep, made a bold call for legalizing marijuana. For his call to legalize marijuana in Belize, however, Briceño was soundly criticized in a government press release and from a section of the country’s churches. Prime Minister Dean Barrow was also unsparing in his criticism of the People’s United Party leader today during his first press conference after having surgery on his back in Cuba. Barrow said that the Leader of the Opposition, “…in trying for political advantage, too often goes off the deep end. But this latest googly of his has to be one of his most fantastical ever. To propose legalizing marijuana in Belize, especially for an export market, is patently bizarre in the circumstances.”

Freak accident at the Vernon Street Fish Market
At about 4:20 this evening, a car rolled over the sidewalk, crashed into and broke a guard rail, and landed on a boat owned by Colly Bainton, 74, a fisherman of Belize City, who, along with others, was sitting in his boat that was in the water, moored near the sidewalk at the Vernon Street Fish Market. As a result, the front wheel of the car rested on the leg of a man who was sitting in the boat. He and another friend jumped into the river as an immediate reaction to escape from the car, and as a result, the man suffered minor injuries. A bystander who was buying fish at the time from another fisherman, however, suffered a large cut on his right hand. Bainton said that his friend who was in the boat with him was taken to the hospital.

Babysitter fined $2,000 for causing death of baby, 2
A fine of $2,000 was imposed on Dana Banner, 30, by Justice Colin Williams on Friday, October 26, when she appeared for sentencing for pleading guilty to causing death by careless conduct. She was given until February 1, 2019 to pay. If she defaults on payment she will serve 1 year in prison. Banner was also ordered to pay $4,000 in compensation to the family of the baby, Vernice Rodriguez Gonzalez, 2 years and 9 months old. Banner was charged with manslaughter but on October 16, she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge.

Felicia Chen, mother who drowned 3 of her children, released on parole
Felicia Chen, 27, a young woman who was going through a severe depression that allegedly drove her to kill 3 out of her 4 children when she took them out to sea and drowned them at Belizean Beach on the morning of Saturday, April 27, 2013, was released from the Belize Central Prison on September 7, 2018 on parole after serving 5 years of her 8-year prison sentence. Initially, when Chen was indicted on 3 counts of murder for causing the death of her children, she attempted to plead guilty to murder when the indictment was read to her. Chen had appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez, on June 20, 2014. Justice Gonzalez explained to her that she needed to retain the services of an attorney and that the court could not accept her guilty of murder plea.

GOB proposing a master tourism plan for Corozal free zone
Ever since the Mexican president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, made the announcement that he would fight poverty in his country and would convert Chetumal into a commercial free zone, Belizeans in the Corozal Free Zone and elsewhere in the country have noted the announcement with trepidation. The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) issued a press release lambasting the government for its silence on the matter of the Mexican president-elect’s announcement. This morning, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, at a press conference, outlined government’s intention to set in motion a master plan for the Corozal Free Zone and the wider Corozal District, which government is planning to turn into a tourist destination after putting in place some of the necessary infrastructure.

The 2018 State of the World Population Report
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) held a media launch today at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza to share information on the 2018 State of the World Population Report. The report, which is entitled “The Power of Choice,” focuses on the global trends in the growth of the world’s population, as well as people’s sexual and reproductive rights. “The Power of Choice” reflects the choice that more and more people have in determining how many children they wish to have. The report shows that this power is leading to families having fewer children than in the past, where it was observed that at least 5 children would be born in each household. The power to choose the amount of children one wants to have is directly linked to having the education necessary to make an informed decision, and having access to the necessary services. The decision people make is usually based on their reproductive health and income.

PLB Week 11 results and standings; 3 weeks to playoffs
With the completion of Week 11 games this past weekend, 3 more weeks of regular season remain in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Opening Season, and 2 of 4 playoff spots have already been secured by Belmopan Bandits SC and Verdes FC. On Saturday night in Independence, home standing Altitude Assassins FC took an early lead through Rollin Burgess (4’), but Verdes FC rebounded early in second half through Edwin Villedabernal (52’) and an own goal by Assassins’ Miguel Garcia (65’ OG), to secure the 2-1 road victory. Meanwhile, it was a see-saw affair at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, where undefeated Belmopan Bandits SC had to come from behind to secure a 4-4 draw with Police United FC.

Belize U-20 departs tomorrow for CONCACAF U-20 World Cup Qualifiers in Bradenton, Florida
According to last Thursday’s release from the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), our Belize U-20 National Team should arrive tomorrow in Bradenton, Florida, USA, where the team will play 5 games over a 9-day period against national teams from 5 other Concacaf nations. A release from Concacaf today noted that: “Fans will be able to follow all the action through the Confederation’s partner networks, including Univision Deportes (United States), Fox Sports Latin America (Mexico & Central America), Flow Sports (Caribbean) and other local partners…” There are 6 groups in the initial phase of the 34-team tournament. Belize is in Group C along with Cuba, Antigua & Barbuda, Sint Maarten, Honduras and Dominican Republic.

ATLIB National Volleyball Tournament results
The Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) held its National Volleyball Tournament last Saturday (October 27) at the SHJC gym in San Ignacio. We would like to thank all athletes, coaches, sports coordinators, staff, administration, medical personnel, referees (BVA), security personnel, media and fans who came out to watch the games. Most certainly, they witnessed athletic performances of the highest quality in a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Special thanks goes out to Mr. Magaña (dean of SHJC for being such a great help in the logistics organizing this event) and BVA for officiating our games.

CYDP Peace Cup regular season winding down
After a couple weeks of postponements, the CYDP Peace Cup football tournament resumed at the MCC Grounds with 4 games on Saturday, October 27. In game 1, Ladyville FC bombed BDF FC, 10 to 1, with 3 goals from Tyrone Parchue, 2 each from Leon Sedacey and David Solorzano, and 1 apiece from Julian Casey and Cordell Flores, along with an own goal by BDF’s Avaunt Kelly; while the only goal for BDF was by Brandon Cacho. Game 2 saw Caesar Ridge FC and Caye Caulker Survivors FC playing to a 2-2 draw. Elmore Godoy and Jose Martinez shook the net for Caesar Ridge; while Jamal Ford and Jason Sutherland hit the target for Caye Caulker.

Editorial: Justice, in the context of power
Justice has been presented, symbolically, historically and classically, as a blind (or blindfolded) goddess holding scales which are equally balanced. The construct is supposed to present to us, the people, a vision of a system wherein each human being, regardless of race, religion, color, class, and so on, has the opportunity and right to be judged on the evidential merits of his/her case; in other words, we are all entitled to a fair trial. The reality on the ground, and everyone knows it, is that power/money considerations affect how justice is processed and dispensed. All of us know that individuals who appear before the courts without being represented by an attorney, are far more likely to be convicted by said courts than individuals who are professionally defended. The operative word in the previous sentence is “professionally.” Money plays a role in justice. If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, you will go to jail.

All a we da one
Dear Editor, Hate is the sordid underbelly of the culture that drives the American “dream” to which far too many young Belizeans hitch their aspirational wagons. “America First” is the professed philosophy of the president of the United States who declared that he was a “nationalist”, just falling short of including the prefix “white” to declare his true manifestations. And embracing nationalism over patriotism gives him the option to be selective in his choice of which codes of conduct he embraces.

Why W. Elrington hasn’t delivered on a difficult task
From the get go it was no piece of cake, no stroll in the park to get a yes vote for us to face down Guatemala at the ICJ. How does a nation accept going to court to defend a claim against her entire territory? When Nigeria and Cameroon faced off, it was over a group of islands off their coasts. When Colombia and Nicaragua faced off at the ICJ, it was over a couple islands and some territorial seas. In his “A Compendium of Relevant Documents”, James S. Murphy told us that former Belize Prime Minister, Said Musa, had, in June 2000,pointed out to Gabriel Rojas (Guatemalan foreign minister) that any claim on Belize’s land is an “aberration.” Musa wrote: In technical talks on 7 November, 1997, the Guatemalan officials emphasized that Guatemala was not looking for land cession, and that if Guatemala were to win a legal case on the claim, compensation would not involve the cession of land. Given that history...

PM Barrow says there is no need to change ICJ referendum date
Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced today at his press conference that government sees no need to change the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum date that has been set for April 10, 2019, when Belizeans will go to the polls to vote on whether or not to submit Guatemala’s territorial claim to the ICJ for a final judicial settlement. Barrow said, however, that the Foreign Minister and Cabinet have agreed on a number of steps to fortify the ICJ education campaign as Belize prepares to keep its April 10, 2019 date with destiny. “And you heard me correctly: the ICJ Referendum date is April 10, 2019, and we have no intention of changing that date,” Barrow told the country today.

Pacheco Jewelry store robbed; $35,000 worth of jewelry stolen
Pacheco Jewelry Store, located in the Pound Yard area near East Collet Canal, was robbed by two armed men who got away with $35,000 worth of jewelry at about 12:30 this afternoon. Luckily, the manager of the store, Brittney Myers, 26, a jeweler of Belize City, was not hurt during the robbery and no shots were fired. Police conducted a search of the area and found one of the culprits walking on Cemetery Road, carrying a knapsack on his back. Police detained the man and when the bag was opened, jewelry was found inside.

Mysterious Range Rover stolen from police custody
A suspicious black Range Rover that police had towed into the parking lot across from the Orange Walk police station, has been stolen from police custody. The reason that the car was considered suspicious is that the license plates are from Dangriga, the two plate numbers are different, and the insurance sticker is from San Ignacio. The car was parked on Sapodilla Street for two days before police on patrol found it around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23. After noticing the strange license plates and insurance sticker, they canvassed the area, but found no useful information.

Belize economy is in a “bull run,” says PM Dean Barrow
At his first press conference this morning since his return from undergoing back surgery in Havana, Cuba, last month, Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, flanked by several Cabinet ministers at the head table, declared that the Belizean economy is healthy and that GDP grew by 3.4 percent for the first half of this year, according to the Central Bank of Belize. Barrow, quoting from a Central Bank memorandum, dated Friday, October 26, said that the 3.4 percent GDP growth is the highest economic growth of the country since 2015. The Statistical Institute of Belize recorded an unemployment rate of 9.4 percent, the Prime Minister reported.

The Reporter

Police are investigating a shooting which may have been the result of an attempted robbery. They were called to the KHMH this afternoon where they found Tibruce Street resident Jamie Williams, 21, with a gunshot wound to his right arm. Williams told Police that he was walking by Sadie Vernon High School along with two other men when he heard a gunshot and realized he had been wounded, but didn’t see the shooter. However, there are conflicting reports which suggest that Williams may have been shot during an attempted burglary in the area.

Police moments ago announced that they have arrested BDF soldier Albert Stephen Moreira, 27, for the murder of Felina James. James went missing on October 11th and her decomposed body was found on the Coastal Road on October 19th. Moreira is the boyfriend of James whom family members had pointed fingers at following the murder because they claimed he was abusive.

The Reporter has gotten confirmation from CEO in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, that he was unaware of any meeting in which there was discussion on the establishment of a cannabis farm in Belize. Figueroa claims that he knows nothing about any such proposal, or its current status. Although the meeting took place in February, 2016 when Figueroa was CEO in the Ministry of Health, former CEO Peter Allen who had moved on in August 2015 was present for the discussion. We’ll keep following this developing story.

The Reporter has managed to obtain amateur video of an incident which occurred in the Conch Shell Bay area, allegedly sometime yesterday evening. Police have not released an official report, and sources inside the Department say that one man was injured as the car crashed into the boat in which he was sitting.

It has been an interesting campaign for the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the Port Loyola area over the past few months, with four candidates jostling for the position of Standard Bearer; but for at least one of those candidates, leadership of the UDP may hinge on a victory at Convention. Attorney General Senator Michael Peyrefitte quite likely has his eye on more than just the Standard Bearer position in Port.

Work is currently underway to merge the General Sales Tax and the Income Tax departments. Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed this yesterday at his press conference in Belize City. He explained that the amalgamation was on the table for several years, following expert advice from international organizations like CARTA, which conducted evaluations on amalgamating the two under one tax department.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize hosting fist ever Global Leadership Summit
The first ever Global Leadership Summit (GLS), will be hosted this year here in Belize by […]

Assad Shoman: Captain for ICJ campaign
On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow referred to former minister of Foreign Affairs, Assad Shoman, several […]

Boots remains ‘King’ of Port Loyola
Last week, Port Loyola Area Representative, Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez told 7news that Port Loyola is the […]

Government to implement Poverty Alleviation Phase 3
On Monday morning, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow hosted a press conference to inform Belizeans […]

COMPOL visits San Ignacio Police formation
Today, Allen Whylie, Belize’s Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) visited the San Ignacio Police Formation. Whylie’s […]

Catholic High School Principals denounce call for marijuana legalization
The Belize Catholic Association of Principals of Secondary Schools (BCAPSS) today issued a statement strongly denouncing […]

Man shot near Sadie Vernon High School
This afternoon a man was shot in Belize City. He has been identified as Tibruce Street […]

Soldier charged for murder of Felina James
Police have arrested and charged a soldier of the Belize Defence Force for the murder of […]

Fuel prices go down
The Belize Bureau of Standards has just issued new gas prices effective midnight tonight. Belizeans will […]

Legal implications of Section 53 limited appeal
After a full day of arguments, the Court of Appeal has reserved its judgment in the […]

UNDP hosts media training for reporting on Belize’s April 2019 referendum
On April 10, 2019, Belizeans will be asked to vote in favor of or against taking […]


Xunantunich Mayan Ruins of Cayo
Xunantunich got a very nice write up. The article has lots of great pictures of the site. "About 20 minutes from Santa Elena, we arrived in San Jose Succotz. San Jose Succotz is a Maya village consisting mainly of people of Yucatec Maya descent. It is also the location of the famous ruins. After we got off the bus, we, then, took a 5-minute ferry ride crossing the river to access the remote ruins. Next was a van ride approximately 5-10 minutes to get to the site. We have to walk uphill and after few minutes, we finally saw the ruins. It was truly a sight to behold... The Introductory Site History and Display Centers is found at the entrance to the center and is also one of the major attractions in the ruins site. Guests can see more of the artifacts. They can get more and detailed information of the discovery and history of the Mayan culture."

International Sourcesizz

Caye Caulker, Belize: 5 reasons to visit the idyllic island
A jewel in the Caribbean Sea, Caye Caulker, Belize is the true definition of “island vibe.” Found in Ambergris Caye off the country’s east coast, the tranquil island is so tiny that you can walk around the whole thing in about an hour—barefoot, naturally. Surrounded by the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef which is the second longest in the world, it’s the perfect base for underwater adventures, such as snorkeling with sharks in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and scuba diving in the famous Great Blue Hole. Or simply sit back, relax and soak up the sunshine while being hypnotized by the idyllic surroundings. Here are some of the top things to do in Caye Caulker, and five reasons why you should go.

Belize urges Guatemala to sign protocol governing Sarstoon River
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has called on Guatemala to sign “the damn protocol” that governs the movement of people along the Sarstoon River. In 2015, representatives of both countries met in Istanbul, Turkey to hammer out an agreement, but that has not materialized. Despite a concerted effort by the Organization of American States (OAS) and other regional organizations, Guatemala hasn’t been persuaded to sign an agreement. The Sarstoon River (Spanish: Río in the Toledo District of Belize, forms the country’s southern boundary with Guatemala. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, speaking to reporters, said that the Guatemalans are in fact, poking a finger in the eye of the OAS and other international organization, adding it “is something that Belize continues to maintain.

Newlywed’s itchy groin was sign of ‘deeply embedded maggot’ from honeymoon (Botfly)
A 36-year-old woman suffering from an itchy skin lesion went to several Florida doctors two months after her honeymoon in Belize — and learned the wound was the sign of a living creature, which had burrowed into the skin on her groin, doctors say. Dr. Enrico Camporesi, a wound healing specialist who treated the woman and authored the report, said the skin around the lesion was hard, as if there were an egg or bean below, Live Science reports. Camporesi sought a surgeon’s expertise, because he worried it could be a lymph node problem — but the surgeon suggested the lesion was actually a living creature.


  • Unearthing El Pilar Episode 1, 10min. An Entire Season Spent looking for structures Under the Forest Canopy at El Pilar, and I gotta say I felt like an Alaskan Salmon swimming up stream all the way. It may have been a more enjoyable experience, if only it was all more selflessly inspired, and motivated by more than just the trivial pursuit of Academia; which may seem noble for a time until you remember all the souls that have sunk their lives into it.

  • Over achiever leaf cutter ant - Belize 2017, 1min.

  • A little video from the Yucatec Maya elder Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam speaking in Maya about Hanal Pixan, 1.5min.

  • Friends for Conservation and Development is approaching the end of its 2018 financial year, 42min. Friends for Conservation and Development is approaching the end of its 2018 financial year. Representatives of FCD were our guests to talk about their accomplishments. They are reporting an overall reduction in illegal activities in the Chiquibul National Park. (Deforestation, gold panning, poaching and animal trafficking, agricultural farming and xateros activity.) They explained that they have adjusted their strategy to better monitor and reduce encroachment. Their focus is on improving management of these resources to promote sustainable development for the people in the area. The Annual General Meeting will be held on 2nd December, 2018 at the San Ignacio Hotel and Resort at 2:00pm. On our couch:

  • Grace Flava with a Beat - Ackee and Seafood recipe, 35min. Grace Flava with a Beat took a trip to Jamaica to feature that country's national dish with a twist. Chef Duane made an Ackee and Seafood recipe to bring some variety to your meals. On set: Duane Lizama - Resident Chef. Alex Gordon - Representative, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd.

  • The Mr. Belize competition, 25min. The Mr. Belize competition gets underway this Saturday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. This year there are 6 contenders vying for the title. The Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation representatives were our guests to update us on their efforts to improve the sport. This year's competition will feature international judges who will also be training a cadre of local judges. Tickets are on sale for $15.00 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Belize Cancer Society and the Kidney Association of Belize. On our couch: Mirna Greenidge - President, BBBFF. Denis Wright - Contender, Mr. Belize 2018. Clayton Greenidge - Winner, Mr. Belize 2017.

  • The Battle of the Drums organization - Garifuna Song Competition, 28min. The Battle of the Drums organization is on a mission of cultural retrieval and preservation of the music forms of the Garinagu. The Annual Garifuna Song Competition 2018 is one event used to provide the platform for musicians to create music and hone their talents. Our guests shared the details of the competition and prizes. The event takes place tonight at Birds Isle. Kenrick "Luvlace" Lewis, winner of Song of the Year 2017, also performed his winning song. On our couch: Kenrick "Luvlace" Lewis - Winner, Song of the Year 2017. Darius Avila - President, Battle of the Drums.

  • The Leo Omega UBUNTU Club is organizing a Fun Clothing Drive, 21min. The Leo Omega UBUNTU Club is organizing a Fun Clothing Drive event to collect clothing to be donated to various housing institutions for the homeless and those displaced by natural disasters. The rule is simple - two article of clothing for play time in SCUBBLE. The fun begins on Sunday October 28th at the Hour Bar field. Our guests spoke with us about how their community work. There will also be drinks on sale. On our couch: Joy Spann - 2nd Vice President, Leo Omega UBUNTU Club. Katherine Espada - Marketing Coordinator, Leo Omega UBUNTU Club.

  • The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) has launched the 20th edition of Destination Belize, 24min. The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) has launched the 20th edition of Destination Belize. Their representatives spoke with us about the process to creating the special edition and what they hope it will do for tourism in Belize. On our couch: John Burgos - Executive Director, BTIA. Gale Malic-Ozaeta - Project Manager, Destination Belize.

  • The 2018 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition, 20min. The 2018 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition concluded on Friday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The competition seeks to teach students about the culture and history of downtown Belize City. With over 300 questions the students learned important details about milestones and challenges in early Belize City to present date. We spoke with the top three winners about the experience and how it has helped them to gain a greater appreciation for Downtown Belize City. On our couch: Dwight Gillett - 1st Place Winner, Holy Redeemer Primary School Tyrone Mckoy - 2nd Place Winner, St. Ignatius Primary School. Essence Anderson - 3rd Place Winner, Bernice Yorke Primary School. Chelsea Evelyn - Project Support Officer, Downtown Rejuvenation Project.

  • 1st spearfishing competition on Belize 2018, min. 1st spearfishing competition on the island of Caye Caulker.

  • You betta Belize it, 3min.

  • Spearfishing competition on Ambergris Caye, 12min.

  • Belize Nurse Sharks, 7.5min.

  • Belize Reef Sharks, 17min. San Pedro Cayes, Scuba

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.

  • Police Check Point, 60min.

    October 30, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    Oceana Announces Belize’s 2018 Ocean Hero Award Winners
    On Saturday, October 27th, 2018, Oceana in Belize was proud to recognize two Belizeans for their invaluable contributions to ocean conservation. The 2018 Oceana Ocean Heroes are Captain Earl David Jr. and Michael J. Heusner. David Jr. has lived and worked in what is now the South Water Caye Marine Reserve all his life. As a seaman, captain and fisherman, he has advocated for the sustainable use and development of Belize’s marine resources. David Jr. has also supported scientific research of coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses through his technical and logistical assistance to the Smithsonian Institution’s field operations at Carrie Bow Caye.

    Caribbean Development Bank Approves $8.7Mil US To Improve Water Supply For Ambergris Caye
    Constant water shortage on Ambergris Caye is no news, island residents have gotten somewhat accustomed to experiencing low water pressure throughout the entire year especially during Easter Break. Maintenance work is always an excuse by the water company to explain the low water pressure or intermittent interruptions. And then there is the blame game back and forth from the water supplier and water distributing company, regardless to all these there now seems to be a silver lining on the horizon as Caribbean Development Bank has approved funding of US$8.7 million to the Belize Water Services (BWS), to improve the supply of potable water on Ambergris Caye. The CDB says Belize Water Services will use the approved funding to acquire the reverse osmosis plant on Ambergris Caye, which is currently owned and operated by a private supplier. The funds will also support the expansion of water and sewerage systems on the island, with consideration to the possible future effects of climate change.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Dia de los Angelitos
    The Benque HoC is honoring Kaylene Mai this Thursday, at 7:00pm, for Dia de los Angelitos. "Celebrating our cultural heritage at our Benque House of Culture this Thursday November 1st, 2018."

    The National Channel is looking for Individuals to Host our annual Christmas Show | Christmas In Town !
    Send Us a Message | Give Us A Call | Deadline Nov 3RD

    The Digicell expansion and progress has reached Corozal in many ways. Today we visited the 150 feet high service tower recently installed in the Finca Solana area. We were unofficially told that the operations should soon integrate all Digicell cellular/mobile users between Corozal Town and Consejo Shores, including immediate surrounding rural areas, in the working system now. This is pretty good news for users in these areas, as you will no longer "be out of the service area" anymore :-) This comes a long way, according to files from Greg Gill ( and BTL website) telephone services started under the Colonial government with magneto, the magneto crank phone, which was used in Belize from 1902 to 1962. In that first year, a magneto telephone linked Belize City with Consejo Village in Corozal. In 1908, Belize City got its first magneto exchange with 150 lines, with connection to the district towns. In 1911, a submarine cable connected Consejo Village with Chetumal.

    Rainbow Grill on Caye Caulker reopens November 6

    Oceana 2018 Ocean Hero Award Winners
    On Saturday October 20th, 2018, Belizeans from across the country came out in waves to the George Price Center in Belmopan to participate in Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its dedicated volunteers, our “Wavemakers”. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers from Corozal, Orange Walk, the Belize District, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga, Hopkins and Toledo attended this year’s event. During the meeting, several Wavemakers were awarded certificates of appreciation for their sensational above and beyond support for Oceana’s campaigns and initiatives over the past year. Among them were Kariel Slusher from the Belize District; the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) from Corozal; the Ocean Academy Wavemakers Club from Caye Caulker; Arren Andrews and Whitney Majano of the Stann Creek District, and the Department of Youth Services (DYS) in Punta Gorda.

    2018 San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade
    Yahoo! Yahoo! The Holiday Boat Parade is coming!!!!!! This year's traditional Holiday Boat Parade is scheduled for Saturday, December 8 at 6:00PM. Come be a part of this annual tradition, and watch as boats light up the coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize! Leaving from Wayo's Beach Bar, the parade route is along the coast of Ambergris Caye to Crazy Canucks Beach Bar and back! Make sure to join us for the Awards Ceremony to see who wins the $10,000 in CASH PRIZES! Will your favorite boat win? Come find out for yourself at Sandbar San Pedro after the parade completes the route!

    BAHA Food Safety Laboratory Accreditation
    The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is pleased to announce accreditation of its Food Safety Laboratory, the Central Investigation Laboratory (CIL), to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, international standard for Competence of Testing Laboratories. This recognition was conferred by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) effective August 17, 2018. With this achievement we are proud to offer greater assurance to our customers in the quality of our testing services. Our success in this endeavor is a measure of BAHA’s commitment to quality infrastructure and customer satisfaction. Be assured that BAHA and its staff will continue its pursuit of excellence with its ongoing efforts to improve the quality and scope of its laboratory testing services. We remain faithfully committed to fulfilling our mandate to the people of Belize, local producers, exporters, importers, trading partners and collaborators.

    REDD+ Readiness Project in Belize
    The Government of Belize with the assistance of the World Bank is implementing the project entitled “Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) Readiness Project in Belize” with Grant funding from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility “FCPF” and has appointed the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration (MAFFESDI) for the overall implementation of the Project with the fiduciary support provided by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). The Government of Belize intends to apply part of the proceeds of the grant to payments under the contract for this Consultancy.

    Innovation +Tourism Talk
    Meet Kristen Bonner, Senior Destination Marketing Executive | Latin America at TripAdvisor, one of our guest speakers for the upcoming Innovation +Tourism Talk. Register now at [email protected] or call 227-1144.

    Responsible Tour guide & Tour Operator Seminar 2018-2019
    Congrats to all these shops (White Sands, Ramon's, Divers, Chuck & Robbie's, Suya Tours, Island Dream, Coral Divers, Cayo Espanto, Sea Star Belize, Scuba Daze, CJ Reef Shack, Belize Parasail, Blue Heaven, Belize Ocean Divers, Action Divers, Magical Adventures, Belize Diamond Adventures, No worries Tours, El Gato Tours, Felicity Sailings) that have participated in the second round of the Responsible Tour guide & Tour Operator Seminar 2018-2019!!! If you haven't yet book your dates with us!!!

    Dia De Los Muertos — in San Ignacio, Belize
    You are all invited!

    Channel 7

    PM is Back, But His Back, Not Quite Yet
    One month after returning from back surgery, Prime Minister Dean Barrow returned to the public spotlight today. He hosted a press conference at the Radisson today - covering a broad range of subjects from the ICJ Education campaign to the legalization of marijuana. But, the first thing he spoke about was his health - where he said, he's fully back at the helm of the state - albeit with a little pain:...

    PM Won’t Postpone ICJ Date
    And he covered a lot of business - the kind of housekeeping work you'd have to put in put in if you left your home for a month. His most emphatic statements were on the possibility of postponing the ICJ referendum - and legalizing marijuana - both subjects which the leader of the opposition brought to the fore last week. Here's why the PM said he won't even consider postponing the April 2019, referendum. Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The ICJ Referendum date is April 10, 2019 and we have no intention of changing that date. Apart from his public statements...:

    Belize, Pressing For The Protocol, Guatemala Ignoring
    And while there is no good reason to postpone - the government has good reason to press Guatemala to live up to its commitment and sign unto a Sarstooon Protocol. Because they have not done so - there is great and enduring anxiety within Belize that we have effectively ceded our southern boundary. The Prime Minister outlined the persistence the Belizean diplomatic effort and the intransigence of the Guatemalans:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Belize continues to press and to press not only the Guatemalans directly, but the international community. Perhaps later on he can give you the markers that show how consistently we get declarations from international organizations including the ACP, Commonwealth Secretariat, CARICOM.."

    Shoman Sidelining Wilfred?
    And while that encounter was not reported to the press - or, apparently, the Prime Minister - as you heard earlier, the public face of the "Yes To The ICJ" campaign may be changing from Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington to Assad Shoman. The PM said his role was un-defined so far, but, as we understand it, Shoman would become the point man on the state's campaign for get a yes vote. We asked the Prime Minister if he is sidelining his Foreign Minister:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Foreign Minister beside you has been a lightning rod for controversy in his public statements. Is this an attempt to have the good Mr. Elrington as it were, stepped away from the microphone and insert another more moderate voice?"

    PM Says LOO Went Looney With “Legalize It”
    And, last week, that same Cabinet viciously attacked the leader of the opposition for floating the idea that he would support full legalization, taxation and exportation of marijuana. Today, the PM called it a "looney tunes" idea: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "But the one thing we will not do, is legalize Marijuana." "You know the Leader of the Opposition, in trying for political advantage, too often goes off the deep end." "But this latest googly of his has to be one of his most fantastical ever. To propose legalizing marijuana in Belize, especially for an export market, is patently bizarre in the circumstances. Indeed, it is downright dangerous since it would certainly provoke one response I can immediately think of and which would surely destroy us. So, my Government pours scorn on the notion."

    Hemp Law Coming Quickly
    But, the PM did concede that hemp is quote, "a perfectly sound alternative to the Leader of the Opposition's lunatic notion of an internationally illegal marijuana industry." End quote. The Attorney General is drafting the necessary legislation - and he told us where's he's at with that today,. Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "It's already legal to grow hemp. We have to create regulations. The minister of agriculture along with the minister of health, because we have to make sure that it's really hemp. As you know legal hemp is 0.3% THC content..."

    PM: Chetumal Free Zone A Non Starter
    Turning to another matter about which the opposition has raised a great alarm, the Prime Minister also discussed the possibility of a so-called Free Zone in Chetumal. The opposition has said it's a death-knell for the Corozal Free Zone and could result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the north. Today, the PM said keep calm and read the fine print - there's not going to be any real Free Zone in Chetumal:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The alarm is that Chetumal will become even more of a magnet for Belizeans, we will hemorrhage Belize dollars and our local merchants will be mightily squeezed."

    Two Alleged Murderers Get Free 7 Years Later
    After 7 years on remand, two men are free of murder charges tonight. 35 year old Ashton Anderson and 25 year old Christopher Sosa were freed of the charge today when a nolle pros was entered by Crown Counsel Killeru Awich before Justice Colin Williams. The pair had been accused of the home invasion murder of 53 year old taxi driver Romel Palacio Sr. But there was no witness to testify since neither of the two eye witnesses wanted to come to court to testify.

    Robber Ran Right Into Cops
    Police were quick to catch a man red-handed after a jewelry store robbery. He is Delroy Chaplin. After Chaplin allegedly robbed Pacheco's jewelry on Friday at noon, he ran directly into the path of the police mobile responding to the robbery in progress. Here's how it went: ASP Alejandro Cowo: "There was a robbery report made by Britney Myers, who is an employee at the Pacheco's Jewelry shop located at #66 East Colet Canal. She reported that while she was inside the business establishment two male persons entered the business establishment, one of them armed with a firearm who pointed the firearm at her and demanded to hand over the jewelries that were inside the showing-glass inside of the business establishment..."

    Euphrates Robber Got Big Bucks
    And while that was Friday afternoon on East Canal, there was another robbery nearby: it happened on Saturday night on Euphrates Avenue. The thief, who is suspected to be a minor, ran off with $2,500 dollars. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Nassim Amed, a Bangladesh national, business owner of United Groceries and Laundry Mart, reported that sometime after 7:15 he was inside of his business establishment when four male persons entered the business establishment. One of them was armed with a firearm and demanded that he hand over the money that he had inside of the establishment..."

    He Drowned By Bridgefoot
    It was quite a scene on Saturday night when police and coast guard pulled a body out of the river at the Swing Bridge. Police told us why they believe there was no foul play. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB: "Police responded to a body seen floating by the river on the Swing Bridge. As a result police requested the assistance of the Belize Coast Guard where the body of a male person was retrieved from the river who was identified as Manuel Mendoza; other particulars are unknown at this time..."

    Mother Picked Up Marijuana Package, Cops Were Waiting
    What might have seemed like a mother and her kids out on an innocent BPMS package pick up was really a drug run. Police - who had advance intelligence - caught a woman with 4 pounds of weed in a package right as she walked out of the courier service BPMS next door to us on Dean street. That happened on Friday evening at about 5:30. Police gave us more details. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Just after 5 pm, acting upon information received, police observed a female exiting the BPMS office located on Dean Street. At the time she was in the possession of a black bag on her hand. Police intercepted her and conducted a search on the bag which led to the discovery of three parcels containing suspected cannabis. This female was identified as Billie Jane Pitts, a 45 year school warden of a Belize City address. The drugs were weighed in her presence and it amounted to 1,950 grams. She was then arrested and charged for the offence of drug trafficking. The drugs came from the Corozal district."

    Mystery Range Rover Still Missing
    On Friday night we told you about the heavily tinted 1995 Range Rover that was stolen from outside the police compound in Orange Walk. As we reported, the ominous looking SUV seemed to have been abandoned on a street in the Louisiana area of Orange Walk. Police impounded it and found that it had two different Stann Creek license plates, an insurance sticker for a vehicle with another Vin Number, amd a San Ignacio license sticker. Very suspect, and now it's nowhere to be found. Police gave us an update:

    PM Boasts About Economy
    Turning back now to today's press conference, the Prime Minister opened up with a 35 minute update - which was like a mini- state of the nation address. He boasted about the relatively strong economic growth for the first half of this year - which has shown 3.4% GDP growth, the strongest since 2015. He says tourism is the driver:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Of course, the biggest driver of this dramatically improved economic performance and trajectory, is tourism. Overnight arrivals this year have been up every single month over the corresponding month for 2017..."

    Coastal and Caracol Roads Coming
    And while that would be a very big boon for sugar, infrastructure is also expected to get a very big boost with the paving of the Coastal and Caracol Roads: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The huge Coastal Road project is now concluding its feasibility study and moves to design stage before going out to construction. And for Caracol, that other mega million piece of infrastructure, the design is done; the supervision consultants just about chosen; and the selection of the construction contractor and start of the physical works will happen no later than the end of this year."

    Poverty Alleviation Project Phase 3 Coming
    The Airport Link Road is already well under way. And, while that is for road infrastructure, the social infrastructure will also get a jolt with an infusion from the third Southside Poverty Alleviation Project. The Prime Minister says it will mean housing money for the southside:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The Southside Poverty Alleviation Project Phase 3 has been green-lighted, and monies are in hand for immediate commencement. There is 400 thousand for home construction for each of the qualifying Southside Constituencies. And there is an additional 300 thousand for each for education and social assistance. I repeat that the program is ready now, constituencies are already submitting their lists of beneficiaries and physical work starts imminently.

    Arguing For No Appeal Of Section 53 Ruling
    After several months of preparation and case management, the Court of Appeal has now started its deliberation on the appeal that the Government of Belize has brought against Caleb Orozco's victory in the Supreme Court in the Section 53 case. Back in August of 2016, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin rendered a landmark judgment in Orozco's favor, making it legal for consenting adults to lawfully engage in same sex acts. Orozco was the first member of the local gay community to challenge the constitutionality of Section 53, pointing out that it violated his right to human dignity and privacy. The Churches pressed the Government to appeal the case, and the compromise between the state and this social partner was that the Government would bring a limited appeal, and that the Catholic Church would appeal the substantive ruling.

    Fatal Accident Was Hit and Run
    A man was killed in a hit and run in Alta Vista Village on the Hummingbird Highway. On Saturday night, David Cunil was heading home after drinking with some friends when he was run over and left to die on the road. Police told us more. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "Sometime around 9 pm Dangriga police responded to reports of a body on the side of the Highway in Alta Vista Village where upon arrival they observed the body of a Hispanic male later identified as David Cunil, 45 years old of Alta Vista Village, with severe head and body injuries and apparently dead..."

    The PM and The King
    Turning now to politics, the hotly contested Port Loyola Convention is just days away. But, while the election is the thing, Boots Martinez is dominating the discussion after he last week declared to 7News that he is the King in Port Loyola. Today, the Prime Minister said Martinez was correct to assert that no matter who wins the convention, he remains the representative:

    “Peyre” Cagey About Leadership Ambitions
    Mike Peyrefitte feels the same way - and he kind of has to, after all he sees Martinez as his ticket to victory in the division. Martinez is pulling very hard to Peyrefitte - and today the aspiring candidate told us that when Boots called himself King - he was only speaking figuratively:... Reporter "I heard you have the keys to the kingdom as they say. With the endorsement from the current king." Michael Peyrefitte, U.D.P. Candidate, Port Loyola: "What kingdom and what king?"

    PUP Usher Keeping Profile Up In Port
    And while the UDP has it "turnt - up" in the Port right now, the PUP's standard bearer in the division is also clamoring for some attention. Today he teamed up the Belize City Council to clean up Port Loyola streets. It is an annual campaign and we dropped by to find out why it is important to keep it going. Gilroy Usher, PUP, Standard Bearer: "Well the cleanup campaign is necessary to promote civic pride in the community because while it is the city council that is charged with the responsibility for cleaning the neighborhood, we as citizens have to put interest in cleaning our neighborhood ourselves too, the city council can't do everything, they try but they can't be everywhere, so that is why we make our cleanup campaign an annual event where we take a strategic area in the division and come out and clean it up."

    DOE Needs to Re-Centralize?
    Last week we reported extensively on the stop order which the Department of the Environment took out against developer Haisam Diab, who is building a Pizza parlour on the seafront. Today we got a chance to ask the Minister of State in the Ministry of the Environment, Omar Figueroa about it. Now, granted he was out of the country on official business last week - but Figueroa said there's something generally wrong with the system of reporting to him:..

    Will Gas Station Be Built Across From Princess?
    And while the DOE has put the brakes on the seafront pizza parlour, it approved a gas station not far away - right across from the Princess where Putt Putt used to be. The last city council also approved it. But the Fire Department expressed its reservations - and, right now, that and a lack of buy in front the community are the only things stopping that project. Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold told us more:.. Oscar Arnold, Deputy Mayor: "One of the principals of the project visited us and he laid out the plan for us on the table. We had a couple of meetings with him and he was doing some consultations with the residents in the area. We leanrt of the approval a little bit later on after the documents came to the fore. However there was a groudwell of support of the residents in that area that did not want it. They were suporting the fact that the fire department had quite a bit of problems with that project."

    Protecting Women and Children In A Disaster
    We met Arnold at an event organized for the City Emergency Management Organization by UNICEF. It's a SHELTER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP focussing on the often overlooked needs of women and children in a disaster. Arnold told us more:..,

    The Mayor and The Maximum Leader
    And in another story about the City Council, today, the Prime Minister gave us details of the meeting he had with Mayor Bernard Wagner 10 days ago. As we told you on Friday, the Mayor went to see the Prime Minister after a visit to Krooman Lagoon. The Mayor wants to relocate the residents living in that wetland, aka SWAMP. The PM shared with us his response:…

    Channel 5

    PM Barrow Reports on His Health After Back Surgery in Cuba
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted an extended press conference today, following an equally lengthy hiatus from the public eye since his return from medical treatment in Havana last month.  This [...]

    Did John Saldivar Jump the Gun on Sarstoon Excursion?
    Perhaps the most striking of his many responses during the subsequent question and answer session is the fact that Cabinet has not discussed or sanctioned a series of proposed excursions [...]

    To Guatemala, “Sign the Damn Protocol”
    Still on the Sarstoon…the establishment of a protocol between Belize and Guatemala to govern the movement of people along the Sarstoon River is long in the making.  In 2015, representatives [...]

    PM Calls Proposed Marijuana Legalization Looney Tunes
    The proposed legalization of marijuana by Opposition Leader John Briceño has elicited responses from all corners.  Government has come out strongly against the idea, blasting Briceño for suggesting that a [...]

    Hemp Hemp Hooray, an Alternative to Marijuana Legalization?
    While all is not lost in the legalization debate, PM Barrow says that the Ministry of Agriculture is looking into the possibility of establishing a hemp industry for the export [...]

    I.C.J. Referendum Date is Final. It Will Not Be Postponed!
    The date for eligible voters to determine whether the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala should go before the I.C.J. is fixed.  The referendum will be held on April tenth, [...]

    How the I.C.J. Education Awareness Campaign is Funded
    Is government’s education awareness campaign already running out of cash?  With pledges for financial assistance from a number of countries, including Mexico, the United Kingdom and Turkey, funding for the [...]

    PM Barrow Says Chetumal Will Not Become a Free Zone
    There has been a great deal of concern from business owners in the north who are fearful that a pending change of economic activity in neighboring Mexico will adversely affect [...]

    A New Master Plan for the Corozal Free Zone
    The PM says that there is a new master plan for the Commercial Free Zone in Corozal which will be rolled out in the coming months to revamp economic activity [...]

    On the Road to Economic Recovery
    Government will be spending millions of dollars on infrastructural projects across the country, including ninety million dollars on the Caracol Road. Tourism is the main driver of the economy and [...]

    Partial Appeal to Section Fifty-Three Ruling Heard….
    The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision in the matter of Attorney General versus Caleb Orozco. Up until six o’clock, the court heard arguments in government’s appeal to part [...]

    …Court of Appeal Reserves Decision
    After the hearing concluded late this evening, Solicitor General Nigel Hawke spoke to the media, explaining that there are fundamental and public issues present in the case that should be [...]

    2 Accused Killers Freed
    Two men charged with murder were freed by Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams today. They are twenty-five-year-old Christopher Sosa and thirty-five-year-old Ashton Anderson. Both men had been charged for the [...]

    CitCo’s Missing Heavy-Duty Equipment Mysteriously Appears
    A third missing piece of heavy-duty equipment that the Belize City Council was searching for has been returned. The John Deere tractor which was purchased for fifty-four thousand dollars was [...]

    Impounded Vehicle Goes Missing from OW Police
    Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of an impounded SUV from under the noses of the officers attached to the Orange Walk Police Station. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, last [...]

    Dangriga Resident is Shot by Police
    A criminal and internal investigation is ongoing in Dangriga following the police shooting of a gunman on Saturday morning. Thirty-nine-year-old John Elijio was shot to the right leg around four [...]

    San Pedro Man Drowns in the Haulover Creek near the Swing Bridge
    The body of a San Pedro resident was fished out of the Haulover Creek near the Swing Bridge. It is believed that Manuel Mendoza drowned sometime and his body spotted [...]

    Fatal Hit & Run in the South; 1 Man Detained
    One person is detained pending further investigation into a fatal hit and run incident in the south. Alta Vista villager, forty-four-year-old David Cunil was discovered dead on the Southern Highway [...]

    Delroy Chaplin Charged for Armed Robbery at Pacheco’s Jewellery Store
    There were two robberies over the weekend in Belize City for which two persons have been detained; one has since been arrested and charged. The first occurred on Friday during [...]

    Minor Detained Following Robbery at Belize City Store
    On Saturday night, United Grocery and Laundromat on Euphrates Avenue was targeted by thieves. According to the Bangladeshi owner, four robbers, one armed with a firearm escaped with five hundred [...]

    School Warden Caught Red-Handed with Over 3lbs of Weed
    A school warden is in big trouble with the law after she was found in possession of approximately four point three pounds of weed. Forty-four-year-old Billie Jean Pitts was arrested [...]

    Notorious Couple Charged for Drug Trafficking in Dangriga
    There was also a sizable drug bust in Dangriga, for which a couple has been charged for trafficking.  Last Thursday, police conducted a search at the home of Andrew Garcia [...]

    Peyrefitte Defends the Port Loyola Monarch
    Attorney General Mike Peyrefitte is one of four United Democratic Party candidates contesting Sunday’s convention in Port Loyola.  He enjoys the full support of Area Representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez who [...]

    P.U.P. Standard Bearer for the Port Ready to Take On U.D.P. Candidate
    Former City Councillor Phillip Willoughby and former Deputy Mayor Dean Samuels also have their hats in the ring as does one A.C. Castillo for the November fourth convention.  Today, P.U.P. [...]

    Suspected Arson in Belmopan
    There was a fire at the home of Damian Burns in Belmopan on Sunday night and all indications are that the blaze was deliberately set. Burns reported to police that [...]


    CitCo & businesses collaborate to boost the economy
    The Belize City Council embarked on an initiative with local businesses with the aim of boosting the economy via consumer satisfaction and business sales. The event was on Saturday in downtown Belize City. Love News stopped by and spoke with Hubert Pipersburgh, the Economic Development Manager at Belize City Council. Hubert Pipers burgh Economic Development Manger …

    Section 53 argued in Court of Appeal
    In August 2016, the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin struck down Section 53 of the Criminal Code, thereby, legalizing same-sex relationship between consenting adults. The case was appealed by the Government of Belize and the Roman Catholic Church. However, the church eventually withdrew its appeal, leaving only the Government of Belize to pursue its appeal. Today, …

    Police investigate: cannabis bust, robbery and drowning
    The police department was very busy over the weekend, but not with murders. Officers have responded to two robberies in Belize City. The first happened at Pacheco’s Jewelry Shop at 66 East Collet Canal. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, the officer in charge of CIB for Belize City, the employee of the store Britney Myers …

    Homeless Man Drowns
    A man drowned over the weekend in Belize City. The police say that they don’t believe it was caused by foul play. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says the homeless man, Manuel Mendoza was an alcoholic. ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police responded to a body seen floating by the river on the Swing Bridge, as …

    School Warden Busted with Marijuana outside BPMS
    On Friday after 5 p.m. a school warden, Billie Jean Pitts was busted with 4.3 pounds of marijuana. The police say the Belize City school warden was busted as she exited a courier service. ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police observe a female exiting the DPMS office located on Dean St. At the time she was in …

    Man knocked down and killed on Highway
    45-year old David Cunil left work at 5 p.m. on Saturday, but instead of going home, the Dangriga resident went out to socialize with friends. And at 9 p.m. he was walking on the highway when police say Cunil was hit by a vehicle. ACP Joseph Myvette: “Dangriga Police respond to reports of a body …

    Police Shoot Suspect who had Loaded Weapon
    A man on a bicycle was shot by police during a stop and frisk session at 4 am on Saturday morning in Dangriga Town. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says he was riding with a loaded weapon. ACP Joseph Myvette: “Dangriga Police was on mobile patrol when they observed a dark skin male person …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Dangriga man shot by police and busted with unlicensed pistol
    A Dangriga man was shot over the weekend and his shooter has been confirmed as […]

    Tenant burns down home after dispute with landlord
    A dispute between a landlord and his female tenant reportedly escalated to a case of arson […]

    Orange Walk police investigating strange vehicle case
    Orange Walk police are investigating an unusual case. On October 23, officers found a black […]

    BAHA Food Safety Laboratory receives accreditation
    The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) today announced the accreditation of its Food Safety Laboratory, […]

    15-year-old minor and man in a parked vehicle in cane field claim attempted kidnapping
    Corozal police are investigating an unusual case which they have since classified as an attempted […]

    Man found dead in river near swing bridge, an alcoholic says police
    Over the weekend, social media went abuzz with reports of a body found in the […]

    Alta Vista villager killed in hit and run
    Alta Vista villager, David Cunil, 44, is dead after an evening socializing with friends. According […]

    Minor detained for robbery at United Grocery and Laundromat
    Belize City cops have detained a minor in connection with an armed robbery in the […]

    Man charged for robbing Pacheco’s Jewelry Shop
    Belize City police have charged, Delroy Rodrick Chaplin, 32, for robbing Pacheco’s Jewelry Shop in Belize […]

    Illegal drugs being transported via legal courier services?
    Belize’s courier service business establishments have come under heightened scrutiny after a woman was busted […]


    What Happens When You Goose a Ghost?
    If it were not for the fact that I had friends visiting from California, I could have easily given Halloween a pass this year. I had already missed one of the many parties at Crazy Canucks but enjoyed seeing pictures on Facebook. A few friends had asked me to pop by Sandy Toes Halloween Bash, and I wanted to, but I knew if I did I would be a goner fast and ready to mummify with TV in bed. Which is exactly what I did while I waited to go to the annual – naked and afraid Honduras was on. My friends messaged me after their dinner with Daniel and Elodia of Tanisha Tours and Hurricanes Ceviche Bar around 10:00 pm that they were on their way to town. I quickly donned the makeshift zebra costume, a tye-dye jumpsuit that I had scored at Coco’s Loco beach bar Sip and Swap and walked over to the party.

    Why You Should Visit Corozal, Belize this year
    Corozal district in Belize. The population of Corozal Town according to the 2010 census data was 9,871. Corozal was a private estate before becoming a town in the year 1840. Things to Do in Corozal: Corozal Town is a quiet and one of a kind place located in Northern Belize, built along the shoreline of beautiful Corozal Bay. It offers visitors a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It is a thriving community with many shops and restaurants, and convenient services for tourists.

    What Do You need to know When you travel to Mexico?
    When you arrive in Mexico as a tourist how long can you stay? As a tourist, you will enter Mexico on a Visitors Permit (FMM) this permit will typically grant you a maximum 180 days which cannot be renewed in Mexico, you must leave the country before it expires. If by chance you overstay your permit, you will be required to report to INM immigration at the airport and pay a fine before you leave. How long do you need to stay out of the country before reentry on a new FMM? At this time there is no law specifying how long you must stay out of Mexico before re-entry, but since so many foreigners living in Mexico are using this loophole to avoid applying for residence, it could change. Some foreigners living in Mexico who frequently leave and return on an FMM report being questioned by the INM officers and receiving less time on their FMM.

    What know about Day Of The Death (Dia De Los Muertos)
    The Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos in Spanish) is a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of dead ancestors which occurs on November 1 and November 2, coinciding with the similar Roman Catholic celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. While it is primarily viewed as a Mexican holiday, it is also celebrated in communities in the United States with large populations of Mexican-Americans, and to a lesser extent elsewhere in Latin America. Despite the morbid subject matter, this holiday is celebrated joyfully, and though it occurs at the same time as Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day, the mood of The Day of the Dead is much lighter, with the emphasis on celebrating and honoring the lives of the deceased, rather than fearing evil or malevolent spirits.

    Bird Watching with The Lodge at Chaa Creek
    Our driver, Dennis, parked the van and helped us with our luggage. He guided us to the front desk where we met Ms. Lydia and Christopher. Christopher had brought out a neat presentation of four glasses of sorrel juice and mint-infused wet towels that were rolled on a wooden display tray. Each of us got to taste the sweet notes of the juice and feel the iciness of the towels as it rejuvenated our energy after the fifteen-minute car ride from San Ignacio Town. Refreshed, we were guided to our cabins where we were going to stay for the night. On the way there, we were also shown the different buildings and amenities that the surrounding area had. This would include their signature saltwater pool, the conference room/temporary bar, and their restaurant and dining area. The premises was lovely.

    Purchasing Foreclosed Properties in Belize
    Interested in purchasing Foreclosed Properties? Here is some info on what to consider when buying foreclosed properties: With a country consisting of 6 districts with great potential, Belize has a wide range of available foreclosed properties. Most of our land is reclaimed and the pre-owned buildings or unfinished structures have access to utilities. Hence, as our tourism industry grows, so does the demand for business investment from retirees and foreign investors. Therefore, foreclosed properties have been an increasingly popular option for those choosing to invest in Belize. Foreclosed properties are usually handled by auctioneers or through financial institutions like ourselves. As interest is expressed in a property, potential buyers can visit and assess the property. Bidding on the properties is welcomed and negotiations can be made. However, it depends on the auctioneer, financial institution and the value of the land/structure.

    Stay Fit On Vacation
    Have you ever gone on vacation only to get back feeling as if you need a vacation from your vacation? Of course it is great to go somewhere and just check out and lay on a beach all day, but if staying health conscious and active is what drives you to take that coveted PTO time, look no further than the jungles of Belize. ‘Fitcations’ (yes, that’s a real term) have become more and more popular this year among travelers that want to stay in shape while still on vacation. With no shortage of fitness and health conscious options, Ka’ana offers a wellness experience that is both physically challenging and ridiculously relaxing. From fresh squeezed juices and homemade smoothies to locally sourced meats and farm-to-table vegetables, every meal boasts flavorful ingredients while still promoting healthy eating. And guests can tour our two-acre organic garden while learning all about sustainable agriculture from our head gardener, Abi.

    Solo Travel in Belize – What You Need to Know
    While Belize is widely known as a romantic getaway destination for weddings and honeymoons, it also has a lot to offer for solo travelers. Located just a short flight away from the United States or Canada, Belize is a tropical paradise where you can enjoy hiking through tropical jungles, scuba diving on the Northern Hemisphere’s largest reef, and exploring mysterious ancient Maya cities built thousands of years ago. If you‘re interested in doing some solo traveling in Belize, here’s what you need to know:

    TheDay of the Dead
    Although The Day of the Dead (also known as El Dia de Los Muertos or Los Finados) is most prominently celebrated in Mexico in early November, it is also very popular in many villages and towns in Belize. This is due to the fact that the tradition of celebrating the life and death of lost loved ones dates back to the ancient Maya, an indigenous culture of Belize and Mexico. What makes this event unique? On the Day of the Dead, Maya and Mestizo communities across Belize unanimously get together to commemorate the life and death of their ancestors. This is done at people’s homes by decorating small tables as alters and including water, flowers, fruits, candles and portraits of their deceased. Families also make sure to have delicious traditional Belizean foods such as tamales, Bollos, Caldo de Gallina local, Chirmole and Ishpasha Atole. As for favorite alcoholic drinks, rum and tequila seem to be the popular choices.

    International Sourcesizz

    Allen Coral Atlas tracks changes in the world’s reefs from space via satellite
    Even after death, the philanthropic initiatives from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen just keep on coming. Today the Paul G. Allen Philanthropies and its consortium of partners unveiled the Allen Coral Atlas, a database of satellite imagery and environmental data aimed at mapping and monitoring the world’s coral reefs in unprecedented detail. The foundation of the atlas is a global mosaic of satellite imagery, acquired starting last year by Planet’s constellation of Earth-imaging satellites. The images document coral reefs at a resolution of 4 meters (13 feet) per pixel. The atlas’ first detailed geomorphic and benthic maps focus on Mo’orea in French Polynesia, Lighthouse Reef in Belize, West Hawaii Island, Karimunjawa in Indonesia, and Heron Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. And there’s much, much more to come.

    Researchers find cacao originated 1,500 years earlier than previously thought
    The study, published online today in Nature Ecology & Evolution, suggests that cacao — the plant from which chocolate is made — was domesticated, or grown by people for food, around 1,500 years earlier than previously thought. In addition, the researchers found cacao was originally domesticated in South America, rather than in Central America. Archaeological evidence of cacao’s use, dating back to 3,900 years ago, previously planted the idea that the cacao tree was first domesticated in Central America. But genetic evidence showing that the highest diversity of the cacao tree and related species is actually found in equatorial South America-where cacao is important to contemporary Indigenous groups-led the UBC team and their colleagues to search for evidence of the plant at an archaeological site in the region. “This new study shows us that people in the upper reaches of the Amazon basin, extending up into the foothills of the Andes in southeastern Ecuador, were harvesting and consuming cacao that appears to be a close relative of the type of cacao later used in Mexico — and they were doing this 1,500 years earlier,” said Michael Blake, study co-author and professor in the UBC department of anthropology.


  • San Pedro Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Experience, 3min. This is my definition of paradise. A tropical fantasy that is Belize. Caye Caulker is a backpackers paradise and Coco Plum Island Resort is the perfect couples getaway.

  • Oceana 2018 Ocean Hero - Michael Heusner, 8min.

  • Oceana 2018 Ocean Hero - Captain Earl David Jr., 8min.

  • Crocodile Attack Chabil Mar Resort Belize, 1/2min.

  • History of Cave Archaeology in Belize (full version), 20min. Here is a brief snap interview with Logan McNatt, one of the Pioneers of Cave Archaeology and Exploration in the Country, and I must say it was a pleasure. Moving around in the BAAS 2018 had left me itching for a shot of excitement, as may happen among scholars who get excited over a new find, as the shards of the past seldom offer up condolences for you time. The scene has become something with a life of its own I suppose, many just holding on for the famed after bash at Hodes Restaurant. It cost me $30 to attend for 3 days, which includes a ticket to the after party where food and drinks where served, but perhaps it left the intellectual part of my mind hanging somewhere in limbo.

  • Cave tubing in Belize City!, 11min.

    October 29, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Texas Breakfast
    “Dennis Wolfe, come up here and sit with me!” It was early in the morning as I was walking down the beach in front of Fido’s when I heard the unmistakable Texas drawl of Casey Moore calling to me from the deck. “Casey Moore, you rascal,” I said. “I heard you were back in town. It’s good to see you.” We swapped lies for a while and I caught up on Casey’s adventures in Thailand. “I knew you would be coming back to Belize,” I told him. “Charlie was keeping your banjo for you so I figured you would have to come back for it.”

    Doctor Love: Broken
    Dear Doctor Love, I broke up with my boyfriend of six years and I feel so depressed and lonely. I’m relieved the relationship is over. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I was miserable much of the time. When we disagreed, I was the one who always had to change my moral and emotional boundaries in order to keep peace. But foolishly, I miss him. We’ve broken up in the past but I always went back. How can I do what I know is best for me and stay away from him this time? /s/Broken

    Misc Belizean Sources


    ACES Inaugurates New Building
    Hon Manuel Heredia Jr., Mayor Daniel Guerrero and District Education Officer, Ms. Odelia Caliz were guests of honor and had the courtesy of cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the brand new, two-storey concrete classroom, at Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES). The event took place on Wednesday, October 24th, and coincided with the school’s 10th anniversary. As part of celebrating their 10th year of growth, the school got a complete renovation: all the buildings and classrooms are now fully equipped with AC, security cameras and Alexa Speakers as part of the learning aid.

    Marijuana Plants Go Up In Flames
    Yesterday afternoon Orange Walk police received information that led them to an area in the jungle about 5 miles South West of Nueland Village, Orange Walk District. The search led to the discovery of a thatched house which was being used to keep 200 dried marijuana plant ranging between 5ft and 7ft in height. Police also found a bag containing 1,322 grams of marijuana and a shirt containing marijuana seeds amounting to 1002 grams. Further searches of the area resulted in the discovery of 50 young marijuana plants. All the marijuana plants were destroyed by fire. The remaining amounts of marijuana were packaged, sealed, and labeled as found property.

    The HALLS LAYOUT DOME comes alive as the Newly Elected Corozal Basketball Association brings to all Basketball Fans KING OF THE DOME commencing on Saturday 3rd November 2018 as from 7:30pm. See you there!

    Hanal Pixan
    Some of the pictures from last night Hanal Pixan event by Corozal house of Culture . Preserving our traditions is part of our identity as Maya people of Northern Belize . Next week the people of Yucatec Maya descent from northern Belize will start to get ready to celebrate Hanal Pixan at their houses . Pictures courtesy by Ak Kuchkabal Maya

    Sak Xikin welcomes the BHSA I'binkaan team to its cultural presentation for ACC!
    Nuestro pueblo Maya del Norte de Belize .

    The Reporter

    A man was killed in a hit and run traffic accident last night on the Stann Creek Valley Road. The Reporter has confirmed that the body of David Cunil, 44, a construction worker of Alta Vista Village, Stann Creek was retreived from near a railing along the road st mile 15 in the same village.

    First Ever Downtown Flea-market a Success
    Downtown businesses that took part in the first ever flea market yesterday have reported that they saw much better business, and Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold says it made for a “Super sale Saturday.” Deputy Arnold told the Reoorter today that the businesses all said they saw much more traffic through their stores.

    Police have arrested and charged Billy Jean Pitts, a school warden, with Drug Trafficking after they say they nabbed her with over four pounds of weed. Security guard, Kimani Locayo, 40, was robbed early yesterday morning in Belize City.Businessman, Mohammad Ahmed, 28, owner of United Grocery and Laundromat on Euphrates Avenue in Belize City, was reportedly robbed last night.

    BTIA Cayo donates $4,000 to San Ignacio Police
    On Thursday, October 25, 2018, the Cayo Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) handed over a donation to the San Ignacio Police Formation. A cheque of $4,000 was presented by BTIA’s Tanya Silva to the Officer Commanding the San Ignacio Police Station, Superintendent Richard Rosado at a BTIA mixer at Cahal Pech Village Resort.

    Mother convicted of manslaughter for killing children out on parole
    Felicia Chen, the woman who was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2014 after she was convicted of manslaughter for drowning three of her four children at Belizean beach in 2013, has reportedly been released from prison and is now out on parole, according to a report by the Reporter Newspaper this weekend.

    Grocery store robbed in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigating a robbery report. Mohammad Nasim Ahmed, 28, a Bangladeshi national and owner of United Grocery and Laundrymart on Euphrates Avenue, reported that around 7:45 p.m. he was inside the store when four men entered.

    School warden charged with drug trafficking
    Police have arrested and charged a school warden for drug trafficking. On Friday evening around 5:26, police conducted a search on Billy Jean Pitts, 44, school warden of Belize city.

    Police find marijuana plantation in Orange Walk
    Yesterday Orange Walk police came upon a marijuana plantation. Around 2:20 p.m yesterday, police acted on information received and went to an area in the jungle about 5 miles south-west of Nueland village, Orange Walk. There, police found a thatched house and under the house, officers found 200 dried marijuana plants ranging between 5 feet and 7 feet in height.

    Security guard robbed in Belize City
    Police are investigating a robbery in Belize City. Kimani Locayo, 40, a private security officer, reported that yesterday morning around 3:30 a.m. he was walking on Calle Al Mar street towards Newtown Barracks, when two men approached him.

    Belize~ The Status Quo and ICJ
    By Richard Harrison: If you look at who are the few people jumping up and promoting “yes to ICJ”, it is very obvious that it is a status quo driven thing…those who have been or are at the feeding trough of the PUDP oligopoly hegemony run by Lord Michael Ascroft of Cheshire…the Chief Puppet Master…and those slaves who adore them and lick their boots just to be allowed in their elitist company, picking up the crumbs that fall from their table.

    Male and female U-17 football championship game held in Orange Walk
    The People Stadium was the venue for the championship game of the Under-17 male and female football competition in Orange Walk. Both male and female competitions was held on Saturday, October 27th, under the auspices of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) and the Orange Walk District Football Association. In the female category, International Vibes Alive secured the championship by beating Muffles Bobcats 4 goals to 2.

    International Sourcesizz

    A fost in luna de miere in Belize. Peste doua luni a facut o descoperire socanta
    O femeie din Florida nu va uita niciodata luna de miere petrecuta in Belize, dar nu din motivele obisnuite. S-a ales cu un suvenir deloc dorit, care i-a dat viata peste cap in urmatoarea perioada. Nu si-a dat seama pe moment, ci abia la doua luni dupa ce venise acasa. Si nu, nu era vorba despre o sarcina, asa cum probabil ar crede multi. In pielea ei isi gasise cuib o insecta, arata Live Science.


  • Metal Haven Bash 2018 Promo, 1min. The promo video for the 2018 Metal Have Bash. It's Saturday, November 3rd, at the Cancha Marshalleck.

  • A Salty Piece of Belize, 4min. Fishing at El Pescador

  • Dad and Son Belize Liveaboard, 2min. Belize Aggressor III First time on dive trip with my son. Good times!

  • Belize with Sam & Naomi 2018, 13min.

  • Backpacking Belize | Airplane Views, 2min. We flew from Caye Caulker to Placencia, and although it's less than an hour in the air, we took off and landed 5 times! A lot of short airplane rides that day!

  • SCUBA Diving - "Un - BELIZE - Able" - Lighthouse Reef, Belize - October 2018, 11min.

  • Belize 2018, 6.5min. Two weeks on the island writing my book!

  • Fishing from a dock for a whole overnight!!! It was an epic night!!!, min.

  • BDF FC vs San Pedro Pirates FC, 2hr30min.

  • Yucatec Maya elder Faustino Yam from Cristo Rey(Corozal) showing us a traditional Maya altar for Hanal Pixan, 1/2min. Hanal Pixan is a tradition practice by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize to honored their dead . Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam is a member of To'one Masehualo'on .

    October 28, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    NEBL prepares for grand opening of 2019 basketball season
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be tipping off its sixth annual basketball tournament on Friday, January 18. The opening game will be held at the Belize City Civic Center in Belize City and will feature the rematch of last season’s semi-finals series, as defending champions, Belize Hurricanes will host Griga Dream Ballers. Tip-off is at 9:00 p.m. The game will be aired live on The National Channel (TNC), starting with a pre-game show at 8:30 p.m. The seven participating teams in the upcoming season are Orange Walk Running Rebels, San Pedro Tiger Sharks, Belize Hurricanes, Belmopan Bandits, Griga Dream Ballers, Belize City Defenders and Verdes.

    Belizing in Belize tourism
    Belize should play to its strengths: its unparalleled and pristine natural beauty, the wellness of mud spas and natural remedies, the delights of Belizean cuisine and Marie Sharpe’s pepper sauce, Belizean rums and bird tourism. These were the recommendations from Carol Hay, – the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s director of marketing for the United Kingdom and Europe, in her keynote address at the opening of the annual tourism industry conference hosted by the Belize Tourist Board at the Ramada Princess Hotel last Friday, October 19. Hay noted that while wellness travellers are seeking a therapeutic vacation to help them revitalize to face the challenges of their home society, Belizean spa operators have the opportunity to offer their guest a unique Belizean experience that will keep them coming back for more, and also spread the word to their friends.

    Consolidated Water Company looking to move out of Belize
    The Cayman-based water company Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL), which currently supplies Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL), is considering in leaving the country after experiencing difficulties in repatriating profits out of Belize. The company is reportedly looking to sell its shares and the Government of Belize has therefore acquired a millionaire loan to improve the water services, including the purchasing of shares from CWBL. CWBL which also operates in the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and Indonesia, explained that the main reason to leave Belize is the hardship they go through when transferring profits to their home base in the Cayman Islands. The company’s office in San Pedro Town did not comment on the topic, but a communique from the company’s management explained their concerns.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Grand prize at this year's Holiday Hotel's Halloween Party!
    The Snow Queen costume, by Alex Rodriguez, wins the grand prize for the most creative at this year's Holiday Hotel's Halloween Party!

    Two Dangriga Residents Charged with Drug Trafficking
    On Thursday Dangriga police arrested and charged two persons from Dangriga Town for the crime of drug trafficking. Officers conducted a search at number 35 Gumagarugu Street. Police found 2089.8 grams of marijuana. Present at the time of the search were Andrew Garcia and Amybelle Perez who were charged for the aforementioned crime.

    Shotgun Found In Belmopan
    Information received by Belmopan Police last night led officers to an open lot in the Piccini area where a search was conducted. There police discovered a 12 gauge shotgun under some bushes. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery and as a result the firearm was labeled and deposited as ‘found property’.

    Forum on growing industrial hemp in Belize
    Pro-Organic Belize is sponsoring a forum about growing industrial hemp in Belize. Tuesday, November 6th 1:00 - 2:30 pm at Maya Mountain Lodge in Santa Elena. All welcome - no charge.

    Halloween Auto Show
    The Santa Elena Shell station will be having a Halloween Auto Show next Saturday, November 3rd. They'll have a costume contest, a raffle, and prizes. "Stop by Shell Santa Elena, Nov 3,2018 for a Spooktacular come with your costumes for prizes"

    U.S. Embassy staff and their families enjoying the first annual Belize Birding Festival!

    Vacancy for a Peace Corps Response Program Manager!
    Do you want to join the Peace Corps Belize team? Basic Functions of the Position: The Peace Corps Response Program Manager (PCR PM) is a long-term contracted position with primary duties in strategic leadership and representation, volunteer support and supervision, and program management.

    Finals of the Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition
    Yesterday the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project completed the finals of the Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition. Eight schools and their supporters participated. The competition was close and the noise inside the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts was deafening; it could have been described as a cross between customers at the Old Fish Market on a Saturday morning, a political demonstration and an outright public riot. The decision went down to the wire. The competition started at 9:00 a.m. and three hours later Dwight Gillett of Holy Redeemer Primary School was crown champion followed closely by Tyrone Mckoy of St. Ignatius and Essence Anderson of Bernice Yorke. For coming in first, Dwight will receive a laptop, printer, a Samsung Note 3, $600.00 Gift Certificate, $200.00 gift Certificate for getting all his answers correct with the highest number of points and a trophy. His school will receive the History Cup, a school trophy, desktop computer, monitor, printer, and a UPS. The second and third place schools received the same.

    The Reporter

    Squatters at Gungulung and Krooman to Benefit from Low Income Housing Through CitCo Initiative
    Families in the Krooman Lagoon area of the Collet area and in the Gungulung area in Lake Independence will have a real chance of owning their own low-income homes very soon, through a joint initiative by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and the Council. This week, Mayor Bernard Wagner and other Council officials, walked through the two communities along with leaders from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to get a first-hand view of the living conditions of the squatters in these areas.

    There is a serious housing crisis in Belize and despite all the political promises the crisis has gotten worst. Surely in 2018, housing has to be viewed as a basic human right. If we accept housing as such then it has to be the duty of the Government to do all in its power to ensure that such a right is fulfilled. You can tell a lot about a country’s development pathway by looking at the systems it has in place to deal with housing; after all housing is what anchors the family. People need good, decent and affordable housing in which to raise their families.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Sacred Heart College celebrates Tarde Cultural
    Last night Sacred Heart College (SHC) in San Ignacio, Cayo celebrated their annual ‘Tarde Cultural’ which was held at the Sacred Heart College’s Auditorium. According to the organizers, annually, third form students are assigned to present on the culture of a Spanish-speaking country as part of the requirements of the school’s Spanish Course.

    Birding Festival comes alive today
    The Belize Birding Festival is taking place today at the George Price Center in Belmopan City. The event is the first of its kind and is being organized by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) in partnership with the Belize Audubon Society (BAS), the Belize Hotel Association (BHA) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB).

    Vehicle stolen in Santa Elena
    The owner of the above vehicle is seeking the public’s assistance in recovering it. The vehicle was stolen on Wednesday evening from a parking lot near Shell Gas station in Santa Elena town.

    Ambassador Oliver del Cid: Belizeans must make informed decision on ICJ
    Belizeans will be asked to vote in favor of or against taking Guatemala’s long-standing claim on Belize’s continental, insular and maritime territory to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in a national referendum scheduled for April 10, 2019. In the events leading up to the referendum date, the Government of Belize has embarked on a countrywide ICJ education campaign.

    Two busted with weed in Dangriga
    Police have arrested and charged two people from Dangriga for drug trafficking. On Thursday night, police conducted a search at the home of Andrew Garcia, 32,in Dangriga. There, police found 2089.8 grams of cannabis.

    Belmopan police find gun
    Last night, Belmopan police were on patrol and based on information received, proceeded to an open lot in the Piccini area, Belmopan city and found one 12 gauge shotgun under some bushes. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery.

    Police recover $35,000 worth of stolen jewelry
    Police are investigating a report of burglary in Belize City. Brittney Myers, jeweler of Belize City reported that yesterday around 12:20 p.m., while she was at work at Pacheco’s Jewelry shop, two men entered the store and robbed the place.

    Mexico offers temporary work permits to members of migrant caravan
    The Government of Mexico has offered temporary work permits to some members of the ‘migrant caravan’ that registered for asylum. The ‘March of the migrant’ began on October 13, 2018. The over 1,000 Central Americans comprised mostly of Hondurans, Salvadorans and some Guatemalans made their way to Mexico last week after the group had swollen to thousands.

    Body spotted in Mopan River identified as missing man
    Yesterday we had reported that a body was spotted in the Mopan River near the village of San Jose Succotz. Today BBN is able to confirm that the body has been identified as Jose Rivas, 64. He had gone swimming on Wednesday but was subsequently reported missing.

    Fair weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells are expected today. Showers will be mostly isolated. The wind will blow from the east to northeast at 5-15 knots.


    Three Belize Brands & Products That Might Get Me Traveling!
    There is so much going on across Belize – and my favorite way to see it all is Instagram. Following people that travel the country or just skimming thru the pictures of those visiting…it’s a great way to check out the entire country. Here are some cool new products and places that I discovered over the last few weeks…things I NEED to know more about. Site visits are DEFINITELY in order! A new beer is a BIG deal in Belize. When I first moved here in 2007, Belikin was EVERYTHING. And then in 2009 – a treaty was signed and trade was opened with other CARICOM countries. Red Stripe from Jamaica and Heinekin brewed in St Lucia and Carib from T&T – I’ve seen Banks from Barbados in the south and Kubuli – the beer of tiny Dominica. We even have the beer of Jimmy Buffett – Landshark. But CHECK THIS OUT! A beer that says it is brewed and bottled in San Ignacio. But then…

    International Sourcesizz

    Overcoming fear is key to Belize's future
    In the introduction to his quite remarkable new book on the long-running Guatemalan claim to Belize, the author, Assad Shoman, makes the riveting comment that: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.” He is right to make this statement because protagonists in territorial claims, particularly the ones with the least facts to support their case, propagate much propaganda to suit themselves. Guatemala's claim to Belize and Venezuela's claim to two-thirds of Guyana are telling examples of reliance more on opinion and territorial ambition and less on facts. But, there can be little doubt about the facts that are set out in Shoman's latest book, Guatemala's Claim to Belize: The Definitive History. He has meticulously provided impeccable sources and references for each of his statements, especially the more controversial ones.

    CDB approves USD8.7 million to improve water supply on Ambergris Caye, Belize
    The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved funding of US$8.7 million to the Belize Water Services (BWS), to improve the supply of potable water on Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is the largest island of Belize, and a popular tourist destination. Water on the island is provided by a reverse osmosis plant, which desalinates sea water. Although the desalination plant is currently producing at its maximum capacity, there are still periodic water shortages on the island, as a result of increased demand since the plant was incorporated in 1996.


  • San Pedro's grand Halloween Party at the Holiday Hotel, 7min.

  • Feria Chetumal Y Belize, 7min.

  • Belize, 8min.

  • Sea turtles at Glover's Reef Atoll, Belize, 2.5min. Please enjoy this video of these majestic sea turtles we enjoyed while scuba diving at Glover's Reef Atoll in Belize. The Isla Marisol Resort is the place to go as a base to some of the best diving in The Caribbean.

  • Mayan Princess Belize, 15min. Diving at Mayan Princess, Belize

  • BBBFF, Mr. Belize 2018, 2hr.

    October 27, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Meeting to addresses the use of Fish Aggregating Devices
    On Thursday 18th October 2018 at the San Pedro High School conference room, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve [“Hol Chan”] held a meeting along with the Fisheries Department, Department of the Environment, and the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association to address the creation of fish aggregating device (FAD) around Ambergris Caye. Traditional FADs are known as “Rama”. Fishermen have for many years created Rama’s on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye, where the benthic habitat is different from the reef, and there is not much shelter for fishes. Rama’s are intended to attract fish by providing shelter in an environment that does not have much areas for fish to hide from bigger predators. As fish aggregate to these structures it then becomes a good fishing site for fishermen. Rama’s were traditionally made from natural organic material, palmetto sticks, old tree trunk, and the like. However, the practice has turned to using old stoves, washing machines, vehicles, essentially anything that can sink to the bottom of the sea to create a FAD or Rama.

    BTIA launches 2018 Destination Belize
    Half Moon Caye and Sak Xikin pok-ta-pok team were the natural and cultural attractions featured on the alternate covers of the 20th edition of the Destination Belize magazine unveiled by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Wednesday afternoon, October 24. The BTIA has hired various multi-media agencies to produce previous editions of the magazine, but opted to produce this year’s edition in-house, and so they enlisted the services of travel blogger and guide-book writer Lebawit Lily Garma, who has been visiting Belize for the past eight years. As Garma produced and edited articles on the theme, “Find our roots and Feel our rhythms”, Jamil Loskot of Loskot Studios was charged with capturing the photographs and designing the layout of the magazine.

    Sea Wolves win the first round of U-15 football championship match
    The Sea Wolves nabbed a 5-0 victory against the San Pedro Pirates in their first round of the Under-15 (U-15) football tournament championship match held on Sunday, October 21st. The aim of the Under-15 tournament is to promote professional football training sessions and develop the technical abilities of young players to lead them to a successful football career. The second round of the U-15 football championship match will be held on Saturday, October 27th at 6PM at the Ambergris Stadium. Everyone is invited to come out and support the youngsters in their last match of the season. Food and drinks will be on sale during the game.

    Recent CCJ judgements order GOB to pay compensations to Belize based companies and vindicates convicted murderer
    The Government of Belize (GOB) has been ordered to pay up monies to two Belize based companies after losing a legal battle at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The ruling verdicts, which took place on October 12th and 17th, will see GOB making payments of more than half a million in reimbursements and vindicatory damages. The CCJ also made an additional judgement, in which it overturned the conviction of Belizean Japhet Bennett, who had been serving time at the Belize Central Prison for a 2009 murder. Bennett was accused of killing Ellis Meighan Sr. in Belize City and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2013.

    Ambergris Today

    PACT Becomes The First Green Climate Fund-Accredited Entity In Belize
    At its 21st meeting held from 17-20 October 2018 on Bahrain, the Green Climate Fund approved the accreditation of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust making PACT the first GFC Direct Access Entity in Belize and the second in the Caribbean. As an accredited entity to the GDF, PACT will be able to access and distribute GCF grant resources in Belize to support climate mitigation or adaption actions through micro prjects of up to USD$10M in the category of minimal to no environmental or social risk. PACT succeeded in its application for accreditation to the GCF after undergoing a detailed assessment against GCF standards to assess the strength of its financial management and its capacity to safeguard projects against environmental and social risks.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Training
    EXPORTBelize, unit of BELTRAIDE is offering Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) training to be held on 1st November 2018, from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at the Banquitas House of Culture, Orange Walk Town. The objective of the training is for companies to better understand the quality system regulations and sanitation standard operating procedures.The training will be facilitated by Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) representative.

    Request for Expression of Interest For the Design and Construction of a “Green” Office Building Facility
    Help us reduce our carbon footprint!

    Corozal Princess Casino will be having a there Halloween event
    Halloween is hear and it is that time of the year where everyone are excited for halloween around Belize. Haloween costumes are created by there own creativity, style, scariest, funniest, cuttiest costumes. Its a month of Halloween where each District celebrates Halloween in there own way. Kids do enjoy coming out to trick or treat around town. Scotty's will be having there halloween bash tonight Friday commencing at 8pm until 2am. Corozal Princess Casino will be having a there halloween event. Princess Hotel and Casino Free Zone invites everyone to its Costume and Spooky Night Halloween Competition on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Come and enjoy our very friendly and safe atmosphere and get a chance to win.

    Corozal Dental Health Week
    Theme: Visit the dentist today to prevent tooth decay. Question nd answer session with patients, staff nd students.

    Water Interruption in Santa Elena Town and Esperanza October 31
    Belize Water Services informs its customers in parts of Santa Elena and surrounding areas that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Wednesday, October 31, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Santa Elena Town and Esperanza. This interruption is necessary for the installation of new water mains. Due to the upgrades, customers may experience low pressure and/or discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal by 11:00pm.

    Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation
    The Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 countries around the world. Call for AFCP proposal is now open! Deadline for submission of proposals is December 3, 2018. APPLY NOW!

    You Are Invited to SSB Connect
    The Social Security Board is hosting the organization`s first annual information sharing event, SSB Connect. This forum promises to be an interactive and engaging session highlighting how the Social Security Board served its valued stakeholders in 2017. On November 8, join SSB at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to receive important information and updates about SSB operations and the Fund. The purpose of SSB Connect is to interact with stakeholders and to detail the current status of the fund by providing reports on collections and expenditures of your contributions and investments. The organization will also celebrate the service enhancements made in 2017 such as the Online Contribution Portal and the Direct Deposit services.

    Koko King Costume Competition
    VERY IMPORTANT!! All entrants to the costume competition here at Koko King today Sat 27th Oct need to be registered BEFORE 11pm. Competition starts 11.30pm SHARP!!!! To follow will be a live performance by Supa G, DJ Odyssey, DJ Julian and hosted by DJ Dalla!!

    Diabetes Awareness
    Interested in lending your support to Diabetes Awareness but unable to attend our World Diabetes Day Event? Or are you living in another district and want to know about events closer to you? Then take note of these events being offered by other Branches of the Belize Diabetes Association.

    Dental Health Week on Caye Caulker
    Dr. Irma Zuniga and her assistant Carmen Medina and Stacey Coberly hop over from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic in San Pedro to celebrate dental health week under the theme, " Visit the dentist today to prevent tooth decay" with us here on Caye Caulker for the first time ever. The week was one filled with a wealth of information on dental hygiene, proper brushing technique, importance of flossing and healthy snacks. The children were all treated to teeth cleaning at their respective primary schools.The week was closed off today with presentations from both L.I.C.A and C.C.R.C. School. The winners of the poster competition were also announced : 1st place - Sophie Sandoval, 2nd place- Jordi Intellano, 3rd place - Breannie Chub.

    Hanal Pixan today in Corozal
    The Corozal House of Culture in collaboration with T’oone Masehualo’on is honoured to present the ancient Maya tradition of Hanal Pixan today Saturday October 27, 2018. You are kindly invited to immerse yourself in this showcase of Maya culture by way of music, dance, cuisine, homage and ancient sport. Please join us for the opening ceremony beginning at 7pm at the Corozal Town Central Park.

    Destination Belize 20th Edition (Roots)
    Destination Belize's 20th edition is out.

    3rd Anniversary of Open Mic Night
    Come out to the 3rd Anniversary of Open Mic Night at Ignacia Cacho Library in Dangriga Town on Saturday 27th October, 2018 at 7pm. Special appearance by Belmopan very own Panerrifix Steelband!

    Digital video conference on international adoptions
    This morning the U.S. Embassy was proud to host a digital video conference on international adoptions and international parental child abductions with officers of Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation, judiciary, Belize Police Department, Belize - Department of Immigration and Nationality Services, and experts from the U.S. Departments of State and Health and Human Services. This important discussion helps to further understanding and strengthen the partnership between child welfare professionals in Belize and the United States for the benefit of children and parents in both countries.

    The wáay also spelled as Huay is a Sorcerer who can transform into an animal while asleep in order to do harm,or else the resulting animal transformation . The plural of Wáay is Wáayo'ob . Between the Yucatec Maya of Belize the most common are the Huay K'eek'en and the Huay Peek' . The Huay K'eek'en is a sorcerer who transforms into a large pig to do mischievous acts like destroy properties and harm people . Another common Huay is the Huay Peek' which is sorcerer who transforms into a large black dog to destroy property,eat livestock and profanate tombs in the cemetery . Many of us grew up hearing this stories of the Huay K'eek'een and Huay Peek' in Northern Belize . Already in Classic Maya belief, wáay animals, identifiable by a special hieroglyph, had an important role to play.

    Channel 7

    Abusive Babysitter Fined 6k For Causing Toddler’s Death
    Justice Colin Williams today fined - but did not confine - Dana Banner for her manslaughter conviction in the death of a toddler. Last week Wednesday, she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing death by careless conduct, instead of standing trial for manslaughter. As we told you, Banner was the babysitter who was taking care of 2 year-old Vernice Rodriguez back in May of 2008. The toddler died due to severe head trauma, and it was determined that she had been beaten in the head with a blunt object. On May 18, 2008, Ladyville police received reports that a child was being ill-treated at a home in the village.

    Parole For Mother Who Drowned Three Of Her Kids
    And, in a related story, the Reporter Newspaper is reporting that Felicia Chen - convicted of killing three of her children in 2014 - is out on parole. In 2013, the then 22 year old mother took her babies, 4 year old Triana, 3 year old Thomas, and 1 year old Trinaya out to Belizean beach and drowned three of them, while one managed to escape.

    Suspicious Range Rover Stolen From OW Police
    Orange Walk Police are looking for this Range Rover after it disappeared from police custody. Last week, a resident of the Louisiana area called the cops because the ominous looking, all black, heavily tinted Range Rover had been parked on Sapodilla Street for two days. Nobody knew who owned it, so Police had to tow it in to the station. But, there wasn't enough space in the station compound - so the tow truck left it on the street in front of the station. But it was only there for a few hours before it disappeared. Presumably, someone with the key came and stealthily moved it.

    Carlos Lopez, Again!?
    Carlos Lopez from Ladyville made big news in 2017 when he was caught with 5 bricks of cocaine weighing one kilo each. In August, that case quickly fell apart when a police witness failed to appear in court. So, he's out and a free man, pending a re-arrest that police have been talking about since August. But that didn't stop him from getting in big trouble with the law again. Yesterday evening, Lopez and Kenrick Gentle were caught in this Toyota Four-Runner, allegedly trying to smuggle marijuana across the border. We note it's the same Four Runner he was caught in last time! Customs say they caught the pair at the northern border checkpoint attempting to smuggle two and a half pounds of weed into Belize in a pillow case.

    Cops Catch Jewelry Store Robber, Iced Up
    It's a jewelry store that was recently the scene of a murder - and while the proprietor, Manuel Pacheco is on remand for murder - his store, Pacheco Jewelry on East Collet Canal was robbed today. It happened around 12:20, when two men, one of them armed, held up 26 year old jeweler Brittney Myers. The man with the gun held her at gunpoint while the other helped himself to all the gold and silver he could put his hands on in the showcase and snatched it all up. Police say he grabbed $35,000 dollars' worth of jewelry.

    Three Convicted Of Murder
    Justice Colin Williams has convicted 3 men for the June 2012 murder of Joseph Myers. They are Andy Forbes, Clinton Harris and William Vasquez, and tonight, they are in jail awaiting a sentencing hearing. We've told you about their trial without jury which started a month ago on September 25th. Prosecutor Killeru Awich outlined the case where in June of 2012, several friends, including Joseph Myers, were all hanging out on the verandah of the Living Hope Preparatory School, on Maskall Street in Belize City.

    10 Years For Man Who Shot Female Cousin
    Justice Williams also handed down his sentence for 21 year-old Kevaughan Staine, who he convicted of attempted murder. The judge has ruled that he will spend 10 years in jail for attempting to kill his own cousin, Taisha Staine. As we reported, the incident happened on the night of New Years Eve 2013. Staine was walking on Gladden Street, heading home, when Kevaughan rode up on a bicycle and shot her in the neck. She tried to escape, but he pursued her, firing more shots, which injured her to her left leg, her left hand, her back, and her chest. Fortunately, she survived the attack.

    The Mayor’s Real Krooman Plan
    Last night you heard the UDP's Collet Area Rep Patrick Faber warn PUP Mayor Bernard Wagner not to wade into the Krooman Lagoon. This is after a post on the City Council Facebook showing the mayor and a team of British Engineeers in the Krooman area. The post said, quote, "The first step in providing affordable housing for Gungulung and Krooman Lagoon." That seemed clear enough: housing-for-Krooman-Lagoon…but the City Council today issued a release saying we got it all wrong. The release says, quote, "The Belize City Council refutes the headlines and statements made by several media houses and our Deputy Prime Minister regarding the purpose of the Mayor's visit to Krooman Lagoon…"

    Darrell, Did He Or Didn’t He?
    In other news relating to the city council - former Mayor Darrell Bradley has gone on record to say that the his council never considered Moe's Pizza project on the Sandlighter's Promenade seafront. But, developer and Moe's Pizza owner Haisam Diab says differently; he says he raised it with Darell Bradley, his father, Joe, and Councillor Michael Theus as far back as 2015. And, now there is documentary evidence that in 2015, the Bradley-led council approved just such a project for Lauren Jones - who happens to be immediate family of a former councilor. A council resolution allowed Jones to lease, quote, the deck area extending into the Caribbean Sea along promenade park with the purpose of building…a Coffee house and Grill."

    What Is the State of The World’s Population?
    The United Nations Population Fund has released its 2018 State of the World Population Report, and this year, the report is titled "the Power of Choice". The UNFPA focuses on sexual and reproductive health and rights for citizens all over the world, and their State of the World Population Report takes a look at global trends in the growth of the population. This year's report, as the name suggests, seeks to examine how the demographic in most countries has changed from couples having an average of 5 children in the past, to the present day, where most households want significantly smaller families.

    Legalize It, But Who Would Run the Marijuana Trade?
    This week all the talk in the news has been about PUP Leader, John Briceno's controversial suggestion to legalize marijuana, tax it, and export it. The discussion on the topic has been lively - but the idea - as it has been presented - has raised some concern amongst an under-represented portion of the population. We're talking about the "Dur's". They are the middlemen who control the supply and sale of weed in neighborhoods, supplying rich and poor, working and unemployed. They liaise with the major dealers to source a steady supply of different grades of marijuana. It's an illicit product, so there are constant risks - but in his proposals Briceno suggested that the marijuana trade would be taken, quote, "out of the hands of criminals and put it in a place where it would benefit others." Indeed, the Dur's are engaging in drug trafficking, but they are also indigenous Belizean businessmen and women whose trade has been outlawed by the state. If it is legalized - they fear that - under Briceno's proposal the trade would be taken out of their hands - and possibly put in the hands of the big money interests - including Chinese, Indians and the Mennonites who control much of the the retail market and agribusiness in Belize.

    Red Ribbons For Drug Awareness
    And marijuana is mostly what Wesley High School Students were talking about today in their 20th annual Red Ribbon march. The March - and a full week of activities - is all about sending a message that these students can and want to live free from drugs, mostly marijuana and alcohol. Wesley is in our neighborhood, so, we've probably covered most of those 20 Red Ribbon days. And today, as ever, we heard the students talking about why they have to say no to weed:.. Mariseli Soberanis, School Counselor: "Today, our big day, wear red day, we started with a church service and now we are having a bicycle competition and then a parade. We have lunch and then we go on Yabra court for a poetry slam and a guest artist."

    PM Makes First Official Public Appearance At Monday Press Conference
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow returned to the country after back surgery exactly one month ago - and on Monday, he will make his first official public appearance. The PM will hold a press conference at the Biltmore - his first since May. He is expected to address a wide range of issues including the latest on the Belize - Guatemala referendum. We'll have full coverage on Monday night's news.

    How The Standard Is Set
    Today, the Belize Bureau of Standards joined the rest of the world in observing World Standards Day. Now, you may not think too much about how standards in the goods and services you depend on has improved, but, the Bureau makes it their business. They police quality control to ensure greater reliability and safer practices for the general public. The theme of World Standards Day is "International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution". We stopped by, and asked the Bureau's Director to explain what that means: Jose Trejo - Director, Belize Bureau of Standards: "World Standards Day is a day that we commemorate the development of standards at the international level..."

    Leading By Example
    Most of us would like to be better leaders, but today about 100 or so Belizeans attended a conference to actually learn how to do that. It was hosted by certified trainer and coach Andrew Usher, and the conference was titled "Live2Lead". This morning, we got a chance to speak with Usher, to get a sort of cliff notes version of his lesson for the participants. Here's what he had to say about what the topics that the conference focused on: Andrew Usher - Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer: "Live to lead is a leader development experience that's re-broadcasted by John Maxwell Certified coaches, speakers and trainers. What Live 2 Lead is is a leadership development experience that really speaks into leadership and growth in personal and professional development."

    Best Social Studies Class Ever
    Today students from 15 primary school probably had the most fun and entertaining social studies class ever. They competed in the finals of the 3rd annual History and Social Studies Competition and the kids were excited and engaged. We dropped by to meet the top finishers who were equally excited about their prizes. Albert Avila, Community Liaison Officer, Belize City House of Culture "This is one of our key initiatives, the soft component for the project. It is the 3rd year we are holding the history and social studies competition."

    A True Cause For True Life
    True Life ministries needs your help to raise money to build a new youth center. They have a center located on Estella Street behind the Martin's area but they want a bigger and better equipped one to cater to more kids and keep them off the streets. The director Anthony Martinez told us more about the center and the tomorrow's fundraising event. This is the 1st fundraising event. They need to raise $50,000 in total.

    Channel 5

    Belize City Trio Found Guilty of 2012 Murder
    After spending more than six years in jail, today three Belize City men learned that they will spend many more years behind bars. Andy Forbes, William Vasquez, and Clinton Harris [...]

    Babysitter Who Caused Death of Child Ordered to Pay Family $4K in Compensation
    A woman has been ordered to pay the family of two-year-old Vernice Rodriguez Gonzalez four thousand dollars for causing her death. Thirty-one-year-old Danna Banner appeared before Justice Colin Williams who [...]

    Shooter Sentenced to Ten Years After Trying to Kill Cousin
    A third case before Supreme Court Justice Collin Williams was that of twenty-one-year-old Kevaughan Staine, who was sentenced to ten years behind bars for the attempted murder of his nineteen-year-old [...]

    Police Nabs Robber and Recovers $35,000 in Jewelry in Minutes
    There was a brazen armed robbery this afternoon in Belize City at Pacheco’s Jewelry Shop. Two thieves almost netted thirty-five grand – we say almost because quick police action led [...]

    Repeat Offender Carlos Lopez is Busted in Corozal with Two Pounds of Weed
    Thirty-four-year-old Carlos Lopez is back in the news tonight for another drug offense. In late August, he was acquitted of drug trafficking and firearm offenses when a case brought against [...]

    Severed Head is not Missing Businessman’s; Still No Traces of Omero Campos
    Since his abduction from a cattle ranch on Father’s Day, there has been no sign or trace of businessman Omero Campos.  The San Narciso resident was taken from his farm [...]

    Finally – Some Help for Graham Creek: Teachers’ Quarters under Construction
    There is some good news coming out of Graham Creek tonight. We’re happy to report that since our last coverage of the teachers’ hardships in the southern village, there’s been [...]

    Chamber Takes No Side on the I.C.J. Referendum
    The pros and cons of taking the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala to the I.C.J. are being discussed at the Chamber of Commerce.  Ahead of the 2019 referendum, the [...]

    Chamber Weighs In on IMF Country Report on Belize
    The annual report compiled by the International Monetary Fund which focuses on Belize’s economic performance includes recommendations for the growth and strengthening of certain areas of production, distribution and trade, [...]

    How Far Along is Government in Implementing UNCAC?
    The implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, UNCAC, is moving along at a snail’s pace and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which has been the primary driver [...]

    Chamber Concerned About Chetumal Free Zone and Crime in the Old Capital
    The designation of Chetumal as a commercial free zone to be established in early 2019 is good news for Belizean consumers, but is raising serious concerns in the local business [...]

    FM Elrington Comments on ‘Caravan De Honduras’
    Over four thousand migrants mostly from Honduras are in Mexico, en route to the United States. Aside from Honduras, the group includes men, women and children from El Salvador and [...]

    The Power of Choice to Determine the Size and Spacing of Families
    A report on the State of the World Population was released today. Globally, the report finds that the size of families is reducing. This is because individuals exercise the power [...]

    Early Unions – A Roadmap in the Making to Address Issue
    The United Nations Population Fund has been working hand in hand with its partner agency UNICEF in the development of a roadmap to address child marriages and early unions in [...]

    Holy Redeemer Wins History & Social Studies Competition
    The Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition ended today at the Bliss. Eight students from schools across the city competed to answer from a list of eight [...]

    Downtown Rejuvenation Project Transforming Downtown Belize City
    The fifteen million-dollar Downtown Rejuvenation Project in Belize City is moving full steam ahead since it was launched in 2015.  The project, which intends to revitalize and open up cultural, [...]

    Powerful Testimonials from Persons Who Have Not Limited Their Success
    Live 2 Lead is a concept created by leadership expert John Maxwell to grow leadership in a community and expand network with relationships that produce tangible results. Maxwell believes that [...]

    “Visit the Dentist Today and Prevent Tooth Decay”
    This week, the Ministry of Health embarked in its annual awareness campaign on the importance of practicing dental hygiene. After a week of celebration, Dental Health Week culminated with a [...]


    Celebrating Dental Health Week with a Smile
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is celebrating Dental Health Week. The Dental Department held a mini fair as one of the final activities to cap off the week. Dr. Raphael Samos, a senior dental surgeon says that there are many different services that dentists offer. Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: “We have been having …

    World Pediatric clinic for Kids
    The World Pediatric Project has been in operation in Belize for over a decade. The Belize mission has partnered with the Ministry of Health, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the Gastroenterology Center to have a clinic to assess children who are suffering from various illness. Khandice Tillett, Project Manager, World Pediatric Project Belize says …

    Dwight Gillett: winner of History & Social Studies Competition
    Dwight Gillett of Holy Redeemer Primary School is the winner of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project’s History and Social Studies competition. Second place went to Tyrone McKoy of St. Ignatius School and third place went to Essence Anderson of Bernice Yorke Institute. A total of fifteen schools participated in the …

    BHS offering their students unlimited choices
    Belize High School is observing college awareness month and through this initiative the students are getting exposed to colleges and universities in Belize and abroad. Love News spoke with Jennylee Francisco, Academic Counselor; she says that some of the universities the students are learning about are University of Toronto in Canada, University of Stanford in …

    “The Power of Choice Reproductive Rights and the Demographic Transition”,
    Belize does not limit its citizenry to a one-child policy which has pretty much translated to freedom and power of choice. The Ministry of Health and United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, say that the power of choice is not only about making a choice but it is more about being equipped with the correct information …

    World Standards Day celebrated with the inclusion of Youth
    World Standards Day 2018 (PKG) The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) is the national standards body responsible for promoting efficiency and competitive production in goods and services. BBS has been promoting high standards and has used the month to engage the youth about the importance of keeping and utilizing current and available standards. Love News …

    Trio found guilty of the murder of Joseph Myers
    Three men who were on trial for killing 21-year-old, Joseph Myers in June 2012 will be sentenced on December 7, 2018 after they were found guilty of murder this morning. The three men, Andy Forbes, Clinton Fitzgibbon Harris and William Vasquez went to trial before Justice Colin Williams in the Belize Supreme Court on September …


    Surprise, surprise – another plane …
    Last month a drug plane landed in the Orange Walk District and two police officers, a Belizean resident of Blue Creek (where the plane landed) and two Mexican nationals, were all arrested and charged in connection with its landing. Authorities said that they had been tracking that plane from when it left Venezuela. There had been no tracking, however, of a twin-engine suspected drug plane which landed in Progresso, Corozal District, in the early hours of this morning. By the time police made their way to the illegal landing site, 3 miles northeast of Progresso on the Copper Bank road, all that they were able to find were the smoldering remains of the plane. There were no drugs to be found, and there was no one in the area.

    Southern Regional Hospital under fire after two recent deaths
    Two recent deaths at the Southern Regional Hospital (SRH) have sparked concerns and allegations of negligence on the hospital’s part. These claims have already led to a protest, and may very well lead to an investigation. The first death occurred on October 7. Twenty-year-old first-time mother, Jayeisha Parchue, sought medical attention at SRH after she felt acute pain in her stomach. Parchue’s mother, Marsha Romero, took her to the hospital twice on Friday, October 5, and she was sent back home after being given intravenous fluids (drips) and an injection. On Saturday morning, October 7, Parchue and her mother went back to the hospital a third time, and she was admitted into the hospital after medical staff diagnosed that she was suffering from gastritis.

    State and Church blast Hon. Johnny for weed statement
    The Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), Hon. John Briceño, has come under the twin fires of the state and the church for his call to legalize marijuana so that Belize could reap the economic benefits from exports of the substance. Hon. Briceño, area representative for the Orange Walk Central constituency, made the remarks during his weekly address that was aired on the PUP radio and television station Positive Vibes last weekend. In his remarks, he said, “Canada just legalized marijuana for recreational use. 32 countries worldwide already have some legalized form of marijuana use. This is big news, for it provides an opportunity for the creation of a new industry in Belize.”

    More ruction at Hostel — six girls escape
    Just before 4 o’clock yesterday morning, October 24, six girls escaped from the Princess Royal Youth Hostel at Mile 21 (Rockville) on the George Price Highway. Reportedly, these girls were some of the same girls who had recently been charged for damage to the Hostel’s property. The girls had allegedly been seen running in the direction of Belmopan, but when police went to search for them, they found no signs of the girls. At press time tonight, however, a report has surfaced that the girls have been found, but we were unable to verify the report . On October 2, ten girls had broken through some loose sheets of zinc in order to gain access to the roof. The girls were protesting a change in routine with which they did not agree.

    CWU, Port of Belize end waterfront impasse
    On Tuesday afternoon representatives of the Christian Workers Union (CWU) met with representatives of the Port of Belize Limited (PBL) in an effort to hammer out an agreement regarding conditions of work for Belize’s stevedores. The meeting resulted in a breakthrough of the impasse between the two sides that had prompted the CWU to issue a 21-days’ notice of intended industrial action. With the breakthrough, the CWU has withdrawn its 21-days’ notice as both sides inch closer to a collective bargaining agreement, and the Ministry of Labour announced today that it is satisfied with the results and has withdrawn itself as an observer with immediate effect.

    A police assault on press freedom inside the Supreme Court
    The imposing woman police corporal stood outside the courtroom door and signaled for me to go outside. Freelance court reporter, Roy Davis, was standing next to her. I figured Davis wanted to see me, so I signaled with my hand, not now! The corporal then entered the courtroom and came and stood beside me, as I continued my note taking. Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams had just begun pronouncing his sentence on a Dangriga man who had pleaded guilty to an indictment of causing death by carless conduct. “You have to go outside. No standing in the courtroom,” the corporal whispered to me.

    Corozal football weekly update; U-15 and U-17 Finals this Sunday
    This week marked the 11th week of the Corozal Football Association’s (CFA) ongoing U-15 Male and U-17 Male Tournaments. Semifinals were played this past weekend, and it all was a success. We are pleased to report that all games have been a success.Our office takes this opportunity to express a big thanks to all the stakeholders who gave their utmost best to make this tournament a success. This Sunday, October 28, we will be playing our Finals, and it will happen at the Ricalde Stadium.

    Maskall’s Our Lady of Lourdes RC girls and Ladyville Evangelical boys are Rural Football Champions
    On Tuesday of this week, October 23, it was a one-day affair at the Ladyville Football Field, as the Belize Rural Primary Schools Football Tournament for Zones 1, 2, 3 & 4 was played with 2 female teams and 5 male teams participating. With only 2 female teams, they advanced directly to the championship; but the boys had to play a preliminary round, then semifinals, and then the championship match. In the male game 1, (M) Our Lady of the Way RC (Ladyville) defeated Our Lady of Lourdes RC (Maskall), 3-0; and in game 2, it was (M) St. Agnes Anglican (La Democracia/Mahogany Heights) with the 2-0 win over Zion Park Methodist (Santana Village).

    Belize participates in Junior Table Tennis event in Mexico
    The Belize Table Tennis Association was represented in Merida, Mexico over the weekend, where they participated in the Merida Junior Circuit Championships. The tournament was held from October 20 to 22. Countries participating were Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba. This event features participation of players in categories from U-11 to U-18, including Doubles and Mixed Doubles. A full delegation of 13 junior athletes, 2 coaches and 2 chaperones represented Belize in this event.

    First ever Joseph Carr Road Race in Belize City
    PROTO Sports, in collaboration with Body 2000 Health & Fitness Gym, presents the first Monthly Road Races, slated to begin on Sunday, November 4, 2018, in Belize City. Races will begin at 7:00 a.m. from the BTL Park, through Belize City streets, and end at the BTL Park. Proof of age must be presented by all Infant/Junior participants prior to commencement of races.

    Editorial: How cynical is that?
    We have said to you that the problem in the American West which came to a genocidal head in the nineteenth century was that the Plains Indians who were native to the land were committed to being hunter/gatherers on the open range. The various free-roaming tribes did not want to become farmers and ranchers. So the native tribes were forced to defend lands they considered their own from inexorably encroaching European immigrants, who wanted to farm, ranch, and yes, mine for valuable metals and precious minerals. As a consequence of the Indians being defeated, the United States of America, a white supremacist entity, was able to exploit all the resources of the American West inside of an economic system which is sometimes described as a military/industrial complex. One way of life, that of the European immigrants, triumphed over another way of life, that of the Plains Indians.

    200 meetings and conferences re: Guatemalan dispute
    The Editor, The Amandala: Many years ago the late Hon. Philip S.W. Goldson gave me list of conferences and other meetings relative to the Anglo-Guatemala dispute which he had compiled for the period 1961 until our Independence in 1981. I have decided to update and expand that list, which of course may have several omissions. Belizean should realize that there have been at least 200 meetings and conferences held in various parts of the world with the net result of a total failure of arriving at the intended goal of reaching an honorable solution regarding the territorial dispute between Belize and the Republic of Guatemala.

    Guatemalan invasion pending?
    Dear Editor, The most common argument against going to the ICJ is that we have nothing to gain. After all, we are a sovereign nation with a government functioning for hundreds of years. That same argument was used, not too long ago in the past. The country of Palestine thought the same, a sovereign nation for hundreds of years. They were furthermore, surrounded by friendly countries, willing to come to their aid in times of distress. Their country was invaded and now most of their land is occupied, whilst the international community looked on.

    Pass it on, Nova or Sunny City?
    A month doesn’t go by, (it used to be a week, ten years ago), that I don’t come across someone, man or woman, who throws that question out to me, as happened this morning when the Waste Control truck passed by my home in Buttonwood Bay. It’s a question that continues to bother me, because it signifies that a number of our people are living with a fond memory that becomes a painful regret, and the memory has now become a dream that seems farther and farther away from reality. “When dehn wahn bring back Nova, bass?”, the Waste Control worker threw at me this morning as he picked up my garbage bags, recognizing me as one of the managers at the Nova company he used to work with at Mile 12 ¾ on the Northern Highway.

    One victory for Guatemala
    When British and Guatemalan businessmen put in Article Seven, the cart road in the Boundary Convention of 1859, the story is that the road would reach the Caribbean Sea through the Amatique region in Guatemala. But this piece of land was disputed by Honduras, and it was not actually won by Guatemala until the countries went to arbitration in1930, and the award was handed down in 1933. The case was argued on vague directives from Spain, but it was also argued on effective occupation. The fact is that Guatemala did have effective control of the area, and much of their thanks for that must go to British interests which had supported a number of business ventures (British and Belgian) in the area.

    Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
    These words were first published in Evan X Hyde’s FEELINGS of 1975, but I came across them for the first time in my regular perusal of the Amandala earlier this year. On my visit to 3304 Partridge Street to the Library of African and Indian Studies, a book named “X Communication,” published in 1995, was proudly displayed on the center table. I opened it and began to read and again these words struck me as if it was the first time my eyes and mind had gazed at them. A nostalgic visit I must say. I remember going up and down those stairs in my St. Martin De Porres uniform, but back to the reflection. Those words of “Honesty is usually the worst policy” stuck with me because it is often a consideration of mine as I try to understand political science within the Belizean landscape and my own ambitions.

    Ministry of National Security wants to impact ICJ referendum with Sarstoon River tours
    The Government of Belize has been showing desperation in its quest to secure a “yes” vote so that the Guatemalan claim to Belize can be submitted to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for adjudication, in next April’s national referendum. With a little over six months remaining before referendum day, the education campaign that was promised by the government has failed to resonate across the country, and Belizeans, through social media, continue to express their sentiments against going to the ICJ. Several polls that were conducted, continue to suggest an overwhelming opposition to the ICJ vote among the population.

    DPP’s appeal of Calaney Flowers’ murder acquittal on hold until she returns to Belize
    In March 2017, in a trial without jury, Supreme Court Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez delivered a not guilty of murder and attempted murder verdict in the case of the Queen v. Calaney Flowers. Flowers, 31, was indicted for the August 2012 murder of Lyndon Morrison, 29, her baby’s father, and the attempted murder of Morrison’s new girlfriend, Sochyl Sosa, who was pregnant at the time and suffered a miscarriage as a result of the incident. Flowers waited an additional nine months in prison, after her trial had concluded, before the not-guilty verdict was delivered.

    Leela Vernon honored; music center inaugurated at Stella Maris School in her honor
    Popular entertainer, Leela Vernon, the Brukdown Queen of Belize, has been honored by the Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, and Stella Maris School. On Monday, October 22, 2018, the Leela Vernon Music Center at Stella Maris School was inaugurated in her memory. In an interview with us today at the school, the principal, Kareema Arnold Oshon, said that their aim was to inaugurate the music center on Vernon’s birthday on October 21, but since that day was a Sunday the inauguration was held on Monday. Oshon said that most of the musical instruments for the school were donated to the center by the Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow. She said that music will be a subject in the curriculum at the school, and it will be taught to all students. A musician from the Belize Defence Force Band has agreed to teach the students twice per week.

    Suspected scraps of Felina James’ car found
    Fragments of the red Kia Sorrento that is suspected to have belonged to Felina James, 37, who was missing for 7 days before her body was found, has been located. Although James’s body was found half-naked on the Coastal Road, her car might have somehow ended up in the Steadfast Community at Mile 17 on the Hummingbird Highway. The vehicle was found Tuesday, October 23, around 10 a.m. at a mechanic shop; however, it had been reduced to scrap. According to police, they found the car already dismantled and burned. The only parts that could have been salvaged were the four doors and a part of the front of the vehicle.

    FBI in Belize investigating death of American woman
    Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are currently in Belize investigating the death of American national Claire Rigdon, 49, who was found naked and dead in her pool. Her husband, Robley Rigdon, Jr., 50, told police that they had been socializing earlier in the day prior to her death. According to the results of a post-mortem examination conducted on Claire’s body, Claire died from asphyxiation by drowning. While this conclusion is not out of the ordinary, considering the fact that her body was found in the pool, what is concerning is that there were multiple signs of trauma in the left and right shoulders of Claire’s body — injuries which would not be consistent with an accidental drowning.

    The Reporter

    The Reporter today confirmed that Felicia Chen, convicted of three counts of manslaughter in 2014, is out on parole. In 2013 Felicia Chen walked into the sea at Belizean Beach and drowned three of her children, while a fourth managed to escape.

    The body retrieved from the Mopan River has been identified as that of Jose Rivas, 64. Rivas went swimming on Wednesday and did not return home. Sources say that there were no signs on the body indicating foul play, but Police will reserve a final determination pending a post-mortem examination.


    The 13 Best Places to Visit in Belize
    Bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, Belize is in Central America, south of Mexico, and east of Guatemala. Although it is a small country, about the size of New Jersey, there is a wealth of “must see” natural resources and wonders. Here are some of the top places to visit in Belize: 1. Blue Hole: The Blue Hole is a marine “sinkhole” about a three-hour boat ride from Ambergris Caye. It is a major part of the second biggest barrier reef system in the world. In fact, Jacques Cousteau even called it one of the top dive spots in the world. It is known as a very challenging dive site due to the depth, but you also have the option to parasail over it, fly over it, or take a boat tour through it. 2. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour: This is a real “can’t be missed” tour. Visitors come from all over the world, and it is well worth the journey. The tour involves hiking deep into the jungle, then entering a small pond and pulling yourself up into the cave. You venture far into the cave for about two hours until you come to an area where the Maya’s sacrificed their people, in fact, the remains can still be seen today. Overall, it is a challenging and truly awe-inspiring experience.

    International Sourcesizz

    A Baby Fly Burrowed into a Woman's Skin During Belize Honeymoon. She Noticed It 2 Months Later
    A Florida woman will probably never forget her honeymoon in Belize, but not for the usual reasons. Instead, her trip was memorable because of a small souvenir she unknowingly brought back with her: a baby fly growing in her skin (botfly). But it wasn't until the 36-year-old woman had been back home for two months that she noticed something was amiss. According to a recent report of her case, it was at this point that she saw what looked like a pimple on the left side of her groin. The skin lesion was itchy, but not painful. So, thinking she may have been bitten by an insect in Belize, the woman went to see her doctor, who suspected it was an infected spider bite and prescribed antibiotics.

    Belize: Police investigate latest illegal plane landing
    Police are continuing their investigations into the discovery of a twin-engine aircraft that had been deliberately set on fire after making an illegal landing on the Progresso Road, situated northeast of Progresso Village in the Corozal District on Thursday. Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvett said that law enforcement authorities found the aircraft after it had been discovered by a villager during the early hours on Thursday. “Obviously it was an illegal landing because that is not an authorize aerodrome so that was an illegal landing,” he said, noting that searches had been carried within the entire area. No other items have been found so far aside from the remains of the burnt aircraft,” he added. Police believe that the aircraft intentionally set on fire to destroy any and all evidence of its illicit cargo. This is the second suspected drug plane to land on that very stretch of road.


  • Battle between the army ants and guinea fowl..., .5min. not sure who won!

  • Technical scholarships for Bachelor Degree study in any University of the West Indies, 7.5min. Each year, the Government of Belize provides Professional and Technical scholarships for Bachelor Degree study in any University of the West Indies (UWI) campus in the Caribbean or any Commonwealth country. Over the years, several professionals have benefited from this opportunity. Our Belize now team spoke to some of them.

  • Sailing to Belize, 11min. Sailing from Cozumel, Mexico to Belize, Margarida was battling nausea while we were dodging small storm cells. Finally we make it to Belize but then had to deal with random and suspect Belizean fees in our first encounter. Let the fun begin.

  • AQ Belize Car Rental, 1min. The best car rental company in Belize with the lowest rates, hundreds of choices, and the most professional guest services.

  • Mexican ICJ Expert Weighs in on Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute, 5min. Media personnel from Belize had an opportunity to sit and chat with an ICJ Expert from Mexico.

  • Belize’s exchange of experiences with School Feeding Programs in Guatemala, 8.5min. The implementation of the model of “Sustainable Schools” in Belize has resulted from a good and exemplar collaboration of the two cooperation (Brazilian and Mexican) with the ultimate goal of supporting the strengthening of the national school feeding program of the country.

  • Lost in Belize looking for Secret Beach!, 13min.

  • 2018 Belize Construction Trip, 3min. Germantown Baptist Church

  • Belize 2018 Poem and Slideshow, 1.5min. LakePoint Community Church mission trip to Belize, October 2018

  • Belize Zoo 2018, 5min. Video of our interesting visit to the Belize Zoo.

  • Paradise Canyon Belize, 10min. Feeding some nurse sharks in Paradise Canyon, Belize.

  • Belize 2018, 5min. Footage from San Ignacio & Caye Caulker - October 2018.

  • Boxing In The Park, 2hr45min.

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    Belize Mission Dental Project returns to San Pedro Town
    A team of dental specialists and volunteers are in Belize providing free dental services. The Belize Mission Project is a yearly program from the United States of America (USA) that has been coming to the country for the past 27 years. The team of American dental caregivers arrived in San Pedro Town on Friday, October 19th and began their services on Monday, October 22nd. They plan to offerer dental work to patients at the San Pedro Lions Den on Barrier Drive through Friday, November 2nd. In San Pedro Town, the group is comprised of dentists, physicians, volunteers, laboratory technicians, and other medical professionals. While spearheaded by Dr. Frank Whipps, the island group is led by Gordon Gates. He spoke to The San Pedro Sun about their activities on the island. “We are providing all types of services, including cavity fillings, cleanings, restorative dentistry, partial dentistry and complete dentures as well,” he said. “We also have clinics taking place in areas of the country like Dangriga Town and Corozal Town.” Gates says they are happy to be back in Belize providing their services to the people who take advantage of it.

    G.R.E.A.T. Instructor Training Closing Ceremony
    38 police officers – 23 from Belize and 15 from El Salvador – became new Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Instructors. The G.R.E.A.T. program is one of the many tools the United States is supporting in Belize, and the Central American region, to improve citizen security, decrease impunity, and prevent crime. U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges commended the new instructors, stating “You are taking on an incredibly important role as educators and mentors. To break the cycle of crime, there is no substitute for reaching children before they are lured into a gang or tempted by some other dangerous activity.” He also underscored the U.S. Embassy’s partnership with the Belize Police Department and other organizations that seek to prevent youth from joining gangs. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams also attended the ceremony.

    San Pedro’s First-ever MMA Tournament is a knockout!
    Hundreds of fight fanatics gathered at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex for the first ever Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Tournament in San Pedro Town on Saturday, October 20th. The event was organized by Martin Dawson and his Pit Fighters training school, along with Primmates Chetumal training school, and Chetumal Xtreme Cage League. There were nine different matches featuring fighters from Belize facing Mexican fighters. The event began shortly after 9PM, with Belize’s Raheem Lambey going against Sergio Acuna of Mexico. After two rounds of grappling, it was a victory for Belize’s Lambey. The next match, saw Belize’s Allen Cawich being defeated by Mexico’s Jaime Avila in a Jujitsu fight.

    Ambergris Caye shines at BTB 2018 National Tourism Awards
    The tourism mecca of Belize, Ambergris Caye, was well represented at the 16th annual Belize Tourism Board (BTB) National Tourism Awards. Held on Saturday, October 20th at Caribbean Motors in Belize City, the event saw invited guests and stakeholders from different parts of the country applauding the winners of the night. This year Ambergris Caye nabbed four of the evening’s prizes, starting with the Hospitality Award of year, which went to the Belize Chocolate Company. Chris Beaumont, owner of Belize Chocolate Company, says he and his wife Josephine started their business 11 years ago. The Tour Guide Association of the year went to San Pedro Tour Guide Association and president of the association Phillip ‘Billy’ Leslie graciously accepted the award. Cayo Espanto, a private island, won Small Accommodation of the year. Manager of the resort Rosita Ayuso credited the hard work of the entire staff, who try their best to provide guests with an unforgettable experience at Cayo Espanto. Taking Top Performing Hotel of the year was Grand Caribe Resort, a condominium resort located north of San Pedro. The luxury property opened in 2010 and comprises of 76 condominium units ranging from one bedroom to five-bedroom villas.

    Ambergris Today

    Ambergris Caye Elementary School Celebrates School’s Growth
    On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, Ambergris Caye Elementary held a New Phase and Growth Ceremony at the school’s compound. In a short, yet meaningful, ceremony the school proudly celebrated its achievements and presented the latest addition to the school. Principal Amanda Burgos welcomed those in attendance and invited Minister Manuel Heredia Jr., Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Education Officer Odelia Caliz for the ribbon cutting and then led everyone to a tour of the school. The school has come a long way, they began with 24 students and five teachers and now host 106 students and 11 teachers including administrators. ACES proudly boasts that they have a special education program, where students are screened for their disability (physical or learning) and are placed in normal classes. ACES currently has seven teachers enrolled on a special education class from the University of Wisconsin.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Pill's Barber Shop new location, Corozal

    Yesterday, 38 police officers – 23 from Belize and 15 from El Salvador – became new Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Instructors
    The G.R.E.A.T. program is one of the many tools the United States is supporting in Belize, and the Central American region, to improve citizen security, decrease impunity, and prevent crime. U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges commended the new instructors, stating “You are taking on an incredibly important role as educators and mentors. To break the cycle of crime, there is no substitute for reaching children before they are lured into a gang or tempted by some other dangerous activity.” He also underscored the U.S. Embassy’s partnership with the Belize Police Department and other organizations that seek to prevent youth from joining gangs. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams also attended the ceremony.

    Team EcoTourism Belize recorded 94 bird species in southern Belize on October Big Day – a global, one-day birding event. At our 15,441 acre private protected area, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, the team saw the Great Antshrike. It is a bird that prefers dense vegetation and is infrequently seen. Read more about this one-day birding expedition.

    Belize Defence Force Senior Officers Conference
    Commander of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Brigadier General Steven Ortega and the senior officers of the BDF today gathered at the Log Cabin in San Ignacio for their annual strategic planning conference. The aim of the conference is to highlight the accomplishments and review the tactical and operational challenges faced by the armed forces in achieving their objectives and to discuss and develop ideas and strategies to overcome them. The conference also seeks to identify key issues that are faced by officers and soldiers within the ranks of the BDF and issue guidance and incentives for the future.

    Update on Negotiations between the CWU and Port of Belize Ltd.
    On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development received a letter addressed to Minister Hon. Dr. Carla Barnett from the President of the Christian Workers Union (CWU), Mr. Evan Mose Hyde, informing of the progress that has been made in the ongoing negotiations between the CWU and the Port of Belize Ltd. (PBL) and the explicit withdrawal of the notice of industrial action which had been served on September 28, 2018. The Ministry formally responded today, October 25th, expressing satisfaction that the negotiations are now proceeding positively, and that progress has been made in several areas of the negotiation. In its letter, the Ministry informed that, in the circumstance, there is no need to refer the matter to the Essential Services Tribunal. The Ministry further informed of its intention to withdraw as an observer to the negotiations with immediate effect.

    Restoration of the shoreline at the Boca del Rio park
    The San Pedro Town Council kindly advises the general public to take precaution at the Boca del Rio Park as heavy machinery are working on the restoration of the shoreline at the Boca del Rio park. Also, the SPTC along with Canary Cove and Gaby's Construction will be working on the Boca del Rio Park facelift; with works commencing on Friday, October 26, 2018. We ask the public for their cooperation while works are being conducted.

    Wavemaker AGM 2018
    Oceana Belize had their Wavemaker AGM at the George Price Centre this last weekend. Congratulations to all the awardees. "On Saturday October 20th, 2018, Belizeans from across the country came out in waves to the George Price Center in Belmopan to participate in Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its dedicated volunteers, our “Wavemakers”. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers from Corozal, Orange Walk, the Belize District, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga, Hopkins and Toledo attended this year’s event. During the meeting, several Wavemakers were awarded certificates of appreciation for their sensational above and beyond support for Oceana’s campaigns and initiatives over the past year. Among them were Kariel Slusher from the Belize District; the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) from Corozal; the Ocean Academy Wavemakers Club from Caye Caulker; Arren Andrews and Whitney Majano of the Stann Creek District, and the Department of Youth Services (DYS) in Punta Gorda. Oceana was also proud to present a national award when we recognized Ms. Abigail Parham of Stann Creek District as the 2018 Wavemaker of the year. Ms. Abigail Parham has a degree in Natural Resources Management and a Master’s in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development...

    Red Ribbon Week
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic High School in Belmopan is celebrating Red Ribbon Week with the theme " Staying drug free to create a safer Belize for you and me." We enjoyed being part of the door decorating competition showcasing the students creativity and their take of the consequences drugs bring about. Kudos in creating awareness for the future of tomorrow!

    Honored to contribute the first set of books to Belize’s first Little Free Library!
    Congratulations to Special Envoy for Women and Children and all the partners who made this big initiative possible. “Between the pages of a book, is where you’ll find yourself.” –Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow

    Our brothers and sister of To'one Masehualo'on were today at Romantica FM with Miss Terry promoting Hanal Pixan!
    The showcase will be this Saturday as the House of Culture collaborates with T'oone Masehualoon in raising awareness and ensuring the preservation of this ancient Maya tradition. Please join us at the Corozal Town Central Park October 27th beginning at 7pm where you can immerse yourself in the Maya culture!

    Channel 7

    Another Drug Plane Burned In the North - Cargo Gone!
    This morning, news went out all across the country that yet another drug plane had landed in Northern Belize. The King Air 200 was found before a few miles northeast of Progresso Village in the Corozal District - on fire and abandoned.   The persons who landed the aircraft also destroyed it, and fled the scene before law enforcement could arrive.  They probably also got away with the drug cargo. Here’s what it looked like on the ground: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: “On today’s date, shortly after 4 a.m., Corozal Police was called to an area on the Progresso Copper Bank road, which is located some 3 miles northeast of Progresso Village, where upon arrival, sometime around 4:30 a.m., they observed the remains of a burnt twin engine aircraft still on fire. Investigators are on the ground as we speak, conducting investigations, as well as conducting searches within the entire area. No other item has been found so far, aside from the remains of the burnt aircraft.”

    PUP Says “Legalize It”, BDF Says “Burn Baby, Burn”
    And while law enforcement may never be able to stop those airborne cocaine cargos - they are using their own air capabilities to snuff out another illicit drug, marijuana. Yes, our next story is about weed, and PUP party leader John Briceno may frown when he sees it - because it’s about destroying the same weed  plant that he wants to legalize, tax and export.   But, the current national security directive is to detect and destroy marijuana plantations.   That’s exactly what Belize’s Joint Intelligence Operations Center along with their squad did in Punta Gorda earlier this month. It is part of an annual countrywide weed field destruction operation called “Operation Caracol”. The team started out in the south in the Columbia Forest Reserve where they burnt thousands of marijuana plants. 7News’ Courtney Weatherburne and cameraman Codie Noralez tagged along to get an exclusive look at this operation - enhanced now with helicopter support.

    Faber Says GOB Is Looking at Marijuana By-Products
    So, while the BDF continues to expend major resources and manpower to eradicate marijuana, the PUP says it’s a waste and one that should stop.  In a statement earlier this week, Party Leader John Briceno proposed full legalization of marijuana - and turning it into an export industry.   Today, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the government is considering the development of an industry for a marijuana by product, industrial hemp:… Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "But there are areas that I think are useful, if you would sit and think about them, we might be able to get things going indeed, if  it is he's genuine about trying to advance our economy as a result of some kind of trade or similar trading in marijuana..."

    Finding Felina’s Killers
    Tonight police are close to making an arrest in the strange murder of Felina James. She went missing 2 weeks ago - and turned up dead in an area off the Coastal Road a week later.  Someone slashed her throat, and a post-mortem confirmed that she died from a chop wound to the back of the neck. A few days before her body was discovered, the cops found several of her personal ID’s in Belmopan. Since then, the investigators have had a tough time trying to piece together her last moments alive. But, they got a tip earlier this week that her red Kia Sorento was at a chop shop in the Stann Creek District. The cops responded, and they did find remnants of such a vehicle, but because there was not much of it remaining, they cannot yet confirm that it is indeed James’ vehicle. 

    US Woman’s Body Sent To The States for Second Post-Mortem
    Another recent case that is also causing some difficulty for police is that of 49 year-old Claire Elizabeth Rigdon-Wallace. Two weeks ago, the body of this American national was found floating in a pool in the Consejo area of Corozal.  Her husband, Robley Rigdon, told cops that they had been drinking, and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found her nude in the pool, where it appears that she had drowned.  Police aren’t so sure after seeing trauma wounds on the body, and so they called in the FBI to assist in the investigation. Today, police told us that her body has been flown back to the US, where a second post-mortem will be conducted to confirm her cause of death:

    Three Months Later, Cops Closing In On Lamont’s Killer
    And while that is not established as a murder or wrongful death - police are closing in on the murderer in the case of another American, Lamont Lipka.   Lipka, the owner of Tropicana Restaurant and Bar in San Pedro Town was killed on May 13th in San Pedro Town.   The 49 year-old Texas native was killed inside his business place by a gunman who had no regard for the fact that there were many eyewitnesses around.  At the time of the attack, customers enjoying their evening meal and drinks, but the gunman went right up to Lipka, who was standing behind the cash register, and that assailant shot him 7 times, fatally injuring him. Today, 5 months later, police announced that they have the weapon which was used to gun him down. Here’s what the head of CIB in Belize City had to say about this latest development in their investigations:

    Teenager Lucky To Be Alive After Motorbike Accident
    A 16 year old girl is lucky to be alive after last night’s motorcycle accident. As we told you, it happened after 6:00 at mile three and a half on the western highway, before the Coast Guard junction. The teenaged 8 miles resident Asheria Bethran was on the back of a motorcycle with her friend. He was going to give her a ride home after he got from work. But he had to head into the city to get money for gas first and that is when they collided into a man on a bicycle. The motorcycle slid across the highway pinning her under it. The skin on her arm and leg was badly peeled. Bethran got up and the other men were thrown on the road and bush. Here is her account.

    Police Questioned Patchakan Photogs
    Recently, with the scare of attempted child abductions, the public has been on high alert for any kind of suspicious behavior from adults who they don’t recognize. That’s probably why residents of Patchakan Village in the Corozal District took no chance when they saw 2 Caucasian men taking pictures of the village primary school. They immediately alerted police, who responded to find the men right where they were reported to be. Today, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch told us that they were able to confirm that these 2 men were legitimate members of a humanitarian mission, and not a couple of child predators on the prowl:

    Faber and Boots Almost Duked It Out
    Port Loyola is buzzing with political activity right now - and that’s because there’s going to be a hotly contested convention in a little over a week.  As we’ve reported, it’s a fierce, four way race between Phillip Willoughby, Mike Peyrefitte, Dean Samuels and AC Shane Castillo.   The major friction right now is between Willoughby and the four term representative Anthony Boots Martinez.  Martinez made a major declaration defending his turf two days ago - after he felt that Willoughby was taking him lightly. The tension started to bubble over from last Saturday, when Willoughby was campaigning with Patrick Faber - and Martinez came along.  That’s when Faber admits he and Boots had some hard words:..

    Mayor Wades Into Krooman Lagoon Looking For Housing Stock
    Faber did know more about something happening in his own back yard - which is the Krooman Lagoon, a water cachment area, wetland and nature reserve in the Collet Division.   Now, when we say nature reserve, you may think of waterfalls and rolling hills; but, don’t get it twisted; Krooman looks like a swamp, and very low income housing is thrown up all around it.  Earlier this week the Mayor Bernard Wagner took some Engineers from the UK into the area to find ways of providing affordable housing for city residents.   According to the council’s Facebook page, they plan to map the area “to design and present a plan to their investment board in London.” Big plans, but the area rep today told us, not so fast:…

    Auditor General Looks Into Sports Council
    And he’s also been minister of sports since 2015, and the auditor general has now completed an audit of a portion of that time at the sports council where - we are told - multiple, troubling irregularities with management of public founds were found. Now, we don’t have the audit just yet - but Faber acknowledged its existence, while denying responsibility:… Jules Vasquez: "However we understand now there is the auditor general that has done an audit of activities at the sports council and as come up with some troubling findings. Is this and the board has that report - is this something that you are apprised of and what is your take on it?"

    Searching For Clues To Missing Gerardo
    For 5 weeks now, 17 year-old Gerardo Vasquez, a resident of Ontario Village in the Cayo District, has been missing.  Police say that the search for him has been downscaled to the point where they respond to tips they receive about his whereabouts. But, there is one big unresolved question, which could confirm whether or not he is still alive. As we told you, shortly after he went missing, the cops made the disturbing discovery of 2 severed legs in two separate locations. The first was found near the Warrie Head Bridge in Teakettle, and the second leg, was found in the Chia Maya area on the Dream Valley Resort road in Camalote. There is a chance that these dismembered limbs may be his, but the police still have to send for DNA tests to be done.

    Little Libraries for Young Readers
    In the digital age, libraries are about as popular as flip phones.  But, now, a new initiative to put books in the hands of children hopes to make the idea of a library more accessible.   It’s called the “Little Free Library” - an initiative spearheaded by Kim Barrow, the special envoy for women and children.   The idea is to put little enclosed shelves with free books all around Belize.  We found out more at the launch this morning at St. John’s Cathedral:.. The locations for the other 8 little libraries haven’t yet been announced.

    Making Mountains Out of Macaroni
    And while the Little Library is on the church grounds on Regent Street - across town, at ITVET, UB’s Macaroni bridge makers spent all day completing their designs. We are talking about the engineering students who compete every year at the Macaroni Structural Competition in Chetumal. We dropped by to see how their designs were coming along. Tomorrow the students get to test their bridge designs. 3 of the top teams with the best designs will compete in the competition on November 14th to the 16th. But when they get over in Chetumal they have to start from scratch. They have 12 hours to complete the design, then they are judged and the winners are announced. UB’s team won 1st place in 2016 so we hope they get anther win this year.

    Regional Fisheries Authorities Meet in Belize
    Right now, representatives of the fisheries authorities of the SICA member countries are in Belize to discuss important transboundary issues pertaining to fisheries, since the Central American nations all share same oceans which make up their territorial waters.  It’s well known that illegal fishing takes place at the borders between the countries. So, in order to combat this and to address other challenges threatening the fisheries industries of the SICA member states, a technical committee was formed to pool resources and share knowledge of enforcement best practices.  That Committee is called OSPESCA, and 7News stopped by to speak with the representatives for day 1 of their technical meeting. Here’s what they told us about the topics they intend to discuss:

    PUP Want To Postpone, Faber Wants to Proceed with ICJ Referendum
    We also got Faber to comment on the Leader of the Opposition’s suggestion that Government should consider postponing the date for the ICJ referendum. It’s set for April 10th, 2019, but Briceno says there is too much to be done in terms of public education and preparation of the case for the ICJ. Faber says government can’t continue to kick the can down the road:… Jules Vasquez
    "He's calling for a postponement of the referendum." Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "Well I don't know how that can help the situation, I think all Belizeans know and maybe it is a sign that he's slow in the game because we all knew..."

    ICJ Hearings Are Complex, Lengthy, Involved
    And while Faber is confident that Government can put everything together in time for April - the fact is, preparing and presenting a case for the ICJ takes a huge amount of resources.  It’s not like going to the CCJ - not even close. Last week in Mexico City - we asked ICJ veteran Professor Carlos Bernal what is involved in presenting a case at the ICJ:…

    The PUP Leader is Listening But Can He Hear Objections to his Chief of Staff?
    But, listening is free - both at the ICJ, and on the road where PUP Leader John Briceno is tonight.   As we told you last night, he’s gone on a tour to hear from party supporters in all 31 constituencies how they feel about the ICJ - before his party comes up with a final position.   And the man who will be sitting at his right hand during this tour is his chief of staff Stuart Leslie.  Leslie is the former head of government’s referendum unit - and a staunch advocate of going to the ICJ.  This - and his proximity to the leader - has generated resentment in some quarters of the party - and we asked Briceno yesterday - how he manages that:..

    Another Armed Assault At TKO Farms
    A Cayo man had very scary encounter yesterday when he came in contact with 4 armed masked men who assaulted him at his worksite at the TKO Farms in Teakettle Village. Manuel Gomez was doing his chores yesterday near the gate when he was accosted by these armed individuals demanding that he open the gate of the farm. It’s a strange incident with more questions than answers, and today, police shared some of the details with us: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: “Police responded yesterday morning, sometime around 9 a.m. to the TKO farms in the Teakettle Village area, where it was reported to them by one Manuel Gomez that while he was outside of the gate..."

    Family Loses All In Patchakan Arson
    And turning back to the north, on Monday night, police and fire authorities had to respond to a fire at the Matura Family home on the Xaibe Village Road.  The original owners are deceased, and it was left in the care of a family member. No one was there on Monday,  when it was burglarized and set on fire.  A family member told CTV-3 that they lost every single thing:.. Jennie Matura says the value was more sentimental than material.   Today, police told us that someone intentionally lit the 5-bedroom concrete house on fire:

    Kelvin’s Tale Still Being Told
    2 nights ago, we told you about the arraignment of 19 year-old Kelvin Gongora. He’s youth who was caught on camera at the Mahogany Street restaurant known as Tastee, as he attempted gun down an unsuspecting customer who was at the establishment. Fortunately, the gun jammed, and the would-be victim unknowingly escaped what would have been an execution attempt on his life. At today’s press conference, police discussed the criminal charge brought against him due to surveillance video: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: “Reference a video that was circulating on the social media on the weekend, police conducted an investigation whereby the footage was retrieved by police..."

    Bowen’s Charge Will be Upgraded To Murder
    Police also discussed the case of 19 year-old Stephan Bowen, who they initially charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm, for the shooting of 49 year-old Elroy Saldano, 10 days ago. You’ll remember that after Bowen was arraigned and remanded, Saldano passed away, which meant that the charges against him were expected to be upgraded to murder. Police told us today that the process of doing so has already begun, and very shortly, Bowen will be arraigned on the capital offense:

    GOB Has Praise For Port & CWU
    And, finally, tonight….the Ministry of Labour has sent out a press release to note the positive outcome in the labour dispute between the CWU and the Port of Belize. The Government press release says that on Tuesday, Labour Minister of State Dr. Carla Barnett received a letter from the CWU President informing her of the progress made in the negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement. She also noted the CWU’s explicit withdrawal of the 21-day notice of industrial action. The Ministry formally responded today, expressing satisfaction that the negotiations are now proceeding positively, and that progress has been made in key areas of the negotiations that were previously the cause for dispute.

    Channel 5

    Suspected Drug Plan Landing in Progresso Village, Orange Walk
    A clandestine plane landing took place early this morning in northern Belize. The suspected drug plane landed on the Progresso Road and was discovered by a villager around four this [...]

    Are Charred Remains the Vestiges of Felina James’ Kia Sorento?
    The badly decomposed body of Felina James was discovered a week ago in an area just off the Coastal Road.  The mother of two was found chopped to death and [...]

    A Farm Worker is Assaulted On Teakettle Ranch by Four Armed Men
    There has been another incident at TKO Farms in Teakettle, Cayo.  This time, a farmhand was assaulted on Wednesday morning by a group of four masked men who were armed [...]

    Kelvin Gongora is Caught on Tape Attempting to Shoot Restaurant Patron
    Nineteen-year-old Kelvin Gongora has been arrested and charged for attempting to discharge a firearm inside a Chinese fast-food restaurant on Mahogany Street last Friday.  The Mopan Street resident was caught [...]

    The Possibility of Producing Industrial Hemp
    The suggestion by Opposition Leader, John Briceño, to legalize marijuana has received major backlash from the government, but gained support in other quarters. Briceño suggests that it is time for [...]

    Is Marijuana a Gate-Way Drug?
    Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber has weighed in on the debate. Faber reiterated Cabinet’s position, saying that Briceño’s suggestion to legalize marijuana is a haphazard notion that can affect Belize [...]

    Deputy Prime Minister Says He Doesn’t Support A Change in Referendum Date
    Opposition Leader John Briceño is embarking on a country-wide visit which he has dubbed as a ‘listening tour.’  His first stop is in Dangriga tonight which forms part of the [...]

    Campaign Season Heats Up in Port Loyola
    The U.D.P. is starting conventions around the country, prior to the election of a new leader.  Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber says he has been on the campaign trail – [...]

    DPM Faber 100% Behind Willoughby for Port
    DPM Faber isn’t the only one rallying behind Willoughby; he also has the support of Faber’s opponent John Saldivar.  Faber and Saldivar haven’t been known to agree on many things, [...]

    The “Crackhead” Comment Read Across the Country
    On Tuesday night, a post appeared on the Facebook of DPM Patrick Faber. The status was posted at nine-twenty-eight p.m. and read “Crackheads say and do the darnest of things!” [...]

    American Missionaries Mistaken for Child Abductors in Patchakan
    A pair of missionaries, both of whom are American nationals, raised the suspicion of villagers when they were observed taking pictures near the primary school in Patchakan earlier this week.  [...]

    Fire in Patchakan Destroys 5 Bedroom Home, Arson is Suspected
    Corozal police are also investigating what appears to be a case of arson in Patchakan, where a five bedroom structure went up in flames on Monday night.  According to ACP [...]

    F.B.I. Joins Investigation into Claire Rigdon’s Death in Corozal District
    Detectives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have joined the Belize Police Department in probing the death of forty-nine-year-old Claire Elizabeth Rigdon.  The lifeless body of the American national was [...]

    Police Resort to DNA Sample for Possible Identity of Severed Limbs in Ontario
    Seventeen-year-old Gerardo Vasquez remains missing from Ontario Village, despite the belief that he may be dead.  The teenager was last seen on September twenty-fifth.  Since then, there has been an [...]

    Will CitCo Build in the Krooman Lagoon?
    According to a recent post on the Belize City Council’s Facebook page, Mayor Bernard Wagner along with Councilor Albert Vaughn and City Council personnel did a walk-through visit of Gungulung [...]

    Sports Council Audit Reveals Troubling Financial Issues
    At the end of September, we reported on an ongoing audit at the National Sports Council that was sanctioned by Minister Patrick Faber and the Ministry of Sports. We were [...]

    The Little Free Library is in Belize
    Belize is the latest country to join the world wide movement of spreading the joy of reading through the Little Free Library. It is a “take a book, return a [...]

    RET International Observes ‘Orange the World’
    Twenty-fifth of every month is being used to highlight and raise awareness of gender-based violence. The campaign to “orange” the world was started by the United Nations to end violence [...]

    A Successful Fire Drill at UB Belmopan
    There have been devastating fires this year that resulted in the loss of lives. In the capital this morning, students and staff were evacuated from the University of Belize Campus. [...]

    Healthy Living: Life on Dialysis
    Recently, there’s been much talk about government’s decision to expand the National Dialysis Programme.  Tonight in Healthy Living, we take a deeper look at the challenges faced by those who [...]


    Free library hopes to turn kids into avid readers
    Many children have become lost in the wonders of technology as such they are failing to make reading a priority. In an effort to spark children’s interest in reading, there was the launch of the Little Free Library. Many dignitaries and students were on hand to witness the launch, which may prove to be very …

    FBI will conduct investigation into death of American Woman
    A case of an American citizen who died in Belize two weeks ago is likely to turn into a murder investigation. Robely Smith Rigdon claimed he and his wife were hanging out at their new home around four on a Sunday evening. He claimed he fell asleep, woke up around 8 p.m. and found his …

    School Mistook Missionaries for Predators
    Over the past few years there have been numerous reports of children being kidnapped by strangers driving white vans and cars with tinted windows. Recently a British national was detained for attempting to kidnap a boy in Belmopan. The fear of Caucasian foreigners near children has reached across the country in cities and towns, and …

    Police believe burnt vehicle in Stann Creek Could belong to Murder Victim
    Felina James, the mother of two who disappeared and was found slain on the Coastal Highway, is gone but will not be forgotten. The murder case which has investigators looking for clues in Belize City, Belmopan, Sarteneja and the Coastal Highway has added one more part of the country to investigate, which is Dangriga. Assistant …

    Police making progress in Murder Cases
    US National (LAMONT LIPKA VO) Lamont Lipka was shot and killed in May on Ambergris Caye. The investigation is still ongoing. And the police now say that shortly after Lipka’s murder, several persons were detained. The questioning has led to a firearm being recovered. Ballistic testing on the firearm at the forensic lab in relation …

    Police will use DNA to see if body parts belong to missing male
    17 year old Gerardo Vasquez is still considered missing. The teen from Ontario Village, Cayo District was last seen on September 25 by his mother and since then there has been speculation that body parts that turned up in Teakettle Village may have been his. The police have found two legs; one by the river …

    Another suspected drug plane torched after landing
    The roads near Progresso Village in the north has become one of the areas used as clandestine airstrips. A plane landed in the early hours this morning and after the pilot and possible cargo were removed, the plane was torched. The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvett says after four a.m., the …

    Sex Predator flees to Guatemala during Court Recess
    An accused sex offender ditched his court date and is reportedly back home in Guatemala. 40-year-old Abraham Lopez had sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old minor in October, 2013. He had received bail but when the case finally started on Monday, Lopez disappeared during a recess. The mother of the victim told Love News that she …

    Thirty-eight officers graduated from the GREAT program
    The Gang Resistance Education and Training Instructors, GREAT program graduation exercise saw a total of thirty-eight police officers graduated. Twenty-three of these officers were from Belize while fifteen were from El Salvador. At yesterday’s graduation ceremony, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, Keith Gilges praised the new instructors, stating “You are taking on an incredibly important role as …

    The Reporter

    The Belize Chamber of Commerce has lashed out at government for what it says is “a clear lack of interest in strengthening and enforcing existing anti-corruption instruments.” In a letter to AG Michael Peyrefitte this week, the Chamber pointed out that there is a general lack of incentive from Government to encourage the prompt implementation of the UNCAC framework.

    Ministry of National Security sources say that the landing of this last plane caught them completely unawares, and they received no intelligence prior, as they did with the September 9th landing which they were able to intercept. Police officers are allegedly still at the scene of this landing, allegedly somewhere near the Pueblo Viejo Ferry road in Progresso.


    Gorgeous HOT Weather, Sad Dogs, Losers and A Hospital?
    Jeff is out of town and when I’m not busy taking semi-staged, sad dog pictures to forward him… Subject: Dad, My Days are Empty Without You – Frannie Subject: When Are You Coming Home Dad? -Elsie I’ve been out and about running ERRANDS. Food and hardware shopping for the camp…blogging and writing projects for me…what seems like a constant food supply for the pets and just home stuff. But hold up! Life’s not all easy breezy. In fact, things I took for granted all my life require some extra effort on Ambergris Caye. Water? We collect it in a cistern. And at the camp, we make it from sea water. Gas for cooking? It doesn’t just come from a pipe in your wall…you need to load a HEAVY tank in the golf cart and get a propane refill in town and then reconnect it.

    International Sourcesizz

    The 19 Best Places To Travel In 2019
    What’s on your travel wish list for 2019? We tapped into some of the world’s top travel experts to find out where they want to go next. From a colorful beach town in Belize that is slowly becoming discovered to an unexpected European country with a vibrant new arts scene, here are the most exciting places to travel in 2019. When you think of Belize, you think of the cays or the inland eco resorts. But further sound on the mainland is Placencia, a cute waterfront fishing village with bright houses and buildings that is slowly being discovered. It's also home to Itz’ana, the first luxury resort in the area. The owner collects Mayan artifacts, and this is his second independent hotel in Belize (the first was Ka’ana in San Ignacio). At Itz’ana, the lobby is designed to feel like you’re in a guest house, not a hotel. In addition to the stunning rooms in the main property, there are also villas with private plunge pools.

    Take a trip to the depths of the world's biggest underwater sinkhole
    In 1971, underwater explorer and ocean conservationist Jacques Cousteau parked his ship in the middle of Lighthouse Reef, some 40 miles off the coast of Belize, to dive what would become one of the world's premiere scuba destinations: The Great Blue Hole. Now, some 47 years after his father's famed expedition, Fabien Cousteau is returning to the site with the latest and greatest in survey equipment to further explore the mysteries of the world's largest under sea sinkhole. And he's bringing Richard Branson along for the ride. At 300 meters (984 ft.) across and around 125 meters (410 ft.) deep, the Blue Hole is the largest natural formation of its kind. You could easily fit a pair of Boeing 747's into the space with plenty of room to spare, so its little surprise that the Blue Hole has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. But for as prominent as the Blue Hole is, the area has yet to be fully surveyed. And that's where Cousteau, Branson and the folks the Aquatica Foundation come in. Later this year, the team plans to launch the Blue Hole Belize 2018 Expedition, a mission to explore the full depths of the Blue Hole using piloted submersibles.

    Guess How Much Aid The US Gave The Caribbean And Central America In 2017
    Donald Trump has made a lot of noise recently about cutting off aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in light of a caravan of people from Central America walking to the US’ southern border. But how much aid exactly did the US give to the Caribbean and Central America in 2017? Here are the facts according to News Americas’ research in order of the countries receiving the most money and for what issues: $8,708,938 with 4,933,000 pledged and disbursed to fund Counter-narcotics Programs under the U.S. Southern Command.


  • Belize National Teachers Union - Hardship Update, 35min. President of the Belize National Teachers Union, Senator Elena Smith, spoke about the current work of the BNTU. She explained that they remain open to dialogue to review the schools that have been downgraded and removed from the hardship list. She reiterated that they are willing to compromise but simply require adequate consultations with those who will be affected by the changes. The BNTU is currently holding national consultations to consider next steps

  • Mondovela in Belize, 4min.

  • Freediving in Belize! | Sailing Lighthouse Reef Belize, 14min. While sailing and cruising Belize we go freediving at Halfmoon Caye wall in Lighthouse Reef, a great deep water freedive spot with great visibility and lots of life.

  • Healthy Eating - Options to help you change your diet, 47min. Many argue that a crucial challenge of eating healthy is the seemingly higher cost of healthy foods. Nutritionist, Doris Sutherland, helped us out by offering budget friendly options to help you change your diet. She spoke about how you can stretch your budget and improve your health. She shared many options to create a healthier meal plan. These included alternating vegetables and substituting steamed/grilled fish for fried chicken.

  • Child Development Foundation - Reminders for parents to protect children, 39min. 1 in every 5 child has been exposed to sexual abuse/assault. Diana Shaw, Founder of The Child Development Foundation gave timely reminders for parents to protect children. She talked about spotting "grooming behaviours" that make children vulnerable to predators. She explains that the first line of defense is to build children's capacity to identify predators and inappropriate behaviours.

  • Homemade Shea Butter products, 19min. Nzinga Waite introduced us to her homemade Shea Butter products. The New Jerusalem Shea Butter Products include fly repellents, hair serum, skin cream and skin fungus cream. The entrepreneur talked to us about how she got into this business.

  • The 'Hamma' Interview, 9min. A longtime Recording artist and DJ 'hamma' Kicks knowledge and shares his views on the music industry here in the west side of the 501...and talks about the nationwide struggle to put Belize on the map.

  • Garifuna drumming, 5.5min.

  • Caye Caulker: Health Center Meeting with the community at the CCRCS, 72min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 2.5min.

  • The Belize Assembly for People with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA - Homebound Program, 32min. The Belize Assembly for People with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA) is fundraising to support their Homebound Program. Tomorrow they are asking all to donate to the "Dalla Fi Disability Drive". Wear the color maroon and make a donation to the organization that does work to support persons with diverse abilities. Our guest says they to be productive members of society. We spoke with their executives about the various programs and how they plan to use the funds raised. On set: Nicolette Forman - Secretary, BAPDA. Steve Myles - Vice President, BAPDA.

  • La Inmaculada Martial Arts Club - 23rd National Karate Cup, 40min. La Inmaculada Martial Arts Club is hosting the 23rd National Karate Cup. We spoke with their representatives about the tournament and how the discipline of Karate benefits children. The event takes place in Orange Walk on Saturday 27th October. On our couch: Sensei Leon Guild -Chief Instructor, La Inmaculada Martial Arts Club. Ronan Solis - Student, Red Dragon Martial Arts Club. Alexander Usher - Student, Red Dragon Martial Arts Club.

  • The Belize Diabetes Association - Awareness Activities, 31min. The Belize Diabetes Association will be coordinating their signature awareness activities in the month of November. Our guests spoke with us about how you can support these important fundraisers. The Diabetes Walk takes place on 3rd November and the Annual Ride on the 10th/11th of November. On set: Desiree Daniels - Executive Secretary, Belize Diabetes Association. William Dawson - Public Relations, Belize Diabetes Association.

  • Diving. Caye Caulker, Belize. 2015, 7min.

  • Caitlin plays with Chiqui the jaguar - Belize Zoo 2017, 1.5min. The Belize Zoo isn't your typical zoo. It's a rehabilitation centre for injured wildlife, a home for abandoned infant wildlife, a home for animals who might other wise be killed (jaguars), and an Education centre for Belizean's and tourists alike to learn about the native species in Belize. This is Chiqui the cub jaguar. We spent several days at the zoo, talking to staff and learning about each individual who called the zoo it's home. This jaguar was found struggling flowing down river with no parent in sight at just several weeks old. (If I do remember correctly.) Now he lives at the Zoo. It wouldn't be good for human or animal to release it to the wild after being raised by humans, so this one in particular is pretty tame as you can see.

  • Belize Day One Dives, min. I just did a quick edit of my first 3 dive day here in San Pedro with White Sands Diving.

  • Scuba diving Belize 2018, 10min.

    October 25, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belizean Wavemakers Gather for Oceana’s 2018 Annual General Meeting
    On Saturday October 20th, 2018, Belizeans from across the country came out in waves to the George Price Center in Belmopan to participate in Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its dedicated volunteers, our “Wavemakers”. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers from Corozal, Orange Walk, the Belize District, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga, Hopkins and Toledo attended this year’s event. During the meeting, several Wavemakers were awarded certificates of appreciation for their sensational above and beyond support for Oceana’s campaigns and initiatives over the past year. Among them were Kariel Slusher from the Belize District...

    Tropic Air announces new San Ignacio to Placencia flight
    Tropic Air announced today that beginning January 1, 2019, they will commence a new, one time weekly, seasonal, non-stop flight between San Ignacio and Placencia. “Today, we are celebrating linking San Ignacio and Placencia by air”, said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “For some time, our partners have been requesting this new flight to avoid the long drive south for tourists on rainforest and reef itineraries. We are happy to work with them to make it a reality, and to do our part to promote the growth of tourism in Belize”.

    6-1, San Pedro Pirates win first home match of the season
    During the tenth week of the 2018-2019 season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB), the San Pedro Pirates finally managed to claim a home victory against Altitude Assassins on Saturday, October 20th. The island boys delivered a rousing 6-1 victory at the Ambergris Stadium. In a dominant display, the San Pedro Pirates netted their first goal mere minutes into the match, courtesy of Jesse Smith. After solid crosses and passes no other goal was in sight, with the first half coming to an end with Pirates leading 1-0. For their next match, the San Pedro Pirates will be travelling to Belize City to go against Belize Defense Force on Sunday, October 28th. The match is scheduled to start at 4PM at the MCC Grounds. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you can contact 623-0772.

    Keller Williams Kids Can Quantum Leap seminar hosted in San Pedro Town
    On Saturday, October 20th Keller Williams Kids Can (KWKC) held its Quantum Leap (QL): A World Changer Mindset international session at the Banyan Bay Conference Room from 9AM to 4PM. The 21 young people over the age of 18 attended the empowerment which aimed to inspire big thinking, model wealth, building and instilling a passion for generous giving. The session was facilitated by Macarena Rose of Belize Inland and Island Properties, Diane Griffin of Griffin Properties Michigan and Kate Corrigan from Keller Williams Real Estate.

    Belize hosts CIX Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Council of Tourism Ministers and XIII Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency
    President of the Pro-Tempore of the Central American System for Tourism Integration, Honourable Manuel Heredia and a joint team from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Belize Tourism Board hosted over 40 participants from the Central America and the Dominican Republic at a series of technical meetings leading up to the Ministerial Meetings of Tourism Ministers of the Central American Integration System (SICA) held at the Grand Caribe conference room on Wednesday, October 17th.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Among Lonely Planet’s Top Ten “Best In Travel For 2019"
    The Belize Tourism Board welcomes Lonely Planet’s recent announcement of Belize being included in its top ten world countries list as “Best in Travel for 2019”. Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the world’s number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973.

    Matachica Awarded Third Place In Conde Nast Traveler Awards
    Matachica Places Third Amongst Top 10 Resorts in Central America in the 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards Ambergris Caye, Belize, October 2018 – Secluded beachfront getaway, Matachica, is honored to announce that they have placed third amongst the top ten resorts in Central America in the 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards. The awards are the longest-running recognition of excellence in the travel industry, surveying travelers around the globe on every aspect of their experiences.

    Ms. Abigail Parham Is Oceana’s 2018 Wavemaker Of The Year
    On Saturday October 20th, 2018, Belizeans from across the country came out in waves to the George Price Center in Belmopan to participate in Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its dedicated volunteers, our “Wavemakers”. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers from Corozal, Orange Walk, the Belize District, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga, Hopkins and Toledo attended this year’s event. Ms. Abigail Parham has a degree in Natural Resources Management and a Master’s in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development. For the last 10 years, Parham has passed on her passion for the environment to her students at Indepence Junior College, emphasizing the importance of natural resources and sustainability.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Belize among Lonely Plant top ten “Best in Travel for 2019"
    The Belize Tourism Board welcomes Lonely Planet’s recent announcement of Belize being included in its top ten world countries list as “Best in Travel for 2019”. In reference to Belize, Lonely Plant wrote: “Its Caribbean coast is fringed by the world’s second-largest barrier reef; its interior is riddled with some of the most extensive and accessible cave systems in Central America; and its people are an exotic mix of Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite and expats. Yet many travellers struggle to place Belize on the map. However, the tide is turning. The government is moving to fully protect its unique marine environment, new eco-resorts are taking advantage of the country’s stunning cayes and jungle hideaways, and travellers are discovering a slice of Central America that’s relatively untouristed, safe and tantalisingly easy to reach. Get here before the inevitable crowds do.”

    SICA Council of Foreign Ministers Meets in Belize
    Belize hosted the 75th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Central American Integration System (SICA) under its Presidency Pro Tempore of SICA on October 23, 2018. Foreign Ministers received and approved reports among other things, on the internal administration and on matters relating to the budget as well as an update on the advancement of the work of the General Secretariat thus far. Featuring prominently in the discussions were the political dialogue on migration and the region’s progress towards a coordinated approach to the global climate change talks of the COP 24.

    2018 Breast Cancer & Diabetes 5K Walk/Run in San Pedro
    Due to poor sign up, the Cancer & Diabetes Awareness 5K & 10K walk|run has been postponed to next week Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. We invite all fitness groups, gyms, crossfit boxes, students and EVERYONE to sign up by Thursday, November 1st, 2018. Let's make this a grand event and help out the San Pedro Cancer Society.

    Belize Open Week (BOW)
    The Trust for the Americas and the Department for Effective Public Management of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Open Institute are partnering with Government and Civil Society of Belize to invite you to Belize Open Week (BOW) & Developing the Caribbean (DevCa) with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Belize. Belize Open Week (BOW) is a unique multi-stakeholder opportunity to learn about Open Government and to participate in co-creation processes. During the different activities, participants will be exposed to cutting-edge knowledge in open government, practical open data experiences, a hackathon, and an opportunity to engage in co-creation dialogues. At the end of the week, participants would have acquired the tools and knowledge required for the undertaking of their own open government initiatives.

    Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative fellows return home
    Our four Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - YLAI fellows experience has come to an end. They will arrive in Belize today. Safe travels and welcome home! Amazing experience. Learned a lot, made new friends and family all over Latin America and the Caribbean. It's now time to head home.

    "Above and below the Maya forest" by Annabel Ford"
    This article by Dr Anabel Ford and Sherman Horn is now available. (Cost of $30us!! to read)Summary: Reports of lost cities in the Maya forest began with the remarkable pictorial folios that Stephens and Catherwood produced from their journeys in the 1830s (1) and that inspired the Carnegie Institution of Washington's expeditions in the early 20th century (2). This research focused on major architecture: the grandest temples, plazas, tombs, and palaces built for Maya aristocrats. The singular attention paid to rulers illuminated Maya politics and religion but left a major lacuna in knowledge of the populace. To fill this gap, later fieldwork mapped the humble housemounds to interpret settlement patterns at the detailed site scale (3–5). On page 1355 of this issue, Canuto et al. (6) use a remote sensing method called light detection and ranging (lidar) to examine regional-scale settlement patterns and implications for sustainability in the Maya forest. Their conclusions support extensive settlement densities, as has been expected, and suggest substantial land modifications that affect assessments of sustainability.

    Mr Ray & Mrs Kim donate health supplies to the CCVC
    The Caye Caulker Village Council would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Ray & Mrs Kim for the donation of health supplies donated to the CCVC. God Bless! We thank you for your generosity to our little island.

    Tropic Air announced today that beginning January 1, 2019, they will commence a new, one time weekly, seasonal, non-stop flight between San Ignacio and Placencia.

    Visit of Parliamentarians to the UK Parliament
    A group of parliamentarians, headed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Laura Tucker Longsworth, is visiting Westminster (Parliament of the United Kingdom), London, from the 23rd to 25th October 2018. The Belize delegation is comprised of Honourable Laura Tucker Longsworth, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Honourable Lee Mark Chang, President of the Senate; Honourable Dr. Omar Figueroa, Deputy Speaker and Minister of State in the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; Honourable Beverly Williams, Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration; Honourable Jose Mai, Opposition Member for Orange Walk South; and Mr. Eddie Webster, Clerk to the National Assembly.

    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Hon Edmond Castro and Minister of Works Hon Rene Montero are in Panama City, Panama, where they are attending the Regional Policy Dialogue (2018) on Transportation Systems Resilience to Climate Change. Earlier today, Hon Edmond Castro made a presentation on Recovering Transportation Services after Disasters. He outlined systems and procedures in Belize to ensure safe and orderly restoration of Road, Sea and Air Transportation in the aftermath of a disaster. He also spoke about ongoing efforts spearheaded by the Government of Belize to upgrade the nationwide transportation network and other mitigation measures to minimize the impact of disasters on Belize’s transportation system.

    >Minister of Health Tours KHMH
    Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin on the invitation of the CEO of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Ms. Michelle Hoare did a walk through today of some of the major infastructural improvements done to the hospital since a few services were temporarily interrupted some months ago. The Minister was especially pleased to see the improvements done at the Operating theatre suites. He pledged to continue working along with the management of the hospital to identify and complete other repairs and upgrades.

    San Pedro Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
    SAVE THE DATE for our Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Saturday, December 1st, 2018! See you there!

    Sarteneja FC and Calcutta Strikers play in Corozal Saturday
    Attention all footbal fans in Corozal. Exciting and Nail Biting First Division Football Action between Sarteneja FC and Calcutta Strikers will be held this Saturday, October 27th at 6:00 p.m. at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town. Come and cheer for your favourite team. It is going to be live football action as both teams are favourite to win! Don't Miss It.


    National Mural Competition
    The Department of Youth Services is having a National Mural Competition. They have 3 prizes. If you have a team that wants to create a mural, let them know this week. Cayo has some of the best murals, and we could always use more. "Do you like painting murals? Have you ever wanted to be a part of creating one in your area? Our Department is hosting a National Peace Mural Competition! Create a group of 5 young persons who would like to create a mural depicting peace, and call us at 207-0773 to register your group for this event. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 26th!"

    CentroAmerica Innovation + Tourism Talk
    Want to know more about tourism in the tech world? Check out the details below and don't forget to RSVP!

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Incredibles 2, Mile 22, Juliet Naked, Black Klansman

    "Noche Macabra" in Benque
    The annual folklore story telling night "Noche Macabra" with the supernatural experience from our community members from far and near, make it a date and be there!

    Big Garbage Cleanup Project Nov. 9-12 in San Pedro
    Help us get his message out and share, share, share!!! Save three hours of your time between November 9th through 12th to help make Isla Bonita #1 Again.

    Channel 7

    Postpone The ICJ Referendum? Briceno thinks So!
    The ICJ referendum set for April 10, 2019 is five and a half months away - that's only 168 days from now, and, tonight, the Leader of the Opposition is warning that it might have to be postponed. John Briceno says government has wasted time - and now it is too far behind in the public education campaign, and the compilation of the case. He's saying Government is not ready - and it should be thinking about a postponement: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "I've been calling them out saying that the educational campaign has not been robust enough. They've set the date since April this year. The minister is talking looking about ramping up. They had ample time to be able to do that. We are calling them out because whilst the foreign minister is saying oh we have the same lawyers that the PUP had..."

    Briceno Goes On Listening Tour, Bristles At Suggestion He Is Under Attack
    And while we will seek an official response from government - Briceno is himself getting ready by going on a countrywide "listening tour" tomorrow. He plans to visit all 31 constituencies to hear what PUP supporters want their party's position on the ICJ to be. This is after heavy blowback from the PUP southern caucus which has staked out and made its own position public 0 in advance of the party. We asked Briceno if he's being forced into this national tour to protect his leadership from attack:...

    Pablo From Corozal Bay Will Say Yes
    So, while the Opposition Leader goes on his listening tour, another Northern politician, the UDP's Health Minister Pablo Marin says that he made up his mind to vote yes. We caught up with him at another event, and he told us that the hope is that his constituents in Corozal Bay will soon start to benefit directly from the ICJ education campaign: Reporter: "Are you pro-ICJ?" Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health: "I think I have to say it. I see my friend in the back saying no. But I look at it in the way that if you have your house, your land, definitely you have that boundary all around.."

    Assad Joining The ICJ Fray
    And that ICJ campaign may have a new leader soon. Reports reaching 7News say that historian and former foreign minister Assad Shoman will be activated to lead the "Yes" campaign - which has been faltering in the public. PUP Leader Briceno says he knows about it, and supports it:... Jules Vasquez - Reporter: "Would the PUP support if it is indeed going to happen that Assado Shoman, former PUP Minister, be brought in as a point person on the ICJ-yes campaign?"

    BPP Says Special Agreement Wording Dooms ICJ Vote
    And, on the outside of this discussion right now is the Belize Progressive Party. They have asked to be a part of the public education campaign, but say they have been ignored. Their position is no to the ICJ - but not because it's wrong to go to the court, not at all. They say they problem is the special agreement signed in 2008, which set the stage for the ICJ. That does not contemplate the possibility of paying Guatemala monetary damages for Great Britain's failure to fulfill the terms of the 1859 treaty. Here's how leader Patrick Rogers put it at a press conference today:...

    They Cut Hon. Rodwell’s Brakes!
    Last night, Stann Creek west Representative and PUP Deputy Leader Rodwell Ferguson had a scary situation unfold on him. He was driving home from a constituency consultation on the ICJ vote in Independence village - when his brakes failed. His party leader told us more:... John Briceno - Leader of the PUP: "He is having consultations in his constituency and had a meeting in Independence. When he left he said that right after he got to the first bump he realized that there is a trouble with his brakes. By the time he got to the second bump, still in the village, he realized that he has no breaks. So, that is when he slowed down and went very slowly all the way home..."

    Sacred Heart Students Back At School, Finally
    There is some good news from Sacred Heart Primary School in Dangriga tonight. Classes finally resumed today after the principal installed ten portable bathrooms. This is just a temporary solution until the toilets are elevated, the septic tank replaced and new pipelines installed. After the engineer met with the principal and teachers he had proposed those measures as the permanent solution. So as you can see from these pictures, the upgrades have already begun. When we spoke to principal Huelett today she said that the project should be completed in about a week and classes will resume as per normal during construction.

    Cops Ready To Arrest For Felina’s Murder
    Police say they expect to make an arrest for the murder of of Felina James shortly, possibly before the end of the week. The 36 year old mother of two was found in the bushes off the Coastal Road last Thursday - one week after she went missing. Police have since found what they believe are parts of a her car at a chop shop in southern Belize. She was last seen in the north - in the area of Sarteneja.

    Wounded Murder Suspect Limps Into Court
    18 year old Shadron Gillett limped backwards into court, on crutches and with a cast around his foot today. The teenager is charged for the October 15th murder of 36 year old Kevin Thomas. A special constable shot him in the foot - allegedly as he ran from the scene where Thomas had been shot multiple times, including one to the head. Gillett allegedly dropped a firearm as he ran. So, as soon as he got out of the hospital, he was sent to court today before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, where he was also charged with aggravated assault and kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. No plea was taken and he was remanded until December 20th.

    KHMH, Back to Full Functionality and Showing Off
    Yesterday, the KHMH announced that it's fully back to 100% functionality - 7 months after a structural failure. You'll remember that in mid-March, the hospital went into emergency mode after the roof started falling over their X-Ray area. An assessment was done, and it was determined that over a third of the hospital's roof had weaknesses that made it dangerous for patients and staff alike. So, the hospital administration had to make the hard choice to reduce its some of its services significantly to accommodate the structural repairs. Those repairs took several months to complete. But today, the Administration invited the press in to see the major improvements that were made since the construction has concluded.

    Willoughby Only Has One King, Not Boots
    Last night, UDP Port Loyola Representative Boots Martinez raised eyebrows all across Belize when he declared himself the King of Port Loyola. He did that in response to comments he says he heard UDP aspirant for Port Phillip Willoughby make. Willoughby allegedly told supporters that when he wins the divisional convention next month - government's goods and services will be funneled through him. So, Martinez came out to make it clear he alone is the area rep until 2020 - and he controls the government resources in Port. It's an ugly inter-party tussle - and today when we met up with Willoughby, it was clear he did not want to make it worse:...

    Willoughby Praying For Boots
    And while he searches for that way - to her Philloughby's supporters tell it - the best ACE in his hand is the fact that Boots Martinez is supporting his opponent Michael Peyrefitte. Martinez - who won the division by a margin of almost 1500 with 74% of the votes in 2008, merely squeaked by with 48% of the vote and by a margin of 76 ballots in 2015. That's a rapid hemorrhaging of support, and we asked Willoughby if this unpopularity plays into his hands:... Jules Vasquez - Reporter: "Do you feel that at this point Mr. Martinez is a liability for the UDP in Port Loyola?"

    Cabinet Called His Weed Plan simplistic, Briceno Calls Cabinet Retrograde
    Last night you heard the executive slapdown that Cabinet put on the PUP Leader John Briceno for floating the idea that marijuana should be fully legalized, farmed, taxed and exported. A Cabinet release called it simplistic, ignorant and downright dangerous. Today Briceno said they're simply resisting an idea whose time has come:.. Reporter: "You have seen the government's scolding, or slap down it might be called. What is your response to what the government said?"

    Health Minister On Why Legalizing It Is A Bad Idea
    So, while Briceno is getting some brimstone and fire for marijuana legalization, Health Minister Pablo Marin is holding his party's line by calling the PUP Leader's plan misconceived. Here's how Marin explained why he thinks that Belize should not fully legalize weed: Reporter: "The Leader of the Opposition had called for legalization and cabinet believes that was irresponsible. Where do you stand as Minister of Health and as a member of cabinet?"

    Hwy Collision Leaves Three Men Scattered Across Pavement
    There was an accident at mile three and a half on the George Price Highway about half an hour ago. It was a collision between a motorcycle and bicycle where three persons were injured - after they were flung to the pavement. Not much is known at this time - but from what we saw on the scene, all three men were taken in an ambulance - and appeared to have mostly abrasions and fractures. We note that the area before the Coast Guard cutoff is very dark and it's possible the men on the bike were double riding. We hope to have more on this tomorrow.

    El Salvador Cops Train in Belize
    38 police officers did great in the GREAT program. A graduation ceremony was held today at the Radisson to celebrate their achievement. Among them were 15 officers from El Salvador. Here is more about the program and how it positively impacts youth. The GREAT program has been ongoing in Belize since 2011. Since then 219 officers have been trained.

    BHS Students Going to OAS
    20 students from Belize High School are heading to Washington DC at the end of November. They were chosen as international ambassadors for their Model OAS program. Today a special ceremony was held to recognize these students. We dropped by to find out more about this opportunity. This is the 4th year BHS is participating in this program. The school along with parents will fund the trip while the OAS facilitates access to the White House and conference venues throughout the one week stay in Washington.

    Destination Belize, Year 20
    Since 1995, the Belize Tourism Industry Association has been producing Destination Belize. You'll know it as the country's signature magazine which the BTIA uses to promote Belize as a premier tourist destination to the international community. It's distributed at trade shows all over the world, and you'll find a copy in just about every decent hotel room across Belize. For the previous 19 editions, the BTIA outsourced the magazine's production, but for #20, they produced it in-house. The theme of this year's edition of Destination Belize is "Find Our Roots and Feel Your Rhythms." The BTIA held its launch at the Raddison Hotel, and here's what the President and the Chief Editor had to say about the 9-month production process:

    Bze. Parliamentarians In UK
    A group of Belizean parliamentarians are in the UK, visiting the cradle of Parliamentary Democracy in the Commonwealth, the Westminster Palace. The delegation includes House Speaker, Laura Tucker Longsworth, President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang, and Representatives, the UDP's Dr. Omar Figueroa, who is the Deputy Speaker, Beverly Williams, and the PUP's Jose Mai, and Clerk to the National Assembly, Eddie Webster, Apart from visiting the Parliament, they have also met with representatives of Tate and Lyle Sugars - which is owned by ASR.

    Belizeans Win TT Gold in Mexico
    So, while those Belizean parliamentarians are in the UK, a delegation of 13 Belizean table tennis athletes, 2 coaches, and 2 chaperones travelled to Merida, Mexico to participate in the Merida Junior Circuit Table Tennis Championships. That tournament was held from Saturday, October 20th to Monday, October 22nd, and athletes competing against them were from Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba. There were the different categories of U-11 all the way up to U-18. At the conclusion of the 4 days of competition Belize walked away with several medals.

    Soft Drink Ban Coming Along
    2 and a half weeks ago, when the Ministry of Health announced that the Government would subsidize hemodialysis treatments for 88 Belizeans suffering from kidney failure, Minister Pablo Marin called for a ban on soft drinks in schools countrywide. The premise is that right now children are being given access to unhealthy food and sugary drinks, which is helping to promote unhealthy eating habits which lead to chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and even kidney failure. You'll remember that Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, who is the Minister of Education, was very receptive to the idea. Today, we asked Marin if any progress has been made on this proposed ban. Here's what he had to say:

    Teenager Missing Since Saturday
    Police say this teenager, Katherine, Gisell Contreras from Dean Street is missing. The 15-year-old, Honduran Student hasn't been seen since last week Saturday, October 20th. Her mother - who only reported it today - said that on Saturday she went to the store and when she came back Katherine was gone. Katherine is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, has long black hair and weighs about 120 pounds. If seen kindly contact the nearest Police Station or contact Domestic Violence unit Hotline 0800-2929-688.

    Channel 5

    John Briceño Says G.O.B.’s Response is ‘So Wrong’
    The buzz this week has been about the legalization of marijuana as proposed by the Leader of the Opposition John Briceño.  Briceño suggested that Belize should follow countries like Canada, [...]

    Opposition Leader Says Belize Can Benefit if Medic al Marijuana is Legalized
    The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is garnering increased acceptance and according to Briceño, investors are looking to Caribbean countries where they can build resorts that cater to medical [...]

    Health Minister Speaks on Possibility of Legalizing Medical Marijuana
    According to research, usage of marijuana can ease pain, nausea/vomiting, hot flashes, loss of appetite, anxiety, insomnia which are symptoms of breast cancer causes. The idea of legalizing marijuana for [...]

    B.P.P. Said ‘Legalize It’ from Years Ago
    But today, the Belize Progressive Party said they’ve been championing to legalize marijuana long before Briceño announced his proposal.  The B.P.P. said that while they welcome the Opposition Leader’s support, [...]

    Politician’s Brakes Hose Intentionally Cut; Political Sabotage?
    The P.U.P.’s area representative for Stann Creek West, Rodwell Ferguson, says his life was in danger on Tuesday night when he lost control his vehicle as he headed home.  He [...]

    Classes resume at Sacred Heart Primary
    Students are back in school today at Sacred Heart Primary in Dangriga. They were out of classes for over a week after the public health department shut down the school [...]

    Ministry of National Security Leads Excursions Up Sarstoon River
    Traversing the Sarstoon River has been a daring feat for any civilian wishing to visit the southernmost reaches of the country.  That’s because the Guatemalan Armed Forces have kept a [...]

    Ministry Says Sarstoon Trip Is Not to Sway Voter Opinion
    The scheduled trips are coincidentally or deliberately planned very close to the 2019 I.C.J. referendum which is just about five months away. The presence of the GAF at the Sarstoon [...]

    A 19-year-old Faces Murder Charge Following “Scrub Board’s” Death
    Nineteen-year-old Stephan Bowen is facing a charge of murder, following the death of Elroy ‘Scrub Board’ Saldano who was shot while riding a bicycle in the vicinity of Belize Water [...]

    Bert Vasquez Appears Before the Court of Appeal Unrepresented
    Convicted inmate Bert Vasquez has been extended a final lifeline in an attempt to appeal a guilty verdict handed down by the Supreme Court in July 2017.  This morning, he [...]

    Grieving Mother Blames Southern Regional for Death of Jayeisha Parchue
    The circumstances surrounding the death of twenty-year-old Jayeisha Parchue at the hands of doctors in Dangriga earlier this month continue to ripple across Belizean society.  The incident which resulted in [...]

    Health Minister: “It Is Normal for the Family to Blame the Hospital”
    So while Marsha Romero is taking legal action, today, we asked Health Minister Pablo Marin about the allegations of malpractice and neglect at the Southern Regional Hospital. According to Marin, [...]

    $1.6 Million Renovation at K.H.M.H. Completed
    On Tuesday, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority announced that the nation’s referral hospital was back to one hundred percent. Essential services provided by the hospital were suspended for months [...]

    B.P.P. Weighs In on I.C.J. with their Research Findings
    At a press conference today, the Belize Progressive Party maintained a ‘NO position to taking the territorial dispute to the I.C.J.  According to the B.P.P., they have done significant research [...]

    Corozal Bay Area Rep., Pablo Marin, Is Pro-I.C.J.
    But Minister of Health and the U.D.P.’s Corozal Bay area representative, Pablo Marin, says he is pro-I.C.J.   Marin joins a list of U.D.P. cabinet ministers and politicians who have gone [...]

    B.P.P. in Solidarity with B.N.T.U.
    The B.P.P. also said today that it is in solidarity with the Belize National Teachers Union and the Christian Workers Union. Party Leader Patrick Rogers says that the B.P.P. will [...]

    Missing Teen Returns Home
    Danielly Tillett is back and safe at home. The fourteen-year-old girl left her home in August Pine Ridge and had not been seen or heard from since September twenty-fourth. There’s [...]

    Health Professionals from SICA Discuss Issues of Vector Control in the Region
    Health personnel from SICA countries, including the Dominican Republic, are here in Belize. At this first meeting, the technocrats are discussing issues of vector control in the region and will [...]

    B.T.I.A. Launches 20th Edition of Destination Belize
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association launched the twentieth edition of the Destination Belize magazine. The publication’s theme ‘Find our Roots, Feel (Y)our Rhythms’ celebrates Belize’s cultural heritage. The covers were [...]

    38 Law Enforcement Officers Graduate as GREAT Instructors
    Since it started in 2011 in Belize, over two hundred officers have completed the GREAT programme of the police department which is turning things around for at risk youths.  The [...]


    Leaders’ perspectives on the ICJ
    Earlier this week, we told you that Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno and his plans to do a tour of the divisions to hear the residents’ views on the ICJ. Briceno briefed us on his approach. John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition: “Well tomorrow we will start the tour, I am going to go …

    BHS’ students will visit the OAS
    A delegate of twenty students from the Belize High School, BHS, will get an opportunity to travel to Washington DC, where they will visit the headquarters of Organization of American States (OAS). There they will participate in a program known as the model OAS. This afternoon, BHS held an induction ceremony for their twenty ambassador, …

    Rogers: “BPP stands in solidarity with the unions”
    This morning the Belize Progressive Party, BPP, held a press conference, where the party’s leader, Patrick Rogers, emphatically stated their solidarity with the unions. Rogers said that the unions are receiving so much opposition from the authorities without the realization that the unions are the ones that help to build political parties and as such …

    Members of the House are visiting Westminister Parliament
    The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Laura Tucker-Longsworth and a group of parliamentarians are experiencing another parliament, the Westminster Parliament in London. The Belize delegation has met with representatives of Tate and Lyle Sugars, toured the Thames Refinery, and participated in other activities. The parliamentarians have also been hosted by the Chair of All-Party …

    Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs met in Belize
    Earlier this year, Belize took over the Pro-Tem Presidency of SICA, the Central American Integrated System as such several SICA meetings have been conducted in Belize. Yesterday, was another such meeting where the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of SICA met at the Best Western Plus Biltmore Plaza. (VO STARTS) During the meeting, Foreign …

    Teens visit the prison to learn a lesson
    There are quite a few convicted young men under the age of 18 who wake up every day to life in the Belize Central Prison. The Belize Police Department and the Kolbe Foundation joined together to take some kids on a tour of the prison and Love News joined them. Jose Sanchez: “Kids who didn’t …

    Castro attended regional meeting on transportation system
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Edmond Castro got the opportunity to address a gathering at the Regional Policy Dialogue (2018) on Transportation Systems Resilience to Climate Change, which took place in Panama. Castro and Minister of Works, Rene Montero traveled to Panama for the two-day meeting. In his address, Castro spoke of the …

    Elroy Saldano was shot last week Monday afternoon at 1:30 pm on Hauzle Street which is adjacent to the Belize Water Services Limited in Belize City. The shooting incident is believed to have been captured by BWSL’s three cameras which point exactly on the area where Saldano was shot. According to his aunt he has …

    Programs at the Prison’s Wagners Youth Facility
    The Wagners Youth Facility is segregated from the general population of the inmates. The prison has various programs including rehabilitation for all inmates and William Dawson, the director of that facility says there have been good results from the programs designed for the minors that are housed at Wagners. William Dawson Director Wagner’s youth Facility:

    The Reporter

    The Reporter has confirmed that FBI investigators who were in the country working on the year old double murders of Canadian Francesca Matus and American Drew Devoursney, have been asked to assist local Police with the investigation into the death of American Claire Rigdon.

    On October 9th, former Belize City Mayor turned pageant director Zenaida Moya caught the nation by surprise when she introduced the reigning Miss Scuba Belize, Joswanie Hall during media rounds. Four days after, on October 13th, there were no media rounds, just an announcement on the organization’s Facebook page that Hall had stepped down and had been replaced by a new Miss Scuba Belize, Monique Lamb.

    International Sourcesizz

    New Ulm couple's Belize resort featured on "Price is Right"
    Tim and Kristi Loose weren't looking to buy a tropical resort on an island in Belize. Still, Tim was looking for something to keep him busy after retiring from Bolton & Menk in Mankato. Through his engineering work at Bolton, Tim knew longtime Mankato commercial developer Curt Fisher, who owns the Blue Tang Inn in Belize and who sells real estate in the Central American country. So when the St. George’s Caye Resort came up for sale, Fisher, along with April Femrite who works in the Mankato office of Fisher real estate, brokered a deal with Loose, who bought the resort in July of last year. "I would have never done something so crazy without Curt and April mentoring me," Loose said. "Curt knows all the ins and outs down there."

    Aquatica Foundation Launched Ahead of Aquatica Submarines Belize Blue Hole Expedition
    Aquatica Submarines, currently planning a historic voyage to the bottom of the Belize Blue Hole, has announced the launch of a brand new conservation initiative, the Aquatica Foundation. President and CEO of Aquatica, Harvey Flemming, has formed the new organisation to bring together global experts and take actions towards three primary ocean imperatives: Exploration, Restoration and Education.

    Floating trash piles
    “Cruise ships are businesses and operate to make a profit. They do this ‘on the backs’ of ports. Ports build cruise terminals and infrastructure, usually recouping only a small percentage of their investment. In addition, local merchants receive only a percentage of passenger spending. Cruise ships hold back as their commission 50 per cent or more of what passengers spend on shore excursions. In addition, they charge hefty fees to stores promoted onboard as ‘preferred’ shopping outlets, and may also expect payment of commissions from stores not promoted. A recent study in Belize found that while cruise passengers account for 75-80 per cent of the country’s foreign visitors, they account for only ten per cent of employment in the hospitality sector.

    Where is brewing Oscar heading in the central Atlantic?
    An area of disturbed weather over the central Atlantic Ocean may become the basin’s next named system before passing close to Bermuda with rough surf next week. A cluster of showers and thunderstorms located roughly 950 miles east-northeast of the Leeward Islands is the feature of interest. This system will be within favorable conditions for subtropical or tropical development later Friday and this weekend, according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. Warm water and relatively low wind shear in the system’s environment are both conducive to strengthening.


  • Belize Audubon Society Tackles Fishing Pressures with Copper Bank Fisherfolk, 6min. Last week we showed you how the Chunox beneficiaries of the Belize Audubon Society’s small grants programme are using their grants to improve their standard of living and to reduce fishing pressures. Since 2012, BAS has been working with fisherfolk in Chunox, Copper Bank and Sarteneja in Corozal. In these communities, more than fifty-percent of the populations rely on fishing – and conservationists want to provide families with other opportunities so that they don’t have to rely one hundred percent on these resources. So, tonight we take you to Copper Bank Village where several fishers and their families are using their grants to diversify their income.

  • The Leader of the Belize Progressive Party, Patrick Rogers, says that his party stands in solidarity with the unions, 2.5min.

  • Belize Rainforest Reserve 10 October 2018, 1min. Overview of Belize Rainforest Reserve and the start of road construction.

  • Ranguana, Belize, 2min. Drone footage

  • LFD Farming Belize, 8min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 2.5min.

  • Love Entertainment October 24th,2018, 2hr11min.

  • ICJ Expert from Mexico, 5min. Last Friday, media personnel from Belize had an opportunity to sit and chat with an ICJ Expert from Mexico. Our Belize Now team was also present for the session. Here’s what they learned.

  • Travel Belize | Lamanai, 1min. Drone footage

  • Belize: The Split at Caye Caulker, 3min.

  • Belize lobster, 1min.

  • Birding in Belize: Birding at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, 4min. For our third episode of A Day in a Birder's Life series, we went birding with San Ignacio Resort Hotel, in San Ignacio Town. This luxury resort is known as “the only jungle in town” and its 17-acres of private jungle property make it a prime location for bird watching in Belize.

  • Sports Talk Show, 2hr.

  • Meet our Big Garbage Cleanup Project mascot Captain Conch, 2min. Thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of his theme song, Keep Isla Bonita Bonita. Help us get his message out and share, share, share!!! Save three hours of your time between November 9th through 12th to help make Isla Bonita #1 Again.

    October 24, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    GOB Rejects Leader of the Opposition’s Call to legalize the drug trade
    Cabinet, at its meeting today, condemned the Leader of the Opposition’s statement calling on Belize to completely legalize the drug trade in our country, and in particular to grow marijuana for export to the United States of America. The sudden position adopted by the People’s United Party via its leader is simplistic, ignorant and downright dangerous. Cabinet notes that even if the Leader of the Opposition had limited his proposal to Belize’s drug production solely for internal consumption, this would have required a level of thought, study, detail and societal consultation that is altogether missing from the hurry-come-up idea.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Water outage on the Philip Goldson Highway Wednesday
    Belize Water Services informs customers on the Philip Goldson Highway that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Wednesday, October 24, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The area to be affected is from Haulover Bridge to the Bill Lindo Canal. Motorists are being advised that the entrance of Oasis Estate will be closed. Customers are being advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 6:00pm.

    The macaw breeding season is closed for 2018 with high success
    This included even the rescue, caring and release of an injured macaw back to its original habitat. We are grateful to BWRC and the Forest Department for this success story.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint this “Pick of the patch".

    GOB Rejects Leader of the Opposition’s Call to Legalize Marijuana
    Cabinet, at its meeting today, condemned the Leader of the Opposition’s statement calling on Belize to completely legalize the drug trade in our country, and in particular to grow marijuana for export to the United States of America. The sudden position adopted by the People’s United Party via its leader is simplistic, ignorant and downright dangerous. Cabinet notes that even if the Leader of the Opposition had limited his proposal to Belize’s drug production solely for internal consumption, this would have required a level of thought, study, detail and societal consultation that is altogether missing from the hurry-come-up idea.

    Spearfishing Tournament to be hosted in San Pedro
    Island fishermen are excited for the first-ever Spearfishing Tournament to be held in San Pedro Town on Sunday, October 28th. Aimed at promoting the importance of spearfishing as one of the most ecologically sustainable ways of fishing, the tournament is being organized by local spearfishing guides of San Pedro Town.

    CFSA Tourney in Corozal
    The Corozal Fut Seven Association (CFSA) would like to remind the general public that Wednesday, October 24th (tonight) is the deadline for registering to take part on the new tournament which is scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 27th. We would like to also invite all teams willing to register, to join us for a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24th at Mel’s Residence at Venezuelan site where we will have the balloting of games, as well as revision of rules. For more information contact our secretary at 6331859 or send a WhatsApp to +5016341859.

    Walkathon on World Diabetes Day in Corozal
    Rain or shine, be part of our walk. Belize's Soca Queen Ms. Ernestine Carballo is giving a voice to diabetes on World Diabetes Day Wednesday, November 14th in Corozal. Let us welcome her and be part of this global event. Let’s make our voices and our presence known worldwide by being a part of this physical activity on this day. Participate or sponsor our town, our villages, schools, organizations, businesses, individuals or yourself starting at the Andres Campos Civic Center, as we give Diabetes Awareness a voice in Corozal. It is not just a fundraiser, it is a day of awareness for our beloved ones.

    Princess Hotel and Casino Free Zone Costume and Spooky Night Halloween Competition
    Princess Hotel and Casino Free Zone invites everyone to its Costume and Spooky Night Halloween Competition on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Come and enjoy our very friendly and safe atmosphere and get a chance to win. Many wonderful prizes for the first 5 Best Costumes. First place winner will receive $5,000 pesos worth of promo tickets; 2nd Prize - $3,000 pesos worth of promo tickets; 3rd Prize - $2,000 pesos worth of promo tickets; 4th Prize - 18 years aged Buchanan bottle and 5th Prize - 1 bottle of champagne. Come join us and have fun in a safe environment and dance till you drop with the mighty "KINGTERITOS". The fun starts at 11:00 p.m. Come join us with your best costume on. Don't miss it!

    Regeneration Belize Agriculture Conference
    The Regeneration Belize Agriculture Conference will be held Wednesday, November 14th from 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and Thursday, November 15th from 9:00 a.m. at the National Agriculture & Trade Showgrounds, Belmopan. Maya Mountain Research Farm is a 30 year ongoing work in repair of degraded land. Globally there are 950,000,000 to 1.1 billion acres of degraded agricultural land, land that cannot be returned to its previous use. Much of this land is in the lowland humid tropics. In this presentation we will be looking at ways to transform those degraded landscapes into highly productive landscapes that provide multiple harvestables while drawing down atmospheric carbon by mimicking natural processes of succession. In this presentation, Christopher Nesbitt will examine how using the principles and ethics of permaculture, what was formerly degraded land has been converted into a lush stacked polyculture of species of tropical staple tree crops, fruit, nuts, timber, medicinal and marketable crops, and how resulting landscapes can be used to draw down atmospheric carbon, reestablish broken hydrological cycles retain and build soils, and provide habitat.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of October 15 - 21, 2018
    Even on the bad weather days bonefish kept the action going on protected flats and in the lee of the cayes. Good numbers of permit around in several areas. Some nice ones were landed. Including several that were "firsts" for the angler.

    Out and about in the South!
    The Embassy team was honored to attend the World Food Day event at Julian Cho Technical High school in Toledo. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces at such a wonderfully planned event and learn about the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education’s work to ensure A #zerohunger World By 2030 is Possible!

    Wavemaker AGM 2018
    On Saturday October 20th, 2018, Belizeans from across the country came out in waves to the George Price Center in Belmopan to participate in Oceana’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its dedicated volunteers, our “Wavemakers”. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers from Corozal, Orange Walk, the Belize District, San Pedro, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga, Hopkins and Toledo attended this year’s event. During the meeting, several Wavemakers were awarded certificates of appreciation for their sensational above and beyond support for Oceana’s campaigns and initiatives over the past year. Among them were Kariel Slusher from the Belize District; the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) from Corozal; the Ocean Academy Wavemakers Club from Caye Caulker; Arren Andrews and Whitney Majano of the Stann Creek District, and the Department of Youth Services (DYS) in Punta Gorda. Oceana was also proud to present a national award when we recognized Ms. Abigail Parham of Stann Creek District as the 2018 Wavemaker of the year.

    It is #TreeTuesday and we are highlighting the Craboo tree (Byrsonima crassifolia)!
    Craboo is a small tree with many benefits. The tree itself is drought tolerant, and easy to cultivate in a wide range of environments. It is also pleasing to look at; during the dry season, the branches are covered with showy yellow blooms that slowly turn orange-red. The fruit skin is high in tannins and can be used to dye cloth a light brown color. In Guyana and Mexico, the pulverized bark is used to treat wounds among other ailments.

    Channel 7

    Port Impasse Resolved; 21 Day Notice Withdrawn
    Tonight, the tension has eased at the Port of Belize because the Christian Workers Union this afternoon withdrew its 21 days' notice of industrial action. This is after a meeting between both sides today produced a breakthrough. 7News was at the labour office to speak with both sides, and here's what they had to say on the compromises they both made to break the weeks-long impasse: Evan "Mose" Hyde - President, CWU: "Today's meeting, very positive. I would say that we have moved a good ways. They got a chance to look at our counter proposal, and significant thing is that they are prepared, once we have done all the work with the numbers, to utilize the adjustments in the hourly rate to neutralize any earnings loss that our members are going to be faced with. And for us, that is a big issue."

    Father Of Two Dies A Week After Gunshot To Back
    Turning now to crime, a 49 year old Belize City man has died after he was shot 8 days ago. On the afternoon of Monday October 15th, Saldano was riding on Haulze Street in the St, Martin's area when he was shot in the back. His internal organs were badly damaged, and today, the father of two died from those injuries. We spoke to his brother, Edward - who told us he had been in an induced coma:...

    19 Year Old Will Be Charged for Murder of 49 Year Old
    Today, police arraigned the 19 year old who they say shot him. He is Stephan Bowen, and tonight, he's at the Belize Central Prison. Police charged Bowen with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Emerson Banner, and due to the nature of the offenses he was remanded.

    Man Shot 7 Times Needs Your Help
    So, while the cops have made an arrest in Saldano's shooting, they are still investigating the near fatal, execution attempt that was made on 21 year-old Nathaniel Lockwood, a resident of Sandhill Village. On Sunday, just after midday, Lockwood was riding a motorcycle, and he had 35 year-old Lyndon Ramos as his passenger. Near mile 21 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, they were approached by an SUV. Lockwood pulled to the side of the road to allow the vehicle to pass, but instead, the vehicle swerved into them, knocking them down. The impact catapulted both men off the bike, and into the nearby bushes.

    Arraignment For Shooter With Stuck Gun
    And, in an update to another of the weekend crimes - we turn now to the teenager who was caught on camera pulling a gun on an unsuspecting target and pulling the trigger. 19 year old Kelvin Gongora arraigned today for aggravated assault before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. Gongora pleaded not guilty - but because it is a firearm offence, he was remanded into custody until December 20th.

    Cabinet Blasts Briceno For Weed Plan
    Last night we played you a part of the statement by opposition leader John Briceno calling for the legalization of marijuana. He appeared in front of a screen saying: "Grow the economy. Legalize it. Tax it." Seemed pretty bold - but to Cabinet, it seemed pretty silly. A very rare Cabinet release says "Cabinet, at its meeting today, condemned the Leader of the Opposition's statement calling on Belize to completely legalize the drug trade in our country, and in particular to grow marijuana for export to the United States of America."

    7 Months Later, KHMH Calls It A Comeback
    The KHMH is back to full capacity. 7 months after a critical failure in the roof structure, the national referral hospital today announced, quote, "as of Monday 22nd October we have returned to full service capacity…Service to the public has been affected for the past 6 plus months…The scope of work has taken some time to complete.…The public is advised that All services offered by the KHMH is now available and patients are encouraged to access them as needed." Tomorrow, we'll take you on a walk through of the newly upgraded surgical theaters.

    Turf War In UDP Brings Out “The King” In The Port
    The standard bearer convention in Port Loyola will be held 12 days from now. The four way race is the most hotly contested in the UDP convention season - and it's already creating major friction on the ground. That's because of turf issues. The current area rep Boots Martinez told us today he is the current King of the Port. That's right, "the KING." And, seems he doesn't like interlopers stepping into his turf trying to crown their own king. We're referring to Patrick Faber and John Saldivar - who are reported to be both campaigning with Phillip Willoughby. They're supposedly doing that to neutralize Michael Peyrefitte who is the candidate Boots Martinez is supporting. Like them, Peyrefitte is said to have his own designs on leadership - and, in this, he has some senior inter-party support.

    Vector Control for C.A.
    Today, representatives from 5 Central American countries including Belize participated in a vector control workshop. It is the first time Belize is hosting such a meeting. We stopped by the Biltmore to find out more about the objectives of this meeting and how Belize's Vector Control Unit can benefit from this regional discussion. Kim Bautista, Chief of Operations, Vector Control Unit "So we are hosting a 4 day workshop starting today and the workshop has a few objectives. The first objective is that we will be finalizing the members of that technical team that will be advising COMISCA (Council of Ministers in Central America). We will also be taking the opportunity to draft a strategic plan for entomology in the region and third we will be looking at the need of the countries to strengthen human resources in that field."

    Murder The Moscas! It’s Mosquito Week
    Vector Control Unit Chief Kim Bautista also discussed this week's Mosquito awareness week. Although the cases of vector borne diseases are low this year, it is important to drive the message home especially in those vulnerable communities. Here's more. Kim Bautista, Chief of Operations, Vector Control Unit: "The areas that we still see transmission of Dengue and minimal amount of Zika transmission is in the Corozal, Belize and Cayo district, that is for Dengue and the occasional Zika case so the cases for this year, I will tell you that the figures are down. But it is still the same neighborhoods, the same pockets in these districts that remain a challenge. This week is also being observed as Mosquito awareness week..."

    Coastal Zone Questions
    Today 10 city kids were quizzed on how much they knew about Belize's coastline and marine resources. The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute hosted its 4th annual Primary School Trivia Challenge at the Bliss. We stopped by to see how fierce the competition was. Chantelle Samuels, CEO, CZMAI: "Today is the kick-off event for that week. The coastal awareness trivia challenge for primary school students. We have 10 Belize City primary schools that are participating in today's trivia challenge from their respective Standard 5 classes." "In keeping with our 20th anniversary we wanted students to be aware of the accomplishments of the CZMAI over the past 20 years in addition there is value in sharing information in terms of the wealth of resources in our coastal zone. How Belizeans benefit, how they might benefit and they might not realize it."

    Prison For Kids
    Today a group of kids from the Frank Lizama Training Center got a real taste of what it is to be a young prisoner - ain't nothing nice about it. We have covered a similar story where Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, as Belmopan OC, took at risk youth from surrounding communities in Belmopan to hear testimonies from prisoners. Well, now as Region 1 commander, Gillett from gathered Belize City youth from the training center to meet with the young inmates at the Wagner's Youth Facility. We were there to see if the kids got the message to stay off the streets, loud and clear. 50 kids from the training center participated.

    Exploring the Issue of Litigation Risk At The ICJ
    On Friday, a section of the media was in Mexico City where we spoke to Professor of International Law, Carlos Bernal. He's an authority on the International Court of Justice - where he has advised the Mexican Government on the only case that country ever took to the court - which it won. We asked him about the issue of "litigation risk" - which is the possibility of losing something you have when you take someone to court. For Belize, that risk at the ICJ could be part of our territory - no minor consideration. He discussed that thorny subject:

    Hon. Hulse: Forget Farming, Think Food
    On Friday, World Food Day was celebrated with a food fair at the Julian Cho Technical High School in Punta Gorda. For the students, Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse emphasized that farming is really about eating:… Hulse also discussed seed security - which is a major, foundational element in food security:… World Food Day theme WAS celebrated under the theme: "Our Actions are Our Future: A #ZeroHunger World by 2030 is Possible,".

    Channel 5

    Southern Regional Hospital Comes Under Intense Public Scrutiny for Increased Patient Mortality
    The recent deaths of a young mother and a town council employee at the Southern Regional Hospital have brought grief to the families. It has also sparked a protest amid [...]

    Elroy Flores Dies Less Than a Day After Being Released from Southern Regional Hospital
    The passing of Elroy Flores, an employee of the Dangriga Town Council, is the second death reportedly due to negligence at the Southern Regional Hospital.  Flores, a member of the [...]

    SWU Protests Following Deaths at Southern Regional
    The turnout at a protest against the so-called increase in deaths at the Southern Regional Hospital was anemic; however, the concerns being voiced are very real.  This afternoon, SWU President [...]

    CWU Withdraws 21-day Industrial Action Notice
    The impasse between the Christian Workers Union and the Port of Belize Limited is over. Following a meeting this morning, both parties found common ground and after meeting with its [...]

    Arturo “Tux” Vasquez: “I think We Are Now on the Same Page”
    According to C.E.O. of the Port of Belize Limited, Arturo ‘Tux’ Vasquez, the request for a further reduction in gang size is no longer on the table.  Vasquez says that [...]

    All Services Resume at K.H.M.H.
    But there is good news from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital here in the city. The K.H.M.H. Authority informs that as of this Monday, the national referral hospital is back [...]

    Scrapped for Parts; Felina James’ Vehicle Found
    Investigators have made some progress in the murder of thirty-seven-year-old Felina James.  Though no one has been charged, vehicle parts of a Kia Sorento owned by James were reportedly found [...]

    Foreign Minister Gives Update on Multimillion-Dollar Referendum Campaign
    The referendum to take the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala to the International Court of Justice is less than six months away. But the engine of the public awareness [...]

    Elrington Slams P.U.P. on Proposed Postponement of Referendum Date
    There is a proposal floating around to postpone the April referendum to give Belizeans more time to apprise themselves of the facts.  Foreign Minister Elrington slammed the Opposition for that [...]

    Sedi Says Residents in the South Have Had a Change of Heart
    Recently, several groups, including the Belize Progressive Party and the southern caucus of the People’s United Party publicly said ‘NO’ to taking the territorial claim to the I.C.J.  The grouping [...]

    FM Elrington: Not All Politicians Steep in Belize/Guatemala Dispute
    But do the naysayers include some of Elrington’s cabinet colleagues? Last week, Minister Edmond Castro said he will make up his mind after he finds out what Guatemala has to [...]

    Belmopan Mayor’s Mind Not Made Up on I.C.J. Question, Yet
    Another high profile U.D.P. politician who has not made up his mind is Belmopan’s Mayor, Khalid Belisle.  Belisle told News Five that he is still gathering information in order to [...]

    Cabinet Slams Johnny for Sensimilla Proposal
    Opposition Leader John Briceño, in his weekly message, proposed the legalization of marijuana in Belize, following a similar endorsement in Canada recently.  In the recorded address, the P.U.P. leader discussed [...]

    An Update on the Roll Out of Dialysis Programme
    In September, the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber announced that the dialysis programme of the government was being expanded to include twice the number of persons that were receiving treatment. [...]

    SICA Meeting Discusses Migration and Climate Change
    Belize holds the pro-tem presidency of SICA until the end of the year when it will be handed over to Guatemala.  Today, the meeting of the Regional Council of Ministers [...]

    Shooting Victim’s Family Wants Answers
    On Monday, we reported on the shooting of twenty-one-year-old Nathaniel Lockwood of Sand Hill. He was driving his motorcycle carrying a passenger when a vehicle pursued him and the driver [...]

    Shooting Victim Succumbs
    There is a report that forty-nine-year-old Elroy Saldano succumbed to gunshot wounds today while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Saldano was shot on October fifteenth while he [...]

    4th Annual Coastal Awareness Trivia Challenge is Held in Belize City
    The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is observing Coastal Awareness Week. As a part of the activities, the fourth annual coastal awareness trivia challenge was held in Belize City [...]

    Belize Audubon Society Tackles Fishing Pressures with Copper Bank Fisherfolk
    Last week we showed you how the Chunox beneficiaries of the Belize Audubon Society’s small grants programme are using their grants to improve their standard of living and to reduce [...]

    Copper Bank Community Credit Enterprise is Helping Fisherfolk
    There is another programme that Belize Audubon Society helped to establish in Copper Bank Village – it’s called the Community Credit Enterprise. Back in 2009, Audubon sought the assistance of [...]

    At-Risk Youths Visit Prison
    Forty-eight at-risk youths who are enrolled at the Frank Lizama Training Centre were today taken to the Belize Central Prison for a unique visit. They were taken there for a [...]


    Sheila Ayala is the winner of Coastal Zone’s trivia challenge
    Sheila Ayala of St. Ignatius Primary School is the winner (VO) of the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute’s trivia challenge. Second and third place went to Aspen Peralta of Belize Elementary School and Caleb Williams of St. Joseph R.C. Primary School. A total of ten schools participated in the competition with questions based …

    Abigail Parham, 2018 Wavemaker
    Last Saturday, Oceana held its ninth Annual General Meeting, AGM, for its dedicated “Wavemakers” at the George Price Center in Belmopan, Cayo District. Over two hundred and fifty Wavemakers were in attendance from across the country. Love news spoke with Alyssa Carnegie, Communications Director for Oceana, Belize who says that the Wavemakers were very instrumental …

    COSMISCA holds four-day meeting in Belize
    The Councils of Ministers of Health for Central America, COMISCA, is holding a four day meeting to come up with a regional plan to address vector borne diseases. Love news spoke with Kim Bautista, Vector Control Chief of Operations at the Ministry of Health, who said that during the meeting they will also be forming …

    Matachica places third in Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award
    Matachica, a secluded beachfront getaway, has placed third among the top ten resorts in Central America, in the 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. (VO STARTS) Matachica was selected for the 31st annual Readers’ Choice Awards, in which nearly half a million travelers participated in by submitting their ratings and feedback to help create …

    Winners advanced to the finals
    The first place winners of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project’s History and Social Studies completion are Tyrone McKoy of St. Ignatius Primary School for Zone 1. Meanwhile, Essence Anderson of Bernice Yorke Institute walked away with first place for Zone 2. The competition was held on October 17th and October …


    DOE “brakes” Diab’s restaurant project
    The Belize City Council found itself having to respond over the weekend to media queries about a concrete structure measuring 45 by 104 feet that is being constructed on Sandlighters Promenade on Marine Parade. Media inquiries focused on who was building the structure and for what purpose and what was the property arrangement. The Belize City Council’s newly appointed communications manager, Tamara Minto, explained over the weekend, “The property in question on Marine Parade, which was obtained and tabled by the former council, has since been revived and deemed viable by our present City Council.” She further stated, “With approved plans, we have entered into a lease agreement with an investor to restore and improve the aesthetics of the immediate area.

    Charleston Cleland, 19, found murdered on GP Highway
    At about 10:00 yesterday morning, Charleston Clifton Cleland, 19, of Wilson Street, was found dead near Bravo Motors, between Miles 4 and 5 on the George Price Highway, on the left side of the road, from the direction of Hattieville leading to Belize City, by a man who was walking on the road. Upon discovering the body, the man called police. Cleland’s throat had been slashed and he had been stabbed in his back and abdomen. At the time he was found, he was wearing white denim pants, but was shirtless.

    Mother and child missing 6 days now
    A mother and her child have been missing for almost a week now and police are still no closer to finding them. On Thursday, October 18, at around 1:30 p.m., Emperatriz Portillo, 53, a business owner of #128 East Collet Canal, reported that two days earlier, on Tuesday, October 16, at 7 a.m., her friend, Ruby Petino, age unknown, left their residence, and she has not seen her since then. According to police, Petino, who resided at Portillo’s home, left the house with her baby, who is only 1 year and 8 months old, and headed to her work place at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway. Since then, Petino and her baby have not returned.

    Milton Maza and Eli Lopez Avila guilty of murder of Richard and Maria Stuart
    On Friday, October 19, Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams delivered his verdict in the murder trial of Milton Maza and Eli Lopez Avila, who had been indicted for the October 2010 murder of the attorney Richard Stuart and his accountant wife, Maria Stuart. Justice Williams, reading from his 20-page written judgment, found the two accused guilty of two counts of murder. Richard and Maria Stuart were viciously stabbed to death in their West Landivar home, sometime after 11:30 p.m. when they returned home on October 16, 2010. Sentencing of the convicted murderers is scheduled for November 9, when the court will hear mitigation pleas on their behalf.

    Nathaniel Lockwood, 21, critical at KHMH
    Nathaniel Lockwood, a Sandhill resident, is in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot multiple times by an unknown shooter who got out of a vehicle and fired at him. The shooter then got back into the vehicle and drove away towards Orange Walk Town. Lockwood was shot in his back, leg, arm and abdomen. During the weekly police brief held this morning at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Commander of Crimes Investigation, said that Lockwood was at a party Saturday night in Sandhill, when he met his friend, Lyndon Ramos, 35, of Gardenia, who asked Lockwood to take him to Gardenia.

    Mexican attorney: “For peace of mind,” go to the ICJ
    Mexican attorney, Carlos Bernal Verea, who was part of a 2003 team which successfully litigated a case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) favors Belize and Guatemala definitively resolving their centuries-old territorial dispute at the ICJ. His main reasoning is that the Court is “the perfect forum” to ultimately resolve the matter and eliminate the burden hanging over our heads. However, Bernal also made some points that are sure to resonate with the “NO to the ICJ” camp.

    Who’s hot, and who’s not? Jarro and Chavirra score hat tricks in Week 10 of PLB 2018-2019 Opening Season
    The most sought after, and thus usually the highest paid, commodity in football is the goal scorer, as the game essentially is all about scoring goals. Some strikers are consistent over a long period, and some run hot and then go cold for a long while. These factors need to be taken into consideration when a team is fielded in any game or competition. It is also hard to predict when a striker will break out of a cold spell; and thus it is a challenge for any coach to make his pick of one or the other in his starting eleven. The recent scoreless outing for the Belize national team in our 1-nil loss to Montserrat resulted in much criticism from fans. The then leading Belizean goal scorer in the PLB tournament, Alexander “Pleck” Peters of Freedom Fighters FC, did not even make the national team that travelled to Montserrat.

    Belize U-16 at UNCAF tournament in Guatemala
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is proud to present the team that is representing Belize in the U-16 UNCAF tournament in Guatemala. The team travelled to Guatemala on Wednesday, October 17, and is scheduled to return to Belize on October 28. The FFB and President, Mr. Sergio Chuc take this opportunity to wish the team a safe journey. Belize U-16 players (name; district/town/city; position) – Marcos Alvarez (Orange Walk, F); Antwone Baptist (Belmopan, M); Michael Bradley (Belize City, F); Kleron Cacho (Dangriga, D); Isaac Castillo (Belize City, GK); Jahvic Enriquez (Dangriga, D); Wilfredo Galvez (Punta Gorda, F); Kenyon Lawrence (Belmopan, GK); Jeison Medrano (Belmopan, D); Joshawn Flowers (Cayo, M); Henry Palma (Dangriga, D); Tylier Peters (Dangriga, F); Jovaun Ramos (Belize City, M); Eldon Reneau (Belize City, M); Manuel Romero (Belize City, D); Kalyn Fernandez (Belize City, M); Jeremiah Vanegas (Dangriga, M); Ajani Vaughn (Belize City, M).

    Belize City primary schools football championships on Wednesday at MCC
    The National Sports Council (NSC) administered Belize City Primary Schools Football Tournament, which commenced on September 24 at the MCC Grounds with 8 female teams and 17 male teams participating, held its semifinal games today at the MCC. The male teams had been separated into 3 groups, two of 6 teams each and one of 5 teams; while the females were divided into 2 groups of 4 teams each. In the first female semifinal today, (F) St. Luke Methodist defeated Belize Elementary, 1-0, in overtime with a goal from Samryn Rancharan. The second female semifinal saw (F) Queen’s Square Anglican with the 2-0 win over Holy Redeemer in penalty kicks, after playing to a 0-0 draw in regulation. Penalty kick scorers for Queen’s Square Anglican were Fontasia Tasher and Nala Lynch.

    Sports highlights from Punta Gorda
    Football The first games of the championship for the youth football tournaments got under way yesterday, Sunday, at the Victor Sanchez Union Field. In the U-15 game, Julian Cho defeated Rookie Strikers by a score of 13 to 3. In the U-17 game, Columbia defeated Toledo United by a score of 3 to 1. The third place games for these tournaments have been cancelled. Domino Tournament On Friday, Police handcuffed Green Fence, 100 to 94. On Saturday, Cemetery buried Unity, 100 to 78. And on Sunday, Hard Knocks schooled Cattle Landing, 100 to 83.

    Editorial: Black America
    Arbitrarily speaking, we would say that there are at least three important things you should understand about the African American population of the United States of America, which is the acknowledged superpower of planet earth. The first is that African Americans are the financial and technological elite of the Black world. The second is that African Americans are, by and large, loyal to the stars and stripes. They have proven that loyalty. They cherish their American citizenship, and see the U.S. as a country for which they have worked and sacrificed a great deal for an extended period of time. The third important aspect of Black America is that African Americans are a decided minority of the American population, estimated at about ten percent, and the reality of that minority status has had, and presently has, specific effects where the psychology and sociology of African Americans are concerned.

    None of that kind of rain allowed on our parade
    Talk about raining on a good parade. Most of the people of Belize, a country desperate for heroes, were proud of Belize City mayor, Bernard Wagner, and his deputy, Oscar Arnold, and Belize City Council administrator, Stephanie Lindo-Garbutt, too, for giving the stiff arm to a rather sizable piece of chum that was reportedly left on the desk of the administrator by a too-generous person. The purest among the good were calling for court case, and maybe a hanging, but the sober rank-and-file good people were satisfied with the return to sender. Well, the UDP, in their Guardian newspaper, saw an angle under the table, and while on one end we have to acknowledge their recognition of all the possibilities, on the other end we cannot fail to observe that it takes a certain kind of mind to go there. Indeed, as a man thinketh, so is he.

    Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
    There’s much on my mind this week, so much so that I feel I cannot put a finger to the keyboard and have my thoughts not jump from one emotion to the next. I am incredibly overwhelmed this week by all that came and continues to pop up on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The surges of rape of children, the commonplace gun violence, the caliber of men and women that government, political parties, and voters allow to sit in those wooden parliamentary chambers, my midterms and this impending ICJ question. Whenever I get like this, though, I have friends that I get to sit with and run these questions and concerns by, and this week I chose to put my thoughts out to thaw at the Liberty Hall with a good friend of mine.

    4 Belize City residents busted with weed, cocaine and over $12,000
    Four Belize City residents — Andrew Hepburn, Shane Flowers, Anthony Gilharry and Lisha Ramirez — have been arrested and charged jointly with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to others, and Hepburn was additionally charged with drug trafficking. The four persons have all been detained pending arraignment for the offences at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. The men were busted in Hepburn’s house, located on Albert Street, at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon.

    Felina James, missing mother of two, found dead
    Felina James, 37, a mother of two sons, ages 2 and 9, had been missing for 7 days before she was found dead on Thursday evening, October 18, around 5:20 p.m. Ivette Roches, 69, the children’s babysitter, had reported James missing after she failed to return to pick up her children, whom she had dropped off at Roches’ house in Belize City on October 11 with the promise to return for them the next day. Although much information was not known at the time her body was found, police reports now say that her body was found in the bushes at Mile 2 ½ on the Coastal Road in an advanced state of decomposition. She was reportedly found in her underwear by the caretaker of a farm that was near the scene.

    Shot fired in Lake I; bullet enters man’s house
    A man has sustained injuries after a single bullet entered his home; however, he wasn’t injured by the bullet, but rather by debris caused by the bullet ricocheting off the wall. Raheem Gordon, 22, a construction worker, was sitting on his couch inside his home on #14 Casuarina Street when he heard a gunshot nearby. He told police he also heard something rushing past him then a subsequent knock on a wall. A few seconds later, he felt a burning sensation in his neck. Later, it was observed that someone had entered his yard and fired a shot through his window.

    Hattieville residents busted with 11 pounds of compressed weed
    At about 10:00 Friday morning, Deon Arnold, 29; Ian Young 19; and Alex Lewis, 29, all residents of Hattieville, were busted with 11 pounds of compressed cannabis on the Patchakan road in the Corozal District. They were arrested and charged jointly with drug trafficking. On Friday afternoon, they were all taken to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court, where they were offered bail of $5,000 each and a surety of the same amount, but they were unable to meet bail and they were all remanded until November 28, when they are to return to court.

    Mexican attorney: “For peace of mind,” go to the ICJ
    Mexican attorney, Carlos Bernal Verea, who was part of a 2003 team which successfully litigated a case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) favors Belize and Guatemala definitively resolving their centuries-old territorial dispute at the ICJ. His main reasoning is that the Court is “the perfect forum” to ultimately resolve the matter and eliminate the burden hanging over our heads. However, Bernal also made some points that are sure to resonate with the “NO to the ICJ” camp. Belizean media met with the now professor for a decade of the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City. The hour-long taped discussion was facilitated by the US Embassy in Belmopan as part of a project titled “From Fear to Facts: Demystifying the ICJ.”

    The Reporter

    There are reliable reports that the investigation into the gruesome murder of Felina James, 37, has led to the discovery of what Police believe is her red Kia Sorento. The burned and chopped remains of the vehicle were reportedly found at a mechanic’s shop located in Steadfast Village in the Stann Creek District.

    Family members of Elroy Saldano, 49, say they have been told by doctors that his prognosis is grim. Saldano was shot on Monday as he rode his bicycle near BWS in Belize City.

    Family members of Shamily Tillett, 14, are accusing Police of not helping them to locate her. Tillett, a resident of August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District, left home on September 24th, allegedly with a male person, 27, from the same village.

    Issue #41 - October 2018 of The BELIZE AG REPORT is online here!
    Click HERE to download the PDF

    Quality Feed Mill: Expands Soy Processing as Local Soy Production Replaces Imported
    After becoming convinced that Spanish Lookout farmers could grow soybeans well and that their community would benefit from a soy processing facility, Quality Feed Mill (QFM) cautiously worked to accomplish that goal, purchasing their first soybeans in 2013…

    DGFT Trade Intelligence: 2017 Foreign Trade Data Disaggregation
    Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce — DGFT Trade Intelligence Report: 2017 Foreign Trade Data Disaggregation. Export and Import Partner Countries; Export Trade Partners per Commodities; Import Commodities and Trade Partners; Monthly Imports of Vegetables.

    Travel Global, Eat Local
    The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture launched the Tourism Consumption Study at the 54th Annual Caribbean Food Crop Society (CFCS) Meeting held in Belize City in July 2018. The aims of the study are to quantify the existing and potential demand of agricultural products by the tourism industry as well as to assess barriers that inhibit the linkage between agricultural supply and tourism demand and ultimately determine possible interventions to improve the supply of local agricultural products to the tourism industry.

    Agriculture Prices at a Glance – Oct. 2018

    Belize National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) Launch
    The launch of the NBSAP on May 31, 2018 coincided closely with the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). As one of the signatories numbering 195 countries plus the EU, Belize implemented its pledge to conserve biological components in several phases including the development of the NBSAP, a five year action plan of the national biodiversity goals.

    Beyond the Backyard – Arrowroot, the Obedience Plant
    My criteria for choosing plants for my garden are usually 1. Can you eat it? 2. Is it attractive or showy? No doubt this is why the arrowroot plant did not cross my gate until now. I was well acquainted with British biscuits and infant teething rusks and have long used the white powder as a thickening agent as opposed to corn flour. Yet I had never seen a plant or had any idea of its uses and its impressive history.

    Management of Internal Parasites of Sheep and Goats
    Belize is in the process of building a sheep meat industry and is also experiencing a relatively new expansion in goat production, particularly focused on dairy. With this new direction it is important to improve various aspects of their production. These include genetics, nutrition, reproduction, husbandry, health and marketing. A number of these are being addressed by various entities.

    Passionfruit is one of the fastest growing and most worthwhile fruit for Belize. Passionfruit belongs to the diverse Passifloracea or Passion Flower Family, which contains around 600 species of flowering herbaceous vines. Of these 600 known species of Passiflora, many are grown worldwide in tropical and subtropical gardens for their extremely unique and beautiful flowers.

    Spanish Lookout’s Quality Feed Mill Expands Soy Processing as Local Soy Production Replaces Imported
    After becoming convinced that Spanish Lookout farmers could grow soybeans well and that their community would benefit from a soy processing facility, Quality Feed Mill (QFM) cautiously worked to accomplish that goal, purchasing their first soybeans in 2013. At that time all their beans were processed at a facility in Blue Creek, Orange Walk District. In 2013 they purchased and moved various pieces of soybean processing equipment from Yo Creek, Orange Walk, where a soybean processing facility had been built but was never fully operational. In 2016 the first soybeans were processed at their Spanish Lookout facility. Also in 2016, a visit to QFM by tourist Joel Yorgey of Iowa lead to interactions positive to both.

    Key Stages of Resilience for Plant Health By John Kempf
    Our vision and our mission is to help farmers produce healthy crops which are insect and disease resistant and have no need for toxic insecticides and fungicides. We can accomplish this goal by providing farmers with knowledge of how diseases and insect pests interact with growing plants, tools to monitor crop health in the field, and information and materials which can be used to increase and enhance plant health.

    The Belize Agriculture Information Management System (BAIMS) and the 2018 Belize National Agriculture Census By Milagro Matus
    The agriculture and food sector is one of the main pillars of the Belizean economy, contributing approximately $590 million annually to economic output, representing 80% of domestic exports, and directly employing 17.9% of the Belizean population. Moreover, it is a major foreign exchange earner, maintains a vibrant rural population and ensures food and nutrition security for the country. The Ministry of Agriculture is implementing initiatives to reform the enabling environment for agriculture and food production including the regulatory framework, market reform, and adoption of advanced technologies to counter the significant challenges posed by climate change.

    Management of Internal Parasites of Sheep and Goats By Daniel Juan
    Belize is in the process of building a sheep meat industry and is also experiencing a relatively new expansion in goat production, particularly focused on dairy. With this new direction it is important to improve various aspects of their production. These include genetics, nutrition, reproduction, husbandry, health and marketing. A number of these are being addressed by various entities. This article hopes to shed some light on one aspect of health – internal parasite management. Internal parasites of these livestock are generally pulmonary or gastrointestinal.

    BLPA and CATIE Sign Agreement for Technical Assistance
    On Wednesday 15th August 2018, Ms. Elba Cruz, Manager of the Belize Livestock Producers Association (BLPA) and Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Director of The Agronomic Centre for Tropical Research and Education (CATIE) signed an agreement for the provision of technical cooperation services to strengthen the livestock industry.

    Andre Leu: Building Topsoil with Regenerative Practices
    Topsoil is where the majority of the plant available nutrients, beneficial microorganisms and crop available water are found. The most important component of topsoil is organic matter composed mostly of soil organic carbon (SOC). It is estimated that agricultural soils have lost 50% to 70% of their original soil organic carbon pool and the depletion is exacerbated by further soil degradation. Longer rotations, cover crops, green manures...

    Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin: Regenerative Poultry Management
    Reginaldo will present on a revolutionary Poultry Centered Regenerative Farm model that is a success in Guatemala, Mexico and the US. The model is built not on a nearsighted drive toward maximum profit, but on a triple bottom-line being ecological, economical and socially viable. At the system’s center are free-range meat/egg poultry, raised in a well-managed paddock planted with a combination of perennials, cover crops, and small grains that provide additional cash value to the farmers and nutrition and shelter for the chicken.

    The Vaca Forest Reserve (VFR) is the closest forest reserve to the communities of Arenal, Benque Viejo del Carmen and San Jose Succotz. For the young boys of the Youth Environmental Action Group (YEAG) based in Succotz, this reserve was the closest, too, for outdoor camping and nature studies in the late 1980’s. At that time Don Antonio Morales used to describe the richness of the forest bustling with wildlife, intact caves and fresh water. But he had concerns since there was much talk about the construction of the dam on the Macal River and road access to the core of the Vaca Plateau. His late night anecdotes would end up with hopes that the forested area would remain just as how he found it in the late 1970’s when he arrived in the Vaca Plateau. The VFR covers an area of 40,303 acres (16,317 ha), and forms part of the Greater Maya Mountains Massif (a key biodiversity conservation area). It is bordered on the east by the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Nojkaaxmeen Elijio Panti National Park and to the south by the Chiquibul National Park.

    Carambola, the Star By Deborah Harder
    Carambola, Averrhoa carambola, is also called starfruit because the cross-section of its fruit is shaped like a 5 pointed star (although in rare instances it may have 6 – 8 points); it is a delightful tree with beautiful foliage and sprays of delicate purple blossoms. It grows well in a variety of soils and bears twice a year — November through January and May through August. The fruit, with its rather firm, translucent flesh, seems to appeal especially to Northerners due to its light, juicy quality, as opposed to other tropical fruits, some of which can seem rather heavy and overly rich to northern tastes.

    The Economics of Industrial Hemp By Karin Westdyk
    The U.S. currently imports an estimated $2 billion worth of industrial hemp each year. Though it is the world’s largest consumer of hemp and hemp products, US farmers have not enjoyed “harvesting” the benefits of growing hemp for the better part of a century. Based on disinformation, created and fueled by those who benefitted from its prohibition, a war was waged against a plant with the potential to provide quality food and shelter, a carbonnegative fuel, strong fiber and paper, and an effective medicine where pharmaceuticals have failed. Using racism and “fake news” hemp was vilified and since 1937, banished from the landscape, allowing fossil fuels to dominate agriculture, energy, and products that have caused great havoc, leaving a trail of pollution, illness, and war. But this is changing…

    Protein Bank Update By Chris Harris, White Rock Farm
    Quite a lot has happened since the first article about our protein bank. (See Belize Ag Report, issue 39.) In truth we have learned quite a lot. It’s a good news/ bad news story really. First the good news: we have been able to save quite a bit of money in proprietary feed costs. To be honest however, that was the easy part. Just don’t buy…!! The bad news is that our broiler growth rate dropped significantly when we substituted natural grass/leaf feed for part of the broiler grower we had been using.

    THE BIOCHAR SOLUTION - Carbon Farming and Climate Change By Albert Bates, Reviewed by Chris Harris
    The first thing to say about this book is that it is not for the deniers of climate change-or perhaps it is… By tracing the origins and history of agriculture around the world, from the very beginning of man’s involvement in life on “the third rock from the sun” the author presents a plausible account of the highs and lows of our struggle with nature and the impact on our future. Around 400,000 years of history from cave paintings through to modern day scientific research has given us a fascinating story of success and failure, of the rise and fall of civilizations and the impact on food production over the years.

    Ag Briefs

    Management for Sustaining the Vaca Forest Reserve By Sarah Ottinger and Elizabeth Becker
    This is the first in a series of articles to be written by college research students involved in projects to study human impacts on the Vaca Forest Reserve (VFR), a protected 15,314- hectare multi-use conserved area of land located in western Cayo. VFR provides renewable resources to the surrounding communities of Arenal, San Jose Succotz, and Benque. The students come from multiple US universities. They are focusing on agricultural plant and soil science, forestry, wildlife, and human/social dimensions of the VFR.

    Ag Calendar


    Halloween JUST Snuck Up On Me This Year!
    Halloween is HUGE In San Pedro Belize. But this year….it’s fallen off my radar. Maybe it’s the fact that it falls on Wednesday? Leaves you wondering WHAT weekend it will be celebrated on? So I went thru some of my old photos of Halloween’s past. And took a photo of the ONE Halloween decoration that I bought this year. It looks great next to my gardening machete. This WICKED spider bowl from A&R for $2.95bzd. (They have a TON of great decorations this year for all your last minute Halloweeners)

    Matachica Amongst Top 10 Resorts in Central America – 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards
    Secluded beachfront getaway, Matachica, is honored to announce that they have placed third amongst the top ten resorts in Central America in the 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards are the longest-running recognition of excellence in the travel industry, surveying travelers around the globe on every aspect of their experiences.

    International Sourcesizz

    Lonely Planet has compiled a ranking of the best destinations in the next year
    Experts authoritative travel resource Lonely Planet has compiled a rating of the best tourist destinations next year. Among the countries was leading Sri Lanka, Germany and Zimbabwe. Sri Lanka was in the lead due to their developed infrastructure that has significantly improved after a decade of internal conflict. Also attracts the attention of tourists the diversity of cultures, local hospitality, and abundant wildlife. The top ten countries included Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, Sao Tome and Principe, Belize. As for the TOP 10 cities, the leader is recognized as the capital of Denmark Copenhagen. Next are the Chinese Shenzhen and Serbian Novi Sad, as well as Miami (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal), Mexico city (Mexico), Dakar (Senegal), Seattle (USA), Zadar (Croatia) and Meknes (Morocco).


  • Caye Caulker Stakeholder Meeting, 21min. Stakeholders meeting for our new Health Center

  • Nicky Baptist live., 1hr25min.

  • Why did the crocodile cross the road?, 1min. Luckily for this scared cat, it was to get to the other side! Thank you Victor Carrillo of Caye Caulker for sharing this video with us!

  • Bruk it down jenny - parenting techniques & balance between discipline and understanding, 38min. Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Therapist,

  • UB ERI representatives - Birds, 38min. UB ERI representatives were our guest to talk all things birds. Did you know you can tell a bird's age and sex by its plumage, the breathing patterns on its stomach and the condition of its feathers? We didn't either! They spoke of the ongoing bird banding project and talked about the research and how it will inform their efforts to protect this natural resource. On our couch:

  • Women in Maritime Association Regional Essay Competition 2017 winner, 17min. Geniva Lambey is a fifteen year old student of St. Catherine's Academy. She is the winner of the 2017 Women in Maritime Association Regional Essay Competition. She was our guest to talk about her essay and why she was inspired to participate and write on the issues facing women in this sector.

  • The Belize City Council - improve business in the city Super Sale Zone, 32min. The Belize City Council is continuing their efforts to improve business in the city. Mayor Bernard Wagner and his team were our guests to discuss the latest initiative - Last Saturday Super Sale Zone. Businesses are on board to provide customers discounted deals every last Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Our guests spoke to us about how this incentive serves city residents. On our couch: Bernard Wagner - Mayor, Belize City Council. Alan Pollard - Counselor, Traffic, Community Participation, Public Relations and Special Events ,Belize City Council. Jacqueline Roe - Managing Director, Hofius.

  • 16th National Tourism Awards, 5min. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held its 16th National Tourism Awards on Saturday, October 22nd. The event was a grand celebration of Belize’s booming tourism industry and the people who work tirelessly to make Belize one of the best tourism destinations in the region. Here are some highlights of that event…

  • What is the Sustainable & Child Friendly Municipality Initiative?, 3min. For those who are asking what Child Friendly City/ town is all about, here is an explanation in a nut shell!

  • Belize Snorkel & Starfish Island, 8min. Hey Everyone! We are in the beautiful country of Belize and start our excursion off with a 20 minute ferry ride to the barrier reef site. Which is the second biggest Barrier Reef in the world. We snorkel at the site for a hour and got to see all kinds of fish, stingrays, and jellyfish. After the snorkel session they served us free rum punch all the way to starfish island, where you can have another 2 hours to relax or do some other things that you will see in the video.

  • House Hunters International 10/23/2018 - Going Big in Belize, 21min. A New Jersey family sells all their possessions and moves to the beach paradise of Placencia, Belize. They want to find a home on the perfect investment property where they can raise their young son. Will they take the plunge and go way over budget or play it safe?

  • Backpacking Belize, 8.5min. Adventuring/hitchhiking through Belize

  • Backpacking Belize | Chillin in Caye Caulker, 2min. The highlight of our time in Caye Caulker was enjoyed at the Iguana Reef Inn. Beautiful beach area and dock for daytime hangouts, delicious drinks at the bar, comfortable rooms and amazing aquatic critters that swim right up to the dock!

  • Belize - Shark feeding on Lion fish, 1min.

  • Belize Canoe Race: New River Quest Day 1, 16min. Belize Off Grid family / Horsing Around crew follow and lend support to teams in the 1st New River Quest Canoe Race in Northern Belize

  • Friendly Remora Checks Out Divers - Belize Mini Elbow, 14min.

  • Acción Deportiva, 60min.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show , 60min.

    October 23, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber and Ms. Sapna Budhrani, President of NICH, Bestow Title of Artist Emeritus and Awards to Three Outstanding Belizean Artists
    Honourable Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, Minister with the portfolio of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture along with Ms. Sapna Budhrani, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) today presented Mr. Florencio Mes, Ms. Myrna Manzanares and Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn with the title of Artist Emeritus at the Museum of Belize. Ms. Budhrani, President of NICH, welcomed all to the ceremony sharing that, “Belize is blessed with diversity, nature, ethnicities and cultural heroes; living, inspiring individuals who have made us dance, laugh and appreciate.” She recounted her personal experiences of listening to Mr. Mes’s harp music and how the soothing music helped to strengthen her concentration and focus, her appreciation of Ms. Manzanares’ writings of the Belizean Creole Culture that are shared locally and internationally...

    AWS and OAS working together to support Latin America in Natural Disasters
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Organization of American States (OAS) announced a collaboration to work together on initiatives to help develop better prepared communities and nations by reducing the impact of natural disasters on socio-economic development. The alliance, memorialized by AWS and OAS during a private event at OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. will benefit the countries, dependencies, and territories within Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the second collaboration of this nature between AWS and OAS, after launching an inaugural series of workshops and whitepapers on cybersecurity best practices for companies and government agencies in Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

    Caribbean countries and territories are better prepared to keep imported measles from sparking outbreaks
    It’s been more than 25 years since the Caribbean reported its last case of indigenous measles. But the risk of imported cases has persisted because measles continues to circulate in countries around the world. To protect its member countries and territories in the region, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) recently held a three-day workshop in Jamaica on preparedness and response to imported measles and rubella cases. The trainees were 35 health officers specialized in immunization and/or epidemiology from 25 Caribbean countries and territories.

    Ambergris Today

    BTB Holds 16th National Tourism Award Gala Event
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) celebrated its signature event, the highly anticipated 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event on Saturday, October 20th at Caribbean Motors in Belize City. Without fail La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, made its presence at this highly anticipated event and walked away with several top awards including, Hospitality Award, Small Accommodation of the Year, Tour Guide Association Of the Year and Top Performing Hotel Award. The 16th National Tourism Awards was the zenith for the accomplishments made over the past year by our local industry partners. All this hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as the BTB acknowledged our tourism professionals...

    10th Annual Blue Water Classic Fishing Tournament
    The BGFA’s longest running tournament, the Blue Water Classic, was hosted once again out of the picturesque Blue Marlin Lodge on stunning South Water Caye. Building on the success of last year’s tournament, the BGFA was able to up the tournament’s prize money with first place set at $10,000 and total prize money of over $30,000! This year we were also very excited to welcome 6 boats from Honduras who made the journey from Omoa, Puerto Cortes and Roatan to compete in this fast - growing tournament. Blessed with beautiful weather, the fleet of 23 boats headed offshore with eyes set on catching Belize’s elusive Blue Marlin, as well as a host of other species. It didn’t take long before the first Blue Marlin was released by Honduras Team ‘Boatweiser’ near to Gladden Spit. Team ‘BenAvi’ out of Belize City followed quickly behind them, releasing an estimated 250lb Blue Marlin north of Glover’s Reef.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    BTB Tourism Conference focus on Wellness and Rejuvenation
    Over 180 tourism stakeholders throughout Belize met at the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel last Friday to discuss key issues impacting the tourism industry as part of the annual BTB’s annual Tourism Industry Conference. The conference evolves from the BTB’s strategic plan on equipping stakeholders with pertinent and relevant information for the industry’s enhancement. The one-day conference was held under the theme: Rising Tourism Trends and the Impact on our Belize Market. The morning session focused on Revitalizing Tourism through Wellness and Rejuvenation while the afternoon session focused on Birding Tourism and the Millennial Traveller and Travel Trends.

    BTB's Tourism Awards 2018
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) celebrated its signature event, the highly anticipated 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event on Saturday, October 20th at Caribbean Motors in Belize City. The 16th National Tourism Awards was the zenith for the accomplishments made over the past year by our local industry partners. All this hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as the BTB acknowledged our tourism professionals in the areas of Front line Personnel, Hospitality Award, Hotel of the Year, Small Accommodations of the Year, Tour Guide of the Year, Tour Operator of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, Tour Guide Association of the Year, Major Festival/Event of the Year, Tourism Site of the Year, Top Performing Hotel, the Minister’s Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Halloween Bazaar La Isla Carinosa Academy
    Let the Halloween fun begin with us! Join LICA Halloween Bazaar 2018. We promise to make it a memorable event! See you there.

    Belizean Jazz Group Travels to Taiwan for 2018 Taipei Jazz Festival
    Belizean Jazz Band Omolewa Osain left the country today to participate in the 2018 Edition of the Taipei Jazz Festival to be held in Taipei City, Taiwan. The festival is an annual event hosted by the Taipei City Government, national and international bands are invited to perform at various venues in and around the City in an effort to expose the local public to jazz as a musical genre, increase their understanding of this international musical art form and their appreciation for diverse cultures.

    Congratulations to Stella Maris on the opening of their Leela Vernon Music School!
    Great work Principal Ocean and staff! I’m honored to be a part of your vision!

    The Pesticides Control Board was established on 31 December 1988 under the Ministry responsible for Agriculture for the regulation of pesticides in Belize. This week, the Pesticides Control Board of Belize joins other members of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Boards of the Caribbean (CGPC) in the regional observation of Pesticides Awareness Week 2018 under the theme: Increase Food Safety, Reduce Reliance on Pesticides, Adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM)!

    Belize Hosts CIX Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Council of Tourism Ministers, and XIII Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency
    Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, hosted the CIX Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Council of Tourism Ministers (C.C.T., for its Spanish equivalent), as well as, the XII Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (C.A.T.A., for its Spanish equivalent), in North Ambergris Caye, during the week of October 15th- October 19th, 2018. As the President Pro-Tempore of the Central American System for Tourism Integration (S.I.T.C.A., for its Spanish Equivalent), Hon. Manuel Heredia and a joint team of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Belize Tourism Board hosted over 40 participants from Central America and the Dominican Republic at a series of technical meetings leading up to the Ministerial Meetings of Tourism Ministers of the Central American Integration System (S.I.C.A, for its Spanish equivalent) region, held on October 17th, 2018.

    Social Investment Fund on Caye Caulker
    Social Investment Fund is here on the Island. The first round of meeting is completed. Please come out Thursday for the Public Consultation at 6:00 p.m. at the CCRC School. There's been a venue change. We need at least 30 percent of population to attend this meeting to make an upgraded health center a reality.

    16th National Tourism Awards
    A Re-cap of a night to remember "Recognizing Excellence in Service." Lots of photos!

    Ascenthium Halloween Costume Party
    Ascenthium will be playing this Saturday, October 27th, at La Cabana in Belmopan, for their Halloween costume party. In related news, they'll be playing at Metal Haven VIII on November 3rd in Benque. "Our 2nd stop will be in Belmopan La Cabaña Entertainment on Saturday 27th! Its a Halloween Costume Party! Come out and celebrate with us!"

    1st Annual Bi-National Exchange
    The Friends for Conservation and Development Youth Group and the Todos por Un Mundo Verde Youth Group from Guatemala had their 1st annual team building last week. Looks like they had a lot of fun sharing their ideas for keeping the region green.

    Water Outage today in Belize City
    Belize Water Services informs customers in parts of Belize City that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Buttonwood Bay and all that area that is bounded to the West by LaCroix Boulevard, to the South by Rootsville and the George Price Highway, to the East by Independence Boulevard, and to the North by Haulover Creek. Motorists are being advised of the following street closures: (i) Goulding Avenue, from its intersection with Dolphin Drive to its intersection with Sea Shore Drive and (ii) Holy Emmanuel Street. Customers are being advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 6:00pm.

    Last week the students from Anglican Cathedral College were busy working on their Urban Garden
    They were painting the structure with colorful designs and they were learning how to prepare the soil properly for the planting of the seeds. We at the Downtown Rejuvenation Project applaud the students and teachers for their hard work and dedication to make this garden a reality that will benefit many people in the future.

    Channel 7

    Teen Killed After Night Out
    Belize City recorded another teenaged murder over the weekend. On Saturday morning around 10:00, police found the body of 19 year-old Charlston Clifton Cleland on the shoulder of the George Price Highway, between miles 4 and 5. The Wilson Street resident had meet a brutal end: his throat was slashed, he was stabbed twice to the left side his back, and had another stab wound on his shoulder. Police also found abrasions on the right side of the neck. Apart from that, police don't yet know much about the Cleland's last few hours alive. He was seen enjoying an outing at the Sit and Sip on Friday night, and it is believed that he was killed sometime after he left the club. The head of the CIB office in Belize City told the media that investigators are looking for the people with whom Cleland was seen socializing:

    Gunman’s Murder Attempt Caught on Camera
    A Belize City man narrowly escaped death on Saturday - and he didn't even know it until he saw his own attempted murder on Facebook hours later! It happened on Friday night in front of a restaurant on Mahogany Street - when 19 year old Kelvin Gongora aimed his gun at a man who was leaving the restaurant, and pulled the trigger - but the gun snapped - twice! Surveillance footage shows that the intended target - who had his back turned - wasn't even aware that someone was pointing a gun at him.

    Still No Answers In Felina James’ Mysterious Murder
    Felina James was found dead four nights ago, and her car has still not turned up. The circumstances surrounding the death of the 36 year old mother of two has confounded police. Today, we also learnt that she had a personal firearm which is also missing:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "So far police have interviewed several persons. However, we cannot ascertain who was the person and the motive as to why this happened to Felina James. And her Kia Sorento still missing along with a firearm. She owns a firearm."

    No Clues on Portillo
    And - there's also the case of missing woman Ruby Portillo. Tonight, police still have no clues on her whereabouts. She left her Belize City home on Tuesday morning to go to work at mile 8 - and hasn't been seen since. Police told the media that she may have gone across the border:... ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City "I know that police visited 8 miles where she went to work. There were no sighting of her and they also made checks in the other areas where she could have possibly been, but nobody has seen her since then..."

    FBI Brought in To Investigate American’s Death
    Police say that they aren't quite sure what caused the death of Elizabeth Rigdon in Corozal - and they've called in the FBI to help. The 49 year old American was found dead 10 days ago, afloat in a pool in the Consejo area of Corozal. The only other person at the property was her husband, Robley Smith Rigdon. He told police they had been drinking and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found her nude in the pool where she had apparently drowned. Initially, Police said it looked like a drowning with no signs of violence, but tonight they are looking deeper. Here's why:...

    Sandlighter’s Promenade Transition Into Pizza Parlour
    The Sandlighter's promenade in Belize City was designed in the mid 90's as a part of a major infrastructure project, a prime public space, where city residents could breeze out by the sea, or take a morning stroll along the shoreline. The area is right on the sea front next to the Princess - across from the Mexican institute. But a part of this prime real estate with sea frontage is now being developed as a pizza parlour. It's raised some eyebrows and caused some political turbulence, because this is the city's property, and a public space, now being developed for private interests.

    PUP Leader Boldy Says Legalize It, Tax It
    The interview was conducted at Diab's Charter House Building, where, a few doors down, PUP Leader John Briceno records his weekly statement. This one is making news because Briceno has taken a bold step - he's calling for Belize to do what Jamaica and other countries have done: legalize marijuana, and turn it into an export market. In fact, he appears in front of a screen which says: "Grow the economy. Legalize it. Tax it." That's bold - and Briceno's handlers even pandered to his audience by tracking teh message with Marlon Asher's "Ganja Farmer" track in the background. Yeah, he went there. Briceno was emboldened by Canada's legalization of weed - here's how he explained what it can do for Belize:

    Briceno Going On “Listening Tour”
    And while Briceno is courting the pro-ganja vote, he's also doing some power balancing in his own party. On Saturday at the PUP Northern Caucus meeting in Chan Pine Ridge - Florencio Marin Jr was elected chair of the northern caucus. Reports say the Briceno camp had hoped for arch-loyalist Kevin Bernard to take the seat, but Florencio Marin - who has never been a Bricenista - announced his interest in the post quite suddenly - and that, reportedly, led to Bernard yielding - in what turned out to be an endorsement. And what may be seen as another concession to detractors, Briceno says that he's also going on a countrywide listening tour to learn how supporters feel about the ICJ:..

    Appeals Court Will Decide On Teenager’s Death
    The October sessions of the Court of Appeal started today, and one of the first cases to be heard was that of 25 year-old Pedro Moran. He was convicted in November of 2015 of manslaughter for the stabbing death of 15 year-old Albert Alexander Valdez. Moran was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but the DPP's Office thinks that the trial judge was too lenient with that punishment. So, they're asking the Court of Appeal to increase it. Albert Valdez was killed on May 22, 2011 in his home town of San Ignacio. His throat was slashed, and he suffered stab wounds to the heart and other parts of his body. In November 2015, Trial Judge Antoinette Moore found Moran not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter. After listening to the evidence of the case the trial judge was of the view that Moran did not intend to kill Valdez, when he inflicted the injuries which caused Valdez's death. After hearing his mitigation plea, the judge decided that the appropriate sentence that Moran should get is 12 years.

    Bartending as Community Policing
    Recently, under the leadership of Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, Police from Eastern Division Region 1 have been attempting some interesting community outreach initiatives, and today, they launched another. 25 Southside Belize City residents are currently attending a training to become bartenders. It's based on the premise that gainful employment has a direct impact on the root causes of crime. So, The Eastern Division Region 1 teamed up with Premium Wines and Spirits, Travelers Liquors, and the Sit and Sip bar to teach this group about how to become professional bartenders - a job much in demand in the tourism sector. 7News stopped by to find out more about the initiative, and here's what the Commanding Officer had to say about it:

    Alleged Shooter Charged
    19 year-old Trayvon Sherlock Martinez, a resident of Sibun Street in Belize City, is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly pulling a gun on another young man. The victim, 18 year-old Delbert Flowers, reported to police that at around 8:00 on Saturday night, we he was walking on Mopan Street, heading towards Vernon Street, when he noticed that Martinez was following him. Flowers told police that Martinez pulled a gun and began firing shots at him, all of which missed. He then ran until he reached the police checkpoint at the corner of Vernon and Mayflower Streets. Cops visited the area where the shooting started, and they found 6 expended 9 millimeter shells from the scene.

    Stable After Being Knocked Down and Shot 7 Times
    A man on motorbike is lucky to be alive after he was knocked down and then shot 7 TIMES. It happened on Sunday morning at 12:30am, near the Grace Bank junction at mile 21 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Nathaniel Lockwood was driving his motorbike with a friend on the back when an SUV ran them off the road. Police told us what happened next: ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB : "Mr. Nathaniel Lockwood was socializing at a house in the Sand Hill area when he met a friend by the name of Lyndon Ramos who asked him for a ride to go to Gardenia Village. As a result both of them got on their motorcycle and Mr. Lockwood drove the cycle towards Gardenia Village..."

    Chilling At Home, Man Grazed in Throat
    A Belize City man was grazed to his throat in his home on Sunday night. 22 year old Raheem Gordon was at his Causarina street home sitting on the couch when he heard a bullet, which came ripping through his window. Police told us more:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City "Last night sometime after 8:30, police visited #14 Causarina Street where they spoke to one, Raheem Gordon, 22 years old Belizean construction worker of that same address. He mentioned to police that he was sitting in his sofa in his house when he heard what appeared to be a gunshot..."

    Six Stabs In a Barroom
    A man was stabbed up at a bar in the Young Bank area of Camalote. Police have details:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "The second incident occurred in the Young Bank area of the Cayo District, which on Saturday 20th October, sometime around 10:40PM, police were called to a bar in the Young Bank area where they observed a Hispanic male, later identified as Jose Gonzalez, 33 years old with multiple stab wounds to the body; 5 stab wounds was observed on him. The initial investigation revealed that Gonzalez was socializing along with one Valentino Ramirez and during that time they got into an altercation which resulted in him being stabbed. He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he is now in a stable condition. Valentino Ramirez has not yet been arrested and police are seeking him in relation to this investigation."

    Armed Attack on Payroll
    And, in that same area of Cayo south, Abner Alas was shot at during an attempted robbery in Teakettle Village. Alas was carrying the payroll when a gunman appeared and opened fire:... ACP Joseph Myvette - Head of NCIB: "One Abner Alas, 30 years old farm manager for TKO Farm located somewhere Teakettle Village in the Cayo District reported to police that on Friday last sometime around 11:30am, he was travelling in a white pickup alone towards the farm and upon reaching some 500 yards from the farm gate, a Hispanic male person came out from the bushes and fired several shots towards his direction, damaging the vehicle. As a result, he was able to reverse the vehicle a safe distance where he got out and ran to safety."

    Cabbie Drowned In Benque
    Foul play is not suspected in the death of a 57 year old taxi driver found dead on the Banks of the Mopan River in Benque Viejo yesterday. Police told us about the death of Abel Chi:.. Chi may have been an epileptic.

    Santa Cruz Cannabis Contraband?
    The village of Santa Cruz in Orange Walk is across the river from Botes, Mexico - and gets all kinds of contraband traffic coming through - including illicit drugs. That's what police found today when they searched an Albion bus which was coming from that Village. Police found a colourful knapsack on the bus which no one claimed. Inside they found a tightly wrapped bundle of marijuana. It is considered found property.

    Honouring Tourism’s Finest
    The Belize Tourism Board held its 16th National Tourism Awards Gala Event at Caribbean Motors in Belize City on Saturday. It's the annual event where the BTB recognizes and awards its tourism industry partners. Top awards went to: Nikita Young, an employee of Chabil Mar, who was awarded for being the most outstanding frontiline personnel. The Hospitality award went to the Belize Chocolate Company from San Pedro. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, in Cayo, was chosen as the Hotel of the Year.

    Channel 5

    Charleston Cleland is Butchered After Leaving Belize City Nightclub
    Just after ten o’clock on Saturday morning, the body of nineteen-year-old Charleston Cleland was found dumped in a swampy area near an embankment off the George Price Highway. Cleland was [...]

    Shooter’s Gun Malfunctions in Brazen Attempted Murder
    It could have turned deadly earlier on Friday night in Belize City when a gunman pulled out a firearm and attempted to kill several persons. Security footage of Tasty Restaurant [...]

    Near Fatal Stabbing in Young Bank Area, Camalote Village
    A Camalote resident in western Belize was stabbed as many as seven times on Saturday night. Jose Gonzalez was at a bar when his attacker pounced on him. His family [...]

    Popular Benque Taxi Man Drowns in Mopan River
    In Benque Viejo Del Carmen, police do not suspect foul play in the drowning of a popular taxi operator. Abel Chi lost his life in the waters of the Mopan [...]

    Police and F.B.I. Investigating the Death of Claire Rigdon
    American National forty-nine-year-old Claire Elizabeth Rigdon was found dead in her swimming pool at her Consejo property in Corozal last Sunday. According to her husband, Robely Smith Rigdon, he and [...]

    D.O.E. Issues Stop Order to CitCo, Businessman Haisam Diab Over Proposes Seaside Restaurant
    If you’ve been by Marine Parade lately, you may have noticed a building being erected along the seaside, beside the south end of the Ramada Princess Hotel. Construction began a [...]

    A Retrial for Calaney Flowers in the Court of Appeal?
    In March 2017, Calaney Flowers was acquitted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Lyndon Morrison, who was riding his motorcycle with his new girlfriend in the area of Freetown Road [...]

    Some Solutions on the Horizon for School’s Sewerage Problem
    There is some good news coming out of Sacred Heart Primary School. Today, we got an update from Principal Philippa Hulett and she says they have found a solution to [...]

    Belize City Man Shot At While in His Home
    An attempt was made on the life of twenty-two-year-old Raheem Gordon. The Belize City man was sitting inside his house on Casuarina Street on Sunday night around eight-thirty, when a [...]

    Drive-by Shooting on Highway Leaves 1 Man Injured
    In the early hours of Sunday morning, Nathaniel Lockwood of Sand Hill Village was shot several times in the chest and stomach in Gardenia Village. Twenty-one-year-old Lockwood is now listed [...]

    Have You Seen Ruby Petino?
    Police are asking for your help in locating Ruby Petino. The Guatemalan national was living with a friend on East Collet Canal up to the time of her disappearance on [...]

    An Argument to Legalize Weed in Belize
    The marijuana debate has fizzled with the decriminalization of a small quantity for personal use in 2017.  Weed smokers across the country continue to enjoy the freedom of possessing up [...]

    Red Ribbon Week Declared Open at Wesley College
    Wesley College is hosting its twentieth annual “Red Ribbon” week. The school dedicates a week each year to promote awareness of the impacts of drug use and abuse. To do [...]

    Professor Explains Process at I.C.J. If Belize Says Yes
    A group of Belizean media sat down with an international law lecturer at the Mexican Autonomous University in Mexico City last Friday. Professor Carlos Bernal shared his experience as a [...]

    Are There Political Influences on the Judges at the I.C.J.?
    An issue in the minds of many is whether there could be any geopolitical influence on the judges sitting at the International Court of Justice? Bernal says decisions are about [...]

    Woman Loses Right Eye During Physical Attack
    A feud among neighbors has resulted in a young woman losing the use of an eye after being struck repeatedly to the head and body during a physical altercation last [...]

    Stella Maris Inaugurates Its New Music Room
    The Stella Maris School in Belize City officially opened its “Leela Vernon” music room. The school has added a music programme to its offerings after it received a number of [...]

    The Weekend in Sports with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports....]


    Wesley’s Red Ribbon Week kicks off
    This morning there was an opening ceremony to kick off Wesley College twentieth annual Red Ribbon Week, which is being held under the theme “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.” At this morning’s open ceremony, Mayor Khalid Belisle, addressed the students in attendance. Khalid Belisle Mayor Belmopan: “Anyone within air shot of my voice …

    Trivia Challenge
    The Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is celebrating Coastal Awareness Week. As a part of its week of activities, it is holding a trivia challenge for primary school children in Belize City. The Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts is the venue for the trivia challenge, which takes place tomorrow. Love news spoke …

    Stella Maris gets music room
    Music plays an important role in a child’s development and music can be found in many aspects of our culture including celebrations, entertainment and worship. For a long time, it was missing from Stella Maris’ curriculum, but with the assistance of the Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, Stella Maris now has a music room. There was …

    World Food Day
    A secondary school institution went all out to celebrate and observe World Food Day. Here is Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung with an overview of the event. Paul Mahung: “Independence High School held major activities yesterday in commemoration of World Food Day. IHS Principal Omar longsworth spoke to Love News at the event. Omar Longsworth: “We …

    Police Give update on Shooting Incident and Missing Woman
    A Belize City man from Causarina Street is lucky to be alive as a gunman entered his yard and then fired at him through a screen door. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that his injuries are from the ricochet from the wall. ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Last night sometime after 8:30 Police visited #14 …

    Body of Murdered 19 year old found
    A 19 year old Belize City resident went out to party on the entertainment strip in Belize City over the weekend …. A few hours later, his mutilated body was found in a bushy area on the George Price Highway. Jose Sanchez: “A body was found on Saturday morning near Bravo Motors, a few miles outside …

    Attempted Hit caught on Camera
    There are always reports of shooting incidents that don’t make it into the police weekly blotter because the shooter missed or shots were merely fired. On Friday, two cameras caught an incident in the vicinity of Santa Barbara and Mahogany Streets in Belize City. Love News examined both videos for clues what could have been …

    knocked down, shot, and fighting for life
    A Belize City man was gravely injured in a shooting incident on the Philip Goldson Highway late Saturday night. 21-year-old, Nathaniel Lockewood has had no run-ins with the police and he was giving a ride home to an acquaintance on his cycle when he was injured. Love News spoke to Lockewood’s sister, Kayla and his …

    Tips to prevent the flu
    Influenza commonly called the flu is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system including the nose, throat and lungs. With the influenza season upon us, the Ministry of Health is encouraging at risk groups to get vaccinated. These groups include children six to twenty-three months old, pregnant women, persons suffering from chronic disease and …

    FBI Investigates death of American Woman in Belize
    An American retiree in Belize passed away under unusual circumstances on Saturday, October 13 in northern Belize. Corozal police had gone to their home in the Consejo area, where houses, mostly belonging to foreigners are built in great distances from each other. At the home six miles into the Consejo Road, officers spoke to Robely …

    Will CitCo be constructing houses in Krooman Lagoon?
    The Krooman Lagoon is an area in the Collet Division that has been designated as an important reserve for wildlife in the old capital. The contention and controversy surrounding this area has been many, ranging from squatters, claim of ownership and then there is the matter of environmental protection. The quite coveted area is back in the news tonight as the recently elected mayor, Bernard Wagner has his eyes set on Krooman; this time with an idea for housing...

    The Reporter

    There are reliable reports tonight that the Southern Workers Union is planning a protest at the Southern Regional Hospital tomorrow. Sources say that the Union is angry because of two recent deaths which they say were caused by negligence, as well as the treatment of patients by staff and the general conditions of the facility. We’ll have more details tomorrow.

    By: Mike Rudon Jr. – I’ve come to talk to you again! Many, many of the seven people that read my column religiously have told me that lately my writing has gotten darker. I find that interesting. Here I am thinking I’m just this plump little ball of goodness and joy and happiness and warm, fuzzy feelings. I mean, my writing is supposed to inspire, right?

    Police are investigating a shooting last night which left Raheem Gordon, 22, with an injury to his neck. Gordon told cops that he was inside his home at #14 Casuarina Street at around 8:30 when he heard a gunshot and realized he had been wounded. He was unable to identify the shooter because the door of the home was closed.


    Best of Belize pictures from the last couple weeks....
    With our PUR team now in two locations....and lots of enthusiastic picture taking.....we are gathering an absolute TON of amazing images in different parts of Belize. There are almost too many to organize but so many of them are can't miss -- here are our favorites from the last couple weeks!! From the air over San Pedro...

    Bird Watching with San Ignacio Resort Hotel
    It is always a pleasure to visit the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. As a kid, we would always visit San Ignacio Resort Hotel for great food and an amazing time in their pool and swing sets. Since then, there have been many renovations and upgrades done to the establishment – marvelous nontheless! Derrick, Pablo and I were escorted to the terrace where freshly brewed coffee, milk, sugar and bakery-fresh chocolate chip cookies, along with some binoculars awaited us. We were told that Ms. Jasmine and our birding guide for the day, Nigel, would be joining us in a few. In the meantime, we helped ourselves to a warm cup of coffee to wash away any remnants of sleepiness. For the past couple of weeks we had been waking up early to go bird watching and it has definitely caught up to us. But, there’s nothing a nice cup of coffee wouldn't fix!

    Common Languages Spoken in Belize
    Belize is completely different than all of its neighbors in Central America because English is the official language of Belize. All government communiques, road signs, and official documents in the country are written in English, but in practice, most residents of Belize speak Kriol as their first language. In addition, most Belizeans are fluent in two or more languages. Sometimes spelled Creole, Kriol is much more than just a dialect of English. Although Kriol is relatively easy to parse when written, it can be difficult to understand for people who only speak standard English. However, most people in Belize can speak standard English and use it when communicating with visitors from other countries.

    Fascinating Facts About the Lost City of Xunantunich
    Thousands of years ago, the Maya empire stretched from Mexico in the north down to El Salvador in the south. They built enormous stone cities in the middle of the jungle, only to abandon them around the year 900 AD for reasons still unknown to modern archeologists. One of the largest Maya cities ever built, now called Xunantunich, was lost for centuries until it was discovered by accident when a villager in Belize came across a ghost of an ancient Maya maiden in the 1890s.

    Sea and Ocean Conservation
    If we do not do better to protect our natural environments. In the case of our island, the Caribbean Sea, Belize Barrier Reef, marine life are all top reasons to do better at protecting our environment. For us improperly placed garbage and improper infrastructure is a huge threat, the metals and waste are leeching back into the ground and into our water system is having a strong negative effect on our environment. Thankfully the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association is stepping in to help fight unregulated garbage and is about to do a major clean up starting with the west side of the airstrip.

    International Sourcesizz

    Quirky quest seeks some flags for a monument in Belize
    Roanoke-based Bookbag Santa has supplied Belizean students with no-cost school supplies since 2007. Now, the organization's founder is seeking flags for a mostly forgotten monument in the Central American country.

    CCJ Orders Convicted Murderer in Belize be Set Free
    A convicted murderer who began serving a life sentence five year ago, is now a free man, after the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) overturned his conviction as a result of unreliable identification evidence from a witness during his trial. The CCJ ordered the release of 25-year-old Japhet Bennett, who was convicted in 2013 of the September 13, 2009 shooting death of Ellis Meighan in Belize City, after hearing his appeal. Bennett’s lawyer, Audrey Matura, said she was pleasantly surprised by the court’s decision, given that the hearing which Anthony Sylvester led for the defence in her absence, was intended to be a leave for permission to appeal the Belize Court of Appeal decision in her client’s case, and not the actual appeal.

    Belize Barrier Reef
    Running to nearly 300 km on the Carribean coast of Belize in Central America, the Belize Barrier Reef is the world’s second largest such reef system, and the longest in the northern and western hemispheres. This natural system contains within itself several atolls (a ring-shaped coral reef or island or series of islets), sand cays (low banks), mangrove forests, lagoons and estuaries. The region is also home to western hemisphere’s only coral atolls. It is said that, in a comparitively small area, the reef system offers a startling variety of reef types. This diversity, along with the richness and abudance of healthy corals, also offers a glimpse into the evolutionary history of the reefs. As with many other natural systems across the world, factors such as pollution, climate change, and increasing tourism and development pose a challenge to the region. In addition, the invasion of lionfish that destroys other tropical species in the area too has been a reason for worry.

    CCJ President Puzzled by Resistance to Regional Court
    President of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Justice Adrian Saunders says he’s perplexed and embarrassed that there is still so much resistance to the regional court. While Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have all signed on to the Trinidad-based court’s original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Belize, Dominica and Guyana have made the CCJ their final court of appeal, with the others remaining with the United Kingdom’s Privy Council. Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda will each hold a referendum on November 6 to decide whether to make the switch.


  • Los Finados - how to make the candles used in the ceremony, 22min. The celebration of Los Finados is approaching. Nalleli Yacab, Coordinator at the Benque House of Culture showed us how to make the candles used in the ceremony. We made candles out of bees wax. The process is an integral part of the celebration and she explained the significance of the process.

  • The Twice Loved Project - kids donation drive, 15min. Sherlyn Williams - Organizer, Twice Loved Project. Jazzlee Usher - Team Member, Twice Loved Project. Sheneil Sinclair - Team Member, Twice Loved Project. Stephanie Noralez - Team Member, Twice Loved Project.

  • Lord Rhaburn, Florencio Mes and Myrna Manzanres acknowledged by NICH as Artists Emeritus, 1min. here was a powerful moment when Lord Rhaburn shared his latest song which he says is important in all this ICJ talk and a tribute to Florencio Mes. The Maya are the boss of the land. North, south, east and west.

  • Driving the Hummingbird Highway through Armenia village, 4.5min.

  • Elmer M. Morning Show -Belize Diabetes Association, 16min.

  • Snorkeling in Hol Chan in Belize, min.

  • The Downtown Rejuvenation Project at the corner of Cockburn Lane and Regents Street is well on its way, 10sec. Fifteen piles have been driven and the foundation will soon start. When completed the new structure will house a restaurant that will cater to local cuisine and a small museum dedicated to the former owner Mr. Frederic Greenwood.

    October 22, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Out and about in the South!
    The Embassy team met with several recipients of the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) Economic Support Fund grants in Punta Gorda including Celia Mahung and the team at Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) and Dorla Bowman from Building People Movement. Both organizations are doing excellent work to build civil society capacity, support youth empowerment, and increase accountability and transparency in the Toledo district and country wide.

    San Pedro Tourist Guide Association!! Best Guide Association of the year BTB !!!


    Hit and Run and Shot
    A Belize City man has been gravely injured in a combination of a hit and run and shooting incident. 21-year-old, Nathaniel Locke is in a critical condition after receiving multiple gunshot wounds last night at around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Love News understands that Locke was with 35-year-old, Lyndon Ramos on a motorcycle heading to Gardenia Village from Sandhill on the Phillip Goldson Highway when an SUV allegedly drove up behind them and tipped them off the cycle.

    Another Missing Woman
    Earlier in the newscast we told you that police had recovered the body of a woman who had been reported missing from last week. The fear about the safety of people who unexpectedly disappear continues tonight for a Belize City family. Tuesday morning was the last time Ruby Petino was seen.

    The Reporter

    A number of persons remain in policy custody pending investigation by the Police into their alleged involvement in a burglary at the home of businessman Edwin Logan 52, in which over ten thousand dollars worth of items were stolen. The burglary at the home located on Heart Street in Belize City is reported to have happened sometime between 6:00 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on Friday October 19th, where the thieves gained entry to the home by prying open a window of the Logan’s bedroom.

    Nathaniel Lockwood, SHOT, IN CRITICAL CONDITION AT K.H.M.H
    Nathaniel Lockwood, 21, was shot multiple times and is in critical condition at the KHMH. Lockwood was with a friend on a motorcycle in Gardenia on the Phillip Goldson Highway when an SUV ran them off the road.

    A well known taximan from Benque died yesterday. Abel Chi, 57, apparently went swimming in the Mopan River just after 10:00am Saturday and the current may have been too strong for him as a result of the flooded state of the river. His body was retrieved after midday.

    Three persons, including a mother, her daughter and a Canadian national were transported from the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize for further medical attention due to injuries they sustained during an early morning collision on the Stann Creek Valley Road. The victims are identified as Karima Martinez, 42, a sales manager of Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins and her daughter Kelsie Martinez, 17, along with Canadian National Snyder Williams, 70, sustained bodily injuries during the crash which occurred just after 7:15 a.m. on October 19th 2018.

    The badly decomposed body of a female which was found near mile two and a half on the Coastal Road late Thursday evening has been positively identified by family members and Police as being that of missing mother Felina James, 37. James’ body was only identified on October 19th based on her tattoos, and since the body was in an advanced state of decomposition, it was transported to the Medical School in Burrell Boom where the results of a post mortem examination certified that the woman had died as a result of chop wounds to the neck.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man drowns in Mopan River
    Yesterday, authorities retrieved the body of Abel Chi, 57, from the Mopan River in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District. Chi’s family members believe that he suffered an epileptic seizure while swimming.

    Man shot multiple times today
    Earlier today, a young man was shot multiple times on the Philip Goldson Highway. Nathaniel Lockwood was on a motorcycle with another person in Gardenia Village, Belize District when a vehicle ran them off the road.


    Fight Night! MMA Comes To San Pedro Belize
    Though I know it exists and I know it is wildly popular…I have never ever seen a UFC fight or an MMA fight. Fighting? It’s not my thing. Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Hulk Hogan are the last fighters to appear on my radar screen. Probably the late 80s, when my little brother was way bigger than me and lorded over the remote control. Plus, it was more about the flair…and the show than about blood and punches. Look how cool Randy was… Saca Chispas…the Old Football field on Back Street. I decided NOT to use the VIP distinction – for fear of getting blood or spit on myself – those seats are CLOSE. The refs had rubber gloves on! And watched guys – mostly very nervous looking young guys – go into a chain link octogen and…kick and punch and roll around on the floor.

    International Sourcesizz

    Aquatica Submarines creates ocean foundation ahead of dive with Richard Branson
    Vancouver-based Aquatica Submarines has announced the launch of its new ocean conservation charity, the Aquatica Foundation. The NGO has been created with the purpose of contributing to ocean exploration and restoration, as well as furthering education about the ocean and marine life by bringing together global experts to share knowledge and support marine events. The news, which was announced by Aquatica president and CEO Harvey Flemming on October 2018, comes in the run up to the company’s expedition to the Belize Blue Hole which is being carried out in conjunction with Richard Branson and the Fabien Cousteau Society. The landmark project hopes to reach the bottom of the famous landmark and the company’s Stingray 500 model submarine will be one of two vessels on the voyage to the UNESCO world heritage site, located in the Belize Barrier Reef. The submarine, which can carry one pilot and two passengers, will be heading 420 feet into the depths of the ocean sinkhole. Located 40 miles from the shores of Belize City and stretching 1,043 feet in diameter, the Blue Hole is considered one of the top dive sites in the world.


  • A Grey Fox!, 1min. Mountain Pine Ridge

  • Secrets of the Sunken Caves - The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, 49min. Very old (1970's) Jacques Cousteau exploratory film about the Blue Hole. Fascinating.

  • Belize 2018, 12min.

  • Belize 2018, 10min.

  • Atlantic Blue Tang in Belize, 1min. Followed an Atlantic Blue Tang (not to be confused with Dori) and some bluestriped grunts.

  • Helping to grow a better Belize – Ernesto Pech, 2min. Helping to grow a better Belize – Ernesto Pech teaches Agriculture at the Belize High School of Agriculture.

  • Planting the seeds for a better Belize – Crispin Roches, 3min. Planting the seeds for a better Belize - Crispin Francis Roches runs the Agriculture programme at the Julian Cho Technical College

  • Police United FC vs Freedom Fighters FC, 2hr24min.

    October 21, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of Health urges Ministry of Education to prohibit the sale of sodas in schools
    During the signing ceremony of contracts to extend the Hemodialysis program for Belizean patients who suffer from the end-stage of renal failure, the Minister of Health Honorable Pablo Marin called for the Ministry of Education (MOE) to prohibit the sale of soft drinks in educational institutions countrywide. The announcement was made on Monday, October 8th with Marin stating that this initiative is part of the ministry’s action plan to tackle deaths associated with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are the leading cause of end-stage renal failure.

    Friends of Swallow Caye host Manatee Awareness Week 2018
    Friends of Swallow Caye held a successful Manatee Awareness campaign in San Pedro Town, Caye Caulker and Belize City from Monday, October 8th to Sunday, October 14th. The week was devoted to raising awareness about the protection and monitoring of these endangered species, which if not protected, they may not exist in the near future. Throughout the week many educational sessions were held at several locations to educate citizens of what challenges manatees are facing and how people can contribute their protection. The Manatee Awareness Week 2018 ended with a fan tour to Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary on Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th, where spectators had the experience to view manatees in their natural habitat.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    We are the proud winner of the 2018 Major festival in Belize Award by the Belize Tourism Board!
    Congratulations to the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee

    NO permits have been granted for dredging of the seabed around Cayo Rosario
    How many over-the-water structures can you count. IN OUR HOL CHAN MARINE RESERVE? We see more than 54. FIFTY FOUR! We have asked the Belize Forest Department (Mangroves), Natural Resources (Dredging) and The Fisheries Dept (ANY activity in a marine reserve) to clarify their positions on the Cayo Rosario plan and to say NO to any and all permissions regarding this project. Yesterday, we heard from Michelle Alvarez - the Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

    Caribbean Tire crosses frontier
    The Spanish Lookout settlement started as a remote village in Belize in 1958 and the Texaco Service Station (Central Service which later became Caribbean Tire Wholesale Ltd.) became a part of the community 12 years later, around 1970. This Service Station was establish by some of the senior community members. In the early years all tires were purchased from local suppliers, a few tires at a time, and for lack of proper bridges during the rainy season, these products had to be transported across the river in canoes. Today Caribbean Tire is a well established business with branches all over Belize. In 2000 Caribbean Tire opened its Corozal Free Zone Store, focusing on the Mexican market. Today the business has crossed frontier, perhaps due to the current shaky business environment at the Corozal Free Zone. Caribbean Tire will be opening its largest branch outside of Belize, once again targeting the Mexican market. It will be located in Chetumal, Mexico on Avenida Insurgentes northbound off the Expofer Show Grounds.

    And the Benque Urban Birdwatch is a wrap
    With... Mississippi Kite, Peregrine Falcon and...Orange-breasted Falcon! Yes an amazing surprise to see this critically endangered species within an urban environment. Thanks to all our participants!

    Out and about in the South!
    The Embassy team next stop was the Hillside Health Care Clinic to learn about their tireless efforts to provide low cost health care to rural communities throughout the Toledo district. It was a pleasure to meet with the team and hear about their dedication to improving the quality of life of their patients. We met several American students doing part of their medical studies with Hillside and took the opportunity to remind them to vote in the upcoming midterm elections!

    16th National Tourism Awards
    14 Photos

    Ya'axché Conservation Trust Protected Areas Program Director
    Join our team as Protected Areas Program Director! We are securing the services of a Belizean Protected Areas Program Director – with a strong interest in protected areas management and conservation – to contribute to the leadership and oversight of the Protected Areas Program.

    We all know the Maya Legend of the Xtabai but do we know it's origin ? Una de las historia sobre el origen del Xtabai esta en espanol y en ingles gracias por el apoyo y vamos a mantener nuestra cultura Maya viva en el norte de Belize . Let's preserve our Yucatec Maya culture in Belize . A legend of Xtabay (the female demon) tells of two women who lived in a village in the Yucatán Peninsula. One was named Xkeban (which means "sinner", "bad woman" or "one who practices illicit love"); the other was Utz-Colel (a good, decent woman). People said Xkeban was beautiful, but sick with lust, and gave her favors to every man who asked her.

    The Reporter

    As The Reporter embarks on the new series to showcase Belizean businesses, we highlight a Belizean restaurant that has challenged the status quo on fried chicken, Verts Fried Chicken and More, located at #43 Euphrates Avenue. The owner, Belizean born Calvert Webster, has been involved with food since his teens. After spending the majority of his early life in the United States Webster, known locally as “Verts” joined the US Army right after high school where he served as a cook for just under two years.

    These days when I get in a Facebook back and forth with people and they feel defeated they are quick to remind me that I was soundly beaten by Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro in the 2015 general elections. Clear the Land (the then two-time UDP representative) received 2,100 votes and I received 1,500 after only six months of political work. This was the best performance against Clear the Land since his 2008 victory, but yet to some my 2015 defeat, though honorable, is supposed to make me think less of myself. Their desire shall go unfulfilled of course, because Maja was Maja before politics and he remains Maja after politics; in other words Maja dah name brand since 2004!

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Body found in Belize City identified
    This morning the body of a man was discovered near Bravo Motors in Belize City. He was observed with various knife wounds to his body. His body was transported to the Belize City Morgue where it was later identified as Wilson Street resident, Charleston Cleland Jr.

    Belize~ Honduran Caravana Exodus
    By Richard Harrison: A phenomenon of biblical proportions is taking place right in front of our very eyes. I was aware that life was getting harder in neighbouring Honduras…but never did I imagine that the frustration would cresendo into the mass exodus of around 4,000 who got up and left unbearable suffering in their country en route to the hope and promise of the prosperous north…they have passed through Guatemala and are currently at the southern border of Mexico.

    Former Mexican ICJ advisor optimistic of Belize’s case
    A group of Belizean journalists were in Mexico this week meeting with Former Mexican advisor at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Carlos Bernal. The trip is a part of the United States Embassy in Belize’s ICJ education campaign. The campaign is titled , “From Fear to Facts; Demystifying the International Court of Justice.”

    Jimmy Morales to Trump: Conditions can’t be placed on US aid
    The ‘March of the Migrant’, as it has been termed, is currently at the Guatemala-Mexico border seeking help from Mexico to enter their territory. The march began with a little over 1,000 Hondurans last week Saturday just days after Central American leaders had met with US Vice president, Mike Pence to discuss migration.

    Three outstanding Belizean artists receive Artist Emeritus Award
    Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, Minister with the portfolio of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture along with Sapna Budhrani, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) yesterday presented Florencio Mes, Myrna Manzanares and Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn with the title of Artist Emeritus at the Museum of Belize.

    BNTU should not dictate on hardship allowances, says Faber
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) and the Ministry of Education are sorting out some big issues in the educational system including the re-categorization of hardship allowances for teachers. Last week, the BNTU issued a strongly worded statement warning the Ministry to cease from disrespecting them since the meeting dates were set and were not adhered to.

    Patrick Faber to Elena Smith: “Cry baby”
    There are several on-going issues that the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) and the Ministry of Education are trying to resolve. One of the issue is proposal 22. Proposal 22 proposes that the Government of Belize pay in full the salary of teachers at grant aided secondary schools.

    Corozal cops find .9mm pistol
    Corozal police have deposited a .9mm pistol as found property. On October 18th, just after 3:00 p.m., upon conducted a search in an overgrown lot in the Dominguez Layout in that municipality, police discovered an unarmed .9mm pistol in a sack.

    Two convicted of Richard and Maria Stuart double murder
    Milton Maza and Eli Lopez were today found guilty of the double murder of attorney Richard Stuart and his wife Maria in 2010. In a trial without jury, which began in July, Supreme Court Justice, Colin William’s found the duo guilty. However, the convicted murderers will not be sentenced until November 9th.

    Orange Walk police seize illegal ammunition
    Orange Walk police have labeled 20 yellow Fiochi brand 20 gauge cartridges as found property. At around 4:20 p.m. on October 18th, members of the Orange Walk Police Department conducted patrols and searches on the August Pine Ridge and San Felipe road, which lead them to the discovery.

    International Sourcesizz

    CCJ president perplexed at C'bean people's non-acceptance of regional court
    President of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Justice Adrian Saunders, says after 50 years of political independence, he remains perplexed that Caribbean people are still finding “excuses” in support of the London-based Privy Council as the region's final court. Justice Saunders, who will receive an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) later on Saturday, said that he however remains confident that like other regional institutions, the CCJ will be embraced by all the people of the Caribbean.


  • The biggest Red Tailed Boa I've ever caught! A whopping 7 footer!!!, 2min. Mountain Pine Ridge..

  • Cat Eyed Snake..., 3.5min. very common around here! Mountain Pine Ridge..

  • A Slender Brown Scorpion out for a hunt! Caught a little bug!, 1.5min. Mountain Pine Ridge..

  • Cat Eyed Snake vs Gecko!, 8.5min. Mountain Pine Ridge..

  • Another Cat Eyed Snake for the record book..., 4min. Mountain Pine Ridge..

  • Pepe LePew! A Striped Hog-nosed Skunk! Mountain Pine Ridge.., 2.5min.

  • Saturday view in Corozal, 4.5min.

  • Women from across Corozal sign up to attend Self Defense in Corozal, 10min. It happened Saturday morning in Rainbow Beach, Corozal Tortuga. Renee Wentz Self Defender taught a group of young ladies and younger girls how to Defend themselves.

  • Belize independence day fireworks in Belmopan, 3.5min.

  • Belize Season 2 Episode 4, 7min. A drive to Upper Barton Creek fellowship.

  • Caye Caulker Sharks & Rays - Belize, 13min. Sharks & Rays from 8 dives off Caye Caulker with Frenchie's Diving.

  • Long Caye, Belize, 4min. Diving Long Caye in Belize. August 2018 Lighthouse Reef, Belize

  • Belize's Ancient Maya Sacrificial Cave Rare Footage One Strange Rock, 1.5min.

  • Caye Caulker Green Moray Eels - Belize, 3min. A few friendly green moray eels during dives on Turneffe with Frenchie's Diving

  • The 2018 Annual Tourism Awards, 3hr.

  • Maya site Alabama Walkthrough, 17min. To celebrate International Archaeology Day, please enjoy this walking tour of the monumental core of the ancient Maya site of Alabama, in the Stann Creek District of Central Belize. Watch the trowel to view your progress through the site

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