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October 18, 2017


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Specials and Events

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The San Pedro Sun

Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute participates in the Major aspects of the coastal environmental management Workshop
Representatives of Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) will be participating in the workshop “Major aspects of the coastal environmental management” to be held from 17th to 20th October in Kingston, Jamaica. The Workshop will include four days of theoretical and practical sessions to acknowledge the main sources of marine pollution in each country of the Caribbean Community. Its purpose is to develop a proposal of an environmental management instrument intended to improve marine environmental conditions of the participating countries.

San Pedro Remembers Faye Lin Cannon
In memory of Faye Lin Cannon a memorial ceremony was held on Saturday, October 14th, from 11pm to 2pm, at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town. The ceremony was organized by Faye’s adoptive father Dave Cannon. “The ceremony is for children and adults who want to send a message of love for my daughters,” said Dave. He is has been in Belize since the news of Faye Lins death. Dave Cannon is currently trying to obtain custody of Faye Lins three sisters but for the meantime they are still under the care of the Department of Human Services until further notice.

Caye Notes
Everyone is welcomed to the Church of Christ, Iglesia de Cristo, just across the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge in San Mateo Area for a seminar. The seminar will be held starting Sunday, October 22nd to Thursday, October 26th from 9AM to 3PM daily. Teaching will be provided by Mark Batteiger, education and preached for 30 years. Everyone is invite and lunch will be provided. LOVE YOUR EYES! Come get them checked free of cost. A comprehensive eye exam by Stanford Ophthalmologists with state of the art equipment. Date: Monday October 23- Thursday October 26, 2017, Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please bring your Social Security Card or other I.D. Place: Belize Vision Clinic located at the Lions Den Clinic Ph: 669-8412

Arrivals to Belize Continue Steady Growth Path
For the first 9 months of 2017, the tourism arrivals continue to show a positive trend. The latest statistics show there was a 7.9% increase in Overnight arrivals in the month of September, representing an increase of over 1,400 visitors. In September 2017, arrivals through the International Airport increased only slightly, as the number of incoming flights were impacted by the threat of storms in the region in the early part of the month. An increase in the arrival of visitors thru the land borders in Northern and Western Belize assisted in these gains during September. The cumulative overnight arrival increase was 8.6% through the first 9 months of the year.

Ambergris Today

Arrivals To Belize Continue Steady Growth Path Overnight Arrivals
The Belize Tourism Board reports that for the first nine months of 2017, the tourism arrivals continue to show a positive trend. The latest statistics show there was a 7.9% increase in Overnight arrivals in the month of September, representing an increase of over 1,400 visitors. In September 2017, arrivals through the International Airport increased only slightly, as the number of incoming flights were impacted by the threat of storms in the region in the early part of the month.

Misc Belizean Sources


Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute participates in the Major aspects of the coastal environmental management Workshop
Representatives of Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) will be participating in the workshop “Major aspects of the coastal environmental management” to be held from 17 to 20 October in Kingston, Jamaica. The Workshop will include four days of theoretical and practical sessions to acknowledge the main sources of marine pollution in each country of the Caribbean Community. Its purpose is to develop a proposal of an environmental management instrument intended to improve marine environmental conditions of the participating countries. Staff from CZMA’s technical programs which includes: Mr. Samir Rosado (Coastal Planner), Mr. Gilbert Andrews (Environmental Lab Technician), and Mr. Victor Sho (Sport Fishing Coordinator) will engage in the workshop through assisting to the developing proposals that will better the Caribbean communities’ marine environmental conditions. By doing this, CZMAI intends to harbor awareness to occurring marine pollutions.

Arrivals to Belize Continue Steady Growth Path
For the first 9 months of 2017, the tourism arrivals continue to show a positive trend.The latest statistics show there was a 7.9% increase in Overnight arrivals in the month of September, representing an increase of over 1,400 visitors. In September 2017, arrivals through the International Airport increased only slightly, as the number of incoming flights were impacted by the threat of storms in the region in the early part of the month. An increase in the arrival of visitors thru the land borders in Northern and Western Belize assisted in these gains during September. The cumulative overnight arrival increase was 8.6% through the first 9 months of the year.

Diabetes Run coming soon!!!
Only 17 more days to go. Register your teams today! It is only 23 miles from the Belmopan Market Square to our piece of Paradise: Palacios Mountain Retreat. We will have persons walking and running all 23 miles. Runners will be divided into marathon runners or relay runners. Register your team/s today. Call Brito at 6152249 for more information

Victoria House for the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence
Voting ends soon! Please don't forget to vote for Victoria House for the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence. Shortlist voting will close on the 19th of October. We appreciate everyone's support immensely, and thank you so much to everyone who has already voted!

Benque Viejo cleanup!
Department of Youth Services and Benque community participating in the cleanup in Benque Viejo

Ya'axché Conservation Trust 2016 Annual Report
2016 was an incredible year for Ya’axché! We take this opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of the staff, board of directors, volunteers, partners and the kind funds received from our donors. Learn more details of our impact by downloading our Annual Report at Enjoy!

2017 Central America Travel Market
The Central America Travel Market ( CATM ) was held in San Salvador from October 6 to 8, 2017. This regional tourism event, held in a different Central American country each year, has a main goal of promoting Tourism to the area. Participating countries this year included Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. Over 100 wholesalers from Europe, the US and South America and many international journalists attend this event each year in an effort to make new connections and contracts within Central America. The Salvadoran Ministry of Tourism said CATM "... will house more than 100 tourism companies in the region, and about 80 of whom are specialized multi - product buyers from Europe, South America and the United States, allowing for promotion of business relationships with tourism suppliers in Central America. " The eleventh edition of the event was organized by the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador and the Federation of Chambers of Tourism of Central America (FEDECATUR) and the Central America Tourism Agency (CATA). The Belize Tourism Industry Association ( BTIA), being the representatives of CATA in Belize, spearheaded this initiative, whereby local tourism stakeholders could participate in the event.

Dear President, Thank you for your last letter of October 13, 2017, which I was made aware of by way of your media release. Actually, I thought it was the letter from you to me of September 15, 2017, initiating this chain of correspondence, that was disrespectful. It was written in a peremptory, demanding and uncivil fashion. I nevertheless tried to avoid any similar vein of discourtesy in responding. Notwithstanding, you have tendentiously labeled my reply and that is unfortunate. But let me turn to the substance of your request, the answers to which will underscore certain of the points I made last time. 1. As you, and all Belize, well know, the Senate Select Committee has been appointed and has been working now for almost a year.

San Pedro Breast Cancer Awareness Walk or Run 2017
It's here again! Our Breast Cancer Awareness Walk or Run 2017! SIGN UP NOW! Share with all your friends and family! Last year we raised $3,645.25; let's try to go higher! All proceeds will go towards the San Pedro Cancer Society.

Illegal dredging on Caye Caulker
Concerned residents of Caye Caulker want to know who is responsible for this dredging since the local authorities, the Caye Caulker Village Council had denied the request to allow it.

Dangriga canals a health risk?
Concerned residents of Dangriga are complaining about the status of the canals which have not been dredged in years and now poses a health risk. It has been years since any of the major drains in Dangriga has been properly cleaned. All the the drains needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. Because things will only get worse.

BTI - Belize Temptation Island - Silent Party
BTI - Belize Temptation Island - Silent Party PT 2. IS COMING DECEMBER 2, 2017! Are you ready for host Instagram sensation Princemarni & Suzan #Mr.OxtailBone? Also check out co-host, the Bullie Queen, Ms Million herself, Tanya Carter. And music? Well the versatile cast of DJs will keep your eardrums thumping all night no matter what your taste: No Fear Deejays, Ras & Jaro Fyahstatahsound., DJ Omar Habet and DJ Dzl. Pre-sold tickets and section info coming in a couple weeks.

4th Annual East Indian Festival 2017
Sunday October 29th Elridgeville Community Center. Be sure to get a taste of all the delicious food that will be at the event: CohuneCabbage, Tacari, Dahlroti, Chutney, Serosee, Just to name a few

Referees Association for officiating our 3rd Edition Corozal Interoffice, Departments & Companies Fut 7 football tournament 2017- 2018. Games are every Thursday and Friday at 7pm. Credit Photo: Mr. Carlos Aka: Net Acosta Sr

TEDxBelmopan 2017 Success
Pictures from the TedxBelmopan, which was in Belmopan on September 30th.

Channel 7

Another Murder In The Jane Usher Area
As we told you last night, another man was killed was killed in the Jane Usher area of Belize City. It is the second murder there in a week - and last night on Mud Street, a killer went into 31-year-old Keith Middleton's family yard to execute him. 7News was on the scene last night and Sahar Vasquez has more: Last night started out as an average night for Keith Middleton. He and a friend were outside in his yard socializing when 7 gunshots rang out. Those 7 gunshots were not random they were all aimed in the direction of Middleton and each shot pierced his body, killing him in his own yard. The yard he used to play in with his one-year-old son.

Almost Abducted, How Three Girls Escaped
The parents of the abducted El Progresso girls speak out tonight. As we told you, 3 girls - 2 sisters and one of their friends were on the way to school in the remote reaches of the Cayo District yesterday morning when a man kidnapped them. According to the girls - the man took off one of their uniform shirts to tie the feet of two of the girls. But one of the girls untied the other two and they escaped in a getaway that seems to come right out of a movie script. Now there are many details like this that still have to be verified but today we went to El Progresso to get the firsthand account of the story. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

Mexican President Will Co-Chair Summit in Belize
Belize has a very special guest coming to visit on October 25th. The President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto will make his first visit to Belize for a quick half day of official business. He has been indicted by Prime Minister Dean Barrow to co-chair the fourth CARICOM- Mexico Summit to be held in Belize City. At the Summit he is expected to endorse the importance of Mexico's cooperation with the Caribbean in security, climate change, and the prevention of natural disasters. His participation will underscore 35 years of friendly relations between Belize and Mexico.

Retirees Says Trust Is A Bust For Them
Last week, we reported extensively on the Public Sectors Workers Trust. That's the the entity set up by the BNTU and the PSU to manage the proceeds of more than half a million BTL shares. The Esquivel Administration gave the shares to the union as compensation to the teachers and public officers who had their wages and increments frozen between 1995 and 1997. Now, the question of who is really entitled to the multi million dollars proceeds of those shares is a matter of contention. On the one hand, you've got the public officers - thousands of them - who were employed at the time, and may still be in the public service, or have since retired. On the other, you have the trustees - who are current members of the PSU and BNTU that are administering the trust. Some of those retired public officers took the trust to court to argue that they should have the first say in how the trust's money is managed - when presently they have no say at all.

Union Pres Says Lots of Mischief Surrounds Trust
Now, the Public Sectors Workers Trust takes a very different view, of course. They say they are developing projects for the benefit of public officer, and add that auditors have twice given them a stamp of approval for sound management of the Trust. President of the BNTU, Elena Smith says there's a lot mischief making out there:... "Unfortunately, some of what is out there is plain mischief making, because we are well aware of the purpose of the trust and it was to put together projects for the beneficiaries of the trust. And so I want to make it clear that the BNTU has not gotten any monies from that trust to run our organization. Not to pay anybody, not for any strike, not to buy any t-shirts - nothing of that sort."

PM Sends Sharp Letter to BNTU
Keeping it on the BNTU, last night you heard the president explain that the union wrote to the Prime Minister last week Friday asking for an update on the eight demands coming out of their strike one year ago. The union kind of scolded the PM, saying he had disrespected them and demanded a comprehensive update in a week's time, by this Friday October 20th. Well, the Prime Minister wrote back to the Union today and opened by scolding them right back, saying, quote, "Actually, I thought it was the letter from you to me of September 15, 2017, initiating this chain of correspondence, that was disrespectful. It was written in a peremptory, demanding and uncivil fashion." After that, the PM gets into the business of the letter, updating the union on each one of its eight demands.

COLA Demands Answers For Slain Activist
Tomorrow will make one week since 72 year old taxman and activist Albert Cattouse was killed and police have made no arrests. Yesterday, the president of COLA demanded answers form the police and the government: Giovannie Brackett, President - COLA: "One of the thing is that we've asked them to do to check his phone records from about 6:25pm that evening to about 7:00pm to track the callers who have called him and I think no less than not just the Minister of Police, cause what he said debt assure us of anything. He just sounded like a noisy cymbal. Aragon with all due respect when you spoke on Friday you didn't care to call COLA, you didn't call the family to give us an assurance. You spoke to the media and so we don't have any closure right now."

No Elective Surgeries At KHMH
The KHMH is the biggest hospital in Belize - but the Management says it has been forced to suspend elective surgery because of a blood shortage. In a release, the national referral hospital says that there has been a shortage of available blood products for the past two and a half weeks, due, first to a limited blood supply and, second, to restrictions imposed by the Blood Bank which is controlled by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry codes that there has been a shortage in the delivery of screening kits for blood and that has forced restrictions on the use of blood for transfusion. But the good news is that the shortage will be resolved this because the kits have arrived. In the meantime, the KHMH says they have been able to continue life-saving surgeries and elective surgeries will resume as soon as possible.

Dutchman Died of Natural Causes
The 69 year Dutch National Chris Rogemma died of natural causes. That's the result of the post mortem examination. When we spoke to one of his sons today he told us that it was related to the bronchial cough he had when he went missing. As we have reported, last Monday morning Rogemma along with a surveyor went to inspect a piece of land he wanted to buy in St. Margaret's village - despite warnings from his friends to stay home. Roggema wondered off and got lost in the jungle. His body was found on Friday afternoon.

Missing Baby Found During News
On Friday's newscast, Kareem Thompson, the father of Kattalea Thompson came to our studio in a state of panic because he and his wife could not find their five year old daughter - who'd gone disappeared from school. Thompson and his family were searching desperately for the little girl but thankfully she was found shortly after you saw him on the news. It turns out Kattalea wondered off into the street and a close family friend saw her and took her home. But, she forgot to tell the parents. She didn't realize it was problem until she saw Kareem Thompson on the news, which is when she immediately called them and the family was reunited.

How to Help Caribbean Hurricane Victims
For weeks, we've been showing you the devastations wrought by the hurricanes which tore through the Eastern Caribbean. Well, there's finally a way for you to help those small islands like Anguilla, Dominica, St. Marteen and the Virgin Islands. The Belize Council of Churches and other agencies have organized a Telethon for Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Bliss Center. The president of the Council Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute, told us more: Pledges can be made by calling Ms. Charlene McDonald at 227-3373 or 227- 2308 and deposits can be made directly to the Belize Bank at account number 6950111081261. And, again, all the funds collected will be given to the victims through the Belize Red Cross.

BTB Says Arrivals Continue to Be Strong
Tourism arrivals in the third quarter of the year showed a strong out-turn. 3rd quarter comparisons to 2016 reflect a 10.9% increase in overnight arrivals - which is good for what is considered the low season. Cruise Arrivals were up by 6.1% in the third quarter increase when compared to 2016. Overall visitors from the US continue to be the largest market.

Universal Healthcare Case At The CCJ
Major legal arguments were heard Today at the Caribbean Court of Justice in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Once again it was the Ashcroft Alliance versus the Government of Belize. Now, we know, just hearing those names, you're probably already rolling your eyes in weary anticipation. But, this case is not the usual BTL back and forth. This time, it's a suit over the Musa Administration's guarantee of 33 million dollars in debt for Universal Health Services. Universal made the loan as private hospital, and government secretly backed it up - without going to Parliament - or reporting it to Cabinet. The Barrow Administration has refused to pay the indebtedness saying it was contrary to public policy - and today Eamon Courtenay for the Ashcroft Alliance told the highest court that Government would have to prove a very high standard for them not to pay:

Celebrating Archaeology, A Mayan Sauna?
As we told you yesterday, it's Archeology Week, and to honor the occasion we went into our archives form 12 years ago to look at a most unusual archeological find. IT's like a pre historic sauna out at Pook's Hill outside Teakettle Village. Here's that story from our Archive:... Jules Vasquez Reporting, [] Sitting about half an hour away from Teakettle on a rough road that cuts right through the rainforest - we came upon Pook's Hill - a bustling hive of archaeological activity. 15 international archaeology students are here excavating the site: breaking stone, making copious maps of the layout, and clearing away one thousand years of overgrowth brick by brick. Leading the dig is University of London student Christophe Helmke. It's part of the Belize Valley Archeological Reconnaissance Project - a homegrown project directed by Dr. Jaime Awe. Along with Dr. John Morris and NICH President Yasser Musa, Awe explained that Pook's Hill, though a very small site, is very important to understanding how the Maya lived.

Channel 5

After Previous Attacks, Keith Middleton is Latest Murder Victim in Jane Usher
There is a resurgence of crime and violence on Jane Usher Boulevard area in the Old Capital. On Monday night, there was another shooting which left a thirty-one-year-old resident lifeless. [...]

U.S. National Detained Following Alleged Abduction of El Progreso Schoolgirls
In Monday’s newscast, we reported on the foiled abduction of three young girls in the west. Today, News Five’s Duane Moody headed to El Progresso Seven Miles Community to follow [...]

Belize to Welcome Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for CARICOM Summit
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will be in Belize for the first time next week.  Traditionally, Mexican presidents visit before their inauguration as part of a tour of bordering countries [...]

Belize Bank Makes Final Appeal for U.H.S. Money
The Caribbean Court of Justice opened its first term for the 2017-2018 judicial year with the appeal of Belize Bank Limited versus the Attorney General. The case concerns the long-standing [...]

Preliminary Inquiry Delayed for Anke Doehm
But in the local courts, recently widowed Anke Doehm appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. With her late husband David, she is accused of cruelty to a child – her [...]

Alfonso Noble to Learn Fate in RTA Case in January, 2018
On Christmas Eve of 2016, media personality Alfonso Noble was accused of knocking down and killing Hattieville resident Gilbert Myers near mile four on the George Price Highway. Noble was [...]

Andrew Lewis Takes Rap for Gun in Vehicle near Hattieville
Hattieville police made a gun bust on Sunday during which they intercepted a trio of men inside a pickup and found a nine millimetre firearm and four live rounds of [...]

Swiss Cannabis Accused Faces Permit Charge
Forty-two-year-old Swiss national Christian Reis is in trouble with the law.  On Monday, he appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser and was fined one hundred and fifty dollars for the [...]

Julius Espat Continues Fight over House Suspension; Case Adjourned by Court of Appeal
He is back in the House of Representatives, but Cayo South area representative Julius Espat still has an axe to grind with the way he was put out on the [...]

As Franz Parke Begins Work, Opponents like B.N.T.U. Plot His Removal
Justice Franz Parke showed up for his first day of work at the Court of Appeal of Belize this morning.  The newly sworn-in judge is the latest senior official in [...]

Fabers Road Doesn’t Add Up for B.N.T.U.
While COLA is not particularly ecstatic about the cost of government’s latest rejuvenation project, the Belize National Teachers Union is itself taken aback by the seemingly exorbitant price tag of [...]

Contractor’s Efficiency Gives COLA’s Brackett a Pause
You heard Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action’s take on the Fabers’ Road contract for near eight million dollars issued through selective tendering to Imer Hernandez Development Company, to concrete [...]

A “Civic” Made of Gold?
The Belize Civic Center is nearing completion. It is projected, according to contractors International Environments Limited, to cost thirty-two million dollars under the Belize Infrastructure Limited, but widespread reports are [...]

P.M. Turns Fire on B.N.T.U., Says Unions Must Do Their Part for Some of 8 Demands
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has responded in writing today to the Belize National Teachers Union, following a stern letter written by President Elena Smith, dated October thirteenth.  The B.N.T.U., in [...]

Will Teachers Take Action?
In speaking with the media on Monday, National President Elena Smith says that the B.N.T.U. is not attempting to call the tune on behalf of the prime minister; however, it [...]

Mark King Rails at U.D.P. Leadership
The internal intrigue in the United Democratic Party continues. On Monday, we showed you the response of Dangriga area representative Frank “Papa” Mena to the results of the Dangriga convention, [...]

Heads of Vital Stats, Labour Before Senate Wednesday
On Wednesday, the Senate Special Select Committee intends to call the heads of the Labor Department and the Vital Statistics Unit. This is following revelations in recent weeks about the [...]

Even B.T.B. Surprised by Tourism Stats
The Belize Tourism Board says that tourist arrivals are up for the first nine months of 2017. The latest stats show that even the slow season registered increases.  According to [...]


COLA Calls For Civil Disobedience
Another party who has objected to the $8m contract for the upgrading of Faber Road in Belize City, is the activist group COLA. COLA, through their attorney Kareem Musa, has requested to see the contract details through the Freedom of Information Act, and is awaiting a response from Ministry of Works CEO Errol Gentle. This issue is just one in which COLA has clashed with the Government. Yesterday, COLA’s President Geovanni Brackett expressed total frustration with the Barrow Administration, and even called for civil disobedience.

Papa Mena & Mark King Take Heavy Swings At UDP Hierarchy
The United Democratic Party appears to be slipping into internal turmoil of late. Over the weekend the UDP held a municipal convention in Dangriga in which current Mayor and his slate won to contest the municipal race in March. But the convention and results seem to have divided the UDP in two, and has resulted in open clashes on social media between the factions. This became apparent to all when the UDP’s Dangriga area rep Frank “Papa” Mena took to Facebook to slam his party for the convention.

Mexican President To Visit Belize For The First Time
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is scheduled to visit Belize for six hours upon the invitation of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to co-chair the IV Mexico-CARICOM Summit, to be held in Belize City on October 25. A release issued today by the Mexican embassy in Belize indicates that President Peña Nieto’s visit to Belize is aimed at consolidating the progress of the Third Mexico-CARICOM Summit which was held in Merida, Yucatan in April of 2014. His visit is also expected to endorse Mexico's importance to cooperation with the Caribbean in the areas of security, migration, climate change mitigation and prevention of natural disasters.

Opposition Leader Weighs In Over The $8 Million Contract To Imer Hernandez
Yesterday the Opposition voiced their concerns over the awarding of an $8 million contract to Imer Hernandez Development Co. Limited, a company involving the nephew of former UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega, for the rehabilitation of 1.1 mile of Faber’s Road in Belize City. The Opposition said in a release that it considered it a grossly bloated contract and it gave comparisons of other road works which cost much less for a greater road size. Today, Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno gave media interviews to discuss his concerns about the contract.


Mother Loses Son to Gun Violence
Another man is murdered in Belize City, just four days after the murder of activist Albert Cattouse near Roger Stadium as the gun violence in Belize City continues on an upward trend with perpetrators becoming even more brazen and brutal. Last night’s victim is thirty-one year old Keith Middleton who was lured out of his […]

COLA: “Cattouse was Murdered to Send a Message”
On Thursday, October twelve, seventy-two-year-old taxi man and activist, Albert Cattouse, was shot and killed in Belize City. His murder sent shockwaves throughout the activist community. Yesterday, Cattouse’s close personal friend and President of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, Geovanni Brackett, told the media that activists are interpreting Cattouse’s murder as a message. […]

Briceno Comments on Cattouse’s Murder
Also speaking on Cattouse’s murder is Leader of the People’s United Party, John Briceno. John Briceno, Opposition Leader “On Thursday we were saddened to find out that Mr.Albert Cattouse was murdered in his taxi. As I am told he was called out from his home to probably pick up a passenger and he was murdered. […]

Mexican President to Co-Chair 4th CARICOM-Mexico Summit
Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, is scheduled to be in Belize on October 25. Pena Nieto has accepted the invitation of Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, to co-chair the fourth CARICOM-Mexico Summit. According to a statement from the Embassy of Mexico in Belize, the President’s participation aims to consolidate the progress of the third CARICOM […]

BNTU President: Still Waiting for an Update on the 8 Demands
Last Friday, the Belize National Teachers’ Union wrote Prime Minister Dean Barrow for an update on the eight demands that were negotiated last year. This is the second such request. In response to the first letter, PM Barrow referred the BNTU to the media for the update. In the second letter, BNTU’s President, Senator Elena […]

Barrow addresses BNTU’s Demands
Prime Minister Dean Barrow responded to the letter sent by the BNTU which he said he learnt via the BNTU’s press release yesterday. In his letter, the Prime Minister says that it is the BNTU who was disrespectful. Barrow stated quote, “It was written in a peremptory, demanding and uncivil fashion. I nevertheless tried to […]

Robbers Escaped with Conductor’s Day Sales
Last night, a West Line bus transporting passengers was coming to Belize City and was a mile away from its final destination, when the unexpected happened. A little after 9:00 p.m., the bus stopped in the vicinity of Lord Ridge Cemetery for passengers to disembark, when one of the three passengers who came off the […]

Anke Doehm’s case adjourned once again
Today, Anke Doehm appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Her last court appearance was on September 20, when she made an appearance with her husband David Doehm. As we reported, David Doehm committed suicide on October 5, leaving his wife to face the charge of child cruelty. Today in court, the prosecution, represented by Jacqueline […]

Swiss National to be Deported
For forty-two year old Swiss national Christian Reis, trouble came two fold. Yesterday he appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser and he was fined $150 plus $5 court cost after he pled guilty to possession of 1.4 grams of cannabis. He was ordered to pay the fine forthwith, in default 1 month imprisonment. Today […]

Andrew Lewis sentence to 5 years
Twenty-nine year old Andrew Lewis, one of three men charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license, pled guilty to the charges when he appeared today before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. Because he saved the court time and he had no previous conviction, he was sentenced to 5 years for each offence with the […].


Taxicab driver and activist, Albert Cattouse, 72, gunned down on Hicatee Street
Taxi driver and activist, Albert Cattouse, 72, was gunned down shortly after 8 o’clock tonight in Belize City. Information to Amandala is that he had just dropped off a passenger on Hicatee Street, behind Rogers Stadium on Dolphin Street, and was leaving the area when a man on a motorcycle rode up beside his vehicle and opened fire. Cattouse was shot once in the back of the head and left for dead behind his steering wheel. The gunman was then seen fleeing the area on foot. It is not yet known if Cattouse was robbed before he was killed.

Mexico president to visit Belize next Wednesday, October 25
Official sources have confirmed to Amandala that Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña-Nieto, is scheduled to make his first official visit to Belize on Wednesday, October 25. Peña-Nieto, elected to serve for the period 2012 to 2018, plans to hold bilateral talks with counterparts here in Belize, but he will also lead Mexico’s delegation which will be coming to Belize for a one-day summit with leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). According to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrick Andrews, Belize will be hosting the summit of regional leaders as well as officials from Mexico. Mexico has promised to provide a plan to bring the regional leaders to Belize. The parties, he said, should be discussing development and opportunities for trade.

US diplomat flees Belize!
On Saturday, Samantha Castillo dropped her brother, Matthew Castillo, at Old Belize. He was going fishing. The thirty-year-old Samantha headed back to her Bella Vista home in Belize City. Traveling with her in her Hyundai Element SUV was Martha Nayeli Vasquez, her sister-in-law; her one-year-old daughter, Deanna Castillo, and six-year-old daughter Angelique Castillo. The four family members didn’t make it back home. At approximately 4:00 p.m., a pickup slammed into Castillo’s Hyundai near Mile 4 on the George Price Highway. The impact was catastrophic. Samantha, Martha and her baby, Deanna, were killed. The only member of the family to come out of the horrible accident alive was the 6-year-old child. She suffered two broken legs. Both girls are Matthew Castillo’s daughters.

BNTU challenges appointment of Franz Parke to Court of Appeal
Amid controversy over his appointment—with the latest public objection coming from the militant Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU)—Franz Parke was today appointed as Justice of Appeal for the Belize Court of Appeal for a 5-year term. The appointment comes notwithstanding a claim filed last week by the Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party, Johnny Briceño, to have the Belize Supreme Court declare his appointment null and void on the claim that his appointment violates the Belize Constitution – the highest law of the land. In a press release issued on Friday, October 13, the BNTU said that its council of management had unanimously agreed with the objection previously raised by the Belize Bar Association.

Two Belizean ex-cops called to Fiji bar
Mannon Dennison and Holman Katanegie, two former Belizean cops who have ventured into law studies, recently concluded a 15-week Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the University in Fiji in Suva, Fiji’s capital city. Dennison, who formerly worked as a cop as well as an investigator at the Financial Intelligence Unit, and Katanegie, who formerly worked at the Police Department and Fire Department, are said to be the very first Belizean graduates under the GDLP, which began to be offered in 2012. The men began the GDLP program this March, when the latest cohort was taken in.

Smart Mundialito Week 2 results from Marion Jones Sports Complex
The Smart 13 & Under Mundialito continued on Saturday with Week 2 games at the Marion Jones Sports Complex. In game 1, Reality Youth dropped Sampson Academy, 2-1, with goals from Curtis August and Shawn Pitts, while Christopher Gonzales scored for Sampson Academy. Game 2 saw Carlston FC with the 3-0 win over Corinthians, with a goal each from Jerwin Carcamo, Max Jones and Sanjay Baltazar. In game 3, Brown Bombers bombed Collet Strikers, 5-1, with 2 goals apiece from Keyden Shaw and Jaylen White, and the other from Peter Morgan; while Collet’s lone goal was by Chris Marshal.

Playoff hopes still alive for San Pedro, Placencia and Wagiya, with 4 reg. season weeks left in PLB Opening Season
Defending champion and league leading Belmopan Bandits SC posted another victory over the weekend, against BDF, and became the first team to secure a spot in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Opening Season playoffs. The Bandits got another game winner from captain Elroy Smith at the 89th minute to break a 1-1 deadlock against BDF FC at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Saturday night. Darrol Lambey gave BDF the 1-nil lead at the 15th minute, but an own goal by BDF’s Charles Grant (48’ OG) made it 1-1, until midfielder Rene Leslie’s pass set the table some thirty yards out for advancing Bandits defender Elroy Smith.

Charles Hogan reflects on his glory days of primary school football in ‘Griga
Amandala (A): So, tell me about that season… that ’66 season… Charles Hogan (H): Good… Good… That team, mein..! A: Who was the captain of that team? H: The captain was Leslie… a guy by the name of Richard Leslie A: I don’t recall that name. H: His nickname was “Shaker.” A: Hmm! What position did he play? H: He played inside right…. Because the forward was a 4-forward thing… It was myself, Wayne “Wapi” Fortnard, who is walking around Belize; I saw him yesterday… A: What was his name? H: Wayne Fortnard.

Editorial: Corruption, collusion, cronyism
It was less than two months ago that news broke that the Auditor General’s Annual Report for the year April 2012 to March 2013 had exposed some major shenanigans at the Ministry of Works involving almost a million dollars of missing tires, and the questionable targeted spending of $1.7 million with a specially favoured Belmopan-based businessman behind a dubious company called Special Effects. The report revealed that tires had been purchased from the said Special Effects at prices well beyond what could be found at the various tire outlets in the country, and that in one case where the tires had been bought cheaper at a competitor, the tires were returned and the storekeeper public officer ordered to purchase from the Belmopan crony. These special deals with Special Effects had cost the Belizean taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars, and when the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works was questioned by the Auditor General about these suspect arrangements, his answers were less than forthcoming, or at times not forthcoming at all.

RIGHT TO THE POINT: Revisiting Common Law unions
I have had several men and women approach me to discuss the issue of Common Law unions and I have had some really sad stories on this topic because consistently it seems that persons living together do not seem to understand what is the true legal status of their relationship in many instances. Thus I have decided to visit this topic, with the hope that other people will read, learn and share with others, to avoid some of the most personal painful situations in life. It seems that some of the most awful stories stem from women who opt to live with their new partner despite these men still being legally married to their wife. I will not get into the issues of the personal choices as life is real and relationships end and others begin and some overlap.

A false premise
Belize will remember that when PM Barrow appointed his ex-wife, Lois Young, to head our defense in some major cases, he declared that she was hired because she was the best in Belize. Again, when he hired his brother, Denys, to defend Belize in some major cases, he declared that his brother, who had returned to Belize from employ abroad, was the best Belize had. One common factor, besides being closely related to him, was that both were in private practice. Of course, another common factor might be that they indeed WERE the best we had. Many Belizeans thought that the lead defenders of national interests should have been public employees. Belize has a battery of lawyers that are paid from the public purse. It definitely would have been much cheaper, up front, for the defense to be public servants. But, were they competent to do the job?

Justice Lucas to issue ruling in BDF Militia Hall killing
Closing arguments were made today in the trial of Jermaine Rhaburn, 22, a Belize Defence Force volunteer soldier who has been accused of killing another volunteer soldier, Clifford Cruz, 21, with an AR-15 assault rifle on the compound of Militia Hall on October 1, 2012. The incident occurred in the guardroom of the building, which is located around Mile 1 on the George Price Highway, opposite Lord Ridge Cemetery. Rhaburn was tried in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas, who heard the case sitting alone without a jury. Justice Lucas has set October 24 as the date when he will give his decision.

His supporters say that the murder of human rights defender and local activist Albert Cattouse, 72, was “despicable and cowardly”
There is widespread speculation that the Thursday night murder of cab driver and activist, Albert Cattouse, 72, was a political hit. But Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon, Jr., told the press on Friday that such speculation was “outrageous.” Aragon went on to say that he believes he understands what transpired, but he declined going into details. At around 7 o’clock on Thursday night, as Cattouse was driving his vehicle on Hicattee Street near the Rogers Stadium in Belize City, heading from West Collet Canal towards Dolphin Street, two men on a motorcycle pulled up beside him and one of them fired several shots. Cattouse was hit in the head.

After two trials and more than 8 years on remand, accused murderer files bail application
Warren Lewis, 26, a former BDF volunteer who has been accused of the August 2009 murder of Albert Allen, filed a bail application through his attorney, Darrell Bradley. Lewis’ bail application was heard today at the Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord, who has reserved his decision for an unspecified date. The state was represented by Crown Counsel, Jacqueline Willoughby, who squared off with Bradley, making submissions opposing Lewis’ bid to regain his freedom. In stating the facts of the case in her response to Lewis’ bail application, Willoughby said, “On 18 August 2009, the Petitioner (Lewis), along with Cordel Flores, were arrested and charged for the murder of Albert Allen, which is alleged to have occurred in Belize City on said 18 August, 2009.

Christoffer Roggema, 69, found dead near Sibun River in St. Margaret
The worst has been confirmed in respect of the disappearance of Norwegian-Belizean businessman, Christoffer Roggema, 69. On Friday, police confirmed that at around noon his body was found by a search party near the Sibun River in St. Margaret. There were no visible signs of foul play and police await the results of a post-mortem examination to assist in their investigations. Our newspaper tried to get more information regarding exactly where the body was found, and in what condition, but the Police Press Office today responded that they have no information to give us. Amandala had previously reported that just before midday on Monday of last week, the deceased and two other persons had gone to visit a property in the vicinity of St. Margaret, in the Cayo District, that he was interested in buying.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

UDP divided after Dangriga convention
The United Democratic Party (UDP), which has encountered its share of internal dissension playing out in public, is faced with more controversy and apparent division following this weekend’s municipal convention held in Dangriga.

BTB’s report says that arrivals to Belize Continue Steady Growth Path
According to a release issued today by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), for the first 9 months of 2017, the tourism arrivals continue to show a positive trend.The latest statistics show there was a 7.9% increase in overnight arrivals in the month of September, representing an increase of over 1,400 visitors.

Police mum on attempted kidnapping
Yesterday, BBN reported of three young female students from 7miles village, Cayo that were allegedly kidnapped. The girls were on their way to school around 8:30 a.m. and on their way, they stopped at a nearby shop to buy some ideals. That is when a man driving a blue Isuzu pickup reportedly stopped and offered them something to eat

Adele Ramos, published poet and prolific writer exits Amandala
Adele Ramos, the assistant editor of the widely circulated Amandala newspaper, is scheduled to make her gracious exit from that post next month after 20 years with the paper.

Cristo Rey man to be jailed for pen gun and ammunition
A man from the village of Cristo Rey is about to face time in prison after he was busted with a pen gun.At 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, police conducted a search at the residence of Fernando Tut.

Construction worker missing since Saturday
Pablo Choc, 50, a Belizean construction worker of San Roman left home on Saturday en route to work in Placencia but has not returned.He was last seen wearing a sky blue Polo shirt, grey long pants, black and yellow slippers.

Police issue official report on last night murder
Police have issued an official report on last night’s murder in the Jane Usher Boulevard area.According to the report, at 7:10 p.m., police visited Mud Street in Belize City where the body of Keith Middleton, 31, was seen with multiple gunshot injuries to the head and body.

Belize~ The wet paper bag banks
By Richard Harrison: Belize currently have 5 banks listed as “commercial banks” by the Central Bank of Belize. These are Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank, Heritage Bank, National Bank and Scotia Bank. All indications are that the entire banking system is in jeopardy…they hold properties as collateral that if their capital valuations are updated, the assets they hold are far less than the loans owed to these banks. In other words….they are all WET PAPER BAGS.

Cops find gun and bullets in a foam plate
At around 5:50 p.m. yesterday police conducted a search in an empty lot at the end of Flamboyant Street in Belize City near the riverside.

Elderly Guatemalan farmer attempted to smuggle weed in Belize
An elderly Guatemalan national busted with drugs has been charged for trafficking.

Special Envoy and Cancer Society unveil cancer awareness flyer
Last week, the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow joined with the Belize Cancer Society to unveil the 2017 Cancer Awareness/Empowerment Flyer.

NEMO Flood Mitigation Works in San Juan/ Cowpen
The village of San Juan/Cowpen is now receiving much needed Flood Mitigation works this week. Equipment owned by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) began works in that village, excavating and cleaning drains to facilitate the free flow of water in times of excess rainfall.

Another murder on Jane Usher Boulevard
Police are investigating another murder in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. The latest victim has been identified as Keith Middleton. Sometime before 8:00 last night he was shot in front of his home.

Mexican president comes to Belize for CARICOM Summit
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has accepted Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s invitation to co-chair the IV CARICOM-Mexico Summit, to be held in Belize City, on October 25.


The World’s Most Popular Pet Website Recognizes A Special Belize Potlicker
We were EXTREMELY excited when I was introduced to one of the Dodo’s writers just a week or two ago. She wanted to hear about my dog Elsie. The best dog in the world. I won’t rehash her story because….ELSIE IS FEATURED IN THE DODO! Or…as we’ve been chanting around my house – because it makes Else smile – EL C N DE DO DO! Elsie makes our life so much better – it’s impossible to quantify. Here is her story. Dog Who Nearly Starved To Death Has The Best Life Now In Belize And here are some pictures of her this morning – today is “her birthday”. Almost 3 years ago, the Hopkins Humane Society volunteers (I was helping out that day) found Elsie. And saved her life. Best. Dog. Ever.

Belize Scores 3rd Place on Miss Divali Nagar 2017
Congratulations to Miss Belize Shaenna Gilharry for placing 3rd Runner-up at Miss Divali Nagar 2017 and winning Best Talent. This marks the second consecutive year that Belize has placed 3rd Runner-up in this pageant. Miss Divali Nagar is a pageant that celebrates Indian Culture and the pageant concluded on (October 16, 2017) in Trinidad & Tobago. There were 10 delegates competing, 5 from Trinidad & Tobago, and the remaining 5 from Belize, Canada, Jamaica, Suriname, and USA.

Amigos del Mar Dive Shop (San Pedrano owner) OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE
Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop started off as a thatched roof structure in 1987 that offered snorkeling trips to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley reserves as well as a rental for scuba and snorkeling gear. The vision of providing a resourceful and fun-filled expedition to Barrier Reef and other National Reserves was something that owner, Changa, has always wanted for his community. It started as a small family venture with the renting of the scuba equipment and booking small local dive tours, then slowly went venturing off to other natural and National Reserves of our country which included the Turneffe Islands and Light House Reef and not to mention Belize’s famous Blue Hole. Now the diving center is the largest dive center on the island. Amigos del Mar also assists smaller dive centers with dive rental equipment such as dive tanks, dive masks and any other equipment needed. It is a freelance business that works with known resorts on the island. The diving center is well known for dives at the Blue Hole since it has the largest facilities for this particular all day trip.

International Sourcesizz

Sandfly bites cause big trouble for newly married couple
Q: Two months after our daughter and son-in-law came back from their honeymoon in Belize, they have sores that still will not heal. She has two sores on her hand; he has three on the right side of his body. After a biopsy, they have been diagnosed with Leishmaniasis. Their dermatologist is referring them to an infectious disease specialist. What can you tell us about this disease and its treatment? A: It sounds like they have localized cutaneous Leishmaniasis, which is caused by protozoa, a type of parasite. The most common one from Belize is Leishmania braziliensis. It is transmitted by the bite of a sandfly, a tiny and silent insect whose bites often go unrecognized. They are nocturnal insects, so people who are out at nighttime are at risk.

Dying manatees great concern of state ecologists
The death of at least 20 manatees has state ecologists concerned with reports showing all of the deaths were human-related. The deaths of at least 20 manatees in Belize so far this year are worrying state researchers at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (Ecosur) in Chetumal who say these manatees normally live in Quintana Roo waters. Janneth Adriana Padilla Saldívar, from the Department of Ecology and Systematics of Aquatic Resources of Ecosur, reported that the causes of death of these marine mammals has been mostly boat motors either killing them or inflicting injuries from which they eventually die. The big concern, she says, is that these manatees live in the Bay of Chetumal and often move to the waters of the neighboring country. She explained that there are reports of significant manatee deaths by fellow researchers from Belize due to the extensive boat activities that circulate in the Belize tourist areas. Due to studies by Ecosur, they have verified that Quintana Roo manatees swim to neighboring Belize waters to mingle with other groups of manatees, often staying a month or so in Belize lagoons.

How Birding Tourism Can Support Communities and Foster Conservation
In developing countries around the world, a lack of economic opportunities often drives local people to engage in activities that degrade natural resources. Unsustainable timber extraction, poaching, and land clearing for agriculture diminish the long-term value of these ecosystems for biodiversity—and, ultimately, for the local people who rely on them for resources. Ecotourism has been embraced by many as an economic alternative that can raise incomes for people who live close to biodiversity-rich areas while helping to conserve natural resources. But marketing pristine natural habitats as tourism “products” doesn’t always bring significant benefits to surrounding communities. “In the Bahamas, we’ve seen so many conservation programs come and go,” says Scott Johnson, science officer with the Bahamas National Trust. “Sometimes they get what they want and then leave, without building relationships in the community.”


  • Half Moon Caye, Belize, 42min. Half Moon Caye é um monumento natural, é uma ilha dentro do sistema do Atol Lighthouse Reef , fica a 13 milhas (20 km) a leste do Atol Turneffe e, portanto, incrivelmente isolada. Esta pequena ilha é o lar de um parque nacional e um santuário de pássaros protegido (certifique-se de verificar a plataforma que fica no topo das árvores para a melhor observação das aves). Aqui, você consegue o melhor dos dois mundos, tudo em uma pequena ilha. Você pode ver a praia e a vegetação exuberante em uma caminhada muito curta. E sem as multidões.

  • Carnival Magic - July 2017 - Belize, 14min. Our day snorkeling in Belize.

  • YOUTH ENTICED TO VENTURE INTO THE AGRICULTURE SECTOR, 8min. Here in Belize the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to host its annual agricultural fair at the Belize High School of Agriculture school campus in the village of San Lazaro in the Orange Walk District. But we all know that it will take more than just an agriculture fair to reach the goals of World Food Day. For instance getting more people involved is extremely necessary especially our youth. Bearing this in mind, today BHSA hosted its first ever national rural youth symposium which saw the participation of over a hundred students from five educational institutions here in the north.

  • What exactly is coral? The answer might surprise you, 2min.

  • My first 150 days as Director of National Sports Council has been quite eventful, 4min. I wanted to get it all done immediately. However, as my freind and mentor Sergio Chuc once reminded me, Rome was not built in a day. I grew up an athlete in my early years and I spend the better part of my life so far, in sports management. Therefore I knew the challenges and frustration to be on that side of the fence. However, I now know the challenges and frustrations that exists on this side of the fence. I keep reminding myself though, that I did not take up this roll merely for a pay check or to have a title. My goal is to remove that fence. Create that environment where Belize is more condusive to sports and Sports development. I must say. I have seen through several infrastructure projects in my short tenur so far. Most notable is the transformation of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex...

  • Belize Tourism Video, 3min.


  • House Hunters (International October 17 2017) Rekindling a Marriage in Belize, 21min.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show Oct 17, 58min.

    October 17, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Hope Haven Children’s Home expected to open in November
    San Pedro’s first children’s home Hope Haven is just weeks away from being completed, with opening day expected for the first week in November. According to representatives from the non-profit organizations (NGOs) Raise Me Up and Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment (SHINE) all that is left are some final touches on the building floors, furniture and painting on some of the walls inside the building. The shelter is still in need of items like air conditioner units and kitchen utensils that could be donated to the facility. It is expected that once complete it will accommodate the community’s vulnerable groups and provide adequate assistance to victimized children and women on the island. According to Britney Travis from Raise Me Up, the second floor of the shelter will serve as the space where vulnerable children will be housed. “The second floor of the building will host children who may need immediate removal from their homes to be placed into protective care,” said Travis. “This could be for an overnight, or more time if parents lose the custody of the child, to even a prolonged period of time if it is needed depending on the situation.”

    Ambergris Today

    Pink Eye Is Not Over Yet - Worst Outbreak In Belize History
    Jesse Chun, Sr. Biostatistician at the Ministry of Health told Belize City media last week that approximately 11,000 people have shown up at clinics countrywide with the dreaded conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). He also stated that, in terms of numbers, it is the biggest outbreak in decades for Belize. Chun told 7News Belize that he believes that Belize is currently in the middle of the outbreak; that the Pink Eye came from the northern part of the country and has since spread all the way down to the Toledo District down south. The Belize District reports having the majority of cases which is expected, as it has the most population in the country.

    Faye Lin Cannon's Father Holds Memorial For His Departed Daughter
    In the wake of the court cases, dramatic news headlines, death and hope for justice, David Cannon, father of young Faye Lin Cannon, organized a memorial service for his deceased young girl, held at the San Pedro Lions Den on Saturday, October 14, 2017. The venue saw residents in and out the Lions Den throughout the afternoon as they came to pray for Faye Lin, meet her father David Cannon and extend their support and assistance throughout his ongoing battle for the custody of his three adoptive daughter, sisters of Faye Lin - Mia, Siri and Zoe. The children who visited the memorial were not the only ones writing messages of love and hope to Faye’s siblings, but even the adults took to creating their own cards, filling them with positive messages for David to deliver to his daughters.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Join us this Thursday to paint "Cock-A-Doodle-Do" at Crazy Canucks from 2pm-4pm.!!

    Belize Bodybuilding in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    Back from Mr Bahia 2017 in Chetumal!! Belize represented! I won 1st Place Overall. My colleague Lee Barry Busano won 2nd Place Overall. Oyinkro Akpobodor won 1st place Mr Physique Classic, and Spartan Gym's Elvis Sanker won 2nd place in Mr Physique Novice.

    80's Halloween Masquerade at the Biltmore Plaza
    TIME Sat Oct 28 2017 at 09:00 pm. VENUE Belize Biltmore Plaza, 3 Miles Northern Highway Belize City.

    Dog Show and Pawty in the Park
    TIME Sat Oct 21 2017 at 02:00 pm. Belize Humane Society, PO Box 2622, Belize City.

    7th Annual Bob Marley Tribute 2018
    Sat Jan 27, 2018, at 06:00 pm. Muffles College Auditorium, San Andres Street, Orange Walk. UNITY SOUNDS - Belize City, RAS CAS SOUNDS - San Ignacio, VIBES ALIVE INTERNATIONAL - Orange Walk City.

    Working together!
    OUT AND ABOUT- New U.S. Embassy Political Officer, Bryn West, and members of her team visited the Ombudsman Office, the Belize Central Prison, representatives of the LGBT community, and Belize Youth Empowerment for Change to introduce herself and discuss various issues affecting Belize.

    Diversity Visa Program Entry Instructions
    The Diversity Visa Program 2019 is here! Application deadline is November 7, 2017. APPLY NOW

    World Food Day
    We’re celebrating World Food Day in Belize too! 16 farmers have established inga alley cropping plots to grow corn, beans, and other annual crops. They are investing in their soils because they want to eat healthier food!

    Caye Caulker dental clinic hours
    The dental clinic is open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Call 6150707 for an appointment, by Dirty McNasty. Making an appointment is necessary. This Wednesday is fully booked

    San Juan/ Cowpen receives NEMO Flood Mitigation Works
    Having recently benefited from expansion of electricity and paving of its main road, the village of San Juan/Cowpen is now receiving much needed Flood Mitigation works. This week, equipment owned by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) began works in that village, excavating and cleaning drains to facilitate the free flow of water in times of excess rainfall. The works are being supervised by NEMO Southern Regional Coordinator Keith Emmanuel and Stann Creek District Coordinator David Cruz along with personnel from the Ministry of Works. Direction on the ground is also being provided by San Juan/Cowpen Village Chairman Carlos Peraza and Councillor Abby Blades.

    Rigo Vello is Back for Mr. Bahia 2017 in Chetumal!!
    Belize represented! He won 1st Place on Overall. His colleague Lee Barry Busano won 2nd Place Overall. Oyinkro Akpobodor won 1st place Mr. Physique Classic, and Spartan Gym's Elvis Sanker won 2nd place in Mr Physique Novice.

    Cayo Talent Competition
    The SISE House of Culture is having a Talent Competition on Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center, and the top 5 contestants will be invited to the Cayo Art Festival on December 2nd. "The San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture is hosting a Talent Competition this Saturday October 21st at the Cayo Welcome Center. Kindly see attached flyer for more information."

    Channel 7

    Three School Girls Escape Abductor
    Tonight, Cayo police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to kidnap three school girls. It happened this morning at around 8:30 in the fairly remote, rural area of 7 Miles/El Progreso. The girls, aged 9, 10, and 11 were walking to school when a man allegedly picked them up and put them into his double cab Isuzu pickup. Reports say he also tied them up. The family found out about the abduction almost immediately, and gathered men from the community to set chase. Somehow, the report is that the girls managed to get out of the moving pickup and escape. The girls - two of them are sisters - have been returned safely to their parents - who are tonight giving statements at the San Ignacio police station. As for the suspect - reports suggest he is a foreigner who lives in the area, but he is not at home, and nowhere to be found. Tonight police have checkpoints up to try and find him - but reports also say that San Ignacio police had no vehicle to respond at the time of the attempted abduction this morning. 7Miles/El Progreso is on the road from Georgeville heading to the Chiquibul.

    Corporal Acting Like An Outlaw
    Tonight, the police Professional Standards Branch is investigating the conduct of a police corporal caught on security camera behaving like an outlaw. Corporal Daniel Requena, who is assigned to the Major Crimes Unit in Belmopan, was in his hometown of San Ignacio on Friday night. This footage shows him walking into Rainbow Restaurant, pointing what looks like a nine millimeter pistol at the woman behind the counter, and then holding the gun to another man's head, as he puts him in a chokehold. Requena then points his weapon once more and then puts it away. After that he turns his attention to the woman behind the counter and on the security video, it looks like he tries to sexually assault her. She quickly steps away and the Corporal continues to jolly himself inside the restaurant - leaving a minute later.

    COLA Angry About Street Contract, Ready To Take It To Streets
    Work has already started on Faber's Road - where the contractor Imer Hernandez Development Co. Ltd. is being paid a shade under 8 million dollars to reconstruct just over a mile of the battered roadway. The works include drains and other effects, but, still, it has generated a great deal of controversy - with the PUP today calling it a bloated contract. But, COLA isn't just calling it names, that activist group has applied under the Freedom Of Information Act to see the actual working papers. Today COLA President, his attorney and contracting consultant had a repress conference to outline the many ways they plan to try and block this project: Rufus X, COLA Consultant: "Really and truly there is nothing in that piece of road that can cost 8 million dollars. No way, you look at it. This is craziness."

    Teenager's Remains Found
    17-year-old Erwin Rodriguez was reported missing on August 24th, and 52 days later on October 14th, the mystery of his disappearance was solved with a bitter ending the family had come to expect: at around 2:40 pm on Saturday, his skeletal remains were found buried in a shallow grave. A search party, along with the police found the remains near the SeaShore area, west of his neighborhood in the Jane Usher Boulevard. The search had been going on intensively for weeks, and some of his belongings had already been found. Jose Espat who was the leader of the search party said that on Saturday Erwin's mom got a tip as to where her son's body was.

    Erwin's Family Gets Grief With Closure
    Like his brother Kevin who was killed three years earlier when he was 18, Erwin met a violent end. But, still, the family and friends of the teenager now have the closure of knowing where his remains are buried. They spent many long days not just searching but dealing with all the anxiety and fear that came with the situation. Rodriguez's mom said she is relieved that her son has finally been found but she is hurting. Sylvia Rodriguez, Mother: "They came for me around 5 telling me that they discovered him." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "When you heard your son was discovered what was your reaction, your feeling?" Sylvia Rodriguez, Mother: "Not nice, but at the same time at that moment I thanked the Good Lord because that is what we were praying for. To find him."

    Recycler Died On Highway Cleanup
    On Friday night we told you about the highway cleanup called Walk For A Green Belize. It's a great initiative to pick up garbage along all 77 miles of the George Price Highway. Recycler Elroy Jones was a part of that effort - he was part of the cleanup crew sweeping up the bags of garbage that the volunteers had collected. But, a terrible accident happened; when he fell off the truck he was working on, and was crushed under its wheels. Sahar Vasquez has more on the loss of the 39 year old father of three: 39-year-old Elroy Jones showed up to work at the sanitary landfill on Saturday to work for a good cause, picking up the bags of trash left by those participating in the big clean along the George Price Highway. But near Jaguar Paw - a day of doing a community cleanup turned into tragedy

    Security Guard Shooting Leads To Accident, More Hurt
    3 men are in the hospital tonight after a strange series of events. 2 of the men were shot and then got into an accident on the way to the hospital while the other man is in a coma as a result of the accident. Now it all started early Sunday morning after 3:00. Tyrin Faber and his cousin Elon Faber were along with friends at Elite Club inside the Princess Hotel. Reports are that a fight broke out between one of Faber's friends and another group of men. All the men were chased outside the club but they took the fight out in the parking lot. That is when one of the security guards, Glenford Brown fired his 12 Gauge Mossberg Sawed-off Shotgun to the ground to break up the brawl, but one the bullets ricocheted and struck Tyrin Faber to the chest and hand while Elon Faber was hit to the back.

    Despite Controversy, Justice of Appeal Franz Parke Is Sworn In
    We've been reporting on Justice of Appeal Designate Franz Parke for weeks now, but he was only sworn in today. This morning, in Belmopan, Parke went to the Governor General's office where they had a brief, cordial discussion. After that, Parke took the oath of office, making the Jamaican - American a justice of the Court of Appeal for 5 years. Controversy over his qualifications, and a pending lawsuit have attended his ascension to the post - but ultimately it's the Prime Minister's advice to the Governor General that matter most - and they made it official today.

    What Will BNTU Do About Franz Parke?
    ...Now as we have reported the Belize National Teachers Union, the Bar Association, the Opposition, and Civil Society have made it clear that they do not support Franz Parke's appointment as Justice of Appeal because in their view, he is not qualified for that position. The PUP have even filed a law suit against the government to block this appointment. Well, all this opposition and condemnation was pretty much ignored because Parke was sworn in today. So what will these groups do now? When we asked the BNTU president today, she didn't have a hard and fast position but she said that she just hopes the PM rethinks this decision.

    A Pair of Holdups In OW District
    On Saturday night around 8:25 a robbery took place a Mini Harvie Shop located in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. 37-year-old self-employed Yulisa Villamil reported that two dark skinned men in dark clothing and masks stormed into her shop. They held her son at gunpoint and stole several items from her and her customers. A still shaken Villamil gave an off-camera interview to CTV-3 news to describe some of what she experienced. Voice of: Yulisa Villamil, Shop Owner: "One of them detained us on the verandah the other two entered the house and put the gun in my sons head and demanded money. I was scared and I told them to take everything but do not hurt my son nor my family. They took the money and also robbed the customers of their items."

    Man Used Halloween Outfit To Rob
    Another robbery took place in Orange Walk - this one happened in the town on Friday afternoon and the terror of it was caught on security camera. At around 3:15 in the afternoon, 2 men - one of them in a Halloween outfit white rags covering their face came into the store. One of the men pointed a 9mm pistol at Quin and they made out with $600. The police continue to investigate the matter.

    Another Murder In City
    There is the report of another fatal shooting in the City's Southside tonight. Initial reports are that a man was shot in his head in the Jane Usher Boulevard area near the basketball court. Our team on the scene reports that he is dead - in an area that has seen countless murders.

    BNTU Fires Off Letter to PM
    Back to BNTU news - We also asked President Elena Smith about an update on their 8 demands. They have been waiting on the PM to give them a progress report. But at this point - there has only been a back and forth of letters between the PM and the BNTU. So they fired off another one to him today. Here is how Smith put it. Hon. Elena Smith, President, BNTU: "We wrote the PM again because he responded and we sent him another respond and our request remains the same that we are asking that he provide us with an update on our 8 demands. Again we must reiterate the fact that when we discussed or when we negotiated these 8 demands, it was with the PM and so we feel that it is only right to go directly to him and ask him to provide the update we haven't gotten any as yet, we hope that we will be getting one seeing that we sent him another letter."

    BNTU Says Ballots Not Secret
    Is your vote really secret and confidential? Well according to a mock election that was held in September - it isn't. BNTU president Smith participated in this simulation exercise and here is what she had to say. Hon. Elena Smith, President, BNTU: "We were invited to witness what was happening and it was of interest to me personally and to us as a Union because we have always been hearing that your vote isn't secret and so I wanted to see for myself, you can call me doubtful Thomas. So I took part and at the end of it I was surprised to hear that Mr. Akeman was able to share with us how each person voted, he told us exactly who spoiled their ballots, how the ballots were spoiled and how each person voted on each of the questions. It was a bit alarming to me to find out because I look back and I say Oh my gosh anybody can tell how you vote. But for me it poses a question of secrecy and how is it that as Belizeans people would react knowing that now it is possible that they can tell who vote and how you vote." The mock election was held at St. Mary's hall in Belize City. It was a public event organized by BUFFERHD - which is Derek Aikman's new political activism group.

    A Week For Antiquities
    International Archeology Day is celebrated on October 21st - that is this Saturday but the Institute of Archeology is commemorating this day with a week of activities. The overall purpose is to recognize the important role archeology plays in our history. Dr. Allan Moore told us more about this observance. Dr. Allan Moore, Associate Director, Institute of Archeology, NICH: "We decided hey! Why not put it into an archeological week and extend it. Unfortunately not everyone could be involved in this week and for it to be meaningful and kinda get something out of it we decided to take two, three venues, we tried Dangriga but we have postponed that until after so tomorrow we start at Banquitas." "Banquitas is in Orange Walk right so they are highlighting a number of what is happening in Orange walk in terms of the history, the culture etc. etc. so we will kinda of support that and augment that with some of the local archeology you know the Quello, the Noh Nul and the Cacabish and the what have you and to show them and highlight what they have in their district."

    UDP Danger in Dangriga With Rep. Pawpa
    The UDP held its municipal convention in Dangriga on Sunday and - while the outcome was not close - it was fiercely contested. That's because the larger factions within the party are jostling for dominance. When it was done, the slate that Area Representative Frank Pawpa Mena's supported was defeated - and that led to some Facebook ugliness that has caused a black eye for the UDP. On his Facebook page, Mena addressed his opponents within his own party, posting, quote, "it's a shame ... you have to use money to buy my people. Sad that they don't know how you only care for your agenda and your racist needs. That's politics." And when a bogus account struck back with an insult for Mena, he then later added, quote, "Create your accounts and attack. With time my people will know that you don't really give a (blank). I will continue to defend them even though you think we all have a price."

    Despite Tragedy, Cleanup Was Successful
    The "Walk for a Green Belize Clean up" took place on Saturday and according to Tyrone Chimilio the Communications Officer for the Belize Management Solid Waste the clean up was a success. People came out in big numbers to help clean the George Price Highway. He also shared his sorrow regarding the freak accident that took the life of Elroy Jones during the bag collection. Tyrone Chimilio, Belize Solid Was Management Communications Officer: "It was a very succesful campaign that we did. We had a great number of individuals that came out and assisted with the cleanup." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "Was there a lot of garbage that was actually found on the side of the road?" Tyrone Chimilio: "Yes it was. We had several groups who actually ran out of bags. So we had to quickly redistribute those bags to them. Of course we know on hand that we do have an issue which is littering which is a continued effort that highlights the reason as to why we continue to do the "Walk For A Green Belize Clean Up.""

    Channel 5

    Brave Schoolgirls Escape Abductors in El Progreso, Cayo
    There is a disturbing report coming in from the west where two men attempted to abduct three girls—ages nine, ten and eleven—from El Progresso, seven miles village in the Cayo [...]

    Erwin Rodriguez Laid to Rest after Remains Found Near Sea
    Tonight, seventeen-year-old Erwin Paulino Rodriguez was laid to rest at Eternal Garden Memorial Cemetery on the George Price Highway following a short graveside service. The last faint hopes of his [...]

    Franz Parke Appointed Despite Storm Clouds of Controversy
    As the October session of the Court of Appeal opened today in Belize City, in Belmopan, attorney Franz Parke was sworn in as the new justice to the court. The [...]

    COLA Says “Obscene” Fabers Road Contract May Be Final Straw
    The Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited has already begun construction on the stretch of Fabers’ Road between Central American Boulevard and the George Price Highway. For that approximately one-mile stretch [...]

    Did Ministry of Works Violate Finance and Audit Reform Act?
    But before it gets to that, COLA has engaged Kareem Musa to write to the C.E.O. in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle, along with Minister Rene Montero and Contractor [...]

    Does Imer Hernandez Have Airstrip Contract Too?
    The People’s United Party issued a statement today condemning the award as containing no rational justification other than to, in the P.U.P.’s words, enrich select U.D.P. ministers and cronies and [...]

    Recycler Run Over on Highway
    A recycler was killed over the weekend following a clean-up of the George Price Highway. Elroy Jones was on the job when he lost his life; he was run over [...]

    Security Company, Police Eye Guard for Breach Following Shooting at Princess
    A security guard attached to Technical Security Systems Company Limited out of Cayo is tonight in police custody following a shooting incident at the parking lot of the Ramada Belize [...]

    Kirkland Dawson Shot Following Misunderstanding
    But thirty-one-year-old Kirkland Dawson is tonight at home recovering from a gunshot wound to the thigh. The electrician of Euphrates Avenue was socializing with friends and family inside an open [...]

    Teen Charged in Attempted Murder of Floyd McNab
    Nineteen-year-old Asher Saunders has been charged for the attempted murder of Floyd McNab who was shot in the buttocks in Belize City on Friday night.  Shortly after nine o’clock, officers [...]

    Gas Station Robbed in Cayo
    There was a brazen armed robbery on Friday in San Ignacio. Just before ten a.m., twenty-eight-year-old pump attendant Vicente Maldonado of Shawville area was held up at gunpoint at Sirrom [...]

    Robbers Strike Carmelita, O.W. Town
    There were two other armed robberies over the weekend in Orange Walk. The first occurred on Friday afternoon on Zericote Street in Orange Walk Town. Sometime after three o’clock, two [...]

    Jermaine Rhaburn Awaits Decision in Murder Trial
    Twenty-two-year-old Jermaine Rhaburn awaits his fate at the Belize Central Prison, pending a decision by Justice Adolph Lucas in a murder trial which concluded earlier today.  The former Belize Defense [...]

    P.U.P. Gags Would-Be Candidates before National Convention
    The National Executive of the People’s United Party met on Thursday and set a deadline of four p.m. on October twenty-seventh for Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher to receive both [...]

    U.D.P. Return Francis Humphreys in Dangriga, But Area Rep Not Happy
    In other political news, the United Democratic Party held its municipal convention for Dangriga on Sunday at Holy Ghost Roman Catholic School near the sea. Incumbent Mayor Francis Humphreys is [...]

    B.N.T.U. Tries Again with Curt P.M.
    The Belize National Teachers Union is giving Prime Minister Dean Barrow an ultimatum after receiving a terse response when the executive requested an update on the progress of the eight-point [...]

    Teachers Wary Over ‘Divide and Conquer’ Tactics
    Smith says the inclusion of the other unions is simply another attempt by government to disrupt the harmony within the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.   Elena Smith, National [...]

    Police Chase Clues but Activists Bunker Down after Albert Cattouse ‘Hit’
    The activist community is shaken by the Thursday night execution of seventy-two-year-old Albert Cattouse.  The taxi operator was gunned down with a single shot to the head inside his Lincoln [...]

    How to Clean Up Jane Usher Boulevard: Send G.S.U./B.D.F.
    The Jane Usher Boulevard area has become well-known for its murderous rivalries. When the intervention and community policing program under former south side commander ACP Chester Williams was in full [...]

    K.H.M.H. ‘Poor a Blood;’ Suspend Elective Surgeries
    If you have an elective surgery scheduled at the K.H.M.H. – they say it will not happen because all elective surgeries have been suspended due to the lack of blood [...]

    Why Was Santa Elena’s German Flores Beaten into Coma?
    Twenty-seven-year-old German Flores, a resident of Hill View area in Santa Elena, is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight, after being beaten to a bloody pulp [...]

    James Adderley Brings You Sports Monday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities….]


    COLA Demands GOB Bust Open The Books On Faber's Road Contract
    And as we told you last week, COLA is also highly sceptical of the million dollar contract and has evoked the Freedom of Information Act to request the contract documents from the Ministry of Works. Today, COLA’s attorney Kareem Musa explained why they believe the matter will end up in Court. Kareem Musa, Attorney for COLA: “At this point what we do know is that they employed the selective tendering process and I think it was the VIP that issues a Press Release that rightly pointed out under the Finance Audit Reform Act section 19(5) that any contract, any procurement in excess of five million dollars ought to be under the open tendering procedure and we get the initial remarks from the government that this was not done so this was ought to have been open to tender...”

    Franz Parke Is Appointed To The Courts Of Appeal Despite Growing Opposition
    Despite growing opposition, this morning Governor General Sir Colville Young proceeded with the appointment of Jamaican-American Franz Parke as a Justice on the Court of Appeal. On Wednesday October 11th, Opposition leader John Briceno requested the Court’s permission to seek a constitutional challenge of the appointment. In his affidavit, Briceno called on the Court to review the appointment and declare it improper, unconstitutional and therefore null and void. Briceno indicated that he opposed the appointment as he did not believe that Parke was duly qualified to be appointed to the Court.

    Chinese Business Robbed At Gun Point
    And the second robbery took place on Friday afternoon. This time Chinese businessman, twenty four year old Hong Zhen Quin, reported to Orange Walk Police that shortly after three o’clock two Hispanic men dressed in full black clothing with white rags covering their faces entered his establishment “Sun Luck Store” located on Zericote Street here in Orange Walk Town. According to Quin, one of the men was armed with a 9mm pistol. The perpetrator allegedly pointed the firearm at Quinn and proceeded to rob the store of six hundred dollars in cash before fleeing the area.

    BNTU Scold PM Barrow And Demands Answers By October 20th
    On October 3rd, the Belize National Teacher’s Union held a special ceremony in Belize City to commemorate their “Save Belize” campaign, which was marked by an 11-day protest to advocate for good governance reforms. Union President Elena Smith indicated that as part of the anniversary she had written the Prime Minister, requesting an update to the reform measures that had been accepted by the Government for implementation. The Prime Minister’s response came with a degree of unwelcome indifference, according to Smith.

    St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Experiencing Serious Economic Challenges
    There is no question that our country is experiencing serious economic challenges. At the macro level, last year the Government had to force the renegotiation of the terms to pay its external debt. At the micro level, just take one look at the weekly local newspapers and note the number of homes being auctioned away by the banks, based on non-performing mortgage loan agreements, is just the tip of the iceberg. Last week, we had the opportunity to speak to St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Assistant General Manager, Michael Riveroll Sr, who told us his institution is doing its best to aid those in need.

    PUP Says 8 Million Dollars Farbers Road Contract Is Bloated
    The controversy continues over a contract awarded by the Ministry of Works to Imer Hernandez Development Co. Limited, a company involving the nephew of former UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega. The contract is for the rehabilitation of just over 1 mile of Fabers Road, but the amount agreed to as payment has raised eyebrows. The Ministry says it will pay $8 million to the company for the work. The Opposition expressed shock in a press release issued today. The release states, “The PUP condemns the awarding of a grossly bloated contract…to Imer Hernandez, nephew of disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega”.


    Four Shooting Incidents – No Fatalities
    21-year-old Tyrin Faber received gunshot wound to the chest and forearm. According to police report, an altercation occurred at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Sunday inside Elite night club at the Princess Hotel & Casino in Belize City. The altercation moved to the parking lot where it escalated. In an attempt to part the fight, 33 […]

    Business Establishments: Robbed at Gunpoint
    Mini Super Harvies in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. According to Police reports, at approximately 8:15 p.m. on Saturday night, two masked men dressed in dark clothing barged into Mini Super Harvies. One of the men was armed with a handgun. One of the robbers stole […]

    Court Late with Maintenance Money
    Last Friday, October 13th, a group of single parents was almost in tears after being told by the Belize Family Court that they would not be able to collect their monthly maintenance money, which became due at the end of September. They were given the run-around and were not told when the funds would become […]

    Gilharry Pleads Guilty to Wounding
    Fifty-five year old Henry Gilharry, aka “Punisher”, a car washer of Belize City, pled guilty to a charge of wounding when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon fraser. Gilharry was sentenced to 2 years. In addition to that a warrant was prepared for him to serve 1 month for a fine of $100 […]

    Belmopan City Council continues its infrastructural work
    Infrastructural works are currently on-going in Belmopan. Fem Cruz spoke to the Mayor Khalid Belisle. Fem Cruz “The Belmopan City Council continues with their ongoing work in Central Belmopan. As you can see both motorist and pedestrians are benefiting from the upgrading of streets, walkways, drains and parks. Love news caught up with the Mayor […]

    Belize to Benefit from CDB’s Poverty Reduction Programme
    Belize is set to benefit from a poverty reduction programme being implemented by the Caribbean Development Bank, CDB. The CDB said that it has been able to negotiate more funds for the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) to improve the programme’s efficiency and effectiveness, and will strengthen partnerships with the private sector. It said these […]

    Belize to participate in 19th World Festival of Youth and Students
    A Belizean delegation is in Sochi, Russia, participating in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. The festival began on October 14 and is schedule to conclude on October 22. The purpose of the festival is to bring together the youth of the world community around the idea of justice, the strengthening of international […]

    Remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez found
    Reports to Love News are that remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez have been found by a search party. The discovery was made in the ‘Dyke Area’ in the Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City on Sunday afternoon. Rodriguez went missing in August and his family had been searching for his body for […]

    Franze Parke sworn in as Justice of the Court of Appeals
    Despite objections from the People’s United Party, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Bar Association of Belize, Franz Parke was sworn in as a Justice of the Court of Appeals. The PUP has filed a lawsuit challenging Parke’s appointment. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of […]

    Remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez found
    Reports to Love News are that remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez have been found by a search party. The discovery was made in the ‘Dyke Area’ in the Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City on Sunday afternoon. Rodriguez went missing in August and his family had been searching for his body for […]

    Franze Parke sworn in as Justice of the Court of Appeals
    Despite objections from the People’s United Party, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Bar Association of Belize, Franz Parke was sworn in as a Justice of the Court of Appeals. The PUP has filed a lawsuit challenging Parke’s appointment. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    “Cattouse’s murder was a hit,” says COLA President
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) President, Giovanni Brackett is calling the recent murder of activist Albert Cattouse an ordered execution.

    Man loses his home to fire
    A man is homeless after his house was burnt to the ground yesterday. At around 2:39 a.m. on Sunday, Alberto Logan, 44, told police that he received information that his home at Amazing Grace area in Independence Village was on fire.

    Three men busted with a 9mm
    Just before 10 o’clock on Sunday night, police was conducting a mobile patrol on the George Price Highway when they came to a stop at mile four.

    Alleged gunman charged for Friday night shooting
    Police have charged Asher Saunders, 19, with attempted murder of Flord McNabb. On Friday night, McNabb was on Mosul Street closing a gate when a man pointed a gun at him and opened fire.

    Police: Erwin Rodriguez died of multiple facial gunshot wounds
    A post mortem examination says that Erwin Rodriguez, 17, died of, “traumatic craneoenecephalic due to multiple facial gunshot wounds.”

    Man and woman busted with 1,142 grams of cannabis
    This morning, police conducted a predawn operation which led to the discovery of 1,142 grams of cannabis.

    Man loses $16,350 worth of valuables in burglary
    There is a case of burglary coming out of the Cay District. According to police reports, just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, cops visited the Lomas Del Rodeo New Extension area of Benque Viejo where they spoke to Cesar Olivarez, 39.

    Mark Pollard missing for 105 days and counting
    There has been closure for the families of Erwin Rodriguez, 17, and Kelvin Usher, 17, who had previously been reported missing.

    COLA to take legal action against GOB for Faber’s Road contract
    Community activist group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) is prepared to pursue legal action against the Government of Belize (GOB), over the contract for the rehabilitation of Faber’s Road.

    Man beaten and left on roadside
    Police are investigating a case of “Grievous Harm” after a man was found badly beaten on the road side.

    Surgeries getting canceled due to reagent shortage
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) is postponing elective (non-emergency) surgeries, because of quality assurance […]

    Francis Humphreys wins UDP convention in Dangriga
    Over the weekend, the United Democratic Party (UDP) held its municipal convention in Dangriga. UDP […]

    PUP demands Cancellation of Bloated Contracts
    The People’s United Party (PUP) today issued a release condemning the awarding of a “grossly […]

    The murder of Albert Cattouse – Whose legacy?
    By Glenn Tillett: It has taken a few days for me to regain some semblance of emotional control […]

    A closer look at road rehabilitation for Santa Elena town and Fabers Road projects
    On August 21, the government of Belize issued a press release informing the public that […]


    The beauty of the Silk Cayes
    Long before they were called the Silk Cayes, a cluster of three islands in the middle of the Caribbean Sea were called Queen Cayes. That is the story relayed to us by Splash Dive Center on a recent visit to the remote and beautiful islet. It was a bright sunny day when our boat pulled up to the island’s shores. The varied hues of blues and greens around the tiny slip of white sandy island positively glowed under the bright sunshine. There is nothing quite so delicious as wading out, the sun beating down mercilessly as our feet disappeared into the thick sandy floor, water swirling around us. When we looked down, tiny fish darted about, ignoring the intruders who would soon be out of the water and lying on the sand to catch the rays, or hanging on a hammock over the water.

    The 10 best Belize Resorts to stay
    From the reef to the rainforest, swanky offshore islands to rustic hillside retreats, Belize combines its the Caribbean and Central American assets into a “one-stop” vacation package that has something for every traveler. It’s the kind of destination that draws an eclectic mix of travel aficionados, including passionate beach-seekers, trekkers, and top drivers from around the world. But many are just looking for those signature Belize resorts, the places to stay that you can’t find anywhere else. So whether you want to laze on a beach; tour ancient Mayan ruins; or see jaguars and other jungle wildlife up close and personal, Belize definitely merits a spot on your 2017 must-see list. Here are the top 10 Belize resorts for every kind of getaway.

    Flintstones Size Belize Licence and Money Saving Option
    Note to anyone needing to renew theirs in the next two weeks, you will get a "Flintstones Size Belize Licence." As advised by the traffic department, I got mine laminated at Gecko Graphics. Also included in this post, information on the Hot Guide Belize Loyalty Card Discount APP - great for both travelers and locals.
    September is my birth month so my Driver’s license was up for renewal. This year, I waited until the pink eye epidemic had mostly passed to cross that chore off my list and today turned out to be the perfect day for it. First thing this morning my Have Fun Stay Fit trainer Sara messaged me to cancel our morning session due to a golf cart malfunction. I decide to replace my work out with a 1 hour errand run walking around town. First stop was Caye Supplies to check out their curtain selection. Next came the Traffic Department which is downstairs from the San Pedro Town Council Office on Barrier Reef Dr (Front St). This time I got lucky and I was given a tip to save a step by going to the town Treasury upstairs (actually in the Town Council Office) and pay before going into the office. So I proceeded upstairs, showed the lady in the Treasury Office booth my expired license and told her I wanted to pay for my renewal. She took my $60.00 and gave me a receipt for the payment.

    International Sourcesizz

    Antigua and Barbuda PM reproaches developed countries over financing
    Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne electrified a gathering of representatives of international agencies and governments in Washington DC on Saturday by reproaching developed states for undermining the development of small states by the withdrawal of correspondent banking relations. The prime minister was speaking at a Small States Forum organised by the World Bank as part of the week of meetings of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Browne told the Forum, “It is unconscionable that developed states, which control the international payment system, have increased the vulnerability of small states by creating artificial impediments that undermine our development.”

    Helping hands in Belize
    This past summer, two students and an instructor from SAIT’s School of Business embarked on a field trip to Belize, an independent country on the eastern coast of Central America. Their initiative was to partner with a UK based organization called Accounting for International Development (AFID) to establish relationships and experience by participating in field work at an International NGO. The purpose, said Fiaz Merani, faculty member at the school of business and organizer of the trip, was to allow the students to apply their technical skills and professional knowledge with a not-for-profit organization, while gaining experiential learning, integrating acquired skills and knowledge, and taking a holistic approach to learning.

    When lemons give you life: Herpetofauna adaptation to citrus orchards in Belize
    Natural habitat areas exhibit similar abundances and diversity of herpetofauna as citrus orchards and reclaimed orchard forests in Stann Creek, Belize, reports a comparative study by researchers Russell Gray and Dr. Colin Strine of Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand. The scientists utilized several drift-fence arrays equipped with double-funnel traps to monitor and compare reptile and amphibian communities in a lowland broadleaf forest, a lime orchard and a reclaimed citrus orchard at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (TREES) field station. Their study was recently published in the open-access journal ZooKeys. Often referred to as Central America’s “hidden gem” for its abundance of undisturbed rainforests and natural beauty, Belize has a long-standing record for vigorously protecting and maintaining their forested areas. However, just as in any other developing country, its primary sector is expanding with agricultural land clearings becoming more frequent with newly established properties.

    Placencia, in Belize, è la meta da sogno che nessuno (ancora) conosce
    Il piccolo villaggio di pescatori di Placencia è stato di recente scoperto dai primi turisti che se ne sono innamorati e hanno sparso la voce che, in un angolo sperduto del Belize, affacciato sul Mar dei Caraibi, c’è un paradiso inesplorato che aspetta solo di essere scoperto. Qui il mare è spettacolare. La barriera corallina, lunga quasi 300 chilometri, permette di fare snorkeling e immersioni incredibili. Nei suoi abissi ci sono canyon da esplorare e coralli rimasti ancora intatti. Per non parlare della spiaggia: oltre 25 chilometri di sabbia bianca e fine, con una laguna nella zona occidentale, il mare caraibico a oriente e pace e tranquillità in mezzo.

    Olympic champion Simone Biles has new coach and plan for her return to competition
    Simone Biles has a new coach and a plan for when she’ll return to competition. The Olympic all-around champion said Monday night that she’ll train with Laurent Landi, who coached fellow Final Fiver Madison Kocian. Landi also will serve as the team program director at the World Champions Centre, the gym owned by the Biles’ family. Biles and Landi will begin working together Nov. 1. “I’m excited to get to work with him because I know how strong a bar worker he is,” Biles told USA TODAY Sports. “Hopefully I’ll gain more swing and rhythm. If not, at least I’ll gain more confidence on bars.”

    Caribbean officials agree on marking vessels to fight IUU fishing
    As the Caribbean continues its fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, fisheries officials agreed at a meeting last month to harmonize standards for marking authorized fishing vessels, as well as to establish a list of vessels involved in IUU fishing. According to a news release on the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization, a working group comprising members of the Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission, the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, and the Organization for Fisheries and Aquaculture of Central America reached the agreement at a second meeting, held 19 to 21 September, to devise strategies for deterring, preventing, and eliminating IUU fishing. IUU fishing is estimated to account for 20 to 30 percent of fish harvests in the Western Central Atlantic fisheries, which includes the Caribbean Sea, and is valued at between USD 450 to 750 million (EUR 384 to 640 million) annually.


  • Ministry of Defence Hosts Third Annual Multi-National Security Conference, 4min. The Ministry of Defence hosted the 3rd Annual Multi-National Security Conference on Friday, 6th October in Belize City. The main objective of the conference was to share Belize’s vision, work, and requirements with regards to military assistance with our allies and partners.

  • Government of Belize Hosts Study Tour on Marine and Coastal Management, min. From the 1st to the 10th of October, officials from Morocco were on a study tour in Belize to learn and exchange views on Belize’s experience in marine and coastal management. As a part of the tour, the Moroccan officials visited the processing facilities at the National Fishermen Cooperative, the Placencia Rainforest facilities, the Punta Gorda Rainforest facilities, Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Punta Negra Village, TIDE Fish Festival, and the Fishermen and community leaders at Punta Negra.

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary Video, 1/2min. Devin Burns put together a nice video highlighted everything the Community Baboon Sanctuary has to offer visitors.

  • Glovers Reef Belize, 1min. Nothing like living, fishing, swimming, cooking and eating... You better Belize It. Making memories before I head out again.

  • See it to Belize it - Mi viaje por Belice, 8.5min. Un viaje espectacular en Caye Caulker - Belize

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 4min.

  • San Ignacio, Belize, 7.5min. San Ignacio is the second biggest city in Belize, after Belize City. The town is located near the guatemalan border and is surrounded by the Macal river, mountains and jungle.. we can find there two mayan ruins: Cahal Pech and Xunantunich.. It's the perfect place to discover Belize, its landscape and population.

  • Caye Caulker Belize, 2min. This is from my trip to Belize over the summer of 2017 here are the highlights.

  • THIEVES TARGET STORE IN CARMELITA VILLAGE, 5min. There were two armed robberies to report here in Orange Walk tonight. We start off with the incident that occurred on Saturday in which a small grocery shop in the village of Carmelita fell victim to robbers who walked away with almost four thousand dollars in cash and other items.

  • Understanding GDP - Legacy Foundation, 36min.

  • National Women's Commission 16 Days of Activism, 22min.

  • Archaeology Week 2017, 25min.

  • Not that clear but play and zoom. 5-6ft Croc trying to grab a duck..., 10sec. In San Pedro

  • The Government of Belize continues to Move Belize Forward with: 27 new rural water systems, 1min. 43 more rural water systems expanded ... 11 villages in Belize River Valley connected to BWSL ... Life is BETTER; Water is LIFE!

  • Cahal Pech, San Ignacio, Belize, 6min. Cahal Pech is a small Mayan historical site just next to San Ignacio in Belize.We ca reach the ruins by walking 20 minutes from the center of town. A very quiet place, not touristic at all in low season. The entrance fee is 10$B per person. It definitivly worth a visit if you are in san ignacio!

  • Harvest Caye Belize View from the Norwegian Escape, 1.5min. The beautiful view from the Harvest Caye port in Belize from the Norwegian Escape.

  • Travel Belize, 4min. We all went to Belize back in August, these are our travels.

    October 16, 2017


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Delegation Participates in the First SICA-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred P. Elrington participated in the First Central American Integration System (SICA)-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum in Santiago, Chile on October 12, 2017. The Parties discussed key areas including the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the importance of the provision of adequate means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), institutional strengthening, climate change, natural disasters, conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and its resources, and the environment.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Just Like Mama
    “Rafael, I saw your mama last week at the water taxi and we was talking,” Mario said. “She says you looking to get married.” “Looking ain’t the same as getting,” Rafa said. “I been looking to get married for the last two years but I ain’t been getting married. It never works out.” We were sitting at the big picnic table at the rice and beans restaurant where I always take Mario for lunch when he’s working for me. “Why don’t it work out?”

    Health Corner: Halitosis – or chronic bad breath
    What Causes Halitosis? If quick bad breath fixes are only covering up the problem for a short time, something else may be happening in your body, including: Dental Issues: Cavities and deeper pockets from gum disease give bad breath bacteria extra places to hide in your mouth that are difficult to clear out when you’re brushing or cleaning between your teeth. Either can contribute to halitosis. Mouth, Nose and Throat Infections: According to the Mayo Clinic, nose, sinus and throat issues that can lead to postnasal drip may also contribute to bad breath. Bacteria feeds on mucus your body produces when it’s battling something like a sinus infection, leaving you sniffly and stinky.

    Doctor Love: Put a ring on it
    Dear Doctor Love, I have been living with my boyfriend for three years and we have a wonderful relationship. Last year we bought a lot to build a house and we have talked about children in the future. But my family keeps asking when we will get married. I want to get married but when I mention it he says he is happy with the way it is now. He says he would live together forever but how do I make him see that a wedding is important? /s/ Put a Ring on It

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Yet another senseless murder
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is saddened, once again, by yet another senseless murder. On this occasion, it is the cold-blooded killing of Mr Albert Cattouse, a hard-working, senior citizen and fervent activist for just causes. This is a sad day for Belize and all who stand up for Belize. Mr Cattouse was a true born Belizean who unflinchingly stood up for what he believed, which distinguished him as being one of the few activists who did so without fear.

    Brother accidentally shot by brother's gun
    On 13.10.2017 12:30 p.m. 23 year old Aaron Wilson Guzman, was at a farm along with his brother Brandon Guzman located about a mile from Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District. After he finished loading the lumber, Aaron jumped off the loader with his licensed and loaded Glock which also had a bullet in the chamber. The gun was which was tucked to right side of his pants and when he fell on the lumber, it discharged and the bullet caught his brother Brandon on his right upper arm. Aaron took his brother in a pickup for medical treatment at the Southern Regional Hospital.

    Security guard fired sawed off shotgun on Princess Hotel Compound to disperse a fight
    On 15.10.2017 at 3:30am, Police visited KHMH where they saw 21 year old Tyrin Faber suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of the chest and another to the left forearm. At 3:00 a.m. a fight occurred inside the Elite Club, located inside the Princess Casino. The two groups were escorted outside the night club. Both groups met inside the compound and resumed to fight in public space for everyone to see. 33 year old Glenford Brown, a security guard, employed by Technical Security Systems Co. Limited was on duty at the time was on duty at the Princess Ramada Hotel and Casino. Brown was armed with a 12 Gauge Mossberg Sawed-off Shotgun. He fired a single shot from the illegally modified weapon on the pavement and the laws of physics dictated the pellets would ricochet and as a result Tyrin Faber received the 2 gunshot injuries. mentioned injuries. The police Investigation continues.

    On 14.10.2017 at 2:45pm, Police visited miles 35 George Price Highway where they found an eighteen wheeler white Kenworth towhead truck bearing L/P OWA-4407 and a cargo trailer attached to it bearing L/P OW-T00183 parked partially off the road on the right hand side facing Belmopan City. The body of Elroy Jones of Belize City was seen motionless logged under the trailer wheel. 19 year old Cornelius Schmitt, a truck driver of Spanish Lookout Village was driving the truck whilst Jones and other workers picked up bagged garbage. Elroy Jones who was along with the group had accidentally slipped from the truck and fell under the wheel and was crushed. Jones was taken to the Western regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5:00 p.m. Cornelius Schmitt was issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

    Skeletal remains believed to be Erwin Rodriguez
    On Saturday 14th October, 2017 at 2:40 p.m. as a result of an intensive investigation, Police visited an area near the sea behind the Port of Belize in the Jane Usher Blvd Area where they found the remains of a human skeleton and other belongings buried in a shallow grave. The personal belongings were identified by Silvia Rodriguez to be property of missing person Erwin Paulino Rodriguez who was reported missing since 24th August, 2017. The skull had an apparent injury and the remains was transported to the morgue awaiting a post mortem examination.

    Miss Belize Shaenna Gilharry posing with other delegates from the Americas
    Dressed for the Neha Karina fashion show as part of Miss Divali Nagar 2017. To vote for her as Miss Photogenic, visit National Council of Indian Culture of Trinidad and Tobago (NCIC TT), find her photo in the pinned album, like, share, and comment! Voting ends this Sunday at 9:59pm BZ.

    "Between these lines.." by Glenn Tillett
    It has taken a few days for me to regain some semblance of emotional control to write this, and to do so without profanity I think, but please forgive me, because that is not a promise. We are an armed, angry, paranoid people. Many years ago, and it no longer matters how long ago it was in years, I criticized Mr. Barrow’s much heralded “Restore Belize” initiative and predicted it would fail. My primary point was that he had created a pretty but petty bureaucratic solution for a real problem that needed real world street leadership and tactics. I tried not to gainsay the effort too much because I had by then long accepted that the problem of criminal violence, particularly on the streets of southside Belize, needed a massive expansionary but inclusionary effort, the likes of which is unprecedented in the annals of Belize’s existence, and therefore anything, and I mean any-frickin-ting, was better than nothing. It took me almost 72 hours to process that my friend, the esteemed Albert Cattouse Esquire, was gunned down in cold blood on a Belize City southside street. It will take me the rest of my life to mourn his death.

    A Walk for a Clean Belize!
    Focus joins to the effort of the Belize Audubon Society and the Department of the Environment - DOE as we clean miles of highway across the country! Thanks to all volunteers and friends who participated in this effort! And to all of you out there remember to always... Keep Belize Clean!

    Clean up campaign of Corozal Bay
    Corozal Bay - It is said that when we work together, we can move mountains and yesterday October 15th, we just did that. The Corozal Junior College Eagles Environmental Club, which is one of the most active environmental clubs in northern Belize, chaired by Mrs. Yvette Sanker Riverol and OCEANA Wavemakers, teamed up with this news shack to carry out a water clean up campaign of our Corozal Bay that started in-front of Rainbow Beach. What began at 8:00 a.m., following a short briefing, took us over four hours and more than a dozen kayak loads, piling up a mountain of broken bottles, whole bottles, TIRES and other STUFF that do not belong at the bottom of our beautiful bay (which, by the way, filled up 24 trash bags). It is with this in mind, that we hope to continue sensitizing and bringing awareness to our people and children that our Corozal Bay plays an important and vital role in the development of our Corozal Community. It is perhaps our most important attribute and ecologically sensitive resource that we have. The CJC Eagles Environmental Club has made history in Corozal by being the first ever environmental group in this area to embark in a task like this. I cannot thank them so much for taking the challenge and stepping up to the plate.

    Cayo Cancer Walk 2017
    The Cayo BCS is having their 5th annual Cancer Walk on Saturday, October 28th, and everyone is invited to walk a few miles for cancer awareness...and cancer eradication. In related news, the Belmopan chapter of the BCS is having a variety show next Sunday, October 22nd.

    Oceana 2017 River Clean Up
    "On September 30th 2017 the Department of Youth Services Collaborated with Oceana for the annual Coastal & River Clean-up where youths from throughout the country clean the riverside or beach. Here are some pictures of Department of Youth Services Benque youths participating in the Annual Clean-up."

    Belmopan Tourism Expo 2017
    The Belmopan BTIA is having their 2nd annual Belmopan Tourism Expo on Saturday, November 4th. This year, it'll be at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds.

    The Reporter

    Missing teen’s body found
    The worried family of missing teenager, Erwin Rodriguez had their worst fears confirmed this weekend when his body was found on the south side of Belize City. Rodriguez’ body was found near a tree in the Port Loyola area of Belize City, around 5:00 pm, on Saturday. The search party found him with his hands and feet bound, with injuries to the forehead and an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Sylvia Rodriguez, Erwin’s mother, said that she had feared the worst from the time he went missing, because it was not like him to not check in with her. She added that she did not know if he had any enemies, but was concerned because of the friends that he had.

    Man shot during fist fight
    A man was shot in the chest and left forearm when a security guard fired a shot to disperse two groups that were fighting. The incident happened in the Princess Ramada casino compound shortly after 3:00 am. Police say Glenford Brown, 33 years, employed with Technical Security Systems Limited, was on duty at the Princess, and fired off a 12 gauge shotgun on the pavement to disperse two groups. Thr bullet ricochetted and hit Tyrin Faber, 21, who was in the crowd.

    Man crushed to death on George Price highway
    A man was crushed to death on Saturday afternoon at mile 35 on the George Price highway. Police say it happened some before 2:00 pm, when Elroy Jones, who was part of a clean-up crew, slipped off a moving 18-wheeler towhead, which had a cargo trailer attached to load bagged garbage. Jones fell under the trailer wheel and was crushed. Police have served Cornelius Schmitt, 19, a truck driver of Spanish Lookout community, who was driving the truck, with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

    Citizens walk for a Green Belize
    Public servants, community volunteers and concerned citizens gathered on the George Price Highway this weekend for the second “Walk for a Green Belize” cleanup campaign. At the event, hosted by the Department of the Environment (DOE), in conjunction with the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and the Belize Audubon Society, participants picked up garbage along both sides of the highway, covering a total of 77 miles. The hosting organizations explained that the activity was held to mark 25 years of Environmental Sustainability, and to raise awareness about the environmental burden caused by littering.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police issues official report on Erwin Rodriguez
    According to police reports, yesterday around 2:40 pm, authorities visited an area in the Jane Usher Boulevard near the sea behind the Port of Belize where they found the remains of a human skeleton and other belongings buried in a shallow grave.

    Man crushed to death by 18 Wheeler Truck
    Yesterday afternoon around 2:45, police visited miles 35 on the George Price Highway where a white eighteen wheeler Kenworth towhead truck bearing license plate OWA-4407 and a cargo trailer attached to it bearing license plate OW-T00183 was parked partially off the road on the right hand side facing Belmopan City.

    Armed robbery in Orange Walk
    Last night around 8:25, police visited Mini Super Harvies Shop located in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk where Yulisa Villamil,37, reported that sometime around 8:15 pm, two dark skin male person dressed in dark clothing and covering their face entered the shop where one was armed with what appeared to be a handgun.

    Electrician shot to the right thigh in Belize City
    Yesterday around 8:15 in the night, police visited the KHMH where they saw Kirkland Michael Dawson, 31, a Belizean Electrician of Euphrates Avenue, Belize City suffering from 1 gunshot wound to the right thigh.

    Belize City youth shot this morning
    This morning around 3:30, police visited the KHMH where they saw Tyrin Faber, 21, a Belizean young man of Faber’s Road, Belize City suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of the chest and a gunshot wound to the left forearm.

    Body of missing teenager found
    The body of seventeen year old Erwin Rodriguez was found shortly after 5 pm yesterday. The teenager went missing on August 24, 2017. According to reports, the teenager’s body was discovered buried under a tree near the sea in the area of the Port in Belize City.


    Society Scoop: High Tea on Ambergris Caye for a Fantastic Cause
    Yesterday I attended a seriously fancy event. So seriously fancy that I put a DRESS on for my third time in 10 years. So fancy that finger sandwiches were served and tea poured from real tea pots. And so fancy because it was so lovingly organized, painstakingly put together by SO many people for the most beautiful cause. Dress code: Heels and hats…AHHHHH! I have neither! A large fundraiser to help with completion of an amazing project and labor of love. But I can draw from the 2015 Old Navy sun dress collection. ALL proceeds would go to Raise Me Up. Hope Haven Childrens’ Shelter and the Shine Foundation. Hope Haven Shelter is a shelter, meeting place, foodbank (and more) that is NOW being completed in town for children in need.

    International Sourcesizz

    Hurricanes slow down a gainful year for Caribbean tourism
    Prior to hurricanes Irma and Maria, Caribbean visitation was up 5.2% in the first half of 2016. But because of damage wrought by Irma and Maria, growth will slow to 1% to 2% through the end of the year, said Caribbean Tourism Organization chairwoman Joy Jibrilu, who expects that growth rate to continue into 2018. "There are many challenges ahead," Jibrilu said at CTO's State of the Industry Conference. "We want our message to get out that much of the Caribbean is open for business now and will continue to be, but we must continue to support our neighbors who have been so affected. When the crisis is over, when the story ends, when the issues change, the world will move on, but there will still be a need to keep reminding the world that the distance between Barbados and Belize is more than six times as great as between Toronto and Montreal, that New York to Chicago is only half as far as the Bahamas to Grenada and that 70% of the large Caribbean region is open, operating at full speed and wanting to welcome visitors."


  • Forest For Life Music Video,3 min. The Belize Forest Department shot a video in Mountain Pine Ridge, and it shows off the amazing beauty of the Cayo district. Definitely worth a watch. " The Belize Forest Department, through the Key Biodiversity Areas project, is encouraging young people and local communities to join them in better managing Belize's forest resources. Ian 'Stizzle' Armstrong, a local musician and a Forest Department officer, created the pulsating and catchy rhythmic sounds. The video features Belizean children and their parents enjoying several nature sites in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve."

  • Compassionate Hearts Alliance 2017 Belize Medical Mission, 8min.

  • Mayan Sun Southbound, 4.5min. Funtastic time through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

  • Belize Education Project 2017, 3.5min.

  • Project Mangrove: Een stukje Belize in Burgers' Zoo Aflevering 1, 25min. In aflevering 1 van de documentaire, over onze Mangrove, beginnen we bij de oorsprong: de Mangrovebossen in Belize. We nemen een kijkje in Belize en wat de stand van de Mangrovebossen nu is. Daarna wordt er gekeken naar de voorbereidingen voor de Mangrove in Arnhem: verplaatsing van dieren en controles voor de sloop. In de documentaire wordt ook aandacht geschonken aan de Mennonieten in Belize. Hun technologie is niet wenselijk voor de mensen en Mangrovebossen in Belize.

  • Scuba Diving with Dolphins in Belize!! Ambergris Caye Coral Reef Dive October 2017, 3min. While scuba diving in Belize we happened upon 2 dolphins swimming playfully with each other. It was INCREDIBLE. Even our divemasters said this RARELY happens. We were fortunate to catch it on the gopro, enjoy!

  • Monkey River Howling Monkeys Audio (Belize), 1.5min. An audio sample of the actual chilling and amazing sounds made by the beautiful, but notoriously difficult to photograph, Monkey River howling monkeys (Monkey River Basin, Placencia Area, Belize)...NB, Hike only with a professional guide familiar with the Monkey River basin area, and always wear full body mosquito protection clothing for maximum comfort on hike...

  • Belize Cave Tubing! Jungle Fun With HobbyTiger and HobbySpider HobbyRockiesVlog, 7min. Go on a jungle adventure with HobbyTiger and HobbySpider! We see wildlife, go into a cave and cliff jump into the cave river on this dark, watery excursion.

  • Belize Carnival 2017!, 16min. Join us while we enjoy Belize Carnival 2017! IDK if it was the drinks or what but we def. had a good time.

    October 15, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Hosts Third Multi-National Security Conference
    The Ministry of Defence hosted the 3rd Annual Multi National Security Conference on Friday, 6th October 2017 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The main objective of the conference was to share Belize’s vision, work and requirements with regards to military assistance with our allies and partners. The conference emphasized security cooperation and military capacity building for the Belize Defence Force, Belize Coast Guard, and the Joint Intelligence Operations Centre. The keynote speaker of the conference was the Chief Executive Officer, Lt. Col. Rt’d. Felix Enriquez. He highlighted that the Ministry of Defence’s vision “requires a broader understanding of national security to encompass the defence of our territorial integrity, fighting criminality locally and transnationally and providing a stable and enabling environment for the prosperity of Belize.

    Authorities respond to reports of raw sewage disposal in northern Ambergris Caye
    According to Mayor Guerrero they still do not know who is guilty of the dumping as it seems to be happening at night. He indicated that he condemns such activities by people who have no regard for the environment. “Anyone up here in the north of the island knows that they need to get rid of their sewage waste the proper way, which is by using the only sewage treatment plant on the island located south of town, operated by the Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) and consists of four large ponds where the waste is deposited,” said Guerrero. “If this continues and we find out who the culprit(s) are, the Town Council will take drastic measures through a court case. If it is a business, they can run the risk of losing their trade license for such offense.” Guerrero added that until the sewage treatment plant is installed in northern Ambergris Caye, residents and business owners from that area of the island need to have their sewage waste transported to the BWSL ponds.

    Iris Salguero represents Belize in Miss Earth Pageant
    Former Miss San Pedro and Miss World Belize, Iris Salguero, is back in the pageant spotlight representing Belize in the Miss Earth 2017 Pageant. Currently in the Philippines, Salguero will be taking part in a series of activities and pre-competition events leading up to the big pageant on Saturday, November 4th. The Miss Earth Pageant is an international event challenging the beauty industry to make a change and promote environmental awareness. With 88 delegates from across the world, Miss Earth is one of the largest pageants held under the theme “Heroines Fighting Climate Change”. Participants begun arriving in Manila, Philippines on Friday, October 6th. The month long journey to the main event will see the participants taking part in clean-up campaigns, environmental seminars, school tours, eco tours, interviews and several meet and greets.

    San Pedro Lions and Leos place anti-littering signs on North Ambergris Caye
    Improper garbage disposal has long been a problem across Ambergris Caye. Throughout the years, several organizations have launched clean-up initiatives to bring awareness to land pollution and the effects it has in our environment. As improperly disposed trash continues to accumulate on the island, the San Pedro Lions Club along with the San Pedro Leos Club is making an effort to encourage people not to litter by placing signs on Northern Ambergris Caye. According to the San Pedro Lions, the project was initiated by the former San Pedro Lions Queen and Leos’ member, Solani Graniel last year. The project was completed this year by the Leos with assistance from the Lions Club. In observance of Lions World Service Day, members of both clubs took to the streets on Sunday, October 8th to install the anti-littering signs north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge as far up as four miles. The aim is for these signs to remind persons traveling in the area to refrain from disposing garbage along the streets or in the nearby waterways.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Customer service training for new tour guides on Caye Caulker
    Customer service training for all new tour guides was held last night. We will announce all other trainings early next week for the CCBTIA annual Tourism Training Week. Dr. Alberto August, Principal of La Isla Carinosa Academy was the facilitator. Sponsors of this event includes Lazy Lizard and Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill. Thank you very much for prizes that made this class even more exciting!

    Walk For A Clean Belize
    Kudos to all who came out to support Walk For A Clean Belize initiative in Belmopan along the George Price Highway this morning! Special thanks to the Belmopan Cancer Society, Women Empowering Families, 4H, and the Belmopan City Council! Mr. Luke Ramos and his wife donated metal picks and breakfast and Mr. James Scott joined in the cleaning impromptu during his morning run! Amazing what gets accomplished with willing hearts, determination, and great partners!

    Art in the Park, Corozal
    Art in the park was held last night in Corozal.

    Institute of Archaeology goes on Tour for Archaeology Week
    The Institute of Archaeology in Orange Walk and San Pedro to celebrate International Archaeology Day! The National Institute of Culture and History through the Institute of Archaeology under the guidance of Dr. Allan Moore, Associate Director of the Institute, will be touring with a lecture series to Orange Walk Town on the 17th and 18th and talk about the origins of the Maya. The presenters, Antonio Beardall, Josue Ramos and Paul Smith will be looking back in time, using photographs, video clips and the fossilized remains of a giant sloth. The presentation will also give emphasis to specific aspects of a few of the sites in the Orange Walk district such as Lamanai, Cuello and Ka’kabish. The team will then visit San Pedro Town, on the 19th and 20th October. These presentations will focus on the Maya use of the island as a trading zone, especially highlighting the dynamism of the Marco Gonzales Site. A visit to Marco Gonzales will be coordinated on the Saturday the 21st (Archaeological Day).

    Channel 5

    News 5 has confirmed that the body of 17-year-old Erwin Rodriguez was found a short while ago. The teenager's body was buried under a tree near the sea in the vicinity of the Port. His family confirmed that the body was found close to the area where his bike was discovered two weeks ago. The minor's hands and feet were tied. The body shows injuries to the forehead & has at least one gunshot wound to the head. Rodriguez has been missing since August 24th. His family & friends have been searching for him for the past couple weeks. His bike & slippers were found previously.

    The Reporter

    Activists offer reward for the capture of Albert Cattouse’s killer
    Following the shooting death of activist Albert Cattouse, the group Belize Leaders for Social Justice has offered a $5,000 reward for information that will lead to the capture and conviction of his killer. The BLSJ condemned Cattouse’s murder as emphatically as it could, calling on other activists and the Belizean public to take a stand against the violence that has been plaguing Belize. The group was also disturbed by what it feels is the possibility that Cattouse may have been targeted for his role in protesting corruption. “The Activism Community and Human Rights Defenders are concerned that this murder can be related to Mr. Cattouse outspoken condemnation for acts of corruption and the injustices levied on our citizens by the Government of Belize,” the group said.

    Controversy erupts over Fabers Road reconstruction contract
    Members of civil society and the political third parties have condemned the Government of Belize’s decision to award the contract for the reconstruction of Faber’s Road to the nephew of former Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. The Vision Inspired by the People third party, called for the contract to be rescinded because it was awarded in contrary to the Finance and Audit Reform Act, Chapter 15 of the Laws of Belize. The community activist group, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), has also retained the services of a law firm to demand that GOB make the contract public. The firm of Musa and Balderamos wrote to GOB on COLA’s behalf asking that the contract be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Mental Health Association hosts speech competition
    Students from four high schools put their public speaking skills to the test on Friday at the 10th Annual Speech Competition, hosted by the Mental Health Association of Belize. The contestants gathered at the St. John’s College Chapel, where they were required to give a speech between four and eight minutes long, focusing on the 2017 theme for World Mental Health Day “Mental Health in the Workplace.” Candidates were scored out of 100 points for various aspects of their speech, including presentation and tone. “The Speech contest for high school students is an activity that serves to disseminate information on mental health issues in a format appropriate for this age group,” the MHA said.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Orange Walk Chinese store robbed of $600
    Yesterday, police visited Sun Luck Store located on Zericote Street, Orange Walk town where Hong Zhen Quin, 24, reported that around 3:15 p.m., two Hispanic men dressed in full black and white rags covering their faces entered the store.

    Man shoots brother in freak accident
    A Silk Grass village resident in the Stann Creek district reported to police yesterday that he shot his brother in a freak accident. According to Aaron Wilson Guzman, 23, he and his brother, Brandon Guzman, were unloading lumber from a loader.

    Armed masked men rob SIRROM Gas
    Yesterday morning around 10, Vicente Maldonado 28, a pump attendant reported that around 9:45a.m., while on duty at the Sirrom Gas located in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio town, a dark complexion man dressed in dark clothing, with his face covered, approached his desk and put a black .9mm pistol against his left cheek.

    17 year old girl missing in Belmopan
    Yesterday, Jerlene Neal,28, a Belizean Administrative Assistant of Marla’s House of Hope located on Mountain View Area, Hill-top Lane, Belmopan City reported that around 7am, Ailyn Raquel Limas,17, a third form student of the Belmopan Methodist High School left Marla’s House of Hope along with two other female students.

    Belize City man shot in buttocks
    Last night around 9:25, police visited the Karl Husner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw Floyd Elston McNab, 33, of Campos Avenue, Belize City suffering from a gunshot wound to the right buttock and 3 to the left buttock.

    “We’ve got this,” says police minister
    Responding to the escalating level of violence in Belize for 2017, the Minister with responsibility for the police, Elodio Aragon Jr. has assured the public that police have the situation under control.

    Aragon says Cattouse’s murder not a political hit
    On Thursday night, 72-year-old taxi man and activist Albert Cattouse was murdered in his car on Hicatee Street in Belize City. Cattouse was a firebrand activist speaking out against social injustices. He was an executive member of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA). He was killed exactly one week after he participated in a protest against recent gas hikes in Belize.

    Francesca Matus’ family says no help from Belize police
    According to a report from Canadian news outlet, the Toronto Sun, the family of Francesca Matus told them in an exclusive interview, that the Belize police are not accepting or returning their phone calls.


    Grey Weather: Out and About on Ambergris Caye
    Three grey days is a pretty long stretch here on Ambergris Caye – even for the rainy season. Not total rain-outs but some rain and lots of clouds. The winter birds are coming down…yesterday I spotted this guy in the morning. I’m told he is a Wunderman’s Heron: Last, there is a sub-species of the Great Blue Herons called Ardea Herodias Occidentalis and is known as the White Morph form. This morph is found only in South Florida and the Caribbean. In Florida where the white and blue forms of the Great Blues overlap, an intermediate bird known as the Wurdemann’s Heron can be found, although somewhat rare. They have the body of Great Blues, but the white and neck of the Great White Heron.

    International Sourcesizz

    Maggots, worms, amoebas: Animal Planet explores ‘criminal acts’ of parasites
    After a family vacation in Colombia, an American teenager returned home with a rash. Doctors found the cause — maggots that were hatching and eating her flesh. In all, 212 tiny larvae were picked from her head. Her harrowing experience and that of other Americans who hosted foreign organisms make up “Monsters Inside Me,” an Animal Planet show whose eighth season is getting underway. The series is popular because people respond with fear about these invasive creatures, many of which are parasites, said Dan Riskin, a biologist who appears in each episode. But parasites deserve our respect, he said.


  • Tanya Carter, 5min. New song from Tanya Carter "Million"

  • Maya Pax del Norte de Belice - Marcus Canul, 1.5min. The Maya of northern Belize at the Venezuela Embassy exposing our Maya culture and history.

  • Mark Mulligan - Belize Oct. 2017 - Even The Bad Days Are Good, 4.5min. Even The Bad Days Are Good performed at Captain Morgans. The Tres-Amigos trip to Ambergris Key in October 2017. Kelly McGuire, Mark Mulligan, and James White.

  • From Belize to lovely city of Flores in Guatemala, 4min. Traveling from San Ignacio in Belize to Flores city in Guatemala. Starting point to our Tikal adventure.

  • Listen to Young Voices, Belize Forest Department,1.5 min. Listen to Young Voices: Belizean children views on why it is important to protect our wildlife. Are we listening?

  • MARCOS CANUL LIBRARY, 1min. The northern Maya Association of Belize were invited to honor the Maya hero Marcus Canul by naming a library Marcos Canul as part of the Indigenous Resistence Day

    October 14, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize Department of the Environment announces Winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017
    The National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Belize, within the Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby announces the winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017, which was held in celebration of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer under the theme “Caring for all life under the sun”.

    Legends F.C and United F.C maintain their led in the Copa San Pedro 2017 tournament
    The Copa San Pedro 2017 continues at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. Seven games took place during the fifth week of the tournament, with the first two games played on Thursday, October 5th. At 7pm, Joke’s F.C faced Martha’s Ice, with an easy 4-1 victory going to Joker’s. At 9pm, the second match saw United F.C defeating Victoria House Jr, 3-1. The following day, Assassin’s F.C won against G. Striker’s, with a 1-0 final score. At 9pm, Sandy Point faced San Mateo F.C, with a solid 6-0 win in favor of Sandy Point. Copa San Pedro continues this weekend with seven more games on the schedule. On Thursday, October 12th, at 7pm, Joker’s F.C face One Shot One Kill, followed by Boca Bombers facing Sandy Point. On Friday, October 13th, Legends F.C takes on G. Striker’s at 7pm, and Terror Squad versus United F.C at 9pm. The last three games of the fifth week of Copa San Pedro are scheduled for Sunday, October 15th, starting at 3pm with Boca Bombers versus One Shot One Kill. At 5pm San Mateo F.C faces Martha’s Ice, leading to the last game at 7pm, with Assassin’s F.C against Victoria House Jr. All islanders are invited to come and support their favorite team this weekend.

    Kendis Gibson meets with Belizean students and media corp
    Acclaimed Belizean- American journalist and news anchor Kendis Gibson was in Belize from Wednesday, October 4th to Saturday, October 7th, meeting with different students and members of the Belize Media Corp. During his four-day visit organized by the U.S Embassy in Belize and the US Department of State, Gibson made presentations at various schools where he spoke about pursuing goals and the importance of an education. He concluded his agenda with an interactive session for Belizean journalists on investigative journalism at the Government House of Culture before leaving the country.

    San Pedro businessman Oscar Guerra charged with rape is out on bail
    On Friday, October 6th, the owner of My Secret Deli located on Caribeña Street in San Pedro Town was arrested and charged with the rape of a minor. The accused, 55-year-old Oscar Guerra was immediately remanded into custody, but was able to obtain a $10,000 bail by the end of the day. Guerra, a naturalized Belizean appeared before Justice Herbert Lord, who granted him bail and imposed certain conditions. He must report to the San Pedro Police Station every Friday, beginning this Friday, October 13th, and appear in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on every adjourned date. He was also ordered not to interfere with the virtual complainant of any of the Crown’s witnesses. Guerra was also told not to go within 100 yards of his accuser or any member of her family.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Sunday Fete Beach Party taking place this weekend in San Pedro

    Prime Minister Barrow meets with OAS Secretary General H.E. Luis Almagro (R) and Deputy Secretary-General H.E. Nestor Mendez (L)

    CARICOM meeting hosted by World Bank Group
    Prime Minister Barrow in attendance at a high-level roundtable today with other government officials from CARICOM, hosted by the World Bank Group. The topic of the roundtable is "After the Storm: Recovery and Resilience in the Caribbean".

    Belize Delegation Participates in the First SICA-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred P. Elrington participated in the First Central American Integration System (SICA)-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum in Santiago, Chile on October 12, 2017. The Parties discussed key areas including the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the importance of the provision of adequate means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), institutional strengthening, climate change, natural disasters, conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and its resources, and the environment.

    Last year the Department of the Environment (DOE), in conjunction with the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and the Belize Audubon Society, carried out a Walk For A Green Belize activity. Walk For A Green Belize is a clean-up activity conducted by numerous organizations, students, activists, both government and non-government agencies, and the general public. The activity resulted in the collection of 785 (33 to 55 gallon-sized) bags of garbage yielding a weight of approximately 9,806.56 pounds of garbage! As we are celebrating 25 Years of Environmental Sustainability, the three entities are once again collaborating on the “Walk For A Green Belize” cleanup. This event is aimed at building awareness and sustaining a culture of an environmentally friendly and conscious Belize! This year, the "Walk For A Green Belize" will be held on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 along the entire George Price Highway encompassing a total of 77 miles of roadway. It will begin at 7:00 a.m. and expected to conclude by 11:00 am.

    Loan agreement with the OPEC Fund
    Today, October 13th, 2017 Prime Minister Barrow signed a loan agreement with the OPEC Fund for International Development to secure funding for the new Haulover Bridge Project.

    Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow meets President of Caribbean Development Bank
    Prime Minister of Belize Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and Governor of Central Bank of Belize H.E. Joy Grant today met with the President of the Caribbean Development Bank Dr. William Warren Smith.

    Belize Delegation Participates in the First SICA-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred P. Elrington participated in the First Central American Integration System (SICA)-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum in Santiago, Chile on October 12, 2017. The Parties discussed key areas including the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the importance of the provision of adequate means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), institutional strengthening, climate change, natural disasters, conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and its resources, and the environment.

    Save the Hicatee T-shirts at the Hicatee Film Viewing
    Don't miss out on winning one of these fabulous #SavetheHicatee T-shirts at the Hicatee Film Viewing on October 17th at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium.

    Our beautiful young jaguar, Chiqui, is now just over a year old and what a stunning jaguar she is! Rescued from drowning in the Chiquibul Forest in May 2016, Chiqui has flourished at TBZ after a long road of recovery and positive therapy. When a young cub like Chiqui goes through a traumatic experience, like almost drowning, their brain chemistry is seriously altered. Fear, distrust and extreme apprehension has to be “re worked” so the disturbed animal becomes a trusting animal. Many days and months of constant care eventually earned Chiqui's trust. She was given lots of diversions, too! Chiqui had balls and tire swings to bat around, and was especially fond of stuffed toys and adopted a stuffed bear as her “best friend”.

    Jah-Nah Smoothies in Corozal
    I stumbled upon a new smoothie place in Corozal. Jah-Nah is located across from Lands department in Corozal, Corozal, Belize. Ja-Na Fruit Splash is a new place to hang out and cool off after a long day of doing choirs. Its a very reasonable price. Nachos 3$, fruit smoothies for 2.50 @ 5$, mix flavors: pinnapple, orange, Melon, papaya, strawberry. We offer milk specials: vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, pinapple, Melon, watermelon, cookies. We also sell marshmelow with chocolate, chocobanana, melon wiyh chocolate anf more. Come by the new Ja-Na fruit splasher in corozal.

    National Research Conference Call for Papers
    NICH is gearing up for the 1st National Research Conference, and they are asking for submissions. The theme is 'Research and Development in Belize.' "The National Institute of Culture and History, The University of Belize, Galen University, and the University of the West Indies officially announces the hosting of the First National Research Conference to be held on March 21 and 22, 2018 at the University of Belize, Belmopan Central Campus, Jaguar Auditorium. The Conference theme is: Research and Development in Belize. Belizean and international researchers, professors and graduate students are invited to submit abstracts of scholarly papers related to the theme. Undergraduate students are also invited to submit proposals for posters related to the theme.

    OYE FM Anniversary Celebration
    Hitz 100 is celebrating their anniversary tomorrow at the Cayo Welcome Center. They'll have a free concert starting at 4:00. Supa G will be headlining the event. "Hitz 100.7 - OYE FM Anniversary bash. Come to the Welcome Centre in San Ignacio Town, On October 14th, starting at 4pm to mid night and party the night away with Lucio & The New Generation, Di X Band, Supa G "The General" and the DJs of Hitz 100 - OYE FM. Come and and enjoy a family friendly event."

    A Brief History of the Magoons in Punta Gorda
    Have you ever wondered why after a long and torrential downpour, Punta Gorda, or PG for short, suffers little from heavy flooding? PG remains relatively unspoiled, its landscape scrubbed clean and pristine, and with a glorious pageantry of color. Its citizens ought to be grateful for such beautiful view, even more so for the topographical features which are responsible for keeping the land relatively unspoiled. PG is proven to be a treasure-trove of interesting history. Some of those treasures are found hidden in its architecture, its people, and in its geography. Among its geographical treasures is a network of drainage channels, called “The Magoons,” or simply “Magoons.” The magoons are responsible for channeling the excess rain water from the immediate land to the sea, while enough water is useful for vegetation on this relatively moist and comfortable coastal town.

    Having this most passionate dream come through writing about the Belizean superstar female athlete, Hadie Gomez, could not have come at such a better time being that Belize continues to struggle with how to celebrate it's outstanding athletes of the pass who gave so much and took so little. The story of this incredible woman and athlete of the 1960s, who was a legend of Belizean softball greatness as well as becoming Belize best female tennis champion of all times. Hadie Gomez was a multitalented athletic Belizean personality whose vision of sports transcended the narrow confines of sports in Belize relative to how it represented itself as challenge in the world. She had an internationalist perspective of what Belize could have become in the world of sports, championing its athletes as ambassadors of its nationalism. And she proved that it could have been done with her dominating Belize's women sports almost in every one of them that she played; from softball to track, to tennis and even "Net Ball" that we called basketball today. And if Belize had a women's football team, you bet that Gomez would have become a star playing on it.

    One of the most baffling questions to many a Belizean history enthusiasts has been the decline of the dynamic islamic presence in Belize that was once known in the 1960s and 70s. The question as to why a Belizean movement that had empowered and influenced the radical black power movement called UBAD (United Black Association for Development) in the 1960s had so suddenly faded away in Belize in terms of its progressive agenda of economical establishment for the Belizean people and being one of the most progressive social work movements of the 1960s and 70s with the arrival of the black nationalist Nation of Islam under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad of the United Sates to the transformation it took into a more islamic religious direction of the late 1970s and 80s.

    Reconstruction of Faber’s Road
    On Thursday, October 12th, a contract signing for the Reconstruction of Faber’s Road, between George Price Highway and Central American Boulevard was held at the Ministry of Works Conference Room in Belmopan. The scope of work is the rehabilitation of Faber’s Road which includes the construction of 2.5 km of reinforced concrete road pavement, 3.8 km of reinforced concrete sidewalk and side drains, and the construction of 1.6 km earthen trapezoidal drains commencing at Krooman Road to the Caribbean Sea. The eight-inch-thick, high-strength, reinforced concrete is necessary to accommodate heavy-duty transport vehicles commuting to and from the Port of Belize. The 1.6 km of drainage from Krooman Lagoon to the Caribbean Sea will provide further flood mitigation in the general vicinity. Other works include but are not limited to roadway clearance including the removal of any remnant structures, obstructions, fencing and the like within the road reserve, earthworks, and the installation of road centerline markings.

    9 year old needs blood. Will you give?
    9 year old Jaslin Archer has been courageously fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. A few weeks ago her condition deteriorated and she was hospitalized at the KHMH. Due to the illness, her blood platelets are very low and she is in constant need of O type blood. She is still in the hospital and it has been a struggle for the family to get the blood. For those interested in donating blood, can visit the blood bank and give the child name. They also call the parents at 605-9910.

    Queen of the Bay - Orange Walk Esmeralda Cal was invited to receive her recognition by the Orange Walk Techincal High School on Culture Week; Mestizo Day
    The queen showcased her national costume painted by Orange Walk's very own artist Elvis Eddie Aldana. Also presenting a cultural dance, was her mother, Mrs. Libertad. Thank you to the faculty and student body of OWTHS for the warm hospitality to the Queen of the Bay - Orange Walk.

    Belize represented at Expoferia 2017 in Merida

    The Altar of the Hanal Pixan (or Food for the Souls)
    It is a typical altar of the Maya Zone of Quintana Roo and northern Belize and is dedicated to an adult soul. Because of the Spanish influence they adorn it with Catholic images, like the virgin of Guadalupe or the divine child. As the part of the Mayan philosophy, the altar is adorn with the Maya Cross that the represent the strength of the Mayas during the caste war. Actually, the belief in this cross is preserved in its divine power. It is a Maya cross, that's why they dress it with a hipil.

    2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition
    The schools participating in the 2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition are all lined up in their Zones ready for competition. Zone one competes on Thursday,October 19th and Zone Two on October 20th. Seven Schools will move on to the Finals on October 27th. History will come alive at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. Zone Eliminations start at 9:30 a.m. and the Finals at 9:00 a.m. The top thre schools from last year were: St Mary's Anglican, Holy Redeemer and Unity Presbyterian in thatt order. The Finals will be broadcasted live on Love FM.

    Channel 7

    Missing For Days, Dutch National Found Dead
    All hope was lost today at noon when a search team found the decomposing body of 69 year old Dutch national Chris Roggema. Roggema got lost in the jungle on Monday inside St. Margaret's Village on the Hummingbird Highway. There were several searches to find him but they turned up nothing until today. 7news' Courtney Weatherburne and cameraman Codie Norales were first on the scene along with the search team when the forensics team arrived. Here is their story. It's in this dense jungle that 69 year old Chris Roggema got lost. On Monday morning around 10:00, Roggema along with a couple men including a land surveyor went to document GPS readings on a plot of land in St. Margaret's Village on the Humming Bird highway. Roggema was interested in buying it. But he wasn't feeling well. The men warned him not to go in his condition, but Roggema insisted. His friend Jaime Perez wasn't there on Monday but gives the account.

    Beloved Taxi-man and Firebrand Activist Albert Cattouse Killed
    72 year-old Albert Cattouse was found dead inside his taxi cab last night on Hicatee Street. The senior citizen was shot to the back of the head, and there was another gunshot wound to the forehead, which could have been a second injury, or an exit wound. Police say that he was driving his Lincoln Town Car from the direction of West Collet Canal, heading toward's Dolphin Street. When he was passing Bocotora Street, bystanders heard the sound of gunfire. Minutes later, Cattouse's car was found in a drain near the Rogers Stadium fence. That suggests that the killer may have been inside the vehicle, but that is not known for certain. His niece told us that as far as she's aware, the area where he was killed is not somewhere he frequents. Bernadette Cattouse - Niece of the Deceased: "After the end of the news, Channel 7 News said that a taxi person got killed by Roger's Stadium. So, whenever they say that a taxi person get killed, my mind goes to my uncle." "I called my other uncle, who is Otto Cattouse, and I explained what happened, and he said, okay, let me call him. He called and got the same thing...."

    Police Minister Denies Any Possibility Of A Political Connection to Murder
    So, as you heard, Albert Cattouse's friends and family believe that he was gunned down and killed because he was an outspoken activist. Now, none of our interviewees actually accused the ruling UDP Government, but the clear suggestion was there that perhaps it was politically motivated. So, this evening, via phone, we asked Police Minister of State Elodio Aragon about that suggestion. He told us that police investigation indicates that this theory of a political assassination is the furthest thing from the truth. Here's how he put it: Hon. Elodio Aragon, Minister of State - Home Affairs: "I am just calling to first of all give my condolences to his family. The loss of their loved one and also to reassure the public out there in regards to this incident and of course all the other shooting incidents that have resulted in murders as such."

    Who Shot Ernest Raymond Jr In Griga?
    A Belize City man was robbed of his firearm and shot when he tried to defend himself in Dangriga early this morning. At around 2:00 am, 42-year-old Ernest Raymond and a female were walking to his car on La Isla Street in Dangriga. He told police that 2 men came up from behind, and one of them pointed a gun at the female. Raymond says he went for his licensed 9 millimeter pistol which he carries on his side - but the gunman shot him first, hitting him in the upper right arm. The bullet exited through his back. And while Raymond was dealing with his injury, the shooter then snatched away his licensed Smith & Wesson pistol and ran off. Raymond was admitted to the Southern Regional Hospital - but has since checked himself out of the hospital. Dangriga Police say they have no suspects and are seeking Raymond to get a few questions answered.

    COLA Presses For Transparency On Faber's Road Contract
    Last night we told you about the Faber's Road reconstruction contract - 8 million dollars to do civil works on one mile of road. According to a government press release, the works include more than just building a road - and drains will also be installed as well as sidewalks with roadside curbs. Sounds good, but at just about 8 million dollars per mile, it's still very steep. Add in favored - contractor Imer Hernandez, and even the average eyebrow would be raised. Seems that's what COLA thinks too. The activist group has gotten its attorney Kareem Musa to write to the CEO in the Ministry of Works requesting a copy of the contract under the Freedom Of Information act.

    Mealy-Mouthed Ministry Comes Again
    Sensing the public blowback on this - the Ministry of Works responded today with a "wheel and come again" press release. They stress that to go with that one mile of reinforced concrete pavement, there will be two miles of reinforced concrete sidewalk and side drains, and the installation of one mile of earthen drains going from Krooman Road to the Caribbean Sea. The release adds, "the eight-inch thick, high-strength, reinforced concrete is necessary to accommodate heavy-duty transport vehicles commuting to and from the Port of Belize." The release adds that the Ministry of Works considered the impacts on Faber's road from regular wear and tear, increased traffic loads, infrequent maintenance, city and business expansion and the unpredictable effects of several tropical storms and hurricanes. It adds that the Contractor's offer was consistent with the engineer's estimate and current construction rates.

    The Importance of Statistics
    The Statistical Institute of Belize covers a number of categories including unemployment figures, inflation, and exports, among many others. But to the regular viewer it might all seem like just a jumble of numbers and percentages. Well, statisticians say these figures are very important. So much so that every year the Caribbean and World Statistics day is celebrated on October 15th. Today a public exhibit was held at the George Price Center in Belmopan to commemorate this day. Here's more. Diana Castillo-Trejo, Deputy Director General, SIB: "We usually observe this day every year. October 15th is the official day so we are celebrating today. We use this day to highlight the important work that is being done with respect to statistics by SIB as well as other partner agencies that produce statistics. So today we have with us for example the police department their statistical unit, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Human development, the Ministry of agriculture, the Central Bank."

    Pink Eye Outbreak May Be Of Historic Proportions
    The Ministry of health also had a booth at the event. They had a number of key figures on display - including the latest numbers on the pink eye outbreak. It's so bad - that if you don't have it, we'll bet a member of your family does. In terms of numbers, it's the biggest outbreak in decades; eleven thousand people have shown up at clinics countrywide with it. Today we got the latest figures:... Jesse Chun, Sr. Biostatistician, MOH: "What you see on display here is result of some work that we've been doing especially with the electronic data that we now have via the Belize Health Information System, I think the volume of data that we now have is such that we can really present especially data on vital statistics, births and deaths and as you can see also we have some charts there with the current state of pink eye outbreak that's currently ongoing."

    BNTU Opposes Justice of Appeal Parke
    The Belize National Teachers Union is joining the Bar Association, the Opposition, and Civil Society in objecting to the appointment of Justice of Appeal Franz Parke. In a very measured press release, the BNTU says that its council of management unanimously agrees with the Bar, and concludes, quote, "there seems to a be a clear violation (of the constitution) with regards to his qualification for this esteemed post." Quite oddly, the release reads, at times like something the Bar Association itself would put out, saying, quote, "there are members of the Bar who have indicated their intent to challenge the matter in court and those who have also indicated their intent to refuse to sit before Mr. Parke if he is ever declared a Justice of the Court of Appeals," end quote.

    Can't Trust It!
    On Wednesday, we told you about the ongoing fight for control of millions of dollars of back pay for teachers and public officers. On one side are the representatives of 600 retired public officers. Back in 1995, then Prime Minister Esquivel gave them four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) BTL shares to ease the pain of a wage freeze. On the other side is the Public Sector Workers Trust - which was set up by the BNTU and the PSU to manage the proceeds of those BTL shares 20 years later. Those retired public officers now have a Supreme Court judgement which says the trust is invalid. Now, they are trying get the Trust to give up control of the 7.8 million dollars in value which those BTL shares have yielded. But, it's not proving easy, because it's a pot of gold, and no one who's sitting on it, will give up without a fight. And that's probably why, the Public Sector Workers Trust, which is on the defensive, sent us a letter taking issue with several aspects of our story on Wednesday.

    Father Please For Missing Child
    Tonight, the Belize City family of 5 year-old Kattalea Thompson is frantically looking for her after she went missing from her school. Her father, Kareem Thompson came to our office just a few minutes ago asking that we allow him to beg you the viewers to be on the lookout for her, even though she went missing just this evening. He and the child's mother believe that someone she knows took her from the school compound, because she wouldn't just leave with strangers. Here's how he explained it to us tonight: Anyone with information is asked to call telephone number 626-4232.

    Belize's Poultry Can Compete
    Last night we told you how CARICOM had approved Belizean poultry products for export to other countries in the region. That's because the chickens form Quality Poultry and Caribbean chicken meet the international HACCP ("HASAP") standards. But, can Belizean poultry find a foothold in Caribbean markets? According to the manager of the Belize Poultry Association this is an opening long wished for: Armando Cowo, Manager - Belize Poultry Association: "I mean we were waiting for that with our fingers and toes crossed. We gotten that. The next step now which I have initiated is we wrote a letter to the minister of foreign trade saying that based on the approval of the 71st meeting held in Guyana last week, we are applying now to the government to assist us with getting market penetration in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago."

    Sister of Mercy Lives Up To Her Code
    For much of the 20th century, Catholic priests and nuns dominated the education system in Belize - from administration to classroom teaching. Now, there are a scarce few still around at Catholic cornerstones such as SJC, Palotti and SCA. Up until June of last year, Sister Margaret was one of the last Sisters of Mercy still on staff at SCA. She ran the show as the Dean of Discipline at the all-girls school for many years. Now, when you hear about a nun as the Dean of Discipline, it evokes all those enforcer stereotypes about a strict Catholic Education - but Sister Margaret defied, or perhaps re-defined the stereotype. She changed the way many students looked at the words discipline and demerit. Now at 82 years old, Sahar Vasquez sat down with Sister Margaret to glean the wisdom of a career of service.

    Hon. Elrington In Chile
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is returning from Chile after the First Forum on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between the Central American Integration System, known as SICA and Chile. Violence and drug trafficking are reported to be the main subjects being discussed. Chile and SICA members committed to take joint actions in these areas. But, there's a contradiction because Chile is one of the safest countries in Latin America, and the Northern Triangle of Central America is one of the most dangerous places on earth. That's why Panama and Chile have committed to create a regional cooperation program to reduce high levels of insecurity for the population in Central America.

    Watersheds And Conservation
    The Belize River Watershed is about 8,000 square kilometers. It is the largest freshwater system in Belize. Now, the University of Belize is spearheading a management plan to protect it. Of course that's easier said than done: 8,000 square kilometers is a very large area to manage, so UB organized a stakeholder conference today at the Dream Valley Resort in Teakettle. 7news was there to find out more about this plan . The plan is being funded by the World Wildlife Fund in Guatemala .

    Walk the Walk for Cleanup
    And a part of keeping the watershed clean, is cleaning up the environment. That's the idea behind the big cleanup which will take place on all 77 miles of the George Price Highway tomorrow. It is called "Walk For A Green Belize Clean Up", a collaborative effort between the Belize Audubon Society, the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and the Department of the Environment. Today organizers came by to tell us why you should get involved:... Dareece Chuc, Belize Audobon Society Environment Education and Communications Director: "We start in Belize City and end all the way in Benque Viejo. The way it works a group is assigned a mile to clean." "They are to clean and bag all the garbage they collect and record that information. It is very important this initiative because it shows us that we do have an issue with solid waste management in our country but it also shows we have many Belizeans that care about our country and want to partake in initiatives like this to keep our country clean."

    Channel 5

    Taximan and Activist Albert Cattouse Gunned Down – Was It a Hit?
    Around seven-thirty on Thursday night, shots rang out in the vicinity of Dolphin Street near the rear of Roger’s Stadium. A well-known taxi driver and activist had been gunned down [...]

    Bail Application Result Pending for Accused Murderer Warren Lewis
    Warren Lewis has been on remand for over eight years for the August eighteenth, 2009 murder of Albert Allen. After almost a decade and after a third trial for murder [...]

    Christopher Roggema’s Decomposing Body Found
    The badly decomposed body of sixty-nine-year-old Christoffer Jan Roggema was found today in some high bushes in Saint Margaret Village. The Norwegian- Belizean businessman went missing on Monday while out [...]

    Hope Fading in Search for Erwin Rodriguez
    They had expected many more, but only fifteen family members and friends and a handful of concerned citizens joined the search for seventeen-year-old Erwin Rodriguez. Although all signs point to [...]

    COLA Demands Documents for Fabers’ Road Construction Contract
    Attorney Kareem Musa has written the Ministry of Works and Contractor General Godwin Arzu under the Freedom of Information Act. On behalf of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, he [...]

    Teachers’ Union Comes Out Against Franz Parke
    The Belize National Teachers’ Union is joining in on the backlash against the proposed appointment of Franz Parke to the Court of Appeal. In a statement released today it questioned [...]

    Daniel Fabro and Frank Sharp Hope to Be Difference in F.F.B.
    On Thursday, Daniel Fabro and Frank Sharp were formally introduced as candidates in the upcoming race for the president and vice president of the Football Federation of Belize.  Both men [...]

    Chicken Dread Vs CitCo, Round 4: Trailer Hauled Away, is Council Getting Personal?
    The constant harassment of Paul ‘Chicken Dread’ Ferguson by the Belize City Council continued around noon today in front of E.P. York High School.  This time a tractor was reportedly [...]

    M.O.H. Says No ‘Pink Eye’ Relief from Eye Drops
    As we reported on Thursday, cases of conjunctivitis experienced an epidemic-level spike in the last month, after trailing 2016 for the first nine months of the year. In the last [...]

    Health Ministry Warns About Re-Infection and Public Behaviour
    The other concern, especially when it comes to ‘pink eye’s’ fast spread, is behaviour in public places and while traveling. The ministry, according to Doctor Manzanero, is closely working with [...]

    C-Section Emergency at Southern Regional: Call for Anesthesiologists
    Since the beginning of the week, reports to News Five are that the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga saw several patients walk out after being informed that there was no [...]

    ‘Pinkeye’ Fells 7 at B.E.R.T.
    With more than nine thousand cases of conjunctivitis reported in the last month, chances are you know someone suffering with ‘pinkeye.’ But what happens if that someone is working in [...]

    Don’t Chase B.E.R.T. Ambulances for Non-Emergencies
    A press release from the organization issued on Thursday advises the general public to minimize non-emergency calls to BERT until the situation is stabilized, but notes that emergency services remain [...]

    Solving Ugly Sight of Dead Bodies Carted Off by Police
    Ever wondered why Belize Emergency Response Team doesn’t pick up dead bodies from homes or murder scenes? The image of a police vehicle carrying the covered dead body as relatives [...]

    CitCo Receives Donation for Flood Mitigation
    On Thursday, the Belize City Council received road and canal maintenance equipment valued at one point seven million dollars. The equipment was obtained through the flood mitigation infrastructure program with [...]

    B.D.F. Members to Help Dominica Disaster Relief
    B.D.F. to Dominica? Yes, says Defense C.E.O. Felix Enriquez. The B.D.F. will be heading to the hurricane devastated island to help with reconstruction. Dominica has been asking for help after [...]

    Belize’s Defenders Talk to International Strategic Partners
    A week ago, the Ministry of Defense hosted the third annual multi-national security conference in Belize City. The purpose of the conference was to share Belize’s vision, work and needs [...]

    Take a Walk for a Green Belize
    A ‘Walk for a Green Belize’ will be held tomorrow, Saturday, October fourteenth. The Department of Environment joined forces with Belize Solid Waste Management Authority and the Belize Audubon Society. [...]

    Girls Run the World, But Belize’s Are More Vulnerable than Ever
    Across the globe on Wednesday, International Day of the Girl Child was recognized. In her statement, United Nations Population Fund’s Executive Director, Doctor Natalia Kanem says, “Girls today enjoy better [...]


    A member of COLA shot and killed
    72-year-old taxi man and activist, Albert Cattouse, was shot and killed last night in Belize City. Cattouse was inside his vehicle on Hicatee Street when he was fatally shot. His family believes that Cattouse was lured to his death. Hipolito Novelo has the story. The lifeless body of 72 year old Albert Anthony Cattouse laid […]

    Minister of State comments on the escalating crime situation
    There have been more than 115 murders so far for 2017. This week we reported on three murders alone. This evening Minister of State with responsibility for Home Affairs Elodio Aragon Junior spoke to Love News about the crime situation. Elodio Aragon Jr. – Minister of State with responsibility for Home Affairs “I think for […]

    Missing man found dead
    Norwegian Belizean citizen Christoffer Jan Roggema has been found dead after being missing since Monday of this week. Roggema went missing after he was left alone in the bushes waiting for a vehicle to pick him up. According to a close friend, Jaime Perez, Roggema went along with a business partner and a land surveyor […]

    Family of Francesca Matus wants answers, but police are not talking
    The family of Francesca Matus is saying that Belize Police are being tight lipped about her murder. The fifty two year old Canadian was found strangled to death on April 30, 2017 along with her American partner, Drew Devoursney. Since the gruesome discovery was made no one has been charged for the double murder, even […]

    UDP will hold convention on Sunday in Dangriga
    As we’ve mentioned, on Sunday the UDP will hold a convention in Dangriga to select a slate for that municipality to contest the upcoming municipal elections. Fourteen candidates, two mayoral and twelve councillor candidates, are hoping to make the UDP ticket. UDP Chairman Alberto August told us they are all well qualified persons. Alberto August […]

    Man was unable to use his licensed fire-arm for protection
    A man was shot in Dangriga and was relieved of his licensed firearm in the process. According to police, 42 year old Ernest Raymond, a businessman of Belize City, was walking towards his vehicle on Isla Street in Dangriga Town along with a female companion when two men approached them from behind. One of the […]

    Classes disrupted by Pink Eye
    The outbreak of conjunctivitis or pink eye originated in the Corozal District and has since spread across the country. In Belize City, pink eye has disrupted many schools with a number of students missing from classes. The students who came down with the illness would stay away from school up to a week. Love News […]

    BCCI and IDB sign Technical Cooperation Agreement
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI, and the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, yesterday signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement for the project entitled Proadapt Belize – Increasing Climate Change Resilience and Related Business Opportunities, with the objective of increasing private sector climate resilience in Belize. The project is funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund, […]

    Justice Lord heard Warren Lewis’ bail application
    Today Justice Herbert Lord heard a bail application. The application was submitted by twenty six year old Warren Lewis through his attorney Darrell Bradley. Lewis has been behind bars for more than eight years for the 2009 murder of Albert Allen. Bradley argued that under subsection 5 of the constitution his client has a right […]

    Jermaine Rhaburn on trial for murder
    Today, ex-BDF soldier, Jermaine Rhaburn testified from the dock in the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas. Rhaburn is on trial for the shooting murder of BDF Volunteer Clifford Cruz. Rhaburn testified that during an argument with Cruz on October 1, 2010 at Militia Hall on the George Price Highway, the M16 rifle accidentally went off. […]

    PUP’s Chairman comments on PUP’s steering committees
    During his interview with the press, Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa also said that he wasn’t in agreement with how Briceno handled certain matters. Musa said he has told the Party Leader that he had asked that the Party leader exercise more inclusivity and give their people more autonomy. Party Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, […]


    Taxicab driver and activist, Albert Cattouse, 72, gunned down on Hicatee Street
    Taxi driver and activist, Albert Cattouse, 72, was gunned down shortly after 8 o’clock tonight in Belize City. Information to Amandala is that he had just dropped off a passenger on Hicatee Street, behind Rogers Stadium on Dolphin Street, and was leaving the area when a man on a motorcycle rode up beside his vehicle and opened fire. Cattouse was shot once in the back of the head and left for dead behind his steering wheel. The gunman was then seen fleeing the area on foot. It is not yet known if Cattouse was robbed before he was killed. The news of Cattouse’s passing has already flooded social media, where many recall that he was an outgoing, charismatic and friendly man who loved his country and his people. He was a nationalist at heart.

    Christoffer Jan Roggema, 65, Cocoplum Garden Spa owner, disappears
    Christoffer Jan Roggema, 65, a Norwegian national and businessman living in Belize, is the latest person to go missing. Interestingly, police have not yet issued any report about his disappearance. According to a relative of Roggema, on Monday morning, Roggema and a business associate accompanied a land surveyor to see properties along the Sibun River. We are told that he had been battling the flu, and was discouraged from conducting any business until he had fully recovered, but he insisted on going. Sometime after he entered into some high bushes, however, his condition reportedly worsened. The men who had accompanied him said that they thought it best that he didn’t walk any further, so they asked him to wait while they retrieved their vehicle from the roadside.

    Over 12,500 Belizeans visited Chetumal and other destinations over the long weekend
    CTV3 News Corozal reported that thousands of Belizeans traveling to Mexico over the long holiday weekend were frustrated by the very long lines that formed at the border. An estimated 12,500 Belizeans went to Chetumal, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and other attractive areas in southern Mexico, to shop and recreate. Belizeans began traveling over to Chetumal and other destinations on Friday evening, at the end of the workday, and they returned on Sunday, according to information from the Immigration Department. It is estimated that over the weekend, each person took an average of $100 BZD to Mexico, to spend on food, shopping, hotels, and medical services, which amounted to an estimated total of $1.2 million that was spent by Belizeans.

    US diplomat flees Belize!
    On Saturday, Samantha Castillo dropped her brother, Matthew Castillo, at Old Belize. He was going fishing. The thirty-year-old Samantha headed back to her Bella Vista home in Belize City. Traveling with her in her Hyundai Element SUV was Martha Nayeli Vasquez, her sister-in-law; her one-year-old daughter, Deanna Castillo, and six-year-old daughter Angelique Castillo. The four family members didn’t make it back home. At approximately 4:00 p.m., a pickup slammed into Castillo’s Hyundai near Mile 4 on the George Price Highway. The impact was catastrophic. Samantha, Martha and her baby, Deanna, were killed. The only member of the family to come out of the horrible accident alive was the 6-year-old child. She suffered two broken legs. Both girls are Matthew Castillo’s daughters.

    CEO Zuniga blames police for inaction re Senate Inquiry revelations
    The special audit of the Immigration Department revealed numerous illegalities that were committed between 2011 and 2013. Former and current UDP Cabinet ministers, UDP mayors and UDP associates, as well as senior immigration officers, have been mentioned by the audit. However, after more than 30 sittings of the Senate Select Committee tasked with investigating the findings of the audit over almost a year, “nothing has happened.” According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the Ministry of Immigration, Edmund Zuniga, his ministry has done its part, but the Police Department and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution have not done the same.

    Aretha Elinor Ford called to the Bar in London
    Aretha Elinor Ford, eldest daughter of Nelson and Jennifer Hyde, was called to the Bar at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, London, England today. Before this, Aretha graduated from St. Catherine Academy and SJC 6th Form majoring in Secretarial Science. She followed this with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the University College of Belize, then a Master’s Degree (Summa cum laude) at Mississippi Valley State University in the USA. She then acquired a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of London International Program and completed the Bar Professional Training Course at the University of the West of England, Bristol, in July 2017.

    Standings remain same; Big 4 all win in Week 9 of PLB Opening Season
    The playoff picture is already taking shape at Week 9 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Opening Season, as the 4 standings leaders, the Big 4, further separated themselves from the bottom 4 with victories over them this past weekend. (See standings below.) Only 1 game was played on Saturday night, October 7, (the BDF vs San Pedro Pirates game was postponed until Sunday), and it was at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, where league-leading defending champions, Belmopan Bandits SC came to life in second half, after a scoreless first half, to register a 3-1 win over visiting Placencia Assassins FC. After Georgie Welcome’s header put the Bandits in front at the 56th minute, Luis “Baaka” Torres equalized for Placencia with a grass-burner to the left corner from the top of the eighteen at the 62nd minute.

    SMART Mundialito Week 1 scores at Marion Jones Stadium
    The Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Closing Tournament 2017 kicked off its regular season on Saturday, October 7, with 6 games scheduled at the Marion Jones Stadium. In game 1, RG City Boys United clipped Warriors FC, 1-nil, with a goal from Tom Moguel. Game 2 was the same score, as Jahren Rivers gave Collet Strikers the 1-nil win over Sampson Academy. In game 3, Hattieville River Side Boys dropped Carlton FC, 3-0, with 2 goals from Enoch Rhaburn and the other from Tayjion Ferguson.

    San Pedro Veterans are National Over-40 Football Champions
    The Football Federation of Belize’s (FFB) inaugural National Over-40 Football Tournament 2017 concluded on Saturday night, October 7, with its Finals Game 2 at the San Pedro Ambergris Stadium, where home standing San Pedro Veterans prevailed in overtime, 2-1, over Mango Creek Veterans. Game 1 of the Finals the previous week was a 1-1 draw in Independence, and game 2 in San Pedro also ended 1-1 in regulation, after Wilmer Garcia (8’) gave Mango Creek the early lead, and Edgar Lima (13’) equalized shortly after. It was in the last minute of overtime that San Pedro got the game winner from Abdon Sanchez (120’) to become the first Belize National Over-40 Football Champions. Team prizes for the tournament included: San Pedro Veterans – 1st place trophy + $2,000.00; Mango Creek Veterans – 2nd place trophy + $1,000.00; Benque Veterans – 3rd place trophy + $500.00; and 4th place Kulture Yabra Veterans – $250.00.

    Hogan’s football story – Part 1
    An Amandala interview with Charles Hogan, visiting from Los Angeles, California, on Monday, October 2, 2017, on 3304 Partridge Street. Amandala (A): Yaa, Charles Hogan is your name, right? Charles Hogan (H): Yes. A: First of all; can you give us some basic biographical details about yourself? Where you’re from? Your parents? I understand you are from Stann Creek. You grew up there; but were you born there? Give us some stats. H: I was born in Stann Creek. I attended Stann Creek Methodist School, where my career in football all started. From early, in the middle sixties (1960s), when I was discovered by the principal, Mr. Bernard Longsworth, with my football talent … A: Okay, but before you get into that. Can you give us some foundation; your parents were? H: My parents were: my father, Gilbert Hogan; my mother was Joy Reid Hogan. We were like ten children; I was the second … A: They were original Stann Creek residents? H: Yes, yes. A: Okay. The names “Reid”, “Hogan”, not that it matters, but as a matter of curiosity, being in Stann Creek, Dangriga, are you a Garifuna?

    Editorial: Che Guevara: Arbenz, Castro, and Price …
    When Che Guevara was captured in Bolivia on October 8, 1967, he was wounded but very much alive. The Bolivian government and army, advised at the time by United States Rangers and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), made the decision to execute Guevara summarily, murder him then, because Che had become larger than life. He could not be allowed to live, and to put him on trial would have been too dangerous for his ultimate enemies – United States capitalism and imperialism. For different reasons, including his good looks, iconic photographs of him, and the fact that he had, in Christ-like fashion, given his life for his fellow human beings, Che Guevara became an international legend who will be immortal. Che Guevara, incidentally, had become a famed guerrilla fighter despite having to contend with cruel attacks of asthma throughout his life.

    From the Publisher
    I have a problem with the excessive amount of holidays in Belize, but the one this weekend served a purpose for me because it allowed me to stay up later on Monday night than I would usually do. I was able to catch the meat of a documentary on Al-Jazeera which examined an incident in international waters on June 8, 1967. Al-Jazeera entitled its documentary, The day Israel attacked America, or something like that. I have friends who I believe are serious Belizean nationalists who are in love with the third millennium Israel because my friends are religious and Biblical fanatics. But in 2017, the Israelis are no lost, feeble tribe wandering in the wilderness: Israel today is a dangerous nuclear power which has been a very close ally of Guatemala’s from the birth of Israel in 1948.

    Watch out for Hepatitis
    Dear Editor, Just read in a Diario de Yucatan of October 6, 2017 newspaper that the conjunctivitis epidemic is not fully over yet and we are now facing a Hepatitis outbreak. This one will damage your liver. As usual the schoolchildren are the most vulnerable. Extreme hygiene is a part of the solution; keeping the flies away is very important. Washing well the kitchenware and separating the infected person’s utensils is also of utmost importance. GOB should start a vaccination program. Hope we don’t wait until it is upon us to try to stem its propagation. Like I stated before: If we do not take care of our health, it will cost much more to take care of our disease.

    Giovanni de la Fuente writes Prime Minister Barrow
    Dear Mr. Barrow: I write to inform you of my experience on the Sarstoon River on the 16th of September, 2017. I participated in the Toledo Eco Challenge Race whereby participants had to get from Barranco to Sarstoon Island and back. A Mexican female, a North American female, a Belizean from Blue Creek, Toledo District and I were aboard the vessel “Piricy” captained by Guermo Castellanos. The Belize Coast Guards were present at Barranco and informed us that they were there to ensure the safety of all thirty (30) kayakers and six (6) motorized vessels. At the Sarstoon River entrance, it was immediately evident that the G.A.F. were out in full force (5 vessels). Our vessel was promptly intercepted at the western end of Sarstoon Island by a G.A.F. Tiger Shark vessel with 6 military and one media personnel named Carlos Cruz from the Guate Prensa Libre.

    RIGHT TO THE POINT: The violence we have come to accept
    Caught in the middle of these types of criminals are the masses who are too scared to become either type of criminal… they do not wish to engage in violence crimes nor the white collar crimes. Yet they are the masses and out-done by either type of criminals and collectively may feel emasculated to act against either group. So they have been lulled into a strange sense of complacency, hopelessness and desensitization. To the breaking news of some ongoing corruption of the white collar crime, they throw their hands up in air and say nothing will come of it, and to the street violence, they see it so much and are so bombarded with the images of the deceased laid out on the streets bloodied and lifeless, that they no longer have the shock effect. They have become de-sensitized and lack empathy and cope with it as any abused person would… by trying to ignoring it, because to acknowledge it, is to make it real.

    The Guardian’s Airport connection
    This is really getting ridiculous, people! But it is also sad, and damn disgusting, when you consider that the same people, our Prime Minister and his UDP Cabinet, who call the shots and decide that we must pay almost twelve dollars for a gallon of gas, are the same people who sometimes spend our tax dollars like it’s a “free for all.” Now, everybody knows that both PUP and UDP abuse the system when they are in power, and one of the ways they do so is by sending lavish advertisements to their party political organs, which are officially registered as newspapers. We wish both of them, PUDP, would “stop it.” But this week, the situation has gone too far. Now, everybody knows that there is the Amandala, then there is the Reporter, both being regular newspapers. Then there are the political organ/papers – the UDP’s Guardian and the PUP’s Belize Times.

    Mr. HD Thompson, a man among men
    This week, Belize laid to rest a rare breed—Hector McPherson Douglas Thompson. A man among men … an ordinary grassroots man who became a pioneering giant, and whom I consider worthy of maximum national respect. His daughter, Mrs. Dawn Jones, gave a fitting eulogy—a message that the Belizean nation ought to hear … or ignore, at its peril. She referred to her dad as “a man of few words and many aspirations”. She recounted his life, his leaving home to start working at age 14, his first entry into the cabinet furniture business (along with Joe Bulwer, my dad), followed by his scholarship training in cabinetry in Puerto Rico. Adversity is the mark of a man. What defines you is often how you respond to the hard knocks in life. What especially struck me was her account of how Mr. Thompson responded to a devastating event—the 1975 Albert Street fire—when “he lost everything.”

    Narrow agendas should consider “leaving”
    When we tell the truth, we find solutions. When we don’t tell the truth, we serve agendas. On the matter of marijuana use, some people should stop talking as though their concern is for ALL. For them it’s all about self-preservation. If they cared they would know what happens to poor people when criminal laws are passed. In the extreme, a narrow agenda will use their voting bloc to get the government to pass criminal laws. This always ends in disaster. Religious extremists in America got their government to satisfy their narrow agenda with a law that prohibited the sale of drinking alcohol. This led to one of the most corrupt and brutal periods in that country’s history. The following excerpt from The exposes the horrors these narrow agendas bring when they get their way.

    Franz Parke, Barrow’s Belize Court of Appeal appointee, has puzzling past
    The law firm of Courtenay Coye LLP filed a fixed date claim at the Supreme Court Registry today on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño (People’s United Party (PUP)), who is challenging the constitutionality of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow’s appointment of Jamaican-American Franz Parke to sit as Justice of Appeal on the Belize Court of Appeal. In Hon. Briceño’s claim, which named the Attorney General as the defendant, he contends that Parke is unqualified to serve on the Belize Court of Appeal. Parke is a former classmate of Prime Minister Barrow, both of them completing the Norman Manley Law School course in 1985. Parke remained in Jamaica for 5 years, until 1990, when he migrated to the United States, where he has been living and practicing law ever since.

    Briceño will take Barrow to court over Franz Parke appointment
    Opposition Leader Johnny Briceño is this week filing a legal claim in the Belize Supreme Court to challenge the “decision by the Prime Minister to advise the Governor General to appoint Franz Parke as a Judge of the Court of Appeal of Belize.” As we had recently reported, the Opposition People’s United Party had passed a resolution instructing its legal team to proceed with the claim. Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, a member of that team, told Amandala that the claim will be filed tomorrow. Courtenay said that the matter is a public law claim in which they are seeking specific declarations from the Belize Supreme Court.

    Justin “Etdan” Hyde, 22, executed
    Justin “Etdan” Hyde, 22, one of the reputed bosses of a gang based in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, is the latest homicide victim in Belize City. Sometime around 9 o’clock on Monday night, he and another man were on separate bicycles en route to Freedom Street when, upon reaching the intersection of Levi Slusher and Curl Thompson Streets, the men reportedly came under fire. Someone standing in a nearby yard fired five shots, one of which reportedly caught Hyde in his right lower back. His associate escaped unharmed. Hyde reportedly continued riding his bicycle, not realizing he had been shot until he collapsed on Freedom Street, bleeding profusely.

    In Santa Martha Village, flood victims say chairlady wants them out of the community center
    –A number of families from Santa Martha, Orange Walk, had to evacuate their homes when flood waters rose to life-threatening levels last week. The village community center, which also serves as a hurricane shelter, had to be opened due to the flooding emergency. Amandala visited the village today, Wednesday, and found that a number of families are still taking shelter in the village community center, because some of their homes have been completely destroyed by the flood waters that suddenly, without warning, “came up out of the swamp,” as one man described the coming of the flood. Some displaced villagers who are sheltering in the village community center, feel that the authorities have been slow to respond to their situation. They feel that things would have been less difficult if the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) had paid more than one visit, and had provided them with the necessary emergency relief, such as food and mattresses.

    The Reporter

    Belize participates in regional political forum
    Belize was among the nations represented at the First Central American Integration System (SICA)-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum in Santiago, Chile. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington led the Belizean delegation, accompanied by his Chief Executive Officer H.E. Pat Andrews, and Foreign Service Officer, Amaris Leal. Participating countries discussed issues such as the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and aspects of implementing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s. They also discussed matters relating to climate change, natural disasters, conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and their resources, and the environment.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    COLA demands to see Fabers Road contract
    Yesterday, the Government of Belize issued a press release informing Belizeans that GOB through the […]

    Government says Faber’s road contract approved by OPEC
    Yesterday, BBN reported on a contract that was signed for the reconstruction of Faber’s Road, […]

    Institute of Archaeology goes on Tour for Archaeology Week
    The Institute of Archaeology in Orange Walk and San Pedro will go on a tour […]

    Canada warns nationals to exercise caution when traveling to Belize
    According to a report from News Americas Now, the Canadian government is warning its citizens […]

    Revocation of nationality could leave persons stateless says Immigration CEO
    CEO in the Ministry of Immigration, Edmund Zuniga, testified before the Senate Committee this week […]

    Reward offered for the capture of Albert Cattouse’s killer
    The community activist group, Belize Leaders for Social Justice (BLSJ), is offering a $5,000 reward […]

    Conflicting testimonies at Senate hearings
    Immigration Chief Executive Officer, Edmund Zuniga and Police Commissioner Allen Whyie have given the Senate […]

    VIP calls for Faber Road contract to be rescinded
    The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) today issued a release stating that the contract […]

    SIRROM Gas attendant held at gunpoint, San Ignacio police search for suspects
    According to reports, this morning around 9, two armed masked men entered SIRROM Gas Depot […]

    Walk for a Green Belize 2017
    Last year, the Department of the Environment (DOE), in conjunction with the Belize Solid Waste […]

    Police issues report on murder of Belize City taxi man
    Last night around 7:30, police responded to reports of a shooting incident and responded to […]

    Body of Chris Roggema found
    A close relative of Norwegian- Belizean businessman Christofer Roggema has confirmed to BBN that his […]

    Belize delegation participates in the First SICA-Chile Political Dialogue and Cooperation Forum
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred P. Elrington participated in the First Central American Integration […]

    Belize City businessman shot in Dangriga
    This morning around 2, Dangriga Police responded to shots fired on Isla Street, Dangriga where they […]

    CARICOM clears Belize chickens for export
    Two major chicken production companies in Belize have been ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point’ […]

    PM Barrow attends meetings in Washington
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is currently in Washington, D.C., attending official meetings. Yesterday, Barrow met […]

    BDF deployed to Dominica to assist
    Hurricane Maria ravaged Dominica in September when it made landfall on the island with 185 mph […]

    Chris Roggema missing for 5 days
    Today marks the fifth day that Norwegian- Belizean Christofer Roggema is missing. Roggema went missing on […]

    Pink Eye is a viral epidemic
    Last night, the Office of the Director of Health Services issued a statement on its […]


    The 4th Voyage
    Many times, when we think about Columbus, we think about his first voyage. We think that he simply came and left, but there is more…there were other adventures. Ferdinand, Columbus’ second son, accompanied his father and his older half brother on his last voyage. He would later write his father’s biography entitled “The life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus” where he told the account of the fourth voyage, which was largely regarded as a failure in his book. He wrote of two hurricanes, being shipwrecked and marooned, but also of discovery. In 1502, the Central American coast was mostly undocumented, unexplored and Columbus strongly believed that there was a passageway through to the orient, which was what sparked his fourth and final journey to the Caribbean. He had left Portugal and, because of his previous voyages, made it in record time to Hispaniola, present day Haiti and Dominican Republic. Upon his arrival, the weather turned for the worst, as he had sailed into a hurricane. They were unscathed but they had lost one of the ships and they proceded and set sail to find the passageway to the Pacific. They had made it to a small island that he named Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. This is as close as Christopher Columbus came to Belize.

    2 super cheap, easy staples to make while you are in Belize!
    I have these two things in my fridge constantly, and they are so cheap and easy. You can always find the ingredients, and even if you are here only for a few days or a week, it is nice to have some simple food in your fridge so you don't have to run out to eat every time. If you go to any chicken, rice, and beans stand - you will often see a jar that has (delicious) onions and jalapeno/peppers chopped up and mixed together, that you can put on top of your food. It is SO good. I put it on everything - for example, if you were just here a few days on vacation but wanted simple snacks in your room, you could put this on eggs, nacho chips, or roll a tortilla and cheese with this (see below). It makes everything taste amazing.

    Why You Should Spend Your Christmas Vacation in Belize
    While you definitely won't see any snow falling during Christmas in Belize, this small Caribbean country is one of the best places to enjoy the holidays. Although December and January are quintessential winter months in North America, in Belize, they are when the weather is at its finest. The Christmas period in Belize is full of warm, delicious sunshine and delightful temperatures that average in the mid-80's, making it perfect T-shirt and sandals time. For many visitors, getting away from the cold and misery of winter is one of the best reasons to visit Belize during the Christmas holidays. Belize is also the only country in Central America where English is the official language, making it very easy to communicate with locals and join in on all the festivities. Belize is a conservative country where the "reason for the season" is still very much remembered. Locals love to decorate their homes, enjoy seasonal goodies, and go from home to home singing old-fashioned carols (called Bram in the local Creole dialect).

    Belize Mayan Chocolate: Cool Facts & History
    First off, if we were to go back in time and say “chocolate” around the ancient Maya they’d likely laugh at us for our funny accents but still be able to ascertain what we are referring to. How? Simple – Chocolate is a word derived from the original name that was Xocolatl. Mayan ‘x’ was pronounced ‘sh’ which would have that word sound pretty close to the way many Europeans would still say it to this day. The preparation and use of chocolate date back to the Mayan classic period which extended from 900 to 250 BC and as far back as 1900BC by the Olmecs which puts us somewhere near 3917 years of enjoying the stuff. In Mayan society, chocolate was a treat reserved for the elite. It was held in almost sacred regard and consumed both recreationally and ceremonially by Mayan kings, priests and in the Aztec civilization famed warriors as well.

    The Day of the Dead
    Although The Day of the Dead (also known as el Dia de los Muertos or Los Finados) is most prominently celebrated in Mexico in November, it is also very popular in many villages and towns in Belize. This is due to the fact that the tradition of celebrating the life and death of lost loved ones dates back to the ancient Maya, an indigenous culture of Belize and Central America. On the Day of the Dead, Maya and Mestizo communities across Belize unanimously get together to commemorate the life and death of their ancestors. This is done at people’s homes by decorating small tables as alters and including water, flowers, fruits, candles and portraits of their deceased. Families also make sure to have delicious traditional Belizean foods such as tamales, Bollos, Caldo de Gallina local, Chirmole and Ishpasha Atole. As for favorite alcoholic drinks, rum and tequila seem to be the popular choices.

    The Biggest Crowd on a Thursday Afternoon
    The pink plague definitely did not keep Kelly McGuire Band fans away. I don’t always catch Facebook invitations in time for an event, but it just so happened I was on the infamous social media site and saw that long time visitor and Texas music artist Kelly McGuire along with his friends Mark Mulligan and Sunny Jim White were doing an impromptu free concert at Palapa Bar and Grill. I sent it to my friend/editor Shirlee who was all in for live music especially since she wasn’t here the last couple of times Kelly was on the island – temporary hiatus from living in Belize. The concert ended up being delayed by a bit more than an hour (hazards of carrying sound equipment on a golf cart) but it gave us a chance to have a bite to eat and socialize a bit. I chatted with my friend Charlie who I have not seen in ages and Shirlee got to say “hi” to old friends she hadn’t yet run into since her return. Because it wasn’t just Kelly performing, they didn’t do his original songs, but entertained with Jimmy Buffet tunes and other “island songs”. The best part is we saw a great (and very packed) show and were heading home before 6:00 pm. Love Island Life for that reason, always lots of daytime socializing so you can be home at a reasonable hour.

    International Sourcesizz

    CDB unveils plan for new cycle of poverty reduction programme
    The Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) poverty-fighting flagship programme, the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) has unveiled an ambitious plan for its ninth cycle. The bank has negotiated more funds for the BNTF, taken steps to improve the programme’s efficiency and effectiveness, and will strengthen partnerships with the private sector. These innovations are being outlined to BNTF stakeholders during a series of project launch workshops, which are taking place in the nine participating countries, where stakeholders will also receive guidance on implementing the new cycle.


  • Belize's First Line of Defence | Episode 3: The Belizeans Behind the Uniforms, 20min.

  • Welcome to Placencia Belize!, 2min.

  • Taylor and Cheyenne- Belize marriage, 3min.

  • Dove release in Belize City, 1min. Releasing a dove close to St John's Cathedral in Belize City.

  • Nohoch Che’en Cave Tubing || Belize, 6.5min.

  • Coming in for smooth landing at TZA with Captain Miz of Tropic Air, 1min.

  • How to Make Belizean Jam Rolls, 15min.

  • Talk Ah Di Town October 12, 2017, 25min.

  • Sandy Bradshaw & Friends Annual Concert, 25min.

  • Belize Now | Episode 37 - Friday, October 13th, 30min. In tonight’s headlines: Prime Minister Barrow in is Washington DC on official business, Belizean soldiers will assist with relief efforts in the Caribbean, and we celebrate Mental Health Day in Belize. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, October 13th, 2017!

  • GO-Slow! czyli Caye Caulker - Belize #8, 11min. Siema! Jedziemy dalej. Aktualnie wyspa Caye Caulker, tu bdzie si duo dziao, jednak baaardzo wooolno. Sami zobaczcie! :)

  • Sharing Fitness to students of San Pedro Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2017, 5min.

  • LA MERVEILLEUSE VIE SOUS MARINE!, [ LA BARRIERE DE CORAIL DE BELIZE, 45min. La barrière de corail du Belize est un ensemble de récifs coralliens et de cayes situés au large du Belize, dans la mer des Caraïbes.

  • Legislation for offshore oil drilling moratorium to be introduced, 1.5min. The legislation to enshrine an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil activities in Belize’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone is scheduled to be introduced in the National Assembly on Friday, October 20th 2017.

    October 13, 2017


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Volleyball tournament officially starts
    Organized by The San Pedro Volleyball Association, along with The San Pedro Town Council, a volleyball tournament began on Saturday, October 7th. The tournament opener spanned into Sunday, October 8th, and was held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. Teams from primary schools, high school and male and female senior teams will battle through the end of November for the championship within their division. The first games kicked off at 1PM on Saturday with the primary school teams taking the pitch first. The male team from San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS) took on the boys from Holy Cross Anglican School. Both teams battled hard, but after two sets, the team from SPRCS emerged victorious, winning 2-0. The player of the match was Salvador Caliz, with a total of eight points.

    Protected Nurse Shark intentionally killed in San Pedro
    On Sunday, October 8th, Hol Chan Marine Reserve posted pictures of a Nurse Shark found dead on a beach on Ambergris Caye. The sight caused much outrage in the environmental community, as the animal appeared to have been hacked in half. Nurse Sharks are one of two species of sharks that are protected in Belize, and as such any poaching of this animal is illegal. “The public is reminded that nurse sharks are fully protected under Fisheries Law. It is an offense, it is illegal to kill a Nurse Shark in Belize. Nurse Sharks are one of the main attractions for tourists coming to San Pedro. The animal in these picture was found dead on the beach, and it was clear that someone had cut the tail off. It was intentionally killed,” said a Hol Chan representative.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Southern point of Ambergris Caye to be developed
    Condos like this is being planned to be constructed.

    Corozal Water Cleanup
    Saturday, October 14 at 8 AM - 12 PM, Rainbow Beach. CJC EAGLEs Environmental Club is keeping busy...we will be joining efforts with our community in helping Mr. Lincoln Eiley in a water cleanup this Saturday, October 14. We appreciate and applaud his initiative in this undertaking to make the sea safer and cleaner for our community.

    Los Finados
    Los Finados es una tradicion que realizamos para recordar de una manera especial a nuestros familiares y amigos que ya se han adelantado en el camino. Defiende tu Tradicion! Los Finados es una tradicion y es nuestra!

    Help Dianny Enriquez
    Plesas come out an support us!!!! For my last fundraiser then I get to come back home after my last big doctor chek up!!! 0N Saturday October 14 at the basket ball court BBQ ribs-$12 an BBQ chicken-$10 flour tortilla bake beans coleslaw or rice&beans from 11am on till all sold out!!!! We are also taking down orders so u dont need to wait!! Big thanks to you all for ur support!!:)

    Rain can't hold us down!! Great Job everyone!! Join us next week at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar! Sign up Belizean Melody Art Gallery!

    Faye Lin Cannon Memorial Service this weekend
    Faye's Father, David Cannon, invites the Community to attend. "I would like to invite all of the citizens of San Pedro to a Memorial Service for my daughter, Faye Lin Cannon. It will be held on Saturday, October 14th at the Lions Den in San Pedro. Please feel free to drop by between 11a and 2pm. There will be food and soft drinks. There will also be an art project for children and adults who would like to send messages of Love and Hope to my daughters Zoe, Mia and Siri! Everyone is welcome, I hope to see you there!" Dave Cannon

    Urban Bird Watch in Corozal Town and Sarteneja Village
    October 21st

    Belize's representation at this year's Central America Travel Market 2017 in El Salvador

    Annual Coastal and Riverway Cleanup!
    Oceana Belize would like to express a huge “THANK YOU” to our Wavemakers and all the sensational Belizeans from across the country who came out on September 30th, 2017 to participate in the Annual Coastal and River Cleanup as a part of the global initiative: International Coastal Cleanup. Cleanups were carried out throughout various locations in Corozal, Sarteneja, Caye Caulker, Orange Walk, Belize City, Belmopan, Cayo, Placencia, Hopkins, Georgetown, Independence, Golden Stream, Big Falls, and Punta Gorda. Those postponed due to bad weather will be happening in the coming weeks.

    Annual Coastal and Riverway Cleanup!
    Kudos to the Hopkins community on a job well done for the Annual Coastal and Riverway Cleanup! Participants included: Staff and students of Holy Family RC, Hopkins Police Officers, Police Cadets (Hopkins, and Silk Grass), Staff of Hamanasi Resort, and other volunteer Hopkins residents. Thanks to Hopkins UnCut for these great shots!

    Channel 7

    Date Set For PUP Nomination Deadline
    The PUP's internal politics got a whole lot more interesting yesterday when PUP Deputy Leader Kareem Musa called the press to his office to say that he's considering challenging John Briceno for party leadership at a National Convention on November 26th. But Musa didn't make a commitment - and didn't even discuss a timeframe for a final decision - because he said he didn't know when the party would set the deadline for nominations. Well, he knows now - because that deadline was set today at a National Executive meeting. Party Chairman Henry Usher discussed the dates:

    Musa Says There May Be More Than One Challenger
    So the deadline for nominations and the delegate lists is 4:00 pm on October 27th., which gives Kareem Musa or any other challenger 15 days to decide. Yesterday, Musa told us that he might not be the only one interested in a challenge:.. Hon. Kareem Musa, PUP Deputy Leader (East): "But there's no challenger in the ring but yet we're getting these letters signed and a lot of the area reps and standard bearers are calling me and saying you're being pressured to sign unto these letters of endorsement and my suggestion to them is: I understand what you're saying but I'm not in a position this is a huge decision for me and for all my supporters, so I can't just make a rash decision even though it's a very small window that we have to make the decision. I can't make the decision right now so my advice to them was he is over Party leader there is no problem signing onto an endorsement letter at this stage on October 26th or whenever the Rules of Engagement are put in place the ball game changers."

    Party Chairman Says Briceno Support Is Unanimous
    And while the young Musa refers liberally to a lack of party unity and fractured support for the Party leader, the Chairman says that Briceno has met unanimous support in his travels across the country:... Henry Usher, Chairman - People's United Party: "From all of his traveling across the country, the party leader has really reached out countrywide. In fact I've have gone on tours with him to almost every village in the south. We've been to every municipality. We've been to every constituency. We've been meeting with the caucuses and at all of these levels he has had unanimous support wherever he goes." Reporter: "Yesterday, I think Mr. Musa also mentioned that there was some division within the party. Could you speak to that?"

    Musa: Endorsements Are Not What They Seem
    And to hear the Briceno camp tell it, that unanimous support is evident in the voluntary offering of endorsements from the party's regional caucuses. But, yesterday Musa told us those endorsements are the product of not so subtle coercion:... Hon. Kareem Musa, PUP Deputy Leader (East): "And, so, I'm not saying it's going to be me, I'm not going to say any names who have been contacting me in terms of they want to be leaders, but I can tell you it's a high possibility we might get a challenge on October 26th or whenever that deadline is set." "And more important than any and all of this, Jules, is the fact that I am the one getting the concerns, I am the one hearing the calls and saying this is wrong we need to fix this we don't like this steering committee, we don't like the fact that there no standard bearers in place, there a lot of issues."

    Kareem's Cash or Briceno's Betty's?
    But, if that ball game changes, so will the cost of doing business. You don't need a Ph.D in political science to know that politics is a money game - and right now Briceno - whose family owns SMART and Centaur Cable - has the cash flow to back up his political ambitions. We asked Musa about it:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Mr. Briceno is a wealthy man, you ain't poor, but, in terms of cash flow..." Hon. Kareem Musa, PUP Deputy Leader (East): "I will be straight up with you, and say I could never match the amount of resources that our current party leader has. Never, But at the same time, as another colleague, you could say, Mr. Faber taught us, I think he said, it's all about the base. It's not all about the money."

    Orlando Vera Fights For Freedom
    Three months ago, we told you about the very bad luck that Orlando Vera was having in the Supreme Court. He's the ballistics expert who had a mighty fall from grace. He went from the Deputy Director of the National Forensic Science Service to incarcerated convict, after he was found guilty of abetment to pervert the course of justice. He went to the Supreme Court for bail pending an appeal, and was denied 3 times. He is convinced that the former Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, wrongfully convicted him of offering to accept a bribe for businessman Michael Modiri so that he, could disappear evidence that police may have used against Modiri in a firearms case. Vera even tried to get Justice Herbert Lord to recuse himself from as the judge who would hear his appeal. That's after those 3 failed bail applications, and that was also denied.

    Truck Driver Charged In Fatal Accident
    Yesterday we told you about the fatal accident between miles 32 and 33 on the Southern Highway - on the same stretch of road that had witnessed another fatality less than two days earlier. 32-year-old Sebastian Cucul, from San Isidoro Village was heading to Georgetown Village when he crashed head on into the left side of an 18 wheeler. 33-year-old Hector Amilcar Melara from Hopkins was driving that trailer truck and was heading in the opposite direction towards Belize City.

    Eight Million for One Mile
    Fabers Road in Belize City is an important thoroughfare - it's an alternate route to the Western Highway, especially for those trucks hauling containers to the Port of Belize on Caesar Ridge Road. It was last paved 19 years ago - and today, it's all broken up, to the point that, in some parts, is almost unfit for driving, especially after intense rains. Well, now, Faber's Road - or at least a part of it - is going to get a multimillion dollar makeover. The Ministry of Works today signed a contract with popular UDP contractor the Imer Hernandez Development Company for the "reconstruction" of a one mile portion of Faber's road. And while it may only be a hair more than a mile being reconstructed, the contract is for almost 8 million dollars. A press release from the Government says that 7.995 million will be used for roadway clearance, including the removal of any remnant structures, obstructions, fencing and the like within the road reserve...

    BDF Soldiers To Dominica
    For the past three weeks, we have been reporting on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica which was devastated by the Hurricane, Maria's 185 mile an hour winds, which flattened the island's infrastructure, and caused 27 deaths. They're on a very long road to recovery, and any assistance they can get is needed. So, that's why the Belize Defense Force is sending a company of Belize soldiers to help in the rebuilding efforts. Defense Ministry CEO Felix Enriquez told the Government Press Office outlined the intended deployment: Rt. Lt. Felix Enriquez, CEO - Ministry of Defense: "One of the various partnerships that we are heavily involved with in the region is disaster relief and in that effort the Belize Defence Force and through the Ministry of Defense is sending a platoon of light engineers to Dominica to assist with the reconstruction."

    Security Conference In Belize
    That opportunity to speak with CEO Enriquez presented itself last week Friday when high ranking military officials from Mexico, Canada, the UK, and the US came in Belize for the 3rd Annual Multi-National Security Conference. It's a roundtable session where all of Belize's military partners sit down to discuss share security concerns, and how best their military units could assist the Belize armed forces improve their capacities. Last week's conference emphasized security cooperation and military capacity building for the Belize Defence Force, Belize Coast Guard, and the Joint Intelligence Operations Centre. The representatives from different military units who attended spoke on the importance of their participation in the discussions:

    CARICOM Open to Belize Chicken
    In February, Quality Poultry Products in Spanish Lookout was HACCP certified. and then in May, it was Caribbean Chicken in Blue Creek. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is basically a food safety system put in place by businesses to ensure that consumers get clean, quality goods which meet an international sanitary standard. Now, beyond local customer satisfaction, Quality Poultry and Caribbean should be able to export chicken within CARICOM because of this certification.

    PG Bar Owner Explains Extortion
    Last night we told you about the two PG cops who allegedly extorted bar owner Joe Bejerano of $3,000. They had initially charged Bejerano for Human Trafficking but offered him to pay them off so he would not have to face the charges. Bejerano is not happy with the unprofessional actions of the police. He told PG TV he wants his money back. Joe Bejerano, Bar Owner: "They offered a deal that if I could come up with 1000 dollars for each end she could make this go away." Reporter: "$1,000 dollars for each of the ladies arrested." Joe Bejerano, Bar Owner: "Yes. I told her I did not have that kind of money she told me that she is the only one that could help me. I could go to prison for 15 years or I could try and go to trial but I will be charged."

    FFB, the Possibility Of An Alternate Future
    On December second, the FFB will have its 11th Ordinary Congress to elect a President and a Vice President. Sounds simple enough, but the last two attempts to do this failed miserably. It's one more ugly blemish on a Football Federation that's publicly perceived as chaotic. And into this mess steps two relative newcomers - who want to clean up the FFB, and restore some beauty to the beautiful game. They publicly launched their campaign today and 7News was there: Daniel Fabro and Frank Sharp are businessmen, but also football lifers - and now they want to save football in Belize by offering themselves as president and vice president of the FFB:

    City Council Gets Fancy Equipment
    For months we've been showing you all that fancy heavy equipment which the city council got through the IDB funded Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program. But, all that fancy equipment was like a good "Sunday best" outfit, we only saw it in action once or twice. Apparently, that's because the 2017 jet-vacuum truck, the 2016 street sweeper, the 2016 asphalt distributor truck, the 2016 backhoe loader, and the 2015 vibrator compactor were being kept scarce like "good cheese" by the Ministry of Works.

    Keeping Cancer Message In The Forefront
    Its breast cancer awareness month, and to commemorate it, for 4 years the Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow along with her team have been releasing Cancer awareness posters. The women featured in the posters including Barrow are battling cancer. Now these posters aren't just pictures - they represent each survivor's journey, but more importantly the posters celebrate hope and strength in the face of cancer. The Special envoy's office usually just emails the posters but this year they invited the media to an official unveiling. It was held this morning at the Belize Cancer Society Office. The theme for this year is "A mile in my shoe."

    Girls Rule
    Yesterday was International Day of the Girl Child. It is part of the women's empowerment movement but in this case the focus is on young girls and how to overcome the many challenges they face on a daily basis. It is recognized all over the world but Belize has now caught on and observed the day. Member of the UN Gender Theme Group Ann-Marie Williams discussed the significance: Ann-Marie Williams, UN Gender Theme Group Rep.: "The first celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child actually rolled around on December 19th 2011. The international day is not a new day but for us here in Belize it seems new. What happened the girl child has been a feature ever since 1995 when the Beijing conference was held. Belize prioritized five major areas and the girl child was not one of them..."

    Green Turtle Found Dead
    Yesterday a female Green Turtle was found dead off the coast of Punta Gorda. Nicanor Requena and his colleagues came across the lifeless turtle while on a recreational boating excursion. Requena and his colleagues immediately tried to assist the turtle but it was too late. He took to social media to share pictures of the sad sight. Today via phone he told us how it was trapped. Nicanor Requena, Found Turtle: "We were on a recreational and basically what we observed was the Tuttle entangled a rope attached to 2 fish traps and what I proceeded to do along with my other colleague was to document it. We took pictures of it and we subsequently reported it to TIDE and to the Fisheries Department who in my opinion are the entities to follow up on it. Based on what I observed it could be that maybe it was a fish trap that was abandoned, but I have no evidence to say for surety that it was what happened."

    A Hawksbill's Tale
    Indeed,6 of the 7 turtle special that inhabit the waters of Latin American and the Caribbean are threatened with extinction. In 2011, Jules Vasquez found out how researchers at Gales Point Manatee were using satellites to track and preserve Hawksbill Turtles:... Jules Vasquez Reporting: Putting a sanding machine to a turtle's shell? That may seem cruel and unusual, but really, they're not torturing this mature female hawksbill - they're trying to help. What they're trying to do is sand off these tough barnacles that have molted unto her - and while the old girl looked distressed, maybe even despairing - the grinding continued.

    Late Evening Murder
    And before we close tonight - there is more bad news to report in Belize City. There has been another murder. It happened on Hicatee Street beside Roger's Stadium. We know that a man is dead inside a taxi, which is alongside a ditch. It happened just 10 to 15 minutes ago. Our news team is on the scene and we'll have more on this story tomorrow.

    Channel 5

    P.U.P. Leader Says ‘Any Number Can Play’
    By whom will Party Leader John Briceño be challenged for control of the P.U.P.?  It’s a question being pondered by many within the opposition party, in light of the fact [...]

    Rest of National Executive Posts Also Up for Grabs
    According to Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher, every other position within the national executive is up for challenge.  He goes through the necessary procedures of nomination.   Henry Charles Usher, [...]

    Thanks for Support, But Briceño Says He Didn’t Ask for It
    On Wednesday, Deputy Party Leader Kareem Musa, in an interview with the media, said that endorsements for Briceño’s leadership were being gathered from caucuses across the country.  That effort came [...]

    Chairman Says ‘Nobody Knows’ Who Will Run for Leader
    At present Briceño’s office remains unchallenged, but that’s subject to change in the weeks ahead.  The party chairman confirmed this fact when the question was put to him bluntly.   [...]

    P.U.P. is (Mostly) One; National Convention Intended to Strengthen Unity
    In some corners there has been talk of discord within the People’s United Party, a perceived lack of unity that continues to affect the P.U.P. at the polls.  In our [...]

    P.U.P. Chair Says it’s Time to Unite
    While the party chairman agrees that there is no friction within the P.U.P., he says that members of the party should rally around the slate of candidates leading up to [...]

    The Youth are Inheriting the P.U.P.
    The infusion of new blood into the political organization is a concern that has been shared among members of the party. On Wednesday, Kareem Musa spoke unequivocally on what he [...]

    C.C.J. Turns Down Sunshine Intervention in B.T.L. Case
    In advance of hearings next week, the Caribbean Court of Justice today rejected an application by Sunshine Holdings Limited to intervene in the final appeal between the Government of Belize, [...]

    The Case Against Franz Parke for Court of Appeal
    As we reported on Wednesday, a fixed date claim form filed at the Supreme Court pits Leader of the Opposition John Briceño against the Attorney General and Prime Minister Dean [...]

    Search Resumes for Erwin Rodriguez as Mom Makes Frantic Appeal
    Last week, we showed you the search for Erwin Rodriguez that led to the discovery of his bike in an area called “Dike,” located off Faber’s Road. The seventeen-year-old has [...]

    Friends Keep Looking for Chrisstofer Roggema in the West
    Chrisstofer Jan Roggema is missing and his friends need help to find him. Roggema is a Norwegian-Belizean businessman who has been living in Belize for more than twenty-five years. He [...]

    Fabers’ Road to be Redone for $7 Million
    Faber’s Road is getting a major upgrade which is expected to commence immediately.   The contract, to the tune of seven point nine million Belize dollars, was signed today for the [...]

    Daniel Fabro, Frank Sharp Join F.F.B. Presidential Race
    The Football Federation of Belize remains in administrative turmoil, despite several unsuccessful meetings of its executive to try and bring order to the organization.  Notwithstanding the chaotic state of affairs, [...]

    M.O.H. Says Pink Eye Cases Have Not Peaked – 9,000 in a Month
    This evening, following meetings with the Pan American Health Organization and gathering of formal reports, Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero updated News Five with the very latest statistics [...]

    Survivors Gather to Launch Anti-Cancer Flyer
    Every year in May, Belizeans are reminded of one of the most deadly diseases affecting citizens – cancer. The threats and risks are numerous and there are several types of [...]

    ComPol Vs C.E.O. over Immigration Investigation
    The position of the Belize Police Department almost from the break in the Elvin Penner/Won Hong Kim scandal has been to take a back seat. It waited for internal investigations [...]

    Why Nationality Review is More Complicated than One May Think
    As testified to by former director of Immigration Ruth Meighan and confirmed by others, as many as two thousand persons received nationality directly connected to the 2012 elections which did [...]

    Time to Review Guat Nationality Applications
    The Nationality Vetting Committee, according to C.E.O. and member Edmund Zuniga, continues to try to seek out legal information on how the Republic of Guatemala handles renunciation for those wishing [...]

    Healthy Living Reviews Pink Eye Plan
    We know you may be tired of hearing about the eye infection sweeping across the country. But it is not a time to let your guard down. The public health [...]


    Shaenna Gilharry Vies In East Indian Pageant In T&T
    Miss East Indian Belize 2016-2017, Miss Shaenna Gilharry, left for Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday to participate in the International Divali Queen Pageant which will be held on Monday, October 16th. Shaenna has been an active member of the Corozal Organization of East Indian Cultural Heritage organization and has participated in leading roles in traditional Indian dances during cultural festivals, pageants and performances at schools. Shaenna was crowned Miss East Indian Belize 2016 - 2017 by outgoing Miss East Indian queen, Miss Asia Gilharry.

    Prime Minister Meets With Representatives of IDB
    As we reported on Tuesday Prime Minister Dean Barrow is currently in Washington D.C attending official meetings. Today the Prime Minister met with the executive Director of the Central American Constituency, Mauricio Silva at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as well as with the Junior Counsellor for Belize Elvira Mendez, in order to receive an update on the Corporate IDB matters. Prime Minister Barrow today also attended a courtesy meeting with Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of American States, His Excellency Nestor Mendez and Belize’s ambassador to the United States His Excellency Daniel Gutierrez.

    Crimes In Corozal, Circumstances Investigators Cannot Ignore
    On Tuesday we told you about the arrest of 52 year old Apolonio Kiow in Corozal Town, for the cold-bloodied murder of 38 year old Canadian national Gabriel Bochnia. Kiow is the one accused of pulling the trigger on Bochnia, fatally shooting the construction contractor, as he opened the gates to his yard outside his home in the Chula Vista area around 10:30pm on Wednesday, October 4th. The attack was calculated and callous, as Bochnia’s wife and three children witnessed the attack inside a waiting vehicle. His wife, 27 year old Jeshana Zetina, went to help her husband and the gunman then fired at her, but the gun reportedly misfired.


    Three Police Officers facing disciplinary charges for theft
    Last month we reported on the three officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit who were being investigated for allegedly stealing 27 parcels of cocaine. The accused are Corporal Clinton Thomas, PC Kishane Peck and PC Albert Augustine. An internal investigation by the Professional Standards Branch revealed that the information is credible. The three officers […]

    Chairman comments on Hopkins’ water problem
    This newsroom has received numerous reports of water interruptions in Hopkins Village that has been affecting villagers and businesses alike. We spoke to the chairman, Ted McKoy for clarification. Ted McKoy – Chairman of Hopkins Village “The water situation in Hopkins is one that cannot be seen as a problem so to speak because I’m […]

    Ministry of Works donates maintenance equipment to Belize City Council
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Works handed over to the Belize City Council, road and canal maintenance equipment procured by the Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program, with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The equipment handed over includes a 2017 jet-vacuum truck, 2016 street sweeper, 2016 asphalt distributor truck, 2016 backhoe loader, […]

    Pink Eye causing problems for BERT
    Belize Emergency Response Team, BERT, has announced that conjunctivitis or pink eye is affecting its capabilities. A statement from BERT states quote, “the organization is currently being impacted by the ongoing conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) infection, therefore, Non-Emergency Land Ambulance Services are being affected.” End of quote. The public is asked to minimize Non-Emergency Calls to […]

    The Guardian

    God help us! - Another Musa as PUP leader
    Any observer, seeing the dismal performance that Johnny Briceño has been having as the leader of the PUP, saw a challenge coming to his leadership from a mile away. But in an attempt to put any potential challenger at a disadvantage, Briceño called a snap national convention in which he expected to be endorsed as leader of the PUP on November 26. But not so fast, says Kareem Musa; he is now openly defying Briceño and in a cagey and underhanded manner, called the press to his office to say that he is being asked to run as the leader of the People’s United Party. The mere fact that he had the audacity to call the media to his office to put his tail between his legs and say that he is merely considering it, shows this man’s slick.

    Diplomatic immunity saves American from charges in triple death
    An accident on the George Price Highway claimed the life of 2 young women, and a 1-year-old child, all from the same family living in Bella Vista, Belize City. The driver, who may be at fault for the accident, is a US Diplomat, and he is protected from prosecution by his diplomatic immunity. Police say that it happened sometime around 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 7, 2017, between miles 2 and 3 on the George Price Highway. 30 year-old Samantha Castillo; her 1 year-old baby, Deanna Castillo; 23 year-old Martha Mayeli Vasquez, Samantha Castillo’s sister-in-law; and an unidentified 6-year-old girl were all traveling in a blue and grey Honda Element SUV.

    Faber’s Road upgraded
    For years Faber’s Road, which is a main artery into Belize City has been plagued by potholes in the rainy season and dust in the dry season. Those problems will soon be a thing of the past as the Government of Belize, through the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, will be cementing the entire stretch of road. The first phase will including the cementing from Central American Boulevard to the police station. Thereafter, the project will see the cementing all the way to the George Price Highway. Along with the cementing of the road, the scope of works will include the upgrading of the drains and construction of sidewalks along with signage and placement of access ways for residents in the area. Work is expected to last somewhere between 10 to 12 months, with it being a labor-intensive program having young men in the are hired to conduct the works.

    Kelvin is back home, now what?
    It seems like no sooner had last week's edition of the Guardian Newspaper hit the streets, did we start to hear some chatter that young Kelvin Usher had either been found or he had made contact with one of his parents. Not only had we carried the story of his disappearance as our headline but we also felt close to the story because Kelvin and his family are well known to some of us and our families here at this newspaper. In our story we highlighted the story about the disappearance of seventeen year old Kelvin Usher, who had gone missing some four days earlier.

    1 dollar drive by BTB to assist Caribbean islands affected by hurricanes
    In an effort to assist our fellow Caribbean countries that were devastated in September by hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Belize Tourism Board in collaboration with tourism industry stakeholders will launch a “Dollar for the Caribbean Relief Fund” campaign during the entire month of October. According to Noriko Gamero, Director, Cruise Tourism and Destination Planning, BTB, this is in unison to the thought “One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean” which the Caribbean Tourism Organization follows. For every tourist arrival for the month of October, the BTB will donate $1 toward the cause while stakeholders have agreed to donate $1 for every guest. Other stakeholders in the Caribbean have also gotten on board and some have pledged to donate as much as $50 for each booking.

    Fuel prices begin to fall
    As of Friday October 6th, the price of regular fuel took a sharp decline from $11.13 to $10.29 per gallon. It is expected that within the next few days the same will take place with premium and diesel fuels. Fuel prices are taking a downward move following the normalization of supplies from Venezuela. In September, the price of fuel began an upward movement after government discontinued the purchase of fuel from Venezuela under the Petro-Caribe program. Fuel supplies had to be discontinued after deliveries to Belize had become unreliable forcing for fuel to be purchased from neighboring El Salvador at a higher price driving up the price at the pump.

    Allen Whylie plans new course for Belize Police Department
    Just back from leave, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, has taken time out to explain the new course that he will now take for an effective Belize Police Department. Commissioner Whylie took the opportunity to describe his official positions during an award last week to seven police officers whilst at the popular Scotchie Restaurant in Belmopan. The Belize Police Department operations will be re-strategized and there will be a “step up in terms of intelligence gathering.” While the over two thousand police officers in the Belize Police Department discharge their duties, Commissioner Whylie is appealing to the citizens of Belize, “…the law abiding citizens of Belize to work with their police officers across the length and breadth of this country.”

    PM in Washington to secure new Haulover bridge financing
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow left the country today to attend official meetings in Washington, D.C., one of which is with the OPEC Fund for International Development, for the new Haulover Bridge Project. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Barrow will return to Belize on October 15th, 2017.

    Good marine management ensures healthy populations
    A new study from Belize’s Glovers Atoll confirms that replenishment zones are an important tool in rebuilding fish populations depleted from overfishing and boosting catch rates for small scale fisheries, according to WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and partners. When combined with other conservation measures such as size limits and seasonal closures for fishing grounds, replenishment zones can help make fisheries more sustainable for coastal communities that rely on the sea for sustenance and livelihoods. The study, titled “Benefits of a replenishment zone revealed through trends in focal species at Glovers Atoll, Belize”, appears in the latest edition of the journal, Marine Ecology Progress Series. The authors are: Alexander Tewfik, Janet Gibson, Virginia R. Burns Perez and Samantha Strindberg of WCS; and Elizabeth A. Babcock, of the University of Miami.

    G.R.E.A.T. Programme graduates 20 Belizeans and 14 Salvadorans
    As part of gang resistance in Belize and in the wider Central American region, various police departments have been working with the US Embassy to implement the “Gang Resistance Education and Training” (GREAT) program since 2008. Since the inception of the program in Belize, a total of 210 officers have been inducted as GREAT officers. Gang violence has a negative effect on the victim as well as the criminal. The consequences of burden are significant and, according to ACP Robert Mariano, Commander of Management Service, preventative measures are best to be taken to avoid decisions that may become irreversible.

    Johnny should take a fuel profit loss for the sake of Belizeans
    On Thursday of last week, the career student and professional demonstrator decided that he would take to the streets of Belize City once again to demonstrate. The cause this time around was the cost of fuel. While we are certain that Moses Sulph really had no cause to take on this latest demonstration, we were intrigued by his actions. No sooner had he taken off than it had become clear as to the motive. He was masquerading the demonstration as something non-political but just looking at those involved, it was evident that he was actually leading a PUP demonstration.

    ABC’s World News Now Co-Anchor hosts journalism workshop
    Through the facilitation of the US Embassy, Kendis Gibson visited Belize last week. Gibson, a Belizean native and co-anchor on ABC’s World News Now, facilitated a journalism workshop as well as school tour in the country. On Saturday, October 7, 2017, Gibson met with several media personnel at the House of Culture for a two-hour discussion on media in Belize. The meeting was a well-attended and very interactive conversation in which Gibson learnt some of what the media in Belize does. While he did agree with some of the norms of Belizean media, Gibson offered his advice as to how to approach some situations, especially as it relates to reporting violence and other heinous crimes.

    Winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017
    The National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Belize, within the Department of the Environment (DOE), has announced the winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017, which was held in celebration of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer under the theme “Caring for all life under the sun”. The NOU received at total of 18 entries from various age groups throughout the country and is pleased to name the following winners: 1st Place Winner - Aerd D’Belle, 2nd Place Winner - John Banner, 3rd Place Winner - Nadir Price.

    Taiwan Embassy supports Belmopan Small Scale Farming in Schools
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) donates Five Thousand Belize Dollars ($5,000.00) to support Belmopan Police’s initiative “Small Scale Farming in Schools” in the Belmopan Police jurisdiction. This project is developed with focus on community youth empowerment through sustainable agriculture practices to lead young generation to a positive way of life. The initiative not only proposes an alternative for students to become involved as a team and help themselves in a constructive and productive manner and form a safer and more productive community, but also provides a sustainable method of producing food for their own food security and contributes to poverty alleviation.

    Shootings spike in the City, Jason Almendarez latest victim
    Jason Almendarez, a 27 year-old Belize City resident from the Lake Independence area, was killed in what appears to be a street-style execution carried out in broad daylight. It happened at around 2:08 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10 on Jasmine Street. Almendarez went to buy food at the Fish Joint Food Shop, which is a short distance from his home, and near to the Mahogany Street Police Substation. He reportedly arrived by vehicle, went into the yard, and placed his order. He was waiting to get his food, and that’s when a gunman walked off the street, took aim and shot him in the head.

    Accident claims another life on Southern Highway
    On Monday October 9, Independence police were called out to Mile 32 on the Southern Highway near Red Bank Junction where the body of Pablo Salam, a 28-year-old resident of Santa Teresa, Toledo, was seen. Paulino Pop, a 34-year-old resident of San Roman, Stann Creek, reported that he was driving his Nissan pickup along with 5 others in the vehicle when they collided into a Hyundai Element which was being driven by 53-year-old Wilton Morgan of Elridgeville, Toledo.

    Police find ammunition and components to making firearm
    Last Friday, Belmopan Police held an operation targeting the reported production of home made firearms. Their operation netted both ammunition and components used in the production of firearms. Criminals have found innovative ways to manufacture firearms using nails and bicycle parts. No one was in the area at the time and so the confiscated items were deposited as found property. Later on during the week, Belmopan Police also found a firearm capable of firing 20 gauge cartridges behind a church in the San Martin Area. This firearm was also deposited as found property.

    Police arrest one for Canadian’s murder
    Police in Corozal have arrested and charged 52-year- old Apolonio Kiow, a resident of Santa Elena Road in Corozal with murder. Kiow was charged following the shooting death of 38-year-old who was killed at his home in the Chula Vista area of Corozal. Sometime around 10:20p.m. on Wednesday October 4th, Bochnia along with his wife, Jeshana and their three children had returned home from a trip to Chetumal when he was ambushed by a gunman.

    Daniel Carillo shot and killed in Orange Walk
    Daniel Carrillo, a 42 year-old resident of Temash Street in Orange Walk Town, was shot to death by a gunman, who reportedly ambushed him from behind. Police say that the incident happened at around 1 o’clock on Sunday morning, October 8, 2017, on Mopan Street, which is a short distance away from the home of his parents. Police say that he was walking when someone came up behind him and shot him several times. It is believed that he may have gotten a phone call before he left his workplace, where he was socializing with friends and family.

    Police remain puzzled at the death of Cotton Tree resident
    A resident from Cotton Tree and father of four children was discovered floating at the center of the flooded Belize River last Thursday. Isau Perez, 33, was found with stab wounds to the chest and throat area. A post-mortem examination has confirmed that he succumbed to these injuries. Police believe that he was thrown into the river after he was killed. John Carr, the owner of the Banana Bank Resort, had loaned officers a boat and they had found the body about a mile downriver. Officers were lucky to find the body as the water current was taking it swiftly.

    One year for escaping from police custody
    Convicted prisoner, 39-year-old Eugene Bailey, pled guilty to escaping from police custody while at the Precinct 3 Police Station. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. He told the magistrate that on the day, he was sentenced to 5 years for a firearm offense. He got the impression that he could leave the station and left to visit his newborn baby girl.

    Mechanic is fined $10,000 for drug trafficking
    Lloyd Jones, a Ladyville resident who is a mechanic and yard cleaner, was levied a mandatory fine of $10,000 after he pled guilty to drug trafficking in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. Jones appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Michelle Trapp to answer to a single charge of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply. The allegations against Jones are that on October 6, 2017, he was found in possession of 383 grams of cannabis. The bust was made by PC Ramirez, Cpl Baizer, WPC Kerr, and PC Pow. The officers said that while conducting a mobile patrol in the Ladyville area, they saw Jones riding on his bicycle.

    Office assistant is remanded for homemade firearm
    Leon Walford, a 32-year-old office assistant and resident of Amara Avenue, is behind bars after he was arraigned on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 on two criminal offenses for a kept prohibited firearm and kept ammunitions without being granted a gun license. The allegations against Walford are that on Friday, October 6, 2017, police visited a home on Baracat Street and conducted a search inside the home. A homemade firearm with one live round of ammunition was found and Walford was charged as a result.

    Stabbing incident in Toledo
    On Monday, October 9, 2017, police responded to information of a stabbing incident and visited New Road, Toledo where they saw 22-year-old Javier Martinez, a driver of Bella Vista Village, suffering from multiple stab wounds to his head and body. Investigation revealed that Martinez and 25-year-old Daniel Mejia, a welder of Water Supply area, were involved in an altercation and as a result, Mejia inflicted the injuries. Martinez was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where he remains in a stable condition. Daniel Mejia also sustained a cut wound to his hand and has since been detained pending investigation.

    Young artist gunned down
    Justin Hyde, a 22-year-old man living in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, who had a troubled past, was shot and killed over the long weekend. It happened at around 9:16 p.m. on Monday, October 9, 2017, at the corner of Curl Thompson and Levi Slusher Streets. Police say that he and 2 other men were riding on separate bicycles. They were only a few blocks away from his house, and it was close enough that his family heard the sound of gunshots in the distance. They were concerned about the incident, but they later got the very bad news that the victim in that shooting was Hyde. He was the only person injured in the shooting, and one of the bullets injured him to the back.

    Belmopan Bandits clips the Placencia Assassins in Premier League competition
    The Premier League of Belize Opening Season Competition continued over the weekend with four games on the schedule. On Saturday 7th October, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the defending champions and current leaders in this year’s Opening Season Competition, the Belmopan Bandits, defeated the visiting Placencia Assassins FC by the score of 3-1. The first half of the game ended in a 0-0 draw and it was not until the 56th minute of play, that the Belmopan Bandits was able to penetrate the defence of the Placencia Assassins that allowed George Welcome to score the 1st goal to give his team a 1-0 lead.

    St. Joseph Primary School girls and boys win again in basketball competition
    The Belize City Primary Schools Basketball competition continued on Tuesday 10th October at the Gateway Youth Centre in Belize City. In the only game played in the girls’ competition, St. Joseph Primary School defeated Central Christian School by the score of 26-4. The top scorer for St. Joseph Primary School was Briah Clarke with 26 points while the top scorer for Central Christian School was Yasmin Weir with 1 point.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold Annual General Assembly
    The Belize Athletics Association will hold its 2017 Annual General Assembly at the Edward P. Yorke High School, Princess Margaret Drive, on 21st October, 2017 at 2:00 pm. All members are required to pay their 2017 annual dues by the 16th October, 2017. All members are asked to please bring along their identification cards. The highlight of the General Assembly will be the elections of officers for the executive.

    Football Federation of Belize to hold 11th Ordinary Congress
    The Football Federation of Belize is pleased to inform the general public and the football world that it will be holding its 11th Ordinary Congress on Saturday 2nd December, 2017, at 10:00 am at the Ramada Belize City Princess on Newtown Barracks in Belize City. The high point of the 11th Ordinary Congress will be the elections of the President and Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize.

    Sand Hill Blue Hawks top seed into Leal’s Football Cup Playoffs
    The Leal’s Football Cup for 2017 regular season came to an end on Monday 9th October with four games on the schedule. In the first game played, Lucky Strike defeated Burrell Boom by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Augustine Smith. In game two, Sand Hill Blue Hawks defeated Sand Hill New Site Warriors by the score of 4-1. The goals for the Sand Hill Blue Hawks were scored by Marques Stamp, Travon Martinez, Kevin Najerra and Darren Leal, while the only goal of the game for the Sand Hill New Site Warriors was scored by Jose Garcia.

    Fires gut homes in Burrell Boom and Belize City
    On Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 12:55 a.m., police responded to a report of a house fire in Burrell Boom. Upon arrival, police saw a two-storey house with the wooden section engulfed in flames. Nathalie Hyde, the 54-year-old owner of structure, reported that earlier that morning, she and her son, Jairo Perdirio Jr., were sleeping upstairs when she was awoken by the strong smell of smoke. She also observed that her washing machine was on fire. Hyde’s neighbors assisted her in extinguishing the fire. The cost of the damages has not yet been ascertained. Police investigation continues

    Elder at Adventist Church in Cayo assists the needy
    An elder from the community in Santa Elena, Cayo is creating waves by giving to 20 needy persons for a planned entire year. Francis Toyloy from the Central Seventh Day Adventist has partnered with his friend Michael Wade to distribute basic goods on the first Wednesday of each month. Distribution of the goods started last week and will be continued with the assistance of other church members. (Needy) Persons will be assisted on a weekly basis by Francis Toyloy.

    Young Belizean on his way to Russia
    A young Belizean and community developer is on his way to Russia. According to Galen University, “19 year old Erwin Wills, a former Central American Youth Ambassador, is one of our new Eagles here at Galen University.” He is admirably active in the community as he co-runs multiple chess clubs in Belmopan and has had numerous experiences representing Belize in the United States and Guatemala City since the age of 15.” Erwin continues on this trend as he leaves for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) that will unite 20,000 young leaders from 183 countries in Sochi, Russia.

    I am a parent and a teacher and I absolutely do NOT support the BNTU leadership. I strongly believe that the majority of parents similarly do NOT support the union leadership’s plunge into partisan politics! Should public sector unions even be allowed to exist if they involve themselves in partisan politics? Political partisanship violates a public sector union’s own principles and articles of association! Individual union members have the right to vote, and they should do so, like every other registered voter! Yet, the union’s role is completely different from that of a political party. Leadership should improve the abysmal PSE scores. They need to help produce good citizens – the almost total indiscipline in the community has got to be traceable directly to parents and teachers.

    Hurricane Facts & Tips - Atlantic Hurricane Season - 21 September – 14 October
    The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been an above normal season. Professor Gabriel Vecchi, stated “… it’s unambiguous that over the last 30 years, hurricane activity in the Atlantic has increased. I don’t think there’s reason to doubt that…”. To date we have matched the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season forecast is for 16 named storms and we have exceeded the forecast for 6 hurricanes and 3 major storms. So far there were 9 hurricanes and 5 major storms. There were two CAT 5 storms this year; only 1932, 1933, 1961, 2005 and 2007 have had multiple CAT 5 storms. The 2017 season is ranked the 8th season with the highest ACE, higher that 1961, which ranked 9th (the year of Hattie) and 1998 (the year of Mitch) ranked 10th. The season is not over; we still have the remainder of October and November.

    It hard but you can overcome
    The school year is young and flying quickly by; that is, unless you are a student. If you are a student, then you are almost certainly counting down impatiently to Christmas break, hoping for some relief from the mountain of assignments, and the challenging class work. But regardless how challenging it gets, stay the course; choose to stay in school. Many students do not. Students choose to leave school for a variety of reasons, but the decision to do so has serious long-term consequences. Those without diplomas face limited job opportunities and a lowered earning potential. While the reasons for dropping out of school are varied, solutions exist to help young people stay focused on their education. While each student who has made the decision to leave school has an individual story and reasons, there are several common risk factors.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    In the book of the prophet Micah, chapter 7, verse 8, we read: “Do not gloat over me, my enemy. Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord God Yahweh will be my light”. If you find yourself in the middle of a fire that is consuming you and everything you have, which comes and goes repeatedly, which of these two people will you prefer to be with you?

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Taxi man gunned down in Belize City
    Shortly after 7:30 tonight, a well known taxi man was shot and killed on Hicatee Street in Belize City.

    Personnel from BERT ambulance service affected by pink eye
    The Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) today issued a press release advising the public to minimize non emergency response calls since personnel from the organization are currently being affected by pink eye.

    Ministry of Works and IDB provide road and canal maintenance equipment to Belize City Council
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Works today handed over to the Belize City Council, road and canal maintenance equipment procured by the Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program, with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

    PUP to hold national conventions on November 26
    The People’s United Party (PUP) had announced at their party council meeting that the party will be having a national convention in November.

    BCCI and IDB sign agreement to increase private sector climate change resilience
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), today signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement for the project entitled “Proadapt Belize – Increasing Climate Change Resilience and Related Business Opportunities” with the objective of increasing private sector climate resilience in Belize.

    Belize hosts third multi-national security conference
    The Ministry of Defence hosted the 3rd Annual Multi National Security Conference on Friday, October 6th 2017 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The main objective of the conference was to share Belize’s vision, work and requirements with regards to military assistance with our allies and partners.

    Fabers Road reconstruction project valued at almost $8 million signed today
    The construction contract for the Reconstruction of Faber’s Road (between George Price Highway and Central American Boulevard) was signed today, October 12, between the Government of Belize (GOB) and Imer Hernandez Development Co. Ltd. at the office of the Ministry of Works in Belmopan.

    Black Orchid’s Pan Di Riva Restaurant to Hold Grand Opening on October 20
    The Pan Di Riva Restaurant and Bar will hold its grand opening on October 20, 2017, at 6:30 PM at #2 Dawson Lane in Burrell Boom Village in Belize. Chef Belinda Bishop, the author of “Flavour of Grenada” will be on hand to serve guests with traditional Creole dishes, locally sourced tropical fruits, and special drinks. Owner Douglas Thompson will host the grand opening in memory of his wife, Karen.

    The Belize Social Security Board Needs Forensic Audit
    The Belize Social Security Board (BSSB) has advised employers and employees of Belize that they plan to raise “contributions” in early 2018. Their primary reason given is that they have not increased contributions for a long time, since around 2003.

    Over 12,000 Belizeans visited Chetumal/Mexico this past weekend
    According to a report from CTV3 News in Orange Walk, over the long weekend, the Northern Border saw a total of 13,232 departures from Belize into Mexico. The report states that out of the total departures, 12,607 were Belizeans that went to visit tourist destinations in the neighboring country.

    Search for missing Norwegian- Belizean man continues
    Today marks the fourth day that Norwegian- Belizean businessman Chrisstofer Jan Roggema has been missing. Roggema owned the Cocoplum Garden Spa in Caye Caulker and has been living in Belize since the late 1980’s.

    Belize Media boycotts Police Department again
    Most media houses countrywide have decided to once again go on a boycott of the Police Department. Journalists and media personnel have engaged in boycotting all police related activities since they have brought forth their concern to the Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) that the Police Department has denied to give a press briefing on the major crimes that have happened in the country over the last couple of weeks.

    Truck driver served with notice of intended prosecution
    Yesterday around 2:30, police responded to a fatal traffic accident between miles 32 and 33 on the Southern Highway. They saw Sebastian Cucul, 32, a laborer of San Isidoro Village lying on the side of the highway with head and body injuries and apparently dead.


    A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season
    For someone who likes to pack the morning of a trip (even if I am leaving at 6am), this is quite a feat for me. A packing list. Let’s give it a go. A light rain jacket and a small umbrella: Since “the weather” can come and go quickly, it’s always nice to have a light jacket with a hood with you as well as an umbrella. Waterproof and breathable…water-resistant doesn’t do much. Can you buy it in Belize? Good ones? No. Plastic disposable ponchos? If you are in San Pedro or San Igancio, yes. At the local gift shops. A few Ziplock bags: No matter when you are traveling (or where), these are always a good idea. Great to take on a snorkeling trip for your camera or, just in case…when it starts to rain, zip up your phone and your wallet.

    Washing Your Hands and Other Great Tricks
    The show must go on and it did, in spite of the fact that a high portion of the islanders are suffering from pink eye and largely banished from the public. Countrywide the Ministry of Health recently reported 5434 known cases over the last four weeks. Numbers are actually higher as many people went and got treatment without seeing a doctor. On Ambergris Caye there were over 379 cases of this unpleasant ailment. The Ambergris Caye Rotary Club members were out in full force keeping us healthy and germ-free. Member Kate Corrigan carried a huge jug of hand sanitizer and every person who walked through the door had to “wash up”. Sadly the pink epidemic still affected crowd numbers. I knew this would be the case as my friend Cindy who saw the show the night before mentioned it in her review when I asked how she liked it. She also has hand sanitizer taped to her golf cart and still managed to catch the pink plague somewhere in her travels post show.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize Police Officers admitted to the Bar in Fiji
    On Thursday October 12, 2017 (Fiji time) Police Constable 214 Holman Katanegie (left) and Corporal 1100 Mannon Dennison (right) were admitted to the bar as Barristers and Solicitors, Attorneys at Law at the High Court in Suva, Fiji by Honourable Chief Justice A. Gates. Both Officers are now competent to practice law in the Courts of Fiji.

    The Real Coconut helps create a sustainable economy in Belize with the launch of US snack line
    After building a successful restaurant in Mexico based in part on the popularity and health benefits of coconut, entrepreneur Daniella Hunter is expanding her mission of promoting digestive well-being and sustainability to the US and Belize with a new line of baked goods and snacks.

    Commentary: Where are the ‘Black Caribs’
    By Wellington C. Ramos. When I was a little boy growing up in my town of Dangriga, British Honduras, now known as Belize, everybody in our country and in the world knew us as “Black Caribs”. This term was used by some while other individuals, groups and ethnic groups used Kerobee, Salt Head Kerobee, 36 and many other demeaning racial labels. Nobody was educating our people about the history of the label “Black Caribs” that led to all the other labels. This label first started with Christopher Columbus working on behalf of the Spanish crown who called us “Caribe”.


  • Unveiling of the Special Envoy's 2017 Cancer Awareness Flyer!, 20min. - Be a Survivor; You Do Not Have To Lose Your Life

  • On our way to Guatemala. San Ignacio, Belize, 5min. On our way from Belize city to Guatemala we stayed in a small city of San Ignacio.

  • Breakfast @ Cozy Corner Placencia, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Cancer Society - Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 40min.

  • Word Obesity Day 2017, 36min.

  • Ocean Heros Awardees - Oceana Belize, 41min.

  • Flooding street in San Pedro yesterday, 15sec.

  • See & Taste Belize 2017, 4min.

  • Updates October 2017 from Tropical Belize, 2.5min. Building an intentional vegan community and retreat on 13 acres on land in Central Belize.

    October 12, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Pirates trailing in Premier League of Belize Tournament
    Week nine of the 2017-2018 Premier League of Belize (PBL) Opening Season saw yet another loss for the San Pedro Pirates Football Club. Taking on the BDF Football Club in an away game at the MCC Grounds in Belize City on Sunday, October 8th, the San Pedro Pirates suffered a 1-0 point defeat. This latest match puts the Pirates in sixth position in the tournament standing, with only eight overall points. The match against BDF FC started at around 4PM. Several island football fans traveled along with the Pirates to show support and cheer them on. It was a tight match through the game time, with neither team allowing a goal. However, in the 60th minute, BDF’s Jarren Lambey managed to sneak by, scoring the only goal of the match. Unable to score a goal of their own, the San Pirates had to settle for defeat.

    Kristin Marin joins Caribbean Regional Youth Council Executive Team
    On Thursday, October 5th, The National Youth Council of Belize (NYCB) announced the installation of Belize’s Kristin Marin as the Vice-chair of Membership and Partnership on the Executive of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC). Marin is the Director of Projects Abroad Belize (PAB) as well as a member of the Belize Red Cross – San Pedro Branch. She had also been volunteering with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYNF). NYCB nominated Marin for the position after she submitted an application to participate in the World Youth Conference for 2017, to be held this November in Belize City. Her application was revised by the NYCB after which she was asked to submit a photo identification and manifesto. She was further questioned on the importance of being nominated to work with CRYC before her application could be shortlisted.

    David Doehm’s death ruled suicide
    American national 59-year-old David Doehm was found dead in a hotel room in Belize City of an apparent suicide. Doehm had been out on a $10,000 Supreme Court bail for the charge of ‘Cruelty to a Child’ in connection with the death of his stepdaughter 13-year-old Faye Lin Cannon. His body was apparently discovered by a housekeeper on Thursday, October 5th around 12:30PM. No foul play was suspected and police told the media that Doehm had committed suicide.

    Ambergris Today

    Kristin Marin Appointed In Caribbean Regional Youth Council Team
    Belize on Caribbean Regional Youth Council Executive - The National Youth Council of Belize (NYCB) announces the installation of Kristin Marin as the Vice Chair of Membership and Partnership on the executive of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC). Ms. Marin was nominated by the National Youth Council of Belize as a candidate to vie for the post and the nomination was accepted by the electoral board of CRYC by way of returning officer, Ms. Tamar Moss of the Bahamas. The elections were on the agenda as the second sitting of the General Assembly for the 5th Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit which took place at Runaway Bay, St. Ann in Jamaica where ten of the thirteen member states were present.

    EmPOWER Girls: International Day Of The Girl Child
    EmPOWER girls: before, during and after crises. Statement of UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem: Girls today enjoy better life prospects than previous generations in many ways. Prosperity and nutrition are improving, child marriage and teenage pregnancy are declining, and female educational attainment and participation in the labour force are on the rise. However, these advances are far from universal and are increasingly tenuous in many parts of the world. The poorest—particularly girls—are often left behind, their rights undermined.

    New Tree Species Discovered In Toledo, Belize
    A new species of tree has been documented in the forests of southern Belize. Parasenegalia lundellii (family: Fabaceae) was discovered by plant ecologist Steven Brewer in the pristine Bladen Nature Reserve, which is co-managed by Ya’axché Conservation Trust. The new species is found in semi-evergreen tropical forests and is restricted to rugged limestone ridges and slopes such as those of the Maya Mountains.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    BELTRAIDE attends Foro de Cancun 2017
    Foro de Cancun, an annual forum aimed to strengthen ties between Latin America and the Greater Caribbean for better integration and diversity in global value chains, was held on September 27th – 29th, 2017 in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. BELTRAIDE, represented by Ms. Diana Hernandez from EXPORTBelize and Mr. Gian Hernandez from BelizeINVEST, Generation, attended this year’s event, promoting Belize as a viable and opportune market for trade and investment. The main activities of the Forum included business round-table discussions between buyers and exporters from the region, but also seminars and workshops on building a regional strategy to project business opportunities to other external markets. There were varying interests in the displayed products, some of which included: hot sauce products, juices, chocolate and rum. Buyers present were from China, Columbia, Mexico, U.S.A., and other countries in Europe.

    Sandy Toes Retro Halloween Costume party
    Here you go San Pedro we doing it big again this year but this time with a fun twist. Sandy Toes Retro Halloween Costume party. we going back way back throwback style. so many prizes so much fun. and ofcourse yo boy Dj Patrón. playing the hits all night. Saturday Oct 28th Sandy Toes will be CRAZYYYY!!!!!

    Drumming Summer Camp
    In September, the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project in collaboration with the Belize National Kriol Council conducted a Drumming Summer Camp for youths in the community. As part of their pulbic awareness campaign, the group performed at the opening ceremony of the 2017 BCCI Expo. They performed so well that we understand that they were offered a gig in November. We say keep on drumming boys!

    International Archaeology Day lecture
    Orange Walk, October 17 and 18. Banquitas House of Culture

    Reducing Conflict between farmers and jaguars
    Even though jaguars are present around livestock farms, verified by camera traps, there seems to be no conflict when farms are well managed. Protected Areas Program Director Karla Hernandez and Toledo’s Human Jaguar Conflict Officer Marchilio “Moon” Ack are working alongside farmers to reduce conflict between jaguars and humans. So far, 30 farms have been assessed and reports of “jaguar” attacks investigated. This work is being supported by US Fish and Wildlife Service.

    BAS Urban bird walk
    Mark your calendar. Set your alarm. BAS Urban bird walk is this Sat starting at 6 am from the Ocean Ferry bridge. Last year in the rain we counted 52 different species of birds. See you there.

    Taiwan supports Small Scale Farming in Schools
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) donated BZ$5,000 to support the Belmopan Police Department’s Small Scale Farming in Schools initiative in the Belmopan Jurisdiction. This project is developed with a focus on community youth empowerment through sustainable agriculture practices to lead the young generation to a positive way of life. The beneficiaries include San Martin Government School, Garden City Primary School, and the Methodist High School. 1,200 children will be impacted by these projects.

    EmPOWER girls: before, during and after crises
    Statement of UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem for the International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October 2017. Girls today enjoy better life prospects than previous generations in many ways. Prosperity and nutrition are improving, child marriage and teenage pregnancy are declining, and female educational attainment and participation in the labor force are on the rise. However, these advances are far from universal and are increasingly tenuous in many parts of the world. The poorest—particularly girls—are often left behind, their rights undermined. They get less education, have fewer opportunities and are more likely to take jobs that pay less and involve more risk than girls who are economically better off. In addition to the social forces against them, girls continue to face high levels of gender-based violence, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe deliveries. One in four girls will be married before she is 18, and one in five adolescent girls aged 15-19 will give birth.

    Winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017
    The National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Belize, within the Department of the Environment (DOE), hereby announces the winners of the Ozone Photo Competition 2017, which was held in celebration of International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer under the theme “Caring for all life under the sun”. The NOU received a total of 18 entries from various age groups throughout the country and is pleased to name the following winners: 1st Place Winner - Aerd D’Belle, 2nd Place Winner - John Banner, 3rd Place Winner - Nadir Price.The First Place winner will receive $500.00 dollars, the Second Place winner will receive $450.00, and the Third Place winner will receive $300.00. The winners will all receive their prizes on October 16th, 2017 from the DOE.

    Eugene Palacio passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Palacio friends and family on the passing of Mr. Eugene Palacio. Mr. Eugene Palacio was the Director of Local Government and was of great assistance to the San Pedro Town Council and the community of San Pedro. May his soul rest in peace.

    Meet the new Education Assistant and Bird Trainer at Belize Raptor Center!
    Maricia is a recent graduate of Independence Junior College with an Associate degree in Natural Resource Management and a huge passion for Birds. Doing volunteer work with Belize Audubon Society and participating in the BBC Raptor Watch program, it is with great honor that she has joined our team at BRC. The first week has been a full hands on learning experience, building bonds with all the ambassadors and jumping right in to outreach programs, we see amazing new opportunities in the future for BRC with Maricia on board.

    1st Annual CorozalBay Biker Fest 2017
    Something new for our little Town. Inviting Bikers and Public in general to day of Fun, Rock and lots of Throttle shifting. Spread the word!

    Octoberfest 2017
    Menu Includes Bratwurst, Homemade German Potato Salad, Homemade Sauerkraut, and Homemade German Chocolate Cake, 1 Authentic German Draft Beer All For $25 BZ Please RSVP By October 18, 2017. Anyone Wearing Lederhosen Eats Free!! — at Cerros Beach Resort. Sunday, October 22 at 12 PM - 6 PM, Cerros Penisula, Corozal.

    It Came From The Jungle Halloween Party
    It's our first Halloween Party and we're prepared to scare you dancing on the dance floor! Join us this Oct 28th from 9pm - 3am with a cocktail of music genres, booze and food. Dress to impress for a chance to win amazing prizes, including a bar tab for Most Unique Costume, Creepiest Costume & Sexiest Costume. Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo.

    Art in the Park in Corozal this weekend
    Here is hoping the weather holds up for this weekend's ART IN THE PARK!

    D-Stress at the Princess Casino Free Zone Corozal
    Another LAUGH OUT LOUD weekend with popular stand up comedian Gustavo Chapa "EL AGÜIGÜI" this Friday October 13th and Saturday, October 14th. We invite you to come out and have a full laugh out loud weekend. NO COVER!

    Boo at the Zoo 2017
    The Belize Zoo's annual Boo at the Zoo will be happening on Saturday, October 28th, and it starts at 1:30. Dibary has tickets, and you can also call the zoo at 822-8000 for more information. "Mark your calendars, folks! October 28th will be another spooky Saturday with the 4th annual Boo at the Zoo! This year we are teaming up with our friends from Wildtracks and the Crocodile Research Coalition to include "Howlereen" and "Croctober" booths, too! Tickets are already available for purchase at the Zoo. Stay tuned for announcements on ticket outlets in the cities/towns. Contact us at 822-8000 or for more information."

    Life birds or Die
    the new motto of this crew that took this expedition beyond the Belize's Barrier Reef.A little sample of what we lived A pleasure my friends. Halfmoon caye

    Channel 7

    Another Fatal Accident on Southern Highway
    A man on motorbike was killed on the southern highway this afternoon - and what's chilling is that it happened just a few hundred yards from another traffic fatality less than 48 hours earlier. Today at around 3:00, 32 year old Sebastian Cucul was on his "Skygo" motorbike rounding a curve near mile 31 on the Southern Highway when he collided head on with an 18 wheeler carrying a full load of sand and gravel. The driver of the 18 wheeler tried to avoid the impact and swerved, which caused the loaded truck to triple over on the side of the road, dumping the huge load.

    US Embassy Reinforces "Criminal Immunity" Clause
    But it seems that there will be no notice of intended prosecution for US diplomat Justin Guidry - who police say, caused the accident that killed 30 year old Samantha Castillo, 23 year old Martha Nayeli Vasques, and her one year old child Deanna Castillo. The three were in a Honda Element - which Guidry hit while overtaking at mile 2.5 on the George Price Highway. The Police Department has refused to say if he will be prosecuted or not, but today the US Embassy did reply to one of our questions about the accident. In response to our question about whether Guidry is covered by diplomatic immunity - The Embassy's Public Affairs Office says, quote, "The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations affords criminal immunity to diplomatic agents and members of the administrative and technical staff of an Embassy."

    Might Deputy Kareem Challenge Leader Briceno?
    PUP Leader John Briceno surprised many in his party on September 30th when he called for a snap national convention on November 26th. It was endorsed unopposed by the National Party Council - but tonight, it's clear that it's not going to be a cakewalk to that date. Briceno did it to consolidate his power, and quiet those whispers of dissent within his party. But tonight, it's not a whisper; Deputy Party Leader Kareem Musa has made it public that there are those in the party who find Briceno's brand of leadership divisive. Today, Musa held a press briefing at his office to say that he is considering challenging Briceno for the leadership in November's convention. To hear him tell it, it all started after KREM's Marisol Amaya asked Briceno about a possible challenge right at the September 30th meeting. For background, here's what she asked Briceno:...

    PUP Files Suit against GOB For Franz Park Appointment to COA
    And while Briceno has some interesting days ahead with Musa, he's also taking out a lawsuit against the government to block the appointment of Justice of Appeal Franz Parke. The law firm of Courtenay Coye LLP today filed suit against the Attorney General. The suit says that Franz Parke does not meet the requirements of the constitution to serve on the Court of Appeal that the decision by the Prime Minister to appoint him for a period of five years is unconstitutional and void, and that he was not constitutionally appointed to the court of appeal.

    Norwegian Missing For More Than 48 Hours
    Norwegian Belizean citizen Christoffer Jan Roggema has been missing since Monday. Roggema who once owned the Cocoplum Garden Spa in Caye Caulker recently moved to the village of St. Margaret on the Hummingbird Highway. On Monday morning Roggema went to see property with a business partner and a land surveyor in the bush. A friend who is now leading the search tells us that Rogemma was battling a bad case of the flu along with a bronchial cough. He was encouraged not to go due to his illness and the difficulty of the hike into the area but he still insisted. After a while Roggema's illness caught up with him. The other men went back for the car to pick him up so he did not have to walk any further. They told Roggema to wait but when they got back he was nowhere to be found. They believe Roggema ventured off onto another trail while waiting. They were reportedly able to reach Roggema via phone but the signal was not strong enough and they lost him. The men immediately reported Roggema's absence to the police and they have been searching ever since. It has been more than 48 hours. The canine unit was brought in today but they still did not have any luck.

    Was Almendarez Killed By Relative?
    27 year old Jason Almendarez was killed in broad daylight yesterday at a neighborhood restaurant. At 2:15, he was buying lunch just a few blocks from his home in the St. Martin's area - when a gunman came up and shot him in the head. He survived for three hours and died at five to six yesterday evening at the KHMH. Today his mother refused to comment, but reports from the area say that it was a dispute over money with a relative that led to his execution. Police haven't released any information on possible suspects. His was the second murder in the city in less than 24 hours. His mother says he was not involved in any gang.

    Man Shot Twice, Cops Mum
    Police also have not released any information on a shooting that happened last night. According to unofficial reports, at around 8:00, 26 year old Javon Bradley was standing in front of a yard on Lakeview Street - not far from his home. A gunman shot him to the right midsection. He is unofficially reported to be in a critical condition.

    Media Boycott Police (Again)
    Now, if you've been counting so far in the news tonight - I've probably said about 6 times that "police haven't provided information." Indeed, it has become the norm where the police press office has flatly denied the media any interviews since September 13th. In that time there have been about three dozen media requests for interviews with the police about cases of urgent public interest, and these have all been declined. For our part, we have been asking the police press office if there has been a change in policy, but we've gotten no answer. So, today the media decided to once again go on a boycott of the police department. We did it earlier this year, and we're doing it again because the Senior Command has acted unilaterally in taking a decision that affects the free flow of information and undermines the public's right to know. So, as long as the boycott continues, the media has unanimously agreed not to cover any police events or give them any publicity - because we insist our relationship must be unilateral - in the interest of our viewership.

    Begging to Be In BDF
    A crowd of young men from all over the country have been camped out in front of the BDF Price Barracks for 12 days - waiting patiently to be called in from the standby list. Well, all their money and food supplies have run out and they haven't gotten any call as yet. Instead of being welcomed with open arms by the BDF, they say they are being chased away and even roughed up by police. Now when we say 12 days - we mean they have not moved from that spot. So their beds are cardboard boxes and their bathrooms are the nearby bushes. Today when we spoke to a couple of them they say they are enduring all this to get a job. Delyn Jones, Crooked Tree Resident: "We came from October the 1st that is 2 weeks now." Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "2 weeks actually out here, staying here." Delyn Jones: "12 days, yes ma'am."

    Senate Select and The CEO
    Today, the Senate Select Committee held its 36th session in the ongoing Senate Hearings on Immigration. After 4 days of testimony from the current Immigration Director, the Senate Committee today called her boss, the CEO in charge of Immigration, Edmund Zuniga, to testify. It was a short 2-hour conversation, where the senators mostly confirmed details of the administrative changes that have been implemented at the Immigration Department to prevent the type of abuses seen in the audit period of 2013 to 2015. So, it was mostly things which we, and by extension, you, the viewer already knew, but there were 2 interesting topics which the Senate brought up with CEO Zuniga. The first was introduced by Business Senator Mark Lizarraga, who wanted to know if the Ministry has any intention of engaging the Police Department to investigate the many actionable cases of fraud and forgery exposed in the Auditor General's report. As you've been hearing, the witnesses have been sort of washing their hands of responsibility for initiating any real police intervention, and Senator Lizarraga wanted Zuniga's opinion on that issue:

    Can Suspect Nationality Documents Be Cancelled
    So, while Senator Lizarraga wanted to find out if there would be any police investigation into the Audit Report, PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay wanted to know what CEO Edmund Zuniga's stance was on a wholesale cancellation of all fraudulently obtained nationalities. Courtenay pressed Zuniga on that topic, and here's how that part of the hearing went: Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "You are aware that there has been evidence before this committee that many people have Nationality who did not qualify, you are aware of that evidence?" Edmund Zuniga- CEO, Ministry of Immigration: "Yes." Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "There is a list of 2,000 or add people who received Nationality directly connected to elections many of whom from testimony in here did not qualify. Is anything being done with respect to that list?" Edmund Zuniga: "Not as far as I know, no."

    Court Clarity on Controversial Shares
    7 months ago, we told you about the big Supreme Court judgment that 600 retired public officers won against 2 of the biggest workers unions - the PSU and the BNTU. That should have been the end of that fight over several million dollars in backpay, but it appears that the saga will continue. Since 2014, the BNTU and the PSU had been controlling the use of this money after the Barrow Administration handed it over to them. It goes all the way back to the wage freeze from 1995 to 1997 implemented by the Esquivel Administration. To compromise with those public officers, Prime Minister Esquivel gave them 450,000 shares in BTL. These shares were issued INSTEAD of the frozen increments. The dividends from the shares were supposed to be used to compensate the public officers for their losses in the wage freeze.

    Cops Turned Into Cocaine Cowboys?
    The police professional standards branch is cracking down on crooked cops - including those officers from the Special Patrol Unit - who allegedly turned into cocaine cowboys. Back in April of this year, an SPU Corporal and two Constables and another officer searched a home in Santa Elena Town. They reportedly found 27 parcels of Cocaine. They confiscated the drugs and arrested the persons in the home and started taking them to Belmopan. But, on the way there, they allegedly stopped and released their detainees and continued to Belmopan. When they got to Belmopan, instead of depositing the drugs they allegedly went and stashed the drugs with the intention of selling them and sharing the proceeds.

    Pink Eye and The People
    The Pink Eye outbreak has been spreading like wildfire in Belize. Thousands of children and adults have come down with the condition - and, every day, hundreds more show up at clinics for diagnosis and treatment. Even though it only lasts up to five days, the great discomfort that accompanies the condition, makes life miserable for that short time. So, right now in Belize everyone is either recovering from it, or doing all they can to not contract it. Today 7 news went out on Albert Street to hear how people are coping with the outbreak and we also learned about some unique remedies that are used to fight the Pink. Reporter: "Have you gotten pink eye yet?" Interviewee 1: "I gotta meet thousands of people in the nature of my work so to avoid contact with the pink eye I avoid physical contact. People like to shake my hand so I buck fist. However, I make sure I don't ever touch my face until I get home and wash my face."

    Narcie Celebrates Abilities
    They may not crack the mainstream too often, but many Belizeans are faced with crippling disabilities that make everyday life a daily challenge. However many of these people defy the odds by learning to live with their disability and lead a productive life. These stories are not just moving but they are also inspirational. Narcie - which is the National Resource Center for Inclusive Education - is now encouraging disabled persons to share their stories. They have opened a competition called the "I Am Able Video" competition. Dr. Candy Armstrong from Narcie gave us details: Candice Armstrong, NARCIE Volunteer: "It is a video competition that is geared toward highlighting the life or lives of someone living with a disability and the challenges they overcome so it is supposed to be like an inspirational. Moving something that would motivate someone who has a disability or someone who does not have a disability to realize that this person can do it why can't I."

    Police Assoc. Educating Cops
    Earlier we told you about the media boycott of police news. So, then, you might be asking why our next story is about the Belize Police Association? Well the association has nothing to do with the senior command - it's an association that exists to look out for the welfare of officers - and in doing that, they often clash with the senior command. Now the association is holding a raffle to raise funds for a scholarship program to benefit Police officers. The raffle has three grand prizes and plenty raffle tickets to go around. The president of the Association told us more... Eldon Arzu, President of The Belize Police Association: "The purpose of this raffle is to commence a scholarship program which will benefit police officers and their children. The raffle has three prizes. The first prize being a 2012 Jeep Liberty, The second prize is a motorcycle, and the third prize is a 43-inch flat screen TV."

    Channel 5

    Kareem Musa for P.U.P. Leader? He Says He is Considering Options
    Is there an unexpected challenge for the leadership of the People’s United Party ahead of a national convention in the weeks ahead?  Deputy Party Leader Kareem Musa called a press [...]

    Despite John Briceño Support, Others May Challenge Him
    Since the announcement of the national convention, letters of endorsement for Briceño’s leadership have been issued from an overwhelming number of caucuses; in fact, from as many as twenty-eight those [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Claimed Kareem Was on His Side
    On the occasion of the National Party Council meeting in Belize City, party leader John Briceño was asked specifically about a Kareem Musa leadership challenge and whether the timing of [...]

    Musa: Titles Don’t Matter, Actions Do
    With only a midterm in electoral politics to his credit thus far, is Musa prepared to take the reins of the oldest political organization in Belize?  He admits that his [...]

    P.U.P. House Divided: is Son ‘Stalking Horse’ for Ex-Leader Dad?
    According to Musa, the P.U.P., despite being in opposition since 2008, remains a house divided and continues to be bogged down by dissent among factions within the party.  Musa says [...]

    Media Begins Boycott of Police; No Update from ComPol
    At this station, we have joined media colleagues countrywide in a boycott of all activities of the Belize Police Department as we await action on various issues to better improve [...]

    P.U.P. Begins Challenge of Franz Parke in Supreme Court
    The law firm of Courtenay Coye and Company, acting for Opposition Leader John Briceño, this afternoon filed a fixed date claim form against the Attorney General concerning the appointment of [...]

    Mom Says Goodbye to Jason Almendarez
    The murder of Jason Almendarez occurred on Tuesday afternoon on Jasmine Street off Mahogany Street in Belize City. Almendarez was purchasing food when he was targeted by a gunman believed [...]

    Jaron Bradley Critical, But Recovering after Latest Shooting
    Tonight, another Belize City youth remains in a critical, but stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a shooting on Tuesday night. Just after seven o’clock, Jaron Bradley [...]

    No Charges for Diplomat in Fatal Accident as Family Buries 3 Victims
    The fatal accident that happened on the George Price Highway over the weekend took the lives of twenty-three-year-old Marta Vasquez, her eighteen-month-old daughter Deanna Castillo and her sister-in-law, thirty-year-old Samantha [...]

    Fatality for Motorcyclist near Red Bank
    A motorcyclist identified as thirty-three-year-old Sebastian Cucul died after a traffic accident this afternoon at the Red Bank village junction on the Southern Highway. This is the second fatality in [...]

    Cops Interdicted for Cocaine Theft and Extortion Cases
    Five officers have been placed on interdiction after they were slapped with disciplinary charges which stem from two incidents; one in the west involving a large quantity of cocaine and [...]

    Ex-forensic Examiner Appeals Conviction for Evidence Tampering Offer
    Orlando Vera, the former Belize Police Department Forensic examiner, was convicted of the offense of abetment of the crime for perverting the course of justice and has been serving a [...]

    Can Money Buy Love in P.U.P.?
    Earlier in the newscast, Deputy Party Leader Kareem Musa told the media that he is contemplating whether he should challenge Party Leader John Briceño for leadership of the People’s United [...]

    39-year-old Kareem Musa Emphasizes ‘the Audacity of Youth’
    At thirty-nine-years-old, Kareem Musa would be the youngest politician vying for leadership of the People’s United Party.  He represents a number of voters, as well as members of the P.U.P., [...]

    C.E.O. Admits Roles Mixed Up at Immigration
    The Senate Special Select Committee called C.E.O. in the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality, Edmund Zuniga, to testify this morning. Chief of command behind Minister Godwin Hulse, he is responsible [...]

    Where Did Cabinet Visa Reports Go?
    During his testimony in May, former Minister of State for Immigration, Elvin Penner, contended that Cabinet, during his tenure, received monthly reports from the department on the number of visas [...]

    C.E.O. Zuniga to Police: Don’t Wait; Investigate!
    As a former Auditor General, Edmund Zuniga told the Senate Special Select Committee that it is standard practice for the Police Department to receive copies of the audit institution’s reports [...]

    Migration Policy, in 2 Years’ Time, Gives Greater Direction
    Since the Auditor General’s Report 2011-2013 was completed, many questions remain unanswered as to aspects of the country’s migration plans and efforts. Belize does not at present have a comprehensive [...]

    I Want To Be a Soldier in the Army!
    Police were called in this morning at Price Barracks to remove a group of men and a woman hoping to be accepted as recruits for the new B.D.F. intake. They [...]

    How Not to Go Overboard Mentally at Work
    On Tuesday, Belize joined the rest of the world to observe Mental Health Day. And as we reported, this year the focus is on mental health in the work place. [...]


    Disus's Allege Aggressor Charge For Aggravated Burglary
    Thirty five year old Bernard Bustillos, the man charged for ‘Aggravated Burglary’ against thirty eight year old Eddie Disus, appeared at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court yesterday where he was officially arraigned in the presence of Magistrate Albert Hoare. Bustillos was granted bail in the sum of $2,000 which he was unable to meet and as such was remanded to prison until his next court date scheduled for the 20th of December, 2017.

    Is Kareem Musa Eye In PUP Party Leader Seat?
    Will Deputy Leader Kareem Musa challenge current Party Leader John Briceno in a national convention slated for November 26th? That’s the question that has been spreading fast and furious for several weeks since the PUP held its National Party Council in Belize City and announced that there would be national convention. Today the Deputy Leader addressed the issue squarely in media interviews. He explained that he has had no intention as he believes the Party must stay united, but the talk out there has caused supporters to encourage him.

    PUP To Challenge Appointment To Franz Parke As Court Of Appeal Judge
    While PUP Leader is looking to keep the Party united heading into a national convention, it is also preparing to take the Attorney General to court over the appointment of Appeals Court Judge Franz Parke. The Party is preparing to file a leave for judicial review before the Supreme Court, requesting that the Court reviews the appointment and declares it improper, unconstitutional and therefore null and void. PUP Leader John Briceno had indicated to the Prime Minister that he opposes Parke’s appointment because of insufficient experience in his resume. PM Barrow, who remembers Parke as a former law classmate, has proceeded with the appointment.

    Media Boycotts Belize Police Department Events
    The media and the Belize Police Department are at odds once again tonight and there is no telling when there will be a truce. For the past weeks there have been multiple murders including two here in the north and other major crimes across the country and the department has refused to grant any interviews on these issues. For that reason the media including CTV3 News has instituted a boycott of events to promote the work of the Belize Police Department. Today, the media had been invited to cover the closing ceremony of a GREAT training the Department holds in conjunction with the US Embassy.

    Daniel Carillo's Killer Remains Unidentified
    Three days have gone by since the gruesome murder of forty two year old Daniel Carrillo and tonight Orange Walk police remain unsuccessful in obtaining leads or making arrests in connection to his death. As we reported yesterday, Carrillo was socializing at the home of his relatives on Sunday October 8th and had left the residence at about 1:00 a.m. to purchase at a Chinese store located on Mopan Street, only a stone’s throw from where he had been socializing, when he was killed by a lone gunman. It is reported that the individual rode up to Carrillo from behind and fired a total of nine shots which caught him on the back.


    Fatal traffic accident in Southern Belize
    There was a fatal road traffic accident on the Southern Highway this evening. It involved a motorcycle and a truck which was carrying sand. Reports are that it happened at around 3 o’clock this afternoon near the Red Bank junction. A man of Hispanic decent was driving the black motorcycle when the incident occurred. The […]

    Kylah Ciego is Belize’s CARICOM Youth Ambassador
    Dangriga Native, Kylah Ciego, has been selected to be Belize’s CARICOM Youth Ambassador. Kylah has been involved in youth work from as early as her high school years as the President of the Student Council for Ecumenical High School 2007-2008. Having completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Belize, Kylah […]

    Belize represented at Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit
    Two Belizean women were in Jamaica last week, participating in the 5th Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit. The forum was held under the theme Routing our GPS (Governance, Peace and Security). One of the participants, Dominique Noralez, spoke of her experience. Dominique Noralez “Well of course it was a great experience. I very much enjoyed […]

    BDF participated in training to assist at risk youths
    Members of the Belize Defence Forced participated in a training last week on how to positively influence at risked youths in Belize City. The training which was for ten days was facilitated by the Louisiana National Guard, LANG, in Louisiana, USA. The LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the […]

    International Atomic Energy Agency holds training in Austria
    Lawyers and regulators from 53 Member States in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America gathered last week in Baden, Austria for the start of the Nuclear Law Institute (NLI), a two-week training event on nuclear law conducted annually by the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA since 2011. The NLI was established to […]

    A call for men to unlock their full potential
    Do you want to embrace your manhood to the fullest? Pastor Osborn Collins of Mount Zion Seventh-Day Adventist Church says that attending an upcoming conference on Friday, October 13, can equip you with the proper keys to be the ideal father and husband. Osborn said it is time for men to stand up and step […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Tragic traffic accident on Southern Highway claims one life
    Shortly after 3 this afternoon, police responded to a fatal road traffic accident on the Southern Highway. According to reports, a driver of a motorcycle was killed on impact when an 18 wheeler truck carrying sand collided into the motorbike.

    House of Representatives to meet on Friday
    The Government of Belize press office today issued a communique informing that on Friday, October […]

    Girl Power today!
    Today is commemorated worldwide as International Day of the Girl. This is a call by the United Nations for the “Empowerment of Girls Across the World.”

    Taiwan donates $5000 to Belmopan police
    Today, Taiwan’s Ambassador Charles Liu presented a cheque of $5000 to Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, the Officer Commanding the Belmopan police. The donation is for gardening projects for three primary schools.

    2 police officers interdicted for charges of extortion
    Today, two police officers were arraigned before a tribunal for the act of prejudice of good order and discipline. According to reports, Sergeant Sheira Nicholas and Officer Richard Dixon Polonio extorted the sum of $3,000.00 from a businessman in Punta Gorda Town so that they do not the charge him for a human trafficking offense.

    3 police officers interdicted for 27 parcels of cocaine
    Three officers have been placed on disciplinary charges for neglect of duty and act of prejudice to good order and discipline. According to police reports, on April 26, 2017, a team of Special Patrol Unit Personnel headed by police corporal Clinton Thomas and accompanied by officers Kishane Peck, Albert Augustine and another officer conducted a house search at a home in Santa Elena Town.

    Norweigan-Belizean man missing
    Chrisstoffer Jan Roggema, a Norwegian/Belizean citizen and businessman, has reportedly gone missing since Monday, a close relative informed BBN. The worried relative explained that Roggema, who owned the Cocoplum Garden Spa in Caye Caulker, has been living in Belize since the late 1980’s and recently moved to St. Margaret’s village six months ago.

    Eugene Palacio passes
    Last night, 47-year-old Eugene Palacio lost his battle with cancer. Palacio was a life-long public officer in Belize. He served his last years and days in the public service as Director of Local Government with responsibility for city and town councils in Belize. He was well respected by both major political parties as he was considered a fair and objective public officer.

    Belize’s football in eternal crisis while Trinidad and Tobago stuns the US
    Yesterday, relatively speaking tiny Trinidad and Tobago stunned the mighty US of A 2-1 in world qualifying eliminating the goliath of El Norte. T&T population 1.3 million, stuns USA population 325 million, 100 times larger.As one Sports Illustrated report puts it: “COUVA, Trinidad and Tobago — On the most surreal and embarrassing night in U.S. soccer history, the U.S. men’s national team lost 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago (the worst team in the CONCACAF Hexagonal) and was eliminated from contention for World Cup 2018. The doomsday scenario happened.”

    Healing the Discontent through civil resistance
    By Godwin Sutherland Sr.: The country continues to experience violent criminal acts and social discontent since celebrating Independence Day 2017. The nation witnessed an outpouring of solidarity over the disappearance of young Kelvin Usher. Despite the many angles and perceived missteps associated with this case, what stands out is the mistrust the populace has for the police department and its Gang Suppression Unit.

    CICIG’s head has visa revoked
    The Comission Internacional Contra La Impunidad Guatemala (CICIG) has been investigating corruption of high public and government officials in that country. It is an international commission charged with carrying out in depth and transparent investigations into serious crimes by politicians.

    Belize participates in 5th International Seminar on Social Investment
    Twenty countries from Latin America and the Caribbean are attending the 5th International Seminar on Social Investment taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Moist conditions to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly moist and unstable conditions to continue. Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells are expected today with cloudy skies tonight. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected over most areas. Southern and coastal areas will experience more showers.


    72-hour sale: Southwest Airlines fares fall below $100 round-trip
    Deal hunters, get ready. Southwest’s broad twice-a-year blockbuster fare sale is back, dropping round-trip fares below $100 on dozens of the carrier’s shortest routes. The sale also includes longer routes, with the price of flights loosely tied to distance. Flights begin at $49 each way on Southwest’s shortest routes and increase to $79, $99 or $129 each way for longer flights. The sale launched Tuesday morning and covers travel from Oct. 31 through Dec. 19 and from Jan. 3 through Feb. 14. Flights on Fridays and Sundays are excluded. For Florida and Nevada flights, sale fares are good only Sunday through Wednesday for inbound flights and Tuesday through Friday for outbound flights. (Full fine print)

    Hanal Pixan (food for the souls)
    A Mayan celebration of the famous Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Hanal Pixan is a time for family and friends to honor the memories of their deceased ancestors. Over the first two days of November, spirits are believed to return to the earth for a celebration of food, drink, and prayer. Their graves are decorated with gifts and fruit and altars are prepared with photographs, the iconic Mexican sugar skulls, and colorful flowers.In Mayan tradition, death comes in waves. The first death is, of course, a literal one and comes the moment that the human body ceases to function. A second death occurs with burial as the body is returned to the earth. Hanal Pixan is considered so important, though, because of the third kind of death: the end that comes when a person is no longer remembered or thought of by those still living. The stories and dances, poems and prayers that are characteristic of these days are meant to preserve the memory of those deceased, to help their spirits have some kind of immortality.

    Last 36 of 72 Hour Cheap Flights Deal
    In the early morning hours, just before dawn today, Ambergris Caye was hit with a bit of a cold front. Winds from the west and thunder usually are the indicators of such a front, and this one is no exception. For those you of close to Florida who are experiencing cooler temperatures and would like a quick and cheap get-away, Southwest Airlines might just give you that opportunity… But you must act fast and book by October 12, 2017 – 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time.

    International Sourcesizz

    Another positive spotlight on a Belizean artist. “My Belizean heritage is important to me because it informs my life and my perspective so much.” JR Mahung. For Latinos in the United States, connecting to our culture is not always an easy feat. Whether it’s because we’re struggling to navigate two worlds simultaneously or we’re a generation (or more) removed from Latin America, it can be difficult to find exactly where we fit in. It’s a tough task for anyone, but especially for those who rarely see their Latin American countries represented. This has certainly been the case for US-based Central Americans, who are either cast in a negative light or unacknowledged. The emergence of the small but mighty Central American Twitter has helped bring the beauty of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica to the forefront. And it’s their important work that got us wondering how creatives use the isthmus as a source of inspiration. Below, read how seven Central Americans – all based in the United States – have put in time to learn about their culture and produced richer work as a result.

    Accused Belize gunman tied to cop killing
    The man accused of gunning down a former Toronto man in front of his wife and kids in Belize was also involved in a 2005 cop killing. Apolonio Kiou — also known as Apolonio or Polo Cervera — was arrested and charged with the murder of 38-year-old Gabriel Bochnia in Corozal last Wednesday. So far, detectives have not released a motive for the crime but it is known that Kiou was acquainted with the Bochnias. The dead man called out his name, “Polo” as he was being gunned down.


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  • Highlights from Belize - San Pedro Island, 12min. My family took a trip to Belize back in July and though I’ve already shared several videos from that trip, I decided to put together a highlight of all the days there using some footage I didn’t use in my previous videos. San Pedro Island (Ambergris Caye), La Isla Bonita, is absolutely beautiful!

  • Talk Ah Di Town October 5, 2017, 30min.

  • Morning Matters With Ian Courtenay, 62min.

  • International Day of Girl Child - NWC & UNFPA, 44min.

  • Belize City Council - Hands Across the Caribbean, 23min.

  • San Pedrano Actor Horacio Louis Guerrero, addresses the audience at the screening of Christopher Coppola’s film ‘Torch,’ premiere on Sunday, October 8th at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco, California USA, 1.5min.

  • Horacio Louis Guerrero and Shelley Huber, min. Two well-known San Pedranos who were featured in the pilot episode of La Isla Bonita Telenovela (Soap Opera), Horacio Louis Guerrero and Shelley Huber, now appear on the big screen in Christopher Coppola’s film ‘Torch,’ which premiered on Sunday, October 8th at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco, California USA. Here Miss Shelly addresses the audience.

  • The Great Blue Hole is un-BELIZE-able, 1min.

  • Miss Belize Iris Salguero during the Miss Earth 2017 Group 2 (of 3) Preliminary Swimsuit Competition held at Versailles Palace in the Philippines, 5min.

  • Diving the Blue Hole, Belize - DJI Mavic Pro Drone Edit, 2.5min. While it is not the most diverse dive in terms of wild life, there are plenty of stalactite and cave formations to see! IF you're lucky you might just run into a hammerhead shark!

  • Kayaking through Placencia, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Super Beautiful Caye caulker Island, Belize, 6.5min. Amazing island of Caye Caulker in Belize. one of the most beutiful places that I have seen so far on my travels.

  • African Creole Drum School in Belize, 2min. Join Emmeth Young and family on their off grid homestead for drum lessons and a homemade meal cooked on the fire hearth with food harvested straight from the farm!

  • Grey Reef Shark Approaching Divers Belize, 1/2min.

  • One of the biggest environmental goods derived from the Chiquibul Forest is water, 2.5min. This video developed by Nick Lormand, funded by PACT, captures this message.

    October 11, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Veterans win the National Over 40 League
    The San Pedro Veterans Football Club became the champions of the National Over 40 League on Saturday, October 7th, after defeating Mango Creek Veterans 2-1 at the Ambergris Stadium. It was a historic moment for the island athletes and community, to capture their first national football title at their new stadium, inaugurated less than six months ago. The tight, action packed game saw the best of both teams, who took the match into injury time before a champion could be crowned. The award for Best Midfielder went to Robert Muschamp from Mango Creek Veterans, followed by his colleague Wilmer Garcia, for Best Defence. Best Goalkeeper trophy went to San Pedro Veterans’ Alden Agustin and the award for the Most Valuable Player of the League went to San Pedro’s Orlando Pinelo. After the individual awards, the teams were given their trophies. Sub-champions Mango Creek Veterans received their second place trophy and a cash prize of $1,000. Taking first place trophy and a cash prize of $2,000 was the new champions of the National Over 40 League, San Pedro Veterans who celebrated the victory with their fans.

    Belize Chefs shine at 2nd Annual See and Taste Belize Festival
    This year’s event kicked off with a welcome reception dinner on Friday, October 6th from 6PM and 9PM at the FIU Biscayne Bay Campus. For a cover charge of $75, attendees enjoyed a special prepared plate from each chef presented during the sit-down dinner. The night was accompanied by music from the Marimba Academy and guests had the opportunity to meet the partners and sponsors of See and Taste Belize. The main segment of See and Taste was held on Saturday, October 7th from 10AM to 5PM. Admission ranged from $40 to $100, with attendees enjoying Belizean dishes from each chef, music by the Marimba Academy and the Garifuna Collective, as well as art activities and silent auctions. Food options varied from Elvi’s pork tacos to Rain’s rice and beans empanadas and even Garifuna specialties such as hudut.

    Ambergris Today

    Marco Gonzalez To Host International Archaeology Day Event
    International Archaeology Day is recognized worldwide each year on October 21 and the Belize Institute of Archaeology will be holding its 2017 educational events during the week of October 16 through 20, concluding with a two-day event in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Hosted by the Non-Profit Organization Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Ambergris Caye (MGMSAC), Ltd., the event will be held at El Patio Restaurant. Jan Brown, Founder/Chairman of the Board says, “Toni Beardall and Josue Ramos from IOA Research Department will be in San Pedro Thursday and Friday, Oct 19 and 20. The MOE Educational Officer Odelia Caliz has invited our schools grade Std. 4 and up to attend the 30 minute presentation and view a display of artifacts from around the island. If time allows after the children have finished, the presentation will be available to the public from 3:30 to 4:15pm.”

    Hol Chan Reports Senseless (Illegal) Killing Of Nurse Shark
    The Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office reminds that nurse sharks are fully protected under Fisheries Law and that it is an offense (illegal) to kill a nurse shark in Belize. Hol Chan posted this images of the animal found dead on the beach. “This is sad, since nurse sharks are one of the main attractions for tourist coming to San Pedro,” stated Hol Chan in their Facebook post. “It was clear that someone had cut the tail off, it was intentionally killed.”

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Musician Justin Etdan Hyde Murdered
    On the 9. 10. 17 at about 9:16 p.m. a shooting incident in the Jane Usher area. 22 year old Justin Hyde and 2 other men were riding bicycles and when they reached the corner of Curl Thompson and Levi Slusher Street, someone fired several gunshots and Hyde was hit to the back. He was rushed to the KHMH. and at 10:12 p.m. while undergoing surgery, he succumbed to his injuries. Several persons have been detained as investigations continue. Hyde worked the construction industry but his goal in life was a journey of music with his friends whom he shared the same passion. The photo below, I took of him on the set of TY's "Paper" music video.

    La Fiesta del Pueblo de San Jose Nuevo Palmer
    Belize Yucatec Maya - On October 8th, San Jose Palmar in the Orange Walk District celebrated "La Fiesta del Pueblo de San Jose Nuevo Palmer" depicting its rich Yucatec Maya(Maya/Mestizo) people, history and identity with traditional dances, food, music and more. Everyone was welcomed. Ko'one'ex!!!

    Remember the Mermaid jumping over the moon? Well I'm adding the last touches to Part 2 :) Moonlight Mermaid!

    National Football Championship
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate the San Pedro Veterans on their triumph in the National Football Championship over the weekend at the Ambergris Stadium. You represented San Pedro very well in all its unity! Congratulations and on to the next big win!

    New pier at Ramon's
    A perspective of what the new pier will look like, It's under the regulated limit to not interfere with boat traffic, the curves just make it appear a mile long! it's actually the same length as the old pier. Expected to be completed within the next week.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT, Weeks of Oct, 1st - Oct. 8th, 2017
    An awesome week to be in Belize! To spite the threat of TS Nate, anglers that visited us this week enjoyed great bonefishing and beautiful weather. The low tide has happened when the sun is high which makes it easier to see all those bonefish coming your way. First time bone fisherman and women have all been successful catching that coveted fish

    Belize's representation at this year's Central America Travel Market 2017 in El Salvador

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Wind River, War: Planet of the Apes, Emoji Movie, Dark Tower

    Channel 7

    Triple Traffic Tragedy, US Diplomat To Blame, Exempted From Charges By Immunity
    Tonight our headline story is a traffic tragedy of dizzying proportions: three members of the same family: mother, daughter and aunt were killed in a terrible collision on the George Price Highway. It happened on Saturday around 4:00 in the evening between miles two and three - not far from Cisco construction. 30-year-old Samantha Castillo, was driving her Honda Element down from Old Belize along with her sister in in law Martha Nayeli Vasquez, and Martha's one year old child, Deanna Castillo - and another 6 year old daughter. Samantha had just dropped off her brother and Martha's husband, Matthew Castillo at old Belize where he was going on a fishing trip.

    Fire Department Responded To Accident
    The Fire Department was also among the first responders to the scene. The Station Manager Orin Smith told us they also do not know the extent of injuries to the driver of the pickup: Orin Smith, Station Officer for the National Fire Service: "On Saturday October 7th 2017, at approximately 4:02 pm we received a call from police of a road traffic accident in the vicinity of the garbage dump mile 3 area. One unit was dispatched to that area. On arrival at the scene found was 2 vehicles that had collided a pickup truck and a SUV. There were two fatalities in the SUV an adult female and a minor, we had understand that a third female adult who was also injured in the SUV had succumbed to her injuries later that evening. I am not sure of the extent of the driver of the pickup at this time."

    Martha Vasquez Will Be Missed
    So, as we told you, the final of the 3 victims to pass away in this traffic accident was Martha Vasquez. She is graduate of the Youth Apprenticeship program, and during her time there, she became very well acquainted with the coordinator, Dianne Finnegan. In an interview with us today, Finnegan expressed her sadness that the quiet and soft spoken Vasquez had lost her life so tragically: Dianne Finnegan - Coordinator, Youth Apprenticeship Program: "Martha is a product of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, again, a young woman who knocked on the doors of the program because she wanted opportunities, and it's so unfortunate. I really don't know the full essence of how she lost her life through this tragic accident, but it's a loss of life that is valuable."

    City Man Shot In Head At Neighborhood Food Spot
    And while that triple traffic fatality is taking the headline tonight, in Belize City many southside communities are on edge because of escalating gang warfare. A 22 year old father of four was killed last night in the gang ridden Jane Usher Area and a 28 year old was shot in the head this afternoon in the St. Martin's area. 28 year old Jason Almendarez was on Jasmine Street at a food spot - just a few blocks from his home. He had pulled up in a vehicle and went in to get the food, at a neighborhood kitchen where he was well known. But while he was waiting for the food, a gunman walked in off the street and shot him in the head. Police have not issued any report yet, but a family member told us he survived but is in very critical condition. In an update, police have confirmed that this afternoon's shooting victim Jason Almendarez died while receiving treatment at 5:55 pm.

    Justin Hyde Killed, Was He a Rapper or a Gangster?
    So, while Jason Almendarez is clinging to life at the KHMH tonight, he's the latest shooting victim, but the latest murder victim in the city is 22 year-old Justin Hyde, a resident of the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Hyde was a very talented rapper and musician. But like so many of the at risk youths living in gang territory, he was pulled into the street life. Last night, a shooter waylaid him and fatally injured him a short distance from his house. Our news team went looking for answers today, and Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the life and past of the man who went by the stage name "Et Dan". Here's that story:

    Mediator Makes Plea For Peace
    And with gang warfare well heated up - many lives are at risk. Community worker and mediator Dianne Finnegan says something must be done to stop the escalation - and she points to police:.. Dianne Finnegan - Civilian Mediator: "I think that it is high time for those in authority to look at what is taking place right now in Belize City, since August, and ask, if this is what we made the changes for. To see more death? To see the communities now getting all defensive, and protective of themselves, because they have to now kind of get ready for what's next. We had a calm in this city. We had a calm in this city, and now, there is an ants nest that is awake, and people are dying, and it hurts, because we worked very very hard to bring these guys together, to get, and it did not take 1 intervention. It did not take 1 week, 2 weeks, it took months to get them to see themselves as human beings, as individuals who are Belizeans, who have the same dreams and hopes, and opportunities."

    Orange Walk Killer Shot Him In Back
    So, from that climate of gang related tension in the city, we take you now to the Orange walk street slaying of 42 year-old Daniel Carrillo. He was shot and killed at around 1:00 on Sunday morning, while he was walking on Mopan Street. That's a short distance from his workplace, where he was socializing with family and friends, while finishing up some tasks. It is believed that he received a phone call just before he left, without saying where he was going. He went to a nearby Chinese Shop, and on the way back, he was shot by a gunman, who opened fire on him while his back was turned.

    Police: Apolonio Kiou Killed Canadian
    When Canadian Gabriel Bocchnia was killed in front of his Corozal home last week - his family recognized the shooter as someone known to them as "Polo". Well, police were quick to detain 52 year old Apolonio Kiou, also known as Apolonio or Polo Cervera. The president of Santa Rita Road in Corozal town was charged last night and arraigned for murder today in Magistrate's Court. He was remanded to prison. Our records show that 12 years ago in 2005, Cervera was charged for the robbery of a Police Constable Morris Martinez who was found murdered. One of his accomplices was charged for the murder. In this case, police would not discuss a motive for Cervera's very bold act to kill Bocchnia in front of his wife and three children. He also tried to kill his wife, but the gun snapped.

    PM On the Road Looking for Bridge Financing
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is away on official business all this week. Barrow left the country yesterday for official meetings in Washington, D.C. One of those meetings is with the OPEC Fund for International Development, which will finance the new Haulover Bridge replacement Project. Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is acting Prime Minister. Prime Minister until Sunday, October 15th..

    Gareesh House "Bun Dung"!
    Well known Pickstock carnival band leader Gary Gill says someone in the US paid to get his jungle hutment house burnt down. Gill was awakened by the blaze early Sunday morning after 2:00. He tried to escape through the door but it wouldn't budge. Fortunately he jumped through the window and got away unharmed. Today we spoke to the fire department about the arson and we also spoke to Gill about this frightening experience. Orin Smith, Station Officer for the National Fire Service: "The National Fire Service received a call from the police of a structural fire on Pickstock Street Belize city. Two units was dispatched to the area and when they arrived on scene a small wooden frame and ply-board siding structure measuring approximately 10 by 10 on the occupied side. There is an extension to the building that is unenclosed which is 11 by 10, we found that structure fully engulfed in flames. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished." "Preliminary instigation reveals that the fire originated from the North exterior of the structure and the fire is classified as incendiary."

    Caye Caretaker's Body Found
    Last Week Friday, we told you about the missing persons case of George, the Caretaker from Tobacco Caye, which is to the east of Stann Creek District. Well, his body was found, confirming the worst fears of his family and friends that he drowned while out on a dive. He was identified to us as George Coleman by his friend, but police say that his name is George Stewart. AS we reported, he was last seen on Tuesday, when he went diving for conch right in front of Tobacco Caye without a vessel. He didn't return, and so on Wednesday, his friends and family began to worry about him.

    Ducey Targeted Again, This Time He Shot Back
    In early September we told you about the attack on well know Haitian taxi driver Joseph Ducey. He was shot in the head and survived. Well two more robbers tried to steal from him last night but again, Ducey scared them off - he shot one of them in the shoulder. Here is how he described the encounter. Joseph Duce, Survived burglary attempt: "By 2:00, 10 to 2 I heard a sound on my verandah upstairs, I heard the sound again and I just pull out my firearm and just come out and check as I open the door I bump into the perpetrator right there when he is wiggling because he wiggling, when is wiggling maybe he has something I don't know what he got but all I do, I try to stop him if he got anything so he doesn't kill me or hurt my family." Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "So you shot him on his shoulder." Joseph Duce: "Right around here yeah."

    Another Fatal Accident
    At the top of the news we told you about a triple traffic fatality on Saturday. Well, there was another fatal accident last night - and this one happened on the Southern Highway. Police say that at around 7:00 pm, at mile 32 a Nissan pickup loaded with five passengers in the pan collided head on with a Honda Element. Pablo Salam who was inside the vehicle pan was flung out by the impact; he sustained head injuries and died on the spot. The Driver of the Honda Element Wilton Morgan was served with a notice of intended prosecution.

    Shot In Cheek At Conch Shell Bay
    So far in the news, we've told you about two men who were shot to death in the last 18 hours in Belize City. One more narrowly escaped death. 28 year old Hattieville resident Julian Ebanks narrowly escaped death when he was shot to the left shoulder and cheek. It happened on Sunday night when Ebanks was socializing in the Conch Shell Bay area and gunshots rang out. EBANKS is listed in a stable condition at the KHMH. Conch Shell Bay is a scene of reacted acts of violence and murder because there is a battle for marijuana turf.

    Kendis Trains Belize Media
    Last week, we told you about Kendis Gibson's return to Belize. He's the Belize City native who moved to the US as a youth and became an accomplished television journalist there. The US Embassy in Belize saw his years of experience in several different newsrooms as a perfect opportunity for him pass on wisdom to the local press. He arrived on Wednesday, and up until his departure on Saturday, he's been on a very packed schedule of student lectures and workshops. He visited several schools to give motivational speeches to young people from communities similar to where he grew up. On Saturday morning, he held a 2-hour session with the press, and it gave us an opportunity for some self-evaluation. Here's what he had to say after the media conversation was done:

    Mental Health Week Is Here
    For many, mental health is a personal matter and it is not openly addressed in the workplace. Well, health professionals say it has to be for the productivity in the workplace. That is the theme for this years World Mental Health Day.Here is more There will be a banquet on OCtober 21st as well as a high school speech competition on Friday to celebrate world mental health day. You can pick up tickets for the banquet at the Welcome Resource Center of call the Ministry of Health.

    Miami See And Taste
    The 2nd annual See & Taste Belize 2017 Festival was held over the long weekend in Miami. It feature renowned Belizean Chefs and performing and visual Artists along with tourism and trade industry leaders. We leave you tonight with footage of the Garifuna Collective performing at the event. Enjoy, and join me back here tomorrow...

    Channel 5

    Latest murder claims Jason Almendarez on Jasmine Street
    With two murders over the holiday weekend and a third reported this afternoon, the murder count for 2017 is up to one hundred and fourteen murders unofficially, slightly ahead of [...]

    The two lives of murder victim Justin Hyde
    The City’s second murder victim is twenty-two year old Justin Hyde. On Monday night he was riding with two friends on separate bicycles not far from his home on Curl [...]

    Counselor Diane Finnegan says Justin didn’t have to die
    This evening, youth counselor and coordinator of the Youth Apprenticeship Program Diane Finnegan weighed in on the life of Justin Hyde and his contribution to the intervention program coordinated by [...]

    In Orange Walk, family clueless as Daniel Carrillo gunned down from behind
    Prior to the murder of Justin Hyde, an Orange Walk man was shot and killed in the early hours of Sunday morning. His family is left with more questions than [...]

    Charge for Apolonio ‘Polo’ Kiou in Gabriel Bochnia death
    There is an arrest in the murder of the Canadian national, Gabriel Bochnia.  The construction consultant, who was living in Corozal for years and was married with three children, was [...]

    Post-mortem confirms nitrogen gas inhalation killed David Doehm
    A post-mortem examination on the body of fifty-six year old retiree David Doehm of Belize City certified his cause of death as chemical asphyxiation by inhalation of volatile substance. On [...]

    Tragedy on the highway: two mothers, one child killed in collision with U.S. diplomat
    We often report on traffic accidents – they have become a staple in our newscast – but the one we will tell you about tonight will move you – it [...]

    Another road fatality in the South
    There was another fatality on the highways. It happened at Mile thirty two on the Southern Highway near the Red Bank Junction. Thirty-four year old Paulino Pop, of San Roman [...]

    George Stewart drowned while diving for conch in Stann Creek
    The search for the missing caretaker at Tobacco Caye in the Stann Creek District has ended sadly, with news of his body being recovered Friday evening. Fifty-eight year old George [...]

    Hattieville man shot in Conch Shell Bay
    Twenty-eight year old Julian Ebanks is listed as stable at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot on Sunday night. According to police, the Hattieville resident was socializing in [...]

    Homeowner shoots would-be minor burglar
    A seventeen-year-old minor remains in the hospital in a stable condition after being shot by a homeowner who believed he was trying to burglarize his home. Sixty-three year old Joseph [...]

    Convicted burglar admits to escape from police
    Convicted prisoner, thirty-nine year old , was in court today for another offence. Already facing time behind bars for burglary and kept firearm offenses, Bailey today changed his not guilty [...]

    Chinese make accord with Police Department
    On October first, the Belize Chinese Association had orchestrated a shutdown of all its affiliated businesses countrywide. This was in solidarity for a funeral for one of their own – [...]

    Chinese Association defends reasons for shutdown of business
    At the time of the shutdown, there were many comments about those addicted to fry chicken and Sunday Lottery having to bring forward plans for Sunday, October first, when most [...]

    Fire claims residences in Belize City, Burrell Boom
    There was a pair of house fires in the Belize District over the holiday weekend. In Belize City around three a.m. Sunday morning, a fire was reported at the Pickstock [...]

    Why interventions on Southside worked
    During his tenure as Southside commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams initiated a program of direct intervention with a team of youth counselors including Dianne Finnegan and Nuri Muhammad. [...]

    Mental Health Day shines spotlight on the workplace
    October tenth is celebrated as World Mental Health Day across the globe. The day is used to bring stakeholders together to talk about their work and what more needs to [...]

    Kendis Gibson danced the punta on Open Your Eyes
    Last week, academy award winning journalist, Kendis Gibson was in Belize at the invitation of the US Embassy. Gibson is a co-host with ABC’s World News Now. During his visit [...]

    Guats revoke corruption boss’ visa; name ex-Belize ambassador deputy for foreign affairs
    And this news from Guatemala, immigration authorities there have revoked the visa of Ivan Velasquez, the  head of the CICIG, the United Nations  body investigating corruption in that country. The [...]

    Football and bodybuilding top Sports Tuesday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   {Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


    One Charged For Murder Of Canadian National
    Corozal Police have charged 52 year old Apolonio Kiow, a resident of Santa Elena Road in the Port Saul Area of Corozal Town, for the shooting murder of 38 year old Canadian national, Gabriel Buchnia, which occurred on the night of Wednesday October 4th. Kiow, who was charged on Friday night, could not be arraigned at the Corozal Magistrate’s Court this morning because there was no Magistrate available.

    Chemical Asphyxiation Causes David Doehm's Death
    A post mortem examination conducted on the body of David Doehm today by Doctor Mario Estradaban concluded cause of death as Chemical Asphyxiation due to inhalation of a volatile substance. Doehm, viewers may remember, was found dead on Thursday of last week inside room 523 at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City. As we had previously reported the fifty three year old retiree was found with a plastic bag over his head with a tube that led from a small Nitrogen tank to the inside of the bag; beside him a hand written suicide note.

    Ten Homes Need Reconstruction In Santa Martha
    Residents of Santa Martha Village here in the north remain on the road to recovery after most of the village was inundated on the evening of Monday October 2nd following incessant rains. The water level rose by approximately four feet directly affecting over forty families who sought shelter at the community centre, with family or friends. Personal possessions and even homes have been destroyed. So far an assessment carried out by the Orange Walk PUP East Executive has revealed that over ten houses are in need of reconstruction.

    More Than Ten Thousand Belizeans Cross The Northern Border Over The Weekend
    This past holiday weekend saw a high volume of traffic travelling across the border into Chetumal, Quintana Roo. According to statistics from Immigration sources, over the long weekend the northern border saw 13,232 departures, of which 12,607 were Belizeans heading to tourist locations like Mahahual, Cancun and Playa del Carmen.


    Fires destroyed two homes and dislocated occupants
    A fire broke out at approximately 2:50 a.m. on Sunday morning in the Pickstock Hutment area of Belize City. The dwelling belonging to 33-year-old Gareth Gill was totally destroyed. Love News spoke with Orin Smith, Station Manager of the National Fire Service, who told us more. Orin Smith – Station Manager of the National Fire […]

    COMPOL & Chinese Community discusses safety measures
    On Sunday afternoon at least one hundred Chinese business owners met with representatives of the Belize Police Department’s high command in Belize City. These include Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs retired Lieutenant Colonel George Lovell, Operations Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, and Southside Commander Senior Superintendent […]

    Chairman explained why Chinese community closed for business on October 1
    As a response to the murder of 58 year-old Bainan Wu the Chinese community decided to close their stores for 24 hours on Sunday October 1, in a show of respect and mourning. The Association gave prior notice but over this past weekend, Chairman Edmund Quan was asked for his response to the perception that […]

    Man stabbed multiple times during a fight
    A man was stabbed multiple times to the head and body during the wee hours of yesterday morning. On Monday morning at around 1:31, police officers responded to an area of New Road in the Toledo District where they saw 22-year-old Javier Martinez, driver of Bella Vista Village, suffering from multiple stab wounds to his […]

    Traffic accident in Southern Belize claims one life
    A man lost his life in a road traffic incident last night on the Southern Highway. Police in Independence Village were called out to mile 32 of the Southern Highway near the Red Bank Junction where they observed the lifeless body of 28 year old Pablo Salam of Santa Theresa Village in the Toledo District. […]

    Motorcycle and bicycle collision leaves man in critical condition
    One person is in a critical condition while three others are in a stable condition as a result of an accident on Friday night in Roaring Creek Village. Fem Cruz reports. Fem Cruz – Love FM “Based on information received of a head on collision between a bicycle and a motorcycle Love News visited the […]

    Taiwan’s generosity to Belize continues with laptop donations
    On Friday the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, held a Donation Ceremony in Belize City where handed over refurbished Asus laptops to non-governmental organizations and schools. The donation was in correlation with Taiwan’s National Day Celebrations. Ambassador Charles Keh-yue Liu addressed the gathering. Special Guest at the donation ceremony was Prime Minister Dean Barrow. […]

    Taiwan to assist BTL in fiber networking
    On Friday, during a donation ceremony hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Prime Minister Dean highlighted the partnership that Belize and Taiwan have enjoyed over the years. In his address, PM Barrow announced that Taiwan has indicated its willingness to assist Belize Telemedia Limited in its Fiber network project. Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, […]

    World Mental Health Day
    Today Belize joined the international community in commemorating World Mental Health Day. The day is observed on October 10 every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health […]

    Burglar shot attempting to break into house
    A suspected burglar was shot this morning in Belize City. Police say that around 2:23 am, 63 year old Joseph Duce of Police Street reportedly saw two men attempting to break into his house through the veranda. Duce fired two shots in their direction with his license firearm. A 17 year old was shot to […]

    The Reporter

    Two shot; one dead
    Unconfirmed but reliable reports are that two youths were shot on Monday night in Belize City, one of whom died of his wounds. The report is that the incident happened at around 9:30 p.m., in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Police have not yet disclosed the name of the deceased; hence we withhold his name at this point.

    Separate fires cause damage to homes
    Fires in Belize City and Burrell Boom early today have destroyed two homes. In the first incident, at around 12:55 a.m., fire personnel were called out to Burrell Boom village to the residence of 54-year-old Nathalie Hyde. Hyde told investigators that at around 12:50 a.m., she and her son were asleep when they were awakened by the strong smell of smoke. Upon making checks, she saw that her washing machine was on fire.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man killed this afternoon in Belize City
    This afternoon around 2:15, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw Jason Almendarez, 27, with gunshot wounds to the back of head and to the left shoulder.

    Another man gunned down in Belize City
    A 27-year-old man was shot and killed shortly after 2:00 today in Belize City.

    Kylah Ciego is Belize’s New CARICOM Youth Ambassador
    The Belize Youth Movement (BYM) today issued a release stating that it firmly believes in fostering the new generation in any and all leadership roles.

    Bureau of standards meets with business support organizations
    In an effort to foster a culture of standards in the country, the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) held a workshop today, inviting support organizations for micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) support organizations.

    MOH calls for greater empathy with suicide reporting
    Following the extensive media coverage of the suicide of David Doehm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is calling on Belizean media houses to change their approach when reporting suicides.

    Belize celebrates World Mental Health Day
    The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Belize held a joint event today in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

    Proportional representation: Let’s change the system
    By Charles Leslie Jr: I am sure you will agree, that more Belizeans are disempowered and disenfranchised today than at any other time in post-Independent Belize. This SYSTEM is not working. In the past 10 years alone, Belize has seen record high rates of: crime, corruption, poverty, unemployment, debt slavery, gentrification (lost of patrimony), family deterioration, child abuse, child disappearance, substance abuse, human trafficking, a corrupted and debased type of spirituality…

    Two injured in stabbing incident
    Yesterday morning around 1:31, police responded to information of a stabbing incident and visited New Road, Toledo. Police saw Javier Martinez, 22, a driver of Bella Vista village, suffering from multiple stab wounds to his head and body.

    Belize~Should the minimum wage be increased?
    By Richard Harrison: The minimum wage stipulated by law in Belize is currently at BZ$3.30 per hour, and was raised to this level in 2012….five long years ago. Prior to that it was set at BZ$3.10 per hour in 2010, and BZ$2.50 in 2007. In 1992, minimum wage was set at BZ$2.25 per hour for manual workers, BZ$2.00 per hour for agricultural and export industries and BZ$1.75 per hour for domestic workers and shop assistants.

    US Embassy issues release on tragic car accident involving US Diplomat
    The United States Embassy issued a release this morning saying that, “the Embassy community expresses deep shock and sadness in connection with Saturday’s tragic car accident that took three lives and injured two people, including a U.S. diplomat.”

    Businessman shoots burglar in Belize City
    This morning around 2:23, police received information that a man was shot and was taken to the KHMH in a private vehicle. Joseph Duce, 63, a businessman of Police Street reported that he saw 2 men on his verandah and fired 2 shots with his license firearm at the individuals burglarizing his residence.

    1 dead; several injured in fatal traffic accident
    Last night around 7:27, Independence police responded to the scene of a traffic accident at mile 32 on the Southern Highway near Red Bank Junction where they saw the body of Pablo Salam,28, on the road.

    Embattled Belizean artist shot dead
    Our newsroom has received confirmed reports that a man was gunned down in Belize City. Justin Hyde also known as EtDan of a Curl Thompson Street address passed away from gunshot injuries while receiving medical attention at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.


    Can ants really predict rain?
    The story goes that leaf cutter ants – are the predictors of rain. Much like our meteorologists of modern times, the accuracy leaves something to be desired, but the chances of rain after seeing a line of dutiful ants and their cargo is between two to three days. Those ants carry a specific choice of leaf to their nest, which can grow up to 100 feet across!! Soldier ants stand guard at the entrance of the nest, ready to inspect the foliage before allowing them inside. If ever you see an ant headed the opposite direction, it is because it chose the wrong leaf, and now it is taking it back where it was found.

    October Holiday Weekend Around Ambergris Caye
    Yesterday was a holiday – Pan-American Day here in Belize. One of those long holiday weekends that creeps up on you…so much so that you don’t realize its a 3 day weekend until you find the gas station closed…or you see all the kids, uniformless, and playing at the beach. Saturday morning we boated up to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – the address is 12 miles W. Side of Ambergris Caye. Here are a bunch of pictures I took of a gorgeous sunny weekend in October. These are actually the boat ride back TO town on the holiday Monday. Blue blue skies and kids swimming in “the river”.

    Comparing Gasoline Price In Belize
    Belize Gasoline went up with the new price of premium gasoline increasing by 93 cents on the gallon. The new premium gas, which was actually 14 cents less per gallon than regular gas since the price adjustment of September 20, 2017 would increase from $10.99 a gallon to $11.92 a gallon in Belize City. September 20th, 2017, the price of regular gasoline, which had been tagged at $10.21 since August 16, increased by 92 cents on the gallon, to $11.13. Here are some prices for Mexico from 03-Jul-2017 to 09-Oct-2017. The average value for Mexico during that period was 17.54 Mexican Peso with a minimum of 17.31 Mexican Peso on 24-Jul-2017 and a maximum of 17.82 Mexican Peso on 09-Oct-2017. For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 25.07 Mexican Peso. What is the Gasoline Price in Mexico? Price controls will be gradually lifted throughout 2017. These changes are intended to improve the competitiveness of Mexico's economy. But today Mexicans pay for gasoline almost as much as Australians and Canadians – in a country where the daily minimum wage is currently 80 pesos (US$3.60). Central America: Fuel Prices as of July 3. Price of a gallon of regular gasoline: $3.83, Honduras $3.64, Nicaragua $3.44, Guatemala $2.98, El Salvador $2.93, and Panama $2.60.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize, il mistero del baseball "mortale" dei Maya
    Scoperte a Belize due sculture Maya raffiguranti due giocatori di baseball. I reperti risalgono al 600-800 d.C. e sono stati trovati tra le rovine perdute di Tipan Chen Uitz. E potrebbero essere i primi nel loro genere. Le raffigurazioni mostrano giocatori che indossano cinture protettive. Al loro fianco dei geroglifici che suggeriscono che le sfere avrebbero potuto avere la circonferenza equivalente di nove mani. Secondo gli studiosi la gara è durata due settimane e alcune fonti suggeriscono che, al termine, qualcuno sia stato decapitato. Il Belize è un Paese dell'America Centrale affacciato sul mar dei Caraibi. Ed è proprio qui che risiede la sua principale forza: la natura.

    The Mystery of the Mayas: A Visit to Lamanai, Belize
    The idea of visiting archaeological ruins is generally to learn about past societies and cultures. In the case of Belize, some of the learnings pose more questions than answers. While the current population is just about 250,000, archeologists suggest that at one time there may have been one to two million people living here. Within a relatively small geographical area, there is a proliferation of Mayan ruins. Most are still hidden away with just a few pieces peeking through through jungles or brush. The five-square-mile area called Lamanai was once an important political and economic and trading center inhabited by 60,000 people. If you can read between the buried treasures, there are 3,000 years of Mayan history at this center by Indian Church, south of Orange Walk. While archeologists estimate 800 ruins remain, only a handful, less than one percent, have been excavated.

    La. Guardsmen train Belizean forces to help at-risk youth
    “We enjoy doing this because we love the job of teaching young people and training them how to be a success in life after this program,” said Minor. The Louisiana National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program concluded its most recent 10-day Challenge Program Instructor’s Course at the Gillis Long Center in Carville, Sept. 28. The class graduated with eight guest cadre from the Belize Defence Force who came to learn how to instruct troubled youths in their home country. The LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the State Partnership Program for more than 20 years. The trained cadre will return to Belize to facilitate a Youth Challenge Program that will mirror the LANG’s own program of the same name. The program is schedule to start Oct. 16, 2017.


  • Belize Now | Friday, October 6, 2017, 28min. Ministry of Health Talks “Pink Eye” Outbreak, U.S. Embassy Updates Visa Application Process, and Belize Now Takes a Look at the Growing Spa and Wellness Sector. These stories and more on this edition of Belize Now!

  • Wings of Mine Official Launch, 25min.

  • World Mental Health Day - Mental Health in the Workplace, 39min.

  • Belize Bureau of Standards, 30min.

  • Developing the Spa and Wellness Sector, 7min. The Directorate General for Foreign Trade (DGFT) has been working with their partners in boosting Trade in Services in Belize. This week we’ll take a look at the efforts being made in developing the Spa and Wellness Sector.

  • Developments in the Visa application process for Belizeans, 4min. The United States Embassy has experienced several changes over the years, this includes several developments in the Visa application process for Belizeans. For any questions regarding U.S visa applications, you can contact the embassy at telephone number 822-4011.

  • Pink eye outbreak, 4min. Even though many Belizeans have been actively avoiding the recent “pink eye” outbreak, the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health shows that almost 6,000 Belizeans have been affected by the infection. Our Belize Now Team was itching to learn more about it…

  • The Great Blue Hole Belize 2017, 2.5min.

  • Ostrand Honeymoon in BELIZE, 11min. Video from our stay at Blancaneaux Resort and Coco Plum Island Resort. A trip that was without a doubt the best of our lives.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 21min.

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