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September 23, 2018


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Presentation of Credentials to the Governor General of Belize
Three ambassadors presented their Letters of Credence on September 18th, to the Governor General of Belize, H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in Belmopan. In their address to the Governor General, H.E. Mr. Eric Mayoraz, Ambassador of Switzerland; H.E. Mr. José Renato Sepúlveda Nebel, Ambassador of Chile; and H.E. Mrs. Ana Elena Moser Cazar, Ambassador of Ecuador, conveyed greetings from their respective countries and their pleasure in being in Belize to celebrate the nation’s independence.

First UDP Leader, Dean Lindo passes at 86
Former politician and first leader of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) Attorney Dean Russel Lindo passed away on Monday, September 17th at his residence in Belize City. Lindo rose to political significance when the UDP was founded in 1973. As its first leader, the party rose rapidly to become a prepared Opposition against the People’s United Party. According to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Lindo was also known for his conservation initiatives, which led to the establishment of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in the country in 1987, when he headed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture.

Private businesses to soon pay fees for beach use, says SPTC
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) plans to implement a new norm that will see beach restaurants and bars paying a fee for accessing the beach. This implementation will apply to those private businesses that keep tables and chairs on the beach for the comfort of their customers. Such practice, according to the SPTC, has been encouraged to service the demands of the tourism industry. However, as the industry continues to grow, the plan is to eventually charge a fee for the usage of the beach, which according to the laws of Belize, is ‘Queen’s Land’ or public property. The Ministry of Natural Resources in Belize have, on different occasions, explained that all land up to 66 feet from the high water level is considered National Land or Queen’s Land. According to them, these areas are to be kept accessible to the public. Mayor Daniel Guerrero says that he understands it is a public area, but at the moment the practice is allowed because the industry calls for it.

Misc Belizean Sources


Independence Day Address by the Hon. Patrick Faber, Acting Prime Minister, September 21, 2018, Belmopan
Before I get into this address, kindly allow me to say what a privilege it is for me to be standing at this podium to be offering such a notable speech that lands me in the company of only a few others, probably not more than five in number who have had such a distinguished honor to address the nation in such a capacity on the anniversary of our nation’s Independence. Allow me as well to encourage all Belizeans to continue to pray for the full recovery of our prime minister, the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and to thank the many who have extended, by way of the government, their best wishes for his recovery. I’d also wish to ask you to remember in your prayers, the family of another great Belizean leader and patriot, the Hon Dean Russel Lindo who passed on and will be buried by an official funeral on Monday afternoon at St John’s Anglican Cathedral.

Eternal Sun Rave
Ready for the next dance party? Chai Garden Ashram will be the location, and Night Quest will be mixing. Under the Moon will also be performing, as will many others. "Conscious Dance Culture, alcohol free event features local and international DJ's, yoga, vegan food, unlimited fruit, techno, kombucha bar and brewery, electro-acoustic kirtan, chanting and meditation in the jungle of Belize. Natural spring fed waterfall and swimming! All this AND free camping with admission! An uplifting intimate gathering, this microfestival has limited tickets available."

September 21st in Orange Walk
24 Photos

Voting in the USA
Many states allow registered voters to submit Federal Post Card App via fax or email.

Today Tsotob is being made in the village of San Pablo/San Jose in Orange Walk . Tsotob is one of the traditonal Yucatec Maya food known also as "Tamalitos de Maiz" . Many Northern Maya still plant milpa from where they get the corn to create the nice tsotob . Corn continues to be very important for the Maya today . Not in vain the Popol Vuh says we are made of Corn .

The Reporter

In its drive for the YES vote in the upcoming ICJ referendum,the Barrow administration has relied on two main weapons: fearand half truths. Belize went to independence on September 21, 1981 under a state of emergency and without a defence guarantee from the British. There were a great many people, including the then opposition (United Democratic Party) who were terrified that Guatemala would have invadedus as soon as we became independent. Thus September 21, 1981 was a frightening time for many in the Jewel. Belizeans have had a tangible fear of Guatemala for decades because we, who are not a warlike people, had good reason to fear Guatemala’s belligerence.

The Reporter has confirmed that the body of missing San Pedro fisherman Miguel Arroyo, 23, has been found. Arroyo left home on September 10th at 2:00pm to go to the store and never returned. The Reporter is investigating and will provide more details shortly.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man missing for 12 days found dead
San Pedro fisherman, Miguel Arroyo, 23, has been found dead. Further details are sketchy at this time but we remind readers that Arroyo left his home on Pelican Street in San Pedro Town on September 10th at 2:00 pm to go to a store. […]

Belize Network of NGOs launches ICJ Survey
In the next seven months, Belizeans will go to the polls to determine if they want have Guatemala’s unfounded territorial claim adjudicated in the Internal Court of Justice (ICJ). Several Belizeans have taken to social media to express their views in an open way. However, the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) has launched a survey to collect that data. […]

Deputy Prime Minister delivers Independence Day speech
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, in the absence of Prime Minister Dean Barrow who is still recovering from back surgery, delivered the Independence Day address to the nation on the 37th anniversary of Belize’s Independence. Faber credited the government and Barrow’s Cabinet for ensuring that democracy and the rule of law always prevail despite many challenges facing the country. […]

Man shot on Independence Day in Belize City
Leroy Waller, 37, remains hospitalized in a stable condition after he was shot last night. According to police reports, Waller was at a residence on Neal’s Pen Road when someone opened fire. He was shot in the neck and transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. […]

Son of UB President arrested in Florida after trying to steal plane
Nishal Sankat, 22, the son of University of Belize President, Clement Sankat, was arrested on Thursday in the Orlando Melbourne International Airport after he had reportedly hopped a fence and boarded a plane, which was being worked on by a maintenance crew. […]

International Sourcesizz

The tropics are heating up again: Tropical Storm Kirk forms in eastern Atlantic
Following a brief lull in tropical weather across the Atlantic Basin, several areas of interest have developed this weekend, including the season's newest named storm. Tropical Storm Kirk developed on Saturday morning. It formed at 8.3 degrees north latitude, making it the lowest latitude at which an Atlantic named storm has formed since 1902. "Kirk is moving through an environment of warm water and within an area of relatively low shear," AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said. Elsewhere in the Atlantic, a tropical depression is slowly churning towards the Caribbean. This system is expected to dissipate as it approaches land over the next couple of days.

Friday saw an incredible TeamUSA performance as twin centuries from Malhotra and Patel powered the hosts to 249 before they bowled Belize out for 51 to claim a record breaking 198 run win and remain unbeaten at the ICC World Twenty20 Americas Qualifier in North Carolina.


  • Nest Cam: Visitors, 1min. How many different animals can you find at a croc nest? Well, check out our Nest Cam video to find out! As an added challenge, who thinks they know the species of bird shown at then end!?

  • Orange Walk 2018 Carnival September 21 independence day Celebration, 18min.

  • PLB Opening Season: Bandits SC vs Altitude FC, 2.5hr.

  • BPP'S PATRICK ROGERS ON KPFK LOS ANGELES, THE ANGLO GUATEMALAN CLAIM & TO VOTE NO TO THE ICJ!, 60min. Patrick Rogers, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) political leader of Belize addressed Belizeans in the diaspora on pertinent issues concerning taking the Anglo Guatemalan Claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), how Belizeans abroad can participate in the April 10, 2019 referendum, and the present status of the Belizean nation state in the advent of September celebrations and Belize's future to maintain its Sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  • Uniform parade was held in Corozal on September 21, 2018, 12min. It was the closing of the September Celebration in Coroza

  • Belize Independence Day Parade 2018, 4.5min.

  • independence day celebrations in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize City: Fun, Beaches and Rum, 16min. This is my 1st trip to Central America. I explore Belize City, the Mayan ruins, near by islands, Cave tubing's a place I will be traveling back to. Great food, great people, great weather and there's alot to do.

  • Cassidy Family Golf Cart Dash Cam in Belize, 6min.

  • Belize's 37th Independence Celebration - In Orange Walk Town, 25min. Belize's annual independence day celebration with the fireworks show at 12:00 a.m and the daytime parade at noon.

  • Nim Li Punit Toledo,Belize, 3min.

  • Local Dive 1 - Belize (Aug 31), 6.5min.

  • Spearfishing Ambergris caye Belize, 14min. when you spearfishing in belize you encounter amazing sea life on ambergris caye.

    September 22, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of National Security Issues Statement on Recent Incident on the Sarstoon River
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) conducted their third annual Sarstoon Kayak Challenge on September 15th, 2018. While in the previous two years, there was no resistance from the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) during the races, there was resistance this year. The Belize Forward Observation Base (FOB) Patrol Commander reported that on September 14th, a vessel with five men and two women passed near the FOB. The patrol recognized that one of the men on board was Mr. Wil Maheia of the BTV but noted that the vessel did not stop at the FOB as has been publicly advertised and is advised for all vessels. The commander reported that the persons onboard shouted that they were not going far. The Commander also reported that the seeming intent of Mr. Maheia was to plant a flag on the Sarstoon Island.

    Independence Day Message from the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow
    As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence, I have been reflecting on just how glorious an achievement it was. Consider the circumstances. We were confronted by twin, seemingly insurmountable odds: a large, militarized neighbour with an unjust and illegal claim to our country, threatening our extinction; and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize our secure freedom. But we would not be deterred. And history records the tremendous persistence and skill with which Belize persevered and overcame. The nations of the world all remarked the force of our campaign. No one doubted that its triumph stamped our small country as one destined for greatness.

    Island authorities in Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye seek more autonomy for better decision-making
    The authorities on the islands of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye are concerned over the lack of autonomy in their respective jurisdictions. Some problems include the assignation of personnel to run the islands’ Transport Department and the approval of high-rise buildings. Island leaders take issue with the assignations, as they include members from the mainland, making the decision process on important island matters frustrating. Ambergris Caye’s local authorities have long voiced concern over this system, and the Caye Caulker Village Council has recently disclosed their challenges as well.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Letter: My Independence Day reflections, by Charles Leslie Jr.
    Whereas the people of Belize- (b) respect the principles of social justice and therefore believe that the operation of the economic system must result in the material resources of the community being so distributed as to subserve the common good, that there should be adequate means of livelihood for all,… that labour should not be exploited or forced by economic necessity to operate in inhumane conditions but that there should be opportunity for advancement on the basis of recognition of merit, ability and integrity,… that equal protection should be given to children regardless of their social status, and that a just system should be ensured to provide for education and health on the basis of equality; What we need to do is reflect and ask ourselves if this system is doing what it should be doing. More and more youths have very little opportunity to pursue happiness and upward mobility…

    Caye Caulker Independence Day celebration

    Happy Independence Day, Belize!
    The Caye Caulker Village Council put on a spectacular show Thursday night, and the 20+ minutes of fireworks were superb. Thank you.

    Belize booth is set at the American Birding Expo

    September 21st in Orange Walk

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Mandy, Solo, Purge, Uncle Drew

    The Reporter

    School Children’s Parade, Independence Day Sept. 21st. 2018
    Belize’s Independence Day celebrations kicked off this morning with simultaneous celebrations in Belmopan and Belize City. The official ceremonies in Belmopan featured formalities such as the Governor General, Sir Colville Young, inspecting the Guard of Honour of the Belize Defense Force, an address by Leader of the Opposition John Briceño and Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber.

    There was a road traffic accident sometime this afternoon near Crooked Tree on the Phillip Goldson Highway. There are no details at this time. It appears two vehicles were involved and two persons injured.

    The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) has launched an online survey geared towards understanding Belizeans’ perspective on Guatemala’s territorial claim. The BNN explained that the survey aims to produce data that will give a sense of Belizeans’ willingness to take the territorial dispute to the International Court if Justice.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Three guns stolen from home in Belize city
    Police are investigating a burglary report in Belize city. On September 20, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the home of Reginald Welch on Jones street, Belize city was burglarized. […]

    Gas Tomza in Belize city robbed
    Police are investigating a burglary that occurred this morning. Police reports say that around 12:20 a.m. today, two men with their faces covered entered the Gas Tomza limited located at mile 4 ½ on the Philip Goldson highway and held up the watchman. […]

    Woman killed in hit and run accident
    Police are investigating a hit and run accident that occurred around 9:30 last night. Caroline Riverol, 22, was walking across the Philip Goldson highway when a truck hit her. The driver of the vehicle did not stop to render any assistance. […]

    CARICOM congratulates Belize on 37th anniversary of Independence
    he Caribbean Community (CARICOM) today issued a statement expressing its wholehearted support for Belize’s stance on its sovereignty as the country celebrates 37 years of independence. CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, in a congratulatory message to Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that the theme of the celebrations, “Belize Da Fi Wi – Now and Forever 8867!” […]

    United States Department of State wishes Belize a Happy Independence Day
    Today, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Michael Pompeo issued a statement on behalf of the Government of the United States congratulating the people of Belize on the 37th anniversary of Independence. […]

    Santa Elena Primary School hosts patriotic competition
    Yesterday, the Santa Elena Primary School in Santa Elena town hosted a classroom patriotic competition. Teachers, students and parents were tasked with decorating the primary school in patriotic, red, white and blue colors, incorporating this year’s Independence day theme and depict student patriotism in Belize. […]

    BPP demand transparency on Government’s referendum campaign
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), yesterday, issued a release demanding transparency from the Government in regards to the national referendum education campaign. The BPP says that the issue is of paramount importance and warrants the full attention of all Belizeans and friends of Belize who understand the true depth of its gravity. […]

    Thief gets away with $6,000 in Belize City
    Police are investigating a robbery that occurred yesterday in Belize City. Around 12:33 pm yesterday, Pedro Gudiel,33, a salesman for Fiesta Chicken told police that when he entered his delivery truck and was about to close the door, he was approached by a man. […]

    Belize celebrates 37th Independence anniversary
    Belizeans at home and abroad are today celebrating the 37th anniversary of Belize’s Independence from Great Britain. This year, Belize celebrates under the theme, “ Belize da fi wi, Now and Forever, 8867.” Belize, formerly British Honduras, obtained its Independence on September 21, 1981. […]

    Cotton Tree man shot in buttocks in Belize City
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday morning in Belize City. Around 10:30 am, police went to the KHMH and saw Michael Arnold,25, of Cotton Tree Village with a gunshot wound to his buttocks. […]


    Beautiful Belize Turns 37 Today: The 2018 Jump Up Celebration Parade
    You might think I’m crazy but September 21st is my favorite day of the year. Yes, it’s INCREDIBLY HOT. Always. And it’s slow season. But Belize celebrates Independence Day is such a ridiculously joyous way, I can hardly get enough. I may have missed the ceremonies in town last night – but here is a gorgeous photo taken by Danny Medina of the fireworks. I have SO many photos…so I’ll try to keep this reasonable. This was my 12th parade and one of my favorites yet. Each year I consider going to the biggest parade in the country – in Orange Walk…but I just can’t NOT go to San Pedro’s Jump Up Parade. It’s so ridiculously fun seeing all the people you know celebrating Belize. It is most DEFINITELY my favorite September motto – each year on a national level a competition is held and one chosen.

    International Sourcesizz

    For this Christian sect in Belize, community is everything
    Mennonites reject cars for personal use – not because they're bad for the environment, but because travel by horse and cart stops settlements growing too far apart. When Mennonites began moving to Belize in the late 1950s, they did so for the same reason their ancestors have migrated for centuries: to live in line with their religious beliefs, including the separation of church and state, pacifism and sustainability, without interference. That means apart from the government, with limited technology and surrounded by farmable land. Mennonites, a traditionally sectarian Christian denomination, trace their roots to the Anabaptist wing of the Protestant Reformation. Today they number approximately one million worldwide, with most living in parts of the developing world, including Paraguay, India and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those in Belize, called Old Colony Mennonites, descend from the settlers of Chortitza, the earliest Mennonite colony in Russia. Their ancestors moved from the Netherlands and what is now Poland to Russia in the 1780s, then to Canada in the 1870s, Mexico in the 1920s and, a few decades later, Belize.

    All Eyes on Belize: The Tiny Country Hits Double-Digit Tourism Growth
    For decades, Belize has remained a mostly quaint, laid-back destination viewed by many travelers as an alluring alternative to some of the Caribbean’s more upscale and fully developed tourist stops. For those who prefer flip-flops as their go-to footwear, and the opportunity participate serious diving (a la the Great Blue Hole and the Belize Barrier Reef), low-key Belize has been the go-to destination for decades. “As the rest of the Caribbean was growing up, we were still a fishing village,” developer Andrew Ashcroft, whose family has lived in Belize for three generations, told TravelPulse during a recent interview. And while the charm that keeps the tourists coming is not changing, what is changing is the numbers of tourists who have discovered Belize and who are spending time there.

    5 popular folklore from Belize still told till date
    Belize is a country with a very diverse society and fascinating history. The main ethnic groups that make up the Caribbean nation include the Creoles, the Maya, the Mestizos and the Garifuna. The Creoles are mostly made up of descendants of African slaves imported into the country between the 18th and 19th centuries. The Maya, though a part of the minority in the country constitute its indigenous population with records showing their inhabitance on the Caribbean nation dating back to 2500 B.C. There are three Maya groups in Belize namely the Yucatec, Mopan, and Q’eqchi’ Maya. The Mestizos, on the other hand constitute people of mixed Spanish and Maya descent who originally came to Belize in 1847 to escape the Caste War.

    Wholehearted Caribbean Community support for Belize on its 37th Independence Anniversary
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has restated its wholehearted support for Belize’s stance on its sovereignty as the country celebrates 37 years of independence. CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque in a congratulatory message to Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that the theme of the celebrations, “Belize Da Fi Wi – Now and Forever 8867!”, highlights the staunch position of Belizeans that their country unequivocally belongs to them, a position the Caribbean Community wholeheartedly supports. The Secretary-General also praised, as being of great value to the Community, the Prime Minister’s role as lead Head of Government for Justice and Governance in the CARICOM quasi-cabinet. “Your leadership in this area is aptly demonstrated by the fact that Belize is among the four countries which have accepted the Caribbean Court of Justice in its Appellate jurisdiction.”


  • Official Independence Day Ceremony - City Of Belmopan, 2.5hr

  • A look back at Belize's Independence Day, September 21st, 1981, 5min.

  • Happy Independence Day Belize!, 1hr. We're watching from the sidelines as students and service members march in today's uniform parade.

  • Independence Day Ceremony, Memorial Park - Belize City, 45min.

  • Independence Celebration in San Pedro, Jump Up Parade, 75min.

  • San Pedro Independence Day Parade 2018, 18min.

  • Belize Independence Day Carnival Parade, San Pedro, La Isla Bonita, 28min.

  • The Police band Thursday night in Belize City, min.

  • Independence Day Parade - San Ignacio / Santa Elena | Cayo, 1hr45min.

  • Uniform parade in Corozal, 3min.

  • San Pedro Mayor’s Independence Day Remarks, 6min.

  • Los Hijos del West at Culture of Peace, 8min. The Los Hijos del West played at the OAS Culture of Peace celebration at the border on Wednesday. They are fast becoming experts on the marimbas. "A little snippet of yesterdays Belize Culture of Peace Celebration by the OAS at the Adjacency Zone, Western Border."

  • Independence day in Belize 2018. San-Ignacio., 8min.

  • Belize Independence Day 2018, School Children's Parade, 3min. Belize Independence Day September 21st. 2018, School Children's Parade. Belize City.

  • BELIZE INDEPENDENCE DAY, 5min. Benque Viejo Del Carmen School Parade.

  • Shark Ray Alley - Belize, 2min.

  • Belize 2018 Ambergris caye jump up, 6min. la Isla bonita jump up parade on Ambergris Caye Belize 2018 nice time on the island.

  • President Reagan Meeting Prime Minister George Cadle Price of Belize on May 12, 1983, 7min. President Reagan Meeting Prime Minister George Cadle Price of Belize during his Working Visit with Meeting in the Oval Office and Cabinet Room with Lunch in the State Dining Room and then their Departure Remarks at the Diplomatic Entrance on May 12, 1983

  • Belize | Swimming With Sharks, 4.5min. Part 2 of our time in Caye Caulker sees us swimming with sharks. Our snorkelling tour with EZ Boy tours was one the best (alongside Black Tours of course). Snorkellng sharks, turtles, sting rays, dolphins and more! Lobster ceviche with nachos and rum punch was th perfect way to enjoy Caye Caulker.

  • Belize 2018, 3.5min. Dive trip to Belize in Central America June 2018 Footage from Go Pro and Canon underwater camera.

  • Independence Day 1981, 7min.

  • Independence Day 2018 Memorial Park, Belize City, 5min.

    September 21, 2018

    Happy Independence Day!


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Hope Haven hosts a successful fundraiser in League, Texas USA
    To raise funds for San Pedro’s Hope Haven Center, an auction was held in League City, Texas, USA on Saturday, September 15th. The fundraiser was a success and saw the attendance of 100 guests which included Belizean representatives for Hope Haven and friends. The live auction fundraiser saw beautiful paintings, tasty wines, elegant arts and crafts, famous sports shirts, alluring jewelry, among other interesting items up for bid. The fundraiser also consisted of a silent auction section, where attendees placed their names on the item they wanted. Britney Travis of Hope Haven was thrilled with the turnout of the fundraiser stating, “The fundraiser was a great success, and we are so thankful for those who contributed to helping our community.”

    Island students celebrate Belize’s 37th year of Independence
    Various pre-schools in San Pedro Town joined the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) in a patriotic parade through the main streets of the island on Thursday, September 20th. The fun display was in honor of Belize’s 37th anniversary of independence on September 21st. The parade began around 9AM, heading north on Barrier Reef Drive. Many island parents join their children in the parade, dressed in their most patriotic colors, while others gathered along the street sides of the route to get a good view. Leading the parade was a marching band complete with dancers, followed by the different pre-schools of the island with the SPRC students ending the parade.

    Anke Doehm seeks court permission to travel out of the country for medical purposes
    Widow Anke Doehm returned to court on Thursday, September 13th, seeking a variation to her bail conditions so she can travel to the United States of America for health reasons. Doehm, who faces a charge of ‘Cruelty to a Child,’ in connection with the death of her 13-year-old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, was almost remanded to prison instead after the person who had initially posted bail for her canceled it. Doehm was lucky enough to secure another bond and thus, was free to leave the court. She will return to court on Friday, September 28th to find out if her application for traveling will be approved.

    Mexican 3rd party Insurance required to enter Mexico with Belizean Vehicle
    Belizean buses and private vehicles entering Chetumal, Cancun or any other destination within the state of Mexico are now required to purchase insurance in order for them to enter the neighboring country legally. The requisite insurance can be bought at the Corozal Northern Border for $12. 50 for 12 hours or $25 for an entire day (24 hours), adding up to a total of almost $2,000 per year. This regulation is not a new one, as it was originally passed in 2014, but not until August 2018 has it been enforced. Many Belizeans are angry, as Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala had an agreement that granted permission for them to drive to border towns in Mexico and Guatemala without insurance. However, the law is now being enforced and Mexico is requiring that buses and vehicles have a 3rd party insurance policy to travel on their roads.

    Fisherman Miguel Arroyo remains missing
    San Pedro Police and family members continue the search for 23-year-old island resident Miguel Arroyo, after the fisherman went missing from his home on Monday, September 10th. Up to press time, his whereabouts remain unknown, and his family and police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating Arroyo. Anyone with information can contact the police station on Pescador Drive by calling 206-2022 or the nearest police station. Family members have placed messages on social media in hopes that it could lead to his return home. They gave a further description of Arroyo, stating that was also wearing a silver chain with a silver cross and a white g-shock watch. Additionally, he has his name tattooed on his left arm and a scorpion tattooed on his neck. Relatives also described Arroyo as someone who would not just disappear without notice. They described him as a good person with a good heart.

    Ambergris Today

    Independence Eve Children's Patriotic Parade
    It's our country's Independence Day Eve and the San Pedro RC School hit the streets of San Pedro and paraded in patriotic colors. The Marching Band played its melodious beats and majorettes danced gracefully to the tunes. Classes displayed their beautifully made banners with this year's theme "Belize Da Fu Wi, Now and Forever. 8867". Happy Independence Day to all!

    Misc Belizean Sources


    A photo snippet of this early morning's jouvert parade in Corozal
    Thanks to Ian Daniels for the courtesy of the photos.

    September Celebrations at Tourism Kiosks
    Belize Tourism Board

    Belize Tourism Board

    Downsizing From “Absurd” to “Ridiculous” Does Not Make the Approved Development at Cayo Rosario Reasonable or Appropriate
    The Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) would like to counter the defense given by the Government of Belize (GOB) officials (see attached) when asked about the appropriateness of the approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the development at Cayo Rosario in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. September 18th, Dr. Percival Cho, C.E.O., Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, and Sustainable Development told Channel 5 News and LoveFM that “the development was downsized.” Minister Omar Figueroa, on July 17th, told Channel 5 news “the level of development was scaled down completely, scaled down significantly. Whereas adjusting a plan for 90+ over-the-water structures in a marine reserve to more than 40 is technically “downsizing,” we counter that this project should never have been presented for public consultation in the first place. “Downsized” does NOT equate to “appropriate” - especially within Belize’s protected Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

    Open Letter regarding the government of Belize education campaign
    It is with considerable disconcertment that we at the Belize Progressive Party – BPP, find it necessary to present this letter of concern. By way of the UNDP’s role as the implementing organisation concerning the “Referendum on Border Dispute” Project (00109024), you are undoubtedly fully aware of the importance concerning the impending referendum scheduled for 10th April 2019; involving Guatemala’s unfounded claim to sovereign Belize territory. We understand by way of not only the project documents but also via your recent public pronouncement on 6th September, that the intended output of this project is to ensure the people of Belize have greater access to objective information on the referendum and that the State has improved capacity to undertake an effective nationwide referendum. Accordingly, given the existent situation, this is where the foundation of our concern derives.

    Caye Caulker Independence Celebration Thursday night

    Tourism Expo Japan
    Directors of Tourism of CARICOM member Countries are being hosted in Japan for the Japan Tourism Expo in Tokyo. Represented are Belize, Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Grenada, and St, Vincent.

    Channel 7

    7M USD Of Cocaine Up In Smoke
    This afternoon, the smell of burnt cocaine filled the Cayo air. The 1,225 pounds of cocaine that was found in Blue Creek in this Cessna 210 single engine plane 11 days ago was destroyed. The drugs were escorted by a convoy of police vehicles. Members from the GSU, BSAG, MIT, BDF, and Special Patrol guarded the drugs all the way to Pine Lumber in Georgeville for the destruction. And the team maintained their heavy presence at the site. Courtney Weatherburne was there and here is her story. After 11 this morning, a fleet of police vehicles zoomed out of Belize City. The convoy was westbound transporting 1,225 pounds of cocaine to the Pine Lumber compound in Georgeville, where the fire raged on, feeding on scrap lumber.

    Why The West?
    Now we have seen drugs destroyed at the furnace in Tower Hill and other locations in the north. Williams discussed the reason behind not heading north to burn the drugs this time. DCP Chester Williams - Commander of Operations: "Well I would want to think that for us to have gone to Orange Walk to destroy, I don't think that would have been a wise idea and so we decided to do the destruction elsewhere at a different location and that location was chosen for security reasons as well - as opposed to going to Orange Walk Town to do the destruction."

    Bail For Accused Drug Trafficking Lawmen
    And while the drugs were destroyed today - the Belizeans accused of trafficking all those kilos went to court for bail.   Last week Friday,  Peter Friessen Jr., a tradesman from Blue Creek; Police Constable Norman Anthony; and Superintendent David Chi, a senior cop with 34 years of service in the Department were - along with two Mexicans - all arrested and charged for the September 9th illegal landing of the drug plane in Orange Walk along with two .  The Belizean three went to back to court today after a week in jail.  They were seeking seeking bail from a Supreme Court judge, and 7News was there for hearing of their petitions. Daniel Ortiz reports.

    Can Police Restore Trust After Tainted Lawmen?
    And so while Superintendent Chi and PC Norman Anthony are out on bail, the allegations against them have sullied the reputation of the entire police department.  Other officers - the majority of them completely innocent - are now painted with the very same brush of suspect behavior.  Today, acting Commissioner Chester Williams told us that they have put a new, no-nonsense OC in Orange Walk Town as a means of confidence building:.. Reporter
    "As a ranking officer, what are your thoughts on the fact that there are other members of the department who have been implicated in this particular drug bust and the fact that they're not only on interdiction but their reputations have been stained as police officers?"

    Caught Cruising in A Stolen Cruze
    Last night we told you how sharp police work in Belmopan had led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle and the arrest of the driver. The vehicle was stolen in Belize City and so the driver and the car were returned here for criminal charges.   Today, 27 year old Shejeen Espat, a fisherman of Las Flores, Belmopan, was charged with handling stolen goods for driving the stolen vehicle. Espat pleaded not guilty to the charge before Magistrate Emerson Banner. He was offered a bail of $3,000 and his case was transferred to Belmopan Magistrate's Court. He is to return to court on November 23.  The 2012 Chevrolet Cruze was stolen between September 12th and 13th on Regent Street West.   The owner, Deborah Morrison, told police the vehicle has a value of $13,000.

    OW Robber Runs Off, Cops Catch Him
    There was another broad daylight attempted robbery of a business today - this one happened in Orange Walk.  This morning, Li-Li Store on the Belize Corozal Road was the latest target for armed robbers.  A man dressed in dark clothing with a while shirt over his face entered the store armed with a hand gun and demanded money from the proprietor.  Surveillance video shows the would-be robber as he entered the store, a few seconds later he is seen removing a white cloth from his head, giving the camera a clear view of his face.   After that though something went wrong, and he fled empty handed as the proprietors called police.  Reports say that the robber was captured by police and is expected to be charged.

    Crazy Crash After Contraband Chase in San Victor
    San Victor in the Corozal District continues to be a main passage for contraband - and on Tuesday night, a contraband chase resulted in a car wreck with one man sustaining serious injury. Wilfredo Patt was driving a blue For Ranger which flipped - as it was trying to elude a pursuing Customs patrol mobile. His passenger Laurel Novelo received serious injuries.   Customs was on a stakeout and saw the pickup coming out of San Victor village loaded with contraband.  They set chase and claim the Ranger flipped 2 miles our of San Narciso Village - going back to San Victor.   When the driver lost control as he was doing evasive driving at high speeds.   But,the driver claims he didn’t lose control; he made a complaint to police saying that the customs pickup bumped him, forcing him to lose control and flip. Police told us more about his complaint:..

    Cops Bust Rogue Santa Maria Sawmill
    Police and the Forestry Department teamed up to bust an illegal logwood operation yesterday in the Toledo District.  The Punta Gorda Quick Response Team and the Forestry Department went to a remote area southwest of San Felipe Village. Police told us what they found:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "A joint police-forestry operation was held in the San Felipe village vicinity in the Toledo District. Upon arrival to the area officers discovered six San Felipe residents involved in illegal logging. As a result, some 3 thousand feet of lumber was confiscated however those persons were not detained..."

    Businessman Succumbs 9 Days After Being Shot
    9 days ago, we told you about the near fatal shooting of 43 year-old Jing Hu Wu, a Chinese Belizean businessman from Mahogany Street in Belize City. On the 10th of September, when everyone was enjoying their holiday, Wu was on the job, and he went to Lovely Lane to make a delivery at a shop on that street. He was in his Ford Ranger pick-up, and his employee, Rogelio Selgado was with him.  
    Around midday, he was making deliveries as usual - but it’s in gang turf - and when Wu was driving past an overgrown lot a shooter sprang out and took aim at Selgado.  As soon as Selgado heard the sound of gunshots, he ducked and tried to warn Wu, but it was too late. Wu, who is also known as “Ivan”, suffered injuries to the right side of his rib cage, his right upper arm, and his left arm. He was rushed to the KHMH, and he clung to life for 9 days until last night, when he passed away.

    Gang Figure Shot, Police Try To Suppress Retaliation
    Tonight Northside Belize City police are on high alert for a possible retaliation after a gang figure was shot this morning. It happened around 10:30 when 25 Year Old Michael Arnold known as “T-T” was at the corner of Lancaster and Yorke Street. Police told us more:… ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Just before 11, I think it was about 10:40 or 10:45, police responded to shots being fired on York Street. They visited the hospital where they observed Michael Arnold with an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of his buttocks. He is presently at the hospital in a stable condition..."

    Suspects Held In Pen Road Shooting of Brothers
    And there was also a Belize City shooting last night.  It happened during the news at #95 Neal’s Pen Road when two men were shot in front of their yard by a gunman on motorbike.  Police told us more:… ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Jermaine Garbutt, a 35 year old Belizean of number 95 B Neal Penn Road; he was suffering from three gunshot wounds—one to the right knee, one to the left knee and one to the left leg. And also seen was Mister Everal Neal, a 40 year old Belizean of that same address, number 95. He was seen with an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of his hip. What police has gathered so far is that both of them were standing in front of their residence when two male persons stopped on a motorcycle and one of the male persons fired a barrage of gunshots causing the injuries to Mister Garbutt and Mister Neal. Both of them are presently admitted in a stable condition."

    Chancing Chicken Delivery Man
    There was also an armed robbery of a delivery truck in Belize City today.  It happened on Mapp Street where a Fiesta Chicken truck was robbed. 33 year old Pedro Gudiel, a Honduran salesman for Fiesta Chicken had just gotten into the delivery truck and was about to close the door when a man in a motorcycle helmet stopped him from doing so.   Gudiel struggled with the assailant who still reached into a small compartment inside the truck and snatched a black plastic bag with the days sales of $6000 dollars. 

    Cops Caught Maya Center Gunman
    Police have more information on the apprehension of two suspected robbers who held up a store in Maya Center on the Southern Highway.  They ran from the cops but were caught later close to Placencia on a bus. Here’s the story: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "Shortly before 8:30 PM his business was entered by 4 dark complexion male persons, two of who were armed and they proceeded to rob him of an undisclosed amount of money as well as 3 cellphones. Police responding to the area observed a white Ford Escort car with Belize license plate and in an attempt to intercept the car, the driver sped off and the vehicle was later encountered by police on the Placencia Road; however the occupants had made good their escape so that vehicle is now in police custody.

    Jeweller Says He Lost Big, Cops Not So Sure
    And, for the final piece of crime news tonight, police are trying to fill in the blanks on a supposed hundred thousand dollar heist in San Ignacio Store. It happened at a jewellry store early on Tuesday morning:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On yesterday's date one Oscar Cano visited the San Ignacio police station and reported that sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, his jewellery store located on Savannah Street San Ignacio was broken into and an assortment of jewellery was stolen. He had additionally spoken to the police on Monday but he could not give ascertain what exactly was stolen.."

    Yoga Jonah Back From India
    The government of India through the local Consul has facilitated a limited number of scholarships for Belizeas to study  yoga teacher training in India  - which is the birthplace of Yoga.   Jonah Supal was the first to go.  He participated in an all expenses paid, four week diploma course in Bangalore at the SVYASA University, a world class yoga institution.  He came back today and told us what he learned about Yoga’s healing power:…

    A Workers’ Agreement With No Conflict
    While labour disputes always make headlines - often enough there are stories of productive industrial relations leading to the smooth signing of collective bargaining agreements. That’s what happened between the Central Bank of Belize Security Officers, who are represented by the Christian Workers Union and the Central Bank of Belize.   The terms of a new collective bargaining agreement are that the security officers are poised to receive a ten percent salary increase under a three-year Collective Agreement signed this morning at the Bank’s Board Room. 

    Cayo Rosario Development: “Downsizing From ‘Absurd’ to ‘Ridiculous’?
    6 weeks ago, we told you about the disputed development proposed for Cayo Rosario, a 10-acre island off the northwest coast of San Pedro Town. The National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) has granted permission for an environmental impact assessment to be done on Cayo Rosario, which is the next step in the approval process for this small island to be developed into a tourist destination. The initial plan was for over 80 over-the-water structures to be built as part of the facility, but NEAC convinced the developer to downsize to only half of that. 

    Cops Keeping 21st. Safe
    And, as we go into tomorrow’s Independence Day - the police say they will ensure that the public marches are going to be safe for all.  Acting Commissioner Williams started out with the Carnival tomorrow in Orange Walk Town:… DCP Chester Williams - Commander of Operations: "I know we have the Orange Walk Carnival tomorrow - that is always a huge event and somehow that carnival appear to be even bigger than the Belize City Carnival. So I want to assure the Orange Walk people that tomorrow we will be in Orange Walk in full force, to police the carnival and even after the carnival is over..."

    When Will the 40 Be Free?
    And while police presence will be high, Belize go into Independence day in a strange  state - for the first time since Independence, not all Belizeans have unqualified enjoyment of those rights guaranteed in our September 1981 constitution.  That’s because of the state of emergency enacted in two areas of the southside 16 days ago.   Today, Acting Commissioner Williams said those areas may be under a state of emergency - but life goes on as normal in those areas - minus the 40 men who are being held for 30 days:…

    Freestyle Frankie
    And that’s the news for tonight… We wish all our viewers a very joyful Independence Day.   You can see the flag raise for the 37th time at midnight tonight right here on Channel 7 and then, tomorrow, you can tune in to channel 7 for liver coverage of the official day ceremonies from Belmopan… Goodnight, be safe, enjoy your long weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday… WE CLOSE TONIGHT, AS WE ALWAYS DO ON THE 20TH with Frankie Reneau’s extravagant, extended rendition of the national anthem…

    Channel 5

    Steep Bail for Drug Plane Trio
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    Tests confirm that more than one thousand two hundred twenty-six pounds of cocaine were inside bales discharged from a CESSNA aircraft on September ninth. Today, a convoy of heavily armed [...]

    John Briceño: “There Are Even Bigger Fish Than That”
    On Wednesday, P.U.P. Leader and Orange Walk Town Central Area, Representative John Briceño expressed shock when he learned that Orange Walk Commanding Officer, David Chi, had been implicated in the [...]

    Chinese Businessman Perishes 10 Day after He Was Shot
    Ten days after he was shot, a Chinese businessman, Jing Wu, succumbed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Wu was along with his sideman, who is believed to have been [...]

    Michael Arnold Shot on York Street
    A Belize City resident is the latest victim of gun violence. Twenty-five-year-old Michael Arnold was shot this morning sometime around ten-forty as he was riding his bike on York Street [...]

    Belize City Brothers Shot on Neal Penn Road
    Prior to this morning’s shooting on York Street, at about seven p.m. on Wednesday night, shots rang out—some say up to nine blasts—on Neal Pen Road Extension. As the echoes [...]

    Is Pier 1 Stabbing Connected to Neal Penn Road Shooting?
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    Pier One Bar Lease Expires in 2019
    The shocking bar brawl at Pier One Bar and Grill has some parents concerned over the safety of their children. The park is a place that attracts entire families, especially [...]

    Corozal Police Investigate Strange Shooting Incident
    A man from San Narciso Village in the Corozal District was injured in a scary ordeal in a contraband hotspot in the north. Wilfredo Pott says that on Tuesday night [...]

    Illegal Logging Operation Busted in San Felipe, Toledo
    Police busted a logging operation in the southern village of San Felipe, Toledo. On Wednesday, a joint patrol between police and the Forestry Department led to the discovery of three [...]

    Elderly Man Claims Unfair Treatment at the Hands of GSU
    The following is another story involving claims against the Gang Suppression Unit. Seventy-two-year-old Belize City resident Gladstone Brown and Melda Casimiro Valerio say that their house was raided by members [...]

    No Arrest for Kortobacco Heist
    Police have yet to levy charges for the major heist which took place at Kortobacco Belize Limited located inside the Benque Viejo Free Zone. The heist took place in the [...]

    Duo Charged for Maya Center Robbery; 2 Others Sought
    A Belize City man and another from Dangriga have been charged in connection with a robbery on Tuesday night in Maya Center Village in Stann Creek. Just before eight-thirty p.m., [...]

    More than $100,000 in Jewellery Stolen from Cayo Businessman
    Police in San Ignacio are investigating an alleged burglary at a jewellery store in that municipality. A businessman, Oscar Cano, is reporting that his business located on Savannah Street in [...]

    Saldivar or Faber for Party Leader – Minister Elrington Weighs In
    Ministers John Saldivar and Patrick Faber have been all over the country rallying support for their bid for leadership of the United Democratic Party.  For the past few months, Saldivar [...]

    Is the I.C.J. the Only Option?
    The Referendum Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched its awareness campaign to educate the public about the territorial claim and taking it to the International Court of [...]

    “You are not crazy if you don’t support going to the I.C.J.” – Minister Elrington Takes Back His Words!
    Minister Wilfred Elrington says there will be a lot more effort in the awareness campaign outside of Tuesday night’s town hall meeting organized by Great Belize Productions/Channel Five.  He says [...]

    Leader of Opposition Disappointed with the Chambers
    Leader of the Opposition John Briceño says he is disappointed with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Briceño’s comments come after the B.C.C.I. fired off a release eight days [...]

    Belize City Mayor Takes on N.T.U.C.B. President
    Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner had some strong words for National Trade Union Congress of Belize President, Floyd Neal. On Wednesday, during the P.U.P.’s annual wreath-laying ceremony for George Price, [...]

    A Look Back When Belize Became an Independent Nation
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow remains in Havana, Cuba, after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. He’ll spend Independence Day recuperating and is expected to return to the country in a few days.  [...]


    Another man shot in broad daylight
    A broad daylight shooting has left one man injured. Michael Arnold was walking on Yorke Street when he was fired upon. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB, provided the media with the details. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch: “Police responded to shots being fired on York Street. They visited the hospital where …

    Briceno: It was pointless to vote on UHS bill
    Earlier this month, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) condemned the Government of Belize for failing to resolve the decade old UHS debt saga on Friday, August 31st in Parliament. The opposition did not get off the hook since BCCI felt that they were also to blame. It described what transpired in parliament …

    Illegal Logging Operation found in Toledo
    On Thursday a joint police and Forestry Department operation in San Felipe Village in the Toledo District sought out and found an illegal logging operation. The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvett said from time to time they cooperate with the Forestry Department in joint operations. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National …

    Orange Walk Carnival
    Belize will be 37 years old tomorrow, way off the calendar but not yet old enough for a midlife crisis. It’s been a bumpy 37th year with unsolved crime; unflattering international categorizations about high murder per capita; being a tier three trafficking country and having a political divide on whether or not to forward Guatemala’s …

    Briceno: The nation has lost another great leader in Lindo
    Yesterday, the People’s United Party honored the Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price, who led Belize to its independence on September 21st, 1981. The former Prime Minister was well known for his emphasis on service to the nation. It is noteworthy to mention that this week we also lost another great leader, Dean Russell …

    Will the new law deter Belizeans from going to Chetumal?
    Thousands of Belizeans visit Chetumal on a monthly basis spending an average of one hundred dollars. With the new mobility law, will fewer Belizeans make the trip across the border to Chetumal? The new law will make it mandatory for Belizeans entering Chetumal in their private vehicle and staying for twelve hours to pay two …

    There have been reports in the north that the Customs Department was in hot pursuit of a vehicle carrying contraband and the chase allegedly ended with the vehicle flipping over. The story changed today and it is still unclear if the Customs Department was involved. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, the police received a report …

    Bail for Chi, Friesen, and Anthony
    On September 9th law enforcement officers discovered a single engine aircraft with over one thousand two hundred pounds of cocaine on board. Following the discovery, five men, including the Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, were charged with abetment of the importation of a controlled drug; conspiracy to land a plane at an unlicensed airfield; and …

    A robbery in Maya Center in the Stann Creek District resulted in the police first chasing a lead on a getaway car, followed by the thieves fleeing on a bus. It happened on Tuesday night, shortly before 8:30. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett said they have caught a couple suspects and are seeking more. …

    2 shot at home on Neals Pen Road
    There was a shooting minutes before seven o’clock on Wednesday night in Belize City. Two persons were shot on Neal’s Pen Road. The police department is also looking at the possibility that the two shooting victims may be collateral damage of the Pier One fight which occurred last weekend. Another resident of 95 Neal’s Pen …

    Central Bank and CWU signed agreement
    The Central Bank of Belize and Christian Workers Union signed a three year collective agreement. Security officers who are represented by the Christian Workers Union are poised to receive a ten percent salary increase...


    Elrington’s deplorable scare tactics
    At a ceremony for the Status of Forces Agreement that was signed today between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Belize, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, area representative for the Pickstock constituency, said that if we vote no to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), “The whole country will become refugees if the Guatemalans come across and chase us out.” Elrington explained that the Guatemalans had been insistent that they get our land: “either that or they want to exercise control over our foreign affairs and our defence. They are not asking for money, they want land. If you give them an inch, they will not stop. We cannot reach any agreement with them that is hopeful.”

    Court of Appeal orders new trial for Aracely Cahueque for abetment to murder
    In March 2014, Aracely Cahueque, 21, a former Corozal beauty contestant, walked out of the Belmopan Supreme Court of Justice Dennis Hanomansingh freed of a three-count indictment for abetment to murder. The Director of Public Prosecutions, however, appealed the judge’s decision to acquit Cahueque, and the Court of Appeal has handed down a decision ordering that Cahueque be tried a second time. Cahueque’s entanglement in the criminal justice system came as a consequence of the murder of Raylene Dyer, 18, who was killed in October 2010. According to evidence given in court, Dyer’s head was cut off and her body was dumped in the river around the Roaring Creek area. Dyer’s body was never recovered. The motive established for the murder was that Cahueque allegedly wanted Dyer’s baby.

    Baby born at home after hospital turned mother away
    News of a woman giving birth to a baby boy at a relative’s home after she was told by the Corozal Community Hospital that she wasn’t ready to deliver, spread like wildfire on social media yesterday. Fortunately, the baby was safely delivered by the father, but there has been much public criticism of the hospital that told a pregnant mother to go home while she was in labor. In an interview with CTV3, the baby’s father, Jaime Hernandez, age unknown, said that he and his wife, Elena Hernandez, went to the hospital after she began experiencing what felt like labor pains. After being examined by a nurse and a doctor, she was told that the pain was simply due to hunger or gas, and that she should go home and eat.

    Guatemalan aggression in the Sarstoon, but Hon. Saldivar blames BTV
    Last Saturday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) held their third annual Eco Challenge, with the route of the race being from Barranco, a village in the Toledo District, to the Sarstoon Island and back to Barranco. The kayakers were to paddle around the island, but that didn’t happen. Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) prevented the kayakers from doing so by blocking their path with gunboats. This extremely provocative move took place despite the presence of Belize’s Forward Operating Base on the north bank of the Sarstoon River.

    National Service Day held in remembrance of Rt. Hon. George Price
    Today marked seven years since the Father of Belize’s Independence, Right. Honorable George Cadle Price, passed away and was laid to rest at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in a massive state funeral that saw thousands of Belizeans line the streets of the old capital to get a glimpse of the funeral procession for the man who is credited as one of the founders of the nationalist movement that led Belize to independence in September 1981. This morning, a number of PUP executive members and supporters converged on the Lord Ridge Cemetery to pay their respect to Price, who was Belize’s first national hero, in a wreath- laying ceremony.

    SMART commissions book to promote reading in students
    The telecommunications company, SMART, is giving back to the community by commissioning the production of a children’s book designed to motivate kids to put down their electrical devices and read instead. The book, Do The Smart Thing, was launched yesterday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. According to Adelaide Sabido, public relations representative from SMART, they wanted to collaborate with different organizations which are involved in improving literacy among students in Belize. They also wanted to find a fun avenue to motivate students to want to read more.

    Football tournaments under way in Corozal
    This week, the Corozal Football Association (CFA) marked the 6th week of our ongoing U-15 Male and U-17 Male Tournaments. There are a total of 5 teams for the U-15 Male, and 10 teams for the U-17 Male tournaments. It has been going well; all teams trying to top the ranking scores. In addition, this week we launched a U-17 Female and a U-10 Male/Female tournament. For the U-17 Females, we have a total of 4 teams; and there are 5 teams for the U-10 tournament. Another success for Corozal! Three games were played on Saturday, September 15: (U-15) Corozal Invaders clipped Rising Stars, 1-0; (U-17) Libertadores and Bacadia Warriors played to a 3-3 draw; and (U-17) Caledonia also drew, 3-3, with Progresso United.

    Bandits’ protest dismissed; standings remain; Verdes leads at Week 6 of PLB 2018-2019 Opening Season
    As reported in our Tuesday issue, the nil-nil draw on Saturday night last between San Pedro Pirates and Belmopan Bandits out at Ambergris Stadium had resulted in a protest lodged by the Bandits. But on Tuesday, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) secretariat informed us that, “The point of contention was cleared by the referee; therefore, the protest had no validity and was dismissed.” Quickly reviewing the weekend results, they are: On Saturday night, San Pedro Pirates FC drew, 0-0, with Belmopan Bandits SC at Ambergris Stadium; and Altitude Assassins FC clipped Wagiya FC, 2-1, at the M.A. Stadium in Independence. Then on Sunday afternoon, BDF FC dropped Police United FC, 3-1, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium; and Verdes FC crushed Freedom Fighters FC, 5-0, at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex, to take first place in the standings.

    Independence High School Invaders stun Honduras 6-2 in boys football at CODICADER Games in Panama
    (F) St. Ignatius High lost 3-1 to Guatemala on Sunday afternoon. Guatemala’s Andrea Alvarez Donis, Julia Lopez Hernandez and Nayeli Bocel Perez each scored a goal, to lead 3-0 before Kelly Dawson scored for Nashus, making it 3-1 at the half. No goals were scored in 2nd half. (F) Ashley Rodriguez, lately of Rumberas fame, scored Nashus’ only goal in their 6-1 loss to Panama on Friday morning at the FIFA Goal Project Stadium – Estadio Luis E. Cascarita Tapia. (M) The 2018 NSSSA male MVP Alwynn Zelaya and Alexis Chan each scored a goal in Independence High boys’ 7-2 loss to Panama at the Maracana Stadium on Saturday.

    BDFA Interoffice Football concludes at the MCC
    The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) McLean Insurance Brokers Interoffice Football Tournament 2018 concluded on Saturday, September 15, at the MCC Grounds, where the championship final was preceded by the third place game. In the third place game, Fort St. Tourist Village won, 3-2, over BWS. Tourist Village got a goal each from Thomas Castro, Carlos Lino and John Castro; while David Robateau netted both goals for BWS. And in the championship game, it was MOE Sports/Premium Wines with the 2-1 victory over Ramada/Habet. Steven Baizer and Melhelm Hernandez shook the net for MOE, while Kareem Flowers scored for Ramada.

    Editorial: Three decades and seven years ago …
    Many of us Belizeans have not viewed political independence as a challenge to consolidate our status as a nation-state. Rather, we have been encouraged by leaders of various descriptions to see these annual commemorations of our September 21, 1981 independence primarily as opportunities, or just reasons, to indulge in the merrymaking which has become a focus of so many of our lives. Have fun, the Belizean people are repeatedly being told, have fun. Unfortunately, crisis is a characteristic of the human condition. Fun is something you’re allowed to have when you have survived or overcome crisis. Belize in September of 2018 is a nation which is experiencing some serious challenges. We have not done a good job of preparing ourselves for these challenges during the 37 years of our independence.

    From the Publisher
    This year’s September celebrations, the last before next April’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum, are almost over. Soon, Settlement Day and Christmas will be upon us. After that, April 10 will stare us directly in the face. The days dwindle down, to a precious few, as the song says. I find it strange that Belize never, ever reviews the incidents involved with the Heads of Agreement in mid-March of 1981. These incidents were unprecedented in my lifetime, and no events of equal drama have transpired in Belize since then. I say I find it strange, but the silence is not strange if we had expected the then ruling People’s United Party (PUP), or the then Opposition United Democratic Party, which was in relative wreckage following their 1979 general election disaster, to want to remind Belizeans of the anti-Heads uprising, an uprising which may be blamed for the violent deaths of Sylvino Riveroll in Corozal Town and then of the musician/policeman Pete Matthews at the Queen Street Police Station.

    Another successful Soundfest with honours going to Zoila Clarke and Lucio Alcoser
    Dear Editor, On Friday, September 14, 2018, the 17th edition of the Soundfest was held at the beautiful Bird’s Isle. The brainchild of Tony Wright, also known as “The Real Deal Music Ambassador of Belize,” the Soundfest was attended by many Belizeans from home and those visiting from abroad for the September celebrations. The show flowed smoothly, featuring many Belizean talents. There were giveaways and lots of food and drinks. The highlight of the show was the presentation of lifetime awards going to two Belizean icons who have given, and continue delivering to The jewel, their undiluted talent from their hearts and souls.

    Belizeans, open your eyes
    I ask this question – Do Belizeans want to be the second Palestine in the middle west of the world, who have lost their homeland? Now is the time for Belizeans to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts and stand united as one people in defense of our national sovereignty and the sanctity of our borders. In relation to the convention between Her Majesty and the Republic of Guatemala, relative to the boundaries of British Honduras, signed on the 30th of April 1859, I consider this great historical event so important for the permanent national security of our independent nation of Belize that I feel obliged to reproduce in writing the exact contents of this great achievement as a guarantee for our national existence with our secured national boundaries in perpetuity.

    Far right capitalism like monarchy
    Architects of capitalism worried about what would happen to the system when everyone had all the material goods that they wanted. We know the answer to that¯marketers came along to convince people that what they had wasn’t enough. The capitalists, maybe more than socialists, invest a heck of a lot in research. And the marketers are always at the ready to pounce to get the sales going. They’re the ones who found out that a super prime girl posing beside a bottle of rum could make a fellow change his brand, and such. Allow me a little pause here so we can retrace the steps to the glory of the material world. We know that there is nothing new under the sun. Every invention of man is really a discovery. The wheel was born when man saw an orange rolling on the ground. A monkey using the spring in a bent branch to catapult himself through the trees, a feathered seed flying through the air, a frog going downstream on a piece of board, lightning brightening the skies, all these things gave man ideas when he observed them.

    Salinas de Gortari: one of the worst Mexican governments …
    In this time of uncertainty Belize is going through, I thought it important to consider certain historical issues that arose with projects that were conceived by the representatives of the corporations and the neoliberal capitalist think-tanks. It is very important for us to bear in mind that the Anglo-Guatemala-Belize issue is not something surprising, since the objective from the birth of the United States of America has been to extend its hegemony throughout the Latin American and Caribbean countries, with the starting point being the 1823 Monroe Doctrine. Thereafter, there was the first American continental war, in which the United States seized more than half of Mexico´s territory.

    Expo 2018 saw decline in attendance numbers, but hailed as a success by BCCI
    Thousands of Belizeans in search of a good bargain and wholesome fun and entertainment converged at the 22nd annual Expo Belize Marketplace on the ITVET campus (old Technical College campus) on Saturday and Sunday. Although the number of persons who attended this year’s Expo is less than the number of those in attendance at the Expo last year, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) hailed it as a “landmark event.” The BCCI, in a press release issued yesterday, Monday, reported that this year’s Expo had the participation of 110 companies which were spread out in 189 booths across the vast ITVET campus.

    Mexican vehicle insurance requirement deferred for about 5 months
    Belizeans traveling to Chetumal will likely not be denied entry because their vehicles don’t bear the Mexican vehicle insurance, as was announced previously. The Mexico Honorary Consul to Belize, Dr. Luis Montero Maldonado, told us there has been a delay in the implementation of the new Mobility Law enacted by Mexico because the Mobility Institute has not yet been established as the main body with the mandate to carry out and enforce the new laws which came into effect on September 12. The Mexico Honorary Consul to Belize told us that there will be a delay of about 5 months before the administration begins its operation. Dr. Maldonado explained to us in an interview today that authorities at the border are requesting that vehicles entering Mexico have the mandated insurance coverage, but a clarification must be made.

    Steven Moss, 24, accused of murder, committed to stand trial in Supreme Court
    Steven Moss, 24, charged with the murder of Daniel Anderson, 31, was today committed to stand trial in the January 2019 session of the Supreme Court by the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, after a preliminary inquiry was held to determine if there was enough evidence to establish a prima facie case against him. Moss had agreed to a paper committal — a process that would involve a submission by the Crown of all of the evidence it intends to rely on without it being challenged by Moss. Moss is also charged with 2 counts of attempted murder and 2 counts of use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause dangerous harm.

    Dennis Haylock, 37, committed to stand trial for unlawful sexual intercourse
    Dennis Haylock, 37, a resident of Lords Bank in the Belize District, who has been charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl 14 years and 11 months old, was today committed to stand trial in the January 2019 session of the Supreme Court by the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, after a preliminary inquiry was held. Haylock had agreed to a paper committal, whereby all of the evidence that the Crown intends to rely on is submitted to the court without it being challenged by him. The incident occurred in May 2017 in Lords Bank.

    The Reporter

    Some years ago,I was speaking to a friend of mine, a brilliant political mind from the Middle East. He opened my eyes to look at corruption from a completely different angle. Where I thought the Government was creaming from the top of the money pile, this conversation really made me look at incidents I have been exposed to in our country and made me understand better why politicians would risk their ‘reputations’ to protect seemingly common petty criminals. Khaled AlSa’di said to me that our Government usesour judicial system to protect low-level officials or petty criminals, because they are key players in a criminal system.

    The Christian Workers Union has negotiated a new collective Bargaining Agreement with the Central Bank of Belize, allowing the security staff to get a 10 percent salary raise. The CWU announced the new CBA today, explaining that agreement is for three years with 5 percent of the increase taking effect in 2018, 3 percent in 2019 and 2 percent in 2020, without any reduction to other benefits being received.

    Police in Orange Walk are seeking your assistance in the apprehension of this man, identified as Fredrick Rhaburn Jr. of an Orange Walk Town address who tried to rob an undisclosed Chinese establishment a short while ago.

    Security Guard Adan Martinez, 55, is lucky to be alive after he was attacked at around 1:30 this morning by 3 men who tried to take his gun. Martinez, who was on duty at Maria Chang and Sons on Castle Street...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belmopan man detained for handling stolen goods
    Police have detained a fisherman from Belmopan city for handling stolen goods. Deborah Morrison, 26, a […]

    Young woman raped by 2 men
    Police are investigating the rape of a 20-year-old Belmopan woman. The young woman reported that on […]

    Four phony security guards charged for gun, ammo and failure to produce license
    On September 17, 2018 around 2:00 p.m., police went to the Benque Viejo del Carmen free […]

    Two men shot in Penn Road incident last night
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday. Around 6:50 last night, police went to […]

    “ Nothing special about Sarstoon,” says Belize’s Foreign Minister
    The University of the West Indies and Channel 5 Belize yesterday held a town hall meeting […]

    Central Bank security guards getting raise of pay in new collective bargaining agreement
    Security officers of the Central Bank of Belize (CBB) that are represented by the Christian Workers […]

    My Independence day Reflections
    By Charles Leslie Jr. :BELIZE CONSTITUTION: Preamble: Whereas the people of Belize- (b) respect the principles of social justice and therefore believe that the operation of the economic SYSTEM must result in the material resources of the community being so distributed as to subserve the common good, that there should be adequate means of livelihood for all,…

    Drug plane suspects get bail
    Peter Friezen, Norman Anthony and Superintendent of Police David Chi, three of the five men […]

    Two brothers shot in Belize City
    A shooting in Belize City has left two brothers injured. They are Everald Tablada and […]


    Corozal held its 2018 Carnival Parade
    A month of festivities is held around Belize in the month of September. Carnival in each district is held on different dates. Today I blogged about the Corozal Carnival float parade. So, sorry that I could not continue going live. Usually, the Carnival is always held on the 20th of September in Corozal. Because everyone loves to go to Orange Walk on the 21, of September. Corozal felt the September Celebration on Thursday, September 20, 2018, with Colorful floats that gathered at the roundabout by the Corozal Hospital at 3pm. By then, the people had already lined up all through the main streets of Corozal parade Line. Main floats came out very decorated, creation, drum line, businesses and other floats that participated in this year's event.

    Citizen input through Primate-Watch Belize helps monitor monkey populations
    However we look at it, primates – the Yucatan black howler monkey and the Central American spider monkey, are coming under increasing pressure in Belize. Both considered globally endangered, their main threat is from agricultural expansion – with hundreds of acres disappearing under bulldozers each year. Using citizen science, we are starting to map primate distributions across Belize, asking people how populations are doing in their area, and to send reports and photos in to the Primate Watch Belize Facebook Group, linked to the Wildtracks page, to build a picture of what is happening in Belize. This will be combined with community surveys and protected area data to provide a much better picture of how our monkeys are doing in Belize, and what steps we can take to ensure that they continue to live in Belize’s forests in the future. Join us! Make a difference for the conservation of these species in the long term! Add your sightings (species, location number in troop, adults / young), photos and comments online at Facebook.

    International Sourcesizz

    Students dive into their research in Belize
    UTRGV students studying abroad in Belize this summer explored one of the most famous dive sites in the world - the Great Blue Hole. “You dive down and it’s just open blue, just beautiful,” said Chelsea Pavliska, a UTRGV graduate student from Liberty Hill, Texas. The Ocean, Coastal and Earth Sciences major was one of the students enrolled in the coral reef ecology course in Belize, led by Dr. David Hicks, director of the UTRGV School of Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences. “I don't know very many places where you get to go diving for your research or diving for a class, like at UTRGV,” Pavliska said. The Great Blue Hole is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest coral barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

    ITU finalises coordination for Caribbean and Central American digital switchover
    The ITU has finalised the coordination process that will enable digital switchover to go ahead in Central America and the Caribbean region. The global telecom body worked with regional regulators the Comisión Técnica Regional de Telecomunicaciones (COMTELCA), the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) to finalise the cycle of regional frequency coordination meetings on the use of the VHF band (174-216MHz) and the UHF band (470-806 MHz) at a meeting last week in Belize City, Belize. That meeting, the final of four that took place across the region over the last 18 months, stablished the basis for formal frequency coordination inter-government agreements for broadcasting and mobile services in the VHF and UHF bands.

    Caribbean sugar producers want protection from white sugar imports
    With the region no longer enjoying fixed quotas and guaranteed access to the European raw sugar market, the region’s four remaining sugar producers have asked governments to clamp down on refined, or white, sugar imports, saying they can meet the required average demand for 100,000 metric tons. This week, Guyana, Jamaica, Belize and Barbados petitioned the council of trade ministers to order governments to increase import taxes on white sugar imports in a bid to restrict merchants in the region from buying white sugar from Colombia, the U.S. and other markets. In the past year, the four countries have been moving to switch from raw brown sugar manufacturing to white, or refined, sugar after their decades-old sugar protocol with the EU collapsed when the EU ended the fixed quota system, guaranteed prices and a market of indefinite duration in October of last year.


  • SPRCS Independence Rally in San Pedro, 11min.

  • J'VOURT happened this morning right at Corozal, 2min. It commenced at 4am.

  • J'VOURT in Corozal, 7min.

  • Memories of the Rt. Honorable George Cadle Price, 1.5min.

  • SPRCS Independence Rally, 7min.

  • SPRCS Independence Rally, 3min.

  • Sights of San Pedro | Ambergris Caye, Belize, 4min.

  • UTRGV study abroad students dive into research in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Barracuda Hunting in San Pedro Belize, 10min.

  • Official Flag Raising Ceremony Memorial Park, 2.5hr.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 1min.

  • Highlight of the Corozal Carnival 2018, 8min.

  • The Belize Soca and Culture Festival, 40min. Kes The Band - Artist Rupee - Artist, Troy "DJ Dalla" Flowers - Promoter, Omar "Mr. Flava" Arzu - Promoter.

  • Belize City Council - Independence Day City Fest, 33min. Councilor Allan Pollard Jr. - Traffic, Community Participation, Public Relations and Special Events. Ian Mariano Sr. - Public Relations Personnel.

  • Culture Apparel - Clothes, 12min. Marcus August is the creator behind Culture Apparel. We spoke with the young entrepreneur about his inspiration and design process. You can currently get T-shirts, Tank tops, hats and slides by contacting him on Facebook.

  • Belize Medical Associates - Health Tips, 23min. Dr. Fernando Cuellar

  • The Department of Youth Service - Nominations for the Annual National Youth Awards, 19min. Lisa Lewis - Youth Empowerment Coordinator, Department of Youth Services, Renata Samuels - Youth Intern Officer, Department of Youth Services.

  • KHMH - 23rd Anniversary, 37min. Michelle Hoare - CEO, KHMH, Tylon Tillett - Public Relations Officer, KHMH.

  • Flag Raising Ceremony 2018, 2.5hr.

  • EXTRO Frankie Reneau Rass, 9min. Frankie Reneau’s extravagant, extended rendition of the national anthem

  • 21 Gun Salute and Flag Raising ceremony! Happy Independence Day!, 11min.

  • Flag raising ceremony commemorating Belize’s 37th Independence Celebrations, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 28min.

  • San Pedro High School reenacts the raising of the Belize Flag for the first time. Independence Day 1981, 21min.

  • Fireworks in Corozal, 15min.

  • 2018 Corozal Carnival parade, 4min.

  • Miami Beach 2018 Corozal Carnival, 11min.

  • Fireworks in San Pedro, 6min.

  • COROZAL parade 9/20/2018 BELIZE, 33min. There are multiple parades and celebrations during the month of September for Belize Independence.

  • Snorkeling Belize Barrier Reef, 5min. Took some small clips of my snorkeling vacation in Belize. Tons of coral, exotic fish, and some squid.

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