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October 10, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Drumming- A must try!
There are so many reasons to love Belize, and as a Belizean it makes me beyond proud to hear travellers say “The snorkelling was great BUT- my favourite part of Belize would have to be the people. They’re so friendly.” The truth is our wildlife, marine life and tour activities are great, but there is unexplainable warmth that radiates from our people. And in no way or form is this an act, in fact- it’s our culture! We’re a small country with a “small town” feel, everyone knows everyone in most towns, and we still greet each other the time of day with a smile. So when guests visit Belize, it is in this same regard that they’re treated-Like long-time friends being reunited :-) I’ve always been a fan of experiencing cultures, Belize is indeed a melting pot, and my existence alone attests to that as I came trickling down from a family tree of Kriol and Lebanese heritage.

BTB hosts Village Arts and Craft Expo 2015
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) hosted the fourth annual Village Arts and Craft Expo. The Expo was held at the BTL Park on Saturday, October 3rd between the hours of 10AM to 6PM. This year’s event saw the participation of 123 artisans and 41 communities from all the districts of the country, showcasing local products for the general public to experience and sample. Featured products included local jewelry, such as earrings, chains, and bracelets. Slate carvings, wood works, embroidery, paintings, clay pottery, sewn and crocheted dresses, local chocolates, pepper sauces, recycled products and lots of art were on display in a breathtaking show of talent and beauty. Organizer of the event, Director of Destination and Planning Cruises at the BTB, Valdemar Andrade, stated that the event is mandate for the BTB to provide socio-economic development for the communities across the country. “The idea of the event was born four years ago from our village outreach program, where we reached out to communities to develop their capacity and bring their products and services into the tourism sector. We create routes where they can come and sell their products. Every year, we bring them in order to meet their distributors, the shop owners so they can see how the products have improved. We encourage everyone to use the Belize brand which is trademarked, so people are able to buy authentic Belizean products and not just products that are marked “Belize”.

NEBL Champs San Pedro Tiger Sharks to participate in COCABA Champions League
After claiming back to back National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) Championship titles, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are heading to El Salvador to face their toughest challenge yet. The Tiger Sharks are scheduled to participate in the 2015 Confederation of Central American Basketball (COCABA) Champions League from Wednesday, October 21st to Sunday, October 25th. Our mighty ballers are looking to bring home the first place prize for the first time ever. The tournament will see the participation of national league champions from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Participating teams will play a series of matches to determine the top three finishers who will then move on the Centrobasket Tournament which will see the participating of Mexico and the top three teams from the Caribbean Basketball Confederation. The Centrobasket Tournament is a qualifier for the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Americas Champions which sees the participation of teams from both North and South America.

Media training on domestic violence and human trafficking
In an effort to raise awareness on the topic of domestic violence, human trafficking and femicide (a crime involving the violent and deliberate killing of a woman) in Belize, a media workshop was held on Friday, October 2nd, at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. Hosting the workshop was Belizean writer, journalist and producer Kalilah Enriquez, who focused on sensitizing the media and providing training on the best practices to report on violence against women, femicide and trafficking in persons. The workshop also touched on the background of the BA1 Project, which deals with the same issue and which was created through the Central American Integration System and approved by the Central American Security Strategy. This approach helps create a safer environment for people and promotes sustainable human development.

BRS Standard Bearers’ Debate set for October 19th
A Belize Rural South (BRS) Standard Bearer Debate between party candidates has been scheduled for Monday, October 19th at 7PM. The debate is organized by The San Pedro Sun, in partnership with Reef Radio/TV. The event will be held at the Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room and free admission to the debate will be determined by tickets equally distributed to all candidates and community stakeholders. The debate will also be broadcast live on both Reef Radio and Reef TV. All three candidates running for the General Election in BRS, incumbent Manuel Heredia JR (UDP), José “Elito” Arceo (PUP) and Robert “Bobby” Lopez (BPP), have been invited to participate.

Ambergris Today

Why Belize Loves The Chicago Cubs So Much
Cubs Flags are raised on verandahs and mega fans are seen wearing their jerseys, caps and t-shirts. They also flock to the nearest bar or gather at home in groups to cheer for the “Cubbies”. But why are Belizeans such HUGE fans of the Chicago Cubs? The affinity to the Cubs is highly attributed to the fact that when cable was introduced in the country, WGN TV Station was one of the first (of few) channels that Belizeans could access. The Chicago network station is big in promoting its baseball team and we found ourselves engulfed in everything Chicago Cubs. The station fed us Chicago news, sports and programming all day long; how could we all not fall in love with the Cubs? They are also one of the baseball teams with the largest fan base across the United States, and abroad if you include Belize. I remember having my large television set with a dial to change the channels. There were no remote controls; you had to get up to change the channel. Cable was introduced in San Pedro around the early 80’s. Mr. Pete Salazar of Coral Cable Vision had one satellite dish in a yard across my house. We were amazed at the site of such technology back then. LOL!!

Oh Sargasso!
How we all missed you. NOT!! Just when we thought it had gone away, it's back; fresh new sea weed. But at least it's not everywhere, for now.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BRS Standard Bearers’ Debate in Caye Caulker
The San Pedro Sun and Reef Radio/TV are excited to announce that plans are underway for the first ever Belize Rural South (BRS) Standard Bearer Debate in Caye Caulker. The debate is scheduled for Monday, October 26th at 7PM and is being organized by The San Pedro Sun, in partnership with Reef Radio/TV. The event will be held at the Iguana Reef Inn Conference Room and All three candidates running for the General Election in BRS, incumbent Manuel Heredia JR (UDP), José “Elito” Arceo (PUP) and Robert “Bobby” Lopez (BPP), have been invited to participate. The Standard Bearer debate format will be based on prepared questions that will be solicited from the community. Participants will be presented with the questions at the time of the debate. Each candidate will be allotted time for an opening statement. Debate answers will be limited to a specific time and each candidate will also be given the opportunity for a brief, timed rebuttal. Candidates will also have the opportunity to directly question each other. At the end of the debate, each candidate will be allowed a timed closing statement. Absolutely no participation from the audience will be permitted.

Bartending Training in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Introduction to Bartending Date: October 14th -17th Time: 9am-1pm Cost: $500 0 experience needed Advanced Bartending: Date: October 19th- 22nd. Time: 9am -1pm Cost: $600 3-5 years experience needed or have to take Introduction to Bartending. Spaces are limited. Note: We help in job placements for qualified trainees. Inbox or text 664-1515 or 626-7518.

Seed & plant exchange today
Empyrean Art Center is hosting another seed & plant exchange on Saturday! It's happening again! Hope to see you & your plant babies this Saturday 12:30-2 @ Empyrean Art Center

Water Slide at Caribbean Villas opens Sunday
The Rumours are True - our Water Slide opens Sunday Morning! Come down on Sunday during the day and ride El Diablo!

Press Release – World Standards Day 2015 in Belize

BNE Health and Safety Fair
Belize Natural Energy had their Health and Safety Fair. They had quite the line up of participants. "A few more pics of BNE's Health & Safety Fair. Thanks again to the participants and BIG thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success: BCVI, Belmopan Active Youth, Belize Medical Associates, Belize Red Cross, Kidney Association, Belize Family Life Association, Department of the Environment, Road Safety Project, The Health Store!"

Doing the final touches on the Rudy Miguel cycling story on the Belizean Legends video documentary series to be aired soon. An amazing story of triumph and perseverance never told before no where else in the world. Celebrated as one of Belize's rude boy champions of Belize's cycling world in the 1960's and 70's, the youngest of the Miguel brothers, Rudy Miguel who dominated Belizean cycling in the early 1960's and 70's, rose to become one of the best Belizean cyclists of all times.

According to Belize's cycling legend and National Belize Cross Country Ccyling Champion, Rudy Miguel, it was the great Belizean cycling legend, Duncan Vernon, who identified that Miguel was going to be an outstanding cyclist in Belize, and encouraged the youngest of the Miguel brothers to build on his strength and power as a cyclist who had the tenacity for the distance of the Holy Saturday Cross Country in Belize. In this classic photo, Rudy Miguel leads Vernon and another rider in the 1970 Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic at the National Stadium known as Horse Track at that time. A big time respect to Trevor Vernon. Belizean Legends will be bringing you soon the story of Belizean cycling great, Duncan Vernon.

A big time respect to the two Belizean cycling brothers, Rudy Miguel and Jonito Miguel. There is still this curious question among Belize's sports enthusiasts that is still asked up to today as to who was the best among the two, which of them was the true KING OF ROAD. Let's hear it from you, and cheers to them both. Que viva to the The Miguel Brothers!

The only Belizean politician who made history in Belize defeating the long reigning Belizean Prime Minister, George Cadle Price in the 1984 Belize general elections, was the former United Democratic Party (UDP) Belizean politician, and a former Minister of Education, Derek Aikman. Aikman rose to national acclaim in Belize after his victory in the 1984 general elections defeating Price in the Pickstock Divisison in Belize City. He continues to speak out against the Guatemalan Claim of Belize, and had recently revealed on the Hubert Pipersberg Show in 2014, some serious betrayal of Belize's sovereignty and territorial integrity since the coming to power of the 1984 Esquivel administration.

The eloquent socialist Belizean thinker, scholar, and former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman, whose political work at the United Nations (UN) championing Belize's independence that was won in 1981, remains uncontested by any other Belizean Foreign Minister in the history of politics in Belize, has been questioned today as whether he has actually abandoned his socialist ideology and has moved more to the middle as a centrist of Belize's political spectrum. Shoman, who now lives in Cuba, appears from time to time as a consultant with Belize's Minister of foreign Affairs, Wilfred 'Sedi' Elrington, on the Belize / Guatemalan Dispute.

The Peoples United Party (PUP) appears to have abandoned their social justice platform that was once practiced by the its founder and the so-called Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price, whose mantra in the 1960' and 70's became social justice for all Belizeans and the policy of the mix economy. Most PUP politicians like Jane Usher, the sister of Belize's longest reigning Prime Minister, George Price, who ran under its social justice banner of caring for the poor and underserved in the Belizean society countrywide in the 1960's and 1970's, won back to back general elections, and captured the majority of electoral votes among the Belize electorate.

The 1984 Belize Prime Minster, Manuel Esquivel making his victory speech at the Belize City Court House, after the United Democratic Party (UDP) victory in 1984 general elections in Belize City. The Esquivel administration that came to power on the slogan of 'pro-west and pro-U.S.' policies, drastically moved away from the former George Price government philosophy of social justice and the mix economy, to one driven by the so-called 'magic of the marketplace' and free market economics. Since the United Democratic Party government has transferred power to its predecessor, the Barrow Administration, not much has changed from its neoliberal policies and drastic move towards more privatization as its mantra and philosophy for development in Belize.

When Belize City's gang warfare erupted in the 1990's with the senseless murders and black and black crime within Belize's black youth population, the only organization that continued to expose the malady as a means of black genetic annihilation was the United Black Association for Development (UBAD) and its alliance in the Belizean diaspora, BREDAA. Nuri Akbar Estrada addressing Belizeans in Belize City in 1992 as the keynote speaker, at the 25th. anniversary of the UBAD organization ceremony at the Bishop Sylvester Memorial Center. UBAD became Belize's only black power resistance movement in Belize, and became a progressive organization in the 1960's and 70's in Belize, championing the rights of Belize's predominantly black population at that time. It was led by its revolutionary leader, Evan x Hyde, who is presently the publisher of Belize's largest distributed newspaper today, the Amandala.

After their first ever general elections victory in 1984, the United Democratic Party (UDP) government visited the Los Angeles Belizean Community in Los Angeles, California, at the invitation of Friends of The UDP, a powerful Belizean diaspora lobby organization that organized fundraising campaigns for the political party, and was an important player in the 1984 general elections victory of the Esquivel administration at that time. The 1984 Belizean government Foreign Minister, Dean Barrow, with his clean cut persona and eloquent speeches, was no doubt an instrumental player in that first UDP victory, and continues today to drive the passion of the party, becoming its Prime Minister for two terms already, and perhaps heading for his third straight consecutive general election win despite all the odds.

Channel 7

Election Officer Assaulted
An election officer from the Benque Viejo Office of the Elections and Boundaries was assaulted last night while she was working late. Now, viewers are very aware that the General Elections are only 25 days away, and since this is the fourth one for 2015, the Elections & Boundaries Department is once again under pressure to make sure that the process goes off without a hitch. So, right now, all the public officers within the department are working overtime, some remaining activated for 16-hour days on average. They are engaged in that kind of feverish activity to get every single detail right, because if an officer makes one error, it could cause an election petition to end up at the Supreme Court. Against that backdrop, fanatics of one of the political parties assaulted an officer in Benque. Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai shared the disturbing details of the incident with us this morning:

Getting Ready For GE
But, with all that disturbing behavior, the Elections and Boundaries Department still has to diligently prepare for the biggest election of 2015. As you would imagine, the logistics for a countrywide mobilization of the voters is no easy task, and there are scores of variables. So today, the Department hosted a meeting with the agents and representatives of the different political parties to lay down the usual ground rules. The Chief Elections Officer told us that she and her staff - like the rest of the country - suspected that the General Elections were close, and so they started to make preparations before the Prime Minister announced the date: Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer "We had sent out an invitation for political parties prospective candidates to attend meeting. It is something that is traditional. Whenever we going into an election we sit and we do basically like a refresher training for them, so that they understand the processes. Because in this we are all stakeholders and we need to ensure or remind persons of the laws as it relates to an election. We need to inform them of what policies, what practices will be in place on that day. We finalized the list of nominations stations, polling stations, counting stations. We explain that counting will be done simultaneously, because we want to get the results out. The number of agents that would be allowed in the polling and counting stations and how they are appointed and other matters we discussed this morning."

COLA Pulled Out 75
Last night, Grassroots Organization COLA held it's public meeting in the open lot on New Road adjoining Smiling Meats. 75 persons showed up to hear public speakers Russel Roberts, Moses Sulph, Delroy Herrera, and Murphy "Jihad" McLaren. All of them spoke passionately against Wilfred Elrington, try to convince Pickstock voters to vote for anyone other than the two term representative. Their campaign is based on the logic that if Elrington is rejected at the polls - he cannot be made foreign minister again - which, while fanciful, is misguided, because he can, of course be brought in through the senate. Nontheless, the speakers took the rostrum and heaped condemnation on the Foreign Minister, describing him with words like "traitor" and "tyrant". They referred to the Government's handling of the ICJ push, Elrington's comments in relation to the Belize-Guatemala Territorial Dispute, and the unresolved Forward Operating Base on Sarstoon Island.

Cops Foiled Crazy Murder/Robbery of Minors
Last night we told you about the foiled robbery in Ladyville. Well we have more on it tonight - turns out it's also a foiled murder! In fact, if police hadn't caught up with the minors, one of them, or possibly both would have been shot and killed. As we told you, two minors came off a bus in Ladyville and walked up to two persons inside a Jeep Liberty that was parked close by. The driver gave one of the minors a gun to hold up Low's Supermarket, but the minors refused to do it. That's when another minor came out of the Jeep and there was a confrontation among all 3 during which the minor that came out of the vehicle pointed a gun at the other two who were trying to run away. But that's not all - the driver of the Jeep then ran over one of the minors who was trying to get away. Today Sr. Supt Edward Broaster and the Rural Response Team held a press conference and they told us how they managed to disrupt this crazy operation. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "Yesterday we had our rural rapid response and an active operation where they were conduction surveillance in the area of LOWS and SKY CITY. Based on our intelligence mechanism we had information of a plot to commit a robbery where we had our officers doing active surveillance."

FCIB Staffers Take It To The Street
Early this morning before 8:00, and again this afternoon for the lunch break, employees of the First Caribbean International Bank at the Belize City main branch took to Albert Street for a small protest. According to their Union Representatives, they are frustrated that once again, the negotiations with the Bank's management have once again stalled. As has been widely reported, First Caribbean is pulling out of Belize, and its 60+ employees will lose their jobs. So, they want their soon-to-be former bosses to grant them an exit package which they believe is fair to all the workers. Both sides are trying to negotiate that, but once again, another issue has gotten in the way of these discussions. Audrey Matura-Shepherd, the designated spokesperson for the workers told the press that it's because they have announced to the bank that they plan to strike if the negotiations fail. Here's how she put it:

FCIB Criticizes Matura-Shepherd
And so, with all this union agitation, today, First Caribbean Bank - which says it doesn't like to negotiate in public - released a statement criticizing Audrey Matura Shepherd's and the CWU's conduct during the negotiations. The Bank opens its first press release on the subject by saying, quote, "the union through Ms. Matura shepherd continues to tarnish its reputation...we can no longer sit silently and allow this to continue," end quote. It says, quote, "the Bank feels it has a duty of care to ensure that our employees are treated fairly…(but) our efforts to negotiate and a fair and reasonable package for our employees have been thwarted by the unreasonable actions of the union leadership." The release goes on to detail at some length the attempts to have meetings with the CWU leadership, or to forward proposals which they say have been frustrated. The release makes out that the union has been intransigent, unavailable or non responsive.

Southside Crime Down Sharply
The Police Eastern Division was split into three parts on July 7th - and, since then - the new structure has been effective at curtailing crime, especially on the southside. Now it's perhaps a little too early to call it a trend, but today Southside Commander Chester Williams held an outdoor press briefing to celebrate a September that saw zero murders on the southside. He discussed it within the context of the three months since he took over:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "Belize City south side was averaging between 4-5 murders per month and the efforts that we have put in since July of this year to present have seen major reduction in the murder rate. For the month of July, we had a total of 5 murders. Our efforts to fight the scourge of crime on south side Belize City continues. And in the month of August we recorded 1 murder. We were not satisfied with that. We met, myself and the management team, we discussed and we say we need to have a month without a murder on south side Belize City and gentlemen and ladies, the month of September was that month. The month of September recorded zero murders on south side Belize City. That is unprecedented. In recent memories we cannot recall a month where south side Belize City have gone without a murder. So that is a huge accomplishment. Since this administration came into effect on the 7th July 2015, Precinct 1 have not recorded not one single murder in 3 and half months. That again is unprecedented."

Cops Do Crime Pattern Analysis
And while they don't do crime prevention - the southside does do Crime Pattern Analysis. They just started in September - but it's an important new thrust for policing - which does more than just put more boots on the ground; it puts them where they are most needed. As part of a mini open day Williams took us to the newly christened Crimes Analysis office where Corporal Jane Usher explained how they use data to analyze crime patterns which keep you safer: And so far the Analysis office has come up with an interesting finding: you're most likely to get stolen from on a Tuesday, and most likely to get shot on a Saturday:..

CJ Rejects Butchy
Earlier this week we told you about Errol Butchy Haynes - who was transferred from Mexican jail to Belizean jail in May. He says he's being held based on a bogus three year conviction that happened when he wasn't here. He took that to the Supreme Court for redress, and, today, the Chief Justice dismissed his application. The CJ dismissed his application for what is known as "habeas corpus" and advised him to seek judicial review instead. Today the Government's representative, from the office of the Solicitor General's office Trennia Young and Agassi Finnegan presented their case. Young who submitted that they were in possession of copy of the magistrate court book, and warrant which shows the reason for his detention and coincides with conviction by the Senior Magistrate.

Found More Avian Influenza - Fixed It
A month ago, we told you how the Belize Agricultural Health Authority announced that the health officials had gotten the low pathogenic avian influenza - which devastated the poultry industry - under control. Well, BAHA is announcing tonight that through their vigilance and public cooperation, they've stopped another outbreak from taking hold in that industry. BAHA says that they detected 4 suspicious outbreaks in backyard poultry farms in Red Bank and Bella Vista in the South and Fireburn and Sylvestre in the north. The early detection and rapid response allowed for authorities to exterminate the birds affected by the virus. This has ensured that it will not spread. They are also waiting on absolute confirmation that these birds were indeed infected by avian influenza. Samples have been sent to for testing in the United States. BAHA is also congratulating the backyard farmers who informed them in time, and they ask that the public continue to remain vigilant.

A Rally Against Bullie
Bullying in school has been around forever, but with the explosion of social media and mobile communications, it often takes on a sinister edge - which is difficult for children to cope with. That's why our neighbors at Wesley Lower School held an anti-bullying rally today. It's the conclusion of a series of activities held this week culminating in a balloon release today. The principal told us how symbolic the balloon release is and the overall message she wants the kids and the community to get. There is also a program at the school that targets high risk students for intervention.

Lego Mi Land!
Tonight a Belize City couple is concerned that their piece of land in the Lake Independence Area will be taken away from them. This evening the couple took 7news out to the area near the CB Hyde Building where works are being done on their property - they say without their permission. It has been going on for a while now. According to Darren Helmsley and his wife Tricia, the Chinese business owner who's building nearby - and whose property adjoins theirs had offered them money for their land which they refused. They have visited the Lands Department in Belmopan and in Belize City, in hopes of getting a stop order. But they say work has not stopped. They told 7news they are worried that things might get worse - and so they are sounding the alarm publicly before it does. Tricia Hemsley, Land Owner "The problem is that this is our land. The land is for my husband. This lady who have the block factory, she wants the land. She called and asked me and I told her no, because I need the land. She must have said that she called me and I didn't want and now I got it through the minister. The thing is it looks like Mark King took some papers to Belmopan, but it didn't published. So now they are pushing us around because at first he told us that he only wants access to come in and fill the rest of land, but now he knocked down our fence and he filled the land. I don't think it is fair. My husband is a sergeant in the Belize Defence Force. We are born Belizean. No way anybody can go to China and get a piece of land. This is politics."

Cocom New Top Cop In Ladyville
There's a new top cop in Ladyville: Inspector Juanito Cocom has taken over the Ladyville precinct from Inspector Fredrick Gordon. Today he told us how he plans to maintain the peace in the biggest and most violent village in Belize. Cocom took over on Oct 1st.

BPD Plan For BRC
So elections are only 25 days away and as we have been showing you politicians have been busy campaigning in their constituencies. But the politicians aren't the only ones gearing up for elections. The police also have an elections plan. Today Inspector Juanito Cocom told us what they will be doing in Belize Rural Central: Police also have plans in place for next Friday's nomination day.

Rivers Recants
Yesterday when he launched his candidacy for Collet Division under the BPP banner, Raymond Rivers also used the platform to apologize to the president of his union: Audrey Matura Shepherd. He had publicly lambasted her for dragging her foot on the negotiations with the Port of Belize - but yesterday he changed his tune. Here's what he had to say and how she reacted at her own press conference later in the day:.. Raymond Rivers, Collet - BPP "I and Miss Audrey Matura-Shepherd went a little cross way because of my work and me fighting for the 150 workers at the port of Belize and she was dragging her feet. I want her to know that I Raymond Rivers apologized to her if she thought I said anything bad to her and I am asking her to please come a long with the BPP and bring the people who you have behind you, the finance you have behind you. Because I know, I have been to your house, I've been talking to you several times and we need you to lead our country into a better country."


Ladyville Police Has New Commanding Officer
In early August last year there was a change at the Ladyville Police Station as the then officer in charge, Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble was moved and sent to head the Vehicle Fleet of the Belize Police Department whilst Inspector Frederick Gordon was moved from Orange Walk to Ladyville to take over as the Commanding […]

CIBC First Caribbean Says Audrey Continues Attempt to Tarnish Bank’s Reputation
Employees of First Caribbean International Bank staged a protest this morning. Protests were held in front of the Belize City Branch as well in Orange Walk Town. The employees protested today to denounce the way that CIBC First Caribbean has approached negotiations which is their last since CIBC First Caribbean is selling out to Heritage […]

Elections and Boundaries Department Under Attack
Elections have been set for Wednesday, November 4. It appears that things are heating up as Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai has told the media that her department is being targeted. JOSEPHINE TAMAI “When she heard the knock she mentioned to me that she thought it was the police officer patrolling because even though you […]

SSB Chairman Says Recommendation for Pension Increase Has Been Drafted
And while the clothing allowance is one issue, there is also the issue of the demand for a pension increase for the employees at Social Security Board. PUP’s Major Lloyd Jones also weighed in on this matter, saying that SSB should be about the people and that while he believes that, he also believes that […]

Police Has Operational Crime Analysis Unit
Since September 2015 the Crime Analysis Unit at the Belize Police Department has been operational. The unit, which is operated by three police officers, was created by Senior Superintendent Chester Williams with the goal to collect data, analyze it and establish crime patterns. Today the media got a firsthand look and how it works as […]

PUP’s Major Jones Criticizes the SSB Uniform Issue
The clothing allowance and monies spent on the cost of uniforms for the Social Security Board workers have created a flurry of emotions ranging from support to harsh criticisms. One aspiring Area Representative from the Opposition party who commented on the matter was Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Major Lloyd Jones. Jones not only commented […]


“Careful … you have skeletons in your closet!”
Today, a press conference was held at the Christian Workers Union (CWU) office, located at 107B Cemetery Road, where the Social Security Board’s staff opened up about the alleged mistreatment they say they have been receiving from the Social Security Board (SSB). Yesterday, the CWU sent out a press release which stated, “Christian Workers Union, in conjunction and in solidarity with its members from the Social Security Board (SSB), denounces the recent conduct of the SSB Chairman, Doug Singh, who seems intent on raising public sentiment against the workers and providing misleading and inaccurate information.” Audrey Matura-Shepherd, president of the CWU, had harsh words for Singh, saying, “I am throwing it out there to warn the Chairman, careful what you say, because you have skeletons in your closet. Don’t attack the staff as though they are the final decision-maker. The staff has kept quiet for a long time, signed a confidentiality agreement and kept things confidential … If you have a problem with how your Social Security fund is being managed, it is not the staff that tells them to put the millions of dollars where the politicians tell you to put it, or appoint the politically appointed people. Instead, the staff has to follow; they are the last one in the chain.”

Bare-faced thieves identified by surveillance camera
Two thieves who did not wear masks on their faces held up and robbed a store in Trial Farm, Orange Walk District, at about 9:30 Saturday night, but they were captured on footage filmed by a surveillance camera in the store, and their faces were broadcasted to the public on television news. Belize City police who saw the video recognized the thieves and arrested two men from Taylor’s Alley, and returned them to Orange Walk Town, where the men were arrested and charged with robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. Jarreth Crawford, 30, of Racoon Street, Belize City, and Albert Wagner, 21, of Lords Bank, Ladyville, both known to police and said to be associated with criminal elements in Pregnant Alley in Belize City, were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court this afternoon, where they were arraigned on the offenses, after which they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 16.

Rita Gilda Duncan, of Partridge Street, passes at 83
Rita Gilda Duncan, the towering, gentle matriarch of the Duncan family of Partridge Street, has passed, but the family-togetherness that she inspired in her seven children will live on in the coming generations of her family. When the Duncan family moved to Lake Independence in 1967, they were among the early pioneers. There were no real streets – the last street ended at Central American Boulevard. Stephen Duncan recalled that their father was employed at Escalante Bakery, but, referring to what happened after the bakery was destroyed in one of Belize City’s historic fires, he said, “my father had to find a new job and we couldn’t afford to continue living at our home on Wilson Street, so we came to live with our grandmother on this street.”

7 more candidates for BPP
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), a newly formed political organization that will contest numerous seats in the November 4 general elections, held a press conference this morning at which it introduced seven more of its candidates. Master of ceremonies Charles Leslie, BPP’s National Campaign Manager, said that after 34 years, “We cannot afford to let out people down.” Leslie stressed that the BPP will adopt a policy of zero tolerance for corruption. At its first press conference last week, the BPP candidates, when declaring their candidacy, also pledged to declare their assets and liabilities in conformity with the “Prevention of Corruption Act.” Elizabeth Dena, the first candidate to be called, declared her candidacy for the Freetown constituency. After making the pledge that she would serve without fear or favor, Dena said that she is tired of the talking: “It’s time to act. We are at the bottom of the barrel,” she said.

Cameron’s 360 mn pounds more important than reparations: PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted the Fourth Annual Business Forum today, Thursday, October 8, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore in Belize City. The forum was attended by representatives of the business community, government officials and the media. The theme of the Forum was “Partnership for Growth and Prosperity” and it reviewed the status of the reform actions discussed at the previous forums, which included initiatives introduced by the public sector as well as issues tabled by the private sector. An Economic Development Council (EDC), which operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister, was formed four years ago to give energy to the reform initiatives which are the result of an on-going dialogue between the members of the Public/Private Sectors. The EDC is co-chaired by Kay Menzies, former president of the Chamber of Commerce, representing the private sector, and Mike Singh, former CEO of BELTRAIDE, representing the public sector. EDC operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister.

PUP promise healthy Belize; launch health reform agenda
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched its Health Reform Agenda this morning at its Independence Hall headquarters, where a number of medical practitioners were in attendance for the Party’s manifesto on health, dubbed “Health Care for the People.” Presenting the health manifesto were the PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, standard bearer for the Freetown constituency; Dr. Francis Smith, the Pickstock standard bearer, and Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom, the Cayo West standard bearer. Fonseca told the Independence Hall attendees that one of the greatest failures of this government of Dean Barrow has been the absolute neglect and abandonment of our health system. Our people are dying, literally dying because of the incompetence of officials at the Ministry of Health, starting at the very top, Fonseca commented.

FFB re-thinks endorsement election plans
Some heavy football politics has been occurring behind the scenes lately, and a lot has come to light this week via leaked emails to our sports desk. It is FFB policy to keep things within the football family, and we have tried to comply with that approach, for the better image of the sport. But football fans are also part of the family, and there are some things we need to share. In a letter yesterday to members of the football family, former national team player and former national team manager Dean Flowers clearly articulated the problem: “…In clear defiance of its own statutes and codes, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) General Secretary and President have quietly and secretly called for an Electoral Congress across all seven football districts without serving adequate notice and advice to the football family in Belize. As was done under former FFB President Bertie Chimilio, Ruperto and Blease actions seek to have endorsements rather than open democratic elections at the District Associations level so as to ensure Ruperto’s re-election in March of next year. If it wasn’t for an alert member of a team of the Belmopan Football Association, the alarm of the country wide elections would have not been sounded. When queried about the elections, FFB remaining Executives (Marlon Kuylen, Cruz Gamez and Sergio Chuc) revealed that they had no knowledge of any such process and could not comment on the matter….”

National Track and Field Championship in November
The Belize Athletics Association (BAA) invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on November 14-15. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ([email protected]) or from our Facebook page (Belize Athletics Association). Registration forms can also be obtained from and returned to the National Sports Council’s offices throughout the country. Please be advised that registration forms should be submitted no later than Wednesday, November 11; no late registrations will be accepted. Cost of registration is $10.00 per athlete. Events will include: 100m; 200m; 400m; 800m; 1500m; 5000m; 10,000m; 4x100m; 4x400m; Long Jump; Triple Jump; High Jump; Javelin; Shot put; Discus.

FFB on Male U-15 training for UNCAF November
Belize will participate in the UNCAF Male U-15 Tournament that will be held in Nicaragua from November 23 – 29. The following players are to report for training on Friday, October 9. Training will be from Friday to Monday, October 12, midday. Players are advised to bring along toiletries, sheets and blanket to cover at night. Players are to bring their passports. (Players are) – Enfield Arzu, Richard Hines, Jalen Smith, Alexis Chan, Glen Tillett, Andir Chi, Amir Herrera, Jamario Torrez, Tarike Muschamp, Michael Deshield, Jadon McGregor, Shaguelle Matutue, Ian Pou, Wilson Cruz, Thaj Aeid, Elton Gordon, Ansleigth Perez, Curry Gomez, Jalen Budna, Angelo Cappelo, Edmond Jones, Shamar Ingram, Henry Monterroso, David Marshall, Hassan Serrano, Guy Sutherland, Zerrick Cabral, Kyle Lozano, Daren Apolonia, Gabriel Ramos, Joseph Ramirez, Reyner Santoya, Romario Martinez, Sergio Herrera, Owen Sosa, Julio Castellanos, Edward Ayala, Oscar Sosa.

Easy Does It wins Belize Rural Female Softball Championship
The Belize Rural Female Senior Softball playoff and championship games were held on Sunday, October 4, at the Lords Bank field. Six (6) teams participated in the tournament: Lords Bank Sunrise (Lords Bank), UB Jaguars (Belmopan), Double Head Cabbage (Double Head), Willows Bank United (Willows Bank), Easy Does It (Flowers Bank), and Country Rose (Rancho). Four (4) made it to the playoffs: UB Jaguars, Double Head Cabbage, Easy Does It and Lords Bank Sunrise. The playoffs followed the Page System, and here are the results: In the opener, UB Jaguars defeated Double Head Cabbage, 15-12; winning pitcher was Amber Wade, while Herlett Clarke took the loss. Next it was Easy Does It, 12-5, over Lords Bank Sunrise, with Margaret Hendy the winning pitcher, while the loss was charged to Karen Hilton. Easy Does It then won, 22-7, to eliminate Double Head Cabbage and secure a spot in the finals. Margaret Hendy was again the winning pitcher, while Herlett Clarke suffered her second playoff loss. And in the championship game which followed, Easy Does It was again successful behind winning pitcher Margaret Hendy, as they defeated UB Jaguars, 24-16, with Amber Wade getting the loss.

Editorial: Need and greed
Some people say that all men are born equal, but it’s not true. Ideally, all human beings should have the same rights and opportunities, but all human beings are not born equal. In any field of endeavor, some humans will surge ahead of others, and that is because of intrinsic inequalities in gifts and talents. No matter the intrinsic inequalities at birth, all human beings are headed towards the same destination. Human beings have the same needs during their mortal lives, and much the same desires. In Belize, as all over planet earth, there are many citizens whose needs are not being met, and these Belizeans are suffering. In Belize, as all over planet earth, there are people who have much more than they need, and for some reason such people are seldom satisfied: they are driven by greed. There are far more Belizeans who are in need than there are those who have in excess of money and resources and still want more. To repeat, the needy are more numerous than the greedy. In a democratic election setting, then, where all registered adult citizens have the same franchise – one man, one vote, it should be that the needy are able to impose their collective will upon the greedy. After all, in Belize, we have free and fair elections, to the best of our knowledge.

From the Publisher
Last week Ya Ya Marin Coleman told me of a religious high school here which was still seeking to glorify the man Christopher Columbus. My first reaction was to become a bit angry, but after all these years I understand my country and I have to accept my country the way my country is. After all, I am a minority. Belize is a heavily Christian country. Institutionalized Christianity basically began moving from European countries, such as Spain, Portugal, England, France and the Netherlands beginning in the middle of the fifteenth century when the Portuguese began to sail along the West African coast. Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas took place in the latter part of that fifteenth century, in 1492. And it was on October 12, 1492 when Columbus, an Italian in the employ of the king and queen of Spain, first landed in the so-called New World, what we now know as the Caribbean but what Columbus completely mistakenly believed to be the Indies – lands to the east of Europe which featured silks and spices and teas and precious jewels.

Do the right thing
Dear Editor, The highway entering San Ignacio from Benque is very busy with large trucks and vehicles. As they approach the populated area, they are moving fast and there are no warnings or speed bumps to alert drivers to slow down. This spot is an area where children are crossing the highway to get to and from school. There is also a blind curve. We have tried to get speed bumps on the road for ten years. We went to the Town Board (both PUP and UDP), town meetings, met with the CEO of the Ministry of Works, contacted our Area Representative but have yet to get results. The CEO told us they did not want to put in speed bumps as the road was being redone from Belmopan to the Border and it was costly and would not make sense to put them in just to take them out. That was almost 3 years ago.

What is the meaning of 10 – 10 – 15?
This Saturday, October 10, 2015, is the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man March and Honorable Louis Farrakhan will deliver a historic address at the Washington Mall in Washington DC, titled “Justice or Else”. The address will be aired live on KREM Television beginning at 11 a.m., local time. The first Million Man March was in October, 1995, and the theme at the time was the necessity of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility, and in particular, the need for Black men to appeal for God’s pardon for their failures to be the men that they hoped to be, and ought to be. That was a magnificent and important day and appeal to the divine Supreme Being, who brought us through a time of great trouble.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan conducting free clinics
A team of three doctors and three nurses are here in Belize from Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan and will be conducting free clinics for four days at the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) and Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The team includes specialists in ophthalmology, E.N.T. (ear, nose and throat), and nephrology. The Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, Benjamin Ho, said that the visit is possible because of an agreement between Taiwan and the Ministry of Health which was signed earlier this year. Carla Musa, Executive Director of BCVI, a non-profit organization which carries out comprehensive eye services, said that the ophthalmologist will be performing cataract-removal surgeries on at least 20 of the BCVI’s patients. Meanwhile the ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist and nephrology doctors were assigned to the KHMH (Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital). A nose surgery is scheduled to be performed by the ENT specialist, Dr. Chia Hung Chen, but the number of patients who will receive care from Chen has not yet been determined.

4th Village Arts & Craft Expo
The 4th Village Arts & Craft Expo was held this Saturday at the BTL Park. One hundred and thirty artisans participated in the expo, which is an initiative of the Belize Tourism Board. Among the items which were on exhibition were woven bags, bracelets, and chains; earrings made of cohune; necklaces made of jade; baskets made of jippi jappa; soy wax candles; and oatmeal soaps. The items are being marketed under the brand “Unique Belize”. Jackie Castillo, Creative Industry Officer of NICH, told Amandala that Unique Belize came out of a project known as MTBCAAS (Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeology Sites), which was funded by the European Union. Castillo said, “Unique Belize is a phase of the project that focuses on product development; it took some of the products that were market-ready and improved on it. There were three to four months of training in business development, marketing, identifying trends and prototype development.” Castillo further mentioned, “We were able to develop a brand of unique, authentic Belizean crafts that can be marketed both locally and internationally.”

Tezzrah Diamond Thompson, 11, gone too soon!
Tezzrah Diamond Thompson, 11, a student of St. Matthews Government School, who lived in Mahogany Heights, died after she was knocked down by a cargo truck as she was crossing the George Price Highway after she came off the school bus at about 4:30 Monday evening. The incident occurred at the junction of the Mahogany Heights Road and the George Price Highway. Thompson was hit by a cargo truck that was travelling to Belmopan, and suffered massive head and body injuries. She was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but she died on Tuesday. On Monday evening, police immediately detained the driver of the cargo truck, Jose Carlos Rodriguez, 44. He was charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention.

Guinea Grass resident chopped in the head for being broke
A Guinea Grass resident, Antonio Zepeda, 24, told police that he was chopped in the head by a fellow villager, Adan Meza, 38, because he was broke and could not buy rum for him in a bar in Guinea Grass on Saturday night. Zepeda was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, where he was admitted to ward in a serious but stable condition. Meza was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and grievous harm. Adan Meza was taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 16. Zepeda told police that he was alone in the bar having a few drinks when Meza walked in and demanded that he buy drinks for him. He said that when he indicated to Meza that he did not have enough money, Meza took out a machete from his pants and chopped him in the head and forehead.

PUP promise healthy Belize; launch health reform agenda
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched its Health Reform Agenda this morning at its Independence Hall headquarters, where a number of medical practitioners were in attendance for the Party’s manifesto on health, dubbed “Health Care for the People.” Presenting the health manifesto were the PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, standard bearer for the Freetown constituency; Dr. Francis Smith, the Pickstock standard bearer, and Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom, the Cayo West standard bearer. Fonseca told the Independence Hall attendees that one of the greatest failures of this government of Dean Barrow has been the absolute neglect and abandonment of our health system. Our people are dying, literally dying because of the incompetence of officials at the Ministry of Health, starting at the very top, Fonseca commented. Fonseca pointed out that Prime Minister Barrow is on record as saying that Minister of Health Pablo Marin’s victory at the election polls is more important to him, Barrow, than Marin’s performance as Minister of Health.

The Reporter

Murders down on south side Belize City since July, says senior police officer
Murders on the south side of Belize City have gone down since July, says Senior Superintrndent of Police Chester Williams. Williams told the media on Friday that there have been five murders total recorded in July, August and September on the southside since he introduced […]

SSB employees won’t back down
Social Security Board (SSB) employees have turned up the pressure on company management, this week, staging protests, a sickout and refusing to relent from their position on a clothing allowance and other issues related to the their pending Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), but Prime […]

FCIB employees protest, dressed in black
About 60 employees of the First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) protested in front of their place of employment in Belize City and Belmopan on Friday, in their ongoing plight to try to get reasonable exit packages from their employer before the bank closes for business […]

San Pedro Red Cross holds blood drive
The San Pedro Red Cross held a blood drive this past weekend as part of its continuing effort to build the Ambergris Caye blood supply for residents and tourists. The drive, which was organized in collaboration with Belize Blood Services and the San Pedro Cancer […]

UWI and Japan’s Sophia University sign new research agreement
The University of the West Indies (UWI) and Japan’s Sophia University, this week signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at enhancing bilateral relationships in research and education at each institution. The agreement is also expected to expand the spectrum of academic collaboration and […]

Accused rapist charged as parents agree to testify
The Ministry of Human Development explained this week that the parents of a 13-year-old girl rape victim from Santa Familia Village have decided to press charges against their nephew and son who allegedly committed the act. Chief Executive Officer in the ministry, Judith Alpuche, explained […]

11 year-old girl killed in road accident! Truck driver charged .
Jose Rodriguez, 54, a Honduran truck driver, has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention, for a road traffic accident on Monday evening that claimed the life of an 11-year-old schoolgirl. Tezzrah Thompson, […]

Taiwan doctors offer free medical care
Hundreds of Belizeans received free medical care for their eyes, ears, nose, throat and kidney problems this week, from a visiting team of three doctors and three nurses from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in Taiwan The team visited Belize from Monday to Thursday, […]

BTL partners with consultants to improve phone service
Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), this week announced a partnership with international telecom consultants, Parcus Group Inc., which will see BTL improve customer service and product quality through training and consultation on product management. “We needed a credible and skilled partner to support our growth […]

SSB employees protest over uniforms
Social Security Board (SSB) employees, this week, expressed their dissatisfaction with SSB management, by organizing a series of countrywide protests outside their respective branches during the lunch hour break. They demanded that a problem regarding uniforms be resolved among other things According to Christian […]

UK: “Let’s move on”; Caribbean: “Run the reparations”
United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron, is asking the Caribbean to look past the call for Reparations for slavery and focus on future cooperations with his country. However organizations within the region are not deviating from their stated goals. Cameron, on a visit to the […]

Dental services being offered to the public
The Ministry of Health and the Belize Dental Department, in collaboration with the Hiossen Implant Company, will conduct a dental implant course next week, providing training for professionals and services to patients. The training course with the Hiossen Implant Company will run from October […]

Stop The Foreclosure Game
Both the PUP and UDP have failed to provide usury laws that will protect home owners from excessive interest rates, that result in mortgage foreclosures and lose of homes. But the Belize Progressive Party plans on providing such laws that will protect home owners and save their homes. High interest […]

Guatemalan jailed for sexually assaulting elderly woman
A Guatemalan man was sent to jail this week, for sexually assaulting his 77-year-old mother-in law, who is confined to a wheelchair. Rubio Castro appeared in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, to answer to one count of “Harm” and one count of “Sexual Assault.” […]

D-Day is here!
The PM has finally done the inevitable and called the next General Elections. This is not the first time that early general elections have been called in the nation’s young history, but it is the first time it has been called this early. They did it for one basic reason, […]

No one has approached the Reporter to ask for clarification of its editorial published last week, October 4, but the paper will gladly provide one to end any confusion or misgivings our editorial comments may have caused. The first point we want to make is this: an agreement on confidence-building […]

UB teachers protest!
Singing the popular union song, “We Shall Not Be Moved”, and chanting the words: “equal treatment, equal pay”, close to 100 teachers and staff members of the University of Belize (UB) Belmopan campus protested on campus last Friday. They have been demanding a 14 percent […]

PM hosts business forum Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Integrity Commission are priorities, he says
Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted the fourth annual public-private sector business forum on Thursday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore hotel under the theme, “Partnership for Growth and Prosperity”. He met members of the private sector and discussed ways to strengthen Belize’s business climate. […]

BPP says support is growing
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) produced another round of candidates who have offered themselves for various constituencies in the November 4th General Elections. The new entries bring the BPP’s total to 23 candidates. The party is looking to announce more next week. BPP’s National […]

The wage bill is a ticking time bomb, says Business Senator
Increasing Belize’s already high wage bill indiscriminately through salary adjustments will eventually have a negative economic backlash, declared Senator for the Business Community, Mark Lizarraga, this week. Lizarraga explained that providing salary adjustments with the economy in its current condition will send the public debt […]

The Belize Times

Dean Barrow, the tyrant who has ruined Belize will be kicked out of power on the 4th November. That is the message coming from every nook and crany of the country. From the streets of Belize City and every town and village, the people are saying it. They have had enough of this no-good, arrogant Prime Minister. The biggest issue which is the cause of concern for the vast majority of Belizeans is the Guatemala issue. Belizeans know that something is very wrong with the way Guatemala has been allowed to ride over this UDP Government. They are suspicious of why the Prime Minister has been hiding vital information coming from Guatemala which is damaging to Belize. It is now a confirmed fact that since 19 August Guatemala has informed the Prime Minister that they have taken away the Belize portion of the Sarstoon River and the Sarstoon Island. This is a brazen violation of the 1859 Boundary Treaty and a breach of international law.

The BELIZE TIMES has been received a set of documents which were leaked from the Companies Registry. The document show that there are several high ranking or notorious UDP’s that have created private companies to carry out things that they don’t want to be done in their own name We know of the infamous one, Mytheon Solutions, which is connected to John Saldivar and his UDP “run boy” turned mayor Khalid Belisle. We know of the telephone love fest all the way to the bank. But these new three companies tell of another bizarre secret. The explanation behind the companies we at BELIZE TIMES will save for the up coming issues of this newspaper but the Companies themselves will cause the Belizean people to start asking all the right questions. First up is a very active company which calls itself BISHCO CONSTRUCTION it is registered to a 7238 New Brighton Beach, Belize City address. The eyebrows are raised because on the face of it who is BISCHO? When you look behind who owns the company it is one Otto Joel Bishop. We all know that this is one in the same person as Boots Martinez’s “bag man” as he is called.

Sedi Elrington is a disaster of a Foreign Minister and a politician. Even is brother, appropriated and affectionately known as “Crazy Glue” referred to Sedi and his UDP colleagues as a “bunch of idiots”. The BELIZE TIMES weighs in on the propaganda swings by Channel 7 and Jules Vasquez. See in Belize for a long time Barrow and his UDP had tricked us into believing that his agents, minions and legions were “independent”. BELIZE TIMES can list without credible objection: Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB), Zeniada Moya, Godwin Hulse and a host of other implants who when the PUP were in office posed as independents.

PUP Will Fix Broken Health System
There is a very clear difference between the PUP and the UDP. Never has it been so easily able to be differentiated. On Wednesday, October 7, 2015. The People’s United Party unveiled another chapter in the designed policy papers. On Wednesday, the Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, flanked by two Standard Bearers, detailed an impressive Health Care Policy Paper. Dr. Lesbia Guerra, Cayo West, and Dr. Francis Smith, Pickstock, represent two of members of the competent team of the People’s United Party who are contesting the next general elections which are only days away. The policy paper which is headlined as Health Care for the People: The Plan to Fix a Broken System was presented and a summary of the detailed policy was present with nine main points.

Our worst fears have come true. It is true that Guatemala told the Government in writing that they have taken over the Belize half of Sarstoon River. And the Government has said not a word to the people of Belize. This is a very serious matter. Our Government was officially informed in writing in August 2015 and the Government has refused to notify the people of Belize. It is very likely that our Government did not even respond against Guatemala’s assertions regarding our national territory. The people of Belize have every reason to be suspicious and annoyed with the behavior of the Government.

Decision ‘15
Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective. ~ Pratibha Patil Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep. ~ Ray Davies November 4th is fast approaching and Belizeans will be faced with a very important decision. Do we maintain the current status or do we shift gears and do things in a different way. Do we re-elect those who currently hold office and ignore all the wrongs that have been done or do we clear house and hire new people to handle our affairs. The choice is ours to make.

This is the closest the PUP has been to forming government in three years. If you look at the waste in propaganda or just banners, plastered across the country by the UDP, you will know that they are panicking. The UDP are scared to be exposed. Elections, by their nature, expose outgoing governments. You only learn the truth when Governments change. Many sleepless nights will be between now and November 4, 2015. As frightening as it may sound to the blood hungry vampires that Barrow has assembled and protected, time is counting down. The sun is coming up and the shadows will be conquered by the power of the people. For most, including a very cautious media, the relevant time ends on November 4, 2015 when the results are announced. The value of our attention is limited to November fourth – maybe rightfully so.

It is indeed only a matter of time for the PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East, Josué Carballo, to be crowned as our new Area Representative for Orange Walk East. The many qualities that our young candidate brings to the table are certainly very appealing and convincing to the electorate of this division who have clamored for a continuation of excellent representation that has been cemented by Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez. During the short time that Josué has been the PUP standard bearer of Orange Walk East, he has achieved countless small projects and youth activities, especially, in the rural areas that include Chan Pine Ridge, Santa Martha, Carmelita, Palmar, and Tower Hill notwithstanding the lack of Petro Caribe funds that the UDP so arrogantly and maliciously refused to use to uplift the area.

Dear Coworkers of the Lands Department, I take this time out to get your attention and to ask you to open your eyes, your mind and think: Think of the way you feel working here at the Lands Department under the UDP Administration. Are you being treated with respect? 2. Do they show you appreciation for the tremendous work you are doing or have done? 3. Do you feel welcome, comfortable and happy working here? 4. What’s the feeling you get when so many cameras are being installed to monitor your every action? 5. Is there fairness across the board? 6. Don’t you feel that the political appointees (Johnny comes lately) have more rights than you? 7. Don’t you feel helpless?

Just Di Wonder
Just di wonder about dem over 200 voters illegally transferred in to Freetown by the UDP. Desperate to prove a point UDP? Nobody knows Carla. Carla who? Noh worry, Francis built on a strong foundation, the People of Freetown know he dah fu we. And really who votes against a future Prime Minister? Who does not wish that their area rep was the Prime Minister? . Just di wonder, there are a lot of UDP banners . Lot. Pretty plastic ones, look expensive. If only those plastic signs could vote but just di wonder how much of our tax payers money you think gone into di massive flags and massive canvas banners that they will never use again? Yuh check out Mark King ones. Cordel does have not even a single flag flying. This means that the UDP are panicking. They are like drug dealers with lots of money who are paranoid and looking out the window for the police to come or for someone to steal their drugs. Keep calm, money can buy board, clothe and pain but can it buy integrity and dignity?

Dean Barrow is a sick man and when we say sick, BELIZE TIMES does not only mean it in the colloquial or urban meaning, we mean that his health is not good. Sources deep inside the disgruntled UDP camps have shared with the BELIZE TIMES that Barrow health is far worse than he is disclosing to the public. We at BELIZE TIMES are sure that Barrow is unhealthy. He admitted that he makes very frequent trips abroad to deal with “health issues”. We know that one of those illnesses is his back as we saw him use a walking stick in the Cayo North Bye Elections, but this is not the only health issue Barrow has.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

COLA begins anti-Sedi campaign
Some 200 Belizeans of all political persuasions attended Thursday night’s public meeting on New Road hosted by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), in what they say is the first step in their plans to see Pickstock area representative Wilfred Elrington removed from his office by the voters. Elrington […]

FCIB employees take to the streets
They will not be employees for much longer, but the workers of First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) across the country have had new fear pressed into them by the response of their employers to their actions in the last few week. Today, while they still remain employees, they […]

Police make history in Belize City – no murders in September!
If it seems we haven’t been reporting as many murders in Belize City as we used to, there’s a reason for that. All of the Old Capital, but particularly the South-side, has seen a serious transformation of policing with the re-organization of the mammoth Eastern Division into three […]

BAHA says bird flu threat eradicated
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) recently conducted a depopulation of birds infected with Avian Influenza H5N2 in four areas, namely, Red Bank and Bella Vista villages in the south as well as Fireburn and Sylvestre villages in the north, where suspected outbreaks were reported in backyard poultry. Earlier today, […]

BAHA continues to fight the Avian Influenza
A press release from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is declaring that on September 9th 2015, Belize regained its free status from the Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N2. The release states that BAHA has been working along with the Poultry Industry to depopulate infected birds and continues to implement […]

Former Orange Walk Mayor joins Belize Progressive Party
With less than a week from nomination day, former Orange Walk Mayor, Philip De La Fuente has thrown his name in the political race under the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) banner. De La Fuente’s name will be put down on the ballot sheet to run against John Briceño the PUP […]

Football superstar Lionell Messi accused of tax evasion in Belize
International football icon and arguably the best player in the world, Leonel Messi, who currently plays for the Barcelona Football Club, is in the midst of shocking allegations involving tax evasion in Belize and is set to stand trial in Spain along with his father. This comes after it was […]

Man shot while playing basketball
A shooting incident at a basketball court in Roaring Creek village last night around 10:00 p.m. left 22-year-old David Cruz with a bullet lodged in his right leg. Police visited Cruz at the Western Regional Hospital where he told them that while playing basketball, a male person wearing a mask […]

Police recover stolen SUV
Police in Roaring Creek managed to recover a stolen Ford Escape SUV shortly after it went missing on Wednesday morning, October 7th. Edwardo Cortez, a 76-year-old resident of the Kings Park Area in Belize City reported that sometime between 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening and 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, […]

Worried mother seeks police assistance to find missing daughter
Belize City police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a 15-year-old female student who was last seen by her mother, Leonie Williams, on Wednesday October 7th. Shayanta Shanice Williams is a resident of Iguana Street Extension in Belize City and is described as being about 5 feet, 6 […]

PM Barrow is confident that Corozal Bay and Pickstock will be won by the UDP
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is confident of a UDP victory in the upcoming general elections, but nowhere apparently more so than in Corozal Bay and Pickstock, the homes of two of his under-fire Ministers, Pablo Marin and Wilfred Elrington. Both men have won two terms and are seeking a third. Barrow told reporters that while “very unfortunate” the rat incident is not something that he sees doing any harm to Marin’s chances in Corozal Bay.

Rat “planted” in Western Regional Incubator?
While insisting that it was not his own opinion, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that the infamous rat which was videoed in the incubator at the Western Regional Hospital a month or so ago was, in the opinion of “knowledgeable” persons privy to the situation, placed there, perhaps intentionally. The theory […]

Dangriga police find another gun
Another search conducted by Dangriga police on Tuesday resulted in the discovery of a firearm and ammunition, this time in the New Site Area. Officers searched an abandoned lot in the area around 6:15 p.m. and found a 9-millimeter pistol containing two live, Lugar brand rounds. No one was in […]

It is going to be close! Recent electoral opinion poll shows unprecedented results: Opinion Poll shows either PUP or UDP can win General Election on November 4th
A recent online election poll conducted by Belize Media Group (BMG) indicates that the November 4th general elections will be extremely close as the final results of the poll show the United Democratic Party (UDP) beating […]

Police Caught Kids Trying To Rob Sky Supermarket
Two minors are detained and police seek two others including an adult following a bizarre incident in Ladyville Thursday evening. Around 4:00 p.m. the Eastern Division (Rural) Rapid Response Team were in the area of Sky Supermarket on the Philip Goldson Highway when they observed two boys coming off a bus and meet a […]

Mental Health Day celebrated
Dignity and respect for mental health patients: that is what health professionals are asking of the community. Today the Central Health Region organized a students’ march through the streets of the city to get that message across. The march featuring students from Wesley and Palotti started at Cleopatra White Health […]

Miss a kick, win a trip to Belize!
From the creative minds of the Belize Tourism Board comes another Belize promotion, this one targeting struggling kickers in the U.S. National Football League (NFL). For non-followers of American football, kickers are the men who come out to kick the point after touchdown (PAT) or field goal which is worth […]


The 15th Belize General Election: Economics … Part I
According to the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, the celebrated US author Mark Twain popularized the saying “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” in his book “Chapters from My Autobiography”, published in 1906. “Figures often beguile me,” Wiki reports he wrote, “particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'” Over the last several years Facebook discussions, debates and arguments have convinced me that for the most part, there are some things that the Belizean electorate does not like to know. I say this in the context of what two German sociologists wrote in analyzing a statement by United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who answered a question at a U.S. Department of Defense news briefing on February 12, 2002, about the lack of evidence linking the government of Iraq with the supply of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups by saying: “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

My Week in Belize on Instagram
I still love Instagram – I can post snapshots during the day that would have nothing to do with a blog and I can follow people from around the world, viewing Petra or climbing to Macchu Picchu or stomping down the runway in Alexander McQueen or just spending their days at uber-luxe Cayo Espanto just a mile or two from here. If you are not a follower – here are some of the very cool things I’ve seen this week – from others and from me. If you’d like to sign up or you are already on it, here’s where you can find me. Here you go, a bit of a pictorial hodge-podge. I can start with photos from my day in Belize City.

It’s almost that time again Belize
Pretty soon someone will start visiting your homes, spreading cheer and giving gifts. No, I am not talking about Jolly Old Saint Nicholas; I’m talking about your local politicians. The problem here is that they come bearing small gifts in turn for huge returns once they get into office. Basically a ton of bullshit to get your vote. This time around, let’s do things differently and step back from party fanaticism and think about the issues affecting Belizeans both at home and in the Diaspora. I was born and raised in a UDP family with family friends in PUP, but as soon as I was able to comprehend the dirty game of politics I became an independent thinker.. I had the chance to vote in one election before leaving Belize and I abstained my vote.. Why you ask? Because I grew up in the system, I saw things happening on both ends of the stick and I refused to support criminals that use the stolen largess of the people to line their pockets and that of their cronies and families and just as I would not tolerate common criminals, I refuse to support criminals in suits that pass themselves as honorable.

Belize Recipes: A Taste Of Belize’s Conch Season!
Conch season in Belize officially opened last week October 1st and goes through until June 30th, 2016 or until the national catch quota, about one million pounds, is realized. Of course we couldn’t wait to share with you some Belize Recipes to try out with this delicious Belizean favorite! Dates and quotas are set into place to prevent overfishing of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) Species. Conch, pronounced CONK, is a staple meat source here in Belize and several other countries in the Caribbean where it is also harvested and exported. Conch fritters, Conch soup or chowder, conch steak and conch ceviche are the most popular dishes in Belizean cuisine prepared with this sweet calm-like flavour white meat. It is normally marinated in lime or pounded thin and lightly sautéed for that soft and tender taste.

“Something Old, Something New” (Part Two) Estel’s Dine By the Sea, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
In the previous edition I tried to give you a taste of the work that the ‘E Team’ ( the Estel’s Dine By the Sea team) have been putting in to renovate and revamp this extremely popular beachfront dining spot on Ambergris Caye. When I went there on Wednesday it was obvious that they still had a massive amount of work to do but I’ve got to admit that I was surprised (perhaps “worried” is a more appropriate choice of word) that they were still working yesterday evening when I drove past around 18.30 hours. It was then that I started to panic- in fact I started to sweat (and it had nothing to do with humidity levels) – that they might not be ready for the rescheduled 9 October re-opening. But there was nothing I could do to influence the outcome. It would be what it would be. So … I got up this morning, made my mug of coffee – black and unsweetened – and took it and my iPad out on to the veranda, the western, lagoon facing one, and hoped . I just hoped. And then I saw. The door was open. But … were they open? I mean, really open. For food? My stride (yes, OK, amble) slowed somewhat. The door was open but it was obvious, so painfully obvious, that there would be no breakfast there for me today. I was gutted, absolutely gutted.

1.Se calienta el sartén y se derrite la mantequilla sin que se queme. 2.En seguida se acitrona el ajo, y se añaden los camarones con la pimienta. 3.Cuando los camarones cambian de color, se le añade la salsa inglesa y el jugo magi. 4.Se dejan hervir por unos minutos y finalmente se incorporan la salsa catsup y la salsa huichol. 5.Deja hervir unos 3 minutos más para que agarre el sabor de las salsas y listo que los disfrute,

International Sourcesizz

A new Belize episode of Naked and Afraid premieres Sunday night at 8PM on Discovery Channel!
Screw It! In Belize, Annie and Trent meet each other for the first time with varying levels of comfort with nudity. But instantly, they bond and jump right into the 21-Day challenge.

The Belize Tourism Board Has a Very Chill Offer for Struggling NFL Kickers
This NFL season is different from all of those that came before it for one reason. Extra points are no longer gimmes. Ever since the NFL decided to move the PAT kick back from 20 yards to 33 yards, the previous "easiest play in football" has gotten a whole lot harder. Kickers are missing left and right, and teams are searching for answers. Well one has now emerged from a surprising place. Namely, Belize and their tourism board have a proposal for the NFL's frustrated kickers. One, I want to play this in the background of everything I do from now on. How can you be stressed with that music and that tone of voice? It's the best. And two, the video stars Belize soccer defender Ian Gaynair successfully kicking soccer balls and it's hard not to think that sending every potential Pittsburgh Steelers kicker there might result in them kicking American footballs just as well, or at least a whole lot better than they have been. Not that that's saying much.

An Eco-Tour of Guatemala’s Rio Dulce Region
My teenage daughter and I had just trekked up a rocky trail carved into a palm-enshrouded stairway along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, just a few miles from the country’s Caribbean coast. Our guide that day was Carlo Caal, a wiry farmer turned eco-guide from nearby Barra Lampara, a Maya community that had banded together to protect the glimmering, mystical caves and hot springs that we were about to explore from construction workers hauling off rocks and wood. For a $2 entry fee, Lulu and I were soon bonding over an unexpected eco-predicament in this tiny, impoverished Central American country that is increasingly turning to green tourism as a way to preserve one of the world’s most biodiverse zones. We were midway into our weeklong trip when we descended into a subterranean, mineral-fed lake rippling in the caves. It’s easy to miss Guatemala’s Caribbean coast, a speck of about 90 miles on its eastern border, book-ended by Belize and Honduras. But its allure is not the white-sand beaches of its neighbors but the undulating rain forests dipping to the sea. After all, Guatemala’s name in the ancient Mayan-Tolpec language means the land of the many trees.

Let yourself free and go in nature!
Are you bored with your routine life? How about doing something adrenaline-boosting? Online travel assistant has listed incredible destinations from all over the world that will take you on exciting adventures. You can cross mountains on a bicycle, dive with millions of fish, skate over sand hills or wander through jungles where you might encounter an elephant. There is a saying that big things are made up of little things. This is very true for Belize, a country on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize has some of the world's most adventurous diving points as well as other exciting sports activities. Along with its beaches, rain forests, trekking platforms, inns and wild life, Belize is where tourists can see Mayan ruins. The world's longest barrier reef for diving is available in Belize. The region's popular diving points are Ambergris Caye, where you can swim with different fish species, Blue Hole with a depth of 135 meters, atolls with 80-kilometer reefs and Stann Creek, known for its white whales. Belize offers a wide variety of diving options.

Long Beach man teaches the blind to ‘see’ the way bats do
Kish created and spearheads the global nonprofit World Access for the Blind dedicated to teaching the visually impaired to use acoustic sounds — echolocation — to help perform and navigate through daily life activities. It was how he got around before he realized how he got around. WHAT IS ECHOLOCATION? Commonly associated with bats, echolocation uses sounds to mark out a landscape. It can be passive or active. An example of active location is when visually impaired people rapidly move their tongue onto the roof of their mouths to create a clicking sound, said Brian Bushway, an instructor at the nonprofit, who is also blind. “Not everyone wants to hike. Some just want to learn how to navigate through daily life,” Bushway said. “So we teach them what they want to do.” Bushway said they’ve taken kids hiking at Mayan ruins in Belize and even mountain biking. One of the activities used to teach students is “flash sonar.” Students go through exercises in which an object is near their heads and they have to identify it with clicking. This aspect adds perception to movement, Kish said. As students begin to grasp sensations of objects, more complex objects are added until an individual can walk and find their way around.

Mysterious Ancient Maya Mural Keeps Its Secrets
Archaeologists have uncovered some inexplicable finds in a rare case involving the discovery of a Maya wall painting, or mural, at a shrine complex at the ancient site of Tulix Mul in northern Belize. Buried anciently under a fill of large uncut stones at the beginning of the Maya Late Classic period, a vaulted room within a monumental structure features a plastered wall that hides two successive wall paintings, an unusual find for archaeologists investigating Maya remains. The discovery was first made in 2013 as a team of archaeologists, students and volunteers under the Blue Creek Archaeological Project with the Maya Research Program (MRP) and the University of Texas at Tyler began excavating a structure that showed intrusion by a looter's trench at the site of Tulix Mul, which is associated with another site known as Nojol Nah, a site where MRP has been excavating for years. Although excavations at this structure revealed the plastered, vaulted room, the biggest prize was the evidence of the wall painting, hidden beneath the plaster.

CARICOM Committed to Food Self-Sufficiency in the Caribbean
Agricultural officials from the 15 member-states of the Caribbean Community concluded Friday a two-day meeting in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, to gauge progress toward making the region self-sufficient in food. The agriculture sector needs modernization and an infusion of younger workers, CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General for Trade and Economic Integration Joseph Cox said in a statement. “It is pointless for us to be seeking to compete in industries which are almost totally mechanized and technology-driven while we continue to be heavily reliant on manual labor,” Cox said during the conference.


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  • Belize Song 2015 - Cocono Bwai, 8min. The youngest brukdung musician in Belize City, Belize; Cecil Jenkins Jr. paying a tribute to the ""King of Brukdung"" Mr. Wilfred Peters, and Pass leaders and patriots of our country!

  • snorkling belize, 4min. Snorkeling/ freediving in Belize/ san pedro/ caye caulker.

  • Cave Tubing in the Rain Forests of Belize - GoPro, 8.5min.

  • St. George's Caye Resort - Belize Belize City, 2min. Offering an outdoor pool and a spa, St. George's Caye Resort is located on a private island 12 km off the coast of Belize City.

  • Quest Block in Belize, 15min. Highlights from a Quest course on sustainable community development in Belize! Four weeks of incredible experiences, hard work, stress, and so much fun!

    October 9, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Editorial: Color versus Conscience
    Editorial-ImageNow that the election season is upon us we should all take the time to consider our choices. What about trying something different? Instead of voting for a party because your family has bled that color for generations, why not do a little soul searching and weigh what is important to you in a candidate. No one needs to know that you voted your conscience (not your color) on Election Day! Regardless of the party – and none are above questionable actions – does this candidate have your best interests at heart and can you trust him to make the right decisions? Will he keep his promises? Often the success of a candidate, especially an incumbent, is based on their accomplishments. What we sometimes forget to do is separate what is a good job and what goes beyond that. There are responsibilities that politicians are tasked with, and it should be expected that they fulfil those responsibilities, instead of just being happy that they actually did something. It’s like when an employee does what they are paid to do, that is expected; but it is when they go above and beyond the call of duty that they deserve the raise, or the vote of confidence. When comparing candidates, ask yourself, who is working harder? Who is keeping his promises? Is he listening to the people? Is he doing a GOOD job? Often we are just apathetically happy when an official does anything…and sometimes we give them more credit than they deserve when in reality they are just doing their job.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve host Responsible Tour Guide Seminars
    San Pedro’s various tour guide establishments are benefiting from Hol Chan Marine Reserve’s Annual Responsible Tour Guide Seminars. This year, the training sessions stated from mid-September and will run through October with the aim of refreshing tour operators on the rules and regulations of Hol Chan. Among the important issues discussed in the seminars is the expansion of the marine reserve, including the new management of Mexico Rocks which now under protected status. Up to date, ten tour agencies have taken part in the seminar which is being led by Hol Chan’s Environmental Educator, Mariela Archer. “The Hol Chan Marine Reserve invites all dive shops and free-lance tour guides from San Pedro and Caye Caulker to participate in our 2015 Responsible Tour Guiding Seminars. Important for this year will be the recently amended Hol Chan Legislation (Statutory Instrument No. 17 of 2015) that includes the expansion of the protected area. It is important that each tour guide using the Marine Reserve attends these sessions, since we will be presenting the new boundaries of the recent expansion to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve,” said Archer.

    San Pedro Red Cross hosts most successful Blood Drive of the Year
    Monetary donations collected on the street side amounted to just over $300. These funds will benefit both BRCSP to further their outreach community programs as well as the San Pedro Cancer Society. As part of the event, BRCSP also hosted a raffle among the donors. Moncho Acosta won the opportunity to participate in a first aid training while Sandy Point Resorts won an industry first aid kit. BRCSP sends heartfelt thanks to all donors for making this blood drive so successful. A big thank you goes out to those businesses that encouraged their employees to come out and donate, and major thanks goes out to all sponsors: The Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, Tropic Air, Ramon’s Village Resort, El Fogon, Marbucks, SP Hardware, Caye Coffee and Coco Loco’s. The next blood drive will be held in January 2016. Everyone is encouraged to donate, because “It’s in you to give!”

    TEDx Belmopan: Changing the Conversation
    Technology, Entertainment and Design – TED – began in 1984 as a conference where those three ideas merged into powerful conversation. Over the years since, the topics have become varied, and TED Talks are held in more than 100 languages. Belize held its very first TED Talk on October 1st via TEDx Belmopan, an independently run event that helps to bring the conversation to communities worldwide. Hosted under the theme ‘Changing the Conversation’, TEDx Belmopan’s main goal was to prompt discussions on Belize issues, and also the world. A powerful panel of speakers certainly inspired attendees to keep the conversation going long after the final words were shared on stage. Yasser Musa, Janelle Chanona, Tony Rath, Lisa Shoman and Khalila Enriquez sparked ideas and spoke on subjects ranging from art to journalism, feminism and photography.

    Ambergris Today

    Yakarelis Hernandez to Represent Belize at Miss & Mister Centroamerica Pageant
    Yakarelis Hernandez, Miss San Pedro 2011, will be traveling to Leon, Nicaragua in November to represent Belize in the Miss & Mister Centroamerica Pageant 2015. The pageant brings both female and male representatives from around the Central American region and is held with the aim of promoting tourism in all participating countries, the beauty and talent of men and women of Central America. Already a beauty queen for San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Yakarelis tell Ambergris Today that she was introduced to the pageant organizer, Saul Benitez, through a mutual friend who informed her that the organizers were looking for a representative from Belize. After giving it some thought, she decided to take the opportunity. Yakarelis is scheduled to depart for Nicaragua on November 20 to partake in the preliminary events leading up to pageant night on November 28. Ambergris Today and the Belize community wishes her all the best.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize Progressive Party MEDIA INVITE
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), cordially invites all media houses to the launching of the second cohort of Belizeans who have offered themselves to be candidates for our party. Date: 8th October 2015 Location: Belize Institute of Management (BIM) - Belize City Time: 10:00 AM END “8867 Today. 8867 Tomorrow. 8867 Forever” Belize Progressive Party Charles Leslie Jr. | Public Relations O: 822-2885 |C: 610-1733

    San Pedro closings for Pan American Day
    The San Pedro Town Council hereby informs the general public that its offices will be closing on Monday, October 12, 2015 in commemoration of Pan American Day. The San Pedro Town Council offices will also be closing on Friday, October 16, 2015, for nomination day for the upcoming elections. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    Production Management - Analyzing Production Layout
    Workshop Date: October 15th, 2015 9am to 12pm. Is to determine the location of each of the equipment required for production process. Determining the area needed for each activity and ensuring an efficient flow of materials. Including all services, materials, equipment handling and staffing required. Topics that will be covered: Definition Importance of plant layout Objectives Different methods to plan a production layout Elements that inter

    International experts head to Belize for regional tech conference
    A full line-up of international tech experts will gather in Belize from November 2 to 6, when Belize City plays host to a historic regional ICT development conference. Among the expert facilitators is Bevil Wooding, a founder and a director of the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG); Guillermo Cicileo, the security, stability and resiliency coordinator at the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC); and Shernon Osepa, the manager of regional affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Internet Society (ISOC). Held jointly by LACNIC and CaribNOG, the gathering will provide a space for various key actors in the Latin American and Caribbean Internet to network together and strengthen relationships. The weeklong conference will address topics ranging from cloud computing, Internet peering, IPv6, DNSSEC, RPKI, and cyber-security. "The growing importance of computer networks to Caribbean enterprise cannot be separated from the costly impact of the cyber attacks these networks constantly face. Caribbean cyber-security needs Caribbean cyber-defenders," said Wooding.

    Terrible story of a robbery & animal cruelty at a children's home in Belmopan
    We at the King's Children Home, is working hard to be self-sufficient to be able to grow and raise chickens and sheeps and we also have milking cows. on monday night some cow thieves came and stole our main milking cow, valued at $3,500.00 and almost kill the other one. on tuesday morning when we went to milk the cows the black and white cow was missing and the other cow was bleeding so much. the police was call and the vet to work on the other cow. our hearts are sad, and George is just crying he loves those cows so much, God words is Thou shalt not steal, but these people rob the children of their milking cow and rob from God at the same time. please pray that these people can be caught and that they can stop the stealing.

    Power interruption 8:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday October 10, Belize City
    Entire West Landivar, Coral Grove and Buttonwood Bay. BEL to replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines and reroute high voltage lines in Coral Grove.

    Metal Haven Bash Rescheduled
    The Metal Haven Bash was moved due to the election. It'll still be a great concert, and still be at Benque Rock. "Metalhaven Bash postponed to November 28th, 2015"

    Channel 7

    Prime Minister Barrow's Take FM Elrington's Speech
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington - his critics - namely COLA and the PUP have been pounding him since he spoke at the United Nations last Friday. They criticized him for what he did and didn't say in his 19 minute speech to the UN. But what does his boss, the Prime Minister think? Today he had a 25 minute press briefing at the Biltmore and we asked him about it:.. Jules Vasquez "You Foreigner Minister, should he have spent more than 30 seconds speaking about the aggressive Guatemalan behavior at the Sarstoon? Well he didn't speak to it at all. But should he have spent more than 30 seconds on the subject and should he have covered that?" Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I was foreign minister one time and I always knew these general assembly speeches to in the main concentrate on issues having to do with the UN's global agenda. Climate change is of course extremely high on that agenda. Now you do take the opportunity to say something about your particular circumstances and it was routine and when I gave my speeches to reassert Belizean sovereignty and to reject the unfounded Guatemalan claim. But again as I recollect I did that in a sentence or two. There is not too much to say; your claim is unfounded, we absolutely reject it, we are a sovereign independent country and we remain that way. So I don't know that it was incumbent on the minister to say very much more than he did."

    PM Say's Rat Debacle Will Not Affect Pablo Marin's Electability
    And while he kind of laughed and shrugged that one off at the end of the press briefing, the Prime Minister wasn't joking when he said that the entire rat debacle at the Western Regional Hospital won't affect Health Minister Pablo Marin in his division of Corozal Bay:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "This business of the rat, most unfortunate, but in the larger scheme of things I don't see getting the kind of play at the constituency level in Corozal Bay, that will do any harm to Pablo Marin chances. I don't."

    Prime Minister's Advisors Say The Rat Was Placed In Incubator
    And while he was on the subject, the Prime Minister also repeated a theory he heard on the rat. It's one that has been gaining traction in the UDP where the rat in the incubator has been labeled as some kind of plant, that someone put it in there - where it bit a newborn baby. Today the PM referred to it tongue in cheek, but gave some credence to that very bizarre theory:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I have spoken to several persons who claimed to be very knowledgeable and who say that the incubator is a sealed facility if you will, that a rat simply can't get into, except it cut it and there was no cut. So I am not going to offer you my own opinion. But I will tell you that there is legitimate respectable opinion from people that I consider of sound mind and sober judgement who say, who insist that rat was put in the incubator."

    CWU And SSB Chairman's Back And Forth Over Uniforms
    Today Social Security Board workers finally spoke out on the issue of their uniform allowance. As we have been reporting all week, the SSB workers want financial compensation for the 10 month uniform delay. The workers protested twice this week during their lunch break and staged a sickout yesterday afternoon at 3 to get that demand across. But in an interview on Monday, Chairman Doug Singh responded by saying that he does not agree with the workers' interpretation of the agreement on uniforms and that the management refuses to pay financial compensation. Today CWU president Audrey-Matura Shepherd and 2 SSB workers held a press conference to discuss this issue. Deputy Union Representative Ella Waight began by saying that Chairman Singh changed his interpretation on them and that they were paid compensation in the past for late uniforms under his management.

    Will The Prime Minister Have To Put Out SSB Fire?
    And while the timing of the escalating social security industrial action would suggest that they are trying to cash in on pre-election desperation from the ruling party - the Prime Minister today told the media he is feeling no such pressure. He says he is satisfied that there is a timeline for negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement and any agitation beyond that won't get the workers anywhere:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Walking out in protesting will in my view do nothing to accelerate that schedule to which they agreed and so while I am not surprised or even disappointed at the course of action embarked upon, it won't get them anywhere."

    Prime Minister Discusses UB Salary Increase Request
    And the Prime Minister had similar sentiments for the University of Belize staff who are agitating for a 14% raise. Staff at the Belize City campus reportedly left classes today to protest. But, the Prime Minister says that there is a process which must be completed before any raise can be considered: consultants have been hired and they are making a comparative analysis of salaries between the university and other similar institutions in the Caribbean - and until that is finished, jump high jump low, there won't be any raise approved:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "That negotiating process again, clearly cannot be concluded before November 4th. So while as I say the efforts to force government's hand to be expected, those efforts cannot in the circumstances be successful."

    That Meeting Between PM Barrow And BTL Employees
    But one group of workers that the Prime Minister did meet with were BTL employees. He did so last week after the union sent out a withering press release in which they put Prime Minister Barrow on blast with a capital "B". We asked him about it today.. Jules Vasquez "Your meeting with the BTL staff. They said you were worse than Mr. Musa and that have change black dog for monkey - these very plain spoken language." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I was I think exceptionally well treated at that BTL forum with the staff. We got along like a house on fire. I did make the point to them that I had been stung, that I had been cut to the quick, by what they has said. But it was clear they weren't saying it then at that meeting and I did not get a retraction or an apology, but I did not asked for one because I am saying I am happy to move on. I spoke to them about the settlement and explained and perhaps clarified some issues that they obviously were unsure of and that might have caused the resort to that sort of really intemperate language and I am sure that at the end of the day, they were very satisfied."

    The 2015 Business Forum
    And while he met with labour last week - today the Prime Minister met with Capital - that is, the business sector at the fourth annual Business Forum. This year the theme was "Partnership for Growth and Prosperity"- and in his remarks at the closing of the event which was held at the Biltmore - he said that the partnership has grown in a meaningful way: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "With respect to operational advances, there is more that could have been achieved. But we have done well just in my view, in chartering this EDC, in getting it off the ground. In giving flesh to an idea that is a wonderful one. I know that whoever is Prime Minister after November 4th will be obliged and no doubt happy to continue this EDC enterprise." In close the Prime Minister did make it clear that while his government has been prop poor - it does not mean that they are anti-rich:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "We don't seek to achieve our objectives by any effort at re-distribution of wealth. There has been, must not be ever any attempt at a government engineered transfer of private resources from those better off to those well off. In other words, the goal is always to create new wealth for new players. Not to take away wealth from those that already have to give to those that don't."

    BPP Announces New Candidates
    And while that UDP did all it could to woo the business sector, the newly formed BPP or Belize Popular Party says they are getting good support from the productive sector. Since making a public appeal for ten thousand dollars grants last week - the party says it has raised forty four thousand dollars - and still have cheques to go and pick up. It's a quite robust uptake for a party which only had 11 candidates when it launched. Well, today the BPP presented 7 more at a press conference at the Belize Institute of Management - and here they are:... Elizabeth Dena, BPP - Freetown "Now it's time for stop playing games. I done even like hear people talking that how politics is a game, because my life is not a game. My children lives are not a game. When we want to play games, we sit down around our table and pull out some scrabble and snake and ladders. My life is not a game and the words are important. To the women out there, it's time to stop talking and quarrel, because we know that you all are full of frustration and it's time to do something about that frustration. It won't go anywhere unless you do something about it. Don't worry about what they are doing, because who is them? They still end up being you, because you are a part of them. You are not voting for us you know, you are voting for you. Because at the end of the day it's your money and not our money. I would never give my money to somebody to spend for me and when I want it they tell me I can't get it. Or they take my money and do what they want with it."

    The Prime Minister's Take On the Third Party
    When asked about the Third party today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow offered backhanded praise. He said it's good that they're running - but it is a long term effort to break the two party hold on mass party politics in Belize:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I welcome the participation of this third party. It's good that our democracy show that sort of development. I was happy to hear, I believe the leader say that for them it a multi-generational enterprise. I think it will be generations before they will see any success, but just the fact of their participation and their adding to the conversation and the dialogue, is something I heartily endorsed."

    Can Government Help Mayan King?
    And today the Prime Minister also commented on the situation at Maya King Banana Farm in south Stann Creek. As we reported, the farm owners have hit a financial brick wall: due to the drought, they don't have enough earnings to pay their farm workers; and because of former owner John Zabaneh's kingpin designation - no bank will do business with them so they can't get an overdraft facility. Today the Prime Minister said government can't help an individual farm:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Government did try to help, but no bank in Belize will deal with him. He has tried to find a way around it by having nominees to operate the company and you will know that the Social Security Board, notwithstanding whatever pitfalls might have been present, agreed to lend that company as significant amount of money to assist with fertilizer and with other things.

    Corn Farmers Will Get Help From GOB
    And while they can't help Maya King - the Prime Minister says government will do what it can to help farmers in the north who have been hit hard by drought. It's a joint effort between the DFC and the Ministry of Agriculture:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "We will provide seeds to farmers. The DFC has agreed again to suspend interest payments and government will actually fund seeds for replanting. So that's the sort of thing that we can do, but that's industrywide and individual farmers will benefit." The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that drought losses in the agricultural sector this year exceed 30 million dollars.

    Another Man Charged For Paraquat's Murder
    Another Belize City resident has been charged for a violent crime in Orange Walk - but, this time, it's the murder of homeless man, Carlos "Paraquat" Griffith. On Monday September 28th Griffith was beaten up on the street. His received massive facial and head injuries and died a few days later. Now, police have charged 35 year old Lovely Lane resident Teshawn Clarke for murder. He was identified in an ID parade. Today in court he was remanded for murder and also pleaded guilty to possession of drugs he was found with at the time of his arrest…

    Police Caught Kids Trying To Rob Sky Supermarket
    Police have two minors detained in connection with a very bizarre attempted robbery in Ladyville this evening. At 4:00, the Rural Rapid Response team were operating near the Sky Supermarket Complex area in Ladyville when they saw two boys come off a bus and meet up with a man and another minor in a vehicle. The driver gave one of the minors a gun but the police were able to catch the kids before they committed any crime. But that's not all! - when the kids tried to run from the police, the driver of the vehicle knocked down one of the minors who were trying to escape. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster unraveled the story for us this evening. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "No robbery was committed. At 4pm we had an active operation where we had our rural rapid response doing surveillance in the general vicinity where we had two juveniles who alighted their bus and another juvenile. The driver is unknown to us in a grey Tribute where the two juveniles that came off the bus was given a firearm to commit a robbery. However, it is apparent that they may have seen our surveillance team and they decided to run. The occupants of the car that they marred up with drove and ran over one of them and he got up and took out the firearm and pointed at the occupants of the vehicle. At this time our rural rapid response got into action and halted the crime where they froze the individual with the firearm and they captured the other juvenile that was with him as well."

    On the Campaign Trail With Dr. Barnett
    On Tuesday, we showed you our first campaign trail coverage, heading up to the General Elections. Tonight, we take you into Freetown, another battleground for both mass parties, where newcomer Dr. Carla Barnett is seeking to defeat the 3 time area rep, Francis Fonseca, who's also the Leader of the Opposition. By all objective indicators - she should be the underdog because her party, the UDP is looking for a third term - and generally it's very difficult to defeat opposition candidates since they aren't in power and no one can be upset with them for not delivering goods and services. And Third, he's the leader of the opposition - the man who would be Prime Minister and that alone is worth a few hundred votes. So, Carla Barnett should not be expected to win - but the UDP feels that she has a better than average chance. We went on the campaign trail to find out why:…

    A Fantasy 5 Winner
    He is a 76 year old Dangriga resident and tonight he is almost three hundred thousand dollars richer. Malcolm Dale is the winner of Tuesday night's Fantasy 5 jackpot. Today he travelled from Dangriga to the Fantasy 5 office in the city to claim his winning numbers and collect his cheque of two hundred and eighty six thousand dollas. He told us why he's still in shock. After taxes were deducted, Dale walked away with two hundred and forty three thousand one hundred dollars.

    Mental Health Week
    Dignity and respect for mental health patients: that is what health professionals are asking of the community. Today the Central Health Region organized a students' march through the streets of the city to get that message across. We spoke with one of the coordinators of the march and she told us how important it is to spread awareness of mental health in Belize. The march featuring students from Wesley and Palotti started at Cleopatra White Health Center and ended at BTL park with a Fun Day. As part of World Mental Health Day on Saturday a number of events are planned for this week including a High School Speech Competition tomorrow afternoon at SJC Gym and the Annual Fund Raising Banquet at Chateau Caribbean on Saturday.

    What's This BTL Indefinite Moratorium?
    Ten days ago we showed you BTL's annual general meeting. We expected it to be controversial - after all the company has to pay 98 million dollars to settle the debt for what started out as a 45 million dollar loan with the Ashcroft Alliance. Or so we thought….the chairman of the BTL board announced to shareholders that they would only be paying 48 million dollars - the rest, as they explained would be placed on an indefinite moratorium. But, what does that mean? The Prime Minister explained today:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I intend in the next administration to write off in so far as BTL is concern, the balance of those payments that we have made on their behalf in terms of the BCB loan. 19 million came from Petrocaribe, 10 million came from BTL. They up fronted that from their own resources. A small portion came from what was left over from the proceeds of the sale of shares. Remember we paid to the Ashcroft Alliance at the NERA value for as a down payment on the compensation. If the tribunal say otherwise, that is a down payment and we took that out of what we had. We sold shares after the acquisition at $5 per share. There was a balance after we took out the amount to pay down on the compensation about 4-5 million. So we use that and then the rest of it came from the dividends that we had already collected from BTL, but which has been frozen by the CCJ. With the falling away of the claim, that money was available to us. So we did not have to go borrow anything other than the 48."

    PM Comments On Bar Association's Impending Application To The CCJ
    And while disposing of that debt is part of the settlement with the Ashcroft Alliance - the Bar Association still wants to know what the Caribbean Court of Justice would have ruled on the legality of the eighth amendment. They will make an application to the court to request that judgement - and today the Prime Minister said he's also curious, while remaining confident:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Let's assume they were to be successful. It's not skin off my back. I for the sake of the jurisprudence would have no difficulty in getting the CCJ's views pronouncements on the 8th amendment and this whole business of basic structure doctrine and the argument of those in the bar that say that no matter if you do it properly, amending the constitution can itself be unconstitutional. I've never subscribe to it. I've never held with it and I can see that they would have an interest in some determination of the issues. So for me it's neither here nor there. But I do think as I said in terms of whatever remains of my lawyer instinct, that they will get absolutely no place."

    Is Belize On The Reparations Push From CARICOM
    One week ago, while visiting Jamaica, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the UK would be providing a package of more than 600 million US dollars in aid to the Caribbean. The money will be disbursed through the Caribbean Development Bank and Belize will get an as yet unknown portion of those funds for development programs in the areas of infrastructure, health, disaster preparedness and economic growth. But some are saying that the region should not accept aid or any form of charity from England when that country owes this region reparations for slavery. Today the Prime Minister made it clear that is a CARICOM position, but he lives in the here and now: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "CARICOM has a group has agree to progress the reparations issue and we are a part of CARICOM. I certainly do not take the view that while that issue is exercising and preoccupying us, that we should look in any way askance at the sort of effort that Prime Minister Cameron is now making. That can't excuse the sins of history, but you will forgive me if I am more anchored in the present and focused on what we can do to advance the development agenda, or local development agenda."

    Why Is There Still No Integrity Commission
    And, in one final comment from the Prime Minister - the press asked him about the integrity commission. Another term of office is finishing and he still hasn't appointed a functioning committee. Today he repeated what he's been saying: that because the members are listed as politically exposed persons - they have to list all their assets and holdings - and he can't find an accountant who's willing to do that. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Once we can find a chartered accountant who is prepared to served, understanding that then open him/her up to scrutiny on the part of the US and others, we will proceed." Reporter "Is it a priority for your administration?" Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Is what a priority?" Which one?" Reporter "The integrity commission?" Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Of course it is a priority."

    Channel 5

    PM Barrow Will Write-Off B.T.L. Debt If U.D.P. Wins
    Today, members of the private and public sectors converged on the city for the Prime Minister’s business forum at the Biltmore Plaza. We’ll have a comprehensive look at that event [...]

    …Says the People Should Be Happy About It
    Barrow says that in the years since the nationalization, G.O.B. and the people have collected eighty million dollars in dividends, so we should all be happy to relieve B.T.L. of [...]

    No P.A.C. If G.O.B. Is Not Majority, Says PM
    The PM also spoke on the operation of the Public Accounts Committee…which actually isn’t operational. Months ago there was a push for the inclusion of the social partners in the [...]

    Chairman Espat Says U.D.P. Is Afraid of the P.A.C.
    That stance doesn’t go down well with PAC Chairman Julius Espat. He told News Five today that the reason the Public Accounts Committee doesn’t work, and hasn’t for a long [...]

    Integrity Commission Not Looking Likely in the Near Future
    Governments of the P.U.P. and the U.D.P. have both been accused, rightly or wrongly, of rampant corruption and unchecked abuse of public monies. For that reason, many believe that this [...]

    PM Blames P.A.C. Stagnation on Opposition
    We’re not sure what that means where the fate of the Integrity Commission is concerned under this administration. As to PAC, well…that’s not going to happen, a fact for which [...]

    Are U.D.P. Candidates Being Fuelled By Petrocaribe?
    We note that all that’s being said on all these issues is subject to a decision which will be made on November fourth. Which brings us to Petrocaribe. Will those [...]

    Belize Progressive Party Introduces New Candidates
    The Belize Progressive Party is inching toward forming a national slate for the general elections on November fourth. BPP last week announced its formation and named eleven candidates to contest [...]

    PM Barrow Says Bar Association Will Not Succeed In Application to CCJ
    The Bar Association’s request to the CCJ to make available their decisions on the nationalizations of B.E.L. and B.T.L. hasn’t thrilled the government or its attorney. And even if those [...]

    Tracy Taegar-Panton on the Campaign Trail
    The Albert Division for decades was dominated by Phillip Goldson, it would eventually turn blue in 1998, 2003 and 2008 and then in the last general elections in 2012, it [...]

    UB Belmopan Staff Walks Out
    There was another protest today on the heels of the ongoing Social Security demonstrations. The faculty and staff of the University of Belize staged a small demonstration this morning at [...]

    PM Barrow Says Protesters Will be Unsuccessful
    Barrow says that unrest at this time as regards industrial action and threats of the same are to be expected with the imminent approach of elections. But with that said, [...]

    S.S.B. Reps Speak for the First Time
    Since the beginning of the week, we’ve been reporting that S.S.B. employees who are members of the Christian Workers Union have been protesting during their lunch break at S.S.B. offices [...]

    Protesters Point to the Straws That Broke the Camel’s Back
    At the core of the problem is the collective bargaining agreement, which according to the CWU reps, the S.S.B. has refrained from discussing. That CBA includes salary adjustments for the [...]

    CWU President Says Crisis Could Have Been Averted
    According to CWU President Audrey Matura-Shepherd, this crisis could have been averted since last November, when the board was requested by the union to start negotiations on the collective bargaining [...]

    A Political Career for Audrey Matura-Shepherd?
    Audrey Matura-Shepherd’s name has come up as a likely candidate for electoral politics in more than one party.  Recently, in the instance of the new Belize Progressive Party which is [...]

    PM Says Health Mishap Won’t Affect Minister’s Chances in Corozal Bay
    The video of a rat in the incubator at the Western Regional Hospital has gone viral. But while the image is devastating, generally the rat is only one in a [...]

    Is the BPP’s Candidate in Pickstock a P.U.P. Mole?
    Another Minister under siege is Wilfred Sedi Elrington who has been much maligned for his handling of the ongoing territorial dispute with Guatemala. Elrington is running in Pickstock, and is [...]

    Barrow Says Attack on FM Elrington Is Unwarranted
    The sustained attack on Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington recently took on new life after his UN address last week. Critics say that Elrington did not devote sufficient time to the [...]


    Belize City Charged For Carlos Griffiths' Murder
    Orange Walk Police are serious about curbing the crime situation in the North and tonight, there is more good news to report. This afternoon, 35 year old Teshawn Clarke, a resident of Lovely Lane in Belize City was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court and charged with Murder. Authorities say he is one of two men that viciously put a beating on Carlos “Paraquat” Griffiths and left him for dead. Police say they conducted an identification parade and Clarke was positively identified as one of the persons that were assaulting Griffiths. Authorities say upon making the arrest, Clarke was found with illicit drugs in his possession and has pleaded guilty in court for that offense. It is of note that a second suspect is being sought for questioning and an appearance in an Identification Parade.

    Classes Interrupted At UB, Teachers Protest for 14% Salary Increase
    Today the UB faculty staged an impromptu demonstration as they call for a 14% salary increase across the board. According to reports received, today’s demonstration began with some twenty members of faculty and staff at the UB campus in Belmopan. They began a march from the Scarlet Macaw building, moved to the Jaguar Auditorium and headed to the an area in front of the library where they held a small rally. By then, the group had grown and included some students as well. Las week Thursday, UB faculty and staff at the Belmopan and Belize City campuses held a meeting where a fourteen percent salary increase was of utmost importance to those in attendance. An email was sent to the president of UB Alan Slusher who responded by saying that on Tuesday of that same week the association executive of UB met with the president of the board where they were informed that as of August first this year a five percent salary adjustment had been approved by the Board of Trustees.

    Alledged Land Grab Reported In San Jose Village
    There is another complaint to report tonight of Lands Department. The latest complaint was made to us today by Douglas Village resident Laurio Alamilla. Alamilla says that he was granted a parcel of land in an area immediately behind San Juan Village in Orange Walk. According to Alamilla, he had started making payments for the property but when government changed in 2008, his money was rejected by the new administrators of the Lands Department. Today, he still holds the papers to that land but the parcel itself has seemingly been set aside as a quarry. Alamilla says he has tried to address the problem even with the police but has been unable to get any assistance.


    An Elderly Man and Quarter Million Dollar Jackpot
    The winner for Tuesday’s Fantasy Five draw today picked up his prize money. The winner is seventy six year old Malcom John Dale of Dangriga. Dale says that he sells fantasy five tickets in his shop, and when he went to check the ticket he purchased the next morning he realized that he was the […]

    Audrey’s Supporters and Finances Wanted by the BPP
    At today’s press conference of the Belize Progressive Party, one of its candidates, Raymond Rivers called out President of Christian Workers Union, Audrey Matura Shepherd. When the BPP was launched, some thought that Matura Shepherd would have been involved. However, she was not, even though the BPP approached her. But today, Rivers made a public […]

    Was the Incubator and Rat Incident Staged?
    The presence of a rat inside a baby’s incubator at the Western Regional Hospital was appalling and had garnered disgust from many corners. From the onset there were several speculations ranging from the possibility that it was a staged event with the intention of recording it and then publishing the video on the social media […]

    PM Says Health Minister Will Retain Seat at Elections
    The health sector has been attacked in several instances in the past weeks leading to the Opposition demanding for the removal of the Health Minister and the CEO in the Ministry of Health, Pablo Marin. One would think that such occurrences under Marin’s watch would cause him to lose ground in his Corozal Bay Division […]

    Pickstock – Sure Seat for the UDP
    Prime Minister Barrow even went further in expressing his confidence that despite the efforts being made by a certain coalition and the PUP to discredit Elrington in his Pickstock division, the seat will remain for the UDP. DEAN BARROW “And I see that this sustained attack against the Foreign Minister has now taken on an […]

    Prime Minister Explains Elrington’s Remarks at the UN
    In today’s press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke on the address delivered by the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington at the UN’s General Assembly last week in New York, USA. Barrow, who once served as a Foreign Minister, clarified the statement made by Elrington, saying that when going to the International Court of Justice, it […]

    CBA Negotiations for SSB and UB Expected to Continue Over Coming Months
    Following the Business Forum today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made himself available to the media via a press conference in which he addressed several issues surrounding various sectors. Since the announcement of the national elections, there has been a spike in demands for increased wages and benefits. Of recent, those clamouring for it have been […]

    Integrity Commission Delayed Due to PEP Issue
    As it relates to the Integrity Commission, back in February 2014, the Barrow Administration had put together a commission but there were some setbacks as towo of the businessmen who were asked to sit on the commission, withdrew their names as it was later found out that they and the other commission members would be […]

    Government Will Retain a Majority on Public Accounts Committee
    In the 2012 General Elections, Julius Espat won for the first time, a seat in the House of Representatives for the Cayo South Division. Following that victory, Espat was selected by the People’s United Party to be the representative of the opposition, who holds the post of Chairman. But it hasn’t been a smooth ride […]

    PM Barrow Welcomes BPP As A Third Party
    A third party movement with the name Belize Progressive Party and its leader being Patrick Rogers was launched just a few days following the announcement of the general elections. We asked Prime Minister Barrow to weigh on the movement and how it could affect the upcoming elections. DEAN BARROW ” At its launch, the BPP […]


    UB Staffers Rally in preparation for salary increase negotiations
    Yesterday the Social Security Board Workers made our headline news when they staged a sickout because negotiations are not going as they would like. Today, it is the UB Faculty and Staff that are making our headlines. At around 10 am today, the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association sta...

    Christian Workers’ Union hits back at SSB
    We have been keeping abreast of the strained relationship between the Staffers at the Social Security Board and their Board of Directors that has Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) and Social Security Board (SSB) at odds over the lengthy negotiations for the workers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA...

    Lionel Messi to be tried in Spain for tax evasion in Belize
    Football star Lionel Messi and his father are to stand trial in Spain for tax fraud due to allegedly hiding money in Belize. Barcelona and Argentina’s star Lionel Messi and his father are facing three counts of tax fraud that could translate to prison sentences. In a court filing, Messi and h...

    Placencia apartment burglarized of over $38,000.00
    An apartment in Placencia was burglarized of over $38,000.00. On Tuesday the 6th of October, an American businessman of Placencia, 50-year-old Michael Gargan’s apartment was burglarized. The thieves stole one metal safe containing two Rolex wrist watches which are valued at $18,100.00 each, two Amer...

    Paraquat’s Murderer Identified
    Over the weekend, the case surrounding the investigation of the beat down of well known street personality in Orange Walk Town Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith was upgraded to murder when he passed away late Friday evening last week. As we told you yesterday, Grffith was beaten to a pulp somet...

    Seven new BPP candidates introduced
    Last week saw the launch of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), an amalgamation of two smaller political parties and former members of a third. They introduced their first eleven candidates to contest the 2015 general elections. Today they announced the addition of seven more. They are housewife and...

    CWU updates on stevedores and executive
    Last Thursday CWU President Audrey Matura Shepherd and a handful of Stevedores held a brief at the CWU Office on Cemetery Road, where they provided an update on the issue of the Collective Bargaining agreement for Stevedores at the Port of Belize. At the time Matura Shepherd said that the CWU and it...

    The Guardian

    Ralph Fonseca back in control of the PUP
    The People’s United Party and its leaders, despite both internal and external pressures have been unable to rid themselves of Ralph Fonseca. This single figure now looms large over the PUP as the de-facto campaign manager and is now the primary mover within the party to seek finances for their campaign. This week, Ralph Fonseca along with Francis Fonseca and Julius Espat were spotted all chummy in a plane to and from the south of the country. No doubt this is one of their money-hunting expeditions with the senior Fonseca fully in charge. The move by the desperate Francis to bring in Ralph in this manner with full support of the deputy, Julius Espat, tells us that the PUP will never reform. This revelation must send chills down the spines of every single Belizean, especially because we all know what the senior Fonseca is capable of. He was the architect of growth-economics that brought Belize’s economy to the brink of disaster. And while everyone in and out of the PUP are aware of this; with Dr. Francis Smith, the PUP Pickstock candidate publicly lashing out against having Ralph back in the saddle, Francis Fonseca could care less.

    Hype-o-crites of the Guatemalan claim
    “Not one blue mango, not one craboo, not one morass; not a blade of grass”. These words are contained in the lyrics of a song produced by the late Richard Stuart, sung by John Saldivar, and paid for by Glen Stuart. These men all belonged to the UDP and reflected what the party stood for at that time. The song was written as an innocuous response to the PUP’s handling of the Belize/Guatemala dispute. In September, 2005 the then PUP Government through their lead negotiator Assad Shoman signed on to the “framework of negotiating and confidence building measures” in which both countries agreed to resolved the dispute either by diplomatic negotiations or by taking it to the International Court of Justice. By December the first round of talks were held in San Pedro between Belize’s lead negotiator Assad Shoman and Guatemala’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Briz Abulrach. On February, 10th 2006 another meeting was held this time in Washington DC between Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Jorge Briz and Belize’s Chief negotiator Assad Shoman along with their delegations. In that meeting it was proposed by the Organization of American States that the negotiations start in earnest and the first thing they should discuss is the maritime areas and Guatemala’s access to the Caribbean Sea.

    Truck driver charged for death of eleven-year-old girl
    The parents of 11-year-old Tessrah Diamond Thompson received the news no parent wants to hear after they send their children to school for the day. Thompson lives in the Mahogany Heights area and attends school at St. Mathews Primary School. She was coming home after a day of learning and exited the bus in front of the entrance to mahogany Heights at around 3:20 p.m. on Monday afternoon, October 5. According to eyewitness reports, Thompson went in front of the bus to peek out so she can see if any vehicle was coming before she crossed the road. At this very same time a cargo truck blew by and the edge of the truck hit Thompson and flung her violently to the ground. The truck continued on a few hundred yards up before the driver, Jose Rodriguez, 54, naturalized Belizean from Honduras, realized that he had hit someone. By the time Rodriguez returned to render aid, several passengers from the bus were already tending to Thompson, including two nurses. She was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial where doctors executed emergency procedures to try and save her life.

    Another PUP defection
    With less than a month to go before the General Elections, that will see the UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY with the Hon Dean Barrow as party Leader and Prime Minister voted in to serve a third consecutive term, the defections have started from the aging and dying PUP. The first to jump ship has been Jose Chacon - who ran as the PUP’s Mayoral candidate in Belmopan 7 months ago. But now, Chacon says he is through with the PUP and has resigned from the party and has thrown his support behind the UDP’s John Saldivar. For Belizean politics this is a major development that will cause the PUP to suffer a huge setback. He pointed to disillusionment with the party which he formerly embraced with such zeal: Chacon is quoted to have said ,”When I sought elected office to be the mayor of Belmopan under the PUP banner earlier this year, I sincerely thought that the PUP had changed. I have come to recognize the truth, that the PUP has not changed and that this PUP is the very same party with the very same leaders whom from 1998 to 2008, oversaw the most corrupt government in Belize’s history. But the more I saw of this PUP, the more I was exposed to its leaders, the quicker I came to realize that the PUP was only a vehicle for the enrichment and power of a few individuals. This PUP is the PUP of Fonseca and Musa. There is nothing about this PUP that reminds of what George Price was said to believe in. This PUP has not changed at all. And so I have decided to endorse and to support the Hon. John Saldivar and the UDP as they seek re-election in the upcoming general elections. I will campaign for Minister Saldivar and ask those who support me to support John in Belmopan.”

    Brackett dah PUP
    In April last year, the Guardian Newspaper was the first to call out Geovannie Brackett as a closet PUP loudmouth, who tries to hide behind activism as his platform to shamelessly campaign for the “#goblue”. Well, he did what everyone has expected him to do. In the next General Elections, he will try to unseat UDP Incumbent Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington from his position as Area Representative for the Pickstock division. Now, he’s not going to put his name on a ballot paper, because that would leave him exposed, and he would then be admitting what everyone already believes without actual proof. He’s going to ask the voters of Pickstock to “choose any other option except Sedi”. But, let’s look at it logically? Who has the most to gain from a political move like that? Right now, the only other candidate confirmed to be offering himself in that division is Dr. Francis Smith, a PUP. Put that together with COLA’s “Build the Base Now” campaign, which looks like a secret PUP move, and the fact that he met with Francis Smith before announcing his plan, and he only appears more like a PUP politician.

    Twenty five reasons you should NOT vote for the PUP
    The present area representative for Orange Walk Central has twice gone on record with two proclamations of millions and millions of dollars having been lost under the PUP Government of 1998-2008. He itemized each one of the shady deals orchestrated by his Party and gave estimates, rounded to the nearest million, on how much money was siphoned from the Government’s treasury. Let us make our own list today to see why we should not be tricked again into supporting the People’s United Party. Between 1998 and 2008, the PUP Government: 1. Sold off all our national assets like the Port, the Airport, BEL, BTL, and WASA. They actually sold BTL three times. 2. Borrowed $1.5 Billion, and have nothing to show for it (re-the Super-bond). 3. Increased taxation each year to support their excessive spending 4. Sold the Voice of America compound to a PUP representative from Toledo, who bought it with a loan from DFC (which was later written off). The same compound was later sold to a Canadian for millions 5. Lent Godfrey $45 million to build Intelco, which never did function, and he never paid back 6. Lent Godfrey $8 million for Galleria Maya, which never did open, and he never paid back

    Recognizing the elderly for the International Day of Older Persons
    Members of the Board of Directors at the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio Town, working under Help Age Belize, have been receptive to the many activities for the celebrations of Senior Citizens Week from September 26th to October 3rd. This group of volunteers from the community has also welcomed the recognition of the elderly for the International Day of Older Persons on October 1st 2015. Several schools from the Cayo area brought groceries for the elderly at the Octavia Waight Center during last week. The children of Sacred Heart College also came to perform for the seniors. These participating schools that showered the elderly from Octavia Waight with gifts included St. Barnabas, Bishop Martin, Saint Andrews, Immaculate Conception, St. Francis Xavier as well as the Sacred Heart Primary School. Senior Citizen week was opened with a church service on Sunday of last week at the Evangelical Church in San Ignacio. Then on Thursday of last week, a special dinner was held at the Octavia Waight Center which Earl Trapp Junior, Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena attended.

    First horses now a mule
    The PUP have now taken on a Mule to run in the Derby on November, 4 , but this time they have added a cart to this Mule named Guatemala. They had to add a cart because this Mule and cart will have many drivers all at the same time. The team of drivers will include the infamous Sarstoon Jockey/ killer a.k.a. Lisa , Eamon a.k.a Junior Trombone, Godfrey a.k.a man in tights or Pink-brief and of course Francis and Said will be hitching a ride on the cart. I am sorry for that poor Mule, because it to will die under the strain of the dead weight and flogging it will be made to endure until the day of the race. What PUP wanted and Johnny is not included in this one, was for Minister Elrington to put on a PUP skirt and go to the United Nations General Assembly and throw phrase like a Water Lane Wassa. Sorry for them because that is not what real leaders do. Real leaders lead from the front and enter through the front door. Unlike those WISHY WASHY, FLIP FLOPPING Leaders over there who lead and enter from the back. And please Pinky I am not saying that to you alone. It is being said to all of you on that side who are trying to use the one thing that has galvanized this entire nation as one united people and that is the resistance to the Unfounded Guatemalan Claim.

    Inconsiderate Bunch
    The PUP may be the most inconsiderate group of people when it comes to their ZEAL for power and greed . It seems they will stop short of nothing and trample on anybody to obtain their objective. For the PUP it is all about them, them and them only. The PUP knows fully well that the UN General Assembly is two weeks of intense meetings and the various issues are dealt with at different but equally important forums during the same general assembly . The speech that we see on tv is not the General Assembly and the slot small countries such as Belize are given is at a time when many of the other delegations are not there but that plus all other presentations from the entire General assembly are read into the records and treated with the same importance.

    John Saldivar launches campaign
    With great fanfare and support, Hon. John Saldivar launched his candidacy once again for a fourth term in office. Hon. Saldivar chose the May Gordon sports complex as the venue and by 6 on Tuesday evening, thousands of Belmopan residents had gathered to partake in the event which also featured the representative's birthday, October 6. In the presence of thousands of supporters who were treated to food and drinks, representatives from across the country took to the stage to endorse and encourage Hon. Saldivar in the transformative work he has undertaken in the capital city. Among the speakers were UDP standard bearers Hon. Frank 'Papa' Mena, Hon. Patrick Faber, Hon. Hugo Pat, Tracy Panton. Also speaking at the launch was former PUP mayoral candidate for Belmopan, Jose Chacon who has severed ties with the PUP and has chosen to support the candidacy of Hon. John Saldivar and the UDP.

    PUP’s desperation turns to destruction of UDP signs
    The People’s United Party’s hunger for power has them now destroying UDP signs. The latest attack came on the Belize-Corozal road where the PUP in that constituency set fire to a billboard by Elodio Aragon Jr. The PUP operatives work in the cover of darkness and on Tuesday night they set fire to the banner. This latest attack comes on the heels of another where Bull Nose Vaughn was caught on Monday night tearing down UDP signs for Dr. Carla Barnett in the Freetown division. When he saw a group of UDP supporters coming to the area, Vaughn made a coward’s exit in an effort to not be caught.

    The PUP legacy on Guatemala
    The People's United Party are claiming that they have matured in their position as it relates to Guatemala. What they have never admitted to is that they are responsible for the Webster Proposals, the Heads of Agreement, the Richler Ramphal Proposals, the Confidence Building measures which did away with our borders and gave us the adjacency zone and were the ones who negotiated the compromis which seeks to take the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ. More than that, they had been involved in negotiations with Guatemala which sought to secretly give Belizean land to Guatemala. Now they are trying to pretend as if they had no knowledge of these treasonous acts and are attempting to place pressure on the UDP government and in particular Hon. Wilfred Sedi Elrington for simply speaking the truth.

    PUP infiltrates another union
    Of all the things to protest about, now it is about uniforms. And they are some very expensive uniforms too. It is just over $277,000 FOR UNIFORMS. How selfish that is when PENSIONERS can’t even PAY THEIR BILLS with the pittance they get as pension. Now truly this is PAST THE LIMIT. It may be the most SELFISH and COWARDLY ATTACK, that I have ever seen on our democracy. These highly educated and paid people are allowing themselves to be used as PAWNS to advance the fortunes of a dying POLITICAL PARTY. SOME MEDIA HOUSES have also allowed their organizations to be used to advance this blatant PUP agenda. Strange but none (not even One ) of the so called nonpartisan Media Houses has said anything about this OUTRAGEOUS amount of money being spent on Clothing when THEY keep talking about POOR PEOPLE and POOR PEOPLE ! Do they know how much people could get a house with that money? Belize must be blessed indeed . The sad thing is that one of these days we will be made to suffer the consequences of these types of ABUSE.

    Taiwan doctors stress early detection of kidney disease
    A team of medical practitioners from Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in Pan Chiao, Taipei, Taiwan has been in Belize since Monday, October 5, on a mission at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The mission provided Ophthalmology, E.N.T. and Nephrology diagnosis and treatment. The team leader is Dr. Hung-Yuan Chen who has 15 years experience as a surgeon and 10 years specializing in Nephrology. Chen leads the team but focuses specifically on his area of expertise. He says his primary mission is to stress the importance of early detection of kidney disease for diabetes patients. Most Diabetes patients eventually develop kidney disease. Chen says that people living with Diabetes need to be educated on the symptoms of kidney diseases and treatment options even before they are diagnosed. Proper information will lead to early detection, says Chen, and early detection will allow the patient to better control the condition.

    Senior citizen beaten to death in Orange Walk
    After suffering for 4 days in the KHMH, 63 year-old Orange Walk Resident Carlos Griffith, a.k.a. “Paraquat” passed away while getting medical treatment. Police have not made any arrests as yet, but what they do know is that he was sitting on a stool near the Town’s Fire Station, on Monday, September 28. At around 8:00 p.m., two men allegedly approached him, and they got into an argument with the senior gentleman over this stool. It escalated to a violent attack where the men allegedly gave him a violent beating, causing Griffith to suffer a fractured skull and a smashed face.

    Fined for taking a pee in the yard of a police officer
    Armando Esquillano must pay a $200 fine by October 30 or his worst nightmare will begin on Halloween Day when he is sent to the Belize Central Prison to serve two months for trespassing on a private property. Allegations are that on Monday, September 28, he entered the private premises of woman police officer, Angela Wiltshire. Esquilliano appeared unrepresented in court on Friday, October 2. He told the court that he was passing the house on his way home when he realized that he wanted to pee real bad. Therefore, he went to pee in the yard with no knowledge whose yard it was. As he was taking a pee, Esquillano said he heard a man instruct him to freeze and don’t move. Agreeing with the facts of the case, Esquilliano wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the charge.

    Human bones found in Belmopan
    The family of 75 year-old Francisco Reyes Ruiz are patiently waiting for a pathologist to confirm if a sack of skeletal remains police found on Saturday, October 3, is their loved one. Reyes left his home in the Salvapan area of Belmopan to go farming, and he never returned. Since that time, the family had been persistently searching for him, and they had suspected the worst outcome when he hadn’t returned for days. He spent most of his time at his farm near the Springfield Community, in the Cayo District, and so they had been canvassing that area. A search team, which included 23 year-old Bryan Nolberto, came across a sack of bones between 2 huge rocks, in an area about 6 miles south of the Springfield Community. They examined it and found that it was human remains, and they reported it to police immediately.

    General manager of Saint Martin’s Credit Union robbed at gun point
    At about 7:45 pm, this past Sunday, a robbery was fully underway on Collins Boulevard in San Ignacio at the residence of Ramon Tzul, 37 year old, General Manager of the Saint Martin’s Credit Union. Tzul was exiting the green Toyota Demax owned by the Saint Martin’s Credit Union, when three men approached him, two of them were armed with handguns and demanded that the keys to the vehicle be handed over to them. The criminals, then headed with the Toyota Demax towards Bullet Tree Falls. San Ignacio Police along with the Special Patrol Unit coordinated with the Bullet Tree Checkpoint, where it was confirmed that the vehicle worth $75,000.00 had passed through Bullet Tree Falls and was then driven to an exit point along the Belize-Guatemala border.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold National Track and Field Championship
    The Belize Athletics Association invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on the 14-15 November, 2015. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ( [email protected]) or from our Face Book page (Belize Athletics Association). Registration forms can also be obtained from and returned to the National Sports Council’s offices throughout the country.

    Easy Does It of Flowers Bank Rural softball champions
    The Belize Rural Softball Association competition came to an end on Sunday 4 October, 2015, out in Lord’s Bank Village with the Page System Playoffs. In the first semi-final game, UB Jaguars defeated Double Head Cabbage by the score of 15-12, to advance to the Grand Final. The winning pitcher was Amber Wade and the losing pitcher was Herlett Clarke. In the second semi-final game, Easy Does It of Flowers Bank eliminated Lord’s Bank Sunrise by the score of 12-5 to advance to the Final. The winning pitcher was Margaret Hendy and the losing pitcher was Karen Hilton.

    Football Federation to hold district association elections
    The Football Federation of Belize will be conducting elections for the seven (7) District Associations that make up the Football Federation of Belize. The district elections will be conducted by the Football Federation of Belize in the presence of a representative from the National Sports Council, the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association and a Justice of the Peace. The elections proceedings for the following Football District Association are as follows:

    Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball competition commences
    The Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Competition for school year 2015-2016 commenced today Wednesday 7 October 2015, at Bird’s Isle with two games on the schedule. The competition will see six teams in the girls’ competition and six teams in the boys’ competition. The schools that will compete in the girls’ competition are: Belize Elementary School, Bethel Assembly School, Wesley Upper School, Holy Redeemer School, St. John’s Primary School and St. Mary’s Primary School. Meanwhile, in the boys’ competition, the school that will compete are, Belize Elementary School, Bethel Assembly School, Wesley Upper School, Holy Redeemer School, St. John’s Primary School and St. John Vianney School.

    Gregory Shepherd pleads not guilty to burglary
    Gregory Shepherd, 20-year-old resident and laborer of Holy Emmanuel Street in the Saint Martin de Pores area, is out on bail of $3,000 after he was charged with the burglary of Jose Rodriguez’s home. Shepherd was represented by attorney Rachel Montejo when he appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John on Monday, October 5. He was read a single charge of burglary. Allegations are that on September 26, 2015, he forced himself into the home of Jose Rodriguez and stole a number of items. Missing from the house was an electric iron grinder valued at $225, an electric drill valued at $250 and other electrical equipment valued at $250. Shepherd pleaded not guilty to the charge. Court prosecutor, Christopher Smith had no objection to bail but asked the court to set conditions to Shepherd’s bail.

    Men Busted in vehicle with weed
    Kevin Cherrington, 21, is a very lucky young man after he was spared of a $10,000 fine for pleading guilty to possession of 63.3 grams of weed on Monday, October 5. Cherrington was busted with two other men in a blue Honda Accord on Saturday, October 3. Acording to police officer #1433 Arzu, he and other officers were conducting mobile patrol on the Southside of Belize City when they spotted a blue car that caught their attention. They decided to stop the vehicle and execute a search for drugs and ammunition. The driver at the time was Calvin Blease, 23, and the passengers were Adrian Avaloy and Kevin Cherington. All three men exited the vehicle and allowed police to conduct the search. The men were searched first and nothing incriminating was found on either of them. Police then searched the vehicle and found a black plastic bag under the passenger seat of the vehicle. The bag contained weed and as a result all three were arrested and detained.

    New carnal knowledge trial for Artie Myers
    Artie Myers, 28, is a free man after the Court of Appeals rejected a Supreme Court decision to convict him of carnal knowledge in March of 2014. Myers was serving the nineteenth month of a twelve year sentence when the decision was handed down on Monday, October 5, 2015. He was accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl in Punta Gorda Town on November 6, 2012. In the Supreme Court trial, Myers was unrepresented. He got what was thought to be a break when the virtual complainant told the court that the statement she gave police back in 2012 was all lies. The prosecutor proceeded to treat the child as a hostile witness but she maintained the position that her story to police was a lie. Despite this, Justice Antoinette Moore allowed the child’s statement to be entered into evidence. Myers was later convicted of the offense of carnal knowledge on March 21, 2014. He was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment on March 28, 2014.

    Richard Smith to face firearm charges, four others released
    Six men were busted with a .45 revolver on January 17, 2014 when the Gang Suppression Unit intercepted a red F-200 pickup truck at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Peter Secco Street, next to the Belize Water Service. Those men are Jihadul Alackbar Gill Sr., 21, Everal Gray, 29, Delbert Alvarez, 20, Alrick Lamb, 21, Arthur Hill, 20, and Richard Smith, 35. Alrick Lamb took the rap for the bust and pleaded guilty to keeping an unlicensed firearm and keeping unlicensed ammunition. However, the others were not relieved of the charges and trial proceeded against them.

    Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy is John Saldivar Softball Champions
    The Cayo Softball Association Senior Women’s competition which was sponsored by the Hon. John Saldivar came to an end of Sunday 4th October, 2015, at the Dembeigh Fuller Softball Stadium in Camalote Village, when the final game for the championship was played between the Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy and the Rebels United from Unitedville. The championship was played with vigour and had to go into extra inning where the Roaring Creek emerged as the champion with a 7-6 victory over the Rebels United from Unitedville. The winning pitcher was Leandra Guy and the losing pitcher was Francine Salazar. At the end of the championship, the association presented the championship awards and the individual awards to the respective winners.

    Bubble Gum Jaw
    In the general elections of 2012, and indeed this one in November 2015, the biggest asset of the People’s United Party was the number of media houses under the control of its surrogates. In the aforementioned 2012 elections, the UDP was most affected by a talk show on Love called Politics Today, where Matura, Gegg and Mohammed pounded the incumbent Government each night. Matura then proceeded to use the name and offices of Oceana to organize a referendum on off-shore drilling, which made the UDP look as if they are in favor of this practice, no matter that it was the PUP which awarded all the drilling concessions immediately prior to the 2008 Generals. In this 2015 election, several talk show hosts, who are actually covert PUP surrogates, are trying to mimic the former program, Politics Today. In fact, they came back with a show called The Business Hour, which centers more on politics than business, hosted by two fervent PUP supporters.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Dangriga police seize gun
    Dangriga police searched an abandoned lot on Monday afternoon around 12:25 p.m. and made the discovery of a .380 pistol along with five live rounds of ammunition. No one was in the Lakeland area where the gun and ammunition was found so they were labelled as “Found Property”.

    Two detained for Placencia burglary
    Two Placencia men have been detained in connection with a burglary at the home of an American businessman and owner of Sail Fish Resort’s. Fifty-year-old Michael Gargan reported to police that sometime between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on October 6th, his apartment was broken into and a metal safe containing items […]

    Multiple drug operation in the west proves successful
    San Ignacio police, in an effort to control the distribution and sale of illegal substances in that municipality conducted a number of searches with warrants in hand and with the assistance of the Special Branch Tactical Response Squad. The operations proved successful in three different instances. Twenty-eight-year-old Ramona Vasquez from […]

    Man busted for drug trafficking
    Randy McNab, a 35-year-old resident of Mangrove Street in Dangriga Town, was arrested and charged for the offense of “drug trafficking” on Tuesday after police busted him with cannabis and money suspected to be the proceeds of drug sales. While on mobile patrol in the “Backa Town” area, officers noticed […]

    Stann Creek farmer claims Fantasy 5 after slip
    An elderly man from the Stann Creek district won Tuesday night’s Fantasy Five Jackpot of $286,000. 76 year old Malcolm John Dale picked the lucky numbers 05, 11, 19, 34, 29. Dale visited the Fantasy Five Office with his winning ticket yesterday to claim the Jackpot, but couldn’t […]

    PM defends Elrington as forces gather against him
    On September 30, Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington gave his last statement in that capacity at the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly in New York City. Since then, Citizens Organized for Liberty thru Action has taken him to task saying he failed to use […]

    FCIB excoriates CWU over negotiations
    CIBC First Caribbean Bank says it does not conduct its business in the public domain. But in the wake of the back and forth between the Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) and the Bank concerning efforts to settle the workers’ exit package as the Bank prepares to transfer its […]

    Audit employees complain anonymously on Facebook
    Various anonymous members of the Office of the Auditor General of Belize have started a Facebook page entitled “The Corruption Starts Here.” This is in reference to a stated goal of the Audit Department, to investigate and root out corrupt practices in Government departments. While in practice the […]

    PM hosts business forum
    Today was the 4th Annual Prime Minister’s Business Forum which was held today at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City. Among other things, a report on the status of reform actions discussed at PM Business Forums in the past was presented. In his closing remarks PM Barrow said […]

    BPP’s new candidates have big dreams for Belize
    ast week saw the launch of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), an amalgation of two smaller political parties and former members of a third. They introduced the first eleven candidates to contest the 2015 general elections. Today they announced the addition of seven more. They are housewife and mother of […]

    PUP unveil health policy
    The PUP has unveiled its health policy which addresses health as a holistic goal for all Belizeans. PUP Leader Francis Fonseca stated, “Fundamental to healthy livings for all Belizeans are the basic programmes of development that are central to the plan of action of the next PUP government. Good […]

    Belize Progressive Party to name seven new candidates
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is today naming seven new candidates for the 2015 general elections. The candidates presented themselves at the Belize Institute of Management, pledging to declare their income and assets in accordance with the Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act. The candidates are Elizabeth […]

    SSB workers walk out again
    Workers of the Social Security Board across the country which have been agitating for advancement on their Collective Bargaining Agreement apparently walked out of their offices and began picketing. In Belize City sixteen workers did so around three Wednesday afternoon. According to 7 News they have been demanding […]

    Hattieville man accused of carnal knowledge of 11 year old
    A 29 year old man accused of twice having sexual intercourse with an 11 year old girl, causing her grievous harm, has been remanded to Belize Central Prison. Hattieville resident, Akeem Alexander Allen is two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor 11 years old and one count of […]

    Report: Major crimes down, murder rises
    For the fourth time in five years, through the first nine months of 2015, murders have cracked the 100 mark with a reported 102 compared to 91 in the same period for 2014. However, other major crimes including burglary and theft are down sharply, resulting in 200 fewer […]

    Bus driver faces charges for little girl’s death
    54 year old Honduran national Jose Rodriguez, a truck driver, has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention in connection with Monday’s road traffic accident on the George Price Highway that claimed the life of 11 year old Tezzrah Diamond Thompson. Thompson, […]

    PUP Pickstock candidate “not involved with COLA”
    While he concedes that his objectives and theirs are the same, candidate for the People’s United Party (PUP) in Pickstock division, Dr. Francis Smith, denies being in any way involved in activist group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA)’s decision to actively campaign against his Pickstock opponent, Wilfred […]

    Two charged for Belize City robbery
    Two of three Belize City men charged with the brazen daylight robbery of Southern Choice Butane Limited are denied bail and have been remanded to Central Prison. 26 year old Kevin Faber, unemployed resident of Gibnut Street, and 25 year old Warren Davis, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith charged […]


    Some of the Beauties of Fall on Ambergris Caye
    NONE of these are steadfast rules but this October so far has been quite beautiful. With flat seas perfect for diving… …and certain lawns have been turning into marshes of fresh water filled with frogs…and some really gorgeous birds. Yesterday, once again, we came to a screaming halt when we spotted a lone roseate spoonbill perched on top of a telephone pole. Osprey, yes. But spoonbill? Not your every day sighting. The flock eating frogs and tadpoles. It IS the circle of life after all…

    Sipping Cocktails on the Beach—And You Call This Work?
    I’m sitting on the beach in Hopkins Village in Belize—mimosa in hand—staring out over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea trying to find the exact point where the clear blue sky meets the water. This friendly village is the heart of the Garifuna culture in Belize and my home for the next couple of days. There isn’t much on my to-do list…sunning, swimming, and a Garifuna drumming lesson with a local drummer. I’m halfway through an adventurous road trip around this captivating little country and taking a day or two to reflect on the experiences of the last few days. Belize is a country full of diversity. Depending on your interests you can have the completely relaxed, tropical, seaside experience…or inland mountain adventures, visits to ancient Maya sites, and encounters with local wildlife.

    Words Of Wisdom For Anyone Considering Retiring To Belize
    "When we got off the plane on our first trip to Belize, we knew immediately that this was the place for us," Kathy continues. "It just felt right, right away." One thing that attracted Jim and Kathy to Belize was the fact that the language is English. "Learning Spanish wasn't something we wanted to deal with," Jim admits. "Another thing we really appreciate about this country is the people," Kathy adds. "We've lived all around the world with the military, and we find the people in Belize to be wonderful and friendly. Belize is one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world. When they say 'good morning,' they actually mean it." "On the other hand," Jim adds, "living here, you need patience. Belize moves at its own pace, and Belizeans are on mañana time. Monday may mean Monday, but not necessarily next Monday."

    Serenity now at San Ignacio Resort Hotel
    I know a few of you are Seinfeld fans and have seen the “Serenity now” episode where a few of the cast started saying that phrase as a method to lower blood pressure and the saying turns to “Serenity now, insanity later” as everyone using the mantra gets more worked up as the show progresses. Thankfully that was not the case at our recent stay at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. It truly was serenity relaxation all the way. We also got pampered well and every time we came back to our room there was a new treat waiting for us. As much as I love food, my favorite one was the day they left a flower petal happy birthday message on the bed. It came with a bouquet with mums and roses which was extra special to me. Roses are not easily found here and a professional gardener confirmed that is because they are not commonly grown as they take so much care.

    Batimos los huevos y los agregamos a la cacerola junto con el brócoli y la zanahoria en trozos, mezclamos nuevamente hasta que todo se integre bien y hacemos las tortitas del tamaño que deseemos para después colocarlas en una bandeja para hornear. Cuando tengamos todas las tortitas hechas y colocadas en la bandeja horneamos en horno precalentado a 190 grados centígrados durante 15 minutos, pasados los 15 minutos sacamos la bandeja, damos vuelta a las tortitas de brócoli y horneamos durante 15 minutos más.

    International Sourcesizz

    Ancient recording of Earth core's birth
    A reassessment of ancient rocks has led scientists to estimate that Earth's inner core started to form earlier than was previously thought, around 1.3 billion years ago. As it started to freeze, the core began generating a bigger magnetic field, which continues to today. The work is reported in Nature journal. Earth's active core contrasts sharply with that of our neighbour Mars, whose strong early magnetic field died around four billion years ago. Our planet's magnetic field is generated deep in the planet by the turbulent motion of the electrically conducting molten iron of the outer core.

    Climate Time Machine
    This series of visualizations shows how some of Earth's key climate indicators are changing over time.

    The next NFL kicker to miss an extra point wins a trip to Belize
    For NFL kickers looking to visit Half Moon Caye or the mountainous city of Belmopan, the Belize tourism board has quite the offer. The next guy to miss one of the league’s new 33-yard extra points wins a free trip to the Central American nation. So far there have been 17 missed extra points this season by 15 different kickers. Kyle Brindza and Randy Bullock both missed two apiece and were cut by their teams. But if the next guy to miss the gimme kick gets released, at least he can spend his time off in a tropical paradise.

    Mummies, Bones & Catacombs: Seeing Dead People for Fun
    Seeking skeletons, mummies and other human remains -- seeing dead people for fun -- is a pursuit I've dubbed "cadravel," from "cadaver" plus "travel." Cadravel is spooky, but it's also wake-up-and-smell-the-membrane sobering, reminding us that life is short, that we're all the same inside and that we'll all end up this way -- well, maybe not with our tibia transformed into chandeliers at the Czech Republic's skele-tastic Sedlec Ossuary, say, but dead. Which is something we seriously need to know. Belize's Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, a longtime Maya ceremonial site, is now an archaeological wonderland housing many artifacts including a full skeleton dubbed the Crystal Maiden: Sparkling faintly, calcified into the cavern floor from which it gazes, one leg straight and the other bent, it's said to evince ancient sacrifice.

    SD man taught us about the world
    Don Bohning, who spent three decades building up the Miami Herald’s Latin American coverage, died early Saturday after a long battle with cancer. He was 82. Gugliotta discovered just how highly esteemed Bohning was in the eyes of Caribbean politicians one morning when George Price, the eccentric but charming prime minister of Belize, popped in without warning at the old Herald building on Biscayne Boulevard, having flown to Miami and then taking a bus to see Bohning for an impromptu chat. Minutes later, two harried Secret Service agents burst into the Herald lobby, frantic that their charge had wandered away. Bohning was nonplussed neither by the arrival of Price nor that of the distraught agents. His patience and tranquility in the face of maddog dictators and penurious publishers were legendary. He stayed calm even in the face of the serial catastrophes that marked his attempt to cover the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. The U.S. military was barring reporters from the scene, but Bohning and five other reporters hired a smuggler with a speedboat in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to slip them in. Making its final run to shore through bombing and artillery fire, the boat capsized, destroying all Bohning’s notes and recordings.

    Belize Offers a Free, Relaxing Vacation to Next Stressed-Out NFL Kicker to Miss
    NFL kickers seem to be stressed out this season, as there's been a rash of missed kicks, including 18 this past week alone. But now, the country of Belize is here to help—offering a free bye-week trip to Belize to the next kicker who misses a field goal or extra point attempt. The offer, dreamed up by Belize's PR/social agency Olson Engage, is made in this video starring Belize national soccer defender Ian Gaynair, who'll give free kicking lessons to the lucky "winner." (Because missing kicks isn't embarrassing enough.) The Colts' Adam Vinatieri (seen above, missing a kick in the AFC Championship Game last January) and the Texans' Nick Novak, who play Thursday night, are first in line for the chance to get rewarded for sucking.


  • Belize Progressive Party - Press Conference - Oct. 1, 2015 - FULL, 112min.

  • Garifuna drums, Dangriga, Belize, 2min.

  • Planning for a Sustainable Future - Securing the Costal Resources of Belize, 3min. A call to action in support of the Integrated Costal Zone Management Plan of Belize.

  • Life in Progress, 6.5min. One year ago to the day, I started the longest and most amazing journey of my life. 10 months traveling alone from Canada to Brazil, meeting the most amazing people on my way ! I made this short video with almost no edit as a "trailer" for a longer one with more footage, details and explanation about the trip. This bigger project will probably be split in several parts. Thanks to each and every person who have been part of this adventure and have contributed in making it so wonderful. Footage from: Norway, Iceland, Canada, USA, The Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

  • Blue Bonefish Lodge, 1.5min. The Blue Bonefish Lodge San Pedro Belize.

  • Sirenalia Mermaids Belize Retreat, 1min. You're already a merperson. Come swim with us. February 4th - 9th, 2016, join us in Caye Caulker Belize for the second annual Belize Mermaid Retreat hosted by the Mermaids of Sirenalia.

  • The Log Cab-Inn - Belize San Ignacio, 2min. Set 6 minutes drive south from the town of San Ignacio, The Log Cab-Inn boasts facilities including an outdoor pool and a restaurant on site. The functional accommodations feature a flat-screen TV with cable channels, air conditioning, and views of the surrounding jungle. The private bathrooms include a shower.

  • Belize's Invitation To Football Kickers, 1min. In Belize, we love football — both kinds. Which is why we can’t bear to watch anymore American football kickers struggle… they need to relax! We’ve teamed up with Belize football (soccer) star Ian Gaynair to make the following offer: The next kicker to miss a field goal or extra point is invited on a trip to Belize.

  • Belize Getaway, 3.5min.

  • Tamara Husted Birthday in Belize, 3min.

    October 8, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Lunch at Lily’s
    Lily’s Treasure Chest is a beautifully located beach side restaurant in front of the Amigo’s Del Mar dock and it’s been around for quite some time! With a great view and fair prices it is definitely an island favorite. A popular place for locals and visitors alike, rarely do you pass this place and come across an empty patio! Just in from a day snorkelling and diving or maybe fishing? Lily’s is the perfect place to bring your catch of the day and have it prepared just the way you like! And if fishing’s not your thing, you can enjoy a full menu of options from breakfast to lunch. Enjoy a classic Belizean Breakfast with fry jacks or fresh flour tortillas with a side of eggs and re fried beans, Rice and Beans with stew chicken and potato salad for lunch or choose from array of seafood dinners and burgers.

    Volleyball Marathon held prior to official tournament
    On Friday, October 2nd, a volleyball marathon was held at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. The event saw teams in three categories competing in a series of matches. Four male, three female and three junior teams participated in the marathon in view of the upcoming beach volleyball tournament scheduled to commence in the second week of October. Both the marathon and the tournament are organized by the San Pedro Sporting Committee and sponsored by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. According to Councilor Hector “Tito” Alamilla, the idea of the marathon was to let everyone know that there is an official tournament coming up and to remind residents of the forgotten sport on the island. “This is an idea that the Sports Committee had, since volleyball was once a very popular sport on the island. But it died out, so the idea was to bring it back to life. To make this happen we engaged in constructing a proper beach volleyball court with a one foot layer of sand,” explained Alamilla. The tournament, similar to the marathon, will include male, female and junior teams and a fee will be required upon registration. “In the Male and Female category, a fee of $150 is to be paid upon registration per team, while the junior category will be charged $100 per team. In all categories there will be six players per team,” said Alamilla. At the end of the tournament, which is expected to last between one and two months depending on how many teams are registered, trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

    International River and Beach Cleanup continues to promote Trash Free Seas
    Saturday, October 3rd marked yet another successful International River and Beach Cleanup on Ambergris Caye. The 30th annual cleanup is spearheaded worldwide by Ocean Conservancy and officially began on Saturday, September 19th. Here in Belize, Oceana in Belize and the Belize Scouts Association are the national entities pushing the cleanup of Belize’s coastlines, which saw its 24th installment. This year’s cleanup was held under the team “Trash Free Seas – Every Piece, Every Person” with aims of raising awareness to the importance of keeping our water bodies trash free. The local cleanup efforts started from 8AM, with volunteers divided in to seven groups to cover more ground. Armed with garbage bags and gloves, the volunteers took to designated coastal areas in the attempt of ridding La Isla Bonita of accumulated garbage in our marine environment. The main efforts were centered in clearing the island beaches, with four groups tasked to collect washed up garbage from Boca del Rio Park south to the Mosquito Coast Area. The day also saw in-water cleanup of the Boca del Rio channel and Mexico Rocks Dive Site. Another key cleanup area was the Northern Ambergris Caye beaches known as turtle nesting sites.

    Territorial Dispute heading to the ICJ without people’s referendum
    With only weeks till the next General Elections, the current administration is involved in yet another controversy, as Mister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington announced that an agreement has been signed to by-pass the public referendum and simply take the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The bold announcement was made during the 70th session of the United Nation’s (UN) General Assembly on Friday, October 2nd in New York, United Sates of America. Both the Belizean and Guatemalan governments had agreed to host a public referendum to decide whether Guatemala’s claim over a certain area of Belize should be presented to the ICJ for an ultimate decision. COLA’s President, Giovanni Brackett stated that Elrington is not working for the best of the Belizean community. “The Foreign Minister has acted recklessly and grossly misrepresented what the peoples of both countries believe and were told about this process from the very beginning. Each time it is mentioned, it must be explicitly stated as a condition of agreement, not implicit, lest people be misled,” said Brackett.

    Ambergris Today

    Another Successful Blood Drive by Red Cross and Cancer Society
    The Belize Red Cross – San Pedro Branch (BRCSP) held another successful blood drive on Saturday, October, 2015, with many community members turning out to donate blood at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, Manta Ray St., San Pedro. Community volunteers helped make the process go smoothly as they took their places as greeters at the door, handing out juice and cookies, directing traffic and collecting donations on the street.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    One Police Officer's Request for Improvement
    Dear Sir/Madam: I write this letter to you because I need your assistance. I need your assistance to help me set wrong to right. Please help me correct the injustice that have been plaguing my brothers and I in the police department who have been working under the twelve hour shift system. It has been one year and four months working the twelve hour shift system and it displeases me for not speaking out sooner. Actually, the displeasure come not from not speaking out, but from not taking action sooner. From it inception, I was against it and told everybody I meet about my opinions on the system. Ever since I have been transferred to Belize City, I have expressed and keep on expressing my opinion of the oppressive conditions that they have us working under. So as not to “jump the gun”, I’ll start from the beginning. I am Nelson Ramos. I have been a policeman for more than a decade. I love my job and cannot see myself doing anything else. However, for the past year or so, every day when it’s time to go to work, I dread the idea and am of the opinion that the Department is taking advantage of me and my colleagues.

    Playing this weekend at the Paradise Theatre in San Pedro

    Empyrean Plant Exchange
    The Empyrean Art Center is doing another Seed and Plant Exchange this Saturday. They have some really cool art there too.

    Belize Fishing Report: September 27th - October 3rd, 2015
    Bonefish showed in numbers for many anglers including first timers. We are blessed with an incredible bonefish fishery and it shows. Weather was mostly cloudy but that did not stop Robert from landing two permit. The tarpon were a main attraction and it was a great week for those targeting them.

    BEL Recovers from Nationwide Power Interruption
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has restored power supply to the country following a nationwide unplanned power interruption last evening. At 7:10 p.m., BEL lost power supply from Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) when that supplier experienced a trip at its Chetumal Substation. BEL commenced its restoration sequence using local generation whilst CFE simultaneously worked to resolve the issue. At 7:47 p.m. power was restored to San Pedro Town; thereafter to the Belize District, the West and South. Power was restored to the remainder of the country by 8:04 p.m. CFE continues to investigate the cause of the trip on its system. In the meantime, BEL is balancing its use of local generation sources with CFE supply to minimize any further interruptions in the event of another system trip with CFE.

    Poets Corner: New Political Consciousness
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Joe and Alfonso calls it “simple season” The BPP is powered by naysayers and hating persons Belize’s BPP is not comprised of politicians The BPP are agents of change introducing a new political consciousness to a dying nation Democracy is on life support Some of our parliamentarians are on US wanted reports You deserve better, Belize, you just need to put some effort Don’t be dazzled with a San Pedro airport Corrupt politicians will thwart the effort Or promised salary adjustment so you stop agitate That is how politician hawl in their bait

    Empyrean Plant Exchange
    The Empyrean Art Center is doing another Seed and Plant Exchange this Saturday. They have some really cool art there too.

    FCD’s Executive Director presents the state of the Chiquibul
    At the House of Lords in London. FCD is thankful to the High Commissioner of Belize and her staff in the United Kingdom for the coordination and support given.

    Channel 7

    Police: He Knocked Down And Killed Tezzrah
    He knocked down and killed 11 year old Tezzrah Thompson on Monday afternoon in Mahogany Heights and today – after two nights in custody - 44 year old naturalized Belizean, Jose Carlos Rodriguez was arraigned on 3 traffic offenses:, manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention. He appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John in Court #4; no plea was taken since the matters will be tried at the Supreme Court. There was no objection to bail, but the prosecutor was had concerns about of his immigration status. Rodriguez’s relatives were able to furnish the court with his passport that shows that he is a Honduran by birth, but a naturalized Belizean living in Belize for 23 years.

    PUP Says Reform Is Healthy
    About 9 months ago, the PUP launched its education reform campaign as part of the party’s national strategy to convince the public that they have solutions for the problems in education. Well today, just in time for the election, the party rolled out its Health Policy, which seeks to address the problems in the health system. Doing the unveiling were PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, and two Doctor candidates, Francis Smith, and Lesbia Guerra, the candidates for Pickstock and Cayo West, respectively. This morning, party supporters packed Independence Hall where Fonseca was the first to take the podium: Francis Fonseca - Leader, PUP "Fundamental to healthy livings for all Belizeans are the basic programmes of development that are central to the plan of action of the next PUP government. Good paying jobs, equitable distribution of house lots and farm. Safe neighbourhoods, clean drinking water. Nutritious school lunches for our children, access to quality education, decent housing, sports and recreational facilities and an efficient and reliable public transportation system."

    Dr. Francis Says No Funny Business With COLA
    While we had the opportunity, we asked Dr. Smith if he is in any way involved in COLA’s decision to actively campaign against his Pickstock opponent, Wilfred Elrington. As we showed you yesterday, the grassroots organization announced that they are officially getting into the political arena, not to be elected, but just to try to get voters not to vote for Elrington. Their reasoning is that if he cannot win his seat as Pickstock’s Area Representative, he cannot be re-appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Politically, Smith has the most to gain in this campaign since any vote that Elrington doesn’t get, benefits him. So, we asked him about his connection to this new campaign, and here’s how he responded: Dr. Francis Smith - PUP Candidate, Pickstock "I have no contradictions with COLA because we have the same mission." Daniel Ortiz "But sir, it appears as though you are the most to benefit, you have the most to gain from this. Then we know that he met with you the other night. Some would suggest that you are one of the architects along this push from COLA. Are you involved in that in any way?"

    Man Blacks Out, Causes Accident
    There was a traffic accident around 4:00 this afternoon at Mile One on the George Price Highway near the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery. Details are still sketchy at this time – but we understand that a grey Mazda Tribute travelling towards the city – collided into a blue tracker driven by 51 year old Victorio Herrate. On the scene we saw the driver of the Mazda Tribute inside his vehicle – reluctant to move. We were told both drivers received injuries. We spoke briefly to Herrate. Translated from Spanish to English on Behalf of the Driver. Victorio Herrate - Driver in Accident "He said he was coming this way and the tracker hit him because this car was parked bad. They just got out and left the tracker." Reporter "So who hit who?" Victorio Herrate - Driver in Accident "He said this guy hit him. He tried to stop; the Mazda hit the tracker."

    Spontaneous Sickout At SSB City
    Disgruntled SSB workers across the country took their industrial action to another level and staged a sickout this afternoon. We saw about 16 workers walk out of the Belize City Branch office one by one at 3:00 this afternoon. We are told similar actions and picketing happened at other branches. They have been demanding financial compensation for the 10 month uniform delay but management does not acknowledge or agree with that demand. SSB Chairman Doug Singh has stated his position on the matter and says he is sticking with it but the workers refuse to accept that and simply walked out sick today. And to further solidify their position, the NTUCB sent out a 1,000 word press release condemning the remarks of Chairman Doug Singh on the media. In it, they accuse Singh of “providing misleading and inaccurate information”. It continues by stating that “the CWU and the SSB workers denounces the recent conduct of the SSB Chairman Doug Singh, who seems intent in raising public sentiments against the workers.” It adds that “the CWU rejects the comments made by the Chairman and considers them to be disingenuous.”

    City Jackers Arraigned In Sugar City
    30- year old Jarrett Crawford and 21 year old Albert Wagner allegedly went all the way from Belize City to Orange Walk Town to commit an armed robbery – and tonight they are remanded to prison because of it. The pair appeared in Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today where they were each arraigned on a single count of robbery. They were remanded to prison until November 7th. As we showed you – the pair were allegedly caught on camera holding up Yan’s store at 9:45 on Saturday night. The store is at the entrance to Trial Farm village – and the pair showed up unmasked posing as customers – Crawford even bought a cigarette and a pack of gum. But, things took a turn around 10:00 pmwhen they turned a gun on the shop owner and patrons and took $2,000 dollars in cash, $1,000 dollars worth of Smart and Digicell phone cards and a cell phone.

    Molester Did Grievous Harm To A Child
    29 year-old Hattieville Resident Akeem Alexander Allen is at prison tonight after being arraigned for allegedly molesting an 11 year-old girl. The allegations are that in June and July of this year, he had sexual intercourse with the child. Police investigated the report and they charged him with 2 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and 1 count of grievous harm – which refers to serious physical injury. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Smith, who did not take any plea, and who also could not offer him any bail. He was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until December 22.

    Daylight Robbers Caught
    Two of three men who allegedly pulled off an armed robbery in Belize City on Monday morning were taken to court today. It happened at Southern Choice Butane at Mile 4 on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Monday, October 5, at 11:00 am. That’s when two men walked into the compound and asked to purchase butane. But that quickly changed when one of the men got grabbed one of the workers from behind and choked him, dragged him inside the office, and then locked both he and the secretary both in another room. They left in five minutes taking $6,569 dollars in cash. Police say three men were involved. Well a pair alleged to be two of them, 26 year old Kevin Faber, and 25 year old Warren Davis, were today escorted in cuffs to appear before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith in Court #1 to answer to two robbery offenses. Both men were unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to the two counts of robbery. Prosecutor in the case, Inspector Egbert Castillo had heavy objections to bail arguing that the police case is very strong against the men, and if they are granted bail, they may try to interfere with the witnesses.

    Murder Up, Major Crimes Down
    Murders are up for the first nine months of 2015, but overall, major crime is down. Police crime statistics leaked unto facebook today show there through the end of September 2015, there were 102 murders, compared to 91 in the same period last year. Rape and robbery were also up, but reports of burglary and theft were down significantly – leading to two hundred fewer major crimes through the end of September 2015 as compared to the previous year.

    Mark, King of Landfill
    Back in January, when he was still serving as Lake Independence Area Representative, Mark King rolled out the OPEC Fund’s landfill program. That’s basically where about a thousand home owners in Lake I got a free load of landfill to try to alleviate the problem of living with swamps and floods which they’ve endured for years. Well, today King started sending dump truck drivers to deliver landfill to another 1,000 homeowners in that constituency, as the second portion of the program. But, is it conveniently timed to try to gain favour with the voters of Lake Independence? King told us that it is not. Welcome back to 7News – we apologize for the break in transmission due to a nationwide blackout caused by a failure of the CFE system in Mexico. We resume now with Lake I Area Representative Mark King talking about the OPEC funded landfill programme he’s rolling out – we were asking if it is an election gimmick:…

    King on The Squatter Situation
    So, what about his ongoing problem with the squatters on Chetumal Street and in the Foam Factory Area? As we told you, he announced a week ago that Ambassador Sarkis Abu-nahra has donated some acres of land to be distributed, and he mentioned a few other landowners, particularly the Bradley Estate, who had agreed in to give back some of the land in good faith. As we told you last week, the owners of the Bradley Estate said that they had not arrived any such agreement. We asked King if he was mistaken, or worse, being disingenuous when he mentioned the Bradley Estate owners. Here’s how he answered that: Mark King - UDP Candidate, Lake I "I don't know why I would go on national TV and lie but I will tell you the truth of the matter of that interview was to highlight that Mr. Abu-Nahra is giving us an amount of land; and he have squatters coming in to get those land which we will give to them. And I will not stand here on TV to tell you this when you could play back the interview and say this is what you said. The matter for the Bradley estate is that they don't know who's in control of the Bradley estate.

    Conchshell Cops
    Officers from Eastern Division South were out meeting community members again today. As we have reported this is part of the police department’s goal of connecting with residents and rekindling trust. Today we met with some officers who were in the Conch Shell Bay Area and they told us just how welcoming the residents are and how rewarding the initiative is. Insp. Adrian Banner - Staff Officer, Eastern Division South "What’s happening is that we are continuing our meet and greet effort. What we want to do is meet all the communities in eastern division south and in the entire Belize; because what is happening on eastern division south also happens on north. Our effort to try and bridge the gap between the community and the police so that they become more familiar and appreciated and they could share their views and ideas with us as how we can improve in assisting them as we do our job."

    Teacher and Students
    A clean spacious yard, a couple swings and an ice-cream shop: sounds like haven for kids right? Well, it’s actually an after school program and no, they don’t eat ice cream and play all evening – they complete assignments and are tutored in Math and other core subjects. We spoke to the director of the program Sebastian Cob and he told us how the program merges learning with fun. Cob and his wife have been running the program for 10 years in Pickstock but they moved to Fabers road and have been operating there for 4 years. The after classes are from Monday to Thursday from 4:45 to 6:30. Cob also has summer classes for the kids. 20 to 30 students attend the after school classes throughout the year while about 60 attend the summer classes. Those who can’t afford to pay the small fee are still allowed to attend.

    Munnings To Malta
    Andrew Munnings is a Youth Advocate Officer with the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. But this young man made history in Belize when he became the first Belizean to be nominated to the post of Caribbean and Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council. Munnings will be competing against 19 other nominees at the Commonwealth Youth Forum that will be held at the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting in Malta. Today he stopped by our studios to share his excitement. Munnings leaves for the forum on November 18 and returns on the 28th.

    Channel 5

    SSB Employees Walk Out in Protest
    If you weren’t looking for it, you probably wouldn’t have seen it; but at three p.m. today employees in the Social Security Board offices countrywide walked out. We are informed [...]

    PUP Launches Health Plan
    Today the People’s United Party launched its Manifesto on Health at Independence Hall in Belize City. The P.U.P., on an intensive run to elections in less than a month, says [...]

    PUP Leaders Outlines Voter Issues
    While health is a major platform of the Party, Fonseca says that there are other core issues which his party is addressing – issues which he feels voters will be [...]

    Fonseca Says PUP is Serious About Governance Reform
    Fonseca also gave us a sneak peek into the governance platform of the party which will be launched soon. That plan will speak to issues like the thirteenth senator and [...]

    Francis Smith Says He is not Funding COLA
    COLA, the Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action, will be organizing a public meeting in the Pickstock Constituency on Thursday. The venue is significant because of COLA’s most recent campaign. [...]

    Minor Accident Blocks Traffic in the City
    Just before four this afternoon, traffic was backed up on the George Price Highway near the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Two vehicles traveling in opposite directions collided head on.  From what [...]

    Belize City Cops Nab Southern Choice Butane Jackers
    Turning to crime…Tonight, two of three suspects in a brazen daylight robbery at the premises of Southern Choice Butane Ltd., located at mile four on the Phillip Goldson Highway, are [...]

    Kareem Musa on the Campaign Trail
    As we do every election cycle, News Five is kicking off its pre-election coverage, Meet the Candidates. In the twenty-eight days leading up to general elections, we will attempt to [...]

    Musa Says Darrell Bradley Bit Off More Than He Can Chew
    According to Musa, Bradley has too much on his plate with his law practice, City Hall obligations and current campaign for higher office. He took the opportunity to send out [...]

    Darrell Bradley Says Campaign Has Been Well Received
    On the other side of the political fence is Mayor Darrell Bradley. While Bradley has cemented his reputation as a formidable candidate by concreting streets and drains across the city [...]

    Bradley Is Confident…Says Voters Are Free Thinkers
    Since general elections in 2008, Caribbean Shores has been a concentrated area for the U.D.P.  Notwithstanding its label as a red stronghold, Bradley says he is not taking for granted [...]

    Driver Charged in Road Traffic Fatality
    Tonight, forty-four year old Honduran driver, a naturalized Belizean, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court and was slapped with three traffic offenses in relation to a fatal traffic [...]

    Hattieville Resident Arraigned for Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
    Reports on the number of persons involved in unlawful sex continue to balloon, while the victims are getting younger. Today, twenty-nine year old Hattieville resident, Akeem Alexander Allen, was arraigned [...]

    Outspoken Stevedore Makes His Debut for the BPP
    Outspoken unionist Raymond Rivers, a stevedore by profession, is making his foray into electoral politics by aligning himself with the Belize Progressive Party.  Rivers has thrown his hat into the [...]

    Roger Espejo on the Campaign Trail
    But back to politics….earlier today, we caught up with former city councilor, Roger Espejo, who has thrown his hat into the ring in the Fort George division. Now, the sitting [...]

    CROSQ AGM Held in Belize
    The Bi-Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Regional Organization of Standards and Qualities, also known as CROS-Q, is being held in Belize. Fifteen standards departments from across the Caribbean are [...]

    Police Continue Community Meet & Greet Efforts
    Community Policing moved today to Buttonwood Bay in the city. While the area is relatively crime free, it is congested with businesses which means that the flow of traffic is [...]


    Belize Signs Agreement With CARICOM
    An agreement for two grants has been signed between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Chief Executive Officer of the CARICOM Development Fund, Lorne Mcdonnough. Under the agreement $2.3 Million US has been allocated for the construction of the new Haulover Bridge and $162,000 US to support energy efficiency projects for the private sector. The construction of the new Haulover Bridge is estimated to cost $9.0 million US which will be co-financed by the Caribbean Development Bank and the government of Belize. The second grant however, will be managed by the Development Finance Corporation and it will be disbursed to firms so as to retrofit their operations and install solar power generation to make them energy efficient and competitive.

    Another Chinese Robbed, This time In Corozal District
    A Chinese grocery store was robbed in the Corozal District. CTV3 News understands that the incident took place yesterday in the village of Xaibe where Zhen Zhen Chinese Grocery Store is located. Today when our reporter Karel Heredia visited the Corozal Police Station for details, he was informed that up to news time no one has come forward to make an official report. We were informed that several attempts have been made to get the owners to come in and file a police report, but they refuse to come forward and assist with the investigation that may lead to the arrest of the delinquents.

    Will Former UDP Mayor Launch His Candidacy In Orange Walk Central?
    With the country plunged into a political fever pitch, everyday leading to the General Elections is interesting, at least where the news is concerned. Today ramblings on the street is that a new political candidate is contemplating throwing his name in the upcoming General Election ring. From what we have been able to gather, former UDP Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Philip De La Fuente has his eyes set to run in Orange Walk Central. Whether he will run independent or under the umbrella of the newly formed Belize Progressive Party is not yet known. But what we can tell you is that we spoke to De la Fuente briefly today where he expressed that he is still in the deciding stages and will know for certain on Thursday after consulting with his family. That’s a huge revelation since De La Fuente is known as a die-hard UDP.

    BAHA Eradicates Birds Suspected Of Being Infected With Avian Flu
    We have reported on the eradication of back yard poultry in Fire Burn Village by the Belize Agriculture and Health Authority, BAHA less than two weeks ago. Today, we have an update on the matter as Director of Animal Health at BAHA, Dr. Miguel Depaz, in an interview with Plus TV, confirmed the department has been eradicating birds suspected of being infected with Avian Flu. Dr. Depaz clarified though that the detection has been strictly among back yard birds and not at commercial breeders. “There is two types of systems, there is the commercial system and there is the backyard so presently we are detecting these in backyard poultry so the household would only have a few birds rather than the thousands of birds that we would have to deal with in the commercial sector so the detection in the north we are putting more interest in that detection because of a commercial poultry sector of Little Belize, Shipyard, Blue Creek so we are putting a lot of interest in the detection of up north and actually we have taken some measures to quickly eradicate where we had detected it in the north because we want to protect the commercial sector up there.”

    PUP Unveils National Plan For Health Care
    Over the past weeks the country’s health sector, under the leadership of Pablo Marin, has been in crisis. From rat infestation, a rat biting the toe of a new born baby to the death of a mother giving birth to her fourth child, the health sector has been under constant scrutiny. With a health system in shambles, today the People’s United Party unveiled their national plan for health care and how they want to “fix a broken system”. As the campaigns intensify, the PUP says it has elaborated a solid plan of action that includes good paying jobs, equitable house lot distributions, quality education to proper sporting and recreational facilities. The PUP adds too that among these is the need for an affordable and efficient health care system. Party leader Francis Fonseca says spiraling medical costs, corruption and inefficiency among other things have put Belize’s Health system in a state of crisis.

    Protest Note Sent By Belize To Guatemala On August 16th Incursion Released For The Public
    Viewers may recall a historic expedition to the Sarstoon Island led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers on August 16th that included and interception by Guatemalan naval authorities and incursion on Belizean waters on their behalf. Three days later, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that a Diplomatic Protest Note had been sent to Guatemala in regards to the incident. That note though, was never made available to the public much less Guatemala’s response despite several requests made to Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. But that has changed. On the October 6th edition of the Amandala Newspaper both the protest note sent by GOB to Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their response were published with the permission of Senator Lisa Shoman who made them available for the Belizean public to be educated.

    Well Known Belize City Criminals Charged For Yan's Store Robbery
    This afternoon, 30-year-old Jarrett Crawford of Raccoon Street, Belize City and 21-year-old Albert Wagner of Lords Bank Village were arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court where they were read a single charge of robbery. The charge stems from an armed robbery at Mr. Yan’s Store in the Trial Farm Village on Saturday Night. As we reported, 43 year old Yan Cui was at the cashier serving customers when Wagner and Crawford entered the store bare-faced pretending to patronize the store. One of the men pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the customers while the other man jumped behind the counter and helped himself to $2,000.00 cash, $1,000.00 worth of Smart and Digicell phone cards and one cell phone valued at $1,300.00.

    Crime Statistics Show Increase In Murder Cases
    Countrywide crime statistics reveal that major offenses are being committed and not enough arrests or convictions are being recorded. The latest data shows a comparison with crimes committed in 2014 and 2015. As it pertains to Murder, data shows that there has been an increase from January and shows a slight dip on August and September for a total of 102 total murders in 2015 compared to 91 in 2014. Of these reports, 28 arrests were made in 2014 and 48 arrests in 2015. The data reveals that most murders go unsolved or turn cold cases. As it pertains to Rape reports, it revealed an increasing trend from January but stabilized in September; bringing the total to 29 in 2014 and 32 in 2015. Of these reports, 20 arrests were made in 2014 while only 8 arrests were made in 2015.


    Robbers of Gas Company Nabbed and Detained
    Yesterday we reported on the robbery that happened on Monday when two men barged into Southern Choice Butane Limited at mile four on the Philip Goldson Highway and proceeded to rob the pump attendant and the company’s Secretary. After stealing an estimated six thousand dollars, the duo made a ran for it but quick response […]

    Paraquat’s Assailant Positively Identified
    Police in Orange Walk have also closed in on the homicide case of Carlos ‘Paraquat’ Griffith. Griffith was a homeless man of that municipality who was beaten severely on September 28 after he had refused to give up a stool he was sitting on. It is a disturbing story as residents of the town have […]

    PUP Launches Health Sector Reform Proposals
    The People’s United Party launched its health reform agenda today at the Independence Hall on Queen Street in Belize City. The event saw the party’s Pickstock Standard Bearer, Dr Francis Smith as the main speaker while the Party Leader did a brief introduction on the issue. FRANCIS FONSECA “We know that sickness, disease and accidents […]

    Gardenia Residents Will Soon Have Running Water
    Residents of Gardenia Village will soon have access to water. We join Judy Thurton for the details. JUDY TURTON “General Elections are right around the corner, and as you might expect, signs and banners have taken over lamp posts across the country. And of course there has been an increase in infrastructural work. If you […]

    Major Jones Says the Magic Is About to Happen in BRN
    So, we have told you of the water system being implemented in Gardenia Village in the Belize District while yesterday we brought you the story of electricity being given to residents of Bomba Village. Water in Gardenia and electricity in Bomba have been much needed utilities in those areas and while the villagers are welcoming […]

    Former CEO Says Hospital’s Management Is the Problem
    The issues in the health sector of Belize has been at the forefront recently. There have been several cases that, at face value, the Government could and in some corners are, being accused of not doing sufficient to improve the sector. With Doctor Alvaro Rosado being the head of the national referral hospital, the Karl […]

    Ministry of Health Announces Discounted Implants
    Ministry of Health in collaboration with Hiossen Implant Company will be conducting dental implant course for free dental implants by the Belize Dental Department. The course starts on Friday and will continue through to October 17. It will be divided in two parts, theory and practical with the theory part being on October 12 and […]


    Hattieville man accused of carnal knowledge of 11 year old
    A 29 year old man accused of twice having sexual intercourse with an 11 year old girl, causing her grievous harm, has been remanded to Belize Central Prison. Hattieville resident, Akeem Alexander Allen is two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor 11 years old and one count of grievous h...

    SSB negotiations take a bad turn; workers get sick
    Today, for the third consecutive day, the Social Security Board workers in all branches across the country used their midday lunch break to picket in front of the SSB offices. In Belmopan, they were lead by their union representative Loerena Flowers, Supervisor in the legal Department at SSB, and...

    “Singh was Disingenuous and Prejudicial” says CWU
    And just when we thought they were done for today, the Christian Workers Union fired a 3 page press release criticizing the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Social Security Board Dough Singh, for comments made on Monday. The press release says that the CWU, ” in conjunction and in solidar...

    Senior Counsel says fees for recent cases are reasonable
    Denys Barrow also spoke to the media about his legal fees that Government has had to pay to him for the numerous cases he handles for them on the premise that he is “the best lawyer in Belize”. Such was the statement of his brother, Prime Minister Dean Barrow when questioned about the issue of nepot...

    Bar Association’s CCJ resolution is “political,” says Denys Barrow
    As we reported last week Thursday, the Bar Association of Belize has made a resolution to apply to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to join the cross-appeals of the utilities nationalization cases as interested parties. It is not to contest the settlement of the cases – that is just about ...

    Police continue to search for Paraquat’s killers
    Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning last week, a well-known street personality in Orange Walk Town was beaten to a pulp by unknown individuals and left to die. On Monday September 28th , authorities in the north responded to a scene on the Belize Corozal Road, where they found Carlos...

    Bus driver read charges for little girl’s death
    54 year old Honduran national Jose Rodriguez, a truck driver, has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention in connection with Monday’s road traffic accident on the George Price Highway that claimed the life of 11 year ...


    The MCC, then and now
    Hurricane Greta, on September 18, 1978, destroyed the three main bleachers on the western sidelines. About a decade or so ago, the Guinness and Brodies pavilions were dismantled, and all that remains are broken cement slabs where they once stood. Eventually, a big cement and galvanized pipe framed bleacher was built sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s near the north-east corner of the field; and a couple bleachers were subsequently put on the eastern sideline and one behind the southern goal affectionately known as the “ragamuffin bleachers.” The big bleacher at the north-east corner has no roof, so fans are exposed to the hot sun or rain. One of the two eastern bleachers has a roof, but when the sun dips around game-time at 3:30 or 4:00 p.m., the slanting rays of the sun hit fans directly in their faces, so they scramble onto the upper deck to try and dodge under the roof until they can’t dodge anymore. But the field, which was our saving grace, is now the biggest disappointment.

    Football “games,” blunder or sabotage at MCC
    There are some strange happenings with football in Belize City. After we have been calling for the lights to be returned to the MCC, big people decided to start digging trenches on Friday, for the laying of electrical wires for the lights. Now, as far as Belize City fans knew, all Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2015-2016 games were on schedule for the weekend, which means we were looking forward to BDF vs Belmopan Bandits on Sunday at the MCC. There has been some rumbling going on recently between the PLB and the FFB, and just yesterday we confirmed from a top PLB official, that the season will be put on hold for two weeks to iron things out; the tournament will then resume on the weekend of October 24/25. But the games for this past weekend were not supposed to be affected; or so we thought.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BEL Explains Nationwide Power Interruption
    Late last night, BEL issued a press release explaining to the nation why the country experienced nationwide power interruption. According to the release, BEL lost power supply from Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) when that supplier experienced a trip at its Chetumal Substation. “BEL commenced its restoration sequence using […]

    Reparations, not aid, for Caribbean people, say CPAN
    The chairman of the Caribbean Pan African Network, an organization with members in 17 Caribbean territories, has rejected the notion of a 300 million pound aid package to be offered to the region by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who recently visited Jamaica. What the region needs is […]

    Accused murderer walks free
    Ronald Bradley, a 22-year-old Mahogany Heights resident has been freed of a murder charge after beating the case with the aid of his attorney, Oscar Selgado, yesterday. Gonzalez was accused of shooting and killing female prison officer, Miriam Gillett, back in October 2010 but he was acquitted when Selgado’s no […]

    Errol Haynes sues for unlawful imprisonment
    After being locked up in a Mexican prison for more than four years from 2011 to 2015, then being transferred to the Belize Central Prison to serve another three years, 31-year-old Errol Haynes appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin yesterday, October 6th, represented by attorney, Hubert Elrington who will be […]

    Regional ICT development conferences to be held in Belize
    A major regional conference on development of information and communication technology is to be held in Belize from November 2 to 6, according to Silicon Caribe. The conference is actually two events in one: a joint meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) Caribbean on the Move, and the highly […]

    PUP releases diplomatic notes over Sarstoon incident to Amandala
    In Monday’s issue of the Amandala newspaper, the pair of exchanged diplomatic notes between the Governments of Belize and Guatemala is published. The newspaper says it was given permission by Senator and former Foreign Minister and Ambassador Lisa Shoman to print the notes publicly, but does not say how she obtained them. It cites […]

    Dangriga Man arrested for drug trafficking charges
    Yesterday morning around 11am, police arrested 35-year-old Randy McNab of Mangrove Street, Dangriga for drug trafficking. According to reports, police were conducting patrol on Mangrove Street, Dangriga when they stopped and searched McNab who had in his possession a black plastic bag containing 163 grams of cannabis. McNab have since […]

    Armed robbers caught on tape and caught by cops
    Two men wanted in connection for a late night armed robbery of Mr. Yan’s Store in Trial Farm Village have been detained pending arraignment in the Orange Walk Magistrates Court this morning. With the help of the public, authorities managed to identify the two Belize City residents […]

    Police bust almost 20 pounds of weed on bus
    Early this morning, Benque Viejo Del Carmen Police conducted a search at a routine vehicle-check-point on the George Price Highway that led them to a major drug bust. BMG was made to understand that officers conducted a search on a D&E Bus heading towards San Ignacio Town. Upon making checks […]


    Sustainable Development Analysis for Belize
    Sustainable development requires an empirical means for understanding its complex relationships. Such devices as symbolism help create a certain mindset appropriate for sustainable development problem-solving. But sustainable development also requires systemic methodologies for assessment and analysis. Critical thinking and creative action implementation are two such methodologies that are invaluable to the seasoned practitioner. Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality and objectivity in a fair-minded way. People who think critically consistently attempt to live rationally and sympathetically. Critical thinking in the context of sustainable development has been described as the artful questioning of the assumptions we make about community. Bob Gibson stated that in a much more comprehensive sense this concept has been characterized as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. Critical thinkers are keenly aware of the inherent tendency of human thinking toward bias when left unchecked. They strive to diminish the influence of their egocentric and socio-centric tendencies.

    MEN AT WORK: My Favorite Breakfast Spot, Estel’s, Opening Delayed Slightly…
    Estel’s Dine by the Sea originally announced TODAY as the opening date…it was apparent when I rolled up yesterday for a sneak preview that would not be the case. If you don’t know Estel’s from visiting the island or the 100 photos of my breakfast that I have posted all over social media or the gushing that has been done by many…here are some quick picks. An old school, feet in the sand diner-by-the-sea (down to the 50s and 60s music that is always playing). Filled with memoraibilia and knick knacks, old signs and paintings, it serves everything from the best fry jacks in Belize to delicious BBQ on weekends. It is also an unofficial San Pedro House of Culture. A landmark. menu It oozes personality and island kitsch…which isn’t even needed with this view. But is very much appreciated.

    8 Awesome Family Vacation Activities in Belize
    Thanksgiving is fast approaching & families are deciding whether to stay home, visit relatives or head out on a family destination vacation. If you opt for a family vacation you are probably looking for a place that offers plenty of fun and safe activities for the entire family, especially the kids. The culture-rich country of Belize offers numerous family-friendly activities that will keep each member happily occupied during your holiday. Here are our top favourite activities for families: 1. The Belize Zoo, 2. Snorkeling, 3. Horseback riding, 4. Maya Temple Visit, 5. Canoeing, 6. Creatures of the Night Hike, 7. Cave Exploration, 8. Zip lining.

    “Something Old, Something New” at Estel’s Dine By the Sea, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
    The last thirty days, although I’ve had lots to occupy myself with, have dragged, oh how they have dragged. But the mornings just haven’t been the same. I’ve felt uneasy. Distracted. Not my usual self. “What to do for breakfast?” has been the burning question. This unsettled state of mind all started on 7 September when the harsh reality hit me that Estel’s Dine By the Sea was closed for a month. Yes, a whole month. That day saw the start of my month long tropical depression. Now its not as if Ambergris Caye doesn’t have an abundance (even during ‘low’ or ‘slow’ season) of alternative eateries at which to take breakfast but regular readers will probably have sensed that I’m somewhat of a creature of habit. “I know what I like and I like what I know”. But I couldn’t ‘go’ a month without breakfast so I split my breakfast fix between my favourite alternatives: Lily’s Treasure Chest, Amber Beach Bar & Grill, Blue Water Grill.

    Pasa los pedacitos de pollo por maicena, luego por huevo y después por harina y fríe en abundante aceite caliente hasta que estén dorados. Pon en papel absorbente y reserva.

    En Un tazón pones las harinas, el polvo de hornear, azúcar, canela; mezclas, agregar la mantequilla, mezclas hasta que se deshagan los grumos, luego agrega la vainilla, los huevos y finalmente agrega un poquito de leche, solo suficiente para amasar . Hacer bolitas y dejar reposar por unos 10 minutos, esta masa queda bien manejable, hacer con las manos las gorditas, no use rodillo ni tortillera. Después pasar al comal, voltéalas hasta que estén bien cocidas y a disfrutar.

    Abre los camarones por la mitad en forma de mariposa, desvénalos y ponlos en un refractario; salpimiéntalos. Vierte encima suficiente jugo de limón como para cubrirlos completamente y déjalos reposar durante 30 minutos dentro del refrigerador. Escurre los camarones y agrega encima las rodajas de cebolla morada y tiras de pepino. Licúa juntos la cebolla blanca, chiles serranos, cilantro, ajo, 2 pepinos en trozos, salsa inglesa, consomé granulado y un poco de pimienta.

    International Sourcesizz

    Is it an island of trash or just a collection of very small particles? In reality, it is neither. The following images (taken from the Mega Expedition’s mothership) serve to illustrate the different size classes of ocean plastic, as well as their average densities at the center of the North Pacific Gyre.

    Privy Council: Guide to its origins, powers and members
    The Privy Council dates from the court of the Norman kings, which met in private - hence the description "privy". In those days, it was made up of those appointed by the King or Queen to advise on matters of state. In effect, privy counsellors - which included noblemen, the clergy and officers of the crown - were the chief governing body and fulfilled the role that the Cabinet performs today. In legal terms, the Cabinet is a committee of the Privy Council. In terms of political influence, the Council was perhaps at its most influential in Tudor times - when it had about 40 members and was used by monarchs for a variety of different purposes, both to advise on matters of war and peace and on occasions to circumvent Parliament and the courts. There were separate Privy Councils in England and Scotland prior to the 1707 Act of Union between the two countries.

    Pending U.S. Measure Labels 19 Caribbean Territories as Tax Havens
    The Caribbean Association of Banks is expressing concern over the inclusion of 19 Caribbean islands and territories on a list of tax havens in the District of Columbia Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Support Act of 2015, which is awaiting approval by the U.S. Congress. The D.C. legislation seeks to expand the definition of tax haven to the detriment of Caribbean territories that are making good faith efforts against tax evasion, the CAB said Wednesday in a statement. “While the CAB fully supports the District of Columbia’s efforts to combat tax evasion, the CAB feels that the designation of Caribbean territories as ‘tax havens’ is prejudicial,” the Castries-based organization said. Because the District of Columbia is federal territory, D.C. legislation must be approved by Congress.

    Last chance to see Mayas at World Museum
    World Museum in Liverpool invites visitors to see the breath-taking exhibition, Mayas: revelation of an endless time, before it closes on October 18, 2015. The exhibition looks back thousands of years to the Mesoamerican civilisation of the ancient Maya, and Liverpool is the only place to host it in the UK. Since it opened in June this year, World Museum has welcomed more than 230,000 visitors to the free exhibition, and taken them on an illuminating journey to an age of majestic warriors, astronomy and learning, shamanic rituals and human sacrifice. Steve Judd, Director of World Museum said: “It’s a great honour to have Mayas: revelation of an endless time in Liverpool. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the finest archaeological treasures from Mexico, don’t miss it!” The ancient Maya kingdoms stretched from eastern Mexico to modern day Guatemala, Belize and into western Honduras and El Salvador, from 1000BC – AD 1542.


  • Caye Caulker's recycling plant, 30sec. Caye Caulker's recycling plant will be a welcome addition when it finally opens to the public

  • MCS Belize Schools 2015, 5min. Millwoods Christian School's service trip to Orange Walk, Belize in 2015

  • Off-Road Adventure in Belize, 8.5min. Some people sit at pools, and go to spas while on their Vacation. We blaze a trail through the jungle of Belize to find secret spots no tourist have EVER seen.

  • "Let's Make a Deal" Features Xanadu Island Resort in Belize, 30sec. Popular tv show "Let's Make a Deal" featured Xanadu Island Resort as one of it's prizes on the show. We were thrilled to have been chosen as a Belize destination package prize. The winner was offered a stunning five nights stay in one of our luxury suite along with round trip air fare.

  • TRAVEL LIFE- Cruise 2014 Belize, Mahogany bay, Cozumel PART 1, 17min. Heyyyy family!!!! This vid is long over due!!! We went on a cruise back in 2014 and wanted to share with you the amazing things we experienced!!!

  • Sasha y Ekaterina History Teller Wedding in Riviera Maya Mexico, 7min.

  • Belize 2015!, 4min.

  • Costa Blu Dive Resort, 1min. Coming soon.....Belize Dive Resort... Costa Blu Dive powered by Belize Pro Dive Center...

  • The travel to Belize/ Douglas dahlin/ San pedro, 4min. Travel video to Belize.

    October 7, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Sports Council holds Volleyball Marathon
    24 photos

    Parasailing in Paradise
    Everyone knows we love adventure, I mean that’s no secret, and we’re pretty sure you do too! In fact, that might be the very reason you’re actually in Belize. When it comes to making the most of your stay, we know that’s serious business! So we have got you covered! As usual, we’re in a constant effort to cover as much of The Jewel as possible when we seek out activities that you’ll enjoy just as much as we do! Our latest adventure took us about 600 feet above ground (yikes), and man oh man did it get our adrenaline pumping! We’re talking parasailing with CastAway Caye Water Sports on Ambergris Caye. Janelle and I were looking for adventure and we sure found that and a whole lot more with these guys! Tevin got the couple strapped into the parasail seats and before you knew it the colorful parachute goes up, up and away!

    2015 Conch Season is open!
    The 2015/2016 regular conch season of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) officially opened as of Thursday, October 1st in Belize. Conch harvesting generates over millions of dollars annually into the country’s Fisheries Industry, which is a significant source of revenue for traditional fishermen. The season will run from October 1st until June 30th of the following year. Last year the total revenue generated for Queen Conch was $8.87 million dollars, with a production of approximately 723,121 pounds. This total includes market clean conch and fillet conch. These figures revealed that revenue and production greatly were reduced when compared to last year, when production surpassed a million pounds and generated over $10 million dollars in revenue. It was estimated that around 10% of the conch harvested was consumed locally, following the mandatory law that 5% must stay in Belize.

    Sargassum Seaweed: the golden rainforest of the sea!
    So the Sargassum seaweed is upon us, in fact it’s been here for quite a while now. And truthfully there’s really no indication of just when the influx of seaweed will halt. We know that the smelly mounds are not the neatest beach accessory, and it certainly puts a damper on sunbathing and dips in our lovely Caribbean Sea. But you see the thing is, it’s not just our little island town. In fact, much of the Caribbean region is being affected and popular Mexican vacation destinations as well. Several times daily, mounds of the large masses wash ashore and settle on our beaches. While our hoteliers, town councilmen, and volunteer groups work hard to remove as much of the seaweed as possible. It’s a natural phenomenon, so that means there really is no way to stop the course of nature. Although it is easy for both residents and travelers to view Sargassum as a nuisance, until local and regional research provide us ( the Caribbean, not just Belize) with methods to effectively live with the pesky weed, (or the tides change) let us appreciate the many ecological benefits of our floating visitor.

    Mahogany Bay celebrates the Great House’s top-off
    One of the largest developments on Ambergris Caye, Mahogany Bay Village, is taking monumental steps at constructing a unique resort that encompasses the best of the Belizean community. As such, a top-off ceremony was held on Thursday, October 1st to celebrate the construction of Mahogany Bay’s Great House. The top-off ceremony saw the last beam being placed on the roof of the building; a construction milestone that is commonly celebrated for important structures. The event was held by the Mahogany Bay Team with the hopes of strengthening and promoting a healthy relationship between the developers and the community. The Great House is to be the largest wooden building on the island, with 16,000 square feet of space. The two story building will also be the focal point of Mahogany Bay Village, with a capacity to hold 500 person per floor. It is expected to house two restaurants and bars and serves as the perfect venue for conferences and every type of banquet and private events. The Great House is being built and designed to emulate the old colonial feel of the old Belize while providing the luxurious amenities of this century.

    Halloween Parties to Look Out For
    Every year there are several parties that get thrown for Halloween but the most anticipated is definitely The Holiday Hotel Halloween Party. Every year, hundreds of islanders sport their best costumes in hopes of winning over the judges and ultimately scoring cash prizes, cool give aways and best of all BRAGGING RIGHTS! There are several winning categories including: most original, scariest,best group and more. So start thinking of those costumes and get ready to attend the ultimate monster bash! Senor Marlin’s sports bar also knows how to keep spirits high, while not as big as Holiday’s showdown, this is also one of those parties you don’t want to miss! DJ’s keep the music pumpin’ all night, and there are prizes for the best costumes as well- so yes, dress to impress J For our four-legged friends, we can’t forget you furry and shelled cuties! The Saga Humane Society hosts an annual Halloween Costume Competition, and let’s just say we can’t enough of our cute doggy-pumpkins and scuba divers that show up, to the that cake - biscuit!

    Ambergris Today

    Red Cross Encourages Business Listing of Defibrillators
    Cardiac Arrhythmia – a sudden irregular heartbeat – can kill! When a person’s heart suddenly starts beating too fast or with a chaotic rhythm, this can lead to death. The heart’s beat must be reset. In such an emergency, swift action is essential. An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) –used within the first 3 to 5 minutes after a person collapses can save the person’s life by resetting the heartbeat to a normal rhythm. This means an AED must be visible and accessible. The Belize Red Cross San - Pedro Branch asks your assistance in developing a list of the Automatic External Defibrillators located on the island. If you, your business or work place has an AED, please let the Red Cross know its location. It could save someone’s life! Please contact [email protected] to get your Automatic External Defibrillator on the Red Cross’s Ambergris Caye location list.

    First See N Taste Belize Event Coming up in Florida
    The Consulate of Belize, along with the Special Envoy for Women and Children, spearheaded by Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, is hosting the first See N Taste Belize, in partnership with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), BELTRAIDE, Flavors of Belize and Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism. The upcoming See N Taste Belize is taking place on Saturday, October 10, to raise funds for the first dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Belize. Mrs. Barrow has dedicated her life to helping the children of Belize and through her efforts, the Inspiration Center opened its doors in 2014 to finally address the needs of children with special needs. The building of the first dedicated PICU in Belize will bridge a significant gap in Belize's health care system and will play an important role in the country's development. Most importantly, by establishing a NICU/PICU, the hope is to help our desperately ill children by reducing the mortality and morbidity rate while offering long-term monitoring and rehabilitation services to children with various deficits through referrals.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Another Successful Blood Drive Hosted by Belize Red Cross - San Pedro Branch with Collaboration from The San Pedro Cancer Society
    The Belize Red Cross – San Pedro Branch (BRCSP) held another successful blood drive on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 with many community members turning out to donate blood at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, Manta Ray St., San Pedro. Community volunteers helped make the process go smoothly as they took their places as greeters at the door, handing out juice and cookies, directing traffic and collecting donations on the street. A healthy turn out of willing donors from 9:00am - 7:00pm donating blood kept the clinic busy all day. The BRCSP branch was able to collect 34 pints of blood for the San Pedro blood reserve to be held at the Belize Blood Bank, Belize City. The monetary donations given on the street of just over $300 will benefit both BRCSP to further the community programs and The San Pedro Cancer Society. Working with the Belize Blood Transfusion Services Group with their enthusiasm and professionalism is always a positive experience.

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks in the COCABA Champions League of the Americas
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to the San Pedro Tiger Sharks whom will be participating in the COCABA Champions League of the Americas 2016. The Tournament will be held in El Salvador, from October 21-October 25, 2015. The tournament will include the league champions from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Go Tiger Sharks!

    New Peace Corps Volunteers
    The swearing in ceremony for the new group of Peace Corps volunteers was held at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel last week. Welcome! "Last Thursday, 150 Belizeans and Americans gathered in the conference center at the San Ignacio Hotel, to witness the swearing in of 17 new Peace Corps Volunteers. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports representatives, including Dr. Ramon Figueroa, Director of Health Services and Dr. Carol Babb, Deputy Chief Education Officer, as well as District Health Educators, District Education Managers, Community Health Workers, Teachers, and Principals joined the U.S. Ambassador Carlos Moreno, community counterparts, training host families, Peace Corps staff, and members of the US diplomatic corps to witness the event and celebrate the milestone. "

    This is not cool watching the kids of Holy Cross walking in the water
    There are a lot of priorities that need to be set by our town leaders, this being one of them. School children of Holy Cross balance on fence and use step ladder to make it to school as rains flood swampy areas leading to school complex.

    Power interruption 9:00am to 3:00pm, Thursday, October 8, Belize City
    Area on Central American Blvd between Fabers Rd and Caesar Ridge Rd including Trinity St, Unity St, Freedom St, Jabiru St, Mud St, Fonseca St, Rivas St, Toledo St, Curl Thompson St, Jane Usher Blvd, Heron St, Swallow St, Butterfly St, Levi Slusher St, Allan Pitts Crescent, T St, Gill St, Reggae St, Kraal Rd, Guerrero St, Ross Pen Rd, Baracat St, Fabers Rd, Sanker St, Nurse Findley Crescent & Fabers Rd Ext including Baldwin Dr, Custard Apple St, McVille Rd, Rio Grande Crescent, Madam Liz Ave, Singh St, Jimmy Dyer Ave, Neat & Clean St, Milpa Dr, Swanka Ln and Whistling Duck St. BEL to replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines on Central American Boulevard and Caesar Ridge Road.

    Benque's 111th Anniversary
    Happy birthday Benque! 111 years young. The Benque HoC is celebrating in style with a concert, and Panerrifix, and El Buki, will be there. It'll happen on Saturday the 17th, at 7:30pm.

    BAFFU Vol 6
    The 6th edition of BAFFU Magazine is out.

    Channel 7

    11 Year Old Knocked Down And Killed Getting Of School bus
    An 11 year old student of St. Matthews Government School was knocked down yesterday after 3:00. Tezzrah Diamond Thompson came off the bus with her schoolmates at the entrance of Mahogany Heights. But when she emerged from in front of the bus to cross the road she was hit by a truck. It's a truly tragic story and today we went to speak with Tezzrah's grandmother and she told us that she was coming from work when she saw her granddaughter thrown on the side of the road. Courtney Weatherburne reporting This was Tezzrah's favorite song. She would perform her version of that song almost every day after school for her grandmother. But yesterday she didn't make it home to serenade her grandmother. Instead her grandmother found her mangled body on the side of the road. Linda Williams, Grandmother "I was coming from school yesterday in the evening about 3:30, in our school bus when I saw a crowd at the junction for Mahogany Heights and when I took a look I saw a child, but when I look at the shoulder I realize that it's my granddaughter's shoulder. I said "God," I said mercy, please don't tell me that it's my granddaughter. I said please, please, tell me it's not my granddaughter. But then when the bus slowed down I took another look and I realized that it was my granddaughter and her face was covered with blood."

    COLA Goes Political
    COLA is always on the news, agitating for one social issue or the other. And, indeed, that's what COLA is: a pressure group. But, recently, the grassroots organization has started to take a more political tone with its "Build the Base Now" campaign. And, today, COLA went all the way: President Geovannie Brackett announced a decision to actively campaign against Wilfred Elrington. They want to get Elrington voted out of the Pickstock constituency which they say is a pressure tactic on the incumbent UDP on issues such as the ICJ, the Belize-Guatemalan Territorial Dispute, and the planned Sarstoon Forward Operating Base. This morning, we caught up with President Geovannie Brackett at the Queen Street Police Station, where he had gone to get a permit to hold a public meeting with potential Pickstock voters. He explained his organization's decision to get directly involved with politics:

    Criminals Caught On Camera, and Caught In Real Life
    Orange Walk police have located and charged two men who were caught on security camera robbing a Chinese store in Orange Walk. They are Jarett Crawford - who was in the store with a knapsack - and Albert Wagner - the reported gunman. As we reported the men were caught on camera as they robbed Yan Store at the entrance of Trial Farm Village on Saturday night at 9:45. They entered casually without masks, and Crawford - allegedly the man with the knapsack bought pack of gum and a cigarette and lit it up - before he went into position behind the counter. At a few minutes to 10:00, the man who police say is Wagner pulled out a pistol and robbed the store. Both suspects are from Belize City and Crawford is linked to Taylor's Alley. He was recently charged in connection with the First Caribbean armed robbery. Now, they are in custody of Orange Walk police and will be taken to court tomorrow to be charged for robbery.

    SSB Workers Use Lunch Hour To Protest Again
    Today was another day of protest for SSB workers: in Belize City, a group of 19 stood with their placards in front of the branch office again during their lunch break. According to CWU President Audrey Matura Shepherd, they will continue to protest until they get their compensation. When we spoke to Chairman of the Board Doug Singh, he said that management stated its position already that it does not agree with the workers on the compensation. Both sides will hold a meeting tomorrow concerning the CBA. Shepherd told us that sometime after that they will organize a press briefing.

    Man Gets Off Murder After 5 Years
    Tonight another city youth has walked from a murder at the end of a trial by judge without jury - this one before Supreme Court judge, Justice Troadio John Gonzalez. 24 year old Ronald Bradley, a resident of Mahogany Heights was accused of the October 15, 2010 shooting murder of female Prison Officer, Miriam Gillett. This morning Justice Gonzalez, he upheld a no case submission made by Bradley's attorney, Oscar Selgado. With that, JUSTICE Gonzalez acquitted Bradley of murder and he was free to leave the court after almost five years on remand. The sole witness in the prosecution case was the driver Ernest Savery, and even though he was killed before the case was called up for trial - his statement was admitted into evidence. Still Selgado made a no case submission that there was insufficient evidence.

    An Expensive Legal Expedition
    Viewers may remember Dr. Abigail McKay, she was a Dean at the University of Belize who's 3 year employment ended when the then President refused to grant her a 2 year extension. She believed that she was entitled to a 5-year extension and in 2014, she sued the University. Justice Courtney Abel granted her permission to bring her case for judicial review against UB. She never got her chance to bring her full case, because shortly after that, the University, represented by Denys Barrow, applied to the Court of Appeal to challenge the decision of the Supreme Court. That case came up before the Court of Appeal where Barrow, and McKay's attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, tried to convince the panel of judges why the case should or should not be struck out. After about 2 hours of presentation, the Court of Appeal agreed with Barrow and ruled that McKay's lawsuit should end. It's a victory for UB, and possibly the end of McKay's legal fight. We spoke with the attorneys for both sides, and here's what they had to say:

    Brother Barrow Says He Got Paid, Not Overpaid
    Another issue we took the opportunity to ask Barrow about was the accusation from the Opposition that the Barrow Government has supposedly overpaid Denys Barrow for his services. As you will have noticed, he is the Government's lead attorney on many of the cases that go to the high courts. Recently, an opposition ad started circulating on Social Media which discloses the sum of money that they Government paid Denys Barrow for handling the case of the Palencia and Paranga cargo ships. Viewers may remember that the Paranga ran aground on the reef, 2 miles south east of English Caye in 2012. Last year, The Government detained the Palencia Cargo Ship, and held it in Belizean waters until the owners, who also are in charge of the Paranga, paid the environmental fine, which amounted to 2.7 million dollars. For his legal work in getting the payment, Denys Barrow was paid just over a half a million dollars, which represented 20%. The PUP used that internal memo from the Ministry of Finance, to suggest that brother Barrow cashed in at the public's expense.

    Bar Assoc. Will Apply To CCJ, Barrow Says It Shouldn't
    Last week Thursday, we told you how the Bar Association of Belize, by majority vote of its members, passed a resolution to make a most unusual application to the Caribbean Court of Justice. They want the court to give a decision on the eighth amendment to the constitution - even though both parties that brought the case challenging the amendment have settled and told the court - basically - that they want no further action. Denys Barrow doesn't agree with his bar colleagues. He attended that Wednesday night meeting and tried to convince the membership that this is an unwise course of action. But, despite his best efforts, he was outvoted, and the resolution passed. So, today, when he had the opportunity, we asked Barrow why the bar was wrong. Here's what he had to say: Denys Barrow, Attorney for GOB "The parties, the former shareholders of BTL, the former shareholders of BEL and the Government of Belize have agreed that the case is finished. Money has been paid, the property which has been taken away has been paid for and the parties have agreed that the case should finish. The Bar Association passed a resolution last week deciding that the Bar Association will make an application to the CCJ in this case which the parties have settled concerning all the nationalizations. The Bar wants the CCJ to still give a decision notwithstanding that the case has been settled."

    Errol Haynes Is Back in Belize, Back In Jail, Wants Freedom
    Errol "Butchie" Haynes - the last time his name made news was in 2011 - when he was caught in Mexico with an arsenal of prohibited firearms and ammunition. Well, unknown to us, the 31 year old was returned to Belize in May of 2015 - and now he says he is being unlawfullly held at the Belize Central Prison on a conviction for drug trafficking and possession. Haynes says there is no evidence for the conviction, and so his attorney Hubert Elrington today launched a habeas corpus application before Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. Haynes says when he was released from a Mexican prison and arrived in Belize, he was handcuffed and locked up at the Kolbe Foundation to serve out a 3 year conviction. According to court records, on October 4, 2013, he was convicted in the Belize City Magistrate's Court before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser on one count of drug trafficking and one count of possession of controlled drugs.

    On The Campaign Trail In Caribbean Shores
    The General Election is only 29 days, and, right now, all across the country, politicians are scrambling to connect with voters. We'll be previewing a few battleground divisions over the next four weeks and we start in Caribbean Shores where there are two new candidates with distinguished political and professional pedigree. Kareem Musa and Darrell Bradley are both young attorneys and both first time general election candidates. We caught up with Musa yesterday while he and his team were campaigning on Baymen Avenue: Kareem Musa, PUP Standard Bearer - Caribbean Shores "Today Daniel was our last fail preparations for the campaign leading up to the general elections on November 4th which is only one month away. But I can tell you that since June of last year, over a year and a half, this team has been on the ground campaigning in Caribbean Shores. We have hit the streets running from since then and we haven't turned back. So this is now just the final preparations and we are fully confident. All our members are excited. The energy level is extremely high right now and we will deliver Caribbean Shores to the People's United Party."

    Calling Fleet Footed Kids
    The second annual national track and field championship will be happening on the 14th and 15th of November and the Belize athletics association is inviting track athletes from across the country 16 years and older to be a part of the event. According to the president Deon Sutherland - it is a way for these athletes to showcase their talent while competing against their peers. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email at [email protected] or from the association Facebook page. Forms must be submitted by November 11 and cost of registration is 10$ per athlete.

    A Fair Share of Green Climate Fund
    A regional workshop for the Green Climate Fund started today at the Radisson in Belize City. The Fund is to sponsor adaptive measures for climate change - but small island developing states - known as SIDS - which are most vulnerable to climate change have hardly been getting anything form this fund. That's what the meeting is about the Minister Joy Grant outlined it in her opening:... The workshop finishes on Thursday.

    St. Mary's Says Not So to "Ma Banks"
    In last night's newscast we reported on Darren Banks 8 year old son who is currently out of school and is living with his grandmother. In an interview the elderly woman explained that child is out of school because she is in the process of moving him to another primary school but cannot afford his transfer document from St Mary's Anglican school - the last school he was attending. Today the school sent out a press release denying withholding the transfer forms. The release stated that its administration released the transfer documents for the student on September 18th 2015 to the child's guardian.

    Taiwanese Doctors Visit
    A team of medical volunteers from Taiwan are in Belize at the KHMH. They include Dr. Chen a nephrologist - who said that diabetes is a concern:... The team includes three doctors and also includes an ear, nose and throat specialist. They will be here - at the KHMH - until Thursday.

    Channel 5

    Deny Barrow Says GOB MUST Pay Arbitration Award…Regardless of Amount
    In 2009, the Government of Belize seized control of B.T.L. and when a court ruling found the nationalization to be null and void, Government renationalized the company in 2011.  Now…weeks [...]

    He Says Legal Fees Aren’t Exorbitant
    Denys Barrow, who is the brother of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has also been a target in the Opposition People’s United Party’s campaign. The P.U.P. says that he has been [...]

    Barrow Says the PM Got Scared So His Fees for Settlements Were Reduced
    T he negative campaign has focused on one particular instance in which Denys Barrow’s law firm was paid over five hundred and twenty-four thousand dollars for its role in a [...]

    Student Killed As She Got Off Bus at Mahogany Heights
    A family grieves tonight the tragic loss of one of their own. Eleven-year-old school girl, Tezzrah Thompson, was hit by a delivery truck when she exited a school bus at [...]

    Robbers Escape With Bounty from Southern Choice Butane
    A gas station was robbed in broad daylight, on Monday morning for which three men have been detained. The brazen robbery occurred at Southern Choice Butane Limited located at Mile [...]

    Bar Association applies to C.C.J. to release its decisions on the nationalizations of B.E.L. and B.T.L.
    In an unprecedented move last week, the Bar Association has applied to the Caribbean Court of Justice to release its decisions on the nationalizations of B.E.L. and B.T.L.  Both matters [...]

    Denys Barrow Calls Bar Resolution “Outrageous” and “Political”
    The Bar has determined that the decision, whatever it is, speaks to the legality of the much debated Eighth Amendment, and they say it is a matter of public interest [...]

    Errol Haynes Sues for Unlawful Imprisonment
    Thirty-one year old Errol Haynes appeared briefly in court today before the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. He is suing the Commissioner of Police, Superintendent of Prison and the Attorney General [...]

    Court Upholds Appeal by UB Board of Trustees
    Today, the Court of Appeal wasted no time in upholding an appeal by the University of Belize’s Board of Trustees. The matter before the panel was the Supreme Court’s decision [...]

    Another Youth Walks on Murder Charge
    Tonight, another Belize City youth is free of murder. At the conclusion of a trial by judge without jury before Justice Troadio Gonzalez, twenty-two year old Ronald Bradley, a resident [...]

    COLA Calls Public Meeting in Pickstock – Says Sedi Must Go
    A public meeting organized by COLA is set for Thursday night in Belize City.  The venue, a parking lot adjacent to the Pickstock Hutment on New Road, was once part [...]

    COLA Refutes Speculation on Political Affiliation
    As we’ve mentioned, COLA insists that it is not politically aligned with any of the mass parties; it is nonetheless, a question that continues to rear its head in the [...]

    Belize Progressive Party Wants FM Elrington Removed
    Patrick Rogers may have been a little slow in publicly responding to Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s address to the UN General Assembly.  The B.P.P.’s tardiness, however, does not take away [...]

    Rogers Running Against Sedi in Pickstock
    So, Rogers is offering himself as the third party candidate in Pickstock.  He says his campaign budget is in the area of fifty thousand dollars, but is it enough to [...]

    Gang Member from El Salvador Nabbed in Belize
    An ex-eighteen street gang member from El Salvador was nabbed in Belize two Sundays ago by Orange Walk Police. Twenty-three year old Carlos Enrique Alvarado Lopez is wanted by Interpol [...]

    Two Men Caught on Surveillance Tape Nabbed by Police
    On Monday’s newscast we showed you the telling surveillance video of two brazen robbers, who entered a grocery store in Trial Farm, Orange Walk barefaced and robbed the proprietors of [...]

    PUP Says It Will Hold Massive Consultation on ICJ
    The referendum for Belizeans to decide on whether the issue of the unfounded Guatemalan claim should go before the International Court of Justice, in The Hague, for resolution continues at [...]

    Former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman Says Her Successor Has Messed Up
    Is the political quagmire that Belize presently finds itself in with Guatemala made worse by the foreign minister’s apparent lack of personality?  It’s a question that was posed to his [...]


    JICA Volunteer Promotes Civic Pride In Corozal
    JICA or The Japan International Cooperation Agency is a governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance for the government of Japan. It is chartered with assisting economic and social growth in developing countries. In Belize there are 20 JICA volunteers shared equally in every district. These volunteers provide Health and Environmental Awareness, technical medical support, sports and education assistance just to name a few. Yasuke Masuda, a JICA volunteer in Corozal, is keeping his end of the bargain when it comes to environmental awareness. Masuda saw the need to educate the public about the damage littering can cause and immediately liaised with his colleagues and together they started a country wide campaign against littering. The campaign is in its early stages but it has been fruitful.

    Belize City Men Charged For Robbery At Yan's Store
    Yesterday we showed you surveillance footage of a brazen armed robbery at Yan’s Store in Trial Farm Village on Saturday night. As mentioned authorities sought the assistance of the general public to identify the armed men and today we are happy to report that both criminals have been identified and are in police custody. From what we have been able to gather, one of the men, who carried the knapsack, was found in Belize City and is a known run man, according to police. He has since been identified as Jarreth Crawford. The male brandishing the handgun has been identified as Albert Wagner.

    Man's Past Lead Him To Drug Trafficking Charge
    A man from the Corozal District has been arrested and charged for drug trafficking after police conducted a search at his residence. He is no other than 49 year old Wilbert Pedro Hernandez, Belizean businessman of #10 Narcist Street, Altamira area, Corozal Town. Hernandez’s home was searched yesterday at around 7:10p.m and there police found a black plastic bag containing 118 grams of Cannabis. CTV3 News understand that Hernandez appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court this morning to answer to the charge of drug trafficking but instead of pleading guilty to that charge he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of possession of controlled drugs. But because Hernandez has had prior convictions of the same nature his plea was not accepted and was charged for drug trafficking. He was offered bail of $1,000 which he met. His next court date will be on the 22nd of December 2015.

    Fonseca Tells Belizeans To Vote For Sovereignty On Election Day
    As we told you at the top of the newscast yesterday the PUP held a press conference where they lashed out at the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington for his comments made in reference to the Belize/Guatemala Territorial dispute at the UN. In sight that we are in the election season the media asked PUP Leader Francis Fonseca if they were taking advantage of the situation since the party is well aware how passionate Belizeans are about the long standing dispute. But according to Fonseca, their addressing the matter is no part of politicking but rather an issue of concern for Belize’s future. He did however, ask that the Belizean public take this matter into deep consideration when at the polls on November fourth. “But for us this is a matter of national concern, national security, but, as you know, I have said it consistently, the first duty and obligation of any government is the preservation of the nation state, the protection and defense of our territorial integrity, our national sovereignty. So we have an absolute obligation to raise this matter and of course we were provoked to do so by the absolutely outrageous statements of the foreign minister on our behalf as a country and people on Friday at the United Nations on the world stage, making these absolute blunders before the world on behalf of the Belizean people. So that is the first important point but I certainly will make no apologies for saying to the Belizean people that on November fourth this is an absolutely important consideration for each and every citizen of this country going into the voting booth to mark your x. You must understand, you must understand and appreciate fully the consequences of that vote as it relates to this very, very important issue.”

    COLA Launches Anti-Sedi Campaign
    Since his twenty minute climate change presentation at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Foreign Affairs Minister and Pickstock Standard Bearer, Wilfred Elrington, has once again come under serious criticism for his role in the unresolved Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute. And today, that “Anti-Sedi” campaign was stepped up a notch as the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) wants the Pickstock electorate to take away the Attorney General and lately Minister of Foreign Affairs’ seat in the House of Representatives in the November 4 general elections from Elringhton. But how do they plan on executing such a feat? COLA’s President, Giovanni Brackett, says a public meeting will be organized to educate the electorate… “If you notice we have never sat in any political party when they have their press conference not even the BPP to endorse anybody because we are not here to endorse a political party and the leader of the BPP is a very close friend of mine and a founding member of COLA that is where we stand but when you have somebody that is playing around with the 8867 square miles of our country it leaves us with no other choice but to defend and what do you expect us to do sit back and allow the foreign minister to become another minister again to and he is hell been going to the ICJ, if he gets reelected it is a stamp of approval that they will take that we already want to go to the ICJ this is our last resort and so it is not for us to endorse a political party but it is a form of our protest to state our position in the strongest way that we can right now.”

    Son-In-Law Of Senior Citizen Charged By Police For Sexual Assault
    On Friday night we told you about the disturbing incident that occurred in San Joaquin Village Corozal District where a 77 year old senior citizen accused her son-in-law of sexual assault. According to the 77 year old woman, on the 1st of October while she was in front of her house in her wheelchair she was approached by her son-in-law who took her inside her house and sexually assaulted her. Since the report was filed Police arrested and charged a 54 year old Guatemalan national for the crime of harm and sexual assault.


    PM Chooses Not to Cut His Brother in On Legal Fees with Fortis and BTL
    Senior Counsel Denys Barrow is not only the attorney for the Government of Belize but also the brother of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In that regard, the People’s United Party and other activist groups have accused the Prime Minister of nepotism and points to the millions of dollars in legal fees for the years he […]

    Court of Appeal Overturns Ruling in Mckay vs UB
    In 2013, former Dean of the University of Belize, Abigail McKay filed a claim in the courts suing the University, its president, provost and the Human Resource Director. McKay’s contract was not renewed or extended but she insisted that the UB’s Faculty and Staff Handbook provided for her contract to be extended by at least […]

    DiCaprio Expected in Belize to Discuss Development of Blackadore Caye
    Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio and his investment team is expected to arrive in Belize in the next couple weeks to forward DiCaprio’s idea as it relates to Blackadore Caye which he owns. He plans to restore the island which is basically eroding. DiCaprio plans to build 68 guest villas that will have access to nearly […]

    SSB Chairman Says Requests from Workers Are Unreasonable
    Yesterday we told you of the uniform issue that the workers at the Social Security Board have expressed via the Christian Workers Union. Their issue is that the SSB has not provided them with new uniforms within the 18-month period as was indicated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In an act of protest, the workers […]

    Credit Union GM and Gas Company Robbed in Separate Incidents
    A San Ignacio man was robbed at gunpoint whilst getting into his vehicle over the weekend. The report did not come in through the police blotter but we did find out that Raymond Tzul who is the General Manager of the Saint Martin’s Credit Union located in San Ignacio, Cayo District was the victim. Reports […]

    Operations Yield Marijuana in Placencia and Corozal
    Corozal police did a house raid last night in that municipality on Narciso Street in the Altamira Area. That search resulted in the discovery of one hundred and eighteen grams of marijuana. Subsequently, 49-year-old businessman, Wilbert Pedro Hernandez was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Police, this time on the Placencia peninsula, also conducted an […]

    History of Corozal Bay Division
    In an effort to continue fulfilling our mandate to educate and inform, we join Renee Trujillo for a brief history of the Corozal Bay division, one of the thirty one electoral constituencies in Belize. RENEE TRUJILLO REPORTING “There are six thousand seven hundred and thirty eight voters registered as at September 2015 in the Corozal […]


    Regional standards organization meets in Belize
    Belize this week is hosting the Bi-Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Regional Organization of Standards and Qualities (CROSQ). It is an organization of 15 departments of standards across the Caribbean that set policies and practices for harmonizing standards and quality in the region. Belize i...

    UB wins appeal against former Dean in court
    The Court of Appeal today heard an appeal from the University of Belize against Dr. Abigail McKay, a former dean of the University who sued several senior officials including former president Dr. Carey Fraser and human resources director Hertha Gentle, who had decided not to extend her employment co...

    Orange Walk Robbers caught on Camera
    There was also a robbery in Trial Farm, Orange Walk Town on Saturday October 3rd. Yan’s store, located at the entrance of Trial Farm, was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals who walked into the store under the pretense that they were there to purchase goods from the store. While one pointed the g...

    Police continue investigation into Carlos Paraguat’s murder
    Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning last week, a well-known street personality in Orange Walk Town was beaten to a pulp by unknown individuals and left to die. On Monday September 28th , authorities in the north responded to a scene on the Belize Corozal Road, where they found Carlos...

    Gas Station employees robbed
    Workers of a gas station were held up and robbed. On Monday the 5th of October at about 11:00am, a pump attendant of Southern Choice Butane Ltd, Belize City, was talking with the secretary. While the two were conversing, two male persons walked into the store stating that they wanted gas service. ...

    COLA campaigns against Foreign Minister
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) says that for the first time, it is entering electoral politics in Belize. But their target is a familiar one, Pickstock area representative Wilfred Elrington, a two-term representative. Put simply, COLA wants Pickstock voters to take away the Min...

    Patrick Andrews comments on Jose Chacon’s move to the UDP
    Yesterday we told you about Jose Chacon’s sudden switch from the People’s United Party to the United Democratic Party some 30 days before the general elections. Chacon, who in March of this year ran as the PUP Mayoral candidate and lost to now UDP Mayor Khalid Belisle, announced via a UDP Press rele...


    Compton Fairweather challenges The Reporter
    Belizeans head to the polls on November 4 to elect a national government, one year and six months before elections are due, and the one issue that continues to remain prominent in the national consciousness is the unfounded claim of Guatemala to half of our territory. Compton Fairweather, a pioneer and patriot who was given the Order of Belize in 2009 for his service to the Belizean community in New York, appeared on KREM’s Sunday Review this past Sunday, and took serious issue with the editorial for this week’s The Reporter newspaper, of Sunday, October 4, 2015, accusing it of giving “comfort to the enemy.” The Reporter is owned and published by Harry Lawrence, who, in 2011, was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican by the ruling United Democratic Party. The newspaper currently has a vacancy for an editor. “The contents of this editorial can easily be used by hardliners in Guatemala who could claim: ‘Look, even one of their leading papers is saying that Belize would be aggressing Guatemala if the forwarding base is built in that area,’” Fairweather said.

    Champion Recruit of Police Squad 89 dies at KHMH
    Woman Police Officer Shanique Roca Terry, who graduated as Champion Recruit in Police Recruit Squad 89 and was presented with a Baton of Honor during graduation ceremonies in October 2013, died of complications at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at about 4:00 Saturday morning, and her angry family members are claiming that her death is the result of negligence on the part of the hospital. Prior to her death, WPC Terry had written on Facebook that since the birth of her son, who was born on June 24, she had been in and out of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), in Belize City, and Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk. Terry reported that she had been diagnosed with a variety of illnesses – pulmonary edema, cardiomyopathy, vein thrombosis, enlarged liver and pulmonary and thromboembolism. She had reportedly been suffering from an enlarged heart which led to her liver working overtime, and in the process, she had developed blood clots in her lungs and in two major veins.

    Guatemalan human trafficker charged
    Guatemalan Fran Walder Lopez Portillo, 22, a bus driver of Barrio Santa Elena, Melchor de Mencos, Peten, Guatemala, was arrested and charged with 11 counts of human smuggling. He pleaded guilty to the charges at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Friday and he was fined $11,000, to be paid immediately, and in default, 66 months in jail. Portillo has not been able to pay the fine, and has since been remanded to the Belize Central Prison, where he will begin to serve his 5-year-6-month jail sentence. The 11 persons he was accused of smuggling were 11 Salvadorans, two of whom were minors, aged 15 and 5 years. The two minors were handed over to the Department of Human Services, where they will be kept to be handed over to the Salvador Embassy, which will return the boys to their country.

    Guatemala’s “bad intentions” exposed!
    The following diplomatic notes–the first from the Belize Government to the Government of Guatemala, and the second, a response from the Guatemalan Government to the Belize Government–came to Amandala today, courtesy Senator Lisa Shoman, former Foreign Minister 2007-2008, permanent representative to the OAS and Ambassador to the United States during the PUP administration of Prime Minister Said Musa. We have her permission to publish the diplomatic notes for the edification of the Belizean public, whom have been denied access to the notes by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on the excuse that the observance of “diplomatic protocol” prevented them from doing so. We need to point out that the Hon. Philip Goldson, in April 1968, returned with the infamous Webster’s 17 Proposals that was handed to Belizean officials in the form of a draft treaty at the UK Embassy in Washington, DC. Goldson did not waste any time in informing the Belizean people of the horrible plot against Belize by the British government.

    UB staff and faculty want 14% salary increase
    What do Belize Electricity Ltd. (BEL), Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), the University of Belize (UB) and Social Security Board (SSB) have in common? Disgruntled workers of all these institutions have expressed their discontent with certain aspects of the terms of their employment, and have taken steps to push their government-based employers to meet their demands. As Amandala readers will recall, in September, KHMH staff successfully reached an agreement with the KHMH board of governors and the Government of Belize for a salary increase of 14%. These readers will also recall that in our October 4 edition, it was reported that after months of negotiations, the Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse, acting as mediator, was able to establish a settlement between the Belize Energy Workers Union representing the BEL employees and the BEL management. BEL staff will be getting a 1.75% yearly across-the-board salary increase for the next four years, with effect from this year, 2015.

    Editorial: No one cares
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) administration’s record in Belize City sports is poor. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it is a very poor record indeed. Under their weird National Sports Council, the MCC Garden has been violated repeatedly for years, and said MCC has now been without lighting for months. The Civic was torn down years ago, and since then the old capital has heard many beautiful promises. Promises, is all. When the UDP came to power in February of 2008, hundreds and hundreds of citizens used to exercise morning and evening at the National Stadium. Soon enough, the UDP closed the gates of the stadium, and when people still tried to get in to exercise, the UDP locked the gates and proceeded to build an exceptional fence around the place. We are talking six, seven years now, and exercising in the National Stadium is still only a memory. And yet, with all that, Belize City remains the ruling UDP’s political stronghold. The UDP won 8 out of the 10 Belize City seats in the last general election in 2012, and a landslide victory in this March’s Belize City Council election. This indicates to us that there is some political failure on the part of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) with respect to the old capital. If the PUP leadership has ever analyzed this situation in the old capital, we are not in a position to say.

    From the Publisher
    The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) made a decision, as Belize prepared for the September 1989 general elections, that they would not advertize in Amandala, which was clearly the leading newspaper in the nation at the time. (This was before the time of KREM Radio and KREM Television.) Just a few years earlier, I had supported Manuel Esquivel, a former St. John’s College physics teacher, for UDP leadership after the failure of their Dr. Ted Aranda leadership. I can remember being in meetings on Albert Street with Net Vasquez, Henry Young, and the late San Perdomo in the latter part of 1982 as we discussed the January 1983 UDP leadership convention to be held at Bird’s Isle. The other two candidates for leadership were Mr. Philip Goldson, a former National Independence Party (NIP) Leader, and Mr. Dean Lindo, the first UDP Leader (1973-1979). Mr. Goldson was already almost completely blind. Mr. Lindo and I had developed serious hostility towards each other between 1973 and 1979. I felt Mr. Esquivel gave us the best chance to win. I say “us” because I was fully in support of the UDP, which helped our newspaper survive the massive Price and Sylvestre libel suits of 1982 and 1983.

    Stubborn and hard-headed
    Dear Editor, I am yet to read on the presentation made by our learned Minister of Foreign Affairs to the General Assembly of the United Nations at its last sitting. In my articles published in the Amandala on the 23rd August, 2015 and the 20th September, 2015 I gave my views, opinions and recommendations on the Anglo-Guatemalan dispute over Guatemala’s unfounded claim to our country. In those articles, I pointed out the pros, cons, risks and no “guarantee” as outlined in the Draft Confidential Document prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008, the same year that it signed in Washington, DC, USA the “Compromis” Agreement with Guatemala to conduct referendum for the people to decide on referring this dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). I spoke in my articles against going to the ICJ, and I recommended instead, that we not only sponsor a Resolution at the sitting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, but that we go directly to the Security Council of the United Nations to present this matter.

    Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith dies after beat-down
    Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith, 63, a resident of Orange Walk Town, survived for four days after he was severely beaten by two men at about 8:30 Monday night near the Orange Walk Town Fire Station on Queen Victoria Street in Orange Walk Town. As a result of the vicious beating, Griffith suffered a fractured skull and large abrasions to the back of the head and face. He was declared dead at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at about 8:35 last night after being in a critical condition. His body has since been taken to the morgue where it will undergo a post-mortem examination to certify the cause of his death. Police are now looking for the two men who attacked Griffith.

    77-year-old woman, in wheelchair, sexually assaulted by son-in-law, 54
    A 77-year-old woman who is confined to a wheelchair was reportedly sexually assaulted in her home by her son-in-law, who is 54, at about 10:00 Wednesday morning, September 30. Police reported that the woman was in her yard when her son-in-law went to her house, wheeled her inside, took off her bra and kissed and fondled her breasts, and then touched her private parts. After the assault, the son-in-law left the house and the woman called police. Police launched an immediate search for the son-in-law, and he was arrested on Thursday, October 1, and charged with sexual assault and harm.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police find over 500 grams of weed in Placencia
    An Anti-Drug operation in Placencia, led police officers to the discovery of 554.1 grams of cannabis while they conducted searches in two empty lots located at the south side of Placencia Village. Police discovered a total of three black plastic bags containing the total of 554.1 grams of Cannabis. No […]

    Corozal man charged for drug trafficking
    A resident from the Corozal District is facing charges for Drug Trafficking. According to police reports, sometime after 7:00 p.m. Corozal Police conducted a search at the residence of 49-year-old Wilbert Pedro Hernandez, a business man of #10 San Narciso Street in the Altamira Area which led them to the discovery of […]

    Surveillance footage helps to identify Trial Farm robbers
    With the help of the public, Orange Walk police have been able to identify the two armed suspects that robbed Yan’s Store in Trial Farm Village on Saturday night. Belize City police have been able to detain one of the men and the other who is known to them […]

    More sunny skies on the horizon
    Mainly fair weather conditions will prevail the next couple of days. The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and clear skies tonight with little or no rainfall. Winds will be blowing variable at less than 10 knots and the sea state will be slight […]

    Three detained for armed robbery at butane station
    Three persons are currently in police custody pending an ongoing investigation into armed robbery in the old capital. A little after 1:00 p.m. on October 5th, a pump attendant of Southern Choice Butane Ltd, located at mile four on the Phillip Goldson Highway reported that around earlier that day around 11:00 a.m., while at work […]

    COLA begins first political campaign against ex-Foreign Affairs Minister
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) is entering choppy waters as it targets Pick stock area representative Wilfred Elrington to lose his seat in the November 4 general election. The organisation is to hold a public meeting on Thursday, October 8 at 7:30 in the evening on […]

    Armed men steal 2014 D-Max from Manager of St. Martin Credit Union in Cayo
    A 2014 green Isuzu D-Max pickup truck was stolen from Raymond Tzul when he was held at gunpoint over the weekend by three Hispanic young men. Tzul posted the incident on his Facebook page, stating that he had seen his three aggressors earlier that same day, sitting under a […]

    SSB workers protesting for new uniforms
    Yesterday, during their lunch break, employees of the Social Security Board Orange Walk branch staged a protest with placards in hands expressing their disapproval of management’s decision to not compensate them for their uniform allowance. For context, under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) workers are to receive new uniforms […]

    Ten-year-old dies from injuries in Monday night accident
    Reports reaching our newsroom indicate that 10-year-old Tezra Thompson, had succumbed to her injuries due to an unfortunate incident on Monday night. Thompson, was knocked down on the George Price Highway near Mahogany Heights. She went into cardiac arrest due to severe blood loss. The minor’s injuries included a broken leg, cut to […]


    The 15th Belize General Election – Freetown – Part 2
    Several of my readers have commented or asked about the basis for my opinions, some assuming I do polling and some because they know I have been engaged to poll over the years for individuals and organizations as a consultant. I have participated in two very professional such exercises in the past, one for political purposes and one to help assess the feasibility and commercial prospects of a proposed investment that would’ve depended greatly on public goodwill. All the campaigns poll in some form or fashion. Some do so professionally, some do so informally, some do so individually. Few actually honestly reveal their results but I do irregularly get some of the results through leaks. The penchant for secrecy amuses me because the results rarely change the calculus of the campaign managers. While polls, especially those done in Belize, do reveal areas of weakness in campaigns, I have found few campaigns here who know how to properly interpret them.

    5 Must Try Dishes in Belize
    When traveling to an unfamiliar country, it is always recommended to do some research on where you’re going, what activities there are, what languages are spoken and even what to eat. Home to a melting-pot of cultures and races, there is quite a wide variety of food to choose from when visiting Belize. The following is a list of our picks for the “5 Must Try Dishes in Belize.” Enjoy! Rice & Beans, Cow Foot Soup, Chirmole, Boil Up, Conch Soup, Honorable Mention - Meat Pies

    Finn Kardashian Takes SE Asia, Episode 4.0: LAOS’s First Belizean, the World’s Most Dangerous Bar Hop and Much More
    Hello, See right across the river there, that is LAOS our destination. Time for different culture, writing, food and even the party scene…. WELCOME TO LAOS! For those who had a sub-par 6th grade Social Studies geography primer, here is a map. GUESS WHAT! I am Officially the first Belizean in the whole country of Laos, That’s right this might as well go on my eulogy when I die. They thought my passport was a Joke but you know what? They went to the computer and saw that it was original and then they said welcome to LAOS – you are the first Belizean in our computer systems.

    International Sourcesizz

    Scientists Create Bikinis For Turtles
    Oscar Wilde once said: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” These loggerhead sea turtles are now the living embodiment of that quote. To gain a deeper understanding of this endangered species' habitat and diet, Australian scientists are dressing sea turtles in mini-swim suits. The researchers captured six loggerhead sea turtles, placed them in seawater tanks at the Moreton Bay Research Station and waited for nature to take its course. Feces give scientists a lot of information about an animal's diet, but the team faced the problem of collecting enough. “It was challenging to collect the entire faecal sample once it dispersed into the water. So we developed a flexible funnel anchored to the shell, to fit over the turtle’s tail. But this was not a good answer either because the animals are so large, it was difficult to keep the devices in place," said Coffee in a statement. After a very bizarre eureka moment with Moreton Bay Research Station’s education coordinator, Dr Kathy Townsend, Coffee went down to his local thrift store and bought some old T-shirts. After a bit of tailoring, cutting and some Velcro, the turtle diaper-slash-bikini was born. “To our great surprise, it worked perfectly,“ Dr Townsend said. “The suits were easy to put on, comfortable for the sea turtles to wear, looked great, and Owen was able to collect the entire faecal sample.”

    Belize Telemedia and Parcus Group Announce an Agreement
    Belize Telemedia (BTL) and Parcus Group, announced today that they have entered into an agreement under which Parcus Group will provide training and consulting services around telecom product management for BTL. “We needed a credible and skilled partner to support our growth and assist us to deliver market leading telecom services for our customers” said Linda Eck, Marketing Manager at Belize Telemedia. “Parcus Group’s ability to provide a very comprehensive telecom product management framework coupled with full on-site consulting and training to support our business transformation goals, was an important factor in our decision.” “We are a key supporter for telecom carriers globally” said Igor Glavanic, Managing Director of Parcus Group.

    Le Belize, votre prochaine destination soleil?
    Au Québec, le mot «hiver» rime souvent avec voyage dans le sud! Dans cet ordre d’idées, je vous suggère une nouvelle destination pour faire changement des très connus Punta Cana et compagnie: le Belize. Un mois passé au Belize m’a suffi pour comprendre la particularité de ce magnifique pays : la population y vit en symbiose avec son environnement et elle accorde une grande importance à la préservation des animaux, de la vie marine et de la flore. Ce pays situé en dessous du Mexique, en Amérique centrale, est encore peu connu des touristes, mais je vous assure qu’il vaut le détour! Avec ses eaux turquoise et chaudes, ses montagnes, ses jungles, ses animaux (singes, lamantins, oiseaux, crocodiles, requins, poissons, etc.), ses plages et ses îles à couper le souffle, le Belize n’a pas fini de vous surprendre! Ses habitants sont un heureux mélange de descendants mayas (oui, oui des vrais!), de Jamaïcains, d’Africains, d’Espagnols et j’en passe. J’y ai fait des rencontres marquantes, comme celle avec ce guide de plongée en apnée «qui chuchotait à l’oreille des poissons». Il avait deux amis requins qui le suivaient sous l’eau comme des chiens de poche en tout temps! Il pouvait les flatter, les pousser, jouer avec eux! Il allait carrément visiter son amie l’anguille, baptisée Hulk parce qu’elle est verte, en cognant avec un coquillage à l’entrée de sa «petite maison».

    As IRS And DOJ Hunt Offshore Accounts, Banks Pony Up
    The number of banks with deferred prosecution agreements with the U.S. government keeps growing. The subject is tax evasion involving American account holders. Today, under FATCA, banks everywhere want to know if you are compliant with the IRS. And the IRS keeps updating its list of foreign banks where offshore accounts trigger a 50% (rather than 27.5%) penalty in the IRS’s long-running Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). This penalty is based on the highest account balance measured over up to eight years. With over 100 Swiss banks taking the DOJ deal and FATCA disclosures increasing, everyone is rooting out Americans with increasing vigilance. Within the OVDP, people who pre-cleared before the various effective dates are generally safe from the higher 50% penalty. As additional banks are added to the list, though, only those who get in under the wire will stay safe. The 50% penalty now applies to all taxpayers with accounts at financial institutions or with facilitators which are named, are cooperating or are identified in a court filing such as a John Doe summons.


  • Lydiane autour du monde - Belize - Épisode 7 - Extrait vidéo, 4min.

  • Off Road in Belize, 8.5min. Some people sit at pools, and go to spas while on their Vacation. We blaze a trail through the jungle of Belize to find secret spots no tourists have EVER seen.

  • Belize Vo-Tech: 2015 Seniors receive Diplomas, 2min. The 2015 Seniors receive their Diplomas at the Belize Vo-Tech graduation ceremony.

  • Belize 2013 "The Jungle and the Beaches", 14min. Visit to Table Rock Resort and Coppola's Turtle Inn, Belize, November 2013. Usually, there is no rain in November...

  • Belize Honeymoon, 6.5min. Little video put together from our honeymoon to Belize in April 2015.

  • Divas Abroad- Belize 2015 (Women Empowering Women), 3min. Divas Abroad is an empowerment initiative created by Laura Furtado. Two leading women-based communities, DivaGirl and Sexy & Wealthy in Heels has teamed up with Dare to be a Dandelion, to create a volunteering experience for women in North America, to empower women in another country. The program will offer a group trip (in which fundraising initiatives will take place to attempt to cover basic costs), to take place November 13-24th, 2015. A small, selected group of women from the DivaGirl and Sexy & Wealthy in Heels communities will be welcome to apply for participation.

  • Belize, 19min.

    October 6, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    Ambergris Today

    Camp Starfish Extends Thank You's to Community
    On behalf of the entire Camp Starfish team and the 27 Special Needs individuals you helped with your generosity, we say it again: THANK YOU! Providing food, drinks, supplies, transportation, and a even a float, the following businesses made Camp Starfish an overwhelming success. These corporate citizens exemplify the best of what teamwork can accomplish. So we say: THANK YOU

    Flashbacks - The Historic Belize City Swing Bridge
    San Pedranos vividly and with nostalgia remember the Belize City swing bridge. They used to cross underneath it with small skiffs and used to patiently wait for six in the morning to pass and go beyond the bridge. In the evenings when the bridge was swung, they lined up to return to the east side of the bridge and up the river to the open sea. Reasons to cross to the west side of the bridge were to load up for ice or gasoline or to seek safe harbor in the approach of a hurricane. In 1923 April 11th, at a cost of $84,000.00 this new swing bridge across the Belize River was officially open. It was the first swing bridge in Belize. This metal swing bridge replaced a wooden one that had been built since 1818 and again in 1859. This makes the first wooden bridge 197 years old and the metal bridge still in use 92 years old. Judging from the models of cars in the city, this Flashback takes us back to around the 1950’s. We also remember large crowds of people stopping by to enjoy the spectacle of the bridge being swung manually by a team of six men using a metal bar.

    25 Years Ago - The Filming of Mosquito Coast in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
    Twenty five years something really exciting happened in San Pedro. It was the Mosquito Coast. Today people talk about Mosquito Coast though knowing very little about it. Well, see if you can discover exactly what it is. In 1986 San Pedro was chosen to be the site for the filming of the hurricane scene for the movie Mosquito Coast. The particular site chosen for the shooting was Holliday Lands just south of Victoria House, about 3 miles south of San Pedro Town. Belize was selected for the filming of this movie after considering Jamaica, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and West Africa. The actual filming of the movie began on mainland Belize on February 3 1985 at various places including Gracie Rock, the mouth of Sibun River and the Manatee River. The filming of the hurricane flood scenes commenced on April 2 in San Pedro.

    Pic of the Week - Extreme Selfie High Above Ambergris Caye, Belize
    Belizean photographer Jose Luis Zapata shows us how amazingly fun his job can be. He "WOW's" us with this selfie on board Astrum Helicopters during one of his most recent assignments high above San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Needless to say the shot is epic, giving us some perspective as to the adrenaline rush he was feeling while taking pictures.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    12th Annual Saga Spooktacular Oct 25th
    Get those spooky costumes ready and brush up on that favorite pet trick. The 12th Annual Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Halloween Party and Costume Contest is Sunday October 25th at Carlo & Ernie's Runway Bar and Grill. Spook you all then!

    This Thursday at Crazy Canucks! 2p.m be there for some fresh splashing! ; ). Will create the event when I'm around my laptop.

    Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum
    The Maya House of Cacao and Chocolate Museum is a three year project funded, predominantly, by the European Union. We are coming up on our second year and are proud to announce that the majority of our work packages have already been completed! This will give us more time to concentrate on the construction and design of the museum. We are excited to create this museum/ cultural learning center in order to educate students about cacao and its importance in the Maya culture as well as bring more tourism to Toledo. The second year of this project will be very exciting. It will include the ground breaking of the museum and the beginning of construction. We will be hard at work designing the museum, hiring a curator, and training future employees. We will be finishing the value-add processing work package by bringing in expertise from Trinidad and Tobago to train 50 women. You may find their handcrafted products sold at the museum! Our new planned opening date will be early 2014 and we look forward to seeing you!

    Power interruption 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midday Wednesday, October 7, Dangriga
    Ecumenical Dr, Melinda Rd, Benguche Area, Wagierale Area, Commerce St, Market Square, Church St and Sisters of the Holy Family St. BEL to energize high voltage line extension, reroute high voltage lines and replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines in the area.

    BTIA Tourism Discussion
    The Cayo chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Sacred Heart Junior College are inviting everyone to the SHC auditorium on Wednesday night for a discussion about the new Belize Tourism Board rules and regulations. Find out how the new rules will affect your business.

    Magic Shows at Octavia Waight Centre
    Tonight there will be a magic show at the Octavia Waight Centre. The shows are fundraisers for Rotary so they can give scholarships to local students in need. Thanks, Rotary!

    Fight Night Highlights
    The big boxing match between Fres Oquendo and David Ferraez was last week, and the 501 Boyz got tons of great pictures from the event. Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Galery 4.

    Channel 7

    Social Security Workers Protest Countrywide
    Social Security employees staged protests all over the country today. The workers are demanding financial compensation because they haven't gotten their new uniforms - those have been delayed for 10 months. Now, the agreement says that the workers should receive their uniforms every 18 months but that period expired last year December and now the workers say they want compensation for all those months without the uniforms. Today when we went to the Social Security office in the city, the employees had nothing to say but President of the Christian Workers Union Audrey Matura Shepherd spoke on their behalf. She says they are all entitled to compensation. Audrey Matura Shephard, President, CWU "What happened, they took their lunch time and for half hour in protest and disapproval of management's decision not to pay them their clothing allowance. They united and came out together to show management that they are not satisfied with their decision. Now don't think that they didn't just decide to get up and say we are not satisfied. There has been a process and there have been attempts and discussion and negotiation to get management to come around to accepting that let the present CBA, the protocols and procedures already established if you do not give the employees their uniform every 18 months as you should, then you need to give them a clothing allowance. This is an agreement.

    Uniforms? It's About Uniforms?
    So now what is the Social Security Board's management saying on this issue? Well, they definitely aren't taking all the blame for the delayed uniforms. When we spoke to Chairman of the SSB Doug Singh he told us that the committee responsible for confirming the style and other details of the uniforms comprises of 3 union members and 2 members of management. But apart from that, the management says the workers are NOT entitled to any financial compensation because according to their understanding of the agreement - it does not say anything about compensation. Singh told us today that it has to with a difference in interpretation. Doug Singh, Chairman, Social Security Board "It is my understanding, I mean t wasn't clarified until today when I asked the CEO to meet with the chief of steward of the union, Ms. Flowers and ask exactly what the action was based on. Other than that we would been guessing. And they indicated that it was on the uniform issue and when I saw uniform issue, is they wrote a letter to Social Security asking for compensation for a clothing allowance payment in accordance with their interpretation of their collective bargaining agreement. We responded to that letter indicating, the CEO responded that we did not interpret the clause in the collective bargaining agreement as they did and that there was not a financial entitlement.

    Worker Says It's About More Than Uniforms
    So as we told you SSB employees protested all over the country during their lunch break. We have an interview with SSB member from Belmopan courtesy our colleagues at PLUS TV. They told Plus TV it's more than the uniforms: Employee - SSB "We had our first protest this morning, the first sign that members are unhappy and the CEO called us in and basically dismissed us with nothing. Our members will not have it, we have sat by quietly and be good for too long. We need to pay attention to us." Reporter "What sort of intimidation are you talking about?" Employee - SSB "Intimidation, telling us that because we are working for the people and it's the people's money, that people will not be on our side - we don't have the support of the public. We are begging for anything. We come to Social Security every day and we give our hard work and we expect to be treated with respect and dignity that is due to workers."

    Former PUP Mayoral Candidate Chacon Defects To UDP, Disses The Blue
    Tonight there is a high profile defection from the PUP - and one that is making the UDP giddy with excitement. He is Jose Chacon - who ran as the PUP's Mayoral candidate in Belmopan 7 months ago. But now, Chacon says he is through with the PUP; he's resigned from the party and has thrown his support behind the UDP's John Saldivar. And for maximum effect - Chacon - who is also a reggaeton artist - was made to record a statement underscoring the reasons he left. He pointed to disillusionment with the party which he formerly embraced with such zeal:... Jose Chacon, Former PUP Mayoral Candidate - Belmopan "When I sought elected office to be the mayor of Belmopan under the PUP banner earlier this year, I sincerely thought that the PUP had changed. I have come to recognize the truth, that the PUP has not changed and that this PUP is the very same party with the very same leaders whom from 1998 to 2008, over saw the most corrupt government in Belize's history. But the more I saw of this PUP, the more I was exposed to its leaders, the quicker I came to realize that the PUP was only a vehicle for the enrichment and power of a few individuals.

    What Wilfred Said
    On Friday night we played you a small portion of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington's speech at the United Nations - where he spoke about climate change. And indeed, in his 18 and a half minute address that's mostly what he spoke about. But his critics say that instead of talking about that - he should have been talking about the Belize - Guatemala issue - and telling the UN about Guatemala's acts of aggression on the Sarstoon. But, in fact, those critics say, he only glossed over the amendment to the special agreement with Guatemala. Here's what Elrington said. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "Earlier this year, we signed a protocol the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala's territorial insular and maritime claim to our country to the International Court of Justice. We expect that this will facilitate and speed up the process to finally and definitively put an end to the unfounded claims that have plaque us and our region for far too long."

    PUP's Former Foreign Ministers Inveigh Against Elrington
    Today the PUP pounced on that very brief reference. Not satisfied with a press release which they sent out on Friday evening - today the party brought together four of its former Foreign Ministers: Said Musa, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith and Lisa Shoman to put Elrington on mass blast. The 40 minutes press briefing was held at party headquarters where Shoman led the assault on Elrington:.. Lisa Shoman, Former Foreign Minister "The People's United Party is deeply concerned, not only by what is contained in that delivery of that speech at the United Nations by Foreign Minister Elrington. But more importantly we are concerned by what it does not contained. We know that climate change is critical and important, but right now Guatemala and the unfounded claim is a bigger existential threat to Belize than is climate change right now. We are doing our work on climate change. The climate change center of the Caribbean is here. We did not need only one minute and nine seconds of addressing Belize and eighteen minutes of climate change. The foreign minister goes to the biggest world stage that there is, the biggest annual world stage and delivers one minute and nine seconds of basic inconsequentialities."

    A Trio Of Weekend City Shootings
    There were several shootings in the city over the weekend. The first happened on Saturday night on Antelope Street - where police saw 24 year old Devon Bailey suffering from 2 gunshot wounds- one to his left calf and one to his right thigh. According to police Bailey was standing beside a fence inside a yard at #10 Antelope Street when shots were fired from a black car travelling from the direction of Central America Boulevard. Bailey remains at the K.H.M.H in a stable condition. Police have since detained one person and are seeking another. The other shooting happened last night on Supal Street around 9:30.19 year old Travis Williams was shot to the right leg. Williams told police he was standing on the street side when a lone gunman on a bicycle fired about four shots in his direction. Williams has been released from the KHMH. No one has been detained for the shooting.

    OW Police Ask: Do You Know This Man
    Orange Walk police need your help to find a gunman who held up a Chinese store in sugar city. It happened on Saturday night - and it was all caught on security camera. Police say they have the gunman's face but no ID. Second in command Nicholas Palomo explains:... Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "A Chinese establishment Yen Store that is located on Belize/Corozal Road also in Trial Farm Village was robbed and stolen was $2,000. At this point the Chinese grocer has not come to make a report but the police have visited the scene and there is a footage that shows the two robbers. They went in barefaced with a 9mm pistol and the footage shows them very good and we would like to ask the assistance of the media to show the faces so that we could identify these culprits."

    Looking For "Paraquat's" Killers
    Keeping it in Orange Walk, last week we told you about the vicious beating of Carlos Griffith. He was brutalized on the 28th September by two men who were fighting him for a stool he was sitting on. They fractured his skull and smashed his face. He died on Friday night at 8:15. Orange Walk police say they have one person detained - and he is from the city. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Since then, police investigation commence and we have one person detained where we are awaiting the conclusion of the identification parade, we will know if we will arrest and charged the persons or release the persons we have detained at this time." Reporter "The persons detained, I understand they are Belize City men." Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Yes, they are Belize City people and investigation and assistance from the public lead to the detention of these persons."

    Another OW Home Invasion
    Belize City suspects are also wanted for the home invasion of DJ Gaby's home and business on the Belize Orange Walk Road which happened last week. Police say the suspects are two men from Jump Street, or Wagner's Lane in Belize City. And there was another home invasion on Saturday at 1:00 pm in the san Lazaro Area of Orange Walk. Police told us more:.. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk "Mrs. Vangeline Chan, a Belize business woman of 9 Dolphin Street, San Lorenzo Housing Site visited the police station and reported that about 1pm, she was at a residence when two male persons came in. One of the male persons held her down and pointed a 9mm at her and started to search the house. They stole $900 and jewelries and a cell phone. All amounting to a total of $4,600. She managed to take off one of the assailants mask, because two of them wore mask and now we are looking for two persons. We have one person detained right now pending investigation."

    Human Remains Found
    Human remains were found in Cayo's remote Spring Field Community on Thursday morning - and Belmopan police suspect foul play. The remains were found in a sack 6 miles south of the community between 2 large rocks. Inside the sack police also found a long grey jeans and a brown shirt. Now, police believe that it may be the remains of 75 year old Francisco Reyes Ruiz who went missing in that area on September 22nd but when we spoke to them a couple minutes ago, no report has been sent to them as yet, so no details or identity have been confirmed as yet.

    Convicted Sex Offender Gets Free
    28 year-old Artie Myers, a resident of Gales Point Manatee who was in jail serving 12 years for a carnal knowledge conviction, is at home tonight. That's after the Court of Appeal handed down a significant ruling in his favor. His conviction was quashed, his sentenced was set aside, a retrial was ordered, and he was granted bail. Myers was convicted on March 21 of last year in the Belmopan Supreme Court, in a trial conducted by Justice Antoinette Moore. He was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 12 year-old girl in Punta Gorda Town on November 6, 2012. In that criminal trial back in March, Myers was unrepresented. The complainant, who was 13 years-old at the time, took the stand and told the court at that time that the statement she gave to police accusing Myers was a total and complete lie. The prosecutor on the case treated her as a hostile witness, and her original witness statement was admitted into evidence. At the end of the trial, the jury found him guilty, and Justice Moore sentenced him to 12 years.

    Harvest Caye Cometh
    10 Days ago, we gave you a look - albeit from a distance - at the ongoing development on Harvest Caye. That's where Norwegian Cruise Line is building its 100 million-dollar cruise port and docking facility. That project will bring mass cruise tourism to Southern Belize, and the official deadline for its opening is February 2016. So, is NCL still on schedule with that timeline? This weekend we asked BTB's Destination and Cruise Tourism Director about it - here's what he said: Daniel Ortiz "Are we still on schedule for February 2016 opening of Harvest Caye?" Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning & Cruise, BTB "Yes. As far as the last conversation I had with the director of port operations Mr. Colin Murphy from NCL, yes. We are still on target for February of 2016. I think all the aspects on the island are on target. We are also working with the tour operation side of it. We are now having the detailed discussions as to what kind of tours they will be having there and being able to get those on target as well. So from our side and in terms of the cruise calls we have secured from that port, yes, everything is set for February 2016."

    Life After Third Degree Burns For Three Year Old
    For the past 3 months, 3 year-old Dylan Pop, and his mother, who live in Big Falls, Toledo, have been in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. He was receiving specialized medical care at the Shriners Hospital for Children. He arrived there with 3rd degree burns to 40% of his body, injuries he suffered in late June, when he accidentally fell into a pot of boiling water that his mother was preparing lunch with. The burns he suffered were already life-threatening, but in Dylan's case, he was born with multiple cardiac complications. The burns made his case far more complicated because they were putting stress on his already compromised heart. So, the Burn Victim Mercy Fund and the Gift of Life, Belize teamed up to get him and his mother from the KHMH to Shriners Hospital in Boston where he arrived in a frail and fragile state. The doctors gave him a 50% chance of survival, but with their expertise, and a stroke of great fortune, he received care for the burns, and life-saving surgery for his congenital heart defect.

    Darren Banks, Schizophrenic
    On March 26th 2012, the Notorious Darren Banks, said to be the leader of the PIV gang back then, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 26 and a half pounds of marijuana which was found on top of the roof of his Oleander Street home. At the time of the search at Bank's home, police say they found an AR-15 rifle, twenty nine 5.56 live rounds of ammunition, and thirteen .223 live rounds of ammunition. Banks was charged with kept prohibited firearm, kept prohibited ammunition and drug trafficking. It's been over 3 years now since Darren Banks has been locked up and things have only gotten worse for him and his family. Banks was diagnosed with Schizophrenia - a long-term mental health condition that causes a range of different psychological symptoms. According to his family, his rights are being violated at the prison due to his mental condition.

    Capital Cops Catch Timroy
    Police finally caught Timroy Neal. Neal was caught on Saturday in Belmopan after eluding police since September of last year. He is wanted in connection with a number of murders over the past months. He also faces other charges from robbery to attempted murder. Viewers may remember that Neal along with another suspect were wanted in connection with June's gruesome double murder in Teakettle. The victims were Americans Julian Christopher Jones, and Paul David Signorino.

    A Marketplace Of The Unique
    On Saturday over 100 artisans from all 6 districts gathered at BTL Park in Belize City, for the BTB's 4th Annual Arts and Craft Expo. It's an opportunity to see all the neat stuff that Belizean craftsmen and women produce from jewelry to jams, purses to pepper sauce. But more than just a showcase, it's also a chance to get their products seen by potential new customers: Andrade told us this afternoon that this year's expo performed about the same at the BTL Park as it did at the other locations where it had been hosted in the past.

    Channel 5

    P.U.P. Condemns Statement and Stance of FM Wilfred Elrington
    The Foreign Minister’s speech to the United Nations in New York on Friday is causing a firestorm.  While it is not the first time that Wilfred “Sedi’’ Elrington has come [...]

    Fonseca Says Belizeans Must Consider Nation’s Sovereignty on Election Day
    Is the People’s United Party attempting to capitalize on what is being described as the foreign minister’s blunder?  General elections are just a month away and whatever can be used [...]

    Former P.U.P. Mayoral Candidate Defects
    The U.D.P. sent out a release this morning which was followed by a response from the P.U.P.  The U.D.P. release announces that the former defeated mayoral candidate in Belmopan, Jose [...]

    S.S.B. Employees Protest over Clothing Allowance
    Today, employees of the Social Security Board from all branches countrywide protested for half an hour during their lunch break. The organization provides its employees with uniforms every eighteen months, [...]

    CWU President Says S.S.B. Management Ignoring Rules
    Matura-Shepherd says that the reason the employees waited to receive their uniforms is because it is only at that point that they could calculate how much they believe they are [...]

    S.S.B./CWU Negotiate Employees’ CBA
    When we spoke to CWU President Audrey Matura-Shepherd in the wake of the S.S.B. protest this afternoon, she emphasized that the protest was not over the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Still, [...]

    S.S.B. Chairman Says Board is Cooperating Fully with CWU
    Singh says any question of salary should not hold up the process since the framework places discussions on non-financials first. The CWU has condemned the S.S.B. for what they say [...]

    OW Man Succumbs to Injuries Sustained in Vicious Beating
    According to our records, since the start of the year, there have been five murders in the northern municipality of Orange Walk. On Friday night, that count went up by [...]

    Skeletal Remains Found Near Springfield Community
    There is another case of murder that the police will have to crack. Over the weekend, the remains of man were found stuffed in a sack in a community on [...]

    Guinea Grass Man Chopped for Money
    But back to Orange Walk where twenty-four year old Jose Antonio Zepeda Junior of Guinea Grass Village was chopped to the forehead last Friday. Zepeda Junior claims that after nine [...]

    OW Police Try to Identify Robbers Through Surveillance Video
    Just before ten on Friday night, two thieves, believed to be Belize City residents pounced on a Chinese Grocery Shop in Trial Farm, Orange Walk. While the robbers have not [...]

    COLA Takes Aim at Elrington…AGAIN
    Since delivering a lengthy address before the UN General Assembly on Friday, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has been raked over the coals for failing to properly address the Belize-Guatemala dispute.  [...]

    COLA President Urges Pickstock Voters To Sack Elrington
    COLA’s endgame since going on the offensive a few weeks ago is the removal of Sedi Elrington as Belize’s Foreign Minister, but that is a moot point because elections are [...]

    CWU/POB Agree On CBA Framework
    Port of Belize Limited and the Christian Workers Union have reached significant accord in the framework to negotiating the CBA governing stevedores. That’s good news in a negotiating process which [...]

    CWU President Says FCIB Operating in Bad Faith
    Where the negotiation with First Caribbean International Bank is concerned the news is not as good. Matura-Shepherd told News Five that the bank continues to operate in bad faith, so [...]

    Football, Basketball and Cycling Updates on Sports Monday
    Good evening I am James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Yesterday’s PLB matchup between the Champions Verdes FC and Police United inside the Norman Broaster Stadium proved to [...]


    Case Of Carlos Griffith's Upgraded To Murder
    Since Monday of last week we have been reporting on a vicious attack suffered by one of Orange Walk’s very own, Carlos “Paraquat” Girffiths. Over the weekend, Griffiths, who sustained a fractured skull and large cuts wounds to the face, succumbed to his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. But there seems to be a lot of questions on the way the police handled the situation and the department has now come under intense scrutiny from the public. We drilled the Deputy Commanding Officer, Inspector Nicolas Palomo on the incident to get answers…. “The 2nd of October, 2015 at 8:15pm, Carlos Griffith was pronounced dead, he succumb to his injuries, as we speak right now a post mortem is being conducted on him since then police investigation commenced and we have one person detained where we are awaiting and assistance from the public lead to the detention of this person. It is police protocol when a person is either injured or suffering from gunshot wounds it is either the BERT personnel that move them.”

    Opposition Lashes Out At Elrington For Comments Made At The UN
    Last week the PUP condemned the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington’s statement at the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly in New York City and was back in the media spot light again today in a press conference to reiterate their distaste towards not only his statement but more importantly, the UDP administration’s handling of the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Former Senator and former Minister of Foreign Affairs herself, Lisa Shoman, began by saying that Guatemala, in a diplomatic note to Belize in August made statements that should not have been ignored and omitted by Foreign Minister Elrington in his address at the UN. “On the 24th of August 2015, the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala sent a diplomatic note to Belize in response to the Diplomatic note #551 of the 19th of August of the Government of Belize. The government of Guatemala stated that it categorically rejects the diplomatic note of Belize and the affirmations made therein by the government of Belize in respect to what they call an incursion...

    PUP Condemns Wilfred Elrington For Incompetence
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has fallen under repeated criticism as it relates to the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Other groups such as the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, have been very verbal about their discontent to put it lightly on Elrington’s handling of the negotiations with Guatemala. And while many have called for his removal from that position, which has been ignored by UDP leader Dean Barrow, the PUP say it is not his personality that’s regrettable. Lisa Showman – Former Minister Foreign Affairs: “No the problem is not the personality if Sedi Elrington, the problem is the management of this UDP administration of a strategy and policy that has been faint staking crafted and carried out, there was as you know a bi partisan commission which was dealing with matters and what we saw that after the Guatemalans actually dropped their promised to proceed to referendum from there we saw a series of steps that was taken which did not lead to better relations and which in fact as the past year and a half have shown have embolden the Guatemalans to increasingly act aggressively toward Belizeans civilians and even Belizean military, I have been in the bi-partisan commission and before me Eamon Courtney and we can tell you that the briefs in the past four years from the national security council has been nonexistent, ...”


    PUP says “we have lost on the ground and we have lost on the diplomatic stage.”
    Wilfred Elrington for the, what PUP refers to as weak and inaccurate comments made in New York last week, the criticisms has now been extended to the administration when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala issue. The People’s United Party, for some months now, has been campaigning on the platform that Elrington is an inadequate representative […]

    Opposition People’s United Party takes objection with Foreign Minster’s address to the United Nations
    Last Friday saw the release from the People’s Untied Party condemning and criticizing the presentation made at the UN’s General Assembly by Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington. It is a case where Minister Elrington, for whatever reason, gave the impression in his speech that going to the International Court of Justice was a done deal […]

    Police Investigate Cases of Robbery and Burglary in OW
    On October third, a Belizean business woman of Dolphin Street in Orange Walk Town reported that while in her kitchen, three male persons entered with their faces covered with black stockings. One of them reportedly went inside the kitchen and took all the money that she usually keeps there. While the other assailant had what […]

    Police Woman Dies After Not Being Able to Afford Healthcare
    A 24-year-old police woman is dead, leaving a three month old baby behind. Shanique Roca-Terry was a first time mother but ever since she gave birth to her son on June 24, 2015, she has been in the hospital for the most part after she was diagnoses with pulmonary edema, cardiomyopathy, vein thrombosis, an enlarged […]


    Man charged for Belmopan Burglary
    There was a burglary in the North Piccini area of Belmopan on Friday night. Quick police work led to the detention of a suspect and his subsequent arrest. Superintendt Howell Gillett told us what the home owner reported to police. Sup. Howell Gillett, O. C. Belmopan Police: Between 8 and 12, 8am and...

    Female bar owner charged for sex trafficking of a minor
    Authorities in Belmopan are investigating a case of child prostitution. According to reports, between the period of 9th of February to the 9th of March, 34 year old Arely Castro, a Salvadoran Naturalized Belizean, harbored a minor at a bar in Las Flores that she owned for the purpose of child prosti...

    No candidates for VIP in this election?
    In more political news, Vision Inspired by the People has not introduced any candidates to run in this upcoming general elections so far. We do know that there has obviously been a parting of ways with VIP by some of its key members who have now amalgamated into the newly formed Belize Progressive P...

    Former PUP Mayoral Candidate is now UDP
    It’s political season and campaigning is on in full swing. The UDP team in Belmopan, John Saldivar’s camp, has gained new support and via a press release today, announced that former PUP member Jose Chacon, who just ran as PUP Mayoral candidate in March of this year, is now a UDP member. The release...

    PUP promise consultation, condemn UDP handling of Guatemalan claim
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday in New York City has drawn condemnation in political and activist circles, more for what it apparently failed to do than what it did – offer a short update on Belize-Guatemala relations. Accordin...

    Did police find remains of missing 75 year old?
    75 year old Francisco Reyes, a resident of Salvapan, Belmopan, was reported missing in mid September after his family said he went to his farm near the community of Springfield Village, Cayo, and never returned. We shared with you the heart breaking plea of his daughter to have police assist in the ...

    SSB workers protest over Clothing allowance
    The Social Security Board Workers, most of whom are represented by the Christian Workers Union, staged a protest today: one during their midmorning break and another during their afternoon break. According to the placards which the 40 add protestors wield, the workers called for “Fair Play of ...

    U.S. advises musicians on travel visas
    The U.S. Embassy will this evening in Dangriga meet with members of Belize’s entertainment industry, represented by the Music Industry Association of Belize (MIAB) and the newly formed Belize Association of Producers & Promoters (BAPP) to discuss arrangements for travel visas to the United States to perform. Soca Queen Ernestine Carballo was the victim of visa revocation last month when she traveled to New York City for a performance, only to be stopped on landing in the United States and told that her visa had been revoked. She blamed the promoter, but the fact remains that artists and entertainers are granted a different class of visa than ordinary visitors as they are there for a specific and special purpose. Carballo’s ordeal prompted 2 private citizens, promoters Barbara Norales and Cornelius Cayetano, to call on the U.S. Embassy to discuss arranging a session on visa applications for those in the entertainment industry. The presentation will be made by Vice Consul at the Embassy, Matthew Hughes. Norales, who also promotes some local musicians, spoke to our colleagues at KREM News via telephone today.

    World Archaelogical Congress concerned for Belizean Maya
    The executive committee and counsel of the World Archaeological Congress has written a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressing concern over the treatment of the Mayas in Belize in their struggle to protect their material and cultural heritage and exercise their legally established land right...

    Odor at Guanacaste gone
    Residents of Belmopan may have noticed that the distinctive foul odor at the Guanacaste park junction is no longer there. If you were to take a closer look at the stream than runs below the junction, you’d also notice that the distinctive red color is also gone and the water appears somewhat ...

    Sexual Assault of Woman in Wheel chair
    A 77 year old woman confined to a wheel chair says she was sexually assaulted by her own son-in-law. On October 1, the 77-year-old woman of San Joaquin village, Corozal District reported that the day before, she was at home at around 10 o’clock in the morning. She says he was in front of her house i...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Jose Chacon, ex-Bmp. mayoral candidate, leaves PUP for UDP
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) announced on Monday that former People’s United Party (PUP) mayoral candidate for the City of Belmopan, Jose Chacon, has resigned from the PUP and endorsed the UDP and incumbent John Saldivar. A statement from Chacon accompanying the Party’s release says he that thought […]

    PUP promise consultation with people on Guatemalan claim
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday in New York City has drawn condemnation in political and activist circles, more for what it apparently failed to do than what it did – offer a short update on Belize-Guatemala relations. According to the People’s United […]

    SSB workers protest over withheld allowance
    Today a nationwide protest was staged by staff of the Belize Social Security Board and the Christian Workers Union has stepped in. According to CWU president, Audrey Matura Shepherd, there is a lot of dissatisfaction at the SSB and the union has been doing its best to calm […]

    List of General Election candidates to date
    The candidates for the upcoming General Election in each constituency are as follows: 1-Toledo West Juan Coy-United Democratic Party (UDP) Oscar Requena-People’s United Party (PUP) Belize Progressive Party (BPP) 2-Toledo East Eden Martinez-United Democratic Party (UDP) Mike Espat-People’s United Party (PUP) Will Maheia-Belize Progressive Party (BPP) 3-Stann Creek West Walter […]

    Benque Police seize 16 pounds of weed in drug bust
    Benque Viejo police, responding to reports of a suspicious male person walking with a schoolbag on Churchill Street, made a huge drug bust on Sunday night when they found a bag containing 16 pounds of cannabis inside a pink and red canvas bag. The male person had already fled the […]

    Body found in Spring Field, feared to be that of missing elder
    A search party looking for a missing person made a grim discovery near the Spring Field Community on Saturday morning, October 3rd. Police were called to the area around 11:45 a.m. and saw skeletal remains believed to be human, between two rocks, inside a sack. The search party was looking […]

    Police find box of weed in Western Paradise
    While conducting patrols in the Western Paradise area of Hattieville on Sunday October 4th, police searched an abandoned lot and came across a cereal box containing 286 grams of cannabis. Since no one was in the area at the time of discovery, it was labeled as “Found Property”.

    Robbery in Orange Walk
    On Saturday afternoon, a business woman of Dolphin Street in Orange Walk Town reported to police that she was held at gunpoint and robbed by three male persons while she was in her kitchen. The assailants’ faces were covered with black stockings and one of them pointed a firearm at […]

    Another shooting in Belize City
    An 18 year old resident of Pickstock, Belize City, was grazed on his left elbow and left side of the hip by bullets after a gunman fired three shots in his direction on October 1st. Stephan Goff told police that he and his friend were sitting under a house through […]

    Guinea Grass resident chopped to the head
    A resident of Guinea Grass Village has been arrested and charged for assaulting a fellow villager over the weekend. A situation report from the police reveals that on Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m., police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw 24-year-old Jose Antonio Zepeda Jr. […]

    Salvadoran 18th Street gang member arrested in OW
    Orange Walk Police have detained a man who was considered dangerous because of his affiliation to a Salvadoran gang and have since expelled him from the country. According to authorities in the North, on Sunday September 27th, Police detained Carlos Enrique Alvarado Lopez, an unemployed Salvadoran of […]

    Guatemalan Human Smuggler arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court
    A Guatemalan, accused of being a human smuggler, has been arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court for human trafficking offenses. According to authorities in the north, on Thursday September 24th about 12:00 p.m., acting on a tip, they intercepted a group of 13 individuals at the […]

    PUP blames Foreign Minister for “mismanagement” of Guatemala issue
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and the UDP Government have mismanaged the issue of the Guatemalan claim to Belize, according to the People’s United Party. The PUP have condemned the statements of Elrington at the United Nations where he failed to thoroughly advocate Belize’s position or ensure […]

    Andrew Munnings vies for post on Commonwealth Youth Council
    Andrew Munnings made history this week by becoming the first Belizean to ever be nominated to the post of Caribbean and Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council. Munnings, a Youth Advocate Officer with the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, will […]

    Village arts and crafts expo held
    Over 120 artisans and other entrepreneurs gathered at the BTL Park on Princess Margaret Drive on Saturday, for the Belize Tourism Board’s 4th annual Village Arts and Crafts Expo. The expo showcased a myriad of locally made products, including: wood carvings, jewelry, bags, glass wares, baskets and paintings. […]

    Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith dies of injuries in fight
    Orange Walk police say that Carlos Griffith, also known as “Paraquat”, died of injuries sustaining in a vicious attack earlier this week in the center of town, and they are now investigating his death as a homicide. The 63 year old succumbed to his injuries on Friday night, […]

    Journalists trained on reporting issues of violence and trafficking
    The International Organization on Migration (IOM) and local Government agencies in Belize on Saturday concluded a two-day workshop for media practitioners in Belize on awareness and reporting on violence against women, femicide and trafficking in persons. While participation was low, those who attended had their eyes opened about […]

    Policewoman and new mom dies unexpectedly in hospital
    A young mother and police officer is dead and her loved ones are asking a lot of questions. 24 year old Shanique Roca Terry died Saturday morning after four after being hospitalized at the KHMH for complications following the birth of her first and now only child in June. Terry […]

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins
    Church services were held this morning in Belize City at All Saints Anglican Parish Church to open Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of a full month of activities, this year the Society says it will include awareness activities on Prostate Cancer, a leading cause of death […]

    Family pleas for return of teenager taken by mother
    A family from Independence, Stann Creek District, needs your help to locate a missing teenager. 13 year old Katia Mejia was last seen heading to Independence High School to begin classes on Thursday. But according to her older sister, Leidy, she never showed up. Leidy spoke to us this morning […]


    Return of the roseate spoonbills
    So pretty in pink, the roseate spoonbills returned to the island with the rain and subsequent boom in tadpoles, larvae and mosquitoes. These foragers were photographed in our front yard, right near the main road. Normally a grassy — if rough — lawn, the area turns into a rather large pond this time of year and draws scores of different species of birds, the most fascinating to me being the spoonbills. My favorite island birds — the roseate spoonbills are back. Pretty great when you just need to walk out into your front yard to photograph them.

    Remembering Belizean Patriot Dr Eddie Laing
    Dr. Eddie Laing was the late Belizean scholar who wrote the bylaws for the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The Harvard University law professor who taught the present American president, Barack Obama in law school, rose to become a skillful scholar of international law that Belize was fortunate to have been able to tap into in terms of consultancy on issues relating to Belize’s bordering dispute with Guatemala, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and many other constitutional law matters affecting the Belizean diaspora, as well as matters of significance in the Belize constitution. It would have been a blessing to have had him develop a constitutional amendment in terms of resurrecting the Seventh Amendment that the Barrow administration appears to be having serious misgivings in regards to placing the Belizean diaspora to its rightful place for Belize’s development.

    Christmas Is Coming: Have I Got the Most Beautiful Ambergris Caye Gift for You!
    I may have turned you off with the title. Christmas seems one zillion miles away, but I assure you, it is coming. And the display at the Macy’s of Belize, Mirab’s in Belize City, can prove it. Look at this photo taken last week. By the time it is all set up…it is QUITE the display. The idea all started before our trip to Beaver Island, Michigan this August. BEAUTIFUL Beaver Island for a 50th anniversary party – 1900 miles almost directly north of Ambergris Caye, Belize. So we asked…can you make us one for Ambergris Caye, Belize? And…with a bit of discussion….here it is! And available at the shop. LOVE! Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. for the Ambergris lover. And I know how many of you are out there… Here is the print.

    International Sourcesizz

    Is This the Greatest Scuba Diving Site on Earth?
    When we see sinkholes on the news, they're usually disastrous and frightening, swallowing up Australian campgrounds and Florida used car lots with abandon. But let's not forget the fun, chill kind of sinkhole: the underwater kind! The Great Blue Hole off of Belize, for example, is not just the most obviously named place in the world (tied for #1 with Australia's Great Sandy Desert). It's also a bucket list destination for just about every scuba diver on the planet. Before it was blue, it was still great, and a hole. Like other sea-holes or "vertical caves," the Great Blue Hole in Belize's Lighthouse Reef actually formed on dry land, during a past ice age when the sea level was a lot lower than it is today. The ground collapsed due to water dissolving limestone (your garden-variety eating-a-Florida-backhoe type of sinkhole) forming a big circular pit that was eventually submerged by the rising Caribbean. The striking contrast between the shallow, coral edge and the seemingly bottomless center gives these blue holes their colorful name.

    New World Oil & Gas continues negotiations with Belize Government over project
    New World Oil & Gas is in continued negotiations with the Belize Government over the termination of its Blue Creek Production Sharing Agreement. The company had previously announced the deal would come to an end by October 12 of this year unless an additional well is spudded before that time. However additional legal advice has shown the definition of a term for the contract is a period of eight years. It means the contract deadline which began in 2007 will come to an end on October 31st of this year instead.

    New World Confirms Termination Date For Belize Production Agreement
    New World Oil and Gas PLC Tuesday said the termination date of the Blue Creek production sharing agreement with the Belize government will be October 31. The company had previously reported that the agreement, which is in respect of its Blue Creek project in Belize, would terminate on October 12 unless an additional well was spudded before that time or unless it was extended by agreement with the Belize government. On Tuesday, New World said that the actual termination date will be October 31. New World added that it will be discussing options on continuing its participation in the licence during the course of this week with the Belize government.

    New World Oil & Gas continues negotiations with Belize Government over project
    New World Oil & Gas is in continued negotiations with the Belize Government over the termination of its Blue Creek Production Sharing Agreement. The company had previously announced the deal would come to an end by October 12 of this year unless an additional well is spudded before that time. However additional legal advice has shown the definition of a term for the contract is a period of eight years. It means the contract deadline which began in 2007 will come to an end on October 31st of this year instead. New World said it will be discussing its options on continuing its participation in the licence during the course of the next week with the Belize Government. A spokesman said there was “no certainty” the Blue Creek PSA will be retained.

    The Speaking Cross
    In 1848, the rebelling Maya, after having advanced to the gates of Mérida and Campeche, fell back and retreated eastward before Yucatecan and Mexican forces. Driven into a region of forests with no significant towns, largely unknown to the government authorities — roughly today’s state of Quintana Roo — the Maya hung on tenaciously. Although demoralized by defeat and loss of leadership, they clung to their independence, and the misnamed Caste War continued its murderous course. Then, at a time when final defeat must have seemed imminent, new leaders revitalized their movement, transforming it from a rebellion into a religious crusade sanctioned by supernatural forces. One of the new leaders, a mestizo named José María Barrera, retreating after yet another defeat, made his camp beside a small cenote in the wilderness. The cenote offered reliable water, although it was mostly hidden in a cave-like cleft in the rock. Barrera found a small cross carved on the trunk of a mahogany tree beside the cenote, so he called the place Chan Santa Cruz. In a typical combination of Mayan and Spanish words, the name means Little Holy Cross.

    CARICOM and Cuba to meet in Havana
    The ninth meeting of the Joint Commission under the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba will take place in Havana, Cuba on 6 – 7 October 2015. The meeting will primarily focus on the conclusion of market access negotiations which gathered momentum in 2014. CARICOM and Cuba have been seeking to expand preferential access to their respective goods markets beyond what is currently provided under the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (TECA), which was signed in 2000.


  • Dive Belize: Great Blue Hole, 7min.

  • A New Belize Political Consciousness, 21min. A message from Political Leader of the Belize Progressive Party, Patrick Rogers.

  • Dancing in Belize, 4min. Dancing in Belize Alex and King collin.

  • BRFP Belize Rural Finance Program Infomercial 5 Oct 5, 11min.

  • UNTOLD STORIES OCTOBER 1, 2015, 36min.

  • Caye Caulker Carnival 2015,3.5 min.

  • "Welcome To Belize" Tariq Avilez ft. All Year Summer X Edwin Diaz X Waluco, 4min. Welcome To Belize. Summer time jam inspired by the beautiful weather, people, and spirit of Belize. It only took a week for artists from Punta Gorda and New York City to vibe and record some music together. Enjoy. Like we did. Bless.

  • Belize- Caribbean Mayan Adventure, 9min. 3 Weeks, 2 Girls, 1 Paradise- Beautiful Belize!

    October 5, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Letter to the Editor: Health benefits of walking
    To the Editor of The San Pedro Sun: The lack of walking has become a major health issue throughout the world. We San Pedranos are no exemption. Just a few years ago, we all used to walk much more. Nowadays everybody seems to drive and very little walking is involved in our daily lives. Health Organizations and doctors throughout the world recommend that every person should walk at least 30 minutes a day. The benefits are: • Reduce overweight and body fat • Improve muscle strength, trim of waist line, better physical appearance and overall beauty • Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease • Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels • Improve blood lipid profile

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Homework
    “Hello, Melody,” I said, when I answered the phone. “What’s up?” “It’s Davin,” she said. “He needs some help with his English homework. I tried but Davin is one of those kids that needs a demonstration to understand something. I told him to ride his bike over to your house and get some help.” “Hi, Grandpa.” “Hey, sweet boy,” I called from the porch when Davin arrived. “I understand you need some help with your homework.” “I’m really having trouble with one thing, Teacher told us to explain the difference between annoyance, exasperation and anger. My mom understands it but she can’t explain it to me.” “This is easy,” I told him. “I’ll show you the difference.” I turned up the volume on my telephone and laid it on the table. I chose a number at random and dialed it.

    Police Report
    Found Drugs: On Friday, September 25th at 11:45AM, acting on Special Branch (SB) Intelligence, a team of Criminal Investigation Branch and SB personnel headed by Cpl #1043 Allan Woods visited Tropic Air Cargo section located on Sea Star Street where a black plastic bag was retrieved. The bag was sent from Corozal Town to San Pedro Town.
    Aggravated Burglary: On Friday, September 25th around 7:50PM, police responded to an Aggravated Burglary at a house located on Lion Street, San Pedro Town. Upon arrival, police noted 29-year-old Paul Jex of DFC area sitting on the ground. Alden Augustine then reported that around7:30PM he arrived at home and Jex entered his apartment pointing a firearm at him and demanding his belongings.

    Doctor Love: Reprimanding a child
    Dear Doctor Love, When I was young my father abused me to the point where I have very low self esteem. These issues have plagued me for years. The abuse was physical and mental. My dad was not a bad man but he was a terrible father. I have two sisters and three brothers and we were punished and reprimanded for the smallest things. Looking back now I can see that the things we did that got punished are very acceptable in most families. We got scolded in public and sometimes smacked for just doing things that kids do. I never saw the same kind of thing happen to my friends. I have a wonderful fiancé and one thing we have agreed on is that we will be lenient on our children so they don’t grow up warped. I can’t afford to go to Belize City for counseling. The boat trip and losing work makes it too expensive. What can I do to get over this? /s/ Traumatized

    Ambergris Today

    Islanders Participate in National River and Beach Cleanup 2015
    The San Pedro Town Council assembled it’s crews and personnel to organize a island coastal clean up day as part of a national River and Beach Cleanup 2015 campaign that took place on Saturday, October 3, 2015. Joining in were several businesses and individuals who took charge of one of seven groups that were organized to cover several section of the beach starting from the Mosquito Coast Park, located about 2 miles south of San Pedro Town, all the way down to the Boca del Rio Park. Two groups were in charge of cleaning up underwater areas that included the Mexico Rocks Dive Site and the Boca Del Rio cut. In North Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine Reserve took up the task of cleaning up the coastal area at the Turtle Nesting Beach of Rocky Point. Assisting their staff were students from San Pedro Junior College and San Pedro High School

    Island Tour Guides Freshen up on New Regulations as Hol Chan Marine Reserve Expands
    The Hol Chan Marine Reserve started conducting its annual “Responsible Tour Guide Seminars” for 2015 last week. The sessions serve to inform and refresh tour guides on the rules and regulations of the Hol Chan Marine Reserves and presents a forum whereby they can provide feedback on management issues. Hol Chan invited all dive shops and free-lance tour guides from San Pedro and Caye Caulker to participate. Important for this year will be the recently amended Hol Chan Legislation (Statutory Instrument No. 17 of 2015) that includes the expansion of the protected area. This year’s seminars commenced in mid September and will run into October. The management and staff at Hol Chan stress the importance of each tour guide using the Marine Reserve to attend these sessions, as they will be presenting new boundaries, rules and regulations of the recent expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Human Resources - Hiring Smart Workshop
    Workshop Date: October 8th, 2015 9am to 12pm. Presented by: Mrs Nilda Riverol Manager, SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE Cost: $30.00 LOCATION: BELTRAIDE OFFICE, BELMOPAN. The best predictor of future performance is past performance - get the most out of your interviews! Rely on expertise not intuition to evaluate the best candidate for the job. This course is designed to provide a hands-on experience of the highly effective method of behavioral-based interviewing and candidate screening.

    Coastal Cleanup 2015
    San Pedro Junior College and San Pedro High School Student assist staff of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Coastal Cleanup 2015. Beach Cleanup was conducted at the Turtle Nesting Beach of Rocky Point, Ambergrs Caye.

    Wildtracks Update: An update from the Fireburn post-release monitoring tracking crew
    Rudy and his crew report a new arrival in the Fireburn reintroduced howler troops...Nicky and Hazel have a baby - making our fourth wild-born howler this year, and our third troop to have young!! Another globally endangered Yucatan black howler monkey in the Fireburn forest! Nicky, Willow and Hazel were released as a troop in 2013, and have stayed together since then, developing a well defined territory behind the Fireburn Fieldbase - Nicky has come a long way since he first came Wildtracks as a confiscated pet, delivered by Forest Department, and barely hanging on to life.


    Elderly Woman Sexually Assaulted By Son-In-Law
    Tonight there is a disturbing report coming out of the Corozal District as a senior citizen from the Village of San Joaquin is accusing her son-in-law of sexual assault. According to the 77 year old woman, on the 30th of September she was in front of her house in her wheelchair when she was approached by her son-in-law who took her inside her house and sexually assaulted her. Police have arrested and charged a 54 year old Guatemalan national for the crime of harm and sexual assault.

    Orange Walk Police Investigates Carlos Griffith Attackers
    It’s been a little over four days that Carlos “Paraquat” Griffiths was badly beaten and left for dead after an altercation with two men on Monday night. Today, relatives say his prognosis has not changed and doctors say he is not showing any signs of improvement. Griffiths suffered a fractured skull and large abrasions to the back of the head and face after getting embroiled in an argument with the two unknown Belize City men over a stool he was occupying. And while his prognosis is grim, the medical bills at the KHMH are mounting. Meanwhile, police say they have been unable to locate the men who we were told boarded a bus to Belize City shortly after the incident. Authorities say surveillance footage they acquired identified two dark skin male persons as his attackers.

    PUP Not Happy With Foreign Minister's Speech At UN
    The People’s United Party today issued a press release where they are reiterating their position when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute. This comes after a speech given by Foreign Minister of Belize Wilfred Elrington at the United Nations today. According to the P.U.P, in his speech Elrington, said that Belize had and we qoute “signed a Protocol to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime claim to the International Court of Justice.” End quote. The P.U.P states that at no point during his speech, did Elrington ever say that there must first be referenda in Belize and Guatemala, in order to approve any such submission.

    Four Men Pleaded Guilty For Offence Of Possession Of Conchs During Closed Season
    Today four men from the Village of Chunox in the Corozal District appeared at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges of possession of conch during the closed season. On September 30th, one day before the conch season was declared open, the Fisheries Department caught eight men with almost a thousand conch. Among them were Chunox residents, 36 year old Demerrel Tun who was caught with 125 conch, 22 year old Eli Tun who was in possession of 302 conch, 22 year old Roger Linarez who had 206 conch, and 41 year old Edgar Tun who was found in possession of 159 conchs. The men were caught onboard a sail boat North East of Mauger Caye in the Turneffe Atoll. We understand all four pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of conch in the closed season and were all fined $500 each plus a $5.00 cost of court fee.

    Investigations Continues In Case Of Gabriel Cabrera Sr.
    Yesterday we told you about a brazen daylight home invasion at the residence of Gabriel Cabrera Sr. that netted thieves over 10 thousand dollars in jewelry and cash. The incident occurred around 8:00am shortly after Julie Cabrera had open her clothes shop for business and was getting her daughter ready for school. As we reported, three men barged into their homes wielding a machete, a knife and an object which resembled a firearm and demanded for money and gold. Fearing for her life, Cabrera complied and handed the men the loot. The three men then fled using bicycles down Belize Corozal Road and made good their escape. Today, Police told us they are seeking two of the three men, which are known to them.

    San Felipe Resident Charged For Aggravated Assault On Villager
    A resident of San Felipe Village in Orange Walk was today arrested and charged for aggravated assault upon another villager. On Saturday 26th September at about 8:05pm, Yurian Cardona, Belizean laborer presently residing at San Felipe Village, visited the Orange Walk Police Station suffering from injuries to his face. He reported that on Friday 25th September around 10:00p.m whilst socializing at El Paso Bar located at San Felipe Village, Adiel Mojica, a resident of the same village, entered the establishment then uttered some words to him and immediately threw a bottle at him and lashed him with a wooden chair. According to Cardona, Mojica then throw him to the ground where he repeatedly punched and kicked him to his face. Cardona suffered from a broken jaw and doctors classified his injuries as grievous harm. Today, Police formally arrested and charged Adiel Mojica for the crimes of grievous harm, aggravated assault and damage to property.

    Salvadorean Gang Member Detained For Illegal Entry
    Apart from laying charges on the Guatemala Human Smuggler, authorities arrested a Salvadoran gang member who they believe was dangerous to society and wanted by interpol. According to authorities, on Sunday 27th September, police detained Carlos Enrique Alvarado Lopez, Salvadoran unemployed of Stains Alley Orange Walk Town for the offence of illegal entry. Further Investigation by Police revealed that Lopez was an Ex 18 Street Gang Member from El Salvador. A search at Interpol shows that Lopez is wanted in El Salvador for the offences of belonging to a criminal gang and other crimes in that country. Lopez has since been charged and an expulsion order has been issued.

    Guatemalan Charged For Human Trafficking
    A Guatemalan Human Trafficker has been arrested and charged for offences committed in Belize. According to the report, on Thursday 24th September at about 12:0opm, acting upon information received, the Orange Walk Police intercepted a group of (13) individuals at the BSI/ASR Booth on the Chan Pine Ridge Road near the Northern Highway. After the apprehension, the group was found to consists of (11) illegal Salvadorans, (1) legal Guatemalan (suspected human smuggler) and (1) Belizean (suspected human smuggler). Two of the Salvadorans were minors age 15 and 5 years old so they were handed over to Human Services where they remain until they are repatriated through the Salvadoran Embassy.

    The Reporter

    Belize to host upcoming CROSQ meeting
    Belize will be the host country for the upcoming 27th meeting of the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) Council. The meeting is scheduled for October 5-8, and will be held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. At the meeting, delegates from throughout CARICOM, will exchange program information and strategic directions as it relates to member states and the CROSQ Secretariat (specific to Quality Infrastructure) QI. The CROSQ Secretariat will discuss the forward plans for the organisation in all areas, including human and financial resources, as well as the work plans of the technical officers and their work in the member states. The event coincides with CROSQ’s annual general meeting, during which the council will hold elections to appoint new officers to its executive. CROSQ, headquartered in Barbados, is the regional centre for promoting efficiency and competitive production in goods and services, through the process of standardization and the verification of quality

    “Sedi” under fire. Again!
    The People’s United Party (PUP) and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) have publicly condemned Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington’s statements on Guatemala’s unfounded claim, made at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Elrington, speaking at the UNGA in New York last week said that Belize had “signed a Protocol to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s territorial, insular, and maritime claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).” The PUP and COLA categorized Elrington’s statements as ‘misleading’ to Belizeans and the rest of the world, because he failed to mention that before the claim is submitted to the ICJ, it must have the approval of the Belizean people by way of a referendum.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize: Do you want a 13th appointed senator?
    Politics of Belize takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic monarchy, where by Queen Elizabeth II serves as head of state and the prime minister is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Parliament of Belize.The Belize system of government is referred to as a Parliamentary Democracy, a system inherited from the British. The House of Representatives of Belize is one of two chambers of the National Assembly, the other being the Senate. It was created under the 1981 constitution. Members are commonly called “Area Representatives.” Area Representatives are elected by winning a majority of votes in their respective constituencies under the first-past-the-post system. The body is directly descended from the British Honduras Legislative Assembly created in 1954 with nine elected members. It has been expanded several times since: to 18 in 1961, 28 in 1984, 29 in 1993 and finally to 31 in 2005, where it is currently. The leader of the majority party in the Belize House typically becomes Prime Minister of Belize.


    Ever Wonder How Fuel Got To the Gas Stations on Ambergris Caye?
    No…neither had I. But as I was enjoying my first Conch of the season at Lily’s Treasure Chest on the beach in San Pedro… I saw a fuel barge coming in to the gas station on the ocean side. And thought it pretty interesting…in fact, fascinating to me. I had never considered how we got gas here in San Pedro. Excited I asked the guys on the Amigos Del Mar Diving dock if they too were excited. Uhhhh…no. Apparently this happens once or twice a week. AND…not only does this barge supply the gas for the station here in the front of the island (the ocean side) but also on the lagoon side. A pipe runs beneath the island.

    Double collection brought great rewards
    Through the joint efforts Ocean Conservancy and the Scout Association of Belize, islanders teamed up and helped them take action for a big ocean conservation clean up day – an annual event. The goal was to clean up as much water trash as possible and keep our aquatic environment clean and healthy. I got a participants from Scout leader Martin who was involved in the organizing. On Ambergris Caye, in addition to the organizers, he listed Ecologic Divers, South Neighborhood Watch, The Phoenix, San Pedro Town Council, Leos Club and Cadets and took part this important event. (If your business was missed please leave comment to be added to the list) Originally we were supposed to go on Ecologic Divers boat and cover Mexico Rocks area. Plans changed last minute and our group of 5 ended up joining the Seaduced crew on their boat. We set out to clean the mangrove channel area up to Osmin’s Mechanic Shop area in Boca Del Rio.

    The Day of the Dead
    Although, the Day of the Dead (also known as el Dia de los Muertos and Los Finados) is most prominently recognized and celebrated in Mexico, it is also very popular in many villages and towns in Belize. This is due to the fact that the tradition of celebrating the life and death of lost loved ones dates back to the ancient Maya, an indigenous culture of Belize and Central America. However, interestingly enough, this celebration is also linked to Catholicism, the primary religion that was enforced by the Europeans when they colonized the Americas. Understanding that, it is not by coincidence that the Day of the Dead is celebrated at the beginning of November coinciding with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. On the Day of the Dead, Maya and Mestizo communities across Belize unanimously get together to commemorate the life and death of their ancestors. This is done at people’s homes by decorating small tables as alters and including water, flowers, fruits, candles and portraits of their deceased. Families also make sure to have delicious traditional Belizean foods such as tamales, Bollos, Caldo de Gallina local, Chirmole and Ishpasha Atole. As for favorite alcoholic drinks, rum and tequila seem to be the popular choices.

    International Sourcesizz

    Univ. of Arkansas: Business Projects Information Session for the Belize Study Abroad Summer 2016
    On Tuesday, Oct. 6, in WCOB 338 at 5:30 p.m., business students are invited to drop-in, eat a slice of pizza and learn about the Business Projects for the Belize Community Development Summer Program. Molly Jensen of the marketing faculty and Tim Yeager of the finance faculty in the Sam M. Walton College of Business are the program leaders for the Business Projects and will work with all business students. Jensen and Yeager will provide information on the business projects. Both lower- and upper-level business students can participate in this program and are encouraged to drop-in.

    USM hosts Maya Week presentations
    Last week, the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at The University of Southern Mississippi hosted Maya Week on its Hattiesburg campus. Four research presentations from numerous sites in Belize and Guatemala encompassed a free and open lecture series that took place over the course of the week. The series featured recently returned Ph.D recipients or doctoral candidates discussing their summer fieldwork findings. The first presenter, Amanda Harvey of the University of Nevada, Reno, received her master’s degree from USM in 2011. Harvey presented “Three Decades of Research at Tipu, Belize (1538-1613)” an analysis of the skeletal remains recovered from the colonial Mayan site in Belize. The 16th- and 17th-century artifacts, one of the largest and best-preserved Mayan collections, are currently curated at USM.

    Da der Karibikstaat Belize im Westen direkt an Mexiko und Guatemala angrenzt, verwundert es nicht, dass sich die heutigen Bewohner genealogisch zum Teil auf die Maya zurückführen können. Neben der Mehrheit der Mestizen stellen die Nachfahren afrikanischer Sklaven, Garifunas oder Garinagus genannt, die einst von den Kleinen Antillen kamen, einen größeren Teil der Bevölkerung. Ihr spezifischer Musikstil eroberte die Inselkultur rasch. Es handelt sich dabei um chorische Gesänge, die nur von Schlagwerk, insbesondere Trommeln begleitet werden. Ihre Popularität hängt auch damit zusammen, dass sie in der Regel Musik zu Rundtänzen im Zweier- oder Dreierrhythmus darstellen. Um ein stetig weiter entwickeltes Instrument, das hier zum Einsatz kommt, handelt es sich bei einer Handrassel aus dem ursprünglich afrikanischen Flaschenkürbis, der Sisera.


  • Silversides - Belize SCUBA Diving, 1min. School of Silversides at Half Moon Caye Wall in Belize.

  • BPP Budget Presentation, 17min. Robert Lopez (Belize Rural South) presents the Belize Progressive Party budget for November 14, 2015 General Elections.

  • Dancing in Belize, 4min.

  • Voices From The Belizean Diaspora: The Sarstoon Island Crisis!, 10min. Los Angeles Belizeans are voicing their concerns about the August 16, 2015 Guatemalan military aggression against a Belizean patriotic movement called the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), on the Belize Sarstoon Island that is located in Belizean territory on the Sarstoon River. The Guatemalan military oligarchy has claimed this Belizean island, and has been enforcing aggressive measures against the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force (BDF) who patrol the area as a means of protecting Belize's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Guatemalan Navy on August 16, 2015, blockaded the Belizean expedition that was going to to Sarstoon Island to erect the Belizean flag as a means of establishing Belize's sovereignty on the island.

  • Belize Sweet Habenero Taste Test, 11min. This lil pepper is amazing in flavor and can pack a little heat. Sweet fruity hab flavor. It is a prolific producer. I rank it in a close 2nd to the White Peach flavor wise.

  • Caracol in Belize, 1.5min.

    October 4, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Letter to the Editor: Patrick K. Stiley on islands state of being
    Dear Editor: Count this as my vote to continue the San Pedro practices of litter and trash everywhere, price-gouging “gringos” ($70 cab from Tropic to Palapa), local government with no transparency, uncontrolled traffic, unschooled drivers, rude taxi drivers with substandard vehicles, overpriced meals with poor service. Why not resist the progressive ruin of our tourist industry on La Isla Basura? Simple: Those of us who live here, unless supported by our major industry (not for long), will positively benefit. There will be less traffic, lower prices, better service, less crowds, etc. When I spoke with tourists in the 80s and 90s, virtually all said their next vacation would definitely be in San Pedro. Now, very few. Keep up the good work, everyone.

    Town Council building undergoes renovations
    When asked about prioritizing cosmetic work to the building, Guerrero pointed out that it all depends on who is leading the Town Council. “I believe that the priorities will depend on the individual that sits here. I can be here and these are my priorities to say, I want to do something to impress, for the benefit of our people and island. People have different views, the Opposition, but what we need to know is that we are working for the people, and people will always welcome positive things,” stated Guerrero. Guerrero indicated that the Town Board does work with a budget and reiterated that San Pedro is the only municipality in the country that has the freedom of spending because the island generates lots of revenue. “We have a budget which we presented [July 22, 2014] at the Lions Den when we do our financial report. But, let’s not forget that a budget is just a guideline as to how you should operate, it is either less spending or more spending. However, it is not just spending from the Town Council; we do get a lot of donations as well that help us do the many activities people see around town. ”

    Letter to the Editor: Dianne Lawrence responds to all the negativity about the island
    Dear Editor I would very much like to respond to the folks who wrote negatively about our island community. I feel very bad that you did not enjoy our community on your last visit, and thank you for taking the time to raise your complaints in a public forum. I’ve only lived here (full-time) for nine years and have seen many changes. When we were a smaller island, garbage was issue; we now have public trash bins on all major roads (thanks to Dr. Lala and his crew of student volunteers). But garbage remains an issue and the school system has a curriculum that impresses upon the next generation the importance of putting garbage in its place. We now have a proper garbage treatment center AND a bottle recycling center at Belikin. While we grow as a community, please be patient. We are no longer the hidden gem of the Caribbean in your eyes, but we call it home. Please remember that on your two-week vacation. We know our community is not perfect, but we are trying. Some examples follow below. The Sargasso seaweed has inundated the Caribbean for almost a year now. We can’t change that. Our beach cleaners move hundreds of tons of the smelly stuff each month in hopes of making the beaches nice for your visit; but the tide brings it in twice a day. Sometimes it is so thick that it can’t all be moved in one day.

    Saga hosts Central American Cuisine cook-off
    After a delicious feast with lots of raffle prizes and live music in between, votes were cast for the best dish of the evening. Both El Fogon’s Rice and Beans with stewed chicken and Nancy Nida’s (Sotheby’s) Nicaraguan Pulled Pork with a twist walked away with 3rd place prizes. Rosemary Smith and Judy Allen’s Mexican Enchilada Pie took the 2nd place. Walking away with the grand first prize was Letty Hernandez’ (Sew What’s) Enchiladas from Honduras, since everyone just could not get enough of it! Saga thanks everyone that came out and supported the cook-off this month. Special thanks go to GMC International Band comprised of Mar, Gonzo, Charles Sr., and their special guest Chip, for serenading their guests; El Fogon Restaurant and their entire staff, Banana Beach, Sotheby’s, Pineapple Restaurant, Sew What, Terry and Michele Colbert, Judy Allen, Sandbar, Black Orchid Restaurant, Lone Star Grill and Cantina, Palapa Bar, Top Notch, Latitude’s Café, Premium Liquors, Kristy Pisarczyk, Judy and Duane Allen, Dr. Don Tummons, Mary and Frank Maykuth, Judyann and Tom Horton, Brenda and Bruce Breen, Beth Rogers, Mary Troup, Susie Tsinka, Karyn Larko, Cindy Kyles, Aimee Fearneyhough, Tori Fearneyhough, Jane and Paul Hohne. Saga would also like to acknowledge volunteers Dawn Locascio, Iliana Paj, Heather Smith, Eileen Jamison, Hayley Baer, Bill Milstead, and Sandie Eisenberg-Betz.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Andy Palacio music festival fundraiser in Barranco Village
    SAVE THE DATE! This is the FIRST EVER music festival fundraiser in Barranco Village to celebrate the legendary Andy Palacio’s legacy. This effort is intended to be an annual event and will help provide the resources to bring to life Andy's dream of music education in his hometown of Barranco. This is a family-friendly affair! The main event will feature a number of live performances from Garifuna music favorites. Other acts will include comedy, poetry and a talent show.

    The Reporter

    Belizeans show their talent: Village Arts Expo comes to Belize City
    Over 120 artisans and other entrepreneurs gathered at the BTL Park on Princess Margaret Drive on Saturday, for the Belize Tourism Board’s 4th annual Village Arts Expo. The expo showcased a myriad of locally made products, including: wood carvings, jewelry, bags, glass wares, baskets and paintings. Forty-one communities countrywide were represented at the expo. Small businesses selling products such as jams, chocolates, juices, rum, and pepper also presented their items at the event, held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Valdemar Andrade, director of destination planning and cruise for the BTB, explained that the initiative originated from the village BTB’s outreach program, where the BTB works to build the economic capacity of villages across the country. The expo, Andrade explained presents an opportunity for participants to market their products to distributors, hoteleers, and the public at large,

    First ever Belizean nominated for Commonwealth Youth Council
    Andrew Munnings made history this week by becoming the first Belizean to ever be nominated to the post of Caribbean and Regional Representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council. Munnings, a Youth Advocate Officer with the Department of Youth Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, will compete against 19 other nominees in November at the Commonwealth Youth Forum, to be held in CHOGM Malta. Nominees will compete for nine posts, representing four regions. If successful, Munnings will represent a total of 1.2 billion people under the age of 30. Munnings has begun a series of special trainings with the DYS, in areas such as oral presentation to prepare for the event. “I want to be able to show the other countries in the region what Belize has to offer, and the value that my Belizean heritage can add to the Council”, Munnings said. “Looking at the forum’s theme, Belize is small but not too small to add global value, and I want to show that we can do that.”

    The Belize Times

    People’s United Party Leader Francis Fonseca calling on standard bearers to fight for Belize at an energetic meeting of all 31 standard bearers and national executive[/caption] Belize City, September 29, 2015 The People’s United Party is ready to work for a better Belize. The blue machine has been moving in steady gear for the past months and is ready to rev things up with the announcement of early elections on November 4, 2015. PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has been leading the Power to the People tours countrywide and the formulation of progressive policy ideas that have kept the Party in touch with Belizeans across the country and in tune with their concerns. Speaking to media houses on Monday afternoon, the Party Leader explained that the countrywide visits have “energized” the PUP base.

    PUP will enforce the 13th Senator! – Belizeans will decide on November 4th elections
    November 4th 2015 is the date set for general elections, but the day will also be one of unofficial referenda on important issues affecting our democracy and sovereignty. One of those issues is the implementation of the 13th Senator – a proposed feature of good governance and a strengthened democratic system which Prime Minister Dean Barrow has rejected over and over despite promising it in their election manifesto seven years ago. The 13th Senator would allow the balance of power in the Senate to shift from the Government Senators (6 Senators) to the Opposition (3 Senators) and Social Partners (Union 1, Business Community 1, Churches 1) by adding a Non-Government Organisation representative. This would give the Senate real powers keep the Government in check and carry out its functions as a watchdog against wrongdoing by public officials. As it stands, the Senate is controlled by the Government, which also appoints the President who acts as a tie-breaker when votes are in a deadlock. Over the past three years, the Senate has attempted to exercise its powers to pass motions to strengthen the Public Accounts Committee, to inquire into the Immigration scandal involving corrupt UDP Cayo North East area representative Elvin Penner, and to investigate Petrocaribe spending. All attempts were blocked by the Government Senators, led by the so-called champion of reform, Godwin Hulse.

    UDP turmoil in Alberts – Traitor Mark Espat to replace Tracy Taeger
    UDP sources are indicating that Tracy Taeger’s days are numbered as Standard Bearer in the Albert Division. This is because the UDP does not believe she can put up a challenge to the PUP’s hardworking standard bearer Paul Thompson. Our sources indicate that the UDP is considering pulling Taeger out and putting in the great despot himself, Mark Espat, who sold out the PUP for a few pieces of silver and who has been advising Barrow on how to trick the people of Belize for the past three years. UDPs such as Patrick Faber, Gaspar Vega and John Saldivar are not happy with this consideration. They do not trust Mark Espat. They know of his ambitions and his loyalty to anything but himself. The next few weeks will be interesting in the Alberts and we will keep our eyes on things.

    “Daddy” & “Son” in Trouble at BTL
    Like a pig wearing bright red lipstick, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has tried to paint a pretty picture of his secret travels, private meetings and dreadful deals with the man he once called the devil. In an attempt to quell a wildfire against his administration, the lip-glossed pig rushed to meet with the workers of BTL on Wednesday September 30th afternoon, after the employees’ union issued a stinging release indicating their “disgust” with the Prime Minister and his arbitrary actions and decisions over BTL. The Belize Communications Workers’ Union were incensed that six years after he snatched away Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) from its previous owners, on the basis that his Government and the people of Belize could not afford a prolonged legal battle, Barrow returned to Ashcroft, cap in hand, to settle the dispute and agreed to outrageous terms that will see the Government, the company and taxpayers pay hundreds of millions more than it would have had the dispute been settled six years ago.

    Think About It
    The People’s United Party will win the general elections. The people of Belize deserve better than what the UDP has been dishing out to them. Lies, deceit, incompetence and corruption have become the hallmark of the UDP government. When a government reaches that level it is time for it to go. Matters of substance which are important to a nation have remained at the same low level for the past eight years of Mr. Barrow and his motley crew. Take the issue of Guatemala. It is now clear that no serious thinking has taken place regarding how Belize could best protect its territorial integrity. It is almost as if some foreigner is suggesting how our government should conduct itself and our government is blindly following wrong advice. Where has it gotten us? Barrow and Elrington in 2008 (the same year they won the elections) signed a secret compromi agreeing to go to the International Court. They refused to consult the people of the country. They were all gung ho to go to court. They did not even consider if that course of action was in our best interest.

    On the mark…
    So the date is set, the horses are in the gate and the silly season is declared open. From now until November 4th, which is the date declared for our next General Elections, Belizeans will be subjected to incessant political ads and gimmicks. Politicians that would not even look your way for the past four years will now greet you by first name and stop long enough to listen to the smallest details of your every concern. For the next month, our cities, towns and villages will be transformed into a circus of political flags, banners and colorful billboards. Young men who were idle and practically naked for the entire time of this government’s term in office will suddenly be busily engaged hanging signs and looking sharp in their brand new tee shirts bearing name and image of whichever politician gets to them first. It is an amazing phenomenon to behold. On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced to the nation that he had advised the Governor General to dissolve parliament and set November 4th as the date for General Elections. It will be the fourth time that Belizeans will be going to the polls this year, having gone through two by-elections and a municipal election. This one, the general elections and grandest of them all, will be held a full 15 months ahead of its constitutionally due date.

    The Future is Francis & the PUP
    An election in a proper, functioning democracy should never be about who can buy and bribe poor voters to cast their ballots for a few dollars more. That is the Dean Barrow, UDP way. The proper, moral thing that an election should be about is the caliber of the candidates and the quality of their ideas. Hon. Francis Fonseca and his team for a better Belize has invested many hours listening and consulting with the people of Belize. From this honest and humble democratic exchange has emerged a clearer view of the kind of country and the type of government the people of Belize are hoping for. Here are some of the ideas to which the Hon. Francis Fonseca and a new PUP government are committing itself to do. The false belief that democracy in Belize only takes place once every five years when the people vote and thereafter have no say in the running of their country will be radically changed. The law making body- the House of Representatives will be wired to the internet to be able to communicate with the citizens and students. Any recommendation or proposals from any quarter of society receiving more than ten thousand supporters will have to be introduced for debate and possible policy or legislative action.

    “Technical difficulties” interrupt vital services at KHMH
    A leaked memo distributed to the Heads of the Medical Departments at the largest public referral hospital, Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, warns that the hospital has discontinued surgical services to the public because of “technical difficulties” at the hospital’s Central Sterilizing Unit. According to sources those “technical difficulties” are serious equipment failures. As a result, the hospital has cancelled all elective case and can only admit emergency services and C-Sections. Missing in all of this is the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, who instead of ensuring that our hospitals and clinics are properly equipped, has left them abandoned to infections, rats and snakes.

    Pope Francis has just completed his visits to Cuba and the United States of America, to tumultuous welcomes and enthusiasm and much to the delight, no doubt, of Roman Catholics the world over. Last week Sunday it was brought to my attention that the music of the Cuban orchestras at Pope Francis’ Masses in Havana and Holguin was absolutely exquisite. I did get the opportunity to watch and hear the repeat of the Havana Mass, and I agree that you just cannot beat the Cubans for beautiful indigenous music in whatever format and for whichever forum. There are two (perhaps more, but I will focus on two) outstanding themes that I have gleaned from his sermons and speeches during his visits to our two sister nations. And I was very cheered to hear Father Leslie reiterate these two vital messages delivered by Pope Francis during his Sunday Mass sermon at Our Lady of the Way Church in Ladyville this past Sunday.

    He told us so!
    Darrel Bradley defied the basic rules of infrastructure development as Mayor of Belize City by spending $40 MILLION on streets without building new drains. His true work can be seen every time there is a light shower on the city and pedestrians, motorists and cyclists have to wade through unsanitary knee-deep water to get to their homes. Darrel Bradley turned Belize City streets into drains.

    Veteran Journalist Sues Malpago Mayor
    My last encounter with that wretched mayor, Darrell Bradley, was on Monday, August 31. He had gone to the magistrate court to represent a man who was charged with 54 counts of forgery and forgery related offences. He was accompanied by his secretary who works at his law firm, Lavender Chambers, located on Regent Street. Aldo Ayuso, a brother-in-law of the accused, was also present. I decided that this was a good opportunity to confront the mayor and let him know in no uncertain terms that I was going to sue him. When I told him of my intention to sue him he assured me that it will not be necessary, that he was going to save himself the embarrassment. He admitted that over 2 months have passed and that payment was long overdue. He told me that I should go to Lavender Chambers the following day, Tuesday, September 1, at 2 p.m. and I will be paid. I told him that we could make things quite easy, that if I don’t get there by 2 he could give his secretary the money to give me. He assured me that he would do so. All of this was said in the presence of Ayuso and the mayor’s secretary. Of course, based on past experience I had difficulty believing the mayor. But I decided to go anyway, even if only to prove him a habitual liar.

    BTL Profits Down – Shareholders concerned about $97m liability to Ashcroft
    For a second year, the government-owned and managed Belize Telemedia Limited has reported lower profits to its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday night in Belize City. The BTL Board headed by Nestor Vasquez and Anwar Barrow informed shareholders that the company’s profits dipped by 2.1 million dollars in the 2014-2015 financial year to a total of $17 million. In the previous financial year (2013-2014), BTL saw a 7% reduction in profits, from $21 million to 19.6 million. One of the controversial issues raised by shareholders was the enormous liability created by Prime Minister Dean Barrow who, after taking over the telecommunications company, refused to settle a $45 million dollar loan with the British Caribbean Bank. Over the past six years, the non-payment caused the interest to increase. The debt to BCB is now $97 million because of one man’s wrong-headed decisions and BTL will be footing the bill.

    PUP Leader Calls for Observer Missions in November Elections
    Prime Minister Barrow, Today, you announced that you have advised the Governor General to dissolve the National Assembly and to fix Wednesday November 4, 2015 as the date for the next general elections, and Friday October 16 as Nomination Day. The decision comes only weeks after the close of the annual transfer period for Electors and days before the commencement of the process for the annual revision of the electoral lists. The election date of November 4, 2015 will not allow for the electoral lists to be revised for 2015, which is vital to an already bloated list. For this and other concerns for a free and fair elections, we insist that Electoral Observers be invited to witness Belize’s election process on November 4, 2015. I therefore anticipate that you will invite the OAS, the Commonwealth or CARICOM to be present in Belize as independent monitors for this upcoming General Elections in Belize.

    Liad Barrow
    Dear Editor, They say when you tell a lie, your nose grows longer and the more lies you tell, the longer and longer it grows. Remember the story of Pinocchio? They also say that when you start telling lies, you will continue to tell more and more lies. I want the Belizean voters to remember what Barrow said in a speech he made some years ago, before he became Prime Minister. He said that he will get a machete sharpened on both sides, and at the slight whiff of corruption he will cut its ugly head off. I am still waiting for him to start cutting off those heads. I guess they are so many, he is now confused.

    Good Governance NOT Election Gimmicks!
    Dear Editor, On Independence Day, exactly one week before he announced that the date for the general election is November 4th, 2015, Prime Minister Barrow wrote off the debt owed by the public to the KHMH in Belize City and the public hospitals in the districts. Many of those debts were for small amounts of $200 or less. The relief to the poor was good, but it was also an election gimmick to divert the people’s attention from the crumbling state of the public health service. Under this administration with a billion dollar national budget and millions of dollars from Petrocaribe, 13 innocent babies died at the KHMH as a direct result of unsanitary conditions in the neonatal clinic. Not a single person was punished for that unnecessary tragedy.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Father asks for help finding missing 13-year-old daughter
    A father is tonight pleading to the general public for assistance in locating his 13-year-old- daughter, Katia Mejia. The teenager is of Hispanic descent and ran away from her home on Thursday of last week. According to information received just now, the teenager was last seen with her mother. Relatives […]

    Sheep thieves cost farmer $900
    A sheep rarer and farmer of Belmopan City, 74-year-old William Tillett, reported to police that around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 1st, he traveled to his farm and fired a single shot in the air to scare off sheep thieves that killed four of his animals and stole another two, […]

    Police await post mortem results for 63-year-old
    The lifeless body of 63 year old Carlos Griffith is currently awaiting a post mortem examination after the elderly man was injured and pronounced dead last night at around 8:25 p.m. Griffith had no fixed address or place of residence.

    Police seize 221 grams of weed
    Corozal police searched an area yesterday morning around 7:35 a.m. and discovered a black plastic bag containing 221 grams of cannabis. The bag was found underneath some garbage near a creek and labeled it as “Found Property” since no one was in the area at the time of discovery.

    COLA, PUP bash Elrington’s UN address
    Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington gave potentially his last statement in that capacity at the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly in New York City this week. His 19-minute address touched topics ranging from natural threats including climate change to activities happening in Belize at […]

    BMG launches Part 2 Poll on Belize General Elections
    Part 1 of a Belize Media Group (BMG) sponsored poll on SurveyMonkey concerning the 2015 general elections has received overwhelming support and response. Now Part 2 is up, featuring the remaining 15 constituencies and their candidates and a general question on who voters think will win the election. To participate […]

    Belize: The 5-Week Election Notice is Demagogic and Undemocratic
    Belize law gives the Prime Minister full discretion to call general elections at any time, with only 30 days notice. The Father of the Nation, Hon. George C. Price, used to say, “do not write a law while in government that you cannot live with while in opposition”. The […]


    The winds of change are in the air on Ambergris Caye
    The other day I watched a taxi driver park, run down to the Palapa Bar for a cold beer and then just placed the Belikin bottle on the ground beside a telephone pole, before speeding away. There were no trash cans in the area and I’m sure he couldn’t be caught with empty beer bottles in his cab — so I sort of get it. I can see a day when trashing the island will become a cultural taboo. It is too beautiful to not take pride in the island and show her the love she deserves. Maybe in next year’s Independence Day parade we’ll mount a “Stash that trash” float with a precision marching drill team of volunteers, each with a black plastic trash bag and a trash stick . . . . hey, and a King and Queen of Trash! We can even clean the parade route and hand out candy to kids who bring us their trash. Hmmmmm. You in? As always, out trash cleanup ends at Marbuck’s where Marlene and Sylvia had ice coffee and cookies waiting for us and Rose brought out chilled eucalyptus-scented towels to cool us down. A great way to wrap up a messy job! That west wind has flattened the sea, too. Gloriously flat and clear. The water over the reef is calm, just begging for me to paddle out in a kayak and go snorkeling. Low (or Slow) season is nearly over and a lot of our favorite restaurants are getting ready to re-open. It is exciting to bicycle around town and see the improvements being made to shops and eateries in anticipation of a new season. For example, Estel’s is installing an inside/outside bar and will offer saloon seating for single diners. Candle Garden, a busy flower and gift shop on Caribena Street has moved around the corner to Pescador Drive, and in the expanded quarters Barbara Brown has added a little coffee shop.

    Pedro World: A Large Water Slide and More Coming to Caribbean Villas Resort
    See what caught my eye? The strange “look-out” tower that’s going up on the end of the dock. As you get closer, you can see the beach being reclaimed, lots of sandbags and guys in the water – which appears to be getting much deeper. Here is the word of the street on this project: Yes, it is going to be a water slide and no, though the work under the palapa LOOKS like a bar, it is merely a spot to sit around and enjoy beers or cocktails (that will be purchased or delivered from the Amber Beach Bar), it is NOT a bar. Water World. So…let’s get back to Pedro’s World. (Peter aka “Pedro” is a owner of both Pedro’s Inn and Caribbean Villas Resort.) I hear that they are going to have this water slide, a water trampoline and more water toys. And that you can buy a bracelet for the day…to use the “rides” as often as you want. Perhaps at a price of $20-25bzd. OR…if you want to go on the water slide, you will be charged a per ride fee – perhaps $5bzd.

    International Sourcesizz

    Two banks owned by Lord Ashcroft at centre of major US tax evasion probe
    Two banks owned by former Tory Party vice-chairman Lord Ashcroft are at the centre of a major US tax evasion investigation. Authorities are probing whether wealthy Americans have been using the banks, based in the Central American tax haven Belize, to shelter funds offshore. Billionaire Lord Ashcroft is the majority shareholder of BCB Holdings, which owns Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd. The US Internal Revenue Service served a summons last month to retrieve information on US taxpayers who hold accounts at the banks, with the Department of Justice warning them: ‘The time to come clean is now – before we knock on your door.’ The court order also gave the IRS permission to seek records of Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd’s correspondent accounts, maintained on their behalf by Bank of America and Citibank in the US.

    Lord Ashcroft: Author of controversial biography on David Cameron embroiled in tax avoidance investigation
    Two Belize banks belonging to a company controlled by one of the Conservative Party’s leading donors have become part of a wider US tax probe. Lord Ashcroft, co-author of a controversial book about David Cameron, has become embroiled in a tax avoidance investigation, it has emerged. Two Belize banks belonging to a company controlled by one of the Conservative Party’s leading donors have become part of a wider US tax probe. Investigators are trying to discover the identity of US clients of Belize Bank International Ltd and Belize Bank Ltd. Both banks are controlled by a Belize company called BCB Holdings Ltd, in which Lord Ashcroft is the leading shareholder. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) say in Florida court documents that US taxpayers have revealed at least 23 previously undisclosed accounts at the two Belize banks as part of a voluntary disclosure programme, according to Bloomberg News. The IRS is trying to discover the identities of more US clients. According to Bloomberg, a spokesman for the peer said he has no operational role in the banks. Lord Ashcroft grew up in Belize, where his father served as a diplomat.

    UAE, Belize sign bilateral trade deal
    The UAE said it has signed a bilateral trade agreement with Belize that will serve as a foundation to catalyse private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government funding. The agreement will also act as a catalyst for investments from the UAE and boost Belize's position as a Central American and the Caribbean regional energy leader, said Ali Alnaqbi, the founding chairman of Middle East Business Aviation Association (Mebaa). These trade agreements will serve as a foundation to catalyze private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government investments.

    Belize warns of ‘potentially intractable, catastrophic’ phenomenon of climate change
    As Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries continue to express deep concern about Climate Change, Belize has warned of the “potentially intractable and catastrophic” phenomenon. Addressing the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred P. Erlington, said, at the founding of the UN 70 years ago, the world was not confronted by the issue. “The accelerated phenomenon of climate change giving rise to the inexorable melting of the glaciers, the rising and warming of the oceans and seas, the spawning of super typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, droughts, desertification and the indiscriminate igniting of conflagrations of gigantic proportions, are, increasingly attributed to anthropogenic interference with the climate system,” he said. “In its 70-year history, the United Nations has made notable inroads to combat climate change and to promote sustainable development,” said Erlington but added that there is still work to be done.

    Consular Fees to Change
    The Department of State is publishing an interim final rule that makes changes to the passport book fees and fees related to the relinquishment of nationality. In addition, on October 4, 2015 the Department will lower the processing fee for the Border Crossing Card (BCC) for Mexican citizens under age 15 whose parent or guardian has or is applying for a BCC, because a surcharge on the nonimmigrant visa fee will sunset on that date. Effective September 26, 2015 the Department of State is lowering the passport book application fee by $20 and raising the passport book security surcharge (enhanced border security fee) by $20 to more accurately reflect the cost of each aspect of the passport book service. The amount paid by the customer for a passport book will not change. The application fee includes the costs of passport issuance and use that are not included in the passport security surcharge, such as the cost of providing emergency services for U.S. citizens overseas, and initial data entry through a lockbox service. The passport security surcharge includes costs associated with passport application processing that support enhanced border security, such as the secure book and card materials, passport printers, and compensation associated with passport adjudication, including fraud prevention.


  • Pa La Discoteca - Blondy D Melody Ft. Cholin el Pirata, Josh "The Code" Y Myro "El Foundaish, 4min.

  • Derniers jours au Belize, 2min. Pour apprécier le Bélize autrement que par ses cayes, nous décidons de nous retirer dans les terres pour visiter le site maya de Lamanaï. Il nous faudra tout d'abord prendre le bateau pour rejoindre la terre ferme, un taxi pour la gare routière et enfin deux heures de bus local pour rejoindre la ville d'Orange Walk. Les bus locaux ne sont autres que des bus scolaires américains qui, une fois repeints ont une deuxième vie sur les routes bélizéennes. On se sent toujours un peu seuls dans les bus locaux parce qu'à l'évidence, nous ne nous fondons pas dans le décor. Il nous faudra un peu de temps pour comprendre le concept: on paie dans le bus en fonction de la distance, on monte et on descend à sa guise. Le bus s'arrête donc parfois 10 fois de suite tous les 100 mètres. C'est long mais c'est aussi du service de proximité.

  • Belize Part 1, 6min. Eating termites while hiking in the rainforest, tubing through caves, and ziplining over the jungle.

  • Belize Moondance 2015, 8min.

  • Ceu do Belize, 5min. Sacred Farm.

  • Snorkeling, Hol Chan- Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize Sandpit, 7min. Entering the pine ridge in Belize to load my Peterbilt truck.

    October 3, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    It’s time to play some Jenga!
    If there is one party game I just can’t get enough it’s Jenga! I have been playing that classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game since I was about nine. There is just something fun about stacking little wooden blocks as high as gravity will let you. So imagine taking that classic game and supersizing the blocks? Sound fun right? And at Palapa Bar – just north of Sir Barry Bowen Bridge – you can enjoy playing this fun game while enjoying your favorite cocktails or beer.

    Letter to the Editor: Camp Starfish says Thanks!
    THANK YOU! On behalf of the entire Camp Starfish team and the 27 Special Needs individuals who helped with your generosity, we say it again: THANK YOU! Providing food, drinks, supplies, transportation, and even a float, the following businesses made Camp Starfish an overwhelming success. These corporate citizens exemplify the best of what teamwork can accomplish. So we say: THANK YOU

    San Pedro High School is represented at Sagicor Visionary Challenge Launch
    On Friday, September 25th Sagicor, a Caribbean Insurance Company, held its official launching for the 2015 Sagicor Visionary challenge. The Visionary Challenge is sponsored by Sagicor in collaboration with the Caribbean Science Foundation and the Caribbean Examinations Council. The challenge is held across the Caribbean and offers secondary students the opportunity to develop scientific solution for common problems. Belize is one of the seven participating countries where national competitions are hosted, with the winners advancing to the regional competition. The other participating countries are Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad, Antigua, Guayana and St. Lucia. Present at the launch, representing the San Pedro High School (SPHS), was Head of the Science and Mathematics Department, Ricardo Sedacy. According to Sedacy, this year’s challenge is bigger than previous ones, with more motivational factors which will definitely encourage students to put their best in the challenge. “At the launching there were between 12 and 16 other high schools. The main idea of the launch was to encourage students to participate in this competition, where they will be using the STEM method which stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to come up with a problem and at the same time with a solution. It is not just about winning, but rather learning from the experience of the Sagicor Visionary Challenge. We have already begun working with our students and for this upcoming challenge we want to take up two teams to represent us,” said Sedacy. He mentioned that there will be a change in the prizing of the challenge.

    San Pedro athletes place 3rd at Garage Games
    Over the weekend of September 26th-27th, a delegation of athletes from Ambergris Caye travelled to Merida, Mexico where they competed at the Garage Games Team Edition September 2015. The athletic event saw a total of 210 competitors, which included 12 athletes from WOD Zone San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, participating. The group of Belizean athletes was separated into four teams, two male teams at the intermediate level, one female intermediate team and one female team at the beginner level. After two days of arduous competition, one of the male teams in the intermediate competition, Brute Brothers, claimed the third place overall. The two-day event included four work-outs, two for each day, and saw the teams competing in their respective divisions. In order to advance to the final event, teams needed to place in the top ten in their category by the third workout. According to Jody Leslie, one of the members of the Brute Brothers it was challenging, but at the same time, their hard work paid off.

    Oceana declares Miguel Alamilla an Ocean Hero
    Oceana held its fourth annual Ocean Hero Awards on Saturday, September 26th at the Iguana Reef Resort in Caye Caulker. The occasion was a celebration in honor of the contributions made by Belizean men and women in the area of conservation. This year’s event recognized two Belizeans for their selfless commitment to Belize’s marine environment. The late Captain Romauldo “Romi” Badillo from Caye Caulker and San Pedro’s very own Biologist Miguel Alamilla were officially declared the 2015 Ocean Heroes. Alamilla has been managing one of Belize’s most popular marine protected areas, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, for the past 18 years. He also leads a monitoring program in order to protect the highly vulnerable marine turtles that live and nest on the shores of Ambergris Caye. According to Oceana in Belize’s Vice President Janelle Chanona, the idea of having this event is to give proper recognition to those unknown heroes that nobody hears about.

    Ambergris Today

    It’s a massive undertaking, for quite possibly one of the largest wooden structures in the country. The Great House at Mahogany Bay Village is an impressive 16,000 sq ft, three story building that will become the hub of the resort. A Top Off Ceremony was held on Thursday, October 1, 2015, for the building. A top off ceremony is traditionally held when the last beam (or its equivalent) is placed atop a structure during its erection to celebrate a milestone in a construction process. After topping off, numerous elements of construction remain, including interior finish and most mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The Great House at Mahogany Bay Village has been designed to be this huge meeting spot with room for conferences, meetings, weddings, special events and host multiple events at the same time. It’s holding capacity is close to 500 people per floor.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Corozal BPP candidates
    Corozal candidates to partake in the November 4th Belize General Elections under the umbrella of Belize’s newest political party BPP. The new Political party was unveiled just a month away from the General Election. The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) introduced its current candidates yesterday in Belize City including four stewards of change from Corozal. The party’s candidates comprise of a cross section of people and community leaders from our Belizean Society which includes, Enda Diaz for Corozal South East, Lucilo Teck for Corozal South West, Roy Rodriguez for Corozal Bay, Hector Palomo for Corozal North, Hipolito Baustista for Orange Walk , Ion Butch for Pickstock, Roberto Lopez for Belize Rural South, Andrew Williams for Cayo South, Patrick Rogers for Collet, Wil Maheia for Toledo East, and Charles Leslie Jr. for Belmopan. The BPP is expecting to garner more aspirant candidates before nomination day being Friday 16th October, 2015.

    Belize Youth Awards 2015
    There's one week left to nominate for the Belize Youth Award. If you know any outstanding youths, now is the time to let them know.

    Archaeology Day 2015
    International Archaeology Day is on October 16th, and the National Institute of Culture and History is having a big event for it. They'll have displays about Ancient Maya Technology. It'll take place in the NICH buildings parking lot in Belmopan.

    Meeting Lord Rhaburn for the first time in my life was worth more than a mountain of gold so to speak. It brought me close to a man that appeared to me from my growing up in Belize who was just a music man. But my conversation with him at the Los Angeles Belizean Community Belize Independence Day Celebrations at Hollywood Park & Casino in Inglewood, California while he passed by the BREDAA information booth was a moment of significance for yours truly. Lord Rhaburn is a Belizean social and political scholar in his own way. We connected right away and immediately. He taught me some many things about Belizean politics that only someone who has journeyed through the realms of time in a country like Belize could break things down so simply and profound. His depth of knowledge is awesome, and he takes you from the politics of the streets of Belize City to the politics of tyranny in Guatemala. The Lord understands diplomacy better than any Belizean politician alive today, and if they would only know, they would take some advice from this Belizean legend and statesman.

    Responsible Tour Guiding Seminars 2015.
    Seminars are will underway with diveshops and tour guides of San Pedro Town. An important aspect of this year's seminar is the recent expansion of the Marine Reserve, including Mexico Rocks and management implementation date. Ambergirs Diver. Tuff-E-Nuff, ProDivers, Island Divers, Ocean Diver, Action Divers, La Gaviota, Rum Punch, Caribbean Breeze; some of the dive shop that have participated.

    Channel 7

    Keyren's Bail Decision Postponed Again
    For the past 2 weeks, Coast Guard Officer Keyren Tzib, the woman accused of killing her common-law husband, Thytis Blancaneaux, has been trying to get bail. Justice Troadio Gonzalez has been weighing whether or not he will grant that bail. Today, she found out that she has to wait another 11 days in prison for that decision. Last week Friday, the judge had ordered that a trained psychiatrist needed to do an assessment of Tzib's mental health. The results of that would have been have been submitted to the court today, and the judge would have reviewed it to make a more informed decision. Well, the Psychiatrist from the Western Regional Hospital showed up to court today to present that report. But, instead of that happening, the judge announced that he needed to adjourn the case once again. That's because the crown counsel from the DPP's Office wanted time to review the report from the doctor and to choose whether or not they wanted to continue disputing her being granted bail.

    Huge Fine For Law Breaking Fishermen
    If you're snacking on a bowl of conch ceviche right now - you have all rights to; after all, the season opened up yesterday. But the day before was strictly no go for conch - and tonight 8 Fishermen from the north are paying dearly for it. First to court was the Tun family of Chunox village. They were aboard a vessel named Sianely on the Turneffe Atoll when they were caught with 792 conch. That happened on September 30th and today in court they all pleaded guilty. For their guilty plea, each fishermen were all fined $500 each for the offenses plus $20.00 for each conch found in their possession. That brought the total to $17,850.00 dollars. While that sounds like a lot, it could have been far more because these four are not first time offenders; they were before the court for the same offence earlier this year.

    A Septuagenarian Sexually Assaulted
    A 77 year old wheelchair bound woman was sexually assaulted by her 54 year old son in law in northern Belize. The victim - whose name we will not disclose - is a resident of San Joaquin in southeastern Corozal. She told police that on Wednesday at 10:00 am she was in front of her house in her wheelchair when her son in law took her inside and sexually assaulted her. Police have arrested and charged the Guatemalan man for harm and sexual assault.

    The Menjivar Family's Lawsuit Against the GSU
    It has been 4 years and and 4 months since the Gang Suppression Unit conducted a raid on the Menjivar family home just outside of Belmopan. Viewers will remember that in that operation, police fired over a hundred bullets at the house after the Miguel Mejivar, fired at them first. He has maintained that he did so because he was convinced that heavily armed and organized thieves were trying to breech his family's home. 2 years ago, the state tried him in the Supreme Court for 9 counts of attempted murder, and he was acquitted. So, since the court has found him innocent, Menjivar and his attorneys have been suing the government for compensation and damages. 4 months ago, his attorney filed the lawsuit against the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police, and Sergeant Santiago Gongora, who was the officer in charge of that pre-dawn raid.

    Will City Hall Roll Over Municipal Bond?
    Is the Belize City Council considering rolling over a portion of the Municipal Bond? Mayor Darrell Bradley was the first mayor to ever float a bond, which allowed the City to raise 20 million dollars in funds, used to pave over 100 streets. Last year, the first tranche of the bond matured, where the City repaid bond holders 1.5 million dollars. They had the opportunity to roll over that money, instead of paying it back, which is something they did not do. The media got a tip that the City might be thinking about doing that with a second tranche, and so today, was asked the Mayor about it: Mike Rudon, Ch5 "The City Council is interested in floating another municipal bond. Could you confirm or deny that for us?" Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "Well we are not interested in floating another municipal bond. I had indicated you in relation to the structure of the bond program that was launched two year ago, is that it's a revolving fund. What this city council does and this is common for all municipalities that do bonds particularly the municipalities that we look at in terms of samples and models in south Florida, in parts of the United States, in Canada and in other places that they do this.

    The Mayor's Debacle; Seeking Higher Office
    And while we had the opportunity, we asked Mayor Bradley about what will happen to his post as Mayor of Belize City. He was re-elected to that office 6 months ago, but he's now offering himself as the UDP Candidate for the Caribbean Shores constituency. We'll know the outcome of that election bid in 33 days, but is there a plan in place at City Hall should he be elected to higher office in the General Elections? He told the press that the City Council had been planning for this for several months now: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "I don't want to be too over confident, but in one month I will be an area representative representing the people who I love in Caribbean Shores and I will continue as I have done for the last going on to 4 years serving the people of this city, because of course Caribbean Shores is part of this city and then also serving the people of the country. I have not thought about any other scenario."

    Bee Pay Card: A New E-Wallet For Belize
    Consumers will have a new way to shop. Many of you use your credit card, debit card or cash to buy at a store or pay bills online but now, developers are planning to launch what is known as a Bee pay Card. It's a cash card or what the entrepreneurs call an e-wallet. You can use it anywhere to do business without the inconvenience of swiping and signing. We met with the Taiwanese team who are trying to launch this new card in Belize. Now, it hasn't been launched yet but we met them during the 1st consultation today at the Biltmore. They explained to us how this card could change your everyday life. Simon Chang, Planning Specialist "Beepay, personally I think it's a life changing thing. Because with one card you can use in so many places. You can integrate not only as a company identity card, a student card or you can use in convenient stores, gas stations and a lot of places." Courtney Weatherburne "So based on the discussions, some of the participants were saying that's its not debit or credit card. What really is it?" Simon Chang, Planning Specialist "It's an e-wallet. It basically act like a cash card, like a gift card, but a lot more than that. Because a gift card is simple. You just store the values in it. You cannot recharged it again and you cannot use it in so many places. BeePay card, a lot of business they can work with our company, sign a contract and they can become our partners. People who hold a BeePay card they can use it in so many places."

    Starting The Fix For Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking
    Domestic violence and human trafficking in Belize: How can we combat these issues? Well, that was the main discussion at the media workshop held today at the Biltmore. It is a part of a broader project to prevent violence against women and sexual exploitation of children. Now we have reported on numerous workshops and public forums on these pressing issues, but the violence continues unabated. Today we spoke with the coordinator and she told us it has to start with a social and cultural re-conditioning. The workshop ends tomorrow.

    Foreign Minister Speaks At UN; Draws Criticism
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington addressed the 70th session of the United Nation's General Assembly today. And tonight, critics are saying he didn't say enough about the Belize - Guatemala territorial dispute. We'll get to that; but first, to what he did focus on - and that was climate change. More than half of Elrington;s speech was about the dire effects of climate change - calling it the most pressing threat to global security:.. And while he spoke about climate change for most of the speech - critics of the Foreign Minister say that he glossed over the Belize Guatemala issue. Both COLA and the PUP issued near simultaneous releases today pouncing on Elrington. The PUP criticizes him for mentioning the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala but notes, quote, "at no point during his speech, did Elrington ever say that there must first be referenda in Belize and Guatemala, in order to approve any such submission." For its part, COLA criticizes Elrington for spending just a minute and nine seconds of his eighteen minute address speaking about the ongoing Belize-Guatemala dispute. They also criticize him for, quote, "fail(ing) to…properly internationalize the dispute."

    The Importance of Belize's Water Shed
    There are major, active threats to Belize's Water Shed. Today stakeholders held a one-day workshop to identify those threats and, ultimately, to come up with a strategic plan to safeguard Belize's waters. The coordinators at the event explained to us why it's important to protect and manage this precious resource. Nadia Bood, Belize World Wildlife Fund "We feel that this initiative is very important because the water sheds in Belize are very important to society. We depend on it for our water, for depend on it for food from the fisheries sector; water to drink, water for agriculture manufacturing and so it's very important and we are also seeing increase impact to the water shed, based on multiple land use practices, which is affecting the water sheds ability to effectively do the function that they are supposed to be doing. The ultimate deliverable from this workshop is a strategy, an action plan that we can then put in place to work on the ground to address some of the key challenges that we are facing."

    Inter-Magia: The Sleight Of Hand
    The Sunrise Rotary Club is organizing a pair of magic shows this weekend at the Bliss Center. The international magicians are part of a travelling troupe called "Inter-Magia" featuring magicians from Mexico, Guatemala, Spain and Venezuela. We got a taste of their magic today:... The shows are at the Bliss tomorrow and Sunday. Tickets can be gotten from members of the SUNRISE ROTARIAN Club.

    Channel 5

    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington Addresses UN General Assembly
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington was among the speakers this morning to address the United Nations Seventieth General Assembly.  Nineteen minutes long, his statement covered hot topic issues such as climate [...]

    …Speech Incites Instant Objections from Opposition and COLA
    The Belize delegation also included two other ministers—Godwin Hulse and Joy Grant—as well as UN Ambassadors, Lois Young and Janiene Sylvester and Elrington’s wife, among others. While they applauded the [...]

    La Cabana Proprietor Back In Court 4 Years After GSU Raided His Home
    In May 2011, the home of Belmopan businessman Mike Menjivar was literally riddled with bullets during a surprise raid. Although the raid unearthed nothing illegal by way of drugs or [...]

    Keyren Tzib Bail Hearing Adjourned Yet Again
    Today, Keyren Tzib appeared in the Supreme Court for the third time since her arrest on July twentieth on a single count of manslaughter. The Coast Guard officer is seeking [...]

    Elderly Woman Sexually Assaulted by Her Son-in-law in Corozal District
    Police have arrested the brother of an alleged Guatemalan rape victim as well as their cousin for the rape of the under aged victim. The young girl says her cousin [...]

    Mayor Bradley on Possible Transition to Central Government
    In thirty-two days candidates from two mass parties and one new entry will vie for thirty-one seats up for grabs in general elections. One of those candidates believes he is [...]

    Darrell Bradley Confident in Caribbean Shores Victory
    And since he’s so fixated on what happens when he wins, the Mayor didn’t even want to entertain any question about losing. He says that he doesn’t get into any [...]

    Belize City Mayor Refutes Rumors of Another Municipal Bond
    News Five also asked Bradley about persistent reports that on the eve of general elections, there is talk in City Hall about floating another municipal bond. He refutes that report, [...]

    …Advises Future Successor to Look Favorably on Bond Program
    Bradley says that while he doesn’t plan to be there after general elections, he would definitely advise whoever is in the Council to look favorably on the bond program.   [...]

    GSU Commander on New Policing Strategy
    The Gang Suppression Unit was today seen giving back to the elderly in celebration of International Day of Older Persons….we’ll have that later in the newscast. But even before that [...]

    Why Aren’t There Any Candidates from N.T.U.C.B. on BPP Slate?
    A new third party has emerged on the political scene as more of a labor movement than a liberal organization.  The Belize Progressive Party is closely tied to the trade [...]

    Party Leader on Convention to Elect BPP Executives
    While the party has been months in the making, fine-tuning its leadership seems a bit hurried.  Admittedly, Rogers told the media during the press conference that they initially agreed on [...]

    World Archaeological Congress Writes P.M. Barrow
    The World Archaeological Congress, a consortium of renowned archaeologists representing eighty countries and territories, has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow.  The Congress is especially concerned with issues of human [...]

    8 Fishermen Busted With Conch Before Season Opened
    A group of fishermen harvested a lot of conch earlier in the week, but the conch season had not yet opened and so they were nabbed by the Fisheries Department. [...]

    Belmopan Police Take on Community Outreach
    Community outreach are often services provided by social workers and missionaries alike.  It isn’t an initiative that is synonymous with policing.  Nonetheless, one branch of law enforcement, particularly the Belmopan [...]

    GSU Celebrate International Day of Older Persons
    October first was celebrated as international day of older persons under the theme, “Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.” Since the beginning of the week, several activities for [...]

    Village Arts & Craft Expo at B.T.L. Park
    On Saturday, the B.T.L. Park on Newtown Barracks in Belize City will be transformed into an arts and craft market where intricate artworks from one hundred and twenty-five artisans from [...]

    Sunrise Rotary Club Hosts International Magic Show at the Bliss
    Later in the evening, five magicians from several countries will be performing magic at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. While it is the Eleventh Edition of INTERMAGIA, it [...]


    Son-In-Law Sexually Assaults Elderly Woman
    Tonight, there is a disturbing report coming out of the north involving a senior citizen. Police have issued a report saying that on Wednesday, September 30, a 77-year-old woman was on her veranda relaxing when her son-in-law, 54-year-old, Rubio Marcelo Castro approached her, took her inside her house and sexually assaulted her. The woman, who […]

    The Future of GSU
    You may recall some time ago when the former Prime Minister Said Musa was addressing a gathering in the Lake Independence area when their standard bearer Cordel Hyde was being endorsed. One of the assurances made to the Belizean public during that event was that upon the PUP taking office, the Gang Suppression Unit would […]

    Four Years and Three Adjournments Later, GSU and La Cabana case still unresolved
    Mike Menjivar, owner of La Cabana Restaurant and Bar in Belmopan, Cayo District returned to court today as a follow up to an incident back in May 2011 where the Gang Suppression Unit riddled their home with one hundred and fifty six bullets while Menjivar and his family were inside. Today, Mike, his wife and […]

    PUP Questions Statements Made By Foreign Minister at the UN
    The People’s United Party sent out a release this evening regarding statements made by Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, at the United Nations General Assembly. That release, stated, in part, quote, “In his speech, Foreign Minister Elrington said that Belize had “signed a Protocol to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s […]

    Belize’s Barrier Reef In Danger
    An online publication has stated that Belize’s Barrier Reef is in danger of being destroyed due to the extraction of resources. The article did not focus on only Belize’s Reef but rather on all World Heritage Sites which it says are being threatened through mining and oil exploration. It went on to state that, quote, […]

    Belize Scolded Over Reported Treatment of the Mayans
    Love News has received a copy of a letter that The Executive Committee and Council of the World Archaeological Congress reportedly sent to Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow. The letter has expressed concerns surrounding the treatment of Maya citizens of Belize in their struggle to protect their material and cultural heritage and exercise their legally […]


    Belize Progressive Party challenges PUP, UDP!
    With 34 more days to go before Belizeans go to the polls to elect a new national government in general elections, three organizations have amalgamated to form a new political party, providing an alternative to the entrenched two-party system of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and People’s United Party (PUP). The People’s National Party (PNP), Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), and We the People Movement (WPM) have come together to form the Belize Progressive Party (BPP). At its first press conference this morning at its unveiling, the BPP described itself as Belize’s first labor party, which has chosen Patrick Rogers, formerly of the VIP, as its leader, and Wil Maheia, formerly of the PNP, as its deputy leader. The BPP, which also described itself as a political movement “that is here to stay,” so far has eleven candidates ready to contest the November 4 general elections. Rogers, however, told Amandala that his party is reaching out to fill more of the 31 seats necessary to cover all constituencies in the country. The goal is 31, Rogers insisted.

    Rough times for Maya King!
    At least 600 workers from the Maya King Banana Farm, the largest banana farm in Belize, are at risk of losing their jobs because of a combination of extreme weather and their boss’ bad reputation on the international scene. Maya King is located in South Stann Creek and is owned by Myrtle Sherran, 88, but is managed by her son, John Zabaneh, 60, and hires close to 2 thousand employees in the high season of the banana industry. But, right now, the company is struggling because of the drought that has affected the entire agricultural sector of the country. And even though the rains seem to have started, according to Chief Meteorologist, Dennis Gonguez, “It would not have made a difference with banana if the rain, in the first instance, was not sufficient to bring the crop to fullness for the international market standard.” But even under these unusual circumstances, normally, in such a situation, the company would have been able to weather the crisis and keep all its employees paid by means of an overdraft facility.

    UK to invest over US$600 mn in Caribbean, including Belize
    During a visit to the Caribbean, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, accompanied by International Development Secretary Justine Greening, announced a quadrupling of UK support to the region. Speaking to the joint Houses of Parliament in Jamaica this week, Cameron announced a package of over £360m (over US$600m) of bilateral aid, featuring vital new infrastructure in the Caribbean, including Belize, such as roads, bridges and ports to help drive economic growth and development across the region. Amandala attempted to get a comment from Prime Minister Dean Barrow on what aid Belize could expect, and when, but we were told by his CEO, Audrey Wallace, that he is on a very tight schedule and could not comment before we went to press.

    Scurvy brother, 21, handed over sister, 13, to be raped by cousin, 26
    A 21-year-old man and his 26-year-old cousin are in police custody pending charges of rape and abetment to rape in respect of a 13-year-old Guatemalan girl, say police. According to information given to police by the child and her mother, her brother, 21, took her to their cousin, 26, for sexual purposes on two separate occasions. Police took the child to a doctor, who conducted an examination that revealed that she had been carnally known. Police immediately arrested her brother and her cousin for the offenses. The incidents allegedly occurred on September 4 and 5 at the child’s home. According to a police sitrep of Wednesday, September 30, 2015, the child reported that on September 3, at about 6:00 p.m., she was approached by her brother and told to have sex with their cousin, who lives in the same house.

    11th hour breakthrough averts BEL’s threatened strike
    On Tuesday afternoon, the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) called the media to a briefing at the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) corporate headquarters at Mile 2 ½ on the Philip Goldson Highway, to announce that the union would initiate industrial action against the power company’s management if an agreement was not met for a salary increase for its members. By afternoon, however, the BEWU sent out a text message advising the media that they had sought the intervention of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow. The union and government sides met in Belmopan at the Ministry of Labor, where a marathon negotiation session took place until the wee hours of this morning, when Minister of Labor Godwin Hulse brokered a negotiated settlement between the union and the BEL management. This afternoon, around 3:00 p.m., members of the BEWU met with a management team from BEL at the Labor Department office on Albert Street, where they finally hammered out a new collective bargaining agreement.

    Domestic exports take a hit in August
    Domestic exports fell by almost half last year’s figure – by a whopping 55.4%, down from roughly $76 million last August to a mere $33.9 million this August, according to data just released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). “Sugar sales accounted for the largest share of this decline, as exports fell from $34 million to $1 million. This steep drop in comparison to last August reflected a shift in the timing of sugar shipments, such that only bagged sugar was exported in August 2015, while a large bulk sugar shipment is expected in September,” the SIB said. It added that earnings from crude petroleum dropped sharply by $8 million (a decline of 66.7%), from $12 million during August 2014 to $4 million in August 2015, largely due to lower world market prices.

    BECOL basketball scores
    On Friday night, Cayo Interstellars defeated SHC, 17-3, in the female division. Anna Acosta was the top scorer for Cayo Interstellars with 8 points, while Sherlene Dawson finished with 4 points. In a losing effort, Lucia Tesecum had 2 pts for SHC. In game 2, Roaring Creek Special Effects defeated Belmopan in the Over-35 category by the score of 49-29. Roaring Creek’s top scorer was Artan Tucker, who had the game high of 17 pts, while Eddy Rowland scored 13 pts, and Karon “Civic” Neal finished with 12 pts. Belmopan was led by Carlisle Barrow with 10 pts, and Robert “Sample” Allen with 8 pts. In the nightcap, Panthers defeated Flames, 56-48, in the senior division. Panthers was led by Garret Bermudez with 14 pts, while Johan “Cutto” Bermudez scored 12 pts, Vandell Fuller had 10 pts, and Zamir “Gramox” Usher finished with 8 pts. The top scorers for Flames were Mark Wagner with 14 pts, Dorian “Cheezy” Jones with 13 pts, Rhetton Belisle with 10 pts, and Stephen “Muerte” Williams with 8 pts.

    Rupert “Canalete” Anderson, Belize’s best in his day – Part 2
    We chatted with Canalete outside his home on Curassow Street, and gleaned a few insights into his rise to football stardom in Belize. Rupert “Canalete” Anderson was born in Belize City on December 12, 1946, to Ms. Caserine Bennett and Mr. Mansfield “Tarri” Anderson, both deceased. Rupert said he spent his early years growing up in Hattieville, and started playing as goalkeeper with a junior team named Rapona Shell. After that, it was straight to senior with the Hattieville team that participated in the Belize City competition. Neither team was outstanding, but the tall youngster in goal for Hattieville apparently caught the eye of scouts in Belize City. (to be continued in our next issue) Part 2 Of course, on reflection, Rupert did not actually “grow up” in Hattieville, which only came into existence following the October 31, 1961, hurricane of that name; but he did grow into young adulthood in Hattieville after his family moved there. His early years were in Belize City; then in Hattieville, after playing as goalkeeper with the junior team, Rapona Shell, he moved up to mind goal with the senior Hattieville team in the Belize City football competition.

    U-12 and Female games, and upcoming football elections in O.W.
    Here are the weekend schedules for U-12 and Female football games, all being played at the Orange Walk Technical Field. U-12 football Saturday, October 3 1:30 p.m. – Juventus vs Vibes Alive 2:30 p.m. – Black Water of Trial Farm vs Banja Tillett Young School 3:30 p.m. – Belize of Louisiana Area vs Ben Ramos Centaur Minions Female 9-A-Side football Sunday, October 4 2:00 p.m. – Chan Pine Ridge vs Carmelita 3:00 p.m. – Guinea Grass vs Yo Creek Gladiators 4:00 p.m. – Orange Walk vs Atlantic Bank The same teams will play in back matches scheduled for the following week.

    Editorial: Our democracy
    Hon. Prime Minister, Dean O. Barrow, called the 2012 general election in March of that year, four years and a month into his five-year term of office. He is calling this November 4, 2015 general election just three years and six plus months into his five-year term. Mr. Barrow, Leader of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), has apparently come to the personal conclusion that the four-year term of office is the ideal. In fact, the five-year term remains the constitutional prerogative of the party which wins the majority of seats in Belize’s general elections. This is a simple thing, the fact that the Prime Minister has chosen as he did in 2012 and 2015 with respect to ending his elected term of office, but it is illustrative of the immense power which is placed in the hands of the Prime Minister when his party wins a general election. With respect to our democracy, it is as the Prime Minister wishes. His power is practically monarchical. In fact, the so-called democracy of Belize is actually, ultimately, monarchical, because the Prime Minister has to be sworn in by Queen Elizabeth II’s Governor-General, and all the elected area representatives have to swear allegiance, in front of the said Governor-General, to “Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors.”

    From the Publisher
    When my Holy Redeemer Boys’ classmates and I used to go to the old Parish Hall to watch CYO basketball in the late 1950s, there was no age limit for the junior competition. You could play junior as long as you wanted if you felt you were not ready for senior, or you weren’t being recruited by a senior team. At some point, probably late 60s, early 70s, the bureaucrats decided you had to be 19 or younger to play junior. I always enjoyed junior games, because it is always interesting to watch kids growing up, how they interact and how they socialize. In addition, the tension and excitement would be building while you were watching the junior game as you waited for your favorite senior team to take the court in the big game. In the 1991 amateur basketball season before semi-pro basketball began in 1992, two junior teams met in the finals, as they had so met the year before in 1990. The Amandala team, which won both competitions, was led by Maurice Williams and coached by Marshall Nunez. The Falcons team which Amandala defeated in both finals, was sponsored at least one of those seasons by Santino Castillo. The team was led by Evan “Duck” Garnett was and coached by Mark Usher and Evan “Mose” Hyde, my oldest son. Cordel Hyde, my second son, played on the Falcons team.

    World Archaeological Congress writes Belize PM
    Dear Editor, The attached letter was sent to the Honorable Dean Barrow on August 30, 2015. He has not responded. The letter has been approved and signed by members of the Council of the World Archaeological Congress representing some 80 countries and territories across the world. The Congress is particularly concerned with the issues of human rights associated with cultural heritage. We consider the treatment of Maya citizens of Belize, especially concerning their rights to their traditional lands and land use practices to be of singular importance for the future of archaeology and its relationship with Indigenous Peoples. We understand that United Nations Development Program and the Equator Initiative have awarded the Equator Prize for 2015 to the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) and Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA). We offer our hearty congratulations to Belize and all its Indigenous Peoples. The letter is intended to be shared publicly with all interested parties; feel free to disseminate it further.

    No love yet from area rep; family continues to face hardship
    Despite the plea of the Smith family to the Lake I area representative Mark King for assistance to help them to rebuild a house to replace their house that was destroyed after it collapsed on Friday morning, no assistance has yet been given, and the family of four continue to face hardship. The house of the Smith family, of Electric Avenue, a one-flat elevated lumber house, fell to the ground, causing massive structural damages to the house, and destroying the furnishings it contained. Joanie Smith, the mother of the family, told Amandala that everything in the house, with the exception of their clothing, was damaged as a result of the collapse. She is unemployed and needs public assistance in trying to re-construct their home, and also for immediate living expenses, she said.

    Science in a Kit
    A two-day workshop on micro-science was held for teachers from high schools in Belize. This was the final workshop in a series of workshops held in Guyana, St. Lucia and Belize, said Dr. Rudolph Anthony, Secretary General, UNESCO, Belize. Guyana was introduced to this new way of learning three years ago and since then it has made a vast difference in the CXC results of their students, said Anthony. A sub-regional project amongst Belize, St. Lucia and Guyana was approved by UNESCO, which allotted US$35,000.00 for workshops to be held in all three countries to train science teachers at the high school level, particularly high schools without resources or only a limited amount of laboratory resources. Representatives from Belize and St. Lucia travelled to Guyana to participate in a workshop there, prior to having these workshops in their own countries, Anthony explained.

    Belize Fire Service receives donation from US Embassy
    The Belize Fire Service has received firefighting and rescue equipment totaling over BZ $1.5 million in value from the U.S. Embassy. The donation was handed over to the Belize Fire Service by His Excellency Carlos Moreno, Ambassador of the United States to Belize, on Friday. The donation included 200 personal firemen suits complete with boots; 80 breathing apparatus replacement cylinders; 12 heavy duty rescue saws, called ‘jaws of life’; 14 combustible gas detectors; 6 vehicle stabilization kits; 4 transportable pumps, and 40 handheld radios specifically designed for firefighters, generators and hydraulic pumps. The Ambassador said that the donation was a part of its humanitarian assistance program for Belize. Belize Fire Service Operations Officer Ben Matura said that the equipment will greatly assist them.

    Man acquitted of 2012 murder due to faulty evidence
    Lincoln Hemsley, Jr., 24, was acquitted of the March 2012 murder of David Hernandez, 21, in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas, who heard the case without a jury and accepted a no-case-to- answer submission from Hemsley’s attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, today, after the prosecution had closed its case. Shortly before Sylvestre made the no-case submission, Justice Lucas had ruled not to accept the result of a group police identification parade in which Hemsley was purportedly identified as the man who shot and killed Hernandez. In deciding not to accept the police identification parade result, Justice Lucas noted that when a person has a right to refrain from doing something, he should not be forced to do it to provide evidence against, himself.

    Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) formulated for stevedores
    The Christian Workers Union (CWU) today held a press briefing at their Secretariat, 107B Cemetery Road, Belize City. At that meeting, president of the Christian Workers Union, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, informed the media that with the stevedores’ input, they have formulated a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the stevedores. Shepherd added, “We now have a very good negotiating team whose members are comprised of three stevedores: Alrin Fuller, Guy Neal, and Sean Middleton, also, Cynthia Pitts, Carolyn YaYa Marin Coleman, vice president Basil Brannon, general secretary Floyd Neal, and myself as the president.” Shepherd said now they are ready to go back to the negotiating table with the Port Authority’s negotiation team. She went on to say that the stevedores have been operating without a CBA for 11 years.

    PUP Leader calls for “Election Observers”
    Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow’s announcement on Monday that he has advised the Governor General to dissolve the National Assembly and has set Wednesday, November 4, as the date for the general elections, has enormous implications for the recently concluded voter registration exercise, says the Opposition PUP. In a letter dated Monday, September 28, People’s United Party (PUP) Leader Francis Fonseca has written to Prime Minister Barrow asking him to invite Election Observers from the Organization of American States (OAS), CARICOM or the Commonwealth. The PUP Leader said the decision to call elections comes weeks after the close of the annual transfer period of electors, and “The election date of November 4, 2015 will not allow for the electoral list to be revised for 2015, which is vital to an already bloated list.”

    “Good Samaritan” critical after beating in OW
    A Good Samaritan of Orange Walk is presently in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was severely beaten by two men after he intervened to stop the beating of his friend. The incident occurred Monday night near the fire station in Orange Walk Town. Carlos “Paraquat” Griffith, 28, told police that he and his friend were talking by the Orange Walk Fire Station when two men came up and attacked his friend. Griffith intervened to stop the beating of his friend, but the men turned on him and began to beat him instead. As a result Griffith suffered injuries to his head, face and body, and the men, believed to be from Belize City, escaped from the area, leaving him, beaten and bloody, on the roadside.

    Southern consumers see price hikes even as inflation eases nationally
    Consumer prices were down substantially for the first 8 months of 2015, according to the latest report released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), which reports an inflation rate of negative 0.9%, contrasting with the hike in inflation of 1.4% for the first 8 months of 2014. Last August recorded an inflation rate of 0.9%, but the SIB says that during the month of August 2015, prices of goods and services purchased by Belizean households were, on average, 0.6 percent lower than in August 2014. This, it said, was attributable to decreases in the cost of fuel at the pumps and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which offset increases in the cost of some food items and home rentals. “All three types of fuel saw a considerable drop in prices compared to August 2014, with premium and regular gasoline down by about 19 percent and 22 percent, respectively, while diesel prices fell sharply by 28 percent. The decline in fuel prices was the major contributing factor to a 6.3 percent decrease in the ‘Transport’ index,” the SIB explained.

    The Reporter

    Taiwan doctors offer free medical care
    Belizeans in need of an eye exam, or treatment of ailments to their ears, nose and throat, or those with kidney problems will be pleased to know they may access free medical care for these ailments from a team of Taiwanese doctors from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) in […]

    Man charged with sexually assaulting 77-year-old
    A 54-year-old Guatemalan is in police custody after reportedly sexually assaulting his 77-year-old mother-in-law. According to police, Juanita Torres, resident of San Joaquin village, reported that she was on her veranda in her wheel chair on Thursday October1, when her son-in-law Rubio Castro. reportedly approached […]

    Menjivar vs. GSU adjourned
    The Supreme Court, on Friday, adjourned Belmopan businessman Miguel Menjivar’s case against the Government of Belize, for the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) shooting up his house in May 2011. Attorneys for both sides went before Justice Michelle Arana, to settle pre-trial matters, including indicating objections […]

    PM not happy with BCWU accusations
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressed his displeasure with comments from the Belize Communications Workers Union (BCWU) in regard to the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) settlement, saying he felt the accusations levied against him were derogatory and he was insulted to be compared to former […] Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressed his displeasure with comments from the Belize Communications Workers Union (BCWU) in regard to the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) settlement, saying he felt the accusations levied against him were derogatory and he was insulted to be compared to former […]

    Nomination and election day rules released
    As is the norm with every election, whether general or municipal, there are a list of do’s and don’ts for Election Day, and enforcement for the November fourth general elections will be no different. The Election and Boundaries Commission will ensure that people abide […]

    Concrete house collapses with family inside
    Members of a Ladyville family are in shock but otherwise without serious injury after a concrete house collapsed from its stilts last Friday. Vincent Bahadur, a 64 year-old retired security guard and his family were inside the house when the 12-foot stilts buckled without warning […]

    Belize strengthens trade relations with Mexico.
    Belize is currently engaged in a number of activities to build trade relations with Mexico, working towards a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) on trade with Product Mexico. Belize Trade and Investment Services Belize (BELTRAIDE) representatives explained that the concept of the PSA is only in […]

    Philip Goldson’s home becomes Museum
    Belize’s national hero Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson (1923 – 2001), whose lifetime of service – over 60 years – helped shape Belizean democracy and independence, has been honored with one more tribute, having his home in Belmopan turned into a museum. Prime Minister Dean Barrow […]

    Conch season opens, Fisheries Department advises public to adhere to regulations
    The conch season officially opened on October 1st and will remain open until June 30th, 2016, or until the National Catch Quota is realized. The Fisheries Administrator, Beverly Wade has also advised fishermen and the wider public to be mindful of the regulations of […]

    Sister Miriam celebrates 50 years as a Sister of Mercy
    The community of the Sisters of Mercy in Belize and the wider community of family and friends last weekend joined in a festive celebration of the 50th aniversary of Sister Miriam Clare as a religious Sister of Mercy. The Mercy Chapel on the second floor of the Sisters of Mercy […]

    Teaching Kriol slave history paramount in addressing early youth sexual activity, says Kriol Council cultural rep.
    Teaching Kriol slave history is an essential tool in addressing early and risky sexual activity in youth, says Mynra Manzanares, the cultural representative for the National Kriol Council. Manzanares, responding to the results of the 2014 Country Report on Knowledge, Practices, and Attitudes (KAP) toward […]

    Belize Progressive Party introduces itself
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), an amalgamation of several independent small parties, introduced itself to the public on Thursday morning during a press conference at the Belize Institute of Management (BIM). The BPP outlined its plans and policies with just a month to go […]

    The proposal that the Government of Belize should build a forward operating base on Sarstoon Island is a proposal without merit. It is impractical to build such a base there. It is also provocative and dangerous! Belizeans have better ways of showing their patriotism than to invite hostility and danger […]

    Who will it be – UDP, PUP or BPP?
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, on Monday announced the date for General Elections as November 4th and three political parties feel that they are ready for the election battle . Prime Minister Barrow , in his message to the country, announced October 16th as Nomination […]

    Equipment worth at least $22,000 stolen from MoH
    The Ministry of Health (MoH) has turned over a case of a piece of stolen surgical equipment to the police to investigate and has sent out alerts to its counterparts in Quintana Roo, Mexico, after it has disappeared without a trace. The piece of equipment, […]

    Food items more expensive, says SIB
    Food items are some 0.2 percent more expensive when compared to last year, the latest data from the Statistical Institute of Belize reveals The SIB released the Consumer Price Index, which measures the fluctuation of prices for goods and services in all sectors of the […]

    SSB employees pressing for CBA settlement
    Disgruntled Social Security Board employees are eager to settle their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which has stalled for almost a year, but the Christian Workers Union (CWU), which represents them, has not authorized any strike action. It was reported that the SSB employees were […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police Department honors officer of the month
    For the third consecutive month, recognition was given to the police officer of the month who displayed exemplary behavior and pride while on duty. Yesterday, Police Chief of the Orange Walk formation, Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett awarded Police Constable Roger Briceno of the Police Traffic Department for […]

    The United Arab Emirates and Belize Sign Bilateral Trade Agreements to Promote Investments
    Belize hopes to emulate key oil producer the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in leading the region in energy, and this week signed bilateral trade agreements for investments from the Middle Eastern kingdom from both the Government and private sectors. The agreements are modeled on the vision that gave […]

    Banking, taxes, and the Ashcroft-Cameron feud
    Belize has been dragged again into a battle of the elephants between British Prime Minister David Cameron and Lord Michael Ashcroft, billionaire businessman. As Ashcroft prepares to release an “unauthorized biography” of the man whom he funded and fueled to the post of Prime Minister on Monday, Bloomberg […]

    Man sexually assaults mother in law in Corozal
    A 77 year old woman by the name of Juanita Torres from San Joaquin Village, Corozal District reported to police that her son-in-law raped her at her home around 10am on October 1st 2015. According to a police report, Torres was in front of her house in her wheelchair when […]


    Sailing club shake up
    Having been a Chaperon before, it makes no sense why these two great kids would be denied their chaperon and coach to accompany them on such a long journey and hep motivate and encourage them through the race. Adult supervision and mentoring is hugely important especially when traveling such a great distance to be in such a big race. I have to wonder if the people on the BzSA Board who have their own children would place them in such a situation? Apparently not … The BzSA Chairwoman personally chaperoned her own son to Antigua, West Indies, for the regatta there this summer. And she made sure that Juan Mazzini – the best professional coach in Belize was fully authorized by BzSA to be there for her son, officially. Their “double speak” on not standing in the way, but yet not authorizing the coach’s or chaperon’s status is ridiculous.

    The Gothic Cruise Pulls Into Belize, News on the Cruise Village & A Walk About Belize City
    I proposed the question yesterday. October 1st was a big day in Belize – Tedx Belmopan (Changing the Conversation), a historic event in Belize #MekWiTalk and something that I had my heart set on for months…the 2015 Gothic Carnival Cruise pulling and deboarding into the Belize City Harbor. Which to choose? You can see the Carnival ship WAYYY in the back. All the Belizean fishermen are out. Yesterday was the beginning of Conch Season. With Celi’s Deli Johnny Cake in hand, I was off with visions of Goths dancing in my head like sugar plums. And though I don’t like the stereotype, senior citizens in bright colors and Black Americans with southern accents are rarely categorized as Gothic. The guys at the Tropic Air booth told me they hadn’t seen anyone “Goth” all day… OH WAIT! My first and only spotting. This great couple just off the boat to explore the village. So…in the end…not so much of a Gothic Cruise…more like “The Gothic Lido Deck”. But that doesn’t look so EXCITING in print.

    International Sourcesizz

    St Maarten government falls
    The Gumbs government in St Maarten fell shortly after 12.30 pm on Wednesday after the parliament passed a motion of no confidence submitted by Democratic Party MP Sarah Wescot-Williams with an 8-7 vote, the Daily Herald reported. Coalition-members Silvio Matser, Maurice Lake and Frans Richardson defected and supported the opposition motion. This means that the country will soon have its fifth government since it became an autonomous country on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10). MPs voting in favour of the motion were Silveria Jacobs, Christophe Emmanuel, George Pantophlet, William Marlin (National Alliance), Sarah Wescot-Williams (Democratic Party), Frans Richardson (independent), Maurice Lake and Silvio Matser (United People’s party). The latter two will leave the UP faction and declare themselves independent.

    Hurricane Joaquin From the International Space Station
    NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly captured this photo on Oct. 2, 2015, from the International Space Station and wrote on Twitter, "Early morning shot of Hurricane # Joaquin from @space_station before reaching # Bahamas . Hope all is safe. # YearInSpace ." In addition to the crew Earth observations from the space station, NASA and NOAA satellites are tracking the progress of this powerful storm.

    A Pig Story, Belize Banks and Questions About U.S. Tax Evaders
    It’s not just about the pig’s head. Britain’s headline writers went into high porcine pun mode last month over a suggestion that Prime Minister David Cameron, while still in university, had taken part in a club-initiation ritual that bizarrely incorporated part of a pig carcass. The second-hand allegation appears in a take-down book about Britain’s Conservative party leader that will arrive early next week, co-written by a U.K. billionaire who helped fuel Cameron’s rise to power. Now comes a development with the potential to turn the spotlight back on Cameron’s accuser, Lord Michael Anthony Ashcroft. A longtime party donor, Ashcroft once drew criticism in the U.K. for exerting full-press political influence while enjoying part-time tax status. Now, he has emerged as the controlling shareholder of a pair of offshore banks with American clients who are under suspicion of tax evasion. In a filing in Miami two weeks ago, a U.S. federal judge authorized the Internal Revenue Service to seek the names of Americans using accounts at two Belize banks. It’s the latest twist in a years-long U.S. campaign to root out Americans attempting to stash money beyond the IRS’s reach, an effort that has held banks responsible in some cases for enabling tax evasion.

    Belize signs bilateral trade agreements with UAE
    Belize and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday signed bilateral trade agreements that will serve as a catalyst for investments from the UAE and will strengthen Belize's position as a Central American and the Caribbean regional energy leader. These trade agreements will serve as a foundation to catalyze private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government investments. Belize Natural Energy Limited's (BNE) model was integral in making Thursday’s historic milestone a reality. "The signing of the UAE-Belize agreement is a critical step in fulfilling the original vision of native Belizean Mike Usher, who always believed that his country was full of abundant natural resources," said Susan Morrice, chairman and founder of BNE. "He also believed that through the BNE holistic business model, the economic benefits of those resources could be shared by all Belizeans and pave the way for a better Belize. Since BNE first discovered commercial oil in 2005, we have always stayed true to that original BNE model and vision. Through BNE director Josh Stewart, who resides in UAE, and the special relationship he has developed with his Emirati partner, Ali al Naqbi, BNE is now in an excellent position to continue to build out its vision."

    Human Impact May Be Causing Crocodile Species To Interbreed
    It may sound like the beginning of a cheesy horror movie, but crocodile species actually do naturally hybridize in the wild. Hybridization is generally considered a threat to most animals, as it creates individuals with reduced fitness—meaning they are unable to reproduce. In Mexico and Belize, it has been hypothesized that American and Morelet’s crocodiles have been hybridizing due to sightings of crocodiles that have a mix of physical characteristics from both species. In a new paper in Royal Society Open Science, Evon Hekkala of Fordham University and colleagues investigate the causes of this hybridization in Belize. It may sound like the beginning of a cheesy horror movie, but crocodile species actually do naturally hybridize in the wild. Hybridization is generally considered a threat to most animals, as it creates individuals with reduced fitness—meaning they are unable to reproduce. In Mexico and Belize, it has been hypothesized that American and Morelet’s crocodiles have been hybridizing due to sightings of crocodiles that have a mix of physical characteristics from both species. In a new paper in Royal Society Open Science, Evon Hekkala of Fordham University and colleagues investigate the causes of this hybridization in Belize.

    Regional call at UN for action on climate change
    Meanwhile, the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize Wilfred P. Erlington also raised the issue of climate change. “The accelerated phenomenon of climate change giving rise to the inexorable melting of the glaciers, the rising and warming of the oceans and seas, the spawning of super typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, droughts, desertification and the indiscriminate igniting of conflagrations of gigantic proportions, are, increasingly attributed to anthropogenic interference with the climate system,” he said. “In its 70-year history, the United Nations has made notable inroads to combat climate change and to promote sustainable development,” he continued, but there is still work to be done.

    Commentary: Time for term limits for prime ministers and representatives in the Caribbean
    Under almost all the constitutions Great Britain wrote for their former colonies, the prime ministers and representatives serve five years if they are elected, with no term limits. This means that once these people are elected and reelected, they can remain in office until they choose to resign or die. Over the years, Caribbean countries have experienced that some of these prime ministers start to act like dictators and the representatives behave as if they are not accountable to the people who elected them. In some cases, the people’s needs are being neglected as well. Five years is a long time for the people to wait to decide whether they want to retain a prime minister or representative in a country. I think it is now time for Caribbean countries to amend their constitutions to limit the terms of their prime ministers and elected representatives to three terms. Also, to change the term in office from five years to four years, have an elected senate and to set a specific date for general elections rather than to leave it to the discretion of the prime minister.


  • Belize Mission Trip, Church of the Incarnation, 18min.

  • Charlotte Cherry Summer Research in Belize, 12min. Charlotte Cherry, School of Foreign Service '16, received the Raines Fellowship/Improving the Human Condition grant to study agricultural politics in Belize. Center for Social Justice Georgetown University

  • Improving Access to Clean, Safe Water in Belize, 5.5min. In Belize, the Caribbean Development Bank, through the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) is investing in the water sector to help change lives.

  • Ceu do Belize, 5.5min. Sacred Farm

  • Hidden Valley Falls - Cayo, Belize, 30sec.

  • Easy Fishing in Belize, 2.5min. Backride from Virginia Caye to Sittee River Marina in beautiful Belize. The prey: 2 Jacks

  • Belize – Débat 2015 de l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU, 19min. Allocution de S.E. M. Wilfred Elrington, Ministres des affaires étrangères et du commerce international du Belize, lors du Débat général de la 70e session de l’Assemblée générale

  • UN Speeches: Belize, 19min. Speech at the 70th General Assembly in New York, Oct. 1, 2015.

  • 49th Wedding Anniversary Belize, min. On our 49th anniversary cruise....January 2015...Belize City.

  • Swimming off Belize, 1.5min. Snorkeling off the private island on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Spiny lobster vs. Green morey part 2, 15sec.

    October 2, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    The Return of the Conch!
    My fellow lovers of the strombos gigas the time we all yearn for is here again! Today marks open season on our favorite mollusk, the Queen Conch. Around here conch is considered an island staple and there’s nothing us islanders love more than a good conch ceviche, or yummy crisp conch fritters. In order to give ample time for the juvenile molluscs to mature, the season annually closes from June 30th to October 1st, and boy are we glad that we give them time to put on a few extra pounds! The delicious chunky bits of tender conch in everything from conch ceviche and conch fritters to conch soup and curry conch are well worth the wait!

    Letter to the Editor: Ambergris Caye does not need an International Airport
    Dear Editor and to all residents of Belize, Reading the article where Dean Barrow indicates the accomplishment of “paving” a road North of San Pedro raises some questions about that project. First, what amount of money was allocated to build the “road?” In the US, the best roads are 18 inches thick, with earthwork and grading creating what is known as a crown, which creates an arc to the road surface so that it drains. The reason road are built thick is so that they actually last and stand up to use like trucks. The “road” that has been built north of San Pedro is construction more typical of a patio that would be used for foot traffic. It is about 4 inches thick. It will not last but a few years. The question becomes: What happened to all the money for the road project? If these same people are going to be in charge of building an airport “someday” you’d better hope that a new group of people are in charge of the finances. The “road” should be much thicker and more durable. When the remesh that was laid down in the concrete to strengthen is already rusting, it will very quickly create internal pressure on the concrete and actually help it to disintegrate.

    Community Collaboration is needed to increase the blood supply for Ambergris Caye
    Belize Red Cross San Pedro (BRCSP), in collaboration with the San Pedro Cancer Society, are working with the Belize National Blood Transfusion Service (the Belize Blood Bank) and medical professionals of Belize to improve the process for Ambergris Caye residents to receive blood in time of need. In order to achieve this a blood drive will be on Saturday, October 3rd at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II from 9AM to 7PM. Everyone is invited to come out and be a part of this worthy initiative. New health commmittie co-leader Sue Barkhouse and Office coordinator Shirlee ArnouldBy helping to ensure that blood is available whenever members of the Ambergris Caye community or visitors require medical attention, a blood donation may one day save a life. It is important for residents of Ambergris Caye to recognize that there is a blood supply allocated for all island residents and visitors. Of greater importance is for all residents to recognize the necessity of the BRCSP blood drives in San Pedro to keep a full supply of blood on hand at the Belize Blood Bank in Belize City.

    US Embassy makes substantial donation to National Fire Service
    The United States of America Embassy in Belize has made a substantial donation to the Belize National Fire Service. The donation was made on Thursday, September 24th at the Belize City headquarters. US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno made the donation of over $1.8 million worth of equipment to be used by the several Fire Departments to prevent disasters. According to Moreno, the donation came about in conjunction with a humanitarian assistance program with the US Military Southern Command. “The equipment donated represents a wide array of firefighting and lifesaving equipment. The way the project works is that we ask what is most needed by the fire service, and we meet those demands,” said Moreno. The donation included 200 personal protective gear kits, 80 breathing apparatus replacement cylinders, 12 heavy duty rescue saws, 14 combustible gas detectors, six vehicle stabilization kits, four transportable pumps, and 40 handheld radios specifically designed for firefighters.

    Belize Sailing Association attempts to deprive two Belizean Sailors of Professional Support
    After quite a struggle, the Board of the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) has agreed to send 15-year-olds Antonio Ricardez of Belize City Sailing Club (BCSC) and Blanca Velasquez of San Pedro Racers (SPR) to the 2015 International sailing Federation (ISAF) Youth World Championship Laser Regatta in Malaysia in December 2015. However, now the BzSA Board is not allowing their coaches to accompany them, thus denying vital support to the sailors. In part of an email sent on Monday, September 28th, Sharon Hardwick, Chairwoman of BzSA tells the ISAF the following, “The Belize Sailing Association have not sanctioned any Coach, reason why, we did not register one. Therefore, I feel this should clarify registration on a go forward basis. No Official Coach sanctioned and No Official Team Lead.” The consequence of the BzSA Board’s decision is clear in an ISAF email on the same date to Hardwick that says, “Only team leaders and coaches registered and endorsed by a Member National Authority, such as BzSA, may register for the event. That means that ‘club’ coaches are not allowed.” If qualified people accompany the sailors but are “Not Official” as the Chairwoman says, they’ll “not be allowed,” reduced to spectators from afar, and the two children will have no coach in a World Championship event and no chaperone with the appropriate access.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Proposed Belize Standards for High Angle Activities including Zip Lining, Rock Climbing and Canopy Tours will support Safety!
    As the popularity of these high angle activity attractions continue to increase in Belize, the Bureau of Standards Technical Committee (TC) for Tourism and Related Services is currently developing standards to help ensure safety. These activities have historically been popular for tourists that come to Belize. The number of tour operators and tour guides offering one of the mentioned types of tours or a combination of these also keeps rising. This means that more tourists are exposing themselves to something considered being High Risk in Belize. We have to ensure their safety is a priority and given also that tourism is one of the biggest economic sectors for Belize and something as small as a bad accident or incident may affect the entire industry. Before waiting for some accident to happen we have to ensure that proper standards and practices are addressed.

    2015 Coastal and Riverside Cleanup
    Everyone is invited to participate! Contact Jorge Aldana at 634-1171 for details. Group 1: Beach from Boca del Rio to Central Park, Front street and Middle Street. Participants: Cadets/Leo’s Club/Phoenix Resort/Members of the public Coordinated – SPTC Staff...

    Welcome to the "New" Party, Belize Progressive Party, BPP
    The name of the new party is Belize Progressive Party, BPP. The party's candidates for the November 4 General Elections include, Enda Diaz for Corozal South East, Lucilo Teck for Corozal South West, Hipolito Baustista for Orange Walk South, Roy Rodriguez for Corozal Bay, Ion Butch for Pickstock, Roberto Lopez for Belize Rural South, Andrew Williams for Cayo South, Patrick Rogers for Collet, Wil Maheia for Toledo East, Charles Leslie Jr for Belmopan and Hector Palomo for Corozal North.

    Independence Day Festivities 2015
    A parade, a carnival, the Pre-Independence Beer Fest. The September Celebrations were once again a great time.

    October 2015 The Placencia Breeze

    Ocean Academy to be on Open Your Eyes/Channel 5
    Tune in this Tuesday October 6th at 7:30 a.m. to Open Your Eyes/Channel 5. Form III student Mathew will represent Ocean Academy and talk about skills he has learned by participating in our Sports Tourism Programs (Kayak, Bike, Fish with Purpose). School co-founder Joni Miller will speak about the Barclay's Sport for Employability Award nomination and the Beyond Sport Conference. For our international friends, you can watch the live stream:

    Goldson House of Governance, Democracy, and Patriotism
    National Hero Philip Goldson has been posthumously honored with the creation of the Goldson House of Governance, Democracy and Patriotism. The inauguration was Monday, and it is located on Orange Street in Belmopan. Galen University was there to participate and get some great pictures of the event. "The inauguration of the Goldson House of Governance, Democracy and Patriotism took place on Monday, September 28, 2015 in Belmopan City. This House will serve as a museum dedicated to the life of a Belizean National Hero, Philip S.W. Goldson's, achievements and contributions to our nation."

    "Gandhi" film
    Corozal and Punta Gorda are in for a FILM treat on October 2nd. Don't miss the screening of "Gandhi" at the Corozal House of Culture at 2pm and on Channel 22, PGTV at 6 p.m.

    Channel 7

    Third Party Movement Coalesces Under On Umbrella, But Is Belize Ready For The BPP
    The November fourth general election is less than five weeks away - and the third parties of Belize have come together under one umbrella - in the hopes of offering the electorate a legitimate alternative to what's become known as the "PUDP. " The Belize Progressive Party was launched today at the BIM Complex in Belize City - and we got to meet their 11 candidates. Jules Vasquez reports: Jules Vasquez reporting This is the Belize Progressive Party - a coalition of three independent parties We The People, VIP and PNP Charles Leslie, Chairman - BPP "We decide that it is time for the shedding our names and to start a national political party."

    Bar Association Wants CCJ To Judge Eighth Amendment
    The BTL and BEL acquisitions have been settled and so government doesn't have to worry about any judgment from the Caribbean Court of Justice, which could overturn the ownership of those utilities. All parties in that case have told the court that they've settled and want no further legal action. But, in an unprecedented move, the Bar Association still wants to hear from the CCJ on whether the Eighth Amendment was legal. The bar met last night and passed a resolution to file an application with the Caribbean Court asking them to stay the proceedings. Their argument is that it is a matter of public interest for the validity of the controversial Eighth Amendment to the constitution to be ruled upon. The bar says the issue remains live and are asking the court to hear an important application. This is expected to draw the ire of the government which has long declared the Bar a PUP controlled organization, but the important issue is how the Caribbean Court will view the application, which we understand is being drafted.

    Broad Daylight, Big Road Home Invasion In OW
    There was a home invasion in Orange Walk at 8:00 this morning - and it happened right on the Belize Orange Walk road at DJ Gaby's home. Police told our colleagues at CTV-3 that two men entered the home with guns. Assistant Superintendent Selwyn Tillett, Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police Station "Just after 8 this morning, two Hispanic male persons wearing mask and one of them had something that resemble a gun, entered the house where they stole an amount of jewelry and money totaling about $10,000. During the incident a female was injured where they tried to pull a chain from her neck, causing injuries to her. Police responded and we are still investigating the matter." So far, no arrests have been made.

    Stolen Hilux Is Home, Slightly the Worse For Wear
    The Ministry of Health's 2014 Toyota Hilux that was stolen 27 DAYS AGO and smuggled to Melchor is back at the dealer in Belmopan tonight. That's because it's slightly the worse for wear after the truck thieves tried to find and remove the hidden GPS tracker that disabled the ignition. We have confirmed that the Truck cannot start and there is minor damage to the steering wheel and column. The GPS tracker is not functioning - and the truck is waiting to be assessed by the insurance company. The ministry confirms that it is comprehensively insured. They are waiting for an assessment on the damages and repairs before they can decide when it will be put back to work. Trak Solutions Belize - which installed the GPS that led to the recovery of the pickup - says that it is being hired to outfit more of the Minsitry's pickups with anti theft GPS tracking devices.

    Maya King's Misfortunes
    In last night's newscast, we showed you a small portion of our interview with John Zabaneh, one of the leading personalities behind the biggest banana farm in Belize - that's Maya King. In that conversation, he was discussing how his mother's company has been struggling to make payroll because they have been negatively affected by the drought. Well the Maya King company along with Zabaneh have been blacklisted by the US State Department under the Kingpin Act since August 2012 by US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. The OFAC accused Zabaneh and 2 other Belizeans of working for the Sinaloa Cartel and "El Chapo" Guzman, who's been on the run since July 11, when he escaped from a Mexican maximum security prison. With that "kingpin" designation banks can't afford to do business with Zabaneh or Maya King. No bank means no overdraft facility and in a drought that means Maya King can't find the over two hundred thousand dollars it needs to pay its 1200 employees. And so, the farm managers are considering laying off 600 or more workers. Our news team traveled to South Stann Creek to find out for ourselves what's happening in this important company. Daniel Ortiz reports:

    Is Johnny Zabs (Still) The Moving Hand Behind Maya King
    As you saw in our story, a significant part of the problem is the fact that the commercial banks have a strict policy of staying far away from Zabaneh. For the past 3 years, however, Mayan King Banana Farms has been under new management, contracted by Zabaneh's 88 year-old mother Myrtle Sheeran. Zabaneh says that for that entire time, he's been keeping away from the company, and the only control he has is the authority that his mother has granted him as her representative. It's a complex situation in the leadership of Mayan King, and we asked them to explain it to us: John Zabaneh - Spokesperson, Mayan King Banana Farm "We are crying out to the banks to give us a break. I am sure OFAC designation did not intend. They are being overly protected of themselves. We need an account. The designation talks for itself. Read it. American citizens, American companies. If that be the case I am wearing a hat right now mark Nautica. Nautica should be in trouble. If that was the intention. That's an American company and I am wearing a used shirt, what's it says "Rider." I don't own Rider. Rider is an American company."

    Coming Out From Under Kingpin Designation
    So, since John Zabaneh is still important to the company, both for his 20 years of banana farming experience, and as the final decision maker appointed by his mother, Myrtle Sheeran, what is he doing about the blacklisting from the US Government? Well, he told us that he's working on trying to convince them to remove it, and he feels that he's making incremental progress: John Zabaneh - Spokesperson, Mayan King Banana Farm "The problem that I face is because the US says this, everybody believes. And I have a previous reputation. So makes it worse. I have been made a scapegoat for all the wrong doers in Belize. I have been made a folklore. Everybody believes. Even my attorneys believe this is so. I contacted US attorneys to deal with this thing, because it's in the US that this thing has to be dealt with. They want a million dollars advance and why you think? A man that is second in command to Chapo Guzman, a million dollars is small change. So they start off believing this bull and then I just said to hell with it. I don't have it and if I have it I don't have it to give away.

    Port and The CWU: Getting Closer To An Infinite Horizon
    A Collective Bargaining Agreement: that is what the stevedores at the Port of Belize have been rallying for over a decade. And similarly, The Christian Workers Union and the port management have been in negotiations for years to try and finalize a new CBA. But negotiations have fallen through several times and this morning Sheppard and the stevedores held a press conference at the CWU Secretariat to express their discontent about this situation: Audrey Matura-Sheppard, President, CWU "In 2012, they reached an impasse and they could not proceed, so all that is in place right now for stevedores working at the port are 2 memorandums of understanding, a framework agreement and 2 addendums to that framework agreement. What it have done is piece-meal address issues for the stevedores, but never holistically. Under proper industrial relations what any union representing workers should do is to try and have one document which is what we called the collective bargaining agreement. Under that one document what we seek to do is address some simple things as to what would be your work uniform if any, or major things as to what happens in the event that you die on the job or when you retire.

    Port Plays Its Part
    According to Shepard the existing documents -the 2 MOU's, the framework agreement and 2 addendums to that framework - don't address or cover all the issues brought up at the conference. When we spoke to the CEO of the Port of Belize today Arturo Tux Vasquez he admitted that they don't cover all the issues but he told us that there has been significant improvements in the negotiations so far. Arturo "Tux" Vasquez, CEO, Port of Belize "Before we talked about where we are now with the new leadership of the CWU. I think we need to go back to 2012 when I took on the receivership and we immediately started negotiations with the previous leadership of the CWU. Since 2012 and 2013, we have been negotiating a collective bargaining agreement and we have actually advance quite significantly. But that I mean that the stevedores for the last 7 years have never gotten an increase. So one of the agreements that we have done that we have implemented and paid to the stevedores is a 7 year back pay to all the stevedores, including salary increases for 2012 and 2013. Those were agreements that we made and we signed off and we paid them."

    Man Critical After OW Beatdown Over Bench
    A man is in critical condition at the KHMH after being beaten up in Orange Walk. It happened on Monday night at 8:00 pm, when 63 year old Carlos Griffith, known as "Paraquat" was sitting on a stool - and some men came to take it away from him. Police explained what happened next:... Griffith has multiple injuries to his head.

    Bradley Estate Rejects Mark King
    Last night we told you about the free land that UDP Area Representative Mark King is giving away to squatters in the Gungulung area. As you heard, Ambassador Sarkis Abu-nahra donated some acres of land to distribute among squatters on Chetumal Street and in the Foam Factory area. But, King did not only mention the ambassador, he also mentioned that he has been talking to estate land owners such as Bradley Estate. King also said that he has gotten almost all of the estates to soon come to an agreement to give back some land as a good faith. Well, the owners of Bradley estate called us after the news and said they were surprised when they heard King's interview because according to them King did not meet with them and they certainly would never agree to giving away land for free. When we spoke to King today he said he spoke with the owners over the phone but as he said in the interview nothing was finalized - ONLY the donation from Ambassador Abu-nahra. The owners of the Bradley estate told us that they are willing to meet with King on the SALE of 10 acres of their land if he is interested.

    Catching Conch The Day Before The Season Opens
    Tonight 8 Belize City fishermen are facing charges of possession of conch during the closed season. The bust was made around 11 last night near the Turneffe atolls- only 45 minutes before the official opening of the conch season. The men were caught with almost a thousand conch that were bagged off in sacks. That wasn't the only the only bust. Just hours before that there was another near Columbus Caye. Hampton Gamboa, the Conservation Compliance Unit Supervisor told us more: Hampton Gamboa - Conservation Compliance Unit Supervisor "What happen is they were two bust that occurred yesterday. One happen after 1pm, in the Columbus Caye area just east of Columbus Caye along the reef. Officers on a patrol from the south coming towards the city, came across two fisherman in a dorey and then they observed these guys throwing two bags overboard from each of the dorey. Upon the officers retrieving these bags, they found it to be containing unprocessed conch. Which when they brought it in to the department here amounts to 362 conchs yesterday in the afternoon.

    Columbus Caye Conch Will Cost
    And in the Columbus Caye case, the two fishermen, Darryl Flores and Osmar Verde, were taken to Magistrate's Court today after they were caught with 353 conch during the closed season. They were arraigned before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. They pled not guilty to the charge. They were released on bail of $3,000 and their case was adjourned until November 30.

    Tonight's I am Belize profile is about Jarod Reese Tzul - a young man who suffered major head trauma after an accident when he was a child. He's not been the same since - but as he tells the profile, the experience has thought him to search out different opportunities:..

    Right Idea, Wrong House
    And we have a correction to a story we aired last night. It was about Lichelle Dixon's wooden house which collapsed over the weekend. But we mistakenly aired the footage of another house which recently fell. That was an error. This is Lichelle Dixon;s house on Poinsettia street which Lake I Area Representative Mark King will now help to repair. We apologize for the mix up.

    Progressive Debate?
    At the top of the newscast we told you about the launch of the Belize Progressive Party which wants to rise as a legitimate third party in Belize. It has only 34 days to convince voters that it is legitimate - and one fast track to doing so is by challenging the big boys of the "P-UDP". And that's what leader Patrick Rogers did today when he challenged his counterparts to a debate:.. Patrick Rogers, Party Leader - BPP "We want a debate Marisol. That is what the media should call for. Jules, you want to send that to the top office? I am ready for a debate. Seriously I am. Francis Fonseca, I am calling you out. Dean Barrow, I am calling you out. Let's discuss Belize. Let's discuss the real issues. Don't talk lie. We come with the truth."

    Channel 5

    Santa Familia Cousins Charged with Rape of Minor
    Just before news time tonight, two cousins from Santa Familia, Cayo have been charged in connection with the rape of a thirteen year old. On Wednesday, we reported that the [...]

    Bar Association Applies to CCJ for Disclosure of B.E.L./B.T.L. Settlements
    The government of Belize has settled with both Fortis and the Ashcroft Group in the arbitrary nationalizations of B.E.L. and B.T.L.  But in this case that is not the end [...]

    A New, Consolidated Third Party Emerges
    Even as general elections looms, in fact just thirty-four more days to go, a number of small political parties have banded to form what they call a labor movement. This [...]

    Belize Progressive Party, Did They Approach Usual Suspects for Membership?
    While the newly formed Belize Progressive Party officially introduced itself, as well as its eleven candidates earlier today, it is still short of twenty-one nominees for the organization to contest [...]

    Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez Says “Unions Are Jacking G.O.B.!”
    Since the beginning of the week, several unions including the Christian Workers Union on behalf of its Social Security Board members, the Belize Energy Workers Union, as well as the [...]

    U.D.P. Ground Commander is Ready to do Battle in Port Loyola
    Since the announcement of early general elections on Monday, political machineries on both sides of the political fence joined now by a new third party, are gearing up for November [...]

    Stevedores to Commence CBA Negotiations with Port of Belize
    A full round of negotiations between the CWU-represented stevedores and the Port of Belize Ltd. is scheduled to kick off next week after a protracted delay and hard feelings. The [...]

    CWU President Anticipates Successful Outcome of Negotiations
    President of the CWU Audrey Matura will head the negotiating team in discussions of a framework next week. She told News Five that the negotiations have come a long way, [...]

    Where Does Insurance for Stevedores Rank Among PBL’s Priorities?
    As we understand, the journey to a successful CBA starts with an expedited agreement to a framework. And compromise on a framework will hinge on various issues including insurance for [...]

    Divergent Views on Validity of MOUs
    The four MOUs signed by the CWU of old and the Port of Belize Limited may well turn out to be a significant obstacle on the road to CBA settlement. [...]

    CBL Ceviche Proprietor and Fishermen Charged for Fisheries Offenses
    Turning to the courts…four persons, a pair of fishermen, a businessman and his wife of Chetumal Street, were dragged to court on separate fisheries offenses on the eve of the [...]

    Are Negotiations with FCIB Shaping Out Well for Bank Employees?
    For one week, sixty employees of the First Caribbean International Bank from five branches countrywide were out sick. Those terribly ill employees are those who will be left without jobs [...]

    …CWU President Says Prime Minister’s Words Are Little Comfort in Discussions
    The government has passed a Vesting Act which facilitates the transfer of shares from FCIB to the Heritage Bank. There was some opposition to the passage because it was felt [...]

    S.S.B. Employees Says Board is Stalling Signing of CBA
    As we told you on Wednesday, S.S.B. employees are also signalling their frustration with the Board. We are told unofficially that that frustration may lead to industrial action sooner rather [...]

    Boots Clarifies Use of OPEC Funds for Southside Poverty Alleviation
    In his Independence Day speech, the Prime minister of Belize announced that thirty-seven million dollars will be spent for Phase Two of the South Side Poverty Alleviation Program that falls [...]

    Is There a Reduction in Poverty Rate? Let’s Ask Boots
    According to statistics available, poverty has increased substantially so that over forty percent of the population is living in poverty. Notwithstanding, government has been claiming that the implementation of several [...]

    5-year Plan Released to Address Challenges of Older Population
    In this side of the world, the population is ageing rapidly and living longer and countries are signing on to the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older [...]

    Healthy Living Interacts With Older Persons at HelpAge Belize
    October first is celebrated as International Day of Older Persons. The Global 2015 theme is “Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.” One local organization that works daily to [...]


    New Political Party Emerges In Belize
    A new political party has emerged in Belize. With the 2015 general elections only days away, the former third parties that include the People’s National Party, the Vision Inspired by the People and the We the People Movement in Corozal, merged to form the Belize Progressive Party. They presented themselves this morning to the media and named eleven candidates. The leader is Patrick Rodgers, Wil Maheia is the Deputy Leader, Paco Smith is Party Chairman and Charles Leslie is the Public Relations Officer.Paco Smith - BPP Chairman: “Your Belize Progressive Party is not here to replace the UDP nor the PUP our purpose is to change the game in effect no game shall be playing for this party represent a new Belize political consciousness in which governance is inclusive and not selective as it is currently in practice by the power at being. I submit that our slogan 8867 today 8867 tomorrow and 8867 forever is not only demonstrative to our commitment to ensuring Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity it is also our rallying call to all Belizeans and through friends of Belize irrespective of your whereabouts to take the proverbial lethal state and join us in this meaningful and necessary effort to save the nation of Belize now before we lose it.”

    Orange Walk Police Awards Police Officer For The Month Of September
    Police Constable 325 Roger Briceno was awarded and recognized this afternoon at the Orange Walk Police Station as Officer of the Month for September. The initiative which was launched on the end of July, seeks to recognize law enforcers who show exemplary conduct as they perform their duties. Today we got a chance to get reaction from the Top Cop of September… PC ROGER BRICENO – Officer of the Month “I have been working hard and I am pleased to be the officer of the month for September 2015.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Give us a glimpse on your daily life?’ PC ROGER BRICENO – Officer of the Month “Well, most of my work is her in the office and I do all the paper works here and I deal with all the reports here that my day is full with so much work here.”

    Good Samaritan Purchases New Tent For Councillor Sheppard
    On Monday we told you about a tent that was stolen from Councillor Ladrick ‘Mad Bull’ Shepperd after he hosted a football tournament over the weekend. Today, that tent has still not been recovered but the good news tonight is that a Good Samaritan and friend from the United States has donated the money for acquire a new tent. Shepperd stopped by our studios to share with us the good news… “It was on Monday I got a text on Facebook a friend of mine by the name of Mrs. Maria Sutherland she told me that she heard in the news about what happened with the tent and if she could have help in any way she would have done so she told me to look out and if I couldn’t recover back the tent she will buy one for me and every day we were dialoging and every day she would text me and this morning I text her and told her that we couldn’t find the tent and that it was basically gone and she sent the money for me to buy a new brand tent and that is what you see so we can continue the sporting activity that we have every Saturday and Sunday at the Technical field.”

    District Education Manager Meet In Corozal To Discuss Challenges
    Today District Education Managers from across the country convened in Corozal at the District Centre for their quarterly meeting. The last time the meeting was held was in the Stann Creek District in the month of March so this one was long overdue. The purpose of the meeting was for managers to exchange information specifically in the areas of accomplishments and challenges they are facing in the education sector. Jahmore Lopez Corozal District Centre Manager: “The purpose of the meeting is for us to meet as colleagues where we come together, the center managers, the education officers and we share our accomplishments what it is that we’ve done in our individual districts looking at challenges and looking at the way forward and it’s a wonderful way of networking and sharing we look at what works in a particular district and to see if we are able to adopt that or to look at the challenges that our colleagues have been experiencing in their area and then to see how we can learn from that and when we put heads together that we are able to come up with solutions to whatever challenges that are presented.”

    SIB Reports A Minimal Drop In Importation
    The report also shows that Belize imported fewer goods in August but also exported less during the same period. In August 2015, Belize imported a total of $154.8 million worth of goods, falling by $3.7 million or 2.3 percent when compared to the $158.5 million imported in August 2014. Imports of ‘Food and Live Animals’ decreased by $5 million, from $19.6 million in August 2015 to $14.4 million in the same month last year. This was the largest drop among the various categories for the month, and was as a result of no wheat seed purchases being recorded for August 2015. Purchases of ‘Manufactured Goods’ rose by $3.5 million, due to an increase in imports of construction supplies during the month. Goods destined for the ‘Commercial Free Zones’ and ‘Export Processing Zones’ both recorded declines in comparison to August 2014. The report states that merchandise imports for eight months, from January to August 2015, totaled $1.3 billion, representing a 3.6 percent or $46.6 million increase over the same period last year.

    WAC Questions The Treatment Of The Mayas In Belize
    The World Archaeological Congress, CWA, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote interest in the past in all countries, encourage the development of regionally-based histories and foster international academic interaction. On August 30th that organization sent a letter addressed to Prime Minister Dean Barrow question the incident that occurred in the Village of Santa Cruz in the Toledo District on Saturday June 20th when Rupert Miles was tied and dragged through the village since the leaders of the community claimed that he built a house on the archaeological site of Uxbenka, and caused damage to the sacred site. According to the release and we quote “the destruction and rampant looting of Mayan sites have been happening across Belize, a country which depends heavily on the tourism brought by ancestral Maya archaeology, hence the reason the government should ensure that people are punished for causing damage to these treasures” end quote.

    Farmers Receive Assistance After Loss Of More Than 25 Million Dollars
    It is no secret that the Agriculture sector has suffered a loss of more than $25 million worth in production due to the drought currently affecting the country. That amount is expected to mount since the drought is expected to last until the month of November. It is also no secret that the cries of farmers for help went unheard even after the media exposed their situation. The first to bring the problem to our attention was P.U.P Orange Walk South Standard Bearer Jose Abelardo Mai. He did so in hope that farmers receive the necessary help. As we have reported before, due to the drought some farmers have relied on irrigation systems to save the little crop they have left. But that also proved to be expensive even more so since farmers were charged 12.5% GST on irrigation system even though the GST department information indicated that irrigation equipment is zero rated.

    SIB Releases Figures For Consumer Price Index
    The prices on goods fell by point six percent compared to 2014 reports the Statistical Institute of Belize. According to the SIB, this is due largely to decreases in fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas prices during the month which offset increases in the cost of some food items and home rentals. The report states that quote, “All-Items Consumer Price Index stood at 103.3, down from 103.9 in last August. For the first eight months of this year, an inflation rate of negative 0.9 percent was recorded,” unquote. All three types of fuel saw a considerable drop in prices compared to August 2014, with premium and regular gasoline down by about 19 percent and 22 percent, respectively, while diesel prices fell sharply by 28 percent. The decline in fuel prices was the major contributing factor to a 6.3 percent decrease in the “Transport” index. There were not many changes seen in prices for “Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages”.


    Fisheries Officers Make Triple Bust
    The conch season opened officially at midnight on October 1, 2015 … but it seems that some fishermen wanted to get their bulk of conch first and beat the rush for this well liked seafood. The only problem with that is that they were caught by officials within a twelve hour period before the season […]

    There’s a new Political Party in town.
    A new political party was launched today at the Belize Institute of Management in Belize City. Reporter Hipolito Novelo was there and filed this report. Paco Smith: On this day Thursday 1st October 2015 your Belize Progressive Party hence forth known as the BPP is officially unveiled. Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: The party’s color […]

    No confirmation that Kenrick Bowman is actually a registered “Sex Offender”.
    Last week, alleged child predator, 42 year old Kenrick Bowman, received bail after being charged for “obtaining gratification while he engaged in activity of a sexual nature in front of a child.” He was arrested after a young boy made a serious and disturbing allegation against him. The young boy alleged that Bowman performed sexual […]

    Christian Workers Union proposes CBA in 11 years for stevedores
    The Christian Workers Union has begun working on the first ever Collective Bargaining Agreement in eleven years on behalf of the members who provide stevedore service for the Port of Belize Ltd. In 2007 there was an attempt to conclude a CBA, however, when the Port of Belize changed management, the CBA in progress was […]

    Brother and Cousin Charged In Rape of Minor
    Justice for the 13-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by her cousin with the facilitation of her brother, is underway as Love News has learnt that police have charged two men, related to the victim. These charges stem from an incident that took place some days ago where the 13-year-old child was asleep and then […]


    Home invasion in Orange Walk
    The family of well known Orange Walk Businessman, Gabriel Cabreras, known also as DJ Gaby, was robbed during a home invasion while he was away on errand and his wife was getting their kids ready for school. The incident occurred some minutes before eight o’clock this morning shortly after opening t...

    BNTU Belize City branch selects executive
    Students in Belize City and across the district had a half day of school today as their teachers met at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall for the bi-annual general membership meeting of the Belize City branch of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU). The Union’s branches have been meeti...

    CWU to meet with Port to begin CBA negotiations
    The Christian Workers Union says it is ready to begin negotiations on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Port of Belize Limited on the working conditions for stevedores. It hosted a press briefing at its office today where stevedores which form part of the negotiating team spoke side by ...

    Macal River fish has mercury
    Earlier this week, we told you about the public advisory that the Ministry of Health issued on the mercury levels of fish in the Macal River. 12 types of fishes were caught from the Macal River of which 50% had levels of mercury above the recommended level. Of that 50%, only three (3) of those fis...

    New Belize Progressive Party formed]
    The Belize Progressive Party, a coming together of now former members of three third parties, the People’s National Party, the Vision Inspired by the People and the We the People Movement of Corozal alongside some independent candidates, was unveiled this morning at the Belize Institute of Manageme...

    Tedx comes to Belmopan
    TED x, a locally organized version of the larger international Ted Talk events, was held today at the UB Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan for the first time ever. TED Talk, a thought provoking, inspirational and motivational conference has become a global sensation. With over one thousand Ted Talk vide...

    Bar to apply to join nationalization case at CCJ
    There has been a major development concerning the utilities nationalization cases in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which were thought to be all but dead and buried following the back to back announcements of settlements with Fortis Energy, the BTL Employees Trust headed by Dean Boyce and the...

    Elections overtake major cases in Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court has postponed one case and discontinued another as a result of the announcement of general elections in November. Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman confirmed in speaking with us via telephone this morning that the case of PUP Cayo Northeast standard bearer Orlando Habet versus the Chief E...

    How will BTL repay GOB for BCB loan?
    And while BTL re-positions itself to take on new challenges, the company is struggling with the millstone of the British Caribbean Bank loan debt which Government acquired along with the assets of the company in 2009 and 2011. Originally BZ$45 million, a studied ignorance of the loan which the compa...

    Profits slip again but BTL moving forward says Board
    Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) met with shareholders for the Ninth Annual General Meeting Tuesday night in Belize City. The company’s ownership has only recently been settled but as far as the company’s financial status is concerned, the bottomline is still not nice reading for sharehold...

    PUP wants Election observers for general elections
    The People’s United Party wants independent observers for the upcoming general elections. On Monday, September 28, the Prime Minister announced that election day would be held on the 4th of November. On that same day, the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca, sent the Prime Minister a l...

    Man helps his cousin to rape his little sister
    A minor was raped by her cousin in assistance of her brother. A 13-year-old Guatemalan female student of Cayo District in the presence her mother reported that on the 3rd of September while at their residence , she was approached by her twenty six year old brother who told her to have sexual relatio...

    Industrial action averted ; BEWU gets raise
    There was no industrial action taken today by the Belize Energy Workers Union. When we left you last night, we told you that BEL had issued a press release saying that they had reached an agreement with the Belize Energy Workers Union after a mediation meeting by the Prime Minister with parties invo...

    The Guardian

    BEL workers get salary increase
    BEL workers will be getting their salary increase following the intervention of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The workers have been in negotiations for a salary increment from in May of this year. The negotiations came to a deadlock on Tuesday September 29 with the Belize Energy Workers union threatening industrial action. But in true leadership fashion the Prime Minister intervened and held discussions with the union after which a memorandum was signed. In essence the company will pay the employees a 1.75% increase yearly across the board retroactive to January 1, 2015 to 2017. The increase will be on employees base salary and will be separate from yearly performance appraisal increments that employees earn based on their performance. In addition to the salary increase, BEL will match contributions of employees, paying 10% of their salary into the BEL Pension Fund. It will also increase its pension matching contribution by 1% up from 6% to 10% commencing in 2015 for employees who agree to also increase their pension contributions.

    UDP ready for General elections on November 4
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed the nation on Monday September 28 and in his address he announced that the next general elections will be on November 4. In his short presentation (see Insert c) PM Barrow explained that, “I believe the time has come to ask you for a fresh mandate. The clean-up having been completed, the UDP must focus now exclusively on the positive, on forwarding opportunity and change. A New Belize must burst forth, where progress, prosperity and stability can reign untrammeled.” In subsequent interviews the Prime Minister noted that in order to achieve the change in the country, it must be done so without the distraction of having to deal with an election. Now all the 31 UDP candidates are in place and after doing unprecedented work, which is still continuing, they are ready to ask the Belizean public for the vote of confidence, the vote that will see a reborn Belize where anything is possible.

    Another good year for BTL
    Belize Telemedia limited held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday September 29. At the meeting it was announced that shareholders will be receiving a 23 cent return per share. This is representative of 65% of its net profit being distributed in dividends. All told the company declared 32 million dollars in profits which is down from 35 million last year. Income this year stands at $135,440,000 also down from 136,163,000 last year. And while the company performed just slightly lower than it did last year it paid business tax to the tune of 15,375,000 also down by a million from last year’s contribution. Even with lower profits, company executives say that BTL will rebound and rebound significantly with estimates of revenue being predicted to jump over $150 million in the next financial year. Already the company is seeing those figures materialize as benefits from investments done last year as well as promotions begin to bear fruit.

    Accused noodles sharing predator out on bail
    Kenrick Elston Bowman, 42, the man accused of luring little boys to his home in Lake Independence and engaging in sexual activities with them in exchange for noodle soup, is out on bail of $3,000 plus two sureties of $1,500 after he was charged with a single count of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child. Bowman appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John on Friday, September 25, and pleaded not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith, had several objections to bail. One, that the police investigation is ongoing against the defendant; two, more charges are expected to be levied against Bowman; and three, if he is granted bail he may try to interfere with the prosecution’s potential witnesses. Cpl. Smith also objected to bail for Bowman’s own safety since the matter has received national coverage and it is believe that if given bail members of the public may want to cause harm or danger to him.

    Brother forces sister to have sex with cousin in Cayo
    A 13 year old Guatemalan female student of Santa Familia Village, Cayo District in the presence her mother reported that on the 3rd September 2015 about 6:00pm whilst at their residence she was approached by her brother, who told her to have sexual relation with one of her male cousins who was living at their residence. For that occasion she refused. At 1200 am on 4th September 2015 her brother woke her up and took her by her arm into the cousin’s room and handed her over to him and left. The cousin had sexual Intercourse with her against her will.

    Cane farmers killed as they worked in Corozal
    Two hardworking cane farmers from the north were mercilessly gunned down and killed on Friday, September 25. 42 year-old Rogelio Rancharan, a resident of Paraiso Village, Corozal, and his best friend, 58 year-old Enrique Tayun, a resident of San Andres Village, were in a cane field doing their work. Sometime around 10 a.m., the friends and co-workers were fertilizing the cane field. They were trying to get the crop ready for the next season, and that’s when someone crept out of the bushes and fired several gunshots at them. There was a third man who was working with the two victims, but he escaped unharmed. Ranchman and Tayun were not so fortunate, and they were both struck in the head by these bullets. They collapsed where they were working and died at that spot.

    Chinese businessmen fined for shorting Social Security
    Three Chinese businessmen were taken to court on Tuesday, September 29, to answer to a single charge each of failure to pay Social Security contributions. Shi Feng Huang, 30, owner of Kenny Shop located on Fairweather Street; Li Shi Chen, 27, owner of Lucky Star Supermarket located at the corner of Pelican Street and Central American Boulevard, Zhike Wu, 29, owner of 86 Cooking located on Central American Boulevard appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers in Belize City. The men appeared unrepresented in court and wasted no time in pleading guilty to the charge of failure to pay Social Security contributions on behalf of employees for the period of July and August 2015. For their guilty plea, Magistrate Rogers imposed non-custodial sentences when she fined them $500 each plus $5 cost of court fee. They were ordered to pay the fine by October 30, 2015 or in default, two weeks imprisonment.

    10 Years for unlicensed firearm and ammunition
    Raccoon Street resident Kenroy Gillett, 29, is serving the first nights of a ten year sentence after Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith convicted him on Monday, September 29, for keeping a firearm and ammunition without being granted a license by the Commissioner of Police. On November 8, 2014, police searched a home on Jane Usher Boulevard and found a 9 mm pistol and six rounds of ammunition. In the house at the time police found Kenroy Gillett, his girlfriend, mother-in-law, brother-in law and others. Gillett was also found in possession of 2 grams of weed.They were all detained and taken to the police station for the weapons. Carlos Perry, 25, Gillett’s brother-in-law, initially attempted to take the rap for the firearm and ammunition. He explained to the court in trial that he wanted to take the rap to relieve his mother of any trouble with the law. However, an officer of the Gang Suppression Unit cautioned him against doing so. The officers proceeded to charge only Gillett and released the others since they were certain the weapon belonged to him.

    Rodney Harris fined $500 for a punch
    Fisherman Rodney Harris, 30, must pay $500 by November 30 or spend 5 months at the Belize Central prison for being unable to control his liquor. Allegations are that on Friday, September 25, he punched Carlos Rudon, 50, in his stomach while socializing at a bar on King Street. Rudon, a resident of #12 Saint Thomas Street, reported to police that sometime around 6:30 p.m. he was socializing at a bar located at #32 King Street when Harris approached and punched him in the stomach for no reason. Sgt. Isaac Sanchez responded to the incident and Rudon pointed out Harris who was still in the area. Harris was apprehended and escorted to the Racoon Street Police Station where he was charged with common assault.

    Lincoln Hemsley walks from murder of David Hernandez
    Lincoln Hemsley Jr., 23, has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison the past three years for the murder of David Alberto Hernandez but he is now a free man after Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas ruled that he had no case to answer to on Tuesday, September 29. On March 11, 2012, Hernandez was shot three times to the back as he was hanging out on Racecourse Street with his friend Phillip Barrera. Hemsley was arrested after Barrera gave police a statement saying that the gunman who shot his friend was Lincoln Hemsley Jr., better known as “Rojo”. During the murder trial, Prosecutor Porsha Staine called several witnesses but her main witness, Phillip Barrera, changed his story. Barrera admitted to giving police a statement after the shooting of his friend but said he lied to the police when he told them that the shooter was “Rojo”. Staine proceeded to treat Barrera as a hostile witness but he stuck to his story saying he told the police lies and that he was high on marijuana at the time of the statement. When asked why he lied, Barrerra said because he didn’t want police to charge him with conspiracy to commit murder. Before leaving the stand, Barrera said he does not know anyone by the nickname “Rojo”, he did not know any one by the name Lincoln Hemsley Jr. and he does not know the man accused in court.

    Guatemalan busted with 9 millimeter bullets
    A Guatemalan construction worker is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was denied bail for keeping unlicensed ammunition. Police say they busted Santos Lopez with 9 millimeter bullets inside his pants pocket when they searched him in Los Lagos on Thursday, September 24. Lopez was unrepresented when he appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers on Friday, September 25. He was read a single charge of keeping ammunition without being granted a license by the Commissioner of Police. Lopez pleaded not guilty to the charge but due to the nature of the offense bail could not be offered. He was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November 21, 2015.

    Unlawful sexual intercourse with 13 years old
    On Thursday of last week, a 13 year old female domestic from Buena Vista Village, Cayo District, in the company of her mother, reported that she had been having sexual intercourse since February 14th and up to May 23, 2015. She reported that she had met a 17 year old Guatemalan, “boyfriend” who resided in Buena Vista, and with whom she had been having sexual intercourse. The child has been examined by a doctor, who confirms that she is sexually active.

    Philip Goldson’s home now a museum in his memory
    Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson, one of the first generation nationalists in Belize’s History, received another distinct honor from the Government and People of Belize under the Barrow Administration. The house he called home on Orange Street, in the City of Belmopan, has been transformed into museum in recognition of his life, legacy, accomplishments, and contributions to this country. This museum in his honor is now called the Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism, and it was officially opened on Monday, September 28, in Belmopan. The event was very well attended by family, friends, and well-wishers. The VIP guests included Governor General, Sir Colville Young; Prime Minister Dean Barrow; Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., the Minister of Tourism and Culture; NICH President Diane Haylock; Nigel Encalada, the Director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Research; and the ISCR Staff.

    Prime Minister Barrow announces general election date
    My Fellow Belizeans, When you turned to the United Democratic Party and gave us your confidence in 2008, it was for us to fix all that had gone so horribly wrong in the decade of misrule since 1998. Our country was burdened by the super bond; strait-jacketed by fiscal austerity; unable to operate a bankrupt DFC and a near insolvent social security; suffering from surging levels of poverty and neglect; and shunned by international concessionary lenders disgusted with the last Administration’s thievery of public monies. The UDP’s overwhelming priority was thus to replenish the state’s coffers; restore local and international confidence; rescue citizens desperately in need of relief; and bring back integrity to the Office of the Prime Minister whose outgoing PUP occupant had, in 2005, been presented with a certificate of corruption by Union and Civil Society leaders.

    Drought placing challenges on banana farms in the south
    The Guardian Newspaper has already reported on the millions that the corn farmers from Orange Walk South have lost due to this years drought. Reports have since emerged from Stann Creek South that the banana farmers have been losing money as well. The principals of Mayan King Banana Farm, Jose David Gonzalez the Manager, and John Zabaneh, a representative of Myrtle Sherran, who is the owner of the company, granted an interview to Channel 7 News. In that conversation, they discussed the difficulties that they’ve been having in the past few months. Now, in the discussion of the ownership and managers of that company, one has to be very specific. Mayan King and all its assets are owned legally by Myrtle Sherran, who is John Zabaneh’s mother. She is an 88 year-old woman who has left Zabaneh in charge of running the company, and her other assets in the family’s interest to try to make as much profit as possible, while mitigating financial losses.

    Be Careful what you ask for
    All of us have our list of wishes and desires, some are reasonable and others are just a product of our selfish greed. The Bible in Mathew 7:7 says: “ask and you shall receive” but we all know the request has to be within reason. Well we all heard Francis Fonseca calling for; begging and eventually demanding that the Prime Minister “call the elections now”. On the 18th November 2014 he stood up in the National assembly and in his usual asinine manner shouted for all to hear, “let’s get it on, they wahn roll? Roll the elections, call the general elections!” In the budget of 2014-15 he again shouted at the top of his voice not once, not twice or even three times, he demanded that the Prime Minister “call the elections now” five times; in his words telling Mr. Barrow “if you bad call the elections now”. Well his request was heard loud and clear and on Monday September 28, the Prime Minister announced that the date for the General Election has been set for Wednesday November 4. Unconfirmed reports are that when Francis heard the news his eyes bulged out of his head and he went into spasmodic dysphonia. He started to swallow uncontrollably as he does whilst being interviewed. No one understood what he was trying to say until someone translated what he was saying. What he reportedly said was “I’m sorry I asked for the elections to be called, we are not ready!”

    What will happen with Boost and Food Pantry under the PUP
    At every single opportunity they have had, the PUP, Francis Fonseca in particular has said that they will abolish the BOOST program as well as the Food Pantry Program. If we are to analyze the magnitude of that statement we would understand that what Francis Fonseca is actually proposing is to pull the support mechanism from under the feet of thousands of Belizeans. The latest statistics have it that over 8,000 persons are beneficiaries of the BOOST program countrywide. Of these there are 250 which are children affected or infected by HIV and AIDS. Similarly the Food Pantry program currently serves17,000 individuals from 3400 households in the Cayo, Belize and Toledo Districts.

    Coincidence or conspiracy
    Ever since the Prime Minister made the announcement that the government had made a breakthrough and settled with Fortis over the BEL shares, the PUP has been trying to steal some of the goodwill and praises the UDP had earned from the general populace. PUP it seems would lie, steal and do all sorts of underhanded things to try and get in the people’s good books. There has been a convergence of stories that has the handprint of the PUP. The first being the rat in the incubator. That rat must have been a specially trained rat, skilled in the art of climbing up smooth Plexiglas , Deactivating alarms before opening tightly closed Windows and entering said incubators , then closing the Windows from inside. And biting a newborn baby’s toe without breaking the baby’s skin.

    On November 4th, 2015, VOTE UDP!!!
    “We are prepared. We have been getting prepared. We ask why the sudden urgency. Just a few weeks ago the Prime Minister hinted that elections would not be until next year February or March I think he said. So the question is why? Hon.Francis Fonseca, Channel Seven News; September 28th, 2015. It was not difficult reading the frightened body language of the Leader of the Opposition, because he knows his time is up; his number has been called, he miscalculated and members within his own party must be salivating, knowing that they will get their wish for a new leader sooner rather than later. Prime Minister Barrow, you are so compassionate that you are actually providing a stimulus to the G11 of the PUP, because they have indicated that all is not well and from their vantage point, something really smells.

    Things back to normal at Faith Nazarene
    Things are just about back to normal at Faith Nazarene Primary School after the Parent Teacher’s Association met on Friday, September 25, and decided “that all parents with children at Faith Nazarene Primary School should be encouraged to permit those children, to return to classes”. School management and the Ministry of Education were concerned that things would go in the other direction after the Teaching Services Commission rejected a compromise that was forged between teachers and the embattled principal Policarpia Pech. Tension did appear to be escalating on Friday when teachers joined parents on the picket line during their break. However, the line was not as stout as it was in days past. There were only a dozen parents protesting. And, more parents were sending their children to school since the days and lessons missed were mounting. 249 of the 403 students were at school on Friday, more than half. The momentum of the protests was definitely fading. Therefore, it was time to go back to the chalkboard.

    Mercury in Fish from the Macal River
    The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Department of Environment and the Belize Electric Company (BECOL), has finished another mercury test on the fish taken from the Macal River. The following Public Advisory is being issued to guide the general public on the amount of fish that can be eaten weekly from the Macal River to avoid ill effects due to mercury exposure. For this analysis, 12 types of fish were caught from the Macal River. Of those twelve species 50% had levels of mercury above the recommended level of 0.5 mg/kg. Of that 50%, only three (3) or 25% of those fish are normally consumed by persons living in communities around the Macal River. These fish include the Bay Snook, Baca and Botasi.

    Belize and Mexico sign MOU to foster business relations
    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed recently between Belize and Mexico with the aim to establish a practical framework for the development of stronger business relations between both countries. The MOU was signed on Thursday, September 10th at the Centro de Convenciones Peninsula in Cancun, Mexico on the occasion of the “Foro de Cancun 2015.” The Hon. Erwin Contreras, Minister of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection signed on behalf of Belize while Mr Francisco N. González Díaz, Director General of ProMéxico, signed on behalf of Mexico. The signing was witnessed by Quintana Roo’s Governor, Roberto Borge Angulo.

    New hurricane shelter for Monkey River
    The Ambassador of the European Union to Belize, Paola Amadei, travelled to the South of the country on Wednesday, September 23, for two hand-over ceremonies. In the morning she donated over $1 million worth of technical and vocational training equipment to Georgetown Technical High School and in the afternoon she handed over a rehabilitated hurricane shelter to the people of Monkey River Town. The equipment for Georgetown Technical High was made available through the resources of the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) Programme. This includes the construction of the GTHS administration building classroom and technical workshops, equipping of the computer lab with 40 desktop computers, and the provision of state of the art equipment for practical training in the areas of plumbing, masonry, welding, carpentry, electrical, automotive, sewing and agriculture including greenhouse with irrigation facilities. Approximately 600 students enrolled at GTHS and surrounding communities encompassing 21 villages will benefit from this project. This investment in the technical vocational curriculum of the Georgetown Technical High School represents EU’s continued support to Education in southern Belize. The objective of BAM is to foster social and economic development leading to the reduction of poverty, focusing on workers and their families in the banana belt. To date approximately BZ$ 8 million has been contributed to GTHS development as a result of the fruitful partnership between the Government of Belize and the European Union.

    There is only one option - The UDP
    “I don’t want to sound at all dismissive of the opposition, I don’t want to sound cocky; I don’t want to sound over confident. Of course in any campaign stones will be flung, allegations will be made, there will be an effort to make some issue develop legs. But I am completely satisfied that the bigger picture which is the tremendous record of achievement that is there to see when it comes to the U.D.P.” Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister. In 2008, there was a need for political revival; an awakening and for change to be heralded and therefore the people of Belize overwhelmingly voted for the UDP to form the government. On assumption to office, there were so many challenges, such as, the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, which was creating major problems for the economies of the world, especially the small developing countries. The developed nations felt it too and some of the aftershocks still resound; which meant that it trickled down to the smaller economies, which suffered much, but Belize was able to withstand the course, not without challenges, but with the steadfast Leadership of the UDP and Hon. Dean O. Barrow. Because of Prime Minister, Dean O. Barrow’s steadfast LEADERSHIP, many of the shocks were averted and so Belize’s economy remained solvent and stable.

    Plastic, not real
    Yasmin Shoman is now making all sort of promises to the voters of Collet division. She is now saying to the voters that the PUP will build 1200 homes in the Collet Division. My question to her is,” will these houses be part of the 10,000 houses they promised in ‘98”? Another thing she is promising is to give 800 jobs to the people of Collet division, again my question to her is,” will these be a part of the 15,00O jobs they promised in ‘98”? Another promise is that they will roll out NHI in Collet. Sorry Ms. Plastic Queen not only has NHI been rolled out in Collet but Collet has its own NHI clinic.

    Public Sector Workers Trust get major bucks from BTL, again!
    BTL held its Annual General Meeting again this year and with that the declaration of dividends to shareholders. One shareholder who is getting quite a handsome return on their shares this year again is the Public Sector Workers Trust. The Belize Teachers Union and the Public Service Union once again collected on behalf of the trust and their earnings amounted to 184,798.10. This amount is now added to the millions of dollars which the fund had accumulated in the past and which the Trust is in charge of.

    Elections spoil PUP lawsuits
    The announcement by the Prime Minister of November 4 as the date for the next elections is having other consequences for the PUP. Two of their lawsuits, from which they were hoping to get political mileage, have been postponed. The first lawsuit involves the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, suing Prime Minister Dean Barrow directly. He was pushing for the court to decide whether or not the legislation for the 13th Senator ought to be passed by House of Assembly.

    St. Catherine Academy and St. John’s College open on right footing in high school volleyball
    The 2015-2016 Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition opened on Monday 28 September, 2015, at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City. This year’s competition will see the participation of six schools namely: St. Catherine Academy (defending champions), Anglican Cathedral College, Belize High School, Ladyville Technical High School, Nazarene High School and Wesley College in the female competition. Meanwhile, there are ten schools namely: Anglican Cathedral College, Belize High School, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Ladyville Technical High School, Maud Williams High School, Nazarene High School, St. John’s College, Sadie Vernon Technical High School and Wesley College in the male competition.

    Tokyo recommends 5 additional Sports for 2020 Olympics
    Baseball and Softball were joined by youth-oriented sports such as surfing and skateboarding as Japanese organisers on Monday 28 September, 2015, recommended five additional sports with 18 events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The other sports that were short listed include sports climbing and karate. According to the Organising Committee spokesperson Bowling, squash and wushu failed to make the cut from among eight finalists.

    Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball competition to commence
    The Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Competition for school year 2015-2016 will commence on Monday 5th October 2015, at Bird’s Isle with two games on the schedule. The competition will see six teams in the girls’ competition and six teams in the boys’ competition. The schools that will compete in the girls’ competition are: Belize Elementary School, Bethel Assembly School, Wesley Upper School, Holy Redeemer School, St. John’s Primary School and St. Mary’s Primary School. Meanwhile, in the boys’ competition, the school that will compete are, Belize Elementary School, Bethel Assembly School, Wesley Upper School, Holy Redeemer School, St. John’s Primary School and St. John Vianney School.

    PUP prepared for elections with bench candidates
    In Belizean politics we have heard and seen strange things, but the one that we are now seeing may be the funniest we have ever heard and seen . Now the PUP seem to be in what we’ll call ‘should in case mode’. They seem to be trying to play catch up. When it comes to elections results,the PUP may be having the worst year ever for any political party, not only in Belize but also in the region. Let’s set the backdrop for what has caused them to be in this position. The PUP suffered blowout losses in the Cayo North and Dangriga/Sarawee/Hope Creek Bye-elections brought on by the resignation of two former PUP Area Representatives. They also got a blowout in the Municipal Elections that were held between those Bye-elections. Hot on the heels of those losses there came the mutiny by the G12 turned G11. The Mutineers blamed Francis Fonseca for the dwindling fortunes of the party and were asking for his head. One went as far as to suggest that Francis had laid down with dogs and had gotten up with fleas called Ralph and Said that were causing people not to want to be associated with the party.

    Relief for Orange Walk South Farmers
    The rainy season this year has been everything but rainy. In fact because of the lack of rain especially in northwestern Belize, a drought has affected farmers and their crops. The farmers most affected are those from Indian Creek and San Carlos, two villages in the Orange Walk South constituency. Vast fields of corn and other crops such as soy bean, rice and sugar cane, have been lost due to drought costing the farmers almost 29 million dollars. This could result in prices for certain commodities to go up due to scarcity. In response to this crisis, on Sept 25, 2015 a meeting was held in San Carlos community with approximately 100 farmers from both Indian Creek and San Carlos which are the two villages most affected by the drought. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gaspar Vega; CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, Orange Walk South standard bearer Guadalupe Magana Dyck, DFC personnel, and Ministry of Agriculture personnel were present.

    Relief for Orange Walk South Farmers
    The rainy season this year has been everything but rainy. In fact because of the lack of rain especially in northwestern Belize, a drought has affected farmers and their crops. The farmers most affected are those from Indian Creek and San Carlos, two villages in the Orange Walk South constituency. Vast fields of corn and other crops such as soy bean, rice and sugar cane, have been lost due to drought costing the farmers almost 29 million dollars. This could result in prices for certain commodities to go up due to scarcity. In response to this crisis, on Sept 25, 2015 a meeting was held in San Carlos community with approximately 100 farmers from both Indian Creek and San Carlos which are the two villages most affected by the drought. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gaspar Vega; CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, Orange Walk South standard bearer Guadalupe Magana Dyck, DFC personnel, and Ministry of Agriculture personnel were present.

    Road Map in Cayo Central
    Area Representative for the Cayo Central Division the Hon. Rene Montero has launched his “Road Map To Victory” by continuing to work on various initiatives as well as making a personal tour of his constituency. In one of those initiatives, there was an official opening of the Cristo Rey Community Center on Thursday night of last week. Present for the opening was Chairman of the United Democratic Party Alberto August as well as the Hon. Rene Montero. So far the Hon. Rene Montero has visited six villages in the Spanish Lookout Area and Georgeville and reports an overwhelming reception from his constituents as they invited him into their homes. During his tour, the Hon. Rene Montero had much to share about the events within his Division.

    San Ignacio Police officers receive recognition
    Four police officers from the San Ignacio Police Formation were awarded on Friday of last week for their outstanding performance. Doing the inspection at this monthly occasion was his Worship the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns, Earl Trapp Junior. Corporal 1050, Maximiliano Lanza was chosen to receive his award due to his leadership skills, determination to address drug interdiction and great communication skills. Corporal 692, Jose Pinelo was awarded, due to his commitment to teach others under his command. While police officer 444, Henry Nunez was also awarded, because he is responsible and performs as a supervisor whenever his corporal would be on leave. Police officer 1203, Danny Requena, who is attached to C.I.B was also recognized by Mayor Earl Trapp for his commitment when called upon; even when on time off.

    Thanks for small mercies!
    We need to say thanks to the people who held Francis Fonseca's hands to the fire and are now controlling him. It seems like they have even given him a new speech writer too, because for the first time since he has been making these speeches we did not think we were walking through a cow pasture. We did not have to clean off the bottom of our shoes after his Independence Day Speech. The new Speech Writer employed only small words that even Francis had a hard time to butcher their pronunciations. Not that he did not try, because he still confuses "A" and "O". He frequently interchanges them. That is something they will have a problem in getting him to stop doing, because we now understand that such has been his practice for some forty-eight years.

    Sticks and Stones, Louis Wade attacks the Anglican Bishop
    It was never my intention to put ink to paper when it comes to that JAWBONE named Louis Wade of Plus TV. For some time now he has been getting away attacking people in some rather cowardly fashion. When Wade attacks POLITICIANS , UDPs included, I take it as a part of everyday politics . Those politicians are big men and women and the can defend themselves if they chose to do so. Name calling and mudslinging comes with politics. On Tuesday evening last week as I sat waiting for a bus to go home, I became involved in a conversation with a few people about several things. Two of which were things said on talk shows and posted on the garbage-box called Facebook. The one name that dominated the conversation was Louis Wade. I took out may cellphone to browse Facebook to get a clearer picture of what was being said in the conversation and low and behold it was an attack on the Rt. Rev Bishop Phillip Wright.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    New Belize Progressive Party formed
    The Belize Progressive Party, a coming together of now former members of three third parties, the People’s National Party, the Vision Inspired by the People and the We the People Movement of Corozal alongside some independent candidates, was unveiled this morning at the Belize Institute of Management in […]

    Opinion poll opened on 2015 General Elections
    As Belize prepares for the 2015 general elections, Belize Media Group has opened an online poll allowing voters to select who they think will win in sixteen randomly drawn constituencies from around the country. That number, 16, is the smallest majority needed to form a Government. To participate […]

    Christian Workers Union to meet with Port and begin CBA negotiations
    The Christian Workers Union says it is ready to begin negotiations on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Port of Belize Limited on the working conditions for stevedores. It hosted a press briefing at its office today where stevedores which form part of the negotiating team spoke side […]

    OW family’s home invaded
    A brazen daylight home invasion in Orange Walk Town has left one person injured. Two men visited the home of Gabriel “Dj Gaby” Cabrera Sr. on the Belize Corozal Road around 8am. In the home at the time of the invasion was Cabrera’s wife, Julie Cabrera, who was […]

    BNTU Belize City branch selects executive
    Students in Belize City and across the district had a half day of school today as their teachers met at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall for the bi-annual general membership meeting of the Belize City branch of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU). The Union’s branches have been […]

    SSB workers threaten strike over CBA
    With the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and its employees coming to terms on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) yesterday, the Prime Minister may have to work his magic again to satisfy the requests of Social Security Board’s (SSB) employees who are demanding that a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) be signed […]

    Government Hilux found in Melchor
    After the retrieval of a Belizean Government Toyota Hilux in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala yesterday, police believe that a network of vehicle thieves are in Belmopan, stealing and taking vehicles across the Belize/Guatemala border. That Toyota Hilux belongs to the Ministry of Health and was stolen from the Ministry’s compound […]

    CWA writes to PM concerning Santa Cruz incident
    The World Archaeological Congress (CWA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, comprised of the only internationally elected body of practising archaeologists. CWA sent a letter addressed to Prime Minister Dean Barrow on August 30th, questioning the treatment of Mayan citizens of Belize in the Toledo District specifically. This letter focused […]

    BDF soldiers complain they don’t have enough to eat
    Belize Media Group (BMG) has been monitoring a shocking report coming from the Belize Defense Force’s (BDF) main base in Ladyville, Belize District, regarding the materials and sub-par food being given to soldiers for the past few days. One upset soldier reached out to us on Tuesday, September 29th, […]

    TIDE Annual Fish Festival to kick off next week
    It’s the that time of the year again when the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) excites us with its Annual Fish Festival weekend celebration in Punta Gorda (PG) Town. This being the 13th occurrence of this prestigious event, is scheduled for October 9th, 10th, and 11th; […]

    Bar to apply to join nationalization case at CCJ
    Members of the Bar Association of Belize, which met last night in Belize City, have given unanimous approval to a resolution of the association which reads, in short, as follows: “Now be it resolved… (that) The Bar Association take such steps as are necessary to make application to […]

    Three men wanted in home invasion in Orange Walk
    The home of Gabriel Cabrera Sr. better known as “DJ Gaby” was invaded by three men around 8am this morning in Orange Walk Town. Reports are that shortly after his wife opened their clothes shop for business, three men (both were masked) entered their home and demanded for her to […]

    Few showers and thunderstorms expected for the weekend
    The National Meteorological service of Belize predicts mainly fair conditions to prevail over most areas this morning. Moisture and instability increase later today and tonight. The 24 hour forecast is for sunny with cloudy spells this morning with isolated showers and thunderstorms. Skies will become cloudy with showers and thunderstorms […]

    Belize: Elections Industry in Belize Bigger Than Citrus Industry in 2015
    Belize is having its fourth election for 2015 on November 4. Elections has become an industry in Belize…..almost nobody works for free for the parties anymore. In the Cayo North bi-election on January 5, the PUP employed around 125 persons at average of $135 per person, while the UDP […]


    Two great fundraisers and two after parties
    It has been one of those times where the events are non stop back to back. I barely had time to catch my breath after the weekend crawl (4 parties in 3 days and then some) it was off to the races again with two fundraisers and two after parties (one planned and one unplanned). The first fundraiser was for Marcie Newman who is back in the states undergoing cancer treatment. I was in on the behind the scenes fb messaging o this one and from the moment Sam posed the idea countless people and business stepped up to donate. Ruth from Island Time immediately agreed to host the event, do a special menu for the evening and donate 50% of the proceeds to the cause. Next fundraiser was SAGA Humane Society at El Foogn for Belize Independence. That is always a good time one as they close the street and make a big party. While the turn out may not have been quite as big as they had hoped for ( to many people getting partied out) it was still busy and many SAGA volunteers worked very hard all night.

    The Pack-a-Pound Program: Helping Belizean Schools
    Chaa Creek’s guests donate school supplies to classrooms in Belize! We are very happy to report yet another successful accomplishment by Chaa Creek’s Pack-a-Pound Program. Guests wishing to join this initiative can substitute one pound of luggage, or more, for school supplies. The school supplies are then gathered together, packed off by pound and then distributed to the schools and students who need it most. Last week we made a surprise visit to Bishop Martin R.C. School in the Santiago Juan Layout area of San Ignacio, Cayo. Principal Abimael Waight, teachers and 468 students happily welcomed the pack-a-pound program team. Mr. Waight said that the school will make good use of all the materials received. Among items donated were: colouring pencils, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, sketch pads, water paint, brushes, scissors, book covers, paper folders, exercise books and crayons.

    International Sourcesizz

    David Cameron Grapples With Issue of Slavery Reparations in Jamaica
    Slave owners compensated after abolition, but not slaves: The family connections came to light when researchers at University College London studied how influential slave-owning families were compensated after slavery was abolished. Mr. Duff was awarded 4,101 pounds (roughly £3 million, or $4.6 million, today) for the 202 slaves he forfeited in the Grange sugar estate in Jamaica....
    As Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain visits Jamaica this week, he has been confronted with an old and awkward moral conundrum resonating in Europe and the United States: Should a country pay reparations for slavery? On Tuesday, Jamaica’s prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, raised the issue of reparations with Mr. Cameron during his visit, the first by a British prime minister to the island in 14 years. Motivated by centuries-old grievances and a desire to right past injustice, 14 Caribbean countries have been cataloging the damages for which they blame the legacy of slavery, with the aim of demanding reparations and an apology from the former colonial powers of Britain, France and the Netherlands, which engaged in and profited from the slave trade. Britain transported more than three million Africans across the Atlantic.

    Equator Prize 2015 Winners
    The Equator Prize 2015 is an international award that recognizes outstanding local achievement in advancing sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. Following a global call for nominations, the Equator Initiative received a record-setting 1,461 nominations from 126 countries around the world. A Technical Advisory Committee comprised of international experts guided a rigorous, months-long peer-review process to select the 21 winning initiatives. In Latin America, the Maya Leaders Alliance in Belize is a winner. This coalition of Maya organizations and leaders collectively work to promote the long-term wellbeing of the Maya people and to defend collective rights to their territories. The alliance achieved a landmark legal victory in 2015, which affirmed that the 39 Q’eqchi and Mopan Maya indigenous communities of southern Belize have rights to the lands that they have historically used and occupied. This historic legal affirmation – which states that traditional land rights constitute property, equal in legitimacy to any other form of property under Belizean law – is the first indigenous peoples land rights victory in the Caribbean region.

    Caribbean Nations Are Preparing For Paris Climate Talks
    Negotiators and ministers with responsibility for climate change have ended their meeting in Saint Lucia determined to make their demands heard in Paris. Saint Lucia is responsible for climate change issues at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) level, and the island is bringing together climate change negotiators from the member states to cement its plan for addressing issues during negotiations in Paris in December. Chief Sustainable Development and Environment Officer, Crispin D’Auvergne says the Caribbean has a lot at stake in the upcoming deliberations, as more and more developed countries are trying to sway the outcome in their favour. “In view of how the negotiations are going right now, some countries are saying we don’t want ‘this’ in the new agreement, others are saying we want ‘that’ or we want it this way. What are we prepared to accept? What do we see as our red line? What do we see as things that must be there for us to be satisfied with the outcome?” he asked.

    The United Arab Emirates and Belize Sign Bilateral Trade Agreements
    Today, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Belize signed bilateral trade agreements that will serve as a catalyst for investments from the UAE and will strengthen Belize's position as a Central American and the Caribbean regional energy leader. These trade agreements will serve as a foundation to catalyze private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government investments. Belize Natural Energy Limited's (BNE) model was integral in making today's historic milestone a reality. "The signing of the UAE-Belize agreement is a critical step in fulfilling the original vision of native Belizean Mike Usher, who always believed that his country was full of abundant natural resources," said Susan Morrice, Chairman and Founder of BNE. "He also believed that through the BNE holistic business model, the economic benefits of those resources could be shared by all Belizeans and pave the way for a better Belize. Since BNE first discovered commercial oil in 2005, we have always stayed true to that original BNE model and vision. Through BNE director Josh Stewart, who resides in UAE, and the special relationship he has developed with his Emirati partner, Ali al Naqbi, BNE is now in an excellent position to continue to build out its vision."

    Georgia and Belize have established diplomatic relations
    The Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Belize, Giorgi Kvirikashvili and Wilfred Peter Elrington signed a joint communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations in New York, according to MFA of Georgia. The establishment of the diplomatic relations will promote the further development of co-operation between the two countries in different spheres. Belize is the 30th Latin American and Caribbean country, with which Georgia has established diplomatic relations. Georgia has already entered into diplomatic relations with a total of 185 states.

    US probes peer’s banking operation
    AS the more lurid and unproven claims in Lord Ashcroft’s self-published hatchet job on the prime minister attract widespread ridicule, more embarrassment looms for the Tory peer concerning his banking operations in shady Belize. The US Department of Justice recently issued a summons for details of so-called correspondent bank accounts run by Citibank and Bank of America on behalf of Ashcroft’s Belize Bank Ltd and its sister bank, Belize Bank International Ltd, from 2006 to 2014. Ashcroft acquired the bank in 1987, resigning as chief executive in 2010 but remaining the controlling shareholder of its holding company. This makes the evidence in the summons, based on investigations by an Internal Revenue Service official, acutely embarrassing. “US taxpayers have used the Belize entities to set up and maintain undisclosed accounts to evade their US tax obligations,” it states.

    Caribbean Charter Trends for the 2015-2016 Season
    Eco-consciousness – Connectivity & On Board Amenities – Future Bookings. These are a few of the hot topics All At Sea posed to nine crewed and bareboat charter companies represented throughout the Caribbean and asked them for a trends forecast. Here’s what we discovered: True sailors continue to love the monohull ride and there are a few new builds popping up in charter fleets. However, “there’s unprecedented growth in catamarans. Sailing catamarans 46-to 48-feet in length are preferred by most charter guests,” says Ian Pedersen, marketing manager for The Moorings – North America, headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. “The BVI is called the ‘Sailing Capital of the World’ for a reason. That said, we have seen exciting growth in other destinations like the Bahamas, St. Martin and Belize,” says the Moorings’ Pedersen.

    British Prime Minster David Cameron's office is staying tight-lipped about a new book that claims he put a "private part of his anatomy" in a dead pig's mouth during a student initiation ritual at Oxford. The book also contains other alleged revelations, including that Cameron smoked marijuana as a student and that cocaine use to circulate at his house in London. Lord Ashcroft, a billionaire who has regularly criticised the Prime Minister, also alleges that while at university, Mr Cameron took part in an "outrageous initiation ceremony" to join a notorious dining club. Satirical responses flourished on social media under the hashtags #piggate and #hameron, the report adds. Mr Cameron has already confessed to being "desperately embarrassed" about his membership of the hard-drinking Bullingdon Club, and the latest stories of excess are similarly uncomfortable.


  • Mpact Ministries - Christmas in Belize - 2015, 3min.

  • Fra Belize til Guatemala, 8.5min.

  • Spiny lobster vs. Green moray eel., 15sec. An amazing and unique predator-prey interaction.

  • Glovers Reef Research Station, 8.5min. Middle Caye, The home of the Glovers Reef Research Station. It's one of the islands that make up the Glovers Reef Atoll.

  • Crazy birders!, 1.5min. This is for my redneck friends

  • MASSIVE WATER WAR @ University of Belize- YOU MISSED OUT!, 1min. From Balloon tossing to bucket throwing..everybody mi di war fi get wet up! Everybody had fun! This event wast spearheaded by Marcus and Melody of the Belmopan U.B. Campus

  • Dolphins at Turneffe, Belize, 15sec.

    October 1, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    30 Day Belizean Treats Challenge: Day 30
    We are finally done! Yup, that’s right guys we made it. We took you through a 30 day journey of some of Belize’s best eats.

    Letter to the Editor: You will get what you seed
    Dear Editor; Most of the island and tourist related problems have already been addressed before, by others and online. As repeat vacation guests we’ll have to fully agree and also submit our warnings about the downfall of the island: * San Pedro has become unfriendly, unsafe, too noisy, dangerous and hectic for tourists. * Large construction trucks, pick-up trucks and other noisy vehicles like Polaris take away from any tranquility and serenity tourists seek during vacation. Traffic in general is out of control. * Beautification, character/style requirements for buildings, height limitations and cleanliness is clearly not of anybody’s mind. There are even buildings in town who board their windows to accommodate advertising signs. How disgusting is that! You have clearly missed the choice to present town and island in a professional and tourist friendly style. “You will get what you seed” and the loss will be felt in everyone’s pocket. /s/ Samara & Micah, New York

    Rosita Baltazar honored at Tribute to the Belizean Patriots Award Ceremony
    On Thursday, September 17th a group of pioneers in the Belizean community were honored as part of the September Celebrations Tribute to the Belizean Patriots Ceremony. Each year a number of Belizeans are bestowed honors for their work towards the betterment and development of the country. Held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City, the awards are presented by Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young. Among the 21 recipients for this year’s award ceremonies was none other than former dance instructor for the San Pedro Dance Academy, Rosa Rosita Baltazar. Two awards were issued at the event: the Meritorious Service Award and the Order of Distinction. Both awards service to recognized outstanding citizens who have provided their services in different fields towards Belize and its people. The event is part of the National Honors and Awards Act passed on August 16th, 1991. 19 persons received the Meritorious Service Award, while only two received the Order of Distinction.

    Hip Hip Hurray, San Pedro continues to celebrate!
    We all know that we can never celebrate our country too much. And here in San Pedro we prove that time and time again. So would we let a little bad weather completely stop us from celebrating our Independence Day? NO WAY! After giving La Isla Bonita’s biggest parade a rain check last week, everyone came out in full force to celebrate on Sunday, September 27th. After all it is always better late than never! And let me tell you, islanders pulled out all their glitter and sequins for this one day. With soca music blaring from behind golf carts, pick-ups, trailers and even a couple of big trucks, revelers followed in tune, winding and grinding to the contagious beats. Of course, everyone was decked out in either patriotic outfits or colorful elaborate costumes. I’m telling you, the Independence Day vibes just cyant done!

    Hyperbaric chamber holds informational training for divers
    The Hyperbaric Chamber adjacent to the Ambergris Caye Hope Clinic conducted a chamber operating training from Monday, September 21st to Friday, September 25th for local divers. Dive personnel from different dive shops on the island were taught about the operations of the Hyperbaric Chamber, where divers are treated for dive related injuries. At the training, participants learned mainly about the physics of hyperbaric chamber pressure changes and how it affects the body in certain air spaces such as the lungs and ears. This type of training will equip the local diving experts with the knowledge necessary when encountering issues with decompression sicknesses from their clients. Conducting the training was Roger Garcia, who is a certified Hyperbaric technician from Florida, USA. “This is the second time I am here conducting this type of training. We went over the treatment of complications known as arterial gas embolism, decompression sickness, embolism and as well as to distinguish decompression type 1 and type 2. In the first one, the patient will normally just feel pain in the joints and elbows, while in type 2 it involves pain but follow by numbness, and rashes around the body. In situations like this, before the patient is brought into the chamber, we administer 100% oxygen. In the training I also showed them how to use the different systems in the recompression chamber, such as the air system, the oxygen system, the suppression system, and as well how these systems are supposed to happen, and most importantly how you take the patient from the front door into the chamber and perform the treatments,” said Garcia. The training involved theory and practical classes and had satisfactory results according to Garcia.

    Belizeans officially heading to the polls on November 4th!
    The Belize electorate is gearing up to go to the polls once again, as Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced that General Election will be held on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. The announcement was made on Monday, September 28th during a press conference in Belmopan City. Barrow had petitioned Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young to dissolve the National Assembly in order to proceed with the nomination, campaigning and election process. Friday, October 16th has been set as Nomination Day when each of the contesting parties will present their slate. The Governor General has since issued a Writ of Election. Polls will open at 7AM and close at 6PM on Wednesday, November 4th countrywide. Section 57(1) of the Representation of the People Registration Rules states “The persons entitled to vote at the election of a divisional representative shall be those persons whose names appear on the register for that division as existing on the Nomination Day.” Only persons who are registered on or prior to Thursday, September 10th are eligible to vote in the General Election. The Registers for each of the Electoral Divisions are posted at the Elections and Boundaries office countrywide.

    Ambergris Today

    Oceana Announces Belize’s 2015 Ocean Hero Award Winners
    Oceana has celebrated Ocean Hero Awards since 2009 as a way to recognize and honor leaders in ocean conservation, education, and advocacy from around the world. On Saturday, September 26th, at a ceremony held in Caye Caulker, Oceana recognized two Belizeans for their selfless commitment to Belize’s marine environment. Oceana Belize is pleased to declare Biologist Miguel Alamilla and Captain Romauldo Badillo as the 2015 Ocean Heroes.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of September 20th – September 26th, 2015
    The family Dozier were tarpon machines as they all produced at least one tarpon each. John Sr., John Jr., Jefferson and Uncle Scott seemed to have the tarpon’s number despite the nasty rainy weather. Robert ( of permit fame above, landed 2 tarpon on his last day out on the water. Ari added three more tarpon this week, but his real claim to fame was the super grand slam of last week. One of our day fishing guests Kent landed 4 tarpon in 2 days of fishing. Branon & Josh landed a tarpon apiece after working it for several days getting more and more determined, then the next day they got 3 tarpon to the boat. Isaac made the best of his only day on the water with a sweet tarpon ( every tarpon is pretty sweet, right?) Harvey capped his week with a ninth inning tarpon to make it all worth while! Coleman has been working the tarpon on a fly thing for years and I am so happy that his quest became reality

    Prime Minister's Business Forum: "Partnership for Growth and Prosperity"
    It is with pleasure to announce that the Honourable Dean O.Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, Minister of Finance and Economic Development cordially invites you to the Fourth Annual Prime Minister's Business Forum, under the theme "Partnership for Growth and Prosperity." This event will be held on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 8:30am-1:30pm at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, River Hall Room, Belize City, Belize. We look forward to your vibrant participation.

    An Overview to Belize's Fast-Growing Popularity and How It Is Becoming the Next Destination Capital
    More and more airlines are recognizing the need to establish new routes to Belize. As Belize is starting to be recognized around the world and increasingly becomes the fast-growing region in Central America, traffic has increased over the time and many flights have also been increasing. This only proves that many more airlines are now beginning to want to establish their own presence in the country's most popular destination today. As Copa Airlines have announced the launch of their service to the Belize's International Airport, this only shows that Belize's reputation of becoming the fastest-growing commercial hub in the world have been cemented with yet another airliner that adds to Belize routes. Although, this is not the only improvements that help Belize to build their future, but it still opens up new possibilities and opportunities in terms of investments and business. Copa Airlines have opened up new possibilities that people of Belize can enjoy as well as ex-pats living in this region.

    Poets Corner: Dean dah noh no Goldson!
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. There are some aspiring to get into the political race But they have not been blessed with God’s grace The truth is that God still runs this place We must turn and seek his face If you heed not his warning, yours will be the ultimate disgrace We must walk in faith He will keep your cause noble He removes from you every obstacle The only price is that you remain humble Or you will be replaced by someone he deems suitable Recent cases in point Derrick Aikman and Hutchinson When they turned from God’s face they learnt their lesson They were able to remove two giants in the eyes of the people Politicians once thought infallible Belize’s politics is always filled with optimism Aikman beating Price was unthinkable But without God’s grace that would be impossible The voice of God is the vote of the people There is no politician that is unbeatable Goldson’s humility made him a living spectacle

    Cayo Cancer Walk 2015
    The 2015 Cayo Cancer Walk will be on Saturday, October 24th. It starts at 5:00am at Running W, and ends at Macal River Park. They have t-shirts at the Shell gas station for just $20.. "Our 3rd Annual Cancer Walk is just around the corner, t-shirts are already available and you can also start registering for the walk as well!!!"

    Cayo Officers Awarded for Professionalism
    Congratulations to officers Stanford and Valencia! They were awarded for their professionalism. Keep up the great work. "Two police officers attached to the San Ignacio formation were today singled out for the way the carried themselves, their neat uniform and shoes and overall professionalism displayed. Congratulations to WPC Joan Stanford and Corporal Ricky Valencia. Keep up the good work."

    Dr. Eddie Laing was the late Belizean scholar who wrote the bylaws for the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The Harvard University law professor who taught the present American president, Barak Obama in law school, rose to become a skillful scholar of international law that Belize was fortunate to have been able to tap into in terms of consultancy on issues relating to Belize's bordering dispute with Guatemala, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and many other constitutional law matters affecting the Belizean diaspora, as well as matters of significance in the Belize constitution. It would have been a blessing to have had him develop a constitutional amendment in terms of resurrecting the Seventh Amendment that the Barrow administration appears to be having serious misgivings in regards to placing the Belizean diaspora to its rightful place for Belize's development.

    The passing of CFS Brown, one of Belize's most outstanding citizens who lived a great part of his life in the Belizean diaspora in Chicago, Illinois, has been a big time lost for Belize in terms of the body of knowledge that he took with him, but was not documented. The many narratives that this giant of a Belizean had to tell would compile volumes in terms of Belize's sports history and its political and social accomplishments. My meeting of CFS Brown occurred in 1985 during the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development in Los Angeles, California. Sir Brown visited L.A. from Chicago where he resided as a Belizean living in the diaspora but continued to work for Belize and Belizeans in organizational activities that sought to transfer knowledge to Belize from the Belizean diaspora. As he participated in one of the most historic Belizean initiatives to help and develop Belize at that time, CFS Brown was flanked by Belizeans from all walks of live who attracted to him like flies. His larger than life sports memorabilia that he compiled in action as well as in purpose is known throughout Belize's sports world that made him became respected by many of the legendary Belizean politicians and leaders of his time.

    Channel 7

    One Day After Strike Threat, BEL Union and Management Sign New Deal
    The BEL union won’t strike. A deal was reached this afternoon – after a tough night of negotiation at the ministry of labour in Belmopan. It got so tough that one side walked out – and the other ended up staying until three in the morning. And even after all of that – they still didn’t sign the agreement! The General Secretary of the union told us about it today:… Marvin Mora, General Secretary - BEWU "Eventually I think management walked out; or the person that they had there representing walked out, we're not sure what happened. But the agreement was in essence between the government of Belize and the trade union; the government of Belize being the owner in a sense of the company. That’s where we stand. We thought that at that point in time that it would be better to have that than to have nothing at all and come back empty handed and start at square one. This morning we believe that we should have some sort of compromise coming from the government as well in regards to what the board intends to do with it. It is there, we will know for sure that what we pen down last night will be accepted because it has to go to the board. Once it is agreed by the board then we have an agreement in essence. Everything after that will just be formalities." Jules Vasquez "So you all have signed to it?"

    Staff At UB Also Want Raise
    And so the Electricity Workers got the across the board salary increase that they had been negotiating for months – and no one can doubt that being just five weeks from a general election sped things along. And it seems others are following that lead – starting at the University of Belize. Staffers have written to the President – saying that they want a salary re-alignment along the lines of the KHMH. You may know that UB – like the KHMH – is a government statutory Board. They say they also work for the Government – and have been on a salary freeze since 2005. So how much are the university staff asking for? Their letter tells the president, quote, “We consider that a 14% raise is a viable threshold form which you can start.” Their letter was sent on September 24th and they asked for an answer within two weeks – which would be October 8th.

    Will Social Security Stage Sickout?
    And the employees of the Social Security Board could also be getting ready to rumble in this election season. We are told that they are planning to stage a sickout on Friday. As we’ve reported, they are in the process of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with management – but seem unhappy with how things are going. And so, with the election deadline putting all politicians and political appointees under the gun – it seems the Social Security Workers want to use that opportune time to bring things to a head. We are told the workers may have grievances with the fact that management has not responded to their request for an increase.

    Johnny Zabs Can't Meet Payroll; Maya King Farm Will Lay off 600
    John Zabaneh, He’s not been in the news for almost a year and a half since he granted an interview to 7 News in which he complained that the Drug King Pin designation that the US Government placed on him in August 2012 was destroying his businesses. Well, it appears that his prediction is slowly coming through. Mayan King Banana Farm, his mother’s banana company, located in South Stann Creek, is one of the largest Banana operations in the south, and it hires anywhere between twelve hundred to 2 thousand employees in the high season. But, right now, the company is struggling, and the drought, has been destroying their banana crop as well. The company would have normally been able to weather this storm and keep all its employees paid by an overdraft facility - but, you can only get an overdraft form a bank, and because of the Kingpin designation, no bank will do business with Zabaneh.

    PM Meets BTL Staff
    Thirteen days ago the Belize Communication Workers Union sent out an irate press release. They accused the Barrow Administration of quote, “acting from the same script as the Musa Government,” and saying that in the BTL settlement – the Barrow administration had done worse than their PUP counterparts by, quote, “saddling all Belizeans…with a whopping $162 million plus of Belizean sweat dollars.” They concluded, dismally, quote, “there is no difference between the PUP and the UDP. Both Musa and Barrow have failed us and now we are forced to wonder all over again ‘If we change monkey fu black dog’”. Yes, very strong words, and today the Prime Minister went to a general staff meeting of BTL employees At The Esquivel Telecom Center on St. Thomas Street to explain the settlement which he negotiated. 7News was not allowed into the compound for the meeting – even though we did send a request to the Public Relations Department – it was rejected. But last night at the BTL Annual General Meeting, both the chairman of the board and the chairman of the executive committee discussed the release and the aftermath:…

    BTL Earnings Up, Profits Down
    That was only one controversial issue raised at the Phone Company’s Annual General Meeting last night. The other had to be the huge, 98 million dollar debt that BTL is left to pay as part of the settlement with the Ashcroft Alliance. It originates from a 45 million loan that Ashcroft’s British Caribbean Bank had with BTL when government took it over. For 6 years, BTL and government resisted paying the loan – but they lost at every court – and when the bill with interest came due – it was almost a hundred million dollars. How will BTL pay? That’s what they explained last night: Jules Vasquez Reporting…. BTL shareholders gathered at the Biltmore Hotel conference room expecting to take a hit – 98 million dollars’ worth to settle an outstanding debt with the British Caribbean Bank. But instead they got news of only a 48 million dollar low impact low interest: Nestor Vasquez, Chairman - BTL "The details are not yet finalized but the prime minister has informed us that BTL will have to service treasury notes in the amount of 48 million dollars, that 48 million in Belize dollars by the way; which I understand to mean favourable terms allowing BTL a legally authorized period of delay for the repayment of the entire loan."

    Election Interferes With Court Cases
    Election changes everything! Just ask those workers groups who are agitating for salary increases. And it also changes things in the Supreme Court. The PUP today had to postpone two of their major lawsuits against Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Today was supposed to be the day where Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin would have started hearing the case where Francis Fonseca is suing Barrow because he hasn’t brought the 13th senator online. That would have been a lengthy trial, but because the general elections will be held on November 4, both sides agreed to postpone the case. The PUP is hoping that it will be elected to office, where they promise to bring the 13th Senator into effect. If they lose, then PUP will press the case forward. After exiting a case management conference, Eamon Courtenay, Fonseca’s attorney, explained the rationale to us: Eamon Courtenay, SC - Attorney for Francis Fonseca "It was set for trial today but it has been adjourned by agreement because the date for the election has been set. Therefore it has been adjourned to the 30th of November when we hope by then with a new prime minister we will have a 13th senator appointed; and then the claim would be withdrawn. In the event that, that does not happen then the chief justice will set a trial date at that point in time."

    King Has a Solution for Chetumal Street Squatters
    About 100 squatters in the Gungulung area will have their own parcel of land. We have reported extensively on these squatters especially on those on Chetumal Street. Many had to dismantle their houses and relocate, others were removed from the premises. Now, the last time we reported on them, UDP Area Representative Mark King told us he would secure land in Cotton Tree for some of the squatters. Well, now, King has another solution that he says will have a greater impact on their lives. He told us about it today. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake Independence "As you know there is the squatters in the Gungulungs area who; fought me pretty well because I've said they were associated with rumours from the PUP that I was going to move them. I made very clearly on the television publicly that I did not lie to these people, that I was looking for land for them and I was trying to help them; but they were also illegally squatting. And so my only thing was to help them get a parcel of land. Nevertheless I have been talking to all the big parcel land holders, for example the Bradley estate, the foam factory estate and other estate land holder that holds acreage and acreage of land on the highway within the foam factory area, within the Chetumal street area, within the river side area of Lake I. We have some very good news, we have gotten almost all of the estates to soon come to an agreement with us to give back some of their land as a good faith to the government and to see how they can also assist the community in developing business on their land to hire the same Lake I people."

    PUP Wants Election Observers
    The Leader of the Opposition wants international observers from CARICOM, the OAS or the Commonwealth to witness the November 4th election. Fonseca says this is because the date for the election was announced only days before the process for the annual review of the electoral lists. So, the Leader of the opposition argues, the list will be bloated since they will not have been revised for 2015. The letter is dated two days ago – and there is no word of reply from the Prime Minister.

    Ugly Inter-family Rape In Cayo
    There is a very chilling rape case to report: A 13 year old girl was raped by her cousin twice. The 13 year old reported that on Thursday September 3rd around 6 in the evening, her 26 year old brother told her to have sex with their 21 year old cousin, she refused but then he came back again around 12 midnight and took her to their cousin’s room where the cousin raped her. It happened again that Saturday the 5th: Her brother woke her up again that night at 11 and guided her to the cousin’s room where the cousin raped the little girl again. It would have happened again on the 27th but when the girl’s father got up that night to give his wife medication, he saw the his daughter lying beside the cousin and the brother. That is when the girl told her parents about what had happened. When we spoke to police today they told us that the parents don't want to proceed with the case and they only asked for both the cousin and the brother to leave the house. But police still have both men detained for questioning. The Department of Human services are also involved in this case.

    Faith Paying Off
    Things continue to normalize at Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio. When we spoke to General Manager Raymond Sheppard today he told us via text that close to 100% of the student population attended today. This is in line with the release that was sent by parents and teachers stating that “all parents should be encouraged to permit those children, to return to classes on Monday, September 28th. But it continues by stating firmly, quote, “this does not mean that parents and teachers have stopped or will stop advocating or agitating for change.” So although there is still tension between parents, teachers and principal Pech – the majority of the kids are back in school. Now attempts are being made to schedule after classes for students to catch up on what they missed.

    CEO Wants Answers
    Answers about the rat. That’s what the CEO of the Ministry of Health wants from the Regional Manager for the West Melinda Guerra, and the Hospital Administrator Bernadette Seaver. 7News has confirmed that Allen has written to both women asking them why disciplinary action should not be taken against them for the rat in the incubator incident. He is asking them for their side of the story in writing – and we are told it’s procedural so that he can say in the future that he gave them the opportunity to defend themselves. We’ll keep following this story…

    Brought The Hilux Home
    In other news from the Ministry of Health, 7News has confirmed that they have gotten back the Hilux which was stolen on September fourth. As we told you, an onboard GPS system traced the truck to Melchor – after it was stolen. The ministry also disabled the ignition with that anti theft device. Since then, there’s been a bit of back and forth with the Guatemalan bureaucracy but tonight we can report that the Hilux has been returned to Belize and is securely parked at the Benque Viejo police station.. We’ll have more on this tomorrow..

    Northside Has Needs Too
    Many times on this newscast we’ve featured police touring their neighborhoods – but it’s mainly been on the Southside – which is home to most of the crime in the city. But northside cops have also been doing their outreach and that continued today. We caught up with the cops on Vasquez Avenue:..

    King Will Help With Collapsed House
    Earlier on we told you about Mark King’s solution for the Chetumal Street squatters. But he says he’s also helping with a fallen house in Lake Independence. On Sunday Lichelle Dixon’s wooden house caved in and her family lost all its belongings. Before the fall, Dixon had been asking Area Rep. Mark King for help to repair the house but it never came until it finally collapsed. Today King gave us an update on that incident and told us he is already working on building a new house for the family. Construction work has already started.

    Channel 5

    B.E.W.U. Signs Memorandum of Understanding with B.E.L. Management
    There were no blackouts today and B.E.L. employees were on the job, despite threats of a nationwide strike. Disaster was averted because of a last minute intervention by Prime Minister [...]

    Union Gets Less Than it Bargained For
    The MOU was signed at around five this evening, but that doesn’t mean that the management of B.E.L. is happy about it even though the union got less than they [...]

    N.T.U.C.B. President Weighs in on Election Lead Up
    Marvin Mora is the spokesperson of the BEWU, but he is also the President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.  That umbrella organization was increasingly vocal on a [...]

    Marvin Mora Criticizes Trade Union’s Inability to Support Social Issues
    Mora also, interestingly, condemned the inability of trade unions to stand up for the people of Belize. It’s a criticism that’s certainly been expressed in different sectors, but coming from [...]

    Industrial Action Looming at S.S.B.?
    Even as the Prime Minister has stepped in to pour water on the sizzling coals at B.E.L., he may have to think about doing the same at the Social Security [...]

    U.B. Faculty and Staff Demand 14% Salary Adjustment
    From the B.E.W.U. to the S.S.B. to U.B. …where we are told faculty and staff have given President of the institution Alan Slusher one week to respond to their demands [...]

    P.U.P. Requests Observers for General Elections
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow formally announced the date for the upcoming general elections on Monday, sixteen months short of his five year term in office. The snap election is causing [...]

    B.T.L. Loses $2 Million in Revenue in 2015
    Steadily declining profits, stagnant revenues, declining dividends….That’s what shareholders and senior management at Belize Telemedia Limited are facing six years after the utility company was nationalized.  On Tuesday night, at [...]

    B.T.L. Shareholders Receive 23 Cents per Share in Dividends
    Shareholders received twenty-three cents per share in dividends, down one cent from last year. Chairman of the B.T.L. Executive Committee, Anwar Barrow, has completed one year as the company’s effective [...]

    How Will B.T.L. Defray Outstanding B.C.B. Loan?
    Also hanging over B.T.L.’s head is the twenty-two point five million-US-dollar loan facility acquired from the British Caribbean Bank during the first acquisition in 2009.  B.T.L.’s board had refused to [...]

    Brother Forces Teen Sister Into Being Raped by Cousin
    There is a bizarre story of a minor being coerced by her older brother into being raped by her cousin which is making headlines tonight.  A thirteen-year-old student of Santa [...]

    Stolen Ministry of Health Hilux Recovered in Guatemala
    Two weeks ago, a Toyota Hilux parked at the Ministry of Health compound in Belmopan was stolen. Today, that vehicle was recovered across the border. Working together with Guatemalan authorities, [...]

    Landy Habet Versus Chief Elections Officer to be Discontinued in Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court has postponed one case and discontinued another as a result of the announcement of general elections on November fourth. The case of P.U.P. Cayo Northeast standard bearer Orlando [...]

    Case for 13th Senator Postponed Until After General Elections
    In the other case, the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, was taking on Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the thirteenth member of the Senate. Today, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin [...]

    Shannon Smith Charged for Dangerous Harm in Stabbing of Earlin Butler
    Twenty-five year old Shannon Smith, a resident of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, who is accused in an alleged home invasion, was back in court today. In March 2015, a man [...]

    S.I.B. Releases Consumer Price Index for August
    The Consumer Price Index for August 2015 indicates that the costs of goods and services were point six percent lower last month than for the same period in 2014.  The [...]

    Maya Leaders Alliance Win Equator Prize 2015
    The Equator Prize 2015, a prestigious international award acknowledging exceptional local achievement in improving sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities, has been won by the Maya Leaders [...]

    National Library Hosts Fourteenth Annual Book Fair
    The Belize National Library Service and Information System today held the fourteenth annual book fair at the Leo Bradley Library on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. It encourages youths [...]

    B.E.L. Employees Threaten to Strike
    Will there be nationwide blackouts in the jewel on Wednesday? It seems to be a possibility, since B.E.L. employees who are members of the Belize Energy Workers Union will be [...]

    Will There be Nationwide Blackouts on Wednesday?
    A ccording to Mora, the strike has become necessary only after a protracted attempt to find middle ground with B.E.L. management. With that option seemingly off the table, the union [...]

    Santa Cruz Thirteen Back In Court… Uxbenka Denuding Continues
    The Santa Cruz Thirteen, including outspoken Maya activist Cristina Coc, were back in court today where they appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner.  The group has been back and forth before [...]

    P.M. Barrow Says Force Cannot be Used to Evict Rupert Myles
    While the Mayans of Santa Cruz await their day in Court following another adjournment, one man who hasn’t been before a magistrate is Rupert Myles. That’s because the man who [...]

    Sex Offender Kenrick Bowman is Out on Bail
    After four nights on remand, sex offender Kenrick Bowman, is out free from the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance. Last Friday Bowman was arraigned for a sexual [...]

    Lincoln Hemsley Junior Acquitted of March 2012 Murder
    There was also a murder acquittal in court.Twenty-three year old Lincoln Hemsley Junior, walked free of the March 2012 murder of twenty-one year old  David Alberto Hernandez after being on [...]

    P.M. Wards Off Criticism from BTL Employees
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced on Monday that general elections will be held on November fourth, 2015, that is only three years and eight months into his second five year [...]

    Is U.D.P. Machinery Well-oiled Ahead of Upcoming General Elections?
    With general elections thirty-six days away, both parties will be scrambling for money, and both have taken money from the only man with the ready cash to be a game-changer [...]

    P.M. Barrow on Guatemalan Presidency and Territorial Dispute
    C omedian turned Guatemalan politician Jimmy Morales shocked that nation by winning the first round of elections in early September. He will be facing Sandra Torres in a second round [...]

    Elections & Boundaries Commission Confirms Election Day 2015
    Coming on the heels of the announcement for early elections on November fourth, the Election and Boundaries Commission has confirmed October sixteen as Nomination Day for candidates of all political [...]

    Mercury Above Acceptable Level in Fish Found in Macal River
    Traces of mercury have been detected in fish from the Macal River.  An analysis in which twelve species were caught from the waterway indicated that six of them tested positive [...]

    Seven NGO’s Receive CARSI Funding
    The US Embassy today awarded grants to seven organizations from around the country under the Central American Regional Security Initiative. The US Ambassador, Carlos Moreno says that the awards were [...]

    House Collapse in Lake-I Leaves One Family Homeless
    Another Belize City family residing in Lake Independence is tonight homeless after their home collapsed over the weekend.  Lichelle Dixon, her mother and grandmother were living in a dilapidated wooden [...]

    A Museum in Honor of Phillip Goldson
    On Monday the National Institute of Culture and History held the formal opening of Goldson House, a museum and research and education institute dedicated to the life and legacy of [...]

    P.M. Attends Launch of Goldson House
    Prime Minister Barrow was at the opening of Goldson House, and told News Five that the tribute to the great statesman and national hero is important to the U.D.P. and [...]

    Miguel Alamilla and Romi Badillo are 2015 Ocean Heroes
    For the past five years, Oceana has been recognizing leaders in ocean conservation, education, and advocacy from around the world. In Belize, Biologist Miguel Alamilla and Captain Romaldo Badillo were [...]


    Conch Season Declared Open
    Seafood lovers rejoice for the return of the Queen Conch! Today the Fisheries Department announced the opening of the much anticipated Conch Season on Thursday October 1st. This season’s rules have not changed but were modified. A release from the Department indicates that no person or establishment shall have in their possession any diced conch meat. The market clean conch meat and fillet conch meat weight should exceed 3.0 ounces and 2.75 ounces, respectively. Of note to fishers is that the Queen Conch shell length should exceed 7 inches. The public is reminded that the department hereby makes a special appeal to fishers and the General Public to uphold all Fisheries Regulations, and urges all responsible citizens to call the Department at 224-4552 / 203-2623 to report any infractions. The season runs until June 30th or until the National Quota is realized.

    Energy Challenges To Be Addressed With Grant Awarded By EU
    As the country embarks upon a development process and the modernization of the economy, it needs to address energy challenges. Belize is abundant in energy resources, particularly biomass which is forestry, hydroelectricity, solar and wind. Although these resources could play a central role in sustaining development, the nation remains highly dependent on imported energy sources. In addition, access to energy in rural areas is inadequate and public awareness regarding energy efficiency is low. It is in this light that the Capacity Development in Renewable Energy Policy and Mapping in Belize was kick started. With the help of the European Union working along with the Government of Belize, a grant of 27 million Euros has been secured for this project. Ambrose Tillett, Energy Director within the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, says improving energy access in rural areas would play a pivotal role in poverty reduction.

    Fourth Annual Run For The World Takes Place On Saturday
    Did you know that there is a number of scientific evidence that proves that regular exercise, running in particular, has health benefits that extend well beyond any pill a doctor could prescribe? Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other conditions. What’s more, scientists have shown that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life, and even helps you live longer. Bearing in mind the importance of running, the Corozal Community Youth Children and Sport group held its third annual run for the world marathon. The marathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday. Humberto Juarez Principal San Joaquin R.C. School: “The activity Run for the World has been an annual activity and we have been doing it for the past three years and it is about promoting health awareness and we want to encourage our students to be engaged in activities that promote healthy lifestyles and we want to do that through engaging them in participating in sports and running is one of the activities that involves a lot of people so that is why we want to bring it once again this year to our community and we have over five hundred participants are expected, there are twenty schools that have been invited and we are requesting form them a minimum of twenty five students participants but of course that is the minimum but if they bring more than the event will be bigger.”

    Opposition Leader Demands That Electoral Observers Monitor Election Process
    The sudden announcement of general elections by Prime Minister Dean Barrow has proved to come along with several inconveniences. Important court cases have been postponed and according to the PUP, there is another, bigger problem. The PUP sent a letter to the Prime Minister on Monday in which it insists that the Prime Minister bring in an electoral observer for the November fourth election. The PUP says that the announcement comes only days after the annual transfer period of voters and days before the commencement of the process for the annual revision of the electoral list. The later says the PUP will not be possible due to the limited time to elections. So, continues the PUP, for a free and fair election to take place it requests an observer from the OAS, the Commonwealth or CARICOM to monitor the process on November fourth.

    General Election Date Affects Major Cases At Supreme Court
    The announcement of elections has forced several changes, among them the case of the PUP against the Prime Minister Dean Barrow on the appointment of the thirteenth Senator. That case which is before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is postponed to November 30th. The matter on the thirteenth senator began by a proposition by the very people in government now. The UDP had included this in their 2008 manifesto but even after making amendments to the constitution the PM has refused to enforce them. Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay spoke to the media on the matter. Eamon Courtenay - Senior Counsel: “The Prime Minister and the Attorney General considering the 13th Senator and what happened is that it was set for trial today but it has been adjourned by agreement because the date for election has been set therefore it has been adjourned for the 30th of November when we hope by then that with a new Prime Minister we will have the 13th Senator appointed and then the claim will be withdrawn, in the event that that does not happen then the Chief Justice will set a trial date at that point in time.”

    BEWU And BEL Reach An Agreement, Strike Avoided
    BEL and the Belize Energy Workers Union have reached an agreement and signed on it. The process however was not easy for BEWU. BEWU saw steps towards a resolution last night in a meeting with the Prime Minister who intervened in the negotiations yesterday afternoon. In that meeting were also representatives of BEL’s management, and the Minister of Labor. A memorandum of agreement was in fact signed last night between the principals of the Ministry of Labor, Minister Godwin Hulse himself and the union’s General Secretary Marvin Mora. Mora told the media however, that even before that agreement was reached, BEL’s management representatives walked out. “The agreement was signed mainly between the government and the Union in a sense because management for some reason or the other had left the building by the time we decided so in essence we can say that we have an agreement with the owner and now it is up to the owner to basically translate that at the board, I believe that her was a lot of flexibility on everybody’s behalf and the Union has been flexible like I explained to you guys from the beginning of the negotiation and that I believe was captured in the agreement the last time.”


    PUP Deputy speaks on what the PUP would do on Belize/Guatemala issue if they were in power.
    The Barrow Administration has gotten much criticism for the way they have been dealing with the territorial issue and the many incursions being done by Guatemalans, particularly in the south. The opposition party has been at the helm criticizing the Government and campaigning to the Belizeans on voting no to the International Court of Justice […]

    Social Security Workers Demand Raise
    Now that the BEL workers have come to an agreed salary increase and are now looking forward to the signing of a Collective Bargaining Agreement in the coming weeks, Love News has received reports from various sources that the workers at the Social Security Board are now making their demands for a salary increase as […]

    Police News
    San Ignacio Police have two persons detained following a report by a thirteen year old girl of Santa Familia Village in the Cayo District. The teenager in the presence of her mother reported that on September 3 her brother told her to have sexual relation with one of her male cousins but she refused. The […]

    PUP Calls for Observers in General Election
    Opposition leader Francis Fonseca has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In his letter the Opposition leader is requesting that electoral observers be invited to witness Belize’s election process on November 4. According to Fonseca, the announcement of the election date only weeks after the close of the annual transfer period for electors and days […]

    Elections Affect Court Cases Brought by Opposition
    With the announcement of Election Day come disruptions in various sectors. One area where this was seen today was at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Belize has made the decision to postpone one case discontinue another as a result of the upcoming elections. There is the case surrounding the Cayo Northeast electoral decision […]

    Toddler Recovers from Burns at Shriners Hospital
    There was no official report reaching our newsroom and it is unclear as to when exactly in July, the incident occurred but there was an update published on a US news station involving a Belizean toddler who had received second and third degree burns. That 3-year-old child, Dylan Popp is now recovering in Boston after […]

    Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Energy Workers Union sign agreement
    Yesterday they were announcing strike action as they called the media to the Belize Electricity Limited’s compound at around midday. Now, tonight the workers of BEL and the Belize Energy Workers Union are somewhat appeased as they are getting their salary increase and the Collective Bargaining Agreement is expected to be signed shortly. Today, BEL […]

    Belize Boxing Federation Sends Strong Message to Underground Organizations
    The Belize Boxing Federation is setting the record straight via a press release directed at all boxing coaches, judges, referees and athletes. The essence of the release was a reminder that the Federation is the only legal entity responsible for the governance and regulation of boxing affairs in Belize. The release stated that the BBF […]

    Accused Murderer Walks Free in Trial Without Jury
    23 year old Lincoln Hemsley Junior, accused of the crime of murder in the 2012 shooting death of 21 year old David Alberto Hernandez, is a free man after Judge Adolph Lucas upheld a no case submission and ordered that Hemsley Junior had no case to answer to and acquitted him of the capital punishment […]

    Traffic Accident on Major Thoroughfare Leaves Family Injured
    A traffic accident occurred at mile eight and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway at around four this evening, just after Sky’s Grocery store in Ladyville. Thirty nine year old Ruth Meastre who lives less than half a mile from where the accident occurred, was reportedly leavinge Sky grocery store and heading home when […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    SIB reports lower prices, trade slowdown in August
    Monthly economic statistics from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) say that while Belizeans are paying less for goods on average this year over last year, trade has slowed down. Belizeans paid 0.6 percent less in prices, due to decreases in prices for fuel and LPG or butane […]

    Conch season opens
    Fishing season for the Queen Conch opens tomorrow, Thursday, October 1. It remains open until June 30, 2016 or the national catch quota is realized. The Fisheries Administrator warns all fishermen and the general public that no person or establishment can hold any diced conch meat. Market-cleaned conch meat and […]

    BTL plans for future despite current challenges
    Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) met with shareholders for the Ninth Annual General Meeting Tuesday night at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The company’s ownership has only recently been settled and the company is looking forward to developing its network and continuing to build its customer base as well […]

    BEL workers reach agreement on major points in Collective Bargaining Agreement
    It was supposed to be a routine signing; most of the details were said to have been hammered out over the course of Tuesday afternoon, evening and into the wee hours of the night and early this Wednesday morning. But after arriving just before 3:00 this afternoon at […]

    Disturbing incest rape incident in Santa Familia
    Two male persons of Santa Familia Village in the Cayo District are currently in police custody after disturbing reports involving a younger female relative. The two men, a 26-year-old and a 21-year-old, have been arrested after their 13-year-old relative reported that her older brother, 26, and cousin forced her to […]

    GSU operations in Santa Elena yield less than a pound of weed
    Shane Thomas, a 29-year-old resident of Carmen Street in Santa Elena Town, was arrested yesterday evening for the offense of “Possession of a Controlled Drug”, by members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) on special operations. The operation was originally to search for firearms and ammunition at #13 Carmen Street […]

    Benque resident busted for over four ounces of weed
    A 25-year-old resident of Said Musa Street in Benque Viejo Town, Reginaldo Morales, was charged for the offense of “Drug Trafficking” yesterday, after a police mobile patrol on the Arenal Road stopped and searched him, leading to the discovery of 130 grams of cannabis in his boots. Morales was subsequently […]

    15 year old fined for Drug Trafficking
    A 15 year old boy, one of 3 persons charged with drug trafficking, pleaded guilty to the charge when he was arraigned today by Magistrate La Donna John. He was fined $10,000 and he was given until September 30, 2016 to pay. If he defaults on payment he […]

    Mother’s charges for stabbing upgraded
    Resident of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, Shannon Smith, is now accused of dangerous harm rather than grievous harm in the stabbing of 42 year old Erlin Butler, Sr., which took place in March. The 24 year old is alleged to have stabbed the older man in the chest […]

    Man pleads guilty to found cocaine
    Pinks Alley resident Anthony Neal made the mistake of picking up crack cocaine from the ground in the sight of police on Tuesday. But he took responsibility and will now have to find $10,000 in fines to pay the court. 59 year old Neal pleaded guilty to charges […]

    Common-law-wife of Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo is back in Belize
    27 year old Avicela Duran who was wanted for questioning and believed to have absconded from authorities with common-law-husband, Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo, a fugitive who remains on the run; visited the police station in the company of her lawyer to clear her name a few weeks […]

    Elections overtake major cases in Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court has postponed one case and discontinued another as a result of the announcement of general elections in November. Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman confirmed in speaking with us via telephone this morning that the case of PUP Cayo Northeast standard bearer Orlando Habet versus the Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai, is to be discontinued with no order made for costs. She explained that events have now overtaken the case, making the exercise now academic. Former representative Elvin Penner is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and was disqualified from standing for election for the United Democratic Party. The other case was to have featured preliminary arguments pitting the country’s Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, against Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the issue of the appointment of a thirteenth member of the Senate, before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, but it was postponed until November 30 for report.

    Belize: analysis of the current political situation
    Belize celebrated its 34th anniversary of Independence on September 21, 2015. There are two major political parties, the People’s United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP). Since Independence, they have had 17 years each of governing Belize, with the UDP currently in power. The ruling UDP […]


    Climate Change and Belize
    Scientists have concluded that global warming is “unequivocally occurring” (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2015) and that human activities have exacerbated the effects primarily through emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). The IPCC stated that global temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising and polar ice is melting. The IPCC warns that if emissions of greenhouse gases continue unabated the effects of climate change jeopardize sustainability of social, economic and ecological systems throughout the world. Tropical islands and coastal areas face acute risks of flooding, coastal erosion, drought and loss of ecosystems. Like many other low-lying coastal nations, Belize is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Its geographical location leaves the country exposed to the risk of rising sea levels and increasing frequency and intensity of tropical storms. In 2013, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued an assessment based on a consensus of international researchers that stated global sea levels would likely rise from 1 to 3 feet by the end of the century. New research available since this report suggests the higher end of that range is more likely, and the question remains how that range might shift upward. The data reveal the height of the sea surface is not rising uniformly everywhere. Regional differences in sea level rise are dominated by the effects of ocean currents and natural cycles such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). But, as these natural cycles wax and wane, they can have major impacts on local coastlines.

    Fin Kardashian Takes SouthEast Asia 3.0: Chiang Mai, Pai and Lots of Elephants
    Hello World, From Beautiful Thailand, Sorry for not blogging any Kardashian Scoops lately but being on the road for the longest makes it really hard to blog. Plus I had been twerking while it was raining and I got really sick. Currently in Chiang Mai. CHIANG MAI I LOVE YOU Chiang Mai is north of Thailand on the way to the Laos border – it’s freaking far. The first thing that I want to do is Sleep been on a over night train ride and it was COLD and bathrooms smelled like HattieVille – got my own bed lots of tourist heading to Chiang Mai which is a city rich in culture. Left Bangkok at 4pm to arrive at 7am. Traveling with 2 friends from the UK, Yasmin and Sam, and Beth and Grant are there already. Am so excited yet YAWWWWWnnnnnnnnnn Tired. Found a cute hotel with a large pool for 400 Baths a night like 11 USD.

    How Often Do You Have to Make this Decision? Ted Talk or Gothic Cruise in Belize
    For some reason, October 1st is a very busy day in Belize. Sure it’s the opening of Conch Season…and that is great. But two big events are happening. One, I have been looking forward to for MONTHS and one, I found out about relatively recently but really REALLY wanted to attend. What would you choose? A Tedx Talk in Belize. The very first of its kind. Topic: Changing the Conversation. And I LOVE the hash tag. #MekWiTalk Over the last few weeks, they have announced speakers that I admire greatly…like photographer and writer of some powerful blog posts about important issues, Tony Rath and feminist, lawyer and politician Lisa Shoman. Here is the line-up. I would love to attend. And through asking…often…I received an invite. Another event I would love to attend is…brace yourself…the GOTHIC CRUISE 2015!

    Food Explorer - Cayo Belize
    So I recently spent a bit of time doing more inland exploration. Cayo is an amazing district! I absolutely love it. Our time was spent 60/40 between San Ignacio Resort Hotel (from here out known as SIRH), and the ranch at Banana Bank. Details on the resorts and the amazingness of the stays will come in future posts - today is all about the food on the trip. I struggled a bit with structure here. Should I go best first or saved for last?! I didn't want people to fall asleep before the good part - but no one wants to end with a sputter either. Finally I decided the best way was to order the meals as they were eaten through a day - not necessarily by day mind you - but lunches (cause I had no fabulous breakfasts worth talking about), snacks, dinner, desserts. Let the highly professional (not) assessment of Cayo food offerings commence! Do you see what I see? I said "sure, add some bacon" when asked by the waiter. His manager would be happy with the upsell, and let me tell you - I was more than happy with the MOUNTAIN of bacon that showed up; thick cut heaven on a bun. SIRH wins an award for best bacon upgrade I've ever can barely see the meat under that stack of bacon.

    Sundown in San Pedro
    Last night at dusk, Rose and I sat on the edge of our dock with glasses of wine and watched these guys deliver a load of lumber to a neighbor who is rebuilding his pier and restaurant. The sailboat brought in the lumber and off-loaded it to the skiff, which was then poled into shore across the shallows. Man, that was hard labor. The water was uncommonly still, as was the air. Even the constant murmur of waves tumbling over the barrier reef was muted. Meanwhile, pelicans were diving into the water around us, like kamikaze bombers in pursuit of the sardines so thick that, for a brief moment, the sea looked like it was coming to a boil. These birds are the most graceless hunters I have ever seen.

    I’ve begun my initial review and analysis of the 15th Belize General Election. I will not have the time to review and analyze each constituency individually before the poll on Wednesday Nov. 4th. As a result I will have to divide and conquer, literally perform literary triage, and reduce the whole to bite-size sections for consideration, digestion and reflection. That said I am firstly going to divide by districts, and then look within each district at the races I find interesting. I am starting near to home with the Belize District which has the largest number of seats – 13. As a rule the party that wins the majority of the constituencies in Belize District has the best shot a forming the next administration. Broadly speaking there are some races that my initial analysis has concluded are near foregone conclusions as to their outcome. In the Belize District for the incumbents, Fort George, Queens Square, Mesopotamia, and Belize Rural South appear near locks, or “safe seats”. It is very likely that the incumbents will win in Collet and Port Loyola and it would appear at this point that the incumbent is most likely to win in Belize Rural North. The incumbents are strongly challenged in Freetown, Pickstock, Belize Rural Central, and Lake Independence.

    International Sourcesizz

    One in three natural World Heritage sites threatened by oil, mining: report
    Almost a third of natural World Heritage sites are threatened by mining and oil exploration, according to a report that said companies and investors face reputational and legal risks by backing such activities. As many as 70 out of the 229 natural World Heritage sites are at risk from extractive industries, the research from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and asset managers Aviva Investors and Investec showed on Thursday. That includes most of Africa's 41 natural heritage sites, designated by UNESCO as areas that have outstanding natural beauty or have ecological significance. Areas listed as under threat from resource extraction activities include Spain's Donana (Donyana) National Park, the Selous Game Reserve in Africa and the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System in North America.

    Oil Prices And The Future Of Petrocaribe
    On June 2005, upon the initiative of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Venezuela agreed on the creation of Petrocaribe, a Cooperation Agreement to strengthen energy security in the Caribbean and Central America. Today, 19 countries are part of this regional initiative, as five nations joined Petrocaribe in subsequent years: Haiti (2007), Nicaragua (2007), Honduras (2008), Guatemala (2012) and El Salvador (2014). Since its creation, Petrocaribe has served as an important financing mechanism for oil-importing countries in the region. It introduced a lending scheme for oil purchases from Venezuela where conditionalities adjust to price fluctuations among predetermined thresholds. As a result, if the oil barrel falls below US$40, up to 30 percent of the bill will be financed by a 17-year loan, with a two-year grace period and an interest rate of 2 percent. Similarly, when the barrel exceeds US$40, the term for payment is extended to 25 years, with a two-year grace period and the interest rate falls to 1 percent. Member countries may also offer goods and services to pay off oil shipments.

    MOT, NAS and BNT Partner For World-Class Bird Watching Training Workshop
    The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT), the National Audubon Society (NAS) and the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) recently held a special bird watching training workshop in Central Andros to help train persons looking to get involved in this new, lucrative niche market. The $2.6 billion project – funded by the Inter-American Development Bank – partners with local NGOs in Belize, The Bahamas, Guatemala and Paraguay to utilise the bird-watching market to create sustainable jobs in communities while simultaneously protecting biodiversity and natural resources. According to officials, The Bahamas has the perfect sites for bird watching to take advantage of the $82 billion industry, which is growing at approximately eight per cent a year with an expenditure of $17 billion. Director of Industry Training in the Ministry of Tourism Ian Ferguson said MOT is extremely excited to be a part of the programme.


  • Capt. Romi Badillo - Ocean Hero 2015, 8.5min. There are no words that can express the profound sense of loss felt by the passing of Captain Romauldo Badillo. Romi’s friendship, leadership and seamanship has impacted numerous Belizeans. As Oceana organized this tribute, so many people had a different story to tell; everyone wanting to help saying, "This is the least I can do for Romi." His time with us was cut short but his list of accomplishments is long...and there is no way anyone could do proper justice to them all. He gave so much of himself to Belize via the Fisheries Department; the tourism industry; support for scientific research; and in channel marking and navigation

  • Miguel Alamilla - Ocean Hero 2015, 8min. Since 1997, Miguel Alamilla has been managing one of Belize’s most popular marine protected areas, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As a part of his responsibilities, Miguel has also been leading a monitoring program in order to protect the highly vulnerable marine turtles that live and nest on the shores of Ambergris Caye. Officially declared a reserve in 1987, in February 2015, Hol Chan was expanded, largely in part from Miguel's lobbying efforts, from 21 square kilometers to include more than 131 square miles of reef, shoals, sea, lagoon and wetlands. Like the charismatic creatures he works to protect, Alamilla has been silently toiling behind the scenes in dedicated service to conservation and country. Today, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is recognized internationally for its efforts in management, education and advocacy.

  • Maya Day in Belize, 13min.

  • Honeymoon and Family Vacation May 2015, 9min. Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras.

  • Belize: This Morning's Monkeys, 1min. Poor camera control but brief 'hello' from howler monkeys in the trees outside house. Shot from kitchen/garden 30 Sept 2015

  • Wild Instinct Outdoors - Belize Fly - Season 1, Ep. 13, 22min. Witt joins friend and fellow fishing guide Will Flack in the pursuit of tarpon, bonefish and permit in the crystal clear waters of San Pedro, Belize.

  • Inspection Robotica with CTV3 NEWSCAST in Belize, 8min. Surveying Technology in Belize

  • GoPro: Sailing around Belize coast, 1.5min. 3 amazing days spent with captains Ish & Chilo on Raggamuffin Tours catamaran, filled with discovering corals and islands, eating fresh sea food and enjoying the smooth ride...

  • mergulho em Blue Hole - Belize, 16min. O Blue Hole, localizado a quase 100 km da Cidade de Belize, foi descoberto por Jaques Costeau. Tem a forma de círculo perfeito com pouco mais de 2km de largura e alcança 145m de profundidade. Normalmente os mergulhos descem até os 45m, a água é gelada. É comum avistar diversos tipos de tubarões rondando a cratera.

  • Stephen Fry in Central America Season 1 Episode 2 *Belize to Guatemala*, 58min.

  • Underwater World: Mexico and Belize, 2.5min. here is a little taste of my highlights in Mexico and Belize!

  • Trip to Guatemala and Belize 2015 HD, 4.5min. A video made using GoPro Editor showing some highlights of our 2 week trip to Guatemala and Belize, where we covered 800 miles from Pacific to Caribbean passing through Beaches, Jungles, Colonial Towns and Ancient Ruins. A brilliant adventure!

  • World banking explained in less than 2 minutes..., 2min. An animated interview of IMF whistleblower John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'

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