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Campus Rec invites public to take a dive
"(In the Blue Hole near Belize) you can swim about 140 feet deep and see ... Lamb said last year the group stayed on a resort island near Belize and took ...

A SAGA Puppy goes to Canada
My family and I first became aware of SAGA on the forum. We noted that SAGA was looking for volunteers to walk the rescue dogs. We walked SAGA dogs on numerous occasions while on vacation in San Pedro and were grateful to the staff at SAGA for this opportunity. A Canadian couple living on Ambergris Caye took two of the SAGA puppies home over the holidays to assist the SAGA staff. While we were visiting this couple they mentioned they were concerned with the future of the smaller puppy as it was the runt of the litter and very submissive. There was concern that it would not survive life on the streets of San Pedro. We decided that despite the next day being the last day of our holidays we would try and adopt this puppy and bring it home with us.

GSM technology in Belize
Of the major North American cell phone carriers AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology which requires a sim card and is compatible with Digicell Belize. Smart phone company requires an unlocked phone with CDMA 800 MHz or 850 MHz technology and will work with Verizon. There is a new cell phone company on the horizon that looks like it will work for Belize. Simple Mobile takes sim cards, and have a $10 pay as you go phone option.

Why YOU Should Visit Belize in January
I haven't done this update for December and January and well... it's a bit late. But no time like the present, right? Let's get started. Here is why visiting Belize in January is REALLY a good idea.

Sunday birding
The wind was rip-roaring this morning (25-30 mph with an occasional higher gust) after a heavy rain in the early morning hours that was just letting up as we rolled out of bed. I didn't really feel like fighting the wind on our bikes along the beach and knew the road would be full of puddles, so suggested we just walk up the road a ways and do some birding instead of riding our bikes north to Grande Belizean Estates, our usual birding spot. Barry agreed, so we grabbed our binoculars and Birds of Belize book and headed out after a quick snack.

Belize as a Local – A Great Stay Experience
When I was planning our trip to Belize, I heavily relied on Tripadvisor, as I’m sure many people these days do to see which hotels get good reviews. Sometimes, I wander off the main track to see what off-the-beaten-path options there are. That’s how I stumbled upon Macaroni Hill View Hotel. I contacted Rodwell and he immediately answered stating he can’t wait to have my family stay with them and eat like kings.


Launching the Belize Maya Calendar 2012
Where will you be when the world begins anew? That’s the main question that resounded at the launching of the Maya 2012 Calendar of activities at the Bliss Center on the night of Wednesday January 11th. The event also included a special lecture by a world renowned Archeologist and Author, Dr. Mark Van Stone. The attendees had an hour of entertainment by flutist Pablo Collado. Many Maya songs were rendered beautifully with the flute, and Collado certainly had a captive audience. In addition, there were performances by the Otoxha Deer Dancers. Both Collado and the Otoxha Dancers set the stage for the launching of the activities planned by the Belize Tourism Board and the National Institute for Culture and History.

Saga Humane Society Pasta Cook-off
What a fun night! We rode our bikes into town early Friday evening to attend the Saga Humane Society's pasta cook-off at Mojito's Bar and Grill on the San Pedro beachfront. These monthly events, featuring a different food theme each time, support a wonderful cause, and really, who can resist pasta? In addition to pasta, there were special prices on "Meow-itos" (mojitos), "Bark-aritas", and other drinks.

19 Year Old Receive Scholarship To Go Galen University
A student of the Orange Walk District is the proud recipient of a two year scholarship at Galen University. Nineteen year old Yajaira Gutierrez is one of the many students from across the country that submitted her application for the full two year scholarship at Galen University sponsored by RSV Limited and Galen University. After all the applications were reviewed, Gutierrez, who recently graduated from Muffles Junior College, was selected as the lucky winner of the two year scholarship. Today when we spoke to the 19 year old student she told us how proud she is of her accomplishment

PUP Town Councilor Request Financial Report
In their 2009/2012 Manifesto the U.D.P Orange Walk Town Council headed by Mayor Philip De La Fuente, pledged to provide quarterly financial reports and produce annual audited accounts to Orange Walkenos. Apart from that, the U.D.P team also pledged to manage the business of the town with integrity and transparency. But if memory serves us right, since the day they took office, the U.D.P Town Council has released only one financial report and that is for the year 2009/2010. But the report was not given out during a public meeting or much less with explanation, in fact Orange Walkenos were not even given the opportunity to question the report because it was handed out during an open day held in front of the offices of Town Hall.

More Immigrants Sworn As New Belizeans
While today at the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow so gloriously announced the reduction of electricity rates and the mortgage write-off program, at the Immigration Department the mass naturalization of immigrants continued. While in Belmopan our camera captured the huge line of immigrants waiting patiently for their names to be called in order to receive their Belizean Certificate.

Prime Minister Announces New Electricity Rates And Mortgage Write-off
During his election campaign in 2008 Dean Barrow made a whole lot of sweet promises to the Belizean people, from lowering the cost of living no matter what, maintaining the price of fuel below the $8.00 mark to creating 5,000 new jobs. Now ask yourself were these promises kept? Was the cost of living reduced when presently the country’s poverty rate stands at 43% and still climbing? Were jobs created when almost 25% of the country’s adult population is without a job? Was fuel price maintained below the $8.00 mark when the cost per gallon of fuel is above $10.00? If your answer was no then you are on the right track.

An un-Belize-able trip
Ambergris is the largest island of Belize, located northeast of the mainland in the Caribbean Sea. Off of the coast is the Belize Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest reef system after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and a tourist magnet. We had landed in San Pedro, the only town on Ambergris, where the primary means of travel are golf carts, bicycles and walking. To get to most destinations outside of San Pedro requires a boat.

Businessman Rodolfo Perrera gunned-down in execution style murder
Police have detained four men for questioning regarding the murder of Rudolfo Vidal Perrera, 37, the Orange Walk business who was brutally gunned down in front of his own home on Saturday, January 7. On Monday, the officer in charge of the Orange Walk police formation, Senior Superintendent Joseph Myvette, said Perrera was shot a total of twelve times, and police recovered fifteen 9mm expended shells from the crime scene.

City streets will get long-overdue repairs
Several Belize City Streets are getting some long-overdue repairs thanks to a $150,000 pledge from the Prime Minister, City Councillor responsible for Streets, Dean Samuels, announced on Wednesday, January 4. Councilor Samuels said that P.M. Barrow will assist the City Council with purchasing the materials to fix about seventy-five streets on both the north and south sides of the city.

Alternative to open-fire cooking can save lives
tudies show that open fire hearths pose a significant life-threatening risk for hundreds of villagers who cook on a fire hearth, but a new and emissionless technology provides them with a safer and economic alternative. According to the owner of B-Oil Belize, Graham Herbert, the popular and multipurpose jatropha curcas tree has an important property - its seeds, which are known for their oil-producing qualities, can be dried, ground and later turned into biomass pellets that burn three times better than firewood, without producing any smoke or odour.

Manatee calf rescued
The Belize Manatee Monitoring Network rescued an under-nourished male manatee calf, dubbed “Duke”, from the Belize River near Duke Marine Services Ltd. on the Northern Highway on Monday, January 9. Jamal Galvez of the Manatee Rescue Network told The Reporter the calf had probably become separated from his mother through an encounter with a boat, and was unable to communicate with the mother to re-establish contact.

BVA holds senior national team tryout
The Belize Volleyball Association is hosting tryouts at the Belize City Center in early January 2012 to form standing national teams, female and male, who will represent the Jewel in at least two international tournaments. The first will be the World Championship qualification tournament most likely to be held in one of the Caribbean countries in the first half of the year and then the Central American championships in the latter half of the year.

250 wheelchairs for persons with disabilities Thanks to generosity of the people of Taiwan
Sixty physically handicapped Belizeans received the gift of mobility, through the donation of 60 wheelchairs, which Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow and Taiwan’s Ambassador David Wu of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize presented to the worthy recipients at Lion’s Building in Belize City on Thursday morning January 12. The wheelchairs were the first batch of 250 wheelchairs which Taiwanese charity NGO, the Pusian Foundation, had donated to support the Mrs. Barrow’s “Inspiration Center Project”.

Jairo Vasquez wins Reporter Lotto
Eighteen-year-old Corozaleño Jairo Vasquez is the lucky Christmas winner of the Reporter lotto. He walked away $650.00 richer thanks to the lucky number 7931 for the week of December 25, 2011. Vasquez claimed his prize last week, which was collected by his friend Tom Lee at the Reporteroffice in Belize City. The Reporter jackpot was divided into four pots of $650.00 for the month of December giving one lucky buyer the opportunity to win a pot each week of December.

Police Constable charged with two counts of rape
Police Constable Lincoln Lewis Jr., 28, of Seine Bight Village, was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on two counts of rape and one count of escape from lawful custody on Thursday, January 5. Magistrate Frazer offered him bail of $8,000 plus two sureties of $4,000 each, and she adjourned his case until February 16.

SSB CEO and Auditor suspended!
The Social Security Board (SSB)’s Chief Executive Officer Merlene Bailey-Martinez and SSB’s Internal Auditor Denise Mahler are both on administrative leave as of Wednesday, January 11th, 2012.

PUP and VIP express outrage over mass naturalization of immigrants
Ceremonies were held at the George Price Center in Belmopan on Friday, January 6, for a large number of immigrants living in Belize, who have become naturalized Belizeans. But the mass registration of immigrants who have now become Belizeans with all the rights guaranteed under the Constitution of Belize, including the right to vote in elections, has been widely criticized by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) and Vision Inspired by the People (VIP)

The Reporter Editorial
The little Caesars at the Belize City Council have cut off some thirty workers by cancelling the contract (verbal) it has maintained for nearly two years with BML and awarded it to Belize Waste Control Limited. The deed was done without consultation and without prior notice to BML. The reason given by Councillor Roger Espejo, who seems to be in charge of Garbage Control, is that BML is not doing a good job of cleaning.

Maya 2012 Calendar launched
The much talked about Maya 2012, a significant point in Maya cosmology, has finally arrived and the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) has unveiled the year’s calendar of activities at the Bliss Center of Performing Arts on Wednesday, January 11.

Allan Sharp heads Volleyball Ass’n
The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) held its General Congress at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on Saturday, December 3. After all the reports had been approved by the members, they elected the following persons to the Board of Administration to serve for the next two years: President, Allan Sharp; Vice President of the National Team, Albert Humes, and Vice President for the District Associations,Yvette Price.


San Mateo Empowerment Project continues to build San Mateo road
The members of the San Mateo Empowerment Project continued with their main goal over the past weekend; to expand the San Mateo road. In the past two weeks, some 24 volunteer students from the University of Mississippi, USA paid a visit to San Pedro Town where they participated in many volunteer projects; one of which was to helping with the road expansion in San Mateo.

Grandmother To Be Charged For DFC Fire
Investigations have revealed that two minors were playing with a lighter in the two storey building when clothes caught on fire, which then quickly spread onto the rest of the house. The two storey building belonged to Lorena Montez, 24-year-old, Belizean domestic worker, who at the time of the fire was not at home and had left her children in the care of her mother, Rosa Perez.

Rumors: Miss San Pedro Stripped of Title!?
Very nasty rumors are circulating around town that Yakarelis Hernandez has been stripped of her title as Miss San Pedro 2011-2012. Chatter on the street from foul mouths and even malicious websites are stating that Miss San Pedro has been ‘derelict in her duties’ and has been asked to hand back her crown and monies/prizes won at the Miss San Pedro Pageant.

Organic veggies from Sol Farms
012 Recently, we were delighted to learn from Tacogirl's blog that we could order organic produce directly from Sol Farms on the Belize mainland and have it shipped via Tropic Air from Belmopan to San Pedro. The flight schedule out of Belmopan seems to be a bit erratic, but we finally received notification from Greg at Sol Farms that our shipment had gone out on the last flight yesterday.

Government Writes Off Mortgages; Opposition Says Piñata Politics
Today the government went to the House Of Representatives loaded with goodies: first there was the Social Security Housing Loans and Debt Relief Write Off Motion and then the announcement ...

PM Beats Chest Over New Electricity Rates; Country Falls Into Blackout
And the Prime Minister was the one left to have his "good time" with the announcement of the new proposed electricity rates. Sure, the news already came out last night - but bringing ...

Election Rush: 500+ Naturalizations Of New Citizens In One Week
Today, a rush of immigrants wanting to be new Belizeans swarmed the immigration office in Belmopan. 300 of them were scheduled to be naturalized at ceremonies held this afternoon at the...

Man Who Knocked Down & Killed Cyclist Was Drunk
In last night's newscast we reported about a Belize City man who was knocked down and killed on Wednesday night. Well it turns out he was run over by a drunk driver. Today 28 year o...

Multiple Mayoral Independents In Capital City
Last night we told you about Steven Okeke's candidacy as independent mayor for Belize City. He is one of at least three persons who will offer themselves an independent mayoral candidate. ...

PUC Explains New Social Rate Status
Earlier on, you heard the Prime Minister outline the proposals for the decrease in electricity rates - an average of about three cents lower per kilowatt hour. He added one wrinkle we...

Alleged Copper Thieves Go Free
And while BEL reportedly had a few of those very many unused transformers stolen, the company also continues to be preyed upon by copper thieves. But, today two of men accused of stea...

Another Suspect Caught For Education Building Robbery
A fourth person has been charged with the burglary of the Belize District Education Office building, located on Mahogany Street. He is 24 year old Hershel Usher, a part time painter who ...

GOB Guarantees BTL Loan; Opposition Mum
On another day, it might have been a headline that the government of Belize took a BTL Loan Guarantee Motion to the House. Though public ownership is of that company is now enshrined in the...

PM Reports On Controversial Christmas Assistance Programme
And our last bit of news from the house is about the Christmas Assistance programme. It raised a lot of controversy in December when all 31 constituencies were allotted forty thousand dol...

“On behalf of the government and people of Belize I welcome that decision and greet it with applause and with jubilation. The short summary of that decision ... Channel 7 Daily News

While the Belize Electricity Limited had proposed a decrease of three percent in electricity rates, the regulatory body, the Public Utilities Commission, ...

... when he lost control of the vehicle and it went on the sidewalk in front of the Belize City Center and knocked down 44-year-old Roberto Thomas Rivero. ...

Over the last few days there have been allegations that a number of immigrants are being given Belizean status without going through the proper channels. ...

A fourth person has been charged with the burglary of the Belize District Education office on Mahogany Street. He is 24-year-old Hershel Usher, ...

Earlier this week we received several calls saying that there was a Chagas outbreak in Belize. According to authorities there is no need for concern and ...

“When I negotiated with SSB to buy these mortgages in order to write them off for Belizean homeowners, I did so on the basis that the people to be covered ..


Something to declare: Belize, not via the US; Gatwick Express
Yet Belize is frustratingly difficult to reach. The normal route is via Miami or Houston in the US, which involves awkward bureaucracy, heavy security, ...

PUC orders 6.14% rate reduction for electricity
Since the Belize Electricity Limited is now owned and controlled by Government, it is unlikely that the company will object. BEL, under the ownership of ...

SSB earns $1 mil in dividends, GOB $13 mil, Central Bank $0
Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Social Security Board (SSB), Merlene Bailey-Martinez, told Amandala on Tuesday that the SSB has earned $1066666.70 ...

BML workers “bex bad” with CitCo!
On Tuesday afternoon of this week, workers of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) who claimed their jobs were in jeopardy after the Belize City Council decided ...

Grace to grass!
... commercial banks and other lending institutions in Belize, to pay down these mortgages, to take their balances below $50000 in order to benefit as well. ...

Kayica Fuller, 24, gets 3 years in prison
She was convicted of use of deadly means of harm with intent to commit dangerous harm upon Judean Brown, 28... Kayica Fuller, 24, the mother of a 4-year-old son, was sentenced today to three years imprisonment today after being found guilty on December 15, 2011, of use of deadly means of harm with intent to commit dangerous harm upon Judean Brown, 28.

PUC orders 6.14% rate reduction for electricity
“A social rate customer using what is now the maximum for that category would save a dollar every month. However, a residential customer using 200 kilowatt hours would save $5.50 a month.” BEL’s revenues may drop from $195 million to $180 million...

PM Barrow agrees to rosewood probe
Prime Minister Dean Barrow this morning told Amandala that, “I feel that the time has come to get some kind of independent assessment or evaluation” of the rosewood situation.

BzSA looks at World Sailing Championships
Over 208 teams represented some 48 countries from around the world in this first class event. The weather presented some very difficult challenges but the young sailors rose to the task. At times they had to overcome high winds, low winds and rough seas. The thrilling races included a very dramatic final. Results: 1st - Kimberly Lim, Singapore; 2nd - Bart Lambriex, Netherlands; 3rd - Javier Arribas, Peru.

Revealed – Blatter’s spin doctor Peter Hargitay devises FIFA reform ‘Road Map’
Sepp Blatter’s attempts to convince the world he wants to reform FIFA are being master-minded by Peter Hargitay, the ‘crisis manager’ who worked to polish the image of sanctions buster and tax dodger Marc Rich and of the Union Carbide company after the appalling industrial disaster in Bhopal, India, that cost thousands of lives.

Toledo’s Estrellas preparing for TIDE tournament
A veteran football personality of Punta Gorda, Mr. Gregory Lopez, who visited our sports desk this morning, says he is the public relations representative of the Estrellas youth football club of Toledo, and he is presently soliciting assistance in the club’s effort to participate in the upcoming annual TIDE Freshwater Cup football tournament.

Basketball training tour, all players invited
Two American basketball coaches, Paul Haught and his son Robbie Haught, out of Cleveland Basketball School are reportedly in Belize on a full-country tour, providing high level training at different venues across the country. The trip was arranged by American coach Bernie Tarr, presently on contract with the National Sports Council, and is being conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Sports, the National Sports Council, Sports Minister Hon. John Saldivar, the Basketball Federation of Belize (BBF), and various district branch associations of the BBF.

Freeing up our minds
“Personally, my education about Egypt and Africa is informal. I am not a trained academician in African history. The landscape was so barren, however, when I entered public life in Belize in 1969, that I would contribute what I knew both on the public rostrum and in this newspaper. “ From the Publisher of Amandala, Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

Central Bank celebrates 30 with commemorative currencies
He told us on Tuesday that fresh commemorative currencies, in $20 and $1 denominations, will be released to mark the special milestone.

Social partners react to SSB mortgage write-off controversy
BCCI pres questions ethics; NTUCB pres calls for compassion... “SSB had a hell of a collection month in December/January. A lot of people were trying to pay off to get in the write-off:” Reneau

Lower light and maybe lower water bills: PM Barrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed to Amandala on Wednesday that he will table a statutory instrument (SI) in the House of Representatives, when it meets on Friday, January 13, 2012, which will permit the Public Utilities Commission to give immediate effect to new and lower electricity rates that are to take effect by February 1.

GOB to guarantee US$8 million BTL loan
Prime Minister Barrow comments... Amandala today asked Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow why the Government of Belize is being asked to guarantee a US$8 million loan that the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) is obtaining from Heritage Bank in Belize.

Amandala Editorial: To go or not to go
An extraordinary thing happened, or perhaps did not happen, on Wednesday morning’s Wake Up Belize (WUB) show on KREM TV/Radio: Prime Minister/UDP Leader Hon. Dean Barrow refused to cheerlead for the incumbent Belize City Council. Instead, he focused on the change in Mayoral leadership, and his hopes for a new beginning at CitCo.

From The Publisher: Amandala
In my editorial for our mid-week issue, I sought to convince, pressure even, a few people involved with the National Perspective process, which lasted from late 2009 to late 2011, to step back and examine their situation. You have to do this from time to time in life. If you don’t, you may end up somewhere you didn’t intend to go and looking quite the fool, or, at least, not as intelligent as you thought you were.

Another nationalization ceremony held in Belmopan
Another three hundred persons were nationalized this afternoon in Belmopan. Our camera crew was out and about today...

PUP to launch Town Council slate in Dangriga
This weekend in Dangriga, the People’s United Party will be launching its campaign for Stann Creek West Electoral D...

Woman mugged on Belmopan sidewalk
Belmopan police are investigating an incident where a woman was held up with a machete. The incident occurred somet...

Income Tax Department hosts awareness fair
Annually, the income tax department hosts a fair, raising the level of awareness on the importance of collecting an...

School welcomes laptops donation
A group of professors and students from Mount Vernon Nazarene University of Ohio is currently in the country of Bel...

Driver charged in death of Roberto Rivero
Driver of the car that struck and killed 44 year old Roberto Thomas Rivero has been charged in relation to the acci...

Prime Minister to accompany his wife to the US
Prime Minister Barrow will leave the country tomorrow, Saturday, 14th January to accompany his wife, Mrs. Kim Simpl...

New things happening at the central prison
It is a new year and Belizeans might just be asking themselves how this year will turn out in terms of crime and violence. Well for the Kolbe Foundation who...

Prime Minister applauds lower electricity rates
Prime Minister Dean Barrow today applauded the initial decision handed down by the Public Utilities Commission on Thursday, approving a six point one percent reduction in electricity rates. The Prime Minister was speaking during today’s meeting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan.

Traffic Accident Leaves Two Persons Injured

Family Of 16 Year Old Minor Speaks Out

Corozal PUP Machinery In Full Swing

O/W PUP Mayoral Candidate Speak On Mass Naturalization

Ivan Castillo Appears On Meet The Candidates show

Will Prime Ministers Dissolve The house Tomorrow?

B.E.L. rates down 6%

The first sitting of the House of Representatives for 2012 took place this morning. The Prime Minister did not announce the date for general elections, but you can know it is not far away from the layers of generosity that he piled on. First on the agenda was the reduction of electricity rates, which seem [...]

Opposition asks where is their Xmas Cash?

Another pre-election gift was the Christmas disbursement program in which UDP area representatives received forty thousand dollars to spread seasonal joy. Over one point two million dollars were approved and disbursed in December for a Christmas assistance program for the poor. But not everyone was happy with the program. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca made his [...]

Heritage Bank, DFC Housing write-offs a possibility

At today’s House meeting, aside from the reduction in electricity rates and the S.S.B. write-offs, the prime minister gave a hint that debt forgiveness could possibly extend to DFC mortgages. That is only under consideration, but with elections not far away; that may be one more plum to the electorate. Both the leader of the [...]

PM speaks on S.S.B. C.E.O.’s situation

The highlight of the sitting should have been light rate reduction and the Social Security Board mortgage write-offs. But the controversy surrounding S.S.B. employees who allegedly committed insider trading have marred the entire project. The person at the top of the S.S.B., C.E.O. Merlene Bailey has been suspended pending an investigation on the insider trading. [...]

PM explains S.S.B. Housing Write-offs

Despite the dilemma of the C.E.O., Merlene Bailey and Internal Auditor, Denise Mahler, the Prime Minister explained the merits of the scheme. Dean Barrow “When I negotiated with S.S.B. to buy these mortgages in order to write them off for Belizean homeowners, I did so on the basis that the people to be covered would [...]

P.U.C. Chairman explains the New B.E.L. Rates

The reduction in electricity rates was tabled this morning in the House following Thursday’s initial decision by the Public Utilities Commission. The government owned Belize Electricity Limited on December first, 2011 submitted a request to drop electricity rates by three point four percent, but after reviewing factors including the utility company’s business plan and sales [...]

How the B.E.L. Rates were determined

Avery says that there are several factors that made their proposed reduction higher than B.E.L.’s application. One reason is that the utility company had gone to court to block the P.U.C. from conducting a rate review for 2009, which froze electricity rates even though the global price of oil reduced significantly. B.E.L. had challenged the [...]

Forced carnal case committed to trial

A thirty-eight year old shopkeeper spent five months in jail after being charged for the Carnal Knowledge of a thirteen year old girl. The accused man, Arden Middleton was granted bail of twenty thousand dollars in December, 2011 and he was back in court today for the conclusion of a preliminary inquiry. Chief Magistrate, Ann [...]

Plenty charges for Hit & Run driver

The driver that hit and killed a man who was riding on the sidewalk of Central American Boulevard also appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith today. Twenty-eight year old Solemni Chun is facing a slew of charges in connection with the death of forty-four year old construction worker, Roberto Thomas Rivero who succumbed to [...]

Over 500 sworn in as new Belizeans, today only

With the countdown to the March elections and early general elections, a mass naturalization exercise is taking place. The allegation has been due process is not being followed in the rush before the elections and earlier this week an Orange Walk resident disclosed that her house address had been fraudulently used. This morning at the [...]

New Exhibit at the Image Factory

He is trained in the arts, but Hubert Neal Junior’s works are anything but conventional. At first glance his contemporary exhibition looks like the ordinary, but a closer look will reveal masterpieces that tell tales. Neal, who is a Belizean-American, is holding his first exhibition of his most recent works at the Image Factory tonight. [...]

Cleveland Basketball School Hoop Session

Over a hundred youths across the country will be benefitting from basketball skills training from the pros of the Cleveland Basketball School in the United States. A team of trainers and coaches are in the jewel working with the Belize Basketball Federation to execute a five day training session across the country. Today News Five [...]

New Guatemala President to be sworn in

This Saturday, the new president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina will be sworn in to replace outgoing president Alvaro Colom. Perez Molina, a former army general, will have to tackle security issues and is giving priority to ending a long-standing U.S. ban on military aid imposed due to concerns about abuses during Guatemala’s thirty-six year [...]


San Pedro airstrip getting an upgrade
The facelift project for the San Pedro Municipal Airport is running smoothly according to the authorities.

An excellent Thursday
Today we rode our bikes down to the south side of town to meet our friends Robert and Maureen at Rico's at Banyan Bay. This was our first meal at Rico's, but we'd heard good things so were looking forward to trying it. We got the "palapa table" over the water, a wonderful place to sit and catch the tiny amount of breeze on this hot January day

Galen University hands out scholarships
In December RSV Limited, the company that owns Love Television teamed up with Galen University to offer a scholarship to a deserving student. The response was overwhelming and at the end of the day instead of one, three scholarships were awarded.

Social Security Board CEO on suspension
Two senior staff of the Belize Social Security Board have been placed on administrative leave following allegations of wrong doing. Chief Executive Officer Merlene Bailey Martinez and internal auditor Denise Mahler were sent home on Wednesday pending an internal investigation that staff of the Social Security Board used privileged information to benefit from the announced debt forgiveness scheme.

Tourism Boom Expected with Maya 2012
The Maya Region is definitely in for some gain in the tourism industry in 2012 and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) recognizes that this year will be a momentous occasion for all of Belize, in particular Belize’s large Maya population. Does Belize await an economic boom as the Maya world braces for 2012? Given the amount of interest in the Maya this year, we surely think it will be a good year for Belize and the rest of the Maya region.

Video Pick: Sailing with El Gato
“Whether perched up front with the breeze blowing in your face or relaxing on the tramp, sailing on the EL GATO is always a pleasure.” There are a few catamaran tour operators on the island; we can vouch that El Gato Tours is one of the best in San Pedro.

January 20th: Deadline for Registering to Vote
With municipal elections just seven weeks away, activities at the Election and Boundaries Office have been heightening. The political organs have been on the ground searching for unregistered Belizeans and legible Commonwealth nationals meeting the registration requirements to have them register to vote for the upcoming municipal elections scheduled for March 7, 2012.

Keeping the Promise
Politicians and political parties that are running for election usually lay out their promises in a manifesto that outlines what they intend to achieve. When these same politicians or parties run for re-election their opponents often use this manifesto to prove that the incumbent has failed to achieve what was promised.

Belize City Independent Mayoral aspirant launches candidacy
Steven Okeke officially launched his candidacy for Belize City Mayor today. The independent candidate explained tha...

Kim Simplis Barrow shares journey with breast cancer
Kim Simplis-Barrow, the Prime Minister's wife, was diagnosed with stage three cancer in November. Two tumors were d...

PNP's proposal plan for Punta Gorda
Municipal elections is just shy of two months away and the major political parties along with third parties and ind...

250 wheelchairs donated to Belize
60 wheelchairs were handed over to physically challenged Belizeans and several organizations this morning. The Spec...

Wil Maheia advocates against excessive Rosewood logging
The Peoples National Party is primarily active in the south and party leader Wil Maheia has been one of the vanguar...

Man dies after being knocked down in Belize City
A man was knocked down and subsequently died as a result. It happened last night in Belize City on Central American...

Police allegedly use violence to subdue suspect
Plus news received information that Belmopan Police was in San Martin earlier this morning on St. Mark Road firing ...

Warfare against drugs continue with triple bust
The combat against drugs in Belize has been an ongoing effort for some time now, with drug-related busts and arrest...

Policeman injured in early morning accident
There was another accident. It happened early this morning on the Northern Highway. That accident has resulted in

Customs Department wait weeks to report stolen gun
A firearm was stolen from the Customs Department and the theft was not reported until nearly a month later. The gun...

Chaa Creek sponsors Maya 2012 author
“On one hand, it has been refreshing to see Belize's millennia-long Maya history and culture getting the attention it deserves, but on the other hand, ...

8000-mile journey pauses for exotic fruit in Belize
The star apple is new to the travelers in Belize. photo courtesy to the ledger dispatch Existing users Login Username Password [wpmem_txt] Remember me ..

SSB Board suspends CEO Merlene Bailey-Martinez
Merlene Bailey-Martinez and the Internal Auditor of the Social Security Board have been put on administrative leave for two weeks pending an investigation at the institution. The move came late on Wednesday evening following a meeting of the Board of ...

Hon. Rene Montero keeps on delivering
Hon. Rene Montero has been incessant in giving as much as he possibly could to make life better for the residents of Cayo Central. Testament to his great work was evident once again on Monday January 9th when the ribbon ...

Electricity rates to be lowered
The prime minister has announced a number of incentives just before the March seventh municipal elections and general elections to follow. Just before news time, the Public Utility Commission (P.U.C.) released its Initial Decision on a reduction of electricity rates. And from the looks of it, it may not hurt your pocket if you turn ...

Business Bureau wants Commission of Inquiry on S.S.B.
On Wednesday the board of the Social Security decided to suspend, effective immediately, C.E.O. Merlene Bailey and the Internal Auditor, Denise Mahler. It was an unprecedented move and a monumental blow to Bailey, who has generally been.

Kim Simplis Barrow unfettered and brave
Kim Simplis Barrow, the wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in early November. Since the stunning news, she has been back and forth between Belize and Miami where she has...

Belize one of top 10 Maya Destinations
Where will you be when the world begins anew? That’s the question that’s being tossed around the world since it is the year of the Maya Calendar. There is a lot of discussion on this issue and...

New fire-fighters join the service
Today the Belize National Fire Service officially welcomed a new intake of firemen. The recruits, who trained for three months will be attached to stations around the country. Aside from the lessons to tackle fires, at the...

At risk youths clean up neighborhood
Fern Lane is located in the St Marin de Porres area of Lake Independence. It is an area that has gained notoriety for gang warfare that has ended the lives of many. Struggling to clean up their...

Important lessons from the Tax Fair
The annual Revenue Tax Fair kicked off today in six locations across the country. Three departments that bring in revenue to the government coffers organized the event. In Belize City, activities were held at the Charles Bartlett...

A welcomed donation of wheelchairs
Sixty wheelchairs were handed over this morning to various persons with disabilities as well as some organizations. It is part of a donation of two hundred and fifty facilitated by the Special Envoy for Women and Children,...

Healthy Living examines the curves in scoliosis
Do you notice an unusual tilt in your body? Do your child’s proportions seem asymmetrical? It could be scoliosis. Find out more about the symptoms and treatment options in tonight’s edition of Healthy Living. Marleni Cuellar, Reporting...

More land distribution this time in Sarteneja
Ever since the United Democratic Party took up office four years ago, one of the biggest objectives has been to distribute land in an equitable manner where first- time land owners are given priority. And this government has not flinched ...

Briceno charges upgraded to murder
Renan Briceno Jr., 32, who was remanded to prison on a charge of attempted murder in connection with the New Year’s Eve shooting at Palm Island Night club saw his charge upgraded to murder since 19-year-old Dale Tillett succumbed to ...

Interoffice softball competition resumes
The 10th Annual Belize City Interoffice Softball Competition resumed on Monday January 9, 2012, at Rogers Stadium. The competition, which started late last year, had to be postponed because of the weather and the resulting wet conditions of the ...

Popular Orange Walk businessman killed

2000 dollar fine for stealing 2 outlets

Seven years for Stackles Monsanto for r...

Man charged for machete attack

Charged with carnal knowledge

Councillor Willie Cruz’s Statement of...

Strong Start to PM's National Tour Hon. Dean Barrow meets Corozal ...
If the reception was any indication of Belizean sentiments countrywide, ... It is a poverty alleviating effort by the Government of Belize. ...

Training for Financial Crimes and corruption
This training comes in a somewhat timely manner because Belize occupies a ... He has also said that by showing the international community that Belize takes ...

Grimsby boy gives to others for birthday
He and his family will be delivering the gifts to an orphanage in Belize, ... The family chose Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre in Belize as the recipients ...

Minor charged for attempted robbery
On Tuesday January 11th he was arraigned before a magistrate in the Belize Family Court where he was read a single charge of attempted robbery. ...

Man burglarizes his brother's house
There is not a single legitimate investment in Belize that can yield more returns on the dollar than an investment made in Belize Telemedia Limited. ...

Three women convicted of drug trafficking
Three women appeared in Belize City Magistrate's Court on Friday January 6th where they were convicted of drug trafficking. The women appeared before Senior ...

Geovanni Choto Krem Cycling Classic Champion
The 22nd Annual Krem Sugar and Cream Cycling Classic have now etched its way in the pages of Belizean Sports annals. The 91.4-miles event, which started ...

$75000 weekly not enough for BML!
On Tuesday, January 10, workers of Belize Maintenance Limited parked trucks filled with garbage in front of City Hall and launched an illegal protest. ...

How Low Can You Go?: PUC Takes BEL Rate Down
The PUC has announced its initial decision on electricity rates - and it's good news for consumers, probably better than you might have expected. In December BEL proposed a reduction of

SSB: The Day After The CEO’s Fall
Today was anything but business as usual at Social Security Headquarters in Belmopan as the boss had been sent home - suspended, or nicely put, placed on "administrative leave" after t

Auditor General Meets With KHMH Whistleblower
KHMH whistleblower Delroy Herrera has gotten the attention of the very highest office in the land - and the Prime Minister has asked the Auditor General Dorothy Bradley and her office to i

Kim Simplis-Barrow Talks About Life With Chemo
Kim Simplis-Barrow found out she had cancer in the first week of November, and since then the 39 year old's life - and that of her family - has been turned upside down. First it was con

Van Veers Unto Sidewalk; Kills Cyclist
A man was knocked down and killed last night in Belize City. At ten minutes to eight, 44 year old Roberto Thomas Rivero was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk in front of BWSL on Cent

Single Mother Sent To Jail
Twenty four year old Kaycia Fuller, a single mother of a 4 year old son will spend three years in jail. She was initially charged with the attempted murder of another woman she had stab

Alleged Tourist Robbers Arraigned
Three men were charged today in the number 6 Magistrate's court with 3 counts of theft, after its alleged that they stole thousands of dollars' worth of items from several tourists vacat

Firefighters Being Brought To New Standard
If you've ever been at the scene of a fire, then you'll know that no one gets more cruelly criticized than firefighters. A large part of that comes from the fact that fires invariably

Okeke Launches Candidacy
Like TNT, Stephen Okeke knows drama. First, his candidacy for mayor was launched in October 2011, and by November he had pulled out because he said he was receiving threats. And then, hi

Tax Fair Celebrates Fair Taxes
The third annual Revenue Tax fair was held today at the CB Hyde administration complex on Mahogany Street. Now a tax fair sound like about as much fun as an evening with the Grim Reaper

PM's Wife Donates Wheelchairs
As we showed you at the top of the newscast, Kim Simplis Barrow is coping with chemotherapy, but she's also doing her best to keep up with her duties as Special Envoy for Women and Childre...

Thieves have once again burglarized Wesley Methodist Church on Albert Street in Belize City. Sometime during Wednesday night or early this morning, ...

New members have joined the ranks of the Belize National Fire Service. Passing our ceremonies were held this morning at the Fire Service headquarters on ...

Two senior staff of the Belize Social Security Board have been placed on administrative leave following allegations of wrong doing. ...

He's known in Belize for his ability to sculpt, write, educate and invent. Now Stephen Okeke, known more recently as a businessman in the juice industry, ...

The Public Utilities Commission has issued its initial decision on the submission of Belize Electricity Limited for a rate decrease. ...

The first ever revenue tax fair was held today at the Charles Bartlett Hyde Compound in Belize City. The event opened with a ceremony with remarks from the ...

The Republic of China on Taiwan, through its resident Ambassador, David Wu, today donated a set of wheelchairs to needy Belizean children. ...





Belize opens its border to Mexico for 72 hrs
An immigration border card valid for 72 hours will make residents of the southern border of Mexico eligible to enter Belize without a passport, ...

Rumors: General Elections Moved to February!?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has unofficially gone on record by publicly stating that general elections will definitely be in 2012 and that it will be early in the year. How early will it be is everybody’s guess but we now have strong vibes that it will be as early as this February.

Abbey Williams release her first CD “Blessed Empress”
Resident of San Pedro for over eighteen years and a single mother of seven, Abbey Williams released her first CD on Friday January 6th. Her CD entitled “Blessed Empress” tells the story of her life and shares lessons learned.

Laser Mapping Helps Archaeologists and City Planners
By Marlene Cimons, National Science Foundation Caracol, the site of an ancient Mayan city, is the largest archeological site in Belize, and has been a focus ...

PM Says SSB "Insider Trading" Will Not Be Tolerated
Social Security's mortgage forgiveness program was supposed to be a populist, pro-poor initiative - but it has turned into a political hot potato with the disclosure that SSB senior managers...

SSB Bombshell!: CEO Suspended In Insider Trading Inquiry
And so that left it in the hands of the Social Security Board of Directors - which met this afternoon at Social Security's Belize City Office. We knew the outcome would not be nice, ...

Teenager Charged For Abetment To "Boxie's" Murder
One man has been charged in connection with the murder of Rodolfo Vidal Perrera - the 37 year old Orange Walk businessman who was executed outside his house last Saturday night. Polic...

Will PM Dissolve House OF Reps. On Friday?
And so, with the insider trading issue at Social Security brought to a dramatic intermediate conclusion, the government moves now towards Friday's House meeting. The business of the hous...

Customs: "Oh, By The Way, They Stole Our Gun"
The theft of any licensed gun means there's one more on the street - and- every licensed gun holder knows - it is a matter of public importance that any gun theft be reported. So then wha...

Night Vision Goggles Recovered: Was It Stolen From BDF?
Tonight Police are looking into the origin of a military issued night vision device, that was recovered over the weekend along with several firearms and rounds of ammunition, and which m...

Another School Vandalized; Students Deprived
The year 2011 closed with a disturbing number of educational institutions being vandalized and burglarized, most of them by petty thieves. The Ebenezer Methodist School, located at numb...

Weed Find In Ladyville
And speaking of PVC pipes, this morning, Ladyville Police found 115 grammes of cannabis stuffed in a pipe at KURL BENGUCHE's house on #13 Myvette Waiy Crescent, Ladyville Village.. Also pr...

Enterprising Young Woman Starts Up Her Own Fitness Business
For the population between the ages of 18 and 34, unemployment figures are frighteningly high. Indeed, many educated young persons can't find work. But 20 year old Jenna Ferguson ...

2012: What Does It Really Mean?
And while that young business owner is banking on future growth - followers of the 2012 Apocalypse narrative wonder if there will be a future. It's no joke, many take December 23, 2012...

C.E.O. of Social Security Board suspended
There is a major shakeup in the Social Security Board tonight and it is the first of a kind. The Board of Directors at an emergency meeting today, recommended that its C.E.O. Merlene Bailey be suspended from her duties at S.S.B. This comes on the heels of a story we broke on Friday of insider ...

Barrow says C.E.O.’s name not considered for write-off
On Tuesday the People’s United Party issued a release which pointed fingers at the senior management of S.S.B., including C.E.O. Merlene Bailey whom it said is part of the insider trading scheme. Sources close to News Five...

Mass nationalizations of immigrants before elections
There’s another hot button issue that is stirring up controversy. On Friday of last week News Five broke the story of the rushed naturalization-taking place in Belmopan. Hundreds stood in line outside of the George Price Center...

Ladyville house used for elections registration processing?
Aside from the use of fraudulent addresses in Orange Walk, this morning in Ladyville dozens of immigrants lined up outside a private house in the Mitchell Estate area, a stone’s throw away from the home of area...

Why did VIP and former mayoral candidate part ways?
Paul Morgan replaced Marlon Skeen as the VIP Mayoral candidate for Belmopan. In a joint release, it was announced that Skeen would run as an independent candidate. News Five asked Morgan today what took place on the...

Fire destroys 3 homes in San Pedro
Over the weekend, a fire destroyed three houses in San Pedro Town. On Saturday around eleven-thirty a.m., police and fire officials of the island were called out to the DFC area, where three structures were engulfed in...

Rice sales experiencing boost
In early December news of the collapse of the rice industry up north spread like wildfire across the country. Businesses in the Mennonite community of Blue Creek were on the verge of closing their doors permanently due...

Elections and Boundaries Commission says scrutiny is good
Earlier we told you about the mass naturalization of new Belizeans. In Orange Walk, a resident disclosed on Tuesday with documents that persons were fraudulently using her address and today in Ladyville others were caught on amateur...

Information reaching Love News is that police has detained five other men, two of whom are from Sand Hill Belize district. These men were not charged today ...

Belizean lawyers, magistrates, judges and members of the private sector are ... They have really been focusing on the specific needs Belize has in order ...

I've Been Bitten by the Poker Bug
Once a month, Pedro's Poker Room in San Pedro, Belize is hosting a Ladies Poker Night. I was hesitant. Poker rooms, to me, hold so many icky stigmas...tons of smoking, giant male egos, total silence coupled with menacing glares, stupid terms. But when I was invited to this Tuesday event, here is all I heard...a fun group of ladies, free drinks and free pizza. FREE, PEOPLE! Buy in for $50bzd and I can eat and drink as long as I am winning (or as long as I am folding before any real betting starts...I am ALL IN!)

BTB conducts 2nd Twitter Live Chat
For the second successive time, the Belize Tourism Board is proud to announce that it was successful in its Twitter Live Chat that was held on Friday, January 6th 2012. The Twitter Live Chat is a marketing initiative developed by the BTB to foster more awareness and knowledge about Belize as a tourism destination using various social media platforms.

VIP reveals Belmopan City Council Slate
Vision Inspired by the People introduced their City Council slate for Belmopan Municipal elections this morning. As...

25 participate in worker performance training
Since October of last year, some 25 participants from various business sectors have been undergoing training geared...

Two senior staff members of SSB placed on suspension
Social Security's Board of Directors held an emergency meeting today to address allegations that senior management ...

The Immigration Department's late night activities
Last Friday, hundreds of immigrants to this country became nationalized Belizeans at swearing in ceremonies at the ...

Teenager charged with murder
A teenager has been charged in relation to the murder of Orange Walk businessman Rodolfo Perrera. 19 year old Leona...

Mother to be charged after children set house ablaze
A San Pedro mother will be facing charges after a fire broke out at the family’s residence. The charges are not for...

One more gun off the streets of Belize City
On Wednesday 11th January, at about 6:30am Police conducted a search at an abandoned lot on Plues Street in Belize ...

Sewer odor at Belmopan Bus Terminal eliminated
Since August of last year, PlusNews has been receiving many complaints about a sewer problem at the Belmopan Bus Te...

Double drug bust in Ladyville
And this morning at about 7:00am, Police conducted a search at the residence of 36 year old Kurl Benguche in Ladyvi...

School seeking assistance after burglary
Ebenezer Methodist Primary School in Belize City is asking for donations to help replace costly equipment stolen du...

Nineteen Year Old Orange Walk Resident Charge For Facilitating Perrera's Murder

Several Persons Appear Before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court

Jaguar Captured In Petville Named after Orange Walk

SSB Board Of Directors Recommends Suspension Of CEO And Internal Auditor

How To Lose Those Extra Pounds Gained During Christmas Holidays

Post Mortem Concludes 62 Year Old Man Died of Broken Neck







Golf Cart Races in San Pedro?
Get this! Somebody is organizing Golf Cart races in San Pedro. What!? You know nothing good can come out of this. Well Ambergris Today got a hold of one of the many fliers that were being posted on the utility poles around town a little too late to do some investigating on the event.

Belize Gets Serious About Becoming A BPO Player
Last year BELTRAIDE, in collaboration with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted Mr. Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nearshore Americas, an online media publication

SPRCS gets New Picnic Area and Restrooms
On Monday, January 9, 2012, hundreds of students headed back to school as classes resumed from the Christmas break. Students of San Pedro RC School were delighted to come back to school, meet with friends and teachers and for break they were able to enjoy each other’s company under the newly built shaded picnic area.

The SPTGA donates to Tourism Police and SP Lions
Two organizations received a donation from the San Pedro Tourism Guide Association. The Tourism Police Unit of the San Pedro Police Formation and the San Pedro Lions Club were presented with the donation by the Chairman of the SPTGA Phillip “Billy” Leslie on Friday January 6th, 2012.

The Krozser family presents donation to San Pedro RC School
The Krozsers, a family of five living in Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada made a kind donation to the San Pedro Roman Catholic School on Monday, January 1st. Their donation consisted of approximately 25 children’s books and school materials.

San Pedro’s annual Wahoo Challenge held
San Pedro’s annual Wahoo Challenge, organized by Henry Beissner was hosted at the Tackle Box on Saturday, January 7th. The fishing tournament invites the participation of local and international fisher folks to compete and is held annually during a period that coincides with the peak of the Wahoo feeding season.

KREM's WUB Morning Show hands out end-of-year recognitions
This morning, hosts of the Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes (WUB), ... The runaway choice for “Entertainer of the Year” is Belizean-American Daniel Cacho, ...

Wholesale vendors get their own market
The members of the Belize Producers, Farmers and Vendors Association (BPFVA) and the Belize City Council and residents of the area surrounding the old ...

National Perspective in perspective
We have said to you before that Belize is a country rich in natural resources – “wealth untold,” as the national anthem describes it, although the Belizean ...

From The Publisher
But this material has not been introduced into the classrooms of Belize, one of the reasons being that the teachers of Belize were educated in white ...

Robbery or revenge?
Rodolfo “Boxie” Perrera, 37, murdered on Oleander... Well-known Orange Walk businessman and reportedly the father of 2, Rodolfo “Boxie” Perrera, 37, was pronounced dead on Saturday

Baby girl, 2 months old, born without anus
Parents say financial help is sorely needed to send her abroad for treatment... The parents of a seemingly healthy and pleasant baby, 2-month-old Ranelly Ferguson, say that their daughter is anything but healthy, since she was born without an anus.

Corn price “gaan up!”
Corn tortillas are greatly consumed in the Northern parts of Belize. They are also packed and distributed in other parts of the country.

House meets Friday – $7 mil in loan write-offs to be tabled
Legislative changes to effect new electricity rates also imminent... Official sources indicate that the Barrow administration will move on Friday, January 13, 2012, to pass a write-off motion for nearly 800 mortgages of $50,000 or less

SSB chair to convene emergency meeting over loan write-off controversy
Social Security Board (SSB) chairman Lois Young told Amandala today, Monday, that she is convening an emergency board meeting following reports that SSB staff, including senior management, who have SSB mortgages have been trying to borrow from banks to reduce their debt so that their mortgages would fall under the $50,000 ceiling for a recently announced government write-off program.

FFB Electoral Committee on “Top League” elections
Elections for the Premier League of Belize were held on Wednesday, December 28, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. at the FFB Office in Belmopan. The elections were carried out by the Electoral Committee. The National Sports Council was represented by Mr. Patrick Henry.

League election results challenged by F.C. Belize, Electoral Committee mum
The FFB’s Electoral Committee, which has been a compliant tool of the FFB incumbents in getting challengers disqualified from participating in the district association elections (in Belmopan, in Belize District, in Stann Creek, and in Corozal), finally delivered its press release (see above) on Friday evening, January 6, with the results of the December 28 elections for the executive of the new Premier League.

Premier League getting ready to “roll di bola”
According to information received yesterday from newly elected Premier League President Jaime “Myito” Perdomo, Jr., the League, including the Executive and member clubs, met on Saturday, January 7, in Belmopan at the E & J Sports Bar, better known as the “Little Cabana”, and formulated plans for kick-off of its first season as early as next month.

Belize City Council embarks on million-dollar street rejuvenation project
Immediately following the ongoing rainy session that the city has currently been under, the Belize City, United Democratic Party’s City Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Works, will begin a street rejuvenation project for numerous city streets, ranging from the South side to the North side of the city.

PG man dodges death; rosewood from truck broke his two legs
Antonio Edwards and his three-year-old son narrowly escaped death as they journeyed back to their home in Jacinto Village, Punta Gorda Town on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at approximately 12:15 p.m.

More rosewood troubles in Toledo, while minister promises attention to battered Barranco roads
Elderly man injured by fallen rosewood log... Toledo East area representative Peter Eden Martinez has responded to a complaint from Barranco native, Angela Palacio, decrying the horrible conditions that the roads of Barranco have been in lately, partly due to oil exploration activities in the vicinity, as well as rosewood harvesting from Toledo lands.

National Perspective in perspective
Our sources estimate that the person/s who financed the National Perspective, a local newspaper which was published from late 2009 to late 2011, spent about $600,000 during those two years trying to get something accomplished.

The workers were protesting the cancellation of a contract by the City Council, with their employer, Belize Maintenance Limited, BML. ...

Today Leader of the Opposition People's United Party, Francis Fonseca, told Love News today that the legal process ought to be followed in getting Belizean ...

“We certainly welcome any relief to homeowners and persons who are holding mortgages with the Government of Belize, Social Security Board so we welcome that ...

Services were temporarily interrupted this morning at the community hospital in San Ignacio town. That is because a doctor was ejected from the institution this morning.

Twenty year old David Secundino an employee of Bowen and Bowen who resides in Ladyville, was charged with aggravated assault and wounding when he appeared in Court today.

Belizean Studies Focus On Culture
We wouldn't say it's anywhere near as popular as the Amandala - but the Journal of Belizean Studies certainly has the history. The academic journal is in ...

Electioneering or Genuine Works?
This is not Belize City Council." "Again we collaborate with the Ministry of Works to do these infrastructural works. You have to understand that the Belize ...

Chairman Accuses SSB Staffers Of "Insider Trading"
... commercial banks and other lending institutions in Belize, to pay down these mortgages, to take their balances below $50000 in order to benefit as well. ...

BML Workers Rage Against City Hall
But at the Belize City Council, it seems controversy is always only a breath away - and today a full-fledged embarrassment erupted in plain view right in ... San

Lorenzo, OW Resident Says Her Residence Being Used As "Safe House"
It's the dirty little secret of Belize's electoral system that virtually every division has safe houses - where crafty politicians register people who do ... Female Doctor Escorted Out Of Hospital By Police
Tonight San Ignacio Community Hospital is fraught with internal tension after police escorted a female doctor out of the building. CEO in the Ministry Dr. Peter Allen confirmed that Doc... No One Yet Charged For OW Murder
Four men remain detained in Orange Walk and by tomorrow someone may be charged for the murder of 37 year old RODOLFO VIDAL PERRERA, known as Boxie. The father of three was killed last w... Man Charged For Aggravated Assault
Twenty year old David Secundino, an employee of Bowen and Bowen residing on Marage Road in Ladyville, was charged with aggravated assault and wounding when he appeared today in the Magistr... Electioneering or Genuine Works?
We all know the popular tune - love is in the air-but how about its companion - Election is in the Year? All around us are the signs that elections - at least the municipal election - ar...

Fraudulent addresses for new Belizean Citizens?
The deadline for the registration of new voters has been extended from today to January twentieth. And there is a mad rush to register to vote in March seventh election or the upcoming general elections whenever they are called which, according to the Prime Minister, is very soon. So on Friday, as many as four [...]

Once accused of same practice, P.U.P. wants investigation
The People’s United Party, which was also accused of the same practice before the last election, today issued a lengthy release on the issue charging that due process and the necessary rigorous scrutiny are being ignored on...

P.U.P. wants investigation into S.S.B.’s write offs
The Social Security Board is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to deal with reports that select staff members have found a way to benefit from the write-off of mortgages of up to fifty thousand dollars offered by...

Police escort doctor from Cayo Hospital premises
An embarrassing incident took place at the San Ignacio Hospital this morning that has doctors and nurses enraged. The staff is up in arms because Doctor Angelica Rosado was escorted off the hospital compound by no less...

International Governance and Risk Institute Training for Judiciary
While the FIU attempts to seal convictions in three current cases, an ongoing workshop at the Radisson is training members of the judiciary to properly enforce money laundering legislation and deter future incidents. The workshop is being...

Paving city streets upgrades Santi and Lee Mark
Municipal elections and possibly General Elections are on the horizon. Some campaigns ads are being churned out to provide a selling point for politicians. However, an easier way to make a case to the electorate is to...

SJC’s Preeminent Publication of Journal of Belizean Studies
St. John’s College Junior College launched Volume thirty-one, Number Two of its esteemed publication, Belizean Studies. The journal of social research and thought is expected to stimulate further research into our own identity. Nigel Encalada, Director ...

Election challenge to the UDP
Yesterday we caught up with Director of Vision Inspired by the People, Robert Lopez, where he expressed the party’s...

PUP calls for investigation into SSB mortgage debt program
The People’s United Party is calling for a thorough investigation into the Social Security Board mortgage debt prog...

Police detain persons in relation to Orange Walk murder
Police have detained persons in connection to the Saturday night murder of well known Orange Walk businessman Rodol...

Doctor thrown out of San Ignacio hospital
A doctor of the San Ignacio Community Hospital was thrown out of the hospital this morning. Upon orders from the De...

Independence teen accused of raping minor
An eighteen year old of Independence Village has been charged with unlawful carnal knowledge and un-natural crime a...

Man airlifted to hospital after Rosewood accident
As we reported last night, there was a rosewood related accident in the south. We have received some new pictures o...

Accident in the north leaves man dead
A man has died after being knocked down in Corozal. The victim, Perfecto Victorino, was hit on the Santa Rita Road....

Images of Western Highway car collision
There was an accident on the Western Highway on Sunday morning. It happened just outside La Democracia Village. The...

Man on assault charge granted bail
A man has reported to police that he was attacked allegedly by three men, one of whom was armed with a machete. Tod...

Minor charged with attempted robbery
A 16 year old boy who was stabbed during an attempted robbery at a recently open Arcade Game Room last week, was re...

What is killing Pelicans along the shores in Toledo?
Efforts continue to determine the cause of recent deaths of three Pelicans on the Coastline of Punta Gorda. With an update of a story we first brought you on Friday of last week, here is our Toledo Correspondent.

Five Men Detained for Perrera’s Murder

Belize Listed as One Of The Top Places To Be In 2012

New Belizeans give False Address To Register To Vote

BYM Meets with Youth of Corozal

First Episode of Meet The Candidates Airs On Centaur Cable Network

P.U.P Weighs In On Naturalization Controversy


SPRCS gets New Picnic Area and Restrooms
On Monday, January 9, 2012, hundreds of students headed back to school as classes resumed from the Christmas break. Students of San Pedro RC School were delighted to come back to school, meet with friends and teachers and for break they were able to enjoy each other’s company under the newly built shaded picnic area.

San Pedro’s annual Wahoo Challenge held
San Pedro’s annual Wahoo Challenge, organized by Henry Beissner was hosted at the Tackle Box on Saturday, January 7th. The fishing tournament invites the participation of local and international fisher folks to compete and is held annually during a period that coincides with the peak of the Wahoo feeding season.

Belize Gets Serious About Becoming A BPO Player
BELTRAIDE, in promoting investment in this dynamic and versatile industry, invited Mr. Laughlin to tour Belize and meet with both business persons and government officials. (Business Process Outsourcing, BPO, is the process of hiring another company to handle business activities for you)

Golf Cart Races in San Pedro?
The flier says “World Championship 2012 Golf Cart Race” Sunday, January 8. So we could not catch the races but we hope nobody was drag racing in the streets of San Pedro and creating a potential danger for others. Maybe it was held in a field or empty lot. But the idea of recklessly driving golf carts on the streets is not a pretty picture. We sure know how accidents on golf carts look like. Let’s hope the organizers of this are responsible enough to take safety into consideration. Did anybody catch the race?

The SPTGA donates to Tourism Police and SP Lions
Two organizations received a donation from the San Pedro Tourism Guide Association. The Tourism Police Unit of the San Pedro Police Formation and the San Pedro Lions Club were presented with the donation by the Chairman of the SPTGA Phillip “Billy” Leslie on Friday January 6th, 2012.

Town Clock Inaugurated with Fireworks
The official inauguration of the San Pedro Town Clock was originally set up for New Year’s Eve but due to the inclement weather it was moved to this past Friday, January 6, 2012.

BTB’s Announces 4th Road Warrior
The BTB is pleased to announce that it has selected Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons as its next writer for the Road Warriors program. Kristin, a professional pastry chef, will be arriving in country today

Traffic in San Pedro Proves to be Challenging
If it was not bad at first (but yes it was), it definitely is at its worst at the moment. TRAFFIC! Ever since the commencement of construction of the Town Clock on Barrier Reef Drive traffic has been a dire mess in downtown San Pedro. Now that the clock is complete, part of Barrier Reef Drive is still blocked and people are wondering what’s going to happen to traffic on the island.

Is Orange Walk Killing a Retaliation for Renan Jr.?
On Friday, Renan Briceno Juniour was formally charged for murder - after Dale Tillett finally succumbed to head injuries he received on New Year's Eve - allegedly from gunshots fired from Br...

Man Seriously Hurt By Rosewood Toppling Out Of Truck
A man was seriously hurt yesterday when a length of Rosewood timber fell off a truck and crushed his legs. The victim is Antonio Edwards - seen here after the accident in this picture from...

GSU Cleans Up Cayo
On Sunday the Gang Suppression Unit executed an operation in San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town - targeting criminal gang members and alleged drug traffickers operating in the Cayo Distric...

The Drive To National Elections
The villages of Caledonia and Chunox in the Corozal District aren't what you might call political hotbeds - in fact they are in Corozal Southeast, a divisions which the UDP has neve...

Road Works In City Underway
And in another move - that's just in time for elections - we today found Works Minister Boots Martinez looking on as the approaches to the bridge across South Creek in Belize city were ...

Magistrates, Police Prosecutors Trained In Money Laundering
Today, the lower Belize City was virtually inactive - and that's because magistrates and police prosecutors were busy in a training seminar at the Radisson. It's part of the Rule of...

Canton, Advisor, Not Coordinator
On Friday night we told you that former PUP Minister Henry Canton had been reactivated as the party's Southern Coordinator. This was confirmed to us by three party sources. But, the pa...

Old Pirate Wallace Nothing More Than Another Fiction
If you've learned even a little bit of history in school, you know the story of old Captain Peter Wallace. An old Buccaneer, he's supposedly the namesake of Belize - because - the story ...

Juvenile Manatee Saved, But May Be Too Ill to survive
Manatees regularly traverse the coastline and canals between the Haulover Bridge and Belize City. But this morning, one was seen in a distressed state on one of those canals. Fortunately...

Newlywed Hits The Lotto Jackpot
There was a lotto winner this weekend. A businessman from Dangriga became 117,500 dollars richer after his numbers proved to be the sole winning combination. As he told us, it came right...

Rescuing a manatee
Manatees are endangered globally and in Belize, mariners have posed a major threat to their survival. But biologists and manatee researchers have taken up the challenge to rescue the mammals in distress. While a few recent rescues have...

James Adderley speeds with cyclists to victory
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. While the movers and shakers in the football world try to establish an organized administrative structure, the beat still goes on with the launching of the Belize...

Lecture on Belize and the history of its economics
The history of Belize, from settlement to nationhood, has been written by renowned authors from just about every perspective conceivable. Throughout the years scholars have studied and published accounts of the Jewel’s colonial, political and cultural past...

New citizens swear oath
In Friday’s newscast, we showed you the video of hundreds of persons lining up at the George Price Centre in Belmopan where they took the oath to become new Belizean citizens. The rush to process and bestow...









VIP cries nationality improprieties at Immigration Department
A year ago, Vision Inspired by the People, voiced its concern on the proposed amnesty of over 20,000 illegal aliens...

Supernatural Lifestyle Conference heading to Spanish Lookout
The Supernatural Lifestyle Conference is a four-day workshop focused on equipping and activating churches in prophe...

Well known businessman gunned down outside his home
A well known Orange Walk businessman was shot and killed after he was ambushed just outside his home on Saturday ni...

San Marcus villagers demonstrate over rosewood logging
Turmoil continues in the south concerning the illegal extraction of Rosewood in the San Marcus Community. On Thursd...

Rosewood log falls from truck and hits pedestrian
And speaking of rosewood, there was a rosewood related accident in the south. Rosewood logs are extremely heavy and...

Child rescued from burning building
Fire officials in Belize City are investigating a fire that has resulted in the hospitalization of a three year old...

Four persons escape unhurt in road accident
Four persons walked away unhurt from a road accident that occurred on the Western Highway over the weekend. On Sund...

Stackle Monsanto sentenced to 7 years in prison
33 year old Stackle Monsanto was sentenced to seven years imprisonment when he appeared in Magistrate’s Court on De...

Trio charged with drug, firearm and ammunition offenses
A recent bust in Santa Elena Town has led to the arrest of three persons for drug, firearm and ammunition offenses....

Inauguration of pre-school in San Antonio Village
Today was the inauguration of the newly built San Antonio Pre-School in the San Antonio Village of the Cayo District...

Seven Days Into The New Year O.W. Records Its First Murder

DPP Receives Case File On Rape Investigation

62 Year Old Knocked Down In Corozal

Meet The Candidates Show Airs On Centaur Cable Network

Classes Resume Countrywide

More Immigrants Expected To Receive Naturalization On Friday

From San Francisco Bay to Ambergris Caye
"I was first attracted to Belize about a dozen years ago by the natural beauty and ... For eight years, they traveled to Belize annually to relax and dive. ...


The January 8th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Donovan Casildo And A Minor Charged For The Murder Of Sylvan Roberts Jr.
  • Don Teod Laid To Rest
  • Giovanni Bring Home The Championship
  • Introducing Our New Magistrate, Mrs. Nardia Morgan
  • Guatemalan Man Busted with Weed
  • STAR Humor
  • Naturalized Belizean Guatemalan Couple Found With Two Sacks Of Mota
  • Your Weekly Horoscope & Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • A Soldier Remanded For Gun And Bullets, Wife Freed On Bail
  • Phillip Burns Wins Hell Of The West Race
  • Sadden By Mrs. Abigail Wade’s Departure from Santa Elena Primary School
  • Liquor License Notices

Debating our Future
History will be made in San Pedro when mayoral candidates will meet for the first ever political debate on January 18th. Residents of La Isla Bonita will have the opportunity to see and hear how the candidates are equipped to answer compelling questions regarding our community and what their plans are for our future.

Tia Chocolate: Memories II
The pain came and went, and as usual, she said nothing; she complained not once. After raising four children, she had learned that if she didn’t do things her way, nothing would get done.

Biking, birding, and a bountiful breakfast
This morning we got going earlier than normal (for us) and fought a stiff breeze to bike up north to Grand Belizean Estates for some birding. Barry had such good luck seeing so many birds last Sunday while I was sick that I was hoping for a repeat performance, but for some reason, the birds were not quite as plentiful this week.

A Beautiful Day Around Town - Art, Lunch and Pool at Cholo's
We continued on to attend a charity art show taking place at the Tropic Air terminal. Here are some pictures of people enjoying the art and some of my favorite pieces...

Biking, birding, and a bountiful breakfast
This morning we got going earlier than normal (for us) and fought a stiff breeze to bike up north to Grand Belizean Estates for some birding.

Chicken Fried Steak, Pedro's Poker Info
My appetite is still not back to normal but in the interest of gaining 10lbs I managed a chicken fried steak covered in cream gravy. It came with with fries and Texas toast. Belize poker info from Pedro’s Poker Club.

Geovanni Choto wins 22nd KREM New Year's cycling classic
Geovanni Choto of the Western Spirit team won the 22nd edition of the KREM New Year's Day cycling classic from the Corozal Free Zone to Belize City ...

Sanpedranos propose 3 new MPAs
Concerned citizens of San Pedro Town and Ambergris Caye have proposed that the Government of Belize should create three new Marine Protection ...

Kevin Lee gets out of prison on bail
Lee had fled Belize in late September 2011, after some of his videos were discovered. He was returned to Belize on November 11, after he was arrested in Los ...

The Independent newspaper releases result of expert poll
The Independent's publisher Glenn Tillett and Strimple presented the findings at a press conference at the offices of the Belize Chamber of Commerce ...

Luke and Ashcroft battle for Port
The many rumours of an impending takeover by the Belize Bank of the Belize Ports Limited became reality when officers of the bank, escorted by more than a dozen police officers, entered the port at Yarborough and installed the bank’s receiver, Arturo Vasquez, on Thursday, January 5.

Shooting victim, Dale Tillett dies!
Dale Tillett, 19, was shot outside the Palm Island night club on New Year’s Eve and succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner

GOB explains $17 million mortgage write off
The government will write off over $17million worth of Mortgages owed to the Social Security Board by 782 persons without actually spending a cent...


Mid morning fire destroys three homes in DFC
Police and Fire officials in San Pedro Town are investigating the circumstances that led to the destruction of three structures in a midmorning fire on Saturday, January 7, 2012. Sometime around 11:30AM officials responded to reports of a house on fire in the DFC area of San Pedro Town.

Fire Destroys Home in DFC Area
A midmorning blaze completely destroyed a small house in the DFC area, which has left a family homeless in the New Year. Shortly after 11a.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2012, the San Pedro Fire Department was alerted about the fire which the residents of the DFC area started battling before the fire truck arrived.

Say cheese!
In addition to all the bottles the renters next door gifted us with, they left us with a lot of assorted foodstuffs that they had left over as they headed back to the US. We aren't proud; as expensive as most food is here, we were happy to get it. They really must like cheese, as they had a ton of it to give us. Yum! So, we've been busy with cheese cookery.

Documenting US Student Volunteers’ work in Belize
Since 2008, Kim Shakelford has been bringing students from the University of Mississippi (also refer to as Ole Miss) to conduct volunteer work in various parts of Belize. The various groups’ work progress throughout the past four years will be documented by a group of journalism students from Ole Miss.

Fuel Prices Increase Again
Barrow forgot to tell the Belizean public is when his administration will keep their promise of maintaining the price of fuel below the $8.00 mark and that effective January 1st 2012 the price of fuel would see an increase.

Orange Walk Resident Captures Jaguar In His Own Backyard
Sixty six year old Fransico Magana and his family including his grandchildren, lives on this farm located approximately five miles out of Orange Walk Town. His humble home is surrounded by jungle and at night, since they have no electricity, the family’s only source of light is the moon. According to Magana, over the past few years jaguars have devoured his livestock and approximately 10 of his dogs.

Belize Zoo Becomes Jaguar's New Home
At around 2:00 this afternoon officials arrived to transfer the jaguar to what would be her new home. And relocating the large cat proved to be no easy task. The animal had to be put to sleep, that of course was done with a tranquilizer. After the tranquilizer took its course, Shiela Schmeling, a veterinarian for over 30 years, took control.

Hispanic Community Celebrates "El Dia De Los Reyes"
Christmas is over, New Year's resolutions have been made and bank accounts are in recovery. But while for most people, the start of a new year is a time to contemplate the year ahead or to shake off the holiday blues, for most Hispanics the celebration continues with El Dia De Los Reyes celebrated today.

How Public Participation in Belize Changed the Course of Cruising
In late 2009 a private development group, with apparent links to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, submitted a proposal directly to the Prime Minister of Belize and the Ministry of Tourism that called for the establishment of a new cruise port of call in the small southern village of Placencia (estimated population 1,700). The proposal—described by the developers as small scale or “niche” cruise tourism, in contrast to “mass tourism”—catalyzed much discussion and debate on the benefits and drawbacks of this sector ...

Happy and Healthy in Caribbean Belize
A healthier life wasn’t the only reason to move to Belize. “Placencia is a quaint seaside village at the end of a peninsula with the most loving population of locals and expats you will ever meet,” says Erin.


Plant mangroves…Save our beach
If you have been living on the island for a while, chances are you are aware of the controversy surrounding the cutting down of mangroves and dredging along coastal areas during large development projects. Often times, it’s because these developments prefer white, clean, sandy beaches or they choose to replace the mangroves with concrete retaining walls. There is one organization on Ambergris Caye that is pushing for a change in this mentality by promoting the planting of mangroves.

BTL users unable to access Facebook in Belize
Facebook fans in Belize who use Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) as their internet provider have been unable to access the popular social media site for the last several hours. There are speculations that while BTL has been busy blocking Voice Over Internet Protocol they inadvertently managed to block Facebook as well.

Local Airlines Mark Increase in Airfares for 2012
We have taken notice that both local airlines in the country, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air, have announced an increase in airfares that have become effective since the beginning of the New Year 2012. The airlines credit the increase to climbing fuel prices around the world which make it especially hard on smaller airlines that consume large quantities of fuel.

The Amazing Coconut Leo!
New York has the Naked Cowboy, Mexico has Simi but Ambergris Caye has Coconut Leo! He is just one of those Island personalities that make San Pedro unique; and he is very much an entertainer who keeps the tourists taking pictures and uploading videos of his amazing acrobatic feats online.

Think You’re Cold…
I got a Think Your Cold email this morning from Ken with a visual reminder that no matter how cold I am here I could always be colder elsewhere. I am pleased to say I did not wear a hat to sleep last night and it has warmed up considerably today.

Grrrrr....Facebook down in All Of Belize!
And one would think it's the end of the world. The site has been blocked in all of Belize this evening, it has been about an hour so far. Calls are going out to BTL and the speculation is that they are blocking the video chat that many have been enjoying these last few weeks. DRAT! The charge us a fortune for internet and then block any kind of chatting.

Have bottles, will travel (by bicycle)
We'd been collecting Belikin bottles for awhile as I'd been enjoying the Sorrel Stout holiday brew leading up to and during the holidays. Barry, silly boy, doesn't really care for Belikin, so I can't even blame any of the empties on him. A few days ago, renters in the unit next door to us left us a large number of empty (and some full as well) soda bottles and a soda case that they hadn't had time to return to Belikin for their deposit. It looked like free money to us, so who were we to say no?

Ashcroft Alliance (PIL) Retains Firm Hold On Port
Tonight the Port of Belize remains firmly in the hands of the Ashcroft Alliance. Management, operations and possession remains under the hand of receiver Arturo Tux Vasquez, appointed by the...

Three Year Old Saved From Apartment Fire
This morning, a toddler was pulled from a burning room in the Port Loyola Area of Belize City. It happened on Reggae Street which is right near the sea at around 8:30. 7news was ...

Renan Briceno Jr Charged For Murder
Renan Briceno Jr. was taken back to Magistrate's Court today where he was arraigned for murder. This is after 19 year old Dale Tillett died yesterday morning - five days after Brice...

Stackles Again!
He's appeared on this newscast very many times - and tonight - Stackle Monsanto - is making news again. The 33 year old with 2 convictions for robbery, was sentenced to 7 years today ...

Southern Killer Charged In City
A twenty year old laborer of mile 10 on the Southern Highway has been charged with the murder of a Shrimp farmer, which took place in October of last year. Edwin Millian was finally cha...

The Strange Case Of "Skilled Solutions"
As we told you last night, The Prime Minister has asked the Auditor General's office to investigate the affairs of the KHMH. One thing that is sure to be reviewed is the Naitonal Referral...

A Turkey Theft In Lemonal
Earlier this week two men were taken to court - accused of a stabbing in Lemonal village. It was a mundane court report, but we figured, we'd look more closely at the story since the st...

Skeen Not VIP "No More"
On March 31st. of last year, former prison boss Marlon Skeen proudly presented himself to us as the VIP's mayoral candidate for Belmopan. He had big shoes to fill; Skeen was taking over...

Zoo Gets Help From A Grateful Visitor
'The Belize Zoo', has been struggling to get back on its feet ever since Hurricane Richard set the World's Best Little Zoo'expansion program back by months. Donations came in from a...

Grandmother "Tries A Thing" With Music
Popular music releases are dominated by younger persons - and you meet them very often on this newscast - but tonight we'll tell you about a 43 year old mother of seven and grandmother ...

What Debt Forgiveness Means
The Prime Minister New Year's gift to 780 homeowners was mortgage forgiveness. For sure, the UDP has made much political mileage out of it - and even though detractors warn about vote buy...

The project has four components, and the, the components that are of relevance to the Western Dumpsite and the Belize City Dumpsite is component number one ...

GOB will change laws to bring new electricity rates into effect on February 1
In December 2011, we told you that the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) had applied to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for a 3.4% reduction in ...

$880000 for gang truce and CYDP since August 2011
In our most recent online poll, 84.9% of votes were for the stance that Belizeans do NOT feel safer in Belize now than they did the same time last year—this ...

Belizeans win Elite, Female and Junior in 2012 Krem New Year’s Day Cycling Classic
And when it was over, a Belizean male had regained the prestigious Elite championship, in the person of Geovanni Choto of Western Spirit Cycling Team from ...

Lucas Magnus, Lucas Evictus!
Belize's premier commercial port in Belize City, owned and operated by Luke Espat's Port of Belize Limited (PBL), came under the control of Michael ...

Renan Briceño, Jr., charged with the murder of Dale Tillett, 19
He was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his court date on February 16, 2012. The management at Palm Island sent out a press release yesterday, ...

Rosewood mania visits degradation on Barranco
According to Chief Forest Officer Wilber Sabido, rosewood exports have suddenly emerged as a rival to the more longstanding exports of mahogany, Belize's ...

Of perks and politicians
A lot of Americans feel that the federal government has gotten too large and powerful in the United States. This is an age-old issue in the U.S., because they are organized in so-called states, 50 of them, and there was this critical time when those states which ...

Ideas and Opinions - The Law
There are some laws which are exceedingly difficult to administer and, serve the best interests of society, which is the reason why the laws were made. Such a law is the one which says it is a crime for a male to have sexual relations with a female (defined as a “minor”) below









100s of immigrants become Belizeans
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is on the record that general elections are likely to follow the March Seventh municipal elections. But from the looks of it, there is surely a lot of activity to signal that we are now in the political season and that the generals may be sooner rather than later. Aside from [...]

Will Corozal Town Councilor be charged for Rape?
A Corozal minor has made serious allegations against town councilor, Willie Cruz, who she claims got her drunk and raped her after she passed out. The incident reportedly occurred on December twenty-ninth and a doctor has certified...

Takeover of Luke’s Port; like popping a PIL
It was day two at the Port of Belize today and all indications are that the flow of business was seamless following the takeover by Private Investment Limited on Thursday. The test will be this Saturday when...

House will approve housing write-off
The House of Representatives is being convened for next Friday and speculation is that the prime minister may drop a bomb. PM Dean Barrow will also seek House approval to write off over seventeen million dollars in...

Santi’s Park and Ride on paved streets
There is a strong breeze of electioneering that is blowing not only among town and city councilors but also standard bearers. And while the Prime Minister has not given a specific date for the general elections, we...

Ministry of Works paving major streets
Also here on the north side, late this evening the Ministry of Works and City Council were in Caribbean Shores assessing the streets that are about to be paved. Boots singled out Caribbean Shores and Freetown for...

Singing pain into positive CD for sale
Not unlike the ministry of works, a resident of San Pedro is doing her own version of road building. Abby Williams is a single mother who has experienced her fair share of hardships in life. In the...

Off with the Head; Jamaica cuts off Queen
It was announced in mid December of 2011 that the royal family would be embarking on a worldwide tour in 2012 as part of celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. On his first solo tour, Prince Harry...

Luke Espat says battle over Port isn't over
As we reported yesterday, the Port of Belize has gone into receivership. Early yesterday morning, the Belize Bank r...

Marlon Skeen no longer VIP candidate
With only a couple of months to municipal elections, Vision Inspired by the People has announced that Marlon Skeen ...

Hon. John Saldivar defends mortgage write-offs
In the Prime Minister’s new year's message, the Prime Minister announced that Government would be buying over from ...

Update inside the Football Federation of Belize
And inside the Football Federation of Belize, elections for the Premier League of Belize Executive Committee were h...

Renan Briceno charged for teen's death
Within the past couple of weeks, two victims who had survived separate shootings have passed away, and the men accu...

Man dies one year after being shot
In the other incident, Anthony Major, better known as “King” who was shoot and left paralyzed in November of 2010 p...

Memorial mass scheduled for the Rt. Hon. George Price
It has been three months since the Father of the Nation the Rt. Hon. George Price passed away. Hon Price died on Se...

Accused murderer ping-ponged between courts
Accused murderer, 20 year old Edwin Millian was transported to Belize City today to stand trial for the stabbing de...

First persons convicted of drug trafficking for 2012 are women
The first persons to be convicted for drug trafficking offenses before the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for 2012 ...

Firefighters battle house fire in Independence Village
Firefighters responded to a house fire in Independence Village this morning, after neighbors discovered flames comi...


Lobsterfest 2012 Dates released
Rebecca Arceo, spearheading the Lobsterfest committee confirmed to The San Pedro Sun this morning, that the dates for Lobsterfest 2012 have been confirmed. The festival will commence on Friday June 15th and go through Saturday June 23rd with the big blow out block party that day. We will continue to update you as more information becomes ...

Fraudsters preying on San Pedro golf cart owners
The theft of license and insurance stickers from golf carts is turning into an administrative headache for the Traffic Department in San Pedro Town. Love TV’s Maria Novelo explains.

San Pedro to hold first ever Mayoral Candidate Debate
San Pedro is gearing up for a first ever mayoral candidate debates. The debates are scheduled for the evenings of Wednesday, January 18th with the second one scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, 2012. The location of the debate is soon to be announced. Invited to the debates are Mrs. Conchita Flota – PUP Mayoral Candidate, Ms. Melanie Paz – Independent Mayoral Candidate and Mr. Daniel “Danny” Guerrero – UDP Mayoral Candidate.

Caye Caulker bids farewell to a legend in the community: Mrs. Petrona Joseph nee Palacio – RIP
It is with a great and heavy heart that I announce the passing away of a well-loved and well-favored legend on Caye Caulker, Mrs. Petrona Joseph nee Palacio, Mother, Wife, Grand-mother, Aunt, Cousin and Great Friend on this early morning of Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

The Cold Front is Still Here And An Unfortunate Fellow is Wearing No Pants
And the sun rose above a pretty heavy grey cloud that looks like the kind that will hang around for a while. There is still a northerly wind and I'm guessing my jacket will be on all day.

It's a new year, time for a new SAGA calendar
We stopped in at SAGA today while on our errand ride in town and purchased our 2012 calendar. The calendar is really cute, with photos of lovely ladies with precious pooches and felines inside, and all proceeds benefit the SAGA Humane Society. Several businesses around town are selling these, and you can also stop in at SAGA or even order online on their website to get yours too! Get all the deets below....

Ashcroft Alliance Takes Over Port Of Belize
The Port of Belize is under new management and control tonight - after the Ashcroft Alliance swept in and took it over today. As we've been reporting, the rancor between the Port of B...

Receiver Says Port Must Be Kept As "Going Concern"
But from our read of the letter from Private Investment Limited, it all came down to 3.7 million dollars in interest that PIL claims the Luke Espat Group failed to pay on the loan. We quo...

Teenager Passes After New Year's Eve Shooting
After clinging to life for four and half days, 19 year old Dale Tillett died this morning at the KHMH. The fourth form business student at Maud Williams High was shot in the head at four ...

Funeral For Another Child Casualty Of Gang Wars
The other person who was shot in the head on New Year's Eve is 9 year old Aaron Myvett Pope. The standard three student of Grace Primary was shot by home invaders as he slept in his m...

PM Hears KHMH Whistleblower
All that whistleblowing on the KHMH by Delory Herrera seems to have finally paid off. It was announced today from the office of the Prime Minister that the PM today asked the Auditor Gene...

Police Got Back Gaylord's Stolen Stuff
Last night we reported a burglary that took place over the New Year's weekend at GAYLORD'S warehouse located at number 19 King Street - above the store. The thieves took off with a ...

Constable Charged For Rape
A police constable who allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend, a mother of 3, was charged with 2 counts of rape and 1 count of escape from lawful custody when he appeared today in the Magistrat...

Narda Garcia's Sister A Fugitive
A hot political story in Guatemala has connections to Belize. It's a massive corruption probe which has implicated Gloria Torres, the sister in law of Guatemala's President - who is also...

PUP: Turf War In The North
And keeping it in the north, there are also reports of a major turf battle for control of party's northern caucus - which is considered its most active caucus. Reports say there's a m...

Florencio Jr. Says He Doesn't Want To Be Northern Caucus Boss
In reference to a story aire din our last segment about a major turf war in the PUP northern caucus, Florencio Marin Juniour called our newsroom just now to say he is not involved in any a...

Where Will Belize Be "When the World Ends"?
Belize like the rest of the Mundo Maya world is bracing itself for an onslaught of visitors for the year 2012, that could see a record breaking number of visitor arrivals. The event t...

75 City Streets To Be Upgraded
As we told you last night, after the rains battered the city's already dilapidated streets - the Ministry of Works and the City council are teaming up for major rehabilitation and capital ...

Another 9 year old killed in Belize City
Many Belize City residents speculate that the attack on this family came as a bi-product of a shooting, which occurred a half hour earlier at the Palm ...

Gang truce still holding PM: 9-year-old was not shot by truce ...
The New Year started with some troubling news in Belize City after a shooting incident at the Palm Island Nightclub resulted in two men being shot. ...

Queen's New Year's Honors
There is not a single legitimate investment in Belize that can yield more returns on the dollar than an investment made in Belize Telemedia Limited. ...

Simple Strimple and his play-play poll
Strimple apparently did a poll in Belize, which is saying that John Briceno (a known numb-skull, who had resigned before the poll took place) had greater ...

Early Elections…
Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow, in speaking with Channel 7 ... He noted that unlike Jamaica, Belize is not suffering economically as Jamaica was. ..

FREE 10 thousand homes
The toilet paper flowed from Belize Investment Management Company, BIMCO, a subsidiary of Social Security Board, to L & J's collection agency, ...

New hope at Magazine Road Skills Training Center
We have done this so that many more Belizean journeys can begin and ... Jeffery Locke, Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Electricity Limited, ...

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow 2012 New Year's Message
The Statistical Institute of Belize reports that for the first nine months of the year, our economy grew by 2.7% as compared to 1.8% for the same period in ...

PM to Start Nation-wide Tour in Corozal Southeast
The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, is embarking on a nationwide tour that will start in Corozal on Sunday, January 8. He will arrive in the village of Chunox at 9 a.m., then travel to the village ...

Fuming Dream Team at PUP headquarters
A few weeks ago there was a major shakeup at the PUP headquarters but the more things change the more they stay the same. The Guardian is not in the business of spilling shush, but laawd this one is just too good to go without reporting.

Keep your head low
The cruel and mindless murder of young Aaron Pope has really darkened the spirits of many Belizeans for the New Year. The circumstances surrounding his death are so sad, and I join other Belizeans in empathizing with the grieving mom, and indeed the entire family, in their time of deep sorrow.

Brace for BEL rate reductions
The Belize Electricity Limited has applied to the Public Utilities Commission for a 3.4% rate reduction for consumers. It is an unprecedented move by a utility company to ask for a rate reduction but under a nationalized utility it was expected.

Maya Region to Profit from 2012 Tourism
"2012 will be a momentous occasion, not only for Belize's large Maya population, but for all Belizeans," said Yanick Dalhouse, the Belize Tourism Board's ...

Young Yuvraj Duggal Raises $22000 for Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo in the Central American country of Belize received an early Christmas gift from 16-year-old Yuvraj Duggal, an Indian American from Chicago, ...

“It was an action that was expected from November of 2011, that the Belize Bank would take over the Port of Belize Limited from its owner, Luke Espat. ...

Police have recovered a number of items reported to have been stolen from Gaylord Store in Belize City. “Initially this report was made on the 3rd of ...

Five days after he was shot in the head in the parking lot of a Belize City nightclub, nineteen year old Dale Tillett has succumbed to his injuries. ...

Approximately six hundred bags of garbage were collected during a recent highway cleanup project held in three southern communities of Belize. ...

Rupert Lopez has reported to Police that sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning someone stole his 40 HP Grey and White Yamaha Outboard Engine ...




Luke’s Port of Belize taken over by a PIL
In the news tonight, after weeks of speculation, a take-over of major proportions took place which puts the privately owned Port of Belize in the hands of receivers. It is one of the biggest local companies to go under. Its previous owner, businessman Luke Espat, is said to be indebted more than sixty-four million dollars [...]

Port assets won’t be liquidated
Of equal interest is a collective bargaining agreement between the management of PBL and the stevedores who form the membership of the Christian Workers Union. According to Vasquez, the terms of that agreement remain intact and assurances...

Bail requirements carry serious responsibilities
Peyrefitte explained that while the procedures to secure bail are relatively straightforward, persons who sign sureties should know that it is a very serious responsibility. Michael Peyrefitte “The process of getting bail is fairly simple. Let us...

Project Hope Belize gives prosthesis to kids
With amputations increasing due to accidents and diseases, the demand for prosthetic limbs is growing. In Belize, such services are only available at one clinic, Project Hope Belize in Orange Walk Town. For over a decade, medical...

Healthy Living improves its vision
Contacts are thin corrective plastic lenses that cover the cornea of the eye to remedy most of the common vision disorders. With technology, even Bi focal & multifocal lens are available. Though complications aren’t common, the misuse...

Mexican citizen says he faced extortion in Belize
A prominent Public Accountant from Campeche, Mexico was visiting a relative in Belize earlier this week. But after an encounter with police officers at the Western Highway Mile Four checkpoint, forty-three year old Felipe Javier Chan Chable...

Battle over the Port of Belize as it goes into receivership
The battle continues over the receivership of The Port of Belize, between the Belize Bank and Luke Espat. A ...

Reactions to the Independent poll results
Yesterday on PlusNews we highlighted the public opinion poll released yesterday by Glenn Tillett of the newly forme...

Mexican nationals report allegations of abuse at highway checkpoint
This evening, PlusNews received information surrounding allegations of abuse of Belizean law enforcement agencies o...

Ultralight training goes terribly wrong for two men
PlusNews has just received information that last night in Spanish lookout a Ultralight training went terribly wrong...

19 year old succumbs to gun shot wound
Victim of New Year’s Eve shooting, 19 year old Dale Tillet has succumbed to his injuries. Dale, who had been on lif......

Cop granted bail in rape case
A police constable of Seine Bight has been arrested and charged with two counts of rape. This follows a report made...

Auditor General to look into the allegations of wrongdoing at the KHMH
Former KMHM Store Clerk Delroy Herrera made headlines in mid December when he came out as a whistleblower on allege...

Accused pedophile arrested on drug charge
An accused pedophile is back in the news but this time, for drug trafficking. Bryan Sears, an American national, re......

Man stabbed after stealing turkey, two others charged
Two men have been charged in connection to a stabbing incident which happened in the village of Lemonal. According ......

Gaylord's Warehouse burglarized
Gaylord’s warehouse, located on King Street in Belize City, was burglarized over the long holiday weekend. The thie......

Belize Bank takes over Port of Belize Limited
The news spread quickly early this morning that the takeover of the Port of Belize Limited was going down today. And true to those rumors, by the start of the business day the facility which employs hundreds of people and is in charge of the nation’s major sea ports had been taken over by the Belize Bank.

PUP Political Machinery In Full Swing
With the year 2011 gone it’s safe for us to say that Municipal Elections are right around the corner. In fact, if our count is right, we are only 62 days away from March 7th when Belizeans country wide will head out to the polls and vote for the political party they believe will bring change and development to their respective communities. Without a doubt the elections will be a battle between Belize’s two major political parties, the P.U.P and the U.D.P.

Price For Corn Tortilla Increases
Corn is embedded in our culture, especially here in the north. For many Belizeans corn, in whatever form, is an ideal companion for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But is seems that many of us, with an increase in the price of corn, will have to forcibly adjust our budget to at least be able to keep part of our culture.

ISL Learns The Art Of Beading
A team of ISL students learnt more about the art of beading and even created some pieces of their own. After working arduously tending to patients suffering from a number of illnesses, the group took some time off to interact with the children and residents of Trinidad Village. When we visited the village this afternoon here is what the group was doing.

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This Week's Stories:

  • THE MAN OF THE YEAR! The Hon. Dean Barrow
  • 2012 New Year Celebrations in Orange Walk
  • Editorial
  • THOUGHTS ACROSS THE MILES: Dr. Errol Elrington
  • The Prime Minister’s New Year Message
  • FROM THE PUBLISHER: If it is too good to be true! It is NOT!
  • MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY: Happy New Year by Rev. Dr. Rudolph Anthony Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Belize
  • Hon. Bernard Q.A. Pitts and Mayor Simeon Lopez will recieve Queens Honours
  • What is High Blood Pressure?
  • FOOD AND NUTRITION: First Aid and Safety Vomiting
  • Your Weekly Horoscope
  • The Corozal Free Zone The reality today! Eyes Locked on 2012
  • From The Ministry Of Sports: Reflection
  • KREM News Year’s Cycling Classic
  • Ex-cop Used Gun and Knife to Rescue Kids

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This Week's Stories:

    The Millionaires versus The Masses: PUP Blasts SSB Housing Mortgage Write Offs
  • Belizean Wins KREM New Year’s Race
  • Queen Honours Mayor Simeon Lopez Attorney General BQ Pitts and Others
  • Different Perpectives- One People: Delroy Cuthkelvin
  • Reflections and Projections: PM Barrow Recounts the Achievements in 2011 And Outlines the Continuing Vision for 2012
  • Auditor General to Investigate KHMH
  • New Year’s Message by Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega
  • Faith Lift: Your Greatest Need for the New Year is a New Heart
  • 101 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Past Year And To Be Hopeful In The New Year


Poaching of sea turtles discovered in Toledo
There is a disturbing report of poaching of endangered sea turtles in southern Belize. The incident is reported to have happened around the middle of last month; but a just released report by the Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment, TIDE, paints the horrific slaughter of three of the endangered creatures.

Cane Quality Decreases Due Inclement Weather
The 2011/2012 crop season is now well into its 5th week and so far, if you take into account the quality of cane that is being delivered to the factory, despite the inclement weather; things are looking quite good for this year’s crop season. According to the Chemist of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Alfonso Briceño, regardless of the inclement weather cane farmers have still been able to deliver quality cane to the factory. Compared to last year however, the quality has decreased but it’s all because of Mother Nature.

Belize Diabetes Association branch formed in San Pedro
The Belize Diabetes Association has established a branch in San Pedro. While it may have happened quietly and out of the news radar, The San Pedro Sun caught up with the organizers to find out more about the new BDA San Pedro branch. The members of the San Pedro Branch of the Diabetes Association are Chairman – Pablo Sosa, Vice Chairman – Atlantida Eiley, Treasurer – Hipolito Ruiz, Secretary – Lina Hoare and executive members are Teresita Guerrero, Enoe Guerrero, Eleonor Rosado, Rigoberto Kumul and Apolonio Reyes.

Bachelor Ben in Belize to Air Around Episode 7
id you watch ABC’s The Bachelor 16 premier on Monday, January 2, 2012? All eyes are back on ABC as Belize starts to follow Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s journey in finding a wife. But what all of the country is waiting for is Belize’s feature on the show. Ben Flajnik and his six dates arrived in Belize on Wednesday, October 19, 2011...

FLASHBACK: The Beginnings Of The Lions Clinic
After the San Pedro Lions Community Clinic was built by the Lions of San Pedro, Lion Otto Rodriguez was hired as the first resident doctor. He manned the clinic almost all by himself, but it was strictly as a general practitioner. Occasionally there were visiting tourists who were doctors and they offered their free services at the clinic. What we had plenty of were dentists.

Es Muy Frío
The wind is howling and it is freezing right now. I am sure some of you who are dealing with real cold, snow and slush are thinking cry me a river, at least you get to turn the heat up. I am wearing long sleeves, a jacket, jeans, socks, bandanna on my head and I am still cold. I am sure I am not the only one on the island who is all layered up. If I was ever house building in Belize I would make sure to include a fireplace in the plans.

A Strange Phenomena is Hitting the Island...
And it's all due to the temperature drop in the last few days, tiles around San Pedro are popping right off the floor and the walls. This morning it has dipped into the high 60s and there is a stiff northerly wind. Sunny but COLD!

The Aftermath: Dale Tillett clings to Life; 9 Year Old Family Lashes Out At 7
This evening at the KHMH, 19 year old Dale Tillett continues to cling to life at the KHMH. Despite waves of rumors that he had died, at a few minutes to five, the KHMH public rel...

PM Barrow Says Truce Holding, Despite 9 Year Old Killing
So, tonight, the status of the gang truce remains iffy. There has been no disturbance since Saturday morning's killing of 9 year old Aaron Myvett Pope so far - and today the Prime Minister ...

Palm Island Mgmt Says Shooting Not Their Fault
But if the truce fails, it will all go back to Saturday morning at the Palm Island nightclub. That's where Brandon "BT" Tillett and Dale Tillett were shot. The two are no blood r...

Boxing Day Accident Victim Dies
Last week, we reported extensively on a major collision on the Western Highway that happened on Boxing Day. It occurred between miles 70 and 71 on the Western Highway on the outskirts of ...

Burglary at Gaylord Takes Undisclosed Thousands In Stock
Over the long New Year's weekend, thieves took off with a number of name brand clothing items from Gaylord's warehouse after they managed to break in through a burglar bar door located at th...

You'll Know Your New Light Rate By Next Thursday
By next week Thursday or Friday - you should know what the Public Utilities Commission recommends for a decrease in your electricity rate. That preliminary decision is not due until the ...

BZE PM Learns Lessons From Jamaica Election
And speaking with us today, the Prime Minister also discussed the prospect of an early, or very early election. We know... That question has been asked and answered many times, but it's 2...

Independent Newspaper Commissions International Poll on Bze Politics
But if the Prime Minister pays any attention to the findings of a poll that was released today - he'd probably call the election for next month! That's because the poll commissione...

Corozal Town Councilor Under Investigation For Rape
A Town councilor in Corozal is being investigated for rape. That councilor is Willie Cruz, who was elected in 2009 and is seeking re-election under the UDP banner in this year's election. ...

Skills-Training For At-Risk Youth
The long awaited Skills Training Center located at the former Venus bus terminal on Magazine road, finally opened its doors today, as the Ministry of Education held a student orientation...

These Streets...
The city streets are in a state after the long December rains - but fear not the Ministry of Works is coming to bail out the city council once again. Councilor Dean Samuels today to...

Police confirm Corozal carnal case
The father of a sixteen year old high school student from Corozal went public on Tuesday with allegations that his daughter had been raped by a town councilor. But today police issued a report that tells a...

Barranco suffers from rosewood harvesting
The rape of forests in Belize for Rosewood continues unabated. One strong environmentalist and proponent for the end of the trade is People’s National Party’s Wil Maheia. Maheia has been personally documenting illegal shipments in the south....

Shoman’s election lessons via Jamaica
Senator Lisa Shoman has recently completed her duty as head of an OAs observer mission that oversaw the Jamaica elections. Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica’s first female prime minister led her party to a landslide victory against the...

Magazine Road Skills Training Center Programme
Youths between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, who dropped out of school, can look forward to skill training in four different disciplines. Earlier today, the Magazine Road Skills Training Center programme was introduced today by the...

Family receives brand new home
The holiday season is also about giving back and one Oasis family knows this to be true as today, that family has a...

Children to show off their musical progress in concert
Spiritual Fruit Ministries is a Christian based organization aimed at spreading the Gospel of Christ to the nation ...

PUP condemns rape allegedly committed by town councilor
The PUP Corozal Bay Executive committee issued a press release today following a report made by Channel 5 news last...

Victim of fatal road accident ID'd
Last night, just before our news time, there was an accident that claimed the life of one man. We reported on the a...

Assailant stabbed in attempted robbery
Police investigation continues into an Attempted Robbery that has left the assailant, a minor, in the hospital. Ini...

Man shot on New Year's Eve
A man was shot on New Year’s Eve on the Mullins River Road. At around seven a.m., on December 31, thirty-eight year...

Man succumbs to injuries suffered in accident
And, another road traffic victim has succumbed to injuries he received in the Boxing Day accident which happened on...

“Then who do trust most to get Belize's economy going again? 34% said private companies, ... Belize has reached an era, he said, for polling. ...

The third annual Belizean National Symposium on Education (BISE) began with a ... We have University of Belize students and we also have students from ...

There is a disturbing report of poaching of endangered sea turtles in southern Belize. The incident is reported to have happened around the middle of last ...






San Pedro brings in the New Year 2012
Thousands of revelers took to the streets early in the night of Saturday December 31st to gather at their favorite places with their best friends to bring in the New Year. The streets were buzzing with foot traffic, golf carts and even the pets were out in full force. Central Park was jam packed with people awaiting the count down and fire works. While many places on the island hosted their own New Year count down, the major hot spots were: Holiday Hotel – where their usual patrons gathered to bring in the New Year.

Island Resident Falls to his Death
Residents of San Pedro started the New Year with some sad and unfortunate news as island resident and a great friend to many passed away after suffering an accident in the early morning hours of Monday, January 2, 2012. Thomas Kimbrell an employee of Fido’s Restaurant and Bar was pronounced dead at 1:35a.m. by Dr. Lorenzo Nicholson on January 2, after he suffered a fatal fall from the third floor of his apartment complex.

Belize Targets “At Risk” Youth with Anti-Gang Program
The Youth For the Future under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Youth in collaboration with the United Nation’s Development Fund launches the “Southside Youth Success Project: Pathways to employment for young men at-risk of joining gangs”. The project is funded for two years and proposes to reach out to at-risk male youths by establishing a Youth for the Future ‘drop-in’ centre on Southside Belize City

The Weather is On Everyone's Mind
San Pedro Belize is experiencing some really crazy weather right now. High winds, torrential rain, chilly nights, thunder and lightening are totally out of place in January. This is supposed the month of weather perfection. Sun, sun and more sun. I have spent quite a bit of time reassuring visitors that this is not the norm. And feeling guilty that they can't go on their snorkeling and diving trips. I feel like it's my fault!

Prime Minister explains mortgage forgiveness initiative
Prime Minister Dean Barrow today gave a detailed explanation of the multi-million dollar mortgage write off for poor and middle class citizens. In his New Year’s address to the nation, Mr. Barrow announced that his government will be taking over seven hundred and eighty over non-performing mortgages from the Belize Social Security Board.

Gang Truce In Peril: Another Nine Year Old Killed, And Again While Sleeping
Our first newscast of 2012 - starts on a terrible note: And that's because another 9 year old has been killed. It happened on New Year's eve, the last murder of 2011 - and again ...

Cyclist Run Over On Hummingbird
A man on a bicycle was killed on the Hummingbird highway across from the Agricultural Show Grounds this evening. According to PLUS TV, around 10 minutes to six, a bus headed to Belize City ...

Two Charged For The Murder Of Sylvan Roberts
Cayo police have charged two men for the murder of Santa Elena resident Sylvan Roberts. As we reported, Roberts was killed in a home invasion just before Christmas. Gunmen got off ...

Gun(s) Found After Chinese Store Robbery
And a pair of guns have also been recovered in Belize. The weapons were the ones involved in the armed robbery of De He Li store on Friday morning. As we reported, three men ran into...

Men stabbed At New Year's Eve Mass
Attending New Year's eve mass is a tradition for many but in San Antonio village it almost turned deadly for two men. At about 8:00 on New Year's Eve night, 18 year olds Solomon Sho and...

Belize District's First Baby Of 2012
And while that was a bad omen to bring in the New Year, there's also some good news. The first baby of the Belize District's new year was born a little after 1:00 am. The little girl wei...

George St. child killed; Palm Island Club shooting
The last murder in 2011 took place on New Year’s Eve; the count stands at one hundred and twenty-five, five less than in the previous year. But there is little comfort in the Old Capital where a nine year old did not live to see 2012; he was hit when a hail of bullets penetrated [...]

$17 Million Housing Loans write-off; who pays?
The Prime Minister’s New Year’s message offered a gift to persons who owe thousands of dollars to the Belize Social Security Board (S.S.B.). The government says it will purchase from S.S.B., all mortgages at or below fifty...

2012’s First Baby honored at KHMH
But back in the city, just one hour into 2012, the first baby of the year was born at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At one o’clock a.m. on January first, a minor gave birth to the...

Ras Indio and Turtleman make music
Ras Indio is the son of Bredda David and he is a seasoned musician much like his father. He has taken his brand of music at reggae festivals in Europe, Canada and the United States. Indio has...

Sports Monday sprints into the New Year
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and welcome to this our 1st issue of Sports Monday for the year 2012. The New Years Day Cycle Classic as presented by the Belize Cycling Association in collaboration with KREM was...

San Antonio villagers stabbed multiple times
And as they were ringing in the New Year at church, two teenagers were stabbed multiple times in San Antonio, Toledo. At around eight p.m. on Saturday, eighteen year old Solomon Sho and Elmer Cowo were at...

Belize's Attorney General Bernard Quentin Augustus Pitts has been honored to be ordinary Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the ...

Barrow announced that his government will be taking over seven hundred and eighty over non-performing mortgages from the Belize Social Security Board. ...

Most Belizeans may not recognize the name but have benefitted from programs Wagner and his wife Bobbie initiated while in Belize. John Woods told us more ...








BDF discharges 4 soldiers for stolen guns
By William Ysaguirre When news broke that 42 guns and ammunition had been stolen from the Belize Defence Force armory, including 11 brand new 9mm pistols, ...

2012 will be a big year for athletics, organizers hope
Belizean young athletes achieved such outstanding successes this past year ... The Belize Amateur Athletic Association now says it wants to build on that ...

Belize's GDP grows 2.7%
High world prices for oil and citrus caused Belize's economy to grow 2.7 per cent, according to the latest statistics published by the Statistical Institute ...

Chief Magistrate changes bail requirements
Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith posted three new rules for securing bail from the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, December 22, but one of the new rules may make it more difficult for the poor to meet bail.

Double murder and suicide in Carmelita Village!
Lorne Lisbey, 40, of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk, who was wanted for last Thursday’s double murder of his mother-in-law and her daughter was found dead on Friday, December 23.Police say they are treating his death as a ...

Cops badger KHMH whistle-blower!
Whistle-blowers usually attract the contempt of those they expose, but Delroy Herrera’s snitching against his ex-bosses at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital resulted in his brief arrest and the confiscation of his computers on Thursday, December 22.

9 year old shot and killed while sleeping in his bed
It is a horrific incident to report on in our first newscast for the new year. However, on the last day in the year...

Man dies after being hit by bus in Belmopan
A man has died after he was hit by a bus shortly before news time near the Belmopan entrance. PlusNews Journalist G...

Highlight of the most talked about stories of 2011
Beginning a new year, there is much to look forward to. It is an election year this year and the country is gearing...

Belize welcomes first baby of 2012
A new year usually signifies hope and a gateway to new possibilities. So does the birth of a new born baby and when...

Arrest made in the case of deadly home invasion
There has been an arrest in the Santa Elena Town home invasion that resulted in the murder of a 39 year old man. Ju...

Group of five beat firearm and ammunition charges
A Group of five walked from firearm and ammunition offenses today after magistrate Albert Hoare upheld a no case su...

Police recover guns connected to store robbery
Police have discovered two firearms believed to have been connected to the robbery of De He Li store in Belize City...

Teens injured in stabbing incident
Two teens welcomed the New Year in the hospital undergoing treatment for multiple stab wounds. The incident happene...

Large amount of weapons discovered in Santa Elena
Police have discovered quite an amount of weapons in a yard in Santa Elena Town. The search conducted yesterday, le...

Weed found hidden inside basketball
Lately, we’ve heard of innovative ways of hiding drugs that some criminals are using. Weed being smuggled in food c...

UDP Councillor Accused of Having Sexual Intercourse with a 16 years Old Minor Against Her Will
Tonight details are still sketchy but CTV3 News understands that a 16 year old female minor from the Corozal District has visited the Corozal Police Station and filed a complaint against a U.D.P Corozal Town Councilor.

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