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September 30, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Prime Minister Expresses Condolences to Family of Special Constable Danny Conorquie
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and the Government of Belize join the rest of the nation in expressing deepest condolences to the family of Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, murdered in the line of duty while seeking to guard and protect Belizean patrimony. The Prime Minister has spoken personally to SC Conorquie’s next of kin, and offered every assurance that the ultimate sacrifice made by this Belizean hero will not be forgotten. While nothing can bring him back or properly console his loved ones, the Government commits to looking after the financial welfare of his immediate survivors. At the same time as expressing sorrow, the Government of Belize also expresses outrage at the heinous nature of the killing, and condemns the perpetrators of the dastardly act. There are reasons to believe that Guatemalan nationals may be responsible for the shooting and this has been communicated to the Guatemalan Authorities and the OAS.

Da time fi Tea!
As you walk along the village roads or town streets you’re bound to be graced with the delicious aroma of tortillas baking on the comal, fluffy fry jacks puffing over in a hot pot of oil, or Johnny Cakes being baked. Sniff a little more, and you’ll catch the smell of fresh fried beans, perfectly seasoned fried fish, or that yummy stewed chicken or stewed beef from the afternoon’s lunch. At the table you will likely be served a plate of hot fried jacks, or maybe flour tortillas, with stewed chicken or eggs and cheese-oh and let’s not forget those freshly baked Johnny cakes with fried beans and eggs…To wash it down, a hot cup of coffee, black tea, or Milo with your Belizean “tea”, if you please.

Guest Editorial
“A (stewed) chicken in every pot.” So it was a bit later in the afternoon, already past lunch hour… Standing at the counter at Briana’s this meant no wait or lines, but also the worrisome chance that all the food might be gone! The “lunch special” of the day certainly would be. So optimistically and politely, I asked, “Do you still have rice & beans? And if so, can I order two please, to go…” “Would you like white meat or dark?” replied the woman behind the counter, smiling. “Hmmm… dark I suppose, but it does not really matter.” After all, I knew the effort behind each was the same -made with conscience and care, with respect for both the ingredients and the customer, the results being consistent and delicious. “Right now…” she said.

Sniffins celebrate 10th anniversary of purchasing The San Pedro Sun
Ten years ago today, on September 29, 2004 Ron and Tamara Sniffin purchased The San Pedro Sun from Dan and Eileen Jamison, who owned the paper for seven years. The island newspaper was first printed on March 14, 1991 and was founded by Bruce and Victoria Collins who sold it to the Jamison’s in 1996. Publisher Ron Sniffin reflects, “Although it has been much more challenging than we thought, this has been among the most memorable and rewarding ten years of my life”. According to Editor Tamara Sniffin, it’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since they made the life changing decision to purchase the paper. “It is hard to believe we have owned the paper for ten years now. We have seen so many changes on the island, and certainly lots of changes within the paper!

Letter to the Editor: San Pedro Junior College
Please allow us a space in your prestigious Newspaper for the following: On September 19, 2014, San Pedro Junior College joined the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in commemorating our National Day of Prayer and Service. We identified a non-profit organization, in this instance, the Roman Catholic Church, to donate our proceeds of the Bar-b-que Sale that we did for the purchase of a new keyboard. We need to mention that on this occasion, the San Pedro Lion’s Club agreed to assist us in this endeavor as part of their community service. The following was the final breakdown of our fundraiser: Bar-b-que sale–$1040.00; Lion’s chicken ceviche sale–$87.00; Lion’s Bingo–$453.00. Our grand total of this first ever SPJC Community Service was $1,680.00.

Lions Roar
The Lions Mosquito Coast Park, located on the beach just south of the WASA Lagoon is a popular gathering place for families and friends to socialize and delight in the island life. Equipped with palapa-topped picnic tables, a playground for the kids, bathroom facilities, barbeque pit and dock, the seaside park is accessible by road or boat. Local tour guides also find it an ideal location for beach barbeques where guests can relish the grilled fish they just caught and take in the scenic area.

Ambergris Today

Rustic Luxury Defined and Tranquility Accented at Gaïa Riverlodge
Tranquility takes on an entirely new meaning at Gaïa Riverlodge as its remote location deep inside Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve brings you so close to nature, so much that you can feel, see, hear and pretty much taste it. Disconnect and disappear off the grid for a few days and see how it feels to absorb nature and experience tranquility in an entirely new way. Formerly named Five Sisters Lodge, the new Gaïa Riverlodge boasts 16 private cabañas that have a rustic touch of luxury eliminating all the televisions, air conditioning and electronic devices that generally distract us from fully appreciating our surroundings. Why the need to disconnect? Well the lodge delivers some of the most stunning scenery in all of Belize that will have you forgetting about everything else, but being in a ‘nature state of mind’.

Belize’s First Lady Hosts First Ladies Global Call to Action at United Nations
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, hosted the “First Ladies' Global Call to Action Conference on Women’s and Girls’ Financial Health”. The conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25, 2014. Many of the World’s First Ladies share similar concerns about the situation of the world’s women and girls as it relates to their financial health. Mrs. Simplis Barrow was able to mobilize more than 25 First Ladies to attend.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Corozaleños, here is your opportunity to acquire a U.S. permanent visa.
There is a lot of buzz about the 2016 Diversity Visa Program, which facilitates immigration to the United States. If you have questions please log on to this virtual Q&A with the U.S. Department of State: Consular Affairs office this Friday, October 3. Starts at 8:00 AM in Belize.. Might be early, but as the old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm!" Registration for the 2016 Diversity Visa Program opens Wednesday, October 1, 2014! Don't know how to register? Follow the link below for instructions. Then, on Friday, October 3, we'll take your questions about the DV Lottery live for one hour starting at 1000 EDT/1400 GMT. You can also ask your questions in advance by commenting on this post; we'll respond during the Q+A session on Friday.

Wildtracks Reports from Sarteneja Village
The first and second monkey passes have been going in to link the Satellite Enclosures with the Central Enclosure...this afternoon, one of the troops - probably Pancho and his ladies - will be allowed through to enjoy the new space...

Do you want to splurge? Conch (Caribbean Queen Conch - known as strombusgigas) Season Re-opens for Harvesting!
On October 1st, you can enjoy your favourite conch ceviche, conch fritters, conch skewers, conch soup, grilled conch, conch chowder, conch cocktail, etc at your favourite "hole in the wall" in Corozal, Consejo, Sarteneja, Copper Bank and Chunox. To all residents, visitors and friends of Belize and abroad, do enjoy the opening of the 2014-2015 conch season! Conch will be available for sale on Wednesday October 1st at the "Fisherman's Wharf" next to "Mother's Park" in-front of the Mirador Hotel in Corozal Town.

Belize Commemorates Caribbean Wellness Week - 2014
Government of Belize Press Office

Seminar on Industrial Designs and the Hague System
Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) will host a Sub-regional Seminar on Industrial Designs and the Hague System on October 16th & 17th, 2014.

New infoDev/World Bank Report: Green Industries Offer Opportunity for Small Businesses
As world leaders gather in New York City this week for the 2014 UN Climate Summit, infoDev / The World Bank Group is proud to announce a new report titled “Building Competitive Green Industries: the Climate and Clean Technology Opportunity for Developing Countries“. This report quantifies significant opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries to generate profits and create jobs by providing solutions to local climate challenges. Download the full report and check out the accompanying infographic!

Power Outage Orange Walk Oct. 4
Power interruption, 8:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday, October 4: entire Orange Walk District. BEL to repair and replace equipment at Orange Walk Substation, replace poles and complete upgrades on Orange Walk power distribution system.

Tropic Air Belize switches San Ignacio operations
Tropic Air (9N, San Pedro) has switched its San Ignacio, Belize operations from Matthew Spain to San Ignacio ch-aviation schedule data has revealed. Despite the switch, the carrier continues to serve the western town from Belize City Municipal, Belize City Int'l, Belmopan and San Pedro with multiple daily flights on-board a Cessna (single turboprop) 208B Grand Caravan. Tropic Air offers extensive coverage of Belize domestically as well as flights to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Invest Belize Magazine
Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) cordially invite you to the launch its 3rd Volume of Invest Belize Magazine!

Channel 7

Police Force Cayo Cop To "Come Again"; Danny's Killer Was Not (Necessarily) A Guatemalan
The funeral service for 20 year old Police Special Constable, Danny Conorquie was held yesterday in his home of Georgeville village. Conorquie was killed on Thursday at the Caracol Maya site, and the perpetrators are believed to be Guatemalan poachers - who were in the area illegally and cutting trees without a license. Police investigators are working on the theory - and it is a very disturbing one - that Thompson was killed merely as an act of retaliation against the state after a team of Belizean lawmen confiscated five horses and lumber form them earlier that day. Police say that Conorquie likely didn't have anything to do with it - but still was targeted for attack because he only had one other officer with him. So, Conorquie, who was assigned to the Tourism Police Unit, died doing his job, protecting 12 tourists and a guide who were on the site - without a BDF escort that day because the soldiers didn't have any working transport.

Matura Shepherd Leads Motorcade and Protest For Constable Danny
But even though the Prime Minister has expressed condolence and the BDF is moving into the area, a number of pressure groups and organizations say that they will go ahead with a protest they had planned in Danny Conorquie's name. One of the main personalities behind the protest is CWU President and attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd. She told the media this morning that you should come out and show your solidarity if you are outraged about how Conorquie lost his life: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, President - CWU "It is an effort being organized by the people of San Ignacio namely The Belize People Front and a lot of other NGOs and entities and with the support of the family of Danny Conorquie. What is happening is that they will meet at 9am by the Macal River Park and from there, there will be a motorcade to the border.

Contempt Heaped Upon Hon. Elrington
But, the first Government official who urged caution and restraint about the Conorquie murder was Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington. The cautious position was maintained in an official release from the Ministry of National Security who referred to the culprits as "Hispanic males." Today, when asked about it, Matura-Shepherd called out Elrington, suggesting that his handling of this delicate situation is trivializing the significance of Conorquie's death in the line of duty: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, President - CWU "There should be more than an apology. I have not yet even heard a public condolence issue. I have not even heard anything that they say they will improve their training, they will give them better support. I have not heard anything. I haven't even heard compensation to the family. I have heard nothing. There should be more than apology and to this nation and the minister of foreign affairs better be re-track his mad statement that he docent believe its Guatemalans or the evidence doesn't bear it. So is he saying that the police, the BDF and the special constable are lying?"

Bail For Bahamian Securities Traders
Bahamian securities traders, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, have been on remand to for over 3 weeks now, since Belizean authorities picked them up when they tried to leave the country on a chartered flight. Well, as soon as they meet a 100 thousand dollar bail, they will be free to go. That was the decision that Justice Denis Hanomansingh made this morning after hearing arguments from their attorneys and the Solicitor General's Office. Senior Counsels Godfrey Smith and Eamon Courtenay argued that Belizean authorities have been illegally detaining them since their arraignment for the financial charges, for which they were granted bail. As we told you as soon as they were arraigned before Magistrate Herbert Panton, they were served with a provisional warrant for their apprehension, and then sent to the Belize Central Prison.

Strong Complaint Of Abuse Against GSU
Early on Saturday morning a GSU officer on motorbike was knocked down on North Front Street while on duty. That apparently sent the hard charging unit into high alert mode - as they looked for the culprit - reported to be driving a pickup. The led them to pull over Allan McCoy, a mechanic who was leaving MJ's nightclub on West Collet Canal. He first saw an unmarked vehicle pull up - and he thought someone was trying to rob him. But it was the GSU - and he says they later fired shots in the air as he was trying to escape. They eventually forced him to pull over - and he told the media today that's when they put a beating on him. He explained the encounter in detail to us: Allan McCoy, Claims Police Brutality "Two of them grabbed me and threw me to the ground and handcuffed me; one of them put his knee in my back, on my shoulder blade and the other one or the same one, slap me on the back of my head and I told them that this is uncalled for because I am not resisting arrest in any way. Anyway, they ask where I was coming. They said, you know what you just did and I said no, please explain to me what you are arresting me for because as far as I am concern I was at MJ's bar and I've been there all night and I have proof and if you want to know just go over there.

Police Accused of Outrageous Abuse
There is another credible complaint of police abuse that came to our newsroom today. 22 year-old Tremane Ciego is furious because he says he was beaten up and robbed by police last night. He was heading home on North Creek; the gas station attendant had his entire week's pay on him after cashing his cheque, and he went to buy food at around 11 o'clock. He says that when he arrived at the intersection of Central American Boulevard, he was stopped by 2 police officers. What happened next, if true, is outrageous by any standard. He says that one of the officers pulled a gun and brutalized him. He then kicked him into the canal, and after the officers released him with no charge, they stole several hundred dollars from him. While explaining the entire encounter, he was so furious that at times, he could barely talk, but he walked us through the entire ordeal. Here's how he described it:

A Fortunate Weekend: Two Men Shot In Execution Attempts, Both Survive
Two men were shot this weekend; luckily they both survived. The first shooting was on Friday night after 10:00 near La Democracia. 21-year-old Joshua Daniel Martinez and his 16 year old sister had just alighted a Shaw's bus at the Democracia junction on the Western Highway. They were sheltering from the rain under the bus shed, when three men walked up and one of them fired six shots at them. Martinez was hit on the right arm and back. He is in a stable condition at the KHMH. Police have since arrested 20-year-old Adolphus Palacio of Mahogany Heights pending charges.

A Cobweb Of Cables Strewn In Street After Truck Snags Phone Line
There was a bizarre accident this morning at 8:45 - the likes of which we've never seen. It happened on Evergreen Street behind BWSL Headquarters in Belize City. A Grace Cargo truck was rolling on the paved Street - when the top of the trailer got snagged by a low lying cable across the street - one that looked to be a phone wire. The driver says he kept rolling, trying to slow down, but the first snag, caused all the wires to get lower, and that's when another thicker wire caught the truck, pulled it backwards and eventually almost tipped it over, causing it to lean precariously on three wheels, toppling unto a parked car - which kept the truck from falling over unto its side. And while that mini disaster of the cargo truck completely crushing the car was averted - it was a complete disaster on the street: the tension on the wires and the forward momentum of the truck snapped a lamppost causing it to tumble to the street at a right angle. From there it was like a domino effect with wires from BEL, BTL and the Cable Companies coming undone in chaotic fashion - leaving a cobweb of cables across the street.

Brazen Daylight Robbery of Marlboro Store
Yesterday afternoon, a Chinese Businesswoman and her husband were robbed in a brazen daylight robbery at their shop on Freetown Road. 3 men entered her shop through the backdoor, held them up at gunpoint, assaulted them, and robbed them $6,700 worth of cash, electronics, and personal items, and fled the scene. Police say that the couple were cooperating, but that didn't stop the gunmen from striking the husband in the head with the gun: Rafael Martinez, Police Press Officer "On the 28th September at about 12:45pm we had 3 male persons that went to #34 Freetown Road Malboro Shop owned by Belizean-Chinese business persons and they were held at gunpoint and robbed of electronic items and cash of over six thousand dollars and of course they guys they all took off and so far police have not gotten any one of them. We have not detained anybody, but we are following several leads regarding this robbery."

Heroes Of The Seas
On Saturday, OCEANA awarded two persons they call OCEAN Heroes, coral researcher Lisa Carne and Manatee expert Jamal Galvez for their efforts in protecting the marine environment. If you watch 7News you'll know Jamal well enough, but the OCEANA tram chronicled his work:… The Oceana Hero award was established in 2009.

Taking A Look At The Injured Coast
On the topic of Belize's marine life, the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is hosting Coastal awareness week. Today the week of activities began with the launch of the State of the Belize Coastal Zone Report. CEO of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Mr. Vincent Gillett discussed the importance of this report in public awareness and marine resource management. Vincent Gillett, CEO, CZMAI "What we want to try to do as part of that management is to inform, educate as many people as possible about many of the various things that are happening in the coastal zone and most importantly we have to collect information data. We have to relate to the communities. We have to get information so that we can use that information and put it in a particular form so that we can use to educate as I said before and give guidance to our departments or ministries as to what is the best way what we should do.

Alleged Shooter Remanded
In our last segment, we told you about the shooting incident in La Democracia in which 21 year-old Joshua Martinez was injured. Well tonight, 20 year-old Adolphus Palacio is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court after he was accused of being the trigger man. As we told you, on Friday night after 10, 21-year-old Martinez and his 16 year old sister were sheltering under a bus shed, when three men walked up and one of them fired six shots at them. Martinez was hit on the right arm and back. He is in a stable condition at the KHMH. Police investigated the shooting, and they charged Adolphus Palacio Jr. with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Those charges alone would have been an automatic remand, but police additionally charged him with professing to be a member of the George Street Gang.

More Bad Luck For Arthur
And in one more bit of police news, Arthur Sadlivar's bad luck streak continued when his home in Camalote was robbed. Saldivar lives in Maxboro but says that on Sunday night at 10:30p.m. he visited his residence in Camalote and saw that inside his house was ransacked and realized that his house was burglarized and stolen were a Sony Bravia Home Theater System valued at $3,000.00, a Samsung Brand Digital Video Recorder valued at $5,000.00 and also damaged was a back-up power supply valued at $1,200.00.

Channel 5

Outspoken San Ignacio O.C. Puts His Foot In His Mouth
It’s been four days since Danny Conorquie was murdered at the Caracol Mayan Site; on Sunday, he was laid to rest after an emotional funeral service. We have that story [...]

Supt. Dinsdale Thompson Forced to Retract Statements on Conorquie’s Murder
All that talk about rising up and taking a stance…about protecting our land, possessions and lives against Guatemalans…was good for a round of applause at the funeral of Danny Conorquie. [...]

P.M. Barrow Sends Condolences to Conorquie’s Family and Condemns His Murder
But late this afternoon, there was another statement. In the face of mounting public outrage at Conorquie’s murder, the Prime Minister issued a release today. While stopping short of confirming [...]

Are Conorquie’s Killers Indeed Guatemalans?
The fact is that unless one of the murderers dropped a notarized confession complete with finger-print, blood-sample, picture and proof of Guatemalan birth…it is unlikely that there will be any [...]

Friends of Conservation Advises G.O.B. to Crack Down on Incursions
According to Manzanero, all the entities that are regularly on the ground have gotten the wake-up call a long time ago, and the murder of Danny Conorquie is their worst [...]

Tour Guide Recounts Shooting Death of Special Constable
Following the murder of Conorquie, Caracol has been closed indefinitely by the National Institute of Culture and History. The site is one of the most visited in the country, but [...]

Conorquie’s Death a Wake-up Call for Tour Operators at Caracol
While the murder of Conorquie is a tragedy, it is also a wake-up call. News Five has learned that only two tourism police officers are stationed at Caracol for two [...]

Danny Conorquie Buried with Honor in Georgeville
While the repercussions of last Thursday’s murder play out in local and, hopefully international circles, all that is of no concern to Tourism Police Special Constable Danny Conorquie. He was [...]

Bahamian Stockbrokers Out on Hundred Thousand Dollars Bail
Bahamians Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, both legally embattled financial advisers, are tonight with their families after posting a hefty sum to secure their freedom.  The duo had been in [...]

SolGen’s Office’s Haste to Honor Extradition Request Leads to Procedural Errors
According to Courtenay, the rush to incarcerate Knowles and Leach led to procedural errors being committed by government’s attorneys.  For his part, Smith also confirmed that the extradition request has [...]

Protest Planned for Belize/Guatemala Border
The execution-style murder of Special Constable Denny Conorquie, by bandits believed to be of Guatemalan extraction, has resulted in outrage. Masses of Belizeans are very much disheartened and are up [...]

Audrey Says Government’s Response to Caracol Tragedy is Sluggish
According to Matura-Shepherd, the apparent lethargic response by the government gives the impression that the matter is being taken lightly.   Isani Cayetano “In your opinion, do you believe that [...]

B.D.F. Volunteer Shot Near Democracia Junction
A twenty-one year old B.D.F. volunteer is tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital awaiting surgery after he was shot multiple times on Friday night in La Democracia Village. Joshua [...]

Weekend Shooting Incidents in Belize City
There were at least three other shootings over the weekend; one on Neal’s Penn Road, another in the vicinity of B.T.L. Park on Newtown Barracks, and a third on Curassow [...]

GSU Under Attack, Claims of Police Brutality Resurface Yet Again
Intimidation, violence, brutality, excessive force – it seems that almost every week these words are used where the Police Department’s most elite unit is concerned. The Gang Suppression Unit is [...]

Was GSU Boss Mark Flowers Involved
According to McCoy after Flowers hit him a regular Police Officer arrived on thescene and that’s when things immediately quieted down. That officer allegedly verified his claim that he was [...]

Legal Victory for Cotton Tree Resident, Land Returned and Compensated for Damages
In September 2013, forty-nine-year-old Rudolph Tucker returned home to hisCotton Tree property only to discover that it was no longer his.  The home, trees, and all his equipment had been [...]

PC David Griffith Arraigned for Manslaughter of Rasheed Elijio
Eighteen-year-old Rasheed Elijio was shot and killed in Punta Gorda Town in May 2013 while attempting to escape police custody.  He was reportedly shot to the left side of the [...]

Marlboro Shop Robbed
In addition to the shootings, there was other crime over the weekend. Just before one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, the proprietor of Malboro Shop located on Freetown Road, was robbed [...]

Ocean Heroes Awards 2014
OCEANA’s Ocean Hero Awards were presented to two exceptional persons over the weekend. One of the awardees has spent years on the protection of the endangered manatee population and the [...]


San Ignacio OC Retracts Statement That Guatemalans Killed Conorquie
There is no doubt that the execution style murder of Danny Conorquie, the police special constable assigned to the Tourism Police Unit who shot and killed on Thursday September 25th while on duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site, presumably by Guatemalan Xateros who were encroaching in Belizean soil, has caused public indignation across the nation. We say presumably because while officer commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson announced that the investigation into Conorquie’s death has concluded that the 20 year old was not murdered by Belizeans but instead by Guatemalan’s, he retracted that statement today. Of note is that Thompson made the announcement on Sunday as he attended Conorquie’s funeral in Georgeville. But by this afternoon the media received a police report from Police press Officer Raphael Martinez with the headline reading, “Report from Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson Officer Commanding San Ignacio formation.

Renovation Of The Orange Walk Central Park Soon To Commence
We have told you about the plans to renovate the Orange Walk Central Park. Today we can say that, that project is a lot closer to fruition as the Orange Walk Town Council has been informed that work should be starting by the end of this week. Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard spoke with us today and explained what should be taking place in the weeks to follow. Kevin Bernard – Mayor or Orange Walk Town “I understand that Coleman Construction has been awarded the contract to do the renovation of Central Park, on Wednesday as a matter of fact, at 2:30 there will be a soft launch of the actual works where I will be handing over the Park the project coordinator and then they will handing it over to the contractor so that work can commence and from what I understand immediately right after the mobilization of , the contractor will start to mobilize his equipment and so forth in the areas so that works can commence immediately the next day so we should be seeing a lot of activity in the center part of town so I would want to also ask our residence to bear some patience with us and as well those vendors that are around the park, there will be some inconvenience and those that will relocate need to relocate and so we just want to make sure that everyone if informed.”

New School Building Inaugurated In Douglas Village
It goes without saying that a proper environment is conducive to good learning, especially for children. Part of achieving this is ensuring that children have a proper and well equipped school building and school administrators have strived to secure it. Today there is one more success story to tell as children in Douglas Village are now attending classes in a new building. Dalila Ical has the story. Dalila Ical – Reporting This is the new building for Our Lady of Fatima RC School. The new building encompasses five classrooms that will serve ninety children of Douglas Village. This morning, parents, teachers and several other invited guests gathered to officially inaugurate it. The project was completed with funds from Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust and Perenco which gave a hundred thousand dollars respectively to the project.

Belize's Oldest Political Party Celebrates 64th Anniversary
Today, September twenty-ninth, marks some sixty-four years since the establishment of the People’s United Party. It’s a big moment for members and supporters of the P.U.P. as they reflect on the history of the party. And while we couldn’t be at the commemoration of the Party’s 64th Anniversary when the National Party Council met in solemn session in Belmopan yesterday, we figured what best way to highlight the first Party’s history than by speaking to those who knew and lived their legacy. Belizario Carballo recounts that he has been following the party since he was only 12 years old. He spoke of things from the devaluation of the BH dollar to adult suffrage to the leadership of Leader Emeritus and the late Rt. Hon George Cadle Price. Beizario Carballo – Member, Order of Distinguished Service “The people’s committee came up the very day in other words the following morning a group of people which consisted of Mr George Price and Lee Richardson and Johnny Smith, Phillip Goldson, Nicholas Pollard and other people got together at Mr Prices’ home in Belize City and formed what they called the People’ Committee and they started agitating from the very beginning for Independence because they said you know the colonialism is not helping us at all and so they continued as a committee until September of that year and then on September 29th of that year, the People’s United Party was formed so the People’s Committee became the People’s’ United Party and since that time I have been hearing about them...

Corozal Free Zone Main Employer Of The North
According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the National unemployment rate up to April 2014 was at 11.1 %. In the northern part of the country Orange Walk hosts 12.7 percent of the labor force while Corozal is responsible for 12.6 percent with one of the major employers being the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.According to CCFZ’s Chief Executive Officer, Raul Rosado, currently the free zone counts with approximately 3,200 employees from both northern districts.Raul Rosado – CEO CFZ “The Corozal Free Zone is indeed the single largest employer for the north serving Corozal and Orange Walk, registered with us as direct employment is about 3200 employees not mentioning the indirect employment that it creates through the bus drivers that people on the transportation could bring these employees to the Free Zone, those who provide food for the people working in the Free Zone, but direct employment under our registry is about 3200 employees.”

Mexican Nationals Pending Charges On Drug Trafficking
Four Mexican Nationals including a 16 year old minor are tonight behind bars pending charges of drug trafficking. On Saturday at around 11:10am, Corozal Police conducted a search at the residence of 25 year old Rodrigo Meza, located in the Village of Patchakan, Corozal. Nothing incriminating was found inside the residence but the same cannot be said for the yard where police found a bag containing two parcels of suspected cannabis weighing 109 grams and 128.4 grams respectively. Present at the time of the search were Meza, 27 year old Esperanza Ack, a 16 year old male minor and 24 year old Isaias Medina all of Mexican Nationality. The individuals are said to be from the Village of Ramonal, Mexico.


New CXC National Committee Appointed
The new CXC national committee has been appointed. Members are Chairman Alan Gennity representing the Ministry of Education, CXC Registrar Juan Vargas, Maria Johnston, Delthia Perez, Cruzita Castillo, Darnelle Sterling, Marlon Brown, Jane Bennett, Dr. Silvaana Udz, Marcelino Choco, Dawn Henry, Alfredo Mai and Leonard Mortis. The committee agreed to hold the twentieth annual CXC national awards ceremony on November 26 in Orange Walk Town. The ceremony serves to recognize students who excelled in the May June 2014 CXC examinations. The committee will serve for a period of three years.

Palacio Faces Charge of Attempted Murder
Twenty year old Adolphus Palacio Jr was charged with the attempted murder of 21 year old Joshua Martinez when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Palacio was also charged with dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm and profess to be a member of the George Street Gang. Palacio was remanded into custody until November 11. The incident occurred on September 26 at La Democracia. Martinez reported that he had just got off Shaw Bus at the junction of George Price Highway and La Democracia along with his 16 year old sister when they were approached by 3 men while they were under the bus shed. Martinez said one of the men pulled out a firearm and fired 6 shots at him. Martinez was shot in his right arm and upper back. He was admitted to ward where his condition is said to be stable.

Mother Says Son Has Been Detained For 6 Days Now
The issue of police brutality is no longer a matter that is kept hidden out of fear for repercussions from the Belize Police Department. As a matter of fact, the last few weeks have been testament to the fact that the docile society that once existed is slowly diminishing as there have been numerous persons who have come forth claiming abuse at the hands of the police. While this story is not one of a person physically assaulted or abused by police, it is one of abuse nonetheless and injustice. Violet Sanchez is the mother of 24-year-old, Eustace Taylor and she relayed her plight to us earlier today. VIOLET SANCHEZ “The situation is that they picked up the young man and have them in the cell at the station for one whole week. I understand it is for one weed roach. I believe our policemen need to be better than this and not have the young men in the station like that. My son is an asthmatic and now for one week my son is in there with all that stench of urine and still this morning they were hesitating to bring them to court and when we go ask them something they have a whole lot to tell you.

Tuesday’s Protest Is Based on Facts and Not Emotions, Says Nancy
Twenty year old Danny Conorquie was laid to rest yesterday evening in his home village of Georgeville in the Cayo District. Conorquie was a Special Constable who was killed on duty as he was on patrol at the Caracol Mayan Site. He was gunned down by a trio of Hispanic men believed to be Guatemalans. Police believe that the culprits have already absconded to their home country. A protest will be held tomorrow morning at the Western Border and is being organized by the Belize People’s Front. Nancy Marin is the President of the Belize People’s Front. NANCY MARIN “Tomorrow is a day where Belizeans need to unite. We need to make the life of Danny Conorquie, as the first lawman to be killed by Guatemalans inside Belize territory, defending and protecting our country; we need to make that life worth the while and we need to make our government know that they will respect a Belizean life and they should respect it even much more than they respected the life of a farmer in Guatemala.

Arthur’s Family Home Burglarized
A suspected burglary occurred over the weekend in Camalote Village in the Cayo District. Correspondent, Angelica Cruz reports. ANGELICA CRUZ “Arthur Saldivar, Attorney- at-Law, told police that on Sunday night, September 28 sometime around 10:30pm he visited his family residence in Camalote Village, Cayo District. Upon his arrival he opened the front door, as he was doing so, he heard a fan blowing inside. He then opened the door and saw chair cushions and clothes scattered across the floor. The 52 inch flat screen television was also on the floor. He made further checks inside the house and noticed that the backup power supply was damaged because water from the sink was left pouring. A Sony Bravia home theater system and a Samsung Digital video recorder were also missing. Police investigation continues.”


Fallen Officer laid to Rest; Superintendent retracts statement that Guatemalans murdered Danny Conorquie
20 year old Special Constable Danny Conorquie was laid to rest on Sunday September 28th at Georgeville Cemetery, Cayo District, following a well attended funeral service. About 300 mourners, were joined by a platoon of senior police officers, as they marched around the Village of Georgeville, Cayo, to pay their respect to a fallen brother. Danny Conorquie died in the line of duty on September 25th and was given a state funeral with a 21 gun salute. At the funeral, Superinendent Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station, stood up to convey his condolences to relatives and friends of Danny Conorquie. He also took this opportunity to announce to the funeral attendees that 20 year old Danny Conorquie died at the hands of Guatemalans. -->

Patrick JonesPJ

Titan executives granted bail by Supreme Court
29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach are making preparations, but have yet as of this evening to meet bail of $100,000 each set late this morning by Supreme Court Justice Denis Hanomansingh. This follows spirited arguments in his court by attorneys representing the […]

Police commander retracts statement; PM reaches out to slain man’s family
The officer commanding the San Ignacio police formation Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson has retracted a statement he made on Sunday afternoon during the funeral for Special Constable Danny Conorquie. While expressing condolences to the family on the murder of Conorquie in the line of duty on Thursday, September […]

Cahal Pech Village Resort Launches Vision Quest to Xibalba Tour
Cahal Pech Village Resort, one of the largest hotels in San Ignacio Belize has just launched an intrepid cave tour called “Vision Quest to Xibalba.” According to Peter Tonti, Chief Executive Officer of the resort, the Vision Quest to Xibalba is a special tour to the […]

People’s Rally planned for western border
The Belize People’s Front (BPF) has rallied residents of the West and indeed all of the country to attend a rally at the Western Border on Tuesday morning, September 30. The purpose of the event is to protest the Government’s seeming inability to develop a policy to police […]

The September 28, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Special Constable Killed On Duty:
    A 19 year old Special Constable, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit (TPU), was today killed by suspected Guatemalan bandits. San Ignacio police informed of the receipt of the fatal incident report at around midday today, Thursday, September 25, 2014. The report indicated that about five minutes before 12 noon, a colleague of the deceased Special Constable heard what appeared to be the firing of several gunshots in the area of one of the mayan structures located about one hundred feet from where he was standing near another of the several structures on the tourist site. The colleague reportedly rushed to the scene where he reportedly saw a male person of Hispanic decent pointing a handgun at the Special Constable who was on the ground. He reportedly saw a second man picking up and taking possession of the Special Constable’s service firearm being a pump 12 shotgun. A shot was reportedly fired at the approaching police, fortunately it missed its target. The two Hispanic men were joined by a third as all three fled the area.
  • Teacher Louise Passes:
    It is with profound sadness that we record the passing of another senior resident of our community, Mrs. Louise Bridget Lewis, 76, known to many as “Aunt Lou” or “Teacher Louise”. Aunt Lou never recovered from a stroke she suffered while at home on Saturday, September 20. She was first rushed to the community hospital in San Ignacio and later to the Universal Health Services in Belize City where she passed away quietly at around 12:40 this Thursday morning. Aunt Lou is retired primary school teacher. Many are those of us who “passed through her hands”. She was an avid member of the Catholic Church. She was one of the first lay ministers of the Sacred Heart Parish. She was a member of the choir and just loved to sing in church. She was the chief organizer of Easter events including the traditional procession and the Stations of the Cross.
  • Editorial: No Turning Back:
    Formed on September 27, 1973 the United Democratic Party (UDP) is this week engaged in activities commemorating the 41st anniversary of the formation of the party. The UDP was birthed through the amalgamation of the Phillip Goldson led National Independence Party (NIP), Dean Lindo’s People’s Development Movement (PDM) and the Liberal Party founded by Manuel Esquivel, Curl Thompson, Henry “Pa Hen” Young, Harrison “Sir Harry” Lawrence and Nestor “Net” Vasquez. Eleven years after its formation the UDP made history, in December 1984 when it defeated the George Price led People’s United Party (PUP) in the first general elections after the September 21, 1981 attainment of Belize’s political independence from Great Britain.
  • Neri Lopez Injured In Traffic Accident:
    Santa Elena resident, Neri Lopez, today remains at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition after he was knocked down on the George Price Highway on Saturday, September 20, the eve of our nation’s independence. Acting on a report of a road traffic accident, San Ignacio police visited the scene in Santa Elena, where they saw an unconscious male Hispanic person, bleeding from the mouth, lying on his back in front of a blue Mazda Tribute SUV bearing l/p SI C-03191, with a dent on the right side of the bonnet.
  • Independence Day Murder In Los Tambos:
    San Ignacio police is investigating the case of a shooting death in the mainly Hispanic community of Los Tambos, Cayo. The initial investigation revealed that the deceased, Manuel Ramos, 27, Guatemalan naturalized Belizean and his common-law wife, Alba Luz Moralez, 36, were reportedly relaxing out under a shed when several gunshots rang out. Ramos fell to the ground dead and was later found with gunshot injuries to the chest, arm and chin, and died on the spot. The common law wife emerged with a gunshot wound to the leg. Ramos and Moralez were transported to the Western Regional Hospital where Ramos was officially pronounced dead while Moralez was treated and later released.
  • Galen University Appoints Dr. Cynthia Eve Aird As Provost Of The University:
    Galen University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Cynthia Eve Aird, to the position of Provost of the University. Dr. Aird earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and Administration with a minor in Higher Education from Boston College, Boston, MA. Dr. Aird is a skilled and dedicated educator and is currently President of Sacred Heart College, Cayo. With over twenty (20) years experience in the education sector, Dr. Aird developed a professional network amongst her colleagues in the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB), and the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC). She has served in the capacity of President of ATLIB from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Aird was a founding member of the Belize Board of Teacher Education (BBTE).
  • Youth Invitational Karate Championships:
    The Cayo Shotokan Karate Club in conjunction with the Belize Karate Federation is hereby inviting the general public to attend and witness the Youth Invitational Karate Championships, to be held this Saturday, 27th September, 2014, 9am to 4pm, Sacred Heart College Auditorium, San Ignacio Town. This event will be held in commemoration with the Cayo Shotokan Karate Club's 24th Anniversary. Belize athletes will be competing against visiting athletes from El Salvador and Guatemala.
  • Opening Address for Senior Citizen’s Week:
    The theme for this year’s Senior Citizen’s week is “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: PROMOTING A SOCIETY FOR ALL” The last week of September leading up to the 1st of October, the official International Day of Older Persons, is designated to celebrate and honor Senior Citizens. HelpAge Belize has set aside this week to review the progress made or lack thereof and to re-strategize if necessary improve the effectiveness and end results of the various programs and projects that we have implemented to benefit our older persons in Belize. Our Society has a lot to be desired in regards to the respect, protection and services offered to our Older Citizens both on the family and community level. Several Senior citizens have been murdered over the past weeks.
  • The 100 Thousand Poets For Change Movement For Peace & Sustainability:
    BY: Barrington Castillo Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the planet in a celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for serious social and environmental change 1) What kind of a change are we talking about? 2) I want to organize in my area. How do we begin to organize? “What kind of CHANGE are we talking about?” The first order of change is for poets, writers, musicians, artists, activists to get together to create and perform, educate and demonstrate, simultaneously, with other communities around the world. This will change how we see our local community and the global community. We have all become incredibly alienated in recent years. We hardly know our neighbors down the street let alone our creative allies who live and share our concerns in other countries. We need to feel this kind of global solidarity. It will be empowering.
  • Paraguay Bishop Livieres Sacked Over 'Abuse Cover-up':
    The Right Reverend Rogelio Livieres Plano has been dismissed as bishop of the diocese of Ciudad del Este Pope Francis has sacked a Paraguayan bishop who has been accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young parishioners. The Vatican said that "the Holy Father has decided to replace Monsignor Rogelio Livieres Plano" as bishop of Ciudad del Este. It is the second time in a week that Pope Francis has taken disciplinary action over clerical sex abuse scandals in Latin America. He has promised "zero tolerance".
  • Common Cold:
    The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, head cold, or simply a cold) is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fever which usually resolve in seven to ten days, with some symptoms lasting up to three weeks. Well over 200 virus strains are implicated in the cause of the common cold; the rhinoviruses are the most common. Upper respiratory tract infections are loosely divided by the areas they affect, with the common cold primarily affecting the nose, the throat (pharyngitis), and the sinuses (sinusitis), occasionally involving either or both eyes via conjunctivitis. Symptoms are mostly due to the body's immune response to the infection rather than to tissue destruction by the viruses themselves. The primary method of prevention is by hand washing with some evidence to support the effectiveness of wearing face masks. The common cold may occasionally lead to pneumonia, either viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia.
  • A Second Suspect Arrested For the Murder of Niko Vargas:
    Another19 year old man was today arrested and formally charged for murder in connection with last month’s death of a man in the village of Unitedville. San Ignacio police today informed of the return, from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, of the murder case file in connection with the August 16, 2014, murder of Victor “Niko” Vargas which occurred in Unitedville. The first youth to be arrested and charged was Belizean laborer, Joseph Vacarro, 19. The file however returned with advice for the police to arrest a second suspect resulting in the arrest and laying of a murder charge against another young man identified as 19 year old Belizean laborer, Steven Gomez.
  • First Ladies Global Call to Action Conference:
    Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow hosts the First Ladies Global Call to Action Conference Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, hosted the “First Ladies' Global Call to Action Conference on Women’s and Girls’ Financial Health”. The conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25th, 2014. Many of the World’s First Ladies share similar concerns about the situation of the world’s women and girls as it relates to their financial health. Mrs. Simplis Barrow was able to mobilize more than 25 First Ladies to attend. The side event was also attended by other eminent guests who have an interest in and can support follow up initiatives at the country and global levels-making this forum a means to catalyze partnerships with the First Ladies, UN officials, philanthropists, impact investors and NGOs focused on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.
  • Mexico Frees Drug Lord's Nephew Martin Beltran Coronel:
    Martin Beltran Coronel was arrested in 2011 in western Jalisco state A Mexican court has ordered the release of Martin Beltran Coronel, who had been charged with organised crime. The court said due process had been violated. Mr Beltran Coronel, who is the nephew of the late drug lord Nacho Coronel, was arrested on 12 May 2011. The court said statements by witnesses had been "induced" and Mr Beltran Coronel's right to being considered innocent until proven guilty had been breached.
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Always different Belize Independence
Every time I have experienced the Belize Independence day parade it has been unique in many ways and this year was no exception. For starters among our regular crowd, there is far less ongoing partying involved since the days when we first turned up almost 9 years ago. Secondly many of us are happy to be more on the sidelines then right in the thick of things or marching behind a truck. I have watched it many different ways – up high, down low, followed from behind or dashed around to catch the front again. No matter where I was watching from and with who, it has always been a super fun time. This year We started out meeting up at Caye Casa then headed to Wayo’s beach bar to catch everyone getting ready. After beach time, we did a split and most of the group headed off to Caprice at the Holiday hotel to be on the parade route and enjoy a cocktail. Paul and I opted to go meet Leisa at Lola’s pub for sliders, football and a sideline view of the parade. It was not long before we got gridlocked by the parade and had to park on a back road by the lumberyard in town and make our way on foot.

SO THIS Is the Plan for That Sand Bar Off of Caye Chapel? Enchanted Belize
Each time I take the water taxi from San Pedro to Belize City, I pass this active construction site. On this tiny pile of sand less than a mile from Caye Chapel. Here’s a picture I took a few years ago flying over Caye Chapel. And I circled where this “caye” is. I’d heard rumors that it was owned by a resident of Ambergris Caye and then that it was owned by the owner of one of the local water taxi companies. I heard it was going to be a resort…but how? It’s…microscopic… This morning, I was clued in to the website for the project. HOLY MOLY! Take a look at this plan!

Keeping The Garifuna Culture Alive
Although commonly referred to as Garifuna, the people are properly called Garinagu and the culture and language are Garifuna. The Garinagu arrived in the early 1600s on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, eventually settling the southern coast of Belize in the early 19th century. Today, the Garinagu people struggle to keep their culture alive. It is the devotion of the Garinagu to their roots which sets them apart from the other ethnic groups in Belize. While many of them are professed Catholics, they have retained many traditions and rituals from their Afro-Caribbean heritage. Central to the Garifuna community is the belief in and respect for the ancestors. The Garinagu retain their powerful spiritual connection with the past generations of any family group through a ritual called Dugu. A spiritual leader called a Buyei or shaman presides over family members, who travel from all over the world to gather at the dugu meeting place called a temple. No expense is spared as fresh seafood, pork; fowl and cassava bread are prepared for days of healing, drumming, dancing and commuting with the spiritual world.

Experience the best of Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda, locally known as PG is located at the far end of the Toledo District. With a population of around 6000, it is a quiet place to escape the crowds in Western Belize and the Northern Cayes. However, don’t let its quietness trick you into thinking there is nothing to do. For those willing to invest the time and enjoy the place, PG has unique experiences that the rest of Belize will find hard to match. So, if you’re planning on visiting PG, plan for a long stay—you won’t be disappointed. Here are the top 10 things to do in Punta Gorda. For those who come to PG yearning for sands and crystal clear water, all you need is a boat and Garbutt’s Marine has plenty to offer. Located on the main road into PG, Garbutt’s offers SCUBA and snorkeling, fly fishing, and expeditions to the many cayes and reefs off the coast of Punta Gorda. Excursions to the cayes can be booked for the day or multi-day with meals provided, and unlike the northern hot spots you can have a beach day with few to no other tourists around. Afterwards, enjoy a drink on Garbutt’s patio while watching the iguanas lounge in the sun.

International Sourcesizz

CannonDesign, Arcturis showcase international design projects
Women-owned firm Arcturis is renovating Belize’s international airport to improve passenger flow. According to Megan Ridgeway, an Arcturis principal, the opportunity to redesign the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport — 10 miles west of Belize City — arose via a referral from Belize’s honorary consulate who is a Southern Illinois resident. Design began in mid-July. It will bring the existing 55,000-square-foot, single-story airport to up to 80,000 square feet. No project costs are yet available. The fast-tracked renovation is estimated to be complete by the end of 2014.

Airlines look for an edge in weather-radar systems
As their plane climbed away from Belize City, American Airlines pilot Brian Will and his co-pilot were ready to detour several hundred miles to avoid a wall of bad weather in front of them. Then, looking at the display on a new weather-radar system, the pilots saw a way to navigate between the storms on the Dallas-bound flight this spring. "We found the gap that the weather radar said was safe to go through," Will, who is also American's director of advanced technologies, recounted recently. "We didn't have a single ripple, and we flew straight through to Dallas." Shooting the gap saved the airline a costly refueling stop in Houston or New Orleans. The makers of the advanced radar systems promise to do the same for other airlines — along with sparing passengers from gut-churning turbulence and reducing lengthy delays.

Why birding is the best hobby
An email arriving in my birding mailbox last month had a certain air about it. The subject line read, "A Few Highlights from the Calumet Sewage Ponds."... Is this a great hobby or what? No really, it is, and I can prove it. That was among my goals when I agreed to be a guest speaker at the Glen Ellyn Lions Club. Public speaking isn't my thing; I'd rather write than talk. But what appealed to me most, besides a free dinner at Barone's, was that I'd be addressing people who probably had at most a passing interest in birds. Maybe, just maybe, I could get them jazzed about birds and birding by showing them what they've been missing. The deeper you get into birding, the more you'll want to travel. Alaska, Arizona, Florida and Texas. Belize and Costa Rica. South America. For birders, the chance to experience new species in unfamiliar habitats is irresistible.

Mayan culture the focus of UT Tyler trip in December
The University of Texas at Tyler, in collaboration with the Maya Research Program, will offer a public Friends of UT Tyler tour that explores the ancient and modern Mayan culture, Dr. Teresa Kennedy, UT Tyler Office of International Programs executive director, announced. Led by Dr. Thomas Guderjan, UT Tyler associate professor of anthropology, the “Maya Highlands New Year's Eve Tour” will feature certain parts of Mexico and Guatemala. Cost is $3,600 per person and includes ground transportation, room and board and most meals. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit. “During this 13-day journey, we will explore ancient Maya sites in the spectacular highlands of Mexico and Guatemala,” said Guderjan, who also serves as the Maya Research Program president and oversees the Blue Creek Archaeological Project in Belize. “We will also visit the World Heritage site of Palenque and remote Tonina, explore the colonial cities of San Cristobal and Antigua and meet traditional Maya people who live our contemporary world.” The Bureau of Consular Affairs selected September as Passport Awareness Month in order to increase familiarity with the United States Passport and provide helpful information and services to the travelling...

Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural Project
The final achievement with the Preservation and Promotion of Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural Project which began this past summer. The Corozal House of Culture has produced an informational brochure which supports this national treasure. The brochure deciphers the visual information of the mural, as well contains a biography of Mr. Villamor and a history of the mural itself which has undergone three transformations. Interested persons can pick up a free copy at the Corozal Town Hall or here at the House of Culture.


Video: My Mexico, 6.5min.
Mexico; Belize; Cuba

Video: Redefine the Classroom - Belize, 3.5min.
Island bungalows, azure waters, dolphin research, jaguar tracking, invasive species study, and so much more await you in our EPI Belize Marine Ecology Program. Push the boundaries. Redefine the classroom. EPI Belize.

Video: (New) American Airlines Takeoff from Belize, 2min.
Takeoff Belize en route to Dallas. Taken on September 28,2014.

Video: Voyage Mexique/Belize 2014, 11min.

Video: Wildtracks - Feeding Duke - Belize, 2012, min.
Duke was rescued by volunteers near Belize City and brought to Wildtracks early in 2012. Wildtracks and its amazing volunteers put an enormous amount of time, energy and love into his treatment and rehabilitation. Sadly Duke was never able to recover sufficiently to be able to eat enough on his own and be successfully released back into the wild. After more than two and a half years of daily loving care and treatment, Duke died on September 25, 2014. Wildtracks and its dedicated volunteers are also caring for other manatees as well as Howler and Spider Monkeys and other species, all with the goal of release to the wild if at all possible. Losing Duke is devastating but their work goes on to not only save but restore so many others to their natural habitats. There have been many successes and there will be many more. But Duke will be missed. Here's to Duke.

Video: Belize independence party (Orange Walk), 8min.

Video: Open Your Eyes (September 29, 2014), 60min.
Discussion on incursions into the Chiquibul Forest, on the heels of the shooting near Caracol. On Open Your Eyes, with Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends For Conservation and Development, Lt. Colonel Raymond Sheppard Chief of Staff of the Belize Defense Force, and Joe Awe, president of the Cayo Tour Guide Association and vice president of the BTIA in Cayo.

Video: 4 Ways to Enjoy and Relax in Belize this Winter Season, 2min.
Belize is a country filled with natural beauty, beaches and Maya culture. This winter season, consider spending your days in this country with Belize vacation packages. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. It is a country filled with natural beauty, white sand beaches, and ancient Maya culture. The Belizeans refer to their country as ‘jewel’ and they are proud of their diverse heritage. You can see Caribbean, Mayan, Asian, European and African cultures all over this small country.

Video: Incident At Caracol, 4min.
On September 25, 2014, a policeman was shot dead in the archeological site of Caracol in Belize near the Guatemalan border. This is what we recorded moments after the incident.

Video: WEBINAR: "Seeing is Believing: Catalyzing Community-led Marine Conservation.", 57min.
Seeing is Believing: Catalyzing Community-led Marine Conservation by Demonstrating the Economic Benefits of Fisheries Management in Madagascar and Belize Join Al Harris of Blue Ventures and Dr. Tom Oliver of the University of Hawai'i in a discussion of the economic benefits of periodic fisheries closures in Madagascar and the impact that these closures have had in catalyzing a groundswell of broader community-based marine conservation efforts throughout the country and further afield.

Video: Belize 2013, 43min.
A dive trip to Belize aboard the Sun Dancer !! in October of 2013. Sun Dancer II,Lighthouse Reef: Long Caye, Ridge, Sand Box, Chain Wall, Long Caye Wall, Site Y, Uno Coco, Silver Caves, Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, Dinner, Turneffe: Sandy Slope, Party, Credits.

Video: Scuba diving in Belize 2014, 43min.

Video: Redefine the Classroom - Belize, 3.5min.
Island bungalows, azure waters, dolphin research, jaguar tracking, invasive species study, and so much more await you in our EPI Belize Marine Ecology Program. Push the boundaries. Redefine the classroom.

Video: Down The STEEP Hill in Belize, 1min.
Behind the scenes filming in Belize.

Video: Street Segments - Belize City- Punta Cultural Challenge, 5min.
Dillon and Mek Mi Rich models Haley and Victoria hit the streets of Belize City. We found two young men who accepted a challenge.

Video: Green Hills Butterfly Ranch | Belize | Central America, 2min.

Video: Deborah Theus Sanchez!, 26min.
The eight episode of a documentary series called Belizean Legends that will profile Belizean softball legend Deborah Theus-Sanchez as she discusses with Belizean Legends host Bilal Morris about the quality of Belize's softball era in the 1970's where she was a part of the Gold Medal team that earned Belize's first gold medal at that time in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1974.

September 29, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: A Worthy Cause
“Someone’s knocking at the door,” Sherry called from the kitchen. “Good morning, sir,” the older fellow at the door said. “I am looking for donations for a family in great need.” A tear came to the man’s eye as he said, “Please sir, you must help. These people are in a desperate situation.” “How many […]

Police Report
On Wednesday, September 24that around 2:15PM, acting on Special Branch information, a team of Special Branch and Quick Response Team officers conducted searches in an abandoned swampy lot located in the Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town. The search led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing 670 grams of suspected Cannabis. The drugs were labelled and deposited as found property. Police are unsure of who the suspected drugs belong. Investigations continue.

Doctor Love
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I am a guy in my late thirties who would love to find a woman and settle down. I have dated a lot […]

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Youth Awards 2014
This year's Belize Youth Awards are close, so if you know anyone between the ages of 15 and 29 who deserves this honor, now is the time to nominate them. There are 10 separate categories in which they can be nominated. "Nominate someone today for the Belize Youth Awards. Nomination deadline is October 24, 2014. The award's ceremony will take place on November 7, 2014 at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Nomination form can be downloaded here.

Rotaract Bingo Night

Paradise Found in Placencia Belize
Find your piece of paradise in Placencia Belize. On the coast with easy access to the Caribbean, you can enjoy the ocean breezes from your home at the Peninsula Club and Marina. Here you will find luxury residences and a protected marina with boat slips that may be purchased or rented. There are many reasons to retire in Belize. Following are a few of those reasons. Only two hours from the U.S. A short flight and you are there. This is about the same amount of time for a flight from Miami to Atlanta. This proximity makes flights from the U.S. to Belize easy and affordable.


O/W Town Council To Make Orange Walk Child Friendly
Today the child friendly municipality project was launched in all nine municipalities across the country simultaneously. The initiative is collaboration among the Mayors’ Association, UNICEF, UNDP and the Government of Belize. In Orange Walk, the program was launched at the Gala Lounge and Mayor Kevin Bernard expanded on the objectives of the program. Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OW “This initiative will go a long way one, the local level is the one that far reaches out to the people as opposed to the bigger government. We believe that as local government we have a more closer communications with the residents and with our young people for a matter of fact and as such we need to look at ways that will ensure that our municipality is a child friendly municipality. There are several things that this looks at we need to focus on where green space is concerned, as you know young children grow up wanted to be able to recreate so we need to ensure that there are safe zones for them, their safety in terms of traffic, we look at good drinking potable water but one of the main key things is to ensure that young children becomes part of our decision making and as local government and as a towns council we need to come up with budgets to ensure that these things which are the pillars of becoming child friendly are prepped as part of our yearly budget. We need to do simple things like putting up street signs in school zones and safety zones these are the things that ensures that our children are safe we have to protect them from violence and abuse so we need to work with the different organizations and other stakeholders to ensure that these things are being done.”

Infrastructural Works To Commence At The Corozal Free Zone
Yesterday on our newscast we reported on the newly elected members from the private sector that now form part the Corozal Free Zone’s Board of Directors. Several of the newly elected members have a vision of developing the free zone and improving its infrastructure. For the past six years the management of the free zone has managed to maintain a good relationship with members of the private sector that sit on the board since they both share the same aim. Raul Rosado – CEO CFZ “We have to say that for the past six years under this administration we have had very good participation from the private sector, the investment the people who have money invested and we have noticed that the investment climate has been growing people seems to have confidence in the business and they are investing even much more. Presently there is huge constructions taking place in the eastern side of the free zone people are constructing building more buildings. We decided as administration that it is just practical to help investment grow that the public sector which we represent needs to also make investment primarily in infrastructure especially the roads within the zone. For us to carry this out we invited the public sector and the private sector to join hands to make sure that we can carry out this project. We have already gotten the blue prints for the topographic study that was done. The project in its entirety will cost somewhere around 4 million dollars and we have invited the Government of Belize to participate with us an d we have gotten a commitment from the Prime Minister and from the public sector and private sector which are all the investors and we have joined hands to be able to complete this project.”

PUP Outraged With Murder Of Danny Conorquie
Yesterday 20 year old Danny Conorquie, a police special constable assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed while on duty in the Caracol Archaeological Site. The incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. While initial reports suggested that just after midday Conorquie and another officer were rounding up some horses when they came under fire, investigations have reveled diffrently. Reports are that earlier on the day of the shooting; a group of officers were patrolling the same area when they came upon a group of men believed to be of Guatemalan nationality. The officers confiscated 5 horses and lumber but were unable to capture the men since they fled the scene. The investigation has revealed that around 11:56pm Conorquie and his companion were conducting routine patrols within the site and looking over the tourist. Conorquie then went to sit underneath one of the shades looking at the main temple where some tourists were when 2 male persons ambushed him from behind and fired a shot which caught him on the center of his back. Conorquie then fell to the ground and that is when the person approached him, stood over him and fired a single shot on his face causing him to die right on the spot.

Manhunt For Alex Tillett Continues
As we enter the weekend police are asking the general public to remain on alert as the manhunt for 27 year old Alex Tillett also known as lexus, continues. As mentioned last night, police believe that Tillett, along with 21 year old Lennox Rhaburn, Belizean labourer of Gristock Street Orange Walk Town who has been arrested, robbed Darvis Store located on Cemetery Street at gunpoint on September 11th. Tillett is also wanted for the September 19th robbery of Hung Yun Store located on Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. That armed robbery proved fatal for Leslie Logan Jr. who was shot by the owner of the store.

O/W Police Seek To Discipline One Of Their Own
Will a member of the Orange Walk Police Department be charged for his involvement in the abduction and murder case of Ramon Cervantes Senior? That is a question that is yet to be answered even though reports suggest that the officer has been placed or is expected to be placed on disciplinary charges. We received the information this afternoon but when we tried confirming all we could verify is that police are presently trying to build a case against the police officer whose handcuffs were allegedly used to bound Cervantes’ hands and feet. Seventy one year old Ramon Cervantes Senior was abducted from his farm located on the San Roman Road on July 1st.

The Reporter

ISIS refineries under attack
ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq have come under attack by U.S. and ally military forces. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates assisted with attacks in Syria on Saturday and Sunday, including two near Dayr ar Zawr that destroyed an ISIS tank. In Iraq, fighter jets and drones conducted four airstrikes: one near Baghdad that destroyed an ISIS safehouse and damaged a checkpoint and three near Falluja that destroyed two ISIS checkpoints and a transport vehicle.

PUP endorses Dorla Vaughan for Mesop; Yolanda Schakron for Mayor
The People’s United Party (PUP), endorsed Dorla Vaughan as their area representative for the Mesopotamia Division and announced that Yolanda Schakron will represent the party in the next Belize City municipal election. PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca said he was proud to endorse Vaughan as the party’s candidate for Mesop and said that Vaughan is dedicated to the people of the area. Vaughan, a fellow resident of the Mesop division, said she stands in solidarity with the people of the area and she is committed to making a difference for “the people of a forgotten constituency”. During the endorsement rally, PUP Chairman Henry Usher made the announcement that Schakron, president of the party’s United Women Group, will represent the party in the next municipal election in Belize City. Usher expressed the party’s support for Schakron. An official statement from Schakron is to follow.

Patrick JonesPJ

Police say Guatemalans murdered Danny Conorquie
Police have now concluded that the death of Special Constable Danny Conorquie was at the hands of Guatemalan nationals. The officer commanding the San Ignacio police formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson stood up at the funeral for Conorquie today in Georgeville and as he conveyed condolences on behalf of the Police Department, announced that the investigation, which is still ongoing, has definitively concluded that the murderers of Conorquie are not Belizeans and that they are of no other Central American country than Guatemala. This announcement drew sharp reaction from many at the funeral, who openly said that this announcement needs to reach Belize’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington whose comments following the murder on Thursday, September 25 about ascribing blame without knowing the identity or nationality of the murderers was premature.


Ambergris Caye, Belize During the Slow Season
For those that live on Ambergris Caye during the “slow season” (the heart of it is Sept & October), you quickly realize that we are a fairly small population – a small town. And you really get to meet all of your neighbors… All the island small talk seems the same. Always starting with chatter about the weather – too much rain, too little rain, the heat, a depression coming in…you know how that goes. I’m SO loving this message across the current National Hurricane Center’s map. Let’s all knock on wood together. And then, invariably, about how slow things are in this less touristy season. “Last week we were busy but this week (pause for teeth sucking) – MEIN, it’s slow“. Then speculation starts about when it will pick up…it’s often peppered with stats about a hotel that is booked out for the first week in November or Tropic Air Reservations (there is always someone with this info – usually a taxi driver. Who is leaking it?) or rumor of a large group coming for Halloween.

Swim With Whale Sharks In Belize
Whale sharks are intelligent, gentle giants that migrate into the Caribbean waters of Belize from April to June. In these months, mostly during the full moon periods, snappers spawn in large numbers off Belize which attract the hungry whale sharks that feed at night. It is usually a hit-and-miss when guessing their arrival; even experienced dive instructors cannot predict which moon and which location the while sharks will be from year to year. Whale sharks are filter feeders, which means that they feed on the suspended fish spawn of snappers. They migrate from great distances to mate. Interestingly, it is safe for scuba divers and snorkelers to swim and play around with these huge and curious creatures. When you spot them in the water, they are big and intimidating but surprisingly graceful and non-threatening. Some catch a ride on the larger whale sharks; while some younger whale sharks, reportedly, are so curious that they will actively engage with human swimmers. It is a real privilege to be able to swim with the largest fish in the world.


Video: The Belize Youth Awards 2014, 2min.
This is a prestigious honor given to outstanding young Belizeans from age 15-29 who demonstrate high standards of achievements and commitment within their various communities.

Video: Altun Ha Belize Day Tours, 4min.
Altun Ha Mayan Ruins Day Tours can be done from San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker or Belize City with 2 persons minimum to confirm. you can choose to add Baboon Sanctuary or Belize Musuem tour.

Video: Belize Museum Day Tours, 4min.
Belize Musuem Day Tours Can be Booked from San Pedro Belize , Caye Caulker or Belize City. You can choose private or none private, by boat or Air.

Video: Belize Zoo Day Tours, 4min.
The Belize Zoo Day Tours Can be Booked from San Pedro Belize , Caye Caulker or Belize City. You can choose private or none private, by boat or Air. for more information please contact Amigos Jungle Tours.

Video: Youth Group Trip to Belize, 4min.
A brief video of the FCC Youth Group's amazing trip to Belize, and meeting the wonderful people of Jacintoville.

Video: Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in Belize, 2.5min.
My wife and I recently went on a 7 day cruise to the western Caribbean. We loved it! These are the Xunantunich Ruins.

Video: Lina Point Aerial | San Pedro, Belize, 3.5min.
Overwater Development Oct 2014 aerial footage

Video: Belize Iguana, 3.5min.
Gomez,The iguana.

Video: Belize Mission Trip, 8min.

Video: Ben and Annie Zaks Honeymoon Belize 2014, 15min.

September 28, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Kent Gabourel places 2nd at the National Beach Cruise Cycling Classic
On Sunday, September 21st, Kent “Bob” Gabourel, Michael Rowland, Randy Staine, Charles Garay, Arden Garay and Mark Flowers traveled to Punta Gorda Town to participate in the National Beach Cruise Cycling Classic. At the end of the race, star athlete Kent “Bob” Gabourel managed to take second place. The race comprised of 15 laps around the town, starting from Punta Gorda Central Park. By the end of the race, cyclists rode a distance of 38 miles. In first place was Adan Joel Borland from Belmopan City. Inches behind was Gabourel, who took second place. Island cyclist Mark Flowers placed fourth, Ardren Garay placed sixth while Charles Garay placed seventh. Michael Rowland and Randy Staine were unable to finish the race due to physical impediments. The cyclists would like to thank the San Pedro Town Council, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Gaby’s Construction, Councilor Gabriel Nuñez and Elito Arceo for their continued support.

Work on Police Houses set to begin
After 187 days, Deputy Mayor Gabriel “Gaby” Nuñez has confirmed that work will commence for the transfer and repair of the remaining two police houses on Monday, September 29th. The houses, which currently sit on a lot in the San Pablo area, were originally donated to the Belize Coast Guard by the San Pedro Business Association (SPBA). After the Coast Guard moved to their new base, the houses were given to the San Pedro Police Department to be used as housing for their officers. According to Nuñez, a foundation will be laid before the houses are moved. “The two wooden houses are not in perfect condition and need several repairs. What we are going to do is that we are going to lay a cement foundation to put the houses on. We are then going to break the houses apart and transport them in sections. Then we are going to rebuild them on the spot,” said Nuñez. On Wednesday August 13th the Ministry of National Security announced that $50,000 was given for the repairs of the two buildings.

Opposition Leader calls for better protection of Belize Territory: PM Barrow announces new programs on Independence Day
Official ceremonies to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Belize’s Independence took place on September 21st in Belmopan City. The event saw the attendance of regional diplomats, the Governor General of Belize, His Excellency Sir Colville Young Sr., Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow, Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca and members of the Diplomatic Corp amongst other invitees. The highlight of the event was the traditional main addresses delivered by the Opposition Leader, followed by a response from Prime Minister. During the formalities, the Head of State representative, the Governor General of Belize, inspected the Guard of Honor of the Belize Defense Force. First to speak was the Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party Francis Fonseca, who stated that as Belize celebrates its independence, turmoil is brewing in other parts of the globe. He took the opportunity to highlight the emerging threats by the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) and Syria, the continuing crisis in Northwestern Europe and the latest seven-week war between Israel and Hamas.


Conorquie’s murderers, Belizean or Guatemalan?
No arrest has been made, no one has been detained, and no official word has been made as to whether Special Constable Danny Conorquie was killed by Belizeans or Guatemalans. The outcry over the shooting death of SC Conorquie, attached to the Tourism police unit, has been widespread, especially since the shooters are believed to be Guatemalans. Danny Conorquie was shot in the Caracol Area, as he was posted at Caracol Mayan site in the Cayo District. Another Police Constable in the area reported that at 11:56 a.m. he heard what appeared to be gunshots, and upon investigation he saw about five men standing around SC Conorquie, who then fired several shots at him, but he escaped. The Hispanic men then fled the scene.

The Reporter

All Saints holds furniture drive
All Saints Primary School held a fund raising event on Saturday, the proceeds of which, are meant to provide furniture for the school’s new According to Rae Young, Lower Division vice principal at All Saints Primary, the school set up points in front of Brodie’s on Albert Street and on the Phillip Goldson Highway, collecting donations to buy desks and chairs for the new classrooms. Young said there was also a dinner and pastry sale at the school as part of the day of fund raising. Anyone interested in assisting the school can call 223-1390. Young said the school up to this point has not received the kind of support they had hoped for but said they were confident that they would meet their goal.

Man shot early Saturday
Joseph DeBride. 31, was shot three times around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday as he walked along Currasao Street near the corner with Gibnut Street toward the direction of his home. According to Sheryl DeBride, the sister of the victim daid that her brother was shot once to the neck and twice to the body by an unknohkwn assailant who then took off. DeBride says that her brother was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment and has since been listed in stable condition. The family said they had no further details about the incident.

Vatican replaces bishop accused of protecting priest involved in sexual crime
Monsignor Rogelio Livieres Plano”, has been replaced as bishop of Ciudad del Este. Pope Francis got rid of the Paraguayan bishop who has been accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young parishioners. This is the second time in a week that Pope Francis has taken disciplinary action over clerical sex abuse scandals in Latin America. Prior to this the Pope ordered the arrest of a senior Vatican diplomat, Jozef Wesolowski, accused of the sexual abuse of children during a posting to the Dominican Republic.

Belize City to become more child-friendly
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley and Minister of Local Government, Godwin Hulse signed a document on Friday as part of a United Nations Children’sFund (UNICEF) program called the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality Initiative geared toward addressing issues affecting children in different municipalities across the globe. The official signing was held at the Belize Elementary auditorium and students from various high-schools along with UNICEF representatives were all in attendance for the signing. The ceremony was one of nine as each municipality in the country held simultaneous ceremonies. “We are talking about involving young people in decision making specifically ensuring that young people are represented on various municipal committees,” Bradley said about the initiative.

Patrick JonesPJ

Obiturary: Danny Conorquie
The Conorquie family, the Belize Tourism Board and the Tourism Police Unit regret to announce the passing of Special Constable Danny Daniel Conorquie, age 20 of Georgeville village. Danny is predeceased by his grandmother Yvonne Conorquie, grandfather Eric Williams, Sr and father Sherman Williams, Sr. He leaves to mourn his passing his mother Jean Conorquie; Sisters: Whitney Tasher, Brithney Conorquie, Sherese, Vivian, Kayleen and Keandra Williams. Brothers Shane, Sherman Junior, Nigel and Andre Williams.

Lower prices and higher exports highlight August economic statistics
The monthly report of the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) was released earlier this week. Inflation countrywide is down from 1.3% in July to 0.9% in August, helped along by reduced food prices in all categories except for Fish and Seafood. There were higher home rental rates, international airfares, and insurance premiums. Home rental prices rose 2 percent from twelve months ago; international airfares are up 3 percent in comparison to last August. Health and motor vehicle insurance rates were up 3 and 6 percent, respectively. San Ignacio/Santa Elena continues to record the highest inflation rate of the seven municipalities at 1.7 percent, while the lowest was recorded in Corozal Town at only 0.4 percent. Turning to imports and exports, domestic export earnings for August 2014 were valued at $74.4 million, rising by more than $20 million or 38.8 percent in comparison to the same month last year.

Belize: Home Mortgage Crisis Costing Billions
Belize: Home Mortgage Crisis Costing Billions


My Week in Belize on Instagram
I’ve quickly become a giant fan of Instagram. And though it is probably SO 2009, I like that you can jazz up phone snapshot with different filters, look at almost anyone’s photos (just search on #Belize or #Peas or whatever your interest is) and you don’t have to fool around much with words. Images…all images. Apparently they were doing quite well without me…since Facebook bought them for $1billion bucks in 2012. But that’s okay. Here are probably too many from my week. The big September celebration and San Pedro parade last weekend were follow by our only sunny day of the week. The pool where I live at Royal Palm Villas.

Minister Godwin Hulse denies personal interference
On the surface they may not have anything in common: a former relative caught with local sugar suspected of going “through the back” to Guatemala, and a foreign couple whose vessel damaged the Belize Barrier Reef and who allegedly skipped out on payment to the Government. But one man’s name runs through both stories: Senator Godwin Hulse, who was suspected of being contacted to intervene. These allegations are serious, but even more so for the Senator because of his famous devotion to personal integrity. And so he rallied to defend himself against the charges on Friday. Concerning the first incident, which involved a former son-in-law, Hulse confirmed that the man no longer has connections to him, and justice must take its course in that regard.

Skilled worker shortage being addressed
Minister of Labour Senator Godwin Hulse must contend with numerous requests for importation of labour for key projects. Recently there were reports that skilled Guatemalan workers were being imported for Santander Sugar, the firm in charge of the Green Tropics project in western Cayo. According to Senator Hulse, they got a pass because we did not have enough locals to fill the positions. But that will change with Government’s efforts to re-open the Centers for Employment Training (CET) for persons with lesser academic qualifications who are interested in learning a trade.

Most travellers to Belize “skip” the capital. In fact most people don’t even know what the capital of Belize is. The answer is – Belmopan. The city of Belmopan has been the capital of Belize since August 1970, although Belize itself only became an independent country in 1981. To confuse things just a bit, it was also known as British Honduras until 1973. When the decision was made to move the capital inland (in the wake of Hurricane Hattie’s destruction of former capital Belize City), it was basically like building a new capital for the country. Belmopan was almost started from scratch, and it grew. Previous capitals had been Belize City and St. George’s Caye, but the tranquil countryside town of Belmopan won the gig.

International Sourcesizz

Marine Corps to send 200 Marines to Central America during hurricane season
At the start of the next hurricane season, the Corps plans to dispatch about 200 Marines to Central America in the form of a new special purpose Marine air-ground task force. The Marines will engage in partnership training with key military allies in the region, and will be equipped to provide humanitarian relief in the event of a natural disaster. The Marine Corps plans to stand up the new unit for U.S. Southern Command in 2015, said Brig. Gen. David Coffman, commander of Marine Corps Forces South. Like most SOUTHCOM missions, the Marines will largely focus on building partnership in a part of the world laden with violence and uncertainty, which has left some of the most vulnerable members of the local populations — including children — fleeing for the U.S. border. “It’s going to be overwhelmingly focused on engagement in Central America and the Caribbean, building partner capacity for our partners to take care of themselves — both in the narcotics trafficking fight and in a broader sense on how they use their military capability,” Coffman said.

Central America to Strengthen Ties with Russia
During Central American independence celebrations in Moscow this week, Guatemala's ambassador highlighted the region's achievements. Central American nations looked to strengthen their ties with Russia during Central American independence celebrations held by Moscow. For the second consecutive year, Central American nations have formally attended diplomatic acts held by the Russian government. Central America Invites Russian Investment and Diplomacy During the commemorations, Guatemalan ambassador Estuardo Meneses Coronado spoke about regional integration, referring to the achievements of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and its relationship with Russia. SICA was founded in 1993 and is a political and economic organization of Central American States. Meneses reiterated the regional body's invitation to Russia to join as an extra-regional observer of the Central American institution. He also emphasized Central America's hopes to expand commercial opportunities and investment with Russia in areas such as education, health, science, technology, security, culture, tourism and the environment.


Video: Belize Adventure Tourism FIU Study Abroad Spring Break 14, 12min.

Video: Howlers near the Jaguar Temple, Lamanai Belize, 1min.

Video: Tarpon on the Fly, Pesca Mahahaul (Megalops atlanticus), 4min.
My first 5 days fly fishing for Tarpon... I am officially obsessed. All footage was filmed on-site in Pesca Mahahual using a GoPro3. Hopefully the first of many Dad! Thanks for a great trip!

September 27, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Brace yourselves: the Belikin Calendar 2015 is coming!
It’s that time again! The hotly anticipated Belikin Calendar for 2015 will soon be released, and Belikin has put out a fun video chronicling the making of the sports-themed visual feast. With gorgeous ladies, stunning settings and expert sports photographer David Bergman, plus fabulous crew – there is no doubt the 2015 calendar will be a winner. Bergman is (band) Bon Jovi’s official photographer, and boasts clients like Sports Illustrated. As such, he focused on motion photography, capturing movement and energy as the Belizean girls portrayed such sports as basketball, boxing, paddleboarding and jet skiing. One particular beauty impressed everyone with her football skills – and in a bikini no less!

Eric Swan charged for Blackmail
San Pedro Police have officially charged 28-year-old Eric Swan for the crime of “Blackmail”. Police detained Swan on Friday, September 19th during a special operation that occurred on Laguna Drive. According to police, they had received information on the matter and proceeded to intercept a pickup being driven by 48-year-old Aurelio Nuñez, with Swan in the passenger seat. Both men were escorted to the police station where Nuñez reported that on Friday, September 5th he received a telephone call from Swan demanding $50,000 in return for some drugs that had been previously confiscated by Orange Walk Police. Nuñez stated that the demand for the money was a result that he had recommended Pascual Terrero Pineda to assist in the selling of the drugs. Nuñez did not have the money being demanded by Swan. Instead he gave Swan a 28’ fiber glass boat valued at $90,000.

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow hosts the First Ladies Global Call to Action Conference on Women and Girls’ Financial Health At the United Nations
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, hosted the “First Ladies’ Global Call to Action Conference on Women’s and Girls’ Financial Health”. The conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25th, 2014.

Manuel Heredia blames the PUP for exposing his new submerged subdivision
The Area Representative for Belize Rural South and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia Jr has finally made public comments on the ‘submerged’ subdivision he has been spearheading. Heredia Jr. was ambushed by the media on Thursday September 18th and all the hard questions were put before him. Under cross examination from the press, Heredia said that he was unaware of the location of the subdivision and promised to visit the area. In a second interview on September 24, Heredia told the press that the subdivision is not as bad as the cameras are showing. When the media caught up with Heredia on Tuesday September 24th, he was again put on the spotlight. Heredia had promised to visit the subdivision since he admitted that he had never been to the area before. After seeing the subdivision, Heredia said, that it is not as bad as is being portrayed by the cameras. “I did go to the site on Saturday as I mentioned and definitely it is not as bad as what you can see. With the cameras and so, it paints a different picture. It might have some negativity into it, but it is not as bad.” Interestingly, Heredia has maintained that if the subdivision is aborted, there is a second plan and as such, those 150 people who have paid in full for their lease certificate will not lose their money. He refused to disclose what plan B is, and if it includes subdividing higher government properties further on northern Ambergris Caye. Also interesting is that throughout the scandal, which originated from the cancellation of a PACT grant aimed at helping to fuse the proposed reserve expansion into Hol Chan, the Ambergris Caye Citizen for Sustainable Development has not issued a statement.

Ambergris Today

Belize Heightens Security at Caracol Archaeological Site after Shooting Incident
It is unfortunate to report that just before midday September 25, 2014, 20-year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. This incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. Security forces were deployed to secure the scene and tourists were safely transported out of the area by the Belize Tourism Board. Reports indicate that there were about 15 tourists and 5 tour guides on site at the time of the incident. The government statement announced that additional security personnel has been deployed to the Caracol Archaeological Site to ensure the safety of the hundreds of visitors who frequent the site and that the matter is still under investigation by the relevant authorities; every effort is being made to bring those responsible to justice.

San Pedro Sailors Help Set New Guinness World Record for Bart’s Bash
On Belize Independence Day, 81 San Pedro Sailors Raced For A Guinness Book World Record - Bart’s Bash, the global sailing race organized by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation which took place on September 21, 2014, has set the new Guinness World Record for the Largest Sailing Race (24 hours) and San Pedro sailors were part of the fun and glory. It was a great way to kick start the Independence Day celebrations for Belize – an early morning sailing race that also had a bigger purpose worldwide. Virtually every sailboat that could in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize - big and small - turned out for Bart's Bash. San Pedro Sailing Club’s fleet of eight little 7-footer Optimist dinghies and 12 -18 ft. Hobie catamarans were joined by Cayo Espanto's and No Worries Tours' Hobies, a Laser, and a 14-ft. custom, 2-masted double hulled twin-sailed experiment. They scudded like water bugs among big charter boats the likes of El Gato, TMM's Avanga, Rum Punch II, Seaduced, Searious Escape, and Tuff Enough Tours' Just Anada Tuff Day.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Find out how you can be a part of BTB's 2014 World Tourism Day celebration!
The Belize Tourism Board would like to wish all Tourism Friends and Partners a #Happy #WorldTourismDay2014! Share in the love of tourism with us, see flyer for more details on how you can be featured!

Channel 7

Killed At Caracol, Constable Conorquie's Family Grieves
Yesterday, 20 year-old Special Constable Danny Conorquie was killed by Hispanic men - believed to be Guatemalans - at the Caracol Archaeological Site in Western Belize. If they were Guatemalan, the young constable Conorquie becomes the first Belizean lawman to be killed on Belizean soil, in the line of duty by civilians from the other side of the border. It is disturbing from a security perspective - but there's also the tourism angle: the shootout which led to his death happened in plain view of several tourists and tour operators who were visiting Caracol. And then, there's his family: they lost a son and brother in circumstances that would boil the blood of any patriot. Today, they came to the City from their home in Georgeville to deal with the post mortem. His mother was still overcome with emotion - and angry at statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Immigration Minister Firm On Security Forces
Today, Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse was not as restrained as his Cabinet colleague Wilfred Elrington - who didn't want to label Danny Conorquie's killer a Guatemalan without certain knowledge of that. Hulse said that the security forces must be protected by all means:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse "As far as our security people are concerned we continue to maintain and will not have our people threatened and we will not have our people hurt and we want to protect our people and I know that in the last incident that had occurred that was their port that the particular person who came across and was shot was aggressive and that our people had to do what they had to do to protect themselves and to ensure that he could be deterred. I think the Guatemalans are fairly at this point satisfied with that report and so it continues."

The Caracol Context
Now, for context we should note that the Caracol Archeological Park - as part of the wider Chiquibul Forest is only a five kilometers, or three miles from the Belize Guatemala border - and that area has been under constant pressure from Guatemalans crossing the border to steal Xate leaves, illegally extract timber and loot the site - much of which remains un excavated. That they have come so close to Caracol is an indication of how brazen the Guatemalan poachers have become. In January, we spoke to Raphael Manzanero from the Friends for Conservation and Development about Guatemalans cutting logs right along the Caracol Road - which was cause for great alarm just eight months ago. Rafael Manzanero "The Guatemalans cutting down the Mahogany and Cedar right along the road which is use as access to the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. The most aspect of the concern is because it is very close. In fact the trees that were cut less than 2 weeks ago they actually were dropped right over the highway; over the road. We are actually talking about no more than 1.5 miles from the Caracol center."

Cop Charged For Manslaughter 16 Months Later
Tonight, Police Constable David Griffith, who was attached to the Punta Gorda Police Station, is out on bail after being taken to court allegedly for killing Rasheed Eligio, a prisoner who escaped from police custody last year. On May 10, 2013, Eligio was arrested for carnal knowledge. He was handcuffed to another prisoner, Brian Garcia, and they were going to be transported to the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned and remanded. The officers were waiting on a James Bus to escort them, but Eligio and Garcia saw an opportunity to escape, and they took it.

Maurice Felix And His Cousins Remanded
In July we told you about the Felix Brothers, Maurice and Emory who had been released from jail after 8 years on remand for the murder of Mitchum Heredia. They faced three trials and got three hung jury results - so they were finally freed. But Maurice Felix only tasted two months of that freedom - tonight he's back behind bars because police say he's part of a gang called the Gill street Gangsters. 29 year old Felix and his cousins 30 year old Roy Bennett and and 26 year old Ryan Bennett were arraigned in curt #3 this evening for possession of a controlled drug and professing to be a gang member. They were immediately remanded to prison. They were first picked up yesterday for possession of .2 grammes of weed - which is less than point .01 ounces. Then they told the court the GSU came and charged them for the gang offence.

Drug-Addicted Man Jailed After Stealing From Mother
Tonight, 35 year-old Jason Velasquez a resident of mile 16 on the Northern Highway, is spending the second night of a 1-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to stealing from his own mother's house to finance his drug habit. His mother, Cordelia McDonald, reported to police that from September 1 to September 18, an assortment of household items to a total value of $292 dollars were stolen from her house. After investigating the report, police arrested and charged Velasquez with theft. He was arraigned yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where he wasted no time and pleaded guilty. He also confessed to the Chief Magistrate that he has a drug problem where he smokes both weed and crack.

Labour Minister Says Lingua Franca Fine In Workplace
Earlier on you saw what Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse had to say about the Caracol cop killing. But, he's also Minister of Labour and we asked him for his comments on the recent controversy over the First Caribbean Dangriga Branch - where one employee resigned after she claims she was reprimanded for speaking to a customer in Garifuna. The matter has been taken up by her union and could end up as a labour dispute - so we asked the Labour Minister - and former bank employee what he though of it:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour "My simple unequivocal position is that this is a multi-racial, multi-lingual society. We do business and commerce in the English language, but when we deal with our people we are all free to discourse in the language we are most comfortable with and should be free and nobody should impose any impediment. I will say though that before you were born, back in 1964, when I worked in the Royal Bank of Canada, we were forbidden to speak anything but the English language. Those were the good old colonial days, part of what I fought against to help to bring us to independence, so I am not going to support or countenance any nonsense when it comes to people's race, creed, ethnicity, religion or otherwise."

BTL Positioning For The Future, Diminishing Profits In Short Term
Belize Telemedia Limited held its eighth annual general meeting last night at the Biltmore Best Western. The company used one of the biggest conference room in town to welcome its hundreds of small shareholders. But they were also there for an unusually frank and plain spoken wake up call: BTL's profits are falling, and they will continue to do so for at least the next two years. It's part of a larger plan which we found out about last night:.. Nestor Vasquez, Chairman - BTL "Our strategy for the past 5 years has been about making BTL a better company which provides a better future for Belize and for its shareholders." Jules Vasquez reporting Those shareholders got a smaller dividend this year though - and that is based on a downturn in profits - 1.4 million less from 21 million to 19.6 million - comparable to pre nationalization figures:

AG Says Bar President Not Living In Reality
For the past two days, you've been hearing what the Bar Association has to say about the proposed legal profession amendment bill. Not surprisingly, they don't like it one bit - and both the President and Former president of the bar have rejected various parts of it. One of their criticisms is that the new breakdown of the members lends itself to direct political control by the Attorney General. That's what Bar President Eamon Courtenay said - and yesterday AG Elrington told us he's far from reality: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General "The truth is that what he said has no relation to reality whatsoever. There is a provision for the appointment of the members of the council and 3 of the members of the council are going to be nominated by the Bar Association and appointed by me. Somebody has to appoint them. The Bar Association doesn't have the locus standi to appoint them, but that is my authority, so I will appoint the 3 members appointed by the Bar. Tell me how it will be political if in fact the Bar Association appoints 3 and nominates 3 and I appoint those who ae nominated, how can that be political? Now tell me how it will be more political if I take myself away from the entire process and leave the chief justice to do it?"

Hon. Elrington Says Extradition For Bahamian Offshore Bankers Underway
We also asked Elrington about the status of extradition proceedings against Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles. They are the Bahamian Offshore Bankers who are facing extradition to the US. But their attorneys say that no extradition request has been entered and they are being imprisoned unfairly. Elrington outlined the official position:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General "The process of the extradition proceedings are underway and the issue of bail is being raised by their counsels and the SolGen's office is being ask to respond to those arguments requesting bail, so the matter is in fact in the process of going through the motions for extradition." Daniel Ortiz "Do we have an extradition request or extradition order or any sort of document from the US Government which says that they are interested in these two men?"

Getting Justice For Juveniles
For the past two days, there have been no regular Supreme Court or Magistrate's Court hearings. That's because all the judges and magistrates were in San Ignacio attending a conference to dialog with the National Committee for Families and Children, and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The discussion is about how to improve the juvenile Justice System to reduce the impact of child trauma of juveniles whose lives are affected by the justice system. Today, we went to the Cahal Pech Resort and where we spoke with the main facilitators about the practical outcomes from this session: Luwani Cayetano - Executive Director, NCFC "This activity is kind of part of a larger group of activities and partnership that we have and so NCFC, UNICEF and the Supreme Court have kind of come together to do some institutional and legal reform and so a part of that is yes there will be buildings and yes there will be new spaces, but we also then have to provide capacity to the people doing the work and so then providing training about understanding, about how to treat children in court, how to ensure their best interest is really a big part of that - the component of that reform.

Making Cities Child Friendly
There are many issues that threaten the safety and survival of Belizean youths and in order to address these issues the youths themselves need to be involved in that process. The Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Initiative seeks to do just that; to foster an environment where youths can express themselves and develop into productive citizens and leaders. It is quite an ambitious task but Darrell Bradley tells us how this initiative will empower Belizean youths. Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "What the initiative is the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities initiative, it's really a certificate. It's actually a way that we would keep municipalities accountable. we often times done this at the municipality level and several of the speakers spoken about this, we are talking about streets, we are talking about parks, but it's really more than that - its creating a wholesome environment where our young people can, they can be engaged in decision making. They can be made to feel empowered, that they are listened to and they are actually participating meaningfully in the advancement of themselves and their communities. The project challenge us as a municipality to open up our dialogue and our conversation to encourage and incorporate young people in the decision making part of it so that they feel empowered and engaged."

IPhone 6+ Reaches Belize At Record Prices
If you've been keeping with the latest international tech news, you may know that Apple's new flagship phones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched last week Friday in the US. Eager iPhone fans waited outside the retail stores all over the country which ended up selling over 10 million devices in the first week. Since then it's gotten very scarce - rumours say China is buying them all up. That has driven up prices since the new units are on back order. Locally that means an upgrade to the iPhone 6 is not going to be simple or cheap. You'll have to pay a premium price. It's standard for all new gadget launches where local vendors have to pay persons in the launch countries to wait in line for the device when it drops. The bigger the middle-man's fee is, and the higher cost of getting the device here is, the more you, the end user, have to pay.

New Internet Rates/Speeds Take Effect In October
Last night we told you about the new doubled up internet speeds from BTL. This was outlined in a more official way at last night's annual general meeting. Here's the new schedule:.. Nestor Vasquez, Chairman - BTL "The 256KB that is now selling for $56.00 will be $25.00. The 128KB will no longer be available. The 512KB is $56.00. The 1MB is now $88.00. We are doubling up the speed."

BTL Will Leverage Bandwidth
And while you'll be getting faster speeds, BTL will also be changing the way they do business with wholesale internet providers. Anwar Barrow explained:.. Anwar Barrow, Chairman - BTL Executive Committee "So if you are an entrepreneur, you want to come in and access BTL service and you have a solid game plan, business plan, come in, we are open to you. We want you to leverage our network."

Why Does Belize Lag Behind Other Countries In Bandwidth
And while BTL is ready to work with wholesalers, we asked when will Belize's status on bandwidth surveys get a wholesale upgrade? As we've been reporting, every single survey of Caribbean Bandwidth puts Belize very near the bottom. The most recent survey placed this country 174th out of 192 countries worldwide. Here's what Barrow said:.. Anwar Barrow, Chairman - BTL Executive Committee "I have seen it but I haven't drilled down into it, so really I can't speak concretely to it but what I can say is that we are moving forward. We are moving the internet penetration rate forward, we hope to double it in the next 2 years and so there are a lot of great things to come and an entire transformation of what the internet is in Belize and who has access to the internet."

Hon. Hulse Says He Didn't Call Anyone
And in one more bit of topical news, today the press asked Godwin Hulse about that rumour that he had intervened to get a relative out of custody after he was caught with some sugar near the Guatemalan Border. The report is that on Monday 8th September at around 8:00 in the night, alert Cayo police came across 2 trucks loaded with 160 sacks of sugar in the area of the Calla Creek road - which is the major smuggling corridor from Belize into Guatemala. Police detained 7 men and escorted them to the Benque Viejo border where they were handed over to Customs. Now, Customs told us that indeed they received the men and the cargo, but because it is not an offence to have local sugar in Belize, they could not charge them. With that they were released. But, here's where the story takes a turn. It turns out that one of the men used to co-manage the Commodities Store, a business in Belmopan, which is owned and operated by Minister Godwin Hulse's family. Hulse told the media today that there's no way he made any call to get anyone free:..

Coppershot Taking A Shot
To end off the September celebrations with a bang, the DJ named Coppershot is here from Jamaica to perform as part of the marketing creation called Arthur Guinness Day. Here is their very "spirited" invitation to the public. The event will be held tomorrow evening from 5 until at the BTL park.

Channel 5

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Following the shooting death of a Guatemalan encroacher three point five kilometers within Belizean territory on March twenty-ninth 2014, the government compensated the family of Tomas Ramirez.  When asked about [...]

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Earlier today, we also got a comment from Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, at an event for Child Friendly Municipalities. Hulse gave his views of the Conorquie murder and was [...]

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There is unity in outrage over the senseless execution of Danny Conorquie. But there are also questions about the rationale behind having only two Special Constables providing security at such [...]

B.T.L. Announces Decline in Profits
The annual general meeting of the Belize Telemedia Limited was held in Belize City on Thursday night. Shareholders as well as company executives were on hand for the fifth annual [...]

Elrington Says Courtenay’s Comments Were Incomprehensible
On Wednesday, President of the Bar Association, Eamon Courtenay, excoriated Attorney General Wilfred Elrington and panned the government for introducing a bill that seeks to amend the existing composition of [...]

Father Charged With Rape & Incest
There is also a report of a heinous act.  A twelve year old girl is claiming that she was sexually abused by her own father. The alleged rape, according to [...]

Actyl Wins Case Involving Employment of Belizeans
A ruling in the Canadian courts will ensure that four Belizeans retain their jobs with McDonald’s Canada. The four Belizeans were recruited to work in the fast food franchise by [...]

Minister of Labour on CIBC FirstCaribbean Issue
There was a firestorm against the CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank weeks ago when a Dangriga employee was prevented from speaking in her native tongue. Minister Godwin Hulse today provided his own [...]

Hulse speaks on the Penner Fiasco
The private prosecution lead by COLA of the former minister of state, Elvin Penner was thrown out earlier this year following the lack of evidence to convict the ousted Cayo [...]

Court Ruling on Bahamians Set For Next Week
Bahamian nationals Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach remain in pretrial detention at the Belize Central Prison tonight.  The pair of stockbrokers, both employees of Titan International Securities, was expected in [...]

Belize City Mayor Says Flooding is a Perennial Problem
The downpour across the country, especially in the city, has left several areas in downtown Belize City inundated and impassable for pedestrians. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the council has [...]

Child-Friendly Municipalities Launched Today
UNCEF and partners launched today a Child Friendly Municipalities Initiative with a live broadcast in Belize City and simultaneous activities in all other municipalities. The idea is to provide infrastructure, [...]


Alex Tillett Wanted For Two Robberies In Orange Walk
Tonight, Orange Walk Police are actively seeking one person they believe perpetrated two robberies in the municipality. Police say 27 year old Alex Tillett; known as “lexus” was one of two men who robbed Darvis Store at gunpoint on September 11th and Hung Yun Store on September 19th. You may recall that the September 19th armed robbery of Hung Yun Store proved fatal for his accomplice Leslie Logan Jr. who was shot by the proprietor of the store. Police say Tillet is wanted for two counts of robbery and is considered armed. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Alex Tillett is asked to contact the police. The police also advise the public that harbouring a fugitive is an offence.

SIB Reports On Imports and Exports
Other statistics released today was that of the External Trade for the month of August. The figures dictates that imports for August to Belize were valued at a total of $158.5 million, increasing by over $11 million or 7.6 percent from $147.3 in August of 2013. This increase was due entirely as a result of imports of ‘Food and Live Animals’ and ‘Chemical Products’, which rose by $5.9 million and $5.5 million, respectively. Imports of ‘Manufactured Goods’, in particular building cement, were down by over $3 million from last August. The value of goods going into the commercial free zones also declined by $1.6 million, even as imports destined for the export processing zones increased by $1.7 million during the month. The first eight months of this year, imports totalled $1.3 billion, growing by almost $80 million or 6.5 percent compared to the same period in 2013. ‘Machinery and Transport Equipment’ increased by almost the same amount, boosted by purchases of vehicles for personal use and for the transportation of goods.

BSCFA To Present Counter Proposal To BSI
The fate of the sugar industry continues to be a topic of much discussion. Among the issues that need urgent resolution is that of the revenue sharing for bagasse. The situation continues without much progress. Last night we presented the position of BSI and today, we spoke with Alfredo Ortega of the BSCFA who says they too have a proposal they are working on to present to BSI at their next meeting. “Nosotros también vamos a sacar nuestra propuesta basado a lo que ellos han presentado sin embargo ellos siguen con su propuesta de su fórmula de ellos nosotros también tenemos una fórmula y vamos a ver en que de acuerdos podemos llegar para mejorar este beneficio al canero, no podría ir en mucho más detalle dentro de ello porque nosotros estamos trabajando en nuestra parte de ellos y vamos a tener una junta con BSI el 9 de Octubre en la cual nos vamos a juntar e ir más profundo en esta situación, realmente ellos están tratando de vender su material como todos estamos viendo sin embargo la responsabilidad con Asociación es ver cómo podemos conseguir esa mayor beneficio para el productor de caña.”

UDP Tries To Sabotage PUP's Anniversary Event In Corozal
On Monday September 29th the People’s United Party will celebrate their 64th anniversary. The party was born in 1950 and at the helms have been several leaders including the late Father of the Nation Right Hon. George Cadle Price, Right Hon. Said Musa, Hon. John Briceño and presently the Hon. Francis Fonseca. In the Corozal District PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal North David Castillo and his committee are gearing up for the celebration. Castillo told us what they have planned. “Every year for the past, I would say thirty years, the Corozal North Constituency Executive has traditionally celebrated the birthday of the party in the various villages of the Corozal North and we have planned again for this year and we will be celebrating the birthday of the party the 64th anniversary of the PUP in Patchakan Village and so that is what we have planned and the activities will include a parade, then official ceremonies and then cultural presentations, with great attractions because we will be having local and our neighbors from Chetumal Quintana Roo will come to participate and then we will end up with a free dance with the mighty Techno Band for the people that will come and celebrate.”

Training Continues For Special Olympics
The media has aired quite a few inspiring stories on children with special needs and their participation in Special Olympics. Their stories are about determination, perseverance and achievement despite physical challenges and limitations. But while these stories make the news sporadically, the work that is invested with and by those special athletes is something that happens year round. It is not always easy and it takes a dedicated team of professionals to help these children reach their dreams. Still, dedication is only part of the work. Trainers need continuous development themselves and this is exactly what Special Olympics Belize is doing through collaboration with representatives of Special Olympics Arizona. The team is in Belize this week to continue the work that began at the start of 2013. Krista Sanchez is the Development Coordinator of Special Olympics Arizona. Krista Sanchez – Development Coordinator, Special Olympics Arizona “We committed to a three year partnership agreement with them to assist them in developing both organizational development as well as programmatic development so we are doing a lot on giving them resources in training athletes, training coaches, training volunteers and crate more systems to grow more opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Belize.”

Elections Held In Free Zone For Seats On Board Of Directors
Today six Corozal Free Zone Chamber of Commerce Directors contested the four seats available to represent the CFZCC membership on the Corozal Free Zone Board of Directors. The Board of Directors at the Corozal Free Zone consists of five members of the public sector and four of the private sector who play an important role in the development of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. Raul Rosado – Chief Executive Officer CFZ “For us it has always been important since our inception in 2008 to have the private sector participate in the decision making that benefits the Free Zone and investments and companies themselves, for us is like a check and balance where the private sector and the public sector can work together to move forward, to create policies that will better off the investment atmosphere in the Free Zone and to set up plans and projects for the future.”

Paying Tribute To The Elderly
Today as promised, we’ll start with our newest feature of celebrating the lives of those golden citizens in our community as we take a glimpse into their lives. Too often, society views the elderly as being at the end of their life and thus having no purpose but to bide their time until the inevitable day where they cease to exist on this earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as your average person is a product of their environment, and their life experiences, the elderly are as productive as we encourage them to be. They are the generations that came before us and set a foundation for us, and as such October they will be honoured during Older Persons Month. Today, we’ll take a look at the lives of a couple who have been married for over 40 years and their love has never been any stronger. Through this we hope to start to tackle negative attitudes and out-dated stereotypes. Maria Novelo reports. 78 year old Ernesto Reyes and 82 year old Bernice Rufina Lamb have been inseparable for over 40 years since they got together. They live a modest life and welcomed us into their homes where they shared with us some of their fondest moments.

SIB Reports Fall In Inflation Rate
The Statistical Institute of Belize has released its latest figures in relation to Belize’s Consumer Price Index for the month of August. According to the figures, consumer prices showed that the All-Items inflation rate for the month of August 2014 was 0.9 percent, down slightly from 1.3 percent in July 2014. The consumer price index for August 2014 stood at 103.6, compared to 102.7 in the same month in 2013. The average inflation rate for the first eight months of the year was 1.4 percent. The increases in the August inflation rates stems from higher home rental rates, international airfares, and insurance premiums. Food prices, which are usually one of the main drivers of inflation, saw a marginal decline this month, with average prices falling in all categories except for Fish and Seafood. Home rental prices rose 2 percent from twelve months ago, as the upward trend which was first noted earlier this year continued across all municipalities in August. International airfares, which had also been trending sharply upward over the last few months, were a mere 3 percent higher in comparison to last August. Health and motor vehicle insurance rates were up 3 and 6 percent, respectively.

14 Year Old Goes Missing In Orange Walk
Fourteen year old Marisol Jessica Patt, a student of Orange Walk Town has been reported missing. According to authorities, Marisol was last seen as she left home for school around 7:30 yesterday morning. Information received indicates that Marisol was last seen in the company of Feliciano Bartley, locally known as ‘Patchy’ and has not been seen or heard from since.

Mysterious Animal Killed In San Lazaro Village
People love a good story, and those about mythical, often elusive creatures like the “Chupacabra” tickle the interest of many. Tonight we have one such story and as it turns out it also surrounds the blood sucking creature dubbed the “chupacabra”. The first sighting of this elusive creature was made in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Since then, there have been several reported sightings in several parts of the Americas. In Belize, though, there hasn’t been any known report until today. Dalila Ical has the report. The creature that was hit by Cain Cal as he drove past a ranch between Yo Creek and San Lazaro Villages has struck the curiosity of many. Pictures his daughter posted on Facebook have also stirred varied opinions. A few people have accused the family of concocting the story, calling the images fake.


What’s Next in the Murder of Danny Conorquie?
A post mortem examination on the body of 20 year old Danny Conorquie was conducted today at the KHMH morgue. Conorquie, a Special Constable posted at the Caracol Maya Site in Cayo was part of the Tourism Police Unit. He was shot and killed while on patrol at the Mayan Site yesterday afternoon by two men described to be of Hispanic descent. The relevant authorities are investigating the murder while many believe that the culprits are Guatemalans. Yesterday, CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) George Lovell, told Love News that they have not confirm this allegation and are not sure that Guatemalans are the culprits. However, Lovell shared that Guatemalans Authorities have been notified of the incident out of courtesy. Conorquie’s family is struggling to overcome the grief because; Conorquie was very much loved in Georgeville, which is where he is originally from. His mother, Jean Conorquie, told us about the last time she spoke to her son.

Police News: Robbery and Drugs
A woman was robbed at gun point yesterday in Belize City. Police say that around 9am a 29-year-old fruit vendor at a supermarket corner West Collet Canal and Hicattee Street, Belize City reported that she was at her fruit stall when she was approached by a man who pointed a hand gun in her face and robbed her of her apron containing 230 dollars in cash and a black and yellow Go brand cell phone valued at 100 dollars. The culprit then jumped on a bicycle and fled from the scene. The victim reportedly knows who the robber was and police are looking for that person as investigation continues.

12-Year-Old Says Father Raped Her
Belize City police are investigating a case of incest. Police say that on Independence Day at around 7 o’clock in the night, a 12 year old Belizean female student accompanied by her mother, reported that the night before, her 33 year old father, a Salvadoran laborer of Jane Usher Boulevard address, took her to his house on Holy Emmanuel Street and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. A medical examination was conducted where a doctor certified that the female child was carnally known. As a result police have arrested and charged 33-year-old father for the crime of rape and incest.

Can Penner Still Face Charges on Passport Scandal?
With the fraudulent passport issued in the name of Kim Wong Hong back in the country, we asked Immigration Minster, Godwin Hulse what happens next. Here is Renee Trujillo with that story. RENEE TRUJILLO REPORTING “Last year around this very same time Belizeans were up in arms and the current administration was under heat as they were being attacked from several corners following the wafts of corruption that had begun seeping out of the immigration department regarding a passport issued to a South Korean national Kim Wong Hong. It all started on September 19th 2013 when a release coming out of the Prime Minister’s office revealed that the then minister of state in the Ministry of Immigration Elvin Penner had resigned from cabinet upon the request of the Prime Minister Dean Barrow. To refresh your memory the release from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the resignation came with respect to a situation brought to the Prime Ministers attention on Tuesday where Penner as a cabinet minister did not discharge his responsibilities with either due judgment and balance. That was the first blow rendered to Penner as he was stripped from all benefits and privileges as a minister. Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse reminded us of that today.”

Galen Announces New Provost
Galen University announced today that Dr. Cynthia Eve Aird has been appointed to the position of Provost of the University. Dr. Aird earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and Administration with a minor in Higher Education from Boston College, Boston, MA. and is currently President of Sacred Heart College, Cayo. With over twenty years experience in the education sector, Dr. Aird developed a professional network amongst her colleagues in the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB), and the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC). She has served in the capacity of President of ATLIB from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Aird was a founding member of the Belize Board of Teacher Education (BBTE), serving for three terms with two as the Vice Chair of the Board. The appointment of Dr. Aird will become effective on December 1, 2014.

Municipalities Commit to Being Child Friendly
In 1990 a human rights treaty dubbed the Convention on the Rights of the Child was brought out by the United Nations. It is a document that sets out the civil, political, economic, health and cultural rights of children that has now been ratified by just under two hundred countries worldwide. While countries around the world have worked at meeting indicators to comply with the convention, there is another document that has come out of that convention that promotes the idea of a friendly city for children. Today, Belize signed onto that document for a child friendly city via an official launch that took place at the auditorium of the Belize Elementary School in Belize City. It is an undertaking that has the Belize Mayors’ Association, the United Nations Development Program, the Government of Belize and the United Nations Children’s’ Fund coming together in identifying ways in which their municipalities can subscribe to the idea of ensuring that their municipality are safe and secure for children. We spoke with Mayor Darrell Bradley, who told us more on the joint venture.

Barrow Says Changes are Coming to BTL
The Belize Telemedia Limited hosted its 8th Annual General Meeting last night at the Biltmore Hotel. A special presentation entitled, “A focus on the Future of BTL” was given by the Chairman of BTL’s Executive Committee, Anwar Barrow. Barrow says that one of the company’s goal is to add ten thousands subscribers to its customer’s base in two years. ANWAR BARROW “The net profit has been up and it has been down. If you look at 2010 we made upwards of $30 million, I think $31 million, and so there have been different reasons for that. So, we are a profitable company, it is still one of the best investments in Belize and it will continue to be. Now if you look at where we are now and where we were in 2009 a number of things have happened that have benefitted the consumers and shareholders. You’ve gotten per second billing; you’ve gotten VoIP which has opened an entire world to the Belizean consumers. You’ve gotten broadband rates being slashed in half again, again and now again in October and that will continue to happen so we have been evolving and consumers have benefitted tremendously.

Beach Erodes At Alarming Pace in Hopkins Village
A resident of Hopkins Village in Southern Belize is calling on the Government of Belize and relevant authorities to help save the beach. According to Patricia Jacobs, a portion of the Hopkins Beach at the North End of the village has eroded over 200 feet in a short period of time. Jacobs explained her concerns. PATRICIA JACOBS “The concern is that it is gone and we must do something. I’ve talked to the Village Council and they say that they are trying but trying doesn’t work when it’s missing. We need an emergency response right about now or pretty soon our number one destination of Hopkins is no longer going to be because there is not a beach. I do believe it has a lot to do with not only Mother Nature but man.

Help Needed for Cleyon Marage
He recently celebrated his 10th birthday some six months ago and just one week following his birthday celebration, he began showing symptoms of a disease that has now forced hm to stay home, away from school. Cleyon Marage Jr., has been diagnosed with leukemia. Clovis Matura is the child’s mother. CLOVIS MATURA “Back in April just, before school reopened he had pains in his neck and when I took him to the hospital they said it was an infection and they gave him antibiotics but the neck got bigger and bigger. We were back and forth to the hospital until they eventually sent us to Karl Heusner. They did the ultrasound and the swelling had burst open and began to leak out; everything that was in there; then he was admitted to the Karl Heusner. They did the blood test, his white cells were really high like 98,000 and then they did a bone marrow and then they found out it was leukemia. They can’t treat it in Belize.”

CEO Lovell Speaks on Murdered Police Officer
Twenty year old Special Constable, Danny Conorquie, was shot and killed just before midday today while he was on patrol at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Conorquie was killed after he approached two Hispanic men who were on horseback. A release from the Ministry of National Security states that the two men fled the scene retreating into the dense cover of the jungle. Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio Town hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. This incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. Security forces were deployed to secure the scene and tourists were safely transported out of the area by the Belize Tourism Board. The matter is still under investigation by the relevant authorities. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, George Lovell, told Love News that even though they cannot confirm that the two culprits are of Guatemala Nationality, Guatemalan Officials have been notified.


Police Officer charged for murder of detained prisoner
PC Constable David Griffith was charged on Friday for the shooting death of Rasheed Elijio, an incident that occurred on May 10th last year. On Tuesday May 7th  earlier that same week, 18 year old Rasheed Elijio was picked up by Police in Punta Gorda, and arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s co...

Child was not sexually assaulted according to medical report
Police had received reports last week from a mother of a five year old child that the child had complained of being sodomized in a bathroom at a Belmopan primary school. The matter was being investigated by police and teachers, but police had told the media that while investigations were ongoing, th...

Father rapes his 12 year old daughter
There is a disturbing case of incestuous rape being reported in Belize City. A 12-year-old Belizean female Student told police that sometime after 6:00p...

Fruit Vendor robbed of proceeds on street corner
A 29-year-old fruit vendor at a supermarket on the corner West Collet Canal and Hicattee Street, Belize City, reported that she was at her fruit stall selling when  she was approached by a man. The man pointed a hand gun in her face and robbed her of her apron containing $230...

Drug busting in Roaring Creek yields results
Police conducted a search at the residence of Ealsine Gentle situated in Roaring Creek Village Cayo District. Present at the time of the search were Ealsine Gentle and Stephanie Cruz. The search led to the discovery of a transparent bag containing 60.5 grams of suspected cannabis. As a result, polic...

Tourism police officer shot and killed near Guatemalan border
A Tourism Police Officer, Danny Conorguie, was shot and killed Thursday morning in the Cayo District, at the Caracol Archeological Site. Reports are that just before midday , 20 year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of du...

Police looking for suspect in Orange Walk robberies
Orange Walk Police are looking for 27 year old Alexander Tillett in connection with two robberies that occurred on Thursday September 11th at Darvis Store, and Friday September 19th  at Hung Yun Store. Reports were that on Friday afternoon, two men identified as Alexander Tillett and Leslie Kenrick...

Galen University’s new provost is Dr. Eve Aird
Galen University announced on Thursday that  Dr. Eve Aird is to be the new Provost of the University...

Two Belmopan men charged with Drug Trafficking
29 year old Andre Avila and 30 year old Aldo Zetina of Sibun Street, Belmopan, have been arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking. On Wednesday September 24th, Police conducted a house search at #10 Macaw Street, Belmopan, at the residence of Andre Avila...

FFB president discusses national team performance
On Saturday, PLUS News caught up with President of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), Ruperto Vicente, in Belize City. Belize’s Jaguars crashed out of the recent Copa Centroamericana played in the United States, unable to get a win against either of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador...

Valerie Penner launches new art exhibit
19 year old Valerie Penner, a young Belizean artist from the village of Camalote, Cayo District, launched her new art exhibit on Friday September 19th at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The collection is entitled “A Snapshot of Summer”. We caught up with Valerie Thursday morning, as she wal...

Help Needed for Cleyon Marage
He recently celebrated his 10th birthday some six months ago and just one week following his birthday celebration, he began showing symptoms of a disease that has now forced hm to stay home, away from school. Cleyon Marage Jr., has been diagnosed with leukemia. Clovis Matura is the child’s mother. CLOVIS MATURA “Back in April just, before school reopened he had pains in his neck and when I took him to the hospital they said it was an infection and they gave him antibiotics but the neck got bigger and bigger. We were back and forth to the hospital until they eventually sent us to Karl Heusner. They did the ultrasound and the swelling had burst open and began to leak out; everything that was in there; then he was admitted to the Karl Heusner. They did the blood test, his white cells were really high like 98,000 and then they did a bone marrow and then they found out it was leukemia. They can’t treat it in Belize.”

CEO Lovell Speaks on Murdered Police Officer
Twenty year old Special Constable, Danny Conorquie, was shot and killed just before midday today while he was on patrol at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Conorquie was killed after he approached two Hispanic men who were on horseback. A release from the Ministry of National Security states that the two men fled the scene retreating into the dense cover of the jungle. Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio Town hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. This incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. Security forces were deployed to secure the scene and tourists were safely transported out of the area by the Belize Tourism Board. The matter is still under investigation by the relevant authorities. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, George Lovell, told Love News that even though they cannot confirm that the two culprits are of Guatemala Nationality, Guatemalan Officials have been notified.


Belize police murdered at Caracol!
Danny Conorquie, 20, a special constable attached to the Tourism Police Unit, was shot dead in a brazen daylight shooting in the presence of tourists and tour operators who were visiting one of Belize’s most popular tourist attractions, the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, at around midday today, allegedly by illegal loggers who have had frequent encounters with security forces there. Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio Town Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. At press time tonight, Cayo police were still trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the murder near the main temple at Caracol, including the possibility that it may have been a retaliatory shooting by Guatemalans.

Iconic cop passes
A highly respected former police officer, Sergeant Gilbert Tablada, 80, of a Fabers Road address, died in his home in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 21, of natural causes after battling illness. He reportedly passed away as the flag was being raised at Memorial Park at about 12:05 a.m. Independence Day, Sunday. On Saturday, Sgt. Tablada was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) for respiratory problems and chest pains. He was admitted and treated in the Emergency Ward at the KHMH, and then was sent home after his condition seemed to improve, but later died during the night. His son, Kent, reported that Saturday was a normal day for his father, but he was suffering with asthma, and he went to the hospital to be checked out, which he normally does, and then he returned home. Kent said that he was more than shocked when he was informed that his father had died. He was attending the Flag Raising Ceremony at the Memorial Park when he was given the sad news.

Chinese store owner shoots robber dead
In a welcome turn of events for the Chinese community, a Chinese storeowner, instead of being the victim of a shooting by thieves, as has occurred in countless robbery scenarios in the country, managed to turn the tables on a thief by shooting him during an attempted robbery on Friday. The gunman died on the street outside the store, where he fell after being shot, and was taken to the nearby Northern Regional Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. As of press time tonight, Thursday, his accomplice, who fled the scene with the loot, has not yet been found. He has been identified as Alexander Tillett of Orange Walk Town and a wanted poster has been issued for his arrest – he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Oil drilling begins on Maya land
Oil drilling in rural Toledo has been a contentious matter in light of the ongoing land rights dispute between the Government of Belize and the indigenous Maya of Toledo, and the new executive director of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), Froyla Tzalam, told Amandala today that she was not aware that drilling had already commenced inside the Sarstoon Temash National Park, which the NGO deems to be indigenous land. Alistair King, the local representative of US Capital Energy in Belize, told Amandala when we called him this morning that the company has in fact been drilling for three weeks now, and they are now down to 4,000 feet. Director of Geology and Petroleum, Andre Cho, told Amandala the data being gathered is confidential and he could not discuss specifics with us. Cho indicated, though, that they are monitoring drilling operations and should have some indication as to the prospects at the drill site within the next couple of weeks, and foreseeably, in October.

BTL reports “solid” year; earns $19.6 mil in profits
In its 5th consecutive year as a state-owned telecommunications company, the Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) is announcing a 7% decline in net profits, from $21 million to $19.6 million against a marginal fall in gross revenues from $143.8 million to $142.6 million, for the 12 months ending March 31, 2014. Earnings per share have consequently decreased from 0.42 cents per share to 0.40 cents. At its Annual General Meeting tonight, the company announced that shareholders would be paid a 4.8% return on shares, as opposed to 5% last year. The company has not yet indicated how much dividends it will pay to shareholders, but the bulk will be paid to the Government of Belize. As of March 31, 2014, the Government of Belize holds approximately 63% of the total outstanding shares in BTL. The Government of Belize acquired 94.5% shareholding in the company in August 2009. The following October, it divested itself of a minority of those shares in a public offering.

PM promises $3M in mortgage relief on Independence Dayby Kareem Clarke
The official ceremony in observance of the 33rd anniversary of Belize’s Independence was held today in the nation’s capital, Belmopan, featuring the usual pomp and circumstance, and, as has become customary, the speeches by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition took center stage. In this year’s address, the Prime Minister, as is expected, lauded the work of his administration, gave a glowing report of the state of the nation, and proclaimed that it is a certainty that at year 33, Belize is recording pronounced advances, in part because the economy is “strong and intact”. Specifically, he referred to the successes of the National Bank and the infrastructural works which have been taking place across all municipalities, while acknowledging the worrying situation concerning crime. After expounding on those infrastructural developments, which, according to PM Barrow, are the primary vehicle by which the country is moving forward, he went on to speak about what he described as the four most important pillars of Belize’s nation-building enterprise, which include a sound economy, the physical transformation of the country, social renovation in order to remake our democracy in the image of egalitarianism, and the maintenance of patriotism and pride.

Bail application for former Bahamian offshore bankers adjourned
Two Bahamian offshore bankers, Kevin Leach, 34, and Rohn Knowles, 29, who have been named in a United States federal indictment and who were remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) charge, were supposed to appear in court today for a bail application filed by their attorneys. The men were scheduled to appear before Supreme Court Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, but when the court convened shortly before 10:00 a.m., only their attorneys and the government Solicitor General were in court. Justice Dennis Hanomansingh inquired about the two men’s whereabouts, but no one in court could give a satisfactory answer.

City resident charged with attempted murder
Despite the police’s much trumpeted “Not in My City” operation, last Wednesday night, September 17, there was a spike in gun violence in Belize City. The gun violence erupted in the wake of an early afternoon murder, and by the time it subsided, two more persons had lost their lives and as many as eight persons had suffered gunshot wounds. Today, a Belize City man was remanded to prison after he was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court on charges of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm, in connection with one of the shooting incidents on Wednesday night. Ryan “Roybo” Davis, 26, a construction worker and resident of 117 Belama Phase 2, was not required to make a plea when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, who arraigned him on the charge of attempted murder against Joseph Roland. Davis’ case will be heard on indictment in the Supreme Court.

Police find 48 pounds of weed, valued at about $192,000
Police on anti-drug patrol operations in different areas of the country found and confiscated a total of 22,072 grams, or about 48 pounds, of marijuana, valued at about $192,000, over the weekend. On Thursday at about 11:45 a.m. police conducted a search in Bainsville, on the Western Highway, and a random search was conducted on a bus which resulted in the discovery of two large kitbags containing 18,131 grams of weed. No one was detained and as a result the item was labeled and deposited and “Found Property.” Police also said that 78 grams was found in an abandoned lot in Roaring Creek about 7:00 Friday morning. No one was in the area and no one was arrested. The drug was labeled and deposited as “Found Property.”

FFB approves Interim Committee for PLB
The Premier League of Belize (PLB) has a new Interim Committee which was approved by the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) on Wednesday, September 17. Approved to serve on the Interim Committee of the PLB are: Al Westby – Chairman; Wilhelm Miguel - Deputy Chairman; Amilcar Umana – Member; Clifford King – Member (Owners representative); Luis Pena – Secretary General; Sergio Chuc – Liaison Officer FFBPLB. The committee met on Saturday to plan the way forward for the PLB, and is currently in the planning stage for the upcoming tournament which is tentatively scheduled to commence on the weekend of October 11 & 12.

Legendary, unsung footballer/boxer, “Gilly” Dunn visits
Legendary Belizean athletes of times past are like “diamonds in the dirt,” and while many of their names might not be inscribed onto Belize’s history books, which we submit that they rightfully deserve, a great many of them were icons who made an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of local sporting enthusiasts, who were fortunate to marvel at their stellar performances during what some refer to as “the golden era” where Belizean sports are concerned. Today, Amandala was graced by the presence of one such individual in the person of “Gilly” Dunn, a former football player and boxer who was quite popular in his heydays; and for those who might not be familiar with him, he told us a bit about his outstanding football/boxing career in Belize, and how he rose to prominence during the historic 1960s. Dunn, who is now 72 years old, was conceived on Belizean soil, but, for the past 44 years, he has taken up residence in Port Charlotte, Florida, USA; and thus, he endowed us with a much appreciated courtesy call while on a short 2-week visit for this year’s September celebrations.

Kulture reign continues on 2nd Mugger Day
Postponed from September 14 due to weather conditions, the 2nd annual Mugger Day was again hosted by legendary goalkeeper Nelson “the Roo” Robinson at #3 Oleander Street and the St. Martin’s Football Field on Saturday, September 20. The weather was fine, and while the elders relaxed in the shade and shared their memories, they were also entertained by four football games played on the St. Martin’s field. Three of the games featured home based Third World teams against Police Street teams from the “Complex” area. First was a U-10 match in which was tied at 1-1 after regulation and overtime, but home standing Third World won, 3-2, over Police Street in the penalty shootout. Next was a U-15 match-up, and this time it was Police Street with the 2-nil victory over Third World. In the third game of the day, Police Street was again victorious, defeating Third World, 4-2, in a senior match-up.

Editorial: Only the people can save the people
37 years ago, this newspaper, which had been established in August 1969 as the voice of a black-conscious organization called the United Black Association for Develoment (UBAD), declared that its editorial philosophy would no longer be black nationalism, but rather Belizean nationalism. 4 years before that declaration, the UBAD organization, which had become a political party in August of 1970, had broken in two. At the time of that angry division in early 1973, the two UBAD factions, one of which had become linked with the new United Democratic Party (UDP) and the other of which remained independent until early 1975, were pretty close to becoming violent with each other. At stake were the land and original ferro-concrete building (now demolished) on Partridge Street and some loud speaking equipment, the only UBAD Party assets. Previous to the 1973 division within UBAD, which had been variously based on Racecourse Street, Euphrates Avenue, and Partridge Street on Belize City’s Southside after its first few months on Northside’s Hyde’s Lane, serious and sustained violence amongst the black youth of Belize City was totally unthinkable. Isolated incidents of violence almost never involved guns, and only infrequently featured knives or machetes. To a certain extent, the absence of violence in Belize City reflected the fact that tough colonial laws still existed and were still being enforced. Convicted murderers were still being hanged in Belize. But the absence of black-on-black Belize City violence between 1969 and 1973 was also a testament to the prestige and power of UBAD as an umbrella council-type presence in the population center.

From the Publisher
The September celebrations have represented a kind of mating season for younger Belizeans since the era of public contests and public concerts began in the early 1960s at the Memorial Park. Today, the September celebrations last more than twice as long as they used to do. They used to go from the beginning of September until the Tenth of September. The private sector benefited in the old days, but the financing of the events came from public funds. Today the calendar events cover the first three weeks of September, but other related activities, such as those involving Carnival preparations, begin from the middle of August. The September celebrations are still largely supported by public funds, but there are now several major private sector events, and off the top of my head I can think of the Belikin Bash, Expo, Soundfest, and the various music concerts.

Letters: The hypocrisy of us all
Thanks for allowing me a space in your newspaper. I need to remind us about the music we listen to. All too often they are very explicit and not suitable for the human ear much less for our young people to hear. Last week, for instance, the country was in full swing celebrating the 33rd anniversary of our independence. The usual routine is to have block parties and parades. I’d like to draw our attention to the parades, particularly to the school parades that usually occur at this time. Here in Orange Walk Town, we held the school parade on Friday the 19th. I was appalled to hear some of the music that was pumped through the speakers that formed parts of the various floats. Some of the lyrics made me hold my breath! Not only were they sexually explicit, and that’s putting it politely, but the dances that accompanied them were downright unacceptable.

Letters: Born in Belize: made in America
I read with bated breath, the letter to the Editor from Derrick Estrada (Nuri Akbar), hoping for a reasoned and intellectual come back to my letter asking the Diaspora to organize. Instead what I got was an emotional tirade. He purports to rebuke me. Okay then! You must forgive me for not wanting to travel along the path of personal attacks which Estrada’s letter seems to espouse. I am prepared, however, to entertain the idea of a debate. Estrada was clearly emotional when he penned his letter and so, because I know that emotions often make fools of wise men, I shall give him a month to think of the huge mistake he is about to make. If after a month has passed and he finds himself in the same position, I shall oblige on the following conditions: (1) that the debate takes place in Belize, as I do not have a US visa and I am not sure if I am deserving of one, and (2), that he brings along Hubert Pipersburgh, Jerome Straughan and Bilal Morris as reinforcements. If he fails to heed my advice regarding the second condition, I shall not be responsible for his demolition at the debate.

Letters: Dwight Tillett: “Shutting off the Valve!”
My interest was aroused by the article entitled “Saving the next generation of ‘killers”’ in the Amandala of September 21st. I do not discount the research and opinions of Mr. Castillo and what I offer is not to be construed as criticism of what the author of the piece attributed to him. However, I hold the view that the “preventative” interventions on behalf of “angry” youth, whether of Southside origins or not, must be embarked upon much earlier than age 11! I am in support of what Brig. Gen. Jones is doing because it makes sense for coming to terms with these “angry” young men. However, I feel strongly that if we are going to win the war against gang warfare, we are going to have to capture the attention of these young men BEFORE they become “angry young men”. Let me explain how I think we should go about this: In late 2008, while serving as CEO for Youth, I was seriously searching for something that could be implemented by the then Youth for the Future that would have a meaningful, long-term positive impact on the gang warfare situation. I did a brief study of prisoners between the ages of 15 and 30 who were on remand for murder or were already convicted of murder. The sole purpose of the study was to see which primary schools these fellows had attended and, where possible, to find out the level of formal education they had attained.

Bail application for former Bahamian offshore bankers adjourned
Two Bahamian offshore bankers, Kevin Leach, 34, and Rohn Knowles, 29, who have been named in a United States federal indictment and who were remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) charge, were supposed to appear in court today for a bail application filed by their attorneys. The men were scheduled to appear before Supreme Court Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, but when the court convened shortly before 10:00 a.m., only their attorneys and the government Solicitor General were in court. Justice Dennis Hanomansingh inquired about the two men’s whereabouts, but no one in court could give a satisfactory answer. Hanomansingh said, “It is their application. They need to be in court to hear it.”

Bel-Car Export wins regional grant to improve market access
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) announced today that US$255,000, or €197,000, is being offered to CARIFORUM agro-processing firms as part of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union [...]

Mandela Book of Condolences presented to H.E. Joyini of South Africa
H.E. Mathu Joyini, South Africa’s High Commissioner in Jamaica, arrived in Belize this week for the celebration of Belize’s 33rd anniversary of Independence. On the occasion of her visit, Joyini received the Nelson Mandela Book [...]

Winners of September Celebrations’ Facebook video competition
Three talented Belizeans were this morning presented with monetary prizes, as well as short vacation getaways for having submitted winning entries for the 2014 Facebook Video Competition launched by the National Celebrations Commission and the [...]

Belizean fashion designers attend talk shop with Guyanese talent, Sonia Noel
Belizean fashion designers, including young aspiring talent, attended a talk shop on fashion at the House of Culture on Friday morning, September 19, with Caribbean Fashion Ambassador, Sonia Noel of Guyana, whose passion, drive and [...]

City resident charged with attempted murder
Despite the police’s much trumpeted “Not in My City” operation, last Wednesday night, September 17, there was a spike in gun violence in Belize City. The gun violence erupted in the wake of an early [...]

Bail application for former Bahamian offshore bankers adjourned
Two Bahamian offshore bankers, Kevin Leach, 34, and Rohn Knowles, 29, who have been named in a United States federal indictment and who were remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a Financial Intelligence Unit [...]

Police find 48 pounds of weed, valued at about $192,000
Police on anti-drug patrol operations in different areas of the country found and confiscated a total of 22,072 grams, or about 48 pounds, of marijuana, valued at about $192,000, over the weekend. On Thursday at [...]

Arlington Drive resident will serve 5 years for sawed-off shotgun
A Belize City man was convicted of keeping a prohibited firearm and ammunition and was sentenced to two 5-year prison terms but will spend only 5 years behind bars because his sentences are to run [...]

Nation plunged into darkness on Independence Eve
Even as Belize was preparing to celebrate its national independence, the fact that the nation has yet to attain energy independence was underscored by a nationwide blackout which plunged the country into darkness for over [...]

The Reporter

Eight bodies retrieved following boating accident in Paraguay/Brazil
The bodies of eight people have been retrieved from the River Paraguay where a boat capsized during a storm on Wednesday. The Paraguayan vessel, Dream of the Pantanal, was carrying 11 Paraguayan crew and 16 Brazilian tourists. Thirteen others had managed to swim ashore but six are still missing and presumed dead. The tourists had been on a fishing expedition to the Pantanal, one of the world’s largest freshwater wetlands that stretches across parts of Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia and is popular with eco-tourists.

Fonseca says Saldivar will remain out of the PUP at this time
PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, says that his party’s decision to oust the party’s Belize Rural North standard bearer, Arthur Saldivar, remains intact, despite what Saldivar says. Fonseca told reporters last Friday that Saldivar “can desire to do what he wants, but…when the party speaks […]

GSU boss accused of mistreatment; comes under investigation; sues media houses
Inspector Mark Flowers, Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) says he is taking legal action against three media houses following their reports of an alleged incident in which he claims his name and his reputation have been tarnished. The reports by 7News, News5 […]

PAHO submits report on Ebola virus and Chikungunya to OAS
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) submitted reports this week to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the outbreak of the Ebola virus and Chikungunya. PAHO Director Carissa Ettienne and Director of Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Marcos Espinal made […]

Man crushed during Orange Walk carnival
The Orange Walk September Celebrations Committee is currently in the process of consulting with the National September Celebrations Committee to come up with a stringent system governing the distribution of freebies during the parade. This follows Sunday’s incident when Santos Uh, 57, was crushed […]

Mechanic shot dead on independence eve
Belize City police have detained a 27-year-old man and are looking for another in relation to the murder of Glenmore Stephens, 38, a mechanic who was shot in the back shortly after 7 p.m. on Independence Eve. The incident happened as Stephens was walking […]

Oceana in Belize pledges to have EU fisheries export ban lifted
Oceana in Belize has pledged to work with the authorities of the European Union to have the fisheries ban against Belize lifted. In a statement this week Oceana Vice-President Janelle Chanona emphasized that having the ban lifted will be challenging, but is a necessity. “Enforcement […]

Private sector welcomes PM’s cheaper Internet announcement
The private sector has welcomed Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s recent announcement of cheaper Internet rates along with increased bandwidth but said that more can still be done to improve services. Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) President Arturo Vasquez told The Reporter that […]

Belize emerges as top Indian tourist destination
Belize is emerging as a top tourist destination for Indian travellers, according to data released by Trip Advisor’s Indian branch. Tourism statistics show that cruise arrivals to the country continue, and according to Trip Advisor India’s Country Manager Nikhil Ganju, from January 1st to […]

Police: Former policeman was gunman shot and killed in robbery
Police have released a Chinese grocer of Orange Walk but are still investigating the fatal shooting at around 3:10 p.m. last Friday of Leslie Logan, 30, a former policeman who they say was the gunman in an armed hold-up at two Otro Benque Road […]

Special Envoy presents at first lady’s forum at the UN
The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simples Barrow, made a presentation at the First Ladies High Level Forum held in New York on this week. The event, hosted by the African Women Working Group, was a side event at the 69th meeting […]

On duty Tourism Police officer shot and killed at Caracol
A 20-year-old officer attached to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed just before midday on Thursday at the Caracol Archaeological site in the Cayo District. A police press release identified that Special Constable as Danny Conorquie. He was on duty at the […]

Bar President bashes General Legal Council amendments “The amendment bill . . . is a scandalous piece of legislation,” Eamon Courtenay
President of the Belize Bar Association, Eamon Courtenay, this week called the Legal Profession Amendment Bill 2014 a backward step with regard to disciplining attorneys in Belize. Speaking as a senior counsel, Courtenay said that changes the Bill will give to the Attorney General too […]

BTL sees, good year despite million dollar drop in profit
Despite a $1.2 million decline in profits, Belize Telemedia Limited Chairman Nestor Vasquez maintained that the company has had a “solid” year. Vasquez, speaking at the company’s annual general meeting held at the Biltmore Hotel on Thursday, explained that BTL’s revenues had declined from $143.8 […]

The Belize Times

RISE UP… AWAKE!! – PUP Leader calls on Belizeans to support CHANGE & REFORM in Independence Speech
Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has been growing from strength to strength. Inspired by the massive support he has been receiving from thousands of Belizeans who are suffering through the UDP Government, Hon. Francis has been busy working, meeting with people in every corner of our country, listening to their concerns and ideas, formulating plans and getting the blue machine ready for battle. Today, Hon. Francis is a different man than when he accepted the giant task of leadership of the greatest party in Belize two years ago. He has grown into a Leader that is ever-more ready to take lead of our country, like George Price when he knew it was the right time to lead Belize into Independence. At a time when the country is crumbling apart and despair is rampant because of poverty, insecurity and harsh economic times, the only thing abound is hopelessness. But Hon. Francis’ is focused on nation building, and creating a new Belize that serves the dreams and ambitions of Belizeans.

Barrow’s Bandaid – GOB Ignores Home Mortgage Crisis
In his unwrapping of yet another political gimmick that will once again see the UDP Government use public funds to lure votes, Prime Minister Dean Barrow exposed the ignored crisis in the mortgage sector which has seen thousands of Belizeans lose their homes and properties. These losses are a direct result of the economic decline under the Barrow Administration. While the Prime Minister beats his chest about an imagined 8.7% GDP second quarter growth, Belizeans are living zero growth with the high cost of living, heavy taxation, high unemployment and no salary increases. The hundreds of homes that are advertised “FOR SALE” in the weekly newspapers are proof of this. Barrow has, in the past, complained about the private banks’ killer interest rates and has even threatened to use his executive power to force the interest rates down through regulation by the Central Bank, but it has been nothing but talk and talk. This has been disappointing and unfair, especially considering that in Belize everyone is affected by Government’s policies or in this case, inaction. The UDP Government pretends that their poor management of the economy has nothing to do with the loan mortgage failures.

Finnegan beats up Mayor Bradley on public radio – “Dem handle me like a piece of filth”, says senior UDP politician
In the hierarchy of the UDP, Michael Finnegan, is very near the top, so when a very provocative recording of his on-air moaning and groaning against Mayor Darrel Bradley was aired on Positive Vibes Radio Morning Buzz this week, it turned heads. The recording leaked to Positive Vibes is of a phone call made by Finnegan to Wave Radio’s morning show last week Thursday. He complained bitterly about the increase in property tax on one of his properties in the King’s Park Area. He beat up on Mayor Bradley and the City Council after he received notice that his property tax had been increased, reportedly from $500 to $1,600. Finnegan apparently is just realising what Belize City residents have been complaining about ever since the Mayor took office. The Council began increasing taxes and fees on property, trade license, and driver’s license. Bradley even wanted to introduce a new garbage tax for residents.

UDP pettiness doesn’t stop progress in Arenal Village
On Independence Eve, the residents of Arenal joined their elected community leaders to inaugurate a new resource center that will benefit the young people of the community tremendously. Chairman Mr. Mirto Naj, village councillors and PUP Cayo West Standard Bearer Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom attended the inauguration and ribbon cutting. The building will be used by the village council to assist students and young people with educational resources. While the new resource center is positive news, the truth is that its existence almost never came to be due to incompetence, pettiness and vindictive style of governance practised by the UDP Government. The project was introduced by the Social Investment Fund (SIF) on March 17th, 2013 and was projected to take seven months to complete, that is, by the end of 2013. But like the well-publicised cases of the Dangriga market and the road from Orange Walk Town to Progresso Village, the project was not completed in the expected time. It took SIF and their contractor Isaac Ranguy eight additional months to complete the construction of the building!

Social Security or Slush Fund?
This year, we celebrated the 33rd anniversary of Belize’s Independence. The year was 1981 when the Union Jack was lowered for the last time and the blue, white and red was hoisted in its stead. Many of us older folks can still remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with when that magic hour came and the immense pride that we felt. It is a moment that few of us will ever forget and while the occasion was not marred with bloodshed and violence like it is in some countries, it is no less significant to us. Long live the independent nation of Belize. It was in that same year of 1981, albeit a few months earlier in June, that the Social Security Scheme was implemented. Apparently, the framers of this plan did their homework and set a solid footing upon which this noble scheme has emerged. The idea found fertile ground and the scheme has grown exponentially. Today, just about everyone has a social security number and contributions from workers, which are matched by employers, has the Social Security Board busting at the seams with money.

Editorial: The Crime Minister
“How to lie with Statistics”, this book by Darrell Huff would be a favorite of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He is versed in all the chapters that deal with dishonesty, distortions and half-truths using figures and percentages. Barrow’s Independence Day address was a chapter from how to lie and abuse information. His selective use of comparison between the year 2004 under the PUP and 2014 under the UDP should be available to students to learn how the Prime Minister can twist the truth and distort the facts. Of the few examples given by Barrow, ALL show the UDP government as performing excellently. Put another way, all is well and the country is doing wonderfully. The truth is the society is unraveling, cost of living is high, crime is at crisis levels and the economy is grasping for oxygen. What did not come out of the Prime Minister’s mouth was a comparison of matters of pressing national concern. The examples are many. Let us list a few.

Brodies Killer Spin, Sugar City, Spin Kings & Hurricanes win in BTTA team table tennis
The Brothers Habet team table tennis tournament organized by the Belize Table Tennis Association continued with Brodies Killer Spin, Hurricanes, Sugar City and Spin Kings enjoying big wins at the Belize Elementary School auditorium in Belize City on Saturday afternoon. In the 1st Division, the Hurricanes spanked Brodies Ping Pang: 5-3. Carlos Cui won 3-0 against Yasser Musa and 3-1 against Kareem Michael. Sen Sen won 3-2 vs. Kareem Michael and 3-0 vs. Yasser Musa, and Hector Lopez also won 3-1 vs. Musa. Ping Pang’s Kareem Michael won 3-2 vs Hector Lopez while Tyrone Tun won 3-1 vs Sen-Sen and 3-0 vs Carlos Cui. In the 2nd Division, Team Sugar City clipped Racqueteers 5-3 with undefeated Zachary Garbutt and Trevon Brown: 3-0 each and winning 3-1 vs. Bryton Codd. Leo Carballo won 3-0 each vs. Trevon Brown and Codd. Racqueteers Bryton Codd won 3-2 vs. Toni Lui, while Zachary Garbutt won 3-2 vs. Leo Carballo and 3-0 vs. Lui.

Quinta’s FC bombs Lower Dover 4-2 in Cayo 1st Div. football
The Quinta’s FC of San Ignacio drilled Lower Dover of Unitedville 4-2 in the Cayo 1st Division football competition at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio last Saturday night. Cyril Simmons and Brandon Cante led the Quinta’s attacks with the help of midfielders Tarry Gabourel, Alex Lopez, Eric Cano and Rummy Montepeque. The Lower Dover’s defense blundered into taking down Simmons inside the goal area and the referee ruled penalty which Simmons converted for a 1-0 lead. The Quinta’s defenders Jerry Cante, Oscar Kuo, Jeffery Carillo and Rudy Cruz held the village squad scoreless up to the half, while Brandon Cante embarrassed goalie Wilson Aguirre with a 2nd goal, and Jeffery Carillo lobbed in a 3rd goal from long range to lead 3-zip at the half.

Joel Borland & Kaya Cattouse win city criterium
Team Telemedia’s Joel Borland and Team SMART’s Kaya Cattouse of SMART/C-Ray won the Cycling Federation of Belize’s 3rd test race – a criterium over a 2.2km circuit on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City on Monday, while Delawn Abraham won the Junior criterium. Elite Category: 1st Joel Borland – Telemedia – 1:25:05 2nd Marlon Castillo – Telemedia 3rd Darnell Barrow of SMART 4th Angel Tzib – BECOL Uprising 5th Byron Pope – Benny’s Megabytes 6th Geovanni Choto – C-Ray Road Addikz 7th Gregory Lovell – Telemedia 8th Erwin Middleton – Benny’s Megabytes 9th Nissan Arana – Predators 10th Henry Moreira – Team SMART

Belize Pharmacy caught with stolen meds?
Guatemalan officials may soon unearth another case of corruption in the health sector under the UDP Government. Their authorities are investigating an alarming case of medication believed to have been stolen from one of their public health departments but found on the counter of a pharmacy ...

Mad Man! – GSU boss Mark Flowers accuses media of trying “to destroy my character”
Gang Suppression Unit boss Mark Flowers may be swallowing the wrong kind of pill in the mornings. Flowers, who has become a magnet to controversy since taking over the UDP’s execution squad last month, is convinced that nothing is wrong with him and that the media ...

Liar…Liar! – UDP Mayoral Candidate gives Orange Walk a black eye
UDP Mayoral Candidate Yvette Liu Torres has had to learn the hard way. You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. Her lesson has even cost Orange Walk Town residents. But they will get over it, she won’t. Torres had advertised that Soca superstar Machel Montano will ...

5 year old accuses classmate of sodomy
Belmopan Police are investigating a report by a 5 year old boy and his family that he was sodomized by another child at his school. The child reported to the Police that he was assaulted by a 5 year old boy inside the bathroom of the ...

IN MY PERSPECTIVE – We all could learn from Sir Barry!
By Rayford Young On September 21st Belize celebrated its thirty third year of independence. However you may feel about Independence it’s a month of parades, floats, concerts and people just having a good time. What always amazes me is the turn out and how people can enjoy themselves and be patriotic ...

The Citizen Kim- Elvin Penner Immigration Corruption Saga (Part III) – Extracted from the Auditor General’s Preliminary Report dated March 19, 2014
Subject: Auditor General’s Investigates Irregularities at Nationality Section Interview held on 20th February 2014 with the OIC Nationality section In an interview held with the OIC (Officer in Charge) Nationality section, in which he was questioned about the duties of his post, he was also asked about the application for ...

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia It is the day after we have celebrated the thirty-third anniversary of our nation's Independence. I don't have a real hangover, but I feel hungover and troubled about various aspects of our recent celebrations. Not the least of my concerns is our Belizean flag, our Standard, as my friend ...

Independence Day Address by Opposition Leader Hon. Francis W. Fonseca
My Fellow Belizeans Unlike any other day in our National Calendar, September 21st imbues us with patriotic sentiment and a deep sense of national pride whether you are here, or you live elsewhere. Indeed the entire month of September is regarded as our most patriotic month ...

Hon. Ramiro Ramirez observes National Service Day in Corozal South West
In commemoration of National Service Day, the PUP Corozal South West Committee and Hon. Ramiro Ramirez carried out several projects in the division. They cleaned the old Police Station compound in Libertad Village. Residents have been asking ...

Hon. Dolores – Serving Belize Rural Central!!
For National Service Day 2014, Belize Rural Central Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia and her team cleaned up in front of the Hattieville Cemetery and ...

Patrick JonesPJ

Belizean journalist hands over Nelson Mandela book of condolences
Former South African President and international statesman Nelson Mandela passed on December 5, 2013 after extended illness. His death impacted the world, many of whom grew up in the shadow of his near three-decade stay in prison and release, after which he mounted a successful campaign to become […]

One year later: any justice for Penner?
Exactly 372 days ago, it was announced that Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality Elvin Penner had been pressured to resign by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his boss Senator Godwin Hulse. This was after it was revealed that Penner had assisted in facilitating […]

Municipal Child Friendly Initiative launched
At the end of August there was a workshop held to launch the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Initiative, a collaboration between the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF); the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); the Ministry of Local Government and the Belize Mayors’ Association. It is intended to develop municipalities […]

PUP condemns killing of Danny Conorquie
20 year old Special Constable Danny Conorquie was gunned down in the Caracol Archaeological Site Thursday afternoon. But while his colleagues are fairly sure that invading Guatemalans were responsible, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington appeared to urge caution. The matter is presently being handled by the Ministry […]

Man charged for raping his daughter
A Belize City man has been arrested and charged for allegedly raping his young daughter. The 12 year old girl of a Belize City address, in the company of her mother, told police that around 6 o’clock on Saturday night, her father, a 33 year old Salvadoran national too her to his home in another part of the City and raped her. A medical examination of the girl has concluded that she was sexually assaulted. Police have charged the 33 year old man for the crimes of rape and incest.


Impressive Tour of the Belikin Beer Brewery Certifies Me as Both a VIP & A Master
Does the barkeep know the laws? Or even just your menu? Does your bartender attract the kind of customers that you want at the bar? Yesterday I learned that these are just some of the skills (know is one thing, but DOING is another) taught at the Institute’s 5 day courses. But what really got me interested was the full day Belikin Beer tour and presentation that is done for all students. I’d been to the brewery once before – for the pre-launch luncheon for the 2014 Belikin Calendar. (If you haven’t watched the preview video for 2015, you should. It’s killer.) We were getting the full tour of the facilities, a tasting, presentations, lunch…an open bar in the Belikin taproom. I think I’ll join in.

Aurelio Martinez’s Landini – Garifuna Soul for the World
What a year for Garifuna music After the September celebration excitement settled down, we finally found the time to sit back and really listen to Aurelio Martinez’s new album, Landini. And what a rewarding experience that turned out to be. Those few of you still unfamiliar with Aurelio, and the richly textured music of Belize’s (and Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua’s) Garifuna will find moments of joyous inspiration amid a backdrop of rhythm and soul. Not the gospel inspired, North American soul, but that impulse springing from a deep, universal mix of feelings and aspiration. Those who are already fans will enjoy a warm return to music from a passionate craftsman at the peak of his skills, while those unfamiliar with Aurelio will be rewarded with the joy of discovery. There’s sensitivity and confidence here as Aurelio’s music matures. That always soulful voice is developing into a distinctive, woody solidity that settles and warms the listener as it floats above an easy foundation of guitar, shakers and rhythmic percussion. It’s a heady, captivating mix that long-time collaborator Ivan Duran’s clean, restrained production allows to stand confidently on its own feet.

Expanding on how SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE and DFC is making business easier for Entrepreneurs.


International Sourcesizz

First Resort takes Belize
Seemingly on a world tour, Sonia Noel’s First Resort has now made an appearance in Belize, following an invitation from that country’s National Institute of Culture and History. ‘Celebration ‘N Style’, a new event on that country’s September Celebrations, saw Sonia involved in a talk shop in the day with aspiring young Belize fashion designers and a fashion show in the evening in the gardens of the Government House – House of Culture. According to a press release, the celebration helped to mark the 33rd Independence anniversary of Belize. Sonia, and Belize designers Dana Brown, Julie McCord, Maureen Navarette, and Babriella Barrera displayed their pieces to a very receptive audience.

More corporations smoothing the way for retirees to try new ventures
When she was just 10 years old, Mary Jackson began her teaching career on the back porch of her family’s home in Easley, S.C. It was there that she set up her chalkboard and led her imaginary classroom. “I would use my yardstick to tap my make-believe students who misbehaved, or didn’t get the right answer,” Jackson said. After three decades with Big Blue, she retired, and now Jackson, a 59-year-old former project management executive, is finally in the classroom, and not just imagining it. She teaches math and science to fifth-graders at Lockheed Elementary in Marietta, Ga. At the auditing giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, for example, retired partners are encouraged to apply for Project Belize, a program that sends 400 people — from interns and employees to active and retired partners — to Belize City during a two-week period to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to young students, according to Shannon Schuyler, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ corporate responsibility leader.

Commonwealth Foreign Ministers meet in New York
Commonwealth Foreign Ministers held their annual meeting on Thursday at the United Nations in New York where they discussed a range of issues including the association's work in promoting democracy and good governance, development challenges, the Commonwealth’s work in supporting its small states and the Ebola crisis in parts of West Africa. The Maltese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr George Vella, briefed his counterparts on preparations for the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which will be held in Malta in 2015. Also at the meeting, the Commonwealth Secretary-General updated ministers on the Commonwealth’s engagement with the G20 group of countries, of which five are Commonwealth members. Belize and Guyana updated other member states on their territorial issues with neighbouring countries.


Video: Poseidon Rex Trailer, 2min.
Yep, it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex that kills... underwater! And lives at the bottom of the Blue Hole!

Video: Belize construction crew at work., 1/2min.
A hyper lapse video of the construction crew hard at work at the Residences at Barrier Reef, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Plaster work being put on the outside SHOW MORE

Video: The Making of the 2015 Belikin Swimsuit Calendar, 6min.
Behind the scenes of the 2015 Belikin Calendar. Take a quick look at what it takes to put together the most anticipated calendar of Belize.

Video: Beltraide EMPRENDE Awards 2014, 3min.
Seed Capital

Video: BELTRAIDE and DFC on Krem TV, 27min.
Expanding on how SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE and DFC is making business easier for Entrepreneurs.

Video: Belize The Place To Live, 2min.

Video: BELIZE INDEPENDENCE DAY trailer, 5min.

Video: Snorkeling Hol Chan / Shark Ray Alley | Belize, 3min.
This POV video of Hol Chan / Shark Ray Alley snorkeling was produced by SNORKELINGDIVES.COM in September 2014.

Video: Belize, 14min.

Video: Is It The So-Called "Chupacabra"? - Orange Walk Town, Belize City, 6min.
Ripped From CTV 3 Newscast By Mardo A. L. Urbina On September 25th, 2014;

Video: Snorkle with Manatees in Belize, 2min.
Snorkle with Manatees, Sharks and Turtles at Caye Caulker in Belize. A beautiful Sealife to explore. Wir schreiben über unsere Reise und die besten Plätze auf der Panamericana auf unserer

Video: Part 3: Belize and a sail to Mexico, 9min.
My trip through Belize and sail up the coast into Mexico in June 2013.

September 26, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
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The San Pedro Sun

Shooting Incident at Caracol Archaeological Site
Just before midday September 25th, 2014, 20 year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Initial reports reveal that SC Conorquie approached two men of Hispanic descent who were on horseback. The two men opened fire, mortally wounding SC Conorquie, and then fled the scene retreating into the dense cover of the jungle. SC Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio Town hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. This incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. Security forces were deployed to secure the scene and tourists were safely transported out of the area by the Belize Tourism Board. The general public is hereby informed that additional security personnel have been deployed to the Caracol Archaeological Site to ensure the safety of the hundreds of visitors who frequent the site.

Pre Independence Beach Volleyball Tournament
On Saturday September 20th, Luna Loca was the place to be as the San Pedro Volleyball Association hosted a fun-filled day of beach-volleyball in collaboration with the San Pedro Sports Council to celebrate the Eve of Belize’s 33rd Independence. The day kicked off at 10AM, when the teams assembled, and games got underway for what would be the ultimate battle for first and second place trophies and medals. Supporters came out to cheer on their favorite duo, while they also enjoyed Luna Loca’s specials for the day. In classic beach volleyball style, there were two players to each team. The matches were divided into junior and senior males, followed by the female games. By the end of the day-long event, it would be Guillermo Rivero and Ricky Luna claiming first place in the senior male category, while Baydr Sajia and Gustavo Morataya took second. For the junior males, it was Jovi Ico and Joshua Marin that claimed first prize, while Jordan Stuart and Antonio Pineda settled for second place. The female matches saw Emma Hoare and Daniela Guerrero capturing first place, while Magda Luz Guerrero and Chelsea Muñoz took second.

San Pedro Sailors partake in World’s Largest Sailing Race
On Sunday September 21st, San Pedro sailors participated in Bart’s Bash, a worldwide sailing race that has officially set the new Guinness World Record for the Largest Sailing Race. The race itself was organized by the Andrew “Bart” Simpson Sailing Foundation. The foundation is a United Kingdom- based charity set up in the Olympic gold medallist’s memory in 2013, and is meant to inspire the next generation of young people through sailing in the UK and around the world. The foundation invited sailing clubs from across the globe to take part in the simultaneous races worldwide, and Ambergris Caye’s very own San Pedro Sailing Club (San Pedro Racers) was delighted to partake. The boats raced two laps from the starting point at Caribbean Villas sailing south along a short course to Victoria House. San Pedro’s sailors joined 17,500 other sailors worldwide, which represented 750 sailing clubs in 65 different countries across the globe. As each sailor crossed the finish line their time was recorded to be submitted to the official Bart’s Bash Website, where they await official tallying. While all sailors will receive official scoring after all global submissions have been averaged by the official website, the day was hardly about competition, as the sailing community gathered simply for the love of the sport. Spectators cheered on the final Optimist sailor as he sailed in and then took the party back to Caribbean Villa’s Beach Bar, where the club and families celebrated the success of a grand event over drinks, brunch and an afternoon barbeque.

Officer in Charge Luis Castellanos takes training leave
Before the party started, Heredia took the time to thank OC Castellanos for his hard work and dedication to San Pedro. “Officer Castellanos has worked diligently to improve the police department. On behalf of all the community of San Pedro, we thank Castellanos for all the efforts and achievements he has made in San Pedro,” said Heredia. Mayor Guerrero also addressed those in attendance. “Superintendent Castellanos is a hardworking man. Since coming to San Pedro he has tried his best to work hand in hand with the San Pedro Town Council. We could never complain about his methods. He is a man that puts people first and encourages all his police officers to treat the community with respect. Castellanos also took into consideration his officers, and has improved their living conditions since coming here. Castellanos has truly helped improve the San Pedro community,” said Guerrero.

Belize Sotheby’s international realty participates in luxury real estate conference
Belize Sotheby’s International Realty, a luxury real estate firm based in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye recently participated in the 2014 Sotheby’s International Realty® Global Networking Event, which brought together approximately 1,500 network members from 31 countries and territories worldwide. This dynamic, three-day event, which was held Sept. 8 to 10 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Florida, provided a unique opportunity for Sotheby’s International Realty professionals to network and share best practices with their colleagues from all over the world.

Ambergris Today

Private Belize Sign Project Gets Endorsed by Ministry of Tourism
What started as a project to beautify the Seashore Children’s Park in Buttonwood Bay, Belize City, has garnered the attention of the county, visiting tourists and now has received the full endorsement of the Belize Ministry of Tourism. The colorful and attractive Belize Sign was mounted at the city park by the Buttonwood Bay community with resident and attorney Estevan Perera being the brainchild of the project. Big, bold and colorful letters made of concrete spell out BELIZE and adorn the park by the seaside. Once it was complete, it attracted attention from more than the community that was proud of their creation.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BELTRAIDE on Twitter

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch Cleanup
Our clean up effort in conjunction with Hol Chan Reserve is this Saturday, September 27. We will meet at the water tower at 8:00AM. Trash bags and latex gloves will be provided; trash pick up data cards will be distributed then. We are asked to “police” the area, road and beach, from the Tower to one mile South. In case of intermittent showers, we shall continue – a downpour….it’s off.

On Sunday, September 21, the international sailing community completed what will no doubt go into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest sailing regatta in history. The Regatta, called Bart's Bash, was organized by the world's top sailors in honor and in memory of their beloved mate, philanthropist and Olympic winner, Andrew "Bart" Simpson, who lost his life at age 37, practicing aboard Sweden's 72-foot America's Cup catamaran that cartwheeled in preliminaries on San Francisco Bay on May 8,2013. Flying the banner of Commodore Milner's San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC), 81 sailors manned 28 vessels and competed against 17,500 other sailors of all ages on boats of many classes that hailed from 750 other sailing clubs spread among 65 countries. All sailed Bart's-Bash-specified courses on their own home waters.

Shooting Incident at Caracol Archaeological Site
Just before midday September 25th, 2014, 20 year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Initial reports reveal that SC Conorquie approached two men of Hispanic descent who were on horseback. The two men opened fire, mortally wounding SC Conorquie, and then fled the scene retreating into the dense cover of the jungle. SC Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio Town hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Breaking News: Legendary Chupacabra accidentally killed near Orange Walk!

Channel 7

Lawman Killed At Caracol; Investigators Suspect Guat Bandits
For the first time in memory, a Belizean lawman on duty has been killed reportedly by Guatemalan civilians, presumably border bandits in the Chiquibul forest. It happened today just after noon at the Caracol Archaeological Park - in extreme western Belize. 20 year old Cayo resident Danny Conorquie, a police special constable assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed after he rounded up some horses being used, presumably, by cross border bandits who were engaged in illegal activity near Caracol. A press release from the Ministry of National Security says it occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple in plain view of several tourists and tour operators. Today the BDF Adjutant, Lt Col. Raymond Shepherd told us more about the incident. He says the BDF at Tapir Camp in the Pine Ridge received a distress call at 12:10 from the two tourism police officers to say that they were coming under fire:..

Foreign Minister Cautious About Lawman's Alleged Killers
The killing of this lawman is sure to spark great bitterness and discontent in Belize - but tonight the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington is urging caution and restraint. In an interview at his home this evening he told us that at this point it is not a Foreign Affairs matter because all we know is that Special Constable Conorquie was shot by a Hispanic male, not necessarily a Guatemalan. We know it sounds strange since BDF and Police are saying with certainty that it was a Guatemalan - but Elrington is far more cautious:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "I was informed of the incident earlier today by Col. Lovell and I think you are quite correct, he said that a member of the security for the tourism police was allegedly sought by two Hispanic persons who were on horses and those persons have dissapeared. I think the police are looking for the now."

Businessman Kills Robber; Police Look For The Accomplice
We've been reporting on 30 year-old Leslie Logan Jr. who was killed by a Chinese business man in Orange Walk Town last week Friday. The owner of "Hung Ya" store says that Logan was one of two men who robbed him of five hundred dollars in cash and two cell phones. He shot and killed Logan as he and his accomplice rode off. Now, police are looking for that accomplice - and they want the public's help to find him. That man who police say is wanted is 27 year-old Alexander "Lexsus" Tillett, and when he is caught they intend to charge him with 2 counts of armed robbery. They believe that he was not only involved in last week Friday's robbery, but also another one which happened at Darvis Store 2 weeks ago on Thursday, September 11.

Belize City Low-Lying Areas Flood After Little Rain
So, the weather forecast says it will continue to rain tomorrow and Saturday. That's bad news for city residents in low-lying neighborhoods. They were already struggling this morning after last night's downpour. Courtney Weatherburne visited a few inundated neighborhoods this morning:.. Steven Young, Dean Street resident "When the vehicles pass the water ended up in the houses, the people move out from downstairs because they say that water is going in the house and every time it rains the yards are full of water. They cement the streets and we appreciate it, but maybe they could dug a wider drain or something to hold the amount of water. If you notice I had to cement the floor of our house, turn it as a basin for water not to come in, but water is a funny thing, no matter what you do it still gets in and we had to cement the house all around because the water off the streets go in the yard. The vehicle pass and the water flash in the houses like you live y the seaside."

The Role Of Bees
Many shudder at the thought of a swarm of Africanized Bees huddled on tree branches, on the side of buildings and even inside houses, ready to attack. They have earned a reputation as ruthless; in the past 5 years, we've reported on four deaths caused by bee swarms. And that's why many refer to them as Killer Bees but what is interesting is that this is just one myth among many concerning Africanized bees. Courtney Weatherburne found out the facts today and how you can avoid a bee swarm:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting At the first sight of a bee flying near, fear overcomes and the initial reaction is to either run or swat the bee away. Bees are seen as dangerous creatures even more so as a swarm. But have you ever 'stopped' to think about the social and economic benefits bees provide in Belize?

Port Dealing With Pacora Bottleneck
Last night we told you about the situation at the Port of Belize where Port management had held back on releasing containers for the CFS Pacora, an international vessel with 182 containers on board. Tonight we can report that the hold has been released and the bottleneck is easing. Importers tell us that they have cleared about 50% of their containers - and expect to bring out the rest tomorrow. The hold back was because the Port was trying to collect significant arrears from the Pacora's agent. They arrived at an accommodation after the enforced delay.

Cleyon Needs Your Help
Tonight, the family of 10 year-old Cleyon Marage is under intense pressure to try to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars for his medical treatment because he has been diagnosed with leukemia. Cleyon's version of the blood cancer is called acute myeloid leukemia, and seen here, it starts in the bone marrow. This is where the body produces white blood cells for the body's immune system to fight off diseases and red blood cells for transportation of nutrients and waste. In little Cleyon's case, the cancer interferes with the bone marrow's production of blood cells, and produces cancer cells instead. Cleyon needs emergency treatment because his condition is worsening and it has a high mortality rate. Today, his mother visited our office to implore you to help her raise money for his treatment. Here's what she told us. Clovis Matura, Mother "He was diagnosed in April at Karl Heusner Hospital and we've been trying to get him help."

SIB: 2014's 3rd Quarter Experienced Lower Inflation
The Statistical Institute of Belize has released its latest inflation and trade figures. First, the SIB found that inflation for August was 0.9%, compared to 1.3% in July - which brings the rate for the first eight months of 2014 to 1.4 percent. The SIB found that food prices actually fell in August in all categories except for Fish and Seafood. Inflation in San Ignacio/Santa Elena was highest of any municipality at 1.7 percent, while the lowest figure was recorded in Corozal Town, where inflation was only 0.4 percent.

Belize Lagging Behind With Internet Bandwidth
BTL is holding its annual general meeting right now at the Biltmore Best western in Belize City. The company's revenue of 136 million dollars was on par with last year, but its profits were down by 2 million dollars from 21 million to 19.5. We'll examine that tomorrow in our report on the AGM, but tonight, another report on regional bandwidth has been released and it shows Belize lagging at the very bottom of the bandwidth chain. An internet publication called ICT Pulse has performed what it calls "an update of actual Internet download speeds in 27 Caribbean countries and a comparison with results in May of 2014." Using a recognized broadband testing outfit called OOKLA. They compare and rank consumer upload and download speeds worldwide and represents them as a rolling average in Megabits per second over a 30 day period.

Bar Association's Written Reasons Against Legal Profession Bill
By now, you've heard all about the Legal Profession amendment Bill which seeks to change up the constitution of the General Legal Council and make it so that lawyers don't have to join the Bar Association. Of course, the Bar Association is mightily resisting this. Last night you heard the bar president Eamon Courtenay challenge the Attorney General Wilfred Elrington - saying that the bill was scandalous. And former Bar President Andrew Marshalleck added that compulsory membership in the Bar Association does not violate the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association. That's the Bar Association's position taken from a legal opinion set out by two prominent attorneys, one linked to the PUP, the other to the UDP. In June of 2013, the Prime Minister's law partner Rodwell Williams and former PUP Attorney General Godfrey Smith wrote a joint opinion and they concluded that compulsory membership in the Bar does not violate the constitution's freedom of association because the idea behind such membership is to protect the public against unethical behavior by attorneys.

Special Envoy Organizes Women Conference In NYC
The Prime Minister's Wife, Kim Simplis Barrow is in New York City. She today hosted an event called "First Ladies' Global Call to Action Conference on Women's and Girls' Financial Health. According to a release by the Office of the Special Envoy, this conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly. Simplis Barrow was reportedly able to mobilize more than 25 First Ladies from other countries to attend, and there were other UN Officials, philanthropists, impact investors, and Non-Governmental Organizations which focus on Women's empowerment and general equality.

Oceana: EU Fisheries Ban Continues As "Tough Love"
In November of last year, the European Union banned the trade of seafood from Belize, Cambodia and Guinea. It was an international black-eye because it came after warnings were issued to these 3 countries and 5 others in 2012. Those 5 countries got their act together, and started to comply with the requirements. But, as we told you, it wasn't so simple for Belize because IMMARBE, which was nationalized from the Ashcroft-Allied Belize International Services Limited, sold the Belizean flag as a flag of convenience to international vessels. This means that the fisheries violations that these vessels commit in the high seas has nothing to with Belize, but because they're flying the Belizean flag, the European authorities scrutinize the country harshly. It's been 10 months since the EU Ban was issued, and as we told you the Government has been working on getting it lifted. Well, OCEANA, the multinational ocean conservation organization held their quarterly Board of Directors meeting in San Sebastian, Spain on September 9. At that event, OCEANA Belize's Vice President, Janelle Chanona managed to meet and discuss with the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki. During that encounter, Chanona was able to get feedback from the Commissioner about the status of the ban, and according to the OCEANA Belize, she was, quote, "sympathetic" but firm.

Bella Carib's Return
Bella Carib is a Belizean born, L.A.-based performer and this month she's on vacation with her sisters in Belize. But, Bella who had her first hit in the late 80's is still looking to remain relevant to a new generation of listeners. Today, she told us about a retrospective album she's putting together:..

Mandela's Condolence Book Handed Over
Nelson Mandela died last year on December 5th and to mark the impact Madiba had even on Belize, Adele Ramos, Assistant Editor of the Amandala newspaper, opened a condolence book. Last week, South Africa's High Commissioner in Jamaica, Mathu Joyini was in Belize for the Independence celebrations and Ramos presented the Book of Condolences to her. Joyini said that she would give the book of condolences to the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa.

HMS Argyll Coming To Belize
Big ship sailing on the ocean - and it's headed right for Belizean waters….the British Warship known as the HMS Argyll will be in Belize from first to fourth October, 2014. While in Belize, the Argyll will focus on improving relations and interoperability with the Belize Defence Force, Coast Guard and NEMO, as well as carrying out community improvement work at Liberty Children's Home in Ladyville. A press release says that the Argyll recently conducted successful Counter Narcotics Operations in the Caribbean Sea during routine patrols to enhance regional security and deter illicit activity. The Argyll is also on standby to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief in the Caribbean during the hurricane season.

Channel 5

Tourism Police Officer Killed at Caracol
A nineteen year old Tourism Police Officer has been gunned down near the Mayan site of Caracol, located in the Cayo District. Danny Conorquie was assigned to the San Ignacio [...]

Belmopan Police Say Rape of Minor Not Suspected
The story of an alleged rape of a five year old Infant One student in Belmopan has aroused public sentiment. The incident allegedly happened last week, and the child’s mother [...]

Alexander Tillett is OW’s Most Wanted
Orange Police have issued a bulletin for assistance in locating twenty-seven year old Alexander Tillett. Tillett, as seen in this photograph, is wanted for two robberies which occurred earlier this [...]

Hattieville Youth Alleges Police Brutality
There is a report coming out of Hattieville tonight on a case of alleged police brutality against a resident of the village. Lloyd Usher Junior was alleged taken by police [...]

Brutality Allegedly Results from Search for Missing Chairman
Usher Junior worked with Hattieville Chairman, Kevin Carcamo, who went missing just over two months ago on July twentieth following a routine day’s work in Freetown Sibun, in the village. [...]

SIB Releases Latest Statistics for 2014
Food prices, often one of the primary drivers of economic inflation, saw a marginal decline in the month of August, with average costs decreasing in all areas save for fish [...]

Case of Accused Killer Adjourned
Mexican national, Anabel Kumul, who is accused with the murder of her common-law-husband, twenty six year old Felix Alamilla, appeared for the third time in the courtroom of Magistrate Dale [...]

Placencia Residents Concerned About Dredging
There are growing concerns tonight from residents of Placencia who complain that illegal dredging activities and sand mining in the South Stann Creek River is destroying their properties.  As seen [...]

Belizean Entrepreneur Making News in Trinidad
Belizean entrepreneur Tiffany Simpson has been making the news in Trinidad and Tobago since Monday. The president of Belizean Artwork Publishing, a company out of Belize City that has been [...]

Child Friendly Municipalities Initiative Set to Launch
On Friday morning at nine o’clock, the Municipal Seal will be launched simultaneously across the country.  The initiative succeeds a meeting of mayors in May, during which it was agreed [...]

Municipal Bodies Embrace Children’s Rights
Social Policy Specialist Ilija Talev explains how the idea was introduced in Belize a few weeks ago.   Ilija Talev, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF “In August of this year, 2014, [...]

10 Year Old With Leukaemia Needs Your Help
Imagine your young child – happy, healthy, smiling…getting ready for a new year of school. You sit and dream about what he will be when he grows up. And then [...]

Belizean Journalist Bestows Precious Gift to South Africa
Former South African President Nelson Mandela, the father of democracy in that nation, was buried in Qunu, Eastern Cape in December 2013.  Following his death, a tribute was held for [...]

Global Call to Action Conference on Women’s and Girls’ Financial Health
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington will be addressing the General Assembly of the United Nation as in the coming days. A top heavy delegation is already in New York but today [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Detoxing
Detox programs have been growing by leaps and bounds in some parts, that’s because many people are taking healthy lifestyles seriously.  In Belize, it has been a gradual process, but [...]


BSI/ASR Speaks On New Commercial Agreement Presented To BSCFA
On September 8th 2014 the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ASR resumed negotiations on the new commercial agreement for the purchase and sale of sugar cane. On that date BSI/ASR walked into the meeting and presented to the BSCFA a completely new commercial agreement. When we spoke to representatives of both entities on that day they were basically tight lipped about the contents of the new agreement in order not jeopardize the negotiations. Today though, in hope of disseminating the right information to cane farmers BSI/ASR decided to elaborate on the contents of the new agreement which according to Financial Director, Belizario Carballo Junior, includes parts of what was in the new previous agreement and some new elements. “For that to occur there has to be some coordination there has to be a dialogue and there has to be that coming together and for that purpose we are reaching out to the farming community to start the process of informing them of what it is in terms of the negotiation out of the new agreement. The first bit is the issue of the, in terms of what was there of what we need to clarify more is this whole issue of purchase and sale of cane because that seems to have been, misconception that some people had which we don’t know why it came about and we want to make sure we address it in this new agreement. We want to ensure that we are very clear as to what he business that we are in is all about.

BSI/ASR Proposes Improved Harvesting And Quality Testing In New Agreement
As mentioned in the IMF report, real GDP growth plummeted to 0.7 percent in 2013, from 4 percent in 2012, mainly due to continued declines in oil production and weak agricultural output, especially sugarcane and citrus. Now, we all know that sugar cane is the backbone of the economy here in the north and with two of the industries main stakeholders, BSI/ASR and BSCFA failing to reach an arrangement on the new commercial agreement that stipulates the purchase and sale of sugar there is not telling what future the industry holds or even if the 2014/2105 crop season will be able to commence on the proposed date which is the end of November. BSI though is being optimistic and hopes that with the presentation of the newly proposed commercial agreement, the miller and the producer can finally sign on to the agreement. As mentioned at the top of the newscast the new agreement proposed by BSI, includes some of the elements found in the previous agreement and some news ones. Among the new elements is a new method for the harvest and delivery of cane.

DPM Seeks To Enhance Agricultural Sector In The North
On Sunday September 21st when Belizeans across the country and even those living abroad were celebrating the jewels 33 years of Independence the Government of the day launched a number of promises their way. During his Independence Day speech in Belmopan, the Prime Minister pledged a reduction in electricity rates for 2015 and to meet the interest payment for the month of December 2014 on all home mortgages across the country. But the Prime Minister was not the only one who came bearing gifts on the 21st. Here in Orange Walk Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega pledged for the second time that his government will convert the Orange Walk Peoples Stadium into a state of the art sporting complex. That is the same commitment he made last year during his 2013 Independence Day speech. This year though, the DPM did only commit to upgrade the People Stadium. He also emphasized that this government will enhance the Agriculture sector. Honorable Gaspar Vega- Deputy Prime Minister “On assuming the portfolio responsibility for agriculture I pledge to seek out markets and facilitate exports of Belizean products to the region, I can stand before you today and report that two weeks ago my ministry via BAHA signed an agreement for the export of cattle to Guatemala and we are now working with the cattle producers to begin formal exports of live animals to Guatemala, we expect that this new entry into Guatemala demand for Belizean beef and will certainly benefit our farmers and our economy.

Helpage To Honor The Elderly In Orange Walk
On October 1st, people around the world will be marking the International Day of Older People. The United Nations created this annual event in 1991 to celebrate the contributions and achievements of people in their golden years and it is a day when many organizations in Belize that work with and for older persons focus on providing activities as a mark of respect and to make them feel special in their community. Today we spoke to Treasurer of Helpage in Orange Walk; Belizario Carballo who gave us rundown on the activities planned for this year’s Senior Week. Belizario Carballo – Treasurer, Helpage OW “In October 1st it is observes as International day for Senior Citizen but here in Belize we go for a whole week and so we start the week on Sunday and we are having a dinner party and then on Monday we are going to have a radio talk at Estereo Amor and they have invited us to be there at 7:30 Monday morning then in the afternoon we will meet for a anybody who wants to come and have games with us then on Tuesday...

Kim Simplis Barrow Represents Belize In UN Forum
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow was among the panel of speakers in the first Ladies High Level Forum, a side event held within the margins of the 69th United National General Assembly says a release. The forum which was held yesterday in New York focused on the Beijing Declaration, a resolution adopted by the UN at the end of the Fourth World Conference on Women on 15 September 1995, and its status after 20 years. The discussions zeroed in on the successes that have been achieved but also evaluated the gaps, challenges, and areas for improvement and transformation.

IMF Advises GOB Against Salary Increase To Union
The International Monetary Fund country report was released on September 19th and follows consultations conducted in April and May with Belizean officials on economic developments and policies which was led by Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe. Issues that stand out in respect of social indicators which remain daunting, adding to spending pressures; are unemployment, poverty, accrued inflation, just to name a few. The report concludes that unemployment stood at 14.2 percent in September 2013 and is on an upward trend since it hit its lowest level in 2008 . The latest country poverty assessment (CPA) was conducted in 2009, which showed that poverty increased substantially since the previous assessment in 2002. The share of households living in poverty increased from 25 percent to 33 percent, with the share living in severe poverty rising from 8 to 10 percent. The report indicates that Poverty increased mainly because of stagnating economic growth. According to the 2013 UN Global Study on Homicide, Belize has one of the world’s highest homicide rates with 44.7 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.


Raising the Standards in Juvenile Justice
A collaborative effort has been undertaken for the benefit of children and juveniles in Belize. The National Committee for Families and Children along with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) met today in what was the first in a series of dialogues that will be taking place in the coming days to talk about the treatment of juveniles, the system and raising the standards to international levels. Luwanie Cayetano is the Executive Director for NCFC; she explained what today’s and the upcoming sessions are about. LUWANIE CAYETANO “What we’ve called it is a judiciary dialogue and it’s two days and we have invited all judges and magistrates and the purpose is to talk about juvenile justice standards and child trauma in the court setting. So, they will do a lot of role playing, they will do case studies and activities while learning and understanding the international standards that govern juvenile justice and of course our domestic legislation.

Elements in Sugar Agreement Revealed
Two weeks ago, on September 8 Belize Sugar Industries presented cane farmers a proposed commercial agreement to govern the relationship between the two main partners in the sugar industry. At the time of presentation neither BSI nor BSCFA expounded on the context of the proposal. Today, BSI spoke with LOVE NEWS to explain the details of the new elements in the proposed agreement. Arturo Cantun reports. ARTURO CANTUN REPORTS “According to BSI’s Financial Director, Belizario Carballo Jr., the new commercial agreement hoped to get the approval of sugar cane producers and seeks to move the process forward between the two partners in the industry. The proposed agreement builds upon several elements previously agreed and new ones that have been agreed to in principle. One of the key points of agreement is where BSI seeks to clarify the confusion about the sale and purchase of sugar cane.”


Tourism police officer shot and killed near Guatemalan border
A Tourism Police Officer, Danny Conorguie, was shot and killed Thursday morning in the Cayo District, at the Caracol Archeological Site. Reports are that just before midday , 20 year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of duty, at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Initial reports from the Government Press Office indicate that SC Conorquie was approached from behind by two men of Hispanic descent, who fired several shots at him fatally wounding him. An official press release indicates that the men were on horseback, however according to police officers on the ground, there were three men and the men were on foot as they ambushed SC Conorquie from behind as he was sitting down under a thatch house. Information on the ground also revealed that only one of the men opened fire from a 9mm pistol which hit SC Conorquie on the head. He fell over and was shot two more times by his assailants. OC Dinsdale Thompson, who had his head inspector at the scene, told us more.

More Men Remanded for Displaying Gang Membership Signs
On Tuesday no less than seven Belize City men who are alleged to be members of criminal gangs were arraigned on various offenses in the Magistrate’s Court. On Wednesday, two more were remanded after Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart decided that there were no special reasons to keep them from going to ja...

Truck Overturns On Gray Pavement
A white cargo truck belonging to Rolando Montero of Joseph Freight Services, in San Ignacio, and driven at the time by one Melvin Dubon, was heading in the direction of Belize City around 8 o’ clock Wednesday morning, when, upon reaching mile 43 and 44 on the George Price Highway by Never Delay Junc...

Another Charged for Victor Vargas Murder
On the 25th of August earlier this year, 19 year old Joseph Vacarro was charged for the murder of United Ville Resident Victor Vargas. Reports are that the 34 year old father of 7 got into a fight with a teenager who allegedly stabbed him in the throat. The incident occurred on August 16th in the vi...

Julius Foreman Out On Bail For Robbery and Wounding
25 year old Julius Foreman is out on bail of $3,000, after appearing on Wednesday in the #2 Magistrate’s Court, on charges of robbery and wounding. On September 20, Julius Foreman, who works in the Tourism Village, is accused of causing a wound to undertaker Sanjay Pilgrim and stealing $75 from him.

Keyron Gibson Charged With Murder of Tulio Caceres
Three months ago Tulio Caceres of Taylor’s Alley was shot dead at the corner of Pinks Alley and North Front Street in mid-morning, going down under a hail of bullets. Now police say one of his neighbors was allegedly his killer. Taylor’s Alley resident Keyron Gibson was read his charges on Tuesday, ...

Man Charged With Rape At Gunpoint
Police have charged a Ladyville resident with rape of an adult woman. 22 year old Otto Palma appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith accused of raping a female on September 20 at gunpoint. He was remanded until his next court appearance on September 12.

Humane Society Calls Out Inhumane Pet Owners
The Belize Humane Society in Belmopan, Cayo, are making public plea against leaving pets on the doors steps. According to Efrain Aldana, representative of Belmopan Humane Society, just the other week one their co-workers came back to office, which is located Behind Builders Hardware on Constitution ...

The Guardian

GOB to pay December Mortgage for 7,400 h
Every year the Independence Day address by Hon. Dean Barrow has been one that has always attracted much attention, this is a time when the country's health, both social and economic, is examined and a form of report is offered to the nation. It is also a time when the Prime Minister makes announcements that relief of some sort is being given to the ordinary man. Last year it was announced that over 6 million dollars would be written off for persons holding loans with the DFC for which the collateral was not enough to cover loans which were owed. Over three hundred persons benefitted directly from this gesture. This year the scope of relief was broadened even further as the Prime Minister announced that Government will be meeting the interest payment for the month of December for homeowners who have mortgages with an original value of up to 100 thousand dollars.

UDP at 41 - The 41st Chapter of UDP History
Belize begins “the 34th stanza of our existence as a Nation” (PM Barrow’s 2014 Independence Day Address); while the UDP completes the 41st chapter of our existence as a mass party. And while nothing or no one could ever be greater than, or even equal to the Nation, history bears out the fact that the successes and triumphs of the United Democratic Party are inextricably interwoven with the fate and development of the Nation; for the UDP has proven, time and time again, in and out of government, that it is the party that truly has the interest of the People and Country at heart. The UDP, from its genesis back in 1973, has been the party of inclusion. In fact, the UDP’s very birth was the result of a historic amalgamation of the various elements around the country that were systematically denied a place, or even a say, in the management of the affairs of the fledgling, self-governing colony whose political landscape was hitherto dominated by a monolithic party that ruled for over thirty years. There was the National Independence Party (NIP) led by the heroic, legendary Phillip Goldson, along with Herbert ‘Buntin’ Fuller, Henry Fairweather, Joe Andrews and Jorge Guerra Mena. There was the People’s Development Movement (PDM), led by the venerable Dean Lindo (who would later serve as a leader of the UDP), along with Collet Gill, Ken Tillett and Charles Wagner. There was the Liberal Party featuring icons like Manuel Esquivel (who would become our first Prime Minister to be elected in an Independent Belize), Harry Lawrence, Paul Rodriguez, Nestor Vasquez, Henry Young and Curl Thompson (who would serve as Deputy Prime Minister in the first UDP Government that took office in 1984). And in the North, there was the Corozal United Front (CUF) with Israel Alpuche, Andres Campos, Edmond Longsworth, Maria Reyes, and others.

BTL to double Internet speed for same price
During an address at the 2012’s Business forum, the Prime Minister announced that BTL’s internet cost for 128K speed would go from $49 to $25 per month. At the time, the cost of DSL Internet speeds were also doubled for the same price that meant that 1 megabit which sold for $300 was reduced to $140 per month. 2 megabits went from $500, to $240. That announcement was in November of 2012. Two months shy of two years, the Prime Minister, during his Independence Day address made the announcement that BTL would once again be doubling its speeds for the same price. PM Barrow stated that as of October 1, the doubling of bandwith for the same price will commence. He noted that the government has also signed a statutory instrument which will make internet services zero-rated rather than exempt from GST. “This will allow all internet service providers to charge even less,” said the Prime Minister. He continued, “Of course GOB takes a revenue loss in consequence. But it is well worth it as together with BTL we deepen all important internet penetration in this nation.”

J’ouvert Now Biggest Draw of September Celebrations
A record number of people came out for this year’s carnival J’ouvert on Saturday, September 13, making it quite clear that this event is now the most popular of the September Celebrations. J’ouvert or Jouvay is now such a big draw that promoters are taking advantage of it by organizing pre Jouvay fetes. There was the pre Jouvay Splashdown at BTL Park where one had to pay $10 to enter the park and there was the Wet Fete at ITVET where one had to pay $25 to enter. There was a huge pool at the BTL Park in which people were encouraged to take a dive and get wet in preparation for Jouvay. There was no pool at Wet Fete but there were water pumps, water hose, water guns, water bottles and balloons to get patrons wet. Entertainment at both events was provided by local artists who tore up the stage. Apart from these two promotions, various night clubs promoted their events as pre Jouvay activities in which you were likely to be sprayed with some sort of substance (chocolate, paint, water, etc.). Several people also held private parties in anticipation of Jouvay. Various events in one night but they all led to the northern approach to the Belcan Bridge at 4 a.m.

Businessman kills robber
Police have served Chinese businessman, Lie Wen Lee, 35, with a notice of intended prosecution for the shooting death of Leslie Kenrick Logan Jr. Logan was shot and killed just before 3 p.m. on Friday, September 19. Lie Wen Lee reported to police that two dark skinned men entered his establishment, Hung Yun Store, at the entrance of the Otro Benque Road and pointed a handgun at him and his attendant. The men ordered them to get on the floor and proceeded to take $500 in cash and two cell phones, a total value of $1,075. The robbers then ran out of the shop at which time Lee took out his licensed 9mm pistol and followed them. According to Lee, one of the men made a motion to pull something from his pants waist so he fired several shots in his direction hitting him on the right side of the body. The man, later identified as Logan, collapsed to the ground and died shortly after.

Ryan Davis Charged for Shooting on Explosive Wednesday
There were numerous shooting incidents reported on Wednesday, September 17, and thus far police believe they have been able to solve one. On Friday, September 19, CIB personnel esorted 26-year-old Ryan Davis to the Belize City Magistrate's Court to be read a single charge of attempted murder upon Joseph Roland. On Wednesday night, Roland was at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street when a gunman pulled up an opened fire at him. A bullet struck him in the head but miraculously damaged no vital arteries. However, the bullet remains lodged in his head and he has since been released from the hospital. Roland is at home recovering.

Several Charged for Gang Affiliation
The Prime Minister of Belize met with top brass of the Belize Police Department on Thursday, September 18, and implored them to use the laws that are on the books to tackle gang violence. This was after the murder of George Street Gang affiliate Brandon Tillett’s father triggered widespread retaliation. Since the meeting with PM Barrow, police have arrested and charged many notorious gangsters and affiliates. Those include Kareem “Robbery” Lopez, Brandon "BT" Tillett, Shane Harris, Mark Medina, Jeremy Rhaburn, Moses Gonguez, Eugene Tillett and Shane Budran. Kareem Lopez was charged with causing public terror for allegedly discharging a firearm in public at the corner of Douglas Jones and North Front Street on Carnival Morning, September 13. Bail was denied and he is remanded at the Belize Central Prison until November 7. Brandon Tillet was charged with violating the conditions of his deportation for affiliating with the George Street Gang. Bail was denied and he is remanded until November 13.

Kareem Lopez, remanded for causing public terror at Jouvert
Police say that George Street associate Kareem Lopez, better known as Robbery, discharged a firearm in public and caused public terror on the morning of Saturday, September 13, during the J’ouvert procession at the corner of Douglas Jones Street and New Road. Lopez was escorted to the Belize City Magistrate Court on Friday, September 19, to answer to a charge of causing public terror. Lopez was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Court prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith, objected to bail on the grounds that Lopez is a deportee and he may not reappear in court since he has means of getting back to the United States. Smith also asked the court to take into consideration the serious nature of the charge, causing public terror by discharging a firearm in a public place. Smith also notified the court that Lopez is currently being investigated for a murder. With that, Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith upheld the objection to bail and remanded Lopez into custody at the Belize Central Prison until November 7.

Keyron Gibson Charged with Murder of Tulio Caceres
Julio Caceres was gunned down in broad daylight on June 13 of this year as he was standing at the mouth of Majestic Alley. Shortly after 10:30 a.m. several gunshots rang out and the 31-year-old Caceres was left laid out on the street. Police combed the area and recovered eight expended shells from the scene. Three months into their investigation, police arrested and charged the man they believe is responsible for Caceres’ murder, Keyron Gibson. Police escorted Gibson to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, September 23, to be arraigned for a charge of murder. Gibson appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he was read a single charge of murder upon Tulio Caceres. No plea was taken since the matter will be dealt with on indictment and bail was not granted. Gibson will be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on November 11.

Many people, one society
You may be thinking right now that only when we know how bad things are that we can fix them, this I agree with. However, stating all the problems will do nothing but just that, state them. Only when we actually start making moves towards implementing solutions will things start to change. This is not to be confused with just giving ideas for solutions, since giving the ideas but not helping to carry them out is on par with just stating the problems. The main problem with moving towards change in Belize is that many of our citizens do not believe change can occur. This is an issue, because if we use that approach or mentality we will never get anywhere. The people who believe nothing can change are mainly the ones who also love to lament and complain about our current state but will do nothing more. It is like having a dirty laundry basket and waiting for the clothes to wash themselves, while you try to avoid the odor. If you do nothing more than complain about the smell, the clothes will never be cleaned and you will never be happy.

School is where we spend most of our time growing up. We meet friends, gain experience and most importantly learn. So it is interesting to actually think that the place you spend more time at is the place where you may find yourself uncomfortable or stressed at times. A school consists of a body of teachers. They are two types of teachers: teachers who are nice and don’t break your peace of mind with the work they assign and teachers who are not compassionate and just break your peace of mind with everything they do. Yes there are teachers that are nice, good and understanding with students. Some teachers are so nice you feel a connection. A teacher that can interact and have the class attention because everyone is comfortable is what I think a classroom should be like. Many students find it best learning with someone that keeps a friendly smooth class. It’s like doing hard work while having fun. A good teacher not only knows the content, but understands how it relates to life. A good teacher is the one that motivates you and captures your attention instead of bringing you down.

Worse Bihayvyah!
It is with deep sadness that I announce the death of everything we once classed as good behavior. Autopsy results would show that the time of death is somewhat unclear due to the severe state we are already in, and the cause of death, socialist dispositions of what is hype and fitting in. Aside from the obvious issues with crime and drug use that plagues our country, especially my fellow youths, there are much more inconspicuous, or dare I say deliberately ignored, social issues of great concern. For some weird reason (Human nature if you ask me), we find fun in destruction, chaos and general misbehavior. We have forgotten how to conduct ourselves in public and show no concern for fellow Belizeans. It is not my intent to bash on anyone’s fun, but there are certain things that are just too over the top. For the thousands of Belizeans that flocked to Orange Walk this past weekend, many did not quite enjoy the experience, not solely due to the eminent tragedy, but also the general misconduct of the spectators. There’s a theory that addresses how we treat the environment around us; that if each individual perceives his little negative impact as showing no effect, the aggregate of all our impacts has an exponential detriment to the environment. Put into effect with this scenario, several pockets of Belizeans wanting to have their own void definition of “fun” in the same area, equals total chaos. Somehow, what should have been a structured parade displaying the performances of those invited to participate, became a rave of not revelers, but spectators getting on to their own mischief.

King and Queen Popularity in Jeopardy
The Carnival King and Queen competition was held on Saturday, September 6, and while the performances continue to improve the lure of the event continues to fade. The competition that once routinely made the National Stadium standing-room-only can now barely full the bleachers of Rogers Stadium. Where there were once deafening roars from hundreds of supporters there are now soft shout outs from dozens. The participants work hard to prepare for the event; therefore, the organizers need to do a better job to make the event more spectator friendly. One suggestion is to get a sound system that people can actually hear. From the beginning to the end of the competition people were sitting in the bleachers- bored.While moving around the compound it became obvious that the reason they were bored is that they could not hear anything. The only place you could hear clearly was from directly infront of the entrance to the stage to the bands’ preparation area. That means for more than 70 percent of spectators it was difficult and, in some cases, impossible to hear. Think of it as watching your favourite show on mute.

Catholic Church Turns ALKALINE into Choir Boy
Earlan Bartley’s rise to fame as the artist “Alkaline” is due to many things, but clean lyrics is not one of them. The Roman Catholic Church was granted an injunction on Friday, September 19, that would have canceled the artist’s much hyped “Live Life” show at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in Cayo. However, to soften the Church’s position the promoters promised a “clean” show. An emergency hearing was held at the Supreme Court on Saturday, September 20, the morning of the show, during which a compromise was struck between the Church and Marine Promotions. The promoter promised that Alkaline would perform a clean show that would not undermine Catholic teachings and morality. It was a very broad undertaking by, at this time, a very desperate promotion team. It was also agreed that representatives of the Church would be allowed to tape the performance and if he breaks the agreement then court action would be taken. Only a few scores of people attended the event and according to reviews Alkaline gave an unspirited performance that lasted less than 30 minutes. Every word from his lips was monitored and he escaped without being sued.

BEL and EU Providing Free Service Entrance for Rural Residents
The Government of Belize and the Belize Electricity Limited embarked on a rural electrification project made possible through the European Union’s Energy Facility II Grant Funds in 2011. This project connected over 40 rural communities to the national electric grid. Belizeans who have been relying on lamps and candles for all their lives were finally able to benefit from the comfort of electrical devices. Unfortunately, for the majority of rural residents this was not the case. In order for an individual to get electricity to their home they must have a service entrance. Since there are no lamposts in these areas, individuals must pay for personal service entrance posts. The cost of one runs from $800 to $1200. Since the communities were connected to the national grid only about 40 percent of households have been able to afford a service entrance. Therefore, the Belize Electricity Limited made a request to the European Union for permission to use the savings realized from the original electrification project to finance the “Connecting Homes, Improving Lives Project”. This project will see the Belize Electricity Limited install service entrance for 1000 families who are currently unable to afford it.

Cayo comes alive with the September Celebrations
A number of events that brought in a highly welcomed involvement of floats and ceremonies as well as live entertainment were held in the Cayo District to Celebrate Belize’s Independence Day. In both San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen, School and Youth rallies were held last Friday, culminating in an intense activity of events for September 21, 2014. The Town of Benque Viejo del Carmen became vibrant for September 21st as community leaders gathered at the Cancha to celebrate the event. Area Representative for the Cayo West Division the Hon. Erwin Contreras was at the Cancha to fully participate in the events that saw the presentation of Miss Independence, Kerry Nabet. Just two days earlier, a Pre-Independence Day Celebration had been held in Benque. Shortly after 9:00 am last Friday and on a fair day, children, teachers, parents, political leaders, the Traffic Department and others gathered at the much celebrated Centennial Park in Benque to listen to a message from the Mayor of Benque, Mike Valasquez. The Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez was also in attendance on Friday of last week and joined with the people of Benque for the celebrations.

Corozal South West Celebrates Independence Day
The Corozal South West constituency celebrated the 33rd anniversary of Belize’s independence in grand fashion. Under the stewardship of UDP Standard Bearer for the division, Doctor Angel Campos, the celebrations started off with the final game of the Torneo de Invierno 2014 sponsored by Campos. The tournament started off 4 months ago with 12 teams front the 8 villages of the constituency participating. The final match was played in San Narciso village on the 20th of September at 1p.m. when Libertad’s Libertadores won the championship game against San Narciso’s La Union. After the match a parade took off from San Narciso to Santa Clara Village passing through Louisville and San Roman. There was participation by residents of all villages where they all had floats in the parade. The village of Concepcion had their queen on their float as a participant as well. By 7p.m. the parade reached Santa Clara village where there was the inauguration of a newly constructed bus stop, the only one in the village took place.

Judiciary Reviewing Laws Governing Children
Hazel Thompson-Ahye, an expert in family law, is in Belize to host a two-day workshop focusing on the treatment of delinquent juveniles in the justice system. There is a reason why delinquent juveniles are often referred to as misguided youths. It is because their transgressions, for the most part, are committed not with malicious intent but simply because of poor judgement and bad mentors. Whether that period of deliquency continues indefinitely depends largely on the intervention measures taken. Youth advocates in Belize have been of the position for years that in this country there has been greater focus on punishing the delinquent than rehabilitating the youth. Punishment without rehabilitative measures only builds resentment and hardens the individual. In an effort to correct and improve Belize’s intervention measures, the National Committee for Families and Children is partnering with the Supreme Court of Belize and UNICEF to launch a series of dialogues discussing standards for the treatment of juveniles in the courts and at school. Supreme Court Justices and Magistrates will particpate in a workshop facilitated by Thompson-Ahye on Thursday, September 25, and Friday, September 26. This workshop will include a review of legislations dealing with young people who come into conflict with the law as well as a look at domestic and international standards for handling youths in the justice system. Then on Tuesday, September 30, and Wednesday, October 1, School Managers will participate in a workshop to discuss the rights of children and effective intervention measures in school.

Independence Day Address - Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize
Once more we come together to hymn our country in this most important of national rituals: the celebration of the anniversary of Belize’s independence. This year the huzzahs and the hosannas, the alleluias and the amens, are anchored by the theme “Industrious Minds, Intelligent Hands, Together for Belize”. Well, it is indubitable, as we begin the thirty fourth stanza of our existence as a nation, that this is a land peopled by industrious minds and intelligent hands. But that “together for Belize” might give the dispassionate observer some pause for thought. If it is merely aspirational, a plea, then we are ok. But if it is stated as accomplished fact, some might beg to differ. And there are several things such contrarians might offer in evidence. Certainly, the often fractious nature of engagement in our public square would be one. The bewailment of an assortment of activists and local Jeremiahs, is a daily staple. And the picture their Lamentations might convey to the uninformed is the obverse of the togetherness this year’s theme is either describing or mandating. But I want to say straight off that to buy in to any notion of an essential rupture of the Belizean body politic, is to be misled. Superficially concentrating on the relatively small things that divide us while ignoring the undoubtedly big things that unite us, is either laziness or perversity. As with any growing, developing, multicultural democracy, there are inevitable stresses and strains in Belize. But on the whole ours is a society of progress, where setbacks are temporary, achievements permanent.

Mrs. Barrow Participates in First Ladies Forum on Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, had the honour of being a speaker at the First Ladies High Level Forum on September 23 in New York. This is a side event held within the margins of the 69th United Nations General Assembly. The event was hosted by the Africana Women Working Group at the UN and supported by the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, the United Nations Population Fund, the Jewelry Institute of America and the Joint Office for the Commonwealth Permanent Missions to the United Nations. The forum focused on the Beijing Declaration, a resolution adopted by the UN at the end of the Fourth World Conference on Women on September 15, 1995 and its status after 20 years. The discussion zeroed in on the successes that have been achieved but also evaluated the gaps, challenges, and areas for improvement and transformation.

BEL and EU Providing Free Service Entrance for Rural Residents
The Government of Belize and the Belize Electricity Limited embarked on a rural electrification project made possible through the European Union’s Energy Facility II Grant Funds in 2011. This project connected over 40 rural communities to the national electric grid. Belizeans who have been relying on lamps and candles for all their lives were finally able to benefit from the comfort of electrical devices. Unfortunately, for the majority of rural residents this was not the case. In order for an individual to get electricity to their home they must have a service entrance. Since there are no lamposts in these areas, individuals must pay for personal service entrance posts. The cost of one runs from $800 to $1200. Since the communities were connected to the national grid only about 40 percent of households have been able to afford a service entrance. Therefore, the Belize Electricity Limited made a request to the European Union for permission to use the savings realized from the original electrification project to finance the “Connecting Homes, Improving Lives Project”. This project will see the Belize Electricity Limited install service entrance for 1000 families who are currently unable to afford it.

A rare treat for San Ignacio residents
Residents of San Ignacio Town and surrounding areas have been treated to a rare opportunity to check the condition of their eyesight as well as get free frames and lenses at minimum cost. As a result many came out in large numbers last week Wednesday at the Red Cross Building in San Ignacio Town; thus triggering a rapid response from the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association CNWA for more chairs. Many residents in Cayo suffer from a variety of eye disorders, but do not have the economic resources to get the needed care. Where a few years ago, a frame of glasses at the local eye clinic would command a price of $700.00, alone, the opportunity presented last week Wednesday for free frames was one that could not be missed. Some of the patients coming to see the experts last week had cataract and were referred to specialist care in Belize City. Members of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired were screening residents for the various eye disorders all morning until 3:00 pm last week with Dr. Ed Paul and Dr. Michael Boon providing expert examination and advice.

Kaya Cattouse wins Test Races
The Cycling Federation of Belize sponsored three Test Races that will be used to select the National Cycling Team of Belize to represent the country at the Caribbean Cycling championship scheduled for Puerto Rico in October of 2014. The second of the three test races were held on Saturday Sept 20th on the Boom Circuit where the federation utilized a 12 mile circuit. In the junior category, first place went to Tarique Flowers of Benny’s Megabytes, second place went to Kaydine Pinello of BECOL Chavarria, third place went to Keion Robateau of BECOL Uprising, fourth place went to Shawn Codd of BECOL Chavarria, fifth place went to Darien Anderson of SMART Junior Team, sixth place went to Michael Grajalez of Mando’s Pizza and seventh place went to Freddy Sandoval of BECOL Chavarria. In the female category, Kaya Cattouse of SMART C- Ray captured her second test event in as many days when she was the first rider to cross the finish line. Patricia Chavarria of BECOL Chavarria finished second, while third place went to Alicia Thompson of Belize Bank Swoosh with Kerah Eiley unattached finished fourth.

Football Federation holding Young Assistant Referees training in Belize
The UNCAF Referee Seminar for Young Assistant Referees in Projection is currently taking place in Belize at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan from September 23 – 25, 2014. Young assistant referees from Central America including Belize are attending the seminar. The seminar will be conducted by Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Barren from Mexico City along with UNCAF Director of Development and Competitions Mr. Victor Hugo Estrada. The following were selected to represent Belize: Abner Alvarez (Cayo), Wendelle Esquiliano (Belize City), Assair Escalante (Cayo), Carlos Leon (Belmopan), Ascel Perez (Belmopan), Salvador Caal (Stann Creek) and Zakir Escalante (Corozal).

XXIV National Women’s Softball Championship set for October 3-5
The XXIV National Women’s Softball Championship will be played from October 3-5, 2014, at Rogers Stadium. The National Softball Championship is played between the champions and sub-champions of the Affiliated Associations that makes up the National Federation. The championship will feature from Belize City the Belize Bank Bulldogs (Champions) and Beacon (Sub-champions), from Belize Rural Sunrise of Lord’s Bank (Champions) and Burrell Boom Orchid Girls (sub-champions), from the Cayo Association Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy (champions) and Esperanza Wolverines (sub-champions) and from Orange Walk Carmelita’s Caribbean Queen the number one seed. The championship will commence on Friday October 3rd at 6:30 pm with game one between Beacon and Roaring Creek and this will be followed by game two, which will see Belize Bank Bulldogs against the Esperanza Wolverines.

Businessman kills robber
Police have served Chinese businessman, Lie Wen Lee, 35, with a notice of intended prosecution for the shooting death of Leslie Kenrick Logan Jr. Logan was shot and killed just before 3 p.m. on Friday, September 19. Lie Wen Lee reported to police that two dark skinned men entered his establishment, Hung Yun Store, at the entrance of the Otro Benque Road and pointed a handgun at him and his attendant. The men ordered them to get on the floor and proceeded to take $500 in cash and two cell phones, a total value of $1,075. The robbers then ran out of the shop at which time Lee took out his licensed 9mm pistol and followed them. According to Lee, one of the men made a motion to pull something from his pants waist so he fired several shots in his direction hitting him on the right side of the body. The man, later identified as Logan, collapsed to the ground and died shortly after.

Ryan Davis Charged for Shooting on Explosive Wednesday
There were numerous shooting incidents reported on Wednesday, September 17, and thus far police believe they have been able to solve one. On Friday, September 19, CIB personnel esorted 26-year-old Ryan Davis to the Belize City Magistrate's Court to be read a single charge of attempted murder upon Joseph Roland. On Wednesday night, Roland was at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street when a gunman pulled up an opened fire at him. A bullet struck him in the head but miraculously damaged no vital arteries. However, the bullet remains lodged in his head and he has since been released from the hospital. Roland is at home recovering.

Several Charged for Gang Affiliation
The Prime Minister of Belize met with top brass of the Belize Police Department on Thursday, September 18, and implored them to use the laws that are on the books to tackle gang violence. This was after the murder of George Street Gang affiliate Brandon Tillett’s father triggered widespread retaliation. Since the meeting with PM Barrow, police have arrested and charged many notorious gangsters and affiliates. Those include Kareem “Robbery” Lopez, Brandon "BT" Tillett, Shane Harris, Mark Medina, Jeremy Rhaburn, Moses Gonguez, Eugene Tillett and Shane Budran. Kareem Lopez was charged with causing public terror for allegedly discharging a firearm in public at the corner of Douglas Jones and North Front Street on Carnival Morning, September 13. Bail was denied and he is remanded at the Belize Central Prison until November 7. Brandon Tillet was charged with violating the conditions of his deportation for affiliating with the George Street Gang. Bail was denied and he is remanded until November 13.

Kareem Lopez, remanded for causing public terror at Jouvert
Police say that George Street associate Kareem Lopez, better known as Robbery, discharged a firearm in public and caused public terror on the morning of Saturday, September 13, during the J’ouvert procession at the corner of Douglas Jones Street and New Road. Lopez was escorted to the Belize City Magistrate Court on Friday, September 19, to answer to a charge of causing public terror. Lopez was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Court prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith, objected to bail on the grounds that Lopez is a deportee and he may not reappear in court since he has means of getting back to the United States. Smith also asked the court to take into consideration the serious nature of the charge, causing public terror by discharging a firearm in a public place. Smith also notified the court that Lopez is currently being investigated for a murder. With that, Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith upheld the objection to bail and remanded Lopez into custody at the Belize Central Prison until November 7.

Remanded for rape
On Tuesday September 22, Ladyville resident, 29-year old Otto Palma was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he was accused of raping a woman in the Ladyville area. Palma, a laborer of the Milpa Area, Ladyville was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith where he was read a single count of rape, upon a woman which is alleged to have occurred on Monday, September 15, in a secluded area of Ladyville. No plea taken and Palma was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until November 12, 2014. Outside the courtroom, Palma’s mother and relatives were emotional when he was denied bail and remanded into custody.

Glenmore Stevens Gunned Down on Raleigh Street
Police are investigating another murder in Belize City. On Friday, December 20, 38-year-old Glenmore Stevens was walking on Raleigh Street shortly after 7 p.m. when he was approached by a dark complexion man who pulled out a handgun and fired numerous shots at him. Stevens was shot multiple times to the back. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but soon succumbed to the injuries. Police recovered 10 expended 9 mm shells from the scene. Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer, chose not to speak about possible motives when he briefed the press about the murder on Tuesday, September 23. However, Martinez says police have already detained one man who they believe can assist in the investigation.

Rafael Usher Gets 5 Years for Keeping Prohibited Sawed-Off Shotgun
Rafael Usher, 22, of Arlington Drive is in prison after he was convicted on Friday, September 19, of keeping a prohibited firearm and ammunition. On June 3, 2011, Usher was busted by officers of the Gang Suppression Unit with a homemade sawed-off shotgun with two brass cartridges, one in the barrel of the firearm and the other in his pocket. The incident occurred around 10:20 p.m. when officers were responding to a report of shots being fired on Matura Street. According to PC Paul Phillips, the arresting officer, while they were on Gill Street they saw Usher riding a pink beach cruiser bicycle heading towards their vehicle. They stopped Usher and a search of his person led to the discovery of the sawed-off shotgun tucked in his waist.

Patrick JonesPJ

Tourism Police Officer murdered in the line of duty
A shooting incident this morning at the Caracol Archaeological site in the Cayo district has left one man dead. Danny Conorquie, 20, a Special Constable assigned to the Belize Tourism Police Unit, was fatally wounded when he was fired upon by two men of Hispanic descent. According […]

Orange Walk schoolgirl reported missing
Orange Walk police have appealed for the public’s help in locating a 14 year old student. Marisol Jessica Patt left home in the Louisiana Area of Orange Walk town to attend classes around 7:30 am on Wednesday and has not been seen or heard from since. Marisol Jessica […]

Fish Festival planned for holiday weekend in October
The Toledo Institute for Development of Environment is holding their Annual TIDE Fish Festival in Punta Gorda town. Organizer of the event Stephene Supaul says the event is “the only full conservation themed 3 day festival in Belize.” The Fish Festival started in 2002 as a one day […]

Punta Gorda native residing in the US gives back to her community
A United States-based non-profit organization called Everything PG has donated book bags to primary school students in Punta Gorda town, Toledo. The group is made up of Belizeans living in the US and their stated goal is to give back to the community of Toledo through various means, […]


“Careful What You Wish For” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Regular readers will know that I’ve been harping on about the paucity of rain for some time. We’ve got a large (well I consider a 45,000 gallon capacity fairly large) rainwater collection tank under the house but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to see the overflow pipes in action. There’s been some rain during this “the rainy season” but the downpours haven’t lasted long. Sometimes as quickly as I got excited (and where rain is concerned I can throw off my normally reserved and reticent demeanour and become highly excitable) my mood turned to one of deflation as the rain dwindled to a gentle pitter, patter just as quickly as the downpour appeared. This changed during the course of Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning (I really don’t know when it started) when the heavens opened up and the rain came down in a torrent. It was bucketing down when I ‘hit’ the veranda (yes, it was the western ((lagoon) facing one)) with my mug of black coffee (absent sugar) and the iPad. Oh, and Ziggy too – he now, more often than not, joins me for some early morning “me (and “him”) time”.

Joint Investment Promotions Strategy (JIPS)
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is to support the development of a Joint Investment Promotions Strategy (JIPS) for Haiti and the Dominican Republic that will focus on the mutual development of opportunities that will attract foreign direct investment (FDI). This was announced by Deputy Executive Director for Caribbean Export, Mr. Escipion Oliveira at the inaugural “Invest in the DR” summit hosted by the Export and Investment Centre of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) on September 4-5, 2014 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Santo Domingo. Attracting some 250 investors from over 40 countries and 400 local investors, the Invest in the DR Summit is the first and most important investment event held in the country. It provided an excellent opportunity to generate important business contacts at both a local and international level, while acquiring key insights on industry trends and strategies through various conferences and dissertations for those in attendance. In addition a great wealth of knowledge was shared on how to carry out successful investment projects in the Dominican Republic.

Horizon 2030 the vision for Belize that never came
We still have time, I guess; but it’s slowly slipping away and each day that passes by I see it all going down the drain. I’m not sure how much money was spent to put this Horizon 2030 vision together and the studies that went into it all but so far it was a gross waste of time and money. VISION FOR BELIZE by the year 2030 Belize is a country of peace and tranquility, where citizens live in harmony with the natural environment and enjoy a high quality of life. Belizeans are an energetic, resourceful and independent people looking after their own development in a sustainable way. Acknowledgement Many stakeholders at all levels of society and in all parts of Belize participated in the consultation meetings which fed into the preparation of the Horizon 2030 Long Term Development Framework for Belize. The Horizon 2030 preparation team wishes to acknowledge their input and to articulate the hope, which many of them expressed, that this effort yields tangible results in the form of follow-up action to implement the strategies which have been identified. Implementation is the key to achieving the improvement in the quality of life of citizens as articulated in the vision for Belize for the year 2030.

The Sapodilla cayes is the only place in Belize where you get the chance to see Whale sharks year round!!!
What a fantastic couple of months Aug and Sept have been for sighting Whale Sharks! Here are some of Polly’s photos:

Friday’s Featured Food: Dinner at Corker’s, the Only British Bar in Belize
While backpacking in Belize I ended up staying for two nights in the capital city Belmopan. I stayed in the El Rey Hotel there and found out that Belize’s only British Bar is right here, in Belmopan. It’s called Corker’s Bar and Restaurant and was only a 12minute walk from our hostel so we popped in around 6pm to sample its delights. Corkers is small, cosy, welcoming and of course – British. I admire the walls adorned with Beer Coasters, the beer on tap, the British imports and we pick our food and drink. Then I meet the manager and it’s another crazy coincidence. She is Sam from Bournemouth in England. A town I spent years living in! The weirdest thing is that until the last week I had NEVER met another Bournemouthian on my travels and now suddenly three in a week. Firstly Alex who attended the crazy fireball festival with me in El Salvador. Then I met Jenny from Bournemouth on my boat from Belize City to Caye Caulker.

International Sourcesizz

Central American leaders: investment will curb migration north
A Central American plan presented to the US and Mexico on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly aims to boost their economies and cut down on illegal immigration to the US through new airports in Nicaragua and Belize and regional energy expansion. A plan by Central American governments to boost economic growth in the region and cut illegal immigration to the United States foresees major spending on infrastructure and energy projects, a draft of the proposal showed on Wednesday. The "Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle" aims to renovate highways, city bypasses and border crossings in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as carry out improvements to other infrastructure in the region.

Why I went: It was my honeymoon (with husband, Ryan)...
Why I went: It was my honeymoon (with husband, Ryan) and we love a good adventure. Don't miss: The Actun Tunichil Mukal (ATM) cave tour. You swim, wade and rock-climb through this ancient cave with a headlamp. Mayans would do ceremonies and sacrifices deep in the cave. There is pottery and skeletal remains from the rituals they did 1,400 years ago. Don't bother: Don’t do the ATM tour or any other cave tour if you feel you might get claustrophobic. We had a couple of people panicking the whole time while we were in the cave, which was not fun for anyone. Coolest souvenir: Homemade pineapple, papaya and mango jam from an eco-lodge we stayed at in the town of San Ignacio. The lodge was called Black Rock Lodge, it’s very off the grid and high up in the middle of the rain forest. We loved it.

UT professor lectures on Mayan agriculture
Based on his years of field study in Belize, geography professor Timothy Beach discussed the chronology and formation of ancient Maya and wetland agriculture on Thursday. Beach, along with his team of graduate students, has conducted studies on wetlands to better understand their significance to the Mayan civilization. Through his research, Beach and his team also work to raise awareness of the impact human activity has on the natural sites. At the event, which was part of the Mesoamerica Colloquium Series and hosted by the Department of Art and Art History’s Mesoamerica Center, Beach said that human activity greatly affects the wetland ecosystem. Because of this, he said it is important to preserve the Central American wetlands and to add them to the UNESCO World Heritage list, which would designate them as culturally or physically significant.

Touring caves and Mayan ruins in Belize
Why I went: It was my honeymoon (with husband, Ryan) and we love a good adventure. Don't miss: The Actun Tunichil Mukal (ATM) cave tour. You swim, wade and rock-climb through this ancient cave with a headlamp. Mayans would do ceremonies and sacrifices deep in the cave. There is pottery and skeletal remains from the rituals they did 1,400 years ago. Don't bother: Don’t do the ATM tour or any other cave tour if you feel you might get claustrophobic. We had a couple of people panicking the whole time while we were in the cave, which was not fun for anyone.


Video: Video Animation: Seafront Condominium, 3min.
Watch a video animation showing Orchid Bay, Belize's Seafront Condominium residences. Affordable waterfront condominium real estate located in Belize's Corozal district. Homes in Belize designed for second home and retirement living.

Video: Belize Trip Sept 2014 GoPro, 5min.
A compilation of just some of the amazing sights and adventures we had visiting San Pedro Belize in September 2014. I filmed most of this with my GoPro camera. We stayed at the Belizean Cove Estates on Ambergris Caye which was fantastic! SHOW MORE

Video: Why You Should Travel in Belize Top Tourist Attractions, 2min.
To travel in Belize is one of the best adventures that you can give yourself. Loaded with so many interesting sights and sounds, you will definitely have a great time with the Belize dive resorts and numerous historical places. Travel in Belize and see a country with exotic wildlife, cave formations, coral reefs, tropical beaches, and a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. From the Belize drive resorts and ancient temple ruins, you would not believe that such a beautiful place exists in your midst.

September 25, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Kim Simplis Barrow participates in the First Ladies High Level Forum
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, had the honour of being a speaker at the First Ladies High Level Forum a side event held within the margins of the 69th United Nations General Assembly on September 23rd, 2014 in New York. The event was hosted by the Africana Women Working Group at the UN and supported by the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, the United Nations Population Fund, the Jewelry Institute of America and the Joint Office for the Commonwealth Permanent Missions to the United Nations.

Caribbean Export awards over $200K USD to agro-processing companies across the region
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) announces the awarding of over $255,000 USD or €197, 000 in financial assistance to CARIFORUM agro- processing firms as part of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). “It is of paramount importance that food producers are able to compete on a global scale. This can only be achieved through meeting the stringent regulatory or certification needs for international food safety. The allocation of these funds will help these businesses in the first instance to get them export ready or be able to increase their exports to new markets. This is the boost that the sector in the region needs.” expressed Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the Agency. The Agro-processing sector within the Caribbean is relatively fragmented and underdeveloped, comprising mainly of small and medium sized enterprises involved in the processing of traditional agricultural products for domestic use and export. There are a number of competitive constraints that currently hinder the expansion of the agro- processing sector, one of which is food safety requirements.

Island PUP celebrates National Service Day
As part of National Service Day, the Belize Rural South (BRS) People’s United Party (PUP) held several activities to commemorate the Father of Our Nation, Right Honorable George Cadle Price. Throughout Friday, September 19th party members participated in several community service activities including a beach clean-up, town upkeep and visiting the elderly. Later in the evening, a procession was held. Party members departed from the BRS PUP office with candles, flags and George Cadle Price portraits on hand as they made their way across town core to the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. Immediately after the procession, a mass of thanksgiving was held.

Ambergris Today

Trinidad Entertainer Machel Montano is One with Belize
Machel Montano, Trinidadian soca singer, record producer and songwriter, was in Belize from September 17 to September 22 as the Headliner for Belize’s first ever Soca and Jazz Festival. The festival proved to be one of the most attended events in Belize. Machel proved to be a huge hit during the festival; one to remember. During his stay in Belize Machel had the opportunity to visit many popular spots of the country and he was very happy to share pictures and videos on is Instagram account. He obviously had a great time and Belize made a big impact on him. Tour company Chukka Belize assisted the organizers with sponsorship of transfers and tours for Machel and his group.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) will be hosting Coastal Awareness Week 2014 under the theme, “Planned Development Today for a Sustainable Coast Tomorrow” to be held September 29th 2014 to October 3rd 2014. CZMAI would like to extend a cordial invitation to you for your attendance and coverage of our official opening ceremony as well as the activities listed in our schedule of events.

FIU is demanding that you re-register any accounts that do international business!
FIU is demanding that you re-register any accounts that do international business! That includes resorts. Just found out that one of our accounts was closed even thou it was already registered with the FIU TWO damned years ago! No warning from bank or FIU! Is this fall out from this???? F S ! Jump through all the hoops, obey by the laws, pay taxes and now this? Hell our business was even recommended to the international financiers!

Compiled by Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. Violence cannot be stopped by locking people up That’s government chickening out and passing the buck Violence is a behaviour, so we need to know our triggers We need to change our economic behaviour In order to change our political behaviour And when those are changed then we will see progression Dr Omar explained that violence is and outward manifestation Of pain, anger, misery, frustrations, feeling of abandonment and hopelessness and trauma Will Smith has a saying that “Black people Are the only people that spend money they don’t have

First Ladies High Level Forum
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow participates in the First Ladies High Level Forum at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly: “Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health” Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, had the honour of being a speaker at the First Ladies High Level Forum a side event held within the margins of the 69th United Nations General Assembly on September 23rd, 2014 in New York. The event was hosted by the Africana Women Working Group at the UN and supported by the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, the United Nations Population Fund, the Jewelry Institute of America and the Joint Office for the Commonwealth Permanent Missions to the United Nations. (4 photos)

">International Archaeology Day Oct. 17th
Inclucing Archaeology Fair, in Belmopan

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Man Charged For Brazen City Murder
On June 13th, Tulio Pinelo Caceres was shot down and killed at the entrance of Pink’s Alley – right in front of city hall and right across from St. Mary’s Primary School. It happened in broad daylight – and its brazen-ness stunned even those city residents accustomed to violent crime. At the time, it was seen as a gang related hit since Caceres was from Taylor’s Alley, a known gang neighborhood. And now, police have charged the man who they believe did it. He is Keyron Gibson, a 22 year old from Lord’s Bank. Gibson spent the long weekend in lockdown, and after three nights, he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith in Court #1. He was read a single charge of murder and no plea was taken since it is an indictable offenses. He was remanded to jail until November 11, 2014. Caceres would have been a key witness in the murder trial for Dale Tillett which was held in July.

Junior Heredia Has a "Plan B" For "Zone F"
A week ago, we told you about the land and conservation dispute on San Pedro. The issue involved a housing project, which the Area Representative Manuel Junior Heredia intended to put in an area set aside as a Wetland Reserve, one which was never formally recognized by the Government. As we told you, this wetland area, which features mangrove forests and a sprawling lagoon, was supposed to be part of Zone F expansion for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The plans were drafted up, and funding was already secured, but, supposedly because of Government red tape, the reserve was never signed into law by a statutory instrument. The environmentalists who have been following the project closely soon unearthed a planned housing area in part of the wetland reserve known as Sunset Cove. A survey was already commissioned, and the lagoon was parceled off, but the environmentalists sounded the alarm.

Valley Of Peace Farmers Reach Accommodation With Multinational
Six months ago, we first told you about the dispute in Valley of Peace village in the Cayo District after 31 small farmers went head to head with the multinational, Green Tropics Limited. The farmers complained that Green Tropics sprayed herbicides on their crops from a crop duster. They claimed that the company damaged over a hundred thousand dollars worth of their crops, which they wanted compensation for. Green Tropics countered that these farmers were squatting on the company's land, and so, the dispute had to be settled by the attorneys for both sides or it would end up in a drawn out legal battle. Well, the news tonight is after months of negotiation, both sides have arrived at settlement believed to mutually beneficial. This morning, we spoke with the attorney for the farmers, and he told us what that resolution is:

Another Teenager Charged For Unitedville Murder
In August we told you about the murder of 34 year old father of 7, Victor Vargas. It happened in Unitedville village and police charged 19 year old Joseph Vacarro a few days later. And now they have charged another teenager; he is 19 year old Steven Gomez and he was arraigned for murder today. He was remanded to prison and the matter was adjourned to 2nd November, 2014. The two teenagers allegedly got into a fight with Vargas; one of them held him, and the other stabbed him in the throat.

Bar President Takes On AG
On Friday September 5th, Government introduced the Legal Profession Amendment Bill in the House of Representatives. As we’ve told you this bill makes it so that a lawyer no longer has to be a member of, or pay fees to the Bar Association. It also appoints the Chief Justice as Chairman of the General Legal Council, taking the place of the Attorney General. Those goals seem simple enough – but the legislation, perhaps predictably, has run afoul of the Bar Association. The Association has compiled and submitted its many complaints about the Bill to the House Constitution and Foreign Affairs committee which was supposed to meet yesterday, but didn’t. Today we did get to speak to the President the Bar about it. He stressed that the views he was expressing were his own and not necessarily those of the Bar Association:…

Former Bar President Says Compulsory Bar Membership Not Unconstitutional
The Prime Minister – who said he will definitely not renew his membership in the Bar association has told the media that under the constitutional provision for freedom of association, compulsory membership in the bar most likely cannot b enforced. But Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck told us that in the research done so far, there is no precedent which says that compulsory membership is unconstitutional: Andrew Marshalleck - Former President/Current Member, Bar Association "The doing away of compulsory membership is presumably being done on the basis that compulsory membership is unconstitutional. This is an issue that the bar has studied and has actually commissioned a legal opinion from and the conclusion is that it's not unconstitutional. So the need for the change starts from the wrong place. There is nothing that anybody can point to no decision in this region or decision of any court which demonstrates they compulsory membership in the bar association as presently provided by the legal provision act.”

Bail Hearing For Bahamians Deferred
Bahamian Offshore Bankers Levin Leach and Rohn Knowles have been in jail pending an extradition request since September 15th. Today, their attorneys Eamon Courtenay and Godfrey Smith went to the Supreme Court to try and get bail for the principals of the now defunct Titan Securities. They appeared before Justice Denis Hannomansingh in a courtroom filled with their family members and media. Everyone was there except Leach and Knowles. It seems the paperwork hadn’t been put together to get them to the city for their bail hearing. Their attorneys explained the snafu and why they think their clients qualify for bail:… Godfrey Smith, Attorney "There were informed that neither of the two gentlemen have been brought down from Kolbe Facility and in addition to that the other side asked for more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is the matter is adjourned until Monday, the 29th of next week." Jules Vasquez "At this point has an extradition request been formally entered requesting your clients?"

DOE Says Water Taxi Did Not Hit Reef
Yesterday we told you about the San Pedro Water Taxi boat accident near an area called Coral Gardens. Well, we spoke to Kein Marin from the San Pedro Water Taxi today and he confirmed that it was a combination of inclement weather conditions and navigational issues that caused the crash. Apparently, the GPS failed and the boat captain had low visibility as result of the rain. It was also reported by the Department of Environment that the boat crashed into a rock, and not the Coral Gardens Reef area. They say the rock was miles away from the reef and the reef was not damaged. The company says it has taken drastic measures to ensure the safety of the passengers.

The Port, The Pacora and Merchants
And while the Port Authority is dealing with that matter, the private Port of Belize is dealing with angry importers who were stopped from clearing their containers yesterday. And it’s because the Port has a dispute with one major shipping agency which has arrears – reportedly into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s the agent responsible for the CFS Pacora, which arrived two days ago loaded with 183 containers for various agencies and importers. But because of the arrears – the Port of Belize brought down the hammer and would not let any containers out of its compound even if they had been taken off the vessel and cleared customs. Today, Arturo Tux Vasquez, the CEO of the Port of Belize told us that they have reached an accommodation with Belize Shipping Agency and they are gradually allowing the containers to be released.

San Pedro Police Make Major Weed Find
San Pedro Police found one and a half pounds of weed in the Boca Del Rio Area of the island town. Today at around the 2:15, a team of San Pedro police comprising of Special Branch and the Quick Response Team searched an abandoned swampy lot and found a black plastic bag with the 1.4 pounds of weed. Island police say that a Hispanic man from the area found the drugs 15 miles north of the town, in the Bacalar Chico area and it is believed to have originated in Mexico. But the man wasn’t in the area today and no arrest was made.

FFB President Discusses Team Failures In Nation's Cup
Two weeks ago, we told you about the dismal performance of the Belize National Team at the 2014 Copa Centroamericana. There were high expectations that the team was going to perform much better this time around, given that they had placed fourth in this tournament in 2013. But this time around, the Jaguars came in 7th out of 7, last place. Upon return, the players told us that their poor performance was foretold because the Football Federation of Belize did not call the entire team for preparation until a little over a month before, and the Head Coach, Leroy Sherrier, was not retained until 3 weeks before. Everyone involved blamed the executives of the FFB for this foul-up, but the media didn't get a chance to speak with the President to hear his side. Well, he returned to the country on last week Friday, and we caught up with him on Saturday. Daniel Ortiz asked him to explain why the team was organized at the very last minute: Ruperto Vicente, President FFB “What may have effected the players is the players went into this tournament expecting the same performance they did in the last central american cup. We have to understand going into these tournaments that we have to go in a lot more prepared mentally because we will not be looked upon as the underdogs as before, so we have to prepare more. What I can say though, is that our team performed admirably and they performed better than they did the last time around. According to the studies done that our team is the most improved team of the tournament. While Salvador came out as the youngest national team, our team came out as the most improved team”

Prison CEO Jones Moves On
Prison CEO Earl Jones, who had been at the Kolbe Foundation for over 4 years, has resigned from his post; his departure was effective last week Friday, September 19. Jones is currently out of the country, so, we couldn't reach him for comment. The Board of the Kolbe Foundation released a statement yesterday in which they offered an explanation. It says quote, "Citing personal reasons for this decision, Mr. Jones thanked the Board for the opportunity to have served, and offered to continue to advise the organization during the transition." End quote. He is recognized as one of the facility's leaders where "tremendous progress" has been made, but now the Prison is moving forward with the process of choosing a new CEO. In the interim, Virgilio Murillo will be the acting CEO. Jones reportedly had a difference of opinion with the Board over plans moving forward.

Two More Men For Gang Membership
Last night, we told you about the gang crackdown in which 7 men were arraigned for various offences, which tied them to the criminal gangs in Belize City. Well, yesterday, there were 2 other men, who we didn't tell you about that were arraigned on similar charges. Those men, 24 year-old Alexander Underwood and 26 Wababa Norales, are at prison tonight because Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart denied them bail on the charge of professing to be a member of a criminal gang. They are known to be linked with the gang known as SSG. Their attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd told the court that both men were picked up from their homes by the GSU, and they were told that they were being detained for crime prevention.

A Sprucing Up For Xunantunich
Xunantunich in San Jose Succotz, Cayo is one of the most towering, iconic and often visited mayan sites in Belize. And while it has been upkept and refurbished over the years, the site still needs work. And today that came in the form of a fifty five thousand US dollar grant from the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. It was awarded to the Institute of Archaeology to restore the Site. Director, Dr. John Morris discussed the details of the project. Dr. John Morris, Director, Institute of Archaeology "The Benque archaeological is a small to medium centre that is located within the confines of the town of Benque Veijo Del Carmen but it is actually a suburb of the main side of Xunantunich. It was discovered back in the 1930's and since then the town has grew and has encroached upon the land that are apart of the archaeological site.

Revisiting Winston and Busta
And while on the subject of iconic Mayan temples, we dug into our archives yesterday to find footage of Wilhelm Busta Leslie – The Rockstone Pond Villager who along with his buddy Winston found the legendary Jade Head at Altun Ha in 1968. Almost ten years ago, we went back to Altun Ha with them to relive the glory of their discovery, and reminisce about the legendary dig led by Dr. David Pendergast:… Jules Vasquez Reporting Little do we know how much we owe to the hard headed and stick to it I've-ness of two boys from Rockstone Pond. Walking into the main plaza at Altun Ha you might think these two men - both residents of the adjacent village of Rockstone Pond were accidental tourists. But in fact even as tourists and tour guides walk past them without even a second glance, Winston Butler and Wilhelm "Buster" Herbert are pivotal, central figures in the history of Altun Ha, the site that draws all these visitors. But these men are not even footnotes in the storied and gloried history of Belize's most visited Maya site. In fact they are forgotten, and now they want recognition.

Hon. Francis Uncomfortable But Not Completely Opposed To NICH Project
And keeping it on the subject of culture, last week Friday we asked Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca to state his position on the so – called Colonial Museum that Tourism Minister Manuel Herredia announced on the Tenth of September. Artist and former NICH President Yasser Musa called it quote, “retrograde, racist and disturbing.” He called on the opposition to reject the project. But when we spoke to Fonseca last week he supported Musa, but didn’t reject the project:… Francis Fonseca, Leader of Opposition “I completely agree with Yasir, it’s a fool hardy decision. I have not obviously been briefed on the project by the government or by the ministry of tourism or culture but certainly I know as a former minister of culture that is not the direction in which we wanted to take culture. So we don’t support that project at all but we have to hear more about it and I’m prepared to hear more about it before offering any further criticism of the project.”

A Special Sign
A week ago, we told you about the newly mounted Belize Sign at the Seashore Children's Park in Buttonwood Bay. It's the brainchild of attorney Estevan Perrera who lives in the area, and it was officially recognized by the Belize City Council – and, for that matter, Soca artist Machel Montano who did his pose at the site. Well now, the BTB has decided to give it's endorsement of the sign, and today, the Minister of Tourism held a ceremony with Perrera. Now, he didn’t get up on it like Machel but he told us that one of the reasons for embracing it is that the sign is in the official BTB colors: Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. - Minister of Tourism "Today we are here to witness the unveiling of this beautiful sign that showcases our beautiful Belize. If you see the colours it well reflect the logo of BTB and BTB is an institution of tourism but this park is a little different.

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Bail Hearings for Bahamian Nationals Adjourned
Incarcerated stockbrokers, Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles, were scheduled to appear in Supreme Court this morning where bail applications were to have been made before Justice Denis Hanomansingh. But there [...]

AG Says U.S. Made Extradition Request…Attorneys Say No
But last week, contrary to what Smith says, in an exclusive interview with News Five, Attorney General Wilfred Elrington acknowledged that there is indeed a request being made by U.S. [...]

Attorney Andrew Marshalleck Speaks On Legal Profession Amendments
It has long been spoken of by Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington, but on September fifth, government finally moved to amend the Legal Profession Act. The proposed amendment would have two significant [...]

Bar Association President Says Amendments Are Scandalous…
Current Bar Association President Eamon Courtenay was far less subtle in his reference to the proposed amendments, in particular the change in composition of the General Legal Council. According to [...]

B.T.L. Reports Profit Performance – Figures Dismal
The Annual General Meeting of B.T.L. takes place on Thursday evening at seven o’clock to review the performance of the company over the twelve months to March 2014. As you [...]

Manuel Heredia Visits Subdivision Site in San Pedro
Last week News Five showed you a proposed subdivision in the Sunset Cove area four miles north of San Pedro Town. Forty acres have been surveyed for a total of [...]

Heredia Says He Supports Proposed Reserve Status…
There is some confusion which Minister Manuel Heredia seems unwilling to clear up where the wetlands of Los Bajos are concerned. When News Five spoke to Heredia last week, he [...]

Green Tropics and Valley of Peace Farmers Settle…
In March 2014, crops planted on thirty-two farms in the Valley of Peace area were destroyed, allegedly by herbicide. The farms, operated by the Valley of Peace Farmers’ Association, were [...]

Five Persons Charged for Gang Insignias
  As many as five persons were before the court in the past two days on charges relating to gang affiliation. Brandon Tillett, the son of Cyril McFoy who was [...]

Still No Motive in Los Tambos Murder…
A post mortem examination was conducted this afternoon on the body of twenty-seven year old Guatemalan national, Manuel Ramos, who was killed over the weekend at his home in Los [...]

Welcome to San Mateo…San Pedro Subdivision Turned Slum…
San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is a renowned tourism destination, the favourite of foreign visitors from every corner of the globe. Nestled alongside the world’s second largest barrier reef, and [...]

U.S. Embassy Donates to Preservation of Xunantunich…
The Benque Archaeological Site, an area surrounding Xunantunich, is an archaeological reserve that faces a number of issues pertaining to its preservation.  Not only is the Maya monument in danger [...]

Ambassador Moreno on Cultural Preservation Efforts
Established in 2000, the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation awards grants for the preservation of cultural sites, objects, collections and traditional forms of cultural expression, including music and dance, [...]

Ministry of Tourism Endorses Belize Sign
Estefan Perera and other residents within the Buttonwood Bay area constructed a Belize sign as an attraction to the Seashore Children’s Park. The brightly colored signage easily became a well-liked [...]


DPM Promises To Upgrade People's Stadium For The Second Time
Belizeans all over the country were celebrating Belize’s 33rd birthday on Sunday. National ceremonies were held in Belmopan City where all diplomats gathered to commemorate our Independence and in a few we will bring you the speeches of both the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister of Belize who we must note promised a reduction in electricity rates for the year 2015. But first we bring you the coverage of the 21st ceremony here in Orange Walk where our local political dignitaries addressed the town. The official ceremony got underway with the arrival of political leaders followed by the inspection of the guard conducted by the Honorable John Briceno.Unlike the 10th of September, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Honorable Gaspar Vega, accompanied by a few of his supporters, made an appearance at the ceremony.

Mass Held In Honor Of George Price
On the night of Friday September 19th, Orange Walk residents gathered at the Price Avenue to honor the life of George Cadle Price, a fitting occasion at a place named after the renowned Leader Emeritus, as mentioned by Orange Walk Central Area Representative, John Briceno. Before the speeches, a liturgy was celebrated by Father Oliver Smalls. Following the mass, members of the People’s United Party including elected leaders and standard bearers took to the podium to remember a great man. The following are a few of their thoughts as they remembered the struggles and achievements of the once Party Leader.Ramon Cervantes Junior – Standard Bearer for OW North“George Price, in addition to being a visionary, he was a great builder, he build on his vision, he not only spoke, he not only gave us a vision but he build on it and that is what has made us this great nation and this great people that we are today.”

September Celebration Parade, a Huge Success
While Corozaleños held their carnival on Saturday, Orange Walk Town had a full house for this year’s celebration. The streets of town were invaded by Orange Walkneos and visitors who came from near and far. Without a doubt there was an economic boost as hotels across town were booked, restaurants and vendors ran out of food and just about everything that was on sale, sold out. But back to this year’s parade. It was bigger than ever before with more than 35 floats. The ambiance was that of festivity as spectators lined up to view the parade. And if you missed it here are the highlights. Carmelita Perez – Reporting In Orange Walk, there’s nothing like the 21st day parade and this year was no exception. The parade was led by the Mexican Marching Band followed by political leaders of both parties.

Man Stabbed On Independence Day
The festivities over the weekend didn’t go without incident in the crime scene and while we don’t have many details, we have confirmed that two stabbing incidents occurred during the course of the weekend. The reason we don’t have much details is because no one has made an official report to the police thus there is no police investigation ongoing into these incidents or information as to what transpired. One of the incidents we understand took place on Lover’s Lane in Orange Walk Town around two in the afternoon on the 21st while the official ceremony was being carried out. We have images of the scene immediately after the stabbing where police responded.

PM Comes Bearing Gifts On Independence Day
As is customary, Independence Day in Belmopan was all about speeches by the two political leaders, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca. Before an audience of elected ministers, dignitaries, other invited guests and the wider public Prime Minister Dean Barrow lauded the work of his political party as the present administration. The Prime Minister gave a glowing report of the state of the nation pointing to several initiatives, some new and about how much money is being pumped in the nation for infrastructural works across all municipalities. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca was first on the podium and spoke on the general state of things in the country; taunting the incumbent and this is where the verbal sparring started between both leaders. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "A growing political divide grounded in a troubling brand of governance which offers no regard or respect to duly elected representatives of the people who do not belong to the party in government. Political parties are important and necessary but once elected to government that political party and its leader have a solemn duty and obligation to serve the people of Belize wherever they may live and regardless of who they voted for."

21st Parade Ends Up With Tragedy, One Man Crushed By Trailer
The Independence Day celebrations fever in Orange Walk Town was shattered at the 21st Parade. Amid the enthusiasm, a tragedy unfolded on Dunn Street almost towards the end of the parade. Sixty-seven year old Santos Belarmino Uh was run over by one of the trailers as the parade moved along the street. The scene was one mixed with fright and confusion and we captured some images of the incident. While there are several versions of what transpired going around town, Deputy Commander of the formation here, Inspector Selvin Tillett, told us what their investigations have revealed. Inspector Selvin Tillett“A truck, Cuellos’ truck was driven by one Domingo Cabanas of Concepcion Village when one Santos Uh, 67 years old of Otro Benque Road apparently heading towards the truck was given out rum and he fell and the wheel went over his head and died on the spot, and the driver of the truck has been served with a notice of intended prosecution.”

Police Continue Investigation On Robbery Of Hung Yun Store
Orange Walk Police continue their investigation into the shooting that occurred on Friday near the Northern Regional Hospital. In our Friday Newscast, we told you about the fate of a thirty year old man who, along with another male person, robbed a Chinese grocery store but ended up being shot and killed. Police were called about three Friday afternoon and by the time they arrived, the body of thirty year old Leslie Kenrick Logan was being carted away by employees of the Northern Regional to the hospital. It appears that Logan, accompanied by another male of creole descent, robbed Hung Yun Store located at #2 Otro Benque Road at gun point. The men looted five hundred dollars in cash and two cell phones to a total value of $1,075. That however, was not the end of their heist as things took an unprecedented turn for the duo. Deputy Commander of the Orange Walk Police Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett told us more about the incident.

Jouvert Held In Orange Walk For The First Time, a Huge Success
After a night of partying on the 20th, the celebration continued as early as 4:30 on the morning of September 21st as party goers witnessed the first jouvert to take place in Orange Walk Town. While it is a tradition in Belize it will apparently also become on for Sugar City as revelers took to the streets of town and got themselves covered in mud and paint. It was a first time experience for them as it was for us. Carmelita Perez – Reporting At the break of dawn on Sunday September 21st, while most Orange Walkneos were asleep, party goers bathed themselves with mud and paint as they took part in the first jouvert to hit the streets of Orange Walk Town. Completely covered in mud and with the excitement that categorizes jouvert revelers invaded the town as the real fun got underway without any rules or regulations.


The Real Reason Why Machel Montano Was A No-Show in Orange Walk
The Orange Walk Carnival over this past weekend was certainly nothing short of entertaining for the residents and visitors to that municipality …but it could have proved far more entertaining had the Soca celebrity, Machel Montano shown up at the event as was arranged some days prior via one of the promoters. You might wonder why the musician’s absence at the Carnival is even valid at this time considering that the celebrations are behind us now……but while the red, white and blue decorations and the patriotic songs and festive spirits may well be tucked away for next year, the disappointment faced by Orange Walk residents lingers, so much so that the matter has now being used as political ammunition in that northern municipality since the person who had arranged for Montano’s participation in the Carnival is the endorsed Mayoral candidate for the United Democratic Party, Yvette Torres. The idea to have Montano in the Carnival was facilitated through Deborah Straughan, who came to Love News today to explain that the entire fiasco was due to the promoter being dishonest and not fulfilling his commitment to Torres and Orange Walk.

New Policy at Beverage Company Leaves Man Disadvantaged
There is a new policy at Bowen and Bowen Company Limited that we were just informed of today when a disgruntled customer came to our news centre to express his frustration and disappointment when he went to the Distribution Centre in Belize City to exchange a 5-gallon water bottle for cash. It is not something new to him as prior to today, he would have been given twenty five dollars cash for the Crystal water bottle….but today when he went there in anticipation of the usual transaction, he was given only fifteen dollars cash and a ten dollar voucher which he can redeem at any Bowen and Bowen distributor or delivery truck for products from Bowen and Bowen Limited. Dennis, who wished to remain off-camera, says that he does not have a regular job and that when given the opportunity to clean yards, he merely collects bottles that he can redeem for money as an additional income for him.

Court News: Gang Affiliation, Robbery, Wounding and Theft
Two men, 24 year old Alexander Underwood and 26 year old Wababa Norales, who were arraigned yesterday before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart on charges of profess to be a member of a criminal gang, were denied bail and remanded into custody until October 22 when they were brought back to court today for a ruling as to whether they should be granted bail. Yesterday their attorney, Audrey Matura Shepherd, submitted that they should be granted bail because there were special reasons involved although the section under the law that they were charged, precluded the court from offering them bail. Shepherd said the special reasons were that her clients were held in custody for more than 48 hours before they were charged. She said the GSU went to her clients homes and picked them up. She said Underwood was told by the head of GSU that he was being detained for the prevention of crime. She said he was later told that he was being detained in their investigation into the murder of Cyril Robinson. She said that at no time Underwood and Norales made any admission that they belonged to a criminal gang. But despite her submissions, Magistrate Stuart ruled that there were no special reasons and that they should be remanded.

Data Shows Fall in Inflation Rate
The Statistical Institute of Belize, has release it latest figures for the month of August 2014. The SIB shares that the inflation rate for August was 0.9 percent, a decrease from 1.3% recorded in July. According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the consumer price index for August 2014 stood at 103.6, compared to 102.7 in the same month in 2013. San Ignacio/Santa Elena had the highest inflation rate of the seven municipalities at 1.7 percent. Punta Gorda and Dangriga were both also above the national average with rates of 1.3 and 1.1, respectively. The lowest was recorded in Corozal Town, where inflation was only 0.4 percent. The average inflation rate for the first eight months of the year was 1.4 percent. The small increase in the August inflation rate was due to higher home rental rates, international airfares, and insurance premiums.

Courtenay: “We Need a General Legal Council That Is Not Under The Control of the Attorney General”
Some weeks ago when complaints were being brought against Arthur Saldivar as they pertain to his legal practice, it was brought to our attention the lack of performance of the Belize General Legal Council, which is the body tasked to deal with complaints or accusations made against attorneys in Belize. In our quest for answers as to why there was a backlog of complaints, we found out that there were some differences occurring between the President of the Belize Bar Association, Eamon Courtenay and the Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington. Up to recently, in the absence of the Attorney General the President of the Bar was within rights to call meetings of the council and deal with matters arising providing there was quorum…..but in a meeting of the Council on March 6, 2014, Elrington reportedly informed the members of the council that as the Attorney General, he will be chairing all subsequent meetings of the Council and that he will be responsible for setting the date and time for hearing of the complaints.

Belizean Journalist Hands Over the Nelson Mandela Book on Condolences
The Nelson Mandela Book of Condolences was handed over to South Africa’s High Commissioner in Jamaica, Mathy Joyini by Adele Ramos. Ramos said she realized that after Mandela’s passing on December 5, 2013, there was no such book for Belizeans to sign and thus initiated the project. Ramos handed the book to Joyina on Monday, September 22 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. Ramos told High Commissioner Joyini that Mandela’s impact was not only felt in South Africa, but across the world, and undoubtedly here in Belize. Joyini said that she would transmit the book of condolences to the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa. An electronic copy of the book has also been remitted to the High Commissioner, along with news clips with the reaction of Belizeans to Mandela’s passing last December. In 1962, Nelson Mandel was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He served over 27 years in prison but an international campaign lobbied for his release, which came in 1990. He became the President of South Africa at the age of 75 in 1994.

Bail Application Adjourned for Leach and Knowles
Two Bahamian nationals who owned and operated Titan International Securities remain at the Belize Central Prison today in Hattieville Village, Belize District, after court personnel slipped down and failed to send a removal order to the prison to have the men appear before Justice Hanomansingh for a hearing of their bail application. 34-year-old, Kelvin Leach and 29-year-old, Rohn Knowles are now forced to wait for the adjourned date as explained by Senior Counsel, Godfrey Smith, who is the legal representative for Knowles. GODFREY SMITH “Today was scheduled to be the bail application for the two petitioners Leach and Knowles and we got here only to be informed, or the judge, when we were ready to start the case we were informed that neither of the two gentlemen had been brought down from KOLBE facility and as a result, well in addition to that the other side asked for more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is that the matter is adjourned until Monday the 29th next week.”

VoP Farmers and Green Tropics Conclude Negotiations
In March this year, some farmers in the Valley of Peace area in the Cayo District were up in arms against Green Tropics Limited after hundreds of their crops died when the company conducted a fly-over spray with an industrial herbicide. It has been months of back and forth which all led to today, where an amicable solution was agreed upon by both parties, as explained by the attorney for the farmers, Andrew Marshalleck. ANDREW MARSHALLECK “Well there’s been an agreement between both parties, both agreed to the terms and I think it works in the interest of both sides. In terms of exactly what it is from the farmers side, they’re releasing any claims that they have based on any adverse possession of lands belonging to Green Tropics other than a 160 acre parcel that has been identified and they are also releasing any claims that they have arising out of the damaged crops. From the company’s side, from Green Tropics side they have agreed to subdivide off a 160 plot readying it for agriculture and transferring title to the farmers. I think it’s a positive step for both sides, it works for the farmers in that they now have legal title to land, a defined space, they know what their rights are and can continue their farming and it works for the company in that the squatting issue has been resolved, the crop damage issue has been resolved and this is without any admission of liability on anybody’s part. They have regularized the relationship with their neighbors so it sets a positive framework for them to move forward.”

Audrey Aims to Get Youths out of Detention and Into Classrooms
As we told you, Attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd is representing two men who were sent to jail without being offered bail after they were charged of professing to be a member of a criminal gang. Matura Shepherd argued in court today that her clients should have been offered bail under special reasons. Those arguments were soundly rejected by Magistrate Hattie Mae Stuart. While those two clients did not receive bail, Matura Shepherd has been working on a new initiative to get bail for young men under the age of 18 who have been remanded to the Wagner’s Facility at the Belize Central Prison. The goal is to get 31 juveniles out of jail and into school in order for them to turn their lives around. Matura-Shepherd says that she has been doing so for the past three months and is asking likeminded individuals to assist her in any way possible.


Titan Securities executives wait for bail
On Wednesday, 29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach, who have been in prison since September 15 after being picked up by local authorities at the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville apparently trying to leave the country, were scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court seeking bail. They pleaded not guilty to failing to declare monies above BZ$10,000 to authorities and granted bail, but immediately detained on a warrant for extradition, though no corresponding request for extradition has been made. But the matter which was to have been heard before Justice Denis Hanomansingh was adjourned to next Monday, September 29. Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith, the attorney for Knowles, tells us why. Godfrey Smith – Attorney for Rohn Knowles “The non-event was that today was scheduled to be the bail application for the two petitioners Leach and Knowles. We got here only to be informed or the judge when we were ready to start the case, we were informed that neither of the two gentlemen had been brought down from the Kolbe facility and as a result…well in addition to that the other side asked for some more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is adjourned until Monday the twenty ninth, next week.”

Agreement reached in Valley of Peace
We have been following the efforts of the farmers of Valley of Peace, Cayo, to seek a negotiated solution with Green Tropics Limited over destruction of valuable crops by herbicide spraying which occurred some months ago. The farmers faced legal action for allegedly “squatting” on the lands, but news of a settlement has come through that gives both sides what they want. With more courtesy our colleagues at LOVE FM, here is attorney for the farmers, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck. “There has been an agreement with both parties, they’ve both agreed to the terms and I think it works in the interest of both sides. In terms of exactly what it is from the farmers’ side, they’re releasing any claims they have based on any adverse position of lands belonging to Green Tropics other than a 160 acre parcel that’s been identified. And they’re also releasing any claims that they have arising out of the damaged crops.

One man shot to the chin in Belmopan
On the night of Friday September 19, 39-year-old Daniel Castillo of Belmopan  was at a bus stop near Wing Stop Night Club on Hummingbird Avenue, Belmopan, talking to a taxi driver. That is when a man  came from behind Wing Stop and shot Mr Castillo to the chin. Daniel Castillo was transported to t...

Robbery outside Pink’s Boutique in Belize City
On Tuesday morning in Belize City, the owner of a popular boutique was held up at gunpoint. We hear more from Raphael Martinez, Press Officer for the Police Department. Raphael Martinez – Police Department Press Officer “Another incident occurred this morning just about eleven o’clock...

Mothers demand justice for 5 year old victim of alleged sodomy
Contrary to reports made on Thursday September 18th of allegations that a child was sodomized inside a bathroom of Kush Lin Hah Primary School in Belmopan, we were later informed that the allegations were being made against St...

Orange Walk Carnival Ends In Tragedy
This year’s Independence Day Carnival in Orange Walk saw a huge turnout as hundreds of people from across the country gathered at the center of town to bear witness to the annual event, which, regrettably ended in tragedy. The festive mood of the Carnival was cut short when sometime around 6 on Su...

Store Owner May Be Charged For Fatal Shooting Of Robber
Police in Orange Walk are contemplating possible charges for the owner of a Chinese superstore near the Northern Regional Hospital, after he shot dead one of two young men who robbed him on Friday afternoon. Leslie Logan Jr...

Belize celebrates 33rd Anniversary of Independence
The 33rd Independence Day Ceremonies were held in Belmopan with the usual pump and circumstance. The Prime Minister’s Address has become the highlight of the event in recent  years, as he has chosen to use the opportunity to reveal upcoming plans and, in a sense, bearing gifts for the Belizean peopl...

Patrick Menzies Detained by Police Following PM’s Speech

Immediately following the Prime Minister’s speech, Belize Can’s Patrick Menzies was hauled off by police. That is because Mr Menzies attempted to interrupt the Prime Minister’s speech.According to Professor Menzies facebook report, he was detained for two hours.The event was captured on vide...

Objects Thrown At PUP Supporters During March
The Uniform Parade on Independence Day is a tradition observed by residents of Belize City every September 21. But we understand that on Sunday there was violence in a gang-affected area. Our sources in the parade tell PlusNews that the section of the parade where the PUP marched lacked proper pol...

Drowning In Dangriga
There was a drowning reported in Dangriga. On Saturday September 20, the body of Michael Humes of George Price Drive, Dangriga, was retrieved from the River near Tackle Stop Gas Station. According to police reports, a passerby noticed a body in the river, about 5 feet from the river bank, and with a...

Patrick JonesPJ

Friend charged with robbery and wounding
25 year old Julius Foreman of York Street is out on bail of $3,000 after appearing today in the #2 Magistrate’s Court on charges of robbery and wounding. On September 20, Foreman, who works in the Tourism Village, is accused of causing a wound to undertaker Sanjay Pilgrim […]

BELTRAIDE awards entrepreneurs
A few weeks ago 14 young and not-so-young entrepreneurs who participated in the Emprende project co-sponsored by the Belize Trade and Investment Service (BELTRAIDE), the Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (CENPROMYPE) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) received up to $14,000 in seed capital for […]

Belize is represented at UN forum in New York
Belize had representation at an international forum on the assessment of the Beijing Declaration almost two decades after its adoption by the United Nations. Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow attended the forum which was held on Tuesday at the United Nations in New […]

Man jailed for stealing from his mother
Jason Velasquez was given a jail term of 1 year for a charge of theft after he pleaded guilty today in the Belize City Magistrate’s court. Vasquez is accused of stealing from his own mother. Court records indicate that he was removing household items from his mother’s house […]

More gang members face charges
On Tuesday no less than seven Belize City men who are alleged to be members of criminal gangs were arraigned on various offenses in the Magistrate’s Court. Today, two more were remanded after Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart decided that there were no special reasons to keep them from […]

Craftsman charged for stealing tricycle
A man who says he found a tricycle on the road is now accused of stealing it. 43 year old Raymond Codd, a craftsman of Taylor’s Alley, pleaded not guilty to theft before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith on Tuesday. Codd is accused of taking a $200 orange-colored tricycle […]

Funeral held for Orange Walk man who died during carnival parade
Funeral service for Orange Walk resident 67 year old Santos Belarmino Uh is being held this afternoon at the La Inmaculada R.C. Church. Uh was crushed to death on Sunday evening on Dunn Street as the Carnival parade neared completion. According to Orange Walk police, Santos Uh was […]

Man charged for the murder of Tulio Caceres
Three months ago Tulio Caceres of Taylor’s Alley was shot dead at the corner of Pinks Alley and North Front Street in mid-morning, going down under a hail of bullets. Now police say one of his neighbors was allegedly his killer. Taylor’s Alley resident Keyron Gibson was read […]

Bar President speaks on General Legal Council
Recently the House of Representatives discussed an amendment to the Legal Profession Act presented by Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. While the move to deregulate membership in the Bar Association of Belize has grabbed the principal headlines, a function of the legal system that […]

Titan Securities executives wait for bail
Today, 29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach, who have been in prison since September 15, were scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court seeking bail. The duo was picked up by local authorities at the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville apparently trying […]


A Fish Eye in My Soup on A Stormy Day In San Pedro, Belize
So while it’s been a DRY summer and thankfully dry for September celebrations, we are now getting a bit of rain. Over an inch fell early Wednesday morning, last night about half an inch and it’s been sprinkling and overcast during the day. Wondering what EXACTLY that looks like on Ambergris Caye? Oh good. Were you wondering what docks look like in this weather? PERFECT. I took a few pictures yesterday while walking to town for lunch. Some businesses are closed for the slow season…some are being renovated or revived. The huge Island Supermarket has new ownership and they are doing lots of work.

Experience Nature At Belize Resorts
If given the chance (and the money), we all would want to stay in luxury Belize resorts. But if your love for Mother Nature is much stronger than your love for five-star accommodation, then eco Belize all-inclusive resorts are perfect for you. If you are looking for the best Belize beach resorts 5 star to stay in this beautiful country, we have a good selection of them for you.

Home Made Chicken Pot Pies
These chicken pot pies are very easy to make because I use leftovers to make the insides. I made the shell from scratch... You will have to have a little bit of patience as this dough is super flaky and you will have to be gentle with it. The pay off is worth it though.

Life by Water: Ambergris Caye, Belize
This is a photo blog on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Tips for Easy Offshore Incorporation in Belize
Belize has developed into one of the most wanted nations for international business investment. The country offers safe and productive business environment to all types of investors be it big or small. The nation is keen to welcome foreign investors to invest in various sectors of Belize, including retail, manufacturing, medical, fashion etc… It shares healthy business relationship with top nations of the world. It is an English speaking country. It is an independent democratic in Central America. International business company is the most popular form of offshore business in Belize. Quick company registration facility is offered. Moreover, it offers to maintain high quality confidentiality in business formation. International business ventures that get business profits from outside the country are kept free from tax. The country has not signed any double tax agreement. The country offers various types of business formation flexibilities. Geographically, the country is closer to Mexico, Miami, Dallas Atlanta and Houston. It creates a perfect picture for international business corporation. The population of the country is very low, it Is not more than 300,000 people from diverse background. It is well-known for fast economic growth and political stability. Both Spanish and English are official language of Belize that provides satisfactory business setup dream possible. Offshore Company Formation

International Sourcesizz

World map perspective- MAP lovers
Maps of interest. 1. This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people. 2. This map shows (in white) where 98 percent of Australia's population lives. 3. It may not come as a surprise but more people live inside the circle than outside of it. 4. This map shows what is on the other side of the world from where you are standing. For the most part it will probably be water.

Central America plan highlights energy, transport projects
A plan by Central American governments to boost economic growth in the region and cut illegal immigration to the United States foresees major spending on transportation and energy projects, according to a draft of the proposal seen by Reuters on Wednesday. The so-called "Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle," includes projects mostly in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Here is a list of the plan's major projects: ELECTRICITY Doubling capacity of the shared Central American network of power grids known as SIEPAC, including the construction of a second circuit, as well as related electric substations. Reinforcement of SIEPAC's power transmission systems. NATURAL GAS Completion of natural gas pipeline connecting the southern Mexican port of Salina Cruz with the city of Escuintla in southern Guatemala, aimed at bringing gas to the Central American nations for cleaner, less costly power generation. The $1.2 billion pipeline was announced in January.

A properly licensed gallery of Alex Wild’s amazing insect photography
Photographer Alex Wild really knows his bugs. That's because his love of the craft grew out of an appreciation for the insects, "an aesthetic complement to scientific work," as he notes in his bio. Wild is a biologist with a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of California-Davis, where he focused on ant evolution; he got serious about photography in 2002. Nowadays he's taught both science (entomology and beekeeping at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and skill (his BugShot insect photography workshops). On the other hand, places such as BBC Wildlife, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Discovery Channel, the Smithsonian, Popular Science, Scientific American, the Cleveland Zoo, Science, Nature, and a slew of others have properly licensed Wild's images. And if this list of clients doesn't speak for itself, his photographs certainly do. Ars was lucky enough to license a handful of them below.

13 family-friendly dive sites for your kids
If you’ve got young explorers at home who dream of swimming alongside Nemo or meeting a sea turtle up close, your next vacation may be the right time to introduce them to snorkeling and scuba diving. At coastal locations around the world, resorts and dive shops tailor programs for families and kids so they can begin chartering their course as the next Jacques Cousteau. If the land down under is too far away for a school break, try Central America. Belize is home to the second largest coral reef system in the world. Las Terrazas Resort, which offers oversized townhomes ideal for families that want the amenities of home, has an on-site dive shop with daily diving and scuba instruction. Kids not only can participate in the Bubblemaker program; they can become Junior Open Water Certified while on vacation. The shop also customizes dives for families to sites that include Ambergris Caye, The Blue Hole, Stann Creek District, The Elbow and Turneff Atoll.

Caribbean export awards over $200K USD to AGRO-PROCESSING COMPANIES across the region
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) announces the awarding of over $255,000 USD or €197, 000 in financial assistance to CARIFORUM agro- processing firms as part of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). “It is of paramount importance that food producers are able to compete on a global scale. This can only be achieved through meeting the stringent regulatory or certification needs for international food safety. The allocation of these funds will help these businesses in the first instance to get them export ready or be able to increase their exports to new markets. This is the boost that the sector in the region needs.” expressed Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the Agency. The Agro-processing sector within the Caribbean is relatively fragmented and underdeveloped, comprising mainly of small and medium sized enterprises involved in the processing of traditional agricultural products for domestic use and export.


Video: The Little Preacher Boy - Belize, 2min.
Let's travel to the country of Belize to spend a morning with Jaheel and Joseph in their classroom. Watch to see how these two students share their faith with their classmates! SHOW MORE

Video: Street Segments - Belize Expo 2014 - Busta Challenge, 4min.
Mek Mi Rich visited the Vega Distributors booth at Belize Expo 2014, and challenged a Mek Mi Rich fan to a Busta Challenge.

Video: Belize, 4min.
Con la segunda barrera de arrecifes más larga del mundo, Belice localizado al norte de Centro América, es un espectacular país tanto para los deportes de aventura acuática, como para cualquier tipo de deporte de montaña. SHOW MORE

Video: THREE TYPES OF LEADERS Message From San Pedro Belize, 6min.
There are three types of Leaders and they can be identified in these three simple categories: 1. People who know they are winners. 2. People who have potential to be winners and 3. People who are losers. The great news is that if we constantly work on becoming better and therefore regardless of where you are you can change for the better. The key is that it starts today so that you can be better tomorrow.

Video: Senior Steppers Dance and fitness group enjoying Caves Branch Belize!, 1min.
At Caves Branch there is an adventure for all ages! Here is the Belmopan Senior Steppers group enjoying the Caves Branch Pool area with a lively dance/fitness routine!

Video: Turneffe Atol, Belize Scuba, 11min.
Two tank dive, on Carnival Dream cruise.

Video: Caracol Mayan Archeological site, Cayo District Belize, Mayan Carving Explanation, 4min.
Mayan Ceremony for the Autumn equinox at the Caracol ruin in the Cayo district of Belize close to the border of Guatemala.

Video: Belize celebrates 33rd Anniversary of Independence, 5min.

September 24, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

The Island Celebrates Belize at 33
San Pedro celebrated Belize’s 33rd Independence with two days of grand activities. Celebrations began on Saturday, September 20th with the official Independence Eve Ceremony, while Sunday, September 21st saw revelers on the streets in a parade of colors, celebrating Belize’s Independence Day. This year’s celebrations were held under the theme “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize.” After a short invocation, Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero delivered the welcome address. Mayor Guerrero spoke on the significance of Belize’s Independence as it defines the country and its people. He also highlighted the accomplishments that the San Pedro Town Council has achieved in the past year. With formalities over, the crowd was treated to four dance presentations from the San Pedro Dance Academy, while the torch bearers made their way to Central Park. After the entertainment and once the torch bearers were in place, preparations started for the midnight Flag Raising Ceremony.

Oscar Ochaeta is the 2014 Reef Radio karaoke champ
Ten participants graced the audience on Thursday, September 18th at the 2014 Reef Radio karaoke competition. After several weeks of elimination, Oscar Ochaeta emerged as this year’s champion after convincing the judges and captivating the audience that attended the event at Jaguars Temple Night Club. Following the competition, Oscar “Oscar B” Dennis Benjamin, Caribbean singer and band member of Byron Lee and the Dragonaires took folks down memory lane with well known Soca music until the wee hours of the morning. After two rounds of competition the panel of judges selected Oscar Ochaeta as the 2014 Reef Radio Champion and took home $2000. Well known karaoke singer Lisset Gutierrez took second place and won $1000 while Desmond Berry settled for third place and took home $500.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Parades with Pride on Independence Day
It might not have been the biggest parade that San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye, Belize, has produced over the years, but the neon colors shone bright, smiles adorned the faces of all and the patriotic spirit of everybody who participated in the parade ignited the town. San Pedro residents paraded on Belize’s Independence Day, Sunday, September 21, 2014. Under this year’s theme – ‘Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize’ was that the entire country of Belize observed its patriotic celebrations, from Belize City’s Carnival parade to celebratory events that took place all over the country during the month of September. Belizeans know how to celebrate and take much pride in their country during this time of year. In San Pedro, the parade was not as large as previous years, but the energy of the participants made up for it. It was a lively and colorful parade filled with beautiful floats and vivid costumes that livened the spirit of celebration on the island.

San Pedro’s First Solar Street Light Installed
The corner intersection at the San Pedro Tropic Air’s terminal building stayed brightly lit during this weekend’s power outage due to the island’s first solar-powered street light that was installed in collaboration with Sky Renewable (Tropic Air’s Greif brothers Gary, Johnny and Max) and Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.; it was installed by Medina’s Construction. Gary Greif commented to Ambergris Today that hopefully it’s the first of many to come for Ambergris Caye which could be a great project to light darker areas of the community that very much need it.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Eating Like a Local in Ambergris Caye Belize Restaurants
San Pedro is home of the best top restaurant in Belize: the Ambergris Caye Belize restaurants, primarily because Ambergris Caye has been the most popular tourist attraction in Belize for so many years. There are two more main factors supporting their food scene: one is its large expat community, and two, compared to other locations, the standard of living for local San Pedranos is much higher. Here are the top restaurants in Belize in San Pedro. Top Restaurants In Belize Elvi’s Kitchen — One of the oldest local restaurants in San Pedro, Elvi’s Kitchen is a top favorite among tourists and locals alike. This is not exactly one of the cheapest restaurants you will find in the town, but eating here will make you forget about your budget because of the tasty meals they offer. Among the other items in them menu, they offer a good selection of seafood dishes, including garlic butter red snapper. Estel’s Dine by the Sea — Estel’s is the most famous places to eat in Belize for breakfast. And because it is right next to the beach, a gorgeous view beautifully complements their amazing food. During Sundays, you can join them for their beach barbecue that includes pork chops, chicken, sausage and ribs.

EMPRENDE Award Ceremony
BELTRAIDE, in partnership with the Centre for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (CENPROYMPE) and the Embassy of Taiwan (China), has is executed completing a the project in Belize called, “Integral Development of Entrepreneurship for Central America and Dominican Republic” here in Belize. Round I of EMPRENDE Belize was held from June – September, 2013 and saw the training of over fifty entrepreneurs. Eighteen of them successfully presented to the Evaluation Panel and were awarded Seed Capital Funds in the amount of $7,000.00 US each.

The admissions office of KDI School of Public Policy and Management is pleased to inform you that full scholarship opportunities are available for outstanding potential candidates in your country for Spring 2015 Admissions. For the year 2014, KDI School has admitted about 300 outstanding students and about 51% of them came from 73 different countries. Currently, all international students are on scholarship and 95% of them receive full tuition and monthly stipend as they pursue their Master’s or Ph.D. degree programs at KDI School.

The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE) and the University for Peace (UPEACE), through the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC), are offering scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the online master’s program in “Sustainable Peace in the contemporary World”.

Sept 14, 2014 - Sept 20, 2014 Report
It’s Independence Day here in Belize on September 21st! Another fantastic reason to party - which San Pedro does well. Celebration is in the air. And El Pescador is celebrating! On September 19th, Ali lead the ribbon cutting ceremony thanking the staff and crew that all assisted in the timely lodge renovation. The rooms are flat out gorgeous. As I write this, our first guest will stay in a newly remodeled room tonight! The bachelor party is floating around in the pool telling lies about their fishing and everything else. The staff is all planning on watching the fireworks at midnight, and I’m sure there will be some sleepy eyes in the morning. Luckily, it’s not a busy day tomorrow. We do look forward to some big fun times coming up. In the meantime, share in our celebration. Check out our El Pescador facebook page. Thank you to everyone for a great week. Plan your fishing and practice your cast!

Channel 7

City Men Charged For Gang Membership
Last week, we told you about the press conference hosted by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Police High Command following those 4 shootings which left 3 people dead and 5 injured on last week Wednesday. As we told you, the investigators believe that 3 of those shootings were direct retaliation by affiliates of the George Street Gang, after reputed GSG figure Brandon Tillett's father, Cyril McFoy Robinson was murdered in his yard next to the Saint Ignatius Primary School. At that press conference, the Prime Minister announced that police were going to enforce the crime of belonging to a criminal gang, as part of their crackdown. Well today, Brandon "BT" Tillett, and his fellow reputed affiliate, Shane Harris, were taken to court for that charge, and tonight they are on remand.

Man Crushed In OW Carnival
The Independence Day weekend had its share of violence: there were 2 murders, one shooting and the alleged robber who was shot to death on Friday afternoon in Orange Walk Town. But tonight, the first fatality we report on is the death of a 65 year-old man, which happened during the Orange Walk Independence Day Carnival on Sunday. There are varying reports, but relatives of Santos Bernaldino Uh, better known as Kel-bo, was watching the carnival with this family. The carnival was nearing the end, when Uh, who was reportedly under the influence, told his relatives that he intended to leave Dunn Street. Uh was walking pass the crowd, when a float that was giving away rum flasks passed. A group of eager carnival viewers rushed up to the float to get some free liquor, and that's when one of them accidentally stumbled into Uh. He fell under the wheels of the truck, and was crushed to death when it ran over his head. His own son had to call home and find out what clothes his father was wearing because his face had been crushed. Today, the police press officer says that the driver of the vehicle has been served with a notice of intended prosecution:

San Pedro Water Taxi Crashes Into Reef
Dozens of lives were put in danger this morning when a San Pedro Belize Express water taxi crashed into the reef outside San Pedro Town. The boat is named Caye'z Stars and it ran aground on of the reef area known as Coral Gardens - which is a popular snorkeling spot between Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. It happened at 6:20 am - on the first run from San Pedro to Belize City. Passengers called the Belize Port Authority hotline and the Coast Guard but the Coast Guard told us that the management of the San Pedro Belize Express declined assistance because they had it under control. They took two vessels to transfer the passengers - but those passengers said it took about half an hour to get that done - a tense 30 minutes as the boat's structural integrity had been compromised on the reef - which was also damaged. So was it the weather or navigational problems? We did hear form passengers that the compass on the boat wasn't working right - but we could not confirm this because the company didn't want to comment.

Mechanic Killed In City Murder
As we told you earlier, there were two murders over the Independence Day weekend. The first one happened in Belize City Saturday evening at around 7 p.m. when 38 year-old mechanic Glenmore Stephen was shot in the back. Today, police told us that he was walking in the Complex area in Lake Independence when a man ambushed him and fired at least 10 shots at him. Rafael Martinez, Public Relation Officer - Police Department "Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the body of a 38 year old Glenmore Stephen. Initial investigations revealed that Stephen was walking along Rally Street in the vicinity of Electric Avenue and McKay Boulevard by the Complex when he was approached by a lone culprit who fired several shots at him causing his fatal injuries. Police have since detained a 27 year old male person who they believe can assist in this investigation."

Man Killed, Wife Injured In Tambos
Cayo Police had to respond to a murder at noon on Independence Day when a man was shot and killed in Los Tambos Village. 27 year-old Naturalized Belizean Manuel Ramos and his common-law wife, 36 year-old Alba Luz Moralez, were relaxing out under a shed when an unknown gunman targeted them from long-distance and fired several shots at the couple. Ramos was injured in the chest, arm and chin, and he died on the spot. His wife survived. Today, police briefed the media on the information they have: Rafael Martinez, Public Relation Officer - Police Department "On the 21st there was also a shooting incident in Cayo where police were called to the Tambos area and where they saw the apparently dead body of 27 year old Manuel Ramos also of Los Tambos Village. Also injured in this shooting incident was his common-law wife 36 year-old Alba Luz Moralez also of Tambos Village. The initial investigations revealed that they were relaxing under a thatch hut when they were fired upon by an unknown person where Ramos receive an injury to his chest, chin and arm and Moralez received an injury to her leg. Both have been taken to the Western Regional Hospital where of course the body of Ramos awaits a post mortem examination and Moralez has been treated and is in stable condition. Again, police are investigating. We have no leads so far as investigations continue."

Daring Downtown Robbery Might Have Been Inside Job
There was a robbery today in the heart of Belize City's downtown area. It happened in the parking lot of the Pink Boutique on North Front Street - near the swing bridge. This afternoon the police press officer told us what they knew so far: Rafael Martinez, Public Relation Officer - Police Department "This morning at 11am, I am sure you guys have heard about it, it was a robbery that occurred in the parking lot of Pink's Boutique where the owner of that establishment was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money by a lone person on a motorcycle. The investigation is still in its infancy stage, so I cannot disclose any more on that, but I can tell you that we ae following several leads in this latest robbery in the city."

Christmas In September For PM
You might call it Christmas in September, but in the 7 years that Dean Barrow has been Prime Minister, his Independence Day Address has become known for its giveaways -from lower light rates to increases in internet speeds. Well, this year he promised that for both Internet and electricity rates, but the headline item was a novel initiative: the PM says he'll pay your housing mortgage in December if the original value was less than a hundred thousand. He called it middle class relief. Prime Minister Dean Barrow "This year, in keeping with the emphasis on the middle class, I announce that Government will meet the interest payment for the month of December 2014 on all home mortgages in the country with an original value of up to 100 thousand dollars. Thus every borrower in Belize with a housing loan at the National Bank, all the commercial banks, the DFC, Social Security and all Credit Unions, will be helped. Preliminary estimates show 1,602 such borrowers at the commercial banks; 4,833 at the credit unions; around 700 at the DFC; about 70 at SSB; and 200 at the National Bank. Altogether, then, at least 7405 mortgagors will be assisted in this way."

BTL Bandwidth Doubling Up
And, as we mentioned earlier, there will also be lower rates from the state controlled utilities. First, the Prime Minister announced another doubling of internet bandwidth for BTL, as well as changing the tax regime for internet service providers.. Prime Minister Dean Barrow "Now, under nationalization, there is vibrant competition in the sector; liberalization resulting in the complete opening up of VOIP and related services; and internet and general rates that are at their cheapest ever. And as this forward march continues it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have just signed a Statutory Instrument making internet services zero-rated, rather than exempt, for GST purposes. This will allow all internet service providers to charge even less; and in the case of BTL as of October 1 customers will begin to get double the bandwidth for the same price. Of course GOB takes a revenue loss in consequence. But it is well worth it as together with BTL we deepen all- important internet penetration in this nation."

The Case Against Arthur
On Friday night on 7News, you saw the extraordinary interview given by Arthur Saldivar where he withdrew all threats of running independently, told his supporters to stand down and fall in with the party, and lamented the fact that Melonie Coye, was actually suing him. But, she is, very much so. Her attorney Eamon Courtney filed the lawsuit on Thursday September 18th. 7News has obtained a copy of the statement of claim, and we look at what it says tonight, and Saldivar's response from Friday:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The claim form filed in court says the claim is for nine hundred and four thousand, seven hundred and forty dollars. The statement of claim narrates the events as they occurred: that Saldivar accompanied Coye to the Central to collect 1.676 million Belize dollars and two thousand US dollars. Counting started at 1:30 pm with Coye and Saldivar sitting at separate tables along with officials of the Central Bank and the FIU. It took 7 hours to count and they finished at 8:32 pm. As detailed in this breakdown provided by the Central Bank - and signed by Coye. The cash was stuffed into two suitcases and the claim asserts that Saldivar carried the bigger one, with nine hundred and four thousand dollars. Coye says she informed him that the monies would be taken to her residence.

Arthur Contrite, But Credible?
But that is only one part of the Saldivar story. The other part is his reconciliation with his party - even if it is a party that appears to not want him anymore. For Saldivar, the two issues, Coye and the PUP are joined, part of one big act of public contrition - the type rarely seen from big, blustery politicians. Tonight we look back at how Arthur Saldivar gave his most human interview yet:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting When Arthur Saldivar strode confidently out of PUP Headquarters last week Wednesday, he then gave us this glib interview, replete with his trademark bluster - so how did he turn to this only two days later, brooding, melancholic, stifling tears? He says it was, first, the lawsuit brought against him by Melonie Coye: Arthur Saldivar, Former PUP Candidate "I certainly had no idea that this would have gone this far in relation to the client that I've served, so I certainly didn't expect this to happen the way it has." And, Saldivar said, the lawsuit alone is enough to make him stand down: Arthur Saldivar, Former PUP Candidate "I know the truth and I know she does too, but while in that position I am asking all my supporters and my executive, PUP executive, the Belize Rural North to stand down."

Police Ponder Charges For Grocer Who Killed Robber In OW
Last week Friday, we told you about the Chinese Business man who shot and killed a man who he said robbed him just a few minutes earlier. Well, tonight we have a bit more details to share on the case. As we told you, it happened in front of the Hung Yun Store on the Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. This is also a short distance from the Northern Regional Hospital. The Chinese businessman, 35 year old Lie Wen Lee reported to police that 2 men entered. One of them pointed a gun at him and his shop attendant and ordered them to get on the ground. When they did, the robbers stole 500 dollars in cash and 2 cellular phones. When they were escaping, the store owner pulled his licensed weapon and chased after them. He says that when one of them made a motion at his pants waist, as if to draw a weapon on him, he fired first and shot 30 year-old Leslie Kenrick Logan Jr. Other eyewitness reports say that when Logan went tumbling down off his bike, the Chinese businessman walked up to him and shot him twice more, and he then started to kick Logan in the head.

Iconic Cop Passes
And tonight we note the passing of two notable men from rural Belize District on the Old Northern Highway. The first is Gilbert Tablada, former Sergeant of police and an iconic lawman. During the 80's, Tablada ruled the city streets with - if not an iron rod - than at least a "tambran switch". At the height of his powers, Tablada was feared and just the mention of the words, "Tablada di cohn!" in Belize City would send a whole block scrambling for cover. The Tablada Squad, or Crash Team as it was called was widely acknowledged as keeping the city streets under control up until he retired in the late 80's. Tablada passed away at the age of 81, just as the flag was being raised at Memorial Park at 12:05 am on the 21st. Today we spoke to his son Kent and his nephew, Minister of State Edmund Castro about the legacy of Gilbert Tablada:.. Kent Tablada, Son "He passed late Saturday night and it was a very tragic announce to receive, simply because we had a normal day on Saturday. I was preparing to leave back to the States and so it was bitter sweet because I knew my days with him were limited - 3 days as a matter of fact from the time I last saw him to being called from the ceremonies out there on Saturday night to go see him just lying cold in a bed. As a matter of fact he suffers from asthma, so Saturday morning he just went to the hospital to get his vital signs checked and he was release, so that has happened on numerous times, so I didn't make much of it."

Man Who Found Jade Head Passes
Another well-known name from the old Belize District is Wilhelm "Busta" Leslie - and he also passed away this weekend at the age of 80. Busta Leslie is from the village of Rockstone Pond-Lucky Strike and he played a pivotal but under- appreciated role in Belize's history. You probably won't read his name in any history book, but along with fellow villager Winston Herbert, they found the iconic jade head at Altun Ha. At the time - in 1968, the two were assistants to David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada. They were inside the structure and actually found what is considered to be the most prized artifact in all of Mayan antiquity, the Jade Head.

Devil Was In The Details For Alkaline Concert
In our newscast before the long holiday break, we told you about how the Roman Catholic Church tried to block the Jamaican artist, Alkaline, from performing at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium for his 20th Night concert. Their attorney, Michel Chebat, managed to convince Justice Courtney Abel to grant them an interim injunction in an ex-parte hearing. The promoters from Marine Sound Entertainment told us that they were going to do everything they could to get the concert to happen and that's just what they did. You may already know that they succeeded in get their concert to happen, but this sort of move, as far as we, know has no precedent So, for context we take you back to that moment on Saturday when there was still that uncertainty that the promoters would succeed. Martin Castillo, the main promoter, retained Hubert Elrington as his attorney, and they took advantage the opportunity to respond to that interim injunction.

Standards Branch Investigating Allegations Against GSU Commander
If you tuned into the KREM's WUB morning show today, you may have seen the Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit, Inspector Mark Flowers, making a guest appearance. He made wholesale accusations against the media, especially Channel 7, of malicious intent and defamation. He was referring to the story which we ran about the 2 women on Wilson Street who claim that he acted inappropriately and roughed them and several children up. Well, Flowers says that he has sought legal advice, and will be taking action against this and 2 other media houses, which is his right. But while he takes us to court, Police say Flowers is also under investigation by the Professional Standards Branch for his actions on that very same night.

Climate Change Technology For Southwater Caye
Yesterday, while the country was enjoying the end of their holiday weekend, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center was busy on Southwater Caye. They were handing over a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment. This one is designed specifically to monitor the changes in climate, and how it negatively affects our coral reef system. As is well known, Belize boasts the second largest Barrier Reef in the World, and the largest in the Americas, and such an equipment is seen as important to maintaining a World Heritage Site. Our News Team went to Southwater Caye with them, and Daniel Ortiz got to see first hand how it works. Here's his story: Daniel Ortiz reporting At a casual glance, you might mistake this for an ordinary buoy. At a closer look, however, you might notice that it is mounted with very sophisticated measuring instruments. They're all there to check changes in climate and weather.

Sparring Over Security Issues On Independence Day
And so while we've covered the good stuff form the Independence Day address - there was also some political sparring between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. First, the leader of the opposition challenged the Prime Minister to do more for domestic and border security:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "We recognize that we are nonetheless at war, a war we are currently losing. Even as we celebrate in our towns and cities across Belize, deep inside the magnificent Chiquibul and other protected rainforest areas of our country, hundreds of acres of our pristine national patrimony are being lost to illegal farmers, miners and extractors of Xate and rare artifacts. The situation demands that we prioritize so that we can invest in adequate security infrastructure including helicopters."

Playing Politics On Independence Day
And the Leader of the Opposition also challenged the UDP style of governance - which its PUP critics say is based on a strong patronage system for party loyalists, with little left for those who don't two the red party line. Now, everyone knows that politics isn't supposed to make its way into the Independence Day addresses - but somehow it almost always does. And this year was no different:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "A growing political divide grounded in a troubling brand of governance which offers no regard or respect to duly elected representatives of the people who do not belong to the party in government. Political parties are important and necessary but once elected to government that political party and its leader have a solemn duty and obligation to serve the people of Belize wherever they may live and regardless of who they voted for."

BELTRAIDE Awards Entrepreneurs
About 3 weeks ago we told you about Beltraide's seed grant program designed to educate and train entrepreneurs for the business world and provide them with financial aid. Well, today marks the end of the program but the beginning of new business ventures for 14 entrepreneurs. They were honored in a closing ceremony at the Radisson and they told us how their dreams can finally be realized with this seed grant. The first phase of the program began in June until September 2013 and the second phase was held from April - August 2014. 10 entrepreneurs received US$7,000 and 4 received US $3,500. Products range from sauces, coconut water and wine to clothing, health and wellness and IT.

Was The 21st. Flag The Real Deal?
Amid the incessant clamor of the celebrations season, there is one sacred and fundamental moment that solidifies all activities, that unifies all Belizeans; and that's the flag raising ceremony. But, KNOWING WHAT WE DO NOW ABOUT THE real Belizean flag and the much circulated knockoff's, was it the real deal? Did they raise the real flag? According to designer Inez Sanchez, they did not. Compared to the original flag, both men should be darker in their complexions. Word to the BDF on that one..

Machel Was Magic
Still can't get over the Machel Montano concert? Well, that's not a surprise because it was a blow out; a night surely to be remembered. There was an enormous crowd on Saturday night jamming to Montano beats as well as our very own Soca queen Ernestine and TR Shine. There was a power outage around 8 but that didn't delay the soca bash. Gates were opened at 8 Saturday night and the concert kept on going in full force until about 4:30 on Independence morning. Tonight we leave you with footage of Montano's grand concert.

Channel 5

Guatemalan National Killed in Los Tambos
There were three murders that marred the Independence weekend. At the start of the holidays, Leslie Logan Junior was murdered in Orange Walk Town on Friday at the start of [...]

Glenmore Stevens Gunned Down in Belize City
There was an unplanned power interruption that plunged the entire country into darkness on Independence eve. It occurred sometime after eight p.m. when in some municipalities celebrations were ongoing. But [...]

Notice of Intended Prosecution for Shop Owner in Orange Walk Shooting Death
In addition to the murders in Cayo and Belize City, on Friday, one of two robbers at a Chinese store in Orange Walk Town was killed. The robbers held up [...]

Man Crushed by Flatbed During Orange Walk Carnival
The Carnival Road March in Orange Walk on Sunday was attended by persons from across the country, but the event was not without incident. Around five p.m., a Belize City [...]

Aggravated Robbery at Pink Boutique’s Parking Lot
Aside from the murders, there were also burglaries and robberies over the weekend.  Police are investigating a brazen broad-daylight robbery that occurred today inside the parking lot of Pink Boutique [...]

The State of the Nation by Dean Barrow and Francis Fonseca
Independence Day activities were held across the country on Sunday.  In Belize City, hundreds of high school students joined the Belize Defense Force, as well as the People’s United Party [...]

Infant One Student Raped
Belmopan Police are currently investigating a distasteful and disturbing allegation of sexual assault of a student. The report was made at the police station last Tuesday by the alleged victim, [...]

Police Investigate Shooting in Belmopan
Belmopan Police are also looking for one man after a shooting incident on Friday night. According to the report, at around eleven fifteen that night Police were called to a [...]

Brandon Tillett and Kareem Lopez Before the Courts Again
Brandon Tillett, aka B.E.T., the George Street Associate and gang member, returned to court this morning. Tillett is the son of fifty-six year old Cyril McFoy who was gunned down [...]

Taylor’s Alley Resident Arraigned for Murder of Tulio Caceres
A suspect was today arraigned for a murder which occurred three months ago in Belize City.  Taylor’s Alley resident, Keyron Gibson, was before the courts for the June thirteenth murder [...]

Alkaline Concert held at Sacred Heart with Restrictions
On Friday, the Roman Catholic Diocese was granted an interim injunction preventing Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline from performing in concert at the Sacred Heart College compound in San Ignacio Town.  [...]

GSU Commander Says Media to be Sued
Inspector Mark Flowers was installed as commander of the Gang Suppression Unit merely two months ago. Soon after he took on the top post for the elite unit that was [...]

EU Ban on Fisheries Stock Remains Firmly in Place
The ban on Belizean fish stock imports remains in place, at least for now.  The matter came up at a recent meeting in Spain of OCEANA’s board of directors and [...]

Budding Entrepreneurs Get Major Boost
Starting a business can be tricky if you don’t know the legal as well as bureaucratic hurdles. But for a number of budding entrepreneurs, it was made easier this morning [...]

Highlights of the Uniform Parade
The annual Independence Day Uniform Parade in Belize City was held on Sunday morning to a spectatorship of thousands who lined the principal streets of the Old Capital to cheer [...]

Orange Walk Carnival 2014
From Belize City to Orange Walk…thousands of persons converged to view the carnival. We were there to catch all the excitement and energy of the revelers. There were thirty-one bands [...]

Sporting Highlights with James Adderley
Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   To get some action over the weekend, we had to head West to San Ignacio Saturday night where the [...]


Boosting Economy May Allow For Raise For Public Officers and Teachers
Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow delivered a 30-minute speech on Independence Day where he delved on various aspects of Belize including the economy, infrastructure, agriculture and social transformation. As it pertains to the economy and its stability, this is how the country’s leader summed it up. PRIME MINISTER DEAN BARROW “Where our economy is concerned, Belizean stability has now become a given. It is not just that there is continuing GDP growth, headlined now by the magnificent 8.7% in the second quarter of this year. It is also that our monetary and fiscal house, owing much to the signal triumph of our Super Bond renegotiation, is very much in order; our dollar strong; and foreign reserves the highest they have ever been. Of our two mainstays, tourism continues to grow phenomenally. And while agriculture by its very nature presents an always more nuanced picture and will never be completely free from volatility, sugar is better than it has been in years; bananas are steady; and citrus, aided by Government’s intervention, is rebounding. It is in light of all this that, almost unique in the Caribbean, we have been able to give teachers and public officers a 9% raise this year with a strong likelihood of additional increases both next year and in 2016.”

PM Unveils Reliefs for Belizeans
Following a summary of the country’s economy and ongoing infrastructural projects and investments in the country during his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister made some announcements geared at assisting Belizeans countrywide as well as other sectors of the citizenry. Renee Trujillo reports. RENEE TRUJILLO NARRATING “Belize’s independence Day celebration began in 1981 at the Courthouse Wharf in Belize City when Belize’s flag was first hoisted by soldiers of the Belize Defense Force….since then, as with many other things, the way we celebrate has evolved and now, 33 years later, official ceremonies are had in the capital city of Belmopan where the majority of the politicians, the dignitaries and the diplomats gather to witness first-hand the addresses delivered mainly by the Opposition Leader and the country’s Prime Minister. For the last seven years, the country’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow has used this platform to summarize the state of the economy, his solutions and plans and of course, the now annually anticipated, benefit packages for Belizeans. Dating as far back as 2010, Prime Minister Dean Barrow had announced the government’s food subsidy pilot project for Southside Belize City as well as access to basic food items at half price for a particular sector of citizens.

“Jump Street Gangster” Tattoo Lands Him in Court
Thirty-seven year old Shane Budran, a supervisor for Cisco construction, was fined $500 today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty a charge of displaying gang membership. Budran was ordered to pay the fine by October 31. If he defaults on payment he will serve 5 months. The incident occurred on September 21. The police reported that they were on mobile patrol on Wagner’s Lane when they saw Budran who wore no shirt. The police said Budran had the insignia, “30’s Jump Street Gangster”, tattooed on his back.

Showing Crips Membership Via Tattoo Renders $500 Fine
Twenty-nine year old Jeremy Rhaburn, a delivery man of Eden Site, was fined $500 today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty to a charge of displaying gang membership. Rhaburn was ordered to pay the fine by October 31. If he defaults on payment he will serve 5 months. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 20. The police were on mobile patrol at the junction of North Front Street and Pinks alley when they saw Rhaburn walking on North Front Street without any shirt. Rhaburn had the number, 30, tattooed on his chest which signified that he was a member of the Crips. Rhaburn said he has had the tattoo on his chest for 13 years.

One Year Imprisonment for Displaying Gang Membership
Thirty-seven year old Eugene Tillett, a construction worker of 13 Mayflower Street, charged with displaying gang membership, was sentenced to one year today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he pled guilty to the charge. Tillett begged that he be not sent to prison but Chief Magistrate Smith told him that he has a long criminal record and it was his second conviction for a similar offence, so he has to get jail time. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 20. The police were on mobile patrol on Mayflower Street when they saw Tillett standing behind a fence. He wore no shirt and he had “Ghost Town” tattooed on his back, which signified that he was a member of the Ghost Town Gang.

Moses Remanded On Charge of Inviting Support for A Criminal Gang
Thirty-five year old Moses Gonguez, a construction worker charged with inviting support for a criminal gang, was remanded into custody until November 26 when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser and pled not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Fraser explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offence. She told Gonguez that the maximum penalty for the offence is a fine not exceeding $2,000 and imprisonment for 1 year or both fine and imprisonment. She also told Gonguez that she believes that the offence might be difficult for the prosecution to prove and so she ordered disclosure and set the matter for trial on the adjourned date. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 20. The police reported that while they were on mobile patrol on Mayflower Street they saw Gonguez talking to a group of men who are members of Ghost Town Crips.

Charged for Displaying Gang Membership
Thirty year old Mark Medina, a construction worker, was charged with displaying gang membership when he appeared today before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Medina pled not guilty to the charge and he was released on a bail of $1,000. His next court date is November 13. The police reported that on September 20 Medina had a tattoo GSG Gaza on his body.

Murder in Los Tambos
There was another murder that occurred over the celebration weekend. The first was that of 38 year old Glenmore Stephen which we have reported on, the second occurred in Western Police. San Ignacio police are investigating the shooting murder of 27-year-old Manuel Ramos. Ramos was with his common law wife, 36-year-old Alba Luz Moralez, when they were fired at. Officer Commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent, Dinsdale Thompson, gave us more details. DINSDALE THOMPSON “We have received information from a caller from Los Tambos village in the Spanish Lookout area. This caller told us certain information and based upon information that we have received from the caller we then visited Los Tambos village where we have found a Hispanic individual in a pool of blood who we later got to find out is one Mr. Ramos. Our primary investigation is revealing that Mr. Ramos was at home when he and his wife were conversing when she heard gunshots fired.

Ladyville Man Charged With Rape
Twenty-two Otto Palma, a resident of Ladyville, was charged with rape when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. According to reports, the offence was committed with a firearm, so Palma was denied bail. He was remanded into custody until November 12. The incident occurred on September 20. The complainant reported to the police that Palma held her up with a firearm and had sex with her against her will.

Excess Alcohol Leads to Freak Accident During Carnival
In the midst of the September 21st celebrations in Orange Walk an elderly man lost his life when he was crushed by a truck in the parade. 67-year-old, Santos Uh of Otro Benque Orange Walk Town was near the intersection of Dunn and St. Peter Streets when he reportedly made his way to a vehicle in the parade that was distributing free liquor. It is believed that Uh, who was under the influence of alcohol, stumbled and his head landed on the street as a trailer truck was passing. Police Press officer, Raphael Martinez told media today that the driver of the ten wheeler truck, 39 year old Domingo Cabanas has been served a notice of intended prosecution. In other news, there were four stabbing incidents in the course of the independence day celebrations in OW Town; one of them major involving 18 year old Anthony Allen of Carmelita village was who stabbed with an ice pick. Allen was treated and hospitalized at the NRH.

Gunman Fires Shot at Popular Belmopan Club Injuring One Man
In Belmopan, police are investigating the shooting of 39 year old Daniel Castillo. Castillo was shot to the chin while he was standing by a bus stop near a Night Club on Hummingbird Avenue at around 11:15pm on September 19. Luckily, Castilllo survived as he was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital and later to the K.H.M.H. where he was admitted in a stable condition. Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez shared more details to the media. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ “Police visited an area near a bus stop adjacent to a nightclub on the Hummingbird Avenue in Belmopan City where they spoke to 39-year-old, Daniel Castillo of Belmopan who reported that earlier while he was standing talking with someone, a male person approached from behind the night club and fired a single shot at him injuring him to the chin. He was since been taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he has been treated and released in a stable condition. From the scene police have retrieved 1 .380 shell as investigation continues.”

Five Year Old Sexually Assaulted; Allegedly by His Peer
A disturbing case is being reported out west. Reports came out last week that a young student had been sexually assaulted on the grounds of a primary school. Correspondent Fem Cruz today caught up with the mother of the child who shared her story. FEM CRUZ “A 27-year-old mother of San Martin, Belmopan, who was in the company of her five year old son, an Infant 1 student of San Martin Government school told Love News the details of the incident. The mother says that on Tuesday night, September 16 she reported to police that her 5 year old son came home from school and told her that he was inside the bathroom at school when he was molested by another student. The frustrated mother expressed her discontent.” MOTHER OF VICTIM “On Tuesday when I was changing my baby’s uniform to home clothes I noticed that his underwear was messy with blood. I hurriedly ran to the police station and reported it. We took the baby to the hospital, the doctor did the check and the doctor said yes he was molested. We went to the school but I included the media in this because I want people to know about this because right now it’s my child tomorrow it could be another child and I really think that these things that we live through…. I don’t see the principal pushing it they are not treating the case right. I have to be walking up and down, stop work to get the media, to get the social worker and the police and the school have to do that. As I went to report abuse and sexual abuse they have to call the superiors, they can’t tell me ‘Okay miss don’t do anything and don’t say anything because you will damage the baby’ It will not damage the baby more than what happened to him.”

Body of Michael Humes Retrieved from River in Southern Belize
The body of a man was retrieved from the North Stann Creek River this past weekend. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports. HARRY ARZU “The body of a man is still at the Southern Regional Hospital morgue awaiting a post mortem examination after it was retrieved from the North Stann Creek river. Police here in Dangriga told Love news that acting upon information received they visited a pier just in front of Taco Shop Old Gas Station here in Dangriga at about 12:40AM on Saturday September 20 where they observed the body of a man floating in the river. The individual was later identified as 28-year-old Michael Humes, a Belizean laborer of George Price Drive here in this municipality. After they examined the body, police here say they see no signs of violence on it.”

Promoter of Alkaline Concert Says He Was Sabotaged by Competitors
In our Friday’s newscast we told you of the dilemma that the promoters of the Dancehall Concert were in when the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese sent out a release opposing the performance of Jamaican dancehall artist, Alkaline, which had a concert scheduled in San Ignacio and Dangriga over the holiday weekend…..but the opposition from the church didn’t end there as the matter was taken to the Supreme Court where a temporary injunction was placed on the event late Friday evening. On Saturday morning, the promoters and their attorney, Hubert Elrington went before Justice Courtenay Abel and after spending over two hours in court, the concert was given the green light with stipulations. Here is an interview done with Elrington upon his exit from the courtroom. HUBERT ELRINGTON “Well the injunction was lifted forthwith and is no longer in place and this was due mainly because my client felt that he did not want to upset the Bishop in any way at all. So whatever they could do to give the Bishop the assurance that their business is not to interfere with Catholic morality at all. Assurance was given; an undertaking was given that we would not do anything that would upset the Bishop and the Catholic Church.”


Man murdered in Los Tambos area of Cayo District
A couple was shot on Independence Day . The husband died and the wife remains hospitalized. On September 21, at about 11:55 a.m., police visited the Los Tambos area in the Cayo District, where the body of 27-year-old Manuel Ramos was seen with apparent gunshot wounds to the chest, arm and chin. Officer Commanding San Ignatio Police Department, Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson, told us more. Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson – Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Department “On Sunday, September 21st, we had received information from a caller from Los Tambos village in the Spanish Lookout area, San Ignacio, and this caller told us certain information. Based upon information that we have received from the caller, we then visited Los Tambos village where we have found a Hispanic individual in a pool of blood, who we later got to find out his name is one Mr. Ramos.

Another Belize City man gunned down
According to police there was a fatal shooting incident at the corner of McKay Boulevard and Raleigh Street, Belize City, on September 20. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez shares more details. Raphael Martinez – Press Officer, Police Department “Just after 7 o’clock on the 20th of September, Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they saw the body of 38 years old Glenmore Stephens. Initial investigations revealed that Stephens was walking along Rally Street in the vicinity of Electric Avenue and McKay Boulevard by the Complex, when he was approached by a lone culprit who fired several shots at him causing his fatal injuries. Police have since detained a 27 year old male person, who they believe can assist in this investigation.”

Patrick JonesPJ

Orange Walk store owner could face charges for shooting robber
Police in Orange Walk are contemplating possible charges for the owner of a Chinese superstore near the Northern Regional Hospital after he shot dead one of two young men who robbed him on Friday afternoon. Leslie Logan Jr., son of deceased Inspector Leslie Logan and a former officer […]

Retired Police Sergeant Gilbert Tablada dies
The Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own tonight. Retired Sergeant of Police Gilbert Tablada, 80, died late Saturday night in Belize City at home after being discharged from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He had taken ill earlier in the day, suffering chest […]

Pink Boutique owner robbed
This morning in Belize City, the owner of a popular boutique was held up at gunpoint. The owner of Pink Boutique was held up in the store’s parking lot, which it shares with the offices of the Roman Catholic Diocese on North Front Street next to Holy Redeemer […]

Man charged for rape
Police have charged a Ladyville resident with rape of a woman. 22 year old Otto Palma appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith accused of raping a female on September 20 at gunpoint. He was remanded until his next court appearance on September 12.

Father of murder suspect speaks, says he holds no malice
Since the sensational arrest of 22 year old Miguel Choco on September 4 on suspicion of being the person who murdered 61 year old Agripina Coc in San Pedro Columbia village, Toledo, his parents and family have been silent. Choco’s family members were placed under communal arrest during […]

Police investigate murder in Belize City
One man is in police custody pending investigation of a murder on the eve of Independence Day in Belize City. 38 year old Glenmore Stevens was shot and killed on Saturday night as he walked on Raleigh Street in Belize City. Police say that their initial investigations […]

Two charged for theft of motorcycle
Two young men are charged with theft and related offenses after being accused of stealing a motorcycle. 20 year old Godwin Panting, a resident and deliveryman of Cemetery Lane, and 21 year old Daniel Lopez, a resident of Antelope Street Extension, were jointly charged with the theft of […]

Murder in Los Tambos, Cayo
Police in Cayo are looking for the person responsible for the murder of a man from Los Tambos village, Cayo. Police reports say that on Independence Day morning, they went to the village of Los Tambos, Cayo, where they found the body of 27 year old Guatemalan national […]

Alleged gang members charged in court
There was a parade of alleged gang members to the Magistrate’s Court today, a first sign of the Government’s and Police’s efforts to keep them off the streets and not causing trouble, one way or another. Mobile patrols on September 20 and 21 netted a total of 7 […]

FEATURE STORE: The Calabash – A Maya tradition in decline
Meet Mr. Martin Choc, an 82 year old Mayan elder of San Marcos village. He considers himself one of those who continue to retrieve many of the ancestral skills that are fading away from the Maya culture. When we met up with Mr. Choc recently, we found him making the Calabash bowl; and he gladly shared with us about this craft and how it played a vital role – and still does – in the homes of the Maya people. For context, we note that the Calabash comes from “an evergreen tropical” tree that takes at least four years to bear “large woody gourds” from which the bowls are made; a practice that goes back centuries.

Belize: The Morning After Independence Pill
Belize celebrated its 33rd anniversary of Independence on Sunday, September 21, 2014. As usual, Belizeans at home and abroad rallied around their flag and colors, national anthem and patriotic symbols…celebrating with merry-making their achievements over the past year. QUE VIVA BELICE!! Official ceremonies themed “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize”….peaked with the speeches made by the Leader of the Opposition, followed by the Prime Minister….a display of our commitment to a democratic way of life….even if, as one can expect, with a different view of the current status, challenges and prospects for advancing the Independence aspirations and expectations of all the people of Belize. It is not surprising then, that the opposition leader would point to deficiencies in quality of individual, social and institutional life, and the leader would pick to focus on a set of figures and material/physical justifications to make his point. If Belize did not take the “morning-after pill” yesterday… will surely get pregnant.


San Pedro JUMPS UP For Belize’s 33rd Birthday Independence Day Parade, Part Two
Let’s continue with San Pedro’s amazing September 21st parade…and the hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds of The Island Academy. There was quite a crowd at the beginning turn. A few hundred people standing on the shade side of the street and zero people on the other side. The PUP political candidates and crew. The election is coming up… So fun…if you love San Pedro, you must MUST get to this parade once in your life. I’ll see you there…in 2015.

Belize’s Independence Day A Multicultural Success
The thirty-third anniversary of Belizean independence was celebrated September 21st in what the Lodge at Chaa Creek called one of the most ambitious, well attended and well behaved celebrations since the country achieved Independence in 1981. The Belizean eco-resort’s co-owner and GM, Lucy Fleming, said the 2014 national festivities combined enthusiastic celebrating with serious discussions about Belize’s continuing development as the region’s newest nation. “The September celebrations are always a great party, and this year there also seemed to be a fair amount of stock taking and discussion about current issues and the future,” Ms Fleming said. “The fact that an ongoing national conversation about Belize’s future is taking place in the midst of celebrating past achievements shows how vibrant democracy, free speech and participation are in today’s Belize,” she added.

7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel to Belize
If you are in the planning phase for a vacation, travel to Belize. Belize is situated in Central America, between Guatemala and Mexico and offers an abundance of pristine beaches, rich sea life, humble people and fresh air. A Belize vacation gives you a chance to be away from the usual hustle and bustle of life and spend adventurous and pleasurable time with family. There are great many amazing things about Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
A new study shows that internet trolls really are just terrible human beings. In this month's issue of Personality and Individual Differences, a study was published that confirms what we all suspected: internet trolls are horrible people. Let's start by getting our definitions straight. An internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response. What kind of person would do this? Canadian researchers decided to find out. They conducted two internet studies with over 1,200 people. They gave personality tests to each subject along with a survey about their internet commenting behavior. They were looking for evidence that linked trolling with the Dark Tetrad of personality: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadistic personality.

Cool hotels with illustrious owners
Owning and operating a hotel is a full-time job, and many of those who devote their lives to the hospitality industry specialize in all things hotel -- and that's it. But there are some unlikely faces in the exclusive "hotel owners of the world" club (hey, it probably exists) that got their starts in other industries; in fact, most of them have their hands in many pots and own their hotels while simultaneously acting, directing, cooking, designing, singing, running a country ... you name it! So here we bring you nine surprising hotel owners, from chefs to sultans. Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize Illustrious owner: Francis Ford Coppola, director One of two resorts in Belize owned by movie director Francis Ford Coppola (the other is the slightly more luxe Turtle Inn), Blancaneaux Lodge enjoys a splendidly lush location beside a creek in the country's Mountain Pine Ridge. This fabulous hideaway features decent amenities (including horse stables), and wonderful wooden cabanas with thatched roofs and rustic luxe decor that includes colorful Guatemalan textiles. There are two pools, one of which is heated and overlooks the brook.

Why We Must Explore the Sea
Most people think the bottom of the ocean is like a giant bathtub filled with mud—boring, flat and dark. But it contains the largest mountain range on earth, canyons far grander than the Grand Canyon and towering vertical cliffs rising up three miles—more than twice the height of Yosemite’s celebrated El Capitan. When you look at publicly available topographies of the seafloor, you can get the impression that the job of mapping the planet is over. Far from it. Even these seemingly precise representations, often based on satellite estimates of ocean depths, are not all that revealing. They’re rather like throwing a wet blanket over a table set for a fancy dinner party. You might see the outlines of four candelabras surrounded by a dozen chairs, perhaps some drinking glasses if the blanket’s really wet. But that’s about it. You wouldn’t see the utensils and plates, let alone what’s for dinner. Satellite data, in other words, only gives a rough idea of what lies beneath the sea. We filled in holes in publicly available bathymetry, as the science of measuring ocean depths is known, between the Bahamas and Florida, where there is potential for underwater landslides that could generate tsunamis reaching the East Coast. Such maps can reveal slope instabilities. We worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to map a refuge for spawning fish near the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and made some of the first maps around the Belize Barrier Reef.

Caribbean adopting new technologies in cassava production
Representatives from 11 Caribbean countries have received training in the implementation of new technologies for cassava production, with the aim of improving competitiveness and promoting technological innovations and value added in cassava products. The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) said the course on modern technologies for the production and use of cassava was facilitated by the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium to Support Cassava Research and Development (CLAYUCA). It was conducted in Colombia last month with support from Colombia’s Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). The participants came from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, Belize, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Martinique, St Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Dominica, and Grenada.


Video: Families Into Homes Partnership, Benque, Belize, 9min.
The catholic group Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) runs this mission in part from the Parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Video: Xunantunich | West of Belize City | Central America, 2min.
Xunantunich (pronounced /unantunit/) is an Ancient Maya archaeological site in western Belize, about 80 miles (130 km) west of Belize City, in the Cayo District. Xunantunich is located atop a ridge above the Mopan River, well within sight of the Guatemala border – which is a mere 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the west. Xunantunich’s name means "Stone Woman" in the Maya language (Mopan and Yucatec combination name), and, like many names given to Maya archaeological sites, is a modern name; the ancient name is currently unknown. The "Stone Woman" refers to the ghost of a woman claimed by several people to inhabit the site, beginning in 1892. She is dressed completely in white, and has fire-red glowing eyes. She generally appears in front of "El Castillo", ascends the stone stairs, and disappears into a stone wall.

Video: 21st Independence day in Orange Walk Belize, 1min.

Video: Carnival - Orange Walk (September 21, 2014), 75min.

Video: Belize Weather When is the Best Time to Visit, 2min.
If you are thinking of going to Belize, it is best that you acquaint yourself with Belize weather. Also knowing the high and low season in the country, as well as festivals and events is helpful. If are thinking of visiting Belize, you might try to look for the best time to visit this country. However, there really is no fixed answer to this query. This is because it is always a great time to visit Belize, although visitors look for different opportunities when choosing the best vacation time. For instance, there is no exact time of the year for the best scuba diving in Belize, but if you dive with whale sharks, it is ideal to go from March to June.

Video: A Traveler's Guide to Everything in Ambergris Caye Belize, 4min.
The largest of the islands in Belize, Ambergris Caye Belize has so many things to offer its visitors. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your Ambergris Caye Belize vacation. Ambergris Caye Belize is the largest of all the islands of Belize in Central America. This seemingly unknown island is a top destination for Belize tourists from all over the world, with its lack of big hotels and big public transportation giving the island a laidback and relaxed feel. Travel magazines and websites have listed Ambergris Caye as one of the best islands in the world to go to. It offers inexpensive properties a few steps away from the beach, a lively expat community, and vibrant streets.

Video: Belize 2014, 4min.

Video: Ant walk into Lamanai, 2min.
After more than 12 hours jammed in chicken buses, waiting for hours in small towns in North Western Belize and arriving at night with no place to stay in the remote town of Indian Church, population just over 200, I made it on Dec 21 2012, the day the world ends and changes. Exploring at night in the jungle with a giant moon behind me and pyramids before me I arm myself with a flashlight and "balls of steel" and head into Lamani.

Video: Long Live Belize - Roxana Alcoser, 3min.
Belize Independence Day Celebration at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood. SHOW MORE

Video: Belize independence day dance, 3min.
Just a little clip. Of what we do here in Belize

Video: Turneffe Atoll Belize Scuba Dive 9-16-2014, 4min.
Great Dive with Hughey Parkey's group while on Carnival Dream Cruise.

Video: Belize Independence Celebrations, 4min.

Video: Turneffe Atol Belize Scuba Dive 9-16-2014 Dive 2, 4min.
Great Dive with Hughey Parkey's group while on Carnival Dream Cruise.

September 23, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The search is on to find The Queen’s Young Leaders of Belize
Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Henry of Wales have launched a search to find exceptional young people from Belize and across the Commonwealth who will receive an award from Her Majesty The Queen. As part of The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, young people between the age of 18 and 29 from all backgrounds and all Commonwealth countries are to be rewarded for their achievements in transforming their own lives and those around them and supported to go further.

Crocodile health on Ambergris Caye is alarming says initial research findings
“Our mission in Belize is to determine how the development and pollution have an impact on crocodilians. So we are doing some fishing and crabbing in some areas to see what crocodiles are feeding on. We are collecting parasites from them and we are trying to understand if, in the more polluted areas whether the fish, crab and crocodiles have higher levels of heavy metal concentration in their bodies. We also want to see if they have any parasites in their bodies,” explained Tellez. But why is finding parasites inside the body of animals important for the biologists? Tellez explained that parasites are good scientific indicators of a healthy environment. “Not all parasites are bad, and they are important for the environment. They help to keep the ecosystem and the environment healthy. They help in the regulation of the population of fish and crab. When you see parasites in certain fish and crabs, it just means they are living in a healthy environment. The minute you don’t see parasites, that means the environment is starting to die. The same goes for crocodiles. Scientifically, crocodiles are known as the ecological landscapers and a lot of animals depend on crocodiles for spawning and for the regulation of the environment. Crocodiles help keep the fish populations healthy and that is why populations in Africa and India actually like crocodiles in their environment.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Unity Alliance: Independence Day Message
Each year the September Celebrations is given a rather impressive theme and 2014 is no exception. The words “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize” are not only appealing, they are also revealing in that they offer a viewpoint on viability, mentality and consciousness of that which makes up the nation of Belize…our people. On the momentous day of 21st September 1981, an independent Belize was introduced to the world, and all who mattered recognised us as a sovereign member of the international community, with our borders intact. Much has happened over the past 33 years, some good, some bad; yet one constant persists, that of change. The nation of Belize has witnessed varying degrees of change and when you ask Belizeans what change has meant to them, you will get a whole raft of differing answers.

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. We continue to go to mechanics to pull teeth All psycho socio economic problems have a root Yet you all expect politicians to tell you the truth When the biggest criminals wear jackets, ties and fancy suits If you intend to tackle a problem you have to go to the root They can’t get convictions at the same time they are reaping the fruits The press conference was just another promise to calm the troops The bloated contracts are not bringing in enough loot Why do we even have a national university? Why isn’t our crime problem apart of its national study? Does our approach to crime have any scientific methodology?

Belmopan People: Lost dog..... looking for her owner, probably lost during the fireworks... Now at Belmopan Humane Society
Ok, so who in Bmp is missing this little sweetie. she is definitely someone's pet and pretty freaked out being on the street. was found at the bus station. could have escaped when we had those fireworks the other night. Please check with your neighbours and have anyone who has info call 602 7947 Lilly

Retire Among Friends in a Tropical Paradise for $1,500 a Month
Corozal, on the northern edge of Belize, might just be the perfect retirement destination. It’s certainly captured the hearts of the 1,000 or so North American expats who call it home.


Swift Police Response Leads To Robbers Arrest
Swift police work led them to the arrest of one man in connection to a robbery that took place last night. Nineteen year old William Tuyub, a cashier of San Estevan Street in Orange Walk Town, reported to authorities that about nine fifteen last night he was at his job at RW Electronics located at the corner of Cinderella and Fonseca Streets in Orange Walk when a male person, who had his face covered with a blue rag, entered the building armed with a knife. The individual reportedly pointed it at the complainant and demanded money.

Honoring George Price On National Service Day
Today marks three years since the Father of The Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed and September 19th has since been coined National Service Day for his unwavering lifelong commitment to serving the people. The Right Hon. George Price led the nationalist movement and the country to self-government and then to Independence on September 21st, 1981. He is considered the Father of the Nation and National Hero and is the Leader Emeritus of the People’s United Party. His life was dedicated to service to country, Reporter Maria Novelo revisits his legacy in the following report. George Cadle Price – the first Prime Minister of Belize was a man who was well-known and loved by all Belizeans. Mr. Price’s selfless service to our country during his entire adult life is unparalleled. He gave of himself with dedication and devotion to duty, to God and Country. Because of his determination we are today an independent nation. Belize is respected and recognized regionally and internationally because of the vision of George Cadle Price, who understood that we as a people deserve to chart our own destiny. All Belizeans value his great work and honour his contribution the work of the peaceful, constructive, new, progressive and Belizean revolution.

Remembering The Father Of The Nation
On Sunday September 21st Belize will be celebrating 33 years of sovereignty obtained in 1981. Back then the Union Jack was lowered at the stroke of midnight and the Belizean Flag for the first time flew proudly in the air. Belize had obtained its Independence without fighting a war. The country’s liberation was secured by the Father of the Nation the Right Honorable George Cadle. Of course there were others who were instrumental in the movement towards self-government but the man would later become known as the Father of the Nation was at the helms holding the reins very step of the way. And just as how he was able to talk his way into obtaining our Independence, George Cadle Price faced the foreign press after his fight against colonialism ended. Journalist “Are you using British Military presence because you can’t get the United States?” George Price, Premier of Belize “Well, up to now, it has been the responsibility of the British to maintain a presence here and they have done so and will remain after Independence for an appropriate time.”

O/W Police To Remain On High Alert For September Festivities
The highly anticipated Independence Day weekend is finally afoot in northern Belize. Residents are looking forward to a good time spent with friends and family and there are surely hundreds of visitors expected to be in Orange Walk for the event as well. But with the excitement comes uncertainty as the fear of crime and even death lingers in everyone’s mind. Safety is a concern and today we contacted the Orange Walk Police Formation to find out more about the measure they are taking for the festive weekend. Inspector Selvyn Tillett told us more about these. Selvyn Tillett- Second In Command Orange Walk Police “The police will be gearing up for the 21st we will enforce our patrols by foot and mobile. I am asking the public to ensure that when the leave their homes it is properly secured and to inform neighbors that they are away. We are asking anyone that sees someone suspicious to inform the police immediately. We will be on high alert since we expect people from out districts to come here especially from Belize City.”

Children's Rally A Huge Success
It is one of the biggest parades in Orange Walk each year and this year the children’s parade did not fail to impress. The annual event is held in September as part of the month’s festivities leading up to Independence Day. Our news team was out at the center of town to capture the energy this year. Here’s a look at what it was like. The Queen Victoria Avenue in front of Town Hall was buzzing with music, drumming, and above all the chattering of gleeful students, big and small. It was that time of the year when thousands of school children gather to pay tribute to the place they call home and the timing couldn’t be more fitting says Education Center Manager Carla Alvarez.

Identity Of Man Found Dead Still Unknown
Last night we told you about an alleged hit and run accident that occurred sometime yesterday afternoon and claimed the life of one man. When we left you, police were still trying to determine the victim’s identity and today there is no change in that since the deceased has still not been positively identified. As we reported, acting upon information received of the body of man seen lying on the San Lorenzo Road in Orange Walk, police personnel visited the area where they found the lifeless body of a Creole male person in his late 50’s lying face up on the left hand side of the road.

Students Recuperate From Traffic Accident
Yesterday we reported on the traffic mishap in the Village of Santa Clara in the Corozal District that left two students from the San Roman/Santa Clara RC School suffering from several injuries. The girls, six and four years old, were knocked down by a passing trailer truck loaded with cement while standing on the left hand side of the road waiting to cross the street and head on to school after their lunch break. Today we can tell you that both students have been released from the Corozal Community Hospital and are back at home recuperating from their injuries and from the frightful ordeal.

Robbery Gone Bad In O/W, Chines Businessman Kills Robber
Amid the hustle and bustle of mid-afternoon traffic, an armed robbery went horribly wrong for one of the culprits as he was shot dead shortly after exiting the store they targeted. Details are sketchy but authorities say that around 3:00pm, two men riding separate bicycles, one of Creole Decent and the second of Hispanic Decent, entered Hung Yun Store located on Otro Benque Road, right in front of the Northern Regional Hospital and pretended as if they were shopping. But shopping was the last thing on their mind because their plan was to rob the establishment. Reports are that during the robbery at least two customers were inside.

The Reporter

Venezuela to address high murder rate
Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan President, says he will address his country’s high murder rate by disarming civilians of guns. Maduro said his government would invest US $47 millon and create 60 new disarmament centres. According to United Nations figures, Venezuela has the second highest murder rate in the world after Honduras. Most of the murders in Venezuela are committed using firearms. UN figures suggest there were 53.7 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in 2012, compared to 90.4 in Honduras. The figure was up from 47.8 the previous year.

“Connecting Homes, Improving Lives”
One thousand families in 40 rural communities that did not have electricity will now be able to access this important commodity through a tripartite venture among the European Union (EU), the Government of Belize (GOB) and the Belize Electricty Limited (BEL). When the agreement was first initiated in 2011 it was for the electrification of the 40 rural communities, but more than half of the residents could not afford the cost of connecting to the system, which required installing a service entrance, which is basic infrastructure required for proper connection, which costs between $800 and $1,200. The EU approved that the remaining funds from the electrification project be used to install up to 850 service entrances with BEL financing another additional 150. The project which goes by the name “Connecting Homes, Improving Lives” was launched on Thursday in Camalote Village, Cayo at the residence of Mark Andrews and his family of ten.

Patrick JonesPJ

Prime Minister outlines national development agenda
rime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, on Sunday trotted out various economic statistics to make the argument that in four key sectors of national development, Belize is ahead of the curve. The Prime Minister, in his Independence Day address to the nation, cited four “pillars of national development”: a strong economy, an aggressive infrastructure plan, social development and transformation and promotion of patriotism and national pride. For the first, the Prime Minister compared key statistics to the numbers in 2005 – the mid-point of the second administration of Prime Minister Said Musa. The national deficit is lower, as is inflation; national reserves and capital spending have been doubled, and the Government is able to pay for its works without having to increase taxes as external debt has been reduced with the launch of the renegotiated “Superbond”. Interest rate at the various financial institutions is down, particularly since the launch of the National Bank. In December of 2014, the Government will pay out approximately $3 million in interest on home mortgage loans with a value of $100,000 and above as one of its “annual relief” efforts which have focused on forgiving outstanding loans.

CREWS monitoring equipment to address climate change
The Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) is designed to measure key data and monitor conditions of coral reefs on a real-time basis. Developed by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it has been adopted by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) as a centerpiece of the effort to obtain reliable data as a basis for strategies for fighting climate change. Today, one of five such stations sponsored by the European Union (EU) as part of its Global Climate Change Alliance Caribbean Support Project was handed over to the Government of Belize and specifically the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development for its continued usage.


San Pedro JUMPS UP For Belize’s 33rd Birthday Independence Day PARADE, Part One
I think I can make it official. September 21st, Belize’s Independence Day, is my favorite holiday of the year. I so love a parade – and when you know at least half the paraders (all having the time of their lives), the parade is extra fun, extra special. (Though I’m wondering if the Platypus taped into his costume could say the same.) Belize City may have a bigger parade, Orange Walk might have “the best” – but San Pedro’s parade is my very favorite. And I hope I never miss it. This year the parade was a bit shorter this year – some of the usuals like Big Daddy’s, Marina’s Store, Atlantic Bank – were absent. (Here are the posts from 2013 – Part One and Part Two). And no kids marching band/drum corp. Rumor was that the schools were NOT allowed to participate due to alcohol being served/consumed during the parade. Nice idea – but In San Pedro? I think the jig is up.

Billy Webster Investigation Report
This was sent in to us anonymously via email and asking that we share it so others can know that the Belize Police refuse to do their jobs. Back in 2012 Canadian National William L Webster aka Billy Webster, was found dead in his home in Santa Elena, Belize police ruled the case suicide and have refused to re-open the case despite numerous requests from William’s wife and an independent investigation that shows that Billy did not and could not have committed suicide. Conclusion (1) Given all of the circumstances that surround this matter, the crime scene photographs, the reconstructions of the scene based on witness testimony, the police report, and statements of all concerned, as well as the medical examiners own report, which clearly states, (The particulars that I have been able to ascertain by inquiry and external examination of the body being insufficient to enable to determine for legal purposes the cause of death) Doc 15) there is overwhelming evidence that William L. (Billy) Webster did not and could not have committed suicide.

Meat Empanadas
Empanadas are made all over Latin America and the Caribbean. In Belize they made with corn masa, but in Puerto Rico and certain other countries they are made using a dough made from flour. This dish spicy, satisfying and addictive.

Eco Lodges in Belize
From luxury to budget-friendly, three great eco-lodges in Belize, including Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge, Mountain Equestrian Trails, and Banana Bank Lodge.

The September 21, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Murder In Duck Run 3:
    San Ignacio police are investigating a murder that occurred in the mainly Hispanic village of Duck Run 3 in the Cayo District. On Sunday, September 14, Police were called out to Duck Run 3 where they found the body of Hispanic man with chop wounds to the neck. The victim was identified by the wife as that of her husband Pedro Ariel Diaz Guien, 24, Guatemalan laborer residing in Duck Run 3. The body was transported to the San Ignacio hospital where it was officially pronounced dead by the medical officer on duty. In the process of the investigation five male persons were detained for questioning which ultimately led to the arrest of Luvin Ernesto Peres, 26, Belizean laborer also residing in Duck Run 3.
  • Man And Boy Facing Burglary Charge:
    A thirty seven year old man and a fifteen year old boy are today in jail on a burglary charge. At around 4:50 pm on Tuesday, September 16, Onesimo Chi Jr., 34, Belizean mason of an Alta Vista Street address in San Ignacio, visited the police station where he filed a burglary report. Chi told the police that at around 7:30 am he properly secured his house and left for the day. When he returned later that day, he reportedly heard strange noises inside the house. He allegedly saw a pair of unfamiliar blue slippers in the hallway leading to the living room.
  • Editorial: The Swift and Decisive VS The Slow and Lame:
    Major violence occurred on the mean streets of Belize City on Wednesday night. Eight persons were shot with three fatalities. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in his usual prompt manner, immediately began to get things moving. In less than 24 hours he had met with the police high command to find out what they have done, what they are doing and what they intended to do to immediately nip this one in the bud. In the prompt meeting with the police high command, Prime Minister Barrow offered suggestions and financial assistance to law enforcement officials to get on immediately with addressing this scourge. This is what a true leader does. This is the taking of prompt and decisive action. The ball is now in the court of law enforcement professionals. The political will to address this matter is as solid as a rock.
  • Salvadoran Man Planting Weed:
    Unable to forthwith pay imposed court fines a Salvadoran farmer was sent to jail on two drug related charges. It is reported that at around 4:30 pm on Monday, September 15, acting upon information received, police visited the Los Tambos residence of Juan Antonio Leon, 30, Salvadoran farmer and Olga Ofelia Sermeno, 35, Belizean domestic both residing at the same address. A search of the house was conducted leading to the discovery of a white plastic bag containing suspected cannabis seeds. The search, extended to the yard, resulting in the discovery of a transparent plastic bag which contained several small plants ranging from one to two inches in height, suspected to be marijuana seedlings.
  • Brazil Armed Robbers Seize Rio Archbishop's Crucifix:
    The archbishop of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has had his crucifix and ring stolen in an armed robbery. Cardinal Dom Orani Tempesta was on his way to an engagement in the city when his car was ambushed by three men. One of the robbers, who pointed a gun at the cardinal, realised who he was and apologised, an aide said. However, the gang continued with the crime only holding back from taking his vehicle as well. The cardinal's items were later recovered. No-one was hurt in the incident, which happened on Monday evening in the Santa Teresa district of the city.
  • Violence Against Women:
    The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow wishes to highlight the fact that violence against women in the family, workplace, community and society in general, is unacceptable and a gross violation of human rights. Violence whether occurring in the home or in the community, instils fear and insecurity in women, often leading them not to report or to withdraw reports. Mrs. Simplis Barrow encourages both women and men to report acts of violence and follow through with legal proceedings; stressing that fear, social pressures and shame should not be a deterrent to seeking help. The Domestic Violence Act is there to provide protection and the Police Department has an obligation to respond to all reports of domestic violence regardless of the perpetrator.
  • Karate Bronze Medal-Codicader Games 2014:
    The Belize Karate Federation would like to extend its congratulations to Mr. Ceasar Dyk on his stella performance at the CODICADER Games held in Guatemala on September 3-7, 2014. Mister Dyck fought his heart out against Costa Rican Champion, Daniel Alfaro to secure a bronze medal for Belize at a score of 4 points -1 point. Even though Mr Dyck was the sole karate athlete representing Belize, the auditorium roared with support from the Panamanian and Salvadoran fans. The under 76 kilograms category was was won by Guatemalan, Javier Morales, who defeated the sub-champion Nicaraguan, Andres Abrahan.
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International Sourcesizz

OAS anti-corruption mechanism releases report on Belize
The Committee of Experts of the Follow-up Mechanism for the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC) of the Organization of American States (OAS) adopted the Belize report on the implementation of this treaty in the framework of the fourth round of review of the mechanism, during its 24th meeting held at the headquarters of the hemispheric institution in Washington, DC. The report on Belize provides a comprehensive review of structure, operation and results achieved by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG), the Office of the Services Commissions (OSC), the Ministry of the Public Service (MPS), and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), four of the main oversight bodies responsible for preventing, detecting and punishing corruption in that state.

Belize brokers arrested after 2-year FBI stock manipulation probe
After an almost two year investigation into offshore stock entities in Belize, things moved quickly on Sept. 9. The indictment in Brooklyn was unsealed and at 11:45 a.m. Robert Bandfield was arrested in Miami on stock fraud charges. By 1 p.m., FBI agents and Belize police were on the fourth floor of the Matalon Building in Belize City searching the offices of Titan International Securities Inc., IPC Management Services LLC and Legacy Global Markets SA, seizing computers and file boxes. The operation went well into the night. At the same time, U.S. law enforcement officials were executing a search approved by Belize government officials of Unicorn International Securities LLC on Coney Drive, not far from the Matalon. The indictment charged Bandfield, Andrew Godfrey, Kelvin Leach, Rohn Knowles, Brian De Wit, Cem Can, IPC, Titan, Legacy and Unicorn with orchestrating an offshore operation that hid assets and the identities of investors, perpetrated securities fraud and money laundering and aided in tax evasion. All of the named defendants are residents of Belize City. De Wit and Can are Canadian nationals. Leach and Knowles are natives of the Bahamas. Bandfield is originally from the U.S. and Godfrey is a Belize native.

Passion for artisan baking on the rise
Students in Vancouver Island University's baking and pastry department will travel to a baking field school in Belize to broaden their knowledge and skills The passion for artisan food is palpable these days at Vancouver Island University's baking and pastry department, where instructors are preparing for a series of international educational adventures. Next month, baking instructor and department chairman Martin Barnett goes on a professional development sabbatical that will take him on a European journey from a slow food symposium in Italy to a trade showcase of the best in cutting-edge baking technology. Preparations are also underway for a baking field school to Belize with instructor Ken Harper, who travelled to the region in June, where students will discover first-hand the origins of common ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon, cacao, nutmeg, cloves, cardamon and coffee.

Mexico President Says He’s Against Legal Marijuana Sales
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said that he’s against the legalization of marijuana as Latin American leaders debate drug policies, saying it would open the door to increased harm from narcotics. The Western hemisphere needs a broad debate regarding the legality of marijuana, Pena Nieto said in a television interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. Cannabis is legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado and allowed for medicinal purposes in 23 U.S. states and the nation’s capital. Uruguay last year legalized marijuana sales. “I personally am against the legalization,” the 48-year-old president said. Legalizing marijuana would be “opening the door to a large intrusion of drugs that is very damaging to the population.”


Video: Independence Day Service from Open Door Believers Chapel, 68min.
Happy Independence Belize, Open Door Style!!! Gordon "Dickie" Soutar encourages his listeners to be courageous and bold as Belizeans of old.

Video: Fun day in Orange Walk,Belize, 4min.

Video: 21ST Independence day Belize celebration in Orange Walk, 2min.

Video: Good Shepherd Clinic, Belize, 11min.

Video: The Belize Emergency Response Team, 9min.

Video: The Belize Central Prison & the Kolbe Foundation, 6min.

Video: Bacab Adventure & Eco Park | Belize City | Central of America, 2min.
Part nature preserve, part theme park, Bacab claims to offer 'Something for Everyone' – which is no idle boast. The place is set on more than 500 acres of delicious jungle, through which wind hiking trails and waterways. A nature hike will likely reward observers with a glimpse of resident howler monkeys or multiple bird sightings. But adventurers might wish to explore the reserve on horseback (best scheduled a day in advance), by kayak or even by mountain bike . The place is perfect for families as it offers a plethora of 'safer' activities, including a huge swimming pool with a waterfall. More than 25 native butterfly species inhabit the Wild Wings Butterfly House , while a congregation of rescued crocodiles has laid claim to their own private watering hole. While this place was established with the cruise-ship tourist in mind – days when the ships aren't in (schedules change all the time; call the front desk to find out) are absolutely serene. The staff is warm and friendly and service absolutely top notch.

Video: Why Ambergris Caye is the Best Island to Retire In, 2min.
The largest and most popular island in Belize, Ambergris Caye has so many things to offer to retirees, including a watery wonderland, a lively town, and American-style amenities. Ambergris Caye, the largest of the 200 plus islands of Belize, remains the most populated and most popular caye in the country. Although part of the Central American country of Belize, it is more often compared to other popular Caribbean islands. Once a sleep fishing town, it morphed into a divers’ mecca in the 1960s because of the proximity of the spectacular barrier reef, located on half a mile offshore and visible from the eastern beaches.

Video: 7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel to Belize, 2min.
If you are planning for a vacation, travel to Belize. There are so many amazing things about Belize country, and should be a good reason to go to Belize. If you are in the planning phase for a vacation, travel to Belize. Belize is situated in Central America, between Guatemala and Mexico and offers an abundance of pristine beaches, rich sea life, humble people and fresh air. A Belize vacation gives you a chance to be away from the usual hustle and bustle of life and spend adventurous and pleasurable time with family. There are great many amazing things about Belize.

Video: Belize Zoo | West of Belize City | Central America, 2min.
The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is a zoo in Belize, located some 29 miles (47 km) west of Belize City on the Western Highway. Set in 29 acres (12 ha), the zoo was founded in 1983 by Sharon Matola. It is home to more than 125 animals of about 48 species, all native to Belize. The natural environment of Belize is left entirely intact within the zoo. The dense, natural vegetation is separated only by gravel trails through the forest. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center receives almost 15,000 school children every year. The Belize Zoo focuses on educating visitors about the wildlife of Belize through encountering the animals in their natural habitat. The aim is to instill appreciation and pride, and a desire to protect and conserve Belize's natural resources. The Zoo was the recipient of Belize Tourism Board's 9th National Tourism Award, "Educational Award of the Year" in 2009.

Video: Belize to Xela Sept 2014 part 3, 38min.
The road trip back after my time in Belize. Join me on my way back from Belize going to Xela, Guatemala.

Video: Belize to Xela Sept 2014 part 4, 40min.
This is where I had the run-in with the Union thugs. The road trip back after my time in Belize. Join me on my way back from Belize going to Xela, Guatemala.

Video: Belize Jungle Zip Lining, 3min.
Your quest for the perfect mix of adventure and knowledge starts here in the heart of the Belizean jungle. Be one with nature and the most sacred elements of the ancient Maya …whose underworld of ceremonial caves and the canopies of ancient trees were used to send offerings up to their gods. This journey will be filled with interesting facts about Belizean culture history and geology as you drive through savannas and quaint villages to reach your hidden destination. There your skilled high angle guides will fit you with your harness and give you a safety briefing before you start your tour.

Video: Crystal Caves Belize Day Tours, 5min.
Be prepared to be “wowed” by this adventure that puts you up close and personal with the unique phenomenon of crystal caves. After donning your life vest, helmet and head lamp, you begin your short hike; tube in hand, to the secluded entrance of one of the intriguing Caves Branch Caves. Your journey begins as you float into a chamber where high ceilings and a stalactite lined wall give the feeling of a Cathedral and its mighty pipe organ welcoming you into a sacred place.

Video: San Pedro Belize To Tikal Day Tours, 6min.

September 22, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Independence Parade is winding down
After hours of dancing in the streets! A great parade as usual, well done San Pedro!

More fun at the parade!

Wolve’s Woofer: The Inheritance
“Dennis, do you mind if I join you?” “John?” I said. “Is it really you? You haven’t been down to Belize for at least three years. Where have you been?” I was sitting at a table on the deck of the Holiday Hotel sipping my coffee and reading my book when John came up. “Pull up a chair,” I told him. “Catch me up on life in the U.S.” “I’ve been through a hard time in the last couple of years,” he said. “A hard time? As rich as you are you shouldn’t be going through any hard times. I know you don’t have to work.” [...]

Letter to the Editor: Use of local Languages in public space
Please allow me to publicly express support to the use of Garifuna and other local languages in public spaces. Above all, right now, kwik, fast and hurry—APOLOGIZE! Yes, you, First Caribbean Bank … you who have, admittedly, sponsored numbers of Kriol, Garifuna, and other local cultural functions in the 17 or so territories you operate in. But that just does not matter anymore. Why did you allow this linguistic hurricane to bubble and boil from what, perhaps up until your reaction you could have handled with far more sensitivity, humility, and, well, just good manners, man! You see, me, Silvaana Maree Udz (nee Woods), avid radio, newspaper, and local TV news viewer, can only critically respond to media reports, as I was not in Ms. Martinez’s shoes when you—First Caribbean Bank—were threading upon her dignity as a human being and when you were mashing up her right—her inalienable, fundamental, constitutional right—to use her language in public spaces. At the very, very least, publicly apologize to Ms. Martinez, to the Garifuna community, and to ALL Belizeans. Whether or not you feel culpable, or whether or not you feel protected by your own self-acclaimed inadequately-defined language policy, the reality is you have, whether advertently or not, hurt us. Not just “us” as your Belizean clients, but “us” as your Caribbean folk.

Ambergris Today

Independence Day Parade in San Pedro
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye knows how to celebrate Belize's Independence Day. Super hyped up parade!!! Celebration continues.

Perfect way to kick off Belize's Independence Day
Island sailors participating in Bart' Dash, worlds largest sailing event and Guinness Book of World Record attempt.

Happy Birthday Belize!
Happy Birthday Belize! Wishing everybody a festive day of patriotic celebrations- Pictured here are Miss San Pedro, Michelle Estrella Nunez and town officials celebrating along with island residents on the eve of Independence Day at Central Park.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Prime Minister's 2014 Independence Day Speech Once more we come together to hymn our country in this most important of national rituals: the celebration of the anniversary of Belize's independence. This year the huzzahs and the hosannas, the alleluias and the amens, are anchored by the theme "Industrious Minds, Intelligent Hands, Together for Belize". Well, it is indubitable, as we begin the thirty fourth stanza of our existence as a nation, that this is a land peopled by industrious minds and intelligent hands. But that "together for Belize" might give the dispassionate observer some pause for thought. If it is merely aspirational, a plea, then we are ok. But if it is stated as accomplished fact, some might beg to differ. And there are several things such contrarians might offer in evidence. Certainly, the often fractious nature of engagement in our public square would be one. The bewailment of an assortment of activists and local Jeremiahs, is a daily staple. And the picture their Lamentations might convey to the uninformed is the obverse of the togetherness this year's theme is either describing or mandating.

The Reporter

Traffic accident reported near Burrell Boom
details coming soon

Orange Walk carnival ends in accidental death
The Reporter has learned that a person has died during an accident in the Orange Walk Town carnival on Saturday. The incident happened just before 6 p.m. and sketchy information indicate that the victim fell off a trailer truck and was run over by a vehicle immediately behind in the parade.

Independence day parade ends in several people suffering injuries in attack
Unconfirmed reports are that several persons were injured after they came under attack during the Independence Day parade in Belize City. The Weekend Reporter Online understands that when the parade reached North Front Street near its junction with Victoria Street some people suffered injuries from pint bottles and rocks hurled at them, reportedly by people who were on top of a building.

Police say robber who was shot dead in armed robbery was ex-policeman
Leslie Logan, Jr., a former police constable, was shot dead at around 2:45 p.m. on Friday, just after he allegedly robbed a store in Orange Walk Town. Orange Walk police say that Logan was the man who robbed Hung Yun Supermarket in front of the Northern Regional Hospital. Logan was reportedly one of two men who entered the store. One of the robbers who was armed with a gun held up the store attendant and stole money from the cash register, then handed it to his partner, who ran off. The gunman, however, was not so lucky. He was shot in his right side below his armpit as he tried to escape. The shooter, police say was the store’s proprietor.

Countrywide power outage
A countrywide power outage on Independence Eve took roughly two hours before it was restored. The power outage was reportedly caused by a break in supply from Comercial Federal Electricidad, Belize’s main provider of energy in Mexico.

Man murdered in Belize City
Glenmore Stevens, 38, was reportedly shot dead on Saturday night in Belize City. The incident happened near the Charles Bartlet Hyde Building in the Lake Independence area and reports are that Stevens was shot in the head. Police have not yet released and details of the incident.

Prime Minister announces cheaper internet rates

US security forces step up security at White House following two breaches
Following two security breaches in 24 hours, the US Secret Service says it has stepped up security at the White House and begun a “comprehensive review” of procedures. The more serious incident saw a man wielding a knife enter the building on Friday, prompting a partial evacuation. US President, Barack Obama was not present at the time of the incident. The following day, another man drove up to a security gate. Both men have since been arrested. President Obama said he still had “full confidence” in the Secret Service, which is tasked with protecting senior American officials and visiting leaders.

Patrick JonesPJ

Belize celebrates 33rd anniversary of Independence
The nation of Belize welcomed its 33rd anniversary of Independence with a renewed focus on national unity and development, though as always there were differing views on display at Independence Plaza below the National Assembly on this Sunday morning. In his final address in that capacity, Mayor of the national capital, Simeon Lopez, welcomed visitors to a city that had grown “by leaps and bounds” from its original plan when designed in the 1960’s as a replacement for Belize City. Belmopan, said Mayor Lopez, as do all municipalities, must be prepared to establish its growth in the next 30 years through formal planning and expressed his hope that the incoming administration would continue that growth agenda. Co-Chair of the National Celebrations Commission, Diane Haylock, who stood in for Minister of Tourism and Culture Manuel Heredia, Jr., challenged those present to look within themselves, as called on in the national theme “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize” to be agents of change.

Man crushed to death during Orange Walk carnival
The Carnival parade in Orange Walk town ended in tragedy this evening when a man was crushed to death by a truck. According to reports from Orange Walk, the tragic incident happened on Dunn Street. The name of the victim has not yet been confirmed; but multiple sources say that the man was in the process of reaching for something that was being handed to him from the truck when the unfortunate incident happened. Reports are that the man jumped to try and get what was being handed to him, and then he slipped and fell, right into the path of the truck’s wheels which crushed him from head to toe. The body has been taken to the morgue at the Northern Regional Hospital. Police have since taken the driver of the truck into custody pending investigations.

Malfunctioning reactor in Mexico plunges Belize into darkness
The nation of Belize was plunged into blackout on Saturday night, just hours shy of celebrating the 33rd anniversary of Independence. At 8:18 pm on Saturday, Belize’s supply of electricity from Mexico went down when there was “a system trip” on the 230 kV line. A brief statement from the state-owned Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), said that the company relied on local generation sources to restore power to some of its customers. Just under an hour after the blackout hit, BEL was able to restore the supply of electricity to the Stann Creek and Toledo districts by tapping into the Blair Athol Power Company Limited’s supply.


Bart’s Bash Sail on Ambergris Caye Helps to (Hopefully) Beat A Guinness World Record
TODAY, September 21st – also coincidentally Belize’s Independence Day – was the first Bart’s Bash. A huge global sailing race and fundraiser in the name of Andrew “Bart” Simpson – a professional sailor who lost his life while sailing in preparation for the America’s Cup. Sailing clubs and teams from around the world, raising money, celebrating sailing and trying to break a Guinness World Record. “The Largest Sailing Race in 24 Hours (Multiple Venues)” Guinness World Record attempt. Witnesses, stewards, official videos and photos must be sent. This is the real deal. And the coolest part? One of our clubs here in San Pedro, Belize (don’t even ask why there is more than one)…as well as the clubs in Corozal and Belize City…are participating.

“Freedom” – Independence Day Parade in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
When I went out earlier this morning to witness the San Pedro Sailing Club’s involvement in an attempt (I’m sure it will be successful) to set a Guinness World Record I thought that my account of the event would be my one edition of the day. I mean I’m getting older. The stamina is starting to wane. And is the appetite still there? By the time I got home from Bart’s Bash at around 12.30 hours I was feeing slightly tired. I’d been out since before 07.00 hours (and this after watching the firework display the previous evening !) and had “knocked out” an edition (the first to “hit” the Internet – I think). Oh, and I’d drunk four Belikins. Regular if you need to know. But you can’t keep an old dog down and Ziggy (OK he’s a young dog) as a Belizean was insistent that we went to watch the San Pedro Independence Day Parade. So we did. We positioned ourselves in Angel Coral Street (back street) around 13.10 hours (yes I know the parade was scheduled to start at one but this is Belize and …) and sat there and waited patiently. We chose Angel Coral Street because it’s fairly early on in the parade and the participants are fresh and lively. Oh, and you can get some fairly good photos (but I’ll let you be the judge of that).

“Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own” – Bart’s Bash in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Bart’s Bash, I now know, is a global sailing and fund raising event set up by The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to join together sailors across the world to set a Guinness World Record and, more importantly, raise money for charity. For those of you not aware, Andrew “Bart” (nicknamed after THE Simpsons’ character) Simpson, MBE was an English sailor who won a gold medal for Great Britain in the Star class in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was tragically cut down in his prime at only thirty-seven years of age when the catamaran he was training on for the America’s Cup capsized. So what’s this got to do with San Pedro you’re thinking. Well, quite a lot actually because the San Pedro Sailing Club was one of the 754 clubs from 65 countries around the world taking part in this momentous event today.

Maya Culture in Belize
The earliest record known of Maya culture in Belize was back in 2500 BC when they inhabited the area now called Cuello in northern Belize. The peak of Maya civilization was during the Classic Period, which extended from AD 250 to AD 1000. Shortly after this, many Maya societies declined because of a variety of reasons, including disease, soil exhaustion or peasants revolting and massacring priests. Many Maya were living in Belize when the Spanish and the British came in the 16th and 17th centuries. Defeated by the British in 1867 and 1872, they later became integrated into the Belizean society as dispossessed and dependent people. Today, there are only a few Maya who are direct descendants of those ancient people. There are presently three groups of Maya living in various areas of Belize: Yucatec Maya in Corozal and Orange Walk, Mopan Maya in San Antonio, Toledo, and Kekchi Maya in 8 villages in the Toledo District. Although the Maya language group includes 20 diverse dialects, the Maya in the north speak Yucateco, while those in the Toledo District speak Mopanero and Kekchi.

International Sourcesizz

Belize reiterates support for struggle of Saharawi people to self-determination
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize, Wilfred Peter Erlington, reiterated his country's support to the struggle of the Saharawi people to self-determination, indicated a Sahrawi diplomatic sources in Nicaragua. The Foreign Minister of Belize, speaking on the occasion of the celebration of the XXXIII anniversary of independence of Belize in the presence of the Saharawi Ambassador in Nicaragua, Suleiman Hennan Tayeb, expressed the willingness of his Government to strengthen bilateral relations with the SADR. For his part, the Saharawi diplomat conveyed the congratulations of President Mohamed Abdelaziz and the Saharawi Government to the Government of Belize, wishing peace and prosperity for the people of Belize.

Liftend naar een peacefull stukje Belize
Soms kom je door allerlei toevalligheden op een plek terecht die je altijd bij zal blijven. En één daarvan is Hopkins in Belize. Veel onbekender dan het eiland Caye Caulker en ook niet zo gemakkelijk bereikbaar, maar zeker de moeite waard om een paar dagen door te brengen. Met een bus van Belmopan naar Dangriga kun je de buschauffeur vragen je onderweg richting Hopkins af te zetten. Misschien een beetje gek om ergens in the middle of nowhere langs de weg uit te stappen waar geen ‘officiele’ busstop is, maar in veel landen blijkt dit altijd prima te werken en zo ook in Belize. Vanaf daar is de weg naar Hopkins lang en stoffig en met de brandende zon boven je niet te doen om te voet verder te gaan. Don’t worry, er komen voldoende auto’s en trucks met vriendelijke mensen langs, die je met alle plezier een lift geven.

The Alluring Garifuna Sounds of Aurelio
Guitarist and singer-songwriter Aurelio Martinez is the most significant artist in the current Garifuna music scene. Even though some of the first international Garifuna music releases features artists from Belize, Honduras has the largest Garifuna community in Central America. Aurelio grew up in a traditional Garifuna village on the Caribbean coast of Honduras called Plaplaya. Lándini means landing in Garifuna, the place where small boats disembark by the bank of the river when they come back from the sea. On this new album, Aurelio departs from cross-cultural explorations and returns to his musical roots, with an entirely Garifuna album. It’s a touching tribute to the Garifuna people. “I consider this album to be the sound of my Garifuna people,” says Aurelio. “On the previous album [Laru Beya] we experimented and collaborated with other artists to reconnect what was lost between Africa and America. This album is purely Garifuna, and the entire spirit of the music reflects the Garifuna experience.”


Video: 18th Annual Central American Independence Parade and Festival 2014, 2min.
Commemorating the 193rd anniversary of Central America's independence. Parade from East Tremont Avenue and Southern Boulevard down Boston Road to Charlotte Street and Crotona Park East, followed by festival in Crotona Park between Crotona Avenue and Claremont Parkway

Video: Hasta Alaska - Jungle Life, Belize, 15min.
Talk about off the beaten path...In this episode we follow Eli into the jungle for a day in the life of a local Belizian man....and what an experience it was. We are so glad that we get to share this with you, we hope you like it.

Video: You Betta Belize It, 19min.
Its my first documentary went to the beautiful country of Belize and captured my home church's first mission trip. My weapons of choice are GH4 and C100.


Video: Kate Upton Beach Bunny Swimwear Shoot Sanctuary Belize, 2min.

Video: Belize Dance Festival Latino 2014, 12min.

Video: Belizean Artist Preachaman Live Ina sin, 3min.
Promoting his first CD, the Preachaman made his debut on the big stage at Hollywood Park Casino at the 2014 Belize Interdependence Day celebrations. SHOW MORE

Video: Belize People's Front Independence Message, 11min.
Independence day Message from the Leader of The Belize People's Front, Nefretery Nancy Marin

Video: Mike's thoughts while in Belize Sept 2014, 28min.
I talk about what I've seen and learned as I tour the northern part of Belize.

Video: Belize to Xela Sept 2014 part 1, 46min.
The road trip back ends up with on of the many hazards that can happen when in on the road.

Video: Belize to Xela Sept 2014 part 2, 24min.
Join me on my way back from Belize going to Xela, Guatemala.

Video: Visiting The Land In Tropical Belize, 8min.

Video: San Pedro Belize, 2min.
La chiamano la Isla Bonita, Ambergris Caye , meglio nota come San Pedro, il posto ideale per rilassarsi in Belize e da dove partire per le più belle immersioni del Belize. Ringrazio Portofino Resort

Video: BELIZE Pepe Esteban Infantes, 5min.

September 21, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sun wishes all Belizeans, at home and abroad, a happy Independence Day! (4 photos)

Two problematic crocs removed from Ambergris Caye
The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) removed two problematic crocodiles off Ambergris Caye. The two crocs were taken off the island on September 11th to ACES’ facility in Ladyville Village in the Belize District. The representatives of ACES said that the two female crocs were removed because they were being fed and the reptiles have lost all fear of humans; now associating man with food. According to ACES’ Crocodile conservationist Chris Summers, the two female crocs had an approximate size of nine feet each. “They were in a lagoon behind an ocean side resort where development is going on. There is a restaurant out at the back and the construction workers have been discarding their scraps into the lagoon, which is essentially feeding the crocodiles. It might not be directly feeding them like it used to be with the tourist attraction [at Wasa lagoon], but it’s still indirect feeding.”

“Belize is at War”: Renowned Belizean photographer Tony Rath documents Guatemalan incursion on Chiquibul
Guatemalan incursion into Belizean territory continues inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in the southern portion of the Cayo District and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of stopping it in the near future. The illegal Guatemalans are tearing apart Belize’s pristine forest without any fear for Belize’s authority. It is a national issue that was experienced firsthand by Tony Rath, one of Belize’s most well-known and respected professional photographers. Rath publicized an article on his experience, and it paints a very descriptive encounter of the illegal activities within Belize’s territory. It is an experience that indicates that “Belize is at War, without even knowing it”. According to Rath, he joined a few rangers from the Friends for Conservation and Development into the Chiquibul National Park on a reconnaissance mission for a larger project being planned in the future. But the photographer’s mission gave him the opportunity to experience an encounter between illegal Guatemalans and the small group of seven rangers, who are tasked with guarding 1073 square kilometers of Belizean territory.

The $6 million elephant- GOB’s Sunset boardwalk
Operators of large water taxis have made it a point to register their concern about the lagoon being too shallow for proper access, especially when their larger vessels are filled with passengers. When questioned about the concern of the water taxi operators, Guerrero said that it is something they are looking at. “When it comes to boats with outboard engines, there are no problems. But yes, that is a concern during low tide for the large vessels with inboard engines, because they draw much more water. If we are to apply the ‘no wake zone’ rule, they can make it slowly. The thing is that they like to plane as soon as they leave the dock. However there is a plan to dredge the area so that the larger vessels would be able to access the area without much difficulty,” said Guerrero. The Mayor acknowledged that the water taxi operators also expressed concern about parking their boat in the area at night, an issue which is being discussed.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch September 27, 2014 Cleanup
A National clean up campaign effort organized by the Scouts Association of Belize is scheduled for Saturday, September 27. The Hol Chan Reserve has been asked to coordinate this clean up for Ambergris Caye. SACNW has been asked to participate in this effort starting at the Water Tower and working South ½ to 1 mile covering beach and roadway areas. Volunteers are asked to assemble at the Water Tower at 8am September 27. You will be given data cards to detail the types of trash collected.

BEL Restores Power Supply Following Nationwide Unplanned Power Interruption
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) apologizes for an unplanned power interruption which impacted Independence Eve festivities nationwide on Saturday, September 20, 2014. At 8:18 p.m., Belize’s power supply was interrupted when a system trip occurred on Mexico’s 230kV line, which provides power to Belize. Through the use of local generation sources, BEL commenced restoration of power supply to customers. Most areas in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts were restored at 9:07 p.m. via Blair Athol Power Company Limited (BAPCOL). At 9:38 p.m., Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) reconnected with BEL, which resulted in restoration to the Belize, Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. Power supply was restored to the Cayo District between 9:40 p.m. and 10:13 p.m.

Preparations are being made for the midnight flag raising and 21 gun shot salute. (4 photos)


PUP Leader says Address Root Causes of Crime
Since Wednesday night was a murderous night in Belize City, with three dead and 4 others injured from gunfire, the old Capital has been tense with the ongoing gang wars in the city...

Suspect Detained for Rape in Corozal District
A woman was raped in the Corozal district. A 23 year old Belizean Sales clerk of Corozal district reported that about 7:30pm on Wednesday September 17, she arrived at Carias Bar in Concepcion Village to have some drinks, where she met a male friend from her village...

Catholic Bishop gets injunction to stop concert at one of its schools
Lewd, rude, crude, and demonic are just some of the words used to describe Jamaican artist Alkaline. But someone decided Alkaline would make a great artist to bring into Belize to entertain the country’s most vulnerable and impressionable. A concert featuring the young man, who has tattooed the wh...

Kim Passport in Police Hands
It was announced on September 11th that the Won Hong Kim Passport, key material evidence, according to attorney for the prosecution Kareem Musa, arrived in Belize with the Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse. Elvin Penner was freed of all charges on July 24th earlier this year, due to a lack of evi...

Remembering George Cadle Price
Three years ago , National Hero and, “Father of the Nation” Right Honorable George Price,  died at 92 after failing to recover from a fall at home. On Friday he was fondly remembered by those who knew him best and loved him most – members and supporters of the People’s United Party (PUP), who...

National Service Day Observed
It is not a public and bank holiday, but in the honor and spirit of the late Right Honorable George Price,  September 19 is marked each year as National Service Day...

Outgoing Mayor Looks To The Future
As we reported earlier this week,  Mayor of Belmopan, Simeon Lopez, was on Wednesday morning’s Rise and Shine show,  where he discussed various issues pertaining to Belmopan and to his three terms in office. In that same interview, the Mayor also shared with us what he would like to see come to ...

Senator Godwin Hulse Concedes Senate is a “Rubber Stamp” for Money Bills
It is common knowledge that the Senate has been described time and time again as a “rubber-stamp” with no power or teeth.   In an interview with Senator Godwin Hulse on Friday, he conceded that the Senate lives up to that description specifically as it pertains to money bills.

Thief Dies During Store Robbery in Orange Walk Town
Shots rang out in the vicinity of the Northern Regional Hospital, in Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town. Reports are that minutes before 3:30 Friday evening, the proprietor of, Hung Yun Store, a Chinese shop situated in front of the Hospital, took out his licensed firearm and shot in the direction o...

Police Seek Stepfather after accusation of Carnal Knowledge
A 14-year-old student of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District reported that between the 13th and 23rd August, of this year her stepfather touched her inappropriately, and the following month he had sexual intercourse with her. A medical examination was conducted on the minor, where it was certified ...

Man Dies After Hit and Run
A hit and run accident has been reported in Orange Walk. The incident happened on Thursday, September 19, on the San Lorenzo Road. According to police, the dead body of an unidentified man was found off the road in a cane field...

Belmopan Police Recover Items From Burglary
The Belmopan Police Department is asking the Public’s assistance in identifying the following items:  5 golden necklace, 1 silver necklace, one gold in colour women’s wrist watch, 4 golden clip-on bracelets, 1 silver clip-on bracelet, 4 golden women’s bracelets, and 17 golden rings. Police ma...

Teachers and Children March in Belmopan

On Friday, over two hundred teachers, parents and their children got into the spirit of the September celebrations as they marched half way around the Ring Road in Belmopan...

Winners of Patriotic Video Competition Announced

For the last month, Belizeans had the opportunity to demonstrate their love of country through a social media video competition, organized by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)...

The Reporter

St. Luke’s Methodist partakes in National Service Day activities
In tandem with National Service Day on Friday, St. Luke’s Methodist Primary on Mahogany Street in Belize City held activities that reflected on the day’s purpose. Acting Principal, Delone Fuller told The Reporter that the children engaged in doing activites for others, such as cleaning yards and distributing food. The children, according to Fuller, saved their own money to carry out the good gestures.

The Belize Times

Bold Leadership! – PUP serious about Change & Reform
Today, Hon. Francis Fonseca demonstrated that under his leadership it will not be business as usual for the People’s United Party. At a meeting held this afternoon at Independence Hall, PUP Headquarters, the National Executive supported the Party Leader’s decision to remove Arthur Saldivar as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North division. It was a difficult but decisive and necessary move. No Party would deliberately remove an elected candidate, but in the circumstances that Saldivar finds himself, it was prudent to act. Saldivar has come under heavy public scrutiny over multiple allegations of wrongdoing. These allegations involve Saldivar and clients he has represented or persons involved in legal matters with him. The public, tired of the blatant and multiple acts of cover up of corrupt act after corrupt act under the current UDP Government, is holding the Opposition PUP to higher standards.

Belize’s Independence – 33 years after
As Belize prepares to celebrate its Independence, a little reflection and retrospection might be in order. This Sunday September 21st, we celebrate as a nation, the 33rd anniversary of this momentous milestone. There were many who believed, and probably some who still do, that Belize was not ready for Independence in 1981. Many were the predictions and forebodings of dark days and doom as a result of the bold step into self determination. The visionary statesman who we acknowledge as the Father of our Nation was not deterred however, and 33 years later Belize is still standing. Quite a few left because they were sure that we would not make it, but Guatemala has not invaded, the sky has not fallen and we remain free with all territories sovereign and intact. For many of us older heads, 1981 seems but a few short years ago. For the majority of Belizeans (census figures suggest that a majority of the population is under 30 years of age), Belize has always been independent. For those of us who can recall early Belize, the development and expansion has truly been amazing. The buildings have changed from wood to concrete, technology has us connected around the clock and aggressive tourism marketing has bared our secrets to the world. If Mother Nature still has well-kept secrets, certainly Belize would no longer be counted among them. Since Independence Belize has changed governments six times with our two main political parties sharing terms of office. The UDP is currently midway through their fourth term, having joined the PUP in winning consequence terms of office. Despite blaming the PUP for everything that has gone wrong in Belize, the figures now show that since Independence, the UDP has been as many years in office as the PUP. Obviously they have to share in the blame for the things that they continue to complain has not gone right for Belize.

IMF says economic future is “worse” than predicted – Unemployment on “upward trend”
The International Monetary Fund has The International Monetary Fund has sounded a loud alarm on Belize’s economic future. Following the conclusion of the Article IV consultation with Belize, the IMF has said that the medium-term outlook for economic growth for Belize is “is worse than envisaged” and that real gross domestic product (GDP) growth would be weaker than anticipated in the near term. The IMF’s warning comes just weeks after Prime Minister Dean Barrow was beating his chest, proclaiming that his Government is steering the country out of rough waters. The first financial quarter of the year (January to March) had seen the economy shrivel, with Gross Domestic Product at 0.4%. The second quarter (April to June) saw improved conditions, according to the Government, as GDP was reportedly 8.7%. But economic analysts have questioned the veracity of purported economic growth, indicating that it might reflect Government’s infusion of funds into one small sector of the economy.

UDP sells underwater lots
San Pedro residents are disgusted at the UDP Administration’s latest desperate political gimmick of selling out land submerged under sea water for votes. The BELIZE TIMES has confirmed that through the office of the Area Representative the UDP Government has been collecting $500 for each parcel of land which has been sold to prospective landowners. The major problem is that unbeknown to the buyers, the lands are below sea water, in an area known as “Los Bajos” located four miles north of the island. This latest scandal was exposed this week by concerned residents who spotted subdivision pegs and called out the media’s attention. Now that is has been exposed, the scandal threatens to sink the UDP’s plans. 40 acres have been proposed for this strange underwater subdivision. Pegs can be found along the mangrove area, marking where the plots of land have been carved out. One plot was even seen already fenced.

8 shot, 3 dead in 1 day
Violent crime erupted in the poverty-filled Belize City on Wednesday with four separate shooting incidents that resulted in eight people being injured and three killed. It started around 2:00 in the afternoon, at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue, next to the St. Ignatius Primary School and near the St. Ignatius Church. A group of men were in a yard socialising and playing dominoes when an unknown individual approached them and began firing shots. The men scrambled and tried to escape the deadly assault, but 56 year old Cyril McFoy Robinson was not able to. He sustained a shot to the head. 45 year old Sean Cherrington was also shot on his leg. Witnesses say the gunman targeted McFoy. He was the only one sitting down and the gunman pointed the gun to his head before firing a shot. But other reports indicate that McFoy may not have been the intended target. He is father to Brandon Tillett, a known associate of George Street gang, who was among the men but managed to escape the attack. There was peace in the city following that shooting but only for a few hours.

Francis and the New Belizean Revolution!
The Hon. Francis Fonseca has worked close with the nation’s foremost icon, George Price, long enough for many of the great leader’s traits to have been transferred. Dedication to serve the Belizean people with humility is among them. You will never hear him beating his chest or boasting of accomplishments. Yet he is the one that took over the leadership of the P.U.P. from those tumultuous times of infighting and undermining and led the party to an amazing come-back from 4 seats to 14 seats in an incredible display during the 2012 general elections which was a P.U.P. victory were it not for the worst kind of political treachery. With typical low-key fanfare, he re-committed the P.U.P. to its core value of social justice at a time when poverty has reached scandalous proportions of near fifty percent and unemployment is a social and economic scourge. The U.D.P. has brought the proud people of Belize to a diet of nutritionless Ramen noodles and a life of begging, with handouts as the order of the day. The private sector is flat on its back struggling to survive and the economy is gasping for breath. A sick and aging Prime Minister has been swallowed by his own outsized ego and is embarked on sacrificing the good of the country for a third term in office. We live in the worst of times. Worse than that, there is no future in sight and there is no hope available to the nation.

BDF wins Interoffice volleyball champs
The Belize Defense Force won the 2014 Belize District Volleyball Association’s interoffice championship with back to back wins against Digicel 4G in the finals at the Belize Elementary School auditorium over the weekend. In Game 1 Thursday night, Victor Hernandez, Juan Marin and Rasheed Pollard led the Digicel offensive, scoring points at the net on plays set by Emily Turner and Shanti Roches; while Amir Arnold and libero Eli Obando dug up saves and helped on receptions to win the 1st set 25-22. Otis Clother and Jael Clother came off the bench for the 2nd set, but the BDF’s Ernest Broaster, Francis Usher, Oliver Longsworth and Pierce Coleman led a counterattack on plays set by Bobby Dee Usher to win the next 2 sets: 25-16 and 15-10.

Robert Mariano wins Weekend Warriors’ A Cotton Tree race
Digicel 4G’s Robert Mariano won the A division, Ernest Olivera won the B division and Stationery House’s Ingmar Perera won the C division when Weekend Warriors’ cycling club held the last in the second series of flats races for 2014, from Cotton Tree to Leslie’s Imports in Belize City on Sunday. Here are other results: A Division 1st Robert Mariano – Digicel 4G – 2:00:00 2nd Mark Gentle – BCB/F.T. Williams team 3rd Kent “Bob” Gabourel – Benny’s Megabytes 4th James Frampton – Team Santino’s 5th Shelton Graham – Santino’s 6th Vallan Symns – Benny’s Megabytes 7th Jack Sutherland – Digicel 4G 8th Warren Coye – Taem Santino’s 9th Eric Burns – Scotiabank 10th Stephen Bissett – Team BNE

Hon. Jose Mai carries out major public works in OW South
Even in Opposition the People’s United Party is showing that it can get serious work done. Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai is a good example of this as he has been carrying out major public works in various communities in his Orang Walk South constituency. With the help of concerned residents, Hon Mai was able to open about 500 feet of drains in San Lazaro Village. This is to alleviate flooding that affects the homes of several residents. Hon. Jose Mai contracted the services of Carlos Padilla to excavate new and clear existed canals to reduce the effects of heavy flooding. Also in San Lazaro, a 3-mile road was opened and shaped using a bulldozer. This road leads to farm lands in the south eastern part of the village directly east towards the Rio Hondo. Some 50 persons doing mixed farming will benefit from the new road. About 3,000 tons of sugar cane that will be ready for harvesting will now have easier access out of the area for transport to the mill. A grader was used to level the road and leave ready to fill with white marl.

There was no battle of St. George’s Caye in September, 1798. Neither was there a battle at St. George’s Caye. It is stupid, in 2014, for the school children and the country to be told there was a battle and that the Baymen fought and won a major battle. It is equally stupid to be saying that if it were not for the victory at St. George’s Caye, Belize would not exist. It is a fact that 32 Spanish ships carrying sailors and over 2,500 soldiers came to Belize in the area of St. George’s Caye. It is a fact the Governor of Jamaica sent a small ship, the Marlin and about 200 soldiers from the West India Regent. It is a fact that a number of the Baymen used their small boats to go out to “defend” St. George’s Caye. It is a fact that black persons were in the boats of the Baymen. It is not a fact that slaves fought, neither is it true they fought with puck-u-nuh boy sticks. Please remember that there was slavery in Belize up to 1834. In 1798, there were some free black people and there were some free coloured people. The Baymen used these to row the boats.

Residential lots for political gain the Belmopan case
The City of Belmopan was designed at inception to benefit from a Master Plan. Prior to the year 2000, this responsibility of stewardship and planning was resident in the Reconstruction and Development Corporation or RECONDEV and thereafter since 2000, to both RECONDEV and the Belmopan City Council. The RECONDEV ACT, Chapter 193, Revised Edition 2000 is designed to oversee the legal operational affairs of RECONDEV as the custodian of all the land in Belmopan. Consequential to the 2012 general elections campaign, RECONDEV allocated five hundred acres of land as residential lots in East Belmopan, near Maya Mopan, and required the selected lessees to deposit $1,200 per lot for Administration Fees. These lots were allocated without an official Lease document, pending due processing by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Amazingly there was no infrastructure put in place, meaning no streets, no drains, no water, and no electricity. The $1,200 paid by the lessees was supposed to be for this same needed infrastructure according to the RECONDEV and the Area Representative. Today, 2.5 years later, there is still no infrastructure, frustrating and unduly denying the hopes of the lessees to build their homes, most of them poor, hardworking and struggling Belizeans. The lessees were assured that the necessary infrastructure works would be carried out by the Belmopan City Council utilizing the deposits made by them. Nothing of the sort has happened to date.

Public Transportation for a More Competitive Economy
There is a small city in the USA named Portage, Michigan….at the entrance is a big sign that boasts “Portage….City of Economic Excellence”. This is a high-ambition declaration by the leaders of that city. One of the beliefs held by the leaders is that the citizens should be able to move with ease and comfort, at the least possible cost. Movement, after all, is one of the basic characteristics/need of living creatures. Their public transportation system is very efficient and reliable, and includes modern air-conditioned buses that charge the citizens US$0.10 to go anywhere in the city. The pump price of fuel is around US$3.40 per gallon. In Belize, the pump price of fuel is around US$6.00 per gallon for premium fuel…..with around 45% of this cost going to government in the form of taxes. Without these taxes, the price of premium fuel would be around US$3.75 per gallon and diesel around US$3.60. Belize bus transport cost is US$0.05 per mile on average, serviced mostly by obsolete Blue Bird used and rebuilt school buses imported from US scrap yards….and which are very inconsistent, dilapidated and routinely break down on the highways, leaving passengers stranded. This is about the same price per mile charged in Mexico for the A-class service on very reliable and modern Pullman buses with air-conditioning, toilets, tv and terminal services. Thus Belizeans are paying the same price, for less than half the service.

The Citizen Kim- Elvin Penner Immigration Corruption Saga (Part II)
We did examination of the Belize Passport Issuance System (BPIS) processing of passport number P0246777 issued in the name of Won Hong Kim (Kin) and we confirmed the users and approvers of Won Hong Kim (Kin) passport number P0246777 and we also noted that two BPIS user roles were assigned to Erwin Robinson as shown in Table below Since the steps to the Belize Machine Readable Passport Application and Issuance System (BMRPAIS) (section I to VIII) define the various BPIS roles as distinct and separate roles, we were unable to establish who gave access to Erwin Robinson to perform the roles of Data Entry Operator and Quality Control Operator at the same time, which is a violation of the passport application and approval process. While some roles are non-BPIS user roles, e.g. counter Clerk and Counter Supervisor. We noted Mark Tench served as Print Operator and delivery officer while Omar Phillips was the Counter clerk and Counter Supervisor. The BPIS also showed the status of Won Hong Kim’s passport P0246777 was still at “QA passed”. This was the case for numerous passports for which applications or persons authorized had signed for on the application forms as having received the passports, yet the system still had them at QA passed or QA override.

Everybody and their brother knows by now that Education Minister and Member for Collet Hon. Patrick Faber has been involved in another incident of violence towards women. It was a pretty shocking report that began to surface last weekend. I learned about it after church, since word had begun to make the rounds of what had allegedly occurred at the Lord’s Bank home of Faber at a birthday party for a girlfriend of his who works in the Ministry of Education. I call the incident one of gender or gender-based violence. I believe that the term domestic violence sometimes does not capture the true nature of this pernicious and continuing problem in all societies. Nowadays we are hearing of the most horrendous incidents of violence against women in countries like Afganistan and Syria. Even the emerging Islamic State terrorists are said to kidnap and rape women and girls and use them as objects to be traded. Boko Haram rebels in Nigeria have kidnapped hundreds of girl children, with late and little response from national authorities and the international community.

Press Office Vehicle Crashed
The UDP have tried their best to hide an incident in which a Government Press Office vehicle ended up being crashed into a lamppost at the entrance of the George Price highway. UDP cronies have been abusing resources, with no intervention from their Government superiors and little exposure from the so called “independent” media houses. Alcohol and careless driving seems to have been the reasons why this latest incident occurred. Information to the BELIZE TIMES is that UDP crony, Fortunato Noble, was behind the wheels. Noble used the vehicle as if it were his personal ride. According to reports, Noble had been out late that night and when entering the city he veered into the lamppost.

Artist and Historian Yasser Musa recently shared a publication entitled: “The Road to Independence” which was published at the time of Belize’s Independence in 1981. I have read it before but reading it again was inspiring and enlightening. It reminds us of the courageous, bold and uncertain path Belize took to Independence guided by our great leader and Father of the Nation George Price. But as George Price always reminded us, we must never forget that it was the great People’s United Party and its members and supporters who served as the vehicle to take us on the road to Independence. The PUP provided the support structure for Mr. Price to carry out his life’s work. It was the philosophy and core values of the PUP grounded in social justice which served as the foundation for Belize’s Independence movement.

Police Office dies in collision
29 year old Constable Marvin died in a traffic collision between miles 3 and 4 on the Southern Highway, just outside of Forest Home Village. Around 7:30 this morning, Sedacey was driving his brown-in-colour Ford Escort car when it slammed into a Freight truck which was incoming from the opposite direction. Sedacey, who is a resident of Cattle Landing, died instantly, as the impact crushed the entire front of the vehicle. Sedacey was the only passenger in the vehicle. He had reportedly left from a wake that morning before.

Belize’s Prime Minister is now poised to deliver yet another body-blow to the ribcage of the country’s democracy .This move is yet another indication that he is chipping away at freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Belize. The PM is in a hurry to take advantage of his dwindling power base in the Legislature to introduce a Bill that could dismantle one of his powerful adversaries, the Belize Bar Association-an independent group of professional Attorneys spanning the national political spectrum. It is likely that he will be able to slide this Bill through the Legislature with his slim majority and with the full support of his voiceless minions who cow-tow to him in his over-sized Cabinet. With no back-benchers, he doesn’t have to worry about anyone reining them in. The Prime Minister has the full support of his Attorney General and Foreign Minister who carries an inexplicable heavy chip like a log on his shoulder and a serious grudge against the Bar Association for calling him out for his Foreign Affairs bloopers and for his incompetence as Attorney General.

The National Colonial Museum????
The proposed National Colonial Museum by the government is mentally sick. It is a retrograde, racist and disturbing development. I urge the President of NICH, the directors of ISCR, and Archaeology to take a public stand against such a wasteful and disrespectful regal minded program. I suggest that some of that $14 million be spent on renovating the historic Liberty Hall on Barrack Road and convert it to a modern Museum of African heritage with a component for technology so that youths can engage in productive acts of creativity. And instead of blowing away all the money in Belize City, I propose that a Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden be built in Belmopan near the University and George Price Center so that citizens, students and tourists too can experience the scientific knowledge about this land.

Silvaana Udz supports use of Garifuna language in public spaces
Please allow me to publicly express support to the use of Garifuna and other local languages in public spaces. Above all, right now, kwik, fast and hurry—APOLOGIZE! Yes, you, First Caribbean Bank … you who have, admittedly, sponsored numbers of Kriol, Garifuna, and other local cultural functions in the 17 or so territories you operate in. But that just does not matter anymore. Why did you allow this linguistic hurricane to bubble and boil from what, perhaps up until your reaction you could have handled with far more sensitivity, humility, and, well, just good manners, man! You see, me, Silvaana Maree Udz (nee Woods), avid radio, newspaper, and local TV news viewer, can only critically respond to media reports, as I was not in Ms. Martinez’s shoes when you—First Caribbean Bank—were threading upon her dignity as a human being and when you were mashing up her right—her inalienable, fundamental, constitutional right—to use her language in public spaces. At the very, very least, publicly apologize to Ms. Martinez, to the Garifuna community, and to ALL Belizeans. Whether or not you feel culpable, or whether or not you feel protected by your own self-acclaimed inadequately-defined language policy, the reality is you have, whether advertently or not, hurt us. Not just “us” as your Belizean clients, but “us” as your Caribbean folk.

Patrick JonesPJ

Prime Minister clarifies interaction with gangs
Many Belizeans commonly believe that the Government’s efforts with regard to stopping gang-related crime involve financial payments to gang members with the plea to “hold it down.” On Thursday Prime Minister Dean Barrow was forced to clarify that matter for a reporter, which he did with some annoyance. […]

FFB President dissects Belize performance in Central American Cup
The Belize Jaguars missed out on UNCAF championship glory in the recent Copa Centroamericana played in the United States. They could not get a win against Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, partially due to several mistakes and own-goals made by the players. Nonetheless, President of the Football Federation […]

Church bends Alkaline to its will
Marine Sounds Entertainment has been granted permission, both by the Roman Catholic Church and the Supreme Court of Belize, to proceed with the first of two planned concerts for the Independence Day weekend at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio tonight. This came after a in-chamber […]

Injunction lifted, Alkaline concert to go on as planned
The temporary Supreme Court injunction obtained late Friday by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Belize, the Most Reverent Dorrick Wright against the planned concert by Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline has been lifted. The injunction was lifted after a rare Saturday hearing by the Supreme Court, paving the way […]

Queen of the Bay New York visits for September Celebrations
Queen of the Bay New York Evette Partis is winding down her first official visit to Belize. Partis was selected last month as the Queen of the Bay 2014-2015 in New York and as part of her official duties, she travelled to Belize to take part in […]

Robber shot and killed in Orange Walk
Orange Walk resident Leslie Logan Junior was shot and killed on Friday afternoon after he allegedly robbed a business establishment at gunpoint. According to police reports, around 2:45 pm on Friday, Logan, Jr. and another man entered the Hung Yun Store on the Otro Benque Road and […]

Roman Catholic Church obtains injunction against dancehall artiste
At 10 am today in the Supreme Court, an inter-parties hearing will take place between unusual opponents: Roman Catholic Bishop of Belize Monsignor Dorrick Wright and Jamaican dancehall star and journalism student Earlan Bartley, 20, also known as “Alkaline.” Alkaline is in Belize to perform concerts in San […]

PUP rejects National Colonial Museum at House of Culture
Earlier this week we brought you the comments of former NICH President and artist Yasser Musa who said Belize was taking several steps back by endorsing the building of a National Colonial Museum at the current Government House (House of Culture) in Belize City. The planned […]

PUP will not turn back on Arthur Saldivar
Controversial former Belize Rural North standard bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP) Arthur Saldivar did not take the news of his removal from that post earlier this week particularly well. He is accused of, but denies, taking over $900,000 in monies belonging to former clients Melonie and […]

Gang Suppression Unit ‘endorsement’ will not curb crime, says PUP
Debate has begun on the new tack being taken by the Belize Police Department to arrest the spike in crime that saw a total of six murders dating back to last weekend. Essentially, the plan calls for more troops on the ground, with the spear points of the […]


Finn Kardashian Does Central America: Episode Two, Guatemala
So once again it is time to check in our intrepid backpacker, Finn. Here he is in San Pedro living life Finn Style – “working” at Rojo Beach Bar. We’ve following him sailing along the coast of Belize and down to Livingston Guatemala. I’m going to post a map of that country now. Though my Central American geography is improving, it is by no means flawless. I mean…did you know that the second largest city in Guatemala is Quetzaltenango? Yeah…me neither. No chicken bus for me since am the biggest chicken in the world…I should be recognized by UNESCO for that! LMAO. Rio Dulce, just so you know, is full of boat people, OLD folks and yatchs. Now the anxiety even gets me more since I forgot my Itinerary. Do backpackers even travel with them or just a guide book or nothing at all…still trying to figure it out.

Thirty three years after that magic day on September 21st, 1981, this year’s theme, “Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize,” resonates throughout the country. For over three decades hard working, industrious hands directed by clever minds have created a nation that the world respects and Belizeans can be proud of. For such a small country Belize has a very big history. Let’s take a brief look: A couple of thousand years before the birth of Christ the early Maya began to settle in what today is Belize. You wouldn’t think a dense jungle would be the setting for such a complex civilisation to grow, but with rich soil, navigable rivers and the seas supplying abundant marine life and coastal trade routes, the Maya prospered and became one of the most advanced civilisations of the ancient world. But by the time the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, the mighty Maya civilisation was in decline, perhaps the victim of a combination of overpopulation, centralisation, and a series of crushing droughts. The Spanish Conquest soon put an end to this fascinating, enigmatic civilisation, and the Conquistador’s religious zeal in wiping out all records of Maya thought, science and cosmology left us with only a vague outline of the Maya’s prodigious achievements.

International Sourcesizz

His Highness the Amir congratulates Belize on National Day
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has sent a cable of congratulations to the Governor-General of Belize, Dr. Colville N. Young, on his country's National Day. Their Highnesses the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah addressed cables of identical content to the Governor-General.

His Majesty sends greetings
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has sent a cable of greetings to Colville Young, Governor General of Belize on his country's Independence Day. In his cable, His Majesty the Sultan expressed his sincere greetings and wishes to the president and his country's people.


Video: Belize Ambassador's Speech (UK) - Belize House - Sept 20, 2014, 4min.
Belize Ambassador to the UK's Independence Day speech at Belize House in London.

Video: Corozal Belize Independence Day Fireworks 2014, 14min.
What a great time to visit Belize - Happy independence day Belize! - Corozal Belize September Celebrations - Corozal Belize Carnival fireworks.

Video: Living in Rural Belize 19 Sep 2014, 37min.

Video: Our Belizean Dream # 3 Sept 20, 2014, 8min.
The building of our home in Placencia Belize.

Video: Honeymoon in Belize!, 6min.

Video: DH Belize 2014, 8min.
Scuba diving trip.

Video: Belize 2013, 6min.
Cari & Ty Belize 2013

Video: Big Flag Story, 10min.
I found the flag narrative that Mr. Sanchez put forth rather amusing for several reasons. He addressed the concerns many Belizeans still have about the flag, but I got a sense that with the benefit of time and him being cognizant of such concerns he crafted a suitable story. Mr. Sanchez mentioned that he and the late Everald Waight - two high ranking government officials with political connections - won an "open" competition to design the flag.

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