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January 31, 2012

My New Internet is Not So Bad!
I headed over to Smart phone's new shop on Middle Street and found a service that I didn't know existed. Probably standard fare in the US, but relatively new in Belize. Totally mobile internet. You are given a 3G USB portable connection, you pick a plan, and you are off. Sounds too good to be true, right? Perfect for a one computer household like mine...ideal for the user that likes to use her computer in the house or out by the pool...

Mama Vilma’s poolside party
Mama Vilma’s Family Home has made great progress since they started and their goal is to offer housing and support to women, families and men who are in need. They still need the land to build the house on, anyone have a piece of land they would like to donate to a great Cause? Join their facebook page to keep updated.

Miss San Pedro Thanks All Her Supporters
Miss San Pedro, Yakarelis Hernandez, came back to San Pedro over the weekend after her brief trip to Nicaragua where she is applying at various universities. She is ready to further her studies but is also sticking to her commitments as Miss San Pedro during her reigning year.

Arts & Craft Vendors Still NOT Relocated!
It has been four months since this meeting took place and the San Pedro Town Council has kept their word in providing all of the above to the street vendors but they are still on the street side causing even more havoc to the already congested street. Barrier Reef Drive is an already congested street and the Central Park Area looks totally invaded by the vendors that take up space on the benches which are there for residents to use. So what will happen now? Travel recommends Belize as a tourist destination worldwide
Yesterday, the website, through its Travel section, released worldwide to Belize as a travel destination. During this week of release – January 30 to February 3– people of different nationalities will have their eyes focused on this country, which adds to the 94 tourist destinations existing on the site.

Commentary: Belize citizens living abroad are denied their voting rights
Two years ago, the current Prime Minister Dean Barrow promised Belizean Americans living abroad that he was going to introduce Article 7 as a constitutional amendment to address all these concerns but at the last minute withdrew the proposed legislation.

Good Mawnin Belize
Slideshow of Belizeans starting out their day in San Pedro Belize

Yesterday Treaty Energy Corporation reported drilling success on its first oil well at San Juan number two in Southern Belize. According to internet reports ...

Belize has one of the highest number of fatalities caused by road traffic accidents in Latin America/Caribbean. The Ministry of Works has commissioned a ...

With over thirty founders the foundation is set to commemorate the life of outstanding Belizean cyclist Ariel Rosado tragically lost his life in a traffic ...

The report goes on to say that Guatemala is now awaiting reports from Belize to act in defense of its nationals in accordance with the international right ...







Prime Minister Calls Early Elections; Doubles Up With Municipals
We hinted at it in the news one week ago, and today it was confirmed: General elections will be held in exactly 35 days, on March 7 - the same day as municipal elections. It will be Beliz...

Treaty Energy's Oil Claim Bogus
But before we get to that - and the response from the leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca we take a break from politics, to talk about oil. Last night we headlined, but never ran a st...

Witz Says Property Owner Gave Him Machete to Cut Down Sign

PM: UDP Candidate Severo Guerrero Reprimanded
And keeping it on the subject of political excesses, the PM also weighed in on the scandal involving UDP Town Council candidate in San Pedro, Severo Geurerro. He was captured in an unforget...

Man Claims Police Brutalized Him Because He Bit A Cop's Finger
There's no question that police are authorized to use force, deadly force if the situation calls for it. But that use of force must at all times be proportional - and when it crosses that li...

FINED 10K FOR DRUGS....(update)
Late this afternoon, Idolly Neal, a 19 year-old former sixth form student from Orange Walk, returned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer to receive her sentence after she was found guil...

Dr. David Hoy For PUP In Cari Shores
Since PUP Caribbean Shores Candidate Anthony Mahler resigned as standard bearer the party has been scrambling to come up with the name of a candidate - with an impressive enough resume to ...

Panorama Delves Into Ashcroft's Corporate Concatenation
Last night we told you about the BBC Programme Panorama that aired on Monday night in the UK. It alleges that Lord Ashcroft misled the stock market and the media about his links to a Johnst...

Man Fined 2-K For Firearms
Today in the court room of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, Thomas Raymond Shaw, a 39 year-old hotelier of Belama Phase 2, was sentenced for firearms and ammunitions related charges after ...

Two Drug Cases
25 year-old Pinks Alley resident Marvin Brandon Bradley and 20 year-old Shaquille Almendarez, a taxi driver of Electric Avenue, were arraigned in Magistrate's Court today for separate dr...

Ariel Rosado Remembered With Scholarship Initiative
Well known cyclist and corporate law scholar Ariel Rosado died in a tragic traffic accident in May 2011. And now his family has committed to keep his memory alive by launching the Ari...

Belize Meeting Some MDG's, Missing Others
The "Belize Scorecard and Outlook Report 2010" was released yesterday in Belmopan. The report measures Belize's progress against the eight millennium development goals or MDG's as they are c...

COLA Elects New President
As we reported last week, a contested election was coming up for the Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action, COLA. Well the election was held on Saturday and Vice resident Geovann...

No Referendum On March Seventh?
And while we've talked plenty about the double election on March seventh - you may be asking what about the referendum on offshore drilling? The Coalition to save Our Natural Heritage triggered the referendum mechanism to force the referendum to be called on that day, but it will not be - and the PM gave a highly technical explanation as to why at today's press conference:

Voters Not So Sure About Double Election
But is the public ready to face two ballots at the polls on March seventh? Today our intern Robin Schaffer took to the streets this afternoon to ask a few pedestrians if they knew and if they were ready.

PM Says He Will Stay On If Elected To Second Term
And for those going to the polls - one legitimate concern is who they are voting for as Prime Minister. Indeed, in this country, we do not have direct election of the Prime Minister - but the Party Leader for the winning side - if he is elected ascends automatically to that post.

General Elections called for March 7th
After weeks of speculation, all the tell tale signs were there that the prime minister would call early general elections. There is the decrease in electricity rates, proposed decreases in water rates, Christmas disbursement for constituencies, and seven hundred and eighty Social Security Board housing loans write-offs. Well, it’s now official; there will be a [...]

PM explains why the double election
Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained why he is pulling the trigger prematurely, more than a year before the five-year term of his government expires. He also indicated he was willing to enter a debate with the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca if the conditions are right. The P.U.P. and the VIP have raised concerns [...]

P.U.P. reacts to PM’s Election Pronouncement
As soon as the formal announcement was made that voters will go to the polls one year early for general elections, the opposition sprung into action. The leader of the People’s United Party, Francis Fonseca, gave his reaction in a televised statement to the nation, which appears in this newscast. Fonseca says that the U.D.P. [...]

P.U.P. Caribbean Shores gets Dr. David Hoy
The People’s United Party also announced today that Doctor David Hoy will be running in the Caribbean Shores Division. Hoy, an ophthalmologist by profession, replaces Anthony Mahler who stepped down last Friday. This evening Hoy met with the executive committee of Caribbean Shores and got their blessing. Mahler was also present at that meeting. While [...]

Is PM calling elections because economy’s worse?
Tonight’s question is: Is the Prime Minister calling early general elections because the economy will get worse? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Reports that Guatemalan killed in crossfire inside Chiquibul National Park
Tonight there are reports that several Guatemalans have been injured and there is a fatality following crossfire inside the Chiquibul National Park. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade says that they have reports of several incidents in the national park and that one Guatemalan national may have been killed, it also expresses [...]

U.D.P. Bad Boys: Witz & Guerrero
At this afternoon’s press conference, the P.M. said he would only take questions about the elections and he spoke about the San Pedro incident in which aspiring U.D.P. Town Council candidate Severo Guerrero was busted inside the Elections and Boundaries Office. The government employee was suspended from her post but nothing has been said of [...]

PM says Treaty Oil lied about oil find
On Monday, reports from legitimate international news sources went viral with information that Treaty Energy had struck black gold or Texas tea in Beverly Hillbilly proportions. But like the defunct sitcom from the eighties, it seems that it was all just a badly written script. The news articles quoted Andrew Reid, co-chief executive chairman of [...]

Coalition won’t get Referendum with election
And though Treaty’s stock is sure to reflect the dismissal from the Belize government, another company was also trounced during this afternoon’s conference. The Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, which has membership from every reputable environmental association and non-governmental organizations, has been at the forefront of preserving the environment from possible disasters resulting from [...]

U.D.P. PG Town Council dumps Muschamp
Even before the date of the general elections was made official, there has been an election frenzy at the municipal level. In the south, U.D.P., incumbent Councilor, Orlando Muschamp was dumped from the municipal slate on Monday. Mayor Floyd Lino, who appeared on Open Your Eyes this morning, said that the dispute had been going [...]

Incumbent Councilor Muschamp explains
But incumbent Punta Gorda Councilor, Orlando Muschamp, called News Five and shared his side of the story. Muschamp says that the dispute is one that stems from Lino’s unwillingness to engage him as the councilor with responsibility for infrastructure. He says he eventually withdrew himself from the meetings and over the weekend, he got an [...]

BAHA monitors Guatemala swine fever
In other news, there’s an outbreak of swine fever in pigs in Guatemala and the disease is inching closer to Belize. It is common among pigs and wild boar and causes fever, skin lesions, convulsions and death within fifteen days. The Belize Agriculture and Health Authority (BAHA) has been monitoring the situation in Guatemala and [...]

Fake gun license cop and ex-cop arrested
Thirty-one year old Alwyn Gonzalez, a Belize City auto dealer, made headlines in May 2010 when he was charged along with his girlfriend for possession of drugs and ammunition. A month later, the charges brought against them were withdrawn when it was discovered that a substance, weighing over two kilograms, which police initially thought to [...]

Foundation built for fallen cyclist
Ariel Rosado died in a terrible traffic accident nine months ago in Belize City. The family of the well known and promising cyclist today announced the establishment of an education foundation in his memory. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports from the Radisson. Isani Cayetano, Reporting Twenty-eight year old Ariel Rosado, a celebrated athlete and promising [...]

Many road deaths; International Program assess roads
A UK based firm has conducted a survey of road conditions in the jewel. It found what is probably already known; that the road conditions are not optimal and lack safety features. The International Road Assessment Program also found that the number of deaths on the highways is high and says it will make recommendations [...]

Education Ministry investigates forced haircut
On Thursday of last week we reported that a thirteen year old student’s hair was shaved off at the Victorious Nazarene School in San Jose Succotz. The mother, Maria Barrera and her son, Nair Leal, told News Five that last Monday, four teachers held him down and the school principal shaved off some of his [...]

KTV Latino is back Bigger and Muy Caliente
The countdown is on and there’s only seven more days before the first live show of KTV Latino Season three. Last week, you saw twenty-three hopefuls and tonight twenty-four more are auditioning for a place in KTV Latino. Of the fifty aspiring singers, twenty-two will take the stage next Tuesday and only fourteen will make [...]

Police Constable charged with $70 extortion
Today in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, Police Constable #1124 Amir Moh was arraigned on a charge of extortion. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and is currently out on a $1,000 bail plus one surety.

Games at 212 North Front Street?
GOB tries to block Ashcroft company’s attempt to collect $38.5 mil award via US court.. Counsel for the Government of Belize, Michael Young, SC, told Supreme Court Justice Samuel Awich this morning that the Government would like to expand the July 2009 injunction, which bars the Ashcroft company, Belize Social Development Limited (BSDL), from seeking to enforce a $38.5 million arbitration award against the Government of Belize, either in the US or any other jurisdiction, including locally, in Belize.

U.S. murder fugitive located in Punta Gorda, Toledo
An American woman living in Punta Gorda, Toledo District, has been flown out of the country in connection with the murder of her former lover, a woman named Lanell Barsock, who was killed in Palmdale, California, in 2010.

Who will face the UDP’s Santino Castillo in Caribbean Shores?
Following a meeting with Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), Francis Fonseca, and party chairman Henry Charles Usher this morning, Caribbean Shores standard bearer Anthony Mahler today confirmed that he would step down from that post.

Treaty announces oil find in Stann Creek
Treaty Energy Corporation, joint venture partner of Princess Petroleum, announced today that it struck oil at the San Juan #2 site near Independence, adjacent to the Port of Big Creek in the Stann Creek District, at around 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 27.

UNIBAM vs GOB/Church hearing begin
Judge says decision in UNIBAM’s constitutional challenge will be delivered at a later date... Amidst high and mixed emotions in the Belizean community, a constitutional challenge filed by the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) and its president, Caleb Orozco, against the Government of Belize, returned to the Supreme Court for the preliminary hearing.

CSSSA football regular season ends today, playoffs start Wednesday
The Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) 2011-2012 football tournament kicked off at the MCC Grounds a couple weeks ago on Tuesday, January 17, with games (female (F), and (M) male) scheduled every day of the week including Saturday. The regular season was to end on Saturday, January 28, but a music concert on Saturday took precedence, so the last regular season games will be played today instead. The playoffs, previously scheduled to start today, Monday, will now begin on Wednesday, February 1. Traditionally very short, this year’s tournament is even more abbreviated. Below is a summary of the games played up to Friday, January 27. (Note: goal scorers in parentheses)

Primary school basketball at Belize City Center
The Belize City Primary School Basketball Tournament, which got underway on Monday, January 12, continues in full swing with female (F) and male (M) games daily at the Belize City Center.

The last dose – nominations for FFB Executive elections
Some months ago in August 2011, we remarked in our sports pages that what the football family was being forced to take in an effort to get our football ship back on an even keel after 12 years of dictatorial abuse and lack of accountability, was “good medicine?, bitter taste”. In our article we had noted that the “FIFA Roadmap” agreement and subsequent Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) signed between the Ministry of Sports and the FFB, had effectively allowed the FFB to have its own way in “setting the table” for elections to be held, first for district associations and the new “Top League”, and then for the FFB Executive, the seat of football power itself.

89 = 4.1
When Evan X Hyde received 89 votes as the only UBAD candidate in the 1974 general elections, in the Collet constituency, he became the target of much and prolonged public ridicule from the United Democratic Party (UDP). The reason for this was that the UDP candidate in Collet, Ken Tillett, lost by just a single vote to the PUP’s Harry Courtenay, and Tillett’s campaign manager, Michael Finnegan, told his people that X Hyde’s 89 votes had cost Tillett the Collet seat, that X was a PUP stooge, and so on and so forth.

General Election to be held along with municipal elections on March 7th
The date for General Elections has been set! And as has been rumoured for some weeks now, general elections WILL be...

Oil discovery appears to be nothing but a false claim
Yesterday, we reported on the proclamation of Treaty Energy Corporation that they had struck oil in the Stan Creek ...

Inaugural ceremony for the City of Belmopan's new cemetery
The Belmopan City Council held official inaugural ceremony for the City of Belmopan’s new cemetery. The soon to be ...

David Hoy replaces Anthony Mahler in Caribbean Shores
In other political news, the PUP has named a standard bearer for Caribbean Shores. He is Dr. David Hoy. Hoy stepped...

Sudden death of Belize City man being investigated
A Belize City man fell dead on the sidewalk on Saturday night. Police say they visited the corner of Euphrates Aven...

Home in Belmopan burglarized
Belmopan Police are investigating a case of burglary. 49yr old Kent Herrera, an accountant and resident of Belmopan...

Group of 19 complete seven-month training course
A group of 19 women and one man received certificates after completing a skills training session. The participants ...

Men robbed at gunpoint
Two men were robbed at gunpoint on Friday night. 22 year old Gil Pineda, and his brother in law Oscar Sanchez, were...

BREAKING NEWS: PlusTV has confirmed date for General Elections
Breaking news: PlusTV has confirmed that the date for General Elections has been set! And as has been rumoured for ...

Municipal And General Elections To Be Held On March 7th

PUP Leader Says Time For Change Is Here

Resident Of Trial Farm Says His Land Was Taken Away And Given To A UDP Supporter

PUP Elects New Standard Bearer For Caribbean Shores Constituency

San Juan Residents Demand Compensation For Damaged Cane Fields

P.M. Says Yes To Elections On March 7th But No To Referendum On Offshore Drilling

P.U.P Corozal Bay Holds Sporting Event
ON Sunday January 29th the P.U.P Corozal Bay Constituency, held a one day sporting event at the Bacadia Sporting Complex located in the South End Area of Corozal Town. The event which included a basketball, volleyball and five a side marathon was coordina...

Accident Victim Claims Police Refuses To Return His Bicycle
Two weeks ago 40 year old Luis Jimenez was riding his bicycle in area of Trail Farm when he was knocked down by an oncoming vehicle which immediately fled the scene. Luckily, Jimenez, who was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital for Treatment was not s...

Malnutrition a Major Problem In Belize
Every year the Government of Belize, under the Ministry of Health, releases an Annual Health Report in which it details how healthy Belize as a country has been for the past year. Even though the report takes a look at the county’s entire health system ...

Residents Of San Antonio Road Demand That Their Street Be Fixed
When elected In March of 2009 Mayor Philip De La Fuente and the U.D.P Councilor Candidates promised Orange Walk residents to upgrade the streets, drainage systems and sidewalks of Orange Walk Town. But instead of being upgraded, the streets of Orange Walk...

Treaty Energy Corporation Strucks Oil In Southern Belize
Today, Treaty Energy Corporation, a growth-oriented international energy company reported drilling success on its first oil well, San Juan #2 which is located near Independence Village in Southern Belize. Permission was granted to the oil company to comme...

Police Recover Items Stolen From Farm Fresh In Carmelita Village
On Friday January 20th Jorge Aguirre, a 48 year old watchman of Farm Fresh located in the Village of Carmelita in the Orange Walk District, reported to police that while at the Farm he was approached by seven male persons. According to Aguirre one of the ...

Two Charged For Robbery Of Zapateria "Mari"
Orange Walk Police have charged two Orange Walk residents for the brazen broad daylight armed robbery which took place on Friday around midday. This morning 30 year old Leroy Robateau, Belizean Laborer of Princess Diana Street, and 18 year old Rene Cawich...

Corozal Resident Freed Of Murder Charge
Two weeks ago the case against 39 year old James Jackson, accused of killing his 21 year old common-law wife Elena Estela Amador back in May of 2010, officially began at the Corozal Supreme Court Session. Tonight news is that after listening to the ...

January 30, 2012

The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Memories, Part 4

San Pedro Smile Center brightens smiles at Holy Cross
Over the past week the San Pedro Smile Center was on the island for the first time this year, giving free dental service to children from Monday, January 23rd through Thursday January 26th. The volunteers were at the Holy Cross Anglican School offering services to children ages 4-12. Volunteers on this trip include Dr. Paul Roggou and his wife, Linda, who have been visiting to perform volunteer dental work for the past four years; Bonnie Musbach, resident of San Pedro and volunteer for four years, and Bridgette Cooper, dental hygienist and first time volunteer to Belize.

History of Immigration to Ambergris Caye (Part Three) The Mestizos
The Mestizo settlers in Corozal District from 1846 to 1858 grew from 4500 inhabitants to 8000. On the other hand the Mestizo settlers to Ambergris Caye were some 30 houses with about 50 inhabitants. They probably consisted of relatives of fishermen who moved to the island when the Santa Cruz Maya revolted and became belligerent. The refugees who came to live here had also been farmers in Yucatan so these activities continued.

Treaty Energy Corporation Strikes Oil in Belize
Treaty's Drilling Team Struck Oil on its First Well on the Princess Concession in Belize on Friday, January 27th, at about 4:30 PM-CT - This 1st Well, SAN JUAN #2, will be Completed and Put into Production Following Review by Belizean Regulatory Officials - The Stann Creek Field is Estimated to Contain up to 6 Million Barrels of Recoverable Oil

More Details on Town Council Financial Report
Ambergris Today was privileged to receive a more detailed copy of the Town Council’s financial report read by the Mayor on Thursday, January 26, 2011. Attached to her script are several more pages which shed some more light to the financial operations of the council for the period 2009 to 2012.

Kelly McGuire Hits San Pedro, Belize for his Birthday
Kelly McGuire, a popular Texas tropical-country star in the style popularized by Jimmy Buffett, has joined Jerry Jeff Walker on Ambergris Caye this week. Kelly celebrates his birthday each year by coming down and yesterday he played to a HUGE crowd at Fido's Bar & Restaurant. We arrived a bit early and island legend Dennis Wolfe was just wrapping up. I haven't heard Dennis in a bit...but he is sounding pretty good.

Cashing in on the 'end of the world' tourism
For doomsday theorists, Dec. 21, 2012 could mean the end of civilization, according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar. But for some tour operators and property owners, the end of the world also means a chance to cash in on the apocalypse hype. In the most prominent countries of the Mundo Maya – Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador – the tourism industry is gearing up for a record year, with dozens of Maya-themed offerings designed to lure visitors.

Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education January Newsletter

Today at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus, Belize took a look at ... And Belize's progress on the specific issue of the goal which has to do with ...

Treaty Energy Corporation has reported drilling success on its first oil well, San Juan number two in Belize. The company says the final phase of drilling ...

The University of Belize held its fourteenth commencement exercises on Saturday for students, who successfully completed their course of study at the ...

A traffic accident just after nine o'clock this morning has left two Belize Defence Force soldiers injured. 27-year-old Byron Myvett was reportedly driving ...







The UNIBAM Case Has Its First Day In Court
UNIBAM's challenge to the constitutionality of section 53 of the criminal code has set off Belize's first culture war - with the Church on one side and Caleb Orozco and his supporters on...

PUP Candidate Mahler Is Out, He's In, He's...
On Friday night we reported that PUP Candidate in Caribbean Shores Anthony Mahler had suddenly resigned - citing personal reasons. But then, last night news surfaced which made it seem th...

BBC Puts Lord Ashcroft Under Scrutiny
And while Lord Ashcroft has played that role in tiny Belize, consider also that he's done pretty much the same in the UK - a G-8 country, where the BBC describes him as "probably the bigge...

Whistleblower Cries Foul (In Advance)
On Friday, we told you how the Police Constable Amir Moh tried to extort Alexander Tate last week Thursday at a checkpoint in Ladyville. He recorded the serial number of the bills, and the...

Bogus Gun License Issued By Police In Belmopan?
There are serious questions being asked about the gun licensing procedure in Belmopan after 3 persons were arraigned in Magistrate's Court for forged gun licenses. They are Alwin Gonzale...

Hon. Witz Caught Engaging In Conduct Unbecoming
This weekend Cayo South Area Representative Ramon Witz was caught engaging in behavior most unbecoming. Witz was caught on cell phone camera tearing down a constellation of PUP signs in...

Man Acquitted After Being On Remand For Two Years
Today after 2 years and 7 months behind bars, Alexander Underwood, who was represented by attorney Alifah Elrington Hyde, was acquitted of murder, and walked out of the court room a free m...

UB Graduates 400 In 14th Commencement Exercise
The University of Belize held its fourteenth commencement exercise on Saturday in Belmopan. Graduates received diplomas at the Associate, Bachelor, Certificate and Diploma levels. In t...

Tiny Triplets Born At KHMH
3 months ago we reported on a set of triplets born at the Western Regional Hospital. Well there is another set of triplets making the news. Yesterday was triple the joy for Mart...

Allegedly Stole From A Judge's Wife
Today in Magistrate's Court 5, 37 year-old Mahogany Street resident, Celia Munnings, a bill collector for Central Cable Vision, was arraigned on the charge of burglary, when she appeared b...

Boa Constrictors Get a Feel for Their Prey
Among the boas there is an island-dwelling form in Belize that is the subject of interest to conservationists, ecologists and, lately, behavioral biologists. This is the miniature boa of Snake Cayes, a group of islands off the coast of southern Belize. When I say “miniature” I mean that they range in length from 30 cm to about 2 meters (1 to 6 feet). This is small compared to the mainland boas of the same species, which can reach 4 meters (13 feet) in length.

Church’s Holy, but Legal War with UNIBAM
It’s a situation that many would have preferred to stay inside a closet. But since Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement opened the doors to challenging old law, controversy of a biblical proportion has emerged. It’s considered the Church’s Holy war but for the homosexual community it’s a legal and human rights battle. [...]

P.U.P. Caribbean Shores rejects resignation
There are many twists and turns on the road to the next general elections. Pundits expect the date to be called very soon, but one particular constituency has seen its fair share of drama on that road to a 2012 general elections. On the United Democratic Party’s side, a shift has started from Carlos Perdomo [...]

Village says Oil Company illegally on land
There is trouble brewing in the South. U.S. Capital Energy is providing jobs in the small community of Conejo. Employment prospects are hard to come by but many villagers are upset because despite assurances, seismic testing is taking place on land that should be protected. Is it a mistake on the behalf of U.S. Capital? [...]

Treaty Energy finds black gold in Belize
While geophysical exploration continues Deep South, elsewhere in the country there are reports of oil being discovered in commercial quantity. According to Andrew Reid, co-chief executive chairman of Treaty Energy, drilling began in San Juan near Independence Village in the Stann Creek District last Tuesday. Hydrocarbons in the form of gas were later detected [...]

Report Card on Belize Millennium Goals
The Millennium Development Goals are a set of objectives that world leaders committed to achieving over a fifteen year period to improve the lives of the poor. And while the abbreviation MDG is locally known, many Belizeans have no idea if the country is close to achieving those goals by the 2015 deadline. So today, [...]

Zabaneh name strike off voting list
A date for the upcoming General Elections remains to be confirmed and across the country preparations are underway to ensure that the registration of first-time voters goes smoothly. But in Independence Village, one man was surprised when he discovered on Saturday that his name was removed from the voters list for Stann Creek West by [...]

Cop and ex-cop in gun license scam
A major case of forgery landed three men in court today and it appears that Belmopan police may have busted a fraudulent gun licensing operation. The accused men include thirty-one year police constable, Orlando Antonio Jimenez, a San Ignacio resident. Jimenez appeared solo before Senior Magistrate, Linsbert Willis in the Belmopan Magistrate Court this morning [...]

Free! Though he caused wife’s death
A man accused of stabbing his common-law-wife to death is free tonight after a no-case submission was upheld in the Corozal Supreme Court. Thirty-eight year old James Jackson has been behind bars since the murder of twenty-one year old Elena Espela Amador, in May, 2010. During the trial, Justice Denis Hanomansingh objected to the admissibility [...]

Underwood freed of Faber’s Murder
Another man was freed of a murder charge today in Belize City Supreme Court. He is twenty-two year old Alexander Underwood, who has been in prison since the June, 2009 murder of twenty-five year old Jonathan Faber. The trial lasted over a week and Prosecutor, Shamilla Williams, called six witnesses; three of whom did not [...]

Middlesex Villagers gets 3
Kings Village, an offshoot of Middlesex in the Stann Creek District, has never made it into any newscast. It’s a predominantly safe and quiet Mayan Village with an estimated population of less than two hundred. But it has just increased the population by three. At eleven thirty p.m. on Sunday night, a young villager gave [...]

COLA’s New President and Vice
On Saturday, a new president was elected for the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action. The organization, which has about five hundred registered members, now has a new President and V.P. The AGM for COLA was held at The Bishop Sylvester Memorial Hall where incumbent President, Moses Sulph was unseated by Vice-President, Giovanni Brackett. The [...]

James Adderley’s World of Sports
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. Folks let’s jump into the 2nd Annual Senior Karate Championships which was staged at the St. Mary’s Parish Hall yesterday. We pick up the action in the 75 kilo Male Kumite as Leon Guild with the blue belt lands the back-kick on Deon Vernon and [...]

Family welcomes triplets
Martha Cho had her first experience of giving birth last night – but instead of giving birth to one child, she had ...

Mother of attempted rape victim speaks to the media
San Ignacio Police has been remanded after reports of an attempted rape over the weekend. The incident took place i...

Roman Catholic Church assembles before gay rights court case
The Roman Catholic Church conducted a special mass at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall on Sunday. The mass was held in...

COLA holds AGM elections
COLA, Citizens organized for Liberty through action, has a new president after it’s AGM on Saturday. Elections were...

BGYEA comes up on milestone in Harmonyville project
This past Saturday, January the 28th was a historic day for Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association and its...

2nd annual Senior Karate Championship tournament
The Belize Karate Federation held its annual adult karate championships this Sunday in Belize City. Winners from th...

Possible oil well found in Southern Belize
Oil has been struck in Southern Belize! At least that’s what international energy company Treaty Energy Corporation...

Men arrested for possessing fake gun licenses
Two men have been arrested and charged for providing fake gun licenses when they went to purchase guns while a poli...

Man acquitted of murder in common-law wife's death
A man who was accused of the murder of his common-law-wife more than a year ago was acquitted this morning in the C...

Taxi ride turns into nightmare for cab driver
A Belize City taxi man was robbed at gunpoint by a passenger. 55 year old Manuel Anselmo Mendez was in his white 19......

In-fighting at the P.G. Town Council
An internal dispute at the Punta Gorda Town Council has led to the ejection of an incumbent Councillor as a candidate for re-election. Councillor Orlando Muschamp today confirmed to Love News that he was formally asked to stand down as a Councillor candidate in the March seventh Municipal Elections. The decision to remove Muschamp from the UDP municipal ticket in Punta Gorda, followed a weekend meeting with the party chairman Patrick Faber. This afternoon, the ousted Councillor candidate told Love FM’s Patrick Jones that the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was a text insult he received from Mayor Floyd Lino.

Progress report on Millenium Development Goals
A report on the country’s progress made towards the achievement of the Millennium Development goals was held today in the nation’s capital.

BAJC Holds Its Annual Health Fair
Today the Belize Adventist Junior College held its annual Health Fair at the Corozal Central Park under the theme “Health is Wealth, God’s 8 Health Laws”. From what we found out this morning, the main goal of the fair was to generate awareness and e...

BELTRADE Host Workshop With Owners Of MSME
Many might think that the Belizean Economy is solely composed of large businesses and enterprises. However, micro, small and medium enterprises also play an important role when it comes to the country’s economy. The Belize Trade and Investment Developme...

Belize Free Of Swine fever Disease But BAHA On High Alerts
Today the Belize Agriculture Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries sent out a press release informing the general public that over 7,000 pigs in Guatemala have been slaughtered due to a massive outbreak of the classical swi...

Muffles High School Holds Annual Science And Business Fair
Schools across the country host it and students are eagerly stimulated to be the top winners. Science Fairs are seen as a medium which offers an opportunity to students to showcase their scientific and technological thoughts. This is no exception to the s...

P.U.P. Standard Bearer For Caribbean Shores Steps Down
In political news CTV3 News understands that P.U.P Standard Bearer for Caribbean Shores Anthony Mahler has step down. In his resignation letter sent to the Party Secretariat, Mahler stated that he was stepping down due to personal reasons. In his le...

Armed Robbery Takes Place In Broad Day Light
Today, a businessman’s lunch hour was quickly transformed into a frightful experience as he was robbed at gunpoint by two men who entered his store located on Belize Corozal Road. Around midday Freddy Vasquez, owner of Zapateria Mari was having lunc...

Elderly Man Accused Of Fondling 11 Year Old Minor
There is a disturbing report coming out of Corozal tonight involving a 71 year old man and an 11 year old female minor from the Village of Libertad. This morning the 71 year old, whose name we will not reveal in order to protect the child’s identity, ap...

Police Recovered Items Stolen From Farm Fresh In Carmelita Village

Two Charged For Robbery Of Zapateria "Mari"

Residents Of San Antonio Road Demand Their Street To Be fix

P.U.P Corozal Bay Holds Sporting Event

Corozal Resident Freed Of Murder Charge

Malnutrition a Major Problem In Belize

January 29, 2012

Mama Vilma Fashion Show Enjoyed By All
Last night on Saturday, January 28th the Mama Vilma Committee held their second annual fashion show fund raiser. The organization of community volunteers are raising funds for the Mama Vilma’s Family Home where they hope to offer housing and support to women, families and men who are in need. They are committed to creating awareness of child and family abuse and the means of how to prevent it.

Meet your Councilor Candidates
With the municipal elections right around the corner, The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to present the Councilor Candidates to the San Pedro public. We have devised five questions which were disseminated to all candidates for their response. It is our hope that their response to these questions will assist you, the voting public in your decision making process come March 7, 2012. In this issue we feature response from two UDP candidates and two PUP candidates.

El Pescador hosts Tagging Tournament
El Pescador Lodge is honored to have hosted the 1st Annual Invitational Tagging Tournament to Benefit Bonefish & Tarpon Trust at El Pescador Jan 12 – 16th. El Pescador has worked with The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (BTT) and their tagging program since 2009. We tag permit, bonefish and tarpon in order to answer basic questions about population, growth rates and movements to better understand how to protect both the fish as well as their habitats. The tournament required anglers and guides to not only measure the fish before release, but to tag bonefish and permit and to take a DNA sample from tarpon by swiping a sponge across their upper jaw.

2nd Annual Charity Mama Vilma's Fashion Show: From the Bartender's Side
Yesterday evening was the big charity fashion show for Mama Vilma's organization that is working on building a home for abused and neglected women and children on the island. It is a pretty big event, with almost 400 tickets for a sale, a cocktail party, a fashion show and an after party with a band.

Smokin' Sunday Lazy Croc opening!
This week we were excited to hear that Lazy Croc would be opening for one day only on Sunday, and we made plans to go for lunch. Was there ever any doubt? We were planning to arrive right at the opening time (11:00 am), but Barry decided to take a bird-watching walk and didn't get back until around 11:20. He had walked back past the Croc, and said that the golf carts were lined up on the road, and a couple of items had already sold out (ribs and pulled chicken).

Belize Wifi Report: One Giant Monopoly
General Availability: Medium to High Quality of Bandwidth: Usually very bad. Few places pay for high speed. Unless you can get a hardline, count on painfully slow connections. Frequency of internet in hotels: Medium. The more touristy the more likely to have internet. But if you need it, check in advance. Frequency of internet in campgrounds: Surprisingly high. Most campgrounds were part of a hotel or wildlife sanctuary that also had restaurants with wifi. Every campground we stayed at had internet, but we planned it that way. Average cost to connect: Free at hotels and campgrounds. $5-$15 BZ ($2.50-$7.50 USD) per hour otherwise. The cayes tend to be higher ($15bz per hour $7.50USD)

Archaeology Magazine: Special Collector's Issue on the Maya | Moon Travel Guides
If there's one thing I've learned this past year of reading books about the Maya, it is that the truth about the Maya is far more fascinating than the stories of crystal skulls. So I guess I've become a bit of a Maya truth junkie. That's why I did not hesitate to click away $8 for a copy of ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE: THE MAYA. It is a "best of" collector's edition featuring articles on the latest discoveries, hundreds of photos, maps, timelines, and I'll find out what else when the magazine comes. "Come with Archaeology's editors as they dive deep into the sacred pools where the Maya made human sacrifices to the gods, watch modern boxers in Mexico recreating the sacred rituals of their Maya ancestors, and delve into one man's obsession with an ancient Maya queen."

The January 29th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Trevor Jones Gets 10 Years In Jail For Gun and Bullets
  • Steer Clear Of The Courtroom Of Magistrate Morgan
  • Adapting The Broken Window Theory Of Policing
  • Miralda Goes Away For Seven Years
  • Know Ye, All Who Sags
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

Treaty Energy Corporation Strikes Oil in Belize
The SAN JUAN #2 well is near Independence Village, Belize, located adjacent to the Port of Big Creek in the Stann Creek District.

Arkansas Doctor Starts Women's Health Initiative In Belize
Next month, a Little Rock doctor will complete a yearlong project to help women in Belize get necessary medical care. Dr. Gary Wheeler with the University ...

Belize Deports US Female Fugitive to US for Murder
Latin American Herald Tribune - 6 hours ago LOS ANGELES -- A fugitive wanted for a June 2010 homicide in the city of Palmdale was returned to the US today following her capture in Belize, ...

Central America Sees Boom in European Visitor Numbers
Central America received a total of 9,577,114 foreign visitors during the first ten months of 2011, according to preliminary data provided by the ministries of tourism of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The Belize Tourist Board reported a six per cent increase in the total number of visitors, compared to the same period in 2010. The British and Germans were the largest groups of visitors to this ex-British colony, renowned for its coral reef (the second largest in the world), Mayan ruins and ethnic communities such as the Garifuna.

January 28, 2012

Let's Head North! Part Two
Two days ago, I headed north to visit some restaurants and bars that I either haven't been to or haven't visited in a while. (See Part One) Over the bridge, we stopped at Coco Locos, Kama Lounge and Jolly Rogers. We then pulled into Palapa Bar, probably the most well known bar north of the bridge and definitely the only one on a pier that allows you to lounge in inner tubes while they lower your drinks down to you in a bucket. Can't beat ...

January 29th issue of the Independent, click here

PUP says Elvin Penner committed a criminal act!
The legal proceedings regarding the sale of Belize Telemedia Limited will start all over again, a ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice had effected on Thursday, January 26.

A death ride for Burthen Garoy!
Police investigators are yet to make any arrests or establish a motive for apparent abduction and murder of Burthen Garoy Jr., 26, which occurred on Tuesday evening, January 24. Garoy had left his Cemetery Road home around 6:20 p.m., after purchasing food for his common-law wife to prepare supper.

BTL litigation begins anew
The legal proceedings regarding the sale of Belize Telemedia Limited will start all over again, a ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice had effected on Thursday, January 26. The CCJ convened via a teleconference from its in Port of Spain, Trinidad seat, and made a case management ruling on two BTL cases: Dean Boyce versus the Attorney General of Belize and the Minister of Public Utilities, and the British Caribbean Bank versus the Attorney General of Belize and the Minister of Public Utilities.

Police Minister wants to decriminalize marijuana
Marijuana may soon be decriminalized in Belize and the strict penalty for being found with even small amounts of the drug may be greatly mitigated. Minister of Police and Public Safety, Doug Singh, told The Reporter that the initiative is coming from his ministry, which is being assisted by a few persons outside. The Ministry is currently preparing a paper that will be presented to Cabinet, Singh explained.

Corporal Peck’s arrest causes rift in Police Dept.
There is an administrative rift in the Belize Police Department over the arrest of a Police Special Branch Corporal Gino Peck, 44, who the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) arrested on Saturday, January 21, for allegedly keeping illegal ammunition at his home.

VIP calls for voter re-registration
The Vision Inspired by the People Party has called on the United Democratic Party administration to hold a new registration of the electoral lists for all constituencies before the next general elections. VIP chairman Robert “Bobby” Lopez made the call at a joint press conference with the People’s National Party at the Chateau Caribbean on Tuesday, January 24. Lopez said their request was in response to “the hasty and irregular manner” in which more than a thousand new names of recently nationalized immigrants were added to the electoral rolls during the past month.

Southside Poverty Alleviation Project contracts signed for Phase II
Three contracts for the second phase of the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, worth Bze $14.5 million and jointly funded by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and the Government of Belize, were signed at the Ministry of Works in Belmopan on Monday January 23, 2012. One contract was for the dredging and lining of the Collet Canal in Belize City from Conch Shell Bay to Yarborough Bridge. It also includes the dredging and partial lining of the North Creek Canal and the upgrading of adjacent streets.

Coroner’s Inquest finds no evidence for the murder of businessman Richard Hoare
On the night of August 1, 2007, businessman Richard Hoare was killed in an execution style shooting, but no one will be held criminally responsible. According to the three-member jury that deliberated for an hour after sitting in on the all-day Coroner’s Inquest on January 20, there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone for Hoare’s murder.

BNE Charitable trust helps CVM Outreach Center
The Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust contributed $40,000 to the Outreach Center of the Centro Vision Misionero (CVM) church in Belize City, which was inaugurated by B.N.E. and church officials on Tuesday, January 24. The center, which has a total value of $52,854.00, will help single mothers develop the sewing skills necessary for them to earn their own income and support their families. Christian Sewing Program’s Pedro Perez said they are presently training over 100 women in sewing groups in Corozal, Los Tambos, Belize City and other parts of the country, and that there are presently eight more groups in different parts of the country who are waiting to start, but they are waiting on sewing machines.

Mexico increases entry fee to $45
Mexico has increased the entry fee, known as DNI (Derecho de No Inmigrante), charged to tourists and transit travellers of all nationalities, including Belizeans, from $262 pesos to $294 pesos (approximately BZ $45). All foreign nationals who enter Mexico by air, road or sea, must pay the DNI entry fee to the Mexican Government. These include tourists staying in Mexico more than 7 (seven) consecutive days; transit travellers with destination to a third country regardless of the time needed for their transit, and those who enter Subteniente Lopez, Chetumal, by road and whose purpose is to board a flight in Cancun to travel to another country, as well as those arriving inCancun with Belize as their destination. and holders of the FMVLborder card, (Forma Migratoria de Visitante Local), who overstay the three days quota they are allowed under FMVL status. This fee is payable in addition to sanctions for overstaying.

PUP wants fixed 4-year term for life of national Assembly
Since Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement that General Elections may be as early as this year, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) has hit the ground running with plans to recapture Belmopan. The latest move by the Opposition came on Saturday, at a National Party Council where the PUP approved two major resolutions. The first demanded a fixed term of four years for all future national governments. The resolution says the PUP will pass legislation for a four-year term when it comes to power.

Elections and Boundaries suspends officer and launches investigation
Mariliee Squires, the Elections and Boundaries Department Assistant Registering Officer attached to the San Pedro office, has been suspended, pending the completion of an investigation. Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai told The Reporter on Wednesday, January 24, that her department had recommended Squires’ suspension, which the Public Service Commission approved. GOB will take stock of remaining Rosewood timber but APAMO says moratorium needs to be immediate

Editorial, The Reporter
The Government of Belize has announced its intention to award a contract for the paving of East and West Collet Canal Streets in southside Belize City, and for the narrowing of Collet Canal. Readers will remember that East Canal, also on southside Belize City, was narrowed in this way with good over-all results. But it is a good idea to remind ourselves of the essential drainage work these canals perform in keeping Belize City drained, and be aware that if we narrow the canals too much we will be helping to create a flooding problem which could have unexpected results.

UK will boost Caribbean aid
The Caribbean is to receive £75 million (US$116.5 million) in development projects from the United Kingdom over four years to help with job-creation, improve security, and combat the threat posed by natural disasters and climate change. UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague, said the funds represent a considerable increase on previous aid budgets, signaling the strong commitment to the region. The disclosure was made during the just-ended two-day 7th Seventh UK-Caribbean Ministerial Forum held under the theme, “Sustainable Growth Towards Prosperity”.

Frank Sutherland Endorsed As Chairman of Corozal Football Association
Over the past few months the Football Federation of Belize has been holding elections for their district representatives. Here in Orange Walk the election was won by Rawell Pelayo and his team. But unlike Orange Walk there were no elections in the Cor...

While Students of Louisiana Receive Free Dental Care
In the second segment of our newscast we told you about the women of the Praying Pelican Missions Team from Madison Wisconsin who were offering free cosmetic services to women of the Orange Walk Community. But they were not the only ones that were hard at...

Students of La Inmaculada School Take Part in Football Competition
Without a doubt sports plays a very important role in the life of a child, hence why we always hear about football, basketball and even softball marathons. Apart from keeping children healthy, sport’s keeps them away from the streets. Today when we visi...

8th Week of Crop Season Receives Good Reviews
8 weeks have passed since the 2011/2012 crop season kicked off in late November. According to reports from B.S.I so far the factory has milled a total of 264,344 tons of cane producing 24,480 tons of sugar. For the eight week of crop the factory ...

Praying Pelican Missions Offer Free Cosmetic Services To Women of The Orange Walk Community
Praying Pelican Missions was established in 2003 with the vision to literally impact the entire world. Over the course of the years many of the groups have visited Belize offering different types of services, including dentistry, to members of the communi...

January 27, 2012

Good Bye BC's Beach Bar?
Since I moved to Belize over 5 years ago, there have been rumors that one of San Pedro's most popular beach bars was going to move or shut down. The leased prime property where they are situated is just too good. Condominiums or a hotel were bound to come. A few days ago a giant sign went up on the lot. It's a bit depressing. What is better than a simple wooden palapa bar with cheap drinks, great bartenders and a steady group of regulars (it's pretty much the Belizean equivalent of "Cheers") directly on the beach? Not much.

Day trip to Lamanai (Part 3) - the birds
We always enjoy seeing new birds whenever we go anywhere outdoors, and we knew we'd probably have the opportunity to add to our life lists on this trip to Lamanai. Sure enough, we did. In fact, both of us went over 200 species on our lists on this trip. Not a huge number to experienced birders, but we are happy with it. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture photos of all of them, but Barry got most. Isidro, our tour guide, carried a bird book with him and did a great job identifying the birds we saw -- much better than we could have done on our own.

Let's Head North! Part One
Yes, you heard me....NORTH! And every time I cross the bridge (only about 2 miles from where I live), I wonder why I don't hit the north part of Ambergris Caye more often. So many beautiful condos, so many great restaurants and bars. It is very good to broaden my horizons. (It's also good to have a friend with a turbo-golf cart.)

University of Belize comes to San Pedro Town
What is education some people may ask? Among the varied definitions it is the systematic imparting and acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitudes aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals. And this is exactly what San Pedro High set out to accomplish when it opened its doors in 1971. To further its mission in education San Pedro High became the sister organization to San Pedro Junior College which was founded in 2000.

San Pedro Elections and Boundaries Officer Suspended
Marilee Squires, assistant registering officer at the Elections and Boundaries San Pedro Town sub office remains on suspension with 50% salary pending the outcome of an investigation. This follows public and political uproar after Severo Guerrero Jr., United Democratic Party Town Council Councilor Candidate was caught on camera behind the desk belonging to Ms Squires.

Minor Accident brings Traffic to a Standstill
Traffic came to a temporary standstill shortly after 1:30PM today Friday at the junction of Coconut Drive and Tarpon Street, following a minor mishap. The incident involved an American tourist, 58 year old Susan Fessler of Huxley Iowa, who was driving a golf cart rented from Crystal Golf Cart Rental and a taxi driver. Luckily, no one was hurt and neither of the vehicles was significantly damaged.

Marlon Castro: September 20, 1980 – January 27, 2012
Marlon Castro was known to many as the ever smiling guy who was friends with everyone. The news of his death is shocking to many, and scores are mourning the loss of a great guy. Recently diagnosed with cancer, 31-year-old Marlon fought hard against a battle that ultimately won.

Video Pick: Kitesurfing in San Pedro
Kitexplorer, the Belizean Kite Surfing Company since 2002 is now in San Pedro! They have set up shop at the corner of Tarpon St. and Pescador Drive, but their office is mostly located out there in the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Ambergris Today’s cameras caught the guys in action during one of their days out at WORK!

Mayor’s Financial Report Leaves Questions Unanswered
After eight years of running the Town Council under the UDP administration Mayor Elsa Paz held an official meeting to present an end of term financial report of the San Pedro Town Council; reports are due every year. Last night San Pedro got a 15-minute report of random figures that lead to only one conclusion. San Pedro is still in the dark when it comes to getting a clear picture of the financial operations of the San Pedro Town Council.

Saying Goodbye to Marlon Castro
Cherish your loved ones, always share your time with friends and smile with acquaintances. You never know when they will be taken away from you. Such is the case of a dear friend of San Pedro. Marlon Castro was recently diagnosed with cancer and to the unexpected shock of the community he passed away this morning Friday, January 27, 2012. Marlon leaves behind a loving wife and two children.

The theme “We Are One” sounds almost like a September celebrations one, but this is the theme of the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, ...

“This week cabinet agreed to a survey of the Rosewood stock in Belize. The extraction of this precious hardwood being harvested in the south has been the ...

In connection with the observance, the Chinese community in Belize has organized ... The first is a party tomorrow morning at the Belize Elementary School ... AsianWeek

The Belmopan City Council in and the Belize National Football Association are teaming up to host a football competition for primary school age children.

A shooting incident last night in Belize City has left one man injured. The victim has been identified as forty eight year old Lionel Myles, a resident of ...


The San Pedro Town Council presented the final report of its 3-year term last night at the Lion’s Den. With the incumbent Councils term coming to a close, Mayor Elsa Paz said the Council remained committed to the concept of accountability and transparency. Despite the dismal participation of the public, Mayor Paz highlighted in her report that total revenue collected for the period April 2009 to March 2010 was $4.1 million, an increase of three hundred thousand dollars more than their budgeted amount.

Belize Threatened By Classical Swine Fever
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have today issue an alert informing the general public that neighboring Guatemala is experiencing a massive outbreak of Classical Swine Fever Disease in pigs. The disease has affected almost the entire country of Guatemala which has led to the disposal of over 7,000 pigs. Crazy! $14 Million Lottery Winner In Iowa Refuses To Claim The Money!!!
We'll take it if they don't want it! Ha! We've just learned that an attorney who WAS representing a trust attempting to claim a Hot Lotto jackpot of $14.3 million in Iowa has WITHDRAWN the trust's claim to the money! WTF! It gets weirder, though - apparently the attorney doesn't even know the identity of the person who no longer wants the prize! All the attorney knows is that the winner's trust is "a corporation in Belize, a small Central American country of about 330,000 people in a land area about one-sixth the size of Iowa." Bizarre.

CCJ Finds In Government's Favour
Today the Caribbean Court of Justice handed down a major decision relating to Telemedia, The Ashcroft Alliance and the Eighth Amendment. Back in August, the CCJ granted special lea...

Belize's first Lady Ombudsman is no more. Cynthia Pitts today confirmed to us that her three year contract expired on December 31st. and it will not be renewed. Pitts told us that she...

Labourer Accused Of Rape
Ruhesi Eligio, a Belize City laborer, was arraigned for a single charge rape when he appeared in the Magistrate's Court Today. It is alleged that the he raped a 23 year old female on ...

Young Man Needs Heart Help
The family of a 22 year old young man that suffers from a heart condition and requires surgery is appealing for the public's assistance, after medical authorities here have indicated to th...

UNESCO Distributed Books
The Ministry of Education is donating books to 16 schools country-wide. It is a part of the Minister Patrick Faber's plan of action to facilitate reading by providing students around the...

Belizean Students Excel In International Art Competition
Today, also at Saint Joseph Primary, NICH celebrated the accomplishments of 7 students who submitted their art work as entries in the 42nd World School Children Art Exhibition held in ...

Min Of Transport To Meet with Mexican Authorities
Belize's Transport Minister Melvin Hulse and the Mexican Director General of Transport will meet next week to discuss new regulations for Belizean buses entering the Mexican border. It s...

Mexican Fee Or Mexi-Mordida?
And keeping it in Mexico, last night we told you about a $5.00 increase to the Mexican exit fee bringing it to about $45BZ. Well today a viewer emailed us saying that that she had to pay m...

The Little Radio Station That Could
When you consider that only 25 years ago - there was only one radio station and presence throughout Belize, it's fairly impressive to know now that there are now over thirty licensed r...

UNIBAM Case Goes Back To Court On Monday
On Monday, a mob of attorneys are expected to descend on the Supreme court of Belize for the preliminary hearing of the UNIBAM case. The actual hearing will not start on Monday - but bec...

Belize City man is shot in the face during dominoes game
A single shotgun blast rang out in an alley behind Amara Avenue late Thursday night disrupting a friendly game of dominoes and sending a group of friends scrambling for cover. When the echo subsided, one Belize City man was left bleeding profusely after he was hit by a round to the face. He was immediately [...]

P.U.P. Caribbean Shores standard bearer is out of the race
People’s United Party candidate for the Caribbean Shores constituency, Anthony Mahler, has stepped down as standard bearer with immediate effect. Mahler won decisively over his opponent Joe Coye in a party convention held in April 2011. His campaign for the upcoming general elections was already underway as banners and other propaganda adorn several lampposts in [...]

UNIBAM launches “We are one” wristband campaign
United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) came to prominence in mid 2011 when, under the leadership of Caleb Orosco, it launched a constitutional challenge against the Government of Belize. Through its challenge, UNIBAM is asking the Supreme Court to declare section fifty-three of the Criminal Code to be unconstitutional since it criminalizes same-sex relationships. While that [...]

Viewers support reduced government term and fixed general elections date
In its last National Party Council meeting on Saturday, the People’s United Party approved a resolution to reduce the term of government to four years and set a fixed date for general elections, if it were to take office. We put the question to our viewers on Tuesday, asking if they would support such legislative [...]

Dr. Jaime Awe speaks on major archaeological find in San Ignacio
It made national headlines at the start of the week when contractors working on Burns Avenue unearthed an array of Mayan artifacts in the heart of downtown San Ignacio. On Sunday, work on a sustainable tourism program was halted upon the discovery of ceramic vessels, stone tools and skeletal remains underground. Archaeologists have since observed [...]

Fabers Road resident charged for burglarizing her neighbor’s home
A Fabers Road woman was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning for an alleged burglary at the home of her neighbor. Twenty-four year old Janine Lord appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and pleaded not guilty to a single charge of burglary. Lord is accused of entering the residence of [...]

Cop outsmarted by medical technician and caught in extortion attempt
A sting operation on Thursday has resulted in charges being brought against a police officer. Twenty-eight year old Police Constable Amir Moh, a resident of San Jose Palmar in Orange Walk, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court today on a charge of Extortion. According to forty-eight year old Alexander Tate, the officer demanded [...]

Man in need of heart surgery passes away at K.H.M.H.
On Thursday night, we aired a plea from Belize City resident, James Elijio, who was seeking financial assistance to send his son to the US for heart surgery. But tonight, there is an unfortunate update to that story. Twenty-one year old Jermaine Elijio passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where was admitted for [...]

Hundreds receive free wheelchairs from Rotary Clubs of Belize and New Mexico
The local Rotary Club was the lucky recipient of a much needed donation of wheelchairs this morning. The Club started its wheelchair project some four to five years ago and, to date, including this latest donation, the organization has distributed two thousand wheelchairs. According to Rotary Club President Francis Woods, while this supply of locally [...]

Belizeans wear black in support of referendum on oil exploration
Did you notice an unusual number of persons wearing black on a hot day like today? Well, it’s all a part of the Black Friday event organized by the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage. The fashion statement being made by those who participated is that they are against oil exploration; both offshore and [...]

2nd Annual Senior National Karate championships this Sunday
Sport Karate is becoming increasingly popular in Belize, especially with athletes bringing back numerous medals from international competitions. This weekend the local karatekas will be challenging each other in the second annual senior national karate championships. The event, which will be held on Sunday, is expected to be an impressive display of skill and discipline [...]

Elderly Belize City woman receives a new house
It’s almost a month into the New Year, but it’s not too late for a fresh start. That’s what an elderly Belize City resident received today when the Customs Department handed over a new move-in ready house. With the help of students from the Tubal Trade and Vocational Institute in Ladyville, the three bedroom wooden [...]

From the Archives: A look back at the Camel Trophy of 1995
2012 is the year of the Maya and as Belize observes the Mayan Calendar, we went digging in our archives for a feature story first aired in 1995. It is known as the Camel Trophy. The Competition aimed to market Camel products, land rover automobiles and pay homage to the Mundo Maya territories. The three [...]

Burthen Garoy, 26, shot 6 times
He was found dead on the Boom-Hattieville Road... Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of a Belize City resident whose bullet-ridden body was found off the side of the Burrell Boom-Hattieville Road on Tuesday night.

Police late, kidnapped Concepcion woman rescued by villagers!
A case of apparent kidnapping in Concepcion, Corozal District, ended in the safe recovery of the would-be hostage, as her kidnappers fled from family members and concerned villagers who united to mount a rescue operation.

1,098 got citizenship in January
Immigration Director Ruth Meighan announced today on The Adele Trapp Show that an in-house tally for January 2012 indicates that 1,098 new citizenships have been granted in January 2012, in the course of four swearing-in sessions.

BEL accepts 6.14% rate decrease
Consumers will save an average of 6 cents on the dollar... The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), a government-controlled utility, announced today that it won’t object to the 6.14% rate reduction which the Public Utilities Commission stipulated in its initial decision on tariffs. In December, BEL had requested a 3.4% rate reduction.

Supreme Court dismisses 2nd jury in soldier’s ammunition case
In the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice, Herbert Lord, the trial against BDF sergeant, Emmerson Michael, for possession of an unlicensed firearm, had to be rescheduled for the next session of the Supreme Court, which commences in April, 2012, due to the dismissal of the 9-panel jury by the judge.

Conejo tells US Capital Energy to stop!
Makins say US Capital was cutting seismic trails on ancestral lands without permission... Oil company rep says it was “a genuine mistake”... Enrique Makin and Euphemio Makin, the chairman and alcalde of Conejo Village respectively, have written the local agent, Alistair King, of US Capital Energy Limited in Belize, the company exploring for oil in the area of the Sarstoon-Temash National Park in Toledo, to ask them to stop all their activities on their communal lands, because the village did not grant them permission to run seismic lines in the village.

Strategic Defence and Security Review planned for Belize
Belize’s last strategic review was done in 2000 - 12 years ago. In speaking of an ongoing process to conduct a Strategic Defence and Security Review for Belize, Brigadier General Dario Tapia, Commander of the Belize Defence Force (BDF), cautioned that if the nation is not prepared to deal with existing threats, which are bound to expand in the area of narcotics, it could very well lose the battle.

Prayer session scheduled outside Supreme Court as homosexual lawsuit gets underway
And on Monday January 30th, while attorneys for UNIBAM, the Government of Belize and the church will be inside the ...

UNIBAM launches LBGT rights campaign in Belize
UNIBAM and its supporters have launched a public campaign to promote the homosexual agenda in Belize in line with i...

Fisheries Department helps save endangered sea turtle
Belize is one of the few places that you can find the Central American river turtle locally known as the "hickatee"...

Armed robbery at Sweet Dream Garden Motel
An armed robbery took place in the City of Belmopan late last night.17 year old Business man Alwin Li reported to B...

Police seeking public's help in shooting incident
A man was shot in Belize City last night, Thursday January 26. 48 year Lionel Myles, a Belizean laborer of Belize C...

Special mass being held in response to homosexual agenda
On Sunday in Belize City, the Roman Catholic Church will be conducting a special mass in response to the homosexual...

Injunction lifted against Government’s selling of BTL shares
The Caribbean Court of Justice handed down a major decision yesterday in Government’s favour. It has to do with the...

Rape suspect out on bail
A Belize City man was arraigned on a charge of rape in Belize City’s magistrate court. Yesterday, Ruhesi Eligio, wa...

Cop charged with extortion
A police officer has been charged with extortion. A report was made by forty eight year old Alexander Tate that on ...

Streets in Belmopan receiving much needed repairs
Election time normally brings with it better streets….and so streets in the City of Belmopan are receiving some muc...

Mexico increases entry fees
lmost one month into the New Year, Belizeans are now finding out that the Mexican government has increased entry fees for persons entering or in-transiting the country. Effective January first, the new DNI or Derecho de No Immigrante fee is two hundred and ninety four pesos or approximately forty five Belize dollars. That is an increase of five dollars from the previous two hundred and sixty two pesos. A statement from the Mexican embassy in Belize, states that the entry fee is payable to the Mexican government by all foreign nationals entering Mexico by air, road or sea.

Suga City Feria Artesanal Scheduled To Take Place This Saturday
Last year the Banquitas House of Culture organized and hosted the “Suga City Feria Artesanal” at the end of every month. During the event artists were given the opportunity to showcase their talent in beading, painting, crotchet and other handicrafts....

U.D.P Mayoral Candidate Ivan Leiva Challenged To a Debate Will He Accept?
On January 17th 2012 Love F.M held their first round of Mayors Debate. Five candidates namely, Karen Bodden, Darrell Bradley, Paco Smith, Ernesto Torres and Stephen Okeke contesting the Mayoral seat in Belize City, were the first to participate in the edu...

P.U.P Communications Director Says P.U.P Resolutions Will Bring Political Reform
On Monday we told you that between December 10th and Thursday 19th of January, over 5,000 new registered voters had been recorded countrywide, with the north seeing the highest amount of applicants. Here in Orange Walk, in a span of two weeks, a total of ...

Missionaries Resume Work At Seventh Day Adventist School In Progresso
After all the chaos that occurred in March of last year between workers of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School and a family in the village of Progresso over an alleyway used as an access road by the family, today our news crew found another group of ...

Government Owned BEL Will Not Object To 6.4% Reduction in Electricity Rates
While the Public Utilities Commission waits around to see if there will be objections to the newly proposed water rates, so far there have been no objections as it pertains to the 6.4% reduction in electricity rates. And from the looks of it there will be...

Dean Barrow Pulls Out Another Political Gimmick, Lowering of Water Rates
With Municipal Elections and probably General Elections right around the corner, the United Democratic Party is relying on political gimmicks in order to garner support for the elections. All of the work that was not done in three years is now being carri...

29 Year Old Woman Abducted by Five Armed Mask Men
A 29 year old woman from the village of Concepcion in the Corozal District is tonight recuperating from a frightful ordeal after she was abducted by five armed masked men as she was preparing breakfast for her common-law-husband. The incident happened aro...

Chinese Community Celebrates Year Of The Dragon
With the sound of firecrackers and music, today the Chinese community celebrated their New Years in style. Today marked the beginning of the year of the dragon and as our Chinese brothers and sisters said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the New Year,...

Corozal North Ready for Elections!
Prime Minister Dean Barrow made an official visit to Cristo Rey Village on Sunday, January 22. Residents of Cristo Rey and other villages in Corozal North came out in impressive numbers to express their gratitude to PM Barrow and the ...

Lower Water Rates
On Tuesday January 24th ,the Public Utilities Commission called a press conference in which it announced a 7.2% reduction in water rates. The announcement comes a couple of weeks after ...

GOB must pay $33,537,066.66 Feb 20 - Thanks to PUP
Another choking Superbond payment is due on Friday February 20th. This time, the payment has reached an incredible BZ$33,537,066.66. Payments for the Superbond began on February 20th, 2007 at an interest rate of 4%. Now, the interest rate is at ...

Contracts signed for Canal Lining, Jane Usher Blvd. and Pen
On Monday, January 20, Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Works, signed three contracts under Phase 2 of the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project that will significantly upgrade the infrastructure of Belize City and provide jobs for city ...

VIP and PNP are against SSB Mortgage write offs
If you speak to any of the 782 persons who received a government write off on their Social Security Board loans, they would tell you that they are excessively happy and grateful that the UDP government for writing off their ...

Remanded for slashing brother in law’s face
On Friday January 20th, 19-year-old Esau Bainton, a Cabinet Maker of #23 Perez Road, Ladyville was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where he was read a charge of grievous harm upon Ehud Haulze, his brother-in-law. Bainton pleaded guilty ...

Wesley Upper wins two in primary schools basketball
The Belize City Primary Schools Basketball Competition continued on Tuesday January 24, with two male games and a single female game on the schedule. In the female game, Buttonwood Bay Nazarene defeated Queen Square Anglican School by the score of ...

January 22, 2012

Who says we get the day off? Burns Avenus becomes new Tenochtitlan
The town council has a project in the center of town right now and part of it consists of laying down drain pipes, and putting all the wires underground. So when they started digging on Burns to lay the first of the pipes right where the alley is between Venus & Serendib they started find ceramics - but not just any ceramics - whole vessels....PreClassic vessels. So from Serendib along up to to where we were excavating today the cultural level continues.

Sunday birding photos and cooking adventures
We biked out to Grand Belizean Estates for some birding this morning, then rode along the road north, still looking for bird life, until it became impassable just before Mata Chica. It was a very productive morning of birding. I got to see my first Lineated Woodpecker -- what a cool bird! Barry had seen several, as he often sneaks out on early-morning birding walks while I'm still snoozing. I also caught a fleeting glance of a Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture, but he was gone from his perch too quickly to get a photo. This afternoon was a busy one in the kitchen. I made a Belizean-style Sweet Potato Pone, very similar to a bread pudding, but with yams instead of bread (much healthier!) The yams had been freebies from Maria on two different trips to her fruit and vegetable stand, so it was high time to use them. The Pone was quite tasty.

Saturday Night In San Pedro: Poker Run
Since I have just recently become a mild fan of poker, I decided to join some friends for a poker run. For the past few years, local bars have been organizing the event to get people to visit more places, to have a little fun, to maybe win a bit of money and drink a whole bunch. Here is the deal. There are 5 different pub stops. At each of the first four, you receive a card. At the last stop, five "group cards" are revealed to the whole crowd. Choosing two from your own cards and three from the "group five", the best hand in the crowd wins. Got it? Yeah...well...doesn't matter. It's a game called Omaha and pretty much insures that everyone is in it until the bitter end. Last night all forty of us started at Pedro's Inn. Here is their signature wall decor.

First Crocodile Rescue of the Year by Isla Bonita Elementary
Friday the 13th marked the date for the first crocodilian rescue on Ambergris Caye. At 9:40AM Cherie Chenot-Rose of ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary received a call from Mrs. Abby Martinez from the Isla Bonita School. Martinez explained that she had rescued a small croc that was in the DFC area in the middle of the road and a long ways from any natural water source. She feared that the little croc would either be run over or possibly attacked by a local pet. She went on to explain that she saved it because she remembered ACES teaching the children at her school about the importance of crocodiles last year and “she didn’t wish it to get hurt.”

Long time gone
“Lots of people around the mid-valley remember William Conde, formerly of Harrisburg, who from 1984 to 2001 was a lumberyard owner, festival promoter, failed candidate for governor and champion of hemp and of legalizing marijuana. I love living here in Belize,” he said. “The village contains about 1,300 people, and the area is peaceful and fertile. I don’t have the money that I used to, but I have the greatest wealth of all, which is good health and spiritual well being. My wife, Ruby, left a little over a year after we arrived, and I am raising my two sons as a single parent.”

Diving Belize – Where to Dive and What to Do
Belize is a favourite scuba diving destination for many people. However, it is a very diverse destination and there are many places that you could go to, each with very different diving opportunities. Some of these are suitable only for more advanced divers, so you do need to make sure that you remain safe. If you are wondering how safe Belize is, it really depends on where you choose to dive and what your experience and skill levels are.

The January 22nd, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

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January 21, 2012

Sunrise: A Walk Through the Escalante Area
The sun rose this morning at about's going to be a beautiful day, warm but breezy. I took a walk over to the neighborhood that is closest to mine, the Escalante subdivision. First utilized only about fifteen years ago (when 1.5 miles south of town was seen as "da bush"), it was acquired from a private family, the Escalantes. Apparently, it was then secretly offered out only to the town council's close friends and families.

Two Minors accuse adults of Child Molestation
Disturbing news has been received from the San Pedro Police Department that two minors have reported sexual assault by adult individuals in two separate incidents. The first case involves a five year old student. The San Pedro Sun spoke with the mother of the minor, who explained to us what happened.

Yoga at Ak'bol -- my Saturday morning renewal
We live right down the beach from Ak'Bol "yoga retreat and eco-resort". Back in the fall, I bid on and won a series of six lessons in the Saga Humane Society's silent auction. I had only done yoga for a short time through a weekly class at work, which had been discontinued due to budget cuts during the Nortel bankruptcy, so I was feeling very rusty. I started attending class at Ak'bol every Saturday morning towards the end of 2011 and loved it. Once my gift certificate ran out, I knew I had to continue on with it.

The Wet Exit – Learning the basics of kayaking in Belize
The boat ride to Lighthouse Reef is an adventure in itself, but the day is not over yet. After our tour of the camp, a safety talk, and getting our luggage settled in our cabana tents, we hear the blowing of the conch-shell. This is our call to gather, and in this case we are gathering for our introduction to paddling, and to getting wet. As in Wet Exit. When your kayak tips over, you have two choices: either roll it back up, or get out. Since the Eskimo Roll is an advanced manoeuvre, and very difficult to execute in a double kayak even by skilled paddlers, the wet exit is the more likely choice. So we have to learn how to do it. And what better place to develop your wet exit skills than the tropical waters of Belize?

The secret is in the sauce
I sat at the table, making sure I was looking both attentive and polite. The aroma of grilled chicken, heady with citrus and charcoal, wafted to my nose, pulling my attention from my host, to the plate in front of me. “Muchas muchas muchas gracias, Señora Matus!” “You are very welcome. Eat and tell me how do you like it?” A horse out of the gate, I dug in. It was everything that was promised to me; sweet, spiced pull-apart chicken with a sticky and crunchy crust. I look her in the eye and smiled.

Traveling to the Luxurious Wilderness in Belize
Driving deep into the woods on dirt roads with Ben in a jeep, we arrived at The Lodge at Chaa Creek's Macal River Camp. These little houses are called casitas. Accompanied by the noises of birds, insects and the occasional dripping of water from the wet leaves, the owner of Chaa Creek made every effort to create a jungle experience for visitors without abandoning comfort and safety. Imagine listening to the howling of monkeys and panthers as you rest in this open air casitas…without electricity, alarm clocks or the noise of air conditioners.

15 Top Tips For Sellers – San Pedro Belize
Selling a home is more than just putting a sign in the front yard. Curb appeal is just as important as the layout of the furniture. Don’t use an agent that has been in San Pedro for a short period of time because they will not know the island well enough to represent potential clients. There are very few street signs and no numbers on land or homes.

January 20, 2012

The most awesome chicken salad for fruit lovers
We made a really delicious chicken salad tonight with all sorts of fresh fruit. Perfect island food. I can't even recall where we found this recipe, but it's a good one. We substituted chopped mango for the mandarin oranges.

A Beautiful Beach Can Require A Bit of Work...
The stretch of beach where I live is one of the prettiest on the Ambergris Caye. Mar de Tumbo Beach, the long sandy strip in front of Banyan Bay, is right next door. But maintaining a beach can be a little bit of work. Storms, sea grass, heavy waves have hotels and beach front residents engaged in a constant battle to maintain our sandy shoreline. I live at Royal Palms and I think...well, I know...we have a great beach and a really great dock for both swimming and boating. Here is what goes into maintaining it. These pictures was taken last week. You don't often see heavy machinery on a Belize beach.

VIP Help Wanted
“Engineers without Borders-USA” sent a group of students from the Texas A & M University to conduct a reconnaissance trip in January of 2012 during which they conducted a three part evaluation of potable water in the San Mateo Community. These evaluations included water quality field tests, water and sewer infrastructure assessment and a water quality survey. The alarming results confirmed what many have suspected for years. It’s time to round up more troops, the San Mateo Sanitation project is a Very Important Project and Heather needs all the help she can get to see it through. If you love Ambergris Caye would like to help create a green living community please contact her. Heather Zwicker of Direct Abundance

Island Invasion “The Aftermath”
For our interested Caye Caulker people attending Island Invasion, a San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi will be departing their pier in Caye Caulker enroute to San Pedro at 10:00 pm sharp and will be leaving San Pedro back to Caye Caulker at 3:00 am. Tickets for the boat is BZ$25.00 round-trip. To purchase your tickets for the boat, you can do so at Blue Wave’s Office or Julian Pacheco. Tickets for the event can be purchased at Jaguar’s Temple Night Club at the door.

Belizean Visit Just The Beginning
A visit by the Belize Minister of Education on Monday and Tuesday opened the door for Bainbridge College President Richard Carvajal to announce several initiatives to expand Bainbridge College's horizons by offering more opportunities for international education, and student and faculty exchange programs.

Preliminary study finds San Mateo water “contaminated”
The San Mateo community is back in the news after a recent preliminary report from a US based university confirmed that tests show that the water in the San Mateo Subdivision are contaminated. “Engineers without Borders-USA” sent a group of students from the Texas A & M University to conduct a reconnaissance trip in January of 2012 during which they conducted a three part evaluation of potable water in the San Mateo Community. These evaluations included water quality field tests, water and sewer infrastructure assessment and a water quality survey. The report states that “the bacteria, coliform, found in the water, can be linked to feces; thus we believe it is due to the inadequate handling of sewage in San Mateo.

Yakarelis Hernandez to retain Miss San Pedro title
The San Pedro Town Council extends its most sincere apologies to the Hernandez and Syme families for being put through this situation. Christine, you and your family have been very patient and understanding about the situation and we are very grateful for this. Yaka, you have been outgoing and dedicated to your responsibilities as Miss San Pedro and we look forward to continue working with you during the remainder of your reign. We wish nothing but the best for both of you.

“Mistake or mischief”?
Merlene Martinez, SSB CEO, added to new list of loan write-off beneficiaries... The National Assembly approved the list with her name on it... There is more controversy surrounding the Barrow administration’s multi-million-dollar loan write-off program with the Social Security Board (SSB), as the name of the SSB’s CEO, Merlene Bailey-Martinez, put last week on administrative leave pending an audit, on allegations of “insider trading,” appears on the list to which Parliamentarians have given their stamp of approval.

The mad, mad citizenship scramble!
With elections looming, new “citizens” are being facilitated and sworn in left, right and center – but is it legal and above-board? Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, Amandala witnessed firsthand as many as fifty individuals, mostly of Hispanic descent, lining up outside a private home on Amara Avenue in Belize City, behind St. John’s Primary School, with the apparent intention of being facilitated with acquiring their nationalization papers.

Senate approves SSB and Heritage Bank write-off; debate X-mas assistance program
The Senate today approved two mortgage write-off motions, a motion for a sovereign guarantee for a loan to Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) from Heritage Bank, as well as the $1.2 million X-mas Assistance Program Reporting Motion.

Mayoral aspirants tangle at public debate
Tonight at the Fordyce Memorial Chapel on the Landivar campus of St. John’s College (SJC), three tertiary level institutions, the SJC Junior College, Wesley Junior College and University of the West Indies Belize Open Campus hosted a public debate featuring the five mayoral candidates contesting the March 7 municipal election in Belize’s largest urban community.

Badly frightened key witness claims she recalls nothing!
“You are putting my life in danger,” she told the court; 3 on trial for murder then freed! Today in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas, the fate of three men charged with the murder of a once notorious street figure, Herman “Yaga” Morris, rested on a single key witness.

What you doing in there, Doc?
UDP municipal election candidate caught in San Pedro Elections and Boundaries Office after hours – EBD employee faces suspension as investigation begins... An employee at the sub-office of the Election and Boundaries Department (EBD) on San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Marilee Squires, has been asked to go on administrative leave and faces formal suspension from her duties as the investigation of an incident on the island this past Tuesday night, in which an aspirant for the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), Dr. Severo Guerrero, Jr., was found inside the office, begins.

Legendary Ali was a giant amongst men
The former heavyweight champion is still one of the most revered figures on Earth, inspiring passionate feelings more than 30 years after his final bout, more than 50 years since he won an Olympic gold medal.

A golden opportunity for football, nothing to fear; introducing Gerald “Speedy” Henry
The avalanche of opposition to, and dislike for the performance of the incumbent FFB administration has led to a feeling among the football community that there is no way 12-year President Dr. Bertie Chimilio can win another term. With this sense of impending victory, there is the danger that there may be persons with selfish agendas, who see the upcoming FFB elections as an opportunity to position themselves for personal gain. But that was exactly what the football community wanted to rid itself of, in trying to remove the present corrupt administration. Moreover, the apparent scrambling for positions on a number of slates may instead lead to a victory for the incumbent. “United we stand, divided we fall” was never more true.

Independence Village Council 6-A-Side Finals results
The Independence Village Council 6-A-Side Football Tournament was completed on Sunday, January 15, with third place and championship final games played in both female and male categories. And it was Sagitun Starz females and Royal Mayan Shrimp Boyz males emerging as tournament champions.

Belize moves to finalize Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan
“Some developers were saying they don’t want anybody on their pier... I wanted to test the theory and sit on the pier all day and fish and see what would happen. I would sue if they ever tried to put me off!” -Colin Gillett

Ideas and Opinions - What we need is a Statesman
We don’t need a great political leader. We had one. His name is George Price. For thirty years, beginning with the early fifties and ending in 1984, first as Premier and later as Prime Minister, Mr. Price was the absolute ruler of Belize, regardless of what our Constitution says about government by the National Assembly. He was absolute ruler, de facto, because the Belizean electorate gave him maximum support and, his will was their command. He had a mission and, would not let anything stand in his way until it was completed. For this, the nation of Belize is eternally grateful. Declaring him our first National Hero was one of the many tributes we paid him, while he was alive and, the nation continues to honor his memory. But now, what we need is a statesman.

Witness refuses to testify, 3 walk from murder
Three men walked away free from a murder charge after the main witness refused to testify. Art Skeet, Giovannni Gentle and Marvin Cruz Reyes were acquitted by Justice Adolph Lucas after the main witness, identified as Dawn Jones, recanted her 2008 story. Jones went so far as to tell the court that she never gave police a statement regarding 27-year-old Herman “Yagga” Morris’ murder.

UDP candidate in San Pedro Elections office
Whenever it is pre-election season, there are usually allegations of foul play. But with a United Democratic Party Town Councillor caught on camera where he should not have been, it seems those cries may be actually be substantiated. UDP’s San Pedro Town Council candidate, Severo Guerrero, was videotaped on Tuesday night, January 17, inside the office of the Elections and Boundaries, located at # 63 Barrier Reef Drive. He was observed behind the computer inside the Elections office, apparently going over the voters list.

Papers for Votes! Elections trade-off rampant
Three mass naturalization ceremonies which the present administration has held over the past three weeks appear to have opened a Pandora’s box as Belizeans clamor to find out if the naturalizations have been conducted properly in the pre-election rush. As hundreds of immigrants have been sworn in as Belizean citizens, the Opposition People’s United Party expressed its concern at a press conference on Wednesday, January 18.

Guatemalan sugar smuggler arrested
Guatemalan truck driver Victor Manuel Osorio Sarceño, at the wheel of a truck loaded with seven tons of Belizean sugar, in 140 hundredweight sacks, was arrested by the Guatemalan National Civil Police (PNC) at a checkpoint at the 12th kilometer near Paxcaman Village in Peten last Saturday, January 14. Osorio was able to produce neither an export permit nor a purchase invoice when the Police requested him to produce the appropriate documentation for his cargo.

Burrell Boom grandma charged with burglary
Glenda Neal, 58, a housewife and grandmother of Burrell Boom Vilage in the Belize district, was released on $600 bail when she pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and damage to property before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez this week. It is alleged that Neal tried to break into Mr. John Wade’s house on January 12 .

City Wholesalers market being built
The wholesale produce vendors who ply their wares from the old city Pound Yard at the corner of West Collet Canal and Cemetery Road are soon to have a permanent roof over the heads. Belizean businessman Arun Hotchandani, the Honorary Consul for India, who is also the owner of the land, has decided to build a ferro-concrete city market to house the wholesalers.

Prince Harry to visit Belize, March 2 & 3
Prince Harry, the second son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and the grandson of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, will visit Belize in early March, 2012. His visit will come as part of a larger visit to the Caribbean and Brazil, undertaken on behalf of Queen Elizabeth as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Prince Harry will visit Brazil in support of the United Kingdom Government and his charities from 9th to 11th March. The visit, organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is designed to enhance the partnership between the United Kingdom and Brazil.

RAHN: Tale of two small countries
Cayman is rich, and Belize is poor. Why? Both are small Caribbean countries with the same climate and roughly the same mixed racial heritage, and both were English-speaking British colonies. Belize (the former British Honduras) received its independence in 1981, while Cayman is still not fully independent but is self-governing at the local level, with its own currency, laws and regulations. Belize should be richer: It has a larger population than Cayman (345,000 as contrasted with Cayman’s 54,000).

New year brings ideas things for Belize’s Judiciary
Belize’s new legal year opened on Monday, January 16, and the new year brings with it several new developments for the judiciary, including the anticipated commencement of trials without jury. Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who assumed the post late last year, said, “I’ve indicated to the judges of the criminal division that I will ... assist with the trials by a judge sitting without a jury. “This type of trial upon indictment represents a significant departure from the previous standard of trial by jury. As a bi-cord of this development, it means that the emerging phenomenon of jury intimidation and timidity may well have been obviated.”

VIP introduces private bill
Vision Inspired by the People Party, in the spirit of Solidarity for Social Justice, has proposed to introduce a Private Member’s Bill addressing some concerns about the Bill for the write-off of housing loans presented by the United Democratic Party administration at this year’s first meeting of the House of Representatives on Friday, January 13. VIP Chairman Robert Lopez submitted copies of its proposed Bill to all the area representatives of the House, asking them to sponsor it on behalf of the people of Belize. The VIP Bill expressed its position that even though economic times are difficult, the VIP believes that forgiving these loans, in this manner, will set a dangerous and irresponsible precedent.

CZone puts trawler to good use
The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) took possession of the Northern 1 – a vessel formerly used as a fishing trawler, at a short ceremony at Oceana Belize offices in Belize City on Tuesday, January 17. Oceana had bought Northern 1 and Northern 2, each worth over $400,000, from the Northern Fishermen’s Cooperative earlier this year as part of the conditions to the passing of the historic legislation that bans bottom trawling in all of Belize’s waters.

Swing voters could be the key to victory in next elections, poll says
Swing voters are essential in determining the outcome of the upcoming general elections and any political party that wants to win would do well to gain their support, a recent political poll suggests. According to former UDP campaign manager and businessman, Karim Berges, and Mathematician Yasmin Andrews, 32.7% of the 223 respondents, who were interviewed via telephone, are undecided and don’t know for which party they would vote. Editorial: The Reporter
If television viewers listening to last week’s mayoral debate were hoping to learn specifics of how the Belize City Council and the aspiring mayoral candidates plan to tackle the many problems facing the city, they were in for a sad surprise. The candidates were full of promises about what they propose to do when they become Mayor, the structures they will put in place, as though structures will solve any of Belize’s problems. They were not convincing because in our view, they have not done their homework!

Mayoral debate takes aim at Belize City
Voters got a chance to hear and scrutinize the game plans of Belize City’s five Mayoral candidates in a landmark mayoral debate on Tuesday, January 17. Hosted by the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies at Fordyce Chapel at the St John’s College Landivar campus, the debate challenged each aspirant to present their positions on several issues of public concern.

Belize Wins International Award to Help Save Wildlife
elize veterinarian, Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand, who specializes in wildlife medicine, has won a prestigious US$25,000 prize in a competition called ‘Inspiration in Action’ run by Heska, a veterinary product and service provider based in the United States. She bested a well qualified field of 313 other entrants, to win the top prize, which she received in an awards ceremony in Florida on Tuesday, January 17, also gaining much international exposure to the giant strides forward Belize is making in terms of wildlife care and research.

The Last Gasp of Pre-election Naturalizations….
Usually, a naturalization ceremony for new Belizean citizens is held once a month or so - and typically about 200 new citizens are sworn in. But in the past two and a half ...

San Pedro Elections Office Administrator Suspended
Assistant Registering Officer, Marilee Squires has been placed on suspension. She was the one in charge of the San Pedro Elections and Boundaries Office when UDP Town Council Candidate,...

Chief Election Officer: Database Remains Uncompromised
The question that everybody's been asking is: What was he doing, or hoping to do behind that computer? Last night, minister with responsibility for Elections and Boundaries John Saldivar ...

Caye Caulker Resident Rough-Up Police
Kennedy Flores - a resident of Caye Caulker - is alleging police brutality. He claims that he was manhandled by 2 off duty police officers. The incident happened on Wednesday night ...

Pineda: Rat Feces Baked In Bread Gave Me Food Poisoning
On Tuesday, Leopoldo Pineda appeared on this newscast saying that he had found a chunk of rat feces baked into a slice of the bread he was eating. Now, he didn't eat that slice of brea...

Mennonite Robbed On City's Mean Streets
Armed robbers made off with almost $1500 cash after robbing both a delivery truck and a tortilla shop in Belize City. The incident occurred around 10:30 this morning on La Croix Boulevard in...

Boco-T Sent To Jail
This afternoon, well-known Belizean tour guide, Kevin "Boco T" Myvette, was arraigned in Magistrate's Court for Escape and Obstruction. According to the court details, a woman police offi...

Man Remanded For Bra'-lee Assault
19 year-old Esau Bainton, a cabinet maker of Perez Road, Ladyville, was arraigned in the Magistrate's Court today for aggravated assault. According to the details as read in court, Ehud...

Kadisha, Still Missing One Year Later
On the one-year anniversary of her daughter's mysterious disappearance, a Mother's grief knows no bounds. 16 year old High School student, Kadisha Saragoza went missing on January 20th, l...

Ras Indio Returns Triumphant
Belizean reggae artist Ras Indio is back again in the country after being away touring and performing in the United States. Today he stopped by at our studios to tell us what he's been up ...

Sketching, My Way
It is called "Sketching My Way" an exhibit mounted by 21 year old Stacy Rodriguez -a talented young Belizean artist. Since 2008 - Rodriguez has sketched over 80 pieces - including peopl...

Belize Dominates Trip Advisor’s Top 25
Last night we told you about Trip Advisor's "2012 Best Overall Hotel In The World" - Belize's own Phoenix Resort located in San Pedro. But what we didn't tell you was that this wasn't ...

After singing the Belizean National Anthem and reciting the Pledge of ... “You choose Belize for a special reason and it is not just for the passport. ...

A mid-morning armed robbery was reported in Belize City. According to police, three men of dark complexion held up a delivery truck from Little Belize ...

Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya has traveled to Port of Spain, Trinidad and will later travel to Brussels, Belgium. While in the Trinidadian capital, Mayor Moya who chairs the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, is conducting interviews with prospective candidates for the post of Coordinator of the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities. A key component of the Forum is to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth, including Belize.

In 1983 the Government and people of Mexico gave this school as a gift to the government and people of Belize. It started with about 50 students; ...

Today was the deadline for the registration of persons who will be eligible to vote in the March 7th Municipal Elections. Registration offices around the country have been in maximum overdrive in the run up to today as politicians scramble to get every last person registered in time. In an extended telephone interview this afternoon, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai told Love News that the supplementary voters list will be properly vetted and ready by Wednesday of next week.

But the perusal of the binders is perhaps the least of the issues confronting the Election and Boundaries Department in this highly charges atmosphere heading into the Municipal Elections. The department suffered a major embarrassment this week, when an incumbent councilor of the San Pedro town council was busted behind the desk inside the Election and Boundaries Office on the island, apparently going through the voters list. Tamai says that the department under her watch is not taking the issue lightly. The assistant registering Officer Marilee Squires has been suspended from duties and a two-member team has been dispatched to San Pedro to investigate the circumstances surrounding the disturbing occurrence.

“An unusual large gathering of people by the Toledo Election and Boundaries Office area in Punta Gorda today has stirred up concern. At least for the numerous calls reaching Love News here after 9am, the focus of all calls was about the gathering of people in the parking lot of the Social Security Board building in town as there was no space at the Election and Boundaries Department Office building to accommodate the awaiting crowd. As echoed by concerned passersby, it was evident that the gathering had nothing to do with Social Security business.

Trying to muscle in voters in San Ignacio
Over a hundred new citizens were sworn in today at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The minister of national security and immigration witnessed the event. We’ll have that story coming up, but first we go to the San Ignacio Elections and Boundaries Office that was swelling today with persons in a last minute effort [...]

New Belizeans; 118 sworn in today
In Belmopan, another group mostly of Central American nationals were sworn in as Belizeans; they didn’t speak any English so they mostly listened. While the George Price Center was overflowing for the ceremonies, the official count was put at a hundred and eighteen new Belizeans. This is the second round of swearing in for this [...]

Elections and Boundaries to review binders
On Thursday afternoon, the People’s United Party applied for judicial review of a decision taken by the Chief Elections officer, Josephine Tamai, turning down a request by the Corozal Southeast area representative, to peruse election binders for that constituency. According to the Tamai, the request could not be entertained at the time because of limited [...]

But P.U.P. says time has been lost
Well, the matter will not proceed to court. This afternoon, C.E.O. Tamai wrote to the P.U.P. chairman informing that the review of the binders can begin on Monday. But according to Henry Charles Usher time has been lost. Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, P.U.P. “It was an application for an order of mandamus against the chief [...]

5000 plus new voters on election’s list
The cut-off date for the registration of voters for the upcoming municipal elections was extended from January tenth to today, Friday January twentieth. Not surprisingly, another swearing-in ceremony for new Belizeans occurred earlier today in the Capital. There have been two recent surveys that placed heavy weight on undecided voters. Well, the thirty percent of [...]

Elections and Boundaries investigate irregularities by Grijalva’s campaigners
When we sat with C.E.O. Tamai, we also asked her about a recording aired on this station on Thursday night in which two political operatives persuade a man to illegally register in Orange Walk Central even though he lives in the City. The operatives are employed by the U.D.P. standard bearer Denny Grijalva. Tamai said [...]

Coroner’s Inquest into Richard Hoare’s death complete
Four and a half years after his murder, a coroner’s inquest makes a stunning decision in the murder of Richard Hoare who was executed on the night of August first, 2007 in Belize City. No one will be charged for the murder of Richard Hoare. That’s the conclusion of three jurors today at the end [...]

Security Company loses port job
`It has been almost two weeks since the Port of Belize Limited went into receivership due to the default of a sixty-four million dollar loan plus accrued interest. And, while the transition initially occurred smoothly, there is some collateral damage in salvaging the company. Over twenty Alliance Security Firm employees attached to the Port were [...]

Looking for answers about brother’s death
The expectant death of a loved one can cause grief long before the actual passing. But when that loved one has not reached the twilight years and suddenly perishes, it can be heartbreaking. Berisford Reyes has lost two brothers to tragedy. He has felt helpless in both situations that span decades. His older brother Horace [...]

F.F.B. Executive election campaign underway
2011 was a testy year for the relationship between the Football Federation of Belize (F.F.B.) and the Ministry of Sports. The F.F.B. and the ministry spent more time in court than on the football field. Initially an executive election for the president of the F.F.B. was slated for December. That date had been pushed forward [...]

Mixed Martial Arts at House of Shotokan
It’s not another election rush, but a karate battle takes place this weekend. The House of Shotokan is introducing a no holds barred contact element to the sport. On Saturday, competitors in the event will fight and wrestle to the floor until a competitor yields. News Five Jose Sanchez reports on Saturday’s throw down inside [...]

Sketching; An exhibit inside the Belisle Gallery
Are you the kind of person that can’t help scratching on a piece of paper whenever you have a pen in your hand? Well some of the greatest inventions and some of the greatest artists were discovered by accident. But the talent honed by a Cayo resident may have started with doodling on a napkin, [...]

Youth Voices Video Documentary and Park Poetry
The youths are the future even though 2011 took many of them in bouts of violence. But why wait until they become adults to listen to their ideas? The Global Parish Project’s Youth Voices campaign has provided opportunity for the creativity of youths who are interested in poetry and videography. On Saturday at the Battlefield [...]

Final naturalization ceremony? Some get certificates without seal
We here at Plus TV have been following the mass nationalization and the crowding of the immigration department over...

Minister of immigration discusses mass nationalizations
Just before this morning’s swearing in ceremony at the George Price Center, Minister of Immigration, Hon Carlos Per...

John Saldivar comments on FFB elections
While politics is playing out in anticipation of municipal elections in March, there is another election that has h...

"Sketching My Way" art exhibition opens in Belize City
An art exhibition called “Sketching My Way” opens today in Belize city. The artist is San Ignacio resident Stacy Ro...

PUP plans to file suit against the Immigration Department
Yesterday, we told you that the People’s United Party issued a release saying that their Corozal South East represe...

Registering Officer in San Pedro voters list scandal suspended
And in regards to UDP candidate, Severo Guerrero’s access to the San Pedro Elections and Boundaries Office after ho...

Three men freed of 2008 murder charge
Three men walked away from murder charges yesterday. It is the first murder trial to be heard for the New Year. Gio...

Brazen midmorning robbery in the old capital
There was a brazen midmorning robbery on a Belize City street. It happened at about 10:30 this morning when a deliv...

Male and Female Football Government School Recieve new Jerseys
In the month of December 2011 PUP Orange Walk South Standard Bearer, Abelardo Mai visited the students of Guinea Grass Government School and gave out a number of goodies bag along with Santa Clause. On that same day Mai committed himself to donate a set o...

U.D.P. Councillor Candidate Captured Inside Elections and Boundaries Office After Working Hour
What was a Councilor Candidate from San Pedro Town, running under the U.D.P ticket doing at the Elections and Boundaries Department in San Pedro after working hours? That’s what San Pedrano’s are questioning tonight after U.D.P Councilor Candidate Sev...

Mass Registering Of Voters Continues In Orange Walk
In a matter of 11 days reports are that in the Orange Walk District alone, 543 persons have registered to vote. The instant registration of voters in Belize is seen as a last minute desperate move on behalf of the United Democratic Party to win Municipal ...

Where Do Robles and Urbina Live On Belmopan Street?
Yesterday during the P.U.P’s Press Conference Orange Walk Central Area Representative Honorable John Briceño raised serious concerns about individuals using a fraudulent address in order to register to vote. Here in Orange Walk the first to bring the m...

U.D.P. Political Maneuver To Win Elections Caught On Tape
In the month of November CTV3 News reported on the allegations that the United Democratic Party was promising immigrants their Belizean Certificate in less than a month in exchange of their votes. At that time our camera captured footage of people gathere...

Bad Conditions Of Sugar Roads Costing Cane Farmers Money
In the first week of December last year the new crop season was officially declared open and since then all reports issued by the Belize Sugar Industry Limited talk about a good crop season. But all indications are that cane farmers from the village of Sa...

Minister presides over swearing in of new Belizeans

Methodist church holds annual synod in Religion

Escuela Mexico celebrates milestone in Education

International award for San Pedro resort

January 19, 2012

January 15th issue of the Independent

Belize excels on TripAdvisor’s 2012 Traveler’s Choice Awards
The Tourism Industry in Belize has much to be proud of this early in the year. TripAdvisor® has released their Travelers’ Choice Top Lists for 2012 and Belize’s performance has been outstanding. Taking the top slot is The Phoenix Resort in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye which was named #1 of the top 25 Hotels in the World. That’s right, WORLD. Belize has two resorts in this list, with Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort taking the #3 spot.

SPHS students to vote in new student council
On Friday, January 20th, all 455 students at San Pedro High School will be going to the polls to choose the next student council to head the student body. Running for President is Marie Bradley for the YUP and Kimberly Carillo for the YAP. YUP’s Bradley was accompanied by team members Jair Vasquez who is running for Vice-President, Kleiner Ramirez for Treasurer and Ian Tzul for Secretary. YAP’s Carillo’s team consists of Seleni Perez who is running for vice-President, Miriam Rodriguez for Secretary and Christine Syme for Treasurer.

History made; San Pedro’s first ever mayoral debate a success
The much anticipated first ever San Pedro Mayoral debate was, by all accounts, a success. For the first time in San Pedro’s political history, all mayoral candidates of San Pedro Town were in one venue to express the way each of them would address the many issues affecting the community should they become the next Mayor. The event was planned by The San Pedro Sun Newspaper’s Editor, Tamara Sniffin and Eiden Salazar of Reef Radio and Reef TV.

San Pedro Tops Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards 2012
Several top island resorts from Ambergris Caye, along with other resorts in Belize, have made it on the list of Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Hotel Awards 2012. One of the highest recognitions went to the Phoenix Resort (pictured above) in San Pedro Town which was ranked the number one resort in the category of Top 25 Hotels in the World; this is definitely a great recognition for the resort, San Pedro and Belize. Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro was ranked third in the Top 25 Hotels in Central America category.

The Budgetman offering delicious food on Caye Caulker
Everyone on Caye Caulker seems to have a self given nickname. Charles Coote is no exception. By day he is Budgetman and by night Charles (never Charlie, always Charles). His superhero costume is a floppy chef’s hat over the top of a baseball cap. He’s got himself a pretty nice life. He rocks up at about noon, sets his table on Front Street located right on the main beach, has a couple of the local lads put up a tent to keep himself in the shade. Yes, even the locals in Belize like the shade.

Sidetracked in San Pedro
We all know how easy it can be to get sidetracked in San Pedro. I often refer to it as Sesame Street because you are always guaranteed to run into someone you know and it can often cause delays in getting where you were headed.

History Made: San Pedro's First Organized Political Debate
The front rows were filled with the party supporters, each team wearing full party colors. I will definitely give the prize for Most Timely and Most Organized Group to the PUP. They were there early, they appeared as a group, they even had a guy who brought them water and snacks during the long debate. (Ms. Conchita Flota, the PUP Mayoral candidate is the pretty lady with the short hair in the second row center.)

Irregularities at SP Elections & Boundaries Office, UDP Candidate Under Scrutiny
The Elections and Boundaries Department of Belize has been made aware of possible irregularities in the San Pedro Office after United Democratic Party’s councilor candidate Severo Guerrero Jr. was found using the department’s computer after working hours with pen and paper in hand on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

SP AIDS Commission Receive Computer Donation
The San Pedro AIDS Commission received a computer donation on behalf of Mayor Elsa Paz on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. The San Pedro AIDS Commission commented that they are very grateful to the Mayor for the donation as the computer is much needed for the group to store all their data and other necessary information. The San Pedro AIDS Commission would also like to thank Mr. Pedro Salazar Jr. for giving them a discounted rate on the installation of internet for the newly acquired computer.

Murder Trial Is Dead On Arrival
The first murder trial for 2012 fell apart today in the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas Sr. The 3 accused persons, Giovanni Gentle, Art Skeet, and Marvin Cruz, who were jointly charged, ...

Saldivar Says Severo Situation Not Severe
It will be one of the most enduring images of the pre-election season, the sight of San Pedro UDP Councilor Candidate Severo Guerrero behind the computer at the elections and Boundaries Of...

Herman Only Helping; Not Running Red On Immigration Rules
Another UDP politician whose office has been as busy as immigration or election and boundaries is Herman Longsworth. He's the UDP hopeful in the Albert Division - and yesterday it cau...

Karl Huesner Vising At "Karl Huesner"
Just before 10 o'clock last night there was a shooting on Berkley Street. 26-year old fisherman, Karl Huesner, who is no stranger to police, was shot in the left side of his chest and le...

Belama Home Burglarized; Treasure Chest Of Jewelry Stolen
29 year old Norman Usher - a marine mechanic of Belama Phase 3 reported to police that his house was burglarized and he was robbed of over 17 thousand dollars' worth of items - mostly jewe...

5 Year Old Fondled; Babysitter's Husband Arrested
A San Pedro man was charged with aggravated assault of a minor after allegedly fondling a 5-year-old girl that his wife was babysitting. He is 50 year old taxi driver Manolo Contreras. I...

Hector Usher Arraigned For Fondling Four Year Old
And in another case involving the alleged fondling of a child, today, 33 year-old Hector Usher, a laborer of Mango Creek Village, was arraigned in the court room of the Chief Magistrate in...

Prince Harry Captures The Jewel Of The Caribbean
Britain's Prince Henry of Wales, better known as Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana is scheduled to visit Belize for two days in March. The 27 ...

Been A Long Time Coming; Neal's Pen And Jane To Be Paved
We've heard so many times about the paving of Neal's Pen Road and Jane Usher Boulevard - in fact, we've heard it so much it's reached broken record status - or if you live and drive on t...

Phoenix Resort In San Pedro: Best Hotel In The World
When it comes to ratings for the best hotels in the World, millions of travelers look to the internationally recognized and respected internet travel guide leader, Trip Advisor. When ...

The January 19th, 2012 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Quit the Quibbling ! Just Drop the Electricity Rates
  • From the Desk of the Chairman: Borrow a Page from Barrow’s Book
  • Shoman Casts Stones: She is NOT Without Sin!
  • Prime Minister Dean Barrow On Lowering of Electricity Rates
  • Saldivar Scolds PUP Leaders: “You Cannot Recycle Corruption!”
  • Housing, SSB, Heritage Bank: DFC will be Next, says PM Barrow
  • Faith Lift: Avoid Revenge, Embrace Forgiveness
  • Breaking it Down to Small Change: Hulse Takes Opposition to ‘Flipping’ School
  • Fire Service Steps Up: Nineteen New Recruits Graduate
  • Insider Trading & Hypocrisy: Sedi Shines the Light on PUP Leaders
  • “Deeds are More Powerful Than Words”: Attorney General’s Address at Supreme Court Opening
  • Belize Wins International Award to Help Save Wildlife

Borrowing addresses in Orange Walk to vote!
Election officials are maintaining that there is nothing amiss in the hand over fist registration and mass naturalization of hundreds of persons to get them on the voters list for the upcoming municipal and general elections. Director of Immigration, Ruth Meighan, insists that it is all above board, but tonight News Five has obtained a [...]

Immigration Department files moved in darkness
Early this morning the news spread like wildfire that the Immigration Department in Belmopan was open until late into the night on Wednesday in the mad rush of naturalization. At about this time on Friday, the registration process for new voters is scheduled to conclude. Belmopan resident, Eloy Waight, was in the area and witnessed [...]

Suspended election and boundaries officer
There is a firestorm building up in respect of the aspiring U.D.P. town councilor who was caught at the Election and Boundaries office in San Pedro on Tuesday night. Severo Guerrero was surprised shortly after seven o’clock on the computer viewing the voters list with pen and paper in hand as the deadline for voter’s [...]

Elections and Boundaries Commission comments on situation
A picture may tell a thousand words, but Severo Guerrero’s picture is telling thousands by our word count. Guerrero was photographed long after the close of office hours in the Elections and Boundaries Office. So far Marilee Squires has been suspended by the Elections and Boundaries C.E.O., Josephine Tamai. Squires had admitted being at fault, [...]

Elections Minister says aspirant did not belong in office
The Minister of Elections and Boundaries also had his opinions on the San Pedro incident. This morning John Saldivar made it clear to the media that Severo Guerrero Junior did not belong in the San Pedro Elections and Boundaries Office. John Saldivar, Minister of Public Service, Governance Improvement, Elections & Boundaries & Sports “He had [...]

P.U.P. files for Judicial Review of Corozal Elections Office
Unlike Severo Guerrero who had unimpeded access to the voters list, a P.U.P. standard bearer was denied a request to view the binders of electors. And that matter is heading to the courts. The People’s United Party this afternoon filed for judicial review of a recent decision by the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai. P.U.P. [...]

Mother of 4 year old abused girl speaks
The report that a four year old had been sexually abused spread over the airwaves in September and the sickening crime outraged residents countrywide. But it was even more upsetting when months passed and the suspect named by the young victim had not been charged. Well, that changed today as thirty-three year old Curl Thompson [...]

Witness tampering and murder acquittal
Three men were freed today of charges because of alleged witness tampering in the murder of Herman ‘Yagga’ Morris in March 2008. Morris was gunned down in an alley off Lakeview Street while attending a wake in the neighborhood. Twenty-seven year old Art Skeet and twenty-six year old Giovanni Gentle as well as Marvin Cruz-Reyes [...]

Karl Heusner shot and stable at the KHMH
Twenty-six year old Karl Heusner, who bears the namesake of the hospital he was admitted to last night, remains in a stable condition after being shot at his Berkeley Street address on Wednesday. Heusner, who has appeared before the courts on a number of charges in the past, was hit twice to the chest and [...]

Clearing the Land and voters in Rural North
There’s more on the fast track nationalization and registration. As we reported on Wednesday night, the Belize Rural North area rep, Edmond ‘Clear the Land’ Castro, was seen at a house in this area, facilitating registration of some persons. News Five today caught up with Castro outside the Immigration Department office on Mahogany Street. Castro [...]

P.U.P. politicking the Election’s Commission?
The Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca wrote the Prime Minister on Thursday regarding the chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Alberto August. The commission is composed of representatives from both political parties, but the Opposition wants August replaced as chairman because of his activism and ties with the U.D.P. The Minister of Election [...]

The Empire strikes back with a Royal Visit
There is a buzz about the upcoming visit of Prince Harry. We first reported in December, 2011 on the royal family’s global tour that’s planned for this year in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Today Buckingham Palace officially announced that Prince Harry arrives in Belize in early March within days of the March seventh [...]

Blackman Eddy’s passionate about education
The Ibo people of Nigeria coined the proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child”. The villagers in Blackman Eddy are a perfect example of that proverb. Perhaps that is why a row has been developed between parents and the school administration. The situation is contentious but it is an [...]

Belize top beach and Half Moon Caye for 2012
It’s not all politricks and crime on the news. Belize is already at the epicentre of the 2012 Mayan world places to visit. The website has listed the country on two all-important global lists. Belize is one of the top ten beach destinations for 2012, and the protected site, Half Moon Caye in Lighthouse [...]

Healthy Living examines birth defects
Earlier this month we reported on the heart-wrenching story of a baby born with an imperforate anus. The International Hospital for Children has committed to assist the parents with the necessary surgery for baby Ronelia. Tonight Healthy living tonight looks at birth defects in Belize by examining the known causes and treatment options. Tanisha Fortnard, [...]

Harry's visit to Brazil will follow an official tour, his first on behalf of the Queen, to Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica from March 2 to 8 to celebrate ...

Marcelino Miranda from the Mexican Embassy in Belize told Love News that the trip is part of the educational exchange Belize has with Mexico. ...

A Belize City man remains hospitalized in a stable condition as a result of a shooting incident on Berkeley Street last night. Raphael Martinez, who is ...

In Belize every single person has a constitutional right to association, ... I want to send a message to the Belizean people, don't listen to the noise that ...






FIFA rankings for 2012
Other countries like Panama (moved up two spot to 47th), Estonia (moved up five spots to 52nd), Belize (moved up 8 spots to 133th), and Montenegro (moved up ...

The Truth - about the nationalization pr
In typical fashion, the People’s United Party has been spewing xenophobia about the UDP’s moves to Nationalize persons who fit the criteria to become Belizean citizens. Four years ago, when ...

PM: Light Bill Going Down February 1st
It was at his quarterly press conference on June 8, 2011 that Prime Minister Dean Barrow broke the news that the Belize Electricity Limited was finding it difficult to pay for power supply. Government was given an ultimatum by Lynn ...

Used and Abused by the PUP
For any who have doubt of how ruthless, uncaring and plain out worthless the People’s United Party is, you can read the following letter by Renee Trujillo to Francis Fonseca begging for mercy after she was used, abused and terminated ...

Leadership on Display!!!
The Belize City Mayoral debate on Tuesday, January 17, gave residents of the city a better understanding of each candidate’s vision for the commercial capital of the country. Five prospects for mayor sat side-by-side and shared their ideas on a ...

New Ambulances for Ministry of Health
On Wednesday, January 18, the Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin, handed over three ambulances, four pickup trucks and an SUV to different health regions across the country. In a brief ceremony at the Western Regional Hospital, Minister Marin handed ...

Sand Hill Village family busted with crack cocaine
A bust at a residence in the Sand Hill area resulted in the discovery of 1.2 grams of crack cocaine and as a result 4 peoplewere arraigned in court on a of drug trafficking....

Education maintains lead in Interoffice Softball
The Belize City Interoffice Softball Competition continued on Friday January 13, 2012, at Rogers Stadium with two games on the schedule. In the first game played, Kit Kat Baaba Shap defeated its sister team Baaba Shap Kit Kat by the ...

SSB Loans that were written off
Entire list of those who had their loans forgiven and the amounts

Two charged for Copper Theft
They later managed to apprehend two of the fleeing suspects and on Friday January 13th they were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate's Court. ...

Man beaten with a hammer

Man charged for killing a man while driv...

First theft now burglary charges for Ste...

“Bad Boy” busted with weed asks Magistrate “don't tell my mom”
Since he had no previous conviction and is considered a first time offender in Belize, Eli was fined $350.00 plus $5.00 cost of court for the possession of ...

Granny accused of burglary and damage to...

Granted bail after 7 months on remand
Leroy Gomez is due back in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on January 30. He was once accused of being a serial rapist. He was charged with rape but ...

Shop keeper to Stand Trial for Having Se...


UDP Gives Houses to Poor People PUP Gives People to Poor Houses
On Friday, January 13, the Prime Minister of Belize presented motions to the House of Representatives requesting permission to write off 798 mortgages. 782 of the mortgages were from the Social Security Board and 17 were managed by the Heritage Bank Limited. The SSB mortgages had outstanding balances of $50,000 or less and had aggregate value of $17 million however, their present value was $6.99 million. The 17 mortgages at Heritage Bank had an outstanding balance of $403,025.25.

Allegations surrounding the Immigration Department continues
Yesterday, the People’s United Party held a press conference to address some of the current issues. Election time n...

Hon. John Saldivar on nationalization affairs
Even with all those allegations and pictures swirling, today, Hon. John Saldivar told the media that Severo Guerrer...

VIP's Rufus X talks about candidacy
VIP’s standard Bearer for Belize Rural North is Rufus X. Rufus X is hoping that this time around, when the next gen...

Edmund Castro defends the UDP
We caught up with the UDP incumbent for Belize Rural North, Edmund Castro today. We met Castro at the foot of the i...

357 persons to become land owners
The last time we spoke with BGYEA's President Nigel Petillo he was expressing concerns that they were not being gra...

Nationalization ceremony to be held tomorrow
Employees of the immigration department in Belmopan are probably making some serious overtime money as up to 11 o’c...

Investigation opens into possible tampering of voters list
Another allegation in the spotlight now has to do with the elections and boundaries office in San Pedro. Pictures c...

Businessman says Gay Travel Belize hijacked his tourism website
A San Pedro businessman is complaining that his tourism website has been hijacked by another organization promoting...

Man injured in Rosewood accident recovering
Tonight we have an update on the victim of an unusual accident which happened in the south. Viewers may recall that...

Hector Usher charged in molestation case of 4-year-old girl
33 year old Hector Usher was charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a 4-year-old girl. The news...

Citco street paving campaign continues

Burglars clean out houses in Belize City and Ladyville

San Pedro holds mayoral debate

Man found dead in his bed

Where Do Robles and Urbina Live On Belmopan Street?
Yesterday during the P.U.P’s Press Conference Orange Walk Central Area Representative Honorable John Briceño raised serious concerns about individuals using a fraudulent address in order to register to vote. Here in Orange Walk the first to bring the matter to light was Evangelina Chan, a resident of San Lorenzo Housing Site who told the media that Freddy Ikchop and Anna

U.D.P. Political Maneuver To Win Elections Caught On Tape
In the month of November CTV3 News reported on the allegations that the United Democratic Party was promising immigrants their Belizean Certificate in less than a month in exchange of their votes. At that time our camera captured footage of people gathered at J.B’s Hardware Store, which had practically become a naturalization headquarters as people from all over the country

Mass Registering Of Voters Continues In Orange Walk

Male and Female Football Government School Recieve new Jerseys

U.D.P. Councillor Candidate Captured Inside Elections and Boundaries Office After Working Hour

January 18, 2012

SP Elections & Boundaries Office accused of irregularities
The Elections and Boundaries Department in San Pedro has come under fire after a UDP councilor candidate was found using the department’s computer way beyond working hours. The incident unfolded shortly after 7PM on Tuesday January 17th, at the Election and Boundaries office situated on the second floor of #63 Barrier Reef Drive.

San Pedro Diabetes Association holds second fundraiser
The San Pedro branch of the Belize Diabetes Association, established on November 15, 2011 held a fund raiser on Saturday January 14th at the Central Park. This marks the association’s second fundraiser. The first was a bicycle raffle which was held on December 23, 2011. According to secretary, Mrs. Lina Hoare, the fundraiser was a huge success. The food sale fundraiser commenced at 10AM and the food was sold out by 1PM. Entertainment was provided by DJ Polo.

Traveler Completes Red Carpet Walk Around the World, Belize Included
Remember Marije, aka Cat? Well, she visited San Pedro, Belize back in August of 2010, as part of her travels around the world. Her mission was to take a red carpet along with her and in each country that she visited she would record a video as part of her “Cat Walk” around the world challenge. Her mission was to visit at least 20 countries with the mission to make people aware of the enormous strength of body language to themselves and others and to inspire all human beings to follow their heart and use all the opportunities in the world to make dreams come true!

Oceana and Belize Continue Support on Trawling Ban in Belize
Oceana, January 6, 2012 - Shrimp Trawler, Northern I (one) now has a new home and owner and will now be used for research and education. This was announced today at signing ceremonies between Oceana and Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute. After the complete ban of all forms of trawling in Belize in February 2011, the Northern I and Northern II were no longer commercially viable for the Northern Fisherman Cooperative, which sold over the vessels to Oceana Inc. The trawler, worth over $400,000, is one of two bought out last year by Oceana as part of the conditions to the passing of the historic legislation, banning bottom trawling in all of Belize’s waters.

Caye Caulker’s Palapa Parade cleans up!
For those who do not get the time to have recently visited Caye Caulker, the news that the art and craft stalls on the beach are looking better than ever. It is the long term goal of the Village Council here in Caye Caulker to renovate and improve this area. To many it has been considered an eye sore as well as the sometimes hustler vibe did not do the location any favors. The Ministry of Tourism originally was to assist the Village Council with some money to help them in their endeavors but this has been put on hold. So for the past few months the Village Council has been seen encouraging those who have pride in their stall to invest into it and knocking down those stalls that remained empty and only gathered loiterers.

Exploring Caves Branch River in the early 80s
We first thought about running the Caves Branch River in the mid 1980’s. This was the only underground river run we had ever heard of. We had some basic information about the run from a friend in our hometown of Moab, Utah who had actually been on the first river trip through the caves a few years before. That group of cavers had carefully explored the river cave system from the bottom end up before taking their first trip downstream on inner tubes. So, we knew that the caves were navigable with the exception of one cave that ‘sumped’ underground, but which had a portage route around it to another entrance below.

What Does One Wear to A San Pedro Political Debate?
I was in town yesterday for this first time in about a week and shocked by its transformation. The streets are festooned with political flags and banners, predominantly the UDP (the incumbent party in both the mayoral, area representation and national level). FESTOONED. You would think a ticker tape parade for returning war heroes was taking place tomorrow. And, honestly, it feels a little garish...way too showy...a bit shameless. With residents practically begging for better roads in San Pedrito and DFC, asking for cleaner water (and so many other things) in San Mateo, with very high unemployment...I just don't know that the town should be diverting the taxpayers' money into the purchase of a hundred huge brand new flags and banners and having the town workers spend days putting them up. But hey...that's just my opinion. My picture doesn't do it justice. They are everywhere.

Our first taste of Soursop
Have you tried soursop? We hadn't. We hadn't even seen one before until our friend Debra bought one. We were game to play too, so we picked up one of these odd looking, prickly, green fruit at Maria's fruit and vegetable stand on Monday. We had no idea what to expect, and after some diligent googling, I still wasn't too sure if eating it unadorned would be okay. Most sites I visited mentioned soursop juice, soursop smoothies, soursop ice cream. But I wanted to keep it simple and try the fruit au naturel first. Supposedly it is ripe when soft to pressure, so last night was the night to give it a try.

Belize's Education Minister Interviewed
Patrick Faber, the Belize Minister of Education and Youth, has a special relationship with Bainbridge College. On Monday, Mr Faber was here and sat down with us for a very informative chat regarding Belize, the education in Belize, and the advantages of the cooperative relationship established with the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC). COBEC is an education and collaboration consortium formed with a number of US colleges.

Lowering Flags of Convenience for Fish Poachers
New international measures to end fish poaching on the high seas would enforce laws where the poacher calls, not where their ships are registered.

The best hotels in the world named by TripAdvisor
TRAVEL review website TripAdvisor has named the top 25 hotels worldwide, based on the opinions of millions of travellers globally. TripAdvisor’s list of the world’s top 25 hotels named the Phoenix Resort in San Pedro, Belize, central America, as number one.

Jamaica to assert independence by abandoning British appeals court
In doing so, it will join sister Caribbean states Guyana, Belize and Barbados in ... Only Guyana, Belize and Barbados have signed on to its appellate ...

Allan Balan, who is a Canadian national residing in Belize for a number of years told Love News that he has been waiting for months to get his nationality ...

Roosevelt Papaloute is the President of the Belize Honduras District and he told us more about the week's activities. “Our conference started on Monday with ...

The second annual Belize GIS User conference began this morning at the Best ... “GIS has been in Belize. We have Esri users for many, many years quietly ...






Allegations of voter tampering in San Pedro
The complaints at any election are constant; naturalization, registration and voter tampering. It all happened at the previous election and the U.D.P. belly ached. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the processes of naturalization and registration have been taken to a scandalous new level. In tonight’s newscast, we look at the issue [...]

Citizenship for vote in Belize City
The deadline for registration of voters is this Friday so the mad rush has gone wild. The Immigration Department in Belmopan was burning the midnight oil on Tuesday night and was open until after ten. In recent days there have been two swearing-ins of hundreds of immigrants. Today, our cameras again captured hundreds lined up [...]

Briceño says registration issues in Orange Walk
The concern about the rush to register and grant citizenship to hundreds has jumped to the forefront of national and political agenda. The Peoples United Party held a press conference this afternoon about what they believe is a blatant corruption of the registration process across the country. First to speak was Former P.U.P. Leader and [...]

Hypocrisy? In 2008 P.U.P. accused of mass nationalization
The sounding of the alarm by the P.U.P. continued when Florencio Marin Junior indicated other unusual practices were occurring in Corozal. Dolores Balderamos Garcia P.U.P. Standard Bearer for Belize Rural Central also passionately expressed her ire regarding registrations at different locations under the cover of darkness in Ladyville. The media took the announcements in stride [...]

P.U.P. alleges Guatemalans being registered
One of the P.U.P. panelists from Benque presented allegations that are to put it lightly, treasonous. Attorney Oscar Sabido who is the P.U.P.’s Cayo West Standard Bearer gave an account of the requirements needed to complete the registration and nationality processes. But he suggested that Guatemalan nationals were being brought into the country from across [...]

P.U.P. says no to politics in Election Commission
The Elections and Boundaries Commission is chaired by known U.D.P. supporter Alberto August and also on the commission are two representatives appointed by the P.U.P. The opposition believes that the Chairman should be independent and they believe that August should be removed. The P.U.P. Party Leader wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding [...]

Tertiary Level Institution’s Mayoral Debate
A mayoral debate was held on Tuesday night at the St John’s Junior College, organized in conjunction with the University of the West Indies. There are five candidates, including three independents contesting the March seventh elections. The questions put to them were meant to test their platforms on City issues and their political acumen. So [...]

Hubert Elrington guides his missile to Barrow
Earlier in the newscast, we told you that the Opposition is condemning what it calls the mad rush in the granting of citizenship in time to get the new Belizeans on the voters’ list for the upcoming elections, including nationals from across the western border. Hubert Elrington, a former Minister of the U.D.P. this morning [...]

Elrington’s comment glues scum to Cabinet
Elrington, in his usual style discussed a wide range of issues and he had his very colorful description of the current leadership. Hubert Elrington, Attorney “They go in and they look into the gutter and the street corners and bring the worst kind of people. Then you see some of them in front of Brads [...]

The L Word: Same Sex Couple Brawl
A same sex couple whose obsessive relationship went sour was charged today with disorderly conduct following a fight on Tuesday night on Mahogany Street. According to one of the young ladies, a minor, her lover became possessive and refused to accept that their relationship was over. In court the seventeen year old testified that her [...]

2 charged for Attempted Murder
A pair of Belize City youths charged with the attempted murder of twenty-two year old George Carr on New Year’s Eve was able to meet bail today after being remanded overnight at the Belize Central Prison. Twenty-four year old Glenford Miller Jr. and Leo Palacio Jr. will stand trial during the April session of the [...]

Ministry of Health procures ambulances
There are various initiatives such as write-offs and a reduction in electricity rates that have been announced as pre-election gifts. Well, early this morning the health system also got a boost. The Minister of Health and the C.E.O. were on hand at Belmopan Regional Hospital for the handing over of a number of vehicles to [...]

Nurse had cops kick doctor out of hospital
Work has returned to normal at the San Ignacio Hospital, following a public spectacle on January tenth when Doctor Angelica Rosado was escorted off the premises by police. The staff went on a go-slow that day, protesting against the Deputy Regional Manager, Nurse Myra Pulido, who had called in the cops. While the hospital is [...]

His head hammered and recounts tale
Twenty year old Kevin Martinez survived a fight during which he was hit with a blunt object a few times in the head. Martinez was hit with a hammer on Friday and his condition was uncertain after the weekend surgery but he has pulled off a speedy recovery. With his head bandaged, he read the [...]

Another round of mass nationalizations held today
Plus news’ cameraman was once again asked by Police personnel and immigration officers to leave the George Price Ce...

PUP condemns the quantum registration of immigrants
The People’s United Party held a press conference this afternoon in Belize City where they condemned the quantum re...

Hospitals receive much needed ambulances
A brief handing over ceremony was held this morning at the Western Regional Hospital in the City of Belmopan. Minis...

Stella Maris School refurbished
While Stella Maris School and the Belize Academy for the Deaf have received much publicity over the years in regard...

PUP says SSB write-offs still lacks regulations
PUP says that the SSB write offs still lacks regulations. The people’s United Party says that they do not condemn f...

Gas prices at the pump go up
As of one minute past midnight this morning, prices at the Fuel pumps made a significant jump. Consumers today ...

PUP cries foul over mass citizenship process
The opposition People’s United Party held a press conference this afternoon at Independence Hall where the ongoing mass naturalization of non-Belizeans was...

Another mad rush to Belizean citizenship

UDP candidate gets unimpeded access to election database

Minister of Health comments on San Ignacio hospital incident

January 17, 2012

San Pedrito Park Inaugurated
On Saturday, January 14th the San Pedrito area saw the inauguration of their long awaited park. The San Pedrito Sub Division, created in the early 1990’s with limited neighborhood planning, has grown into a thriving community. Complete with fast food restaurants, convenience stores and bars, the brand new park is a welcome addition to the area. Thanks to efforts of residents, the San Pedro Town Council and the Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr, the park is now a reality.

Vehicular accident leaves one person in a state of Coma
An early night traffic accident has left one individual in a state of coma. The San Pedro Sun has confirmed that the accident occurred around 7:30PM on January 16, 2012 in the vicinity of the Victoria House. According to the doctor on call at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II, at around a 7:45PM, the motionless body of a Hispanic male was rushed to the PolyClinic.

Traffic Accident leaves Man in Coma
One person is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical state after sustaining head injuries in a road traffic accident which occurred on Monday, January 16, 2012, at the intersection of the Escalante Subdivision, South of San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, they arrived at the scene of the accident on Seagrape Drive and intersection of Escalante entrance, South of San Pedro Town to find a white four-door Jeep parked in the middle of the street and a green male beach cruiser bicycle lying on the ground.

Rumors: Price of Bread Goes Up!
Rumors circulating in town are that the price of bread has gone up by almost a dollar on each different types of packed bread. Sliced (packed) bread is a staple food for all and having heard that there would be an increase on the price had several island residents questioning if the rumors were true or not. Ambergris Today made a quick check with owners of Casa Pan Dulce Bakery who confirmed that the price of packed bread has not increased. However, the price of some shelf products at the bakery did increase a bit. This was done because personnel of the GST Department advised them to do so, as some of the items on their shelves required taxation.

Recession Affects Number of Tourist Accommodations on Ambergris Caye
Will Lala, the San Pedro Warden for the US Embassy has just completed the 2012 survey of location and contact information for the hotels, condos, and guest houses on Ambergris Caye. This information is used for disaster planning and locating tourists in the event of a emergency. Currently (2012) Ambergris Caye has 1,748 tourist units with an additional 77 to be opened this year in three new hotels. A unit is a guest accommodation that can range from a single room to a 5 bedroom villa. Between 2005 and 2007 there were approximately 300 new units added to Ambergris Caye. Between 2007 and 2009 there were approximately 400 new units added bringing the 2009 total to 1,957 units. So, there was a huge drop of 209 units between 2005 and 2012. An additional 680 units were under construction in 2009 and his report indicates that many of the units were never completed.

Large number of UK visa applications to be affected by IT changes
There are also a number of changes in various centres to the way visas are paid for and visa sections in Panama, Guatemala and Belize have closed. ...

History of Immigration to Ambergris Caye (Part One)
In part one of this series on immigration to the Island, I will deal with the Mayas as the learned researchers have told us. They were the first people to immigrate and settle on this island. The archeologists tell us that, at its peak, there were between one million to two million Mayas living in the area known as the country of Belize. Now that is a very large population for this small piece of land. They must have been spread all over this land. Archeologists also tell us that the Mayas settled and lived on this island, even before it had a name of Ambergris Caye. They were here about the year 1000 to 1200 and were very active on the island. Evidence suggests that there may have been up to fifty thousand living on Ambergris Caye. How active were they? Well, there is evidence that they were well spread all over the Island from north to south or from Basil Jones area to Boca Chica where Marco Gonzales site is being prepared for exhibition.

Rain report
The rain was coming down hard around 7:00am and stopped pretty much as soon as tacoboy got up to close the windows it was hitting. Cowboy Doug of Cowboy’s Pool Bar & Grill at Grand Caribe Resort sent me his North Ambergris Caye range gauge report. Between 4:00 and 7:00am Sunday Morning rainfall was1 inch and 7/10ths, and it rained and blew enough to sink a small boat up north. Yesterday mornings splash and dash brought us1/10th and this mornings rain 13/100ths just a little over 1/10th. Not a lot of rain overall, but usually it is drier this time of year so the showers over the past few days must be bumping the annual rainfall in Belize totals for January slightly higher.

Ode To Some Very Hard Working Men
Who are fighting an almost endless battle to keep the beaches sandy and clean. Since the barrier reef protects our shores, it means that sea grass tends to grow in the waters. And we are having our second day of pretty high winds, choppy seas and seaweed galore washing up on the beach. (Kite surfers and sailors rejoice!) On my walk to town this morning, I passed the guys who are out every morning at the hotels and resorts raking up the seaweed and carting it away. Probably before most people wake up. Only to do it again the next morning. Each and every one of these guys says "Good Morning"...some ask how I am doing. Makes my walks to town that much better.

A Surplus of Seaweed
We've been having some very blustery East to Northeast winds lately, bringing massive quantities of sea grass, seaweed, and with it, plastic trash, up to the beach. The beach in front of our condo is wedged between two sea walls, so the seaweed collects and can't escape. Other owners here have told us that the weather conditions in January support this build-up more than in other months. In the very shallow waters along the coastline, the organic material then starts decomposing and smelling mighty rank -- or, as Paisley thinks, mighty sweet. There's the occasional dead fish or discarded fish head mixed into the muck, adding to the fragrance that makes it irresistible to a dog. She is drawn to it like a magnet, much to our displeasure. The maintenance guys here have done their best in raking up what they can get to, and we have picked up several garbage bags of plastic trash ourselves, but it's hard to make a dent in such a large load; and more floats in every day. Finally, the Grand Caribe staff brought out the heavy artillery to assist in the never-ending clean-up -- the front-end loader.

Free kidney clinics this week in Belize City

Rehabilitated fishing trawler gets new lease on life

Second Mayoral debate in Belize City

Bakery accused of putting out dirty, rat droppings infested bread

Murder in front of home in Japan, Ladyville
There has been a dip in the number of murders, but just after seven o’clock on Monday night, a young man lost his life for no reason. It is a senseless murder for which there was no provocation or altercation. Elvis Cowo had just stepped outside his house when a group of young men rode [...]

Finally charges for sexual assault of 4 year old
It was shocking news back in September 2011, when the allegation was made that a four year old girl had allegedly been raped by someone she knew who had picked her up at school. The mother of the victim took the unprecedented step, asking to appear on camera hoping for justice for the despicable crime [...]

Price of fuel at the pump going up
There is bad news for drivers tonight because a fuel price hike will take effect at midnight. Premium gasoline will be going up by thirty-two cents to be sold for eleven dollars and twenty-two cents. Meanwhile, the cost of regular fuel will increase twenty-seven cents to ten dollars and eighty-two cents. And diesel, which remains [...]

Do you agree with mass registration?
Tonight’s question is: Do you agree with the mass registration and naturalization of immigrants before elections? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

P.U.P. candidate says system is manipulated
In the countdown to elections, there is a blatant spike in the granting of Belizean citizenship to immigrants. Over the past weekend in Ladyville, registrations were occurring behind a gas station that also houses the office of junior Minister Michael Hutchinson. The processing of Central American migrants was first detected on Wednesday and intensified [...]

Senate debate housing loans write-offs
The write-off of the Social Security Board Housing Loans that was passed last Friday in the House, went to the Senate floor today in Belmopan. It is a program that was intended to provide the electorate with goodies before the elections but is now mired in scandal because of insider trading. That is because management [...]

P.U.P. senator questions S.S.B. insider trading
Senator for the People’s United Party, Lisa Shoman, had another view. She pointed out that several of the loans on the list to be written-off, including one in the amount of eighty thousand dollars for S.S.B. C.E.O. Merlene Bailey-Martinez, were indeed recent mortgages and not longstanding loans. She further questioned the names of former S.S.B. [...]

Senator Singh supports write-offs
Leader of Government Business, Senator Doug Singh, had another take. He pointed out that a majority of the mortgages being reconciled through the government initiative were granted under the previous administration. In his opinion, Singh says that failure to service S.S.B. loans or neglect of that responsibility should go unrewarded; however, he acknowledges that that [...]

Honduran hammer’s head of attacker
Turning to the courts, a Honduran national was arraigned on two criminal charges for allegedly beating another man with a hammer. The victim, twenty year old Kevin Martinez had to undergo surgery for head injuries he sustained during the altercation last Friday. Today, thirty-five year old David Castillo was charged with Grievous Harm and Use [...]

Central Medical Lab targeted by thieves
It hasn’t been reported by police, but the Microbiology Department at Central Medical Lab in Belize City was reportedly targeted by thieves on Monday night. It’s a strange incident because the department has several computers and valuable electronics, but the culprits only made off with a UPS battery, a radio and other small items. The [...]

Oceana gifts a trawler to CZMAI
A former trawling vessel, worth over four hundred thousand dollars, was today signed over to the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) for just one dollar. The vessel is one of two that were bought over by OCEANA in February, 2011 after legislation was passed to ban trawling in Belize. OCEANA and government negotiated [...]

Poll says people want early elections
On Monday night we showed you the results of a poll commissioned by Karim Berges with the expertise of Yasmine Andrews. While the stats showed that there is a very slim margin of victory between the U.D.P. and P.U.P., the two hundred and twenty three persons surveyed say they favor early elections, but after the [...]

Poll on campaign promises and options
In the poll, fifty six point percent of the participants said they are not satisfied with the current administration’s performance but when asked if they would rather the opposition in government, sixty seven point seven percent said no. But the majority surveyed thinks that the current government has failed on its promises. Yasmine Andrews, Technical [...]

Economic comparisons on Belize and Cayman
There are many articles written about Belize internationally, some good and some not too good, and some we report on. This past Monday, the Washington Times published an article that takes a comparative look at two countries: Belize and the Cayman Islands. The writer draws parallels between the two and then draws conclusions on why [...]

Grassroots Actor and Dub Poet ready for stage
He is a poet that perhaps may not be well known, but he has made it to the big screen. Gildon Rowland, the poet that rose from the streets, is moving ahead and his first CD/DVD combo is going on sale. It contains a collection of his poems on issues that are dear to him [...]

It is perhaps something that happens more times than it is reported – rat feces found in a pack of bread. It was discovered today by this man, Leopold Pineda, who said that he went to this shop on the Northern Highway to purchase the pack of bread to have with a fried chicken for lunch.

The five candidates contesting for Mayor of Belize City are scheduled to participate in a debate tonight. Jane Bennett is the head of the University of the ...

“COMPACT is providing grant funding to Plenty Belize to implement a project ... Signing on behalf of Plenty Belize was its Executive Director Mark Miller. ...

Today folks at the Belize Coastal Zone Management Institute and Authority received an important piece of equipment that will help scientists learn more ...

President of the University of Belize Dr. Cary Fraser along with other representatives of tertiary institutions will meet next week in Trinidad and Tobago ...

But today there are so many such cases that the World Pediatric Project and its Belize branch, have found it necessary to hold its second nephrology project ...

A very angry member of the San Ignacio hospital called Love News this morning to express the dissatisfaction felt by her and other staff members with the fact that Deputy Regional Manager, Myra Pulido is still working at the hospital after having been suspended last week.

Supreme Court opens for 2012
As usual, “financial resources” are scarce! – Chief Justice Benjamin... As usual, the members of the Bench and the Bar congregated for mass, which was this year held at 9:00 a.m. at the Wesley Methodist church on #75 Albert Street to mark the opening of the legal year.

Majority wants “early election,” but after March municipals
Respondents say “unsatisfactory” UDP Government “has not kept its promises,” but are wary of Opposition PUP... While a date has not been set, the general election, constitutionally due in or before February of 2013, is increasingly dominating the popular conversation.

Central Bank Governor on The Adele Trapp Show
The Central Bank of Belize says that its role is encouraging financial stability and economic growth in Belize. Among its tasks are: providing economic advice to the Government of Belize; providing banking services to commercial banks, the Government of Belize and public-sector organizations; issuing monetary notes and coins in Belize; buying, selling and otherwise dealing in foreign exchange; and managing Belize’s foreign reserves; among other responsibilities.

House approves write-off of 781 mortgages worth $17 million
“There will soon also be a form of assistance [for] the DFC mortgages...” says PM Barrow... Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow on Friday, January 13, tabled a motion in the House of Representatives for the write-off of $17 million worth of mortgages which he said have an impaired value of $6.9 million. Government has purchased the mortgages from the Belize Social Security Board (SSB), and Barrow today confirmed the list at 781 beneficiaries, “who had originally borrowed $50,000 and below.”

Mother of six needs financial help for thyroid surgery
Gloria Lorraine Humes, 45, a mother of six children, came to us today to plead for help. She needs to urgently undergo surgery to address the continuous growth of her thyroid gland; the results of the surgery will also indicate whether or not the growth has become cancerous.

BEL says, “Maybe!”
Consumers have been denied their rate reduction since 2009 and deserve it ASAP: PUC Chairman, John Avery... The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) today reacted to an initial decision issued on Thursday, January 12, by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), calling for an average 6.1% reduction in tariffs, amounting to savings of roughly $6 for every $100 customers pay on their light bills.

R.G. City Boys and F.C. Belize draw themselves out of Belize Bank Xmas Cup finals
West Lake vs Old Road United this Sunday for championship... The final regular season week of games in the Belize Bank Christmas Cup tournament was to begin at 1:30 p.m. yesterday in Ladyville, but the very wet field condition forced a transfer to the MCC Grounds in Belize City, where the games were further delayed by heavy showers at 4:00 p.m. Nevertheless, brave football hearts prevailed, and when the skies cleared up after the twenty-minute downpour, it was on to football action.

FFB’s Electoral Committee rejects another slate
After reviewing the files for the Corozal Football Association, FIFA has determined that the decisions of the Electoral Committee and the Election Appeal Committee stand.

Sovereign guarantee for $16 mil BTL loan
The House of Representatives on Friday, January 13, approved a motion for the Government of Belize to provide a sovereign guarantee for a $16 million loan (US$8 million) that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), a government-owned company with minority interest held by private parties, is obtaining from Heritage Bank.

Amandala Editorial: “Real” corruption
The former Prime Minister/PUP Leader Hon. Said Musa, area representative for the Fort George constituency, made a very big mistake in the House of Representatives last Friday. He got carried away and condemned the attempt by some senior staffers at the Social Security Board to get their mortgages below $50,000 so as to make themselves eligible for the Prime Minister’s write-off, as “real” corruption.

From The Publisher
“Some years ago we used to have large bodies of natives sent from Africa either on military service or in some travelling show, and it was a revelation of horror and disgust to behold the manner in which English women would flock to see these men, whilst to watch them fawning upon these black creatures and fondling and embracing them, as I have seen dozens of times, was a scandal and a disgrace to English womanhood …

Mystery Murder In Ladyville
Ladyville is one of the biggest villages in the country - in fact, its population exceeds that of Punta Gorda Town - and with the increased population comes a high crime rate. Th...

Alleged Home Invader Gallego Got Chopped
21 year old Shane Gallego considers himself lucky to be alive after being viciously chopped on Saturday. The story that has gone out there is that the Maypen resident was chopped when he at...

Finally an Arrest In Case Of Molested Child
It was one of the most shocking and sensational stories of last year when news broke in September that a four-year old had been sexually molested. The details were lurid - and we have to ...

PKF To Investigate SSB Insider Trading
The internal auditor has started its review of Social security's insider trading scandal. Today staffers were notified by the acting CEO that starting today, the accounting firm of ...

Man Claims Rat Droppings Found In Loaf Of Bread
In December we told you how the public health department had descended on Isaray Bakery in Belize City, and shut it down. Well, today, that didn't happen, but the public health departme...

BAHA Says "It's Not Our Truck"
Last night we reported on a traffic accident on the Western Highway at mile 38 in St Matthews's village. As we mentioned in the story, it involved a Belize Agricultural Health Authority pi...

Leroy Gomez – Another Rape Charge
24 year-old Leroy Gomez, a resident of Jasmine Street, is well-known to the courts. In August of 2010 he was convicted in the Supreme Court of rape, robbery and aggravated assault, an...

Family Of Four Charged For 1.2 Grammes Of Crack
A family of four was jointly arraigned for a single charge of drug trafficking when they appeared in the Magistrate's Court this morning. 57 year-old Egbert Milligan, 18 year-old Kay...

Dog Bites Man, Or The Squeaky Wheel Got The Oil
It's proof of the oldest dictum in election year politics - that the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. After appearing on the news last night lashing out against the city Council for...

Turning Trawlers Into Marine Research Vessels
Was it the book of Isaiah which spoke about beating swords into plowshares? Well how about turning shrimp trawlers into marine research vessels? That's what will happen with the Shrimp...

A Tale Of Two Streets
In our broad survey of bad streets in Belize City, we think we've found a winner! Yes, yes, we know you all have your personal favorites; some of you like the rows of craters on Nea...

Unread text messages for Rise and Shine, 17/01/2012
Unread text messages for Rise and Shine, 17/01/2012

Ladyville man killed in senseless act
Another senseless killing has left a family of Ladyville stunned Last night, sometime around 8 o’clock, 29 year old...

House debates SSB mortgages write-off
The House of Representatives held its first house meeting for this year last Friday. As we reported last week, the ...

New poll indicates electorate is undecided, 32.7%
Just over a week ago, the results of an Independent poll were released – indicating that there is a significant per...

Mass nationalization efforts to continue
For the past two Fridays, at the George Price Center in Belmopan, hundreds of persons were sworn in as Belizean nat...

No bail for man claiming self defense
35-year-old Honduran national David Rene Castillo was remanded to prison today on a charge of grievous harm and use...

Police make arrest in 2011 rape case of a 4 year old
There is news tonight that police have detained one person in connection to the rape of a four year old girl which ...

Steve Codd in court on burglary charges
Forty-five year old Steve Codd was in court yesterday on burglary charges. Just last week, Codd was in court on ano...

Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute acquires trawler
Earlier this year, Oceana in Belize bought two trawlers from Northern Fishermen’s Cooperative as part of the condit......

Survey In Xaibe Continues - No Response From Government

No One Else Charged For Perrera's Murder

PUP Leader Says The UDP Government Has More Failures Than Accomplishments

Fuel Price Sees Another Increase
If your vehicle is running low on gas then we suggest you grab your car keys and head out to the pumps immediately because effective midnight fuel prices will increase yet again. Yes you heard right fuel prices will see another increase. Effective midnight a gallon of Premium fuel will go from $10.85 to a whopping $11.30 as it will see an increase of .32 cents.

BEL Not In Full Support Of 6% Reduction In Electricity
On Fridays House Sitting the first thing on the Prime Ministers list of announcements was the reduction of electricity rates. The Prime Minister without a doubt sounded like a male protagonist as he welcomed the P.U.C’s initial decision to reduce electricity rates by 6% or .3 cents per kilowatt hour.

Kite Workshop Offered In Orange Walk


The Wind!
Last night as I was (ACTUALLY) sleeping, the wind really kicked up. My windows and my bedroom door were rattling. Not a cold is still warm and relatively humid...just wind. So I got up early (my usual time is 6am...I got up at 5am) to see what's going on. Feeling better, but not great...why not take a morning constitutional? A little fresh air is bound to help. Plus, my oncoming bedsores (well...more like couch-sores) could probably use a bit of a breather. First thing I noticed. A strange foot print by my little garbage area. Such long fingers...can anyone identify? Hopefully something cool...but probably just a dog.

AC Wetlands Committee receives unanimous support
The Ambergris Caye Wetland Committee is moving fast with their concept plan to have three areas off and on Ambergris Caye declared as reserves. Along with public consultation with stakeholders, policy makers at the executive and ministerial levels are working on the concept document which will see three areas; Mexico Rock’s Marine Reserve, Bajos proposed Marine Reserve and Mata/Cayo Frances lagoons declared as reserves within two months. Unlike the opposition the Hol Chan Marine Reserve received when it was first proposed back in the late 1980’s, the ACWC received unanimous support from the attendees of the Thursday, January 5th public presentation at the Lion’s Den.

San Pedrito Children Enjoy New Park
Children are the future of tomorrow and what better way to bring up our children than providing them with much love and affection, a proper education and in a safe environment. But children will always be children and they need to have fun in a safe and clean place to play with their friends. The children of the San Pedrito Area are now able to have fun with their friends at the new San Pedrito Park which was officially inaugurated this past Saturday, January 14, 2012.

Kim Simplis-Barrow Coping with Chemotherapy
Kim Simplis Barrow, the wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in early November. Since then, she has been back and forth between Belize and Miami to receive chemotherapy. Dealing with chemotherapy is very tough for anyone to deal with as this treatment kills the cancerous tumor but leaves the host gravely ill. So far Simplis-Barrow has gotten three rounds of Chemotherapy, her hair has fallen off, suffers from constant headaches and often is too ill to leave home.

San Pedro 1970’s
Look carefully at this Flashback of San Pedro Village in the 1970’s captured by Kay Scott. There are so many things that come to mind. Hey look carefully. Stop reading and look carefully once more. Alright, now that you have focused, what did you notice? Did you see that there was a house permanently located in the middle of the street at the very end of Middle Street before it was called Pescador Drove? A house in the middle of the street? Actually this was George Kumul’s house on a cul-de-sac or dead end street. The street used to cross straight through the R.C Primary school property long before its fence was erected even though it was not an official street.

Forever United
In the early days of San Pedro when the beaches were very dirty with sea grass and debris, the village leaders would call for a “fajina” or workathon and the village men and women turned up with shovels and rakes to dispose of the debris. This was usually done in the month of December during the northerly winds so that the sea currents would take the debris out into the ocean. When the village cemetery was untidy, the fence was falling apart and the weeds were overgrown, again the village leaders would call for a “fajina” and in one afternoon, the cemetery would be looking pristine and new. The wood fence would be repaired with lumber donated by the men (usually lumber picked up at the beach during our beachcombing walks) The tombs would be whitewashed, and the weeds plucked and burnt.

Ryan Rails Against City Council
If you've ever been to a UDP party event, you've probably seen Ryan Swift. He's a devoted, steadfast and loyal supporter of the party - but today he was in what's best called a vulnerable m...

Supreme Court Opens Under New CJ
The Ceremonial Opening of the Supreme Court is one of the few events left that still projects a sense of old fashioned ceremony for its own sake. It's held every year in January at th...

Poll shows PUP/UDP Close, Voters Undecided
Twelve days ago the Independent launched a poll. It generated a lot of heat, but not much light. And that's because the sample was taken three months earlier. Some of the 40 questions se...

Visitor Came To Belize For High Times
A tourist who came to Belize for some high times now risks imprisonment after he was busted at the airport. Fifty two year old American national Richard Eli, was found with 5 grams of Ca...

Sugar Shortage Explained
Last year Belize experienced an acute sugar shortage - very sad for a country that produces sugar in abundance. The subtext to the entire episode was the fact that sugar was being smuggled...

BAHA Truck Hits Couple On Cycle
There was a traffic accident this afternoon on the western highway that has left 2 people hospitalized. It happened near mile 38 - in St Matthew's village. It involved a Belize Agricul...

PUC Says Fortis Owned BEL Spent 7M on Lawyers
On Friday in the House of Representatives, the main event was the Prime Minister announcing the new electricity rates. And while the chest-beating is raw political instinct at work - the de...

Burglar Back In Court
Forty-five year old Steve Codd, a laborer of 126 Partridge Street who was fined $2000 last week after he pleaded guilty to theft, was back in court today charged this time with burglary. ...

"Fawda" Wants a CITCO Seat
Phillip "Fawda" Henry became a thorn in the City Council's side 13 months ago when he lashed out at the council as an aggrieved former employee. And now, he's seeking the ultimate revenge...

Melonie Releases New Video
Untitled from 7News Belize on Vimeo. Melonie Gillett - one of Belize's most talented musical artists - stopped by our studios today to release her newest music video on national televisio...

Couple seriously injured in accident
A road traffic accident involving a green Izuzu DMAX and a motorcycle has left two persons hospitalized at the West...

Paco Smith talks about Belize City VIP municipal slate
We’re in the election season and political parties and independent candidates are stepping up their campaign strate...

Winner of Mielun motorcycle announced
In December of last year we reported on an initiative that independent business woman Kaila Moralez, had taken on w...

Total Business Solutions to host GIS user conference in Belize
Belize’s second annual GIS user conference will be held this month. For the second year in a row, Total Business Solution...

Contraband Belizean sugar confiscated in Guatemala
Contraband sugar from Belize was seized in Peten, Guatemala. According to Guatemalan media Prensa Libre, sacks of s...

Woman charged for burglarizing neighbor's home
A 58 year old grandmother of Burrel Boom is accused of Burglary and damage to property. She was arraigned in court ...

"I was a bad boy" confesses tourist caught with weed
It’s been a while since a tourist has been caught with illegal substance while in Belize, but over the weekend, a t...

It is reported that over the weekend, there were mass registration being done at the office of area representative for Belize Rural Central Michael ...

Over the weekend Guatemalan press reported on the seizure of a truck load of sugar allegedly imported illegally from Belize. According to a report appearing ...

In fact, they were the people who make up the Bench and BAR, and included the Governor General, Sir Colville Young, US Ambassador to Belize, ... The Express Tribune

... by phone interviews, that were exclusively made to home telephones and not cellular phones and a couple of one on one interviews in Belize City only. ...

... 31-year-old Sergio Hernandez, an employee of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department he was travelling from Belize City to Belmopan and upon reaching ...






RAHN: Tale of two small countries: Obvious reason for vast economic disparity between Cayman and Belize
Cayman is rich, and Belize is poor. Why? Both are small Caribbean countries with the same climate and roughly the same mixed racial heritage, and both were English-speaking British colonies. Belize (the former British Honduras) received its independence in 1981, while Cayman is still not fully independent but is self-governing at the local level, with its own currency, laws and regulations. Belize should be richer: It has a larger population than Cayman (345,000 as contrasted with Cayman’s 54,000). Belize has a much larger and more varied land area with many more natural resources, including gas and oil, and some rich agricultural land that Cayman lacks. Both have nice beaches, but Belize has the second-largest barrier reef in the world after Australia and also has Mayan ruins. Yet Cayman, with fewer points of interests, has done more to attract tourists.

Celebrating Year of the Maya with tour of Central America's ruins
The year 2012 is a significant one in the Maya calendar. The ancient long count calendar of the Maya, a Mesoamerican civilization that flourished across Central America from 2000 BC to the time of the Spanish Conquistadores, states that on the 12th December, 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in approximately 26,000 years.

And 21 December, 2012, is said to mark the end of the 13th Maya Calendar, a 144,000-day cycle or "b'ak'tun" since the mythical Maya day of creation 5,200 years ago.

CNN's World's Treasures asked Morgan to compile a list of key Maya sites across Central America for Maya-enthusiasts keen to ring in the dawn of a new era sitting on the monumental steps of a temple or at the summit of an ancient pyramid. Chichen Itza, Palenque, Tulum, Copan, Palenque, Tikal

Case of the Day: Belize Social Development Ltd. v. Government of Belize
The case of the day is Belize Social Development Ltd. v. Government of Belize (D.C. Cir. 2012).

In 2005, the Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa of the People’s United Party, on behalf of the government, signed a contract with Belize Telemedia Ltd., under which Telemedia was going to acquire properties “in order to better accommodate the Government’s telecommunications needs”, and the government was going to give Telemedia favorable tax treatments.

The Attorney General of Belize sued Telemedia and BSDL in the Belize Supreme Court, seeking to prevent enforcement of the award on the grounds that it was contrary to Belize law.

The court enjoined Telemedia from seeking to enforce the judgment anywhere in the world, pending the resolution of the claim. BSDL nevertheless sought to confirm the award in the District of Columbia. Belize moved to stay or dismiss the petition. ..

Mass registration in Ladyville
Another round of mass naturalization is scheduled to take place this week in Belmopan to beat the February twentieth deadline for registration of new voters. There have been two recent swear-in ceremonies; the last was on Friday, when more than five hundred took the oath in Belmopan as full-fledged Belizeans. The granting of citizenship so [...]

Maskall minor defends family with a machete
In the Rural North, minor took matters in his own hands to defend his family. The fifteen year second form student from Maskall pulled out a machete on a group of men that had threatened family members. One of the assailants, who climbed over the fence and into the yard, claiming to have a gun, [...]

Pomp and Circumstance; Supreme Court opens
The legal profession and judiciary were out in full regalia this morning for the traditional opening of the Supreme Court. With a new Chief Justice firmly on the bench, there was a different and much softer tone to the speeches this year. While it signals that relationships are on the mend, both bar and bench [...]

Poll says politicos are neck to neck
The results of another election poll were released today and it shows that the two main political parties are neck to neck if general elections are called. Two weeks ago Glenn Tillett of the Independent, teamed up with American Pollster, Greg Strimple, and released the findings of a poll which showed that at least thirty [...]

Poll raises questions about quality of life
So, what do the numbers signify? Well, according to Andrews, the numbers don’t lie and an election can go either way in favour of the U.D.P. or the P.U.P. But there is a huge percentage of undecided voters. Yasmine Andrews, Technical Expert “The major indicators, in two, three sentences, that this poll gave us is [...]

One fireman; one fire in Ladyville
While a mass registration was taking place in Ladyville, elsewhere a fire gutted a house. A lone fireman, who responded to the call for help, could not bring the blaze under control. Fortunately, the occupants of the house were away but unfortunately they lost everything. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports. Jose Sanchez, Reporting The old [...]

Gov’t guaranteed U.S. $8 Million B.T.L. Loan
Last Friday, the government sought and got the House approval to guarantee a loan of sixteen million dollars with Heritage Bank on behalf of Telemedia. It went through ALL its three stages. As you know, government owns majority shares of seventy percent in Telemedia, but there are many other shareholders, which means that Telemedia is [...]

Write-off List includes S.S.B. Chairman
The insider trading at the Social Security Board was stopped in its tracks when it became public that, from top to bottom, S.S.B. staff applied to benefit from the write-offs after reducing their loans with S.S.B. to fifty thousand dollars. An emergency meeting of the Board of Directors on Wednesday suspended C.E.O. Merlene Bailey Martinez [...]

Guatemala busts Belize contraband sugar
According to a report in Prensa Libre, this past Saturday, Guatemalan police confiscated a sizeable amount of contraband sugar. The police stopped the vehicle, shown in this photograph, transporting one hundred and forty sacks of contraband sugar originating from Belize. The bust took place at a check point near the village of Paxcaman; the vehicle [...]

B.E.L. reacts to P.U.C. approved electricity rates
The Public Utilities Commission and the government have both announced a six point one-four percent decrease in electricity rates to come online on February first. Earlier today, Belize Electricity Limited (B.E.L.) gave its initial reaction and it doesn’t sound that they are rejoicing. According to B.E.L.’s release, it needs to “understand the P.U.C.’s underlying assumptions [...]

P.U.C. says B.E.L. can fix its cash flow problem
But how will the significant rate reduction affect the already cash strapped utility company? One thing that could ease B.E.L.’s financial burden is a reduction in taxes, which Avery says is expected on April first. According to Avery, B.E.L.’s previous owners created the cash flow problems and now it is up to the new owners [...]

58 year old woman’s a busted burglar
A fifty-eight-year-old housewife and grandmother from Burrell Boom has been accused in a burglary at the home of her neighbor, John Wade. Glenda Neal was arraigned before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez today on charges of Burglary and Damage to Property. Allegations are that on January twelfth, Wade’s stepson, Delmont Black spotted Neal hanging around the house. [...]

Sports Monday with Veteran Sportscaster
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. The heavy downpour over the weekend rendered the Ladyville Football Field more suitable to water sports than the Belize Bank Xmas Cup of Football so week 3 of the 4 week campaign was forced to come to the MCC Grounds yesterday. It’s Westlake who [...]

Northern Caucus Meets In Corozal

Student Awarded For Doing The Right Thing

Belize's Sugar Allegly Is Being Contraband Into Guatemela

O/W Residence Response Positively To PUP Team

PUP Leader Speaks On Mass Naturalization

Honorable George Cadle Price Honored For His Birthday

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