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August 20, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Introducing the contestants for the Queen of Bacchanal
Six lovely ladies from across the country will be vying for the title of Queen of Bacchanal on Saturday, September 5th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena. The pageant is being organized by Foreva Fancy Boutique under the theme “One People-Breaking down all barriers, promoting unity” inspired by Soca Artist Destra. In hopes of winning the first ever Queen of Bacchanal pageant are Adella Banner, Kristen Igner Fuentes, Leidy Alicia Rejon, Shantel Carter, Doris Soriano, and Shantel Rubio. According to Foreva Fancy proprietor, Eduardo Aguilar the contestants of the pageant will not be judged according to their beauty but rather for their charisma and energy portrayed on the stage.

Five-a-side Football Tournament heads into finals
The Island Citizen Sporting Club (ICSC) and San Pedro High School (SPHS) Five-a-side Football Tournament is coming to close with only the semi-finals and championship matches left to be played. The quarter finals saw more teams being eliminated and the possible champions winning a slot in the semi-finals. Large crowds of football fanatics came out in full force to the Angel Nuñez Auditorium to support their favorite teams. As always, the week’s games kicked off on Thursday, August 13th with three little league, one female and two senior matches. In the first match of the night, the Under 10 teams of United FC and Barcelona FC faced off. It was a tight match but Barcelona FC managed to take the win in a 4-3 point game. In the second match FC America Under 10 defeated FC Bayern Munich Under 10 in a 3-2 point game. The final little league match was between Manchester United FC Under 13 and Chelsea FC Under 13. This match ended in 4-2 point win for Cheese FC.In the female match, Barrier Reef Girls defeated Hyde’s Strikers in a 7-1 point game. Playing in the fifth game of the night were Los Catrachos FC and Belize Pro Dive Center FC. But teams wanted the win but it was Los Catrachos who took the victory in a 6-3 point game. The last game end in a 2-2 tie between Varela’s Boys and United FC.

San Pedro Lions receive eye screening training
The Belize Lions Zone 59 held an eye screening training session on Friday, August 14th at the San Pedro Lions Den. Lion members from across the country took part in the training provided by Dr. Edward V Cordes, Lions chairman of KidSight USA, and Cindy McDowell, president of Plusoptix Eye Vision Technology. The initiative is part of the Lions-Belize National Children Eye Screening Programme, made possible through a grant from Lions Club International Foundation of the International Association of Lions Club. The program is expected to test island children’s eyesight and, if needed, provide them with proper eye glasses. According to Dr. Cordes the screening program targets children between the ages of 3-14. “This is very important not just for the community but the entire country. After the training, Lions members will be able make use of the screening machine perfectly and carry on with the program helping as many children as possible on a monthly basis. In the United States, Lions KidSight USA has established some guidelines that are very useful for the right procedures to get the adequate results we all want. We are here to help them achieve this very same goal,” said Cordes.

ACES completes renovations with assistance of island resort and volunteers
With the opening of the new school year quickly approaching, schools across the island are making sure everything is up to par for the arrival of their students in September. Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES), is one such school that has been busy with renovation projects. The unexpected, yet much needed repairs came at a high cost, but luckily one resort decided to give back to their community donating paint towards the school face lift. The donation of 30 gallons of exterior point and 15 gallons of acrylic and oil based paints came from Grand Caribe Resort. It was used to brighten up the school’s building and paint new structures including the newly built ramp for the special needs classroom. “We would like to thank Grand Caribe for supporting the school and helping us in our efforts to provide a quality child friendly school environment. We are gratefully for the support as it goes towards the future of our island children,” said Sarah Freudenberg, Director of Special Education at ACES.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks- Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed
Now that you see this flashback do you wonder why in the world this large group of San Pedranos is so well dressed? The men were all wearing shoes which is not normal under normal circumstances in San Pedro back in the 1980’s. Not only are they all wearing shoes, but also formal suits and tuxedo! And their long hair are all so well combed! No the real truth is that this was the quinceaños of Tio Pil’s only daughter, Lily Paz Nuñez. The mass was celebrated at the Catholic Church and the social reception was held at Big Daddy’s. Now it would be nice for you to help us identify the young men and ladies in this gala Flashback, besides the padrinos Pete Salazar and Chabby Nuñez Salazar. I think I see Sir Nicolas Varela.

Lions President Rigo Hand Over To President Fatima
On Saturday night at the Lions Den of San Pedro, outgoing president Lion Rigoberto Kumul used the gavel to hit the Lions bell for the last time as he called his last meeting to order. The occasion was to install the new board of directors for the San Pedro Lions Club. Stepping up to the rudder of the ship is incoming president Lion Fatima Graniel. The installation of the new board was conducted by Zone Chairman Lion Raul Castillo. The new board for the San Pedro Lions Club is as follows: President Fatima Graniel/ Vice President Rene Guzman/ Secretary Carolina Kumul/ Tresurer Abel Guerero Sr./ Membership Jan Brown/ Lion tamer Nigel Belisle/ 1st Year Director Rogoberto Kumul/ 2nd Year Director Flora Ancona/ Tail Twister Wally Nuñez/ Bar Manager Rigoberto Kumul. During the ceremony new member Pamela Zetina was initiated and sworn in. New members were also initiated into the San Pedro Leos Club and the Belmopan Leos Club and thereafter the board of directors of these two clubs were also installed. The new president of the San Pedro Leos Club is Mandy Rivero.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

In a democracy it is the people that have the power and not the politicians
By Wellington C. Ramos. In my study and teachings of political science it is always made clear that, in a democracy, it is the people that have the power and not the politicians. This is very important for all aspiring politicians to keep in mind before they seek public office. I would also advise them not only to keep this basic fundamental principle in their minds but to use it as guide when thinking and formulating policies on behalf of their people. People who enter politics with this principle and practice very seldom lose elections. On the other hand, people who enter politics without this philosophy have a difficult time getting elected and, if elected, get voted out shortly thereafter. Any person who is seeking political office without accepting and making this clear to the people, is coming to office with his or her own hidden agendas and, if elected, the people will suffer some consequences. In a democracy, people elect politicians to office to promote and advocate for their best interest.

Belizean Doctors to Benefit from Specialty Scholarships from the Government of El Salvador
Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin recently returned from an official visit to San Salvador, El Salvador on the invitation of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her deputy, Dr. Julio Robles Ticas. The three-day visit from the 12th – 14th August allowed for further discussions to finalize a Memorandum of Understanding for mutual health benefits in human resource development and information sharing between both countries. While negotiations continue, the Government of El Salvador has offered to provide free services through the visit of a medical team at the end of this month and has also offered 21 scholarships in various medical specialty areas to Belizean doctors.

Don Milo passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Paz family & friends on the passing of Mr. Jose Aljemiro Paz Sr., better known as "Don Milo". May his soul rest in peace. The wake of Don Milo will be tonight (August 19) at his residence on Barrier Reef Drive and Funeral Services will be tomorrow, August 20, at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church at 9:00 a.m. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos del Sr. Jose Aljemiro Paz Sr., mejor conocido como "Don Milo". Que en paz descanse. El velorio del Sr. Milo será en su residencia hoy por la noche y los servicios funebres serán mañana, 20 de agosto, a las 9:00 a.m. en la iglesia romana católica de San Pedro.

Step by Step Tutoring Center Musical Summer Camp
First Musical Summer Camp. Let's make this an Annual Event. Come out and support our little ones.

Notice from The Belize Zoo
TBZ will soon be saying farewell to Johanna, our wonderful Environmental Educator. She is off to pursue an exciting new chapter in her professional career, and goes with our very best wishes and deepest thanks for all her hard work at the Zoo. Good luck, Johanna! Of course, we are now looking for another bright young Belizean to fill her really big shoes! The position of Environmental Educator requires the minimum of an Associate's degree in Natural Resource Management, Biology, or a related field. Responsibilities include: Delivering on-site and outreach environmental education programs developed for local school groups and communities. Conducting natural history tours, presentations, and animal encounters. Contributions to design, preparation, and distribution of zoo education resources. Assisting with logistics and preparation for public zoo events. Interested applicants can contact the Zoo at 822-8000 or [email protected] for more details.

Prime Minister's Statement on Belize Territorial Volunteer's Excursion to Sarstoon Island

BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, August 19, 2015: 12. PICK 3: 4 8 6

Poets Corner: Mandate
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Belize needs a new mandate Its current situation is at a failed state God will not intervene at this rate We are enjoying being PUDP subordinates Until we are willing to change our state The autocracy will use the business conglomerate To keep the hegemony in state Only a national labour party Will change Belize’s fate The union must take a leap of faith To undo this monster they helped to create PUP is desperate They have to take blame for the mess they orchestrate If the working class don’t get up and demonstrate Jamaica will be their fate Prices at the counter will escalate The bank will increase its lending rate It’s industries we must generate It’s the working class they’ve been trying to castrate We must be the ones to determine our fate The US is sitting down di wait To invade for their pound of flesh But first devaluation will be our guest A new government will be fresh Only the workers can save the workers at their bequest America will only do what she does best Divide and conquest

SHJC Fall 2015 Orientation
Sacred Heart Junior College started this week. They had an entertaining orientation. Best of luck to all the SHJC students as they become the future leaders of Belize.

Brian Bushway at Soul Project
Brian Bushway, who's with World Access for the Blind, and some of his students played at the Soul Project. "Brian Bushway of World Access for the Blind with his Belizean studies had lunch at soul project,they enjoyed Running W meats Pipil tacos followed by Brian jamming on stage, he played some great originals songs, and some of his students performed too, Brian is here in Belize teaching a Human echolocation course, how to see with with sound, amazing, this is a project spearheaded by my friend local wildlife filmmaker Carol Foster, something she learn about while studies about bats echolocation for a film she was working on, she raised the funds to get Brian out here to teach."

Samantha Harrison is Queen of the West
Congratulations Samantha Harrison! She's the new Miss Queen of the West.

Belize's Belikin Wheels became the Belizean basketball team in the whole of Belize's basketball history that may have dominated the national basketball championship longer than any other Belizean basketball team of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. A Belizean basketball powerhouse, the legendary national champions was engined by outstanding ballers like, power-forward and center, Charles Goff, the long range bomber and shooting sensation, the late Frankie 'Fadeaway' Flowers, the incredible point guard, Luwelington Bakus, and others like David Craig, and the late Alfonso Martinez. Team Wheels was compact with many others like power forward, Ernie 'Wilson' Pickett, and sharp shooter Billy Skeen.

The outstanding Belizean boxing champion of the 1960's and 70's, David Dakers, ruled Belize's boxing ring for a whole decade. His most incredible fights that blasted from Radio Belize's airwaves in grand style by the renowned Belizean boxing announcer, the late C.L.B. Rogers, filled the homes of many Belizeans at that time with excitement to hear the pound by pound showdown between Dakers and other incredible Belizeans boxing champions like Gilly Dunn, Hurricane Bowser, and the Jamaican warrior, Tough Skin Cameron. Dakers has become Belize's most celebrated and renowned boxer of all times, and who held the title for the national middleweight champion of Belize for many years. Dubbed as Belize's 'Golden Boy', David Dakers has retired in Belize today, and in 2001, yours truly met the legendary Belizean boxer where we were both traveling on a bus on the Western Highway now George Price Highway, in route to his hometown village of Camalote where he was residing at that time. The soft spoken but hard hitting Belizean boxing icon had told me that he was working with the young men of the village in boxing, and had hoped to contribute his skills as a boxing coach in the revival of boxing in Belize.

Channel 7

It's Official! Guatemalan Military Made Incursion Into Belize, Protest Note Sent
It was an incursion by the Guatemalan military and Belize has sent a diplomatic protest note to Guatemala. That’s what Prime Minister told the media today in a press conference about the Belize Territorial Volunteers trip to the Sarstoon Island. The Prime Minister held the press conference at the Biltmore right after a meeting of the National Security Council which was held at the same hotel. They reviewed the report on Sunday’s happenings from the OAS, as well as the video footage from the Belize Media, along with accounts from the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The PM sat at the head table flanked by with members of the Security Council to say that the Guatemalan military entered Belizean territory, and that it cannot go unchallenged:

General Says The Territorial Volunteers Are Endangering Soldiers
And so while that protest is one issue, the larger issue is really the Sarstoon – and how the Guatemalans have started to show aggression on the shared river. That brings into very clear and present danger the BDF patrols that must go up the river weekly or bi weekly to change over personnel at the Cadenas observation post. And BDF Commander, General David Jones says the Guatemalans have stepped up the aggression since the territorial volunteers have been active. The General said plainly that it’s putting his soldiers’ lives in danger: Brig. General David Jones - Commander, BDF "What we've noticed of recent that; the Guatemalan patrols follow our vessels, sometimes for a kilometer up the Sarstoon. But recently they have been going all the way to Cadenas to follow patrol and that isn't normal. Apparently they were informed at the lower level that they were not supposed to go all the way there. But of recent because of the traction of what is happening with the Territorial Volunteers wanting to go to the Sarstoon Island; and wanting to show their patriotism in the area, they have escalated their interest in what's happening in the Sarstoon.

BDF Wanted To Be There
And so while there’s going to be a protest note, and a meeting at the OAS in Washington, ultimately the BDF has the job of maintaining sovereignty in the Sarstoon. But they also have to ensure citizen security – and that’s why they have been bashed for keeping their distance when the Guatemalan Navy was bullying Belizeans on the Sarstoon. General Jones said that the military wanted to be there, but that instead of providing security, their presence would have had the opposite effect: Brig. General David Jones - Commander, BDF "We understand what Guatemala's position is. We know what our position is; and if we had our military forces out there, of course, we're patriotic as well. You cannot question the patriotism of any of our soldiers because they stand ready to defend Belize and they will continue to do so. Had we been out there; of course we would have not liked to watch our civilians being bullied by any force. We would have wanted to defend them and we would have defended them. But it would have resulted, inevitably to gun fire; and they were women and children out there and civilians out there. So we took the prudent view and not send the military out there for such a trek; because we had advised them not to. And that is still our stance."

Even The OAS Got Intercepted By the Gung Ho Guat Navy
As we showed you in our coverage, Magdalena Talamás, the Chief of the OAS Chief Fund, which mediates the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala, was out on the river when the territorial volunteers went to tour the Sarstoon Island. Well, according to the Prime Minister, both his government and the Guatemalan Government, in the person of no less than Present Otto Perez Molina requested that the OAS be there to monitor the situation as an impartial observer. The militaries of both countries were to have been informed, but even the OAS was intercepted by the Guatemalans. He noted that this would tend to point to a situation where the Guatemalan officials say one thing while the military does another: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "I just wanted to add something to the exchange between you and the general, relating to this question of whether the orders that we are told are given at the top in Guatemala actually filtered down. Ms. Talamas' report makes clear that before the Guatemalan navy intercepted the Territorial Volunteers, they intercepted her.

Taxi Driver Remanded For Rape
45 Year-old Michael Andrews, a taxi driver of Kraal Road, is in jail tonight after a 41 year-old woman accused of him of rape. The victim reported to police that on Saturday, August 15, he went to her Belize City home and forced himself on her. Police investigated her report, and charged Andrews with rape. He was arraigned today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana, where no plea was taken due to the nature of the offence. The police prosecutor made several objections to bail. Andrews responded by saying that he is a law abiding citizen who is gainfully employed. After considering the objections Action Chief Magistrate Arana upheld them and remanded Andrews into custody until September 30.

Something New and Novel Out Of Marie Sharp's Pepper Pot
"Belizean Heat", "Fiery Hot" and "No Wimps Allowed": these are just a few of the pepper sauces that Marie Sharp produces. Over the years these products and others have earned a firm foothold in Belizean culinary culture. And now Ms. Marie hopes that an unusual new sauce can make its way unto your dinner table. Courtney Weatherburne traveled to the Marie Sharp Factory just outside Dangriga on Friday to find out and why the new sauce stands out among any other in the world Courtney Weatherburne Reporting... Almost every Belizean at home and abroad is very familiar with this logo. In fact products carrying this brand can be found on every kitchen counter and on most restaurant tables. And Marie Sharp is the woman behind all these product lines.

Delivering On The Promise of Community Policing
This afternoon the media was invited out to the Jane Usher Basketball court - where officers of the Eastern Police Division South distributed school supplies to over a hundred students. It is a part of their community policing efforts to build stronger relationships with members of crime ridden communities. The back to school initiative started in the Jane Usher neighborhood today. The Officer Commanding explained: But, while the police build community partnerships – murderous, gang related crime still occurs. The media asked Williams about the apparent murder of 28 year old Joel Bishop and also the meeting that was held on Monday with members of the PIV and Supaul Street gangs – whose feud may have led to the murder:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, OC - E.D. Southside "We continue our police community initiative and what we're doing here today is one way for us, the police giving back to the community. Whereby a lot of children in the Jane Usher Boulevard area who are needy. The parents cannot provide for them that they would need to go to school.

Sandhill Mason For Shotgun
29 year-old Tyron Davis, a mason of Sandhill, is in jail tonight after rural police say that they busted him with an unlicensed shot gun. The incident happened yesterday on the Phillip Goldson Highway when police found Davis walking on the Phillip Goldson Highway with 16 gauge shotgun in his hand. When they stopped and searched him, he couldn’t produce a valid license, so they continued to search him. That’s when they found six cartridges for the 16 gauge shot gun in his pants pocket. The police arrested and charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was arraigned before Acting Chief Magistrate Arana, and due to the nature of the offences, he couldn’t be granted bail even though he pleaded not guilty. He was remanded into custody until September 30.

GOB: Sarstoon Es Nuestro
At the top of the news you heard Government’s position on the Sarstoon Showdown between Belizean civilians and the Guatemalan Navy. So, what about the Sarstoon River, and the Sarstoon Island? As we’ve shown you, the Territorial Volunteers went to the Sarstoon Island to send a statement to Guatemala and the world that the island is for Belize. More importantly, they were of the opinion that the Belize Government was slowly ceding territory through diffident diplomacy. So, what is the Prime Minister’s position on these areas considered to Belizean territory? He explained it to the press today: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister "Guatemala claims the River Sarstoon not in the same way as it claims other portions of our country. Their position is that what we know to be Belize never included the Sarstoon River, and that our border in that area stopped at the bank of the river on the Belize side. So the entire Sarstoon was always, they argue, part of Guatemalan territory and recognized as belonging to them."

PM to BTV: Don't Go there
So then what does the Prime Minister think of the territorial volunteers and their trip to the border? He bigged them up for their patriotic spirit – but discouraged them from doing it again. He told the press that while he understands their patriotic sentiment, the BDF is weekly doing what they set out to do: Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister “Now I want to make clear that I perfectly understand and indeed applaud the sentiment that motivated the Territorial Volunteers. Their decision arose from feelings of patriotism that are not just commendable but inspirational. Nevertheless, theirs was an incomplete grasp of the facts; a situation for which Government is perhaps at least partly to blame. As a result their actions, though well-intended, were wrong. For it cannot be right to insert any Belizean, but especially children, into a situation so fraught with danger.” "Territorial Volunteers' purpose-driven visit, their course of action, was entirely unnecessary to make a point that our security forces make every week. In all the circumstances, therefore, we remain convinced that Government was right in withholding military accompaniment from the Volunteers. I have already described the tension and volatility inherent in the situation of our active dispute with Guatemala over the Sarstoon River."

BTL Scholars
Today, 20 students received full scholarships from BTL. It’s part of the company’s scholarship program which has been going on for 24 years now, where brilliant but needy high school students are given full funding for their tuition, books and other fees for a high school of their choice. Today, 7News stopped by to meet the new recipients, and here’s what they told us: This year BTL is giving away 19 high school scholarships and 1 tertiary level scholarship. They were chosen from 200+ applicants though a rigorous process which took several weeks.

Belize Draws in Historic First Champions League Match
For years, Belize had been left out of the CONCACAF Champions League – because we never had a suitable stadium. But last night finally the prestigious tournament went to the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. The Gallos Blancos de Querétaro from the top Mexican League went into the Capital looking for a victory. But, Cayo’s Verdes held their own against the Mexicans, playing to a nil – nil draw. They were led by goalkeeper Benito Morreira who made six saves to help Verdes FC earn a historic point in the draw. After the game, the Mexican Coach was salty about the defeat and the officiating:.. Translated from Spanish to English.. Reporter "What did you like of your team? Do you think your team did good or bad?" Victor Manuel Vucetich - Queretaro's Coach "Truly my team didn’t play well tonight, hence, the result is not too good, we are very angry, a believe the referring was fatal , allowing the goalkeeper to have six intervention/pause during the game, at no moment there was a situation which merited for the assistance to enter the field.

Hello Haiti!
CARIFESTA is the biggest cultural celebration in the Caribbean – and this year it’s being held in Haiti. In 2013, Belize sent a delegation of 34 artists to Surinam, and this time it’s sending 21 to CARIFESTA 12. Monica Bodden found out why dance is an essential part of Belize’s cultural offering:… The first CARIFESTA was held in 1972.

Channel 5

PM Breaks Silence on Sarstoon Island Expedition
The incident between a Belize Territorial Volunteer-led expedition and Guatemalan military on Sunday has created a storm of anti-Guatemala and certainly anti-government sentiment. G.O.B. has remained tight-lipped on the attempted [...]

Should BTV Mission Have Been Accompanied by Local Military Forces?
The government has also come under fire because the expedition which included approximately one hundred and fifty Belizean men, women and children was not afforded the protection of a Belizean [...]

BTV Lauded for Patriotism, but Slammed for Risky Endeavor
PM Barrow says that they don’t just talk the talk about maintaining sovereignty, but actually claim it. Every Tuesday, the B.D.F. travels down the Sarstoon to change shifts at the [...]

Channel Five Wins Big at 2015 CBU Awards
The Forty-Sixth Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union is currently taking place in Grenada.  One of the highlights of the week-long event is the Caribbean Broadcasting Awards which [...]

B.D.F. Commander, “Relationship with Guatemalan Military is Jeopardized”
The Prime Minister claims that following Sunday’s incident with the Guatemalan Navy, there is no doubt that tensions and thus the risk and danger has increased, not only to the [...]

P.M. Doesn’t Need to Wait for O.A.S. Report to Prove Guats Entered Belizean Waters
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was at the press conference today and indeed, the entire issue of the Sarstoon expedition and Guatemalan falls squarely in his portfolio. But apart [...]

Did PM Chide the Foreign Minister?
And just in case that was a little ambiguous, it was made clearer by the Prime Minister. He didn’t exactly go so far as to say that Elrington has been [...]

More on Belize/Guatemala Dispute and Sarstoon Island
Already escalating anti-Guatemalan sentiment was fuelled by a news report of the incident released by a Guatemalan reporter with Canal Antigua. That reporter conducted an interview with Vice-Commander Thomas, the [...]

Police Stage Intervention in PIV/Supal Street Rivalry
On Saturday morning, there was a murder on Newtown Barracks near the MCC Grounds. An Oleander Street resident, twenty-eight-year-old Joel Bishop was brutally beaten by a group of men and [...]

What’s the Motive Behind Murder of Joel Bishop?
GSU Commander, Superintendent Mark Flowers, also attended the meeting to express the GSU’s perspective in dealing with the criminal activities in these areas. However, on Monday, a motive has not [...]

Cops Receive Firearm Training Through SICA
Today, the ITVET Compound in Belize City was buzzing with officers, prosecutors and scenes of crime personnel. A team of officers intercepted a heavily tinted Toyota four runner, detaining two [...]

Verdes and Queretaro Draw at Nil in CONCACAF Champions League
The F.F.B. Stadium in the Garden City came alive on Tuesday night for game one of a home and away series between Verdes F.C. and Los Gallos Blancos of Queretaro, [...]

Jane Usher Kids Receive School Bags from Police Department
Today, children in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City were provided with much needed school bags and supplies, just in time for the start of the new school [...]

Laptops Donated to Belize City Schools
Last month, we showed you the summer camps being held to train students and teachers at the primary and high school levels on how to better manage financial resources, plan [...]

Belize Heads to CARIFESTA 2015
The twelfth annual CARIFESTA, the premier festival of the arts and culture in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is set to open this Friday in Port au Prince, Haiti. The regional [...]

Great Belize Productions - Channel 5 - wins 4 awards at the 46th Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union
The CBU awards are awarded to journalists from across the region whose work captured the attention of a panel of eminent judges from the Caribbean. The award ceremony took place on August 17 in Grenada and from a total of 182 entries from 10 countries, Channel 5 walked away with 4 awards. Marleni Cuellar won two of the four awards for her stories: "Deaf Girl in a Hearing World" which won Best Children/Youth Issues Feature and "Lifesaving Skills for 'Sugah Bellys'" which won Best Healthy Lifestyle Feature. Duane Moody earned a Special Mention for his story "Benque Viejo's Crucifixion Re-Enactment" in the Best education/Culture Feature. And, the Production department of Channel 5, under the leadership of Rick Romero won Best Public Service Spot with a PSA for the Drunk Driving Campaign entitled "Ashley's Story."


Eldrid Neal Becomes New President Of Public Service Union
Every two years, a new president is elected to oversee the functions of the Public Service Union and this year, the reigns have been given to Orange Walk’s very own Eldrid Neal. Neal takes over the Unions reigns and replaces Marvin Blade. Today we spoke to Neal via telephone to find out what his plans for the union are. “We want to hype officers and train in terms of the service they provide, we want to ensure ta they are compensated properly, we want to ensure that there is scope within the Public Service our continual growth in terms of how officers are transitions and of course to continue to be the support net and public service that they provide and how they look at public servants.”

San Pedranos Join Hands To Fight Sargassum
On August 4th our reporter Dalila Ical was in San Pedro and reported on the smelly Sargassum accumulation along the San Pedro beach line. In an interview with Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, it was mentioned that the BTB has been working with stakeholders to provide necessary equipment/tools to clean the sargassum in San Pedro Island. Weeks have passed and the problem persists and there is still no sign of the equipment or of any of the assistance Bevans mentioned will be provided. The lack of assistance prompted the creation of the Build a Beach Campaign group formed by concerned citizens of La Isla Bonita. The group’s aim, under the leadership of Dimas James Guerrero, is to instil civic pride. Guerro told our reporter Karel Heredia how they will accomplish their aim.

Orange Walk Mayor Attends Meeting In Puerto Rico
Today, the Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard left Belize en-route to Puerto Rico. A release from his office states that Mayor Bernard will be participating in the Latin American Mayor’s Conference in Puerto Rico for the rest of the week. The mayor is scheduled to return on Monday, August 24th and during his absence, Deputy Mayor Ladrick Sheppard will act as Mayor.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Concedes that Guatemalan Boat Made an Incursion Into Belize Waters
The Government of Belize has sent an extremely strong note of protest to the Guatemalan Government. Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced this today in an afternoon Press Conference in Belize City where he said that he, unlike the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, did believe and accept what has been reported by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the media when it comes to trip to the Sarstoon where Guatemala entered Belizean waters. The PM said that he was walking into the press conference from a meeting with the National Security Council where the decision was approved. He added that government has received a report from OAS Representative Magdalena Talamas on the BTV’s visit to the Sarstoon. In that report, the OAS indicates that four of the territorial volunteers’ boats made it to the Sarstoon Island and circled it by entering the North Channel and exited the south channel. One boat was prevented from taking the route.


Protest note to be sent to Guatemala over Sarstoon Island incident
There has been much talk about the expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers to the Sarstoon Island. Earlier this week participants of the expedition shared their story which included being intercepted by Guatemalan naval authorities. Yesterday the Opposition People’s United Party shared their view, urging the Government of Belize to act. Today Prime Minister […]

BDF commander speaks on forward operating base
Sarstoon Island was thrust into the headlines after it was disclosed that there were plans to build a forward operating base on the island. The Guatemalans objected to the construction. Since then Belizean authorities have insisted that the base will be constructed. Today we asked Commander David Jones for an update. Brigadier General David Jones […]

Senior Superintendent Chester Williams meets with rival gangs
Earlier in the week, we told you about the gang brawl that left twenty two year old Mark Benguche, with a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop dead. The duo was attacked by a group of men in the area of BTL Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. Today, Senior […]

Taxi driver charged with rape
Forty-five year old Michael Andrews, a taxi driver of Kraal Road, was charged with rape when he appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offence is of a serious nature, that sexual offences have become […]

Sandhill villager pleads not guilty to firearm offences
Twenty-nine year old Tyrone Davis, a mason of Sandhill, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana. Davis pled not guilty to the charges. Acting Chief Magistrate Arana explained to him that the curt has no jurisdiction to offer him bail because […]

Man found guilty of drug offences sentenced
Sixty-one year old James Alvarez, a labourer of Eden Site, was sentenced to three years today by Magistrate La Donna John after he pled guilty to a charge of drug trafficking for 124 grams of cannabis. Alvarez owed the court nine thousand and twenty five dollars for a previous conviction for drug trafficking which he […]

El Salvador offers scholarships to Belizean doctors
Belizean doctors are to benefit from scholarships offered by the Government of El Salvador. This is one of the results of a recent visit by Minister of health Pablo Marin to that country. The three day visit came at the invitation of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her […]

Six high schools receive laptops
Price Waterhouse Coopers has made a donation of laptops through the Ministry of Education to six different high schools in Belize. Price Waterhouse Coopers has been hosting a financial literacy camp in Belize since 2008. Carol Babb, Deputy Chief Education Officer, spoke to Love News about the donation. Dr. Carol Babb – Deputy Chief Education […]

Twenty students awarded scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited
Twenty students from a across the country were today awarded educational scholarships from Belize Telemedia Limited. Those twenty students are not part of the five hundred and ninety nine that BTL has assisted in furthering their education. The scholarship is all inclusive. Melanie Martinez – Senior PR, BTL “This year marks the 24th year that […]

Primary school students get school supplies
The Belize police Department in conjunction with a group of musicians is also contributing to the education of Belize’s children. Eighty seven school bags containing school supplies were handed over to the children of Jane Usher Boulevard Area. Hipolito Novelo reporting… All Sons of God (ASG) a rap group out of the Jane Usher Boulevard, […]


They Rammed our Boats; BTV
On Sunday August 16th over a hundred and thirty Belizeans ventured in to what might be the largest excursion of Belizeans to the Sarstoon Island. The company, lead by Wil Mehia of the Belizean Territorial Volunteers and Orlando De La Fuente from the Northern Territorial Volunteers, departed the doc...

OAS says Belizeans entered Guatemalan territory
The National Security Council of Belize says Belizeans entered Guatemalan territory , according to the OAS. While no one from the National Security Council was on the trip, a press release issued says that the NSC was in teleconference session for the duration of the Territorial Volunteers Sarstoo...

Guatemala says Belizean delegation abusive
As we told you earlier in our newscast, a hundred and thirty Belizeans traveled to Sarstoon island and had an encounter with the Guatemalan military. It was an intense encounter; one that was well documented by our Belize media core. But it was also documented by the Guatemalan media, who are tell...

Guatemalan gunboat ground on reef now guarding against BTV Belizeans?
While following the News Threads coming out of Guatemala after Yesterday’s Sarstoon activities , we came upon a story published by Emisoras Unidas of Guatemala. The article claims that ” In order to maintain the sovereignty of the territorial waters of the State of Guatemala , on Sunday...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize protests Guatemalan incursion at Sarstoon Island
The Government of Belize says it has taken action over the fact that armed forces of the Guatemalan navy entered Belizean waters in order to prevent unarmed Belizeans, members of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), from attempting to access Sarstoon Island on Sunday last. A protest note was […]

P.M. defends Foreign Minister over media comment
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was silent for all of today’s Prime Ministerial Press Conference, and that is for a reason. The Minister, speaking in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s events to Amandala, insisted that formal confirmation from the OAS was needed and that the various media […]

How will military respond in wake of BTV incident?
There are many dimensions to the handling of the incident in the Sarstoon and one of them concerns military relations between Belize and Guatemala. Prime Minister Barrow told today’s gathering that one of the reasons why the BTV’s intervention was not needed is that the military, facing severe […]

PUP demands better accounting of banking system
The People’s United Party has made its first statements on the ongoing saga in the banking sector where the offshore facilities are being targeted by the U.S. and European Union for alleged mismanagement, and the closing down of correspondent relations with multiple banks. The PUP believes that the offshore banks […]

PUP working on internal unity
Following the first public comments by members of the dissident group of representatives in the PUP that are calling for reform, PUP leader Francis Fonseca spoke briefly today. He stated that the contact between his lieutenants and those of the dissidents are the first steps toward a resolution. Fonseca said, […]

Belize protests Guatemalan “incursion” in BTV incident
Saying that for now the OAS’ report is inconclusive as to whether the boats of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) entered Guatemalan waters on Sunday, but sure that they did enter our waters, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that Belize has sent an “extremely strong” protest note to […]

PUP challenges Government over Guatemala approach following BTV expedition
The People’s United Party (PUP) has joined the rest of the nation in supporting the Belize Territorial Volunteers following their Sunday journey to Sarstoon Island. But they wish to go even further with regard to how to handle the unfounded claim. While Belize wants peace with Guatemala, said […]

El Salvador to provide medical scholarships
Following an official visit to San Salvador, El Salvador to meet opposite number Dr. Elvia Violeta Menjivar and her deputy, Dr. Julio Robles Ticas, Belize’s Minister of Health Pablo Marin reports that the Government of El Salvador has offered to provide free services through the visit of a medical team […]

Burglary in Dangriga Town, one person was shot and several detained
Around 2:45 am this morning, police responded to an attempted burglary call at the Grigazilean store, owned by a Chinese-Belizean in Dangriga. When the police arrived at the scene, the burglars were also attempting to enter the Selana Restaurant Apartments which is located in the same building. Shots were fired […]

Fair, Warm and dry conditions expected for the next couple of days
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and clear skies tonight with little to no rainfall. Winds will be blowing from the East – Southeast at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be light chop to choppy. High temperatures today are expected around 89 […]

Land Of The Free – An Open Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs, and collectively, our Cabinet
In regards to your statement “I don’t know if they (the Guates) know when they are in Belize territorial waters. There is nothing demarcating there.” I grew up in Placencia. 6th generation Placencian. I am a fisherman’s son like most people who were born and grew up in […]


The Guatemalan Claim Pt.10
The final leg of the claim (up to December 2008) has moved through some turbulent waters, so to speak. Today August 19th, 2015 the claim is as hot as ever. The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) made visit on the 16th August where close to 150 volunteers and press personnel came face to face with the Guatemalan Coast Guards bullying the Belizeans out of their own territorial space. Our Belizean Coast Guards, on the command of the present government, just sat idly on the dock of the southern mainland of Toledo. Included in the group of volunteers were the Organisation of American States (OAS) representatives, Wil Maheia one of the founding leaders of the groups and Senator Lisa Shoman. 17th September, 2002 Facilitators Proposals Presented to the people of Belize: - They describe the m]land boundaries of Belize. These are exactly as described in the 1859 Convention. - They propose that Belize retain its territorial sea entitlement as proposed by the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982). - They propose a settlement in Belize/relocation to Guatemala scheme for the residents of Santa Rosa Village.

Top 7 Water Adventure Activities To Do In Belize
Are you thirsty for a little fun in the water? Do you have an appetite for adventure? Are you craving something new and exciting? Well, we know a place that can sufficiently feed your appetite for thrill. No, we’re not talking about a warm shower or a refreshing dip in a pool. The place we are talking about is Belize! Belize is not only home to a variety of marine wildlife, but is also a spectacular location for some fun, water-based, recreational activities.

17 Reasons to Visit Ambergris Caye Belize
Some societies believe that the sky is divided into 17 celestial layers, and who are we to argue with them? The sky over Belize is unforgettable, no matter how many layers there are, but we’ll use the reference to suggest 17 reasons to visit Ambergris Caye, perhaps the most well-known and popular destination in Belize. 1. Make Ambergris Caye your scuba diving jump-off point. Close proximity to Lighthouse Reef and the Turneffe Islands are highly-rated areas to explore, so try to get to both. 2. Ambergris Caye has been named the number one destination in Belize by travel authorities, so who are you to question their unanimity? 3. As Belize’s resort epicenter, choices abound... 4. Snorkle your heart out in the Great Barrier Reef vicinity. Ask your resort’s concierge to arrange a trip to this colorful underwater kingdom. 5. Eat up on Ambergris Caye. Tropical shacks serve authentic island fast food but there are plenty of top-rated restaurants, too. Indulge in freshly caught seafood 24/7 and if you come during lobster season, bring a bib!

The Things I Miss
Okay, to properly get into a frame of mind close to where I am - maybe that will make this post better - you'll need to crack a Shock Top, or a Blue Moon, or even a PBR...ah...a PBR. When I land (whenever that happens) in the states I'll be buying a case on the way "home". Home. Where the hell is that? I typed it up there, then had to go back and put the quotation marks around. Like it was a solid place in my mind...'home'...was a solid place. But it isn't. I'm in the middle I'd say. Between here and there. I loved it there. I love it here. Very different reasons for both - and likely nothing that can ever be combined into one place. Has anyone found that one perfect place? Does it exist? Maybe for them. Not for me. ANYWAY - enough of that...have you cracked that beer? Now turn on your preferred music player service; Pandora, iWhatever, Amazon Prime for me (thank you Amazon for a decent player that works in Belize and doesn't suck up hardly any bandwidth). Plug in one of the following stations - John Denver, Mumford, no...make it John Denver; but the Amazon one is better than the iWhatever one.

International Sourcesizz

Cuban thaw poses tourism threat to Caribbean neighbours
Surge of US visitors to Havana could suck vital dollars from other sun-kissed islands. High quality global journalism requires investment. The sight of the Stars and Stripes being hoisted over the newly opened US embassy in Cuba last week, was one of the most visible signs yet of the diplomatic rapprochement between the long-term foes. If President Barack Obama gets his way, the US Congress will soon go further still and lift its 55-year-old trade embargo on the island. Such a move would be a major boon to the Cuban economy, not least by unleashing a torrent of big-spending American tourists on the island, which has largely been starved of such arrivals for more than half a century. This, however, could prove disastrous for some of the small islands elsewhere in the Caribbean which are heavily dependent on tourism. They could see much of the US tourism trade they have come to reply on decamping to the large, and quite possibly cheaper, new competitor in their midst.

TV highlights
On “House Hunters Off the Grid” (HGTV at 10), a couple of restaurateurs look for a sustainable home in Belize’s Cayo District with a reliable Internet connection that will allow them to continue to run their business.

The oceans ‘secret’ grasped Leah Biery’s attention at a young age - See more at:
While working on the project, the documentary "End of the Line" was screened and featured "the most amazing fishery scientist in the whole world" Daniel Pauly. Biery said she fell in love with the documentary and Pauly's message, which resulted in Neill contacting Pauly about Biery working with him as a grad student. "Bruce emailed him and a day later he called me back and said 'Do you want to study shark fisheries at UBC," she said smiling. "I did a masters degree in fisheries management at the University of British Columbia. Through that I went to Belize and worked for the marine conservation organization Oceana and I studied gill net fisheries and juvenile fish catches." The people of Belize, Biery said like to eat really small fish because they fit on their plates, which is an issue because the fish are still babies and have not had a chance to reproduce. While in Belize she interviewed fishermen on how they use nets, what they catch with the nets and what size fish they are catching. The interviews led Biery to making a recommendation to the Belize government to adopt new fishery regulation to regulate those issues more effectively.


  • Video on growing and making Chocolate!, 9min. Been to AJAW Chocolate yet? You can make your own chocolate there. Here's a great video where you can learn about the chocolate tree, and the delicious treat. "Adrian Choco is a local tour guide and chocolate maker. In this video you will see the process of making the Ajaw Chocolate located in the heart of San Ignacio for a taste of Belize."

  • Belize Mission Project Movie 11/2012, 30min. Belize Mission Project marked its 19th anniversary w/ its Dental-Medical Mission in Belize in Oct. & Nov. 2012 headed by Dr. Frank Whipps. What started as a "fishing mission" evolved into a yearly Dental-Medical work Volunteers spend a week a year of about 40 assorted groups of Dentists, MD's, Hygienists, Audiologists, technicians & other assistants etc. The venues this year was in the town of San Pedro Caye, Placentia, Seign Beight, Maskall, Hattieville & Caye Caulker

  • Fishing tarpon and permit in Placencia Belize_ XXL Adventure AS, also a second one here, 1 min. Denne filmsnutten viser litt action fra Placencia sør i Belize. Dette er en destinasjon for de som ønsker å fiske tropisk, med spesielt tarpon og permit som hovedmål. Placencia regnes som en av verdens beste permit- destinasjoner, for det finnes ikke mange plasser i verden du kan få 20 - 40 kast på permit hver dag.. Det kan du her!

  • Rappelling in Black Hole, Belize, 4.5min.

  • Scuba Diving Belize 2015, 12min. Diving Blue Hole and reefs around Caye Caulker and San Pedro / Ambergris Caye Belize with Pittsburgh Scuba June 2015.

  • Aterrizaje en San Pedro - Ambergris Caye Belize 1, 2min.

  • Aterrizaje en San Pedro - Ambergris Caye Belize 2, 3min.

  • Belize, 1.5min. Dji Phantom 3 video of Belize

  • Island Expeditions Belize - Glover's Reef Atoll - Belize's Premier location, 4min. Leading the Way in Belize Since 1987, Island Expeditions leads sea kayak, snorkel, natural history, and dive expeditions to beautiful Glover's Reef, Belize. Based on Southwest Caye, at Glover's Reef in Belize, the group stay in Safari style tent accommodations, and are fully guided and fully catered to for multi day vacation to the most beautiful place in Belize. Let us show you the best of Belize!

  • Belize 2015 HD, 9min. Here is a video clip produce by one of our student from Canada showcase the many different adventures he experience on his visit here in Belize in March.

  • A few days on Caye Caulker, Belize., 5.5min. On the road between Mexico and Guatemala.

    August 19, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    The San Pedro Sun

    Signing of Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Belize and Switzerland
    The Belize High Commission is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement was signed by H.E. Ms. Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize to the United Kingdom and Mr. Frank Gruetter, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement will allow for the exchange of information that is relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters.

    Belize participate in UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament
    Belize participated in the Central American Football Union (UNCAF) Pre-Olympic Tournament held in Guatemala from Saturday, August 8th to Saturday, August 15th. The tournament will decide the three teams that will represent UNCAF at the 2015 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Men’s Olympic Qualifying Championship. Among the players forming the Belize National Under 23 football team is island athlete Rugerri Orvin Trejo. Participating in the UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament are National selections from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. They were divided into two groups with each team playing two matches. Belize was drafted in Group B along with Honduras and Guatemala, while Group A consists of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama.

    Saga observes International Homeless Animal Day
    On Saturday, August 15th, Saga Humane Society celebrated the first ever International Homeless Animal Day in San Pedro. Saga highlighted homeless animals from around the world with an adoption campaign for their animals. The event kicked off at noon and went on until 5PM with the showcasing of adoptable pets for the general public while at the same time introducing the San Pedro residents to the work done by Saga. Dawn LoCascio, one of the organizers stated that the event was fun and they had a good turnout. “It was big day for us especially in view of the Dog Act being enforced and the new pet adoption. We are on such a great track. We got some lookers and I am happy to say that we also had five adoptions which are in process. The animals loved all the attention and the most interesting part is that there were people visiting Fort Dog who had never been there before,” said LoCascio.

    Ambergris Today

    Plenty of Horsing Around at Banana Bank Lodge Summer Camp
    Summer camps in Belize are aplenty – some hit the beach, some hit the sea, while others hit the jungles of the countryside. But this one camp is centering its activities on horseback riding. The Summer Horse Camp at Banana Bank Lodge and Jungle Horseback Adventures stands out as the only program in the country that has its young participants handling, riding and taking care of horses. It’s a fun-filled summer camp that is packed with adventure, but at the same time teaches young children how to ride horses, communicate with them, train them and also teaches them responsibilities as they care, clean and saddle their own horse assigned to them throughout the entire camp session. “Horsing around is allowed,” says Leisa Carr of Banana Bank Lodge who runs the camp and is in full contact with the children throughout the week-long camp. It’s all about the horses and even those who are not experienced riders or familiar with horses find themselves thinking about horses all day long – even dreaming about them.

    San Pedro Lions Club Spearheads Countrywide Eye Screening
    It was the San Pedro Lions Club that spearheaded a drive to conduct free eye screening for children on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize that lead to the Lions Club International Foundation of the International Association of Lions Clubs to offer a grant that enabled all the Lions Clubs in the country to use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Program. The program kicked off in San Pedro this weekend as Lions and Leo members were trained to use the Eye Screeners by Lion Dr. Edward Cordes, Lions Clubs International Past International Director and Head of the Lions Kid Sight USA, which is a Lions Clubs International USA Eye Screening Program, and Ms. Cyd McDowell, who is the President of Plus Optix, the company from which the Eye Screeners were bought. On Saturday, August 15, 2015, the trainers overlooked the screening process as children visited the Lions Den to have their vision checked. Screening only took place for a couple hours in the morning as the machines had to be taken to other clubs to train their members. Outgoing San Pedro Lions President Rigoberto Kumul informed Ambergris Today that the club has secured a donation which will have the island club acquiring its own portable eye screeners so that the San Pedro Lions Club can conduct regular eye screening for children.

    Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive
    On Saturday afternoon, August 15, 2015, volunteers, friends and staff of Saga Humane Society hosted the first ever International Homeless Animals Day at Saga Humane Society Fort Dog on Sea Grape Street in San Pedro. To honor homeless dogs, Saga showcased all of their dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are available for adoption. Saga Humane Society Chairman Kevin Smith commented, “Saturday’s adoption event was a great way to celebrate International Homeless Animals Days.” Potential adopters visited Saga’s shelter ‘Fort Dog’, see all of the dogs, talk with Saga staff. Adoption councilors and Saga volunteers were on hand to interview potential adopters. The adopters were able to interact with the dogs and cats, ask questions about the animals, learn about activity levels and behavior and get matched with the perfect best friend.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Paint N Splash "seahorse sparkle"2
    Thursday, August 20at 2:00am. Belizean Melody Art Galley, San Pedro, Belize

    New Town Foreman in San Pedro
    The San Pedro Town Council would like to extend a warm welcome and at the same time introduce you all to Mr. Armando Badillo, our new Town Foreman. Mr. Badillo will ensure that workers are organized and that our town is maintained clean and well-kept. Mr. Badillo is a very hard working man with nothing but the town's best interest at heart. Welcome Mr. Armando Badillo!

    Calla Creek Community Center Project
    4 the World is helping out, big time, with the Calla Creek Community Center. That's some serious work they have going on. It's great to see the community come together for a great cause. Thanks, 4 the World! Pictures here, and here. "Our Belize volunteers along with volunteers from our partner S.O.S.( Students Offering Support) unload lumber to carry across the swinging bridge for the community center project in Calla Creek Village. Next we will take rock, cement, sand and everything else we need across the bridge to the project site."

    Seasonal Precipitation Outlook (August September October 2015)
    Rainfall amounts that are expected across districts stations during ASO 2015 are as follows. Accumulated rainfall totals for the ASO season are likely to range from 200mm to 800mm over northern (Corozal &Orange Walk), inland(Cayo & Belmopan) and central coastal areas Belize District). Accumulated rainfall totals over southern Belize (Stann Creek and Toledo) are likely to be between 900 mm and 1800 mm. What influences the next season? El Niño Southern Oscillation: A moderate El Niño exists ; sea surface temperatures (SSTs) 11.5° C above average and rising in equatorial eastern Pacific (NINO3.4).

    Tall Guy (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and former Laker in Belize
    This tall fella #33 is visiting Belize. He is here on vacation while looking at real estate.

    Art Lovers!
    Make it out to Belize City September 11th for the Silence of Emotion Exhibit by Rony Israel Jovel

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, August 18, 2015: 08. PICK 3: 5 4 5. FANTASY 5: 12 27 21 8 35 O

    NICH looking for Communications and Marketing Officer
    The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) is seeking a suitable applicant to fill the post of Communications and Marketing Officer. To find out more information see vacancy posting or call Stephanie at 822-3302.

    Channel 7

    Hon. Sedi Says He Doesn't Believe The Media, He'll Wait For The OAS Report
    Since Sunday, the Sarstoon showdown between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Guatemalan Navy has dominated the headlines. As we showed you yesterday, the Guatemalans blockaded the 5 boats carrying 160 persons who wanted to tour the entire circumference of Sarstoon island, which remains the flashpoint for the territorial dispute. All accounts from those on the boat, and our video footage clearly show that it was the Guatemalans who approached first, and they were the ones who moved into positions which caused a dangerous game of bumper boats on the water. But, Belize's Foreign Minister doesn't believe it. That's what Amandala readers saw on page 3 of the mid-week issue. The Foreign Minister scolded Sunday's participants, and simply doesn't believe the footage which shows aggressive engagement by the Guatemalans. In fact, he says, Sunday's encounter between the territorial volunteers and the Guat Navy officials was polite and civil.

    Guatemalans Give Another Version Of Sarstoon Showdown
    And, while the territorial volunteers gets a tongue lashing from the Foreign Minister, right now the expeditioners are also getting blasted in the Guatemalan media. We've seen news stories from 3 different media outlets from Guatemala, all of which slant against the volunteers. We'll get to the newspaper articles, but first, to that report we told you about last night from the Guatemalan news station, Canal Antigua TV. They got an interview with one of the most senior officers who tried to stop the volunteers from going to Sarstoon island. He's Guat Navy's Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas who also said that the Belizeans were the ones who were being abusive and aggressive. Here are his comments, which have been translated: Carlos Thomas, Vice Admiral "This is a manifestation of a lack of knowledge of some Belizean citizens, by attempting to lodge themselves or a Belizean flag in Guatemalan territory. This historically, the Sarstoon River, the waters of the Sarstoon River, are internal waters which belong to the Guatemalan state. We acknowledged it as such, and the Navy recognizes its sovereignty and it is an important mission which we are carrying out here. Simply, we did a containment movement of this civilian population, which was poorly oriented, I would say, because of their aggressive and abusive approach. They intended to take possession of property which belongs to the Guatemalan state."

    It Happened Before...
    And one man who knows too well the grip of Guatemalan military is Greg Choc. In October of 2007, the former SATIIM Executive Director was on patrol in the Sarstoon when he and his rangers were stopped and prevented from doing their work. IT caused a huge incident at the time - and on Sunday he was there again. He compared that 2007 experience to what he saw on Sunday on the Sarstoon River: Greg Ch'oc, Former Executive Director, SATIIM "For over almost 2 decades I have work in this area, both accompanying my rangers and board members, with the exception of one incident in October of 2007 where we encounter hostile navy of Guatemala, but we have generally patrol the island incomprehensible that Guatemala now have initiated asserting its sovereignty over the island. The communities on the other side, about 5-6 of them in proximity to each other recognize that the island is Belize. Our boat was intercepted, they came in front of us and we had to stop to avoid a collision and at that time like what they have been doing, from what I have heard from the news that they ask the boat captain and boat to give them the reason for being in the area and when the Belizeans that were on the boat refused, they ask for the rope to be handed over or to accompany them to the base.

    PUP: Playing Politics On Sarstoon Or Stealing Volunteers' Thunder?
    And while the issue is nationalistic for the volunteers, for the PUP, it is political. The opposition has jumped on the BTV Bandwagon to run roughshod over the foreign minister and the Barrow Administration. Today, Opposition Leader stressed that at this time, they are both proud and ashamed: Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "My friends today we are filled with two distinctly opposite emotions; pride and shame. Pride in our Belizean citizens who on Sunday August 16th, gathered in the beautiful community of Barranco in the southern Belize and embarked on a journey of courage and determination in support of Belize's territorial integrity and sovereign dignity. Pride in those who stood up to Guatemalan aggression in defense of our homeland. At the same time we experienced shame. Shame in our Belize government that failed in its most fundamental of duties. Most fundamental of its obligations, the protection of its citizens and the protection and preservation of our nation state. Shame on this UDP government. Shame on Prime Minister Barrow. Shame on Foreign Minister Elrington. Shame on the Minister of National Security John Saldivar. If this UDP government cannot stand up for and protect its citizens - Belizean citizens. If they refused to protect and defend our territory, then they are useless. We want peace with Guatemala and we must always work together to achieve that peace, but it must be based on respect. Not on fear. Not on intimidation and certainly not on appeasement. We demand that our Belize government seek a full and unequivocal apology from the Guatemalan government by way of a diplomat note for their military's actions on Sunday - a full explanation of why they acted in the manner in which they did. A formal commitment that such actions and behavior will not be repeated."

    Min. Of Agriculture: There Is A Northern Drought (Duh...)
    Last week - we showed you the grain farmers of the Orange Walk district - who told their story of losing hundreds of acres of corn fields to drought. Here's what the CEO of the Indian Creek Co-Op told us last week about drought conditions in three of the last 4 years:.. Jacob Harms, CEO - Indian Creek Co-Op "From 2012 we had a serious loss on that. We lost about 90% of our corn fields and then in 2013, we did good. We had a yield about 134,000 bags. Then 2014, we lost almost everything. We were expecting about 250,000 bags of corn. We only received 48,000 bags. So we had a huge loss and this year it looks like we will go the same way or even worse." "We need the corm for food, for our own to make our corn tortillas and for animal feed, both. We must survive. We must go on. We are looking at the corn field to see what is happening here and we see that the drought is affecting us a lot and we don't know what to do anymore because we are just down. We need any support for something."

    Social Security Workers Vex With Management
    Collective bargaining negotiations have started between the Social Security Board and its Staff. But things took a sour note this weekend when the staff shot one across the bow at management and the Board of Directors. The occasion was a staff day at Royal Palm Resort - which should have been for light and lively recreation. Management had everyone outfitted in t-shirts which were emblazoned with the theme "Set to Go", a reference to the SSB's ongoing management transformation process. But workers had their own message for management, which they printed on the backs of their shirts; it said, "United For A Raise." Apparently, workers are upset because they submitted their collective bargaining proposals and the Board of Directors shot down almost every proposal. The staff is asking for a 12% annual raise for three years, an increase in the weeks of leave to 7 for senior staff, and 6 for junior staff, and an increase in sick days leave from 17 to 29, among many other proposals. The management has rejected almost every single proposal made by staff. Both sides were to meet today, but the meeting was postponed.

    PUP Leader Avoids Confrontation With G-11
    The PUP's press conference today was to talk about the Sarstoon Showdown, but we did manage to get in a question about Dr. Francis Smith's incendiary remarks against how own party. On Sunday morning - the PUP candidate for Pickstock called the media to his office at Belize Medical Associates to explain why he and the G-11 would not be attending the party's rally in Big Falls later that day. Smith insisted that the party must hold true to its constitution and have a convention where the leader can be challenged. Today, that Leader Francis Fonseca didn't want to talk about it too much - and would only say that both sides are working on a compromise:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the PUP "I have met with the 11 standard bearers. We have agreed upon a process which I believe will lead to a resolution of whatever differences we have between and among us. So, I am not going to attack or criticized Dr. Smith or anyone else. We are, as he said, we are free thinkers in the People's United Party. He has every right to his views. But at the end of the day we are one party and we must respect the decisions of our party. So we will have a dialogue, we will have a discussion and we will certainly try to resolve whatever differences exist among us and between us. But at the end of the day when our final decisions are made, we ask and we expect that everyone will respect and abide by those decisions."

    Dr. Smith Praises Fonseca, But Says "Mistakes Were Made"
    So party leader Fonseca took the high road today - and right that he should; the G-11 while insisting that he face a convention - have not disparaged the man personally. In fact, on Sunday, Dr. Francis Smith repeatedly referred to Fonseca as virtuous. We challenged that - here's how the exchange went:. Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "Honorable Francis Fonseca, I believe this to be true, is a noble man. He is a good man. He is an educated man and it the mark of an educated mind to tolerate diversity of thought without accepting it. So he is free to choose. He should be able to listen to my views without getting upset, stay calm, just listen. You don't need to agree, but listen. Because that's the way you learn." Jules Vasquez "Sir, this hospital where you work and you have work for many years, is actually an example of how a private sector hospital with commercial loans in the normal course can survive. Universal Healthcare when it started out didn't operate in that model. It operated on another model which was that to receive a commercial loan and government made a guarantee for that. Where was the goodness, the nobility of Francis Fonseca, your party leader when he signed the guarantees we believe in secret, certainly not before the national assembly for that hospital Universal Healthcare?"

    Fonseca Sounds Caution On Commercial Banks De-Risking
    Recently, there's been a lot of news about the difficulties that 2 banks in Belize have been having after their correspondent banking relationship was severed by the Bank of America. The Prime Minister has commented that it's a situation that is lamentable, but inevitable. Not surprisingly, Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca disagrees. While he had the media's attention today, he took the opportunity to discuss why this issue needs urgent attention: Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the PUP "We have heard about offshore banks and correspondent banks. These are terms that have become very familiar to the Belizean people, but the reality is that offshore banks with no corresponding banks, means no offshore banking sector and the essence of offshore banking is the free flow of foreign currency, primarily US dollars through the banks without any exchange control. This is a kin to conducting banking business in the US, but doing it outside of the US. Without these corresponding banks that we have been hearing about then you are forced to do banking essentially back in the United States, which means that Belize offshore banks are no longer attractive and ultimately leads to a loss skilled labor jobs."

    Sarstoon, Imagine There's No Showdown...
    Last night, in our coverage of the trip to the Sarstoon, we focused on the confrontation on the River between the Guatemala Navy, and the Belize Territorial Volunteers. But, there is a completely different angle that we've yet to present. That's a look at the lighter side of the expedition, and how it would have unfolded, if there hadn't been a confrontation. Tonight, we've have that story for you: Daniel Ortiz reporting At around 10 a.m. yesterday, approximately 200+ persons gathered onto this pier in Barranco Village. They came from the Orange Walk and Belize Districts, spending anywhere between 3 and a half to 6 hours on the road. On this Sunday, they were there to travel to Sarstoon Island and see for themselves a spit of land in a wide river that has become ground zero for the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute. In Barranco, they were pleasantly surprised to find police officers Coast Guard personnel on site. They were there to ensure the safety of those boarding the boats heading to the landing zone, a sand bar with waist deep water, right before the mouth of the Sarstoon River.

    Under 18 Volleyballers Score Successive Wins In Costa Rica
    The female under 18 volleyball selection is in San Jose Costa Rica tonight playing in the Central American Championship. The news is that after a disappointing opening game against Salvador on Sunday, the team cruised past Nicaragua last night: 25:20, 25-21, 25-17. Belize's Mya Musa and Kori Diego scored 12pts each, each hammering 10 kills at the net; while Mya also served 2 aces and Kori had 2 blocks. The good play continues at this hour where Belize beat Panama, three sets to nil, 25 - 8, 25 - 14, and 25 to 10 - in a match that was concluded 15 minutes ago. But it gets tougher after this when they play Honduras on Thursday and the defending champs Costa Rica on Friday. We'll keep you posted.

    High Times In The New Hilux
    For the past few weeks you've been seeing the ads for the new 2016 Hilux on the news. Well it just came into the country last week - and since we love to play with what we cannot purchase, we thought we'd take it for a spin, or a hundred. Jules Vasquez pulled up at Belize Diesel today for a whirl:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The 2016 Toyota Hilux has long been the standard in third world pickups - but this year it's been re-designed. Ryan Marin, Sales - Belize Diesel and Equipment Company "This is the all-new 2016 Hilux. So, we have changes to the engine, new body style, it's a wider, longer wheel-base, new chassis, new suspension, new interior, new features inside." Indeed, the Hilux has the heft and feel of a first world pickup or a full size SUV - still it's surprisingly quiet inside and the ride comfort is comparable to an SUV. The redesigned grille and other touches, give it a more aero-dynamic look, but still, for better or worse, has that unmistakable third world profile.

    Alpuche On Acquittal
    Last week Friday, we told you how Efrain Alpuche, the security guard of PUP politician Ramon "Monchie" Cervantes, was acquitted of arson along with his co-defendant, Saulito Vasquez. At that time, we tried to get an interview with him, but he was unavailable. Well, as you saw before the break, he was one of the people who went on the trip to Sarstoon Island. While we had the opportunity, we asked him about the acquittal from the accusation that he burnt BSI's cane fields, and here's what he had to say: Efrain Alpuche, Acquitted of Arson "To be honest I must say that it's a relief to be having that, even though I maintained my innocence. To have had that hanging was heavy. From last Friday we went to court and a memorandum was handed down from the DPP's office withdrawing the case. We were not disclosed, nor was m lawyer able to get a copy of the disclosure as to why, but it was withdrawn so I am quite relief and it's good to be out and I don't have that hanging over my head anymore." Daniel Ortiz "Was there any doubt?" Efrain Alpuche, Acquitted of Arson "About my innocence, no. That was purely political mischief on their part and I guess it didn't work out. My speculation is that they didn't have a case, so it fell apart on them."

    Channel 5

    “Shame on U.D.P. Government!” – Francis Fonseca on Sarstoon Confrontation
    Following an incident in the Sarstoon between the Guatemalan military and a group led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers on Sunday, the People’s United Party has condemned the actions of [...]

    P.U.P. Deputy Leader and Senator Recount Sarstoon Island Expedition
    The People’s United Party did not form a part of the expedition, but former P.U.P. Foreign Minister and current Senator Lisa Shoman was present and accounted for…as was P.U.P. Deputy [...]

    BTV Doesn’t Need O.A.S. Report to Prove They Didn’t Enter Guatemalan Waters
    Immediately after BTV’s trek to the Sarstoon, the government of Belize, through the National Security Council, announced that they had been on top of things, monitoring the entire expedition – [...]

    G.O.B. Needs to Clarify NSC Statement on Sarstoon Island Expedition
    The release from the National Security Council has been met with disbelief and outrage in certain quarters, largely because it does not even acknowledge that there was any incident at [...]

    What’s the Opposition’s Take on Local Banking Sector?
    Fonseca says that while all eyes are on Guatemala and the threat to the Sarstoon, there is another critical issue on the front-burner which has potentially devastating consequences on Belize’s [...]

    P.U.P. Party Leader Meets with G-Eleven
    A group of P.U.P. standard, informally dubbed the G-eleven, continues to boycott party functions. On Sunday, when a consultation was held in Big Falls, they were not there. The eleven, [...]

    Hit & Run Victim Hilton Conorquie Clings to Life at K.H.M.H.
    A Belize City man is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being hit by a vehicle and left for dead on the George Price Highway over [...]

    Still No Arrests in Murder of Joel Bishop
    Police are nowhere closer to determining who was responsible for the murder of twenty-eight-year-old Joel Bishop. Bishop, a resident of Oleander Street in Belize City, was along with a group [...]

    BPOs and Employment in Belize
    Employment in Belize has been a hot-button issue for the public and private sector. Approximately forty percent of the country is poor and the unemployment rate is just as dismal. [...]

    Men Accused of Burning Cane Fields Are Acquitted of Arson
    In May, Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez were arrested by Orange Walk Police and charged for allegedly burning cane fields in San Lorenzo belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited. But [...]

    Accused Murderer of Well-Known Conch Shell Bay Fisherman Rearrested
    Forty-two-year-old James Rhaburn, accused of killing Michael Richard Ysaguirre by beating him to death in June 2014, remains in police custody tonight pending a charge of murder.  Ysaguirre is the [...]

    One of Two Accused Robbers Acquitted of Murder of Mennonite Businessman
    Tonight, one of two men accused of the murder of businessman Wendelin Reimer, who was shot and killed during a robbery at Eagle One Hardware in October 2011, is home [...]

    Dismantling Criminal Firearms Trafficking Organizations
    Seventy percent of the population of SICA member countries identify crime as the main threat to sustainable human development and one of the biggest contributors is the trafficking of illegal [...]


    26 Females Workers Released After 69 Hours Behind Bars
    Late this evening at the Corozal Magistrates court, several illegal immigrants and alleged bar workers from Orange Walk Town were slapped with a charge of failure to comply with recommendations of a visiting permit. This charge comes after a sweep from Immigration officials from Belmopan and Belize City on Friday night. As we reported last night, the immigration teams rounded up a total of 26 women, mostly workers, who were found inside popular bars around town. The women comprised of Guatemalans, Hondurans and Belizeans were detained on Friday night around 10:00 and were not permitted to leave after the police’s 48 hour detention period. We understand also that around 4:15 yesterday evening, Immigration Officials arrived at the station and took away eleven of the girls in a white van. We understand these women, who were not charged, were taken to the Benque Border where they will be deported back to their country. Attorney for the 3 Belizeans, Marcel Cardona, told us today that his clients were released from 7:30 last night without any charge. That is after they spent 69 and a half hours behind bars. We tried on several attempts to get official information from the Immigration authorities but we were told no one is authorized to give comment except for Maria Marin, the Director of Immigration. Our messages and calls to her desk are yet to be returned.

    Leaked Memo Reveals Why DPP Dropped Case Against Monchie' Driver
    Last night we told you about the charge for arson which was withdrawn against Efrain Alpuche, security guard for PUP Orange Walk North standard bearer Ramon Cervantes Jr., and Saulito Vasquez. The duo was charged with arson of sugar cane fields belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) on the San Lorenzo Road in May 2015 but then the DPP advised the police to withdraw the charge due to lack of evidence. The reasons behind the DPP’s decision was not known when the news broke out that the charge had been dropped against both men. But tonight we can give you that information thanks to a leaked Memo obtained by the media from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and sent to the Officer Commanding the Orange Walk formation, Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett.

    Campaign To Raise Awarness Against Dengue And Malaria Continues In Corozal
    On August 7th Kim Bautista, the Chief Operations Officer for the Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health, revealed that at week 31, 1638 persons were tested for dengue and out of that amount, 261 cases were confirmed by laboratory testing. That’s 36 more cases or a 16 percent increase when compared to data from last year during the same period. Bautista also reiterated that health officials are keeping a close eye on the Corozal, Cayo and Toledo Districts for the disease. Bearing in mind that the best way to get rid of the mosquito that transmits dengue and to have the disease under control is by practicing civic pride, the Corozal Health services embarked on clean-up campaign this past Saturday. The aim was to destroy not only the vector that causes Dengue, but also malaria and Chik V.

    Dr. Francis Smith Discusses PUP G11's Position In The Party
    Yesterday we told you about the P.U.P G-11’s proposals for reforming and strengthening the democracy within the People’s United Party. As previously reported 11 standard bearers have not yet returned to the fold and are now locked in negotiation with the PUP’s sub-committee of two, appointed by party leader Francis Fonseca. The sub-committee which is made up of standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, and, Area representative for the Cayo South, Hon. Julius Espat, met with two members of the eleven including Dr. Francis Smith, standard bearer for Pickstock constituency, and Paul Thompson, standard bearer for the Albert constituency. In a lengthy press meeting on Sunday, Smith told reporters about the intentions of the group and their resolve to change the way P.U.P carries out its business. Smith stressed that the group is not fighting to take over the leadership of the party, but is only pushing for “quality assurance to make the party better.”

    Wilfred Elrington Says he Does Not Believe Belize Media
    An article from the Amandala Newspaper is tonight raising eyebrows and causing great concern in the public domain. That is because the article entitled “I don’t believe the Belize Media” quotes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington stating that there is no evidence to suggest that the Guatemalan navy harassed Belizeans in our territorial waters on Sunday’s expedition. As you might recall those heading the expedition have stated that Guatemalan authorities entered Belizean waters and tried to block them from reaching closer to the Sarstoon Island. All this was witnessed by representatives of the OAS and captured by the cameras of various media houses including ours.

    Carolyn Trench Sandiford Verifies Medias' Version Of Sarstoon Trip
    So Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington does not believe the Belize media or anyone who was on the excursion to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday. While the Minister says he awaits a report from the Organization of American States so that government can take a decision as to its next move, he did keep in his usual stance, which is that the Belizean people basically have no business at the Sarstoon as it agitates the so called “good relations” with Guatemala. He even asserted that the Guatemalans extended courtesy to the Belizean visitors. The Minister’s remarks have without a doubt stirred different levels of emotions not only within Belizeans who were part of the group at the Island but others who have been following the story closely.


    New Public Service Union President speaks of way forward
    Eldred Neal is the recently elected president of Public Service Union. Neal told us that under his leadership the executive will continue following a strategic plan of action and will start on a campaign to get more members. Eldred Neal – President, PSU “As an individual holding the office my personal priority is to ensure […]

    Training continues in the fight against illicit firearms trade
    A specialized course was held for Judicial Officers in Belize by the Central American program on Small arms and Light weapons control (CASAC). Its aim is to dismantle illicit trade of firearms. Director of CASAC, Hefer Morataya, told us what the workshop is about. Hefer Morataya – Director, CASAC ““We are conducting the first course […]

    Banking sector in crisis says Opposition Leader
    During the press conference this morning, PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, spoke about the banking sector in Belize, specifically what Fonseca describes as a “crisis in the banking sector” in Belize. Recently, Bank of America terminated its correspondent banking relationship with Atlantic Bank International. And previous to that, Bank of America terminated has also terminated is […]

    PUP leader expresses confidence after meeting with disgruntled standard bearers
    On Sunday, PUP standard bearer, Francis Smith, summoned the media to share his opinion on the internal rumblings within the party. Smith spoke on several topics especially the position of G11- the group of Standard Bearers within the PUP seeking major reforms within the party. Today, Fonseca was asked to respond to Smith’s comments. Francis […]

    Female cross country champion picks up prizes
    The annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic was held on May 17. The race which had eight participants, started from San Ignacio and ended in Belize City. Today a ceremony was held for the winners including first place winner Alicia Thompson, who spoke to Love New about her win and minor complications she had on […]

    Man freed of murder charge in trial without a jury
    Twenty-five year old Ernest Staine, one of two men charged with the murder of 36 year old Wendelin Reimer, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial that was without jury. Reimer who was the owner of Eagle One hardware Store, located at mile four and a half on Phillip […]

    Belize takes on Mexico in Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league
    The FFB Stadium will be abuzz with action later tonight as Belize’s national Champions Verdes FC Belize will be hosting Gallos Blancos de Queretaro in the Scotia bank CONCACAF champion’s league. Belize has not been a part of the competition since 2008. Earlier today Love News caught up with the community manager for the Mexican […]

    Organizations salute work of the Belize Territorial Volunteers
    Mayor of Orange Walk, Kevin Bernard issued a release on behalf of the Orange Walk Town Council saluting the Belizeans who journeyed to the Sarstoon River on Sunday to take a stand and send a message. Mayor Bernard says quote “As a Belizean, and as a patriot, I am proud and humbled by the tremendous […]

    Opposition says Guatemalan official’s statements need to be rectified
    As we mentioned, Guatemala media were present at Sarstoon River and yesterday one of the first news report of that country on the expedition was published online. It came from Canal Antigua and the reporter reported that Belizeans had entered into Guatemalan waters in order to position a flag on Sarstoon Island. In his news […]

    Role of OAS clarified
    Media from Guatemala recorded the entire confrontation between Belizeans and Guatemalan armed forces and like the armed forces, they too were in Belizean waters. They, as expected, put their own spin on the situation, reporting that Belizeans were abusive and unmannerly. Reports from several Guatemalan media houses stated that Belizeans were trying to lodge a […]


    PUP rally in Toledo well attended
    The People’s United Party held a rally in the Toledo district this past Sunday and it has been one of the largest they have seen in a while. Some 4000 persons attended the Power to the People Rally; the second in a series of rallies the PUP is putting off to create some momentum after several rec...

    PUP reform movement demands voice in leadership choices
    And while the PUP were in Toledo District, conspicuous by their absence were those standard bearers who have demanded a greater voice in party affairs. They have called for a National Convention to be held soon, for more national consultations on party policy and a restructuring of the National Exec...

    Brawl outside Club in City leaves man dead
    The North side of Belize City is relatively low on crime. What crime there is tends to occur in the high traffic areas ranging from Marine Parade along Newtown Barracks and up to St. Thomas Street. However, the area between BTL Park in Belize City and MCC Grounds was on Saturday night the scene of ...

    Accident claims lives of two children, several others injured
    A traffic accident claimed the life of a minor on the Hummingbird Highway. On Sunday, August 17th, Marvin Zuniga, Claudia O’Brien and nine minors; Lizeth Martinez, Amir Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez, Stephanie Rodriquez, Manuel Martinez, Graciela Martinez, Leonela Rodriguez, Tirelly Martinez and...

    Former SolGen Gian Ghandi dies
    Gian Ghandi passed away today August 18 at 82 years old after battling with a long illness. Mr. Gandhi has had a long and distinguished career in the Service of the Government of Belize having served for over 37 years in various capacities such as Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Soli...

    Parked Car slammed while waiting for accident scene to clear
    When the Police were combing the scene of the Hummingbird Highway accident that claimed the life of a two children, they made oncoming vehicles pull off to the side of the road so that no one could interfere with the investigation. While the vehicles were pulled off to the side of road, a White Pi...

    American National Died in car crash
    There was another fatal traffic accident on Saturday August 15 at about 7:00pm, between miles 68 & 69 on the George Price Highway, Cayo District. 68 year old US National Davis Turner of Calla Creek Village, was driving a Dodge Ram 2 door pickup heading from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo Town. Tr...


    “I don’t believe the Belize media”
    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington told Amandala this morning that the government is “very satisfied” with how the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ expedition went yesterday on the Sarstoon River, despite widespread reports that the Guatemalan navy harassed Belizeans in our territorial waters. “There was clear evidence that the Guatemalan navy boats were trespassing in Belize territorial waters yesterday; in that case, will your Ministry of Foreign Affairs send a diplomatic note of protest to the Guatemalan authorities?” Amandala asked Elrington. “Fortunately, we had taken the precaution of having the OAS people present, and they are going to do a report on it, and as soon as we get the report, depending on what it consists of, we are going to take a decision,” Elrington replied. Elrington admitted that the Belize Government will not act on the assertions by the BTV that Guatemalan naval boats accosted them in Belize territorial waters.

    Sarstoon confrontation!
    The government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow upheld its threat not to send the Belize Defence Force (BDF) to ensure that an expedition led by founder and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), Wil Maheia, and Orlando De La Fuente, leader of the Northern Territorial Volunteers, had safe passage yesterday, Sunday, to Sarstoon Island, the southernmost island in Belize, nestled inside the mouth of the river by the same name, whose southern branch forms the border between Guatemala and Belize. Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, who had to have taken his cue from PM Barrow, had repeatedly said that the expedition did not have Government’s blessing. Last Tuesday, the BTV had sent a letter to the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, informing him about the planned expedition, but there was no reply from Saldivar. When Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman, who is also a member of the Negotiating Team on the Bipartisan Committee on Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize, announced she was joining the expedition to the Sarstoon, Government’s indifference took a sharp turn – Government then expressed “great consternation” over the announcement.

    What really killed Joel Bishop?
    A man who was walking home along with his friends from the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks, at about 3:10 a.m. on Saturday, August 15, died in the hospital after he was attacked by about 10 men, who beat him severely, and then ran a vehicle over him and sped away. The victim, identified as Joel Bishop, 29, of Belize City, suffered massive internal injuries and also injuries to his head. He died about 9 hours later at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. His three friends, who also fell victim to the attack that caused Bishop’s fatal injuries, were declared to be in stable condition. One of them has been released from the hospital. Bishop’s body has since been taken to the morgue, where it will undergo a post-mortem exam to determine the cause of his death. Police reports are that they went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) and saw some men who had suffered various degrees of injuries after they were attacked by a group of men.

    Talks with 11 PUP standard bearers challenging status quo
    Today, as the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) headed to Big Falls, Toledo District, for its Power to the People consultation rally with 21 standard bearers, 11 standard bearers who have not yet returned to the fold are now locked in negotiation with a sub-committee of two, appointed by party leader Francis Fonseca, to hear their proposals for reforming and strengthening the democracy within the PUP. The sub-committee, made up of Kareem Musa, standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, and Hon. Julius Espat, area representative for the Cayo South, met with two members of the group of 11: Dr. Francis Smith, standard bearer for Pickstock constituency, and Paul Thompson, standard bearer for the Albert constituency. Dr. Smith took time out today on Sunday to brief reporters about the objectives of the group, who are insisting on changing the way the PUP goes about its business.

    Editorial: Colonialism and patriotism
    There are many good and honest Belizeans who will consider any criticism of Centenary as an attack upon their heritage in the Settlement of Belize. We understand this reaction, and we are sympathetic to it. The reality is, nonetheless, that in 2015 Centenary has been transformed from celebrations couched in a patriotic framework to almost a whole month of predominantly hedonistic events driven by the tourism powerhouse of the Belizean economy. Until the year 1964, Belize was British Honduras, a total British colony. After the settlement had become a Crown Colony, there had been the rebellions of 1894, 1919, 1934, and finally there came the extended anti-colonial push of the People’s United Party (PUP). No matter, until 1964, patriotism in British Honduras definitely meant allegiance to the exploitative rule of British colonialism. It is possible to identify certain families in Belize which were and generally remain, Anglophile. These families were privileged, prestigious and successful during British colonial rule. Most of these families were various hues of brown, but a few were black, black enough. Before 1964, British Honduras was not an incorrigibly divided society where the majority Creole population was concerned.

    Drums, not guns!
    Roughly 15 young persons from Belize City got a rare chance this week to reconnect with their roots through the art of making and playing drums, as a part of a diverse summer program being offered by the Museum of Belize, which engaged the very talented sambai master, Emmeth Young, of Gales Point Manatee to share his skills with these aspiring drummers. Among those youth were boys and girls, the youngest being only 5. Young said that although the minimum age limit was 8 years, in the culture, they don’t believe in turning people back who show an interest in learning. When the classes began on Monday, Young took 15 shells, mainly of mahogany and cedar, to be used in the making of djembe and sambai drums, to the Museum of Belize, where the children converged for sessions running from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. By Wednesday, some of them had already completed making their drums, and all were complete by Thursday.

    From the Publisher
    It seems to me that no one can pinpoint when exactly it was that we Belizeans (then British Hondurans) decided that we were worthy of being a nation and that that’s what we wanted to be. Personally, I think that Belizeans were doing an amount of travelling in the first half of the twentieth century apart from the World War I and World War II experiences. Individual Belizeans were coming home and telling our people what they had seen and heard in foreign lands. Our people got to thinking we could have a better life if we did some agitating. Amongst my relatives back then, I had a maternal uncle, Buck Belisle, who worked in Panama from 1941 to 1946. A second cousin, Jerry Belisle (Buck’s first cousin), joined the United States Merchant Marine before I even knew myself. My paternal grandfather’s nephew, Wallace Hyde, travelled all over the world working in the Merchant Marine. So did one of my maternal granduncles, Gilbert Belisle. My paternal grandfather, James Bartlett Hyde, did a lot of travelling along the Gulf Coast of the United States – Corpus Christi and Galveston, Texas; New Orleans and Westwego, Louisiana; Biloxi, Mississippi; Tampa, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Savannah, Georgia, and up the Carolina coast. To reach these ports, he had to travel along Mexico’s Gulf of Mexico coast – Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Vera Cruz, Tampico, etc.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Real Verdes goalkeeper named best player in tonight’s game against Gallos Blancos
    Tonight, Real Verdes makes history as the first football team in Belize to play in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League against Gallos Blancos from Queretaro, Mexico. Goal keeper, Benito Moreira, was named the best player in tonight’s game as he held his grounds and vigorously defended the goal post for […]

    Happy birthday weed?
    The sister of a woman accused last week of attempting to smuggle marijuana into the Central Prison in Hattieville is accused this week of attempting the same. 33 year old Shelmadine Garbutt is charged with drug trafficking for taking three grams of the drug into the prison on […]

    One of two accused beats robbery-murder
    It is officially out of session but the Supreme Court issued a decision in a trial without jury today. 25 year old Ernest Staine, charged with the murder of 36 year old Wendelin Reimer, the owner of Eagle One Hardware Store at Mile 4 1/2 Philip Goldson Highway, […]

    Why DPP dropped cane field arson charges
    Last week, Efrain Alpuche, a security guard for PUP standard bearer Ramon Cervantes Jr., and Saulito Vasquez, jointly charged with arson of sugar cane fields belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) on the San Lorenzo Road in May 2015, had their charges dropped for lack of evidence. The […]

    Search for 10 years old Jason Pau has been suspended
    It has now been eighteen days since 10 years old Jason Pau, resident of the Cuxlin Ha community was last seen alive. On July 31st, Pau was with a group of American volunteers on a field trip to Blue Creek Village, when he mysteriously disappeared. The group reported […]

    Over 20 arrested during bar raids in Orange Walk
    Earlier, we told you about several female bar workers who were detained after Immigration Officials carried out a raid, sweeping across popular entertainment establishment and bars in Orange Walk Town. A total of 26 women from Honduras, Guatemala and Belize were detained pending investigation into their involvement in a human […]

    The Belize People’s Front speaks out
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers excursion to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16th, 2015, have spark The Belize People’s Front to take a stand. The Belize People’s Front have issued a press release congratulating the Belize Territorial Volunteers and all Belizeans who partook in this expedition. They stated that Guatemala […]

    Update: Home invasion reported in Hattieville
    A husband and wife living on the Burrell Boom-Hattieville road were targeted by armed robbers pretending to be police officers over the weekend. Police responded but were not able to get the robbers on time. Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural) Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster told BMG that the […]

    Police faulted for response to brawl
    The North side of Belize City is relatively low on crime. What crime there is tends to occur in the high traffic areas ranging from Marine Parade along Newtown Barracks and up to St. Thomas Street. However, the area between BTL Park in Belize City and MCC Grounds […]

    Man charged for firearm
    32 year old Daniel Meighan pleaded not guilty to charges of keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he was arraigned yesterday, August 17th, by Magistrate Patricia Arana. Meighan was taken in custody by police, hours after the home invasion was reported in the Hattieville […]

    PUP reform movement demands voice in leadership choices
    On Sunday the People’s United Party (PUP) held the second stage of its national tour in the Toledo District. Conspicuous by their absence were those standard bearers who have demanded a greater voice in party affairs. They have called for a National Convention to be held soon, for […]

    Over 20 arrested during bar raids in Orange Walk
    The Belmopan Immigration Department conducted a special operations, a little over 66 hours ago that resulted in the detention of over twenty female bar workers in Orange Walk Town. Belize Media Group understands that on Friday around 10pm, several teams compromising of members from the Belmopan Immigration and Nationality Department […]


    So…You Wanna Ship A Boat To Belize?
    From Lisa and Ronnie of the very good blog: First World Refugee. Super information about the planning and the first year of living on Ambergris Caye at Grand Caribe. From selling almost everything you own to getting boat captain licenses. They are on the accelerated Belize program. Thank you SO much for guest blogging while I’m in Michigan. Current temp? About 63 degrees. Brrrr…. We finally decided the time had come to buy our own boat….sounds like a fun and easy task….right? The first step was to decide what brand of boat to get…we knew we wanted a center console boat that could be used for fishing….and that we wanted a boat that was US made… After hours and hours and weeks and weeks of research and talking to friends we decided that the perfect boat was a Sea Hunt Triton – great hull design, “dry boat” has fishing stuff on it and all of the comfortable seating Lisa wanted….and the most important feature our boat had to have…shade! For months we’d find the exact boat we’d want in the price range we could afford online…but every time we’d call it was…Oh, sorry – no longer available…..apparently Sea Hunts are very desirable boats…which is a great thing…unless you’re trying to buy a used one.

    Economic co-operation and trade and Belize-Guatemala Issue
    Economic co-operation and trade between Belize and Guatemala is hard to manage, risky in the undertaking, and doubtful of success in making Guatemala relinquish its claim over Belize. The difficulties are even multiplied when we look at a state as Belize, which is culturally and politically different from the Republic of Guatemala. Perhaps even more important is Guatemala’s reluctance to make possible the kind of legislative measures to recognize Belize as a sovereign entity. Public speeches by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, are great, but they are only partial viewpoints that are subject to expansion and revision. In fact, they do nothing but to satisfy Guatemala’s constitutional obligation to integrate Belize. Guatemala, no doubt, is very clever in its approach to use economics, namely bilateral trade and commerce, as a scheme for ensuring the political integration of Belize within a Central American framework. Once conquered economically, Belize would be easy picking for Guatemala to hold politically. For a long time I have thought carefully and seriously about these matters, and with so much talk going around these days about the Belize-Guatemala issue, I have decided to condense my views on the subject. Setting aside the historical circumstances that formed the Belize-Guatemala dispute, about which others have spoken or written elsewhere, I shall concern myself more with the major point of making economics the wisdom of settling the dispute and less so with the legal issues surrounding the Anglo-Guatemalan claim.

    Response to my friend Elroy Johnson
    By: Wellington C. Ramos. The Guatemalan claim to Belize like all the claims that exist among the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, has their roots in the Treaty of Tordesillas that was signed between Spain and Portugal in 1493 and approved by the then Catholic Pope Alexander the VI of Spain. Neither Spain, Portugal or the Catholic Pope, had the right to come all the way to this part of the world to take away the land of the indigenous people of this planet. Such action is deemed as genocide committed by all those who were involved in this inhumane act. All territories taken by these individuals, must be returned back to those who were there at the time they came to use force to wage and unjustified war against these people’s nation state. In addition all titles to land obtained by these Europeans must be voided and the lands must be handed back to the true owners the indigenous people who live in these countries today.

    The People have the Power not Politicians
    By: Wellington C. Ramos. In my study and teachings of political science it is always made clear that in a democracy, it is the people that have the power and not the politicians. This is very important for all aspiring politicians to keep in mind before they seek public office. I would also advise them not only to keep this basic fundamental principle in their minds but to use it as guide when thinking and formulating policies on behalf of their people. People who enter politics with this principle and practice, very seldom lose elections. On the other hand, people who enter politics without this philosophy, have a difficult time getting elected and if elected get voted out shortly thereafter. Any person who is seeking political office without accepting and making this clear to the people, is coming to office with his or her own hidden agendas and if elected the people will suffer some consequences. In a democracy people elect politicians to office to promote and advocate for their best interest. Politicians must come to the people and ask them what are some of the issues, they would like him or her to address in parliament on their behalf if he or she was to be elected. Then, the politician will campaign with those issues and start planning strategies to get them passed through parliament so that his or her people can benefit from the programs that are generated.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mesoamerican Race to Protect Parrotfish and the Reef
    In a dramatic twist to the typical fishing tournament, this friendly competition among the four countries sharing the Mesoamerican reef (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) rewards international players who catch less fish and protect more coral reefs. The countries are closing in on the goal of becoming the world’s first ecoregion to achieve full protection of parrotfish, and results published this year show that their efforts are working. New assessments from the 2015 report card for the Mesoamerican Reef show that parrotfish are increasing, along with the overall reef health. This is good news contrasting some dire predictions that Caribbean reefs might disappear within 20 years. In April, Guatemala became the region’s newest country to implement a ban on fishing parrotfish, following the example of Belize, which created the first nationwide ban in 2009, and Honduras with a ban in the Bay Islands since 2010.

    Tropical Storm Danny forms
    Tropical Storm Danny has formed about 1600 miles east of the Windward Islands. That's 3300 miles from Southeast Texas. Maximum-sustained winds are at 45 mph. Danny is expected to strengthen into a hurricane Thursday Afternoon and continue strengthening to a 100 mph, Category 2 storm by Sunday. The European Model takes this system towards the Yucatan near Belize a week from this Saturday.

    Tropical depression east of Windward Islands expected to become storm today
    A tropical depression has formed in the eastern Atlantic, about 1,665 miles east of the Windward Islands, and forecasters say it will become a tropical storm soon and a hurricane later this week. Tropical Depression Four is expected to become Tropical Storm Danny later today and then develop into a hurricane by late Thursday or Friday. The system is carrying maximum sustained winds of about 35 miles per hour, and is moving west at about 13 miles per hour, according to the advisory issued at 11 a. m. by the National Hurricane Centre in Miami. It is expected to move slowly to the west-northwest later tonight or tomorrow and computer model forecasts indicate it may reach near the Caribbean Sea in a week. Tropical Storm Danny would be the fourth storm of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season but the only one to threaten the Caribbean. Previous tropical storms – Ana, Bill and Claudette – took aim at the United States coast.

    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 9
    THE 21st CENTURY 14th January, 2000 Jose Portillio inaugurated as President of Guatemala attended by Prime Minister Musa. In his inaugural speech he assures the intention of his Government to do everything possible to find a definitive solution 24th January, 2000 Guatemalan national shot and killed by BDF return fire in Sapote area of the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, a major marijuana cultivating area 16th January, 2000 Prime Minister Musa informas a Press Conference that he had written Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gabriel Orellana expressing regret over the incident, providing an official report, and inviting participation in a joint investigation Prime Minister Musa also announces the holding of a Belize/Guatemala technical meeting to be held in Miami on 25th february The Press Conference is informed of the appointment of a new National Advisory Council on the Guatemalan claim


  • Finding Bud's X 2nd Camera, 6min. Scuba Diving in Belize

  • Decent to the Tackle Box - San Pedro, Belize, 2min. Decent to the Tackle Box -San Pedro, Belize.

  • Nurse Shark - San Pedro, Belize, 3min. This is a video clip of from one of our dives off of Ambergris Caye, Belize in 2015.

  • Tackle Box - San Pedro, Belize, 1min.

  • Horse Camp Fun Adventures at Banana Bank Lodge, Belize, 3min. Summer camps in Belize are aplenty – some hit the beach, some hit the sea, while others hit the jungles of the countryside. But this one camp is centering its activities on horseback riding. The Summer Horse Camp at Banana Bank Lodge and Jungle Horseback Adventures stands out as the only program in the country that has its young participants handling, riding and taking care of horses.

  • Snorkeling off Belize, 5min.

  • Belize 2K15, 4min. Belize Trip Belize 2K15.

  • Belize Diving 2015, 9min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 3min. Sharks, sting rays, sea turtles.

  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas durante a viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, La Paz e Caye Caulker.

    August 18, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island Invasion: the party you don’t want to miss!
    San Pedro Town is without a doubt the party capital of Belize. Hundreds upon hundreds flock to the island every holiday/festival weekends. From Easter to Costa Maya and even New Year’s, everyone wants to party like an islander! And one of the most anticipated parties has to be Island Invasion! Organized by King of the Island Promotions- aka Brian Halliday- and held under the largest palapa in San Pedro, Fido’s Courtyard, this is a party of epic proportion. For the past several years, Island Invasion has been the leading event for dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Brain certainly does a superb job at having the hottest line up of DJs at every event. The high energy party atmosphere keeps crowds of over 800 dancing till their feet hurt to the best tunes of old and new school soca, dancehall, club, house, reggae and pop. With cocktails and cold beers flowing courtesy of the talented bartenders at Fido’s, the energy level never falters.

    Statement by the Caribbean Tourism Organization on the influx of sargassum seaweed
    The seasonal influx of Sargassum seaweed on Caribbean beaches has got the attention of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and tourism policymakers and practitioners across the region. Sargassum is a natural occurrence believed to originate in the Sargasso Sea, a two million-square-mile body of warm water in the north Atlantic near Bermuda, although some scientists believe the current influx was brought into the Eastern Caribbean through the North Brazil Current and because it thrives in warm, nutrient-rich water, the Sargassum simply spreads throughout the region

    Sancas Realty breaks ground for San Cas Plaza commercial project on Ambergris Caye
    “We are extremely excited to bring this project to San Pedro,” said Gil Castillo, President, SANCAS Realty. “The growth of Ambergris Caye has been amazing. As our community expands, we need to invest in additional retail and office space to help support local business. San Cas Plaza will provide essential commercial real estate inventory for marquee tenants.” SANCAS Realty, the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for Belize, will serve as the anchor tenant for the building. Founded in London in 1766, Christie’s is the world’s most exclusive real estate brand, encompassing a network of top luxury brokers and agents from around the globe. The San Cas Plaza project will provide solid employment for workers on Ambergris Caye, according to Castillo. He expects the building to be completed within 10 months, Orange Walk based AM Construction is serving as the general contractor.

    Let’s Build-A-Beach!
    A group of dedicated San Pedro volunteers have embarked on a one- of- a- kind project that involves turning the unsightly and smelly Sargassum (seaweed) into a beach. The group of volunteers is led by Dimas Guerrero via a movement called “Build-A-Beach Campaign.” The activity takes place every Sunday at 10AM with everyone convening at the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge before heading to Northern Ambergris Caye. The Sargassum seaweed creates an unsightly and smelly situation, which has been making it very inconvenient for a swim near the beach. However, Guerrero came up with a great idea to get rid of that unpleasant experience while making good use of the Sargassum. “The Sargassum is gathered, spread out on the beach to dry and then buried in holes which are dug along the beach. The Sargassum actually stabilizes the beach, bringing minerals to it while we use it as a landfill. The holes dug on the beach are then filled with Sargassum and covered with white sand, thus building the beach,” explained Guerrero.

    Ambergris Today

    25 Years Ago: Remembering when WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village
    SEA GRAPES: A long time ago going to pick sea grapes was a source of great enthusiasm and fun. We used to plan for the day and the village folks used to share information about the places where the grapes were plentiful and where they were the largest and even where they were the sweetest. Don't laugh but plastic bags were not available yet, so we used to tie our T-shirts and made bags. SELLING LOBSTERS: Many years ago the big thing was not the opening of the lobster season or Lobster Fest but rather the selling of lobsters door to door. We USED TO boil whole lobsters and offered red juicy whole lobsters door to door to the village folks. Again don't laugh but the selling price was of five cents per whole lobsters. COMIC BOOKS: I think most of the kids in the 1950's USED TO learn to read Spanish with these comic books. Then you have to remember that there was no television at that time, therefore reading comic books was extremely popular. We used to rent them for five cents from a lady in the village whose name was Mrs. Manny Manrique.

    Sargasso Situation Causes Tourism Cancellations in Caribbean, Is Belize Next?
    Belize is lucky that is has not been hit hard with the influx of unwanted and unsightly Sargasso; other Caribbean and Central American countries are feeling the pressure with tons of seaweed posing a threat to their tourism industry. It stinks and takes away from the beach experience of visitors. Mexico is pledging $1.9Mil towards cleanup campaigns of the massive amounts of Sargasso that has piled up along its Caribbean shores, affecting the popular tourist hotspots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The Caribbean nation of Tobago has deemed the Sargasso invasion a natural disaster, having injected $3Mil into cleanup efforts already. The seasonal influx of Sargassum seaweed on Caribbean beaches has even gotten the attention of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and tourism policymakers and practitioners across the region.

    Local Belizean Cast in American Movie Filming in Belize
    Filming commences this week for an American movie that is being called the ‘Jungle Move” by director/filmmaker Christopher Coppola in which a Belizean actor has been cast in a supporting actor role. Local San Pedro, Ambergris Caye resident Horacio Luis Guerrero and star in the La Isla Bonita Telenovela, will be acting alongside Hollywood celebrities Debra Unger, John Savage and Vincent Spano in the film directed by Christopher Coppola, brother to A-list actor Nicolas Cage. Coppola is nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire and cousin of director Sofia Coppola. He began his filmmaking at an early age by creating super 8 films that starred his brother, Nicolas Cage. Horacio Guerrero told Ambergris Today that he was made aware of the movie role during his participation at the Belize International Film Festival, “Belize’s Film Commissioner, Mr. Nigel Miguel saw the novela at this year’s film festival for the first time and he was impressed with what he saw,” commented Horacio. “He had just been informed about the Coppola movie and how they were looking to cast a local Belizean, he immediately thought about me.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Paint 'N Splash Seahorse
    Thursday, August 20 at 2:00pm, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar in San Pedro, Belize

    Mr. Gian Chand Gandhi, S. C. passes away
    It is with deep regret that the Office of the Prime Minister announces the passing of Mr. Gian Chand Gandhi, Senior Counsel and Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Gandhi passed away in Belmopan City on Monday, 17th August, 2015 after a long illness. He was 82 years of age. Mr. Gandhi has had a long and distinguished career in the Service of the Government of Belize having served for over 37 years in various capacities such as Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General, and most recently as Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Gandhi also served as Director-General of the International Financial Services Commission since 1999. Prior to coming to Belize, Mr. Gandhi worked as a legal officer in the British Public Service in the Departments of Trade and Health and Social Services. He is survived by one sister and two brothers. Funeral services will be announced at a later date.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, August 17, 2015: 19. PICK 3: 9 9 5

    Rotaract Paints Mount Carmel
    The Rotaract Club of Benque visited Mount Carmel Primary School, where they painted some of the classrooms as part of their ongoing community service project. Looks good. Thanks, Rotaract! "Today, Sunday, August 16, 2015, our members painted an Infant 2 classroom at Mount Carmel Primary School. Another classroom will be painted in the coming week. We express our sincere gratitude to the Lincoln Woodstock Rotary Interact Club for their generous donation of three buckets of paint. Thank you to our members and Ms. Rosita Silva, Vice Principal at Mount Carmel Primary School, for taking the time to assist us today."

    FCD Karst Rangers exploring the Solitaire Valley
    Along the Chiquibul River for caves and sink holes.

    Channel 7

    Showdown Sunday in The Sarstoon
    Sunday may be the slowest day of the week - but yesterday, Belizeans all across the country were on high alert: would there be a showdown in the Sarstoon between the Guatemalan Navy and the Belize Territorial volunteers? Well, there was - and the media captured it up close. Daniel Ortiz was on the ground, and chest high in the waters of the Sarstoon - here's his story:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting The 4 Belizean boats moved off. The intention was to give everyone a tour of this now infamous Sarstoon Island that has become a flashpoint for the Belize/Guatemalan Territorial Dispute. There was no sign that the Guatemalan Navy had changed their sentinel mode, and so the Belizean vessels slowly made their way into the Belizean side of the river. About 10 minutes in, this leisurely throttle in the river became instantly pressurized when 2 Guatemalan Navy boats made a direct path to the lead vessel, cutting off it off from any further movement. There, the most senior officers of the Navy, who had been watching in the distance for about 3 hours, spoke to the leaders for the first time that day and gave them a stern warning that they had entered Guatemalan territorial Waters.

    Rage On the River
    As you saw in the story, at the height of the confrontation, Orlando De la Fuente captained the lead boat, and he tried to out-maneuver the Guatemalan Navy vessel which kept chasing after him. While most of the cameras were focused on that showdown, the biggest Belizean vessel, Dore, was forced to hang back while the other 4 smaller boats managed to escape the Guatemalan blockade. Well, that's the boat Audrey Matura-Shepherd and Wil Maheia were in. When the trip was finished, they also spoke on how, from their perspective, the Guatemalans rammed their boat as a justification to use force. Here's their account: Audrey Matura-Shepherd - Participant, Sarstoon Expedition "Well I say what happened when they realize that the other smaller vessels took away and break away because we saw when they were trying to push the other smaller vessels into their waters to try and bully them. But the problem is our vessel was bigger, so Wil said well we are moving ahead. But we told them when they came, we are going in Belizean waters. They came and brought their vessels as to come and jammed us. But of course we can't afford for them to jam us, so we kept going more to the side, but then we had to stop because the water would have been too shallow. So what we told them then is that you are in Belizean waters. You need to move. We made 7 attempts right Wil? The last one we did it in front of the OAS for them to see that these people are in our waters and refuse to give us passage. Every time their intention is to jam our boat. Three times we almost made contact and different one of us push the boat."

    Seeing Sounds In The Jungle
    On Wednesday we told you about the echolocation workshop held at the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired. That was phase 1, just an introductory session for the kids. But this weekend the group took it to the Caves at Tiger Sandy Bay to refine their skills in the real world. We traveled along with the group on Saturday and found out just how life changing the exercise was for the kids and their families. Courtney Weatherburne reporting An adventure: that's what these kids were ready for. With a trekking pole and a cane they started down this grassy trail - leaping, swiping and prodding the earth to find their way. But they weren't limited to these two canes. They also had to use their ears and make tongue clicks to be able to traverse this dense forest. That method is known as echolocation: the ability to see through sound. These blind and visually impaired kids are practicing this technique outdoors for the first time. It took a while for them to orient themselves to this new environment. But with a few tips from the instructor, Juan was able to make it under the log.

    Brawl Leads to Murder In City
    After cresting in May and June, violence in the city had been on a downswing recently - that was until this weekend when there was a murderous gang brawl on Newtown Barracks near the BTL Park - the spillover from a misunderstanding that had happened at a nearby bar. After all the fists were thrown - two men lay unconscious - one of them would be dead within hours while the other is still clinging to life tonight. Monica Bodden found out more:.. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner of Police "It has to do with an incident that occurred on Saturday August 15th. Shortly after 3am, police responded to a call with regards to a fight in the Newtown Barracks area where several persons were observed with varied degrees of injuries. One person was lying on the ground as a result of that fight. Reportedly a vehicle sped off from the area and ran over this person that was lying on the ground. Of the 5 persons that were injured, one is Joel Bishop, 28 years old and he suffered head and body injuries. All persons were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

    Teenager Shot In City
    And while police were responding to the early morning brawl, there was a shooting at the corner of Mapp and Cran Streets. After a concert at ITVET, 17 year old LYNDON ST. CLAIR was walking on Mapp Street heading towards North Front Street when a car pulled up and a gunman opened fire. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner of Police "The second incident has to do with a seventeen year old male who was walking at the corner of Mapp and Cran Street Sunday morning August 16th, sometime after 3a.m. and heading towards North Front Street, he reported that he heard shots that came from a moving vehicle that passed him and realized that he was hit to the left leg. He is presently at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital receiving treatment. He is in a stable condition and the police are seeking two persons for questioning." The shooting is believed to be gang related. So far no one has been detained.

    Infant Killed In Violent Vehicle Flip
    An infant was killed yesterday in a traffic accident. Ariani Rodriquez was flung from this 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor when it flipped between miles 50 and 51 on the Hummingbird Highway. She was one of 10 people in the very over loaded SUV. Driver 25-year-old Marvin Zuniga, a Honduran from Salvapan was driving and lost control while driving from Armenia Village towards Belmopan. His ten passengers included owner of the vehicle 32-year-old Claudia O'Brien who received head and body injuries, 12-year-old Lizeth Martinez, who received two fractured legs and a large cut wound to the head, Amir Rodriguez who received a large cut wound to his head and a fractured arm, 9-year-old Gabriel Martinez who received a cut wound on the right side of his face, bruises to his forehead, Stephanie Rodriguez who received head and body injuries and a fractured right leg, 14-year-old Manuel Martinez, who received a fractured left arm, facial injuries, cut wounds and bruises to both legs, Graciela Martinez who received a cut wound on the right side of her head, Leonela Rodriguez who received head and body injuries, and 15-year-old Tirelly Martinez who received abrasion to her legs.

    Two Men In Pickup Died
    On Friday's newscast we showed you the late evening traffic fatality that claimed two lives between miles 6 and 7 on the Phillip Godson Highway. Well, police say that 24-year-old Eaton Belisle of Saint Paul Village was driving the Mercedes Benz Car when crashed into a pickup truck driven by 51-year-old Yaun Sheng He. Two of the three passengers in the pickup, Rudolph Locke and Shane Goff were fatally injured from the collision.

    Man Dies In Pickup/Car Collision
    And while that accident happened on Sunday - 24 hours earlier, on Saturday night at 7:00, the George Price Highway was the scene of another fatal accident. It happened between miles 68 and 69 where a Dodge Ram pickup and a Toyota corolla Car had a head on collision. 68-year-old Davis Turner was driving the pickup and he died from the impact. The Corolla was driven by 40-year-old cab driver Carlos Chanek, from Benque Viejo Town. His passengers, 34-year-old Barry Gongora, 30-year-old Kevaun Gillett, 31-year-old Allan Gongora and 31-year-old Randy Andrews all of Ontario Village, received varying degrees of injuries.

    PUP Draws Thousands In Big Falls
    2 weeks ago, we told you about the Opposition Party's Power to the People Rally, an effort to energize the electorate and excite some ardor for the PUP before general elections are called. The first rally took place in San Ignacio Town, and yesterday evening, it moved on to Big Falls in the Toledo District. Our information says that 46 buses were mobilized to get the communities to the event, which had an attendance of more than 3,000 persons. That's a much higher turn out from they Cayo rally, and we stopped in to see how it went: Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Party Leader - PUP "Numbers is not really that important to us, it's the participation of the people in the different zones and we had full participation of the south which is a good thing. It was a vibrant event and when you walked in you felt cold seed and all. It was a good thing I must say for the People's United Party." Daniel Ortiz "What was the topic which was of highest priority of persons who attended?" Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Party Leader - PUP "The topic is where were you and what you were doing today? That was the topic in reality: the Sarstoon. People wanted to know how you guys were being treated by the Guatemalans.

    Francis, The Doctor Says No Time For PUP Show
    And while the PUP rallied in Big Falls, again, the G-11 didn't show up. And this time none of them showed up - whereas in San Ignacio, Cayo Central's Dan Silva and Belize rural South's Elito Arceo were there. But in Punta Gorda, it was zero for 11. It's a sign that the party remains divided - and yesterday instead of filling up a bus with supporters headed for the south - the ad hoc spokesman for the group, Dr. Francis Smith, called the media to his office at Belize Medical Associates to explain that he didn't go to Punta Gorda because he has political work to do, rather than being in what he calls a show:... Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "I am not here to be a show pony in a circus. This is not a show. My business is to make sure I bring in Pickstock, that I beat Sedi Elrington and in July and August my business is to be on the ground house to house looking for new registrations and transfers. We are cash strap. I am not getting any money from Ashcroft. I am not getting any money at all. I am getting it from my business at Belize Medical Associates. So I am free. I am a standard bearer for the People's United Party. My leader is Francis Fonseca, but I am a free thinker and my view is that I cannot be in PG at this time." Jules Vasquez "Sir, will you face a sanction for not attending today's meeting?" Dr. Francis Smith, PUP Std. Bearer - Pickstock "I couldn't care less. As I said, I am fearless."

    Deputy Julius Reacts
    Those are strong words - and Smith has voiced them before - most recently at that meeting of the Standard Bearers and the National Executive - where insiders tell us Deputy Leader Julius Espat called him "crazy". And while that was said behind closed doors, what did the PUP's unofficial director of discipline Espat have to say about the absences yesterday? Here's what he had to say about the issue of Francis Fonseca's leadership remaining unchallenged due to an endorsement convention: Hon. Julius Espat, Deputy Leader - PUP "What and why is Francis Fonseca our leader and he is not going up for an elected convention? Well we have a very peculiar situation where the UDP infiltrated our party in 2012 and because of that made us lose and we made a decision that we will now allow the UDP to do that once again and so it is a decision. It's a strategic and a tactical decision on our part, to not have the other side infiltrate us and that is what politics is all about. It is our responsibility to put our best players out, so that we can have a better chance of winning the election - so that we can have a better chance of serving our people."

    The End Of an Era: Gian Chand Ghandi Passes
    The Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance and Director-General of the International Financial Services Commission, Gian Ghandi died early this morning at the Western Regional Hospital after a long illness. Ghandi, who was the consigliore to the most powerful men in Belmopan for the past two decades, was 82. Ghandi worked in the Government Service for 37 years and was considered virtually indispensible in the Esquivel, Musa and Barrow administrations between 1995 and 2015. Ghandi first came to Belize as a Crown Counsel in the late 1970's from the British Public Service and worked his way from Crown Counsel, to Director of Public Prosecutions, to Solicitor General, and in his final posting, as the one of Prime Minister Dean Barrow's must trusted advisors in the job of Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance.

    Couple Recovering From Home Invasion
    There was a home invasion last night in Hattieville. It's the kind of thing no one wants to ever experience - but today Augustine and Irma Ramos told Monica Bodden how they survived it:..

    Cops Catch 16 Gauge
    And while Hattieivlle police look for that burglar, around 12:30 on Saturday morning the rural response team received information of a man carrying an unlicensed firearm. Police set out on a search intercepted 32 year old Daniel Maine. We found out more. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander, Eastern Division Rural "On Saturday 12am, the Rural Rapid Response Team received information of an individual in possession of a firearm. They were dispatch and they intercepted one, Daniel Maine, thirty-two years, who was dressed in camouflage having in his possession a 16 gauge shotgun along with 4 cartridges of 16 gauge and 20 gauge. He was taken to the station where he was processed and charge for kept firearm without a license." Maine was charged with keeping a firearm without license.

    Teenaged Girl Missing For 4 Days
    Police are asking for the public's help in finding this girl: 15-year-old NETHANIA ACOSTA, a Palotti student of 7 Poinsettia Street in Belize City. She was last seen at 7:30 on Friday morning. That's almost four days ago, and NETHANIA hasn't been seen since. She is 5 feet four inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. Anyone seeing her is asked to contact the nearest police station.

    Mother of 8 Year Old Disappears
    25 year old mother MARIA ZELAYA AGUILAR is also missing. Her common law husband Rufino Reina came to our office today to say that she left home last week and has not returned - but she left after a public quarrell:.. Anyone with information can call Rufino at 651-0-5-7-2.

    Mayor Says Market Wholesalers Made Their Own Bed Hard
    On Friday's news, you saw all the drama and hard talk at the Michael Finnegan Market when the wholesale vendors were moved form in front of the market. The city Council says that the wholesalers are retailing - and in so doing are underselling the market vendors - who are their main customs. But the wholesalers say the mayor is pushing them all the way to the back of the market - where there's no light and many criminals lurking. On Saturday, the mayor told us he doesn't know about all that:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "The fact that that had to be relocated, meant that they broke that bargain with the city that they engaged in retail businesses which they are not supposed to do and that relocation was precipitated because we had complaints from market vendors. The area in which they were relocated I am not very familiar with the space. This is not something that comes to my desk. It is something that it's dealt with from the technical side and so their relocation is as a result of that. I am not familiar as I said in relation to the space they they've relocated, but we would not have a problem if they be in the original location if they just stop with wholesaling."

    Indian Ethos in Belize
    We caught up with Bradley at the celebration of Indian Independence Day on Saturday in Belize City. It is the 68th anniversary of the independence of the largest democratic country on earth. And the Indians in Belize say their Indian roots make them better Belizeans:..

    Sing a New Song
    On Friday night, the finals of the 2015 National Song competition was broadcasted on national television and right here on Channel 7. There were 2 songs performed in the Belize Song Junior category 9 in the Belize Song Senior Category, and 7 songs performed in the Carnival Song category. 19 artists who took the stage for 18 performances, but in the end there could be only 3 winners, one in each category. Well, in the Belize Senior category, Cecil Jenkins Jr., last year's winner in the Junior's category, stepped up and proved that last year's victory was not a fluke. We spoke with him shortly after he had learned that he won yet again: Carnival Song veteran Ernestine Carballo took the stage for the last time as a competitor in National Song Competition, and managed to win with her song "Til Di Sun Come Up". We discussed the win with her:

    Channel 5

    Guatemalan Military Attempts to Thwart BTV Mission in Belizean Waters
    On Sunday, Guatemalan military personnel attempted to turn back five Belizean vessels carrying members of an expedition led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers. The incident occurred in the early afternoon [...]

    Territorial Volunteers Successfully Complete Expedition to Sarstoon Island
    The incident with the Guatemalan military occurred in the early afternoon…actually close to the end of the expedition to the Sarstoon. The morning was spent further north, where about one [...]

    What Role Did O.A.S. Play in Weekend Trek to Remote Island?
    The National Security Council release issued Sunday evening states that the O.A.S. confirmed that the vessels which transited Sarstoon Island did so from the north and the south. The NSC [...]

    Guatemala’s Skewed Version of Events Reported
    The National Security Council reiterates that, “assertion and maintenance of sovereignty over the Sarstoon Island and our half of the river is best left to the Belizean military and Belizean [...]

    Joel Bishop Stomped and Ran Over in Deadly Melee, Three Others Injured
    Just before three o’clock on Saturday morning, there was an all-out brawl near the entrance to the MCC Grounds across from the Ramada Belize City Princess. Four residents from the [...]

    Seventeen-year-old Victim of Drive-by Shooting
    Exactly twenty-four hours later, on Sunday morning, shots rang out at the corner of Mapp and Cran streets in the city. A seventeen-year-old was targeted by gunmen in a vehicle; [...]

    Trio of Fake Cops Pulls Off Home Invasion Near Boom Cutoff
    A scary home invasion took place on Sunday night around ten on the Boom Road near its junction with the George Price Highway. A family was inside their home when [...]

    Double Fatality in Road Traffic Accident
    On Friday night, we showed you the fatal traffic accident that took two lives between miles six and seven on the Philip Goldson Highway, earlier that evening around five thirty. [...]

    Motorists Escape Grave Injuries in RTA at Scotland Half Moon
    An accident in Scotland Halfmoon Village on Saturday night left several people nursing injuries. While no one was fatally injured at least eight people, including children, received cuts and bruises [...]

    Minor Perishes in Traffic Mishap on Hummingbird Highway
    A terrible accident on Sunday evening on the Hummingbird Highway has left one child dead at the scene, another reportedly succumbing to injuries today, the driver missing and seven other [...]

    Police Intercept Daniel Meighan with Unlicensed Firearm
    The Rural Rapid Response Team was out in the Hattieville Area when they intercepted Daniel Meighan with an unlicensed firearm and cartridges. Police shared details of the discovery.   Sr. [...]

    P.U.P. National Tour Heads South
    The People’s United Party gathered en masse in Big Falls on Sunday where the leadership of the country’s oldest political organization met with its rank and file.  The southern leg [...]

    Pickstock Standard Bearer Francis Smith a No-show in Big Falls
    While Smith attests to not having the means to shuttle supporters from his constituency to Toledo, he maintains that the true idea of public consultation is to have those in [...]

    Former SolGen Gian Ghandi Passes Away
    Senior Counsel Gian Ghandi, a career public officer who has served extensively with the Government of Belize, passed away in Belmopan earlier today.  Gandhi has had a long and distinguished [...]

    Belizean Artists Take 2015 National Song Competition
    The National Song Competition 2015 took place this past Friday at the Memorial Park in Belize City. A total of two juniors, nine Belize Song seniors and seven Carnival song [...]

    Football and Cycling Over the Weekend
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Verdes FC begins its sojourn into the 2015 CONCACAF Champions Tournament tomorrow, Tuesday, with a home stand against the [...]


    Mendez's Case Adjourned Again
    This morning, the People’s United Party Orange Walk East Area Representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez was back in court following his arraignment on six charges stemming from allegations made by a pair of minors in February of this year. But there was no court case as the matter was once again adjourned this time to August 31st, 2015.

    PUP Approved Trip To Sarstoon Island
    And sticking to the topic of the trip to the Sarstoon Island, today the People's United Party weighed in on the issue as it expressed its solidarity with and pride in those 200 Belizeans who travelled to Barranco and to the southernmost boundary of Belize. According to the P.U.P, these Belizeans quote “Demonstrated in a clear and unambiguous manner that we have every right to travel to any part of Belizean sovereign territory and that the independent spirit of Belizeans is alive and assertively proud, even in the face of foreign aggression. Those Belizeans who travelled to the Sarstoon demonstrated, by their peaceful presence, the ineffectiveness of the current administration in asserting our national rights and upholding our sovereign dignity.” End quote.

    NSC Says Belizeans Navigated Into Guatemalan Waters
    While the group awaits a response from GOB as it pertains to the behavior of the Guatemalan Military and their incursion in Belizean waters, they have heard from the National Security Council of Belize who was totally against the trip. While that position has not changed, the council issued a release yesterday afternoon after learning that all those that took par ton the expedition had arrived safe in Barranco Village. The release states and we quote “The welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize. Thus, nothing can take away from the Council's pleasure that no misadventure overtook the hundred plus Belizean men, women and children that journeyed to the Sarstoon.” End of quote.

    Alpuche Discusses Withdrawal Of Case Against Him
    Last week we told you about the case that was dismissed against Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez who were accused of burning BSI sugar cane fields. Over the weekend, we spoke with Alpuche who told us more about that welcomed news. He said they had gone to court last Friday which was where they first heard of the dismissal. “We were informed that a memorandum came on the DPP’s office withdrawing the case against us, we were not given the details of the memorandum and I think my attorney will query that and will find out but we weren’t given the detail why it was withdrawn.”

    Special Operations Leads To Detention Of More Than Twenty Females Employees
    Several bar raids on Friday night in Orange Walk Town resulted in over twenty female workers being detained and tonight, they are still spending time behind bars. According to their attorney, Marcel Cardona, at 4:00pm today, a little over 66 hours have elapsed since a special operation carried out by Belmopan Immigration Department resulted in the detention of twenty six female bar workers. From what we have been able to gather, on Friday around 10:00pm, teams descended to popular entertainment spots around Orange Walk Town resulting in the detention of the 20 female workers. Attorney for the detainees Marcel Cardona says, authorities are limited to a 48 hour detention period and after that time has elapsed, if there is no evidence of charge that the arrestees deserve to be free. Here’s what he told us outside the police station today…. “Simultaneously they started raiding all bars in Orange Walk in particular I understand it was Mexically Bar, Picame Bar, Copa Cabana Bar, and at each of these bars they picked a number of females that may have been around the place or inside people that they believe may have been associated with these bars it is my understanding that at Mexicaly bar two young ladies of Guatemalan nationality were detained as well as two from Honduran nationality, at Copa Cabana Bar one of the three young ladies detained were of Guatemalan nationality whilst two were Honduran nationality, ...

    Taxi Driver Involved In Traffic Accident
    At dawn on Sunday morning, authorities in Orange Walk Town responded to traffic mishap on the Belize-Corozal Road that left one taxi operator injured. Twenty eight year old Julio Castillo reported to police that around 4:00 Sunday morning, he made a taxi run to Enramada Hotel then decided to head home. Upon reaching the pedestrian ramp in front of Home Protector Insurance Company, Castillo says he noticed a vehicle behind him that was blinding him with his lights. Castillo reported that upon reaching the junction to Liberty Avenue, the vehicle in question drove up beside him and cut him off causing him to swerve to the extreme right and onto the sidewalk, then slamming into the cement fence on the property of Ernesto Reyes. Authorities say the impact caused the vehicle to swerve back onto the road in an East to West position activating the air bag which flung Castillo through the windshield onto the ground. The grey and white Sephia car’s front portion was extensively damaged. Castillo complained of pain to the body but was treated and released from the NRH. He was charged for driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention

    O/W Calls On Government To Heed The Message Sent By BTV
    Today the Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard also saluted all the Belizeans who made the journey to the Sarstoon River on Sunday and took a stand and send a strong message. At the end of the release issued today, Mayor Bernard called on the government to heed the message sent by the Territorial Volunteers and to act with all dispatch to actively maintain our sovereignty and territorial integrity. If Guatemala senses weakness, it will utilize that weakness to its advantage. That is natural. Belize cannot afford to show weakness. We cannot cede even one inch of Belizean territory. It is our right, and our obligation to hold our ground, notwithstanding any unfounded claim, says the release.

    Guatemalan Marine Says Sarstoon River Belongs To Guatemala
    While the trip to Sarstoon headed by the Belize Territorial Volunteer, now forms part of Belize’s history, there is no doubt that it is an issue that will be widely discussed both here in Belize and in Guatemala. And of course, as expected, when it comes to the Guatemala they will have their own version of the happenings that took place during the trip especially when the group arrived close to the Sarstoon Island. While the group is stating that their pathway to the island was blocked by Guatemalan armed forces, a report emitted today by Canal Antigua of Guatemala is saying otherwise. In fact, that part of the story relayed by the group and clearly shown in the various footage captured by Belizean media houses, was not even mentioned in the report. What was stated though, is that Belizeans are misinformed and misguided and that the Sarstoon River historically belongs to Guatemala. This statement was made by the Vice Admiral of the Guatemalan Marine, Carlos Thomas who further me mentioned that the group pretended to take possession of a property belonging to Guatemala. Here is that report.

    Dr. Francis Smith Talks About PUP Moving Forward
    The Pickstock constituency is one of the smallest areas in Belize City. At the last election the P.U.P. stronghold went red in the tidal wave that swept across the country. But Doctor Francis Smith hopes to change that and return the division to the blue corner. Over the weekend, the P.U.P Standard Bearer gave the media a fifty minute interview where he spoke on several issues of national importance including the party’s strategies and vision for the upcoming General Elections. Smith says the only way the PUP can gain legitimacy is to propose a reform movement to the people with their intention to serve the people. “We need to demonstrate to the people that we can practice these things while in government so there are concerns, we have to face our concerns of our constituents, our people how do we engage persons, how do we do best practices that are enshrined with the People’s United Party.


    Early morning brawl leaves one man dead and another hospitalized
    Joel Bishop and Mark Benguche, were reportedly socializing at the BTL Park when upon leaving, they were attacked by several men. Twenty two year old Mark Benguche, received a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop was seen lying on the street wounded. Assistant Commissioner of Police Deseree Phillips updated the media. ACP […]

    Lawyer says women detained illegally
    26 women are detained at the Orange Walk police station since Friday night and until news time no reason has been given for their detention. LOVE NEWS has credible information that Friday night around 10, several raids were carried out simultaneously at bars in Orange Walk Town. The operation, we understand, was carried out by […]

    Fire destroys home in Hopkins Village
    Harry Arzu reporting… “The lower flat of the inside and contents of a two story concrete building located on the Southside of Hopkins Village were destroyed by fire last Saturday night. Love News spoke with the owner of the house, Joy Nunez and a witness Francis Flores who was at the scene. Joy Nunez – […]

    Teenage girl reported missing
    Fifteen year old Nethania Acosta, a student of Poinsettia Street in Belize City, is reported missing by her mother Karen Acosta. She left home last seen last Friday, and has not returned since. Nethania Acosta is of Creole descent has brown almond shaped eyes, medium built, shoulder length black, straight hair , round face, medium […]

    Minor recovering from gunshot wounds
    On Sunday morning at around three o’clock, a minor was shot at the corner of Cran and Mapp Street, while heading towards North Front Street. The 17 year old minor said that, while walking, he was approached by a car driving slowly and a male person fired shots from inside the car. Police are investigating.

    PUP standard bearer speaks of plans for reform
    PUP’S standard bearer, Francis Smith, held a press briefing on Sunday morning. Smith covered several topics including the movement of the G10 and their agenda. Dr Francis Smith – PUP Pickstock standard bearer “We see ourselves more or less as a reform movement. I want to be careful saying that because again I don’t want […]

    Two persons die in road traffic accident
    Angelica Cruz reporting… “On Sunday evening August 16 sometime around 5:37pm, Belmopan police responded to a traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway between miles 50 and 51. Upon arrival at the scene, they saw a grey 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavour SUV overturned on its left side on the right hand side of the highway extensively damaged. […]

    Former Solicitor General dies after long illness
    Former Solicitor General, Gian Ghandi died earlier today in Belmopan after a long illness. 82-year-old Ghandi has served the Government of Belize in various capacities for over 37 years including Crown Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions and most recently as Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance. Gandhi also served as Director-General of the International […]

    National Security Council no major incident reported on Sunday’s expedition
    Yesterday the National Security Council of Belize expressed its satisfaction that the expedition ended without major incident. The release from the NSC says the welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize. It goes on to say there is confirmation by […]

    Guatemalan official says Belizeans were trespassing
    Guatemalan media was present as well. Today Canal Antigue published their version of the situation. Their title of their story is “They try to put a Belizean flag in Guatemalan territory”. “They” is referring to Belizeans and “territory” is in reference to Sarstoon Island. The report features a statement of Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas of […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PUP salutes “brave” BTV
    A statement by the People’s United Party expresses its solidarity with and pride in those 200 Belizeans who travelled to Barranco and to the southernmost boundary of Belize. They demonstrated in a clear and unambiguous manner that we have every right to travel to any part of Belizean sovereign territory […]

    Belizean attorney Gian Ghandi dies at 82
    Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General and legal counsel in the Ministry of Finance Gian Chand Ghandi, Senior Counsel, died today, Monday, in Belmopan at 82 after a long illness. Ghandi started as a a legal officer in the British Public Service in the Departments of Trade and […]

    Childrearing dispute leads to stabbing
    A couple’s dispute over discipline of their child turned violent, resulting in the child’s father recovering in hospital and her mother facing court charges. 21 year old Chelsea Mackay, originally from Ladyville but presently residing in Belize City, is accused of dangerous harm and deadly means of harm […]

    Company charged over GST
    Komal Bhowjani, the legal representative for Icon Belize, a company located on Newtown Barracks in Belize City, appeared today before Acting Chief Magistrate Patricia Arana in relation to charges of 6 counts of failure to file General Sales Tax returns for the period December 2014 to May 2015. […]

    Child killed in accident on Hummingbird
    A traffic accident between miles 50 and 51 on the Hummingbird Highway yesterday evening, August 16, resulted in one fatality and nine people needing medical attention. Belmopan Police arrived on the scene around 5:37 p.m. where they saw an overturned grey Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV and a female child identified as […]

    Minor shot in Belize City
    A 17 year old Belize City resident was hospitalized after being shot in the leg yesterday morning, August 16, while walking towards North Front Street. He reported that at the corner of Mapp and Cran Streets, a car drove up slowly beside him and a male occupant fired several shots […]

    Student, 15, reported missing
    Nethania Acosta, a 15 year old student of Poinsettia Street, Belize City, has been reported missing by her mother, Karen Acosta since Friday, August 14th, when the minor left home around 7:30 a.m and never returned. Nathania is of creole descent and is described as having brown skin, brown eyes, […]

    Late night brawl leaves one dead, three injured
    Belize City Police has detained several persons and impounded a vehicle in connection to a Saturday night, August 15, brawl that took the life of a 28 year old city resident and injured 3 others. The 4 men – 28 year old Austin Rowland, 22 year old Mark Benguche, 21 […]

    Lucky to be alive
    A taxi operator from Orange Walk Town is lucky to be alive today after he was involved in a traffic mishap that extensively damaged his vehicle. According to the official report, 28 year old Julio Castillo of a Mahogany Street address reported to police that around 4am on Sunday morning, […]

    17 year old shot in Belize City
    A 17 year old resident of Belize City is recuperating from a single gunshot wound to the leg. According to police report, the young adolescent was walking towards North Front Street in Belize City and upon reaching the corner of Mapp and Cran Street, a car drove up […]

    Attorney and former Public Officer Gian Ghandi passes
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that attorney and former public officer Gian Ghandi passed away in Belmopan this morning. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

    Garinagu face fight to hold land in Honduras
    The Garinagu people of Atlantic Honduras have banded together to fight the continued encroachment and expropriation of their land. Independent journalist Jeff Abbott, writing for Portside, says projects funded by the U.S. Government for investment in Central America are just a cover for multinational corporations to invest […]

    Fair and warm weather expected to prevail
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with a few cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be choppy. High temperatures today are expected around […]

    Home Invasion in Hattieville
    Reports reaching our newsroom is that shortly after 9:00pm last night, there was a home invasion in Hattieville. According to the report, three men dressed as Belize Defense Force soldiers and pretending to be police officers, forced their way into the home of Augustine Ramos. Mr. Ramos managed to escape […]


    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 8
    The following is a continuation of the timeline between 1994 – 1999 from part 7. 1994 – 1999: Belize Foreign Minister Dean Barrow responds to the letter on 22nd March 1994, strongly asserting that Belize stand by its rights to a 12 mile territorial sea based on the equidistance principle. “Protests have and are hereby lodged against any and all Guatemalan claims and or acts past present and future, in violation of international law…” At the UN 49th General Assembly on 24th october 1994, Belize’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Edward Laing, rebuts statement by Guatemala’s representative who reiterates Guatemalan non recognition of Belize land border and territorial sea. he expresses dissatisfaction that Guatemala should question the universal recognition of the inviolability of Belize borders (reflected in the numerous Resolutions of the United States General Assembly)

    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 9
    THE 21st CENTURY 14th January, 2000 Jose Portillio inaugurated as President of Guatemala attended by Prime Minister Musa. In his inaugural speech he assures the intention of his Government to do everything possible to find a definitive solution 24th January, 2000 Guatemalan national shot and killed by BDF return fire in Sapote area of the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, a major marijuana cultivating area 16th January, 2000 Prime Minister Musa informas a Press Conference that he had written Guatemalan Foreign Minister Gabriel Orellana expressing regret over the incident, providing an official report, and inviting participation in a joint investigation Prime Minister Musa also announces the holding of a Belize/Guatemala technical meeting to be held in Miami on 25th february The Press Conference is informed of the appointment of a new National Advisory Council on the Guatemalan claim 24th February, 2000 Guatemalan armed forces abduct 4 member BDF/Police patrol in the Tree Tops area of San Vicente Belize 25th February, 2000 Belize protests Guatemalan incursion, demanding release of its security personnel Belize withdraws from Miami technical meeting

    Caye Caulker Vacation: Take the Chance to Go Slow
    A Caye Caulker vacation is something that anyone would want to have. If you are planning to spend your days in Caye Caulker beaches and bars, here is a short guide to help you make the most of your stay. A Caye Caulker vacation is the epitome ofCaye Caulker Vacation relaxation. Lining the sandy streets of this island village are guesthouses, grocery shops, internet cafes, restaurants, artisans selling crafts, and a few bars. At the end of the village, you will find the legendary split where you can take a dip or grab a drink at the Lazy Lizard bar. Caye Caulker is all about relaxing in a small and quaint environment. You can read a book, chill in a hammock, talk to some local islanders, eat lots of lobster, enjoy some drinks, go for a swim, or just do nothing at all, whatever you like. Located 21 miles northeast of Belize City, Caye Caulker is just south of Ambergris Caye. A few of the Mestizo refugees who landed on Ambergris Caye after the Caste Wars in Mexico moved and inhabited this island. There are several theories on the origin of the name ‘Caulker,’ but the most convincing is an anglicized version of ‘Hicao,’ which is the island’s Spanish name for coco plum. Today, tourism and fishing form the base of their local economy. They supply most of the lobster food for Red Lobster as well as for Ambergris Caye.

    Sweet Potato Coconut Bunt Trifle
    I do a spin on our Belizean Trifle and use sweet potato to replace evaporated milk. The cake was very dense, but oddly delicious. This would go well with coffee or tea.

    7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Visit Belize Now!
    The little known country of Belize has a wealth of activities to offer every traveller. The sun is hot, the beaches beautiful and the sea warm. The reef is teeming with sea life, the land is awash in jungle and colourful wildlife. You can choose to sit back and relax with a cold beer, feel a breeze against your skin while sailing, jump into a cool pool during a hot hike, head underground for some cave tubing, wander around Mayan ruins, and so much more. Belize may be small, nestled by Mexico and Guatemala, but it sure is a country that packs a lot in! This is definitely the reason most people visit Belize, and why not. With such unusual dive sites, such as the Blue Hole, which regularly makes it onto lists of top dive sites, and the notoriously inhabited Shark and Ray Alley proving to be the main draws. Admittedly I did neither, but I did learn to dive while staying in Caye Caulker, and decided against the Blue Hole due to my lack of inexperience as this is a deep dive. However, even while learning to dive at the local reef we saw plenty of fish, coral, and a few Moray Eels. With warm waters a short wetsuit is all that’s required. The reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and there are a multitude of Caye and Island Atolls which are teeming with underwater wildlife. Many people venture to Utilla to learn to dive, as it’s slightly cheaper, but I think it’s better to pay a little bit more for a much better dive experience. Without a doubt Belize is one of the best places to dive or snorkel in Central America, and there are opportunities for both all along the coast. All I need now is a go pro to photograph my next dive and snorkel adventures!

    International Sourcesizz

    Jorge Landero is a painter. He likes to start working at three or four in the morning, after a cup of milk. His open-air studio is a concrete floor walled by a hedge of bamboo, and is frequented by his German shepherd, Max, who cannot be deterred from lapping water out of the paint cans. Landero says he started painting after years of hating his masonry work. “It was so fucking hard. Nobody bought me a brush…[But] my life was going to be doomed if I was not going to be an artist.” Now, he paints bright, beautiful canvases that hang in offices, banks, and resorts all over Belize. When Prince Harry visited the country in 2012, a resort owner touched down by helicopter to pick out a gift for him. I ask Landero, “How would you like to see Belize change?” “You cannot change Belize,” he says immediately. “The world is always going to be this way.” While he and I talk, Landero’s nine-year-old son Johan puts down his own painting on the table. It’s a beautiful waterfall scene. After we praise it, he grins and disappears back into the house on a secret errand.

    CONCACAF Watch: Belize finally hosting CCL match
    After years of disqualifications because of stadium issues, the nation of Belize finally will host a CONCACAF Champions League match, writes Jon Arnold. Despite direct entry into the competition, Verdes FC will become the first team to host a CONCACAF Champions League match in Belize when it faces Queretaro on Tuesday night. The first year of the CONCACAF Champions League, 2008-09, the Verdes were allowed in the tournament but played home matches at a neutral site. Since then, teams from the Central American nation have had to surrender their spot to another Central American team. Belize's FFB Stadium, the national ground, was deemed not to meet the confederation's standard. But after money from FIFA helped renovate the field, lights and dressing rooms, and after a false start last year when the Belmopan Bandits were set to play but ruled out after the tournament already had started, the CCL is finally coming to Belize.

    Keller Williams set for overseas expansion in China, Belize and Colombia
    Brand brings on former Re/Max exec Bill Soteroff to help lead its international growth. Keller Williams Realty has signed master franchise agreements for China, Belize and Colombia, continuing its rapid overseas growth. It’s also hired a new executive to help manage that growth. The Austin, Texas-based franchisor welcomed its first overseas affiliate in 2012 in Vietnam. With the three countries announced today, the firm now has franchise operations in 20 countries.

    ETX nursing students plan medical trip to Belize
    Kimberly Malone and Mara Poland are two East Texas nursing students who are planning a trip to Belize, but not for a vacation. They want to help provide health care to orphans in a country where quality medical care is a luxury. The two nurses-in-training are already hitting the books for their upcoming semester at UT Tyler Palestine and their trip. "We have a lot of nursing skills on our hands right now and we have this opportunity so that's what we're going with,” said Malone. With help from the International Service Learning program, Malone are Poland are heading to Belize to help the already struggling health clinics provide care for women and young children.

    WKU's Johnson takes life experience from basketball mission trip to Belize
    Western Kentucky's Justin Johnson is expanding his game this offseason, but he's also expanding his horizons off the court. The sophomore forward recently returned from a nine-day trip to Belize with the Sports Reach program, which takes groups of athletes to different countries to compete in games and complete mission work. Johnson was one of three current college players on the trip, along with a handful of other players - most of them former college athletes. Among the activities for the players during their journey was two trips to a children's home to deliver shoes and play with the kids. "It made you count your blessings," Johnson said. "The children's home was like 125 kids in one spot, no shoes. They showed us where some of the kids sleep and everything. The people that worked there told us they were better there than at some of the homes they live in, and you think, 'Man, this is still a rough place.' It was good to spend some time with some of those guys.

    Roanokers lend a helping hand in paradise
    Here’s one way to get to Placencia, Belize in Central America from Roanoke: You show up at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport at about 5 a.m., to catch a 7 a.m. flight to Atlanta, where you hop another airliner to Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport outside Belize City. After your arrival, yet another flight awaits you. It’s about an hour long, in a single-engine, 12-seat airplane that’s more or less a 1975 minivan with wings. Before you say prayers as you hop aboard that vibrating, rattling contraption, visit the airport’s only watering hole, Jett’s Bar, owned and operated by a 4-foot-tall character named Jett. He looks like an aging Tattoo, the little guy in the old “Fantasy Island” television show. Jett may be the shortest bartender in the world. “Drink the rum punch,” a friend who made this journey last year had emphatically advised me. “Especially the stuff you get at the airport in Belize City waiting to get on the puddle jumper that flies you to Placencia. To survive that epic flight you need to be hammered!”

    12 Stunning Overwater Bungalow Resorts (PHOTOS)
    Located three miles from San Pedro in the calm waters of the Western Caribbean, off the coast of Belize, Cayo Espanto features butler-serviced villas with heated, private plunge pools and private docks. The resort's overwater bungalows, called "Casa Ventanas," are located the end of a dock that stretches over 150 feet off the island for the ultimate in privacy and surrounded by turquoise blue Caribbean Sea Guests can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and fly-fishing.

    Intentan colocar bandera beliceña en territorio guatemalteco
    Civiles de Belice realizaron una incursión de abuso a la barra Sarstoon, Izabal, dando a conocer que es propiedad de Belice. El Comando Naval del Caribe les solicitaron documentación a los ciudadanos, pero estos indicaron que no tenían que entregar papeles ya que está en aguas beliceñas. Las autoridades hicieron un movimiento de contención para controlar la situación. Aún así, los vecinos se sienten atemorizados, especialmente los pescadores del lugar.

    The Prime Minister of Belize - Dean O. Barrow: Commence building the Belize Coast Guard F.O.B. on Sarstoon Island!
    Among the foremost of responsibilities of the Government of Belize (GOB) is to ensure that the: sovereignty, territorial integrity, security, safety and well-being of the nation of Belize is maintained. The nation of Guatemala remains steadfastly obstinate in its unfounded claim to virtually half of Belize's sovereign territory. The GOB, via its "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE has bowed to the bullying tactics of Guatemala involving innumerable, related matters. Sarstoon Island which lies in the Sarstoon River that divides Belizean territory from that of Guatemala, was recognised by the 1859 Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty, which explains that which constitutes the border between the two nations. Hence the Constitution of Belize (1981), via Schedule 1, acknowledges Sarstoon Island as indisputably being Belizean territory.


  • Fight turns to deadly Hit and Run after socializing in BTL Park, 1min. At approximately 3:00a.m. on August 15th, a fight broke out on New Town Barracks. At 3:05 a.m. a group of men were socializing in BTL Park. They left the park and when they reached MCC, Stadium, Mark Benguche and Joel Bishop were attacked by several men.At the same time a vehicle sped off and ran over Bishop. Bishop, 28 years old became unconscious and received injuries to his face and a fractured leg. 22-year-old Mark Benguche of Corton Lane received a cut wound to the left cheek, 28-year-old Austin Rowland of Oleander Street received a cut wound to the right ear and forehead, and 21-year-old Eugene Arana of Brown Street received three stab wounds to the right shoulder area.

  • Sarstoon Situation, 1min. Over 200 Belizean patriots did yesterday what the PM of this country cannot do -- circle around our own Belizean Sarstoon Island.

  • Zip Lining at Jaguar Paw in Belize, 11min.

  • Intentan colocar bandera beliceña en territorio guatemalteco, 4min. Guatemalan media claiming Sarstoon Island and the entire Sarstoon River belongs to Guatemala. You can clearly see at 2:40 in this video filmed by the Guatemalan press when the giant Guatemalan naval boat attempts to ram the much smaller Belizean boat loaded with peaceful, non-weaponized civilians. Later in the video you can also see clearly the OAS boat tied up alongside the Guatemalan military boat, when they did not even once engage the Belizeans or the Belizean boats. Sad to say "not one blade of grass" is a myth. Guatemala has already annexed a portion of Southern Belize, if not more. Between Barranco and the Sarstoon, illegal Guatemalan fishing camps dot the coast line.

  • Belizean Resistance In Southern Belize: The Annexation of Sarstoon Island by Guatemala!, 36min. Wake Up Belize show with the revolutionary Belizean talk show host, Mose Hyde, featured Belizean Journalist Bilal Morris of the Los Angeles based Belizean organization BREDAA discussion the resistance movement that has developed against the insidious Guatemalan military oligarchy aggression and annexation of the southern Belizean island of Sarstoon on the Belize Sarstoon River. The two Belizean journalist and activists discussed the revolutionary actions of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) in their relentless resistance against the Guatemalan military oligarchy aggression since 2008 after the signing of the 2008 Compromis between the Belizean government and the Guatemalan government that would have taken both countries into a referendum to take the Belize/Guatemalan Dispute to the international Court of Justice. Since that time, the Guatemalan government has encouraged massive encroachments on Belizean land at the Southern border of Belize, and has violently aggressed Belizeans citizens, the Belize Coast Guard, and murdered a Belizean security personnel, Danny Conorquie. The issue is close to become an international catastrophe with the Guatemalan military blockade of the BTV expedition to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16, 2015, as a show of resistance to establish claim to the island as Belizean territory.

  • Tropical (Yellow) Rat Snake / Tiger tree snake (Spilotes pullatus) - Belize, Maya mountains, 1min.

  • Belize so far, 11min. This is a Special video as I interview my new life in Belize.

  • Belize 08 11 15, 7min. Cave Tubing

  • Belizean Artists Take 2015 National Song Competition, 3min.

  • Guatemalan Military Attempts To Thwart B.T.V. Mission In Belizean Waters, 6min.

  • Foresters Lodge, Cayo, Blackman Eddie, Belize, Central America, 5min. Foresters Lodge is in the village of Blackman Eddy which is at mile 57 on the Western Highway. The Cabana built by local Mennonites is on sixteen acres which is situated on a hill with panoramic views of Barton Creek, and Spanish Lookout. The five horses on the property graze around the cabana freely during the day.The deck is a great place to enjoy your morning cup of tea and enjoy the singing birds and sunsets in the evening. There are Mango, Sour sop, Custard Apple, Avocado, Coconut, Papaya and Limes trees on the property. All of these fruit trees bring in animals and birds which make the deck a great spot for bird watching. You may be able to see a Toucan or a Gibnut at dawn or dusk. There are dogs on the property who are all friendly and are in the owners fenced in area. Foresters Lodge is a place you must experience to understand. We made life long friends. The bird watching & sunsets are astounding. The view is wonderful in all directions. Audrey & her 1st mate, Graham & their team are extraordinary! Lots of local restaurants & adventure tours nearby. Animal lovers will really like this place. We spent a lot of our time just relaxing, watching the sunsets & wildlife. All the photos in this video were taken on the property. It was like being at home, we will be back!

  • KulchaTours & Charters, Hopkins, Belize, Central America, Charlton Castillo, 3min. Charlton is the absolute best connection in Hopkins Belize for tours, bird watching, taxi, or airport transfers. He is a licensed Tour Guide & member of the Belize Audubon Society. He will be on time or early for any appointment. His knowledge of local birds & wild life is unequaled! He & Corine have become our great friends. Be sure to visit Corine at the Kulcha gift shop for the coldest beer & best T-Shirts in Hopkins. His tours include, Jaguar Preserve, Mayflower Waterfall Hike, Cayo Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, Bird Watching Tour, Southern Mayan Ruins, Zipline, and Water Fall Rappelling.

  • Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw in Belize, 4.5min.

  • Tropic Air ~ Belize, 15min. Tropic Air plane ride from Placencia to Dangriga Belize.

  • Crisis On Belize's Sarstoon Island: A Progressive Media Forum!, 90min. The progressive Belizean KREM TV television show, The Morning Review, hosted by Sister Yaya Marin Coleman, analyzed the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) expedition to Belize's Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16, 2015, at the advent of widespread objection by Belize government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security. Aired during a climate of political tension surrounding the BTV's relentless struggle to resist by all means the Guatemalan military oligarchy claims that the Sarstoon Island is a 'disputed' territory, the show presented the views and analysis of Belizean journalist, Bilal Morris of BREDAA, and Patrick Rogers of the Vision Inspired by the People (VIP).

    August 17, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Letter to the Editor: San Pedro loosing it’s charm
    To the Editor of the San Pedro Sun We had vacationed on the island some 6 years ago and are online readers of the San Pedro Sun. We came just back from our 2nd visit. Back then San Pedro town looked charming and had appeal with quite a unique Central American character. We visited town every day and loved the atmosphere of San Pedro. That was back then. Since, things have changed, unfortunately. San Pedro town has turned into a huge and unsightly parking lot. New buildings have the looks of ugly 2 or 3 story gas stations and it seems that every business –old and new– is completely relying on street parking. These unsightly structures are all destroying San Pedro’s past character and charm. The atmosphere and character San Pedro once had, seems all but gone. Central Plaza was once a charming center piece for San Pedro with gorgeous ocean views onto turquoise waters. Nowadays Central Plaza looks poor at best, like a camp for homeless people and filled with annoying hustlers, from time shares, jewelry to drugs.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Speak Your Mind
    “I don’t think I’m ever getting married,” John said. “What’s wrong? You can’t find the right girl?” I asked. “Oh, I’ve found the right girl dozens of times,” he said. “I just don’t have any success with them after I meet them.” “Do you sweet talk them?” “I try,” he said. “I guess I don’t know how to do it right. Women want to know how you feel about things. I can’t do that with a complete stranger. I waste so much time with small talk that they soon get bored and we’re done.” “John, women do want to know your feelings. You have to break out and start speaking your mind.” “I’ll do it!” he said. “I’m going to Ladies Night tonight and if I get into a conversation with a woman I’m going to tell her exactly how I feel.”

    Police Report
    Found Drugs: *On Wednesday, August 5th at 8AM, acting on Special Branch Intelligence, a group of San Pedro Quick Response Team and San Pedro Special Branch Personnel along with Belize City Anti-Drug Unit personnel and K9 dogs conducted a joint anti-drugs operation within San Pedro Town.
    Rape: *A 15-year-old student of San Pedro Town, along with her sister, visited the San Pedro Police Station about 6:35AM and reported that on Friday, August 7th about 3AM, while she was asleep in her bedroom, she was awaken by someone lying on top of her and covering her mouth telling her to shut up.

    Doctor Love: Married Life
    Dear Doctor Love, I have always considered myself to be a happily married woman. My husband and I have been together for sixteen years and married for fourteen of those years. I am very much in love with him. Six years ago along with a group of friends we began having a barbecue every month. The barbecues started with a group of seven married couples but there are no rules about who can attend. Because of invited guests becoming part of the group there are now as many as thirty people who show up. Last year my husband invited a friend from his job. He and I had this instant chemistry. Now he comes to every barbecue and we spend a lot of time together. We sing karaoke, flirt a lot and sometimes we dance to both fast and slow songs. My husband does not dance and he doesn’t seem to mind when the two of us dance. My husband never asks about this or even mentions it but I get the feeling that he does not really trust this guy. The man is unhappily married and always complains about how he and his wife are not compatible. They never have sex. I feel bad for him because he really is a nice guy and deserves to be happy

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Sarstoon Island expedition
    he National Security Council of Belize, which was in teleconference session for the duration of the Territorial Volunteers Sarstoon Island expedition today, expresses its profound satisfaction that the expedition ended without major incident. The Council concluded its session after Admiral Borland of the Belize Coast Guard confirmed by early afternoon that all participants in the expedition had returned safely to their staging point at Barranco Village. The welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize. Thus, nothing can take away from the Council's pleasure that no misadventure overtook the hundred plus Belizean men, women and children that journeyed to the Sarstoon. Nevertheless, there is confirmation by the Organization of American States (OAS) that four of the Belizean boats that approached the Sarstoon island did so by transiting not just the north, but the south channel of the river.

    Sailing Programme for Special Needs Kids
    On August 14, 2015, the San Pedro Sailing Club, with the help of equipment provided by the Belize Sailing Center, was proud and excited to host the first Special Needs Sail Training session with one of the Special Needs children here in San Pedro. Andy Milner, Director of Training for the Sailing Club said "when Lara Goldman from Camp Starfish approached us about starting such a programme, I was instantly 'on board' with this incredible initiative". The Belize Sailing Center grew out of the San Pedro Sailing Club's intention to help bring the world of Sailing to the children of San Pedro, which would normally be financially out of reach. The goal was to instill in the children the principles of sailing that will provide them with global opportunities not only within the sailing community but in life in general. "Sailing is universal, the skills transcend just sailing, and if we can help teach these kids some useful skills, well, then we have reached our goal".

    Sarstoon Expedition: The first set off at 9:38am
    Thanks for the Coast Guard for the on the ground presence. Thanks Admiral Borland for doing part of your job! But no thanks for not being around to ser two Guatemalan vessels illegally enter our waters and one Guatemalan civilian vessel filled with Guatemalan media Also entering illegally and shadowing our Belizean vessels as they circle around the a Sarstoon island.

    Verdes Host Queretaro
    The Versed host the Queretaro this Tuesday in Belmopan, starting at 8:00pm. Go Verdes!

    Channel 5

    Over 100 Belizeans joined the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their expedition to Sarstoon Island this morning. Coast Gaurd personel are on standby near Barranco.

    The Reporter

    Traffic accidents claim more lives
    A child is dead following a traffic accident on Sunday evening and two adults are left injured. Details of this ibcident are sketchy and we will have a full report in Thursday’s printed edition of The Reporter newspaper. Meanwhile, an American man is dead following a traffic accident on Saturday night between miles 68 and 69 on the George Price highway. The accident iccurred at around 7:00pm, and involved a green Dodge Ram pick-up truck and a blue Toyota Corolla car. The victim, Davis Turner, 68, who resided in Calla Creek Village, Cayo, was heading in the pick-up towards Benque Viejo and Carlos Chanek, 40, a taxi driver of Benque, was heading in the opposite direction.

    BTB taking steps to improve tourism experience
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has begun implementing a number of strategies and policies to ensure the sustainability of tourism in Belize City and improve the quality of service and tourist experience for visitors. According to Destination Planning and Cruise Director Valdemar Andrade, the steps have come as a result of consultations with cruise partners who have expressed the concerns based on feedback from the guests on their cruises. Andrade said the BTB in partnership with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has delivered business development training for all the groups of stakeholders in the Fort George Tourism Zone (FSTV), including hair braiders, tour guides, tour operators, food vendors and craft vendors. The training covered topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing products, customer service, understanding the customer, and sales techniques.

    PUP standard bearer calls for “true” consultations in PG
    Dr Francis Smith, a member of a faction of the People’s United Party (PUP) who have recently been advocating for changes within the party structure, is calling for supporters in Punta Gorda to be honest with the party’s leadership during the unity meeting held Sunday afternoon. “If the people in PG feel that ‘you know party leader we have a doubt, can you assure us that although your name is Fonseca, Ralph Fonseca will not be back in the saddle when you win’ then that is what we expect the people of PG to come out and say, without fear”, Smith said. Smith, who did not attend the unity meeting, also said he felt that attending the event or taking support from his constituency would not serve the party’s best interest, but rather it is up to the people of PG to actively engage the party’s leadership in meaningful consultation.

    BTV to Sarstoon, despite warning
    Despite several warnings from the Government of Belize, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) set out Sunday morning for Sarstoon Island. The Volunteers cast off from Barranco Village around 9 a.m., bearing Belizean flags symbolic of our nation’s sovereignty over this land. They are accompanied, as announced this week, by Senator Lisa Shoman. The BTV’s excursion is in commemoration of the 1859 Treaty between Great Britain and Guatemala, which established Belize’s borders, much of which is now subject to Guatemala’s unfounded claim. GOB issued several releases this week, emphasizing that it feels the BTVC’s mission is ill-advised and should have been cancelled. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, also chimed in, both to the media and on social media, to register his disapproval, but said that his ministry will do what it can to avoid any incidents.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Security Council chastises Belize Territorial Volunteers
    In its post-mortem of today’s journey to Sarstoon Island in the Sarstoon River in the Toledo District, Belize’s National Security Council has confirmed that there was no “major incident” to report and that “no misadventure overtook the hundred-plus Belizean men, women and children that journeyed to the Sarstoon Island with the […]

    One dead and several injured in accident
    Police report indicates that on Saturday night 15th August, 2015 about 7:00 pm two vehicles were involved in a head on collision between Mile 68 and Mile 69 on the George Price Highway near Rumours Resort, Cayo District. Initial investigation revealed that a green, 2 door 1996 dodge ram pickup […]

    Two injured and one dead in traffic accident
    Reports have reached our newsroom that around 5:30 pm this evening, a fatal accident occurred on the Hummingbird Highway. The information reaching us indicates that a grey SUV with Cayo license plate was involved. A child has been confirmed dead and two adults have been transported to a medical facility […]

    Man beaten during robbery
    Reports reaching our newsroom today is that a young man was beaten in a robbery attempt in Santa Elena, Cayo. According to reports, on Friday night while out with some friends, a young man withdrew money from his bank account at the ATM machine at CP Gas Station on the […]

    Fight in Belize City leaves one hospitalized
    Unconfirmed reports is that after leaving the dance at Princess Ramada Hotel and Casino several persons were involved in an altercation that has resulted in one death and another seriously injured. Stones, cement blocks and other projectiles were thrown causing serious damage to vehicles and persons. During this fight […]

    Premier League of Belize first game ended in a draw
    The opening of the Premier League of Belize competition was officially launched last night at the Norman Broaster Football Stadium in San Ignacio, Cayo. Football fanatics came out in numbers to witness the first match of the competition. It was Real Verdes welcomed Placencia FC for its […]

    Charges dropped in Belize Sugar Industries Limited cane field arson
    Two Orange Walk men were told this week in court, that charges of arson against them have been withdrawn by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for lack of evidence, 7 News reports. Efrain Alpuche, a security guard for PUP standard bearer Ramon Cervantes Jr., […]

    Fight in Belize City leaves one hospitalized
    Belize Media Group has confirmed that a late Friday evening fight took place near the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City. One person was injured and is in the hospital. Other details are sketchy at this time and we will continue to follow the story.


    Sustainable Seaweed Industry: A reality for Belize?
    At a time when both fish and fishers face an uncertain future in my home country, Belize, I see hope. And it comes in the form of seaweed. Let me explain. As a child, I would hear the shouts of street vendors every day as they pushed their carts through the hot, busy streets of Belize City yelling “SEAWEED! GET YOUR ICE COLD SEAWEED!” It is a sweet, milky drink that’s made of red algae locally known as “seaweed” and it is believed to be an aphrodisiac. Fishers have traditionally harvested seaweed while on their fishing trips as supplemental income to their traditional catch of conch, lobster and fish. However, the fish are getting smaller, the conch harder to find and the lobsters have moved to deeper waters. But the seaweed remains. Fishers are struggling to make a living and seaweed is coming to the rescue! Belize’s fisheries, like so many around the world, are in decline. The combined impacts of increased fishing pressure, coastal development and invasive species have pushed Belizean fisheries to the precipice of overexploitation, but there is still hope for this little Caribbean country. And that hope is seaweed. Seaweed is a part of the solution for fishers and fish alike.

    From San Pedro, Belize To The US of A: With a Belize City Sushi Stop
    A gorgeous clear day…and quite the view of the rafts of sargassum coming in. Pretty good around Ambergris Caye but where the reef gets low…just before Caye Caulker…oh my. We were landing at Municipal Airport in down town Belize City to stop for lunch at a new Japanese spot…JAPANESE IN BELIZE CITY! and then make our way to the airport for the 3pm American Airlines flight to Dallas (Stop #1). In a taxi, we drove a short way on the Northern Highway to a new mall area JUST open…just across the street from Courts.

    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 7
    Belize – Toward Independence! 11th November, 1980 UN resolution 35/20 declares that Belize should advance to a secure independence with all its territory before the conclusion of the next General Assembly and urges the British and Guatemalan governments to continue searching for a solution to the dispute 11th March, 1981 Belize, Guatemala and United Kingdom sign 16 point agreement that establishes the headings for future negotiations that would result in the peaceful termination of the territorial dispute There is a violent reaction by the citizens of Belize to these ‘Heads of Agreement’ with particular objection to a clause which gives Guatemala use and enjoyment to Southern cages and rights in maritime area adjacent thereto 2nd April, 1981 State of emergency with night time curfew declared by the Government of Belize 6th July, 1981 Belize rejects Guatemalan demands at New York meeting. There is broad disagreement over interpretation of “Heads”. Negotiation fail

    Guatemala Military engages BTV at Sarstoon Island
    The BTV (Belize Territorial Volunteers) make their trip to the Southern parts of Belize every year, and this year they decided to visit the Sarstoon Island that is well within Belizean territory. Guatemala however with it’s always on aggression mode, not only came into Belizean waters but assaulted Belizeans by blocking their passage and attempted ram and push boats into Guatemalan territory to engage even more. I am hearing words also that the Guatemalan military was apparently giving guided tours on the Island, what kind of shit is that? All this in front of the OAS observers, let’s see what happens from here. I’m not holding my breath tho as history proves that the people in position to act always take Guatemala’s side. Treason much anyone?

    International Sourcesizz

    ETX nursing students plan medical trip to Belize
    Kimberly Malone and Mara Poland are two East Texas nursing students who are planning a trip to Belize, but not for a vacation. They want to help provide health care to orphans in a country where quality medical care is a luxury. The two nurses-in-training are already hitting the books for their upcoming semester at UT Tyler Palestine and their trip. "We have a lot of nursing skills on our hands right now and we have this opportunity so that's what we're going with,” said Malone. With help from the International Service Learning program, Malone are Poland are heading to Belize to help the already struggling health clinics provide care for women and young children. "We just drive anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on where you are to get to a hospital,” explained Malone. “There, you could drive up to two hours and hopefully get to one."

    Hanover youth completes service trip to Belize
    Daniel Whelan of Hanover, a junior at Boston College High School, with 11 classmates and two BC High faculty members, Michael Clancy and Dr. John Sullivan, spent their April vacation building a house for Ms. Dawn in Belize, Central America. Dan and the BC High volunteers went to Belize to assist an organization called Hand in Hand Ministries build a home for a family in need, reflect on their place in the world and pray together. Hand in Hand provides simple yet stable housing for people in Appalachia and Central America. When they arrived the group received a visit from former mayor of Belize City, Frank Lizama O.B.E., a woodworking artist, from whom students purchased Christian themed wood art such as nativities and crosses.

    A Reverend's Mission to Establish First Lutheran Churches in Belize
    A reverend from Missouri was in Corpus Christi on Sunday to gain support for a special mission. Reverend Duane Meissner was a guest this morning at Trinity Lutheran Church on Louisiana Avenue. He and his family will be moving to Belize in Central America at the end of the year to establish the first Lutheran churches in that country. Something, he says he's been thinking about his entire life. Meissner said, "the people are wonderful and have a rich culture. I can't wait to bring them what I have to offer as a preacher of the good news of Jesus."

    Cenote discovered under 1,000-year-old Mayan temple in Chichen Itza in Mexico
    It is a towering testament to a long dead civilisation and has fascinated archaeologists for more than 150 years, but one of the most famous Mayan pyramids has been hiding a secret beneath its mighty steps. Researchers have discovered an enormous sinkhole beneath the 1,000-year-old Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo, which dominates the Mayan city of Chichen Itza in the northern Yucatan Peninusula of Mexico. And they fear the underground cavern, or cenote, which has a river running through it, may eventually cause the entire pyramid to collapse if its roof gives way. Experts believe the huge chamber may have had special significance for the Mayans, who worshipped at the pyramid, as it is thought to be connected to other sinkhole lakes that surround the pyramid by underground rivers. It may also be linked to another location known as the High Priest's Grave, or the Ossuary, a smaller pyramid with a sanctuary in the centre which was used as a communal graveyard.

    What It’s Like to Stay With Francis Ford Coppola, Boutique Hotelier
    Coppola never meant to be a hotelier. He just liked taking his family on vacation. After falling in love with the jungle while filming Apocalypse Now in the Philippines, he decided to get a little piece of it closer to the U.S. In the early 1980s, Coppola picked up a run-down lodge in the mountainous rainforest of newly independent Belize and outfitted it with four-wheel drives, good beds, and, perhaps apocryphally, the country’s first pizza oven and espresso machine to entertain his brood in style. “What I realized afterwards was that I was accidentally creating the infrastructure for a hotel,” he says over the phone from his Napa (Calif.) home. The 20-room Blancaneaux Lodge opened in 1993. Four more properties followed—another on the beach in Belize, and the rest in the seemingly disparate locations of Argentina, Guatemala, and, of course, Italy. A fifth, based out of a French Quarter mansion in New Orleans, has been in development limbo for years. What unites them?


  • Sarstoon expedition 1, 2min. Today after our ceremony as all five vessrls moved off to go circle SARSTOON ISLAND the Battle of Sarstoon island began as the guatemslan vessel commanded by officer Thomas intentionally move their vessel into path of our 38ft vessel carrying 37 patriots. The showdown lasted over one hour and the oas reos were not present as they escorted the other four vessels being shadowed by the other military vessel. .... do note this guatemalan vessel was in belizean waters and the other vessel doing the shadowing was in belizean waters at all times along with a guatemakan civilian vessel carrying their media ... our coast guard nor immigration and bdf were present to stop their blatant illegal incursion. .... this one sided diplomacy n confidence building measure is NOT working.

  • Sarstoon expedition 2, 4.5min. The Guatemalan military aggressing Belizean boats very far into Belizean territory. Sarstoon Island is behind the Guatemalan military boat and Belize's boundary line is behind Sarstoon Island. Meanwhile, the Belizean military hid out of sight all the way in Barranco. The Guatemalan military aggressed us the entire journey around Sarstoon Island but in the end over 100 Belizeans got to see and fall in love with Sarstoon Island.

  • Sarstoon expedition 3, 4min. Here is another video showing how the aggression started the first four smaller vessels. Kudos to Orlando de la Fuente whom with his quick thinking took charge of his vessel and cut past the two guat boats trying to block them.... and trust me the OAS just looked on as they said they would .... the Guatemalans gave no respect for the OAS as in their face they displayed thier blatant bullying and illegal acts.

  • Belize Blacktip Diving Music, 2min.

  • Flyfishing in Belize for the TPST, 7min.

  • A place in my heart -Placencia Belize, 5min.

  • BELIZE! Day 4 :) Our island adventure!, 4.5min.

  • Belize Carnival Song Competition 2015 "Missy B", 4.5min.

  • Rising Stars Performing Arts Camps, 2015 - Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Mission Trip 2015, 7.5min. A slide show of Lakeshore Missionary Church Youth Group and their mission trip to Belize with Thirst Missions Belize.

  • Howlers near the Jaguar Temple, Lamanai Belize, 1min.

  • Jaguar coaxed into somersault at Belize Zoo, 1min. Junior Buddy the jaguar born at the Belize Zoo does "encounters" where in paying guests are locked into a cage in his enclosure.

  • Inside Story: From Blighty to Belize, 48min. *BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only (or use a proxy).* British troops celebrate Christmas in the jungles and mangrove swamps of Belize. (1978) First transmitted in 1978, this programme focuses on the day to day lives of the British troops guarding the Belize/Guatemala border and their celebrations on Christmas Day, 1977.

    August 16, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Brandon Santos participates in Triathlon Training Camp in Ecuador
    Star island triathlete Brandon Santos recently returned from Ecuador after participating in a Triathlon Training Camp. From Saturday, June 25th to Sunday, August 9th, Santos was in Ibarra, Ecuador, testing his skills as a triathlete during two weeks of intense training. Santos was accompanied by Chris Ramirez from the Corozal Destruct. Both athletes represented Belize in this regional camp aimed at improving athletes’ skills in the discipline of running, swimming and cycling. The training camp was made possible through a collaboration between the Belize Olympic Committee, Triathlon Confederation of the Americas (CAMTRI), and the Triathlon Federation of Ecuador. Senior athletes Amed Figueroa and Kent “Bob” Gabourel have also previously participated in this camp.

    Letter to the Editor: International Costa Maya Festival® Committee says thanks
    Dear Editor: Please allow us space in your newspaper to extend our sincerest thanks to those who made this year’s International Costa Maya Festival® a success. It is thanks to these businesses and individuals’ generosity that we are able to put together the festival every year. Without the help of the community, the festival would not be possible. We encourage everyone to participate in next year’s event so we can bring a bigger, better festival for all. Once again, thank you to the following: Grand Sponsors: Belize Tourism Board, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., San Pedro Town Council, Ramon’s Village Resort, Heineken Diamond Sponsors: Jose Luis Zapata Photography (Official Photographer), Designing Solutions Platinum Sponsors: NICH, Reef Radio/Reef TV, Great Belize Productions, Love FM/Estereo Amor, Caribbean Rum Gold: Ambergris Today, The San Pedro Sun, Milo’s Center, Moon Dancer Boutique, Flowers Salazar & Associates Silver: San Pedro Belize Express, Tropic Air, Maya Island Air, Moncho’s Golf Cart Rentals, Grand Caribe Resort, Belize Border Management, Fiesta FM, Radio Oye, Cruise Solutions, Tabony’s, Wine de Vine, Krystal Shipping, Caribbean Depot, Belize Airport Authority Steel: ...

    Alex Noralez completes FIFA Physical Fitness Coaching Course
    The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) recently conducted a Physical Fitness Coaching Course from Tuesday, August 4th to Saturday, August 8th. Aimed at enhancing the sport of football, the course saw the participation of football coaches from across the country. Among the participants that completed the course is San Pedro High School teacher and coach of the football team, Alex Noralez. The training was held at Football Federation of Belize (FFB) headquarters in Belmopan City. The five day training was led by FIFA Fitness Instructor Andre Waugh of Jamaica. Participants underwent strength, speed, agility, power and endurance training, as well as proper techniques for warming up and cooling down before and after matches. Each individual skill is essential to improve one’s ability during game time, but also to ensure safety during the matches and training regimens.

    Island Invasion rocks San Pedro
    Once again King of the Island Promotions brought the high energy party atmosphere to San Pedro Town. Anticipated by both island residents and visitors, Island Invasion brought the “Summer Heat” to Fido’s Courtyard on Saturday, August 8th. With a crowd of about 800 in attendance prepared to enjoy a night of dancing, this Island Invasion certainly was a huge success. With general admission of $15 before midnight and $20 after or $40 for VIP, the event featured a premier DJ line up and list of giveaways. Spinning the tracks until the wee hours of the morning were Fyah Statah Sounds, Evolution Sounds, Air Invasion Sounds, DJ Buggz, Richie Galvez, DJ Odyssey, DJ Jago and Tagg International. Everyone danced the night away to the best summer tunes, including old and new school soca, dancehall, club, house, reggae and pop. With cocktails and cold beers flowing courtesy of the talented bartenders at Fido’s, the energy level was always kept on high.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Wildtracks Update
    I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the dedication of all Wildtracks volunteers in caring for Ben - one of possibly only 1,000 manatees left in Belize. The calm, professional way in which they approach the situation, the respect they have for this injured manatee, and their willingness to put that extra effort into trying to ensure that he pulls through. We are still working hard to save Ben's life, dealing with propeller wounds, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. This critically underweight animal still weighs in at between 700 and 800lbs, and every day, the Wildtracks Team have to ensure he is restrained for water change and feeding, to prevent harm to himself, and to team members. Thank you to all those at Wildtracks, both local staff and volunteers, who spend their last daylight hour of each day ensuring he is fed and his water changed, after a long day of caring for the other rehab animals. There is still a chance that we may lose the battle, but it won't be for lack of trying.

    Placencia Lagoon Fieldtrip
    Yesterday's science camp took us out to snorkel in the mangroves of the Placencia Lagoon. We found some amazing flora and fauna on the submerged mangrove roots. Everyone was amazed at the diversity of this important ecosystem!

    San Ignacio Resort Hotel Wins 2 Tourism Awards
    The San Ignacio Resort Hotel won 2 awards at the BTB's National Tourism Awards. They won the 'Hospitality Award,' and Miriam Roberson won the Minister's Award. Congratulations, SIRH, on the well deserve wins, and keep up the great work. "On August 1st, 2015 the San Ignacio Resort Hotel received the 'Hospitality Award' at the 13th National Tourism Awards ceremony held at the Holiday Hotel in Ambergris Caye, Belize. The Industry Awards honor businesses across the country for meeting industry expectations and providing exemplary hospitality standards."

    Belizean Tamales recipe
    This is the Belizean Tamales recipe made easy. It is broken down into steps for easy to follow instructions.


    Coast Guard Won't Form Part of Trip To Sarstoon
    It appears that the Belize Territorial Volunteers stands alone and will not be getting any support from either the Belize Defense Force or the Coast Guard. Today, the Belize National Coast Guard Commander John Borlan told the media that they won’t escort the expedition as he stands by what his government decides and his government has discouraged the trip. "I've seen that latter and as you've said you were hoping that I would entertain you. Unfortunately I can't. The government of Belize has given its position on this matter, on this issue. I go with what my civilian leadership decides. As you know we are a discipline armed organization, we follow orders and we go by the policies of those that we have committed to support in our duty as a member of a military force."

    Home Burglarized In Orange Walk
    Thieves broke into the home of the late Leonel Guerra while his family was away. According to family members, Guerra’s wife was staying at another family member and while out, the perpetrators broke in. They report that on Wednesday night family members visited the residence to feed the dogs and at that time all was in order. By Thursday morning however, sometime between ten thirty and elven in the night, they went back to the house and discovered that it had been ransacked and several items stolen. Among these are one forty eight inch flat screen television, a radio system, DVD players, one Digicell cellular phone, one wheel barrow, at least three bottles of liquor and assorted jewelry. The burglars even broke one of the children’s piggy bank. It appears the men first jumped over the razor wires on the fence and made their way into the house through a small window in the kitchen. The rest of the windows are secured with burglar bars. Upon making further checks, the family found the burglars’ escape route.

    NSC Say's Trip To Sarstoon Is Dangerous, BTV Should Stand Down
    As mentioned at the top of the newscast Sunday’s trip to the Sarstoon Island planned by the Belize Territorial Volunteers is causing much controversy. Among those who believe that the trip should not go carried out is the National Security Council who meet this afternoon for a special session to discuss the security and citizen protection issues arising out of the trip. After the meeting the NSC issued a release reiterating the position already taken by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Security. They say that Sunday's expedition to the Sarstoon Island is ill-advised and downright dangerous. But since the NSC is most concerned about the safety of Belizean citizens, they have put in place a contingency plan to try to deal with all possible consequences of the action of the Territorial Volunteers, says the release.

    Consultation Takes Place For Free Transportation ITVET Corozal
    On Wednesday students attending Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, Corozal Community College and Cornerstone Presbyterian High schools received the good news that come the new school year they will be receiving free transportation to and from school. Economically this will surely prove to be a relief for parents even for those whose children are attending the Corozal ITVET. According to Corozal’s Education Manager Jahmore Lopez, the ministry is currently looking into partnering off with high schools in the Corozal District that do not provide technical subjects to their students. The idea is to offer the students an opportunity to learn a trade by providing them with free transportation to the ITVET. “We are also looking at trying to ensure that every student at the secondary level graduates with a skill and if you look at certain schools like Escuela who has a wonderful program as well in terms of agriculture and technical aspect and so we are looking to part with those schools that don’t have that track and their students then can come to the ITVET learn a skill and actually become qualified by sitting the Belize national qualification Exam and they can also do it for the Caribbean and we have started with Corner Stone hopefully maybe we can have others that will come on board and again what we did to facilitate this we provided the transportation for those students and so that continues.”

    Fiesta Rama Earning To Be Used For Student Program And Other Projects
    On Wednesday students attending Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, Corozal Community College and Cornerstone Presbyterian High schools received the good news that come the new school year they will be receiving free transportation to and from school. Economically this will surely prove to be a relief for parents even for those whose children are attending the Corozal ITVET. According to Corozal’s Education Manager Jahmore Lopez, the ministry is currently looking into partnering off with high schools in the Corozal District that do not provide technical subjects to their students. The idea is to offer the students an opportunity to learn a trade by providing them with free transportation to the ITVET. “We are also looking at trying to ensure that every student at the secondary level graduates with a skill and if you look at certain schools like Escuela who has a wonderful program as well in terms of agriculture and technical aspect and so we are looking to part with those schools that don’t have that track and their students then can come to the ITVET learn a skill and actually become qualified by sitting the Belize national qualification Exam and they can also do it for the Caribbean and we have started with Corner Stone hopefully maybe we can have others that will come on board and again what we did to facilitate this we provided the transportation for those students and so that continues.”

    Efrain Alpuche Gets Off The Hook
    Efrain Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez have been released of all charges and accusations in the burning of BSI sugar cane fields. 20 acres, or about 700 tons, worth approximately $50,000 of the company’s sugar cane were set ablaze in a case of suspected arson on Monday May 18th at around 5:00 p.m. on the San Lorenzo Road. Velasquez and Alpuche were arrested almost immediately and appeared in court on May 22nd on a single count of arson. No plea was taken and the men were offered, and later met bail of $40,000 each. Today however, we understand that upon the directive of the Director of Public Prosecution, the case was dismissed in court for a lack of sufficient evidence. The men have been freed of all charges.

    Bishop Dorick Wright Speaks On Belize/Guatemala Unfounded Claim
    The unfounded Guatemalan claim is nothing new, and today while meeting with the media and members of the territorial volunteers, Bishop Dorick Wright gave his take on the matter. According to the Bishop, he has been hearing about the claim from since he was a boy. “From I was small I’ve been hearing about this Guatemalan claim, I don’t know if it was ever done to land before but they were claiming but this is something they enjoy hanging over their heads I don’t care for it, it is going to hurt us at the end.” Bishop Wright adds that he supports the move for Guatemala to leave Belize alone. Bishop Dorick Wright “I’ve heard so many thing about the ICJ and I am not certain I know which cause I’ve heard some say we go and we lose, some say if we go we will win so I am saying we shouldn’t go because they have no right to make decisions for us others say decisions have been already made so if all that is true then I don’t think we should go if that decision was made at Independence maybe we should not go but I leave it up to the government and I hope that in their prudence they make the right decision but I really wouldn’t like them to just run into this but just listen to everybody and see what can be sensible decision that can be made.

    The Reporter

    MOH staff trained in post-crash care
    The Government of Belize, as a part of the Belize Road Safety Project, facilitated special training for Ministry of Health staff in post-crash care for road traffic accident victims. Twenty-one MOH staff attended the workshops, sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and facilitated by staff from the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). MOH staff were trained in two areas: Basic Life Support Training and the Medical First Responders (MFR) program, at sessions carried out at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development, in the City of Belmopan. According to GOB, the activities being implemented are in line with the Post-Crash Response Objectives identified within the Belize Road Safety Project and also identified in the draft long term strategic plan 2030.

    Every little bit helps: community organizations hold
    To assist needy families as well as the homeless with meals, the organization Together We Can Solve Hunger, and the Belize Volunteer’s Club are holding a dollar drive and food drive on Saturday at the Battlefield Park. The drive, held with the theme “Give what you can”, emphasizing the value each donation holds, no matter how small. Residents are asked to donate either a food item, be it bagged or canned goods, or a dollar to help support the organization’s activities. Geraldine Mai, co-founder of Together We Can Solve Hunger, explained that the organization was formed to address a serious, but solvable social needs. “I know what it’s like to not have anything to eat”, Mai said, “but people were there for me and now I want to give back.”

    Two dead in evening RTA
    Two people are dead and four more injured following a road traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway. A white Mercedes car and a pickup truck had a head-on collision around mile 7 ½ at around 5:15 p.m. on Friday August 14, after the pickup, which was reportedly speeding, tried to overtake the line of traffic but failed to merge back into the correct lane in time. Alden Locke and Shane Goff, died as a result, while Eaton Belisle, Kimberly Myers, Kirk Broaster, Huang Sheng He, and Javaughn Loganwere injured. The four are undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Rural Regional Commander of Police, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, told the media that speeding is a common problem along the area between the Haulover Bridge and Ladyville.

    The Belize Times

    UDP & Guatemala AGAINST Belize – GOB refuses to provide security to patriotic Belizeans travelling to Sarstoon Island
    This UDP Government has completely sold out to Guatemala. For the first time in independent Belize’s history, the Government of Belize has openly surrendered control of Belizean territory to Guatemala. Sarstoon Island is located on the south end of Belize’s territorial map. “From proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon”, says the Belizean national anthem, but thanks to the UDP Government, Sarstoon is now controlled by Guatemala’s military. The UDP Government feels compelled to inform the Guatemalan military before it does anything on Sarstoon Island, even if it is just to carry out a coast guard visit. When the Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales visited two weeks ago and spoke lies and false excuses for his Government’s opposition to the building of a military base on Sarstoon Island, Belize’s Foreign Minister and main accomodationist, Sedi Elrington, just nodded in agreement and allowed the high-level propaganda to weaken Belize’s stance before international observers. It took Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who was once Belize’s Foreign Minister under the Esquivel regime, two weeks to speak out and agree with a powerful statement of clarification and strong rejection put out by all former People’s United Party Ministers of Foreign Affairs: former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith, Senator Lisa Shoman, and later Assad Shoman.

    Did El Chapo Land in Belize? – Suspected drug cartel helicopter found near border with Mexico
    Did fugitive Sinaloa drug cartel leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, land in Belize to continue his great escape from Mexican authorities? That’s the question in the minds of many Belizeans after a mysterious helicopter encroached into Belize’s airspace and landed in the north-west Mennonite community known as Blue Creek. This occurred on Wednesday, August 5th, but Police authorities did not make it public until two days after, on Friday August 7th, adding to the scepticism and controversy. Authorities report that they had received information that a helicopter had been circling Belizean airspace near the border on Wednesday. They immediately deployed security personnel, authorities said. When they arrived in the vicinity, they found the landed aircraft without occupants. Inside the aircraft, the Police found blue plastic containers for fuel. The seats had been removed to make space for extra containers. The aircraft, identified as a Bell 407 model Helicopter, was dark-tinted. It’s only marking was a serial number painted on the outside, spelling out “N607AZ”. But authorities believe the serial number may have been altered to conceal the proper identification.

    “The ICJ is not the only option” – PUP Leader Francis Fonseca accuses UDP/Sedi Elrington of seriously damaging Belize’s territorial integrity
    Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca, has placed on record that the People’s United Party is now fully opposed to going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle the unfounded claim over Belize’s territory by Guatemala. The PUP has taken this position, said Hon. Fonseca, because they no longer believe that Guatemala has been acting in good faith and has bullied the Barrow Administration into a weak position in which Belize’s integrity has been compromised. Hon. Fonseca said that the ICJ is not the only option to resolve the dispute with Guatemala. He explained that the PUP proposes to first pursue an internationalisation campaign in which it will seek from its partners a re-affirmation of their support for Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Secondly, the PUP will pursue negotiations based on an economic development agenda for both countries.

    Belizean family murdered in Florida, U.S.A
    A Belizean woman and her pregnant daughter, 37 year old Dorla Pitts and 18 year old Starlette, and the teenagers’ 19 year old boyfriend, Myke Kelly Jr., were found dead inside their home located at 3500 block 21st Street Southwest in Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Florida. The triple homicide was discovered by Pitts’ co-workers who came by the house to check on her, after she had not reported to work at the hospital where she was employed. Once inside, they first discovered traces of blood and then the victims’ bodies. They found Starlette’s one year old daughter crying inside the house. Investigators have not revealed what was the cause of the deaths as they carry out their investigations. The Police have detained one person of interest. 19 year old Brian Hyde, a recent Belizean immigrant to the United States, was stopped by the Police in another located and detained for driving without a valid license. Upon further investigations, Police linked Hyde to the murdered family.

    Think About It
    The information that emerged last Monday night on the Channel 5 show is significant and deserves public discussion. During the conversation between Audrey Matura and Dickie Bradley on the Guatemala issue, mention was made of new alternative. The suggestion coming from Hon. Francis Fonseca is that Belize needs a new paradigm to the current impasse. The new approach is that Belize should now embark on a new internationalization of its problem from Guatemala’s claim. We were shown, on the show Monday night, quotations from the foreign media, principally the British Guardian newspaper and the Financial Times of London of September 1978. These excerpts were that whilst attending a Guatemala negotiation in London attended by the British, Guatemala, and the USA, George Price was so angry that he publicly exposed the extent of British and American treachery towards Belize. The Americans and the British proposed that Belize will give Guatemala two thousand acres of land in the South and the British would give financial aid to Guatemala which in turn would withdraw its claim to half of our country.

    Early Elections
    Despite the Prime Minister’s pledge that the general elections will not be held this year, few people believe that he will hold true to that promise. Of course, that would be nothing new, since the man has a well established track record of breaking promises. Popular speculations are that Mr. Barrow will announce the date for elections during his Independence Day speech on September 21st. By law, there has to be a thirty day period following the announcement leaving pundits to believe that the actual date will be sometime in November. There are several reasons why a November Snap Election would seem likely, the least not being a connection to the Petro Caribe monies. The Barrow government has been floating high, but almost exclusively on this Petro Caribe buoy. The waters ahead however, are churning wildly. On December 6th, the people of Venezuela will go to the polls to elect a new government and the outcome of that election will have huge implications for Belize. The Prime Minister knows this and if he wants to achieve that “third term” with which he is so obviously obsessed, he will need to attempt it before the results of the Venezuelan elections are announced.

    Crisis After Crisis
    Belize as a nation is at a cross-roads in its young history. Never before, since Independence, have there been so many crises upon crises facing our country. In all the major index/indices there is evidence a plenty of the steady decline and erosion that is taking place. Never in our history has a bank closed its doors. The Royal Bank of Canada was sold and became the Belize Bank. But the news last week that 1st Caribbean was packing up and leaving was not just unexpected, it was a shock. The news came against the disturbing development that Belize Bank and then Atlantic Bank had lost their correspondent banking network overseas. Meaning, no financial and international banking transactions can be done through those two banks. Now the closing of First Caribbean leads to another such loss of commercial and overseas financial activities. Heritage is like a village bank. Holy Redeemer Credit Union and St John’s Credit Union bigger than Heritage. It is no consolation to hear that tiny local Heritage Bank will buy some of the assets and take over some of the customers of First Caribbean Bank. Heritage has no correspondent banking contacts overseas.

    Unitedville Rebels enters softball playoffs as #1
    The Unitedville Rebels United have an 19 win – 1 loss record as they entered the Cayo Softball Association’s women’s softball playoffs as the top team. The Rebels will take on the No. 2 seed Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy (15 wins, 5 losses) when the playoffs kick off at the Joan Garbutt Stadium in Esperanza Village on Sunday. Camalote Spokane, the No 3 seed will take on the No.4 seed, Esperanza Wolverines, and since the playoffs will be according to the Paige system, the loser of this game will be eliminated, while the winner will then challenge the loser of the Rebels vs Roaring Creek game.

    Atlantic Bank, Belikin & BWS make Firms basketball playoffs
    Atlantic Bank, BWS Pressure and Belikin made the cut to the Belize City Firms basketball playoffs in games played at Birds Isle over the weekend. On Friday, Infotel posted a 55-43 over Central Bank. They were led by Stafford Young with 16 points, while Central Bank’s top shooter was Dave Apolonio with 16 points also. DigiCell got the easy bye to their 6th when Ready Call was a no show for their game. In Game 3, BWS posted a 67-63 win in overtime against Belikin. Akeem Trapp led the BWS team with 21 points, while Belikin’s Kadeem Olivera top-scored with 28pts.

    Verdes FC Ready for CONCACAF Champions League
    Team introduces new players: Belize’s Top Striker Deon McCaulay, Trinidadian Oswin Williams and Brazilians Yuras Silva and William Nascimento to boost their chances. Belize’s Hankook Verdes FC may not be considered as a powerhouse or favourite in the 2015 CONCACAF Champions League, but the champs hailing from the west who are representing Belize in the regional competition want to show a strong force. Verdes FC’s first match in the CONCACAF Champions League (SCCL) will be against Mexico’s Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, on Tuesday, August 18th at 8 p.m. at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. Most Belizean football fans may know Querétaro for the Brazilian star forward Ronaldinho, and they had grown anxious to see the superstar play in Belize. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for Belize, the star opted out of his contract with the team.

    The Real Deal!!
    There are more questions than answers surrounding the news that a bank has folded in Belize and that one of the smallest banks is positioning itself to buy its assets over. The first question that has to be answered is how did First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) come to this? While the answers may never come out, the truth of the matter is that banking in Belize under the Barrow Administration has been bad for business, from the “small man” to the “big man” bankers. For months, proof that Belizeans have been suffering under this dreadful economy could be seen in the skyrocketing cost of basic goods and the many homes being sold for failure to pay loans. Now we can see that the banks have also been haemorrhaging. Just ask the Belize Bank who because of its financial ties to British Billionaire Michael Ashcroft suffered tightened regulatory controls. Today, both Belize Bank and Atlantic Bank have suffered cuts from foreign currency accounts due to a lack of proper financial due diligence by the Government-owned Financial Intelligence unit (FIU).

    Belize’s Money = UDP’s Money?
    It is now clear to be seen that the UDPs are quite comfortable using tax payer dollars to pay for their political work. Mayor Darrell Bradley gave his political runman in Caribbean Shores, Omar Burns, a nice, cushy job over at the City Council. Technically speaking then, Burns should answer to taxpayers since we are paying his salary right? Not so! For the last two months Omar Burns has been seen in and out of the elections and boundaries office on a daily basis taking in voters to transfer for his boss, the Mayor. That would be all fine, if, of course Burns was being paid from the personal account of the Mayor.

    After Sunday lunch with my mother and other family members, we headed up the Philip Goldson Highway, through the Burrell Boom Road, and unto the George Price Highway towards the hills of Gracie Rock, one of the nine communities of Belize Rural Central. Earlier in the morning, it was Mass at Our Lady of the Way RC Church. It was excruciatingly hot and humid at the start of the service. I was sitting in my usual pew and perspiring. I wondered if it was only me or whether indeed the humidity was way up. I saw various persons wiping with small towels and fanning away with the hymn sheet or church bulletin. Almost as soon as Father Leslie started his sermon, a torrential downpour almost drowned out his words, even though there is a functioning public address system in the church. The roof of the church is of zinc, and the sound of the rain thereon was quite a sound to experience. We arrived at Gracie Rock near the Sibun River around 2:30 pm. It was clear that the Gracie Rock area had not had any rain at all, almost incredible, since it surely poured in the Eastern section earlier. The Sibun is still green and crystal clear, an early ‘mauger’ season, I think, before more rains come later this month and in September. Various families were enjoying the river, lounging around in the water, and watching the children play. There are many spots along the river where it is shallow enough for whole families to swim, and many people take advantage of nature’s bounty.

    Of this and that….
    FOR SALE Belize is gone. Far gone. Look at the road sides. There are more “for sale” signs than mangoes. There was a tourist from Mexico. He thought “for sale” was a kind of restaurant. Lawd. I ketch mi shame. PROOF Things bad. Look at the newspaper. Everybody and their granny are losing their house. It is a shame. The newspapers are full. Murders cannot even get space again. Amandala was full. It had 20 pages of families. Families and children who lose their home. Twenty. The whole newspaper was only 56 pages. This is too many people. Landless. Hopeless. Embarrassed. Where is the dignity? BANKRUPT Belize is doing bad. Nothing no di go on. Petro tiyad a gi wi now. Well, one more elections. One more bribe. CHESTER, BOY Chester Williams is a police. He loves uniform. He loves TV. He has to get respect. He is now a big time lawyer. He could be making big bucks. He chooses to be a cop instead. He wants to be the top cop. Compol, mi seh.

    PUP Marshalls support PUP Leader Francis Fonseca
    Members of the PUP Marshalls Service Corps from throughout the country met at the historic Independence Hall on Thursday August 6th 2015 to discuss some of the serious political issues affecting our country as well as our great Party. Concerns were raised and discussed over the recent actions of some of our area representatives and standard bearers. Those present strongly felt that at this time of the country’s political history, where our democratic fabric is so fragile, there should be unity among all arms and forces of the party to tackle some of the problems affecting Belizeans. Some of those problems including the ongoing attacks on our sovereignty by Guatemala and the UDP Government’s weak defense and security of our territorial sovereignty, the increase in poverty, homelessness, crime, the inability of many to access affordable health care, as well as the rise in domestic violence and violence against senior citizens and children.

    Hon. Dolores visits Gracie Rock residents
    On Sunday August 9th Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia was on the ground in Gracie Rock Village. She visited various families and distributed gifts to residents. The Hemmans family, in true community spirit and gratitude, gave Ms. Dolores avocados and breadfruit. We really had a great time and felt truly welcomed by the residents of the beautiful Gracie Rock. Everyone was all smiles.

    Castro can’t help himself!! – His children are first in line for educational assistance in Belize Rural North
    It is a known fact that UDP Representative Edmond Castro has been hustling while in office, using public funds for his personal use. The Belize Airport Authority scandal which exposed how thousands of dollars collected by the Government was used by Castro to pay for all sorts of personal things such as his mother’s funeral expenses and for bicycle repairs was just the tip of the iceberg apparently. Then came brave whistleblower Alvarine Burgess who unearthed a visa hustle involving senior ministers. Burgess said she had to pay Castro $2,000 for over 2,000 visa recommendations he willingly gave for unknown Chinese nationals. Castro now seems to be dipping into education funds. Last week an announcement published in the UDP newspaper listed out names of young people who will be getting “education assistance” for the next school year. As was expected, Castro couldn’t help himself. Among them were a handful of Castros, including the disgraced UDP politician’s own children, Wasani and Jafari Castro.

    Grenade planted at Police HQ? – Is someone sending them a message?
    Police officers were forced out of their own headquarters located on Racoon Street on Friday afternoon when a grenade was discovered inside a drawer in one of the offices on the third floor of the building. The Racoon Street Police Station serves as the headquarters for the Eastern Division (South of Belize City) which is now led by Senior Superintendent Chester Williams. The tear gas grenade was found inside a drawer in a general office on the third floor which is above the main offices occupied by senior police officers. Who placed the grenade there and why, are questions which the Police are still trying to determine.

    Lions Clubs conduct special National Eye Screening for Children
    Through a Grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation of the International Associations of Lions Clubs, along with local contributions from the FOUR Lions Clubs in Belize, Government Ministries, Non-Government Organizations, and the local Business Community, the Lions Clubs in Belize will use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Programme. The target groups will be children between the ages of 3 – 14 years, throughout Belize. Lions Clubs members and non-Lions volunteers will conduct the Eye Screening. The Programme will commence in September, 2015. The Lions Clubs in Belize are committed to pay for the Eye Glasses for children who need them, and for whom it is determined that the Parents/ Guardians cannot afford to pay for the eye glasses.

    Belize near bankruptcy, says new report
    A report published this week by financial media, 24/7 Wall Street, has listed Belize among seven countries that are near bankruptcy. Belize is included in the list for its high debt and sluggish economy. Along with Belize are Jamaica, Argentina, Greece, Belarus, Venezuela and Ukraine. Puerto Rico would have been on this list, but this week they announced that they would default on their debt obligations. The report notes that Belize’s debt is 75.7% of its GDP. This debt does not include Petrocaribe loans nor the over $600 million owed for the Government’s ill-advised takeovers of the Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity Limited. In June, a report by Moody’s referred to the BTL and BEL liability as the gorilla in the room for Belize’s debt and economy. Moody’s held that Belize was possibly staring at “unsustainable public debt” and even perhaps the need for another costly debt restructuring in 2018, if its predictions that the Government will not be able to meet the step-up coupon payments for the restructured bond and added liabilities.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize Territorial Volunteers set out to Sarstoon Island on Sunday with the support of the Church.
    Sunday’s expedition by the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) will go ahead despite official disapproval from the Government of Belize. The trip to Sarstoon Island, the last Belize-claimed landmass within our defined territory, is fraught with tension considering past encounters between the Belize Territorial Volunteers and Guatemalan military […]

    Two dead and three injured in Friday evening accident.
    Police confirmed that five persons were injured, two fatally, in a traffic accident that occurred on Friday evening around 5:30 P.M. near Mile 7 1/2 on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to Eastern Division (Rural) Commander Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, two vehicles were overtaking the line of traffic; […]

    Fair conditions to prevail for the next couple days
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting Sunny with cloudy spells all throughout the weekend. The General Situations call for a slight increase in moisture and instability is expected over our area for the extended weekend. The 24hr Forecast is sunny with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy tonight. […]


    Belize Tourism Awards 2015
    On Saturday, August 1st, the 2015 Belize Tourism Awards was held at the Holiday Hotel in beautiful Ambergris Caye (Belize’s most popular tourist destination). A better location couldn’t have been chosen since the reception venue was celebrating 50 years of being in business. This is a big deal in Belize because the travel industry is still very young and the tourism pioneers had to fight with tooth and nail to make things work. To this very day there is still not enough recognition by the government of tourisms important role in the economy. But enough about that, the 2015 award winners deserve the exposure and all the congratulations.

    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 6
    So far, Guatemala and Britain have been going on about Article 7 and its contents of the Treaty of 1859. Britain suggests strongly that the Convention that holds article 7 is void. Guatemala on the other hand is using Article 7 as the sole or at least the most important piece of their argument. Both sides have shown frustration and Guatemala in some instances seem to be running low on patience. 9th March 1948 United Kingdom refutes Guatemalan objection to inclusion of British Honduras in West Indies Federation talks because the status of the territory was under judicial consideration. The British point out that Guatemala has failed to avail itself over the past two years to submit its claim to the International Court of Justice April to June 1948 Guatemala threatens invasion United Kingdom dispatches 2 warships to patrol the coast, and a battalion of infantry to protect the border of British Honduras, the latter to remain until the termination of the dispute

    In praise of sitting still in Belize
    I sit in the red Adirondack chair, the only one with a cushion, albeit a thin cushion, and marvel at the well-practiced thievery of the frigate birds. I used to think that they were like a natural GPS tracking system for schools of sardines. Where ever five or more were gathered, soaring so gracefully on the breeze, dipping, swooping, gliding sideways — surely there were fish below. But while the frigates are doing their narcissistic act of effortlessly artful skywriting up above, it seems that kamikaze pelicans, low-cruising cormorants and the brisk business-like white terns are doing all the heavy lifting. Time and again, I watch these birds dive into the warm Caribbean waters for food, only to have a couple of frigates swoop down from on high and attempt to snatch wriggling fish from their beaks. A cormorant sitting on the water to the south of our dock pulls up a spectacular breakfast and lifts its beak to the sky in order to open the throat in anticipation of a delicious glistening fish slider … only to have a frigate swoop in and literally snatch the fish out of its throat, by the tail.

    Cave Tubing in Belize
    Coming from Boulder, CO I’m no stranger to tubing down a river, but Belize offered a new twist on that activity: Cave Tubing! Belize is known for having the largest cave systems in all of Central America, but the most popular cave tubing is found at a small part of the Caves Branch River at Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve near Belmopan. Here you will goes through 5 different caves, weaving between sunlight and darkness for almost 5 miles! Our plan was to stop for cave tubing while on the drive from San Ignacio to Belize City before catching the last ferry out to Caye Caulker. While we started the day early, it was already hot and humid when we reached the Reserve. After putting on plenty of sunscreen we were outfitted with our inner-tubes, life jackets, and headlamps. (I highly recommend you wear shorts, shirt, and water shoes. Don’t forget a little spritz of bug spray and sunglasses as well. )

    A step closer to life in the wild...Little Bean's group move on
    In the past few months Bean’s group (a.k.a. the ‘big babies’) have made huge progress in their journey towards release – they have moved from their forest cage enclosure to the wilderness of the pre-pre-release enclosure! A few days after moving them across to the cage inside pre-pre-release, we opened the doors and let them explore the trees and hone their climbing skills. Some monkeys adapted slightly faster than others – as expected, Suri and Jessie were instantly at home high up in the trees and were so happy they had no intention of coming back down any time soon. On the other hand, Hobbes needed a little more practice in the trees, and was slightly disheartened after falling out a number of times, and so retreated back towards the cage. However after a few short days of practice, his climbing improved immensely and he too decided that he never wanted to come back into the cage (unless milk was on offer of course). J.W. and Bean followed suit, and shortly they were all sleeping outside in the trees, finally looking like real monkeys!

    International Sourcesizz

    Agroecology as a Tool for Liberation: Transforming Industrial Agribusiness in El Salvador
    Excerpts from an interview with Miguel Ramirez, National Coordinator of the Organic Agriculture Movement of El Salvador. "We say that every square meter of land that is worked with agro-ecology is a liberated square meter. We see it as a tool to transform farmers' social and economic conditions. We see it as a tool of liberation from the unsustainable capitalist agricultural model that oppresses farmers. We in the Organic Agriculture Movement see the soil as Mother Earth, a living organism, which gives birth to all kinds of life. Mother Earth is agonizing, and needs to be rescued. Even a new small plot of land under organic management is part of the effort to revive her. We now have around 3,700 small local producers who are educated and working on organic agriculture in El Salvador. We're just about one percent of all small producers, but 15 or 20 years ago we had no organic agriculture. Our territory is made up of just 20,000 square kilometers, with 70 percent of the territory dedicated to agriculture. The challenge is to keep winning over new farmer families that will re-convert to organic farming and liberate the land.


  • Take a walk down the mile long Boardwalk that winds through The Estuary At CayeCaulker, 1min.

  • Maya Island flight over Savannahs, Belize, 1min.

  • Land Adventures Belize, 6.5min.

  • Chetumal Missions Trip, 6min. We took 3 teams, a medical and dentist team, a work team, and children's ministries team on a missions trip to Chetumal. The Dr and dentist team conducted medical brigades every day, gave the gospel and prayed with each patient and also gave medicines to the patients. The dentist filled teeth and pulled teeth The work team laid a foundation of stone for a church to be built, painted 4 churches, plastered walls inside and outside and poured a cement foundation.The kids ministry pastors played games with the kids every day, made animal balloon, sang songs and they taught them about Jesus.Our teams were awesome and worked hard every day. We were also able to go to the Mayan ruins, swim in the lagoons and natural springs and went to Belize border and shopped. It was a wonderful time. Great teams.

  • Eddie Z Belize 2014, 26min.

  • BELIZE Day 2! Part two, ziplining in the Jungle!!!, 9min.

  • River Tubing Rock Sliding at Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize, 1min. Great day tubing and rock sliding with our guide Doyle Gardiner of DTOURZ Placencia.

  • Belize Field Experience 2015, 4min. A glimpse of my experience in Belize through pictures! We spent our two weeks in Belize Working with children in San Pedro who have special needs. Through this video you will see a glimpse of how we spent our time and the culture of Belize.

  • Cave Tubing Belize, 3.5min. Tubing through the Maya Underworld in Belize.

  • BELIZE! Day 3 :) Scubadiving, Placencia, and lots of fun!!!, 7.5min. A day without laughter is a day wasted!

  • GoPro Belize 2015, 18min. 2015 6 Day Road Trip in Belize.

    August 15, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Exploring the unchartered water on the western coast
    Ambergris Caye is known for its beautiful coastlines overlooking the Belize Barrier Reef- longest living reef system in this side of the world. But if you are looking for untouched, pristine and isolated marine environments, then the leeward side is the place to be! Where the sun sets on crystal clear waters, the western coast of Ambergris Caye is truly glorious! Here you can find several sand bars that are only accessible through boat and appear only during low tide- the minute the high tide rolls in it disappears just like Atlantic City. Not to mention all the secret beaches! This prime beach spot is located at the western entrance of Grand Belize Estate and go you can get there through both land and sea. This place was once considered the top secret destination, as only a few local knew about it. But today, this white sand beach is no longer a secret! As hundreds of locals and visitors flock to the site every week to get their healthy dose of sun, sand and sea!

    “Kick it off” U-15 Football camp is underway
    The San Pedro Sports Committee (SPSC), through the sponsorship of the Government of Belize (GOB) is holding a football camp under the name “Kick it off” from August 3rd to August 14th. The camp is open for children ages 5 to 15 at the Santiago Castillo property on Blake Street. The training is being conducted by Brazilian “Profe” Jerson Voss along with Councilor Hector “Tito” Alamilla and Alex Sansorez. The camp concentrates on teaching the participants the fundamentals of football in order to further develop the sport in the country. As part of the camp, a local Under – 15 team will be trained in preparations for the National Tournament taking place from August 20th to the 24th in Belmopan City. Alamilla, Councilor in charge of Sports, indicated that the camp is a great way to discover and develop the skills of talented players, and so far the training has motivated many children. “These young players are the future players of our national selection. This is where it begins, and this is the foundation of the Belizean football sport. If we start training our future players from when they are very young, chances are that we will have a good yield of great players to represent us,” said Alamilla.

    Blue Water Grill Donates to the San Pedro Polyclinic
    The Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II was the recipient of the monthly donation program from the Blue Water Grill (BWG). Every month, BWG raises funds to support different organizations on the island. For the month of July, Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II was chosen as the beneficiary of a $1,630 contribution, which will assist the clinic with its daily needs. This month around, the donation not only came from BWG, but also from The Phoenix Resort, who has joined the initiative. The customers at the BWG donated $705 which they matched, while The Phoenix Resort collected $110 from their guests which they also matched. At first, the donation was intended to be for the acquisition of an EKG Machine for the clinic; however, there are major needs at the clinic presently, thus, the donation will be used to buy spirometers, pulse oximeters and thermometers among other needed supplies.

    Heritage Bank Limited moves to purchase First Caribbean assets in Belize
    On Monday, August 3rd it was officially announced that Heritage Bank Limited (HBL) is in the process of buying over all assets from Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)’s First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB). While the deal is expected to take a few months to be completed, HBL believes that this move will secure their place in Belize’s banking industry. But the news sparked controversy, as approximately 60 workers face possible employment termination due to the transaction. Since the transaction is an asset sale only, HBL is not mandated to hold on to employees under the previous administration. “The bottom-line is that CIBC is leaving Belize and once all the statutory and regulatory obligations to effect the sale are finalized, all employees will become redundant. As Rik Parkhill, Chief Executive Officer of First Caribbean International Bank explained, all current employees will be terminated as this is an asset sale only.

    Ambergris Today

    Wildlife Conservation Education Workshop Offered for Tour Guides
    The focus of the workshop will be wildlife natural history, education, and conservation, with a special emphasis on the species housed at the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. The goal of this workshop is to give the guides the opportunity to empower their knowledge base of Belize's iconic wildlife species, and to gain insight into some of the Zoo's most important wildlife conservation efforts. As a result, they may provide better naturalist tours for their visitors, and be inspired to help conserve Belize's natural heritage for future generations. Course Name: Wildlife Conservation Education Audience/Participants: Licensed tour guides (25 Guides per session) Instructor(s): Jamal Andrewin-Bohn Training Location: The Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center Date/Hours: August 28th, 2015 (9:00 am - 4:30 pm) AND TENTATIVELY September 4th, 2015 - Based on Demand Pre-requisites: N/A Cost: $30.00 (Includes Lunch) Textbook and Course Materials: N/A Course Requirements: Laptop, project, animal artifacts, writing materials, classroom space.

    Community Donations Help ACES Special Needs Program and School Repairs
    During the summer break, Ambergris Caye Elementary School (A.C.E.S.) came across some unexpected repairs. When the school was in need, Grand Caribe Belize, a luxury resort specializing in condo rentals, came to the rescue. Grand Caribe Belize aided A.C.E.S. by donating almost 30 gallons of exterior paint and 15 gallons of acrylic and oil based paints. Earlier in June, Blue Water Grill presented a check of $1,484.00 towards Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES)'s scholarship program for children with disabilities. This was as part of the restaurant’s ‘Monthly Donation Program’. During the month of May, the restaurant’s customers donated $782.00 which BWG matched 100%. Blue Water Grill also announced that an anonymous donor from Houston made contact with them, pledging to donate an additional $3,000 to the ACES program for special needs children.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    BASICS OF LABOUR LAW Workshop provided by SBDCBelize
    Workshop Date: August 20th, 2015 9am to 12pm. This session on Basics of Labour Law will cover various acts under Labour Legislation which includes: Chapter 287- SHOPS ACT Chapter 297- LABOUR ACT (including Amendment #3 of 2011) Chapter 298 - SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES IN ESSENTIAL SERVICES ACT Chapter 299 - TRADE DISPUTES (ARBITRATION AND INQUIRY) ACT Chapter 304 - TRADE UNIONS AND EMPLOYERS' ORGANIZATIONS (REGISTRATION, RECOGNITION AND STATUS) ACT The Labour Department's mandate, among many others, is enforcement and compliance with these legislation's. This will all be related to Belize's international obligations as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Additionally, the session will provide an overview of as it relates to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. LOCATION: BTEC Building (Innovation Room) ITVet compound. Includes - Refreshments only

    Placencia Lagoon Fieldtrip
    Yesterday's science camp took us out to snorkel in the mangroves of the Placencia Lagoon. We found some amazing flora and fauna on the submerged mangrove roots. Everyone was amazed at the diversity of this important ecosystem!

    Saga Humane Society's BBQ Blast at Estel's!
    Come enjoy a huge plate full of Charles' world famous BBQ while helping the homeless animals of San Pedro. Your plate will include Estel's baked beans and vegetable kabobs, as well as a delectable dessert! We will have live music to listen to while enjoying your meal. As always, we will also have some great raffle prizes! Tickets are $60 BZ each, and will be pre-sold at Estel's, Pampered Paws, and the Saga clinic. These will go quickly, so come reserve your seat today!

    Saga Humane Society Recognizes Homeless Animals Throughout The World With An Adoption Extravaganza on Saturday August 15th From Noon To 5p.m. At Ford Dog This Saturday afternoon from noon until 5p.m., volunteers, friends and staff will host the first ever International Homeless Animals Day at Saga Humane Society Fort Dog on Sea Grape Street in San Pedro. To honor homeless dogs, Saga will be showing all of their Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens who are available for adoption. Saga Humane Society Chairman Kevin Smith commented, “Saturday’s adoption event is a great way to celebrate International Homeless Animals Days. Potential adopters can come to Fort Dog, see all of the dogs, talk with Saga staff and volunteers and hopefully go home with their new Best Friend”. Adoption councilors and Saga volunteers will be on hand Saturday to interview potential adopters. The adopters can interact with the dogs and cats, ask questions about the animals, learn about activity levels and behavior and get matched with the perfect Best Friend.

    H.E. Patrick Andrews Presents Credentials to the Organization of American States
    H.E. Patrick Andrews presented his credentials today, August 14, as the Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. H.E. Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, received the credentials as head of the Organization. In his remarks, H.E. Almagro commented that the organization was honored that Belize has selected such a distinguished ambassador who has had such an accomplished career. He emphasized the good relations with Belize and expressed warm wishes and congratulations on Ambassador Andrews' new post. In his remarks, Ambassador Andrews highlighted Belize's privileged position in the region as the link between the two sub regions of Central America and the Caribbean. He reiterated Belize's commitment to the OAS and its basic principles of supporting democracy, integral development, multidimensional security, and human rights in the Western Hemisphere.

    Annual Traditional San Joaquin Fiesta
    Aug 14 - Inauguration of the Annual Traditional San Joaquin Fiesta starts tonight at the San Joaquin Fair in Central Park with the Inaugural Ceremony along with the Coronation of Miss San Joaquin Fiesta 2015 and presentation of the Hogs Head dance(Mayan Dance) 7:30 PM 10:00 p.m. Dance with Techno Band. There is also great food, cultural events, and carnival rides and games for the children and adults to enjoy. So what are you waiting for, come show your Belizean Pride. Sat. Aug. 15th San Joaquin Fair Schedule: 3:00 PM - San Joaquin Vs. San Pedro Ambergis 7:30 PM -Noche de Talento con Estrellas de San Joaquin Talent Night 9:30 PM -Dance the night away with the music Gilharry Seven Gilharry. Sunday Aug. 16th End of the San Joaquin Fiesta 4:00 PM - Novena al Patron San Joaquin 5:00 PM- Misa al Patrono San Joaquin 7:30 PM- 9:00 PM- Surpassing Silence Rock Band Dance along with the music of Gilharry Seven Gilharry

    National Security Council Meeting on BTV Excursion to Sarstoon Island
    The National Security Council (NSC) of Belize met in a special session this afternoon to consider the security and citizen protection issues arising out of this Sunday's planned expedition by the civilian group Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) to the Sarstoon River Island in Southernmost Belize. Arising out of that meeting, the NSC makes the point that Belize's military has been asserting sovereignty over our side of the Sarstoon on a continuing basis. This is done operationally by the ferrying of our troops on a regular basis up the river to our outpost at Cadenas. The changing of the guard there occurs on a weekly basis, and soldiers going in and those coming out are transported by our military boats. This exercise gives rise to countless encounters with the Guatemalans since they dispute our ownership of the river and claim it to be a recognized part of their national territory, but we maintain and act upon our sovereign position.

    The shrimp industry in Belize is this week more certain of the way forward to addressing some of its challenges and how the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) can help producers, processers and distributors improve quality and possibly increase exports. This follows an intensive three-day CALIDENA Diagnostic workshop that was the result of collaboration on the shrimp industry between the BBS, its regional umbrella body – the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) and funders, the International Technical Cooperation Department of the German Metrology Institute (PTB). The CALIDENA methodology under the CROSQ-implemented and PTB-funded project – Establishment of a Demand-Oriented and Regionally Harmonized Quality Infrastructure in the Caribbean (RQI 4), has been focussed on improving the quality infrastructure in agriculture-related value chains among the CROSQ Member States. The term “value chain” is based on the concept that the value of a product is created at various stages in production, and looks at all the steps from creation to market, as well as the relationships behind the companies involved in developing the product.

    Sarstoon situation
    The National Security Council (NSC) of Belize met in a special session this afternoon to consider the security and citizen protection issues arising out of this Sunday's planned expedition by the civilian group Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) to the Sarstoon River Island in Southernmost Belize. Arising out of that meeting, the NSC makes the point that Belize's military has been asserting sovereignty over our side of the Sarstoon on a continuing basis. This is done operationally by the ferrying of our troops on a regular basis up the river to our outpost at Cadenas. The changing of the guard there occurs on a weekly basis, and soldiers going in and those coming out are transported by our military boats. This exercise gives rise to countless encounters with the Guatemalans since they dispute our ownership of the river and claim it to be a recognized part of their national territory, but we maintain and act upon our sovereign position. The incidents arising from this usually take the form of Guatemalan shadowing and sometimes attempted interceptions of our military boats, but the Belizean military have handled and will continue to handle all these encounters. They are trained and skilled in doing so. They have thus succeeded in maintaining our sovereign, operational use of our side of the river, and they have done so without having to fire a shot. They are the ones, and the only ones, to continue successfully to do this. Civilians for all the reasons that are so obvious and overpowering, have no business placing themselves in harm's way and complicating and endangering our military's accustomed, tried and true way of dealing with Guatemala's claimed ownership of all of the Sarstoon.

    Channel 7

    Sunday Sarstoon Showdown
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers are heading to Sarstoon Island for a patriotic party on Sunday - but, the way things have been going, the Guatemalan Navy could just end up crashing that party - which could turn ugly. We say that because in the past few months the Guatemalans have given every indication that they consider the island to be disputed territory - even though it is recognized in Belize as the southern boundary of Belize. The Guatemalans recent hostility towards the Coast Guard and the volunteers suggest that Sunday could be another showdown in the Sarstoon - and, we gather, this is causing some anxiety in Belmopan. That's why the Prime Minister called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council this evening. The PM chairs the council and their statement issued half an hour ago says, quote, "The National Security Council (NSC) of Belize met in a special session this afternoon to consider the security and citizen protection issues arising out of this Sunday's planned expedition" It continues, quote, "Belize's military has been asserting sovereignty over our side of the Sarstoon on a continuing basis. This is done operationally by the ferrying of our troops on a regular basis up the river to our outpost at Cadenas. The changing of the guard there occurs on a weekly basis, and soldiers going in and those coming out are transported by our military boats. This exercise gives rise to countless encounters with the Guatemalans since they dispute our ownership of the river and claim it to be a recognized part of their national territory, but we maintain and act upon our sovereign position." End quote.

    Coast Guard Will Stand Down, Advisedly
    And so, now that the government has announced that it has, quote, "a contingency plan to try to deal with all possible consequences" - what does that mean for the Coast Guard? They're the ones tasked with keeping Belizeans safe on the sea - but as you just heard, it's the BDF that knows how to handle the Guatemalans in the Sarstoon. The Commander of the Belize Defence Force has already said that they cannot accompany these civilians because their presence could be an aggravating factor. And what about the Belize Coast Guard? That's what we asked the commander, Admiral John Borland today: Admiral John Borland, Commander, Belize National Coast Guard "I've seen that latter and as you've said you were hoping that I would entertain you. Unfortunately I can't. The government of Belize has given its position on this matter, on this issue. I go with what my civilian leadership decides. As you know we are a discipline armed organization, we follow orders and we go by the policies of those that we have committed to support in our duty as a member of a military force." Reporter "Sir, do you know whether or not the government had decided to send the coast guard along?" Admiral John Borland "The last I have heard when I saw the news last night, there hasn't been any decision to send the coast guard on any mission to support in escorting or providing cover for those people going in on that expedition. I believe that there may be a need to provide for maritime safety, as we saw the last time a expedition went where they went despite a small craft warning and those vessels were overloaded.

    Bishop Blesses Expedition
    Of course, that refers to earthly contingencies - the Bishop of the Catholic Church did his best to take care of the divine ones today. Bishop Dorick Wright, was invited to bless the expedition at the departure point in Barranco, but his health doesn't allow him to make such an arduous trek. So, instead of doing the blessing on site, he invited BTV member Orlando De La Fuente to his office in Belize City so that he could pray for the Belizeans going on the trip. We dropped by and spoke with the Bishop to see if he supports those going. Here's what he said: Orlando De La Fuente, member - BTV "Bishop Wright was once posted in Orange Walk and so he has spoken over the last few weeks, but I was not aware that his health was deteriorated so much and so he agreed that he will say a prayer for us and blessed this expedition that he will not be able to make the expedition himself physically. That's what we were here to do this morning. I was here to receive the Bishop blessing on behalf of the Belize Territorial Volunteers and it means a lot to us that he did this and he took the time to do it."

    Bishop Speaks On Earthly Disputes
    But, in his session today, the Bishop didn't confine his functions to the divine, he also commented on matters earthly. He gave the press his views on the territorial dispute: Bishop Dorick Wright - Leader, Catholic Churches In Belize "From I was small I've been hearing about this Guatemalan claim. I don't know if it was ever done to land before, but they were claiming. But its something I think they enjoy hanging over our heads. I don't care for it. It's going to hurt us in the end." When the Bishop was asked about his opinion of going to the ICJ, he said that he will choose to trust that the Civilian leaders have the country's best interests at heart: Bishop Dorick Wright - Leader, Catholic Churches In Belize "We heard so many things about the ICJ. I am not certain I know which, because I've heard some say if we go we will lose and some say if we go we will win. Some say we shouldn't go because they have no right to make decisions for us. Others say that decision has been already made, so if all that is true then I don't think we should go. If that decision was made at Independence, maybe we should not go. But I leave it up to the government and hope that in their prudence, they will make the right decision. But I really would not like them to just run into this. Listen to everybody and see what can be a sensible decision that can be made."

    New OAS Ambassador Sworn In
    And while the Bishop blessed De La Fuente, Belize's new Ambassador to the OAS may have a baptism by fire after Sunday's expedition. PAT ANDREWS may be pressed into service early in his term to smooth out frayed post expedition relations between Belize-Guatemala-and the OAS. The former Scotia Bank Manager presented his credentials today as the Permanent Representative of Belize to the OAS in Washington, D.C. Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, received the credentials and described Andrews as distinguished with an accomplished career. Andrews takes over from Nestor Mendez - who was elected as the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS.

    Finnegan Market Madness
    The Michael Finnegan Market on West Collet Canal in Belize City is probably the busiest market in the country, and on Friday and Saturday mornings, it's always bustling with shoppers, vendors, and wholesalers. Today, though, there was something else added into the mix, and that's police and city constables. They were clearing the street side of wholesalers - who, the city says, sell to the vendors and then turn around and sell to regular buyers as well - for a wholesale price. That's why the city was moving them today - but it didn't go down well with the vendors who have their own story. They called us out there at 5:00 am - and here's what we found:.. Luis Cocom, Driver "They want to take the key from the small truck. The police with 2 motorcycle came to move us." Sebastian "Sabe" Nunez, Works with Importers "But we are the wholesalers Jules. They have their costumers, they have restaurants, they have little shops and things. It's so good that they are selling their things the same price as the market for. So the people from the market don't need to get angry by dropping a 25 cents, or a 5 cents less and their things can't be sold the same price we sell the market people for, we are also selling our customers that we have at the truck.

    Cops Sweep Into Market, With Force
    But when we left at about 5:45 am - all the wholesalers were still there on the streetside -just not directly in front of the market. Well, by 6:30 - that would change as police swooped in to completely move them from Collet Canal - and that's when things got a little tense. We went back out there - and here's what we found:.. Today the mayor commented via text message; he told us that the wholesalers were moved because they do retail sales without a trade license and unfairly compete with the market vendors. He says the council has been trying to work with them, but they do not cooperate. He says they have been relocated to Hicattee Street, not Bocotora as was mentioned in the story.

    Two Killed In Northern Highway Accident
    There was a fatal accident between miles 5 and 6 on the Northern Highway this evening. A total of five persons were injured and two were killed when a white Mercedes Benz crashed into a pickup truck. We spoke to Officer Commander Eastern Division Rural about the accident:.. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander, Eastern Division Rural "Preliminary investigation has thus far revealed that we had two vehicles overtaking the line of traffic, one managed to squeeze in to the lane while the white Mercedes failed to get in the lane and then collided into the white pickup truck. As a result of that we had two fatality from the pickup truck. The driver had been escorted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital along with 4 others from out of the white Mercedes." Reporter "Can you confirm to us, the white pickup was heading down into Belize City?" Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster "The white pickup was heading towards Belize City, while the white car was heading towards Ladyville." Reporter "Can you say who the persons within the white car were?" Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster "Like I said, preliminary investigations reveal that 4 persons were in the white car while 3 were in the pickup. The two fatality we have was from the pickup truck."

    Bryan Hyde Arraigned For The Florida Triple Homicide
    We have more details tonight on the Belizean triple murder in Lehigh Acres Florida - a case US authorities are calling "Unimaginable". As we told you last night 19 year old Camalote resident Bryan Hyde has been charged with 3 counts of 2nd degree murder and 1 count of killing an unborn child by harming the mother. Roaring Creek native Dorla Pitts, her pregnant daughter Starlette Pitts and her boyfriend Myke Kelly were found stabbed to death in their home on Tuesday morning - the only survivor: Starlette's and Myke's 1 year old baby girl. Today was Bryan Hyde's first day at court and we have a clip from NBC 2 news in Lehigh outlining the proceedings. In terms of the case, Bryan Hyde was brought in for driving without a license hours after the incident but turns out blood was also found on his pants, fingers and there was a palm print at the scene as well. Now while his next court date is set for next month, the mother of Myke Kelly and other family members have to deal with this shock. We have another clip from NBC 2 news in which the family describes their utter dismay in this latest update.

    A Tale Of Terror In Teakettle
    A mother and her daughter in the Cayo District are fearing for their lives after a man threatened to kill them at their home. Last night at around 10:30, 23 year old Jenny Baide was with her mom at their Teakettle home when they heard the dogs barking outside. When they checked they saw a man hiding behind their neighbor's vehicle in the yard. We spoke with a shaken Jenny Baide about the frightening encounter that followed. Jenny Baide, Pulled a machete to defend herself "We had an intruder in our home. Well, he trespass in our yard by jumping the fence and it was so scary because it's just me and my mom and as females we have no one to defend us. So I had to do my next best. He came from through the back of the fence. He jumped in the back yard. He came around but we heard the dog barking. It's the little Chihuahua inside the house. So that alerted us. I actually saw a shadow at my window. My window is the middle room and I thought it was just my mind. My mom came up and said no she saw someone. So we cut off all the lights. So if we looked out no glare in the house would affect our vision but when we looked through our kitchen window, we saw nothing.

    Alpuche Acquitted
    It made big news in May when Efrain Alpuche, the security guard of PUP Politician Ramon Monchie Cervantez, was jointly charged with Orange Walk resident, Saulito Vasquez for allegedly setting fire to BSI's cane fields on the San Lorenzo Road. Well tonight, the news is that the arson charges against both men have been withdrawn. We've been trying to find out why such a drastic change, because 3 months ago, the police were sure that they had enough to successfully prosecute the case. Well, both Alpuche and Vasquez showed up to court for their adjournment, the police prosecutor informed the sitting magistrate that the prosecutors from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has issued a directive to them that these charges must be withdrawn against both men due to a lack of evidence. So, they're free, and Efrain Alpuche told us this evening that he is of course happy that this criminal charge is no longer hanging over his head. He said that absolutely no explanation was offered for his sudden acquittal, but he was sure that this would be the eventual outcome.

    Security Minister Saldivar's Facebook Snap
    At the top of the newscast, we told you about the emergency meeting of the national security council to discuss contingencies for Sunday's trip to Sarstoon Island by the territorial volunteers. That release spoke about the routine harassment and intimidation from the Guatemalan military that the BDF has to endure when they patrol the Sarstoon. Well, National security minister John Saldivar has also weighed in with a facebook post that went up an hour ago. It says, quote, "Who is promoting this foolishness that we have not been asserting our sovereignty over the Sarstoon Island and River? …every week our Belize Defence Force patrols the Sarstoon River on the way to our permanent outpost up that same river called Cadenas." Saldivar adds, quote, "On many occasions when the BDF enter the Sarstoon they are confronted by the Guatemalan Navy who have made numerous attempts to stop the BDF from patrolling the river and proceeding to Cadenas. On every single occasion the BDF have asserted that they are in Belizean territory and on every occasion they have proceeded to carry out their mission.

    The Few, The Proud, The Coast Guard?
    In recent months, we've shown you how the Belize National Coast Guard has been working to improve the capacity of its officers to deal with the evolving challenges they face while carrying out their duties as the protectors of Belize's territorial seas. Well, 16 officers attached to the fleet squad participated in specialized training conducted by the United States Marine Corps. It was 6 weeks of intense training, but these officers managed to impress their trainers and graduate with flying colors. We spoke with their Commander and the facilitators this morning: Admiral John Borland, Commander BZ National Coast Guard "The coastguard is going through a transformation process where we were now evolving to develop the fleet that was once referred to as the coast guard fleet. It will now be transferred to the coast guard infantry marine division. So all of these men and women that are standing behind me now have to be transformed into becoming marines. They will still do their coast guard training, but that takes place at a different time.

    De-Risking Banks And The Investment Climate
    Yesterday, the media had an opportunity to speak with Trade Ministry CEO Mike Singh in his role as co-chair of the Economic Development Council - which held a meeting to discuss improvements to the business climate. Well, it also gave the press an opportunity to ask him about the de-risking that banks from the US and the European Union continue to do. In the process, they're terminating correspondent banking relations. Belize Bank, Belize Bank International and Atlantic International Bank have all been had their ties with Bank of America severed. So, the press asked Singh about the efforts that the Government is making to try to assist the principals of these banks. Here's what he had to say on the difficult issue: Mike Singh, Ministry of Trade "We spoke about the issue of the AML issues which is where the corresponding banking issue came up. I think the deputy governor of the central bank did a presentation explaining that this is not a phenomenon that is only affecting the Belize, it really is a regional phenomenon. Bank of America and many of the larger banks are undergoing what we call de-risking and that is through the requirements for reporting to the anti-money laundering authorities, globally, has forced them to start looking at the customers that they have and in reality the customers of their customers. So the issue that happens with these large banks is very simply that if a small country like Belize that has customers that they are unable to verify.

    Talking Taxes
    And putting back on his hat as Co-Chair of the Economic Development Council, Singh discussed taxation - which is always a sore point between government and the private sector. Mike Singh, Ministry of Trade "The issue of taxation, there's a feeling on one side that perhaps we over tax and there's a feeling on the other side that the private sectors are under paying. and some of the issues that we brought up is really in need of more efficient collection, reporting and perhaps relooking at our tax system to see how we can divide it and examine it better so that we can look at what the true costs of taxes are for businesses and maybe come up with a system that would be more promoting of businesses as opposed to preventing business. So taxation I think is a good area where we saw the difference in the point of view. As you might imagine, as public officers, we have to think about how we're going to run the country, pay public officers, how are going to pay for infrastructure, security and all those things. On the other hand businesses will look at taxation as how it is impacting, because if you're taxing me too much I can't make a profit. So that I think, was a really good example of how we saw a meeting of minds."

    Celebrating World Youth Day
    United Nations International Youth Day was celebrated on Wednesday around the world, but celebrations continued in Belize today with a National Youth Day Expo. Youths across the country were invited to the ITVET to engage and participate in positive activities and entertainment. We stopped in and found out more from Sabrina Daly, the public relations officer in the Department of Youth Services: The 2015 International Youth Day theme is Youth Civic Engagement.

    VERDES FC: A Chance To Be Champions
    Last night, we showed you a small portion of the press conference held by the Verdes Football Club, this year's Champions of the Premier League of Belize. They will be the first to participate in the 2015-2016 CONCACAF Champion's League since 2008. We have a bit more tonight from Verdes FC in which the principals of the football club explain why you should support them as they represent the country in this tournament. That's because on Tuesday, Verdes will become the first Belizean team to play a Champion's League match at home. Here's what the other speakers at the head table had to say about that: The reason Verdes gets this opportunity is because the Football Federation of Belize finally managed to complete the FIFA funded upgrades to FFB Stadium in Belmopan. The Bandit Football Club was supposed to have had the distinct honor last year, but they got yanked out of the tournament last minute because the football pitch had not been completed in time.

    GREAT Incentive!
    In June of this year four hundred and sixty four Belize City students graduated from the police department's Gang Resistance Education and Training Program. It is a life skills program facilitated by police officers in an attempt at intervention in the lives of at risk youths. A part of the program involves motivating the youngsters to do well and rewarding them for their actions. Today 11 year old Jayden Herrera was one of those rewarded with five hundred dollars to help with his education. Here's how he earned that money. The GREAT program first started out as a pilot project in 2011 and quickly expanded.

    Channel 5

    Belize and Guatemala Asked the O.A.S. to Observe the BTV Expedition
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers are in full gear for this weekend’s Sarstoon Island trek and have received the blessings of Bishop Dorrick Wright.  One person whose blessings they don’t have [...]

    BTV Asked for Coastguard Presence
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers have formally requested the presence of the Belize National Coast Guard on their mission to Sarstoon Island this weekend.  The call is for personnel from the [...]

    Coastguard Cannot Entertain BTVs Request
    Sunday’s expedition to Sarstoon Island will see a rather large civilian contingent representing various organizations, including the Northern Territorial Volunteers and COLA.  The maritime leg of the journey, from Barranco [...]

    BTVs Expedition Blessed By Bishop Wright
    Notwithstanding stern warnings from government and its military branches, the BTV will be heading to Sarstoon Island on Sunday morning. But before doing so, Northern Territorial Volunteer Orlando de la [...]

    Bishop Wright Weighs-In On Belize/Guatemala Dispute
    The usually reserved Roman Catholic Bishop also chose to speak on the Guatemalan claim on Belize which is obviously close to his heart. He told media personnel that as far [...]

    BTV Welcomes Senator Shoman on Expedition
    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current P.U.P. Senator Lisa Shoman announced on Thursday that she would be on the expedition to Sarstoon Island. That resulted in an immediate government [...]

    Fatal Traffic Accident Claims 2 Lives
    There was a double fatality this evening at around five-thirty p.m. near miles seven and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway. A total of five persons were injured in [...]

    Coastguard Recruits Graduate
    A cohort of naval officers attached to the Belize National Coast Guard graduated earlier today after completing an intensive curriculum geared towards promoting them to marines.  For the past several [...]

    Belize Jaguars Training for Canada Match
    Talking about the Belize Jaguars…it’s been a while since we’ve heard about the team and their preparations for the third qualifying round of the World Cup 2018 Games. Late July, [...]

    Belize Jaguars Need Your Help
    This past week, the Football Federation of Belize has been ensuring that the players and the delegation heading to Canada were able to get their visas and required documents to [...]

    Inspiration Center Celebrates With Belize Jaguars
    Today at the Inspiration Center in Belize City, children who access the services of the center were treated to a family fun day. Along with their parents, the staff and [...]

    Cop on Interdiction Gets Bail
    Twenty-eight-year-old Dean Perez, a police officer on interdiction, is out on bail after his attorney Leeroy Banner was successful in applying for a stay of execution of his prison sentence.  [...]

    Sargassum in San Pedro: San Pedranos Respond
    The Caribbean Tourism Organization has issued an official release on a seasonal visitor which has overstayed its welcome in the region. Sargassum seaweed originates in the Sargasso Sea and because [...]

    Children on Pickstock Learn Puppeteering
    A summer camp in the Pickstock Division taught over twenty students the art of puppeteering. The children spent a couple weeks learning how to make puppets and how to manipulate [...]

    Expo for the Youths in Celebration of International Youth Day
    International Youth Day was observed on Wednesday under the theme Youth Civic Engagement and today the Department of Youth Services led the charge with a youth expo at the ITVET. [...]

    Soca Madness is Going Down, Carnival Style, on Saturday
    One of the biggest events for the carnival season will be held this Saturday at the ITVET. It’s the seventh annual Soca Madness…the longest running dance competition associated with the [...]


    Hundreds of youths from across the country today participated in a youth expo organized by the Department of Youth Services. The activity was a part of the celebration of international Youth Day which was held under the theme “Youth Civic Engagement”. Youth Officer Adrienne Young told us about the expo. Adrienne Young – Youth Officer […]

    Belize’s permanent representative to the Organization of American States today presented his credentials to the Secretary General. We hear more in this report from Pat Andrews – Belize’s Permanent Representative, OAS “The alliances we seek through the OAS with fellow member states ,with observer states, NGOs and civil society is crucial.” Kerne Stanley – OAS […]

    Before heading off to Sarstoon Island on Sunday, Orlando de la Fuente stopped by the offices of Belize Roman Catholic Bishop, Reverend Dorrick Wright. He did so to receive blessings for a safe journey for him and all those who will be making the trip. Bishop Wright prayed over de la Fuente and several members […]

    On Thursday Senator Lisa Shoman said you will be a part of the expedition to Sarstoon Island. As we reported, the Belize Territorial Volunteers has planned the expedition however national security personnel have advised against the undertaking. Yesterday Shoman said she wrote to the Ministry of National Security as she will be making the trip […]

    Two persons died in a road traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster “Preliminary investigations so far revealed that two vehicles were overtaking the line of traffic, one managed to squeeze into the lane. The white Mercedes failed to get into the lane and collided into the white pickup truck as […]


    Bryan Hyde Charged for Triple Murder
    Roaring Creek Resident19 year old Brian Hyde, the nephew of the now deceased Dorla Pitts, was charged today with three counts of second degree murder and one count of killing an unborn child by harming the mother. This is after the bodies of 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant daughter 17 year old...

    Senator Lisa Shoman heads to Sarstoon Island
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers have continuously defied the pronouncements of local and foreign authorities against their visits to the southern and western border markers. Those warnings have been repeated this week ahead of the Sunday, August 16 expedition to Sarstoon Island, even as there was ...

    BTV’s latest Run-in with Guatemalan Military
    On Tuesday the leaders of Belize Territorial Volunteers Wil Maheia and Orlando De La Fuente stopped by our studios to speak about their planned trip to the Sarstoon Island this coming Sunday. It has been a topic of much conversation and as the date of for the trip nears, emotions are starting to bui...

    All Belizeans Welcomed to go to Sartsoon
    As you heard earlier in our news cast, Lisa Shoman has intentions of going on board the trip to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16th. We asked Wil if having a former Foreign Minister and a current Senator, boosts their spirits and gives them an added sense of security moving forward with this h...

    Young Innovators Programme in Belmopan
    We reported last week on the battle between Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and concerned citizens led by Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman, who complained about negative images of women depicted in various billboards and on Facebook that appeared to be endorsed by the company. The company’s apology l...

    Chairman of Progressive Sugar Cane Farmers Association shot
    The chairman of the Progressive Sugar Cane Farmers Association 34 year old Abizor Loza was hospitalized after being shot several times to this his right arm, reportedly, from a shotgun. Details are still sketchy as the incident was never reported to the Corozal police and the family members remain t...

    21 year old man charged for sodomizing 6 year old boy
    A 6 year old boy was sodomized by a 21 year old male in the Toledo district. On June 9, the 6-year-old male child of San Marcos Village, along with a parent, reported that he was sodomized by 21-year-old Samuel Choc of San Marcos Village. Today, police say their investigations into the allegations...

    The Guardian

    Dickie Bradley gets tongue lashing from Francis Fonseca
    Something is really wrong in the PUP . Monday night Said Musa was the guest on the Dickie Bradley show. Well Dickie was in very good form, I don’t know if his form was as a result of his boss being in town, but he went over and beyond this time. He set his trap and got Musa to follow him up a dark alley and then slam the trap shut on him. Dickie gutted the aging Musa. First Dickie made it clear that he was not a PUP and Said agreed with him, saying that more and more Dickie was becoming a truly non-aligned Independent person. Dickie told Said that there was no longer a PUP and that what was left of the party picked the worst time to start to quarrel with each other , “they are doing it at a time when the UDP is so strong”. He went as far as comparing PM Barrow to the super villain ULTRON. Saying if he were Barrow he would chance them an call elections before the 21st September and smash up the PUP for good. Said did the PUP rehearsed song and dance routine on this one. It seem like the PUP has a prepared script which all PUP are made to study and parrot on command. We are having a family dispute is what is scripted for them to say.

    60 million dollars for infrastructure upgrades to ministry of national security
    Public Officers working in the National Security Ministry will be delighted to know that Minister John Saldivar and the Government of Belize will be getting 30 million US dollars (60 million Belize dollars) to do some major upgrading to edifices and structures which belong to the different law enforcement agencies. The funds are being disbursed from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). From time to time, readers may have watched the evening news recently, have seen different complaints being broadcast against the rundown status of several police buildings and so forth. Well, a portion of this loan will go toward the repair and construction of 100 buildings for the Belize Police Department. This is a much needed relief for public officers who have to endure sub-standard working conditions. A new forensic laboratory will also be constructed using money from this loan. For the Belize Defense Force, the National Security Ministry will be acquiring troop lifting vehicles to replace the aging four-tonne trucks that the military now has. For the Coast Guard, 2 patrol crafts will be purchased so that they can have increased capacity to patrol the exclusive economic zones.

    Record Numbers for Stann Creek West Convention
    Three impressive candidates worked together for just over a month to deliver one of the largest convention turnouts in Belize electoral politics history. Voters of the Stann Creek West Constituency made their way out early to the Independence Primary School on Sunday, August 9, to vote for the candidate they believe is most suited to reclaim the division for the United Democratic Party. The choices were career educator, Walter Garbutt; career public servant and current Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams, and technocrat and long time community organizer Nathan Young. Before the polls opened at 9 a.m., UDP Chairman, Alberto August, held a meeting with all three candidates and their campaign team. August explained the rules of the convention as it relates to rights and responsibilities of campaigners, “runners”, scrutineers, candidates, electoral officers and the Secretariat. The candidates were then given an opportunity to raise final concerns. The only clarification requested was in relation to newly registered voters who were not on the list. It was explained that they would be allowed to vote but only if they presented the registration receipt along with a photo identification card. All three candidates then shook each other’s hands and exchanged well wishes. They made a pledge, in the words of Ivan Williams, “whatever happens we will leave from here united.” The convention was then declared open by the Party Chairman and Secretary General, Pearl Stuart.

    “Honourable” Marco Tulio Mendez is Back in Court
    Marco Tulio Mendez, Area Representative for Orange Walk East, has been assigned a new court date for sexual assault charges stemming from allegations made by a pair of young girls. Mendez has been arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court for six charges and was scheduled to appear for trial on Tuesday, August 11. However, there was no Magistrate available in the jurisdiction on Tuesday and as a result he was given a new date to appear in court, Monday, August 17. Mendez is facing charges that include aggravated sexual assault of an indecent nature and common assault. The Director of Public Prosecutions has reviewed the files and has gone on the record to say that the charges should be upgraded. According to the DPP, she reviewed the file and found that there is evidence by one of the girls which suggests Mendez tried to have sexual intercourse with her. Therefore, the charge must be upgraded to attempting to commit Carnal knowledge, which is an indictable offense that must be heard before the Supreme Court.

    81 soldiers join the ranks of the BDF
    After 17 tough weeks of training, 81 soldiers from recruit intake squad number 60 of the Belize Defense Force, have graduated and became fully recognized soldiers in the country’s military. They now make up a portion of the planned expansion of the BDF which was authorized by The Ministry of National Security. The finished product will ensure that a total of 200 new soldiers will be brought in. These 81 new soldiers are well trained in first aid, tactics, field craft, weapon handling, minor tactics, offensive and defensive operations, unarmed combat, fighting in built-up areas, crowd control, and various military drills and signals that their veteran counterparts may utilize in the field. To ensure that only the most disciplined recruits make it to the end, recruit squad #60 was put through the usual tests of discipline and fitness, where they were expected to wake up at 4:30 in the mornings. They would then engage in chores around the camp, and then they are taken for a 45 minute run on the road. After that, they would be allowed to have breakfast, and then it is into the military class rooms where they were expected to learn the theory of whatever military discipline was being offered for that day.

    Obituary - Mr. Charles Brown
    Mr. Charles F. Brown, also known as CFS was born on March 9, 1917 in Belize City, Belize to Wilfred Brown and Alice Craig. Mr. Brown attended Esther Wright Elementary School and was a very brilliant man with photographic memory. Mr. Brown is survived by his wife of 71 years, Nona who he referred to as his gracious gift. Even though they did not have children of their own, they were surrogates to a host of nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. he is predeceased by his siblings, Gladys, Elsie, Ann, Charlie and Harold. In Belize, Mr. Brown was Pastmaster for the Steadfast Lodge and he was also involved with sports. He was a great athlete who played cricket, soccer and softball and later became the very first sportscaster announcing boxing, horse racing, cricket and soccer matches. Mr. Brown was also instrumental in bringing Muhammad Ali, when he was Cassius Clay to Belize in the late 60’s for an exhibition bout through his connection with Angelo Dundee. Mr. Brown was also well known in Belize for his affiliations with Habit, Guy Nords and Brodies stores managing their warehouse and was also chief steward at The Belize Club at Barracks.

    Biting Season Closed on COLA
    Dogs can’t tell when your plate is clean. If you are eating in front of them they will stay long after the food is finished. They will stare you in the face, bark, wag their tails and execute several other cute tricks. They will not quit, unless you get up and take the empty plate away. Someone needs to tell COLA’s President that the Stake Bank plate is empty. There are no more bones to be thrown out and no more pats on the head to be had. The Stake Bank Project is now the subject of litigation and no amount of public pressure can move it forward. There was a time in this administration when the Stake Bank project was on the table waiting for approval. Some argued that it was buried way deep, under a lot of files, and would never make it to the surface. This was a time when those with an interest in the project would reach out to noise makers in an effort to shake things up. There were treats to be had for those who can build enough public pressure to force Government to move the project to the center of the table. Senior biters stepped up to the plate even though it meant going against their most precious campaigns. Tom Greenwood was first on board even though the docking facility and private island associated with the project would have direct negative impact on the members of his tour operators associated with FECTAB.

    Is Matura registered to pay GST?
    Since June 2014, the Guardian Newspaper has been monitoring the GST website to see if Audrey Matura-Sheperd appears on the list of registered agents. Based on complaints of exorbitant fees by at least two unsatisfied clients officers of the Department referred us to the list at the website once more. Again we have checked and Matura does not appear on the list. Based on information provided to us, it appears as if Matura is not charging GST, and based on her charges it is our opinion that she should be registered. If she should be registered and is not, as an officer of the court, such actions are reprehensible. This would make her action very much consistent with the scolding bestowed on her by Justice Abel.

    Rehabilitation of the Punta Gorda Sporting Complex to commence
    Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), a public sector agency of the Government of Belize (GOB), is undertaking the design, construction and management of capital projects in Belize with particular emphasis on sporting and other multipurpose facilities. The Design phase for the Punta Gorda Sporting Complex has been completed and BIL is pleased to announce that the contract for the Construction phase was signed today. The contract was awarded to Mr. Daniel and Carlo Arguelles of International Environments Ltd from Belize City for $3,190,063.47.

    Better detection of illegal weapons training underway for police and customs officers
    In Belize, as well as in other Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, gun violence has been a problem that continues to plague the different governments and police departments. The problem is, nobody can clearly say where the guns are coming from, and how to stop them from entering a jurisdiction. Well, to better equip Belize’s Police Department and the Customs Department, specialists from the Central American Program on Small Arms and Light Weapons Control (CASAC) is holding a special training at the Custom’s Department’s Office in Port Loyola, Belize City. It will last for 3 days from August 11th to the 14th, and CASAC, which is an entity under Central American Integration System (SICA), will teach these officers, who work at border entry points about how to detect the smuggling of weapons into the Country. It is expected that 60 public officers from these two law enforcement agencies will be under the tutelage of Rafael Donis a technician of CASAC, and his team of representatives, which include officers of the national police of Nicaragua, Colombia and other specialized technicians of the CASAC.

    Julius Espat: WE ARE WARRIORS, WE ARE WORKERS….hhmmm! As a layman, the first thought was: ONLY the followers of the Peoples United Party are warriors and workers???? Not so anyone else!!!???? I am sure that the citizenry, no matter what political likes, are warriors and workers in this country! So why say “we are warriors”? Does he really want to say something else? Mr. Michel Chebat : “…TIME TO TAKE BACK BELIZE…”. …As a layman, sounds like children’s marble game; one gets mad and he/she wants to TAKE BACK HIS / HER marbles!! Then it dawned on me…!! They actually believe that BELIZE belongs to them and they feel cheated, they want it back!!! It belongs to them!!! Michel Chebat: “Take Belize on the right path…!

    Rodwel, will sleep well in retirement after Wally beats him
    Sunday 8, August 2015 is a day that Rodwell "Sleepy" Ferguson won't ever forget . See it marks the end of his political career. Rodwell's political career was already on life support. His party had declared his career brain dead about 3 years ago shortly after the 2012 elections (some people declared him and not only his career brain dead). He is not the sharpest knife in the PUP draw. Francis his leader also falls in the dullest knife category and he does not like competition, so Rodwell had to go. Rodwell thought he was safe because he was used as the first wave of attack to take out Macca, but that was only because he was being set up for his own fall. Back to Sunday, the UDP Stann Creek West (SCW) convention turnout struck a hard blow to the PUP's dwindling fortunes in the South. PUP is poised to lose all 4 seats they won there in 2012. That downward spiral has already started with the flogging they took in the March Municipal Elections and was continued with the pounding they took in losing the bye-election in July exactly a month ago. After those 2 beatings they took, their stronghold on 17 of the 18 elected positions is now down to 3. The skies are dark over PUP land and every PUP is heading for cover. They know and fear what is ahead, so they are trying to dump excess baggage. Rodwell is a part of that baggage and he is about to be thrown overboard. Mike and Chapparito will soon suffer the same faith because they are also dead men walking. PUP is drowning and drowning people will hold onto straws, but straws are not LIFE JACKETS . Whatever changes PUP makes won't save them as those bundles of straws are water soaked, so they will sink to water bottom.

    Caught smuggling weed into prison
    Anna Marie Garbutt, 28, an unemployed mother of two infant children, is out on bail after she was charged with drug trafficking for allegedly trying to smuggle weed into the Belize Central Prison. According to reports, on Thursday, August 6, Garbutt went to visit Patrick Jones who was recently remanded for the robbery of First Caribbean Bank. When she entered the search area, prison officials did a routine check on a styrofoam container which was used to store food for Jones. Inside the container was another styrofoam plate and under that plate the officer found a black plastic bag containing weed. Garbutt was detained and police were called to the prison. She was later handed over to Hattieville Police who arrested and charged her with drug trafficking. The weed amounted to 5 grams, which is under the amount associated with trafficking, but because she was attempting to smuggle it into the prison the charge imposed is drug trafficking.

    Youngsters accused of robbing Cenie’s
    Jahmy Belgrave, 18, and Ernest Gladden, 20, are at the Belize Central Prison on remand after they were arraigned for the Thursday, August 6, robbery of Cenie’s Restaurant on Bishop Street, Belize City. The armed robbery took place at around 1 p.m. on Thursday, when two armed men walked into the establishment and demanded money. One of the men walked up to the counter and pulled out the cash register. Both then ran out of the building with the register and what was inside - $297.00. Police were called immediately after. Quick response led to the apprehension of Belgrave and Gladden hours after the robbery. They were arrested and charged with robbery. Belgrave and Gladden appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart on Monday, August 10, where they were read a single charge of robbery. They pleaded not guilty to the charge but due to the nature of the offense bail could not be granted. They were ordered to be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until September 15, 2015.

    Arrested for undersized conch
    On Monday afternoon, August 10, Ladyville police caught a group of Sarteneja Fishermen and a taxi driver with 51 pieces of out of season conch. Police were on a regular patrol when they intercepted the taxi van - with the conch stuffed in a bag. On Tuesday, they were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrates Court for the offense. Taximan Carlos Turcios, 49, Fonciano Copo Sr., 55, his son Fonciano Copo Jr., 27, Ronald Escobar, 33, Julian Cob, 43, and Demy Nah, 33, appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers to answer to a charge of possession of undersized conch. The men were all unrepresented but one of them took the rap. Nah pleaded guilty to the charge telling the Magistrate that he was taking the conch home for his wife. He was fined $500 plus a $5 cost of court. He was also charged $20 per undersized conch, which is a total of $940. He must pay the fine by October 9, 2015 or face jail time.

    Alleged copper thief shot and charged by police
    Police say that Robert Flores, 38, was caught stealing copper wire from the compound of A & R’s Enterprise in Belize City on Monday, August 10, and in response he was shot and apprehended. Police say that Flores caused damages to over $1,500 worth of electrical wire. He was arrested and charged with damage to property. Flores hopped into the Belize City Magistrates Court on Tuesday, August 11, where he appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. He was unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to a charge of damage to property. He said to Magistrate Rogers, “They shot me in my two feet. Once in my toe and then under my foot.” Flores stated further, “I meh done give up meh self when they shot meh twice.” Flores was shot once in the left foot and once in his right foot near the toes. Magistrate Rogers offered bail in the sum of $800 plus one surety of the same amount.

    Charged for gambling in public
    On Friday, August 7, police caught four people gambling on the street side at the corner of Fairweather and Queen Charlotte Street. As a result, Shawn Bradley Stevens, Tyrone Sheffield, Anthony Smith and a minor, 16, were arrested and charged with the offense of “assembling to gamble in a public space”. The four accused appeared in the Belize City Magistrates Court on Monday, August 10, to face the single charge. In court, the accused individuals appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Stevens pleaded guilty to the offense, while the others pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Stewart fined him $100 plus $5 cost of court for the offense. The others were offered bail in the sum of $300 plus one surety of the same amount. They are due to return to court on September 15, 2015.

    C-Ray Youth Summer Races continue
    The C-Ray Cycling Club camp continued with a one day race on Sunday 9th August at 1:30 pm on Princess Margaret Drive (in front of Marion Jones). Participants took part in 8 different categories and the results are as follows: Tiny Mites (3-5yrs MALE) Tiny Mites (3-5yrs FEMALE) 1st – Jayden Tillett 1st – Kaylee Garcia Tiny Mites (6-8yrs) Female (under 10yrs) 1st – Raymond Singh III 1st – Mya Bennett 2nd – Devin Major 3rd – Kofi Smith 4th – Damine Myles 5th – Shandee Franklin

    Double Head Cabbage and UB Jaguars maintain lead in Rural Softball
    The Belize Rural Softball Association 2015 Senior Female competition continued on Sunday 9 August with three games on the schedule. In the first game played, UB Jaguars continued on its winning path when it defeated Country Rose by the score of 17-6. The winning pitcher was Amber Wade and the losing pitcher was Angie Tucker. In game two, Lord’s Bank Sunrise won handily over Easy Does It by the score of 16-9. The winning pitcher was Karen Hilton and the losing pitcher was Margaret Hendy. In the third and final game of the day, Double Head Cabbage blanked Willows Bank by the score of 12-0. The winning pitcher was Herlette Clarke and the losing pitcher was Shauna Avilez. The competition will continue on Sunday 16 August with three more games on the schedule out at Willows Bank.

    Dickie Bradley says there is no PUP
    Dickie Bradley: “That man can call elections before the 21st of September and win easily, and win easily. I don’t know why Dean Barrow, Prime Minister no call the general elections. He can call the general elections and smash up the PUP right now. He is like Ultron from the fantastic... anyway I won’t go there... he can call elections and win, which means that the PUP really as opposition, deh haftu get deh act together and low and behold the PUP pick that time to almost split down the middle and start to quarrel and we no know weh deh di quarrel fah. We no know weh deh wah, deh di fight fi power, Johnny Briceno wah tek over the party again? What is going on? People don’t even know... what is left of the party can’t even say to us out here that the problem is A and B... is it that they want to have a national convention? When fish come from river battom and tell you that alligator no wah consult and no wah have national executive meeting or national something is also wrong.

    Avian Influenza causes egg shortage
    The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) has conducted tests of the poultry flocks in Spanish Lookout and the last test which proved positive for the Avian Influenza Virus was on June 5th. This means that the worst is now over for the poultry industry which seems to have contained the virus’ outbreak. There are at least three more tests that need to be done for the quarantine to be lifted however and that is expected to be done in September 7 if there is no more detection. While that is the good news, there is some not so good news as a result of the virus outbreak. Over the past month, the country has been experiencing an egg shortage leading to prices of eggs going up to as high as $5.00 a dozen. The shortage was as a result of the recent outbreak of avian influenza which affected the poultry industry with thousands of both broilers and layers having had to be put down. That significantly affected the production capacity of eggs from the Spanish Lookout community and while there was some compensation from the northern part of the country who stepped up the production by increasing the number of layers it was still not enough to fully compensate for the shortfall.

    Back in love
    As predicted those PUP who flirted with trying to change the way of doing business inside the party are now throwing all that progress they made by just daring to challenge the OLD GUARD out the window. Even before they staged the boycott a would-be New PUP was captured by the OLD GUARD and made to read a prepared statement at the infamous Stand By Your Man charade. One only needs to remember how Doctora struggled in reading that script. The problem was that she does not speak or understand much English. Whoever wrote the script for her should have written it in Spanish which would have made it easier on her but then again, some people have said maybe that would not have helped her either. We know writing the script for Dorla in English did not help her. The next to be captured were the Major and the Doctor. They made the grave mistake of going into the Old-Lion's den only to be captured and held down. One can only marvel at the way the other former commissioned officer hugged the Doctor in a Bear-hug as if either to prevent him from maybe hitting Francis or to hold him in place for the photo opportunity. As for the Major he too was made to stand there and smile for the camera. There was no fear of him attacking his leader because he is not known to have ever attacked and kicked men. We were told that would not be the case if the leader was a woman.

    Helicopter abandoned in Belize to be taken up by BDF
    Right now, the Belize Defence Force Air Wing facility is the current impound area of a helicopter which currently has a very strange, and somewhat alarming, background. The aircraft, which normally values at between 1 or 2 million US dollars, was simply left in the Orange Walk District, near the Belize Mexico Border, unattended. On Wednesday, August 5, the Anti Drug Unit found the helicopter on a feeder road near Blue Creek Village in Orange Walk, at the extreme northwestern edge of the district. It was in perfect working condition. They checked on the aircraft, and what they eventually found was that it was a BELL-407 helicopter, which was painted grey with tinted windows. It clearly had been landed in this area, which had a clearing to accommodate the helicopter. There was no one in the area, and so the ADU officers made contact with the Belize Defence Force and inquired if there were any pilots at the BDF who could fly it to a safer location. It just so happens that the chopper pilots at the BDF are trained to fly this exact type of aircraft, and it was later removed from the location.

    Rehabilitation of the Punta Gorda Sporting Complex to commence
    Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), a public sector agency of the Government of Belize (GOB), is undertaking the design, construction and management of capital projects in Belize with particular emphasis on sporting and other multipurpose facilities. The Design phase for the Punta Gorda Sporting Complex has been completed and BIL is pleased to announce that the contract for the Construction phase was signed today. The contract was awarded to Mr. Daniel and Carlo Arguelles of International Environments Ltd from Belize City for $3,190,063.47. Groundbreaking for the commencement of the project will take place at 2p.m. on Friday August 14 at the project site and work in earnest is expected to start shortly thereafter. According to UDP standard Bearer in the Toledo East Constituency, Peter Eden Martinez, the project promises to provide much needed jobs to the residents of Punta Gorda. He adds that already the old dilapidated structure has been taken down and that too provided employment for residents in PG.

    Strengthening the shrimp industry in Belize through better metrology
    Stakeholders in the Shrimp Industry met last Friday at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan, after an additional two days of workshops in an effort to improve the value chain for increased exports. During the three days, producers, sellers and buyers of shrimps were introduced to the innovative CALIDENA methodology, which shows the importance of quality infrastructure or the pillars of metrology. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement and its application. Metrology ensures fair trade and protects consumers from being deceived by inaccurate measurements through mandatory verification of measuring instruments. As from Wednesday of last week, the participants were introduced to the CALIDENA approach and that continued on Thursday, where by Friday an action plan for the Belizean shrimp industry was devised. The plan now is for that action plan to be completed by December of this year and by then the Belize Bureau of Standards will be able to map out with stakeholders a course of action that will close the gaps that have been identified by participants during the three days of workshop last week.

    Tax Information Exchange Agreement signed in London
    The Belize High Commission is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement was signed by H.E. Ms. Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize to the United Kingdom and Mr. Frank Gruetter, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement will allow for the exchange of information that is relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters. The taxes for Belize covered by this Agreement include: (i) the income tax, including surtax or surcharge; ii) the business tax; and iii) the general sales tax.

    Asking for Trouble?
    The Belizean Territorial Volunteers are at it once more. The have a “huge” expedition planned for Sunday August 15 to visit the Sarstoon Island which is situated in the southernmost tip of Belize. The question on the minds on all right thinking Belizean is what is the purpose? Are the volunteers seeking to resolve a territorial dispute that has festered for over 150 years overnight? There is no doubt that their intentions are noble, but at this juncture it is very ill-advised to visit this particular island because of its location and the current state of affairs. It is no secret that there is a border dispute at this point in time. Two weeks ago the OAS held a press conference and a peace forum where it was clearly shown that this dispute has the attention of both Belizean and Guatemalan governments. The issue is being dealt with through diplomatic channels as it should be. The volunteers are now seeking to visit this particular island for what? Are they looking for trouble? Do they want the Guatemalans to do something about their presence there and then have our security forces respond? Can they not see the gravity of their actions? The information suggests that even children will be taken along. What is the point that they are trying to prove? The only thing that they are doing is putting our military and the rest of the country at risk. We are in no position military or otherwise to stand up against the Guatemalan military and all those who shout let’s go to war will be the first to disappear when the first shot is fired.

    Vector control program beefed up to prevent Malaria, dengue and Chikungunya
    An update on Belize’s Vector Control Program was given on Thursday of last week at the Ministry of Health Headquarters in Belmopan. Belize’s top experts, mainly Kim Bautista, Chief of Operation within the National Vector Control Unit as well as Dr. Francis Morey from the Epidemiology Unit briefed reporters on the status of Dengue, Malaria and Chikingunya and the need for public participation in the control of these constant malaises that require an alert and cooperating public. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC based in the United States, more than one-third of the world’s population live in areas at risk for infection, from the dengue virus; a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics. As many as 400 million people are infected yearly. Dengue is caused by any one of four related viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. There are not yet any vaccines to prevent infection with dengue virus and the most effective protective measures are those that avoid mosquito bites. When someone is infected, early recognition and prompt supportive treatment can substantially lower the risk of medical complications and death.

    Wil Maheia will provoke an incident with the Guatemalans
    Failed politician Wil Maheia and the De La Fuente clan from Orange Walk continue to create situations where things can really go wrong at the Border with our Guatemalan neighbors. The last time they went down the Sarstoon River, over 30 Belizeans were detained and escorted to Guatemala for an overnight stay. Now, they want to go to the Sarstoon Island, where even the Coast Guard got into a confrontation with the aggressive Guatemalan Navy. National Security Minister John Saldivar and Brigadier General David Jones, the commander of the Belize Defence Force, have both commented publicly, that it is a bad idea because it can cause a border incident. The Government is advising caution, but as Maheia and his associates have been trying to dismiss that idle talk, suggesting that this as is somehow an example that the Government is not showing any spine.

    Alleged copper thief shot and charged by police
    Police say that Robert Flores, 38, was caught stealing copper wire from the compound of A & R’s Enterprise in Belize City on Monday, August 10, and in response he was shot and apprehended. Police say that Flores caused damages to over $1,500 worth of electrical wire. He was arrested and charged with damage to property. Flores hopped into the Belize City Magistrates Court on Tuesday, August 11, where he appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. He was unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to a charge of damage to property. He said to Magistrate Rogers, “They shot me in my two feet. Once in my toe and then under my foot.” Flores stated further, “I meh done give up meh self when they shot meh twice.” Flores was shot once in the left foot and once in his right foot near the toes. Magistrate Rogers offered bail in the sum of $800 plus one surety of the same amount.

    Tyrone King Sold Out by Hair Colour
    Electrician Tyrone King, 21, of Gwen Lizarraga Street in Belize City is out on bail after he was charged for the offense of theft. According to police reports, King stole a water pump value of $2,200 from M&R’s Construction on August 3, 2015. Police say that he was seen on a surveillance camera and it was the colour of his hair that made him easily identifiable. King’s hair has a blondish colour. The accused thief appeared before Magistrate Deborah Rogers on Wednesday, August 12, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was offered bail in the sum of $1,000 plus one surety of the same amount. King is due back in court on October 6, 2015.

    Belize participating in UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament
    Belize’s National U-23 Football team is currently in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where it is participating in the UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament. The Belize Team is made up of the following players: John Fitzgerald King, Dorwin Logan, Osmar Duran, Jermain Jones, Kyle Flowers, Rugerri Orvin Trejo, Luis Alonzo Torres, Hasaan Edward Lucas, Asrel Kimani Sutherland, David Michael Madrid, Tevin Wilford Gamboa, Norman Anderson, Denmark Casey, Highking Roberts, Jordy Polanco, Makonnan Clare, Felix Miranda and Edmond Pandy Jr. The officials on the team are: Edmond Pandy – Head Coach, Peter Jones – Assistant Coach, Dennis Belisle – Physiotherapist, Shinya Nabata – Physical Trainer and Herbert Trapp Jr. – Equipment Manager. Team Belize played its first game of the qualifying tournament on Tuesday 11 August, against the Honduran National U-23 selection. The game was won by the Honduran National U-23 Selection over the Belizean Team by the score of 5-0.

    Heritage Bank seeded one into Firms competition playoffs
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms’ competition regular season came to an end on Saturday 8 August, 2015 with three games on the schedule. In the first game played, Heritage Bank edged out the BWS Pressure by the score of 59-57 to earned the top seed into the playoff round. The top scorers for Heritage Bank were Winston Pratt with 19 points, 12 rebounds,3 assists and 2 steals; Sean Reneau with 9 points, 7 rebounds, and a steal and Marvin Skeet who also scored 9 points with 6 rebounds and a steal. For the BWS Pressure, the top scorers were Akeem Trapp with 18 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals; Luis Barcelona with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 4 steals and Zhayne Morris with 8 points, 6 rebounds and a steal. In game two, Atlantic Bank upended the competition’s favourites the Belize Bank Bulldogs by the score of 61-51. The top scorers for the Atlantic Bank team were Ian Lennon with 16 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals; Herman Ramos who also scored 16 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals and Justin Wade who contributed 13 points towards the win, he also had 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

    Vega Cup Tournament 2015 opens
    The Annual Vega Cup Tournament which is played in the Orange Walk North Constituency and is sponsored by the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize opened its regular competition on Sunday 9 August, with four games on the schedule out at the Trial Farm Football Field. In the first game played, Real San Luis edged out T.F. Venom by the score of 4-3. The goals for Real San Luis were scored by Samuel Chi in the 34th minute of play, Lorenzo Teck in the 35th and 81st minutes of play and Alejandro Marin in the 48th minute of play. For T.F. Venom, the goals were scored by Randy Augustine in the 8th and 46th minutes of play and then an auto goal in the 36th minute of play. In game two, Awe V. United won over White Eagles by the score of 6-2. The goals for Awe V. United were scored by Eliazar Itza in the 49th, 73rd, 77th, 79th, and the 85th minutes of play and by George Torres in the 75th minute of play.

    Verdes FC to defend National Football Title
    The Premier League of Belize 2015-2016 Opening Season is scheduled to commence on Saturday 15 August, with two games on the schedule. At the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town at 7:30 pm, the Placencia Assassins will face the defending National Football champions of Belize Verdes FC. Out at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village also at 7:30 pm, the Belize Defence Force will march against Wagiya. The competition will then continue on Sunday 16 August at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town at 4:00 pm with a single game between the Belmopan Bandits and Police United.

    Not in a Good Place
    During the past week or so we have seen both Hon.Espat and Hon. Musa attempt to trivialize the serious rift that is ripping the People’s United Party almost right down the middle. These two senior officials in the PUP refer to the group of twelve as disgruntled family members, and “like in any family there will always be an argument from time to time”. Even though I may attract the wrath of the schoolmarm, Hon. Ms. Balderamos, who is on record in saying that what happens at Independence Hall stays in Independence Hall, I will still offer an opinion of what is happening within the upper ranks of the PUP. The twelve or so dissenters who met in Cayo must have noticed that the gap is widening between the two political Parties after each of the three recent elections. If this trend continues, the historic defeat suffered by the PUP in 2008 will just be a footnote compared to the loss in the upcoming Generals. The twelve must have also realized that chances are slim to none of the PUP winning any election with Musa and Fonseca at the helm of the Party. And the latter, along with his group of faithfuls, is determined to hang on to the office of Party Leader no matter who thinks or says otherwise. Fonseca has gone further and threatened that if the 31 PUP candidates do not show up to the rally in PG next week, they will have to answer to him. We will see how that plays out.

    Wrong headed policies of the anti-good government
    The people are the true owners of any given country; indeed the word ‘politics’ literally means – of the people. It does NOT mean of the leaders – Price was totally wrong when he said to the People: “Leave politics to the politicians.” He turned things backwards – but then, he was…. ‘different.’ Democracy demands participation of the citizens. Even in countries headed by dictators, there is a need for some degree of citizens’ compliance. In most western countries the leadership is civilian; including the head of the military. In Belize it is the Governor General who is the Commander In Chief. On Friday August 07, 2015 Daniel Ortiz said to Brig. Gen. David Jones: “Sir, but the way you describe it, it makes it sound as though Foreign Affairs is the lead agency in a military type situation where you all are the most equipped, the most experienced individuals to make the best decisions.” The learned and wise general responded: “…when it comes to a dispute between bordering countries, our Foreign Affairs has to take that lead…”


    Senator Lisa exposes GOB’s “lack of backbone”
    Former PUP Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Lisa Shoman, who is a senator in the National Assembly and a member of the Negotiating Team on the Bipartisan Committee on the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize, has written to Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and the Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Manuel Roldan Barillas, informing them that she will be accompanying The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) on their expedition to Sarstoon Island on Sunday, August 16. In her letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Senator Shoman said that her visit to Sarstoon Island is…”in my capacity as a Senator and Member of the National Assembly of Belize, as well as the Representative of the Leader of the Opposition on the Ministry team dealing with the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize, and as a Belizean.” The letter added, “I am concerned that the Minister of National Security, as well as others, your ministerial colleagues, do not seem to understand that Belizeans must be safeguarded against acts of aggression, internal or external, on every portion of Belizean national sovereign territory, including our maritime areas.”

    Guatemalan bullying continues around Sarstoon Island
    Wil Maheia, founder and leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), will lead an expedition of citizens to Sarstoon Island on Sunday, where they plan to have a patriotic day to demonstrate that Sarstoon Island is a part of Belize’s national territory, even though they are undertaking the mission without the support of the Ministries of National Security and Foreign Affairs, which have cautioned against the expedition out of fear of provoking Guatemala’s military, and who say they will not send security personnel to protect the Belizeans in their endeavor. Today, however, Maheia and Orlando De La Fuente, leader of the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV), headed out to Sarstoon Island to do a reconnaissance of the area where they plan to stage a gathering of the more than 100 nationalistic Belizeans who are planning to make Sunday’s expedition. Upon arrival in the area, the BTV leaders were met by a Guatemalan gunboat, and the personnel onboard questioned what they were doing in the area and where they were heading.

    EXH to DOB et alii
    With reference to the wild threats uttered on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 instant by UDP Junior Minister Mark King, J. P. (2005), may I remind the Honorable Prime Minister and his happy Cabinet colleagues that there exists such a thing as “collective responsibility”? I wish also to inform the Honorable Prime Minister, if he does not know, that in the streets of Belize City such words as those uttered by the Honorable Justice of the Peace constitute capital threats.

    Brian Hyde charged with triple killing in Florida
    The family of Russell Hyde of Roaring Creek and Belmopan was in complete shock when the initial news came out of Florida, USA, that three of their family members had been found dead inside their home, on Tuesday, and US authorities had detained another family member for questioning in connection with the gruesome discovery. That family member, Brian Hyde, has been charged in connection with the murders, and he goes to court tomorrow, Friday. Media reports coming out of Florida yesterday are that the bodies of Dorla Pitts, 37; her daughter Starlette Pitts, 17, who was 6 months pregnant; and Pitts’ boyfriend, Michael Kelly, Jr., 19, were discovered in their home, at 21st Street, Southwest, Lehigh Acres, Florida.

    Private sector “very, very concerned” about loss of correspondent banking relations
    The recent wave of reports that certain banks licensed to operate in Belize have lost or are about to lose their correspondent banking relations with Bank of America, a top bank in the US, is cause for concern within the private sector, which relies on those services to transfer US currency into and out of Belize, and sometimes to settle foreign bills. The issue is, more widely, one of great national concern and one which was inevitably raised today at the Public-Private Sector Business Forum 2015, held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. Kay Menzies, the private sector leader who co-chairs the Economic Development Council (EDC), told Amandala, when we asked about the issue, that, “The folks in the room are very, very concerned – understandably. “The Central Bank works to keep our dollar rate stable, but if we lose correspondent banking relations, that is a big concern, because if you can’t access the dollars or send them out to pay your bills, you have a serious problem that a stable dollar doesn’t help.” Mike Singh, the government representative who chairs the Council, told Amandala that Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, Christine Vellos, also addressed the issue in her presentation this afternoon.

    BTB denies COLA’s assertion of trouble in the cruise tourism industry over docking facility
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) called a press conference this afternoon at their Regent Street headquarters in response to a press release issued yesterday, Monday, by the community activist group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA). COLA’s press release highlighted that Carnival Cruise Line had cancelled 14 of its cruise ship calls to Belize, which will result in an estimated $2.5 million in lost revenue for the cruise tourism industry. Citing an e-mail sent to BTB from Carnival officials, the COLA release says Carnival is “unhappy and dissatisfied with their experience in Belize,” and that it considered the tendering process unfavorable. COLA’s press release added, “In his New Year’s message, P.M. Barrow had assured Belizeans that his administration, this year, will move forward with a cruise port – a promise welcomed by many Belizeans including COLA….COLA once again calls on the government to move forward with the approval for a port facility.”

    Who cares about the MCC?
    What will it take for the Government Ministers in Belize City to see that it is in the interest of the whole of Belize City, that some form of lighting be put back immediately at the MCC Grounds so that our young men can put in the training they need to do to prepare for the upcoming PLB Premier League Opening Season, which gets under way this weekend? It was bad enough that the playing surface is a mess; but a couple weeks ago, somebody big gave the order to take down all the lights from the light poles at the MCC, so that the field is in complete darkness after 7:00 p.m., and earlier each day as the days get shorter. And despite the pleas from all quarters, including this sports column, up to press time that somebody has not seen it fit to put back any of the lights.

    C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Races 2015 results
    The C-Ray Cycling Club camp continued with a one-day race on Sunday, August 9, at 1:30 p.m. on Princess Margaret Drive (in front of Marion Jones Sports Complex). Participants took part in 8 different categories, and the results are as follows: Tiny Mites (3-5yrs Male -1st Jayden Tillett. Tiny Mites (3-5yrs Female) -1st Kaylee Garcia. Tiny Mites (6-8yrs) – 1st Raymond Singh; 2nd Devin Major; 3rd Kofi Smith; 4th Damien Myles; 5th Shandee Franklin.

    Finals of Adventures S.C. Female Football Tournament 2015
    Rising Starz was crowned champion in the Adventures Sports Club Female Football Tournament 2015, defeating Real West Strikers, 2 to 1, in the 2nd game of the final series. Goals for Rising Starz were by Shantel Robinson (6’) and Reymi Augustine (17’); while Vicky Ponce (90’) scored for Real Strikers. Rising Starz, won by aggregate score of 6 goals to 1. 3rd place was won by Lucky Strikers, 3-0, over UB Jaguars with goals by Gisel Baeza (53’ & 90’) and Kimberly Perez (63’). Team and individual awards were presented by Raul Gamas, Technical Director, Adventures Sports Club; Hon. Omar Figueroa; Jose Menjivar of Cayo F.A.; Sergio Chuc, FFB Executive Member; and Cruz Gamez, President, Adventures Sports Club.

    Dangriga sports stats: home team Wagiya vs BDF
    Pomona Valley football competition: The North Stann Creek Valley Sporting Association is inviting all captains and coaches of teams wishing to take part in this year’s football competition 2015 in Pomona, to attend a special meeting this Saturday, August 15, at the Macaroni View Hotel at 7:00 p.m. sharp. The rules and by-laws will be reviewed, and other matters will be discussed. Premier League football: Home team Wagiya will defend their home turf in Independence, since the Carl Ramos Stadium is under renovation. Wagiya Football Club has been preparing over 8 weeks for the PLB 2015-2016 Opening Season. It’s a young, running-gunning team with almost all the young players that were playing in the last season. These young guys have already accepted the fact that Michael Ashcroft Stadium will be their home turf, but they will treat all their games as if they were road games. So, this Saturday night at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium at 7:30 p.m., home team Wagiya vs BDF. General admission is only $7.00.

    Editorial: The real Guatemalan deal
    To a great extent, the reason Belize managed to achieve political independence in 1981 was because the hostile republic of Guatemala was a pariah state on the world map. In 1981 Guatemala was engaged in a Central American version of the Holocaust with Guatemala’s majority Indigenous citizens as the victims, the Guatemalan military as the murderers, and the wealthy neo-European Guatemalan elite as the interested, approving observers. A civil war had begun in Guatemala in 1960 (some scholars say 1966). It was a one-sided war, because the United States was on the side of the Guatemalan military and Guatemala’s ruling elite. The situation had become so outrageous in Guatemala that a progressive United States president, Jimmy Carter, decided in 1977 to suspend American arms shipments to the Guatemalan military. (The arms void was immediately filled by Israel, Taiwan, and Argentina.) Perhaps Jimmy Carter’s 1977 decision gave the Panamanian leader, General Omar Torrijos, his cue, but it was around that time that Torrijos declared his support for Belize’s independence. Torrijos, in so doing, broke ranks with the other Central American nations, which had always supported Guatemala’s territorial claim to Belize. The People’s United Party (PUP) government of Premier George Price had been sending Senator Assad Shoman and Deputy Premier C. L. B. Rogers on various diplomatic missions worldwide to drum up support for Belize’s independence, especially from nations referred to as Non-Aligned. Torrijos’ support provided significant impetus for this so-called “internationalization” campaign on the part of Belize.

    From the Publisher
    The initiative by the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers to travel to Sarstoon Island this coming Sunday morning is one which is being disapproved of by some very powerful people both at home and abroad. This is because this bold initiative flies in the face of all the skillful, coordinated attempts to frighten the Belizean people into the embrace of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). These are skillful, orchestrated attempts financed and organized by the said very powerful people at home and abroad. In this matter, I must be studied in my discourse. I respect the constitutional mandate given to this United Democratic Party (UDP) government in free and fair elections. In matters so grave as the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory, it is the Government of Belize which speaks for the people of Belize at the relevant, regional forum called the Organization of American States (OAS). When this newspaper began 46 years ago, I wrote nothing which I was not prepared to defend and promote in the streets of Belize. Looking back, I would say that only the exuberance of youth could have excused some of our personal and organizational excesses in those days of UBAD.

    Distance yourself, PM
    Dear Editor Amandala, If you allow me space in your publication, I sincerely hope that by the time you print these comments the Prime Minister of Belize, the Honorable Dean O. Barrow, would have distanced himself and the United Democratic Party from area representative Mark King. In my mind, failure to do so means that the Prime Minister and the UDP agree with and condone the comments made yesterday by Mr. King that he wants to “get rid of’”’ not only his political rival Cordel Hyde, but also his brother, father and the entire Kremandala media business. The questions that hit me immediately on reading the 7 News online news transcript of King’s remarks were: Is Mark King speaking for himself, or the UDP? What really does “get rid of” mean?

    “Bout time parents get a break!”
    This is the time of the year when parents who have multiple children in school experience a major financial crunch in trying to acquire everything their children need, especially mandatory items such as school uniforms. This year, Proto Foundation, in association with TEO Co. Ltd., 3R Tutoring Services and Arun Hotchandani, Honorary Consul for India in Belize, is undertaking its first annual back-to-school uniform program, which allows deserving parents to save at least 25% and up to 40% on new school uniforms for their primary and secondary school students. Mark Usher, founder of Proto Foundation, told us that they opened the program to the public on Monday, June 22, at the Proto Bargain Center, located at booth #4 at the Pound Yard Shopping Complex in Belize City. However, since parents don’t usually have the funds to buy uniforms early in the summer, the demand has only recently picked up.

    GOB and private sector tackle roadblocks to economic growth
    While it is the business of both the private and the public sector to grow the Belizean economy, the two sides are often at odds in the way things are done, and one common area of schism between these two sectors is taxation. Mike Singh, chair of the Economic Development Council, told journalists today at the conclusion of the Private-Public Sector Business Forum 2015, that while the dialogue on both sides has been very rich, there is a sharp difference of opinion on taxation, with the private sector feeling that it is overtaxed but the public sector believing that businesses are underpaying. As a result of this dialogue, which began back in 2011, the parties have since teamed up to look at the best tax reform mechanism that can work for both sides—one that is efficient but also more conducive to business.

    Belize educators and students discuss open learning
    The Commonwealth Open Schooling Association (COMOSA), Canada/Caribbean Chapter, is presently holding a 3-day conference on open learning for Belizean educators and students at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Organizers hope that the participants will embrace this method of learning, which would lead to more schools implementing the program. Today was day 2 of the Belize City conference. Among the presenters at this morning’s session were Mrs. Frances Ferreira of Commonwealth of Learning (COL); Mrs. Beverly Faber of the University of Belize (UB); Dr. Lorna McKay of Gwen Lizarraga High School’s Open Learning program; and Ms. Lystra Sampson of Trinidad & Tobago Open School.

    20 Sneaky Names Nasty MSG Goes By
    Food manufacturers just love it when you can’t stop with a single serving. For them, it’s the sound of cash registers ringing. But what does this mean to us? It means that somehow the food is now in control. Somehow it has been manipulated to cause you to overeat. Monosodium glutamate is the go-to add-in to create this desired effect. So much so that this menacing flavor enhancer is found in almost all processed and packaged foods in the United States. MSG-induced obesity is such an accepted concept in scientific circles that when studies require obese animals, the first thing they’re given is MSG. In fact, scientists in Spain found that giving laboratory rats MSG increased food intake by 40%. MSG works as an obesogen in three distinct obesity-inducing ways. The most obvious way is that it intensifies the tastiness of any treat, and this makes you desire it even more. Second, MSG has been shown to make us resistant to leptin (leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full). Why would you ever put down a snack if your brain never gets the message to stop eating it? Finally, MSG causes the secretion of insulin, your fat-storage hormone, which drops your blood sugar and makes you hungrier faster.

    Will Senator Ray Davis be sacked?
    Senator Ray Davis’ status as the parliamentarian representing the unions and civil society in the Senate is up for review, after ranking members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) began to call for his replacement following Davis’ abstention from voting on the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act earlier this year. Furthermore, when Parliament met to review amendments to that bill, Davis was absent. It had been alleged that Davis left the country without bothering to inform the NTUCB; however, Davis has confirmed that he had sent e-mail notifications to both the NTUCB’s president, Marvin Mora, and general secretary, Rebecca Swaso. Davis was recently called before the NTUCB’s general council, where he was taken to task over the allegations, as well as the assertion that he did not follow the protocol of writing the NTUCB, based on its constitution, at its official e-mail address – and not the personal e-mails of executive members — to inform of his absence from the country.

    The Reporter

    Breaking News: Two dead, five injured in traffic accident
    Two persons are dead and five are injured following a traffic accident. Sketchy details are that the incident occurred at around 5:15 p.m. on Friday and that the injured are being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment. The Reporter will have the […]

    Patrick Andrews presents credentials to OAS
    Patrick Andrews presented his credentials on Friday as the Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. Andrews, who was selected for the post in May, presented the credentials to Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS. He was […]

    KHMH resumes business as usual
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA), this week resumed normal operations, after briefly suspending elective surgeries. According to the KHMHA, the numerous trauma cases, which halted procedures due to no availability of patient beds, has been dealt with according to the hospitals predicted schedule. […]

    Give what you can: Belize volunteer club holds food drive
    The Belize Volunteer’s Club and the organization Together We Can Solve Hunger, are teaming up for a food drive in Belize City. The drive, which started in late July at participating stores in Belize City, will culminate for its biggest event at the Battle Field […]

    Fine jewellery from lionfish?
    Fourteen women from coastal communities completed a workshop this week on making jewellery using lionfish parts. The three-day workshop, sponsored by the conservation NGO, Blue Ventures, concluded with a ceremony at the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at mile 31 ½ on the George Price highway. […]

    Miss World Belize Ltd. / Miss United Continents 2015

    Shamira Imani Neal will represent Belize at the Miss World Belize/ Miss United Continents 2015. On September 12th Neal will compete in the prestigious international contest in Ecuador against other countries such as USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Australia, Guatemala and others. Neal, a 22-year-old, resident of Belize City, has […]

    PM says Guatemalan foreign minister misspoke
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, this week, acknowledged that Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales, misrepresented the clauses of the Special Agreement to Belizeans. Barrow affirmed that there was no clause in the agreements prohibiting Belize from constructing military bases along the border line, and that […]

    Online survey indicates fewer “undecided”, more UDP voters
    An online survey conducted by the Belize Independent Development Research Group (BIDRG) indicates that if general elections were to be held today, more people would vote for Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party (UDP), and the 52 percent of people who abstained in […]

    Open school offers school leavers a second chance
    Belize’s first Open School, the Gwen Lizarraga Evening Division, offers young Belizeans a second chance of a high school education. Its teachers had a chance to learn about best practices and new software platforms from educators from Trinidad, Canada, New Zealand and Africa at a […]

    Police partner with community to clean up “Jungle”
    The Belize Police Department Eastern Division North, this week partnered with the Belize City Council, CISCO Construction and residents from the Pickstock constituency to clean up the area of the City infamously known as the “Jungle” in an effort to boost community morale. The […]

    Belizean family killed in Florida; Belizean relative charged
    A triple homicide in Lehigh, Florida, involving four members of a Belizean family – three of whom were killed, and one who has been charged with their murders – has rocked that quiet residential area of Lehigh Acres. The victims are: Dorla Hyde-Pitts, 37, the sister of Roaring Creek resident, […]

    BTB clarifies cruise ship schedules
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) clarified reports from Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA), confirming that Belize had indeed lost 14 port calls from Carnival Cruise Line (CCL). But, he said, the fewer calls represent a change in scheduling and doesn’t necessarily mean […]

    Police strike team seizes guns, ammunition and drugs
    A police strike team operation carried out by the Eastern Division South Command on Monday and Tuesday has resulted in the seizure of three illegal guns, 24 rounds of ammunition and 600 grams of marijuana. According to police, the operation was carried out over […]

    Workman knocked down and killed; driver on the loose
    A man is dead – the victim of a hit and run incident – a driver remains on the loose, and Orange Walk police have little to go on to make an arrest. The victim, Jose Rigoberto Tzul, 26, a worker of August Pine […]

    BDF/police conduct operation where abandoned chopper was found
    Members of the Belize Defense Force and the Belize Police Department are conducting an operation in the area where an abandoned BELL-407 helicopter, said to be worth $4 million, was discovered last week Wednesday afternoon, on a feeder road near Blue Creek Village, Orange […]

    Fire guts house in Carmelita, Orange Walk
    Orange Walk police are sifting through the rubble of a fire in Carmelita Village to determine whether it was intentionally set. That area of Carmelita does not have an electricity supply. Police say the 30 by 40-foot wooden building was reported to be burning […]

    Belize at 4th among seven countries nearing bankruptcy
    Belize is placed at fourth on a list of seven countries currently nearing bankruptcy and economic collapse, according to a list compiled by on-line financial advisers 24/7 WallStreet. On the list, Belize is topped only by Venezuela at third, Greece at second and Ukraine […]

    Customs crocodile tears
    The recent revelation that staff within the Customs Department are complaining that they will now lose overtime work because of the newly updated Asycuda System, is one of the most laughable things I have heard of in recent times. It is an open secret that the Customs […]

    Another government vehicle stolen
    Another government vehicle, a Toyota Hilux pickup truck, has been stolen from off a government compound, this time from the Ministry of Natural Resources. According to police, a Solid Waste Officer from the Solid Waste Management Department reported to them that on June 26th, […]

    In a little more than three weeks, Belize will celebrate the 217th. anniversary of the historic Battle of St. George’s Caye. .The aggressor in this conflict was Spain, bent on rooting out an enclave of British and Scottish squatters who had occupied the land just south of the Rio Hondo […]

    Forecast: More “choppy seas” ahead!
    Stakeholders in the cruise tourism sector, particularly those in the business of “live-aboard” charters, and those responsible for policy and the overall managing of the industry, met this week to hammer out what the stakeholders consider to be tax discrepancies in the business. The meeting […]

    Tourism destinations under seige by sargassum seaweed
    Beaches on islands in Belize, from the reef to near the mainland, are literally covered with unsightly, smelly muddy-brown seaweed. It’s a seasonal phenomenon where Sargassum seaweed, originating from the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic, makes its way into the warmer waters of the region. But while in the […]

    Drought destroys millions in crops
    Corn and soybean farmers in communities in Southern Orange Walk say that minimal rain since June may land them in the poorhouse if help is not forthcoming. According to Indian Creek Cooperative farmer, Jacob Harms, the 141 farmers in his group desperately need GOB’s intervention, or all farming in that […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Security Council demands end to BTV trip
    “Ill-advised and downright dangerous,” is the assessment given by the National Security Council following its meeting today to consider the merits of the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ planned expedition to Sarstoon Island this Sunday. The NSC argues that the military has asserted sovereignty on our side of the Sarstoon […]

    O.W. family searching for suspected burglars
    The family of the late Leonel Guerra in Orange Walk want to know who broke into their family home this week. According to the family’s report to police, while Guerra’s wife was out staying at another family member’s residence and between the last check of the house by […]

    Verdes ready for Champions League
    The Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League will kick off on Saturday, August 15th, continuing throughout the week with game one of a series between Mexico’s Queretaro and our Verdes F.C. at the F.F.B. Stadium being played on Tuesday, August 18. This will mark the first time in 7 years that Belize […]

    H.E. Patrick Andrews Presents Credentials to the Organization of American States
    His Excellency Patrick Andrews is the Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. following formal presentation of credentials to Secretary General Luis Almagro today. H.E. Almagro commented that the organization was honored that Belize has selected such a distinguished ambassador who […]

    Brian Hyde charged in Florida triple murder of relatives
    19 year old Brian Hyde, a resident of Roaring Creek, Cayo District has been charged with three counts of second degree murder and one count of death of an unborn child, after killing his three relatives, one of whom was his pregnant cousin, Starlette Pitts. Hyde was living with the victims at their Florida home where for an unknown reason, he committed the murders that authorities have described as violent and “most unimaginable”. The 3 victims, 37 year old Dorla Pitts, 17 year old Starlette Pitts and her 21 year old boyfriend, Michael Kelly, died of repeated sharp force trauma and police said that the evidence show they fought for their lives.

    Corn price threatened after drought kills crops in Orange Walk
    The area has been experiencing droughts since 2012, but with this year’s record breaking heat levels, thousands of acres of corn and soybean is being ruined. And with no rain in site, farmers from the Indian Creek Cooperative are facing a dilemma. The shortage of the corn crop will have ripple effects to the economy since farmers are expecting the price of corn to go up. What used to be $0.22 to $0.25 cents per pound, farmers say will hike up to $0.37 a pound.


    Honduras looking at Ambergris Caye as Inspiration to save Guanaja Island
    I received the interesting email below from Miguel De Leon asking for my thoughts and help on cars. He wanted to know if Ambergris Caye is experiencing an influx of cars when golf carts are more than sufficient, would I share my thoughts on to why his island should avoid the same pitfall and try to stay car free all together. I’ve started an online petition for the island of Guanaja, of the Bay Islands of Honduras, to move towards being a car-free island. The island’s warm, clear waters support an extensive coral reef that is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and second only to the Great Barrier Reef off the coasts of Australia. Unfortunately, our island is in danger of sacrificing the very things that sets it apart from other over-developed Caribbean islands. For over 100 years, the island community survived without any land motor vehicles. Only in the past couple of decades, have vehicles begun to appear on the island ever since 1 major road was constructed.

    Animal Round-Up in San Pedro, Belize
    No not a round-up like at a rodeo…a round-up, as in a summary of facts or events. Don’t worry! We’ve got lots of cats and dogs on the island of Ambergris Caye. And if you’ve visited before, you’ve probably had a potlicker (a stray dog in Belize) buddy up to you. Maybe you’ve even taken one home. Many do… Here’s a summary of what’s going on this month when it comes to our island’s pets. Many have visited the SAGA headquarters building where the vet sees his patients and where the cats and many of the puppies are housed. But just a block behind them is Fort Dog. Where all the grown dogs are housed…while they wait for homes.

    The Guatemalan Claim Pt. 5
    Part four of this important historical record left us with the sides – Guatemalan and British – are getting cocky and upstart with one another. This Article 7 seems to be the crux of the mischief. Please continue with the timeline below. 24th March 1937 The United Kingdom rejects the two proposals pointing out that the 50,000 pounds contained in the 1863 supplementary Convention was not for compensation for cession of land or breach contract, but a desire to to effect an amicable settlement of the controversy that had arisen over Article 7 of the 1859 Convention If the Guatemalans now found this unacceptable, the United Kingdom would proceed to treat the boundary, unilaterally demarcated by British engineers, as being in every respect the correct boundary in accordance with the 1859 Convention

    25 Celebrities Who Have Vacationed at Belize’s Chaa Creek
    Belize has rapidly become a celebrity vacation destination. With its breathtaking beaches, stunning waterfalls, impressive Maya Ruins, large coral reefs, and fantastic snorkeling and diving who wouldn’t want to visit this tiny country in Central America. And if you want to get pampered and treated like royalty in between climbing Maya ruins or exploring the lush jungle of Belize, the Lodge at Chaa Creek is the place for you. Even Prince Harry and Bill Gates think so, as they both stopped by during visits to Belize. In addition to them, we have had the pleasure of hosting many more well known celebrities at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Here we have listed a few of them:

    International Finance
    A list of videos that explain many things about international finance. Not specific to Belize but it allows you to get a good idea of how things work; well, at least how they should work. Have fun learning.

    Bacalar Chico Reserve: A Legacy of Conservation
    Compared with the other reserves found in Belize, Bacalar Chico Reserve has only just started a legacy of conservation. On August 23, 1996, the park was officially opened, after the village leaders in Sartenaja started to lobby for a reserve in an area that they can easily access. A site visit by ITCF and NYZS in 1991 established the conservation value of the area. Today, Bacalar Chico is made up of 15,000 acres of marine reserve and 12,000 acres of terrestrial reserve and has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is located at the northern tip of the Ambergris Caye overlooking the Bay of Mexico and Chetumal. Bacalar Chico covers 130 square kilometers of the pristine Belize Barrier Reef and Rocky and Robles Points, which is the only place on the mainland where the barrier reef touches the coastline. The beach front of the reef, which includes extensive mangrove lagooons, serves the main Belizean nesting area for Green and Loggerhead turtles, an indispensible nursery for many reef fish, and breeding grounds for coastal and marine birds. The Bacalar Chico channel functions as the northern boundary of the part, narrowly separating Belize from neighboring Mexico. Because of the close proximity of Bacalar Chico to Mexico, a trans-national reserve encompassing Quintana Roof can develop in the future.

    Blackened Fish Tacos with Cabbage Mango Slaw
    Combine all the slaw ingredients and refrigerate. Mix the dried spices and seasoning together in a small bowl, squeeze the lime on the fish then rub the seasoning onto fish. Heat a cast iron skillet on grill or stove on high heat till really hot. Spray with nonstick oil spray. Cook until opaque in the center and well browned on the outside, about 5 minutes on each side. Heat the corn tortillas on the grill until they slightly char, about 1 to 2 minutes. Cut the fish into 8 pieces (or you can flake it if it's easier). Divide the fish equally between 4 tortilla and top each with 1/2 cup slaw. Serve with lime wedges.


  • Protect the Manatees, 3.5min. During my stay in the country of Belize, my team and I met up with Jamal, a manatee research biologist, and we took a trip to see the dangers the local manatees faced. Tourists flock to Belize and ride boats up and down the shallow rivers and accidentally hit the manatee population there. It's been a growing issue and we are here to try and spread the word to help save these majestic creatures to slow down while traveling through where they congregate. Caution and most importantly respect to the manatees who call the water their home.

  • George Price - The Father of Belize, 29min. The Right Honorable George Cadle Price, P.C. (15 January 1919 – 19 September 2011), was a Belizean statesman who served twice as the head of government of Belize from 1961–84 and 1989–93. He served as First Minister and Premier under British rule until independence in 1981 and was the nation's first prime minister after independence that year. He is considered to have been one of the principal architects of Belizean independence. Today he is referred to by many as the "Father of the Nation." Price effectively dominated Belizean politics from the early 1960s until his 1996 retirement from party leadership, serving as the nation's head of government under various titles for most of that period. Born in Belize City in what was then British Honduras, to William and Irene (née Escalante) Price, he entered politics in 1947 with his election to the Belize City Council. In 1949, with the devaluation of the British Honduran dollar he, together with a group of citizens formed the People's Committee. It was the start of the "peaceful, constructive Belizean revolution". On 29 September 1950, he co-founded the People's United Party, which he led for four decades and which was devoted to the political and economic independence of the British colony, then known as British Honduras.

  • Giant Cave, Belize, 8min. Cave diving, Giant Cave Belize, Expedition team to explore this amazing cave located in Caye Caulker Island

  • BELIZE San Ignacio, 5min.

  • Snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize, 3.5min. GoPro footage of the coral and fishes seen while snorkeling around Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize on 13 August 2015.

  • Snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize 2, 3min.

  • Snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes in Belize 3, 1min.

  • Mariniers Versus Jebroer (Tim Kimman) in de jungle van Belize, 10min. In 'Mariniers Versus' gaat JayJay Boske met een team mariniers een extreme uitdaging aan. In deze aflevering nemen zij het in de jungle van Belize op tegen Tim (rapper Jebroer) en survival specialist Mykel Hawke, ex-Green Beret. Wie bereikt het eerst de helikopter in het hart van de jungle?

  • How was your day today?, 1min. Waters off Caye Caulker

  • Croc on the prowl..., 1/2min. Look who stopped by to visit?

  • NYFA Takes Belize, 3min. There comes a time when you do a job that is just beyond amazing. My recent trip to Belize opened up my eyes again to the wonders of the world and solidified my reason of being a documentary filmmaker. This video is a quick collection of the wonders and amazing experiences my team and I had as well as a small snippet to the individual documentary stories we will be telling. I have to admit, New York Film Academy did something right by sending a team over for this experience and it is something I will always remember. I can't wait for the next trip!

  • Fishing Belize, 6min.

  • Alicia Thompson Belize female cross country race, 4min.

  • Belize Internaitonal Field Experience, 4min.

  • Strange cricket type thing in the Belize jungle, 2min.

    August 14, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Belize’s Rainforest Beauty captured at Xanadu Resort
    This beautiful island eco resort captures the beauty of Belize’s rainforests and glorious falls. Guests here get a taste of the mainland in this pristine natural environment.

    2015 already registering record number of Dengue outbreaks
    The Ministry of Health has confirmed an alarming number of Dengue cases, totaling 261 victims to date. Most of the cases are originating in the Toledo District, and this has prompted the local health authorities to start checking grounds and premises in the communities that are most affected. The three Vector Control Diseases that have impacted Belize are Dengue, Malaria, and Chickungunya. From the beginning of the year up to July, the number of dengue cases has almost tripled. According to Chief Operations Officer of the Vector Control Unit, Kim Bautista, they have confirmed reports on an outbreak of dengue in its most deadly form, “hemorrhagic dengue fever”. “The symptoms that go with the dengue hemorrhagic fever is a combination of serotypes of the four serotypes that exist with the dengue virus,” said Bautista. He further explained that when a person is exposed to a serotype, they become immune to it, but when there is another serotype circulating, then there are higher chances to get ill with dengue hemorrhagic fever. “This year, we have seen 15 alerts countrywide for dengue hemorrhagic fever and five of those cases coming from the western district. Of those, dengue hemorrhagic fever is a clinical diagnosis. If there are five alerts, it does not necessarily mean that there are five confirmed cases,” explained Bautista.

    Abandoned Helicopter found in Orange Walk District
    A grey Bell 407 helicopter with dark tinted windows was found abandoned on Wednesday, August 5th on a feeder road in the Blue Creek area of the Orange Walk District. The aircraft is now in the possession of the Belize Defense Force (BDF) Air wing headquarters in Ladyville, while police continue their investigations as to who the helicopter belongs to and how it made its way to Belize. The aircraft, with registration number N607AZ, was circling in the San Felipe/Blue Creek area when Orange Walk police were alerted. Police were conducting an anti-drug operation in the area and quickly responded to the reports. However, by the time they arrived the helicopter had already landed. The aircraft was quickly secured, but no one was to be found in the abandoned helicopter. It is not yet known if the aircraft had been used for transporting drugs, however the police found several blue plastic containers with fuel to increase the distance of travel. Police believe that since the helicopter was found in close proximity of the Belize/Mexico border, the pilot and passengers may have escaped into the Mexico.

    Dog Act to be implemented in San Pedro
    From now on all dogs must be collared and leashed while out in public areas. Saga Humane Society, along with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and San Pedro Police Department, have teamed up to enforce the Belize Dog Act, Chapter 153. The initiative is set to kick off on Saturday, August 15th with a sensitization effort by the police department, and enforcement will begin on Tuesday, September 1st. The implementation of this regulation will not only benefit island pets and pet owners, but also the wider community, including visitors, as the streets will be safer and cleaner. According to Section 10 (1) of the Dog Act of The Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, “Whenever a dog is seen in a town, on a highway or in a place of public resort in any of the following cases- (a) not having a collar/leash with a licensing badge for the current year attached thereto; or (b) appearing to be a stray or ownerless dog; or (c) being a bitch in heat and being neither led nor carried; or (d) suffering from any contagious disease and not being carried; or (e) suffering from any disease or injury which causes pain to the dog and being neither led nor carried, that dog may be seized by any police officer or dog catcher and the owner of the dog shall in cases (a), (b) and (c) be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding twenty-five dollars.”

    Team Yellow Dog win Tres Pescados Slam for a second year in a row
    24 teams participated in the 7th annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament (TPST), the largest fly-fishing event in Belize’s history. The three day fishing tournament, held from Wednesday, August 5th to Saturday, August 8th, saw top national and international anglers attempt to land a big one in hopes of claiming the grand prize. In the end, it was team Yellow Dog who took the grand prize for the second year in a row. The event opened on Wednesday, August 5th with the Captains’ Dinner and fishing officially started on Thursday, August 6th at 5:30AM, continuing on Friday, August 7th. All catches had to be checked in by 3PM on said dates. On the final fishing day on Saturday, August 8th, anglers gave it their last shot at landing the big one because by 7PM awards were going to be issued.

    Ambergris Today

    The Beauty of the Snake Cayes of Southern Belize
    Don’t let the name scare you or keep you from visiting one of the most beautiful and pristine island chains off the coast of Belize. The possibility of having a close encounter with a snake is minimal, but the chance of encountering some of the most awe-inspiring beaches, crystal clear waters and natural habitats in the country is guaranteed. The Snake Cayes of Belize is a group of four small islands that lie roughly about 20 miles off its southern coast of the Toledo District and include West, Middle, East and South Snake Cayes. They got their names due to the abundance of boa constrictors that once lived on one of the islands. The cayes are not part of the barrier reef system, but lie within the Port Honduras Marine Reserve of Belize on an isolated coral ridge growing on a limestone ledge. The reserve encompasses an array of vital habitats with patch and fringing reefs, seagrass beds and 138 mangrove cayes, supporting an important fishery for local traditional users. Visitors to the cayes and surrounding areas enjoy the clear, turquoise waters of the reserve, snorkeling amongst the abundance of marine life (including coral patches).

    25 Years Ago - Remembering when WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village
    A long time ago going to pick sea grapes was a source of great enthusiasm and fun. We used to plan for the day and the village folks used to share information about the places where the grapes were plentiful and where they were the largest and even where they were the sweetest. Don't laugh but plastic bags were not available yet, so we used to tie our T-shirts and made bags. We also used to weave baskets with the palmetto leaves. There were the purple grapes and the "uvas blancas" or white grapes which remained greenish even when ripe. We used to boast when we crashed into a tree of white grapes. TODAY some folks come to your house offering sea grapes for 10 dollars a bag, but is that fun? We USED TO enjoy them for free as I still do today. Many years ago the big thing was not the opening of the lobster season or Lobster Fest but rather the selling of lobsters door to door. We USED TO boil whole lobsters and offered red juicy whole lobsters door to door to the village folks. Again don't laugh but the selling price was of five cents per whole lobsters. There used to be a good market because with a population of some 10 lobster fishermen, the rest of the villagers were very willing to buy them despite the high price of them. And why do I say. High price when it was only five cents? Believe me, some people did complain that it was a bit expensive and it was because lobsters were in abundance and were dirty cheap. I remember when WE USED TO read a lot of books here in San Pedro. This is something that is almost at zero today on the Island. I recall my favorite English comic books like Archie, Donald Duck. Superman, Bat Man. Robin Hood, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Old West of Cowboys and Indians. And there were the Spanish favorites like Tarzan, Dracula, Memin, La Pequeña Lulu, Roy Rogers, Chanoc, Zorro, Popeye, Spiderman, Superman, Bat Man, Archi, Tawa The Indian, El Hombre invisible,

    Culinary Tourism is Happening NOW in Belize
    My Traveling Feet have been known too take me around the country in search for food, delicious Belizean food. I am not much of a “Foodie” but I do appreciate fine dining and unique culinary experiences from time to time. I try to eat healthy and avoid eating out as much as possible, but my job is about promoting tourism in my country and part of that involves experiencing FOOD. Not so long ago I wrote an editorial about Food (Culinary) Tourism, which asked the question: “Is Belize ready to exploit an industry that could have tremendous potential in the growth of the tourism industry for the country.” Well, a couple weeks ago I traveled to Belize City to attend the launch of Flavors of Belize’s 5th Edition magazine and looking at the success of the publication I can truly say that Belize has come a long way in developing its culinary tourism.

    Flashbacks - Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed
    Now that you see this flashback do you wonder why in the world this large group of San Pedranos is so well dressed? The men were all wearing shoes which is not normal under normal circumstances in San Pedro back in the 1980’s. Not only are they all wearing shoes, but also formal suits and tuxedo! And their long hair are all so well combed! Now take a look at the ladies. What could be happening that they are all in evening gowns? Now let us make a few wild guesses? Could it be a visit by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain? Or is it one of those gala social parties the Lions used to throw back then? Oh I know. It is the annual general meeting of Caribeña Fishing Cooperative. No the real truth is that this was the quinceaños of Tio Pil’s only daughter, Lily Paz Nuñez. The mass was celebrated at the Catholic Church and the social reception was held at Big Daddy’s. Now it would be nice for you to help us identify the young men and ladies in this gala Flashback, besides the padrinos Pete Salazar and Chabby Nuñez Salazar. I think I see Sir Nicolas Varela.

    Belize to Represent at Miss United Continents 2015 Pageant
    It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you Miss Shamira Imani Neal 22 years old, who is 5’ 11” (180 cm) tall. Miss Neal resides in Belize City and is a graduate of Wesley College. She is currently furthering her studies to become an attorney-at-law. Miss Neal has a full time job as a customer service representative with the Belize City Council. Her passions are modeling, volleyball, and promoting Belize nationally and internationally as a beauty ambassador. Miss Neal has participated in the Queen of the Bay Pageant in Belize City 2013, and the titleholder for Miss World Belize First Runner-up 2014-2015. With her aforementioned qualifications, this entitles Miss Neal to enter the prestigious contest to be held in Ecuador, Miss United Continents 2015, who seeks titleholders our first runner-ups in any of the four major beauty contests worldwide which are: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss International. Previously in 2012, Miss World Belize, Chantae Guy of Belmopan represented Belize in this contest which was known at the time as Miss Continente Americano.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Anglers Abroad takes 2nd place in Slam Tournamen
    Haywood and Team Anglers Abroad (Travis Then & Justin Parish) strike again with a second place win at the 7th annual Tres Pescado Slam Tournament in San Pedro Belize. After winning 1st and 2nd place a few years back as an angler, Haywood has taken it to the next level by landing in 2nd place after only two years of guiding in the tournament. Team Anglers Abroad had a strong start on the first day with a Grand Slam that tied them for first. They went on to land another Tarpon and Bonefish on the second day, but unfortunately couldn't make the Permit eat. On the third day, Team Anglers Abroad managed to land a nice Bonefish and a Permit, but alas the Tarpon proved elusive. Unfortunately, the Permit which would have put team Anglers Abroad on top of the leader board was two inches short of the qualifying size and team Anglers Abroad had to settle for 2nd place. Even though team Anglers Abroad was unable grab the first place trophy, they still feel like winners as both 1st and 3rd place trophies went to Caye Caulker guides (Ken Coc & Parnell Coc) who are part of the Anglers Abroad family. Caye Caulker is where its at for fly fishing!!!

    Monday's Mangrove Madness
    Thanks to Mark and Allyson Smith we explored a new area of mangroves, and there was so much to see! Kaz found another seahorse... she's one lucky lady :)

    International Youth Day
    International Youth Day being celebrated today at the ITVET grounds in Belize City. Please join!

    Oversize load at the Santa Elena, Corozal border
    So we ran into this unusual site of an oversize load at the Santa Elena, Corozal border. The freight truck was being escorted by police. We understand that the freight is a dismantled tower coming from Veracruz, Mexico that will be erected at the Belize Sugar Industries/ASR’s headquarters in Orange Walk. (We have no confirmation from BSI yet, whether this is so). We are happy to see the investment’s taking place at BSI’s sugar mill and in the same light would like to see the same benefits passed to the sugar cane farmers and their families. Power to the cane farmers in the struggle.

    Belize Bird Rescue update
    If you want an internship experience that allows you to find the value in wildlife (and stands out on resumes) then working with Belize Bird Rescue is the place to go! My name is Amanda and I spent part of my summer working with the rescue and learning all about rehabilitation. Never having worked with any kind of bird before, I was taken on and taught how to properly handle and care for many types of birds that most people will never see in real life. Not gonna lie, it was hard work, but it's all worth it. It was truly a magical experience. All the people were so amazing and I will forever cherish the memories and knowledge from working with there. If you have any interest in birds or animals in general, I strongly encourage you to consider applying for an internship here. They will always appreciate the help and it will make you feel good for making a difference.

    Reef TV's Annual Karaoke competition
    Reef TV's Annual Karaoke competition kicks off tomorrow inside Jaguar's Temple Night Club. Come and be part of a night full of entertainment.

    Summer Art Wave 2015 turns out a huge success!
    Summer Art Wave 2015 has been a most memorable experience with our beloved community. A sincere thank you to all participants, instructors, and volunteers for your passion, patience and persistence in developing new creative skills and creating great memories! We must thank our sponsors who were a vital component in the success of the program. Thank you to Atlantic Bank, Bowen & Bowen, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Corozal Community College. We are already looking forward to next summer's program!

    Channel 7

    Senator Lisa is Going to The Sarstoon!
    For days now, the headlines have been dominated by the Territorial Volunteers - who are going to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. The island is the southern boundary of Belize's territory - and the trip is designed to defiantly reassert that the island is within Belize's territory. Government has been cautioning the volunteers and their supporters not to go - but today their expedition got a shot of legitimacy when PUP Senator Lisa Shoman said she would be joining them. And she's not just going along for the ride - Shoman is throwing her weight around as a senator and member of the bipartisan committee dealing with the territorial claim. She has written letters to Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington and Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Barillas, basically putting them on notice that she's going in an official capacity and arrangements for security should be made.

    Triple Homicide in Florida - Belizean Family Speaks
    Last night we told you about the 3 Belizeans - Roaring Creek Residents - who were murdered in Lehigh Acres, which is in Southwest Florida. 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her 17 year old pregnant daughter Starlette, and the girl's boyfriend Myke Kelly were found dead in their home on Tuesday afternoon - and the man accused of killing them is from Camalote. Now most of the information we are getting is from American news sites but today we heard the local angle from Dorla's father-in-law, Edward "Ned" Pitts, who lives here in Belize City. He along with his wife expressed how shocked they were to find out about their daughter in law's and granddaughter's murder. Edward Ned Pitts, Father-in-Law "I don't know what triggered off the... It's very perplex to know why. The three of them died. It sounds that three of them died. I don't know how they died. I don't know if by gunshot, I don't know if by physical violence. I don't know and I don't hear anything on the radio and my son have not been able to tell me exactly how they died. In May she was sitting right around this table having lunch with us. She and her mother and her sister. We are in communication and we often to Miami where they live and spend time with them. She is a pleasant girl, Dorla. And Starlette is also a pleasant child. A teenager. You know teenager have their way, but she was a very pleasant child. The two family gets a long quite well, both the Hyde family and Dorian. They very much loves Dorian."

    Chairman of Progressive cane Farmers Mysteriously Shot
    You may have seen him on the news as the Chairman of the newly formed Progressive Cane Farmers Association, but tonight, Abizur Loza is making headlines because he was shot early this morning at a cane field in Patchakan Village, in the Corozal District. Police haven't released any official information as yet, but what we have been able to find out is that he was in his cane field on the outskirts of the village known as Chaac Luuc. There is suspicion that whoever attacked Loza, shot him after they ambushed him in the bushes in some time between 1 and 2 a.m. this morning. At this time, all we know is that he had to be transferred to the KHMH for further treatment. Today, his wife, spoke to our colleagues from Love FM, saying that she does not know much about the incident:

    Drought Could Cause Losses of Millions To OW Corn Farmers
    You might not have noticed it, but this year's rainy season has been very dry. The farmers of the southern Orange Walk District are acutely aware of the shortage of rain - in fact they say a drought is crippling their corn harvest and causing losses in earnings that could add up to millions of dollars. Not only that, but it could also cause the price of food to go up - and we don't just mean corn tortillas! We found out more when we visited the area of Indian Creek in the Orange Walk District today. The area is home to a co-op of 141 members - and they are losing vast acreages of cornfields due to drought. Here's more:... Jacob Harms, CEO - Indian Creek Co-Op "I have been doing farming for myself. I've been farming for 26 years now and we have never seen that kind of drought what we have now." Jules Vasquez reporting Jacob Harms says that in a lifetime of farming - he has never seen anything quite like this. They've experienced a drought for three of the last four years - and the losses are adding up in the corn field:

    A Council to "Conversate"
    And while those farmers are facing big business losses with dire consequences for their creditors - those blue collar types weren't at the white collar meeting of the Economic Development Council today at the Biltmore. It's the public and private sector dialogue to air out issues between both sectors, and come up with solutions to make it easier to do business. This session was the prelude to the Prime Minister's Business Forum. The press wasn't allowed in, but the Two chairmen of the Economic Development Council spoke with the media outside this evening. Here's what they had to say: Kay Menzies - Co-chair, Economic Development Council "I think the members of the private sector who sat on the panels did a fairly good job of explaining what they are doing in terms new technology and so on but also the constraints that they face that generally business encounters in trying to get ahead and trying to fulfil our role in growing the economy. the point of this whole forum is for the public and private sector to work together to grow the economy, so that we can benefit all Belizeans but both sides face difficulties with which we can help each other and that was one reason for mixing the panels, but also the private sector folks had an opportunity to say, look these are the issues I am facing, these are the ways you can address it and I can get ahead if we do that."

    22 Year Old Special Needs Man Charged For Sodomy
    A 22 year old has been charged for sodomizing his 6 year old cousin in Punta Gorda. It happened in early June when the little boy was home alone. When we spoke to PG police today they told us that the 22 year old is a special needs case but that he was never known to harass or assault anyone. The police were trying to get the 22 year old medically evaluated for mental soundness before pressing charges but that process took too long so he was charged with "Rape of a child" and "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse" on Monday.

    Does Hon. "Boots" Support Peace In Jane Usher Area
    On Monday we showed you the sports day that the Police held in the Jane Usher area on Sunday. We were there but we didn't see the area representative, the UDP's Anthony "Boots" Martinez. We wondered whether his absence indicates that he doesn't support the initiative - so we asked him yesterday:.. Jules Vasquez "But I didn't see you at the sports fair on Sunday. What is you're feeling about this peace process that the police are trying to approach?" Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez "Well I think it's an excellent process, but having being at a sports fair, its ok, I was in independence doing a little political work for the party. But apart from that I have been more than vigilant in my area, even promoting peace within the area a part from the police but I think it's a very good initiative to work with the community. I think it's a situation that can be control. I've been speaking to people in the area, because in my view it's an internal rift behind there."

    Community Cops the Wave Of The Future?
    And that community policing initiative that we saw on Jane Usher Boulevard is the kind of effort that Police Minister John Saldivar wants the police department to become synonymous with. Now, community policing is a buzzword that comes into very easy use - but it's never gotten the kind of attention or resources that paramilitary style policing has gotten. Saldivar says he hopes that can change:... Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "The long term policing plan for this entire country is indeed to focus on community oriented policing. We are convinced that the police has got to be more involve with the community and as well the community more involve with the police. So, both models, the one that you have described from OC Eastern South and the one that you describe from Mr. Jemmoth. They both must apply, because we believe that that is the way out of this crime crisis that we are experiencing." Jules Vasquez "Minister, we've seen the number of homicides cut back quite significantly in the Belize District particularly over the past one month to 5 weeks and again, that is simultaneous with the transitioning. We always remember correlation is not causation, but is there any hope that we cannot break a record for homicides this year and keep in under 140 nationally?"

    Verdes Bolsters Roster For Champion's League
    Local football fans are eagerly anticipating a match between this year's National Premier League Champion, Verdes, when they take on the Mexican football club, known as Gallos Blancos de Querétaro. That will be the first match that a Belizean Team has played in the CONCACAF Champion's League since 2008. It's a major opportunity for the Verdes team, and with the backing of the Football Federation of Belize, they are making preparations to host the Mexican team on next week Tuesday, August 18. In order to play at the next level of footbal, the Verdes has acquired 4 new players, and today, they introduced them publicly at a press conference held at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan. Verdes' Technical Director, Marvin Ottley, explained the teams recent training, and these new team members:

    Making Teaching Practical
    A group of 8 instructors from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax Nova Scotia is in Belize assisting with an education workshop called "IQUIP Belize". It's for teachers, and their instructor explained how the program works:... The teachers are receiving instruction in Math, English language arts and Science.

    Channel 5

    Brian Hyde Charged for Triple Homicide in Florida
    Roaring Creek resident, nineteen-year-old Brian Hyde has been charged in Lee County, Florida for the triple murder of thirty-seven-year-old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant seventeen-year-old daughter Starlette Pitts and Starlette’s twenty-one-year-old [...]

    Dorrien Pitts Breaks the Silence on Murder of Wife and Daughter
    On Wednesday, News Five spoke with Belmopan resident, Alvin Hyde, who is the father of Dorla Pitts. According to Alvin, his daughter and granddaughter have been living in Lehigh for [...]

    Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmers’ Association Shot in Corozal
    A Corozal man was shot early this morning. Details are still sketchy at this time as no official report was made to the Corozal Police, but we have confirmed that [...]

    Senator Lisa Shoman Joins the BTV in Sarstoon Island Trek…
    On Wednesday morning, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, on a scouting mission in the vicinity of Sarstoon Island, had a near brush with Guatemalan military personnel upon returning from the remote [...]

    ….Is She Going in an Official Capacity?
    According to Shoman, the idea that local military presence in the area, while accompanying the volunteer expedition, can inflame an already hostile situation with Guatemalan armed forces is total nonsense.  [...]

    Verdes Put Belize on the Map in Upcoming Regional Football Tournament
    For the first time since 2008, Belize is participating in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League where Verdes F.C. will be doing battle against Mexico’s Queretero in game one of a [...]

    How Prepared is Verdes for Champions League?
    According to Coach Marvin Ottley, the team has been preparing tediously for the past two months and has been participating in international friendly matches to prepare for the series.   [...]

    Kareem Smith Remanded for Pulling Gun on Ex-Girlfriend
    Construction worker Kareem Smith, who is no stranger to the law, is tonight behind bars on remand. According to reports, on July fifteenth, Smith allegedly pulled a gun on his [...]

    Belize City Man Fined for Fisheries Conviction
    A George Street fisherman is out of pocket tonight after the Magistrate’s Court slapped him with three separate fines. Nine months ago, thirty-eight-year-old Jorge Zetina was found with fourteen undersized [...]

    Public and Private Sectors Meet for Economic Dialogue
    The private and public sectors met today in what was being dubbed as an economic dialogue.  While a majority of the session was closed to the media, we were able [...]

    School Improvement Planning Workshop Held Countrywide
    Since last week, a school improvement planning workshop has been ongoing across the country. It is the continuation of a Quality Child Friendly Schools Initiative that was piloted back in [...]

    Schools Assess Quality of Education at Primary Level
    One developing school, St. Luke’s Methodist School in Belize City is participating in the workshop. Principal, Pamela Bodden spoke on the benefits of the sessions for the school.   Pamela [...]

    International Youth Day Celebrated in Belize
    On Wednesday, August twelfth, the world observed International Youth Day under the theme “Youth Civic Engagement”.  While opportunities for youth to engage at political, economic and social levels are low [...]

    Children Across the Country Prepare for National Eye Screening
    In September, the Belize Lions Club will be carrying out a national eye screening exercise for toddlers and up to fourteen-year-old. Through a grant from the Lions Club International Associations [...]

    Drought in Orange Walk Results in Millions of Losses for Farmers
    Farmers in the deepest South of the Orange Walk District are facing the grim reality of millions of dollars in losses. And it’s all because of an ongoing drought in [...]

    Healthy Living has First Day of School Jitters
    The first day of school – usually the first image that comes to mind is of an eager toddler heading out to the first day of preschool. But the first [...]


    Orange Walk Town Council Releases Fiesta Rama' Financial Report
    The report for the 2015 Fiestarama is out and Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard says that while profits were not as big as in 2014, the council plans to invest the money in school children and infrastructure. In an interview with him today, he gave us the numbers and expanded on the projects to be financed with the winnings “Even through the profits was far less than last year’s profit we are still happy that we were able to report that this year’s Fiesta Rama’s Profit is a little under eighteen thousand that is still a significant amount of money. What do we do with that money now, if you noticed we have started our student program and we had said that we are going to do two things with the monies, (1) we are going to invest some of that monies by putting some infrastructure work, we have to purchase tar, we have to purchase materials and these monies are never enough and so this year what we did we are assisting a hundred students that will automatically account for ten thousand dollars of this money, however, we were able to offset a fee of that money a ten thousand dollars because the government of Belize through the ministry of education has called me and informed me that they will assist us with five thousand so what we deiced to do instead is that the remaining portion from the Fiesta Rama will go towards infrastructure works so we will purchase more tar and we will purchase more road material because we need to try and fix Guadalupe Street, we need to try and fix Cinderella Street so those are the plans that we have in terms of our Fiesta Rama funds.”

    Fiesta Rama Earning To Be Used For Student Program And Other Projects
    As mentioned by Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard, a portion of the funds from Fiestarama is being used to fund a summer job program at the Council. This year, the Council is hiring one hundred students who will be working at different areas within the community. Kevin Bernard – O/W Mayor “It has been very successful because we have the students benefitting (1) they benefitting from a hundred dollars doing half day work for the five days and it helps showing some community work because the students are out there cleaning, white washing the parks and right now we have them cleaning the entire highway with the newly built road there is a lot of dust accommodation at the edges of the road so we have tem cleaning up those and it giving some sense of pride and I think what this does for them is that am earning something for my education and give them some sense of a little independence as young kids and so I am happy that we were able to do that this year again.”

    How Contraband Of Belize's Sugar Into Other Countries Affect Local Producers
    On Tuesday’s newscast we told you about what a lucrative business the contraband of Belize’s Sugar to Mexico has become. Smuggling of Belize’s sugar into Mexico is causing a great loss for the local sugar producers in the southern part of that country since only five percent of the local production can be commercialized thus affecting more than five thousand families of Quintana Roo. According to Mexican officials, due to limited vigilance at the borders the calculation of the amount of sugar entering Mexico from Belize is difficult to assess. And the Chairman for Belize Cane Farmers Association Corozal Branch, Ramon Aban is in total agreement with the statement. And while he admitted that the smuggling of Belize’s sugar to Mexico has existed for years, he also told us that it affects local producers on this side of the border.

    Senator Lisa Shoman Signs Up For Trip To Sarstoon Island
    PUP Senator Lisa Shoman has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and His Excellency the Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize Manuel Roldan Barillas requesting for necessary measures to be taken to ensure the safety of all those going on the trip to the Sarstoon Island over the weekend. In both letters Shoman clearly states that she is accompanying the Belize Territorial Volunteers quote, “in the capacity as a Senator and member of the National Assembly of Belize, as well as the Representative of the Leader of the Opposition on the Ministry team dealing with the unfounded Guatemalan claim to Belize, and as a Belizean,” unquote. Senator Shoman spoke with the media on her decision today. “The reason that I did so was because I became very concerned yesterday after listening to the declarations that were being made by the minister of national security it is clear to me that Sarstoon Island is a part of Belize and even if it is an area that Guatemala is claiming the point could also be made that Guatemala is claiming half of Belize and all of the Cays, that is absolutely no reason for people not to go to Sarstoon Island and I became very concerned that enough care and attention was not being taken and beside it that it was my responsibility since I have been a part of this process to take seriously the concerns that BTV particularly after the incident of yesterday and after some reflection, consultation with the Leader of the Opposition who I represent I decided that I would accompany the BTV and reach out to Mr. Wil Mejia and let him know that I am interested and receive his kind invitation to accompany them.”

    Belizean Charged For Triple Murder In Florida
    Yesterday we told you about a Belizean residing in Central Florida who was being investigated for a triple homicide that occurred on Tuesday in Lehigh Acres in the Florida state. For context, 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant 17 year old daughter Starlette Pitts and her boyfriend Myke Kelly were found murdered in their home located between Gunnery Road and Sunshine Boulevard. Today, officials at the Sheriff’s Department announced that 19 year old Belizean, Brian Omar Hyde has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and one count of killing an unborn child by harming the mother. Hyde is a cousin of the victims, investigators said and the victims are Roaring Creek residents.

    Teachers Conducting Coaching Program To Their Professional Development Certificate
    A two year coaching program to equip teachers and school leaders in acquiring their Professional Development Certificate is currently in full swing. The training has at its helm Professor Allan Dawe of Mount Saint Vincent University in the US. Dawe summarizes how these sessions make a difference in the classroom, especially for students who are not Math or Science enthusiasts. DR. ALAN DAWE – Coordinator, MSVU: “It is about the transition about the new mathematics and new science curriculum in support for the English Language arts program so they are two of them science math brand new and the other one has been here since 2007 so we are here to support teachers in the transition to that new base education.” Maria Novelo – Reporter CTV3: “So, what was lacking for this to be implemented?” DR. ALAN DAWE – Coordinator, MSVU: “Right now is coaching so part of our model is that we will go into school and it is all about implementation, it is fine for teachers to come to workshops but if something doesn’t change in their classroom improved and in practiced then the workshop wasn’t successful so we provide coaching and that coaching doesn’t really exist here in Belize there are some areas that they are using some coaching so we are here to support the teachers with that and with workshops and we are also training Belizeans to take on that coaching role so in three four years’ time we step back completely of this program and it becomes completely Belizean run and operated.”

    GOB Informs Guatemalans About Trip To Sarstoon
    By the end of today there hasn’t been any response to the correspondence of the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their request for BDF and or Coast Guard escorts for the August 16th trip to the Sarstoon Island. However, Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister has indicated that the Guatemalans have been informed about the BTV’s trip to the island but Belize is still to receive a response on the matter. Audrey Wallace: “What I can say is that the information has been told to the Guatemalans but we have not heard back from them officially but that message has been related to the Guatemalans from our side but I have not receive an update or a response from them that I do know message has been sent but what I can tell you just on some of the things that has happened since yesterday that the new Ambassador to the OAS, he met with the OAS secretary general and his advisors in Washington once again seeking the support and assistance on this issue to avoid any incident from the Guatemalans side we also know that the Director of the Peace Fund and Ambassador Raul Lagos who is a special advisor to the OAS secretary general on this Belize/Guatemala issue they will be traveling to Belize on Saturday and again the objective is to ensure that peace would be out when the Volunteers visit the Sarstoon this coming Sunday.”

    NTV Comes Face to Face With Guatemalan Authorities As They Visit Sarstoon Island
    Members of The Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers had a brief encounter with Guatemalan armed soldiers today as they scouted the area at the Sarstoon Island before the planned trip this coming Sunday. The Belize Territorial Volunteers are at the lead in the August 16th expedition to the Sarstoon Island in Southern Belize. Members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers are assisting in the trip which, despite warnings and requests of desisting by government and BDF officials, the groups intend to make. Today, we spoke with member of the NTV Orlando De la Fuente, who told us that they had left PG early by boat to the Island this morning. Here is his account of what happened once there. “Upon entering Sarstoon Island the Guatemalans have a marine base there and I personally think that we don’t have to check in with the Guatemala but it is customary that all Belizeans check in with the Guatemalan and the Belizean government has taken no step to stop that practice or to tell the Guatemalans to cease and decease and they insist that Belizeans both check with them at the Guatemalan base it is just a small pier.”


    Primary schools work on improvement plans
    With schools set to re-open in a few weeks’ time, the men and women responsible for our children’s education are spending these last few weeks of vacation conferring about the way forward for education in Belize. 54 schools which form part of the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative ...

    Trade license reform discussion continues as Chamber presents plan
    Recognizing that businesses are threatening to leave the Old Capital and indeed other municipalities because they believe they are being unfairly squeezed and soaked by the City and Town Halls for money, the nine municipalities led by the Belize City Council and officials of the Caribbean Local Econ...

    Another Dead Body Floating on the Corozal Bay
    Yesterday we told you about the lifeless body of a man, later identified as 41 year old Andy Grant, that washed up on the Corozal beach on Tuesday morning around 9:30 am. Grant, a resident of San Andres village, Corozal is believed to have been an avid swimmer so police are still trying to piece tog...

    Musa’s Take On Bank De-risking
    The Bank of Americas has pulled the plug on two banks in Belize, namely the Belize Bank International and the Atlantic Bank International. Atlantic International is a bank with only foreign customers, used to offer wire transfers, USD bank drafts and foreign currency to the US through Bank of Americ...

    Belize Camping Experience concludes months of Youth Ministry

    Russell Hyde’s sister and niece murdered in the US
    Tragedy has struck a family in Lehigh Acres in Lee County Florida, and its tremors are being felt all the way in Belize. Online news sources released information earlier today of a triple homicide at a home on 21st Street Southwest of Lehigh Acres and, according to our sources, one of the victims i...

    Four charged with drug trafficking
    Two men and 2 women were charged with drug trafficking when they appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are 31 year old Darcie Montes, 20 year old Corey Martells, 20 year old Eraini Moreira and 43 year old Sherlett Gladden. They pled not guilty to the charge. They were all rel...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Corozal man accused of murder in Mexico
    Channel 5 News has reported that alleged drug dealer Hugo Casanova, who has been in detention in Chetumal since February 2013 for drug trafficking, has been linked by the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s office to the double murder of Arena del Rocío Palacios Valdés, a pregnant woman, and her […]

    Will Government “keep an eye” on BTV?
    Despite their misgivings, the Government of Belize has reached out to their counterparts in Guatemala in an attempt to head off any escalation of hostilities ahead of the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ trip to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. Both Minister of National Security John Saldivar and Minister of State […]

    Abandoned helicopter will be taken by GOB
    A Bell 407 helicopter found in the Blue Creek area last Wednesday remains under guard at Price Barracks, Ladyville. But is it a case of “finders, keepers?” Minister of National Security John Saldivar told 7 News there is a time period for whoever left it behind to come […]

    Visually impaired persons “see through sound”
    Visually impaired persons get around by using guide dogs and canes or walk with a sighted person. But to increase independence, the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) are introducing a more modern way – echolocation. It is “human sonar” – borrowed from animals such as bats […]

    New Lake I area Representative Mark King blasts opponent
    Ground has been broken for the new community center in the Lake Independence division, next door to the abandoned home of the People’s United Party (PUP) in the division. First-term representative Mark King has received title for his plot next to the PUP plot, and applied to have […]

    GSU will compensate farmer for gun
    We have been reporting on the travails of 82 year old Henry Cunningham, a resident of Conch Shell Bay who lost his firearm to members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) last December as they raided his residence. New Superintendent of Police and commanding officer of the Unit, […]

    BTL not off hook for advertising, Senior Counsel says
    We reported last week on the battle between Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and concerned citizens led by Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman, who complained about negative images of women depicted in various billboards and on Facebook that appeared to be endorsed by the company. The company’s apology last week […]

    Senator Lisa Shoman heads to Sarstoon Island; GOB says it is “political ploy”
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers have continuously defied the pronouncements of local and foreign authorities against their visits to the southern and western border markers. Those warnings have been repeated this week ahead of the Sunday, August 16 expedition to Sarstoon Island, even as there was a confrontation with […]

    Fisherman caught with illegal parrotfish and shark
    Catches of parrotfish and certain types of sharks have been banned since 2009 but today a fisherman from Sarteneja pleaded guilty to possession of them while also using a vessel to fish commercially without a valid license. 26 year old Guadalupe Angel Verde pleaded guilty to using a […]

    Kareem Smith accused of threatening ex-partner
    Try though he might, there was no getting out of charges today for 26 year old Kareem Smith of Holy Emmanuel Street in Belize City. The construction worker is accused of threatening his ex-common-law wife, whose name we will withhold for legal reasons, with a firearm, threatening to […]

    School leaders get training in order to improve education quality
    Countrywide training sessions for teachers, Administrators and Principals are currently being held over the summer break. That is because the Ministry of Education is embarking in its CPD Professional Development training where school leaders are learning to computerize vital information about their students, teachers and schools in […]

    Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmer’s Association shot in Patchakan Village
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that the Chairman of the Progressive Cane Farmer’s Association, Abizur Loza was shot this morning in his home village, Patchakan in the Corozal District. According to our sources, Loza has been transported to the KHMH. We will have more on this story shortly.


    Crossfit Belize: a workout in paradise
    What do images of white sand, sparkling water, and blue skies conjure in your mind? Relaxing under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand? Being fanned and hand fed fresh fruit? Swimming above colorful reefs in crystal clear water? (I’m not the only one who imagines these things right?) Well, I am here to tell you to scratch those images! Now, picture sprinting through that white sand, using that palm tree to hold a handstand, and doing high knees through the water. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET AT CROSSFIT CFS IN SAN PEDRO, BELIZE. A WORKOUT IN PARADISE. The small, hot space, tucked in an alleyway was home to Crossfit CFS. Boxes lined the outside of the building, and the bright (and hot) sunlight filtered into the dark space through the open garage doors.

    Volunteering at Wildtracks from an alternative perspective - the mother left behind
    The first time I ever heard of Wildtracks was when my son called from UW Madison with this amazing volunteer opportunity he felt he just couldn't pass up. As he described to me what he knew at that point about Wildtracks, I was left with mixed emotions. Part of me couldn't help but get excited about what I was hearing. An opportunity to work hands on with manatees would be a dream come true for Mitch. He had become interested in manatees at a very early age, and this interest had grown into somewhat of an obsession with him over the years. The more he read and researched about Wildtracks the more interested he also became in the opportunity to work with the howler monkeys. As a pre-vet student and someone with a real love of wildlife, this seemed like a perfect fit for Mitch. The other side of me was, of course, nervous. Mitch would be only 18, traveling alone for the first time to an unfamiliar country in Central America. I had many concerns - his safety utmost on my mind. But also things like - What would his living conditions be like? Does he need special vaccines? What if he gets sick? What type of medical care would be available to him? As Mitch researched the answers to many of these questions and I learned more about Wildtracks through their website and blogs, I became more comfortable with Mitch's decision to spend his summer volunteering there. I had to agree that this seemed like an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.

    Miss Honduras crowned Miss Costa Maya 2015
    This past weekend saw Miss Gabriela Vanessa Salazar Valle, win the title and crown of the 20th Annual Reina de La Costa Maya 2015. The pageant featured eight stunning delegates: Miss Belize - Samalia Vernon, Miss Costa Rica - Carolina On Porras, Miss Mexico - Samantha Gutíerrez Gónzalez-Rubio, Miss Nicaragua - Yuliset Laguna, Miss El Salvador - Genesis Margarita Fuentes Bolaños, Miss Guatemala - Lisa Hayet Francis, Miss Honduras - Gabriela Vanessa Salazar Valle, and Miss Panama Maria Saavendra. San Pedro’s very own AIDS Commission Carnival Group, opened the pageant with a lively performance of “Rompe La Pinata,” a colourful display of cheer and dance. Other performances throughout the night included the Belize National Dance Company with Belizean Soca Entertainer Ernestine Carballo and Alma Caribeña dance group from Mexico.

    St. George’s Caye Day: A Tribute to the Past
    What defines a nation’s character? People. Natural resources. And history. The past always defines the future, which is why Belizeans are proud to celebrate events that shaped its evolution from pirate haven to the next epicenter of culture and commerce in Central America. St. George’s Caye Day, celebrated every September 10th, is more than a legacy. It’s the foundation from which this nation reshaped its destiny, so whether your idea of a tribute to this important date calls for a moment of silence, a public expression of patriotism or a fiesta, you’ll be in plenty of good company. If you’re clueless about the roots of St. George’s Caye Day, allow us to educate you. Around the time the U.S.A. was struggling to free itself from British tyranny in the late 1700s, the people of Belize experienced an equally frightening threat: Belize forefathers—made up of African-born slaves and English-speaking Baymen, who knew a thing or two about domination—convened a town hall meeting to deal with news that Spain was sending an armada of ships to Belize with the intent of invading and enslaving settlers and claiming the land in the name of the Spanish king. What to do? There was no option. They would stand and fight for their freedom.

    Belize Barrier Reef: Getting to Know the World’s Second Largest
    The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is located about half a mile from the windward side of the island, where you can find several Belize Barrier Reef resorts. It is the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world. East of the Barrier Reef are three separate atoll reefs. A fourth atoll reef called Banco Chinchorro is located north in Mexican waters, and is a favorite among wreck divers. The three atoll reefs in Belize are formed on two tiers of submarine ridges. There is Glover’s and Turneffe on one ridge and Lighthouse on another ridge farther to the east, this they have the same outlines and NE-SW orientations. Separating the two ridges are deep marine trenches. When you fly south into the country, you will see the reef as a continuous chain of white surf running along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It continues south almost the whole length of the country to the Sapodilla and Ranguana Cayes. Inside the reef, the water is shallow with the blue tinge. From the outside, it is deep, while it is a dark royal blue from the air. During very clear days, the reef looks like a shallow line that divides the two shades of two. It is only near Ambergris Caye that the reef runs very close to a well-populated caye. Here, you will see an almost solid wall of stunning coral formation that is only broken by narrow channels called quebradas. Observant divers can be entertained for hours by the wide variety, colors and shapes of the tropical coral.

    International Sourcesizz

    Preocupa mortandad de peces en Mahahual
    Una mortandad de peces que están recalando a las playas cubiertas de sargazo en descomposición al norte de Majahual alerta a los pobladores de la Costa Maya, y en la pequeña localidad de Río Indio parece más grave de lo que a simple vista se observa. Lo anterior se debe a que es tal la alteración del ambiente en esta zona de la costa cubierta por sargazo en descomposición, que hasta los artículos metálicos como monedas en menos de una semana se vuelven negros y el agua en los depósitos como cisternas se ha cubierto de una capa aceitosa, sin que tengan noción de la fuente del aumento de la corrosividad. Los habitantes de esta zona manifiestan que no se había presentado nunca antes la mortandad de peces, y que ahora ya ocurrió dos veces en el lapso de un mes, por lo que consideran que algo tóxico puede estar emanando del mar y temen que pueda ser dañino para la salud.

    Church youth group travels to Belize
    The youth group of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius journeyed to Belize to lend a helping hand during an eight-day mission trip in July. The high school youth group worked with the volunteers of Bethel Presbyterian’s nonprofit in Belize called Habit Missions, which does ministry work with the homeless and youth in Charlotte, Belize and Trinidad. Heath Burchett, director of youth and family ministries at Bethel Presbyterian, founded the nonprofit Habit Missions with his wife in 2009. “Our goal for this trip was to give the high school students a chance to grow in faith,” Burchett said. “Additionally, we use our youth to encourage the 35 local volunteers we already have on the ground in Belize for Habit Missions.” The high school students had a packed schedule, full of not only ministry work but also fun activities to do in Belize. Focusing on building meaningful relationships, the youth worked with the homeless primarily in Belize City.

    Canada ready to bounce back against Belize
    It’s been almost a month since Canada was eliminated from the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup at the Group Stage. In many ways, Canada’s performance at the tournament was a letdown for a side that had previously been unbeaten against CONCACAF opposition under Spanish Head Coach Benito Floro. According to veteran Canadian fullback Marcel de Jong, the Canadian team is now itching to get back into action and redeem itself after an underwhelming run at the Gold Cup, starting with the squad’s two World Cup qualifying matches against Belize in early September. “I think are looking forward to a bit of revenge after exiting the Gold Cup early,” De Jong told RedNation. “I think we are very motivated to show that we are country that should be taken seriously.”

    2 Surprising Reasons Why the Cost of Living Is Low in Central America
    After reading more than 6,000 answers to questions about living in Panama, Nicaragua and Belize on our site, Best Places In The World To Retire, I can confidently report that the vast majority of our contributors tell us that it is cheaper to live in these places than in North America and that most of the time, it is much cheaper. You can get bananas for 5 cents each in Belize, a full-hour massage in Nicaragua for $10 and a housekeeper in Panama for $20 a day. The first has to do with health care. Quality health care services provided by dentists, doctors and hospitals cost less in Central America. For example, an expat in Panama told me her husband needed dental work that would cost $3,000 to $5,000 in the U.S. He got it done in Panama for $1,200. There are many reasons why costs are much lower in Central America. There are two more subtle ones. The first has to do with health care. Quality health care services provided by dentists, doctors and hospitals cost less in Central America. For example, an expat in Panama told me her husband needed dental work that would cost $3,000 to $5,000 in the U.S. He got it done in Panama for $1,200. The second surprising way our expats reduced their cost of living is that, after moving overseas, a significant number said they didn't have the desire to have as many material possessions as they did before. Here are some of the reasons:

    Advocacy Quilts: an Art Exhibit With a Social Conscience at LBI Foundation
    The Belize Forest Quilt with squares made in 2011 by women from the Q’eqchi Mayan Village of Midway, Belize. The women embroidered animals and plants of their rain forest that are threatened by oil exploration.

    Fair Spirits has released a 10-year-old single cask rum from Belize, Mexico – the first in a limited edition series of expressions. The Fairtrade spirits brand has made just 1,500 bottles of Fair Rum 10 Year Old available. The single-cask expression was made from the same Fairtrade-certified sugar cane from Belize as the brand’s Fair Rum, and is aged in American oak barrels for an additional five years, before being bottled at 40% abv. It is said to have “rich notes of cloves” and “spicy complexity”. The follow-up to this augural bottling will be an 11-year-old overproof Fairtrade rum, which will be available in September. The rum joins the existing line of “socially responsible” ethically produced spirits and liqueurs made with Fairtrade ingredients, including a core rum, vodka, and gin selection along with liqueurs.


  • Introducing Mr. Errol Patt, meat pie guru of Caye Caulker, 1min.

  • BELIZE - San Ignacio, 4.5min. After a traumatic public transport experience we soothed our spirits in San Ignacio by interacting with an array of amazing animals at the Green Iguana Conservation Project and The Belize Zoo.


  • Diving the Great Blue Hole of Belize, 7min. We dove one of the most famous Blue Holes in the world, on Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize. A collapsed cave, the Great Blue Hole is over 400 feet deep and 1,000 feet across. Giant stalactite formations can be seen at around 135 feet. Caribbean reef sharks are commonly seen cruising the blue at about 70-90 feet. This video was made with footage from two dives, the deepest being to 151 feet.

  • Belize with Sharks part 1, 8.5min. Curious reef shark gets up close.

  • Belize Vacation to Garifuna tunes, 17min.

  • Belize (Part 3) - Looking for Manatees, 1min.

  • Ziplining At Jaguar Paw Belize, 4.5min.

  • Wild Cherry Picking in Belize, 3min.

  • A glimpse of my time in Belize, 4min. This video was made May, 2013 and it shows my 2 weeks full of activities in San Pedro, Blue Hole, Cay Caulker, Belize City, Hopkins and Placencia, Belize. Incredible places, amazing dives, impressive marine life - lots of sharks - and so much fun!

  • GUATEMALA AND BELIZE 2015, 10min. Hempstead Spanish Trip 2015.

  • Belize, 15min.

  • Belize Diving July 2015 with audio, 2.5min.

    August 13, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Third Music Summer Camp is a grand success
    On Friday, August 7th, the Angel Nuñez Auditorium was the venue for the graduation of Maestro Carlos Perrote’s third annual music summer camp. The aim of the camp this year was to introduce students to percussion instruments and induce in them the importance of rhythm in order to create music. According to Perrote, the third camp was yet another successful one. Over 60 students from different ages had the opportunity to show off what they had learned during the three weeks of music camp. Some of the lessons taught included learning to play bongo drums, Garifuna drums, keyboard, scrapers, rattles, standard drum sets, and the steel pan. As each group of students presented their musical item, their parents and other guests proudly applauded them. During each presentation, the students would quickly switch instruments and continued flawlessly with the show.

    21 teams advance to the next round of Five-a-side Football Tournament
    The second round of the Island Citizen Sporting Club (ICSC) and San Pedro High School (SPHS) Five-a-side Football Tournament has come to an end and only 21 teams will continue their journey for the championships. This week’s games saw the elimination of eight senior teams and the first elimination in the little league division. All four female teams still remain active in the tournament. Games kicked off on Thursday, August 6th with one little league and three senior matches. In the first match FC America Under 10 took on Barcelona FC Under 10. Steven Almendares scored two goals for FC America, winning them the game at 2-0. In the second match of the night, Sandy Point FC took on Island Boys FC in a heated match that ended in a 7 to 4 point win for Sandy Point. Cesar Salazar was the star player for Sandy Point FC scoring five out of the seven goals. Los Catrachos FC defeated Costa Blue FC in the third match in a 7 to 1 point game.

    Camp Starfish closes with spectacular finale!
    After a successful two weeks, the second annual Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish came to a close on Thursday, August 6th with a grand show of color, music and laughter. Catering to island children living with disabilities, the summer program definitely made attendees feel special. But the highlight of their camp experience had to be the final day, when a parade and party was held in honor of each and every shining star! An extra special treat was the attendance of Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrrow. The day kicked off shortly after 10AM with a motorcade parade across San Pedro Town core. Led by a decked out big truck blaring festive music, the parade brought smiles to the faces of participants and spectators alike. A multitude of golf carts filled with family and friends of the campers joined in beeping their horns as they made their way through town. Also in attendance were members of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Inspiration Center of Belize.

    Ambergris Today

    Music Camp Delivers Island Musicians
    It just takes three weeks for Cuban music teacher Carlos Perrote to bring out the musician in students who participate in his Summer Music Camp. In his third year, the maestro of music delivered a final musical presentation with his students on Friday, August 7, 2015, that once again exceeded the expectations of parents and guests. The camp saw many returning students who have been with the program since its inception and new members who want to learn music; some of the students had never touched a musical instrument before. And the camp is not restricted to young children, this year saw the participation of one adult who took her lessons in the evenings after work.

    Lions Clubs in Belize to Offer Free Children Eye Screening Program Nationwide
    Through a grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation of the International Associations of Lions Clubs, along with local contributions from the four Lions Clubs in Belize, Government Ministries, Non-Government Organizations, and the local Business Community, the Lions Clubs in Belize will use Special Portable Eye Screeners to conduct a LIONS- Belize National Children Eye Screening Program. The target groups will be children between the ages of 3 – 14 years, throughout Belize. Lions Clubs members and non-Lions volunteers will conduct the Eye Screening during the program that will commence in September 2015. The Lions Clubs in Belize are committed to pay for the eye glasses for children who need them, and for whom it is determined that the parents/guardians cannot afford to pay for the eye glasses.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Saturday night, August 8th concluded this year's tournament in style with the awards banquet beachfront at the Holiday Hotel. All of our teams, captains and supporters were on hand to witness the conclusion of this historic event. But before we get to that, here's a recap of the fishing days. Day one saw probably the best weather we have fished since this events inception. Beautiful skies, tide and wind would make day one the best ever, as anglers left the beach into a rising sun. Last years champions YELLOW DOG would come home with the first daily slam of the tournament. Not to be outdone, ANGLERS ABROAD also got the slam, putting the pressure right back on the champions. Jerry Lappier of SIZE MATTERS came home with an absolute monster of a permit, making everyone a little jealous. Our good friend Jenn Parker landed the only other tarpon on the day and put the ladies up near the front of the leaderboard. Tarpon were the catch on day two, as nine fish made length and points. Weather was not a factor. Hot and sunny, but still no change at the top as YELLOW DOG and ANGLERS ABROAD continued to lead the way with tarpon landed. Our friends from the north Alejandro 'SandFlea' Vega and his partner rallied to capture third place on day two with a great permit late in the day. The third annual pig roast would conclude day two, as all teams enjoyed some spectacular Belizean hospitality with pork and all the trimmings.

    Wildtracks Update: An update on Annie, our youngest howler monkey
    She arrived after being attacked by dogs when she came down to the ground with her troop to cross a newly cleared river bank area to reach the next tree... Since arriving at Wildtracks, baby Annie has had two surgeries on her wounded tail to remove necrotic and infected tissue and now has only around a third of the tail remaining. However, she is on the mend and doing really well - and what she lacks in tail she more than makes up for in personality. Over the past few weeks her confidence has grown immensely and she has transformed from a scared and distressed youngster to a happy and bouncy monkey with a passion for melon, milk and papaya! Despite the lack of such an important limb, Annie is running, jumping and climbing around her cage with confidence; her latest pursuit is launching herself from a branch into her hammock – an activity that provides endless fun for both she and her careers!

    Signing of Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Belize and Switzerland
    The Belize High Commission is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement was signed by H.E. Ms. Perla Perdomo, High Commissioner of Belize to the United Kingdom and Mr. Frank Gruetter, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The Agreement will allow for the exchange of information that is relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters. The taxes for Belize covered by this Agreement include: (i) the income tax, including surtax or surcharge; ii) the business tax; and iii) the general sales tax.

    Young Belize Defense Force Cadets tour Corozal!
    The House of Culture was honoured to have over 150 Cadets from the Belize Defense Force Cadet Corps and soldiers visiting today, as cadets from all over the country are in town for their annual BDF Cadet Corps Summer Camp. We also took the opportunity to showcase Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural at the Corozal Town Hall and historical Fort Barlee. It truly was a pleasure to share Corozal Town's rich history while developing a sense of national identity with our fellow Belizeans.

    Channel 7

    Guats Sabre-Rattling In The Sarstoon?
    It’s been widely reported that “Territorial Volunteers”, Wil Maheia and Orlando De La Fuente, are planning a patriotic trip to Sarstoon Island on Sunday. The Government and military officials do not support it, and – if history is any indicator - it can go wrong because of the aggressive Guatemalan Navy. But the Volunteers are undeterred, and are busy making preparation. Today, that meant doing their own reconnaissance mission of the River, the route, and the island. But, on what can be considered a dress rehearsal for Sunday, Maheia, De La Fuente and their boat captain came face to face with 3 Guatemalan naval vessels in the Sarstoon River. What happened next? Here’s his account of the encounter: Wil Maheia - Founding Member, Belize Territorial Volunteers "We want our trip to go perfect. So Orlando De La Fuente and myself along with my boat captain Chukaru decided to make a visit to the Starstoon Island. We wanted to scout out the island, to make sure we could find properly land spots because we expect well over 100 people to be there. So we didn't want to have people there feeling uncomfortable. Plus I wanted to get an idea of the size of the island, so I took my GPS so we could get acreage of the island as well. Upon entering the Sarstoon River, we noticed the Guatemalan gunboat, which appears to be one similar which was stuck on our reef and two other smaller vessels. Proceeding into the river, we were somewhat by the Guatemalan military. And I didn't want to stop but my captain decide; look we better stop."

    GOB Military, Foreign Affairs Liaising With Guat Counterparts In Advance of Sarstoon Sunday
    And while there are already sabres being rattled by the Guatemalan military – 7News has learned that the government of Belize has reached out to the government of Guatemala – to make sure there is no escalation of hostilities when the territorial volunteers go out there on Sunday. Today, National Security Minister John Saldivar told us that he would wish the territorial volunteers wouldn’t go – but his ministry if making discreet preparations, nonetheless:… Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "We have advised against it, especially when it comes to taking women and children out there. We feel that's not a very good idea. It's not about capitulating to the Guatemalans or it's not about shirking our responsibility to protect the sovereignty of our country. Whether we want to accept or not, Guatemala disputes our boundaries and disputes the ownership of that island in particular; and therefore to stay out of any controversies we advise that this trip not be done. That's our position at this time." Jules Vasquez "Do you advise the BDF or the coast guard to hang around because they may need help or would that be perhaps even more incendiary?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "I would tend to want to agree with you Jules that any involvement of the arm forces at this time could only serve to magnify the situation; and we wouldn't want that. We have done otherwise spoken to the Guatemalans - in the process of speaking with the Guatemalans at the foreign affairs level and also at the military level to have them know of this expedition and hopefully we can minimize any possibility of any encounter."

    Hon. King Supports Territorial Volunteers (Sort Of)
    And while you heard John Saldivar discourage anyone from going to Sarstoon Island – one Cabinet minister who is no stranger to caprice wasn’t quite so emphatic in his disavowal of the territorial volunteers. Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation Mark King served in the BDF for 7 years and is very familiar with the borderline. Today he told us that if he weren’t a member of cabinet – he’d be on that island:.. Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "As you know I am quite patriotic to this country. I've served in the military for 7 years Jules, I walked those border lines. I walk every inch. Matter of fact, my team was one of the first team to cut a line from Garbutt falls to Gracias Adios. And so, I am patriotic to this country - whereby it comes to the claim I am very concerned and very respectful to the fact that those measures with foreign affairs must be respected; to a large extent as to keep peace, as to have things not erupt and so forth. I'm sure nobody in this country wants to see war. Where it comes to the claim on the Sarstoon Island alone, I normally say what da fi Belize, da fi Belize - and the Sarstoon is for Belize. That is separate to me from the issue of having Belizeans go there and something happens and then all of us regret it."

    Three Belizeans Killed In Central Florida
    3 Belizeans were found dead in their home in Lehigh acres, Central Florida today. Roaring creek resident 37 year old Dorla Pitts, her pregnant 17 year old daughter Starlette Pitts and the girl’s boyfriend Myke Kelly were found murdered in the house. According to an online news site “Wink News” Starlette’s and Myke’s 1 year old baby were found unharmed in the house. The report also says that Dorla’s nephew Bryan Hyde - who had just moved in with them 7 months ago from Belize is a suspect in this murder. We have a clip from NBC 2 News in Lehigh Florida… Of very significant note is that Dorla is the younger sister of the notorious Russell Hyde. In this regard, we have to add that Hyde’s wife was killed earlier this year in a sniper style murder.

    Cassanova A Killer? So Say Mexicans
    In February of 2013, it made major news when Milin Vasquez from Orange Walk Town, and Hugo Cassanova from Corozal were busted in Chetumal with an ice-box full of Crystal Meth. Well, today, Por Esto reports that Cassanova is now being implicated in a double murder in Mexico. The victims names are Arena Dew and Octavia Gongora. Cassanova has not yet been taken before the court for trial on this matter but remains in prison pending sentencing for the drug trafficking.

    Helicopter Likely to Be Claimed By Belize
    As we told you last week Friday, the Government of Belize is holding unto a Bell 407 helicopter, which was found in the Blue Creek area last Wednesday. The chopper was found close to the Belize-Mexico border and the BDF flew it to Price Barracks where it remains tonight. So, what will the Ministry of National security do with it? That’s what we asked the minister today: Jules Vasquez "What is the status of the case? And what's the plan to use the helicopter?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "The case is still under investigation. We don't have any leads at this time. The helicopter as far as we are concerned was abandoned by who so ever left it there. And therefore there's a time for them to claim or come forward and after that then it's considered as abandoned property; will become the property of the government of Belize, an asset of the Belize Defence Force." Jules Vasquez "Will we be able to operationalize it, to use it?" Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "Well I am sure you know by now that when it was moved from Blue Creek to the BDF camp it was flown by BDF pilots. So we know that though they haven't had training in that particular asset; that they're training in helicopter and in flying allowed them to move the helicopter from there to the BDF camp. With some more training I'm sure they'll be expert at flying."

    Seeing Through Sound
    Guide dogs and canes are just two means by which a blind person can get around. But there is a more modern and empowering way that the visually impaired can navigate their surroundings and that’s through a technique called human sonar or echolocation. We hear about animals – especially bats - using this method to get a sense of their environment – or as a form of communication, but how can humans especially blind people use it? That’s what we found out today at an introductory workshop. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. Tongue clicks: this is just one of the techniques used in echolocation. It’s a practice which uses sound signals. The main idea behind it is to be able to see through sound. Brian Bushway - Perceptual Mobility Instructor, World Access for the Blind "Flash sonar or echolocation is human sonar. It's the ability for humans to listen and interpret sound reflecting off of objects and coming back to the ear. The brain will image whether you send it patterns of sounds or patterns light. The echolocation is a natural human perception; everybody has it whether you’re sided or blind."

    The "Jungle" Getting Civilized?
    Over a year ago 7news did a story on an area known as the Jungle in BELIZE city. That neighbourhood is located in the Pickstock slash Fort George division and has been a famous slum in the city for at least four decades. But today the neighbourhood got a good cleaning – when the police department teamed up with CISCO, the Belize City Council and the Pickstock Community – in a cleanup campaign effort. It was a lot of hard work, but the community was more than grateful for the good gesture. Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner "We’re doing a cleanup campaign of course in a collective effort with the Belize City council and the CISCO construction limited and of course members of the community from this Pickstock housing area." Monica Bodden "Tell us why this specific area?" Desiree Phillips, Assistant Commissioner "Well, last week Friday we came out on merge 2 precinct meet and greet and when we came out we observed of course a lot of garbage. Of course cleanliness and healthiness is good to everybody's well-being. So we spoke to the residence here and they actually asked and they said that they would support if we would come out and help them clean up the area. Actually it's not the police cleaning the area for them; we're partnering with them to clean their area."

    Sr. Supt Chester And The Cops Building Ghost Town Goodwill
    The new Commanding Officer of Eastern Division South Side Belize City- Senior Superintendent Chester Williams continues his visits into gang ridden communities. This evening a meet and greet was held in the Mayflower neighbourhood – known to many as Ghost Town –where more than 20 police officers were in the area talking to residents. Sr. Supt. Chester Williams - OC - E.D Southside "We continue our effort in the Mayflower area. We're doing meet and greet coming back to the people of Mayflower again. Getting feedback from them as to the effort we are doing in the area to see how they feel about the work the police is doing and at the same time to get feedback from them in respect of those works that we're doing. I must say that this evening we are doing this in collaboration with the Belize City council and we have with us the city planner; who is on this meet and greet with us and she and her staff are looking at the bushy lots and the relic buildings. So what we want to do is identify those bushy lots and relic buildings and see what can be done from the city council stand point to clean the bushy lots and at the same time to look demolishing those buildings that are in a dilapidated state in the community. So that is what we are basically doing today."

    Hon. King Moving Forward With Community Center, Threatens To Demolish PUP Structure
    Four months ago, in April we told you about the land dispute between UDP Lake Independence Representative Mark King and his PUP challenger Cordel Hyde. Both had title for the same piece of community property behind the CB Hyde Complex Building. Hyde’s Lake – I Action Committee had already built a cement structure there, while King wanted to demolish that building so he could build a new community centre. But Hyde’s title dated back to 2007, so he won out. Still, King is undeterred, and he broke ground today for the UDP Lake I Community Centre. He explained the community uses – and the still active plan to demolish the now abandoned structure built by the PUP:… Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "This centre is one of the many projects that will be given to this community as we roll the petrocaribe funds into Lake I. As you look over there, you see the PUP and is not holding the community hostage with the old dilapidated building." "We have done two things, we have applied to the pertinent authorities to break down that building as nuisance in this community and we will not pay Cordel Hyde for it. And two, we have applied for title in the community name for lot 1662 which is where we broke ground just now right next to it. So now we have the title and we are going to proceed within the next week or so to start the building of the community centre."

    The King VS Kremandala
    And while his fight with Cordel Hyde is the usual political fare – what caught our attention today is when he called out the KREMANDALA hierarchy. Here’s what King said about Mose and Evan Hyde Sr:.. Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "We are here to get rid of the PUP. We are here to get rid of Kremandala. We are here to get rid of Mose Hyde and Evan X Hyde. And you're damn right; we are here to get rid of Cordel Hyde." Jules Vasquez "Explain to me, what's that thinking of taking on a media empire?" Hon. Mark King - Area Representative, Lake I "Separate the media from them, they're all Hydes. Bird of a feather flock together, simple as that." Jules Vasquez "But why is it that you are on a campaign against all these public figures?"

    Caribbean Context For City Taxes
    A week ago, we showed you our interview with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in which he explained that after 2 years, the joint task force commissioned to look into the trade licenses and property tax regime has decided to offer a major reduction. The task force, which is made up of City Council Staff and members of the Business community, continue to consider ways to overhaul the system so that it becomes less arbitrary and burdensome on small business owners. Today, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) facilitated a workshop for both sides to explore other options with the vision and experience of an international expert, who provided the context of tax models in other Caribbean municipalities. We stopped in and found out more: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "Today what we're doing is we've had an international consultant coming in, sponsored by CARILED; and what they're doing is they're looking at the discussion and seeing where we are in relation to getting consensus in relation to both the private sector partnership partner and the municipal in moving forward." Daniel Ortiz "Sir, the last time we discussed with you, you told us that the plan was to decrease by 50% initially. Does the task force say that, that is enough?" Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "Well one of the things that we've looked at is, I think that is an initial and very powerful first step; but in terms of wanting to promote the kind of business climate in Belize City, it has to be much more comprehensive. We have to look at if you pay trade license at a reduced rate, 12%; what do you get in terms of value for that?"

    Memorial Park Bollards In Bad Shape
    And while businesses are getting tax relief – the bollards around the Memorial Park can’t seem to get a break! The Bollards – are those upright cement parking posts that circle the park. Four dozen of them have been run over – which puts a black eye on the entire park rehabilitation project – which is only a few years old. We asked the Mayor if they are taking note, before things get out of hand. Here’s what he had to say: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City "That's an excellent question. I think that it is incumbent on the municipality to maintain facilities that are built, especially facilities that are built by way of international funding and that are paid for by tax payer funding. One of the things I will say, I don't know specifically in relation to the amount of the bollards that are damaged. I do know that the city council I saw several reports in relation to our efforts to ensure that we maintain them and we locate them in a way that doesn't encourage their damage. I remembered that again with the media; I was asked a question in relation to Battlefield park, why Battlefield park was designed the way that it was designed. And one of the reasons why we did that in terms of the cement plaza and everything like that.

    GSU Commander Says Octogenarian Too Old For A 16 Gauge
    On Friday we had the story of 82 year old Henry Cunningham, the resident of Conch Shell Bay in Belize City. The GSU confiscated his 16 gauge shotgun earlier this year – and didn’t want to return it. Now, Cunningham is a farmer – and says he uses the gun when he goes to the farm. So why won’t the GSU give him back? Commander Mark Flowers told us it’s nothing personal:… Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "It is a fact that we have retained the firearm. Mr. Cunningham as you know is an older gentleman; he's use in age, he's 82 I think. The area that he resides is an area that concerns all of us. We are retaining the firearm as a matter of public safety. The area that Mr. Cunningham lives, is not at all safe. Rather than endangering the lives of more people, we've decided to recommend the cancellation of his license; at his age a 16 gauge shotgun is not at all the best thing that an 82 year old would want to have. It is a very powerful shotgun and I don't think that it is wise and it would be wise for us to return that firearm to him in that area. We know that the likeliness of it being stolen is high, so we won't do that, wouldn't be sensible at all for us to do."

    Flowers Now A "Supt." - How Come?
    As you may have seen on his graphic, Flowers is now a Superintendent of Police. 7News has learned that he got his letter of promotion last week – and it is retroactive to the beginning of this year. A pretty nice come-up for the controversial GSU commander – and he told us it’s because the Commander post calls for that rank: Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "The post as you know is a superintendent post. The former heads of the unit were superintendent Marco Vidal and superintendent Linden Flowers. I came in as an inspector there; then I was subsequently promoted to ASP and now to superintendent. So it is a superintendent post, it is that I imagine the senior command are satisfied with the performance and therefore rewarded the performance with the or justified the post with the rank making it, make it consummate with the rank." Jules Vasquez "Is it though an indication that also; people say that you're friendly with the government of the day." Supt. Mark Flowers - Commander, GSU "And I have no apologies for that. I'm a Belizean; I have a choice to be friendly with whom I want to be friendly with."

    Steak For Saldivar
    We met Superintendent Flowers in Ladyville where he was waiting for Police Minister John Saldivar who was touring Eastern Division Rural today. That’s the final leg of his tour of the newly reconstituted Eastern Division. Rural is the largest – it goes from the Haulover Bridge to Bomba village in the northeast, Mahogany Heights in the Central and Ladyville in the east. Saldiavr told us about the challenges and the opportunities now that rural is in a zone of its own: After the steak feast – Minister Saldivar went over to Hattieville to continue his tour.

    #7-11th Weed
    Tonight, 2 men and 2 women, residents of Belize City, are out on bail for drug trafficking after police found drugs at a house where they were all hanging out. Police searched #7 Eleventh Street this morning and found a blue water bottle which contained 59 small transparent plastic bags of cannabis. Though it only amounted to 97 grams - or 3.42 ounces – that is well over the drug trafficking threshold. 31 year old Darcie Montes, 20 year old Corey Martells, 20 year old Eraini Moreira and 43 year old Sherlett Gladden were all charged with drug trafficking, and they were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. They pleaded not guilty and were released on bail of $3,000. They must return to court on a later date.

    Vision Screening For Kids - And It Only Takes A Second
    If your child is a student who is 14 or younger, the Belize Lion’s Club wants to test their sight to make sure that they don’t need glasses. It’s part of the organization’s efforts to provide young Belizeans with free eye screening, and today representatives of the Belizean and American chapters of the Lions Club stopped by to explain why your child should participate. They also showed us how the screening takes less than a second with very innovative machine: The screening will commence countrywide in September, the beginning of the school year. The Lions Clubs are committed to pay for eye glasses for children who need them, and whose parents cannot afford to pay for the treatment services.

    Principals Getting New Methods
    Today principals from all over the city met to discuss the school improvement planning and development module. The main objective is to evaluate the performance of the teachers, principals and students and to devise a plan to enhance that performance. We spoke with one of the principals today and she told us how the workshop will impact her school. The workshop began on Monday. 54 schools across the country are participating in this workshop.

    UNICOMER University
    Fourteen students from across the country have been awarded with full scholarships by Courts Unicomer. It is the 18th year since the company has been awarding hardworking students the opportunity to finish their education. A brief ceremony took place at the Radisson this morning and 7news was there. This morning 5 high school scholarships, 2 SJCJC sixth form scholarships and three for the University of Belize were given.

    Survey Says!
    An online survey on the Belize political climate done by the largely unknown Belize Independent Development Research Group concludes that Belizeans really want a third party. Of a thousand respondents, most felt the country was on the wrong track, and most felt hat the economy was the biggest problem. That sounds bad for the Barrow Administration, right? Well, sort of. The majority the respondents said that they would prefer to elects someone new rather than Dean Barrow. But, interestingly, that someone new would not be PUP Leader Francis Fonseca. 38% said they would vote for Barrow and the UDP if elections were held today while only 29% said they would vote for Fonseca and the PUP. Barrow also had a favorable view as leader OF the UDP, with 48% saying as much, while 55% had an unfavorable view of Fonseca as leader of the PUP. Most respondent’s said they would consider a third party. Again, it’s an online poll, so definitely not reflective of the electorate and also prone to manipulation, but, certainly wroth discussing.

    Channel 5

    US Authorities Investigate Triple Homicide
    There is a bone-chilling story coming out of Florida where relatives of Roaring Creek’s Russell Hyde have been murdered. The three victims are Dorla Pitts, her daughter Starlette Pitts and [...]

    Victims Had Ties to Roaring Creek
    Back here in Belize, the news has been received with shock. Dorla Pitts was the sister of Russell Hyde and Starlette was his niece. The Hydes have also experienced a [...]

    BTV Escapes Detention on Reconnaissance of Sarstoon Island
    As we have been reporting, the Belize Territorial Volunteers intend to proceed to the Sarstoon Island this weekend, without protection from the Belize Defense Force. But the situation is fraught [...]

    King Issues Advice to BTV
    We have told you about the Belize Territorial Volunteers’ near brush with Guatemalan armed forces.  Despite their narrow escape into Belizean waters, Sunday’s expedition to Sarstoon Island remains on schedule.  [...]

    U.D.P. Lake I Rep. Breaks Ground on Community Centre
    Petrocaribe is rolling into Lake Independence, as area representative Mark King broke ground this morning for a new community center. The new project, according to King, is one of several [...]

    King Goes On Political Rant on Hyde
    Of course, King took the opportunity from the podium to castigate his predecessor and present political opponent Cordel Hyde. King accuses Hyde of failing to bring necessary infrastructure and social [...]

    King Will Assume Control of Contested Property
    On April twentieth, P.U.P. Lake-I standard bearer Cordel Hyde, at the eleventh hour, prevented the demolition of a derelict bungalow situated in what is described as community space.  The abandoned [...]

    U.D.P. Rep Says Kremandala is Fair Game
    It’s no secret that Cordel Hyde is King’s arch nemesis in Lake Independence, ahead of the upcoming general elections and so are his family members squarely in King’s sights.  After [...]

    BIDRG Releases Results of Political Survey
    Still on politics….The results of a survey conducted exclusively online by a group calling themselves, the Belize Independent Development and Research Group (BIDRG) have been released and it’s causing a [...]

    Hugo Casanova Linked to Double Murder
    Alleged drug dealer Hugo Casanova, who is from Corozal, has been in detention in a Chetumal since February 2013 for drug trafficking. But Casanova is in further troubles tonight because [...]

    US Retiree Drowns Near Rainbow Beach
    As we reported in Tuesday’s newscast, the body of fifty-one year old Andy Grant of San Andres Village was found floating in the sea in Corozal Town in the morning. [...]

    UNICOMER Hands Out Nine Scholarships
    Nine students were awarded with scholarships today by UNICOMER Belize. For the past several years, we’ve covered the annual award and this year, UNICOMER says that they have increased the [...]

    CARILED Project Looks at Reforming Trade License Regime
    City Council has embarked on a project to reform and modernize the trade license regime with the view of making the taxes more equitable and less burdensome to businesses and [...]

    “Jungle” Gets a Police Makeover
    The Belize Police Department and other partners were in Pickstock early this morning doing a much needed clean up in an area popularly called “The Jungle.” There were bags and [...]


    Cane Farmers Receive Second Payment
    Today cane farmers received their much awaited second payment for the 2014/2015 crop season. But while the estimated average price of $70.45 per ton cane is said to be a record breaker, no all cane farmers are satisfied. Proof of that was this morning’s line at the banks especially in Corozal. But when we spoke to the Chairman for the Corozal Division for the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Ramon Aban, he agreed with other stakeholders that indeed the Sugar Industry got a sweet deal this year. “Es un record este ano porque el año pasado el pago final fue de $52.00 y el segundo pago conseguimos $12.58 entonces este ano estamos consiguiendo un segundo pago estimado en el mes de Agosto de $70.45 entonces muestra un récord de que este ano estamos consiguiendo de 20 a 22 según cada branch en relative quality.” But as mentioned, not every cane farmer shares Aban’s sentiments. There is certainly dissatisfaction but that too will pass, says Aban, when cane farmers receive their third payment in the month of November.

    American Retiree Apparently Drowns At Sea
    Approximately eight hours after retrieving the dead body of 41 year old Andy Grant from the sea, Corozal Police were called out to the Rainbow Beach Area in Corozal Town to deal with another apparent drowning. At around 5:00p.m police visited the Rainbow Beach Area where they saw the lifeless body of 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony. Anthony’s body had already been retrieved from the sea by passers-by. According to the wife of the deceased, Denise Anthony, they were in the Rainbow Beach area when they decided to go for a swim. Shortly after the trip turned deadly as she realized that her husband was motionless and slowly drifting away into the deep. This is when she screamed for help and caught the attention of some passers-by who rendered assistance. It was too late though as Anthony was already dead. Anthony’s body was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital and awaits a post mortem examination.

    Three Belizeans Murdered In Florida
    A Belizean residing in Lehigh Acres in the Florida state is being investigated by Lee Country Sheriffs for a triple homicide that occurred yesterday in that area. A report from Wink News in Florida indicates that the victims are Myke Kelly, who was found along with the bodies of his pregnant girlfriend, 18 year old Starlette Pitts, and Starlette’s mother, Dorla Pitts. The three bodies were found inside a home between Gunnery Road and Sunshine Boulevard. The report says a man who lived at the same address; Belizean Bryan Hyde appeared in court Wednesday morning for driving without a license. Hyde, according to our information, is related to the three victims who are also Belizeans. Hyde is said to have moved to Florida 7 months ago and was living at the same address as the victims. Here is the report aired by WINK News.

    NTV Visited The Sarstoon Island In Preparation For Expedition
    Members of The Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Northern Territorial Volunteers had a brief encounter with Guatemalan armed soldiers today as they scouted the area at the Sarstoon Island before the planned trip this coming Sunday. The Belize Territorial Volunteers are at the lead in the August 16th expedition to the Sarstoon Island in Southern Belize. Members of the Northern Territorial Volunteers are assisting in the trip which, despite warnings and requests of desisting by government and BDF officials, the groups intend to make. Today, we spoke with member of the NTV Orlando De la Fuente, who told us that they had left PG early by boat to the Island this morning. Here is his account of what happened once there. “Upon entering Sarstoon Island the Guatemalans have a marine base there and I personally think that we don’t have to check in with the Guatemala but it is customary that all Belizeans check in with the Guatemalan and the Belizean government has taken no step to stop that practice or to tell the Guatemalans to cease and decease and they insist that Belizeans both check with them at the Guatemalan base it is just a small pier.”

    Belize Independent Development Research Group Release Survey Information
    An analysis conducted by the Belize Independent Development Research Group has compiled the results of their first survey in the country with the intent to get an idea of the Belizean electorate leading up to the General Elections. The independent poll which was conducted from August 1st to 8th had the participation of one thousand online visitors. Poll takers had to answer ten multiple choice questions including those of the Party leaders of both parties and the performance of the incumbent government. And while the results varied most notable is that in several questions a lot of the participants were uncertain whether they will participate in the voting of the upcoming general elections. When asked if they think the country is headed in the right direction, or on the wrong track more than 50% of the responders said we are on the wrong track.

    Students Attending High School In Corozal Will Get Free Transportation
    The 24th of August 2015 will mark the end of the summer holiday for high school students. For some parents, especially those living in the rural areas, this means that they are once again faced with cost of food and transportation. In the Corozal District for instance traveling is a must for many students and at the end of the week commuting proves to be quite expensive. Today though, there is some good news for student’s attending three highs schools in the Corozal District and it comes in the form of free bus rides to and from school. “Since taking over the reins here in Corozal at the district education center I observed that a number of our secondary school students have been paying public transportation to get to school and so for some time I’ve been looking in to the possibility and presented a proposal and so I want for the benefit of all of our stakeholder, our Corozal community that we will now be providing a transportation free of cost, free in the sense that the student will not be paying but it is accost to taxpayer and so we want to encourage our children to capitalize on this and it is going to help parents and student they no longer have to compete with the general public in terms of finding transportation the busses will have specific routes passing certain areas so it will take them to school and then bring them from school back to their respective designated area.

    Minister of National Security Speaks On Abandoned Helicopter
    Last week we told you about an abandoned helicopter found near the Belize-Mexico border near Blue Creek IN THE Orange Walk District. As we reported, the perfectly working grey BELL-407 Helicopter with tinted windows, bearing the registration numbers N607AZ has since found residence at the BDF Headquarters in Ladyville. According to National Security Minister, John Saldivar, a time frame is given for the owner to either claim it or come forward…. According to Saldivar, after that period elapses, the chopper will remain an asset for the Belize Defense Force. “The case is still under investigation and we don’t have any leads at this time and the helicopter as far as we are concern was abandoned by whoever left it there and therefore there is a time for them to claim or to come forward and then after that it is considered as abandoned property and it will become the property of the government of Belize and an asset of the Belize Defense Force.”


    Florida Police Investigates Triple Homicide Involving Belizean Nationals
    Three Belizeans are dead following a homicide incident in Florida, USA. Reports are that the incident occurred yesterday morning just before ten o’clock Belize time or just before midday in the state of Florida. Online news articles indicate that the Lee County Sheriff’s office was called to the crime scene at the 3500 Block of […]

    Public Service Union Has New Council of Management
    This past Friday and Saturday brought changes to the Council of Management for the Public Service Union of Belize as the 93rd Annual General Meeting was held in Orange Walk Town. The meeting, held under the theme, ‘PSU: Embracing our Future; Transforming Belize; Improving Standards through Innovative Technologies’, had presentations by Sharon Frazer, the President […]

    Area Rep Breaks Ground for Lake I Community Centre
    Lake I has broken ground for their first ever community centre. Mark King, Area Representative committed to carrying out community services through programs at the centre while explaining the need of the community centre. MARK KING “Today we break ground for the first ever community center in Lake Independence. This undertaking is very special. The […]


    New Comptroller of Customs speaks on major issues
    Today was the press’ first introduction to Acting Comptroller of Customs Emil Grinage. There were several issues discussed including that employees were afraid that they would lose valuable overtime pay due to the full rollout of the ASYCUDA World system of tracking Customs transactions. As wi...

    Former PM says Guat Foreign Minister blundered about 2000 agreement
    It is no secret that the Sarstoon Island, which is enshrined in our national Anthem and even our constitution for that matter, has of recent become a controversial topic. This was following the recent standoff between the Belize Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Military on the island. Belize later we...

    Territorial Volunteers moving ahead with Sarstoon Island Rally
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers in conjunction with the Northern Territorial Volunteers are moving full steam ahead with the Sarstoon Island Rally that is scheduled for this Sunday August 16th, heedless to the many warnings from the diplomatic core and officials from the National Security. Wil Mah...

    BTB responds to Carnival report
    Monday’s press release by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) contained bombshell news – Carnival Cruise Lines seemed to be in the midst of a serious conflict with local tourism authorities including the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) concerning its future here. Ahead of the...

    Belmopan Citco Revisiting the Traffic Problems
    The Belmopan City Council is taking a comprehensive approach at solving some of the key issues surrounding traffic control in Belmopan, specifically around The Market Square Area. Yesterday on Monday, August 10th, Louise Lewis, Belmopan City councilor with responsibilities in transport held a diagno...

    Scotia Bank and Ministry of Education team up on book drive
    Reading is fundamental and with schools to re-open in the next few weeks, families are scrambling for their children’s reading material. Today Scotiabank (Belize) Limited opened a book drive in which customers are asked to donate books and other supplies at their Scotiabank branch countrywide....

    Body Found in Corozal
    Early this morning, the dead body of a man was discovered floating in the sea in the Corozal Bay. The body of the man, later identified as 41 year old Andy Grant, also known as Bamba, was found around 9:30 this morning near the area that used to be the old Corozal market. Initial police investigatio...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Trade license reform discussion continues as Chamber presents plan
    Recognizing that business are threatening to leave the Old Capital and indeed other municipalities because they believe they are being unfairly squeezed and soaked by the City and Town Halls for money they need to run municipal operations, the nine municipalities led by the Belize City Council and […]

    Primary schools work on improvement plans
    With schools set to re-open in a few weeks’ time, the men and women responsible for our children’s education are spending these last few weeks of vacation conferring about the way forward for education in Belize. 54 schools which form part of the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative […]

    Premier Football League of Belize launches opening season
    The Opening Season of the Premier League of Belize kicks off this weekend with 6 teams participating in this season’s tournament. Game 1, scheduled for Saturday, August 15 features the closing season champs, Verdes Football Club going up against the Placencia Assasins at 7:30 pm at the Norman Broaster stadium in Cayo. On the […]

    Boyfriend wanted for sex crime
    San Ignacio Police are currently looking for a male person for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse. According to police report, a 15 year old accompanied by her mother reported to officials that since July 3rd, of this year she has been sexually active with her boyfriend. The minor also […]

    Lions plan national children’s eye screening program
    Studies have shown that vision disability is the number one health issue in schools, which affect learning abilities and results in lower performances from students. To help combat this problem, the Lions Club in Belize has organized a National Children Eye Screening Programme which will commence in September. This programme […]

    Musa says PUP united
    Former Prime Minister Said Musa, who led the People’s United Party (PUP) from 1996 to 2008, appeared on The Dickie Bradley Special on Monday night on Channel 5, discussing the internal state of the PUP as well as its readiness to speak on national issues such as the Guatemala dispute. […]

    Orange Walk Selection vs Chetumal FC this Sunday
    Fresh off dates with the national senior and U-23 football teams last week during Fiestarama, two Orange Walk selections will be playing again on Sunday against visitors from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The first game kicks off at 1:00 p.m. at the Louisiana Football Field when Orange Walk […]

    Cancer foundation holds fundraiser
    Cancer Foundation, A Thousand Smiles for Cleyon, will be having a fundraiser Saturday, August 12th, in honor of Henry Griffin, a child who passed away last September while being assisted by the foundation in his battle with cancer. The event will serve to bring awareness to the rising amount of […]

    Weather improves again for mid-week
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms will affect mainly inland areas this morning, with showers becoming isolated this afternoon and tonight. Winds will be blowing from the East at 10-20 knots […]

    Belizean mother, daughter and boyfriend killed in Florida; may relative be responsible?
    Lee County, Florida, sheriffs are investigating an ugly triple homicide in the community of Lehigh Acres, Florida that took place on Tuesday. 37 year old Dorla Pitts, originally of Roaring Creek, Cayo District; her pregnant daughter, Starlette, 18; and her boyfriend, 19 year old Michael Kelly, Jr., were found dead […]

    The Perfect Time
    It may be our own feelings of fear, guilt, or shame that keeps us in a physically abusive relationship. Often, social and economic pressures compel us to stay. Sometimes we stay for lack of somewhere to go for shelter and advice, or because we feel that we love or partner and we live with the hope that he might change. If only we can “hang in there.” Tragically, in most cases, the abuse continues, for in fact his behavior may not have anything to do with our actions; it may simply be his choice to be abusive and expect us to always be submissive.

    First body retrieved from the sea in Corozal has been identified as Andy Grant
    The body of 41 year old Andy Grant, a resident of San Andres Village was retrieved from the Corozal Bay around 9:15am yesterday morning. Grants floating body was spotted near the old Market by residents in the area who reported it to the police. It is unsure if there were any signs of violence on the body. Officials transported the body to the Corozal Community Hospital but we understand that the facility’s’ morgue is out of order and as a result was transferred to the Northern Regional Hospital.


    I Say NO to Offshore Oil Exploration – It’s Not Smart for Belize
    Tourism is a major industry and key to the development of the country. Reading this gives me hope that GOB will not move forward with granting offshore oil exploration concessions and put in danger one of the most valuable resource this country has. Oceana has been the driving force for the people of Belize to fight this crazy idea that offshore oil drilling can be good. Come on! The negative impacts totally outweigh anything positive that oil drilling can bring to such a delicate environment. But this is just one victory over many more battles that the people of Belize need to win.

    More Flights. More Growth. Why Belize is Poised to Become the Next Caribbean Capital
    United, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines all recognized the need to establish North America-to-Belize routes years ago, and as traffic increased over time, flights to the Central American nation increased, too. Eager to establish its own presence in this increasingly-popular destination, Southwest Airlines just began flying to Belize as well. Now, COPA Airlines is opening routes to this emerging Caribbean epicenter by announcing direct flights from Panama City. This news of yet another airliner adding Belize routes to keep up with burgeoning traffic speaks volumes about Belize’s reputation for being one of the region’s fastest-growing commercial hubs. These airlines aren’t the only improvements helping to forge a future for Belize. Take, for example, a recent press release announcing the expansion of the Chetumal, Mexico airport. Ostensibly to help handle traffic flowing into Costa Maya, Mexico, this expansion project is also going to help Belize tourism as much because Chetumal is in close proximity to the Belize border.

    Extra Special soft opening of Stella’s Smile Wine Bar
    One of the things I love about island life is the close sense of community we have. Last Thursday a bunch of us came together for the soft opening of a new wine bar that is located 1 mile north of the bridge called Stella’s Smile. Billing itself as a “Sunset Wine Bar” it is perfectly located on the water on the lagoon side of the island with spectacular views of our Caribbean sunsets. So what exactly is a soft opening? A soft opening gives a restaurant the opportunity to practice on friends and family before the actual opening. This allows them to check for any glitches in their systems before opening to the general public so they can iron out any issues they may have. So for all of us this meant we got to experience items from their food and wine menu while watching a beautiful sunset and in this case, be a pert of David and Alisha’s equally beautiful mock wedding.

    Correspondent Fin K. Does The Costa Maya Festival in Style
    I sent out our night-time correspondent – “the fun one” – to party until dawn and then rise the next day and do it all over again. Last weekend was Costa Maya Weekend – one of the biggest party weekends in San Pedro. Fin does the Costa Maya in style. And by style? I mean one crazy shiny pink shirt. If I had to rank party weekends –> 1. Easter Weekend 2. Costa Maya Weekend 3. New Year’s Eve 4. Halloween Now for many of the party-goers, the activities take place outside the actual festival. The night clubs, the bars, the beach…all are packed with people who are just in town for a weekend of drinking and dancing. Here is a bit of Insta-Fin. Preparing for a big Saturday night out with Miss Costa Maya 2014…in pink and 2015, Miss Honduras, now Costa Maya, in yellow. Why attend the pageant when you can party with the girls?

    An Afternoon Trip on A GORGEOUS DAY Lands Me in Belize City OR Rage In Belize
    Yesterday was THE PERFECT day to head over to Caye Caulker – sunny, a slight breeze, puffy pinkish lavender clouds in the sky. I had some new things to check out – some new areas to explore. I decided to take the 1pm San Pedro Belize Express water taxi over. It’s my usual ride…my company of choice with lots more runs on the schedule than the competitors. Sigh…what a gorgeous day. I didn’t even mind sitting way in the back in the blazing sun. My ride would be short…just 25 minutes to Caye Caulker. And then…after 25 minutes, I watched us approaching Caye Caulker from the wrong side…we…OH SHIT…we are not stopping on the island. I charged upstairs to have a word with my captain. He wasn’t concerned. I’m just the driver and THIS is an express boat to BELIZE CITY. I stomped downstairs (as best one can do on a moving boat) and ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

    A Vacation Guide on the Best Water Sports in Belize
    Water sports in Belize is a perfect activity for anyone who’s looking for fun and adventure. Read through this water sports guide to help you make the most of this must-do in Belize. Water sports in Belize offers a great way to enjoy the country’s waters and add adventure andWater sports in belize excitement to your vacation. Belize’s coastline is mainly known for its fishing and diving, but it’s also a great backdrop for various watersports. The calm waters and steady winds provided by the barrier reef make for smooth sails off the coast. For those who are looking to doing more than just enjoy the scenery, add adventure on the water with this must-do Belize activity. But take note that even when all the islands and coastal beaches offer some kind of watersports, the availability of equipment can vary. Read on for a short description if the water sports things to do in these different places to help you pick where to go.

    International Sourcesizz

    Find Fulfillment by Starting a Business Abroad
    On my first trip to Granada, Nicaragua several years ago, I stopped in a small bookshop in the historic colonial quarter, just a few blocks from the main square. It was evident the owner—an expat from California—was a lover of literature. Classics…science fiction…travelogues…histories…and more lined the shelves. As I chatted to him, it emerged that he got started when he was just passing through Granada and, looking to make a bit of extra travel money…he laid books out on a blanket on the street to sell. He did well, so he decided to stick and moved his wares to a shelf in a donut shop. Then he moved to his current location in a restored colonial building. I haven’t been back lately but following the store on Facebook, I see he’s expanded into the space next door and business is thriving. It’s gratifying to see someone find their true calling…to be able to make a good living following their passion. And that’s just one of the many expat businesses I’ve seen on my travels in places like Belize…the Riviera Maya, Mexico…Costa Rica…and Nicaragua.

    Switzerland, Belize Sign TIEA
    Switzerland and Belize signed a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) on August 10, 2015. The agreement is Switzerland's ninth TIEA. It provides for the exchange of information upon request. It covers Swiss federal, cantonal, and communal taxes on income and capital, and the cantonal and communal inheritance and gift taxes. In the case of Belize, it covers the income tax, business tax, and general sales tax. The agreement must now be approved by the Swiss parliament and may be subjected to a referendum before it can enter into force. The cantons and business associations have already expressed their support for the deal.

    Short Interest Update on Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CWCO)
    A reduction of 9,620 shares or 1.7% was observed in the short interest of Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. – Ordinary Shares The interest on July 31,2015 came in at 558,571 shares and as per the average daily trading of 123,175 shares, the days to cover are 5. The reduced interest is 3.9% of the floated shares. The data of July 15,2015 put the interest at 568,191 shares. The information was released by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc (FINRA) on August 11th-2015. The company shares have rallied 5.86% in the past 52 Weeks. On June 26, 2015 The shares registered one year high of $13.75 and one year low was seen on December 16, 2014 at $8.41. The 50-day moving average is $12.63 and the 200 day moving average is recorded at $11.75. S&P 500 has rallied 8.81% during the last 52-weeks.

    Fortis Inc To Go Ex-Dividend on August 17th (FTS)
    Fortis (TSE:FTS) announced a quarterly dividend on Wednesday, May 6th, Market Beat reports. Shareholders of record on Wednesday, August 19th will be given a dividend of 0.34 per share on Tuesday, September 1st. This represents a $1.36 annualized dividend and a yield of 3.56%. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Monday, August 17th. Several equities research analysts have issued reports on the stock. Barclays lowered their price target on shares of Fortis from C$42.00 to C$38.00 and set an “equal weight” rating for the company in a research report on Tuesday, August 4th. TD Securities reduced their price objective on shares of Fortis from C$47.00 to C$46.00 and set a “buy” rating for the company in a research note on Tuesday, August 4th. Finally, Scotiabank restated a “sector outperform” rating and set a C$43.00 price target on shares of Fortis in a research note on Tuesday, August 4th. Two investment analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and four have assigned a buy rating to the stock. Fortis presently has a consensus rating of “Buy” and an average target price of C$41.83.


  • Recycling for a better life, 3.5min. The Solid Waste Management Project has enhanced the environment for Belize as well as improved working conditions for the recyclers.

  • San Pedro 3rd Annual Summer Music Camp 2015, 5min. It just takes three weeks for Cuban music teacher Carlos Perrote to bring out the musician in students who participate in his Summer Music Camp in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Belize 2015 final, 3.5min. Loyola students in Belize, 2015.

  • Day 2 of steel pan drumming lessons, 10sec.

  • Belize Mission Trip Service, 83min. Five members of the team talk about their experiences on the Belize mission field.

  • BELIZE!!! Day 1 :), 4min. The Wallace's are back at it again!

  • Belize scuba diving, 9min.

  • Wings of Hope, 20min. This documentary chronicles the re-discovery of a population of wild Harpy Eagles in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize. and the history of the BFREE and UNCW initiative born from this discovery – the Integrated Community-based Harpy Eagle and Avian Conservation Program. Created by Emmy-award winning filmmakers, Richard and Carol Foster of Wildlife Film Productions, this film is rich with breath-taking footage of adult and juvenile Harpy eagles and other wildlife and vistas found in the pristine tropical forests of the Bladen Nature Reserve. Over the seven year duration of the project, the Fosters followed the local people involved as they transition from trainees to conservationists and their lives are changed through their efforts to save this rare bird and its diminishing habitat.

  • shark belize, 6min. Piot Family in Belize 2015.

  • Belize Trip 2015---Bethel University, 25min. Bethel University's 2015 trip to Belize!

  • Belize Cancer Society Cervical Cancer ad, 1.5min.

  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas durante minha viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, Caye Caulker, La Paz-Baja California, Isla Espiritu Santo...

  • mammals of Belize - Video Learning -, 2min. This is a list of the "mammal species recorded in Belize". These are the mammal species in Belize, of which 0 are critically endangered, 2 are endangered, 3 are vulnerable, and 3 are near-threatened. One species has been classified as extinct.

    August 12, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Costa Maya Festival 2015
    The 2015 International Costa Maya Festival® has come and gone, leaving only memories of the beauty, talent and great music shared over the three-night celebration. Brought to attendees by a hard-working committee and volunteers, Costa Maya featured a medley of dancers, musicians, beauty contestants, games, food and drinks galore. In 1991, a group of like-minded businesspeople and citizens sought to bring business during the ‘slow season’ to La Isla Bonita, and truly, the Costa Maya Festival has evolved from its beginnings as the Sea & Air Festival. If the hotel bookings, golf cart rentals, daytime entertainment and nightclubs’ parties are anything to go by; the initial goal has been met: the island thrives over the festival weekend. After the election of the new beauty ambassador for the Costa Maya Festival, the following night of events features more cultural display. But before the performances could begin, it was time for reflection and giving their speeches, which highlighted the purpose of the festival. San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Minister of Tourism and Culture Manuel Heredia Jr. both spoke of the need to support the festival, especially as the rewards are clearly visible in the way that business was booming around town during the festival. They encouraged businesses who have not joined the list of sponsors to join in next year’s event, as the festival is a community celebration for all.

    Ambergris Today

    Costa Maya Festival Wraps Up Busy Weekend in San Pedro
    Bringing life to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye during the slow season, the Costa Maya Festival proves that people just want to get away for the weekend to enjoy sun, sand and sea with a little top-notch entertainment in the mix. The festival managed to pack the island with visitors from around the country who were looking for a fun-filled weekend. Besides the main events during the evening at the festival grounds, the island was teeming with activities, mostly beach parties that attract the young party revelers. Hotels and golf cart rentals were booked up and the town was in overdrive. During the evening, the Costa Maya Festival brought the island to life with great entertainment from around the region commencing with the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant kick-starting all the festivities and crowning the new Miss Costa Maya 2015 whose title went to Miss Honduras.

    Sancas Realty Breaks Ground For San Cas Plaza Commercial Project On Ambergris Caye
    SANCAS Realty, a wholly owned subsidiary of Santiago Castillo, Limited, broke ground on Monday, August 10, 201, on a new commercial real estate project next to Tropic Air at San Pedro airport. The two-story building will be a modern commercial plaza delivering high quality retail and office space to the heart of the town. “We are extremely excited to bring this project to San Pedro,” said Gil Castillo, President, SANCAS Realty. “The growth of Ambergris Caye has been amazing. As our community expands, we need to invest in additional retail and office space to help support local business. San Cas Plaza will provide essential commercial real estate inventory for marquee tenants.” SANCAS Realty, the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for Belize, will serve as the anchor tenant for the building. Founded in London in 1766, Christie’s is the world’s most exclusive real estate brand, encompassing a network of top luxury brokers and agents from around the globe.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Corozal banking lines today
    Today there will be long cues of people at the different banks in town. The second payment of sugar cane deliveries to the BSI/ASR sugar mill are due today. Congratulations to all our hardworking cane farmers in Corozal. We know the struggle is real. Today the expenses to harvest and transport the sugar cane depending on the distance could be over 50% of the overall payment which is broken in three parts. The third and final payment is made before Christmas. Now farmers have to budget to buy chemicals, fertilizers and prepare their lands until then. Having to deal with a very low payment for their crop in 2017 is something they must mitigate and be prepared for. During the 70's when our farmers received the best payment ever, the cost to harvest and deliver the sugar cane to the mill was under 10% of what they collected.

    Power interruption 7:00am to 1:30pm, Thursday, August 13, Orange Walk & Corozal
    San Lorenzo, San Luis, San Jose, San Pablo, San Juan, Douglas, Buena Vista, Caledonia, Progresso, Santa Clara and San Roman A 2-hour power interruption from 7:00am to 9:00am will also affect San Antonio and Santa Cruz. BEL to replace utility poles and conductor grips on the power distribution system in the area.

    Paint N Splash "Plumerias"
    Come paint with us this Thursday at Crazy Canucks!

    Mr. Fernando Perez Sr. passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Perez family & friends on the passing of Mr. Fernando Perez Sr. also known as "Tin Tan". May his soul rest in peace. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos del Sr. Fernando Perez Sr. mejor conocido como "Tin Tan". Que en paz descanse.

    Linda Sanpedrana - Semifinal
    The Miss San Pedro and Hotel Los Cocos present the Linda Sanpedrana - Semifinal Stage to be held on August 15 in Chetumal, Mexico! Everyone is invited to come witness the Miss San Pedro Contestants in their first public debut! For bookings for overnight stay at Hotel los Cocos you can contact them at Tels: +52 (983) 835 04 30 or by email at [email protected] A show YOU do not want to miss! **Please note that this event DOES NOT in any any way affect the final results of the Miss San Pedro Pageant 2015.

    Commentary: Granting Belizeans their citizenship rights will have to come
    By Wellington C. Ramos. My country of Belize and the developing countries of the world desperately need the involvement of their citizens abroad to become a competitive nation in this world. Today these nations depend on financial and other resources that their people send home to support a majority of their citizens. Without these resources these nations would be forced to borrow more money to govern their countries and sustain their dependent nations. Some of the people who reside in Belize and these developing countries profit and remain in power because of their citizens’ economic conditions. They believe and practice that if we make our citizens more economically secure, they will lose their political power. Holding on to their political power is more important to them than to grant their natural born Belizean citizens their constitutional rights as citizens of Belize.

    American retiree drowns
    With less than twelve hours apart, Corozal Police have retrieved a second lifeless body from the Corozal Bay. Information is that a little after 4:00 p.m., 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony went swimming with his wife Denise Anthony at the Rainbow Beach. Denise reported to police that shortly after she noted that her husband seemed to be motionless floating in the water. She then attempted to reach him but the tides drifted him away. With the help of some residents who were int he area, they managed to retrieve the lifeless body. The body of Jimmy R. Anthony now lies at the Northern Regional Hospital awaiting a post mortem examination.

    Channel 7

    BTB Says COLA Crying Wolf Over Carnival Cruise Line Cancellations
    Last night the headline on the news was that Carnival Cruise Line had canceled 14 cruise ship calls to Belize. A release from COLA said that the tourism industry was in jeopardy of losing $2.5 million dollars in revenue, all because Carnival was supposedly dissatisfied with the tendering process. Well, the Belize Tourism Board has responded saying that COLA misinterpreted the emails that they were trying to quote. This afternoon, BTB's Director of Destination Planning and Cruise hosted a press briefing in which he explained that indeed 14 calls have been cancelled, but not because Carnival is pushing for a proper cruise port to be built in Belize City. Here's how he explained it: Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning and Cruise "I just want to clarify some misinterpretations because yes, let me first say that Carnival did redeployed two ships which affected our call schedule by 14 calls for 2016. But this is a normal part of our scheduling process. Every year we have a process where they book calls, so they hold certain call positions to ensure that their ships can call on Belize.

    Customs Cuts Overtime Amidst Record Revenue, Officers Not Happy
    For some time now, we've been getting reports of discontent within the Customs Department. And, it's all about money - how much more government is getting, and how much less the officers are getting because of a drastic cutback in overtime. The sharp increase in revenue to government is thanks to the full implementation of a new computerized system of revenue collection called Asycuda (Asi-Cuda) World. Customs administrators say that not only does it bring in more revenue for government, it also reduces the number of man hours needed to run the revenue collection process. They say that lessens the need for overtime - which is fine and well on paper, but for years, the significant extra earnings from overtime have made up a significant portion of an officer's salary. So, cutting overtime is like cutting their pay and our information says that they are not happy about it - and already junior officers have been calling in sick to their stations. Today, we got an opportunity to speak with the new acting Comptroller of Customs, Emil Grinage, who granted his first interview since taking over the office in November of last year. He told us that while there is the overtime implication, his responsibility is to improve efficiency and cut back on unnecessary expenses to the Government:

    Senator Ray Went Away, But Told Mora First
    What will be the fate of Labour Senator Ray Davis? It was all over the news when he missed the last Senate Meeting on July first - and at least one honcho from the NTUCB called for his resignation or removal. That, of course, is Vice President Audrey Matura Shepherd who didn't mince words on July first - when she Said Davis left town and didn't tell anyone:.. Audrey Matura-Shepherd, 2nd Vice President - NTUCB "It is at that point that then we later found out that he is not in the country which by protocol, he should have informed us he is not going to be in the country, because it became public knowledge by all mediums and through emails with him that the House of Representatives was meeting on the 26th of June and so everybody know that immediately thereafter there will be a senate debate. He never informed us that he would not be in the country. So, unfortunately we were not able to confirm his absence out of the country until Sunday. He is nor keeping up to his obligation. He does not engage. He does not come to meetings and where we have falter, we have tried to put in the mechanism and now he has leaves the country without telling us."

    41 Year Old Washes Up In Corozal
    This morning at 9:15, in Corozal Town police were called to fish a body out of the Bay in an area near the old market. It was 41 year old Andy Grant from San Andres Village. Police removed the body and took it to the morgue. At this time they don't know the cause of death, and they are not saying if foul play was involved or if the body bore any signs of violence. His family told CTV-3 that they last saw him yesterday and he told them he was planning to enter a rehabilitation program for his drinking problem.

    Pregnant Pause: A Craving For Conch
    Yesterday we told you about the taxi van full of fishermen carrying illegal conch. It was busted by a Ladyville police patrol where they found 50 pieces of out of season conch. Well today five of the fishermen in the van were taken to court and charged with possession of conch during closed season. Damien Nah copped a plea and spared the four others. He pled guilt before Magistrate Rogers and was fined 500 dollars plus 20 dollars for each conch. The charge was withdrawn from the others who included Ronald Escobar, Julian Cob, Fonciano Coco Sr. Jr. and taxi driver Carlos Turcios. But, it's wasn't just a random out of season catch - could it have been a pregnancy craving for conch? Nah said that he was taking the conch for his wife who is pregnant. The men were headed to Orange Walk - and the taximan picked them up in front of the Northern Co-Op.

    Where Do The Guns Come From?
    Where do all the guns come from? IT's a question that has no easy answers - if it has any at all. But, for sure, many of them do come in through regulated border crossings and ports of entry - passing right beneath the noses of customs examiners. It's a problem throughout Central America, which - between Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala and Belize is the deadliest area on earth. That's what the Central American Program on Small Arms and Light Weapons Control, CASAC wants to combat. This morning they pulled together 39 police and customs officers at the Customs Department Office in Port Loyola, Belize City, for the first of a 3 day training on how to stop weapons from coming into the country. CASAC has brought in experts on how to detect and interdict weapons smuggling. We spoke with the facilitators: Rafael Donis - Firearms Expert, CASAC "It's a training program based on firearms controls and it also deals with the logistical details guarding, protecting the borders, the entry points and they will also be covering details on how different criminal elements try to hide the firearms in smaller pieces and disguise them in other forms and then bring them through water, land and through air."

    Unregulated Customs Crossings Could Come Under Manners
    Of course, many weapons also come in through unregulated border crossings such as those at Jalacte in the South and Botes in the north. He told us that there is a plan, in initial stages to put a customs outpost in Jalacte: Emil Grinage - Acting Comptroller of Customs "There are plans for Jalacte and like I said the problem with our country is that we are seated two develop countries, Mexico and Guatemala and they have products that they could overwhelmed us with. Right now even at this time in September, it's easy to just cross across the river. It becomes at time a little bit difficult to man because of this - the geography of the place. But that's what happens when you have neighbors like that who are very developed. They will overwhelmed you." Daniel Ortiz "Can you expand anymore on what is the timeline and the actual structures that will be put in place at Jalacte? Are those plans that well developed?"

    Is Customs Causing Prices To Go Up?
    And while hundreds of persons go though the back every week without having to pay a dollar on their contraband, those who do things the right way, and go through the front, have to pay duty. Regular folks - and importers - often complain that the import duties are too high. The acting comptroller says that as an importer, it's your responsibility to question the customs officer charging you the duty, much the same way you would question a grocer about the prices on items on his or her shelves: Daniel Ortiz "How is that system caught up so that there is that element of transparency that there is no overcharging, because that's a concerned that people have, that there is this perception, even if it is wrong." Emil Grinage - Acting Comptroller of Customs "Well it's a simple process. If you approach any custom officer and you are importing goods and you have your declaration form. By law we have to show why we are charging you certain amounts. We have our tariffs and you supposed to ask to see in the tariff. So if you are over charged it's because you are not interested in asking. If you think you are being over charged, it's because are not ask what you need you ask. Just like when you walked into a shop and they are selling something for such a price, you could ask why so high? What's the markup, what the duty on it?"

    Southside Strike Team Got Guns
    We've told you a lot about the community policing work that the Eastern Division Southside Formation has been doing, but they also have a strike team to do the dirty work. That team scored big between yesterday evening and this morning when they brought in two guns and over a pound of marijuana from various Southside locations. They got a loaded 38 revolver, a loaded 9 millimeter pistol with an extended clip, as well as 21 ounces of weed. All items were labeled and deposited as "FOUND PROPERTY."

    Territorial Volunteers To Sarstoon, Defiantly
    Sarstoon Island... lately, it's been in the news a lot, ever since the revelation that the Guatemalan Government was opposed to the Coast Guard building a forward operating base. And while they argue about a base, the Belize Territorial Volunteers say they want to simply plant the Belizean flag there. So they are going there defiantly on Sunday for their next patriotic outing. The leaders told us why today: Orlando De La Fuente - Member, Northern Territorial Volunteers "Our bus is departing Orange Walk at 12 midnight. We hope to be in PG by 6AM and have some breakfast, stretch our legs and then we will arrive at the staging point which has now been identified as Barranco Village. That's going to be at 9AM. So from Barranco Village, we will have the boats departing to the Sarstoon which is about 2 miles away and we have a list of activities planned for that day. We are going to raise the Belize flag, we are going to sing the National Anthem and we have a keynote speaker that we are going to feature."

    Police end Search For 10 Year Old
    Police have stopped searching for 10 year old Jason Pau. The child went missing went missing on Friday, July 31st on a summer camp trip at the Blue Creek Cave in Punta Gorda. He was on a cave tubing trip with a group of American Missionaries. Now, police say they were forced to give up on the search last week - and are hoping that the public sees something or that the child's body surfaces. Until the body appears, police say, no charges can be contemplated against anyone involved in his disappearance. His parents from Elridgeville have resigned themselves to his loss but are still crying out for the closure of having his remains to bury.

    Shot By Cops, Man Says For No Reason
    Robert Flores was shot by police yesterday - and today he want to court charged for damage to property. Flores was charged for damage to property for trying to strip the copper out of the electrical line into "A and R" store on the northern highway in Belize City - causing $1,500 in damages. He told the court that he had already surrendered to police when they shot him twice in the foot, once in his instep and once in his toe - which severed the toe. Magistrate Rogers offered Flores bail of $800 plus one surety of the same amount. But he was unable to meet it by 12 noon and he was taken into custody at the Queen Street Police Station and he was seen hopping into the police van.

    Harvest Caye Coming, Quickly
    The issue of Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye Cruise Port in the south is still caught up in the Supreme Court after the Belize Tourism Industry Association sued the Government for allegedly fast-tracking it to the construction stage. Justice Courtney Abel is handling that one, but in the meantime, the cruise company moves forward with their construction, and right now, they are in the late stages of that process. The cruise port should be ready to open in February 2016, and today the BTB Director of Cruise and Destination Planning, it continues to meet the preparation timelines: Valdemar Andrade - Director, Destination Planning and Cruise "From the last time that we met, the project is on schedule for February 2016. That's when we are looking to have the first call at Harvest Caye. From the government side, we have an adhoc ports committee that has all the relevant agencies included on it. We have a meeting this afternoon to ensure that the government side is still ready for the original date of October 2015, to ensure that from the government side we are ready to have full operations on Harvest Caye."

    Banking on Books
    SCOTIABANK wants your child to read. And that is why they has launched a Children's Book Drive countrywide. The book drive is a month-long initiative that is expected to collect hundreds of children books and school books from its staff and customers around the country. The books will then be donated to the most deserving schools in September when the new school year begins. 7news was at the launch this morning. Books can be dropped off at any Scotiabank branch around the country.

    Berne Does Central America
    Last night, on the news, we showed you our interview with local artist Berne Velasquez, as he prepares to take the stage in the finals of this year's National Song Competition. But, that's going to be a rare sight for his Belizean fans, since he's been Central America for the last few years trying to promote his music and grow his fan base. We asked him what he's been up to, and why he's stayed away for so long, and he said that he's still chasing that dream of being Belize's most successful deportee: You can catch Berne in action on Friday night in the finals of the National Song Competition. He'll be performing his song called, "Bruk Wah Sweat".

    Channel 5

    B.T.B. Confirms Carnival Cancellations
    The Belize Tourism Board confirmed at noon today that indeed a total of fourteen calls have been canceled from this destination for the 2016 season when Carnival Cruise Lines plans [...]

    Andrade Says the B.T.B. is Working to Improve Visitor Experience
    According to Andrade, the reason for the number of cancellations is that both vessels would have visited Belize an average of seven times each during the course of the high [...]

    Cancellation Shortfalls Can Be Offset By Larger Ships
    Despite the fact that guest experiences aren’t ideally what they should be for visitors remaining in Belize City; the Belize Tourism Board is drawing on know-how from experts abroad to [...]

    Andrade Says COLA Figures Are Incorrect
    When asked if COLA’s projections for losses of two point five million dollars in revenue are accurate, Andrade says that the figures are erroneous due to constant changes with the [...]

    Former PM Says P.U.P. Does Not Support Going to the ICJ
    On another issue of national importance, the P.U.P. does not support going to the International Court of Justice to resolve Guatemala’s territorial claims to Belize at this time. This is [...]

    Should G.O.B. offer protection to Territorial Volunteers on their Sarstoon Island Expedition?
    And our question for tonight is: As Belizean citizens, do you think the government should offer protection to the Belize Territorial Volunteers on their expedition to the Sarstoon Island? Send [...]

    B.T.V. Heads to Sarstoon this Weekend
    The Territorial Volunteers will be leading an expedition to Sarstoon Island, located in the extreme South of Belize on Sunday with or with protection from the B.D.F.  The last time [...]

    Harvest Caye to Commence Operations in February 2016
    Back to the tourism industry…Will Harvest Caye be ready for its initial launch date?  Viewers would recall that the controversial, mega million-dollar, tourism development project off the coast of Placencia [...]

    GST Department Criticized by Magistrate
    The General Sales Tax Department is taking businesswoman, Komal Bhojwani of Icon Belize Ltd. to court for non-filing of GST returns for the period of December 2014 to May 2015. [...]

    Man Shot by Police Arraigned for Damage to Property
    A man, who was allegedly shot by police following reports that he was damaging electrical wires and pipe lines at A&R compound, was today arraigned on a single charge of [...]

    Two Bodies Pulled out of Corozal Bay
    Two men drowned in the Caribbean Sea in Corozal Town today within hours of each other. Around five-thirty this evening, the body of a man discovered floating in the sea [...]

    Customs and Police Departments Take Firearms Training
    The introduction of illegal firearms presents a huge challenge for the region; this week a training exercise is taking place in Belize with the support of Central American Integration System, [...]

    Is Belize Facing Danger of Bankruptcy?
    An article entitled “Seven Countries Near Bankruptcy” was published on August eighth listing Belize, along with Jamaica, Argentina, Belarus, Greece, Venezuela and Ukraine, as countries in precarious financial state and [...]

    Former PM Blames G.O.B. for Bank of America Severing Ties
    Two major banks in Belize – one local and the other international – have lost their correspondent banking relationship with Bank of America. It’s a serious blow for customers who [...]

    Musa Says P.U.P. Will Unite for General Elections
    News Five has been able to confirm that ten Standard Bearers that comprise the original G-twelve met with P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca on Monday. Details are sketchy, but we understand [...]

    1000 Smiles Hosts Event in Belmopan
    A Thousand Smiles For Cleyon will be in Belmopan this weekend. The foundation which assists children with Cancer will be hosting a fundraiser in the memory of Henry Griffin who [...]

    Belize Fashion Week Kicks off in the City
    Starting on Thursday night, throes of designers, models and supporters of the fashion industry will be in Belize City for the staging of the Belize Fashion Week. Since its inception, [...]


    Corozal Police Investigates The Death Of Andy Grant
    Tonight uncertainty surrounds another death in Corozal Town. At about 9:15 this morning the lifeless body of 41 year old Andy Grant from San Andres Village was found floating in the sea close to where the old market was. Grants body was retrieved by police and taken to the Corozal Community Hospital Morgue. But we understand that the morgue is not functioning, hence why Grants body was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. Today when we spoke to family members of the deceased they told us that they last saw him alive yesterday morning. According to them, Grant was planning on joining a rehab program as he had a drinking problem. Police are yet to ascertain how grant ended in the sea and what caused his death. They would not say if any signs of violence were visible on the body. We will have more on this story in our subsequent newscast.

    Moody's Investor Service Says Belize In Danger Of Bankruptcy
    Belize is in danger of bankruptcy and default. Well, that is what a report from the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service and reported on by the Hot Stock Market and Financial Message Board, says. The report says that already Argentina has defaulted on its debt, according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. But that country is not alone in its struggle to pay debts in recent years. Moody’s reports that some elven countries are at risk of default, quote, “ranging from Greece and Ukraine in Europe, to Pakistan in Asia, to Ecuador, Venezuela, and Belize in South America. These nations also suffer from vastly different problems. Some nations, such as Ukraine and Egypt, owe their recent downgrades to political conditions. Others, such as Belize and Ecuador, have actually been upgraded in recent years based on their improved financial positions,” unquote.

    Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez Goes Back To Court, Case Adjourned
    The People’s United Party’s Orange Walk East Area Representative Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez was scheduled to be back in court today after being arraigned on six charges stemming from allegations made by a pair of minors. Viewers may recall that Mendez was arraigned in Orange Walk Town before magistrate Murlene Moody on February third where he was read a list of counts, including aggravated assault of an indecent nature and common assault. Those allegations stem as far back as 2005. And since the allegations surfaced, Mendez has gone on record to state that his innocence will be proven in court. Today, the session was adjourned for Monday August 17th since there was no Magistrate available. Reports also suggest that an additional charge of attempted carnal knowledge will be levied against Mendez by orders of the DPP. It is yet unknown if that charge will be issued upon Mendez at his next court date.

    Residence Concern About Broken Guardrail At The Toll Bridge
    Following a tragic traffic mishap that claimed the life of Orange Walk businessman Leonel Guerra, some concern is being raised about the slow response to repair the broken guardrail from the Toll Bridge. Viewers may recall that about two weeks ago, Guerra was travelling back home from Belize City at around three in the morning when his vehicle rammed through the guardrail of the Tower Hill Bridge near the toll booth and plummeted into the New River. And while it is anyone’s guess as to when the repairs will be made, it is of note that the Toll Bridge booth was implemented so as to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the bridge. From what we understand, the toll booth on average collects about $500.00 dollars a day. Our attempts to get comment from the Ministry of Works have gone unanswered. As is our civic duty, we will keep the pressure on the authorities since the unattended guardrail poses a significant risk to commuters and pedestrians.

    Three Lucky Recipients Receive Scholarship From LICU
    This afternoon three recently graduated primary school students were handed a check each by La Inmaculada Credit Union officials just in time for the new school year. The scholarship program begun in 2004 and the LICU has assisted over twenty students since. Today, Acting General Manager, Yadeli Urbina, handed out new scholarship to Amy Hernandez, Perla Martinez and Kevin Garcia. “We are hopeful that as the years go by and our membership increases and our surplus increases we will be able to assist far more students because we think that education is an important process and an important aspect that if you develop we will be able to get a better community and a better country.”

    Teachers Larn About Open Education Management Information System Software
    All across the country, teachers, administrators and principals are currently engaged in several training sessions. That is because the Ministry of Education is embarking in its CPD Professional Development training where school leaders are learning to computerize vital information about their students, teachers and schools in the hope that timely interventions can be put in place. Today we stopped by at the Orange Walk Technical High School where these educators were learning more about Open Education Management Information System. Bernardino Pech, the Research and Planning Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, told us more about the initiative.

    Illegal Entry Of Belize's Sugar Into Mexico Affecting Local Producers
    Sugar smuggled into Mexico is reportedly causing a great loss for the local sugar producers in the southern part of that country. The Mexican press reported today that only some five percent of the local production can be commercialized due to illegal entry of Belizean sugar into the country. Officials are saying that it is difficult to quantify the amount of sugar entering Mexico from Belize since there is little to limited vigilance at the borders. In a report aired by Notivision in Chetumal Quintana Roo, officials complain about the situation. Here is that report. Officials say that the factory buys bulks of sugar at 420 pesos or approximately 58 dollars. This is then sold on the local market for just over 500 pesos or about 69 dollars which gives the producer a profit of about eleven dollars. The sugar smuggled in from Belize on the other hand is being sold for way less that 400 pesos or about 55 dollars. Officials add that given the facts, it is difficult to match these costs, especially since families in southern Mexico depend on it.


    Territorial Volunteers Plan Trek to the Sarstoon Despite Advice from BDF
    Last Friday, the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones discouraged the territorial volunteers from going through with their plans to travel the Sarstoon Island in southern Belize. While Jones cited several reasons for his advice, the trip remains in place and according to Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers the […]

    Fishermen Caught With Conch Outside Season
    Damien Nah, one of five fishermen charged with possession of conch during closed season, was fined a total of one thousand four hundred and forty dollars today by Magistrate Deborah Rogers after he pled guilty to the charge. He was fined five hundred dollars plus twenty dollars for each conch. He was given by October […]

    LICU Plans for Special Meeting Following Membership Petition
    The Board of Directors of La Inmaculada Credit Union has responded to the request of a group of members who had collected signatures to prompt an Annual General Meeting. Through a press release yesterday, the credit union announced that it will be holding a Special General Meeting instead of its already overdue AGM. The announcement […]

    Conference on Open Schooling Underway in Belize
    Belize is hosting the first Regional Conference on Open Schooling. Stakeholders such as lecturers, students and specialists in the education field from Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and some Caribbean countries are a part of the conference facilitated by the Commonwealth Open Schooling Association, COMOSA- Canada Caribbean Chapter. The conference is being held under […]

    Robbery at M Business Solutions
    There was a robbery today at around three thirty this afternoon at M Business Solutions on Freetown Road.Details have not been forthcoming as yet but we understand that a number of cellphones were stolen during the robbery. We will have more on this story in our subsequent news report.

    Man drowns in Corozal
    A man drowned this morning in the Corozal Bay. Information to Love News is that sometime around 8:30, forty one year old Andy Grant also known as Bamba threw himself into the sea behind the old market area in Corozal Town and did not emerge. We understand that going to swim at the sea is […]

    Employee Gets Caught Stealing
    Twenty year old Tyrone King, an electrician of Gwen Lizarraga Street who it is alleged dishonestly appropriated for himself a water pump valued at two thousand two hundred dollar, was charged with theft when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. King pled not guilty to the charge. He was released on a bail of […]


    Man dies due to Hit and run in the North
    26 year old Roberto Tzul was the victim of a fatal road traffic accident in Orange Walk over the weekend. According to Authorities, police were called out to an area on the San Antonio Road, Orange Walk, around midday on Sunday, where they saw the motionless body of 26 year old Roberto Tzul of Augus...

    BDF asserts right to work in Sarstoon area
    While refraining from any suggestion of impropriety on his part, Commander of the Belize Defence Force Brigadier General David Jones has refuted the position of Guatemalan foreign minister Carlos Morales as presented a few weeks ago that Belize nor Guatemala would increase the number of military bas...

    PM says Guat Foreign Minister “misspoke” over bases
    On Sunday , Prime Minister Dean Barrow acknowledged that the Guatemalan Foreign Minister’s statement was in fact made in error. But what was apparently more important to the PM was that Guatemala had acquiesed to the construction. He told us more. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “I completely accep...

    Public Park In Private Hands
    When the City of Belmopan was being mapped out and the different zones were being subdivided, the different subdivisions had to leave not less than 7% of the subdivision for green an open spaces, as mandated by statute law under the land utilization act. Parcel number 6064, located in the Maya Mopan...

    Teen Wanted for Burglary
    A petty burglary has made one teenager the subject of an ongoing police search. According to authorities from Orange Walk, on Saturday, a store in San Jose Palmar Village, in Orange Walk, was broken into but unfortunately for the burglar, he was quickly identified with the aid of security video cam...

    Carnival Cruises unhappy with experiences in Belize?
    On the heels of news of a slight downturn in overnight tourist arrivals over the first four months of 2015, there is potentially troubling news in the cruise tourism sector. Reports indicate that Carnival Cruise Lines has written the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announcing 14 cancellations of cruises ...

    Farewell, First Caribbean; most workers’ jobs safe
    First Caribbean International Bank is selling its local operations to Heritage Bank after more than 60 years of operation dating back to the days of Barclays Bank. The primary concern remained ensuring the safety of 60 workers’ jobs. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reports that most of tho...


    Despite dry, hot weather, dengue cases spike
    Bloodsucking mosquitos which transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria tend to become more common with more frequent rains, but despite unseasonably dry and hot spells over most of Belize in the recent months, the country has seen a spike in dengue cases, due largely to an outbreak reported in Toledo, southern Belize, where the number of dengue cases up to the end of July has increased almost 9-fold over the same period last year. Last year, Belize City was the location of greatest concern, with the number of dengue cases, and also the potentially deadly dengue hemorrhagic cases, being most plentiful in that municipality. This year, the number of dengue cases in the Belize District has dropped from 107 for the first 7 months of 2014 to 58 for the same period this year. According to Kim Bautista, Chief of Operations for Belize’s National Vector Control Program, nationally, the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue has increased by 16% for the period stretching from the start of the year to the end of July.

    KHMH resumes elective surgeries
    Dr. Adrian Coye, chief executive officer of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), the national referral hospital and the only public hospital in Belize City, today confirmed that the hospital has resumed elective surgeries, which hospital authorities said had been suspended for a week because of an overwhelming influx of trauma cases. According to a press release from the KHMH, dated August 5, the hospital was flooded with emergency cases coming not only from Belize City, but also from the other public hospitals countrywide. Tylon Tillett, acting public relations manager of the hospital, told Amandala: “It is a balancing act the hospital finds itself doing, since they only have a limited amount of beds to accommodate their patients.” The KHMH has roughly 130 beds, but only 28 of those are for the surgical ward.

    Wil Maheia defies GOB and General Jones!
    The leader of the nationalistic organization, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), Wil Maheia, told Amandala this afternoon that despite a singular lack of support from the Government of Belize and BDF Commandant, Brigadier General David Jones, he, the BTV and any volunteers who may accompany them, will proceed as planned on Sunday, August 16, to Sarstoon Island, the site of what has been seen as the most recent act of aggression by Guatemala’s armed forces on Belizean territory. In that incident, in late May, Belize Coast Guard officers had visited Sarstoon Island to determine whether the island would be suitable for the establishment of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) which would be used by Belizean armed forces in their efforts to deter criminal activity, including encroachments by Guatemalans on Belizean territory.

    Two men remanded for Cenies Restaurant robbery
    Two Belize City men were remanded to prison this morning after they were arraigned in the #8 Magistrate’s Court on a charge of armed robbery. Ernest Gladden, 21, an unemployed resident of corner King and West Streets, and Jahmay Belgrave, 18, a laborer of East Canal, both pleaded not guilty to one count of robbery when the charge was read to them by Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. Stewart told the two that because the offense was allegedly committed with a firearm, her court was unable to grant them bail, because the offense falls under the Amendment to the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act, but they can apply for bail at the Supreme Court.

    Walter Garbutt, Sr., replaces Melvin Hulse in Stann Creek West
    Last March, Melvin “Flippin” Hulse, a former minister of government and former area representative for Stann Creek West, was jubilantly celebrated by his party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), as the standard bearer who would battle in the next general elections to unseat Hon. Rodwell Ferguson – the incumbent of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP). Since then, there has been a fall-out between Hulse and the party, which has forced him to vacate the seat. A secret recording of Hulse making unflattering comments about his party leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in private, and also alleging bribery to the tune of millions of dollars by party officials with Petrocaribe funds was soon followed by an apology by Hulse and his swift resignation as the UDP’s candidate for that electoral division. On Sunday, August 9, 2015, the UDP held a party convention in Independence Village, Stann Creek, to find a replacement for Hulse. Notably, that convention brought out many more voters than last year’s convention, but the winner netted a smaller percentage of votes than Hulse did when he ran in that divisional party convention.

    Finance Minister Barrow discusses “unfortunate” banking developments
    Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow told journalists yesterday, Sunday, August 9, that the recent developments in banking in the country—the impending departure of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank from Belize, as well as the decision by Bank of America to cut off two more commercial banks in Belize—are “unfortunate,” but he went on to say that he had been assured that Heritage Bank, which is purchasing the assets of FirstCaribbean Bank, would hire a majority of the staff who will be severed by FirstCaribbean in the coming months. Barrow said that CIBC has taken a business decision, presumably because they had ceased to be as profitable as they used to be. Barrow added that it is unfortunate that the bank will be leaving, but that he is happy that Heritage Bank would be purchasing CIBC’s assets, the book value of which amounts to nearly $300 million.

    National U-23 team for UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament in Guatemala
    Belize will be participating in the UNCAF Pre-Olympic Tournament which will be held in Guatemala from August 8-15. Belize will be going up against Honduras on the 11th at 12:00 noon and on the 15th at 11:00 a.m. against Guatemala. The following U-23 National players have been selected to represent the country. The players are: John Fitzgerald King, Dorwin Logan, Osmar Duran, Jermaine Jones, Kyle Flowers, Rugerri Orvin Trejo, Luis Alonzo Torres, Hassan Edward Lucas, Asrel Kimani Sutherland, David Michael Madrid, Tevin Wilford Gamboa, Norman Anderson, Denmark Raymond Casey, HighKing Roberts, Jordy Leonel Polanco, Makonnan Clare, Felix Miranda, Edmond Pandy, Jr. Technical Staff: Mr. Edmond Pandy – Head Coach; Mr. Peter Jones – Assistant Coach; Mr. Dennis Belisle – Physiotherapist; Mr. Shinya Nabata – Physical Trainer; Mr. Herbert Trapp, Jr. – Equipment Manager.

    Opening Season kicks off this weekend
    It looks like a rocky start to the Premier League of Belize’s 2015-2016 Opening Season, with some details still being ironed out with playing venues; but they say “good things come in small packages,” and though the upcoming tournament is down from 9 teams to 6, perhaps 7, it promises to be as keenly contested as ever. For the first time in 7 years (when Verdes last represented Belize in CONCACAF’S Champion of Champions tournament), the overall winner of the upcoming PLB tournaments is guaranteed a spot in next year’s CONCACAF Champions League 2016, since the FFB Stadium has finally met the high standards required. Latest reports from the PLB secretariat are that 6 clubs are confirmed to take part in this season, and they will all see action this weekend. The League is reportedly “bending” a little, under the stadium circumstances, to try and accommodate a possible other entry – that of FC Belize.

    Playoff time – BDBA Firms basketball quarterfinal knockouts
    The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) wrapped up its Firms Basketball regular season this past weekend, and the knockout quarterfinals are set to take place on Friday and Saturday of this coming weekend at Birds Isle. Three games were scheduled for last Friday night, August 7. In the opener, it was Infotel with the 55-43 win over a short-staffed Central Bank team, who had only 6 players seeing action, while Infotel used 9 players. Infotel was led by Stafford Young 16 pts 5 rebs, Jorret Jones 10 pts 11 rebs, Delroy Faber 8 pts 9 rebs, and Tyrone Anthony 9 pts; while Central Bank was led by Dave Apolonio 16 pts 6 rebs 5 assts, Farron Louriano 13 pts 15 rebs, and Cojac Smith 3 pts 18 rebs. For game 2, winless Ready Call Center forfeited to Digicell-4G. And in the exciting nightcap, a backmatch from June 13, BWS Pressure defeated Belikin, 67-63, in overtime. Unfortunately, according to secretary D. Lacey, “an errant basketball destroyed the laptop screen, and thus the LiveStats for that game;” so we have no individual stats to report.

    Editorial: The state of the Sarstoon
    Since late February of this year, incidents have taken place at the mouth of the Sarstoon River around Sarstoon Island which have driven up the tension between elements of the Guatemalan military/navy, on the one hand, and the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Belize Coast Guard, on the other. The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) are a Toledo-based civilian organization, led by Wil Maheia, who is also the leader of a political party – the People’s National Party (PNP). The BTV has branches and allies in the Orange Walk and Cayo Districts, and their various initiatives to establish and demarcate the Belize border with Guatemala appear to be supported by the masses of the Belizean people. This newspaper has previously supported all these various BTV initiatives. A significant problem with BTV activities has always been the expressed disapproval of the leaders of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) government, so that when the BTV travels to the various border points, they travel as an exclusively civilian body. The Government of Belize has refused to deploy any of its Belize Defence Force (BDF), Police Department, or Belize Coast Guard personnel to provide cover or support to the BTV. So that, when incidents have taken place between Belizeans and Guatemalans in and around the Sarstoon specifically, it has always been, with one significant exception, Belizean civilians facing Guatemalan military.

    Helicopter found abandoned in Orange Walk District
    A Bell 407 helicopter is now in the possession of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Air Wing headquarters in Ladyville, as police continue to investigate to identify the origin and owners on the aircraft, and find out how it came to Belize. The aircraft was found abandoned on a feeder road in the Blue Creek, San Felipe Village, area in the Orange Walk District by police who were conducting an anti-drug operation in the area yesterday. Police said that while they were engaged in the operation, they were alerted that a helicopter was circling in the area of Blue Creek and San Felipe, and they went to the area, but by the time they got there, the helicopter had already landed on a feeder road in Blue Creek, but the aircraft had been abandoned after landing. It was a grey helicopter with dark tinted windows, with registration numbers N607AZ. Police immediately secured the aircraft and began searching for the pilot and passengers, but no one was found. The pilot and crew had disappeared.

    Woman was trying to smuggle weed into prison
    An unemployed Belize City woman who is the mother of 2 children is facing a drug trafficking charge that could result in a mandatory $10,000 minimum fine and a possible 3-year prison sentence if she is found guilty. Ann Marie Garbutt’s troubles began yesterday when officers at the Belize Central Prison searched her and found 5 grams of weed that she was attempting to smuggle into the facility. Garbutt, 28, a resident of Mahogany Street, was read the single count of possession of 5 grams of a controlled drug with intent to distribute to another for the purpose of drug trafficking when she appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BTB responds to Carnival report
    Monday’s press release by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) contained bombshell news – Carnival Cruise Lines seemed to be in the midst of a serious conflict with local tourism authorities including the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) concerning its future here. Ahead of the high season, Carnival […]

    Scotia Bank and Ministry of Education team up on book drive
    Reading is fundamental and with schools to re-open in the next few weeks, families are scrambling for their children’s reading material. Today Scotiabank (Belize) Limited opened a book drive in which customers are asked to donate books and other supplies at their Scotiabank branch countrywide. Managing director for […]

    In less than 8 hours Corozal Police retrieves a second body from Corozal Bay
    With less than 12 hours apart, Corozal Police have retrieved another body from the Corozal Bay. Information reaching our news room is that a little after 4 pm, 56 year old American retiree Jimmy Robert Anthony went swimming with his wife Denise Anthony at the Rainbow Beach. Denise […]

    New Comptroller of Customs speaks on major issues
    Today was the press’ first introduction to Acting Comptroller of Customs Emil Grinage. There were several issues discussed including that employees were afraid that they would lose valuable overtime pay due to the full rollout of the ASYCUDA World system of tracking Customs transactions. As with all computerized […]

    Police and Customs to tackle weapons trade
    Members of the Belize Police Department and Customs and Excise Department began a three-day specialized course for police and customs officers, on the proper identification of fire arms and their parts in containers and luggage. Seems simple, but with the country overrun by firearms the main law enforcement […]

    Another body retrieved from Corozal Bay
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that Corozal Police have retrieved another body from the Caribbean Sea late this evening. Our reporters are currently gathering more information and will be updating this story very shortly. Stay tuned.

    Fisherman fined for out of season conch
    The conch season is currently closed and a fisher man whose pregnant wife wanted the popular sea food finds himself poorer as a result. Damien Nah of Orange Walk Town took responsibility for a find of 47 conch caught out of season and found at a police checkpoint […]

    Jamaican PM opens newspaper column
    The Jamaica Gleaner reports that sister newspaper the Star will from next Monday feature a column written by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. Simpson Miller is to provide answers to questions from the public in a feature titled ‘Ask Your Prime Minister’. Political analyst, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says the […]

    Electrician charged for stolen water pump
    20 year old Tyrone King, an electrician of Gwen Lizarraga Street is alleged to have dishonestly appropriated for himself a water pump valued at $2,200 while on a job. He was charged with theft when he appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers and pleaded not guilty. He was […]

    Toledo Union Field, P.G. Sporting Complex to receive BIL upgrade
    The Toledo Union Field, Punta Gorda’s biggest football field, is currently being upgraded by Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), costing approximately $1,000,000. This project began a month ago and is on pace to be completed by the end of September, fully equipped with bleachers to accommodate hundreds of people, […]

    Body of man retrieved from Corozal Bay
    Corozal Police have recovered the body of a man from the Corozal Bay. This is a developing story and we will be updating it shortly.

    Guat Foreign Minister “misspoke” over bases
    Just about everyone involved in the apparatuses of Foreign Affairs and National Security has weighed in in recent days concerning the remarks of Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Morales concerning their rationale for initially rejecting plans to build a forward operating base at the Sarstoon River. On Sunday it […]

    Farewell, First Caribbean; most workers’ jobs safe
    First Caribbean International Bank is selling its local operations to Heritage Bank after more than 60 years of operation dating back to the days of Barclays Bank. The primary concern remained ensuring the safety of 60 workers’ jobs. However, Prime Minister Dean Barrow reports that most, though not […]

    Domestic banks still safe from de-risking
    The Belize Bank lost its correspondent relationship with Bank of America in the United States at the end of April. While few services were affected there were ripples in the financial sector as Belize came to grips with the reality of larger countries’ insisting that we shut down […]

    Carnival Cruises threatening pull out over port?
    On the heels of news of a slight downturn in overnight tourist arrivals over the first four months of 2015, there is potentially earth-shaking news in the cruise tourism sector. Carnival Cruise Lines has written the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announcing 14 cancellations of cruises in the upcoming […]

    Prime Minister returns to the country after business trip to Miami; who are the new investors?
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow spent the weekend in Miami, Florida, but it was for business and not pleasure. Specifically, he was asked to meet with certain business investors interested in investing in Belize. Sounds good, but on his return he did not have much to say either way. […]


    Belize is seeing air fares dipping to unprecedented levels. And the reason? We can say with some certainty that it’s the “Southwest Effect”. Southwest Airlines, one of the world’s largest, is coming to Belize. October 15th is their first flight out of Houston’s Hobby Airport. And competitors, namely Delta over the last week, are dropping prices substantially for this fall and winter. The weather here in Belize has been pretty spectacular so far this summer… …and there really is no BAD time to visit. But, just so that you are fully informed, here is a list of the official holidays and festivals celebrated on the island of Ambergris Caye. We don’t want you to miss a thing.

    A First-Time Tourist’s Short Guide to Placencia Village
    Placencia Village is a beautiful peninsula south of Belize. Learn more about the best places and things to see and do in this Placencia Village travel guide. sandy beaches with the Caribbean Sea to the east and thePlacencia lagoon to the west. Placencia is divided into two parts: north and south of the airstrip. The entirety of the village can easily be covered with one beach cruiser ride. The busy part is on the south where visitors can find a good selection of local restaurants, guesthouses, bistros, coffee shops and banks. There are also hte taxi and bus station, and the harbor. The northern portion, on the other hand, the northern part of Placencia has the Garifuna Villge, but it is less popular compared to the south. Also, there are more expensive Placencia Village hotels here, as a little distance is the famous Belize Barrier Reef, so it has a real surf. The water is clean and clear, with gentle and cool trade winds. You can find several sights that are relaxing, like the Belizean sunset on a peninsula beach. The beaches along Placencia Village are dotted with small resorts that can arrange dive and snorkel trips to the reef, which is about 17 miles away. You can arrange trips to many small cayes like Laughing Bird Caye, a mini atoll that offers protected snorkeling and swimming, cooling palm trees and a white sand beach. Laughing Bird Caye is also a popular camping site for reef kayakers who hold expeditions in the village. you can get a hotel to arrange day sailing on a catamaran, or deep sea or reef fishing trips. Placencia has many places to stay in, from resorts to lodging. Snorkeling is fairly accessible from almost any point on the beach. The waters and clean and shallow so you should find a great snorkel spot a few steps from your hotel room.

    International Sourcesizz

    The Belizean Insurance Industry 2015 - Key regulations and Market Practices Related to Different Types of Insurance Products
    'Governance, Risk and Compliance - The Belizean Insurance Industry' report is the result of extensive research into the insurance regulatory framework in Belize. It provides detailed analysis of the insurance regulations for life, property, motor, liability, personal accident and health, and marine, aviation and transit insurance. The report specifies various requirements for the establishment and operations of insurance and reinsurance companies and intermediaries. The report brings together research, modeling and analysis expertise, giving insurers access to information on prevailing insurance regulations, recent and upcoming changes in regulatory framework, taxation and legal system in the country. The report also includes the scope of non-admitted insurance in the country.

    Local youth group giving back far from home
    A group of 16 youth and five adult leaders from North Bay know all about hot summers and hard work. The group, from Lakeshore Evangelical Missionary Church, is on a ten day mission trip to San Joaquin, Belize. The students are working with an international team and local residents, and are sponsored in part by an American group called Thirst Missions Belize. So far, the students have spent some of their time in a local orphanage, hospital, senior’s home and been involved in a daily Vacation Bible school, where they have run a program for village children with things like games, crafts and even dinner and movie nights. Merv Shantz, one of the team leaders, in an email interview, says the students have also been busy helping their adopted community and its teachers.


  • Anglers Abroad TPST 2015, 2min. Team Anglers Abroad finished 2nd overall at the 2015 Tres Pescados Slam Tournament in San Pedro Belize. Hosted by Tres Pescados Fly Shop

  • Geckos Restaurant, Hopkins, Belize, Central America, 2min. Awesome food! Fresh fried chips & salsa, Gecko balls, & the best jerk chicken in the Caribbean are only a small selection on their menu. James & Tina's attention to the details of each & every meal is what makes the difference. Fresh ingredients prepared in one of the cleanest kitchens we've ever seen. Loved by the locals & visitors alike. Open Monday & Wednesday thru Saturday, Noon - 9 PM, Closed Sunday and Tuesday

  • The Belize Challenge, Episode 1, 10min. The Belize Challenge er en fiskeserie fra HookedTV, filmet med utgangspunkt i Reefs End Lodge i Belize. Medvirkende er Vilhelm Skilhagen, Endre Hopland, Hannes Ribbner og Joel Ribbner.

  • UNTOLD STORIES (SHOW 3), 38min.

  • Belize Adventure Part 2, 15min. After a 3 day stop over in Florida with our son and grandson, we continued on our journey, so we thought we were. Our flight was canceled 24 hours so we had to adjust our itinerary a little. but we finally made it to Belize.

  • heyheyhey belize 2015, 4min.

  • Belize, Paraíso banhado pelo mar do caribe, 8.5min. Nessa minha ultima parada da minha jornada, consegui visitar um paraíso banhado com as aguas do mar do Caribe

  • México e Belize - 2015, 7min. Imagens capturadas em 35 dias de viagem pelo México e Belize, incluindo Cancún, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Holbox, Cozumel, Cenotes, Caye Caulker, La Paz-Baja California, Isla Espiritu Santo...

    August 11, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    All set for Verdes FC’s participation in Champions League
    Premier League of Belize 2014/2015 champions, the Verdes FC, are preparing for their first match in the 2015/16 Scotiabank the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Champions League. Premier League of Belize 2013/2014 champions, the Belmopan Bandits have been eliminated from the 2014/2015 Champions League due to the lack of a stadium suited for international matches. But now with a newly renovated Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Project Stadium that meets international standards, Verdes FC is ready for the tournament. Leading up to their first match, CONCACAF representative Gino Rullo, manager of Club Competition approved the FFB Stadium on Thursday, July 30th. That was the final step to ensure Verdes FC’s participation in the Champions League. 24 clubs from 12 countries are participating in the Champion League in hopes of winning the championship. Participating teams were divided into eight groups with Verdes FC playing in group C along with San Francisco FC from Panama and Queretaro FC from Mexico.

    The Belize Red Cross launches mobile Apps
    The Belize Red Cross (BRC) has officially launched two application (Apps), which can be downloaded on either iPhones or Android phones. The Apps were designed to assist anyone in times of emergencies by providing guidance on what to do in order to save a life. One of the apps is titled “First Aid by Belize Red Cross” and deals with medical emergencies, while the other app, called “Multi Hazard Belize,” give users guidance and tips concerning natural disasters. San Pedro Red Cross (SPRC) branch coordinator Shirlee Arnould, stated that the introduction of these apps is one of the many ways how Red Cross intends to assist the general public. “The apps are easy to download on your phone and come equipped with useful information for its users. Especially in times of emergencies, when there is no medical assistance on hand, the Red Cross app can actually provide an individual with information on what to do and how to administer basic medical assistance to help someone,” said Arnould. “The multi hazard app is designed to provide guidance in times of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Following instructions from this app can greatly reduce hazardous situations from worsening and even point out evacuation routes,” stated Arnould.

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - Four Lobsters is a Party in Belize
    They say one is the loneliest number, two is company and three is a crowd. Well we say that four giant lobsters is a party! Sorry for the lobsters, but the party would be for those who enjoy lobster ceviche, lobster dip or lobster fritters as was suggested to Horace Bladon seen here boasting four very large lobsters during a fishing trip in the Glover's Reef Area. Who says you cannot find a decent-sized lobster in Belize anymore? They are growing big and beautiful in Belize.

    Highlight Images of Costa Maya Pageant and Festival Performers.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    FESTIVAL DE LA BAHIA 2015 (Aug 14, 15, 16)
    Welcome to Chetumal’s first REGGAE FEST 2015 – Main feature “KY-MANI MARLEY “ Live in Concert on Saturday August 15 at the “Explanada De La Bandera” on the main boulevard in Chetumal. You cannot miss this concert. FREE ENTRANCE! Be early and Enjoy. See you there!!!!! Our own Belizean Reggae artist Ras Indio who just released his latest album “Love is the Way” will be performing on Sunday. Here are the scheduled events beginning this coming Friday. Friday August 14 – “Explanada De La Bandera” Mexico Time: 7:00 P.M. Performers: DOPAZ, ELY COMBO, BLUE HOLE, LOS PERICOS Saturday August 15 – Explanada De La Bandera” Mexico Time: 7:00 P.M. Performers: KY-MANI MARLEY, THE BIKE HIERBA SANTA, ROLL CIRCUS CORPUSKLAN Sunday August 16 – Dos Mulas Beach Mexico Time: 2:30 P.M. (Day event) Performers: RAS INDIO, KORTO-CIRCUITO, EFFECTO DOPAMANIA, ALIKA, FIDEL NADAL

    Wildtracks Update
    We are now wrapping up the in-depth assessment of survival and success of the four years of howler monkey releases at Fireburn...and Fanny and Rudy (and we) have had a number of surprises during the fieldwork. Perhaps the biggest was re-finding Bonnie, the only released howler monkey assumed to have been eaten by a predator over the last four years. She disappeared eight months after release, and it has always been assumed that she had died. She re-appeared again last month, on one of the most recent surveys, partnered with Coco, one of the two translocation males.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, August 10, 2015: 89. PICK 3: 4 4 3

    Summer Art Wave 2015's String Instrument Workshop
    Students from the Summer Art Wave 2015's String Instrument Workshop performed at this past Saturday's Art in the Park. It was a great experience, as the children were able to achieve their goal and present a classical piece to the community. Once again thank you to Mrs. Julie Ken, Mr. Armando Montalvo, Mrs. Nevi Chan and Mr. Brad Moore for the their instruction and kindness. A great thank you to all of our young performers for their terrific inaugural performance with string instruments!

    Channel 7

    Is Carnival Cruise Line Shaking Belize's Cruise Ship Cage?
    What will be the future of the cruise industry in Belize City - which is the country's most bustling cruise tourism hub - and one that puts breads on thousands of tables. Mike Feinstein's Strake Bank Project can't get off the ground because the owners of the Fort Street Tourism Village, Royal Caribbean and Diamonds International say they'll sue government from here to "noh-moh, noh-moh." So, the bottom line is that for the short term, the country will not be getting a cruise port where cruise ships can actually dock. But, there may be some urgency added to the situation because there are reports tonight that Belize may be danger of losing 2.5 million Belize dollars in tourism revenues, all because there is no cruise port for the mega cruise ships to properly dock in Belize. The activist group, COLA fired off a press release today saying that they've learned that Carnival Cruise Line intends to cancel 14 visits to Belize for the coming "high season". They allege that Carnival's principals have reportedly told the BTB via email that they are, quote, "Unhappy and dissatisfied with their experience in Belize", end quote. COLA alleges that this email continues to say that the tendering process is unfavorable.

    Man Found Dead In Ditch; OW Police Look For Hit And Run Driver
    There's more coming up from the Prime Minister in just a bit, but first.. Police are trying to find a hit and run driver who knocked down and killed a man on the San Antonio Road over the weekend. They can't say for sure when it happened but police got the call on Sunday at around a noon that a man's body was found in a ditch three feet off the road. The officer commanding Orange Walk told our colleagues at CTV-3 more:.. Selvyn Tillett, OC, Orange Walk Formation "Where on arrival, they saw the motionless body of a Hispanic male person lying face up inside the drain on the right hand side of the road when traveling from Orange Walk to Yo Creek direction. The body was identified as one Rigoberto Tzul, 26 years old Belizean laborer of August Pine Ridge. He was seen with a broken left ankle and blood coming from his ears and nose. This appears to be an apparent hit and run."

    Police Shot Alleged Copper Thief
    Belize City police shot a suspected burglar this morning. Police responded to a call around 5:45 am saying that a man was near A and R Store committing a burglary. But, he wasn't breaking into any business - it appears that instead he was trying to strip copper from a building. Police responded with two strike teams from both sides of the city, as well as regular precinct police. But even with all that manpower, police say the Robert Flores, known as "Putung" was advancing towards an officer and they shot him - fortunately it was to the instep of his foot - and there was no serious injury. Flores - who is well known to police for breaking and entering - was taken to the hospital pending charges.

    PM Joins The Chorus Of Disapproval Against Carlos Raul
    On Friday's news, BDF Commander General David Jones agreed with the former PUP Foreign Affairs Ministers: there is no language in the Confidence Building Measures which prohibits the building of military facilities near the border. And yesterday, the Prime Minister agreed. Yesterday at the airport, he told us that, Carlos Raul Morales, misspoke when he suggested that both countries committed in the Confidence Building Measures not to increase military bases at the border: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "I completely accept that he misspoke and I think he does too. The records are there and it is a fact that there is not that kind of language. I also understood him to say though that he accepts as well that what we mean to do with the forward operating base is not to be viewed by them as any kind of a threat. This is for purposes of our internal security arrangements and indeed we invite them to coordinate with us so that the illegal fishing and other illegal activities that clearly take place in the area might be more effectively interdicted."

    Another Bank Gets Yanked By BOA
    We also asked the Prime Minister about the situation with Atlantic Bank International. News broke last week that Bank of America closed its correspondent banking relationship with Atlantic Bank International - same as they had done with the Belize Bank - and Belize Bank International. Now, Atlantic International is a bank with only foreign customers, or persons who do not reside in Belize. It used to offer wire transfers, USD bank drafts and foreign currency to the US through Bank of America for their American clients. But, ten days ago, Bank of America ended that relationship. Since it is the second bank in Belize that Bank of America ended corresponding relations with, we asked the Prime Minister - who is also the Minister of Finance - about the broader implications. Here's what he had to say: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "It is unfortunate, but the international banks are in fact as we said to you de-risking. That is the term that's used in the sector and its happening to small jurisdictions all over the place.

    Minister of Finance Comments on FCIB Pullout
    And keeping the news in the banking sector, as we have reported, First Caribbean International Bank is pulling out of Belize. They have agreed to sell all their assets to Heritage Bank - which is a headquartered in Belize. First Caribbean - and it's predecessor, Barclays Bank - had been in Belize for 67 years, and Belize will be the first country that this bank is completely pulling out of, as far as we know. We asked the Prime Minister about his thoughts on the departure: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "Well, they say that this is business decision. Clearly, they had ceased being as profitable as they used to be and there are several reasons for that. It's unfortunate that they are leaving. I am happy that Heritage Bank is purchasing their assets. When both parties have come to see me, both Heritage and First Caribbean, I was assured that certainly the vast majority of the First Caribbean staff will be absorbed by Heritage. They did not say every last single individual employed, but the vast majority will be absorbed by Heritage.

    PM Mum On Miami Business
    And while the Prime Minister was forthcoming on all topics that the media raised, when we asked about the nature of this weekend's business meetings in Miami, all he would tell us is that he met with some investors about a business opportunity in Belize: Prime Minister Dean Barrow "I went to talk to some investors about possibilities in Belize. At this juncture the details of the conversations must remain confidential."

    UDP Draws Record Crowd To SC West Convention
    "Mada fish!" - that's what Melvin Hulse might have said about the impressive turnout in yesterday's UDP convention in Stann Creek west. Of course, you wouldn't have heard him say that - at least not within hearing - because right about now after making libelous allegations against the UDP Leader and Frank Pawpa Mena - Hulse is in the background. But that didn't stop 3,153 voters from going out to yesterday's UDP Convention in Independence village to cast their vote. It's 50% more than came out for Hulse's Convention in March of 2014, and the turnout represents almost 40% of the registered voters in one of the biggest divisions in the country. We have video of the moment where the victor was declared. Alberto August, Chairman - UDP "This is the biggest convention that we have ever seen in the Stann Creek west constituency. In today's convention, a total of 3,153 ballots were cast, 3,153. Like I said the biggest convention ever in this constituency. Ivan Williams with 372 votes, Nathan Young with 1,209 and Walter Garbutt with 1,560 votes." [Crowd chanting] Ivan Williams - UDP aspirant - 372 votes "The result I believe, do not regret the hard work that we put in but Mr. Walter I want to congratulate you."

    Building The Police Peace
    2 weeks ago, we showed you the sports day and cookout that Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams and the police officers of the Eastern Division South held for the communities living in the Mayflower area, which is the base of the Ghost Town Gang. That event was organized to de-escalate violence and restore neighborly relations in an area that was seeing shootings daily. And yesterday, it was time for the same in the Jane Usher Boulevard area - another gang hostpot with at least three dueling groups. We stopped by and spoke with Williams about the purpose of the event and the reception by the community: Sr. Supt Chester Williams, OC - E.D. Southside "it's a continuity of the Police Peace Rally that we're holding across South Side Belize City, where we're going to different hot spots and hold family day with the young men who have been classified as criminals or those who are vulnerable to crime incidents and so forth - with an effort to try and see how best you can promote peace within them. What we want to achieve is to show these young men is that there are other avenues rather than holding a gun and shooting at someone as the case may be. So we try to bring people together through the use of sports, sporting events."

    George Street Crew Not That Peaceable?
    As you've seen, Williams and his meditation team have had measurable success so far in Mayflower and Jane Usher Boulevard area. But, from what we've heard, the meetings with the fractured groups of the George Street Gang have been less successful. Inside information suggested that there may have been an outright rejection of peace talks. And, all this because a member of the gang was killed, reportedly by one of his own. Williams had a more positive spin: Daniel Ortiz "We've made to understand that you are having a bit of difficulty with the George St. group of individuals. We're told that the meeting you've had so far have been less than fruitful as compared to the other ones you've had with other areas. Can you confirm and can you discuss that with us?" Sr. Supt Chester Williams, OC - E.D. Southside "I refute that statement. I have had 2 meetings with George St. and the first meeting I had with them yes, it was not what we expected but the subsequent meeting we had was very productive. We have Gerald Tillet and his brother.

    Williams Pulls Back From FB Post
    We also told you about a very controversial post that the new commander of Eastern Division South made on Facebook. In that narrative, he was venting; saying that certain officers outside of his formation were undermining the community outreach attempts with the usual brutality. Now, the post didn't say who did it, so, we asked him who and what he was referring to. He kind of dodged the question, saying that the situation has been dealt with: Sr. Supt Chester Williams, OC - E.D. Southside "In respect to my Facebook post, I am not going to say who it was directed to but I maintain the fact that as a Police organization it is imperative on us that we work together and if we work together we can achieve a lot more and that's what I want to achieve. I will not go too much into the post. The situation has been dealt with and I trust and hope that we can move forward from there."

    Open Schooling To Close The Gap
    The Commonwealth Open Schooling Association held its first regional conference today at the Biltmore. Now, Belize is relatively new to open schooling but the idea is to provide mothers, at risk youth, and drop outs - among others - a chance to complete their studies and jump start their career. Today, the main objective was to evaluate the current open school system and to find ways to enhance it. We spoke with coordinators at the conference and they told us why it is important to refine and broaden open schooling services in Belize. Dr. Cynthia Thompson, Chair, Canada Caribbean Chapter of COMOS "The movement is for us to spread open schooling in the region. currently we have open schools in Trinidad one here in Belize at the Gwen Lizarraga High School and we have as another goal which I guess the work continues after this for us to establish more open schools in the region. Our goal is 3 more open schools in 3 new countries. The open school really is the trying to reach students who are separated from their teacher in space and time really. So the idea of open and distance learning. But in an early presentation you've heard from Frances.

    Masked Rapist In San Pedro
    A 15 year old girl was raped in San Pedro Town by a masked man. It happened in the san Pablo area when she was sleeping on Friday morning at 3:00 am. The girl told police that she was awakened by a masked man lying on top of her and covering her mouth telling her to be quiet. She tried to push him off her but he held her down and took out what appeared to be a hand gun, placed it to her throat and threatened her. He then raped her - which was confirmed in a medical examination. Police don't have much to go on because he wore the mask, but they do know that he told the girl that he had been watching her for a long time. He was of light complexion with a beard.

    They Robbed Cenie's
    Tonight, 21 year-old Ernest Gladden and 18 year-old Jamai Belgrave, who police say robbed a restaurant in Belize City, are at the Central Prison. Last week Thursday, August 6, at around 1:00 p.m. Restaurant owner, Icenie Herrera says that she was in her business place, Cenie's Resturant, on Bishop Street. That's when 2 men, with their faces partially covered by shirts, stormed in. One of the men was armed, and he demanded that she hand over whatever money was in the restaurant. The other unarmed man then immediately went snatched the entire cash register, and they ran off, trying to escape with the money. Fortunately, a police mobile happened to pass by, and they were informed of the crime in progress. They immediately set chase and intercepted the robbers on Tigris Street. The retrieved the cash register, which contained $297 in cash, and both men, later identified as Gladden and Belgrave, were then arrested and charged with the crime of robbery.

    Rural Police Catch Out OF Season Conch
    Conch season closed AT the end of June - and will remain closed until the end of September - but this afternoon Ladyville police caught a posse of Sarteneja Fishermen and a taxi driver with 51 pieces of out of season conch. Police were on a regular patrol when they intercepted the taxi van - with the conch stuffed in a bag. We'll have more on their charges tomorrow.

    Sing A New Song
    A week ago, we told you about the start of the National Song Competition, the event held by the National Celebrations Commission which marks the beginning of the September festivities. For the entire week, the judges have been touring the country to see music men and women perform their original songs. In the end, for this Friday night's finals, they've chosen 9 artists to compete against each other in the National Song Senior category, 7 artists to compete in Carnival Song Senior category, and duet of young siblings to compete against another junior in the National Song junior category. In total, these musicians are competing for $32,000 in cash prizes, and so today, they were all gathered at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts, as sort of a workshop and an opportunity to meet the press. The session started off with the organizers explaining to the artists what to expect on the night of the finals, and how this week's rehearsal and preparation will work. First, they got a bit of advice from National Song veteran, Nello Player, who will sit this one out to be a judge. Here's how that conversation went:

    PG Will Have Its Sports Complex
    Punta Gorda Town will have its sporting complex and it will cost 3.1 million dollars. Today the contract for the construction was signed in Belmopan by the Minister of Works Rene Montero and Daniel Arguelles of International Environments, the firm that has been selected to build the facility. The contract is funded by Belize Infrastructure Limited, a Petrocaribe funded initiative which is overseeing the design, construction and management of sporting and other multipurpose facilities.

    Channel 5

    Is Carnival Cancelling Arrivals to Belize City in Upcoming Season?
    Is Carnival Cruise Line cancelling calls on Belize during the upcoming high season?  That’s a question that was posed to Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the weekend, upon his return [...]

    P.M. Barrow – “Guatemalan Foreign Minister Misspoke on Confidence Building Measures”
    The issue of constructing a forward operating base near Sarstoon Island remains a controversial subject.  The matter has seemingly been exacerbated following recent comments made by Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos [...]

    …More on Belize/Guatemala Border Issues
    Additionally, P.M. Barrow maintains that informing Guatemala of the intent to erect a forward operating base or to increase Belize’s military presence near its boundaries in the west and the [...]

    Heritage Bank and FirstCaribbean Asset Acquisition is Private Commercial Transaction
    The pending sale of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s assets to Heritage Bank Limited remained the topic of conversation within the financial sector for the better part of last week.  While CIBC’s corporate [...]

    P.M. Says There’s No Question of Difficulties with Belize as Banking Jurisdiction…
    The arrangement between CIBC FirstCaribbean and Heritage Bank is a private transaction brought about largely by the former’s shortfall in recent fiscal cycles.  As such, government is not directly involved [...]

    …but Larger Jurisdictions are Determined to Destroy Offshore Sector in Smaller Countries
    While CIBC FirstCaribbean and Heritage Bank are working to formalize the sale of assets, another offshore institution operating from Belize is yet to secure a correspondent bank.  As we’ve reported [...]

    Walter Garbutt is U.D.P. Standard Bearer in Stann Creek West
    Walter Garbutt is the new U.D.P. standard bearer for the Stann Creek West division. On Sunday, the United Democratic Party held its last convention in the southern constituency to elect [...]

    Minor Raped While Asleep at Home on La Isla Bonita
    There is a disturbing report of rape coming out of San Pedro. A fifteen year old student is claiming that on the morning of August seventh, around three o’clock, she [...]

    23-year-old Clubgoer Stabbed in Cayo
    A Cayo resident is tonight receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was stabbed twice to the stomach on Sunday morning. Around two-thirty a.m., twenty-three year old [...]

    Restaurant Robbers Remanded for Making Off with Cash Register
    Eighteen-year-old Jahmy Belgrave and twenty-year-old Ernest Gladden were jointly charged with robbery when they appeared unrepresented in court today before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart.  Both men pleaded not guilty to [...]

    Distance Learning – Belize and Canada Link Up
    A first-of-its-kind conference is being held over a three-day period in Belize City to discuss open learning. The conference that is hosting students, teachers and other education specialists is being [...]

    Eastern Division South Stages Another Ghost Town Intervention
    The Eastern Division South of the Belize District Police Department held another round of community policing intervention over the weekend. It started on Friday, when at around six o’clock residents [...]

    Jane Usher Boulevard Feels the Love from Police Department
    But the unavailability of jobs and opportunities are among the root of the problem says Senior Superintendent Chester Williams. With initiatives like these, it is expected that several departments and [...]

    Meet the Finalists in National Song Competition
    The 2015 National Song Competition gets underway this Friday at the Memorial Park in Belize City. After several rounds of regional eliminations, a total of eighteen artists, novice and professionals, [...]

    What Do Border Residents Think of Territorial Dispute?
    The Organization of American States recently commissioned Great Belize Productions to conduct a series of interviews with residents of Benque Viejo and other neighboring communities in Guatemala.  The aim is [...]

    Weekend Sporting Highlights with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The jockey for position going into the Interoffice Basketball League Championships continued Friday night with Belikin and BWS Pressure [...]


    PM Clarifies Issue Of Military Presence Along Border Line
    There were some obvious contradictory statements made by Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Carlos Raul Morales on what has been stipulated in the Confidence Building Measures in reference to the Belize/Guatemala dispute. Morales alluded that in the document, both countries agreed to not build military bases along the border lines. Former PUP Foreign Ministers, including Assad Shoman, have refuted that statement as has the commander of the BDF. In an interview with the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, he addressed the matter with the press and basically stated that the foreign minister was wrong. “I completely accept that he mis-spoke and I think he does too, the records are there and it is a fact that there is not that kind of language, I also understood him to say though, that he accepts as well that what we mean to do with the Forward Operating Base is not to be viewed by them as any kind of a threat this is for purposed of our internal security arrangements and indeed we invite them to coordinate with us so that the illegal fishing and other illegal activities that clearly take place in the area might be more effectively interdicted, look the Americans in particular who have this overriding interest in Central American security and especially in the trafficking in drugs are very much aware of what we need to do and supportive and I believe that at the military level there is understanding on the part of the Guatemalan officials now at a political level it seems to me that there is also agreement and so we will proceed.”

    House goes Up In Flames In Carmelita Village
    The cause of a fire that consumed and destroyed a home in Carmelita Village in Orange Walk is still being investigated, according to Orange Walk Fire officials. Authorities say they received a call of a fire around 8:25 last night and immediately dispatched a team to combat the flames. Upon arrival, firemen saw the 40 by 20 foot structure already completely consumed and their aim was to control the blaze. A neighbor and witness told us off camera that he is unsure what may have caused the blaze since the house was not powered by electricity and the occupants were not at home at the time. “This fire started about around seven o’clock last night and the person that was staying here was Curtis Wade and his common-law and while the fire they still don’t appear until now we don’t know where Curtis Wade is so far.”

    PM Talks About De-risking Strategy Pertaining To Banks
    As of July 30th, Atlantic Bank broke banking relationships with the Bank of America which means then that since that date Atlantic Bank customers cannot conduct international banking transactions. It is part of a de-risking strategy forced on the United States of America banking industry by federal regulators and Atlantic is the second bank in Belize to undergo this process. On April 30th of this year, the Bank of Belize broke ties with the Bank of America. Banking services such as Wire Transfers, USD Bank Drafts and Foreign Currency will be affected for Atlantic Bank customers. In its press release issued on the bank website, the bank officials stated that they would be informing customers of option available for the movement of both incoming and outgoing wires. The issue is not only affecting Belize but several other countries in the Eastern Caribbean. In an interview with the press, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke on the matter. “It is unfortunate but the International Banks are in fact as we said to you de-risking that is the term that is used in the sector and it is happening to small jurisdictions all over the place, again, with the termination of the relationship with respect to Atlantic it is only on the international banking side so the domestic bank certainly as of now it is not affected apart from de-risking I’ve said for some time now that the large jurisdictions are determined to destroy the offshore sector in small countries like Belize they say that it is harmful tax competition, that it gives their nationalist a chance to put their monies in jurisdictions like Belize and avoid paying taxes to them, that one is inevitable, I think that there is a great deal of hypocrisy on the part of the countries but I have made up my mind that that is inevitable but that is far more concern about the domestic banks and when they have their correspondent banking relationship terminated thankfully up until this point in time is it only the Belize Bank on the domestic side that has had that termination so I will continue to hope that it is contained and that it won’t go beyond the Belize bank on the domestic side.”

    PUP Senator Remains Dissatisfied With BTL
    PUP Senator Lisa Shoman is still not satisfied with the response of BTL following her open letter to the company’s executives in which she expressed grave concern and condemnation of two campaign ads that were published on the company’s Facebook page. Today she replied to the correspondence from BTL in which, as reported before, the Executive Chairman Anwar Barrow conceded that the two ads were in fact offensive. The board of directors met on August sixth and pledged to conduct more conscientious advertising. Shoman was partly appeased but she states in her reply to the letter that BTL still did not meet many of her other demands that were stated in her first letter to the company. According to Shoman, there was no public apology but an apology only to those offended by the ads. Shoman also states that BTL did not state explicitly that that kind of advertisement would never happen again. She also proceeds to point out that BTL did not mention in its release whether anyone or if persons would be facing repercussions for the offensive ads. She says that if BTL knows who created, approved and posted the ads on Facebook there must be consequences and if BTL does not know then an investigation to find out who did it must be carried out.

    San Pedro Police Investigates allegedly Rape Of 15 Year Old Minor
    San Pedro police are tonight looking for a man accused of raping a teenager. The 15 year old minor in the company of her sister visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on Friday about 3:00 in the morning while she was asleep in her bedroom, she was awaken by someone lying on top of her and covering her mouth. According to the minor, the individual told her to keep quiet and while she tried to push him off her, he held her down, took out what appeared to be a hand gun and placed it to her throat and threatened her. The man then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with the minor against her will. A medical examination confirmed that she 15 year old was carnally known. The accused was described as wearing a black mask over his face, of light complexion and with a beard on his chin. Police have no suspects and are investigating.

    LICU Calls Special Meeting For August 22nd
    In a letter sent to the Board of Directors of the La Inmaculada Credit Union and copied to Glenford Ysaguirre, the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, on Wednesday July 29th, a group of members/owners of LICU requested that the board call a special meeting as per article nine of the credit union by-laws. The members/owners requested that during the meeting four points be discussed, the delay in the 2015 annual general meeting, report of Audit, dividends due and four the termination of Mrs. Yolanda Gomez. The board had fourteen days to respond to the demands of the members/owners who gathered more than the required signatures for a special meeting to be called. And before the fourteen days were up LICU acceded to the demands of the group.


    Missing Person
    Tonight, twenty one year old Zen Keefauver (KEE-FAV-ER) is missing. According to family members, the young man went missing after he saw his care taker, Byron Piaz, lying in a pool of blood after he was shot in Forest Home Village. Zen was last seen behind (VO STARTS) Roots Rock Reggae Club in the bushes […]

    Prime Minister Addresses Issues In Banking Sector
    About one week ago it was brought to the attention of the general public that CIBC First Caribbean International Bank would be closing its doors in Belize and that negotiations are currently underway to have the bank’s assets sold to Heritage Bank. It was indeed a major revelation as dozens of men and women stand […]

    Police Says Crime Is at A Low in the George Street Area
    But as we told you last week, not all gangs are opening up to the initiative brought about by the Senior Superintendent Chester Williams and his team at Eastern Police Division South. A meeting was held with members of the George Street Gang along with relatives of the murdered Denfield Bowen- who is believed to […]

    Carnival Cruise Line Takes Millions From Tourism Revenues
    The group, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has sent out a release expressing grave concern at a development in the tourism industry while urging the Government of Belize to act now to save the industry. The release reads, in part, quote, “Recent developments made known to COLA underline our urgent call for the […]

    Further Education Encouraged within the Local Military
    During the passing out of the 60th intake of the Belize Defense Force last week, the National Security Minister used that opportunity to boast of several initiatives being undertaken under his portfolio. One of those was the pursuit of further education by some of the BDF soldiers. JOHN SALDIVAR “I am also happy to announce […]

    PM Says Guat Foreign Minister Mis-Spoke On Confidence Building Measures
    Turning to the Belize/Guatemala issue: On Monday, July 27, a press briefing was held with the Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala being at the head table to answer questions pose by the media as well as to update them on the current relations between both countries. One of the sticking points that came out […]

    Chester Lashes Out On Social Media
    Senior Superintendent Chester Williams is not giving up on the police peace rally initiative and he has his share of challenges. Last week he posted on his Facebook page a lengthy rant in which he went on to describe how he feels about others who are trying to undermine his efforts. He stated quote, “It […]

    Progress Reported at Air Traffic Control Unit
    Some months ago there was a sick-out staged by the air traffic control personnel that falls under the Department of Civil Aviation. The reasons behind that action taken by the men and women who work in that unit were several, including, the extended working hours, the condition of the equipment and the shortage of personnel. […]

    BNE Says Oil Is Not Running Out
    The output from the oil fields has not made it on the news recently. As a matter of fact, when we do here about oil, it is usually due to organizations fighting against oil exploration or court hearings on injunctions to halt exploration activities in certain areas. Love News met up with Daniel Gutierrez, the […]


    Belize.Grenade Scare in Raccoon Police Station
    Authorities at the Racoon Police Station, in Belize City were stupefied when they came across a grenade in their own station around 3:30 this evening. Police authorities normally don’t have any use for grenades and as a result don’t necessarily know how to handle one. To find one inside ...

    BTV Should not Hold Sarstoon Island Rally
    Last week the Belize Territorial Volunteers, BTV, sent out a press release calling on all Belizeans to come out to the Sarstoon island on Sunday August 16th where they will have a planned patriotic rally. The press release said and we quote, “The public is hereby invited to a rally at the hist...

    BDF add 81 soldiers to the ranks
    The Belize Defence Force (BDF) has added 81 members to its ranks. The new soldiers passed out at a formal parade at the army’s headquarters in Ladyville. Commander Brigadier General David Jones spoke to the level of training they experienced en route to becoming a part of the nation’s fi...

    Association of Professional Engineers of Belize on Roundabouts
    UPADI (Uniona Panamericana de Asosiaciones de Ingenieros), of which Belize is a member of, recognizes the 20th day of July as engineers day. A full day dedicated to those who put roofs over our heads with construction, light our homes with electrical wiring, and fit our pipes for running water. In c...

    Sports Reach Christian Ministry in Belize
    The Christian organization Sports Reach is teaming up with Hoop Dreams Belize, recent winners of the Copa Cancun Tournament, to provide needed experience for local basketball teams and help spread the word of God through sports. Based in Kentucky in the United States, the organization is celebrating...

    Mysterious plane lands in Blue Creek
    The National Security of Belize got a new helicopter, as was promised, but it is from a most unexpected donor. Well, actually, no one exactly knows where it came from and what it was doing abandoned in a feeder road in Blue Creek, Orange Walk. According to authorities, sometime around midday on Wedn...

    15 year old charged with murder
    A 15 year old minor has been arrested and charged for the murder of 23 year old Samir Vivas. On Tuesday, sometime around 9:00 pm, Corozal Police responded to reports of a male person, later identified as 23 year old Samir Vivas, who had been stabbed. Police visited the Corozal Hospital Morgue wher...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police bring community healing to Jane Usher
    Coming none too soon after a shooting incident last week and months of back and forth that has resulted in multiple deaths and injuries, the previously warring elements residing on and around Jane Usher Boulevard were brought together in a peace initiative organized by the Police Department. Similar […]

    Police searching for hit and run driver
    Authorities in Orange Walk Town are searching for the driver of a vehicle that killed 26 year old Rigoberto Tzul, a resident of August Pine Ridge Village early Sunday morning. According to police, they received a call of body found in a ditch off the San Antonio […]

    Arson may be cause of Carmelita house fire
    Fire officials in Orange Walk say they are not ruling out Arson as the cause of a fire that completely destroyed a home in Carmelita Village on Sunday night. According to authorities, they received a call of a fire around 8:25 and quickly responded to the scene. Upon […]

    Prime Minister returns from Miami trip; speaks on national issues
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow spent the weekend in Miami, Florida, but it was for business and not pleasure. Specifically, he was asked to meet with certain business investors interested in investing in Belize. Sounds good, but on his return he did not have much to say either way. […]

    Cenie’s Restaurant robbers remanded
    21 year old Ernest Gladden and 18 year old Jamai Belgrave allegedly stole a cash register which contained $297 from Cenie’s Restaurant on Bishop Street on Thursday, April 6. They were charged with robbery when they appeared today before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart and pleaded not guilty to […]

    Man stabbed by unknown assailant in Cayo
    23 year old Alejandro Galvez is recovering from stab wounds inflicted at a nightclub in Cayo, but has told police that he does not know who inflict them. The resident of Clarissa Falls, Cayo District, is hospitalized at the K.H.M.H. after being first taken to the San Ignacio hospital. Officers […]

    Orange Walkeño wanted for burglary
    The Belize Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locate 18 year old Vladimir Mendez, a Belizean laborer of Palmar Village, Orange Walk District, who is wanted for a burglary that he committed yesterday, August 9, in Palmar Village. He is described as being 5 feet 6 inches […]

    Teen girl raped in San Pedro Town
    San Pedro police are currently looking for a rapist described as having a light complexion with a bearded chin, who broke into a home on Friday, August 7, and raped a 15 year old female. The girl reported to police that around 3:00 that morning, she was awoken by someone […]

    Weather improves but showers on the way
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize predicts mostly sunny skies and warm weather today with only isolated showers or thunderstorms. Tonight, skies will be cloudy at times, with showers and thunderstorms increasing over the South. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state will […]

    Is Belize one of the country on the brink of Bankruptcy?
    Belize has been included in the “rogues’ gallery” of countries on the brink of default according to the ratings of Moody’s Investors’ Service, as reported by USA Today and business partner 24/7 Wall St. While Moody’s recently issued a report listing Belize’s credit rating as stable, it raised concern that […]

    Did hit and run kill Rigoberto Tzul?
    Sometime after midday on Sunday, Orange Walk police responded to a report of a male body lying inside a drain off the San Antonio Road, in the outskirts of that municipality. Unconfirmed reports are indicating that Orange Walk police might be dealing with a possible case of hit […]

    Fire strikes family’s home in Carmelita
    A family in the village of Carmelita in the Orange Walk District, is trying to pull together the pieces left behind after fire gutted their home between 7:30 and 8:00 on Sunday night. The flames came to the attention of neighbors who called the Fire Department. The Fire Department […]


    Sustainable Development Analysis for Belize
    Sustainable development requires an empirical means for understanding its complex relationships. Such devices as symbolism help create a certain mindset appropriate for sustainable development problem-solving. But sustainable development also requires systemic methodologies for assessment and analysis. Critical thinking and creative action implementation are two such methodologies that are invaluable to the seasoned practitioner. Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality and objectivity in a fair-minded way. People who think critically consistently attempt to live rationally and sympathetically. Critical thinking in the context of sustainable development has been described as the artful questioning of the assumptions we make about community. Bob Gibson stated that in a much more comprehensive sense this concept has been characterized as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.

    The Best Travel Tips To Prepare You For A Belize Vacation
    Planning a vacation to a new country can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? Where to start researching? Who do I contact first? It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, especially when you are not a frequent traveler. Here we have listed some of the most important things you need to know when planning for your Belize vacation to make the preparation much easier and stress free. Have Your Passport Ready, Know the Language of Belize, Currency and Methods of Payment, Things to Bring for your Belize Vacation, What to see in Belize, Holidays in Belize, Health Information.

    Nine Curious Belizean Tips
    Being the geopolitical anomaly it is, the country of Belize has so much to give and show to the world. Here are a few “out there” facts about this Beautiful country of ours. 1. We sit on the North-easternmost corner of Central America. Geographically, we are a Central American state but culturally we are soooo Caribbean! We have great flavour. Its time for you to come visit us! 2. Thanks to Blue Bird busses (American school busses),we have public transportation traversing our four major highways! 3. There is absolutely no difference between the terms Dukunu and Tamalitos. They are absolutely the same “corn cakes” and they absolutely are the same delicious! Yum! 4. Tamales or Bollos! There is one small difference. When making the tamales, the corn is strained. The truth is, they are both magic to every corn-lovers palate!

    Easiest Way to Grill Moist Succulent BBQ
    Joe shows us the way he makes his BBQ ribs and chicken so moist and tender.

    As we age, our metabolism slows down and belly fat becomes more difficult to lose. After 40, it’s much easier to lose muscle mass and water weight than actual fat. For this reason, those of us over 40 have to work a little harder than someone in her 20’s to get a toned stomach. It can be done, though—just ask Cameron Diaz! Here are some proven tips to get a flat stomach after 40.

    GoPro lessons: Let sleeping crocs lie and don’t mess with a hungry sea turtle
    I’ve added a GoPro to my arsenal of photographic tools which, up to this point, consisted of an iPod. At the moment I’m just learning what a GoPro can do (eg. nice underwater video of turtles) and can not do (eg. night photos of a gorgeous full moon). A week ago, I tried to take photos of our neighborhood crocodile, Sophie, as she sunned herself in her private lagoon just north of the bridge from San Pedro. This was my first glimpse of Sophie. And Rose’s too. She spotted Sophie while cycling home from downtown and excitedly called me on the phone. “Better hurry up and get down here before the tourists scare her away!” At my age, hurrying took 20 minutes. Fortunately, the tourists never massed and Sophie hadn’t budged. And that was the problem.

    Seeing Belize anew through the eyes of a child
    If you want to really see Ambergris Caye through fresh eyes, try walking around with a four-year-old. Recently, my grandson, Brody, and I took a walk up to Ak’Bol, the yoga resort, a 15-minute stroll along the shore. With Brody the walk stretches to an hour-plus. We play a game called “Does it float or sink?” for which the rules are quite simple: Every few feet we stop to inspect a palm tree frond, a small coconut, a piece of plastic flotsam or jetsam, a toy race car missing three wheels, a shell, or whatever. Brody then asks, “Will this float?’ “Let’s see,” I say. “Toss it in.”

    International Sourcesizz

    Garifuna firestorm in St Vincent
    A political firestorm sparked by a promise by the St Vincent and the Grenadines’ opposition to grant honorary citizenship to the Garifuna people of Central America is being met with a mixture of indignation and outrage by a group of long-exiled Caribbean people. The Garinagu, or Black Caribs, are the genetic product of shipwrecked African slaves and Amerindians in the early 17th century and who were exiled from St Vincent by British colonial authorities following the defeat of joint French/Garinagu forces in the late 18th century. Their culture and language are referred to as “Garifuna” and St Vincent is still viewed by the Garinagu everywhere as the ancient “homeland”. Left to fend for themselves on the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras 200 years ago, the Garinagu eventually moved to the Central American mainland and from there to what was then known as British Honduras, now Belize. There are now significant Garifuna communities in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

    Wardlaw-Hartridge students take service trip to Central America
    Last month 11 students from The Wardlaw-Hartridge School seized the opportunity to embrace a new culture during a two-week service learning trip to Guatemala and Belize. The students and two faculty members, who stayed with local families, helped out in the community by building a walkway and gate and painting steps at a village school, planting trees in a local park and providing waste containers with the Wardlaw-Hartridge logo. The trip was not all work, however; the students found time to take a hike in the Belize jungle and played games with the children in the villages they visited.

    Garifuna’s faithful growing fast
    When 30 Garifuna believers gathered for encouragement and inspiration 25 years ago, they were the only Christians from that ethnic group that Eastern Mennonite Missions workers knew of. What a difference a quarter of a century makes. In July, the 25th annual meeting of the Garifuna Missionary Association drew more than 1,000 Garifuna believers to Corozal. “Never would I have imagined there would be this kind of growth,” said Steve Shank, pioneering coach at EMM. While the meeting was for all Garifuna Christians, the majority of leaders were from Mennonite churches. “I believe every Garifuna church in the U.S. was represented,” Shank said.

    5 Good Places to Live in Belize
    Forget Costa Rica. Too expensive. Ignore Uruguay. It’s too far from home. Mexico? Not if you want to speak English 24/7. Belize is currently the hottest spot in the hemisphere for putting down permanent roots. Incentives offered by the government are so mind-boggling, you might think them rumors. They’re not. Look into retiring or moving to Belize seriously before the rest of the world grabs all of the real estate. Start your search with five communities guaranteed to welcome you with open arms. Ambergris Caye: The biggest, most well-known Belize island earned the nickname “Isla Bonita” for evident reasons: It’s gorgeous. Which is why it has become the capital of Ex-patland. If you can’t find like-minded people who have relocated from your state, your city or maybe even your neighborhood, you’re not looking hard enough! This is a “happening” place with a balance of tranquility, access to sporting and cultural activities and while real estate prices are rising, they still thrill and amaze.


  • Diving in Belize with Robbie in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 6min. Macarena Rose, the host of Belize Talk radio talks with Robbie about paddle boarding , diving and snorkeling in San Pedro Belize, on the island of Ambergris Caye. Robbie is a Owner of Chuck and Robbie's Dive Shop

  • Food in Belize - ( Pupusas ) at the Pupuseria en San Pedro, 5min. Food in Belize is very diverse as we are blessed with so many different ethnicities. Today, Macarena Rose, the host Belize Talk Radio meets the Pupuseria en San Pedro found at and look for the pink building. Being raised San Salvadorian, this is a GO TO place when on the island of San Pedro Belize for me !

  • Powered Paraglider landing in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Reef Diving [HD], 5min.

  • Belize 2015, 20min. Another week of serving in Belize. These are the images, sounds and video from that amazing week.

  • UNTOLD STORIES (SHOW 3), 38min.

  • Steel pan classes on Caye Caulker, 1/4min. Mr. Perrote is offering guitar and steel pan classes at the Community Center for a fee. This is what the kids learned to do today on Day 1. Go see him, guys and gals. His teaching skills are amazing. Update: The classes are now being offered at half price. Contact Sayonara Pasos for more info.

  • Treasure Found – long lost Mahogany logs from Belize, 11min. This video gives you an overview of the early logging methods once used to harvest Mahogany in Belize, (once known as British Honduras), and what is being done about all the logs that were lost to the bottoms of rivers and lagoons during 200+ years of Mahogany harvest.

  • Belize 2015, 3.5min. part of my AMAZING two-week humanitarian trip to Belize!

  • Belize 2015, 8min. Compilation of video from a week of diving in Belize.

  • Prime Minister address changes in banking sector in Belize, 6min.

  • Wildtracks Belize GoPro, 8.5min. My 2 months at Wildtracks primate and manatee sanctuary in Sarteneja, Belize. Disclaimer: none of the animals you see here are pets. They are being rehabilitated and released back into the wild where they belong. Unfortunately they need hands on contact to build their confidence up enough that they will have the social skills necessary to survive in the wild. They are victims of the illegal pet trade

  • Christmas 2012 Adventure in Belize, 5.5min. A group of DJ Community members (joined together to spend Christmas 2012 in Belize at the King's Children's Home.

  • Belize Barrier Reef Snorkel, 2.5min. Snorkeling off the coast of North Ambergis Caye at Mexico Rocks, which lies halfway between the shore and the barrier reef. It is now part of Belize's Marine Protected Area. Also, Tres Cocos, which is on the inside of the barrier reef near San Pedro.

  • Shark Encounter in Belize 2015, 1.5min. A Reef Shark takes a quick bite on my camera setup.

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