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November 10, 2018


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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Head of Police addresses traffic offense controversy and alleged police extortion
Over the past few weeks, several islanders have complained about the questionable behavior of police when stopped during late-night checkpoints. A number of residents claim they were locked up over night, threatened, and in some cases beaten when found without a driver’s license in their possession. Others allege that police officers have tried to extort drivers, informing them that if a fee is paid, they can avoid further troubles with the law. The officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker) Superintendent Reymundo Reyes weighed in on the reported incidents, stating that he has begun to address the allegations within his personnel. He further encourages residents to not allow any law enforcer officer to violate their rights and to report any wrongdoings immediately.

Ambergris Today

BTIA's Big Garbage Clean Up On Ambergris Caye
The Belize Tourism Industry Association has embarked in a four-day clean up campign for the entire island of Ambergris Caye. Sadly our little island is not so 'bonita' to say, there has been an increase of illegal dumping throughout the island, reducine the esthetics and charm of the natural environment. The BTIA, along with several business and stakeholders, have come together "For the Love of San Pedro" to clean up as much as possible to make our island beautiful once more. Different businesses and groupd have donated their time and employees to help with the clean up. Day one kicked off in the San Pedrito Area, where a massive clean up of the "San Pedrito Highway" is taking place.

Ports Minister Visits Ambergris Caye Barge Berthing Facility To Be Developed
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for Ports) Honorable Edmond Castro, was on Ambergris Caye on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, where he visited and inspected the location for the proposed development of a Barge Berthing Facility.

Mirab Launches First Ashley Furniture Home Store In Belize
Mirab Department Store does it once again! Last month it inaugurated the first state of the art and largest department store in the country of Belize and yesterday, November 8, 2018, it opened doors to the first Ashley Furniture Home Store in the country. The 21,000 sq. ft store is located on the third floor of Belize’s newest retail haven, the Mirab Department Store and contains a diverse selection of furniture and accessories to suit every taste.

Misc Belizean Sources


2nd Annual Corozal Bay Bikers Fest
Nov 17th. Starting at 11am-1am, Rainbow Beach.

Coconut Shell Handicraft Training
Over the last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia held a workshop to train Belizean handicraft artisans in using coconut-based materials. The training was held from 5th – 9th November, 2018 at the ITVET compound in Belize City. A total of forty-five persons participated from various agencies. The training course sought to develop skills and knowledge of participants which are intended to create a platform for sustainable income ventures designed for sustainable development. At the completion of the workshop, participants showcased products that they created during the training such as candle holders, table mats, bowls, mugs, cups, etc.

Belize to Host the Sixth CARICOM Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF)
The Sixth CARICOM Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF) will be held in Placencia, Stann Creek from November 18th to November 22nd, 2018. In the promotion of true partnership and brotherhood, Belize, the leader in renewable energy amongst the CARICOM states, is hosting Suriname’s Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Regilio Dodson, and Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson. During their stay in Belize, the ministers will be touring various generation sites, such as the Vaca Dam, Santander Biomass Power Plant, La Gracia Smart Solar Off Grid System, and the Belize Electricity Limited Submarine Cable System in San Pedro.

Mr. Clifford Kin makes a courtesy call to the San Pedro Town Council
Mr. Clifford King, Director of Local Government and newly appointed CEO in the Ministry of Local Government, Mrs. Sharon Young, made a courtesy call and visited the San Pedro Town Council, where she met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Ruben Gonzalez, Councilor Gabriel Nuñez, Town Administrator, Mrs. Patricia Tillett and Assistant Administrator, Mr. Marion Mejia. This was a very productive meeting as they discussed vital matters affecting the town of San Pedro where assistance of the Ministry of Local Government could be of tremendous help. Thank you for your visit!

Water outage in San Pedro Wednesday
Belize Water Services informs its customers in San Pedro that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Wednesday, November 13, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Boca Del Rio and San Mateo. This interruption is necessary for the installations of a new water main. Due to the upgrades, customers may experience discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal by 6:00pm.

Remote Latin America 2018
Belize Tourism Board

Project: Open Government Ecosystem Belize
CARSI ESF grant recipient,the Trust for the Americas is awarding of seed funds to eligible Belizean organizations to promote collaboration between civil society and government, to provide innovative and high impact solutions to public services. To identify needs in each district, which specifically demonstrate the benefits and opportunities that open governance, represents (transparency, collaboration and citizen participation).

University Admissions Requirements in the U.S.
If you'd like to study at a U.S. university, you might need to take one of these standardized tests.

San Pedro Cleanup
By the end of the day the unbearable stench of garbage was somehow stuck to Karen's cart and following us. Huge thank you to everyone who helped in one way or another towards the massive clean up on the west side of the air strip today. Especially the guys in the trenches, hours of hot, dirty, dangerous, work pulling garbage from swamp and loading the trucks. Let's keep the enviornmental momentum going. We got drilling for oil banned, we need to do same for dumping wrongfully and stop allowing garbage to be used for landfill it is not healthy. Especially when we know there are some bottomless septic systems on the island :(

Biix celebrated in Patchakan
Tonight the Northern Maya people of Belize celebrating the Sacred tradition of Biix. This is the scene in many homes in Northern Belize. This picture is from the village of Patchakan in Corozal.

Channel 7

August Smiled During Arraignment For Son’s Murder
Last night, police charged Samuel August with the murder of his 5 year-old son, and his mother-in-law. That's after they had initially said that they were seriously considering manslaughter, due to his mental state. Well tonight, the 35 year old is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court this morning. He was arraigned this morning before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, on 2 counts of murder: one for the death of his youngest child, Samir August; and the other for Samir's grandmother and guardian, 53 year-old Louise Young. He was also read a separate charge of dangerous harm which allegedly committed against 13 year-old Britney Young. It all stems from the rampage which played out in the pre-dawn hours of October 31st, when he drove the backhoe to his mother-in-law's home on Fabers Road, where he rammed into the house.

Political Fire In Freetown For UDP Rivals
Last week Sunday, the UDP's Port Loyola Convention was as hot as a general election - and this weekend's Freetown Division promises to be the same. It's a three way race and the frontrunners are considered to be the current Standard Bearer Dr. Carla Barnett and newcomer OJ Elrington. As Jules Vasquez found out, their campaigns are a study in contrasts:… When we met OJ Elrington and his campaign team yesterday afternoon - they were in the heart of the Belama area - rolling 15 deep, with a former standard bearer, flags and even a box booming his ads. OJ Elrington, UDP Aspirant for Freetown: "We're very confident because I think that we've put in the necessary work - we've connected with the people in this constituency. I think that we have been able to deliver on our promises to the people in this constituency and therefore I'm very confident that I will be successful this week Sunday."

Big Fines Paid In Full For Guat Traffickers
Last night, we told you about the huge fines that 2 of the 12 Guatemalans got slapped with, after police settled for charging them with firearms offences. The cops couldn't charge them with drug trafficking for that 1,000 pounds of cocaine they found off the Coastal Road. Well tonight, 7News has learned that the fines of over a hundred thousand dollars have been paid up in full. That means that all the Guatemalans will not be facing jail time and they will be deported. Mario Lopez Moreira, and Bernardo Franco Carias, pleaded guilty to 5 separate gun charges, and 9 separate gun charges respectively. They did that to allow three others accused along with them to go free.

FTC Action Against Atlantic International Could Cause “Contamination” in Banking Sector
Tonight there is concern in Belize's banking sector after Atlantic International Bank was named in a civil complaint by the United States Federal Trade Commission. As we reported, the FTC yesterday shut down Sanctuary Belize, which is described as "the largest overseas real estate investment scam the FTC has ever targeted." Sanctuary Belize is a 14,000 acre development which was set up as an elaborate scam by American principals. It took in over $100 million dollars from investors, but never delivered lots in what was supposed to become a luxury development in Southern Belize. Many US investors were duped and, now, the FTC has asked as US court to stop the scheme and recover hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate the jilted U.S. investors. And that means freezing the foreign accounts of Atlantic International Bank. We understand that even their payroll account was frozen - and there was some uncertainty today as to how the staff would be paid. The bank is headquartered at the foot of the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. They told us today they would issue a statement but none has been forthcoming.

The Impact Of A Double Murder
3 weeks ago, Justice Collin Williams found accused murderers Milton Maza and Eli Avila Lopez guilty of the 2010 double murders of attorney Richard Stuart, and his wife, Maria. Well tonight, they are back at the Belize Central Prison awaiting a decision from the judge on what prison sentence they will have to serve for the guilty verdicts. Today, the judge listened to both sides making the case as to how lenient or severe the prison sentence for Maza and Lopez should be. Crown Counsel Kileru Awich produced 3 victim impact statements for the judge to consider as to how the family members of the Stuart couple has suffered after their murders. Those statements including written testimonies, of Maria Stuart's brother, who took custody of the couple's children immediately after their deaths. Stuart's brother said that the children suffered immense trauma, and they began having behavioral problems.

Students Contemplate Going To ICJ
Earlier this week we told you about the ICJ education forum for teachers and principals. Well, another one was held today at the University of Belize. It is part of the Department of Youth Services' National Youth Week. The department partnered with UB's History club which was launched a couple weeks ago. We were there to find out more about the discussion. Aida Escobar- Communications Officer, Dept. of Youth Services: "This morning we collaborated to host an ICJ youth forum. We are trying to give youths the history. We wanted to give them the ICJ court process; how it works. We wanted to talk to them about that because, at least, I thought it was like a family court system and I think they think that too and it is interesting to find out that it is a completely different system..."

The Yea’s Had It On ICJ
There were also dynamic presentations relating to each side of this dispute. We start off with a portion of the presentation against taking the dispute to the ICJ. A history club member emphasized that Belize would be taking too much of a risk if the matter were to go to the ICJ. Cyleen Morgan- History Club Member: "By endorsing this special agreement Belize will become the only country on earth to place her entire territory and sovereignty at the discretion of an unpredictable court. If we vote yes to the special agreement, Belizeans will give the ICJ unlimited power to determine boundaries of Belize..."

EPZ No More, Try DPA’s
We've been hearing the term Export Processing Zone in Belize since the 90's - and indeed, it has become a standard part of the economic landscape. But, thanks to World Trade Organization rules, that will have to change. The WTO says Belize's EPZ regulations violate its rules on subsidies. So now, EPZ's will be replace with Designated Processing Areas, or DPA's. It's a slow, very slow process of transition that's been going for 9 years - and the switch was to have been made three years ago. But it never happened - and now the Ministry of Trade is rushing to finalize consultations with the private sector before the bill is taken to the House of Representatives by the end of this year.

Motorcycle Man Serious After Early Morning Accident
A motorcycle driver is clinging to life tonight after he was injured early this morning. It happened in Cayo around 3:00 AM where Raul Roaches was coming off the Hawkesworth Bridge and lost control of his Lifan motorbike. He crashed into the wall of Highway super store in Santa Elena town. He was transported to the San Ignacio Community hospital in a semi-conscious state and later transferred to the KHMH. The Ontario resident is said to be in a serious condition at KHMH undergoing surgery.

Another Murderer Gets Bail
37 year-old Jorge Vidal, a carpenter of Benque Viejo Town in the Cayo District, got good news today when Justice Collin Williams granted him the rare Supreme Court bail for murder. He is charged with the murder of Hortencio Contreras, another Benque Viejo resident, who was killed on December 31, 2005. Vidal's attorney, Oscar Selgado, applied to the court on the grounds that Vidal was acquitted of the murder charge in the Belmopan Supreme Court, but he was later re-arrested and charged back in 2015, after the DPP's Office successfully appealed his acquittal.

Cannabis Cabbie Moving Through Corozal Border
One of the major routes for high grade marijuana to be trafficked into Belize is through the north, form Mexico. And today, customs busted a cabbie packing 12 pounds of cannabis. At around 6:20 a.m. 53 year-old Theodore Augustine, a taxi driver from Belize City, was crossing over the border in Santa Elena, when a customs officer searched his gray Dodge Caravan. That officer found 5 parcels of suspected marijuana, weighing 12 and a half pounds

Taking A Chance With Weed In Chan Chen
And while that happened at the northern border, there were also marijuana maneuvers in the northernmost village of Belize, not far from that border. Corozal police busted a man on a bicycle who was carrying 1 kilo, or 2.2 pounds of weed in a ziplock bag. He's 29 year-old Ryan Sutherland, a construction worker from Belmopan, and tonight, he is detained pending charges for drug trafficking.

Village Weed Bust
And, half hour before that, also in Chan Chen village, police found over three pounds of weed in two bags near the entrance to the village. It was deposited as found property.

Tanya Stephens And Aurelio Searching For Soul Music in Bz
She's known for major anthems such as "It's A Pity" and "These Streets", but reggae songstress Tanya Stephens is in Belize to record a Paranda song…or something! The Jamaican artist arrived in country yesterday along with Aurelio Martinez. They were connected through a mutual friend and are fans of each other's music. Now, Reggae and Paranda have never come together - but the pair told us today at the Princess that they want to record something that defies genres:…

Aurelio On Andy’s Anniversary
They have openings booked to record at studios in Dangriga and Benque Viejo. And while we can't wait to hear what they come up with - Aurelio Martinez is also in Belize to give tribute to his great friend and collaborator Andy Palacio 10 years after his passing. He told us about their deep, deep connection:.. The Watina Tribute to Andy Palacio - which is a free concert - takes place on the night of Sunday, November 11th in Dangriga at the Island Breeze Bar and Grill. Aurelio is the headliner with the Garifuna Collective.

Channel 5

Samuel August Sr. is Arraigned and Remanded for Murder
The last time he was seen publicly was a week ago on Friday when Samuel August Senior escaped from a police guard at the hospital, stole a vehicle and then [...]

Accused Murdered Granted $25K Bail
Accused murderer, thirty-seven-year-old Jorge Vidal, was granted bail today by Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams.  Justice Williams offered bail to the tune of twenty-five thousand dollars.  He was represented by [...]

Corozal Police Make Drug Busts
Fifty-three-year-old Theodore Augustine is in custody pending drug-related charges. Police say that Augustine was busted with five parcels of marijuana amounting to over twelve point four pounds.  The bust was [...]

FTC Says Sanctuary Belize Development Was Not Viable
On Thursday, Belize suffered another black eye in the international media.  The Federal Trade Commission shut down a multimillion-dollar real estate investment scam in southern Belize.  It’s cause for great [...]

Belize City Fire Guts 2 Houses, Leaving 9 Persons Homeless
In October, we reported on the attempted arson at the home of Belize City resident Andre Diaz. But tonight, the news is dire for Diaz, since this time, her house [...]

The U.D.P. Battle for Freetown: Carla, OJ or Fredy
The U.D.P. Convention for standard bearer in Freetown takes place in two days. Three candidates have thrown their hat into the ring: the incumbent caretaker, Doctor Carla Barnett, attorney Orson [...]

Elrington Has U.D.P. Endorsements for Standard Bearer
In the 2015 elections, Chang stepped aside to make way for Barnett to run against the P.U.P.’s Francis Fonseca; he was subsequently named President of the Senate.  This time around, [...]

Who’s Responsible for Lights in Belama Phase 4?
In the heat of the campaign, the two front-runners are going at each other.  Elrington has openly taken credit for work in the Freetown division. This is in reference to [...]

Chamber Responds to AG on UNCAC Implementation
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has responded to Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte in respect of the UNCAC implementation process.  The business organization had pushed for the signing of [...]

Aspiring Attorney Loses Law School’s Challenge at C.C.J.
The Caribbean Court of Justice today delivered a ruling that affects law students across the region.  It ruled against aspiring attorney, Jason Jones and in favour of the Council for [...]

UB Adds Statistics and GIS to Growing Course Offerings
The University of Belize continues to broaden its course offerings, expanding its curricula to include areas of study that translate well in the ever-demanding job market.  The most recent offerings [...]

UB to Lead the Way IN GIS Education
The University of Belize Certificate in Geographic Information Systems aims to be the leading programme of its kind in the region and produce highly trained GIS professionals that will guide [...]

BelAIFA Donates To Liberty Children’s Home
Between October twenty eight and November third, members of the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors embarked in their annual food drive. Every year BelAIFA carries out this charity [...]

The Winners of the National Primary School Football Championship
From early as eight o’clock this morning, young talented football athletes from twelve primary schools from across the country converged in Belize City for an opportunity of a lifetime. The [...]


OJ for Freetown
The UDP held two conventions last weekend. John August won in Cayo North East and Phillip Willoughby won in Port Loyola. This weekend Freetown is up for grabs as Orson Elrington is challenging Dr. Carla Barnett. Earlier today, the media asked Elrington if the baggage and rumours surrounding his allegedly unfavorable interaction with women would …

American National lost $500,000 US in Sanctuary Belize Scam
We told you yesterday of the decision by a federal court in Maryland, USA that ordered the temporary shutdown of a real estate operation called “Sanctuary Belize,” following a case filed by the Federal Trade Commission. The operation is a scam that has cost investors more than $100 million US dollars over a span of …

BelAIFA donates to Liberty Children’s Home
The Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BelAIFA) held a food drive as part of Insurance Week which was celebrated from October 28 to November 3. Today, BelAIFA handed over the goods from the food drive to Liberty Children’s Home. Olga Herrera, the President of BelAIFA, told the media that the donation includes rice …

Managed Access for Fishers
Managed Access is a rights-based fishing program that gives traditional fishers access to fishing grounds. By providing traditional fishers with secured fishing grounds, the program should reduce pressure on the ecosystem while providing an incentive to do legal fishing. Managed Access was rolled out in June 2016 and according to Nigel Martinez, the director of …

Green Globe promoting the environment
The Green Globe is an initiative of the environmental community and the Belize Film Festival in an effort to spread awareness of the importance of preserving the environment they have taken on a new campaign. A number of activities has already been held including a film festival for schools and a panel discussion. Presently, a …

Fire destroys home
Belmopan police are investigating what caused a fire that destroyed the home of an elderly man. Police report that 69-year-old Juan Antonio Perez of Bladden Village had left his house on November first and returned on November seventh to find it completely destroyed by fire. Perez told police that he did not have electricity and …

US National Passes away on Ambergris Caye
An American National passed away on La Isla Bonita. It appears the man may have died of natural causes and the police department is treating it as a “death investigation.” On November 11, a security officer was conducting patrols around the Saphire Resort, about 10 miles north of San Pedro Town. At 9:45 p.m. he …

No Character Witnesses to plead in Court on behalf of Convicted Murderers
Justice Colin Williams has reserved sentencing for November 15, for Eli Lopez Avila and Milton Maza who were convicted of the double murder of Richard Stuart and his wife, Maria. Today, the court should have heard mitigation on the behalf of the men, however, their attorney, Oscar Selgado told the court that the duo did …

Police make marijuana busts across country
Corozal Police have intercepted seventeen pounds of marijuana from reaching consumers. Officers made the bust in three separate incidents today. The biggest stash was confiscated at the northern border shortly after six o’clock this morning. Police say that 53-year-old Theodore Augustine, a taxi driver from Belize City was crossing the Northern border into Belize when …

Court offers bail to murder suspect
Today, Justice Colin Williams had set bail at $25,000 for 35-year-old Jorge Vidal, a carpenter of 35 Central America Street in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, who was remanded on a charge of murder. However, up to news time we understand that he was not able to meet bail. Vidal is charged with the murder of …


“You are going to get it!” – Elena
In the early Wednesday morning here, a constant stream of lime-green T-shirts moved along the Ring Road with chants of “Solidarity forever,” as members of Belize’s most powerful and organized trade union, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), marched towards the Belmopan’s Civic Center. The teachers were gathering for a rally during which they forcefully articulated their demands for Proposition 22 and the other unfinished business in their negotiations with the Government of Belize. Apart from Proposition 22, the unfinished business includes pensions for teachers from church-managed schools and the withholding of commuting allowances for teachers.

Sanctuary Belize – biggest foreign real estate scam in US Federal Trade Commission’s history!
The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today, Thursday, that it has uncovered the largest international real estate fraud in its history. “Sanctuary Belize,” the FTC says, is a $100-million scheme that the commission has filed court papers in Maryland District Court to shut down. Sanctuary Belize has bilked US investors out of millions of dollars, the FTC has alleged. Sanctuary Belize attracts investors with a promise to build dream retirement homes with luxury amenities, including an American-staffed hospital and an international airport linking them to the United States. The man behind the scheme has been identified as Andris Pukke, an American felon who is reportedly living in California and goes by several aliases, including Marc Romeo and Andy Story. Pukke has had several brushes with the FTC and has reportedly even carried out his fraud from behind prison walls.

Bert Vasquez, 35, guilty of “attempt to commit rape”
A jury of 5 women and 4 men deliberated for almost 4 hours today in the court of Justice Colin Williams before they found Bert Vasquez, 35, not guilty of forcible abduction but guilty of attempting to commit rape. The verdict for forcible abduction was a 7-to-2 decision, while the verdict for attempt to commit rape was unanimous. Justice Williams has deferred sentencing until November 28 in order to give Vasquez, who was unrepresented, time to prepare a plea for mitigation.

2 Guatemalans fined $101,070 for unlicensed guns and ammo
Five Guatemalans were read charges of possession of unlicensed firearms and unlicensed ammunition, and possession of prohibited firearms and prohibited ammunition, when they appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Monday morning. Two of the men, Bernardo de Los Angeles Franco Carias and Mario Rodolfo Lopez, who had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, changed their pleas to guilty and were sentenced this morning to pay some hefty fines which totaled in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. Magistrate Banner ordered that the two men (one of whom was found with firearms in a hotel, while the other was found with firearms while he was in the company of three other men in the pan of a pickup truck) pay the fines forthwith.

Edreena Lambey is Ms. Garifuna Belize 2018-2019
On Saturday, November 3, the National Garifuna Council held its annual Ms. Garifuna Belize Cultural Pageant at the Ecumenical Auditorium in Dangriga Town. This event followed the National Solidarity Mass held the same morning at the Sacred Heart Church. Six young ladies vied for the title: Shenell Nunez – Ms. Garifuna Belize City; Edreena Lambey – Ms. Garifuna Belmopan; Latoya Castillo – Ms. Garifuna Hopkins; Royisha Mena – Ms. Garifuna Seine Bight; Fredleen Roches – Ms. Garifuna Peini; and Taryn Nunez – Ms. Garifuna Dangriga.

Opposition member’s Private Bill would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in ICJ referendum
Due to a technicality in the law governing the registration of electors, Belizeans living in the diaspora will not be able to vote in next year’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum (April 10), in which Belizeans will weigh in on whether or not to seek a judicial settlement by the ICJ of the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory. And the Government of Belize appears to be lacking the political will to remedy what many see as a grave injustice to Belizeans born in the country, especially in light of the fact that Guatemalans, who unconstitutionally obtained Belizean nationality, will be able to vote in the referendum. People’s United Party (PUP) member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kareem Musa, area representative for the Caribbean Shores constituency, has taken on the task of seeking a legislative remedy that would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in the referendum next year.

St. Catherine Academy are BDFA Female U-17 Football Champions 2018
On Friday afternoon, November 2, undefeated St. Catherine Academy (SCA) female football team clinched the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) Female U-17 championship at the MCC Grounds where they prevailed 2-1 in penalty shootout against Ladyville Rising Stars, after playing to a 2-2 draw in regulation and overtime. In regulation, both SCA goals were by Aaliyah Herbert (8’ & 37’), while Mary Davis (16’ & 25’) also got both goals for Rising Stars. The score remained the same in overtime, and in the ensuing penalty shootout, Saudy Rivera and Aaliyah Herbert shook the net for SCA, while only Lorraine Stephens converted for Rising Stars.

FFB National Youth Club Championship for Male U-15, Female U-17 and Male U-17
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is currently organizing the following youth tournaments for club teams countrywide in the following categories: U15M, U17F, and U17M. For competition purposes, the country was divided into ten competition districts within which a number of registered clubs competed for the right to represent the competition district in the national phase of the championship. The local phase of the competitions has concluded, and there are now 10 U15M champion clubs, 10 U17F champion clubs and 10 U17M champion clubs vying against each other in a series of home-and-away knockout format to produce a U15 M National Youth Club Champion, a U17 F Youth Club Champion and a U17M Youth Club Champion.

2018 RF&G Open results
The conditions at the Roaring River Golf Course were misty, moist and muddy, but that did not deter the intrepid golfers from venturing forth during the second day of the 2018 RF&G Belize Open. While the golfers were taking their swings on the course, the scorecards were reflecting some other swings. Robert Nelson led the net category on the first day of the tournament, but had a 13-stroke swing to the worse on Sunday. Meanwhile, Lloyd Gillet carded the tournament’s best single round gross score of 70 on Sunday, a 12-stroke improvement over his Saturday score. The winner of the gross category, Bill McKenzie, was the epitome of consistency with two days at 72. Robert Cook shot a net 62 and 70 to win the net category. Congratulations to our 2018 RF&G Open winners!

Stann Creek FA 1st Division Week 6 results and standings
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Amateur September Season continued over the weekend with games on Friday and Sunday, November 2 and 4, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In the opener on Friday night, South Side Warriors dropped Sarawee Strikers, 3-1, with goals from Norman Sutherland (37’) and Leston Garcia (46’ & 72’), while Ramon Olmedo (62’) scored for Sarawee. And in the nightcap, it was Pomona Impacts, 3-2, over Silk Grass SG Ballers. Netting 1 apiece for Pomona were Raymond Peters (54’), Kevin Salguero (57’) and Leonarde Valdez (68’); while Silk Grass got a goal each from Zion Ramos (33’) and Asad Sho (76’).

Editorial: Belizean unionism
Slavery was a straightforward evil. Some human beings forced other human beings to work for them, thus enriching them. The enslavers provided subhuman housing for those they enslaved, a minimum of clothing, barely enough food to survive, and they paid them nothing for their labor. Colonialism was a little more subtle. In the case of British Honduras/Belize, the masses of the people did not have chains on their feet after Emancipation in 1838. But they did not own any land, or any means of production. In order to survive, they generally had to ask the same people who had enslaved them, for jobs. The employers, who had been slavemasters, paid very low wages during colonialism, because the masses were desperate for work.

Former SIS boss writes about the 1981 State of Emergency
The Editor Amandala: I read with interest your article in the Amandala of 25th September, 2018, which commented on the circumstances of the recently declared State of Emergency, and the one which played out in 1981. I, Ephriam Usher, enlisted in the Belize Police Force in late 1977, and in early 1978 I commenced 6 months of training at the Police Training School, which at the time was housed in Ladyville. I received training with the first squad of the Tactical Services Unit as of 2nd January 1978. The Police Force provided me with extensive training locally and abroad. I had enlisted as the 1st (Officer Cadet). I believe the present Commissioner of Police is a product of that programme. The Commissioner at the time was Mr. Esmond Willoughby (his photograph was featured in your article).

All quiet on the Western Front
Dear Editor, On Sunday, November 11, 2018, the world will observe one hundred years since the signing of the armistice to end World War I. The conflict, which caused the lives of some 16 million souls, was known as “the great war to end all wars.” It began on July 28, 1914, an ended on Nov 11, 1918. The war was between Germany and most of the countries of the free world. World War I led to the formation of the League of Nations, which was a complete failure and later replaced by the United Nations after World War II. Since British Honduras was a colony, many of our men served in World War I. They were promised land by the colonial administration on their return. Some of them had to riot just to receive some swamp land. Some streets in Belize are named after some areas of WWI — Euphrates, Amara, Basra, Cairo, Mosul, etc.

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
I always want to celebrate those niches in society that highlight the magnificence of youth and that of women. Today I highlight the Belada Magazine and Bembe Vision! Belada Magazine comes out of Belada Caribe, a firm ran by a husband and wife, Abdul and Diafra Nunez. On November 9th, 2018, they launch the issue of their year-old magazine which highlights young people from all over Belize and I got a sneak peek of the great stories of the young Belizean stars. The names of young people I know and work with are highlighted. Names like Adriana Avilez from Punta Gorda Town; Her Excellency Kylah Ciego from Dangriga Town, Belize’s CARICOM Youth Ambassador; and Kristin Marin, originally from Belize City but working out of San Pedro Town and leading the Belize’s chapter of the international organization Projects Abroad.

Bernard could have used page from Yantas’ book
Channel Seven thought the mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner, was out of line when he refused to go down the road a reporter was taking him, at an occasion in Belize City this week. After the mayor expressed his displeasure with the line of questioning, the Belize City Council’s public relations officer abruptly ended the interview. At the Belize School of Agriculture, in 1978, our dean, Godsman Ellis, and our principal, Alfonso Tzul, thought that we should be exposed to the great men and women in our country who were leading the way in the building of the New Belize. So, we made field trips to every district, to meet the top farmers involved in the production of vegetables and fruits and grain and livestock. And every week during the second semester, a different leader in our country was brought in to speak with us.

The story of the brilliant and legendary Belizean musician, Bill Belisle,has been long overdue since yours truly of “Belizean Legends” spoke to his brother, Chauncy Smith, Jr., a year ago right here in Los Angeles where Smith lived. Before that we wondered about what the life of this prolific Belizean artist was like, especially for those of us who were too young to have heard the legendary Messengers play, with Bill Belisle flanked by the outstanding saxophone player and bandleader, Pete Matthews. It so happened that a musically-inclined Bill Belisle who was named off his father, Chauncy Belisle, would be raised by Pearlie and Barney Kemp of Belize, though his mother, Claudia Leslie, was in his life. His mother worked with the Kemps,who were a prominent Belizean family from the South. Mr. Kemp also played music and was a Belizean musician before Bill’s time.

The facts not mentioned
The Government’s concerted effort for us to vote on 10th April next year to take the territorial differendum with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice for final and binding resolution using the 2008 Special Agreement [Compromis] as the court’s terms of reference, continues to intensify. At his recent press conference the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister announced that additional brain power was being recruited by the ICJ referendum education unit to properly inform us on the “facts” so that we can vote accordingly in the upcoming referendum. Even so, I have observed that there are very important facts omitted from the presentations of those who promulgate the official position taken by the Government. I therefore wish to direct your attention to some of these omissions that may well be considered the real objective and unbiased facts of the matter.

Romario Pech, 23, released from Mexican prison
Romario Pech, 23, a resident of Yo Creek, has been found not guilty of manslaughter after being jailed in Chetumal, Mexico, for 17 months. Pech was accused of killing his cousin, Saul Pech, 19, at Saul’s apartment in Chetumal on May 2, 2017. Although Pech was arrested last year, his trial only began about two weeks ago due to it being postponed for weeks after a riot broke out at the prison in which he was held. The trial was held without a jury and around midday on Thursday, November 1, the judge found Pech not guilty.

Another robbery caught on camera in Belmopan
Surveillance footage of several businesses being robbed have been circulating on social media over the past few days. Yesterday, around 11:30 a.m., a robbery in Belmopan at Tai Fu Store located on Cemetery Road in the Salvapan area was also caught on camera. In the video, a dark-skinned man is seen entering the store and pulling a gun from under the front of his pants. Amidst the high intensity of what was happening, the robber dropped the gun, and hurriedly picked it up. He then pointed the gun at the cashier and demanded money.

Tracy Betancourt, 21, arraigned for murder of San Pedro businessman, Lamont Lipka
At about 9:30 Sunday night, May 13, 2018, Lamont Edward Lipka, 49, an American citizen and the owner of Tropicana Bar and Grill, located on Coconut Drive on the southern end of San Pedro, was in his restaurant, sitting behind the counter, when an unknown gunman entered the restaurant and fired about 6 shots at him. Police have arrested Tracy Betancourt, 21, an unemployed San Pedro resident, and charged her with Lipka’s murder, and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the shooting of Lipka. Police are searching for an accomplice in the crime, a resident of San Pedro who is known to them.

Tyrique Myles, 18, third alleged cop killer, arraigned
A third person has been arraigned for the murder of Constable Osborne Martinez, 27. He is Tyrique Myles, 18, a resident of Tibruce Street who was shot in his right thigh by police while he was allegedly involved in a shootout with them. Myles was arraigned on the charge when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He was also charged with 3 counts of robbery, one count of keeping a firearm without a gun license and one count of keeping ammunition without a gun license. He was remanded into custody until January 8, 2018.

Opposition member’s Private Bill would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in ICJ referendum
Due to a technicality in the law governing the registration of electors, Belizeans living in the diaspora will not be able to vote in next year’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum (April 10), in which Belizeans will weigh in on whether or not to seek a judicial settlement by the ICJ of the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory. And the Government of Belize appears to be lacking the political will to remedy what many see as a grave injustice to Belizeans born in the country, especially in light of the fact that Guatemalans, who unconstitutionally obtained Belizean nationality, will be able to vote in the referendum. People’s United Party (PUP) member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kareem Musa, area representative for the Caribbean Shores constituency, has taken on the task of seeking a legislative remedy that would allow diaspora Belizeans to vote in the referendum next year.

The Reporter

By: Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d). The lame duck area representative for the Port Loyola division, the Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez, raised a few eyebrows when in October he declared himself the King of Port Loyola. I understood well the point that he was trying to make, but to some he came across as being out of touch with the sentiments of the voters in his division. Boots’ royal decree was an attempt to remind the voters that it was he who was in charge of the treasure chest. The elected Area Representative of Port Loyola was therefore putting the voters of “Port” on notice that if they did not support the candidate he endorsed that there was going to be a price to pay. No other than the Prime Minister would later confirm that all goods and services can only flow through Boots.

EDITORIAL – November 9th. 2018
Belizeans were thrilled this week to learn that the Police had captured eleven Guatemalan smugglers and one Belizean businessman along with 15 bales of cocaine weighing in at 1,056 pounds, and a number of pistols including one heavy caliber hand gun. This was big news! Everybody knows that the cocaine is coming in by plane and by boat from South America. But until now we did not know who are the agent or agents in Belize and how the drugs are being sent out.

In previous installments of the Business Perspective column we had discussed the effects of corruption. In particular, we have discussed empirical studies that have repeatedly underscored the fact that corruption weighs negatively on economic growth and development. However, at this juncture, it is useful to discuss the institutions that are designed to prevent corruption.

Investors in the Stake Bank Cruise Port, Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (SBEL), announced that design work for the much anticipated cruise port facility was set to commence this week. The project is expected to have a significant impact on the cruise tourism sector, particularly in Belize City where the need for a cruise port to accommodate larger ships as the industry continues to grow became apparent in recent years.

Independence Police are seeking one person for questioning in relation to the discovery of the body of a newborn, found discarded inside a shallow grave in Trio Village in the Toledo district. An investigation by Police has established that on November 4th, Guatemalan domestic Dominica Mucu, 39, gave birth to a female child at her home in Trio. Police say that Mucu told them that the child was born premature and on the following day the infant suddenly stopped breathing and died and was subsequently buried.

This week a jury found Bert Vasquez, who is already spending 10 years in prison for sexual offenses, guilty of another sexual crime. On Wednesday a 12-member jury found him not guilty on charges of forcible abduction, but guilty of attempted rape, after four hours of deliberation. Vasquez, who was unrepresented, is scheduled to return to Court on Wednesday, November 28 for mitigation pleas, then the Court will decide whether to sentence him at that time or at a later date.

Teachers at Excelsior High School in Belize City are up in arms and are demanding an explanation on why their social security, insurance and income tax payments are several months in arrears when the deductions have been taken out of their salaries. The Reporter has learned from inside sources at the school that in October, one of the teachers received a call from her insurance company, informing her that her payments were two months in arrears. The teacher inquired about it and found out that her deductions were made out in cheques along with everyone else’s but had not been paid to any of the three institutions.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Atlantic Bank Belmopan hosts Auto Show tomorrow
The Belmopan Branch of Atlantic Bank is hosting their annual new and pre-owned auto show tomorrow. […]

Scotiabank donates $2,000 to Salvation Army Kettle appeal
This morning, Scotiabank in Belize city handed over a $2,000 cheque to the Salvation Army at […]

Fire destroys home in Bladden Village
Police are investigating a house fire that occurred in Bladden Village, Southern Belize. Juan Perez,69, told police […]

American found dead in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Police are investigating the death of a retired American in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Last night, […]

Samuel August to be charged with double murder and string of other charges
In a press conference yesterday, Belize City police confirmed that Samuel August has been discharged from […]

Police: Baby 28 weeks old found in shallow grave in Trio village
Earlier this week we reported that the body of a baby was found in the […]

Shop owner doesn’t file police report in robbery caught on camera
Earlier this week the robbery of Tai Fu store in San Martin, Belmopan, was caught […]

Pregnant woman dies in Dangriga
The Placencia community is reeling from the loss of a beloved young mother. Selmi Franco, […]

Four-year-old abused by stepfather
At yesterday’s press briefing, police stated that they are investigating a report of child abuse […]

Belize represented at Miss Scuba international
Belize is being represented at the Miss Scuba international pageant in Malaysia. Twenty-six-year-old dive master, […]

Artists join hands for benefit concert in Belize
Belizean artists have joined hands to host a benefit concert. The purpose of the concert […]

San Ignacio police find motorcycle used in robbery
San Ignacio police are actively seeking two suspects that they believe robbed Lily’s store in […]

WPC charged for assault
A female police officer has been charged for assaulting a woman inside a nightclub in […]

Tracey Betancourt charged for murder of American businessman
Police have charged Tracey Betancourt, 21, in connection with the death of American businessman, Lamont […]


The First US Store Opens in Belize: Ashley Furniture Comes to Mirabs Department Store
Yesterday we flew over to Belize City for Jeff’s one week follow up visit with the cardiologist and for the Grand Opening of Ashley Furniture Store in Belize City. Exciting for a few reasons. It was a gorgeous day to fly. Ashley Furniture at Mirab’s Department Store is the first US store in Belize. No Walmart, no Starbucks, no 7-11. The first. And one of their over 860 stores world wide! Based in Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture is the #1 furniture retailer in America and have stores in Costa Rica and Russia and Japan. Exciting because it is the third floor and final floor of the HUGE Mirab Department store that opened just a few months ago in Belize City – but could seriously be in California and still be beautiful and impressive.

International Sourcesizz

International Living’s Retire Overseas Bootcamp 2018 Conference in New Mexico
Belize Tourism Board

The Natural History Museum of Utah's 'Maya' exhibit keeps the ancient culture alive
When ancient Maya stonecutters crafted tall pillars and engraved them with glyphs and images of divine figures, they did so at the requests of kings who wanted to assert their authority and power. Centuries later, Utahns will have the chance to experience the mystery and majesty of the stelae themselves when they come face to face with life-size replicas at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s latest exhibit, "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed," which opens Saturday. "It’s an amazing, immersive introduction to the culture of the ancient Maya," said Lisa Thompson, the museum's exhibit developer. "It also does a really good job of explaining how we know what we know about the Maya."

8 of the World's Most Lavish Hotel Bathtubs
While some may overlook the hotel bathroom and head straight to the bed to get a glimpse into how well they will sleep at night, the bathroom is becoming a statement of style and serenity in itself. The thought of coming back to your room after a day of exploration and sinking into an oversize tub overflowing with scented bubbles? It likely doesn't get much better than that while on vacation. The ultraluxurious bathtub lends to incomparable views while bathing, and tubs are even planted in a peaceful, outdoor oasis. A luxury eco-accommodation, Copal Tree Lodge is located on a 3,000-acre sustainable farm in Punta Gorda, the southernmost part of Belize. If you’re staying in one of the resort's four Signature Canopy Suites perched above the jungle canopy, you can take in the landscape of the Maya Mountains from the soaking tub situated on the suite’s wraparound balcony.


  • Agouti, 2.5min. While quietly doing a little birding in the garden this morning - I had one of these small experiences, which makes life so much more richer. Agouti's do not see that well and you can see, it senses that I am there, but it is not certain, since I do not move

  • San Pedro Cleanup, 1min. CLEAN UP going on! Be part of the community participation TODAY. LOCATION: main road west of the airstrip going into San Pedrito

  • Belize Christian Academy 25th Anniversary, 1.5min.

  • Schooling with the fish off Silk Caye in Belize, 1min. Schooling with the fish off Silk Caye in Belize. These fish let me join their school for a swim. Although, as you can see a couple of them kept circling back and giving me the fish eye. This was at about 45' shot with Nikon Coolpix W300.

  • Diving dog in Belize, 1.5min.

  • Swimming with sharks, manatees, rays and turtles!, 10min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries, 2min.

  • Grace Flava with a Beat - Belizean Sere using their coconut products, 21min. Grace Flava with a Beat showed us how to make Belizean Sere using their coconut products. On set: Duane Lizama - Resident Chef. Melanie Coc - Senior Brand Manager, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd.

  • Feel Ah Way" Benefit Concert in Dangriga, 23min. Aurelio Martinez and Tanya Stephens are in country to support the "Feel Ah Way" Benefit Concert in Dangriga. We invited them to talk with us about their work to support our local music industry. The artists explain that they are invested in seeing the cultural music of Belize develop and shared regionally. On our couch: Tanya Stephens - Artist/Concert Performer. Aurelio Martinez - Artist/Concert Performer. Barbara Noralez - Promoter.

  • NCFC launches activity book on Children's Rights, 18min. The National Committee for Families and Children is launching an activity book that teaches children about the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The "Express Yuself with Rights" book helps children learn about their rights and responsibilities while using their creativity and imagination. We spoke with representatives of NCFC's CRC Ambassador program about the creative process and how you can get access to it. On our couch: Michael Fritz - CRC Ambassador. Natasha Pipersburgh - CRC Ambassador. Lindburgh Smith - Former IEC Officer, NCFC.

  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Dissatisfaction with GOB's UNCAC implementation, 46min. The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry is registering its dissatisfaction with GOB's UNCAC implementation framework. They are calling for "rapid, resolute and effective action" from GOB to increase the pace of the progress. Our guests outlined the position and shared their concerns. They maintained that corruption hinders economic growth and as such they are being advocates and offering assistance to support the move towards anti-corruption policies and measures. On our couch: Nikita Usher- President, BCCI. Giacomo Sanchez- Treasurer, BCCI. Ashanti Martin- Secretary, BCCI.

  • The Dangriga Shaka Committee - Shaka competition, 25min. The "Sisira" or Shaka is an essential part of Garifuna music. It gives the depth to what we hear and follows the cue of the drums to create that spiritual experience in traditional ceremonies. The Dangriga Shaka Committee is in its second year of organizing the Shaka competition. Our guests talked with us about the origins of the committee and how the competition will raise funds to support community work. The event takes place on 16th November at the Ecumenical Auditorium. On our couch: Maurice Herrera - President, Shaka Committee. Karima Higinio Lewis - Secretary, Shaka Committee. Kenrick Casimiro - 2017 Winner.

  • St. John's Credit Union (SJCU) is celebrating its 72nd Anniversary, 32min. St. John's Credit Union (SJCU) is celebrating its 72nd Anniversary. The team were our final guests to talk about their accomplishments over the years. They are the fastest growing credit union with current assets of over BZD $82 million. They talked about their strategy to enhance services and meet the needs of their customer base. On our couch: Alvan Haynes – President, SJCU. Daisy Dawson – General Manager, SJCU. Andrew Mitchell – Loans & Marketing Manager, SJCU.

  • High School Battle Of The Drums 2018, 4hr.

  • The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, 1.5min. A short film depicting the work Reef Conservation International are doing on the Belize Barrier Reef to encourage population growth and protection of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster

  • Toledo Belize, 3min.

  • Belize’s East Indian Queen is 2nd runner up in International pageant, 1min.

  • Belize Ambergris Caye, 4.5min.

  • Fly Fishing Belize: 2 Grand Slams in 2 Days, 8min. We never expected it to be this good. On the last two days of our trip to Belize, it all came together. The calm and sunny conditions were perfect for flats fishing. Thanks to our incredible guides, Lincoln and Marlin, two grand slams were boated. Luck was on our side, and Damien got it done.

  • Highlights: Dominican Republic 6 - 0 Belize, 1min. Juan Ángeles scores a brace to give @fedofutbol a 6-0 victory over Belize

  • Just Winging It “Belize”, 16min. Trip to Belize

    November 9, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    SPTC hosts Breast Cancer and Diabetes Awareness Walk/Run on the island
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) hosted its annual Breast Cancer and Diabetes Awareness Walk/Run on Saturday, November 3rd. Dozens of runners and walkers convened by the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge at 5:30AM, supporting the initiative that helps to spread awareness about the life-threatening disease. Each participant contributed via a registration fee, proceeds of all went to the San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS). This non-profit organization assists residents on the island battling cancer. The fee provided the participants with a ‘Pink Package’ that included a breast cancer awareness shirt and cap. The distance ran/walked covered five and ten kilometers.

    San Pedro Pirates lose 3-1 against Verdes F.C but remain in third position
    With only two more games left in the 2018-2019 regular season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) San Pedro Pirates remain in the third position of the football tournament with a total 16 points. The island team was defeated 3-1 by Verdes F.C at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio this past weekend on Sunday, November 4th. The match began promptly at 4PM, with the home team determined to win the match and gain three more points in the tournament standings. At minute 11, Verdes’ Edlin Gutierrez found his way and nailed the first goal for his team. Thereafter, San Pedro Pirates defense got aggressive, not allowing any more goals to enter. The first half came to an end with Verdes leading 1-0.

    Galen University students research sustainable development on Ambergris Caye
    As part of their studies, a group of students from Galen University’s GUX 199- Introduction to Sustainable Development class researched sustainable development in San Pedro Town from Saturday, November 3rd to Sunday, November 4th. Galen University embodies a culture of educating on the importance of the sustainable development of Belize from a social, economic, cultural, and environmental perspective to its students as current and future decision-makers of Belize. Sustainable development is enshrined in their mission and is a required course for their students. Throughout the two-day session, the students collected history and development trajectory of San Pedro Town so to ascertain the various dimensions of sustainable development. As part of the research, students are also expected to create recommendations to improve policy and practice towards sustainable development in San Pedro in line with Belize’s Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy.

    Ambergris Today

    BEL To Reduce Environmental Exposure In Caye Caulker
    BEL plans to invest $15M to reduce noise and air pollution from diesel generation, eliminate the risks associated with transporting diesel to Caye Caulker and reduce generation cost by $3M to $4M annually. Since 2016, BEL has been engaging with the Department of Environment, the community, environmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to provide information on plans to connect Caye Caulker to the national grid by 2020.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Banyan Bay’s Farmer's Market
    Are you ready for another round of bargain market shopping? We’re hosting yet another edition of ‘The Market”, this Saturday at our conference center grounds at Banyan Bay, from 10am to 1pm. Get deals on fresh produce, food, jewelry, artisanal crafts, sauces, detergents, organic items, top of the line make-up, and much more. Support local island businesses and small enterprises. See you all there!

    BTIA Caye Caulker AGM
    November 13, Chan's Conference Room, 6pm.

    Improving coordinated Chiquibul joint patrols
    FCD is thankful to the BDF for implementation of the 2 day Patrol Seminar which was conducted with the aim of improving coordinated Chiquibul joint patrols.

    Celebrating Young Entrepreneurs!
    For the month of November, we are excited to feature Eider Romero as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur! Business project, to business owner. Young Entrepreneur and U.S. Alumni Eider Romero launched ER'S Icy Treats after a successful business project turned into family business in 2012. Eider participated in the U.S. Department of State Youth Ambassadors Program in 2014, where he learnt vital information that propelled his business even further. His business has kept on growing keeping the 'Suga City' community happy and satisfied. He has been an actively engaged young entrepreneur participating in many community events. He has won and claimed the title of best ‘Micro Entrepreneur’ in Jamaica where he proudly represented Belize showcasing his business to the Caribbean. He similarly received the very first business award at his high school graduation presented by a prominent local entrepreneur.

    Framework for ground beams and pile caps stated today.

    ACC Urban Garden — at Anglican Cathedral College

    Yuum Kaax is the representation of protection of our animals and forest . Yuum Kaax can be translated as "Lord of the Mountain" , "Lord of the bush,Forest or woods " . Today we the Yucatec Maya of Belize continue to give offerings to Yuum Kaax with the tradition of Wahil Kool .

    Scuba Belize Oct 2018
    Went diving last week with Belize Pro Dive Center. Visibility wasn't great but we saw lots of fish.

    Ambergris Caye Birds
    Went birding early yesterday on south end of Ambergris Caye. Very lucky to see the Osprey having fresh fish for breakfast.

    Barge Berthing Facility to be developed in San Pedro
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for Ports) Honourable Edmond Castro, was on Ambergris Caye Yesterday, November 7, 2018, where he visited and inspected the location for the proposed development of a Barge Berthing Facility. The proposed project is to be undertaken through a partnership between the Belize Port Authority and private sector entities, principally Bowen and Bowen Limited. The location has for a number of years been used by that company and others for berthing of barges to transport supplies to the island from the mainland...

    Corozal Sport News
    The Caledonia R.C. School Female Team and the Concepcion R.C. School Male Team are representing the Corozal District in the National Primary School Football Championship to be held this Friday, November 9th at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City following the official opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. Come out and support our two Corozal Teams. Go Corozal!

    Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle
    You're invited to an Open House as we release the November Issue of CC+L and showcase Maya Island's new San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Terminal. Join us for a special tour of this new facility and pick up a copy of our fourth issue, which will be available for your reading pleasure. See you there!

    Punta Until Yo Drop Bash
    Next Friday, November 16th, the Pool House in Bullet Tree is having the Kategory 5 Band perform as an early Garifuna Settlement Day Bash. "We are inviting all our friends of bullet tree falls and sorrouding area of santa family, cayo ,Billy white ,duckrun and all of the other village in cayo at our pool punta fiesta on lue of Garifuna day celebrating on 16 of November."

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Crazy Rich Asians, Fallout, Christopher Robin, Kin

    The Maya Hidden World's Revealed opens at the Natural History Museum of Utah featuring many artifacts from Belize

    Join the Yaaxche team as Protected Areas Program Director!
    We are securing the services of a Belizean Protected Areas Program Director – with a strong interest in protected areas management and conservation – to contribute to the leadership and oversight of the Protected Areas Program.

    SanPedro Big Garbage Cleanup Project Nov. 9-12
    Last call for help - If you are on Ambergris Caye and have 3 h to spare or more over the next 4 days (Starting Friday, Nov 9th) then, please do so and count yourself in on the event link Go to Central Park any time from 8am to 2 pm. They will drive workers to the site of the day/hour and bring them back to the park when their time is done. If you have wheels headquarters will direct you to the site. If you have extra room, they may stick a few butts in your seats :D

    FAD Presentation by American 16 year old
    This Friday November 9th at 3.30pm Presentation on a fish attracting device (FAD) by a 16 year old kid from USA !! Come support and let’s use environmentally friendly materials in our waters !!! All are invited to HolChan office !!

    Channel 7

    Samuel August Will Be Charged For Son’s Murder
    Samuel August will be charged for double murder. Police had said that the 35 year old backhoe operator was not mentally fit to face such a charge - but that has changed - based on advice from the DPP.  August has been released from the hospital and tomorrow he will be charged for the murder of his own son, Samir August and the child’s guardian and grandmother, 53 year old Louise Young.  They were both killed on October 31st at 2:00 AM when August took the city council backhoe assigned to him and rammed into the house where they slept.   A psychiatric assessment said that he was not in his right mind at the time.  Today police told us why they have decided to go ahead with the double murder charge:..

    No Drug Trafficking, But Gun Charges & Fines for Guats
    On Monday’s news, we told you how police had to settle for firearms charges for 5 of the 12 Guatemalans they detained in connection with a drug bust.  Now, everyone expected that they would be charged for trafficking the one thousand pounds of cocaine which was found off the Coastal Road.  But, the cops didn’t have direct evidence to tie them to the drugs, and so, they had to charge them for a small cache of weapons that some in the group were caught with.  It may appear that they got off easy, but that’s not exactly the case. Magistrate Emmerson Banner has slapped fines of more than a hundred thousand dollars on the 2 defendants brave enough to plea guilty to possession of that stash of illegal guns and bullets.  They are Franco Carias and Sergio Wilfredo Morales Godoy and they took the plea for a slew of firearms charges.  

    BNTU Says Yes To Faber
    They sent a message to Belmopan yesterday with a thousand strong demonstration, and, on Monday, the Teacher’s Union will meet with the Minister of Education.  That’s the gist of a release today in which the union thanks all its supports for their support. The release adds, quote, “Minister Faber has finally conceded to meeting with us and has committed to work alongside us to address the issues we have highlited.  We therefore look froward to charting the way forward and will hold him to his word to ensure that our members are given what they justly deserve…We will approach Monday’s meeting with open minds and are hopeful that we will make satisfactory progress.”

    Teakettle Skeleton Had No Skull
    Last night we told you about the human remains found across the river from Teakettle Village in the Cayo District.   Tonight, police are trying to figure out who the Teakettle remains belong to. Police say there was no on-site post mortem but DNA samples will be taken to determine the identity. As we told you, the family of Oswald Arnold is hoping it’s his remains. The 22 year old went missing in May of this year.   Here’s more from today’s police press briefing.

    The Plot to Murder Monty
    21 year old Tracey Betancourt has been charged for Lamont Lipka’s murder - but she wasn’t the one who pulled the †rigger and shot the American businessman 6 times at this San Pedro Restaurant.   Today, police told us that they are closing in on the alleged gunman: ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "Tracey Betancourt, 21 year old Belizean of San Mateo San Pedro, she was arrested and charged with the crime of murder, conspiracy to commit murder along with another male person who has not yet been detained. This is reference to the shooting death of Mr. Lamont Lipka which occurred on the 13th of May 2018."

    Grazed In The Neck On Pen Road
    A 24 year old is lucky to be alive after a bullet grazed him to the neck last night in Belize City. It happened on Neal’s Pen Road around 9:00 last night. Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "Last night just after 9 PM, police visited the KHMH where they observed Damien Leslie, 24 year old Belizean with an apparent gunshot wound to the right side of his neck. The initial information that police has is that Mr. Leslie was on Neal's Penn Road talking to some female inside of a vehicle when they were approached by 2 male persons who were riding a motorcycle.

    4 Year Old Molested By Stepfather
    There is another disturbing case of child abuse to report. A 4 year old girl was molested at a family home in Belmopan. Today police didn’t give much details in this sensitive case. Here is what they had to say. ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Monday sometime after 4:30 PM, 23 year old Honduran female accompanied by her 4 year old niece visited the Belmopan police station where the 4 year old reported that on a date she cannot remember, whilst at a family home, she had some uncomfortable contact with a family member. Police has since detained that person who is pending charges."

    Trio Baby Born Premature and Buried In Back Yard
    As we told you last night, police are looking for one person in connection to the death of new born baby girl in Trio Village. The baby was born premature on Sunday but died on Monday afternoon. The baby was then buried in the family back yard. Here is more from police. ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Independence police responded to information in Trio Village where they spoke to one Dominga Mucu, 39 year Guatemalan domestic of the said village whom after interviewing her, police proceeded to the back of the yard where they discovered a small shallow grave from which was exhumed the body of a baby in a decomposed state...."

    New Gen Statisticians
    Last week, we showed you highlights of the University of Belize’s Annual report 2016 – 2017. Well, now they have a couple more accomplishments to add to their next year in review. Today, UB launched its first bachelors in Statistics as well as a professional certificate in GIS. We dropped by the Radisson to find out more about these new programs. Julianne Pasos - Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
    "We have our bachelors in Statistics program which is a 4 year degree program and its main focus is statistics. The program came about through our curriculum review, we were doing a review of our bachelors in Mathematics program and we found out from stakeholders that there is a great need for statistics. The program offers a diversity in statistics..."

    Social Security Fund At A Crisis Crossroads
    Since the beginning of last year, the Social Security Board has been engaged in public consultations with Social Security contributors. SSB has been trying to convince the public to buy into a package of increased contributions to make sure the fund remains available to future generations.   The problem is that right now, social security is paying out more money than it is collecting. In 2016, it was running a deficit of 3.4 million dollars, but last year, that amount increased to just over 10 million dollars. That deficit is growing, and if there is no-buy in from the public to increase the amount of contributions, the Social Security fund will no longer be able to support the needs of the growing, and aging Belizean population. Simply put, it will crash.

    FTC Uncovers Major Land Fraud Scheme in Southern Belize
    There is huge news coming from the Federal Trade Commission in the US tonight - and it has to do with a mega project in southern Belize called Sanctuary Development.   It is being called the “the largest real estate fraud the agency has ever  uncovered in its history.” The civil action names Belize’s Atlantic International Bank - among many other companies as part of the scheme.  Local Manager, Johnny Usher is also named.  He today told us he has no comment until he speaks to his attorney.  So what is Sanctuary Belize - and who got the bad end of a raw deal?  Well, “Sanctuary Belize” targetted investors from across the United States - mostly retirees - to buy properties on their 14,000 acre development. 

    The Kettle Bells Ring Again
    Every year, during the first half of November, the Salvation Army signals the beginning of the Christmas season with their launch of their Christmas kettles.  The bells on those kettles ring to remind the public to remember less fortunate - who will get a Christmas meal or a gift through their small contribution.  This year’s launching held on the stairs of the ScotiaBank’s Albert Street Branch. The regional commander told us that those shillings and dollar coins which you have been dropping in the kettles annually fund many of their community outreach initiatives for over 800 poor families:

    No Complaint In Belmopan Armed Robbery
    Two night’s ago we showed you the robbery of Tai Fu store in Salvapan.  Well, police say they have a known suspect, but the store-owner doesn’t want to make a complaint:  ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Police responded to an information of a robbery in the San Martin area of Belmopan city where they visited a Chinese store where it was learnt that shortly after 11:30, one male person of Creole descent armed with a handgun visited the area where he held up the owner of the place and demanded money, so far police have been unable to get any other information including, not getting corporation from the owner of the establishment, no official report has been made either."

    Woman Cop Charged For Bar Brawl
    An off duty police officer from San Pedro punched a female in her right eye. She got into an altercation with two other females. Police have since charged WPC Stephanie Patten with wounding and harm. The Head of National Crimes Investigation told us more. ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Police responded to information on the 1st of November sometime around 2:30 AM at a night establishment in Orange Walk, where one Seleni Mai reported to them that whilst she was in the company of one Fransica Banio, they had an altercation with another female who we later learnt to be a police officer, one WPC Stephanie Patten..."

    Dr. Carla Says Orson Is Fibbing
    There’s a big UDP convention on Sunday in the Freetown division.  And while this one hasn’t garnered the kind of attention that the Port Loyola Convention did - it’s an important battleground nonetheless.  Dr. Carla Barnett is facing a strong challenge from OJ Elrington - who has the support of former standard bearer Li Mark Chang.   And while we’ll feature the head to head race on tomorrow’s news - tonight the dispute is about who’s bringing light to the area.  Last night on Lik Road Elrington said he brought light to Phase 4:…

    Channel 5

    Sam August Sr. Faces Murder Charges Following Deadly Halloween Rampage
    After being hospitalized for a week, Samuel August Senior will face the full force of the law.  The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution has determined that he is [...]

    Remains of Oswald Arnold Found; Family Receives Closure
    The remains of twenty-two year old Roaring Creek resident Oswald Arnold were found on Wednesday morning. Arnold, who had been missing for six months, was feared dead.  His family had [...]

    Police Seek a Second in Murder of Lamont Lipka in San Pedro
    American national Lamont ‘Monty’ Lipka was shot and killed inside his restaurant in San Pedro on May thirteenth.  Since then, investigators have been working carefully to unravel the whodunit mystery.  [...]

    The Body of a Newborn is Found Buried in Trio
    The body of a seven-month baby was unearthed from a shallow grave in southern Belize. The remains were found at Trio Village in the backyard of Dominga Maku, the Guatemalan [...]

    3 Belizean Minors Repatriated After They Were Found Working in Guatemala
    We can report tonight that three Belizean siblings are being transported back to Belize from Guatemala via the western border. The siblings were found to be working in Livingston, Guatemala [...]

    Federal Trade Commission Shuts Down Multimillion-Dollar Scam Linked to Belize
    A multimillion dollars scam linked to Belize was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission in the US. The Federal Trade Commission reported today that Sanctuary Belize is an alleged [...]

    Guatemalans Get Stiff Fines for Illegal Firearms Found in their Hotel Room
    Two of five Guatemalan nationals re-appeared before the Magistrate Court today in respect of a slew of prohibited and illegal firearm and ammo charges. The duo: forty-six-year-old Bernardo De los [...]

    OW Cops Challenge Transfers; Court Rules Against Them
    Following the huge drug bust in the north in early September and the subsequent arrest of Superintendent David Chi and PC Norman Anthony, it was revealed that Orange Walk’s new [...]

    The Official Reasons Why the Officers Were Transferred
    According to Sylvestre, the first transfer letter the officers received lacked reasons. It was not until the case was brought before the courts that the true reasons why the officers [...]

    Damien Leslie is Shot in the Neck on Pen Road
    Shortly after nine o’clock on Wednesday night, gunshots rang out on Neal’s Pen Road.  When the shooting subsided, a Belize City resident was injured from a bullet that caught him [...]

    An Infant is Sexually Assaulted by a Relative in Belmopan
    A four-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a member of her own family while in the care of her aunt in Belmopan.  While the infant could not provide police with [...]

    Police Are Looking for Suspect in Tai Fu Robbery
    Armed robberies of business establishments have not been confined to Belize City. On Tuesday, a Chinese store was jacked in the capital by an armed thief. The robbery was caught [...]

    2 Suspects Wanted for Lily’s Store Robbery Out West
    Police today provided a few more details on the robbery of a store in San Ignacio. The business place, Lily’s, was robbed by armed thieves on Monday morning. Surveillance footage [...]

    Woman Police Constable Charged for Beating Up Female Patron in Sugar City
    A woman police constable has been arrested and charged for assaulting another woman inside an establishment in Orange Walk Town last Thursday.  She is WPC Stephanie Patten attached to the [...]

    Payment Plans to Clear Off the City’s Debts
    City Hall has been looking for creative ways to generate income and pay its bills. The council inherited huge bills, some directly related to electioneering in the elections of March [...]

    Dealing with Unbudgeted Expenses at City Hall
    Since taking office earlier this year, the Council has had to deal with unbudgeted expenses relating to the movement of staff. Some moved on others were left go. But the [...]

    A Benefit Concert to Build the First Ever Music School in Belize
    This Saturday, the Stann Creek Ecumenical High School is hosting a benefit concert in Dangriga to raise funds to build a first ever music school for the country. The music [...]

    S.S.B. Holds Annual General Meeting
    The Social Security Board held its annual general meeting today under the banner S.S.B. Connect.  The government program which provides economic security to persons who are retired, unemployed or unable [...]

    Salvation Army Launches Its Kettle Appeal
    The bells were ringing this morning and the iconic red kettles were in display in the downtown area of the City. It is a reminder that the Christmas season is [...]

    72nd Anniversary of Saint John’s Credit Union
    One of the oldest credit unions in the country is celebrating a huge milestone. Saint John’s Credit Union has been holding a number of activities to mark its seventy-second anniversary. [...]


    Multi-Million Dollar Scam Surrounds Belize
    Belize has been on the international news on multiple occasions for various reasons stemming from tourism to global representation and a hideaway for criminals. Tonight’s story is not about any criminal hiding out in Belize but rather it is about a set of schemers who used Belize as their marketing tool to obtain over one …

    UB launches new programs
    Come January 2019, students of the University of Belize will have two more options to choose from as the university is adding a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and a Certification course in GIS Programme. The new program are in keeping with the university’s Vision 2022 to transform the university and in meeting the needs of …

    District Governor of Rotary International visits Belize
    The District Governor of Rotary International, Dr. Jose Interiano, along with his wife Ena, is currently on a tour in Belize and his first stop was in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, yesterday. Love News spoke with the President of the Rotary Club in San Ignacio, Vera Collins who said that Dr. Interiano itinerary. President …

    Fisher Organizations say time to ban Gill Net use
    The Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fishery is the umbrella organization for the Turneffe Atoll Trust, Oceana Belize, the Belize Federation of Fishers, the Belize Game Fish Association, the National Sports Fishing Association, and the Mar Alliance. All these fishing-related organizations have organized to lobby the government of Belize to outlaw one very specific fishing gear, …

    St. John’s Credit Union celebrating 72 years
    Today, St. John’s Credit Union celebrated its seventy-second anniversary with a fair, where school children from surrounding schools attended to learn more about the credit union. Over the past seventy-two years, the credit union has expanded its reach to the districts namely Belmopan and Dangriga and it can now boasts of over 25,000 members. Love …

    Fuel Prices Adjust at Midnight
    If you are a habitual consumer of regular gasoline then your budget remains untouched. For those who ordinarily buy super gasoline, you can breathe a tad bit easier as super gasoline is going down by twenty six cents; this takes the price for super from eleven dollars and seventy five cents to eleven dollars and …

    Guatemalans must pay over $100k or serve time
    Guatemalan nationals, Bernardo De Los Angeles Franco Carias and Sergio Wilfredo Morales Godoy were charged jointly for nine violations of the Firearm Act including kept firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license, extended magazine and prohibited firearm. Carias pleaded guilty to the charges while the charges were withdrawn from Godoy. Senior Magistrate Emerson Banner …

    Witness sees Hispanic killer & Black Man denied bail for Murder
    They say justice is blind, but apparently, justice is quite myopic and color blind. A black man was charged with murder while the witness to the crime says the killer was a Hispanic man with a tattoo on his arm. On the 21st of May, Kyne Gentle was shot and killed at 12:30 a.m. when …

    Teens get charged for Burglary
    Crime is not only an issue for hardened criminals but also for the young. Two teens were charged with burglary today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. On Tuesday, Fabiola Vargas reported to the police that her home at 28 Sarstoon Street was burglarized between 5:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. She said electronic items, cell phones, …

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BNTU thanks Belizeans for their support
    Today, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) issued a statement extending gratitude to the many teachers and […]

    $100 Million real estate fraud shut down in Belize
    The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), on Thursday, announced that it had temporarily shut down […]

    Government issues new prices on fuel
    The Belize Bureau of Standards has just issued new gas prices effective midnight tonight. Belizeans […]

    Bert Vasquez not guilty of forcible abduction!
    In the Supreme Court today, Bert Vasquez was found not guilty of forcible abduction. However, […]

    Faber: BNTU demonstration ‘unnecessary’
    Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, yesterday commented on the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) demonstration […]

    National Entrepreneurship Roadshow 2018 launched
    This month, BELTRAIDE’s Small Business Development Centre, Belize (SBDC) launched its first National Entrepreneurship Road […]

    BNTU flexes ‘teacher’ muscle to propel Proposal 22 negotiations with Ministry of Education
    Thousands of Belizean teachers came out to support their union’s call for complete negotiations on […]

    Fair weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair weather to continue. Sunny skies with a few […]

    Body of newborn baby found in Trio, Toledo
    Police are investigating the discovery of a body of a newborn baby in Trio village, […]

    Human remains found in Teakettle
    Police yesterday found human remains in an area across the river in Teakettle village. At […]

    International Sourcesizz

    U.S. court shuts down 'Sanctuary Belize' investment scam, FTC says
    A federal court has ordered the temporary shutdown of a real estate operation called “Sanctuary Belize,” among other names, the Federal Trade Commission said on Thursday, saying it was a scam that has cost investors more than $100 million over more than 10 years. The FTC has asked the U.S. District Court in Maryland to permanently close the companies. The agency said in its complaint that Andris Pukke, who it called a “serial scammer,” had joined with others to sell lots in a luxury development in the Central American nation of Belize, promising it would soon have amenities like a golf course and casino that have not been completed.

    This Vancouver company is diving into the biggest underwater sinkhole in the world
    Vancouver-based Aquatica Submarines is preparing for an epic, deep-sea dive into the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole, the biggest underwater sinkhole in the world. Joined by Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau, the historic dive will include a team of scientists, explorers and filmmakers that will illuminate the beautiful mysteries in the depths of this oceanic wonder. What’s more, this epic voyage will mark the first government-sanctioned scientific submarine expedition in Belize since Jacques Cousteau’s maiden voyage in 1971. “Situated in the center of Lighthouse Reef 40 miles off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole that is 1,043 ft (318 m) in diameter and 407 ft (124 m) deep. To put its size into perspective, the Blue Hole could easily swallow two entire Boeing 747s in one gulp, undiscoverable from the surface,” reads a press release from the The Confluence Group.

    How to watch Dominican Republic vs Belize in the 2018 CONCACAF Men’s U-20 Championship: start time and live stream
    Neither of these teams is going any further in the 2018 CONCACAF Men’s U-20 Championship, but each seems to have been improving steadily throughout the Group Stage. Belize lost its first two games in Group C, but picked up a 4-2 win over Belize in the third round of games. In the fourth round, it managed to hold Honduras scoreless until the 72nd minute: longer than any of Los Catrachos’ preceding opponents in the group.

    History of human migration throughout the Americas is MAPPED: Discoveries ranging from Alaska to the Andes redefines our understanding of how people conquered the continent
    Research involving scientists from all over the world has redefined our understanding of how humans conquered the Americas. Analysis of prehistoric human remains ranging from Alaska to Patagonia has helped redefine the movement of people across and throughout North and South America. People arrived on the continent from East Asia around 20,000 years ago and now three separate papers used the same data to reveal new information about the continent's colonisation. One study unpicked the mystery surrounding the early migration of humans through Alaska and discovered the first people to arrive actually contained three different genetic groups. They found that the majority of Central and South American people are descended from these three ancestral lineages - one of which was lost forever 9,000 years ago.

    The Extremely Fast Peopling of the Americas
    Tens of thousands of years ago, two gigantic ice sheets smothered the northernmost parts of what has since been named North America. They towered more than two kilometers high and contained 1.5 times as much water as Antarctica does today. They were daunting, impassable barriers to the early humans who had started moving east from Asia, walking across a land bridge that once connected the regions now known as Russia and Alaska. But once the ice started to melt, these peoples—the ancestors of the Americas’ Indigenous groups—spread southward into new lands.


  • The BIGGEST Fish I’ve Ever Caught | Lighthouse Reef Belize Spearfishing Sailing & Cruising, 17min. While Sailing & Cruising in Lighthouse Reef Belize we move Atticus to Long Caye to find shelter after the weather begins to deteriorate. Once there we go spearfishing and Jordan catches a HUGE Permit! Afterwards we reflect on joys that come with the "Lifestyle of the Sea".

  • Belize International Film Festival 2018 OPENING NIGHT, 2.5hr. - Bliss Institute For The Performing Arts.

  • Ashley Furniture HomeStore Belize Opens, 1min. Mirab does it again! This time with the grand opening of Ashley HomeStore in Belize City! Another 1st for The country. Think we got a little to comfortable in there, but they allow it! Thank you for the coffee and hospitality Ashley Furniture HomeStore Belize. Will be back for some true shopping

  • Belize Honeymoon 2018, 6min. Enjoy our beautiful honeymoon experience!

  • Belize Missions Trip, 4min.

  • Building climate resilence in Toledo district Belize, 7min.

  • Cruising to Harvest Caye, Belize & Costa Maya, Mexico, 10min.

    November 8, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island pets win fabulous prizes at this year’s Spooktacular Halloween Party
    The Saga Humane Society in San Pedro Town celebrated its 15th annual Halloween Spooktacular Party on Sunday, November 4th, highlighting cute island pets dressed in creative outfits. The pet- friendly event, which serves as an opportunity to raise much-needed funds for Saga, took place at the Fido’s Courtyard Restaurant and Bar. The fun activity included silent auctions, raffles, drinks, food, giveaways, and fabulous prizes for the best pet Halloween outfits. Around 4PM, pet owners began arriving with their dressed-up dogs ready for the evening’s costume. One by one they took to the stage to compete in five different divisions: Original, Scariest, Funniest, Best Trick and Look Alike. Dogs were dressed as pumpkins, vampires, superheroes, sharks, tigers, a skunk, a beer box and even wearing Hawaiian gear. The judges, Ronnie and Lisa Cyrier, Brittney O’Daniel, and Kristian Guerrero, had their hands full as they decided on the most outstanding outfits.

    2018 Copa San Pedro heads to the championship!
    After several months of football action, the 2018 Copa San Pedro draws near its end with the third-place position and championship matches taking place this weekend at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. Four intense games were held this past weekend, starting on Thursday, November 1st, in the first round of the semifinals in the male category. Vince Assassins defeated San Mateo F.C with a 2-0 score, and Legends F.C won 3-2 over Los Catrachos F.C. The tournament culminates at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town starting on Friday, November 9th with third-place matches. The third-place position will begin at 7PM with San Pedro High School Girls going against Island Warriors in the female category, followed by Los Catrachos F.C facing San Mateo F.C at 9PM. The championship matches will be held on Sunday, November 11th starting at 4:30PM with Golden Warriors facing Ambergris Combined in the female category.

    Tourism Arrivals to Belize continue to register impressive growth
    On Wednesday, October 31st the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) released its latest statistics, which show tourism arrivals to Belize continue to record impressive growth. There was a 16.6% and 19.9% growth in overnight and cruise ship arrivals respectively after the completion of the third quarter of the year. Belize continues to be a popular vacation destination in Central America among those seeking exceptional adventure and relaxation.

    Environmental Educational Campaign closes with a successful art exhibition
    An Environmental Educational Campaign ended with a stunning and informative art exhibition at the Banyan Bay Suites conference room in San Pedro Town on Saturday, November 3rd. The art exhibition was a culmination of the environmental educational campaign that was launched a few weeks ago by the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye along with MarAllliance. From 8AM to 12PM, island residents stopped by to see the students’ imaginative creations fashioned from recycled materials they found on the island. The students created fish, gardens, towers and even library stands using discarded materials.

    Ambergris Today

    Edreena Lambey Is Miss Garifuna Belize 2018-2019
    On Saturday November 3, 2018, National Garifuna Council held its annual Ms. Garifuna Belize Cultural Pageant at the Ecumenical Auditorium in Dangriga Town. This event followed the National Solidarity Mass held the same morning at the Sacred Heart Church. Six young ladies vied for the title: Shenell Nunez-Ms. Garifuna Belize City, Edreena Lambey-Ms. Garifuna Belmopan; Latoya Castillo-Ms. Garifuna Hopkins; Royisha Mena-Ms. Garifuna Seine Bight; Fredleen Roches-Ms. Garifuna Peini; Taryn Nunez-Ms. Garifuna Dangriga. The contestants showcased their fluency of the language through their introduction and presentation which focused on an issue facing the Garifuna community or relevant to the theme for the November celebration.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    International Herpetological Symposium
    Calling all Young Reptile Enthusiasts! Know any young, enthusiastic reptile and amphibian lovers who would love to participate in this opportunity? There are a few spots left for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts ages 12-22 to participate at the International Herpetological Symposium, so we are extending our deadline to November 15. This is a fabulous opportunity for youth interested in reptile and amphibian conservation and research here in Belize! The International Herpetological Society (IHS), in collaboration with the Crocodile Research Coalition and The Belize Zoo, would like to invite young Belizeans (ages 12– 22) who have an interest in reptiles and/or amphibians to at the International Herpetological Symposium to be held at the Best Western Hotel in Belize City, June 19 – 22, 2019.

    Educate yourself on the International Court of Justice. Here are some upcoming events
    Want to know more about the ICJ and Belize-Guatemala Dispute so you could be informed for April 10th, 2019? Come see us at our upcoming events!

    Intro to Bird id course this weekend in PG!!
    Come and enjoy the beauty of Toledo whilst learning everything birds from the one and only Roni Martinez. We have great discounted rates at 2 of our beautiful eco lodges... BZ$65pp per night inc tax based on double occupancy, bed and breakfast. First 2 nights at the Farm Inn and the 2nd 2 nights at Chaab'il B'e in Jacinto.... call Jo on 6294266 or email to secure your spot!

    Water tank installed in Urban Garden at ACC
    Today our Urban Garden at ACC got its water tank installed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the seedlings were planted in the soil. The Soup Kitchen will soon have fresh grown vegetables. The ACC Urban Garden is a Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project in collaboration with ACC and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Immigration.

    Large donation for Hope Haven, Thanks Bill!!!
    Thank you so much, Bill McQueen for your generous $5000bz donation!

    Repeal and Replacement of the EPZ Act with the Designated Processing Areas Bill for compliance with the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (ASCM)
    Since 1995, Belize has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) whose main objective is to supervise and liberalize international trade and as a signatory, Belize is legally bound to comply with its various rules, one of which is the “Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (ASCM).” Belize’s Export Processing Zone (EPZ) program has been identified as in violation of the ASCM and the Government of Belize is requesting stakeholder participation in the passage of a new bill for an Act titled the Designated Processing Areas Act which will bring Belize into compliance. Since 2002, Belize has complied with the requirement to notify the WTO of its incentives including the EPZ program. The country has also complied with the requirement to complete and notify the WTO of an “Action Plan”, which was approved in 2011.

    IX Meeting of the Belize-Mexico Mixed Commission on Technical and Scientific Cooperation
    Delegations from the Governments of Belize and Mexico met on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, for the IX Meeting of the Belize-Mexico Mixed Commission on Technical and Scientific Cooperation. The Meeting was held within the framework of the Basic Agreement for Technical and Scientific Cooperation between Mexico and Belize signed in Mexico City on November 23, 1995. The Meeting evaluated the results of the VIII Scientific and Technical Mixed Commission program from 2014 in which there was a 50% completion rate of implementation. It also approved a subsequent work program for the next two years consisting of 10 activities under the three pillars of Agriculture, Geography and Economy. In the Agriculture sector, initiatives include technical support for the development of sheep and coconut production, as well as support for the bee-keeping industry.

    New Trash Cans to Paint in Corozal
    Today we are so grateful to two wonderful Corozal residents, Losita Lee and John Marin for donating 5 plastic drums that will be placed in different areas of town as part of our community clean up efforts. This donation could not come at a better time, as we were running our of these drums. Please help with painting and the posts!!!

    Power outage scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 11 to affect the portion of Belize City
    Including entire Lake Independence area including Morning Glory Street, Mahogany Street between Central American Boulevard and Sittee Street, St. Jude Street, Hondo Street; Mopan Street, Nargusta Street, Sarstoon Street, Courtney’s Crescent; Mahogany Street between Casuarina Street and Holy Emmanuel Street including Black Orchid Street, Jasmine Street, Periwinkle Street and Hibiscus Street; Marigold, Fern and Croton Lanes; Tibruce, Carnation, Heart, Scaber, and Venus Flytrap Streets; Partridge Street, Casuarina Street, Western and Electric Avenues; Violet, Police, Sunflower, Gordon, Canondate, Hyde, Raleigh, Jones, Diego, Balan and Riverside Streets; Mokay Boulevard, Complex Avenue; Cumberbatch, Gladden, Brown and Giles Streets; LaCroix Boulevard, Rootsville; Central American Boulevard, portion Cemetery Road, Daker Street, Coffin Street, Elston Kerr Street, Rosalie Street, Antelope Street Extension, Iguana Street Extension, Pelican Street Extension, Raccoon Street Extension, Sister Mary Benedict Street, Neal Pen Road Extension, Arlington Drive, Trinity Street, Unity Street, Louise Bevans Street, Freedom Street, South Creek Road, Ramsey Street, Muhammed Ali Street, Benbow Street, Rudan Street, Neal Pen Road, Haynes Street, Kraal Road, Supal Street, Boots Crescent, Monroe Street, Matura Street and Doris Brooks Street. This scheduled power outage is necessary for BEL to connect new high voltage power lines, replace transmission poles, replace voltage regulator and conduct maintenance and testing of equipment at Belize City Substation, in order to manage the increased power load demand and improve the quality of power supply to customers in the area.

    Art Classes at SISE HoC
    The SISE House of Culture is having art classes on Wednesdays this November. Isabel Carrio will be leading the classes.

    Rotaract Costume Competition 2018
    Pictures from the Rotaract 2018 costume competition and haunted house. "Our annual event took place on October 27th at Hodes Place."

    Channel 7

    Bert V Guilty of another Sex Offence
    Guilty of attempted rape! That's what a jury of 5 women and 4 men told Bert Vasquez this evening in the Supreme Court. The 35 year old is already serving a 10 year prison sentence for forcible abduction and indecent assault of a 16 year old. In this case, the accuser who was 20 at the time - says that in January of 2011, Vasquez took her to the Belama Phase 4 area against her will and attempted to rape her. She testified that he forced her - at knifepoint - to take off her clothing. Vasquez defended himself - and denied he committed the offenses. He said that he and the accuser had a familiar relationship - and he had been with her the day before.

    Teachers Show Numbers In Belmopan
    After a week of anticipation, teachers from all across the country took to the streets of Belmopan today for a demonstration. They were answering the call from their union to send a message to the Government. They are unhappy that several important teacher-related issues remain unresolved. By now, you should know very well about the fight over the hardship allowance for teachers. The BNTU says that the Ministry of Education handled that situation poorly by re-categorizing some schools in remote areas of the country, either cutting the allowance for some, or removing others from the list. The Ministry insisted the changes are justified. Top technocrats say that the teachers union was consulted, and that the teachers had up until today to make their case to the district education councils, as to why certain schools deserve to be put back on the list, or their allowances increased.

    Education Minister Ready To Reconcile
    Education Minister Patrick Faber wasn't in Belmopan to get the message from the teachers - instead he was launching his own media counter-offensive. Faber appeared on the UDP's Wave Radio and TV this morning to get out his message: that the Ministry is ready to meet, mend fences and iron out misunderstandings with the union. We caught up with him right after he got off that talk show - and he told us he also wrote to the BNTU President requesting a meeting:... Hon. Patrick Faber- Minister of Education: "It is a fact that we did not grant a none-school day. I don't even know one was requested. So, it is our expectation that teachers should be at school today but it may well be that they decided to support the union. I am not going to get into all of that back and forth. As you've indicated as well, I have sent a letter inviting the core executive of the BNTU to a meeting on Monday and I did that yesterday evening very late, in a very calculated way because I didn't want to be accused of trying to derail their efforts..."

    6 Months Later, Oswald Arnold’s Body Found?
    A Roaring Creek family is hoping for closure after a body was in an area across the river from Teakettle village. Police had to secure a boat to search the area and found human remains, clothing and an expended shotgun shell. A post mortem was conducted on site but at this point it is not confirmed whose remains were found. But the family of Oswald Arnold hopes that it is the 22 year old who went missing in May of this year. Today his mother and aunt were at the scene and told Plus TV that they want closure: Reporter: "Are you guys expecting that the remains found might be that of Oswald?"

    Newborn’s Body Buried In Trio
    Also this morning around 8:05 in Trio Village in Toledo police found the decomposed body of a baby girl in a plastic bag buried in a yard. Information is that resident Dominga Caal Mucu gave birth to the baby on Sunday at midday but the baby died on Monday afternoon around 3:00. Her common law husband Manuel Caal Ack then buried the baby. The law states that every birth and death has to be documented, if not, it is treated as a case of concealment of birth. Police are trying to locate Ack.

    Post-Convention Cabinet Kumbaya
    Cabinet had its usual Tuesday meeting in Belmopan yesterday - the first gathering after Sunday's big convention in Port Loyola. As we have reported, that convention up-ended many expectation in the party - and there definitely were some hurt and hard feelings. But, to hear the Deputy PM tell it - it was a Kumbaya Cabinet:... Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "What was the mood in the cabinet yesterday?"

    Did PUP Infiltrate And Dictate Port?
    But there's no "happily ever after" for the UDP's convention post mortem. The Port Area Rep says the party allowed the PUP to infiltrate the convention and dictate the outcome. Deputy Faber who was on the winning side of the equation concedes that there was some slippage:... Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Do you accept the interpretation that PUP's infiltrated and in fact dominated the outcome of the Port Loyola convention?"

    Who Will Get Wilo’s 16 Delegates?
    Of course, it could cynically be argued that Faber might care more about the 16 delegates for Port Loyola than he does about the standard bearer. After all, those delegates are the ones who will vote for the UDP's new leader. Right now the race for that coveted post is between Faber and John Saldivar. And on Sunday night, they were both hugging the victor Phillip Willoughby. But, which of them will get the support of his delegates? That's what we asked Faber today:.. Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "You and Mr. Zaldivar very famously hugged up Mr. Willoughby. Will he now split the delegates from Port Loyola eight each to each of you all when you go to leaders' convention?"

    Whitfield Got Paid, But Citco Under Financial Stress
    Last night on the news, you saw former City Council employee Whitfield Rowland complaining that the city hadn't been making his gratuity payments on time. Today, the City Council snapped back, saying, quote, "Contrary to what Mr. Rowland claimed to the media, his gratuity payment was processed on Monday, November 5th, as was promised; and thereafter, it was deposited to his credit union account." The council even sent a copy of his cheque to show that it was issued yesterday. Of course, that's all fine and well, but - according to the agreement he and others signed - the payments are due at the end of the month - not 6 days later.

    Going Through The Northern Border With Your Child? You Might Want To Get A Birth Certificate
    The Immigration staff at the Santa Elena border in the north has been causing frustration for travelers, particularly mothers traveling with their under-aged children. Immigration Officers have been asking for a letter of travel authorization from the child's father - especially if the child doesn't have the mother's last name. Now, this is standard procedure at the International Airport. But those who pass casually through the northern border aren't ready for all that - and it's been causing major headaches - especially for those separated from the child's father, or who do not have a good relationship with him. In circumstances like that, getting a letter of authorization can be time consuming and complex - especially when you're at the border trying to get across.

    The Art of Lead-Her-Ship
    A Lead-Her-Ship Conference was held at the Princess Ramada today. Yes, you heard right, it's "Lead-Her-Ship" - a conference to engage women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs and give them ideas to succeed. We found out that this year's theme was about keeping dreams down to earth:... It was a one day event. You can find out more at

    CCJ Struggling in CARICOM
    The Caribbean Court of Justice is struggling to get support from the Caribbean community. Yesterday two island nations, Antigua and Barbuda ,and Grenada held referendums to decide whether to keep the London based Privy Council as the highest appeal court or adopt the CCJ. Well, voters in both countries decided to reject the CCJ and keep the Privy council. It is a disappointment for the CCJ but in an article on Caribbean360 news, CCJ president Justice Adrian Saunders is quoted as saying "The court will naturally continue ongoing initiatives with justice sector bodies in each of these countries, and the wider Caribbean, through the JURIST project and otherwise."

    The Tyranny of Sexual Harassment
    If you're a Belizean woman, like me, you know all too well about the culture of catcalling. Most days, we're not able to walk down to the corner store without having at least one man on the street making unwelcome comments of a sexual nature, or make unwanted sexual advances. It's sexual harassment, but it's not the only kind, and so students from UB in Belmopan participated in a forum to discuss the topic under the theme "Sexual Harassment and Me". The purpose is to raise awareness about this form of gender-based violence, and it was coordinated by the organization known as "Resistance through Education in Transition".

    New Ms. Garifuna Belize
    The 2018 Ms Garifuna Belize was crowned on Saturday in Dangriga Town. Contestants were required to showcase their fluency in the language and they also performed various cultural dances in traditional clothing. At the end of the night, Edreena Lambey was named the new Ms. Garifuna Belize.

    Channel 5

    B.N.T.U. Descends on Belmopan, Sending Strike Warning to M.O.E.
    Starting at about nine o’clock this morning, hundreds of teachers from all branches of the Belize National Teachers Union descended on Belmopan, making good on a plan to fight for [...]

    B.N.T.U. Garners Support from Unions, Political Parties
    The B.N.T.U. was not alone today; they were joined by several other labour groups, including the Christian Workers Union and the Public Service Union.  The leaderships of the People’s United [...]

    Education Minister Weighs in on Teachers’ Demonstration
    The man at the centre of the storm is the Minister of Education Patrick Faber whose relations with the Belize National Teachers Union have been testy at best.  As teachers [...]

    Human Remains Found; Are They of Oswald Arnold?
    Human remains were found today and it is believed that the remains are that of twenty-year-old Oswald Arnold. Arnold, a Roaring Creek resident, went missing six months ago. He was [...]

    Bert Vasquez Faces Additional Time After Being Found Guilty of Attempted Rape
    Guilty of attempted rape – that was the unanimous verdict returned by a jury of nine this evening in a case against Bert Vasquez.  The thirty-four-year-old appeared unrepresented before the [...]

    Belize City Welder Remanded for Armed Robbery
    A Belize City welder, who uses as many as eight names, appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for a charge of robbery with a firearm. Twenty-one-year-old Edward Henry Alexander [...]

    Jamaican Businessman Arraigned for Trafficking over 4 Pounds of Weed
    A Seine Bight businessman, Daniel Vera, was granted bail after he was busted on board a Richie’s bus with a knapsack containing over four pounds of marijuana wrapped in three [...]

    Human Rights Commission of Belize Concerned Over Threat of State of Emergency
    Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams this week threatened to impose another state of emergency; this time to tackle the rising cases of armed robberies that have been plaguing the [...]

    Does Spate of Armed Robberies Warrant State of Emergency?
    Back in September, the state of emergency was put in place in two areas of south side Belize City, encompassing the George Street and the Mayflower Street gang territory. More [...]

    What About Establishing the Crime Control Council?
    The attorney says that the department and the legislative arm of government have adequate time to consider other mechanisms before invoking a state of emergency. The establishment of the Crime [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Responds to the “King of Port”
    Self proclaimed, ‘King of Port’ Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez blames the P.U.P. for infiltrating the U.D.P.’s Port Loyola Convention and causing Michael Peyrefitte to lose. Peyrefitte, who was Martinez’s pick, was [...]

    Patrick Faber to Meet with B.N.T.U. Leadership
    Back to the B.N.T.U.’s plight…Minister of Education Patrick Faber is scheduled to meet with the executive of the union on Monday.  The Deputy Prime Minister told News Five that he [...]

    Does DPM Faber Fear a Joint Unions Strike?
    On Tuesday, the Joint Utility Unions issued a press release supporting B.N.T.U.  The endorsement comes ahead of a scheduled meeting with Minister Faber on November twelfth.  So, what if things [...]

    11 Mexican Films to be Features in Belize Film Festival
    The annual Belize International Film Festival opening ceremony takes place on Thursday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City. The red carpet affair leading up to [...]

    The 25th Anniversary of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize
    The screening is among a list of activities being held at the centre, located at the corner of Newtown Barracks and Wilson Street, to commemorate the anniversary of the Mexican [...]


    BNTU Marches on the Capital
    Today was the day that the Ministry of Education gave the Belize National Teachers Union a deadline to speak to low-level school management regarding issues that the union had brought to the ministry. Since the union only negotiates as a team with higher-ups in the ministry and the fact that the Minister of Education had …

    Belize Coalition hopes to find an alternative to gill-net
    In Belize, there are many who make their livelihood by fishing, but with everything there are restrictions and policies to ensure sustainability and proper usage. Fishermen who are still in the habit of using gill-net is one of those instances where best practices and sustainability are not being taken into consideration. The Belize Coalition for …

    Bert Vasquez found guilty of attempted rape
    A jury consisting of five women and four men deliberated today and delivered a verdict of guilty on the attempted rape charge and not guilty on the charge of forcible abduction brought against 35-year-old, Bert Vasquez. The jury took over 3 hours to deliberate and arrived at the verdicts just after four o’clock this evening. …

    The Reporter

    Family members of Osward Arnold, 20, have positively identified clothing found on bones discovered this morning in Teakettle. Arnold, a Roaring Creek resident, went missing in May after a fishing trip with four friends. They returned but he never did.

    On Monday, Port Loyola Area Representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez claimed that more than 400 PUP supporters had infiltrated the UDP convention, and had voted for Phillip Willoughby. He blamed that ‘invasion’ for the loss of Michael Peyrefitte. Today PUP Leader John Briceño scoffed at that suggestion.

    Teachers from all across the country are marching on the Belmopan Ring Road, singing their union songs with a new chorus – “Tell Faber to bring it on, we’re gonna out his lights.” The demonstration seems to be a mile long, as thousands of teachers are showing their solidarity and the strength of the union, which is requesting that the minister of education ‘Hon. Patric Faber’ meet a list of demands or negotiate with the union to address several compensation issues that were agreed to in past negotiations, but which have never been implemented. “the union says they are demonstrating to get past agreed to compensation that are long overdue”. Just before the march took off they were led in song by former President of the BNTU Luke Palacio.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize City man shot
    A man was shot minutes ago on Belize City’s southside. He has been identified as […]

    Belize-Mexico Commission on Technical and Scientific Cooperation meet
    Delegations from the Governments of Belize and Mexico met on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, for […]

    BNTU hosts national demonstration
    Thousands of Belizean teachers are at the Belmopan Civic Center for the Belize National Teachers […]

    Man who allegedly killed PC Martinez smiles after arraignment
    One of the men accused of killing PC Osborn Martinez was arraigned yesterday. Tyrique Myles,18, of […]

    UNDP donates GPS to Police Department
    Yesterday, the Ministry of National Security received 37 Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is a U.S.-owned […]

    Utilities Union extends support to BNTU
    The Utilities Union have issued a statement expressing their support for the Belize National Teachers Union […]

    Tracey Betancourt charged for the murder of Lamont Lipka
    Tracey Betancourt, a San Pedro resident has been charged for the murder of American businessman, Lamont […]


    Private Island Camping on Goff’s Caye
    It doesn’t get much better than this… A good sail before camping on a private island combined with amazing snorkeling. Ultimate tropical back-to-nature experiences on the new 24-hour Catamaran Camping tour with Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures. My visiting company Heather and I won the lottery and got on the list to be in a 12 person focus group for a new 24-hour catamaran camping trip to Goff’s Caye. Xsite Tour owners Tammy and Neff wanted to test drive their upcoming new tour and get a feel for timing and logistics. It was perfect because Heather had been wanting to go on a sailing trip while here but couldn’t do a three day one because she has back issues. So when Tammy said she was welcome to join the test run for their overnight tour, we were both excited. After a leisurely travel day on the water, imagine pitching your tent on a 1.2-acre island in the middle of the Caribbean just in time for a sunset swim. Heaven.

    My 49 Year Old Boyfriend Had a Heart Attack In Belize
    About one week ago, Jeff was laying in a hospital bed at the Cardiac Center at Buttonwood Bay in Belize City recovering from a heart attack. He had a brand new 4mm x 18mm (that’s over 1 inch by 7 inches) stent – or titanium tube – placed in a major offshoot of his left anterior coronary artery. The left anterior descending coronary artery is also known as “the widowmaker” since it supplies over 40% of the blood to your heart. Good news: this procedure can be done – and was done – in Belize Bad news: there is little to no information out there and we had a very scary and for Jeff, VERY PAINFUL, 48 hours before we got to exactly where we needed to be Jeff is now feeling so much better and on his way to a full recovery but I think it’s important (now that I’ve had a chance to breathe) to get the information out there. SO MANY PEOPLE think about coming here to retire and ask about medical care.

    History of the Garifuna Culture
    The Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people originated with the arrival of West African slaves who washed ashore on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent around 1635 while likely on their way to New World mines and plantations. Today, the global population of Garifunas stands at upwards of 300,000 people, many of whom live in the U.S. and Canada. Garifuna communities along the Caribbean Sea live mostly in coastal towns and villages in the Central American countries of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. A Brief History of the Garifuna People: The West African transplants were either ship-wrecked or escaped from the Caribbean islands of Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada, depending on the source. They intermarried with local populations of Arawaks and Carib Indians (Caribs), immigrants from South America, to become known as Garifunas or Black Caribs. (Click on the image below to view the full-size map in a separate window or browser tab.)

    International Sourcesizz

    Cordero is the designated secretary of governance in the incoming federal cabinet, but she is still a member of the senate. The historic legislation is called 'The General Law to Regulate and Control Marijuana' - highlights: - The law would establish a national institute to control and regulate the production and sale of marijuana. - It would be legal to grow 20 plants for personal use. A five year licence would have to be obtained from the institute which would also distribute marijuana seeds. - Marijuana would be legal to smoke publicly in areas where tobacco products are consumed. ... By Mexican law it is now legal. The legislation is bringing the statues in line with the law. Under Mexican Law if a particular issue comes before the court 5 times with five consecutive rulings it becomes law and the Supreme Court gives the legislature 90 days to fix the legislation. If they do not the Supreme court will grant an injunction against enforcing the law to anyone that applies. Marijuana is legal in Mexico right now.

    Proba-V Images Impact Site On Yucatán Peninsula
    ESA's Proba-V minisatellite images the verdant Yucatán peninsula, once home to the Maya civilization and the site of the impact believed to have doomed the dinosaurs. As part of the Atlantic Hurricane Belt - placed between the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east - the largely flat peninsula is vulnerable to storms from the east. Yet, its easternmost side is the site of popular beach resorts and tourist hotspots such as the city of Cancún. Moving further south towards Belize, the state of Quintana Roo is home to the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka'an, home to jaguars and archaeological sites of the Maya. On the western side, the large orange-brown spot is the city of Mérida, near the centre of the buried Chicxulub crater. This was formed by the impact of a 10- to 15- km large asteroid or comet, triggering a major climate disruption and extinction event, just under 66 million years ago.

    Caribbean islands vote to retain London-based appeal court
    A centuries-old London body will continue to have the final say on the administration of justice in two Caribbean ex-colonies after referendums to replace it with a regional court failed to reach the requisite majorities. British rule in Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada ended decades ago but -? like many of the English-speaking islands -? they have retained the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as their final court of appeal. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Wednesday described the result as "disappointing but not surprising," given the lack of support from the main opposition. Voters in both nations went to the polls Tuesday to determine whether to officially adopt the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) instead. Just under 48 percent of people in Antigua and Barbuda voted in favor of the constitutional changes and around 45 percent of those in Grenada. The referendums required a two-thirds majority to pass.

    Southwest Airlines resumes Ft. Lauderdale Flight
    Southwest Airlines is pleased to announce that they resumed daily service from Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) to Belize City (BZE) on Saturday November 3rd, 2018. Southwest Airlines strives to connect customers with what's important in their lives and excited to bring back daily service to the people of Florida and Belize.


  • The Voices of the Teachers, 1hr10min. Teachers assembled inside the Belmopan Civic Center as part of today’s demonstration.

  • BNTU Demonstration in Belmopan, 9min.

  • The legalization of marijuana - Dr. Joel Cervantes Point of View, 39min. The conversation continues about the legalization of marijuana. But what types of industries could the legalization of marijuana support? We spoke with Dr. Joel Cervantes, a neurosurgeon, about the viability of the medicinal marijuana industry. He gave an overview of the scientifically accepted medicinal and nutritional use of the components of marijuana. He also shared his perspective on how we could use these to create economic benefits for the country. He says that the medical fraternity should lead this movement and that a dialogue should ensue about research and the required ethical guidelines to facilitate such an industry.

  • The 4th Annual Leadership Conference 2018, 24min. The 4th Annual Leaderhership Conference 2018 is taking place tomorrow in Belize City. This year's theme is "Fulfill Your Dreams." The organizers of the event spoke to us about how the conference will help women to find identify their unique potential and pursue their entrepreneurial goals. On our couch: Dr. Danalyn Myvett -President, Belize Center for Training and Development. Georgina Terry - International Speaker, Author.

  • Ozzy the Clown - magic to our Fun Friday, 13min. Mirab Department Store

  • Mirab Department Store, 34min. Mirab Department Store is introducing the Ashley furniture line to Belize. The furniture giant will now offer its unique style decor locally courtesy a new store that will be opening on November 8th at 8:30 am. Our guests talked to us about the affordability of the line and how you can use their appeal to add coziness to your homes. On our couch: Sule Smith - Ashley Store Associate. Elijah Flores - Ashley Sales Associate. Dionne Chamberlain - Branding & Launch Consultant.

  • The Belize Police Department - Annual Law Enforcement Torch Run, 20min. The Belize Police Department and Special Olympics Belize are preparing for the Annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for Persons with Disability. The countrywide tour begins on December 1st in Corozal. Our guests shared the details of the event and spoke of how it raises awareness of their work. On our couch: Dr. Maxine Mckay - Vice Chair, Special Olympics Belize. Cpl 1103 Aaron Ferguson - Coordinator LETR, Belize Police Department.

  • BNTU in Belmopan, 19min.

  • Diving Sharks Canyon Belize_Nov 2018, 3.5min. Hey join us on this dive of famous Sharks Canyon in Belize. I've got over 175 dives logged and the ocean still reveals new things with every dive.

  • Landon's Wish Trip - Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley Belize, 8min. This is at Shark Ray Alley our 2nd snorkeling stop. There are tons of fish, sharks and rays so watch the whole thing but at 5:11 a big shark swims right under me

  • Salvation Army Kettle Appeal, 19min. It's that time again for the launch of the Salvation Army Kettle Appeal. Our guests shared the details of this year's appeal and talked about how they will use the resources collected to donate to deserving families. On our couch: Zenena Moguel - Representative, Bravo Motors. Yolany Cocom - Representative, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd. Major Joliker Leandre - Regional Director Of The Salvation Army. Julie-Ann Ellis Bradley - Advisory Board Member of The Salvation Army.

  • The 13th edition of the Belize International Film Festival - November 8th -11th, 2018, 32min. The 13th edition of the Belize International Film Festival (BIFF) kicks off on November 8th -11th, 2018. Representatives of the BIFF spoke with us about this year's feature films. We spoke with them about the development of our local film industry and how they are supporting skill development. On our couch: Suzette Zaiden -Founder, Belize International Film Festival. Dan Mirvish - Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Author. Nicole Brooks - Content Creator.

  • ICJ Educational Campaign, 69min. OYE will be featuring a series of educational segments to inform you about the history of the territorial dispute. Representatives of the Educational Campaign were our guests to begin the process with a presentation. Today they focused on the historical case of the 1859 Treaty & the 1931 Exchange of Notes. On our couch: Cesar Ross - History Educator, ICJ Educational Campaign. Brenda Armstrong - History Educator, ICJ Educational Campaign.

  • A new bill in Mexico could legalize weed production and sales, 1min.

  • Shopping in Belize, 11min.

  • , min.

  • Highlights: Honduras with a 4-0 victory over Belize., 1min.

  • Howling Monkeys in The Teakettle Cayo Belize, 1.5min. Loud Howling Monkeys in Belize Jungle.

  • Landon's Wish Trip - Jaguar Experience at Belize Zoo, 6min. Belize Zoo uses the money from the Jaguar experience ($50 USD or $100 BZE) to feed Junior the Jaguar. His mother was killing livestock after Mennonite cleared land she lived on for their farm. She was captured. They did not know she was pregnant at the time and had Junior a couple weeks later. She was stressed in captivity and rejected Junior so he was hand raised at the zoo. After his first somersault in the video a child at the outside rail is yelling "I can see him, I can see him" It upset Junior and he ran to the rail and hissed, teeth bared. Despite being hand-raised he is still very much a wild animal. Quite the adrenaline rush. The zoo was Landon's favorite part of the trip.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

    November 7, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tracy Betancourt arraigned for the murder of Lamont Lipka; police seek one more suspect
    21-year-old island resident Tracy Betancourt was arraigned on Monday, November 5th at the San Pedro Magistrate Court for the murder of American businessman Lamont ‘Monty’ Edward Lipka. She is to return to court on January 30, 2019. While she has been remanded to Belize Central Prison, police investigation continues, and they are looking for one Leon Walford, who is believed to be connected with the murder. Police have not provided details about their investigation, however, one day after Lipka’s murder, Betancourt and 18-year-old John Carlos Hernandez were arrested and charged with Kept Ammunition without a Gun License. The duo was charged with the offense after San Pedro Police searched Hernandez’ apartment and discovered seven 9mm live rounds of ammunition. Betancourt was present in the apartment, thus she was also charged.

    New President and Board of Directors installed during the San Pedro Lions Club’s 43rd anniversary
    Murlene (Mel) Spain became the president of the San Pedro Lions Club for the second time on Saturday, November 3rd during the Club’s 43rd anniversary celebration. Hosted at the Lions Den on Barrier Reef Drive, the occasion also saw the installation of a new Board of Directors, including the welcoming of two new Lions, who were sworn in front of guests, local club members, and members from Lion Clubs from the mainland and Chetumal, Mexico. The local club is determined to continue working hard for the island community and becoming more involved in the development and well-being of San Pedro. The new Board of Directors consists of President Mel Spain, Vice President Everette Anderson, Treasurer Abel Guerrero, Shelley Huber as Tail Twister, Valdemar Graniel as Lion Tamer, Pamela Zetina as Secretary, and Fatima Graniel will be in charge of Membership.

    PAHO urges countries of the Americas to rid the continent of malaria
    Paraguay was certified as having eliminated malaria from its territory in June of this year. Argentina is on track to obtain its certification in 2019, and Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Suriname are potentially on their way to achieving elimination by 2020. Other countries, however, have recorded an increase in the number of cases of malaria, which puts at risk achievement of the goals to reduce the number of cases, and eliminate the disease in the region by 2030. On the eve of Malaria Day in the Americas (6 November), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) urges countries of the region to take urgent action to halt the increase in cases, maintain achievements, and free the continent of malaria, a disease which, during the last century, was the leading cause of death in almost every nation in the world.

    First Belize National Rugby Team
    Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, on a slightly overcast day an excited crowd of curious spectators gathered to witness a historic event. While everybody in Ladyville is familiar with the British troops and their sporting prowess, nobody knew quite what to expect as cars, pick-ups and minibuses from the BATSUB Base and across Belize arrived with gangs of young lads jumping out wearing bright colored kit and carrying what looked like American Footballs. But it wasn’t American Football. This was rugby 7s, a hugely popular variant of rugby players around the world. And the lads were from some of Belize’s first rugby football clubs – Kings Park Scorpions RFC, Cayo Baymen RFC, Orange Walk Black Mambas RFC, and the first ever national rugby team of Belize – The Belize Macaws.

    BTB and stakeholders install sign on Belize River reminding tour guides to protect manatees
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), in collaboration with the Port Authority, Sea 2 Shore Alliance and the Belize Manatee Conservation Project, has installed a sign on the estuary of the Belize River with the aim to remind tour guides of their responsibility to protect Belize’s natural resources. The installation of the sign was deemed necessary due to increasing public concerns regarding some tour guides touching and feeding manatees as part of their tours.

    Ambergris Today

    First Belize National Rugby Team
    On, Saturday November 3rd, 2018, on a slightly overcast day an excited crowd of curious spectators gathered to witness n historic event. While everybody in Leadville is familiar with the British troops and their sporting prowess, nobody knew quite what to expect as cars, pick-ups and minibuses from the BATSUB Base and across Belize arrived with gangs of young lads jumping out wearing bright colored kit and carrying what looked like American Footballs. But it wasn’t American Football. This was rugby 7s, a hugely popular variant of rugby played around the world. And the lads were from some of Belize’s first rugby football clubs – Kings Park Scorpions RFC, Cayo Baymen RFC, Orange Walk Black Mambas RFC, and the first ever national rugby team of Belize – The Belize Macaws.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    BWS Notice: Caye Caulker
    Low water pressure to the entire Caye Caulker from 12pm to 12am, Thursday November 8.

    Free BCVI eye clinic at the San Pedro Lions Den
    Don't forget! Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 7th), free BCVI eye clinic at the San Pedro Lions Den 8:30am - 2PM

    Opening of Ashley Furniture Homestore
    Ashley Furniture HomeStore will be opening its first stores in Belize on Thursday, November 8th, 2018! Doors are open from 9am until 7pm. Mirab Invites you to the Grand Opening of Ashley Furniture Homestore located on the 3rd floor of their new Department Store in Belize City.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Join Me?”

    Statement from the Minister of National Security on the Death of Police Officer Osbourne Martinez
    Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar issued the following statement on the death of P.C. 1397 Osbourne Martinez: “We at the Ministry of National Security are deeply saddened at the news that Officer Osbourne Martinez has passed away after being shot while responding to calls for assistance at an armed robbery incident. We offer our deepest condolences to the Belize Police Department and to Officer Martinez’s parents Mrs. Dellis Yvonne Martinez and Mr. Bert Martinez, his children and other family members.

    ICJ Belize Guatemala Youth Forum
    The Department of Youth Services (DYS) in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture, in collaboration with International Court of Justice (ICJ) Referendum Committee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Belize (UB), is hosting an “ICJ Be Informed” Youth Forum. The forum is being hosted under the theme “Amplifying Youth Voice”. It will be held at the UB Jaguar Auditorium from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, November 9th, 2018 as part of DYS' National Youth Week of activities. The primary objective of the forum is to educate young people especially and create public awareness about settling the Belize- Guatemala Territorial Dispute, including taking the matter to the International Court of Justice.

    Art in the Park in Corozal Saturday
    Come out this Saturday 10 of November 2018 Art in the park in Corozal, Belize Central Park. It will commence at 5pm with different art design.

    Mind & Me NYE Rave
    Mind & Me is having their second label party in Cayo on New Year's Eve! Night Quest, along with Under the Moon and Jizz, will be mixing the night away. If you haven't seen the best DJ's in Belize yet, this is your prime opportunity. It's all happening at Casa Sofia in Unitedville. "It's Official! New Years Eve With The Tribe!"

    Underwater pipeline between Placencia Point and Placencia Caye
    Belize Water Services hereby advises all mariners that works will be conducted to install an underwater pipeline crossing in the channel between Placencia Point and Placencia Caye, starting Tuesday, November 6, 2018 until Friday, November 9, 2018. Mariners are being advised that vessels will be restricted to navigate within this area on November 6, 2018. Extreme caution and adherence to the NO WAKE zone will be enforced by the Belize Port Authority for the duration of the installation of the underwater pipeline crossing.

    Ladyville Water Interruption Thursday
    Belize Water Services informs customers in parts of Ladyville that there will be an interruption in the water supply, Thursday, November 8, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The entire Vista Del Mar area will be affected. This interruption is necessary for the installation of a new water main. Due to the upgrade, customers may experience low pressure and/or discoloration in the water supply when water is fully restored. Motorists are being advised of the following street closures: (i) Baracuda Avenue and (ii) the Street parallel to Baracuda Avenue. Customers are being advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 6:00pm.

    Pourquoi on a très envie de passer l'hiver au Belize ?
    On aime tous passer l'hiver au ski, avoir le bronzage du masque, et profiter de la bonne poudreuse. Mais passer ses vacances au Belize, au chaud, alors qu'il fait froid à la maison, c'est encore mieux. Belize a de nombreuses qualités et voit ses touristes français augmenter d'année en année. Même si le Belize gagne en popularité, cette destination reste loin des sites ultra touristiques.

    Great meeting with the Panamanian Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Marta Boza!
    Office of the Music Ambassador along with my colleagues at ICA, Bliss Center for Performing Arts & Nich Belize discussed support for the creative industry with me focusing on Music. In particular we explored securing Music degree scholarships, Music Festival participation and technical training.

    Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. has returned to Belize
    After attending the 8th High-Level Forum on the Korea-Caribbean Partnership held in Seoul, South Korea from the 29th October to 2nd November 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to investigate various ways in which the cooperation with South Korea and Caribbean Member States may strategically advance and strengthen. High-level officials from 14 Caribbean States as well as senior officials from North and South Korea were in attendance.

    Time to enforce capital punishment in Belize
    By Wellington C. Ramos. The people who are against capital punishment are saying that hanging is cruel and inhumane punishment, but what about the murderers who are taking innocent people’s lives daily for no justifiable reasons? I am in support of resuming capital punishment in Belize for unjustifiable and intentional murders. I am tired for seeing families going through this pain and suffering for the innocent killing of their loved ones. The Human Rights Commission, the European Union and all the other international bodies that are against capital punishment should not be telling our country how to enforce our laws. Some of the people who are against capital punishment are even saying that, if we resume it, the murder rate will remain the same. We do not know whether this is true or false. Unless we resume and start looking at the impact of capital punishment and murder rates.

    TreeTuesday: the Bri-bri tree (Inga edulis)
    Bri-bri belongs to the Fabaceae, or bean, family. Like other legumes, it has a symbiotic relationship with Rhizobium bacteria that fix nitrogen in the soil, making it a great choice for agroforestry systems such as alley-cropping. Though there are several native species of bri-bri in Belize, Inga edulis is the species most used in alley-cropping, since it has larger leaves than the other species and provides more shade and mulch to crops. All species of bri-bri have leaves that are easily identified by the “wings” along the leaf rachis (the stem that connects the leaflets). Leaves also have tiny round glands between the leaflets called extrafloral nectaries (extrafloral meaning that the nectar is located outside of the flower structure). Plants developed nectar in flowers for the purpose of attracting pollinators. However, the benefit plants get from extrafloral nectaries is not pollination, but pest control. The extrafloral nectaries attract ants and parasitic wasps that defend the bri-bri from herbivorous insects.

    FCCA Cruise Conference - Puerto Rico

    Channel 7

    Alleged Teenaged Cop Killer Smiles During Arraignment
    Today, the alleged teenaged cop killer Tyrique Myles was taken to court and charged for the murder of PC Osbourne Martinez. The 18 year old was just released from the hospital for a gunshot to his right upper thigh - which was sustained in the shootout with police. Myles is believed to be the mastermind behind the robbery - and today at court, he was smiling as police escorted him to the detention cell. Appearing in court before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, he said that several police officers threatened to kill him but he doesn't know their names.

    Six Months Later, Monty’s Alleged Murderer Charged
    American Lamont Lipka was killed in May of 2018, slain inside the Tropicana Restaurant he owned and managed in San Pedro. Well, six months later, police have charged one person for his murder. Yesterday, Tracey Betancourt was arraigned for Lipka's murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Shortly after the murder, Betancourt had been charged jointly for possession of kept ammunition without a license. Seven 9 millimeter rounds were found in a room she had rented.

    BNTU Building Steam With Widespread Support
    Tomorrow, the BNTU will stage a national demonstration in Belmopan - the union's first since March of this year when members marched against crime. But, this time it's a labour issue, and the most powerful union in the land is demanding that government recognize that what is known as Proposal 22 is still a live issue that is on the table to be negotiated. And, of course, they are also protesting over the way the Ministry of Education has proposed changes to the payment of hardship allowance to teachers in remote parts of the country. Plus, the teachers say that the Ministry of Education is withholding payment of commuting allowance for teachers.

    Principals Hear Both Sides of The ICJ Dispute
    The ICJ Education campaign is ramping up - and today the top diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented to school principals at the Radisson. The event was dubbed a "Be Informed Forum" - and the principals got to hear the official position and an opposing view. Daniel Ortiz has the story:.. For about an over 5 hours, over a hundred teachers gathered at the Radisson to hear Ambassador Alexis Rosado, and Major Lloyd Jones, the retired soldier-turn-politician, have a frank discussion about the pros and con of going to the ICJ. It was organized by the Belize District Education Center, who hoped that the initiative that they took would be greatly appreciated by the educators who took the time out to attend.

    Can You Go To The ICJ Without going To The ICJ?
    So, if you've attended the different public forums held by the Government, such as the town hall meetings, you'll have definitely heard quite a bit about why Belizeans should vote yes to go to the ICJ. One of the most popular alternative suggestions is that Belize should bypass the court, and go straight to the United Nations Security Council for their intervention, to keep Guatemala from acting on its baseless claim to Belizean territory. Informed persons tell us that this is kind of equivalent to taking a dispute that should be resolved by the Supreme Court, and asking the police to settle it instead. Well today, Major Lloyd Jones presented another alternative to the teachers, which he believes greatly minimizes the litigation risk.

    The Protocol Remains On Pause
    And keeping it on the Sarstoon River, today we asked Ambassador Alexis Rosado for an update on the long-delayed Sarstoon protocol. Through the efforts of Wil Maheia and the Belize Territorial Volunteers you've seen how the Guatemalan armed forces stationed at the mouth of the Sarstoon continue to harass Belizeans trying to travel through the river. Today, the Ambassador told us that basically, the discussions with the Guatemalan Government on a protocol for the Sarstoon remains stalled because our neighbors don't want to engage on the topic. Here's how he explained it today:

    The Caravan Conversation: Migration Directors Meet In Belize
    The Central American caravan of migrants and refugees has been making headlines in America - while it is an issue for the US to resolve, it doesn't mean that we should exclude ourselves from the discourse and ignore our own border issues with Guatemala. So Belize hosted a SICA meeting specifically geared towards addressing these migration concerns. The 47th meeting of the Migration Directors of Central America was held in San Ignacio today as part of Belize pro-tem SICA Presidency. Belize's Director of Immigration Diana Locke is chairing and she told the Press Office what her regional colleagues are in Belize to discuss:... Diana Locke, Director - Immigration Department "Belize is hosting the 47th annual meeting of OCAM (Organization for Migration of Central America). Its the first time we are doing it as a part of the SICA presidency and so today we are having the first meeting as a part of that SICA presidency..."

    Cops Will Work With GPS
    Today, the Ministry of National Security received 37 Garmin GPS devices from the UNDP. They will be used at police checkpoints, in searches and on patrols. The idea is that police in the field will send precise GPS coordinates to other specialized teams - like the forensics unit - for what is known as geo-referencing of crimes. The donor agency and the ministry CEO explained how it is supposed to work:..

    Another Robbery Caught On Camera
    A bumbling but still dangerous armed robber was caught on camera today. This was the scene at Tai Fu Store at #33 Cemetery Road in the Salvapan area. The robber dropped his gun as he tried to pull it out. But, he still managed to hold up the proprietor and make off with an undisclosed amount of cash. He is caught with a fair degree of clarity on the footage - and police are seeking a suspect.

    Former CITCO Employee Says The Council Is Shorting Him
    The late months of the year are typically the slow season for City Council revenue. And, former employee Whitfield Rowland says he's the victim of that. Rowland resigned in July after 13 years at the council. The council agreed to pay him his gratuity on a monthly basis starting at the end of August. He was paid right on time at the end of the first month, but things started to go downhill after that. He wasn't paid at the end of September - that payment came in early October, and now, at the end of the first week in November, he still hasn't been paid. Today he came to our studio to express his frustration:...

    Mayor Has Short Fuse About Short Term Paper
    And the council is trying to cure its low season revenue shortage by floating a municipal bond. Last week Monday, the Prime Minister disclosed that the Mayor had visited him to ask for support which he pledged. But, on Thursday when the press caught up with the Mayor at the opening of Universal Hardware - he didn't want to go into details - and things went downhill after that:.. Bernard Wagner, Mayor - Belize City: "It's a short term municipal paper where we believe that floating this bond will straighten out or cash flows seasonal problems that many councils have been facing for years. We believe that the short term paper gives us that ability to meet both short and long term commitments."

    Belize At The Forefront of Eliminating Malaria InThe America’s
    Today is World Malaria day and the Pan American Health Organization is urging countries of the Americas to eradicate malaria - and Belize is at the forefront of that drive. PAHO reports that Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Suriname are potentially on their way to eliminating malaria by 2020. But, not every country is doing so well, and PAHO urges countries of the region to take urgent action to halt the increase in cases. Since 2015, cases of malaria in the Americas have increased by 71%. 95% of the total number of these cases are concentrated in five countries, where efforts against the disease have been weakened.

    A Sign Of Sea Mammals
    You can expect to see cattle crossing signs in farming communities such as Spanish Lookoout, and out on the George Price Highway in the central corridor, you'll even see Jaguar Crossing signs. And, now in the Belize river, you see a manatee swimming sign. It was put up by the BTB, in collaboration with the Port Authority, Sea 2 Shore Alliance and the Belize Manatee Conservation Project. It's to caution tour guides who've started touching and feeding manatees as part of their tours.

    A Loaded Gun, Tucked Beside an Office
    Yesterday morning, police found a loaded nine millimeter pistol. The cops conducted a search beside an Insurance office on Central American Boulevard and found this pistol with 10 live rounds. No one was in the area, so the items were labelled and deposited as found property.

    The Unhappy Hamilton’s
    There was a report of a shooting On Sunday on Faber's Road near the UDP convention for Port Loyola. Now, Port Loyola itself has many feuding gangs, and political parties are known to use gangs to mobilize votes, so its not altogether surprising that some friction would result. But, one man we spoke to on Sunday evening said they picked up his brothers, Emmerson and Owen Hamilton for no reason. We got both sides of the story:

    Pilloughby: Heal The Port
    Yesterday, when we went to the Police station the Hamilton Brothers were still detained. But, like we said a lot of gang related beefing in Port Loyola. And the new standard bearer says he plans to put an end to that: Philip Willoughby, UDP - Std. Bearer - Port: "The second order of business as the standard bearer of the Port Loyola constituency that I will reach out to all the young men with these differences so that I will take the lead to unite all of you and reconcile our differences and stop the beefing, the fighting and the killing amongst ourselves. I will push that agenda. I don't care who you are or where you are from. I will bring it to your neighborhoods, to your home where you live. We will unite the Port Loyola constituency once again."

    Did PM Have A Horse In Port Race?
    And while he wants to bring peace to the streets of Port, can Willoughby create peace in his own party. As is the case after every convention, there are hard and hurt feelings, and divisions between the power players. But, as we have reported, there may have been even more at stake in the Port. That's because some powerful people in the party had hopes that Mike Peyreffite could be elected as Standard Bearer and find his way from there to the leadership of the party. We asked big people in the party if the Prime Minister was one of those pushing for Peyreffite:.. Jules Vasquez, reporter: "What it means for the state of play in the executive of the UDP? Because we know that big people were behind Mike Peyrefitte or we've heard, to try to create channel for him to become ascend as leader."

    Can Boots and Patrick Mend Fences?
    And, while they say the Prime Minister had no horse in the race, Faber and Martinez surely did. They were pulling hard: Faber for Willoughby and Martinez for Peyreftite. So hard in fact that they nearly got into a fistfight on Neal's Pen Road two weeks before the convention. We asked them how they will patch things over post-convention: Jules Vasquez, reporter: "How will you and Mr. Martinez move forward in mending your relationship?" Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Deputy Leader: "As I've said to you, I have nothing personal against the Minister Martinez, he is my colleague and I'd like to think he's my friend as well. We will continue to work together, these conventions force us sometimes to take opposing sides..."

    Mike “Peyre”, Political Phantom
    And while they have agreed - somewhat grudgingly - to continue to work together - it's not clear what work Mike Peyreffite will have in the future. At this time, he does not seem politically viable - and Faber says he was not known in the Port:... Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Deputy Leader: "In all the homes that I went to, even today as I try to help him to get out the voters, people were very clear - they knew Phillip Willoughby. He had come to their homes. He had already established a relationship. They knew him from his work with NEMO already. They know him as a worker where as they didn't see that in Peyrefitte. They will tell you we don't know and all that is happening is that Minister Martinez is asking us to support him. But they didn't really know him."

    Channel 5

    B.N.T.U. Ready to Demonstrate
    On the eve of a planned demonstration, the Belize National Teachers’ Union is finalizing preparations to bus teachers from its ten branches countrywide to Belmopan on Wednesday. The announcement was [...]

    B.N.T.U. President Gives Education Minister an ‘F’
    As B.N.T.U. National President, Senator Elena Smith explains the teachers have decided to demonstrate against DPM Patrick Faber and so following the rally, the teachers will converge in front of [...]

    B.N.T.U. Writes Prime Minister Over Proposal 22
    Proposal Twenty-Two remains on the negotiating table between the Ministry of Education and the Belize National Teachers’ Union. Proposal Twenty-Two concerns grant-aided secondary schools where the teachers and support staff [...]

    Joint Utility Unions and the P.U.P. Come Out in Support of Teachers
    Primary and secondary school teachers across the country are heading to the Capital as the B.N.T.U. gets into gear for Wednesday’s demonstration.  The union is also picking up support from [...]

    Third Man Arraigned for Murder of PC Osbourne Martinez
    As the family of Police Constable Osborne Martinez prepares to lay him to rest this Saturday, a third member of the PIV gang was arraigned for his murder. Tarique Myles [...]

    Tracey Betancourt Charged for Murder of Lamont Lipka in San Pedro
    A San Pedro woman is also spending her first night behind bars at the Central Prison in Hattieville. She was arraigned on Monday afternoon for the charges of murder and [...]

    Clumsy Gunman Drops Weapon During Armed Robbery
    Armed robberies remain unabated across the country, where thieves continue to prey on businesses, both big and small.  In Belmopan on Monday morning, forty-four-year-old Chinese businessman Hong Liang Li was [...]

    DOE Lifts Stop Order Against Businessman Haisam Diab
    Construction has resumed at Sand Lighter’s promenade in Belize City. A stop order issued by the Department of Environment in October to businessman Haisam Diab has been lifted.  The letter [...]

    Honduran National to be Deported
    After spending one year and three months in Belize, Honduran national Jose Samuel Serrano Sanchez was ordered to be deported from Belize. But before he is deported, Sanchez must serve [...]

    Robert Leslie: ‘My Take on the Referendum in Belize – Food for Thought’
    As the debate on whether Belize should take Guatemala’s claim to the I.C.J. for final resolution rages on, several political and social figures have weighed in on the matter. Now, [...]

    Despite Public Row, Boots Remains a Team Player
    In the buildup to Sunday’s convention, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and Area Representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez were engaged in a heated exchange while on the campaign trail in Port [...]

    Faber to Boots – No Love Lost!
    Despite the previous war of words between Faber and Martinez, they have pledged to continue working with each other, admitting that while they may not be bosom buddies, they are [...]

    Boots is Looking Forward to Riding Off into the Sunset
    The pending retirement of Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez was previously announced by the four-time area representative on the night of November fifth, 2015, after narrowly defeating Gilroy Usher Senior in Port [...]

    Pok Ta Pok, an Ancient but Re-emerging Sport in Belize
    Whenever you hear about sports in Belize, you think about football, basketball, and volleyball. You even hear about cricket, but it’s a rare occasion when you hear about Pok-Ta-Pok. It [...]

    Changing Behaviors through Communication for Development
    A three-day working session facilitated by United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF, is taking place in Belize City. Representatives from several institutions are being trained to expand their skills [...]

    Belize Hosts SICA Meeting of Migration Directors
    As part of its pro-tem presidency of the Central American Integration System, SICA, Belize is hosting a gathering of government officials from across the region.  The meeting of Migration Directors [...]

    GPS to Locate Crime Hotspots?
    The Ministry of National Security, through the Belize Crime Observatory, received a donation of GPS equipment earlier today from the United Nations Development Programme.  The handing over of thirty-seven devices [...]

    Info Segura to Focus on Enhanced Governance and Citizen Security
    According to UNDP Programme Specialist, Carla Zacapa, Belize is part of a broader regional initiative known as Info Segura which is a form of evidence-based information management.  U.S. AID also [...]


    Dr. Carla Barnett Ready to Conquer UDP Freetown Convention
    Prom season is in June, but it seems that it’s convention season, at least for the UDP. Last week Sunday the UDP hosted conventions for Cayo North East which was won by John August and another in Port Loyola which was won by Phillip Willoughby. This weekend Doctor Carla Barnett will test her mettle against …

    Educators get the facts on going to the ICJ
    On April 10, 2019, Belizean’s will go to the polls to vote in a national referendum on whether to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). While many voters are undecided on how they will vote, the International Referendum Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conducting their education campaign …

    ICJ Campaign will take their message to UB
    Earlier we told you, that the International Court of Justice Referendum Committee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is conducting their education campaign countrywide, held a forum that was attended by educators. Later this week, the Referendum Committee will take their “be informed campaign” to the student of the University of Belize in Belmopan. …

    Will of the People calls on GOB to take action in executing proposed amendment
    One of the requirements for the re-registration process is that the applicant must be living at their present address for at least two months. It is a requirement that automatically disqualifies Belizeans living abroad from voting in Belize. Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa recently put forward a proposed amendment to Section 5 (2)of the …

    Woman Facing Court of Appeal Case to be Deported to Belize
    In August, 2012 Calaney Flowers was charged with the murder of Lyndon Morrison and the attempted murder of Sochyl Sosa. Morrison was riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend Sosa when Flowers slammed her Saturn car into the couple. Morrison who was also the father of Flower’s child died while Sochyl Sosa survived. In the Supreme …

    Regional Countries advanced towards elimination of Malaria
    Malaria control programs in Brazil, Paraguay and Suriname have received the Malaria Champions of the Americas award, which given out each year by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and its partners to initiatives that contribute to eliminating the disease in the region. Suriname’s Malaria program focuses on migrant miners and indigenous communities. The initiative …


    Brave police officer shot and killed on Regent Street West
    At about 10:00 Friday morning, police constable Osborne “Ozzy” Martinez, 27, of Dangriga, was shot in the chest by one of three thieves as they were trying to escape after robbing Belcove Hotel on Regent Street West. This is practically in the middle of downtown Belize City, three buildings down from the Swing Bridge. The policeman was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he died shortly after his arrival while undergoing surgery. The three accused robbers-turned-killers are Tyrique Myles, 18; Rayford Mejia, 19; and Glen Lopez, 21, all of Belize City. They were captured on the crime scene this morning and were all jointly charged with murder and three counts of aggravated robbery.

    2 remanded for PC Osborne Martinez’s murder
    Last Friday, police charged three men for an armed robbery that resulted in the murder of Constable Osborne Martinez, 27, who, with a team of other officers, had responded to the report of a robbery that was in progress at Belcove Hotel, located on Regent Street West. The three men, who attempted the daring daylight robbery, were apprehended on the scene and their weapons and the proceeds of the robbery were fished out of the Haulover Creek. Today, Monday, two of the accused men appeared in the Magistrate’s Court of Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, who read the charge of murder to them.

    Willoughby Port victory considered major upset
    The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) held a contested convention with four candidates who aspired to become the party’s standard bearer for the Port Loyola constituency yesterday, Sunday, and after the ballots were tallied, Philip Willoughby, the former three-term City Councilor emerged victorious over Attorney General and Senator, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, with Dean Samuels, a former City Councilor and A. C. Castillo trailing in the polls. Some political observers consider the Willoughby victory a major upset, because Peyrefitte was considered the personal choice of UDP Leader/Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, and was endorsed and supported by Port Loyola’s four-term area representative, Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez.

    Cops seize 15 bales of cocaine, 5 guns in joint operation with BDF and Coast Guard
    Several media houses had been reporting last week on rumors that a number of Mexicans and Belizeans had been detained near Hattieville by the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) after guns and cocaine were found in a vehicle in which they were travelling. On Friday, November 1, however, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie clarified the details of a joint operation between the Police Department, the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the Coast Guard, which led to a bust of 479.15 kilos (1,056 pounds) of suspected cocaine, 5 guns, and the detention of 13 men.

    Court dismisses appeal of woman convicted for death of her lesbian lover
    In a written judgement it handed down on Friday, November 2, the Belize Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of Rosalia Castillo, 49, aka “Lily”, who was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Castillo’s conviction and sentence were for the death of her lover, Carla “Pam” Perez, 36, a mother of two, who was killed around 9:30 p.m. on December 8, 2012, in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. The evidence was circumstantial and at the trial, which began on November 25, 2014, the Crown relied on the testimony of two witnesses, Rodolfo Melgara Renderos and Marvin Enriquez Tut Cucul.

    Wealthy Guatemalans land on private airstrip in Belize
    Last Thursday, November 1, two high-performance aircraft landed on a private airstrip in Placencia. According to information provided by KREM News, the planes were carrying wealthy Guatemalans who were to attend a wedding in Placencia. Reportedly, the passengers were also said to be highly ranked in the Guatemalan government. These flights were out of the ordinary for several reasons. While the flights were accommodated by Belizean authorities at Marco Caruso’s airstrip, it appears that the planes bypassed the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) in Ladyville.

    2 reg. season weeks plus 2 back matches to decide on 2 final spots in PLB semifinal playoffs
    With the completion of Week 12 games over the weekend, two regular season weeks remain in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Opening Season along with two back matches, before the top-4 semifinal playoffs commence. Tied at the top of the standings, defending champions Belmopan Bandits SC and sub-champions Verdes have already secured their playoff berths, but it looks like a real scramble for the remaining two spots, with the 2 back matches making the race even more interesting. Aside from the 2 regular season weeks remaining, Police United FC also has 2 back matches, while Altitude Assassins FC and Wagiya FC each have 1 back match.

    Corozal Basketball Season tips off with exciting action!
    The Corozal Basketball Association (CBA), in collaboration with the Corozal Sports Council and Youth Development Service, opened the Corozal Male Basketball season over the weekend. Three matches were held on Saturday, November 3. The headline match was between two female teams, CJC Corozal Junior College vs ABC Chetumal Femenil. The second match saw the young talents of Corozal Kings vs Dolphins; and finally, the third game was a repeat of the finals for the last season. Results are as follows: ABC Chetumal Femenil, 69; CJC girls, 10; no contest. Our girls tried their best, but were out-played by Femenil.

    Digi Puppy Leslie Youth League Week 5 results, standings & upcoming games
    The 1st Annual Digi Puppy Leslie Youth Basketball League continued with Week 5 games over the weekend at the Swift Hall court. There is one more weekend of regular season games left before we enter the playoffs. Here are the game scores and highlights from the weekend:

    Belize registers first ever CU20 win by topping Sint Maarten
    Belize registered its first ever 2018 Concacaf Under-20 Championship victory with a 4-2 triumph over Sint Maarten to open Matchday Three of Group C on Monday. Carlos Gonzalez (3’, 45’) led the way with a first-half brace, with Andir Chi (38’) also chipping in with a goal in the first 45 minutes.

    Mr. Goldson and the Maritime Areas Act
    The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) has essentially gotten away with ignoring the fact that our national hero, Hon. Philip Goldson, defected from the UDP and formed his own National Alliance for Belizean Rights (NABR) in 1991 because of the Maritime Areas Act. The UDP’s leadership has gotten away with glossing over the fact that when Mr. Goldson agreed to a NABR coalition with the UDP just weeks before the June 30, 1993 general election, the concession made by the UDP was that, if the UDP/NABR coalition won, then the new government would immediately repeal the Maritime Areas Act. The UDP/NABR coalition did win, but the UDP Leader/Prime Minister, Dr. Manuel Esquivel, supported by his Deputy, Hon. Dean Barrow, refused to repeal. So that, when Mr. Goldson died in 2001, he had been betrayed and had never returned to the UDP. Mr. Goldson remained NABR until his death.

    More wisdom from Romel
    Dear Editor, If GOB wishes to attract the Mexican people to come across to Belize through the Northern Border, not only to the Free Zone but into the country, the fee of $30 parking at the border for non-Belizeans must first be removed. I always invite friends in Chetumal to come visit us, but they are reluctant because, first, it is too costly, and second, they get feedback that they are treated unkindly by the authorities here. Just to enter Belize, there is a $30 parking fee, a $10 OIRSA fumigation fee, and a $12 insurance payment. That is $52.00 BZD at exchange rate of $10 pesos per BZD, which equals $520 pesos.

    The crowd called UBAD
    The course marked my first encounter with the PUP government, and they won that preliminary. It was about two weeks before they closed down the course that Said Musa had called me at Technical and asked me to be the opening speaker on Radio Belize in a series to be called THE LECTERN. Musa and I had met some time before and he seemed progressive in his thinking. My speech on Radio Belize, entitled “Student Power,” broadcast on October 13, 1968, eventually ended up in a discussion of Black Power when students from St. Hilda’s College asked a few questions.

    The questions on the April ballot
    The, “Do you agree that any legal business”…shouldn’t be the only question on the ballot on April 10. It isn’t proper to waste time or opportunity, so there should be at least one other question on the ballot. That definite other question should be: Do you want to be a citizen of Guatemala? Ambassador Alfredo Martinez had an untimely death, and as far as we know he wasn’t working on any memoirs. If he had, those are not for public viewing. All we have from his work on the Guatemala claim are in hard-to-obtain government files. However, except for two others, one of whom cut out for a most disappointing reason, all other hands are on deck at this critical time.

    Press Predictions, 14-04-45
    In boledo news, 09 took 1 year 5 months 2 weeks and 4 day to play. These are lucky numbers for this week, 14-51-04-35-45-27. These are my lucky PICK-3 numbers, 289-603-515-482-708. In local football action, the 8 times champion, the Belmopan Bandits, beat the Freedom Fighters 4 goals to 1. Georgie Welcome had a hat trick, he now leads with 14 goals. Freedom Fighters are out of the play offs. In the other 3 games, the Altitude Assassins edged the BDF 2 goals to 1.

    After stealing a car, Samuel August, Sr., crashed the stolen car into a backhoe
    In the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 31, Samuel August, Sr., a backhoe operator employed at the Belize City Council, turned his machine into a weapon and drove it into the house where his three children were sleeping, killing his 5-year-old son and his son’s grandmother. When a 13-year-old girl, a cousin of August’s children, ran out of the house to seek refuge from August’s murderous assault at the home of a neighbor, August rammed his backhoe onto the neighbour’s house. August passed out behind the wheel of the backhoe that he had run into a drain, destroying a fence in the process.

    Phil Staine, 46, charged with murder, found guilty of manslaughter
    Orlando Staine, 41, and Kareem Staine, 37, two of three brothers charged with the murder of BDF volunteer soldier Denver Villafranco, 23, walked out of the Supreme Court as free men today when they were told by Justice Adolph Lucas that they were found not guilty of the murder charge or any other charges. It was a trial without a jury. The third brother who was charged, Phil Staine, 46, was not so fortunate. He was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. Justice Lucas said that he was not sure beyond a reasonable doubt that Phil intended to kill Villafranco.

    Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett’s home burglarized
    Thieves have burglarized the home of Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, Commanding Officer of Eastern Division Police. The house, located on Albert Hoy Street, was broken into sometime between Friday evening and Sunday morning, and the thieves stole a flat-screen television, among other items. When police went to Gillett’s home at about 10:30, they saw signs of forced entry into the house, and saw that several items were missing. Gillett said that the estimated value of the stolen possessions is about $3,000.

    Ryan Cole, 33, charged for robbery of Freetown Drug Store
    Among the robberies that occurred last week was an armed holdup at Freetown Drug Store, a pharmacy that gained popularity for being open late at night and on weekends. Video footage from the pharmacy’s surveillance camera, which was plastered all over social media, showed three robbers entering the store, with at least one of them brandishing a gun. The incident occurred while the store was still open for business on Thursday, November 1, at around 9 p.m. Three employees were inside the store, and two men, including the security guard, were outside.

    The Reporter

    Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating this man who robbed the Tai Fu Store on Cemetery Road in Belmopan at around 11:30 this morning. The proprietor told Police the robber managed to get away with $300.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PUP announces support for BNTU’s National Demonstration
    The People’s United Party (PUP) today issued a release informing the nation that it stands in […]

    Minister of National Security comments on murder of PC Osbourne Martinez
    Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, today issued a statement following the murder of police […]

    PUP to host Cayo Central Convention this Sunday
    On Sunday, November 11, 2018, the People’s United Party (PUP) will host a convention in […]

    Robbers take over $17,000 worth of items from DR&G Varieties in Toledo
    Police are investigating a burglary that occurred yesterday morning in the Toledo District. Rodolfo Humberto […]

    Youth Forum on ICJ to be held on Friday
    The Department of Youth Services (DYS) in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture, […]

    Police in San Ignacio investigating armed robbery at Lily’s Supermarket
    Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred yesterday morning in San Ignacio Town. According […]

    Sunny and fair weather ahead
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize calls today for mainly fair conditions to prevail over […]

    Economic development council’s statement on World Bank’s doing business report 2019
    On Wednesday October 31, 2018, the World Bank released its annual Doing Business report, which […]

    Police monitoring criminal activities; State of Emergency may be called again
    There has been an increase in criminal activities including robberies in Belize city over the […]

    BNTU to hold national demonstration tomorrow
    Teachers are preparing for a national demonstration to be held tomorrow at the foot of […]

    Police seek suspects for armed robbery in Cayo
    San Ignacio police are seeking the two gun-wielding suspects that strolled into a Supermarket in […]

    Spanish Lookout man struck to death by lightning
    On Friday evening a man was electrocuted in Spanish Lookout, Cayo. He has been identified […]


    Cave Tubing and Zip Lining – it’s a VITAL tour!
    Our eager group of writers, photographers and videographers were thrilled to discover that Mr. Vitalino Reyes, of Vital Nature Maya Tours, had planned a double whammy of adventures for us: Zip Lining AND Cave Tubing. I was beyond excited for the zip lining, but looked askance at the cave tubing portion, having had less than a stellar experience before. Vowing to enjoy every moment, I joined our group in strapping up for the first part of the day’s fun. Heavy duty harnesses wound around us, metal buckles clinking as we tromped uphill for about 10 minutes to the first platform. After our guides gave a thorough explanation and safety drill, we formed a line to begin the fun. The sight of the cables strung through thick jungle had my blood pumping, and when it was my turn, there was nothing but the rush of air and a whoop of excitement as I landed on the second platform, ready to jump on and ride down to the next and the next and the next!

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize registers first ever CU20 win by topping Sint Maarten
    Belize registered its first ever 2018 Concacaf Under-20 Championship victory with a 4-2 triumph over Sint Maarten to open Matchday Three of Group C on Monday. Carlos Gonzalez (3’, 45’) led the way with a first-half brace, with Andir Chi (38’) also chipping in with a goal in the first 45 minutes. Dion Cacho (49’) stretched the Belize lead to four before Sint Maarten mounted a furious late charge that came up just short with goals from Leonidas Zion (78’) and Jaeremi Drijvers (84’).

    Return to the wild for stygian owl
    Last night was the much-anticipated return to the wild for this beautiful stygian owl. He came to us mid September with a fractured leg and was clearly suffering from lack of nutrition. He was rescued by the students, staff and parents of Trial Farm Government School in Orange Walk.


  • Men in Depression, 32min. The events of last week pinpointed the need for serious conversations about men and mental health. Clinical Psychologist, Deshane Gutierrez, spoke with us about how men handle depression and other traumas differently than women. She calls it a "silent crisis" and explained that a contributing factor is that men are culturally influenced to be uncomfortable with vulnerabilities. She shared that society in general has to embrace counseling as an opportunity to learn much needed life skills to cope and build resiliency.

  • ICJ Referendum - Kareem Musa Perspective, 28min. Kareem Musa is presenting a bill to allow for members of the Diaspora to be eligible for voting in the upcoming ICJ Referendum. He was our guest to talk about the bill and why he believes it's important to not disenfranchise Belizeans living abroad.

  • Professional and Technical scholarships for Bachelor Degree study, 7.5min. Each year, the Government of Belize provides Professional and Technical scholarships for Bachelor Degree study at any University of West Indies (UWI) campus in the Caribbean or any Commonwealth country. Over the years several professionals have benefited from this opportunity.

  • Mexico-Belize. "opening borders", 1hr. We are #live in your program, Mexico-Belize. "opening borders"

  • Toledo District, Belize, 2min. Between the Caribbean Sea and the Mayan Mountains lies the district of Toledo, known as The Forgotten Province of Belize, Central America. During the last twenty years, the Mayans have put forward their ecotourism program to protect their rainforest and their traditions. Despite constant opposition from the government and the tourism industry, Margarita, Reyes, Chet and their friends remain resolute and optimistic. This film is a tribute to their courage never denied.

  • Bubble Belize Commercial, 2min. Introduction to Business Project

  • ICJ - be informed Forum for Belize District School Administrators Radisson Fort George 2nd Session, 2hr. Radisson Fort George, 2nd Session

  • Caves Branch Jungle Resort, 4min. We are staying at a beautiful resort on the mainland of Belize called Caves Branch. This expansive jungle resort does not disappoint as you will see from this short video.

  • Learn the days of the week in Garifuna!, .5min.

  • Pok Ta Pok, An Ancient but Re-emerging Sport in Belize, 7min. Whenever you hear about sports in Belize, you think about football, basketball, and volleyball. You even hear about cricket, but it’s a rare occasion when you hear about Pok-Ta-Pok. It might be an ancient Mayan ball game, but Pok-Ta-Pok is being played today by the ‘Black Jaguars’ of Yo Creek Village. The Pok Ta Pok ball game is played with the hips between warring groups to settle disputes. Today, the men of Ek' Balam play it as a sport. ‘Ek Balam’ first made headlines three years ago when the members competed in the regional Mundo Maya Pok-Ta-Pok tournament in Mexico.

  • Our Carnival Miracle Anniversary cruise day 4 Belize October 24th 2018, 48min. Explored the Lamanai Myan ruins, enjoyed some karaoke and tried the bourbons on the ship

  • MAHA EXPERIENCES... Lebanese Food in Belize!!! OMGizzle, 10min. Maha eats at Paradise Grill, a delicious Lebanese restaurant, located in the heart of San Ignacio. San Ignacio is a beautifully growing town in the Cayo District of Belize, Central America. Enjoy!!

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.

  • Police Check Point, 60min.

    November 6, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro R.C School host All Saints Day Fair 2018
    Many island children and their parents enjoyed San Pedro Roman Catholic School’s (SPRCS) Annual All Saints Day Fair. Held on Friday, November 2nd the fair is a part of the annual tradition that reveres Saints of the Catholic Doctrine, while serving as a fundraiser for projects in the school. The fair started around 5PM, with a large crowd making its way into the fair grounds. Several students dressed as their favorite Saints and Angels, including Mother Teresa Saint Peter, Saint Jude, Mother Mary and more. The fair was not just all about the Saints; those in attendance also enjoyed plenty of food, drinks, music, games and even live entertainment from SPRCS students.

    San Pedro House of Culture observes Dia de Los Finados
    Many residents of La Isla Bonita celebrated their dearly departed at the San Pedro House of Culture’s (SPHC) El Dia de Los Finandos celebration (Day of the Dead) on Friday, November 2nd. This tradition is practiced annually among the Mestizo, Maya and Garifuna cultures in Belize. It is also a tradition in many Latin American countries. A large crowd gathered to observe the celebration and Director of the SPHC Mito Paz welcomed them warmly, explaining the importance of El Dia de Los Finados.

    Ambergris Today

    Protect Our Manatees - “Go Slow” Sign Installed On Belize River
    BTB and stakeholders install sign on Belize River reminding tour guides to protect manatees The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), in collaboration with the Port Authority, Sea 2 Shore Alliance and the Belize Manatee Conservation Project, has installed a sign on the estuary of the Belize River with the aim to remind tour guides of their responsibility to protect Belize’s natural resources. The installation of the sign was deemed necessary due to increasing public concerns regarding some tour guides touching and feeding manatees as part of their tours.

    Rotaract Club Of Ambergris Caye Donate Trash Bins To Schools
    The Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye embarked on an environmental awareness school campaign and visited of five hundred students who were informed of proper garbage disposal. A total of 40 Trash Bins came to San Pedro of which 22 of them are going to Holy Cross Anglican School, San Pedro R.C. School and New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School. The remaining 18 trash bins will be strategically located throughout the community where it may be most needed this week.

    Belize Teachers Ready To Demonstrate On Wednesday
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) has announced that they will be holding a demonstration at the nation’s capital, Belmopan on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, to serve as a warning to the Ministry of Education on stalling on a number of issues affecting teachers. BNTU President, Elena Smith, stated that the union has taken the position to demonstrate, in light of comments made by Minister of Education Patrick Faber, which the union maintains are completely untrue. Smith said that Faber continues to spread untruths about the ongoing negotiations for hardship allowance for teachers in remote areas and that the ministry is disrespecting the union by telling them to meet with district education managers instead of the Minister and his team.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Lots of Great photos & Videos from Sunday nights SAGA Halloween Spooktacular
    Our deepest thanks to William McQueen for his beyond generous $3000 BZ donation to us in memoriam... In memory of Kay Falley, Ken Fellure and Milo Paz... Thank you from all of us at Saga Humane

    5% discount on 2019 Trade License fees in San Pedro
    It's back! Take advantage of this promotion! In honor of San Pedro's 34th Township Anniversary, the San Pedro Town Council is offering a 5% discount on Trade License fees for 2019. Please be reminded that you must fill out a renewal form prior to paying your 2019 fee.

    Prevent ZIKA Community Cleanup in Calcutta
    Saturday Nov. 10, 9am at the football field

    Garifuna Settlement Day Yurumein and Delebration
    Libertad Village, Monday November 19

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of Oct 29- Nov. 4th, 2018
    Many bonefish landed both from the boats and by wading the flats. Bigger schools and larger fish were on the flats. Several larger ones were landed including one in the 20 lb. class and a couple of anglers had double permit days.

    The San Pedro House of Culture celebrated Los Finados to honour our dearly departed

    Save Manatees: “Go Slow” Sign Installed On Belize River
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), in collaboration with the Port Authority, Sea 2 Shore Alliance and the Belize Manatee Conservation Project, has installed a sign on the estuary of the Belize River with the aim to remind tour guides of their responsibility to protect Belize’s natural resources. The installation of the sign was deemed necessary due to increasing public concerns regarding some tour guides touching and feeding manatees as part of their tours.

    The CFA and OWFA invites you this Saturday, November 10, 2018 starting at 2:00pm at the Ricalde Stadium. Come out and support Corozal as we play the inter-district against OW.

    Belmopan U21 Tournament Final (1st Leg)
    Las Flores FC U21 vs Spanish Lookout FC U21. Friday 6:00 pm. Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Who is your favorite pick to win the tournament?

    Remembrance Day Exhibit at Corozal House of Culture
    We invite you to visit the House of Culture this week as we present the Remembrance Day Exhibit along with the documentary - "Tree Fellers". Tree Fellers tells the story of British Hondurans who enlisted in WW2 and were sent to Scotland to cut trees for the war efforts. Corozal has the honour of having two living ex servicemen, Mr. Adolfo Vera who was a Tree Feller in Scotland and Mr. Anastacio Correa who kept watch over prisoners of war in Jamaica. Please join us all on Sunday November 11th at Soldiers Park for the official civic Remembrance Day ceremony beginning at 10 am.

    Work continue at our Cockburn Lane and Human Development Building worksites in downtown
    Foundation and columns going up at our Human Development Building site (picture on the right ). Picture on the left shows piles driven at our Cockburn Lane site. These projects are being carried out by the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project.

    DAN Seminar in San Pedro
    Reminder to guides dive masters instructors and dive related personnel !!! Very important!!! On Tuesday evening, November 6, 2018 we invite all divers and rescue personnel to attend the diving safety seminars by DAN, Divers Alert Network and Traveler EMS in San Pedro, Belize. Registration begins at 6:30 pm in the conference room at Banyan Bay Hotel. There will be 2 talks, including one by Martin McCafferty, Medical Information Specialist at DAN America. His talk will be "Emergency Action Plans." There will also be coffee, cookies, and a raffle for DAN prizes.

    Chaac is the representation of rain and thunder . The word Chaac in Yucatec Maya means "Rain" . The Yucatec Maya of Belize continues to give offerings to Chaac for the tradition known as Ch'a' Cháak .

    The Placencia Breeze November 2018
    RIP Miss B: The Point Loses a Legend ... pg. 5; Six Teams Walk Away with Cash Prizes at 20th Annual Placencia BTIA Saltwater Fishing Tournament ... pg. 7; Placencia Activist Finds Fuel for Her Cause at Youth Conference in London ... pg. 9; Seine Bight's Lirahuyu Seinbedi Determined to Reclaim Battle of the Drums Championship Title ... pg. 10; In Memoriam: Shearn Murphy Westby and Alden Westby, Jr. ... pg. 11; Croc Corner ... pg. 11; Fragments of Hope Initiates Exchange with Mexico's Reef Experts ... pg. 12; Over 300 Lionfish Speared in Second FoH Roundup ... pg. 12; From the Fire Hearth: Move Over Spinach and Kale; Chaya's the Real Superfood ... pg. 13;A Home Victory, First-Runner-Up Win and Pro Competition in Cuba call for a Drink from Placencia's Star Bartender Nancy Aguilar ... pg. 13;Placencia Goes Extra for Halloween and Wild for Carnival ... pg. 19;PHS and CRC Join Forces for Animal Welfare ... pg. 20;Seine Bight Running Club Update ... pg. 20;Inaugural Splash Marathon and Relay Half Marathon a Success

    Passing of Mr. Pio Coc from San Antonio
    “A great and gentle heart has ceased to beat.” Dear Friends, we note the passing of Mr. Pio Coc from San Antonio, Toledo. Mr. Pio led and participated in many initiatives to promote and safeguard culture. His strength and vision over the decades has been remarkable. Several of us at ISCR had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Coc for the last two years to support and document the Deer Dance. Our sincere condolences to the family and the community during this time. Mr. Pio Coc, JP, passed away on Friday, November 2, 2018. Funeral services will be held to tomorrow at the San Antonio Catholic Church, Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Pio Coc, Justice of the Peace, May 5 1949 - November 2 2018.

    BelizeIFF 2018 Opening NIGHT RED Carpet GALA
    clock Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 6 PM – 10 PM, Bliss Center for Performing Arts. 6-7:45pm - Red Carpet Arrivals with LIVE BROADCAST ON CHANNEL 5 television. 8-8:45pm - Opening Ceremony and screening of short film THE MELANCHOLY MAN directed by Belizean/American Samantha Aldana, who will be joining us from Louisiana. 9-10:30pm - Opening Film - RUBEN BLADES IS NOT MY NAME / YO NO ME LLAMO RUBEN BLADES Directed by Abner Benaim (Panamá, Argentina, Colombia, 2018) 1 hr 25 min / Rated: G

    Night out for the Birds was a roaring success
    Our annual fundraiser Night out for the Birds was a roaring success. We are overjoyed to announce that we raised over $12,500BZ to help keep BBR up and running! A massive thank you to everyone that supported us, to our donors and sponsors and to our glorious hosts, Corkers Restaurant & Wine Bar who absolutely made our night!!!

    Channel 7

    Upset! Willoughby Wins, “Peyre” Goes Down
    The UDP's convention season began with a bang yesterday in Port Loyola and Cayo Northeast. With respect to Cayo where two mayors and one former area rep had a very hotly contested battle - the real war was in Port Loyola where rival camps of UDP superpowers deployed the political equivalent of nuclear warheads to get their candidate elected. The convention may have been for Port Loyola - but the future leadership of the party is what was really at stake. Jules Vasquez was there to see who won the convention and the bigger battle for control of the UDP's future:... Jules Vasquez reporting: On the flat paper it seemed simple enough - one division, four names. But, not that simple on the ground at St. John Vianney where large ambitions were clashing for control not of this division - but, really, of the UDP's future. Philip Willoughby gave us the thumbs up on the move, while Mike Peyrefitte seemed his usual demonstrative self.

    Hon. Boots Says PUP Infiltrated, Dominated UDP Convention
    And so, while Willoughby has a happy beginning, the Boots thing….that ending isn't going too well. In successive political contests - we're talking the City Council in March and this divisional convention - Martinez-backed candidates have failed to get a majority of the vote in his division. But, how did his candidate lose this convention in his own division with Boots working and spending to ensure a victory for Peyrefitte? Martinez says the PUP infiltrated Willoughby's camp and heavily influenced the outcome.

    Deputy Compol Threatens Gangs With Another State of Emergency
    Last week we showed you the robbery spree in the city where Midtown Restaurant, Freetown Drug Store, El Paso Fast Food and Belcove Hotel were robbed by armed gunmen. Of course, at Belcove, a responding police officer was shot and killed. Police didn't seem like they could offer to do too much about it - other than the usual platitudes about increasing patrols. But, today, Deputy Compol Chester Williams, seized, it seems, by some higher directive said they may institute another state of emergency for troublesome gangs. Here's how he put it:...

    Cop Could Have Been Saved By Bulletproof Vest
    And that sudden hardline may be a direct response to the killing of an officer in the line of duty. PC Osbourne Martinez was responding to a robbery in progress at Belcove Hotel on Friday morning when a robber shot him in the ribs as he stepped into the hotel - he died shortly after from that injury. Deputy Williams narrated the chain of events that led to his murder, and the lessons learned for police. Chester Williams- Deputy ComPol: "A call was made to the police control room of a robbery in progress at the establishment. The police responded as we normally do and you would appreciate the fact that with the ongoing operations on ED 1, that the police's response time to incidents are normally within a minute..."

    Two Arraigned for Cop’s Murder, One In Hospital Pending Charge
    Those robbers have since been identified as 18 year-old Tyrique Myles, 19 year-old Rayford Mejia, and 21 year-old Glen Lopez - all from the PIV area. Only Rayford Mejia and Glen Lopez were marched to the court today for their criminal arraignment. Tyrique Miles is still at the KHMH recovering from the gunshot he suffered to the leg in Friday's shoot-out with police.

    Cops Can’t Find Evidence to Charge 13 For Trafficking Thousand Lbs. Coke
    And while those men have been remanded for murdering a cop - the case is not so clear cut for the 13 persons detained in connection with 479 kilos of cocaine which police busted last week. Police caught 12 Guatemalans and a Belizean - and a bunch of guns, but could not find enough evidence to link them to the 479 kilos of cocaine. Deputy Compol Williams explained today:... Chester Williams- Deputy ComPol: "We have not been able to tie any of the detainees to the drug discovery. Yes, some were charged with keeping unlicensed firearm and ammunition and that was shared to you all over the weekend. And those against whom we had no evidence..."

    Suspected Drug Running Guats Arraigned on Weapons Charges
    As you heard, police can't prove that the Guatemalan nationals they detained were the persons trying to smuggle the cocaine that they confiscated last week. So instead, they went with charges that they can prove. Today, they marched Mario Rodolfo Lopez Moreira, Gilberto Gomez Jimenez, Marco Vinicio Palencia, Berardo de los Angeles Franco Carias, and Sergio Wilfredo Morales Godoy to court for a slew of firearms charges. Godoy and Carias were charged with 1 count of keeping an unlicensed firearm for a chrome 9 mm pistol, keeping unlicensed ammunition for 47 live rounds of 9mm bullets, keeping prohibited materials for a chrome extended magazine...

    Police Say No Drugs Went Missing
    And while 5 of the detained have been arraigned for various non drug-trafficking offences - police today flatly rejected reports that two of the 479 kilos have gone missing. Deputy Williams kind of laughed it off:... Chester Williams- Deputy ComPol: "The alacrity at which the media houses ran with that story this morning is alarming. I can say to you that all the drugs that were recovered are in police custody; none have gone missing." Reporter: "Could you confirm that there was indeed an alarm raised after suggestions that 2 kilos of cocaine went missing?"

    Another Armed Robbery Caught on Camera
    Police are trying to gather as much information as they can in a mid-morning robbery at a San Ignacio store. 2 thieves walked into the store and cleaned the owner out - and the terrifying holdup was all caught on surveillance camera - which didn't seem to bother the robbers too much. Police told us more. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB: 'San Ignacio police responded to a robbery on Lily Street on in San Ignacio Town where on arrival, the proprietor of a store reported to them that while inside his store he was approached by two Hispanic male persons, one of whom was armed, who demanded money..."

    Police Charge One For Freetown Drug Store Arrest
    A man has been charged for the daring Freetown Drug Store robbery. He is Ryan Cole and Police are still looking for his accomplice. Here is more from the police press briefing. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "In reference to the robbery that occlude at the Freetown Drug Store on November 1st, as a result of an investigation Police arrested and charged Ryan Michael Cole of a Tibruce Street address for the crime of robbery. There is another suspect in custody that the police is interviewing at this moment."

    Backhoe Marauder, Samuel August Under Heavy Police Guard
    Tonight, Samuel August remains in the KHMH under increased police guard after Friday morning's escape. On Friday he escaped from the hospital where he was under police guard for killing his own child and the child's grandmother. August then car jacked a woman, rammed into a backhoe on the Northern Highway and tried to kill himself with a pair of scissors. It's a bewildering and frightening sequence of events, starting from Wednesday's Faber's road rampage to Friday's mad dash. Police gave us an update on August's case.

    PUP Deputy Has Dream For Diaspora
    As we've been reporting, the ICJ referendum is six months away. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' education campaign is underway and it is the hope that Belizeans are also educating themselves on this issue to make the most informed decision. But what about the diaspora? Are they plugged in and engaged? Well, it seems so because some Belizeans living abroad have expressed interest in voting in the April 2019 referendum. It has been the forefront of of the social media dialogue and today Caribbean Shores Rep. Kareem Musa took it a step further. He presented to the media a proposed amendment to the representation of people act to allow Belizeans living abroad to vote in the referendum. He explained his recommendation this morning.

    Meaningful Mentorship For Kids
    Today, Over 80 kids graduated from the 6 month Eastern Division police mentorship program. This is the 2nd cohort and we stopped by for the ceremony to meet the kids. There were about 20 mentors and they taught the kids anger management among other key life skills lessons. The kids also went on a number of fun field trips all over the country. The police hope to continue this program next year.

    Close Convention in Cayo Northeast
    The Port Loyola Convention is the one that made tonight's headline - but out west, the red hills of Cayo had a dandy! The Cayo Northeast convention featured former UDP Mayor, John August, versus the current Mayor, Earl Trapp versus former three term Area Representative, Salva Fernandez. After the first count, only two votes separated Trapp and August - but after recounting one box, that lead went up to six - and former Chairman Doug Singh made the announcement:..

    Boots Not Ready To Retire
    And while August Jr has to now reach out to his opponents to mend fences, the process is the same in the city - if a little more complicated because of the multiple ministerial ego's that have to be placated. First off, there's Boots Martinez, who called himself the King of Port - only to make it clear that he will select who is heir to the throne. But, his ministerial colleagues Patrick Faber and John Saldivar double teamed him to deny him that opportunity. So now that the heir is Phillip Willoughby - who Martinez considers a pretender to his throne - will Boots consider stepping down a little early to make room for Willoughby? You probably know the answer to that one - but, here is it, just for the record:..

    Farmer Electrocuted By Lightning
    A man was electrocuted in Spanish Lookout. Police found his body on Friday evening on a farm. ACP Myvett told us more.

    Three Brothers For Murder
    A month ago, we told you about the conclusion of the murder trial without jury for the 3 brothers: 46 year-old Phil Staine, 37 year-old Kareem Staine, and 41 year-old Orlando Staine. The prosecution showed evidence that in January of 2015, they were personally responsible for the stabbing death of the 23 year-old BDF volunteer, Denver Villafranco. Well, after consideration of all the evidence, Justice Adolph Lucas has returned with a decision acquitting both Kareem and Orlando Staine. The judge has also found the third brother, Phil Staine, not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter.

    Channel 5

    No One to be Charged for Multi-Million Dollar Cocaine Bust
    A mega drug cocaine drug bust last week involving a boat moored at the Princess Hotel, a single engine plane and two S.U.V.s won’t result in any drug charges. The [...]

    5 Guatemalans Charged for Cache of Firearms; 2 Plead Guilty
    Around ten a.m., five of the seven Guatemalans appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner for the cache of ammo found on them at a checkpoint in Hattieville and at a hotel [...]

    7 Guatemalans Guilty of Illegal Entry; Removal Order Granted
    This afternoon, the two remaining Guatemalan nationals were also hauled before the courts and charged along with the first group for having entered the country illegally. Jorge Martinez Pinto and [...]

    2 of 3 Persons Arraigned for Murder of PC Osbourne Martinez
    On Friday morning, the fatal shooting of Police Constable Osbourne Martinez and a robbery at the Belcove Hotel in the downtown area as well as the arrest of three perpetrators [...]

    1 of 3 Staine Brothers Found Guilty of Manslaughter
    It was a busy day in court…Brothers, forty-one-year-old Orlando and thirty-seven-year-old Kareem Staine were found not guilty of the murder of twenty-three-year-old B.D.F. volunteer soldier Denver Villafranco.  The ruling was [...]

    San Ignacio Police Investigate Armed Robbery
    Armed robbers also hit a business in the Cayo District.   Two Hispanic men, one armed with a handgun, held up the owner of Lily’s Store in San Ignacio Town at [...]

    Tibruce Street Resident Charged for Armed Robbery of Freetown Drug Store
    Ryan Cole from Tibruce Street, in the Saint Martin De Porres area has been arrested and charged for the armed robbery at Freetown Drug Store. He along with another suspect, [...]

    Chester Threatens to Impose Another State of Emergency
    With the alarming number of robberies across the south and north sides of Belize City, the police is threatening to reinstate a state of emergency. Numerous businesses have been hit [...]

    Philloughby Takes Port Loyola As New U.D.P. Standard Bearer
    Port Loyola opened up the convention season for the United Democratic Party. The four-man race was hotly contested with at least two of the candidates getting major support and endorsement [...]

    How Willoughby Won the Day
    After securing a win by one hundred and eighty-seven votes, Phillip Willoughby took his party’s oath to become its standard bearer for the Port.  To get there, there were various [...]

    Will Boots Step Down and Ride Off Into the Sunset?
    As we said, the sitting area rep mouthed early support for Michael Peyrefitte, as leader of the party, but first the attorney general had to secure the Port.  Now that [...]

    Shots Fired During Convention
    Shots were fired as the convention was being held on Sunday. In an effort to intervene in an altercation between two rival gangs, a police officer fired warning shots in [...]

    A Bill for the Diaspora to Participate in the I.C.J. Referendum
    In July, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with representatives of the diaspora to discuss the two-month residency requirement to re-register to vote in the April 2019 referendum. Belizeans living overseas [...]

    …But NOT To Participate in Belize’s Electoral Politics
    While the bill seeks to allow Belizeans living outside the country to participate in next year’s I.C.J. referendum, it does not permanently eliminate the two-month residency requirement due to several [...]

    Still Hospitalized, What’s the Future of Samuel August Senior?
    Samuel August Senior, who is accused of killing his five-year-old son, Samir, and his mother-in-law, Louise Young, remains hospitalized under police guard at the K.H.M.H.  August Senior is accused of [...]

    Supreme Court Building Refurbished
    Three months ago, rehabilitation works commenced at the Supreme Court building in downtown Belize City. The works are part of a much larger infrastructural revitalization mission to rejuvenate the Belize [...]

    Jose Barrera Dies After He is Struck by Lightning
    Police also reported today on the electrocution of a resident of Spanish Lookout area. On Friday, November second police were called to a farm in Greenhill where they discovered the [...]

    88 Youths Successfully Complete BPD’s Youth Mentorship Programme
    Back in May, the Belize Police Department launched its second annual Youth Mentorship Programme, which culminated today with a certification ceremony for the youths who made it through to the [...]

    The Weekend in Sports with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]


    UDP Convention in Port Loyola
    The United Democratic Party held a convention in the Port Loyola Division on Sunday. Love News was there when the polling stations were open and spoke to the new area representative for the UDP after the ballots were counted. Jose Sanchez: “The UDP Port Loyola convention on Sunday at the S.t John’s Vianney primary school …

    Phillip Willoughby will Represent UDP in next Gen. Election
    The UDP Convention for the Port Loyola area was a report card on the leadership of the incumbent Anthony Boots Martinez. Martinez chose Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte as his successor, while former City Councillor Phillip Willoughby had the support of Minister of Education Patrick Faber as well as Minister of National Security John Saldivar. When …

    BOOTS says he will give the goods and services to Port Residents
    The next General Election is still a distance away. Love News asked Minister Martinez if he would filter the government subvention for Port Loyola through the next area representative Phillip Willoughby. Martinez made it clear, he is still in charge of the UDP Port Loyola Division. Jose Sanchez: “In terms of the goods and services …

    Attorney discusses legal amendents for parole to muderers and rapists
    Belize is a country with a low conviction rate for murder and has been pegged as one of the top five most murderous countries per capita on the planet. Amendments were made in 2017 to the Laws of Belize. Outspoken Attorney Audrey Matura spoke to love news on the amendments made which grants parole for …

    Boots Blame PUP for Loss in UDP Convention
    This morning Anthony Martinez held a press conference at his office. Rather than accept that the combined strategy of the Minister of National Security and the Minister of Education worked in favor of Phillip Willoughby, Martinez blamed Peyrefitte’s loss solely on the Peoples United Party. Anthony Martinez: “Brief synopsis of it that I say that …

    BNTU ready for Wednesday’s Strike in Belmopan
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a meeting with its representatives last week and accused Minister of Education Patrick Faber of union busting and intimidation. The Ministry also placed a deadline on when it requires a response from the Union on hot topic issues. But union President Elena Smith says they will respond but …

    Peyrefitte said people who wore his shirt did not vote for him
    Michael Peyrefitte’s ground campaign did not work in his favor. He had placed his campaign in the hands of incumbent, Anthony “Boots” Martinez. Peyrefitte spoke to the media when the chairman announced Willoughby was the winner. Peyrefitte said it was obvious that some of the people who wore his UDP shirts did not vote for …

    BNTU still upset about teachers not getting Commuting Allowance
    BNTU President Elena Smith also told Love News that another issue that has upset them is the fact that the Ministry will not pay some teachers commuting allowances. Elena Smith President BNTU: “So what happens that we have some teachers who do not qualify for hardship because they come back and forth everyday but they …

    Robbers remanded to prison until January 8, 2019
    19-year-old Rayford Mejia and 21-year-old Glen Lopez appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford where the duo was charged with jointly for the murder of Police Constable Osborne Michael Martinez. Additionally, they were charged with three counts of robbery, one count of kept firearm without a gun license and one count of kept ammunition without …

    The Reporter

    According to Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, a list he put together during the re-registration exercise was submitted to the UDP Secretariat, and somehow Phillip Willoughby managed to get a copy of that list. He claims that somehow with the use of that list, the PUP managed to get into the Convention to support Willoughby, leading to a loss for his candidate, Michael Peyrefitte.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Boots blames PUP after Peyreffite loses convention
    Port Loyola Area representative, Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez is blaming the People’s United Party( PUP) for the […]

    Supermarket robbed in San Ignacio Town
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that Lily’s Supermarket in San Ignacio Town was robbed a short while […]


    The Most Gorgeous Pool Day at Las Terrazas Resort
    Last week – on one particularly gorgeous HOT October day, I decided to visit one of the most beautiful pools on Ambergris Caye. A few hours lounging in and out of the pool with lunch and a few mocktails. It’s absolute heaven at Las Terrazas Resort. It’s a gorgeous place to stay but BEFORE I get the emails, let me answer your question. YES. You can use the pool if you are just there for the day. Las Terrazas asks that you spend $50bzd at the bar and restaurant. Just check in with the front desk… I had a seafood wrap and cilantro fries (CILANTRO! I THINK IT SHOULD BE ON EVERYTHING!) and just relaxed. The pool felt divine.

    Caye Caulker, Belize: 5 reasons to visit the idyllic island
    A jewel in the Caribbean Sea, Caye Caulker, Belize is the true definition of “island vibe.” Found in Ambergris Caye off the country’s east coast, the tranquil island is so tiny that you can walk around the whole thing in about an hour—barefoot, naturally. Surrounded by the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef which is the second longest in the world, it’s the perfect base for underwater adventures, such as snorkeling with sharks in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and scuba diving in the famous Great Blue Hole. Or simply sit back, relax and soak up the sunshine while being hypnotized by the idyllic surroundings. Here are some of the top things to do in Caye Caulker, and five reasons why you should go.

    First Annual Belize Birding Festival
    It was surely one of the most enjoyable events we've been to for this past year; but, by the end of the day, we were all exhausted – that’s how you know you had a good time! For some, the Belize Birding Festival started around 9:00 a.m.; well, not for the Team! We kicked off the birding fest at 6:00 a.m. with the early morning urban bird watch in the Belmopan area. Before we started birding, we decided to grab some breakfast at the Belmopan Market Square. An assortment of breakfast burritos, chicken tacos, scrambled eggs and fry jacks were ordered. Fry jacks…you must have these fried fluffy goodness on your morning plate when visiting Belize!

    Before there was man, there came light into the universe. Explosive, bright, unending light. It triggered the earth to bubble over and in many cases collapse, expand and recreate itself. We live in one of those recreated space and time of the existence of the very universe today. Time, that mystical, untouchable thing seems to lead all our human lives and it pulls, pushes and prods us into doing. Most of us obey. Some refuse to be led by the unseen. In early Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and the Mediterranean area, there were gods. There were gods everywhere. There were gods for many things we can imagine or tangibly see in our daily lives. A god for rain, sunlight, moon, agriculture, wind, love and all the great blessings and terrors man has witnessed. Then something happened in early Europe. Thought.

    The light from a fire has long been associated with rituals and prayer. This source of light is present in many forms: in the burning of oil, incense and candles. The candles used for “Finados”, a ritual where food is prepared and placed on an altar for the dead, is one of the many pure items placed. They provide the light that will guide the souls in the afterlife towards the altar for the special feast that has been prepared for them. There are many myths in candle-making but these are rules and candle-makers follow them. The preparation for the making of the candles truly begins an entire month before they are actually made. The person making the candles abstains from sexual contact and this is to cleanse the body from impurities. Also, a woman who is making candles must not be menstruating during candle- making. This again has to do with purity, but it is also believed that the candles have the tendency of not staying together, bending or breaking when this rule is not observed.

    Senior Guide & Guiding Department Manager: Carlos Hernandez
    Originally from Western Belize, Carlos arrived at Caves Branch as a very young man- interested in improving himself both mentally and educationally. He joined the team in 2000 and quickly became a favorite with his easy smile and hilarious jokes. He became a tour guide by accident. At the age of 17 he enrolled in the Center for Employment Training in San Ignacio, Belize and of the three trade courses offered he was eliminated from 2 of them and Tour Guiding was the only course he was able to take. His internship was at Duplooy’s Jungle Lodge and following his completion of the training, he was employed as a Junior Tour Guide in Training at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. 19 years later, Carlos has become a mature, fun-loving, easy going and trusted employed. His value to the company is more than gold.

    The Hummingbird Highway in Belize
    The Hummingbird Highway is a modern, paved, two-lane roadway that was inaugurated in 1994. The Hummingbird Highway measures approximately 53 miles (86 km) long and connects Belmopan, the national capital, to Dangriga on the southeastern coast. The Hummingbird Highway offers a panoramic view of all of the different landscapes in Belize. Starting in the west, the Hummingbird Highway passes through the northern part of the Maya Mountain range, crosses several scenic rivers, and passes through fragrant citrus orchards before ending just a short distance from the beach outside of Dangriga.

    St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park
    Officially known as St. Herman’s National Park, this pristine natural area measures more than 500 acres (200 ha) in size and includes several incredible caves. The park is also home to the Blue Hole, sometimes known as the Inland Blue Hole to distinguish it from the Belize Blue Hole located offshore at Lighthouse Reef. The Inland Blue Hole is one of Belize’s greatest natural landmarks. Almost perfectly circular, the Blue Hole is located in the middle of the rainforest. Formed naturally following the collapse of an underground cave, the sapphire waters of the Blue Hole are the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing swim on a hot day.

    7 Belize Family Vacation Activities For Kids
    Belize is a beautiful, tropical wonderland with plenty to do and see for the entire family. Here are 7 amazing family vacation activities for kids that you can enjoy in Belize: Founded in the 1980s to rescue injured and abandoned animals, the Belize Zoo is the country’s premier wildlife education center. Kids can learn about and see more than 100 indigenous species at the Belize Zoo including harpy eagles, jaguars, and enormous boa constrictor snakes. The largest botanical gardens in the country, the Caves Branch Lodge has a vast collection of beautiful flowering plants, including orchids. With delicate scents and gorgeous colors, the plants of Belize offer a great introduction to the ecology of the Belizean rainforest.

    7 Powerful Reasons Why People Love to Travel To Belize
    Just a short distance from the United States, Belize is rapidly becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in the region. Here are 7 powerful reasons why people love traveling to Belize: Although the country is small, vast swathes of the jungle are protected in national parks and animal sanctuary. Wildlife abounds in the jungles of Belize, including 500 species of birds, two species of monkeys, and large cat species like jaguars.

    Visit Tikal from Belize
    Today, Tikal is located in the rugged El Peten department of Guatemala just a short distance from the border with central Belize. The main land crossing from Belize into Guatemala lies west of Belmopan and it is easy to make a day trip to Tikal from most locations in Belize, including the Caves Branch Lodge. Tours to Tikal depart early in the morning around 5:30am so that visitors can watch the unforgettable sight of the sun rising over the jungle, bathing the ancient buildings with golden light. The tour includes all transportation costs, Guatemala border fees, Tikal park fees, and a four-hour guided tour of the site. Participants will return to Caves Branch around 6:00 pm on the same day. Americans, Canadians, and citizens of European Union countries do not need a visa to enter Guatemala and visit Tikal.

    Chaa Creek Is Once Again Named Belize’s Hotel of the Year 2018
    The Lodge at Chaa Creek was just named Belize’s Hotel of The Year 2018 by the Belize Tourism Board at the 16th annual National Tourism Awards gala. This was the second time the western Belize eco-resort was recognised as the country’s best hotel by the BTB, having earlier taken home the award in 2010 – 2011.

    International Sourcesizz

    Overcoming fear: key to Belize’s future
    In the introduction to his quite remarkable new book on the long-running Guatemalan claim to Belize, the author, Assad Shoman, makes the riveting comment that “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts”. He is right to make this statement because protagonists in territorial claims, particularly the ones with the least facts to support their case, propagate much propaganda to suit themselves. Guatemala’s claim to Belize and Venezuela’s claim to two-thirds of Guyana are telling examples of reliance more on opinion and territorial ambition and less on facts. But, there can be little doubt about the facts that are set-out in Shoman’s latest book, “Guatemala’s Claim to Belize. The Definitive History”. He has meticulously provided impeccable sources and references for each of his statements, especially the more controversial ones.

    Belize, Suriname among countries on track to eliminate malaria by 2020
    Belize and Suriname are potentially on their way to achieving elimination by 2020. Other regional countries, however, have recorded an increase in the number of cases of malaria, which puts at risk achievement of the goals to reduce the number of cases, and eliminate the disease in the region by 2030. On the eve of Malaria Day in the Americas (November 6), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) urges countries of the region to take urgent action to halt the increase in cases, maintain achievements, and free the continent of malaria, a disease which, during the last century, was the leading cause of death in almost every nation in the world. “Malaria elimination is now closer than ever,” said PAHO Director, Carissa Etienne.

    St. Lucia, Bahamas warned of worsening drought situation
    The Barbados-based Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) says while some parts of the Caribbean have been receiving below-normal rainfall in the past few months, there are concerns for short-term drought situations only in St. Lucia and The Bahamas. According to the CDPMN, the current drought situation, up to the end of September, shows that Antigua, northern Belize and the southern-most part of Hispaniola have seen long-term drought developing. It said shorter term drought is seen in northern Belize, St. Lucia and Tobago, and that long-term drought situation, by end of November this year, is evolving in northern Belize.

    Birthplace of Cacao Identified in Amazon Region
    An international team of scientists has found that the upper Amazon region gave birth to the domesticated Theobroma cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made. Theobroma cacao was a culturally important crop in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, a historical region and cultural area in North America that extends from approximately central Mexico through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica. Cacao beans were used both as currency and to make the chocolate drinks consumed during feasts and rituals. Archaeological evidence of cacao’s use, dating back to 3,900 years ago, previously planted the idea that the cacao tree was first domesticated in Central America.

    Billions to be gained in coral reef investment, new analysis shows
    New findings released offer a compelling business case for investing in the protection of the world’s coral reefs, with economic benefits stretching into the tens of billions in just over a decade. Focussing on two of the world’s major coral reef areas, the Coral Triangle and the Mesoamerican Reef, the study, The Coral Reef Economy, compared the estimated economic outcomes of two scenarios from now until 2030: one a Healthy Reef Scenario, where reefs are returned to a healthy state through increased investment in protection and preservation; and two, a Degraded Reef Scenario, where the health of the reefs continues to decline from current levels. The contrast is stark: a shift to improved coral reef health from one of further decline in the period to 2030 could unlock an additional $37 billion ($2.6 billion per annum) in Indonesia and an additional $35 billion ($2.5 billion per annum) in Mesoamerica in three key reef-dependent sectors: tourism; commercial fisheries; and coastal development.



  • Highlights: Belize gets their first #CU20 win, 1min. Highlights: Belize gets their first #CU20 win with a 4-2 victory over Sint Maarten.

  • GREAT BLUE WILD Series BELIZE HD 1080p, 46min.

  • U Janal Pixano'ob in Belize, 1.5min.

  • My Belize by Berne, 4min.

  • Raptors Provide Cleaning Services for Baird’s Tapirs, 2min. The curious phenomenon of one animal species cleaning another is known to science as a cleaning symbiosis. “Clients” get rid of external parasites, dead tissue, or mucus, and cleaners get a meal. The bizarre array of cleaner-client relationships ranges from wrasses cleaning other fish, to mongooses cleaning warthogs, to oxpeckers cleaning large mammals. The only raptors reported as cleaners, five species of caracaras and the Black Vulture, also clean large mammals.

  • Belize / Canada Company Featured On Dragons Den, 8min. On Friday, November 2nd's episode of Dragons Den, Vancouver, Canada based company Naledo was featured pitching a sales deal on their new Turmeric Paste which is purchased from local farms and made into a Turmeric Pastedown in Punta Gorda in the Toledo District of Belize.

  • Night Dive Belize, 1.5min. We did one night dive while in San Pedro at White Sands Dive shop. Not a lot of marine life was out that night, but I got a few cool shots of the locals.

  • 2018 11 Belize Aggressor III, 12min. Paul and I completed 40 dives, and 40 hours, 11 minutes under the sea.. this 10 minute video are the highlights (not even close to what the experience was!)..

  • Belizean Creole Buns Made Easy, 17min.

  • How to Make Belizean Chimole | Black Soup, 10min. Chimole or Black Soup as it is commonly known, is s meat lovers dream. This savory soup has a total of three different types of meat and black recado is the exotic spice that gives the soup its noir black color and makes it, spicy and savory. One tast and you will be wanting more if this comforting dish.

    November 5, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Authorities still have no solution to increasing garbage problems
    The issue with the improper disposal of garbage in San Pedro Town remains an ongoing problem, with no clear solution in sight. Concerned residents are reporting the improper dumping of trash near the Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in the San Mateo Area, and as far as south of town near the Mosquito Coast, where massive amounts of garbage have been accumulating on the roadside. The accumulation of trash in public areas can attract all type of rodents and insects that can transmit diseases and contaminate the environment as well. Residents in those areas claim to have made calls to the local authorities but have received a poor response in addressing the issue. Given this growing problem, the San Pedro Belize Tourism Industry Association (SP BTIA) is launching a massive clean-up campaign from November 9th to the 12th. Islanders are invited to join this movement that seeks to clean all subdivisions of the island. Interested parties can sign up from now by calling 226-2070 or emailing [email protected]

    Doctor Love: Me Time
    Dear Doctor Love, My husband retired last year and we are fortunate enough that I was able to lessen my workload around the house as well. We enjoy meals out can hire people for jobs that one of us used to have to do. It is a freedom I really enjoy. We both keep busy with hobbies and usually in the afternoon we sit the sunroom with a glass of wine or beer and just relax, nap or watch a movie. My problem may seem foolish and petty but it is something that bothers me to no end. I have long been a volunteer at a local charity and during this time, I have always had the housekeeper come and clean. It is a four hour agreement for two mornings a week and she was always finished by the time I got home.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    John August takes Cayo Northeast
    Reports emerging from Cayo Northeast are that John August has received enough votes to be the UDP’s Standard Bearer in that division.

    Unofficial Results of the UDP’s Port Loyola Convention Willoughby over Peyrefitte

    Saturday afternoon pics in San Pedro
    Look like a bar/restaurant is getting ready to move into the old Sunset Restaurant location

    Channel 5

    Trio Charged for PC Martinez’s Murder
    Belize City police have charged 21 year old Glen Lopez, 18 year old Tyrique Myles and 19 year old Rayford Mejia with murder. They are accused of fatally shooting PC Osbourne Martinez on Friday morning as he responded to a report of an armed robbery at Belcove Hotel on Regent Street West. Police also charged the men with robbery. Myles and Lopez were additionally charged with Kept Firearm and Ammunition without a gun license. They are expected to be arraigned before a magistrate on Monday.

    The Reporter

    The unofficial results for the UDP Port Loyola Convention are in. Phillip Willoughby won with 1034 votes. Michael Peyrefitte got 847 votes. Dean Samuels got 144 votes and Ac. Castillo got 33 votes. The official results are expected to be announced shortly.

    Police have confirmed a burglary at the home of Senior Superintendent of Police, Howell Gillett. Reports are that sometime between 8:00pm, yesterday and 10:30am, today, the person or persons involved broke into Gillett’s home and managed to escape with almost $3,000 worth of personal items, including a flat screen TV. Scenes of Crime personnel said that the culprit managed to gain entry into the house by prying open a wooden and metal door on the western side of the house.

    Three men have been arrested and jointly charged for the shooting death of Police Constable Osbourne Michael Martinez. The Police Department says that Tyrique Myles, 18, Rayford Mejia,19, and Glen Lopez, 21, were charged on Saturday. The three are also charged with three counts of robbery, while Myles and Lopez were additionally charged with ‘Kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Re-count underway in Cayo Northeast
    A re-count has been officially ordered in the United Democratic Party (UDP) Cayo Northeast division convention. The convention was held today at Saint Andrew’s Anglican School in San Ignacio. The first count had indicated that Former Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, John August Jr. had won the convention beating present Mayor, Earl Trapp, by 3 votes.

    Former Mayor takes lead in UDP Cayo Northeast convention
    The battle for the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) standard bearer in Cayo Northeast is a close race. Today, UDP supporters went to the polls to select a standard bearer to contest the next general election in an attempt to unseat current PUP Area Representative, Oralndo Habet.

    Phil wins in Port!
    After a heated campaign, Philip Willoughby, has been crowned the new “King of Port Loyola” after winning the United Democratic Party (UDP) standard bearer convention held today in that constituency. With 1,034 votes, Willoughby was able to push ahead of Michael Peyrefitte who got 847 votes. In third place was Dean Samuels with 144 votes.

    Three battle to become UDP Cayo Northeast standard bearer
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) is currently hosting a convention to elect a standard bearer for the Cayo Northeast Division. The convention is open to supporters of the UDP and is being held at Saint Andrew’s Anglican School in San Ignacio.

    UDP Port Loyola convention
    United Democratic Party (UDP) supporters registered in the Port Loyola constituency are coming out to the St. John Vianney school campus this morning to vote for their new standard bearer. At first glance there seems to be an even distribution of supporters for candidates Dean Samuels, Michael Peyrefitte and Phillip Willoughby but the results will be the deciding factor.

    Three charged for shooting death of police officer
    Police have formally arrested and charged three men in connection with the shooting death of Police Constable, Osbourne Michael Martinez, which happened on Friday. Tyrique Myles, 18; Rayford Mejia,19; and Glen Lopez,21, have all been jointly charged for the crime of murder. Police additionally charged the trio with charged with three counts of robbery.


    International Sourcesizz

    60% of world's wildlife has been wiped out since 1970
    Well over half the world's population of vertebrates, from fish to birds to mammals, have been wiped out in the past four decades, says a new report from the World Wildlife Fund. Between 1970 and 2014, there was 60 per cent decline, on average, among 16,700 wildlife populations around the world according to the 2018 edition of the Living Planet Report released Monday. "We've had a loss of nearly two-thirds, on average, of our wild species," said James Snider, vice-president of science, research and innovation for WWF-Canada. "The magnitude of that should be eye opening… We really are reaching a point where we're likely to see species go extinct. That's true in Canada and abroad." The situation is most dire in the: "Neotropical realm" made up of Central and South America and the Caribbean, where wildlife populations have declined by 89 per cent. Freshwater ecosystems, which are plentiful in Canada, where populations have declined by 83 per cent worldwide.

    Caribbean Travel Photo Of The Day – Belize
    Belize, a Caribbean country in Central America is known for its natural beauty and waterfalls. Most of the island’s magnificent waterfalls are located in the country’s western Cayo District. Among them is Big Rock Falls, a gorgeous 150 foot waterfall on the Privassion River in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Cayo District. It is perhaps why Belize saw an increase in tourist arrivals to the nation this year. Here’s one of those amazing falls.

    New Small Island Developing States commit to tackle effects of climate change and obstacles to sustainable development
    Facing the increased effects of climate change, natural disasters, and the outsized impacts of global economic shocks on small economies, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) resolved to strengthen their efforts to achieve sustainable development at the conclusion of a three-day meeting that ended this week in Apia, Samoa. “We’re small, and we cannot make progress unless we co-op all the help that we can get,” said Lois Young, Belize’s Ambassador to the UN and co-chair of the Partnership Dialogue. “It has to be a win-win situation, both for us and for those who we partner with.”


  • Mestizaje was held at Rainbow Beach to celebrated the mestizo culture, 27min.

  • Belize Port Carnival Miracle Oct 2018, 2.5min. First time in Belize, was supposed to do cave tubing but it was cancelled due to bad weather so we just explored the port town.

  • Snook on the fly in Belize, 3min.

  • Diving The Great Blue Hole Belize, 4min. Here's a few clips of my scuba dive in the Great Blue Hole in Belize. We encountered lots of sharks and huge groupers along the way. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

  • Traveling With Frontier Resolution: Mission Trip To Belize, 7.5min.

  • Belize Summer 2018 - Unbelizable, 3.5min. Vacation with the GoPro. My first trip out of the country with my gf Lindsey and her friend Caitlin. We stayed on the island of San Pedro at the Sandbar.

  • Belize 2018 Marine conservation expedition, 6min. Marine conservation expedition to the Bacalar Chico marine reserve. Apologies for dodgy camerawork, first time with a Go pro underwater!

  • Belize Super Shallow Dive, 2min. We did one dive with our snokeling friends and found a great selection of marine life while in San Pedro. The dive was 3-20 ft only but enjoyable.

  • Belize San Ignacio cahal pech, 4min.

  • San Pedro Ambergris Caye Fishing from My back yard!!!, 10min. the fish that got away was a Snook. That fish was the one that hurt me the most that was a boomer.

  • Verdes FC vs San Pedro Pirates FC, 2.5hr. Verdes wins 3-1

    November 4, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Mexican Comedian Jaibita delights islanders with a humorous comedy show
    Reef Radio and Reef TV once again brought the laughs to San Pedro Town with a comedy show on Sunday, October 28th at the Paradise Theatre. Featuring Mexican performer Eduardo Rivera Jaibita ‘El Torbellino de la Comedia,’ the show delighted a packed theatre with its musical interpretations and fun monologue. The show began shortly after 8PM, and attendees quickly took up their seats, eager for a good performance. Jaibita started with a streak of jokes that had the crowd laughing loud. He then began interpreting some of Mexico’s top singers like Espinoza Paz, singing romantic ballads to rapt audience. Jaibita also imitated other Mexican singers like Joan Sebastian and the Ranchera King Vicente Fernandez. He shared jokes in between sets, and the crowd cheered loudly with each line. The comedian even left the stage on several occasions to mingle much to the delight of the audience.

    SP BTIA announces big garbage clean-up project for San Pedro
    The San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (SP BTIA) has announced a massive clean-up project that will take place from Friday, November 9th through Monday, November 12th. The initiative, dubbed ‘For the Love of San Pedro- Big Garbage Clean Up’ aims to engage the entire island community as they attempt to clean the subdivisions in San Pedro Town. Launched along with the campaign is SP BTIA’s super-hero mascot Captain Conch who encourages islanders of all ages to “Keep San Pedro Clean.” Although the focus of the collection of garbage will be on “white goods” (refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, appliances), no trash will be left behind. Volunteers wishing to join this effort can sign up by calling 226-2070. You can choose to do an entire day or just a few hours during the clean-up campaign.

    Sea Wolves win U-15 football tournament
    The Sea Wolves are the champions of the Under-15 (U-15) 2018 Football Tournament. They claimed a 6-1 victory in the second round of the championship tournament against U-15 San Pedro Pirates at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, October 27th. The U-15 football Tournament began in mid-September, with three U-15 Teams participating. After several weeks of football action, the top two teams with the highest scores advanced to the championship match. The aim of the Under-15 tournament was to promote professional football training sessions and develop the technical abilities of young players to hopefully lead them to successful football career. The San Pedro Sun joins the community in congratulating the champions and all the participating teams!

    Team Bimini wins first Spearfishing Tournament in San Pedro
    Team Bimini won the top prize during San Pedro’s first annual Spearfishing Tournament on October 28th, bringing in a total of 72.6 pounds of fish. They were followed by Team Black Tuna, who took second place with 68.5 pounds and Team Main Squeeze settled for third place with 66.9 pounds of catch. The tournament, organized by Roan Gonzalez, saw the participation of 11 teams from San Pedro Town, Belize City and as far as Hopkins. The tournament was aimed at promoting the importance of spearfishing as one of the most ecologically sustainable ways of fishing. Third place Team Main Squeeze from Belize City took home $300 cash and a $100 gift certificate. Main Squeeze also won prizes for the biggest Jack, Grouper, and Snapper. Second place went to Black Tuna, who won $400 cash and a gift certificate as well. Taking home the grand prize of $700, a $200 gift certificate and a trophy was Team Bimini, who say they will be defending their title at next year’s tournament.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Scenes from around the new airstrip on Caye Caulker
    Passed the airstrip on our morning walk just in time to see this plane taking off. Photos by Penny Williams

    Lion Gift Shop is officially open for business on Caye Caulker
    100% Belizean art. Stop by and check it out.

    Corozal Fut Seven
    Corozal Fut Seven - Futsal Tournament Sabatina League continues today November 3rd starting at 6:00 p.m. Starting opening game will be the Caribbean Boys vs the Sub Champion C’s Pharmacy Ajax, followed by the leagues second derby when Calle Ocho from Ranchito faces ATM also from Ranchito. Third game will be One Love FC vs United FC and lastly we have Young Boys vs Paraiso Falcons. Also happening tomorrow morning Sunday, November 3rd at 9:00 a.m., last season’s Champions and Sub Champions will be facing the two champions from the Mexican Leagues at The Canal 7 Más Field in Chetumal.

    The Reporter

    A Belize City mother is holding a fundraiser selling t-shirts to help with the expenses of her daughter’s cancer treatment. Delilah Arana explained that her seven-year-old daughter, Cordelah Duran, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (Cancer of the blood) in August, which marked the beginning of a difficult struggle for her family.

    BELIZE RANKS 125th
    This week, the World Bank Group released its 2018 Ease of Doing Business Report which showed Belize ranking 125 out of a total 190 countries. The report speaks to various aspects of doing business in a country such as startup time and enabling business environment, with the higher numbered rankings indicating increased difficulty in doing business. With respect to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region, Belize, ranks in the middle, ranking above Barbados but below the Bahamas.

    At the end of August 2018, Carlos Lopez 35, managed to walk away from a drug trafficking charge after the arresting officer was a no-show in Court. Last week, he again managed to walk away from a similar charge, this time after the prosecution withdrew the case against him. Lopez’s latest brush with the law occurred on October 25th, when he along with Kenrick Gentle, 27, were apprehended at the Belize/Mexico border, allegedly trying to smuggle two and a half pounds of weed into Belize in a pillowcase.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    No space for Samuel August Sr. at psychiatric facility
    Samuel August Sr., the man accused of ramming a backhoe into the home of his children’s maternal grandmother, Louise Young and killing her and one of his own sons on the early morning of October 31, 2018, was to be admitted to a psychiatric facility in Belmopan this past week; however, there were no spaces for him at the facility.

    Dianne Finnegan announces candidacy for Lake I
    Yesterday, youth advocate, Dianne Finnegan officially announced her candidacy for the Lake Independence Constituency in Belize City. “I’m determined to do all I can to transform Lake Independence into a model community. I feel that if you want people to support you, then you’ve GOT TO make them feel that THEY are IMPORTANT...

    Man found hanging at home in Belmopan; Police are investigating
    Police are investigating the death of a man who was found hanging outside his home on Thursday morning in Belmopan. According to reports, Celso Carcamo Jr, 23, was found dead with his hands tied.

    Students of John Paul Junior College visit Aguacate, Toledo to volunteer in community projects
    Students and teachers from John Paul II Junior College (JPIIJC) in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, visited the village of Aguacate, Toledo District, during the period of October-29 to November 2, 2018. The visit was another step forward in the college’s mission of developing a network of students and graduates to act as “Belizeans serving Belizeans.”

    PM Barrow meets with family of fallen police officer
    Yesterday, police-constable Osbourne Martinez was shot and killed while executing his duties in Belize City. Yesterday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow visited Martinez’ family to extend his condolences for the loss of their loved one.


    Celebrando El Mestizaje was celebrated in Corozal Rainbow Beach, Corozal, Belize
    Mestizaje Culture 2018 was celebrated at Corozal Rainbow Beach on Saturday, November 3rd. Dance groups who came to present at the event where Ballet folkloric de Chetumal Quintana Roo, Raieces Mexicans retonos belicenos, To'one Masehualoon., Mariachis de Corozal, Techno Band, Dj Diablillo. At the event, there were Booths installed that had Mayan Tradition foods, tacos, Tents for selling soft drinks and more. Techno Band and Dj Diabllillo will be playing until 2am. So, you still have time to enjoy the night at Rainbow beach. This first annual Mestizaje was to continue promoting the Mestizo Culture in Northern Belize. Especially, in Corozal and Orange Walk were Maya Temple are found at today's history. Mestizo's Culture food, clothing, dances, religion needs to be learned by the younger generation at today's new generation. Yucatec Maya, Middle American Indians of the Yucatán Peninsula in eastern Mexico. The Yucatec were participants in the Maya civilization, whose calendar, architecture, and hieroglyphic writing marked them as highly civilized people.

    International Sourcesizz

    Simone Biles becomes first American to win a medal at every World Championships event
    Olympic champion Simone Biles continued her record-breaking winning streak on Saturday, becoming the first American ever to win a medal in every event at the world championships. Biles became the most-decorated female gymnast in world championships history after winning four golds, a silver and a bronze medal this week, according to multiple reports. Saturday marked the best meet of her life as she became the first woman in 30 years to win medals at all six events at the world gymnastics championships or Olympics, USA Today reported. “I’m really pleased with my performances," 21-year-old Biles said after the meet. "Yes, I wish some of them could have gone better." "I’m most proud that I’m here, made all of the event finals, medaled in all of the events, and I survived," she said.

    Simone Biles is 6-for-6, becomes first American to win medals in every event at worlds
    Give Simone Biles all the medals. Now. And, if we’re being honest, again in two years at the Tokyo Olympics. Biles capped off the best meet of her career with yet another milestone Saturday, claiming a gold on floor exercise and a bronze on balance beam to become the first woman in 30 years to win a medal on all six events at the world gymnastics championships or Olympics. For those keeping track, she leaves worlds with four golds, including a record fourth all-around title. Oh, and she’s only a year and a day removed from her return to the gym after taking a year off following the Rio Olympics. If this is what she can accomplish in a year, imagine what she’ll do with the two years before Tokyo.

    Traces of drinks produced from cacao are present in 3,900 yr previous pottery in South America
    Ancient people in South America may have developed a taste for hot chocolate 1,500 years before the Mexicans began growing the plant, a new study suggests. ‘This new study shows us that people in the upper reaches of the Amazon basin, extending up into the foothills of the Andes in southeastern Ecuador, were harvesting and consuming cacao that appears to be a close relative of the type of cacao later used in Mexico – and they were doing this 1,500 years earlier,’ said study co-author Professor Michael Blake, from the university’s department of anthropology. ‘They were also doing so using elaborate pottery that pre-dates the pottery found in Central America and Mexico. ‘This suggests that the use of cacao, probably as a drink, was something that caught on and very likely spread northwards by farmers growing cacao in what is now Colombia and eventually Panama and other parts of Central America and southern Mexico.’


  • Angelfish Wall, Belize, 41min. Beautiful dive at Angelfish Wall in Belize. Many reef sharks checking us out.

  • House Hunters International November 04 2018 | Marriage in Belize, 15min. After visiting tropical Belize several times, a couple who has been married 37 years has decided to leave their hectic careers behind to slow down and reconnect. He's determined to limit their spending, but she knows what she likes and doesn't want to settle for a place that isn't perfect. Their need for space and security accompanied by a dwindling inventory south of town puts the pressure on to find a home that will satisfy them both.

  • Belize Mission Project 2018 week 2, 18min. This video is about Belize Mission Project 2018 week In its 27th year of the Belize Mission project, This successful mission project has made its impact on the country of Belize, providing the love of Christ through dental, medical and Audiology and more. This year set a record with 57 volunteers this 2nd week.

  • Belize City // Carnival 2018, 11min.

  • Belize 2018 - REEF Trip to South Water Caye Belize, 7.5min.

  • The Blue Hole, Belize, 17min. The world famous Blue Hole. 300 feet across, 400 feet deep. The cave with huge stalagmites is 130-140 feet down.

  • Highlights: Belize 0 1 Antigua, 1min. AntiguaFA with a victory over Belize with the score of 1-0

  • Pete Churcher Belize 1986, 3.5min. Queen's Regimental Association

  • Bandits SC vs Freedom Fighters FC, 2.5hr.

    November 3, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Canary Cove staff and volunteers help to remodel Boca Del Rio Park
    Canary Cove staff along with a group of volunteers helped in remodeling the Boca Del Rio Park located in San Pedro Town on Friday and Saturday, October 26th-27th. Throughout the day, the team of volunteers helped by painting and touching up the various recreational equipment’s like the seesaw, swing set, slide and more. Spearheading the activity was Gil Nuñez, who shared that he asked the staff to participate. He encouraged them to bring their children to make it a family affair and to show the children how to appreciate the efforts that go into providing them with a space to play in. He hopes it instills civic pride and that the children are more appreciative of the space when it’s all said and done.

    Government of Belize Accedes to Six Treaties
    The Government of Belize through the Attorney General’s Ministry has acceded to six treaties that will further strengthen the intellectual property ecosystem in Belize. These treaties will certainly increase the economic and moral rights of all composers, musicians, artists, songwriters, broadcasting organizations etc.

    Cannabis controversy – MOH explains its position on farming cannabis for export
    It has been revealed that the Minister of Health, Honourable Pablo Marin, has signed two letters allegedly supporting the establishment of cannabis and hemp farms in southern Belize to develop medical products for exportation. While this news caused much controversy, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has clarified that these contracts are not related to the legalization of marijuana in Belize, as the cultivation of the plants in question complies with the Misuse of Drugs Act. On Wednesday, October 31st, MOH released a press release stating that the Minister is supporting the growth of cannabis for medicinal purposes and that marijuana, which contains the chemical compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has mind altering properties, was not consider at any point in the letters.

    Belizean Media prepares to travel to the ICJ
    Belize is less than six months away from its national referendum to decide whether to take the Guatemalan territorial claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In an attempt to inform the Belizean people on such an important national issue, the Embassy of the United States of America in Belize is facilitating a project dubbed ‘Fear to Facts: Demystifying the ICJ.’ The program will see a group of Belizean journalists traveling to The Hague in the Netherlands, where the ICJ is located, for an educational visit. The San Pedro Sun is one of those media houses selected to be part of this trip. The trip is scheduled in late November of this year, and reporters have so far travelled to Mexico City for their Schengen Visas to travel to Europe, and spoken to persons supporting the ICJ notion.

    Ambergris Today

    Approaching 6th Anniversary Of McAfee/Faull Cold Case
    Unpremeditated Book Release Shines New Light on McAfee Cold Case - November 1, 2018 Minneapolis – As we approach the 6 year anniversary (November 11th) of the murder of security pioneer John McAfee's next door neighbor Gregory Faull, Johnny Depp has signed on to play McAfee in the upcoming major motion picture—while in Belize the case grows as cold as the national beer-Belikin. There hasn't been any significant news in the case in more than two years and the Belize Police Department will not confirm any progress in the investigation. Author Tony Randgaard (writes for Minnpost, Star and Tribune, Minnesota Connected) wrote the book Unpremeditated: A Murderous Caribbean Travelogue, based on the cold case, during one of his sojourns in Belize. Since the book launched at Senser's Kitchen earlier this summer, Randgaard has presented the story at many Twin Cities libraries. The book accurately reports the vivid sights and sounds of Belize in 2012: the world's best snorkeling; rain forest zip-lining; and white sand island cays where golf carts offer the primary form of transportation. The actual events surrounding the murder are unfolding in the background while the characters experiencing the drama and romance—are fictional. The book comes to its own conclusions about the murder mystery.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    San Pedro Big Garbage Cleanup Project Nov. 9-12
    Belize Solid Waste Management has WAIVED garbage transfer station fees for all white goods and garbage delivered to the transfer station November 9th through 12th for this island clean up project. Captain Conch hopes with this fantastic news that every islander is inspired to join together in this effort to cleanup the island and help dispose of our garbage and unusable white goods (refrigerators, stoves, ac units, etc) properly.

    Belize Coast Guard Senior Officers Conference
    Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Borland and senior officers of the BCG, today concluded a two-day conference in Gallon Jug Orange Walk. At the conference, the officers discussed the challenges faced by the Belize Coast Guard in maintaining the integrity of Belize’s maritime borders while assisting in law enforcement efforts at sea. The conference also addressed the strategic development and positioning of the BCG over the medium and long-term as it actively participates in countering transnational crime and the provision of regional security.

    Corozal Library Hanal Pixan decorations
    Earlier this week the Corozal Library decorated there front portion area as Day of the death decoration as Hanal Pixan. looks awesome.

    Miss East Indian Belize
    Day 1 training in Trinidad & Tobago

    Succotz Cultural Day
    Ricky Cunil got a lot of fun pictures from the Succotz Cultural and Informational day. "Community of San Jose Succotz and the Succotz RC School PTA are actively involved in the development of their community, Education and Social needs of their students. They believe that Culture, education, sports and discipline are fundamental activities when it come to the development of our youths, in their daily, personal and educational behaviours. They held a one day Cultural and Information Day at the San Jose Succotz RC School grounds. Where different organizations and groups displayed their products, services and what they have to offer to the community. There were cultural presentation done by students from the school, cultural dishes and delicacies. All this in the effort to develop a positive moral and keep cultural alive in the village. Thank to the Succotz RC School PTA for organizing such a wonderful event."

    FCD Board of Directors is seeking nominations
    Our Annual General Meeting is taking place on 2nd of December. Join us.

    “Education in the Digital Age"
    After participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) “Education in the Digital Age" early this year, Carla Alvarez returned to Belize excited to start a CoderDojo in Orange Walk Town. The inspiration for the CoderDojo in Belize came from an IVLP colleague who was employed at the CoderDojo Foundation in Ireland. The idea of a volunteer led, community based, and free of cost organization for young people to learn coding and programming in a fun and exciting way has now become a reality! This CoderDojo, which has 30 young people engaged in meaningful learning, is taught by mentors at Bishop Martin High School Orange Walk Belize every Saturday from 9 to 12 noon. Follow this 1st ever CoderDojo in Orange Walk, Belize and Central America on instagram at belize_coding_champions.

    BTIA Customer Training on Caye Caulker
    November 5, Chan's Conference Room

    The Belize Port Authority hereby informs the general marine public that the registration and licensing exercise for the year 2019 will commence on 12 November 2018. During this exercise all vessels involved In coastal and river service shall be registered and licensed including skiffs. Jet Skis, sailing vessels. launches. tugboats, barges. dredges or any other watercraft used to ply the inland and coastal waters of Belize.

    Caye Caulker CPR & First Aid Training
    November 8 and 10.

    Los Finados at the San Pedro House of Culture!
    To honor our dearly departed.

    Statement from the Economic Development Council on the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2019
    On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, the World Bank released its annual Doing Business report, which ranks countries based on their regulations and other barriers to business activity. This year, Belize ranks 125th out of the 190 countries measured, which is a four-point decrease from the previous year’s ranking. When compared to other CARICOM countries, Belize continues to rank in the middle, after the Bahamas and ahead of Barbados. Jamaica tops the region at 75 and Haiti is last at 182. “While Belize’s rank has fluctuated over the past few years, this is not indicative of a lack of progress that is being made on the ground since policy reform and systemic improvements often require time to materialize,” said Mr. Ishmael Quiroz, Executive Director of the Economic Development Council (EDC).

    The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project Conducted a Walk-Through of the Belize Supreme Court
    In August of this year, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation through the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project commenced rehabilitation works at the Belize Supreme Court. On Tuesday, October 30th, government officials and invited guests viewed the completion of the much-needed rehabilitation works during a walk-through of the court. The rehabilitation works included roof repairs, ceiling and associated electrical works, minor repairs to the air condition system, painting of the Cupula, and termite treatment. The works were made possible by a $60, 912.50 contribution by the Downtown Rejuvenation Project in addition to counterpart contribution by the Belize Supreme Court. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin remarked that he was especially grateful for the repairs to the ceiling which had been caving-in.

    Statement from Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. on Death of Police Officer
    It is with great sorrow that I note the sudden death of Police Constable 1397 Osbourne Martinez. P.C. Martinez lost his life while valiantly executing his duties as a law enforcement officer. Shortly after 10:00 a.m., P.C. Martinez was responding to a report of a robbery in progress at the Belcove Hotel. Upon reaching the scene of the crime he was fatally shot in the abdomen by one of the suspects. He died a short time later while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. All three suspects were caught with one being shot in the leg in the process of apprehending him.

    Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow met with the family of Police Constable Osbourne Martinez
    P.C. Martinez lost his life this morning in the line of duty. The Government of Belize mourns the loss of a heroic officer who gave his life for citizen safety.

    San Pedro 2018 Breast Cancer & Diabetes 5K Walk/Run
    Don't forget that today, Saturday, November 3rd is the Breast Cancer and Diabetes Awareness Walk/Run! We hope you can make it! See you there!

    GBV Prevention Flag Competition
    The BFLA is having a flag design competition for the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. It's open to youths between 13 and 24. "As a part of the 2018 16 days of Activism activities, Belize Family Life Association (BFLA) is inviting young persons between the ages of 13 and 24 to participate in a flag design competition. The flag will be a representation of the 16 days of activism which is an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls.

    Orange Walk Interruption in the water supply Tuesday
    Belize Water Services informs customers in parts of Orange Walk that there will be an interruption in the water supply Tuesday, November 6, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The area to be affected is North San Andres Street. This interruption is necessary for the installation of a new water main. Due to the upgrade, customers may experience low water pressure and/or discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 5:00pm.

    Channel 7

    Lawman Killed In the Line Of Duty
    Very often on the evening news, allegations of rogue cops make headlines. But tonight, our headline story is about an officer who was killed in the line of duty - doing his job, protecting the community and battling the bad guys. And because of this tragic event - there are heavy hearts and…anger in the police department - because one of their own got killed by an armed robber. He's 27 year-old Constable Osbourne Martinez, and he and his colleagues came under fire while responding to a robbery in progress. There was a shootout between the police and the thieves, and Martinez was fatally injured by one of the gunmen.

    Deranged & Dangerous, Samuel August Escapes
    Samuel August is back at the KHMH tonight receiving treatment for stab wounds - we say back at the KHMH because, by now, you may know that August escaped from his police guard this morning around 7:00, stole a vehicle, rammed it into a backhoe on the Northern Highway and then attempted to kill himself. It is a truly unbelievable series of events that began on Wednesday morning on Faber's Road when he killed his own son, and the child's grandmother with a backhoe. And now, literally, an unimaginable sequel to that unspeakable crime. Here is a run-down of all that happened this morning.

    August Was To Be Held At Psych Facility
    But of course apart from the liquor, there is his mental state. Today DCP Chester Williams updated us on the results August's psychiatric evaluation. Williams said based on those results August was supposed to be moved to the Palm Center in Belmopan but there wasn't any space for him so the police held him at the KHMH. Here's more from Williams. DC Chester Williams - Commander, Operations: "Yes I know from what I have been briefed, the psychiatrist has concluded, preliminary, that he is suffering from some psychiatric problem and he was to be admitted to the place in Belmopan. However, there was not space there for him so he was kept at the K.H.M.H. until space could be obtained or he overcomes the difficulty that he was going through, hence the reason why he was still at the K.H.M.H..."

    Did Police Fail To Secure Dangerous And Unstable Patient?
    Turning now to the police's role in August's escape. Many are pointing fingers at the cops, criticizing them for their lack of duty and vigilance in securing August - a man who proved he is a danger to the public and himself. But today DCP Williams snapped at the media when he was questioned on it, saying that these mishaps do happen even with a police presence. DC Chester Williams - Commander, Operations: "I know that much has been said about the police officer who was guarding him at the hospital, but at this time we are not going to be quick to judging the officer. We need to investigate properly to see what may have gone wrong..."

    Victim Sympathizes With Mentally Ill Assailant
    Now back to this morning's shocking series of events, Tanesha Ross and her kids were caught in the middle of August's mad dash from the hospital. While she was frightened for her kids she is grateful that they were not harmed. Ross also sympathized with August. Voice of: Tanesha Ross: "We are a bit shaken up, but thankfully we are okay and like I said to them before I left them, it could have been worse and we need to be thankful to God for the fact that he did not just drove off with them in the vehicle and so I am really just thankful that all of us were outside and he proceeded to do whatever he did on his own."

    Police Get 1k Lbs Of Cocaine & Dismantle Transshipment Operation
    Last night we had breaking news about some major drug related bust - but there was very little information coming out of the department; they kept this one under very tight wraps. And today we found out why. The Joint Operation and Intelligence Center worked from Sunday to Thursday to dismantle a drug network which handles importation and exportation by plane of cocaine. And at the end of it they came up with a huge bust: 1000 pounds of cocaine, broken down into 15 bails, and 440 parcels weighing 479.15 kilos. And they also detained 13 persons - including one Belizean businessman - and 5 guns. Today the Commissioner of Police held a press briefing and explained that it started with surveillance on Sunday:...

    The Mystery Of The White Wingle
    And while that drug burning should bring the matter to a tidy conclusion - there are still some big questions left hanging. For example - the Prado found off the Coastal Highway - is registered to a Belizean - but the Commissioner flatly refused to say to whom. That's a critical and telling detail - and we'll keep pressing for an answers. But, today one vehicle the Commissioner did want to talk about was a White Wingle. It was wrongly being linked to a senior police officer - but it turns out that it is a Wingle used by military intelligence in this operation. Whylie laughed off the suggestion that it was a cop's truck:...

    Robbers Target Popular Drugstore
    The popular city drug store on Freetown road was robbed last night. Three robbers barged in, held up the employees at gunpoint and ran off with about $4,000. I spoke to the head pharmacist this afternoon. Here is that story. Today, Freetown Drug store opened for business as usual. Even after last night's daring robbery - all caught on the pharmacy's surveillance camera. Raul Acevedo - Pharmacist, Freetown Pharmacy: "Last night about 9 o' clock me and two of my employees were in the pharmacy when two gentlemen came in. One asked for ibuprofen and the other one took out a gun and pointed it at my face and told me give me what you have. A third one came to the back and he brought in my security and another gentleman that was outside. They brought them inside and put him on the floor. The other two went to the back and started to take out the drawers from the cashier side, right."

    Cops Scramble To Contain Wave of Robberies
    And so, once again tonight, the city feels like it's under siege - especially the northside. There have been multiple armed robberies of prominent businesses like Midtown, El Paso and the Freetown Drug Store in the last 48 hours. We asked Deputy Williams what the police will do about it:.. Chester Williams - Deputy ComPol: "As a department we are concerned of the increase of robberies on North Side, our region two area of Belize City. I can tell people of this side of the city that they will see increased police activities. We will try to see if we can move other resources over to this side to be able to stem the reoccurrence of those incidents."

    Robbers Active In Los Lagos Area
    And while police are launching an operation to thwart city thieves - Belize Rural is also seeing its share of armed robberies. Last night we told you about the one at Zeta Gas compound at mile 13, and, today, two robbers struck at a Chinese grocery named "Andy Shop" at mile 13 and a half. It was caught on camera where one of the men walks up, places a two dollar bill on the counter and asks to buy something. But he then pulls back, out of the camera's view and pulls a handgun, while his accomplice steps up to the counter and starts demanding money.

    Appeals Court Rejects Lily’s Appeal Of Lady Lover Manslaughter
    At the end of May, we encountered Rosalilia "Lily" Castillo, an inmate at the Central Prison. She had just completed a 5-week BTEC training course on business development. She is preparing for the day that she is released from prison, when she can go back into society, but it appears that is many years away. She was charged with murder, but convicted of manslaughter for the 2012 killing of her lady lover, 34 year-old Pamela Perez. Just before midnight on December 9, 2012, Perez was found dead at the Palomas Del Norte Bar in Santa Elena Town. She had been stabbed multiple times, and she bled out from a massive wound to her throat. Reports were that they had been living together for 2 years, and that they had a long history of violent arguments. On that night, they reportedly argued over money.

    Getting Energy Efficient Labels
    When you buy a new appliance or a light bulb - you're probably not thinking about how much it's going to cost you in terms of energy consumption. But that what the Belize Bureau of Standards and the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality want you to consider before making your purchase. It's called the Energy Labelling Scheme for energy-efficient equipment and appliances - and we found out more about ti at the Radisson today:…

    BTIA Seeks Expert Advice From Google, Trip Advisor, Expedia
    With tourism - we usually feel that - if you build it, they will come. We're talking about plush beachfront resorts with all the amenities, and even cozy spots for backpackers. But, filling rooms is not that easy - and now, more than ever, destinations have to know how to use technology to get their name out their - above everyone else's. That's the kind of thing that the BTIA had visiting experts talking about at its CentraoAmerica Innovation and Tourism Talk. Speakers included pros from Trip Advisor, Google and Expedia. We found out more:...

    Guardsmen Meet
    The Belize Admiral John Borland and senior Coast Guard officers have just completed a 2-day conference in Gallon Jug, Orange Walk. Also in attendance were National Security Minister John Saldivar and CEO Felix Enriquez. The purpose of the conference was a discussion on the challenges that the Coast Guard faces while trying to maintain the integrity of Belize's maritime borders, and assisting in law enforcement efforts at sea. The conference also addressed the strategic development, and the positioning of the Coast Guard over the next few months and years, as it continues to participate in efforts to counter transnational crime, and help to strengthen regional security.

    The Universal Solution
    The name Universal Hardware may not be as recognized as titans like Benny's or Habet's - but, with a stylish new city store the Spanish Lookout based company launched yesterday, it's clear they want to compete against the big boys. And to do that, they've hooked up with True Value Hardware - a popular US chain which is now emblazoned on the font of this Belize store. The Belize City Mayor spoke at the opening of Universal's new store yesterday:…

    Channel 5

    PC Osbourne Martinez Killed in the Line of Duty
    Newsrooms across the city were spread thin since early this morning as a number of robberies, drug seizures, accidents and a murder unfolded. We start with the shooting death of [...]

    Armed Robbers Target Hotel; Police Capture All and Shoot 1
    The shootout on the Haulover Creek occurred just minutes before a press conference held by the top brass of the police department on a major drug bust. Our team was [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Reacts to PC Martinez’s Death
    The shocking police shootout with the robbers and subsequent death of PC Osbourne Martinez has gripped the nation.  A statement from the Ministry of National Security says that PC Martinez [...]

    15 Bales of Cocaine Seized, 12 Guatemalans and 1 Belizean Busted
    A sting operation led by the Belize Police Department, in collaboration with the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force, has yielded another sizeable cocaine bust and a cache [...]

    Low-flying Aircraft Circled But Never Landed on Coastal Road
    Shortly after the detention of the duo, a team of officers, including police and Belize Defense Force personnel, staked out an area approximately ten miles into the Coastal Road.  There [...]

    A Boston Whaler is also Intercepted in Anti-Drug Operation
    The entire operation, a joint effort between police, B.D.F. and coast guard elements, consisted of maritime, terrestrial and aerial surveillance.  Shortly after the arrests and seizure, they then observed a [...]

    So-called Vehicle Belonging to Senior Officer’s Wife is Fake News!
    This morning, ComPol Whylie also debunked rumors that a vehicle reportedly belonging to the wife of a senior police officer was used in the trafficking of the narcotics.  While a [...]

    Samuel August Sr. Goes on a Rampage; Escapes, Assaults Woman & Crashes into Backhoe
    Samuel August Senior, the deranged man who killed his son and mother-in-law, escaped from the K.H.M.H. this morning where he was under police guard. The thirty-five-year-old was hospitalized after Wednesday’s [...]

    What’s Samuel August’s Mental State?
    The mental state of August Senior has come under question following the killing his five-year-old son, Samir August, and the child’s grandmother, fifty-three-year-old Louise Young. On the morning of October [...]

    Belmopan Police Investigate Celso Carcamo’s Death
    Police in Belmopan are investigating the mysterious death of twenty-three-year-old Celso Carcamo Junior who was found lifeless, hanging from rope outside his Belmopan residence on Thursday morning. The matter is [...]

    Chinese Grocery Store in Los Lagos is Robbed
    The most recent robbery involves a Chinese grocery store which was targeted by armed thieves near the Los Lagos community.  The incident happened around one-forty p.m.  Footage of the robbery [...]

    Freetown Drug Store is Hit in Spate of Armed Robberies
    There has been a wave of armed robberies across the north side of Belize City over the past few days, with business establishments including restaurants and grocery stores being hit [...]

    Zeta is Robbed Too!!
    The rash of armed robberies is not limited to Belize City.  On Thursday morning, just before two o’clock, a trio of men stormed the Zeta compound in Ladyville and accosted [...]

    An Innovative Tourism Talk with Local Stakeholders
    Tourism stakeholders, mainly hoteliers and tour operators, participated in a regional initiative funded by the Central American Travel Agency and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation in [...]

    An Energy Efficiency Awareness Workshop
    Today, representatives from several government departments met at the Radisson to discuss the implementation of an energy labelling scheme for energy-efficient equipment and appliances. The project involves the CARICOM Regional [...]

    Come Out to the Joseph Carr Road Race
    PROTO Foundation is putting off its first monthly road race for track and field athletes this Sunday in an effort to promote the discipline of athletics. The event is calling [...]

    Day of the Dead Celebrated in Belize
    Every year, the Mexican Embassy in Belize celebrates the death of loved ones during the traditional celebration of “Dia de Los Muertos,” which is the day of the dead.  The [...]


    Red Cross Volunteers received training in psycho-social support
    The Belize Red Cross held a five-day workshop in psychosocial support which concluded today. The Belize Red Cross is known to render assistance in the aftermath of disaster with this training the aim is to equip its personnel to better treat those who have been traumatized by a disaster. Love news spoke with Lily Bowman, …

    Police officer killed in attempted robbery; would-be thieves arrested
    There was a brazen robbery at Belcove Hotel on Regent Street West in Belize City. About 10:20 a.m. three armed gunmen went inside the Hotel and robbed the employee of cash. Police Constable Osbourne Martinez and another officer responded to reports of a robbery in progress in the area. The cops and the robbers then …


    “This is just the beginning …” – Elena
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) is up in arms and has served notice on the Minister of Education that they will not be bullied into submission, or abandonment of what they feel is their just due. Following a meeting of the BNTU branch leaders, the union briefed the media on a course of action they intend to follow, beginning next Wednesday, when they will descend on Belmopan to protest government’s refusal to budge on their demand. The issue this time around is the unfinished business of what is known as Proposal 22, which is a leftover issue from the last collective bargaining agreement between the union and the government.

    Backhoe madness in the City
    Shortly after 2:00 this morning, some residents in the Fabers Road area were awakened by the revving sound of a heavy piece of equipment moving through the neighborhood streets at high speed—and then there was a loud noise, as metal collided with concrete. The noise did not stop, as a backhoe continued in an early morning rampage, ripping through a house. Screams came from some of the residents at 6 Fabers Road. A young girl dashed out of the house, and the backhoe swung around, chasing her. The girl ran into a neighbor’s yard, screaming, then there was another crash as the backhoe slammed into a parked van after mowing down a portion of the wooden house into which the girl had run.

    Celso Carcamo, Jr., 23, savagely killed
    At about 11:30 this morning, Celso Carcamo Jr., 23, of Mamey Apple Street in Belmopan, was found hanging by the neck, outside his home, a concrete house on posts that elevate it four feet off the ground. Carcamo was found by a family member, who called police. Carcamo was suspended by a piece of cloth that had been wrapped around his neck and that was tied to a steel rod that protruded from the beam of the house. His right hand was tied in front of him, against his chest, with another piece of cloth. This piece of cloth crossed his chest and left shoulder and back, and was tied to his left hand at the wrist.

    Albert Moreira, 27, BDF soldier, charged with Felina James’ murder
    Albert Stephen Moreira, 27, a Belize Defence Force soldier of a Fabers Road Extension address in Belize City, was arraigned on a charge of murder when he appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. No plea was taken from him because the offence is indictable, which means that a plea would only be taken at the Supreme Court if the case is sent up there for trial after a preliminary inquiry is held to determine if a prima facie case has been established. Also, because of the nature of the offense, the court could not grant Moreira bail. He was remanded into custody until November 30.

    Minister of Health Pablo Marin solicited investors for weed farm
    The Ministry of Health was forced to respond yesterday, Wednesday, to the surfacing in the public domain of three letters that were written by the Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin, area representative of Corozal Bay, to potential investors for marijuana and hemp farming in Belize. Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño, recently called for Belize to explore the potential legalization of marijuana, but his call was sharply criticized by the government in a press release and this was followed by the harsh criticism by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow at his press conference on Monday, when he poured scorn on Briceño’s call for legalizing marijuana.

    Get ready for the 2020 Population and Housing Census
    Every ten years, the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) conducts a Population and Housing Census, and the next of these is right around the corner in 2020. Today, SIB held a launch at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina to speak about the importance of the census, as well as what Belizeans should expect. Miriam Willoughby, the Census and Surveys Manager at SIB, gave the media a breakdown of the process and the type of data collected. The census will commence on May 12, 2020, and it should end either in the middle or at the end of July. Enumeration will be carried out across the country by approximately 1,000 field staff, who the SIB will start to recruit as early as next year. The staff will be provided with SIB ID’s and T-shirts so that the public can be aware of who they are.

    Queen’s Square Anglican boys and St. Luke Methodist girls are Belize District Primary Schools Football Champions 2018
    The Belize District Primary Schools Football Tournament Finals were held yesterday, Wednesday, October 31, at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. There were four teams participating in the female division and four in the male division, being the first and second place teams in the Rural and Belize City primary schools football competitions, and they played in a simple knockout format. In first round games yesterday, (F) Queen’s Square Anglican (Belize City) clipped Our Lady Of Lourdes RC (Maskall), 1-0, with a goal from Melissa Quan; (M) Ladyville Evangelical won, 2-0, over Ebenezer Methodist (Belize City), ...

    Corozal Football Finals
    This week, the Corozal Football Association (CFA) marked the 12th and final week of our ongoing U-15 Male, U-17 Male and U-17 Female tournaments. Finals were played at the Ricalde Stadium, and it all went well. We are pleased to report that the entire tournament was a success. This was made possible thanks to the dedication and hard work by each and every club. Our office takes this opportunity to express a big thank you to the Belize Bank, Morales Transport, Mr. Luis Pena, Mr. Cruz Gamez and Mr. Melhem Williams for your sponsorship of our U-10 M/F Tournament. You made our young future players so happy, and we are grateful for that. We would also want to thank the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) for sponsoring the U-15, U-17 Male and U-17 Female tournaments. Special acknowledgement to “The Trophy Depot” Mr. Efrain Cal for providing exceptional services on the trophies and medals.

    Mr. Belize Bodybuilding Championship 2018 official results
    The Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation (BBBFF) held its annual competition, Mr. Belize, on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Eighteen athletes competed in the categories of Male Physique, Men’s Bodybuilding up to 80 Kg, and Men’s Bodybuilding over 80 Kg. Competing for the title of Mr. Belize 2018 was between the 3 winners of the two bodybuilding categories, a total of 6 athletes.

    Dangriga pool tournament results
    Over the weekend in Dangriga Town, the Aba Isieni Cool Spot Bi-monthly Individual Pool Tournament had 32 players from across the Stann Creek District, Punta Gorda and Dangriga Town partaking in a very intense competition. This was a clash of titans, as some of the best players in the south matched up for this event. One of the most respected billiards players, Horace “Horse” Arnold emerged as the victor for this tournament.

    Editorial: Compton, Assad, and the diaspora
    When it comes to the various dramas which have been played out with Guatemala and Belize as the principals, this newspaper has been using the Clinton Canul Luna analytical model for some years now. That model views all matters of Guatemalan/Belizean interaction as being orchestrated, produced and directed, from Washington, the political capital of the United States of America – self-appointed ruler of the Western Hemisphere of planet earth. Consider, for example, the strange developments over the last two weeks having to do with the Sarstoon River and a recent history of Guatemalan military aggression there. Last week, National Security Minister John Saldivar suddenly posted on his social media site that his military Ministry would be organizing and escorting excursions to the volatile Sarstoon River for the next few months. Saldivar sent his Ministry’s chief executive officer, Col. (Retired) George Lovell, to elaborate on the proposition to the media.

    It’s a wall; It’s a fan; Oh heck, it’s a …
    Dear Editor, Someone wisely observed that an elephant is hard to describe, but you’ll know one when you see it. (For a good illustration of this idea, see the poem in Amandala, 17/10/2004.) The principle applies to a variety of “elephants”, the origins of folklore being an excellent example. Writing as “…a Barracks Boy” in a local paper in December, 2004, Mr. Alfonso C. Ramirez had several of them in mind as he provided us with a trove of historical tidbits. Here’s one from the era of the standpipes:

    David Gibson writes Colin Hyde
    Dear Colin, Please refer to your featured article – Amandala Newspaper of Tuesday, October 30, 2018, Why W. Elrington hasn’t delivered on a difficult task, sub-title —Negotiations Done. The “advisory opinion” you refer to is the international recognition of the state of Belize promulgated in UNGA Resolution 35/20 and implicit recognition of the validity of the 1859 Boundary Convention. Following the logic of your line of thinking, this ipso facto negates the need for the referral of the dispute for an ICJ advisory opinion as an alternative juridical step for Belize.

    Exiles No More
    When I was a young man, and just learning about/getting to know the wonderful folk who lived in the many different villages in our beautiful country, I heard a story about the good people of Crooked Tree in the Belize River Valley. The story was that Crooked Tree people think dehn white, that dehn more British than the British. It isn’t fair to put all your stock in what people tell you, because that is only one-third of the story. One needs to also learn people’s stories as told by them. And if one will form a near complete canvas, one also has to make observations for one’s self. Hart Tillett, the author of the novel in this review, is from Crooked Tree. After reading his very enjoyable, informative and gripping tale, I concluded, as you will too after you have read it, that Hart has no problem with loving the European part of his ancestry.

    Just as the residents of British Honduras1 were starting to breathe a sigh of relief because the 1961 hurricane season would soon be ending, a powerful Category 5 hurricane named Hattie hit Central America on Halloween. The Atlantic hurricane season in 1961 officially began on June 15 and ended on October 31.2 Unlike the hurricane which devastated British Honduras in September of 1931 and killed over 2000 persons, eleven years previous to Hattie, Atlantic tropical cyclones began to be given names; and three years later in 1953 were first given female names. Janet was therefore the first “female” to hit the country in 1955 when it made landfall in the north. Hattie’s appearance in 1961 was the second female-named hurricane to make landfall in the country; and packing winds in excess of 150 miles per hour was unprecedented until Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

    Sedi took them all with him
    At the most recent GoB press conference, a controlled event (Gestapo style) for a few news people and a gallery of government officials, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington did not have to say that on matters ICJ he acts on instructions, that he is directed by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. In the national interest he could have fallen on his sword. He could have, as they say in baseball/softball parlance, taken one for the team. Surely, the good fortunes of your nation come before your insignificant little self. It is difficult to see Wilfred Elrington losing anything consequential if he had bowed out with grace. History has recorded that his ICJ performance was a poor show. The poet said that when a man’s got nothing he’s got nothing to lose. In the conclusion it was pointless that Elrington chose self, which on matters ICJ had been battered, crushed to a pulp, over nation.

    San Ignacio to Stann Creek and return on horseback (1936)
    As young boys our mom told us many stories about her growing up on the farm “Macaw Bank” where she was born. Macaw Bank is a small farm up river from San Ignacio. Her parents were Candelario De La Fuente and Dora De La Fuente nee Andrews. All of Mom’s stories were exciting. Mom was raised by her fraternal grandparents, who were Papa Chindo (Gumercindo) and Mama Lela (Aurelia) De La Fuente. There was a special bond between them, and my Mom, Lydia, helped them in their bakery. She attended the Catholic school in San Ignacio and after completing Standard Six, and because her grandparents were not able to send her to high school in Belize City, she was asked by the nuns, who had a close bond with her, to repeat Standard Six. Lydia also helped out at the school.

    Brazen Midtown robbers caught on camera
    Yesterday, October 31, a video surfaced on Facebook of two men robbing Midtown Restaurant, which is located on Newtown Barracks. In the video, the men were brandishing guns. One of them jumped over the counter to terrorize one of the employees before they both escaped out the front door. According to police, they received the call concerning the robbery about 5:30 p.m., shortly after it had occurred. After interviewing several people, the police learned that the robbers had entered the restaurant posing as patrons. After entering the restaurant, the men, whom the police described as being dark-skinned, suddenly pulled out their weapons and proceeded to rob one of the managers. They stole jewelry, cash, and cell phones, which together had a value of $24,900.

    Jodie Balona, 16, missing
    Jodie Balona, a 16-year-old student living in Cristo Rey in the Cayo District, left home at about 6:30 last Thursday morning to go to school, and she has not returned home. To date, one week later, her whereabouts remain unknown. Her worried parents and police are seeking the assistance of the public to find her. Anyone who has information that can be of assistance in finding Jodie is urged to contact the nearest police station, or call 911, or 0800-922-TIPS.

    Court of Appeal hears submissions in government appeal of UNIBAM Section 53 decision
    Yesterday, Monday, the Court of Appeal heard the appeal of the Government of Belize against Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling that Section 53 of the Criminal Code was a violation of the constitutional rights of Caleb Orozco, the claimant. In 2016, Orozco, the executive director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), successfully challenged the sodomy law, claiming that it violated his constitutional rights to human dignity and privacy. Chief Justice Benjamin agreed with him and his ruling struck down Section 53 of the Criminal Code, in effect giving a landmark judicial green light to same-sex relations in Belize.

    Cabinet scrubs Minister of National Security John Saldivar’s “Sarstoon Excursion”
    The division inside the Cabinet of Prime Minister Dean Barrow was highlighted once more when at a Cabinet meeting yesterday, Tuesday, an initiative that was advanced by Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, area representative for the Belmopan constituency, was reportedly scrubbed. There has been no government statement or press release explaining why Saldivar’s Sarstoon Excursion initiative hit the dust bin. Last week, the Ministry of National Security boldly announced via social media that it was planning a number of excursions for Belizeans to visit the Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island. The trips were billed as familiarization tours, reportedly to give Belizeans a first-hand account of what is happening in the Sarstoon area.

    The Reporter

    Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie detailed the Coast Guard operation in which officers apprehended a vessel suspectedly involved in the trafficking ring. The Boston Whaler has been taken into custody along with 10 passengers who were found onboard. No drugs were found on the vessel but police intend to conduct further searches. A total of 12 Guatemalans and one Belizean citizen have been detained in the operation.

    A shootout occurred near the swing bridge in Belize City after an attempted robbery at a business near the river. A brave police officer was shot and has lost his life. The Reporter joins the nation in expressing our condolences to the family and friends of PC Osborne Martinez...

    Police Launch Investigation into Samuel August’s Escape
    The Belize Police Department has launched an investigation into the circumstances that led to the escape of Samuel August, who was to be under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) this morning. August, who is responsible for killing two people, including his five year-old son, and damaging two homes with a backhoe earlier this week, escaped sometime after 7:00am, after asking the officer guarding him if he could go to the bathroom.

    EDITORIAL, November 2nd. 2018
    By: Harry Lawrence. IF Belize should make the tactical blunder of not going to the ICJ to defend our righteous cause, Guatemala will hail this decision as a victory vindicating her claim! Belize would be playing right into Guatemala’s plan, which is to create an international impression that she has a legitimate legal claim on Belize. The Guatemalan Master Plan is to undermine international confidence in Belize. If voters cannot be bothered to defend their right and title to Belize, it must be because they do not have the confidence to do so. This is what Guatemala will say.

    Samuel August Sr. escaped from Police custody at the KHMH Early this mrrning Nov. 2nd., stole a vehicle which he then crashed into a backhoe on the Phillip Goldson Highway. He is allegedly locked inside the vehicle stabbing up himself with some unknown object at this time.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police charge 4 Santa Elena residents for drug trafficking
    San Ignacio Police have arrested and charge 4 residents of Santa Elena Town for drug trafficking. […]

    Belize Coast Guard hosts senior officers conference
    Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG), Rear Admiral John Borland and Senior Officers of the […]

    Accused kidnapper caught in Belize stands trial in Canada
    Today was the first hearing of a kidnapping case in Canada, where the accused was arrested […]

    Taichung World Flora Exposition comes alive tomorrow
    The Taichung World Flora Exposition also known as the Flora Expo comes alive tomorrow in […]

    FCD rangers conclude training
    Rangers of Friends For Conservation and Development (FCD) participated in a ten-day intensive training. The training […]

    Police Minister comments on passing of officer Martinez
    Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Elodio Aragon Jr., issued a statement […]

    Police officer succumbs to gunshot injuries
    A police officer received gunshot injuries this morning when he and other officers responded to a […]

    Police find 15 bales of cocaine
    At today’s Police Press Briefing, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie informed that authorities have seized another […]

    5 Guatemalans and 1 Belizean busted with .9mm guns
    Today, Belize’s Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) Allen Whylie joined the regular Police Press Briefing to inform […]

    Police officer and suspect shot in attempted robbery in Belize City
    A police officer has sustained injuries after pursuing a suspect that attempted to rob the Belcove […]

    Mexican Embassy to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize
    The Embassy of Mexico in Belize today announced the schedule of cultural events during the month […]

    Belize~ Blue or Red, the Status Quo has already won
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News. This […]

    Faber’s road tragedy investigated as manslaughter, not murder
    After the sensational killing of Samir August, 5, and Louise Young, 53, police held a press conference […]

    Samuel August Sr. escapes, steals vehicle and drives into backhoe
    The man accused of driving a backhoe into the home of his mother in law and […]

    El Paso Fast Food also robbed on Halloween night
    In addition to robbing Midtown Restaurant on Halloween night, robbers also targeted El Paso Fast Food […]

    UB operating on an almost $3 million deficit
    Yesterday President of the University of Belize, Clement Sankat, held a press conference on its annual […]


    The Sasquatch of San Pedro? I Think I Saw A Jabiru Stork On The Runway
    The jabiru stork is…imposing. The adult is over 4 feet tall but a machete shaped beak. This bird is HUGE. They are protected in Belize – and though not the national bird (it’s a toucan!), they are iconic and appear on some of the $1 coins. (The 2012 anniversary of the Central Bank) Fear not…I’m getting to my point! I’ll cut to the chase. It’s the wet season….there is quite a bit of fresh water for wading birds on the sides of roads and… Here are some ibis, a snowy egret and a gorgeous roseate spoonbill wading by the road north just last week. Just two days ago, we were flying back from Belize City on an early evening Tropic Air flight in the rain and I saw…I am ALMOST sure of it….a JABIRU STORK next to the runway. YES…it was getting dark and we were landing so we were moving fast and there were lots of birds down there and it was raining pretty hard…but I saw the RED! So yesterday…I bought some provisions…and headed out to find her.

    Why visit Northern Belize (Corozal, Belize District)
    dense forests. Rich in culture, this former British colony in Central America attracts throngs of visitors to its array of landmarks and sites. If you are looking for a place to visit in Belize travel to Northern Belize. If are looking to visit the northern Belize, Corozal is quite spectacular to visit. Corozal Belize The people tend to be very friendly. Corozal is a small and sleepy town with great views of the bay. If you want to rest, this is a great stop. If you arrive on Sunday, you'll find most businesses closed, although a few of the small restaurants and general stores will be open. There are very few tourists, so it is a good place to see Belize off the beaten track, and consequently accommodation, food and drink, and other items are cheaper than in better known places.

    International Sourcesizz

    Simone Biles: Gymnast wins record 13th world title
    American Simone Biles has become the first gymnast to win 13 world titles. The 21-year-old won vault gold at the World Championships in Qatar. It was her third world title in this year's Championships and she has now broken the all-time record set by Belarusian male gymnast Vitaly Scherbo in 1996. On Thursday, Biles made history by becoming the first woman to pick up four all-around world titles after winning the team and all-around events. The favourite for vault gold received a mark of 15.366 - ahead of Canada's Shallon Olsen and Mexico's Alexa Moreno. She also picked up silver in the uneven bars - her first international medal on that apparatus.

    Belize: Teachers plan demonstration for next week
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) says it will stage a demonstration here next Wednesday after it accused the Dean Barrow government on stalling on a number of issues affecting teachers. The BNTU said that no agreement had been reached with the Ministry of Education on issues including hardship allowances for teachers in remote areas of the country, the stalling of negotiations on Proposal 22 and what the union calls the disrespect being shown by Education Minister, Patrick Faber. BNTU national president, Elena Smith, said that the union was no longer prepared to accept the situation regarding teachers and that it is tired of “writing press releases and having these press conferences because it seem as though persons think that BNTU would not remain silent in the face of what it regards as the “unfair” treatment from the authorities.

    Letter: Solidarity with Belize teachers
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to reiterate its commitment to remain actively engaged concerning issues involving all aspects of national growth, progress and development. This is, in effect, a reaffirmation our solidarity with the labourers of this nation, as they establish their rights, via the union movement. Given the current matter afoot, involving the teachers, the BPP supports the BNTU in its latest stand to: obtain and preserve the rights duly deserving to its constituents – the teachers of Belize. The BPP acknowledges the outstanding work and sacrifices of teachers, as well as all hard-working Belizeans, nationwide.

    Michael Keaton to Star as John McAfee in Upcoming Biopic ‘King of the Jungle’
    John McAfee is one of the most colorful – and vocal – proponents of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Now, the sensational story of McAfee’s life is about to get the Hollywood treatment with the upcoming movie King of the Jungle, and slated to portray the salty tech magnate is none other than Michael Keaton. The movie, which IMDB lists as currently being in pre-production, is slated to be a comedy (presumably dark) based on 2012 article written by Joshua Davis for Wired magazine titled “John McAfee’s Last Stand.” It will star Academy Award nominee Michael Keaton (Birdman, Beetlejuice, Batman) as John McAfee and Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Freaks and Geeks, This is the End) as Wired magazine investigator Ari Furman.

    Friends to the end? Social cues cause fish to delay survival tactic
    New research co-led by Brock University shows that a particular species of tropical, air-breathing fish that can survive for weeks on land will delay escaping from hot water if it thinks one of its peers is nearby. The mangrove rivulus is also known to be highly social. Tattersall and Currie wanted to know if, and to what impact, social behaviour would affect the fish's survival strategy. The researchers gathered a group of fish in Belize and placed each fish in its own water chamber. Half of the chambers had a mirror to make it appear there was a second fish in the water. The researchers heated the water at a steady, rapid rate while recording the fish's movements. The experiment ended when the fish jumped out of the water. Fish that saw themselves in a mirror stayed in the chamber until the water reached 41.8°C compared to a water temperature of 40.5°C for fish in the chamber with no mirror.

    Work begins on Stake Bank Belize port with 4 cruise berths
    Belize's long-awaited Stake Bank Cruise Port is a 'go.' The 25-acre island project just off Belize City will shorten the current long tender ride to Belize Tourism Village by providing berths for four cruise ships, plus expedited tours dispatch, beaches, a crafts market and retail, dining, cabanas, over-water bungalows and crew facilities. The cost of the project's first phase—including the two finger piers, large enough to handle four of the world's biggest cruise ships simultaneously—is $67m. Belizean businessman Michael Feinstein—who developed Belize Tourism Village years ago—told Seatrade Cruise News all permits, including environmental, are in place, and funding is guaranteed. The project, he said, has the support of both the local public and private sectors in Belize.


  • The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise - Fundraiser Event, 31min. The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise is coordinating a fundraiser event to support their community work and to benefit the Liberty Children's Home. We spoke with their representatives about the event being used to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. They shared that they are hoping to support several project that assist children and communities. The event is in partnership with the Mexican Institute of Culture and History and takes place on November 3rd, 2018. On our couch: Fabiola Seguro - Fundraising Team Member, Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise. Hugo Moguel - President, Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise.

  • Kelly McGuire was live, 14min.

  • Llots of rain came down right here by princess casino, 1min. . How was your rainy morning?

  • Belize Jeep Adventure Introduction, 1/2min. Belize Jeep Adventure Tour is the best driving adventure experience through Belize's Jungles and Rainforest. Enjoy the beauty hidden deep in Belize's Jungles while driving your own Jeep into the Rainforest, followed by a hike into the Dry Cave System & swim in the nearby river. During the jeep journey you will explore the wonders created by mother nature when you go off road and ride through the rugged outback terrain in Belize.

  • River sampling fieldwork in Belize, 1.5min. This is a collaborative research program funded by the Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme that will see NOC scientists working alongside those in the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) in Belize and The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquiculture Science (Cefas) in the UK.

  • Census Data, 41min. Census data is used to identify where the gaps and vulnerabilities are to create investments and policies that help people and the country to develop. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) recently launched the 2020 Population and Housing Census. Our guest spoke to us about the process and why it is important to participate in this data collection exercise. On our couch: Dr. Leopold Perriott - Director General, SIB. Tisa Grant - Liaisons Officer, UNFPA. Miriam Willoughby - Census and Surveys Manager, SIB.

  • The Belize Kids First Organization - Men Empowerment Seminar, 27min. The Belize Kids First Organization is hosting a Men Empowerment Seminar on November 3rd at the ITVET in Belize City. Annie Palacio, President of Belize Kids First Organization, spoke to us about the objective of the seminar. She explained that it is an opportunity for men to have a space to speak about their gender specific issues and to get legal and health advice from experts in the field.

  • Ocean Tide Beach Resort, 1min. Cozy resort on the beach

  • Kids Try Hot Sauces from Around the World, 4min. Check out the Belizean Hot Sauce featured in this fun taste-tasting video! Can the Hi Ho Kids handle the heat!? Watch the kids try some crazy hot sauces from around the world!

  • Caracol on National Geographic, min. National Geographic visited Caracol, and made a video about the experience. They also visited Rio Frio Cave on the way, and Rio On Pools while returning. "Deep in the jungles of Belize you'll find the largest Maya city in the region. The ancient Maya settlement of Caracol is uncrowded with tourists, but filled with breathtaking views and nearby hidden gems."

  • The 2018 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition, 20min. Just in case you missed our very intelligent winners in the Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition here they are on Open Your Eyes! The 2018 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition concluded on Friday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The competition seeks to teach students about the culture and history of downtown Belize City. With over 300 questions the students learned important details about milestones and challenges in early Belize City to present date. We spoke with the top three winners about the experience and how it has helped them to gain a greater appreciation for Downtown Belize City. On our couch: Dwight Gillett - 1st Place Winner, Holy Redeemer Primary School. Tyrone Mckoy - 2nd Place Winner, St. Ignatius Primary School. Essence Anderson - 3rd Place Winner, Bernice Yorke Primary School. Chelsea Evelyn - Project Support Officer, Downtown Rejuvenation Project.

    November 2, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Town announces calendar of events for Garifuna Settlement Day
    Leading up to the Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrated annually on November 19th, the San Pedro Branch of the National Garifuna Council has prepared and released their calendar of events. The different activities are organized in collaboration with the local authorities via the San Pedro Cultural Committee. This year, the national celebrations are being held under the theme ‘Lawanserun Garifunaduau: Hadasi Sun Garinagu! – Garifuna Progress: A Task For All Garinagu!’

    SPRCS students and staff receive sweet treats
    Long time island visitors Debbie and Larry Heimgartner brought sweet treats once again to the students and staff of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) on Monday, October 29th. The Heimgartners, who have been doing this activity for years, were once again joined by Manelly’s Ice Cream Shop in distributing 1,000 paletas (popsicles) in the school. Teachers and students received their strawberry and chocolate paletas with big smiles and much gratitude. Debbie and Larry were happy to be back on the island, visiting the students and sharing the treats. “We love the island and giving back to the community is a good way to show students that we need to be kind with each other,” said Larry.

    First-ever Beer Olympics to be hosted in San Pedro Town
    Beer lovers register! The first-ever Beer Olympics will be held at Angel Nunez Auditorium in San Pedro Town from 6PM to 9PM on Saturday, November 24th. The event is being organized by the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye alongside Belikin Beer. The event will see 10 teams of 4 competing in a series of games including Beer Pong, Flip Cup, plus more. At each level, teams are going to be eliminated and the final top teams will compete to win the gold medal and prizes. So far, three teams have registered: BelliKings, Experienced, and Super Beereos.

    Belize’s Speaker of the House of Representatives Visits the Commonwealth Secretariat
    London. October 30, 2018. The Honourable Laura Tucker-Longsworth, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Belize, met with officers from the various directorates at the Commonwealth Secretariat during her visit to London as a part of the first phase of a Belize-United Kingdom Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association (CPA) Exchange Programme. Officials from the Commonwealth Secretariat discussed ongoing work of the Secretariat in areas pertaining to human rights, health, youth and sports, civil and criminal justice, governance, and gender. Challenges impacting Belize and the rest of the Caribbean region were also discussed. Key initiatives were highlighted that can promote good governance and democracy in Parliaments. Of interest also, was work being done to increase the number of women entering politics.

    BTB announces $1.5 Million sargussum relief fund & tax reliefs
    The Government of Belize has granted $1.5 million to help contain and control of sargassum in the municipalities of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins, which will be disbursed through the Belize Tourism Board. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Hon. Manuel Heredia announced GOB’s assistance and other tax reliefs at a press conference the BTB offices in Belize City on Wednesday afternoon, October 31. To help the affected coastline properties at these destinations defray the cost of fighting the sargussum scourge, GOB has also agreed to waive two per cent of the of the 9 percent hotel tax due which all hotels pay in their monthly accommodation tax returns, a 22 per cent reduction in tax for these resorts. This tax relief will remain in effect for the months of October, November, December 2018, through January 2019.

    Environmental Educational Campaign to culminate with an art exhibition
    All islanders are invited to attend an environmental art exhibition to be held at the Banyan Bay Suites conference room from 8AM to 12PM in San Pedro Town on Saturday, November 3rd. The art exhibition is culmination of the educational environmental campaign that was launched a few weeks ago by the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye along with MarAllliance. The campaign facilitated educational sessions to upper division students of the different primary schools on the island. The sessions were on the importance of protecting and keeping our environment clean. The presentations were based on scientific facts on the negative effects of plastic pollution, how it affects the environment, how it affects us individually, and what we can do to reuse, reduce and recycle on the island. At the end of each presentation, students were asked questions to see what they learned, and some even received a bamboo straws to motivate them to stop using plastic ones. Throughout the campaign, the team managed to work with over 500 students of the island.

    ACES inaugurates new building with three classrooms, conference room and kitchen
    Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) inaugurated their new two-story building during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 24th. The new facility is equipped with a classroom and conference space in the upper floor, along with two classrooms and a kitchen/cafeteria on the ground level. Witnessing the unveiling of the new educational facilities were Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., former ACES Principal and now Education Officer Odilia Caliz, among other invited guests, all who have made contributions to the school’s growth.

    San Pedro Pirates win 2-1 against BDF, escalates to the third position
    The San Pedro Pirates F.C managed to claim another victory against Belize Defense Force (BDF) during the eleventh week of the 2018-2019 opening season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB). Held at the MCC Grounds in Belize City on Sunday, October 28th, the island team came out victorious with 2-1 score, gaining three more points in the PLB chart and moving to third place in the tournament standings. For their next match the San Pedro Pirates will be travelling to Cayo District to face Verdes F.C on Sunday, November 4th. The game is schedules to start at 4PM at the Norman Broaster Stadium. For more information on how to accompany the Pirates as a fan, you can contact 623-0772.

    Ambergris Today

    Halloween 2018 Spooktacular
    Students at San Pedro High School had crazy day/dress up day on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Students dress up as Rockstars, "Cereal" Killers and other inventive costumes to display and have fun with their peers. While pre-schoolers of ABC Pre-School had a blast dressing up and going with parents to trick or treat in the neightborhood and enjoying delicous cupcakes and treats. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment:

    Caye Caulker Resident Takes On A 31 Halloween Costume Challenge
    Caye Caulker resident Tracie Young was about to give up on Halloween. She had decided that 2018 was her last year to dress up in full costume, but then she tried something crazy and fun. Tracie took on a 31 Costume Challenge that had her enjoying Halloween a maximum of 31 days. So each day in October, Tracie had to come up with a Halloween costume to share on her Facebook profile. The costumes were creative, on a budget and homemade. “I wanted to remind my peers that Halloween is fun and as we get older it only gets better,” commented Tracie to Ambergris Today. “I wanted to show everyone that you do not need to spend lots of money on costumes to look great.” So day by day throughout October, Tracie was entertaining her friends and followers on social media with her creative costumes that she came up with. She posted side by side pictures of her creations and what inspired her for the costume.

    BTIA Celebrates The Launch Of The 20th Edition Destination Belize
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) launched the 20thedition of Destination Belize, in celebratory fashion, at the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina in the presence of over one hundred BTIA members, advertisers and other industry partners on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. BTIA Celebrates the Launch of the 20thEdition Destination Belize. Destination Belize has, for over two decades, been the key marketing tool distributed globally by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and BTIA to travelers and travel agents wanting to learn more about Belize for a visit in the future. The print publication has played a major role in educating readers of the many natural attractions and different types of activities Belize has to offer – touching on the inland and offshore attractions of the destination.

    DAN World Field Rep - Belize Vacancy
    This part time position is with the dive industry’s leading safety association. DAN World (a wholly owned subsidiary of Divers Alert Network) is seeking a new team member based in San Pedro to provide field and customer service to divers, instructors, and dive shops in Belize. This position requires: *knowledge of the diving industry *minimum certification as an open-water level diver *local work permits or Belize citizenship *available to occasionally travel outside Belize *experience as a field rep is preferred *adapt ability to a flexible work schedule...

    Misc Belizean Sources


    September 2018 External Trade & Consumer Price Index
    CONSUMER PRICES UP 1%, BOTH IMPORTS AND EXPORTS DOWN 1.2% AND 21.4% RESPECTIVELY, IN SEPTEMBER 2018. Results from the Statistical Institute of Belize's monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey show that for the month of September 2018, the All-Items CPI stood at 1 05.4, an increase of 1 percent from 104.4 in September 2017. This means that, on average, households in Belize experienced a 1 percent increase in the cost of goods and services regularly purchased for daily living. For the first nine months of the year, a year-to-date inflation rate of 0.3 percent was recorded. For the month of September 2018, Belize imported goods valuing $142.8 million. This represented a 1.2 percent or $1.7 million decrease from the same month in 2017, when imports totalled $144.5 million.

    Tourism Arrivals to Belize Continue to Register Impressive Growth
    The latest statistics show that tourism arrivals to Belize continue to record impressive growth. There was a 16.6% and 19.9% growth in overnight and cruise ship arrivals respectively after completion of the third quarter of the year. This means that Belize continues to be a popular vacation destination in Central America among those seeking exceptional adventure and relaxation. In September 2018, over 21,000 overnight visitors arrived in Belize. This represented a 10.1% increase in visitors over September 2017. At the end of the third quarter of 2018, overnight visitors grew by 16.6% over the previous year. In September 2018, over 66,000 cruise ship passengers visited the country of Belize. This represented an increase of 15.9% or over 9,100 more cruise passengers as compared to September 2017. Cruise ship calls totaled 21 for this month.

    BTB Secures Assistance for Sargassum Affected Areas
    In light of the challenges posed by sargassum on our tourism industry, the Belize Tourism Board has secured assistance for accommodation stakeholders in sargassum affected areas in Belize. This comes on the heels of several site visits conducted last month by a BTB team of senior officials, to assess the areas severely impacted and to consult with owners of affected coastline properties (beachfront properties) and members of the Sargassum Task Force (STF), with the hope of designing a concerted strategy to address the situation. The BTB’s team included Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Mr. Einer Gomez, Chairman of the Board of Directors, BTB and Mrs. Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism. At the conclusion of these visits, the following assistance was approved and will be implemented immediately, to assist those properties which have been most affected by sargassum. 2% from the 9% hotel tax due, which is a 22.2% reduction on the monthly accommodation tax returns for all coastline properties affected by sargassum, in the four affected destinations of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins.

    Ministry of Health Clarifies Position on Hemp and Cannabis for Medicinal Use
    The Ministry of Health takes this opportunity to clarify misinformation being spewed by the opposition regarding two letters signed by the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin in support of two proposed investments to grow cannabis for medicinal and other purposes. Although marijuana comes from the cannabis plant, not all cannabis is considered to be marijuana. Marijuana contains the chemical compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has psychoactive or mind-altering properties. Marijuana was not considered at any point in the letters signed by Hon. Pablo Marin. In the letter dated 10th February 2016 addressed to Mr. Zev Ben Yosef, there was no mention made of the cultivation of marijuana. The meeting was centered on cannabis farming for the purpose of medicinal use as research has proven that Cannabidiol (CBD), derived from the cannabis plant, can be beneficial for the treatment of cancer and other ailments. It was specifically noted that any psychoactive component of the plant would be removed.

    Belize participates in the Seminar of Investment Opportunities in the Central American region held in Taiwan
    The Central American Trade Office (CATO) hosted an Investment Seminar in the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan on October 28 to November 02, 2018 under the theme “Seminar of Investment Opportunities of the Central American countries for the interest of the SMEs of Taiwan and the visit of the Central American delegation in Taiwan.” BELTRAIDE, represented by Thelma Montero, Manager, Generation, BelizeINVEST showcased the Investment Opportunities in the priority industries of Tourism, Agribusiness, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Offshore Outsourcing, Sustainable Energy and Light Manufacturing & Logistics. The Central American delegation also conducted targeted investment meetings and site visits to several enterprises interested in investing in the region.

    New bus service from San Andres, Xaibe, Patchakan, Cristo Rey and San Pedro Village
    Camal Bus Service will be starting a new run from Corozal to Belize city on Thursday November 1st 2018 at 4.30 AM from Corozal Terminal, passing through the back road all the way to San pedro village then on the Philip Goldson Highway passing through Orange Walk.. So to all those bus passengers of the above no longer need to go to corozal or make expensive trips to the highway to take the bus..

    8th Annual Tacos Festival in Corozal
    November 25.

    Mr. Manuel Villamor passes away
    It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a Belizean Icon. In the early morning hours today artist Mr. Manuel Villamor passed away in Chetumal Mexico where he had been living for many years. Mr. Villamor created the stunning Historical Mural in the Corozal Town Hall which began in 1953 and was revised in 1986 and again in 2003. Mr. Manuel completed his final restoration in 2012. He has left the public with this national treasure, as well as the medical mural at the Corozal Community Hospital, murals in St. Francis Xavier Church, the Catholic Church of San Joaquin Village and, of course, paintings all over the world. On behalf of the Corozal community and the National Institute of Culture and History we extend our most sincere condolences to the Villamor family during this time of sorrow.

    Photos from Hanal Pixan
    Honouring our tangible and intangible heritage at this past weekend's Hanal Pixan event. We give great thanks to so many persons and entities involved in producing the cultural showcase. We wish to thank our cultural stakeholders who came out and created altars for display: Corozal Community College, Corozal Junior College, T'oone Masehualoon, Department of Youth Services, the Cano Family and the Villamil Family. Thank you to our beautiful performers; Raices Mexicanas - Retornos Belicenas and the Ek Balam Pok ta Pok Team, Thank you to our speakers Mrs. Angelita Magana, Faustino Yam, Mr. Roy Rodriguez and Mistress of ceremonies Mrs. Adela Pederson. Our sponsors: Bowen & Bowen, Romantica FM, Channel 23 Belize. We thank our collaborators who always come with passion, knowledge and energy; Mr. Roy, Mr. Faustino, Mr. Adan and at the helm Miss Adelita all of the T'oone Masehualoon group; we are forever grateful. Thank you to our beloved Corozal community for attending and supporting this cultural experience. We look forward to next year's event!

    Dia de les Muertos 2018
    The SISE House of Culture is having a Finados on the Dia de los Muertos this Friday, November 2nd. The Finados will be in memory of Domingo Cruz. It's all day, and starts at 9:00am.

    Belmopan Birding Club
    Birds Birds Birds! Hear the flutter of wings and join in the birding fever that is taking Belize by storm. JOIN OUR BIRDING CLUB- All are Welcome: Students, Parents, Teachers, Businesses, Adults, Residents, Tour Guides and Operators, Hotels, Guest Houses- EVERYONE! Email Us To Sign Up: [email protected] WHATSAPP: #629-8042

    Belize's Wonder Women! Michelle Carrasco
    We are proud to announce that for the month of November, Michelle Carrasco is our Belize Wonder Woman! Michelle grew up on the beautiful island of Caye Caulker. At the age of 11 she left the island to further her education in Belize City where she has lived most of her life. She is a proud mother of two beautiful children who she loves dearly. Over the years she has faced a lot of struggles in the pursuit of achieving a career and personal development.

    Los Finados
    The San Pedro House of Culture has the pleasure to invite you to the traditional community festivity of Los Finados on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Please join us for the opening ceremony beginning at 7pm at the San Pedro House of Culture.

    Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition Awards
    Today the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project distributed the Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition Individual and School prizes to their respective winners. 1st Place Dwight Gillett from Holy Redeemer 2nd Place Tyrone Mckoy from St. Ignatius 3rd Place Essence Anderson from Bernice Yorke

    The fascinating life story of our own Bonnie from Caye Caulker
    A must read. This is the fascinating life story of our own Bonnie from Caye Caulker. Follow the link to buy the book. "Bonnie lives with her parents and brothers on a coconut plantation, situated on a remote tropical island with no schools, shops or electricity. Home-schooled until they move to the city, Bonnie settles in at a convent school only to be expelled after the first year of high school. She commences her working life at the age of 14 and eventually embarks on a journey to England to the man she is to marry. Welcomed at first but then left alone in a foreign country after an argument escalates, Bonnie luckily finds refuge with strangers. With their help, she begins to take control of her life. She studies to become a nurse, making friends with her colleagues, then falls in love and marries a sailor in the Royal Navy. Six children later, their marriage crumbles and Bonnie's struggles commence again. Will she be able to overcome all these trials and tribulations and emerge stronger than ever or will she fold?"

    Halloween at San Pedro Preschool
    A dozen great photos....

    Bad roads lead to Paradise. Should our Government of Belize pave the Consejo Road now?
    Pretty much there is approximately 6.5 miles between Corozal Town and Consejo Village. The plush residential expat community of Consejo Shores was birthed approximately 45 years ago, always co-existing with our quaint Consejo Village which still maintains its general character, charm and aesthetics. Why is the road so bad? The entire Consejo Road is built from white marl loose dirt with only a hardcore base in some areas. Recent rains have taken the road back to its bad condition. Just as the Ministry of Works began to grade the road, truly it never fails, the rains poured once again, causing the loose soil to become a mud pit. Potholes are not so much of the problem now but they were before the rains.

    Marleni Cuellar at the International Visitor Leadership Program
    Marleni Cuellar is currently participating in the three-week long International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) focusing on New and Traditional Broadcast Media. A core element of U.S. foreign policy is to encourage a free and responsible press that allows a well-informed citizenry to hold governments and institutions accountable. Increasingly, world populations turn to broadcast journalism and social media for their news. This project will examine the history, structure, and function of broadcasting in the United States and the challenges and opportunities posed by social media.

    San Pedro Big Garbage Cleanup Project Nov. 9-12
    November 9th Target Areas : San Pedrito Highway, San Pedrito, San Pablo, Boca Ciego and San Juan November 10th Target Areas: Boca del Rio, Lagoon Boca – San Juan and Lagoon San Juan - DFC. November 11th Target Areas: Escalante, Esmerald, Alta Mar and DFC/ November 12th Target Area: San Mateo. Target areas are subject to change based on completion of the previous day. Please advise in the comments or by message, the size of your team and desired time frame of participation so that we have an idea of the number of volunteers for each day and can reserve your cleanup kit. Meetup Location will be Central Park throughout at any time and throughout each day.

    Historical Mural Brochure biography of Manuel Villamor
    We present the Historical Mural Brochure which includes a brief biography of the late great Manuel Villamor. He led an exciting life and always had a something comical to say. Rest in Peace Mr. Manuel. Thank you for all of your kind contributions.

    Punta Fest 2018
    Saturday, November 30, ITVET Compound Belize City

    Government of Belize Accedes to Six Treaties
    The Government of Belize through the Attorney General’s Ministry has acceded to six treaties that will further strengthen the intellectual property ecosystem in Belize. These treaties will certainly increase the economic and moral rights of all composers, musicians, artists, songwriters, broadcasting organizations etc.

    Certificate of Appreciation to the Dentists of the Belize Mission Project
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Dentists of the Belize Mission Project for their service to the people of San Pedro Town for 27 years now. Mayor Guerrero expressed his gratitude to the Dentists and organizers of the mission for always having San Pedro at heart and for providing this much needed service that puts a smile on everyone's faces. Thank you Belize Mission Project!

    FCD's 19th Annual General Meeting
    FCD's 19th Annual General Meeting will take place on the 2nd of December. You are welcome!!!

    Punta Gorda Intro to Bird Identification
    PG get ready. November 11-13 is your time to go birding! Limited spaces so don't wait last minute to book your spot. One of our stops will be at the Belize Raptor Watch to watch the spectacular raptor migration as the leaders explain this natural phenomenon. See you soon...

    Southeast Coast Stakeholders Validation Sessions for Tourism Development Plans.
    BTB Sessions

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    The Equalizer 2, Christopher Robin, Meg, Incredibles 2.

    Channel 7

    The Faber’s Road Rampage - The Day After
    Day one after the Fabers Road tragedy – how is the family holding up? Well, when we went to visit them today, they were all sitting together, discussing funeral arrangements and celebrating the lives of their lost loved ones – their happy 5 year old prince, little Samir and his grandmother Louise Young. It is hard to even think to muster a laugh or crack a joke during this time but that is how the family is coping with this reality. But they also used this time to reflect on yesterday’s horrific attack and to figure out how Samuel August could actually carry out such an unthinkable act. We also asked Young’s cousin, Carolyn Welch about the facebook post August put up after the incident and about the temporary fix to her home. Here are her comments.

    No Murder Charge For Backhoe Killer
    And while the family grapples with loss and unspeakable grief at the enormity and horror of this deranged attack, police have to figure out what they are going to charge Samuel August Senior for - because, it is not a clear cut case.  We start first with their account of what they found when they arrived on scene early yesterday morning: Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB: “Police received information that there was a backhoe damaging or destroying a residence on Faber’s Road. As a result, police visited #6 Faber’s Road, and there, they observed the building that was damaged to the front portion. In the debris, they found the motionless body of a 5 year-old who was later identified to be Samir August, and likewise, an elderly woman, 53 year-old Louise Young..."

    Mayor Refuses Comment On Rum Bottle In Council’s Backhoe
    So, what does the City council have to say about August - he was the backhoe driver assigned to the night shift in the Sanitation Department.  But he is also an employee who has psychiatric problems - and was driving a piece of heavy equipment drunk.  What kind of counselling or supervision do they have for employees in such a situation? But there are deeper concerns about the council’s supervision of its staff.  And that may explain why today Mayor Bernard Wagner did not want to talk about the fact that a quart of Gold Rum was seen under the driver’s seat.  Here’s what he said - and didn’t say:…

    Midtown Robbers Made Off With 25K
    In last night’s news we showed you a late evening armed robbery at one of Belize City’s most popular eateries, Midtown Restaurant on Princess Margaret Drive. Two men wearing caps, charged into the establishment, and one of them pulled a gun - while the other jumped over the bar. Police say it happened at around 5:30 - and the tow men stole a total of 25 thousand dollars in cash and valuables: Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB: “On the 31st of October, sometime around 5:30 p.m., police received information, that there was a robbery at Midtown Restaurant on Newtown Barracks. As a result, police visited the establishment and spoke to several persons. What police had unearthed is that 2 individuals entered the establishment..."

    B-Sag Makes Big Bust, Many Questions Arise
    Tonight, there is some commotIon in the police department after the Belize Special Assignment Group - known as B-Sag made an interesting bust.  According to multiple reports - the B-SAG- which is primarily made up of BDF soldiers - showed up at the Hattieville police station with 6 men, at least four of them Mexicans - and one of them is a Belizean businessman from the north.  They reportedly had 2 firearms and a quantity of drugs.   Police suspect this may be a link to the landing of drug planes.  But what makes the bust even more interesting is that the pickup they were in is reportedly linked to the wife of a ranking police officer.

    Child Critical After Accident
    Tonight, a 6 year-old is critical after she was knocked down yesterday in Corozal Town. Yesterday the child was with her mother trying to cross the street when a driver hit them in her SUV. The head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch told us more: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB
    “On yesterday’s date, Corozal police was called to an area on 7th Avenue, where 1 Abby Casanova reported to them that while she was traveling in her Ford Escape vehicle from College Road, she turned left unto 7th Avenue, and in the process, one Devony Palacio, along with her 6 year-old daughter, Destiny Williams, was crossing 7th Avenue..."

    The Battle Between the BNTU and MOE
    Last night you heard the thunder from the Teachers Union - who are furious with the Education Minister. At a Press Conference on Monday he said that collective bargaining over Proposal 22 was no longer live.   The Join Union Negotiating Team strongly refuted that assertion - and the teachers went further: they announced a demonstration in Belmopan for next week Wednesday, November 7th. Today, the CEO in the Ministry of Education, DEBORAH Domingo said it’s a shame the children will lose a day of school:.. Deborah Domingo - CEO, Education: "It is sad that the students will get to lose out of a day of school on November 7th. The ministry can only continue to invite the BNTU to share it's concerns as we have several times over and we remain open to taking those concerns into consideration as we continue to revisit the list of schools as they are categorized."

    Come Again on Commuting Allowance?
    Another issue of contention is the commuting allowance - which the teachers union says its members are not getting as required.   Here are both sides of that DISPUTE: Keisha Young - General Secretary, BNTU: "I know that the ministry if saying that commuting allowances that were not paid beyond 2017 would now not be honored. The BNTU is saying, that our teachers have gone out of pocket, some of them for several years not receiving their commuting allowances and it is not their fault that those monies did not come on time and so the BNTU will work earnestly and even if we have to go the legal route, we're putting the ministry on notice that if we have to go through the courts, we will ensure that our teachers get what they justly deserve."

    Speaking In support of BNTU
    Today the Christian workers union and the Belize Territorial Volunteers sent our press releases supporting the BNTU. The CWU says, quote, “CWU supports the fight of the BNTU to secure fair and equitable benefits  for the Educators of our Country. These Brothers and Sisters have earned our collective respect by their selfless efforts and sacrifices. CWU calls on the Ministry of Education to recalibrate and get on a just course towards a finalized Collective Agreement that will address these outstanding matters. 

    Jurists and Gender
    Since June of 2016, we’ve been telling you all about reform efforts that Belize’s Judiciary has been trying to implement to improve on inefficiencies in the system.
    It’s all under an initiative called the Judicial Reform and Institutional Strengthening project, or “JURIST” for short. It’s a multi-million dollar project, funded mostly by the Canadian Government, with part financing from the Caribbean Court of Justice, and other Caribbean partners, to try and fix the similar problems facing the judiciaries of all the CARICOM Member states. 

    Catholic Principals Tell Briceno Back Up On Weed
    As might have been expected, the Belize Catholic Association of Principals of Secondary Schools has denounced the PUP Leader John Briceno’s statement about the legalization of marijuana.  The statement says, quote, “In a country where 50% of our children are under the age of 19, this message can be seen as a lack of concern for the health and cognitive development of our children, and it implies that the solution to our economic challenges is legalizing a drug that creates much harm to the developing mind….While the focus of Hon. Briceno’s message focuses on the commercial and economic returns from the illegal drug..."

    UB Reports on Finances
    And while Briceno says he’s thinking about the economy before education, today the University of Belize was thinking about its finances.  The institution held a press conference on its annual report for 2016-2017 at UB’s West Landivar Belize City campus. President Clement Sankat outlined all the accomplishments so far as well as the challenges they face –one such being finances. The president has made it known that the University is operating on a deficit of about $3 million dollars. But Sankat says they are addressing this serious money issue. Clement Sankat - President, UB: "In 16-17, we immediately took the decision that we have to break this cycle of a lost position at the University of Belize. The accounts show that we are spending more than we are earning. That is bad news for any business because you can soon become insolvent. We took the decision..."

    UB Makes The Music Play
    But while the University gets it’s finances in order, it still has to continue to ‘transition’ as Sankat puts it. Today he announced the launch of UB’s first music program. Clement Sankat - President, UB: "The faculty of education and arts is developing a program in music. In fact, the University of Belize has just hired its first lecturer in music to be full time and to help build and drive this program. So change is occurring and hopefully for the better.”

    UB, Masterful
    And as we have reported, UB has also launched its first masters of business administration program. President Sankat told us more about this significant accomplishment. Clement Sankat - President, UB: "When I came here, I immediately learnt of the partnership between FMAS and UWI School of Business to help develop a program, an MBA program here and the president signed that contract and Dean Watlor took that and galloped with it, to the extent that the following year we had our MBA launched - first MBA of the University of Belize, that was a flag ship moment for the university..."

    So. Korea Coming In For Engineering
    President Sankat also told us about the prospect of building a Modern School of Engineering in partnership with the Republic of Korea. He outlined this major project. Clement Sankat - President, UB
    "We developed a proposal for building a modern school of engineering and that proposal has gone to the Republic of South Korea for funding and I think there is a picture there, the 3rd one on the bottom there with the meeting with the Korean ambassador.”

    Arts & Education At National Univ.
    And the Faculty of Education and Arts has made significant contributions to training of teachers and parents. Here’s more. Clement Sankat - President, UB
    "The faculty of education and art, the big thing there was the beginning of the EU sugar bell project which was expanding access, assuring quality and enhances ensuring relevance, strengthening early childhood and secondary education in northern Belize. That project was of the order of 2.6 million Belize dollars and as you will hear in next year's report, the number of teachers for early childhood education as well as secondary education and even train parents on the benefits of early childhood education.”

    Robbery Of Fast Food Eatery
    Earlier on in the news, we told you about the brazen robbery at Midtown Restaurant, an upscale eatery in Belize City. Hours later, there was a robber at another popular eatery - this one less upscale - but the attack was even scarier.  It happened at El Paso Fast Food where four masked men strode in, two of them brandishing firearms.  Police told us more:.. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB: “Last night, 31st of October, at around 8 p.m., police were again called to El Paso Fast Food. This is around the Farmers Market area..."

    Cops Confirm Felina’s Car Found
    Moving unto a more high profile police investigation, Police say they still have not confirmed why BDF Soldier, 27 year old Albert Stephen Moreira allegedly killed his common law, Felina James.  Here’s Inspector Ferrufino: Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB
    “In regards to the missing person [case] of Miss Felina Margaret James, on the 30th of October, police formally arrested and charged, Albert Stephen Moreira, a 27 year-old Belize Defense Force soldier, of a Faber’s Road Extension addressed.” Reporter
    “Are you able to provide details as to the relation between the victim and the accused?”

    The Buzz About Big Bust
    The intrigue is heightening over the drugs an weapons bust we told you about earlier.  The Belize Special Assignment Group - known as B-Sag reportedly intercepted a pickup on the Western Highway this afternoon.  There were reportedly 6 men inside including 4 Mexicans and a businessman from Orange Walk.   They reportedly had 2 firearms and possibly a small quantity of cocaine.   But it’s important for two reasons: First, Police suspect this may be an operational link to the landing of drug planes. And, second, the pickup they were in is reportedly linked to the wife of a ranking police officer. We’ll keep following this very interesting story tomorrow.

    Hunter Finds Juvenile Jaguar Slain
    The next story is an ugly one - and if you can’t stand the sight of dead animals - then you should take a break form watching the news. But, to create awareness, this is the kind of story we have to run.   Seasoned hunter, Joshua Trapp called us this evening very upset after he found a juvenile jaguar, killed, bundled in a hammock and tossed away near Burrell Boom. Here’s what he saw: Trapp says he will call authorities to find out more about the cat’s demise.

    Keeping Clinic Patients Safe
    Since his appointment to Eastern Division, we’ve been showing you how Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett has been trying to improve the working conditions for the officers stationed at permanent police checkpoints and stationary posts set up at crime hotspots in Belize City. He’s partnered with members of the business community to get new police booths for those officers, so that they can shelter from the elements while on duty at these locations. Today, the latest police booth was set up in front of the Matron Roberts Polyclinic on Magazine Road, to aid the officers who stand guard at that location with nowhere to go when the pouring rain comes down.  The booth was donated by the Ministry of Health’s Central Health Region, so that the officers can better secure the Matron Roberts Polyclinic.

    Dean Samuels, Hopeful
    For weeks, we’ve been covering the upcoming political convention in Port Loyola.    We’ve spoken to the candidates considered to be the frontrunners, Phillip Willoughby and Michael Peyrefitte. But, Dean Samuels - a four term former city councillor - has as much political experience as Willoughby - and has bona-fides in Port where he resides.   Yesterday we found him making a donation to a trio pf schools on Faber Road: St. John’s Vianney, the Port Loyola Preschool and the Clara Mohammed Muslim School.  In a fable of political selflessness, he told us that he got fans and coolers  from a business owner who wanted to help him - but he passed it on to the kids:..

    Hackathon Is Hot
    A hackathon is a computer programmer’s heaven – well, today about 4 teams of developers and programmers from Belize and 5 from Jamaica spent all day working on an idea or solution to an issue related to tourism in Belize. The Belize teams worked at the UWI Open Campus in Belize City and the Jamaican teams joined in through Skype. We dropped by to see how the hackathon was going –which is part of the OAS’s Open week. The teams will present their ideas and prototypes tomorrow afternoon at the Biltmore. The 1st place team gets $700 US dollars, 2nd place $500 US dollars and 3rd place gets $400 US dollars. The OAS project team is accepting proposals that can be implemented within a 6 month period. The OAS will give funding of up to $5,000 US dollars for the project proposal. 

    Arrest For ‘Griga Hit And Run
    On Monday’s newscast, we told you about a fatal hit and run accident in Alta Vista Village, on the Hummingbird Highway, which claimed the life of 45 year-old David Cunil. On Saturday night at around 9 o’clock, he was heading home after an evening of drinking with some friends. He never made it home because someone ran him over and left him to die on the roadside.  Police today announced that they’ve charged the man who they believe was driver who fled the scene after knocking down Cunil.

    Very Rough Robbert At Zeta Gas
    So, we’ve already told you about yesterday’s evening armed robbery at Midtown Restaurant in Belize City, and last night’s robbery at El Paso. But, there was another one which happened early this morning, at the Zeta compound, located at mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway.  At the press conference, Police told us that the thieves tied up the watchman and made off with a large quantity of cash from the building: Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB: “On the first of November, at about 4:15 a.m., Ladyville police were called to the Zeta compound. This would be at 13 and a half miles on the Philip Goldson Highway..." Police say that they are investigating this incident.

    Rotary And Los Muertos
    “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary” - that’s what the Rotary Sunrise Club wants you to do on Saturday at their “Dia De Los Muertos” Fundraiser.  The event will be held at the Mexican Institute of Culture and History near the Princess. Today, a trio of Rotarians told us that it’s all about fundraising for some very worthy programs:.. The event runs from 7:00 pm to midnight on Saturday and tickets are fifty dollars.

    Halloween Horror on Faber’s Road, Citco Worker Goes On Rampage With Backhoe
    Tonight, the Faber's Road community remains in shock - trying to come to terms with an unspeakable, unthinkable tragedy that played out early this morning like a scene from a horror movie. A city council worker, Samuel August allegedly killed his 5 year old son Samir and the boy's grandmother, 53 year old Louise Young. He crushed them with a backhoe after ramming it into the home where they slept. Baby Samir died instantly while Young held on as long as she could before she passed away. A 13 year old girl is also critical in the hospital. Homes and other belongings are wrecked and there are no easy answers for this act of domestic madness. We start off with a run-down of what happened this morning to put this swirl of events into context. Courtney Weatherburne has the story.

    What Motivated The Madness?
    Now what would drive August into such a blinding rage that he would ram a backhoe into the home where his sons were sound asleep? Well, when we spoke to Young's cousin, she says that the ongoing custody battle over his sons may be what drove him to this act of madness. For some background, Samuel August shared 3 boys with his wife - who died a couple years ago. The child's grandmother, Louise Young, took the kids in. But August wasn't happy about that from day one. So August and Young had been back and forth in court over this issue. There were several times when things got nasty and August threatened the family - culminating in last night's deranged domestic attack.

    Critical 13 Year Old Needs Help
    Now, moving to the 13 year old girl, Britney Craig who was injured. As we told you, she was asleep inside Young's house when August rammed into the structure. She ran out but August chased after her in the backhoe. She received severe head and body injuries and is currently hospitalized. When we spoke to the family before news time, they said they were heading to the hospital to check on her but that she was stable. Her relatives say they need all the financial help they can get.

    An Irreplaceable Loss
    And in between the disturbing series of events, there is the pain and anguish of losing a child and a cherished grandmother. This morning we found out more about Young and her grand-baby. Sister: "She was my mom sixth child. She is the one that knows every single individual in the family whose cousins, whose uncles, who is not. You can call a name and she will know that person..."

    PM & DPM’s Casual Dismissal Of “Proposal 22” Starts Union firestorm
    The teachers union is militant and engaged tonight. Their target? The Minister of Education. And it's all because of these remarks he gave at the Prime Minister's press conference on Monday. He spoke about "Proposal 22" - which is a matter of unfinished business from the last collective bargaining agreement between government and the union.

    Teacher’s Union Declares Protest, Threatens More
    And the teacher's union didn't like to hear that one bit. Relations were already strained over the ongoing dispute about hardship allowances, and the union was on a hair's trigger to activate. They did that today - and when the press walked into the Union conference - we saw them using those solidarity green t-shirts - an expression of militance - last seen in 2016 when they went on strike. By the end of the press conference, they were also singing their union song - which is like a battle cry. President Elena Smith expressed the union's anger towards Minister Faber:..

    Teachers Union Will Not Meet with DEC’s
    And behind all this rage - and, now, a demonstration is the anger mainly about two labour issues. First, there's the ongoing dispute over the adjustments to the hardship allowances for teachers in adverse teaching environments. We've been reporting on this one for weeks - and where it stands now is that the Union has asked for its national executive to meet with the senior Ministry technocrats to go through the entire list. The Minister has counter-proposed that the union's district leaders should meet with the District Education Councils. Nor surprisingly, the union is saying no to that:..

    The Problem With Proposal 22
    And while the tone on that issue is straight defiance, the Union's take on the other issue - which is proposal 22 - is more reasoned. Past President Luke Palacio explained: Luke Palacio- Past BNTU President: "Our argument from the Belize National Teacher's Union, as it relates to proposal 22, are basically these two: one, we are talking natural justice. If the teachers at the government secondary schools are getting a 100% then we believe that our teachers and support staff and the grant aided schools should get the same..."

    BTNU’s Backative is Big
    And, while the tone on that issue is - as we said - more reasoned - the Union Exec is speaking in moderate tones because it knows its brother unions have its back. Today, a release from the Joint Union Negotiations Team comprising the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM), the Public Service Union (PSU) and the Belize National Teachers' Union (BNTU) sent a powerful joint release, saying, quote "At the last meeting held with the Government side on September 4th, 2018, it was agreed on both sides, that works must earnestly commence to bring the 10 year negotiations to a close by the end of the current calendar year.

    Midtown Marauders
    It's one of the most popular restaurants in the city - but this evening before 7:00 a pair of brazen robbers didn't care who saw them. Two dark skinned men in hats and wearing no masks, barged in - one of them brandishing a handgun. One of them jumped behind the bar - presumably to get at the cash - and within seconds they were out of the place. They were seen escaping on foot, running towards Baymen Avenue. We are told the restaurant owner was chasing them.

    Felina Killed By Common Law
    As we told you last night, Felina James' boyfriend, BDF officer Albert Stephen Moreira was charged for her murder. James had been with him for 3 years and they share a 2 year old son together. We spoke to James' aunt today about their abusive relationship and how it ended in murder. Lydia Bolon, Aunt: "I was overjoyed, I was happy that we came to a closure now. The person behind all of this who did this to my niece and her children and I can really now say that my faith in the police department is restored." Reporter: "As you said you weren't as surprised, because he was abusive to her. He had threatened her before."

    Soldier Turned Alleged Killer Arraigned
    Today in court Twenty-seven year old Albert Stephen Moriera, appeared before the Magistrate for the murder of mother of 2, 36-year-old Felina James.Moreira, a father and BDF Soldier, was taken to court today dressed in his BDF pants and was taken before Magistrate Emmerson Banner shortly before 12 and read a single charge of murder for James sudden murder. Moreira a resident of a Faber's Road address was unrepresented when he appeared in court and due to the nature of the offense, bail was denied and he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until November 30, 2018.

    The Drive To Census 2020
    The last population census was in 2010, and the next one will start on May 12, 2020. But, to get a very early start - the effort was launched today at the Radisson with all the local and international partners. 7news was there:... Dr. Leopold Perriott- Director General, SIB: "Belize is on the brink of conducting the largest and most expensive data gathering exercise in its history; the housing and populations centers in 2020." Dr. Aaron P. Lewis- Chairman, SIB: "The 2020 Census is planned to be like none other in the history of Belize. There are crucial updates to the methodology to be used in the conduct of this census. We are planning for a field work exercise of two months, vastly reduced from the three to six months of field work in 2010 and all innovations in methodology are geared towards this end. Note, that this time around all dwellings will now be assigned geographical locations to assist enumerators in the field and more importantly to allow the linkage of statistics with geography."

    A Sargassum Solution
    4 weeks ago, we told you about the massive clean-up effort which the community of San Pedro and the San Pedro Town Council had to organize when the island's beachfront became overrun by sargassum. As Belize's premier tourist destination, San Pedro could not afford to have the seaweed infestation to drive away the tourists who were vacationing there. It's a huge eyesore, and rather than wait for Central Government to help them remedy the problem, they took matters into their own hands.

    Tourism Numbers Keep Climbing
    And despite the sargassum situation, tourism figures continue to show strong growth. At the end of the third quarter, the BTB reports that there was a 16.6% and 19.9% growth in overnight and cruise ship arrivals. In September 2018, over 21,000 overnight visitors arrived in Belize - that's 10% mroe than the same month last year. As for cruise arrivals, in September 2018, over 66,000 cruise ship passengers visited Belize. This represented an increase of 16% when compared to September 2017.

    Sewing Social Solutions?
    In recent weeks, we've been showing you how police from eastern division have been using barbering and bartending as a community outreach initiative, to provide work for at-risk youths. The police been trying to facilitate opportunities for gainful employment for this sector of the City's population, and now, they're trying to aid single mothers with a marketable skill. And in that we've found out that Assistant Police Commissioner Robert Mariano, the Eastern Regional Commander, is quite skilled in the art of sewing. So, since there were a number of persons who kept coming to him looking for employment opportunities, he decided to start teaching interested individuals how to sew professionally.

    What JB Heard On Listening Tour of South
    Last week, PUP Leader John Briceno started his listening tour in the south of Belize. He wants to hear how party supporters feel about the ICJ. Today he told us that so far it is a resounding "no.":

    Referendum Funds For Political Parties To Mobilize Vote?
    And while the word is no from his party so far - might the party leaders be more flexible with a sweetener - as in campaign financing to get the vote our for the referendum? Briceno discussed this possibility:… Reporter: "Is this a mechanism that you would be open to accepting as it were financing from the ICJ campaign to mobilize voters?"

    LOO Criticizes Health Minister
    Leader Briceno also spoke about Health Minister Pablo Marin. As we reported last night - he has signed letters - dating Back to 2016 supporting marijuana or hemp plantations for medicinal use. Briceno says that was unlawful:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "As you all know, you've seen this. 3 letters have been so far have been floating out there from the minister of health, pretty much giving permission to grow marijuana in Belize for something that is illegal. What he did is something illegal. So if he has done this on his own, then he needs to resign from cabinet, because he has taken an illegal act. But also connect the dots ladies and gentlemen."

    Channel 5

    Investigation Into Faber’s Road Horror Continues, Charges for Samuel August Still Pending
    The killing of five-year-old Samir August and his grandmother, Louise Young, continues as a death and not murder investigation at this time. Samuel August Senior, who rammed a backhoe into [...]

    Romario Pech Found Not Guilty, Released from Mexican Jail
    After sitting in a Mexican jail for seventeen months, tonight Yo Creek resident Romario Pech is a free man. News Five has confirmed that Pech is on his way to [...]

    Midtown Restaurant is Robbed on Halloween Day, Thieves Net a Significant Haul
    A pair of thieves struck Midtown Restaurant and Bar on Wednesday evening, robbing a manager of almost twenty-five thousand dollars in jewelry, cash, cell phones and other personal items.  According [...]

    M.O.E. Says Students Stand to Lose the Most from B.N.T.U.’s National Demonstration
    B.N.T.U. branch presidents returned to their respective districts following Wednesday’s announcement that come November seventh, there will be a national demonstration in the nation’s capital. Today, students were sent home [...]

    Education C.E.O. Says Teachers Responsible to Apply for Commuting Allowance
    Another bone of contention for which the union says it is prepared to seek legal recourse is in respect of a decision purportedly made by the Ministry of Education to [...]

    Police Say Burnt Vehicle Belonged to Felina James
    Albert Steven Moreira, believed to be Felina James’ killer, was arraigned for the crime of murder when he appeared in the magistrate’s court on Wednesday.  The B.D.F. soldier was reportedly [...]

    Trick or Treat, Money or Cell Phones
    While many were out trick or treating on Halloween night, a group of men decided to use their masks for more than just a scare.  They entered El Paso Junior [...]

    Manuel Espinosa Drowned in the Haulover Creek
    The lifeless body of Manuel Espinosa was retrieved from the Haulover Creek last weekend.  While it is the name given to him by others who know him, investigators are trying [...]

    Mother and Daughter Knocked Down in Corozal Town
    A six-year-old girl is seriously injured and remains in a critical condition at the Northern Regional Hospital after being knocked down in Corozal Town.  Destiny Williams and her mother Devonie [...]

    A Police Booth to Oversee Matron Roberts Health Center
    A police booth was opened today near Matron Roberts Centre in Belize City to serve as a deterrent to crime. The police presence in one of the City’s hot spots [...]

    The University of Belize in Financial Trouble
    The nation’s university is spending more than what is earns. That’s the revelation made today by President Professor Clement Sankat.  Sankat presented the university’s 2016-2017 Annual Report and Financial Audited [...]

    G.O.B. Plans to Increase Subventions to UB
    As Professor Sankat explained, the main sources of revenue for the university are tuition, fees, and government subventions. Sankat says that the university has commenced making efforts to tighten the [...]

    Opposition Leader John Briceño Takes on Prime Minister Dean Barrow
    It’s been tit for tat between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition John Briceño on the latter’s proposal to legalize marijuana, an issue that has been [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Sticks to his Position on Marijuana Legalization
    On the matter of marijuana legalization, one of the points raised by Prime Minister Dean Barrow as to why government does not support it has to do with the reaction [...]

    Learning About Copyright Laws
    The protection of original works by audio visual artists was the focus of a seminar on Wednesday in Belize City. The National Institute of Culture and History gathered professionals and [...]

    Impressive Statistics for Tourist Arrivals
    The Belize Tourism Board has released impressive statistics for tourist arrivals up to the third quarter of 2018.  Since the beginning of the year, there have been over three hundred [...]

    Belize Among Countries That Reject U.S. Embargo on Cuba
    Countries voted overwhelmingly today to reject the U.S. embargo on Cuba. A resolution presented by Cuba is titled “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the [...]

    A Gender Sensitive Training for the Judiciary
    Today, the members of the judiciary were away from the courts, as they converged at the Radisson for a training workshop to strengthen the courts in Belize and the rest [...]

    A Case of Sex Versus Gender
    The training will look at model guidelines for sexual offense cases in the Caribbean region and improving the treatment of survivors relating to family law and gender-based violence cases.  Chief [...]

    Red Cross Officials Receive Training in Psychosocial Support
    The Belize Red Cross is known for its relief efforts in the wake of disasters and tragedies. But what many do not know is that the worldwide non-profit organization offers [...]

    Breaking News: Halloween Day Robbery at Midtown Restaurant
    This just in…there was a robbery at a popular restaurant on Princess Margaret Drive on the entertainment strip. News Five has confirmed that about an hour ago, two men armed [...]

    A Grandmother and her Grandson are Dead, After Angry Father Plows Backhoe Through Their Home
    There are so many questions unanswered in the killing of a young child and his grandmother at the hands of the father of three. The unthinkable tragedy occurred at about [...]

    How Sam August Came Into Possession of a Backhoe
    Aside from Samuel August Senior being the father of three male children whose custodial rights were granted to their maternal grandmother by the family court, little else is known about [...]

    Opposition Leader Sends Messages of Condolences to Affected Family
    Belizeans across the country and overseas have been sharing messages of condolences with the family. Today, P.U.P. Leader John Briceño did the same, expressing sympathy, urging religious leaders to, once [...]

    B.N.T.U. to Demonstrate on November Seventh
    The Belize National Teachers Union is putting the government on notice that it will demonstrate one week from today, on Wednesday, November seventh in Belmopan. That was the announcement made [...]

    B.N.T.U. Says It Is Fighting for the Natural Justice of All Teachers
    According to the union, the minister agreed that two aspects of Proposal Twenty-Two would have been negotiated. It involves all high schools including Ecumenical, Toledo Community College, San Pedro High [...]

    Still No Decision on the Re-Categorization of Hardship Schools
    National President Elena Smith called out Education Minister Patrick Faber on his recent statements on the negotiations with the union. Smith produced signed documents and minutes of a previous meeting [...]

    B.N.T.U. Rejects the Withholding of Commuting Allowances
    The B.N.T.U. is also rejecting the decision by the Ministry of Education to withhold commuting allowance owed to teachers prior to 2017. The ministry has said it will not honour [...]

    B.D.F. Soldier Arraigned for Girlfriend’s Murder
    Belize City investigators believe that twenty-seven-year-old Albert Moriera brutally murdered thirty-seven-year-old Felina James. The B.D.F. soldier was arraigned this morning for the crime of murder and was remanded until November [...]

    Opposition Leader Says G.O.B. Had Plans to Legalize Marijuana
    Opposition Leader John Briceño created a buzz after he publicly announced his support for the legalization of marijuana. His stance on the legalization of marijuana has been met with support [...]

    Opposition Leader Takes on Health Minister on Marijuana Legalization
    That evidence surfaced on Tuesday in the form of letters. The letters document that there were discussions held in support of the legalization of marijuana. On February tenth, one of [...]

    Opposition Leader Calls for Minister Pablo Marin to Resign
    A second letter surfaced on Tuesday which speaks to Minister Marin’s support for the development of commercial production of hemp in the Stann Creek District. The letter, dated October fourteen [...]

    CitCo Lends a Helping Hand in Wake of Faber’s Road Tragedy
    The tragic incident that claimed the lives of five-year-old Samir August and his grandmother, fifty-three-year-old Louise Young on Faber’s Road in the wee hours of this morning has gripped the [...]

    Red Cross to Provide Psychosocial Support to Family
    The family is still dealing with the loss of lives even as a thirteen-year-old girl remains critical at the K.H.M.H. The trauma left behind by thirty-five-year-old Samuel August Senior has [...]

    An Update on John Briceño’s Listening Tour
    Earlier this month, P.U.P. Leader embarked on a countrywide listening tour to get a general feeling of party supporters on taking the Belize/Guatemala dispute to the International Case of Justice [...]

    A Short-term Sargassum Solution
    The seaweed epidemic which continues to affect tourism destinations across the country persists without a long-term remedy. In the meantime, government has stepped in to provide relief to seafront businesses [...]

    Sargassum Crisis: Help is on the Way
    Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr., explains how the earmarked funds will be used across the affected areas. He says that berms will be placed at specific locations to mitigate [...]

    A 2020 Population & Housing Census to Be Conducted
    Personnel at the Statistical Institute of Belize are getting ready for the 2020 national census. The population is expected to show growth of more than two percent annually since the [...]

    BCAPSS Comes Out Against Marijuana Legalization, Opposition Leader Responds
    Earlier in the newscast, Leader of the Opposition John Briceño lashed back at the P.M., over the legalization of marijuana. Briceño also responded to the press release fired off on [...]


    Police charge ex boyfriend for Felina James Murder
    The police department had made progress in solving the murder of Felina Margaret James. The mother of two was reported missing after she didn’t show up to take her kids from their babysitter. The hunt for James took place in Sarteneja, Belmopan and the Coastal Road. James’ vehicle was eventually found at a chop shop …

    Joseph Carr Monthly Road Races
    For the first time the PROTO Foundation is embarking on a monthly road race to embrace and encourage runners. The first race starts this weekend and has been dubbed the Joseph Carr Monthly Road Race. Each month’s race will be in honor of an athlete who will be recognized and remembered. Mark Usher, one of …

    Killing of of boy and grandmother is a “death investigation”
    Samuel August killed his 5-year-old son Samir and the boy’s maternal grandmother, 53-year-old Louise Young. August drove a Belize City Council front-end loader into their Faber’s Road home while they slept. During the process, he also injured a 13-year-old girl. The police department has been careful not to call it a murder but a death …

    Close to 25K stolen from Midtown
    There were three robberies that occurred in the Belize District last night; one in Ladyville, followed by another at the Farmer’s Market Roundabout and another on Newtown Barracks, also known as the entertainment strip. Midtown Restaurant, according to Police Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, was targeted by robbers who took a limited amount of cash and jewelry …

    Belize District BNTU holds AGM
    The Belize City branch of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) had its annual general meeting today. According to BNTU President Elena Smith, the union leaders are updating the teachers about the issues that have been at the forefront of their mandate. Elena Smith President BNTU: “What we do at these meetings we give updates …

    Zeta Robbed of Large Undisclosed amount of Cash
    Zeta Gas at mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway was also targeted by robbers before daybreak. The police say a large and undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the main office. Insp Wilfredo Ferrufino: “On the first of November at about 4:15 am Ladyville Police was called to Zeta compound, this would be …

    UB’s Annual Report 2016-2017
    This morning, Belize’s national university, the University of Belize, shared its 2016-2017 report with the media. The University of Belize has several faculties including: the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Arts, the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work, Faculty of Science and Technology and each of those …

    Police Booth Installed near clinic
    Part of the Belize City’s landscape and culture is the regular sightings of tacos stands and coke booths or kiosks. But the landscape, due to crime also has police booths. A small ceremony was held today to inaugurate the latest installation of a police booth on Magazine Road. Love News attended and found out why …

    Universal Hardware grand re-opening
    Universal Hardware has been in existence since 1993. Today a short ceremony was held for the grand re-opening of its Belize City branch located on Chetumal Street. The Managing Director, Norman Dueck, in his welcome address, shared the work that went into expanding the store. Norman Dueck: “It wasn’t easy. It has been a lot …

    Another GREAT initiative
    Today, twelve women graduated from a six month sewing class, which was offered by the Belize Police Department. The classes were a part of the police’s community initiatives under the Gang Resistance Education and Training program. ACP Roberto Mariano, the Sewing Instructor, spoke about the program. ACP Robert Mariano Sewing Instructor: “Teach the students how …

    Briceno calls for Marin’s resignation
    Last week, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, suggested that Belize would have a lot to gain economically if the government would export marijuana. Briceno’s suggestion received backlash from the Government of Belize as well as the church. Thereafter, it was revealed that the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, had endorsed the idea of …

    BNTU calls Education Minister a liar and promises to protest
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a meeting with representatives to accuse Minister of Education Patrick Faber of attempting to union bust, intimidation and outright lying. The Ministry also placed a deadline on a response from the Union and rather than through email, the union will take it to the pavement. Love news attended …

    SIB to conduct major population Census
    The SIB is working on a census of the population for 2020. It has access to funding via a project that will assist with the modernization of the SIB. The SIB census for 2020 will be upgraded with questionnaires which will be comparable to what’s done regionally. With a growing population since the last census …

    Prices have gone up an average of one percent for September
    SIB Stats (VO) The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) has released its monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI). (SIB VO) Prices have gone up an average of one percent for September, 2018. Transport has gone up 1. 7 percent. Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels are up by 1.5 percent. The only area that has …

    BTB coming to the aid of communities affected by sargassum
    The invasion of sargassum along Belize’s coastline has greatly affected the communities of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Hopkins and Placencia. These communities have been doing all that they can to minimize the amount of accumulation of sargassum on their sea front. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has come up with a strategy to fight this …

    BNTU will not give up on Proposal 22
    When it comes to proposal 22, the BNTU president cannot say enough that the Ministry of Education is a liar. It was a repeating theme at today’s press conference. Both current president Elena Smith and former president Luke Palacio spoke about the negotiations on proposal 22 which had started from 2008. The Union believes teachers …

    Briceno reveals the position of those in the south
    The Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, has been on a listening tour in order to get the people’s position as it relates to taking Guatemala’s territorial and maritime claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice. The first leg of his tour took him to the south. This afternoon, Briceno told the media …

    BNTU says Education Ministry refuses to honor outstanding increments and allowances
    The BNTU had been doing its due diligence on a number of issues. There have been cases and allegations that teachers were not being paid their increments and allowances on time. The Secretary-General of the BNTU, Keisha Young says that the Ministry of Education does not intend to honor retroactive commitments. Keisha Young BNTU General …

    The Reporter

    There are reports that the Freetown Drug Store in Belize City was just robbed. This information is just coming in, so as we get more details we will provide them to you. The Reporter is confirming reports that a special unit of the Police detained six men, including Mexicans and Belizeans, in a vehicle on the Hattieville Road earlier this afternoon.

    POLICE FIND THE BODY OF Celso Carcamo Jr., 22,
    The Reporter has confirmed that sometime this morning the Police found the body of a man identified as Celso Carcamo Jr., 22, hanging from a length ...

    Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for Cristo Rey resident Jodie Balona, 16. The student left her home last Thursday at around ...

    The Reporter has received surveillance footage of the robbery at Midtown Restaurant on Newtown Barracks earlier tonight. There is no official report yet ...

    REPORTER: News Staff, – This photo below was released via Facebook a short while ago. Seen here is Samuel August Sr., listed in stable condition at the KHMH, under Police ...

    REPORTER: News Staff, – Moments ago, the Belize National Teacher’s Union announced that it will be holding a demonstration on November 7 in front of the National Assembly building. The ...

    REPORTER: News Staff, – This afternoon Leader of the Opposition John Briceño responded to a release sent out by the Belize Catholic Association Principals of Secondary Schools (BCAPSS) yesterday. In ...

    REPORTER: News Staff, - On Tuesday evening, Police announced that they had formally arrested and charged BDF soldier Albert Stephen Moreira, 27, with the murder of Felina James, 37. There ...

    A Belize City Council employee allegedly went on a rampage shortly after 2:00 this morning, when he used a backhoe from his job to ram into the house where his ...

    The Faber’s Road community is still in shock as they view the damage left behind when Samuel August Sr. drove his backhoe through this home, killing his son and injuring three others. There is now confirmation that the grandmother of the children, Louise Young, was also killed.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize Territorial Volunteers announce solidarity with BNTU
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers ( BTV ) today issued a statement expressing solidarity with the Belize […]

    Belize Progressive Party supports BNTU 100%
    Today, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) issued a statement expressing its solidarity with the Belize National […]

    Family seeks public’s assistance in locating Zane Ireland
    The family of Blackman Eddy villager, Zane Ireland is seeking the public’s assistance in locating him. […]

    Government of Belize accedes to 6 Treaties
    The Government of Belize through the Attorney General’s Ministry has acceded to six treaties that will […]

    Police install booth near Matron Roberts Polyclinic
    This morning, the Belize Police Department installed a new booth near the Matron Roberts Polyclinic, to […] Belize to benefit from more infrastructural works

    Belize to benefit from more infrastructural works
    On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow informed the nation that several huge infrastructural developments will […]

    PM Barrow shares viable timeline for ICJ litigation
    Belize’s upcoming national referendum is scheduled for April 10, 2019. The question of taking Guatemala’s […]

    Cost of living up again!
    During the month of September, Belizeans paid an average of $1 more for goods and services […]

    PM Barrow says no to marijuana legalization; Health Ministry says cannabis plans were seen as ‘new economic opportunities’
    The Ministry of Health today issued a statement to clarify its position on the use of […]

    Exports take another major hit
    The revenue Belize earns from exports were down by more than 20 percent for the month […]

    Transport minister meets Cuban Ambassador
    Today, Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro, met with Cuba’s Ambassador to […]

    Tourism arrivals to Belize experience ‘impressive’ growth
    On Monday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow commended the Belize tourism sector and the Belize Tourism […]

    BTB secures assistance for stakeholders in Sargassum affected areas
    In light of the challenges posed by sargassum on Belize’s tourism industry, the Belize Tourism […]

    BNTU prepares to send message with demonstration
    The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) will be holding a demonstration in Belmopan on November […]

    Belize supports #Unblock Cuba at UN
    The 73rd session of the United Nations (UN) takes place today and tomorrow at the United […]

    One dead, several injured in Belize City tragedy
    In the wee hours this morning a tragedy was recorded on Belize City’s southside. Samuel […]


    Witnessing greatness: Flying over Victoria Peak with Tropic Air
    The second highest peak in the country, Victoria Peak is located within the Maya Mountains inside the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Standing at 3,670 feet high, the natural monument was named in honor of Queen Victoria. A cluster of mountains, the tallest of which falls just 18 feet below Doyle’s Delight, Victoria Peak is a rugged terrain that can be hiked and is home to a variety of plants and animals unique to Belize. Several other social studies/geography tidbits flooded my mind as we flew south to Stann Creek from San Pedro Town bright and early in the morning. Nothing, however, prepared me for the vistas I saw outside my window seat. The actual reason for flying over was not because I’m a special superstar, but rather because it was a chance to catch a master in action. Tony Rath, one of Belize’s brilliant and talented photographers, was strapped down in another plane with an open side, loaded down with camera equipment to capture the best of Victoria Peak for Tropic Air.

    International Sourcesizz

    Skip Tulum This Winter and Travel to Belize Instead
    If you’re experiencing Cancún and Tulum fatigue just about now, take a southbound turn down the Yucatán coast to Belize. Mexico’s sparsely-populated, majority English-speaking southern neighbor has been a low key tourists’ gem for some time—filmmaker Sofia Coppola, who owns a holiday home there, is one well-known fan—offering a colorful hybrid of Latin and Caribbean cultures set against a backdrop of deep blue water and wild tropical foliage. Despite a lack of large hotel chains and sprawling resorts, Belize is one of the easiest countries to travel through. That’s in part thanks to the famously hospitable Belizean people, but also the close proximity of its cities—connected through a network of small planes operated by just two local airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. For less than a hundred bucks, you could hop from the rural, canopied southern district of Toledo to the expat-beloved peninsula of Placencia; or from the cave-tubing hotspots in Cayo District to the resort town of San Pedro. Here, we break down the perfect week-long itinerary in Belize, starting with adventures in the southern rainforest and ending with your toes in the sand on the country’s biggest island.

    Belize Is the Caribbean’s Fastest-Growing Destination
    Belize’s 2018 tourism boom is showing no signs of slowing down. The destination is the fastest-growing in the Caribbean this year so far, with a total of 372,075 stayover tourist arrivals through the end of September — a 16.6 percent increase compared to the same period last year. It’s an impressive performance for a destination, buoyed in large part by significant growth in new air routes, from both United States-based carriers like Southwest Airlines and a surge from Canada and airlines like WestJet. The country is also seeing a surge in cruise passenger arrivals, with a 19.9 percent increase compared to the first nine months of 2017 — representing a total of 870,168 total cruise arrivals.

    Nelson heads to retirement
    Tom Nelson doesn’t need a calendar. He has the dates memorized. Jan. 31 is his final day at City Hall in Corvallis. On Feb. 9 he and his wife, Kim, fly to their condo at Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize. And they aren’t coming back until June. Nelson flips open a tablet and smiles. There it is. The view from the condo. Locally made mahogany furniture on the shady balcony. Palm trees. Blue sea. Another island in view. And, in the distance, the barrier reef that is one of Belize’s major attractions. “I’ll be sitting there just watching the ocean,” Nelson said in a Thursday interview at City Hall. “Just sipping a drink.”

    A Caribbean Secretary-General for the OAS
    It’s time for a Caribbean Secretary-General of the Organisation of American States. Over the last 70 years, since its formation, the OAS has had 10 Secretaries-General and one Acting Secretary-General.   None have come from the Caribbean even though Caribbean countries started being members of the Organisation from its inception in 1948 (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), or 1967 (Trinidad and Tobago), if we take account of English-Speaking Caribbean countries only. Using 1967 as the start date for English-Speaking Caribbean countries, in 51 years no English-speaking Caribbean country has held the post of Secretary-General.


  • Prime Minister Dean Barrow's recent press conference, 2hr.

  • Swim Throughs in Belize, 1min. We had a great time diving in Belize. San Pedro was pretty darn cool.

  • Hanal Pixan a Belizean Yucatec Maya tradition 2018, 1.5min. Hanal Pixan is a tradition done by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize to honor their dead . The Yucatec Maya are found in Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo.

  • Belize Prime Minisiter short State Of The Nation Address Oct 2018, 36min. Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow delivers a short State Of The Nation Address after being absent for 6 weeks following back surgery in Cuba.

  • Climb Ancient Temples in Belize’s Maya Ruins, 4min. The ancient Maya settlement of Caracol is uncrowded with tourists, but filled with breathtaking views and nearby hidden gems.

  • Belize Open Week, 5min. One week of Open Government training in Belize can contribute to making the country reach its potential of becoming the regional Open Data epicenter. Belize Open Week organized by The Trust for the Americas and Organization of American States (OAS)

  • That’s a lot of BOOBIES! | Most beautiful Island in Belize | Halfmoon Caye, 15min. Welcome to Halfmoon Caye in Lighthouse Reef Belize, the most beautiful island in Belize! After temporarily patching a hole in Little Shit we head ashore to explore Halfmoon Caye. The island is an official bird sanctuary and we enjoyed watching hundreds of Red Footed Boobies and Frigate birds soar through the sky as well as observing their colony in the trees.

  • A Day in the Life of a Turneffe Fisher, 5min. The Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve is Belize's largest Marine Protected Area just 50km off the coast of Belize City. A place of incredible beauty, it is also a vital fishing ground for fishermen from all over Belize. After years of misuse, the atoll is now managed by the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association as a multiuse reserve which, with the support of local fishers, is working to protect and conserve Turneffe for future generations to enjoy.

  • The Belize Brain Awareness Society (BBAS) - awareness about brain disease, 16min. The Belize Brain Awareness Society (BBAS) continues its work to raise awareness about brain disease. They are observing Brain Tumor Awareness Week to educate the public about brain tumors and the treatment and support available locally. We spoke with Dr. Ramon Yacab, Oncologist with the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), about the causes, symptoms and treatment of brain tumors. He spoke of the support services offered through the BBAS and how you can become a member to help those in need.

  • Belize 2001 with Scuba Dick, 23min. After getting blown off the previous year by Hurricane Keith a group of MDS divers came back to Ambergus Caye to dive.

  • Belize Hurricane Keith 2000 with Scuba Dick, 9min. In September 2000 a group of MDS divers went to Belize to dive. We left Houston not knowing that Hurricane Keith had its eye on Belize. We landed in Belize City and were stranded as the jet hightailed it out of there empty. We were to go to Ambergus Key but luckily they put us up at a hotel in Belize City. Over the next several days the Hurricane took out the power and blew water into our rooms. The hotel housed and fed us all through this process.

  • Sports Talk Show, 80min.

  • Garifuna Drum Making in Hopkins Village, 5min.

  • Halloween face Painting, 30min. Tiffannie Mossiah showcased her artistic abilities and created this special effects masks. If you are still deciding on a mask to complete your costume she demonstrated how to make a "melted face clown." The effect was achieved using latex glue, paper towels, concealer, eye shadow and fake blood.

  • Halloween Cookies, 17min. What is Halloween without the treats? Tanya Vernon is the owner of Sweet Indulgence. She was our guest to show us how to make and decorate cookies for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters.

  • Copyright compliance - Institute of Creative Arts, 44min. Copyright compliance continues to be an emerging issue for those in media and production. The Film and Media Unit of the Institute of Creative Arts is hosting a workshop to assist industry professionals with learning how to manage copyright in audiovisual production. The workshop takes place on Wednesday 31st October at the Caribbean Tires Conference Room. We spoke with organizers about how the sessions will equip participants to be more compliant with international standards. They also talked about how they are supporting local producers to create content with international appeal. On set: Jackie Castillo - Industry Development Officer, Institute of Creative Arts. Nigel Miguel - Belize Film Commissioner. Chris Pack - Executive Producer, II Jam Casting & Productions (Media Productions).

  • The Cuban government - UN Resolution to end the "economic, commercial and financial blockade, 51min. The Cuban government has tabled a UN Resolution to end the "economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against CUBA." The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Belize, HE Lissette Perez Perez, was our guests to talk about the impact of the embargo that has been in effect for six decades. She talked about how it has impacted on the country's economic potential and development.

  • Turnip tailed gecko. , 2min. it stores fats in its tail for as we say. haad time...

  • Cayo Cancer Walk 2018 Video, 5min. Adma Chuc shot and edited a feel good video of the Cancer Walk. Great to see such a huge turnout from the community. "Cancer Walk 2018. Adma's photography, Video edited by : Mary Adma Robinson Pictures will be posted on the S.I Cancer Society Page . Making and editing this Video was so emotional."

  • YL Belize Follow-Up Camp Oct 2018, 5min. at Banana Bank Lodge.

  • Epic Belize Spearfishing Adventure!, 5min.

  • The perfect Bait used to Land a Shark 100% percent Island Style, 2.5min.

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