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January 20, 2018


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The San Pedro Sun

Meet the 2018 San Pedro Pirates Football Club Players!
As the new season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) has commenced, The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce to their fans the players that form the San Pedro Pirates Football Club.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks win opening 2018 NEBL game against Belmopan Bandits
The new season of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) tipped off on Thursday, January 18th, with sub-champions, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks, taking their first victory against the defending 2017 champions, the Belmopan Bandits. Inside the University of Belize gymnasium in the capital city of Belmopan, the island team dominated the match during all four quarters, nailing a 103-74 victory. During the last minutes of the game, the Bandits made a series of scores in an attempt to level with their opponent, but the visiting squad simply returned with buckets of their own. With a long three-pointer shot by Afri Black, the Tiger Sharks sealed the game with a final score of 103-74. The Tiger Sharks’ next game will be on Friday, January 26th against Verdes at the Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio, Cayo District.

One Suspect Detained For The Murder Of Alfredo Cowo
San Pedro Police are investigating the murder of Alfredo Cowo who was shot in the early hours of Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the San Pedro Central Park. Police have one person in custody in relations to the murder of Cowo. Belize City Police came to the island to assist in investigations that led to the detainment of on suspect, of which police are not releasing much information about.

U.S State Department issues Travel Advisory for Belize; island businesses not affected
The United States State Department issued a travel advisory for Belize on Wednesday, January 10th, warning American citizens to exercise caution when in the country. The advisory states that violent crime, such as sexual assault, armed robbery, and murder are common in Belize and local police lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents. Despite this warning, hoteliers and other members of the tourism sector on Ambergris Caye continue to report good business. They regret the advisory, which puts a black eye on the country but they encourage visitors to continue visiting Belize and the island for a memorable getaway.

Meet your 2018 Municipal Elections Mayoral Candidates
With the municipal elections right around the corner, The San Pedro Sun takes the opportunity to present the Mayoral Candidates to the San Pedro Town public. As such, questions have been issued to all candidates in an effort to learn more about them. Editor’s Note: The San Pedro Sun invited both the UDP and PUP candidates to respond to the following questions. The United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate, Daniel Guerrero, declined to participate. Candidate Name: Andre Perez Representing Party: People’s United Party Why are you running, and what makes you a good Mayoral Candidate? I, Andre Perez, am offering myself for Mayor of San Pedro Town for the reason that this town is my home. It’s a beautiful place to behold and, therefore, we must preserve its resources at all costs.

Ambergris Today

One Suspect Detained For The Murder Of Alfredo Cowo
San Pedro Police are investigating the murder of Alfredo Cowo who was shot in the early hours of Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the San Pedro Central Park. Police have one person in custody in relations to the murder of Cowo. Belize City Police came to the island to assist in investigations that led to the detainment of on suspect, of which police are not releasing much information about.

Misc Belizean Sources


Koko King Movie Night
The sun is out at the end of a miserable week - come and enjoy Dinner and a Movie - Tadeo Jones 2 first and then The Princess Bride to follow. Kids meals, popcorn and marshmallows are available.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Thank You For Your Service, BOO2!, Three Billboards, Jigsaw. 2 Mexican Comedians will be performing life on Saturday Night in the big, brought to you by Reef Radio.. $25 pre order $30 door .. There will still be movies playing in the small room simultaneously.

Ten Years since the Passing of Andy Vivian Palacio
Today Friday 19th, 2018 marks 10 years since the untimely passing of one of Belize’s Greatest Musical Ambassadors and Cultural icons, the legendary Andy Vivian Palacio. He will forever live on in our hearts and memories.

The Government of Belize (GOB) through the Supplies Control Unit (SCU), would like to advise the general public that it has arrived at a successful agreement with the importers of LPG and wishes to inform that the supply of LPG to Belize will remain uninterrupted. The GOB further advises that there will be no immediate adjustment to the controlled price of LPG following the last adjustment issued on January 13th, 2018. LPG prices are subject to seasonal adjustments, volatility of which is pegged to external market dynamics, specifically, the price of oil and climatic conditions. Despite this, the GOB has not adjusted the controlled prices for LPG since January of 2017. The Government of Belize will continue to ensure stability in the controlled price of LPG to consumers and at the same time secure its continuous supply for all end users.

Government of Belize Issues Statement on Incident at the Western Border
The Ministry of Defence wishes to make clear that the Belize Defence Force (BDF) was not involved in a recent incident at the Benque Viejo del Carmen Border involving a Guatemalan media personnel. The Belize Defence Force does not currently have a permanent presence at the Western Border or any other formal border entry facility. The BDF at all times would only attend to matters at these facilities on a needs basis. The BDF, therefore, was not at the Western Border Facility at the time of the incident. Security at these Border Facilities is the responsibility of the Border Management Authority assisted by permanent police outposts.

Belize Hotel Association will be at the Washington Travel and Adventure Show this weekend
January 20 & 21 at the Washington Convention Center. Stop in at our booth # 521 and let us help you plan your next exciting Belize Vacation!!

Looking for Literacy Intervention Specialists
Are you a US citizen with expertise in early childhood literacy, literacy intervention strategies, designing educational materials, and delivering effective teacher training for literacy? Are you interested in helping the Ministry of Education in Belize expand its national literacy initiative? Peace Corps Response seeks 7 Literacy Intervention Specialists to volunteer in Belize for 11 months to further this initiative. Consider sharing your skills, expertise and enthusiasm with us and APPLY TODAY to be here in June!

Ya’axché is seeking a consultant to provide financial management training
Between February 10th and March 31st 2018. Ya’axché now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Expression of interest should include a résumé/CV and proposed budget and must be emailed to christina.garcia(a) by 8 am on Friday, January 26th.

Channel 7

Cowo Killer Charged
San Pedro Police have arrested a man for the execution style murder of Alfredo Cowo. It happened early on Tuesday morning in the center of the town - when a lone gunman walked up and shot Cowo in the chest. Well, based on an ID parade, and, reportedly, corroboration from his accomplice, police have arrested and charged 33 year old San Pedrano William Godoy for Murder. He was charged this evening, and is expected to be arraigned on Monday. Police believe the murder is the result of underworld dealings related to drugs. As we reported, the 26 year old Cowo had a 7 and half page rap sheet including 43 charges and 9 convictions.

Foreign Minister Speaks on Kaibiles Coming Over To Belize Side
Last night, we showed you that leaked video surveillance footage from the Benque Viejo Border where 3 Guatemalan soldiers waltzed into the Belize Immigration Hall. As we told you, those with experience in border relations see it a major disrespect, but these soldiers came over to the Belizean side on Tuesday night at around 8:30. They were there to inquire about an incident that had occurred earlier in the day. One of the soldiers, a Kaibil, spoke to the on-duty immigration officer, but he was directed to take his inquiries to the OAS Office. Government sources tell us that they were on Belizean territory for about 10 minutes or so after started going around.

Opposition Leader Says UDP Gov't Needs Help On Foreign Affairs
And Opposition Leader John Briceno had his own take on it today. He says the government negotiators need help from the PUP. CTV-3 caught up with Briceno on the campaign trail in Corozal. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "The Guatemalan military brazenly walked into our territory with complete disregard to our borders. We are calling out the government that we need to be able to act and address these things expeditiously. We can't wait. We need to act on it very quickly. We in the PUP we stand ready to work with the government on this matter. We cannot sit back idly and allow the Guatemalans to just move in as easily as they wish into our territory. We need to call them out. We need to write the OAS. We need to write the Security Council. We need to write the UN. We need to be able to visit the Friends of Belize all over the world; in Central America, the Caribbean, United States, Canada and meet with their foreign minister to tell them to look at what is happening and we need your support."

What Really Happened With the Guatemalan Journalist
Those Guatemalan soldiers were trying to get a clear understanding of what happened when a Guatemalan journalist came in contact with a Belize police officer in in the Adjacency Zone area. That journalist, Rigoberto Escobar, reported that he was attacked by Belizean law enforcement in the Adjacency Zone - also known as the Belize border - because he was trying to get footage of the area. According to the report from the Prensa Libre newspaper he works for, a policeman and 2 civilians approached him and told him to leave. That's allegedly when the officer assaulted him. After the incident, he reported it to the Guatemalan customs. This cell phone video of the incident, courtesy Jose Sanchez, shows Escobar in a confrontation with a Belizean police officer. In the footage, it appears that the officer is calmly trying to tell him that he is not allowed to use his camera in that location. Escobar appears to be confronting the officer insisting that he should be allowed to carrying his business. The video does not show what, if anything, happened after that.

Hon. Elrington Says US Work Visa Eligibility Revocation for Belizeans Isolated
We also took the opportunity to ask Elrington about the ban that the US Department of Homeland Security placed on Belizeans who are no longer eligible to get H2 or work visas. The US Department of Homeland Security published a decision that Belize, Haiti and Samoa are to be put on a list of countries whose citizens can't get this class of visas. The ban will last for 1 year, at least and the US Government's reason for it is that the authorities here are not doing enough to combat human trafficking. The Federal Register says, quote, "Belize is listed on the U.S. Department of State's 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report as a Tier 3'' country. Tier 3'' means the country does not fully meet the Trafficking Victims Protection Act's minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so."

Opposition Leader Says Visa Ban Due To UDP Corruption
And we also have reaction from opposition leader John Briceno. He says the ban on workers visas is all about the actions, and inaction of the UDP: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "The reality is that the United States government has been calling out the government on the serious issues of human trafficking. The United States have been calling out the government on issues of drug trafficking in this country and they believe that they are high officials that are involved both in human trafficking and drug trafficking and that we are turning a blind eye and until we take decisive steps, until we take decisive actions, they are going to continue to punish."

Butane Companies Come Around To GOB's Price Solution, But For How Long?
All this week - the Central American companies that import butane or LPG into Belize have been shorting their supply. They've also threatened to cut off that supply - trying to force government into the second increase in a week. As we reported, last week Friday's increase pushed the price per hundred pound cylinder up by seven dollars. But the suppliers say world prices have cut deep into their margins, and they need the increase. But, after a few tough days of negotiation with the Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Economic Development, all sides have agreed that the price will remain as is - for now. A release issued this afternoon says quote, "The Government of Belizehas arrived at a successful agreement with the importers of LPGthe supply of LPG to Belize will remain uninterrupted."

UB Says More Students Than Ever Can't Pay
The University of Belize says it has seen, quote, "an unprecedented rise in students' inability to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner, end quote. In response, President Clement Sankat has written a letter to students saying, quote, "if you haven't met your 40% payment that was due yesterday, let me set your heart at ease and tell you unequivocally, that we are not going to remove your registration at this time." But, the university warns, it can only help so much. The President urges students to visit the accounts receivable office to set up a payment plan - because, quote, "the extent of what the University can offer is limited - UB can only be as flexible as our financial circumstances will permit. The students have until a March 30th deadline to meet their obligations.

Belize Deportations From US Much Lower Than Neighbors
By now, we all know that - for the next year at least - Belizeans will not be eligible for US "H2" workers visas. And while much has been made of US President Donald Trump's closed immigration policies, since he was elected fewer Belizeans have been deported. Statistics from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement show, first, that our Central American neighbors lead the list for number of deportations. Positions one through four for the most deportees are held by our neighbors, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Our other Central American neighbor, Nicaragua is at number 11. And while those Central American Nations have hundreds of thousands of deportees - Belize is way down the list at #47 wth just 82 deportees in 2017 - which is down 30% from the previous year's total of 120.

A Conference On Counselling
Today marked the second day of a two day workshop that was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and The New York Mount Sinai University. The workshop was focused on Mental Health. We spoke Eleanor Bennett from the Ministry of Health who gave us more insight to the different mental Health topics that were discussed. Eleanor Bennett, Ministry of Health - Mental Health Unit: "It's really a workshop that is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Mount Saini University in New York. We have 2 facilitators from that university who have come here to talk about various issues of mental health and the objective of their visit is to increase the knowledge and skills of the practicing professionals in the mental health field."

Fire Victims Still Out In The Cold, But Rebounding
On Wednesday we told you about the fire on Glenn Street that destroyed three homes leaving 8 families homeless. The City Council and the Sports Council temporarily housed them in dorms at the MCC football facility. This morning we stopped by and caught up with one of the victims Rutillo Villanueava. He and his family of 12 lost everything but they are grateful for the assistance they are receiving. Rutillo Villanueva, Fire Victim: "I need a house I can't stay here for long they just gave us three days." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "So you have a time limit?" Rutillo Villanueva: "Well they told me until Saturday but if I can't get by Saturday I think they have to try and extend it. I am around looking but it is hard. Apart from everything the people are looking after us. We have a good place. We have clean bathrooms and everything. Yes ma'am I can't complain. I am glad for the help and I appreciate it."

Caught With Contraband/Weed
This morning Orange Walk police raided the home of 29 year old Guadalupe Reymundo Flores. They were looking for drugs, but found a whole lot more. The search turned up over three pounds of weed in a knapsack along with 60 cases of assorted Mexican beers, various sodas, over 20 sacks of flour, as well as 1 sack of onions and a box of tomatoes. All the contraband was handed over to customs while Flores was charged for "Drug Trafficking."

Foreign Minister Defends Fugitive Brother
At the top of the news, we showed you our interview with Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on several newsmaking topics. We also asked about - something that's kind of been on the back burner - and that's his brother Dr. Errol Elrington. He made headlines back in July of 2014. That's when the website of the Office of the US Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services listed him on its "fugitive profiles" page. In October of 2013, an arrest warrant was issued for Elrington for racketeering, Medicaid fraud and health care fraud. Investigators believe that Elrington falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 US for services that he never performed, and that he employed an unlicensed physician who allegedly engaged in criminal sexual misconduct.

Robber Made Off With Iphone X
A man was robbed of his latest Apple phone and watch at a local fast food joint. Yesterday at 6:50 28 year old Bunty Ponwani says he was at a fast food spot on the southside when a man walked into the restaurant and held him up with what looked like a gun. He handed over a black iPhone X cell phone, valued at $2,200 dollars, and an Apple watch valued at $1,000 dollars. The man ran off with the high valued items and his wallet. Police have made no arrests.

Ras Indio Promises U.N.I.T.Y
Unity. That is the name of Queen Latifah's hit song released in 1993 and now Belizean artist Ras Indio along with Boss Lady have done what could be called a 25th anniversary remix. For them, the message of the song is what they want people to hear. Today they stopped by our studios to share more on the song - whose relevance may be greater than ever: The video for the song is available on youtube or at Das Indio's Facebook page.

The Wonders of Cedar Bark Celebrated
Cocono Bwai is another artist premiering a new video. Cecil Jenkins is committed to keeping the "Brokdong" Tradition alive. He told us how his new song, Cedar Bark builds on the tradition - by extolling the virtues of a roots remedy for all that ails you: And he's not only pushing the genre forward with new songs - Cocono bwai is also introducing a "Brokdong Band". He says he saw how essential this was when he recently went on a trade show tour to Russia:.. You can find Coconobwai's new song on his Facebook page.

Everyone For Ecumenical
Stann Creek Ecumenical High School is hosting two fundraiser events to support their school initiatives. The first is a pageant where 5 girls will give all they have to get the Ms. Ecumenical title. The participants along with the Pageant coordinator told us more about the event and what the proceeds will be used for. Christie Garbutt, Pageant Coordinator, Ecumenical High School "We are promoting our Ms. Ecumenical pageant 2018-2019. It is going to be held under the theme Southern beauty. We have 5 delegates and each of them is going to be representing a Southern product." Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "What product are you representing?" Chloe Ann Gongora, Pageant Participant: "I am the representing the Cocoa. All of us bring something unique to the table so everybody has a different talent so we all bring diversity and uniqueness."

ESTM Expanding Rapidly
Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico in San Roman village is a fast growing school in the Corozal District. The total enrollment has increased by 51% in the past 10 years. And to accommodate their 200 third form students they've been using temporary structures for certain subject areas. Now, they've gotten a brand new building from the Social Investment Fund - which was handed over today. The Principal told us more: Principal: "Well we just inaugurated a building with 6 classrooms which we will be able to accommodate our entire 3rd form. That means we have freed up some space where we can double the space for the home economics, have an art gallery, a gymnasium, and a room for the student government to meet."

Channel 5

Butane Prices to Go Up, But Not Till March
Brace yourself for another increase in butane prices. That’s the official word from the government following eight days of negotiations with Liquid Petroleum Gas Importers: BWEL, Gas Tomza and Zeta [...]

Guatemala Gets Its Way: O.A.S.’ Magdalena Talamas Exits
There have been developments in respect of relations with Guatemala. Special Representative of the O.A.S. Secretary General for Belize-Guatemala Affairs, Magdalena Talamas, has been reassigned from her post at the [...]

Showdown at the Border in Guat Journalist’s Own Words
Still on Guatemala…a journalist Rigoberto Escobar Lopez who claims he was assaulted on Tuesday at the adjacency zone at the western border is taking his case to the Guatemalan Human [...]

Benefit Concert for Fire Victims this Weekend
As many as thirty-eight persons, adults and children, have been left homeless due to raging fires in Belize City. This weekend, twenty-five artists and fifteen DJ’s are coming together in [...]

10 Years On, F.C.D. Recounts Shifts in Illegal Activity in Chiquibul
Over the years, we’ve reported on the work of the Friends for Conservation and Development and the illegal activities of Guatemalans inside the Chiquibul. We’ve documented the incursions and the [...]

Arrest Made in Death of Alfredo Cowo
Thirty-three-year-old San Pedrano William Godoy has been formally arrested and charged for the murder of Alfredo Cowo. Cowo was killed on Tuesday morning as he sat in a golf cart [...]

Blaming Police for Shootings ‘Irresponsible’, Chides Foreign Minister
A string of unrelated, fatal shootings across the country, involving police officers and allegations of their participation in these incidents, has given the department another black-eye.  The most recent cases [...]

Guinea Grass Man Charged for Drugs, Contraband
Guadalupe Reymundo Flores, a labourer of Guinea Grass village, Orange Walk was charged for drug trafficking and also faces a Customs case after a major bust was made this morning [...]

Sports Council Seeks Compromise with Footballers on M.C.C. Use
For the past several weeks, there has been controversy brewing over the use of the football pitch at the MCC Grounds.  The sporting facility is utilized for a number of [...]

U.B. Responds to Graduation Crisis
Earlier this year, we reported on the concerns of some students from the University of Belize, who had completed their programs at the institution in July and December 2017, but [...]

Winston Gordon Charged in Camalote RTA
Belmopan police have charged the driver involved in the collision death of Leonte Ampie of Unitedville, Cayo District last December. There was a collision at Mile fifty on the George [...]

U.S. Warns Against Increased Crime for American Tourists
Despite the hopes of Belizean officials that Belize’s vote against the U.S. over Jerusalem at the United Nations would not have repercussions; there are two instances in which the giant [...]

Court’s Ex Parte Order Separates Mom, Daughter
A six-year-old girl and her mother were separated by police on Thursday afternoon after the Belize Family Court granted an interim order of custody to the child’s father. The case [...]

Family Court Complaints Increase
Vasquez contends that neither the attorney nor her daughter were called prior to the impromptu afternoon court session, and thus lost their chance to tell their side of the story. [...]

Who Will Be Miss Ecumenical?
Simultaneous fundraising activities are underway at the Ecumenical High School in Dangriga. Today, a team traveled from the south to Belize City to spread the word on its mission to [...]

S.C. Ecumenical Offers Wingle in Raffle
Meanwhile, the teachers over at the college are also giving you an opportunity of a lifetime – ten dollars to win a 2017 Great Wall Wingle pickup, valued at thirty-five [...]

10 Years On: Memories of the Great Andy Palacio
A decade ago, one of Belize’s finest artists died: Andy Palacio, who placed Belize on the international music charts transitioned at the peak of his musical


Extradition process against Attorney Andrew Bennett commences
Belizean Attorney Andrew Bennett is out on bail tonight. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer for arraignment on an extradition request. Bennett is wanted in the US territory of Puerto Rico for money laundering charges. He denies the allegations and today the Chief Magistrate, after considering all factors, granted Bennett bail at a cost …

OAS explores the possibility of a witness protection program in Belize
A workshop hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS) in collaboration with the Government of Belize through the office of the Attorney General Ministry ended today. The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen the human and institutional capacities in the application of sub-regional instruments in order to protect victims, witnesses and other persons …

Belizeans banned from applying for H-2A and H-2B US visas
Belizeans will no longer be able to apply for H-2A and H-2B US visas. This is because the United States Government has banned Belizeans along with Haitians and Samoans from applying for the temporary work visas. The decision was announced by the Department of Homeland Security and the official notice was issued to the Belizean …

Guatemalan soldiers casually walk into Belize’s Western Border office
An alarming video of Guatemalan Armed Forces on Belizean soil has surfaced. The video was captured by a security camera at Belize’s Western Border office. The video shows three men, one of which appears to be a Kaibil, known for their specialized training in Guatemala’s armed forces. The men casually walk into the Customs area …


Latest Belize City murder victim is Quincy Gentle
Another man was shot and killed in Belize City. 28 year old Quency Jaime Michael Gentle was shot to the right side of his abdomen and to the center of the chest sometime around 10:55 p.m. as he was walking on Kelly Street. Police told us about this latest murder. ASP Alejandro Cojo- O.C of N.C.I.B...

Suspect detained in Alfredo Cowo murder
There has been much speculation regarding the motive for the murder of Alfredo Cowo who was shot dead early Tuesday morning. Cowo was socializing on a golf cart along with his pregnant girlfriend in front of Jaguars Night club on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, around 12:30 on the morning of Tu...

Police still investigating Mario Vernon killing; despite charge laid
Another case where a police officer has been charged with a crime is in the shooting death of Mario Vernon which took place on Saturday January 13th in Punta Gorda. As we told you, family members of Vernon are not happy with the charge of “Manslaughter” which has been levied against PC Tevin Aranda...

Attorney Andrew Bennett arraigned on extradition request
Belizean attorney Andrew Bennett appeared in court this morning for arraignment on a US extradition request and was granted bail in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars. As we have reported, Bennett is facing multiple indictments in the US for money laundering. He appeared before Chief Magistrate...

Police investigating taped conversation with Mark Pollard’s family members
Jose Espat has been investigating the disappearance of Mark Pollard. [MARK POLLARD PIC] Pollard went missing back in July of last year when he went on his morning jog. Police have been investigating the matter as well, but according to Espat, he has given the police a piece of evidence that they sho...

Still no sign of Andy Rhaburn
Andy Rhaburn has still not been found as yet. Today, police say they got some tips as to his whereabouts but none of them has yielded any results. 26 year old Rhaburn allegedly hit his mother in the head with a crowbar and then hit another woman. [BRAULIA PECH PIC] His mother, 56 year old Braulia ...

Police updates on shooting of Belize City couple
Today, police gave updates on other shooting incidents that have happened since the beginning of this week. We have reported on the shooting of a couple who were seated in a parked car. Both survived the incident.[ POLICE COUPLE SHOT INSERT] Cattousse is still admitted at the KHMH in a stable condit...

Police investigating Justin Stevens shooting
Another shooting incident the police are investigating is that of 23 year old Justin Stevens. Stevens was shot to the ankle. [POLICE JUSTIN STEVENS INSERT] Police say that Stevens was shot before some years ago....

Peace march in Independence: remembering Victor Pau
The Student Government of Independence Junior College organized a peace march in their community on Wednesday, January 17. The idea for the march stems from the still unsolved murder of one of their colleagues in that community. You may recall that in December of last year, twenty one year old Vict...

Climate change Training Workshop comes to an end
A Climate Change Impacts Tools and Models Training Workshop came to an end today in Belmopan. The training was held over a 9 day period through the collaborative effort of the Climate Change Center, The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, and Environment and the United Nations Development ...

Belizeans no longer eligible for seasonal work visas in US
Belizeans are no longer eligible to apply for seasonal work visas to the United States of America. The Trump administration made its determination on Wednesday, 17th January, 2018, through its Department of Homeland Security. Belize has been named alongside Haiti and Samoa as the three countries whi...

Post mortem inconclusive in death of Joycelyn Dominquez
Last Friday, the body of Joycelyn Dominguez was found on a bed in an apartment in Bella Vista Village in the South. Police were waiting for the results of the post mortem examination but that came back as inconclusive and so the cause of death is now pending a toxicology study. Police say there were...

Butane companies plan shortage for increased prices?
We have been informing Belizeans of another possible increase in butane prices, although Government just approved a $7 increase in butane prices across the country last Friday. Plusnews understands that although the Government is fighting hard to keep butane prices at a reasonable place, its back ma...


Quincy Gentle, 28, executed on Kelly Street
Wednesday night’s murder on Belize City’s north side has all the hallmarks of a gang execution. The victim, Quincy Gentle, 28, considered an associate of the Majestic Alley/Kelly Street/Ghost Town gangs, was gunned down just a stone’s throw away from his home on Wilson Street in Belize City. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alejandro Cowo, today told the press that when Gentle reached the junction of Kelly Street and Wilson Street, a gunman emerged and opened fire on him. He was hit multiple times in the midsection by the assailant, who then fled the scene.

Belize officials’ response to Guat cattle ranching in Chiquibul “very weak”
The lands in the sprawling Chiquibul forest reserves continue to attract Guatemalans who continue to plunder the resources of this sensitive area of Belize by harvesting xaté leaves, panning for gold, hunting protected game, and logging, but now, wealthy Guatemalans have been systematically introducing cattle ranching in the area. According to the Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Raphael Manzanero, cattle ranching has been going on in the southern Chiquibul for almost two years now. Amandala spoke to Idelso Leslie, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would go about dealing with this problem.

Andrew Bennett released on $100,000 bail
For the first time since Belize signed an extradition treaty with the United States in 2000, someone for whom the US has issued an extradition request was released on bail at the Magistrate’s Court level. That is what happened this morning when the attorney, Andrew Bennett, 46, appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser to begin his extradition case. After an almost hour-long submission by Bennett’s lead attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, during which he highlighted for the court some of the important judicial precedents that have been established in the rather complicated extradition process, Chief Magistrate Fraser agreed to grant bail to Bennett.

US says no more work visas for Belize, Haiti and Samoa
Exactly one week ago, US President Donald Trump made his “shithole countries” remark, a reference to people from certain poor countries entering the United States, during a meeting at the Oval Office where immigration matters were discussed. The US president’s remark caused a controversy, alienating many countries on the African continent and elsewhere, where the remark has been widely interpreted as racist. On the heels of the president’s remarks, the US Homeland Security, with the approval of the Secretary of State, announced this week that citizens from Belize, Haiti, and Samoa, will no longer be eligible for temporary US work visas. The announcement was made yesterday, Wednesday, and published in the Federal Register today, Thursday.

Mark Pollard was killed because of a family land dispute, says voice message
Belize City resident Mark Pollard, 49, has been reported missing since last July. However, recent revelations suggest that he was killed as a result of an ongoing family dispute over a property. Amandala is in possession of a voice message in which a relative of Pollard who lives abroad was purportedly telling another family member of his to hand over the keys to her father’s house. She said, “I’m coming with my attorney, to get all paperwork taken care of because I found out from Lands Department that my father was not paying for that property for over eight years – none of those properties was paid for. So whatever your intention is, I want you to get a clear mind, this is no joke.”

Fire leaves 28 people on Glynn Street homeless
A massive fire that occurred at about 12:30 this morning on Glynn Street in Belize City, behind the Salvation Army Building, completely destroyed 3 buildings and left 28 people homeless. Luckily no one was injured in the inferno. Two of the destroyed houses were occupied by families, and one was an unoccupied, abandoned structure. The fire reportedly began in the abandoned building. Residents say it is a hangout for crack addicts and some homeless persons, and they believe they are the ones who started the fire. The National Fire Service has begun an investigation into the blaze, but the cause of the fire has not yet been ascertained.

P.G.’s Freedom Fighters shock BDF in PLB season opener
It was probably the last thing that BDF coach Eric Gongora expected yesterday afternoon when first half got under way for his BDF squad against the Freedom Fighters team from Punta Gorda at the MCC Grounds. It was Week 1 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Closing Season, and coach Charles “Chuck” Gutierrez of Freedom Fighters had just been joined the previous week by former PLB Best Coach, Robert Muschamp to add another tactical dimension to the P.G. attack. Gongora and his assistant, Jerome “JeJe” Serano no doubt had a game plan for the Freedom Fighters team they had blasted 7-0 in the last game of the previous Opening Season; but things looked amazingly different as first half got under way yesterday, following the pre-game minute of silence in memory of referee Fareed Ahmad.

Dangriga sports stats
Secondary school football will commence on Monday, January 22. Monday will be Delille Academy vs Ecumenical High males and females. The female game starts at 2:00 p.m., followed by the males. On Wednesday, January 24, at 2:00 p.m., it will be the females match-up – Ecumenical vs Delille. Since ANRI don’t have a female team, both Ecumenical and Delille females will play a 5-game series; the second game on Wednesday features the males of ANRI vs Ecumenical. On Friday, January 26, the first game at 2:00 p.m. will be game 3 from the female 5-game series between, Ecumenical and Delille; the second game will be the males match-up – Delille Academy vs ANRI.

Belize team wins volleyball tournament in Merida
Over the weekend of January 12th, 13th & 14th, two female volleyball teams left Belize and travelled to the City of Merida, Yucatan to participate in the 2018 “Copa Gracelobos Yucatan.” The teams that represented the Jewel were Simon Quan Stars (junior team) and Moen Stars (senior team). Some other Mexican teams/localities represented at the tournament included Tamaulipas, Mexico City, Veracruz, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Tabasco, Cozumel ,Campeche and 5 teams from the Merida area, just to name a few. The teams were then separated into 2 groups, which were then separated into sub-groups due to the amount of teams. On Friday the 12th, the junior team (Simon Quan Stars) played Yucatan, winning, 25-17/25-11, and the senior team (Moen Stars) beat Maristas (Merida), 25-17/27-25.

“Evening Ballers” restricted from practicing on the MCC What’s the real reason?
As I sit here watching my usual Sunday morning English Premier League games, I am saddened by the current situation, so many of my colleagues and I have found ourselves in. For the past two weeks, something that we love so much has been taken away from us so suddenly without just cause or reason, making it difficult to comprehend. We are a group of footballers who refer to ourselves as “Evening Ballers,” who once were “Morning Ballers.” The names are not important; they’re based on the time we would all meet up to play our favorite game, football. I’ve been living here in Belize City for the past nine years, since I have relocated from Dangriga. Being from Dangriga, I came with the belief that things were similar here in Belize City when it came to playing football and any sport at all. I quickly realized that was an illusion.

Editorial: A referendum on Mr. Barrow
To a substantial extent, March 7’s national municipal elections in Belize will be a referendum on the leadership of the Prime Minister of Belize, the Right Hon. Dean O. Barrow. Mr. Barrow’s United Democratic Party (UDP) has been on a winning streak since 2003, and he has led the UDP to three consecutive general election victories, unprecedented in Belize’s post-independence era. The UDP’s most successful leader ever, Mr. Barrow enjoys iconic status in his party, and rightfully so. He has delivered their bacon. The UDP is very confident entering the March 7 elections. They have not lost in 15 years, and their election campaign and election day machineries are well-oiled, experienced, and formidable. For many years the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) refused to believe that the Said Musa/Ralph Fonseca template had to be revised. And in fact, even without a basic revision, the PUP came very close to returning to power in the 2012 general election, the UDP winning by only a 17-14 margin in seats and by just 70 popular votes overall.

From The Publisher
For most of the 1970s, except for the school year 1971/72, when I taught at Wesley College, I ran the streets of Belize City. People in the old capital used to explain what was happening with me as a case of “throwing away his education.” Within less than two years after graduating magna cum laude with an Ivy League first degree, I was being tried twice in Her Majesty’s Supreme Court on separate charges, one political and the other criminal. What was happening, I submit, was probably a case of political activism becoming intertwined with writer’s research. No Belizean had ever attempted it at the time, but I wanted to be a professional writer and do serious stuff. (I don’t think you know, but one of my maternal uncles, Bee-Lisle, had become Belize’s first professional painter in the 1950s.) I had lived a fairly sheltered life in Belize, but I had an idea what real roots life was about, because it had been happening right across the canal and Bolton Bridge from my family home.

Kirby Salisbury responds to Neri B’s column
Dear Editor: I don’t know if any of Neri Briceño’s barbs (see his thought-provoking letter, “The Slow Gentrification of PG,” Amandala, January 6) were aimed at me but it is not the intent of this letter to defend myself or others of my race. I, too, remember Punta Gorda in the 1970’s and my wife and I have described those days in our memoirs, Treehouse Perspectives and Chance Along. I agree that great changes have taken place in the town during the last four decades. Mr. Briceño’s letter highlights business and infrastructural alterations (gentrification), while it is the change in the people that I would like to comment on, specifically their values.

1984 memo to CIA Director Casey
Mr. William J. Casey: Director of Central Intelligence, Washington, D. C. 20305. Dear Mr. Casey, 1. There is increasing evidence that insurgents of the Rebel Armed Forces (FAR) support their operations in Guatemala (GT) by operating logistic cells in the central and northern districts of Belize. The network of cells funnels money, food, medicine and arms to the guerrillas in GT, with some supplies going direct and others following a more circuitous route through Mexico. High Belize Government officials are said to be aware of the FAR network, and a few have been implicated in aiding or abetting the guerrilla support operations or, at a minimum, acquiescing to it. Knowledge of FAR’s cross-border activities might prompt Guatemala to take a harder negotiating attitude vis-à-vis Belize or, in the extreme, to mount armed incursions against its neighbor. Although the Government of Belize is not threatened at this time, the potential for trouble is considerable.

Belize a no-show in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index
Belize does not appear in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index 2016. The last time Belize was rated by this organization was in 2008. At least as far back as 2011, Belize’s Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) has been calling on the Belize government to release information so that Transparency International can include us in their report again. On December 14, 2011, then VIP Chairman, Bobby Lopez, told News 5, “VIP therefore calls on this administration to clean up corruption and to immediately sign the United Nations’ Anti-Corruption Convention. You’ve had four years to do it. We also call on this administration to disclose all the information necessary for Transparency International to rank Belize for us; regardless of where they put us, we need to be ranked so we can begin the journey up to number one like our fellows across the Caribbean, Barbados.”

PM Barrow unmasks himself in the House
It is near beyond uncanny (and very disappointing), how Barrow’s UDP led us to the same place Musa’s PUP did. These two men, who scolded each other from across the aisle, both ran the ship aground. From the outside the two men are different cats. From the layman’s view, one seemed to consider himself a man’s man, while the other seemed to fashion himself, a ladies man. For the clinical view we’ll have to talk with Ms. Claudia, or a Mason-Browne. Of course, that’s trivia. That doesn’t change a thing on the ground for Belizeans. But we like to indulge in, what ifs. The person who wears the crown gets the fame, or the blame. But they never act alone. There is always an advisor, or advisors. In both cases, two of the players are the same. There is a Belize PM, and there is Ashcroft. In the case of Musa, the question is what if there was no Fonseca. In the case of Barrow….

I am writing on this topic because as women sadly, we give birth to our children and yet do not even bother to learn the legal rights and obligations touching and concerning our children. It is really incredible when one stops and thinks that there are specific laws relating to the status of ourselves as women and children, determined by the mere fact of wedlock or not. And said laws are not trivial, as they go to the core of a basic right as to custody, care and control over the very children that are the fruits of our womb …. Yet most women do not even know these laws. If I had to venture a “guesstimate”, I would say that 90% of women do not know their rights on this topic. I base my guess on the number of cases and clients I have had to deal with on the issue of child rights and custody.

Amandala’s year in review: Part 1
Amandala opened New Year 2017 with its lead story, “UDP’s Fonso charged for death of Gilbert ‘Thready’ Myers”. The story opens by stating that Alfonso Noble, the editor of the Guardian newspaper and the host of the ruling UDP’s morning show on WAVE Radio, after spending Christmas and Boxing Day in police custody, was charged in court on Thursday, December 29, for a traffic accident on December 24 that claimed the life of Gilbert Meyers, a Hattieville resident who was on his way home when Noble knocked him down between Miles 3 and 4 on the George Price Highway. Apart from the road traffic accident that claimed Myers’ life on Christmas Eve, there was a spike in road traffic accidents that claimed the lives of 7 other persons in various parts of the country within a period of 12 days. Many of the accidents were reportedly alcohol-related.

Eyewitness to police beating executed in golf cart
The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Fareed Ahmad, 39, and Mario Vernon Jr., 24, have led, not only to charges against two police officers, but also to a further distrust of the Belize Police Department by the general public. The murder of a San Pedro resident shortly after midnight on Monday has caused yet another outcry from a community suspicious of the nation’s law enforcement officers. Alfredo Mansea Cowo, 26, was sitting with his pregnant girlfriend in a golf cart in front of the Jaguar’s night club on Barrier Reef Drive when he lost his life. An armed assailant, in a hoodie, walked up to him and opened fire, hitting him multiple times in the chest.

Linsbert Bahadur’s life sentence quashed by Belize Court of Appeal
In a judgment given by the Belize Court of Appeal, the appellant, Linsbert Bahadur, Jr., 33, convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, had his sentence remitted to the Supreme Court. Bahadur’s appeal against his conviction was dismissed, however, and his conviction was affirmed. Bahadur was convicted of the murder of Albert Wade, 32, a resident of Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District who was shot-gunned to death on April 14, 2006. Wade’s body, with gunshot wounds in his forehead and left cheek, was found in his Toyota Camry car on Negroman Road in Santa Elena Town. Two other men, Benjamin Peters and Samuel Neal, were charged jointly with Bahadur.

Policeman arraigned on manslaughter charge for killing Mario “Jun Jun” Vernon
The policeman who reportedly shot and killed Mario “Jun Jun” Vernon, 24, the grandson of Brukdown queen and national hero Leela Vernon, was charged with manslaughter and arraigned In the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court. He was released on a $10,000 bail. Constable Tevin Jay Aranda, 23, had to be transported from Punta Gorda Town to Dangriga Town, because there was no magistrate in Punta Gorda to read the charge to him. Apart from arraigning Aranda and offering him bail, the court also ordered Aranda to surrender his travel documents and not to interfere with prosecution witnesses.

Forensic exam confirms that burnt remains were that of Belmopan teacher
Police have today confirmed the worst in the case of Belmopan resident Pamela Lino, 42, who was reported missing on May 1, 2017, about 8 months ago. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Alejandro Cowo, a forensic examination has confirmed that it was her charred remains which were found on May 2, 2017. Her remains were only discovered by Hattieville police when her white Kia Sportage heading in the direction of Belize City from Belmopan approached a checkpoint and the driver turned the vehicle around and sped off. Police pursued the vehicle, but it evaded them. Minutes later, they found the vehicle on fire in front of the Princess Royal Youth Hostel compound at the Rockville junction.

The Reporter

Police charge suspect for Alfredo Cowo’s murder
Late on Friday police confirmed that a San Pedro resident has been charged for the Tuesday night murder of Alfredo Cowo on the island. Police have charged William Godoy, 33, for Cowo’s murder but could not determine a motive. At a press conference held on Thursday, police […]

All of Belize’s land and sea?
Even as Guatemalans are preparing to go to the polls in three months to vote on the Belize question, they have yet to formally define exactly what they would be asking the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in respect of what Belizeans deem to be […]

Mentally challenged man beats mother to death
A mentally challenged man from Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District is on the run from police after he gruesomely bludgeoned his own mother to death with a crowbar before attacking another woman early on Tuesday morning. According to police, around 8:15 a.m., on […]

Lifting Potential Growth in Latin America and Caribbean Regions
“Regional growth is projected to gather momentum, rising to 2.0 percent in 2018 and 2.6 percent in 2019. …With the external drivers of growth for the region expected to be decreasingly supportive—the large gains in some commodity prices in 2016 are not envisaged to continue, while growth in the united […]

People and nations all over the world who have seen and experienced oppression of one kind or another take their inspiration from the American Declaration of Independence, a brave postulation on human rights which states that men and women have the duty to resist oppression which denies them life, liberty […]

Butane industry in turmoil
Belizeans are facing an imminent rise in the price of butane and possibly a shortage, depending on the outcome of pending negotiations between the government of Belize and the major importers of butane, Belize Western Energy Limited, Gas Tomza and Z Gas. Representatives from the […]

US issues visa ban on Belize over human trafficking report
Belizeans will be unable to obtain H-2 visas, which allows them to gain temporary employment in the United States for various jobs, for the rest of this year, after the US banned Belize from obtaining the visas due to poor human trafficking standards. The US […]

Twenty-eight left homeless after Glyn Street inferno
A fire which ripped through Glyn Street in Belize City early on Tuesday morning has left complete destruction in its path, flattening three two-story wooden structures to rubble and leaving 28 people homeless. The eight affected families are now in dire need of assistance after […]

One suspect detained for Cowo murder
San Pedro police are currently gathering enough evidence against a suspect in police custody, suspected of killing 26-year-old Alfredo Cowo, which occurred on the island on Tuesday morning. On Thursday Officer Commanding Belize City Crime Investigation Branch (CIB), ASP Alejandro Cowo, confirmed that the suspected gunman was […]

Ahmad family to hire PI
The family of slain barber, Fareed Ahmad came out this week, again expressing their utter discontent, disappointment and lack of confidence in the police investigation into his shooting death. This week, Abdul Ahmad told the Reporter newspaper that, contrary to Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred […]

Woman wins $250,000 judgment for malpractice
A young woman police constable who underwent a wrongly recommended surgery that makes her barren has won a court judgment, requiring the Government of Belize to cough up $250,000 in damages for the doctor’s malpractice. Jenny Bonilla, 22, who resides in Dangriga and is currently […]

Andrew Bennett out on $100,000 bail
Attorney Andrew Bennett, whose entrapment by a Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) sting operation in 2015 has led to the United States’ State Department requesting his extradition to the U.S. to face money laundering charges, will get to sleep in his own bed tonight and spend […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Government reaches agreement with butane importers, price hike and shortage avoided
Following news that butane importers were demanding a price increase and worries over a likely […]

Foreign Minister defends position on fugitive brother
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, said this week that he maintains his position on […]

Remembering a Legend: Andy Palacio
Ten years ago today, Belize and the world lost a great musician, teacher, mentor, humanitarian […]

Andy Rhaburn still at large
The man accused of killing his mother with a crowbar, Andy Rhaburn, is still on […]

GOB facing more compensation payouts?
With 2018 already starting out with a quarter million dollar compensation payment, the Government of […]

Attorney General calls US ‘cowardly’ and ‘hypocritical’ for worker-Visa ban
Belize Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, told the media yesterday that he views the US decision […]

Mark Pollard killed over property?
Belize City resident Mark Pollard went missing last July. Since then, there have been several […]

Remains in burnt vehicle confirmed to be of Pamela Lino
Yesterday police confirmed that the DNA results of the burnt remains discovered last May confirm […]

Trump is racist, says Foreign Minister
In a televised interview with Channel 5 news, Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington responded United States […]

Bennett out on bail
Andrew Bennett, the first attorney in Belizean history to be wanted for extradition to the […]


Cool Weather Activities and Cold Front on Ambergris Caye
After I posted the winter weather report events below, I received a poster from Jodie at Palapa Bar with upcoming events there as well. Some have already passed but from January 19 – 28 there are some great talent here on the island. She also mentioned the first baubles, bangles and beads jewelry making party was great. About 15 Girls showed up to make jewelry (anklets and bracelets) – this will be an ongoing event the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Watch Palapa Bar Facebook Page to see what they will be making at the next one. If you are a first timer and looking for places to go, travelers weighed in and one review says Palapa Bar is a “Great Place for a Cold Beer and Beautiful View!!!” Although I don’t drink beer anymore, I totally agree about the view. Entertaining water action with boats, occasional kite surfers and frequent marine life spottings. You can also go deluxe and have buckets of beer or whatever you are drinking delivered to you as you float in the tubes with your friends. Afterwards, dry off on the huge deck with your stylin printed microfiber beach towel.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE a Day and A Few Degrees Make: January in Belize
The second COLD front of the new year is moving out…and MAN…this warm blooded Belize resident couldn’t be happier. Yesterday was just downright cold. Grey drizzle turned into all out rain. With temperatures barely out of the 60s and a north wind HOWLING, yesterday’s cold was all I could take about today. It really felt like it was sleeting. After being bundled in thick socks, sweatpants and sweatshirt yesterday – today’s sunshine feels like a dream. The temperature increase isn’t much when you look at the numbers…but 70 yesterday (grey rain) and 75 today (bright sun) is night and day. Like we are on another planet. Mercury vs Pluto. You get the picture.

Carnaval is color, tradition and celebration!
A pre-Lenten festivity that was once widely practiced in northern Belize, the Carnaval tradition has managed to survive in a few places in the country, namely Caledonia Village, Corozal District, and Ambergris Caye, Belize District. Commencing with the enmascarados – masked dancers – groups go throughout the village signaling the start of Carnaval. This all takes place three days before Lent and is similar to the Mardi Gras festivities in the US. During the three days of revelry, dancers go from home to home to perform ‘Comparsas’, which traditionally include “El Torito”, “El Papalotito”, “La Culebra” and “La Cinta”. In recent years, the traditional Hog Head dance has been incorporated into the festivities.

International Sourcesizz

No pausing for paws -- Athens grad visits Belize in pursuit of veterinary career
While there have been paws in her life since she graduated, the Valedictorian of the Athens Area High School Class of 2011 has showed no signs of slowing down in pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Abby Davenport returned last week after seven days in the Central American country of Belize, where she participated in the FARVets program, a non-profit organization that provides spay and neutering operations -- as well as other medical services -- to other countries. "My professor at Cornell (College for Veterinary Medicine) is head of FARVets," Davenport said. "We went down and we provided free services and helped pets with medical issues."

Commentary: The View from Europe: Oil, the environment and the Caribbean
Earlier this month Exxon announced that that it had made a major new oil find off Guyana. It was, it said, the largest since it began exploration there in 2015. The company’s statement followed one last June advising of a ‘world-class discovery’ on another well and, before that, announcements about four other commercially exploitable finds. What this and Exxon’s recent request to the Guyanese government for permission to drill up to 40 new wells after 2022 suggests, is that the country is about to become a major oil producer in the Western Hemisphere.


  • G Tribe In Belize, 3min.

  • UNIA 2006 Third Belize Tour By Parent Body, 9hr. UNIA-ACL Parent Body members under the leadership of PG Redman Battle and Counsel General Faruq Muhammad visit Belize Central American for the 3rd time. Video done by Minister of Information Zama Cook

  • Today marks ten years that Belize lost one of its musical icons, Andy Palacio, 4.5min. Today marks ten years that Belize lost one of its musical icons. Andy Palacio died on January 19th 2008 of a massive and extensive stroke to the brain, a heart attack and respiratory failure. Despite his untimely death Palacio’s legacy lives on through his music. Palacio was born and raised in the coastal village of Barranco and worked briefly as a teacher before turning to music.

  • Belize International Working Dog Centers [IWDC], on Open Your Eyes, 45min.

  • Ras Indio and Bo$$ Lady - Unity, on Open Your Eyes, 25min.

  • Throw back video of 'Gimme Punta Rock.' What's your favorite Andy Palacio song? On Open Your Eyes, 11min.

  • A lot has been going in the twin towns. Check out this short video about it!!, 1min.

  • Feast of the Giant Sharks, 26min. Whale Sharks in Belize at Gladen Spit, by Carol Farneti Foster

  • Spearfishing Belize 2018, 4min.

  • Honeymoon Belize, 18min.

  • Tour of "Off the Wall" dive resort (Glover's Reef, Belize), 10min. Lindsey shows us around Long Cay, a tiny island 40 miles out in the Caribbean Sea. "Off the Wall" is the awesome dive resort where we stayed for the week.

  • Belize Hurricanes vs Verdes, NEBL, 3hrmin.

    January 19, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Trump administration bans working visas for Belizeans
    The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Thursday, January 18th that Belizean citizens along with those from Haiti and Samoa will no longer be eligible to apply for work visas. The visa also is known as H-2A for agricultural employment and the H-2B for non-agricultural labor allowed temporary permits for seasonal workers in the agriculture and other industries. This decision by U.S President, Donald Trump has been linked to his derogatory remarks about several African nations including developing countries in Latin America, including Haiti on January 12th. During a meeting in the Oval Office on immigration reform, President Trump reportedly questioned why the United States would allow taking immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations, referring to them as ‘shithole’ countries. After the remarks went viral, Trump denied ever using such word.

    Slaughtered jaguars prompt GOB to act, crocodile mutilations on the island goes ignored
    The Government of Belize is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the culprits responsible for the death of two young jaguars in less than a month. The first incident was reported on December 26th, when a young jaguar was observed floating in a canal in Belize City. The second one was reported on January 10th when a decapitated jaguar was found floating on the Belize River. This has prompted the Government, via the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Immigration, to issue a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the poachers. Jaguars in Belize are one of the many wildlife species protected by the law and hunting the wildcat is prohibited. On Ambergris Caye, environmentalists were shocked when the news broke out. However, they are also disappointed at the level of motivation when it comes to other protected wildlife, such as the illegal poaching and mutilation of American crocodiles on the island, which has been largely ignored by the governmental authorities.

    Alfredo Cowo’s murder leaves more questions than answers
    The family of the deceased suspects that the police are involved in the fatal shooting of their relative and are now in fear for their safety. “It was like they had a hit out for him,” said George Cowo, brother of the deceased. “It’s like they had all that set for him, it was a personal thing.” Cowo’s sister, Anna Arjelia added that members of the Quick Response Team at the San Pedro Police Station, to which Coye and Mardrill are attached, told them that they were not going to stop until Cowo in a box. Cowo was the only victim from last year’s shooting that was pressing on the case for justice. In the Coye and Madrill shooting incident Cowo received injuries to his foot from bullet fragments. He sought medical assistance in Belize City for his injuries, but never withdrew his charges against the officers. A week before he was murdered, Cowo visited The San Pedro Sun office and shared his frustration at the outcome of the case. He stated that the verdict was unfair and he was going to seek legal advice to re-open the case and have Coye and Madrill re-arrested.

    Kenyon College to install more solar panels for schools on Ambergris Caye
    Thanks to Kenyon College from Ohio, USA more schools on the island could possibly receive solar panels. On Friday, January 12th Kenyon College Professors, Doctor Robert Alexander and Doctor Jim Skaon, alongside with retired entrepreneur Doug Karl came to the Ambergris Caye to provide solar panel assessments for schools on the island. In addition, they also provided check-ups on last year’s schools, as this is not the first time Kenyon College has installed solar panels in San Pedro Town. In March 2017, solar panels were installed at Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) and Brighter Tomorrow Preschool (BTP). Last year solar panels were purchased via donations from, Denise Ryan, Amanda Syme, Pepper Counter and Sarah Reza.

    Ambergris Today

    Trump Administration To Bar Belizeans From Seasonal Work Visas
    The Trump administration is moving to ban Belizean immigrants from applying for seasonal and farm work visas in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday, January 17, 2018, just days after the president reportedly used a vulgar slur to describe the country last week. The department said it will remove Belize, as well as Haiti and Samoa, from its list of countries whose citizens can receive H-2A and H-2B visas, which are typically granted to seasonal workers in agriculture and other industries.

    Rotary Club Of Ambergris Caye Belize - Student Mock Interviews
    The Rotary Club will be coordinating with San Pedro High School and Junior College students to hold mock interviews, and we need the assistance of San Pedro area business owners! The overall purpose and objectives of the mock interviews are: We are asking volunteers to interview a minimum of 6 students, which should not take more than 3 ½ hours. Interviews will be conducted from mid-January through March. Please contact us at 635-0872 if you are interested, and we will send you further details and discuss scheduling. Check out more details on the The Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye Facebook Page.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Payments for electricity bills can be made for free at any Authorized BEL Collection Agent countrywide
    If you are being charged a fee to pay your electricity bill, be aware that you are not using an Authorized BEL Collection Agent.

    Fitur 2018
    Belize's representation at Fitur 2018 in Madrid, Spain

    Kenyon College teachers James and Robert making notes and showing Principal Emil Vasquez what the solar data looks like from 230 Watt 24 volt panels
    Schools that the Solar crew have installed in Belize over the past few years. St. Andrew's Anglican School, San Ignacio, Cayo - 8 Panels. Kings College, Belize Rural North - 4 Panels. Toledo Christian Academy, Punta Gourda - 4 panels. San Antonio Primary School, San Antonio, Cayo - 6 panels. Arenal RC School, Arenal, Cayo - 4 panels. Ambergris Caye Elementary School, Ambergris Caye - 8 Pannels. Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Ambergris Caye - 4 panels.

    Northern Maya Peseants of Belize and the weather : Our Maya tatitos who did milpa or sugar cane gave us their knowledge on the weather and when to plant
    Today many Paseants of Yucatec Maya Descent in Corozal and Orange Walk continue watching the behaviour of the animals like ants to predict rain . Another method use by the Maya paseants is Xok k'iin known in Spanish as " Cabanuelas" . Also our Mayero Grandparents taugth us to observe Uh(Luna) to know when to plant and what to plant . Today Mayeros continue observing the Tuulis Uh(Full moon) or Paal Uh(New Moon). Also some Maya in Northern Belize continue doing the tradition known as Cha Chaac primicias to ask for rain and blessings .

    During the nineteenth century the subject Maya population of the Yucatan revolted against the Hispanic overlords who kept them in servitude. The conflict, known as the Caste War of the Yucatan in 1847 . Soon the Maya had nearly succeeded in driving the Hispanics out of the peninsula, driving them back to one final refuge, the city of Merida in the north of the peninsula. However, the Maya abandoned their seige of the city when the season for planting corn came. That allowed the Hispanics to bring in new troops. The Hispanics with the new force push back the Maya deeper to the Jungle . When the Maya was losing the war a miracle happen . In that jungle setting a miracles Crosses dress with a Maya huipil appear and it is said that God spoke through them . The cross was originally found at a small spring or cenote (it is said that there were actually several talking crosses, but this is the most famous and hisorically important).

    Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle: The Belize Edition
    Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Issue 1.

    Gasoline Lollipops in San Pedro
    Don’t miss the Gasoline Lollipops at The Dive Bar this weekend January 19/20/21 in celebration of the owner’s Douglas Mclain Birthday! There will be local artists performing live music from noon to midnight. Main performance by the Gasoline Lollipops starts at 7pm. Live music and special performances by Dennis Wolfe II and his reggae band, John Stanley, Chris Guida, Tres Amigos and the Panerrifix Steel Band from Belize City. There will be plenty of Seafood Specials and tasty cocktails to complement each dish. See you at The Dive Bar where the fun under the sun starts at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at noon! NO cover charge.

    Punta Music. Report and Interview with Andy Palacio
    Listen to a 1999 Interview with Andy Palacio.

    Government of Belize Issues Statement on Incident at the Western Border
    The Ministry of Defence wishes to make clear that the Belize Defence Force (BDF) was not involved in a recent incident at the Benque Viejo del Carmen Border involving a Guatemalan media personnel. The Belize Defence Force does not currently have a permanent presence at the Western Border or any other formal border entry facility. The BDF at all times would only attend to matters at these facilities on a needs basis. The BDF, therefore, was not at the Western Border Facility at the time of the incident. Security at these Border Facilities is the responsibility of the Border Management Authority assisted by permanent police outposts.

    San Pedro Carnaval 2018
    The great carnival of San Pedro 2018! More details coming soon.

    H-2 Visa Program Update for Belize
    We reached out to the US Embassy in Belize for more information and clarity on the ban of US temporary work visas for Belizeans. The Embassy's response is below, as well as some links that may provide more useful information for you.

    Gimar School Supply Coming Soon in Corozal
    Gimar School Supply Coming Soon inside the old Elizabeath Boutique Building. We do Photo Printing, school supplies, and more.

    Corozal Animal Program-CAP
    Pictures from our first day of Spaying and Neutering. We have another clinic tomorrow at the Patchakan Community Center from 8 am to 2 pm. Don't forget to thank the Vets, technicians, Volunteers and CAP members.

    Job Opening at The Truck Stop in San Pedro
    The Truck Stop and Cool Cone are now hiring! If you or a family member or friend is interested in working in our ice cream shop, come by the shop and fill out an application! This is a good job for friendly people who want to work in a fun environment (it's the Truck Stop, after all!). This is also a good starter position for recent high school graduates who are interested in their first full-time job. Come by the shop and fill out an application! We'll be conducting interviews in the next few days.

    World Pediatric Project in Corozal
    World Pediatric Project in collaboration with the Corozal Community Hospital would like to announce its Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Mission 2018.

    Rotary Club of Corozal donates 10 School desks
    Today the Rotary Club of Corozal donated 10 School desks or Arm Chairs to Community Restore Belize. Julio C. Dominguez (Director of Community Services) and club member Abraham Nicholson assisted in the delivery of the desks/arm chairs. The chairs were paid for by individual members of the club.

    A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited
    For the post of Accounting Clerk II in the Finance Department (Belize City).

    OAS Culture of Peace Project
    The Organization of American States is starting up their Culture of Peace project, and they'll be offering classes in music, choir, and many arts. Contact the Benque HoC for more information. "We invite you to embrace Art and get enrolled through the OAS Culture of Peace Project starting from January 24th, every Wednesday & Thursday until March 29th from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Offering courses in Music- guitar & keyboard. Choral & Voice Training. Expressive Arts- Recycling, puppetry, drama & theatre. Painting. All materials free of cost, open to all ages, Under 8 Parental supervision is needed, limited spaces for 25 students per ART CLASS, register today!"


    Channel 7

    Extradition Proceedings Begin For Bennet, In A First, He Gets Bail
    Since we broke the story of the US Extradition request for attorney Andrew Bennett, we've been closely following the developments on this unprecedented case. Bennett becomes the first attorney that the US government has requested to face extradition proceedings. The Americans want him to stand trial in the District of Puerto Rico for 7 counts of money laundering, and today, after weeks of preparation by the state, the formal process actually started. As we told you, the next step was for Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer to issue a provisional warrant for his apprehension, and then a first hearing - which is very much like your standard arraignment. It happened at court this morning, and our 7News team was there.

    US Revokes Belize's Eligibility for Seasons Workers' Visas
    One week after US President Donald Trump allegedly referred to African nations and Haiti as "shithole countries", the US has revoked Belize's eligibility for workers visas. On Tuesday, the Federal Register published a decision of the Department of Homeland Security to remove Belize, Haiti and Samoa from the list of counties whose citizens can get an H2 or workers visa. Now, these are not the regular visitors or tourist visas, known as B-1 and B-2 visas. The H2 visa allows US businesses to bring in workers from other countries: H-2A is for agriculture and the H-2B is for non-agricultural seasonal work in places such as resorts. Last year, the US Embassy in Belmopan issued 299 of those H-2 visas to Belizeans.

    "Kaibiles" Came Through Like Nothing!
    Eyebrows were raised across Belize today when footage emerged of a trio of Guatemalan soldiers - waltzing into the Immigration Hall at the Benque Viejo border. It's seen as a major disrespect by those with experience in border relations, but the soldiers - one of them a Kaibil - appeared to be taking their sweet time. It happened on Tuesday night and the video leaked out today - on Breaking Belize News. But, here's probably why they were here. Earlier that same day Belizean police allegedly roughed up Prensa Libre Newspaper journalist, Rigoberto Escobar. Escobar crossed the western border to Belize to get footage of the adjacency zone. According to a report in Prensa Libre, a policeman along with two Belizeans civilians approached him and told him to leave. That's when the officer allegedly assaulted Escobar. After the incident, he went to report it at the Guatemalan customs. Police wouldn't comment today, leaving it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Quincy Callously Killed
    29 year old Quincy Gentle was shot and killed last night on Kelly Street. Gentle was on his way home when a gunman pounced on him. Gentle was hit to the chest and stomach. He died at the hospital just before midnight. Courtney Weatherburne has more on what's behind this killing. Quincy Gentle had been working among these kitchen attendants at Chon Saan for half of 2017. Then he joined the team at the front desk.

    Police Still Cannot Find Andy Rhaburn
    And moving now to the most recent murder in Orange Walk, Andy Rhaburn is still at large. He's the 26 year old Carmelita resident accused of killing his mother 53 year old Braulia Pech. He bludgeoned her to death with a crowbar and fled into the bushes. It's a difficult case, because Rhaburn - who lived alone with his mother - had a history of giving his mother trouble. She called the police many times for them to take him away. But, no official complaint was made. The head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch told us more today: ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "I believe police may have had to visit the residence on several other occasions but there was no official report that was launched." Reporter: "Was there a case where he burnt his mom's house down?" ACP Joseph Myvett: "I am not sure I will have to get back to you on that but I am certain that there was some report received that there was an attempt. I do not know that the house was burnt down."

    Why Was Constable Tevin Charged For Manslaughter
    And while Rhaburn remains at large, Punta Gorda townspeople remain angry that PC Tevin Aranda was not charged for murder. Aranda shot and killed Mario Vernon on Saturdaynight - in what PG residents believe was an execution. But, police say that Vernon had a gun - and that claim has incensed town residents - who say it's all a setup. Now, ARANDA has been charged for manslaughter - and we asked the police all the tough questions today:.. Jules Vasquez: "You responded to the communities' complaints that in fact manslaughter is not enough that it was a murder." ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "Well first we can only go by the evidence that we have and that is what was presented however the investigation is still an ongoing investigation."

    Cops Close In On Cowo Suspect
    Tonight police still don't know who killed 26 year old San Pedro resident Alfredo Cowo on Monday morning. He was executed by a lone gunman as he sat in his golf cart with his girlfriend on Monday morning. It happened in downtown San Pedro - where there's all kinds of surveillance cameras. And, today, the commander for Eastern Division CIB said they detained a suspect early this morning. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC - CIB Eastern Div.: "I know that we are looking for a suspect I understand that he was detained sometime last night about 2 or 3 in the morning so we are waiting from there to see how we will proceed with this matter." Jules Vasquez: "Is the suspect someone who has any history of encounters with law enforcement?"

    Joselin's Strange Death
    Police still don't know what caused the death of 21 year old Bella Vista villager Joselyn Dominguez. She was found dead in her room at 8:00 on Saturday - but there was no indication of foul play. The post mortem was completed yesterday and police are still saying it's inconclusive: ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "The post mortem results is that the cause of death is pending toxicology studies." Jules Vasquez: "Still no foul play suspected?" ACP Joseph Myvett: "No sign of injuries observed on the body."

    Mark Pollard Missing Or Victim Of Murder Conspiracy?
    Months after his disappearance, 49 year old Mark Pollard remains missing and some members of his family are building a case for a murder conspiracy. Last night on the news you heard his son suggest that his dad was killed because of a property dispute. He replayed a phone call with a relative professing specific knowledge of the murder of Mark Pollard. Well, that same recording was shared with police - and Pollard's son - along with activist Jose Uc-Espat are claiming that the cops failed to act in a timely manner. Today we asked lead investigator Cowo about it:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div. : "Yes, we are aware of that recording as it was rightly mentioned, the police has already dealt with that recording. Reference to those recordings, the female person that is being questioned. I know that she was spoken to one time by Sergeant Novelo, who is in charge of precinct two here in regards to that same allegation there, and to the remains that was found inside of the tomb. It was initially she that brought that information to us and she disseminated it to the other family members."

    Cops Deny Humes' Family Claims
    The mother of the other missing man, Jamal Humes told the media yesterday that police are not doing a proper investigation. She spoke about a lead which police are not following up on. Cowo denied that today: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div.: "I know that the police department has been doing more than what the family believe. We have been with them several times, several days, in muddy areas, in swampy areas, inside of, ehm, logwood fishing pounds, searching for this body, where they claim that the person might be, along with coast guard and other police officers. Every information we are getting from them, it is being followed. I understand their frustration. And that they want answers just like us. However, every bit of information that they are giving us, we are following up."

    Will Police Charge One More For Jamar?
    11 year old Jahmar Ferguson is still fighting to recover fully after Mario Bul allegedly struck him in the head on New Year's Day in Orange Walk. Ferguson's leg was also injured in the attack. When we spoke to his mother today she told us that Jahmar is responding well and walking better but he still needs to go to therapy for his leg. He also has to take MRI on his brain to check for swelling. So although he is doing much better, his mother and the doctors still have to monitor his condition closely. His mother also expressed how bitter she is about the incident. She told us that she is angry that Bul is out free on bail in Orange Walk and that he hasn't even apologized or offered any form of assistance. His mother also insisted that the other man who allegedly held the boy down for Bul to hit him, should be charged as well. We asked police for an update on this case today

    Lab Technician Charged for Killing Man on Motorbike
    Another continuing investigation has ended - four weeks after a fatal accident. Unitedville resident Leo Ampie Flores was killed in mid-December when his motorbike collided with a pickup in Camalote village. Today, the driver of that pickup, San Ignacio Lab Technician Winston Gordon was charged for that Camalote accident. Gordon was taken before the Belmopan Magistrate's Court today for causing death by Careless Conduct, Manslaughter by Negligence and Driving without Due care and Attention. Gordon met bail of $6000. He is to report to the San Ignacio Police every Friday and he is not to leave the country without the Court's permission. The case is adjourned until April 16th.

    CEO Says PACT Pulling Together, Not Apart
    Last night we told you about the re-organization at PACT - where all the employees were sent home for a week and asked to consider new terms of employment. Seemed to us from the wording of the press release that those new terms suggested different, lower pay arrangement. Well, CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Dr. Percival Cho says that's not the case. He says there is no "retrenchment" happening. He told us via text that "Staff have been offered salaries that are NO less than what they had before." He adds, "other areas of admin costs have been reduced, not salaries." And he finished off by saying quote, "Half the staff have already agreed to the new terms and will return to work tomorrow. PACT will be open for business, but under a more efficient and streamlined operational structure."

    Couple Shot In Street Beef
    On Tuesday night at around 9:30 in Belize City 37 year old Carolyn Revers and, 34 yea rold Damian Cattouse were sitting in a parked car on North Front Street - when someone pulled up and shot them. Revers was treated and released for two gunshot wounds to the arm, while Cattouse is in the hospital for a shot to the chest. Police told us what they know today:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div.: "What police has gathered so far is that they were on North Front street almost in front of party center, located in front of the port authority building when they were approached by a male person who fired several shots at their direction thereafter the person fled."

    Collective Adelante Con Andy
    Andy Palacio died ten years ago but, his band, the Garifuna Collective is still carrying his message and music out into the world. Since his untimely death in 2008 at the age of 47, the collective has toured all over the world and today they headed out on a brief North American tour. The first date is in Boston, and before they left, we got to speak to them about carrying that legacy and the music of a legend: The Garifuna Collective has been a driving force in Belize's music industry for years. Their music has not just brought Belizean crowds to its feet but also crowds in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Their fan base is worldwide. The Garifuna music movement, of course, all started with legend Andy Palacio.

    Major New Mag
    A Belizean publishing house has released a new travel magazine called Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle: The Belize Edition. For McNab Publishing it's a follow up to its takeover of the old tourism workhorse, Destination Belize. The new magazine has a wider focus which looks at travel, culture, and lifestyle. Belize is the first stop, with other regional destinations to come. Like Destination Belize, it can be found in hotel rooms countrywide. You can find a link to an online version at

    The Good Kind Of Hurricane
    Tomorrow night the National Elite Basketball League will kick off its season right here in the city with the Belize Hurricanes one of two teams representing the city. They had a tough season last year, but they says they have reloaded to properly represent the old capital. We got to speak with a few team reps them today. Ian Mariano - Hurricanes Basketball Public Relations: "What we do primarily is we represent Belize City. Ou goal is we keep ourselves socially conscious while bringing that pride and joy as far as restoring Belize as the Mecca of basketball in the country. We are letting everybody know that come tomorrow night we have our first inaugural match. It is the first game of the season as far as the Smart Belize Hurricanes are concerned and it one of those games that you don't want to miss. We have 12 games and from there we move over to the finals. We go to each district and we play. We take the best of what we got and we take the best of what we have representing this city."

    Channel 5

    Extraditions Proceedings against Attorney Andrew Bennett Begin before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer
    One hundred thousand dollars, plus one surety of the same amount; that’s the cost of Andrew Bennett’s freedom after appearing before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning as extradition proceedings [...]

    Andrew Bennett Arraigned and Released on Bail
    In his submission, Sylvester made the point that Bennett was not a flight risk and had to prove to the court that his client would not abscond should he be [...]

    SolGen Explains Objection to Bail for Andrew Bennett
    Representing the United States government in the matter is Solicitor General Nigel Hawke.  In court, the SolGen did not offer much, save for an objection to bail as more of [...]

    Should Andrew Bennett’s Right to Practice Law Be Taken Away?
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, who signed off on the bundle of documents presented to him on January tenth, also weighed in on Bennett’s dilemma as an embattled attorney. Elrington says [...]

    Dr. Errol Elrington’s Fugitive Status
    Errol Elrington, he is the sibling of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington who fled to Belize in 2014 as a fugitive of the United States.  The doctor is being sought by [...]

    U.S. Government Suspends Temporary Work Visas to Belizeans
    On the heels of a vote at the United Nation’s by Belize against the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Belize is among three countries removed from the [...]

    Murder in the City: Quency Gentle Killed as He Headed Home
    Shots rang out again on Wednesday night in an area of the city where gang-related violence has erupted. Twenty-eight-year-old Quency Gentle was two blocks away from his Wilson Street house [...]

    Police Await Toxicology Report in Death of Joselin Dominguez
    Investigations are also ongoing in the death of twenty-one-year-old Joselin Dominguez. A post-mortem conducted on her body was inconclusive. Police have ordered a toxicology report to determine the cause of [...]

    What Were the Kaibiles Doing at the Western Border?
    On Tuesday night at the western border crossing in Benque Viejo, a fifty-second surveillance footage from inside the Customs area of the Belize offices, captures three Guatemalan soldiers dressed in [...]

    Guat Reporter Claims He Was Assaulted by Belizean Authorities
    As we said, Escobar Lopez is a reporter attached to Prensa Libre and Guatevision in Peten, Flores.  He claims he was assaulted by a police officer after being spotted at [...]

    DNA Test Confirms Burnt Remains Are of Pamela Lino
    In May 2017, the burnt remains of a body were discovered in a vehicle in the Gracie Rock area, Belize District. After the discovery, it was widely believed that the [...]

    1 Person Detained for Murder of Alfredo Cowo
    Police have one suspect in custody for the murder of Alfredo Cowo. The San Pedro man was killed shortly after mid-night on Sunday as he hung out with his girlfriend [...]

    Andy Rhaburn Still at Large
    We reported on the matricide that happened in Carmelita, Orange Walk on Tuesday morning. Twenty-five-year-old Andy Rhaburn used a crowbar to hit his mother, fifty-four-year-old Braulia Pech on the head. [...]

    Sedi on President Trump’s Classification of Shithole Countries
    U.S. President Donald Trump last week created a firestorm when he made disparaging remarks about small and developing nations and countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and others in Africa [...]

    Why Wasn’t PC Tevin Aranda Tested To See If He Was Intoxicated?
    PC Tevin Aranda was charged with manslaughter for the killing of Mario Vernon this past weekend. The Punta Gorda community is crying foul; they say that charge should have been [...]

    Police Continue to Follow Leads on Mark Pollard’s Whereabouts
    We’ve been reporting on the case of missing man Mark Pollard since last year. There are several reports that Pollard has been killed and his body dumped, but so far [...]

    Is the Police Doing Enough to Find Jamal Humes?
    Jamal Humes is another missing man we’ve been reporting on since December twenty-seventh. Earlier this week, the family said the police was doing enough. ASP Alejandro Cowo said today that [...]

    Who Targeted Justin Stephens on Monday Night?
    Twenty-three-year-old Justin Stephens was shot on Monday night and police are now looking for one person to question. Stephens was shot at the corner of Dolphin Street and Cemetery Road [...]

    Police Look for 1 Person in Cattouse, Revers Shooting
    Police say they are looking for one person in connection with the shooting of Damion Cattouse and Carolyn Revers. The couple was shot on Tuesday night while they were on [...]

    Opening of the 2018 NEBL Season: Belize Hurricanes Prepare
    This Friday night at the Belize Elementary School Gymnasium in Belize City, the National Elite Basketball League semi-pro season officially opens with a matchup between Smart Belize Hurricanes and the [...]

    Healthy Living Prepares for the Upcoming Flu Season
    U.S. news outlets have been reporting a severe flu epidemic that has swept across the United States for over a week of. In comparison to last flu season, the U.S. [...]


    Why Did Guatemala Trio Military Walked Through Benque Border
    A short video recording showing Guatemalan military officials walking through the Belizean border facility like window-shopping customers, has been leaked to the media and has created a stir among Belizeans. The walk-thru happened on the night of Tuesday January 16th at an unknown time. The video as you can see shows three men in Guatemalan military uniform strolling past the Immigration and customs booth, then stopping to chat with someone, and waving back before going deeper into Belize territory.

    GOB Mums About Guatemalan Authorities Entering Belizean Territory
    “We are following up”…that’s the only response so far on the matter from an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CEO Patrick Andrews, who is away on official business, responded to questions of the Guatemalan military presence in Belize, by indicating that the Ministry has requested reports from the agencies involved – we’re guessing he is referring to the Ministry of Immigration and the Customs Department to start with. Andrews noted that there is a standard procedure when dealing with situations of this nature, and they will be following it.

    Maya Cement Truckers Still On Strike
    There is still no resolution tonight to the deadlock between over a dozen truckers that belong to the Northern Cement Truckers Association and who transport Maya cement loads through the border and the Mexican company CEMEX who hires them. The truckers are against having to travel into Chetumal to collect their load because they are concerned that without any insurance to protect them, the risk of accidents are even of greater concern.

    Ministry Of Defense Refutes Allegations Made By Guatemalan Journalist
    Yesterday we reported on the allegations made by the Guatemalan news outlet “Prensa Libre” accusing Belizean officials of physically assaulting one of their journalists inside the adjacency zone. As we reported, Rigoberto Escobar Lopez, correspondent of Prensa Libre and Guatevision, reported that while covering a story at the adjacency zone on Tuesday, he was attacked by three members of the Belize security force who grabbed him by the neck and roughed him up.


    Seven families displaced after early morning fire
    Fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed three houses and displaced over thirty persons last night on Glenn Street in Belize City. The fire started at an abandoned house that residents in the area say was occupied only by a few homeless persons. The blaze grew quickly and spread to two …

    Ernesto Torres running for Mayor of Belize City
    Belize City resident Ernesto Torres is once again making a run as an independent candidate for Mayor of Belize City. Torres made his official announcement this morning before the media at his Belize City home. The Mayoral hopeful said his focus will be on improving the City’s infrastructure. Ernesto Torres – Independent Candidate for Mayor …

    Mother continues search for missing son Jamal Humes
    It is almost a month since 28-year-old Jamal Humes went missing. He was last seen on the night of December 20 when he left to assist someone who was experiencing vehicular problems. To date, no one has been able to say who that mysterious person was. Humes’ family has not seen or heard from him …

    Mark Pollard’s family believe his disappearance is over family land
    Also present at this afternoon’s conference with the media was the son of Mark Pollard, who has been missing for over five months. 21 year old Malcolm Pollard came forward to publicly share his family’s suspicions as to what happened to his father and why. As we have been reporting, 49 year-old Mark Pollard went …

    Ahmad family still worried about their safety
    But the family of Fareed Ahmad, who was slain allegedly by Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown, does not feel the same way. His brother maintains that the family continues to live in insecurity with little to no trust in the Police department. Faisal Ahmad – Younger Brother of Fareed Ahmad “Right now just with my …


    Cotton tree school receives ramp for disabled students
    Wilson Amaya attends St. Joseph R.C. School in the village of Cotton Tree in the Cayo District. Wilson is disabled and his parents use to have to carry him to school and to other places. That is until he received a wheelchair through Hearts for Christ, a Christian Ministry located in Roaring Creek V...

    Three houses destroyed by fire in Belize City
    There was a fire in Belize City early this morning in Belize City. Sometime around 12:30, an abandoned house on Gwen Street caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to two other two story buildings which house 8 families. All three houses were destroyed and some 30 people have now been left homeles...

    Manhunt still on for Andy Rhaburn
    The man hunt for 26 year old Andy Rhaburn is still on. Rhaburn is wanted after he killed his mother on Tuesday morning and attacked another woman. As we told you yesterday, Rhaburn and his mother, 53 year old Braulia Pech , were under a tree in Braulia’s yard when Rhaburn attacked his mother ...

    Ernesto Torres vies for Mayoral position once again
    Ernesto Torres says he is taking another shot at trying to become the Mayor of Belize City. This will be Torres’ third bid as an Independent Mayoral candidate. He has not been successful in the past but today he invited the press to a launch of his candidacy in Belize City. With previous political l...

    Chinese Church van stolen in Belize City
    Someone stole a church van from a church yard in Belize City. The theft was reported yesterday by 57 year old Tzu-Li Fred Shyu. He told police that the white Dodge Caravan van was parked at the Chinese Christian Church located at 17 Street, Kings Park, Belize City. It was parked there on Wednesday ...

    Couple shot in Belize City
    A couple seated in a car on North Front Street were shot in Belize City last night. According to police reports, sometime before 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, 37 year old Carolyn Revers and 34 year old Damian Cattouse were seated inside a parked vehicle when they heard multiple loud bangs that sounded ...

    Vernon family upset by “manslaughter” charge
    The family of Mario Vernon who was shot and killed last Saturday night in Punta Gorda by a cop, is upset over the charge that has been levied against the officer. Police say that on the directive of the DPP, they charged 23 year old PC Tevin Aranda for “Manslaughter” . The family believ...

    PACT transitioning; office closed
    The office of PACT in Belmopan was closed today and will continue to be closed for a one week period as it goes through a transition phase. That transition phase means a Change Management exercise and reduction in administrative costs. According to a press release from PACT issued today, and we quot...

    Olympic Medalist, Belizean Simone Biles, accuses doctor of abuse
    While Belize has been dealing over the last few weeks with several revelations and allegations of sexual abuse against minors, the USA Gymnastics world has been dealing with a sexual scandal of its own. Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics doctor, has pleaded guilty in Ingham County, Michigan, to ...

    The Guardian

    28 left homeless after fire on Glyn Street- NEMO and CEMO quick to aid families affected
    An early morning fire on Glyn Street has left 8 families, a total of 28 persons, displaced and in need of clothes and other basic necessities. Just after 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, police officers responded to this fire. Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed an unpainted two-story board house with zinc roofing engulfed in flames. That fire would spread to two other buildings in the vicinity which were being utilized by separate families. The fire was extinguished by personnel from the Fire Department but unfortunately, none of the families managed to save much.

    PUP Embroiled in Fake Nationality Ring
    Wendy Yasmira Castro Escobar, 26, a pregnant Guatemalan woman was formally arrested and charged on Saturday, January 13, 2018 for the offense of obtaining a birth certificate under false pretense. The accused is yet to be arraigned as her attorney, Arthur Saldivar visited the police station in San Ignacio on Sunday January 14 along with Belmopan Dr. Howe to visit the detainee who told them that her back was aching her. She was taken to the San Ignacio community hospital and was admitted where she remains under Police guard. Police say that she will appear in court as soon as she is released from the hospital.

    Alvarene Burgess busted with contraband
    The PUP had put her out as some kind of whistleblower who was intimately involved in the immigration hustle. Alvarene Burgess even testified that she was actually one of the agents who would secure all manner of immigration documents if she was paid enough. Now it seems that with the immigration hustle coming to and end, she has had to find another means of making a living and apparently she has turned to contraband. On Saturday January 13th, police conducted a check point in Pomona village where they encountered a silver KIA Sorento SUV. Upon seeing the checkpoint, the SUV which did not have on plates, ran the check point. Police set chase and caught up with it shortly thereafter.

    Wanted for killing his mother
    Orange Walk Police are currently on a man hunt for 26 year-old Andy Rhaburn, a resident of Carmelita Village. They believe that he bludgeoned his mother, 53 year-old Braulia Pech, a domestic and a shop owner in the village. Police say that on Tuesday, January 16, they received information of an assault, and they visited Pech’s home in the Spanish Town area. In her yard, under a tree, they found her suffering from a huge gash to the left side of her head which was bleeding profusely. Police and her family worked to quickly rush her to the Northern Regional Hospital for emergency medical treatment. She succumbed while the doctors were trying to save her life.

    The start of Crooked Tree Causeway upgrade
    On Tuesday January 16th, the Ministry of Works signed on to a contract with Caribbean Civil Group Ltd. of Nassau Bahamas for a feasibility study and final design for the upgrading of the Crooked Tree Causeway. Valued at USD$375,092.18 work to be done will include Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Hydraulic, and Flood Risk Modelling, Community Vulnerability Assessment, Gender Sensitive Feasibility study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preliminary and Final Detailed Designs of the Crooked Tree Road and Causeway. The Government of Belize and the Caribbean Development Bank are financing the project.

    Police and farming in Belmopan
    Both Belmopan Police and the Department of Agriculture continued this week to support agricultural projects in Schools. Thanks to a $5000.00 grant from the Taiwanese Government, the Methodist High School, Garden City Primary and San Martin Government School in Belmopan continue to reap the benefits from growing crops. It all started when Howell Gillett, Commander of Belmopan Police began to notice the plight of students at a particular school in Belmopan where they were not receiving their morning and sometime midday meal. “We knew we had to something about it, if we don’t look to the young people now we cannot guarantee their outcome,” says Superintendent Howell Gillett.

    Do so no like do so and Alvarene Burgess
    This situation with the PUP’s so called whistleblower Alvarine Burgess, being caught with contraband for yet another time is a BLOW to the PUP because now they can’t use any of their sound bites from the Special Select Senate Committee Hearings as a part of their ELECTION PROPAGANDA. Alvarine who was the PUP’s Poster Child for all things having to do with MORALITY, has been exposed for the world to see. She is now being seen as the dishonest person she was described to be by at least 3 witnesses during their testimony before the Special Select Senate Committee. How will the PUP spin this Alvarine debacle now? Which minister or UDP or DEAD PERSON will the PUP try to blame for Alvarine and her special friend being caught in a vehicle loaded with contraband? The PUP has been very silent on this one. If one were to listen to the silence over that side, one would believe either the PUP haven’t heard of Alvarine getting busted or Alvarine did not get busted with contraband.

    The PUP’s last stand
    Every so often, on rare occasions DEVINE INTERVENTION forces the PUP, to speak the truth. However whenever those occasions arise, the truth does not paint PUP in a very positive light. This latest occurrence is the result of an attempt of try to get some sort of groundswell of support, to propel the PUP into the Municipal Elections being held on March, 7th. Johnny has planned a Parade and NATIONAL CONVENTION /RALLY, to be held in Belize City, some 10 days before those Municipal Elections are to take place. The plan is to rent a crowd from all across the country and bus them into Belize City, where they intend to have a parade followed by a rally, in an effort to try and create a facade that the PUP is popular and on its way back to the top.

    New Bridge for Carmelita
    Back in late October 2017, localized flooding caused some serious problems for the residents of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District. The flooding was caused by clogged drains and dilapidated culverts. Area Representative, Honorable Elodio Aragon responded to the emergency immediately and measures were taken to alleviate the problems for the short term by cleaning the drains. He then moved on to second phase which was to address the problems for the long term. New culverts were installed and drains were dug to ensure that water finds its way to the river thereby preventing any flooding in the village. Part of the problem was a deep canal which carries the water from the front of the village towards the river. This drain was completely clogged and also a wooden bridge which spans the width of said canal was in a serious and dangerous state of disrepair.

    Better guidance for adolescents in Belize
    On Tuesday morning the Ministry of Health in partnership with PAHO Belize hosted a stakeholders meeting in Belmopan to sensitize civil society organizations and other stakeholders on the Accelerated Action for the health of Adolescence (AA-HA!) Guidance document. This is the first meeting of many that the Ministry of Health will be hosting in an attempt to recognize the critical developmental phase of some 87,000 adolescent Belizeans. At the urging of the PAHO Region of the Americas, Belize is now seeking to accelerate the preventive intervention for adolescents.

    New pedestrian cable bridge for Cayo North East
    A sturdy new pedestrian cable bridge has now been fully completed, replacing the old pedestrian crossing at Branch Mouth in the Cayo District. The new bridge has a greater loading capacity and has been elevated to accommodate a higher flood level where both the Mopan and the Macal River meet to form the Belize River. A press release from the Government Press Office states that due to the urgency to restore proper and safe road access to students, villagers of surrounding areas and commuters in general, the Ministry of Works entered into a contract with a suitably experienced contractor, Luis Avella, using the limited tender procedure for construction of the new bridge.

    Eugene Lanza accused of stealing WPC’s bicycle but he claims he was intoxicated
    Allegations are being made against 35-year-old Eugene Lanza for theft of a bicycle from the Queen Street Police Station. The bike, valued at $299, is property of Tanisha Davis, a WPC that does police work in various communities in the city. Lanza was arraigned on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a count of theft. According to Lanza, who claims to be a laborer at the KHMH, he arrived at home and upon arriving there, there was an incident. As a result, he got on his bicycle and went to make a report at the Queen Street Police Station. After making the report, he got back on his bike but it was not until he got home that he noticed he had the wrong bike. According to Lanza, his intoxication at the time led to him taking the wrong bicycle.

    Policeman charged in death of Mario Vernon in PG
    The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has instructed the police to charged police constable, 23 year old Tevin Aranda with the crime of Murder following the shooting death of Mario Vernon III. Vernon, a 24-year-old resident of Punta Gorda and grandson of the late Creole musician Leela Vernon, was shot by a police officer on January 13, 2018. That shot was fatal and has since caused much controversy and disruption. The killing of Vernon has led to the launch of both a criminal and internal investigation, ordered by Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police. There are several conflicting accounts of what took place that night but according to police reports, police officers were on a mobile patrol on George Price Street in Punta Gorda Town when they received information that Mario Vernon was in a yard in possession of a firearm. The officers proceeded to the area and upon arrival they saw Vernon running in a nearby yard towards Middle Street. The officers set chase after Vernon.

    57-year-old man charged with sexual assault of 2-year-old
    A 57-year-old man was accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old child. The alleged perpetrator, Bernadott Reyes, was caught red handed by the child’s mom. He is accused of touching her in the chest area. Reyes, a plumber of West Street in Belize City, was arraigned on Monday, January 15, 2018 before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser where he was read a single charge of sexual assault upon a child less than 12 years. The alleged sexual act is said to have occurred on January 2, 2018 not too far from the child’s house. The child’s mother saw the ordeal from a window and claims that Reyes was caressing her child’s chest. The mother told police that she ran outside and grabbed her child.

    Man remanded on attempted murder charge
    Delroy Staine Jr., a 19-year-old laborer of Diego Street, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned on three criminal and indictable offenses on Friday, January 12, 2018. He was taken to court to answer to a stabbing incident which took place on January 2, 2018. In court, Staine Jr. appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford where the charges of attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm with a deadly instrument were read to him. Because the charges are indictable offenses, no plea was taken from him. A preliminary inquiry will be held and if there is sufficient evidence, it will be addressed at the Supreme Court at a later date where a plea will be taken from him. Due to the nature of the crime, no bail could be granted to Staine Jr. He was remanded to prison until April 12, 2018.

    Brandon BET Tillett on bail
    Notorious George Street criminal figure, 31-year-old Brandon Tillett aka “BET”, is home after more than a week behind bars. Tillett was accused of assaulting his ex-common-law wife with a firearm during an incident in Burrell Boom Village. Tillett was able to meet his $10,000 bail which was offered to him after the case against by his ex-common-law wife, Camillah Terry, was withdrawn when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. A new charge of abetment to aggravated assault was read to him and he pleaded not guilty to that charge. Bail was offered to him by Supreme Court judge Antoinette Moore on Friday, January 12, 2018.

    Execution in San Pedro
    Alfredo Cowo, a 26 year-old resident of San Pedro, was murdered in Central Park in the heart of the island in the downtown area. He made headlines in April of 2017 as one of several victims injured in a wild police shooting in the very same park where he was executed. Police say that at around 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, they visited the emergency section of the San Pedro Poly Clinic. There, they saw Cowo suffering from a gunshot wound to the right side of the chest. Their initial investigation has revealed that Cowo and his pregnant girlfriend were sitting on a golf cart, in front of Jaguars Night Club on Barrier Reef Drive, when they were approached by a gunman who fired several shots at him, injuring him once.

    Chinese businessman robbed of $63,000 in cash and cheques
    A robbery took place on Cran Street in broad daylight on the morning of Monday, January 15, 2018. The victim of this robbery was a Chinese businessman who police believe was watched and followed. He was followed to his vehicle by two men who were armed with a firearm. He was forced to give up $10,000 in cash, around $53,000 in cheques, as well as the keys to his vehicle. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, searches were made in the area to attempt to establish the identities of the criminals. Although the victim was held up with a firearm, he escaped uninjured.

    Shooting on North Front Street
    On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at about 9:50 p.m., police visited the KHMH where they observed Carolyn Revers, a 37-year-old Belizean of a Belize City address, suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the upper part of the left arm. They also observed Damian Cattouse, a 34-year-old Belizean laborer, suffering from one apparent gunshot wound to the left side of the chest and another to the right buttock. Initial investigation revealed that earlier that night, both Revers and Cattouse were seated inside a parked vehicle on North Front Street when they heard multiple loud bangs that sounded like gunshots. They later realized that they were both injured. Police are investigating.

    Teenager and Ian Williams shot on Armadillo Street
    A shooting on Armadillo Street in Belize City left a 15-year-old student as well as 20-year-old Ian Williams injured. According to police, on January 14, 2018 at 9:20 p.m., they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where they observed the minor and Williams suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The minor was seen suffering from a gunshot wound to the left leg while Williams was seen suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the chin. Initial police investigations reveal that earlier that night, the minor, Williams, and others were socializing on Armadillo Street. The group was approached by two male persons on a motorcycle. One of the men descended and fired several shots in their direction, causing their injuries.

    Stephen Flowers remanded for New Year’s murder of Leon Garcia
    The first murder of 2018 took the life of Leon Garcia and that murder has since led to the remand of 24-year-old Stephen Flowers. Flowers, a resident of an apartment in Pink’s Alley, appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Monday, January 15, 2018 where he was read a single charge of murder. The murder of Garcia took place on January 1, 2018 at around 3:30 a.m. while he was walking with Raheem Reed and other friends. The group of men was walking on Barrack Road in Belize City when they came under attack by a group of at least 30 men. Garcia, Reed, and others attempted to flee but Garcia would be fatally wounded after being stabbed multiple times to the chest and abdomen.

    Belmopan Bandits to defend home court in Pepsi National Elite Basketball Title
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be tipping off its fifth annual basketball tournament on Thursday, January 18. The opening game will be held at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan, and will feature the rematch of last season’s finale, as defending champions; Belmopan Bandits will host San Pedro Tiger Sharks. Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m. The game will be aired live on The National Channel (TNC), starting with a pre-game show at 8:00 p.m. The home squad, Belmopan Bandits, will showcase their new point guard, Leroy Louriano who is coming from Belize Hurricanes to partner with his old UB team mate, Farron Louriano. Belmopan will also be featuring their big man, Trevor Andrews, who hails from Canada.

    Belize Female Beach Volleyball qualify to participate in 2018 Central American and Caribbean Game
    For the First Time Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize.

    Verdes FC opens defence of national title on the right foot
    The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season commenced on Saturday 13th January, 2018, with a singular game on the schedule between the National sub-champions the Belmopan Bandits and Placencia Assassins FC at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. In the game played, the host team Placencia Assassins FC, was the first onto the scoreboard when Alden Foreman scored the 1st goal of the game in the 13th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. However, the lead was short lived as the Belmopan Bandits was able to get onto the scoreboard when Elroy Smith scored the equalising goal for his team in the 25th minute of play.

    Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Competition opens
    The 2017-2018 Belize District Primary Schools Volleyball Competition opened on Tuesday 16th January, 2018 at the Stars Gym in Belize City. The schools competing in the girls’ competition are Hummingbird Elementary School, Belize Elementary School, St. Joseph RC School, Holy Redeemer School, St. Ignatius School, Queen Square Anglican School and St. Martin De Porres School. Meanwhile, the schools in the boys’ competition are Hummingbird Elementary School, St. Martin De Porres School, Queen Square Anglican School, St. Joseph RC School, Salvation Army School, Belize Elementary School, Bethel Primary School, Holy Redeemer School and All Saints Anglican School.

    Body of Joselin Dominguez found in a house in Bella Vista Village, Toledo
    The body of a Hispanic woman was found in a house in the Bella Vista Village in Toledo on Friday, January 12, 2018. She has been identified as Joselin Dominguez, a 21-year-old Belizean. When police officers visited the location, the body of Dominguez was seen lying on her bed with no apparent signs of violence on the body and clothing intact. Dominguez was last seen alive around 2 a.m. on the same date. Dominguez was living with friends at the time but the police have since made contact with the family. A post mortem will be conducted to certify the cause of death.

    Dates for Agriculture and Trade Show announced
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, has informed the public that the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2018 will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. This year’s event will be celebrated under the theme “Let’s Get Growing”. Preparation of the grounds is currently underway and the committee advises that the reservation and sale of concession stands, food stalls, open spots and commercial booths have commenced. The right of first refusal will be granted to 2017 leaseholders and as such those vendors will have until February 9, 2018 to confirm their desire to re-establish their booth leases by contacting NATS, making a deposit of payment and signing of Lease Agreement.

    Eulogy for Lewin Moguel - Missa Mogs (1939 -2018)
    July 1st, 1939 was a momentous day in the life of Lewin and Juanita Moguel. This couple gave birth to a wonderful baby boy named Lewin Brandford Moguel, who would later leave a distinctive impression on the minds and lives of many Belizeans. Lewin Brandford Moguel, better known to all of us here today as Lewin or Missa Mogs, paved the way for many young Belizeans; as I am sure all in attendance here today can attest to. Each of us have a momento to carry in our heart about Mr. Moguel, or Missa Mogs as he was affectionately known.

    Three injured in motor cycle collision in Cayo - One Dead
    After a late evening of socializing, two friends were heading home on a motorcycle when they crashed into another motorcycle. Francisco Polanco and Jeffrey Thompson were on their way home at about 7:00 pm when they crashed near the West Star Gas Station in Roaring Creek into a motor cycle driven at the time by Raul Garcia. Following the impact all three men were flung unto the asphalt. As a result, Francisco Polanco, from Valley of Peace, suffered serious head injuries and died immediately thereafter. Meanwhile; Jeffrey Thompson is recovering at the Western Regional Hospital.

    Police constable dies following traffic accident
    Police Constable Enid Tillett who was knocked down on January 6th succumbed to his injuries on Sunday January 14. Following his death, police have charged 24 year old Jesus Enrique Munoz with Manslaughter by Negligence and Causing Death by Careless conduct. Munoz had earlier on been charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, failing to give way when changing direction, negligent grievous harm and using a motor vehicle without third party risk insurance. Those charges were upgraded when he appeared in court on Monday January 15 where bail was granted in the sum of 5 thousand dollars and one surety of the same amount.

    Shot gun found near Belmopan
    On Sunday at around 3:30 pm Belmopan Police discovered a shot gun near Belmopan. A 16 gauge shot gun was found by police in a woody area in the Maya Mopan Area of Belmopan. Police are now investigating to establish the ownership of the weapon.

    Let’s not wait until 2028 - The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
    Last week I reiterated the need for urgent action on sustainable development Goal 6 (SDG 6). I urged that we not wait until the end of the New Decade for Action on SDG 6 to begin activities that will lead to its achievement. If the achievement of SDG 6 is unsuccessful, the other 11 SDGs will also be unsuccessful. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations reminds us of the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. He commented that water ?ows through the three pillars providing the essential services that are the keys to achieving poverty reduction, inclusive growth, public health, food security, lives of dignity for all and long-lasting harmony with earth’s essential ecosystems.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    In Hebrews 12:1 & 2 we read: “Therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

    Making Money Moves
    In today’s day and age, one must think creatively of ways to source the income necessary to satisfy our needs and provide the quality of life we wish to live. This includes teenagers and young adults as well. If you are a teen and are interested in earning some money of your own, you’re not alone. Many teens are looking for ways that they can make money to cover expenses for clothes, entertainment costs, and to save up for college and the future. It can be hard for you as a teen to get a job and even harder to get a well-paying job for obvious reasons. One- employers are often looking for someone that can work full time, and as a student, you might not be able to fit your classes and work into your schedule.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    No BDF were at border; says Ministry of Defense
    The Ministry of Defence has issued a statement saying that it […]

    Leaked video shows Guatemalan army men cross over into Belize
    Yesterday, BBN reported that a Guatemalan reporter claimed to have been assaulted by Belizean authorities. […]

    Glenn Street fire destroys several homes
    By BBN Staff; According to police reports, yesterday morning around 12:45, police responded to a report of a […]

    GOB to inaugurate new school building at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico tomorrow
    An official ceremony to inaugurate a new school building for Escuela Secundaria Técnica México High […]

    Andy Rhaburn still on the run
    Andy Rhaburn , the man who hit his mom with a crowbar and caused her […]

    Belize receives Grant from the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund
    :Minister of State with responsibility for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Frank Mena is […]

    US bans Belize from getting work-Visas
    Belize is one of three countries, the others being Haiti and Samoa, that have been […]


    Cold felt in Belize: A low tide in Corozal
    This the time when the temperatures in Belize should be getting warmer and should stay in the 70's and 80's. A northern cold front approached Belize and has since been affecting us since last week Friday. And, for us 60's and low 70's in Belize is cold for us. Since the cold front, those warm jackets has since been taken out of the closets. Around the country, the heavy fog has been seen at unusual places like San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Today, in Corozal The weather has changed to light misty rain. That means more cold should be approaching Belize soon. Get your jackets out again for the cool weather because tonight the weather will be cool. Today, I walked the bay of Corozal as far as I could walk as seen at the picture below. This low tide made me see the biggest rocks on the side of the sidewalk. I saw broken glasses on the water that has never been removed. I saw trash that was brought by the waves. I saw the fishermen out on the catching fish with a taralla. The sand was created by the small waves as the tide went low. This low tide is caused by the cold weather that pushes the water out. So, if you want to take picture's of the low tide come out and enjoy the walk.

    International Sourcesizz

    World’s Largest Underwater Cave System Discovered in Mexico
    Last week, explorers with the Great Maya Aquifer Project discovered a connection between two large underwater caverns on the Yucatan Peninsula. When combined, the two systems create a 215-mile-long underground labyrinth—the largest flooded cavern on Earth, reports National Geographic. While the cave itself is an interesting geologic formation, the cave system is also full of pre-Hispanic archaeological sites from the ancient Maya as well as unknown plant and animal species. “This immense cave represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world, as it has more than a hundred archaeological contexts,” says Guillermo de Anda, director of the project, according to a translated press release. “Along this system, we had documented evidence of the first settlers of America, as well as extinct fauna and, of course, Maya culture.” In fact, in 2014, divers found the oldest human skeleton discovered in the New World while exploring one of the segments of this submerged cavern, Sac Actun. As National Geographic reports, the discovery was made after the project’s divers began a new phase of exploring the Sac Actun system and another known as Dos Ojos last March, mapping new tunnels and underground lakes, known as cenotes. They were also looking for a connection between the two.

    Autopsy Released After TV Producer Found Dead in Belize
    An executive producer at ABC station WLS-TV in Chicago was strangled in Belize, an autopsy revealed. Anne Swaney died from "asphyxia due to compression of the neck area, throttling (manual strangulation) and blunt force traumatic injuries to the head and neck region," according to the autopsy. Her body was found floating face-down in the Mopan River on Friday morning about a quarter of a mile from where she was staying. Swaney, 39, was the executive producer of online operations at WLS-TV, where she had worked since 1999.

    A Mayan surprise!
    My husband Thejas and I were tracking Belize, a small country in Central America, for months together. We discovered that this beauty has one foot in the jungle and the other in the Atlantic Ocean. It seemed to have all the right elements for adventure with a culture of its own. Soon enough, we decided to visit this amazing country. We started our week-long vacation from the beautiful little village of Hopkins in southern Belize. Hopkins is a friendly, slightly scruffy coastal village providing a perfect taste of local Garifuna culture. Our accommodation was at a local B&B run by a very charismatic and passionate Garifuna business woman. On the first day, we went snorkelling with Captain Breeze, a grizzly old local fisherman who looked like he had spent all his life in the sun and the ocean. This was our first glimpse of the Barrier Reef. On the second day Uhwanie, our host, guided us through a half-day cultural immersion. We dressed ourselves up in traditional Garifuna attire and harvested our coconuts and planktons from the trees. These were going to be our ingredients for cooking their traditional meals.


  • Belize Crooked Tree Contract Signing 2018, 1.5min.

  • Swimming with Sharks at the Belize Barrier Reef, 1min.

  • Rhapsody Cruise-Port of Call-Belize, 4.5min. While on our Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas cruise, we stop at Belize where we take the tender into town and visit the port

  • Discover World-Class Belize Aboard Your Own Private Yacht, 5min. Conveniently located in northern Central America, in between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is small in stature but grand in unspoiled scenery and world-class splendor. Boasting idyllic cruising conditions as well as some of the best snorkeling & diving spots throughout the 350-mile long Mesoamerican Reef, the “adventure coast” is worthy of its nickname and it deserves to be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list.

  • Talk Ah Di Town January 18, 2018, 29min.

  • Understanding the Extradition Laws in Belize, on Open Your Eyes, 29min.

  • Tubal Trade And Vocational Institute - Recruitment Drive & Fundraiser Event, on Open Your Eyes, 23min.

  • Fire Management - Ya' Axche Conservation Trust/BAS/TIDE39, on Open Your Eyes, min.

  • Belize 2018, 3min. Belize Marine Biology 2018 (John Abbott College)

  • Belmopan Bandits vs San Pedro Tiger Sharks, 60min.

    January 18, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedrano Michael Del Valle is called to the Bar Association of Belize
    On Thursday, January 11th, the community of San Pedro Town was honored when San Pedro resident, 28-year-old Michael Del Valle was officially called to the Bar Association of Belize. The organization comprised of Attorneys-at-Law, Judges and Magistrates welcomed Del Valle who is now licensed to practice law in Belize. Del Valle shared that his passion to venture into the law profession was mainly to help people and make a positive impact on his community. He walked The Sun through his ladder of success and mentioned that after completing his studies at Lydia’s Institute of Fine Education on the island, he attended the San Pedro High School from where he graduated with high honors.

    Delft University of Technology brings a solution for better water supply to Ambergris Caye

    Ambergris Today

    More Schools On Ambergris Caye To Receive Solar Panels By Kenyon College
    In March 2017, two schools in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, got solar panel installations thanks the Kenyon College and the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch. These schools were Brighter Tomorrow Pre School and Ambergris Caye Elementary School. To date, Kenyon College has helped St. Andrew's Anglican School, Kings College, Toledo Christian Academy, San Antonio Primary School and Arenal RC School. The price is $1,500USD per 1,000 watt hour setup of six panels. This includes the panels, wiring, mounting, inverters, and internet monitoring equipment. With the installation of these panels, Kenyon College, hopes to significantly impact the communities which they are helping by teaching children and residents about renewable energy. The crew looked at two schools in Toledo, one in Stan Creek, four in Cayo, and two on Ambergris Caye. In addition to assessing New Horizons and San Pedro High School, they also checked on last year’s schools Ambergris Caye Elementary and Brighter Tomorrow. ACES ended up needing a new fuse and brighter tomorrow school was working well.

    PIC OF THE WEEK - Who's Cold!?
    Our Favorite Pic as we asked our readers to submit images showing us how cold it is in Belize. Thanks Krista Lee and all who sent us some great pics. Check out the other submissions.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Attention Turneffe Atoll Fishers Living in Belize City
    The Belize Fisheries Department and the Marine Conservation Climate Adaptation Project (MCCAP) are inviting fishers and their families to attend a meeting at the National Producers Cooperative in Belize City on February 10, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss alternative livelihood options for fishers and their households who fish at Turneffe Atoll and to sign up for possible skills training programmes. Venue: National Producers Conference Room (behind Belize City Council building). Time: 2:00 p.m. Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018. For more information please contact Mrs. Nidia Chacon, MCCAP Senior Technical Officer at 223-0724.

    Today, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) commenced execution of a transition plan that will see the organization implement a new operational framework. Following amendments to the PACT Act in 2015, an Institutional Assessment and Strategic Planning process was completed in April 2017 followed by a Change Management exercise during July-December 2017. These independent reviews highlight the need for PACT to be re-designed to a more efficient institution in order to reduce and contain administrative costs and at the same time effectively achieve its mandate of financing the national protected areas system. As a result, a new operational framework that streamlines all aspects of PACT’s operations has been adopted.

    Belize Volleyball National Championship
    Sat Jan 27 2018 at 08:00 am to Sun Jan 28 2018 at 06:00 pm. Belize Volleyball, 1 Hyde's Lane, Belize City, Belize. Belize Volleyball Association hosts the Annual Belize Volleyball National Championship. Come out and experience the excitement as the top male and female volleyball teams from all over the country compete to become Belize's Volleyball Champion.

    MALUMA in Campeche for Carnaval weekend
    Campeche is 6 hours from Chetumal by ADO...

    Belize City water shutdown on Thursday
    Belize Water Services informs customers in Belize City that there will be a shutdown in the water supply for the entire Southside of Belize City during the hours of 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Thursday, January 18, 2018. This shutdown is necessary for the installation and pressure testing of new water mains. Motorists are advised that both lanes of Racoon Street will be closed at its intersection with Curassow, Dolphin Street and Seagull Street. Please also be advised, that Central American Boulevard will be limited to one lane traffic at its intersection with Dakers Street, so large trucks and trucks with trailers are advised to proceed with caution at this junction. Pedestrians and cyclists travelling around the Mahogany Street roundabout are advised to travel with caution as substantial amounts of water will be thrust in that area.

    2018 Street Art Festival
    The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project will be one of the sponsors for the 2018 Street Art Festival. Visit our booth on Albert Street near Scotia Bank where you will learn more about the Downtown Rejuvenation Project and participate in fun games. Think you are good in History and Social Studies? Come and take our History and Social Studies Quiz Challenge! Prizes will be available while stocks last. See you there! Saturday, February 24 at 2 PM - 10 PM, Albert St, Belize City

    Humberto Casanova Rafael Suarez, Saturday January 20
    9pm, Paradise Theatre in San Pedro

    During yours truly residing in Belize on my 1999-2003 return to live back home again, this historic photo was taken of a Belizean christian child reciting a verse from the Muslim holy book, "The Holy Qu'ran". The student of Sista Clara Muhammad School and a resident of one of the poorest and poverty stricken areas in Belize City, Belize called, "Port Loyala", was a Standard Six student that had scored very high in the Belize high school entrance examination, the PSE. She is seen here after her Quranic recitation, giving the presentation of thanks to Belize government and Muslim officials during the inauguration of a new building for the school seen in the background that was donated by Belize's Ministry of Education.

    The historic photo here has been staring at yours truly for some time now, and in deep remembrance of two of Belize's most enduring and consistent social and political activist, Sista Yaya Marin Coleman, host of the "Sunday Review" Show on KREM TV and radio, and the Belize Progressive Party's political leader, (BPP) Patrick Rogers. It reflects on a show that we did in 2014 during one of my visits to the only place that is called home for me, "BELIZE".

    Belizean bodybuilding champion and former Mr. Belize, Noel Nunez, will probably go down as Belize's greatest bodybuilding champion of all times. He is also a 1980s Central American & Caribbean Games body building champion and has inspired many others after him like the dynamic Rushel Bevans and others who also won the great title as Central America's strongest man. Here he is presenting his talent in the sport to screaming Belizean fans at the BREDAA spectacular variety show in 1993 at the Veterans Memorial in Westwood, California.

    Book Launch
    San Ignacio Santa Elena House of Culture has moved and is making sure their new building is buzzing with activities! Come be a part of the Book Launch on Friday the 19th of January from 5 pm to 8 pm.

    Drumming Group
    Drummers create the beat of our existence! Come be a creator of that beat at the San Ignacio Santa Elena House of Culture! Come be a drummer! Register now at SISE House of Culture.

    Belize Receives Grant from the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund
    Minister of State with responsibility for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Hon. Frank Mena is heading a delegation to the Eighth Session of the Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which commenced on January 13, 2018. On Sunday, January 14, 2018, a bilateral meeting was held between the Delegation from Belize and the Government of the United Arab Emirates to announce the emPOWER Rural Electrification project (emPOWER Project). The emPOWER Project aims to provide renewable energy solutions to assist Belize in achieving universal energy access. This project plans to install 344 kW of solar PV and battery storage in rural villages that currently do not have access to the national electricity grid. The villages selected are (Crique Sarco, Indian Creek, Gold Stream, and Medina Bank). The project is estimated to cost US$2.736 million.

    Tide Tours wins 2017 Caribbean Sustainability Award
    TIDE Tours is proud to announce that we received a Caribbean Climate Smart Award at the 2017 Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards Program in St. Kitts and Nevis. The award was presented to recognize our continued commitment to reducing the impacts of climate change through our tourism activities. The awards ceremony is hosted annually by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), and aims to identify and showcase Sustainable Tourism Good Practices in the Caribbean. We were shortlisted for the Community Benefit Award and Biodiversity Conservation Award from a total of 96 entrants, and were finally awarded the Climate Smart Award 2017, which was presented by Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). Mr. Eddie Herrera, from the Belize Ministry of Tourism, received the award on our behalf at the ceremony in December.

    Free eye check ups and low cost glasses from BCVI!
    Come and take advantage of free eye check ups and low cost glasses from BCVI! Inviting the public once more from Sunday, 21st January to Thursday , 25th January to come at the Lions Den as we will be having the Stanford eye doctors. Take advantage of your free eyes check up and very low prices on glass with BCVI. San Pedro Lions Club

    Government of Belize Providing Educational Opportunities For Over 185 Students in the Corozal District
    An Official Ceremony to inaugurate a new school building for Escuela Secundaria Técnica México High School will be held on the school’s compound in San Roman, Corozal District at 2:00 PM on January 19, 2018. This is as a result of the Government of Belize recognising the critical role of Secondary education for social, economic, cultural, environmental and political development by way of empowering future leaders with knowledge, skills, and values to enhance Belize’s socio-economic development. The building, which is a two (2) storey ferro-concrete substitution building, was done courtesy of a grant of $1,077,214.00 from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) under the Basic Needs Trust Fund, BNTF8’s Education & Human Resource Development Sector, with counterpart funding from the Government of Belize and the school community.

    Bridge closed to large vehicles on Friday in San Pedro
    Advance notice for all large vehicles. Friday the 19th no large vehicles will be able to cross the bridge from 7:00 am till 1:00 pm. Please make alternate arrangements for any deliveries you may have had during the stated time. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

    Access Life Expo Tour
    Free event for persons living with a disability.

    Belize Cultural Celebrations Exhibit Launch
    The SISE House of Culture is launching the Belize Cultural Celebrations Exhibit on Friday, January 26th, at 9:30am. The exhibit will highlight the diverse range of celebrations observed by the different cultures of Belize. If you haven't visited the new HoC, then this is a great reason. In related news, the HoC will be having the Belize: An Intimate Portrait book launch this Friday evening.

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of Jan. 8th - Jan. 14th, 2018
    The anglers are enjoying a quieter time at the lodge this week as we move into a slower couple of weeks after the Holidays. All of the anglers are catching plenty of bonefish. Clive, who was here from Canada, managed to land over twenty bonefish during his three days of fishing. The weather has settled down and now the fish are moving on to the flats to feed in large numbers. Bonefish, tarpon, and permit are giving our anglers nice shots. Jay caught a permit that was over twenty pounds his first day on the water. Jay normally is fishing in freshwater for smallmouth bass and walleye but is getting hooked on the saltwater experience. A twenty to twenty-five-pound permit on the end of the line is a super fun moment when the hook up happens. Come experience the fun!

    Screen on the Green
    Mark your calendars this Friday, January 19 at the Governor General Field for Screen on the Green. We will be showing "MOANA"! Come join us, movie starts at 5:30 pm. FREE POPCORN!!!!

    Channel 7

    Early this morning a fire tore through Glenn Street in Belize City destroying three homes. No lives were lost but quite a few of the residents are now left without a home to live in. Today we went to the scene and spoke to some of those affected. Sahar Vasquez reporting: Eight families were left homeless in the early morning blaze, their prized possessions and the place they once called home now scattered among the sea of ashes. The fire started at an abandoned house on Glenn Street and then spread to two other adjacent structures, completely destroying them, while two more houses sustained water damage. Jenny Trapp's house was almost burnt to the ground too, but firemen were able to save it before the flames reached. To do that they had to take the hose into her house.

    Fire Chief Responds To Criticism Of A Failed Firefight
    Now as you heard in the story, the residents blame it on the Fire Department. They had that familiar fire refrain: the trucks ran out of water. Today the fire chief held a press briefing and responded squarely to the accusations of a failed firefight: Ted Smith, Fire Chief, Belize Nat'l Fire Service: "A 10 minutes to 1, the department received and responded to a structural fire at #14 Glenn Street. On arrival, 2 structures were found on fire. One was fully engulfed in flames, the fire was already in the free burning phase and the open stage. A second structure located east of that structure had fire coming out of the attic area, upper story, which is another 2 story wooden structure. The department went into operation and contained and extinguished the fire. At the conclusion of fire fight, three 2 story wooden structure were totally destroyed by the fire." Reporter: "So, this fire, what do you think it was? I know the investigation isn't done, but what are you guys suspecting?"

    28 Affected By Fire, CEMO Responds
    Now that the blaze has been put out and the smoke has settled tonight the reality is hitting those 28 residents. They have to rebuild their lives from scratch. That process will take a while so for now, all they can do, is make the best out of CEMO's care packages. This evening at City Hall, CEMO personnel handed over mattresses and a number of other items to the fire victims, who need all the help they can get. Hon. Edmund Castro - NEMO Minister: "In this case on Glenn Street it was 3 building that was totally destroyed and consist of 8 families and a total of 28 persons affected so we teamed up with NEMO, normally would have a package as it relates to fire victims where we provide table top stove mattresses and sheets and that sort of thing. So standard basic NEMO package that we provide for each family, then we have the human services which will kick in and see how best they can assist some of the families in terms of perhaps help them with somewhere to go for a short period of time until they could get back on their feet."

    Attorney Andrew Bennet Could Face Magistrate Soon
    Time is running out for attorney Andrew Bennett - and he could go before a Magistrate this week. As we have reported, Bennett is facing multiple indictments in the US for money laundering. The US sent an extradition request last month - and since then, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Solicitor General, and the Attorney General have signed off on it. So, it is now in the hands of the chief magistrate Sharon Fraser - to issue a provisional warrant for his arrest - which, again, could happen later this week or early next week. After that, the crown counsel and his attorneys will go before her for her to decide if the evidence is enough for a prima facie case. If she agrees, she would issue a warrant for his committal to Belize central prison. In the modern era, we have never witnessed an attorney sent to prison for any period of time.

    Cement Truckers Strike, Block "Scabs" At Border
    It was like an old Mexican standoff this morning outside the Customs Cargo section at the Northern Border in the Corozal District. The issue is Maya Cement which comes from a company called CEMEX in Mexico. They used to have a warehouse in the Cargo section, but recently changed that. Now, the new arrangement is that the 13 members of Northern Cement Truckers Association have to go over to Chetumal to load the cement. But they don't want to do that because one of their fellow truckers ended up in jail years ago when there was an accident at that original pickup location. So, they've gone on a strike - leaving thousands of sacks of cement waiting on the Mexican side to be trucked into Belize.

    Suspected of Matricide, Andy Rhaburn On The Run
    He's accused of killing his own mother - and, tonight, 26 year old Andy Rhaburn remains on the run. Yesterday morning in Carmelita village, he bludgeoned his 53 year old mother Braulia Pech to death with a crowbar, and then ran off. Police responded quickly and followed his trail into the bushes surrounding the village but found nothing. Tonight, they are asking anyone who sees him to call police or -800-922 TIPS. His family says he had a history of unstable behavior and in the past his mother had to call police to have him removed from the home where they lived together alone. His sister said he was taking medication to keep him stable, but he would become violent when he came off the meds.

    Police Prosecutor Could Be Investigated For Botching Case
    Last night, we told you about the San Pedro murder of Alfredo Cowo, a high-profile complainant against police. No one knows for sure why he was killed, but his family feels - without any actual evidence - that it may be connected to his previous shooting. You'll remember it as that lawless police incident which happened in April of last year. Police charged two of their own, Constables Darnell Madrill and Norman Coye with wounding because several civilians - including Alfredo Cowo - were injured when they fired their service weapons indiscriminately to try to disperse an angry crowd. So, with video footage to assist them, you'd think that police would have a strong case against PC Madrill and Coye, but not so. The family told us that the case was dismissed last week on what should have been the first day of trial before the sitting magistrate.

    A Home For Ms. Arnold
    In the beginning of January, we told you about Donna Arnold. The mother of 6 was in desperate need of help. Her house was sinking not the swamp and she had neither money nor means to do anything about it. She swallowed her pride, and came to us for help in publicizing her plight. Tonight, that call has been answered. Thanks to an effort from southside community policing tonight she has a house. Today Arnold received the home and she couldn't be happier. Reporter: "You just got your brand new house today. How are you feeling in terms of this? I know it's not ready but you have it." Donna Arnold, Mother of 6: "Well I feel good because if I didn't go on the media, no one would've noticed me. That's why I went on the media so they know I'm here. Thanks to the good Lord this is the beginning of it."

    PACT Tells Employees Go Home, Get Ready For A Pay Cut
    PACT, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust sent home all its employees yesterday - and told them to come back in a week. But when they return, they will have to accept new terms of employment, likely meaning less pay. According to a release from PACT, they did an organizational review and concluded that the organization needed to be, quote, "re-designedto reduce and contain administrative costs." So, a consultant came up with what the release calls, a "new operational framework." But, this framework aims to make PACT far leaner. The release refers to, quote, "modified job functions" - and "increased operational efficiency," which are buzzwords for retrenchment.

    Is There A Mark Pollard Murder Conspiracy?
    Last week, we told you how the activist, Jose Uc Espat, was attempting to bring pressure on the police department for what he sees as a failure to properly investigate the case of the missing Belize City resident, Mark Pollard. You'll remember that the 49 year-old went missing back in July of last year, when he went on a morning run, and since then, his family has been searching for him. They've been helped along by Uc-Espat, who's recently been taking on the role of private investigator, and he's earned their trust. He came forward to the press on last Friday with 2 phone calls which he thinks that the department should have acted upon. In those calls, the speaker suggests that Pollard is not missing, but actually dead. The caller also suggested that a dispute over inherited properties is the motive for that supposed demise.

    Missing Man's Mother Calls On Police
    Jose Espat has also been assisting another family to try to find their missing loved one. He's Jahmaal Humes, and he's been missing since December 20. His family has been frantically searching for him, and today, his worried mother came forward to complain that from her perspective, police are not doing enough. Here's how she explained it this evening: Sharlene Nicholas - Mother of Jahmaal Humes: "My son Jahmaal Humes has been missing from since the 20th day of December, and so far, all we have experienced with the police is frustration, heartaches, and a whole lot of turn around from the police force. Now, I'm not here to bash anybody, as Mr. Espat says, or to discriminate, or find fault. But, I believe that the police is not doing a proper investigation, and working as much as they could, in order to find my son."

    Contraband "Cosa"
    Her friends call her "Cosa", but you probably know her by the name Alvarine Burgess. She rose to prominence as the immigration agent turned whistleblower who has accused UDP Ministers of corruption and impropriety, but tonight, Burgess faces allegations of contraband. On Saturday, January 13, police were operating a checkpoint in Pomona Village, when they tried to stop an SUV that ran the checkpoint. The cops set chase through Hope Creek Village and eventually intercepted the SUV, a silver Kia Sorento, without plates.

    Senate, Wheel and Come Again
    The Senate meeting scheduled for Friday has been postponed. Much was made of it last week when the Government Press Office sent out a notice saying that there would be a house Dane Senate meeting on the same day. That was a mistake, because only a senate meeting was planned, but now that has been moved to next week Wednesday. As we understand, it has been postponed because two senators from the government side are unavailable. The Senate meeting has no urgent business on the agenda - and is led by a supplementary appropriations bill for Petrocaribe spending which is produced quarterly.

    Drinking Man Stole Cops Bike, "By Mistake"
    Eugene Lanza ended up in court today for stealing a woman police officer's bicycle, and worst of all, he stole it from the biggest police station in the country! Lanza says he simply made a mistake. He went to the police station on Sunday night to make a report. When he was finished, he grabbed his bike and rode home. But, the 35 year old grabbed the wrong bike. He told the court that he had been drinking and thought he jumped on his bicycle - but it turned out to be the property of of WPC Tanisha Davis. Lanza appeared before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Court #2 where he pleaded not guilty to theft. He was granted bail of $600 dollars and is due back in Court on March 13th.

    Canadian Cruiser Named Kong With Coke
    He came on a cruise, but, cops say, a Canadian named Kong was more interested in ‘cain, and we don't mean sugar! At around 1:00 today, two special constables on duty at Terminal 1 of the Fort street Tourism Village searched Forty-two year old Ryan Kong when they saw him acting suspiciously. They found 0.9 grammes of cocaine in a plastic bag in his back pocket. He pleaded guilty when he appeared today before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. He was fined $500 dollars plus $5 dollars court cost, which he paid immediately. If he had defaulted on payment he would have served 2 months.

    Fire On JR
    It didn't make headlines yesterday, but there was a fire on JR street in the Port Loyola area. A small wooden structure was quickly engulfed in flames. It burned so fast, they didn't even have time to call the fire department. Carrying biuckets, the police and neighbours put it out before fire truck arrived or it would have spread to nearby homes. The house was completely destroyed.

    Potato And Onion Farmers Call Out For Protection
    San Carlos Village in the south of the Orange Walk District is home to about 35 families and was founded in 1994. But what it lacks in numbers and history it makes up for in sheer productivity. Farmers there produce countless bushels of potatoes and bunches of onions. And this year, they don't want to end up like last year when they say special permits left them with potatoes rotting in the field. Here's the view from their farmlands: Jules Vasquez reporting: These potatoes in the field and these rows of onions may make a pretty picture but there's a lot of investment behind all this acreage. For example, these irrigation rigs are critical to the crop. They pump all day but are fuelled by gas engines and must filter through thousands of feet of irrigation hoses. Then there are the costs of pesticides and fertilizers, it adds up to quite a chunk of money. Max Hernandez- Farmer, San Carlos: "It's almost $5 thousand for one acre. In total, between the onion and the potatoes, it is almost 60 acres. That's almost $300 thousand dollars of investment."

    Woman Wins Major Medical Malpractice Case
    22 year-old Dangriga resident Jenny Bonilla has won a compensation award of 250 thousand dollars, after she sued a doctor from the Western Regional Hospital for medical malpractice and won. Her attorney, Michel Chebat, told us her complaint was against Dr. Gilberto Landero, a medical practioner who is still working at the Western Regional Hospital. 2 years ago, Bonilla, who's a serving police officer, started having pains in her abdomen. She was admitted to the Southern Regional Hospital, and she was later transferred to the Western Regional Hospital. She was supposed to undergo an exploratory surgery to diagnose what medical ailment she was suffering from.

    Let There Be Light For Four Toledo Villages
    Four villages in the Toledo District will benefit from solar power projects funded by the United Arab Emirates. The villages of Crique Sarco, Indian Creek, Gold Stream, and Medina Bank - which are all off the electric grid - have been selected for a project which will install solar power panels with battery storage to the tune of $2.736 million US dollars. This is coming out of the Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Belize is represented by Minister of State Frank Mena.

    Channel 5

    Early Morning Conflagration Displaces 28
    A fire burnt out more than seven families in the early hours of this morning. Sometime after twelve, the fire started in an abandoned building on Glenn Street and the [...]

    Was Fire Service Called Too Late?
    Residents and fire victims believe that the firemen were not prepared to take on the midnight inferno. They claim that the fire truck arrived thirty minutes after the blaze started [...]

    NEMO/CEMO and Human Services to Rescue
    The Ministry of Human Development and the City Emergency Management Organization have teamed up to provide much needed immediate relief for the families. Today, Minister Edmond Castro and Philip Willoughby [...]

    After Short Price Hike, Importers Holding Butane Hostage?
    Last Friday, the price of LPG went up by seven dollars per hundred pound cylinder. While that increase kept supply of butane going, there is information of an impasse between [...]

    Foster Mom Vows to Do Right by Murdered Alfredo Cowo
    Twenty-six-year-old Alfredo Cowo was ruthlessly dispatched in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as he sat in a golf cart with his girlfriend in the vicinity of Central Park in [...]

    Why Did Police Abandon Case? P.S.B., Attorney to Investigate
    Randell is outraged that the case against Coye and Madril was tossed out because the court prosecutor, himself a police officer, failed to appear before the sitting magistrate in the [...]

    Judgment Day Approaches for Andrew Bennett
    The hourglass that is Andrew Bennett’s freedom is quickly running out of sand, as it is expected that he will soon be arrested and brought before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer [...]

    Did Family Conspire to Kill Missing Mark Pollard? Recording Made of Threats
    Belize City resident forty-nine-year-old Mark Pollard has been missing since July 2017. Tonight, the questions are whether he is dead, and did family members have anything to do with it? [...]

    Will Anything Come of the Case of Missing Mark Pollard?
    A friend of Pollard’s who is familiar with recent events has told News Five that along with the suspected family member, at least two other intimates of the missing man [...]

    Mom Pleads for Help to Solve Disappearance of Son, Jamal Humes
    Twenty-eight year old Jamal Humes has been missing since December twentieth, 2017. The auto mechanic disappeared sometime between socializing with friends and visiting his mother’s house. Searches of the immediate [...]

    Fareed Ahmad’s Family Torn, Dismiss Video Surveillance
    Fareed Ahmad was killed on December twenty-eighth in his vehicle outside Hattieville. The alleged killer, Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown, is behind bars awaiting indictment and trial. But much about [...]

    City Couple Shot in Downtown
    A Belize City couple remains hospitalized at the K.H.M.H. tonight after being attacked by a gunman on Tuesday. Thirty-seven-year-old Carolyn Revers was seated inside a parked vehicle along with her [...]

    Ernesto Torres for Mayor! He Tells News Five Why
    The municipal election season is drawing closer and already most of the major political parties’ candidates are on the campaign trail. Participation from the alternative and independent movements has been [...]

    Life Sentence Thrown Out for Murder Convict Linsbert Bahadur
    On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal pronounced a verdict in a criminal matter involving thirty-three-year-old Linsbert Bahadur Junior.  He was convicted of the murder of his brother-in-law Albert Wade which [...]

    Pair to Stand Supreme Court Trial for Forged Documents
    The Supreme Court has set a March trial date for two men accused of uttering on a forged document and preparation to commit a crime. Forty-three-year-old Marcos Basto of Corozal [...]

    Drunk Man Accidentally Stole Lady Constable’s Bike
    Police have quickly nabbed a man who they say stole a bicycle belonging to a woman police officer. But he says it was an accident caused by being under the [...]

    A Cunning Con Man Finally Caught?
    Steward for the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino, Windell Neal, was read a charge of obtaining property by deception in the Magistrate’s Court today. Jennifer Arana, secretary for the Oswald [...]

    Give Me a Break, Say San Carlos Farmers on Loans
    On Tuesday News Five showed you firsthand the hopes and dreams of farmers in the San Carlos area of Orange Walk, who are hoping they will be able to get [...]

    Why Abandoned Buildings Need to Go
    You heard earlier in the newscast about the fire that totally destroyed the houses of eight families. The fire started in an abandoned building where homeless persons were staying. If [...]

    PACT Explains Restructuring and Treatment of Staff
    The Protected Areas Conservation Trust office in Belmopan will be closed for the next week as the statutory body undergoes transition to a leaner, more efficient institution capable of financing [...]

    Coastal Zone to Get the Same Treatment as PACT
    According to Cho, there is also change coming for the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute. The Authority is undergoing a similar assessment process to PACT and Cho says it [...]


    NEMO assists fire victims
    In an effort to assist the fire victims, the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO packages to the affected families. Hipolito Novelo reports. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING… Families affected by the Glenn Street Fire can breathe a collective sigh of relief as the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, has stepped in, assisting the fire victims with basic …

    US revises travel advisory to Belize
    The US Department of State has revised its travel advisory to Belize. As of January 10, 2018, the US Government warns its citizens to exercise increased caution in Belize due to crime. The advisory states quote, “Violent crime, such as sexual assault, armed robbery, and murder, is common. Local police lack the resources to respond …

    PACT says it is evolving
    Yesterday multiple reports surfaced that the Protected Area Conservation Trust, PACT, had embarked in a restructuring exercise. A notice on PACT’s Facebook page confirmed that its offices in Belmopan will be closed as of today until January 24. A release states that PACT has commenced the quote, “execution of a transition plan that will see …

    Facebook Marketplace launched in Belize
    As of yesterday, Tuesday, January 16, people in Belize will be able to access Facebook Marketplace. This is an application that the social network had launched in 2016 in the United States, and allows the purchase and sale of articles locally through the social platform. Belize is now one of the thirty-seven countries that can …

    Two persons shot in Belize City
    Belize City police are investigating a shooting incident which left two persons injured. Just before ten o’clock last night, police responded to a 911 call which led them to North Front Street. 37-year-old Carolyn Revers and 34-year-old Damian Cattouse had been shot. Revers was shot twice in the left arm while Cattouse was shot once …

    GOB receives US$2.736 million grant
    The Government of Belize received a two point seven million US dollar grant from the United Arab Emirates Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund. Minister of State with responsibility for Public Service, Energy, and Public Utilities Frank Mena is in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, heading a delegation to the Eighth Session of the Assembly …


    Guatemalan woman arrested for fraudulent attempt at SSB
    A 26 year old Guatemalan woman was detained by San Ignacio police on Friday after she allegedly tried to apply for a Belizean social security card at the SSB branch in Santa Elena. The woman reportedly had a fraudulent Belizean birth certificate and was also in possession of a Guatemalan passport. P...

    Man and pregnant girlfriend shot at in San Pedro; man dies
    A man was shot and killed in San Pedro early this morning. Reports are that Alfredo Cowo Mansea was socializing on a golf cart along with his pregnant girlfriend in front of Jaguars Night club on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, around 12:30 this morning, Tuesday January 16. Cowo and the woman w...

    Andy Rhaburn wanted for killing his mother
    A man who killed his own mother this morning is on the run. Police have issued a Wanted Poster for 26 year old Andy Rhaburn after he hit his mother in her head with a crowbar. According to police reports, sometime this morning, Tuesday January 16th, 2018, Orange Walk Police were called to Carmelit...

    Police Officer charged with “Manslaughter” in shooting of Mario Vernon
    The police officer who shot and killed Mario Vernon on Saturday January 13th has been charged. According to police, today, January 16, 2018, they charged 23 year old PC Tevin Aranda for “Manslaughter” . Police say the charge of “ manslaughter“ as opposed to “murder” is on the advice of ...

    Man shot in the ankle on Magazine Road
    There was another shooting incident in Belize City last night. Sometime after 7 o’clock on Monday, January 15, 2018, 23 year old Justin Stephens, a resident of Belize City, was shot to his left ankle. Police say that Stephens was walking on Magazine Road from the direction of Cemetery Road along wi...

    Alvorine Burgess and Milton Palacio busted with contraband goods
    Alvorine Burgess and Milton Palacio were caught with a vehicle full of contraband items in the south. The incident involved a police chase. On Saturday, January 13th , Police conducted a check point in Pomona village where they encountered a silver Kia Sorento. Police say that when the driver of th...

    Roaring Creek Barber shop burnt to the ground
    There was a fire in Roaring Creek Village where a barber shop with all its equipment was burned to the ground. It is believed to be an act of arson. We spoke to the owner of the business, Mervin Jordon. Mervin Jordon I have a small Barbershop that I normally operate out of. I was called last night...

    Three Butane Wholesalers on Go Slow
    PlusNews has been trying from Friday to obtain an on camera interview with Jose Trejo, Director of Bureau of Standards, but he has been unable to facilitate the interview as yet. The interview request stems from a stream of information PlusNews has been receiving from various players in the Butane i...

    Australian salesman charged for drug trafficking on Caye Caulker
    An Australian man on Caye Caulker was arrested for drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. Police say that on Monday night, they were conducting patrol on Avenida Mangle, Caye Caulker Village, when they searched 22 year old Nichols Stanley Whitfield, an Australian Salesman. On Whitfield...

    CITO says Not a fire; just a drill
    This evening, PlusTV received calls that there appeared to be a fire at the Central Information Technology Office building, also known as CITO. When our camera got there, indeed there was a fire truck, police vehicle, and traffic personnel as well, but no sign of a fire. We were then informed that ...

    Five arrested for unlicensed gun
    The discovery of a Taurus brand hand gun and magazine containing fifteen live 9mm rounds of ammunition has led to the arrest of five persons. On Saturday night, Belize City Police saw a white Dodge Caravan traveling without headlights on. Police stopped the van in which were 24 year old Nelson Jare...

    Shotgun found in Maya Mopan
    Belmopan police found a 16 gauge shotgun on Sunday. Police say they visited a farm in the Maya Mopan Area of Belmopan on Sunday afternoon where they found a plastic bag with the shot gun about a mile from the road. No one was in the immediate area it was deposited as found property....

    George Price’s birthday remembered
    Today, would have been the 99th birthday of Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, Belize’s first Prime Minister also known as the Father of the Nation. Mr. Price was born on January 15th, 1919 and died on September 19th, 2011 at the age of 92...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Guatemalan reporter claims he was assaulted by Belizean authorities
    According to a report from Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, one of […]

    PACT implements new Operational framework
    Today, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) commenced execution of a transition plan that will […]


    A Texas Take-Over, Jerry Jeff Walker and Kelly McGuire Head to Ambergris Caye
    Jerry Jeff Walker, who was born in upstate New York, is a country music giant. He was part of the Greenwich village folk music scene in the 1960s. He’s played with Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffett…he wrote the song “Mr Bojangles” which was recorded famously by Sammy Davis Jr (and Whitney Houston!) and gorgeously by Nina Simone and more recently by Robbie Williams. He is a fantastic story teller and live performer and super cool guy. He also happens to own a home on Ambergris Caye (he first visited in the early 90s) and recorded an album here. Each year, each January, he comes to play on Ambergris Caye – for “Camp Belize”. Two weeks, sold out almost a year in advance that is more than a concert…it’s a week long music festival for fans.

    Davis Falls in Belize
    Located near Dangriga in southeastern Belize, Davis Falls is one of the most iconic natural attractions in the country. With a total height of around 500 feet (120 meters), Davis Falls is second only to Thousand-Foot Falls, making it the second-tallest waterfall in the country. The nearby citrus orchards add a delicious perfume to the air, making Davis Falls feel like a small corner of Paradise. The 75-feet deep pond at the base of the falls is filled with crystal clear water, making it the ideal place to enjoy a picnic or a refreshing swim on a hot day. The road to Davis Falls begins at mile marker 14.5 of the Hummingbird Highway near Dangriga in southeastern Belize. To reach the falls, you must drive for eight miles along an extremely rough road (accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles only), followed by a hike on foot for two miles.

    Welcoming 2018 the Maya Way
    Around the world, New Year’s has become a key annual celebration, with fireworks, festive dinners, music and dancing. And here in Belize, we’re blessed with not one, but two New Year’s! One on January 1, and another in July. To understand why, you need to know some basic information about the Maya calendar system, which dates back to the 5th century BCE. The ancient calendar actually comprises three distinct, but corresponding, calendars. They cycle around each other like the second, minute and hour hands on a clockface. One of those calendars, the Haab’, reflects our contemporary yearly calendar, and, similar to the Chinese zodiac, each year corresponds to a Maya deity. The Haab’ has 18 months, each 20 days long, adding up to 360 days. At the end of the last month, a period of five nameless days brings the calendar around to 365 days, matching with the earth’s revolution around the sun. It is during these days, known collectively as Wayeb, that the Maya have celebrated the turning of the years for centuries. And while the Gregorian calendar resets around the winter solstice, Wayeb takes place in July.

    The Top Beach Destinations in Belize
    If you’re planning on visiting Belize, it is very likely that one of your top priorities is finding the best beaches in Belize. And I don’t blame you, finding a great beach to unwind and relax as you enjoy the sand between your toes and stare at the crystalline blue waters in Belize is an optimal way to spend your vacation in Belize. However, a challenge I’ve found is that many people recommend the top beaches in Belize without taking into consideration the destination as a whole. Yes, travellers want to go to the best beaches in Belize but they’re also looking for great tours, attractions, restaurants and bars to visit. Therefore, here I will list the best beach destinations in Belize.

    Solar For Schools In Belize
    I was very pleased to step away from my desk and play chauffeur for a day last week – Friday Fun. My Kenyon College friends, James Skon, Doug Karl and Robert Alexander were back in Belize doing solar power assessments on schools. Thanks to Carts Belize for their donation. Having wheels was a huge help on the job and I only had to put $5 in the tank to top it up even though we went here there and everywhere. The team was busy this year. They looked at 2 schools in Toledo, 1 in Stan Creek, 4 in Cayo, 2 on Ambergris Caye and even did a side gig volunteering in Guatemala for a day. On Ambergris they were assisted by Steve Harp who also helped last year. Based on the information collected this trip, and once they thaw out, the solar crew will decide which schools countrywide are the best qualified to receive solar power. After their decisions are made they will bring already selected volunteer vacation students from Kenyon College on a return trip in March. The College wants their Gambier Ohio students to engage with other cultures, leave a lasting quality gift that will reach far into the future and show kids a great way to care about the environment.

    International Sourcesizz

    Real danger
    In Cuba there is a volcano under the sea and in case of activated this will happen and will sink what is known as banco campeche. About the earthquake in tulum, between tulum and playa. Quintana Roo faces the risk of a strong earthquake or even a tsunami, to be located where the tectonic plates of the Caribbean and North America that currently concentrate a large amount of energy. For Researcher Carlos Serra Barber, geographer of Havana University of Cuba: "that has not happened so far, does not mean it will never happen".

    US Bans Haiti, Belize and Samoa from Temporary Visas
    The decision by Homeland Security was announced less than a week after Trump asked why the U.S. had to take in immigrants from "shithole" countries. The Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday that Belize, Haiti and Samoa will no longer be eligible for temporary work visas. The announcement is scheduled to be published by the Federal Register on Thursday, exactly a week after U.S. President Donald Trump referred to African nations and Haiti as "shithole" countries during an Oval Office meeting on immigration reform. The H-2A and H-2B visas given to seasonal workers in agriculture and other industries are available to citizens of 80 countries. Haiti had been included in that list since 2012, after a successful lobbying campaign by humanitarian groups and both Republican and Democratic lawmakers to make Haiti eligible for short-term worker visas that could help Haitians recover from the catastrophic 2010 earthquake.

    Guatemala sets stage for referendum over Belize border
    Guatemala is preparing the ground for an April referendum called to help solve a long-simmering border dispute with neighboring Belize, the foreign ministry said Wednesday. The country has launched a web platform and Facebook and Twitter accounts to give information about the disagreement and the consequences of the matter ending up before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Deputy Foreign Minister Estuardo Roldan told reporters. The referendum is scheduled for April 15, with 7.5 million voters to be asked if they agree to submit the issue to the ICJ based in The Hague. The lack of a mutually accepted border between the two Central American countries has been a source of frequent tension. Guatemala has made claims over more than half of Belize's territory, dating back 150 years to when its English-speaking neighbor was a British colony known as British Honduras.

    Belize Telecommunications Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025- Analysis of Belize Mobile, Fixed Telephone and Broadband Markets
    The new report from Telecoms and Computing Market Reports has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of telecoms and computing industries. Belize Telecom outlook report is a comprehensive analytical research on the Belize’s cellular, fixed telephone and fixed broadband segments. Through detailed analysis of the current market conditions and industry trends, the report analyzes the Belize telecommunications sector. In addition to emerging industry trends, consumption patterns, geographic coverage, demographic analysis and tariffs of key players are provided to understand the key strategies and analysis of revenues, investments and infrastructure. Further, industry dynamics, SWOT Analysis of the market and changing business scenario of Belize telecommunications industry is included.

    Uncontrolled development turns Mexican tourist paradise into an environmental time bomb
    White sand beaches. Yoga retreats. Mayan ruins. The Mexican beach town of Tulum is sold as an eco-chic paradise where you can disconnect from the stresses of modern life. A closer look reveals a dark underbelly. When activist Carlos Meade moved from Mexico City to the Caribbean coast in Quintana Roo state in the early 1980s, it was largely untouched. Turtles made their nests undisturbed on hundreds of miles of empty beaches stretching from the city of Cancun to the border with Belize, lined with mangroves that gave way to virgin forests. A unique system of underground rivers channelled water from across the Yucatan peninsula to the Caribbean Sea, where the second-longest coral reef in the world snaked down the coast to the waters of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Since then the story of the Riviera Maya has been one of turbo-charged, chaotic growth.


  • New Belize City Civic Center Ad, 1min.

  • Family trip to Belize and Guatemala 2017: Caracol Mayan Ruins, San Ignacio Resort and more, 45min.

  • Eco Sanctuary Belize (2000) nature resorts, 60min. For more than two decades, environmentalists have come to Belize to try out new strategies to protect its pristine rain forests and rich biodiversity from the same economic threats - poverty. For more than two decades, environmentalists have come to Belize to try out new strategies to protect its pristine rain forests and rich biodiversity from the same. Help to prepare your lunch by learning to make corn tortillas on a traditional fire hearth. Learn about the process of grinding the fresh corn and transforming it into the “masa” or dough.

  • Landing at the Municipal Airport in San Pedro, Next to pilots's eye view..., 1/2min. Heck yeah . I always try to get co-pilot seat when I’m flight from international to Ambergris Caye best view ever

  • From Yes To I Do (January 16, 2018), 77min.

  • Mindfulness for Stress Management, on Open Your Eyes, 28min.

  • From Yes to I Do - Season Premiere, on Open Your Eyes, 28min.

  • Falkland Islands, on Open Your Eyes, 24min.

  • National Aids Comission - Human Rights Observatory & HIV Response, on Open Your Eyes, 44min.

  • MEXICAN, on Open Your Eyes, 26min.

  • Here is an update of the new round in Corozal, 10sec.

  • Maya Island Air Placencia to Belize city, 34min. Took a flight on Maya Island Air from Placencia to Belize cityon the 26th Dec 2017.

  • Jungle Combat: Back to Belize | Forces TV, 9min. The Infantry Battle School has brought soldiers back to Belize for the first time in five years. The training centre, which is based in Brecon, has spent the last three weeks in the jungle.

  • Sports Talk Show, 2hr.

    January 17, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    No arrests in Alfredo Cowo’s murder; San Pedro Police weigh in
    After initially declining interviews to the media regarding the fatal shooting of island resident Alfredo Cowo, the San Pedro Police Department offered a short press briefing on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 16th. The Officer in Charge of the Executive Coastal Unit, Superintendent Henry Jemmott told the media that the investigation is in its infant stage and no motive has yet been established. It was also confirmed that no suspects have been apprehended, but the investigation continues. Jemmott denied the allegations that any of his officers were involved in the fatal incident. “So far we have not uncovered anything, the matter is under investigation and it is too early to make any assumptions at this time,” said Jemmott. He noted that at times people might lose hope in the Police Department, but he encourages the community to trust in their work as they are working with additional staff from the mainland to try to solve this homicide as soon as possible. He indicated that if the investigation reveals any wrongdoing by members of his branch, they will be dealt with according to the law. “I will not tolerate such a thing, and as you can see in the past, I make sure that any officer who commits any crime is charged and arrested for their offenses,” ended Jemmott.

    Quality Reef leads San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament 2018
    Two matches took place during the fourth week of the San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament at the Hon. Sylvestre Sporting Complex on Sunday, January 14th. In the first match at 9AM, Extreme won by default against San Pedro High School (SPHS). The default win came after SPHS pitcher withdrew from the match after they were losing by seven home points against Extreme. In the second match, Quality Reef took on RCGO, in a tight match that saw both teams giving their best. In the end, Quality Reef managed to take the victory after tallying nine home points against RCGO who had eight home points.

    San Pedro Police Department hosts annual staff appreciation party
    On Saturday, January 13th, San Pedro police officers’ challenging work was honored during the Department’s annual staff appreciation party. From 7PM officers along with their families and invited guests, began arriving at the San Pedro Lions Den for a celebration that included a dinner, raffles, giveaways and musical entertainment. The highlight of the evening was a special recognition for Sergeant Derrick Saldano, who recently retired. Leading the event’s formalities was Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit, Superintendent Henry Jemmott. He started by commending the officers’ dedication to the well-being of the island community, noting that there has been a major decrease in criminal activity on the island, particularly major crimes. “We recorded the largest decrease in major crimes last year on the island- a solid 38%,” said Jemmott. “We could not have done this without teamwork.

    Alfredo Cowo shot and killed in San Pedro; police refuse to speak on the matter
    Cowo’s family is devastated, and they are speculating that the San Pedro police may be involved in his demise. They shared with The Sun that Cowo had been seeking legal help to open a closed case against San Pedro police officers Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill, who walked free of Wounding charges on Tuesday, January 9th. The duo had been charged for a shooting incident at Central Park in April of 2017 for firing shots at a crowd in attempts to disperse them. Five persons were injured from the bullets’ fragments, Cowo being one of them. After the incident, Coye and Madrill were charged and placed on interdiction awaiting trial. For months the case was adjourned from date to date, until it was dismissed last week Tuesday, for ‘Want of Prosecution,’ which in legal terms means the case was incomplete.

    San Pedro Pirates F.C loose first match of the new season of the PLB
    During the first match of the new season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) the San Pedro Pirates Football Club lost against the Police United Football Club. Held on Sunday, January 14th at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro, the island team fought hard to win the first game of the season, but at the final whistle, it was a clear 6-1 victory for the visiting team. The match started at 3PM, with both teams going on the offensive. Determined to win the home game Pirates Robert Highking scored a goal for his team within the first 12 minutes of the match. Police United responded with a goal at minute 36, courtesy of Byron Usher. The first half came to an end with a 1-1 draw.

    Budget for Caye Caulker’s airstrip reconstruction drastically cut
    The rehabilitation of the Caye Caulker airstrip is set to start soon following the announcement of the loan approval from the Social Security Board (SSB). The funds will aid the Belize Airport Authority (BAA) to make the much-needed repairs on the airstrip. The announcement was made during a sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, January 5th. The loan amount for the project which was initially set at $7.5 million, has now been reduced to $3.9 million cropping most of the original design for the facility. The initial $7.5 million for the reconstruction of the airstrip had apparently been turned down by the SSB and recommendations were made to downgrade the project. According to some sources, the decision to go ahead with a lower amount was made on December 21, 2017, during a meeting of the Board of Directors. La Isla Cariñosa has been without an airport for more than three months after local airlines, Tropic and Maya Island Air, suspended flights to Caye Caulker due to the dangerous condition of the runway in October 2017. T

    Ambergris Today

    Michael Del Valle – The First San Pedrano Lawyer
    Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment leads to success and achievements. So what is an achievement? It is when you successfully completed something and you find success for your efforts. You may consider a job well done a true achievement or a course of studies timely completed. Such is the case of Michael del Valle who has successfully completed his studies in law and is today's youngest Attorney-at-Law and San Pedro's first graduate lawyer. After completing his studies at LIFE, Lydia's Institute of Fine Education, Michael attended San Pedro High where he graduated as an honor student. It is there where his Interest in law commenced so he went on to the University of the West Indies open Campus in Belize where he was awarded an Associate degree of Paralegal studies in July 2012. Michael traveled to reside in Barbados where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Law in July 2015. The last step in his educational journey was at Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica where he earned his Certificate in Legal Education in 2017.

    Shooting At Central Park Is First Homicide Of The Year In San Pedro
    Cowo and his two brothers were to testify against PCs Norman Coye and Darnell Madril who have walked free of wounding charges and excessive force after charges against them were dropped in the San Pedro Magistrate Court. Alfredo Cowo had told News 5 Belize of Belize City that he felt that he is not getting any justice for the crime committed against him and his two brothers. He even went further to state that he felt that he would be targeted by the officers now that the case was dismissed after he basically made a report against them. Just a few days of that report, Alfredo Cowo was murdered.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    BHA Hotel Accommodation Guide for 2018
    The Belize Hotel Association is bustling with excitement as we publish our new Hotel Accommodation Guide for 2018. Download Here. The BHA Guide is the main marketing tool of the Association and this edition will be distributed at all the tradeshows, roadshows, events and presentations that the Belize Hotel Association attends for the year 2018. The Belize Hotel Association printed 7000 copies of the guide, which are distributed throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, and the Caribbean. The guide highlights the different regions of Belize, listing all the member hotels, descriptions ,contact, amenities and photos. It also lists all our Allied and DMC members, making it a much sought-after item at all the events we attend internationally. It is a highly utilized tool for travelers, agents and wholesalers when planning their vacation to Belize, because it is viewed as a one-stop shop for all their accommodation, transportation and tour needs.

    Paint N Splash
    Hello everybody! This week we will be painting “Under the Sea-Palm Pods” at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar This Thursday from 2-4pm! Join us by clicking the link to sign up!

    Vacancy Notice
    Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following posts at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration: Agriculture Officer. Extension Officer II. Project Officer, Project Execution Unit. Deadline: Completed Application with two (2) references on professional experience, and notarized copies of qualifications should be submitted by 31st January 2018 to the Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, Queen Elizabeth 2nd Boulevard, Belmopan City.

    Prime Ministers Departs the Country for Medical Appointment
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the public that the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country today, 16th January, for a follow-up medical consultative appointment relating to his back ailment. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister, will act as Prime Minister. Rt. Hon. Barrow will return on Friday, 19th January 2018.

    Contract Signed for the Consultancy Services for a Feasibility Study and Design for the Crooked Tree Road and Causeway
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Works, signed a contract today, January 16, with Caribbean Civil Group Ltd. of Nassau, Bahamas. The agreement is for the feasibility study and final design for the upgrading of 5.6 km of Crooked Tree Village Road and Causeway to paved standard. The contract sum is USD$375,092.18. The scope of services to be undertaken by Caribbean Civil Group Ltd. will include a: - Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Hydraulic, and Flood Risk Modelling - Community Vulnerability Assessment - Gender Sensitive Feasibility study - Environmental and Social Impact Assessment - Preliminary and Final Detailed Designs of the Crooked Tree Road and Causeway

    Grand Easter Weekend Excursion to Canon del Sumidero, Chiapas de Corzo, 5 Miradores, Parque de la Marimba
    Leaves Corozal Central Park on March 29th, 2018. Price $450. Contact Elias Cantun at 626-5664.

    Ferry from Chunox Village closed
    The ferry from Chunox Village will be closed for repairs on January 17th, 2018. It is scheduled to reopen on January 24th, 2018. Commuters are advised that there will be no bus running to Corozal Town until it is open once more.

    CAWS 2017 Chili Cook Off
    The Cayo Animal Welfare Society had their annual Chili Cook-off at Remo's Roadhouse, and as always, there was some incredible chili. It was hard to pick a favorite. Congratulations, Lauren and Cheri, who respectively won in the vegetarian and meat categories. The great news was that 3 puppies found homes during the event. Thanks, CAWS! Pictures of the event from CAWS. More pictures on fb. "Chili cook off day! No one could beat these two gals! Lauren Burn Margesson has won as the veggie chili champ for the 3rd year in a row! Cheri McIntyre won best meat and overall chili for the 2nd year in a row! Amazing turn out and amazing fun! Thank you to all for your support towards CAWS’s efforts. Three dogs got homes today too!"

    Section of Coconut Drive closed today in San Pedro
    The public is advised that today, Wednesday the 17th, a section of Coconut Drive from Caye Bank to Mermaid Supermarket will be closed to all traffic , Please follow the diversions, small vehicles heading South will be able to reach Mermaid Supermarket but then have to divert. ALL large vehicles should use the back streets North and South. This is to allow BWS to carry out some work. Thanks for your cooperation.

    2018’s Reef Week Belize is almost here!
    he fifth Ride to Reef is the perfect way to motivate you to keep up with your New Year resolutions! Oceana’s Ride to Reef will start at Independence Hill (National Assembly) at 7am and end at the BTL Park on the coast in Belize City. This year we ride in celebration of the leadership of the Government and people of Belize and their decision to say no to offshore oil! Registration is free and basic servicing will be included. Sign up at [email protected] or at Ordonez Bike Shop.

    Channel 7

    Man Bludgeons Mother With Crowbar
    A man killed his own mother this morning - and he did so by bludgeoning her to death with a crowbar. The unthinkable act happened around 8:15 in Carmelita Village, just outside Orange Walk. Our colleagues from CTV-3 were on the scene shortly after as police were trying to chase down the killer, who ran off after leaving his mother for dead:... Police teams and villagers raced through the village, Fanning out even into the bushes surrounding Carmelita Village to find this man, Andy Rhaburn, while officers patrolled through the village on motorbike. Villagers gathered around in shock and came to the family's home to give support. They are all in shock after this 26 year old just bludgeoned his mother, 53 year old Braulia Pech with a crowbar here under this plantain tree in her yard.

    Alfredo Cowo, From High Profile Police Complainant To Murder Victim
    Alfredo Cowo made national news in April of 2017 - when this crazy scene unfolded: cops gone wild on San Pedro, firing indiscriminately on the street to disperse a crowd. Cowo got the worst of it - he was there using his cell phone camera to capture police roughing up a pair of women - and when they fired, his feet got riddled with shotgun pellets. Those cops, constables Coye and Madrill got off those charges last week. But, last night Cowo was murdered - right in the heart of San Pedro. The evidence shows he was directly targeted by a gunman in a hoodie, one of those street executions, but the family doesn't know what triggered it. Sahar Vasquez found out more in San Pedro:...

    Police Say They Will Look At All Angles
    And while the family of Alfredo Cowo is suggesting that police may somehow be responsible, police say, there's no evidence to support that claim at this time. Today the officer commanding in San Pedro held a brief press conference to outline what they know so far, and dispel suspicions of a police conspiracy to cover up anything. Superintendent Jemoth started with the official account of the crime:... Henry Jemmot - Superintendent and Officer In Charge of San Pedro Sub Information: "Acting upon information police proceeded to the San Pedro Poly Clinic where they saw a male person suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the chest. Police then learnt the person name to be one Alfredo Cowo, a 26 year old fisher man of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town. Initial reports into the matter stated that he was socializing near Central Park by an establishment where a male person came and fired several shots in his direction which apparently caught him in the chest area.

    Cowo's Family No Reason For Murder
    And while police held a press conference to issue re-assurances that there is no conspiracy and that they are thoroughly addressed - the family of the deceased has abiding reservations. Today in Belize City, Cowo's mother wouldn't say much. Here's her interview:... Blanca Mencias, Mother of deceased: "What happened is they killed my son. And God Bless the person who did this." "More or less, more or less, we can almost say who did it. That's all I can say, nothing more." Daniel Ortiz: "Now, sir, what immediately comes to mind is why would somebody want to hurt your brother like that? That seems targeted, as though the individual came to assassinate your brother."

    Policeman in PG Charged For Manslaughter
    Last night, we took you to Punta Gorda Town for our coverage of the very controversial killing of 24 year-old Mario Vernon, grandson of the Late Belizean National Hero, Leela Vernon. The official police version of the fatal police shooting was that Vernon had a weapon, and that he pointed it at Police Constable Tevin Aranda, who shot him in the head, in self-defense. Residents insist that police planted this weapon after the killing to cover up the unjustifiable use of deadly force. Well, after the public outcry from PG Town, police announced today that 23 year-old Tevin Aranda, a police constable attached to the PG Police Station was, quote, "charged for manslaughter as directed by the Office of the DPP" End quote. So why not murder? Well, apparently, there's no evidence that PC Aranda intended to shoot Vernon in the head. He did shoot him, yes, but the charge suggests that the DPP believes he did it unintentionally, like an accident.

    Kus Complains About Cops Criminally Charged But Not Under Interdiction
    In other police news out of PG, the family of 16 year-old Victor Cus is calling for police to take corrective measures and remove 2 officers from active duty, since they have now been criminally charged with the savage beatdown of the teenager. You'll remember the case from December when the young man was knocked unconscious, and lost 3 of his teeth - among other injuries. He was not charged for anything, so it was just gratuitous violence. Last week, nearly a month after it was announced that they would be criminally charged, Corporal Raul Ico and Constable Ermo Coy were arraigned for grievous harm and damage to property. They were arraigned and released on bail of $3,000.

    Cash For A New Causeway
    The Crooked Tree causeway has been featured on this newscast many times over the years - and that's because it often floods in the rainy season. The causeway is a manmade structure - about three and a half miles long, which spans the Crooked Tree Lagoon - and is the main means of transport for the one thousand or so residents of the village. But when floodwaters roll down from the north, they empty out into that lagoon, cutting off the main means of transport, and raising waters as much as three to five feet above the causeway. It's a chronic headache that's become a painful way of lifebut, a long term solution is on the way. That's contained in the promise of a feasibility study for the final design and upgrading of the Causeway to paved standard. It was signed at the Ministry of Works Office in Belmopan today. We spoke to Works Minister Rene Montero about the plan as well as a few grateful crooked Tree residents.

    Works Minister Says No Blast License Needed
    The issue of whether or not Belize Roadway Construction needed a license for a quarry blast in Santa Cruz, Santa Elena, is still controversial. As we told you, the head of the Mining Unit says that a license is needed to blast - especially when it's in a residential area. Well, Works Minister Rene Montero and his team maintain that no license was needed and they referred us to a section of the mining act that speaks to their position. Chief Engineer Lennox Bradley also added that under this act, the construction company had every right and freedom to blast wherever they see fit to ensure the success of the road works. Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Works: "As far as I know every single individual who was affected was adequately compensated." Reporter: "Do you still maintain that no license was needed?" Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Works: "According to the mining act, there was no need for any license."

    Minor Shooting In City
    There was another shooting in Belize City last night - but luckily it didn't result in any serious injury. 23 year old Justin Stephens was walking on Magazine Road with his sister when a man pulled up behind him, called his name a few times, and then opened fire, hitting Stephens in the ankle. And, this morning in Orange Walk an 80 year old Taiwanese man who was driving a motorbike got injured when he was clotheslined on a rope. At around 8:30 Ting Tsai Hsu, didn't see a rope that was stretched across the road as a barrier. He drove into it and got caught. He fell on the pavement and got facial injuries. He was transferred to the KHMH.

    PM Goes for Consult About Bad Back
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow left today for the US. He's going to seek a medical consultation for his ailing back. Deputy Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister until the PM returns on Friday.

    12 Year Later Bahadur Conviction Confirmed, Sentence Overturned
    The Court of Appeal has handed down its decision in the case of 33 year-old Linsbert Bahadur Jr., who was serving a life sentence after convicted of the April 2006 killing of his friend, Albert Wade. They've affirmed his conviction, but they've overturned his life sentence. Bahadur was convicted in July of 2016 after 4 attempts to prosecute him. The first failed when the Crown Counsel from the DPP's office entered a nolle-pros in September of 2010. Then, he was rearrested and tried on November of 2015, but the trial was aborted because a juror became ill. A third attempt was made in January 2016, but that trial ended in a hung jury. He was re-indicted in April of 2016, and by July, he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Cattle Ranchers Coming Into Chiquibul
    The Friends for Conservation and Development are reporting that the illegal incursions by Guatemalans into the Chiquibul seem to be on the decline. But, the FCD says that they can't rest easy. That's because there is an emerging threat to the Chiquibul National Park - and its cattle ranches that monied Guatemalans have set up. Currently, these ranches slowly are encroaching on denuded parts of the Chiquibul, that were cleared by poor Guatemalan peasants who were using the forest for slash and burn farming. The FCD experts believe that if the problem is not arrested at its early stages, these illegal cattle ranches will grow, and become a bigger problem later down the road. Today, the Executive Director explained it to us:

    Gold Panning And Water Resource Depletion
    Another threat that to the Chiquibul that keeps the FCD management up at night is gold panning. The co-managers have tried their best to discourage this type of activity in the national park, but no matter what they do, gold panners continue their operations. FCD's Rafael Manzanero told us that it should concern you because gold panners compromise the water sources which flow out of the national park. He underscored that many Belizeans in the Cayo District depend on these same water sources:

    Channel 5

    Breaking: PACT Sends Staff Home in ‘Restructuring Exercise’
    This just in…There was a major shakeup at the Protected Areas Conservation Trust today. At one o’clock this afternoon, staff members were individually called into an unscheduled meeting and notified [...]

    Orange Walk Man Accused of Killing Mom; Resident Intervenes to Save Second Victim
    A son killed his mother in cold blood this morning and tonight he is on the run. Police are looking for twenty-five-year-old Andy Rhaburn for the matricide of fifty-four-year-old Braulia [...]

    San Pedro’s Alfredo Cowo Predicted He Would Die – But Who Killed Him?
    A murder in San Pedro shortly after midnight has rocked the community because the victim had predicted his demise. Twenty-six-year-old Alfredo Cowo last week Tuesday told News Five’s Duane Moody [...]

    P.C. Tevin Aranda Charged for Manslaughter in Mario Vernon Death
    Twenty-three-year-old Tevin Aranda has been charged with manslaughter, following the shooting death of Mario Vernon Jr. in Punta Gorda Town on Saturday night.  The arraignment of the police constable in [...]

    No Déjà Vu for San Carlos Farmers: They Want Chance to Sell Vegetables
    San Carlos is a collective, cooperative farming community of twenty-four farmers. It has running water and a small school but no electricity. Nonetheless, it has been extremely productive in past [...]

    Sugar Hangover?
    While vegetables and staples may pay the bills, sugar cane is still king in the North. The sugar industry, which came off one of its best years in memory in [...]

    Farmers Punished with High Prices Despite Innovative Uses of Fuels
    You probably grumbled a bit recently when it was announced that prices for kerosene, premium and diesel fuel and butane went up. But while most urban Belizeans get butane for [...]

    When Will Sugar Roads Be Fixed?
    The Government of Belize recently promised as much as three hundred thousand dollars to fix sugar roads in the North. These roads provide access and transportation from many of the [...]

    Mom Who Lost Reproductive Organs to Surgeons to be Paid Quarter Million Dollars
    Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars – that is what twenty-two-year-old Jenny Bonilla received from a medical negligence case that left her without a womb and left ovary. Bonilla was [...]

    Police, Customs Run Down Alvarine Burgess for Alleged Contraband
    Over the weekend, police made a significant bust of contraband goods down south. According to their report, they pursued an SUV that ran a check point at Pomona Village. When [...]

    Chicago Producer Ann Swaney’s Murder Still Unsolved
    It has been two years since ABC producer, Ann Swaney, was cold-bloodedly murdered in the west. Swaney was vacationing in Belize when she lost her life; her body was found [...]

    Attorney for Jackie Willoughby Goes Inside Lawsuit Allegations
    Crown Counsel Jackie Willoughby abruptly resigned from the Public Service Union on Monday as we reported in our newscast. Willoughby sent a letter to PSU President Doreth Cayetano-Obeymayer in which she [...]

    Works Ministry Approved Mining at Santa Cruz Quarry before Explosion
    The detonation of explosives at a quarry in a residential area of Santa Elena Town last December resulted in the loss of life of seventy-year-old Ronald Sutherland, general manager of [...]

    Minister and Chief Engineer Did Not Need License
    Now, based on a 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment on the rehabilitation of the George Price Highway, an environmental compliance plan was agreed to between the Department of the Environment and [...]

    Finally, Improvements Coming for Crooked Tree Road/Causeway
    The government will be spending in the range of three quarters of a million dollars for a feasibility study and design to improve the Crooked Tree Road. The contract was [...]


    Prime Minister On Medical Check Up Leave
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed the country today for a follow-up medical consultative appointment relating to his back ailment. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister, will act as Prime Minister. Rt. Hon. Barrow will return on Friday, 19th January 2018.

    The Wanted Fugitive, Dr. Errol Elrington Still At Large
    In December we told you about an extradition request made by United States authorities for Attorney at Law Andrew Bennett. On January 11th, the Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington signed as the authority for the process to start here in Belize, which means that Bennett’s preliminary hearing will go before the Magistrate’s Court who will decided whether or not there are merits to the request. Now, Foreign Minister Elrington seemed to act pretty swiftly considering that Bennett’s matter came up just days prior. We note that in the case of his younger brother, Dr. Errol Elrington, the law just can’t seem to reach him.

    Taiwanese National Injured During Traffic Mishap
    A Taiwanese national who resides here in Orange Walk Town is lucky to be alive tonight after he was involved in an accident earlier this morning. Reports coming from the Police Department indicate that at about 9:00 a.m., 80 year old Ting Tsai Hsu was driving his motorcycle in front of San Francisco Roman Catholic School located on George Price Avenue, when his motorcycle reportedly got caught in a rope that was tied across the street which serves as a barrier. As a result, Hsu fell on the pavement and sustained two cut wounds to the chin. He was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Police are currently investigating the matter.


    Linsbert Bahadur’s conviction upheld
    It went under the radar but on January 9, 2018, the Court of Appeal overturned the murder sentence of 33-year-old Linsbert Bahadur. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 32-year-old Albert wade, a resident of Santa Elena, who was fatally shot on April 14, 2006. The appeal of …

    Son attacks and kills mother in Carmelita Village
    A disturbing report of a murder out of the Orange Walk District is making headlines tonight as a mother was brutally attacked and killed by her own son. The incident took place this morning around 8:15 in Carmelita Village where, according to police, 26-year-old Andy Rhaburn (VO STARTS) approached his mother, 53-year-old Braulia Pech as …

    Alfredo Cowo murdered days after revealing he feared for his life
    San Pedro Police have launched an investigation into the murder of 26-year-old Alfredo Cowo, a young man who only last week had told the media that he was in fear for his life. Why? Cowo was a key witness in a case against two police constables who were charged last April for firing their weapons …

    PC Tevin Aranda Charged with Manslaughter for shooting death of Mario Vernon
    Police Constable Tevin Aranda, accused of the shooting death of 24-year-old Mario Vernon in Punta Gorda over the weekend has been charged by Police. Now, Aranda was not slapped with a charge for murder. Police report that, as directed by the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Aranda was charged with manslaughter. He was …

    Contract for the upgrading of the Crooked Tree road and causeway signed
    The Ministry of Works signed a contract valued at more than seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars with Caribbean Civil Group Limited for a detailed design for the upgrading of the Crooked Tree road and causeway. The Minister of Works, Rene Montero, signed on behalf of the Government of Belize and Ray McKenzie, Project Director …

    Alvarine Burgess Caught With Contraband Goods, Again
    Alvarine Burgess and another resident of Mango Creek were busted over the weekend with contraband goods. According to police, fifty-year-old Burgess and forty-one-year-old Milton Palacio were in silver Kia Sorento when they ran a police check point in Pomona Village. Police pursued the vehicle through Hope Creek Village where they eventually were able to intercept …

    Blast victims compensated says Minister of Works
    Minister of Works Rene Montero confirmed to the media that the families affected by the blast in Santa Elena Town this past December have been compensated. He says they have done so satisfactorily. The blast killed Canadian Ronald Sutherland and the Environmental Compliance Plan, ECP suggests that the Ministry of Works and the Department of …

    Jacqueline Willoughby resigns from PSU
    Crown Counsel Jacklyn Willoughby resigned from the Public Service Union effective today. Willoughby sent a letter to PSU President Doreth Cayetano Obeymayer in which she states quote, “With great pain, I have come as far as I can go with PSU”. End of quote. In the letter, Willoughby says that the PSU has lost its way. …

    Belize City police investigate two shooting incidents
    Belize City police are investigating two separate shooting incidents which occurred in the Old Capital over the weekend. This morning, Head of CIB in Belize City, ASP Alejandro Cowo provided more details. ASP ALEJANDRO COWO, HEAD, CIB “The first one happened on Friday the 12th of January sometime after 12:05 pm. Police visited the Karl …

    GOB ordered to pay Jenny Bonilla $250K in medical malpractice case
    The Government of Belize has been ordered to pay 22-year-old Jenny Bonilla two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That’s a small price to pay for being stripped of the ability to give birth. In 2015, Bonilla visited the Southern Regional Hospital after she began experiencing abdominal pain. Doctors there then decided to transfer her to …

    Brazen armed robbery in Belize City
    A brazen armed robbery today netted a pair of thieves ten thousand dollars in cash and fifty-three thousand dollars in cheques. It happened on Cran Street in Belize City and the victim is a Chinese businessman. We are told that a businessman was intercepted by the robbers who made good their escape. Luckily no one …

    Joycelyn Dominguez found dead
    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Joycelyn Dominguez. Police report that on Friday, a few minutes before six o’clock they were informed Dominguez had been found dead in an apartment in Bella Vista Village. Police say that Dominguez was lying on a bed on her side, motionless. Officers did not observe any …

    Stephen Flowers charged with murder
    Twenty-four-year-old Stephen Flowers, a laborer of a Pinks Alley address, was charged with the murder of Leon Bernard also known as Leon Garcia when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. He was remanded into custody until April 16. The incident occurred on New Year’s Day, January 1. Bernard was fatally shot when he was …

    Orange Walk resident charged for the death of PC Tillett
    24-year-old Jesus Munoz was charged for causing the death of 27-year-old Police Officer Enid Tillett. He was charged with ‘Manslaughter by Negligence’ and ‘Causing Death by Careless Conduct’. He appeared before a magistrate court this morning and was offered bail of $5,000 and one surety of the same amount. On Sunday morning Police Constable Enid …

    Charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a 2 year old
    Fifty-seven-year-old Bernadat Reyes, aka “Burns”, a plumber of a West Street address, was charged with sexual assault on a two-year-old baby girl when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. Reyes pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the child is of a tender age; …


    Woman awarded $250,000 in malpractice judgment
    It happens far too frequently at Belize’s public health facilities that doctors botch procedures and cause unnecessary and untold suffering, but in the majority of cases, nothing is done to make amends, as the victims of medical malpractice almost never come forward or take legal action. That standard approach has not been the case with a Dangriga female police officer, on whom a doctor at the Western Regional Hospital conducted surgery, during which he removed parts of her reproductive organs without her permission; she sued the doctor and the hospital in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Today, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young awarded Jenny Bonilla, 22, $250,000 in settlement of her medical malpractice lawsuit.

    Dr. Errol Elrington at 6th spot on US’s list of 170 most wanted healthcare fugitives
    October 2017 marked four years since Dr. Errol Elrington, the brother of Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, has been a wanted fugitive in the United States. While there has not yet been any formal request by US authorities for his extradition, Elrington’s photo hangs on the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)’s website. On October 7, 2013, an arrest warrant was issued for Errol Elrington for the offences of racketeering, Medicaid fraud, and healthcare fraud. It is alleged that Dr. Elrington swindled Medicare and Medicaid of more than $400,000 for services he never performed.

    Leela Vernon’s grandson shot dead
    The death of Mario “Jun Jun” Vernon, Jr., 24, has sent shockwaves through the entire town of Punta Gorda not only because he was the grandson of the late “Queen of Brukdown,” Leela Vernon, and cousin of Punta Gorda mayor, Fern Gutierrez, but because he was shot by a police officer on duty. In their report released on Sunday, police claimed that at about 9:30 p.m. they were on mobile patrol on George Price Street. There, they had received reports that Vernon was in a yard armed with a firearm. Police further claimed that they proceeded to the area, where they saw him running, armed, in a nearby yard. Vernon, according to police accounts, turned back and pointed a gun at an officer who was pursuing him.

    Prices up for kerosene and butane
    On Friday, the Belize Bureau of Standards announced that there would be price increases for both kerosene and butane effective Saturday. Kerosene costs rose from $5.89 to $6.40 per gallon — an increase of .51, while the cost of a 100-pound cylinder of butane gas has increased across the country by $7. In Belize City the cost per 100-pound cylinder of butane gas is now $104, up from $97. Butane in Belmopan now costs $106, up from $99, which is similar to the costs in San Ignacio.

    Jacqueline Willoughby resigns from the PSU
    Longtime trade unionist and former Public Service Union (PSU) president Jacqueline “Jackie” Willoughby, who is a trustee on the union’s Council of Management, abruptly resigned from her post, effective today, January 15. In a lengthy letter addressed to the union’s Council of Management, Willoughby cited an atmosphere in which “the welfare of membership is non-existent. Everything is sojourned on the personal and ethnic front.” Willoughby’s resignation letter added, “Attempts have been made to tarnish my reputation even when the truth was known, admittedly by the president. Unfounded personal attacks have been perpetrated by members of this council against me and other members of the union, at the NTUCB table relentlessly.”

    Police United, Freedom Fighters and Verdes win in Week 1 of PLB 2017-2018 Closing Season
    Week 1 is in the books for the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Closing Season, and already the race is on for the aggregate regular season points total and a chance to secure a berth in the CONCACAF League tournament. Opening Season sub-champs, Belmopan Bandits finished that regular season with 35 points, to 30 points for eventual champions, Verdes. In their Closing Season Week 1 games this past weekend, Bandits drew, for 1 pt, while Verdes won for 3 pts, thus closing their aggregate points gap to 3 pts, 36 to 33. Between the Opening Season and Closing Season champions, the one with the greater aggregate regular season points total will gain the CONCACAF berth. Whichever club hopes to displace Opening Season champions, Verdes FC from that spot in CONCACAF, must first eclipse their aggregate points total in the two regular seasons (Opening and Closing), and then become champions of the Closing Season.

    Belmopan Bandits to defend home court in Pepsi NEBL season opener on Thursday
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be tipping off its fifth annual basketball tournament on Thursday, January 18. The opening game will be held at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan, and will feature the rematch of last season’s finale, as defending champions, Belmopan Bandits will host San Pedro Tiger Sharks. Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m. The game will be aired live on The National Channel (TNC), starting with a pre-game show at 8:00 p.m. The home squad, Belmopan Bandits, will showcase their new point guard, Leroy Louriano, who is coming from Belize Hurricanes to partner with his old UB teammate, Farron Louriano. Belmopan will also be featuring their big man, Trevor Andrews, who hails from Canada. Other new additions to the Belmopan Bandits roster include Quinton Bowen from Dangriga Dream Ballers,

    Orange Walk sports update
    The Orange Walk District Domino Tournament, held today at Darvis on Cemetery Street, was won by Thru-D-Hole, captained by Standord Casimiro. Thru-D-Hole defeated Gas Plus, 50 to 29, in the finals. In the first friendly this afternoon at the Louisiana Football Field, Guinea Grass Desert Storm won, 2-0, over Santa Familia Destroyers with goals from Alexis Chan and Rene Hernandez. In the other friendly, it was Progresso FC with the 3-2 win over Astros of Unitedville. The Sixth Annual Boxie Perrera Basketball Marathon was held today at the Orange Walk Multipurpose Complex. Junior Champions of today’s tournament is Young Rebels; and the sub-champions – OW Spartans. The Senior Champions – SP Tiger Sharks; and sub-champs – Tuff E Nuff.

    Regular season ends in Belmopan F.A. 1st Division Opening Tournament; quarterfinals next
    The final four matches of group play in the Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Amateur First Division Opening Tournament 2017-2018 featured four crucial and decisive matches in Week 14, which did not disappoint the viewing spectators. In Friday night’s double header, four teams entered, vying for the only two remaining playoff spots in Group A. In game one of the night, Napoles FC entered the game holding on to the third qualifying spot in Group A with 11 points, whilst Camalote Westar Warriors entered at the number five spot with 9 points. A draw would see Napoles through, whilst Camalote had to win to make it to the next round. Captained by veteran midfielder Oliver Wiltshire, Camalote Westar Warriors were able to initially manhandle and subsequently edge out a young and talented Napoles FC by a final score of 4-3. The Warriors started slowly in this one, as it was Napoles who struck very early via Daniel Naj in the 5th minute.

    editorial: Flipping the Southside script
    The reason why what happened with the formation of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in September 1973 is important, is because, when we ask the question if there has been an improvement in the socio-economic matrix of the Southside from then until now, specifically for the native roots youth who were represented by the UBAD Party in 1973, we think the answer would have to be no. The circumstances of the UDP’s formation in 1973 constituted the replacement of Hon. Philip Goldson as Leader of the Opposition, a position he had held since late 1961, and his being replaced without his being defeated in a leadership convention. No one in the UDP ever wants to talk about what happened in 1973, and they have gotten away with refusing to talk, successfully enough to have won five terms as independent Belize’s ruling party (1984, 1993, 2008, 2012, and 2015) and to have solidified themselves on the Southside to the point where the Southside represents the UDP’s political stronghold.

    From The Publisher
    One November day during the 1971 Belize City Council election campaign, Hon. Philip Goldson, the Leader of the Opposition National Independence Party (NIP), asked me to accompany him on a visit to the New Road (corner Hyde’s Lane) office of Mr. Santiago Castillo, Sr., who was Belize’s no. l business tycoon at the time. At age 24, I was President of the UBAD Party, which Mr. Goldson had asked to join his NIP, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, in a coalition for the aforementioned BCC election of December 8, 1971. I was one of three UBAD candidates, while the NIP offered six candidates. Mr. Goldson chose not to run on the nine-candidate slate. In retrospect, the NIP slate was weak (as was the UBAD slate, but that went without saying), so if by a miracle the NIP/UBAD ticket had won, there was nobody on the ticket of mayoral category or capacity. This is merely a personal opinion, and it is in massive retrospect. The point is that the 1971 NIP was a shadow of its 1966 or 1968 self, for instance.

    Where are our friends?
    Dear Editor, Guatemala is brainwashing its people that Belize was invaded by the British and taken away from them and given to the Africans who were brought here. At least that is the impression gotten in comments from their people. They fail to realize that Belize is a country, not a territory, accepted by the United Nations as such under the “Rights of a People to Self Determination”. The people of Belize choose to be Belizeans and not Guatemalans or Mexicans, although both are great countries. When the British came here, Spain was the owner/usurper of these lands, for the Maya were here long before. The Maya did not practice individual but communal ownership of land, which is both good and bad.

    Gibson comments on Gordon article
    It is good and timely for public education purposes that Mr. Gordon’s article provides information on the content of one of the OAS brokered Agreements on Confidence Building Measures entered into by Belize with the Republic of Guatemala, three of which have been signed since May 2000. These agreements have served to prevent conflict and to maintain generally stable relations between the two countries for nearly two decades; during which, efforts have been made to address Guatemala’s persisting and often times belligerent attempts to seize Belizean territory. The following comments are provided to facilitate and clarify Mr. Gordon’s review: It may be recalled that the first Agreement signed in May 2000 was entered into during a time of increased tension between the countries, and was designed to “keep the peace”, and for removal and prevention of illegal Guatemalan settlements in Belize during the “pendency” of negotiations held at OAS Headquarters in Washington DC – now known as the Reichler/Ramphal Facilitation Process.

    Czarnecki quotes James Baldwin
    Dear Editor, When deciding whom to vote for, all Belizeans should keep in mind what the writer James Baldwin said: “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.” Best of luck…Russell Czarnecki

    Continuing water crisis in Hopkins
    Dear Editor, Hopkins Water Board once again tells lies: they say there is no water problem in Hopkins. Years of no water during peak tourist season — there is a major problem in Hopkins. There is no water! The North End has never got in water for months on end. I would think not having water to flush a toilet, to bathe your baby, to take a shower, to wash dishes, clothes with, is a problem. Why are they denying that there is a problem? We cannot live without water. Businesses are being forced to buy water from the truck from Hopkins Bay; they are charging 15 cents a gallon. When the truck breaks down, there is no source of water at any price, and they don’t see this as a problem?

    3rd parties on the wrong path to glory
    More than fifty years have passed since “Jack T” Campbell, one of Belize’s most colorful public servants ever, told his good friend who had contested the general elections as an independent, damned right yes, I didn’t waste my vote on you. The real is that in our kind of democracy, there can be only one Opposition party. Belizean hero, Hon. Philip Goldson, warned Belize that the time to save our country is “before we lose it.” It takes generations to “save” a country that has fallen into a state of tyranny. Third parties in Belize seem not to have gotten that message. They seem to think that we have forever to get the job done. Well, we don’t. The BNTU is not a third party. Ineffective opposition to a runaway government led them, forced them to step forward. They saw where Belize was heading. The real is that before the BNTU stepped outside of its role and cracked the back of the Barrow government (figurative), Belize was being configured into a police state.

    Dodging the “BULLET” is no joke
    Now let’s get some facts straight! The minor is sixteen, per police, and as such he is able to consent to sexual intercourse, because our law says you are an adult until eighteen years but can consent to sexual intercourse from age sixteen … yeah, I know people will debate this, but for now this is the law. Thus, the key here is whether this boy consented or NOT to being sexually touched, assaulted or had, or that he was capable of giving free and informed consent, or if he had the capacity to give consent. However, if it’s true the child is suffering from some mental challenge and it can be proven at court by some doctor or psychiatrist, then the issue of consent is moot, as there is no way he could have given consent. But if we understand Bullet’s defence, consent is not an issue, since he is not saying that he was going to ravish the boy, but rather the boy was following and stalking him, to put it in my words.

    Always, a traitor among us …
    In 1993, Belize was still a quiet, easygoing place with the majority of its inhabitants being so innocent to the things which were taking place in different parts of the world. They were so accustomed to what was taught to them from the time of slavery and colonialization. The few who were able to get an education in the Western system came back puffed up like gods or descendants of those who believe that they are the chosen people of the God of Noah. Instead of helping their people they stepped on top of them and used them to benefit their own individualistic, selfish agendas. With the passing of time, these people would be considered the Royal Creoles of the British settlement, and they were given the privilege to represent their masters by oppressing their own people. With time, those who were born out of the church´s dogma became another class of people, who also oppressed those of a darker skin. Meanwhile, they separated themselves as superior beings from the rest of the community; they even hid their grandmother in the attic because of her blackness when the lighter-skinned master paid a visit to his sweetheart´s swampy cabin or whatever shelter they had, that they called home.

    3 injured in weekend shootings
    No lives were lost to violence in Belize City over the weekend. However, there were two shooting incidents which have left three persons injured. The first shooting incident occurred on Belize City’s Northside just before 9 o’clock on Friday night. Kareem Williams, 33, was standing at the corner of Cran and Mapp Streets when a man walked up to him and opened fire. Three shots rang out, leaving Williams with injuries to the left thigh and left buttocks. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was treated and released hours later.

    Extradition process begins for attorney Andrew Bennett
    Last Tuesday Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, signed off on an extradition request for attorney Andrew Bennett, who is wanted in the United States for allegedly facilitating a money laundering scheme. Today, Amandala has been reliably informed that on Wednesday, Bennett will appear before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who will determine his fate after hearing evidence from the Office of the Solicitor General, which is assisting the United States government. Last month word of the extradition request surfaced and it was alleged that Bennett was caught in a sting operation by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

    Arrest of a Guatemalan woman with a false document turns political
    On Friday, Wendy Castro, 26, a Guatemalan woman, who is eight months pregnant, was held in police custody over the weekend after she attempted to apply for a Belize social security card but was arrested by San Ignacio police, because she presented a false birth certificate. The matter of charging Castro is a simple police procedure, but when attorney Michel Chebat asked the police if she could be released on station bail due to her advanced pregnancy, the story took on a political twist and the United Democratic Party chairman Alberto August accused Chebat of pressuring the police to release Castro. In an interview with Amandala today, Monday, Chebat told us that he was called in around 8:00 p.m. on Friday to the San Ignacio Police Station concerning a woman who is pregnant and was in police custody.

    Stephen Flowers, 24, Majestic Alley resident, charged with the murder of Leon Garcia, 29
    Stephen Flowers, 24, a laborer of Pinks Alley, aka “Majestic Alley”, was charged with the murder of Leon Garcia, 29, when he appeared today before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. She did not take a plea from him because the offence is indictable, and remanded him into custody until April 16. Garcia, aka “Bernard”, a notorious street figure, was stabbed in his chest and stomach around 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day, January 1. It was the first murder for the New Year.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Alfredo Mansea killed in San Pedro
    This morning around 12:40, police visited the emergency section at San Pedro Poly Clinic where […]

    PM departs country for medical appointment
    The Office of Prime Minister, Dean Barrow informed that the Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed […]

    US State Department updates Belize travel advisory
    The United States (US) State Department updated its Belize travel advisory to level 2 last […]

    Two years later, Anne Swaney’s murder still unsolved
    Two years ago, on January 16, 2016, ABC7 News Producer, Anne Swaney was found strangled […]

    Ministry of Works signs contract for consultancy services valued at US $375,000
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Works, signed a contract today with Caribbean […]

    Police man charged for manslaughter of Mario Vernon
    Mario Vernon Jr., 24, was shot in the head on Sunday night by a police man. BBN […]

    Man beats mother to death with crowbar, leaves another woman hospitalized
    Police have confirmed the details of this morning’s shocking murder in the Spanish Town area […]

    Murder in San Pedro
    BBN has been reliably informed that there was a murder early this morning in San […]

    Man allegedly beats mom to death
    Reports to BBN is that a 53-year-old woman died this morning after being beaten to […]

    Whistleblower Alvarine Burgess busted with contraband
    Alvarine Burgess, the whistle-blower who broke silence and shed light on the rampant corruption at […]

    CARICOM condemns derogatory remarks made by US President Donald Trump
    Over the past few days, social media has been in an uproar following derogatory remarks […]

    Police find shotgun in Maya Mopan
    Yesterday evening, Belmopan police reported that cops found a shotgun in the Maya Mopan Area […]


    The Panti Rippa – the best way to enjoy an island favorite!
    We have asked Jason Williams, a professional bartender at Caprice Bar to demonstrate the art of making the perfect Panti Rippa, but by all means PLEASE try this at home. We’ve even used Del Monte Pineapple juice to show that even if you live in Duluth, Minnesota you can imbibe in this tropical taste of heaven from the comfort of your own home! Heck stoke up the fireplace or crank the heat, put on some reggaeton music and bring in the lawn chairs! After a few sips of this Belizean libation, you just need to close your eyes and you’re instantly back on the beach with sand between your toes! Any brand of coconut rum will do. My personal favorite is the Caribbean Coconut which is mastered by Cuello’s Distillery in Orange Walk Town. It makes a great souvenir to take home after your vacation in Belize, but the beauty of a Panti Rippa is that you can use any brand of coconut rum, and to make things even easier, any pineapple juice works and any shaker does the job.

    International Sourcesizz

    Weekend Getaway: Ambergris Caye, Belize
    This narrow barrier island just off the Caribbean coast of Belize is a beloved beach getaway. Do a long weekend on Ambergris Caye in style, thanks to a new, luxurious outpost and classic local favorites. A quick plane-hop from Belize's international Airport in Belize City, Ambergris Caye is a playground for swimming, snorkeling and diving, and enjoying the laid-back culture of Belize. Make your long weekend a perfect one by checking in at the newly opened Mahogany Bay Village's collection of luxury bungalows, and follow these 10 must-dos.

    The Belizean Insurance Market Analysis 2018 (By Segment, Key Players and Applications) and Forecasts
    'Governance, Risk and Compliance – Industry' report is the result of extensive research into the insurance regulatory framework in Belize. It provides detailed analysis of the insurance regulations for life, property, motor, liability, personal accident and health, and marine, aviation and transit insurance. The report specifies various requirements for the establishment and operation of insurance and reinsurance companies and intermediaries. The report brings together research, modeling and analysis expertise, giving insurers access to information on prevailing insurance regulations, and recent and upcoming changes in the regulatory framework, taxation and legal system in the country. The report also includes the scope of non-admitted insurance in the country.

    Rigoberto Escobar López, correspondent of Prensa Libre and Guatevisión in Petén, was attacked by the Belizean armed forces in the customs of that country. The incident was recorded in the area known as no man's land, in Melchor de Mencos. The journalist indicated that he was documenting with photographs and video part of the work of the adjacency zone, peteneros children who study in Belize, the customs precinct and the topic of the referendum, when he was approached by three people; one uniformed and two civil, without identification but indicating being employees of the Belizean customs. He adds that the military asked him what he was doing, which he replied that he took pictures. They invited him to leave since he was in Belizean territory. When he was going to the Guatemalan customs office located five meters away, he was caught and they grabbed him by the neck, with the intention to take him to the police substation of Benque Viejo del Carmen, and accuse him of illegal entry into the country.


  • Spotted Moray Eel, 1/2min. This weekend the CRC was in Caye Caulker working with our Next Gen Croc students. During one of our surveys we were treated to a sighting of a Spotted Moray Eel. Lagoons and coves are important habitat for a range of species like this spectacular eel.

  • February 15th marks the start of the harvesting season for farmers from the village of San Carlos, 10min. February 15th marks the start of the harvesting season for farmers from the village of San Carlos here in the Orange Walk District. Every year these same farmers are featured in our newscast but not because their business is vibrant. On the contrary these producers lose thousands of dollars every year when their products are unable to be sold in the local market due to the saturation of imported and contraband goods. This year however, farmers are grabbing the bull by its horns and turning to GOB demanding fair treatment.

  • Creativity at Our Core | Tanya McNab | TEDxBelmopan, 12min. Tanya McNab spoke about diversity, equality, and creativity at the Tedx Belmopan. She talks about creating a campaign for the banana industry, and it's definitely worth a watch for that alone. "Think outside the box? Creative Director Tanya McNab believes we can stay creative in everything we do and shows us what we can do with the box. Born and raised in Belize, Tanya McNab is an award-winning graphic designer, publisher, and visual branding expert. McNab is the force behind a handful of Belize’s important publications.

  • Solar Off-Grid in Belize in La Gracia, Belize - Central America, 5min.

  • Belize 2018, 15min.

  • So Cute! Surprise Show @ Government School In Belize, 3.5min.

    January 16, 2018


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ambergris Caye’s Rotary Club to introduce mock interview program for students
    The Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye is gearing up to launch a project designed to host mock interviews for high school and junior college students on the island. The program is expected to help students identify their interview strengths and weaknesses. It is also expected that the exercise will motivate them to take specific steps to improve future interview performance and provide them with suitable interview guidance information. The program is scheduled to start mid-January and run through March of this year, and the island Rotary Club is seeking the assistance of the San Pedro business community.

    Ambergris Today

    National Agriculture And Trade Show 2018 Dates Announced
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, hereby informs the public that the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2018 will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. This year’s event will be celebrated under the theme “Let’s Get Growing”.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Facing Fears & Overcoming Struggle As a Woman
    Presented by Haven House, Jan 19th in San Pedro, 9am-noon, San Pedro Town Council Conference Room. Jan. 20 on Caye Caulker, 9am-noon, Caye Caulker Community Center

    National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) 2018
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, hereby informs the public that the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2018 will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. This year’s event will be celebrated under the theme “Let’s Get Growing”. Preparation of the grounds is currently underway and the committee advises that the reservation and sale of concession stands, food stalls, open spots and commercial booths have commenced. The right of first refusal will be granted to 2017 leaseholders and as such those vendors will have until February 9, 2018 to confirm their desire to re-establish their booth leases by contacting us, making a deposit of payment and signing of Lease Agreement.

    BTB holds Industry Stakeholders Meeting for the Cayo District
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held its first stakeholders meeting of 2018 at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on Wednesday, January 10th. The purpose of these industry meetings (which also took place in Ambergris Caye and Placencia) is to open a communication between the regional stakeholders and BTB on how to effectively promote the destinations to the global travel industry. The event was led by Mrs. Karen Pike, Director of Marketing & Industry Relations at the BTB, Mr. Einer Gomez, Chairman of the BTB’s Board of Directors; and invited guest Mrs. Jena Gardner, President and CEO of JG BlackBook. The consultation begun with opening remarks of appreciation to the stakeholders of the Cayo District who are valuable in keeping the destination at the forefront. This was followed by a presentation by Mrs. Karen Pike on the BTB Statistics for 2017 and its impact in Cayo and Belize—the latter which received a 10.8% increase in tourist arrivals.

    The Right Honourable George Cadle Price
    George Price was born in Belize City in what was then British Honduras, to William and Irene (née Escalante) Price on January 15th, 1919. He had eight sisters and two brothers. Price received his early education at Holy Redeemer Primary School and St. Johns College High School (SJC). He survived the hurricane of 1931 which destroyed SJC at Loyola Park, swimming away from the wreckage. Under the Jesuits he was exposed to the teachings of Catholic social justice, in particular the encyclical Rerum novarum. Upon graduation, young George felt a call to the priesthood, so he went to study abroad, first attending the Saint Augustine's Minor Seminary in Mississippi, United States, and later the Mayor Seminario Conciliar in Guatemala City. Throughout his life Price remained a devout Roman Catholic and attended Mass daily. The war in Europe prevented him from completing his studies in Rome and, instead, George Price returned to Belize. He was hired by local businessman Robert Sidney Turton as his private secretary. Price also contributed to the Belize Billboard, then run by Philip Goldson.

    July 1967 Invitation to MLK to come to Belize

    "Belize Cultural Celebrations Exhibit Launch
    You are invited to the "Belize Cultural Celebrations Exhibit Launch" on Friday January 26th at :9:30 am, at the New San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture (the old hospital building on Hospital Street).

    Thereafter, in 2009 & 2010, his last here on earth, were private family gatherings. I FEEL HONORED to have been with this Great Belizean Hero, from the 6th Day of January 1950, when I first met him at the Battle Field Park in Belize City, through the many episodes during the Struggle for Belize's Independence. AND THEN, ON THAT GLORIOUS NIGHT when my wife and I had the honor of being embraced by him at the Independence Ceremony, when our Flag was raised in Glory, on September 20th Night 1981.

    Happy Birthday Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price!
    Written with Love by Zoila Palma Gonzalez. Today marks the birthday of the Father of our Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. Price was also the founder of the Great People’s United Party and the Belize Times Newspaper. We bade farewell to his physical self on September 19, 2011 but his life-long contributions to Belize remain forever grounded in our hearts. Price’s life in politics teaches us that the true meaning of being a Leader is by always being a servant of our people. He nurtured this nation and saw it through some of the hardest of times, including the fight for Independence and standing firm in relations regarding Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize. Price defended Belize along every step of the way. In his own words: “The Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Belize, is NOT for negotiation, nor for arbitration and not for litigation.

    Shooting at Central Park
    Eye witness reports account for a shooting at Central Park that took place at about 12:15a.m. Jan. 16. Reports from by-standards indicate that a male person shot a guy sitting on a golf cart with another female companion. The gunman was seen running south, down Barrier Reef Drive and turning towards the lagoon. It's reported that Police arrived at the scene 30 minutes afterwards.

    Ear, Nose, and Throat Screening
    Partners for Medical Relief is sponsoring an Ear, Nose, and Throat Screening on Friday, 26th of January, 2018. For information, contact the Corozal Community Hospital or the Northern Regional Hospital.

    Return of the Kingz 2018 Tour, Jr. Rebel, DJ Jago, Mista-x, DJ Patron
    All day block party on Valentine's Day. We are comming back to Corozal. Hope you ready to join the fun at Bay Breeze on Feb 17th, 2018.

    Valentine Love Affair
    With Dynamics of Belize Band, Sat Feb. 10, Dreams, Corozal Town. 6pm=12pm.

    PRINCESS CASINO FREEZONE, COROZAL INVITES! Our third show of the year continues with full laughter and enjoyment. Come out and enjoy the musical comedy show of the "WAYITO SHOW and LA PITAYA" this weekend Friday, January 19th and Saturday, January 20th, 2018 beginning at 10:00 P.M. NO COVER! Get a chance to win and enjoy the entertainment.

    Organic sweet pepper grown by farmer in the Vaca plateau
    The cover structure, seed and technical support is provided with the aim of reducing land degradation

    Gang Resistance Education Program
    Officer Ical and Officer Shal from the Belmopan Police Department introduced the Gang Resistance Education Program (GREAT) to the children in the after school program today. This program will enhance our children capacity to be more resilient to being bullied into being someone they are not, and at the same time they will learn to teach their peers to stand up for themselves as well. Thanks to the Belmopan Police Department for working hands in hands with our after school program.

    Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. celebrates 50 years in the broadcasting business
    Today was very special day for us here at Love. Our CEO, Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr., celebrated 50 years in the broadcasting business. Over those 50 years he's traveled both at home and abroad pursuing his dream and has faced many challenges in his rise to achieve this milestone. His romance with broadcasting began at the age of 17 when he walked through the doors of Radio Belize as a Spanish Continuity Announcer. Fifty years later that Love has blossomed into a full fledged marriage producing three radio stations, a television station and an advertising agency. When asked what comes next his only response is "To continue serving the people of Belize."

    Channel 7

    PG Town Up In Arms After Leela's Grandson Killed By Cop
    Tonight, Punta Gorda Town continues to reel after police shot and killed a man under questionable circumstances. He's 24 year-old Mario Vernon the Third, and he has a brand name as the grandson of the late Belizean Brukdown Queen, Leela ...

    21 Year Old Female Found Dead In Room, But Police Say No Foul Play
    And there is another death investigation in the Toledo District - and it's for a 21 year old woman who was found dead in the room she was renting. Police told us the little they know about the mysterious demise of 21 year old Joycelyn Dominguez:

    Three Way Motorcycle Collision Leads To Single Fatality
    One man was killed in a three way motorbike collision last night on the Western Highway. It happened at around 7:30 near the Westar Truck Stop and Convenience Store between miles 56 and 57. 24 year old Jeffrey Thompson was riding one motorbik...

    Policeman Dies 8 Days After Accident
    Police officer Enid Tillett was knocked down on January 6th. The constable was on a patrol bike when 24 year old Jesus Enrique Munoz knocked him down in a Ford Escape. Well, Tillett succumbed to his injuries on Sunday morning - eight days af...

    Alleged Killer From Rival Gang Charged
    Leon Garcia was fatally stabbed on New Year's morning by a killer who ambushed him on his way home. Police know that it was a murder motivated by gang rivalry between Victoria Street and Pink's Alley. Today 24 year-old Stephen Flowers from ...

    PSU Past President and Trustee Jackie Willoughby Resigns in Exasperation
    Tensions continue to beleaguer the Public Service Union, and tonight the news is about the abrupt resignation of a high profile trustee. Jackie Willoughby - who's been with the PSU for decades - and is a former president - writes in a letter, ...

    House Meeting This Friday... NOT!
    Seems the media got it wrong when it reported on that House Meeting planned for this coming Friday. We said it would be for the vote on the 90 million dollars for the Belize Bank - but it won't happen - not yet, at least. And that's because t...

    Shooting On Armadillo Street
    It could have been murder, but luckily it wasn't when two males - one of them only 15 - were shot last night while hanging out on Armadillo Street. One of the men was shot in the face. He survived, and police told us more. ASP Alejandro ...

    Cran Street Jacking Nets Big Payday for Thieves
    This morning on Cran Street a Chinese businessman was robbed of over $60,000 dollars in cash and cheques while in his car. The police shared the few details they had with us. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC-CIB Belize City "He was stopped by two male ...

    More Cran Street Craziness
    And that same Can Street was the scene of a shooting on Friday night. Friday night in Belize City started off with a shooting on Cran Street. The victim was Kareem Williams. His injuries were not fatal but he did end up in hospital. The police gave ...

    5 Men and A Gun
    A group of young men were taken to court today after police stopped them in a van where a gun was hidden inside. Police on patrol saw a minivan driving without lights at 11:00 at night. Five young men were inside and so was a nine milli...

    57 Year Old Man Accused Molesting 2 Year Old Child
    Today a 57 year old was charged for molesting a two year old baby girl. It allegedly happened on January 2nd. The child's mother reported to police that she was in her house and looked out the window to see the man caressing her daughter's ches...

    Pregnant Woman Under Police Guard Accused of Social Security Shadiness
    Tonight a Santa Elena man is spending another night without his pregnant wife after she was charged and detained. 26 year old Wendy Castro went to the Social Security office in San Ignacio on Friday to apply for a Social Security Card - specifica...

    CARICOM Scolds Pres. Trump
    US President Donald Trump has been quoted describing a number of developing nations in very crude language. One of those countries is Haiti, and, on Saturday, CARICOM sprung to its defence. A release says, quote, "CARICOM is deeply disturbed by...

    Agric, Let's Get Growing
    The dates for the 2018 National Agriculture and Trade Show have been set. This year, the biggest fair in Belize will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. The theme for this year's fair is : "Let's Get Growing". Last year about 40,000 people attend...

    What's The story of The Shotgun?
    Belmopan police believe a shotgun may give them an insight into cracking open a case. Yesterday at around 3:30, Belmopan police were following up on a story which led them to a wooded area in the Maya Mopan area, Belmopan. They found a 16 gauge sh...

    Channel 5

    Mario Vernon Shot Dead by Police in Cloud of Mystery
    A well-known resident was shot dead over the weekend in Punta Gorda.   Mario Vernon, the grandson of the late Leela Vernon, was shot by a cop and there are differing [...]

    Police Looking for 1 in Cran Street Shooting
    Over the weekend in the city, there were two shootings between Friday night and Sunday night, but fortunately, there was no loss of life. In the first incident, a man [...]

    Teenager Shot on Armadillo Street
    In the second shooting, two persons were injured including a minor. According to police, a group of men were socializing in a yard on Armadillo Street in Belize City when [...]

    Chinese Businessman Stripped of $63,000 by Robbers
    A brazen robbery took place this morning on Cran Street in north side Belize City. A Chinese businessman was approached by two armed men in his vehicle and forced to [...]

    A Deadly Crash in Roaring Creek; Francisco Polanco Perishes
    Two friends were returning home on motorcycle when they were involved in a deadly collision with another motorcycle on the George Price Highway.  Francisco Polanco perished when he crashed into [...]

    Jackie Willoughby Gone from P.S.U. – Threatens Suit
    Former president of the Public Service Union, Jacqueline Willoughby, is a long-time trade unionist. But tonight she has severed ties with the Union amid what she calls lingering personal and [...]

    Andrew Bennett Headed to Court on Wednesday
    News Five has confirmed that attorney Andrew Bennett is likely headed to the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday morning – but not to try a case. He will be on the [...]

    Dr. Errol Elrington Still on the Run
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has signed the documents relating to a request for extradition for attorney Andrew Bennett from the U.S. State Department. But closer to home, a [...]

    Rigo Vellos Demands Guardian Apology, Retraction
    P.U.P. mayoral aspirant Rigo Vellos is demanding a formal retraction, as well as an apology from the Guardian Newspaper after publishing a recent article which purportedly defames the municipal elections [...]

    Charges Upgraded after P.C. Enid Tillett Dies
    Police have laid additional charges on twenty-four-year-old Jesus Enrique Muñoz of Orange Walk Town. Today, he was charged with manslaughter by negligence and causing death by careless conduct in connection [...]

    C.C.J. Says Let the Sunshine In
    This morning, the Caribbean Court of Justice heard arguments in the matter of Sunshine Holdings—the company which acquired shares in Belize Telemedia Limited using a Social Security loan in 2005. [...]

    Pregnant Guatemalan Woman Tried to Get Social Security Card with Faked Birth Certificate
    A woman was arrested and charged for obtaining a birth certificate under false pretense. Police say that on Friday in San Ignacio, Wendy Castro tried to use a birth certificate [...]

    ….Husband Insists Wife is a Belizean
    And that is what the police had to say – but her husband tells a different story. We spoke with Gustavo Velasquez via phone and he told us that Wendy [...]

    Why Did Joselin Dominguez, 21, Die?
    On Friday evening, a young woman was discovered dead in a room in Bella Vista Village in the south. Police officers visited the location and observed the body of twenty-one-year-old [...]

    Stephen Flowers Charged with Murder of Leon Garcia
    Police this morning announced an arrest in the murder of Leon Garcia, which occurred fourteen days ago. Around three-thirty on New Year’s morning, Garcia was fatally stabbed to the chest [...]

    Man, 57, Charged for Sexually Assaulting Girl, 2
    A disturbing case of sexual assault was brought to the Magistrate’s Court this morning. The alleged victim is a two-year-old female child; the accused is a fifty-seven-year old man who [...]

    The Weekend in Sports
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


    NCFC discusses children’s exposure to violence
    The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) has been advocating for the rights of the child since 1994. Love News spoke to Margaret Nicholas, the Executive Director of the National Committee for Families and Children,(NCFC) who shared where children experience the most violence. Margaret Nicholas – Executive Director of NCFC “Children experience a lot …

    NCFC says the safety of our children is everybody’s responsibility
    Last week, we told you that it was alleged that popular taxi man, seventy-six-year-old Roy “Bullet” Craig, sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy. According to the police, upon responding to a 911 call on Friday night, January 5, they discovered Craig in the company of the boy in a hotel room. Today, Love News spoke to …

    Police say Mario Vernon was armed
    Vernon was rushed to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police say at the scene they found a Lorsin Brand .380 pistol. This morning, Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of the Crimes Investigation Branch for the country, Joseph Myvette, briefed the media. JOSEPH MYVETTE, HEAD, NCIB “While Police was on patrol …

    The Road Safety Project ends on February 28
    The Road Safety project that was launched in 2013 with funds from the Caribbean Development Bank, comes to an end in February. The components of the project included an infrastructure component, a road user component, road safety enforcement component and capacity building component. The purpose of the project was to reduce the number of accidents …

    This year’s Agri-Show theme “Let’s Get Growing”
    This year’s annual National Agriculture and Trade Show will be held under the theme “Let’s Get Growing”. The show will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. According to the National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, preparation of the grounds have begun and interested persons can now reserve concession stands, food stalls, open …


    Voice recordings may help in case of still Missing Mark Pollard
    Earlier this week, we told you of the continued efforts by activist Jose Luis Espat to find several missing persons. [MARK POLLARD PIC] One of those missing persons is 49 year old Mark Pollard who went missing during his morning run in July of last year. [MARK POLLARD SEARCH PICS] Despite best effor...

    New Evidence in Ahmad-Brown Case
    Yesterday we shared with you a short clip of the interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Muslim activist Nuri Mohamed following a meeting with Fahreed Ahmad’s family, the minister, police, and members of the Muslim community. Today, we will share other portions of that ...

    Sedi and Nuri disagree on police units
    And while the interview with Minister Elrington and Nuri Mohamed together was to show a certain level of partnership, there were still areas on which they disagreed, especially as it relates to the police units. Nuri Muhammad brought up a point of whether or not all the police special units are answ...

    Family still hurt from 2016 raid
    One of the topics that was also touched in the interview with Minister Elrington and Nuri Mohammed was the 2016 raid of the Ahmad Family homes, and how from since, it has led to a sense of anger and mistrust toward the police. Back in June 2016, the Ahmads were raided by the Special Branch, which w...

    Muslim community feeling better after meeting with police?
    Before going into the meeting with the police, the Muslim community was still on edge but how were they feeling after the meeting? Nuri Muhammed spoke for the local Muslim community. Nuri Muhammed After listening to the minister, he has assured us, and he has repeated it, that there is no intention ...

    CEMO evaluating response to tsunami threat
    It’s been three days since that scary Tsunami threat caused a panic in the nation of Belize. Thankfully, it was only a threat and within a couple of hours everything was going back to normal. For Belize City, the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), has already began to look at ways to im...

    Brandon Tillet out on bail
    Notorious George Street criminal figure, 31-year-old Brandon Tillett, is back home after more than a week behind bars after being accused of assaulting his ex-common-law wife with a firearm. Tillett appeared in front of Judge Antoinette Moore of the Supreme Court where he was granted bail of $10,000...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    The Chief celebrates 50 years
    Rene Villanueva Sr., or known simply as “The Chief”, the founder of Love FM, is […]

    Jacqueline Willoughby resigns from PSU, threatens lawsuit
    Jacqueline Willoughby, a trustee former president of the Public Service Union (PSU), according to letters […]

    2018 dates for National Agric Fair announced
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of […]

    Shotgun found in Maya Mopan, Belmopan
    Yesterday evening around 3:30, police visited a farm in the Maya Mopan Area in Belmopan City […]

    Belize City Police: Two men shot while socializing last night
    Last night around 9:20, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where they saw Darwin […]

    Motorcycle men shoot two on Armadillo Street
    Police have today confirmed that two persons were shot in Belize City last night. According […]

    Wendy Castro detained for fraudulent attempt at SSB
    A woman attempting to apply for a Social Security Card was detained and charged by […]

    Robbers get $10,000 in cash and $53,000 in cheques
    A Chinese businessman was robbed in broad daylight today in Belize City. According to Assistant […]

    Majestic Alley man charged for murder of Leon Garcia
    Today police charged Steven Flowers, 24, with the murder of reputed gang boss, Leon Garcia. […]

    George Price remembered on 99th birthday
    Belize’s First Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Geaorge Cadle Price was born on January 15, 1919 and was a true Belizean patriot of Belize, credited with helping Belize attain Independence. Today would have been his 99th birthday. Annually, a memorial is held along with a wreath laying ceremony in Belmopan and Belize City in celebration of his life.


    Are There Seasons in Belize? Or What Will the Weather Be Like On My Visit?
    YES! There ARE SEASONS! Precisely? That’s a toughie – more than that, it would be a super power. But there are some websites that can help with short term predictions and for those longer term? Let me give you the general overview of our seasons. I am wearing sweatpants right now – and a hooded sweat shirt. I slept in socks in a sleeping bag (for temperatures down to freezing) – the outside temperatures probably dipped to the low 60s. I was COLD. Springtime, low 60s in NYC means shorts and flip flops and thousands of winter-burned New Yorkers lounging on blankets at the park. It’s all relative.

    New River Enterprises Ltd.
    We were fortunate enough to be given a tour of a work shop that produces high grade quality plywood in Belize. New River Enterprises Ltd. is located at #16 Westby Street, Orange Walk Town, just about half an hour drive from Corozal. Here is a snippet of our tour and from what we have seen in our Belize market, this Belizean made plywood far exceeds the quality of any imported brand. The 3/4 inch plywood is seven-ply, bug resistant and water proof. It can be ordered in mahogany (which is our favourite), nargosta, and it can also be combined with many different exotic Belizean woods to give you varying colour tones. The material is pressed using a Plycor industral press and the plywood is so dense, that it can be used for cabinet finishes and it is hard to tell whether it is plywood once done.

    Dusk and Dawn in Belize: Characters in a tropical romance novel of our own
    Belize’s beautiful bookends: Sunset, and then, sunrise. The calm is with us, the uncharacteristic coolness adds depth to our shadows. The soft breezes from the north and west carry fresh artisanal air — richly scrubbed by mainland jungle and infused with savanna magic and minerals from salty bay waters. Breathe in with your lungs and eyes, simultaneously. The moment feels like one you can live inside forever.

    Three Cool Weather Activities and Cold Front on Ambergris Caye
    Although boat trips and sunset cruises are great almost anytime, it’s a little chilly for “in water” activities like diving and snorkeling even for those coming from a colder climate. With the temperatures since the beginning of the new year hovering around 77.5°F – 59°F or 25.3° C – 15° C the water may be okay, but the air is definitely nippy, especially today with a strong north wind blowing. Here are some great cool weather activities on Ambergris Caye. Click on the bold blue text for more details.

    Jerry Jeff Walkers Belize
    Jerry Jeff is an American famous for his country music and songwriter. More than 18 years, Jerry Jeff Walkers has been coming to Belize once a year to entertain their music to the island. They all come the last week of January and the first week of February. They come to Belize to showcase their concert at the beginning of the year and its one fun concert. This year activities are scheduled from Jan 20-Feb 3nd. There will be two shows per week on January 20-26th Tuesday and Friday. Part two will be from January 26 to February 3nd.

    International Sourcesizz

    Murder of ABC7 producer Anne Swaney in Belize still unsolved after 2 years
    It was two years ago that Anne Swaney's body was found in a river in Central America where she had been on vacation. There are still no suspects, no known motive and no justice in the murder of our executive digital producer. Only the calendar has changed since this day two years ago when Anne was found dead, a day after she went missing from the equestrian resort in Belize where she had been on a horse-riding vacation. A year ago in Belize, FBI agent Paul Clark told the I-Team that authorities "believe that people, the public in Belize, may have information about the suspect or suspects that committed this crime." That is still the FBI's position. Now it is backed up by a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of her killer.

    Olympic champ Simone Biles says she was abused by doctor
    United States gymnast Simone Biles displayed her gold medal for floor during the artistic gymnastics women's apparatus final at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a statement via Twitter on Monday, Biles says she is among the athletes sexually abused by now-imprisoned former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Simone Biles watched as her friends and former Olympic teammates came forward to detail abuse at the hands of a now-imprisoned former USA Gymnastics team doctor. Drawing in part from their strength, the four-time gold medalist acknowledged Monday she is among the athletes who were sexually abused by Larry Nassar.

    The 10 reasons why you should visit a s---hole country
    Donald Trump has clearly never travelled in a "s---hole" country. Maybe the US president has visited a few. Maybe he's flown in on a private jet and pressed some flesh, signed a few things and scouted out the golf courses - but he hasn't travelled there. He hasn't been on the ground. He hasn't walked the streets, or seen the sights, or eaten the food, or met the people. If he had, there is no way he would describe places such as El Salvador, Haiti, and various African nations as "s---hole countries", as he's reported to have done recently. There's no way he'd dismiss entire nations and entire populations as nothing better than sewers. Anyone who's travelled to the developing world already knows the amazing experiences that await those prepared to give these places a go.

    UAE to provide US$50 million renewable energy fund for Guyana and the Caribbean
    Three of Guyana’s energy projects (micro-hydros) have been selected for funding by United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, said the minister of public infrastructure, David Patterson, who is heading a delegation of three to the eighth session of the Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi, which commenced on Saturday. Guyana was one seven Caribbean countries awarded grant funding for works to be commenced in the fourth quarter of 2018 and in early 2019, Patterson said on Sunday. The other Caribbean countries eligible to tap into the UAE fund are Belize, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, St Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia.


  • PM Tables Bill for UHS Payment, 5min. Five days into the New Year, the House of Representatives convened to address a busy agenda. The first, and perhaps most significant matter on the day’s agenda, was the proposed Supplementary Appropriation allocation to the 2017/18 Budget, to make available monies to satisfy the late 2017 Caribbean Court of Justice ruling that startled the nation.

  • Triina Trei Kiteboarding Belize Slickrock, 2.5min. Triina Trei, kiteboarding pro catching air at Slickrock Adventure Week, Long Caye, Glover's Reef, Belize 01/13/2018

  • Reserva marinha de Hol Chan, em Belize, 9.5min. Esse foi o meu segundo mergulho no reef da reserva marinha de Hol Chan. Gostei tanto que fiz 4 mergulhos seguidos.

  • Mergulho na reserva marinha de Hol Chan, em Belize, 8min. Fizemos o passeio para mergulhar em apneia na reserva marinha de Hol chan em Belize. Todas as dicas já estão lá no blog

  • Mergulho no fantástico Shark Ray Alley, em Belize, 8.5min. Mergulhamos no famoso point Shar Ray Alley em Belize. Esse ponto é muito próximo da Ilha Caye Caulker onde ficamos hospedados.

  • Dive and Snorkel trip to Belize, 4min. This year the Erickson family took a trip to Caye Caulker, Belize. We visited beautiful lighthouse reef, Hol Chan marine reserve and Half Moon Caye. Swimming with manatees, turtles, sharks, and a wide variety of reef fish was breath taking and I couldn't think of anyone better to enjoy it with than my wife and family.

  • Health Reef Report - Reef Report Card, on Open Your Eyes, 27min.

  • , min.

  • Our Changing Realities - Climate Change Review, on Open Your Eyes, 33min.

  • Belize Cancer Society - Pap Smear Campaign, on Open Your Eyes, 19min.

  • Shooting just now in front of Central Park in San Pedro, 1/2min. A male person is confirmed dead at shooting that took place at Central Park early this morning. Guy on foot shot a guy sitting in golf cart with his girlfriend. Police can confirm a shooting in Central Park at approximately 12:45am. One injuried male has been transported to Belize City for emergency care. Police officers are still on the scene.

  • Heavyweight Champ Big Baby Miller visits with Belmopan Youths, 3min. Boxing fans in Belize were thrilled to know that Belizean-born heavyweight boxer Big Baby was in the country on vacation. Belize Now got an opportunity to catch him while in Belmopan on January 5th, where the Belmopan Police Department hosted a meet and greet with the boxer and more than 250 students from the Belmopan area.

  • Belize Now looks at Road Safety in Belize, 5.5min. In 2017 alone, there have been approximately 83 road traffic accidents in Belize. Since the beginning of 2018, there have been several traffic accidents, with records indicating three fatalities thus far. The importance of road safety can never be overemphasized, and for this reason, the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Economic Development wants to remind the public how important it is to keep safety as a priority on the roads for the new year.

  • It’s not just another fishing trip - It’s an expedition, with a mission, 1min. Join the Fieldworkers Club on one of it's exciting 2018 Scientific Fly Fishing Expeditions to Cuba and Belize

  • Sustainable Carpentry Belize, 23min.

  • Belize and Cay Caulker, 12min. We stopped in Belize on our cruise and took a trip to Cay Caulker to snorkel. What a great place to spend a day. Take a look.

  • Rendezvous Caye in Belize walk around the island, 8min.

  • snorkeling rendezvous caye in Belize, 3min. Snorkeling the second greatest barrier reef in the world at rendezvous caye in Belize january 3, 2018.

  • Tour of my JUNGLE CABANA at Cotton Tree Lodge - Belize, 4min. A tour of my cabana at Cotton Tree Lodge! I was in town to plan the next Live Love Healthy Retreat

    January 15, 2018


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

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    The San Pedro Sun

    Health Corner: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
    What is TMJ? TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, means that the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw isn’t working properly. This hinge is one of the most complex joints in the body, responsible for moving the lower jaw forward, backward and side-to-side. Any problem that prevents this complex system of muscles, ligaments, discs and bones from working as it should is called TMJ. Often, TMJ feels like your jaw is popping or clicking or even “getting stuck” for a moment. The exact cause of this misalignment is often impossible to determine.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Body Double
    “I see you reading the news, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said. “What’s going on in the world today?” I was sitting at the big picnic table at my favorite tamale stand. While I was eating tacos, and using my tablet to catch up with news on the internet, Mario and Pedro ordered and took a seat next to me. “Among other things, I see they finally captured Brujo Monsalvo in Mexico.” “The big drug cartel man in Mexico?” Mario asked. “Good,” Pedro said. “He is one really bad man. I know that personal.” “What do mean?” I asked. “Did you actually know him?”

    Letter to the Editor: Firecrackers
    Editor For the last several months I have been awoken every morning to the sound of explosions. These explosions continue all day and continue late into the night. Day in and day out. I am of course talking about the illegal activity of setting off fireworks. As everyone in Belize knows, the importation, the possession and use of fireworks are illegal in Belize yet year after year from early November till mid-January the use of fireworks continues unabated on San Pedro. Customs does nothing to stop the flow of these illegal explosives into our country and our island from Guatemala. The police do nothing when they drive by young children setting off fireworks and I assume they would do nothing if you called the station to report them as the dozens of times I have called the station to report it no one has every answered the phone. I do not want to hear that this is part of our culture, it isn’t. Fireworks are illegal in Belize and always have been as long as I can remember.

    Doctor Love: Anon
    Dear Doctor Love; Before I met my husband he watched a lot of porn. When I told him it was a problem for me he quit and we married five years ago. I have caught him a number of times since and it always leads to a fight. He says he’ll stop, but I always catch him again. A few weeks ago I borrowed his laptop and a porn site popped up. I felt sick. His browsing history showed that he searches porn many times a day, usually when I’m out of the house or asleep. He says he loves me and he said he is doing his best to stay off those sites, but the minute he is alone he is right back there. I have told him it really hurts me and I have even threatened to leave him but he chooses porn over our marriage. For the first time ever I am ashamed of my body and don’t even want to get undressed in front of him. I love him but I am miserable. What can I do? /s/Anon

    Misc Belizean Sources


    The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute wishes to inform all potential customers that we have updated our Sport Fishing License Portal. Our customers can now access our portal without any system failures to purchase 1 day and 1 week licenses. To access portal: For any further information feel free to contact us.

    Caye Caulker English Classes
    FREE! GRATIS! English-language classes 7:30-8:30 p.m. this week. FREE! GRATIS! English-language classes 7:30-8:30 p.m. this week Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th in the Village Council’s upstairs room. All ages welcome and no charge. Instructors are Education majors from Miami University of Ohio. More info at 615-0408 or just drop in.

    Youth Empowerment and Motivational Session
    The Department of Youth Services Benque in collaboration with Benque Viejo 4H Club conducted a Youth Empowerment and Motivational Session for its members both BVO 4H Club and DYS Youth Group at Xunatunich Maya site. The session was carried out on three main topics Youth History, Youth Leadership and Youth Politics, also they had lots of fun participating in the various teambuilding activities and games.

    Sacred Heart Primary 110th Anniversary Banquet
    The Sacred Heart Primary School is having their 110th anniversary banquet on Saturday, February 24th, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate. They'll have food, fun, music, and door prizes, and all proceeds will go towards the betterment of the school. "Come be a part of our 110th anniversary Celebration! There will be delicious food, photo ops, dancing and fabulous door prizes!

    Channel 5

    A man was shot and killed last night in Punta Gorda
    Personnel from the Professional Standards Branch and Crimes Investigation Branch are investigating the death of Mario Vernon 24 of Punta Gorda Town. Initial investigations revealed that at about 9:30 pm on January 13, 2018, police officers were on mobile patrol on George Street, Punta Gorda Town. When they received information that one Mario Vernon was in a yard with a firearm. The officers proceeded to the area. Upon arrival they observed Mario Vernon running in a nearby yard towards Middle Street. Police set chase after Vernon who was observed with a what appeared to be a firearm in his hand. Vernon while running, pointed it towards the officer who was pursuing him. The officer fearing for his life, drew his . 38 service revolver and fired a single shot which caught Vernon on the right side of his head.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    One person dead after motorcycle collision
    BBN has been reliably informed of a fatal road traffic accident in Roaring Creek Village. Preliminary information reveals that two motorcycles collided head on in front of the Westar Gas Station.

    Woman found dead in apartment
    A woman was found dead on Friday evening by police. According to police reports, at about 5:55pm they visited an apartment in Bella Vista Village. There they observed the motionless body of a Hispanic woman. She was identified as Joycelyn Dominguez.

    Teen girl reported missing
    A 17-year-old girl from Belize City has been reported missing by her mother. Patricia Usher of an Arlington Drive address in Belize City reported that her daughter Chelsey Lewis left home around 4:30 p.m. yesterday with her friend and has not returned home since. Lewis is described as being of East-Indian descent.

    Police Commissioner orders investigation into death of Mario Vernon
    Personnel from the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) and Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) are investigating the death of 24-year-old Mario Vernon of Punta Gorda town. According to police, around 9:30 last night, officers were on mobile patrol on George Street, Punta Gorda town and received information that Vernon was in a yard armed with a firearm.

    Toyota Camry stolen this morning
    Today, Danny Martinez, 26, a police officer of Santa Barbara street, Belize city reported that sometime between the hours of 6:30 p.m. yesterday and 4:00 a.m. today, his beige 1998, Toyota Camry was stolen. The vehicle is valued $2,800.

    Popular tacos stand in San Ignacio robbed this morning
    Esmeralda Yaegui,19, a Belizean student of Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio town reported that around 1:00 this morning while selling tacos along with her sister-in-law on Bullet Tree Road, they were approached by two men. One of the men was armed with a gun.

    Are investors predicting Belize’s payment for UHS
    The stock value for Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited (CIHL) has increased since the start of 2018, which the business site Interactive Investor is attributing to the Government of Belize’s pending payment for the Universal Health Services (UHS) guarantee. Interactive Investor announced that as of Friday stocks for CIHL, formerly BCB Holdings, were up by 20 percent.

    Global ranking of Belizean passport improves
    At the start of 2018, Belize’s passport increased its ranking on the Global Passport Index prepared by Henley and Partners. The index ranks the passports of the world according to the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free, giving each country a visa-free score. In 2017, Belize ranked 56 in the index, with a visa-free score of 95. At the beginning of 2018, the ranking increased to 54, with a new visa-free score of 96.

    Cold front passing over Belize
    A cold front is affecting Belize and will maintain windy and cool conditions over the next couple of days. The 24 hour forecast is for mostly windy and cool conditions to continue with little or no rainfall. Gusty winds will blow from the North to Northwest at 15-25 knots.


    Grocery Shopping Isn’t Just an Errand in Belize
    I will freely admit that when I moved to Ambergris Caye, the biggest of the 200 or so islands in Belize, I brought with me several gourmet cookbooks fully expecting to be able to obtain such things as Dashi, baby vegetables, broccolini, and fresh globe artichokes. I learned that “seasonal” in Belize actually means “seasonal.” If it is out of season, you cannot obtain it. If it is “in season” it is abundant, cheap, and unbelievably good. Next, I realized that “fresh” actually means “this just came out of the ground this morning.” The first time I ate fresh carrots in Belize, I could not believe how good they tasted. I was always taught that one should buy the skinny, unblemished ones for the best taste; but these were about the size of a cucumber, and had some spots on them.

    International Sourcesizz

    From Belize to Guatemala
    After nearly 30 days of exploring this small country, we found that leaving Belize was a fairly simple procedure. The Belize side requires a few fees and stamps upon exit. And try as I might, I could not get the agent to smile, even though we were all speaking English. But entering Guatemala was a little more chaotic. In addition to the language difference, there is the money difference and then the misunderstanding of the steps required. First we drove through the fumigation booth and paid the fee. Then we were directed to park on the side of the busy street in front of the border offices. We got our passports stamped, then started the paperwork for the truck. This required a few copies a fee, verifying the VIN and plenty of being trailed by a 12-year-old border "helper". The final step was the pet import, which was a little more paperwork, some fees and a visual look at the dogs. The entire process took about two hours in sweltering heat and humidity. But in hindsight, it all went smoothly and people were kind and patient with us.

    Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime
    Belize only became independent thirty-six years ago. The vast majority of its citizens are under the age of thirty. In every sense, Belize is a millennial nation struggling to find its footing. But the small country, sitting south of Mexico on the east coast of Central America, has one of highest murder rates in the Americas. According to the police in Belize, gang and gun violence is the biggest problem facing the nation. There are also many unskilled young people who are susceptible to joining gangs. Correspondent John Zarrella visited Belize for “Americas Now.” He talks to government officials as well as Dianne Finnegan who directs the Youth Apprenticeship Program to prevent kids from entering gang life.

    Boom-Manatee canoe race
    Good morning. It is the Boom-Manatee canoe race. 2017 La Ruta Maya NICH champions will be participating. Efrain, Hener, Felix Cruz. Start time:930.


  • Morning Matters with Shana Lopez, 60min.

  • Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime, 13min. Belize only became independent thirty-six years ago. The vast majority of its citizens are under the age of thirty. In every sense, Belize is a millennial nation struggling to find its footing. But the small country, sitting south of Mexico on the east coast of Central America, has one of highest murder rates in the Americas. According to the police in Belize, gang and gun violence is the biggest problem facing the nation. There are also many unskilled young people who are susceptible to joining gangs.

  • BELIZE MOVIE: "Dragon Wasps" , 1hr23min. Another movie shot in Belize... A scientist enlists the help of the US army to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her father, deep in the Belizean jungle. Caught in the crossfire between a brutal guerrilla army controlled by a mystical warlord, they are also confronted by an even bigger terror giant mutated wasps that are, for some reason, thirsty for blood.

  • Macal River Bridge San Ignacio Pt 2, 2.5min. Finally completed! Paul Powton Photography created a couple of videos for the Ministry of Works highlighting the construction and completion of the new Macal River Bridge. At around 2:30, the drone captures Santa Elena and San Ignacio, along with both of the other bridges, from a few 100 meters above the bridge, and it really puts things in perspective.

  • Macal River Bridge San Ignacio Bypass, 4min. Belize's largest & most impressive bridge under construction

  • Hawkesworth II at Sunset, 2min. Crossing the new Cayo bridge.

  • Belize Ecosystems and Culture- Mountain Pine Ridge, 4min.

  • Honeymoon in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Snorkelling in Belize lagoon saw a jellyfish, 1.5min.

  • Rockin' San Pedro, Belize on Christmas!, 10min. Rockin' San Pedro, Belize on Christmas! Special thanks to Billy King and the Band, you guys are awesome

  • snorkeling with sea urchins in Belize, 6.5min. snorkeling the second greatest barrier reef in Belize at rendezvous caye january 3 ,2018 saw sea urchins and a sea spider

  • snorkeling with a jellyfish in Belize january 3,2018, 5min. snorkeling the second greatest barrier reef in the world at rendezvous caye in Belize january 3 ,2018 saw a jellyfish.

  • You won’t Belize It! Our Belizian adventure, 12min. On the fourth day of our cruise, we set sail to Belize! We took a tender boat to the mainland, and then another water taxi to an island.

  • Poktapok match live at Yo Creek village, 16min. Nuestra cultura Maya vive en el norte . Ek' Balam destroys Sak Xikin 25 - 18

    January 14, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Turtles to host a friendly match
    With the aim to prepare for the upcoming Belize Beach Rugby Tournament 2018, the San Pedro Turtles will be hosting a friendly in-team match among themselves on Saturday, January 27th. The match will be held at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town and is being sponsored by the Belize Chocolate Company. After the friendly local match, Ryan is planning to host an inter-district tournament in Orange Walk, Belize City, San Pedro, and Hopkins. This is to prepare the team even further for the Belize Beach Rugby Tournament at the Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill in Caye Caulker on March 16th and 17th. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy a rugby day at the Ambergris Stadium on Saturday, January 27th. If anyone is interested in joining, the team practices every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex from 6PM to 8PM. For further information, you can contact Ryan on WhatsApp at +1603-953-4732 or email [email protected]

    Island residents unhappy with traffic wardens; Mayor weighs in
    Over the past weeks, several residents, particularly taxi operators, have been complaining about the unfair behavior of the island’s traffic wardens. Complaints state that while they are penalized, other drivers on the island get away with traffic offenses, including noise pollution. Other allegations include traffic wardens violating their own rules and even threatening people with weapons. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) denied most of these allegations but acknowledged that there had been some instances when wardens had to be disciplined for their wrongdoings. Mayor Daniel Guerrero rebuked the accusations and indicated that the traffic wardens are simply doing their jobs. He denied the allegations that there is favoritism when it comes to certain residents on the island and that everyone is dealt with in a fairly and professional manner. “When people complain that certain people don’t get penalized, it is not like that,” said Guerrero. “The same law applies to everyone and that there are some people on the island that pay a lot in tickets because of their behavior, but not everyone knows or see that.”

    Meet your 2018 Tiger Sharks Basketball Team!With the new opening of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) 2018 season, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are gearing up for their first game. On Thursday, January 18th at the University of Belize auditorium in the Capital City of Belmopan, the Tiger Sharks will face defending champions, Belmopan Bandits. The San Pedro Sun caught up with some of the players, as they shared their expectations for the season. We are pleased to present the 2018 San Pedro Tiger Sharks to their fans. This new season will mark the fifth annual NEBL tournament, in which seven teams will compete for the coveted prize at the end of the competition. The participating teams are: San Pedro Tiger Sharks, Orange Walk Running Rebels, Belize Hurricanes, Belmopan Bandits, Dangriga Dream Ballers, Belize City Defenders (replacing Belize City No Limit), and Verdes, who was previously Cayo Western Ballaz. The opening game between San Pedro Tiger Sharks and Belmopan Bandits will be aired live on The National Channel starting with a pre-game show at 8PM.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Passing of Police Constable No.1958 Enid Tillett
    It’s with profound sadness that the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Allen Whylie, Commander Orange Walk Police Station, Supt. David Chi, the senior ranks and file of The Belize Police Department announced the untimely passing of Police Constable No.1958 Enid Tillett , Sun Rise 19.5.1990 & Sun Set 13.1.2018. May his soul Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory.

    PoktaPok game on Sunday
    Remember this Sunday 14 a friendly PoktaPok(Maya Ball game) at Yo Creek village between Sak Xikin and Ek' Balam .

    The Reporter

    More suspects of first murder of 2018 released
    Two murder suspects who police had detained this week for the January first stabbing death of Leon Garcia have been released, leaving investigators to look elsewhere for clues to solve the case. Since the early morning murder, police had detained a number of suspects, but could not tie any of them to the fatal stabbing and had to release them. Garcia was murdered sometime around 3:30 on the morning of January 1, while walking on Barrack Road along with Raheem Reid and other friends. Reports are that a large group of men attacked them just about 100 yards away from the police checkpoint on Barrack Road. Reid was also injured when he tried to help Garcia.

    Police release man detained for last murder of 2017; search for two suspect continues
    Police have released a man they held in custody on Thursday, and are looking for two suspects in connection with the murder of Frederick Smith – the last murder victim for 2017. The police investigation had led to the detention of several people, but all have so far been released due to insufficient evidence. Smith, 22, a resident of Antelope Street Extension and employee of the Belize Electricity Limited, was shot in the back as he walked along with another person towards his house on the same street shortly after 10:00 p.m., on December 31, 2017. He fell in the drain and died.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Reputed George Street Boss gets bail
    On Friday, the reputed George Street Gang Boss, Brandon (B-E-T) Tillet was released on bail for $10,000. On January 3, he was arraigned for aggravated assault against his former common-law wife. Court documents reveal that the original charges were withdrawn against Tillett before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. And so instead Tillett pleaded not guilty to a substituted charge of abetment to commit aggravated assault.

    Leila Vernon’s grandson shot dead in PG
    BBN has been reliably informed that Mario Vernon was shot dead last night in Punta Gorda. We understand that he was shot to the head in the Hollywood area. Vernon is a grandson of the late Leila Vernon.

    Dr. Errol Elrington: Wanted fugitive still on the run
    Dr. Errol Elrington, brother of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, remains a fugitive on the run for almost 5 years. He is featured on the top-10 wanted list by the United States Office of the Inspector General (OIG), because of allegations that he was involved in healthcare fraud. According to the OIG, on October 7, 2013, an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of racketeering, Medicaid fraud, and healthcare fraud.

    Belize barrier reef receives “fair” rating
    Belize has received a “fair” rating on its most recent reef report card. BBN notes that this is an improvement from the last progress report. The reef health index is at 2.8 which is not far off from the regional average for the Mesoamerican Reef, which serves as a barrier for Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Of these four countries, Honduras got a “good” grade of 3.0 on its reef report.

    Bullets found near Jane Usher Boulevard
    Cops on Belize City’s south side continue to remove illicit substances and items from the streets. On Friday at 2:00 p.m., cops conducted a search in an abandoned lot off the Jane Usher Boulevard. This led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag which contained (10) 9mm live rounds.

    Two buckets of weed found in Roaring Creek
    Cops out west have intercepted a large quantity of marijuana believed to have been used in the marijuana trade. At around 10:45 a.m. on Friday police conducted a search in an abandoned lot on the Capital Hill Area of Roaring Creek Village.

    Kareem Williams shot in thigh and buttocks
    A man is lucky to be alive after there was an attempt on his life last night. Just before 9:00 p.m. there was a shooting at the corner of Cran and Mapp streets in Belize City. Kareem Williams, 33, was shot to the upper part of his left thigh and his left buttocks.

    Foreign Minister signs papers for Bennet extradition
    Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, following yesterday’s press briefing with the Ahmad family, told the media that he has signed off on the extradition file from the US State Department for wanted attorney Andrew Bennet. According to Elrington, the process is mainly a formality at this point. Elrington said he signed the documents on Tuesday following Cabinet’s meeting.

    Butane prices increase countrywide
    Today the cost of butane will reflect an increase across the country. A 100 pound cylinder in Belize City, will now cost $104 up from $97. In Belmopan, the cost will now be $106 up from $99. The cost in San Ignacio will also be $106. In Benque, the cost will be $107 up from $100.

    PC Enid Tillett succumbs to injuries received in fatal road accident
    Police confirmed today that police constable Enid Tillett, 27, passed away. Tillett, attached to the Guinea Grass substation in Orange Walk District was knocked off his motorcycle last Saturday night.


    A very calm and chilly day in Corozal
    Brrr!Brrr! the cold is here in Belize. On Friday night the cold front approached Belize and all into Saturday morning. Midday was 75 degree's and it felt higher than that. we are entering the mid month of January and the weather hasn't changed yet. We are still getting cold front in Belize. During the night it dropped below as 68 degrees. Nobody likes the cold, but good for keeping away the heat in Belize. Today I walked around town in Corozal around midday and the weather was fine. Their was quite few tourists roaming the town. My favourite stop was at thunderbolt bridge where the frigate birds where feeding sardines themselves. And, When I walked south to Maimi Beach their was a lot of people chilling at Jam Rock, Bay Breeze and Wood House. The sail boat which was park by the area where thye sell cars gives it a nice scenery area. The water was low and children where swimming inside the cold water. You could have walked as far as you can.

    San Pedro Ambergris to celebrate Carnaval 2018
    The El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro is a 150-year-old traditional festival from Mestizo culture, which brought it down to northern Belize, San Pedro and Ambergris Caye. El Gran Carnaval is celebrated to begin the lent season. Carnaval dates back to the 1870s when villagers. People from the districts moved to Ambergris Caye and added paint and eggs to powder, lipstick and charcoal. Carnaval is centered around a Mestizo character named "Juan Carnaval". Legend has it that Juan Carnaval had sex with over a thousand women from eight countries, with whom he had countless children.

    International Sourcesizz

    How to buy a holiday home in Belize
    It’s off the radar for most buyers, but the tiny Central American nation’s appeal is growing. The Coppolas are not the only movie A-listers who have felt compelled to create their own paradise in this corner of the Caribbean. Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a project on Blackadore Caye, an unpopulated 104-acre island just west of Ambergris Caye. Building work on his eco-resort — and on 36 luxurious villas that are due to go on sale — was expected to start last year. As with many a Hollywood project, exact details of what’s on offer are sketchy, and there are no updates on progress from the site. Don’t let that stop you, though: there’s a growing number of resorts in Belize catering to the more adventurous buyer seeking a holiday home in a pristine natural setting. The dense jungle interior is…

    Belize bans oil activity to protect its barrier reef
    Some good news for the new year: in what has been called a huge step forward in protecting oceans and marine life, the Belize government has announced bold legislation to end oil activity in all of its waters. The move is designed to protect the fragile Belize Barrier Reef world heritage site, the second-largest in the world after Australia’s and home to 1,400 species, including endangered hawksbill turtles, manatees, rays and six threatened species of shark. Belizean prime minister Dean Barrow’s decision to impose an indefinite moratorium marks the first time a developing country has taken such a major step to protect its oceans from oil exploration and extraction – and will help safeguard Belize’s important dive tourism sector. “The decision is hugely significant,” said Chris Gee, of charity WWF-UK, which was part of an international campaign. “It indicates that Belize, a developing country, is prepared to put its people and environment first.”

    Inside Hollywood director Sofia Coppola’s jungle hideaway in Belize
    Belize may not be the obvious destination for a second home, but the Coppola family don’t do obvious. The Central American nation, discreetly tucked into the Caribbean coast, looks and feels as if it is a half a world away from anything, and that’s the way the movie dynasty like it. To the locals, the Coppolas are not much more than “that family who like Italian food”. “We’ve had lots of fun trips in Belize since my dad wanted to go and discover it in the 1980s,” says Sofia Coppola, 46. Her father, Francis Ford Coppola, had just finished Apocalypse Now and, after an infamously demanding shoot, was looking for somewhere the family could regroup, halfway between the steamy jungle of the Philippines, where the…

    From East Coast to the Western Caribbean, adventure awaits
    Savannah is one of the prettiest cities I’ve visited. Like Oaks and drapes of Spanish moss intertwine with the streets and squares downtown. I walked by the river, visited a local art shop — Gallery 209 — and had dinner at a small hole-in-the-wall bar with a blues band. I wish I would have had more time here, but I had to get to Port Canaveral to catch my ship to the western Caribbean. When I cruise, I don’t book the excursions. It’s much more of an adventure to get off the ship that day and just see what you can find. This doesn’t include just walking around the port — I like to call that “tourist city.” The next day was “unBelizeable,” as they say. In Belize, the ship can’t dock right at the country because of the reef, so I took a tender boat to the country. During the cruise, they warned us to not go beyond the “tourist city” gates, but what’s the fun in that? I walked by them and found a man selling souvenirs on a blanket with his family by the Belize sign. He hooked me up with a tour from a local born in Belize; the man showed us rich, middleclass and poor neighborhoods as well as downtown, schools, government buildings and more. He described the history and milestones of the country with such passion it was impossible not to fall in love with the country.


  • Talk Ah Di Town January 13, 2018, 50min.

  • Corozal: We are live from Central Park first art in the park., 13min.

  • This is why Roberto Sabido was Awarded Person of the Year 2017, San Pedro. Read more of Roberto's great work for the community:, 3min.

  • Gentle Giants on today's dive. Scuba Daze Belize!!!, 1/2min. 34 seconds of bliss.

  • Santa Elena "The Drive Through Town", 2min. Gian Witz has put together a spectacular video covering Santa Elena, from dusk into the night. You'll KNOW everything that's happening in this wonderfully shot, spaced, and timed tribute to Santa Elena. You'll be watching this one more than once. Well done, Mr. Witz! Santa Elena Cayo, is a small hillside town located in Belize. This quiet residential place sits approximately 12 miles away from Belize's Western Border and it's gladly the twin sister of it's twin brother town 'San Ignacio'. While doing this film, I came across some perspectives of the area. I've been doing films for a while and the location of where you shoot is of significant deal. Why? Well, the people is of great essence. Whatever they do reflects the spirit of their society. .

  • Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling, 1min.

  • Caye Caulker (Belize), 1min.

  • Belize 2018, 3min. UNCW's BIO 480 Field Studies: Coastal Enthronements in Belize takes on Calabash Caye from January 2nd- January 10th.

  • San Ignacio Belize: Road Less Travel (Way Back to Hometown), 1min. Front seat View of a simple ride back to San Ignacio in an afternoo

  • Belize - Eels, 5.5min. December 2017 - Belize - Aggressor IV - Eels.

  • Going Fishing -Belize, 53min. Going fishing-Whether you're scuba diving the Blue Hole, zip-lining through the jungle canopy, rappelling down waterfalls or crawling through ancient cave systems, Belize is a genuine adventure. Head to Cayo District where you can tube or canoe through darkened river systems or hard-core spelunk in renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. Zip-lining is virtually an art form in Cayo and Southern Belize where you can sail through the jungle at half a dozen locations. Horseback riding is well organised and hiking is superb in national parks, such as Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Shipstern Nature Reserve and Río Bravo.

  • Monkeys in the trees in Belize, 1min.

  • Amazing Divers swim with sharks in Belize, 1min. According to researchers of British scientists, Shark has a personality, which affects the habits of their pestilence. They constantly reflect social habits and form their groups or adapt themselves to the environment.

  • Placencia Assassins FC vs Belmopan Bandits (PLB Closing Season 2018), 66min.

    January 13, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Traffic Department installs speed bumps north of San Pedro Town
    Residents north of San Pedro Town welcomed the initiative by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) in establishing a speed-control zone with speed bumps on the northern paved road. The rubber speed bumps are expected to slow down traffic and minimize potential accidents on that side of the island. Mayor Daniel Guerrero stated that the SPTC saw the need to place the speed bumps on the road, which appears to have become a speedway for many drivers at night. “Traffic Wardens don’t really work at night, so there is no one to monitor the speeding on that side of the island,” said Guerrero. “We hope this alleviates the problem for now,” Guerrero added that the SPTC is looking to hiring about six additional wardens so that there is enough personnel for a night shift.

    For the second year in a row, overnight tourism arrivals have registered a record breaking increase with the December figure for 2017 approaching 50,000 overnight visitors in one month for the first time in history. Overnight arrivals to Belize surpassed 427,000 visitors in 2017, vastly surpassing the 400,000 annual visitor threshold. This figure represented an 10.8% increase over the annual total of 2016. The total cruise ship passenger arrivals experienced an overall growth of 0.9% in 2017. This translated to over 1,000,000 cruise visitors arriving in Belize for the second year in a row. The following is a breakdown of the most recent statistics.

    Belize Barrier Reef report card shows ‘fair’ improvement
    A most anticipated report card for the Meso-American Barrier Reef, with most of its extension along the coast of Belize, was officially presented on Wednesday, January 10th. The scorecard gave the Belize Barrier Reef a fair grade, showing a modest improvement and bringing its health index to 2.8, up from 2016’s 2.5. According to entities like Healthy Reefs for Healthy People, who work on the annual report, this puts Belize in the regional average in their efforts to preserve the reef and remove it from the UNESCO’s World Heritage ‘in danger’ list. However, despite the good news, there is a lot of work to be done in order to salvage one of the country’s most sensitive assets.

    SPTC prepares to address garbage issue on the island
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is embarking on an initiative to tackle the garbage issue plaguing the island. The plan according to Mayor Daniel Guerrero is to target the areas where the eyesore is overwhelming, educate the islanders about the impacts of littering and assist with massive scheduled cleanings. The SPTC also plans to deter the acts of illegal dumping by enforcement via sanitation officers, who will monitor and penalize anyone that does not abide by the proposed cleaning initiative. Mayor Guerrero told The Sun that he is in agreement that the island has a huge problem with garbage. He states that after studying the situation, the plan of action is to first educate people about the garbage problem on the island. “The situation cannot continue,” he said. “The plan is to visit house-to-house and share with the residents the plan we have to deter the garbage issue and how they can be part of the plan.” It is believed that the use of the media, radio talk shows and hosting meetings with residents is another alternative planned to reach out to the people.

    Ambergris Today

    Tacogirl Introduces Battery Recycling Program In San Pedro
    If not properly disposed of, batteries end up in landfill and contaminate the environment. They are made from a number of different materials that include acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury and nickel metal hydride. When batteries are not properly disposed of the casing can disintegrate and the toxic chemicals within can leach into the surrounding environment. The leaking material can contaminate the soil and water and some of the elements can accumulate in wildlife and humans. With this in mind, island resident Laurie Norton, better known as Tacogirl, saw a need for battery recycling and ordered five quart clear, thick polycarbonate body C-Thru 5Q Battery Recycling Bin – battery recycling containers. She got the support of local hardware stores and has placed the recycling containers at Harmouch Center, Castillo’s Hardware and SP Hardware.

    Roberto ‘Chief’ Sabido Awarded Person Of The Year 2017
    There couldn’t be a nickname more fitting than “Chief” for Roberto Sabido. He is a natural born leader, a dedicated family man, mentor, inspirational motivator and all around super man. After learning more of all the great stuff that he does in the community of Ambergris Caye, there was no doubt in our mind that he was 2017’s Person of the Year. Originally from Orange Walk, Belize, Roberto Sabido moved to Ambergris Caye 40 years ago where he has been making a living for most of his life, he’s built his own house, married and is raising two boys. He has always been a hard-working man, respectable, dependable, caring and always carrying a big smile on his face. In 2013 he joined the Hellfighters Ministry after meeting with Richard and Gina Hendrick, owners of Ramon’s Village, who have become great friends and mentors to him. Robert quickly became president of the group, taking leadership in all the activities of the ministry that operates in San Pedro but whose work incorporates the mainland of Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    SBDC Workshop: Introduction to Accounting and Bookkeeping
    Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle. Date of Workshop: January 18th, 2018. Time: 9am - 3pm. Location: BTEC Training Room, ITVET Campus, Freetown Road, Belize City. The aim of the workshop is to provide tools that enhance participants' knowledge on basic accounting. Through this workshop participants better understand how to use their numeracy skills in and prior book keeping information, how to improve their businesses by using simple business management techniques and how to develop financial statements. Cost: $60.00, includes snacks and refreshments.

    Protecting crocodiles
    Given the outrage over the jaguar killed and beheaded a couple of days ago, we feel it's time to make public the difficulty we face as an organization protecting crocodiles and shed light on some of the horrific things we see done to these animals that we don't always share with the general public. This picture was sent to me just before Christmas which was then reported to the authorities. Sadly what is depicted here is no surprise to me, as we see things like this often throughout the year. God only knows how many go unreported that we don't know about, slowly chipping away at the dwindling remaining population. According to CITES (convention for the international trade of endangered species), both the American crocodile and the Jaguar are listed as appendix I here in country, meaning they are both threatened by extinction in Belize. The American croc is found in fewer countries than the jaguar with fewer numbers. But that's neither here nor there... They are BOTH protected species. They are BOTH deserving of that protection because they are BOTH in danger of extinction in Belize. But where is the outrage for the crocs?

    he Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce is hereby informing the general public that effective Saturday, January 13th, 2018 there will be a new controlled price for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The general public is advised that the prices established for imported LPG are based on the mixtures of 70:30 (Propane: Butane) only as per requirement of the Belize National Standard Specification for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) BZS 21:2012.

    Chief Justice of Belize delivers lecture on the Role of the Judiciary in Good Governance to Maya Leaders
    Friday, January 12th, 2018, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo. Alcaldes and Maya women from the Maya villages of Toledo participated in a lecture delivered by the Honourable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The lecture titled “the role of the judiciary in good governance” was attended by over a hundred persons. This lecture is the culmination of a series of training sessions that Julian Cho Society has been implementing with the Toledo Alcaldes Association. In his opening remarks, the President of the Toledo Alcaldes Association stated, “as Alcaldes, our people always talk about us as the ears, eyes and mouth of the communities. This means that we must always put our people and communities first.” Karolina Guay, the Canada Fund Manager, of the Canadian High Commission based in Guatemala in her remarks congratulated the Alcaldes for their good work and reiterated the commitment of her government to support the promotion of good governance. She recognized the Maya women present at the lecture and emphasized the importance of for women presence in local governance.

    Nurses & Midwives Conference
    Today, our Fulbright Scholar Carla Fry attended Nurses & Midwives Conference and networked with Belizean health professionals. She met “many very dedicated nurses around the country” and learned about the challenges and opportunities they face. Perfect timing to have such an event during Carla’s first week in Belize!

    Channel 7

    The Ahmad Family Disputes Police Surveillance Video
    Last night, we showed you the meeting between the Ministry of Home Affairs, the police senior command, the Ahmad family, and representatives of the local Muslim Community. The two sides were attempting to defuse tensions between the state and the citizens aggrieved by the murder of Fareed Ahmad. When it was done, it appeared that the chasm of ill will and misunderstanding between both sides had been bridged somewhat, even if not completely. But there are fundamental sticking points, and here's one of them. Tonight, the Ahmad Family is rejecting the suggestion that the police have surveillance video which shows that Fareed picked up Police Constable Michelle Brown hours before he was killed. For context, we re-visit a portion of our interview with Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington who spoke on this video. Here's how he put it:

    Pregnant Guatemalan National Allegedly Caught With Fraudulent Birth Paper
    Reliable reports reaching 7News tonight is that a 26 year-old Guatemalan woman is in police detention at the San Ignacio Police Sub-station. That's after she was allegedly busted with what is believed to be a fraudulent Belizean birth certificate. Our information is that the lady, who's name we cannot reveal because she hasn't been criminally charged, went to the Santa Elena Social Security Branch today. She was trying to apply for a Belizean Social Security Card, but when she presented the birth certificate, as part of the process, it was flagged. The on-duty Social Security Board employee inspected it, and determined that it was not authentic. The police were called in, and she was detained. a check with the Vital Statistics Office says that this birth certificate was supposedly issued in error. They later found a Guatemalan passport in her possession.

    Chief Justice Teaches Alcaldes To Be Adjudicators
    Today in Punta Gorda Town, 100 Alcades and Maya Women from the Maya Villages in Toledo participated in a lecture called "the role of the judiciary in good governance". The lecture was delivered by the Honourable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The training is a culmination of a series of training sessions that the Julian Cho Society has been implementing with the Toledo Alcalde's association. In his lecture, the Chief Justice pointed out that the Alcaldes are a part of Belize's Judiciary, and that the Alcades play a crucial role in establishing a dialogue, peace, and tranquillity in the Maya community. Karolina Guay, the Canada Fund Manager of the Canadian Commission, which based in Guatemala, also attended. In her remarks, she congratulated the Alcaldes for their good work and also recognized the Maya women present at the lecture. She emphasized the importance of women's presence in local governance.

    On Manatee Patrol
    In mid-December we told you about the Sea to Shore Alliance vessel operators training. The focus was on employing safe boating practices to protect manatees. Well, another very important element in creating awareness is enforcement and Sea to Shore Alliance does that through their patrols. Today, the Alliance got a much needed donation that will have a significant impact on their work. Courtney Weatherburne has more: For Jamal Galvez and his team, gliding across the still waters of the Belize River Mouth has become part of their routine. But they are not out there for the wind and waves. They are on patrol -making sure manatees are safe. Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "How often do you all go out on patrol?" Jamal Galvez, Program Coordinator, Sea to Shore Alliance: "We are going to try and do it especially on Criuse ship days so probably 3 to 4 days a week and the effort isn't only in Belize but also in Placencia, this boat will trail down to Placencia when needed there and high season as well to try and regulate the boat areas."

    Is Belize As Dangerous As Central American Triangle?
    Earlier this week, we told you about the murder rate in the Caribbean - where Belize is ranked third highest for 2017, behind Jamaica and St. Kitts-Nevis. But how do we compare in Central America, which is constantly the most murderous geographical zone in the world? It's called the Central American triangle, where the murder numbers are driven by violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. But, those nations have been trending down in the past three years, while Belize has been trending up. First off, in El Salvador - which was the most homicidal country in Central America last year - the murder total was down 25 percent to just under four thousand, working out to a murder rate of 63 per hundred thousand residents - which is still one of the highest rates in the world.

    The Mayor Wants A People Friendly Commercial Center
    Last night, your hear Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley saying that after 31 months of delay, the renovation of the downtown Commercial Center has started. He has promised that it will be completed in 10 months - refurbishing a structure that is almost at the point of being condemned. Bradley told us yesterday that there are designs plans, which he hopes will make residents feel more connected to the building, since it will become City Hall, among other things. Here's how he explained it: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "I think that we had revealed to the media in relation to the renderings, how the building is supposed to look. We were talking about locating a quite nice restaurant on the back area. We're gonna do a deck so that residents - the lower flat is going to be like an open public area with stores, and this hall that we're talking about, and it's going to be like a park."

    The Belize Mayor Assesses His 6-Year Term In Office
    And while the Commercial Center is mayor Bradley's swan song before he leaves office, what does he think of the job he did? Love him or hate him, Mayor Bradley's style of leadership has influenced all the other 8 municipalities. He has demonstrated that projects, such as the Municipal Bond, are possible for local governments, whose revenue streams aren't on the same level of Central Government. Plus, his campaign to cement as many streets as possible for the city, is a defining element of his terms in office. Under his watch, the City Council managed to cement 160 of them. Then, there are other initiatives such as working with the other 8 mayors to give security of tenure to the public officers who work for the municipalities. He also worked to unionize Belize City Council staff. He even gave 3 raises to the employees of City Hall, when previously, they hadn't gotten any in 10 years.

    Stabbed A Man With A Screw Driver?
    Tonight, 19 year-old Delroy Staine, a laborer of Lord's Bank Village, is at the Belize Central Prison, after he was charged for allegedly stabbing another man with a screw driver. The complainant, Javan Young, told police that at around 7 p.m. on last week Tuesday, January 2, he was in the "Hollywood" area of Lords Bank Village. That's where he got into an argument with Staine. Young said that the disagreement escalated when Staine pulled a screw driver and stabbed him in the chest and abdomen with it. Police investigated the report, and they picked up a week later. He was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm, and he was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford.

    Accused Gunmen Tried To Get Bail
    On Tuesday, we told you about the arrest and arraignment of 24 year-old Reese Fitzgibbon, and 20 year-old Jason Anderson. Police say that they were gunmen who shot 54 year-old Steve Findley, and 30 year-old Tyron "Beans" Barcelona. Well today, their attorney, Oscar Selgado, tried to get them Supreme Court bail. He presented his grounds for the application today, and after the court heard from the Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, Justice Moore made a ruling. Since there were no objections on Anderson's case, Justice Antoinette Moore granted him bail of $10,000. It came with the conditions that Anderson must report to the police station once a week; he must attend all adjournments of his case; and he must not interfere with the prosecution's witnesses.

    Police Found Buckets Of Weed
    Police are reporting that they found 2 buckets of marijuana and a bag of bullets. The first search happened yesterday in Roaring Creek Village at around 10:45 am. That's when police conducted a search in an abandoned lot in the Capital Hill area in Roaring Creek Village. There, they found two small white buckets and two plastic bags containing a total of 1.988 kilos - or 4.38 pounds of marijuana. No one was present at the time of the discovery so the drugs were deposited as found property. The other searched happened yesterday at around 2 p.m. on Belize City. The cops say that they visited an area of the Jane Usher boulevard area, and they searched an abandoned lot. They ended up finding a transparent plastic bag, which contained 10 live rounds of 9 millimeter ammunition. Again, nobody was in the area, and so they ammo was deposited as found property.

    Activist Tries To Pressure Police On Missing Man's Case
    2 weeks ago, we told you how police have been doing all they can to assist the family of Mark Pollard. He's the 49 year-old Belize City resident who went missing back in July when he was on a morning run. Since then, his relatives have been searching all over for him, and last month, they convinced the police to break open a family grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery to confirm that his remains were not in there. The case has all but stalled at this point, but civilian activist Jose Luis Espat, who's recently been taking on the role of private investigator, has come forward with what he thinks is a lead that police should pursue.

    LPG Prices Will Go Up
    Earlier this month the price of Premium, Diesel, and Kerosene went up. Well, the controlled price for a 100 pound cylinder of LPG will also go up across the country. As seen on this chart, in Belize City, it will go up by $7, from $97 to $104. In Belmopan, the existing control price is $99 and now it will be $106. And you are also going to pay $106 in San Ignacio. In Benque, the price will increase by $7 - from $100 to $107. In Orange Walk you will be paying $105 as compared to $98. In Corozal it will be $104 as opposed to the existing price of $97.

    Bringing The Love Of Baseball
    Baseball is a sport that is watched by many Belizeans. In fact the world series is something that is always highly anticipated, but the sport is played by few here. Well, it seems like that may change very soon. This weekend baseball camps will be held by professionals from the United States. They dropped by our studio today to tell us more about it: Aaron Gayle, Cincinnati Spikes Baseball Team Coach: "So basically we have realized there is an interest in Baseball here in Belize so we want to introduce baseball back into Belize so this weekend we are hosting some clinics to get some people reintroduced back into it and reignite the passion for the game again." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "So it is lessons for Belizeans on how to play baseball?"

    A Clean-Up Campaign On Belize City Northside
    The Belize City Council is planning a major cleanup this weekend on select streets on the northside. It's an ongoing campaign to get rid of junk in a city which can sometimes seems to be choking on the filth and discarded refuse seen in abandoned lots. Councillor Jason Edwards told us what's involved - and what he wants residents of Kelly Street, Wilson Street, Hunters Lance, Baymen Avenue, Matron Robert Street, Calle Al Mar, and Simon Lamb Street to bring out. Jason Edwards, City Councillor: "The clean-up campaign started approximately two years ago. What prompted us, the Belize City Council and the Ministry of Health, to do this was because we had cases of Dengue popping up throughout Belize City. With that said and done, I brought it to my fellow colleagues and the Mayor. We came up with a plan to do a continuous campaign throughout the City.

    Why Jaguars Matter
    Tonight, there is a ten thousand dollar reward being offered for any information that can lead to the arrest of poachers responsible for the carcasses of two juvenile jaguars found floating in the Belize district river and drainage systems. One of them was decapitated, the other died of causes unknown. Considering the endangered status of this animal, its role to the ecosystem, and the sheer majesty of these apex predators - it really is an awful, ugly tragedy. In 2008, we found out much more about the movements and hunting patterns of this celebrated cat when we went with Dr. Omar Figueroa into the Belize Central Corridor on a tracking and trapping mission. Here's our story from 9 and a half years ago:

    Channel 5

    Ahmads Say Surveillance Footage Not Clear as to Whether Accused was in Fareed Ahmad’s Vehicle
    On Thursday afternoon, the Ahmad family, as well as members of the wider Muslim community in Belize, had an extensive sit-down with Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington.  He was [...]

    Disappearance of Mark Pollard Linked to Possible Family Feud
    Forty-nine-year-old Mark Pollard, a resident of Peter Seco Street, was reported missing in early July 2017.  He has not been seen or heard from since he set out on a [...]

    Family Gives Blessing to Independent Investigation; Police Getting Assistance
    According to Espat, he has the blessing of Pollard’s family to proceed with an independent investigation into the disappearance of their loved one.  Whatever he is able to unearth from [...]

    Why Are Guats Still Following B.D.F. Up Sarstoon?
    Following last week’s encounter between a team of Belizean youth basketballers and members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces, in which the latter tried but failed to stop them circling Sarstoon [...]

    London Lawyers Say There’s Still Time for Maritime Areas Amendment
    The Government of Belize is still in no apparent hurry to amend the 1992 Maritime Areas Act as called for by the Opposition, which introduced it when they were in [...]

    Mayoral Candidate in Corozal, Rigo Vellos, Hits Back at ‘Defamatory’ Statements
    Five-time Mister Belize Rigoberto “Rigo” Vellos is finding out that politics is not like bodybuilding – it’s a dirty game. The People’s United Party candidate for mayor of Corozal Town [...]

    National Assembly Takes Double Dip Next Friday over U.H.S.
    Next Friday, January nineteenth will see history made when both the House of Representatives and Senate meet on the same day for the first time. The purpose is for both [...]

    7 Years Later, Stephen Buckley Still Waiting for Justice
    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Stephen Buckley, the George Street resident who turned his misfortune into a six-figure windfall from the Government of Belize. He was shot [...]

    Youth Charged in Ladyville Stabbing
    Nineteen-year-old Ladyville resident Delroy Staine Junior is accused of stabbing twenty-three-year-old Javan Young of Ladyville on January second. Today, he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, charged with attempted murder, [...]

    Brandon Tillett Re-Charged in Partner Altercation; Out on Bail
    The notorious “B-E-T” – thirty-one year old Brandon Tillett – today made bail of ten thousand dollars granted in the Supreme Court, but on a different charge. On January third, [...]

    One of Two Charged in Saturday Shooting Make Bail
    One of two men accused in the shooting of Tyrone Barcelona and Steve Finley last Saturday is out on bail, but the other remains on remand at the Central Prison. [...]

    Environmentalists Hit the Waters to Monitor Manatees
    In 2017 alone, up to forty manatees were reported killed as a result of collisions with boats. And only twelve days into the New Year, three manatees have already been [...]

    Oil Moratorium Officially in Effect
    It is now illegal to explore for or exploit potential petroleum deposits in the maritime zone of Belize. Following the passage of the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 [...]

    Butane Gas Takes Hike
    If you plan to fill your one-hundred pound gas tank tomorrow in Belize City then plan to fork out seven dollars more than what you have been paying. It will [...]

    Estevan Bol Swims with the Fish
    Twenty-six-year-old Estevan Bol has turned his hobby into his full-time job. He had always been fascinated by fish, owned small fish aquariums and subsequently taught himself all there is to [...]

    A Final Word on Tuesday’s Tsunami Threat
    Under extremely short notice on Tuesday night, the City Emergency Management Organization, CEMO, opened shelters to residents looking to secure themselves and their families against the approaching tsunami threat.  This [...]


    Butane prices take a giant leap
    An increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or butane comes on the heels of an increase in fuel at the pump, which we reported last Friday. The new controlled price for the sale of LPG will take effect on Saturday, January 13. A one hundred pound cylinder will now cost one hundred …

    Members of the Muslim Community Still Unsafe?
    On Thursday, the Muslim Community leaders met with the Belize Police Department’s high command, including the Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington; CEO of National Security, George Lovell; Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie; ACP Joseph Myvett; and ACP Chester Williams. While some of the Muslim community’s concerns were quelled and the Ahmad family received some …

    Police Officers Lack Appropriate Training
    The Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, says the matter of public safety goes beyond just the Muslim Community. He expressed concern over the Police Department’s personnel not having the adequate training to properly serve the public. Here is how he explained it. Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs “Because of my concern …

    Ahmad Family Can Receive Police Protection
    The Ahmad family had publicly stated that they were receiving threats, although they would not give many details. According to Minister Wilfred Elrington, that matter was not discussed in Thursday’s meeting with the leaders of the Muslim Community. Following the meeting Elrington said the police are also looking at the allegations. Wilfred Elrington – Minister …

    Residents of Fabers Road say progress brings problems
    After nineteen years, Fabers Road is being rehabilitated which is welcoming news to the residents. Before the works commenced, there was controversy as some questioned the price tag of just under eight million dollars. The contract was signed on October 12, 2017, between the Government and Imer Hernandez Development Company. Today we visited the area …

    Jose Espat Says a Recording Sheds New Light into Mark Pollard’s Disappearance
    Today, Jose Espat, an activist who has taken up the lead in the searches for several missing persons told the media that he has a strong lead that can shed light into the disappearance of Mark Pollard. The public may recall that 49-year-old Mark Pollard went missing in early July of last year when he …

    BWS joins in the work on Fabers Road
    As we mentioned, works on Fabers Road is being done by Imer Hernandez Development Company. As a result of the ongoing construction, Belize Water Services is also working on relocating their pipes. Ashley Hemsley – BWS, Junior Foreman “Basically what’s happening is that we have pipes that are in the way and we are accommodating …

    Can an earthquake be in Belize’s future?
    Earlier this week, Belize experienced tremors from an earthquake which occurred 27 miles off the coast of Honduras, east of Great Swan Island. Over the years, earthquakes have struck neighbouring countries; however, Belize has been spared. For example, Mexico had two devastating earthquakes in September 2017. Love News spoke with the Chief Meteorologist, Catherine Cumberbatch …

    Monique Vernon needs your help for Merit360
    Monique Vernon is asking for your help to travel to the Philippines this year. Vernon, who is a native of Placencia Village, has been accepted to participate in the World Merit 360, the biggest and loudest call to action concerning the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But for Vernon to participate she has …

    Police find drugs in Roaring Creek and ammo in Belize City
    Police in Belmopan managed to remove ten 9mm live rounds of ammunition off the streets today. This afternoon, an anti-firearm operation led police to the Jane Usher Boulevard Area where they searched an abandoned lot and found the ammunition. In Belmopan, police there were on a drug finding mission. They searched an abandoned lot in …

    Mayor Bradley’s accomplishments and failures
    We are fifty-four days away from the March 7 municipal elections. As both major political parties are campaigning, Belize City Darrell Bradley is preparing to vacate his post. On March 4, 2015, Bradley was elected to a second consecutive term as Belize City’s mayor. Bradley recounted the success of the council under his leadership. DARRELL …

    Rigo Vellos threatens lawsuit
    The PUP’s Corozal Mayoral Candidate, Rigo Vellos is fighting off allegations published in the recent edition of the UDP’s Guardian newspaper. The paper published a letter of dismissal dated September 19, 2008, from the Social Security Board, where Vellos was employed at the time. In the letter, Vellos is accused of misappropriation of funds and …

    Sugarcane crop season performing well, so far
    The 2018 sugar cane crop season continues on track. In its fourth week, forty-eight thousand, four hundred and forty-six tons of cane was ground, this produced five thousand and thirty-six tons of sugar. The tons cane per ton sugar or TC/TS ratio stands at ten points zero eight. A gradual increase of cane Pol percentage …


    Andrew Bennett to be extradited
    Belizean Attorney Andrew Bennett is one step closer to being extradited. Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington signed off on the extradition file sent by the US State Department. Bennett is to face charges for allegedly laundering 250 thousand US dollars even though he was ...

    Police speak on Roy “Bullet” Craig’s case
    Roy “Bullet” Craig has been the talk of morning shows and the subject of many “Memes” since last week Thursday when he was busted in a hotel room with a minor. Craig is a well known Taxi driver who regularly calls into Wave radio to voice his support of the UDP. However, on Thursday of last week, t...

    16 year old charged for death of Shakira Villanueva
    Police have formally arrested and charged a 16 year old minor in the death of Shakira Villanueva. Villanueva was knocked down in the village of Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk district on Wednesday, January 3rd. She died 5 days later. Today, Police say that the 16 year old boy was charged for the C...

    Police and Minister meet with Ahmad family and Muslim Community
    Today, the Ahmad family called another press briefing following the murder of 38 year old Fareed Ahmad, allegedly at the hands of Woman Police Constable 24-year-old Michelle Brown. This is the third press briefing the family has called as they have been complaining of harassment by police officers o...

    Baby Jaguar found headless; $10,000.00 for information
    Belizeans are in an uproar after a baby jaguar was found headless in the Belize Manatee River near Manatee Lookout. When found by the Wildlife Conservation Community, the jaguar was seen with several gunshot wounds to its body. The jaguar measured 24 inches from shoulder to rump with a girth of 23 i...

    Police updates on 2018 murder investigations
    There have been two recorded murders for 2018 so far. Leon Garcia was stabbed on January 1st and Jermaine Vellos was shot on January 2nd. According to police reports issued to the media so far for this year, there were also 6 other persons on whose lives there were also attempts. Today, police gav...

    Krismar Espinosa not guilty of murder of prison inmate
    Yesterday, 28 year old Krismar Espinosa was found not guilty of both murder and manslaughter in the death of fellow Central Prison Inmate, Keon Swasey. The incident happened on Christmas Eve back in 2009, when Swasey was stabbed twice to the chest with a homemade knife. Justice Adolph Lucas and a 1...

    Caye Caulker resident charged with Drug Trafficking
    19-year-old Sandy Anthony Santoya of Caye Caulker has been arrested for the crime of Drug Trafficking. Yesterday, on the 10th of January, police conducted a search at Santoya’s residence. While they were searching, they came across several, small Ziploc bags which contained cocaine amounting to 1.47...

    Minor arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking
    A minor of Hills of Promise Village has been arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking as well. Yesterday, on the 10th of January, police conducted a checkpoint between miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway where they intercepted a bus. While they were checking the bus, they dis...

    Petroleum Maritime Operations Moratorium in effect
    GOB issued a press release today informing that the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 has been enacted effective December 29th, 2017. The Petroleum Operations Act imposes an indefinite moratorium on the exploration for and exploitation of petroleum and other petroleum operati...

    UB Students upset with graduation changes
    Students of the University of Belize are expressing concern over the changes in graduation dates. From since UB was established, there were always two graduations per year, one in February, and the other in June. But now, that seems to have changed, and only one graduation will be held country wide ...

    Accident leaves oil spill on Hummingbird Highway
    Earlier this morning, an accident took place near mile 19 on the Hummingbird Highway. This accident caused the road to be temporarily shut down due to large amounts of oil on the highway. When Plustv reached on the scene however, the oil had already been covered up with sand to prevent any further a...


    Tsunami panic!
    An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred under the Caribbean Sea on Tuesday night, the United States Geological Survey reported, and for the first time in history, Belize was placed on an official tsunami alert, following tremors of the earthquake, which were widely felt. The quake was reportedly centered 125 miles northeast of Barra Patuca, in Honduras and 191 miles southwest of the Cayman islands. The powerfule quake prompted tsunami warnings in a number of places, including Belize, which received warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Chief Meteorological Officer Catherine Cumberbatch said they received the tsunami warning about 6 minutes after the earthquake struck. The information was then transmitted to the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), which issused the alert to the country.

    Kerosene in short supply
    Kerosene, like Vicks, is an essential component of the Belizean universe. In the past, kerosene was widely used to light kerosene lamps, keep kerosene stoves burning, and fuel kerosene refrigerators. Kerosene still finds wide use in Belize. It is used at social gatherings, to light barbecues; in the fields, to start the burning of wood piles; and in some rural areas where kerosene stoves are still very much the stove of choice. Amandala today learnt that kerosene’s use has expanded to buses, and other heavy equipment. Diesel is the prime fuel of heavy industry and the cost at this time is pretty steep, but given the constant hike in fuel costs, it appears that heavy equipment operators are mixing kerosene with diesel to cut operational costs. Diesel stands at a whopping $10.01 per gallon, while kerosene is a little over half that price, with consumers paying $5.89 per gallon. The increased demand for kerosene has resulted in a shortage since Tuesday at 3 p.m., however, and so consumers are forced to satisfy all their fuel needs with diesel.

    Fareed Ahmad’s family meets with police brass and the media
    Shortly after midnight on December 28, Fareed Ahmad, 39, was shot dead inside his BMW SUV less than a mile away from his home in Hattieville. An off-duty woman police officer, still in her uniform and identified as Michelle Brown, 24, was found inside his vehicle with her police-issued firearm. She was later charged with his murder and remanded to prison. Since then there has been much speculation surrounding the killing of the popular barber. Many suspect that his execution was state-sanctioned because just 12 hours before his death, he had filed an internal complaint against the Special Assignment Team (SAT), which is, coincidentally, the unit to which Brown belonged.

    George Bull, 29, handed himself in to police
    Accused murderer and fugitive on the run, George Bull, 29, had his day in court today after handing himself in to police last Thursday. He appeared without representation in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Patricia Arana, to answer to the charges of murder and escape from lawful custody. No plea was taken, and so Bull was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until February 14, 2018. On the night of December 15, 2017, Jaime Pelayo, Jr., 35, was socializing with two women in front of a nightclub on the Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town when, police say, Bull, a resident of Carmelita, opened fire at him, killing him on the spot and injuring a woman.

    “Murdered” jaguar alarms conservationists
    n a press release issued today, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration expressed regret and alarm over the killing of a young male jaguar that was found floating in the Belize River. This is the second such incident in recent weeks, in which a dead jaguar was found floating in waterways in or near Belize City. On Wednesday, the young jaguar was shot, decapitated, and then dumped into the Belize River. Apparently, the jaguar killers were after the animal’s teeth, particularly its huge canines. The Ministry says that in a recent enforcement operation in Placencia, authorities confiscated jewelry made from jaguar teeth. Oceana Vice President in Belize, Janelle Chanona, posted to social media, “It is unbelievable that someone would behead a majestic creature like a jaguar.”

    Leon O’Brien, in a class by himself, wins BAA New Year’s Day 10K Road Race
    We have received no notification in advance or official report on the results of this New Year’s Day race, reportedly held by the Belize Athletic Association (BAA); but reporter William Ysaguirre was in the know, and forwarded his report to us with pictures showing BAA President Deon Sutherland congratulating winners of the different races held. According to William’s stats, the Open Male 10K race was won in convincing fashion by Leon O’Brien, who did the 10K in 32:18:12; 2nd was Marvin Hope (40:23:22); 3rd Leon Muslar (40:44:72); 4th Juan Santos (42:35:47); and 5th Leon Guild (46:08:12).

    Belmopan 1st Division weekend football highlights; down to final group-stage games
    The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Amateur First Division Opening Tournament continued over the weekend with six games being played over the course of three days at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. FRIDAY – In the early game on Friday night, January 5, fans witnessed young and talented Valencia YWAM Boyz going up against the still undefeated Coast Guard FC. This game was the eighth and final group-stage game for both teams, and with Valencia YWAM already eliminated from the playoffs with only one win, Coast Guard came into this one very confident that they would pick up another big W; but the youthful YWAM Boyz had other plans, and collectively clearly out-possessed the senior Coast Guard team, who narrowly escaped with a 2-2 draw. With superior ball control and possession, Valencia YWAM Boyz was the dominant team on this night; but failure to capitalize on clear opportunities saw them take only one point from their final game of the season.

    Boxie Perrera Basketball Marathon this Sunday in O.W.
    The Sixth Annual Boxie Perrera Basketball Marathon tips off on Sunday, January 14, at the Orange Walk Multipurpose Complex. The tournament is for Junior teams, (19 and Under) and Seniors (20 and above). This tournament has been won three times by San Pedro Tiger Sharks. Trophies and cash prizes will be distributed after the Marathon. For further information, contact Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shephard at 671-8902. The tournament is being held in memory of the late Rodolfo “Boxie” Perrera, who was a great person in the Orange Walk Town community. He sponsored many sporting events in the town, including basketball, which he played.

    ‘70s-‘80s ‘baller, Edward “Peel Bat” Martin passes
    We received the sad news yesterday of the recent passing of a prominent Belize City footballer from the 1970s-80s, Edward “Peel Bat” Martin, who was a flank defender on Belize City 1975-76 champion team Berger 404, and later 1981-82 national champion, Belikin, under legendary player/coach Cristobal Mayen. Peel Bat was a cool brother, who played a tough defense, but was never one to get involved in quarrels or conflicts on or off the field, from what we observed over a number of years watching him perform and playing against him on the MCC. In recent years, I often saw him on North Front Street, across from Rhaburn’s Alley, where he hung out with friends playing cards or dominoes; and we never passed each other without hailing. Those friends say they will be having a wake there on Friday, and the funeral should be on Saturday at Bethany Baptist Church on Cemetery Road near Gwen Liz High School.

    Editorial: Belize’s Ides of March
    It is a common pastime of older generations to criticize the behavior of young people. Older generations, however, often do not properly appreciate the changes of circumstances which affect the behavior of young people. Today we would like to consider a phenomenon which took place in Belize between 1969 and 1972, and then consider the changes of circumstances which have taken place since then. In the late 1960s and early 1970s there was an unprecedented level of youth and student activism in this society, but we have not seen such youth and student activism repeated here on a consistent basis since that time. Youth and student activism became spectacular, ad hoc style, during the Heads of Agreement uprising in late March and early April of 1981. That activism was not sustained. Since then, nothing. The youth and student activism of the late 1960s/early 1970s was led by young university graduates and students who had, to a certain extent, an African, Mayan, and Palestinian agenda. There was also, to a greater or lesser extent, a socialist agenda. Of the two most prominent organizations formed during those years of activism, the United Black Association (UBAD) survived much longer than did the People’s Action Committee (PAC), but the PAC leaders actually continued their activism when they began working inside the ruling People’s United Party (PUP) in 1970 or thereafter.

    From The Publisher
    During the years between 1970 and 1974, and then again between 1981 and 1984, I had experienced what it was to be in conflict with a Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. George Price, in the Belizean system of governance, and these were rough times for me. Having supported Rt. Hon. Manuel Esquivel, then, in his run for United Democratic Party (UDP) leadership in late 1982, and in his run for the Prime Minister-ship throughout 1984, I believed that I was focused on avoiding any kind of contention with him for as long as I possibly could. It is no joke to find yourself in personal confrontations with a Prime Minister. Been there. It is one of the regrets of my public life that Dr./Mr. Esquivel and I were drawn into disagreements which gradually became a personal vendetta. A personal vendetta with a Prime Minister was the last thing I wanted, and I feel that a substantial part of the blame lies with those immediately around and closest to Mr. Esquivel. They encouraged him with foolishness. At the same time, it may be in the nature of the political system we have that the editor/publisher of such a newspaper as Amandala, will find it difficult to avoid clashing with the Prime Minister, whoever he is.

    It was an afternoon like no other in Belize City. Not a cloud in the sky. I decided to take a stroll to the local Chinese shop that has the cheap “chow-mein”. It had been months since its succulent strands laced with soy sauce and watered-down ketchup blest my palate. Christmas was a few weeks back, and of course it was a sin to abandon the home and eat from Sue during such a holy time. It would only bring dishonor upon my family that had the “true-true Christmas” with the proverbial boom and chime and the sorrel wine. As I made that one small step for a man unto the boulevard that is nestled within the heart of the “Southside”, my cravings abruptly subsided. 8 rapid blasts of gunfire shattered the hush of the neighborhood and I was stopped dead in my tracks … figuratively. I checked for injuries as jolts of adrenaline to my limbs fooled me for a second that I was hit. “I’m okay”, I told myself. I looked left and right, glancing at the many faces that lined the boulevard. Some didn’t hear it due to their loud festive music, but soon realized that something went down due to the commotion of those who did.

    Dodging the “BULLET’ is no joke
    I am no longer shocked or amazed at the insensitivity of our population, especially the more educated and social-media savvy, when it comes to their callous and judgmental comments on current issues. Their most recent display of ignorance and outright shallow-mindedness about sexual abuse and sexual crimes was in relation to the attempted sexual assault of a sixteen-year-old boy by Roy “Bullet” Craig. I don’t want to repeat some of the debates I read or the finger-pointing, but will deal with it generally, as my purpose is not to call out individuals, but to sensitize those willing to keep an open mind and learn about an issue that has been taboo for too long.

    Always, a traitor among us …
    In 1993, Belize was still a quiet, easygoing place with the majority of its inhabitants being so innocent to the things which were taking place in different parts of the world. They were so accustomed to what was taught to them from the time of slavery and colonialization. The few who were able to get an education in the Western system came back puffed up like gods or descendants of those who believe that they are the chosen people of the God of Noah. Instead of helping their people they stepped on top of them and used them to benefit their own individualistic, selfish agendas. With the passing of time, these people would be considered the Royal Creoles of the British settlement, and they were given the privilege to represent their masters by oppressing their own people. With time, those who were born out of the church´s dogma became another class of people, who also oppressed those of a darker skin. Meanwhile, they separated themselves as superior beings from the rest of the community; they even hid their grandmother in the attic because of her blackness when the lighter-skinned master paid a visit to his sweetheart´s swampy cabin or whatever shelter they had, that they called home.

    All due respect, Sir, but your words can’t “assure” us
    A number of times, more than once, maybe five or six times, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Hon. Elodio Aragon, Jr., said, in response to a point made by a member of the Opposition about the horrendous murderous nation we have become, I assure you…Trust mi. Sir, can we trust you, can you assure this nation that none of your/our police officers will ever bring harm to a journalist in this country again? And Sir, we know that money cannot pay for what your officers did, but has your Ministry made some such tangible form of recompense to Ms. Marisol for what happened on the Tower Hill Bridge outskirts of Orange Walk Town? Sir, Minister Aragon, someone has to inform you that Belize is well past words at this time. If your lofty office has you insulated from the people, it would be good for you to get off your horse and walk through the alleys and streets with us. I believe you will find that your people, our beloved people, are living between squirming, and terror. We are seeing things in this, our beloved country, our good country, that we have never seen before.

    Average Belizean household spends BZ$7.92 on food each day; average American household spends BZ$42

    Jose Ardon, 52, charged with 11 additional counts of unlawful sexual intercourse
    Jose Ardon, 52, a construction worker of Spanish Town, Ladyville, who was charged last year with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, was charged with eleven more counts of the same offence when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Ardon was released on the same bail he got from the Supreme Court when he was charged with the first two offences. The first of the eleven additional charges was brought against Ardon for an incident that occurred in August 2016 in Ladyville. At the time, the virtual complainant was 14 years and 2 months old.

    For almost 8 years, Stephen Buckley has been waiting for justice
    Stephen Buckley was shot by Police Inspector Dennis Lopez on April 28, 2010. Lopez was arrested, charged and arraigned on attempted murder. The case made its way through the Magistrate’s Court and in March 2011, Lopez was committed to stand trial at the Supreme Court. He was indicted in the June 2011 session of the court, but since he was indicted, the matter has been lying dormant. In August 2013, the government paid Buckley $50,000 as a partial settlement. Buckley has a civil suit pending, but apparently is awaiting the result of the criminal case against Lopez before he proceeds with his civil claim.

    Christopher Vernon, 55, arraigned for traffic death of Kendall “Tait” Goff, 19
    Over the weekend there were three road traffic accidents that claimed the lives of two persons. Amandala has confirmed, however, that there was yet another fatal road traffic accident today. According to official reports, the victim, Double Head Cabbage resident Kendall “Tait” Goff, 19, was struck and killed by a vehicle after he exited a McFadzean bus shortly after 5 a.m. today. Goff, who was on his way to work in Burrell Boom at the time, was flung to the left side of the highway, into a yard near the Castleton Racetrack on the Burrell Boom Road.

    The Reporter

    Minor and 19-year-old charged for drug trafficking
    A 17-year-old minor from Hills of Promise in the Cayo District and a 19-year-old from Caye Caulker village have both been charged for ‘drug trafficking’ in seperate offences. On Wednesday around 6:30 a.m. police who were conducting vehicular checkpoint between miles 71 and 72 on the George […]

    Twelve firefighters honored
    A dozen firefighters from Belize’s National Fire Service graduated on Wednesday after successfully completing a six-week intensive training program. The official ceremony took place at the National Fire Service headquarters in Belize City and honored 12 firefighters who were trained in leadership skills and emergency response techniques […]

    Human Rights Commission voices concern about remand numbers
    The Human Rights Commission of Belize is concerned about the number of people who have been waiting on remand at the Belize Central Prison for over two years. At the opening of the legal year, held on Monday, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin explained that 68 percent of […]

    San Pedro cops walk from charges
    One victim, who was injured at the hands of two police officers in the April 2017 shooting melee in downtown San Pedro, is upset over the abrupt end of the case which allowed both unruly police officers to walk free of charges on Tuesday in […]

    Nineteen-year-old truck driver knocked down and killed
    Kendell Goff, 19, died in an early morning traffic while crossing the highway near the Castleton Racetrack in Burrell Boom village on Tuesday. Just after 5:30 a.m. on January 9th, residents in the area reported hearing a loud bang and upon rushing out to make checks, discovered […]

    Police question authenticity of incriminating text messages in Ahmad murder case
    The police investigation into the shooting murder of Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad, 38, is now focusing on whether the seemingly incriminating text messages, purportedly sent from one member of the Special Assignment’s Team (SAT) to another, are in fact genuine or fake. Since several text […]

    Extradition of Andrew Bennett underway says Attorney General
    Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, told the media this week that his ministry is proceeding with the relevant steps to comply with the United States request to extradite attorney Andrew Bennett. Peyrefitte explained that the process has several phases, beginning with the Solicitor General’s submission of various documents […]

    Habits that can harm or help our health
    Some physical habits, such as cracking the knuckles and biting the fingernails are so routine and inconsequential that they seem more annoying than unhealthy; but there are some habits that can be serious and even deadly if they are abused. On the other hand, some […]

    Hammock bridge being replaced by suspension bridge
    The historic Hammock bridge, located at Branch Mouth between San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo district, is being replaced by a more durable bridge. The famous Hammock Bridge, which has been in use for a few decades, has faced flooding, wear and […]

    Record number of manatees killed by boating accidents in 2017
    The year 2017 proved deadly for manatees. Forty of the endangered animals met violent deaths after boats crashed into them when the creatures surfaced for air. The numbers put a damper on the effort that Sea to Shore has been leading to promote the importance […]

    Belize just ended its 2nd most murderous year in history
    In late December 2017, I wrote an article published in the Reporter newspaper in which it was estimated that the murder count was at 141, based on a compilation of police and media reports. Whereas the media is reporting a total of 144-145 murders for […]

    PM hopes US will not cut aid
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is hoping that the United States will not cut aid to Belize following the country’s position adopted at the United Nations against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Barrow noted that US aid to Belize is primarily related to security, […]

    US $40 Million loan approved for Caracol Road
    Belize has gotten a loan approval for the resurfacing of the Caracol road. The announcement came in the Prime Minister’s New Year’s address, when he said that he had just received a letter from the Director-General of OFID, which is the Organization for Petroleum Exporting […]

    Business-Climate Reforms Must Be Large Enough to Influence Growth Part II
    “Let’s start small. One measure that could go a long way is to reduce the number of days and procedures required to start a new business. Since Belize was first included in the Doing Business Report ten years ago to present, those two factors have remained virtually unchanged. Maybe that […]

    The late Ronald F. Greenwood, City Planner and author of the books Hurricane Resistant Construction, Town and Country Housing and Belize City Planning always believed that Belize could be hit by a tsunami, even though there are no nearby volcanoes. He theorized that Mount Soufriere on the island of Guadalupe […]

    Ahmad picked up his killer, police say
    New information emerging from the investigation into the shooting death of Sunni Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad indicates that he voluntarily picked up his accused killer, WPC Michelle Brown and that they spent several hours together prior to the shooting on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Minister […]

    “Bullet’s” breakdown backfires
    Popular Belize City taxi man Roy “Bullet” Craig was arrested and charged this week for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy but in defending himself publicly, Craig caused an even bigger uproar, especially on social media, spawning dozens of memes and harsh criticisms regarding the […]

    Waves of concern come with tsunami scare
    Belizeans were faced with a double dose of potential disaster on Tuesday night when first, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale struck due east of Belize City and north of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea, rocking homes as far north as Corozal, and […]

    KHMH closes theaters for upgrades
    Elective surgeries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) have been put on hold, after the hospital authority closed three of its operating theaters for much needed renovations and upgrades to the facilities. The KHMH Authority made a statement this week describing the facilities as […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    “Bullet” caught on cam
    Roy “Bullet” Craig, 76, may be in very serious trouble if his story doesn’t check […]


    Jamal Galves – Defender of the Manatees
    Jamal Galves grew up in Gales Point, a fishing and farming village on a peninsula in the Southern Lagoon area of the Belize District. Located within a huge estuary system of rivers, creeks, and channels, the region is prime habitat for the Antillean manatee, an endangered subspecies of manatee found in the Caribbean Sea. Jamal was too young to remember the first time he saw a manatee, a common sight along the still waters of the lagoon, but he will never forget the day in 1998, when fascinated by the fancy research boat he admired from afar, he walked to the dock and asked Dr. James “Buddy” Powell (now his boss) to take him out with them on the Sea to Shore Alliance research boat to study manatees. “I had no experience, no training and little knowledge of manatees. But what I had was a willing heart, determination and a body fueled with care. He [Dr. Powell] saw that in me, and at 11 years old and barely 4 feet tall, he took a chance on a kid he didn’t even know,” recalls Jamal.

    Birds, Cold Pressed Juices, Fancy Yachts and More Birds: January Beauty on Ambergris Caye
    Yesterday we set off for town with a long list of errands – guests are arriving at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly today and since there is no road up there AND it’s a 30 minute boat ride from town, careful provisioning must be done. Or at the very least, attempted. I wanted to peek into the new juice shop/health food eatery, we needed to pay bills but as always, a trip to San Pedro town takes many twists and turns. On Middle Street, we stopped into the brand new Juice Dive shop. I’ll fill you in next week – it’s a story unto itself – but this place is so beautifully done. And the Asian wrap was DELICIOUS. Honestly, really really really great. But the thing that will insure success is the owner Justin…charismatic and full of energy (perhaps the juice thing works?)…his dad is Belizean and he just moved down from San Francisco where he was working at a tech company. Really good.

    International Sourcesizz

    Post-earthquake tsunami scare in the Caribbean highlights shaky range of preparedness
    “Nature has warned us. We need to take heed,” said Jamaican radio talk show host Cliff Hughes on his morning programme less than 12 hours after a magnitude 7.6 undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Honduras on January 9. For approximately one hour, authorities issued a tsunami warning for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, as well the coasts of Mexico and Central America, but was subsequently lifted. The magnitude of the quake was stronger than the tremblor that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010, killing around 200,000 people (which actually produced a tsunami). News alerts went out from various regional entities on social media, but the earthquake hit at shortly before 10:00 p.m. local time, when many had already gone to bed:

    Are Birders Having an Identity Crisis?
    Anyone who has gone out birding recently is sure to have noticed that birders increasingly use cameras in addition to, and sometimes as a replacement for, binoculars. Photographers are also spending more time observing birds and wildlife than they used to. Although the circumstantial evidence suggests a shift in focus within the hobby of birding, we at Tropical Birding wanted to come to a more empirical understanding of the shift, in order to best serve our clients. We did this by surveying thousands of people through our mailing lists and Facebook page, and were elated to get several hundred responses detailing people’s changing birding/wildlife watching/nature photography habits. The results left us amazed.


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  • Western Caribbean Cruise Harvest Caye Island Belize, My first call, 9.5min. Vacation to the limit at one of the best cruise ship destination in the west of the Caribbean, east of Belize, its an awesome place to spend a full day. this was my first time walk around.

  • Travel in Caye Caulker, Belize, 10min. Join me as I explore the beautiful island of Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize. From hanging with the locals and swimming with sharks to sipping pina coladas by the ocean - this is an insiders look into the off-grid oasis of Caye Caulker.

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  • THE ROTARY CLUB UNVEILS FIRST OF ITS KIND BATHROOM TO FACILITY THE CONCEPCION R.C SCHOOL, 6.5min. Nine months ago, the Rotary Club of Corozal broke ground for the location where it planned to construct a new bathroom facility for Concepcion R.C. School in Concepcion Village. The project was unique as it proposed a new technology for the bathroom which solve a number of problems the school has been facing. Today, that ground breaking evolved into a ribbon cutting and we were there to record the Rotary’s achievement.

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    January 12, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro police officers Coye and Mardrill blameless for shooting incident at Central Park
    Two San Pedro police officers, Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill, walked free from Wounding Charges on Tuesday, January 9th, after appearing at the San Pedro Magistrate Court. The duo had been accused of being involved in a shooting incident at Central Park in April of 2017, allegedly causing injuries to five persons from bullet fragments. Victims are quite disappointed at the outcome of the case, believing that justice did not prevail. One of the victims, Alfredo Cowo, told The San Pedro Sun that it is unfair what happened and that the police officers should have been punished. He shared his frustration over the case’s constant adjournment since May of 2017. The first hearing for 2018 was to happen on Monday, January 8th, however, it was rescheduled for Tuesday, January 9th due to the annual opening of the Supreme Court in Belize City. Early on Tuesday morning, Cowo stated that he was at the San Pedro Magistrate Court ready to continue pushing the case. After a couple hours of delay on the hearing, it was revealed that the prosecutor was not present in the Court. “The Magistrate did not want to continue adjourning the case and thus, it was dismissed,” said Cowo. He believes it is an injustice not only to him, but the other persons that had to go through the painful recovery from their injuries. Cowo further fears for his security, as reliable sources have informed him that certain police officers of the San Pedro Formation have made threats against his life.

    SPRC School Library Completed
    The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) has a new library which was completed this past weekend on Sunday, January 7th. The construction of the new library was funded by donations and started immediately after the children were dismissed for the Christmas holidays. “I’m happy that the library is finally completed and so are the students. They had a positive reaction when they saw the new library. I want to thank everyone that contributed towards the completion of this library as the students will now have a healthy environment to read,” said organizer of the fundraiser, librarian Catherine Whitney, better known as “Teacher Kate”. SPRCS Principal Roxani Kay said she is very grateful stating, “I am very thankful to all those people and businesses that contributed with their donations towards the construction of this new library.”

    Ambergris Today

    Government Of Belize Issues Statement On Killing Of Jaguars
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration expresses regret and alarm over the massacre of a young male jaguar found floating in the Belize River on January 10, 2017. This is the second such incident in recent weeks where dead jaguars were found floating in waterways in or near Belize City. The January 10th incident revealed a decapitated jaguar which was shot, killed and dumped into the Belize River. An enforcement operation in Placencia Village has also yielded confiscations of jewelry made from jaguar teeth.

    Belize Female Beach Volleyball Team To Participate In 2018 Central American And Caribbean Games
    Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize. The Central American and Caribbean Games are a multi-sport regional championship event, held once every four years. Belize’s participation in these games is an important and significant step as we continue to work hard in advancing our level of performance internationally, and developing our athletes in both indoor and beach volleyball.

    Misc Belizean Sources

    mzz Digital Platform launch at George Price Center
    Are you a Belizean Musician? Are you looking for ways to better promote yourself and your music? The Office of the Music Ambassador, EXPORTBelize (a unit of BELTRAIDE), and NICH has an opportunity for you! Come on out to our Artist Outreach Mixer at the George Price Center on the 18th of January, 2018 at 7:00pm to connect with other musicians and to talk about how you can promote yourself on our Platform FOR FREE!

    Hon Edmond Castro Attends Leading Firefighters Certificate Presentation Ceremony
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, with responsibility for the Belize National Fire Service, Hon Edmond Castro, was the main speaker at a Certificate Presentation Ceremony for Leading Fighters-Fighters (LLF) on Wednesday, January 10, 2017. Certificates were awarded to twelve (12) firefighters who successfully completed the six-week course from November 6 to December 15, 2017. It entailed theory and practical exercises, covering areas such as Effective Report Writing (Fire Incident Data); Incident Command; Fire Control; Size-up; Hazmat (LPG); Fire Hydraulics; Fire Behavior; Fire Investigation; Table-top (managing hazmat incidents) and Live Fire Training Exercise.

    KOKO King Movie Night
    Dinner and a Movie today Friday 12th Jan - the new, 'Monster Island' and the classic 'The Goonies' - come and enjoy with the kids!!!!

    Help with Medical expenses for Mr Philip Pennil Sr.
    This is Mr Philip Pennil Sr. He lives on Avenida Mangle aka back street, Caye Caulker. He is very ill and has been put on a week or 2 weeks off from his job at Bowen & Bowen, which he has been a very hard working employee for the past 21 years!! He has a huge tumor on the left side of his brain and the doctors just recently found another smaller one on the right side of his brain. He is in a lot of pain and needs to seek medical attention abroad for brain surgery, which is terribly expensive. For the meantime, he is doing his own little thing at his home, doing repairs on glasses/reading glasses. So if anyone needs their glasses fixed, Mr Philip is the guy u wanna go check out! He has been given strict orders by d doctors and he cant do any hard work bcaz of the tumor on his brain. He has to take it easy and rest. But he is the only provider for his family, so he is trying his best to do a little something. He would really appreciate ur kind donation of any amount towards his medical expense. Every little helps! I believe he will be having a few little fund raisers very soon. Any help at all that u can give to Mr Philip will be greatly appreciated!! His contact number is 629-6598. God bless u!

    With the appointment of Justice Marilyn Williams to the Supreme Court, women now make up half of the country's highest court.

    "Instructional Techniques - Train the Trainer"
    The "Fire Management Consultant", Phillip Queen out of Tracy California, just asked me to pass along this info on an upcoming course they will run in Cayo. It is called "Instructional Techniques - Train the Trainer". Instructor Techniques for those who want to be instructors. Related to anything you teach or instruct. "This course is designed as a foundational class for individuals who are interested in becoming instructors". Students in this course enroll and participate in the Instructor training and will receive and FMC instructional certificate.

    Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum informs the general public that the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 has been enacted effective December 29th, 2017. The Act, which was introduced to the House of Representatives on October 20th, 2017, received bi-partisan support at the December 8th sitting of the House of Representatives after which it was referred to the Senate and passed into law. The Petroleum Operations Act imposes an indefinite moratorium on the exploration for and exploitation of petroleum and other petroleum operations in the maritime zone of Belize. The Government of Belize has once again demonstrated its commitment to protecting Belize’s natural resources.

    IDB extends deadline for open call for artists

    Michael Del Valle called to the Bar Association of Belize
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate San Pedro resident, Michael Del Valle, on his achievement by being called to the Bar Association of Belize, which is comprised of Attorneys-at-Law, Judges and Magistrates who have been admitted and licensed to practice law in Belize. Michael graduated from Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica in September of 2017. Great job Michael, may you be an inspiration to many others, especially our youth, that dreams can come true if you work hard at achieving them. The Community of San Pedro is very proud of you!

    Corozal Carnaval 2018
    MARK THE DATE!! Sunday, February 11, Miami Beach.

    Heavy Metal Concert at Soul Project
    The Heavy Metal concert at the Soul Project was Saturday. There was a lot of energy, and some great artisan wines. Death Suppressor was one of many bands that rocked through the night. The Soul Project got some great black and white stills of the show. Death Suppressor also got a lot of pictures.

    Vacancy Announcement!!
    The United States Peace Corps in Belize has a Short-term and long-term vacancies for Language and Cultural Facilitators in the following languages: -1 Q’eqchi (Long term contract) -2 Spanish (Only one Spanish LCF will be hired for the long term position) -1 Kriol (Short term contract) Position Summary for Short-Term Contract (May 29th to Early-September 2018 - approximately 3 months) Position Summary for Long-Term Contract (May 29th to Mid-December 2018 - approximately 6 months) For a complete scope of work, please send a request to [email protected]

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Jigsaw, The Shape of Water, Coco, A Bad Mom's Christmas

    Tribute to Andy Palacio
    In honor of a great Belizean Legend, happening today Friday 12th, January, 2018 at the Central Park, Orange Walk Town (6:00pm - 10:00pm)

    Channel 7

    Can Muslim Community and Police Ministry Meet In the Middle?
    It's been exactly 2 weeks since Fareed Ahmad, the well-known barber, football referee, community worker, and Muslim was killed. Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown is currently on remand for his murder, but her imprisonment has done nothing to ease tensions between police and the family, and, by extension, the local Muslim community. And a flurry of dubious text messages speaking about a hit-list and a murder conspiracy against the family, cemented suspicion into a full fledged conspiracy theory pitting the police against the entire Ahmad family. So, to try to defuse tensions and clear the air, the police senior command, and the top political personalities of the Ministry of Home Affairs met with representatives of Ahmad family, and leaders of the Muslim faith. That happened at their mosque at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Fabers Road this afternoon.

    New Surveillance Video Suggests Ahmad-Brown Connection
    The main topic of discussion was the investigation into the murder of Fareed Ahmad, and all the very unusual elements which has convinced the family that a wider conspiracy is at play. Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington told the press that Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams revealed in the meeting today that there is new evidence. It's a surveillance video of the night before Ahmad was killed which shows him picking up WPC Michelle Brown, and them driving away in his SUV. Here's how Elrington explained the conversation between Williams and the family from this evening:

    Rogue Units? Not!
    And as you saw in our interview, both sides granted joint interviews in a show of partnership. But - there wasn't accord on every issue. And, it made for a very unusual moment in our 30 minute interview with Elrington and Nuri Muhammad when they disagreed on a major point. And that apparent crossing of wires is whether or not all the police special units are answerable to the Commissioner of Police. Certainly, it's been a concern that we've heard before. The issue came up today when Muhammad exited the meeting with the police and told the press that he interpreted Home Affairs Minister Elrington as confirming that some of those units do act outside the check and balance of the chain of police command. Elrington seized upon that very quickly, asserting that he didn't say that. Here's the back and forth:

    The Raid and Rage Of A Muslim Family
    And the Ahmad family is still hurting from that June 2016 raid by the Special Branch, which was under the command of Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal. In that operation, the Special Branch rounded up 20 of the Ahmad Family members, searched 6 of their homes, and confiscated all their electronics devices. The Ahmad family and the Muslim community leaders underscored the abiding anger and distrust that this event caused them to feel toward police. Here's what both sides had to say: Nuri Muhammad, Spokesperson - Local Muslim Community: "One of the concerns that the family left with today and it was still not completely resolved, is going back to their detention. If you remember, the entire Ahmad Family was rudely picked up and detained for over 15 hours, all their personal electronic equipment taken, their homes searched and no explanation (up to today) was given to the family."

    What's Next For Attorney Extradition ?
    Today's meeting with the Ahmad family gave us an opportunity to ask Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington about the latest developments in the extradition request that the US government has made for attorney Andrew Bennett. We reported last night that the Elrington has signed off on the extradition file from the US State Department, and that he forwarded it to the Attorney General's Ministry. When we asked him about it today, he told us that he couldn't say more than confirming that indeed it is now in the hands of the Solicitor General's office: Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Home Affairs: "I did sign the documents requesting formal procedure to be comments for the extradition. There is not much more to say, I signed it on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting."

    Krismar, Killed Once, Not Twice
    Last night we told you about convicted killer Krismar Espinosa. He is already serving a sentence for killing Rachel Chun - and he stood accused of killing a fellow prison inmate Keon Swasey. But, after two hours, the jury of 6 men and 6 women was not convinced he had done it. Last night just after 6:00, they found 28 year old Espinosa not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing of Keon Swasey. The verdict in each case was unanimous. It is his second trial for this murder - and he was found not guilty on both occasions. Justice Adolph Lucas presided over the trial. The Crown was represented by Sheringe Rodriguez while Anthony Sylvestre was Espinosa's attorney.

    Tsunami Scare Was The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Drill
    On Tuesday night - probably for the first time - Belizeans came to terms with the possibility that a tsunami could suddenly spring out of the Caribbean sea and sweep through coastal communities, doing as much or more damage than a hurricane. But, it would all happen with maybe an hour's noticeand that's a chilling possibility for the Belize City Council in the country's largest municipality. Today the mayor spoke about the instantaneity - and the need to come up with a response mechanism that works as quickly as those waves roll in from afar:... Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "A tsunami, which is something that can destroy an entire city, within a matter of seconds and can creep up on you with only an hour, an hour and a half lead time. That's something that we need to plan for, and I think that from an operational stand point, we're looking at that. How can we get systems in place where we can advise people of a threat in the night time, when most people are sleeping, or when most services are closed down. One of the things I am very grateful for is the media outlets."

    Best And worse Tsunami Responses In A Real Time Simulation
    Today, Councilor with responsibility for emergency management, Phillip Willoughby discussed the response protocol that was employed in the city on Tuesday night, and the lessons that were very quickly learned about best and worst practices in a real time scenario:... Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor, Disaster Mgmt. "The protocol would be that the police department and the national fire service would go in low laying areas and to activate these sirens. Thereafter what would have been done was that the hurricane shelter would have been opened, so that took place thereafter. In addition to the hurricane shelters being open, I got notification again from the national emergency coordinator that will be utilizing the new city centre and the Marion Jones stadium. We saw a huge migration of persons from behind the Jane Usher Boulevard area and within the Caesar Ridge area, the Yabra area specifically. The mass migration I can say that was coming out of Jane Usher Boulevard was a whole lot, not what we would face during a hurricane. The large number of people that were coming, so everybody was fighting to go to the nearest building."

    The "Bullett Craig" Surveillance Video
    Since well known taxi-driver Roy "Bullet" Craig was charged with sexual assault of a 16 year old boy - social media has exploded with countless posts, memes and even music ridiculing the 76 year old. Well, while many people are having a laugh at every lurid twist in this case - the police have to take it seriously. Today at the weekly press briefing, police updated us on this case as it relates to the Honey Hotel's surveillance footage that may have captured what happened before Craig went to his room and other elements including the suggestion that the 16 year old boy may have been mentally challenged.

    Murder Investigations Remain Open
    In other police news, no one has been charged yet for the murders of Leon Garcia and Frederick Smith. But police are questioning several persons in these cases. They told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City: "Reference the murder of Mr. Leon Garcia, police is still investigating that matter. We have two other persons in custody at this moment that are being interviewed. Reference Fredrick Smith we have one person in custody that we are interviewing at this moment. The other cases are still under investigation."

    Teenaged Driver Charged For Killing Pregnant Mother of Two
    The 16 year old who knocked down and killed pregnant mother of two Shakira Villanueva in Orange Walk has been charged. Eight days ago, Villanueva was crossing the road at the entrance of Guinea Grass Village when the 16 year old ran her over. The boy was charged yesterday. Police gave us more details. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City "I know that definitely someone was charged yesterday, I don't have the name at hand but I can get it to you in a short while." Reporter: "But it was a minor." ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City: "Yes it is a minor."

    Rounds Found
    Police found ammunition on a Moya Street search yesterday evening. The cops came upon a transparent plastic bag with twenty four 40 Caliber and ten 9mm live rounds of ammunition hidden under some bushes. The items were labeled deposited as Found Property.

    Teen With Bud In Benque
    And yesterday morning out west, police busted a 17 year old with a bag of weed. Police searched a bus at a check point between miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway, the bus was heading to San Igancio from Benque. Police found a bag with 7 ounces - almost half a pound - of weed along with personal documents. That led the police to the minor. As a result, Police arrested and charged him for Drug Trafficking. The western corridor is a main conduit for the smuggling of marijuana from Guatemala.

    Sandy Santoya And Half an Ounce
    The cops say Sandy Santoya had coke on Caye Caulker. Yesterday afternoon at 3:00, they searched the 19 year old's residence on Avenida Pueblo Nuevo and found two ziplock plastic bags with 1.47 grams cocaine. That's about half of one ounce, but, Santoya was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

    PUP's Corozal Candidate Scandalized For Alleged Dishonesty
    The Municipal Elections are only 2 months away, and one of the PUP candidates is learning the hard way that this is a dirty game. He's Rigoberto Vellos. You probably know him as Mr. Belize, but, last year, he decided to go from pumping iron to playing politics - and offered himself as the PUP's mayoral candidate. Well, a letter has been unearthed from 9+ years ago, which says that Vellos was terminated from the Social Security Board. In it, there are allegations that just under 700 dollars went missing during his time as a cashier.

    The Reggae Bus Ran A Rescue Service
    In our last segment you heard city councillor Phillip Willoughby speaking about the rush of residents form the Jane Usher and Caesar Ridge area running to shelters after the warning went out. And, in the height of that scare, a unique thing happened: this often fractured community came together very suddenly with many stepping up to give rides and even opening their second - story homes to those running for shelter. We spoke to one of those unlikely good Samritans off camera today. He told us how his bus that is used to run daily commutes turned into a rescue ride for many. Sahar Vasquez reporting Windell Lemoth had no idea of the imminent danger Belize was in on Tuesday night. He felt the ground shaking tremor but he didn't find out about the tsunami until he left his house and saw the chaos of the city.

    Mayor: Commercial Center Coming
    Last month, we showed you Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley promising that finally after an extended delay, the renovation works on the Commercial Center was finally starting. It's been a long wait, from April of 2015 to be exact, and today, the Mayor said that the contractors have already started the construction work: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "Actually, I am to go to a meeting right now, which is at 2 o'clock, which is - of course, I will be late for that meeting, but that's a meeting with the independent engineer, the engineers on the project, and our technical side. The timeline for the project is 10 months, beginning December. The interior of the building will be worked on first. So that there will a total gutting of the interior, and then renovation of the interior, including a plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, everything - closing up the floor, and remodeling the building."

    Mayor on Creative Couple's Removal
    But, as they say, "while di grass di grow, di haas di starve" - and so it is for well known craft creators Naphty and Fahima. They are the owners of a craft store in the shadow of the Commercial Center - and they were pushed out to give way to construction. As we showed you last week, they grudgingly abandoned their little setup at the bridge foot - which put them on shaky ground. Today Mayor Bradley shed some more light on the current situation. Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "We would have given instructions about a year ago for the Commercial Center to be vacated because when we were doing the plans and designs for the building, the building will be - and has been, actually - turned over to the contractor. So, that building is actually a worksite. So, that building has to actually be empty, empty of city council staff, and empty of all vendors. One of the reasons why that's the case is that there were be an entire gutting of the interior."

    Ministry Offers Reward For Information on Who Killed Jaguars Found Floating
    Yesterday we told you about the young male jaguar whose carcass was found floating in the Belize River. But, disturbingly, this was not an isolated event. Back in December, a similar photo surfaced of another young jaguar that was found in the canal near Water Lane. This has raised a major red flag for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, and the Environment. Tonight, they are offering a reward of $10,000 dollars to anyone that can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons involved in the two recent incidents. And more than that, the ministry says that given the cruel nature of the death of these endangered apex predators, they will raise the penalties for this and any other wildlife crimes above the current $10,000 dollars or 12 months in prison.

    Channel 5

    Police Sooth Ahmad Family but Who Are Giving ‘Special’ Units Orders?
    It has been two weeks since well-known barber Fareed Ahmad was shot and killed near his home in Hattieville.  Despite the arrest and subsequent arraignment of a woman police constable [...]

    Video Places Accused WPC in Fareed Ahmad Vehicle; Louis Farrakhan Suggested as Mediator
    Lead investigator ACP Chester Williams, who is probing the case from within the Professional Standards Branch, says that he is content that there was no collusion on the part of [...]

    Ahmads Still Seek Answers on Hattieville House Raid; Police Silent
    Another sore spot for the Ahmad family, aside from the murder of their loved one, is the rounding up of its members back in 2016 by the Special Branch of [...]

    Minister Undertakes to Lift Veil of Secrecy on Raid
    It is a position that Elrington, himself a former defense counsel, agrees with.  The family should have been given the opportunity to contact its lawyers and should have been provided [...]

    Foreign Affairs Signs Off on Andrew Bennett Extradition Request but Will He Go?
    The ball is in motion for a provisional warrant to be sought for attorney Andrew Bennett’s arrest.  That is because Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has signed documents that [...]

    Roy “Bullet” Craig Accuser Not Mentally Challenged
    The allegation of a sexual assault on a sixteen-year-old-boy made headlines this week. The alleged perpetrator is well-known taxi-man Roy “Bullet” Craig, who police say was found nude along with [...]

    More Persons of Interest Brought in for Leon Garcia, Frederick Smith Killings
    There have been three murders in the first eleven days of the year. Today, police said they are still questioning persons in the killings of Leon Garcia and Frederick Smith [...]

    Heat for George Street over Video Threats
    On Monday we reported on a video posted on Facebook where claims were made from certain gang quarters claiming responsibility for Garcia’s death. When we spoke with Police earlier this [...]

    Unlicensed Minor Driver Charged in Pregnant Woman’s RTA Death
    Police have arrested and charged a minor for killing twenty-eight-year-old Shakira Villanueva in a road traffic accident. The sixteen-year-old was driving a vehicle without a license when he knocked down [...]

    Forest Department Begins Investigation into Jaguar Beheading
    The cruel slaying of a young jaguar and its dumping in the Belize River has raised the ire of conservationists and the public alike. The cat, which is protected by [...]

    Stabbing by Knitting Needle in Domestic Quarrel
    An argument in downtown Belize City ending in an apparent stabbing on Sunday morning landed sixty-four-year-old businesswoman Jennifer Garcia in court. Garcia is accused of stabbing Ingrid McKay with a [...]

    Fine for Late-to-Court Accused in Drug Case
    Fifty-two-year-old Roger Kenrick Jones, a refrigerator technician of Belize City, must pay three hundred dollars in fines after being busted with cocaine in December. Jones was caught when a police [...]

    U.B. Student Wants Pomp and Circumstance in February, not June
    There is a degree of disquiet among some students at the national university over a change in the date of graduation from February to June. Some students have complained that [...]

    How to Prepare For and Survive a Tsunami
    Still a little shaky from Tuesday night’s earthquake and tsunami scare? You’re not alone. Nearly forty-eight hours later, emergency preparedness responders are still marveling at Belize’s close call and formulating [...]

    NEMO, CEMO, Red Cross Assess on-the-Ground Response, Find Good and Bad
    Vulnerable populations, such as the stevedores who were out on the sugar boat on Tuesday night, should be covered in terms of planning by their employers as well as their [...]

    Assessment Coming for Shelters and Bridges
    For the most part, none of the countries in the region reported any damage to buildings and other infrastructure. But here in Belize the Ministry of Works, supported by the [...]

    Reef Still Fighting Coral Bleaching
    The reef report card was released on Wednesday in Belize City. We reported on Belize’s two point eight grade average, which conservationists gave the country after extensive research conducted on [...]

    After Success Down South, Managed Access to Fisheries Coming Countrywide
    Over the past few years, we have reported on the managed access program in Belize being implemented by the Fisheries Department, Environmental Defense Fund and other local conservation partners. It [...]

    CitCo Leads Clean-Up near Cinderella Plaza
    In news from the Belize City Council, residents of the area north of Cinderella Plaza up to the Barracks, including Kelly Street, Baymen Avenue, Wilson Street, Hunter’s Alley, Matron Roberts [...]

    Healthy Living: How Effective are Multivitamins?
    Many of us grew up with parents forcing us to take our vitamins. Whether it was cod-liver oil or Flinstones vitamins, our parents all believed that it would make us [...]


    New Revelations in the Fareed Ahmad Murder Investigation
    The leaders of the Muslim Community in Belize met with the high command of the Belize Police Department this afternoon. Present for the meeting were Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington; CEO of National Security, George Lovell; Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, ACP Joseph Myvett; and ACP Chester Williams who is heading Ahmad’s murder investigation. …

    Dr. Manzanero addresses obesity problem in Belize
    Obesity is a growing problem in Belize and persons who weigh at least twenty percent more than their normal weight for their height is classified as obese. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2017, the age range that was considered the most obese was from 25-29 with a total of three-thousand-three-hundred-and-seventeen persons being obese. …

    Minister of Home Affairs will Personally Investigate Detention of Ahmad Family
    The assertions made by Minister Elrington and investigators seem to have brought some sense of calm within the Muslim Community, especially the Ahmad family, but there is one concern that lingers. That surrounds the matter where the Ahmad Family was arrested and kept in police custody for hours. The family claims that they were never …

    Every Police Officer Answerable to the Commissioner
    But these are not the only concerns that continue to bother the Muslim community. Allegations of police officers and or units within the department that seemingly act without having to respond to anyone in the department’s high command continue to be of grave concern. Here is how Nuri Muhammad explained it. Nuri Muhammad – Member, …

    Minister Of Foreign Affairs Signs Extradition File
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has signed the extradition file that his office received last year from the US State Department requesting the extradition of Attorney Andrew Bennett. Today Minister Elrington spoke on the matter. Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs “I did sign the documents for formal procedure to commence on the …

    Belize City Mayor comments on tsunami scare
    On Tuesday night a wave of panic swept through Belize as a Tsunami Warning was issued for the coast. A 7.6 earthquake less than six miles beneath the earth surface and 27 miles off the coast of Honduras was registered. This prompted experts to issue Tsunami Warnings for Central American and Caribbean Countries. But hours …

    Mayor Bradley responds to vendor’s plight
    Earlier this month, Raymond Jones’ ‘Drums, not guns’ craft shop at the bridge foot relocated. They say they did so under orders of the Belize City Council. The Belize City Council gave the orders for all vendors near the commercial center to relocate. Today, outgoing Mayor Darrell Bradley told us why. DARRELL BRADLEY, MAYOR OF …

    Headless Carcass of Jaguar fished out of Belize River
    The headless carcass of a young male jaguar was discovered yesterday afternoon and fished out of the Belize River near Manatee Lookout along the Philip Goldson Highway. The carcass was retrieved by Mike Heusner of the Belize River Lodge with some help. He told Love News that he learned of the animal’s carcass after receiving …

    Works on Commercial Center begin
    After the interview, Mayor Darrell Bradley rushed into a meeting with the contractor who has been retained to carry out the refurbishment works on the Commercial Center. After much delay, Bradley says that the project has officially begun and will take less than a year to be completed. DARRELL BRADLEY, MAYOR OF BELIZE CITY “The …

    Students vexed over UB Graduation date
    Students of the University of Belize are expressing concerns over the changes in graduation dates. Alberto Matus who has completed his Bachelors in Information Technology in December 2017, said he will not be receiving his diploma until June 16. He was expecting to receive his diploma during the February graduation ceremony, but he will not …


    Man charged with 13 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse
    52-year-old Jose Ardon was today slapped with 13 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse after allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old minor. The incidents started back in January of 2016, when the child was only 14. Back then, police only charged Ardon with 2 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, b...

    5.3 million in one year for PM’s brother?
    Prime Minister Barrow has constantly been accused of not only nepotism, but of helping to enrich his family members through the constant legal battles that his administration has taken the country through. The PM’s top lawyer of choice has been his brother, Dennys Barrow. According to a recent repor...

    “Fair” performance for Belize’s Reef health
    Today the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) released its 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report Card which records an improvement in reef health for Belize from ‘Poor’ in 2006 to ‘Fair’ this year, with increases in three of the four indicators over the decade. Melanie MCField is the Directo...

    National Nursing Conference
    150 nurses converged in Belize City today for the first day of a three day National Nursing Conference. The conference is to discuss nursing in Belize and to engage all participants in developing a vision and a framework to guide the future of nursing in Belize. Like in many parts of the world, Bel...

    Upgrading of Operating Theater project to impact service delivery
    And speaking of health services, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority says that while the ongoing refurbishment and upgrading of the Operating Theater suites has reached a most critical point, it will affect those who are awaiting elective surgeries. Only emergency surgeries and C-sections w...

    New traffic safety equipment for Belmopan police
    The Belmopan police are recipients of a donation from The Belize Road Safety Project Unit. Today, police were given new traffic equipment including reflective vests, measuring tapes, clipboards, spray paints and chalk. Belmopan police OC Howell Gillett says the donation will surely improve the polic...

    Mission Team aids churches and communities in Belize
    For the past couple of days, a mission team has been in Belize helping church organizations . The group is from Iowa and has been here for a week. As the team landed, they headed down south to help Pastor Vic Hernandez of Punta Gorda. Tom Treptau, Director of Village Creek Bible Camp, told us more. ...

    Bullet blames PUP for his sexual assault of a minor case
    Well known taxi-man and UDP activist Roy “Bullet” Craig was arraigned yesterday for the sexual assault of a 16 year old boy. As we have reported, 76 year old Bullet was arrested on Thursday night at Honey’s Hotel on Dolphin Drive. Police were tipped off and when they went to the ro...

    Espat discusses Searching for the missing
    Jamal Humes has been missing for almost three weeks. He is just one of several missing persons reported on recently. Other recent cases include Mark Pollard and Stanley Richards who have still not been found. You may recall that when 17 year old Erwin Rodriquez was missing late last year, Dr. Jose E...

    The Guardian

    Corozal’s Petty Thief
    Rigo Vellos proclaims to be the hope for Corozal as the PUP mayoral aspirant for the town and for most who don’t know him you would think that he is squeaky clean. Well the Guardian newspaper has been furnished with some documentation which proves that Vellos is anything but squeaky clean. In a letter provided to us addressed to Vellos and dated September 19, 2008 it states that: “An investigation was conducted by Internal Audit Services on reports of unaccounted funds for manual receipts, issued by you as Cashier. Based on their findings, management has decided to dismiss you for the following reasons: i. Funds collected were not brought to account, and...

    Is Belize ready for a Tsunami?
    At 9:51 on Tuesday night, an earthquake struck in the north eastern waters off the coast of Honduras. It had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. Within a minute of the quake a tremor was felt across the country of Belize, that was followed by a second just a few seconds later. Minutes later the fire service began blaring sirens at all coastal fire stations. Fire Chief, Ted Smith, explained that “once a tsunami warning is given for the coast or specific portion of Belize, then the fire service operation plan for Belize will kick in.” On Tuesday night it meant that sirens at the fire stations would begin to blare and mobile units would also traverse in the various communities warning people of the possibility of disaster. That took place along the entire coast of Belize. But outside of the sirens blaring the only plan was to advise people to move to higher ground. In this instance Minister responsible for the National Emergency Management Organization, (NEMO) told the press that there is no tsunami protocols for the country. Hon. Castro was plain speaking when he explained that when he received the call on Tuesday night was the first he had heard of a Tsunami Center which tracks tsunamis in this part of the world. He stated that, “we will have to try and develop one.

    Commission of inquiry into UHS to be set
    At the last House Meeting, held on Friday, January 5, Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduce the appropriation bill for 90.6 million dollars. If it passes, this bill would satisfy the UHS judgment which the Caribbean Court of Justice rendered against Belize, and in the favor of the Ashcroft Alliance. So, while Belizean taxpayers will take a major hit, if that bill passes, so little is known about the players within the past PUP Government under Said Musa, and what they did to make this betrayal possible. So, the Prime Minister has agreed with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize that a Commission of Inquiry into the Universal Health Service saga will take place. It was first announced on December 13, by the NTUCB via a press release.

    Bullet defends himself
    Roy ‘Bullet’ Craig has come under fire for accusations against him where a 16 year old boy alleged that Bullet had sexually assaulted him. Since the allegations surfaced and his charges on Monday of this week, Craig says his life has been turned upside down. In an effort to mitigate the damage done to him he visited the Guardian to clear his name. Speaking plainly, Craig admitted to having contact with the young man who made the allegations. He stated that he was at the Yabra basketball court where he usually frequents to have young men play what he calls ‘shots’. In the game he pays the young men for shooting basketball shots which they score on. He said it was no different on Thursday January 4 when he went to Yabra. The difference he says is that after the game the 16 year old asked him to accompany him in his cab. While bullet says he originally resisted the request, he ended up taking the young man. All along Craig says he insisted that the young man go home but he refused.

    What is the future of nursing in Belize
    This year’s National Nursing Conference, held under the theme “Shaping the Vision: The future of nursing in Belize” was held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 10 and 11, 2018 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. The event saw the meeting of over 150 nurses as well as the participation of other guests such as Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, CEO, Ministry of Health, and other invited guests including NGO, WHO, and overseas representatives. The interactive discussion was intended to engage all participants in developing a framework to guide the future of nursing in Belize by understanding both local and global needs and implications. There to speak more about this was Augustina Elijio, Chief Nursing Officer, MoH. Nurse Elijio opened the discussion, highlighting the importance of keeping both a local and a global perspective while attempting to tackle the future of nursing in Belize.

    More training for firefighters
    On Wednesday the fire department held a certification ceremony for 12 of its officers who have completed a 6 week course which started in November of last year. A total of 16 firefighters started the course and that was trimmed down to 12. Fire Chief, Ted Smith, explained that the promotion course was the first step for these men to hold leadership positions in the department. The course was to further train leading firefighters as a first stage to become an officer. He stated that the department is currently in need of lead firefighters and cadet officers hence the need for the training programs. Smith noted that the training will enhance the readiness of the department.

    Truck driver gets killed in early morning hours
    The family of 19 year-old Kendal Goff, a resident of Double Head Cabbage, has been forced to make funeral preparations for him, after he was knocked down and killed. A family friend has since been criminally charged for the accident which claimed his life. Police say that at around 6 o’clock on Tuesday morning, January 9, 2017, they responded to a report that a traffic accident had occurred in Burrell Boom Village. When they arrived, they found Goff’s body in a yard near to the horse track, on the road from Bermudian Landing to Burrell Boom. Nearby, they found a green Mazda pickup truck, with damages to the front portion. The cops quickly established that this was the vehicle which knocked him down.

    The IAAF Diamond League is delighted to announce the distribution of diamond disciplines for the 2018 season. Commencing on 4 May 2018 in Doha, the ninth season of the IAAF Diamond League comprises the 14 best invitational track and field meetings in the world. The meetings compose the top tier of the IAAF’s global one-day meeting competition structure and are spread across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. This series, which began in 2010, showcases 32 event disciplines which are distributed among the 14 meetings. As in a championship, the performance of athletes in the final alone will determine who the champion will be and the prize money won.

    Year in Review 2017
    July Too much noise for Senator Woods causes business shutdown on the Strip The Belize City Council held a meeting with community members at the BTL Park to discuss the playing of music ‘after hours’ in the area know as the Entertainment Strip in Belize City. During the meeting various residents stood up to voice their concerns about various establishments in the area that play music late into the night not allowing for those who live in the area to have a peaceful night’s rest. Among those who raised the most concerns was Senator Valerie Woods. Speaking during the consultation Woods said that she was fed up of the noise in the area, she pointed out that people park in front of her driveway, urinate on her fence, break bottles on her street and she would take it no more. She added that if it meant that she would have to write a letter every week she would.

    Commencement of the 2018 Legal Year
    On the second Monday at the beginning of each new calendar year, the legal year is opened and celebrated with a procession and ceremony to open the new schedule. The formal opening of the 2018 Legal Year took place on Monday, January 8, 2018. The ceremony started at the Wesley Methodist Church with a church service and was followed by a procession of the Bench and Bar of the Honorable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and judges and other legal bodies of the Supreme Court. They and other invited guests marched from the church to the Supreme Court building where the Chief Justice gave a report of last year’s legal calendar. In that address, the Chief Justice highlighted a need for more magistrates as well as other civil and criminal matters. According to the Chief Justice, 2017 saw plenty civil as well as criminal matters. A total of 838 civil claims, inclusive of petitions for bail, were filed.

    $3.9 million for Caye Caulker airstrip
    There has been word of a new airstrip for the island of Caye Caulker and now, it seems the deal has been made. The contract, which was initially being given to Imer Hernandez Development Company at $7.5 million dollars, will now cost the government $3, 918, 699 instead. The initial project was to include plenty additional fixtures and elements but under the new contract, the airstrip will be a more limited and basic design. According to Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, this contract will include only the cost for the core phase of the project and will exclude the external security lighting system, security fencing, the expansion of the runway, the construction of a new terminal, and significant lifting of the runway.

    Belize-Guatemala dispute a matter of public record
    In our last meeting with Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala Alexis Rosado at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel late last year he shared that all data on the issues relating to the Belize-Guatemala dispute are in the public record. Even while Guatemala speeds up its process for the scheduled April 15th date for the International Court of Justice Referendum such data ‘on public record’ grow ever more prominent. To satisfy any inquiry from those public records, both the National Heritage Library and the Belize Archives & Records Services in Belmopan have teams of personnel on standby ready to share it. At the National Heritage Library on Monday we were struck by the accounts on the ‘Documents pertaining to the Belize & Guatemala Boundary dispute’. According to this rare document, the territory of Belize comprises of Belize and all its associated islands and cayes with the area bounded by the frontiers with Guatemala and Mexico and the outer limit of territorial seas.

    Benque Viejo Neighborhood Watch Boxing Day Party
    The Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch program in Benque Viejo celebrated its 10th annual Boxing Day event, under the leadership of its Captain Samuel Bruce, who also hosted the event at his “Sam’s Community Park;” a multi-purpose facility located on his property. An extra event this year was a start off, quadrangular football competition with the participation of coordinator, Mr. Osar Nabet , from the Z-boys Jr’s football club. A special new sponsor for the Trophies & open WiFi hot spot at the event was “ANL” alternative networks ltd., a new provider of internet & IP streaming TV, for the Benque Area. In the afternoon, Master of ceremony Amin Avilez and DJ Raffi Martinez had the party building a crowd in the hundreds. They enjoyed various games and contest to win hundreds of prizes. The events were topped off with a Santa Claus.

    Belmopan police involving our youths
    A working team from Belmopan Police continues to invest in our common future. In a ceremony on Saturday, 200 young people became certified members of the Belmopan Police Cadet Corp. The award ceremony was followed by a luncheon with cadets and parents. “We have come a long way from nine when I became commander to 227 total now,” reports Howell Gillet, Commander of Belmopan police. “Our records show that all the young people who are engaged with the Bmp(sic) police have never committed any serious infringement of the laws. This tells us that we are moving in the right direction.” Members of Belmopan Police are highly appreciative of the cadets, their parents, sponsors and all police officers involved in making the cadets more involved and productive.

    Keeping Belmopan clean
    Any quick trip to the Nation’s Capital today would reveal that it’s parks and playgrounds as well as many pedestrian ways are kept meticulously clean. Our attempts both on Monday and Tuesday to find a single piece of ill placed garbage along its major byways all but failed. So we walked to the Belmopan City Council office on Tuesday to find out who was responsible for keeping the City free of any litter. There we were led to the office of Philip Simmons, the Sanitation Director for the Belmopan City Council. His secret seems to be in placing receptacles at strategic points along the pedestrian pathways in Belmopan. According to Simmons studies have shown that pedestrians are reluctant to place back food wrapper back into their pockets. So buckets have been placed every few meters and this has greatly reduced the amount of garbage. Additionally there are a number of persons on the ground, dressed in yellow, who would pick up litter from the ground.

    Hon. Rene Montero responds to Orlando Habet on Calla Creek hammock bridge
    Let the record of the Ministry of Works speak for itself. My team and I believe in showing progress of the unprecedented works taking place within our area; hence, I have not answered or replied to any comment concerning the new hammock bridge being built at branch mouth. Main fact; The contract for the construction of the Branch Mouth and Calla Creek Hammock bridges is contracted to be completed on the 15th of January, 2018. Meaning, the bridge is NOT yet completed. Fact; Against advice from the contractor, residents have begun using the incomplete bridge to gain access to and from Santa Familia Village. Fact; the contractor is, of course, under contract. Meaning, it is his contractual obligation to ensure the safety and high quality construction of said bridge.

    A Parasitic Alliance
    For years now, Belizeans have long observed the unbridled actions of the Ashcroft Alliance through its many companies, shell companies, and so-called charities, as they have mercilessly extended their parasitic tentacles throughout the Belizean economy while constantly and unapologetically extracting their pound of flesh and blood. It was not until this UDP government came to office, under the leadership of the Right Honorable Dean Barrow, that Belize finally managed to stand up to this unholy alliance and put the brakes on the fleecing of the public trough. We have also seen over the years how Ashcroft and his minions have profiteered off BTL, the most successful and profitable company in Belize, exporting tens of millions of dollars abroad through a multitude of companies, entities and charities, while at the same time resisting or all but refusing to pay their taxes.

    We survived a tsunami warning
    On Tuesday night for about two hours most of the country was UNITED and praying for God’s protection. There appeared to be a Tsunami lurking out in the Caribbean Sea and getting ready to come onshore in Belize. The alarm was sounded around 8:55 PM, which was a few minutes after a very strong TREMOR was felt all across the nation of Belize. That tremor was caused by an EARTHQUAKE that was centered beneath the sea near neighbouring Swan Island, in Honduras. The Tsunami Warning was sent out from the Tsunami Center in the USA and transmitted to us through our own NEMO by Minister Edmond Castro , who is the minister with responsibility for NEMO. A part of and perhaps the most important part of emergency and disaster management is the timely transmission of information to the public before, during and after the emergency or disaster. The Minister and the team at NEMO were on the ball. They were quick and were able to become activated within a matter of minutes. All the ON AIR MEDIA HOUSES were on board too. In many cases it was the OWNERS and SENIOR EXECUTIVES who took to the airwaves to pass the information to the public.

    Bullet accused of attempting to perform an unnatural act on 16-year-old boy
    On January 5, 2018 at 8:45 p.m., acting upon information received, police visited a hotel in Belize City where, upon arrival, they met a 16-year-old male in the company of Roy “Bullet” Craig, a 76-year-old taxi operator at the Cinderella Plaza taxi stand, activist, and former millionaire. The minor reported to the police that about 7:00 p.m. while he was walking home, he saw Craig standing beside a car and as he was about to pass him, Craig held him by his shirt collar and asked him if he wanted to go to a hotel. Craig pulled him towards the front passenger side seat of the car and they both got in the car.

    Honduran woman on bail for immigration offense
    Dania Marilou Ayala Vasquez, a 26-year-old Honduran, was taken to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to be arraigned on a single charge of failing to produce a visitor’s permit to an Immigration officer. Vasquez, who is unemployed, has been living in Belize for 6 years and has a Belizean born child and still does not have legal status. Vasquez appeared before Magistrate Michelle Trapp where she pleaded guilty to the offense. The allegations are that on January 4, 2018 at the Orange Walk police station, she failed to produce her visitor’s permit. In court, she admitted that she has no permit or passport.

    Jason Anderson and Reese Fitzgibbon charged with attempted murder
    Two men have been charged in relation to a shooting that happened on Iguana Street which has left a 56-year-old man, Steve Finley, fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The shooting happened in broad daylight on Saturday, January 6, 2018. Those men, Jason Anderson and Reese Fitzgibbon, appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. There they were read separate indictable charges. The men were charged with two counts each of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, wounding, and dangerous harm. Anderson was also charged with abetment to commit murder.

    9 more counts of sexual assault against Jose Adron for sex with girl
    A father of a Northern Belize address was arraigned on 11 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse for allegedly having sex with a minor for over a 1 year, since 2016 when she was 14 years until she became 15 in 2017. He is Jose Adron, a 52-year-old construction worker. In 2016, Adron was first charged with 2 counts but a police investigation into the matter led them to levy more charges of the same offense against the accused.

    Verdes FC to begin defence of national football title on Sunday
    The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season will commence on Saturday 13th January, 2018, with a single game on the schedule. The teams that will compete in the Closing Season includes the defending champions Verdes FC, Belmopan Bandits SC, Placencia Assassins FC, Freedom Fighters FC, Belize Defence Force (BDF) FC, Wagiya FC, Police United FC and the San Pedro Pirates FC. It is being anticipated that the regular competition of the Closing Season will come to an end on 15th April, 2018, with the championship games scheduled for May 12th and 13th respectively.

    Belize Female Beach Volleyball qualify to participate in 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games
    For the First Time Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize.

    Pregnant mother and taxi man die from traffic accidents while cop struggles to survive
    A pregnant mother and a taxi driver both lost their lives in separate traffic accidents in Northern Belize. A police officer is hospitalized for serious injuries he suffered in a third accident. Police say that at about 9 p.m. on Wednesday, January 3, they responded to an accident which happened at the entrance of Guinea Grass Village. Their initial investigation is that a 16 year-old minor from the same village was driving a red Isuzu pick-up, and he was heading toward a northern direction on the Highway. At the same time, 28 year-old Shakira Villanueva, a domestic who also resides in Guinea Grass, was attempting to cross the highway. She never made it because she was hit by the minor in the pick-up. She was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, and later to the KHMH in a critical condition. She clung to life until Monday, January 8, a total of 5 days before her injuries claimed her life at the hospital.

    Headless baby Jaguar found in Belize River
    A 2-feet baby jaguar was found in the waters of the Belize River on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The body was found decapitated and the head was nowhere in the area. While it would normally be fair to assume that the jaguar was attacked by a larger animal, pellet holes in the body of the animal lead to another, more gruesome speculation. While Belize hosts a fairly healthy population of the cat, it is still an endangered species in the country. The event has left many people troubled. As it pertains to an official initiative being made, the respective organizations are looking into the matter.

    Belize’s reef is improving in health
    The Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) region, which extends across the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in the world. There is a continuous threat to the health of the reef as well as to the economies and communities that depend on and benefit both directly and indirectly from it. Environmental authorities throughout the region play key roles in the development of strategic and effective solutions to the ever critical environmental problems; one such organization is Oceana Belize. At an Oceana sponsored event, the Healthy Reef Initiative (HRI) issued their 2018 report card on the state of the MAR. Belize has seen some overall improvement since its last report, from 2.5 to 2.8, tying with Mexico, both only being outdone by Honduras which scored a 3.0.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    In Ephesians 1:18, the Apostle Paul wrote: I pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened, so that you may know the hope to which He has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints. When we pray, something unique is supposed to happen to give us the assurance that we have been heard, and our answer is on the way. Without these two things our prayers become vain repetitions. When Jesus told the story of the wicked judge, He was not doing a comparison with God, but rather a character opposite to God.

    The Female Entrepreneur
    Kindly permit me to start this article with a disclaimer. I know absolutely nothing about business but I am a good customer. With that alone, I think I might have a thing or two to share that you might find useful. I write to invite our women to become entrepreneurs to awaken this snoozing economy. We certainly need more business women in our country. With the constant concern of university graduates having major challenges finding jobs, I task our Belizean women of this wonderful country to seek their own passions and initiate their own businesses. A good friend and colleague of mine often shares his justification of why women make excellent leaders. His explanation is that women are more into details. We compare cost of items more. We shop smarter. We spend wiser. So, in his explanation, women do a better job at spending a hundred dollars than most men. Whether this is true or not, I know that women can be excellent at being entrepreneurs because we manage households and budgets every day. So, why not do it for a profit?

    Have you ever heard of vision boards?
    Well I have-- and they are these supposedly mythical devices on which you paste pictures of the things you dream and wish for-- give it a year or so-- and bam!!! Ninety-five percent of the things you “wished” for come true!!! Eeeerp! Well that is not completely accurate. But a vision board is pretty darn close to what I’ve just described. Some people refer to it as a “dream board” or an “inspiration board.” No matter what you call it, it’s basically a collage of pictures, words and quotes that serve to remind you of your passion and purpose. It is a powerful visualization tool that is used as inspiration for your journey toward your ideal life. And it does increase the chances that the things you are aspiring for comes to pass.

    We No Want Your Man
    Have you noticed that the two of the British Peer’s remaining cash cows in Belize tend to still be living in the PUP past when he literally owned the country? Look at their business mottos. “Our country, your bank” and “Smart a run the nation”. Well, I have a little joke to share about “Smart!” and the jingle in its ad where it mentions running our country. This is not being personal or critical, since I think the said company is professionally run and is a reliable provider of telecommunication services. The other night a neighbor came to my little shop with his grandson and they hung around a little during the evening news broadcast. When the Smart jingle came on, the young boy started to sing along loudly with the ad, only he sang what he thought were the words in the tinkle, “we no want your man” instead of the words “we no want your plan”. Everybody laughed, since it is so fitting to tell Miguel Ashcroft that Belizeans no want his man to lead our country again, ever.

    “A MOST DIABOLICAL INSTANCE OF PUP ABUSE” in Amandala Editorial of Jan 9, 2018
    The minute Kareem got up and tried to whitewash the very bad behavior of his father, I announced to my friends, gathered to listen to the House Meeting; that all hell would break loose! It is the BELIZEAN VOTERS who “condemn the securing of a loan by way of a [SECRET] sovereign government guarantee!” How could he have left out that all important word: SECRET? How could he not see that he was opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box? No sane person would walk up to the nest of ‘hamadilli’ wasps and start whacking away… Warrior Wasps do NOT play! The Amandala Editor continues:” It’s a challenge but also an opportunity to finally and dramatically show themselves as breaking from the old mold…and agents that got them into so much trouble…” I interpret that to mean that some PUPs MUST be ready to DUMP Musa and Fonseca – X wants Musa, Fonseca and their cronies out! That is the crystal clear message. He has dropped all support for BPP, VIP, TPP, Third Party, etcetera in preference for a Cordel Hyde PUP.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Caleb Orozco: Bullet was not my step father
    When the news broke that Roy “Bullet” Craig was found naked with a boy in […]

    Christian Workers Union wins, SSB has to pay compounded backpay
    The Christan Workers Union (CWU) has emerged victorious over the Social Security Board (SSB) in […]

    “Bullet’s” victim not mentally challenged says police
    In a police press conference held in Belize City today, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), […]

    GOB: Maritime Zone Moratorium Act has been enacted since Dec 2017
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum have issued a […]

    Minor charged in fatal road traffic accident of pregnant woman
    Police have charged a minor for the road traffic death of 28-year-old Shakira Villanueva. Police charged […]

    $10,000 reward for information on killing of Belize jaguar
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration today issued a statement stating that […]

    Roy “Bullet” Craig blames PUP for sexual assault charges
    Roy “Bullet” Craig, 76-year-old taxi driver who stands accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy, […]

    Benque Viejo minor charged for drug trafficking
    Yesterday morning around 6:30, while police were conducting a vehicle check point between miles 71 and […]

    Caye Caulker man arrested for cocaine possession
    According to police reports, yesterday around 3, police searched the home of Sandy Anthony Santoya,19, a Belizean […]

    Belize City police find .22 gun
    On January 8, 2018 about 11:00pm, police conducted a search in an abandoned lot on Antelope […]

    Gun and ammo found in Belize City
    Yesterday evening around 5:20, police conducted a search in an abandon lot on Moya St in Belize City. […]

    Conservationists concerned over killing of jaguar
    Yesterday, a baby jaguar was found headless in the Belize River near Manatee Lookout. The […]

    Leading firefighters complete training
    Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, with responsibility for the Belize National Fire Service, […]

    Historic nursing conference held in Belize City
    The Nurses and Midwives Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Health held the first […]

    Krismar Espinosa, what is the verdict
    Today, Breaking Belize News will report the verdict in the murder trial of 28-year-old Krismar […]

    Time running out for Andrew Bennett
    Attorney Andrew Bennett, wanted in the United States on charges of money laundering, is now […]


    Seat Sale on Round Trip Flights From Toronto to Belize
    The sale is advertised to not last long, but I definitely thought the cheap airfare on round-trip flights from Toronto to Belize was worth mentioning. Especially since it is the first seat sale of the 2018 and I know a lot of people in Toronto. Sometimes Google Alerts are very handy to have. Such as this one that came to me today from narcity. I used my bookmarked link to check Google Flights myself and I actually saw one deal that for two weeks was only $252 round-trip but it was 25 hour travel time and two stops. If that’s okay you might want to check that one out as well.

    International Sourcesizz

    Canada’s financial dominance in the former English Caribbean colonies
    Today, Canadian banks dominate the financial industry of the former English Caribbean colonies (FECC), enhancing and often enriching the external interests of capital for their banks in Canada. This is done at the expense of internal solutions to development of these Caribbean states. The story of Canadian corporate ownership of financial institutions in the region is not new. IMF structural adjustment programs (SAPs) in the 1980s-1990s solidified the region’s banking sector in the hands of Canadian corporations. Canadian monopolistic ownership of Caribbean finance has a very rich history that speaks to what Canadian banking concentration in the region looks like — not just during centuries of colonial exploitation — but also of neoliberal exploitation in today’s free-market era. Of the five largest banks in Canada, three of them — Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC FirstCaribbean) — operate in the FECC as dominant financial institutions acting as subsidiaries (Figure 1). The subsidiary status of Canadian banks in FECC is of paramount importance because, unlike a foreign branch bank, a subsidiary is not required to give out loans to Caribbean companies. However, what they are allowed to do is raise capital and issue debts and loans to corporations and governments.


  • What the Soil Can Teach Us | Daniel Rath | TEDxBelmopan, 14min. I think microbes qualify as creatures...I could say I am proud (which I am), but more importantly, Dan’s message is critical to Belize. Soil is the most important ecosystem to our survival as a nation.
    Daniel Rath has one message: "The soil beneath our feet is alive!" In his talk, Rath gets dirty, helping us to better understand what we can do to keep it that way. Daniel is a Ph.D. student in at the University of California: Davis, studying Soil Microbial Ecology. He was born and raised in Dangriga, Belize, where he learned how to appreciate natural beauty, drive a boat, and dance Punta! He then went on to track lions in Tanzania; study animal behavior in the Galapagos; debate politics in Taiwan; grow tea in India; work on vineyards in France; and sample peat bogs in Scotland. Fry Jacks are still his favorite food though! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

  • San Pedranos’ Response to Tsunami Threat, 4min.

  • The Earth Moved off Honduras on Tuesday Night; Tsunami Threat Causes Brief Panic, 6min.

  • Belize’s Tsunami Scare, 6min.

  • What is the Future of Nursing in Belize?, 4.5min.

  • Belize Trip Video, 9min. We've gone away for Christmas before but this one was very special because Bryan's friend from high school, Amy, was able to join us. And it was an incredible trip! From San Ignacio to Placencia to Caye Caulker, we experienced a range of what the country has to offer.

  • The Great Blue Hole in Belize seen by airplane, 16min. Flying over the Great Blue Hole in Belize by airplane. The flight lasts 1 hour approximately, taking most of the time to go there and back and 10 minutes flying in circles around the Blue Hole. Views are impressive the whole time, since you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef with so many tons of blue and green colours, while getting to know this natural wonder of the Caribbean. In the flight back, you can also see a wreck ship in the banks of the reef.

  • BSI ASR WEEKLY CROP REVIEW 2018 - WEEK 4, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2017, 4min. Seattle Pacific University study abroad with IZE to study coral reef ecology on South Water Caye

  • Belize City & Xunantunich Slideshow, 4min. Team MoJo visits Belize City and take a bus across the country to see the ancient Mayan empire of Xunantunich, some beautiful shots are captured by Joe Byron in this captivation slideshow.

  • Xmas - Belize/Guatemala 2017, 11min.

  • Belize, 12min.

  • northern highway belize city, min. 7

  • Plongée avec des requins à Caye Caulker au Belize, 2min. Retrouvez mon expérience de voilier et de plongée en apnée avec des requins à Caye Caulker au Belize.

  • DJI Mavic Flight Around Beautiful Belize City 4k, 22min. If there is one thing I love doing, it is flying my DJI Mavic Pro around tropical places and Belize was a great one to fly in. It is a beautiful city full of great people and I would love to get back over there again one day.

  • Rise and shine Guest Lindsay Belisle International Surveyor on belize Borders, 2hr37min. Guests of Belize business Bureau discuss their manifesto for 2015 general Electionsin belize.

  • Diving In Belize 2018, 4.5min. Belize diving on Ambergris Caye.

  • Belize Audubon & BTL, 1.5min. Promotional video done for Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) explaining how Belize Audubon Society utilizes the use of internet in our everyday conservation work.

    January 11, 2018


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tsunami Warning Mobilizes Belize Emergency Response Authorities
    The NEMO Coordinator for San Pedro Town Vanessa Parham reported on the preparedness and response time of the San Pedro Emergency Operation Committee (EOC). “Despite the short time period, I do believe my team and I responded in a very effective way to the situation. Alongside with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the first thing I did was to warn the authorities on the island and the residents of the island through the local radio station and then proceeded by warning everyone with sirens. The high school was opened to serve as a shelter. The precautionary measures that I suggested were for everyone to get to higher grounds and to take the necessary items with them. There was no way we could have evacuated off the island in less than two hours.” She further said, “I do believe there is room for improvement, as all disasters come with different characteristics. I want to thank all the EOC members and key volunteers from both San Pedro and Caye Caulker for their effective response as we continue to serve our community in protecting life and property.”

    San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament Completes Third Week of Games
    The San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament resumed this past weekend on Sunday, January 7th at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Two matches were played during the third week of the tournament. Games continue this weekend on Sunday, January 14th starting at 9:30AM, with SPHS going against Xtreme, followed by Quality Reef versus RCGO at 11:30AM. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy a softball day.

    Fuel prices back on the rise
    As the new year begins, fuel prices in Belize continue to increase. The new controlled prices were announced via a release issued by the Belize Bureau of Standards and became effective on Saturday, January 7th. The new prices saw an increase in premium gasoline of .17 cents going up to $11.24 per gallon, diesel increased by .11 cents going up to $10.01 per gallon, and kerosene going up by .37 cents going up to $6.26 per gallon. Only, regular gasoline went down by .22 cents and is now $10.01 per gallon.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Learns That The Tsunami Threat Is Real After Earthquake In Caribbean
    Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of National Emergency Management, spoke on local radio to urge people living in low lying coastal areas and islands to stay alert for potentially dangerous waves. People were prompted to seek shelter in higher ground and move up to, at least, a two story building. About two hours after the quake, the Minister of National Emergency Management reported on National Media, as of 11:00 PM, that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had lifted the Tsunami Warning for the nation of Belize.

    San Pedro’s New Years Baby 2018 Is A Boy!
    Ambergris Today is pleased to announce the arrival of San Pedro’s first baby of the New Year 2018. Carlos Hernan Gonzalez was born under the care of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic on January 4, 2018 7:40am. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces. The newest and youngest baby in San Pedro is a lovely bouncing baby boy born to Jessica Ramirez and Mark Anthony Gonzalez. Ambergris Today visited the proud parents and baby Carlos and presented them gifts given by generous donors, the list is as follows:

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Pier 366 Seafood House at Banyan Bay resumes taxi service
    Pier 366 Seafood House at the Beachfront of Banyan Bay suites, one mile south SP, will resume its taxi operator initiative/partnership. For every drop off/recommendation made for diners to Pier 366, check with Banyan Bay front desk to match that taxi. If the fare was $10 bze, front desk would match it and add an extra $10bze. Fare limit is $40Bze per trip.

    Paint N Splash
    Join us tomorrow at Crazy Canucks from 2-4pm to finish the 3rd painting in our 3-part series! We are calling this one “Into The Blue” Remember to sign up to reserve your spot!

    Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs!
    For the month of January, we are excited to feature David Daniel Smith as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur! David Smith owns and manages a small animation studio, In Awe Films, (, with hopes to help develop the film industry in #Belize and create more career opportunities for others that share a passion for art and film. He is an animator, illustrator, and singer/songwriter currently enrolled at Allegro School of Music in Belmopan. From a very young age, he had a passion for the art of storytelling. Growing up, David dedicated himself to learning the art of animation and earned a high school art degree.

    It is very important all the time that we here at "Belizean Legends" remember the passion for country and people we saw in Belizean nationalist, Brother Fabro, who came out in full force to defend Belize through protest against the Guatemalan military oligarchy at the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles two years ago on May 16, 2015.

    We here at "Belizean Legends" ask you the Belizean Legends audience to join us in remembering this Belizean multi-talented athlete and sportsman, Bertie Ellis. LET'S RECALL A LEGENDARY AND TALENTED BELIZEAN SUPERSTAR!

    We here at "Belizean Legends" want to send a shout out to you the audience to remember with us this legendary super Belizean athlete, "Bobby", who was multi-talented as both a basketball and football player alike. Being that there were very few like him in the likes of the legendary, Harry Cadle and Shape Rhodas, and that we also know that those like Bertie Ellis and Sonny Meighan were also known to possess the same in terms of quality and power in representation of a Belizean "super athlete"!

    "Belizean Legends" want to pay special tribute to the legendary Belizean football player Garincha Adderley. Adderley came from out of the southern Stann Creek District of Belize football greatness, and played football for teams of the popular town of Dangriga. Dis ya "Lion of the South"!

    We had the privilege to have the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Early Childhood Education here at the Corozal Public Library
    The Children enjoyed the story The Princess and the Pea and crafts! Thank You Mrs. Mary Beth, Tracy Blahnik and students!

    Brown Coffee & Pastry Grand Opening
    The Brown Coffee & Pastry shop is having their grand opening tomorrow. They have specials on their food and coffees. They are located on Maya street, by the new Town Hall. "Amazing great opening ... introduction tasty wings at $1 each. Visit us at Maya street San Ignacio 6pm and you will also enjoy hot or cold coffee and our delicious crepes of banana and cake tres leches in our specialty .... we'll wait for you."

    Institute of Archaeology personnel visit interns
    Today Institute of Archaeology personnel spent the day with high school and university interns at three sites in the Cayo District.

    Channel 7

    Tsunami Scare Sends Belizeans Scrambling For The Hills
    Last night at nine minutes to 9:00, you probably felt the earth, or the floor of your house shaking. That was a major earthquake in the waters hundreds of miles from Belize City sending tremors right into your living room. And while that caused only a slight disturbance, it's the aftermath that's making news tonight: by 9:00 PM, the National Weather Center in the US had sent out a tsunami alert for all land-masses within a one thousand kilometer radius of the earthquake's center. The warning was that the first wave of a tsunami could be reaching Belize by 10:30 pm.

    Emergency Minister: Tsunami Scare An Eye - Opener
    Last night's tsunami scare was a first for almost all of us including Minister Of National Emergency Management Edmond Castro. He confessed that he was not even aware that there was a Tsunami Centre monitoring Belize's waters for possible threats. He told us how last night's event has now opened his eyes to this very real threat of this fast moving disaster that can hit Belize: Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of National Emergency Management : "This is the first of its kind for us like I said last night I did not even know we had a tsunami center in this Pacific region. I knew about the hurricane center that updates us and so for Belize for me as the minister responsible for NEMO, this is a new wave now that we will have to look at when there is an earthquake especially in the ocean. We have to prepare ourselves for this kind of disaster that may come our way. How prepared are we? We are as prepared as we could be."

    MET Office Says Tsunami Center Gave Them The Call
    So, while the Tsunami warning turned out to be a scare and not a catastrophe, the fact is NEMO and the National Met Office couldn't simply dismiss a warning coming out of the Tsunami Warning Center. Today, the Chief Meteorologist told us about the warning they got, and why her office was duty bound to ring the emergency bell at such short notice: Catherine Cumberbatch - Chief Meteorologist: "A tremor was felt across the country last night, the data we gathered from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center shows that there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that hit off Swan Island. That's just north of Honduras, and that had a depth of like say 20 miles - was the depth of that earthquake. It hit at around 8:52 p.m., local time, and we received the first message from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center like 6 minutes after. We received the first Tsunami message which shows that there was a Tsunami warning for the entire coast of Belize, and if that wave - that wave was forecasted to reach us around 10:30 p.m. the same night."

    Tsunami Scare? Get Outta Here!
    While the MET office and the NEMO Minister had the official take on the earthquake and tsunami threat, what was it like for you? This morning we took the streets and found out that some people took the threat very seriously while others just relied upon the man upstairs for protection. Interviewee #1: "Mommy I feel the earthquake." Sahar Vasquez: "Where were you?" Interviewee #1: "At home." Sahar Vasquez: "Did you see anything moving, what did you do?"

    Report: Foreign Minister Signs Off On Bennett Extradition File
    Attorney Andrew Bennett could be one step closer to a US extradition tonight. Reports to 7News say that Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has signed off on the extradition file sent by the US State Department and forwarded it to the Attorney General's Ministry. That would mean that Elrington is satisfied that he is satisfied that all documentation from the US is in order. It's an important step - since not all requests that arrive at the Foreign Minister's office are forwarded on for action. The next steps would be for the AG's Ministry to satisfy itself, and then take the case to the Chief Magistrate for the issuance of a provisional warrant.

    Jury Deliberates Fate of Convicted Killer
    Right now, a jury of 6 men and 6 women is deliberating the fate of 28 year old Krismar Espinosa, accused of the prison murder of 21 year old Keon Swasey. Espinosa is accused of fatally stabbing Swasey in the chest on Christmas Eve, 2009 at the Hattieville Prison. The main testimony comes from two prison officers, Neal and Cowo - who said that they saw Espinosa make a punching or stabbing motion at Espinosa while he was on a telephone call. The weapon of choice was a crude prison made knife known as a "Bora". Espinosa gave a statement from the dock denying he committed the offence. This is the second trial, because Espinosa was declared not guilty in the first.

    Reef Report Card Shows Recovery
    After 2 years the conservation community has put together the latest Reef Report Card. It's the annual assessment of the entire Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System - which passes through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. To measure the comparative health of the entire system, marine biologists have sampled 319 different sites along the reef, looking for indicators of a healthy reef system. After collecting all that data, they can then determine which part of the reef system has improved, and which parts are in danger. Well, this year's report card is ready, and according to the experts, at this point, Belize's reef is healthier than it was 10 years ago. It has been upgraded from poor to fair. So, we start with the good news, which was underscored by the Vice President of Oceana Belize, Janelle Chanona:

    Nurses Meet To Discuss Their Agenda
    The National Nursing Conference was held today at the Radisson. The main goal is to enhance the nursing profession in Belize which will improve health services to regular citizens like you. 150 nurses were invited to engage in this discussion. We stopped by to find out more. Augustina Elijio - Deputy Director, Health Services: "I must indicate that this a very historic event for nursing in Belize as out team indicates we are looking at a vision for the future of nursing to improve quality care in this country. It's a move that must happen, we are in a global village as it relates to health we need to think global but yet act local. Whatever is happening globally affects Belize. I must also indicate that the health care system is so dynamic so involving and it cannot be business as usual for nursing. We must step up to the plate, we must be cognizant of what are the changes and what are the changing roles that nurses must be prepared for."

    Ardon, Alleged Serial Molester
    Police say 52 year old Jose Ardon is a serial child molestor, and today he was hit with 11 more charges - after being assessed with two charges of unlawful sexual intercourse in July of last year. Today, he was back in court - facing 11 more charges of the same count. He is accused of initiating relations with a 14 year old in August 2016, and doing so, once monthly up until June 2017. Ardon was released on the same bail he got from the Supreme Court after he was charged with the first two offences.

    No Elective Surgeries At KHMH, Four New Surgical Theaters Coming
    The KHMH continues to upgrade its operating theaters - and it means temporary inconvenience for surgery patients and their families. Work has stepped up this week and will continue to March. In the interim, the hospital will continue to do only Emergency cases and C-Sections. That means no elective surgeries for the time being. When the project is done, the KHMH will have four state of the art Operating Theaters.

    Headless Jaguar Fished Out Of River
    There are concerns in the wildlife conservation community about the carcass of a headless baby jaguar found floating in the Belize River near Manatee Lookout today. The small male cat measures 24 inches from shoulder to rump and girth is 23 inches. His head is missing and several small holes were found on both his left shoulder and left leg.

    Could Reef Mitigate Tsunami Damage?
    At the top of the news, we had all the coverage on the tsunami scare from last night. That natural disaster didn't hit us, but if it did, could the barrier reef have mitigated it by reducing the strength of the surge? Today we asked leading figures in the marine conservation community, and they told us that the barrier reef doesn't have the name "barrier" for nothing: Janelle Chanona - VP, Oceana Belize: "The coral reef that we have, the Barrier Reef, it really lives up to its name in terms of being a first line of defense, a barrier to strong wave action, storm surges, etc. We also have the benefit of our mangrove role because they also play a very crucial role in really - and there are incredible videos that document this.

    The Fault In Our South
    And while the reef is a mitigating factor - an aggravating factor is what is known as the Motagua fault and the Swan Islands transform fault. That's what's called a plate boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates, which has a history of rupturing in large earthquakes. In 2009 an earthquake along that same fault line caused a magnitude 7.3 quake which shook up southern Belize and badly damaged Monkey River and communities in the Toledo District. That's when we spoke to Geologist Andre Cho by telephone. He told us that the reality is that Belize sits in an earthquake zone:

    Hon. Castro Says NEMO Was On Point For A First Time
    But there's no fault with NEMO. Their minister says their rapid response was commendable, especially since it is the first time something like this has happened in Belize. Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of National Emergency Management: "I would definitely think that we. I am not one of the people to give myself a grade but I think our response to the job that we execute last night in terms of warning people. I believe the general public will be able to give us that grade. From my point of view, I think we have done well. We had our coordinators in every area from Toledo all the way up to Corozal watching the ocean movements of the water so we were able to be on track and queue. We have done what we could have done to warn our people."

    Firemen Sounded The Alarm Along Coastal Communities
    And while NEMO got props, the same should be given to the Fire Department. Last night when many along the coast were scrambling to get out of town, they were on the job, raising the alarm along the coast with sirens - urging seafront residents to seek higher ground. And, it was not just in Belize City the fire departments all over the coast were doing the same and according to fire chief Ted Smith, this is an operating procedure they have had for a while so they were prepared. Ted Smith - Fire Chief: "The national fire service being a part of the National Emergency Management Organization work hand in hand with the department of NEMO."

    Persevering Firemen Honoured
    And, today that kind of readiness, hard work and perseverance paid off for 12 firemen who graduated from the leading firefighter promotional course. The course started in November and ended in December. We stopped by to hear from the graduates and learn more about the course. Graduate #1: "The course covered eight major topics hydraulics, hazardous material, fire behaviour, size up, incident command, report writing, fire investigation, and fire control. These topics combined to create a foundation for us firefighters to perform efficiently and to reach our ultimate goal, to save lives and protect property."

    Channel 5

    The Earth Moved off Honduras on Tuesday Night; Tsunami Threat Causes Brief Panic
    The tremors of a strong seven point six earthquake in Great Swan Island in Honduras were felt as far as Mexico and various areas of the country. Residents in Belize [...]

    San Pedranos’ Response to Tsunami Threat
    The tsunami threat caused a panic in the prime tourism island of San Pedro where residents took no chances and moved to safer buildings and shelters that were immediately opened [...]

    Did Belizeans Confuse Tsunami Threat for ‘Spring Tide?’
    Adding to the frenzy following the offshore tremor was the perceived recession of seawater ahead of a resulting tsunami.  As we said, it turns out that a phenomenon known as [...]

    Barrier Reef Getting Healthier but Work Continues
    The Mesoamerican Reef provides economic, social and cultural benefits to Belize. It is valued around a billion dollars and recent reports show that just four of Belize’s seven marine protected [...]

    Krismar Espinosa Found Not Guilty of Keon Swasey Murder in Re-Trial
    The fate of twenty-eight-year-old Krismar Espinosa of Orange Walk was today in the hands of a twelve-member jury. Espinosa was tried for the second time for the murder of fellow [...]

    52-Year-Old Charged for Unlawful Sex with Minor, 15
    A fifteen-year-old girl accuses a man more than three times her age of sexually abusing her for almost a year. Fifty-two-year-old Jose Ardon was initially charged with two counts of [...]

    City Man Charged for Unexpected Chopping
    A Belize City man was remanded on Tuesday for an assault that left one man injured. On December twenty-ninth, 2017, Edgar Richards was talking to a friend on Emma Street [...]

    Jaguar Loses Head to Hunter’s Machete
    In an almost unbelievable case of animal cruelty for personal gain, the owner of Belize River Lodge near Manatee Lookout on the Philip Goldson Highway this morning came upon the [...]

    Why Was Big Cat Targeted?
    Heusner believes that the jaguar killer appeared only to have wanted the head and not the rest of the body. The jaguar is a protected species and fines are prescribed [...]

    Firefighters Taught Leadership and Emergency Response Skills
    There has been an increase in fires, many of them cases of arson, occurring across the country.  It is causing the need for more firefighters to join the department. Today, [...]

    How to Manage your Drone
    Usage of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, has exploded in recent years as the average man and woman experience the wonder of flight, not unlike kites or traveling [...]

    What is the Future of Nursing in Belize?
    About one hundred and fifty nurses are discussing the future of the nursing profession at the Radisson in Belize City. And even as they move forward, they are looking at [...]

    Basketball is Back; City Defenders Will Not Play at New Civic
    The 2018 season of the National Elite Basketball League is set to begin in the coming days.  A schedule of games to be played this year was released on January [...]

    New Owners Ready to Challenge for Elite League Crown
    Since acquiring the team a little over three months ago, Old Capital Sports, the organization which owns the Belize City Defenders, has been re-branded the team and has made it [...]


    Tsunami warning caused a wave of panic
    Shortly before nine o’clock last night, many Belizeans were jolted out of their comfort zone when tremors were felt across the country. Shortly after, NEMO was activated as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert for several countries, including Belize. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie has more in this report. Sometime around nine o’clock on Tuesday …

    Twelve firefighters graduated from a course
    This morning family and friends gathered to witness 12 firefighters of the National Fire Service receive certificates for completing a six-week Leading Firefighters course. Firefighter Anthony Burgos spoke about the course. Anthony Burgos – Firefighter “A few days into the course, I realize that there was something special about this group; we were willing to …

    Nurses discuss the future of nursing in Belize
    The national nursing conference was opened this morning in Belize City. Over one hundred and fifty nurses have converged to discuss the future of the profession in Belize. Augustina Elijio, Deputy Director of health services with responsibility for nursing in Belize says they are looking at improving the future of nursing to improve quality care …

    Belize Female Beach Volleyball Team off to Colombia
    Belize’s Female Volleyball team will be heading to Barranquilla, Colombia for a regional competition. The team qualified to compete in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games. This is the first time that a female team from Belize has qualified to compete in the sport. Only two athletes will represent Belize. Those two athletes have …

    KHMH’s refurbishment may cause a delay in services
    The KHMH Authority says that refurbishment and upgrading of the Operating Theater suites may pose a delay of service to many patients awaiting elective procedures. In a press statement, the Authority said that the works have now reached its most critical point. The statement adds that there will be a continued performance of Emergency cases …

    Coral bleaching remains a concern
    The 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report is based on the new study of 319 coral reef sites along one thousand kilometers of the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. One of the key findings of the study is that coral bleaching remains a concern; in 2015 and 2016, twenty-one percent of corals bleached. Director …

    Here is Belize’s Reef Report Card
    Belize is doing fairly good when it comes to our barrier reef. This was reported by the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) in its 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report Card today. The documents provide a glimpse of the condition and changes in this ancient living coral reef ecosystem. The 2018 Report Card records an …

    The role of Belize’s Barrier Reef
    The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings for areas within 621 miles of the quake’s epicenter. Many Belize City residents and those living on the coast decided to evacuate following the Tsunami warning alert. Quickly receding water was observed along the shores of Belize shortly after the earthquake. However, all tsunami advisories were canceled throughout the Caribbean …

    SSB’s CEO speaks to Love News over resolved dispute
    A dispute between the Christian Workers Union (CWU) and the Social Security Board (SSB) was resolved in favor of the CWU following a meeting yesterday. The dispute was over the interpretation of salary increase/adjustment as contained within the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It was agreed by both parties that the salaries for each employee will …

    “I did not run.”- Roy Craig
    In an interview with Love News yesterday, seventy-six-year-old Roy “Bullet” Craig vehemently denied a sexual assault allegation made by a 16-year-old boy. Craig decided to speak out with the hopes that he would clear his name from what he calls a conspiracy. He has been criminally charged and while he has yet to try his …


    New cable bridge being constructed at Branch Mouth
    The old pedestrian crossing at Branch Mouth in the Cayo District is being replaced with a new cable bridge. GOB says that the new bridge has a greater loading capacity and has been elevated to accommodate a higher flood level. Works include installing all runners on the decking platform, aligning th...

    Belize Scouts Participate in Interamerican Leadership Course in Ecuador
    Two members of the Belize Scouts attended the 5th Interamerican Leadership Training (ILT) in Quito, Ecuador from December 28, 2017 to January 3, 2018. The members are Reese Medina from the 27th Cayo Santa Elena Jaguar Scout Group and Aaron Pook from the 28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Group. The training...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Ministry of Works issues caution on Hummingbird Highway
    The Ministry of Works is informing the public that an accident occurred this morning near […]


    Gorgeous Day on Ambergris Caye, Night Time Shakes & Tsunami Watch
    Last night, I felt my first earthquake on Ambergris Caye. After 9pm, as I was reading, the windows started shaking. Like a large truck was driving by or a sudden STRONG wind was blowing. And it lasted a bit too long…earthquake. Closest land, Honduras…about 150 miles away but almost DIRECTLY east of Belize. It was felt up to Cancun and out to the Cayman Islands.As I was falling asleep, a tsunami alert was issued in a few countries – NOAA, Belize issued an alert. A wave up to one meter was possible. I called in our cat…and fell asleep. For more information, for the actions taken in town, PLEASE check the San Pedro Sun Facebook page. Wee Willie Winkie here is not a good source of information. This morning, the sea is incredibly calm. An employee at the neighboring resort did tell me that the water did recede more than usual – 15 to 20 feet he reckons. Tsunami or low tide? But no wave followed. The alert was called off at 10:52pm.

    Yes, we had no tsunami, we had no tsunami last night
    Well, Ambergris Caye dodged another disaster. In 2017, two major hurricanes bypassed us for richer pickings in the rest of the Caribbean, coastal US, and Houston. Last night, it was the threat of a tsunami, following an offshore 7.6 earthquake. Dodging bullets, on a number of levels, seems to be becoming our way of life here in Belize. There wasn’t much notice, or room to dodge, last night. Reports said a tsunami could hit our island of Ambergris Caye barely two hours after the earthquake. In the fine print, the waves were projected to be .3 to 3 feet above normal tide. Not very exciting, except when you consider that the highest point on the island is a man-made bridge about 5-6 feet above sea level. Most of the island is flat to the water and many structures are built to the water’s edge or over the top of it. Three-foot waves (later projected to 5 feet) could make a mess.

    Back to Business as Usual After Tsunami Warning
    Facebook was all lit up last night, as many of you across the globe were watching with bated breath as your friends in San Pedro (and other close by places) were posting about the earth-shaking us on our couches and rattling our houses at 8:53 pm. The actual earthquake was near Great Swan Island off the northern coast of Honduras and there were 4 aftershocks (smaller quakes) that followed. Great Swan Island is approximately 280 miles (450 km) east of Belize so it is no surprise we felt it here. Not long after things got very real when a tsunami warning was issued for the whole country and particularly the Cayes and the southern region. I have felt quakes here before but they have never come with such a strong fast aftermath. Love FM 98.1 was initially reporting that 3 – 5 feet of water was possible and that anyone in low lying areas needed to get to higher ground and preferably in a strong concrete building. The time got pushed back minorly to 10:52 and that felt like a good sign, but you just never know.

    One week in Belize: The best itinerary for adventure and relaxation
    With its sun-soaked islands, lush jungles, incredible reef system and lively, colourful towns, it’s easy to see why Belize is one of the Caribbean’s most beloved getaways. Whether you’re an adventure lover, wildlife watcher or sun-seeker, it’s the kind of place that has something for everyone, including jungle lodges, Mayan ruins, world-class diving and unforgettable animal encounters. While one week isn’t enough to see the whole country, it is enough time to see most of the main highlights, stretching from the Guatemalan border all the way out to the Caribbean Sea. Here’s the best itinerary for spending an un-Belize-able week in Belize (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

    Part I: Why do some people choose to move to Belize after a vacation here?
    Canadians and Americans make up the bulk of the expat population in Belize. So why is it that some individuals move here? Here are the top reasons given... 1.) The weather - once some people experience year round summers, it is VERY hard to go back. Most of the US experiences 4 seasons, and many people do genuinely love to experience that. For others - they are just summer people. And the weather in most of the US (and definitely north of there!) does not cut it. Except for southern Florida, it does get "cold" in the winter. For those that are uncomfortable when the weather dips below the low 70's, you do have to be close to Miami or south of there. There is a different culture and vibe in Belize, and for some people, when they show up here, they feel at home. What are some of these cultural differences that make it better to live in Belize for some people....each one deserves its own section - read on!

    Ranking the Best Caves in Belize
    The caves in Belize are world famous, many of them are consistently featured in articles and Maya documentaries by National Geographic and other international media organizations. The reason is that aside from having beautiful characteristics, most of the caves till this day have ancient Maya artifacts, including sacrificial remains. Of course, this means that you should definitely visit a cave when you’re in Belize–the question should be, which one, first? Below I’ll list the best caves in Belize based on their popularity and accessibility. I hope you enjoy your cave adventure!

    Ten things to do in Belize
    It is a new year and you are looking at your bucket list wondering what it is lacking. It is time for adventure! It is time exploration and conquering new horizons! New destinations, new experiences, awesome memories and loads of fun… it is time for Belize. Here are 10 awesome things to do and reasons why you should have Belize as your next destination. We should also mention that none of them involve dealing with snow or sub zero temps ;).

    “Gates of Tomorrow” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
    You build a house anywhere in the world it will need remedial work over time. In Belize – and I can only really talk about Ambergris Caye – this remedial work occurs more often. The sun and salty air wreak havoc on external elements of the house (and inside for that matter) . What started out as lovely dark red mahogany entrance doors ( that’s what we started out with) very quickly become bleached and peeling. Not an attractive sight. A bit like someone who has been sunbathing too much and losing all that dead skin ! Hopefully you’re not reading this while eating . If you are, then sorry, switch off now and come back ( please come back ) later. The rainy season fills up your rainwater collection system ( we live off- grid and collect our own water) but it also ‘washes’ away your garden. It sinks. It rains again, and deep pools of water form. Great for the mosquitos but … Those lovely plycem ceilings over the verandas start to look very tired. The joints between the boards start to open up. The paint starts to fall away. What was once (and for us it’s only 4 years ago that we moved in) that pristine new home starts to look tired and a little disheveled.

    Hiking in Belize - Great For Your Heart, Mind, and Body
    Belize is just a short flight away from North America, but its exotic wildlife, unparalleled natural beauty, and thriving eco-system make it truly a world away. In Belize, the sound of birds and the perfume in the air from hundreds of flowering plant species are far more common than the hustle and bustle of modern life in the United States and Canada. That's why Belize is one of the best places in the world to unplug, relax, and unwind. Although it may not sound glamorous, one of the most popular activities in Belize is hiking through the jungle. Far from any wireless internet signal, shopping mall, or noisy highway, the jungles are, instead, an oasis of natural beauty, color, and tranquility. Everywhere you look, you'll spot incredible examples of nature at its finest, ranging from elusive jaguars to tiny frogs and insect that make the jungle thrum with energy.

    Spring-Break-ing in Belize
    Now that United Airlines, American, Delta, and Southwest all offer non-stop flights to Belize from major cities across the U.S., Belize is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting places to enjoy your spring break vacation. Nicknamed "The Jewel" for its astoundingly diverse and pristine landscapes teeming with exotic wildlife, Belize is a small country located on the Caribbean coast of Central America just south of Mexico. Unlike its neighbors, Belize is an English-speaking country, so you'll never have to worry about translating menus or getting around. Here are a few fun ideas of what you can enjoy on your spring break in Belize:

    Belize: Hold The Oil – We’ll Have The Reef Instead, Thanks!
    We all know that oil and water don’t mix, and nowhere does this simple saying sound sweeter than in environmentally friendly Belize, with the little country having just won huge worldwide praise for indefinitely suspending any oil drilling off its beautiful Caribbean coastline and World Heritage-listed Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. And sweeter still is the fact that the decision to not “drill, baby, drill” was the result of people power, starting with a 2012 “People’s Referendum” that saw over 30,000 Belizeans vote at a dozen polling stations around the country. And their voice was loud, clear and unified – with ninety-six percent of the voters saying they were opposed to offshore drilling. The government took notice, and after the moratorium was implemented on December 29 2017, so did global media.

    International Sourcesizz

    10 cheapest places to live abroad in 2018
    Ever wanted to live to the fullest but were restricted due to the cost? Do you wish to live without having to worry about the high cost of every day necessities? Well, Panama-based Live and Invest Overseas company has just released a list of the 10 cheapest cities to live in the world where you can move to in 2018. The company advise people on how to make the most use of your money. So, check them out here: 4. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize: San Pedro is usually bustling with a lot of tourists from across the globe, however, the place has cheaper options of living and the best part are the scintillating views. You can even rent a beach for a month for as low as $1,000 a month. Under $2000, a couple can live your life with ease.

    This is Rugby: The Englishman bringing rugby to Belize
    Rugby can help people in different ways. One man who has witnessed the power of the sport first hand is Tony Gillings. As the founder of Rugby Belize, an organisation he launched in 2014 to introduce rugby in the small Central American country where 43% of people live below the poverty line, Gillings has seen how rugby can transform communities. And while rugby's growing impact in Belize is significant, the sport's role in helping Gillings turn his own life around is perhaps even more meaningful. As soon as Gillings discovered that rugby wasn't played in Belize, he wrote a proposal document on how the sport could be introduced in communities to help direct the energy of those lacking opportunities and direction in a positive way. The proposal was well received and soon after Gillings had moved his entire life 5,000 miles away to the promised paradise of Belize.

    4 Getaways To Escape The Cold Now
    urricanes Irma, Jose and Maria ravaged the Caribbean last year, rendering Turks & Caicos, Saint Martin, Barbuda and several other islands practically inoperable, from power outages to property damage to limited access to food and water. The countries, however, are working to rebuild cities with stronger infrastructure, thanks to local and international relief efforts. But people can still visit places like Belize and Barbados that were not devastated by hurricanes. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling; scuba diving; catching conch; hitting the beach; dining on authentic island food; and enjoying sugar and rum festivals. “Though Belize does have a hurricane season like other Central American and Caribbean countries, it has, fortunately, avoided many direct hits making it safe to visit,” a representative from the Belize Tourism Board told NewsOne. “Furthermore, it was not affected by recent hurricanes.”

    Shyne Welcomes a Baby Girl
    Shyne rings in the new year in Belize just about the best way possible. On Tuesday (Jan. 9), the former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper used his Instagram account to reveal that he'd just welcomed a baby girl into the world. "Welcome our princess Naomi," Shyne began in the caption for an Instagram image of himself and his newly born daughter. "Thank the Creator of the universe for delivering you to us Love at first sight 1•9•18."

    Cascade Game Foundry Releases VR Dive with Dr. Sylvia Earle
    Cascade Game Foundry (CGF™) is pleased to announce the release of their Virtual Reality (VR) experience, ‘Dive with Sylvia VR,’ now available in the Oculus Rift® Store, in the Gallery section. ‘Dive with Sylvia VR’ is CGF’s first Oculus Rift-enabled experience and features a relaxing, 5-minute scuba dive with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. The legendary oceanographer leads you on a tour of a real dive site in Belize with authentic wildlife: accurate corals, reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, and whale sharks. Because the wildlife on each dive is different, as it is in the real world, you never know what you may see.


  • UNICEF Belize Accomplishments and 2018 Agenda, 40min. UNICEF discusses the accomplishments of 2017 and looks towards the continued work of 2018. UNICEF Representative Dr. Susan Kasedde and Programme Officers sit down with local television morning show hosts

  • A FAMILY IN THE AREA OF BLACK WATER CREEK IN TRIAL FARM IS AWAKEN BY BLAZING FIRE, 4.5min. The Chan family of Trial Farm Village here in the Orange Walk District was awaken by a raging fire accompanied by a cloud of smoke in the wee hours of this morning. Reports suggest that sometime around 2:30 a.m., Trinidad Chan was at home along with her family of three, when she became aware of strange a noise coming from outside the house. Upon making checks, Chan’s son witnessed that the outside kitchen as well as a chicken coop located on the family’s lot, were engulfed in flames.

  • BELIZEAN LEFT WITH LOT OF QUESTIONS SURROUNDING WHAT A TSUANAMI IS , CATHERINE CUMBERBATCH EXPLAINS., 5.5min. Following last night’s close call many Belizeans are today left with a lot of questions surrounding what a Tsunami really is and what does last night’s events mean for Belize. Today Chief Meteorologist, Catherine Cumberbatch spoke more of last night’s phenomenon.

  • Tsunami Treat to Belize on Open Your Eyes, 42min.

  • Drone Training Workshop for key stakeholders on Open Your Eyes, 22min.

  • Gardening on Open Your Eyes, 25min.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize, 3min.


  • Belize Christmas 2017, 7min.

  • Belize - Crabs, 2min.

  • My Adventure in Belize/Xunantanich, 4min. Xunantanich Mayan ruins, Belize.

  • Roof thatching in Belize, 1min. The jungle provides! Did you know that you could build a roof in three hours? The crew here at our eco-lodge in Punta Gorda,

  • The Caves of the Chiquibul, 6min.

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