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August 10, 2017


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The San Pedro Sun

Team ‘One Shot One Kill’ wins the San Pedro Belikin National 8-ball Pool Tournament
After seven weeks of intense competition, the San Pedro Billiards Association crowned a champion on Sunday, August 6th during the finals at the San Pedro Lions Den. The top four teams of the tournament hoping to grab the championship title were: Team One Shot One Kill, Team Amigos, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, and Rack Dawgs. After some intense games, Team One Shot One Kill emerged as the champions, claiming the first place and a cash prize of $800, plus the opportunity to represent the island at the National Tournament in Belize City on August 19th. The Most Valuable Player of the tournament went to Mauricio Peña of team One Shot One Kill. During the award ceremony, each player was commended for their participation. The winning team was encouraged to do well at the National Tournament in Belize City.

Maya Island Air’s planes sport a new ‘Belize’ look
On Friday, August 5th, two of Maya Island Air’s newly modeled planes landed at the John Greif II Airstrip, sporting designs featuring the Great Blue Hole and the Jaguar. Seeking to always promote the best of Belizean hospitality, Maya Island Air has now redesigned its planes to showcase images that are synonymous with Belize. From the breathtaking blues of the Caribbean Sea to the lush greens of the jungle, Maya Island Air hopes that this new design will leave a lasting impression on visitors the minute they arrive in Belize. The planes’ decor is also geared at promoting the country’s main tourist attractions, such as the Blue Hole, and the rain forest jungle adventures.

Ambergris Today

Minister Castro’s Sons Wanted For Questioning In San Pedro Aggravated Assault Case
Police are on the look out for the sons of Minister Edmond Castro. Wasani and Jafari Castro are being sought in connection with an aggravated assault incident that took place in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye over the Costa Maya Weekend. The Police Report states that 21-year-old Kevin Brown was at a resort in San Pedro with a group of friends when a dispute over a piece of jewelry started. During the dispute someone kicked Brown several times and bashed his head with a fire extinguisher. Police visited the San Pedro Polyclinic where they saw Kevin Brown (21yrs) in an unconscious state. He was later airlifted to Belize City. Since Sunday, police are looking for the Castro brothers for questioning.

Sewage Treatment Systems Required For Commercial And Tourism Developments
The Department of Environment has issued a public advisory informing all new commercial and tourism developments on North and South Ambergris Caye (outside the declared “service areas”) and those in ecologically sensitive areas, are required to invest in a proper sewage treatment system. “The developer/investor is free to review the many types of sewage treatment systems available on the international and local market, and to select the most appropriate system for their purposes,” stated the press release from the Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development, August 7, 2017. “Whichever sewerage treatment system is selected, it will need to meet or exceed the Department of the Environment’s MINIMUM STANDARDS for discharges.”

Captured Jaguar Dies Of Heat Trauma And Exhaustion
On the 27th July 2017, the Forest Department responded to reports of a jaguar being captured by farmers around the Northern Lagoon area in the Belize District. Upon investigation, it was discovered that farmers, who experienced several jaguar attacks on their livestock, retaliated by trapping the jaguar. When farmers informed the Forest Department that they had caught a jaguar, a team comprising of members of the National Jaguar Working Group (NJWG), was immediately dispatched to the area. The team noted that prior to and during transportation to the Belize Zoo facilities, the jaguar exhibited signs of sluggish behaviour, poor coordination and weakness - all indications of a potential health crisis. Immediate and specialised care by veterinary personnel and response team was given around the clock to revive the animal, but all efforts proved unsuccessful and a post-mortem confirmed that the animal died due to heat trauma and exhaustion.

Maya Island Air Planes Boast New Look
Two new planes of Maya Island Air have been making head turns as their new design for their aircrafts feature images of the Great Blue Hole and the Jaguar. The newly modeled planes were first seen on Friday, August 5, as they landed at the John Greif II Airstrip in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Maya Island Air says that it hopes the new images on their aircraft will inspire, awe and leave lasting impressions on visitors and locals alike. The new look for Maya Island Air has been painted on two of the airline’s newest aircrafts.

Misc Belizean Sources


BHA President visits Member Properties in Belize
The Belize Hotel Association's newly elected President Ted Tejada has embarked on a familiarization tour of all the member properties, since being elected to office in late June. Destinations he has visited include Placencia, San Pedro, Cayo, Orange Walk and Belize City. To date President Ted Tejada has visited over 20 properties and met with managers, owners and staff, while learning about all the amenities and attractions available at each hotel. He will continue to visit other BHA properties in the upcoming weeks, so he will be in your area very soon. We would like to thank all the member hotels that hosted our President on his recent visit, with their exceptional warmth and hospitality.

Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition
The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project and the Belize National Library Service Information System along with its partners (Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, NICH, Belize City Council, and Taiwan ICDF) along with its sponsors BTB, BWS, BEL, Angelus Press Ltd and GSCOM are pleased to bring to you the 2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition. 24 Schools will participate, six will go to the finals and the top three schools will be named. Last year St. Mary's Anglican Primary School barely edged out Holy Redeemer Primary School to take home the coveted History Cup. The question is: Will they be able to keep it in 2017? It will all happen live on Love FM on October 27th starting at 9:00 a.m.

Come paint with us tomorrow at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar. We will be painting "A New Day" inspired by local artist Marcus Larious.

UB ERI is currently looking for a Bird Bander
UB ERI is currently looking for a dedicated person to fill the following full-time volunteer position of Bird Bander. The deadline for receipt of applications is September 04, 2017.

Forest Research & Monitoring Interns
UB ERI is currently looking for dedicated persons to fill the following Full-time positions of Forest Research & Monitoring Interns. The deadline for receipt of applications is August 11, 2017.

Great finishing off the design at the old prison in Corozal
This workshop with 7 young corozaleonos along with an artist painted this wall for one week.

Corozal - All Tourism Stakeholders - Free Social Media for the Travel Industry Training for all Corozal BTIA Members
To register and secure your space contact us at [email protected] or 227-1144. Don't miss this opportunity.

International Day of the World's Indigenous People
he Unveiling of The Crique Sarco Customary Land Map took Place Today - Story by Osmany Salas - "The Maya of Crique Sarco have taken matters into their own hands to implement the Caribbean Court of Justice's (CCJ) Order to "create an effective mechanism” to identify and protect Maya lands in accordance with their traditional governance. I was happy to witness the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management's launching of the Maya Lands Registry today. SATIIM and Crique Sarco have developed a model that identifies traditional territorial boundaries and resolves boundary conflicts with the adjacent Maya communities of Sunday Wood and Graham Creek. The Crique Sarco maps are the initial entry in the listing of customary land usage and delineation that will be collected in the Maya Land Registry. The expectation is that other Maya communities will follow Crique Sarco's lead. The Registry aims to document all Maya lands and how they are managed. A terrific way to celebrate the International Day of the World's Indigenous People."

Illegal catch of a Tarpon, conch
Here are two illegal activities recently posted on social media. Belize is a mecca for all those around the world interested in fishing, especially fly fishing, which in Belize, is a catch and release sport. The Tarpon fish, as well as the bonefish and permit are three catch and release species. It is illegal to kill them. The fellow pictured below has the audacity to display his illegal catch of a Tarpon on social media. The other post was also just made advertising conch for sale. Currently, the conch season is closed so it is illegal to catch and offer it for sale. Both posts are simply reckless and shameful. We hope that by sharing this, it reaches the proper authorities and action taken.

This Day in History
August 9th, 1784, a special Legislative Meeting was held to take into consideration the singular arrival of the ship " Mercury," Capt. Arnott, from London, with Convicts purchased of the Government, and directed by those who bought them to be brought here for sale. They afterwards were compelled by the inhabitants to carry them away from these shores. In the late 1700's, Britain sent many of its convicts to other places in the world as a way to manage their convict population. These convicts were sold off as labourers. One of the places they sent them was Africa. This particular post is about one of those "transports" (179 men, 22 women and 2 boys) as they were called. As you would imagine, no one wanted these ships. As it turned out, Mercury ended up in British Honduras. As it is stated in the Almanack, it sounded as though Mercury left Birtish Honduras with its cargo, but in reality it did not. Apparenntly, after the magistrates met and decided that they should leave, the men were taken to Haulover and then Caye Chapel and from there some of them were sold off to some of the Magistrates (Potts being one of them) and some other locals. To get a better understanding please read Chapter 13 of the Book "A Merciless Place"

Channel 7

Another Guatemalan Visitor Murdered In Belize City
Eight days ago we reported that Guatemalan visitor Josue Arizandieta died after he was robbed and shot a few days earlier. Tonight, another Guatemalan visitor is dead after he tried to stand up to armed robbers. 45 year old Ruben Esquivel Aguilar was visiting family in Belize and last night he got killed trying to defend them. Alex Courtenay has the story: Early this morning, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar and his sister were sleeping in her home on Mahogany Street when they started to hear noise coming from another part of the house. His sister locked herself in her bedroom while Aguilar went to see what was happening, and met two men, one armed with a gun, in the living room...

City Shooting on Sarstoon
And while that was a murder, there was also a shooting on the city's Southside. This one happened on Sarstoon Street just after midnight. Police told us more: Supt. Daniel Arzu - DOC, Southside Police: "Michael Aspinal, he was seen with gunshots to his arm and leg. Police are investigating at this point in time and we are hoping to gather additional information in relation to that incident as it is because the person refuses to speak to us at this point in time so we have to prove into this matter and see what we can get out of this latest incident. Now we are not in a position to say if he is the intended target, what we do know that he was riding his bicycle and he indicated that somebody came from behind fired shots from behind a house and caught him on his hand and feet."

A Murder Charge For Nevis Bethancourt
Nevis Bethancourt almost had his hand chopped off 12 days ago in Santa Elena, Cayo - and now police have charged him for murder. On Thursday, July 27th., 31 year old Bethancourt shot and killed 37 year old Jose Nunez Castellanos - who he says was chopping his hand at the time. And while he claims self-defence, there are other versions of the story which put Bethancourt as the aggressor who pend fire on Nunez Castellanos. It happened at a restaurant which Bethancourt's mother had called him to, reportedly after Castellanos disrespected her.

Another Armed Robbery of A Chinese Grocery In Ladyville
It took the police two days to report it, but there has been another armed robbery at a Chinese grocery in Ladyville. This one happened at Brother`s Store in Lords Bank Village on Monday morning. Shopkeeper, Chun Mie Lui, was tending the counter when three men walked in and one of them held her up with a 9 millimeter pistol. He clubbed her with the pistol handle and they then snatched the cash pan with $350.00 dollars and two cell phones. Police have moved quickly to charge two men. They are 23 year old Veris Ventura and 18 year old Steve Ferrell, who were charged with robbery today before Magistrate Aretha Ford. They pled not guilty to the charge but were remanded because the offence was committed with a firearm.

Customs Collect Weed Coming From Botes
Orange Walk Customs came up with a pound of weed yesterday. They found the brick of weed in a neatly wrapped bundle on an Alamilla Bus at 4:30 yesterday. Customs searched the bus on the Yo Creek Road, coming from the direction of Santa Cruz, which is Belize's most popular illegal border crossing - leading to Botes, Mexico.

Canadian Woman Deported For Abduction of Her Own Child
Today, Belizean law enforcement closed the case on a high profile custody battle out of Canada. It involves this 4-year-old Canadian child, Treyson Trockstad-Greenway, who was taken out of his home city of Lethbridge, Alberta, by his biological mother Robin Leanne Greenway Trockstad. She had been on the run with her son since January 2014, when she relocated to Belize with the child. Canadian missing persons reports say that Robin Trockstad fled with her baby while she was in a custody battle with the child's biological father. He has since won sole custody of Baby Treyson, which made the mother, Robin Trockstad, a fugitive. She is wanted for the charge of Abduction in Contravention of a Custody Order, and for years, she had been quietly living in Cayo. That's until 15 days ago, when she was picked up by Belize law enforcement. Best information to 7News is that the biological father came to Belize to get his son. So, what about Robin Trockstad? Well, Belize Immigration deported her to Canada today, where she will have to answer to Canadian police.

Board Chairman Caught Dr. Lorna On Camera
Dr. Lorna Mckay has been principal of Gwen Liz High for the past 14 years, but, as we've been reporting, the career educator is at odds with the chairman of her board of management, Roosevelt Blades. Two days ago, he hand delivered a letter ordering her to hand over the keys, and leave the compound immediately because she was being placed on administrative leave, forthwith. She didn't leave immediately, and she didn't hand over the keys, so Blades had the locks changed - with the new keys handed over to the Vice Principal. Now, the directive to Dr. McKay is that she is not to return the school until the end of the month because she is under investigation. But, today the Chairman sent us security camera video which shows her at the school - leaving with a manila folder in hand.

Fire Victims Have Shelter
2 days ago, we told you about the fire on Santa Barbara street, which destroyed 4 homes, left 17 people homeless, and killed 1 year-old Tyreik Roberts. It's a tragedy that will have long lasting effects on these disaster victims, and NEMO and the Ministry of Human Development have been trying to ease their suffering. Immediately after the fire on Sunday, they were relocated to the St. Martin De Porres School for lodging while NEMO arranges better temporary housing for them. Today, we got a chance to speak with City Councillor Phillip Willoughby about the the alternative housing that the majority of the victims are already benefiting from:

"Philloughby" In Election Mode Writes Off Taxes!
That opportunity to ask about the fire victims came when Willoughby called us out to Antelope Street to discuss a social program that he says the City Council is rolling out. It's designed to help the poor residents of the city who cannot pay their property tax. So, here's how it works. If you are a property owner in Belize City, and you can show with sufficient proof that you cannot pay taxes due to the City, there is a possibility that you may qualify for a tax write-off. It's a section of the laws already in the books where the taxpayer can show that he or she is, quote, "poor and indigent, and unable to pay the rate on the property". We got a chance to speak with the Antelope Street residents who will be the first to benefit from this program, of course with the intercession of an election-crazed "Philloughby". Here's what they told us:

FFB Tries Again
If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. That's just what the Football Federation of Belize is pushing to do after their ninth annual congress never got quorum. Now, the FFB has set up the agenda for an Extraordinary Congress. They're trying to finalize important football business that was left on the floor during the embarrassing 9th Congress from June 24 and 25 that had to be postponed. Well, the FFB has scheduled this extraordinary congress for Saturday, September 2, and they're hoping that this time, enough football delegates will show up so that quorum can be reached.

"Hardcore" Thieves Wiped Out Fishing Business
Placencia resident Erwin Westby earns his living as a fishing guide, but his business, named Hardcore Fishing Charters got hit by some hardcore burglars between Monday night and Tuesday morning. They cleaned him out of some very expensive rods and reels. In total, 13 Penn brand fishing rods and reels, valued at about $45,000, were stolen. But Police followed up on the report swiftly and have detained two persons as well as recovered 6 of the reels valued at about 26 thousand dollars.

SATIIM Makes Land Registry On Its Own
Today is the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples and to commemorate the occasion, SATIIM launched the Maya Lands Registry. They say this is following up on the directive of the Caribbean Court of Justice to "create an effective mechanism" to identify and protect Mayan lands in accordance with their traditional governance. They say that 2 years later and still no mechanism exists. So, they took the matter into their own hands and created that mechanism for Crique Sarco village - one of the 38 communities with customary land use rights. NGO Senator Osmany Salas attended the event - and we have his interview courtesy PGTV:

Belize U-13 Table Tennis Athletes Excel
This weekend, Belize table tennis athletes turned heads at the 2017 U-13 and U11 Table Tennis Championships. A delegation of 7 athletes went to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to participate in the tournament. After 4 days of competition the pair 12 year-olds, Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani, managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals in the doubles category. After a hard-fought battle, they lost to Guatemala, and won the Bronze Medals. In that same tournament, Devesh Hukmani managed to distinguish himself when he won the bronze medal in the singles tournament as well. This evening, we got a chance to speak with both athletes, and their coaches about their performance. Here's what they told us about making Belize's presence known in the tournament:

Kevin Brown, Suspect May Have Flown Out
As we told you last night, 21 year old basketballer Kevin Brown is at home in Camalote recovering after a massive blow to the head which happened in a brawl on Sunday night in San Pedro. According to eyewitnesses, Brown and about three other friends were mobbed by a group of 20 men. Eyewitnesses tell us that he was punched out and then someone threw a vase on his head - even though initial reports said that he had been hit with a fire extinguisher. The dispute was all over a bracelet, and police have surveillance video of the fracas which happened near Banana Beach resort. Witnesses tell us that the dispute was with some well known young men from Belize city - one of whom has reportedly left the country. We'll keep following the story.

Kids See the Inside of A Prison And Hear Real Stories
We see their pictures, get footage of them when they are taken to court and follow their cases, but we don't usually get to see what happens after convicts go to prison. We have an idea but it's not the same like actually experiencing or hearing it from the inmates themselves. Well today, a group of Belmopan kids got a chance to confront the reality of life behind bars. Courtney Weatherburne went to the prison and has more details. It's another day in the wood work shop for these prisoners. Some are sanding a table they just built others are working on smaller wooden craft. But these inmates know how to do much more than just construction. They know how to rear chickens and slaughter pigs. These are just a few activities that the prisoners can keep busy with on the compound. And of course, there is time for recreation. It might not seem too bad from the outside.

Channel 5

Murderous Pre-Dawn Home Invasion in Belize City
A national from Guatemala arrived in the country a few days ago to get away from personal problems. But instead his life was cut short in a deadly home invasion [...]

Nevis Betancourth Faces Murder Charges after Stand-Off
San Ignacio Police have arrested and charged Nevis Betancourth for the murder of Jose “El Chele” Castellanos.  Betancourth was hospitalized for several days following the deadly incident that happened at [...]

Michael Aspinall Shot on Sarstoon Street
Hours prior to the murder of Ruben Esquivel, shots rang out several blocks away on Sarstoon Street in the Old Capital. Just after midnight on Tuesday, thirty-four-year-old Michael Aspinal, a [...]

The Castro Brothers Sought for Beating on Ambergris Caye
We can finally confirm tonight that the San Pedro police are looking for Wasani and Jafari Castro, following the aggravated assault of twenty-one-year-old Kevin Brown at a resort on the [...]

C.C.J. Says Why Wilfred Elrington Must Return Documents
The Caribbean Court of Justice has issued written reasons for its decision in the case of Progresso Heights Limited versus Wilfred Elrington and Pitts and Elrington. On July twenty-first, the [...]

The Power of Family: Vega/Banos Land Acquisitions
News Five continues its perusal of one hundred and eighteen land documents leaked recently that show a land scheme which enriched friends and families of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar [...]

Youths Hear Powerful Testimonies from Behind Prison Walls
The Belize Central Prison is bursting at its seams as the number of inmates stands at one thousand three hundred, fifty-eight percent of them are awaiting trial for crimes that [...]

Belmopan Police Reaching Out to Youths in Community
The field trip to the Belize Central Prison was organized by Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett of the Belmopan Police. He says that it is part of his formation’s community policing [...]

Mother and Son Returned to Canada after Hiding for 4 Years
A three-year custody battle between Canadian parents is winding down. Thirty-three-year-old Canadian national Robin Leanne Greenway Trockstad was arrested by authorities in Cayo District after the Canadian government issued a [...]

Shopkeeper Robbed in Lords’ Bank
A duo believed to have been involved in an armed robbery in the Lord’s Bank area, Ladyville were arraigned this afternoon in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. A third man [...]

Why Antelope Street Family Can’t Pay Property Tax
Could a legal loophole help residents of Belize City avoid paying overdue property taxes? We’ll tell you what city councilor and mayoral aspirant Philip Willoughby’s role is shortly; but first, [...]

Mayoral Aspirant Philip Willoughby Comes to Rescue
Ryan Davis, who renounced his gang ties and is a part of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, approached Willoughby, who took his case up to the Ministry of Local Government. Poor [...]

Crique Sarco Initiates Maya Land Registry
The very first admission into the newly formed Maya Land Registry has been made by the remote southern village of Crique Sarco.  The far-flung community in the Toledo District is [...]

Maya Land Rights Commission Takes Interest, Completes Consultations
This morning, men, women and children from the wider indigenous community were bussed into Crique Sarco where the geographical map of the village was formally unveiled.  Among the invited guests [...]

Table Tennis Players Hard at Work Despite Bronze Success
Belize’s team to the 2017 Central American Pre-Infantile under-eleven and under-thirteen Table Tennis Championships in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, returned with two bronze medals in boys’ play and improved performances across the [...]


Impasse Remains Between BSCFA abd BSI/ASR
Today there is no saying when the apparent impasse between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ ASR will end over proposed amendments to the current commercial agreement laid on the table by the milling company to invest 22 million dollars into the factory. The last we heard about the issue was that the BSCFA had sent a letter to BSI/ASR dated Monday July 31st where the association makes the position of its members, in regard to the current proposal, known. The letter did not bear good news because while members of the association welcomed the 22 million dollars investment they are in total disagreement with the proposed amendments. In return the association had proposals of their own and they made those known in the letter.

Police Look For Castro Brothers In Relation To Aggravated Assault Issues
The infamous Castro brothers, Wasani and Jafari are tonight back on the media spotlight as they are being sought by police for their possible involvement in an aggravated assault which occurred over the weekend in San Pedro. The incident we understand played out on Sunday night and has left well known San Ignacio basketball player, twenty one year old, Kevin Brown with serious head and body injuries after he was beaten up and stuck across the head with a fire extinguisher. Police say Brown was at a Resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewelry. He is said to have been attacked by males other than his friends who kicked and then struck him with the fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious. Brown’s injuries were so severe that he had to be airlifted from San Pedro to the KHMH where he reportedly slipped into a coma. Brown, we understand is today recovering at home from his injuries.

SATIM Launches Maya Land Registry
Today August 9th is recognized as International Day of the World’s Indigenous People and also marks the 10th anniversary of the UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In commemoration of the celebration, today the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) launched a Maya Lands Registry which seeks to protect the rights of the Mayan community of Crique Sarco located in the Toledo District. Back in 2015, the Caribbean Court of Justice ordered the Belize government to create an ‘effective mechanism’ that will serve to identify and protect the property and other rights arising from Maya customary land tenure, in accordance with Maya customary laws and land tenure practices. But while two years have gone by and still no mechanism has been established, the residents of Crique Sarco decided to take matters into their own hands and sought assistance from SATIIM to address the problem.


Guatemalan Farmer Found Dead in the South
Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man whose body was found already in a state of decomposition after five o’clock this morning. Police report that seventy three year old Jose Antonio Garcia, a Guatemalan farmer was walking along Davis Falls Road when he saw some blood stained stones and when he […]

Brandon Taylor Nabbed for Firearm Offences
Thirty one year old Brandon Taylor has been charged for ‘kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Police say that at around eight o’clock last night they spotted Taylor on Central American Boulevard in Belize City. When Taylor saw the officers he reportedly dashed into a yard and attempted to hide the firearm at […]

Belize and Mexico Officials Discuss Transport
The governments of Belize and Mexico have entered into discussion for the development of a framework focused on international motor carrier, passenger and freight transportation across the borders. A Mexican delegation comprised of diplomatic and technical experts, headed by Mexican Ambassador Carlos Quesnel Melendez met with top officials of the Ministry of Transport including CEO […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize police officers attend seminar in Panama
A team of six Belize police officers from the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) and Customs are in Panama attending a training session. The training is focused on ceasing terrorist threats and border security. The 4-day seminar was funded by the United States State Department and entails the detection of weapons of mass destruction and general protection of borders against terrorist threats.

Belmopan kids visit Kolbe Foundation
Today, the Belmopan police took 29 children between the ages of 8 and 17 to visit the Kolbe foundation. According to Officer Commanding Belmopan Police, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, one of main reasons for the visit was to allow the kids to gain a first hand experience of what life inside a prison is like.

Belize City man charged in Orange Walk for .38 revolver
On Sunday around 1:30 p.m., while Orange Walk police were on Dunn Street, cops saw two suspicious men riding into the cemetery on separate bicycles. Police then pursued them and apprehended one of the men.

Guatemalan farmer died of multiple chop wounds
According to police reports, yesterday morning around 6:30, police went to Davis Fall road, Alta Vista village and saw the body of 49-year-old Guatemalan farmer, Cesar Augusto Monroy, on the ground in a state of decomposition. Monroy had what appeared to be a large chop wound behind the neck and a cut wound to the left hand.

Early morning shooting in Belize City
This morning around 12:10 a.m., police responded to a shooting incident and visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where cops saw 34-year-old Michael Aspinal, a laborer of Kraal Road, Belize City with multiple gunshot wounds.

Guatemalan shot dead at his home in Belize City
This morning around 3:30, police visited a house on Mahogany Street, Belize City where cops saw 45-year-old Guatemalan, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar, lying in the kitchen area with multiple gunshot wounds and apparently dead. Investigations revealed that at around 3:20 a.m., Aguilar’s sister was awaken by the sound of someone inside the house then heard her brother shouting her name before gunshots were fired.

Belize~Assessment of the current political situation
By Richard Harrison: Local government elections in 9 of the principal municipalities of Belize are expected to take place in March 2018, and the political season that comes with that has already kicked off. These elections are important because they will serve like a mid-term litmus test of the UDP third consecutive term in central government, since taking the reins of power in 2008. Currently, the UDP have control of 8 of these municipalities…and the PUP has only Orange Walk Town. Unless some major issues cause momentum to change between now and March, it would appear that this 8:1 ratio will remain.

San Ignacio Scotiabank recognizes brave police officers
Yesterday, Scotiabank Belize Ltd. – San Ignacio branch presented gifts of appreciation to officers PC Daniel Choc and PC Derwin Garcia in recognition of their bravery for rescuing three minors from the strong currents of the Cristo Rey village river on July 29th. Scotiabank gifted both officers with VIP tickets for the football match between the Belmopan Candits and CD Walter Ferreti tomorrow, $100 cash and a Scotiabank gift bag with promotional items.

Castro’s kids in trouble again
Police say they have been looking for Wasani and Jafari Castro, sons of Minister of Transport Edmond Castro, since Sunday in connection with a brutal case of aggravated assault. Police say that the victim, 21-year-old Kevin Brown, was at Banana Beach Resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewelry.

Police involved in trans-border weapon smuggling?
Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) is launching the Maya Lands Registry in commemoration of the day.

SATIIM launches Maya lands registry to celebrate UN Indigenous Peoples day
Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) is launching the Maya Lands Registry in commemoration of the day.


Belize’s Cultural Celebrations: Yurumein
Yurumein (Homeland or St. Vincent) is the re-enactment of the arrival of the arrival of the largest group of Garinagu to Belizean shores in 1823. This annual celebration is held on the 19th November or Garifuna Settlement Day.Efforts by Thomas Vincent Ramos and others led to the commencement of the celebration in the Stann Creek District in 1943; in 1997, it was declared a national holiday. The re-enactment demonstrates the Garinagu trails as they journeyed from St. Vincent to Roatan, Honduras then to Belizean shores.

Corozal Friendliest community to visit in Belize
The people tend to be very friendly. Corozal is a small and sleepy town with great views of the bay. If you want to rest, this is a great stop. If you arrive on Sunday, you'll find most businesses closed, although a few of the small restaurants and general stores will be open. There are very few tourists, so it is a good place to see Belize off the beaten track, and consequently, accommodation, food and drink, and other items are cheaper than in better-known places. Very regular buses are available between Corozal Town and Chetumal in Mexico, running about every 45 minutes during the day. The journey lasts about 1 hour and costs around 3.00Bze$ or 20$ pesos Mexican if you are still in Chetumal coming to Corozal. Fairly regular and inexpensive buses are also available to and from Belize City and Belmopan, as well as other destinations in the country. Tropic Air and Maya Island Air offer flights on smaller prop-driven aircraft between Corozal and Belize City, San Pedro, and Caye Caulker, as well as many other less-traveled Belize towns.

A loving Class of Carlos Perrote's Steel Band
It's once again here Carlos Perrote's Steel Drum Summer Class 2017. Where kids can learn a various music skills about the Steel Drum. And, its not just about learning the skills until the end of the class, but to have a wonderful time during the three weeks event. I will take you an event that happened back in 2014. Steel band music, it has made a comeback and no where is it more alive than in students. Students learn basically rhythms, different kinds of rhythms, just technique to play the pan and to play different kinds of instruments. in Steel Drum you need to practice. The steel band is just like another instrument. It isn't different. For a violin you have to practice and for steel band you have to practice. In this purpose, the first objective is to introduce the children to music. Carlos Perrote wants. Their are over 5,000 instruments percussion to be learnt and 10 year's of experience. "Its like going into steps by step to reach the goal of music." Carlos Perrote explained to the students while practicing.

International Sourcesizz

Le Belize, Une Destination De Rêve
Le Belize est une destination magnifique et pourtant très méconnue des français. 90% des personnes avec lesquelles j’ai discuté de mon voyage ne connaissaient pas. Et pour tout vous dire, il y a 6 mois, je n’en avais jamais entendu parler non plus. Ne pas connaître un pays, était-ce possible ? Le temps passant, ma curiosité grandissant… j’ai pris mes billets d’avion bien décidée à en savoir plus ! Le Belize est un petit pays (22.970 km2 versus 248.573km2 pour la France) lové entre le Mexique, le Guatemala, le Honduras et bordé par les Caraïbes. Seul pays anglophone d’Amérique du Sud, c’est la destination confidentielle préférée des Américains. Durant mes 2 semaines de voyage je n’ai croisé que 2 Français. Je ne vous cache pas que c’est une belle satisfaction et que cela fait le plus grand bien…

Judge to Hear Ex-Treasure Hunter's Request to End Jail Time
An Ohio judge will hear a request by an ex-treasure hunter jailed on contempt-of-court charges to end his imprisonment. Federal Judge Algenon Marbley has held defendant Tommy Thompson in contempt since December 2015 for violating terms of a plea deal by refusing to respond to questions about the location of 500 missing gold coins. Thompson's attorney argues federal law prohibits holding someone under such conditions for longer than 18 months. Investors in the treasure hunt trying to recoup their money disagree.

Scotiabank named best digital bank In The Caribbean
Scotiabank has been recognized by Global Finance magazine as the 2017 World’s Best Consumer Digital Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean. Scotiabank has been consistently recognized as the Best Consumer Internet Bank or Best Consumer Digital Bank by Global Finance since 2009, demonstrating its strength in digital banking. “We are very proud to have been recognized by Global Finance for the digital solutions we offer to our customers in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean,” said Ignacio (Nacho) Deschamps, Group Head, International Banking and Digital Transformation. “At Scotiabank, we have a global robust digital banking strategy focused on meeting customers’ needs and expectations.”

Early-season storms one indicator of active Atlantic hurricane season ahead
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, located in College Park, Md, has issued its update outlook for the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. It's now predicting a higher likelihood of an above-normal season, and has increased the predicted number of named storms and major hurricanes.The season has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2010. The updated outlook is based on the current and evolving atmospheric and oceanic conditions, the most recent model predictions, and pre-and early-season storm activity. The numbers announced today include the season activity to-date.

Are you a young writer aged between 15 and 24 years old? The Commonwealth Nonagenarians Life Story Project invites young people living in Commonwealth countries to submit an essay based on interviews they have conducted with nonagenarians living in their home country as part of CommonAge’s story project.


  • Central Health Region Update (Jan - June 2017), 29min.

  • Sunrise Fitness Belize - 60K Drive For Outdoor Community Center, 15min.

  • BELIZE MOVIE, 7.5min.

  • ZIPLINING IN BELIZE | bree ally, 8min. Zip lining through the jungle in Belize and facing my fears of swimming in the ocean in Cozumel!

  • Belize 2017, 5.5min.

  • Straight Up Belize: Earth Expedition 2017, 9min. A glimpse at my perspective of our Project Dragonfly: Earth Expeditions, 2017 Belize

  • FINALLY MADE IT TO BELIZE!!! | SAN IGNACIO, 12min. Belize Vlog Day #1- We made sure we were extra early this time around! Landed in Belize City and used Williams Shuttle Service to get to San Ignacio. Roamed the streets for some delicious street food and checked out the towns night life. We stayed at Bella's Backpackers which was very quiet and friendly only a few blocks from the center of town. Tomorrow is an early road trip to the Tikal Ruins.

  • Belize - Day Five, 6min. A day of iguanas, ziplining, car karaoke, boat rides, hammocks, napkin art and most of all laughter! Belize you really are the greatest!

    August 9, 2017

    For information about Tropical Storm Franklin, CLICK HERE.


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tropical Storm Franklin spares Belize
    On Tuesday morning, August 8th, residents woke up to cloudy skies and a few showers. Along the beach minimal erosion was observed, and most importantly, no serious damages. At 8AM, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) issued an ‘All Clear’ notice, discontinuing the tropical storm warning for the coast of Belize, from Belize City to the Corozal District. NEMO was also glad to inform the entire nation that according to information gathered from the District and City Emergency Committees, there were no reports of injuries or damages. It was reported that in Corozal District, the Cayes and Belize City, a total of 330 persons took refuge in shelters. Also, around 157 persons voluntarily relocated to the mainland from Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.

    Tarpon Club reels in the top prize at Tres Pescados Slam 2017
    44 anglers participated in this year’s 9th annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament, the only international fly-fishing event in Belize. Held from Thursday, August 3rd to Saturday, August 5th, the three-day fishing tournament saw different participating teams attempting to land the best slam in order to claim the top prize. After three days of intense competition, it was team Tarpon Club who took home first place and top prize of $5,000 cash. According to most of the participants, day one was the best day as the weather was very cooperative and lots of fish were caught. The other two days of the tournament saw unfavourable weather, and the catches were low. However, despite bad weather, team Tarpon Club: Nano Guerrero and Alejandro Vega, managed to reel in a good catch to lead the competition.

    Ambergris Today

    All Clear In Belize As Tropical Storm Franklin Makes Landfall In Mexico
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service, hereby informs the public that around 10:45 last night Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, north of Chetumal near Pulticub, Mexico. While satellite imagery of the storm looked ominous and a huge threat to Belize, residents of San Pedro took comfort of spending a good night’s sleep while they were waiting for the wind and rain to pick up. In fact, there was very little rain and practically no high winds recorded. It did get a bit chilly.

    Belize Presents Draft Update To The National Tourism Policy
    Over 90 public, private and civil sector tourism stakeholders attended a presentation of the draft update to the National Tourism Policy held in Belize City on August 3, 2017. Dr. Richard Denman, the consultant contracted for the revision process, presented the draft revised National Tourism Policy, which will guide the sustainable and resilient development of tourism in Belize for the next 10 years. The revised National Tourism Policy was drafted after extensive consultations with tourism sector stakeholders in February and May of 2017. The policy is a deliverable of the Sustainable Tourism Program II, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, through the support of the Inter-American Development Bank. During the forum, stakeholders were able to provide recommendations to further refine the draft policy.

    Costa Maya Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary
    Miss Belize Costa Maya, Michelle Nuñez was crowned Miss Costa Maya 2017 and won Best National Costume while Miss Panama Maria Fernanda Jaspe won first runner up and Miss Nicaragua Danielle Nicole Hodgson Joseph took title of second runner up. Although attendance has been better in previous years at the festival grounds, Ambergris Caye was bustling with activity. Hotels were booked, golf cart rentals were exhausted, restaurants and bars were busy as the island filled up with visitors wanting to enjoy the popular weekend on Ambergris Caye. The festival was created to fill the gap of low activity on the island during the slow season.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Mexico and Belize discuss Framework for Memorandum of Understanding on International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation
    On Monday, August 7th, a diplomatic and technical delegation headed by Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize, H. E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez, met with top officials from the Government of Belize to discuss the framework for a Memorandum of Understanding on International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation between the Government of Belize and the Government of the United Mexican States. The meeting was a follow up to an initial meeting between Belize’s Minister of Transport Hon Edmond Castro and Mexican Ambassador H. E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez which took place in February of this year.

    Punta Gorda Teen Week 2017, Aug. 7-11
    Interested in acting, cooking, writing, and design? Well come out to TEEN WEEK 2017 TODAY!!

    Celebrating our Maya Hero and Freedom fighter Marcus Canul
    Belize Yucatec Maya - Celebrating our Maya Hero and Freedom fighter Marcus Canul at Queen Victoria Avenue , Orange Walk Town - September 2nd, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m. A small ceremony to honor Marcus Canul renacting the Caste War Expo by SJC and also by the Yucatec Maya of northern Belize . We will also have food and dances from different Maya cultural groups from Corozal and Orange Walk District . The Northern Maya Association of Belize invites everyone . U Xamanij Masewalo'ob Belize,Maaya Kaaje' Kuxa'an , Wayano'one , Kux'ano'on , To'one Masehualoon !!! Tu láakle'ex táan ak t'anke'ex.

    La Isla Bonita Telenovela selected to be part of Carifesta Barbados 2017!
    La Isla Bonita Telenovela - A big thank you and congratulations to the entire cast, crew and sponsors that made La Isla Bonita Telenovela possible! The pilot episode has been selected to be part of Carifesta Barbados 2017!!!

    Retail Prices of Price Controlled goods
    Do you know what is a price controlled good (PCG)? Here is a list of the different PCGs with its respective retail prices.

    Taiwan Awards 26 Belizeans University Scholarships
    The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize-Taiwan ICDF Alumni Society (a.k.a. Taiwan Alumni Association) co-hosted 2017 Taiwan Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and Orientation for 26 scholarship recipients on Saturday, August 5th, 2017 at Radisson Fort George Hotel. The scholarship recipients have been awarded scholarships respectively through the TaiwanICDF Scholarship Program and the Taiwan Scholarship Program. A total number of 334 Belizeans have been granted scholarships to study in Taiwan until now.

    Belize Infrastructure Limited Holds National Management Workshop for Municipality Sports Infrastructure
    On Friday, August 4th, 2017, the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) held a National Management Workshop for the National Sports Council and Municipal Authorities, during which time they also conducted an official handing over of sport infrastructure for five municipalities: Belmopan, San Ignacio/Santa Elena, San Pedro, Dangriga and Punta Gorda. The workshop was organized to review the status of operations and management arrangements for the sports infrastructure in each municipality and to facilitate greater collaboration between the National Sports Council (NSC) and mayors from the municipalities for the ongoing operations of the facilities. The mayors and their support staff, as well as local sports council staff, received one-on-one and group training on topics including accounting, operations, and management.

    National Jaguar Working Group Offers Recommendations Following the Death of Jaguar
    On the 27th July 2017, the Forest Department responded to reports of a jaguar being captured by farmers around the Northern Lagoon area in the Belize District. Upon investigation, it was discovered that farmers, who experienced several jaguar attacks on their livestock, retaliated by trapping the jaguar. When farmers informed the Forest Department that they had caught a jaguar, a team comprising of members of the National Jaguar Working Group (NJWG), was immediately dispatched to the area. The team noted that prior to and during transportation to the Belize Zoo facilities, the jaguar exhibited signs of sluggish behaviour, poor coordination and weakness - all indications of a potential health crisis. Immediate and specialised care by veterinary personnel and response team was given around the clock to revive the animal, but all efforts proved unsuccessful and a post-mortem confirmed that the animal died due to heat trauma and exhaustion.

    After being under the threat of Tropical Storm Franklin and NEMO gave the ALL CLEAR for Belize, members of the NEMO ECO in San Pedro made assessments of the few damages made by TS Franklin, which was minor erosion of beaches and collapsed coconut tree at the Mar de Tumbo area. The SPTC work crew were out early cleaning up the sargasso that washed ashore on Boca del Rio Drive.

    Ms. Soila Chan passes away
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Chan family and friends on the passing of Ms. Soila Chan. May her soul rest in peace.

    Letter: Voter re-registration in Belize
    For several months, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has made the principled call for the much-needed voter re-registration to commence, with the most recent being made on 6th July 2017, via press release. The government of Belize continues to abuse its powers to not only breach the law but essentially to perpetuate institutionalised PUDP corruption, which eats away at the very core of our governance. Its latest determination to extend the time for re-registration by proclamation 2017 is demonstrative of the extent to which they will go in order to not adhere to the rule of law. Re-registration has been postponed almost ten years now by subsequent PUDP power manipulations. This sheds light on an even deeper concern the BPP has championed since its inception, that being the archaic functions of the Office of the Governor General.

    Tropical Storm Franklin brings heavy rain to Belize and Mexico
    Tropical Storm Franklin moved across the Yucatan Peninsula on Tuesday bringing heavy rain to northern Belize and area of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, maximum sustained winds were near 40 mph (65 km/h) with higher gusts. A strengthening trend is likely to begin when the centre moves over water, and Franklin could be near hurricane intensity at landfall in the southwest Gulf coast of Mexico. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles (220 km) from the centre.

    Revised CPD Schedule
    Thank you all for your patience so far. We are grateful that the storm is now gone and we came out unaffected. Please find attached, Revised CPD Schedule, August 2017 for PRE-PRIMARY, PRIMARY, SECONDARY/TECHNICAL & VOCATIONAL TEACHERS, SCHOOL LEADERS and COUNSELORS, reflecting changes to the Workshops for the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts only.

    UB 1st President's All-Inclusive Endowment Fete
    UB 1st President's All-Inclusive Endowment Fete is a fundraiser event all for the long term benefit of students. The proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for well deserving Belizeans to attend UB. Sunday, September 17 at 3 PM - 9 PM, University of Belize.

    Rossy War Coming to Cayo
    Rossy War will be playing at the SHC auditorium next Saturday, August 19th, for the Ms. Estereo Amor pageant. On Friday the 18th, she'll be at the meet and greet at Midas Resort.

    Cayo Youths Beautify Santa Elena Park
    The Department of Youth Services had their 2017 Youth Empowerment Camp recently, and one of the major projects they undertook was the Santa Cruz Park Restoration in Santa Elena. They have a little picture collage video about the Summer camp, and many great pictures. "The Santa Cruz Park in Santa Elena, Cayo is a now brighter, more inviting space thanks to a collaboration between the Youth Rise Project in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, the Cayo Department of Youth Services (DYS), and the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council. On 24 July 2017, eighty-five (85) youths from the Youth Empowerment Summer Camp hosted by DYS and Youth Rise, spent the day beautifying the park for the camp’s community service day activity. As part of the joint effort, the Town Council made a number of improvements to the park including repairing four cement park benches, adding new chains and wooden swings sets, installing a new slide and rehabilitating a wooden see-saw. The youths, aged 10-19, then spent the day painting all the new installations in bright colours and adding paint lines to the basketball court, which now has a new rim courtesy the Youth Rise Project. The community service day was geared at instilling civic pride within the youths who are attending the two-week summer camp. Throughout the course of the camp, which runs from 17th-28th July, the youths have been participating in sporting activities as well as educational sessions on topics such as cyber bullying, fire safety, environmental awareness, and sexual and reproductive health."

    Friends of the Vaca Forest Reserve
    23 farmers are now rightfully known as members of the Friends of the Vaca Forest Reserve. With their IDs and t-shirts they proudly are aboard in the protection of the Vaca plateau. FCD congratulates these brave local people from Succotz, Arenal and Benque.

    Let us bid a fond farewell to Stephen Whyte!
    Mr. Whyte is travelling today to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the The Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship Program at Vanderbilt University. He starts his program in the field of Educational Administration, Planning and Policy. Mr. Whyte is the Principal of St. John’s Memorial Anglican School in Placencia. He decided to venture into the marvelous profession of teaching because of the love for children. He believes that all children are equal and have the ability to learn anything they set their minds to. Mr. Whyte is never bored as a teacher since he is always busy researching new ideas to try in his classroom with students who have various learning styles.

    Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project
    The 2016 report that sheds light on the 3rd field season of the Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project (SCRAP) is available at the Institute of Archaeology for those who want an interesting read. The volume, edited by Dr. Meaghan Peuramäki-Brown, highlights the work done at the site of Alabama but also looks at the sites of Pearce, Kuchil Balum, and Huntul Mo'.

    Channel 7

    Police Officer in Cross Border Weapon Smuggling?
    Tonight, a police constable is in custody facing serious charges after he was found in a vehicle with a gun last night. Here's more on the seizure in the Cayo District: Jules Vasquez reporting: Last night at 9:50, PC Franklin Ramirez was behind the wheel of this Ford Explorer eastbound to Belmopan when the MIT stopped the vehicle near mile 56 in Ontario Village. Three other persons were inside, they are: John Pineda Trevor Dean Brown and Elorey Graham: ACP Edward Broaster, Ag. OC - Eastern Division: "A search was conducted on that vehicle, and was subsequently escorted to the police training academy where a secondary search was conducted where members of the mobile interdiction team discovered a win millimeter pistol which was concealed under the glove compartment. The four occupants have since been detained and will be charged today. The police officer will additionally face disciplinary charges for the firearm."

    Supt. Dinsdale Under Internal Investigation For Contraband
    And another police officer was caught smuggling something from Guatemala last week. He is Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson who customs caught in Arenal with contraband pharmaceuticals on Friday. As we reported on Friday, he settled with the customs department, but it's a major professional infraction for a lawman to be caught with contraband. Today, Assistant Commissioner Broaster said Thompson is being investigated. ACP Edward Broaster, Ag. OC - Eastern Division: "All I can say to that is that Professional Standards Branch is conducting their investigation into that matter which I believe will be forwarded to the Services' Commission."

    Monroy Murdered
    At around 5:30 this morning, 73-year-old Alta Vista resident, Jose Garcia, was walking towards his farm on the Davis Falls Road when he saw a trail of blood on the road. Following the trail, he found the body of a man known to him, Cesar Augusto Monroy's body on the ground. Dangriga police arrived on the scene an hour later, and found a large cut wound to the back of the neck and another on his hand. They also noted that the body was already decomposing.

    14 Year Old And City Woman Injured in Fire
    There was a shooting in Belize City last night just after 10:00 and where a 14 year old boy and a 35 year old woman were injured. It happened on Cleghorn Street where Fiona Spain and the minor were relaxing on the verandah when a shooter opened fire. Police told us more:... Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino - CIB, Belize City: "Police visited the KHMH and found a female and a male minor suffering from gunshot wounds. Investigation received as that the female and the male minor were addressed on Cleghorn Street when a lone gunman approached and fired shots in their direction hitting them and causing the injuries."

    Franklin Faked Out Belize
    Last night, in our coverage of Tropical Storm Franklin, we told you how the 6th named storm for this season might end up not affecting Belize. That's because Franklin started shifting away from Northern Belize a few hours before it made landfall. So, when the storm finally came ashore on the south - central Yucatan Peninsula, Belize - from Corozal, to San Pedro, to Orange Walk - was completely spared, except for a few scattered showers. Today, Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the storm which faked west and went north. Here's his story:

    Gwen Liz Chair Says He Had Full Consent
    As we told you last night, the Chairman of the Board, Roosevelt Blades ordered the locks to be changed at Gwen Liz High School yesterday evening. This is after the principal, Dr. Lorna McKay refused to turn over the keys as he had directed her to. McKay told us his letter placing her on three administrative leave, and effectively ejecting her from the compound was out of line - since she didn't have a meeting with him, and since neither the board, nor any other authority was copied on the letter. She concluded that he had acted unilaterally. Blades called us today to reject that; he says it was not unilateral and he had the full consent of the managing authority. He pointed to the regulations which make it clear that the managing authority has the authority to place a teacher under investigation on administrative leave.

    No Charges Yet And Maybe No Charges At All For Crooked Tree Fatal
    Last night we told you about the fatal accident at the Crooked Tree Junction which claimed the life of 20 year-old Alma Flowers. Well, the police investigators are still trying to decide whether the man who knocked her down should be criminally charged. 25 year-old Leonel Del Valle has been served with a notice of intended prosecution, and he has been released from police custody. We understand that police are speaking to witnesses to put a file together, so that they can seek the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Brandon Taylor Remanded For Weapon
    Today 31 year old Jane Usher Boulevard resident Brandon Taylor appeared in the Magistrate's Court where he was charged for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Taylor was picked up by police last night after they conducted a search of a yard on Central American Boulevard where he was hanging out and finding a 9 mm pistol with 17 rounds of ammunition. He pled not guilty to the charges, and was remanded into custody until October.

    Four Cabbies Killed in Five Months, Police Say They're Not Being Targetted
    Four taximen have been killed in Belize City between March and August of this year with - Thomas Arthur Staine becoming number four yesterday. That's an alarming number, but today the Acting Commander of Eastern Division said he does not believe they are being targeted. ACP Edward Broaster, Ag. OC - Eastern Division: "I wouldn't say that taxi men are being targeted. If you are saying that we had 3-4 taxi men murdered over the past 12 months, that's not an indicator to say that taxi men are targeted. Nevertheless, that matter is being investigated thoroughly and I am sure that the investigators are going to do all in their power to discover the offender or the suspect who committed that crime."

    Destra Recovering After Surgery
    On last week Thursday's newscast, we told you how how the Trinidadian Soca superstar, Destra Garcia, had a major fall during a concert in Bermuda. The mishap caused her to break her ankle, and after surgery, she's now recovering. On Sunday, she made this post Instagram saying, quote, "Could have been worse...Im OK Im on the road to recovery… It's been a crazy 72 hrs. I want to thank everyone who kept me in their prayers. I was in so much pain and so afraid, but thanks to God, all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel, that took great care of me, from Bermuda..." End quote

    Taking Stock of Jaguar Care After Unfortunate Death Two Weeks Ago
    Almost two weeks ago we told you about the jaguar that was extracted from a farm in the Northern Lagoon area of the Belize district. That jaguar had been trapped by farmers after it had spent several months feeding off the livestock in the area. The Forest Department was called in to extract it, but not long after the jaguar was transported to the Belize Zoo, it died. According to experts, the stress of being captured was too much for the otherwise healthy animal to handle. Today the National Jaguar Working Group issued a press release giving its recommendations for what civilians should do if a jaguar is threatening them or their animals. When we spoke to the Forest Department's Jaguar Officer a couple weeks ago, she gave us some of that same advice. Here's what she said...

    Basketballer Kevin Brown's Slow Recovery
    Well known basketball player Kevin Brown is at home in Camalote dealing with a rough recovery after he was beaten up and stuck across the head with a fire extinguisher on Sunday night in San Pedro. This is a picture of the 21 year old Brown when he was airlifted from San Pedro to Belize after the attack. Police say Brown was at a Resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewelry. He was attacked by males other than his friends who kicked and then struck him with the fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious. He was later airlifted to the KHMH.

    Sarstoon, The Other Side Of The Story
    Last night on the news, we showed you those Guatemalan fishers in the Sarstoon whose presence and freedom of fishing in Belizean waters, thoroughly incensed a group of Territorial Volunteers who were in the area. They condemned the government and the BDF for letting such violations go unchecked. Well, there are two sides to that story - and law enforcement says it's not as clear cut as it seems. They point out - and we have seen this ourselves - that many of these so called Guatemalans have valid Belizean fisherfolk license and valid seaworthiness certificates from the relevant authorities in Belize, along with addresses in PG Town, or even at the mouth of the Temash River. Law enforcement says they have been trying to crack down on it for some time, and have even started to try and see if their names on those fisherfolk licenses match a nationality document.

    Help for HELPAGE
    HelpAge Belize will now be able to provide physiotherapy to its elderly members. A Cuban physiotherapist was brought to Belize to work with the older persons at the Sister Cecilia Home and also the kids at the Inspiration Center. She will be here for 2 years and today the Executive Director Ivorine Bulwer told us about the significance the doctor's 2 year visit. Ivorine Bulwer, Executive Director, HelpAge Belize: "HelpAge Belize is certainly happy to have a physiotherapist working with us, for the past 3 years we have been lobbying with the Ministry of Health and now it has come to fruition. The physiotherapy services is certainly a needed one, reason being we have persons are getting older they experience certain health conditions, certain challenges and one has to do with mobility, movement you know the slow movement and a service that the physiotherapist can provide is to help our elderly retain their level of independence through exercise, strengthening of the muscles. We have several conditions that affects older persons.

    Helpage Renovations
    And the elderly members as well as HelpAge staff will be able to exercise and work in a newly renovated space. Bulwer told us about the work that was done in the office.

    Lawmen In Panama For US Instruction In WMD's and Border Security
    Six Belizean lawmen - from the MIT and Customs are in Panama learning all about stopping terrorist threats and border security. The state department funded 4 day seminar deals with detecting weapons of Mass Destruction and general protection of borders against terrorist threats, while also offering instruction in all types of chemical and biological weapons. Participating countries are Panama, Belize, Dominica Republic, and Costa Rica. While in Belize, today 20 Belize police officers, 10 Guatemalans and five customs and immigration officers were trained by Crime Stoppers regional and Salvador police in areas of counterfeit goods, gangs and contraband cigarettes. Brand owners such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, puma made presentations on how to identify counterfeit goods over the two day workshop at Police Training Academy.

    Mexico and Belize Meet For Transport Issues
    Yesterday officials from the Ministry of Transport met with Mexico's Ambassador to Belize, His Excellency Carlos Quesnel Melendez, to discuss the framework of a proposed Memorandum of Understanding. Work on the MOU, which focuses on International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation, originally began in February when Melendez met Minister of Transport, Edmund Castro. This time the CEO of the Ministry of Transport, Ruth Meighan, and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Gavez, headed the Belizean delegation to further the planning of the agreement.

    Channel 5

    Constable and Civilians to be Charged for Illegal Firearm in Cayo
    The proliferation of guns and ammunition across the western border near Benque Viejo del Carmen is a recurrent problem that is openly acknowledged by the Belize Police Department. But tonight, [...]

    Firearm was Originally from Guatemala
    The firearm, as we’ve mentioned, is a nine millimeter handgun from Guatemala with a matching serial number.  The fact that it was found in the possession of an officer, concealed [...]

    Senior Officer Tangled with Customs over Pharmaceuticals
    There is another cop in hot water. Senior officer, Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson was busted in Arenal Village on Friday by customs officials in possession of a quantity of contraband pharmaceuticals.  [...]

    Woman & Minor Shot in Belize City
    Two persons, including a minor, were shot on Cleghorn Street in Belize City on Monday night sometime after ten o’clock. When police arrived at the scene, the victims had been [...]

    Cesar Monroy Found Murdered on Davis Falls Road
    There was a grisly discovery this morning in the Stann Creek District where the decomposing body of a Guatemalan farmer was found on a road in Alta Vista Village.  Forty-nine-year-old [...]

    After Thomas Staine Murder, Should Taxi Drivers Worry?
    Are taxi drivers at risk in Belize City? According to police, no more than usual. Thirty-nine-year-old Thomas Staine was murdered overnight on Monday, his stab-riddled body recovered from the Collet [...]

    Corozal Weathers T.S. Franklin
    A News Five team headed to Corozal overnight to capture what was happening on the ground as the northern municipality prepared for a first impending storm in the 2017 hurricane [...]

    New Docs Reveal Pattern of Vegas’ Land Acquisition
    A series of leaked documents from the Lands Department revealing another land grab by members of the family of former minister Gaspar Vega on Ramsey Caye and the Spanish Creek [...]

    O.W. East’s Aragon Predicts Victory in Sugar City
    While Vega is retiring from active politics, when we caught up with Orange Walk North area rep, Elodio Aragon Junior last Friday, we asked him about his party’s municipal elections [...]

    Hilberto Campos Bows Out as Mayor of Corozal Town
    In the northernmost municipality of Corozal, current U.D.P. mayor Hilberto Campos says he will not be contesting for a fifth term.  Campos has been at the helm of the Corozal [...]

    New Capital Sees Internal Dissension in U.D.P. Slate
    And from the north to the west where Belmopan is in full swing lining up their candidates for the U.D.P. convention on August thirteenth.  But all is not well and [...]

    Family Claims Set-Up of Brandon Taylor for Recovered Firearm
    Brandon Taylor was cleared of murder for the second time earlier this year in the death of Kaylon Matura. Since then the thirty-one-year-old has been trying to lead a clean [...]

    Dr. Lorna McKay Fights On, but Gwen Liz Board Says She Must Go
    On Monday, principal of Gwen Lizarraga High School Doctor Lorna McKay defied the request of the Board of Directors of the Government-run institution to clear out her desk, turn over [...]

    Ministry to Meet Housing Needs for Santa Barbara Fire Victims
    On Monday night, we told you about the tragic fire on Santa Barbara Street that claimed the life of twenty month old Tyrique Roberts. The baby boy was left sleeping [...]

    Under Consideration, But Can Taiwan Give Grant for Puerto Barrios Road?
    Guatemala’s request for six hundred and fifty million U.S. dollars to construct the CA-Nine Highway to Puerto Barrios, according to Ambassador Charles Liu, is simply a request that remains under [...]

    Ministry of Tourism Reviews National Policy
    The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation is in the process of updating the now-twelve year old National Tourism Policy which espouses sustainable tourism as the underpinning of the profitable [...]

    The Parameters of Sustainable Tourism
    But what exactly is sustainable tourism? It’s a question Castaneda says the Ministry was asked repeatedly during the consultations, especially in light of the apparent deviation from the National Sustainable [...]

    KTV Remix Postponed; Semi-Final Rounds Begin Next Week
    KTV the Remix has taken fans by storm as the competition tightens, but we’ll have to wait one more week to see who enters the semi-final rounds because in anticipation [...]


    Fiesta Rama 2017 Once Again Successful
    The official financial report for Fiestarama 2017 was released today by the office of the Orange Walk Town Council. The report comprises of the total amount of income earned as well as the total value of expenditures. Today we spoke to Mayor of the Orange Walk Town Council, Kevin Bernard, who highlighted that that after all expenses of the event were fully covered, the total profit amounted to nineteen thousand seven hundred ninety one dollars and twenty five cents which proved to be a little higher than that of last year. Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council: “We have made this a commitment ever since I became Mayor that we report back to the public in terms of what raised and what we gained at Fiesta Rama, this year I want to report again that we had had another successful Fiesta Rama despite the fact that we saw there was a little bit of little turn out that I had mentioned in my previous interview but all in all we did a little better than last year...”

    Tropical Storm Franklin..The Storm That Never Came
    Shortly before 6:00 this morning, the ‘all clear’ was issued for our country by the National Emergency Management Organization ‘NEMO’ as Tropical Storm Franklin dodged the jewel and was no longer a threat. While our country was mostly spared from the effects of Franklin, our Mexican neighbors are reporting some flooding as heavy rains and winds were experienced throughout last night as the storm made landfall sometime around 10:45 with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, north of Chetumal near Pulticub, Mexico located some 72 miles northeast of Corozal.

    Corozal Moms Win Breast Feeding Picture Competition
    Every year the first full week of August is celebrated as World Breastfeeding week. This year, the week was celebrated under the theme ‘Together we can make breastfeeding sustainable’, and the Ministry of Health in Belize in partnership with PAHO and WHO joined in the celebration from the 1st to the 7th of August in an effort of promoting exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life as it is a vital step to long term health. As part of the celebration, the Ministry of Health held a breast feeding picture competition where mothers from across the country were encouraged to submit pictures of them breastfeeding their babies.

    Cop Busted With Illegal Weapon
    A Police Constable attached to Precinct 2 in Belize City has been detained after authorities searched a vehicle he was driving and found an illegal weapon and ammo inside. Authorities say that PC Franklin Ramirez was accompanied by Trevor Dean Brown and Elorey Graham, when they searched their vehicle at mile 56 on the George Price Highway in Ontario Village. The men were going in the direction of Belmopan when they were stopped. Authorities discovered a 9mm gun, which is suspected of originating in Guatemala. All three occupants were detained. Commander of Operations for Belmopan Police Edward Broaster explained further.


    Senior Cop Caught with Contraband Meds
    Last week Friday Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson was caught transporting contraband pharmaceuticals. Reports are that the senior police officer was on the Arenal Road when he was intercepted by Customs Officers. In his possession he had a batch of medicine including antibiotics and vitamin supplements. The Department of Health Services was notified of the […]

    Crime Stoppers Int’l Leads Training
    A two day workshop organized by Crime Stoppers International began today in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ “

    Guatemalan Farmer Found Dead in the South
    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man whose body was found already in a state of decomposition after five o’clock this morning. Police report that seventy three year old Jose Antonio Garcia, a Guatemalan farmer was walking along Davis Falls Road when he saw some blood stained stones and when he […]

    Brandon Taylor Nabbed for Firearm Offences
    Thirty one year old Brandon Taylor has been charged for ‘kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Police say that at around eight o’clock last night they spotted Taylor on Central American Boulevard in Belize City. When Taylor saw the officers he reportedly dashed into a yard and attempted to hide the firearm at […]

    Four Found with Firearm Stolen From Guatemala
    On Monday night police detained four persons for an unlicensed firearm police believe was being smuggled into Belize. One of the individuals was a police officer. They were intercepted in the area of mile 56 in Ontario Village when the group was heading to Belmopan from the direction of San Ignacio. Commander of Operations ACP […]

    Belize and Mexico Officials Discuss Transport
    The governments of Belize and Mexico have entered into discussion for the development of a framework focused on international motor carrier, passenger and freight transportation across the borders. A Mexican delegation comprised of diplomatic and technical experts, headed by Mexican Ambassador Carlos Quesnel Melendez met with top officials of the Ministry of Transport including CEO […]

    Mental Health is Everyone’s Business
    Belize, for the first time is partnering with the National Board of Certified Counsellors International to have training workshops on the issue of mental health via BTEC, the Business and Technology Education Centre. In collaboration with the Belize Mental Health Association, a 2-day training workshop is currently taking place at the ITVET Training Room in […]

    Franklin Is Coming …
    Tropical storm Franklin is aiming for Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula but winds and rainfall will be affecting the northern part of Belize from Belize City to Corozal. Currently, a hurricane watch and tropical storm warnings are in effect along the Yucatan and a tropical storm warning remains in effect in Belize. At around five o’clock this […]

    NEMO’s Minister Warns of Potential Flooding
    The public in the northern part of Belize is advised to keep a close watch on the development of Tropical Storm Franklin. Minister of NEMO Edmund Castro told Love News this evening that Tropical Storm Franklin is expected to bring between three to six inches of rainfall. EDMOND CASTRO “NEMO we know the potential of […]

    Toddler Perishes In House Fire
    A fire broke out last night at around nine o’clock in the St Martin de Porres area in Belize City. It left four homes destroyed, seventeen persons homeless and a toddler dead. The fumes from the thick smoke was what alerted the Mckoy family who lived in one of the structures that were destroyed. Iselma […]

    CEMO Responds to House Fire Victims
    With seventeen men, women and children affected by last night’s fire, members of the City Emergency Management Organization activated to render assistance to the residents. Philip Willoughby who heads that unit, spoke to Love News on the immediate efforts. PHILIP WILLOUGHBY “I was on the ground while the situation was quite fluid. I applaud the […]

    Taxi Driver Found Dead Along East Canal
    The body of 39-year-old, Thomas Arthur Staine was found just before seven o’clock this morning, punctured with several stab wounds to the torso and his hands tied. Deputy Commander of the Eastern Division South, Superintendent Daniel Arzu briefed us on the preliminary findings. DANIEL ARZU “The criminal investigation branch personnel were called out to the […]

    Young Girl Killed On Her Way Home
    The Flowers family in Crooked Tree Village is still in disbelief after one of their own was knocked down and killed last night after seven o’clock. Nineteen year old Alma Flowers was heading to her home in the village on a bus. When that bus stopped in front of the bus stop at the entrance […]

    If Guatemalans Say No to The ICJ …….
    The referendum that both Belize and Guatemala are to hold in their respective countries have garnered much attention over the last years. For the first time, however, there is the perception of progress in getting the Guatemalans on board and in moving forward in having the process conducted. Up to news time what we can […]

    Guatemala’s Infrastructure Could Be Useful to Belize
    Ironically, the Guatemalan’s contention that spurred the territorial claim has to do with the British reneging on their commitment in constructing a road. Over a century later, the Guatemalans are getting the road constructed through a six hundred and fifty million US dollars financing with Taiwan. Ambassador Rosado says this development is not expected to […]

    Reaching Out to China vs Taiwan
    Currently, with the riff between China and Taiwan and their efforts at cementing allies, the media asked the Foreign Affairs officials why Belize is not making efforts in befriending China, particularly after the Taiwanese have recently funded Guatemala with a significant facility for their road project. PAT ANDREWS “That is a question that I cannot […]


    Alma Flowers, 19, dies in Crooked Tree Junction accident
    An accident at Mile 31 on the Philip Goldson Highway claimed the life of Alma Flowers, a 19-year-old student of Crooked Tree, Belize District, at about 7:30 last night. Flowers, who had just alighted a bus, was walking across the highway toward the bus stop at the Crooked Tree Junction when she was hit by a vehicle that was heading to Ladyville, from Orange Walk. The vehicle, driven by Leonel Del Valle, 25, slammed into her, causing her to suffer massive head and body injuries. Witnesses who saw what happened said that the impact hurled her into the air, and she landed on the road about 15 feet from where she was hit.

    Tropical Storm Franklin pounding Yucatan
    Tropical Storm Franklin—due to make landfall over the course of tonight on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, with strong tropical storm force winds mostly impacting Corozal and the northern cayes in Belize—is expected to cause up to 12 inches of rainfall, triggering concerns about flashfloods over the course of the next few days. At press time tonight, Franklin is a very strong tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour with gusts up to 70 miles per hour. If it strengthens, it will become the strongest cyclone of the season. If it becomes a hurricane, it would be the first for the 2017 season. Feeder bands from Franklin began to spawn showers over Belize during last night and this morning, and as we go to press this evening, the storm is reportedly causing heavy rain and strong winds over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

    Mahogany Heights women busted with 99 rounds of .45 ammo
    Two women living in Mahogany Heights, Belize District, were found with ninety-nine .45 live rounds, a type of ammunition which is prohibited in Belize. Both women have been arrested and charged with keeping prohibited ammunition. If found guilty they can expect a jail sentence of 3 years, which can be extended up to 7 years, according to Section 6 of 1994 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition of 2000. The two women have been detained at the Benque Viejo Police Station pending arraignment for the offense at the Benque Viejo Del Carmen Magistrate’s Court.

    Toddler, 20 months, dies in 4-house inferno
    Sometime after 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 6, a fire engulfed a small structure at # 23 Santa Barbara Street, and by the time the blaze was extinguished by firefighters from the National Fire Service, four houses were destroyed and a 20-month-old toddler, Tarique Roberts, was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:55 p.m. In a telephone interview this afternoon, Fire Chief Ted Smith told Amandala that the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. We asked Smith if it was true that when the fire tender arrived to put out the fire, it did not have enough water, and the fire blazed out of control, consuming the house in which the toddler was.

    Thomas Staine, 40, taxi driver, stabbed to death
    The family of Thomas Staine, 40, a taxi driver of Reggae Street, is devastated after his body was found in a drain at the corner of Racecourse Street and West Collet Canal at about 6:00 this morning by police, who had been looking for him after his taxi was found abandoned on King Street with blood stains on the back seat. Sonny Staine, Thomas’ brother, told us that the two men were operating their taxi service from the Princess Taxi Stand on Newtown Barracks last night, when he, Sonny, got a job. When he returned, Thomas was not at the stand. He said that after waiting a reasonable time for him to return, and he did not, he became worried and began to drive around the city to find him.

    BTV and partners exploring legal challenge to extended re-registration date
    Wil Maheia, the leader of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), met this afternoon with representatives of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), the Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), and the Northern Territorial Volunteers (NTV), to discuss the pushing back of the scheduled date for the re-registration of voters by the government. The meeting was also attended by two attorneys, who have been tasked into looking into the possibility of filing a court injunction against the re-registration date announced via a Statutory Instrument. Maheia told Amandala, “The whole idea of the meeting was to discuss the Statutory Instrument which called for the re-registration exercise to take place in 2018.”

    Orchid Girls and Unity DHC lead in Rural Female Softball
    The Belize Rural Female Softball Tournament 2017 had games scheduled over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday at two different venues. Beverly Hills Flames of Lords Bank hosted the games on Saturday, while Unity DHC of Double Head Cabbage hosted on Sunday. Participating teams in the tournament are Lords Bank Sunrise (Lords Bank), Orchid Girls (Burrell Boom), Power Outage (Crooked Tree), Arrows United (Bermudian Landing), Unity DHC (Double Head Cabbage), Easy Does It (Flowers Bank), and Beverly Hill Flames (Lords Bank).

    BDFA Interoffice Football update
    The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) Interoffice Football Tournament 2017 continued last week Wednesday and Thursday, August 2 and 3, with Week 4 games at the MCC Grounds. In the opener on Wednesday, KHMH clipped Tourist Village Tennants, 1-0, with a goal from Charles Canton (59’). And in the nightcap, Brodies dropped BTL, 5-2, with goals from Travyon Martinez (4’, 27’ & 37’) and Alex Salvida (58’) along with an auto-goal by BTL’s Ronell Flowers; while BTL got a goal each from Sean Moreira (14’) and Rasheed Pollard (19’).

    Kulture’s first loss; San Pedro leads
    Kulture Yabra Veterans are no longer undefeated, as visiting Belmopan Veterans dealt Kulture their first loss, 4-2, yesterday at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. Meanwhile, out west at the Norman Broaster Stadium, home standing San Ignacio Quintas won, 3-2, over visiting BDF Veterans. On Saturday, San Pedro Veterans jumped into the standings lead (by goal difference) after a 3-3 draw on the island against Benque Vets FC. Also on Saturday, Mango Creek Veterans are now the only undefeated team in the tournament, as they came away with a 1-1 draw at the MCC against winless Pickstock Lake-I Veterans.

    Editorial: Let the tournament begin …
    We would say the political tournament which involves next March’s national municipal elections is beginning, especially in the old capital. For some years now, August has been bleeding into September where the celebrations are concerned. What the patriotic aspect of the celebrations does is emphasize the differences between the two core Southside populations, which are the Afro-Saxons and the roots, if you will allow us to use these designations. As was exposed last week when an unofficial section of the Belizean population had to hold events (their fourth annual) to mark Emancipation Day – August 1, Belize is an anomaly in the British Caribbean scheme of things, because we never celebrated Emancipation Day, the original such British Caribbean celebration being August 1, 1838. What official Belize did, after opting for British colonial status in 1862 and then Crown Colony status in 1871, was organize an event in 1898 originally known as Centenary – the 100th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye. Centenary defined the September celebrations for the first half of the twentieth century here, and it featured the alliance between the British administration and Belize’s Afro-Saxons.

    From the Publisher
    I was struck by the above paragraphs recently while reading a book about Vietnam by Stanley Karnow. The point has to do with the price the Vietnamese people have had to pay for their independence and sovereignty, compared to how we, the Belizean people, proceeded from colonialism to theoretical independence and sovereignty without having to pick up arms. I describe our independence and sovereignty as “theoretical” because the marijuana and gun/bullet laws, for instance, suggest to me that we Belizeans, at the highest levels of our democratically-elected leadership, follow instructions and take orders from somewhere. The drug and gun laws are so draconian in Belize that no independent, sovereign leaders would voluntarily impose such laws on their people.

    Remember Errol: Big up, Pulu
    Dear Editor, While Orange Walk had “Cat” as the master of the basketball court, Belize City also had its boss a time later in the likes of “Pulu” Lightburn. I did not witness his prowess in the city, but I saw his talent at a Mexican Interstate tournament played in Chetumal. I cannot recall the year but I do recall some of his teammates: Emil Grinage (Customs officer), Charles Goff, Frankie something (a sharpshooter for the team), cannot remember the rest. The tournament lasted a couple days at the “Palacio de los Deportes” in Chetumal with all Mexican states participating and Belize being an invited guest. After beating all the rest the teams that qualified for the finals were Belize and Mexico City. To beat a Mexican squad in Mexico at a final is one of the most difficult tasks on this planet: ask anyone. The Belize team led by “Pulu” nearly accomplished this feat, but the Mexicans inserted a huge center who dominated the boards; Charles Goff did a wonderful job against him, but he was too much.

    William “Chi Chi” Fonseca, retired Chief Education Officer and BCVI founding member, dead at 93
    Lifelong educator, William “Chi Chi” Fonseca, 93, the father of Freetown area representative, Hon. Francis Fonseca, and his sister, Dr. Carol Fonseca, passed away on Wednesday, August 2. Hon. Francis Fonseca told Amandala this afternoon that his father was not ailing, that “his body just got tired and he passed away.” A teacher for many years, William Fonseca taught in rural Belize, and at Holy Redeemer and St. Joseph primary schools in Belize City. “He had a special love for rural Belize and he started schools in the Toledo District,” Hon. Fonseca said. “Then after teaching for some years he went away to study Education, at the University of London. Then he went on to do his Master’s Degree at the University of Ottawa, in Canada,” said Hon. Fonseca.

    Pharmacist, Mark Anthony Christie, dead at 82
    A memorial service will be held on Saturday, August 12, at St John’s Cathedral, for well-known Belizean pharmacist, Mark Anthony Christie, 82, who passed away on Friday, July 28. Christie, whose last place of employment was the James Brodie and Company Pharmacy, suffered a serious stroke in April 2015, and never recovered. After the memorial service in his honor, Christie’s remains, which his son Patrick Christie told Amandala will be cremated per his request, will be interred at the Lord Ridge Cemetery, in his mother’s grave. Christie served Belize in various capacities. He worked as a pharmacist at the old Belize City Hospital, before he moved to the hospital in Corozal Town, where he worked for a number of years.

    Politics and sunburn: Snapshot of the U.S. from Belize
    The sun blazed, cooled only by sporadic showers, during my recent visit to the Central American and Caribbean nation of Belize where I spent my formative years. The size of Massachussetts, Belize’s is a racially and ethnically diverse population of 332,000 that depends heavily on the U.S. for trade, investment, and tourism. A cross section of people receive remittances from, vacation in, and access tertiary and medical institutions in the U.S. My goal during this visit (in addition to enjoying family, friends, the cuisine and seasonal fruits, indulging in the local beers and rums, and avoiding a painful sunburn) was to capture a local snapshot of the Belizean view of the U.S. and the current Trump administration.

    A Big Pause
    The Page B story in last Friday’s Amandala, “We’ve already exhausted the amount of resources that Earth can produce in 2017—at the fastest pace ever”, should encourage all Belizeans to take a big pause. We are a small nation, our consumption and pollution are but a drop in the ocean, but it is our drop, so we should be concerned. In the story, an excerpt from the Business Insider, written by Ashley Williams, there is a quote from Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, the CEO of the Global Footprint Network and co-creator of the Ecological Footprint. He said, “Research shows that humanity’s demand is about 70 percent faster than what Earth can renew”. And there is this quote from the Global Footprint Network, to further expand what Wackernagel said. Here goes: “Humans would need the equivalent of 1.7 Earths to accommodate our consumption level.”

    Vehicle with American family inside, runs off bridge
    Four American tourists were rescued from a creek between Miles 28 and 29 on the Hummingbird Highway after the vehicle in which they were traveling fell off a bridge at about 4:30 yesterday evening. Fortunately, some Coast Guard officers who were traveling in a vehicle behind them saw the accident and rushed to their rescue. They were all recovered from the water and taken to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga. The four Americans- – Benjamin Paul, 47; Katharine O’Brian, 36; Rafael Paul, 6; and Carmelita Paul, 3 — suffered varying degrees of injuries, none of which were considered life-threatening.

    Taiwan gives Guatemala over US$600 million in funding
    Taiwan owns 10% of Belize’s external debt, and it is the bilateral lender second in rank only to Venezuela, which holds about 18% of Belize’s external debt. In the presentation of the 2017-2018 budget, it was announced that Belize would be looking to Taiwan for “the disbursement of $20 million in budget support financing… under the on-going bilateral economic cooperation program.” At the same time, the Government of Guatemala had been courting Taiwan for a mega-financing package for a very important highway. Since 2016, it had been reported in the Guatemalan press that that country’s president, Jimmy Morales, had been lobbying for financing for the Jacobo Árbenz four-lane highway (CA-9 Norte), and reports carried late last month confirmed that the financing had been approved.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Southside Strike Team find drugs and ammo
    Just before 1:00 p.m. yesterday, members of the South Side Strike Team conducted a search at an open lot situated at the corner of Dean and Plues streets in Belize City. During that search, police found a black plastic bag containing five transparent bags of […]

    Their turn to eat?
    By Lisa Shoman: Last night, we may have dodged Franklin, but there were hundreds of worried teachers, nurses, cañeros, agricultural workers, admin assistants, office workers, domestic helpers, city/town council employees worried about the unfortunate timing of the TStorm. No storm or hurricane comes at a “good time” […]

    National Jaguar Working Group offers recommendations following jaguar’s capture and death
    The Forest Department responded to reports of a jaguar being captured by farmers around the Northern Lagoon area in the Belize District on July 27, 2017. Upon investigation, it was discovered that farmers, who experienced several jaguar attacks on their livestock, retaliated by trapping […]

    Decomposed body of Guatemalan farmer found in Alta Vista
    This morning at around 6:30, Dangriga police responded to a scene in Alta Vista village on Davis Falls Road, Stann Creek District where they saw a Hispanic man lying on the ground with a large cut wound behind his neck and another to his left hand. During the […]

    Fiberglass skiff stolen from Canadian woman
    Ruth Duke, a Canadian businesswoman reported to police that between the hours of 12:00 am on August 5 and 10:00 am on August 6, 2017, her white and grey 23 foot fiberglass skiff named “Demo” was stolen. The skiff is valued at $20,000 and has a grey outboard engine […]

    Brandon Taylor, 31, was recently released from prison but it appears he will be back very soon. Police reported that at around 8:00 last night, cops on mobile patrol on the Central American Boulevard saw Taylor, allegedly with a firearm in his hand. Upon […]

    Cab driver found dead, stabbed multiple times
    On Monday morning a cab driver was found dead at the Corner East Collet Canal and Racecourse street in Belize city. He was identified as Thomas Arthur Staine, 39. Staine was observed lying face down near the canal side with both of his hands […]

    Woman and boy shot on Cleghorn Street in Belize City
    Last night while many were making preparations for tropical storm Franklin, an armed bandit badly injured a woman and a teen. At 10:11 p.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where cops saw Fiona Spain, 35, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound […]

    Belizean jaguar ‘Pat’ dies in Milwaukee zoo
    Photo: Milwaukee County Zoo Pat, a Belizean jaguar residing at the Milwaukee Country Zoo for the last decade, died yesterday, according to the zoo. “Due to kidney failure and subsequent quality of life concerns, [Pat] was humanely euthanized Monday, Aug. 7,” the zoo said […]

    KHMH reactivating suspended services
    Following the “All Clear” given by emergency management authorities, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) is preparing to resume all services that were suspended during the emergency mode activation yesterday. The KHMH announced this morning that as of tomorrow, August 9, all non-essential services, including specialist clinics, […]

    Mexico and Belize discuss framework for MOU on transportation
    Yesterday, a diplomatic and technical delegation headed by Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize, H. E. Carlos Quesnel Melendez, met with top officials from the Government of Belize to discuss the framework for a Memorandum of Understanding on International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation between […]

    Longest serving Central bank governor passes
    Belize’s longest serving Central Bank governor has passed away. Keith Arnold served as Governor of Belize’s Central bank from January 1992 to March 2002. Arnold died at age 72. he was injured as a result of a traffic accident abroad. He arrived at his […]

    Tropical Storm Franklin makes landfall in Mexico; moving towards Campeche for second landfall
    Late last night, tropical storm Franklin made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Franklin moved inland Mexico with maximum sustained winds of about 60 mph. it dumped heavy rains and gusty winds on many popular beaches in Mexico. In Mexico, shelters were prepared across the […]

    Crooked Tree girl dies in traffic accident
    A teen girl from Crooked Tree was the victim of a hit and run on Sunday night. Police reported that at around 7:36 p.m. cops responded to a scene at the Crooked Tree junction on Mile 31 of the Philip Goldson highway, where they […]

    Infant and two homes lost in Belize City fire
    Shortly after 9:00 on Sunday night, two homes on Santa Barbara street in Belize city burned to the ground and a child was killed in the inferno.Police reported that the houses and all their contents were completely destroyed. Shanica Roberts, 20, reported that her […]

    Tropical Storm Franklin makes land fall in Mexico; NEMO issues the “All Clear”
    By NEMO: The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that around 10:45 pm last night Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, north of […]


    On Ambergris Caye, no ‘I survived Franklin’ t-shirts today — and that’s OK
    Upon waking up almost exactly one year ago to shredded and twisted bits of around a half-dozen piers littering what was left of our beachfront, this morning’s sight was a joy to behold. As they say in boxing, Franklin was a contender but he didn’t lay a glove on us. A change in wind here and a rise in barometric pressure there and this could be a whole other kind of story. A lot was learned last year from the abrupt changes in Hurricane Earl that spelled disaster for Ambergris Caye and The Cloisters/Tres Cocos Resort, where we live.

    Tropical Storm Franklin Bypasses Belize — WHEW!
    Late Sunday and definitely Monday preparation had started…Tropical Storm Franklin was heading through the Caribbean and northwest along the Central American coast. Northern Belize was in the dreaded CONE OF UNCERTAINTY. With only a year between us and unexpectedly powerful Hurricane Earl, preparation began. Boats were moved or pulled from the water, beach furniture and loose items cleared from outdoor space – a ban was put on alcohol sales and the country’s National Emergency Management team issued a Tropical Storm Warning. (See pictures from yesterday) But late afternoon yesterday, the path shifted more aggressively northward. And last night – around 9pm, Franklin made landfall in Pulticub, Mexico. What? You haven’t heard of it? I hadn’t either. It’s a village of 37 people in Quintana Roo. 85 miles from San Pedro town, Belize; only about 25 miles north of Mahahual – the town frequented by many cruise ships and called the “Costa Maya Port”. (Pulticub is about 80 miles south of Tulum and 150 miles south of Cancun)

    The Highest Zip Line in Belize, One Terrified Mom and More
    Conquering a Zip Line should be a breeze after skydiving right? Not so much for this mom! I still can’t explain the overwhelming sense of fear that came over my body when I got strapped to the first line at Mayan Sky Canopy Tours. I’ve been Zip-Lining before, but nothing quite this high or long. My thrill seeker friends, you have to try this! The adrenaline rush and the view make the fear of heights seem so insignificant, once you’ve taken the leap of course. My eleven-year-old daughter one-upped me this time. She was brave enough to hold the GoPro while I clung to my straps for dear life. I have never laughed at myself more.

    Early Childhood And Primary Education Remain An Uphill Battle For Belize
    Early childhood education is now widely accepted by countries around the world as being extremely beneficial to national development. This acceptance is based on the idea that a child’s development can be modified and enhanced by the quality of their early environments and experiences. Some studies show that early childhood cognitive and socio-emotional development can strongly predict later school enrollment and life success. Failing to tap into this potential can result in as much as 20% decline in income over a lifetime which can have negative implications for national development (Yoshikawa et al., 2007). Belize has made modest progress both in expanding access and improving the quality of its education system over the past ten years. Nonetheless, Belize still faces major and persistent challenges in access to and quality of education services that it is constantly trying to address.

    Poor Financing of Protected Areas Undermines Belize's Development
    A well-managed and ecologically representative national protected areas (PA) system is essential to the preservation of Belize's natural capital and its biodiversity assets, in order to guarantee the ecosystem services that currently underwrite national development and citizen welfare. Well-conserved ecosystems in soundly-managed PAs provide services that are key for sectoral growth in the economy and also for human wellbeing. Ecosystem goods and services provided by PAs are critical for health, nutrition, employment, food security, agricultural exports and even protection from natural disasters. The provision of these crucial benefits however is not free. There are costs are associated with PA management, both in terms of direct expenditures and opportunity costs. It is very important for policy makers have a clear understanding of the type and degree of these naturally-based ecosystem services and the benefits they provide to the economy. It is similarly important for decision makers to consider the cost of decisions they make as it relates to growth strategies and the environment.

    Belize's Adaptation To Climate Change Limited By Institutional Challenges
    Belize’s vulnerability to climate change is linked to the country’s low adaptive capacity and the country’s increasing dependence on resources sensitive to changes in climate. About one half of Belize’s population are concentrated in coastal population centers, and the country’s economy is highly dependent on commodity exports and tourism, which exacerbates the nation’s economic and social exposure. Crop production and food security, natural ecosystems, marine and coastal areas, water resources and human health, as well as on housing and infrastructure, are the sectors that are most likely to suffer the serious adverse effects of climate variability and climate change. So far, Belize has developed two major policy documents as part of its climate change adapation initiatives. The first is the National Climate Climate Policy, Strategy and Action Plan. According this strategy document, responding to Belize’s climate vulnerabilities requires making simultaneous advances in adaptation, disaster risk reduction, environmental sustainability and poverty reduction.

    International Sourcesizz

    Tropical Storm Franklin to Become the Atlantic Basin's First Hurricane of 2017 Before Landfall; Dangerous Flood Threat
    The center of Franklin is now over 200 miles east of Veracruz, Mexico, moving west at 10 to 15 mph in the Bay of Campeche. For now, the heaviest rain has ended in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, but not before triggering significant flash flooding Tuesday in the city of Campeche. Franklin is forecast to continue re-strengthening before making a final landfall in eastern Mexico early Thursday morning. To what degree it strengthens is a bit uncertain, due to competing factors of increased wind shear - a negative for strengthening - and very warm water in the Bay of Campeche - a positive for strengthening.

    Keith Arnold, Belize's longest-serving governor, dies
    Keith Arnold, a former governor of the Central Bank of Belize (1992–2002), has died at the age of 72. Arnold, who was the institution’s longest-serving governor, was one of a select few to hold all three of the nation’s chief economic offices: governor, finance secretary and head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). “The central bank joins the family in mourning a departed servant, who served this institution and his country well,” said current governor Caroline Abel in a statement.


  • Talk Ah Di Town August 3, 2017, 24min.

  • Bruk it Down Jenny discussed the subject of bullying., 30min.

  • Beauty Segment with Make-up artist Andrea Reneau, 33min.

  • Phyllis Hughes - President of Belize Day in the Park Committee, 1min. Belize Day in the Park 2017, Chicago, IL

  • Blue Hole Diving - Belize, 11.5min.

  • Belize Summer 2017 - Hamanasi Resort, 8min. Summer trip to Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins, Belize which includes snorkeling, SCUBA, hiking, caving, zip lining, and Mayan tours.

  • Belize Trip 2017, 6.5min.

  • The National Emergency Management Organization met to discuss strategy for Tropical Storm Franklin, 25min.

  • Pap Smear method to screen women for cervical cancer, 21min.

  • Update on the plans for the Referendum in Belize, 44min.

  • Staying in Health Exercise, 27min.

  • UWC, 26min.

  • Tropical Storm Franklyn, 29min.

  • Kriol Drum Camp, 4min. The National Kriol Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, is having their annual Kriol Drum Camp in Belize City. The camp, sponsored by the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project, aims to preserve the rich musical customs of Kriol in Belize.


  • Scuba in Belize - Sharks, Turtle, Eagle Ray, Grouper, Manatee, 4.5min. Underwater videos taken at the following spots near Placencia, Belize: Silk Caye, South Water Caye, Thatch Caye.

  • Belize Trip 2017, 9min. Our First Baptist Destin mission trip to Belize was amazing!

  • Belize conch fritters, 7min. How to make Belize conch fritters.

  • Belize Cave Tubing & Zip Lining: GoMaya Belize Adventures, 6min. Come with us for a refreshing adventure on one of our Best-seller tours in the Cayo Area - Cave Tubing and Zip Lining from San Ignacio. This is an all day adventure starting off at 8:00am with a 1 hour drive on the George Price Highway up to the Jaguar Paw Outpost Junction and then 10 minutes on a secondary road to the park site. The Zip Lining part of this adventure lasts about 45 minutes after which you'll have an early lunch then take off on a nature hike across the shallow Caves Branch River until reaching your tubing starting point. Enjoy the refreshing cool waters of the river as you float in awe at on this nature-filled experience.

  • San Pedro, Belize, 9min. Some of the footage from a trip I took to San Pedro, Belize July 2017.

  • Belize 2017 School Of Spotted Eagle Rays, 1min.

  • Tauchen im Glover's Reef • Belize, 9min. Im zweitgrößten Korallenriff der Welt durften wir tauchen! Genauer gesagt: im Glover's Reef vor Belize!

  • Police Check Point Talk Show Aug 8, 20min.

    August 8, 2017

    For information about Tropical Storm Franklin, CLICK HERE.


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Police Report: One man stabbed; Another left unconscious
    Stabbing: On Sunday, August 6th about 8:30PM, San Pedro Police visited DFC Area where they met 37-year-old Manuel Sam suffering from a large wound to the left side of his neck. It was also observed that Sam had four other cut wounds to the chest and a large cut wound to his abdomen.
    Aggravated Assault: On Sunday, August 6th at around 9:05PM San Pedro Police visited the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where they found 21-year-old Kevin Brown in an unconscious state. According to the initial investigation, Brown was at a resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewellery. As a result someone from the group kicked him and then hit him with a fire extinguisher causing him to become unconscious.

    25th International Costa Maya Festival held on Ambergris Caye
    Thursday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 6th saw a celebration of the the 25th International Costa Maya Festival. Held at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex, the grand event brought the cultures and traditions of eight countries to one venue through entertainment and dynamic performances. With the aim of bringing much needed business to the island during the slow tourism season, this year’s Costa Maya Festival definitely saw an influx of both foreign and national visitors to San Pedro Town. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Eiden Salazar and Tanya Arceo ensured the event flowed nicely throughout the weekend.

    Ambergris Today

    Tropical Storm Franklin To Strike Yucatan Peninsula
    Tropical Storm Franklin continues to move to the West-North-West at 13 mph with maximum sustained winds of 60mph. Franklin is now located near 18.6 North Latitude and 85.9 West Longitude or some 170 miles East of Belize City and 143 miles East-Northeast of San Pedro. The Cayes and Corozal district may experience Tropical Storm force winds. Franklin could reach Hurricane strength before making landfall tonight. Three to six (3-6) inches of rainfall is expected.

    A Mad Dash out of San Pedro Indeed
    Mostly Costa Maya guests and visitors are rushing to leave the island after spending a weekend on the island celebrating. Now the island prepares for approaching tropical storm Franklin.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Updated Daily Tropical Weather page...

    Sewage Treatment Systems for Commercial and Tourism Developments
    The Public is hereby informed that ALL NEW Commercial and Tourism developments on North and South Ambergris Caye (outside the declared “service areas”) and those in ecologically sensitive areas, are required to invest in a proper sewage treatment system. The developer/investor is free to review the many types of sewage treatment systems available on the international and local market, and to select the most appropriate system for their purposes.Whichever sewerage treatment system is selected, it will need to meet or exceed the Department of the Environment’s MINIMUM STANDARDS for discharges.

    Republic of China Ambassador receives gift
    On Friday, August 4, 2017, His Excellency Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize, received from H.E. Ambassador Charles Liu of the Republic of China (Taiwan) boxes of laser-engraved (Sir Colville's Independence Anniversary Reception) souvenir pens for the Governor General's Annual State Reception to be held on September 20th, 2017.

    A fatal accident occurred on the highway
    A few minutes before 8 p.m. on Sunday, August 6th, Alma Flowers exited a bus at the Crooked Tree Junction with the Phillip Goldson Highway. Flowers was crossing the highway and she was knocked down and killed.

    Cleanup of Rainbow Park and Beach
    It is not the coolest thing using an old tire disposed into the bottom of the Corozal Bay as a seflie frame but you all get our point. Here we are with the effort of family beginning our clean up campaign of the Corozal Bay. We started yesterday, Sunday in front of Rainbow Park and Beach covering approximately 600 feet. We picked up all sorts of trash, an old tire, including sharp objects especially broken bottles that can really hurt those who swim in the area, particularly children. We are proud that we started this campaign and hope that others will join or do their part in keeping our Corozal Bay Safe and Clean. We can safely say, that the area we covered is probably 99% free of any broken bottles or sharp objects. Please don't pollute our sea..keep it clean for you and me!

    Belize Screen on the Green
    Pop corn! Movie! Mark your calendars on Thursday, August 10 at the Governor General Field in Belmopan come an enjoy the movie " The Curios Case of BENJAMIN BUTTON".

    Mopan Valley Archaeology Project/Mopan Valley Preclassic Project
    Some highlights of the 2017 field season.

    Images of San Pedro Town as Tropical Storm Franklin edges towards the Yucatán Peninsula
    Many businesses have closed for the day. Those looking to get off the island, the last boat at San Pedro Belize Express leaves at 4:30PM. In the meantime, a tropical storm warning is in effect for the northern coast of Belize and the entire Mexican State of Quintana Roo. Heavy rain is expected in Belize!

    Price Controlled Goods Advisory
    Re: Tropical Storm Franklin. The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) of the Belize Bureau a Standards reminds the business community that it is an offense under the Supplies Control (Prices) Regulations to sell or offer for sale any price controlled goods above the 1118XiMUM pennissible price. Supplies Control Act Chapter 293 Subsidiary Regulations - Section 10 - Maximum Price not to be exceeded: (1) No person shall, without written permission granted by or on behalf of the Controller ofSupplies, or otherwise than in accordance with the conditions attached to such permission (if granted) sell or buy, or agree to sell or buy, or attempt or offer to sell or buy, any price-controlled goods mentioned in any part of the First or Second Schedule hereto at a price higher than the maximum selling price permitted by these Regulations, or otherwise in contravention of these Regulations, or any conditions or requirements imposed, thereunder." The SCU advises consumers to be vigilant during this time and report any contraventions that are encounthred in the market place.

    Franklin preparation in San Pedro
    While Tropical Storm Franklin seems to be shifting a bit to the north, it is still many hours away and our island is preparing. Here are a few pictures of what is going on in San Pedro town on Ambergris Caye. Tropical Storm Franklin is intensifying slightly but still, the eye is projected to stay to the north (the storm and the projections have shifted more north since the last report). Here is what is going on in town to take caution since we should still see rain and wind.

    Battening down the hatches in Corozal around 3:30 p.m. Light drizzle and overcast skies. Please heed warnings and official forecast. Remember that the Corozal Police Station is 402-0022. Be safe.

    Queen of The West Pageant 2017 Presentation
    Pictures from the 2017 Queen of the West presentation at the Cayo Welcome Center.

    Queen's Baton Relay
    The Queen's Baton Relay for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games has stopped in Belize with its international journey passing the halfway point. The Baton reached to the Chiquibul National Park and Caracol.

    Tourism Industry Conference 2017
    Wednesday, August 9 at 8:30 AM - 6 PM, Belize Biltmore Plaza 3 Miles Northern Highway Belize City. Hosted by Belize Tourism Board.

    Channel 7

    Tropical Storm Franklin: Fierce Or Faking Us Out
    Tropical Storm Franklin, it's all Belizeans have been talking about today and here's what you need to know tonight: first off, the storm's track has been jogging slightly north - so right now the center of it is more in line with Mahahual, Mexico, which means the storm's center has passed Corozal. It's currently located about 120 miles east of Chetumal. But, northern Belize - especially Corozal is still well within the storm bands. At 6:00 pm - winds were still at 60 miles per hour - but it could become a hurricane before it makes landfall later tonight or early tomorrowmorning. and our friends in Corozal and San Pedro tell us that there's a little rain here and there, but mostly clear skies and hardly any breeze at this hour. Belize is under a Tropical Storm warning and from the Belize District to the Corozal border you can see the Red II flags flying which denotes the third phase of readiness - meaning the system is likely to strike within 24 hours.

    Met Office Says Franklin, Fast And Furious
    But how serious is the storm? That's what we went to find out from from the National Met Services in Ladyville. Here's our conversation with Chief Meteorologist Catherine Cumberbatch who discussed the storm's history and the forecast: Catherine Cumberbatch - Chief Meteorologist "From last week Thursday, a tropical wave came into the Southeast Caribbean, and we have been monitoring that system from last week. We have been informing and giving NEMO updates on the regular basis. Last night, the system, from a strong tropical wave, to an area of low pressure, went straight to a tropical storm. It didn't become a tropical depression. It jumped windspeed increases, and it went directly to a tropical storm. It became the sixth name storm for the season, which is Tropical Storm Franklin." "At midday, the center of Tropical Storm Franklin was located at latitude 18.0 degrees north, and longitude 85.4 west. Or, that puts it about 185 miles east of Belize City, and a 151 miles east by north of Halfmoon Caye. Franklin is traveling in a West Northwest direction at 13 miles per hour, with a maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour."

    Shelters Safe In Corozal
    And with the storm's position now said the be 120 miles east of Chetumal, Corozal is currently the closest place to the projected area of landfall which could be as high up as Punta Gruesa Mexico - but this is just a forecast. But in Corozal town at this very minute, we're told its not event drizzling, The NEMO Coordinator for told us how they are getting ready in that northern-most district. Nemo Coordinator, Corozal: "At this point we are at phase 3; 2 flags with the black dots are out already. We had been advised that we may be getting tropical storms forced winds. It should be making landfall between tonight and tomorrow morning between the northern part of the country and Quintana Roo. So between this evening or say from tonight into tomorrow we should be expecting some kind of change in this weather right now."

    Storm Seasoned San Pedranos Cool, Calm
    And, what about San Pedro, Ambergris Caye? Well, the storm tracked north of that island some time ago, but, again, the other bands could still affect it. The NEMO Coordinator told us via phone that everyone there is calm, collected and ready:... Vanessa Parham, NEMO Coord., San Pedro: "The weather right now is an overcast at the moment with light rain. There are some residents on bath islands of Caye Caulker and San Pedro who have already taken the necessary precautions - they are boarding up their places. When it comes to the shelters, at San Pedro Island, the San Pedro High School has already been open as a shelter and at Caye Caulker, the community center above the village council is being open as a shelter."

    Another Infant Perishes In A City Fire
    But first, to a domestic disaster that has nothing to do with the approaching storm. A Santa Barbara Street blaze destroyed 4 homes last night. Tonight about 13 - 17 tenants are either staying at the St. Martin's De Pores School for shelter or scurrying around finding a place to stay. But while they all are burdened by the loss of their personal belongings - one mother has lost so much more - her son. Courtney Weatherburne has more on the terrible death of baby Tyreik. Shaneeka Roberts, Mother: "Before I could reach any distance far I heard my neighbors saying fire Pearl Fire!!" Courtney Weatherburne, reporting: In just that short time, the wild flames broke out and illuminated the black sky. Roberts had just left out to the corner store when the fire started inside her wooden home on Santa Barbara Street. It spread to the other 3 houses in the yard. She raced back and the other tenants tried to tame the blaze but nothing helped.

    Fire Families Not Forgotten
    While Roberts and her family grief the death of their baby boy - the other tenants are devastated and they don't have much options right now. Courtney Weatherburne looks at the stories of the displaced fire victims. These classrooms at the St. Martin De Pores School are far from homely but at least they serve as a shelter for these fire victims. The fire started in this wooden house - which killed baby Tyreik. Then consumed the other wooden houses in the yard. The cement house out front was the only one that was spared.

    Crooked Tree Accident Claims Life Of 20 Yr Old
    There was a traffic accident last night on the Phillip Goldson Highway that has claimed the life of a Crooked Tree resident. She's 20 year-old Alma Flowers, a UB student, and she was getting off a bus after going on a trip to Melchor. While she was crossing the road, she was hit by a vehicle which was coming from Orange Walk. The driver, 25 year-old Leonel Del Valle, claims that he didn't see her. His vehicle hit her and flung her body forward, most likely killing her instantly, or shortly after the impact. Today, we travelled to Crooked Tree to learn that she went to by school supplies for her upcoming classes, but that trip ended tragically, in her death. Here's what police and her uncle had to say about the accident:

    Another City Cabbie Killed
    Today the family of another Belize City taxi man is in mourning, after 39-year-old Thomas Arthur Staine was found bound up and dead on East Collet Canal early this morning. Police are still trying to figure out what happened and how he got there, since his vehicle was found about 4 blocks away, with the backseat covered in blood. Alex Courtenay spoke to the cops and his family about the incident, here's what he found out... Just before 7:00 this morning Southside police went to East Collet Canal Street after receiving reports of a motionless body lying at the edge of the water. Police saw several stab wounds on the man's chest, and he appeared to have been bound. After conducting initial investigations at the scene, police took the body the KHMH.

    City Far From Storm Center, But Shelters Still Open
    Continuing now with our coverage of Tropical Storm Franklin - the storm's center is about 120 miles east of Chetumal right now - our estimates put it closer to Mahahual which is 85 miles north of Chetumal. But, the bottom line is, the storm is looking to make landfall more north - meaning that most likely only Corozal and Ambergris Caye will feel the effects of it. Still, Belize City is within the Tropical Storm watch area - and as the biggest population center, the City Council has to get residents on the alert. CEMO Coordinator Phillip Willoughby told us what they are doing to make sure the emergency response mechanism is ready for anything:...

    Gwen Liz Principal Says Chairman Is Bullying Her
    And in the middle of preparations for the tropical storm - a different kind of storm seems to have descended on Gwen Liz High School. The Principal of the last 13 years, Dr. Lorna McKay received a four page letter from the school's Chairman, Roosevelt Blades placing her on three weeks administrative leave effective immediately. McKay said it was delivered with the threat of force. She told us more today:... Dr. Lorna McKay - Principal, Gwen Liz: "Yes, I really surprised Mr. Blades walked into my office and gave me a letter signed by him, no CC to ministry, commissioner or anybody, telling me that I have been placed on administrative leave and I asked him why? He said that it can either an easy way or a hard way. Then I told him sir, I will not move from here until I have - I haven't had a meeting with you nor the board. We haven't met to discuss this and I will call the union, I will call the media and he said well I will call the police to take care of the compound and he did call the police."

    Who Beat Down Kevin Brown?
    Tonight San Pedro residents are hunkering down and preparing for Tropical Storm Franklin, but this weekend, they were partying, and hosting words of local and international visitors who descended on the island to celebrate the Costa Maya Festival. And as with any major festival where drinking and partying are involved, there's a chance that people will get hurt. Well known 21 year old basketballer Kevin Brown is in the hospital because of that tonight.

    Stabbed On Costa Maya Weekend
    Earlier that night, San Pedro police responded to another incident - this one in the DFC area. According to reports, 37-year-old Manuel Sam was at a house party where he intervened in a domestic dispute. During the struggle Sam received a large wound to the left side of his neck, four cuts to his chest and another to his abdomen. After receiving treatment at the Polyclinic, he was also airlifted to Belize City.

    Motorbike Burst Into Flames During Stunts
    A motorcycle burst into flames this weekend in the Central Site area of Belmopan. It happened around 2:30 - reportedly during a cycling event where motorcycle riders were doing stunts. This one reportedly involved a wheelie. Fortunately no one was hurt and the fire department arrived on time to put out the fire. Belmopan police said that it is a fire and not an incident of a criminal nature - so they made no report about it.

    More Sarstoon Outrage
    Guatemalan fishers in Belize's southern waters, it's a phenomenon we've documented many times - but no matter how many times you see it, it's still upsetting. That's what a small group of Territorial Volunteers found out this weekend when they went out with Will Maheia into the Belizean side of the Sarstoon River and the adjoining waters. Here's their reaction, Courtesy PGTV...

    British Reject ICJ For Themselves; Recommends It For Belize
    And keeping it on Belize-Guatemala relations, we turn to a related subject that may seem unrelated. It has to do with the Chagos islands which are way out in the Indian Ocean. It's a former British colony that used to be part of Mauritius but was detached in 1965 and is now home to a US airbase. The island is under British rule, but Mauritius claims sovereignty over the islands. In June, The UN General Assembly voted by 94 countries to 15 that the matter should go to the ICJ. The British have objected, saying that it would "robustly defend" its position ahead of the ICJ's decision, which would not be legally binding.

    The Latest On Tropical Storm Franklin
    And finally, turning back to Tropical Storm Franklin, we spoke to the MET Office a short while ago about the 6:00 pm report. That places the storm' center 120 miles east of Chetumal, moving northwest with maximum winds of 60 miles per hour. We asked about the significance of the storm jogging slightly north and what it means for northern Belize:... Catherine Cumberbatch - Chief Meteorologist: "As of 6pm the center of Tropical Storm Franklin was centered near 18.8 degrees north, 86.5 degrees west, or we could put that 143 miles northeast of Belize City and 126 miles east by north of Corozal Town and 133 miles east northeast of San Pedro Ambergris Caye." "Franklin has shift a bit and is now moving towards the northwest at 13 miles per hour with maximum sustain winds remaining at 60 miles per hour."

    Channel 5

    T/S Franklin to land tonight; Minister says ‘be on top of your game’
    Tropical Storm Franklin, it’s the first weather system during this year’s hurricane season to pose a threat to northern Belize. The severe offshore storm continues it path, heading west-north-west at [...]

    City gets ready; no escape after five
    In Belize City, Councilor Phillip Willoughby is spearheading the efforts of the City Emergency Management Organization, CEMO, and met earlier this evening with law enforcement officials, as well as representatives [...]

    Major agencies in place for operations
    An outline of the coordinated efforts involving the Belize Defense Force, the police department, as well as the National Fire Service was shared with the media.  Fuel stations in Belize [...]

    Shelters to be open; no alcohol allowed
    While the city prepares for the heavy winds and downpour that will accompany the passage of Tropical Storm Franklin, residents won’t be allowed to purchase alcohol. That’s because a decision [...]

    Keeping calm in Corozal
    As we mentioned a news five team is currently in Corozal Town. Tropical storm Franklin is scheduled to hit north of Corozal, along the Yucatan coast in Mexico. Residents are [...]

    Northernmost town battens down for rough night
    As of five p.m., a total of six shelters have been opened. In Corozal Town, Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. School in Altamira and Church of Christ School in Port [...]

    Toddler Tarique killed as flames crush four homes on Santa Barbara Street
    Sometime after nine on Sunday night a fire in Belize City claimed the life of toddler. He was left home alone when a fire started at his house and neighbours [...]

    Displaced residents tell tales of woe in aftermath
    A toddler lost his life in the fire on Santa Barbara Street and more than ten persons are without a home. The four families lost everything they owned after the [...]

    CEMO’s Willoughby steps up to help
    Since the fire on Sunday night, CEMO has been on the ground assisting the displaced families. CEMO, along with Ministry of Human Services and other local partner agencies are providing [...]

    Taximan murdered in City overnight; body was dumped in Collet Canal
    There was an apparent murder overnight in the City. The body of thirty-nine-year-old Thomas Staine, known as “Kun”, was retrieved from the Collet Canal near the Yabra Bridge this morning, [...]

    RTA takes life of UB student Alma Flowers
    A traffic accident over the weekend at the Crooked Tree Junction at mile thirty-one on the Phillip Goldson Highway claimed the life of twenty-year-old UB student Alma Flowers.  Flowers was [...]

    Dr. Lorna McKay battles to stay on as principal of Gwen Liz High
    It was named for Belize’s first woman parliamentarian and Education Minister, and is located in the constituency of current Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Patrick Faber. But with just [...]

    Taiwan hands out twenty-six scholarships to young Belizeans
    Twenty-six Belizeans prepared to embark on the journey of a lifetime to the Far East to pursue educational opportunities with the support of the government of the Republic of China [...]

    Taiwan’s man in Belize scratches head over disparate grants to Guatemala
    Ambassador Charles Liu has weighed in on the sixty million dollar grant awarded to Belize by the Taiwanese government.  His comments are in relation to the six hundred and fifty [...]

    Cuba delivers physiotherapist for HelpAge, Inspiration Center
    Older persons in Belize will now have a specialist assisting with their physical therapy. HelpAge Belize, after three years of lobbying with the Ministry of Health, now has a Cuban [...]

    Softball, basketball and cycling top pre-Franklin Sports Monday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of weekend sporting activities....]


    Belize Concerned For Its Friend, Venezuela
    Another issue that arose at last Friday’s press conference with the foreign affairs officials was the matter of Venezuela. The OAS, of which Belize is a member, has been campaigning for some time now to intervene in the crisis in that country before it escalates. That intervention never took place since it was voted against; […]

    Altercation Turns Violent in San Pedro
    Another man was also airlifted from the island for urgent medical attention after he was assaulted. Police report that sometime before nine o’clock on Sunday night, Kevin Brown, a 21 year old, was at a resort on San Pedro with a group of friends. A dispute ensued among them over jewelry and at some point […]

    Fire Takes Down Cabanas at Palmento Grove
    A fire on Friday destroyed several cabanas that form part of Palmento Grove Cultural & Fishing Lodge in Hopkins Village. Harry Arzu has more details. HARRY ARZU ” The cause of the fire has yet to be established.

    Vehicle Plunges Into Creek; Coast Guard Seaman Saves Family
    An American family came close to death when the vehicle they were in plunged into the creek as they drove on a single lane bridge down south. It happened this past Friday and Harry Arzu spoke to one of the men who assisted in rescuing the family. HARRY ARZU “The road traffic accident happened between […]

    The Reporter

    Franklin moves northeast of Belize City
    Tropical Storm Franklin has taken a slight shift north of the track it had kept since Sunday, threatening to directly hit just north of Chetumal, Mexico in the next few hours. The storm is likely to strengthen to a hurricane by the time it makes […]

    Franklin packing winds of 60mph
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has informed that Tropical Storm Franklin is now packing maximum sustained winds of 60mph, and is located near 17.7 North Latitude and 85.1W West Longitude or about 205 miles East of Belize City, and 165 miles north east of […]

    Tropical Storm Franklin expected to become a hurricane before landfall tonight
    Tropical Storm Franklin is expected to strengthen and become a hurricane before it makes landfall tonight anywhere between northern Belize and the Quintana Roo area of Mexico. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has issued a Tropical Storm warning from Belize City to the Corozal […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Franklin is about 120 miles east of Chetumal, Mexico
    Tropical Storm Franklin is located at about 120 miles east of Chetumal, Mexico, and is moving to the west-northwest about 10 to 15 mph. According to the Weather Channel, a tropical storm warning has been put into place in the Yucatan Peninsula, including Cancún and Cozumel, and as […]

    Belize International Airport closing at 5
    The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has reported that the Phillip Goldson International Airport will close operations at 5 pm today, due to the approaching Tropical Storm Franklin. The DCA went on to say that it will resume operations once the “All Clear” has been given after the […]

    More changes as Tropical Storm Franklin approaches
    In preparations for the incoming storm, more businesses and other institutions have begun making changes to their regular business schedule. Scotia Bank’s San Pedro branch will be closing at 1 p.m. today, while it’s Belize City and Belama branch are still scheduled to remain open until […]

    US Embassy issues warning for travelers & US Citizens in Belize due to Tropical Storm Franklin
    The US Embassy issued a release this morning informing US Citizens that the Government of Belize has issued a tropical storm warning for Tropical Storm Franklin from Belize City up to the Corozal District. A tropical storm warning means that tropical storm conditions are […]

    KHMH activating ’emergency mode’
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) is activating emergency mode as of noon today.As a part of the activation, all of the hospital’s non-essential services will be suspended until further notice. The hospital is preparing a list of the services to be suspended for […]

    NEMO issued advisory 4 on Tropical storm Franklin
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that Tropical Storm Franklin is now located near 17.1 North Latitude and 84.2 West Longitude or some 266 miles east south east of Belize City; 255 […]


    Tropical Storm Franklin Intensifies Over Night: Warning Issued in Northern Belize
    It was just over a year ago when Category One Hurricane Earl made landfall in Belize with 85 mile per hour winds. He made landfall south of San Pedro (about 30 miles south) near Belize City and caused fairly extensive property damage. Many of the docks were down on Ambergris Caye and rivers and low lying neighborhoods flooded. (You can see many pictures of the damage here.) That was August 4, 2016…fast forward to today. August 7, 2017 and we are watching another storm move in our direction. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’ve been here 10 years and Earl was my first view of real damage from a storm. But here he is – Tropical Storm Franklin. Upgraded late yesterday afternoon, he intensified again over night and is NOW projected to hit just north of Mahahual, Mexico (about 75-85 miles north of us). And now, according to NEMO (the National Emergency Management Organization of Belize) we are under Tropical Storm Watch.

    Wrong Timing Franklin
    Tropical Storm Franklin is rearing his ugly self at the exact wrong time – although there is never a good time for a storm. The island is preparing fast for the oncoming storm, businesses are moving boats to the back side of the island, alcohol ban is in effect and some are boarding up. Victor, the Security guard for the Atlantic Bank who manages my apartment came and told me they will be boarding up my place by noon. I told him they had to make sure like last time that I can get in and out easily and to leave the last board for my front door off for now. We are now in the middle of preparing for what has now been up graded from a Tropical Depression to Tropical Storm Franklin early this morning. The winds are strengthening and by Tuesday morning should reach 65 mph as it makes landfall more likely over the Yucatan.

    International Sourcesizz

    Tropical Storm Franklin makes landfall in Mexico
    Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula near Pulticub, Mexico, around 11:45 pm ET Monday night, according to an advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Franklin moved inland with maximum sustained winds around 60 mph, the center's advisory said. A hurricane watch is in effect for the Mexican coast, ranging from Puerto de Veracruz to Rio Panuco. Tropical storm warnings are currently in-place for a larger portion of the region, encompassing the coast of Mexico from Chetumal to Sabancuy, and from Belize City northward to the Mexican border. The storm continues to batter Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula with heavy rain and strong winds and flash flooding is still a major concern. Tropical storm-force winds currently extend outward up to 140 miles from the storm's center, according to the National Weather Center.

    Hollywood executives, producers, actors, media professionals and investors gathered with members of the Belizean Diaspora last weekend to network and build bridges between the two countries at the 3rd Annual Belize Film Commission Luncheon. Hosted by Belizean Americans Dr. Yvonne Goff and her husband, attorney David Fairweather at their well-appointed home in Pacific Palisades, attendees enjoyed good food, stimulating conversation and most important, exchanged strategies aimed toward building relationships and expanding the film industry of this beautiful Afrocentric country, with its vibrant Caribbean culture. Among those in attendance were Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Patrick Faber; the Consul General of Belize in Los Angeles, Roland Yorke; Director of the Belize International Film Festival, Suzette Zayden; and ABC World Morning News Anchor, Kendis Gibson. Gibson, who was born in Belize, is a former reporter and part of the launch team for San Diego’s FOX local newscast and has pledged his commitment to promoting ways to connect the Hollywood and Belize film industries.

    Sustainable development central to Belize’s future, says IDBmark
    Belize must make long-term plans to gain the greatest benefit from and protect its natural resources, the executive vice president of the Inter-American Development Bank has stressed, following an IADB visit to the country. Julie Katzman stressed the need for careful, long-term planning to ensure the country takes full advantage of its natural resources, biodiversity and cultural heritage while protecting these from over-exploitation and natural disasters. Katzman said: “Sustainable development is without a doubt at the core of the future of Belize, of the economy and of people’s quality of life and it is essential that everybody get this right going forward.


  • San Pedrana Reigns over Costa Maya Festival, 5.5min.

  • New conservation post in the Chiquibul, 8.5min. The Government of Belize and its partners continue to make major efforts to deter the illegal activities occurring in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, and on Monday, July 31st, our Belize Now team joined the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) and other stakeholders to celebrate the opening of the newest conservation post in the area.

  • Take off from San Pedro Belize to Belize city, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize: Week Four: Lamani, 3min.

  • Belize diving: Hawksbill Turtle, 1min.

  • Belize Fly Fishing, 8.5min. Caye Caulker, Belize. Fly Fishing with Capt Eloy

  • A message from the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno on Tropical Storm Franklin, 2.5min.

  • New solar energy water systems were inaugurated in the villages of Pueblo Viejo and Conejo Creek, 10min. The Government of Belize, in its continued commitment to address the basic needs of Belizeans in the areas of water, sanitation, and health, is ensuring that the men, women, and children of rural Belize have access to the supply of safe water to meet their daily needs. To move towards this goal, new solar energy water systems were inaugurated in the villages of Pueblo Viejo and Conejo Creek on Thursday, July 20th.

  • GOES-16 captured this 1-minute visible imagery of Tropical Storm Franklin approaching the Yucatan earlier today, August 7, 2017., 1min.

  • BELIZE 2017!!!, 13min. Mission trip to Belize!!

  • Straight Up Belize, 9min. A glimpse at my perspective of the Project Dragonfly: 2017 Belize II trip. Videos and photos courtesy of myself, Dakota Bahlau, Mary Fields, Kimberly Kessler, Linda Merry, and Veronica Uribe.

  • Exploring the Small Island Town of San Pedro, Belize (Ambergris Caye), 6min. Although the water front part of the island of San Pedro, Belize has gorgeous views, there is more to the island than that. Behind the beachfront resorts lies a small town of shops, homes, a school, etc. We hopped in the golf cart and drove around the town stopping in a few of the shops and even a fantastic bakery!

  • Snorkling, Cave Tubing, and Ziplining in Belize!!!, 3min.

  • San Pedro, Belize, 7min.

  • Belize 2017, 8min.

  • Caves Branch Tubing in Belize, 2min. Our group from Singles in Paradise enjoyed the full 7-miles of cave Tubing at Ian Andersons original Caves Branch Tubing.

  • Belize Snorkel BBQ Picnic with Hol Chan, Shark/Ray Ally and Goffs Caye, 4min. Our group of 35 from Singles in Paradise enjoyed this full day tour from Ambergris Caye taking in some great snorkeling and then a wonderful BBQ at the tiny Goffs Caye. We even had local fishermen come and sell us fresh lobster for really cheap!

  • Vanessa and Isaac singing in the Cave in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Belize 2017: GLA, 7min. Belize Initiative for Children Trip 2017

  • Belize - Day Four, 3.5min. We set off on a VERY bumpy road to Guatemala! We arrived at the Tikal ruins and were blown away! The steps to get up the ruins were taller than the height of my knee! The humidity was intense, but the views were worth the sweat. Oh and the fact we survived the driving... it's impressive!

    August 7, 2017

    For information about Tropical Storm Franklin, CLICK HERE.


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: The World’s Greatest Memory
    This is Farmington, New Mexico,” the bus driver said. “All passengers disembark while we take a forty-five-minute stop for lunch.” Thirty-one years ago I was traveling as cheaply as possible from Florida to California and my only options were hitchhiking or the bus. An old Indian wrapped in a Navajo blanket sat in the shade of the bus station porch with a tin begging cup. The restaurant manager at the bus stop stuck his head out the door. “Hey, Big Chief,” he called. “Your lunch is ready. I’ll bring it out in a minute.” “Thanks, Rodney,” the Indian said.

    Doctor Love: Not My Business
    Dear Doctor Love, I seem to attract people who want to tell me secrets. In most cases I just nod and make an excuse to get away or make some neutral remark. One woman in particular waits to get me alone at church and she starts a conversation with—“Just between you and me,” or ends it with—“Don’t tell anyone else.” I don’t want to know things about my neighbors or friends but she is an older member of the congregation and I don’t want to appear rude. On a few occasions she has told me things that put me in a very awkward position with family members. How do I tell her I don’t want to gossip without offending her? /s/ Not My Business

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Issues Tropical Storm Watch As Potential Tropical Cyclone Approaches
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that the strong Tropical Wave in the west-central Caribbean Sea has an 80% chance of becoming a Tropical Depression or a Tropical Storm over night. The system with maximum sustained winds near 35mph is moving to the West-North-West at 12mph. The current position is near 15.6 North Latitude and 82.0 West Longitude or some 90 miles East-North-East of Cabo Gracias a Dios, off the Nicaraguan/Honduras border. The center of the potential Tropical Storm is forecasted to make landfall sometime between Belize and Mexico border on Monday or Tuesday morning of this week. The forecast is for heavy rainfall over Belize which is likely to cause flash floods. We can expect as much 6 inches of rainfall with possible higher amounts of up to 12 inches, gusty winds, and severe thunderstorms late Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Updated Daily Tropical Weather page...

    Tropical Storm Franklin near Yucatan Peninsula
    An area of low pressure that is located over the northwestern Caribbean continues to lack a well-defined center of circulation, however, it does have a broad area of circulation. Because of this, it is not yet a Tropical Depression. With that said, however, it is very likely that this system will become a tropical storm sometime on Monday before it reaches the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and thus Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for the Yucatan Peninsula. Satellite estimated winds and buoy reports indicate that winds with Potential Tropical Cyclone 7 are near 35 mph. Satellite loops indicate that a majority of the thunderstorm activity is occurring on the northern and eastern sides of this system and this is likely due to westerly wind shear of 20 to 25 knots occurring on the northern and eastern quadrants of it.

    NEMO Issues Tropical Storm Watch – Emergency Operations Centers Convene Countrywide
    NEMO Emergency Operations Centers (EOC’s) have been convening countrywide since this morning, Sunday August 6, 2017, in the face of threats from a tropical system in the Caribbean which has been showing signs of organization and development. At 8:00 A.M today, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) issued its first official advisory on the tropical system, stating: “The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service, hereby informs the general public that a strong tropical wave over the west-central Caribbean Sea continues to show some signs of organization as it moves west-north westward at 10-15mph.”

    NEMO ADVISORY NO. 2: A Tropical Storm WATCH is being issued
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that the strong Tropical Wave in the west-central Caribbean Sea has an 80% chance of becoming a Tropical Depression or a Tropical Storm over night. The system with maximum sustained winds near 35mph is moving to the West-North-West at 12mph. The current position is near 15.6 North Latitude and 82.0 West Longitude or some 90 miles East-North-East of Cabo Gracias a Dios, off the Nicaraguan/Honduras border.

    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that Tropical Storm Franklin has formed. Franklin is located near 16.4 North Latitude and 83.0 West Longitude or some 100 miles north of the Nicaraguan/Honduras border. Franklin is moving to the West-North-West at 13mph with maximum sustained winds near 40 miles per hour. The projected tracks from the different models suggest that this system could impact anywhere from northern Belize to areas along the Yucatan Peninsula late Monday evening or Tuesday morning. The forecast is for heavy rainfall over Belize which is likely to cause flash floods. We can expect as much 3-6 inches of rainfall with possible higher amounts, gusty winds, and severe thunderstorms.

    Another great outing with Stann Creek Birders Club at Hopkins wet-lands
    Good turn out as we were a group of 17 Water level was a bit high and we did not get shorebirds as expected, but great high lights as both American and Least Bittern, Spotted Sandpiper, Clapper Rails, Spoonbills and more. Thanks to Gerry Collins for holding the banner high and making the events happening

    All managing authorities, school administrators and teachers are hereby informed of the postponement of professional development workshops scheduled for tomorrow August 7th, 2017 for the Belize, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. This postponement comes as a result of the tropical storm watch that is presently in effect for those districts. Information regarding the date for the rescheduled workshops will be shared as soon as possible.

    Miss Ladyville 2017
    Please help us by choosing your favorite delegate. The person with the most LIKES and COMMENTS will win "The People's Choice Award". Voting starts now and ends August 25, 2017. Voting is only valid on this page.

    Rainbow Beach cleanup
    Today, we acomplish a goal to clean along the bay of Rainbow beach. And, the results. We ended up with glass, iron, tires @ lots more. I hope you all don't dirty it again.

    Belize Tourism Board advices stakeholders and industry partners to monitor storm Franklin and activate emergency plans
    The Belize Tourism Board hereby advises Stakeholders and Industry Partners to continue to closely monitor the current tropical wave and keep abreast of the advisories from NEMO, the Met Office and other international sources. We encourage you to activate your emergency preparedness plans and ensure that you take all possible actions for your safety and the safety of your guests. If required, please take heed to all evacuation notices and ensure that guests are aware of actions to be taken at all times. The BTB will remain in touch with NEMO and other relevant Agencies and will provide you with further updates or precautionary measures, as they become available.

    Water Service Interruption in Corozal
    BWS Notice: Planned water interruption to 4th, 5th & 6th Avenue and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Street South, Corozal from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday, August 7th, 2017.

    Western Dairies 50th Anniversary
    Happy 50th, Western Dairies! They are celebrating with specials at all their locations across Belize, and their flag ship in Spanish Lookout. "You are invited to our celebration country wide from the 7 to 12 of August 2017."

    The Reporter

    Tropical Storm Franklin forms; threatens northern Belize
    Tropical Storm Franklin has formed in the northwestern Caribbean, as it inches closer towards the Yucatan peninsula, threatening northern Belize. Franklin is located about 100 miles north of Cabo Gracias a Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border. It packs winds of up to 40mph and is […]

    NEMO activates operation centres in light of approaching storm
    The National Emergency Management Organizations says its operations centers (EOC’s) have been convening countrywide since this morning, in light of the threat from the tropical system approaching our area. NEMO says that Emergency Operations Centers have met in every region of the country to assess […]

    Tropical storm watch issued for Belize as storm approaches
    A tropical storm watch has been issued for the Belize, Orange Walk and Corozal districts, as potential cyclone 7 could become named storm Franklin before it makes landfall late Monday. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in its latest advisory this evening, said people should […]

    Tropical wave approaching Belize gets better organized
    Showers associated with a strong tropical wave heading towards Belize have gotten better organized, with tropical-storm-force winds already occurring in the centre of the weather system. The latest advisory coming from Miami’s National Hurricane Centre (NHC) indicates that the broad area of low pressure is […]

    NEMO issues advisory for strong tropical wave approaching Belize
    A strong tropical wave approaching the country has prompted the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to issue an advisory. The tropical wave is expected to develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm before it makes landfall close to or over northern Belize sometime between […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Tropical storm Franklin forms; tropical storm warnings issued for Belize and Mexico
    Tropical storm Franklin formed in the Western Caribbean sea earlier today and is now a potential threat to Belize and Mexico. According to the Hurricane Center, Franklin is located 380 miles east southeast of Chetumal, Mexico and is forecasted to strengthen over the next day or two.

    New Belize e-commerce site, Chompati, now live
    Chompati, a new e-commerce website connecting businesses and business people all across Belize, has now been launched, making it easier than ever to buy and sell goods and services, look for jobs and tons of other classified ads. Chompati’s name was taken from a Mopan Maya word which means “buying and selling”. According to the new site, “Doing business on Chompati is super easy; simply create an account, sign in and and get started! Submit your ad and once approved, Chompati does the rest, ensuring your product or service reaches our growing community of hundreds of local consumers hunting for the best deals.”

    Tropical system in the Caribbean to be named Tropical Storm Franklin in the next 24 hours
    The tropical system that is in the Eastern Caribbean has been gaining strength over the past days and it is now showing 35 miles per hour (mph) sustained winds gusting to 45 mph. According to the National Hurricane Center, the tropical system is expected to intensify late tomorrow and will be named Tropical Storm Franklin.

    Two women charged for almost 100 bullets
    On Friday, while Police were conducting patrol in Centennial Park located on St. Joseph Street, Benque Viejo town, cops observed Shanice Monique Flowers, 25, and Robin Tameka Whitaker, 18, both of Mahogany Heights, Belize district, standing near a snack shop behaving suspiciously.

    Governor General’s Proclamation: NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST?
    By Godwin B. Sutherland Sr.: Does the Governor General bear any obligation, moral or legal, to act in the public interest, in relation to the exercise of his duties as GG? This is perhaps one of the most pertinent questions, which have arisen with respect to the recent proclamation signed by the Governor General.

    Home invasion on Mountain Pine Ridge Road, Cayo
    According to police reports, Allan King, an American national of Mountain Pine Ridge Road, Cayo District reported that around 8:00 on Friday night, five Hispanic men entered his house, one armed with a shotgun and the others with machetes.

    Motorcycle accident in Benque Viejo Town
    According to reports, there was a traffic accident involving a motorcycle and a taxi in Benque Viejo town last night. The cycle reportedly collided into the taxi head on.

    International Sourcesizz

    Two ESU students attend State System Honors Trip to Belize
    Two East Stroudsburg University students participated in the annual Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education trip abroad, exclusively for honors students. Ashley Collins, a sophomore from Newton, New Jersey, majoring in early childhood education, and Abigail Schauf, a junior from Pittsburgh, majoring in psychology, joined students from 12 universities, including ESU, on the trip. This year, Mansfield University volunteered to host the annual trip, which was approved by the respective honors directors. Each participating university selected two honors students to enroll in the program. The destination was a place where Mansfield University is becoming well known, thanks to political science Professors Jeff Bosworth and Jonathan Rothermel: the small Central American country of Belize.

    Mexico and Belize brace for impact of potential tropical cyclone
    A tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean is officially the seventh tropical weather system that the National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory for. Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven is the storm’s designation for now, but it will be given the name Franklin if it achieves tropical storm status. It is currently given an 80 percent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next two days and a 90 percent chance within the next five. Tropical storm warnings have been issued in Mexico across the Yucatan Peninsula from Chetumal to the Bay of Campeche, while the nation of Belize has issued a tropical storm watch that extends from Belize City to the Mexican border.

    Two tropical systems threaten the Caribbean
    Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami are monitoring two tropical weather systems that are currently threatening the Caribbean. Showers and thunderstorms are showing some signs of organization in association with a strong tropical wave located over the west-central Caribbean Sea. This system is moving west-northwestward at 10 to 15 mph, and a tropical depression or tropical storm could form over the northwestern Caribbean Sea before it reaches the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico late Monday or early Tuesday. Even if formation does not occur before the system reaches the Yucatan peninsula, a tropical depression or tropical storm could form over the Bay of Campeche by midweek.


  • Bienvenidos~ Pupuseria Salvadoreno San Pedro, 2min. The Original #1Pupuseria Salvadoreno San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Central America

  • Rodeo in San Vicente July 30 2017, 4min.

  • Straight Up Belize, 3min. Rough edit of the 1st part of our Belize trip

  • Belize Day Three!, 5min. A day full of exploring caves in a tube! We went out with the greatest tour guides in the country! We went with Xplore and had Sergio and Josh as our tour guides/driver. We hiked for an hour learning about different plants and dry caves, I even got to try live TERMITES!! Then we jumped into the water and began 3 hours of cave tubing! What a day! TRAVEL BELIZE!!

  • Belize Vlog, 15min. Super fun trip to Belize!

  • Bottlenose dolphins in Belize, 6min. On any given dive, you never know what you'll see when you jump into the water, it's an exhilarating feeling. In this case, mother nature provided the highlight of our trip when these four curious bottlenose dolphins investigated us for almost 20 minutes, coming in amazingly close. You can notice them nipping playfully at the harmless nurse sharks around us and hear them constantly talking to each other. The human screams of pure excitement are from our fearless and impassioned dive master, Dimass. It was a real honor to share the ocean with these sentient animals in such an intimate way, easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

  • Lets go to Belize !| Part 2, 17min.

  • Trying some of the hottest hot sauces in Belize, 5min.

  • Belize Aggressor 2017, 28min. Diving video shot from July22-Aug 1 2017 on the Aggressor III boat.

  • Belize Trip 2017, 10min. Videos from Belize - land and sea.

  • Belize City, Belmopan and Food Vlog, 3.5min. Just places i visited when i had to run around to get some business done in Belize City and the Capital, Belmopan. Enjoy

  • FLY San Pedro to Belize International on Brand New Maya Island Airplane, 3.5min. Hey Everyone, It's William Narod, The Paradise Guy. Recently I got to fly in a brand new airplane courtesy of Maya Island Air from San Pedro Town to Belize International Airport. This 17 minute flight is always spectacular, quick, and easy.

  • Manatee encounter, reef in Belize 2017, 2min. We have been looking for manatees all over the world for 20 years. Suddently they were there - right in front of us.

  • Belize Jungle, 10min.

  • Eating Termites in Belize, 1min.

  • Belize and ESL, 5min. Old video of Belize City

    August 6, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Authorities advise to look out for counterfeit currency
    Recently there has been a rise in incidents involving Belizean counterfeit currency, leaving a number of establishments suffering the consequences of the fake money. As such, the general public is asked to familiarize themselves with the security features of Belize’s paper currency, as set by the Central Bank of Belize. According to Central Bank of Belize, the Belizean monetary bills contain new features that make it harder to counterfeit. Most of the fraudulent paper currency targets the higher denominations, due to the fact that they represent a greater profit. Currently, the denominations being affected are the $50 and $100 bills. The new feature to look for in the $100 bill is an addition of an intaglio overprint of a periwinkle flower over the toucan hologram located on the left centre corner of the bill. In the case of the $50 bill, the foil in the shape of an angel fish now has an intaglio overprint of the Kinich Ahau jade head. Other features to look for are the watermark images. The watermark is there from when the paper is made and it cannot be faked. The $100 and $50 bills feature a watermark of a jaguar, while the$20, $10, $5, and $2 bills feature the image of the ‘Sleeping Giant.’

    Chiquibul receives new Conservation Outpost aimed at deterring illicit activities
    The Chiquibul Rainforest is one of Belize’s greatest natural assets, but over the years, the Western border of Belize along the Chiquibul and surrounding areas have been subject to illegal gold panning, logging, and poaching among other activities. Fighting to prevent these illicit activities are the Belize Defense Force (BDF), the Belize Forest Department, Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) and Ya’axché Conservation Trust. Now, through funding from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) and the Environmental Management Fund (EMF), conservationist have a new post in the Chiquibul National Park from where to lead operations aimed at protecting the area. The Caballo Conservation Post was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, August 2nd. The Conservation Post came at a cost of BZ $115,000 and is part of the Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative (CFII) that was launched in December 2016. The main objective of the initiative is to increase the management and enforcement presence within the Chiquibul, Columbia and Vaca forest areas.

    Another irregular land deal involving Gaspar Vega’s family surfaces
    After the October 2016 land scandal, involving family members of former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Honourable Gaspar Vega, his family is once again in the spotlight regarding another alleged land scam. A series of new documents leaked from the Lands Department revealed a number of private citizens who, between 2014 and 2015, were granted permission to purchase parcels of lands along the Belize River and Ramsey Caye, off the coast south of Belize City. However, a few months after, the properties were transferred to members of the Vega family. According to the documents, all the purchasing and transfer of lands took place during the time Vega was in charge of the Lands Department. The first incident involved lots in the Spanish Creek Area along the Belize River. A group of buyers bought the properties for a few thousand dollars, and after a few months, sold their title to two members of the Vega Family. The same apparent scenario took place with Ramsey Caye.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Congratulations to Team Tarpon Club for winning the top prize at this year's Tres Pescados Slam Fly Fishing Tournament!

    Women caught with ammunition
    On the 04.08.17, whilst Police were patrolling Centennial Park on St. Joseph Street, Benque Viejo Town, when they observed Shanice Monique Flowers and Robin Tameka Whitaker of Mahogany Heights, Belize District, standing near a snack shop behaving suspicious. The police approached the women and asked if they had anything illegal on them and one of them handed over a grey sling bag. A search of the bag led to the discovery of 99 .45 live rounds. Both females have been charged for possession of prohibited ammunition.

    Alberto pott Chable from Tihosuco Mexico came to experience the sound of all the fabulous prehispanic Maya instruments
    Yuumbotic hermanito Chable along with Faustino Yam and Hugo Carrillo. A small prehispanic Maya drum and authentic maya ball game ball that weighs more than 2 pounds.

    Goliath grouper caught with a hook stick in San Pedro
    This grouper went to serve many mouths for a fund raising event. Photo by Itzy Rivero.

    2017 Costa Maya International Festival
    This 4-day festival features delegate beauties and musical artists from Belize and its regional neighbors.

    The Reporter

    Taiwan holds scholarship orientation for new students
    Twenty-four Belizean students converged inside the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Saturday, for the 2017 Taiwan Scholarship Orientation. The students along with their parents were hosted by the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Ambassador Charles Liu, among other officials and alumni, and were given a preview of what to expect during their time in Taiwan. Ambassidor Liu said the scholarships provide opportunities to Belizean students to learn not about their areas of study, but also about Taiwan. “We want to give our best experience and knowledge to these students, so when they finish their studies they can come back and make Belize a better country,” the ambassador said.

    Police and Angelus Press donate to needy south side children
    A joint partnership between the Angelus Press Limited and the Police Eastern Division South assisted 300 south side children with backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming school year. The children were hosted at a brief ceremony and lunch at the Racoon Street police station on Friday, as part of the Police Department’s community policing efforts. Minister of State, Elodio Aragon Jr., told the media that the initiative bolsters the ties between the police and the community. “I think we need more of these things, and it speaks well on Angelus Press being a corporate sponsor supporting our young people here on south side Belize. It is these kinds of interaction that breaks down the barrier between the police and the community,” Aragon remarked.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Basketball Federation writes to PM over management of Civic Center
    The Belize Basketball Federation (BBF) has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressing concern over suggestions and indications in newspapers that the newly constructed Belize Civic Center would be managed under a private concession model rather than a government managed model. According to the BBF, it has not been consulted as one of the critical stakeholders with regards to usage of the new facility. The federation fears that management under any private operator, in an effort to “maximize operating margins”, will result in cost of access levels for the sporting community which will be expensive and prohibitive.

    Belize advised to monitor developing weather systems
    The showers and thunderstorms associated with a strong tropical wave located over the central Caribbean Sea are beginning to show some signs of organization this afternoon, and satellite wind data indicate that the wave is producing a small area of winds that are just below tropical storm force. Additional development of this system is possible while it moves west-northwestward at 10 to 15 mph, and a tropical depression or tropical storm could form over the northwestern Caribbean Sea before it reaches the Yucatan peninsula late Monday or Tuesday.

    The Belize-Guatemala-Taiwan Relationship
    This week it was reported that Taiwan will provide funds to Guatemala to build a road labelled as the “road mentioned in the 1859 Treaty between Britain and Guatemala”. The natural question flowing from that announcement is how this event impacts the Belize-Guatemala relations. In an interview with Foreign Affairs officials in Belize, the immediate impact was unclear, since the CEO Pat Andrews stated that an analysis is currently underway to determine the possible impact on trade and long term relationship.

    Vega- Banos land hustle; a family affair
    Yesterday, BBN reported on documents showing a paper trail exposing a supposed land scheme in which members of the Banos family acquired vast amounts of prime land from the government of Belize and sold them to members of the Vega family including Eduardo and Alma Vega. The documents show that family members of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega own over 13 acres of land on Ramsey Caye, located just south of Belize City through suspicious land transactions.

    US Embassy vehicle crashes into lamp post
    Yesterday, BBN reported of a road traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to reports, the vehicle is the property of the United States Embassy. The vehicle lost control around mile 7 and collided into the lamp post.

    PM Barrow’s cousin shot dead in the USA
    A Belizean living in the US was killed last Friday. She has been identified as Grace Frazier, 22. According to police information she was riding in a Nissan Altima along with Brittany Clay, 20. Upon reaching in the 12200 block of SW 218 street, Miami, someone opened fire on them.

    Sarstoon protocol in limbo
    After several rounds of negotiations, the governments of Belize and Guatemala are no closer to establishing a protocol for the equitable use of the Sarstoon River. Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, explained that Belize has tried and is still trying to dialogue on the issue, but that Guatemala is not reciprocating the effort. “We’re on a standstill basically… we’ve been trying to sit down with them to continue but they still resistant,” Rosado said.

    No referendum anytime soon
    Belize has no plans in the immediate future to hold a referendum on taking the territorial dispute with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). While the Government of Guatemala has recently announced that it will proceed with its own referendum, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Afairs, Pat Andrews, said that the country has two, more pressing, commitments to attend to.

    Thirteen-year-old charged for unlawful sexual intercourse
    According to a report from 7 News, a minor is out on bail for a sexual offense charge. The minor, who is 13 years old, is accused of sodomizing his little cousin, who is 5 years old.

    High ranking police officer busted with contraband
    Last night, 7 News Belize reported that a Superintendent of Police was caught with contraband yesterday. The officer was transporting pharmaceutical products and was busted in Arenal Village, Cayo District.

    American driver plunges into creek in southern Belize
    Benjamin Paul ,47, an American national along with his family of 3 were involved in a traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway yesterday afternoon. According to reports, Paul was driving a rented black jeep and upon reaching between miles 28 and 29 while passing across a one lane bridge, he lost control of the vehicle and ran off the bridge falling into the creek.


    No matter where you go, despite the language, culture, currency or average gdp per capita, people will talk shit about you. This is especially true for an island with a population less than 1500 people. After a few months on the island, people started to spread rumors that I was a fugitive. I thought it was a pretty cool rumor, but not everyone can be so lucky in regards to the rumors being spread about them. A good female friend of mine had rumors going around that she was sleeping with not only me, but other tourists around the island. Many of these rumors tend to be about business as well.

    Is Caye Caulker gay friendly? The short answer is no, not really. Like any country or city you cannot generalize about the values and perceptions of all based on those of a few. However, it is much easier to measure the attitudes of a population towards a particular topic when the sample size is so small. It is no surprise that the locals who work with tourists adopt more liberal views, and tend to be more tolerant of subjects like homosexuality. Whether they have acceptance for it is an entirely different question. A common Belizean Creole term you'll hear around the island, is "Batty Boy" which literally means "Butt Boy" in English and is a pejorative word for a gay or effeminate male. I've even heard kids say it in front of their parents, from whom they are likely to have learned it.

    How To Follow Belize On-Line
    There is something about Belize that seems so friendly, so comfortable, so…totally do-able. 11 years ago, that very same feeling hooked me. And I get emails almost every day from those daydreaming or seriously planning to make a move. And while this can be a snap decision – no one should move to a totally new country without doing some research. So I’ve compiled some blogs and websites that it makes sense to follow. Life at a resort for a few weeks or months is very different from a permanent move. Plus, it’s a handy list for those who just love Belize. So here are some suggestions from around the country. Please let me know if you have any others. The more information, the better.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mayas commence “Seed” year with New Fire ritual
    The Mayas, heirs of one of the great pre-Hispanic cultures of ancient Mexico, last week started the year “Seed”, the 5,125 of their cosmogony, with a ritual that coincides with the date of the beginning of their rebellion against the creoles and mestizos in Yucatán, informs “El Universal“newspaper. A ritual of new fire by six priests will mark the end of the year “Fire macaw with solar face” (Guacamaya de rostro solar) and the beginning of “Seed, rebirth in maize and ceiba,” (Semilla: renacimiento del maiz y la ceiba), explained to EFE Eduardo Rivera Coss, director of the Baktún Project, an organization that promotes the ceremony. The annual transition of the Mayan culture has as its epicenter the Tihosuco community in the state of Quintana Roo, although it is also celebrated in Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán.


  • La Sonora Dinamita putting everyone to dance their favorite cumbias!, 1min.

  • Grupo Crash from El Salvador on day 3 of Costa Maya Festival!, 1min.

  • Alison Hinds @ Costa Maya Fest!!! WOW!!!, 2min.

  • Diving the Great Maya Reef, 3min. Scuba Diving Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize Barrier Reef, and National Marine Park of Cozumel.

  • Belize Caye Caulker, 2.5min.

  • Simply Belize: The Yucatec Maya Part 2 Caste War & the myth of the Empty Land, 8min.

  • The Yucatec Maya Part 2 Caste War & the myth of the Empty Land, 8min. Bio:The Yucatec Maya(Most came from the Yucatan peninsula what is now the Campeche,Yucatan and Quintana Roo States , escaping from the Guerra Social Maya better known as Caste War in 1840's). There have been evidence that their were still Yucatec Maya living in the extreme northwestern part of Belize in the Rio Bravo area before the massive migration of Maya from Mexico. The British reported several attacks in 1788 and 1801 from the Maya. A Yucatec Maya group name the Iciache Maya which territory included northwestern Belize and Southern Mexico resisted to the British expansion of logwood cutting. The Iciache Maya with the help of Maya who migrated to the San Pedro Yalbac area defeated the British Troops in December 21,1866 Which is known as the Battle of San Pedro Yalbac. Others are descendant of the Yucatec Maya group known as the Cruzoob Maya rebels who migrated to Belize from Chan Santa Cruz Areas. Today Many Yucatec Maya work as Cane farmers,milpero,Teachers,Soldiers,Police and other jobs. Note: When they speak in this documentary about the Central Maya they referring to the Yucatec Maya group known as the Cruzoob Maya and when they refore to the Souther Maya they referring to the Yucatec Maya group known as the Iciache Maya.

  • Simply Belize: The Yucatec Maya Part 3 Caste War & Sugar Cane, 7min.

  • A Day in Belize | JK Students 2017, 18min. A Day in Belize | JK Students 2017

  • Return of the Matriarch Retreat in Belize December 2017 (Natural Soap from a Leaf - Red Bell), 1.5min.

  • Belize, Summer '17, 7min.

  • Belize '17, 6min. Lovely trip to Belize.

  • Belize Slideshow, 3.5min.

  • Belize: Blue Hole and Fish, 4min. Belize is famous for the Blue Hole, where you can fly over and for its coral reef, second just to the Australian one. Of course, we are visiting both places! Have a look with whom we are swimming in the end!!!

  • BELIZE VACATION 2017!, 12min.

  • Caracol Maya Archaeological Site Belize, 41min.

  • Bezkresne, dzikie gbiny (4) Wybrzee Belize, 76min. (1080p, 2016) Majestatyczne rafy koralowe, tajemnicze jaskinie i szczeliny, a poród nich pikne, rzadkie i zagroone gatunki zwierzt. Opowie o .


    August 5, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of Natural Resources reiterates policy on use of the Seabed and 66 Feet Reserves
    The Lands and Surveys Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources hereby informs the public that national lands, which are the property of the State, include the seabed and all reservations along all water frontages including rivers and the sea, commonly referred to as the 66-feet reserve measured from the high-water mark. The public is accordingly reminded that any occupation of the seabed and 66-feet reserve, including occupation by way of piers, jetties, wharves, seawalls, cabanas, beach umbrellas and chairs for patrons, etc., without the requisite permission from the Minister of Natural Resources is unlawful and illegal and subject to civil action and/or criminal prosecution.

    Wings of Hope gives BERT a new air ambulance
    The Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) celebrated its 19th anniversary on Tuesday, August 1st with the acquisition of a new air ambulance, a US$155,000 gift from the Wings of Hope organization based in St. Louis, Ohio USA. Part of the acquisition cost was paid for by the Wagner Foundation of Wisconsin, USA. Wings of Hope pilots flew the new Piper Cherokee 6 air ambulance into the Philip Goldson International Airport, touching down around 3:45 on Monday afternoon, July 31. After clearing Customs, the aircraft was flown to the BERT hangar at the Belize City municipal airstrip on Tuesday afternoon, where Wings of Hope veteran pilot Ed Schertz and Jim Mallette formally handed over the new plane to BERT’s national coordinator/general manger Andre Carillo.

    Tropic Air announces suspension of service to Chetumal, Merida, Mexico and San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    Tropic Air announces today that it is suspending scheduled flights to Chetumal, Merida, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

    Miss Belize Michelle Nunez Captures Miss Costa Maya 2017 Crown
    Since the first time she stepped on stage to compete for the title of Miss San Pedro in 2014, Michelle Estrella Nuñez has had the support of her humble town, San Pedro. In 2016 she represented Belize in the Miss America Latina del Mundo pageant, gaining even more experience and growing her fan base to include the rest of the county. Last night Belize was rooting for their queen and they were not disappointed. Michelle took to the stage with admirable confidence and portrayed the best version of herself in her smile, in her walk and in her words. Her vision for empowering the young women of our community was evident even in the presentation of her cultural costume. She personified the Mayan Godess of Fertility, Motherhood and the Moon, Ix Chel, in a vibrant ensemble that embodied the feminine light she dreams of seeing in all Belizean women.

    Social Security Board to increase contribution wage band in 2018
    An increase in the amount of contributions towards Social Security (SS) for 2018 was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer in the SS, Doctor Colin Young on Tuesday, July 26th. The SS has been reviewing the process and holding public consultations countrywide on the benefit structure, to address a mandatory increase in the wage band. The SS holds that currently, employers and employees collectively share an 8% contribution rate to the SS, which is the lowest in the CARICOM community. Dr. Young indicated that the increase is primarily to meet to the demands of the volume of pensioners. He added that in order to keep the sustainability of the fund, the increase is imperative. Young mentioned that there is a debate ongoing regarding who is going to take most of the burden; will be a fair 50-50 split, with employers and employees, or is there going to be a different allocation? “That is the discussion that has to be made… ultimately we will need to see the wage band increase no later than next year,” said Young.

    Island businesses going Green and switching to Biodegradable products
    The owner of Hidden Treasure restaurant, Ruben Muñoz, has also taken to bio-degradable products. “We do a lot of takeout food, but we decided to go biodegradable for our delivery containers. We purchase most of our products from Ecofriendly Solutions Limited in mainland Belize. It’s just a matter of trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the island. This is our way or doing our part. We don’t want to contribute to the problem,” said Munoz. “The costs are a little bit more, but overall, it will definitely be a help to the environment. I wish that other companies do the same. It would really cut back on a lot of waste material that ends up on our island and in our waters. It would be a win-win situation.” Mayor Daniel Guerrero told The San Pedro Sun that he supports all businesses who do their part in helping to eradicated garbage. “I think our entire island has to go green. We as humans need to appreciate the environment and we need to be more positive towards our planet. San Pedro is the youngest municipality in the country, but is the fastest growing and produces high quantities of trash,” says Guerrero.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Painting under way at the old Cayo Hospital

    Congratulations to Our New Miss Costa Maya International 2017, Michelle Estrella Nuñez, Miss Belize
    The International Costa Maya Festival Wishes to Thank Everyone for Their Support! The Fun Continues...

    Captain William Edward Eiley passes away
    Our family wishes to announce the peaceful passing of our dad, Captain William Edward Eiley formerly of Placencia who resided in Belize City at the time of his passing today Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017. He was predeceased by his parents Miriam Eiley nee Wagner and Edward Eiley; his wife of 60 years Mrs. Gladys (Dena) Eiley nee Muschamp; Their infant son: John Wayne Eiley; His sister: Sylvia Eiley; Brothers: John and Harry Eiley and granddaughter, Gianni Gennine Taylor. Captain Eiley leaves behind his 8 children: Sandra Sarsby, Marion Sarsby, Noel Eiley, Wayne Eiley, Carmita Garbutt, Denise Eiley, Melanie Eiley and Sybil Ozaeta. Numerous grand and great-grand children nieces and nephews; His Sisters: Joyce Eiley, Irma Godfrey, Daphne Davis, Jessie Eiley, Alice Halvorsen and Rose Chavarria. His caregivers: Cruz Lino, Abby Contreras and his grandson, Wayne Albert Eiley. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. May his soul rests in perfect peace! Into God's hands we place his soul. 23rd Psalm: "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want....." Sunrise: Nov. 15, 1932 - Sunset: Aug. 2, 2017 (dead at the age of 84)

    The expose comes as a serious reminder of the silent genocide happening among Belizean black males that has been occurring silently for decades now in Belize City, and across the districts of the country. We here at Belizean Legends would like to shed some light on this crime against the Belizean people in commemoration of Emancipation Day celebrated in Belize through the UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) on August 1, 2017. The feature shares the message of one of Pan Africanism most brilliant university scholars, Molefi Kete Asante, Professor of "Africology" at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Here, Dr. Asante presents the work of the distinguish Pan Africanist scholar of African-centered Social Work & Worldview, Dr. Mekada Graham.

    We here at Belizean Legends want to send a big shout out to the National Belize Softball Team who participated in the recent softball tournament in Panama, Central America. Though this team may not have made big wins, it is not the big wins that count all the time, but the passion that these dynamic Belizean female athletes still have for the game of softball that was given to them by the legends and the "Golden Girls of Softball" that won the CAST Games Championship in 1969, the "Gold Medal Team" that won the 1974 championship in the Central American & Caribbean Games in Santa Domingo winning Belize's first ever gold medal in 1974, and the Belize national softball team that won the bronze medal in the 1979 Pan American Games, beating the greatest softball team in the world, the United States "Orlando Rebels."

    Emancipation Day
    Leonides Sanchez the Belizean artist extraordinaire is no typical Belizean artist relative to those like the legendary George Gabb and those among the likes of his own father, Peter Sanchez, who taught him this master builders' skill. His genes are the replica of those renowned African scholars of Mali, Timbaktu, Ghana, Egypt and Moorish Spain. His "Black Star Line" artistic phenomena in shipwright are a perfect artistic feature that reminds Belize of what its vision for freedom could have been. He is the Cheik Anta Diop of southern Belize pulling from a base of multi-disciplinary body of work that includes the arts, shipwright, engineering, botany, animal husbandry, architecture, and of course Afrocentric sciences. Belize though his home is just a cosmic reality of who he is that cannot be confined. He is a global citizen that creates his art in remembrance of his Garifuna ancestors who were brilliant shipwrights. And he creates art as we see here as a sacrificial symbol in honor of those African liberators of old like Marcus Garvey and Frederick Douglas.

    (FINAL PART) by Bilal Morris. We here at Belizean Legends celebrate the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development thirty-two years ago in Los Angeles, California. We honor those legendary Belizeans who stood the test of time and organized for Belize's development at home while resisting the backlash of vicious immigration laws since then that was imposed by one United States president after the next. Now as the new president of the U.S., Donald Trump, has imposed more aggressive and draconian immigration laws, it is unclear what the Belizean diaspora agenda have become almost two decades after the demise of the Belizean consortium.

    The late Dedan Kamate was a good friend of Belize and the Belizean people. The African-American activist from the "All African Peoples Revolutionary Party" (AARP) had championed the right of the Belizean people to their self-determination and territorial integrity, and assisted the resistance of the Belizean people in the diaspora against the Guatemalan military oligarchy claim of Belize. A Pan-Africanist who had championed the rights of black and indigenous peoples in Central American, the Caribbean and Africa, Kamate visited Belize several times in the 1980s as a speaker at the invitation of the Belizean organization, S.P.E.A.R, headed by Belizean nationalist, Assad Shoman.

    The third and final show of Belize Music Hour hosted by the legendary David Buddan on December 20, 1986 in closing of that very prospective year that Buddan rose to such national acclaim in California as a Belizean broadcaster in the diaspora that touched thousands of listeners who tuned into the show. In this episode, he speaks with the late UBAD member and then BREDAA representative, Edgar X Richardson, and Urban Reyes of the Belize based grassroots organization, Isiah Morter Harambee. He also discussed music with the legendary Belizean artist, Patrick Barrow of Caye Records, and the Belizean reggae band of the 1970's and 1980's, Babylon Warriors.

    After a great show, Alison Hinds had a meet and greet session with her fans
    They even had a chance to take a picture with the Soca Queen!

    Use of the Seabed and 66 Feet Reserves
    The Lands and Surveys Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources hereby informs the public that national lands, which are the property of the State, include the seabed and all reservations along all water frontages including rivers and the sea, commonly referred to as the 66-feet reserve measured from the high-water mark. The public is accordingly reminded that any occupation of the seabed and 66-feet reserve, including occupation by way of piers, jetties, wharves, seawalls, cabanas, beach umbrellas and chairs for patrons, etc., without the requisite permission from the Minister of Natural Resources is unlawful and illegal and subject to civil action and/or criminal prosecution.

    Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Presents Draft Update to the National Tourism Policy
    Over 90 public, private and civil sector tourism stakeholders attended a presentation of the draft update to the National Tourism Policy held in Belize City on August 3, 2017. Dr. Richard Denman, the consultant contracted for the revision process, presented the draft revised National Tourism Policy, which will guide the sustainable and resilient development of tourism in Belize for the next ten years. The revised National Tourism Policy was drafted after extensive consultations with tourism sector stakeholders in February and May of 2017. The policy is a deliverable of the Sustainable Tourism Program II, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, through the support of the Inter-American Development Bank. During the forum, stakeholders were able to provide recommendations to further refine the draft policy.

    Belizean Patriot: Captain Monrad Siegfried Metzgen, OBE, JP, VD
    Ask any cycling enthusiast who came in first in the first Annual Cross Country Race in 1928 and they will probably tell you Elston Kerr. If you asked them who came in second, you might just get a blank stare because no one remembers who came in second and so if you asked who came in third, now that is asking for trouble. In this case, third place is signigficant because it was Captain Monrad Siegfried Metzgen. He not only organized the race, but he completed the race in 30 and a half hours. He was also an accomplished public servant, but because of space, we will only focuss on the Cross Country Race aspect of his public service contribution. You may read more about his considerable public service accomplishment at the link below. And now, here is his story. Born in Belize City in June 1893, he was a Belizean Creole of humble parentage. Monrad was the son of Carl Alexander Metzgen, the former Auditor General (1911) of Belize, British Honduras.

    Cayo Fight Night 2017
    The 2017 Cayo Fight Night will be next Saturday, August 12th, at the Sacred Heart auditorium. There will be 4 WBC fights, and 4 amateur fights. "The public is invited by the Belize Boxing Development Council, to come enjoy an exciting and inspirational boxing event being held at the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio Cayo, on Saturday August 12th."

    Channel 7

    A True Tragedy: Father Runs Over Young Daughter In Spanish Lookout
    Another Spanish Lookout family has lost a child in an accident. We have reported on a number of cases in Mennonite Communities where young children are accidentally run over by a relative in their own yard - oftentimes with heavy equipment. Stephen Hochstetler is now burdened by that heartbreak after he reversed over his 1 year old baby girl yesterday evening around 4:00. We traveled to Spanish lookout to find what happened and how this family's life was shattered in just a couple of minutes. Here is more on this sad story. The Hochstetler's moved into this Iguana Creek Road trailer home just six months ago. They came over from Stann Creek with their 3 kids and they have settled in pretty well. But living here will never be the same without their 1 year old baby girl, Hannah. She was crushed under her father's vehicle in the yard as he reversed.

    Will Hochstetler Face Charges For Causing Death of His Own Daughter?
    So while Hochstetler has to cope with the grief and anguish of losing his little girl - he may also have to face charges. But that all depends on the advice of the DPP. Police told us more on how these cases are handled. Supt. Richard Rosado, O.C., San Ignacio: "He arrived home in his vehicle on the said date and time to discharge some supplies. Upon finishing unloading the supplies, the father reported that not seeing anyone around his vehicle he decided to reverse and upon doing so he heard a knock behind the vehicle where he subsequently came out of the vehicle and notice his 14 months old daughter Hannah Grace Hochstetler was hit by the vehicle. The toddler was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. At this moment a postmortem is being conducted at the Karl Heuser Memorial Hospital. A notice of intended prosecution was serve on Mr. Hochstetler and the file is being compiled and will be forwarded to the director of public prosecution for advice."

    Another "Viejo" Brutally Killed In Ow District, This One is 85!
    And while an infant girl lost her life in Spanish Lookout, in Orange Walk an elderly man was killed. 85 year old Gregorio Leon was murdered in his home between last night and this morning. Jules Vasquez has the story:... This morning, family members found 85 year old Gregorio De Leon dead in his house here on San Estevan Street in Orange Walk town. His family found him at 7:38 AM, and at 11:00 police were still combing his small shack and the yard for clues. Family members looked on, stunned. Police made an effort to give the family some dignity and then for the hardest part, seeing this innocent senior citizen carted out on a stretcher - his death not due to natural causes but at the hands of callous killers:

    Area Rep Gives Police Platitudes
    Deleon is the second elderly man killed in the Orange Walk District in 7 weeks. Shopkeeper Pablo Pol was beaten, tied up and robbed, by two men in august Pine Ridge Village on June 15th. He died hours later. But why all this violence against these innocent and defenseless old men? And what are police going to do about it? We asked the police minister - who is an Orange Walk Area Representative - and he didn't say much in terms of specifics - only, basically, that police would do their best:..

    What Is Significance of Taiwan's Megabucks Road Deal With Guatemala?
    Turning now to Belize - Guatemala relations. It made major news earlier this week when we learned that the Taiwanese had agreed to a 650 million US dollar support package with the Guatemalans. The money will be used to extend the "Jacobo Arbenz" 4-lane freeway to Puerto Barrios - which happens to be a fulfillment of the commitment in the 1859 Aycinena-Wyke Treaty between Guatemala and Great Britain. The British never fulfilled their end of the deal - which was to build the road - which is the basis of today's territorial dispute. And now, in an odd twist of history, the Taiwanese will do so, almost by accident. But, there's no direct benefit to Belize - because it does nothing to change Guatemala's territorial claim to half the country.

    Should Belize Be Looking to China?
    And if it seen as a threat - should Belize then seize on the opportunity to befriend mainland China. It's like the "third-rail" of Belize's foreign policy - since Belize is so beholden to Taiwan for the various support projects. But, we did get CEO Andrews to answer our question about whether Belize should be considering making friends with the mainland:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Shouldn't then Belize investigate if China, mainland China wants to be friendly with Belize? Might it not be time for Belize to say well the Taiwanese care more about our neighbors, we need to look more vigilantly after our own protection?"

    Guatemala Getting Ready To Run The Referendum
    But the talk of juggling alliances is in the abstract right now. What's real is that the Guatemalans are moving ahead to a referendum on whether the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute should go to the ICJ. The congress of Guatemala voted overwhelmingly two days ago that their supreme electoral tribunal, should proceed with calling a referendum. Ambassador Rosado says we should expect that to happen within the year:.. H.E. Alexis Rosado, BZ Ambassador to Guatemala: "The supreme electoral tribunal had said before that they needed anywhere between 90 days and 6 months to be able to put the things together, put in place everything necessary to hold the referendum. So, it's a matter now for them to decide when they will call it. I understand that the current administration has been saying that they wish, that, ahm, it could be held this year. We also know that they have budgeted sufficient funds for them to be able to organize such a public consultation."

    Will a "No to ICJ" Vote in Guatemala Kill The Effort?
    But, since Guatemala will have its referendum first, what happens if their citizens vote "no" to the ICJ? That might seem to be the end of the matter - since the referendum has to pass in both countries. But, Ambassador Rosado says a "no" vote doesn't solve anything:... H.E. Alexis Rosado, BZ Ambassador to Guatemala: "Should a "no" (vote) arise in any of the two countries, the problem of the Guatemalan claim would remain. So, we would still have to find a way of resolving it. What will be done then is anybody's guess. It will be for the government of the time to deal with it. But, there's no doubt, we should never be left with the view that ends the claim, it doesn't end. We still have to find a way to resolve it."

    CEO: Referendum After Re-registration
    And - assuming that the referendum were to pass in Guatemala - the "will of the Belizean people" won't be known until after next year's re-registration exercise. The CEO explained: Pat Andrews, CEO - Foreign Affairs: "I think since we have municipal elections coming up next March, it would be right immediately after that, a couple months after that the re-registration would commence and then the thing would be how to see how fast we could turn it around and complete it. So, that would be left up to the Elections and Boundaries Commission to look into that. We are hoping that it will move swiftly and we are hoping that we would then be ready to proceed to referendum."

    Whatever Happened To The Sarstoon Protocol
    But, all the talk of proceeding smoothly to a referendum is kind of wait and see, because the history of this dispute tells us that many things which are supposed to happen, never really do happen. Case in point: the Sarstoon Protocol. Major international meetings were held and over a year later, there's still no protocol. The Ambassador discussed the difficulties with that: H.E. Alexis Rosado, BZ Ambassador to Guatemala: "Well where we are on that it that we're on a standstill basically. We launched negotiations I think it was last May, in, as you correctly pointed out, we, we went to Istanbul and we said we were going to start negotiations on a mechanism for confidence building with the Sarstoon River. We went to Washington subsequently to start the first table of negotiations, ahm, after the incidents took place. And since then, really, those talks, ahm, were suspended by our neighbor, and since then we've been trying to sit down with them to continue but they still resistant."

    SUV With Family of Tourists Plunges Off Bridge
    At 12:30 today, a family of tourists from the US got a death-defying adventure they never expected on their Belizean vacation. 47 year old American Benjamin PAUL was with his family driving a Jeep Liberty rental on the Hummingbird Highway from Dangriga to Belmopan when he missed the the bridge at mile 28 and plunged into the stream below. That is the first one lane bridge on the Hummingbird and it comes at the bottom of a hill. The jeep plunged about 10 feet into the water below. Paul's three family members including a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl who all sustained body injuries and were admitted to the Dangriga Hospital in a stable condition. Police say their injuries are classified as wounding - which are generally minor.

    Hon. Elodio, Who Gave The Order?
    Earlier this week, we told you about the murder case involving Hilmar Alamilla, a man closely connected to former Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. Alamilla was charged for the murder of Daniel Sosa, who he allegedly shot in the head last weekend. Bringing a murder charge against a politically well connected figure like Alamilla was big news, but the press couldn't witness the arraignment because police denied them entry to the court room. That's very irregular, and the Magistrate has denied having anything to do with the situation, and so did the OC of Orange Walk Police. So, who gave the order to the police at the courthouse to keep the press out of the arraignment? Well that's what we asked Police Minister of State, Elodio Aragon today. Here's what he had to say...

    Will Vega's Scandal Hurt The UDP In OW?
    Hilmar Alamilla isn't the only person closely related to the former Minister of Natural Resources that was in the news this week. Yesterday we showed you several leaked land documents detailing the unusual way Vega's relatives acquired land at Ramsey Caye, located a few miles South of Belize City. Former Lands Minister Vega has been the target of several political attacks in the last year, most of them involving dubious acquisition of land by his family members. As the former UDP Captain in the North for the last decade, its not a stretch to conclude that all the negative press would cause his party's popularity in the area to decline in the north. We asked Aragon, who is now the ranking UDP Minister in Orange Walk about his thoughts of the political cost of the controversies...

    UDP Want to Take OW
    Aragon's confidence in his party will be tested early next year, when municipal elections are held. The Orange Walk Town Council is the only municipal stronghold for the PUP, but Aragon says that the UDP is ready to oust the Opposition and effectively take control of every municipality in the country. He told us about how preparations for the upcoming elections are going... Hon. Elodio Aragon - Minister of State, Home Affairs: "The transfers are ongoing right now. We are working on that and likewise we will be putting our slate together for the municipal and we will definitely without a doubt put a slate that will appeal to the public of Orange Walk and I am confident that with the support of the community we will have victory in Orange Walk and I'm not going to say it's going to be a walk in the park, because it's a tough fight, but I am confident that the people that we have, the people who will be running are people who are credible, are people who are there for the community and I am confident we would be able to harness that support from our community."

    UWI Says It Won Some, Lost Some In Bain Case
    On Monday we told you how the Jamaican Supreme Court ruled in the favor of the former UWI Professor, Brendan Bain. The court ordered the University to pay him $32,000 US because they wrongfully terminated him in May of 2014. You'll remember that the University fired him for his supposed "anti-gay" testimony against UNIBAM and Caleb Orozco in 2014. Well today, UWI's Vice Chancellor, Hilary Beckles, released a statement making the point that while Bain was successful in his lawsuit, the university had its own victories as well.

    Customs Trusted Traders
    For the last few years, the Customs and Excise Department has been piloting a Trusted Traders Program. The new system will be replacing the Voluntary Compliance Program, and is aimed at building stronger relationships with clients and customers. The TTP - as it is called - will reduce the time it takes to clear containers of goods by putting the responsibility of reporting and declaring goods on the part of those bringing them into the country. The Program officially launched today, and the Customs Department's risk management supervisor told us about the changes... Raquel Waight - Supervisor, Risk Mgmt., Customs Dept.: "The transformation from the VCP to the TPP wasn't much of a transformation because like I said it was just a name change. The reason being, is that when you think of voluntary compliance its sounds more enforcement so we decide, let us use a more friendlier name like the trusted traders whereby traders would feel more a part of a business relationship per say with customs and themselves and like we said the trusted traders speaks for itself. When you say trusted traders then people don't have to wonder what is trusted traders because the name says it all."

    Benefits Of Those Trusted Traders
    The TTP is also being closely observed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - known as UNTAD. That agency has spent the last few weeks analyzing the benefits of the new system. We spoke to one UNTAD representative, who told us that the TTP seems to be working so well that the UN will try to implement it in other countries in the region... Terrance Lennard - UNTAD: "As I said before during the ceremony we were very impressed with the results of the analysis that we did here. Some of the figures are really staggering for example the VCP members, those who were chosen to be a part of the program when we looked at the value of the goods that they imported over that 2 year pilot period and the revenue they pay, they recorded a 78 percent increase over the previous period for that and that's pretty impressive..."

    Tropic Air Drops Flights Due To High GOB Taxes
    In January, we took you to Chetumal for the new flight that Tropic Air established from the PGIA. Well, the company is announcing that this and 2 other flights are being suspended for now because the airline isn't making any money off them. In all, the flights to Chetumal Mexico, Merida, Mexico, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras are being suspended, after September second, 2017.

    An Ugly Case Of Sexual Abuse
    A 13 year-old boy is out on bail for a sexual offense, after he was accused of sodomizing his 5 year-old female cousin. It happened at a rural village in the Belize district where they both live. We cannot give details of which village it is, because we don't want to share any information that might identify either child. The 13 year-old minor was arraigned in Family Court yesterday afternoon, on the single criminal charge of unlawful sexual intercourse. He was granted bail of two thousand dollars.

    Senior Cop caught With Contraband
    7News has confirmed reports that customs caught a Superintendent of Police today in the Cayo district with contraband. But, it wasn't beers or cigarettes; Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson was reportedly transporting pharmaceutical products. We understand that he was caught in Arenal on the Western Border. According to reports he has settled with the customs department for an undisclosed figure. When we called him this evening he told us to call back; when we did we got voicemail. Thompson is assigned to the Eastern Division.

    Queen's Baton In the Bush
    On Wednesday, the Queen's Baton, a symbol of the Commonwealth Games arrived in Belize. It passed through the City, and yesterday it made its way to the Chiquibul National Park. This is of special significance, because the Chiquibul is one of several nation parks protected under the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, a royal initiative aimed conserving precious natural resources. Today the Baton is making its way to Orange Walk where it will stay until Sunday, when it will be transported to Guyana.

    A Program For Gang Members
    Very regularly on the news, we have featured the Youth Apprenticeship Program. It's an effort by Dianne Finnegan and her team to provide at-risk youths with a second chance program, teaching them skills to become employable, or to start their own business. The program is currently ongoing where the 10th intake of apprentices are going through the 5th week of their 6-months course. But this week, the program made a special addition where there were 25 young men from the gang neighbourhoods of Antelope Street, George Street, PIV and Backaland sat in on the classes. These were young men who Finnegan met while acting as a civilian mediator in the gang interventions.

    Hola, Pat!
    Earlier on in the news we showed you Pat Andrews, the former banker who's now the CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is after seeing as Ambassador to the OAS and the USA for two years in Washington DC. Now, Andrews, who spent 42 year at Scotia Bank is having his first stint in the heart of the public service. He told us how he's managing: Pat Andrews, CEO - Foreign Affairs: "Transitioning to the public sector has been very interesting. I think that I made it very clear to the people in Foreign Affairs when I joined with them, with the team, that I would be focusing on people, I would be focusing on people and trying to see how I could elevate careers, how I could elevate service, how we could be viewed differently. I think that I continue to work assiduously to see how we can join hands with our team players to serve the public better to be able to represent Belize internationally and locally."

    CEO Says Mistakes Were Made During Taiwan Visit
    But, that local representation took a bit of a bad turn last week when the Taiwanese Foreign Minister, Dr. David Lee came to Belize and the press didn't even know that he was coming. And we found out hours later that he had signed a major 60 Million US dollar Memorandum of Understanding with the government. CEO Andrews conceded that there were mis-steps during that week which they have sought to correct:... Pat Andrews, CEO - Foreign Affairs: "Look, I will be very frank with you i think there was a little mis-step that occurred there. And with everything that we had on the plate going on - we might have been a little bit slow in getting out the news to you and that was what I was referring to and I said that we need to do a better job there."

    A Gift From Cops To Kids
    Today Southside Police and Angelus Press Limited partnered up to donate 300 backpacks to at risk youths in the South side. The community policing initiative will serve as a way to improve police relationships with the residents in the area, and to ensure that children have no excuse to be out of school. Minister of State of Police, Elodio Aragon, told us about the importance of the event... The backpacks were given to the most vulnerable kids in the South side community.

    BBF Bex About Civic Private Management
    2 weeks ago, we took you into to the newly built "Civic" Center that is in the final phase before it can be opened to use as the only "state-of-the-art" indoor sporting facility in Belize City. It's the most expensive public or private structure ever built in Belize, and the designers think that to preserve all its features, it should be privately managed. Well, the Belize Basketball Federation is hoping that the Government won't go that route. The Federation wrote a 3-page letter to the Prime Minister yesterday asking him to make several considerations before making a decision. The Federation's executive reminded the Prime Minister that for the past 8 years, the lack of adequate facility and playing surfaces has posed challenges to the development of basketball. Belize was unable to host regional tournaments, and will only now be able to do so after the Civic is complete.

    Bandits Lose In Nicaragua
    And in other sports news, the Belmopan Bandits didn't do so well in their opening match of the Scotiabank Champions League. Playing in Esteli Nicaragua against home team Walter Ferretti, the Bandiest lost four to one. They kept the score respectable for a large part of the match, and did play aggressively - but collapsed in the last twenty minutes of the game and let the score get out of hand. The return match will be played din Belmopan next week when the Bandits hope for a better outcome.

    Dara Hops To Be Lucky
    Last Sunday, the grassroots philanthropist, Joel "Dara" Robinson, held his 6th Annual Ride for Hunger. And, this Sunday, it's his 10th Annual Lucky Dube Tribute Concert. It's an event that's all about reggae, and "Dara" is hoping that those roots fans will come out, enjoy themselves, and support a worthy cause. This evening, he told us why he's hoping that the tribute concert will be a success: The concert happens at Birds Isle, this Sunday. It starts at 4 p.m. and will continue until late into the night.

    Channel 5

    Toddler Hannah Hochstetler Run Over by Dad’s SUV
    Two persons lost their lives in separate road traffic accidents on Thursday. Perhaps the more heart-wrenching of the two occurred just after four p.m. on the Iguana Creek Road in [...]

    Cop Killed after Losing Control of Motorbike in Camalote
    There was another fatal accident overnight in the west. Sometime after nine p.m. on Thursday night, Police Constable Edgar Coh, who is attached to Roaring Creek Police Station, was on [...]

    Family of 4 in Hospital after Accident on Hummingbird
    A family of four is admitted to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga in stable condition following a traffic mishap. Forty-seven-year-old Benjamin Paul, an American national, was driving a black [...]

    Who Came for 85-Year-Old Gregorio de Leon in Orange Walk?
    For the second time this week a murder has been reported in Orange Walk Town. While involving less drama than the sensational shooting between friends Daniel Sosa and Hilmar Alamilla [...]

    O.W.’s Minister Aragon Says No Preferential Treatment for Comrade Hilmar Alamilla
    The sensational story of the murder of Daniel Sosa in Orange Walk over the weekend has left many with questions – particularly as it relates to the alleged killer. Forty-two-year-old [...]

    Nevis Betancourth Still Hospitalized as Charges Mulled
    San Ignacio Police say that investigators continue to gather evidence in the shooting death of Jose Castellanos, as the shooter, Nevis Betancourth remains hospitalized in a stable condition after being [...]

    Roger Bradley Free of Burglary Charge
    Roger Bradley has several previous convictions for crimes of dishonesty, but tonight he is a free man, after Justice Denis Hanomansingh set him free on Thursday from a burglary charge. [...]

    Foreign Affairs C.E.O. Commits to Working with People
    Chief Executive Officer Patrick Andrews, who recently assumed that post with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, formally introduced himself to the media this morning during a brief press conference here [...]

    Guatemala to Proceed with Referendum on I.C.J.
    There have been new developments in Guatemala over the past two days in respect of referendum proceedings on whether its age-old territorial dispute with Belize should be taken to the [...]

    If it’s a No, Guatemalan Claim Lives On
    According to Ambassador Rosado, at the moment there is nothing on Belize’s table of events insofar as the pending referendum.  He says that while the Special Agreement contains a clause [...]

    Can Taiwan-Funded Guatemala Road Help Belize?
    Guatemala, with significant financial assistance from the government of Taiwan, is proceeding with the construction of a road that will span the length of that country all the way to [...]

    Customs Builds Trust with Belizean Importers and Brokers
    There was once a local political campaign slogan that read, “It’s all about trust.” But with a less-than-stellar reputation for corrupt practices and a poor record for ease of doing [...]

    Ex-Gangsters Renounce Guns for Business
    Twenty-five gang members received certificates for having attended a two-day course in introduction to entrepreneurship. The men joined seventy-five other apprentices to learn the basics of what is required to [...]

    Police Help Out School Children on Southside
    The Police Department’s Eastern Division South partnered with the Angelus Press to give three hundred school bags to deserving kids on the south side. The initiative stems from its community [...]

    Panamanian Teaches Belizeans How to Act
    A two-week acting workshop wrapped up today in the city. Panamanian actor and stage coach Jaime Newball teamed up with the Bliss to offer the training. The facilitator trained about [...]

    San Pedrana Reigns over Costa Maya Festival
    San Pedrana, twenty-six-year-old Michelle Nunez won the coveted title of La Reina De La Costa Maya 2017. Nunez also walked away with the title for Best Costume for the night, [...]


    Abducted Baby Returned Home; Father Evades Police
    Baby Tereak Palacio Junior is back at home with his mother but police are still looking for his father, eighteen year old Tereak Palacio. Palacio had abducted his one year five month old baby on Monday afternoon while he played with his cousins in the yard of his mother’s house. Police say Palacio is also […]

    Guatemala, Unlike Belize, Financially Equipped for Referendum
    Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Ambassador to Guatemala, Alexis Rosado hosted the media at a briefing this morning in Belize City. The one-hour conference saw both officials responding to various questions mostly regarding the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute and the way forward. As we have been reporting this week, the […]

    Foreign Affairs Says Mediation/Negotiations Have Been Exhausted
    The Belize Territorial Volunteers is not keen on going to the International Court of Justice to settle the Belize/Guatemala dispute. They are actually suggesting that mediations or discussions take place. We asked Ambassador Alexis Rosado and CEO Pat Andrews to respond to Wil Maheia who made the statement yesterday for the BTV.

    Inclusion of Belizean Diaspora in the Referendum
    With thousands of Belizeans living abroad there has been the call to have those persons be heard on the issue of whether Belize should go to the International Court of Justice to reach a final decision on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute. While representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were taking questions on the pending […]

    19 Months Later and Still No Sarstoon Framework in Place
    Perhaps with the absence of incidents at the Sarstoon in recent months, the agreement to have a formal protocol for the Sarstoon has been placed on the backburner. It has been about nineteen months since the development of a Sarstoon Framework was agreed upon in Istanbul, Turkey. According to Ambassador to Guatemala, Alexis Rosado, Belize […]

    Referendum to Follow Re-registration
    Recently, we reported on the Statutory Instrument that was signed by the Governor General to have the re-registration process delayed until July 2018. With Guatemala heading into their referendum sometime this year, Love News asked the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pat Andrews whether the referendum will take place before or […]

    Elderly Man Found Strangled in Northern Belize
    Orange Walk police believe that an 85 year-old man who was found this morning in his home was murdered. Police report that Gregorio De Leon was found motionless in a house on San Estevan Street in Orange Walk Town. In a phone interview, Deputy Commander of the Orange Walk Formation, Inspector Jose Mendez told us […]

    Aragon Says Politics Will Not Interfere with Alamilla’s Case
    Forty two year old Hilmar David Alamilla remains behind bars for the fatal shooting of 24 year old Daniel Sosa. Both persons were inside Alamilla’s car when he allegedly took out a fire arm and fatally shot Sosa to the head. Sosa’s body was found beside a garbage bin early on July 29. On Monday, […]

    Belmopan Commander and Lands Commissioner Meet
    Officer in Charge of Belmopan Police, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett today met with the Lands Commissioner. Correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett has more in this report. POLICE LANDS IN OUT

    Basketball Federation Opposes Private Concession of the Civic
    The Civic is seeing an extraordinary transformation with an investment of millions of dollars. It is a facility that will undoubtedly attract numerous events and audiences. There seems to be one hiccup foreseen once the construction is completed and the facility becomes functional; that is, the management of the structure. Recently, the Belize Infrastructure Limited […]

    $650M US From Taiwan to Guatemala
    If you have been following the history of the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, you will know that as far back as 1859 there was the commitment by the British to construct a road to Puerto Barrios. Had it not been for the British reportedly reneging on their agreement the dispute would perhaps be non-existent. Fast forward […]

    BTV Wants Mediation Instead of the ICJ
    Yesterday, we reported that the Guatemalan Congress approved for its government to hold a referendum in which its citizens will decide whether or not to take the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. Here in Belize, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have long since embarked on an education campaign […]

    Faye Lin’s Dad Fights for Full Custody of Her Siblings
    While David and Anke Doehm are out on bail, the adoptive father of 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon, David Cannon, is fighting to acquire legal custody of the three remaining girls. The three other girls are in the care of the Department of Human Services and are expected to remain their care for about […]

    PRIDE Week Coincides with Anniversary of Section 53 Judgement
    Next week Thursday will mark one year since the historic judgment handed down by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The UNIBAM Judgment was handed down on August 10 in favor of Caleb Orozco and members of the LGBT community in Belize. Orozco launched a case challenging Section 53 of the constitution of Belize six years before […]


    Prof. Brendan Bain wins lawsuit against UWI
    Former professor at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Brendan Bain, has emerged victorious in a lawsuit against UWI. Jamaica’s Supreme Court has ruled that his termination was in violation of his right to freedom of expression. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, the court has ordered UWI to pay Bain 4.72 million Jamaican dollars or about US$40,000 for the unlawful termination. At the time he was terminated, Bain had nine months remaining in his contract, and so he is also asking the court for compensation for those months during which he would have continued to collect a salary from the university.

    Belizean Grace Frazier, 22, killed in Southwest Miami-Dade shooting
    Grace Frazier, 22, the daughter of Belizean Andy Frazier, a first cousin of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was killed in Southwest Miami-Dade over the weekend. US authorities have reported that at around 9 o’clock on Friday night, Frazier, who lives in the US, and her friend, Brittany Clay, 20, were in a silver Nissan Altima when, in the 12200 block of SW 218 Street, Miami, the vehicle was sprayed with gunshots. The driver lost control of the vehicle after the shooting and crashed into a tree. Frazier was shot in her abdomen and died later that night at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. Clay was shot in her left leg and is listed in a stable condition.

    Keith Arnold, former Governor of Central Bank, dead at 72
    Keith Arnold, 72, who has served Belize in several high-profile managerial capacities over the course of his career, including Financial Secretary; Governor of the Central Bank of Belize; Chairman of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL); and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), passed away in Belize on Saturday. After he left the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), where he oversaw some important legislation to combat financial crimes, Arnold relocated to the United States and set up a business in Florida. Information to Amandala is that Arnold was involved in a traffic accident that left him injured, and he decided to return home this past Saturday.

    Tragedy in Spanish Lookout
    A baby, 1 year and 6 months old, died in a terrible accident this evening. Her father, Steven Hochfteter, a farmer, was reversing out of the yard in a pickup and did not see the child. His vehicle rolled over the child. She was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan by her devastated father, but died on arrival. The devastated Hochfteter told police that his daughter had been playing behind the truck and he did not see her.

    Mayor Darrell Bradley won’t run again; UDP mayoral fight begins
    Darrell Bradley, twice elected mayor of the Belize City Council, has told the press that he will not seek re-election, citing personal reasons. “I think the biggest concern is personal reasons,” he said. “I’ve made it no secret. I’ve spoken to many people both in the party and outside of the party, and a person’s major priority has to be their family. It has to be personal and professional goals that they make for themselves.” “I want to make it clear that it is not that I am leaving politics,” he added. “I aspire to hopefully someday serve in the House of Representatives. That is something that continues to be a wish of mine. I don’t know of the step-by-step processes with relation of that because that’s several years down the road…I think that when one signs up for a position like serving as mayor, one has to know that their heart will be one hundred percent there; their focus will be one hundred percent there,” he remarked.

    UEF observance of Emancipation Day ends with Dr. Patricia Rodney speaking on Afro-Belizean health
    About 75 persons turned up at the Gateway Youth Center this evening for a presentation on the health of Afro-Belizeans by Dr. Patricia Rodney — the key event marking the UBAD Education Foundation’s (UEF) observance of Emancipation Day this year. Emancipation Day, August 1, is celebrated in many Caribbean countries. Participation in activities in Belize in recognition of this historical event has been increasing steadily since the UEF began commemorating the day four years ago. Dr. Rodney, a retired nurse and sociologist, is the head of the Dr. Walter Rodney Foundation, in Atlanta, Georgia, a foundation dedicated to keeping the legacy of her late husband, Dr. Walter Rodney, alive. Dr. Rodney, a ranking scholar and Guyanese historian, was assassinated with a car bomb by Guyanese security forces in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city, in June 1980.

    Bandits fold in last minute, 4-1, to Ferretti in Nicaragua
    Trailing 2-1 in the final minute tonight in Nicaragua, the prospects looked good for Belize’s Belmopan Bandits in the return match next week at home in their Scotiabank CONCACAF League series with Nicaragua’s CD Walter Ferretti. But, after a defensive substitution at the 89th minute, things suddenly fell apart, as an own goal by second half substitute Norman Anderson at the 90th minute was followed a couple minutes later in injury time by another Ferretti goal by Jose Laureiro. In other CONCACAF League games earlier in the evening, Panama’s Arabe Unido won, 2-1, over Central FC of Trinidad & Tobago; and Olimpia of Honduras dropped Alajuelense of Costa Rica, 2-nil.

    “In the Paint” – Sugar City hooping it up!
    Last weekend saw the grand opening of Orange Walk Town’s “2017 Sugar City Hoops Basketball Tournament,” which got under way at the Multi-Purpose Complex, featuring both U-18 and Senior male categories. In the opening U-18 match-up played on Friday night, “Above the Rest” won handily over “Knightmare” by the final score of 63-42. Clinton Shaw had a game high 25 points 7 rebounds 3 assists in the win. His teammate, Rasheed Reneau also contributed, totaling 16 points 8 rebounds 2 assists, followed by Guermo Roland 10 points 5 rebounds 1 assist and 5 steals.

    Belikin 8-Ball Tournament 2017 updates
    The top 4 teams heading to the semifinals in the 2017 Orange Walk Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament are as follows: Team Picame with 81 points and one game remaining; Eagles with 73 points and no games left; Infierno with 67 points and no games left; Chatta with 60 points and one game remaining. The semifinals start this Friday at 7:00 p.m. with Infierno vs Eagles; and on Saturday at 7:00 p.m., it is Team Picame vs Chatta’s. Both games are home-and-away, as Sunday’s action sees game-two starting at 1:00 p.m. with Eagles vs Infierno, and at 4:00 p.m., it will be Team Picame vs Chatta’s. Any team with 6 individual player victories, advances to the Finals.

    Kremandala Raiders’ Nathaniel Pou visits the Zinc Fence
    On a short visit back to the Jewel is one of the original Kremandala Raiders, Nathaniel Pou, who left for the U.S. following the first Raiders championship in 1993. Nathaniel said he now lives in Miami, and is enjoying his visit back home, meeting old friends and relatives. A giant of a man, with limbs “like tree trunks,” Pou was an intimidating force “inside the paint” on the Raiders basketball team that reached the semipro finals and lost to Penta Lakers in their first year, and then went on to take the championship the following year, 1993. Big-up Nathaniel Pou!

    Before the UDP was hatched…
    In our editorial last Friday, we said that we did not take ourselves too seriously, because Belize’s changing demographic made it so that we could not be sure for whom we spoke editorially. We should point out at the same time, nevertheless, that this newspaper’s longevity gifts us with credibility, and some confidence. On August 13, 2017, Amandala will mark 48 years of publication. By contrast, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) will celebrate 67 years of existence in late September, while, also in September, the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) will record 44 years of formal organization. Two weeks ago, an editorial in our newspaper explained that the ruling UDP, bursting with pride in their new Civic Centre, needed to look to their own media organs, to which they have directed millions in unaudited public funds over the last nine years, for the congratulations for which their leadership so thirsted. We said that, for Kremandala’s part, we held the present leadership of the ruling UDP, primarily Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Defence Minister John Saldivar, and Housing Minister Michael Finnegan among those responsible for the destruction of the Kremandala Raiders, an iconic semi-pro basketball organization we had built with private funds and labor, and we held them responsible the destruction of the semi-pro basketball league of which the Raiders had been champions for four consecutive seasons, from 1993 to 1996.

    From The Publisher
    You know how small Belize is. My wife’s older sister is married to Roman Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright’s maternal uncle, Joe Purcell. On a recent visit home from California, my sister-in-law visited Bishop Dorick, and afterwards told me he had asked for me. Bishop Dorick and I were close friends in Sister Mary Francine’s Standard VI class at Holy Redeemer Boys School in 1958/59. He and I went separate ways in life. In fact, Bishop Dorick became the highest ranking prelate in the Catholic Church in Belize, while most of the Catholic faithful have considered me an enemy after I began rebelling against their school curriculum with reference to African and Mayan history. I lost most of my Catholic friends, including black ones. Visiting Dorick recently, there was a certain poignancy for me as I turned left from North Front Street into the Holy Redeemer yard. Bishop Dorick is on the top floor of the relatively new, huge three-storey building constructed where the Standard I to Standard VI classrooms used to be. That’s in the corner of the Holy Redeemer yard which is bordered on the east by Queen Street and on the south by North Front Street.

    My life-changing internship experience with Ya’axche Conservation Trust
    Editor Sir, Last June, Ecology Project International (EPI)-Belize selected two of its most active alumni to participate in a two- week internship to work on the Human Jaguar Conflict Project with Ya’axche Conservation Trust (YCT) in southern Belize. Following our marine ecology course with EPI earlier this school year, both of us – Juan Guerrero, from St. Viator High School, and I from Ocean Academy – continued to share a passion for learning more about the environment and have been very active in conservation efforts in our home communities – Sarteneja and Caye Caulker. We were excited to participate in this project, this also being our very first time visiting the Toledo District. The internship was from July 9 – 22..

    Tough times for Canadian expats — can’t get cash from Toledo ATM machines
    Dear Editor, I was wondering if your newspaper would be interested in printing a story about Canadians scrambling to access money to buy food and pay for everyday living expenses in the Toledo District. Since about April of this year the local ATM machines at both the Belize and Scotia Banks have stopped working for us here, yet work fine in all other parts of the country. Back in April when we first complained to the bank, we were told our card chips were most likely damaged and the cards would need to be replaced. In May I ordered two new debit cards (the old ones were only 8 months old) from two different banks in Canada. The new cards also do not work. The irony is that Scotia Bank flies the Canadian flag but won’t take our cards. I have stood in line at the bank here and watched two American women take money out without any issue. Something is surely not right here.

    JANUS 2
    Sometime after I retired from the Office of the Ombudsman of Belize in 2008, Bishop Dorick Wright appointed me to serve on his Commission for Education. At about the same time he chose me to be one of his representatives on the Belize Council of Churches. Shortly thereafter a charismatic black leader arose in America and became President. There was almost universal rejoicing in Belize, a very small but multiracial, multi-ethnic society. In 2009 Bishop Dorick, to prepare us for the cultural and civilizational challenges to be thrust upon us issued to his Education Commission a certificate of appreciation for our contribution to education while we were engaged in negotiations to update the Education Legislation to formalize greater control by the government over education.

    Where our icons go!
    I first met Andy Palacio back in the mid-1990s. He was personable and obviously talented with a quick smile. After many performances, recordings and general hard work, his final musical contribution along with the Garifuna Collective, “Watina”, was the pinnacle of arguably Belize’s greatest artist. I listen to it repeatedly unwilling to accept that he is gone, way too early at age 48. Having decided that it is important to visit Barranco, the last coastal settlement of Belize, and Andy’s home village, I talked a friend into driving. I was undeterred by the distance, the rain and the poor quality of the road once off the Southern Highway.

    The Judas deal
    And just like that…Poof!!!! We have reinforced the grip of the Asian master with $60 million of grants and loans to Belize over the next four years. In a letter dated July 5, 2017 in which the Taiwanese Embassy responded to me to a correspondence I had sent to them regarding the negative Asian influences in Belize, the embassy quoted as follows, “There are approximately 600 Taiwanese currently living in Belize.” If you do the math, this works out to about $100,000 per person. In 2017, diplomacy has come down to dollars and sense and a value can even be placed on people. This agreement was sealed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation between Taiwan and Belize. For the man on the street, what this means is pretty much that Taiwan has bought Belize’s support for the next 4 years, YES, bought! If you notice the length of the agreement is carefully picked since it corresponds with the length of time this current administration has in office before the next general election. In other words, expect nothing to change as it relates to the Asian domination dilemma in Belize.

    RIGHT TO THE POINT: Emancipate yourself….
    I don’t know how many people have any regard for the fact that of all the public and bank holidays we celebrate in Belize, the one we should be commemorating is August 1. This should be especially so for all of us who have some “tinge” of African descent in us! However, in Belize there is no national public and bank holiday on August 1, and maybe our people don’t even know what’s so special about this day. I wonder how many understand the significance and importance of this day? 1833 – less than 200 years I am ashamed to think that at school we were never taught about the importance of Emancipation Day, despite Belize’s being one of the slave colonies of the British Empire. It took me until my 20’s to comprehend and appreciate the importance of this day, when I had the opportunity to do courses in history, political science, and the like at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

    Hit-and- run accident leaves girl, 16, in a coma
    Monique Morey, 16, a student of Belize City, is presently in a coma in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after she was knocked down by an unknown driver in Orange Walk Town while she was standing by a bus stop on Dangriga Street, waiting to board a bus to come back to Belize City. Morey was found unresponsive at the side of the road at about 5:00 yesterday morning by a woman who alerted her mother. She was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, where she was given initial treatment, after which she was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

    Girl, 16, from Billy White, reported missing
    Melissa Jeanette Hernandez, 16, of Billy White, Cayo District, has been reported missing from home since last Friday, July 28, when she left that morning to get a Humes Bus to go to school in San Ignacio. Hernandez has not been seen or heard from since. Hernandez is described as being of fair complexion, and five feet tall. She is slimly built with straight brown hair and light brown eyes, and has a scar behind her left leg.

    Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith demits office
    Ann Marie Smith, a Jamaican national, was appointed Chief Magistrate of Belize, and took up her appointment on September 1, 2011. After being on the bench for six years, however, Chief Magistrate Smith demits office today. Smith, who turned 55 earlier this year, has been appointed as a judge on the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, where she will join Belizean Godfrey Smith, who was recently appointed to serve in that jurisdiction. While serving as Belize’s Chief Magistrate, Smith came to be viewed as a no-nonsense magistrate. She also stiffened the rules for persons signing as surety for accused persons released on bail. Smith, implemented the rule that persons who sign bail must prove that they are employed by presenting the court with a current job letter.

    Tropic Air drops flights to Chetumal, Merida and San Pedro Sula
    Earlier this year, the administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced new taxes to meet the 80-plus million-dollar deficit it had in its proposed budget for 2016/17. One such tax measure is a hiked-up departure tax of $55 US that tourists must pay before leaving the country. The move by the Government of Belize (GoB) was condemned by key stakeholders in the tourism industry, including the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), which had indicated that Belize was already one of the most expensive countries to visit in the region.

    The Reporter

    Policeman suffers head injuries in traffic mishap
    A police constable attached to the Roaring Creek police station is recovering from severe head injuries he sustained during a traffic mishap on Thursday night. The officer identified as Edgar Coh, 24, was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital in a coma after he lost […]

    Murder in Orange Walk!
    Orange Walk police are investigating the murder of an elderly man, whose body was discovered early this morning. The deceased, 85-year-old Gregorio de Leon, was discovered just after 7:30 a.m., lying face up with several open wounds to the back of his head. The discovery […]

    Father accidentally crushes toddler to death
    A father from Spanish Lookout, Cayo, is in trouble with the law after he accidently reversed his vehicle over his daughter, crushing her to death on Thursday evening. The baby, one and a half-year-old Hannah Hochstetler, was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment, […]

    Historic Pallotine convent set for demolition, sisters asking for assistance
    The Pallotine convent, located on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City, after serving over 64 years within the Catholic order, has now run its course and according to various inspections, the historic building is unsafe for occupation and needs to be demolished as soon as possible for […]

    Guatemalan panners depleting gold resources in Chiquibul reserve
    Authorities need to do more to prevent illegal Guatemalan gold panning in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, according to the NGO that co-manages the area, Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD). FCD Director, Rafael Manzanero, explained this week that Guatemalan gold panners are relentlessly panning in the area, […]

    Belize welcomes Queen’s Baton Relay for 2018 Commonwealth Games
    Belizean athletes from the disciplines of athletics, cycling, karate, table tennis, fencing and shooting will compete at the XXI Commonwealth Games to be held in the Gold Coast City of Queensland, Australia from April 4 – 15, 2018. The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association welcomed the Queen’s Baton Relay, […]

    Not getting enough sleep could lead to heart problems
    A new research has shown that getting less than six hours of sleep a night may pose even more risks for people who already show signs of heart disease and diabetes. The findings suggest that diabetics and heart patients who have problems sleeping at night […]

    BTEC partners with Mental Health Association
    The Belize Training and Employment Center (BTEC), partnered with the Belize Mental Health Association this week for a two-day workshop, training community leaders to be mental health facilitators. The organizations held the workshops at the BTEC office on Freetown Road, on Tuesday and Wednesday, gathering representatives from […]

    Mayor Bradley stepping aside, making way for Dion Leslie
    Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has officially announced that he will not be seeking re-election as Mayor in the upcoming 2018 municipal elections, however, he has publicly endorsed councillor Dion Leslie. Bradley, at an event on Tuesday, confirmed that he will be stepping aside due to personals […]

    SSB donates computers to KHMH Emergency Unit
    The Social Security Board (SSB) donated three new desktop computers to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) last Friday. The computers are valued at $5,000 and will be used for the efficient processing of patient data, leading to improved healthcare within […]

    University mural sparks controversy with town council and sponsor
    A mural that Galen University art students painted in San Ignacio town has caused controversy with the town council and BTL, the company that provided the painting space – a wall; but the students say they will not take down their work. The students got […]

    Man killed in OW, accusations of political interference
    The arraignment of Hilmar David Alamilla, accused of killing 24-year-old Daniel Sosa, has caused public criticism of political interference in the case. When Alamilla, a known associate of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, showed up to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court for arraignment on Monday, members […]

    Violence prevails during Venezuela referendum; Official says sustained unrest won’t affect diplomatic relations
    The government of Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro has sought to clarify its position following Sunday’s referendum, which saw sustained violence throughout that country, amidst reports of inflated voting results. Despite the uprising, Venezuela has assured its diplomatic allies, including Belize, that the situation at home […]

    Man shot dead after attacking security guard
    Independence police have detained a security guard pending investigations for a fatal shooting at a shrimp farm in that community late Saturday night. The incident happened at pond #14 at Aqua Mar shrimp farm in Independence village, Stann Creek sometime around 11:30 Saturday night. The […]

    Security guard killed while cleaning yard in Belmopan
    Early on Monday morning, multiple shots rang out on Cost Rica Street in Salvapan, Belmopan, which left a 21-year-old security guard dead. The victim, later identified as Samuel Mendez, a resident of Rivera, Belmopan, was in the process of cutting a yard around 7:30 a.m. on July […]

    Suspect charged for murder 3 months ago
    Almost three months after the brutal murder of Guatemalan businessman, Carlos Pop Xol, Punta Gorda police have finally arrested and charged the man believed to have committed the crime. Elmer Javier Carillo, 27, a naturalized Belizean of Creake Sarco village was charged by Punta Gorda police with […]

    Belize City man shot in San Pedro
    A Belize City resident is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from gunshot injuries he sustained last Monday night while he was in San Pedro town. The victim, identified as 29-year-old Lloyd Martinez, was shot multiple times to his abdominal area around 6:30 p.m. on July […]

    Man hospitalized after kiling man who violated his mother
    Cayo resident, Nevis Betancourth, remains hospitalized this week after he was chopped in an altercation, where he fatally shot his attacker. Betancourth’s injury was so severe that police have not detained or charged him in connection with the shooting death of 37-year-old Honduran construction worker, Jose Nunez […]

    The dispute which has flared up between the Belize Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries should not be allowed to esclate out of control. . BSI’s top management has threatened that unless the Association signs on to a new agreement, one which other associations have already endorsed, Belize […]

    Taiwan gives Guatemala big money for freeway!
    The Taiwanese government has given Guatemala a whopping US $650 million to construct a freeway that some media houses say is the same road that Britain had promised to build for Guatemala, but failed to do, and which has led to the territorial dispute that […]

    Tourism industry suffers under departure tax increase
    Tropic Air has suspended three of its international flights as a direct result of the departure tax increases implemented by the government of Belize in May, which at the time caused tourism stakeholders to voice concern over the negative effects it could have. Tropic Air announced on Thursday that as […]

    Wild night between drinking buddies ends with one shot, one accused of sexual assault
    An Orange Walk man is recovering from a gunshot wound after a wild Tuesday night with a friend, which included liquor, allegations of sexual assault and robbery, a car accident and a shooting incident. The gunshot victim, 22-year-old Abdi Aban and the other man involved […]

    Sugar industry facing another crisis
    The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and Belize Sugar Industries (BSI), owned by the American Sugar Refineries Group, are again in conflict, one which could jeopardize the entire sugar industry. ASR/BSI said that the two organizations have a cane purchase agreement that is valid […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Opposition leader warns of scammer using his name
    Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno today issued a statement informing the public that there is a person going around soliciting donations using Briceno’s name.

    Verge of Umbra makes top ten at Waken Open Air festival
    Belizean new-metal band, Verge of Umbra, has ranked in the top ten at the Waken Open Air festival, one of the largest music events in the world. Verge of Umbra represented Belize and all of Central America at the festival, placing 6th of 28 contestants.

    New BBN app for Apple and Android users
    Breaking Belize News, Belize’s leading and most recognized online news source, has now launched a new app available for Apple and Android users. The BBN app is available for download now on Apple devices in the App Store and for Android users on Google Play. With the new BBN app, Belizeans at home and abroad can stay up to date with all the latest happenings in the country.

    Tourism Ministry presents Draft Update to the National Tourism Policy
    Over 90 public, private and civil sector tourism stakeholders attended a presentation of the draft update to the National Tourism Policy held in Belize City yesterday. Dr. Richard Denman, the consultant contracted for the revision process, presented the revised National Tourism Policy draft, which will guide the sustainable and resilient development of tourism in Belize for the next 10 years.

    Hurricane Center monitoring two tropical systems
    The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor two tropical systems in the Atlantic. A broad and elongated area of low pressure is producing disorganized shower and thunderstorm activity several hundred miles south and southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. Environmental conditions appear conducive for this system to consolidate and develop during the next few days, and a tropical depression is likely to form by the early or middle part of next week while moving west-northwestward at 15 to 20 mph across the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

    PRIDE week to be celebrated in Belize
    Internationally, PRIDE is the celebration of gay rights. It is celebrated annually in different parts of the world. On Tuesday, Jamaica celebrated PRIDE with a Pride parade. It is the third annual event of its kind in the country. The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) and partner organizations in Belize now plan to do the same.

    Errol Smith gets bail
    Yesterday, Errol Smith was granted bail of $5000. He was granted bail by Justice Denis Hanomansingh with the condition that he does not interfere with the witnesses for the Crown. Smith was also ordered to report to the San Ignacio Police Station every Friday and to attend San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on every other adjournment date.

    Vega land scheme nets a chunk of Ramsey Caye
    Family members of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega own over 13 acres of land on Ramsey Caye, located just south of Belize City through suspicious land transactions. As reported by 7 News, over 100 land documents surfaced, showing a pattern where private citizens […]

    “No changes at Belize Airport Authority,” says General Manager
    General Manager of the Belize Airport Authority (BAA), Nicholas Ruiz, has assured that there are no pending changes to staff, amidst rumors of irregularities in the authority’s accounts. Ruiz told the media that it is “business as usual” with his office, but conceded that […]

    Baby found; father wanted by police
    On Thursday around 10 pm, a family member took Baby Tereak Palacio Jr to the Domestic Violence Unit in Belize City. Baby Tereak had been missing since Monday when his dad, Tereak Palacio Sr.,18, abducted him from his home in Belize City. The father of the child […]

    Police issue official report on fatal accident in Spanish Lookout
    Yesterday around 4, Stephen Hochstetler ,33, a supervisor from Iguana Creek Road in Spanish Lookout reported to authorities that he was driving his 4runner SUV that was parked beside a building in his yard to discharge some pipes . Hochstetler says that he then […]

    Orange Walk retiree found dead
    This morning around 7:38, Orange Walk police visited a San Estevan Street address in Orange Walk Town where they observed in a house the motionless body of a man. The victim was identified as Gregorio De Leon, 85, retired Belizean lying face up with wounds to […]

    Queen’s Baton arrives in the Chiquibul National Park
    The Queen’s Baton reached the Chiquibul National Park yesterday with a group of young people from Belize City, staff from the Olympics Committee, FCD staff and staff accompanying the baton internationally. The Queen’s Baton Relay in the Chiquibul had a special significance due to […]

    Belize takes Miss Costa Maya International 2017 crown
    Last night, the annual Miss Costa Maya International Pageant was held in San Pedro town. Delegates from Mexico, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua vied for the crown. Residents were out cheering and celebrating for their favorite contestant of El […]


    Belizean Smiles: The Merry Makers of Celi’s Deli
    It’s not unusual to step into Celi’s Deli on Barrier Reef Dive and hear a chorus from the busy kitchen of ladies singing along with the radio. They laugh and joke with each other while they prepare the food, and when they welcome you at the counter, you are greeted like you were just there singing along with them! How can you not love a person who feeds you breakfast with a smile and calls you sweetie? These gestures of love are from the core crew of Rosi Lanze, Yessi Perez and Estelita Lamb, who has been winning over the hearts (and tummies) of customers at Celi’s Deli for years! Ms. Rosi, who is originally from Libertad Village in the Corozal District, has worked there since 1994, and she affectionately calls her customers “coch”.

    Tropic Air Yucatan and Central American Flights Schedule Change
    Tropic Air regrettably announces suspension on three Yucatan and Central American flights. An in-depth analysis of their performance over the past few months, shows there is no clear path to sustainably serving these markets under current economic conditions. The May 1, 2017 departure tax increase was a factor as well.

    Your Travel Guide To San Ignacio Belize
    San Ignacio Belize, the land of hills, Mayan ruins, awesome rivers and some of the best food in all of Belize! Hitting up San Ignacio in your search engine will bring up more locations, pins, and attractions than you can shake a stick at – despite all there is to do, and you should try all of it, there are a few that should go before anything else. Breakfast, we’ve been told, is the most important meal of the day, and that makes sense. How else will you have the fuel you need to take you through all your cool adventures around town? Obvious benefits aside, you really need to try these San Ignacio mainstays for a first meal to totally brighten up your day.

    5 Scientific Reasons A Belize Beach Vacation Is Necessary For Your Health
    Many people mistakenly think that a beach vacation or trip to a jungle lodge is simply a way to enjoy time off from work or school. But scientists have proven that visiting pristine natural locations like in Belize are actually good for your health. Not only are our bodies more than 75% water, but even our bones are one-third water. When you come to Belize and swim, snorkel, or scuba dive in the warm waters of the Caribbean, the ocean will trigger an immediate response in your brain, telling you that you're "in the right place."

    Statue of St. Ignatius
    St. Ignatius of Loyola

    International Sourcesizz

    SC Marines hold opening ceremony for Price Barracks hospital project
    U.S. Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Southern Command held an opening ceremony at Price Barracks in Ladyville, Belize, July 21, to signify the start of a hospital renovation project. Marine combat engineers, electricians, foremen, and water technicians from the Logistics Combat Element, SPMAGTF-SC, will be working to renovate the Price Barracks hospital in order to better the medical readiness of the Belize Defence Force. "The purpose of this build is to support the host nation government in providing medical support to their personnel and civilians," said U.S. Marine 1st Lt. Ryan J. Gibbs, the Belize site officer in charge, LCE, SPMAGTF-SC.

    Many US cities to Belize for only $262 roundtrip
    Cheap airfares from USA to Belize. Fly from many US cities to Belize City, Belize for only $262 roundtrip with American Airlines.

    Nine International areas real estate investors should give a look
    Thanks Forbes! - - Belize #2


  • Verge of Umbra places 6th place in the Wacken International Metal Battle, 7min. 28 metal bands from around the world who beat out many other bands in their own region. Verge of Umbra won the Central American vote and went in overdrive. Verge of Umbra placed 6th place in the Wacken International Metal Battle.

  • BELIZE WINS! Costa Maya 2017!, 8sec.

  • A Window Into the Blue Sea | Belize, 1min. A tiny remote island off the Caribbean shores of Belize, the natural beauty of Goff’s Caye alone will leave your soul singing, and not just because of its guitar-shaped aerial overview. Just a short trip out from Belize City, the uninhibited islet is peppered with coconut palms and lush green scenery overlooking the sparkling sea which sets the stage of the lost island everyone dreams about getting stranded on.

  • Scuba diving a swim through tunnel at Punta Arena Canyons Belize, 4min. Scuba diving in Belize with Chuck and Robbie's acting as the dive operator. Giovanni, in the baseball cap, was out dive master. He took us through a tunnel on our descent down to our max depth at 100 feet. Also known as Small Cut, the Punta Arena Canyons are famous for their tunnels, which are covered in brilliant red algae growth. The reef begins sixty feet beneath the surface here, and is covered in splendid gorgonians, some of which are very large. Stands of elkhorn and staghorn coral, swirling heads of lettuce coral, and beautiful specimens of brain and star coral can be found, all with small crabs, shrimp, fairy basslets and wrasse in attendance. As you make your way through these magnificent canyons with their vertical walls, you’ll find the most popular swim through of all, which has a triangular opening. Approximately seventy feet long, it exits at a depth of 100 feet, and inside, you can experience complete darkness if you turn out your light for a moment. You can come back through the tunnel if you like, or you can make your way back up to the reef top along the wall, which is covered in soft corals, sea fans, and sponges. Along the way, watch for Nassau groupers and pompano, spadefish, jacks, and some large pairs of angelfish.

  • Take me to Belize please..., 35min. A recap of a great week of Diving from the Live Aboard - Belize Aggressor III with We-B-Divin.

  • Closeup Lizard in Belize, 1/2min.

  • Costa Maya 2017 - Reef Radio/TV Interview with Michelle Nunez - Miss Belize, 8min.

  • Costa Maya 2017 - Reef Radio/TV Interview with: Maria Fernanda Jaspe - Ms Panama, 5.5min.

  • Costa Maya 2017 - Reef Radio/TV Interview with: Gabriela Salazar, 7min.

  • Chumming The Water Attracts Wrong Kind Of Sharks, 1.5min. Reef sharks are an extremely rare sight in Belize. Typically, docile and harmless nurse sharks inhabit these waters. When a group of divers chummed the water with fish remnants, they were hoping to attract jacks and nurse sharks. This is almost always the result. What they got this time was totally unexpected. A pack of hungry and curious ten foot long Caribbean Reef Sharks showed up and closed in on the bait tube and surrounded the divers. Their appetite brought them in very close to the group.

  • Belize road-stop clips, 1.5min. Our host allowed us to get a few clips on the road to Orange Walk, Belize. Needed more wax but it was fun

  • The Queen’s Baton Relay has been in existence since 1958, 4.5min.

  • Orange Walk Police are looking at another murder to solve in Shuga City., 5min.

  • BELIZE NOW | Episode 29 | Friday, August 4, 2017, 30min. In tonight’s headlines: A new conservation post is opened in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, the strengthening of Belize’s Citizen Security Policy is discussed at workshop held in Placencia, and the National Agriculture and Show Grounds becomes home to a new weekend market. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, August 4th, 2017, I’m Charlee Hutchinson.

  • Visiting the butterfly farm from Chaa Creek Belize, 5min. We had a great second day in Belize Chaa Creek Resort where we finally adjusted to the jungle. We relaxed at the pool in company of some delicious cocktails. The butterfly farm allows you to see Blue Morphos and other beautiful butterflies from up close, perfect to take pictures and movies!

  • Landing at Belize International, December 29th, 2015 (AA 269 DFW-BZE), 15min.

  • My trip to Belize, 5.5min. This was the best trip of my entire life, and I'm so happy I could share this with you.

  • SUV crashes into river along Hummingbird Highway. , 1min. On the 4.08.2017 about 12:45pm Belmopan Police visited an area between miles 28 and 29 on the Hummingbird Highway upon their arrival they observed a black Liberty Jeep about 15 feet below a bridge. 47 year old Benjamin Paul, an 47 year old American National was driving a rented Black Jeep Liberty L/P. # CY.C.36869 on the Hummingbird Highway travelling from the direction of Dangriga towards Belmopan City and upon reaching between miles 28 and 29 on the Hummingbird Highway he lost control of his vehicle and ran off the bridge and his vehicle fell into the creek below. Paul was accompanied with family members; 36 year old Kathrine Obrian, 6 year old Rafael Paul and 3 year old Carmelita Paul.

    August 4, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Saga’s ‘Paws and Princesses’ fundraiser held at Palapa Bar
    On Wednesday, August 2nd, the eight beautiful delegates for Miss Costa Maya represented their countries with vibrant colours and sounds in a National Costume preliminary competition at the Palapa Bar and Grill. The event was part of a fundraiser benefiting the San Pedro Saga Humane Society, which received much support from the girls and both visitors and island residents alike. Patrons enjoyed an evening full of music, raffles, delightful presentations by the contestants and even the opportunity to mingle and get pictures with the friendly beauty ambassadors.

    Governor General approves re-registration process to be held in 2018
    The national re-registration exercise scheduled for July of this year has been postponed until July 2018. The unexpected re-schedule comes as Governor General Sir Colville Young signed a statutory instrument and proclamation to push back the exercise until next year. The document was officially published in the Government Gazette on June 30, 2017, stating the extension of the timeline of the re-registration process. To officially validate the re-scheduling of the exercise, the Governor General cited section 3 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize. According to the law, this section of the Act states the following: “Provides that the Governor General may at any time by proclamation published in the Gazette, either generally or in respect of any division, after, vary or extend all or any of the dates on which of the periods within which and action is to be taken under the specific law.

    Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez is Reina de la Costa Maya 2017-18!
    A night of beauty, glamour and cultural pride initiated the 2017 International Costa Maya Festival on Thursday, August 3rd at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Eight lovely ladies representing the Central American countries and Mexico vied for the title of Reina de La Costa Maya 2017-18. At the end of the largest pageant held in Belize, it was Miss Belize’s Michelle Estrella Nuñez who charmed the judges and captured the crown and title. After a year’s unexpected hiatus, the Costa Maya festival is back, and bigger than ever. The night started shortly after 8:30PM, with an entertaining show of color, music and dance. Taking center stage were Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez, Miss Costa Rica Glennys Medina Segura, Miss El Salvador Iris Yazmin Guerra, Miss Guatemala Lesly Fernanda Flores Sagastume, Miss Honduras Andrea Nicolle Salinas Godoy, Miss Mexico Ximena Cardoso Gutierrez, Miss Nicaragua Danielle Nicole Hodgson Joseph and Miss Panama Maria Fernanda Jaspe, who were ready to give a show of a lifetime. Following a short dance performance, Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Eiden Salazar and Tanya Arceo officially introduced the contestants.

    Ambergris Caye to soon experience the fastest internet connection in Belize
    After the service is completely installed, Ambergris Caye will boast the fastest internet connection in the country, with up to 130Mbps of speed for home and business. According to personnel from BTL, everything is on schedule and works have started from Northern Ambergris Caye heading to the southern part of the island. They also indicated that customers have been notified that as of September 1st the company will be turning down the existing High Speed Internet service in San Pedro Town as it transitions into the new service. They advised customers to make the transition to the new service in order to avoid losing internet connection. It has been revealed that Diginet will offer bandwidth as low as 5Mbps and up to 130Mbps. BTL believes that with the installation of this long-term infrastructural solution, the company will be able to offer more reliable broadband speeds to Ambergris Caye and then to the rest of the country. It is expected that Diginet will provide Belize with a truly reliable connection to the rest of the world.

    MarAlliace highlights coral reef health during movie night social
    Coral reefs play an important role in the marine ecosystems across Belize, and as such, need to be protected. To further promote the importance of protecting our fragile reef, MarAlliace hosted a movie night on Thursday, July 27th, featuring the Netflix award-winning documentary “Chasing Coral”. Held at MarAlliance’s office on Coconut Drive at 6:30PM, concerned residents attended the screening, then participated in social discussion after watching the documentary. “Chasing Coral” was directed by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhose as an exposure piece on the destruction of coral reefs. The documentary was filmed over three years, with over 500 hours of underwater footage from over 30 countries.

    Ambergris Today

    Casting Call For Miss America Latina Belize 2017
    Interested ladies who meet the following requirements are asked to apply: · Be between the ages of 18-27 · Never having been married or given birth · Be of good character and reputation · Be attractive physically and in personality § Interested contestants are asked to send a letter of interest

    Tropic Air Suspends Service To Chetumal, Merida & San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    Tropic Air announces today that it is suspending scheduled flights to Chetumal, Merida, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The dates of the last flight to/from those destinations are as follows: Chetumal, Mexico: Friday, September 1, 2017 Merida, Mexico: Friday, September 1, 2017 San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Saturday, September 2, 2017

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Voluntary National Review on Sustainable Development
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration (MAFFESDI) presented Belize’s Voluntary National Review on Sustainable Development at a High Level Political Forum hosted by the United Nations at their Headquarters in New York on July 19, 2017. These national reviews are expected to serve as a basis for the regular reviews by the high-level political forum (HLPF). Regular reviews by the HLPF are to be voluntary, state-led, undertaken by both developed and developing countries, and shall provide a platform for partnerships, including through the participation of major groups and other relevant stakeholders. The VNRs aim to facilitate the sharing of experiences, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, with a view to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The VNRs also seek to strengthen policies and institutions of governments and to mobilize multi-stakeholder support and partnerships for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    BELIZE: An Intimate Portrait
    André Lopez' picture book about the culture of Belize is finished, and is available for digital download. Part of the profits will go towards Rotary projects in Belize. It has a comprehensive set of pictures from all over Belize. "Discover the incredible ethnic diversity of Belize. Visit a deaf school and music school. See the amateur excitement of men and women rodeoing and horse racing. Become intimate with the living Maya, their dance dramas, and the Maya ball game of Pitz. Celebrate the Joys of Independence and the Responsibilities of Freedom during the September celebrations. Come and politic and learn why " can't be a good winner if you aren't a good loser..". Know that there are no great cathedrals in Belize, but rather an unlimited supply of humble, welcoming houses of prayer, and follow a good Friday Passion-Play as emotional as any in the world. Meet the people who give the nation its heart and pulse. The easy reading 22 page Appendix will provide you with all the practical information needed to enjoy Belize, including a chronological history of Belize, and a narration about the Garifuna whose culture UNESCO proclaimed a Masterpiece of an Intangible and Oral history. Familiarize yourself with all the special and religious Holidays, and find out why the Belizean Flag is the most unique flag in the world. Mark your calendar for every festival and event from January through December. Learn about the country- wide annual Cancer Walk, and a plethora of other useful information."

    Belmopan Day
    Belmopan Day is on Saturday, August 5 at Mae Gordon Park. Lots of surprises! See you there!

    The Placencia Breeze August 2017
    Pg 3 From the Fire Hearth - Sustainable Seafood Pg 5 Fishing Tournament Registration Pg 6 Placencia Rotary Summer Olympics Pg 7 Croc Corner Pg 9 "Chasing Coral" Pg 10 A Visitor's View Pg 11 Seine Bight News Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA Members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 19 Miramar Membership Spotlight / Sports Camp Pg 20/21 Placencia Peninsula Guide Pg 22 PHS News Pg 23 Hurricane Preparedness Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 In Memory of Mr. Villamar Godfrey Pg 28 19th Placencia BTIA Saltwater Fishing Tournament / Placencia Rotary News / Police Cadet Kids Camp Pg 29 Where in the World is the Breeze / BHA Board of Directors Pg 30 Placencia Peninsula Happenings Pg 31 Calender of Events

    San Pedro Sun looking for reporter
    We are willing to train the right candidate. Could that be you?

    Caribbean Soca Artist Alison Hinds touched down on the island earlier today
    She will be performing live at this year's International Costa Maya Festival on Friday, August 4th!

    The Costa Maya Pageant National Costume Competition
    Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama - The eight contestants of the Miss Costa Maya Pageant partook in the preliminary competition held at Palapa Bar and Grill. They presented and modeled their national costumes to the crowd that had also gathered to support Saga. The Humane Society held a fundraiser for the animal shelter.

    New Conservation Post in the Chiquibul National Park
    On Monday, August 31st, the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence officially inaugurated the Caballo Conservation Post in the Chiquibul National Park, in an area north of the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. The Conservation Post will be manned by rangers from the Forest Department and Friends for Conservation and Development with support from the Belize Defence Force and the Police Department. The Caballo Conservation Post will provide for the advancement of law enforcement in the northern part of the Chiquibul National Park, where illegal deforestation, hunting, and logging threatens the health of the ecosystem and where other illegal activities pose a risk to tourism and other economic development.

    BTEC and the Mental Health Association of Belize holds Mental Health Facilitator Training
    The Belize Training and Employment Centre, in collaboration with the Mental Health Association of Belize and in partnership with the National Board of Certified Counselors – International (NBCC- I) held a two day Mental Health Facilitator Training. The training had participants from a wide cross-section of agencies both public and private. The Mental Health Facilitator training is designed to improve access to mental health care in a given community by educating and training community members from diverse back-grounds. The training was geared towards increasing awareness to some of the issues of mental health and providing front-line persons with resources that will allow them to offer assistance in the initial stages before referral to a trained counselor.

    Go Fund Jerry Ingram
    "He ruptured his pupil, causing severe inflammation of the retina and a crack on the eyeball which will need to be repaired via surgery. Currently, he is lacking vision and will need a lot of medical treatment to save his eye and his vision. All of the nerves which send signals to the brain are damaged and his eyeball is dislocated and holding on into the socket by one small tendon."

    The eight lovely ladies competing in the 2017 Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant outdid themselves during the Cultural Costume Segment!

    Spay and neuter Clinic in Corozal
    Hi there pet lover and owners. Here is a poster for a spay and neuter Clinic to be held next Friday, you will find a contact number there too, please call and inquire if you and your wonderful pet are eligible for the clinic. Again thanks for all your support and I wish you and your pet(s) all the best. Dr. Charles.

    2017 Costa Maya International Festival
    This 4-day festival features delegate beauties and musical artists from Belize and its regional neighbors.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
    Everything Everything, Alien: Covenant, How to be a Latin Lover, The Mummy.

    Channel 7

    Living In The Memory of Hurricane Earl
    Exactly one year ago around this time, Belizeans were just waiting in their homes and shelters for Hurricane Earl to make landfall. Although everyone braced for impact, Earl - the strongest category one storm any Belizean has ever felt - had no mercy and ripped through the Belize district- and then went on to Cayo and Stann Creek where he damaged crops. Belize City and Ladyville residents were the hardest hit with major damage to homes caused by storm surge which ranged from three to six feet, and winds estimated to be as high as 90 miles per hour. Today Courtney Weatherburne re-visited a few of residents to see if they have reclaimed their lives after Earl.

    US Embassy Jeep Rakes Down Lamppost On Newly Paved Road
    No one was hurt in a major lamp-post collision today at on the northern highway. A 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, property of the US Embassy lost control at mile 7 and careened off the newly paved road. Police say the driver - a female - received only minor injuries after the airbags deployed. But one of the newly installed aluminum lamp-posts didn't fare off as well. It was yanked out of the ground by the massive impact and was left strewn across the road. This impact destroyed the front end of the Jeep.

    Burst A Bladder in Belize, Broke An Ankle In Bermuda
    A month ago, the Trinidadian Soca Superstar, Destra Garcia, made headlines all over the Caribbean. That's when she was ordered by the Belize Supreme Court to pay compensation to Belizean Fernando Oliva for jumping on top of him and bursting his bladder. Well, press reports out of Bermuda say that she had an accident of her own, for which she will have to get surgery. She was performing last night in Bermuda for the Cup Match Summer Splash. She shared the stage with Sean Paul, and during her performance, the stage gave way and she feel through. This video, circulating on social media, shows her talking to the crowd, when she suddenly falls through the stage.

    Another Shake-Up At Civil Aviation?
    In 2014, we reported on the scandal at the Belize airports Authority where it was uncovered that as many as 76 cheques had been issued to family, affiliates and constituents of the former minister, Edmond Castro. That led to a massive shakeup at the Belize Airports Authority, where the Board was purged, the manager sent home and the Minister of State stripped of responsibility for that portfolio. Well, tonight reports say that the whistle has been blown again on unspecified financial irregularities at the BAA. While there are rumors of a shakeup, today when we spoke to General Manager, Nick Ruiz, he said he was in his office as usual - and expected to remain there. He would only say that he has been in meetings with his Minister Manuel Heredia and Ministry's CEO - and that he has spoken to the Prime Minister on the phone about an issue having to do with the departure of the former accountant in June.

    Alleged Robber VS. Alleged Fondler in OW, No Charges
    Last night we told you about a very bizarre story coming out of Orange Walk. One man was shot and one vehicle was damaged after two men had an encounter that ended badly. 37 year old Tiburcio Fernandez says his passenger 22 year old Abdi Aban held him up with a knife and tried to rob him, while Aban says Fernandez propositioned him for sex, and tried to fondle him. Both agree alcohol was involved in their Tuesday afternoon outing.

    Accused of Killing A Friend, Errol Smith Gets Bail
    He was charged with manslaughter after he beat his friend to death in Santa Elena but tonight Errol Smith is out on $5000 bail. Justice Denis Hanomansingh offered bail on the condition that Smith does not interfere with the witnesses for the Crown; that he reports to San Ignacio Police Station every Friday; and that he attends San Ignacio Magistrate's Court on every other adjournment date until the matter is disposed of. Smith is accused of beating his friend Marlon Peters badly. Peters survived but died a week later. Smith was represented by attorney Petagay Bradley who held brief for attorney Arthur Saldivar. Crown Counsel Christelle Wilson represented the respondent.

    Land Documents Show Disturbing Pattern
    A week ago, we told you about those leaked documents out of the Lands Department which call into question the manner in which family members of former minister Gaspar Vega became the owners of land in the Spanish Creek area of the Belize District, and Ramsey Caye. Now, Vega has been dogged by allegations that he was showing special treatment to his family, which allowed them to gain plentiful landholdings. He was forced to resign from the Cabinet when a land compensation scandal involving his son, Andre was exposed. Well, these documents, which have landed on our news desk, suggest that there was an unusual pattern of acquisition which ended up benefitting Vega family members. For several days now, we've been inspecting the 118 files, and there is one specific set of transactions that caught our attention.

    A Pound of Placencia Cocaine
    The police are reporting finding about a pound of cocaine in Placencia. Last night around 9:15 police searched an abandoned building on the South Side of the village where they found a plastic bag with 214.7 grams, or about half a pound of cocaine, and another with 267 grams, which is more than half a pound of crack-cocaine. No one was found in the area and the drugs were deposited as found property.

    UNIBAM Plans To Celebrate Pride In Belize
    PRIDE is a gay rights observance celebrated in major cities throughout the world. And starting this weekend it's coming to Belize. UNIBAM, along with partner organizations such as Our Circle and PETAL, will be hosting an official PRIDE Week. Activities aimed at promoting awareness and acceptance will be hosted throughout the country. PRIDE Week's coordinators hosted press conference to talk about the importance of hosting events like this... Caleb Orozco - Executive Director, UNIBAM: "I'll start by saying this, what inspired the idea of a pride week? It was a lot of dialogue but mainly our circle suggestion that August 10th 2016 was an historical day not only for the LGBT community but also for our history as Belizeans that a marginalize group finally got their rights acknowledged in court, more precisely if our community is to ever be inspired to defend the indignities and violence that they experience as individuals and a citizen, then we need to then have something to hold on to. So pride week is about building the moral of our community and building the principle or advancing the idea the inclusiveness and respecting diversity matters in our citizenry as Belizeans."

    UNIBAM On UWI Professor Brandan Bain Winning His Case
    Orozco also spoke to us briefly about a recent Jamaican Supreme Court decision regarding former UWI Professor Brendan Bain. Earlier this week we told you that Bain won a $32,000 US dollars wrongful termination lawsuit against the University of the West Indies after he was fired for his supposed "anti-gay" testimony against UNIBAM in 2014. The court found that Orozco, who says he has read the testimony, told us what he thought of the decision...

    BTV Bex About Re-registration Delay
    A re-registration exercise is 10 years overdue - and now it's going unto 11 years. The re-registration exercise is to clean up the very messy voters' list. Now it should have been held in July, but the Barrow administration has chosen to postpone it to next year. But, today the Belize Territorial Volunteers held a press conference to voice their concerns about the latest push back. Here's what they had to say... Wil Maheia, Leader - Belize Territorial Volunteers: "Really and truly it's the BTV (Belize Territorial Volunteers) that has the meeting just now. Yes it's at the BPP headquarters, but it's a Belize Territorial Volunteers meeting and basically the discussion was we had two learned attorneys in here and we were discussing the possibility of basically of maybe challenging the extension that the GG [Governor General] signed recently for re-registration and postponing it basically until 2018 and again..."

    Third Party - Ready For Municipals?
    While we were on the topic of re-registration, we asked Maheia, who is also the Deputy Leader of the Belize Progressive Party, about the party's plans for the municipal elections, and whether they have any candidates ready to challenge to PUP and UDP... Reporter: "The municipal elections, your other hat. Will the BPP be putting up any slates in any of the municipalities?" Wil Maheia, Leader - Belize Territorial Volunteers: "Yes, I am wearing my BPP hat right now, I use this opportunity to appeal to Belizeans countrywide if you want to see a serious change in this country, this is your time to get on board with the BPP and offer yourself to be a candidate, because if we get qualified candidates we will run in the municipal elections. But again, more important for us is the fact that there is a clean voters list."

    Wholesale Weed All Over City
    Police are making finds of whose quantities of weed all over the country. First, in the city: yesterday on Partridge Street Extension they found 416 grams - which is just under a pound of weed, along with a bag containing (47) .223 live rounds - the type used in assault rifles. And then, on Oleander Street they found 228 grams - which is half a pound in an abandoned lot. And then on Periwinkle Street, they found 347 grams, or three quarter pound of cannabis. All these are found in the Saint Martinis Area and no arrests were made.

    Weed At Wilt's Field
    And the GSU made tis own find - this one in the Port Loyola area. Last night at around 8:00, the unit found 299 grams or about two third of a pound of weed along with (15) 9 millimeter live rounds in a cement structure by Cumberbatch field. The drugs and ammunition were deposited as found property.

    Cannabis In Cave
    And, in Belmopan Police found 6.8 pounds of weed in plastic bags. The officers found them in a cave system in Teakettle Village late this evening.

    A Placencia Pusher?
    And, in Placencia, a resident was busted with 110 grams, or about four ounces of weed on Wednesday. Police searched James Tillett and the weed was on him. Tillett was arrested for drug trafficking. The 27 year old Tillitt pleaded guilty and was fined $1,100.00 dollars.

    A Plan For Tourism
    Today the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation hosted a consultation for stakeholders to discuss updates made to their National Tourism Policy. The Ministry has been working with various organizations both within and outside the government to form a plan that will facilitate positive tourism growth. We spoke to the Ministry's CEO, and the main consultant about the policy... Yashin Dujon, CEO - Ministry of Tourism: "The national tourism police is an exercise to actually formulate a national policy and updated national tourism policy for the country that will govern the growth and development the tourism moving forward. The policy is based on sustainable tourism principles, so focusing on the social economic and environmental values that we use in the tourism industry on a daily basis and also integrating culture and management into the way forward for us."

    Daniel Rode On The Storm
    As the top of the news, we make the one year anniversary of that wretched Hurricane Earl. Now, we take a look back at the hours before the storms landfall - and the hours in the aftermath. Daniel Ortiz was riding the storm - and here's what he saw:... FILE: August 4, 2016 Daniel Ortiz reporting Just after our newscast, we set out just after 8 p.m. to take a tour around Belize City. Immediately outside of our office, the rain was already pouring down. Across Swing Bridge, we found a homeless man under assault from the downpour, and out by Marine Parade, some 20 minutes later, the tropical storm force winds were evident in the trees.

    UB President Will Lead Central American Council For Higher Education
    The President of the University of Belize, Clement Sankat has assumed the Vice Presidency of C-SUCA, which is the Council of Central American Higher Education in Central America. He will hold that post for this Academic year, and then take up the presidency in the following Academic year. CSUCA is the Council of Higher Education Institutions in Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. President Sankat will chair his first meeting on September 7-8, 2017 in Managua, Nicaragua.

    Channel 5

    Bail Set for Accused in Sexual Assault Case
    Fifteen thousand dollars for groping and kissing a teenage minor, that’s the bail amount that was set in the Supreme Court earlier today when thirty-two-year-old Freddy Espinosa appeared before Justice [...]

    Who Do Police Believe in Orange Walk Shooting/Traffic Accident?
    Police are trying to puzzle out a strange incident reported on Tuesday afternoon involving three men from Orange Walk. There was a traffic accident reported in front of M-1 Sugar. [...]

    Taxes Cause Suspension of Tropic Air Flights to Mexico, Honduras
    Tropic Air has suspended three of its international flights to Chetumal and Merida in Mexico and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. About five years ago, the domestic airline further expanded its [...]

    Could Flights Make a Comeback?
    According to Greif, the airline company is constantly looking for new routes and combinations to work. He says that if the current tax structures change, the company will revisit the [...]

    The Impact of Hurricane Earl One Year Later
    On August third, 2016, residents across the central and northern areas of the Belize District braced themselves in anticipation of Hurricane Earl which made landfall in the early hours of [...]

    City Wants to Personalize Your License Plates
    The Belize City Council, as part of its revenue generating initiative, is selling personalized license plates to motorists.  The move has generated quite a buzz among car owners across the [...]

    Mayoral Aspirant Philip Willoughby Defends Record
    This afternoon, we spoke to councilor Philip Willoughby in the ‘Pink Jungle’ area of Pickstock, where he was donating garbage containers to residents of the hutments, as he did in [...]

    Council Must Build ‘Softer Social Side’
    According to mayoral aspirant Phillip Willoughby, the slings and arrows of his opponents do not bother him, as he is concentrated on bringing even more services for residents of the [...]

    UB President Leads Central American Universities
    President Clement Sankat of the University of Belize has assumed the Vice Presidency of Consejo Superior Universitario Centro Americano or what is known in English as the Central American Higher [...]

    Safe Space for Basketball
    The CASSA program, Creating A Safe Space Agenda, is wrapping up its third year. The project has been running now in its third year at YWCA where kids from high [...]

    The Y to Put on Summer Exhibit
    Over two hundred children are participating in the YWCA’s annual summer program. It started in July and will wrap up next week. The YWCA says that the children will be [...]

    Alina Rodriguez Gives Back with Books
    Over seventy children at the YWCA were treated to a book fair today. The children received free books through the ‘Alina Gives Back’ foundation. It is a small non-profit started [...]

    From Gangsters to Businessmen
    Today at the ITVET, as many as twenty-five gang members from across Belize City filed into the classroom where they spent the better part of the day learning how to [...]

    Teaching the Belize Plumbing Code
    A train the trainer workshop for plumbing instructors for the ITVETs countrywide and field supervisors for Belize Water Services Limited began earlier this week and will continue through to August [...]

    For Belize LGBT’s, Pride is Showing
    Next Thursday, August tenth, marks a full year since Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin struck down Section Fifty-Three of the Criminal Code outlawing sexual acts other than consensual heterosexual intercourse, between [...]

    Leslie Says U.D.P. Will Not Underestimate 2018 Election
    After two terms of David Fonseca as the first directly elected mayor of Belize City, the United Democratic Party has been on a run of four successive terms in office [...]

    Dion Leslie Thrives Out of Media Spotlight
    With less than a month to go before polling opens for the U.D.P. municipal convention, mayoral candidates Dion Leslie and Philip Willoughby have been actively campaigning on the ground and [...]

    Who Will Be La Reina De La Costa Maya?
    In just a few minutes, the twenty-fifth annual La Reina De La Costa Maya Pageant will begin on La Isla Bonita San Pedro. Eight delegates from across Central America and [...]

    Healthy Living Tries Interventional Radiology
    It’s a minimally invasive technique that is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare. And for the past two years it has been offered at the country’s main public hospital. It’s called [...]


    Orange Walk Sports Council Accused of Mal Pago
    Thirteen Orange Walk men are tonight up in arms and claiming that they have not received full payment for works done throughout last week at the Orange Walk People’s Stadium. The men are pointing fingers at the Orange Walk Sports Council who they say hired them to reconstruct the fence at the stadium. Today we spoke off camera with one of the workers and he told us that at the end of last week, the contractors responsible for the project informed them that they would only be receiving half of their payment and that the other half would be given to them the following Monday when they reported to work. According to him however, when they reported to work on Monday July 31st, no one was at the job site and they were informed that the project had come to a halt, even though they had been hired to work on the fence for an entire month.

    Dave Cannon Seeks Support Of San Pedranos
    Almost a month has gone by since the tragic death of thirteen year old Faye Lin Cannon in San Pedro Town on Monday July 3rd, after having suffered sexual and physical abuse, allegedly at the hands of her adoptive mother and Step father, Anke and David Doehm. Today while Belizeans are still up in arms and demanding justice for Faye Lin, her adoptive father, Dave Cannon issued an official statement on the death of his daughter. The statement published yesterday by the San Pedro Sun starts by thanking citizens of San Pedro Town for the support shown in finding out the truth about what happened to Faye and for clamoring for justice for the teen.

    BTV/BPP Considers Legal Pressure For Re-registration Process
    On Tuesday the Belize Progressive Party slammed the Barrow Administration for refusing to carry out a re-registration exercise that would clean up the voters’ list. The last re-registration was done in 1997, which means one was due in 2007 and the other in 2017, but both were postponed, with the first due to nearing elections. In the case of the exercise this year, the Government is saying it simply cannot afford it. The Belize Territorial Volunteers, whose leader is also the Deputy leader for the BPP, today came out in support. They held a meeting at the BPP’s office to discuss what they can do to put some pressure on the Government.

    Guatemala Congress Approves Plan For Referendum On Taking Belize To The ICJ
    And it seems that in Guatemala, there has been a heightened pace towards the holding of a referendum. This week their Congress approved a proposal to authorise the electoral body to start preparation for a referendum to be held before the end of the year. The proposal was supported by 102 votes, while 14 objected. Those in objection raised concerns about funding, the electoral body has reported that they have secured 300 million quetzales for the process. The decision by the Congress was celebrated by Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, who in a statement said that the topic of Belize has been a priority for his Government and that the Congress’ decision is an important step towards a definitive solution to the dispute.

    New Day Care Opens In Corozal Town
    Child rearing has its growing challenges in modern society. With the traditional practice of stay home moms being replaced with working moms, finding proper care for children at the toddler stage is at times a tedious and difficult process. For one mom in Corozal, the struggles of finding good care for her young ones pushed her to open a private day care facility known as Bright Beginning Day Care in the town, which aside from setting a high standard, seeks to provide the needed care services that as a parent she always wanted.

    BPP Worried About Referendum
    While on the topic of the voter’s list, Maheia expressed concern that if Belize proceeds to holding a referendum on whether to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice, Belizeans should be concerned that the voters will come out of the same padded list. Wil Maheia, Belize Territorial Volunteers: “Again this all adds up into pressuring the people to lets go to ICJ to settle this thing and they are saying ICJ is the only way when even within our own government, our own little Belize right here we are talking about discussions and negotiations and mediations before you go to court right so we now that we have not exhausted all the possible negotiations that could happen to settle the dispute even before going to court we should concentrate on that instead on trying to ram it down to the Belizean people throat to go to court because that is what they are doing right now...”


    Mayas Want A Place in the Tourism Policy?
    There was a vast representation of the stakeholders in the tourism sector at the presentation of the National Tourism Policy. Among them were representatives of the Maya Leaders Alliance. Spokesperson for the Alliance, Cristina Coc says they are quote, “intimately concerned with the various national policies where it concerns the Maya lands… people…and their development,” […]

    Tropic Air Grounds Flights to Multiple Destinations
    Tropic Air has announced the suspension of its routes to Chetumal, Merida and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The last flight to Chetumal and Merida is scheduled for September 1, and September 2 for San Pedro Sula. The company issued a press release explaining why the decision was made. Tropic Air says the decision was made […]

    Teen Pregnancy Rises in the Southern Belize
    The social challenge of teenage pregnancy remains relevant in Belize as several organizations are fighting to have young persons educated on the consequences of early sexual activity. After sitting down with Joan Burke-Skeen of the Belize Family Life Association, our reporter, Renee Trujillo produced this report. Recently, the Ministry of Education took a firm decision […]

    Sankat to CSUCA For 2017/2018 Academic Year
    The President of the University of Belize, Clement Sankat has assumed the Vice Presidency of Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano, CSUCA, or the Central American Higher Education Council. His appointment will be effective for the July, 2017 to June, 2018 academic year. He will then assume the Presidency for the following academic year. Sankat, takes the […]

    TAA Wants Alcaldes to Be Listed
    In a statement issued on Monday, the Toledo Alcalde Association called on the government of Belize to regularize the Alcaldes jurisdictions and to publish the list of Alcaldes in the Gazette, which it has been failing to do. The statement titled, “Response to the Government of Belize’s Discriminatory Acts against the Maya People,” was released […]

    No Protection for Witnesses in Daniel Sosa’s Murder
    Two persons were inside the vehicle of Hilmar Alamilla when 24 year old Daniel Sosa was shot and killed on Saturday morning. The two young men are the two most important witnesses in the case against Alamilla who has been charged for murder and is on remand. When Alamilla was taken to court he was […]

    Guat National Out on Bail After Fondling Minor
    Thirty-two year old Guatemalan national Ferdy Espinosa, an employee of James Brodie and Company who was remanded into custody on a charge of sexual assault, was released on a bail of $5,000 that was offered to him today by Justice Denis Hanomansingh. The bail was offered on the condition that he does not interfere with […]

    Smith Gets Bail on Manslaughter Charge
    Twenty-nine year old Errol Smith, a laborer of Santa Elena, Cayo District, who was remanded into custody on a charge of manslaughter, was released on a bail of $5,000 that was offered to him today by Justice Denis Hanomansingh. The bail was offered on the condition that Smith does not interfere with the witnesses for […]

    VIA – An Alternative to Pap Smears
    The Pap Smear Test dates back to the nineteen twenties and was named after a Greek doctor, George Papanicolaou (PA-PA-NI-KO-LAO). It is a test designed to detect cancerous cells inside a woman’s cervix. Less than a century later, an alternative was found known as the VIA or the Visual Inspection using Acidic Vinegar. In Belize, […]

    NEMO and Village Leaders Meet to Talk Disaster
    The National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, met with village leaders of southern Belize with the purpose to establish the roles and responsibilities of those leaders during a disaster. More than fifteen leaders of villages in the Stann Creek and Toledo districts attended the one day conference which featured presentations from the regional commander Keith Emmanuel. […]

    BFLA Commends Government on Sex Education In Schools
    Yesterday we told you of the training of trainers’ workshop being held this week at BTEC surrounding adjustments made to the HFLE Curriculum for the upcoming academic year. It is a bold move by the Ministry of Education after they came under pressure in 2012 over the contents of the HFLE Teachers’ Manual that was […]

    Willoughby Unfazed by Lack of Support
    Yesterday Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley publicly endorsed City Councilor Dion Leslie in his bid for the UDP Mayoral Candidate. After two terms Bradley decided to step aside due to personal reasons but is still holding on to the hopes of one day becoming an area representative. And while he attempts to make that dream […]

    Overlooking Willoughby’s Contributions to CITCO
    Certainly, the mayor’s support for Dion Leslie will negatively affect Phillip Willoughby’s bid for the post. But what made Darrell Bradley support Leslie instead of Willoughby? Well yesterday, he gave reasons why; reasons that Willoughby does not agree with. DARRELL BRADLEY “He has been right there by my side over the last five and a […]

    Robber Kills Guatemalan Salesman
    A Guatemalan man has died after he succumbed to gunshot wounds he sustained on Saturday during a robbery, and police are looking at another case of murder. Police say that 39 year-old Josue Ambrocio Arizandieta was in Belize City along with 45 year-old Walter Lopez on business. The men are salesmen for a Guatemalan company […]

    Trial Set for 2016 Murder of Delvin Parham
    Valentine Baptist, charged with the murder of Delvin Parham, has been committed for trial in the October session of the Supreme Court. Baptist was committed for trial after a preliminary inquiry was held today in the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Senior Magistrate Fraser asked Baptist if he had any witnesses he wished to […]

    Guatemala Congress Says Referendum Is A Go
    About two years ago, in 2015, prior to the elections in Guatemala, the issue of holding a referendum on whether to go to the ICJ surrounding the Belize/Guatemala matter was taken before their Congress. The proposal, however, was shot down by their Congress due to Belize’s amendment to the threshold of its referendum laws. Today […]

    Making Breastfeeding Sustainable
    There was not much fanfare or publicity on the celebration of Breastfeeding Week but it did begin yesterday and will run up until Monday, August 7 under the theme “Together We Can Make Breastfeeding Sustainable”. The Ministry of Health noted on their social media page that they are celebrating in collaboration with the Pan American […]

    Training the Trainers for 2017/2018 Curriculum
    Yesterday we told you of the training sessions being conducted in Belize City with selected educators from across the country. The training sessions are being done through the Ministry of Education and have to do with the revised curriculum for three particular subjects. Love News spoke with John Newport of the Quality Assurance Development Services […]

    Mayor Dispels Rumors of Mass Termination
    A couple a days ago, reports emerged suggesting that about twenty people were fired from the Belize City Council. Yesterday Mayor Darrel Bradley clarified that the people laid off were temporary workers whose time had come to an end due to the completion of a project. DARRELL BRADLEY “We haven’t done any mass terminations what […]

    Readdressing the City’s Entertainment Strip
    If Councilor Dion Leslie goes on to defeat Phillip Willoughby in the August 27 UDP Convention and subsequently garners the hearts and votes of Belize City voters, what will be one of his instant focus as the mayor. Yesterday the Mayoral aspirant was asked about the famous Belize City party strip and the reported interest […]

    The Guardian

    Gold panning continues in Chiquibul, two charged
    The Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) are reporting that 2 Guatemalans were caught panning for gold inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. They were spotted on Saturday, July 29, at around 7 a.m., by an early morning patrol of FCD rangers. 40 year-old Thomas Gomez, and 37 year-old Domingo Pana, both from Narajon, Dolores Peten, were caught sleeping in a makeshift camp about 6 kilometers inside the Chiquibul. That’s in the Ceibo Chico area, well inside Belizean territory, and so the men were detained, and their camp was searched. The officers found 6 live cartridges for a 16-gauge shotgun, and a black plastic bag which contained marijuana. The rangers also found an assortment of tools known to be used for gold panning. They searched for the weapon that goes with these cartridges, but the officers couldn’t find it.

    Mayor Darrell Bradley will not seek re-election
    Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has ended days of speculation on whether or not he will be contesting the upcoming municipal elections. Speaking to the media on Tuesday August 1, the mayor indicated that he will not be seeking the seat again. He however said that he does remain an ardent supporter of the United Democratic Party and continues to be a member of the UDP. Speaking candidly about his decision, the Mayor said that when someone signs up for positions like being mayor it must be with a hundred percent focus. He added that there were personal reasons which led him to make the decision of not running again. He said that he has had conversations with various people both within and outside the party and has come to the conclusion that a person’s major priority has to be family as well as personal and professional goals. And while he is stepping aside, he was emphatic to say that he is not leaving politics and still aspires to serve in the House of Representatives.

    Angel Orellano wanted for Belmopan murder
    Belmopan police have released a wanted poster for 22 year-old Belmopan resident Angel Antonio Orellano, aka “Weche”. They believe that he may be connected with the murder of 21 year-old Samuel Mendez, a resident of the Capital City. Police say that at around 7 o’clock on Monday morning, July 31, Mendez was working. He was cutting a yard on Costa Rica Street when a man ambushed and shot him several times in the upper body. The injuries he suffered were severe, and they claimed his life before the authorities could arrive and render aid. Eyewitnesses say that he tried to escape from the gunman, but he couldn’t and after he got shot, he tried to get help from residents nearby. Unfortunately, he collapsed a short distance away from the location he was shot.

    8 streets being paved in Bella Vista
    Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley has announced that the Belize City Council will be asphalting 8 streets in the Bella Vista area of the city. He says that it comes as part of the council’s public-private sector partnership which in the past has seen 20 percent of streets in the city paved. Bradley says that in this latest venture there was a meeting with residents of the area where it was agreed that they will be paying their property tax in advance and that money will be used directly to pave the streets on the western side of the community. He said a contractor who lives in the area has agreed to do the work at cost. That cost is amounting to 180 thousand dollars. The work to be done will include the improvement of drains, installation of culverts, rebuilding of driveways and the connection of drains to canals in the area.

    Corn seed donated
    Honorable Elodio Aragon Jr., the tireless representative of Orange Walk East was busy in his constituency late last week and early this week. Apart from doing his usual rounds in the villages which fall under his responsibility, he has been visiting farmers there as well. The purpose of his visit to farmers is to present them with corn seeds which he managed to secure from the Ministry of Agriculture. These seeds are quality, high yield and pest resistant which make them quite suitable for farming in these villages. These corn seeds produce a variety of corn which can be replanted and obtain the same yield as the first crop. A pound of these seeds can cost up to $14.00 bcy.

    Sporting camps close off in Belmopan
    Closing ceremonies were held on Saturday for four of the sporting camps that were being sponsored by Area Representative the Hon John Saldivar, the Ministry of Sports and the Belmopan City Council. The sporting events were held during last week, to the delight of many youngsters from the surrounding areas. The joint activities of tennis, softball, chess and football closed off on Saturday. Deputy Mayor Ralston Frazer, Councilor Angel Pastrana along with Sport Council coordinator, Angie Reyes and the different facilitators were present at the closing on Saturday.

    Cops save three teens from raging Macal river
    Police in San Ignacio have recognized the valiant efforts of two of its officers as they conducted a daring rescue from rapid flowing waters of the Macal River in the village of Cristo Rey in the Cayo District. At about 3:00p.m on Saturday July 29, police were alerted to three young men who were stranded on a log in the Macal River. They were paddling in the river when the waters overpowered them causing the canoe to crash into some logs and sink. The young men identified as Kevin Requena, 17; Leighi Aldarado 15, and Bryan Oliva 17; all Belizean students of Santa Elena Town were then stranded on the logs and were unable to make it on shore.

    Department of Transport addresses apparent Reckless Behaviour by Bus Driver captured in Amateur Video Recording
    The Department of Transport has been made aware of, and has viewed an amateur video recording circulating on social media, which captures what appears to be reckless behaviour on the part of a driver for a bus company which operates on a road service permit issued by the department. The bus in question is owned by J and J Bus Line which originates in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. The video, captured from inside a bus belonging to another company which operates on the same route, appears to show the driver of the J and J bus deliberately and consistently impeding the other bus from overtaking.

    Lisa and Julius in the ring!
    A little over a week ago when Lisa Shoman penned an article about WOMEN IN POLITICS. BETTERS with SMART MONEY started to place bets and take odds that one of the CAVEMEN of the PEOPLE’S UNITED PARTY would get his club and come out swinging. We perhaps all knew, it was coming, but had no idea exactly who would be swinging the club. However we were sure this fallout had the potential of getting really nasty. Lisa is second to none when it comes to getting nasty on an issue, especially if that issue is being played out on social media. For context we have quoted a few of the things she published in her essay. We have also editorialized a few of her statements based on what we gathered from her essay. Below are a few of the things she wrote.

    New LOVE sign at Guava Park
    The Guava Park located in Belama phase 1 has a new sign which according to the designers will help create peace and happiness to those who visit. On Tuesday August 1, Mayor Darrell Bradley, attorney Steve Perera and businessman Jose Ketz unveiled a LOVE sign in the park. According to Perera who’s brainchild the sign was, this most recent one was made to create a feeling of love within the community. He said it will be used for families and couples to forge better relationships taking photographs in front of it. He said that other signs which include two BELIZE signs and a postcard type frame were geared for tourists. The LOVE sign is geared to help create a closer community and offer a sense of happiness.

    of this and that
    Apparently there is a consolation prize for failure, within the PUP. Or at least that was what we gathered from the interview, the PUP Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher gave to Love Fm Correspondent/PUP Activist Mr Harry Arzu. He spoke to Harry on the Sunday following a poorly attended Municipal Convention held in Dangriga to elect the PUP’s slate for the upcoming Municipal Elections. It was a contested convention and so one would have expected a huge turnout. However the PUP only brought out 589 people even though they had 10 candidates vying for 7 slots on their ticket. That number would translates to each of those 10 candidates pulling out about 59 people. Apparently that type of turnout is considered a good turnout in the PUP.

    Professor Brendan Bain compensated for “Damage for Defamation” in Unibam case
    Brendan Bain made regional news in May 2014 when he was fired from his job at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Bain at the time acted as the director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network. Prior to being fired, Professor Bain had given his expert opinion as testimony in the UNIBAM trial in the Belize Supreme Court going on at the time. The University came under pressure from various groups and activists that held the belief that his opinion was “anti-gay”. As a part of his testimony, Bain expressed that the movement would be a deterrent not only to the health of participating homosexuals, but also to the economy of Belize. He continued that the adverse physical and psychological effects of some of their practices would become rampant.

    Closure of the shark fishing season
    On Monday August 31 the police department received 6 motorcycles from businessman Glen Wilson. The donation, valued at 15 thousand dollars was handed over to commissioner of police, Allen Whylie. Wilson who owns Offshore solutions told the media that the donation came as a result of himself trying to improve the mobility of the police department to have officers be able to patrol in areas where vehicles are unable to go and where foot patrols are not very effective.

    6 motorcycles for police department
    On Monday August 31 the police department received 6 motorcycles from businessman Glen Wilson. The donation, valued at 15 thousand dollars was handed over to commissioner of police, Allen Whylie. Wilson who owns Offshore solutions told the media that the donation came as a result of himself trying to improve the mobility of the police department to have officers be able to patrol in areas where vehicles are unable to go and where foot patrols are not very effective.

    8 streets being paved in Bella Vista
    Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley has announced that the Belize City Council will be asphalting 8 streets in the Bella Vista area of the city. He says that it comes as part of the council’s public-private sector partnership which in the past has seen 20 percent of streets in the city paved. Bradley says that in this latest venture there was a meeting with residents of the area where it was agreed that they will be paying their property tax in advance and that money will be used directly to pave the streets on the western side of the community. He said a contractor who lives in the area has agreed to do the work at cost. That cost is amounting to 180 thousand dollars. The work to be done will include the improvement of drains, installation of culverts, rebuilding of driveways and the connection of drains to canals in the area.

    Youths engaged in Agriculture in Belmopan
    Another one week Summer course in Agriculture was launched on Monday July 31 at the main pavilion of the National Agriculture Show Grounds near Roaring Creek Village in Belmopan. Some 75 kids from surrounding villages such as Armenia, Camalote, Cotton Tree, Frank’s Eddy, Las Flores, Roaring Creek, St. Mathews, Teakettle and Valley of Peace are participating to increase their learning in agriculture. Since 2016, the Department of Agriculture and Police have joined forces to engage the youths in agriculture. Noel Leal, Assistant Commissioner of Police was present and greeted the youngsters on behalf of the Commissioner of Police. He said that the program may be expanded next year to include youths from San Ignacio and the Belize River Valley. Chief Agriculture Officer Andrew Harrison was also present and promised the youths that during this week they will be engaged with fun activities such as visiting the Spanish Lookout Area to learn on how poultry and milk are produced.

    Tension tightens between Cane Farmer’s Association and Belize Sugar Industry
    The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) signed a commercial agreement in 2015 after much back and forth. At the time of that signing the BSCFA had splintered into three associations each individually signing with BSI. Through the contract, BSI and BSCFA entered into a cane purchase agreement that basically agrees that BSI accepts the cane from farmers of the BSCFA. Since 2015 it has been relatively smooth sailing for the two organizations until this year when BSI came up with a plan to invest 22 million dollars into the production of higher value- value added sugars. This decision has come with some conditions which two of the three associations who deliver cane to BSI have agreed to but which BSCFA is having problems with.

    Elections from the eyes of Embassy of Venezuela
    After years of political and economic upheaval in the South American country since 2015, over 8 million registered voters took to the polls to establish a new constituent assembly on July 30, 2017. In 2015, opposition legislators took control of the national parliament and since then, the Nicolas Maduro administration has been under attack from international media as well as opposition supporters. According to Miguel Castillo, Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of Venezuela, the turnout at the polls was 41.5% of registered voters but that did not deter the voting from being called “illegitimate” and “unconstitutional”.

    Cannabis found in washing machine
    On July 31, 2017 at about 3:45 p.m., Strike Team precinct 2 personnel conducted a search on Nutmeg Street in Belize City which led to the discovery of 25 parcels of cannabis hidden inside a washing machine. The drugs were weighed and amounted to 3.1 kilograms.

    The fittest female BDF and Coast Guard officers
    On Friday, July 28, 2017, Defence Minister Hon John Saldivar joined Chargé d’ Affaires from the US Embassy Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis (Belize Coast Guard) as they presented awards to members of the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defence Force who were victorious in the 2017 Annual Wonder Woman Challenge which took place in May. They handed out medals and gifts to the groups who took first, second and third place in the competition.

    A historical perspective of May Pen Village at the opening of New May Pen Bridge
    I received a call from Ruth Staine-Dawson asking if I could give a historical account of May Pen leading up to the opening of our new bridge. She actually wanted my mom, Rosenda McCulloch to do the presentation since she lived in May Pen since before my birth. • In 1786, a group of over 2,100 people displaced from their homes on the Mosquito Shores decided to come to the settlement of British Honduras. • A free colored woman by the name of Ann Pattnett and her children, John and Lucy, came with them. • In the year 1792, Ann was given a Spanish Grant approved in Yucatan Mexico, for all the parcel of land on the South of the Belize River from Muscle Creek to Flowers Boundary and on the Northern Banks of Belize River from Black Creek to Lime Walk Creek extending North to Crooked Tree Lagoon.

    Motorcycle accident at Chaa Creek intersection in Cayo
    On Monday, July 31, 2017 at 7:00 a.m., police responded to a road traffic accident between miles 60 and 61 on the George Price Highway in the Cayo District. Upon arrival, they observed two motorcycles with damages to the front portions. Initial investigations reveal that Oscar Erlindo Aguirre, a 23-year-old Belizean Security Guard of Benque Viejo del Carmen Town, Cayo District, was riding his motorcycle heading to San Ignacio Town. Upon reaching the Chaa Creek intersection, he saw a red motorcycle being driven by Kevlin Elmer, a 25-year-old Belizean Tour Guide of Santa Elena Town. Elmer was driving in the opposite direction and upon reaching the junction, he made a sudden turn into his lane which caused a head-on collision.

    Security guard kills copper thief
    On July 30, 2017 at 3:35 a.m., police officers visited the Independence Poly Clinic where they saw the lifeless body of a male person. The body was seen with multiple pellet wounds to the upper part of the back and behind the head. The person was pronounced dead on arrival. Initial investigations revealed that about 11:48 p.m., security guard Gerardo Coc, 60 years old, was on duty at Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm between mile 40 and 41 on the Southern Highway armed with a licensed 16-gauge shotgun when he saw two male persons advancing towards him with a machete. He took out his shotgun and the trespassers began running away. Coc fired a single shot in their direction, causing the injury of one of the men who fell to the ground. He was transported to the Independence Poly Clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Freightliner tractor dislodges in La Loma Luz Boulevard
    On Monday, July 31, 2017 at about 6:00 p.m., Roberto Marcias, a 47-year-old Belizean Truck driver of Orange Walk, reported that while driving a freightliner tractor truck on the La Loma Luz Boulevard heading towards the Benque Freezone, he felt the container dislodge and the truck landed on the passenger side.

    Gun taken off the streets in St. Martin’s
    On July 31, 2017 at about 4:15 p.m., personnel from the Strike Team Precinct 2 conducted a search at a vacant lot in the St. Martin’s De Porres Area which led to the discovery of a black 9 mm pistol hidden under some bushes containing 7 live 9 mm rounds.

    Life sentence prisoner busted with marijuana
    Bryan Herrera, a 29-year-old prison inmate already serving a life sentence, could be facing more prison time after he picked up a charged for drug trafficking while incarcerated. Allegations are that on Friday, July 28, 2017, he was found in possession of 39 grams of marijuana inside his cell. By late Tuesday evening, August 1, 2017, Herrera was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the charge of drug trafficking. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser where he was unrepresented.

    Loitering charges do not stand up in court
    A Honduran man living in Belize for 15 years was taken to court on July 31, 2017 on a single charge of loitering. Lucky for him, the charge did not stand up in court because the facts of the case just did not substantiate the charge. That man is 37-year-old Ismael Leon. He was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on a single charge of loitering.

    Man accused of burning minister’s vehicle to Stand Supreme Court Trial
    Allen Martinez, a 30-year-old man who was accused of setting the vehicle belonging to Minister Patrick Faber on fire, will have to stand trial at the Supreme Court for the offense of arson. The vehicle, a grey Mazda valued at $55,000, was set on fire on October 12, 2016 in Lord’s Bank village. In court on Thursday, July 27, 2017 where Martinez was unrepresented, he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. The Chief Magistrate concluded, after surveillance evidence was brought against Martinez, that the case needs to be committed to the Supreme Court for trial.

    Road traffic accident leaves men hospitalized
    On Monday July 31, 2017 at about 5:00 p.m. acting on information received, police visited the Branch Mouth Road in San Ignacio Town. Upon arrival, they saw a pickup truck and a utility truck wedged in a head on collision with the driver of the utility truck still inside. Initial investigations revealed that Arcelio Castillo, a 79-year-old Belizean of Santa Elena Town was driving the pickup truck heading towards San Ignacio Town when, upon reaching the intersection of Branch Mouth and Joseph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio, he took a left turn. That turn caused him to collide into the truck which was being driven by Elias Lucas Ochoa, a 41-year-old Belizean of Roaring Creek.

    Bail for man found with weed
    A Belize City man, 29-year-old Hershel Usher, was charged with drug trafficking after the Mobile Interdiction Team busted him inside a home in possession of 356 grams of cannabis. The bust was made on Friday, July 28, 2017 at his residence on Roches Street in Belize City. According to a police report, PC Itza and Cpl. Ferguson executed a search on July 28, 2017 at a house on Roches Street, the home of Hershel Usher. Upon their arrival, Usher and 23-year-old Kevin Cacho were met inside. When asked if they had anything to declare, Usher declared to have ¾ pounds of cannabis inside a bag. He gave the bag to the officers who took out a total of 3 parcels out of the bag.

    Bert Vasquez sentenced to 10 Years
    Businessman Bert Vasquez, who was accused in 2011 of forcible abduction and aggravated indecent sexual assault against a 16-year-old at the time, was sentence to 13 years in prison for the charges. He was sentenced by Judge Adolph Lucas to 10 years for the abduction and 3 for the sexual assault but will only be serving 10 years since the sentences are set to run concurrently. Vasquez’s sentence has been effective since his court date on July 28, 2017.

    Passenger robs van driver
    On July 26, 2017 at 7:32 p.m., police visited the Western Regional Hospital where they saw Adan Perez, a 33-year-old bus driver of Armenia Village, Cayo, suffering from four stab wounds; one to the right side of chest, two to the right side of the abdomen, and one under the right arm.

    Teenagers to court for handling stolen goods
    Two teenagers charged in connection with a stolen $5,000 Meilun motorcycle were arraigned in court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on a charge of handling stolen goods. They are 18-year-old Eugene Castillo of Mahogany Heights and a 17-year-old of Western Paradise village. Allegations made against the duo are that on July 28, 2017, they dishonestly assisted in the retention of a motorcycle, the property of Clifford Welch.

    No bail for man found with cocaine
    Keenan Anthony Flores, a 23-year-old Dangriga man visiting his girlfriend in the city, was allegedly found with a large amount of cocaine over the weekend. According to police, on Saturday, July 29, 2017, acting on information, members of the Mobile Interdiction Team visited Tibruce Street in the St. Martin’s area. Upon arrival, they saw a blue GMC parked in front of a wooden house. PC Martinez approached a man that was standing in front of the yard and asked if that man resided at the house to which he claimed to occupy the lower flat.

    3 months in jail for man who uses weed to calm his mind
    Aaron Flowers, tour guide, gets 3 months in prison for marijuana he claims he was using to relax. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Friday, July 28, 2017 where he pleaded guilty to possession of 6.6 grams of cannabis which he was seen trying to dispose of when he noticed police.

    Friend shoots friend in the head
    Hilmar David Alamilla, 42, a well-known Orange Walk businessman, has been arrested and charged by police for the murder of his good friend, 24 year-old Daniel Sosa. Police have released very little information on their investigations into the shooting. That has left a lot of room for rumors to spread like wildfire about why Alamilla fatally shot his friend. Eyewitnesses say that Alamilla, Sosa, and 2 other friends were socializing for almost the entire Friday night of July 28. They reportedly were partying together at the D’ Gym Sports Bar and Grill until the dawn hours of Saturday.

    Nisani Garcia acquitted of 2014 murder charge
    A Dangriga man who was accused of murder was acquitted of the charge on July 26, 2017 in the Dangriga Supreme Court before Justice Denis S. Hanomansingh. He is Nisani Garcia who was accused of the murder of Hansel Garcia which occurred on April 23, 2014 at about 8:00 p.m. At his acquittal, Garcia was represented by attorney Tricia Pitts.

    Belize City man charged with San Elena burglary
    On July 28, 2017, San Ignacio police were on a mobile patrol on the George Price Highway in Santa Elena Town where they intercepted Selvin Linarez, a 19-year-old resident of Belize City, who was in possession of a cash pan and a safe. Investigation revealed that the Atlantic Insurance office situated on George Price Highway was burglarized. Estevan Cano, an insurance agent, reported that the insurance office was broken into and the cash pan containing $788.90 was stolen.

    Shooting in San Pedrito leaves Belize City man hospitalized
    On July 31, 2017 at 6:45 p.m., San Pedro Police visited the San Pedro Polyclinic where they saw Lloyd Martinez, a 29-year-old Belizean maintenance worker of a Police Street Address in Belize City. He was being treated for gunshot wounds to the mid-section of his body.

    Charged for murder of Carlos Pop Xol
    Carlos Pop Xol, a Guatemalan businessman, was fatally stabbed on April 20, 2017 near the village of Jalacte in Toledo. Since then, there were no charges brought against anyone for the murder until recently. Punta Gorda Police has investigated the murder and has now led to the arrest and charge of Elmer Javier Carillo, a 27-year-old naturalized Belizean.

    Belmopan Bandits in Nicaragua for Scotiabank CONCACAF competition
    The Belmopan Bandits, the national football champions of Belize, is currently in Esteli, Nicaragua, where it will represent Belize at the 2017 Scotiabank CONCACAF championship play. The Belmopan Bandits will play game one of its home and away match with the CD Walter Ferretti Football Club on Thursday 3rd August, 2017, at 8:00 pm.

    Conscious Youth Development Programme 2017 Peace Cup to commence on August 28
    The Conscious Youth Development Programme (CYDP) has announced that its 2017 Football Peace Cup will commence on Sunday 28th August, 2017. Interested teams can register to participate in the up- coming competition at the offices of the CYDP at 117 North Front Street in Belize City. It is noted that the first 14 teams to register will participate in the Peace Cup.

    The Cayo Softball Association commenced its playoffs round of the 2017 Raymond Garbutt Softball Competition, which is being sponsored by the Hon. John Saldivar, on Sunday 30th July at the Softball pitch in Roaring Creek Village. In the first game of the playoffs, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy, the number one seed defeated the Esperanza Wolverines the number four seed by the score of 12-2. The winning pitcher was Leandra Guy and the losing pitcher was Olivia Miralda.

    City softball senior women’s competition enters playoff round
    The Belize City Softball Association Senior Women’s Competition commenced its playoff round on Monday 31st July, 2017, at Rogers Stadium between the number 2 seed the Belize Bank Bulldogs and the number 3 seed Beacon. In the first game played in the best of three format playoff, the Belize Bank Bulldogs rallied in the bottom of the 6th inning to upend the upstart Beacon by the score of 3-1 to take the first game. Beacon took a 1-0 lead into the bottom of the 6th inning before its defence fell apart when it committed 3 costly errors that allowed the Belize Bank Bulldogs to score.

    Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
    Our theme this week is “Invest in Hope.” The Missionary and Apostle Paul, in Romans 5:5, declared: “Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts, through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

    I think that the UDP Administration of 1984-1989 got a bad rap in being labelled “arrogant”. At that time I was more involved in campaigning than I am now and I knew several of the new Ministers personally and I never did regard them as being arrogant. Absent- minded, maybe, since a lot of supporters claimed that the new House members would forget a lot of favors being asked of them. At one time I even suggested to my buddy, Lot Aragon, to please carry a small notebook around in his pockets to jot down the hundreds of requests made by constituents on a single weekend.

    What is the Belizean Dream?
    We have all, at some point in time, heard the phrase, “The American Dream” but is there a “Belizean Dream”? Well... Do Belizeans dream? I dream. My friends dream. My two brothers, they have dreams. So I’d say yes. Belizeans dream. And if we can borrow from the idea of the American Dream, then when we talk about the “Belizean Dream”, we are talking about the national ethos of the Belizean people. We are talking about the common factors in our individual dreams; the set of ideals we share as a country such as liberty, rights, opportunities for prosperity and success, as well as higher standards of living and quality of life. I’ve asked several of my friends and family members this question over the last 30 days.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    ">Governor General signs statutory instrument to differ voter re-registration until next year
    The Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young, has signed a Statutory Instrument to differ voter re-registration until next year. The Governor General signed the SI, empowered by Section 3 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize, […]

    Policeman involved in motorcycle accident
    BBN has received information about a motorcycle accident that happened about 6:25 pm yesterday evening in Camalote Village. We understand that 24 yr old, PC Edgar Coh attached to the Roaring Creek police station was on his way to work on his motorcycle when the accident occurred. PC […]

    Father accidentally kills baby daughter
    According to confirmed reports to BBN, shortly before 8 tonight, Steven Hochfteter accidentally ran over his 18 month old daughter. Hochfteter was reversing his pickup truck out his yard in Spanish Lookout and did not see his daughter who was behind the truck. The […]

    BELTRAIDE to launch first ever Talent Fair
    Through its technical units of BelizeINVEST and the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), BELTRAIDE announced its first ever Talent Fair 2017. The event will held at the BTEC Enterprise Room on the ITVET Compound on Freetown Road in Belize City on August 17, 18 […]

    Armed robbers take weapon, jewelries, phone & wallet from Belize City man
    Last night, Charles Gonzales ,64, Belizean construction worker of Belize City reported that while he was socializing at the Corner Youth for the Future Drive and Ebony Street, he was approached by three men. One of the men, had a chrome in color object resembling a […]

    Police find crack and cocaine while searching abandoned building in Placencia
    Yesterday evening, police conducted a search in an abandoned building located on the South Side of Placencia Village which led to the discovery of a black plastic bag which contained (214.7) grams of cocaine and a transparent plastic bag which contained 267.2 grams of crack-cocaine. […]

    16-year-old girl missing from Billy White Village, Cayo District
    According to police reports, Melissa Jeanette Hernandez ,16, of Billy White Village, Cayo District is missing. Hernandez is of fair skin complexion, 5 feet in height, slim built with straight brown hair, light brown eyes, and has a scar behind her left leg. Hernandez was […]

    Fair weather prevails; tropical systems monitored
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair and warm weather to continue with sunny skies today and partly cloudy tonight. The wind will blow from the east at 10-20 knots. The sea state will be moderate. High temperatures are expected as follows: In the coast, […]

    Belizean student tops Islamic studies in Ghana, Africa
    Stephen Gabb, 24, a Belizean National living and studying in Ghana, Africa, has done well in his studies to become an Ahmadi Missionary. Information is that Gabb ranked third place in his studies with an average of 80.9%. He posted to Facebook, “Only through […]

    William “Chichi” Fonseca passes
    William “ChiChi” Fonseca passed away yesterday at his home in Belize City. Fonseca was a career educator who retired as the Chief Education Officer in 1979 when he became visionary impaired. However, that same year he became a founding member and the honorary president of […]

    Tropic Air suspends service to Chetumal, Merida & San Pedro Sula, Honduras due to increase in GOB departure taxes
    This morning, Tropic Air issued a release announcing that it is suspending scheduled flights to Chetumal, Merida, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. According to the airline, the dates of the last flight to/from those destinations are as follows: Chetumal, Mexico: Friday, September 1, 2017 […]

    NEMO hosts Village Leaders Conference in Southern Belize
    Over the past weekend, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) held a Village Leaders Conference in the south of Belize to review and reinforce the roles and functions of those leaders in times of disaster. Main presenters at the conference included, Southern Regional Coordinator, […]

    Woman succumbs to injuries received in road traffic accident
    On Saturday, July 15, Roaring Creek police responded to a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway that occurred between miles 39 and 40 (near St Mathews Village), where upon arrival Police saw a James Bus parked almost off the highway towards the […]

    Bizarre incident in Orange Walk leaves one man injured with a gun shot
    Yesterday around 5:33 pm, police responded to a scene on M-1 Sugar, Orange Walk District where they saw a Grey Dodge Grand Caravan about 25 feet off the road. Police investigations revealed that Tiburcio Fernandez ,37, and Abdi Aban ,22, were traveling at high speed […]

    New conservation post inaugurated in Chiquibul Forest Reserve
    On Monday, July 31, 2017, the Caballo Conservation Post became the 6th Conservation Post (C.P) in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and was inaugurated by Minister of Environment, Omar Figueroa and CEO in the Ministry of Defence, Felix Enriquez. The Caballo Conservation Post was proposed by Friends for Conservation and Development […]

    Guatemalan President says taking Belize to the ICJ is top priority of his government
    Yesterday BBN reported that the Guatemalan Congress voted to hold a referendum on the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Claim. In a final count of 102 to 158, the Congress supported the decision to hold the referendum to determine if the border dispute with Belize should be […]


    The Jabiru in Belize
    The Jabiru (latin name jabiru Mycteria) is one of two storks found in Belize, belonging to the Ciconiidae family of birds, the other being the wood stork. It became a protected species in Belize in 1973 , which meant it was illegal to hunt it, and as a result it maintains one of the healthiest breeding populations in Central America. It is one of the largest birds in the western hemisphere at roughly five feet high. As it soars through the air with its eight-foot wingspan it almost looks like a prehistoric pterodactyl. The jabiru possesses a huge black beak which is approximate a foot long. This beak is expertly designed to catch food which consists primarily of fish and reptiles and there is a pouch in their throat that allows them to filter the fish they catch from the water. This beak incidentally is straighter in the male of the species. The black featherless neck is topped with a white tuft on the head that looks much like a mohawk, and a bright red necklace at the base of the neck, adorns the rest of the otherwise white plumage. The legs which are extremely long are also black.

    A Mid-Summer Holiday, Off the Grid, On the West Side of Ambergris Caye
    As i mentioned in the last post, family is here! They spent just over a week on the reef side of the island (in a HUGE 3 bedroom condo way up at Sapphire Beach Resort) for 8 nights. Ocean views, strong AC, pools, internet and a long beautiful, very well tended beach. It was perfect for a family of 5 – and only 3 miles north of our home. (Note: This resort is also about an hour drive by golf cart to town…but for a huge 3 bedroom condo, the price is fantastic!) The last few days of the vacation was spent off the grid – on the west side of Ambergris Caye at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly. Where the electricity is made by the sun and the water gathered during rain showers (or when that runs out – which it did with 11 people showering – from lagoon by the RO machine).

    International Sourcesizz

    Diputados aprueban consulta popular por diferendo con Belice
    Guatemalan Deputies approve popular consultation on dispute with Belize... Los legisladores aprobaron la realización de una consulta popular para determinar si este país centroamericano eleva a la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ) un histórico conflicto territorial que mantiene con Belice, informó el Poder Legislativo. El llamado a consulta popular fue aprobado por 102 de 158 congresistas, con el aval ahora el Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE) debe realizar los preparativos para la consulta popular, que forma parte de los acuerdos alcanzados entre Guatemala y Belice para resolver el añejo conflicto que ha dejado varios campesinos guatemaltecos muertos y mantiene tensión en la frontera no delimitada.

    Guatemalan Gov't Requests National Unity in Dispute with Belize
    Guatemala''s President Jimmy Morales today requested full backup of the country to solve territorial dispute with Belize. Guatemalans must decide in popular referendum to take or not the case related with Belmopán to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give a definitive solution to the continental maritime insular dispute, declared the Head of State. He explained that Congress will have to send the passed agreement to Supreme Electoral Court (SEC) that is going to put a date to make the referendum. He stressed that in 2008 there was a signature agreement in which both countries expressed their will to come to ICJ to solve the dispute.

    Cafe at Far Eastern presents the "Taste of Belize"
    Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei launched the "Taste of Belize" this summer, featuring guest chef Jennie Staines Pinelo from Belize to take diners on a flavorful journey to Belize from July 27 to August 13. Chef Jennie will prepare a wide selection of authentic Central American specialties to stimulate the diners' taste-buds and give them a chance to win the grand prize in a lucky draw when they dine during the event period. Café at Far Eastern has cooperated with the Central America Trade Office, the Embassy of Belize, EVA Air and Aviana Airways to present the prizes, which include Taipei-Belize round-trip tickets and a special Belize hamper (market value: NT$4,000). Moreover, Café 50, Taiwan's highest buffet restaurant located in the Banqiao district of New Taipei City, will join and launch the same promotion from August 2 to 8. Guest may call (02)7711-2080 for reservations at Café at Far Eastern and (02)7705-9723 for reservations at Café 50.


  • Early lunch for a snake, 2min.

  • Science and Society Meeting in Hopkins Village, Belize, 3.5min.

  • Rio Blanca, Toledo, Belize, 4.5min. My Dad took me to see a beautiful waterfall I hope you enjoy it too.

  • And Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez takes the crown!, 1min.

  • Miss Costa Maya Pageant 2017, 3.5 hours.

  • Belize Action Community (BAC) is hosting 40 youths in a summer camp, 20min.

  • Expectations for the future work of the City Council., 41min.

  • Statistical Institute of Belize - Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease Survey, 40min.

  • The Cultural Segment of the Reina de la Costa Maya was spectacular!, 7.5min.

  • Belize's Bird Island featured on Thrillist!, 2min.

  • THE SCARLET ADVENTURES: IN PRODUCTION, 13min. THE SCARLET ADVENTURES is conceived, written, produced and directed by Jeffrey Pergament and is an adult cartoon in the style of Fritz the Cat and The Secret of Nimh, as if Once Upon A Time in Mexico merged with Goodfellas, Tequila Sunrise and DePalma’s Scarface by way of the Yucatan Peninsula to Belmopan, Belize and swept by a hurricane to Key West, Florida and Cayo LaVida is on the cover of the LIQUIDISLAND CD Album, GO YOUR WAY. How did the scarlet macaw get to be the cover bird on the LIQUIDISLAND CD Album? That answer, of course, is in the Epilogue.

  • Vacation in Belize - March 2017 - Day 1 - Chaa Creek Resort, 8min. Our first 2 days in Belize where we spent the night at the Chaa Creek Resort located in the Cayo District. We stayed in the camp part of the resort in a casita. Our first activity in Belize was horse back ridding to the farm which was excellent. Thank you Teddy for giving us this incredible tour!

  • Secret Beach San Pedro, Belize, 4min.

    August 3, 2017


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Five-a-side Football Tournament crowns five champions
    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) 5-a-side Football Tournament has come to an end after crowning five champion teams. The first round of the final games took place on Wednesday, July 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex, with teams in the Under-10, Under-13, and Under-15 divisions playing their championship matches, while the senior male teams played semi-final matches. On Saturday, July 29th the final round of games saw the female and male champs being awarded. After all games had ended, it was time for trophies to be issued. Individual winners were first to be awarded. In the Under-10 division, Jaheme Martinez and Brandon Quijano of Team Pirates Manchester were awarded Best Goal Keeper and Most Goals, respectively. The award for Best Goal Keeper in the Under-13 division went to Eleazer Castillo of FC Larubey, while Robert Nah of Team San Pedro Pirates received the Under-13 award for Most Goals. Yahir Sandoval of Team Caribeña Strikers was awarded Under-15 Best Goal Keeper and Harol Ramos of Team New Ravens was awarded Most Goals in the Under-15 division. In the female division, Damaris Cruz of Island Strikers was awarded Best Goal Keeper, while Sue Castillo of Island Invaders was awarded for Most Goals.

    Keeping our Costa Maya delegates busy
    From the moment they touched down on Ambergris Caye, the eight beauty contestants vying for the title of Reina de la Costa Maya have been on a jam-packed schedule! Between pre-breakfast photo shoots to lunches, dinners, tours, mingling with the public and more, the ladies sure have been kept busy! Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez, Miss Costa Rica Glennys Medina Segura, Miss El Salvador Iris Yazmin Guerra, Miss Guatemala Lesly Fernanda Flores Sagastume, Miss Honduras Andrea Nicolle Salinas Godoy, Miss Mexico Ximena Cardoso Gutierrez, Miss Nicaragua Danielle Nicole Hodgson Joseph and Miss Panama Maria Fernanda Jaspe were treated to a fabulous Maya buffet on Friday, July 28th. The island’s long-standing and oldest restaurants Elvi’s Kitchen welcomed all eight beauties to enjoy a night of good food, refreshing drinks and excellent service.

    Kids in Action Summer Camp graduates 34 new open water divers
    A total of 34 persons, including children, successfully concluded the annual Kids in Action Diving Summer Camp on Saturday, July 29th. The two-week summer program was organized by the San Pedro Tour Operators Association in collaboration with San Pedro Tour Guide Association (SPTGA),and aimed to train participants in open water diving, while passing down skills from older professionals to the young generation. At the end of the camp, participants were recognized as certified open water divers.

    Ambergris Today

    Dooley Bear And The Beauty Queen
    Island celebrity dog Dooley Bear got to meet past Miss San Pedro and now Belize representative for Miss Costa Maya Pageant, Michelle Nuñez this past weekend as he caught up with all the Costa Maya beauty delegates at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. On board the YOLO catamaran of Island Dream Tours, the ladies were enjoying a relaxing picnic at sea when Dooley Bear dropped by to say hello. He instantly bonded with Michelle as both jumped in the water to cool off and enjoy the day.

    Belize Film Commission Gets High Ratings In California
    For the third year in a row the Belize Film Commission - NICH has hosted an event in Southern California that focuses on establishing and nurturing relationships with Hollywood producers and investors to Belize and connecting with members of our Belizean Diaspora willing to support Belize’s film industry. During the successful luncheon held on July 22 at the Pacific Palisades home of Belizean-Americans, Dr. Yvonne Goff and Mr. David Fairweather, guests were treated to a virtual reality experience by CEO Ryan Moore of Experience 360° using VR headsets, the screening of Yochi, the winning short film at the 2016 Belize International Film Festival directed by Ilana Lapid and shot entirely on location in Belize; and, a surprise unveiling of an Eco-Raw portrait of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize by artist, John Barge III.

    Award Ceremony For Annual Wonder Woman Challenge Belize
    On Friday, July 28, 2017, Defense Minister Hon. John Saldivar joined Chargé d’ Affaires from the U.S. Embassy Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard as they presented awards to members of the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defense Force, who were victorious in the 2017 Annual Wonder Woman Challenge. They handed out medals and gifts to the groups who took first, second and third place in the competition held in May.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Police Youth Cadet Corps Summer Camp
    The 2017 Police Youth Cadet Corps Summer Camp has come to a close. Everyone had a very educational time. "The Belize Police Department (BPD) held its 20th Police Youth Cadet Corp Annual Summer Camp hosted at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School from July 24 to 28. A total of 266 youth participated in the week-long event. The week activities included the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program lessons, camp fire, educational tours, presentations from the Meteorology Department, Hurricane preparedness lessons, talent show, pageant talent show, jungle survival training, foot drill competition, sporting activities and other sporting activities. The Cadets also visited elderly homes and donated 266 hampers.

    Costa Maya Delegates Cultural presentation and Saga Fundraiser
    The eight lovely Costa Maya contestants delighted a large crowd during their Cultural Dress Presentation at the Palapa Bar and Grill. Each of the beauty ambassadors, from Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, proudly modeled and introduced to the audience their cultural outfits. The event also included a fundraiser in favor of San Pedro's Saga Humane Society. Saga also held raffles, and lucky winners won fabolous prizes during the event.

    My name is Dave Cannon, I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon. I would like to thank the citizens of San Pedro Town for your heartfelt condolences and your support for my daughters and me during these difficult times. I know that San Pedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters, and dedicated to justice for Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last five years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand, how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Department and make a sworn statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officer, so that the TRUTH WILL COME OUT!

    Come paint with us today at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar. We will be painting "A New Day" inspired by local artist Marcus Larious.

    REDD+ Readiness Project
    The Government of Belize, in collaboration with the World Bank (WB) is implementing the project entitled “REDD+ Readiness Project”. The objective of the REDD+ Readiness Project is to carry out Readiness Preparation through a participatory and inclusive process in order to strengthen Belize’s capacity to participate in future REDD+ carbon payment transactions. The REDD+ Readiness Project is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration (MAFFESDI) through a dedicated REDD+ Coordination Unit (REDD+CU) with Fiduciary Management by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT).

    Through funding from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) and the Environmental Management Fund (EMF), a new conservation post has been constructed in the Chiquibul National Park at a cost of BZ $115,000. Today, an official inauguration was held for the Caballo Conservation Post after which a tour of the new facilities was provided to guests. Present at the inauguration were Hon. Dr. Omar Figueroa, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development (MAFFESD) as well as CEO in the Ministry and PACT Board Chair Dr. Percival Cho, and CEO in the Ministry of Defense Felix Enriquez among others. The new conservation post is part of the Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative (CFII) that was launched in December 2016. The main objective of the initiative is to increase the management and enforcement presence within the Chiquibul, Columbia and Vaca forest areas. PACT Board Chair Dr. Cho, in his welcome remarks, highlighted that “the Caballo conservation post is but one part of a larger goal aimed at encouraging multi-institutional strategy and strengthening the capacity for joint law enforcement and protection of the Chiquibul.”

    Anti-trafficking in Persons Council of Belize 2016-2017 Activities
    The Anti-trafficking in Persons Council of the Ministry of Human Development Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation takes this opportunity to share with the public activities implemented by the Council for the reporting period 2016-2017. The Council's information education and communication, Operations, and Monitoring Committees conducted activities for the National Action Plan in the areas of Prevention and Capacity Building, Protection and Prosecution/ Investigations and Partnerships. The infographic is a three-part report of activities for 2016-2017. Today, we feature part one on Prevention and Capacity Building.

    Representative of UN Development Program visits Chiquibul
    Mr. Christian Salazar Volkmann- Resident Coordinator/Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program visited the Chiquibul to learn more of the challenges faced. We thank Mr. Leonel Requena, GEF SGP National Coordinator for making this visit possible.

    This Day in History
    August 2nd, 1775, Mr. Hodgson was dismissed from his Superintendency by letter of recall from the Earl of Dartmouth. The first Superintendent of the Mosquito Shore was Robert Hodgson Sr. 1749 - 1758 and he resided at Black River, Honduras. The "Hodgson" being referred to in this post is Robert Hodgson Jr. (1767 - 1775) the son of Robert Hodgson Sr. They would be the only father son that supervised the Mosquito Shore and or the Bay of Honduras. British Honduras would not have its own official Superintendent until Edward Marcus Depard arrived in 1787 - 1790.

    Day 9 Pageant Delegate Activities and Moments

    Moments from Day Two with the Costa Maya Pageant Delegates

    Channel 7

    No Suspects In Murder of Guatemalan Businessman
    On last night's news, we broke the story of the murder of a Guatemalan visitor who was shot and robbed near the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City. Well, police are finally releasing information on the case and they say that the victim, 39 year-old Josue Arizandieta, was here on a business trip. As we told you he was walking on the George Price Highway with his friend, Walter Lopez on Saturday morning at 9:30, when a gunman robbed them. Arizandieta refused tried to fight off the robber, and he was shot in the process. The officer commanding Police Precinct 2's Criminal Investigation Branch told us today that they have no suspects:

    BSI Says BSCFA Wants Out Of Agreement
    Last night we told you about the fiery press release from the Belize Cane Farmers Association. They spoke about their members becoming fearful of being denied access to deliver cane to the mill, and warned that this fear might fuel rage in the cane farming community that [quote] "BSI could regret" [unquote]. This is after ASR/BSI put out a release with a dire warning; it says, quote: "BSI is unable under law to accept cane from farmers who do not have a cane purchase agreement in place. Therefore, if the agreement is terminated, BSI will not be able to accept cane from Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) farmers" Today, Vice President Mac McLachlan explained why they made that provocative statement and shared his concern that the BSCFA wants to back out of the present commercial agreement:..

    Taiwan Gave Mega Bucks To Guate For 1859 Road
    Last week, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Dr. David Lee visited Belize for 48 hours. When he left, he had signed a 60 million USD dollar Memorandum of Understanding for a four year package of loans and grants to Belize. It's another generous gesture from the Taiwanese, but it pales in comparison to the 650 million US dollars in assistance Taiwan is giving Guatemala for the building of an important road. First off, it's basically the same road that the British agreed to build in the 1859 treaty. The British never lived up to their promise - which is why we're still living with this territorial dispute. It's called the "Jacobo Arbenz" 4-lane freeway to Puerto Barrios, a project that should be finished in October 2019. Speaking about the project two days ago in a meeting with mayors, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales said that "this is one of the most longed for projects in his tenure, for its historical and strategic importance in increasing the country's competitiveness."

    Valentine Baptist Will Stand Trial For 19 Year Old's Murder
    13 months ago - on July 6, 2016, there were three city murders in just five hours. 19 year old Devin Parham was the second murder victim; he was killed on Cemetery Road in broad daylight. Today, Valentine Baptist, the man accused of his murder was committed to stand trial for it in the October session of the Supreme Court. That happened today after a preliminary inquiry was held in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Senior Magistrate Fraser told him that he has until August 8 to submit the name of the witness in writing. Apart from the murder charge, Baptist has a charge of kept firearm without a gun license which is pending trial.

    Two Tales Leads To Shooting and Car Crash In OW
    Yesterday Orange Walk Police responded to a road traffic accident just in front of M-1 Sugar. According to reports, the two passengers, Tiburcio Fernandez and Abdi Aban, had been drinking and, Fernandez, who was driving, lost control of the vehicle. But that's not where the story ends; and it's far from where it begins. Fernandez told police that he had left San Pedro village earlier that day and was giving Aban a ride, but when they got to the Mameyal Curve, Fernandez says that Aban pulled out a knife, robbed him of his phone and attempted to escape. Fernandez then stopped the car and set chase, armed with his licensed .22 rifle. Fernandez eventually caught sight of Aban and shot him once to the right foot. After arriving on the scene, police transported Aban to the Northern Regional Hospital, where he was treated and handed back over to police.

    The Queen's Baton Cometh
    In 2005 it was brought to Belize for the first time carrying a special electronic message from the Queen herself- Well the Queen's Baton came back to Belize today to commemorate next year's Commonwealth Games which are held every 4 years. Belize is just one stop on a long journey to visit all 70 commonwealth nations. Now this baton wasn't coated in 24 Karat Gold nor did it have that automated message but it's distinctive design certainly did not disappoint. Courtney Weatherburne looks at the brief history behind the Queen's Baton and what it means for Belize. The Queen's Baton Relay tradition started back in 1958. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd wrote and enclosed this letter in this silver-gilt enamel baton.

    Belize At The Games
    Now after the all the excitement surrounding the arrival of the Queen's Baton subsides, that will be the time to focus on the 2018 Commonwealth games in the Gold Coast. While it is referred to as the friendly games there are still high expectations for Belize's performance in the games. The Assistant Secretary General for the Commonwealth Games Association Giovanni Alamilla told us more about the games and his hope for the Belize team. Giovanni Alamilla - Assistant Secretary General, Commonwealth Games Association "The commonwealth games themselves you don't have to qualify to participate, like the Olympics you have to qualify, the commonwealth games are supposed to be the friendly games. Everyone around the world sends their best athletes so we have to send our best ones as well. The olympic committee has asked the federation to have regular competitions to that when they send the athletes, they are sending the best athletes, you're not just sending one to participate, you want someone one to at least go there and finish the event. You have cycling, triathlon, events like that where it's an endurance sport, you don't want after 2, 3 laps they can't finish the race, you want them to at least finish the event."

    MIT Got Pump Action Shotgun
    The MIT today seized a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. The MIT's Alpha and Charlie Teams found the weapon this afternoon at 4:10 when they set up a checkpoint at mile 54 on the Western Highway. They searched a Valencia Bus headed form Benque to Belmopan and there it was. No one claimed ownership so the weapon was labelled as found property.

    Weed Busted On Bus
    And in another case of anonymous bus smuggling, today in the north, Orange Walk Customs searched an Alamilla bus on Yo Creek Road. They found one kilo of weed which had no owner and was labelled as found property.

    A History Of Senate Sparring
    Usually on Wednesday, the news is loaded with stories from the Senate Hearings. But the Senate Select Committee is on a one month break, so, tonight, we'll look back at a few memorable moments. In the 8 months that the hearings have been ongoing, the Committee has had its fair share of stunning reveals, from bribery and corruption, to outright theft. The Senate went digging, and they certainly found a few bodies. Unfortunately, they just couldn't determine with absolute certainty, who is guilty of crimes committed at the Department. Many in the public would wish to point in the direction of ministers as being responsible for the immigration hustle. But in the blur of allegations and counter allegations, it became a question of who the viewer believed more. Just last month, the Senate called 4 sitting UDP Ministers, and while it certainly was entertaining to watch the sparring matches with the Senators, after the dust settled, we're no closer to knowing the truth.

    Shooter and Chopping Victim Bethancourt Under Police Guard
    Nevis Bethancourt shot and killed Jose Nunez Castellanos last week Thursday. He told police that Nunez Castellanos was chopping off his hand, so he did it in self defence. But there's another version to that story which puts Bethancourt as the aggressor. While the DPP weighs both sides of the story, Bethancourt remains in the hospital recovering from the major chop wound to his hand. Notably, the police press office says that he is under police guard while he recovers - which suggests that he could be facing charges pending the decision of the DPP.

    Gill Street Jacking
    Today police are investigating a case of alleged robbery. 58-year-old Norman Whitfield told police that he parked in front of his Gill Street home last night and was getting out of his vehicle when he was approached by two men, one of whom was holding a black object resembling a firearm. The men then proceeded to strip Whitfield of his gold chain and cross, car keys, and smart phone before fleeing the scene. Whitfield says the value of his phone and chain adds up to about $1200.

    BERT Gets Wings
    Earlier this week, the Belize Emergency Response Team added a new airplane to their fleet of response vehicles. The plane was donated by the Wings of Hope Foundation, which has been working closely with BERT for the last few decades. We went to check out the new air craft earlier today, and spoke to BERT's National Coordinator, as well as a pilot, about the importance of this donation... The plane will be used to transport patients outside of Belize should they require treatment in a nearby country.

    Mayor Accepts Managerial Failures On Manhole Covers
    As Mayor Darrell Bradley starts to wind down his two term tenure as mayor - he is in a reflective mood. And one of the things he reflected on was those manhole covers - a failed project that was supposed to replace thousands of manhole and drain covers but only completed a small percentage of that. Yesterday the mayor said it is because of his managerial shortcomings:.. Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City: "One of the things that I can assess in terms of a weakness of my leadership is that I'm not that managerial type of person and I notice that there are some weaknesses with relation with that so that I've also shared this concerned with some of my councilor colleagues and also councilor Leslie that I think that there is certain advantages and gains we have built over the last 5 and a half years but we have to admit that there are weaknesses."

    Channel 5

    Guatemalan Businessman Robbed and Murdered in City over Weekend
    The robbery of a Guatemalan businessman went under the radar until it turned murder forty-eight hours later. The thirty-nine-year-old businessman who was robbed and shot early on Saturday morning, perished [...]

    Teenager Struck Down in Orange Walk by Hit-and-Run Driver
    A teenager remains in a coma tonight after she was knocked down in Orange Walk sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. Sixteen-year-old Monique Morey was out partying with a [...]

    Family of Accident Victim Seeks Assistance for Medical Bills
    The teenager remains hospitalized in a critical condition. She has swelling on the brain and remains in coma after she was left for dead.  The family says that they don’t [...]

    Wilfred Malcolm Laid to Rest; Accused Shooter Released without Charges
    In the southern village of Bella Vista today, a young man was laid to rest after being fatally shot over the weekend. But the circumstances that led to the death [...]

    Trial for Accused Killer in One-Day July Spree
    After a year on remand for a broad daylight murder in the city, twenty-eight-year-old Valentine Baptist was committed to stand trial at the Supreme Court for the murder of nineteen-year-old [...]

    Sugar Impasse Continues; B.S.C.F.A. Demands Respect from B.S.I.
    The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association has officially written to American Sugar Refining/Belize Sugar Industries Limited, announcing that while it supports the investment of twenty-two million dollars for production of [...]

    Cane Farmers Back in Fairtrade’s Good Graces
    At the start of the sugar crop last December, farmer Eloy Escalante was effectively disowned by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association. The Association was facing a third suspension in [...]

    Dianne Finnegan is U.S. Embassy’s “Wonder Woman”
    The United States Embassy recognizes youth advocate Diane Finnegan as Wonder Woman for the month of August.  As coordinator for the Youth Apprenticeship Program and wife of U.D.P. politician Michael [...]

    Finnegan Intercedes as Peace Participant Alex Underwood Released from Detention
    As we’ve mentioned, News Five caught up with Finnegan at the Precinct One compound this evening, upon the release of SSG boss Alex Underwood who was detained overnight by Belize [...]

    Taiwan Delivers Massive Funding for Major Guatemalan Road; Belize Gets Sixty Mil
    Earlier today the Guatemalan Congress approved the holding of a referendum to take its territorial claim over Belize to the International Court of Justice. According to reports in Prensa Libre, [...]

    The Queen’s Baton Links Belize to 2018 Commonwealth Games
    The Queen’s Baton arrived in the Jewel today as it makes it way to Gold Coast in Australia in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Here, it was met with [...]

    Venezuela Promises Continuation of Petrocaribe Despite Downturn
    On Tuesday the Venezuelan embassy in Belize held a press conference to issue a defense of the ongoing situation in the South American country. More than eight million Venezuelans of [...]

    Premium Fuel Will Return with Stable World Prices
    Belize receives regular and diesel fuel through the Petrocaribe program with Venezuela although prices remain high at the pumps. But for some time now Belize has been unable to source [...]

    Former Public Officers Keith Arnold, William Fonseca Pass On
    There are two deaths of notable personalities to report. Former Central Bank Governor Keith Arnold, who served as head of Belize’s primary financial institution from January 1992 to April 2002, [...]

    S.S.B. Provides Computers for Accident and Emergency at K.H.M.H.
    The Accident and Emergency Department at the K.H.M.H. received a much needed donation from the Social Security Board. Computers valued at five thousand dollars were handed over to help the [...]

    Belmopan Youth Engage in Agriculture as Opposed to Crime
    Back in 2015, villages surrounding Belmopan had a spiraling in crime committed by youths.  After assessing the issue, the Belmopan Police decided to do a program to engage young people [...]

    CitCo Teams Up to Pave Bella Vista Residents’ Streets
    The Belize City Council has engaged residents of the Bella Vista development in a one hundred and eighty-thousand-dollar project to pave eight streets in the community in exchange for property [...]

    New Sitcom ‘Livin Mi Life’ Coming to T.V.
    A new locally produced sitcom that will air on this station is called “Livin’ Mi Life.”  It was written and created by Kim Vasquez, who partnered with Thirteen Productions and [...]


    BSI/ASR And BSCFA Remain At Odds Over Proposed Amendments To Commercial Agreement
    Tonight, we can report that the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ASR continue to disagree, over the proposed amendments to the current commercial agreement. BSI wants to amend the 2015 cane purchase agreement to cement certain clauses, including the payment for bagasse and the value share agreement until 2022, while BSCFA is proposing amendments of their own. Yesterday Monday July 31st the BSCFA wrote a letter to BSI/ASR in which they present the position taken by the association, following consultations with its membership. Today Vice president of International relations of BSI/ASR, Mac McLachlan responded to BSCFA’s letter reiterating the company’s position that changes to the current agreement would not be beneficial to the industry at this time.

    BSCFA Tells BSI/ASR Open BELGOGEN Financial Books
    As it has been widely reported one of the amendments to the Cane Purchase Agreement proposed by BSI/ASR as part of its proposed 22 million dollar investment is the cementing of the current formula for payment of Bagasse until 2022. During an interview with CEO of the BSCFA, Oscar Alonso yesterday, he told us that while an agreement has not been reached the association would be willing to accept that amendment if the milling company would pop open its financial books as it relates to BELCOGEN. During our interview today with Vice president of International relations of BSI/ASR, Mac McLachlan we questioned him on this matter, here is what he had to say.

    BSCFA Accuses Milling Company Of Bullying
    On Monday evening the BSCFA fired off a press release in response to BSI/ASR’s statement warning that if the association opts out of the current cane purchasing agreement, by law the company would not be able to accept cane from their members. Now, the BSCFA is not taking the statement lightly and in their release has even accused BSI/ASR of bullying and using intimidation tactics to force cane farmers to sign the proposed agreement. Those are some very serious accusations, accusation’s which Vice President of International Relation of ASR group, Mac McLachlan rejected completely.

    Willoughby Is Not Fazed By Darrell Bradley Endorsement
    Yesterday in our newscast you heard Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley make two significant announcements about his political career. The first is that his career as Mayor is winding down as he will not be contesting the next Municipal elections next March. The second is that he is endorsing his former Deputy, Dion Leslie, for Mayor. While Leslie has celebrated the announcement, his colleague and challenger, Phillip Willoughby, has had to watch a crucial endorsement slip out of his fingers. Today the media met him volunteering at a park development project and he discussed how the Mayor’s lack of support will affect his ambitions.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Guatemalan congress votes to hold referendum on Belize territorial claim
    In a final count of 102 to 158, the Guatemalan congress has supported the decision to hold a referendum to determine if the border dispute with Belize should be settled at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal, has been […]

    Not normal in Belize – Gapi, Hilmer and clan
    Today is August 2, 2017. Five years ago, in 2012, on this day, Margarito ‘Gapi’ Vega uttered his now infamous words ” I am not a normal person in Belize. I work much harder than a lot of other people.” No matter how hard […]

    Between these lines…My crowded bus ride experience
    By Glenn Tillett: I just about skipped out of Dialisis de Belice on Monday shortly before noon and the first of my weekly four-hour sessions, and walked briskly to the Orange Walk Town bus terminal. I felt good physically, mentally I felt sharp and my spirits were […]

    Belize City man robbed in front of home
    Norman Whitfield, 58, reported to police that he was robbed at gunpoint at his home on Gill Street in Belize City. He told police that at around 7:30 last night he was exiting his Mitsubishi Outlander in front of his yard when he was […]

    Belize City cops take .9mm off streets
    At around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, Belize City police conducted a search inside an empty lot on Lavender Street. That search led to the discovery of a black .9 mm pistol. Police additiionally found a 12-shooter magazine containing seven live .9mm rounds. No one was in […]

    Police seeking fugitive murder suspect
    Twenty-one-year-old Samuel Mendez was murdered in Belmopan City when a man pulled up and opened fire on him as he was cutting grass in an open lot. Police say that Angel Antonio Orellano, 22, is a major suspect in this murder. Police have issued […]

    Guatemalan killed in Belize City robbery attempt
    Two Guatemalan nationals were held up at gun point in Belize City on Saturday, in an incident which turned deadly for one of the men while the other lived to tell the story. 7News reported that 46 year-old Walter Lopez and 39 year-old Josue […]

    Police seek man who allegedly abducted infant son
    Police are seeking public assistance in locating a 16-month-year-old baby boy abducted from his mother’s home by his father. Police also want to locate the father, Tereak Palacio Sr., 18, for violating a “breach of Protection Order.” Reports are that that Palacio Sr. visited […]

    Police receive six new Lifan motorcycles
    On Monday, the Belize Police Department received a donation of six brand new Lifan motorcycles. The generous donation was given by businessman Glen Wilson. Wilson has lived in Belize for almost 10 years and is the owner of Offshore solutions. Wilson told the gathering […]


    Belize’s Cultural Celebrations: Las Posadas
    Las Posadas is a religious commemoration of the blessed Mary’s and Joseph’s travails on their journey to Bethlehem. The celebration begins on the 15th or 16th December and concludes on Christmas Eve. On each of the nine nights, a young couple carries the statues representing Mary and Joseph as they visit different houses asking for posadas or “lodging”. A processes ion of rezadoras (prayer ladies), and cantadoras (ladies singing hymns) accompanies them. At each home, one group outside sings asking for shelter, and those inside refuse them.

    Tropic Air, Verge of Umbra and a Custom Guitar at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany
    “We couldn’t just stand by and watch,” Juan-Carlos ‘JC’ Cuellar, Digital Communications Manager at Tropic Air Belize told me. He was talking about Verge of Umbra, and their attempt to raise funds – they were coming up short of their goal, and the date to travel to their well-deserved performance at Wacken Open Air in Germany seemed to loom nearer and nearer. Despite having won against other bands from Central America back in March at the Metal Battle in Guatemala, the gentlemen of Verge couldn’t seem to get the financial support they needed to make it to Germany. Well, thanks to many generous businesses, including Tropic Air, not only did they end up making it to Germany, but their sound will be heard on Thursday, August 3rd (at 5:50AM Belize time). And included in the awesome package that Verge will bring onstage is a custom guitar.

    Visit Caye Caulker, Belize
    Caye Caulker is a small limestone coral island off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea measuring about 5 miles (8.0 km) (north to south) by less than 1 mile (1.6 km) (east to west). The town on the island is known by the name Caye Caulker Village. Caye Caulker is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) north-northeast of Belize City, and is accessible by high-speed water taxi or small plane. In recent years the island has become a popular destination for backpackers and other tourists. There are over 30 tiny hotels and a number of restaurants and shops.The island is basically a sand bar over a limestone shelf. An underwater cave named Giant Cave is found below the Caye in the limestone. In front of the village, a shallow lagoon, between 6 inches (150 mm) and 14 feet (4.3 m) deep, meets the Belize Barrier Reef to the east. In front of the village, the reef is known as a dry reef with the reef exposed at the surface, while further north the reef is a deep reef and lies under 2 to 8 feet (0.61 to 2.44 m) of water. This area is popular with windsurfers.

    Queen of the Bay 2017-2018
    Meet the 5 lovely ladies who will be competing for the prestigious title of Queen of the Bay 2017-2018. They are (from left to right): Julissa Herarte, Sharissa Dominguez, Nalisha Acosta, Naylea Rancharan and Selene Peña. August 26th, 2017 at the Corozal Civic Center. It will commence at 6pm. Come and see which of these 5 beautiful young ladies will be our new reigning Queen of the Bay 2017-2018. The event will take place August 26, 2017 @ the Andres Campos Civic Center starting at 6:00pm. Admission fees are as follows: $5.00 - Bleachers $10 - Reserved $15 -VIP Tickets can be purchased at the Corozal Bay UDP Office in 4th Avenue. See you there!


  • KTV the Remix (August 1, 2017), 2hr.

  • The Senate Select Committee inquiry is on a month break, 8min. The Senate Select Committee inquiry is on a month break after several months of conducting hearings and listening to testimonies. There has been much said and exposed through the statements from key persons involved in Immigration. Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting key aspects of the testimonies, taking a closer examination at the goings-on at Immigration.

  • Morning Matters: Dian White Chairwoman of Ladyville, 60min.

  • The Ministry of Health discuss World Breastfeeding Week 2017, 38min.

  • The Department of Transport discuss road safety regulations, 44min.

  • The University of the West Indies discuss plans for upcoming academic year, 19min.

  • Miss Costa Maya National Costume Preliminary Competition took place at Palapa Bar & Grill this afternoon, min. As part of Saga Humane Society Fundraiser. Here's a glimpse of what to expect on Pageant Night, tomorrow Thursday, August 3.

  • Miss Costa Maya / Saga Humane Society fundraiser , 17min.

  • Taiwanese Foreign Minister Completes Three-day Visit to Belize, 5min. H.E. Dr. David Lee, Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), completed a three-day visit to Belize from 26th to 28th, July 2017, on the invitation of Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize. During his visit, the Foreign Minister signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral cooperation; received an order of distinction and visited Taiwan's technical mission in Central Farm, Cayo District.


  • Manatee while snorkeling in Belize, 1/2min. I captured this video of a manatee while snorkeling near Thatch Caye in Belize.

  • Fishing in Belize, 3min.

  • Eco-Sanctuary Belize (2000), 47min. In this pioneering film, journey deep into this fragile paradise to look at two of the most ambitious - and most endangered - of these cutting-edge experiments: a multi-village cooperative to create a vast Howler Monkey preserve with the goal of protecting its habitat, while providing a thriving Eco-tourism economy; and a manatee sanctuary on the Belizian coast to protect the manatee and the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle, where it was human nature that became the greatest and most unexpected threat. Narrated by NPR's Warren Olney, the film also goes on a magical trek by horseback through the magnificent Slate Creek rainforest preserve on Belize's rugged border with Guatemala.

  • 7 Elements Belize Trip 2017, 8min. From June 18th to the 27th, we went to Belize. This trip was made possible by 7Elements, which is an organization that works to teach groups about sustainability and the "7 Elements" of human security.

  • Belize Summons Hollywood as Film Destination, 8min. The Sentinel meets with Belize's Film Commissioner Niguel Miguel, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber and General Consul of Belize Roland Yorke to discuss plans to make the tropical Afro-Centric country a prime film production destination. - Interviews held at the 3rd Annual Belize Film Commission Luncheon in Pacific Palisades.

  • At The Top of Xunantunich in Belize, 1min. Summer 2012

  • San Pedro - Belize, 8min.

    August 2, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Police bring David and Anke Doehm to the island in continued murder investigation
    David and Anke Doehm,who remain the prime suspects in the death of Anke’s adoptive daughter 13-year-old Faye Lin Cannon, travelled to San Pedro Town on Saturday, July 29th, accompanied by an entourage of police officers. Upon their arrival shortly after 10AM, the American couple were escorted to their clothing boutique located on Barrier Reef Drive, where police conducted an inspection inside the establishment. A few hours later, the Doehms were escorted by police back to the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi for their return to Belize City, where the duo is currently living.

    Lloyd Martinez shot in San Pedrito Area
    The neighbourhood of the San Pedrito Subdivision in San Pedro Town was shaken last night Monday, July 31st, after gunshots were heard shortly after 6PM. When police arrived to the crime scene, the victim had been taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, where at 6:45PM they observed a male person identified as 29-year-old Lloyd Martinez suffering from gunshot wounds to his mid- section. He was stabilized and thereafter, airlifted to Belize City’s Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment. No one has been detained as yet, while Police continue investigating.

    Ambergris Today

    Shooting In San Pedrito Leaves Man Injured
    San Pedro Police reports that on Monday, July 31, 2017 they visited the San Pedro Polly Clinic where they saw Lloyd Martinez, 29yrs, Belizean maintenance worker of a Police Street Address, Belize City, being treated for gunshot wounds to his mid-section of his body. Initial investigation revealed that Martinez was in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town inside a yard conversing with another male person when a mask man approached them and fired two gun shots causing the injuries to Martinez. Police are investigating.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    BELIZE FISHING REPORT, Weeks of July 24th - July 30th, 2017
    Bonefish abound. All of the anglers this week have enjoyed wonderful weather and lots of fish. The week has been filled with record catches and happy anglers. The light winds we have been experiencing are allowing the fish to feed heavily and for longer periods since the tides aren’t wind driven.

    To manage the city To manage it properly Why city councilors must not be getting two salaries The city should be paying them adequately If we are to get quality To increase productivity if we are to have better accessibility This part time shit is apathy We need their total loyalty

    One of Belize's most powerful cycling sprinters of all times that dominated Belizean cycling in the 1970s was Anthony "Burga Boy" Morris. Morris was not only strong in the hills of Belize's Mount Hope in the grueling Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, but he was also a skillful finisher who would always place among the first five of cyclists that would enter the Belize National Stadium now the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Built to endure serious pain that the hot and wining 144 Miles cross country race from Belize City to the Cayo District and back would inflict on any weak at heart rider, Morris would persevere throughout incredible odds and against some of Belize's best cycling champions like the legendary Kenrick Halliday.

    Belize Technical College most astute and constructive principal, the legendary Clive Gillett, stands out today as one of Belize's most accomplished and effective educators of the 1960s, 70s Belize academia. His work spans from being one of the first managers and pioneers of Belizean technical education that produced some of the best Belizean engineers of that period, to uplifting the school's academic standards to world class levels unprecedented even up to today in Belize. Despite of the competitive edge that Belize Technical College called "BTC" had faced from other formidable Belizean educational institutions like St. John College (SJC), St. Michaels College, St. Hildas College and Wesley College in the 1960s and 70s, the first government ran academic and industrial institution, BTC, stood as the best for many through the tireless work that scholars like Belize's Clive Gillett crafted for the Belizean mind.

    (PART FOUR). by Bilal Morris. We here at Belizean Legends celebrate the formation of the Consortium for Belizean Development thirty-two years ago in Los Angeles, California. We honor those legendary Belizeans who stood the test of time and organized for Belize's development at home while resisting the backlash of vicious immigration laws since then that was imposed by one United States president after the next. Now as the new president of the U.S., Donald Trump, has imposed more aggressive and draconian immigration laws, it is unclear what the Belizean diaspora agenda have become almost two decades after the demise of the Belizean consortium. We honor those Belizeans who served their country Belize in the diaspora through the formation of the umbrella organization called, "The Consortium", that came from every state in the U.S. where they resided after their emigration from Belize since the 1920s. It was an assembly of the best minds in the Belizean diaspora that would never be seen again in the history of Belizean emigration from Belize. These men and women served Belize honorably abroad and didn't forget the hand that once fed them and gave them birth through the birth of a nation once called British Honduras.

    World Breastfeeding Week
    The Ministry of Health Belize in partnership with PAHO/WHO is joining in the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st to 7th, 2017, a week dedicated to the protection, promotion, and support of breastfeeding. This year, the week is being celebrated under the theme "Sustaining Breastfeeding Together". The Ministry of Health promotes exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life as it is the first vital step to long-term health.

    On Friday, July 28, 2017, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Councilors had a luncheon at Secret Paradise, located at Secret Beach, with all eight contestants vying for the title of Miss Intl. Costa Maya 2017 and the Reigning Miss Costa Maya from Honduras. The Mayor and Councilors had the opportunity to converse with all eight participating contests and the reigning queen. Thank you Secret Paradise for hosting us and the Costa Maya delegates!

    Belize's Wonder Women! Dianne Finnegan
    For the month of August we are proud to announce that Dianne Finnegan is our Belize Wonder Woman! Since 2010 Mrs. Dianne Finnegan has been the Coordinator of the Youth Apprenticeship Program in partnership with the Ministry of Education. She takes her work very seriously, this sometimes requires her to wear several hats such as “bails bonds-woman”, mother, funeral planner, babysitter, nurse, lawyer and many more. Her job does not end at 5:00 pm nor does it begin at 8:00 am. Sometimes she is awaken at 3:00 am by a phone call from one of her desperate youth, who has been arrested by the police and need her help. Sometimes it’s the hospital calling that one of her youth has been shot. As always, she quickly response and races over ready to help. She has never given up hope on the young people in Belize. Calls, text, visits them and before you know it, they are back in the program.

    Bright Beginning Day Care now open in Corozal, Town
    Parents of Corozal town, Are you busy working and you don't have time to find a baby sitter in town? Don't worry, because Bright Beginning Day care opened its doors today Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in Corozal. It is located across from A @ R Behind Atlantic Bank Insurance Office inside the old Orange Walk Taco's restaurant used to be on 4th Avenue. What is Bright Beginning Day Care Center? The business provides full day care while parents are at work. We handle from months old baby to 8-9 year's old kids. Well, secure building so your child can be safe while parents are at work. This day care offers full Kitchen, Diapers, chairs for months old baby, food and bathroom. Kids can play with toys such as outdoor and indoor slides, bouncy balls, reading books, puzzles, board games, coloring books, chalk boards, snacks, Indoor basketball hoops, Games for all ages and much more.

    GRAND OPENING TODAY - "Bright Beginnings Day Care"
    This is fantastic news for Corozal Looking for a place where your child can play, learn and grow at his or her own pace? A place filled with adventure and where craft fuels creativity? If you are seeking an environment where your little one is SAFE to explore and discover, then come in for an appointment at our brand new location. We are open from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 P.M. Ages 1 to 6 years Highly qualified and experienced personnel

    Belmopan Lions Club Eye Test and Eyeglasses
    Bring out the entire family for eye testing and eye glasses. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that the Belmopan Lions Club is offering, August 7-10, 2017 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at their Den.

    Sargussum bloom
    Another sargussum bloom is affecting several areas in Belize. As Wildlife Conservation Society Belize's Alex Tewfik shared in December 2015, science has determined a connection between the nutrient rich environment believed to be responsible for the excess with the dispersant used in the response to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here's more about the spill itself.

    Day 5 Moments aboard YOLO: International Costa Maya Festival

    Day 3 Moments: International Costa Maya Festival

    Costa Maya Swimsuit Shoot
    Official Miss Costa Maya 2017 Swimsuit Shoot by Jose Luis Zapata Photography

    Can eating big fish make you sick at some times of the year?
    Have always heard to not eat big fish in August, like barracuda and grouper. That was common knowledge when a child. My husband will only eat it in specific seasons because yes...reef fish can really make you sick at the wrong times.

    Miss Costa Maya 2017 Delegates
    Official Photo Shoot at Central Park, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Island, Belize by Jose Luis Zapata Photography.

    Closure of the Shark Fishing Season
    The Belize Fisheries Department would like to advise the public that in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 78 of 2011, the shark fishing season is closed from 1st August to 31st October of any year. The public is reminded that no person or establishment shall have in possession any shark meat during the closed season. Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of the Fisheries Act commits an offense and shall be liable on summary conviction as stipulated in the Fisheries Act.

    On Friday, July 28th, 2017, Defence Minister Hon. John Saldivar joined Chargé d’ Affaires from the U.S. Embassy Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard as they presented awards to members of the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defence Force, who were victorious in the 2017 Annual Wonder Woman Challenge. They handed out medals and gifts to the groups who took first, second and third place in the competition held in May.

    Training on Defensive Tactics
    Congratulations to the fifty-eight Police Officers that completed training on Defensive Tactics! Belize Police Training Academy (BPTA) and the Belize Field Training Officers (FTO) Program hosted two week-long classes in the second half of July. The objective of the training was to improve the skills of the Police Officers to protect themselves and citizens. The trainers for the course were trained by officers from the Denver Police Department in January as part of a "Train -the-Trainer" program funded by the U.S. Embassy.

    Turtle nesting Season is at its peak
    With green and loggerhead turtle nesting July/August. A total of 70 nest have been recorded on Ambergris Caye This year. Turtles are hatching!!!

    Through funding from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) and the Environmental Management Fund (EMF), a new conservation post has been constructed in the Chiquibul National Park at a cost of BZ $115,000. Today, an official inauguration was held for the Caballo Conservation Post after which a tour of the new facilities was provided to guests. Present at the inauguration were Hon. Dr. Omar Figueroa, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development (MAFFESD) as well as CEO in the Ministry and PACT Board Chair Dr. Percival Cho, and CEO in the Ministry of Defense Felix Enriquez among others.

    New Caballo Conservation Post
    The Caballo Conservation Post located north of Caracol in the Chiquibul National Park was officially inaugurated yesterday. The objective of this CP is to control incursions and reduce agricultural farming and cattle ranching in the northern region of the park.

    179th Anniversary of the End of Slavery
    Today, Tuesday, 1st August 2017, marks the 179th Anniversary of the end of Slavery in Belize and the former British Colonies around the world. “Emancipation Day”, as today is known, is a day to recall that slavery was one of the greatest injustices in human history and one which has had tremendous impact on the physical, social, economic and political life of people of African origin. It is also a time to note that Belize's socio-cultural and socio-political landscape has been blessed with the contributions of people of African heritage. August 1st is to be used as a societal magnifying glass to make clearer for all to see, and not lose sight, of the fact that social inequalities continue to hinder the overall development of people of African decent in Belize and around the world.

    Reigning Miss Costa Maya leaves town
    The International Costa Maya Festival Committee regrets to inform the public that reigning Miss Costa Maya, Gabriella Vanessa Salazar Valle has had to return to her home country in Honduras due to an unforeseen change in plans.

    Channel 7

    Guatemalan Tourist Murdered In Belize City, Police Mum
    Police have not released any information on it, but there's a Belize City murder to report, and the victim is a Guatemalan tourist. He was robbed and murdered this weekend by an armed robber because he refused to hand over his money and possessions. 7News has learned that on Saturday, 2 Guatemalan tourists, 46 year-old Walter Lopez, and 39 year-old Josue Anitai Arizandieta, were walking on the Phillip Goldson Highway, near the Lord Ridge Cemetery. The men were staying at nearby Caribbean Hotel which is located at mile 1.5 on the Phillip Goldson High Way.

    Belmopan Police Looking for Murder Suspect
    A man is wanted for yesterday's murder in the Salvapan area of Belmopan. 22 year old Angel Antonio Orrellano is the key suspect in the killing of 21 year old Samuel Mendez. At 7:30 yesterday, Mendez was cutting the grass in an open lot when a gunman pulled up and opened fire. He was hit multiple times and fell on the street where he died. Police say the killing was the product of an old beef with another man. Tonight, Belmopan police have released this wanted poster of Orellano because they fear that he might try to leave the country. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Belmopan police.

    Mayor Makes It Official, He Won't Run
    Will he or won't he? That's the question it seems we're always asking when it comes to the mercurial Mayor Darrell Bradley and his ever changing interest in the post of mayor. In 2014, he put the UDP through fits with his constant flip-flopping on whether he would or wouldn't run again. But for the 2017 run-up to the 2018 election, he's done no such thing: today, Bradley made it clear, he's out, he's walking away from City Hall after the next election and he wants Dion Leslie to replace him. Here's how the mayor put it when he met with the press today:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "So you will not offer yourself as mayor again?" Darrell Bradley, Won't run - Endorses Dion Leslie: "That is correct. I want to make it very clear that I am an ardent and I continue to ardent supporter of the United Democratic Party. I think that the United Democratic Party has done well by the people of Belize City and the people of the country of Belize. This is not to discount the fact that over the last many years we've had challenges as a party and as a government. But I think that on a whole the party has done well and I am very proud and pleased to continue to support that party."

    Leslie Says It's A Tough Election For The UDP To Win
    So Leslie will try to reach out to his fellow councilor and mayoral aspirant Phillip Willoughby - who, despite his history of "electus interruptus" - says he's not backing down this time. But, the truth is the last thing the UDP needs right now is a costly internal battle for the mayoral nomination, because as even Party Leader Dean Barrow concedes - the next municipal will be tough for the UDP in the city. They've controlled city hall for 11 years - going on 12 - which means the party has won four in a row. Today mayoral hopeful Dion Leslie told us he is aware of the challenges:

    What Will Darrell Do In Caribbean Shores?
    But while Dion Leslie has his own hands to pray - so to speak, the Mayor has to figure out what's next for him. As he's said, he wants to be in the House of Representatives - but with him now stepping out of the Mayor's chair - his path to a seat in the House is not so clear. We asked him what's his plan: Jules Vasquez, reporter: "It is counter intuitive to think that you can relinquish a war chest like the city council and still you lost the last time being mayor where you had goods and services to help people with. Well you will lose even worse if you run this time and you are not the mayor and you don't have those goods and services." Darrell Bradley, Won't run - Endorses Dion Leslie: "My response to that would be firstly, we have never ever used the city council resources to benefit any political ends. Clearly if you are in the office of mayor, you are doing a good job, people will say okay then I like this guy for mayor, I think he is going to do a good job as an area representative - I would vote for him. That is the extent of my using the city council."

    City Man Shot In San Pedro
    San Pedro Police are investigating a shooting yesterday, which has landed a Belize City man in the hospital. It happened at around 6:30 pm in the San Pedrito area of the island. Police say that 29 year-old Lloyd Martinez was having a conversation with another man when a masked gunman approached them and opened fire. He was hit twice in the midsection, and he's currently receiving medical treatment.

    Going To The Frontline Of the Fight In Chiquibul
    Another Conservation Post was yesterday opened in the Chiqibul National Park- this time it's in the Caballo area. That's the Northwestern part of the Chiquibul - about 1 kilometer from the western border. It's part of a PACT funded Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative - to protect the national park from Guatemalan poachers who continue to press into Belize. Courtney Weatherburne has more on how impactful this new post will be in safeguarding the resources in that area. These BDF officers are very much used to climbing up and down these watch towers, its part of their daily routine. The only difference today is that They are overlooking another area of the Chiquibul from a brand new conservation post. Courtney Weatherburne: "The Caballo Conservation Post is one of four posts in the Chiquibul. It's located in the North western part of the National park. Now, it might seem like just another tactical base for park rangers. But really, it's at the front line of Belize's fight to keep Guatemalan poachers out of the Chiquibul where they have been exploiting and abusing the protected resources, from land, to Scarlet Macaws, to timber, Xate, gold, and wildlife. But even though they have these four posts, the fight continues."

    Gold Panning Hurting Chiquibul
    And it's conservation posts like these that help park rangers and BDF deter and catch Guatemalan poachers. Last night we told you about the 2 Guatemalan gold panners that were caught in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. They were found with gold mining tools, a bag of weed and 6 live 16 gauge shotgun shells. They were charged with firearm offenses and the forest department is expected to charge both men for illegal entry. Now this arrest is one of many but it hasn't deterred these Guatemalan gold panners. As two are arrested, 2 more are probably planning to set up camp near by. Yesterday the Executive Director of Friends for Conservation and Development Rafael Manzanero discussed just how serious this threat is and of course how detrimental it is to the National Park.

    Investment Programme In Chiquibul Working
    But it's not all bad news, there has been a reduction in some illegal activities. Minister of State in the Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry Dr. Omar Figueroa - who's spearheading the the Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative shared some of those positive outcomes. Dr. Omar Figueroa, Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry: "We developed a joint unit patrol program, installed conservation posts, conducted active research and monitoring and introduced inter-institutional planning as a result Xate harvesting and illegal logging have been reduced considerably that proves that our collective efforts can and have helped to reduce some of these problems we speak about today."

    Cops Get Weighty Weed and Glock Gun
    Yesterday afternoon at about 3:45 Belize City's Precinct 2 Strike Team conducted a search at a Nutmeg Street home occupied by Malic Ovado, Clifton Allen, and Keshawn and Allen Swasey. After combing the inside of the house, the cops found a black plastic bag containing 25 parcels of cannabis, weighing just under 7 pounds. After finishing up on Nutmeg Street, the Strike Team headed over to the St. Martin's Area, where they found a black 9mm pistol and 7 live rounds of ammunition hidden under some bushes.

    Would Mayor Leslie Liberalise the Nightclub Regime On P.M. Drive Entertainment Strip?
    So, now that Dion Leslie has his eyes set on the mayor's chair in City Hall, what will he do about the mayor's decree that all those bars in and around BTL Park that aren't enclosed - have to shut down at midnight? Reports suggest Leslie has a vested interest in one of those bars the park - so we asked him about it:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "It is rumored or people say that you may have an interest in certain outlets in that area. Is it something that you would seek to reverse this hard lined position that the mayor has taken - no extension if you are not an enclosed space?" Dion Leslie, UDP Mayoral Aspirant: "Well it's something definitely we have to go back to the residents, because all of this came about when we did have a consultation with the residents."

    Will Dion Do The Media Dance Like Willoughby?
    And - as he said earlier - Leslie is also trying to find a way to work with co aspirant for the UDP's mayoral nomination Phillip Willoughby. We'll have to wait and see how that goes, but in the meantime, Willoughby is basking in the light of media attention that he requests for his various initiatives. Leslie says he's seen all that, but it's just not his style:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Certainly you have won key endorsements within the party, but every night I see him on the news. It's like you may be winning internally, but it looks like he is winning the popularity contest, because I see him on the media so often. Does this concern you?" Dion Leslie, UDP Mayoral Aspirant: "It concerns me about Channel 7, you should blame no one but yourself. No, Phillip is doing good work and he is still a part of the council and he is promoting good initiatives throughout the city. So you can't deny that. My work is on the ground."

    Cane Farmers Come Out Fiery
    There's hard talk now being heard in the sugar industry - and it doesn't look good for harmonious relations going forward between BSI and the largest famers association which is the BSCFA. The BSCFA issued a release in Spanish yesterday evening. It is a response to a notice put out by ASR/BSI twelve days ago, in which the company warns that if the BSCFA opts out of the current cane purchasing agreement, BSI would not be able to accept cane from their members.

    What A Difference A Year Makes: Bird's Isle Is Back
    The Bird's Isle basketball court is a Belize City landmark. It was the showcase for Belize's best basketball talent in the 70's and also a concert venue for acts such as a very young Byron Lee and the Dragonairres and Pluto Shervington, among many other songsters and entertainers. But, last year when Hurricane Earl lashed Belize City and its environs, the court was left mashed up. But, exactly one year later the historic Birds Isle basketball court has been resurrected but with a sleek and finer finish. Today Henry Young Jr. told us more about the renovations:

    Steve And The Signs
    So far on the news tonight, you've seen a lot from Mayor Darrell Bradley. The media caught him at the unveiling of a sign in the Belama area. It's the work of Steve Perrera, the attorney behind those now iconic Belize signs at the Baron Bliss gave site and the Seashore drive area. Now he's a put a "LOVE" sign in the Belama Phase 2 Park - and he told us why this one may be more important than the other more famous signs:... Steve Perrera - Sign Benefactor: "We wanted to create another sign, something that would create and emanate a sense of feeling of love and happiness within the community and so what we decided, I designed this new sign for families so that persons who are in relationships, husband and wives, persons who are getting married, persons attending prom, so that they can utilize the sign and appreciate it and that image of love resonate within their photos and pictures that they want to do, but this is more of a sign that is design for families here in Belize more so than the touristic approach that the other signs were used for."

    Public/Private Partnership Working in Bella Vista Residential Community
    And that kind of public/private partnership is the same model which is getting 8 streets paved in the Bella Vista residential community. The Mayor explained today:... Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor: "All of the streets to the north side of the Bella Vista area will be asphalted and the work is about 25% completed. People in the Bella Vista area were saying that they had a high property tax bill. I attended a meeting that was organized by the residents - about 45 residents attended. It was very positive in relation to how we were going to structure it. We did a quotation from a resident who also in involve in the construction industry and street improvements.."

    The Importance of Emancipation Day In Belize
    Today is observed as "Emancipation Day", in remembrance of the year 1838, when slavery was abolished in many former British colonies in the Caribbean. So, today marked the 179th anniversary of end of one the greatest injustices in human history. And to remind Belizeans about their cultural heritage, the UBAD Educational Foundation, and their community partners invited Guyanese sociologist Dr. Patricia Rodney to Belize. She's the wife of Guyanese activist and historian, Walter Rodney - who was assassinated. Between 1960 and 1970 he became a well known activist in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, recognized for his activism and writings to improve the social and cultural standings of the working poor in Africa and the Caribbean.

    Plumbing the Code
    Yesterday the Public Utilities Commission, along with the Ministry of Education and the ITVET began a "Train the Trainers" workshop for Belize's plumbing lecturers. The two week program will work as a refresher course for plumbing instructors, and will help them to get up to date with the latest technological advancements in the field. The workshop also covered the importance of the Plumbing Code, which are guidelines every plumber must follow. Today we spoke to the PUC's Director of Water and Waste Water, Rudolph Williams about the importance of the event...

    Making Mental Health Accessible
    BTEC and the Mental Health Association also held a workshop today, this time focusing on increasing Belizean's access to mental health care. The Mental Health Facilitator Training workshop was designed to educate community leaders about mental health issues, how to identify them, and how to get them the necessary help. Today we spoke to the workshop's Master Trainer as well as a few participants about the training... Sheryl Smith Augustine - Nat'l Certified Counsellor/ Master Trainer: "We are doing a 2 day workshop, a mental health facilitation. The workshop is geared towards helping individuals identify mental health problems also to be able to do some initial assessment and to be able to link persons who need mental health services with the services that are currently in existence.

    Venezuelan Embassy Argues Its Case In Belize
    Venezuela is making headlines in news outlets all over the world after a very controversial referendum was held on Sunday. Now, that country has been going through sustained civil unrest, but on Sunday, the government of current president, Nicholas Maduro, held a referendum. Venezuelans voted on whether to replace the current legislative body, the National Assembly Maduro wants to replace it with the Constituent Assembly, which would have the power to rewrite the country's constitution. The National Electoral Commission, which is the Venezuelan version of Belize's Elections and Boundaries Commission, which oversees elections in that country, says that more than 8 million Venezuelans voted and supported Maduro's plan to replace the National Assembly.

    Channel 5

    Wilfred Malcolm: was shooting victim an unlucky thief or innocent?
    There are more questions than answers in the fatal shooting of a fisherman in South Stann Creek. Wilfred Malcolm was along with a friend when a single gunshot from a [...]

    Puzzling over death of Nevis Betancourt in Cayo
    There is another fatal shooting that is under investigation. Last Thursday in San Ignacio, Jose Castellanos was at a restaurant when he was fatally shot by Nevis Betancourth.  Tonight we [...]

    Police tight-lipped on evidence against murder suspect Hilmar Alamilla
    The murder of twenty-four-year-old Daniel Sosa in Orange Walk continues to rattle the northern community. Sosa was shot on Saturday morning inside a red Dodge Ram pickup belonging to forty-two-year-old [...]

    Angel “Weche” Orellano wanted by police in security guard murder
    Police have released details of a man wanted for the murder of twenty-year-old Samuel Mendez, a resident of Salvapan, Belmopan. He is twenty-two-year-old Angel Antonio Orellano, also known as Weche, [...]

    Duck Run grocers sustain massive damages from fire
    A family lost almost half a million dollars of property in a fire on Monday night.  Sometime around eight that night, the family had just closed their business ‘Super Tienda [...]

    For personal reasons, Mayor Darrell Bradley will not continue past 2018
    Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley is heading back to private life at the conclusion of his second term in February of 2018. He confirmed the decision not to contest [...]

    Bradley says there was more to come – and weaknesses in leadership
    Love him or dislike him, there is no question that Mayor Bradley thought big. The City’s first ever municipal bond helped cement hundreds of streets and improve driving conditions in [...]

    Why Darrell Bradley wants Dion Leslie to succeed him at City Hall
    Attention now turns to August twenty-seventh, when either Dion Leslie or Philip Willoughby will be chosen by United Democratic Party voters to replace Bradley. Already enjoying the open support of [...]

    Leslie will continue to campaign – will he broker deal with Philip Willoughby?
    Even if most think Leslie is the frontrunner on August twenty-seventh following that endorsement from Mayor Bradley and Albert Area Rep Panton, the aspirant and three-time councilor has been campaigning [...]

    Mayor says Philip Willoughby doesn’t have what it takes
    But does that mean that the man in the Superman hat has met his kryptonite? This would not be the first time that Willoughby has not had party backing for [...]

    Police rewarded for heroic river rescue
    It is not often that the good deeds by cops are celebrated publicly – but two officers attached to the San Ignacio Police Station are being praised by their Department [...]

    Conservation post addresses continuing threats to Chiquibul Forest
    The Chiquibul forest is being pillaged by gold panners and cattle ranchers, who illegally cross into the national forests to ply the lucrative trade. Friends for Conservation and Development has [...]

    Venezuela’s man in Belize says don’t believe hype over assembly vote
    In international news, the South American country of Venezuela has been a noted supporter of Belize in the area of trading for petroleum and social missions established under the presidency [...]

    Venezuela thanks Belize for O.A.S. support
    The fight over Venezuela also continues in the Organization of American States. Countries not aligned with the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) have tended to vote in favour of [...]

    BERT collects new air ambulance on nineteenth anniversary
    Today marks the nineteenth anniversary since BERT opened its doors in 1998, offering pre-medical ambulatory care to Belizeans. It was initiated by local Rotarians along with Yvette Burks Barnes, who [...]

    BERT rebuilds EMT cadre after defections due to pay
    Just last year, BERT temporarily closed its doors but was able to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Health for a forty-five thousand dollar subvention for operational costs. General [...]

    Feel the ‘LOVE’ in Belama Phase Two Park
    The fifth in a series of signs created by attorney Estevan Perera and supported by the Belize City Council was unveiled this morning at a park in Belama Phase Two, [...]

    ‘Magnificent Seven’ to compete in KTV the Remix
    Another highly competitive round of KTV the Remix begins shortly at the Bliss and the performers are ready to bring it on. Tonight, the genre of alternative music will be [...]


    BSCFA Opened To Negotiations Will BSI/ASR Accept?
    Yesterday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association issued a fiery press release in response to a notice issued by BSI/ASR twelve days ago, in which the company warns that if the BSCFA opts out of the current cane purchasing agreement, BSI would not be able to accept cane from their members under law. Today we sat down one on one with CEO of the BSCFA Oscar Alonso and Chairman of the Committee of Management, Adalid Wicab where they expanded on yesterday’s release further highlighting that the association does not take BSI’s current actions of what they describe as intimidations against their member owners, lightly.

    BSCFA Membership Welcome 22 Million 3Dollars Investment But Say No To Proposed Amendments
    Consultations conducted by the BSCFA with its members concerning the current proposal made by BSI/ASR, concluded last week. The general consensus coming out from those consultations, according to CEO of the association, Oscar Alonso, is that while farmers welcome BSI/ASR’s proposed 22 million dollars investment to the factory, there are some concerns with the company’s proposed amendments to the current Cane purchase agreement in order for the investment to take place. So the BSCFA has come up with proposed changes of their own hoping that they are accepted by the milling company.

    UDP Divided Over UDP Candidacy In Corozal Town
    Several days ago, you heard the hosts of the Sugar City Morning Show complaining that the UDP was slow in getting their acts together for the municipal elections slated for March 7 next year, in particular here in Orange Walk Town where the UDP seems to be having an extra hard time putting a team together. In Corozal Town, while the PUP town council slate has been set since mid-June, the UDP have decided to hold their convention on August 20th. With the current four-term Mayor Hilberto Campos deciding not to seek re-election, it means the race is now on for a new candidate. For some time only traffic department manager, Richard Quan, had expressed interest and was almost declared the Mayoral candidate, but at the close of their application deadline two weeks ago, current Councillor Rafael Shafrir Castillo, submitted his application for the post which now means they will be heading into a contested convention.


    Father Sought for Abduction of Son
    Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for 18-year-old Tereak Palacio Senior. Palacio reportedly abducted his one year five month old son, Tareak Junior, from the child’s mother’s home on Monday afternoon. Police say Palacio is also wanted by the Family Violence Unit for breach of protection order. The child was last […]

    GOB Discrimination Against Maya People Still Alive, Says TAA
    The Toledo Alcalde Association says the government of Belize continues to discriminate against the Maya people of Belize. In a statement issued on Monday, the Association says that in February of this year, GOB informed the Toledo Alcaldes Association that it has not published the appointment of Alcaldes since 2015 and that no Alcalde jurisdictions […]

    Bain Gets Four Million In Lawsuit; He Sued for $40M
    Professor Brendan Bain won his case against the University of the West Indies. The Jamaica Gleaner is reported that the Full Court has ruled that the termination of the contract for University of the West Indies, (UWI) Mona consultant, Professor Brendan Bain, was a breach of his right to freedom of expression as guaranteed in the Charter […]

    Training of Trainers Underway for New HFLE Primary School Curriculum
    Almost five years ago, in September 2012, the Ministry of Education bowed to public pressure and removed the HFLE Manuel from primary schools with a commitment to review the lessons. The pressures came from the group, Belize Action when they kept hammering that a large part of the guide was geared at normalizing homosexuality. Another […]

    A Piper Cherokee For Wings of Hope
    Some months ago, the aircraft belonging to Wings of Hope was damaged in an incident in southern Belize rendering the vessel useless. Since then the Wings of Hope organization out of St. Louis, Missouri, USA sent an aircraft on loan to Belize’s office. Yesterday, however, Belize’s Wings of Hope received a Piper Cherokee 6 Aircraft […]

    A Subvention for BERT to Be Penned
    September 2016 saw BERT Ambulance Services in financial troubles and as a result they had opted to hand over the service to the Government of Belize. After just completing eighteen years of service to the country, a convoy of ambulances was seen heading to the parking lot of the Central Health Region as part of […]

    Police Duo Dubbed Heroes Out West
    On Saturday two Police Constables attached to the San Ignacio Formation rescued three teenagers who were caught in the currents of the Macal River in Cristo Rey Village, unable to get to shore. As we have reported, the three young men seventeen year-old Kevin Requena, fifteen year-old Leigh Alvarado and seventeen year-old Brian Oliver became […]

    Mayor Bradley Says It’s Personal
    Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley will not seek re-election for the upcoming municipal elections slated for next year. Bradley told the media he decided not to submit his name this year due to personal reasons. Hipolito Novelo reports.

    Outgoing Mayor Endorses Dion Leslie for the Seat
    With Darrell Bradley out of the picture, two men have submitted their names with the hopes to become the next Belize City mayor under the UDP banner. They are councilors Dion Leslie and Phillip Willoughby. So who does he support? Today he threw his entire support for Leslie saying he is the best man for […]

    AG Speaks on Staffing, UNCAC and Pending Judgements
    It has been seven months now since former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peyrefitte took over the office of the Attorney General. His office is the umbrella organization of several agencies including Vital Statistics, the UNCAC implementation, as well as any legal proceedings brought against any governmental departments. Peyrefitte was a guest on […]


    Bert Vasquez sentenced to 10 years
    The sentencing of businessman Bert Vasquez, 33, who was convicted on one count of forcible abduction and one count of aggravated assault of an indecent nature, occurred today before Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas, who heard an impact assessment statement from the victim of Vasquez’s crime. The victim’s statement was read by Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez in the morning session of the sentencing hearing. In the afternoon session, Justice Lucas sentenced Vasquez to serve 10 years in prison for the forcible abduction and 3 years for the aggravated assault. Justice Lucas stipulated that the sentences are to run concurrently, which means that he would only have to spend a total of ten years in prison for both offenses.

    Bryan Clark, 21, and Donovan Casildo, 26, guilty of murder
    Ultrasound technician and family man, Sylvan Roberts, Jr., 39, was killed in his home almost six years ago. On Friday, the men accused of his murder, Bryan Clark, 21, and Donovan Casildo, 26, appeared before Justice Antoinette Moore in a trial without jury in the Belmopan Supreme Court. Moore revealed that traces of Casildo’s blood were found in the victim’s home. Clark’s fingerprints were also found at the crime scene.

    Gapi’s henchman, Hilmar Alamilla, charged with murder
    Former campaign manager for Orange Walk North area representative Hon. Gaspar “Gapi” Vega, Hilmar “David” Alamilla, 42, has been arraigned for the murder of Orange Walk resident Daniel “Danny Boy” Sosa, 24. Alamilla, represented by attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley, appeared before Senior Magistrate Albert Hoare in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today. He was read a single charge of murder and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 5, 2017. Alamilla was escorted to the court house by 9 police officers. The Officer Commanding Orange Walk police, Supt. David Chi, told the media that this was done for security reasons.

    Dr. Patricia Rodney in Belize for UEF Emancipation Day anniversary activities
    Dr. Patricia Rodney, the widow of Guyana’s great historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, arrived in Belize yesterday, Sunday, to participate in Emancipation Day activities planned by the UBAD Education Foundation (UEF). Dr. Rodney was met at the Philip Goldson International Airport by UEF chairperson, YaYa Marin Coleman, and UEF member, Pambana Bassett. After she arrived in Belize, Dr. Rodney met with all the organizers of the Emancipation Day event. The meeting took place at the Library of African and Indian Studies, located on the Kremandala compound.

    Elmer Carillo, 27, charged with the April 20 murder of Carlos Xol, 44
    Almost three months ago, Carlos Pop Xol, 44, a Guatemalan businessman, was stabbed to death near Jalacte. His body was discovered by a relative who quickly notified police. Following his death, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Clement Cacho, made this statement to the press: “On Thursday, April 20, 2017, approximately 5:30 p.m., information was received of the lifeless body of a male person approximately half mile from the Tree Tops Outpost whilst passing the Jalacte junction.

    Transport Department considers taking action against J&J Bus Company and driver
    The National Department of Transport is considering suspending the Road Service Permit for the J&J Bus Company that travels from Benque Viejo Del Carmen to Belize City, to Chetumal, and charging one of its drivers after a disgusted passenger took a video of the bus operating in what seems to be a reckless manner on the highway. The video shows the driver of the J&J bus deliberately using the bus to block and impede another bus from passing. The incident occurred yesterday on the George Price Highway.

    BDFA Interoffice football Week 3 results
    The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) continued its Interoffice Football Tournament 2017 with Week 3 games last Wednesday and Thursday nights, July 26-27, at the MCC Grounds. In the opener on Wednesday night, Deportivos Los Alcones and Brodies played to a 2-2 draw. Shaking the net for Los Alcones were Emelson Garcia (37’) and Alex Alvarado (65’), while Elijah Pinkard (11’) and Travyon Martinez (45’) hit the target for Brodies. And in the nightcap, it was Latino FC, 1-0, over BWS Pressure, on a goal by Brayan Rivas (2’).

    Kulture back on top at Week 9 of Belize National Over-40
    The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) National Over-40 Tournament 2017 held Week 9 games over the past weekend, and as the race to the top-4 playoffs begins to heat up, Kulture Yabra Veterans are once again at the top of the standings, while a hot contest out west left the game unfinished due to “fans behavior.” On Saturday, July 29, at the MCC Grounds, league leading goal scorer Kevin Rowland struck twice (14’ & 70’) to lift Kulture Yabra Veterans to a 2-1 victory over a game BDF Veterans, who got a late goal from Donald Harris (89’). The win pushed Kulture Yabra back on top of the standings, since also on Saturday, former standings leader Mangro Creek Veterans were held to a 1-1 stalemate at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium by home standing Belmopan Veterans. Benigno Espinosa (16’) gave Mango Creek the early lead, but Mario Cerna (29’) equalized for Belmopan.

    Editorial: Cuidado, Belize
    It is past the point where we Belizeans need to be careful, to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. The innocence of our September celebrations has been polluted by our desire for the relatively easy tourist dollar, among other things. We describe the tourist dollar as “easy,” because we compare it to the fishing dollar or the sugar cane dollar. (The fishing and sugar cane dollars, by contrast, are sweat and pain dollars.) The children and youth of Belize are the ones who are presently in the most danger because they have the highest sexual value in the marketplace of sex deviants. Sex deviants come along with the mainstream foreign tourists, wholesome visitors looking for rest and relaxation from their hard-working, competitive lifestyles in America and Europe.

    Categorize the buses to ensure better service, says Ervin Wade
    Dear Editor, This is an open letter to the Transport Department of Belize. I was to depart from the Corozal Bus Terminal at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 27, on the Tillett Bus to Belize City. We actually departed about 8:45 a.m. The bus continued to pick up passengers, even though the aisle was ram-jammed with people, including children — too unsafe, since at times it was speeding. We arrived at the Orange Walk Bus Terminal at approximately 10:00 a.m. Imagine 1 ½ hours FOR APPROXIMATELY 40 MILES. All aisle passengers and some who were seated dismounted from the bus. The conductor then proceeded to let more passengers on. We departed from Orange Walk to Belize City at about 10:15. The same overcrowding of the bus began again.

    Opinion from Lyra Spang, Ph. D.
    Dear Editor, Having read the editorial “The Reef, The Oil and The Politics” from the July 19, 2017 issue of the Amandala, I wanted to comment. The author hits the nail on the head with regards to oil exploitation. As a tour guide and tour operator in Placencia, Belize, I know that our tourism industry is one of the largest direct and indirect job generators and our country depends on maintaining the beautiful, healthy ecosystems that attract our visitors. Our reef environments are the backbone of our tourism AND fisheries industries and any kind of offshore oil exploration puts that priceless reef system at risk of destruction. Coral are so fragile that even large amounts of sunblock can damage them. Even a small oil spill could wreak havoc on our barrier reef.

    Optimistic, truly believe…and the No-Good Samaritan
    I can’t recall (it’s from 2015) who told me that Audrey Matura had reported in her column in the Amandala that PM Barrow had called Michael Ashcroft—a Good Samaritan. I’m pretty sure that was the term used. I was incredulous. And if I was that, I would remember who told me, Audrey had said, that PM Barrow had said, right? Okay, I do recall. But, like parties at the Senate hearing, I’m not telling. They will spit, when DPP Vidal gives them a call. But what I have to say is all incidental, so I get a pass. I told the person who told me that PM Barrow said that Ashcroft was a Bible hero: No, I don’t think so. The person insisted. So I said: Maybe it was in jest. The person said: Well I heard the PM say it too, and I can tell you he wasn’t joking. I said: No disrespect (to you), but this one I need to see, the entire story. I want to hear his lead up. I want to hear how he ends. And I definitely want to see his body language when he says something so incredible.

    Cops rescue teenagers from strong currents of Macal River
    Five police officers of the Belmopan Police Formation have been hailed as heroes after they saved three young men – Kevin Requeña, 17; Leigh Alvarado, 17; and Byron Oliva, 15 (all students of Cristo Rey) — from drowning in the Macal River in Cristo Rey on Saturday morning. The police officers were on patrol in Cristo Rey when they saw the three teenagers in distress and in danger of being washed away to almost certain death by the strong currents of the Macal River. The three young men were crossing the river in a canoe when it overturned, and they got trapped when the current became strong and the river began to rise. They held on to the submerged canoe and shouted for help. The officers heard the distress call and went to the riverside, where they saw the three young men. One of the police officers, PC Daniel Choc, went into the river to the canoe with a rope with which he made a lasso, which he threw to the boys for them to hold on to, and the boys were pulled onto the shore by the other officers.

    Jose Castellanos, 37, shot and killed in Santa Elena
    Police are investigating the death of Jose Leonardo Nuñez Castellanos, 37, a Honduran construction worker of Santa Cruz, Cayo District, who was found lying face-down with multiple gunshot wounds to the body near a restaurant in Santa Elena. Castellanos was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital, where he was declared dead at about 9:30 last night. Police said that at about 9:00 last night, while eating at a restaurant at the corner of Eden Drive and George Price Highway, Castellanos was shot multiple times by a man, with whom he had an altercation.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shark Fishing Season closes
    The Belize Fisheries Department today issued a statement advising the public that in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 78 of 2011, the shark fishing season is closed from 1st August to 31st October. The public is reminded that no person or establishment shall have […]

    Freight-liner causes power outage in Santa Elena
    Last night at around 6:00, Roberto Marcias, 47, an Orange Walk truck driver reported that while driving a freight-liner tractor truck on the La Loma Luz boulevard, he felt the container dislodge and the truck landed on the passenger side. The driver was taken […]

    Brave police officers awarded
    By Zoila Palma: Today, PC 1466 Derwin Garcia and PC 720 Daniel Choc were awarded for their bravery in rescuing three young men on Saturday. On Saturday, July 30, the officers from the San Ignacio police formation responded to a 911 distress call about three young men […]

    U.S. State Department issues advisory over tainted liquor in Mexico
    The U.S. Statement Department issued an advisory last week warning tourists traveling to Mexico, one of the most popular destination for Belizeans, about “tainted or substandard alcohol” causing drinkers to get sick or pass out. According to the State Department, “there have been allegations […]

    Angel Orellano Wanted By Police
    22 year old, Angel Antonio Orellano aka WECHE, is wanted by Belmopan Police in the connection with the murder of 20 year old of Samuel Mendez, which occurred on July 31.Orellano is 5’8 in height with light brown skin and brown eyes. He is […]

    Bradley exits City Council – Not seeking re election
    Two term Belize City Mayor, Darrel Bradley, will not be seeking re-election. However, he indicated that he remains a firm supporter of the United Democratic Party and will assist the council whenever necessary. His exit leaves the post vacant and already two councilors, Dion […]

    Belize City man shot in San Pedro
    Last night around 6:45, San Pedro Police visited the San Pedro Polly Clinic where they saw Lloyd Martinez, 29, Belizean maintenance worker of a Police Street Address, Belize City being treated for gunshot wounds to his mid-section of his body. Police investigation revealed that Martinez […]

    UWI Professor who testified against UNIBAM wins lawsuit in Jamaican courts
    In 2014, Jamaican Professor at UWI, Brendan Bain, testified against UNIBAM before the Belize Supreme Court. However, thereafter the university terminated him from his post for his “anti-gay” testimony. Professor Bain sued UWI for 40 million Jamaican dollars for defamation of his character. Well […]

    Dickie says Hilmar Alamilla not guilty of murder
    Twenty four year old Daniel Sosa received a gunshot to the left temple while in a vehicle belonging to Hilmar Alamilla. Alamilla has since been arraigned and remanded to prison until September 5,2017. His attorney, Dickie Bradley, told the media that his client is notguilty of […]

    Stepfather who raped & sexually assaulted step daughters remanded to prison
    The man accused of raping his 10 year old step daughter and sexually assaulting his other 8 year old step child has been sent to the Hattieville prison. He is fifty year old Corazlito resident, Hendicutt Reid. Court documents revealed that the offences occurred […]

    Co-founder of Mount Carmel High School passes
    Father John McHugh, a co-founder of Mount Carmel high school in Benque Viejo del Carmen passed away last night. McHugh passed away in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was 93 years old. He was also the co-founder of Society of Our Lady of the Most […]

    Head on motorcycle collision on George Price Highway
    Yesterday morning around 7:00, police responded to a road traffic accident between miles 60 and 61 on the George Price highway, Cayo District. Police arrived at the scene and observed two motorcycle with damages to their front portions. The initial investigation has revealed that […]

    Annual Wonder Woman award ceremony
    On Friday, July 28, 2017, Defence Minister John Saldivar joined Chargé d’ Affaires from the US Embassy Adrienne Galanek and Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis (Belize Coast Guard) as they presented awards to members of the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Defence Force who were victorious […]


    Belize Eco-Kids: Camp Concludes!
    "Then we all started getting ready to leave, which is hard when all you want to do is stay. It’s funny – we all arrived strangers, well pretty much all of us. But through just eight days, well, seven and a half – we’d gotten to know each other like family. There are some kids I’m just going to be sad to see go, simple as that. Yes, we might send emails, yes, we might friend each other on Facebook, but we’ll never be drawn together like we were at Chaa Creek. Never. There, we were family – some we liked, some we didn’t – but a family nevertheless, people you would do anything for. Out here in the big wide world, we are just friends, and just friends after Chaa Creek is unbearable.

    Chartering Your Own Boat: Our Tour to Caye Caulker, Belize
    Since we were 7 people, we decided to charter a boat with my friends at Creative Tours – and it really is SUCH a great way to go. They arrived to pick us up in the beautiful C-Monkey and we were off. The day and the boat was ours…anywhere we wanted to go. Our loose game plan: manatee, snorkel, Caye Caulker. They provided the order – to avoid the busiest times – and then filled in all the details and some extras. We were picked up at the dock. And since the manatee was our top priority – we headed to Caye Caulker’s North Cut in the reef first. Finding him or her is not a sure thing, but she has been spotted recently.

    It's Back and So Am I (Almost)
    It’s that time of year and Sargasso is coming back with a vengence. Island residents are already feeling the effects. My friend socialite Sandie was feeling nauseous big time from the smell down south yesterday morning and had to postpone our lunch plans. More about that below with lots of great pics, but first a bit on Sargassum in Belize. When it’s not cleaned up off the beaches fast, it produces an awful pungent smell that may cause itchy eyes, breathing issues, nausea and headaches. The Resort owners along the beaches of San Pedro do the best they can and spend thousands of dollars every year to clean up the beach so it’s nice for travelers.

    Life In Corozal: A Rustic Caribbean Paradise
    Corozal is a calm tranquil seaside town, located just south of the Río Hondo (Hondo River), which forms the border between Mexico and Belize. Set on a crystal-clear bay, Corozal was an important center on the early Mayan trading routes, and the evidence remains in the ruins of Cerros and Santa Rita, and the old English Fort Barley. During the mid-1800s the modern town was settled with a large population of refugees from Mexico’s Caste War. Today, Corozal is home to a growing expatriate community, mostly concentrated in the northern tip of the town at Consejo Shores, and along the seaside in the Copper Bank and Chunox areas. While not part of the traditional tourist circuit, Corozal Town makes a good base for fishing excursions in the calm bay; bird- and wildlife-viewing tours into nearby Shipstern Nature Reserve; shopping trips to neighboring Chetumal, Mexico; and explorations of the aforementioned Mayan ruins.

    September Celebration in Belize
    It’s Carnival Season around Belize is celebrating its 36th Anniversary of Independence and festivities has been planned throughout the entire month of September around Belize. Independence Day 2017 will be a special time in Belize as the country celebrates its 36th anniversary of gaining full sovereignty. The occasion will be marked with a number of amazing celebrations, parties, and activities. This year's official theme is Belize: Confronting challenges! Celebrating Triumphs! Renewing our Resolve! If you are visiting Belize for September of this year you might want to Come during September 10 and 21s of September.

    Power interruption 7:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday, August 6
    Dangriga, Hopkins, Sittee, Maya Center, Kendall, Riversdale, Melinda, Sarawee, Hope Creek, Pomona, Alta Vista, Steadfast, Valley Community, Middlesex, Hummingbird Community, Santa Martha, St Margaret’s and Hershey. BEL to conduct critical maintenance, testing and replacement of equipment at Dangriga Substation.

    Caballo Conservation Post Inauguration
    There's a new conservation post in the Chiquibul. The Caballo Conservation Post had its inauguration. Thanks, PACT and FCD! Protect the Chiquibul! "Chiquibul National Park gets new Conservation Post valued at BZ $115K with funding from PACT and Environmental Management Fund! Established by: the Belize Forest Department, Belize Police Department, Belize Defence Force and Friends for Conservation and Development - FCD Belize on July 31, 2017."

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize central bank adopts SWIFT sanctions screening
    The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) announced on Tuesday that the Central Bank of Belize has adopted its sanctions screening solution to combat financial crime. The industry utility enables banks to take a proactive approach in building greater trust with the international financial community and mitigating de-risking. Central Bank of Belize said, “The adoption of SWIFT’s sanctions screening further attests our commitment to prevent financial crime. Implementing the right compliance controls within an organization is not only a regulatory responsibility, but also a priority for global security.”


  • Drone Footage, Belize August 2017, 2min. Locations: San Pedro, Secret Beach, Belize Barrier Reef

  • Update on The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism-NICH, 5min. On Tuesday, July 25th, our Belize Now team visited the Goldson House in Belmopan. The day marked the 94th birthday of Belizean Hero Philip Goldson in whose memory the museum is built. Here’s what our team learned on their visit …

  • Belize City Council unveils new "LOVE" sign at the Belama Phase 2 park, 1/2min.

  • Festival of Hope Belize 2017, 6.5min.

  • The Best Week of my Life- Pt. 2 | Belize 2017, 11min. This is the second part of the best week of my life. I went to Belize for a week and it became a trip I'll never forget.

  • Belize 2017, 14min. Caye caulker, San Ignacio and a jeep tour through Belize!!! Glickfit getaway July 2017

  • Making Friends in Belize City, 9min. Stop 3 on the Carnival Glory. Family time in Belize, and then some solo exploring in Belize... Which was not so family friendly. Made a lot of great memories and this had to be my favorite stop on the trip!

  • The Senate Select Committee goes on break until September, 53min.

  • Belize Chamber of Commerce Amendment to the building Act 2017, 25min.

  • Interesting People Book, 15min.

  • UB 1st President's All Inclusive Endowment Fete, 1/2min. The Soca affair features Oscar B and the Gilharry 7 Band. More artists will be announced soon. All proceeds from this fundraiser goes towards scholarships for well deserving students. Fundraising for student scholarships at the all inclusive fete

  • Dive Belize - the Boat Rides with dolphins!, 8.5min.

  • Belize Trip July 2017, 4min.

  • BELIZE 2017!!!!!!, 9min.

  • Going to San Pedro, Belize (Ambergris Caye), 9min. We have officially become world travelers and have flown to the beautiful Central American country of Belize! What an AMAZING place!

  • Saffron on Rose Takes Belize! (SCARIEST PLANE RIDE EVER), 7.5min. My mom and I went to Belize earlier this year as you saw on snapchat and instagram. We had an amazing time and wanted to share some highlights with you.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 60min.

    August 1, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Fourth annual Camp Starfish ends with grand parade
    Featuring specially designed posters handmade with love, the fourth annual Camp Starfish grand finale parade certainly brought awareness to the San Pedro community: children with special needs are here, and we are all more alike than different. The two-week camp held at the San Pedro Lions Den on July 17th, 19th, 21st, 24th, 26th, and 28th focused on the community’s special needs individuals. The two weeks of activities focused on making education fun, and based on the giggles and laughter coming out of the Den during camp days, it was a total success! With 45 children registered for camp this year (7 more than in 2016), Camp founder Dalia Alamilla and Coordinator Sarah Freudenberg tried to ensure that music and movement were incorporated in the curriculum to get the children up and moving.

    Traffic accident north of San Pedro Town leaves one person badly injured
    A collision involving a Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) vehicle and a motorcycle has left a young lady badly injured. The incident took place shortly after lunch on Monday, July 31st at an intersection on the island’s northern road. The victim has been identified as a Minelly Sanchez, and she suffered a broken leg and a bruised arm. She was transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where she was stabilized, and later flown to Belize City for further medical treatment. The San Pedro Police Formation and the San Pedro Transport Department (SPTD) have since launched an investigation into the accident.

    Taste of Belize Cuisine Festival Kicks Off in Taiwan
    Belize cuisine is gracing the tables at The Cafe Restaurant of Shangri La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei from 27th July through 13th August 2017. The Event, the Taste of Belize Cuisine Festival, is presented by the Embassy of Belize in Taiwan in partnership with the Central American Trade Office (CATO) and the Hotel. The Taste of Belize opened at lunch time on July 27th to a packed restaurant of specially invited guests from the Diplomatic Corp, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Taiwan, public and private sector entities, and regular customers. Vice Foreign Minister H. E. Jose Maria Liu, Shangri La’s Resident Manager Alexander Paul, and Embassy of Belize’s Ambassador H.E. Diane Haylock spoke at the ceremony and broke ice along with CATO’s Director H.E. Ingrid Hsing, and Belize’s own celebrated Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi’s Kitchen on San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

    National Song Competition 2017 Postponed and Song Entry Deadline Extended
    The National Celebrations Commission informs the public that the National Song Competition 2017 has been postponed. This year’s National Song Competition will be held on Saturday, August 26th in Dangriga Town. The date for the deadline of entries has also been extended to allow the artists extra time to properly record and submit their original instrumental, fully recorded song, lyrics, completed registration form and photograph to National Song Competition, Bliss Centre, Southern Foreshore, Belize City or online at

    Ambergris Today

    Is this the last we'll see of David Doehm?"
    Eye witnesses reported seeing him arrive at the San Pedro gas station at 6:17pm in a small water craft. He filled up his gas tank and headed south towards Belize City. The boat was fully loaded with cargo underneath a large tarp. "Are the Doehms moving out of the island? Or is David making a run for it?" Our readers express their concerns. The couple was scheduled for a mandatory check in at the Belize City Queen Street Police Station today as part of their bail requirements. Their next mandatory check in is Monday, August 7.

    Queen's Baton Relay To Arrive In Belize This Week
    The Queen's Baton has journeyed through all the African and Caribbean countries. Its next stop will be Belize, from August 2nd - 6th. The Baton will be arriving at the Philip Goldson International Airport at 12:30pm on August 2nd, 2017. Members of the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (BOCGA), Honorable Beverly Williams, Mr. Jorge Espat, will welcome the team. CEO of the PGIA, and Mrs. Dian White, Chairperson of Ladyville. Immediately following a brief meet and greet with our invited guest and the media. The Cycling Federation of Belize will start the first leg of the relay that will visit, Belize City, Orange Walk and the Chiquibul National Park.

    Taste Of Belize Cuisine Festival Kicks Off In Taiwan
    Belize cuisine is gracing the tables at The Cafe Restaurant of Shangri La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei from 27th July through 13th August 2017. Chef Jennie flew into Taiwan on July 24, 2017, and immediately went to work along with the Shangri La team of chefs in getting the special Belize menu items ready. The restaurant's lunch and dinner time buffet will feature the Belize Cuisine section. A shorter version of the Taste of Belize Cuisine Festival will also be featured at Mega50 Restaurant in New Taipei City from the 1st to 3rd August, 2017. Chef Jennie will also be there. She returns to Belize on the 6th August.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Man Charged for April murder of Guatemalan Businessman
    Carlos Pop Xol was murdered on April 20th, 2017 in Jalacte Village. On July 30th, Police have formally arrested and charged 27 year old Elmer Javier Carillo, a nautralized Belizean with the crime of murder. On Thursday, April 20th, 2017,a body was seen near the Jalacte junction. Police found a man with multiple stab wounds across his body. Carlos Pop Xol was heading back to Guatemala from Bella Vista village when he was attacked by two men. Xol was robbed of all his belongings.”

    Mayor Darrell Bradley participated on the International Leaders Visitor Program (IVLP): "Accountability in Government" from July 10-28, 2017
    During the program he participated in combinations of meetings, site visits, training and cultural events in different states in the U.S. The program explored the American commitment to transparency, ethics, and accountability at all levels of its government. They also examined the methods employed to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, and ensure accountability to the public. Participants explored the critical role that NGOs, advocacy groups, and the media play as “watchdogs” as well as how social media is increasingly used to monitor good governance. Finally they looked at “whistleblower” issues, the impact of the Freedom of Information Act, sunshine laws and the move to provide data for public viewing.

    End of Ya'axché Conservation Trust three-year strategic plan
    As we reach the end of our current three-year strategic plan, our team came together last week to acknowledge the remarkable achievements made thus far and envision our direction for the next three years. Thanks to our longstanding partner Fauna & Flora International for successfully facilitating the workshops. We excitedly anticipate another 3 years of empowering communities and protecting forests of the Maya Golden Landscape in southern Belize!

    Shooting in San Pedrito
    The San Pedro Police Formation are investigating a shooting incident which occurred in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town about 8pm Monday night. Information reaching our news room indicate that a male person Identified as 29-year-old Floyd Martinez of a Belize City address was shot to his left leg and groin. He was transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where he was stabilized and then airlifted to Belize City for further medical treatment. No arrests have been made as yet. Police continue investigating.

    Costa Maya Pageant Delegates having a BLAST on board the Island Dream Tours - YOLO
    The beauty delegates of the Miss Costs Maya Pageant enjoyed a true Beliean day in the sun. Island Dream Tours - YOLO hosted a wonderful picnic on board the YOLO catamaran. Sun, Sea, Belizean Breeze, great food-cocktails-service made for an unforgettable experience for the Central American delegates who travel to Ambergris Caye, Belize to compete for the coveted title of Miss Costa Maya 2017. International Costa Maya Festival

    Updating of the National Land Use Policy and Planning Framework
    The Ministry of Natural Resources has engaged a multi-disciplinary team from Agrer/I-MAGE Consult of Belgium to carry out an exercise to update the National Land Use Policy and the National Land Use Planning Framework for Land Development in Belize. This twelve (12) month consultancy forms part of the Technical Assistance component of the Belize Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project financed by the World Bank and implemented through the Belize Social Investment Fund. The updated National Land Use Policy and Planning Framework to be formulated is expected to articulate the country’s policy for the long term sustainable use and responsible development of land according to its suitability and functionality.

    Schedule for the Three Days of San Joaquin's Fiesta
    The 51st annual San Joaquin Fiesta will be held on the Park Grounds, San Joaquin Village, Corozal. To find out more about this event click Here: Food, beverages, games, gambling, mechanical games, grand dance, and much more. Friday, 11th August, 10pm Dance with One Love Band. Saturday, 12th August, 10pm Dance with Gilharry 7 Band. Sunday, 13th August, 10pm Dance with Dynamics of Belize Band. Sat, 12 Aug 2017 — San Joaquin Fiesta 2017.

    Guatemalan Government Seeks Indigenous Support in Dispute With Belize
    Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Morales has begun today a working visit to three regions of the country seeking support from mayors, governors and indigenous authorities and explaining the reasons for the territorial dispute with Belize. The official support is seeking to influence positively in a people´s consultation planned before 2018 and will determine whether or not to take an insular and maritime litigation with Belmopan to the International Criminal Court (ICC) according to press media.

    Nooks Beach Party August 5th
    SATURDAY! Only 5 days away! From noon TO MIDNIGHT Nook on the beach! Beach games, MELONIE GILLET performance, fire dancer! Great food and drink deals! $5 snagrias! Fireball sangria! Give aways! Never know what else could happen! See you Saturday! Just added! henna artist on the beach!

    Bandits Nation leaves for Nicaragua for their debut in the 2017 CONCACAF Champions League against Ferreti FC
    Bandits SC leaves today for Nicaragua for our first game. Follow us on our journey! Game will be on Univision and Fox Sports ! "Check local cable stations for channel listing"

    Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Bird Checklist
    Good sighting of young crake with pictures for you all very lucky difficult bird to fotograph.

    Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary--Spanish Creek, Orange Walk Birding Checklist
    Back birdwatching in the lagoon with good friends some good good birds and good memories,here a sample for my friends.

    20th Police Youth Cadet Corp Annual Summer Camp
    The Belize Police Department (BPD) held its 20th Police Youth Cadet Corp Annual Summer Camp hosted at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School from July 24 to 28. A total of 266 youth participated in the week-long event. The week activities included the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program lessons, camp fire, educational tours, presentations from the Meteorology Department, Hurricane preparedness lessons, talent show, pageant talent show, jungle survival training, foot drill competition, sporting activities and other sporting activities. The Cadets also visited elderly homes and donated 266 hampers.

    The Museum of Belize's Summer Arts Program 2017
    A big thank you to our facilitators Mr. and Mrs.Flores and all our participants of the 'Ti-Tai Art' workshop (Level 1), who made this initiative possible. Here are some photos of the workshop and the final products!

    Ya’axché Summer Camp: Day 1
    Today marks the beginning of our 1-week summer camp. This year’s theme is “Our forests, our health, our life, our future”. We are hosting 28 children from the Maya Golden Landscape, who are learning about community forestry and the benefits provided by #forests. Today the focus is on the value of standing forests, and we welcomed the Belize Forest Department, who gave a presentation on their role in forestry.

    Channel 7

    Politically Connected Man In Orange Walk Charged For Murder
    This weekend Orange Walk was shaken up when the 24 year old Daniel Sosa's body was found in a parking lot with a gunshot wound to the head. It caused a tremor in the town because the man he was last seen with was his good friend, 42 year old Hilmar David Alamilla. Now, if his name sounds familiar, it should. He's the one time Gaspar Vega henchman who briefly owned the controversial property that Andre Vega was compensated 400 thousand dollars for. Alamilla was the middleman in that purchase - who got the land from government, and he then flipped the property to Andre Vega - who came up big time when he was compensated.

    Young Man Shot Dead In Salvapan
    And while Orange Walk is still reeling from that very high profile murder - two other men were killed by guns this weekend. The first is a very cold murder that happened in the Salvapan area of Belmopan this morning around 7:00. 21 year old Samuel Mendez was cutting a yard on Costa Rica Street when a gunman came and just killed him. The Officer Commanding Belmopan told us more:...

    Watchman Shoots Trespasser - Cops Don't Know If It's Murder
    And while the two shooting deaths so far are being investigated as murders - the third case is not quite as clear. Just before midnight on Saturday, a 60 year old security Guard was working at the Aqua Mar Shrimp Farm when he came upon two trespassers. He says they were dressed in dark clothing and stepped towards him with a machete. He took up his shotgun - and the men fled, but the Security still fired, hitting 25 year old Wilfred Malcom in the back and head, killing him. So, the men were trespassing, but they were also fleeing - so was the use of lethal force justified? Especially since security guards were always on the lookout for copper thieves at the farm.

    Cops; Heroic Act, Save Kids From Drowning
    It seems like every week on the news - we report on some cop or the other who's gone rogue, and done something lawless and shameful. And very rarely do we hear about cops who did the right thing, or the brave thing - or even the heroic thing. But they did this weekend - and it was all captured one ell phone camera. On Saturday, three teenaged boys who were going down the Macal River in a dory got into trouble near Cristo Rey when the currents pushed the canoe into submerged tree branches and smashed it, leaving the boys hanging on for dear life.

    Licensed Shooter in Santa Elena Killing Still In Hospital
    As we reported on Friday, 37 year old Jose Nunez Castellanos was shot dead in a bar brawl in Santa Elena, Cayo. The man who allegedly shot him, was licensed firearm owner, 31 year old Nevis Bethancourt - who claims he did it in self defense, as Castellanos was chopping off his hand. Tonight, Bethancourt has not been charged or detained; he remains in the hospital recovering form the cop wound which nearly severed his hand. On Friday, police said he had been detained.

    Cops Make Arrest For Murder Of Guatemalan In South
    In April we told you about Guatemalan Carlos Pop Xol had been killed in Jalacte Village. The 44 year old businessman who is from Alta Vera Paz, Guatemala had been robbed and stabbed multiple times. On Sunday, three months later police formally arrested and charged 27 year old Elmer Javier Carillo, a naturalized Belizean with murder. The motive was robbery.

    More Gold Panners Caught in Chiquibul
    On Saturday morning 5 Friends of Conservation and Development Rangers were conducting a routine patrol in the Ceibo Chico region of the Chiquibul National Park, when they came across a make shift camp about 6km into the park. After a quick inspection they found two Guatemalan men sleeping under shelter. The men were identified as Thomas Gomez and Domingo Para, both from Dolores, Peten. The rangers also found six live 16 gauge shotgun shells, and a a bag of marijuana. No firearm was found, however several gold mining tools were found throughout the camp.

    Keenan Allegedly Caught With Cocaine
    Twenty-three year old Dangriga resident, Keenan Flores appeared in the Magistrate's Court today where he was charged with drug trafficking. According to reports, police acted on information received and searched a sky blue GMC Jimmy, which is allegedly owned by Flores. The cops found 2.2 kilos, or five pounds of cocaine in the back seat of the vehicle. When he appeared before Senor Magistrate Sharon Fraser, Flores pled not guilty. However, because of the amount of cocaine, the court was unable to offer him bail. Flores was remanded into custody until October.

    Selvin Caught With Safe
    San Ignacio police on patrol caught a teenaged burglar early on Friday morning. At 2:00 am, the cops saw Selvin Linarez from Ebony Street in Belize City lugging around a cash pan and a safe. It turns out he had gotten the cash pan from Atlantic Insurance and the safe from and environmental consultancy office beside it on the George Price highway. Both businesses had been burglarized. The cash pan and a few hundred dollars and the safe had a few thousand dollars. Linarez was charged with 2 counts of burglary.

    Cops Get Motorbikes
    Today the Belize Police Department received a donation of 6 motorcycles from businessman, Glen Wilson. Wilson, who has lived in Belize for almost 10 years, decided to donate the bikes in order to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of police patrols in rural areas. We went to the handing over ceremony where we spoke to Wilson, as well as Commander of Police Operation, ACP Edward Broaster, about the donation...

    Capital Cops Get Kids Into Agriculture
    Today, Belmopan police launched their second annual Youth engaged in Agriculture program. It's an interesting initiative which seeks to get children form Belmopan City and surrounding villages between the ages of nine and fifteen involved in agriculture as a summer job. The officer commanding Belmopan explained that it's an important time to capture these young minds - and recruitment this year zoomed from 75 to 125 participants :.. In the week long program the kids also learn about back yard gardening, tilapia and chicken rearing, corn and beans production, and ice cream processing.

    Bandits Leave For Champions League In Nicaragua
    Today the Belmopan Bandits flew out to Nicaragua to prepare for their first match in the region's Champion's League tournament. The Bandits qualified for the competition after winning this year's Premier League championship. Since then, the team has added some new talent to its roster, and has been training to compete at this international level. We met them at the airport this morning and spoke to a few of the veterans about how they're feeling heading into the match...

    Brendan Bain Beats UWI In Freedom Of Expression Case
    You may remember Jamaican Professor Brendan Bain. He made news all over the Caribbean when he was fired in May 2014 from his post at the University of the West Indies CHART Program. The University terminated him after they came under pressure from 33 lobby groups and activists organizations all over the Caribbean, for his supposed "anti-gay" testimony in the UNIBAM trial in the Belize Supreme Court.

    Channel 5

    Hilmar Alamilla Charged for Murder of Daniel Sosa – But Was It Murder?
    Four men lost their lives in the past four days, although only two are counted as murder victims and police continue to investigate the two others. Twenty-four year old Daniel [...]

    Attorney Dickie Bradley Calls Death “Unbelievable”
    Hilmar Alamilla, also known as David, has retained Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley as legal counsel. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Albert Hoare in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court and was remanded [...]

    Dickie Bradley Says His Client is Not Guilty of Murder
    According to Bradley, Alamilla, on advice has not spoken to police, but Bradley seemed fairly confident that he could show reasonable doubt that he had nothing to do with the [...]

    In Belmopan, Young Security Guard Shot Dead over Dispute
    Early this morning, a resident of the Riviera Area in Belmopan was murdered as he chopped a yard. Twenty-year-old Samuel Mendez was shot several times to the body by a [...]

    P.G. Police Charged Accused in April Murder
    Guatemalan businessman, Carlos Pop Xol, was stabbed to death back in April near the remote village of Jalacte in the south. Pop’s lifeless body was found by a relative not [...]

    Was Cayo Shooting/Chopping Confrontation Murder or Self-Defense?
    Police continue to investigate a fatal shooting in the west that occurred last Thursday in Santa Elena. Jose Castellanos, also known as “El Chele” was at a restaurant when he [...]

    Security Guard Shoots Dead Would-Be Intruder
    A twenty-five-year-old man lost his life on Sunday morning when he was shot and killed by a security guard on a shrimp farm in southern Belize.  The incident happened sometime [...]

    City Resident Charged with Double Burglary in Santa Elena
    A Belize City man was nabbed in Santa Elena in the west in possession of a cash pan and safe. Nineteen-year-old Selvin Linarez of Ebony Street was busted by police [...]

    MIT Bust Suspected Drug Trafficker in Old Capital
    Dangriga resident Keenan Anthony Flores pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply to another person or persons for the purpose of drug [...]

    Heroic Cops Hailed for Rescuing Drowning Teens
    Police Constables Daniel Choc and Derwin Garcia are being hailed as heroes tonight. The officers rescued three teenage boys who almost drowned in the Macal River in Cristo Rey Village [...]

    Gold Panners Hit with Slew of Charges
    Two Guatemalan nationals are in custody following their arrest over the weekend. Forty-year-old Thomas Gomez and thirty-seven-year-old Domingo Pana from Naranjon, Dolores Peten were detained on Saturday morning in the [...]

    Changing Strategy to Stop Gold Panners in Chiquibul
    According to Manzanero, the Ceibo Chico conservation post was installed three years ago and despite presence of joint B.D.F. and FCD patrols in the southernmost area of the Chiquibul, Guatemalan [...]

    Auditor General Scolds Would-Be Witness for Senate Hearing
    This past Wednesday, the final public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee on Immigration before a one-month hiatus was abruptly canceled over lack of consensus as to the necessity [...]

    BERT Takes to Skies with New Air Ambulance
    There’s a new emergency airlift that will be flying across the country in the days ahead, assisting the Belize Emergency Response Team with aerial capacity.  Wings of Hope has provided [...]

    Police Ride the Roads with New Motorbikes
    The Police Department has received six motorcycles to bolster its fight against crime, primarily in the Belize District. The generous donation came from Offshore Solutions at the request of the [...]

    Record Haul of Scholarships from Ariel Rosado Foundation
    The Ariel Rosado Foundation, established in the memory of the fallen cyclist turned legal practitioner, has increased the number of scholarships it awards to students for the fifth year in [...]

    All Kinds of Football on Sports Monday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of weekend sporting activities....]


    BSCFA Threathens To Take Legal Action Against BSI/ASR
    Tonight, we can report that there is more trouble in the sugar industry as a late evening press release fired off by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association belts out a response to a notice issued by ASR/BSI twelve days ago, in which the ASR warns that if the BSCFA opts out of the current cane purchasing agreement, BSI would not be able to accept cane from their members.

    Guatemalas President Seeks Support To Take Maritime And Territorial Dispute To The ICJ
    The issue of the referendum to decide whether to take Guatemala’s age-old, unfounded claim over Belizean territory to the International Court of Justice has returned to the fore in Guatemala. Their press is reporting that Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales is on a regional working tour in which he is lobbying for support for the referendum among mayors, governors and indigenous leaders.

    Hit And Run Accident Leaves One Person Injured
    A hit and run accident has left a teenager in a critical condition tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Reports reaching our news room indicate that sixteen year old Monique Moray was knocked down by an unidentified vehicle sometime around 5:15 this morning on Dangriga Street… located in the Union Town area here in Orange Walk.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Trailer truck crashes into an electrical post in Santa Elena, Cayo
    A trailer truck crashed into an electrical post in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District a short while ago causing a power outage in the area. The accident happened near the Aguada Hotel. At the moment, police along with fire fighters and a crew from BEL are at the scene.

    Belmopan man killed while chopping yard
    At about 7:30 this morning, four shots rang out in the Costa Rica area of Salva Pan Extension in Belmopan. When the shots stopped, Samuel Mendez laid dead, faced up in a pool of blood. According to reports, Mendez was contracted by his sister to cut a yard and while doing so a gun man emerged from the bushes and started firing the shots at him.

    First major accident at new bridge in San Ignacio/ Santa Elena
    A white BWS truck heading in the direction from San Ignacio to Santa Elena crashed into the rails of the new bridge a short time ago.

    Guatemalans charged for illegal entry
    Yesterday BBN reported that the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) caught two Guatemalans gold panning in the Chiquibul National Park. The men were taken to the San Ignacio Police station. Police reported that today, Domingo Pena and Thomas Gomes were charged for kept ammunition without a gun license.

    Poor Financing of Protected Areas Undermines Belize’s Development
    A well-managed and ecologically representative national protected areas (PA) system is essential to the preservation of Belize’s natural capital and its biodiversity assets, in order to guarantee the ecosystem services that currently underwrite national development and citizen welfare. Well-conserved ecosystems in soundly-managed PAs provide services that are key for sectoral growth in the economy and also for human wellbeing. Ecosystem goods and services provided by PAs are critical for health, nutrition, employment, food security, agricultural exports and even protection from natural disasters.

    Hilmar Alamilla charged for murder
    Yesterday morning, Daniel Sosa, 24, was found near a dumpster of a hotel in Orange Walk town lying face down with one gunshot wound to the left temple that exited the top of his head. Police had initially detained three persons pending investigations. Today […]

    Guatemalan President seeking support for taking Belize dispute to ICJ
    Latin American news outlet, the Prensa Latina is reporting that Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales has embarked on a working visit to three regions of his country seeking support from mayors, governors and indigenous authorities to take the long-standing territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala […]

    BERT’s new air ambulance touching down today
    The Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT), Belize’s only emergency medical response service, will soon be able to transfer patients in need of emergency care even quicker with the arrival of a Piper Cherokee 6 air ambulance today. The single-engine fixed landing gear light aircraft […]

    Sunny skies and warm weather on the horizon
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair and warm weather to continue with sunny skies today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Some isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected over inland areas this afternoon and over the south tonight. The wind will blow from the […]

    Cristo Rey villager found
    This morning BBN reported that a family Cristo Rey village was worried sick after they had not heard from their relative, Rosendo Juarez since last Wednesday. Juarez, however, was found a short while ago and was taken home safely. BBN thanks everyone for sharing. […]

    Taiwan accused of ‘Dollar-Diplomacy’ after recent Belize visit
    The Republic of China (Taiwan) government has denied accusations that it is engaging in “dollar diplomacy” by offering financial assistance to diplomatic allies after the Taiwanese Foreign Minister, Dr. David Tawei Lee signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) worth US $60 Million in Belize […]

    Security Guard kills intruder in Independence, police investigating
    A police investigation is currently underway in the Intermediate Southern Formation, after an on-duty security guard allegedly killed one of two intruders on a shrimp farm in Independence village on Saturday night. According to police reports, at around 11:48 p.m. on Saturday night 60-year-old […]

    Rosendo Juarez of Cristo Rey Village missing
    Rosendo Juarez of Cristo Rey Village in the Cayo District is missing. The family of Juarez posted on social media that they haven’t seen or heard from him since Wednesday, July 26, 2017. The public is asked to call the nearest police station if […]

    Belize – Should the minimum wage be increased?
    By Richard Harrison: The minimum wage stipulated by law in Belize is currently at BZ$3.30 per hour, and was raised to this level in 2012….five long years ago. Prior to that it was set at BZ$3.10 per hour in 2010, and BZ$2.50 in 2007. In 1992, minimum […]


    Where, how, and when (hint: first thing in the morning) to get the best bites in Belize... As I was nearing the end of my trip — and the end of my budget — I made a conscious decision to forego real meals and survive instead solely on snacks. To my delight, the first snack found me. Elsworth Crawford, a native of Caye Caulker, has been baking for an impressive 28 years and sells his freshly baked treats — twice a day! — from his bicycle, which he rides across the island. Donning a chef’s hat and apron, he pedals through town, bearing a permanent grin, hawking cinnamon buns the size of your head. You’ll hear him coming: “FRESH BAKED CINNAMON BUNS! COCONUT BREAD! JUST SAY THE WORD, BAY-BAY! SAY THE WORD!” A cinnamon bun will set you back a whopping $2 BZD ($1 USD) and easily provide a day’s worth of calories. I had one most days, and don’t regret a thing.

    Why Visit Punta Gorda, Belize
    Punta Gorda is a fishing town on the Caribbean coast of southern Belize. It’s a gateway to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, lying offshore, and Guatemala. Nearby dive sites on the Belize Barrier Reef are home to turtles and whale sharks. Payne’s Creek National Park has coastal wetlands and numerous bird species. Inland are the ruined Maya city of Lubaantun and waterfalls in Rio Blanco National Park. Punta Gorda, known locally as P.G., is the capital and largest town of Toledo District in southern Belize. Punta Gorda is the southernmost sizable town in the nation, with a population of about 5,000 people. Although the town bears a Spanish name, its inhabitants are mostly Kriol/English-speaking, and are primarily of Garifuna, East Indian, Kriol, and Maya descent.

    International Sourcesizz

    Central Bank of Belize adopts Swift for sanctions screening
    SWIFT announces today that the Central Bank of Belize has adopted its Sanctions Screening solution to combat financial crime. The industry utility enables banks to take a proactive approach in building greater trust with the international financial community and mitigating de-risking. Central Bank of Belize says, “The adoption of SWIFT’s Sanctions Screening further attests our commitment to prevent financial crime. Implementing the right compliance controls within an organization is not only a regulatory responsibility, but also a priority for global security.”

    My Way Around: Journeying the Infinite Spiral of Life
    How do you spiral from street musician, an island in Belize, tragedy in Mexico to spiritual channel, luminary, and author? Enjoy the adventures, challenges, lessons and incredible experiences of Wendy's spiraling journey to the successful, happy and healthy place she is today.


  • Belize Now - Episode 28 Friday, July 28, 2017, 35min. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Completes Three-day Visit to Belize, Pueblo Viejo and Conejo Get New Solar Energy Water Systems and Our Belize Now Team gets an Update on the Goldson House. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now.

  • Colt in the Cockpit, 1.5min. We took a 12-seater Cessna 208 Caravan back and forth between mainland Belize and Ambergris Caye during our trip. On the last day, Colt took the jump seat for a great view. Belize, July 2017.

  • Battle of The Drums 2015, 1/2min. Snippet from the 2015 Battle of the drums competition in Punta Gorda Town

  • Andrew & Tifara Belize Wedding Film, 14min. from Jose Luis Zapata

  • Belize’s Artistic Future on Display at ICA Summer Camp, 4min.

  • KTV the Remix (July 25, 2017), 2hr15min.

  • Over the weekend the Orange Walk district recorded its fifth murder for 2017, 6min. Over the weekend the Orange Walk district recorded its fifth murder for 2017 after a twenty four year old Orange Walkeno was brutally killed, shot once to the head and his body dumped inside the Parking lot of D-Victoria Hotel here in Orange Walk. Our news-team has been following this tragic incident, which has left an entire community in shock, since Saturday and filed the following report.

  • Hilmar David Alamilla was detained by police at his home and later charged for murder., 8min. Approximately two hours after Daniel Sosa’s body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the temple, his alleged killer, well connected UDP supporter, forty two year old Hilmar David Alamilla was detained by police at his home and later charged for murder. This morning Alamilla was escorted to the Orange Walk Magistrates court where he was arraigned for a single count of murder.

  • Attorney General Ministry Position on Outstanding Judgements, 35min.

  • National Women's Commission Women on Politics Conrence, 29min.

  • NICH promotes National Song Competition, 16min.

  • Belizean Beetle (Ball Roller), 1min.

  • Evans Badu Live, 47min.

  • Wildlife River Sanctuary, 5min. The Wildlife River Sanctuary combines all of the reasons we love Belize on 28 acres! The custom designed home perched within the hillside provides unobstructed views of the mountains, wildlife, jungle, and river below. From the moment you pass the gate and begin your drive up the palm-lined driveway, you’ll feel at home.

  • A Jaguar and Her Cubs from Belize & ; Bart Harmsen 2016 Natural History Nature Documentary, 4min.

  • Adventures in Belize - June 2017, 4min.

  • Belize - La splendeur des Mayas. DOCUMENTAIRE MYSTÈRE, 45min. Depuis que les vestiges des cités mayas ont été redécouverts au XIXe siècle, ils fascinent les chercheurs. Don Wildman revient sur l'histoire de cette civilisation

  • Great Blue Hole Belize, 4min. Scuba Diving with Amigos del Mars at the Great Blue Hole in Belize.

  • What Beers are Available in Belize? Here is a Preview, 2.5min.

  • The Best Week of my Life- Pt. 1 | Belize 2017, 17min. This is the first part of the best week of my life. I went to Belize for a week which was the best week of my lfe.

  • Emancipation Day 2017, 4.5min. Boat Launch for the Ancestors of Slavery. As we commemorate Emancipation Day 2017, we honour the memory of those who gave their lives, as well as those whose indomitable will drove them to overcome their suffering, and eventually attain freedom.

  • Live from Queen Square Baptist Emancipation Service, 7.5min.

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