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April 20, 2012


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Belize Weekly Fishing Report
The seas stayed calm for a couple of days, just enough to go chase some tuna. The tuna start migrating down here from May through September; but it seems that they are starting to come a little early this year!!! But u have to get up real early if u want to catch them. And I mean at least 5 o'clock in the morning, because by 7 they stop biting. I was able to catch about 50 little (torpedo) tuna, that is black fins, ranging from 5 to 10 lbs and with light tackle, they are a lot of fun to catch and make great sushi and tuna salad or casserole!!!! The dorado's and the sailfish are still biting. Some friends of mine caught a few this week and I personally landed some nice dorado, but no sailfish. It rained and the breeze starting blowing for a couple of days after that, and the fishing got a little slow with it. But it has cleared up and the fishing is back to normal. From what I here from Omar, (the doctor of the flats), the flats have been doing pretty good for bonefish and permit. Now going back to last week's report, the way to catch the bonefish at the honey hole behind Cangrejo Caye, u have to use a 12 foot leader with 4 feet of 10 lb Tippett with a small Christmass Island fly and u are sure to score. Now if u are spin casting, make sure u have some hermit crab to entice them. They just can't resist it!! U will have multiple hook ups!! I have landed up to 50 this way!!' No lie. Well maybe 60!! Ha ha!! Tomorrow I am going out deepsea fishing and I am going out to Turneffe Atoll, which is one the hottest spots for fishing and I am excited to see what the ocean will have for me tomorrow . I will let u know on next 's week report.

The San Pedro Sun

The Great Blue Hole, Makes Top 10 List of Diving Locations In The World
Earlier this month, Belize was named one of the ‘top snorkeling destinations in the world’ by ‘The National’, one of the few English newspapers in the Arab Emirates. And now, just weeks after receiving that distinguished title, an article published on CNN International has declared Belize to be among the top 10 dive sites in the world. Reporter Jade Bremner listed the Blue Hole as the 7th best dive site in a recent story she wrote about the top 50 dive locations around the globe. Various dive experts from internationally known sites like:,, and helped Bremner to select the locations featured.

Conch Season closes two months earlier than scheduled
Conch season has been officially cut short by two months and one week this year. Conch season generally runs from October 1st through June 30th, but this year, the season will close at midnight on Monday, April 23rd. On Monday, April 16th the announcement came in the form of a joint press release from the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and the Industry Leaders of the Fishing Cooperatives. According to the release, the decision was made after a meeting was held on Friday April 13th, during which the parties involved discussed the very pressing and important issue of the exhaustion of the conch quota by the Fishing Cooperatives for the current Fishing or ‘Open’ season for the species. The release further stated that it was decided that, “In order to alleviate the financial hardships being experienced by the Fishing Community while at the same time ensuring the sustainable management of the species – a grace period of ten (10) days would be granted to fishers to conclude their fishing operations.” As such, the Minister advised fisher folk that deliveries of conch to the cooperatives and sales otherwise to the general public would be permitted up until mid-night on Monday, April 23rd.

Another islander missing for almost a month
San Pedro Police is asking the public’s assistance in locating an islander who has been missing since March 24th. He is 33 year old Kenrick Polonio of a Swan Street address in San Pedro Town. Kenrick Polonio was last seen by his family at home on March 24th, 2012 at about 6:30PM. According to Police Polonio was last seen wearing a short sleeve shirt of an unknown color, three-quarter short pants of an unknown color and a gray-colored slipper. He was last seen in the company of one Wayne Allen. Kenrick Polonio is described as being of dark complexion and is of Garifuna ethnicity. He has short black hair; he is considered muscular but slim built, of medium height and has black [dark brown] eyes.

Minor incident causes traffic to slow down
Traffic was slowed down shortly after 11AM today at the junction of Pescador Drive and Buccaneer Street when the bottom of a Bowen and Bowen tractor trailer loaded with its cargo broke off. The trailer was about to enter into Buccaneer Street when a load bang was heard. A closer inspection revealed that the rear tires and axel of the trailer broker off. The trailer was on its normal route delivering cargo to different establishments within the downtown area. Luckily no one was injured. However the incident caused traffic flow to slow down and diverted during one of the busiest time of the day.

Battered young female loggerhead rescued in San Pedro
A young adult female loggerhead sea turtle was rescued off the coast of San Pedro Town after it was sighted in distress by some children. The turtle measuring, 63 centimeters long and weighing approximately 80 pounds was rescued on April 10th. The badly battered turtle’s rescue is significant, as the number of turtles in the region, including Belize, is steadily dwindling. The decrease in the number of turtles is widely contributed due to the high demand for the carcass and eggs in the local traditional markets. In Belize, turtle meat is considered a delicacy and it appears that if the loggerhead was not rescued it may well have ended up in the illegal local market.

Ambergris Today

The Great Blue Hole Makes Top 10 List of Diving Location In The World
Reporter Jade Bremner listed the Blue Hole as the 7th best dive site in a recent story she wrote about the top 50 dive locations around the globe. Various dive experts from internationally known sites like:,, and helped Bremner to select the locations featured. CNN International reaches more than 200 million households around the globe and has more than 500,000 thousand followers online. CNN also has the latest multimedia technologies - from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features - and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

Closure of Conch Season Disturbs Fishermen
The season for harvesting conch in Belize has been closed two months earlier than stipulated in the fisheries act of Belize. In other words there shall be no more harvesting of conch after April 23, 2012 because according to the Minister of Fisheries Hon. Lisel Alamilla there is a declining population of conch and there is the risk of conch becoming extinct. All of that sounds very good in view of our conservation trends in Belize and our protectionism efforts of our many flora and fauna, and especially the marine species.

Belize wins AGAIN on Mission Catwalk’s 2nd Season
After an initial win on episode two and placing runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm wins episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. “When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants.”

Hon. Heredia Donates to Mother's Day Show
Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. Minister of Tourism dropped by the San Pedro Town Council this morning, April 19, 2012, to present a donation towards the upcoming Mother’s Day Show. He delivered a check of $5,000 to Mayor Daniel Guerrero who stated that the money will go towards making the show a spectacular one for all the mothers who attend. The Town Council’s Mother’s Day program has been scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2012. Preparations are already being set and the Old Football Field is being prepped up for the event with the addition of new and improved bathroom facilities. Check out the video below to listen on what Mayor Daniel Guerrero has in store for the show and other improvements in town.

Miss Chiquitita Pageant This Weekend!
These lovely girls will take center stage on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Old Football Field and will be judged in several categories which include swimsuit, talent and modeling and formal wear. The girls will also be delighting the crowd with dance presentations. Come and witness as one lucky girl is crowned Miss Chiquitita 2012. Prizes for Miss Amity and Miss Photogenic will be awarded as well as all contestants will receive great consolation prizes.

Mama Vilma's Family Home Fundraiser
On Sunday April 29 at 11.AM there will be a fundraiser at Wayo’s Beach Bar. This is a fundraiser for the Mama Vilma’s Family Home. Our web site is There will be barbeque with guest Chef Cheri and Ens Fletcher from lazy croc the fletchers will be providing pulled pork sandwiches, ribs pulled pork and combo rib pork. Shelly Huber will be cooking her smoked chicken. We would appreciate donations of desserts. There will be live music a fifty-fifty draw as well as door prizes. All proceeds go to the Mama Vilma’s Family Home foundation.

Misc Belizean Sources

Concerts in Belize by Mexican pianist Alejandrina Villamil
As part of the cultural exchange program between Mexico and Belice, the Mexican Embassy will present two piano concerts by Mexican musician Alejandrina Villamil. The first concert will be held at the Bliss Centre in Belize City, on Saturday April 21st at 6:00 pm. The second concert will take place at the George Price Centre in Belmopan, on Sunday April 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Entrance will be FREE for both events and open to the general public.

The Pharmacy has a great commercial
Now that's a well done commercial. The Pharmacy is located at 24 West Street. Their phone number is 824.2510.

Movie Shoot at Sacred Heart Junior College
The movie project that has been shooting around Cayo the last week did some shooting at Sacred Heart. They used many SHJC students as extras. The project, currently entitled '2012 The Belize Witch Project' will be submitted to the Belize Film Festival. Matthew Klinck and Daniel Velazquez are at the helm. Looks like there was some fun going on behind the scenes. Llarona looks scary!

TAS Belize's Tell a Story Thursday episode 6
Good advice this week on Tell A Story Thursday. "Mr. Yosiah Ray of Universal Healing shared with Mervin Budram - Host of Tell A Story Thursday - a piece of key advice for young upcoming entrepreneurs, which is "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX." Glenn Roaden also a good graphic design tip that can be applied to all areas of life. Remember to visit to get the full interview from Yosiah as well as the previous weeks episodes. While there learn more about TAS Belize's Stories."

Fiddler on the thatched roof
Great title for this article about the past, present, and future of the Mayan violin. Florencio Mes, from the documentary 'The Three Kings of Belize' plays one. "The Maya violin is made from cedar, mahogany or fiddlewood and is carved using only a machete. Fishing line or twine are stretched over the wood and the bow is fashioned using horsehair. The strings are oiled with the resin of the copal tree. The Maya violin is an instrument of particular interest in Belize and the modern Maya community since its origins and use play an important role in their trans-cultural diffusion."

One of three lovely ladies that took our three day island hopping adventure down to Placencia made this video of the tour, but mostly of the amazing Caye Caulker!! The creator of this video, Dejah told me – ‘I took a chance even though I don’t camp, swim, like to be outside, or eat any type of fish, but you all figured out how to make a tour where a girl like me could have a good time.’ We are glad that we made you happy Dejah!! We thank Dejah for taking the time to compile her memories together so that we can share!!!

Belize Audubon Society's 4th Annual Green Walk
Dirk Francisco from the BAS had this to say. Well said! “It’s April once again and Belize Audubon Society traditional celebrates Earth Day on April twenty-second along with other global organizations. Earth Day is a time of year when Belize Audubon Society tries to mobilize Belizeans in becoming environmentally conscious like to live green or be green. So this year, we’re doing our annual Green Walk, which is to get groups together to clean up from Belize City to Guanacaste National Park and from Belmopan City to Guanacaste National Park. All it is is people come together form a group and we give them some miles to clean and at the same have fun doing something good for the environment.

University of Belize's 6th annual Earth Day Fair
UB really went above and beyond with their Earth Day Fair yesterday! They had 3 competitions, all with great prizes. The food was great, especially the sausages and the ceviche. They had over 20 booths set up to teach about everything green. The Belize Zoo had a booth too. Most booths had games and prizes too. The highlight was the trash fashion show. Joris Hendrik started it all off with a quick show of some of his Eco Love recycled designs. Amazing yet again! The National Geographic dress was superb. After that, they had the Trashion Fashion competition, where over 20 students made clothes from recycled materials. There is some serious creativity out there.

Channel 7

Ladyville Police are looking for answers tonight after the body of an unidentified dark complexion man was found on the Boom Hattieville Road. A truck driver who saw vultures circling the area went to see what it was, and discovered the Body around 11 this morning. It was located about 1 mile north of the Hattieville Prison. Police believe that it was an act of foul play since two chop wounds were observed on the head. 7news was on the scene and so was Police Press Officer, Fitzroy Yearwood. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer "Behind us we have a body that was discovered some time around 11:30 this morning in an advance state of decomposition. This body was partially dressed; the person was wearing a green polo shirt along with a blue jeans pant."

18 year old Christopher Jorgenson - who was shot in Belize City on Sunday night - died from his injuries yesterday. Jorgenson was shot to the midsection by a gunman who pulled up at the basketball house near his home on Curl Thompson Street and opened fire on him. So today, the 20 year old who stands accused shooting him was charged with murder. 20 year-old Keyron Johnson, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was brought back before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. The previous charges no longer apply, and his charge was upgraded to murder. Again, Johnson was not eligible for bail, so he remains on remand until June 6. According to police, yesterday at around 4:30, Jorgenson died after he experienced complications while undergoing treatment at the KHMH for the gunshot to the abdomen.

Belize's highest court - The Caribbean Court Of Justice has been convening in Barbados for the past three days - and the court today heard its second full appeal hearing from Belize. The case is one filed by six employees of Mayan King Banana Farm who claimed they were fired because they were unionizing. In 2009, the Supreme Court awarded them seventy thousand dollars each in compensation - in total, an almost half a million dollar judgment against Mayan King. The farm owner appealed and the Court of Appeal reduced the award to thirty thousand dollars for each of the six workers. But the owner of Mayan King, John Zabaneh wasn't satisfied and so his attorney Eamon Courtenay appealed that decision to the Caribbean Court of Justice. The case was heard today - 11 years after the workers were fired. In an encouraging first for Belize, the hearing was streamed live on the internet from Barbados - and though it lasted almost four hours, here are a few brief clips to outline the basic arguments with Courtenay appearing for Maya King and Antoinette Moore appearing for the six workers:..

At the top of our news we told you about two murders; that brings it to ten murders in the past eleven days. National Security Minister John Saldivar has the job of coming up with a response to a problem that has thwarted many mighty ministers before him, from Dean Barrow to Jorge Espat to Ralph Fonseca, to Doug Singh. Competent, resourceful guys, but none of them were able to make a meaningful difference in crime - particularly the murder rate. And now the unenviable task falls to Saldivar - who today told us that it's bad, but so far, not as bad as last year:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police "First of all we got to look at the cup as half full rather than half empty. We are still well below the numbers for last year. Crime still has been reduced compared to last year. Yes we've had some increase incidents over the last few weeks. We are dealing with it, we believe that with through dialogue we can achieve a lot. We've beef-up our police presence; we have come up with some new measures that we are implementing. As a matter of fact that's one of the reason I was in Belize City yesterday evening taking a tour of the various sites to ensure that the new operational plan that we have devised is being implemented."

Tonight, a 25 year-old man is spending the first night of a 10 year sentence after he was convicted of burglary and handing stolen goods in Magistrate's Court. Cruz Allen, a laborer of Water Lane, was tried in front of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today. The complainant, Daniel Fabro, testified under oath and gave the same information that he reported to police. He said that he received a tip at 6 a.m. on October 27, 2011, that someone had burglarized his business on Victoria Street. He responded, and found Allen in the yard. Fabro said that he pulled his licensed firearm and used it to detain Allen who he caught in the act of stealing an assortment of tools, a 19 inch flat screen TV, a router, an Olympus digital camera, and a pair of tennis shoes which Allen was already wearing. Fabro then handed Allen over to the police who arrested and charged him for burglary and handling stolen goods.

Tropical Storm Arthur and the epochal flood that preceded it in June 2008 destroyed the Kendall Bridge - and things haven't been the same since. The Ministry of Works has been laboring steadily - but it hasn't had an easy time restoring one of the longest, highest bridges in the country. Finally, though, the new Kendall Bridge has taken shape and it should be opened to traffic in two months' time. We got a look at the structure and found out why it took so long. Here's what the Supervising Engineer told us about it:.. Jules Vasquez reporting It took four years, but the Kendall Bridge is almost finished. It is an impressive structure - and a unique one in Belize -the longest, and strongest bridge in the country: Edgar Puga - Engineering Consultant "The bridge is more or less 85% complete.

The University of Belize observed Earth Day today with an open today promoting green energy resources. The day was themed, "A New Wave of Green Energy" and 7news was at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan. 7news was there and the Organizer told us that they hoped to make a lasting impression:.. Loretta Logan, Coordinator - UB Earth Day "When it comes to Earth Day we are specifically talking about awareness. There is no way that we can tell you what to do but by teaching you through education like what the UB logo says and the motto "Education empowers a nation" that's exactly what we are doing today. We are teaching about the important of alternative energy like what we said in our speech for a greener and safer tomorrow."

And while that's what UB students were doing in Belmopan - in Belize City University Students who are enrolled in UB's Management and Social Sciences programs held their second annual Student Research Conference. The conference's main objective is to expose students to a broader audience and to encourage their development as young professionals. The research presentations covered a diverse range of topics including: A Cross National Validation of Child Sexual Abuse Predictors, Suicide Ideation Risk and Protective Factors, Investment in BTL, and Belize City Students' Perception of the Accounting Profession. 7news spoke with research conference coordinator Dr. Jean Perriott who told us more. Dr. Jean Perriott "Today our students and faculty are presenting research studies that they have conducted. We have two sections; we have the power point presentation where they present their findings, which they have done individually and then we have the session where they have work in groups. That session is really the results of the study that they conducted while they were taking the advance research course."

If you know even the smallest piece of Belizean History - you'll know that this blessed spot was founded as a logwood trading post. Those logs were extracted from deep in the Belizean interior and floated down the Belize River to the harbor in what is now Belize City. But not all the logs made it - some of them sunk in the Belize River and were lost to time. But not lost forever. Centuries later, the massive trees were preserved in the water because they weren't exposed to oxygen - and for some time, a few ambitious enterprises have been searching out and extracting these logs. One of those companies is named Greener Lumber and recently its work was featured on Al Jazeera Television's English Broadcast. The type of old-growth mahogany fetches premium prices on the world market. Greenerlumber offers Mahogany, Bullet Tree, Sapodilla and Santa Maria.

Last night we told you about the 6 people who were arrested by police and arraigned for handling stolen goods and unlicensed firearms charges. The upshot of it was that a 19 year-old pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and the other 6 persons were remanded to prison. Well, today, a seventh person was brought to court and arraigned for those very same offenses. 49 year-old Allison Major, a cabinet maker of 39 Kelly Street, was charged with 2 counts of handling stolen goods, 2 counts of keeping an unlicensed firearm, and one count of keeping unlicensed ammunition.

Today in Magistrate's Court, an 18 year-old female was charged with indecent assault. It's a strange and rare case that a female is facing this charge, but to add to that, she's accused of indecent assault against a 17 year-old female minor. According to police, the minor reported to police that at 4:30 p.m. yesterday, she was at school when Shanice Mendoza, a Belize City resident, and a young man ambushed her. She said that Mendoza grabbed her arm, groped her chest and caressed it. Quick police response led to the Mendoza's arrest and she was charged. In court #1 this afternoon, Mendoza appeared before the Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where she pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Belize Teachers Union will have its annual beauty pageant this weekend under the theme "Women of Strength." To follow the theme, these women will be discussing strong Belizean women such as Leela Vernon, Kim Simplis Barrow, Zee Edgell, Audrey Matura Shepherd, and even Marie Sharp. We stopped in at the practice where we spoke to the contestants who range in age from mid-20's to early 50's. They looked energetic as they strutted across the stage, and after practice, they told us what drove them to be a part of the contest. Pamela Baird, Auditor BNTU Belize Executive Branch "We have six contestants entering the pageant and the theme for the pageant this year is "Women of strength." These six contestants will be portraying different women from Belize that have displayed strength thought out the year."

In 2010 footage was shot in every country of the world and condensed into an hour long film called "One Day on Earth". This unique film will be screened on Earth day, Sunday April 22nd only - in every country - including Belize. It will be screened in 6 venues in three districts- Orange Walk, Cayo, and Belize. The film illustrates an interconnected world, and Suzette Zayden dropped by to tell us more about it. Suzette Zayden "It's called "One day on earth." They ask us to participate. If we could help coordinate screenings in Belize for the film "One day on earth" - They were doing a global screening of a film that was done in 2010. In was shot on 10.10.10; October 10, 2010 and from about 3,000 hours of footage that they got, over 200 countries; all the countries that belong to the UN they've put together a 104 minute film. It goes very fast as you can imagine over 200 countries and only 104 minutes. In this film called "One day on earth" there is a piece on Belize that was contributed by Katia Paradis who lives in Cayo."

PROFILE: John Woods
Tonight's profile is about John Woods. You may know him as the Chairman of the Kolbe Central Prison, or as the Boss at Cisco Construction - which is the contractor for the Kendall Bridge we showed you earlier, and many, many other works projects in Belize. But you probably didn't know that the Texas born John Woods is a former US Army soldier who narrowly missed going off to war in Vietnam and went instead to serve in Panama - which made all the difference. He tells us more in tonight's I am Belize Profile:..

Channel 5

Unidentified man found with chop wounds behind head
Six days, five murders… just before the lunch hour, a trucker made a gruesome discovery; he spotted the decomposing body of a man off the Hattieville/Boom Road. Police have not confirmed the identity of murder victim number five, but it appears that the man was killed elsewhere and then dragged to where he was found. [...]

Before dying, Jorgensen identifies his murderer
The other murder victim is eighteen year old Christopher Jorgensen, who was shot on Saturday at the Jane Usher Boulevard basketball court. Jorgensen was hospitalized until Wednesday when he succumbed to the gunshot injuries. The alleged shooter has been identified as twenty year old Keyron Johnson, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard. Johnson was charged [...]

Death by caterpillar tractor
Another man was killed, but in a freak accident on Wednesday afternoon. Fifty year old Kent Myvette, a mechanic of Unitedville was killed shortly after three o’clock in an area nine miles into a feeder road near mile twenty-four on the Western Highway. There they observed the motionless body of Myvette, an employee of Belize [...]

Will Supreme Court Judge Samuel Awich reach higher office?
In the city, the Bar Association is convening at this hour, a special meeting. It is considering an unprecedented resolution in respect of an appointment to the Court of Appeal. There is a proposal to elevate Supreme Court Judge Samuel Awich once his current contract expires in mid-May. The Bar will take a position by [...]

Earth Day celebrated at UB in recycled style
Across the globe, about five hundred million people are taking part in celebrations for Earth Day 2012 to generally create awareness for the natural environment and to highlight conservation efforts. While Earth Day is on Sunday, in Belize, the activities kicked off in Belmopan today where the environmental community was out in full force at [...]

UB’s 2nd Annual Research Conference
While the UB campus in Belmopan was abuzz with environmentalists, in the city the university was holding the second annual Research Conference on the investigative work of the faculty and students. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports from the Radisson.   Isani Cayetano, Reporting Student researchers from the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences at the [...]

Canada to donate ballistics identification equipment
The Central American region and Mexico are suffering from escalating violence associated with organized crime from the drug cartels. The death toll continues to rise and the region now has the highest homicide rate in the world. This past Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, unveiled the Canadian Initiative for Security in Central America (CISCA). [...]

Convicted of burglarizing glass shop
Two persons were convicted and sent to prison in separate cases today. First was twenty-four year old Cruz Allen, who was before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on charges of Burglary and Handling stolen Goods. At around six a.m. on October twenty-seventh, 2011, Daniel Fabro, the owner of Fabro’s Glass Limited, received a phone call [...]

Husband found guilty of punching wife in face
The second convicted man is going to jail for a much shorter term. Thirty-two year old Nicholas Gonzalez was found guilty of Harm and Damage to Property. Gonzalez, a resident of Dickenson Street was arrested and charged following an incident on April sixteenth, in which he abused his common-law-wife, Andolita Wiltshire. According to Wiltshire, she [...]

Father and daughter reunite after 35 years
The following story will warm your heart. A young woman in search of her father who she had not seen or heard from in years finally catches up with him. News Five’s Delahnie Bain located Percival Blancaneaux and the reunion with his daughter who lives in the United States has been bittersweet. Here’s their remarkable [...]

Have a healthy snack at the Food and Nutrition Quiz
Gearing up for the Annual ADM Belize Mills Secondary Schools Quiz, the Belize District level of competition kicked off today at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. Every year the Ministries of Health and Education along with the Pan American Health Organization team up for the competition among high schoolers countrywide to promote nutrition and healthy [...]

The Decade of African Descendants in the Central American Region
The year 2013 will officially begin the Decade of African Descendants in the Central American region. In Belize, the ethnic composition includes the Creole and Garifuna people and both cultures share a common African ancestry. In 1995, an initiative was taken to form the Central American Black Organization, CABO, a regional movement that was birthed [...]

Pageant contestants have a license to teach
A pageant with a different flair is taking place this weekend. It is being staged by the Belize National Teacher’s Union Belize Branch and the winner will be crowned Miss BNTU. The participants are teachers from the district, who won’t be competing in swimsuits or doing the curtsy; in fact they will be judged for [...]

Healthy Living explores kidney diseases
If you’re diabetic or hypertensive and struggling to keep up with your regimen; then pay attention. In the following segment, Healthy Living goes directly to a diabetic who suffered chronic kidney disease and is a kidney transplant survivor. There are many persons from all walks of life that do not know they are diabetic and [...]


Aircraft Crash Lands Near San Victor Village In Corozal
Details are still sketchy but reliable reports to CTV3 News are that around 5:00 this evening a plane crash landed into a feeder road located approximately two miles from the village of San Victor in the Corozal District after experiencing engine failure. Information is slow to come and our news team has been deployed to the area but what we do know so far is that Corozal Police were headed out to the scene. The last we heard is that when the plane was discovered, the pilot was nowhere to be found. Nothing was found allegedly inside the aircraft. We will have a full detailed report of this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

Two Men Travelling On A Bus Caught Transporting Drugs
Two men traveling on a Tillett's bus were detained here in Orange Walk by Corozal Police this afternoon. Reports are that the men described as being of Creole decent and from Belize City, boarded the bus in Corozal. Police were tipped off that the men were allegedly transporting marijuana, but, by that time, the bus had already left Corozal Town. The cops set chase after the bus and called Orange Walk Police for assistance. Responding to the call authorities set up a checkup point at the entrance of Trail Farm Village and intercepted the bus. By that time Corozal Police were already in Orange Walk and the two men were searched thoroughly. CTV3 understands that police found several packs of marijuana strapped around one of the men’s legs. Both men were detained by police and are expected to be charged with drug trafficking tomorrow.

BSCFA Gives Back To The Community Through Fair Trade Funds
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has a membership of more than 5,000 registered farmers who are actively engaged in growing sugar cane. Due to the BSCFA’s agreement with fair-trade several educational institutions are reaping the benefits of the associations Social Program. Today the Chan Pine Ridge Government School received a donation of $1,676 from the association. The money, according to the school’s Principal Victor Padron, will be used to purchase school equipment. Victor Padron, Principal “It’s a donation that will take us a long way and it is good that they are getting this for the benefit of the kids and our school. We have a computer lab there and we need some computer desks and we also need some chairs and also a weed eater we are going to buy one.” This is not the last time that the school will be assisted by the association.

Robbery In Corozal Leaves Chinese businessman Out Of More Than $1500 In Cash
Over the past weeks a spate of robberies and burglaries has stained the Corozal District and tonight we add one more case of robbery to the already growing list. Around 8:45 last night three armed mask men entered Lans Store located in the centre of Corozal Town and robbed the cashier at gunpoint. It was an in an out job which took a mere two minutes and garnered the robbers some $2,000 in cash. Hipolito Novelo travelled further north today and has the details of the robbery. The peacefulness of Corozal Town has been interrupted recently by a spate of burglaries. In just two months there have been over 7 reported cases of the misdemeanour. The fact that Corozal Police are working overtime to bring the criminals to justice has not deterred other law breakers to continue committing other crimes for example robbery, which is the next case we bring to you. Lan’s Store, located in the heart of Corozal Town was robbed at gun point around 8:45 last night. That’s, just minutes before closing time. The stores employee, who happens to be a 17 year old minor, was packing coke bottles when an unidentified vehicle pulled up to the store. Three men wearing black handkerchiefs over their faces exited the vehicle and walked into the store. According to the employee who spoke to us off camera, one of the men walked over to the counter and robbed the cashier at gunpoint. The men then walked out of the store with close to $2,000 in cash. At the time of the robbery there were no customers inside the establishment and luckily no one was hurt during the incident. CTV3 News understands that the robbery was not caught on tape since the store’s surveillance camera was not recording. The robbery lasted two minutes, according to reports.

Cancer Does Not Discriminate: It Can Affect Anyone
Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow and is characterized by an abnormal proliferation of white blood cells. Leukemia cells grow faster than normal cells do and continue to grow when they shouldn’t. Eventually, these cancerous cells can spread to lymph nodes and vital organs. This disease is most commonly seen in children ages 2 to 6 years and occurs slightly more often in males than females and accounts for 1 of 3 cancers in children. But beyond the science and statistics about childhood cancer are the remarkable stories of young patients whose courageous spirit inspires us every day. The Orange Walk Cancer Support Group assists 50 cancer patients of which 4 are diagnosed with Leukemia. Here are the stories of extraordinary kids whose families are faced with unique struggles and triumphs every day. Janine Ayuso-Reporting Four year old Luis Ramos Cal is a little boy from Orange Walk Town who fell sick when he was about a year and a half old. Noticing her son’s aches and pains, his mother, Sandy Varera, quickly sought medical attention. After she was unable to receive a diagnosis from the hospital Sandy was advised to go abroad where she received one of the most devastating news.

Blue Hole Among Top World Dive Sites
Over the past few weeks our Jewel has been making international headlines when it comes to world class tourism destinations. Tonight, Belize is on the eyes of the international media yet again this time because of the Blue Hole. Formed during the last ice age, the Belize Blue Hole is 300 meters wide and a scary 124 meters deep. CNN international has cited the Blue Hole as one of the top dive sites in the world, in an article written by Jade Bremmer dated April 6th. The announcement gives Belize a major boost because CNN has a fan base of over two hundred million household globally and an online viewership of half a million visitors. A few weeks back Belize has also had the privilege of being named the top snorkeling destination by The National Newspaper of the Arab Emirates. Belize’s beaches are also among the top beaches in Central America.

Nominate Your Unsung Hero
In 2003 First Caribbean International Bank began shining the light on individuals who unselfishly give to their communities through its Unsung Heroes Program. Dozens of names are submitted every year from which only a few are chosen as local finalists and only one is selected annually as the regional winner. The good news is that it is that time of the year when you can nominate the person who you believe should take the Unsung Hero award. In order to increase this year’s submissions First Caribbean Bank is making the forms available at supermarkets countrywide and even on newspapers. Rosanna Villanueva, Local Coordinator, Unsung Heroes Program “The main being that the individual should be a person who is dedicated beyond the ordinary to social improvement. That’s the banner for an unsung hero. The person should also be from the Caribbean and have either low or no media profile, meaning that they are not well known yet outside their community. The person should have a cause that could benefit from the exposure that will come with the program and of course, we would want somebody who would be willing to take part in the bank’s PR program. During the nomination period, which runs from today until the thirtieth of June, we’ll have nomination forms going out in the public. We’ll have them going out in the public.

Empowering The Women Of Society
In this day an era it is difficult to find a job, especially for women. But as they say where there is a will there is a way and that is how Women’s groups across the country emerged. The aim of the various groups is to empower women by teaching them a skill. One group that is growing by leaps and bounds here in the north is the Xiabe Women’s Group which was formed three years ago with the assistance of Humana a non-governmental organization that seeks to develop rural communities in all aspects. With 80 members, the Xaibe Women’s Group is divided into two sectors: agriculture and handicraft. Yesterday when we visited the Village of Xaibe we found the latter part of the group busy with their hands. Hipolito Novelo-Reporting Women living in rural communities often have to seek job opportunities in urban areas, but for some women that is not an option due to certain inconveniences such as age, level of education and family. So, other avenues have emerged including the creation of women’s groups. Women tend to find it quite easy learning specific skills from other women. And that is exactly what the Xaibe Women’s Group caters for; revolutionize the role of women by teaching its members how to be independent.


Unidentified body found on the Boom-Hattieville road
There are reports of a body being found in Hattieville today. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett were at the scene and file the following report.

Concerns over bar room pollution in San Pedro town
Bar rooms are a dime a dozen these days. And one community is raising concerns. Love TV’s Maria Novelo reports from San Pedro town.

University of Belize hosts research conference
The University of Belize today hosted an important conference in Belize City. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo attended the function and bring you the following report.

Toledo ready for Festival of Arts
Preparations are underway for the Toledo Festival of Arts. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details in the following report.

Dangriga woman appeals for help to get heart transplant
A family from the Stann Creek District is desperately in need of monetary assistance to have their loved one undergo a heart transplant. Twenty three year old Dangriga resident and single mother of two, Tarani Cacho was experiencing shortness of breath, pain in the chest area and difficulty sleeping, which led her to get a [...]

Murder rate going up; minister says crime is down
2012 is four months old and while the murder rate has been on an upward spiral over the past weeks, crime overall is lower than the same period in 2011. That’s according to Minister of Police, John Saldivar, who spoke with reporters this morning. Meanwhile, Saldivar says that already steps have been taken against [...]


BGYEA updates on Harmonyville and future plans
The men of BGYEA appeared on Rise ‘n’ shine yesterday morning and had some comments and updates to offer to the vie...

University of Belize hosts annual Earth Day Fair
The University of Belize today hosted its Annual Earth Day fair. The end objective was to enlighten and convince th...

CIBC welcomes submissions for 2012 Unsung Heroes
It’s that time of the year when once again, CIBC First Caribbean Bank is putting out its notice for submission of n...

FFB anchors FIFA Grassroots Coaching Course
Twenty five men and three women from across the country will be participating in six day training course entitled F...

Police raid leads to the arrest of five
Police made several arrests after they conducted a search at #4439 Peter Seco Street, in Belize City on Tuesday (Ap...

Amandala in the hotseat after teen's suicide report
Teresita Vivas of Belize City reported that on 16th April, at 3:45pm she found her granddaughter Alicia Vivas, a 17...

UB officiates Student Research Conference
UB hosts its second annual student research conference. The Faculty, Staff and Students of Management and Social Sc...

MOH sends pharmaceutical product for health testing
The Ministry of Health have received reports concerning the sale of a pharmaceutical product being marketed as “TLE...

Nominations open for Belize Public Service Awards
On June 23rd, Belize in solidarity with countries around the world celebrates the United Nations Public Service Day...

Police discover marijuana field
Corozal Police were busy in Chunox yesterday (April 18). They conducted a drug operation about 3 miles southeast of...

The Guardian

Truce Not Derailed by a Few!
There has been a significant spike in crime and violence in the month of April. The month also saw the bloodiest weekend in a very long time. Shooting incidents in the city are back to pre-truce rates and the sense of security is once again falling. This has caused the question to arise: “Is the truce over?” The answer to that question is complex. A truce is a temporary suspension of hostilities through an agreement between opposing sides. It is a period in which peace terms should be discussed and explored. The survival of the truce depends on the parties involved in the agreement. If the question asks whether or not violence is on the rise again in Belize then the answer is yes. However, if the question really is whether or not the truce is over then the answer is definitely not. The truce program is an agreement between rival gang members and the Government of Belize. The gang members have accepted government’s outstretched hands and put down their guns. In turn, government provides employment and developmental opportunities for them. The success of the truce is felt greatest in the Queen Square division where gang violence is almost nil. Young men are now engaged in productive activities that improve the infrastructure of their community. Neighbours hang out again and children play in their yards.

Job Creation and Infrastructural Development - Growing the Economy the UDP Way!!!
An investment in infrastructure is an investment in job creation. To combat the global economic crisis, the Government of Belize has focused its resources on infrastructural development projects. Major projects are being executed in every municipality of the country. In Belize City, four major projects are currently on stream. The Fort Point Pedestrian Walk Project, which falls under the Sustainable Tourism Project, is moving along quite smoothly. Memorial Park is being transformed into a multi-functional public space for special events, recreation and leisure activities. It will include the renovation of the war memorial and inclusion of plaques of honour and ceremonial features. The landscape will be improved with 1 acre of green space. The bandstand will be renovated and a shaded walkway will be constructed around the park.

Unregistered Phone Numbers Will be Disconnected
In the interest of national security, the government used the Telecommunications Act Edition 2002, section 44 (5) to issue a mandate to the telecommunications companies in Belize on October 12, 2011. The order was simple. All cellular phone numbers must be registered to an owner within six months’ time. On April 12, that six-month window closed and the government has ordered the companies to terminate all unregistered accounts but not before a three month extension period passes. A “deadline” has been extended once again and procrastinators have another three months to register their cellular phone numbers. However, a disconnection order has been issued for the first time since cellular phone registration became mandatory. All unregistered cellular phone accounts will be disconnected as of noon Friday, July 13. The benefits of being able to link a number with a name are numerous but the most immediate need for phone registration is to deter or delay criminal activity. It is a known fact that many criminals use cell phones to set up hits and orchestrate other crimes. When there is evidence that a cell phone was used in the committal of a crime, investigators can use the number of the cell phone and trace it to a name.

Cricket, Cash, and Country
Reasoning and writing as a West Indian academic, I believe to my brittle bones that the crisis of West Indies cricket performance is first and foremost a crisis of political governance and intellectual disenchantment. It takes the obvious form of player-employer conflict, and is expressed in public acrimony about the role and legitimacy of the WICB. Political leaders have rightly been called to participate behind closed doors, and some have commented assertively on the team selection process. But, wearing the hat with which I write, I am not satisfied that we have cooked the cookie.

Cops Robbed Drunk in Police Station
On Monday, April 16, Special Constable John Myvett appeared in the Magistrates Court to answer to a charge of theft. According to police reports, 34-year-old Ronel Rivero of Belmopan City sought refuge at the Queen Street Police Station at about 4 a.m. on Saturday, April 14, after a night of partying. He had close to a thousand dollars cash on him and it was a couple hours before the first bus left Belize City. He did not want to get rob and decided to kill time at the only place he felt safe, the police station. According to Rivero, a sergeant instructed him to clear out his pocket to make sure that he had nothing illegal on him. Rivero had over a thousand dollars on him and the sergeant told him to put it back in his pocket and that he could sit on the bench until it was time to leave.

Teenager Accused of Shooting at Cops Turns Himself In
Police had been looking for 17-year-old Ernesto Bernardez for almost two weeks before he turned himself in on Sunday, April 15. Bernardez was wanted for shooting a police officer while on duty in Caye Caulker. Police Constable John Valerio was on patrol near the Caye Caulker Municipal Airstrip on Monday, April 2, when he saw Bernardez entering the terminal. Valerio knew that Bernardez was wanted in connection with the robbery of PC Ian Wagner’s 9 mm pistol which occurred on April 1. He decided to apprehend the suspect. Bus as soon as Valerio approached Bernardez he resisted arrest and the two got into a struggle. Bernardez managed to get a hold of Valerio’s gun and fired a shot at him before fleeing the scene. The shot grazed Valerio’s head. He was treated for his injury and released from the hospital the following day but remain on leave to recover.

Dean Smith charged with Possession of Counterfeit Notes
On Saturday, April 14, 34-year-old Dean Smith of #33 Partridge Street went to a city store with a $20 counterfeit note. Police were called by the owner of the store and Smith was arrested after police investigation revealed that the $20 note was a fake. He was charged with possession of a counterfeit note. He appeared in Court on Monday, April 16, and pled guilty to the offense. He told the Chief Magistrate that he had just sold a tennis shoe and the person paid him with the $20 currency. Smith was sentenced to one month in prison.

69-Year-Old and Her Son-In-Law convicted of Drug Possesion
At about 3 p.m. on October 27, 2011, officers of the Gang Suppression Unit visited the home of Deon Wright located at #2 Nurse White Street in Belize City. Inside, they found 69-year-old Dellis Mariano and Rodleisha Colliard sitting inside a chair. The officers presented their search warrant and searched the house. In one of the rooms, they found a huge parcel folded in a brown blanket with 13 pounds of cannabis. Mariano, Colliard, Wright and his wife Kissy Wright were arrested for the drugs. The charges against Colliard and Kissy Wright were dropped.

Mayor Simeon Lopez President of Mayors’ Association
The Belize Mayors Association had its post-elections meeting on Tuesday, April 16th, 2012, at the Belize City Hall conference room. A new Executive was elected for the year 2012-2013. Mayor Simeon Lopez from the City of Belmopan was elected as President. The new Vice President is Mayor Darrell Bradley from Belize City. Mayor Daniel Guerrero of San Pedro Town was elected as Secretary of the Association and the Treasurer is Mayor Kevin Bernard of Orange Walk Town.

City Council Hands Over Boots to Belize Fire Service
On Wednesday, April 18, the Belize City Council handed over 10 fire fighter boots to the Belize Fire Service. In a brief ceremony at the fire station on Slaughter House Road, Councilor Phillip Willoughby stated that the Council is proud to be able to make such a donation to the dedicated and hard working force. He explained that the donation is made possible through the Council’s sister city relationship with Berrien Springs, Michigan of the United States. The boots were first donated to the Council on Monday, March 26, by Andrews University in Berrien Springs.

Choto Demonstrates Potential of Belizean Youths!!!
Giovanni Choto is today a household name in Belize. To Belizeans, he is much more than a cycling champion. He is family, welcomed in every home. Choto saved the sport of cycling and did so while riding with an entire nation on his back. He is our hero and on Thursday, April 12, that hero had his well-earned pay day at an appreciation ceremony held by the Ministry of Sports for him and other cyclists that performed well in the 84th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic.

UDP Preparing for Bi-elections in Chan-Chen, Corozal and San Antonio, Toledo
On Monday, April 16, the United Democratic Party held a meeting to nominate candidates for a bi-election in Chan-Chen Village of the Corozal District. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 in the afternoon and 112 UDP supporters attended. Chan-Chen is located in the Corozal North Constituency and Hon. Hugo Patt, Area Representative, observed the nomination process. David Akierman assisted with logistics and at the end of the meeting Leonardo Jesus Hall was nominated unanimously to be the party’s candidate for village chairman and Angelica Sarita Ek was nominated to run for councillor. The outgoing Chairman is from the People’s United Party, who won the post by 27 votes. The outgoing councillor won by 34 votes. There are approximately 430 voters in Chan-Chen Village and the elections will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 6th.

Telemedia opens on right foot in women’s softball
The 78th Belize City Senior Women’s Softball Competition opened on Wednesday April 11, 2012, at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize. On Monday April 16, newly crowned marathon champions Mirage Lady Rebels blasted the Hurricanes by the score of 19 to 1 in four innings. The Hurricanes, behind the pitching of Kira Arnold, was able to hold the big bats of Mirage Lady Rebels for 2 1/3 innings before it erupted for 11 runs in the top of the 3rd inning. Mirage Lady Rebels then added another 8 runs in the top of the 4th inning for the win. The performance of Hurricanes young pitcher Kira Arnold was not reflected in the score as her teammates committed an astounding 5 errors behind her in her pitching debut. Arnold was also beset by her own wildness and inexperience. She did walk 9 batters, hit two, struck out 5 and gave up 11 hits in the process.

Police United and the Belize Defence Force are Top Teams in Premier League Football
The regular season of the Premier League of Belize Football Competition has come to an end. On Sunday April 15, at the San Pedro Municipal Stadium in San Pedro Town, the host team San Pedro Seadogs blanked the visiting San Felipe Barcelona by the score of 4-0 to deny it a spot in the playoff round. The goals for the San Pedro Seadogs were scored by Jesse Smith in the 27th and 78th minutes of play, Francisco Mejia in the 61st minute of play and Ethnie Figueroa in the 84th of play. At the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town, FC Belize edged the home team, Juventus by the score of 4-2 to advance to the next round of play. The home team, Juventus, got on the scoreboard first when Clifton West scored the 1st goal of the game in the 2nd minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The first half of the game ended 1-0 in favour of Juventus.

Pablo Marin Cycling Classis is set for May 1
The 7th Annual Pablo Marin Cycling Classic is organised by the Corozal Cycling Committee under the regulations of the International Cycling Union and the Belize Cycling Association. The 7th Annual Pablo Marin Cycling Classic is scheduled for Tuesday May 1, 2012. The race for the Open/Masters/U23 riders will commence at 9:30 am from the Miami Beach Area in Corozal Town to the Belize-Chetumal Border return to Orange Walk Town around the Caribbean Tyre Round-about, Northern Highway turning around back to Corozal where the race will concludes at the Miami Beach area. Meanwhile, the race for Female, Junior and Youth will also commence at 9:30 am from the Miami Beach area in Corozal Town travels on the Northern Highway to San Pablo then return back to Mimai Beach for the finish.

Belize to host Softball World Games qualifier for English-speaking Caribbean countries
The Belize Softball Federation and the entire country of Belize will play host to the Softball World Games Qualifier for the English speaking Caribbean countries from November 27-December 3, 2012. The World Games Qualifier will be played at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize and will feature the following English speaking Caribbean countries: Aruba, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, the US Virgin Islands and the host country, Belize. The winner of the English -speaking Caribbean countries qualifying tournament will qualify for the World Games in women’s softball that is scheduled for Cali, Colombia, from July 25 to August 4, 2013. The World Games Qualifier has been sanctioned by the International Softball Federation and will be played under the Rules and Regulations of the ISF and the Confederation of English-speaking Caribbean countries’ Softball Federations. The English-speaking Caribbean countries qualifier is one of six qualifiers that will be held throughout the world. Countries that will participate in the World Games in Cali, Colombia, will qualify from the following: the host country will directly qualify, ISF World Champion, Africa, Americas (the Pan American Games champion), Europe, Oceania and the Caribbean (English-speaking). The World Games, first held in Santa Clara, California, USA in 1981, are an international multi-sport event, meant for sports, or disciplines or events within a sport, that are not contested in the Olympic Games. The World Games are organised and governed by the International World Games Association (IWGA), under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Rio Frio Cave and Pools on Rio – Mountain Pine Ridge Cayo District Belize
Rio Frio Cave and Pools on Rio full day trip by Zac. We arose early for a buffet breakfast and an 8:30 start for the Trip into the Pine Ridge Forest with stops at the Frio Rio cave and Pools on Rio. We had already stopped at Caracol Maya site as mentioned in my previous guest post, Caracol full day trip and were now driving on a 82 small red clay road to the Rio Frio Cave. Rio Frio Cave We saw more wildlife than we could photograph, this 83 colorful bird sat still for us at the entrance to the 84 Rio Frio Cave site. 84a & c Cave entrance & 84b Cave top. 85 Pan of the entrance could not take in the height of the cave and the camera could not capture the variation of the 86 Floor of the cave. Rio Frio cave entrance and 87 exit are close together so you get natural light to explore inside the cave. Pools On Rio We moved on to 90c-96b Pools on Rio to wash the sweat of the day off. The 97 sun was starting to set behind the mountains as we set off on the long journey back to San Ignacio. A 98 new bridge was erected beside the old one leaving it to collapse over time. The sky added to the gorgeous 99 99a & b vistas which made the bumpy road easier to endure. We arrived back at 100 Cahal Pech resort and checked out the view from our balcony and the 101 lights of the town below as the darkness and mist returned to blanket San Ignacio.

Ten Reasons Why Belize Has Become The Center of Attention In The 21st Century
This is a neat little slide show that gives 10 reasons why Belize is the place to be. Culture, flora, fauna, and Mayan ruins are all on there.

VIDEO: Diving Belize
Local diving from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

International Sources

Taking The Plunge: A Scuba Adventure In Belize
As a newly certified scuba diver, I was looking for a getaway where I could try out my new skills -- then kick back on a rope hammock and watch the boats go by. Mexico? Hawaii? My choices seemed endless, but then a diver friend told me about Belize. My first thought? Way too far. Still, his enthusiasm spurred me to check the map and the flight schedules ... and that was when I realized that Belize was only a four-hour flight from Newark or two short hours from Houston. I was on a plane quicker than you could say "Mask and fins." The hardest thing about heading to Belize was deciding just where in this small country I wanted to dive (and where I wanted to relax on the two days before my flight when I couldn't swim with the fishes). But because the country was so small -- only about 180 miles long -- I worked with United Vacations to plan an eight-day adventure in several different spots. I was itching to hit the water, so fresh off the plane, I caught an "island hopper," a water taxi, and a golf cart to Ambergris Caye, recognized by many to be home to one of the world's premiere coral reefs, plus a marine reserve full of turtles and rays. My hotel, Las Terrazas, shared a white sand beach with White Sands Dive Shop, an outfitter accustomed to showing new divers the ropes.

The company plans to spend as much as US$15 million to acquire a 50 percent stake in Belize Aquaculture Ltd, a shrimp producer in Belize, ...

Small Oil With Big Potential
One of these shows executive directors George and Peter Sztyk discussing the prospects in Belize, and interestingly talks about how and why the country is a ..

Earth Day and death: Saving the world long after we're gone
The mangrove restoration project in Belize suits my needs perfectly. Mangrove trees grow in intertidal areas where the tides constantly rise and lower around them, much the way I have grown as my own life has ebbed and flowed. They flourish only as they straddle their merged habitats of land and sea, much as a mother flourishes only as she straddles the merged needs of her family and self. Mangroves exist to provide shelter and protection and to live on in future generations in an effort to restore beauty and balance to the world. Yup. In my next life, I’m going to be a mangrove. Literally. Belize is far enough away that there is no need for loved ones to feel guilty if they don’t visit. They can if they want to, or they can plug the GPS coordinates provided by ecoMemorial into Google maps for a quick peek. ecoMemorial will also provide Internet links to my eulogy or any personal websites if I so chose. Anyone out there who can’t stand the thought of being parted from their beloved Fido can get him his own ecoMemorial tree, or have his ashes worked right into your tree with you.

April 19, 2012


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Seadogs’ tournament run ends with a 4-0 win
On Sunday, April 15th the San Pedro Seadogs played their final match in the preliminary round of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) football tournament. While the team did not qualify to move on to the semi finals, they performed exceptionally, winning their last game of the season against FC San Felipe Barcelona in a score of 4 – 0, placing them third in Zone A and fifth in the overall competition. In speaking of the overall performance of the Seadogs, team captain, Kent Gabourel stated; “Actually I am a little bit disappointed. But at the end of it, I feel happy about the turn out that my players did; the effort that they came out and gave to us. We could have done better, had we not been slacking off in the earlier part of the season. Everyone realized it at the last three games. We started to push everything into it and this is the outcome. We have played three home games at home. We drew one and won two in scores of 6-0 and 4-0. At the end of the day, we came in third with 15 points. I’d say we did pretty well.”

Costa 2012 Fly Fishing Film to be featured in San Pedro
For the first time in Central America, the Tres Pescados Fly Fishing Shop on Ambergris Caye will be hosting the Costa 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Annually, Costa del Mar selects a collection of short films produced and submitted by fly fisherman relating to their fishing adventures. Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to learn that this year, films will be screening in San Pedro Town for one day, including one related to Belize. According to the host and organizer, Will Flack of the Tres Pescados Fly Fishing Shop, entries for the film were submitted from all over the world. Submissions are reviewed by a committee tasked with choosing the top films to feature in the tour. The top 10 to 12 films are picked and premiered in over 120 cities all over the world. The films focus on fly fishing and the adventures and stories that fly fishermen experience.

One Day on Earth Global Film experience in San Pedro
Join the world premiere of One Day on Earth, this Sunday April 22nd, 2012 at the Central Park in San Pedro Town. One Day on Earth Motion Picture is a unique film created from over 3000 hours of footage, and shot by our community in every country of the world on October 10th 2010. Together, they have created a picture of interconnected humanity never before possible. On November 11th, 11.11.11, across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and other inspired citizens recorded the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voice to the second annual global day of media creation called One Day on Earth.

Wanted teenager turns himself in to Police
A country wide manhunt for a wanted teenager is finally over after he decided to turn himself into police custody. After two weeks on the run 17 year old Ernesto Bernardez, who was wanted for shooting a police officer and for stealing two guns from two separate policemen in Caye Caulker Village, walked into the Eastern Division Police Station in Belize City on Sunday April 15th and turned himself in while accompanied by his mother. A countrywide bulletin for his arrest was circulated, calling the minor “armed and dangerous.” On Tuesday April 18th, the minor was taken to, and arraigned, in the Belize City Family Court where he faced a number of charges. Those charges includes two counts of attempted murder upon police constables John Valerio and Ian Wagner, two counts of use of deadly means of harm upon both officers, as well as a single count of wounding upon Wagner, and two counts of theft of the firearms.

Belize’s Rebecca Stirm wins AGAIN on Mission Catwalk’s 2nd Season
After an initial win on episode two and placing runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm wins episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. “When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants.” Her move won her points from judge Novia McDonald-Whyte Lifestyle editor at Jamaica Observer who commented that the pant’s pleating and subtle ankle details were “genius.” Rebecca, who found material for her episode 2 design in the curtain section of Pablos’s, again went outside the box and sourced fabric for her pants in the upholstery department: “a stronger material with a lot of body and shape.”

Ambergris Today

One Day on Earth Global Film experience in San Pedro
oin the world premiere of One Day on Earth, this Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at the Central Park in San Pedro Town. One Day on Earth Motion Picture is a unique film created from over 3000 hours of footage, and shot by our community in every country of the world on October 10th 2010. Together, they have created a picture of interconnected humanity never before possible. On November 11th, 11.11.11, across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and other inspired citizens recorded the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voice to the second annual global day of media creation called One Day on Earth. Founded in 2008, One Day on Earth's first media creation event occurred on 10.10.10. The collaboration was the first ever simultaneous filming event occurring in every country of the world.

Mayor Danny and UNICEF Monitoring Children’s Rights
On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Mayor Daniel Guerrero held a meeting with UNICEF representative Christine Norton at the San Pedro Town Council to announce that they are working together to help create opportunities and monitor the rights of children on the island. Mrs. Norton stated, “The Mayor hit the ground running in expressing his plans and ideas in helping the children of San Pedro Town”. She provided the Mayor with some books that were just launched about Belize, such as “The Situation Analysis of Children & Women in Belize 2011” and “The National Plan of Action.”

Misc Belizean Sources

University of Belize Earth Day today
The University of Belize will be having an Earth Day celebration today, April the 19th. They'll have booths, food, games, competitions, and much more. Digicell will also be there so you can double and triple up.

La Ruta Maya River Challenge Cleanup photos
UB's Environmental Club teamed up with Galen's, and they did some serious cleaning at the La Ruta Maya camp sites. Thanks for cleaning up after those that don't know how to use a trash can! They just uploaded the pictures.

Lamanai New River Canoe Challenge
The Lamanai New River Canoe Challenge is coming up on May the 12th. It will go from Lamanai, up the New River, to the Banquitas House of Culture. Registration is only $100, and there are 8 different categories, with prizes for each. Cayo will be represented! For more information, call NICH at 822.2227.

Mother's Day contest at Rumors Resort
Rumors Resort is having a Mother's Day competition in conjunction with the BTIA's Staycation promotion. All you need to do is send a picture of your mother to [email protected], and get people to like the picture once they post it. Voting will go until the 9th of May.

Channel 7

Violence has flared up in the city over the past two weeks - particularly on the Southside. But last night, gunshots were heard on the Northside in the Belama area. Juanita Lopez's home on Albert Hoy Street was riddled with gunshots - and today - asking to appear off camera - she told Monica Bodden about her harrowing experience: This two story concrete home is situated in this quiet residential neighborhood in Belama Phase 3. But last night at 10:30, the silence was broken when gunmen opened fire on the lower flat of the house. At least 12 shots were fired - 11 of those piercing through the walls and windows of the house. Inside at the time was Juanita Lopez - a single mother who resides at the resident along with her 3 children. The incident happened a little after 10 last night -while Lopez was lying in her couch watching the news. She told us of her ordeal off camera:

Last night, we told you about some of the fallout which occurred after the Amandala Newspaper ran a headline story about a teenage girl's suicide. The story was complete with a photo of the young lady on the ground with the rope around her neck, and a note which she left behind explaining why she did what she did. That note revealed the identity of a young man who she says rejected her, which supposedly drove her to hang herself. The family of the young man was very vocal about additional distress the article caused them. We'll have more from them, but tonight, we look first at the family of the young lady. An uncle came to speak to us today to voice the family's outrage at the article. According to him, the suicide note that the young lady wrote was handed over to police, and it was released to Amandala without authorization. They also contend that the publication of the photo of the young lady with the rope around her neck salted their wounds.

A 19 year-old man is spending the first night of a 13 year sentence after he was convicted in Magistrate's Court today - and to add to that, his mother, his bother and three friends are also in jail on remand! Kent Lynch pleaded guilty to 5 firearm-related charges in court, after police found a major stash of guns yesterday. Police searched a Peter Seco Street address and found one .410 gauge double barrel shotgun, one single action 16 gauge shotgun and two 16 gauge cartridges. They arrested everybody inside the house including 23 year old Errol Lynch, 19 year old Kent Lynch, 25 year old Leroy Gomez, 27 year old Woodrow Reyes and 21 year old Virginie Alvarez. Today, they were all brought before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and jointly charged with 2 counts of handling stolen goods, 2 counts of keeping an unlicensed firearm, and 1 count of keeping unlicensed ammunition.

On Monday, we told you about the Saturday night shooting of 18 year-old Christopher Jorgenson. Well today, his alleged shooter was arraigned in Magistrate's Court. 20 year-old Keyron Johnson, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, was read charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm when he was brought before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Due to the nature of the offense, he was not eligible for bail, and as a result, Chief Magistrate Smith remanded him to prison until his next court date which is set for June 6, 2012. According to police, Jorgenson was at the basketball court on Curl Thompson Street at around 8 p.m. on Saturday, when two men arrived on bicycle. One of the men, pulled out a firearm, handed it over to his companion, who then shot Jorgenson in the midsection. Jorgenson lives near the court, off Curl Thompson Street, which runs parallel to Jane Usher Boulevard - which is where the alleged shooter lived.

World Health Day was observed in Belize today. This year the focus is on ageing - and they don't mean getting old, they mean staying healthy as you get old. It a real ideal - and the event was appropriately opened by the Senior Steppers a dance troupe that has aged like fine wine: Their steps may not be quite as spritely as 17 year-olds, and their transitions may be ginger, but these women are between the ages of 55 and 77 years old and when you watch them work the Macarena - you'll know they aren't just going through the motions They are known as the senior steppers and they are a demonstration of the theme for this year's World Health Day, which is, "Good Health Adds Life To Years": Gerardo De Cosio - PAHO Rep, Belize "Regular moderate physical activity has a rejuvinating effect. Working to turn back time, Belizeans love to dance. Dancing can help restore balance in older people such as the senior steppers, who are here." Lindy Jeffery - National Council On Ageing "This is why we invited along the senior steppers dancers are just 1 example of how older persons can stay healthy when demonstrating that exercise is fun." Fun and important for Belize's ageing population:

If you know someone who's been doing good work for their community in selfless silence, without publicity or sponsorship, then you might want to nominate them as an Unsung Hero. First Caribbean Bank has launched its 2012 campaign to find those generous volunteers - who give freely of their time and resources to help others along. The award programme started in 2003 and since then many exceptional Belizeans have been recognized regionally. Now they are looking for the heroes of 2012 - and here's how you can get involved: Rosanna Villanueva - Local Coordinator, Unsung Heroes Programme "The CIBC, First Caribbean Unsung Heroes Programme is a - we consider it to be one of the most unique and useful community support initiatives in the Caribbean today. And the program seeks out those persons who are doing exceptional work within their communities, but who have not been recognized as yet. So, we are looking for those persons in villages and towns who are doing genuine work to contribute towards society, and we are hoping that through the program, we can get them some well-deserved recognition, some funding, and to bring attention to the work that their doing. Each year, we go to the public, and we ask for nominations.

By now you should have heard all about the Belize City Council's hundred day plan - and while they have a lot to accomplish - donating boots to the fire department was not one of them. So, consider it a bonus that 10 boots valued at about 300 dollars each were handed over today. The Fire Chief told us every little bit helps: Col Francis Thomas - Fire Chief "10 boots are definitely a plus to deficiency that we presently have, and so these boots come just in time. We are presently conducting a multitude of training. Presently, we have an intake - one of 2012 - of about 23 recruits." Jules Vasquez "Are the boots of the highest standard or are they, perhaps, maybe bought in Chetumal." Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor "These are bought and these are should be first-world quality-"

We've already shown you what the Tourism Development Programme is doing in Belize City at the Memorial Park. But the programme also has designs for Placencia, Ambergris Caye and San Ignacio. In Placencia, that means building a multipurpose municipal pier and plaza - which also calls for upgrading the village's famous sidewalk. Now, with all the mega-developments in and around Placencia - the pier and the sidewalk which were once the center of that village's life have been neglected. But the project plans to restore the area's popularity and increase its appeal to visitors and locals. Work is underway, and Chairman of the Village Council Charles Leslie says it will be a major plus for his village:

We recently told you about Rebecca Stirm, a young Belizean fashion designer who was making waves on a Caribbean fashion designer reality series called, "Mission Catwalk". Well, Stirm once again came out on top as this week's challenge winner. She was the first to win a challenge this season by creating a culturally inspired outfit, but this week she won episode 4's challenge where she was instructed to design an outfit inspired by a Cinderella hat. Stirm took a risk by daring to be different with a pants-and-blouse design instead of a summer dress which the other contestants did. Well, it worked, and her design was called, "stylish, creative, on trend" and simply, "amazing" The show is now down to 12 contestants who are all competing for about $35,000 USD in prizes and a chance to show at London Fashion Week. Today we spoke to the Stirm briefly by phone about her achievements and the 19 year old told us that the show was challenging, and she has learned a lot. She adds that her family has been behind her 100%, and that the show, overall, was a great experience. Rebecca, who is a born Belizean is the daughter of Pastor Scott Stirm.

Channel 5

After Suicide Report; Distraught Family wants apology
There is outright condemnation tonight of the publication of a suicide report in the Tuesday edition of a local newspaper. The public outrage is over the picture of a female minor with a rope around her neck accompanied by the suicide note naming another minor over whom she took her life, which were both plastered [...]

Minor receiving threats; family will sue newspaper
The incident raises serious ethical questions about how tactful the media should be with cases involving minors and suicides. The family of the youth, whose name was exposed in the newspaper article is taking their case further. The seventeen year old boy has received several threats to his life. His sister says that an apology [...]

College Shooting Victim fought attackers so classmate could escape
It has not been a good week for students. Five days after his twentieth birthday, another Belize City student was shot while walking home with his female classmate. The Wesley Junior College student is well known not only by his classmates but also by students of other schools. Anthony Leslie has entered numerous athletic activities [...]

Is the Gang Truce in Jeopardy?
The Gang Suppression Unit has been quiet since a three man Commission determined that they had used excessive and unjustifiable force on Taylor’s Alley residents. The Ministry of National Security apologized but Taylor’s Alley said no thanks. They asked for compensation and that was met by a swift response… NO. So that’s where that is [...]

Belmopan resident wins another round of Caribbean Fashion Show
On Tuesday night we told you how Belmopan resident, nineteen year old Rebecca Stirm’s designs are ripping the runway on Mission Catwalk. She won the first judged piece in episode two with a Belize-inspired dress, was runner up in episode three with a piece that represented the “flapper era” of the 1920’s and she has [...]

CNN International; Blue Hole among top World Dive Sites
There is some other good news to report tonight that places Belize among world class tourism destinations. CNN International is citing the Blue Hole among the top dive sites in the world. The folks at the Belize Tourism Board say that the famous Blue Hole is being recognized as the seventh best dive spot among [...]

Mayan King Firings to be heard at CCJ
The second appeal from Belize going before the Caribbean Court of Justice is scheduled to be heard on Thursday morning in Barbados. The case dates back as far as June 2001, when Mayan King Limited fired Jose Reyes, Oscar Maradiaga, Julio Hernandez, Cornelio Gutierrez, Emilina Rivera and Rigoberto Maldonado from its banana farms in the [...]

Basketball Shooter charged for Attempted Murder
In the local courts, twenty year old Keyron Johnson, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith this morning where he was read three charges stemming from a shooting incident over the weekend. It is believed that on Saturday night around eight o’clock Johnson along with another individual accosted [...]

Family of 6 charged for firearm offences
Six persons have been arrested and charged for illegal weapons found at a house on Peter Seco Street. Police conducted a search Tuesday and found a point four-ten gauge double barrel shotgun, one single action sixteen gauge shotgun, two sixteen gauge cartridges as well as a stolen lawnmower. Twenty-three year old Errol Lynch, nineteen year [...]

Belize Tourism Expo will be big
The Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) is coming up next week. It’s a major tourism showcase that brings together local stakeholders with international travel agents to promote Belize as a tourism destination. BETEX is held every two years by the Belize Tourism Industry Association with planning assistance from Idea Lab studios and this year, it’s going [...]

First Caribbean looking for a few good heroes
Since the pilot of the Unsung Heroes Program in 2003, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank has been seeking out and recognizing persons who selflessly give to their communities. It’s that time of year again when the bank invites the public to submit nominations. The programme’s local coordinator, Rosanna Villanueva, says that unsung heroes are all over [...]

Fire Service gets a Boot Boost
The Belize National Fire Service received a donation of ten pairs of fire boots this morning. The boots are the first part of twenty pairs received by the Belize City Council through sister city relations with Michigan. They were donated to the city council by, Vern Bern, who is also a fire-fighter of that state. [...]

Awesome moments on KTV Latino
If you did not make it to the Bliss on Tuesday night, you missed out on some great fun. The five KTV Latino semifinalists lit up the stage with some favorite songs of years past. Mariachis turned out to be a popular pick for the night, but the renditions of the ballads were as enjoyable. [...]


A few weeks ago Belize City Mayor, Darrel Bradley, received a donation of fire resistant rubber boots from Andrews University in Michigan, USA. The 19 pairs will be disseminated among the National Fire Service’s recruits who will pass out next month. It comes as a han...

First Caribbean Bank’s Unsung Heroes program which is carried out in seventeen Caribbean territories in which First Caribbean conducts business and seeks to award outstanding people who are doing exceptional work in their communities was officially launched today. It is the...

Belize celebrated World Health Day today. The Pan American Health Organization, Ministry of Health and the National Council on Ageing hosted activities at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. This year focuses on the elderly with the theme Good health adds life to years...

20-year-old Keron Johnson, a labourer of Jane Usher Boulevard was charged with the attempted murder of 18-year-old Christopher Jorgenson when he appeared in court today. Johnson was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken from him...

19-year-old Kent Lynch, a resident of Peter Seco Street who was one of five persons charged with five offences was sentenced to 13 years and six months today after he pleaded guilty to the charges. The charges were two counts of handling stolen goods, two counts of kept firearm without...


Troubling is Brewing At The NRH-Two Doctor's To Be Transfered
Troubling is brewing at the Northern Regional Hospital after word came out that two doctors working at the hospital will be transferred. Reports are that a few days ago Doctor Celia Cansino, an anesthesiologist at the NRH, and Gynecologist Doctor Jose Salinas received a letter from the Ministry of Health informing them both that in three months time they will be transferred to the Stann Creek and Cayo Districts respectively. No reason was given for the reassignment and that is exactly what has the Orange Walk community and doctors up in arms. Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez- Area Representative Orange Walk East “Pues yo no he visto la carta solo he escuchado y estoy escuchando un poquito más fuerte que si puede suceder, porque no lo entiendo más sin embargo si se que hubo un problema dentro del hospital hace unos meses en la sala de operaciones pues de alguna manera esas personas trabajan en salas de operaciones y ellos empezaron a demostrar una reacción alteraciones de sus pruebas apáticas que empezó a sugerir que pueda ser por tíficos sala de operaciones, ellos se retiraron unos cuantos meses y estaban un poco preocupados de su salud y su bienestar y tomaron sus vacaciones a largo tiempo pero las pruebas hepáticas han regresado a integrarse al hospital tal vez su preocupación no le gusto a unas personas.” Both doctors have been working at the NRH for more than five years. Their services have been undisputable, according to Doctor Mendez who is also the Area Representative for Orange Walk East.

Teaching English As A First Language
n one rural school within the Orange Walk District the English language is being practiced with great emphasis so as to prepare students for the future. Presently students of Santa Martha Government School are receiving English lessons on pronunciation, writing and communication skills through the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Peace Corp volunteer, Barbara Levy. Today was designated as a celebration of the English language at the school as students spoke only English during the entire day. Barbara Levy, Peace Corp Volunteer “I’ve been working in the community, in the school with reading and I noticed that it is difficult for the children in reading because they don’t speak very good English some of them, some of them they don’t put capital in English so I thought I would be a good idea to jump start the speaking of English in the school by having a especial day where we will try for the whole day speak nothing but English, I want the children to feel more comfortable communicating in English and the teachers to be more confident with the children and understand them when they are teaching English in the classrooms but quite a bit of children speak quite a bit of English but it is more comfortable in Spanish.” The importance of being able to speak, read and write English, might not come across as an essential aspect of life for young children. Bearing that in mind, special activities were put in place today to stimulate student learning.

Manhunt For 17 Year Old Ernesto Bernardez Comes To An End
The manhunt for 17 old Ernesto Bernardez, accused of shooting P.C John Valerio on the head with his own firearm has ended. On Sunday Bernardez’s mother handed him over to Belize City Police after he had been on the run for almost two weeks. Bernardez was arraigned at the Belize Family Court on Monday where a number of charges were levied against him including two counts of attempted murder upon police constables John Valerio and Ian Wagner. The teenager was additionally charged with two counts of use of deadly means of harm upon both officers as well as a single count of wounding upon Wagner. No plea was taken from Bernardez and he was transported to the Wagner’s Facility located at the Belize Central Prison. On April 2nd, sometime around 5:00pm, P.C John Valerio received information that an individual fitting the description of a suspect who stole a firearm from P.C Ian Wagner was sighted near the Caye Caulker Airstrip. Responding to the call P.C Valerio approached Bernardez as he was about to catch a flight to Belize City and conducted a search on him. During the search Bernardez somehow got a hold of Valerio’s gun and shot him on the head before making good his escape. Luckily the bullet on grazed the police constable.

Alfredo Cruz Transferred From The Ministry Of Works And Transport
Adrian Wade and Cirilio Teul became former employees of the Ministry of Works here in Orange Walk on Friday after they got the ax allegedly under the instructions of the Minister of Works Rene Montero. Wade and Teul worked at the Ministry for a combined 15 years but on Friday the men’s years of service were interrupted when they were handed their walking papers. What’s raising eyebrows is that Wade, who worked under a UDP Administration for almost four years and Teul who worked at the Ministry for 12 years under the mandate of both political parties, were fired without any given reason. Their termination; however, came as no surprise. Last week the Belize Times Newspaper published a letter that exposed Montero’s plan to fire seven employees of the Ministry of Works here in Orange Walk. All indications are that Alfredo Cruz, the Administrative Officer at the Ministry, was not in agreement with the firing of the seven workers namely Cecilo Carballo who has been employed by the Ministry for the past 24 years, Steve Leiva and Caesar Cal who have been with the Ministry for the past 13 years, Shelma Herbert and employee of the Ministry for almost 8 years, Cornelio Leiva employed at the Ministry for 16 years and Adrian Wade and Cirilo Teul who were fired.

Santa Martha Village Upgrades Its Means Of Transportation
Today the tiny village of Santa Martha on the Old Northern Highway did not only witness the donation of utensils for the village’s school. A few months ago Bob Brumhang, President of Belize Birds Limited, contacted the Chairman of the Santa Martha Village Council and offered to donate a bus to the Santa Martha Government School and the community on whole. Bob Brumbaugh, Belize Birds Limited “I bought a piece of land right beside of Santa Martha because I like it, it was jungle and had tapirs and Jaguars and toucans and all sorts of interesting things and then I found out that the people were cutting the mahogany tree of the forest and that is the reason they were doing that is to feed the kids and I went to the school and I want to bring people down to look at the jungle and if you keep people off from cutting the trees I will help you your village and your school and that is how I came to know the school and I like the kids and I decided to help them.” According to Alejandro Hernandez, School Principal, the vehicular donation will facilitate better transportation for students as well as community members.

Louisville Resident In Serious Condition At The KHMH After He Is Attacked With A Machete
On Monday April 16th 23 year old Kenny Matus, a cane cutter from the Village of Louisville in the Corozal District was having dinner at a friend’s house when an unexpected neighbor only known as Nigel entered the kitchen. Nigel proceeded to attack Matus with a machete. The incident unfolded shortly after 9:00 on Friday night and today when we visited the village we found out that the motive behind Matus’ attack is still unknown. Hipolito Novelo reports. Hipolito Novelo- Reporting Shortly after 9 o’clock on Monday night, 23 year old Kenny Matus was having dinner at his friend’s house when an individual only known as “Nigel” suddenly appeared in the kitchen with a machete and proceeded to viciously attack Matus for no apparent reason. Filipa Yam was in the kitchen at the time and was horrified at what she witnessed. Filipa Yam, Witness “Pues yo estaba aquí en mi cocina, el muchacho estaba bebiendo acá y mi otro hijo estaba acá y yo ni me di cuenta que el hombre ya vino acá es cuando tenía el machete el acá y es cuando él le dijo que ahorita te voy a matar le dijo y le zamparon acá y el corrió.” After a struggle, Matus managed to escape from Nigel by running outside. By the look of the bloodstains Matus had already been gravely injured and shortly after collapsed to the ground.

Five Month Old Baby Boy In Need Of Your Assistance
In this segment we bring you the story of five month old Nicholas Rowland from the Village of Xiabe who is in dire need of assistance. Baby Rowland was born with a rare congenital malformation of the Nervous System named Dandy Walk Syndrome with Obstructive Hydrocephalus. Due to the sickness baby Rowland’s brain has not been able to develop properly causing an increase of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain due to a blockage in the ventricular veins. Beatris Noh, Grandmother “Ella lo supo que cuando ella estaba embarazada fue a sacar el ultrasonido entonces allí le dijeron que el nene estaba enfermo pero nunca pensó que el nene iba a estar en esa situación que tiene ahorita. No dijeron que es lo que tiene solo dijeron que él un tenía un liquido pero no le dijeron exactamente qué es lo que tiene.” When Rowland was just one month old he underwent surgery and a Ventricular Peritoneal shunt was attached to his brain in order for the cerebrospinal fluid to flow out. But on March 28th 2012 Rowland was hospitalized urgently at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital due to dysfunction of the shunt system.


Youth charged for attempted murder
20-year-old Keron Johnson, a labourer of Jane Usher Boulevard was charged with the attempted murder of 18-year-old Christopher Jorgenson when he appeared in court today. Johnson was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken from him because the offences are indictable; neither could the court offer [...]

Residents of Maya Center hold protest
Residents of Maya Centre village in the Stann Creek district are growing impatient about the situation regarding allegations of financial misconduct by members of the community’s water board. On Tuesday evening, a group of residents staged at three-hour long protest in front of the Water Board office. Correspondent Harry Arzy reports. The residents of Maya [...]

Belize joins in celebrating World Health Day
Belize today joined the rest of the international community in celebrating World Health Day. As part of the observance today, activities were organized by the Pan American Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and the National Council on Ageing. This year the focus of World Health Day is the elderly with the theme: “Good health [...]

Doctor complains about announced transfer
Tonight there are reports of discontent coming out of the Northern Regional Hospital. Correspondent Arturo Cantun has the details.

Unfamiliar pills sold over the counter
There are concerns about untested pharmaceutical drugs in circulation. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett has our report tonight.

Doctor complains about announced transfer
Tonight there are reports of discontent coming out of the Northern Regional Hospital. Correspondent Arturo Cantun has the details.

Fire department gets high-power boots
A few weeks ago Belize City Mayor, Darrel Bradley, received a donation of fire resistant rubber boots from Andrews University in Michigan, USA. The 19 pairs will be disseminated among the National Fire Service’s recruits who will pass out next month. It comes as a handy gift, says Fire Chief, Francis Thomas, who was on [...]

Thieves rob church collection
The church is a place where the God-fearing attend to pray and worship. But on Monday the collection money at Saint Ignatius Church on Basra Street became the target preyed upon – by thieves. Love News has learned that the incident occurred just after ten o’clock on Monday morning while a parish employee was across the street at another building belonging to the parish. Two men entered and held him up with a gun and took away the container with the money inside. Our understanding is that over two thousand dollars was in the package, which was intended to be deposited the same morning. Our source indicates that one of the thieves attempted to shoot the employee, who is an elderly citizen, but the gun snapped and the robbers fled.

Wanted youth turns himself in
A seventeen year old youth from the Gungulung area of Lake Independence finds himself in hot water tonight after he was remanded to the Hattieville Prison on some major charges. The youth, whose name we are withholding because he is a minor was in the news earlier this month when on April second in Caye Caulker, he allegedly wrestled away a policeman’s service weapon and shot him twice in the head with it, and assaulted another cop on the same island the day before. Tonight the youth finds himself behind bars on charges of Attempted Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm, and Theft of the firearm from that officer, Police Constable John Valerio. Bernardez reportedly absconded to Belize City and has been on the run ever since the two incidents. But on Saturday night, he handed himself into Belize City police in the company of a Justice of the Peace. The incident in which he is charged occurred at around 5:05 on the evening of Monday April second when the youth, wanted for the assault of the first officer and theft of his gun, was intercepted by PC Valerio while trying to board a flight at the Caye Caulker Airstrip. The encounter ended up near fatal shooting of the policeman, after which the youth fled with the weapon.

Home invasion in Dangriga leaves women traumatized
Two women in Dangriga town were assaulted over the weekend during an armed home invasion. Shari Joseph, who owns and operates an Internet Café on Sharp Street in Dangriga town, is one of the victims of the terrifying incident. And she told her story to Love TV’s Patrick Jones via telephone this morning. Joseph says that none of the stolen items have been recovered. And while she appeals to people not to purchase the stolen items, she is concerned that a close relative of the main suspect is trying to counteract the story by claiming that the suspect was at home at the time of the alleged incident.


Suspect Circumstances; Mayor John August speaks on transfer of OIC Alvan Gentle PART 3
Over the last two days PlusNews has highlighted the controversy brewing in San Ignacio regarding the imminent trans...

Belize City home sprayed with bullets
A resident of Belama phase 3 says that she is lucky to be alive – after her home was shot up about 12 times. Juanit...

Belmopan CITCO addresses setback in plans for proposed farmers market
While the upcoming works on the George Price Boulevard is a welcomed one, we had to ask the City Administrator abou...

Heavy duty boots donated to the Belize City Fire Dep.
Belize City Council donated some heavy duty boots to Belize City fire department. Councillor Phillip Willoughby tod...

Reconstruction project in the works for George Price Blvd
The Belmopan City Council was officially sworn in on March 19th at the Independence Park. In his address at that sw...

Council for Ageing celebrates World Health Day
The Ministry of Health in collaboration with PAHO and the Council for Aging celebrated World Health Day originally ...

Rebecca Stirm continues to wow judges in Caribbean design series
After a first win on episode two and placing as runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebec...

Manhunt for suspected teen shooter comes to an end
Just before the Easter Break a manhunt had been launched on Caye Caulker for teenage fugitive, 17 year old Ernesto ...

Father of eight dies in road accident
Forty seven year old Bacilio Novelo, a resident of Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District was the victim of a...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Barrier Reef Sports Bar presents Guitar Jam on Fridays
Go SLOW Jam Session 2:30 to 5:30


Flora around Chico Caribe
Just some of the pretty flowers I saw blooming around our building and our side of Grand Caribe yesterday morning...

Actor Morgan Freeman speaks for San Mateo Empowerment Project
Heather and I wee chatting on the coconut phone today and she popped me a link to Ole Miss News and said to go check out Kim Shakelford’s new video produced by University of Mississippi’s Division of Outreach. For those of you who do not know who Kim is she is a social worker who has spent a lot of time here in Belize. Kim has done fabulous work counseling kids at Holy Cross School and spearheaded the proper building of a much needed road in San Mateo. I had loaded the video and started watching it when Paul came out of his office for a break. The video stopped him in his tracks, he asked what I was watching and instantly recognized the voice of well know actor Morgan Freeman. Even though we were 99% sure I wrote Kim to fact check and make sure before posting and asked her if there was anything else she wanted everyone to know about the project. Here is what she wrote back: Laurie, it is Morgan! He is from Mississippi. I wrote the script. I guess you could say we have built over 1,000 feet now and 100 students have participated in the service-learning classes and helped on the San Mateo Empowerment Project. We are looking forward to further work! Thanks!! Kim

San Pedro Scoop is Being Read in Angola...How Cool is That?
I absolutely love that someone that I've never met is referencing my blog on his website. In Angola. Yes, Africa! A continent I've never visited. But am DYING to. This gentleman is a fantastic writer...I mean seriously good stuff. And he seems like the kind of guy we'd all want to have a few beers with. He was a British soldier that worked in Belize in the 80s... take a look at these pictures. He's got more. Does anyone recognize these guys?

International Sources

$55 million to improve health conditions for Women and Children in Mesoamerica
Salud Mesoamerica 2015, a regional health initiative, will begin operations in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, and shortly in Costa Rica and the Mexican state of Chiapas, with investments totaling $55 million to improve health conditions for some 1.8 million women and children living in extreme poverty in 121 municipalities. Inter-American Development Bank President, Luis Alberto Moreno, Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud President, Marco Antonio Slim and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Senior Program Officer, Wolfgang Munar announced the start of the initiative's operations at a press conference held during the World Economic Forum on Latin America. Honduran Health Minister Arturo Bendana, acting president of the Mesoamerican Public Health System, represented the region's governments at the event.

I just returned from several months in Central America. And the day I returned I had iguana eggs for breakfast, airline pretzels for lunch and a $7 shot of Jack Daniels for dinner at the Houston Airport, where I spent two hours listening to a Christian religious fanatic tell about Obama running a worldwide child porn ring out of the White House. Entering the country shoeless through airport homeland security, holding up my pants because they don’t let old men wear suspenders through security, well, I knew I was back home in the land of the free. Anyway, here I am with you good people asking myself the first logical question: What the hell is a redneck writer supposed to say to a prestigious school of psychology? Why of all places am I here? It is intimidating as hell. But as Janna Henning and Sharrod Taylor here have reassured me that all I need to do is talk about is what I write about. And what I write about is Americans, and why we think and behave the way we so. To do that here today I am forced to talk about three things — corporations, television and human spirituality.

Canada Helps Belize and Costa Rica Combat Crime with Ballistics
Law enforcement agencies in both Belize and Costa Rica are to receive the latest in IBIS forensic ballistics identification equipment; IBIS TRAX-3D. Developed by Forensic Technology WAI Inc. of Montreal, Canada, IBIS is used by police and forensic investigators to link firearm-related crimes, suspects and firearms. “IBIS technology is an excellent tool for helping investigators solve more firearm crime. Many countries in both Central and South America have embraced our ballistics identification technology for many years and have had great success in taking violent offenders off the streets,” said Robert Walsh, President of Forensic Technology, “we are extremely proud that the Canadian government has chosen to help these countries in a way that will truly make a difference with regard to violent transnational crime.”

Cowles dance-a-thon helps children in Belize
Drake University students and the school mascot, Spike, will dance with students at Cowles Montessori School on Friday in a dance-a-thon to help schoolchildren in Belize. The event will be in the Cowles gym, 6401 College Ave. in Windsor Heights, to benefit the James Arthur Albert Foundation, which assists with educational needs of impoverished children in Belize. The gym will be decorated with a Caribbean theme. Kindergarten through third-grade students will participate from 6 to 7 p.m. and must be accompanied an adult. Fourth- through eighth-grade students will participate from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. Jim Albert, a Drake Law School professor and founder of the James Arthur Albert Foundation, will present a short program during the event to explain the group’s work in Belize.

Belize wins AGAIN on Mission Catwalk’s 2nd Season
After an initial win on episode two and placing runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm wins episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. “When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants.” Her move won her points from judge Novia McDonald-Whyte Lifestyle editor at Jamaica Observer who commented that the pant’s pleating and subtle ankle details were “genius.” Rebecca, who found material for her episode 2 design in the curtain section of Pablos’s, again went outside the box and sourced fabric for her pants in the upholstery department: “a stronger material with a lot of body and shape.”

UCB Studies Language of a Wrecked African Slave Ship Spoken by Very Few
UC Berkeley linguistics professor Lev Michael and nine graduate students studied the complex indigenous language of Garifuna, according to a UC Berkeley press release. There are approximately 200,000 Garinagu living in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. There are also some transplants to Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and New York City. The group worked with native Garifuna (pronounced Ga-RIF-foo-nah) speaker Philip Tim Palacio of Rocklin, California. The Garifuna people trace their origins to a wrecked African slave ship that washed ashore in the Caribbean in 1675. On the ship were Calinago, Carib and Arawaks who inhabited the Eastern Caribbean Islands including St. Vincent.

Major events and new conference facilities to boost Central America as MICE destination
Meanwhile, several major international events will be taking place in the region during 2012: • Belize will host the “Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX)” from 25 to 27 April. The event, organised by the Belize Tourism Industry Association, is aimed at tourism professionals from around the world and will showcase Belize’s main tourist destinations, hotels, operators and other tourism suppliers. It is an ideal opportunity to make new contacts with local providers and get to know the destination better. • Costa Rica will host 200 companies from 13 countries at the “Medical Travel International Business Summit 2012” from 23 to 25 April. The event will facilitate business meetings between buyers of medical and dental services from the US, Canada and other countries and local suppliers, and will help consolidate Costa Rica, and Central America, as a health tourism destination. The programme includes seminars and visits to clinics, amongst other activities.

April 18, 2012


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Danielle and Elina win The SPSun’s Easter Egg Hunt
The San Pedro Sun holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt in the paper every Easter issue. This year, 7 eggs were hidden throughout various pages, including the Visitor’s Guide. From the paper hit the streets, readers started their hunt for those rather elusive eggs. With $150 gift certificate from Rapidito Loans on the line, there was a serious search happening. Imagine our surprise when two very enthusiastic young girls showed up at our office, saying they’d found them all.

Ambergris Today

BTL Directory Cover Tribute To The Maya Deer Dance
Belize Telemedia's 2012 telephone directory is available to the public and was officially launched on March 29, 2012 with a grand unveiling of this year's cover. This year's edition highlights the Maya Deer dance -as the company joins in with the rest of Belize in celebrating the 2012 Mayan Calendar. As the magic and spotlight is placed on an integral part of Belize’s rich ethnic and cultural makeup, BTL is elated to highlight the Maya.

Two Businesses Hit Hard by Thieves
CSM 2000, a leading computer service management business in San Pedro, was targeted by one smart thief between April 15 and 16, 2012, as entry to the shop on Pescador Drive was through the window air conditioning unit that was removed from the wall. Once the masked thief gained access to the shop, he cut off the power as if knowingly aware that there were surveillance cameras inside. Gecko Graphics was the second business that was targeted over the weekend as owner Marie Carole reported to San Pedro Police that sometime between Friday, April 13 and Monday, April 16, 2012, that her shop was broken into.

The First Families In San Pedro (Part 4)
In last week’s issue of Twenty Five Years Ago about the first families of Ambergris Caye, I tried to include as many names which I compiled from my readings of Danny Vasquez’s book and from narrations of my father and grandfather. Most of the names sound familiar to me and to most people over sixty years of age in San Pedro. I am happy to know that there have been readings from Corozal, Cayo USA and even from Guatemala. A teenage friend of mine now living in Los Angeles USA wrote to me saying that she read it intently hoping to find the family name of Sanchez in the article? I am delighted that friends from Corozal who are related to Danny have sent some photos to add to this story which is a collector’s item. (See last week in archives)

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize legislates its scrap iron industry
While T&T talks about regulating an apparent lucrative scrap iron industry, Belize is several steps ahead. Effective April 16, 2011, Belize’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, through the Department of the Environment, passed the Scrap Metal Recyclers Regulations. “The main purpose of these regulations, storage, transportation and exportation of scrap metals through a licensing system,” read the online regulations at: Under the new legislation: 1. Any person or company who buys or sells scrap metal for the purpose of export or proposes to carry on business as a scrap metal dealer must make an application for a licence to be a scrap metal dealer or recycler to the Department of the Environment. The licence may be refused or granted subject to the conditions by the department and valued for a period of 12 months. 2. The transportation of scrap metals within the country of Belize shall only be via authorised trucks. Authorised trucks are prohibited from entering certain areas, such as along the Arenal Road, Calla Creek Road, Jallacte Road and the Bullet Tree Road. 3. Materials which are substantially made of copper, bronze or material which are considered as antiquities or artifacts, as per the National Institute of Culture and History Act, are strictly prohibited from being exported. Any persons found in possession of any such prohibited material can be detained and shall be liable to a fine of no less than US$5,113 (B$10,000). 4. Scrap metal dealers must first obtain an “export permit” from the department for each exportation of scrap metal and pay the necessary fees associated with such permit. According to the Belizean government, these regulations also address the environmental impacts associated with the collection and storage of scrap metals through the requirement of an environmental compliance plan by licensees, as well as the collection of data on the trade of scrap metal in Belize.

Celebrating Book Week
April 23rd, 24th & 25th BELMOPAN • BELIZE CITY... Bet on Books! A celebration of books and reading to commemorate International Book and Copyright Day Book Week’s programme of events and International Book Fair will celebrate books and reading with a full programme of panel discussions, book launchings and book readings and will continue the discussion on the potential of Belize’s Book Industry, the contribution it makes to Belize’s economy, and its significance to the educational advancement of all Belizeans.

PHOTOS: DJ Mario's Birthday
DJ Super Mario has posted some pictures from his birthday weekend. DJ Geraldo brought some Hennessey for the occasion.

BTIA's Staycation Belize Video
The Belize Tourism Industry Association is doing a marketing campaign aimed at Belizeans during the slow season, encouraging them to travel within the Jewel. Some hotels are offering huge discounts. They are having a raffle, at only $2 a ticket, with quite a few prizes being stays at different premier resorts.

Cayo Classifieds for the week
The best classifieds around. For Agric weekend, Megafoods is having a 10% discount on all retail goods. There's a 50% off coupon for use of Midas Resort's pool in there. And many other great deals.

Behind The Scenes at the Feed the Children Fashion Show photo shoot
See what happened behind the lens at the Feed the Children Fashion Show shoot at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel with Danny Chung. Some fun in the sun was had. Check out the picture on the top right, and see if you can see who doesn't belong. Cornerstone Foundation will be having the fashion show on the 28th of April at the SIRH's Bedran Hall.

Rotary's Eye Clinic pictures
Thanks go out to the Rotary Club of San Ignacio for making their Eye Clinic happen. "For the 7th time the Rotary Club of San Ignacio supports an Eye Clinic in San Ignacio. Since 2005, ophthalmologists have come every year to the community hospital to do medical examinations and eye surgery pro bono. This year five eye doctors from the United States will treat approximately 200 patients. Surgery will be done on 30+ patients. Examinations and surgeries will take place from Sunday to Wednesday succeded by follow-ups on Thursday. The treatments include cataract surgery, pterygium and diabetic retinopathy. The clinic aims at indigent people of all age groups who can not afford eye surgery. The preliminary medical examinations and the registration of patients were done by local volunteer nurses. For 2013 another Eye Clinic is planned."

One Day on Earth screening on Earth Day
The SISE House of Culture will be screening the movie One Day On Earth for free, on Earth Day, at 7:00pm, at Midas Resort. "Watch this unique film created from over 3000 hours of footage, and shot in every country of the world on October 10th 2010. Together, they created a picture of interconnected humanity never before possible."

Belizean Flour Tortilla Version One
There are two versions for hand made flour tortilla. In this video, I show you how to make the crunchier, meatier version of the meal. Flour tortillas have long been a large part of Belizean's diet. Best when served hot.

Channel 7

A Belize City student and outstanding athlete was shot last night while struggling to fight off two robbers. Around 8:45 last night, Anthony Leslie was walking on Yarborough Road along with another student - heading home after classes - when two men approached them on separate bicycles and robbed them at gunpoint. Leslie tried to fight off his attackers when one of the men fired a shot at Leslie- hitting him to the lower right side of his back. Some may just write it off as another southside shooting, but this evening his father gave us an emotional interview explaining that his son - an outstanding athlete, is lucky to be alive:..

Last week, 7News told you about the manhunt for 17 year-old Ernesto Bernardez, who police say assaulted one police officer, stole his gun, and used it to shoot and injure PC John Valerio in a separate incident. The Police Press Office even printed the minor's photo on wanted posters which were placed all over Caye Caulker where the incidents allegedly occurred. Well, the manhunt which started earlier this month, has ended - but not with the police finding him. Instead, Bernardez handed himself into Ladyville police yesterday, and he was taken to family court today, given that he is still a minor. He was slapped with two counts of attempted murder upon PC John Valerio Sr., and Police Officer, Ian Wagner, two counts of use of deadly means of harm upon Valerio Sr., and Wagner as well as one count of wounding upon Officer Wagner. He was also charged for stealing guns from these police officers.

Tonight a Belize City family is grappling to cope with the fallout from a headline story in Today's Amandala. The story is about a teenaged girl who committed suicide on Monday evening. She wrote a suicide note which explains that she did it because she couldn't have the boy she said she loved. It is an unspeakable tragedy for her family - and tonight's story is not about the suicide. But the young man named in the suicide note - which was reproduced in the paper - shows the name of the young man - a 17 year old - who she says broke her heart. The public disclosure of his name has, quite understandably thrown the 17 year old into a tailspin and his family called us today to cry foul. The family says that with the disclosure of his name in the note, this high schooler's reputation has now been irreparably damaged.

As we've been reporting, the conch season is closing two months early. The decision was taken because the co-ops have filled their quotas. But, try telling that to the conch fisherman. Right now, they say, conch is plentiful - and money isn't. They say that the early closure of the season will mean no big back pay, or second payment - and that means they'll be left out in the cold. As we understand it, when there's a bumper crop of conch, the Co-op earns more from its international buyers, but that was in the era before quotas. And now, two fishermen we spoke to say that a top-heavy administration at their Co-op - and the shortened season translates into major losses for them. Here's what they told us today:..

Last week we updated you on Vernon Cuthklevin's containers - which are still impounded at customs. Customs was preparing to charge him for making a false declaration - which carries a fine of over two million dollars. But, that might not be so simple. 7news has learnt that Cuthklevin has informed customs that he and his attorney have been in contact with their supplier to tell them that the product they sent, is not what they ordered. With that, Cuthklevin intends to relinquish all title and ownership of the product. That makes it difficult for the customs to charge him for making a false declaration - since they cannot prove he knew it was false. Customs is awaiting official confirmation of this renunciation of ownership before it makes its next move.

Yesterday we told you that Special Constable John Myvette was charged for stealing $990 dollars from Ronel Rivero - at the police station. Rivero claims that he was seeking refuge in the police department until daybreak because he was afraid of being robbed when Myvette stole his money. Myvette has been arrested and charged and - after paying a bail of $1000 - he is to return to court on June 4th. But that is not the end of that story. Today the Police formally arrested and charged PC ACASIO TECK for theft - jointly with SC Myvette. The Commissioner of Police has also ordered an internal investigation into this report, and as a result, ANOTHER police officer, Sgt. Aaron Zuniga along with PC Teck was charged with disciplinary OFFENCES by the Department's Internal Affairs Section.

24 year-old Robert Pittio, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard Extension; 23 year - old Carla Bodden; 18 year-old Allan Moody; 29 year-old Chester Faber; and 45 year-old Sharon Faber, who all reside at #8565 J.R. Street, were brought to Magistrate's Court today. They were all jointly charged for possession of a controlled drug. According to the woman police officer who busted them, she conducted a search at the residence of the last 4 accused yesterday at around 11:30 a.m., and she found 1.34 ounces of marijuana in a black bag under the house. According to the officer, the 5 accused were present, and Pittio owned up to the weed saying quote, "It's just a little wet weed, a little bit of dust, that I was going to use to make fudge,"

Yolanda Schakron - she's become so famous that it's hard to remember a time when she wasn't a polarizing national figure. Indeed, her rise to fame has been meteoric - and here at 7news we've tracked it closely. Tonight we retrace that upwards trajectory - and look behind her ascent to the forces that kept pushing her upwards and outwards. Jules Vasquez reports; Jules Vasquez reporting We first met Yolanda Schakron, private citizen in December of 2009 - after her nephew Chris Galvez was murdered the night before. She was, then, just another grieving, devastated relative of a murder victim:

The Sixth Summit Of The America's is over - and the biggest news seems to be the secret services that the US Secret Service was obtaining. And that's because the summit failed to reach consensus; in fact it ended without the thirty Heads of State and Government signing a joint declaration. They also disagreed on Cuba - the 32 Latin American and Caribbean nations, Belize included, want Cuba included in the next summit, the USA and Canada do not. According to one news report, "The rare show of unity highlights the steady decline of Washington's influence in a region that has become less dependent on U.S. trade and investment." Belize was represented by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington.

Tomorrow night a young Belizean artist will make her debut at the Belisle Gallery Bliss Centre with her exhibit: Black & White With A Splash of Colour. Lauren Young has been drawing from she was a child. She has steadily been building up a catalogue of works and tomorrow evening from 6 to 8:30 they will be launched. It features mostly black and white sketches, and when we caught up with Young today, she told us more about her drawing style and what can be expected at tomorrow's show. Lauren Young - Belizean Artist "It's a display of sketches and drawings that I have done over the past 8 years and I have decided to do a premier show at this time. The sketches on display are from the age of 16 when I graduated from high school up to this point. If you notice a lot of the pieces in this collection or display has to do a lot with the human anatomy, that's something that I like when it comes to the shadow playing and all of that, that's something that I like when it comes to the anatomy because it shows a lot of the details that you wouldn't notice a lot of times."

Channel 5

Student shot by robber while walking home
The streets of the Old Capital are becoming even more dangerous. Three persons were murdered over the weekend and two others were shot. The bloodshed didn’t let up on Monday night when a student was shot as he resisted being robbed at gunpoint. Anthony “Lionman” Leslie was heading home when thieves pounced on him. Classmates, [...]

Guatemalan woman murdered in Stann Creek
A Guatemalan national was killed in Belmopan on Saturday. One man is detained and charges are pending. There is another Guatemalan national, who has been murdered in recent days, but is only now reported. This time the victim is a woman, who was murdered in San Roman Village in Stann Creek, on Good Friday. Sixty-four [...]

Did a Media House go too far in suicide reporting?
There were three confirmed cases of suicide on Monday. Two of them were in Punta Gorda and one in the Belize District. The policy here at News Five is that we don’t normally report on the cases because of the emotional difficulty added to the families of the deceased. There are also reports that media [...]

Conch Season closed early
Fisher folks have a ten-day grace period before the early closure of the conch season takes effect. That period expires next week Monday and the season will re-open on October first. The official explanation is that the conch quota has been exhausted; but tell that to the fishermen who earn their living from the conch. [...]

Belize produces oil; should consumers pay $12.12 per gallon for fuel?
Tonight’s question is: Since Belize produces oil, do you think that consumers should be paying twelve dollars and twelve cents per gallon for fuel? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Not a drop of potable water in Hopkins
The village of Hopkins is among the fastest growing tourism destinations in southern Belize. Hundreds converged in the village to enjoy the pristine beaches and cultural experience over the Easter holidays. But since Sunday, Hopkins has been without potable water. It has created a crisis and things are at a standstill. Schools, hotels and resorts [...]

Teen wanted for shooting cop is arrested
The countrywide manhunt for Ernesto Bernardez, a teenager accused of shooting police constable John Valerio Sr. on Caye Caulker on April second, is finally over following an all-points bulletin for his arrest. On Sunday, Bernardez’s mother turned him over to Belize City police at the Eastern Division after he was on the lam for almost [...]

Daughter confronts dad; dad charged for slaps
Hattieville Chairman, forty-seven year old Gilbert Domingo, was today arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a charge of Harm and the victim is his twenty-five year old daughter, Tania Domingo. The charge is in connection with an incident at a house party in the village on Saturday, in which Tania claims her father [...]

Black and White with a Splash of Color
Lauren Young is an up and coming artist who hopes to get your attention. This week she will mount her first display at the Belisle Gallery at the Bliss Institute. Young has been sketching for many years and more recently, she’s been experimenting with paintings. Her inspiration comes from most things that catch her eye [...]

Belizean fashionista sews her way to catwalk
Last week we told you about local fashion designer, Rebecca Stirm, who is making waves in a regional fashion design reality series, Mission Catwalk. In the second episode and first judged challenge last week, Stirm won with a Belize-inspired dress. She has once again captured the eyes of the judges in the third round to [...]

Stunning performances on KTV Latino
The two groups of performers on KTV Latino have merged and the competition is now in the semi-finals. Six singers took the stage last week and tonight its going down to five. The finals are inching closer and the competition is fiercer as the contestants attempt to prove that they deserve the ten thousand dollar [...]


The Orange Walk Cancer Support group has been providing much needed support for patients over the last few years. Arturo Cantun reporting... “Today the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group is celebrating its fourth anniversary. President of the group, B...

Maria Novelo reporting... “A series of burglaries have been reported to San Pedro Police and while no one has been charged, owners of the targeted establishments we spoke with suspect there may be a possible link between the incidents. Marie Carol, owner of Gecko Graphics tol...

Two women in Dangriga town were assaulted over the weekend during an armed home invasion. Shari Joseph, who owns and operates an Internet Café on Sharp Street in Dangriga town, is one of the victims of the terrifying incident. And she told her story to Love FM’...

The church is a place where the God-fearing attend to pray and worship. But on Monday the collection money at Saint Ignatius Church on Basra Street became the target preyed upon – by thieves. Love News has learned that the incident occurred just after ten on Monday mo...

A seventeen year old youth from the Gungulung area of Lake Independence finds himself in hot water tonight after he was remanded to the Hattieville Prison on some major charges. On April second in Caye Caulker it was reported that the teenager wrestled away a policeman...


Major Development To Take Place Near The Belize/Mexico Border
On Thursday April 12th, the CEO of DHS Holdings Michael Rohling announced to US Media Houses that DHS Holdings has begun the First Phase of Development of the Cenote Falls Shopping Centre, slated for development on the recently acquired 40-acre parcel of land in Northern Belize. DHS Holdings claims that global franchises such as McDonald’s and over the top stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and Nike will be opening its door in Belize. According to Rohling, over one hundred million dollars jumps the border from Belize to Mexico. With this development, Belizeans will have the opportunity to take advantage of retail options not presently offered in the country. Over the weekend when we headed further North we visited the area Rohling is taking about. While there we noticed that a vast piece of land has been cleared yet no machinery was on site. Minister of Economic Development, Commerce, Industry and Consumer Protection Erwin Contreras, is quoted as saying that a development of this magnitude will have a positive impact on our local economy. The Company is also submitting documentation to secure an online gaming license in Belize.

Minister Rene Montero Fires Two Employees From The Ministry Of Works In O/W
Last week it was widely rumored that seven employees from the Ministry of Works here in Orange Walk were soon to be terminated by the Minster of Works Rene Montero. In fact, a letter sent to the Minister by the Administrative Officer at the Ministry in reference to the termination of the seven workers was even published by the Belize Times. But up to Friday the rumors were just that, rumors, that is, until two of the men whose name was listed in the letter were sacked. Adrian Wade who was employed at the Ministry for more than 3 years and was up for a promotion and Cirilio Teul who worked at the Ministry for 12 years, received their walking papers on Friday. Today when we spoke to both men they told us that their termination came as no surprise and that they were fired because of political reasons.

Xaibe Residents Call Out On Minister Godwin Hulse To Solve Land Dispute
The last time we reported on the Xaibe Land issue was in January but from all indications the matter could soon make headlines again. Viewers might recall that before the General Elections allegations were that the now Area Representative of Corozal North, Hugo Patt, sent to survey 175 parcels of land that would have been given out by him to gain political mileage. Residents of Xaibe; however, beat Patt to the plan, cleared out the land and claimed ownership before he did. Last week Monday a group of fifty men from the village headed out to the expansion area to survey the land for the opening of roads. The men were at work when police officers arrived at the area prohibiting them from continuing with the project. Chairman of Xaibe Village Daniel Tzul told us more.

Yo Creek Resident Accused Of Knocking Down Basilio Novelo Goes To Court
This morning 29 year old Abner Sosa, a resident of Yo Creek Village, accused of knocking down 47 year old Bacilio Novelo who died on the spot, appeared at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. Sosa was charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without due care and attention and failure to stop and render aid. On Friday April 13th around 5:00pm Novelo was heading back home to the village of Yo Creek on his motorcycle when he was run over by Sosa who was traveling towards Orange Walk Town. Sosa, who police say did not stop and render aid, handed himself over to authorities on Saturday morning. Magistrate Merlene Moody offered Sosa bail which he met.

OWTC Launches New Website
In a press conference held yesterday at the Orange Walk Town Hall Mayor Kevin Bernard informed residents about the financial status of the council. When it came to the council's finances it was basically all bad news because what the present council inherited from the town’s former administration was a mountain of debts. Despite the indebtedness, the council has hit the ground running getting the job done with the little resources they have available. With less than two months of taking over the affairs of the municipality the Orange Walk Town Council has embarked in a number of projects including the refurbishing of town hall and the upgrading of streets and drains. In yesterday’s press conference Deputy Mayor Josue Carballo in charge of Civil Works, Traffic, Streets and Infrastructure outlined a list of projects the council has accomplished so far.

Leaders Of The Western Hemisphere Fail To Agree On Contentious Issues
The sixth Summit of the Americas held this past Saturday and Sunday in Cartagena Columbia, saw the participation of thirty heads of state from the Americas. Leaders from the Western Hemisphere failed to agree on several of the region’s most contentious issues while topics such as drug policy and Cuba were at the hike of discussion. The fact that Cuba has been excluded from attending the summit raised controversy among Latin American leaders and while majority of the countries were in support of Cuba’s participation, the United States and Canada were not in favor. ALBA member countries made it clear that they will not participate in another summit without the inclusion of Cuba. US president Barrack Obama; however, maintained his stance on the exclusion of the communist country but was open to a transition.

4th Annual Cancer Walk To Take Place On Saturday
This coming Saturday hundreds of community members will set out in the fight against cancer as the fourth annual cancer walk, organized by the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group, takes place. "Together we fight; together we win" is this year’s theme celebrating survivorship and honoring those who lost the battle against the deadly disease. The walk-a-ton promotes and extends the awareness of cancer to the general public every year. “Actually we are celebrating four years that our group was formed and we usually have a cancer walk to celebrate our accomplishments closest to our anniversary date so this Saturday April 21st we are having our fourth cancer walk at six am in the morning.”

Minister Saldivar Response To Residence Of Taylor's Alley
Residents of Taylor’s Alley are claiming that on March 21st they were victims of a raid carried out by the Gang Suppression Unit and members of the Police Force. The incident placed tremendous pressure on the already fragile gang truce. Immediately after, a commission of inquiry was created consisting of former Commissioner of Police Hughington Williams, a Representative from the Ombudsman office Ian Gray and the Chairperson for the Independent Complaints Commission, Donelle Hawke. Based on the commission’s findings on Wednesday April 11th the Ministry of National Security issued out a press release apologizing to the residents of Taylor’s Alley at the same time stating that the force used by the police officers was excessive and uncalled for. The release also stated that all ground commanders and individuals who used excessive force will be removed from their units, training will be provided for members of the specialized units and a thorough review of the criteria of members will be carried out. On the day the release was issued residents of Taylor’s Alley fired back by stating that they did not accept the apology. For context here is what one resident had to say.


Burglaries on the rise in San Pedro
And while police in Dangriga look for stolen electronic items, in La Isla Bonita a troubling spate of burglaries is catching the attention of residents and law enforcement authorities alike. Love TV’s Maria Novelo reports.

Orange Walk cancer group celebrates anniversary
The Orange Walk Cancer Support group has been providing much needed support for patients over the last few years. Today marks an important milestone as we hear in this report from our Orange Walk correspondent Arturo Cantun.

Three suicides in 24 hours
The subject of suicide is often a touchy issue. Because of the emotional sensitivity of the issue, the media does not generally report on instances when a person takes their own life. But there are three suicides tonight that are particularly troubling. Correspondent Paul Mahung has our first report tonight. The third suicide for which [...]

Psychologist explains suicides
And while three families are tonight reeling from the loss of loved ones to suicide; the question is could something have been done to reach out and help these victims. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo spoke with a psychologist about this troubling trend.

Jailed for counterfeit money
33 year old Deon Smith, a laborer of a Partridge Street address who was found with a $20.00 Belize currency counterfeit note, was sentenced to one month today by Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, after he pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit currency. The incident occurred around 2:40 pm on Saturday, April 14. The police [...]

UNICEF representative meets with San Pedro Mayor
Representatives from UNICEF met with Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero to address issues regarding the disparities our children’s health, education and life chances. And while infrastructure and facilities are lacking, UNICEF and the Town Council in San Pedro are creating ways to better the lives of children on the island. Love News spoke [...]

Belmopan man killed
The murderous rampage was not exclusive to Belize City. In the nation’s capital, the weapon of choice was a motor vehicle. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Special Constable accused of theft
33 year old Ronel Rivers, a car salesman of Belmopan, found out on Saturday morning that not even the Queen Street police station is a safe place. Rivers said he was drinking at Caesar’s Palace around four o’clock that morning and he decided to go to Queen Street police station and stay there until a bus was ready to leave for Belmopan because he had about $1,500.00 and he did not want anybody to rob him. Rivers said that while he was at the police station a special constable by the name of John Myvette insisted on searching him. According to Rivers, during the search Myvette stole $800.00 out of the $990.00 he had in his pants pocket. He said Myvette did not know that he had $500.00 in his shirt pocket. Rivers made a report to the police and Myvette was arrested and charged with theft. Myvette pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared in Court today. He was released on a bail of $1,000.00 and his case was adjourned until June 4. On February second of last year, Myvette was acquitted of a charge of extortion.

Cane farmers meeting fizzles
A scheduled meeting of cane farmers did not go as planned. Correspondent Arturo Cantun has the story.

Maya Center residents want financial accountability
Resident of Maya Centre in the Stann Creek district are calling for the intervention of Minister of Local Government Godwin Hulse following allegations of gross misconduct by members the village’s water board. At a meeting held in the village on Sunday, the residents discussed the issue and other matters relating to the governing of their community. And since no answers were forthcoming from the members of the water board, the villagers decided to ask for the minister’s intervention. The Maya Center villagers are claiming that funds belonging to the water board are being used contrary to the village council and water board acts and that no proper accounting is being afforded them. Also at the Sunday afternoon meeting, the villagers discussed issues relating to vagrancy and drinking in the village and other issues relating to the community development. Love News will continue to monitor the story and bring you updates as they become available.

Toledo environmental agency fully operational
The Fort Honduras Marine Reserve Community Manage Access System is now fully operational in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.


Former Ombudsman launches public protest against UNIBAM agenda
Paul Rodriguez is making his protest very public. Day two into his protest against the UNIBAM agenda Paul Rodriguez...

Belize's Football Federation sees big things ahead
Football Federation of Belize President, Ruperte Vicente, was a guest on Rise ‘n Shine this morning (April 17). The...

Belmopan City Council embarks on eradication program of stray dogs
The Belmopan City Council has partnered with the Regional Health Office for an eradication program of stray dogs wi...

Downtown San Ignacio getting much needed face lift
The upgrading of Burns Avenue and preparation for the Cayo Resource Centre have been progressing over the past few ...

Belize ranks 5th in world's most dangerous countries
It seems that Belize continues to hold the distinction of being one of the most murderous nations per capita. April...

Two Toledo men commit suicide
And there are two unfortunate cases of suicide in the Toledo District. Police visited the residence of 42 year old ...

Student shot during robbery attempt
A Belize student finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. On 16th April Police visited the KHMH where th...

Financial hardship forces conch season extension
Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Hon. Lisel Alamilla has met with officials of the Beliz...

Cop charged with theft
Yesterday we told you about the unfortunate situation with RONEL RIVERO, a resident of Belmopan. He had reported th...

Min. of National Security tours bases of operation
Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar is on a familiarization tour of the Police Stations and Immigratio...

Caye Caulker Chronicles


Leroy Gomez shot at 9 times!
A resident of the Lake I area of Belize City today escaped with his life, unhurt after a gunman open fire on him around 6:30 a.m. while he was riding his bicycle on Casuarina Street towards Vernon Street.

Allegedly robbed in police station – by police!
Ronel Rivero told police that he had money on him and went to the police station for safety.. A Belmopan resident has accused a special constable working out of the Queen Street Police Station of stealing money from him while he was waiting to catch the first bus out of town.

Salvadoran Roberto Galdamez charged with murder
Police say Galdamez, 33, knocked down Rudy Marroquin, 24, and ran his van over him in the street! Salvadoran Roberto Galdamez, 33, appeared today in Belmopan Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Adolph Lucas on charges of murder, attempted murder, and keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

4 sent to prison for Farm Center robbery
Charges dismissed against two women of the six accused... On October 4, 2011, Gladwin Penner and Wayne Humes were robbed at gunpoint while they were making a delivery to Farm Center, which is located at #1 North Front Street.

Wilson Abimael Ramirez, 18, remanded for brutal murder of Ethelbina Barillas, 64, both of Guatemala
An official of the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize has confirmed to Amandala that the body of Etelbina Barillas, 64, a Guatemalan banana worker who had been living in San Roman, Stann Creek, Belize, was repatriated to her home country, after a relative called and requested assistance to have it transferred there for burial.

She took her life for love!
A family of Belize City is tonight mourning the loss of their teenage daughter, who reportedly took her life with a rope after she was convinced that the boy she loved did not return her love.

The stage is set: Police vs F.C. Belize; BDF vs Placencia Assassins in home and away
Premier League playoffs... The final Premier League regular season games, Week 10, were played over the weekend, and the final playoff spot was clinched by F.C. Belize with their road win yesterday against Juventus. With a 1-point lead over San Felipe Barcelona going into yesterday’s games, as it turned out, F.C. Belize didn’t need the win, as San Felipe fell on the road to San Pedro Seadogs. The stage is now set for North Zone champions Belize Defence Force to clash with South Zone 2nd place Placencia Assassins; while the only undefeated team, South Zone winners Police United will square off against North Zone runners-up F.C. Belize. .

84th Holy Saturday Cross Country finishers in detail
According to the modern racing rules, cyclists need to complete the race within no more than 30 minutes after the champion, to have their names be ranked as officially completing the race. Of the 79 riders who started the 2012 Cross Country, 42 are recorded as officially finishing within the time limit.

Sixth Summit of the Americas concludes with five mandates
Belizean officials, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington, were among the delegates from 34 nations in the hemisphere—all minus Cuba—who attended the 6th Summit of the Americas, held every three years, and held this year, 2012, under the central theme, “Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity.”

Conch season to close next Monday
Conch quota exhausted; restaurants have until May 12 to deplete stock... The annual closing of the conch fishing season takes effect midnight, next Monday, April 23, two months before it typically closes and the earliest the season has ever closed, we understand.

EDITORIAL: Mini–Guatemala
It is important for the masses of the Belizean people to understand that the Guatemalan claim to Belize is a serious matter, that it materially affects our lives in Belize on a daily basis in ways which we cannot really see or touch. The United States we Belizeans love so much, is pro-Guatemala. Take it or leave it.

From The Publisher
Sunday morning I was driving up to Ladyville when I passed a brother hitching a ride, a little past Biltmore on the other side of the road. To these old eyes, he looked like someone I often see walking his dogs in Buttonwood Bay. Mistake. This brother came running for the ride, and it’s a stranger.

The Reporter

Drug Value: $10 Billion, Cuthkelvin faces fraud charges
Six containers of ‘fertilizer’, imported by Vernon Cuthkelvin and impounded by Customs when the shipment arrived in Belize on February 23rd, have been chemically analysed and found to be methylamine hydrochloride, a precursor in the manufacture of methylamphetamine. The amount in Cuthkelvin’s containers could be used to make over 400 metric tonnes of methamphetamine, “crystal meth” or “speed”, a highly addictive drug, sold mostly in the United States and Europe. One pound of meth fetches about $12,000 on the streets in the United States. The contents of Cuthkelvin’s containers are estimated to be worth as much as US$246,000; but if converted to meth, would fetch US$10 billion. In his Customs declaration, Cuthkelvin had declared the contents of his containers to be titanium dioxide and ammonium sulphate, a cheap fertilizer imported from China for use in his company, Belize Garden Consortium. The size of the shipment raised red flags at the Customs, a multi-agency investigation was launched, and samples of the contents were sent out of Belize for testing. The Reporter has since learnt that Customs may charge Cuthkelvin with making a false declaration, which carries a hefty fine of three times the value of the imported goods, if Customs can make the charge stick. That would be US$728,000 or about BZD $1.45 million. With General Sales Tax, Cuthkelvin could find himself paying a fine of 2 million Belize dollars, if convicted.

CitCo proposes $15m Bond To fund 100-day Action Plan
A clean city, with better infrastructure and a better quality of life for all city residents, achieved through transparency and accountability of delivering value for money were the main priorities of the Belize City Council’s 100-day plan, which Mayor Darrel Bradley presented at a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday, April 11th. To fund this ambitious infrastructure improvement program, Bradley and his team propose to launch a $15 Million municipal bond. This would allow the council to acquire a roller, grader, back-hoe and other equipment to implement a $1 million street improvement program, in which the council and residents would go 50-50 in meeting the costs of paving their streets. The council also intends to pass a law such that 30 cents of every tax dollar collected as City revenue be spent on infrastructure. The council will assess the condition of all city streets, and set up a system to continuously repair and maintain streets. Working closely with the central government to implement existing infrastructure projects, the council will also build cement drains along certain streets in the city.

Report condemns "excessive, unjustifiable" use of violence un Taylor's Alley
In the wake of allegation of police brutality following a police operation in Taylor’s Alley last month, new Police Minister John Saldivar appointed a three-man team to look into what actually took place in Taylor’s Alley. Former Commissioner Hugh Williams headd the team which presented its findings to Saldivar last Wednesday, April 4. The report was made available to the media late Wednesday evening, April 11. The report found, “...Police Officers’ use of force on March 21 in Taylor’s Alley was “ excessive and unjustifiable.” Members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) had led the police operation, assisted by the Anti Drug Unit (ADU) referred to in the report as a “specialized unit.” The report added, “While the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasions for the use of force, it was of the view that there is no indication that this was such an occasion.”

Herman Lanza shot and killed
Belize City Police have no leads, suspects or motive for the brutal slaying of well-known street figure Herman Lanza around 9:00 Holy Saturday night, April 7. Lanza was gunned down at the corner of Poinsetta and Casaurina Streets, just a short distance from his home on Black Orchid Street. Patricia Lanza, 32, said her brother was at home all evening, but had stepped out to buy cigarettes at a shop half a block away. She recalled hearing loud gunshots shortly after he left. Lanza was wounded in both arms, his upper abdomen, his back and forehead. Police crime-scene technicians reportedly recovered four expended 12-gauge cartridges and two 9 millimeter shells from the murder scene.

Ride-by shooting gets Kevin Pott and girlfriend
City police are investigating a shooting which has led to the death of Kevin Pott, 22. Kevin Pott was shot and killed while walking with his girlfriend on Mahogany Street, Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez told The Reporter on Tuesday, April 10. The shooting occurred near Brick City Barber Shop about 7:30 Easter Monday evening. His mother, Barbara Pott, recalled that Kevin had only left their home to take his girlfriend, Shanice Rowland, to her home two streets away. Police say Pott was shot in the back of his head. He had another gunshot wound in his helly and another in his lower back. He died before friends could get him to the hospital.

Sea Cucumber season closed
The fishing quota for sea cucumber has been filled and so the season is officially closed as of April 13, the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and Belize Fisheries Department announced this week. The general public is advised that this closure is in accordance to the Fisheries Act (Chapter 210, revised edition 2003), so no person should take in sea cucumber in Belizean waters of Belize nor buy, sell or have sea cucumber in their possession. Anyone who contravenes any of the provisions of the Fisheries Act shall be liable on summary conviction as stipulated in the Act.

Former VSO volunteers reunite in Belize
There was a big and unusual party on Caye Caulker over the Easter weekend when 12 former VSO volunteers gathered together with spouses and friends in a party of 21 for a first ever reunion and birthday bash in Belize. All lived and worked in Belize as volunteers for 2 to 6 years between 1995 and 2003 and this Easter was the first time some had returned to Belize since living here as volunteers. Nine flew in last week from New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, England and Scotland to join three who still live here, and have spent some time revisiting old friends and favourite places. Holy Thursday saw 16 meet up at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi terminal. The party included Maria Dolores Edeso (Spain) and husband Oscar, Jack Longstaff and Crissy George (Canada) and Jack’s wife Kira, Caroline de Kock (Zimbabwe) and husband Dave; Jan Trow-Smith, Karen Furness, Stephen Williams, Hilary Hunt, Glenn and Valerie Mower, Nita Odedra and Valerie Blackwell, with husband Brian, from England.

Cordel Hyde spurns UDP offer as Consul General in New York
Mr. Cordel Hyde, a former Senior Deputy Leader of the Opposition PUP and a former Cabinet minister, has denied that he has accepted a senior government post as Consul General in New York. The Barrow government announced the appointment on April 3rd after a Cabinet meeting when Foreign Ministry postings were announced. But Mr. Hyde immediately rejected the report, saying that no offer has been made to him. Unlike his colleague, former Minister Mark Espat, who has accepted an offer to lead Belize’s super-bond re-negotiating team, Cordell Hyde has said that he will not accept any offer from the Barrow government. Foreign Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington took the blame for the spurned offer. He told Channel 5 that it was his fault for not communi-cating with Hyde, that he had recommend-ed his name to the cabinet.

Queen honours Belizeans for outstanding service
Several Belizeans were honoured this week for outstanding and selfless service to the community. Attorney- at- law Bernard Quentin Augustus Pitts, S.C., received the insignia as Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his contribution to the Law and Public Service. Dr. Ann Gillett Elrington received the insignia as Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the Belizean diaspora and Medicine. Louise Bridget Lewis received the medal as Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to Education and Community Development. Mayor Simeon Lopez J.P., of Belmopan received the insignia of Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his contribution to Education and Public Service.

Rebecca Stirm of Belize wins Catwalk
Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm, 18, has won a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean Fashion Sesigner reality series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston, Jamaica. Stirm’s winning design drew on Belize’s Hispanic and Mayan influences, even though she had a very a short time in which to apply her creativity to come up with a garment that would only cost US$20 to make. The show’s host and executive-producer, Keneea Linton-George, had instructed Stirm and 14 other designers to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” Season One winner Shenna Carby gave the designers pointers. “I wanted a lot of material, so I looked in the curtain section,” said Rebecca. “I was able to get a lot of this very, very light, airy fabric for a little bit of money since we were on a tight budget. I added embroidery to give it some detail and intricacy.”

Farmers of the year honored
The organizing committee for the National Agriculture and Trade Show has announced the winners of the Farmers of the Year Awards for 2012. The Woman Farmer of the Year is Mrs. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District. The Senior Farmer of the Year is Mr. Jorge Moralez of Consejo Road, Corozal District; and the Junior Farmer of the Year is Mr. Nandy Aldana of Concepcion Village, Corozal District. The NATS Committee congratulates the winning farmers and thanks the other nominees who participated in the competition. The theme for this year’s show to be held on April 27-29 is: “Agriculture: creating greater business opportunities, a healthier population and a more robust economy”. Traditional booth holders are reminded that they need to pay for their booths. Booths which are not paid for will be offered to other customers on a first-come first-served basis.

PUP gets to challenge recount refusal in Cayo Northeast
After hearing submissions from both sides, Supreme Court Justice Minet Hafez ruled in favor of granting leave to the opposition People’s United Party Cayo Northeast candidate, Orlando Habet, to file an election petition to challenge the refusal of Returning Officer Jose Castellanos, to allow a recount of the votes. Habet has filed a number of claims,which included bribery and misconduct, against the United Democratic Party (UDP)’s Elvin Penner and Castellanos. Penner and Castellanos’ attorney Rodwell Williams, S.C. objected on Tuesday, April 10, to several of the claims presented by the PUP attorneys, Said Musa, S.C. and Anthony Sylvestre. Williams argued that the time limit for filing the claims had passed.

FIFA to audit FFB books
The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) the world governing body of football, has contracted a Belizean firm of auditors, Stanley Ermeav to audit the financial accounts of the Football Federation of Belize for last year, FFB’s recently elected president Ruperto Vicente told The Reporter on Wednesday, April 11. This is because the newly elected FFB Executive Committee found little more than $1,000 in the FFB’s Scotiabank account when it took office on March 16 following elections held on March 15. Former president Dr. Bertie Chimilio has promised to deliver a full, financial report by Friday, March 23, but at a press conference at the Belize Institute of Management on March 27, FFB President Vicente announced he had not received the report.

Giovanni Choto wins the 84th Cross Country Cycling Classic
Triathlon champion Giovanni Choto of the Western Spirits Galen Eagles Cycling Team of San Ignacio won the 84th annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic organized by the Belize Cycling Association on April 7.Giovanni returned the garland to Belize after a six year hiatus dominated by foreigners, following the 2006 wun by his teammate, Shane Vasquez Giovanni completed the 140 mile ride from the starting line in front of Leslie’s Imports on the Western Highway, circling the Columbus Park in San Ignacio and back to the finish line on Marine Parade in front of the Memorial Park in Belize City in six hours 16 minutes and 45 seconds . He won the $5,000 first prize sponsored by Bowen & Bowen, and the champion’s trophy from the Belize Cycling Association. He also won a $5,000 prize from the Ministry of Sports for being the first Belizean, another $5,000 prize from United Insurance for the first Belizean and four different trophies awarded to the champion, including the Jeffery O’Brien Trophy in memory of four- time champion Jeffery O’Brien, the Elston Kerr Cup and the Altreith Smith Memorial Trophy as well as the winner’s garland of roses contributed by Florasol.


A Walk on A Breezy Day: A New Casino and Some Tasty Hog Fish
Yesterday was a beauty, warm, sunny and breezy. The sea was pretty choppy and churned up. Lots of sea grass was keeping the beach raking crews very busy. I spent most of my day getting a serious sunburn on my face. But I did get out of the pool for a bit. There is a building going up on the Grand Colony dock...a dive shop I hear. Early last week, a team was working on it feverishly for 2 or 3 days. But for some reason, they stopped. This huge dock was built 3 or 4 years ago...and then hardly used at all. Except as a playground for the local kids. It gets lots of weekend action. Belize Yacht Club has enclosed their former lobby area and filled it with slot machines. I guess they are dusting off the old casino license (their larger casino closed a few years ago). They are also going to open a bar there. Wonder how the residents of the BYC are feeling about this? An employee indicated that he thought it would open "any day now".

International Sources

Another win for Belize on Mission Catwalk
AFTER an initial win on episode two and placing runner-up in the following episode, Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm won episode four of second season of Mission Catwalk, with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. "When I saw the hats, I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The lady-like peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and reali"ing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants," Stirm notes.

"A Trip to the Belize Zoo"
This is a well written article, and it has the history of the Belize Zoo in it. That's Junior the Jaguar! There's a video too. "The Belize Zoo, tagged as 'the best little zoo in the world,' is very unique and different from any other you’ve been to. It was started in 1983 after a film crew finished a documentary, and had no where to leave the star animals of its show, now tamed they could not be returned to the wild. One of the crew’s staff stayed behind to care for the animals and the rest is history. It receives no funding from the government, it only houses native animals, and it has never taken an animal from the wild. The zoo sits on 29 acres of natural habitat only changed by gravel trails and the animal’s enclosures. It houses more than 150 animals and more than 45 different species."

Actun Tunichil Muknal review
Another well written article about ATM. "Actun Tunichil Muknal (referred to as ATM for short) is a cave in Belize containing thousand-year-old artifacts and human remains. The cave, once used by the Mayans to appeal to the gods, is now open to the public for tours. Knowledgeable guides lead packs of adventure seekers through the cave on a daily basis, following the same path taken by the ancient Maya thousands of years earlier... We continued to navigate through the cave, at points swimming through shoulder-deep water, until we drew closer to our final destination. A climb up a steep, dusty rise led is into an expansive cavern, illuminated solely by the weak lights of our headlamps. Artifacts dotted the floor, many still lying in their original positions. Our guide informed us that ATM is considered a “natural museum” because its contents remain unmoved from where they were deposited thousands of years ago."

April 17, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Suspect shot by Police then charged two weeks later
Two weeks ago, on March 29th, 25-year-old Tyson Rodriguez, a resident of Caye Caulker village was shot by police after a pursuit through the village streets. Rodriguez was put into police custody over the weekend and by Tuesday April 10th, he was charged for numerous offenses in the Belize City Magistrate Court. According to media reports, Rodriguez was charged with the theft of a silver beach cruiser which belongs to Luciana Espinal, aggravated assault for a knife which he allegedly pulled on PC Juan Choc, possession of a controlled drug for 1.6 grams of cannabis reportedly found on him when he was detained, drug trafficking for 4.8 grams of cocaine and escaping from lawful custody.

Ambergris Today

Bridge in Dire Need of Repairs
Listening to the concerns of some residents who say that the bridge is structurally unsafe and needs to be replaced, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero paid a visit to the structure on Saturday, April 14, 2012, along with contractor and engineer of Medina’s Construction who was responsible of erecting the bridge.

Conch Season to Close Two Months Earlier
Conch Fritters, Conch Soup, Conch Chowder and Conch Ceviche, these are just some of the delicious plates we Belizeans love when it’s conch season. It is one of the most popular fisheries products other than the lobster which together contribute over 90% of the total value of exported seafood products in Belize. But this year, conch season in Belize has been cut short by almost two months by the Fisheries Department that is closing it down on April 24, 2012.

Destination to Paradise
Scenes like this one are the reason why so many tourists have been attracted to Ambergris Caye and San Pedro. It is a scene like this that inspired Jerry McDermott to name his hotel on Ambergris Caye the Paradise Hotel. Then consequently San Pedro started advertising to the world market as a Paradise destination with “NO phones, No television, No problem.”

Misc Belizean Sources

The new 787 plane: pilots review
I just completed the first pilot training class on the 787 at United Airlines, an airplane which is destined to replace the 767 and live for many years after I retire. Here's what I've learned in 787 training so far. By the way, last night we passed our MV (maneuvers validation) check ride, with emergency after emergency, and the FAA observing. Tonight was our LOE (line-oriented evaluation), again with FAA - this time 2 FAA observers. It's 0200 and I just got back to the hotel and poured a well-earned glass of wine to celebrate. I now have a type rating in the 787. Phew. I'm pretty confident this will be the last one for me. I've summarized some of the major differences and unique features of the 787 versus more traditional "old school" airplanes like the 777 (not kidding) - from the pilot's viewpoint. Our "Differences" course takes 11 days to gain an FAA type rating, which is a "common" type rating with the 777. The course has been like drinking from a fire hose, but has finally come together. Some of our pilots attended Boeing's 5-day differences course, and deemed it unacceptable. The FAA approved the Boeing 5-day course, but our guys decided it lacked too much information. FAA is observing our checkrides now, and taking our course as well, to certify the training. We're just the guinea pigs.

VIDEO: Croc Emergency - Donate Today!
Please donate today for the rescue of these two crocodiles and the construction of ACES Wildlife & Crocodile Rehabilitation Center in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Go to or to help now! Thank you, ACES/ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

CHAC BALAM: a novel by S. J. Mazzullo
Dr. Sal Mazzullo, a long time friend, and who has brought students from Wichita State University to Belize for many many years, has written a new book. An event transpired in the Maya world 2000 years ago that Maya high priests recorded in artifacts they safeguarded in a hidden temple in Belize. The Spanish church learned of the event in the early 1500s and brutally murdered thousands of Maya priests in Central America to guard a secret that would have toppled the church had it been made known to the world. Five centuries later, after discovering enigmatic Maya artifacts beneath an ancient temple ruin deep in the jungle of northern Ambergris Caye, geologist Dr. Jim Stewart and his archaeological colleagues are unexplainably beaten and jailed by local authorities, and then left to die in a cave beneath the temple. After a daring escape, they are pursued across Belize and then into the U.S. by a relentless madman who is intent on killing them for reasons unknown to them. While running for their lives, they eventually learn the madman’s identity, and uncover the startling ancient Maya secret by decoding the artifacts they managed to keep. Now aware of the church’s centuries-old cover-up of the secret and involvement in their plight, they flee to Europe to confront the church in a final bid for their survival.

University of Belize's Earth Day is Thursday
UB is having their Earth Day Fair Thursday, from 9am until 4pm. There will be 3 different competitions. There will be food, drinks, raffles, games, and much much more. Go find out about Earth Day 2012.

Equinox Tour of Belize’s Caracol Mayan Ruins
Well written article about the overnight in Caracol. The next one is on the Summer Solstice. Contact NICH at [email protected] for more details. As always, there are great words describing Dr. Jaime Awe. "Although clearly a scholar, Dr. Awe has an appealing personality and an infectious sense of humor. He was not at all the serious, elderly professor of archaeology I had expected. He is quite youthful in appearance, although he must be in his mid to late 50s, given his years of study and field work. He is an engaging speaker and tour guide. It was a delight to accompany him on his journey into an long past era at the Caracol site..

PHOTOS: DJ Geraldo at Meluchi's
DJ Geraldo rocked Meluchi's on Saturday night! DJ Super Mario had his birthday party, and the DJ's were out to celebrate. Everyone danced the night away, having a great time. The Hennessey shots flowed, and one lucky girl won a case of beer.

2012 Mayan Calendar from Orange Walk
The Banquitas House of Culture has posted their 2012 Calendar, and it features local ladies, and many of the most famous Belizean Mayan ruins. Xunantunich and Caracol are both featured as backdrops for the calendar

PHOTOS: UB's ATLIB Football Finals
The University of Belize took 3rd place at the ATLIB Football Finals that were played in Mango Creek. It was a tied game, and CJC came ahead during the penalty kicks. Congratulations, Black Jaguars! "UB Black Jaguars traveled to Mango Creek to play in the ATLIB Football National Tournament in March. Black Jaguars’ first game was against Corozal Junior College (CJC) who they started to lead 1-0 but then CJC tied the game. Unfortunately lost in the penalty kicks 7-6. Black Jaguars won Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College 4-1 to secure third place in the tournament."

Joris Hendrik Designs
Joris Hendrik Designs has teamed up with Vanessa Awe, Will Moreno, and a handful of others, and came up with a brilliant photograph. Natalie Aleman, one of his top models, is the star of the picture, of course. This is the official teaser for his Earth Month Project.

VIDEO: Should Vehicles Be Allowed on Burns Avenue?
Pandy does some interviewing downtown to see what people think about allowing vehicles on the newly refurbished Burns Avenue. Many viewpoints are given, proving Pandy's skill at journalism. "No" seems to be the more popular, and better, choice. Those bricks were made for walking, not heavy loads. Give the video a look, and leave your comment.

Channel 7

It was another deadly weekend: there were three murders: two in Belize City and one in Belmopan. We start in the city where two men were killed in less than 12 hours. The first murder is inexplicable: a 51 year old man and father of four was walking on Banak street when he was gunned down for no known reason. Here is what it looked like at the scene and what police and his family are saying:.. At 1:45am on Saturday morning, police cordoned off Banak Street as the body of 51 year old Darrington Rivers lay on the side of the street dead. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer "Sometime around 1:20 Rivers was walking on Banak Street towards Central American Boulevard. Residents of that area have said that they heard several gunshots fired and upon making checks outside they found Darrington laying in the street."

Twenty hours later - another man fell to gun violence in Belize City. 25 year old Clifton Flores was killed on Wagner's Lane where he was known to hang out. Wagner's Lane - or Jump Street as it is known - has been the site of an extraordinary number of shootings in and around the area for the past few years. And on Saturday night, there was one more - but this one was fatal. Clifton Flores died on the spot - and here is what it looked like at the scene: "What we have gathered so far is that Flores was on Wagner's Lane socializing on the side of the street with some other men when a lone gunman approaches him and open fire on him."

And last night the violence in the city continued. An 18 year old was shot to the midsection in the Port Loyola Area. Just after 8:00 pm, Christopher Jorgenson was at the Jane Usher Basketball court on Curl Thompson Street - which is just across from his house. "We know that on the 14th, Jorgenson and some other guys were on the basketball court on Kurl Thompson Street; this is in the Jane Usher Boulevard area when two men rode up, one facilitated the other with a firearm and he fired several shots injuring Jorgenson on that court."

And just a block away from where that shooting happened - this morning just before 9:00 am, a Chinese grocer was shot in front of his store on Jane Usher Boulevard. It was an armed robbery and the robbers pounced just as WUO ZHENG WU was about to enter his store. His wife had opened the grill door when two men came up to him. "ZHENG WU returned home after shopping and as soon as his wife opens the burglar barred door two men rode up on separate bicycles, one of them brandishing a firearm. He was shot in his right lower arm where he was robbed in excess of a thousand dollars."

So with all these acts of violence, can we declare the gang truce officially over? The police press officer told us that's a policy position and he can't comment on it: "Sir, are you all prepared to concede that violence in the city is at a fevered pitch and that whatever fragments or figments of a truce that were existing have now been expunge. There is no truce, its full out warfare."

A 24 year old resident of Maya Mopan was killed this weekend when he was intentionally run over by a man who was either in a drunken or deranged rage. Roberto Galdamez allegedly knocked Rudy Marroquin off his motorcyle and then drove over him as he lay sprawled out in the road. The bloodstain on this dirt road marks the exact spot where 24 year old Rudy Marroqin fell off the motorcycle. In this patch of bushes on the side of the street is where the driver of the bike - 25 year old Pedro Teul landed.

Our next story is about a mixture of irony and cruelty so odd, if it weren't in the news, you might think it's a joke. It's about a man from Belmopan who was partying in Belize City on Friday night. He had a lot of cash on him - and didn't want to get robbed - so he went to the only place he thought he'd be safe: the police station - to wait for daybreak when he would go back home. Only thing is, he did end up getting robbed - except it wasn't by some regular old jacker - it was a by a police special constable! 33 year-old Ronel Rivero, had over $1,000 dollars in cash on him. He alleges that at around 4:30 on Saturday, he went into the station to try to secure his personal cash until his bus to Belmopan was ready to leave. He said that the police sergeant on duty asked him out of precaution to show him the money just to make sure that he didn't have any illegal items while he was there.

In the run-up to the 2012 double election, Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Alberto August came under fire from the opposition for being too political for that post. Well now, August, who is a staunch UDP supporter from Cayo is stepping down. August told us that he wants to become active in the party's campaign machinery - and so he has informed the PM that he is stepping down. His replacement will reportedly be former Attorney General, BQ Pitts. August will now focus on political work - and will also assume the chairmanship of Belize Water Services Limited. That post has been vacated by Herman Longworth who is now an elected representative and Minister Of State with responsibility for Sports. August has been a director on BWSL's Board for the last five years.

A man who was caught in the act of burglary - will spend 8 years in jail, even though he didn't manage to steal anything. 36 year-old Lynton Sutherland, an unemployed resident of Pink's Alley, was convicted of burglary when he appeared in Magistrate's Court today. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but he will spend 8. According to Dr. Pedro Gonzalez's report to police, at 8 o'clock p.m. on Friday, he went to his warehouse on Handyside Street and caught Sutherland, who had broken in. Dr. Gonzalez said that he was able to detain Sutherland in the building, until police officers arrived and arrested him. He was eventually charged with burglary.

Last week we told you about the decision to cut short the 2012 conch season. It's because the conch quota for this year has already been filled. So, the season will close from April 24th to September 30th of this year, leaving fishermen short of 2 months expected revenue from conch. This was decided at a meeting last week Friday, but to alleviate some of the financial hardships that the fishers face, the fisheries department and the Co-op heads decided that a grace period of 10 days will be given for fishermen to sell off their conch and wrap up operations. As a result, the season will close on the 24th, which is now one week away.

On Friday night you saw Mike Smith detail a remarkable of being detained, abducted, and beaten up by a pretend police with a "play-play" badge. He told the cops that the man flashed a badge, put a gun to his head, took him to a home in Port Loyola and then beat and questioned him. He told police that the man responsible for this roguish act is Reginald Wagner. Well - that's the name on the police report - but today we spoke to Reginald Young who says that he is the man being implicated. Except, that he says he did not do what he is being accused of - but, he did do something - and it was all because of a stolen Samsung cell phone:..

There have been a staggering nine murders in the past eight days, eight of them in the Belize district. That brings the murder total for 2012 to thirty - which is a little behind last year's figures, which showed 37 murders at this time. And while overall murder figures were down last year, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in 2011 Belize was the fifth most dangerous country in the world. The ranking is based on murders per one hundred thousand citizens, and with 39 per hundred thousand, Belize is tied with Guatemala and Jamaica. Coming out as the most dangerous country was Honduras with 86, and following close behind was El Salvador with 71. Saint Kitts and Nevis came next with 68 and was trailed by Venezuela with 67.

It's been a little over two weeks since Katarina Ishim left for Tennessee to receive lifesaving surgery. The 11year old from San Pablo village has been suffering from an aggressive tumor almost the size of her head. It started growing in 2010 and it was surgically removed last year, but it grew back aggressively this year and was large enough to threaten her life. Doctors say the surgery is going well, and after the final phase of the surgery, which lasts 10-12 hours, they should be able to determine if the cancer has been fully removed.

Channel 5

2 Belmopan residents knocked off motorcycle; 1 dead, 1 injured
In a spate of violent crimes that started twelve days ago on April fourth, a total of nine men have been murdered. Over the past weekend, the bloodshed continued with one murder in Belmopan and two in the City. The violence was not confined to murders; two persons were also shot in separate incidents, including [...]

Belize City gangster is killed execution style on Wagner’s Lane
Turning to the city where hell broke loose on Saturday night. A gang affiliate, who has had numerous run-ins with the law, was killed execution style. A gunman rode up and emptied his firearm on Clifton Flores, who was hanging out on the street side of his old neighborhood on Wagner’s Lane. Unlike a previous [...]

51 year old man murdered on Banak St.; is it a case of mistaken identity?
A few hours after the murder of Clifton Flores, fifty-one year old Darrington Rivers, a bicycle repairman of Belize City, was killed. His grieving relatives believe it is a case of mistaken identity. Rivers, who lived on Coffin Street, a block south of where he was killed was walking along Banak Street in the direction [...]

Basketball game ends when a teen is shot on Jane Usher Boulevard
Also on Saturday night, a teenager was shot shortly after eight o’clock when he was playing basketball. One bullet hit him on the lower left-side of the abdomen and another grazed him on the right arm. The Jane Usher Boulevard resident, eighteen year old Christopher Jorgenson, was on the basketball court across from his house [...]

Chinese grocer shot during robbery at his business
While the criminals kept away on Sunday night, this morning there was another shooting in the city. The victim, Chinese grocer, Wuo Zheng Wu is lucky to be alive after robbers targeted his store on Jane Usher Boulevard shortly before nine this morning. Wu was carrying in soft drinks through a grill door when one [...]

After 20 hours of surgery, Catarina Ishim is not in recovery
Back on March sixth, we introduced you to twelve year old Catarina Ishim. Well, tonight we can report tonight that Catarina is recovering from a marathon surgery that lasted about twenty hours at a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital. Catarina, the young girl from San Pablo, Toledo, was disfigured by a cancerous tumor that kept growing despite [...]

Conch Season closing 2 months early
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development confirms today that the conch season will close early this year. According to the ministry, a ten day grace period is being granted to fishermen and cooperatives for the delivery of conch up until next week Monday. Thereafter, the season officially closes on Tuesday until September thirtieth. [...]

Huge overdraft facility left unpaid by previous Orange Walk Town Council
The Orange Walk Town Mayor, Kevin Bernard, came under fire soon after he assumed office for reports of dismissals at the Town Hall. But this morning, Bernard called a press conference to expose irregularities under the previous Town Council. Earlier this month, Bernard revealed that fifteen employees were hastily granted three year contracts shortly before [...]

Social Security/Income Tax deducted but not paid for OW Town Hall employees in 2011
Aside from the heavy overdraft incurred by the previous administration, the mayor also disclosed that the mandatory Social Security contributions and Income Tax deductions were deducted from employees’ salaries but never paid in. According to Bernard, he has also discovered that the former mayor signed off an eighty-eight thousand dollar contract with the defeated Orange [...]

City man gets 5 years for Burglary plus 3 years for Unpaid Fines
A Pinks Alley resident who was caught burglarizing the warehouse of a Belize City doctor confessed to his crime and will now do the time. Thirty-six year Lynton Sutherland appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and pleaded guilty to a charge of Burglary. A non-custodial sentence could not be imposed since Sutherland has two [...]

Belmopan resident accused cop of jacking him at Queen St. Police Station
You would think that you would be safe at the police station, but it turned out otherwise for a Belmopan resident. Thirty-three old Ronell Rivero alleges that he was robbed inside the Queen Street Police Station on Saturday. Rivero says that around three-thirty that morning he was out socializing and had a little too much [...]

14 year old still missing after 3 weeks
Fourteen year old Alieya Lanza, a student of Anglican Cathedral College, was reported missing by her parents a little over three weeks ago. Alieya went missing along with fifteen year old Paula Gentle. Since then her family has been searching tirelessly to locate her despite their belief that she may have ran away with a [...]

The Annual Succotz Fair; food and fun for family this weekend
The village of Succotz, on the outskirts of Benque Viejo Town, is a predominantly Mestizo community rich with culture and steeped with traditional art, music and dance. This weekend the annual Succotz Festival takes place and if you’re heading to Succotz, you can look forward to good food, fun and plenty of activities for the [...]

Football and Cycling; James Adderley’s Full Update on Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The final schedule to regular season play in the Premier League of Belize, found FC Belize as journeymen to Juventus at People’s Stadium yesterday looking to nail and even a spot in the 4 team playoffs set to kick off this Sunday, April 22nd. [...]


Monday, April 16 - POLICE NEWS
Belize City Police are investigating two murders that occurred over the weekend. Police say sometime after 10 o’clock Saturday night they responded to a scene on Wagner’s Lane where they saw the lifeless body of 25-year-old Clifton Flores with several gunshot wounds to the left ...

The annual Succotz Fiesta is here once again and the party starts on Friday night at the football field in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. Chairman for the Succotz Fiesta, Wilson Pat told Love News Pat says that the fair is made possible through the primary sponsor...

The conch season for Belize is coming to a close a full two months ahead of schedule. The announcement of the early closure was made on Friday by Fisheries Department officials. According to Senior Fisheries Officer George Myvette, the conch season, which normally closed on...

Arturo Cantun reporting… “The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association was set to meet yesterday in San Roman Village Corozal but due to a shortfall in attendance the meeting was not held. This morning we spoke with Ramon Aban, chairman of the BSCFA who told us that...

Arturo Cantun reporting… “New Minister of National Security, John Salvidar is on a national familiarization tour visiting the different departments that come under the new ministry which includes Police, the BDF, Coast Guard and department of Immigration. This mo...

The Orange Walk Town Council held a press conference today at the Town Hall to reveal the administrations financial standing after having conducted some investigations since taking office in early March. Dalila Ical reporting… Kevin Bernard - Mayor, Orange Walk Town ...


Marijuana Plantation Goes Up In Smoke
Corozal police made a major marijuana discovery at around 6:00 this morning when they visited the Village of Chan Chen in the Toroch Area. At the site police uncovered four hundred mature marijuana plants ranging from 4 to 6 feet in height and several buckets of Marijuana seeds. The cannabis plants were uprooted and incinerated along with the seeds. No one was found in the area at the time of the discovery.

Father of Eight Killed In Hit And Run Accident
Forty seven year old Bacilio Novelo, a resident of Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District was the victim of a fatal traffic accident on April 13th. According to Novelo’s niece, sometime during the late hours of Friday night her uncle left home on his motorcycle, that is the last time Novelo was seen alive by his family. On Saturday morning they received the tragic news that Novelo had been knocked down and killed while riding his motorcycle on the Yo Creek Road. Investigations have revealed that around 5:00pm on Friday Novelo was travelling towards Yo Creek when a brown Astro Van heading to Orange Walk ran him over. At the time of the incident the vehicle was being driven by 29 year old Abner Sosa, a resident of Yo Creek Village. Reports are that Sosa, who did not stop and render aid, handed himself over to authorities on Saturday morning.

Broker From Burrel Boom Charged For Thursday Evenings Shooting
The Corozal District has been faced with a down pour of burglaries and on Thursday evening it also recorded a shooting incident which left 24 year old Abraham Eck suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest and forearm. After conducting their investigations Corozal Police detained 48 year old Micheal Clark, a Belizean real estate broker from Burrel Boom Village and 31 year old Jury Charlie from the Village of San Antonio in the Corozal District for questioning. Tonight news is that police have officially charged one of the men for Eck’s shooting. CTV3 News understands that this morning 48 year old Micheal Clark appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where he was charged for the crime of grievous harm. Viewers might recall that on April 12th Eck and a group of friends were hanging out in an area known as Patchakan Creek in the Village of Patchakan when an altercation ensued between him, Clarke and Charlie. Clarke allegedly pulled out a 9mm firearm at some point of the confrontation and fired several shots at Ek injuring him on the chest and forearm.

Orange Walk Mayor Speaks on Financial Anomalies Found At The Orange Walk Town Hall
Immediately after taking office on March 7TH the Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard ordered that a special audit on the council’s finances be conducted. As we aired on March 21st the findings of the special audit were jaw dropping as major anomalies including unpaid Social Security contributions for employees, a lucrative contract between the former council and Denny Grijalva and a possible embezzlement by one of the council’s former employees was exposed. Today during his first press conference as Mayor of Orange Walk, Bernard, accompanied by Councilor’s Josue Carballo and Ian Cal at the head table, officially informed the media about the findings on the special audit.

Bi-National Agreement Signed Between Belize And Mexico
At the Corozal Community Hospital on Sunday morning, officials from Belize and Mexico played witness to the signing of the first ever By-National Agreement between the Belize Medical and Dental Association and the Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo. The agreement supplements the unique bond that Belize and Mexico share and as we found out on Sunday it will also further develop the health partnership that has been fostering for many years now between the both medical institutions. At 10:00 Sunday morning ceremonies for the first ever Health By-National Agreement between Belize and Mexico got underway. The agreement, signed between the Belize Medical and Dental Association, BMDA and Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo, seeks to formally establish a conjunctive effort to develop the health systems of both countries. As the agreement was etched on paper in front of a number of witnesses, President of BMDA Joel Cervantes shared the details of the program.

Honoring The Junior Farmer Of The Year

Corozal Residents Take Advantage of Free Health Clinic
At the top of the newscast we told you about the By-National Agreement which was signed between Belize and Mexico, but what we did not tell you is that on the same day the agreement was signed residents of Corozal Town participated in a health fair also held at the Corozal Community Hospital. Hipolito Novelo has the story. The Corozal Community Hospital this Sunday saw a flourish of community members as they partook in the “theory and practice” health fair. The event, organized by the hospital, sought to provide basic health information as well as to offer free medical attention to those in need. During the fair both non-governmental and governmental organizations informed the general public on issues such as sexual reproduction, common diseases and drugs. Educating youths on sexual and reproductive health was a group called Gojoven.


Weekend violence claims two more lives in Belize City
Just as the last week ended, the new one has begun with news of violence and bloodshed. Love TV’s Patrick Jones and video journalist Brian Castillo were on the crime bet today and here is their report.

Barry Bowen Bridge needs urgent repairs
Concerns about the deterioration of the Sir Barry Bowen bridge in San Pedro town are being addressed by the Town Council. Love TV’s Maria Novelo has the details in the following report.

Jailed for counterfeit money
33 year old Deon Smith, a laborer of a Partridge Street address who was found with a $20.00 Belize currency counterfeit note, was sentenced to one month today by Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, after he pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit currency. The incident occurred around 2:40 pm on Saturday, April 14. The police [...]

Police minister embarks on nationwide tour
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar has embarked on a familiarization tour. With a report from Orange Walk here is correspondent Arturo Cantun.

Work continues on Cayo Welcome Center
It was announced last year that San Ignacio Town will house a New Welcome Center. The new facility will be housed where the old bus terminal was situated. This center is to be a venue for tourism expansion in the area. Our Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry and video journalist Jonathan Cariddi, took a tour of [...]

Orange Walk man dies in motorcycle collision
An Orange Walk man is dead following a Friday night traffic incident. Forty seven year old Basilio Novelo, a resident of Y Creek village, succumbed to injuries hours after the crash. According to reports reaching the RSV Media Centre, Novelo was on his way to Yo Creek village, when upon reaching about a quarter mile [...]


Suspect circumstances surrounding rumours of Sr. Superintendent transfer
Over the Last few years the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio have been experiencing a sharp rise in murder...

Catarina Ishim undergoes surgery to remove facial tumour in the US
Catarina Ishim is recovering from life-saving surgery at East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, USA. She ...

Mechanic accused of kidnapping speaks out
Reginald Wagner has spoken out about the claims made by Mike Smith. He was lying. Belize City resident Mike Smith c...

Man dead after bizarre confrontation in front of Belmopan nightclub
An early morning fiasco in front of La Cabana Night club turns deadly for one man. On Saturday 14th April Police re...

Belize City Police investigating weekend murder
On Saturday April 14th at 1:30am Police responded to a scene on Banak Street, Belize City where they saw the lifele...

Another man slain in Belize City
A Belize City man is shot whilst sitting on street side. On Friday April 14, at 10:20pm Police responded to a scene...

Gunshots fired at basketball court, man in critical condition
On Sunday April, 15th police visited the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they saw Christopher Jorgenson suffer...

Daring robber makes his move inside Police Station
He felt that being at a station to wait until time passes for him to go catch his bus was the safest spot to be. Li...

Taylor Street community says sorry isn't good enough
In last week's newscast we reported on the findings of the Commission of Inquiry set up by Police Minister Hon. Joh...

Chinese store robbed
Belize City Police is also investigating an armed robbery that took place earlier this morning. WUO ZHENG WU, Chine...

Arrest made in shooting of Ranchito Village resident
Last week Friday we reported on the shooting of Abraham Ek, a resident of Ranchito Village Corozal, who was shot to......

Caye Caulker Chronicles

VIDEO: Greasy pole challenge on Easter weekend
The greasy pole being on the of the most funnest and popular games to play on Caye Caulker happened during the Easter weekend for the first ever Easter Temptation. The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee out-did themselves in putting together fun competitions for the entire family. Here’s a feature on the greasy pole for all to enjoy:


The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Quintessentially Belizean - Part III - Sunday
The first to arrive at the Mai house was Aunty Rose. The children heard her all the way from the road side, calling out her usual jolly “Diiiiiiiiaaaaasssssss!” Following her trail was her little girl – half naked already with just her skirt on, hem stuck in the waistband and frilly lace underwear showing who knows how far down the road. She twirled her shirt in the air, dropping it every so often, and then picking it back up to toss back up in the air. Rose had given up on her child looking presentable, choosing her laughing, happy four-year-old over the sulky, screaming nightmare she could be. Bertha, the eldest girl went out to greet her aunt, who was precariously balancing a covered pot and extra-large purse. With the pot safely ensconced in Bertha’s hands, Rose reached out to fix her Benita’s skirt as they headed into the house.

Belize Prices and fun facebook status questions
I have done several prices in Belize and cost of living in Belize write ups and they have always been of interest. This time I decided to try something new and use facebook status questions to get people to weigh in on pricing and useful information that people who are traveling to Belize or moving abroad will want to know. – I just paid $17.25 bzd for a bag of frozen cranberries, anyone outside of Belize have a price comparison? Anyone on the island have a good spot for decent priced brown rice?

A Must Do in San Pedro: Brunch at Estel's
There are a few places that I recommend to EVERYONE that visits Ambergris Caye. You need to snorkel at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Have a beer or two at the Palapa Bar. And you must have breakfast at least once at Estel's Dine By the Sea. You'll find it right on the beach in the center of town just south of the Central Park. The floor is sand, both inside and out, and when I was there last week, some live music was playing. Nice touch. The inside is decorated with all sorts of crazy local knick knacks. There are no menus at the table...head inside to check out the chalk board. I'd hate to be the one who is in charge of fixing this when someone accidentally brushes up against it.

On Hudut and Huggability
“I tell you no lie, its hard work. ” Therese said. She herded the girls out in the yard with her grandchildren. “We will call them in when we need them. Right now, you need to help me with those plantains.” The sticky sweet resin of the skins pulled at my hands like rubber glue. It made for slippery handling of the fruit inside. Mark got straight to work. “Tell me what to do!” he said. She smiled at him and then hugged him. “My sons are the only ones who like to do this. Maybe I adopt you after today.” she smiled. Therese Castillo, known in Hopkins Belize as “Miss Therese”, lives in the heart of town.

International Sources

SLIDESHOW: New efforts to save seahorses and other marine life from extinction
Scientists and conservationists are working to breed seahorses in farms at aquariums and laboratories across the country in an effort to save the threatened creatures from disappearing.

Belize's New Marketing Strategy: Apocalypse Tourism
It’s 2012, and Belize is trying to lure visitors to the Mayan end of the world. We’re all familiar with various brands of shoes and shampoo. But what about the brands of sovereign states? In the fierce competition for tourist dollars, nations are brand names, too. They have public images that change over time and can be shaped by marketing. They can turn suddenly trendy, or hopelessly uncool, in the minds of travelers daydreaming about future vacation spots. A little while back, I accepted an invitation from the Belize Tourism Board to take an all-expenses-paid tour of that country. This is what we in the media term “a junket.” The BTB hoped that by bringing me down there, and showing me a decent time, they could nudge me into writing a travel story for American readers—a story reporting that Belize is a gorgeous, climatically temperate place populated by friendly, law-abiding people. I’m not going to write that story. (Even though I loved the country.) ...

‘We became like family’
A 14-day trip to a rural village in Belize left a lasting impression on two dozen Langley Secondary Grade 11 and 12 students, who chose to spend their spring break fixing up a school and interacting with kids there. The LSS group, which included three teachers, were greeted by students of Double Head Cabbage School in Belize with an assembly and a skit. The skit was put on by the students there who speak and write Creole, but are able to speak some English. “We had no idea what they were saying but it was funny,” said Grade 12 LSS student Jacquelyn McComb. “They were really shy at first but pretty quickly we all got along. They talk so fast though.” Within the first two days, the group of LSS students had painted the entire interior of the school and two murals on the outside of the high school.

April 16, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Editorial: If You Don’t Like the Law…Change It
It seems foolish to debate whether or not a certain law should be imposed and it is absurd to ask an officer in charge of the police not to enforce it. Laws are not to be individually interpreted by law enforcement individuals and citizens can not interpreted the law based on their personal interests. We the good people of Belize have voted leaders into our government who we have entrusted to create and mandate laws that are in the best interest of the people. By doing so we also agree to abide by them and support law enforcement individuals who have sworn to uphold them.

SPHS Students Office Practice
Seniors graduating from the San Pedro High School are required to participate in the Office Practice program at the end of their second term. This is the time where students are paired with willing organizations and businesses to partake in a two-week internship program based on their majors or area of interest. Academic students are paired with medical providers and environmental groups while Business students get to experience working in the business fields offered. The San Pedro Sun takes this chance to meet and learn more about these students who represent the future of San Pedro’s work force and entrepreneurs.

San Pedro joins in celebrating Earth Day
San Pedro joins the world in celebrating Earth Day 2012 through a massive clean up educational campaign, commencing April 16th and culminating on Earth Day, April 22nd. Councilor Carlos Barrientos, councilor tasked with the portfolio of Town Beautification is at work assuring that the beaches were cleaned all through the Easter Vacation. He pointed out the fact that even after such a large influx of visitors, our beaches remained very clean. He plans to continue “Maintaining our Island Clean” through education and action.

Misc Belizean Sources

Desde'L West Official Music Video
Benque Viejo's Mas Fama has released the Desde'L West official music video. It's good all around. Good editing, and video work. You'll see Benque in the background, and you'll know the group. Keep up the great work, Mas Fama.

PHOTOS: Generation of Fire's 1st Devotion 360 Retreat
The Generation of Fire Youth Group had their first retreat at Hummingbird Haven. Looks like they had a great time. "Lifting up a Generation that is passionate, and after God's own Heart!!!Pictures from our first retreat at Hummingbird Haven. Generation of Fire Youth Group"

Feed the Children Fashion Show
Richard Holder, the brilliant mind behind RH Photo Belize, made the latest promotional photo for the Feed the Children Fashion Show. The fashion show is only 2 weeks away. Mark your calendars for the 28th of April. It'll be at the posh Bedran Hall at the San Igancio Resort Hotel. Thanks goes out to Richard Holder for donating his time and skill to helping out Cornerstone Foundation. Forever Young Fashion World, located in the JNC mall, provided the fashions.


Western Belize beats both the USA and Britain for eating French Fries or chips. They make them out of BREADFRUIT and they are half an inch thick slices of breadfruit. I have my own supply for the two breadfruit producing seasons a year. Got my own tree by the corner fence. The breadfruit chips, taste like well done, the best FRENCH FRIES or CHIPS done in the USA and UK. However here is where the difference lies. The outer crust may be a FRENCH FRY with all that flavor, but the interior of the BREADFRUIT FRY is soft and tender like the most delicious mashed potatoes. The combination is out of this world. To be found only in Belize. Fried in coconut oil yet, the flavors and crunchiness cannot be beat anyplace else in the world.

International Sources

Holistic Healing Practices From Around The World
Belize: According to Joshua Berman, author of Moon Belize, the people of Belize still use many traditional herbs and plants to treat various illnesses, especially the Maya. Travelers can find "medicinal herb trails" throughout the country, and Maya healers are found in the Maya Centre and in some southern villages in the Toledo District. Herbal medicine, often referred to as bush medicine, is a big part of Belize's cultural heritage. Plants are used to treat everything from everyday headaches and coughs to more serious ailments like diabetes and infertility. One popular cure for digestive problems and upset stomach is taking allspice tree leaves and making them into a tea. Moreover, the native scoggineal plant is helpful for relieving headaches and fevers by tying it to the forehead. For the common cold or flu, contribo vine can either be made into a tea or soaked in rum. And, if you've got itchy or burning skin ailments, like sunburn or bug bites, relaxing in a bath prepared with gumbolimbo bark (shown right) is very helpful.

April 15, 2012

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The San Pedro Sun

Dr. Graham presents on the Status of Sharks in Belize
In Wednesday night, April 11th, Dr. Rachael Graham of the World Conservation Society held a presentation on the status of sharks in Belize. The one hour presentation commenced at 8PM and was held at the San Pedro Lion’s Den. Dr. Graham, Director of the Gulf and Caribbean Sharks and Rays Program for the Wildlife Conservation Society spoke to The San Pedro Sun before her presentation, “My presentation tonight is actually going to focus on the status and the future of sharks and rays in Belize. It’s going to give a very broad overview of the status of sharks globally then go a little bit into the biology of sharks.

Misc Belizean Sources

Free concert in San Pedro! THE GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE: April 21
Aurelio Martinez joins the Garifuna Collective in San Pedro! THE GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE with very special guests AURELIO MARTINEZ & DANNY MICHEL Saturday April 21st, 2012 at 4:00 PM Sundiver Beach, 4.5 Miles North, San Pedro Following on February’s concert in San Pedro featuring The Garifuna Collective, Stonetree Records and Sundiver Beach are excited to announce that Belize’s internationally-acclaimed musical ambassadors will be returning to the island on Saturday, April 21st with a couple of very special guests for an afternoon/evening of great music and dance. Admission is free.

PHOTOS: University of Belize's Multicultural Fair
UB had their Multicultural Fair, and wow, did they capture some amazing pictures. There are some great ballet folklorico pictures in there. Kudos to their photographer! "The Faculty of Education and Arts under the stewardship of the Dean Dr. Wilma Wright, once again hosted a week of activities in recognition and celebration of education. These activities included 'Flaunt your Hat Day', “Women in Arts Revolution”, “Mini Cultural Fair”, 'Prayer Vigil', and 'Women in Poetry Workshop'. The FEA Week was instituted as an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to showcase the voluminous work of FEA."

PHOTOS: Green Hills Butterfly Farm
On the way to Mountain Pine Ridge, the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is a must see. "Lovers of butterflies and unique experiences should reserve a place for Happy hour in the Butterfly House an hour before sunset. You will be served a beer, Belizean rum drink, or soft drink, while you marvel at this natural phenomenon. 'Every evening in the fading light, the butterflies perform their dance, establishing their places in the butterfly hierarchy in shifting clouds and scatters, wreaths and ropes, twisting through the forest architecture. Like the butterflies themselves, it is powerful and ephemeral – a display of delicate strength for some 45 minutes only, then done for another day." Jan Meerman, Green Hills Butterfly Farm"

Francis Ford Coppola Resorts launches ‘Alexandra Cousteau Discovery Experience with Coppola Resorts’
Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter was in Belize to gather information for 'Expedition Blue Planet: Belize,' a documentary that will focus on freshwater and marine biomes in Belize. For a portion of her trip, she stayed at Blancaneaux Lodge. They have come up with a travel package based on that. They visit Caracol, Mountain Pine Ridge, and the Chiquibul Forest. "Leave on a tour to the Maya site of Caracol, located deep in the Chiquibul Forest. Firstly visit the impressive Rio Frio Cave system before continuing on to Caracol, the largest and most important Maya site in Belize. The epicentre of the site is home to howler and spider monkeys and the birding is excellent. Leave the lodge early for a spectacular day of birding and natural history en route to the nesting site of Belize’s endangered Scarlet Macaws. The route will take you through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve to an escarpment overlooking the Chalillo Dam and its vast artificial reservoir. After an inspiring and adventurous day in the Chiquibul Forest return to Blancaneaux Lodge. As dusk draws in keep your eyes peeled to the road ahead in the hope of spotting an elusive jaguar."


U.S National Robbed In Broad Daylight
And that brings us to our next story. On Wednesday at about 11:40am Canadian National, 58 year old Patricia Husbands was walking along the Finca Solana Area in Corozal when two male individuals of dark complexion rode up to her on separate bicycles and demanded her belongings. Both assailants covered their faces with black handkerchiefs. One of the men wearing a black t-shirt pulled out a knife at Husbands while the other individual wearing a purple t-shirt stood on the side with a machete in hand. Fearing for her life Husbands handed over one smart phone valued at BZE$100.00, a brown wallet containing BZE$50.00, a Sony brand purple notebook laptop valued at BZE$1,600, one bag of clothing worth BZE$6.00 and one master card. The assailants then made good their escape with items in hand valued at a total of BZE$1,760. Corozal Police have detained two individuals pending charges.

Honoring The Senior Farmer Of The Year 2012
Last night we told you about a Northeno who was named the Senior Farmer for the year 2012 by the National Agriculture and Trade Show. Jorge Morales, a farmer from the Corozal District, has been developing his sixty four acre farm, located in the Consejo Road Area, for more than 8 years. Today our news team traveled further north and found out what made Morales win the prestigious award. Jorge Morales acquired this 64 acre land 8 years ago and since then he has been developing it to what it is today: a bonafide farm. His new system of irrigation attracted fellow agriculturists to advice Morales to submit his name for the competition. When Morales received the good news yesterday that he was named the Senior Farmer of the year by the National Agriculture and Trade Show he became ecstatic.

Minister Of National Security Visits Corozal Amidst A Strung Of Burglaries
The Minister of National Security Honorable John Saldivar, launched his countrywide tour today. During the tour Saldivar will primarily be visiting police stations, immigration offices and BDF camps across the country in order to obtain a firsthand knowledge about the issues affecting the offices and stations. Saldivar's first stop was at the Corozal Police Station and after a brief meeting with officers he told us more about the Ministries initiative. “I am just touring the facilities including the police department and all the other departments that are under the Ministry of National Security this morning we are doing the police here in Corozal and later we are heading to the Immigration Department to look at that since it also falls under the Ministry OF National Security. The main objective of the tour is for me to familiarize myself with the departments and also for the officers to get to know me and for me to get to know them. Preliminarily it is for me to look at some of the issues that the formation is faced here in Corozal, to see how we can address these issues and improve the conditions under which the officers work and also improve the machinery, equipments, weapons and all that they need to fight crime in this district.”

Altercation Leads To One Man Being Shot In Patchakan
Corozal Town has been making headlines over the past weeks due to a spate of burglaries that have been taking place across that community. As we mentioned last night, police have been working overtime in all attempts to address the issue of burglaries. Despite that fact, it appears that criminals are on a rampage as yesterday Corozal recorded a shooting and another armed robbery. We start off tonight’s newscast by reporting on the shooting incident that unfolded around 6:00 yesterday evening and left one man injured in the Village of Patchakan. Abraham Ek, a 24 year old Belizean laborer from Ranchito Village in the Corozal District was hanging out with a group of friends in an area known as Patchakan creek in the Village of Patchakan when he became involved in an altercation with 48 year old Michael Clarke and 31 year old Jury Charlie.

Summit of The Americas To Take Place In Cartagena Columbia
Colombia will be hosting the Sixth Summit of the Americas on April 14th and 15th in Cartagena where 34 Heads of State of the Western Hemisphere will address the Sixth Summit Central theme, “Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity". This year’s theme focuses on the role of physical integration and regional cooperation as a means to achieve greater levels of development. The Heads of Government, including those from the United States and Canada, will discuss challenges in several key areas including poverty and inequalities, citizen security, disasters and access to technologies. Leading the Belizean delegation will be Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. Yesterday Elrington met with the Secretary General of the OAS Jose Miguel Insulza, and discussed the political climate and other main issues to be debated during the summit. One substantial issue stimulating disquisition is that of the decriminalization of drug transportation in Mexico which is currently threatening the regions security and has caused up to 50,000 deaths.

Proyecto Lagartija Seeks To Enhance Theater And Art In Belize
“El Proyecto La Lagartija” is the umbrella name of a Central American regional network of organized professional actors and actresses. The aim of the organization is to implement the practice of theater, art and drama within the Central American region. This year the Latin based project is being hosted in Orange Walk Town in collaboration with the Belize Association for the Development of Arts (BADA) and the National Institute of History and Culture (NICH). The organization originally started in Honduras in the year 2004. At that time Belize was not included in the membership list. That changed; however, in the year 2010 thanks to the efforts of Beverly Swayze, Belize's representative for Proyecto La Lagartija. Beverly Swayze, Belize Representative for Proyecto La Lagartija “We became a part of this project which started in 2004 but we became a part in 2010, I attended meeting, they have invited to a meeting in 2009 in Nicaragua to see what it is all about and we push for Belize to become a part of it because I saw it was something that would assist Belize being recognized regionally as well as internationally and so at that meeting they decided that they would accept me in 2010 and that is when Belize really became a part of El Proyecto Lagartija Centro America.”


Alleged fake cop wanted for assaulting Belize City man
Belize City police are looking for a man who not only allegedly posed as a cop, but is reported to have illegally detained another man for over five hours earlier this week. Nineteen year old Mike Smith tells police that his ordeal began around eleven forty five on Wednesday night, when he was accosted as he walked on Wilson Street in Belize City. According to Smith, a man named Reginald Wagner, identified himself as a police officer and even produced a police badge and informed Smith that he would be locked up. Smith says that Wagner pulled out what appeared to be a firearm from his pants waist and pointed it at him. Fearing for his life, Smith says he handed over his cell phone along with two hundred and twenty dollars in cash. Smith is further alleging that he was taken at gunpoint by Wagner to an apartment on Daly Street where he was tied up and beaten. Smith says that he was released around four o’clock Thursday morning. Police are now looking for Reginald Wagner as their investigation of the alleged attack continues.

Corozal shooting incident leaves man hospitalized
A shooting incident last evening in Corozal has left one man injured and two others in police custody. According to police reports, the victim has been identified as Abraham Ek. Police say they went to the emergency room at the Corozal hospital around six-twenty last night where they say Ek suffering from a gunshot wound to the right side of the chest and right forearm. Initial investigations by police reveal that around six o’clock yesterday evening Ek was in the company of other friends in an area known as the Patchakan Village Creek when he got into a confrontation with forty eight year old Michael Clarke and thirty one year old Jury Charlie. During the confrontation it is alleged that Clarke pulled out a nine millimeter pistol and fired several shots hitting Ek in the chest and forearm. Corozal police have since detained Clarke and Charlie pending charges.

A helping hand for Toledo rice farmers
Spray pumps for use by milpa farmers were recently presented to leaders of ten Toledo villages. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Woman wanted in Florida tracked down at University of Belize
Referred to as Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret, Belize has, of recent years at least, become a secret hideaway for fugitives eluding the tough arm of the US law. And tonight it seems that there is yet another name added to that growing list. This time, it is a “she” who has come to our attention here at Love News, and what’s more is that she is enrolled as a student at the University of Belize. You heard right. The records that we retrieved from Florida Mug Shots show reveal the woman, Nadine Martin, was born in Belize on October first, 1977. Her particulars thereafter, like where she grew up and who are her parents are not available. But Martin, who incidentally now goes by the alias “Nadine Gladden”, has had a history of offences in the US, particularly on Pasco County and Hillborough County in Miami. While most of the offenses are minor, her last one was shooting/throwing a missile at a vehicle. She is a fugitive because she absconded to Belize before her scheduled probation term expired, which would have come to an end in June of this year. But Martin had other things in mind and instead, she skipped town and returned to Belize where she enrolled at the University of Belize by the alias, Nadine Gladden, in the Management and Social Sciences programme. According to the institution, Gladden met all the requirements for admittance and because ordinarily, UB does not require its students to produce a police record, Gladden was not asked to do so.


Festive Friday night at Caliente
Last night we rode our bikes into town and met our friend David for taco night and half-price margarita night at Caliente. We got a great table on the deck and enjoyed the breezes, company, fantastic food, and potent margaritas. On our ride into town, we passed a few golf carts. Some friendly folks on one of them yelled out "We read your blog!" They also said that they really liked our food photos, so we've made sure to include plenty in this posting. There is a wonderful view from Caliente's deck, and the clouds over the sea had a pink glow from the sunset over the lagoon side of the island. There was a great breeze as well. Ahhhhhhh....

Sailing "Old School" on San Pedro's Rum Punch II
Thursday afternoon, I was invited for a sail and snorkel trip on San Pedro resident's George Eiley's Rum Punch 2. I'd been on the classic wooden fishing boat once before (Gorgeous Day of Sailing) and LOVED it. This time we had a bigger group, lots of drinks and snacks and a beautiful day. It was just as much fun. Our plan was to sail up to Mexico Rocks snorkelling spot - an area off North Ambergris Caye with uber-clear water and lots of coral heads. Beers and pringles. All the makings for a solid frat party...with just one thing missing. Oh it is. Jagermeister.

Bill Gates' Children Enjoy Cayo
Jennifer and Phoebe Gates visited Chaa Creek's Butterfly Farm and Natural History Museum. No matter who you are, you'll have a great time visiting them. That's a really cool picture of CC's collage of butterfly wings. Bryony Fleming, CC's spa manager, had this to say about their visit. “One thing you really notice is how similarly kids respond to the rainforest environment, no matter their cultural, national or economic backgrounds. The look of wonder when they’re surrounded by beautiful, gigantic Blue Morpho butterflies, and seeing them go from pupae stage to being released into the forest – it’s a fascination that all people, whether young and old, seem to share. It was wonderful to see how much the girls enjoyed their stay and how enchanted they were with the butterflies, natural beauty and other things we tend to take for granted"

International Sources

Trying to take back the government of Belize by using the courts
By Wellington C. Ramos I find it very strange that the oldest political party in Belize, the People’s United Party (PUP), is petitioning the Supreme Court to try and overturn the results of the elections that were held in several constituencies in Belize so that they could be given a chance to have recall elections. This, they believe, will give them a chance for by-elections to be held in these constituencies and possibly make them win more seats to form the new government in Belize. The People’s United Party ruled Belize from 1956 to 1984 under the leadership of one person, the late George Cadle Price. They had more than enough time to develop Belize and make it one of the most industrialized countries in Central America. Since the independence of Belize, the United Democratic Party (UDP) just won their fourth election to go ahead of the PUP in post independence wins. They have never been given the chance until now to win back to back elections so that they can continue with their reform agenda items to clean out the mess they inherited when they took over the reins of government from the People’s United Party, who bankrupted our country.


Belize girl recovering after life-saving surgery in Knoxville
A little girl from Belize is recovering from life-saving surgery in Knoxville. Catarina Ishim underwent nearly 20 hours of surgery to have a large, cancerous tumor removed from her face. She got out of surgery around 3 a.m. Saturday and was listed in serious condition.

Shyne speaks on reuniting with Diddy [Video]
It’s been nearly 3 years since former Bad Boy and Def Jam rapper Shyne was released from prison, having served nine years of 10 year sentence for assault and gun possession charges that source from a shooting at a New York club, at which both Shyne and Diddy attended. Puffy (as he went back then) was acquitted of all charges, even being labelled a “snitch” by some, which led to severed ties between himself and Shyne. The rapper has since converted to Judaism and been deported to his native Belize, and has looked to reconcile with his former boss and mentor. In a new three-part interview that has hit the net, Shyne sits down and speaks in-depth on his jail time, reuniting with Diddy and more.

Mayan End of the World Events Calendar
December 21, 2012 will mark the end of the 5,125-year-long Maya long-count calendar. While sensationalists say the calendar's conclusion will precipitate the end of the world, scholars who study Mayan culture say it will simply conclude one era and usher in another. Regardless of what will happen on December 21st, the months leading up to that date are filled with events celebrating Maya culture; some of these are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for travelers who enjoy immersing themselves in authentic cultural experiences. The Mundo Maya is made up of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico; each country has special events planned for Maya 2012. Take a look at some of them and get planning.

April 14, 2012

Valid: Friday-Tuesday, April 13 - 17, 2012

A broad high pressure system will move into the SW Atlantic this weekend and will keep a stable and seasonally dry South-easterly airflow prevailing across Belize this weekend and on Monday. A convergence zone on the tail end of an old frontal system will drift northward over Central America on Monday and Tuesday, and will likely induce some showers and thunderstorms but mostly over southern Belize on Tuesday.

We can expect the fair and seasonally dry weather to persist this weekend with only brief, isolated showers developing mostly along the coast in the morning, and inland during the afternoon hours. Heavier showers and thunderstorms are likely to increase over the Toledo District and southern coastal waters later on Monday and Tuesday.

Daily rainfall totals will be minimal, ranging 0.01-0.10 of-an-inch across the nation this weekend. In the South however, showers and thunderstorms are likely to increase on Monday afternoon and evening and persisting through Tuesday morning. Daily rainfall totals for this period will be in the range of 0.25-0.50 of-inch in the South.

No threat of flash flood expected this weekend!

CLICK HERE for the full Belize Weekend Weather Report

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SP resident remains critical at the KHMH
A resident of San Pedro Town remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after he was rushed off the island on the afternoon of Easter Monday. Ian Cabañas, a resident of Boca del Rio Area was found in an ally by family members with what appeared to be severe head injuries sometime around 2:30pm on Monday, April 9th. Because he was none responsive and in an unconscious state, Cabañas was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II for initial treatment and later airlifted to the KHMH.

Ernesto Bernardez still on the run and wanted by Police
Ernesto Bernardez remains on the run and on the Belize Police Department Wanted List. The 17 year old is wanted in connection with a chain of incidents that occurred on Caye Caulker that eventually led to a police officer being shot in the head and two firearms stolen from the police. Police had originally launched a man hunt for Bernardez on Caye Caulker but have moved focus to the mainland where a Wanted bulletin for his capture has been released. “It appears that Bernardez is on the mainland now. We are circulating a bulletin countrywide with the hope of capturing him and recover the two firearms that were stolen,” explained Sergeant of Police Basil Reyes who was leading the manhunt operation on Caye Caulker.

Ambergris Today

Cancer Treatment Center To Open in Belize
Raquel Battle, along with the other LIU participants, completed a CGI U Commitment to Action pledge to contribute to the greater good. “The Clinton Global Initiative University offered ‘hope’ to realize my commitment to build the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice in Belize, Central America, and to establish a Belizean Educational Association for Treatment of Cancer (BEAT),” she said. “The skill sessions offered practical solutions to many of the existing challenges that I face in utilizing social media and in building practical partnerships with a focus on my CGI U commitment.”

BTIA Summer Awareness Campaign and fundraiser
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) embarks on a "Summer Staycation" raffle to create awareness of Belize's diverse tourism destinations and attractions - 2012 "Year of the Maya" a time of rebirth and rejuvenation and simultaneously celebrated as the "Year of sustainable tourism" within our Central American region; The Belize Tourism Industry Association has embarked on various projects and plans which will enhance the association and the tourism sector in Belize. As part of the BTIA's local marketing campaign, we are creating awareness of Belize's diverse tourism destinations and attractions with a "Summer Staycation" raffle.

New World-Class Shopping Center Coming to Belize
According to a press release from DHS Holding Co. in Nashville, USA, the company has begun the first phase of development of the Cenote Falls Shopping Center, a new world-class and family-friendly shopping experience slated for development on a recently acquired 40-acre parcel of land in Belize. This phase will include negotiations with major retailers and restaurant chains.

Misc Belizean Sources

Caye Caulker islanders clean up La Isla Cariñosa
A group of islanders have one common goal and that is to keep beautiful Caye Caulker clean by spearheading occasional beach clean-ups. With a total of 13 volunteers, they make this venture a reality and are proud of their efforts in beautifying our little island. However, they are welcoming as much new volunteers as possible to participate in this worthwhile effort. Volunteers for the time being consist of Jane Peoples, Ellen Armstrong, Dorothy Beveridge, Sally Ringsred, Luciana Essenziale, Noelle Hogan-Gray, Brian and his wife Evelin Babineau and Deb Folmer among some other tourists and visitors. Big Kudos to those people who have taken up the initiative to keep Caye Caulker clean, though it would be an even better idea if the entire community, young and old would come together to participate in this endeavour. Here are a few photos of our hard working Caye Caulker people:

A Legal Government
Practicing attorneys have had control of both political parties and all governments since Said Musa became Prime Minister and this trend seems unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. Attorneys are well versed in the law and operate under a supposedly rigorous regime of integrity, self-responsibility and respect for the law while serving as officers of the court. They should have the moral fortitude necessary to remain honest and lead the country by showing by their respect for law and our democratic processes. The sad fact is that over the last fourteen years we have had a Senior Counsel as Prime Minister and during this time our international reputation for integrity and honest government that respects the law has slumped to where we have one of the worst reputations for corruption in the world and it has crippled our ability to attract foreign investment.

Bill Gates' Children Enjoy Belize
Bill Gates’ daughters’ visit to a popular Belizean eco resort highlighted the fact that no matter their background, kids will be kids when immersed in the natural beauty of the rainforest environment, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s spa manager, Bryony Fleming, said today. Ms. Fleming said that 16 and 7 year old Jennifer and Phoebe Gates visited Chaa Creek with a young friend for an enjoyable day in the rainforest that included a visit to the Butterfly Farm, lunch and some pampering at the Chaa Creek Hilltop Spa. “One thing you really notice is how similarly kids respond to the rainforest environment, no matter their cultural, national or economic backgrounds,” Ms. Fleming said, “The look of wonder when they’re surrounded by beautiful, gigantic Blue Morpho butterflies, and seeing them go from pupae stage to being released into the forest – it’s a fascination that all people, whether young and old, seem to share,” she said.

Western Spirit takes back the Cross Country Classic for Belize
Western Spirit dominated the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. So once more, congratulations to the Western Spirt Team, and to Giovanni Choto! This article gives some history of the race. "Metzgen’s Sporting Legacy arises in 1928 as he observes numerous cyclists traveling on the road and decides to challenge them with an expedition-like race. He then gathers a group of notable individuals from a bank, public hospital, church, medical clinic and lands department to help sponsor the event and then joined by the Governor, Superintendent of Police and others to give further vigor to the event."

VIDEO: TAS Belize's Tell A Story Thursday episode 5
Another installment of Tell A Story Thursday. "Carla Hart of Maheias United shared her thoughts on what it means to be a proffessional in the business sector as well as other helpful tips for upcoming entrepreneurs."

VIDEO: University of Belize Physics Students Make Potato Cannon
Great video of Physics students from UB launching their potato cannon. Powered by flamable aerosol too. Looks like fun. "Potato cannons may be for school projects, but they ARE weapons and can definitely inflict some serious damage on a person."

PHOTOS: San Ignacio United Youth Football Team
The SI United Youth Football team were the sub-champions of the Crime Stoppers Youth Football Marathon. Congratulations! Another great way to keep youths interested in sports while informing them about Crime Stoppers.

Heartz Football Team were the champions
Heartz Football Club U16- Champion of the Crime Stopper Belize Football Tournament 2012- April 12, 2012

Crispy Waffles
Just in time for the weekend breakfast. Waffles are a typical breakfast bread in most homes. I prefer my waffles to be crispy and not soft like pancakes. This bread can be eaten alone or topped with jellies, jams, butter, whip cream, powdered sugar or pancake syrup. Raggamuffin Heros – Ellis and Chilo
Yesterday, Ellis and Chilo became heros as they rescued three Mexican tourists, whilst on their way to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The tourists had set off at sunrise from Caye Caulker in a canoe, determined to have a do-it-yourself snorkeling tour to see the manatees at the North of the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve – far cheaper they thought than one that the tour operators offer and surely the reef was not that far away!!! Instead of heeding the advice of locals and staying close to the land (they had rented the canoe with a different pretex than the one they intended), the three ventured out in to the open seas (none of them with any experience or knowledge of what lay before them). When they were far from the point of Caye Caulker over an hour into their excursion, the canoe started taking on water in the higher waves expected in this location. One of the tourists referred to their canoe as ‘drowning’ and within minutes the canoe had sunk with all their possessions – leaving them to tread water out on the open sea with no flotation devices – far away from any land.

Channel 7

On Wednesday the Police Ministry apologized to Taylor's alley residents for excessive force used by members of the GSU and the ADU. And Last night on this newscast - you heard a Taylor's Alley resident say, "apology not accepted." Well, tonight the Ministry has fired back with another release. It says, basically, that those who aren't satisfied with "sorry", can take their grievances to Court. The release says that while there was unjustifiable and excessive use of force by Police on the night in question in Taylor's Alley - that doesn't mean there's strong evidence to support that. The release says, quote: "many of the evidence used…would not…meet the strict standards of 'rules of evidence'" for a Court of Law.

A 19 year old Belize city resident had a crazy encounter with a man pretending to be a police officer. It happened at a few minutes to midnight on Wednesday. Mike Smith was in front of the Princess Hotel and Casino when he was approached by Reginald Wagner who took out something resembling a "Police Badge" and then put a gun in his back. "I was at Princess on Saturday night at 12:45 am. A dark skin complexion man was 12 feet away from me; I realized it was Reginald, a person that I knew. He came up to me and told me not to say anything. He told me to hand him all my money. I gave him my black touch screen phone that is valued $200 plus. He took $200 from me also and after that he told me to follow him to his house. He told me that if I ran he will shoot me." "He took me on Marine Parade and then to his house on Daly Street where he tie me up. He starts to punch me and ask me about some information about different things. He tortured me. He told me that he is a police officer; he showed me a silver crown and said that he will lock me up. He said that he would kill me if I reported the incident to the police." "He took me at his aunt's house in the Port Loyola area where he continued to search me. He showed me a black hand gun."

Today Fisheries Minister Lisel Alamilla met with key stakeholders in the fisheries industry - including the bosses of the principal cooperatives. It was a consultation session about a very sensitive issue: namely, an early closing of the conch season - as much as two months early. It's no small matter - that two months could mean significant losses in earnings for fisherfolk. But, the issue is that the Queen or Pink Conch is now listed internationally as an endangered species. At the start of the consultation this morning, the Director of Fisheries, and the Minister made it clear that a delicate balance between conservation and Belize's fourth largest foreign exchange earner has to be struck:..

Yesterday a fight in Patchakan village escalated into a shooting, leaving one man suffering from two gunshot wounds. At about 6:00 yesterday evening, Abraham Ek, a Belizean labourer of Ranchito Village in Corozal, was relaxing with friends at the Patchakan creek. Michael Clarke, a 48 year old Real Estate Broker of Burrell Boom Village and Jury Charlie, a 31 year old of San Antonio Village were also at the creek, located 3 miles west of Patchakan. The three men got into an argument, so Clarke drew a 9 mm pistol and fired several shots at Ek. Two bullets caught him, one in the right side of the chest, and the other on the right forearm. The police have since apprehended Michael Clarke and Jury Charlie who are pending charges. Ek was treated for his wounds at the Corozal Community Hospital.

Sarita Kerr, a resident of Dangriga is a victim of a very cruel kind of land fraud - where fraudsters have been using her dead father's name to steal his estate. Her father Catharino Ramirez, died in 1987, but, still, in 2009, his signature was forged to transfer his land title to two other people. Because it is a sensitive case where people being accused of fraud, are not under police investigation, and also because Kerr hasn't made a police report yet, we cannot reveal their identities at this time. We do have their names and signatures on the documents, however. The documents we have say that in 2009, Ramirez, who, at that time, had been dead for 22 years, sold the land to these people for $8,000 dollars. The conveyance is complete with signatures, stamps, witnesses and the Lands Department seals. Kerr says that when she discovered this, she went to Lands Department and a few days after she started investigating, another deed of conveyance was drawn up to sell the land back to Ramirez.

39-year-old David Galindo, a Santa Elena resident who was busted on November 9, of last year, with 1.2 KILOS of marijuana was found guilty of drug trafficking today. He was fined $10,000 dollars instead of being sent to jail. According to the 2 arresting officers from the GSU, at 2:45 that day, they stopped a BBOC bus at the mile 4 Check point on the Western Highway. They searched all the passengers and found a schoolbag with the cannabis parceled in 3 bricks. They found Galindo's social security card in one of the pockets, and as a result, they arrested and charged him. In his defense, Galindo testified that when the officers asked him if the bag was his, he said no, but the officers didn't believe him.

And also in the Magistrate's Court, 4 of 6 persons charged for a broad daylight robbery were convicted yesterday. The robbery occurred in October of last year, in the early afternoon. Godwin Penner, a Mennonite of Spanish Lookout and his sideman, Wayne Humes, were robbed while they were doing their Belize City deliveries. Penner was robbed of his 9 millimeter pistol loaded with 17 rounds of ammunition along with his wallet. Humes was also robbed of his wallet - even though it only had $5.00 dollars in it. A quick response by the GSU was able to intercept the robbers 10 minutes later, and Ryan Arnold, Mervin McDonald, Andrew Talbert, and Randy Rowland were charged.

Last week Thursday Lerone Johnson was killed in an explosive murder - shot to the head in a robbery. His murder was shocking; 21 year old Leron was a working man - had been from the age of 15. The bus driver for was not known to be involved in gang or underworld activity. The news of his murder broke out on Thursday evening - but it was washed away in the flood of blood from a particularly violent Easter weekend - that left four dead from violence in the Belize district. And while many of us in the public may have already forgotten the name, Leron Johnson - his family and friends can't forget - his absence has left a gaping hole in their everyday life. And that's why they invited us to his wake last night. Now, as media, we don't do wakes; we feel we're already invasive enough as it is - and a family's grieving process should be private. But his wake was not private; it was a community event on Faber's road. His family and friends invited us there last night so that we could see and show how many people are left devastated by the loss of one life. Here's what we found:

And we close tonight with a look at a new music video from Bernadette Gilharry. The Cayo-girl is the lead singer for Northern Combo Gilharry Seven but she's gone solo on this one, duetting with Supa-G for a song that's called "Wine It Up." Doesn't leave much to the imagination, and she told us about it:.. Bernadette Gilharry "I am just premiering my new single called "menealo" with video. Menealo means "wine it up" and Supa G is on the video also well featuring Roberto. He is a friend of us." "It's a lot of dancing and winding up like in a disco-tech." The video is directed by Richard Holder.

Channel 5

Ministry of National Security says an apology is all Taylor’s Alley residents will get
On Thursday night, the Taylor’s Alley affiliates told News Five that a government apology for the March twenty-first incident when they were brutalized and injured was not cutting it. In fact, they claimed they first heard it on the news and that the apology was silent on the issue of compensation for the medical bills [...]

Wanted US Fugitive enrolled at UB in Belmopan
Thirty-five year old Nadine Gladden, enrolled at the University of Belize’s Faculty of Management, is a wanted fugitive by United States federal authorities. Gladden, whose real name is Nadine Martin, is on the lam after committing a string of misdemeanor offenses in Tampa, Florida. A warrant for her arrest, for the offence of throwing a [...]

FIFA organizing Commission of Inquiry into F.F.B. funds
Football Federation of Belize president, Ruperto Vicente says that FIFA has moved to organize an ethics committee which will act as a commission of inquiry into monies, Vicente says, that are unaccounted for at the F.F.B. Weeks ago, Vicente said that the F.F.B. is broke despite significant financial contributions from FIFA annually. At the time, [...]

Rosewood grace period ends on Saturday
In the south, loggers have until Saturday to extract felled rosewood. After months of pressure by conservation groups that the forests were being depleted of the precious wood, on March sixteenth, the Ministry of Forestry slapped a moratorium on all rosewood activities. But while conservationists supported the move, stakeholders in the lucrative trade protested that [...]

Viewers believe gang truce is failing
Statistically, murders are down compared to the first three and a half months of last year. But the past few weeks have been particularly violent. So we asked “Do you believe that the spike in violent crimes is indication that the gang truce is failing?” Seventy-five percent said yes on our e-poll while twenty-five percent [...]

Woman’s laptop snatched out of her car…while she was using it
Shortly after eleven-thirty this morning, a woman was robbed of her laptop computer on Vernon Street. It happened while forty-two year old Patricia Rodriguez was sitting in vehicle using her computer when a man pushed his hand through the open window, grabbed the laptop and dashed through a Mayflower Street alley. A short while later [...]

Mega development set to begin near Belize/Mexico Border
A major announcement was made today that was picked up by US networks, such as MSNBC. A US company DHS holding is claiming that franchises such as McDonald’s and high end stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike will be opening in Belize. The development is called Cenote Falls shopping Centre and is described [...]

Minister Alamilla says APAMO’s conservation action plan is “ambitious”
On March thirtieth, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organization, APAMO, met with Minister Lisel Alamilla where it unveiled an action plan for conservation efforts. The proposal is to have government address what are primarily described as legislative changes to the forestry and fisheries acts. Those amendments, APAMO suggested, should be made during a short [...]

Conflict in Stann Creek over football association chairperson
Earlier in the newscast, we told you about a commission of inquiry that will look into the financial affairs of the F.F.B. under Bertie Chimilio. And in other football news, there is tension brewing in the Culture Capital tonight over the chairmanship of the Stann Creek Football Association. According to Acting Chairperson Denise Flores an [...]

Grandmother and son-in-law convicted of trafficking over 14 pounds of weed
Sixty-nine year old Dellis Mariano and her son-in-law Deon Wright were both convicted of drug trafficking today when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. The grandmother was one of three persons arrested following a search of their residence on Nurse White Street in Belize City which turned up a parcel of marijuana. Initially [...]

Bus passenger busted with weed gets fined $10,000
A Santa Elena Resident who was busted with almost three pounds of weed on November ninth, 2011, was today found guilty of Drug Trafficking. He’s not going to prison, but David Galindo, was slapped with a fine of ten thousand dollars by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Galindo was on a bus heading into Belize [...]

Police say Kent Skeet was flung from cycle and hit his head
Police have released official information on Thursday evening’s fatal accident at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Holy Emmanuel Street Mechanic, Kent Skeet, was riding a Suzuki five hundred motor cycle, commonly known as a ninja bike, from Vernon Street onto the Western Highway. As he neared the highway divider, he lost control. According to police, he [...]

Catarina Ishim’s tumor is surgically removed in Tennessee
We’ve been following the story of twelve year old Catarina Ishim, who has been disfigured by a cancerous tumor. Catarina today successfully underwent the first round of surgery in Knoxville, Tennessee where doctors removed the rare cancerous tumor that had almost covered her entire lower face. The surgery started this morning at UT Medical Center. [...]

Sr. Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice in the pipeline in Dangriga
In 2007, Raquel Leslie Battle of Placencia Village lost her father, Edlin Leslie Sr., to prostate cancer. He had to travel to Mexico for treatment and his dying wish was for a hospice to be built in Belize. Since his passing, Battle has made that dream her own and has started home care services after [...]

Taiwanese visa applications must now be done online
The increase in fees for a US Visa application took effect today. And this afternoon, the Taiwanese Embassy also announced changes in the visa application process to travel to the Republic of China (Taiwan). But it’s not an increase in charges, it’s a new system being put in place. According to the embassy, as of [...]

Benjamin Nicholas; a glimpse at the life, art and philosophy of the icon
Benjamin Nicholas died on Sunday in Dangriga. Nicholas is known for the tremendous work he did in promoting the Garifuna culture through his paintings and sculptures. In 1994, William Neal traveled south and captured the story of Nicholas’ life, art and philosophy. Here’s that story. {Feature on Benjamin Nicholas; 1994…}


Friday, April 13 - - POLICE NEWS
Two people have been arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking. They are Ernest Forman and Samantha Garbutt. Police say they conducted a search at Forman’s residence yesterday where they found a plastic bag containing 62 grams of suspected marijuana. ...

Spray pumps for use by milpa farmers were recently presented to leaders of ten Toledo villages. Paul Mahung reporting… “The spray pumps costing $1,130.00 were contributed by the Toledo Rice, Beans and Corn Producers Association and were handed over...

A fatal traffic accident yesterday evening on the Western Highway claimed the life of thirty four year old Belize City mechanic Kent Skeet. The accident happened just after five o’clock at the entrance of the Lord Ridge Cemetery. According to some of Skeet’s friends, ...

Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Liselle Alamilla today gave Love News an update on the Rosewood assessment. Liselle Alamilla - Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development “We are not doing the assessment of the rosewo...

On Wednesday the Ministry of National Security apologized to the six men who were assaulted during a raid of their Taylor’s Alley homes on March 21. That raid was conducted by the Gang Suppression Unit, whose members that were found to be in violation of the victims’ ...


White Sapphire In Corozal Falls Victim To The Hands Of Crinimals
Over the past weeks there has been a spate of burglaries in Corozal Town. In order to reduce the misdemeanor Corozal Police have augmented their mobile and foot patrols. To some extent the game plan has seen results since police have arrested and charged a number of housebreakers. Knowing criminals; however, they will not desist and that proved true on Tuesday night when another robbery was committed in Corozal this time in broad daylight. On Tuesday afternoon at around 2:30 Angelo Pasos, Belizean businessman and co-owner of White Sapphire along with his employee Jose Martin Rodriguez were inside the establishment located on 7th Avenue when three armed mask men entered the business.

Orange Walks Very Own Heads Out To Cleveland Ohio
Belizean students who have dreamt of playing basketball professionally will soon be getting an opportunity to do so. The National Sports Council of Belize along with the Belize Basketball Federation has put together a team of selected basketball players to compete in the Lebron James Classic Tournament in Cleveland Ohio. Fifteen young Belizean basketball enthusiasts along with several coaches from across the country will be granted the opportunity to attend one of the largest Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournaments in the world. One such player is 18 year old Roger Reneau, an Orange walk student from New Hope High School who will be representing the North. Reneau’s talent and love for the sport of basketball tracks back to childhood which led him to compete in a series of competitions from which he was selected as one of Belize’s best players.

Farmers Of The Year Awarded, Two Are From The North
Civilization began with agriculture. When our nomadic ancestors began to settle and grow their own food, human society was forever changed. Not only did villages, towns and cities begin to flourish, but so did knowledge, the arts and the technological sciences. And for most of history, society's connection to the land was intimate. Human communities, no matter how sophisticated, could not ignore the importance of agriculture. To be far from dependable sources of food was to risk malnutrition and starvation. In modern times, however, many in the urban world have forgotten this fundamental connection. Insulated by the apparent abundance of food that has come from new technologies for the growing, transportation and storage of food, humanity's fundamental dependence on agriculture is often overlooked. The upcoming National and Agricultural Trade Show set to take place this year from the 27th to the 29th of April in Belmopan serves as an important opportunity to reconsider the importance of agriculture. The farmer of the year award also serves as an incentive for Belizeans to become more involved in the Agricultural Sector. Tonight we are proud to announce that two farmers from the Corozal District have been recognized for the annual Farmer of the Year Award for the year 2012. Woman farmer of the year was awarded to Mrs. Maria Balan from Paslow falls in the Cayo District. The distinction for Senior Farmer of the year went to Mr. Jorge Moralez from Consejo Village in the Corozal District while the Junior Farmer of the Year was awarded to Mr. Nandy Aldana from Concepcion Village in the Corozal District. On tomorrows newscast we will be visiting the North’s winners and their farms.

PUP Caucuses And Party Arms In Full Support Of Party Leader, Francis Fonseca
On April 4th 2012 Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin granted leave for Lee Mark Chang to file an election petition against Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca. The decision was made after Chang’s Attorney Michael Young presented submissions from seven individuals who claim that they accepted bribes from one, Albert Vaughn to vote for Fonseca in the Freetown Division. During his defense Fonseca’s attorney, Said Musa argued that at least one of the statements was inconsistent. In spite of Musa’s argument Chief Justice Benjamin granted the leave to apply for the petition, at the same time cautioning that counterfactual statements made by witnesses could result in criminal proceedings. The day after the hearing Leader of the Opposition Honorable Francis Fonseca, in a release, categorically and equivocally denied any suggestion or allegation of bribery on the part of anyone associated with the P.U.P. Freetown Election Victory. Today the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern P.U.P caucuses and the Party Arms: Belize Youth Movement, United Women’s Group, Marshalls and the Order of Distinguish Service expressed their unambiguous support to Honorable Fonseca.

Deadline For Registration Of Cellphones Extended
Today would have marked the deadline for cellular phone registration at both Belize Telemedia Limited and Speednet Telephone Company. The deadline; however, has once again been extended for a three month period. The last extension made was on March 15th which proposed today as the final call. The mandatory registration of cellular phones started on October 11th whereby the general public was given a six month grace period to register their telephone numbers. The process succeeded a mandate from the Ministry of Police in September 2011 to have all mobile handsets listed in the company’s records as part of government’s security measures. According to Smart’s Public Relations Manager Ian Courtenay, the extension serves as an opportunity for their remaining customers to register their numbers before the upcoming deadline.

Belize City Teacher Crowned Miss BNTU
Last night Miss BNTU 2012 was crowned at the Gala Lounge. The competition saw the participation of six contestants, one from each district. From what we found out the event wasn’t organized just to display pageantry. Each contestant had to depict a virtue such as love, joy or peace and present it in a manner that can be useful in the class room. Coordinator of the Women’s Committee for BNTU, Nidia Caliz, organized the event and shared the meaning underlying the pageant. “This whole initiative of holding Miss BNTU every two year is for us to capture certain issues with the society and then we use pageantry to highlight these issues and so you find teachers like Miss Keisha Garbutt who did love for the night and she used love to show us how we can get rid of aids and disunity. One of the things that I loved was the fact that she was able to take people back in time to see what life was like back then and how as we evolve these certain fabrics of society are just falling apart gradually so this is an initiative that we are proud of because we can get our teachers to see that these are things that we need to highlight in the classroom and not just through pageantry.”

U.S Visas Fees Increased By $40.00
If you’re planning to visit the US the first thing you need to do is to get your VISA and if you are thinking of doing that then hold on to your pockets because you’ll have to pay more to obtain a visitor’s Visa. In a press release issued out by the US Department of State it is announced that effective Friday April 13th the price tag for most non-immigrant visa applications and border crossing cars will increase but the processing fee for all immigrants Visa will decrease. Vice Counsel at the US Embassy, Salinas Rico, explained to us via phone the reason for the increase of fees. “We are adjusting the fees for processing Visas to better reflect the cost of providing these services. We are required by law to recover the cost of processing non-immigrant Visas through the collection of these application processing fees. The cost of service is updated annually to determine the direct and indirect cost to the U.S Government for providing all services such as non-immigrant Visas processing. This update was completed in December of 2011 using the Activity Based Cost Model which is standard for estimating the cost of government services. Activity Based Cost Model takes into account all cost to the U.S Government including number of Visas processed, new regulations requiring additional security screening and it also includes cost of major departments initiatives.


George Street residents want investigation of alleged GSU abuses
On Wednesday the Ministry of National Security apologized to the six men who were assaulted during a raid of their Taylor’s Alley homes on March 21st. That raid was conducted by the infamous Gang Suppression Unit, whose members that were found to be in violation of the victims’ rights have since been transferred elsewhere out [...]

New investment magazine in the works
Investors who are looking to get their hands on available prospects in Belize will soon have a new tool to add to their arsenal. The Belize Trade and Investment Service, BELTRAIDE this week announced a partnership with a local firm called Idea Lab Studios that will put Belize’s investment prospects on a whole level. Invest [...]

Minister Alamilla updates the media on rosewood moratorium
Just over a month ago, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Liselle Alamilla announced a halt to Rosewood harvest in southern Belize. The purpose of the moratorium announced on March fourteenth was to assess the current state of the Rosewood population and to chart the way forward for this precious hardwood. Not much has [...]


UB athletes set to compete in Central American University games
The University of Belize is aiming to once again participate in a major regional sporting event, the Central Americ...

FFB undergo efforts to improve football in Belize
A wave of reformation has been sweeping over the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) since Ruperte Vincente assumed...

New high school scholarship program birthed in the west
The prospects, for many young people aspiring higher education, is a daunting one. The Cayo Christian Academy, loca...

Corozal man shot, suspects in police custody A Corozal man was shot yesterday evening. According to police reports, Abraham Ek, a resident of Ranchito Village C...

Victim in fatal motorcycle accident ID'd
Yesterday we reported on the motorcycle accident that claimed the life of a man late yesterday evening. At the time...

McDonald's, Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike outlets coming to Belize
Belize does not boast brand name franchises, in regard to international companies; however all that may soon change...

Man bound and beaten by 'alleged' police officer
Mike Smith, a Belizean messenger of Belize City reported that on April 11 at 11:45pm, whilst walking on Wilson Stre...

How much will applicants really pay with visa fee increase?
Yesterday we informed you that application fees for US visas are increasing; Belizeans will be paying $40.00 more f......

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Armando and Judith Abigail Chan nuptials
Congratulations are certainly in order for the most recent newly weds of Caye Caulker, Mandy and Abi Chan who sealed their love with the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony on Caye Caulker on March 31st, 2012.


Kent Skeet, 34, dies in road accident
Kent Skeet, 34, a well-known resident of Supaul Street and the father of four children, died tragically this afternoon after he lost control of a motorcycle he was riding and crashed into a concrete grave monument erected on the area that divides the road in front of Lord Ridge Cemetery into two sections, which join back to form one road.

Crime/violence tsunami!!
In eight days, six murders, three attempted murders and 14 reported robberies and burglaries... There were six murders in the span of eight days, dating back to last Wednesday, April 4, when there had been none reported in the previous two weeks.

Lee Mark and Martin Galvez get green light for petitions
Collet Montejo says he will challenge Rene Montero election in Cayo Central... The Opposition People’s United Party’s (PUP) legal advisor, Anthony Sylvestre, Jr., told the media today that they have crossed a very important preliminary hurdle with the decision by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to grant leave for Martin Galvez, the PUP candidate who fell to Mark King in the March 7 general elections, to file an election petition, alleging that King is disqualified to serve in the National Assembly because he failed to properly and publicly disclose a contract he has held to provide security services to the Government of Belize.

Bus commuters punish – DOT considering solutions
With the holiday weekend now over, Belizeans and visiting tourists using the public transportation system to travel from one part of the country to another found themselves faced with very unpleasant—if not deplorable circumstances, due to lack of proper bus accommodations to meet the demand.

Herman Lanza, 37, shot to death at corner of Casuarina and Poinsettia
The ongoing, senseless gun violence in Belize City has claimed the life of Herman Lanza, 37, who, his family says, had retired from the gang life and was the father of a young son.

Geovanni Belize!!!
Geovanni’s inspired and historic victory made cycling fans all over the nation ecstatic! Belizean Geovanni Choto, 23, a native of Red Creek Village, adjacent to Santa Elena, Cayo District, became the nation’s newest sports superstar when he won the 84th Cross Country Cycling Classic on Holy Saturday, April 7.

The garland comes home; Geovanni Choto new Cross Country Champion
Only 7 foreigners lined up for the start of the 2012 Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic - 4 Mexicans from the Depredadores team, 2 other Mexicans riding with the Benny’s Megabytes team, and U.S. based Anthony Taylor who rode unattached. It was a significant reduction from the 25 foreign riders that dominated the race in 2011, with 11 of them finishing in the top 20. The reduction to 7 foreigners this year appeared to give Belizeans a better chance at recovering the garland, and we took it, in the person of Western Spirit’s Geovanni Choto who rode a most gallant and heroic race. 4 of the 7 foreigners finished in the top 20.

A late obituary to “Black Bird Island”
From time immemorial, the natural environment and its various elements have been a sustaining lifeline to the survivability of the human creature. But at times, the natural environment rebukes the dominion of the human creature via hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, cold, heat and drought. Some civilizations learned to coexist in a mutual agreement between themselves and the natural environment, while others attempted to subdue and abuse the natural environment. It is with this backdrop in mind that I would like to talk about an island that once existed in Belize, called “Black Bird Island.”

Fix di Barracks beach!
A couple decades ago, when there were 4 football fields on the Barracks coastline where now stand the Princess Hotel & Casino, BTL Park, Marina Towers, and a well-manicured grassy pitch reportedly owned by the Bowen Group, the cry was for Belizeans to “Save di Barracks” from sale to foreigners.

Ideas and Opinions - The Greatest Force
This is not about physical force. That would be countries’ armed forces, their weaponry and, those who have the power to use them. This is about my own country and those who have the power to make great changes in society, for the betterment of the nation. I submit that the Greatest Force for this kind of social change is the Holy Catholic Church. All those who say and subscribe to the Apostles’ Creed belong to that body, about 90% of the citizens of Belize. Why, then, do we have so much corruption and, so much crime and, so much indiscipline and, so much disorder and, so many self-serving politicians and, so little patriotism and…endlessly, if such a Force exists. The answer is that the Force is inactive. This is why a small group of homosexuals are threatening to institute a major social change to the status quo, through a law suit.

Geovanni’s glory
The Belizean people were very happy on Holy Saturday with the fact that a Belizean, Geovanni Choto, won the 84th running of the Belize Crosscountry Cycling Classic. As a nation, we had gone through five consecutive Holy Saturday disappointments and humiliations, a five-year period which had succeeded in alienating some Belizeans from the Holy Saturday process itself.

From The Publisher
Residents of this old capital are nervous tonight after having witnessed an unprecedented spate of shootings and killings over the past six weeks. The most dramatic came shortly after 7:00 p.m. last Friday, May 15, at the stables of the National Stadium. City Police responding to a report of a shooting there, found Derek “Itza” Brown, 19, of #1 Pinks Alley, with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body, in a shallow grave. … City folk are now aware that there is a full scale drug war on the streets. The official Police line is that their interdiction efforts have resulted in a shortage of large quantities of drugs on the street, so dealers are “jacking” each other. The street talk is that guys have been “jacking” for a long time – it was just a matter of time before the shooting began. - Headline story, AMANDALA No. 1180, Friday, May 22, 1992. I believe sociologists measure generations in twenty-year periods. This year is twenty years since 1992, which was a wild year in Belize City. As this year’s extended Easter weekend began last week, murderous gunfire exploded on the Southside of Belize City. This was the 2012 generation, a new generation, in effect, and the question we had to ask ourselves is what had and had not changed since ’92.

The Reporter


Festivals, Parties and Shows: Cacao, Cashew, Lobster...April, May and June are GREAT Times to Visit Belize
There is so much to do in Belize during this time of the year. So much eating and travelling to do. I'm already packing my's time for you to pack yours. For some reason, the Belize Tourism board doesn't have specifics available on their facebook page or the official site,, so here is what I have compiled. Please let me know if I missed anything! April 27 - 29, 2012 - The 43nd Annual Belmopan Agriculture and Trade Show. Activities like Miss Agriculture contest, rodeos, rides, petting zoos, live music and more. Over 20,000 people from Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere attend this event over the weekend.

Bill Gates enjoys the “real Belize”
He may be the second richest man in the world, but Bill Gates is enjoying Belize the way many visitors, from A list celebrities to backpackers do – by experiencing the natural beauty of the Caribbean sea, pristine rainforests and Maya heritage, according to a Belizean travel professional. “That’s the wonderful thing about Belize,” Chaa Creek marketing administrator Larry Waight said today, “You can be one of the richest people in the world, or a backpacker on a shoestring budget, and still share similarly amazing experiences by immersing yourself in what we call the ‘real Belize’. “Belize is all about natural beauty, our rich Maya culture and interacting with some of the warmest, friendliest people on the planet, and your enjoyment of Belize doesn’t depend upon how much money you have. An openness to explore new things and to embrace nature and new experiences is more valuable than a big credit card balance,” Mr Waight said.

National Agricultural and Trade Show
Agric is here again, and will be the last weekend in April, they 27th through the 29th. Congratulations to all the winners of the Farmers of the Year awards. "The National Agriculture and Trade Show is proud to announce the winners of the Farmers of the Year award for 2012. The awardees are as follows: Woman Farmer of the Year – Mrs. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District. Senior Farmer of the Year – Mr. Jorge Moralez, Consejo Road, Corozal District Junior Farmer of the Year – Mr. Nandy Aldana, Concepcion Village, Corozal District. The NATS Committee would like to congratulate the winning farmers and would also like to thank the others nominees who participated in the competition."

My favorite easy, healthy supper to make in Belize
I started making these Veggie Bean Soft Tacos when we were visiting Belize prior to moving here, because they are healthy, easy to whip up, and use many fresh ingredients easily found at the fruit and vegetable stands around town. We also ate a lot of these when we first moved into our new condo last August before we'd finished stocking up our pantry, since we didn't have a lot of dinner options until we got the "larder" filled up with basics like condiments, spices, baking essentials, and so on. I don't make them quite as often now since we have more options, but they are still one of my favorite easy things to make, taking only about 30 minutes from start to finish, and we both enjoy them, so I thought I'd share them with our friends and families. There are a lot of different vegetable options for these, but I always use onions, bell peppers (any color, 1-2 peppers total depending on size), beans, tomato, and chipotle chile in adobo sauce, which gives them a nice smoky flavor (plus some heat!) If I have a zucchini, which I often do, I add that, and normally I'll add grated cheddar or jack cheese, but neither are required. The cheese does help the other ingredients meld together so they don't fall out of the tortilla, though; plus, cheese just plain tastes good; but if you're avoiding dairy, feel free to leave it out. Cilantro is an optional ingredient as well.

International Sources

12 Awesome Mexican Dishes You’ll Seldom Find in the U.S.
You may live in Portland or Seattle or New York, and your local Mexican joint may be a bistro that serves ‘authentic moles, farm to table’. Or you may live in San Francisco or Los Angeles or Tucson where you are blessed with gritty little taquerias that serve up late night fare, greasy and simple, as it should be. But if so, you are in the minority. The vast majority of Americans and Canadians live in the hinterlands where Mexican food is served family style and buried in an avalanche of Sysco sour cream. You know the place—it’s called Mazatlan or Los Amigos, and it looks like a cross between the Alamo and a strip club. Bright green margaritas the size of your heard are served in glasses shaped like flying saucers. Food arrives on platters draped in greasy skeins of cheddar cheese. To most of the poor unfortunate souls withering in El Norte, this is Mexican food. Here’s what’s missing...

Doctors donate time to save a young girl
Imagine having a growth the size of a football on the side of your face. That's what one young girl is going through right now and has traveled from Belize to Knoxville to get the help she needs. Her name is Caterina and she's from a small village in Belize. She is only 11 years old but has been through two surgeries in Belize. But they didn't take and the tumor on her face quickly grew back. Morristown's Heart of Christ Children's Mission heard of Caterina's extreme tumor and knew they had to help. "They helped to pave the way to to help the family get plane tickets and accommodations to get to Knoxville." said Doctor. Rick Glover of Children's Faith Pediatrics. The tumor grows about one centimeter a day and 8 months ago you could barely even see it.

Enter Travel Channel's April 2012 Sweepstakes to Win a $10,000 Trip to Belize
The Travel Channel offers a lucky winner the chance to win an exotic vacation prize every month. And if you enter Travel Channel's April 2012 Belize Travel Trivia Sweepstakes, you could win a $10,000 trip to Belize or daily instant prizes. The grand-prize winner will receive a week-long trip for themselves and a guest to Belize including airfare, first-class hotel accommodations, activities like a full-day excursion to the Lamanai Mayan Site and cave tubing and hiking through the Belizean Rainforest, and $1,000 in spending cash. The grand prize is worth $10,000. In addition, daily instant winners will each receive a Travel Channel-branded recyclable bag. Entry into Travel Channel's April 2012 Belize Travel Trivia Sweepstakes is open to US residents above the age of 21. Enter daily through April 30, 2012.

CARICOM Leaders To Take Part in Summit of the Americas
Twelve Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will be participating in the Sixth Summit of the Americas on 14-15 April 2012 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Two other Member States, Belize and The Bahamas will be represented by their Deputy Prime Ministers. CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque will also be attending the Summit on the invitation of the host, His Excellency President Juan Manuel Santos. The Summit will be held under the theme “Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity” at the Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Convention Centre, Cartagena. The previous Summit was held in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009. Five themes have been selected for the discussions. These are: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Citizen Security and Trans-national Organized Crime; Poverty and Inequality; Integration of Physical Infrastructure in the Americas; and Information and Communication Technologies.

April 13, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Renown writer Robert Kiyosaki visits San Pedro
On Tuesday, April 3, renowned investors, authors, and entrepreneurs, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki visited Ambergris Caye, Belize as part of a global real estate investor’s summit to explore real estate investment opportunities in Belize. The Summit took place on a Caribbean cruise, with 220 attendees of the real estate investment conference. John Turley, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Island Real Estate was a participant of the cruise and part of the investor summit, and helped to organize and host the visit of 120 of the real estate investors from more than 14 different countries, during their Belize shore excursion to Ambergris Caye to look at investment opportunities.

A Threatened Species Struggles for Survival
While human development is increasing at alarming rates, some of the oldest species on our planet are struggling for survival. Fragmentation and destruction of habitat is only one of the causes of this tragic turn of events. Another is the delicate ‘circle of life’ that rolls out of control once man has intervened. Both these factors are affecting one of Belize’s oldest living species… the crocodiles. This past weekend the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) visited one of the most unfortunate habitat problems faced by threatened American crocodiles on Isla Bonita today. Encroaching development is pushing the croc populations into unsuitable habitats. While some local developers are working with ACES to relocate these non-problematic crocs, many crocs are moving themselves and ending up in areas where not only their survival is compromised but the survival of their young is unfeasible.

Wilmer Cartajena missing for over 20 days and the family wants answers
The Belize Police Department is still clueless and has no significant lead into the disappearance of 27 year old Wilmer Cartajena. The fisherman, who lived in the Basil Jones Area located some 12 miles north of San Pedro Town, was last seen on March 24th. After 21 days of being missing San Pedro Police says that there has been “no solid lead.” A national bulletin with Cartajena’s picture and a detail description has been circulating countrywide. “With no other information other than what the family told us (the Police), we have had no other lead from the general public,” said Sergeant Basil Reyes of the San Pedro Police Station. The family told Police on April 1st that on March 24th sometime between 9:30AM and 10AM Cartajena was seen in the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town. The family says that he was seen near the bridge in a white boat along with four males of dark complexion, heading in a northerly direction along the eastern coastline of Ambergris Caye and wearing a white T-shirt, short pants and black Costa del Mar sunshades.

Easter on La Isla Bonita!
Over the Easter weekend Ambergris Caye was very busy with foreign and local tourists alike. Visitors by the hundreds swarmed the island by sea and air. The streets of the island were packed and most hotels registered full occupancy. Restaurants were busy, grocery stored packed, local business saw high sales and the island had entertainment and events for all ages. One of the many highlights over the Easter weekend was the three-day performances of Tropical Salvadoran Musical Group Sinkronia. The group of ten including dancers took center stage at Wet Willy’s, entertaining locals and visitor with a variety of music ranging from cumbia, salsa, merenque, punta and other tropical music

Ambergris Today

Minister Lisel Alamilla – Finalist of Prestigious Conservation Award
Belize’s newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Liselle Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards.

Easter’s Sport Weekend
Caye Caulker Water Taxi/ SPTC Volleyball Tournament (Saturday, April 7, 2012) 1st Place – Jason Cabral & Gustavo Moratoya. Volleyball Tournament Sponsored By SPTC/X-Lounge/Latitudes Cage (Sunday, April 8, 2012) 1st Place – Jason Cabral and Gustavo Moratoya. SPTC Under 15 Football Marathon The San Pedro Sport Council held a football marathon for children 15 years and younger on Saturday, April 7, 2012. It was a much anticipated event as the children had been asking for a sports marathon to take place, the games were played at the Old Football Field and below are the results for the marathon. 1st Place – San Pedrito Blue Dolphins

Earth Day - Clean Up Campaign
On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012 and help Mobilize the Earth™. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. The San Pedro Town Council is embarking on a Clean-up Campaign starting on Monday, April 16 and ending on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, 2012. Councilor Carlos Barrientos explained to the media what his plans are for this clean-up campaign.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Big Six: Luxury dive resorts
Turtle Inn, Belize This 25-room seafront hideaway is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. It offers year-round tank dives around the cays and bays of Belize's Caribbean coast or seasonal night excursions to see whale sharks from April to June. Other activities include canoe trips to inland lagoons and tours of the C The Big Six: Luxury dive resorts ockscomb nature reserve, home to 80 protected jaguars.

Francis Ford Coppola Resorts launches ‘Alexandra Cousteau Discovery Experience with Coppola Resorts’
Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of renowned environmentalist Jacques-Yves Cousteau, has joined forces with Francis Ford Coppola Resorts to launch an exciting eight-day ‘Alexandra Cousteau Discovery Experience with Coppola Resorts’ in Belize. Intrepid travellers will have the opportunity to explore the far reaching corners of Belize, following in Alexandra’s footsteps with an authentic insider’s perspective into some of the most pristine areas of this beautiful country. The itinerary incorporates the people, places and adventures that make this one of the most exciting destinations around. It was inspired by Alexandra’s trek through the mountains and lowlands of Belize and diving off the coast of Placencia with her husband Fritz Neumeyer, during a scouting trip to Belize in the autumn of 2011. During this time, Alexandra was gathering information for her upcoming documentary, ‘Expedition Blue Planet: Belize’, a film designed to raise awareness about Belize’s crucial water issues. Slated to begin production in 2012 it will focus on Belize’s freshwater and marine environments.

National Agricultural and Trade Show
Agric is here again, and will be the last weekend in April, they 27th through the 29th. Congratulations to all the winners of the Farmers of the Year awards. "The National Agriculture and Trade Show is proud to announce the winners of the Farmers of the Year award for 2012. The awardees are as follows: Woman Farmer of the Year – Mrs. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District. Senior Farmer of the Year – Mr. Jorge Moralez, Consejo Road, Corozal District Junior Farmer of the Year – Mr. Nandy Aldana, Concepcion Village, Corozal District. The NATS Committee would like to congratulate the winning farmers and would also like to thank the others nominees who participated in the competition."

Cayo: Buy and Sell Weekly Classifieds
This week's Cayo Classifieds is out.

Belize Wildlife Conservation Network
The Belize Wildlife Conservation Network is finally getting their medical equipment out of customs. They can now Xray all the animals that are injured to get a better idea of what is wrong. This will be the only Xray machine for wildlife in Belize. Unfortunately, they are being required to pay GST on the expensive equiptment, and are in need of more funds. If you would like to help them out, they have a sponsorship plan. In fact, they have 4 levels: Parrot, Ocelot, Tapir, and Crocodile. You can email them at [email protected]

PHOTOS: 6th Annual NRM Symposium pictures
Pictures from the 6th annual NRM Symposium, hosted at the University of Belize. The MSBC, BWCN, and ERI had a great gathering, and the reports from the event said that everything went great. "The theme of the two-day symposium was 'Conservation through Cooperation: Practical Approaches for the Management of Natural Resources in Belize.' It was designed to bring together researchers, managers, students, government agencies, and NGOs engaged in natural resource management in Belize, to share their findings and evaluate the status of resource management in the country."

Channel 7

Last night we told you about the latest on Vernon Cuthklevin's containers which remain impounded at Customs. As we reported, tests show that the six containers are loaded with a chemical called methylamine hydrochloride. That is considered a precursor chemical for the manufacture of meta-amphetamines - an illegal, highly addictive drug in the United States known as "Crystal Meth." There are about three thousand sacks of the chemical and estimates are that could produce about 400 metric tonnes of "Meth" - with a presumptive value of TEN BILLION DOLLARS. And while that is presumptive, the customs Department is looking to fine Cuthklevin a very real 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS! That's the estimated actual market value of the methylamine hydrochloride, plus duty, plus freight, times three - which is the standard fine for making a false declaration.

Last night it made headlines when the Ministry of National Security apologized, on behalf of the Commissioner and members of the Belize Police Department, to the residents of Taylor's Alley for the excessive behavior of its officers." First time ever that's happened - and so today we went Taylor's Alley to ask how they feel about the unprecedented apology. One of the men who was brutalized told us, straight up - apology not accepted:.. Tulio Caceres, Victim of police brutality "I don't know what will be the outcome or how they will deal with their unit, but it will still exist, it will only be calm down for a little while. At the end of the day if something doesn't get resolve of this it is wrong because they just came and brutalized us for no reason when they could have dealt with us like human beings because we are not animals."

Late this evening, a man lost his life in a fatal traffic accident in the Lord's Ridge Cemetery. Just before 5 p.m., a motorcyclist, whose identity was confirmed to us as Kent Skeet, was westbound on Cemetery Road. By all indications to our newsroom, he was speeding, and when he got to the median area, seen here, his front wheel accidentally hit the median. This caused him to lose control of the motorcycle, and he was flung unto the grass where he died on the spot. His family members hovered over the body and kept on repeating that his neck was broken; they were in visible distress at the scene.

Belize's Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is in Cartagena Colombia for the Sixth Summit of The Americas - which starts on Saturday. Today he met with the Secretary General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza. They discussed the political climate in the region and the key issues that will emerge at the Summit of the Americas. One issue topping the agenda is violence fueled by the illegal drug trade. The meeting took place in the Convention Center, which will be the main headquarters of the Sixth Summit of the Americas. 33 North American, Latin American and Caribbean leaders will participate in the Summit.

The community in Corozal is still shaken up after a brazen armed robbery on Tuesday afternoon. Three armed Hispanic men tied up the owners of an electronic store before taking over a hundred cell phones. Angelo Pasos, co-owner of White Sapphire store, was working at about 2:30 Monday afternoon when three armed gunmen stormed in. They tied up Pasos and his worker, Jose Martin Rodriguez, from whom they stole three gold chains valued at $650. They then stole approximately 125 Digicell and Smart phones before fleeing in a tinted white car. The store still has not re-opened for business.

Last night we told you about the Mayor's action plan for his first hundred days in office. It's an ambitious list of 100 things he and the council will have to do in the next 9 weeks. And one of these objectives under the Restoring The Quality of Life heading caught our attention. Point number 94 on that list says the council will enforce the laws dealing with bicycles. But what does that mean? There's a whole generation of bicycle riders who don't even know that there are laws on the books for riding bikes. The mayor explained yesterday at the press conference that it's just common sense. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor "It is against the law to ride two persons on a bicycle. It is against the law to ride a bicycle up stop and it is against the law to not license a bicycle. Those are 3 examples which again I do think that we need buy in and we need public campaigning. But the things we are talking about are not things which are novel." "The regulations are there. When you look at the traffic code, when we look at all of these things; all of these things are there. What we need to do is enforce it."

The next time you're at First Caribbean Bank, take note of the music playing in the background because for every tune you hear, every lyric sung, a musician is earning - maybe only a small percentage of a few cents, but earning nonetheless. It's the first time artists are being paid to have their music broadcast in Belize, and it's an agreement that First Caribbean Bank had reached with a group bscAp to license the music of performers. Jason Guerrero stopped by our studio today where he explained the importance of establishing this relationship. "They have now licensed to bscAp. We are a licensing agency and we represent our members who are composers, creators of music both nationally and internationally. Nationally we have about 60 plus members right and internationally we have thousands of members."

Last night, we told you about Giovanni Choto's historic cross country ride where he not only took home the coveted garland and the first prize; he also won a record 78 of 101 station prizes. And today, the prizes kept coming. The Ministry of Sports handed over the additional $5,000 dollar cheque which was promised as a bonus to any Belizean who won the race. He also received a $6,000 cheque from United Insurance, reserved as well for a Belizean who came first. So, that's a total in sixteen thousand dollars - just for finishing first! Add to that another nine - thousand - plus dollars in cash and gift certificates from station prizes and you've got the richest pot for any sporting event in Belize: twenty five thousand dollars! Now, all this fortune, fame and acclaim has been heaped on a very unassuming 23 year old. After the ceremony, we asked him about what he plans to do with his other station prizes, and about the sudden over-night celebrity status he has gained.

Channel 5

Taylor’s Alley residents say government apology falls short
The Ministry of National Security issued a rare apology Wednesday to the gang members of Taylor’s Alley who were badly beaten and injured by the Gang Suppression Unit during a raid on March twenty-first. The findings of an inquiry determined that the GSU and police had used excessive and unjustifiable force against Taylor’s Alley. In [...]

Minister of National Security, nevertheless, supports work of the GSU
In his usual Thursday morning appearance on Wave’s morning show today, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, said that his ministry firmly supports the work of the Gang Suppression Unit despite the unwarranted aggression during the Taylor’s Alley shakedown.   John Saldivar, Minister of National Security “The case of brutality and excessive use of force [...]

6 containers filled with Methylamine Hydrochloride; will owner, Vernon Cuthkelvin, be charged?
Will any charges Speaking to News Five this evening, attorney at law Lionel Welch, who is representing Vernon Cuthkelvin, says from what he knows, no charges will be brought against his client for the content of six containers that were confiscated by the Customs Department in February. Tests confirm that the forty foot containers contain [...]

Fatal traffic accident near cemetery in Belize City
A Belize City mechanic is tonight dead following a traffic accident this evening near the Lord Ridge Cemetery. At around five o’clock Kent Skeet was riding a motorcycle belonging to Keyon Williams in the vicinity of the graveyard when he lost control of the bike and crashed into a nearby tomb. Skeet sustained massive injuries [...]

2012 Cross Country Winner, Giovanni Choto collects Cash Winnings
Giovanni Choto restored the pride of the country when he broke the foreign rider’s hold on the Holy Saturday cross country cycling classic. In solo fashion, Choto crossed the finish line in six hours, sixteen minutes and forty-five seconds. He led the pack for almost the entire race, which from all accounts is one that [...]

Girl with rare face tumor to undergo major surgery on Friday
The last time we saw her, twelve year old Catarina Ishim was headed for Knoxville, Tennessee to receive a much needed surgery for a rare, malignant tumor called Leimyosarcoma. When we first met Catarina, in San Pablo, Toledo the family’s kept their hopes high through their faith because Catarina had undergone two surgeries in Belize [...]

Stealing $15 worth of food equals 7 year conviction
In the courts, a small loot has landed a convicted burglar in prison for seven years. That’s the news that forty-seven year old Anthony Reneau received when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith late Wednesday evening. During his trial, Reneau was unrepresented but submitted to the court that he should be acquitted because [...]

2 men sentenced for Attempted Murder and Robbery of San Ignacio Ice Vendor
An ice vendor of San Ignacio, who was viciously attacked by two men in September 2010, lived to tell his story in court. The testimony by forty-five year old Leonardo Velasquez sealed the conviction of nineteen year old Leonel Daly and thirty-six year old Abelino Briceño Junior who were charged with Attempted Murder and Robbery. [...]

Summit of the America’s to be held this weekend
Heads of government from the Western Hemisphere, including those from the United States and Canada are converging in Colombia for this weekend’s summit of the Americas. The Belize delegation is led by the deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and includes Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington. Elrington met this morning with the Secretary General of the OAS, [...]

US Visas Fees up by $40; from $280 to $320
You may not be heading to Colombia, but if you intend to travel north, as of this Friday, the cost of applying for a non-immigrant US visa will increase by forty dollars and does not mean it will be approved. The hike in the fees is the result of a routine review by the US [...]

Audubon’s 4th Annual Green Walk in celebration of Earth Day 2012
Numerous organizations worldwide are preparing the celebration of Earth Day 2012; a day set aside to promote environmental awareness and small steps to a “greener” life. Earth Day is on April twenty-second, but on the twenty-first the Belize Audubon Society is planning its fourth annual Green Walk. It’s a cleanup campaign on the Western Highway [...]

Farmers of the Year; Winners from the North and West
The annual National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) will be held this year from April twenty-seventh to the twenty-ninth at the showground in Belmopan. Earlier this month, the NATS committee announced the theme for this year “Agriculture: creating greater business opportunities, a healthier population and a more robust economy”. And today, the winning Farmers of [...]

Local Youth Organization feeds the homeless
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley announced while unveiling his hundred day plan on Wednesday that the council is working with the Kolbe Foundation to find a way to house the homeless persons from Belize City. Before that happens, however, for the past several days, the homeless in the downtown area have been treated to hot [...]

Healthy Living looks at Salmonella
Cleanliness is next to godliness. That practice is as good as gold for whatever we consume. In this week’s edition of Healthy Living we look at salmonella; a common bacteria in Belize that spreads quickly but can be prevented easily with proper hygiene. Here are tips from Pediatrician Cecilio Eck.   Marleni Cuellar, Reporting When [...]


Thursday, April 12 - POLICE NEWS
The spate of burglaries and armed robberies continues. The latest incident was reported last night in Belize City. Businessman Joseph Kee reported to authorities that his house on Queen Street was burglarized sometime between five o’clock yesterday evening and nine thirty l...

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY FOR CAYO STUDENTS Apr 13, 2012 Standard six students all over the country are at this time contemplating which high school they would like to attend, however it doesn’t come easy for everyone since the cost of high school education is unreachable for some. There is good news for students in the Cayo Dist...

The winners of farmers of the year awards have been announced. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District is the Woman Farmer of the Year, Jorge Moralez from Consejo Road, Corozal District is the Senior Farmer of the year and Nandy Aldana from Concepcion Village of Corozal District is the Junio...

Belize’s Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla has won a place as a finalist for the Whitley Awards which is considered to be the world’s most prestigious wildlife competitions. The nomination grants Alamilla an opportunity to tra...

The Gang Suppression Unit has come under some heavy heat over the past few months for raids that its members have conducted with claims that brutality and abuse were major ingredients in those forays. The last such allegation with respect to a raid through Taylor’s Alley on...


Autopsy reveals how Lerone Johnson died
One week after he was brutally murdered on Custard Apple Street, the family of twenty one year old Lerone Johnson is preparing to lay him to rest on Friday afternoon. But today, the police released the results of the autopsy conducted on Johnson’s body. According to the pathologist, the cause of Johnson’s death was [...]

Minister says gang truce remains fragile; but holding
The last week and a half has been the most deadly time of the year so far, with at least five murders recorded during that time frame. It is a murderous plague that has descended on Belize City leading into and throughout the Easter holidays. Minister of National Security John Saldivar admits that the gang [...]

Scholarship offered for Cayo high school
Standard six students all over the country are at this time contemplating which high school they would like to attend. That decision, however doesn’t come easy for everyone, since the cost of high school education is beyond the reach of some parents for their children. But there is good news for students in the Cayo [...]

Teachers wrap up annual convention
The annual convention of the Belize National Teachers Union has ended in Orange Walk Town. Correspondent Arturo Cantun reports.

Taylor’s Alley residents reject apology, threatens to sue government
The Gang Suppression Unit has come under some heavy heat over the past few months for raids that its members have conducted with claims that brutality and abuse were major ingredients in those forays. The last such allegation was with respect to a raid through Taylor’s Alley on March twenty-first and warranted an inquiry commissioned [...]

Big truck knocks traffic officer off his bike
Traffic officers are there to alleviate bottlenecks in traffic flow and lessen the number of traffic accidents. But this afternoon one traffic officer found himself on the other side of that spectrum when he was knocked off his motorcycle. It happened shortly before three o’clock this afternoon just as the officer, Carlton Cumberbatch, was descending [...]

Mechanic killed on motorcycle accident near cemetery
A fatal traffic accident this afternoon on the Western Highway has claimed the life of thirty four year old Belize City mechanic Kent Skeet. The accident happened just after five o’clock this evening at the entrance of the Lord Ridge Cemetery. According to some of Skeet’s friends, they were socializing just minutes earlier on Supal [...]

Commission of Inquiry finds GSU was out of line; GOB apologizes
The findings of an investigation into complaints against the Gant Suppression Unit made by residents of Taylor’s Alley have been submitted, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the GSU. According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security, the investigators appointed by the Minister earlier this month, found that on March twenty first when the GSU descended on Taylor’s Alley, the behavior of the Police Officers was excessive and unjustifiable. The official statement says that while the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasion for the use of force, they were of the opinion that there is no indication that this was such an occasion.

City Council unveils 100 days plan of action
It has only been little over a month since the new City Council took over in the old capital and today its Mayor, Darrel Bradley held his first press conference in that capacity at City Hall. The purpose, as he outlined, was to announce their progress of a 100-day plan of action, implemented in the first week of taking over. The goals, classed under four topics, focus on the Council’s competency and deal squarely with governance and accountability, infrastructure and works, beautification and sanitation, and quality of life crimes. And already they are being realized, according to the Mayor.

Gunmen jack BWSL office in Belmopan
The Belmopan branch of the Belize Water Services Limited in Belmopan was robbed at gunpoint yesterday evening. The cashier, forty six year old Gabriela Pinto told police that around five fifteen yesterday evening, three men of dark complexion entered the building situated at the Garden City Plaza in the nation’s capital. One of the men produced a firearm, pointed it at Pinto and demanded money. Fearing for her life, Pinto says she handed over a Belize Bank deposit bag containing seventeen thousand, five hundred and fifty eight dollars and eighty five cents in Belize currency, in addition to two hundred and seventy US dollars. The men then made good their escape. Police investigations continue.

From the police blotter
Police in Belmopan are also investigating the burglary of a house on Caracol Street. According to a report, the house, belonging to Delmaree Fairweather was burglarized sometime between Easter Monday morning and nine thirty last night. Stolen in the burglary were three flat screen television sets, all to a total value of six thousand, four hundred dollars. In Belize City, fifty six year old Janet Arnold has reported being the victim of a burglary. Arnold, who lives on Seashore Drive in the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City, reported to police that sometime between midday on Holy Thursday and four thirty on Easter Monday afternoon, her house was broken into. Stolen in the burglary was an assortment of electronic items and jewelry valued at forty nine thousand, four hundred and fifty dollars. Police investigations continue.

Investiture ceremonies held in Belmopan
Investiture ceremonies were held today in Belmopan. Six Belizeans were honoured for their outstanding and selfless service to the community and were given citations by Governor General Sir Colville Young. [VO STARTS HERE] Receiving the insignia for Commander of the British Empire was attorney at law Bernard Q. Pitts, for his contribution to the Law and Public Service; Dr. Ann Gillett Elrington received the insignia as Member of the British Empire, for services to the Belizean Diaspora and Medicine; Louise Bridget Lewis, received the medal as Member of the British Empire for services to Education and Community Development; Mayor Simeon Lopez was awarded the insignia of Member of the British Empire, for his contribution to Education and Public Service; Ludwig Lightburn received the insignia as Member of the British Empire, for his contribution to Sports and to the Belizean American Community and Enelda Rosado, received the medal as Member of the British Empire for her dedicated contribution to Education and Community Development in Belize. The investiture ceremony was held at Belize House in Belmopan. Deadline looms for cell phone registration
If you own a cellular phone and still have not gone in to register it with your service provider, well you can breathe, at least for another month. The deadline, initially set for tomorrow, Thursday, has been extended at least for another month. This is because quite a significant number of cell phone owners have still not complied with the new law. A check with BTL today revealed that of the 200 thousand prepaid customers they have, sixty thousand people have still not adhered to the requirement. And because that reality makes it next to impossible to get all those phones on the list, another extension has been granted. But if you want to beat the rush and avoid the last minute frenzy, the process is rather straightforward. All you need to do is take the phone, and in the case of BTL customers, your SIM card to the nearest customer service office, along with an official identification document, such as a voter’s, driver’s or social security id card or a passport. Minors who own cell phones must also go through the same process but accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you’re a non-Belizean, you can register your cell phone using a valid passport or international driver’s license. Cell phone owners need to bear in mind that after the new deadline passes, unregistered phones will be disconnected from the service. The registration of cell phones became necessary under legislation enacted by the government to crack down on criminals who use the phone to carry out their deeds.


Daughter of Benjamin Nicholas remembers the life of the late artisan
Benjamin Nicholas will be remembered as one of the great visual narrators of Garifuna origins and settlements in Be...

Current proceedings regarding Rosewood moratorium
The debate over the exploitation of Rosewood in the Toledo District is currently a back burner issue, but is still ...

A closer look of Belize City Council's hundred day plan
As we reported yesterday, a press conference was hosted by Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley. He discussed the Coun...

Motorist crashes and dies in Belize City cemetery
A man crashed and died at the Belize City cemetery this evening. Details are still sketchy at this time, but this e...

Commission of Inquiry finds GSU guilty of excessive force
The findings of the Commission of Inquiry set up by Police Minister John Saldivar has been presented. The inquiry w...

Cycling star Giovanni Choto receives cheque from Ministry of Sports
The glorious ride to victory is paying off. This afternoon Giovanni Choto was presented with a cheque for $5000.00....

Arrest made in the shooting death of Michael Garbutt
Police have made an arrest in the broad-daylight murder of 23 year-old Michael Garbutt which occurred on Albert Str...

US Embassy hikes price for visa by $40
Bad news again for folks applying for a US visa; Belizeans will be paying more for the visa starting tomorrow Frida...

Man charged in fatal traffic accident of toddler
A 21 year old man appeared in court today on charges of manslaughter by negligence. This is in relation to an Easte...

Field of 2,000 marijuana plants destroyed by Police
Toledo police have destroyed yet another marijuana plantation. Early in the morning on Wednesday April 11, an Anti ...

125 cell phones stolen from store in Corozal
From North to south, there have been reports of armed robberies of various businesses. In the north on Tuesday, Ang...

Cell phone registrations deadline today
The deadline for cell phone registration is here and this time it’s not a false alarm. That deadline is officially ...

Farmers of the Year recipients named
The National Agriculture and Trade Show has announced the winners of the Farmers of the Year award for 2012. Woman ...

Four persons charged in connection to 2011 robbery at Farm Center Compound
4 of 6 persons charged in connection with a robbery which unfolded at Farm Cemter Compound located on North Front S...

The Guardian

Another Application to File Petition Granted; Inevitable Prolonged
The PUP have been filing applications for election petitions for the past 3 weeks now, and it’s safe to say that the Supreme Court judges, who have heard them all, have only allowed them on very slim grounds. The Tuesday petition is another prime example of a venture that is wasting the court’s time.

Report on the Findings of the Investigating Team into the Alleged Brutality in Taylor’s Alley
The Team that was established by the Honourable John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, to inquire into the allegations of the complainants of Taylor’s Alley, submitted its findings on the 4th April, 2012.The team found the behavior of the Police Officers on the 21st of March 2012 in Taylor’s Alley to be “excessive and unjustifiable.” While the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasion for the use of force, they were of the opinion that there is no indication that this was such an occasion. The evidence is that the Police took the complainants by surprise and they received immediate compliance from the complainants.

Minister Lisel Alamilla wins a Place in the Finals of Prestigious Conservation Award Competition
Belize’s newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Lisel Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards.

Rebecca Stirm wins reality show fashion challenge with Belize-inspired design
Roaring Creek native,Rebecca Stirm, emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean Fashion Designer Reality Series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica. Stirm and 14 other designers were challenged by host and executive-producer Keenea Linton-George to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” The designers, who hail from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad, were challenged to work within a short time frame and with a US$20 budget.

Board of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center thank Alfrain Supaul
Alfrain “Mr. Hype” Supaul rode courageously in the 84th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. While most were riding for fame and fortune, he rode to raise awareness on the constant financial constraints experienced by two of the country’s most important child care institutions, Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center (DMCCC) and Stella Maris School. Alfrain has always loved cycling and he recently took up the sport as a leisure activity. After just four months of training, he managed to ride pedal to pedal with local and foreign elite riders for most of the 140 mile race. While he did not win the race, his determination to finish won the hearts of many across the jewel. Supaul will hand over the money raised to the institutions at the end of the week but the board members of DMCCC could not wait to express their appreciation.

OW hosts 42nd Annual BNTU Convention
- Demanding decent working and learning conditions for all.” - Priority will be given to proposed salary increase for teachers Teachers nationwide from the 10 branches attended the 42nd annual convention in Orange Walk Town at the D – Victoria Hotel under this year’s team, “BNTU – Demanding decent working and learning conditions for all.” The two-day convention began with an opening ceremony at around 9:00 this morning, first with a teachers’ march from the Banquitas House of Culture down to the Main Street and then to the Belize-Corozal Road, where the hotel is located. As it is customary, the welcome address was delivered by the town’s newly elected mayor, Kevin Bernard and the presentational address by the newly elected president, Luke Palacio.

Community Activists Meet to Discuss Management of Port Honduras Marine Reserve
Managed Access refers to a license system that grants access to fishing in the general use zones of marine reserves. The Managed access license system was implemented last year as part of a two-year transition period for fishermen and managers to adjust to the system. At the implementation of this program, the Port Honduras Marine Reserve Community Managed Access Committee was formed to evaluate applications for managed access licenses for fishers of PHMR and make recommendations to the Fisheries Department. The Committee members consist of representatives from Monkey River, Punta Negra, and Punta Gorda communities, the Fisheries Department, Rio Grande Fishermen Cooperative and the Toledo Tour Guide Association.

The Desperatation of the PUP Written by Wellington Ramos
I find it very strange that the oldest political party in Belize, the People’s United Party, is petitioning the Supreme Court to try and overturn the results of the elections that were held in several constituencies in Belize. This, they believe, will give them a chance for bi-elections to be held in these constituencies and possibly make them win more seats to form the new government in Belize. The People’s United Party ruled Belize from 1956 to 1984 under the leadership of one person the late George Cadle Price. They had more than enough time to develop Belize and make it one of the most industrialized countries in Central America. Since the independence of Belize, the United Democratic Party just won their fourth election to of the PUP in post independence wins. They have never been given the chance until now, to win back to back elections so that they can continue with their reform agenda to clean out the mess they inherited when they took over the reins of government from the People’s United Party.

6th Central American Cub Scout Encounter Costa Rica
The 6th Central American Cub Scout Encounter took place in Iztarú, Costa Rica from March 31st to April 4th, 2012. This five-day event catered for boys and girls ages 7 through 11 from all Central American countries and included the participation of Curaçao and Mexico. The Belize delegation included two Cub Scouts from Belize City, one from Corozal and one from Toledo. They were accompanied by four Cub Scout Leaders, one parent and the Director of Education, Jersha Lennan as the Delegation Leader. The purpose of the event was to provide educational activities to Cub Scouts under the theme “AVATAR”. Such as seen in the movie, here the children discovered a new world of people whose focus was on the protection of our trees and forestation, conservation of life, energy, water and the preservation of nature and ,cultures across the land and world. The activities were divided into five sections: air, earth/land, water, and community and expounded on social living through friendly practices, impressing that no matter the country or culture, nature can be conserved and preserved for the survival and growth of all living things with the aid of human beings.

Closed Season for Sea Cucumbers
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development and Belize Fisheries Department advises the public that in accordance to the Fisheries Act (Chapter 210, revised edition 2003), that the SEA CUCUMBER FISHING SEASON is OFFICALLY CLOSED as of April 13, 2012. This is as a result of the filling of the fishing quota for the fishing season 2012. Therefore, no person shall take in the waters of Belize or buy, sell or have in his possession SEA CUCUMBER. Any person, who contravenes any of the provisions of the Fisheries Act shall be liable on summary conviction as stipulated in the Act. Furthermore, the Belize Fisheries Department takes this opportunity to remind the public that any person(s), who engages in any fishing activity shall abide to the Fisheries Act. For further information, please contact the Fisheries Department at telephone number 224-4552 or 223-2623 and at email address: [email protected] .

Police United and the Belize Defence Force stays at the Top of the Standings
The Premier League of Belize concluded its ninth round of competition with six games played across the country. On Holy Thursday, April 5, out at the Marshalleck Stadium in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, the host team Hankook Verdes blasted the visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters by the score of 7-1. The goal scorers for the home team, Hankook Verdes,were Julio Ayala in the 5th and 32nd minutes of play; Julian Maldonado in the 10th, 20th, 68th, 90th +3 minutes of play and Jose Monroy in the 25th minute of play. For Paradise/Freedom Fighters, the goal scorer was Leonard Valdez in the 54th minute of play. The competition then continued on Saturday April 7, with two games on the schedule. At the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the league-leading Police United won over San Ignacio United by the score of 3-1. The host team San Ignacio United FC got on the scoreboard first when Victor Morales scored his team’s only goal in the 2nd minute of play.

Senior Women’s Softball Regular Season commences on Wednesday, April 11
The 78th Belize City senior female softball regular season commenced on Wednesday April 11, 2012 at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize. This year’s competition will see the 4 teams battling for the prestigious crown in 8 rounds of competition before the commencing of the playoff round. The champions and sub-champions will represent the association at the 22nd Annual National Women’s championship scheduled for August 24-26, 2012 at Rogers Stadium.

Another Application to File Petition Granted; Inevitable Prolonged
The PUP have been filing applications for election petitions for the past 3 weeks now, and it’s safe to say that the Supreme Court judges, who have heard them all, have only allowed them on very slim grounds. The Tuesday petition is another prime example of a venture that is wasting the court’s time.

8 Tragedies 1 Deadly Easter Weekend
The 2012 Holy weekend was one of the most deadly in Belize’s history. The first unexpected death occurred when 19-year-old Victor Foreman went swimming with friends in the Vista del Mar area on Saturday, April 7. He was swimming way out in the deep when his friends noticed he went under and did not resurface. Foreman drowned shortly after 3 that afternoon. The second tragedy was the murder of 37-year-old Herman Lanza. Lanza is a former gang member, who served time in prison and turned his life around. He turned to faith and attended church regularly. Lanza was finally on good footing when he recently got a job as the driver of a doctor. However, he was always conscious of the fact that his past could come back to haunt him. On Saturday, April 7, it did. He was riding his bicycle near the corner of Casuarina and Poinsettia Streets in the Lake Indepence Area, one block away from his Black Orchid Street residence, when he was ambushed by multiple men. Lanza struggled with the men but was shot to the head, hands, abdomen and back. His attackers fled the scene and Lanza was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he died undergoing surgery. Police recovered four expended 12-gauge cartridges and 2 9mm expended shells on the scene. No one has been charged as yet and police continues to investigate.


Easter Weekend Sailing news from San Pedro Sailing Club Belize
On Easter Saturday, twelve intrepid members of the San Pedro Youth Sailing program, two in each boat, raced round trip between Caribbean Villas and The Hotel. During intermission at the new Hotel’s Molly Malone’s Pub treated them to a leisurely and hardy lunch of hot dogs, mac & cheese, and drinks. Then the sailors changed crew mates and boats and raced back. The races were for fun, but they were endurance tests of a constructive sort.

Mysterious Spot On Ambergris Caye: Abandoned Wedding Chapel and a Giant Whale Too? Essene Way
Located about 3.5 miles north of the bridge, sandwiched between Captain Morgan's Resort & Casino to the south and Coco Beach to the north, is Essene Way. A large property right on the beach that has been closed for quite a while, I took a walk around this place yesterday and found it very very intriguing. It has a wedding chapel, biblical references, angel and eagle statuary, large empty pools, a huge cement whale, a crumbling dock, a cracked basketball court and overgrown trees and bushes. There appear to be quite a few people living on the property. Open as early as the 80s, this property was called The Belizean Hotel. The luxury hotel was built and run by a French family, the Pierres, (possibly the heirs to the company that produces Perrier water) but sold when a family member passed (or it went bust...there are a few accounts). Apparently they were well known for lavish parties and entertaining. According to, the facility was then purchased in 1993, was renovated for $7 million USD and then opened in 1997 by developer, biblical scholar and food supplement entrepreneur Tom Ciola (owner of "Hot Stuff" supplements) to offer free vacations to terminally ill adults. Mr. Ciola entered into a $2 million USD contract with an American company for complete solar energy. There was also a reverse osmosis water treatment system in place. When the resort opened, Ciola stated that they didn't have enough funds yet to make the property 100% humanitarian but that was the end goal. (Rates at the time were quoted as $125 USD a night).

International Sources

Belize, Suriname Meet With OAS
elize Foreign Minister Wilfred Erlington held a meeting Wednesday in Cartagena with Organization of American States Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza. The two are in Cartagena for the Sixth Summit of the Americas. The meeting took place at the Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Convention Centre in Cartagena, which will be the main headquarters of the summit. Insulza also met with Suriname Foreign Minister Winston Lackin in Cartagena, discussing the main issues of the summit, which begins this weekend under the theme of “Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity.” Theo were the latest in a series of meetings by Insulza, who talked Wednesday with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Insulza spoke earlier Thursday at the opening of the Workers Forum, which is being held within the framework of the Sixth Summit of the Americas.

Choto : A National Hero!!!
After watching foreigners come into Belize and dominate the biggest cycling event of the country for six straight years, support for cycling became extremely fragile. Long time sponsors became reluctant to make contributions to the event. Emil Moreno, President of the Belize Cycling Association, gave an interview on March 26 explaining how difficult it has been over the last few years to attract sponsors. In fact, as of March 26, the association still had not secured prizes for the first twenty finishers of this year’s race. Thats why, for the survival of cycling in Belize, it was imperative that a Belizean pedaled his bike across the finish line of the 84th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic first. Team owners knew the state of the sport very well. Some cut down on the number of foreigners they normally bring in and some did not bring any at all. Those who did contract foreign riders gave clear instructions that they were riding for the Belizeans on the team. Even the sponsors fixed their contributions to prompt team owners to push for a Belizean winner. If a foreigner won the race, he would receive $5,000 but if a Belizean won the race he would receive $15,000. Thousands of dollars and the fate of the sport was riding on the bikes of Belizean cyclists. However, all the incentives in the world could have been provided but on race day the victory belongs to who wants it most.

The Bird Watcher: A birding preview from Belize
My wife and I just returned from Belize, a slice of paradise in Central America, where we got our annual sneak preview of migratory birds that will soon head our way. From weensy warblers to great egrets, we can't wait for them to arrive in northern New Jersey, even if some are just passing through on their way to points north. For birders, the annual spring cavalcade of orioles, herons and ospreys is one of the joys of living on the Atlantic Flyway: We get so many species, often in good numbers, that it's tough to keep track of them all. In all, of the roughly 200 species of birds seen on our trip, nearly three dozen will head north soon or are already on their way. The greatest number of migratory birds we saw was the warblers, with more than a dozen species that have become synonymous with spring to so many American birders: yellow warbler, magnolia warbler, chestnut-sided warbler, American redstart, black-and-white warbler, Kentucky warbler and more.

April 12, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

On Easter Saturday, twelve intrepid members of the San Pedro Youth Sailing program, two in each boat, raced from Caribbean Villas to The Hotel. Molly Malone’s Pub treated them to a leisurely and hardy lunch of hot dogs, mac & cheese, and drinks. Then they changed crew mates and boats and raced back. The races were done purely for fun, but served as endurance tests of a constructive sort. It is about five miles between the two resorts, making these the longest races the young San Pedro crews have been challenged by so far. The race north was into the wind, which required the most tactical course changes. On board the Playa Blanca boat, Kevin Velasquez and Jorge Oliverez led the entire way, only to discover an unlucky way to lose that their sage adult instructors had neither anticipated nor forewarned about: they ran aground about 5 yards short of the finish line! Blanca Velasquez and Zizi Ayala skimmed by them in the Playa Blanca boat to win by a nose. Faith Noel & Lily Hayden aboard Caribbean Villas arrived in 3rd place.

Minister Lisel Alamilla wins a place in the finals of prestigious conservation award competition
Belize’s newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Liselle Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards. The nomination means that Hon. Alamilla will now travel to London in May for interviews with the panel of experts who will decide which of this year’s seven international candidates will win a share of Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) grants worth a total £210,000 GBP for their projects. The results will be announced during a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington Gore, London, on Wednesday 9 May at which WFN’s patron, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) will present the prizes.

Bill Gates touring Belize onboard Attessa IV
The Attessa IV has been adrift off Ambergris Caye outside the Belize Barrier Reef since early Tuesday, April 10th with the world’s second richest man on board. Aboard the 330ft private super yacht is Bill Gates along with six family members and a crew of 23. The vessel, captained by Sergiy Pashchenko, was given the clearance to navigate into Belizean waters just before mid-morning and has permission to remain in the country until May 9th. According to sources within the Immigration Department, the vessel was cleared by personnel that flew in from Belize City. The Attessa IV is expected to make stops at various world renowned destinations including Hol Chan Marine Reserve, southern Belize, The Turneff Atolls and the Great Blue Hole.

Ambergris Today

The All-In-One Store
I still have about ten volumes to write about the very first ones in San Pedro, but will deviate for this week due to a request to write about this store just for the fun of it. I will call it the ONE-INALL STORE to begin with but will share its name just in case you can’t figure out the identity of this store. It was the first music store in San Pedro and there was no better quality because it was the only one at the time. There you could buy the latest selections of just recorded hits in high definition TDK cassette tapes. You remember these cassette tapes, don’t you? You had about six to nine songs on one side and another number of songs on the next side. If you wanted to search for a particular song you had to forward or rewind or find some numbering system to do so. These tapes were sold in this store and you could also enjoy seeing the “maestro” recording them from another pirated tape.

Costa Del Mar’s Fly Fishing Film Tour Coming to San Pedro
Fisher Folk get ready for an unforgettable event that will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2012, as Tres Pescados Fly Shop brings to you the Costa Del Mar’s Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012. Fishermen around the world video their best fishing experience and submit it to Costa Del Mar and the very best films, out of hundreds, are chosen to be a part of the Fly Fishing Film Tour that takes place yearly in the United States and Canada. This will be the first ever international screening for this event and it will be the first time it is shown in a Latin American county. Wil Flack of Tres Pescados Fly Shop will host this event at the end of Barrier Reef Drive in front of the Tres Pescados Fly Shop. During the film show a total of 11 films will be showcased including the Film “GeoFish: A Mayan Prophecy”, which is about four fishermen from the US who made their way to Belize on a truck running on cooking-oil to get the best memorable fishing experience in their life.

Following His Dad's Footsteps
Mayor Danny Guerrero is presently serving his term as mayor which in Spanish is an “Alcalde”. Well, he is simply following his father’s footsteps as his dad, Mr. Efrain Guerrero Sr. was once the alcalde or village council chairman for this village. We were privileged to get hold of a flashback via Facebook of Chairman Efrain Guerrero as he went to the main pier to welcome and do some business for San Pedro with two government ministers. Pictured along with the chairman was Sandy Hunter, Minister of Public Service. Mr. Octavio Alamilla was also present as the treasurer of the village council. Also featured is Mr. Priciliano Gomez, who was probably a member of the village council. And the long standing Area Representative for Belize Rural South was Honorable Louis ‘Cuz’ Sylvestre (pronounced Sylvester) to whom can be attributed many great accomplishments for San Pedro village and town.

Transvestite Show Sparkles at AIDS Commission Fundraiser
The San Pedro AIDS Commission once again presented the spectacular show of Noche de Estrellas Part II. The fundraiser is one of the two biggest events the Commission hosts every year and with resounding success of last year’s show, the Commission brought the superstars from Merida, Yucatan once again to entertain during the Easter festivities. El Show de Las Estrellas del Momento, a show from Merida, Yucatan, included five performers doing their best imitations of Latin singers like Lady Gaga, Marisela, Alejandro Fernandez, Madonna and others! This also included one of the best shows in acting, drama and singing as they performed a parody of a popular Mexican show “Mujeres Asesinas”, they did their version of “Travestis Asesinas”.

Misc Belizean Sources

University of Belize Earth Day on the 19th
The University of Belize will be having an Earth Day celebration on April, the 19th. They'll have booths, food, games, competitions, and much more. Digicell will also be there so you can double and triple up.

The Institute for Sustainable International Studies has some pictures of the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education's Biological Research Station. They took a few good pictures.

VIDEO: One Day on Earth Trailer
The SISE House of Culture is doing their movie night on Earth Day...Earth Night. They will be showing One Day on Earth, which is the first film ever shot in every country in the world on the same day. Sounds like quite a project, and it must be quite diverse. "ONE DAY ON EARTH creates a picture of humanity by recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world. We explore a greater diversity of perspectives than ever seen before on screen. We follow characters and events that evolve throughout the day, interspersed with expansive global montages that explore the progression of life from birth, to death, to birth again. In the end, despite unprecedented challenges and tragedies throughout the world, we are reminded that every day we are alive there is hope and a choice to see a better future together."

PHOTOS: University of Belize Relathon Record
The University of Belize had its annual Relathon, and the males set a record breaking time of 7 hours and 10 minutes. Congratulations to Garrett Bermudez for making a mile in 4:49. Check out the great pictures they got of the event.

The Popol Vuh explained
Since it is virtually impossible to summarize the Popol Vuh the way I want to, I have decided to break down each part of the five-part tale. This story of the Maya creation is one of the most amazing tales one can read and it takes a little time to explain it properly. First, Popol Vuh translates into “Book of the People,” and it is the Quiche’ account of the creation of the Mayan people. The first part covers how the Gods are really not very smart, make numerous mistakes and certainly have no thought out plan as to the creation of the Earth and all life that dwell upon it. The two main divinities that start this experiment of creating the earth and all life upon it are Heart of Sky (also called Hurricane) and Sovereign Plumed Serpent. As the classic line goes, “in the beginning…” the sky was created covering a cloudy earth with was covered with water. At this time, no animals or humans walked the earth, until Heart of Sky conferred with Sovereign Plumed Serpent and decided to create the earth. With a single word, landmasses began to rise out of the sea. The mountains separated from the water and were instantly covered with cypress and pine. From this, the earth, the sky and the water were all separated.

PHOTOS: Sawdust Art Project and Carpet making in Benque
The Benque House of Culture had their Sawdust Art Project and Carpet creating event, and the Banquitas House of Culture was there to experience it, and take tons of great pictures. Glad to have Orange Walk's HoC come down and have a great time. It was a great cultural event, thanks to the Benque HoC. "Representing Banquitas HOC and Institute of Creative Arts Orange Walk at Benque Viejo del Carmen for the Sawdust carpets. It was a great pleasure to witness the rich culture of Benque and an honor to be part of this community activity. We give thanks to Ms. Nayell for showing us around and for making us feel at home. Oh and also to her volunteers: Edson and Daniel! It was a wonderful experience and we all learned a lot."

Channel 7

Exactly three weeks ago - a joint police force comprising the Gang Suppression Unit and the Anti Drug Unit descended on Taylor's Alley with what residents say was brutal and excessive force. It made the news - and got the attention of the new police minister John Saldivar - because the GSU was publicly implicated, again, for police brutality - with a political directorate that had become wary of bearing the political costs for the unit's excesses. Minister Saldivar convened a three person team lead by former police commissioner Hughington Williams to investigate. That team submitted its report last Wednesday and the main findings were released to the media an hour ago.

We haven't had an update on Vernon Cuthklevin's containers in two weeks: well tonight, they are still impounded at the Customs Department and from what we're hearing they aren't about to go anywhere. That's because unofficial reports that we've say that the tests from a foreign lab came back and they show that the six containers were loaded with a chemical called methylamine hydrochloride. That is classed as a precursor chemical for the manufacture of meta-amphetamines - which, as we've told you, is an illegal, highly addictive drug in the United States known as "Crystal Meth." And because precursor chemicals are usually targeted for drug markets in the USA, the local investigation is being actively being followed by DEA agents in Belize. Reliable reports to us say that the estimate is that the close to three thousand sacks of methylamine hydrochloride could produce about 400 metric tonnes of meta-amphatamines.

Last night we told you about the deadly, tragic weekend - which claimed the lives of eight Belizeans. Well one more man died over the weekend - after he had been beaten up last week. 59 year old Jeffery Garnett - a resident of Hattiville- was badly beaten by 2 men of his village on April 3rd. One week later - which was yesterday- Garnett succumbed to his injuries at the KHMH. The incident happened in Hattieville. It is said that Garnett went looking for his son that night when he was attacked by the men at a shop. He received a fractured skull and was in a coma for almost 7 days. His son, 20 year old Dorian Garnett was also attacked and beaten by the same two men early that day. Today Garnett's son told us the dispute which caused his father's life, was over his baby mama drama.

oday two men attempted to rob Blue Marlin Restaurant in downtown Belize City. It's the fourth time the restaurant has been targetted - but the robbers probably didn't expect the owners to be prepared for the attack. Two armed masked men entered Blue Marlin just before midday with guns trained at the owners. Mark Young, the proprietor's son, began to wrestle with one of the men while the owner Douglas Young pulled out his licensed firearm. Upon seeing this, the robbers fled on bicycles, but the incident did not end there. Young chased one of them in his vehicle, knocking him over before calling the police. We spoke with Douglas Young about the frightening incident, and he told us what caused him to react so bravely.

Last week Wednesday, 7News showed you the broad-daylight murder of 23 year-old Michael Garbutt on Albert Street. Well today, his alleged killer, 18 year-old Dennis Robert Matura, was arraigned in Magistrate's Court. Matura, a resident of Wagner's Lane, appeared in front of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Because of the nature of the offense, no plea was taken, and no bail was granted. Matura was remanded to prison until June 1, his next court date. As we reported, last week Wednesday at around 3 p.m., Garbutt was standing in front of Dee-Dee's Restaurant. He was waiting for family members when a gunman walked up Simmons Alley, shot him in the head, and escaped back down the alley.

A City home was cleaned out over the Easter Weekend. 56 year old Janet Arnold who lives on Seashore drive reported that between noon on Holy Thursday and the afternoon of Easter Monday - her home was burglarized. The thieves made off with an assortment of electronic items and jewelry valued at a staggering $49,450.

If you've seen Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in his media appearances after one month of being in office - you'll know he means business. After all, he fired 25 staffers straight off - many of them being good UDP's. And he's hoping to continue that result-oriented trend with a One Hundred Day Action Plan. It makes 100 pledges to be delivered by June 16th, the first 100 days in office. The list is mighty fancy, and very ambitious, but considering that we're already at day 32, is it too ambitious? That's what we tried to find out a city council press conference today:

Today makes three weeks since Delvin "peelie" Galvez has been missing. Last week Isodoro "DJ Ritchie" Galvez, his brother, appealed to the public for information. Well tonight his mother told us that she just wants her son back home. Heledora Cruz - Mother of Missing Person "I like to tell them please have mercy on me, because I miss him a lot and I want him. If he's seeing or hearing, please let him call me at least and tell me that he is ok. And I ask the ones who have him, if they could please let him go. I don't want any police action. I don't want no case or nothing, I just want him back. I'm pleading to the public and the police department, if they can please help me find back my son even if he is not living, even if he is dead I would want ti find him back to put him to rest if thats it. I pray to God that he comes back."

Last night, we told you about 19 year-old Victor Foreman, the Ladyville resident who drowned at the Vista Del Mar waterfront on Holy Saturday at around 3 p.m. We only gave you our preliminary information about it, but because it is a very-well trafficked area, and a popular hangout spot for Ladyville residents on the weekend, we decided to investigate further. What we found out today, is that Victor was not the adventurous type to risk going so far that he wouldn't be able to be able to return safely. No, he died from getting trapped in a large underwater hole - 1 of 5 actually - that are in the area. His mother told us that her information is that these holes are the remnant of dredging of the area. According to her, the professional divers who rescued her son's body from out of the sea told her that the hole is very deep. She told us about how her family went out as they usually do for fun on the weekends. They couldn't have known that Victor would drown.

Belize's Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development is a finalist for the Whitley Awards, one of the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions. Senator/Minister Lisel Alamilla was shortlisted for her work with the Ya'axche Conservation Trust, and will travel to London in May for interviews with a panel of experts who will then decide which of the seven international candidates will win a share of the Whitley Fund for Nature - which is worth a total of $210,000 Pounds which is about $334,261 US Dollars. The results will be announced in London on May 9th where the Whitley Fund's patron, Princess Anne will present the prizes.

Today six distinguished Belizeans were honored by the Queen for community service. Bernard Quentin Pitts received the insignia for Commander of the British Empire for his contribution to the Law and Public Service; Dr. Ann Gillett Elrington received the insignia as Member of the British Empire for services to the Belizean Diaspora and Medicine; Louise Bridget Lewis and Enelda Rosado both received medals as Members of the British Empire for services to Education and Community Development; Receiving the insignia for Member of the British Empire was Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez JP for his contribution to Education and Public Service, and finally, prizefighter Ludwig Lightburn who was a world middleweight contender in the 50's was distinguished with the insignia as Member of the British Empire for his contribution to sports and the Belizean American community. The Governor General handed out the insignias on behalf of the Queen at his official residence in Belmopan.

Joe Bradley is the famous host of WAVE Radio's Fus Thing Da Mawnin' Show. But, when he gets off the show - he's a regular employee at the City Council. He's been there for years where he works as a Compliance Officer. But now, Bradley's son, Darrell is the mayor - and ultimately, Joe's boss. It's a peculiar situation and raises some valid questions - particularly after 25 city staffers were laid off - many of them, like Joe, politically affiliated. So we today asked the mayor, does he dare review his own Dad's employment?

Last night, we told you all about Giovanni Choto's historic cross country ride, his fifteen thousand dollar first place cash prize and what he plans to do with the money. But, what we didn't mention is that the 23 year old also won 78 Station Prizes - which is a record. The previous record was 41 held by Guatemalan cyclist Luis Macu in his cross-country ride about ten years ago. Of course, Choto also had more to win: this year's race featured a record 101 Station prizes. 64 of those 78 prizes are in cash or gift certificates totaling $9,225.00. The largest were three five hundred dollar prizes.

Crimes In Cayo
Three men robbed Belize Water Services Limited in Belmopan yesterday evening at closing time. At around 5:15 in the evening, Gabriela Pinto, a 46 year old cashier was working at BWS located in the Garden City Plaza in Belmopan, when three dark skinned men entered the building. One of the men then took out a gun resembling a 9mm pistol and aimed it at her, demanding money. Pinto, fearing for her life surrendered a grey colored Bank deposit bag containing $17,558.85 in Belizean currency along with $270 US. The total loss came up to $18,098.85. And yesterday morning in Santa Elena town, Santos Simeon Gonzalez, a 30 year old Belizean Park Manager for N.I.C.H. was walking down La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena Town when a masked man emerged from the vehicle and ran towards him, holding a chrome 9mm pistol in his right hand.

Youths Feed Homeless
A youth organization is completing its second annual Easter project - and this year it is feeding the homeless. Youths Creating Talent is an organization created and run entirely by youths, and instead of spending the Easter relaxing under the sun, they have been serving food to homeless people in Battlefield Park. Today they served 130 plates of food, and Justin Gill, the founder of the organization, told us what made them take the initiative.

Channel 5

Ministry of National Security apologizes to Taylor’s Alley residents
The Taylor’s Alley incident in which gang members claimed that they were the object of brutality by the Gang Suppression Unit and members of the Police Force took place on March twenty-first. The incident threatened the fragility of the gang truce and a Commission of Inquiry was set up comprising former Commissioner of Police, Hughington [...]

No Arrests yet for Easter Weekend murders
In the past seven days, six persons were viciously murdered. In the old capital, four families are grieving and in the Hattieville community, two other families are looking for answers for the murders of their own. Police beefed up their presence in the Old Capital but that was no match for the criminals. There have [...]

18 year old is charged from ruthless downtown murder of deportee
While no arrests have been made in the past weekend’s murder, one man was charged today for the murder of twenty-three year old Michael Garbutt, who was killed in a most heinous manner in broad daylight and in the heavily trafficked downtown area. Today, the man police believe shot Garbutt three times to the head [...]

Is the spike in violent crimes an indication that the gang truce is failing?
Tonight’s question is: Do you believe that the spike in violent crimes is indication that the gang truce is failing? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Over $17,000 stolen from BWS Belmopan Branch
Three robbers netted over seventeen thousand dollars from BWSL in Belmopan in a Tuesday evening robbery. Reports are that around five-fifteen on Tuesday evening, employees were inside the branch office packaging the cash when three masked men entered through the unlocked front door. According to sources, the security guard, Clinton Nah had his back to [...]

Brothers fight off robbers at Blue Marlin Restaurant
Shortly before noon today there was another robbery in downtown Belize City. it happened while patrons of the popular Blue Marlin Restaurant on Regent Street West were purchasing lunch. A pair of armed masked men entered the establishment. Two of the business owner’s sons, Mark and Douglas Young, sprang into action and a brief struggle [...]

Murder stats down in first months of 2012
The bodies piled up at the City morgue, where we are told, there is no more room left following the past weekend’s murders, drownings and traffic accidents. But is crime up? We checked our internal statistics for the first three and a half months of last year, and the matching period this year. Here is [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley unveils 100-day Plan for Belize City
Since officially swearing in as Mayor of Belize City on March sixteenth, Darrell Bradley says he has had to make tough decisions at City Hall, including the recent firings of twenty-two employees. Those choices, according to Mayor Bradley, are in line with a hundred day plan that was initially unveiled during the U.D.P.’s manifesto launch [...]

City Mayor questioned about his father’s employment at CitCo
The recent termination of twenty-two employees of the City Council has also been met with strong criticism from those who believe that cost-cutting measures resulting from the findings of the internal audit should affect the top heavy administration of the council. When asked if an evaluation of his father, Joe Bradley’s performance as a compliance [...]

Revenue Collection in the City Traffic Department “healthy?”
According to the details of the plan, the council intends to slash its overall expenditure by twenty percent. Conversely, it proposes to increase the revenue collected at the Traffic Department by twenty percent. When asked if the idea is practical, based on weak collections, Bradley said revenue generation at the Traffic Department is – quote- [...]

Belizean making waves in Caribbean Fashion Design Competition
Belizean, Rebecca Stirm of Roaring Creek is hitting it big in a Caribbean fashion designer show. Stirm, who heard about the reality series through a friend, auditioned and was accepted as one of the competitors vying for three million Jamaican dollars or over thirty thousand U.S dollars in prizes including the opportunity to show at [...]

Minister Lisel Alamilla is a finalist for Prestigious Conservation Award
Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla, has been named a finalist for a prestigious conservation award from the Whitley Fund for Nature. Alamilla has been selected for her work with the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, which promotes the protection of the Maya Golden Landscape in southern Belize. As one of seven international finalists [...]

San Pedro Fisherman missing for weeks
A San Pedro fisherman has been missing for eighteen days. His family and police on the island are now asking for the public’s assistance in locating twenty-seven year old Wilmer Cartajena, also known as Chix, a resident of the Basil Jones area, which is twelve miles north of San Pedro Town. Cartajena disappeared on March [...]

Top 6 for the hottest show in the land; KTV Latino
KTV Latino was live at the Bliss on Tuesday night and as always, the show was packed with excitement; especially for the in-house audience that walked away with many raffle prizes. Only six contestants remain as Group A & B merged and they all put up a fight for their place in the competition. Each [...]



On Sunday, one year old Bryden Chan was knocked down and killed in Sarteneja village in the Corozal district. On Tuesday, police formally arrested and charged twenty year old Luis Tzul in connection with the fatal traffic accident. Tzul, a resident of Copper Bank Village has been...

If you own a cellular phone and still have not gone in to register it with your service provider, well your time is fast expiring. That deadline to get your cell phone hooked up to the national network is tomorrow, Thursday. A check with BTL today revealed that of the 200 t...

Belizeans wishing to visit the United States of America will have to pay more to get a visitor’s visa. In a circular sent out by the US Department of State, effective Friday of this week, an adjustment in visa processing fees will go into effect. The circular sa...

The findings of an investigation into complaints against the Gang Suppression Unit made by residents of Taylor’s Alley have been submitted, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the GSU. According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security, the investigators ...

The 42nd Annual BNTU Convention kicked off this morning in Orange Walk with a short parade from the Banquitas House of Culture to venue, D Star Victoria Hotel. Teachers from across the country have gathered for the two day meeting with the intention of discussing and coming out w...


Dreadful Traffic Accident On Easter Sunday Claims The Life Of One Year Old
An Easter trip on Sunday turned deadly for a couple from the Village of San Estevan as their one year old son lost his life as a result of a dreadful traffic accident. Reports are that baby Brayden Chan was playing with a group of children along the beachside in the Village of Sarteneja when he ran across the road and was knocked down by a black Ford Pickup Truck driven at the time by 21 year old Luis Tzul from the Village of Copper Bank. As a result of the accident the toddler received severe head and body injuries and died while on the way to the Corozal Community Hospital. Today when we visited the Village of San Estevan and spoke to Brayden’s mother she told us that her son died in her arms.

Traffic Accident On Holy Saturday
Thirty three year old Deon Spencer a Belizean contractor from the Village of Hattiville also lost his life during a traffic accident. On Holy Saturday when police visited mile 17 on the Western Highway they observed Spencer’s lifeless body lying face down on the right hand side of the road suffering from head and body injuries. Reports are that Smith was riding his bicycle along the Western Highway when he was knocked down by a black and grey Mitsubishi Montero SUV traveling from Belmopan towards Belize City. The vehicle was driven at the time by Julian Martinez, a 32 year old Belizean mechanic from Belize City. Martinez has been charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit.

First Murder On Holy Saturday
Over the holiday weekend a slew of murders underlined the Easter celebrations in Belize City. Both incidents portrayed the common involvement of gun violence in the City which claimed the life of two Belizeans. The first murder took place on Holy Saturday when 32 year old Herman Lanza, a resident of #5 Black Orchid Street in Belize City was fatally shot around 9:00pm. Lanza was riding his bicycle on Casaurina Street when upon reaching the corner of Poinsetta and Casaurina Street several gun shots were heard. When police arrived at the scene they found Lanza lying on the pavement in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds to both hands, left side of upper abdomen, right side of back and right side of forehead. Lanza was taken to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing surgery.

Two Orange Walk Residents Sought By Police In Connection To Burglary Report
Tonight Eduardo Solis from the Village of August Pine Ridge and Valerio Magana from the Village of San Felipe are being sought by Orange Walk Police in relation to a burglary that took place in the Village of San Felipe. On April 7th, Adalid Wicab, a 34 year old Belizean cane farmer from the Village of San Felipe along with his family left home en route to Chetumal, Quintana Roo. But despite the fact that the house was left properly secured a burglar or burglars found their way into the premises. According to Wicab, when he and his family returned home on the same day they noticed that the house had been burglarized and stolen were a number of items including $5,000 in cash, one gold bracelet valued at $450.00 and one gold chain valued at $1,800. Total value of items stolen amounted to $7,250. Police investigations continue.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Discussed During BNTU Convention
The National Convention is BNTU’s highest authority in which teachers from across the country get the opportunity to voice out their opinions and make suggestions on how to enhance the responsibilities of teachers. Attending the opening of the convention today was Mayor Kevin Bernard who gave the welcome address and retired educator Armando Leiva who gave the key note address. After the formal introductions were made, it was off to business as BNTU’s National President Luke Palacio, took to the stand and spoke on the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The agreement, which has a total of 23 proposals made to Government includes the salary adjustment of teachers.

Burglars Caught Red-handed In Corozal
Due to a recent increase in burglaries that has plagued the Corozal community, police have intensified their mobile patrols across the town and from the looks of it the plan is working. Yesterday while on mobile patrol police responded to a burglary in progress in the vicinity of Halls Layout. When the cops arrived at the scene of the incident they noticed that the front door of a house belonging to one Cynthia Wits, a Belizean office manager, had been pried open. As police made their way inside the dwelling they observed a male person ransacking the place. The individual is a 15 year old minor; therefore, we will not disclose his name. What we can tell you though, is that he is a high school student. The individual was arrested and charged by Corozal Police for the crime of burglary.

Another Election Petition Filed By The PUP Accepted By The Courts
Yesterday marked the deadline for the filing of election petitions and from all accounts the People’s United Party wasted no time and filed the last petition to be accepted. Before the Easter Break Orlando Habet, the P.U.P Standard Bearer for Cayo Northeast filed an election petition against Area Representative Elvin Penner on a number of grounds including the allegation that Returning Officer Jose Castellanos did not permit a recount of ballots and that bribery was involved during the election process. Viewers might recall that Orlando Habet lost to Elvin Penner by a mere 17 votes. Yesterday the case was heard before Justice Minette Hafiz who heard arguments presented by Habet’s Attorney Said Musa and Penner’s Attorney Rodwell Williams. After listening to both sides Justice Hafiz struck out the allegation of bribery; however, he granted leave for the petition for a recount. Here is what both Musa and Williams had to say about the court’s decision.

2012 Hurricane Names Released
Noted scientists Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray from the Colorado State University have just released their annual predictions for the 2012 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season. The forecasters predict a below-average Hurricane season based on a number of factors which suppress hurricane activity including the cooling of the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the developing El Nino in the Pacific. The forecast is based on a new extended-range early April statistical prediction scheme that uses 29 years of past data, according to the report. 10 named storms are predicted to form in the tropics this season along with 4 hurricanes, 40 named storm days, 16 hurricane days, 2 major hurricanes, and 3 major hurricane days. Of the two major hurricanes there is the probability of one major hurricane of a category 3 or higher tracking into the Caribbean. The hurricane names for 2012 have been listed and are as follows: Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, and William. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1 and ends on November 30.

New Life Presbyterian School Constructs New Auditorium
Today the mixing and shoveling of cement signified the continuation of a delayed auditorium at the New Life Presbyterian School here in Orange Walk Town. A team of volunteers from Brampton Canada arrived yesterday through the aid of a non profitable organization, Promise Keepers Canada, to assist the school in the final construction of their auditorium. While the lecture hall plays a fundamental part of the children’s physical development the volunteers are extending a helping hand to promote the message of Christ. Deon Smith, Team Leader “We’ve collected money from home which goes towards the project and some of the materials that we gathered and we also collected material and soccer balls for the kids in the school.” According to the School’s Principal, Ruth Ku, the refurbishing of the overdue auditorium could not have come at a better time.

BNTU 42nd Convention Kicks Off With Parade
“Demanding Decent Working and Learning Conditions for all” is the theme for this year’s 42nd annual Belize National Teachers Union Convention held here in Orange Walk. The two day convention kicked off this morning with a parade through the main streets of town which served as an innovative attraction for Orange Walkenos to come out in support for the rights of all educators. With over 2,000 members associated with the BNTU there was minimal attendance for this year’s convention due to various factors. Luke Palacio, National President BNTU “We do have a concern yes that at the same time that we hold our convention teachers are engaged in marking PSE that is their choice we also know that at this time sometimes UB resumes classes in fact I think they resumed yesterday so we do know that some of our members are attending UB we cannot fault them for not being here sure we would like to see our numbers increase greatly in terms of attendance of convention but the important thing is that we are having our convention and we are able to have a quorum that makes it legal and that is where it stand but we are going to continue to device ways to try and encourage more of our members to attend our convention.”


Armed hold up of Blue Marlin’s restaurant
Two brazen thieves went looking for more than food close to lunch hour today but one of them ended up getting a lesson in life instead. The duo rode up to the Blue Marlin’s Restaurant on Regent Street West at around eleven forty-five this morning and produced two guns in an attempt to rob the [...]

Teachers convention underway in Orange Walk
Hundreds of teachers from all over the country are tonight gathered in Orange Walk town for their annual convention. The rotating gathering is being hosted by the Belize National Teachers Union. Correspondent Arturo Cantun reports.

Trio jailed for illegal weapon and ammunition
A man and two women became inmates of Belize Central Prison today after they were found guilty of firearm and ammunition offences. They are thirty seven year old Kent Rose; twenty year old Emily Garcia and nineteen year old Stacey Humes. The trio was found guilty of keeping prohibited firearm, keeping prohibited ammunition and keeping [...]

Duo charged for burglarizing the judge’s house
Two men, thirty eight year old Christopher Mckoy Jr. and 44 year old Kent Smith, who allegedly broke into the house of the president of Belize Court of appeal Justice Manuel Sosa, at number 29 Southern Foreshore, were charged with burglary when they appeared today in the Number One Magistrate’s Court today. Mckoy and Smith [...]

Cost of US visas increases … again
Belizeans wishing to visit the United States of America will have to pay more to get a visitor’s visa. In a circular sent out by the US Department of State, effective Friday of this week, an adjustment in visa processing fees will go into effect. The circular says that the fee for most nonimmigrant [...]

Closed season declared for Sea Cucumber
It is a relatively new fisheries species that is being harvested in Belize. And today the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development announced the closing of the Sea Cucumber season. Now most people were not even aware that sea cucumbers were being harvested in Belize, so we decided to find out more about this [...]

Driver charged in death of Corozal toddler
On Sunday, one year old Bryden Chan was knocked down and killed in Sarteneja village in the Corozal district. On Tuesday, police formally arrested and charged twenty year old Luis Tzul in connection with the fatal traffic accident. Tzul, a resident of Copper Bank Village has been charged with the offences of manslaughter by negligence, [...]

Benque Viejo celebrates Easter in dramatic fashion
While most people chose to celebrate the Easter holidays with merry-making in various parts of the country, in western-Belize, devout Christians, predominantly Roman Catholic Church followers spent the time living out their faith. Our cameras were there to capture some of the images, and Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Harlan Wagner worked together to bring you the following story.


Family swim in Placencia turns deadly for father of two
Aside from murders, the Easter weekend was also marred with the drowning of several individuals. We look first at t...

Hon. Lisel Alamilla named as finalist for international Whitley Awards
Belize’s newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Lisel Alamilla has been ...

Belize mourns the lost of a master artist
Belize mourns the loss of one of its greatest artistic prodigy, Benjamin Nicholas. The National Institute of Cultur...

Six Belizeans presented with insignias on behalf of Queen Elizabeth
In Belmopan today Governor-General of Belize, His Excellency Sir Colville Young handed out insignias on behalf of H...

Update on 11 year suffering from facial tumor
Catarina Ishim has been admitted to the ward in the USA. She was immediately scheduled for a trachea and G-tube pro...

Belize City Council promises to cut spending by 20%
The Belize City Council today held a Press Conference at City Hall discussing The Council’s 100 Day Action Plan and...

Storekeeper turns gun on armed robbers
An attempted robbery took place at the Blue Marlin Restaurant at #13 Regent Street West in Belize City. At 11:50am ...

Teen's body pulled from river
In the third drowning a young resident also of Ladyville tragically lost his life. Nineteen year old Victor John Fo...

Fatal traffic accident in Hattieville, driver charged
On Saturday night death came knocking for a Hattieville resident. Deon Spencer was killed in a fatal traffic accide...

Sources say over seven grand stolen in BWSL robbery
Yesterday PlusNews broke the story of a robbery at the BWSL Belmopan office located at the Garden City Plaza. PlusN...

Sea cucumber fishing season ends
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development and Belize Fisheries Department has issued a release ...

Burglars catch big break at Belize City home
A residence in Button Bay, Belize City was burglarized over the long weekend. Janet Arnold, reported to police that...

Man drowns during fishing trip
In another case of drowning, Mary Unger, a Canadian National of Vista del Mar, Belize City, reported that around 2:...

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates and family vacationing in Belize
And just in case you missed it in the newscast last night Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, is in Be...


Gas prices in Belize increase and other exciting news
As I mentioned in my Gas Prices in Belize write up, everyone likes to know the price of things. A recent email from Trey prompted me to blog follow up on increased price. Gas is now 12.17 bzd and Diesel 11.26 bzd. Tim said “gas went up a whole bunch more. $80 to fill RZR now”. Sharon – Wealth Ships Expat Relocation services and Michele – Life’s a Beach Observations on Life and Real Estate in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, please leave comment if you had increase since you weighed in on that last post. Exciting news – San Pedro Lobsterfest 2012 schedule of events is coming very soon. I am not so patiently waiting for the go ahead to announce the first 3 confirmed events aside from the Block party on June 23rd. I can tell you they are going to be super fun [especially the Sunday June 17th one] and worth marking the dates on your calendar. This year is going to be biggest and best ever, starting Friday June 15th, 2012 and finishing with the big Lobsterfest Block Party on Saturday June 23rd, 2012. If you have not booked your flight to Belize yet start looking for a good deal, you won’t regret it – this is a bucket list party.

The Buzz: Bill Gates in San Pedro, Belize & Flour Tortillas...You Foil me AGAIN!
Yesterday afternoon a HUGE boat pulled up just outside the reef off Ambergris Caye. It's honestly the biggest boat I have ever seen. It is ridiculous. Everyone on shore and on the Internet was abuzz with gossip...Jimmy Buffett? Oprah Winfrey? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Pictures like this were surfacing on Facebook...from the San Pedro Harbourmaster. Turns out Bill Gates (worth about $60 billion USD), his family and a crew of over 20 are on board and registered to stay in Belize until May 9th. (He is merely renting it.) They are supposedly sticking around San Pedro for a bit and then headed south to the cayes and atolls. Since he is probably reading my blog right now (and undoubtedly stunned by my technological savvy and reporting prowess), I'd like to say "Welcome to Belize, Bill...cocktail hour starts at my condo at 4pm. Let me know if you need a copy of my resume ready. Or maybe let's just meet up at Wet Willy's for Ladies Night? It's your call."

Belize Shark Project – Part I
Many of you realize that the environment around us is fragile and if we wish to have conserve its strength and beauty for our future generations, then we need to work together – but many do not realize that for our well known and loved marine ecosystem here in Belize, the shark population is key to its longevity. Rachel Graham, the Shark Expert here in Belize, came to Caye Caulker yesterday to inform us of the work that she is doing with the assistance of Belize Dive Services, on Sharks here in Northern Belize. Rachel’s work prior to this was done with the Whale Sharks down in the South of Belize and now that their populations are not high risk, she has turned her attention to both sharks and their lesser known cousins the rays. Rachel told us ‘The world is finally learning that many populations of sharks and rays are in global decline as a result of excessive fishing pressure. With tens of millions of sharks and an unknown quantity of rays captured yearly as by catch to the tuna and swordfish fisheries and as targeted catch to supply the voracious demands of the Asian fin soup market and the Lenten season’s requirement for white meat.’

International Sources

PHOTO: Belize Barrier Reef : Daily Escape : Travel Channel
In 1942, decades before Belize became an international destination coveted by divers, Charles Darwin studied the evolution of its incredible coral reefs. The Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef is still evolving, but it’s only one of many that support a Pixar-like array of colorful fish, sponges and more than 70 species of coral. Oh, and above ground, Belize throws in some Mayan ruins for bonus.

Time for Caribbean Nations to Manage Their Judicial Affairs, Says CCJ President
The president of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Dennis Byron, said regional countries should “complete their independence and sovereignty by claiming the rights to completely manage our judicial affairs.” Byron made his comments as he addressed regional journalists at “an engagement meeting” in Port of Spain. The CCJ president said he supported the views of the Trinidad and Tobago calypsonian, “Singing Sandra” who, during the just concluded Carnival celebrations in her homeland, urged Port of Spain to become a full signatory to the court as the oil rich twin island republic celebrates 50 years of political independence. The CCJ, established in 2001, has both an original jurisdiction to interpret the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and appellate jurisdiction aimed at replacing the London-based Privy Council to which many CARICOM member states belong.

Win a Trip for Two to Belize
Enter Travel Channel's April 2012 sweepstakes by April 30 for a chance to win the grand prize: an eight-day trip for two to Belize, including air, hotel, excursions to view Mayan ruins, a hike through the rainforest, and $1,000 in spending money. To participate, fill in your contact information and press "enter." Done! Time required to enter: less than 60 seconds.

April 11, 2012

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Bill Gates touring Belize onboard Attessa IV
The Attessa IV has been adrift off Ambergris Caye outside the Belize Barrier Reef since early Tuesday, April 10th with the world’s second richest man on board. Aboard the 330ft private super yacht is Bill Gates along with six family members and a crew of 23. The vessel, captained by Sergiy Pashchenko, was given the clearance to navigate into Belizean waters just before mid-morning and has permission to remain in the country until May 9th. According to sources within the Immigration Department, the vessel was cleared by personnel that flew in from Belize City. The Attessa IV is expected to make stops at various world renowned destinations including Hol Chan Marine Reserve, southern Belize, The Turneff Atolls and the Great Blue Hole.

Ambergris Today

Rebecca Stirm Wins Mission Catwalk Challenge with Belize-Inspired Design
Drawing on the Hispanic and Mayan influences in her country, 18 year-old Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica. Stirm and 14 other designers were instructed by host and executive-producer Keneea Linton-George to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” The designers, who were given pointers from Season One winner Shenna Carby, had to apply their creativity within a short time frame and on a US$20 budget.

Easter's Traditional Religious Celebrations in San Pedro
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is the place to be for Easter Break, the mainland folk flock to the island and the tourists come to enjoy their spring break. Nothing like spending some great time on the beach, soaking up some sun, sipping on cool cocktails partying on endless night…but one aspect of Easter in San Pedro goes pretty much unnoticed by the masses. Amongst all the chaos of parties there is also the religious celebrations that take place during Easter. The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church is responsible for conducting a Lenten Schedule every year. The staff of Ambergris Today took turns in participating on the highlights of the schedule and discovered the rich and traditional celebrations of the Catholic Church for Easter. The Via Cruses or Stations of the Cross took place on March 23, March 30, and Good Friday, April 6, 2012 around town. The different stations were placed outside homes along the streets of downtown where the following would join in prayer at each station. On Good Friday, there were also volunteers who carried a large cross to each station; this took place at 4.a.m.

Bill Gates Vacationing in Belize
During this Easter weekend the island of San Pedro was teeming with local and international tourists who flocked our beaches for some fun in the sun. If you happen to be walking our beautiful beach this morning you might have noticed a huge and luxurious super yacht in our Caribbean waters just outside the reef. Who might it be you might ask? Well rumor has it that one of the world’s wealthiest people and American business magnate, investor, philanthropist an author – Bill Gates arrived this morning in his super yacht ATTESSA IV to San Pedro. Sources told Ambergris Today that Gates arrived in his super yacht this morning, Tuesday, April 10, 2012, with his family; the yacht is anchored just outside the reef in front of La Isla Bonita. The 100-meter long yacht has a helipad and it is believed that the Gates, along with his family, were transported to Cayo Espanto Private Island via helicopter. The family went on a snorkeling trip to enjoy the abundant marine life that Hol Chan Marine Reserve has to offer. A party of seven (five adults and two children) were accompanied by four tour guides from the private resort to ensure a safe and fun snorkeling trip.

Misc Belizean Sources

The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Quintessentially Belizean - Part II - Saturday
Waking up early to the sound of the rooster’s incessant call was an everyday occurrence. By the time most children started attending school, the roosters’ calls were merely a reminder that they were on schedule. For most, waking up at five was the rule, not the exception. By the time their bottoms slid onto the long benches where groups of eight or ten gathered during the week to learn, they had accomplished a lot. For some, it was to chase around chickens, searching for the early eggs, so fresh the slime had to be rinsed off, and sometimes, darker streaks wiped off with a wet rag. Boys usually took corn, mash or scraps to the pigs. More ambitious, older boys would slide onto their horses bareback, riding off to the closer home farm, picking fruit or whatever vegetable that their mother needed to prepare their noon and night meal. Their fathers would then saddle up the horses again, taking them at a slower but still clipped pace to the mountains where they grew acres and acres of produce to sell. There they would remain all day, and into the late evening when the last rays of the sun led them back home.

Belize Oil: Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
A story waiting to be told: There are many chapters in the tale of Oil in Belize – some geological, some political, some personal, some corporate. And all point the same direction. Oil in Belize. It could be an epic poem written by Byron, or a knowing verse by Rudyard Kipling. It’s also a ripping adventure, with a small band of True Believers finding victory on a remote frontier. Oil in Belize has two main chapters. The first, a tale of determination. Geological map of Belize north of the 17th parallel. The second, a twist of politics and fate. At the end, it’s the story of a tiny part of a huge industry, in a very small corner of the world.

How Belize Oil Is Shared
What is interesting about this table ? 1. BNE reported paying US $1.5 million more in income tax for the 2005-2009 period than the income tax amounts for those years shown in the GOB table. 2. BNE noted on the chart that the 2009 figures were not audited.

parked near the reef in San Pedro... BIll Gates' on a yacht
The Attessa IV

U.S. citizen town hall meeting in San Pedro Town - April 20, 2012
The Embassy of the United States of America invites you to a U.S. Citizen Town Hall meeting April 20, 2012 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Blue Water Grill at Sunbreeze Hotel in San Pedro Town At the meeting, Embassy staff who provide assistance to U.S citizens in Belize will be introduced, discuss what public services the U.S. Embassy offers, hurricane preparedness, 2012 absentee ballot voting, and answer your general questions about our services.

Belize major exports with agricultural & forestry
Oil production has made important contributions to Belize’s fiscal account and to growth in its gross domestic product (GDP). Although production was relatively low in 2006 and 2007, it has grown and generated important fiscal revenue. Its contribution in the future could be significant and will make the renegotiation of the "Superbond" seem as a strategic default. I hope that some people on the superbond renegotiation team have M&A and/or Public finance experience. Some issues that investors will bring up is that when Belize got the "Superbond" the fiscal condition was as is describe in this chart but now we have the following added indicators.

PHOTOS: Easter Saturday in Cayo: Fair and Live Music
Easter Saturday. Barefoot Skinny was in town, and they played at Lucky 5 Sports bar. The Easter Fair was in full force too. That ferris wheel was fast!

Belize Zoo was nominated for the Indianapolis Prize
Sharon Matola and the Belize Zoo were nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, which is an award for outstanding conservationism. While the Belize Zoo didn't win, just being mentioned is great for the "best little zoo in the world." "Sharon Matola founded the Belize Zoo and has devoted her entire life to leading the country’s environmental education that aims to protect all of Central America's wildlife, from jaguars and tapirs to scarlet macaws and harpy eagles, many of the latter that she successfully reintroduced to the wild."

Mom (Rosalee's) Bread Pudding
Everyone has a different way of designing their bread pudding and so does my mom. This video teaches a different way to do the bread to make the texture of the bread pudding different than the one I made in the video "Belizean Bread Pudding"

Channel 7

It was a very violent and tragic weekend in Belize: 8 persons died; three were killed, and another 5 died in drowning and traffic accidents - while five more - including a ten year old and two teenagers were shot. A lot of bad news, too much, honestly….but tonight we'll start with the good news, very good news, actually: the Cross Country Garland is home safe tonight, a Belizean has won it. Even if you were under a rock somewhere this weekend, you'll definitely know that Giovanni Choto went on one of the greatest rides in history to become the 84th. Cross Country Champion. 7news was on the road with the race and here's how it all unfolded: Jules Vasquez reporting 80 riders lined for the 84th race for the garland including some 7 foreigners - at 6:00 am they were off.

Today was the last day for the filing of election petitions. And the PUP made sure to make use of the very last day - the party filed an election petition last week and at 1 this afternoon, that preliminary hearing was held before Justice Minette Hafiz. The PUP's Orlando Habet has applied to the Supreme Court to have the election in Cayo Northeast voided - or at the very least, to have a recount ordered - based on the claim that the Returning Officer, Jose Castellanos, did not properly allow them to object to the 37 rejected votes. As you may recall, the PUP lost in that division by only 17 votes. Habet is represented by attorneys Said Musa and Anthony Sylvester, who have argued that within those 37 rejected ballots, Habet could have gotten the required votes to win the election.

As we told you earlier, a panorama of gun violence unfolded this weekend - leaving three dead - two of the homicides happened in the Lake Independence area of Belize City. We start on Saturday night with the killing of Herman Lanza. Lanza's name may be familiar because he gained some notoriety after serving a 13 year prison sentence and publicly speaking on the media about leaving his former life of gang violence. And then, he was shot in the neck in March of 2010 - but survived. Recently, he had started working as a Doctor's Driver, was active at church and seemed to walking the straight and narrow. But his past caught up with him explosively on Saturday night very close to his family home in Lake-I.

And the violence flared up in the Lake Independence area again on Monday night. Just a few blocks across from where Lanza was killed, a young couple was shot and the male was killed while his 18 year old girlfriend SHANICE ROWLAND was shot in the chest. It happened around 7:30 last night on Mahogany Street where a shooter with blue shorts and a blue hat, rode up on a bicycle and fired several shots at the ocuple. 22 year old Kevin Pott was shot in his head, his back, and midsection. 18 year old Shanice Rowland who stood with him was shot in the chest. She is in stable condition, but tonight Pott's family is preparing for a funeral for this young man.

And as police were finishing up at that crime scene, the call came in about the weekend's murder #3. This one happened at mile 15 and a half in Hattieville where 32 year old Elleno Requena was shot to death. It happened on the shoulder of the Cornel English Bridge where sometime after 8:00 pm, he was walking on the bridge when a person dressed in dark clothing simply came up on him and shot him in the midsection. Requena was carrying 10 year old Cameron Williams on his back and the child was shot in his left foot with the bullet exiting and then penetrating the right foot. Requena was not so lucky, he died on the spot and today his mother told us that they have only been able to get very little information about it:..

And while that ten year old was shot to the leg, a 14 year old is recovering from similar wounds which he got in a city home invasion. It happened on Holy Saturday on Banak Street just after the cross country was coming in. Now, Banak Street is right next to the Central American Boulevard roundabout - so the area was swarming with traffic police - who were blocking the area for the race. But that police presence did not stop a trio of gunmen from storming into the Meighan residence and asking for Tyrone Meighan. He wasn't at home, so the trio opened fire on 20 year old Joseph Obrien and 14 year old Dashey Williams who were guests at the house. Fortunately both only received injuries to their legs - but at the scene, a relative was outraged that the police in the area did not respond adequately. Here's what he told us:.. Eye witness "I heard pow, pow, pow. A second after I heard pow, pow again, then I saw a young boy limping. I ask the officer what was going here because they are killing people right in front of me."

And that wasn't the end of gun violence in the city: another well-known person was shot this morning. He is Michael Alexander Young - who was recently featured on the I am Belize profile as a role model for turning one's life around. Well he did make that change, but this morning at 6:30 am when shots started flying in his neighborhood near McKay Boulevard and Mahogany Street - one of them found their mark in Young's chest. According to police, a staggering 16 expended shells were found at the scene. According to a friend of Young he was at home getting ready for work when he looked out to see what was all the ruckus and he was hit. Young was taken to the KHMH where he is under observation and in a stable condition. No one has been detained so far.

A Hattieville resident was killed by a drunk driver on Saturday night. Around 8:30 on Saturday night, Dean Smith, a 33 year old Belizean Fisherman of Hattieville village, was riding his bicycle on the Western Highway when he was run over by a Black and Grey Mitsubishi Montero SUV being driven by Julian Martinez, a 32 yr old Belize City Mechanic. Smith was found lifeless, lying face down on the right side of the road with head and body injuries. Police have since arrested and charged Martinez with Driving A Motor Vehicle without due care and attention, Manslaughter by Negligence, Causing Death by Careless Conduct and Driving A Motor Vehicle with Alcohol Concentration above the Prescribed Limit. Martinez was arraigned in the Magistrate's Court today.

And three persons died in drownings over the long Easter weekend. One of them happened off St. George's Caye, another in Ladyville and one in Placencia. We turn first to the one in Placencia where a fun family getaway proved fatal for Antoine Tillett, also known as "Yenkie". Tillett who is in his early 40's was taking part in a family get-together when he capsized in a dorey. We spoke with his family who told us how he died.

2 weeks ago, 7News told you about 25 year-old Tyson Rodriguez, a CAYE CAULKER resident who was shot by island police. Residents say police were in the wrong, but today in Magistrate's Court, Rodriguez was the one being charged for escaping from police. He was charged with the theft of a silver beach cruiser, which belongs Luciana Espinal; aggravated assault for the knife which he allegedly pulled on PC Juan Choc; possession of a controlled drug for 1.6 grams of cannabis; drug trafficking for 4.8 grams of cocaine; and escaping from lawful custody. In court, the prosecutor objected to bail due to the prevalence of the crimes, including the offenses against police, and the fact that he tried to escape, which speaks to the fact that he might not show up to court if he is granted bail.

On August 17 of last year, 7News told you about the pre-dawn raid conducted by the GSU on the residence of #4049 T Street in Belize City, which netted them two guns and ammunition. Today in the Magistrates Court, the persons who were present at the time were convicted of charges related to those weapons, and they were sentenced 5 years in prison. GSU arrested Kent Rose along with 19 year old Emily Garcia, and 21 year old Stacey Humes, who were present at the time and all three were charged for one count each of Kept Prohibited firearm and Kept Prohibited ammunition and one count of Kept firearm without a gun license.

At the top of the newscast you saw the news about Giovanni Choto - the 23 year old winner of the 84th. Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. He is one of five Choto brothers who entered the race - and remarkably, three of them finished in the top ten: Giovanni was first, Peter was ninth and Jose was tenth - Rafael and Daniel did not finish. Still, they are the most dominant family in cycling - and Giovanni attributes it to their competitive training regimen. They all live close to each other in Cayo and all train together. Choto told us that right now, though, training is the last thing on his mind, he's trying to recover from a race that even surprised him in how it played out. Here's what he had to say when he sat down in our studio this morning:..

Celebrated Belizean painter Benjamin Nicholas died last night at the age of 82. Nicholas was most well-known for his folkloric depictions of Garifuna life. His larger works can be found in many major banks and businesses in Belize, but also in homes and museums all over the world - including the Smithsonian. Today we spoke to Art Historian Yasser Musa who was a fan of Nicholas. He told us about Nicholas's importance as a painter: Yasser Musa "I believe has lost a great artist. Benjamin Nicholas was a man who represented many things and to my mind yes he represented the pinnacle of great Garifuna art. However it goes beyond that and he represents great Belizean art."

Bill Gates In Belize On Mega-Yacht
Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, is in Belize - on the 23rd longest private yacht in the world. According to the San Pedro Sun, he arrived this morning with his family and was aboard the Super Yacht Atessa IV - which is anchored near San Pedro. The yacht is 330 feet long and comes equipped with an upper deck pool jacuzzi, a spa, and even a helicopter- which was cleared to fly in Belize. The vessel's estimated value is in the hundreds of millions, and it belongs to multi billionaire industrialist, Dennis Washington. According to the San Pedro Sun, the Attessa IV is expected to stop at renowned sites such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Great Blue Hole and The Turneffe Atolls. But this isn't his first trip to Belize. Gates also came here in 2005 - also in a yacht. This time he is travelling with six family members and 23 crew members. The yacht was given clearance to stay in Belize until May 9th.

Rebecca Stirm Making Waves In Regional Fashion Competition
A Belizean fashion designer is making major waves in the Caribbean fashion world after winning a culture-inspired challenge in a Caribbean fashion designer reality series called "Mission Catwalk". The show is a huge hit in Jamaica and 18 year old Rebecca Stirm is doing well. She was one of 15 Caribbean designers who were instructed to create an outfit reflecting the style and culture of their various countries. They were given a short time frame and a $20 USD budget, but Stirm applied her creativity by using curtain fabric to create the wining outfit which drew on the Hispanic and Mayan influences in Belize. Stirm, who calls her label Fancy Purple Paint, was the first of the show's designers to win a challenge as this is the second episode of the show. Stirm and the remaining contestants are vying for $3million Jamaican Dollars - about thirty five thousand US dollars in prizes, including a chance to show at London Fashion Week.

Channel 5

2 murders in Belize City over the Easter weekend
It was an exceptionally violent Easter weekend across the country; one in which at least ten people were severely injured during separate shooting incidents. The carnage began on Holy Thursday with the murder of Leron Johnson. On Holy Saturday, two more would fall victim to gun violence when three armed men entered a property on [...]

Camalote man and his teenage girlfriend injured in machete attack
A Camalote resident and his teenage girlfriend were violently attacked on Friday night. The machete man created a distraction to get Kenroy Chacon outside the house while he made his way inside and chopped the young girl multiple times. In his attempt to rescue his girlfriend, Chacon was chopped twice and managed to pry the [...]

Hattieville contractor killed by a single bullet to the abdomen
As the Easter Holiday came to a close another man was gunned down and a minor narrowly escape the fatal shot. Eleno Requeña was walking about a hundred yards over the bridge in the Hattieville Community when an unidentified man approached him and fired a single shot. News Five’s Andrea Polanco spoke with the young [...]

Renowned Belizean Artist, Benjamin Nicholas, dies at age 82
The world of Belizean art suffered a great loss over the weekend with the passing of painter and sculptor, Benjamin Nicholas. At age eighty-two, Nicholas had been sick for about a year and was living with his daughter, Avis Nicholas in Dangriga. He also leaves behind his wife, Ysidora Nicholas and four other children as [...]

Aerial Highlights of Cross Country Cycling Classic
The eighty-fourth Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic was staged this past Saturday and during our Sports Monday feature, Veteran Sportscaster James Adderley will provide full coverage of the grueling hundred and forty mile trek along the Western Highway. The race started at Leslie’s Imports and culminated on Marine Parade where the Memorial Park once stood. [...]

Orlando Habet vs. Elvin Penner; another election petition before the Courts
It has been a little over a month since the historic March seventh general and municipal elections and lawyers on both sides of the political divide are still pursuing legal action by filing election petitions in the Supreme Court. Today, senior counsels Rodwell Williams and Said Musa appeared before Justice Minnet Hafiz where Musa’s client, [...]

Ladyville residents drown in Vista Del mar and St. George’s Caye
Swimming is as much a part of the Easter tradition as fish and hot cross buns. But the sad reality is that it has also become common for several drowning incidents to be reported in the news on the Tuesday after the festivities. And this year is no different. Three Ladyville residents lost their lives [...]

Family of 3rd drowning victim upset about response of authorities
Another Ladyville resident drowned over the weekend; this time in Placencia. Forty-four year old Egbert Tillett and his family were on the Peninsula for a birthday party for his aunt on Sunday. According to relatives, Tillett had gone kayaking, but overturned. At first, his cousin thought he was playing a practical joke, but when Tillett [...]

Hattieville man dies days after brutal beating
Almost a week after being brutally attacked by two young men, sixty year old Jeff Garnett succumbed to his injuries this morning. On Tuesday of last week Garnett’s son, twenty-one year old Dorian, says that he was attacked first by the same two men but he was rescued by a friend. He says that the [...]

2 men injured in shooting in St. Matthews Village
And while the spate of crime claimed the lives of three different men, two are lucky to be alive following a shooting incident in St. Matthew’s Village. Twenty five year old Royston Henry and thirty two year old Roylee Young were walking on Saturday night when a man in the bushes fired a shotgun hitting [...]

Belize City mechanic remanded on numerous charges for fatal accident
On Saturday night a Hattieville resident was killed in a fatal traffic accident a stone’s throw away from his house. According to police, around eight-forty five that night they discovered the body of thirty-three year old Deon Spencer near mile seventeen on the western highway. Spencer, who suffered head and body injuries, was riding his [...]

2nd Richest Man in the World, Bill Gates, on family vacation in Belize
US billionaire, Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, and his wife Melinda along with other family members are vacationing in the Jewel. News that his yacht was moored nearby sent the residents of the island speculating whether the Gates would drop in to enjoy the island’s charm. Gates arrived this morning on [...]

2 thieves caught breaking into residence of Justice Manuel Sosa
To show that no one is safe from crime, the house of a judge was burglarized last week. Going into the Easter holidays, thieves were caught red handed breaking into the Southern Foreshore residence of Justice Manuel Sosa, the President of the Court of Appeal. This morning, two Belize City men were arraigned for the [...]

3 roommates go to jail for illegal firearms and ammo
A young couple and their friend, who live together on T-Street, are going to prison together for illegal firearm and ammunition found at their house. Kent Rose, his girlfriend Emily Garcia and friend Stacey Humes were all arrested after police found a nine millimeter pistol and a point three fifty-seven magnum loaded with three live [...]

KTV Latino; Group A & B merges
The long weekend is over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Tonight it’s all about KTV Latino live at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts. The Group A performers have lined up four hit songs and are ready to take the stage. As the competition heats up, these singers have been perfecting [...]

Belizean Cyclist, Giovanni Choto, brings the garland back home in 84th Cross Country race
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We take you immediately to the start of the 84th Annual Cross Country Cycle Classic which blasted off from in front of Leslie’s Imports at 6:00 a.m. on Holy Saturday with some 73 elite Belizean riders and 7 foreigners in search of fame and [...]


There was another murder reported last night, this time in Hattieville village. Police reports say the victim is thirty two year old fisherman Elleno Requeña. Police say that around eight thirty last night, they received reports of a shooting incident in Hattiveille village. Reque&nt...

Two people, including a fourteen year old boy were the victims of a shooting incident on Saturday afternoon in Belize City. Twenty year old Joseph O’brien and fourteen year old Dashey Williams received non-life-threatening injuries in the Saturday afternoon incident. Police repo...

An early morning shooting incident today has left a Belize City youth hospitalized. Twenty three year old Michael Alexander Young was shot in the upper left side of his back around six thirty this morning near McKay Boulevard and Mahogany Street. According to police reports, Young was taken...


Belizean fashion designer wins cultural prize in Jamaica
Nineteen year old Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm from Belmopan, has won a “culture-inspired” challenge in the second episode of regional fashion designer reality series called Mission Catwalk. The series is filmed in Kingston, Jamaica. According to an online report in the Bahamas weekly newspaper, Stirm and over a dozen other designers were challenged to create an outfit that reflected the style and culture of their individual countries. The competitors were given a grand total of twenty US dollars as their operating budget, and they had to apply their creativity within a short time frame. In an interview with the Bahamas Weekly, Stirm explained that given the budget she had to work with, she went straight to the curtain section of the retail store where she was able to get some light, airy fabric, to which she added embroidery, to, in her words, give the winning design some detail and intricacy. The Executive Producer of the Mission Catwalk series Keneea Linton-George described Stirm’s dress as, quote: “beautiful, dramatic, tasteful and stylish” unquote, noting that she could “feel the culture,” coming out of the Belizean fashion designer’s winning creation. Reports are that Stirm drew on the Hispanic and Mayan influences of Belize to come up with the winning design. The judges for the fashion design challenge included the Lifestyle Editor for the Jamaica Observer newspaper Novia McDonald Whyte; menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge, Trinidadian actress Nadia Khan.

Fishing expedition ends in tragedy; one dead
There are reports of a drowning near St. George’s Caye. The victim has been identified as forty one year old Herbert Moore. Police say that on Monday afternoon, Moore and his wife, and two friends were on a fishing expedition near St. George’s Caye when one of the fishing lines became entangled on something in the water. Police say their investigations reveal that Moore decided to go and untangle the line; but never made it back out alive. According to the wife of the victim, about three minutes after he entered the water, she says her husband underwater on the left side of the boat moving as if though he was diving. She said that she assumed that he had already resurfaced for air and was just swimming around as he usually does. When Herbert Moore did not resurface, his wife contacted the coast guard for assistance. Upon their arrival, personnel from the Belize National coast guard found Moore’s body around four-twenty yesterday afternoon. The body of Herbert Moore was transported to the KHMH, where it was pronounced dead on arrival at 5:23 yesterday evening.

Home invasion on Banak Street; two injured
Two people, including a fourteen year old boy were the victims of a shooting incident on Saturday afternoon in Belize City. Twenty year old Joseph O’brien and fourteen year old Dashey Williams received non-life-threatening injuries in the Saturday afternoon incident. Police reports say the two victims were socializing at a home on Banak Street when three armed men of dark complexion entered and inquired about the whereabouts of Tyrone Meighan. When the gunmen were told that Tyrone was not there, police say the men opened fire, injuring O’brien and Williams. O’brien was shot to the right leg, which Dashey Williams was wounded in the right leg and right ankle. Police say that they have recovered one nine millimeter live round, one fragmented slug, two complete slugs and 4 expended 9 millimeter shells from the scene. Investigations continue.

BNTU prepares for annual teachers convention
The Belize National Teacher’s Union will be hosting its forty-second annual convention at the D Victoria Hotel in Orange Walk Town on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. As is customary, the convention, which brings together teachers from all over the country, is held immediately following the Easter Holidays. Love News spoke with president of [...]

Several injured in shooting incidents in Belize City
The gun war did not let up in the old capital with at least two more shootings that did not result in death. In the first instance on Saturday afternoon fourteen year old Dashey Williams and twenty year old Joseph O’brien were shot while at a house on Banak Street. The Public Relations Officer for [...]

Belizean cyclist takes the garland on Holy Saturday
There is enough murder, mayhem and sadness in tonight’s newscast to depress an entire nation. We’ll wade through the weekend violence and death in a while; but first up, the collective spirit of the entire nation was soaring high on Holy Saturday. Belizean cyclist Giovanni Choto ended the six year drought for local riders when [...]

Baby boy killed in Corozal accident
There was another fatal traffic accident, this time in the Corozal district. It claimed the life of a one year old baby boy, identified as Dryden Chan. The incident happened in Sarteneja village, Corozal on Saturday afternoon. According to police reports, Chan ran out onto the Front Street in the village and into the path [...]


Giovanni Choto returns the garland to Belize in Cross Country Race
Belizeans stood tall and proud as they witnessed the long awaited resurgence of Belizean prowess in the nation’s mo...

Man struggles with gunmen in fatal shooting
The Easter holiday was not without its share of crime. There were two murders and a number of shootings reported. W...

Hail of bullets rocket through Banak Street, three persons injured
A hail of bullets rocket through a residence on Banak street. On Holy Saturday, 7th April, around 1:15 pm police vi...

Belizean couturier wins challenge in second episode of Mission Catwalk
Belizean designer 19 year old Rebecca Stirm, has been working the runway with her couture fashion. She snatched up ...

Crime Stoppers Belize steps up publicity in a beneficial course
Whilst there is much heartache about the crime situation in Belize City...let’s shift gears to positive event (whic...

Shooting leaves one man dead and woman wounded
The killing continued in Belize City through to Monday the 9th of April. CIB personnel visited Mahogany Street, at ...

BWSL office in Belmopan robbed
We have just been informed of a robbery that took place this evening in Belmopan at the Garden City Plaza. Accordin...

PUP granted application for petition in Cayo North East elections
Another PUP petition goes through. So far there have been at least five attempts to bring an application for leave ...

Hattieville fisherman found dead on the Western Highway
A belizean fisherman of Hattieville is found dead in a ditch on the highway. Police visited miles 15 ½ on the Weste...

Belize City resident in critical condition following after being shot in the back
At 6:20 a.m. this morning Tuesday April 10 police received report of a shooting in the vicinity of McKay Boulevard ...

The Reporter

Two tourists drown at Hol Chan
Two tourists drowned during a snorkelling tour to the world-renowned Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley, after sea currents separated them from their tour group. According to police, Tsunami Tour, owned by a Canadian national, took out seven tourists from Caye Caulker on Tuesday, April 3, but the waves proved too much for four of them and swept them away about 10 minutes before noon. Two corpses and the survivors were later found. The body of one woman was the first to be recovered around 1:45 p.m., and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve boat brought in the second body at 2:45 p.m. Both were taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic II. Authorities have withheld the names of the deceased.

Craig challenges Longsworth in court
The United Democratic Party’s Albert Division Area Representative, Hon. Herman Longsworth, will face an election petition, which will determine if he was indeed qualified for a seat in the House of Representatives. Supreme Court Justice, Michelle Arana granted leave to the People’s United Party’s candidateDavid Craig to file an election petition on Monday, April 2. She said that the question of whether or not Longsworth has a contract that he did not disclose before the election is an important legal question, one which should be ventilated before the court.

Toledo Maya golden baskets
Ten Maya women have received awards for their basket weaving skills at the Building People Movement’s fourth annual Jipi Japa Basket Competition Award Ceremony, held on Saturday, March 31, at the House of Weavers in Punta Gorda Town. Building People Movement (BPM)’s Founder, Ms. Dorla Bowan, told The Reporter that Cyrila Sho, whose basket was the judge’s favourite, received the $200 first prize. The $150 second prize went to Ms. Christina Cho. Ms. Juliana Cho received the $150 third prize. All three winners received plaques as well. “Ms. Margarita Choc, Valeria Sho, Elodia Cal each won fourth, fifth and six prize respectively,” Bowan said.

Fisherman stung $10,000 in land scam
Police are investigating a land swindle in which 33-year-old Belize City fisherman Jeffery Murillo reports that he has been unable to make contact with a woman whom he knows only as Leticia Jones. He paid $10,000 to this woman for a piece of land, for which he is yet to receive a lease transfer as Jones had promised . Murillo learned the land was for sale from his brother Giovanni Murillo. He had accompanied Jones and her sister to the office of the Lands Department in San Ignacio, where they met a Mr. Bautista, supposedly an employee of the Department at 10:00 o’clock Tuesday morning, March 13.

Thurton, 19, gets 15 years for attempted murder
Akeem Thurton, 19, the first person to be tried without a jury since the new law came into effect in this session of the Supreme Court, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday, March 30. Thurton appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who found him guilty on March 15 for the attempted murder of attorney Rodwell Williams, Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow’s law partner. Thurton was severely handicapped in his defense as he was unrepresented throughout the entire trial, and when he was invited to address the court on Friday, he said: “My Lord, I don’t agree with this. You chanced me.”

Succotz Festival Drum Corps wins 7th love FM Bandfest
The Succotz Festival Drum Corps successfully defended their title and returned as champions of the seventh edition of the annual Love FM Bandfest at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town last Saturday, March 31. With 14 wind musicians, 22 more with drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments and 17 majorettes under the direction of acting president of the band, Mr. Roberto Chan, the Succotz band won points for their energetic performance in the street parade. Inside the stadium, their musical reportoire, their majorettes dancing and musicians manoeuvring in formation scored top marks to win the $6,000 first prize in the wind instrument category. They had won for three consecutive years when they first entered Bandfest in 2007, 2008 and 2009, which allowed them to keep the winner’s sceptre. They won a new sceptre this year. They also won a $1,000 prize and trophy for Best Costume, which was judged at the assembly point before the street parade commenced.

Seven diplomatic postings announced
Cabinet approved seven diplomatic postings on Tuesday, April 3.

Court of Appeal upholds largest malpractice award of $2.1 million
Doctor Raju Meenavalli and the Government of Belize have to pay a $2.1 million award in a medical malpractice suite, after the Belize Court of Appeal dismissed their appeal on Monday, April 2. Janae Matute’s mother, Georgia Matute, sued Doctor Raju Meenavalli and the Government of Belize for medical malpractice in 2010, after a premature cesarean delivery caused Janae to be born with cerebral palsy. In that Supreme Court civil case, Justice Awich found that Dr. Meenavalli acted negligently when he miscalculated Matute’s due date.

Chief Justice dismisses Schakron’s case. King’s Lake I throne is safe.... for now
Yolanda Schakron’s second attempt to qualify as a candidate for the Lake Independence Constituency was again derailed in the Supreme Court, as Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin refused to grant her leave to file an election petition on Friday, March 30. Schakron, represented by attorney Lisa Shoman, challenged the March 7th General Elections’ result. She argued that the court should nullify the election of the UDP Lake Independence Area Representative Mark King and call a bi-election, because Shackron was illegally barred from the nomination.

Belize City Council lays off 25 workers
With collection of taxes slow in coming, the newly elected Belize City Council has had to take the tough decision to lay off 25 redundant workers four weeks after taking office. The process started last Friday, March 30, when the first set of employees received termination letters. It continued this week when several others suffered the same fate. Mayor Darrell Bradley explained that in the past the Council had to request advance tax payments from the business community to meet payroll demands. He said the results of an institutional audit that was done after they took office revealed that the Council’s oversized staff was largely responsible for the Council’s fiscal difficulties.

Over the years the panorama of human rights has grown to such proportions that if a critical mass of human beings want to do something weird, that desire can be elevated to become a right. We all know that is it unlawful to take human life. But because there is a critical mass of women who want abortion, abortion becomes a human right and it become O.K. to kill an infant in the womb. Because there is a critical mass of men who want to copulate with other men, gay rights become human rights. Because there is a critical mass of women who want to have a sexual relationship with other women, lesbianism becomes a human right. The march of rights is inexorable! Politicians cave in because they cannot bear the thought of losing the popular vote. None of these weird things is a human right.They are human options, human desires, base longings of the human heart, but they are not human rights.


Monday Night...Blues at Average Joe's (AJ's) Bar
Last night we stopped by AJ's Bar for a few beers and to check out All Cayed Up, a local blues band. Who doesn't like live music? The band has five members including Tull, Keith Newton and Barefoot Skinny. They are all very talented musicians on their own...together they are amazing. If you like the blues, you will love these guys. AJ's is very Canada friendly and has a hook-up to all NHL channels. You can also check out the world's tallest bar stools...these things can get quite dangerous after a few drinks. Average Joe's is about half a mile south of town (next to the gas station) and is open every day but Tuesday.

International Sources

Getting a Belize online gaming license: DHS Holding Company Announces Online Gaming
DHS Holding Company (pinksheets:DHSM) CEO Mike Rohling announces that DHS Holding Company is submitting documentation to secure an online gaming license in Belize. In his letter to DHS Holding Company, dated March 2, 2012, Honorable Erwin Contreras, Minister of Economic Development, Belize, stated, "It is my feeling that Belize will look very favorably toward an approval of this license, subject to a final review of your business plan and supporting documentation."

How to Retire Overseas in Stages
The Kuffners gradually moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Ambergris Caye, Belize. They made a part-time move in small steps. First, Mike, a self-employed architect, began spending time on Ambergris Caye, a month or so at a stretch, getting comfortable with the idea of island living. Over time, Mike reduced his client-load and began extending his stays on Ambergris. Ann kept her vice president position back in California and would join him as often as possible. Eventually, Mike identified a piece of land he was interested in buying, and the couple began construction on what they originally intended as a vacation house. Mike began living on the island for three months and longer at a stretch, and Ann flew back and forth regularly. And what had begun as a lark developed into a new life. After more than three years of part-time retirement in Belize, the couple decided to start a second career there. Ambergris is home to a growing community of expats who are lacking many of the products and services they miss from home, and they are typically more than happy to pay for them. Ann and Mike noticed all kinds of market voids. And, the longer they were there, the more ideas they had for ways to address these market gaps. “We had fun kicking around ideas for businesses we might both enjoy,” says Ann. “And the better we got to know the island, the more niches we saw that needed filling.”

OECS union, CSME get multi-million dollar boost from EU
The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday signed three financial agreements with the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) aimed at boosting the region’s ability to deliver tangible results in its CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and economic union within the eastern Caribbean. With a total value of Euro $82.6 million (US$110 million), the financing agreements provide EC support for, among other things, the economic integration and trade of the nine-member Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS); the further development of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, with special allocations for Belize and Haiti; and CARIFORUM’s implementation commitments under the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

More Fruits Worth a Voyage Around the World
Cashew wine, Belize. I first described this specialty product of Belize two weeks ago. Cashew wine is not currently imported into or sold in the United States (or if it is, I haven’t heard about it) and short of having a friend pack a few bottles home on their next trek to Central America there may be no way other way than visiting Belize to have a taste (well, you can order it online, but that’s no fun). But it so happens that I was lucky enough to sample a bottle kindly sent to me last week by Travellers Liquors, the Belize-based maker of Mr. P’s Genuine Cashew Wine. Made from the fleshy cashew apple, Mr. P’s is tawny colored, like whiskey, on the sweet side and very aromatic. It smells and tastes like a lively stew of sour pineapple, molasses and maple syrup, with a strange and elusive hint of WD40—an exciting change of pace from the fermented juice of the grape. And here’s a morsel of jungle lore: Belizeans told me in 2002, as I traveled there for a month, that cashew wine will make a person drunk twice—once while drinking it, and again the next day if you should fall asleep in the sun.

Beyond The Buzz: An Interview with Friends
ohn Freeman talks to Samantha Urbani about how everything from Adam Ant to Belize has inspired Friends' sonic brew.In the flesh, Urbani is a complex and engaging character. Home-schooled by ultra-liberal parents from a young age, she spent time as a child in Belize before making a variety of art from her Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bushwick. With no formal musical training, she began to write songs that pilfered from punk, funk, West African djembe beats and salsa. Last year's singles 'I'm His Girl' and 'Friend Crush' were ready-made pop classics and tonight's set is a speedball hotchpotch showcasing songs from their forthcoming debut album; 'Ruins' sounds like Adam Ant's ("He is a genius, I want to tour with him; get that on the record," Urbani tells me) 'Prince Charming' after an overdose of Sunny Delight, while the Swedish-titled 'Va Fan Gor Du' is a jagged slice of proto-funk. Both songs are typical of Friends' refreshingly varied creativity.

Sovereign Sportsman series wins Emmy
Sovereign Media Group, LLC, (SMG) originator and producer of the nationally televised hit sportsman’s television series “The Sovereign Sportsman”, took center stage at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences annual Emmy Awards gala on Saturday, March 17. SMG won the covetted Emmy® Award for Entertainment Excellence in Television for an episode of their show shot this past year in Belize, Central America. Show Co-host & Executive Producer Eric Richey (Smyrna, TN) and show Producer Joel Evans (originally from Belize) were on-hand to accept this prestigious award, an honor seldom won by outdoor sportsman’s programs.

Piper Adds Dealer In Central America
Piper Aircraft Inc. has named Duran Aviation, Inc. as distributor for its new airplane sales in Central America. Duran Aviation is a part of Company Consultenos, S.A., which is a family owned company that is involved in several areas, including automotive, golfing, and real estate. With hangar facilities at International Airport Marcos A. Gelabert (MPMG), serving Panama's capital in Panama City, Duran Aviation will be responsible for marketing and selling the Piper Aircraft product line throughout Central America in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize

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