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July 20, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: San Pedro Sailing Club thanks The San Pedro Sun
The San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) would like to thank you for your kind generosity in donating a $300 advertising package for our silent auction that was held at Caribbean Villas Hotel last month. As you may be aware the SPSC together with other sailing groups and water sport enthusiasts are constantly working to promote and develop sailing and interest in all water sports to the children of our island. We believe that San Pedro has a unique location on Caribbean Sea which should be enjoyed by all. Our club encourages recreational activities on the sea and provides specialized training for both recreational and racing sailors. In the future we foresee that many of the children that we have taught to sail will expand their passion for the sea into careers on the water- they will be tour guides, SCUBA divers, fishermen and conservationists who will be the backbone of our tourism industry. It is with the support, assistance, donations and sponsorship of the local business community that our club is able to provide free sailing instruction to the youth of San Pedro Town.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Mime
“What?! You once worked as a mime?” I asked Brian. “I hate mimes.” I was sitting at a table on the deck at Fido’s drinking an early morning coffee and reading. Brian, Fido’s manager had joined me and we were chatting. “Don’t knock it,” he said. “I made a lot of money and it even got me a job at the zoo.” “How did that happen?” “I was at the zoo one day and decided to make some money by doing my street act. I did all of that stuff like pretending to climb a rope and being trapped in a box. When the zoo keeper saw I was drawing a crowd he offered me a job instead of chasing me off.” “What kind of job?” “He was worried because their gorilla had just died. He was afraid attendance would drop so he wanted me to wear a gorilla suit and work in the cage.” “He must a have paid you a lot of money.”

Police Report
On Wednesday, July 8th at around 10:30PM, Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) personnel conducted a house search at the residence of 38-year-old Ian Gordon and 37-year-old Lucy Vasquez in the DFC Area, which led to the discovery of two black plastic bags, one containing 82.8 grams of suspected cannabis and the other 9.2 grams of suspected cannabis. Subjects were formally arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking and Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Doctor Love: Substitute
Dear Doctor Love, I am in my mid twenties. My girl and I have been together for three years and everything has been going alright for us. We have discussed getting married but we know I need a better job to support us. My family had a quinceaños party for my sister two months ago and it was a big gathering. One of the guests was one of my father’s friends. He is in his early forties, is very successful and has a lot of money. He looked my girlfriend up online and started having conversations with her. Soon, he asked her out to dinner as just friends and she went with him twice before I found out. I was very upset because I felt that by not telling me it was the same as lying about it. I felt this way even more so when she did it a third time and she lied about it. She said she didn’t want to tell me because she thought I would be upset. Is it wrong of me to feel so angry about this? She said she only goes because I can’t take her out to nice places like he can and she is just using him as a substitute. Besides, according to her they are still just friends, nothing more. I hate drama. How can I handle this to avoid drama?

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Mr. Marvin Mendez passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Mendez family & friends on the passing of Mr. Marvin Mendez. May his soul rest in peace. El Alcalde Daniel Guerrero, el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro y el Staff extiende sus mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y amigos del Sr. Marvin Mendez. Que en paz descanse.

Prakash Project Open-Air Beach Concert Sunday July 26, at 7:00pm
Join us at Wild Orchid Belize for a very special treat! We will be hosting two incredible musicians for a very unique concert under the stars. We'll be having a small bonfire and sharing an intimate evening with these incredible artists travelling from Tulum with Jaen Dev Hari Kaur as part of our Kundalini Yoga, Environmental Consciousness workshop. Leonardo Nieto Joly on Sitar Fernando Diaz on Guitar This concert is open to everyone and will provide each one of us an incredible opportunity to enjoy beautiful, original music in a magical natural setting. Suggested Love donation: $30 BZ Pre (July 26th) $40 BZ on the night.

La Isla Carinosa Academy quickly taking shape on Caye Caulker
Week 7 Update-1st Floor going up to 2nd Floor & Std. 1 & 6 Classroom

How a Nation Rediscovered Sailing
The first ever international sailing participation by the Central American country of Belize is the latest step in a five-year Optimist programme. It is great progress for a tiny country with historic connections to the ocean. “Belize once had a strong commercial sailing tradition, when lighters full of sand or fish, (or probably contraband) were sailed up and down the coast in the usually steady winds and shallow waters inside the barrier reef,” reported John Oliver to Scuttlebutt in March 2006. “Now with outboard motors replacing sails for those who must make a living at sea, and finances and time for recreational sailing severely limited, and in spite of strenuous efforts by regatta committees and sea scout instructors, this tradition is rapidly failing.” Oliver, eager to have an impact, provided this update in June 2009 to Scuttlebutt: “The former sailing traditions are losing support among the aging, now less active, sailors, and I as sailing teacher for a group of sea scouts, have been asked to find out if a junior programme for the schools would be feasible.”

Food Frenzy Monday Madness at Wayos July 20th!
Join us Monday July 20th at 5pm at Wayo's to help stock the San Pedro Food Bank and SAGA! 2 legs or 4 legs, all donations welcome! Bring non perishables, canned goods, dog, cat and most importantly kitty food! (Tons of kittens at SAGA right now!) There will be live music, 2 for 1 rums and amazing raffle prizes!!!

PM to Special Olympics
The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow will be out of the country starting today, Sunday, 19th July, 2015. The Prime Minister will be attending the Opening Ceremony of the Special World Gamesbeing held in Los Angeles, California. He will be accompanied at this event by his wife, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children. Previous to the event, the Prime Minister will be on a few days personal leave. The Prime Minister returns to Belize on 29th July, 2015. During his absence, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister of Belize.

Benque Fiesta 2015
This was the Benque Fiesta weekend, and the Belize Tourism Board was there to get some pictures of the festivities. "Benque Viejo is a cultural destination for Belize’s Mestizo community; this is where you can enjoy the history of the Benque Fiesta, a tradition commemorating the Town’s Patrones 'Our Lady of Mount Carmel!' You’ll discover that this Catholic tradition started as far-back as the 1900s; it is held in the month of July annually!"

Belize a Choice Business Location
Belize makes the short list for foreign investment. "St. Lucia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti have been identified as countries outside the United States that companies will move to in five to 10 years. That’s according to readers of Site Selection Magazine, an influential publication that highlights corporate real estate strategy and area economic development."

The 5th edition of BAFFU Magazine is out.

Culture in You and Me
A Cultural fair, entitled Culture in You and Me, will be held next Sunday in Succotz, starting at 9:00am. The University of Texas at San Antonio is spearheading the event, and there will be fun and games, and learning, for everyone. There will be a tour of Xunantunich too. "Cultural Fair in San Jose Succotz! Come out and participate! "

Benque Archaeological Site Video
They've been excavating the new Mayan site in Benque, and it's looking nice. They have some good pictures. "The Benque Archeological site is well on its way, thanks Mr. Subrata Basu for believing in Benque Viejo and giving us something to be so proud of,despite the end of your volunteer service you remain with us, we are grateful for your perseverance attitude along with support of the USA Embassy Cultural Funds in making this project a reality for our Benque Viejo,and to all who are a part of the present execution along with NICH and its Team!

The Reporter

Body found in Hattieville
Hattieville Police have recovered a body in Hattieville Village, anf are investigating what may be another murder. The identity of the person and other details are bot yet known.

PM leaves for Special Olympics
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has left the country to attend the opening ceremony of the Special Olympic World Games being held in Los Angeles, California with wife, Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow. The opening ceremony is scheduled for July 25th at the LA Memorial Coliseum and the Prime Minister has taken the five days leading up to the event as personal leave days. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega acts as Prime Minister until his return on July 29th. The Special Olympic World Games takes place every two years, alternating between Summer and Winter Games. The event is the flagship event of the Special Olympics Movement, which promotes equality, acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities around the world.

NGOs and communities in Toledo concerned about offshore oil exploration
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage and the Toldeo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) organized a media tour to highlight the threats of offshore oil exploration and shed some light on conservation efforts in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. According to Geovanni Brackett, Belize Coalition vice chair said the group continues to advocate and educate on the impacts and risks of offshore oil exploration and drilling by partnering with local communities. Brackett said the Port Honduras Marine Reserve is one of the areas where at risk because of offshore oil exploration and added that many local residents depend on the reserve’s survival for their livelihoods. “There are those in the government who want to push the idea that with a proper oil spill plan that we can entertain offshore oil exploration, however, we believe that when you compare the risks to the benefits, for us it’s still a no,” Brackett said. Celia Mahung, TIDE executive director said there are oil concessions that include the Port Honduras marine reserve as well a few other protected areas within the Toledo district, by US Capital Energy and Providence Energy. Mahung said formulating a solid oil spill contingency plan is absolutely necessary before even entertaining offshore oil exploration.

Jealous man stabs common-law wife to death
A four year-old boy is suddenly left without a father and a mother after a domestic fight last Friday afternoon at their Benque Viejo Town home resulted in the father stabbing the mother to death in plain of everyone around. The father, Ervin Wade, 28, an unemployed, reportedly got into a jealous fit over his common-law-wife, Keisha Buller, a 25 year-old customs officer who rented a house on George street and who was stationed at the Benque border. During the confrontation between the two, Wade picked up a knife and stabbed Buller in her neck, stomach and shoulder. They fought from inside her house to the street, where she collapsed and died near her vehicle. Wade immediately put their son in his car and headed towards Belize City, but police who were unto him, intercepted his vehicle in Central Farm near Galen University. According to Officer Commanding the Benque Viejo police station, Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Wade’s hands and the interior of his car had blood. Police also found what they suspect was the knife used in the crime.

BYM gets bold!
The Belize Youth Movement, the youth arm of the People’s United Party, symbolically called for the implementation of the National Youth Development Policy by hanging a banner on the overpass at the start of the Phillip Goldson highway. The BYM, said that the banner, which read “How many more must R.I.P; 78 and counting”, was to establish the link between the violent crimes both perpetrated and affecting Belize’s youth, and GOB’s neglect in materializing the policy. BYM President, Alberto Vellos, said on Thursday, that his organization believes that GOB’s approach to mitigating the occurrence of violent crime in belize needs to be youth centered. “Responding by sending more police is one of the solutions, but it is not the most effective,” Vellos said, “something needs to be done about the high level of joblessness, especially with the thousands of graduates that just came out of school.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

T&T, Belize orchestras perform
This weekend saw the visit of the Trinidad and Tobago Philharmonic Youth Orchestra to Belize for a double concert with the National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize. The twin-island republic’s performers total 90, and NYOB chief conductor Chris Bradshaw says seeing such a mighty group in action provided […]

Are Belizeans poor by choice or by force?
“Belize’s water wells are running dry while Guatemala’s water fountains are overflowing! If GOB just build a proper water line then we will not need water wells or to even fetch from the over flowing fountains”. With the state of our economy here in Belize, it saddens me […]

Standard bearer denies involvement in St. Vincent block water crisis
Former area representative, Minister, and current UDP standard bearer for Toledo East Peter ‘Eden” Martinez has denied having anything to do with the cutting off of the single source of water for the residents of the St. Vincent Block outside Punta Gorda Town – the community stand pipe […]

Missing person’s burned body recovered
Ladyville police believe the charred remains of a body found Saturday morning near the Bermudian Landing Bridge are those of 28 year old Kelvin Usher. Usher was reported missing by his girlfriend, 18 year old Daisy Williams, who told police that the 28 year old mechanic left their home on […]

IMF completes mission to Belize
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended more structural reform and attention to procedure to start business and settle contract disputes as part of Belize’s continued economic development after concluding an Article IV consultation to Belize on July 17, according to Caribbean News Now. Team leader Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe concluded, “a […]

PM to Special Olympics in L.A.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow leaves Belize today, Sunday, for Los Angeles, California, where later this week he and wife Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis-Barrow will be guests at the opening ceremony of the World Special Olympics Games. Prior to that the Prime Minister will be on a […]


Life in Belize still surprises me some days
After living in Belize all these years, I still get surprised sometimes when someone’s service goes above and beyond what I would expect at a particular place. Today I was looking for a dress and when I found one I liked, the woman said I should try it on. I was pretty sure it would be too big as I am medium and the dress was a large but since I loved the color and fabric, I decided to give it a go. I was right and the dress was too big, however right away the sales girl said that the seamstress could alter it for me and they immediately pinned and started tailoring my dress. When I asked how much the sales girl said “nothing, she often fixes clothing customers are buying for free.” I will let you know how it turned out and If I like how the dress ends up. I will also find out if she does paid alterations as well for stuff people already own but need fixing.

The Perfect Summer Snack: Paletas In San Pedro (Or: WOOHOO!!!!)
Ever since I first tasted paletas in Merida, Mexico about 8 years ago… I’ve been hooked on these things. Or at least ready to buy as many as possible when I get to Mexico. Fresh fruit bars. Either en agua (in water or just fruit juice) or en leche…with some milk or yogurt added. They are a refreshing delicious low cost dessert sold from carts and shops all over Latin America. THEY SCREAM SUMMER. And just this week, I got a tip…A TIP…on paletas being sold in San Pedro. It’s fruit season…they seem so easy to make…and there are some AMAZING recipes – entire “cook” books for paletas…Key Lime Pie paletas…but I couldn’t find them here on the island. A simple fresh watermelon or pineapple or coconut on a hot day is a thing of beauty. No one (that I know of) was making them until now! San Pedrano Store. Also the home of the 50 cent (BZD!) delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies…the jar is right there on the counter! It’s your spot. On the east side of Front Street just before the last turn. Behind it on the beach are Cholo’s Sports Bar and Lily’s Restaurant.

Theories For Decline In Central Maya Lowlands
How could a civilisation like the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Africans and the Maya just seemingly disappear. For sure, the people didn’t, they certainly evolved and mixed with other groups, but the great astronomy, the mathematics, the trade, the kings…it blows minds! For the purpose of this essay the Maya decline will be discussed. There are two broad-based theories tied to the ancient Maya decline. Those are based on internal factors and the other, based on external factors. The External Factors: Some scholars originally suggested that there was foreign invasion from the West, the Putun area – on the Western neck of the Yucatan (on the map below, the area closest to the sea in Campeche). The Putun Maya you see were great sea traders and raiders. As per the usual everywhere in the world, the traders were bilingual and so were the Putun. Some scholars suggested that the Putun invaded the Central Maya Lowlands. Their fine orange pottery was found in every part of the central lowlands, seemingly adding to idea that these Western people would have invaded. However, scholars later recognised that the pottery was based on trade, not take-over.

3 Caye Caulker Accommodation Options for Budget Travellers
Belize’s Caye Caulker is teeming from end to end with hotels and hostels, so there is surely something to suit anyone’s tastes. Many tourists would want to travel cheaply, so they tend to stay in hostels and hotels caye caulker belize. If you come to Caye Caulker lodging at the last minute, there is a chance that you will end up jumping accommodation every few days because almost everything will be booked. You really need a good Caye Caulker tour. But if you are like some people, this should not be a problem because it gives yous you a chance to see different options in a single area. Below are some of the best Caye Caulker accommodation options. Bella’s Hostel, Sandy Lane,& Morgan’s Inn.

A Shrimp Ceviche RECIPE
Rinse your shrimp under cool water. . In Belize we rarely eat raw meats of any kind. Ceviche is an exception. You may cook your shrimp, if you do we recommend a flash boiling technique. Boil some water, and dump in the shrimp for 3-5 minutes, the second they turn pink pour out the water in strainer. After the shrimp is cooked chop it up into small pieces. Once the shrimp is prepared you will essentially make a salsa with the other ingredients. Chop the tomatoes and onions into nice quarter inch chunks. Add pepper, lime juice and salt to taste. Chop up cilantro very fine. Add the shrimp!

International Sourcesizz

Medford youth completes service in Belize
Medford resident Avery Leon, a junior at Boston College High School, with 11 classmates and two BC High faculty members, Michael Clancy and Dr. John Sullivan, spent their April vacation building a house for Ms. Dawn in Belize, Central America. Leon and the BC High volunteers went to Belize to assist an organization called “Hand in Hand Ministries,” build a home for a family in need, reflect on their place in the world and pray together. Hand in Hand provides simple yet stable housing for people in Appalachia and Central America. When they arrived the group received a visit from former mayor of Belize City, Frank Lizama O.B.E., a woodworking artist, from whom students purchased Christian themed wood art such as nativities and crosses.

ECLAC proposes debt relief for Caribbean countries
The United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has proposed debt relief for Caribbean countries on the part of multilateral credit institutions and the creation of a regional resilience fund. ECLAC said on Monday that “this burden hinders the sub-region’s economic and social progress, as well as compliance with the (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” which will be approved in September at UN headquarters in New York. ECLAC said the proposal was expected to be presented by its Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, during the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, which began in Ethiopia on Tuesday and ends on Friday.

The Privy Council: A key to justice
As one who has been in and out or our high courts, magistrate’s courts, police cells, and been subject to over ten arrests and innumerable charges, I am convinced that government is the key to injustice; and the Privy Council is one of the keys to it. The following are seven reasons why. Party politics came to Trinidad and Tobago in the immediate aftermath of post-World War Two. The ironies and absurdities of electoral party politics are well chronicled in VS Naipaul’s novel, The Suffrage of Elvira. Dr Eric Williams made it known that the party was the thing. It was the ultimate moral or Manichean vehicle to propel us into a post-Independence future. Williams was in turn satirised in Sparrow’s calypso for his dictatorship over the party: “PNM is mine, lock, stock and barrel” (Get to Hell Outa Here). Party dictatorship came into being; a benign variant of the conception of party supremacy practiced in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Franco’s Spain and Peron’s Argentina, for example. The Party was the ultimate vehicle for mobilization, rule, execution and stormtrooping – or jibing – of opponents. Partisan ideology binds us lock stock and barrel. An ideology is a shared mania; it is radioactive. It permeates society through and through; our institutions, cultures and economic and political systems. It is an equal opportunity virus; transmuting governments, states, eras.


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  • Belizean Entertainment/ Artist / DJs, 9min. Belizean Entertainment/ Artist/ DJ's ....The #1 Selling Artist in the history of Belize Berne Velasquez takes a stroll on Madero in Mexico City.

  • Belize ATV Tour, 17min. GoPro video of Ashley and I riding ATVs through the Belizean jungle.

  • Belize International Youth summit 2015, 18min.

  • Young Belizean Sailor capsizes during sailing race in Antigua, 4min. 14 year old Belizean female capsized during her first international sailing competition in Antigua. See her struggle as she has to replace her dagger board

  • El Salvador to Belize Avianca (Taca) Embraer 190, 20min. N989TA Embraer 190 despegando de Toncontin,Tegucigalpa,Honduras 26/01/14. 18/04/2014. Desde el mirador de la Iglesia Amor Viviente. Avianca Taca ... Surely an approach I'll never forget. TA415 Belize - El Salvador Flight time: 45 minutes Embraer 190.

  • Tour of Ambergris Caye Belize and San Pedro Town, 11min. Tour Ambergris Caye Belize from the air and drive through San Pedro Town with "The Paradise Guy"

  • Belize 2013 (Medium size video - 49 MB), 4.5min. 2013 Belize Mission Society & St. John Lutheran Church Mission Trip to the villiage of Seine Bight in Belize.

  • The Great Blue Hole of Belize Underwater Video Unedited, 46min.

    July 19, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Stress management training held for island officers
    25 San Pedro Police officers received training on stress management through the Employee Assistance Program of the Ministry of Public Service. Held at Fido’s Courtyard on Wednesday, July 15th, the training was led by Dawn Marin Williams, an intern student from the University of the West Indies (UWI) from Jamaica. The officers were educated on how to manage and cope with stress on a daily basis in order to carry on with their jobs in an effective manner. Present at the seminar were Superintendent Sandra Bowden, Corporal and President of the Police Association Eldon Arzu, and coordinator of the Employee Assistance Program. According to Bowden, the training will prepare the officers to be more disciplined when dealing with their personal lives and their job. “The training came about as part of an entire series that we are doing in regards to the Police Department. The training provides our police officers with information and empowers them when dealing with the different types of stress they face in their everyday lives. They also learn how to deal with their problems in a manner that is professional,” said Bowden. It is expected that after the training, the officers will be able to identify any stress factors and find ways on how to manage them.

    NEMO recruiting members for National Search and Rescue Team
    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is recruiting members of the community to join the Nation Search and Rescue Team. With the Hurricane Season upon us, it is vital to develop and properly train a team in case of national emergencies or disaster situations. The team will work hand in hand with other relevant agencies to respond to such situations across Belize and provide valuable assistance in times of need. Everyone is welcomed to apply. All persons will be trained in first aid, emergency response, search and rescue and evacuation techniques. “Search and rescue is very important to save lives. We are looking for trained and untrained persons. Join the NEMO National Search and Rescue team and make a difference in saving lives,” said District Emergency Coordinator at NEMO, Jeromey Timrose Augustin Cayetano. Those interested in being part of the National Search and Rescue Team can pick up an application form at your nearest NEMO Office. Forms are to be completed and submitted before Tuesday, July 21st. The NEMO Office in San Pedro is located on Barrier Reef Drive. For more information contact 600-8672 or email [email protected]

    Saga Humane Society reports recent activities
    On June 30th, the Saga Humane Society, a non-profit and non-governmental organization, selected a new set of board directors. This was a monumental way of finishing the month of June, after a busy month of tireless activities. In their most recent update, Saga detailed how the recent activities have uplifted the performance of the organization, which provides Ambergris Caye with medical care and shelter to its animals. During a general meeting held in June, a new board of directors was appointed. Kevin Smith is the Chairman and COO, Charles Maher is Vice Chairman and CFO, Dr. Donald Tummons is the Director of International Veterinary of Medicine, while Kathy Marin is the Director of Animal Well Being. Gail Neal is the Treasurer and Dawn LoCascio is the Director of Governance/Secretary. Sandie Betz-Eisenberg was named the Director of Humane Education and Ari Trejo is Director of Governmental Affairs and Grant Acquisition. The new board presented the 2014 Annual Report, summarized accomplishments and presented the 2014 financial report as well. The new team began discussing topics like board structure, accountability, increasing volunteer teams through Executive Member Teams and financial transparency under the new leadership. Immediately afterwards, the Chairman delivered the welcome message and pledge: “As your board for the next two years, we have pledged to one another and now to you that we will give you the protocol, procedures, and governance for a sustainable future. As volunteers, directors, and donors change hands, the frame work will remain in place, and the future of Saga will be secure. We will create the torch that will pass. We will build and provide transparency and accountability. We will publish financial documents quarterly, we will involve you in decisions that shape the future since you are our supporters thus, you will be involved,” stated the pledge.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Workshop Date: July 23rd, 2015 9am to 12pm . OBJECTIVES: To improve your knowledge of the market planning process. To give you a set of tools which will help you design, implement and track your marketing plan. To give you a better understanding of marketing communications and how to use it in supporting your marketing plan. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to write an actionable targeted marketing plan How to develop your expenses and sales budgets. How to develop your Marketing strategy and Marketing mix. COST: $30.00 LOCATION: BELTRAIDE OFFICE, Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan Includes a light snack and refreshment.

    Job Opportunity @ Santander!
    Join the Santander Team! Santander is seeking 100 Industrial Welders during the final construction phases of the sugar mill now through December 2015. Please call 671-3780 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

    Cayo Art Collection 2015
    The Cayo Art Collection exhibit opens next Friday, at 6:00pm, at the SISE House of Culture. See art from a wide range of Cayo artists.

    Bet you're wondering which films are going to win. Well we'll all find out on Sunday, July 19th at the Closing Awards Show and Banquet at the Belize Ocean Club in Maya Beach Placencia. Join us for dinner between 5:30 and 7 p.m. followed by our closing awards ceremony featuring some of the HOTTEST Belizean music artists: Get ready for live performances by TR SHINE, CANTINENTAL CAT, NELLO PLAYER and ERNESTINE CARBALLO. That's this Sunday, July 19th, starting at 7 pm and airing LIVE ON CHANNEL 5. Hosted by the ever dapper William Neal! And in case you're wondering what kind of dinner will be served: Well check out this special Belize Ocean Club menu: whole roasted pig with guava chipolte sauce, pibil whole fish baked in banana leaf, carnival vegetable paella, roasted vegetables with linguine marinara, sweet and sour BBQ chicken cuts, chorizo sausage with jack daniels pineapples bbq sauce, roasted potatos, sting bean casserole and baby carrots, 3 bean salad, greek saad, cesar salad, black forest passion cake, pina colada cake, pearl fruit kebabs with choclate fountain. VERY LIMITED TICKETS available! Contact the front desk to find out.

    The Reporter

    Punta Negra residents seek assistance for erosion problem
    Residents of Punta Negra, a small coastal community in the Toledo district, are seeking government’s assistance to address what they deem to be an urgent erosion problem affecting their community and threatening their livelihoods. Ray Jacobs, a Punta Negra village councilor, explained that the erosion of the shores along their village has been a consistent problem but has really intensified over the last five years. According to Jacobs, the erosion has impacted over 10 miles of coast line, reducing the beach by up to 60 feet in some areas. A quick tour of the village, which is accessible only by boat as their are no roads that lead in or out of the community, makes obvious just how much the erosion has impacted the area. Coconut trees with exposed roots lay dead in shallow sea waters, where beach sand once occupied, for miles. Other trees hang on, but just barely, soon to be consumed and reclaimed by the ocean. Jacobs said the Council is looking at its options but believes the best way to address the problem is by lining the coast with large boulders and rocks to form a sea-wall and break the waves. He said this method has been used in many parts of the country, including Punta Gorda (PG) just a few miles away. The only problem for the community is that, since there are no roads leading in, a barge would be necessary to transport the boulders but the Council doesn’t have the funding to undertake the task being just a small fishing community.

    Domestic conflict ends in death!
    A domestic conflict in Lords Bank has ended in death. Sketchy details are that the incident happened early this morning and that the victim was stabbes to death. We will have more information as it becomes available.

    Coast Guard who shot colleague kills boyfriend
    The female Coast Guard, who made headlines months ago for shooting a male colleague, stabbed her boyfriend to death on Saturday afternoon in Lord’s Bank village during a domestic dispute, which was witnessed by several persons. Ladyville OC Inspector Frederick Gordon confirmed that 24-year-old Coast Guard officer Lt. Keyren Tzib was detained by police for the incident. According to Gordon, at around 2:00 p.m. Tzib and her boyfriend Travis Blancaneaux were embroiled in a domestic dispute when things took a turn for the worst. The landlord and another person was at the property at the time the argument started and according to Gordon, the stabbing happened in the yard. Gordon said their investigations have so far revealed that Blancaneaux attacked Tzib with a stick and was hitting her while she made several pleas for him to stop. This is when Tzib drew for a knife, Gordon said, and stabbed him to the shoulder and the abdomen. Blancaneaux was dead by the time police arrived on the scene. Tzib was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) to be treated for her injuries and has refused to give a statement, Gordon said.

    KHMH on go-slow, workers agitate for raise
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) remains on a go-slow after workers announced that starting Friday certain services would be cut back indefinitely as workers demonstrate to receive the same kind of salary increase given to public officers over the last two years. Since the KHMH is a statutory body and the workers are not collectively unionized the workers do not qualify as part of the Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA) agreed upon by the Government, the Public Service Union (PSU), the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM) in 2013. The workers, however, believe they are entitled to the same kind of consideration being the operators of the nation’s only referral hospital. KHMH Board of Governors Chair Chandra Cansino reportedly made an appeal to Cabinet last week but government responded that the workers would need to form a union and a bargaining unit to negotiate a CBA. Since Friday the clinics have been closed and no elective surgeries are being performed except for urgent and emergency cases. Emergency care remains uninterrupted and the day to day running of the wards continue as well.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police hold Coast Guard officer for questioning over boyfriend’s stabbing death
    Lord’s Bank, Belize – Coast Guard officer Keyren Tzib, 27, is tonight in police custody in Ladyville as she is questioned over the death of common-law partner Thytis Blancaneaux, 30, who received a single stab wound to the chest. However, an eyewitness to the incident this afternoon has told BMG that […]

    Coast Guard Keyren Tzib detained pending investigation
    Keyren Tzib, a coast guard who is currently out on bail accused of attempted murder is now being held for questioning by Ladyville Police in connection with another murder. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

    Former PUP national campaign manager declines return to post
    Former national campaign manager for the People’s United Party (PUP), Eamon Courtenay, has nixed suggestions of a return to the post. Earlier this week Godfrey Smith exited the post by agreement with party leader Francis Fonseca while staying on as a personal advisor. Fonseca’s allies sought Courtenay, whose experience would […]

    Nestor Mendez takes up post as OAS Asst. Sec. Gen.
    Belizean diplomat Nestor Mendez is now the second-highest ranking man in the Organization of American States (OAS), accepting the post of Assistant to Secretary General Luis Almagro of Uruguay in special session in Washington on Friday after being elected four months ago. Mendez, until recently Belize’s Permanent Representative to the OAS and […]

    Minister of State accused of manipulating Petrocaribe-financed road construction
    First-term area representative for Corozal North and Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Hon. Hugo Patt, has been accused of manipulating the pavement of a quarter mile of road in the village of Patchakan that runs past the football field and water board office, but […]

    Weekend weather will be fair
    The National Meteorological service of Belize predicts mostly fair weather throughout the remainder of the weekend. Over the next 24 hours there will be plenty of sun; skies will be partly cloudy on Saturday night. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated. Winds are coming from the east at 10 to […]


    Sunrise Hermit Crab Crowd Spawning On North Ambergris Caye
    There has been some pictures and speculation over the last few years about a strange phenomenon on Ambergris Caye. Once a year (for a few days) hermit crabs emerge from jungle and…have a giant get-together. If you are looking for an official “Migration Month” on the caye – July is definitely it. Over the past week, we’ve seen the butterfly migration. Cloudless sulphur butterflies and a handful of orange and yellow ones heading south for…who knows what. Watch the beautiful video here. And now the crabs…last night was the first of their mating dance/social gathering and just a strip of beach at the south end of Rojo Beach Bar.

    Maya Concepts Part 2
    Many people have asked throughout time and everywhere in the Maya world about the role of women in ancient Maya societies. As in all societies, certainly, women were important. The played some vital roles which helped ancient Maya societies thrive. For example: They were rulers, as in the case of Lady 6 Sky of Naranjo. They were certainly important for political alliances, such as the one with Calakmul and Caracol through Lady Batz Ek. There have been some representation on art panels of women ball ams players in the Tabasco and Campeche, Mexico areas. They served in many cases as ritual conductors, especially fertility rituals There is no secret that Maya women were some of the best weavers in the world There is also no secret that Maya women were some of the best potters in the world

    A Caribbean Jerk Marinated Chicken RECIPE FOR YOU
    Ingredients Serves: 6 3 tablespoons McCormick® Perfect Pinch® Caribbean Jerk Seasoning 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon cider vinegar 2 1/2 pounds bone-in chicken parts Directions Mix Seasoning, oil, soy sauce and vinegar in small bowl. Place chicken in large resealable plastic bag or glass dish. Add marinade; turn to coat well. Refrigerate 30 minutes or longer for extra flavor. Remove chicken from marinade. Discard any remaining marinade. Grill over medium heat with lid closed 30 to 40 minutes or until chicken is cooked through, turning occasionally.

    International Sourcesizz

    Opportunites Abound for Laguna Blanca School Expedition to Belize, Guatemala
    Belize and Guatemala are small countries with big histories. The Maya monuments of Tikal in Guatemala are perhaps the most visible piece of the region’s past, but the famed stone relics are turning to dust at an alarming rate. While many visitors may be too overwhelmed by the grandeur of the views to see it, the temples, which were once protected by the canopy of jungle vegetation, are now exposed to the elements so that one can pluck at a wall and take out a chunk that becomes powder when clenched tightly in the fist. Laguna Blanca School teachers Arturo Flores and Blake Dorfman were able to meet with archaeologist Rudy Larios, who resides near the monuments, thanks to their guide for the week, Anabel Ford Ph.D., director of UC Santa Barbara’s MesoAmerican Research Center. Larios has seen facades crumble to nothing in a matter of decades, giving a real sense of urgency to the more conservationist “archaeology under the canopy” that Ford is practicing at the site of El Pilar across the border in Belize. In this sense, the educational opportunities grow even larger for the group of Laguna Blanca students who will have the opportunity to travel to the area next summer.

    Cuba, Invited to International Maya Culture Festival in Yucatan, Mex
    Cuba is the guest country to the International Festival of Maya Culture (FICMaya) 2015 to be held in various locations in the Mexican state of Yucatan from October 16 to 25, it was announced here this weekend. This fourth edition also has Quintana Roo, Yucatan adjoining, as guest state. The governor of the host state, Rolando Zapata, said the FICMaya is already an important global meeting for visitors from around the world learn more about the original culture of the Mayab. According to experts, the Mayab was the territory chosen for the development of the Maya civilization which at this moment includes part of Guatemala, western Honduras and Belize, and the states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche and Chiapas and Tabasco, in Mexico. Zapata emphasized that the meeting will also be an ideal space for dialogue, debate, exchange ideas and reflections over this ancient culture,which is still alive, contemporary and in force. There will be coloquiums, round tables and academic panels where various issues will be discussed among specialists from countries such as Mexico, Cuba, United States, Slovenia, Argentina, Australia, Russia and Holland.

    Caribbean real estate hot spot
    CARIBBEAN real estate is hot property again. That’s according to new information released by 7th Heaven Properties, which called itself “one of the world’s leading independent Caribbean property specialists, representing...real estate for sale from across the entire Caribbean and Central America”. The company is based in London. “Demand for Caribbean real estate has doubled during the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period last year,” the company said last week. “Analysis of enquiries received via the 7th Heaven Properties website and the company’s magazine The Caribbean Property Investor indicates that interest in residential and commercial real estate in the Caribbean has increased dramatically across all price brackets,” it added.


  • Mystic River Belize 2015, 3min.

  • Rad Summer Trip 2015, 3min. Amazing summer trip with the family. First to Chicago then a long train ride down to New Orleans. The next day we were off on Carnival Dream boat for a week, stopping at Island Roatan, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. We ventured out into the humid jungle to zip line in the rain, snorkel, visit ancient ruins, and many more exotic adventures. As if this wasn't enough, after the cruise we spent a few days exploring the historic New Orleans, eating our way through the city.

  • The Will for Belize, 4min. Drone footage of the up coming documentary I'm shooting over a year.

  • Sunrise in Dangriga, Belize, 11min.

  • Belize 2015, 7min.

  • Dolphin cruise Belize, 2min. Dolphin cruise with the Belize Portugal Albufeira 12-07-2015

    July 18, 2015


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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    The Talented “Philly-zean” Lara Goldman
    If I had two words to describe Lara Goldman they would be “creative genius!” Lara, the owner of 12 Belize and mastermind behind Romantic Travel Belize has really become quite the go-to-gal for those wanting a bit of something …well, Belizean! Lara, originally from Philadelphia, USA, has lived in Belize for over nine years. Her east coast attitude, with blends of our Belizean hospitality has resulted in services that aim to offer travellers and Belizeans alike, the best of what’s in our own backyard. Romantic Travel Belize is a Destination wedding company, specializing in everything from proposals to the moment you say “I do.” And honeymoons…how could we forget honeymoons? Yup she does that too! The thing is there are those who dream of nothing more than making that special moment happen in Belize, and for them, there is Lara! She is certainly capable bringing your vision to life, and has done so for so many. Whether it’s a beach wedding, a sandbar proposal, a Maya Ruin engagement or maybe a wedding shoot by the falls, it can be done!

    San Pedro athletes take top spots in CrossFit Chetumal Summer Challenge
    Josh Daniel Nuñez and Luisana Guerrero of CrossFit San Pedro have brought back major bragging rights after their excellent display of athleticism in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. A contingent of 10 athletes, accompanied by family and supporters, took part in the Summer Challenge hosted by CrossFit Chetumal. In total, eight boxes (gyms) participated in the invitation-only Summer Challenge, bringing athleticism and sportsmanship together under one roof. The two-day challenge tested the 48 of participating athletes to their limits, challenging their mindset and bodies. Participants hailed from Box Work, Box World, Garage CrossFit, Unity Fitness CrossFit, CrossFit Revolver, Ludos CrossFit, CrossFit Chetumal and CrossFit San Pedro. In the end, however, there can only be one at the top of the podium, and for San Pedro CrossFit’s Josh Daniel Nuñez, not even limited practice held him back, as he took first place out of 22 male athletes in the intermediate division. “It was a crazy good weekend…competing with some extraordinary CrossFitters, but thanks to the help of my friends, my coaches and my CrossFit family – hearing their voices cheer me on, pushed my body to a whole new limit,” said an emotional and grateful Josh. “Now that I’ve experienced and won my first challenge, I think I’m going to push myself to higher limits with my CrossFit family and see what else the lifestyle has in store for me.”

    Saga Pasta Spectacular cook off
    After the great eating, and between live music and raffle prizes, votes were cast for the best dish of the evening. The third place went to Krista of Crazy Canuck’s, while Jen Wochner took second place. The grand first place prize went to Dawn Locascio for her delicious and irresistible Kugel! Saga would like to thank everyone that came out and supported the cook-off. Special thanks go to Brent Butcher for serenading the event, Crazy Canucks for hosting, Black Orchid, Belizean Breezes Soap Co. Sandbar, and Rays Big Dog.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve identifies possible Illegal conch harvesting
    The Conch Season for 2015 officially closed on June 1, 2015, and this clearly means that no one is allowed to legally consume or be in possession of Queen Conch products until the season reopens on September 30, 2015. A little over a week ago, while personnel from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve were conducting a search for turtle nests in Northern Ambergris Caye, the team made a disappointing discovery. They found signs of what appears to be illegal conch consumption along the beach areas in North Ambergris Caye. The illegal sightings were spotted at Robles Beach, one of the most isolated areas in Northern Ambergris Caye. The area is especially active on weekends with people engaging in recreational activities. According to Hol Chan’s Marine Biologist Kirah Castillo, they are not sure who the culprits might be, although they have their suspicions. “We found signs which tell us that people are extracting illegal products while they are using the beach. There were traces of conch, and the season has already closed. We don’t know who is doing it, but more than likely its locals, but still we cannot say who is involved,” said Castillo. She also emphasized that this activity is one of the biggest concerns at Robles Beach, a prime turtle spot.

    Ambergris Today

    San Pedro CrossFit Celebrates Victory in Chetumal Summer Challenge
    Two San Pedro CrossFit athletes excelled this past weekend in Chetumal, Mexico as they stepped up to the podium after two days of tough competition to celebrate their victory over athlete from around the region who competed in Chetumal CrossFit’s Summer Challenge 2015. Celebrating one year under the CrossFit San Pedro Box, Josh Nuñez took first place in the intermediate males division, while Luisana Guerrero took second place in the female division. Both athletes competed against eight different top level CrossFit boxes from around the area and were cheered along with a San Pedro entourage of coaches, family, friends and nine other San Pedro CrossFit members who also joined the competition. “As owner of CrossFit San Pedro, and a box that has only one year doing CrossFit… to go and compete with eight different top level CrossFit boxes and come out with 1st place on male division and 2 place on female division, all I can say is that am damm proud of what we have accomplished,” commented Freddie Gonzalez of CrossFit San Pedro. “I want to thank all who competed this past weekend; you guys killed it and gave your all! To my coaches Rene, Liliana and Horacio, you guys have designed ways for winning. For being a young box and making winners, I thank and salute you; for that I love you guys.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    That is Belize's Five-Star Private Island Resort Cayo Espanto Island Resort
    on the Spring/Summer 2015 cover of Private Islands magazine.

    Free 2 Be Party with DJ GrACiErOcK
    Sharing his LOVE for EDM, Droppin' Phat beat's, from Deep Funky Tech-House, Ghettofunk, Dubstep,Breaks and Mash-up's. Contests- Limbo, Musical Chairs, The Big Suck-Off, MegaJenga and more (with PRIZES) Free Shots all night just for walking in the door...Belikin Bucket Specials. Saturday at 7:00pm - 12:00am Jul 18 at 7:00pm to Jul 19 at 12:00am. Luna Loca on the beach, San Pedro, Belize

    Emergency power interruption 11:50am to 1:00pm, Friday, July 17, San Pedro
    North San Pedro from Boca Del Rio to Perla del Caribe Resort. BEL to replace burnt high voltage connector in the area.

    Police Officer Carlos Orio and Buena Vista Village Chairman Eddie De Larosa were in a vehicle which collided into a lamppost in Spanish Lookout on Thursday night after 9. The village chairman is in a critical condition while Orio passed away. Superintendent Vidal of Special Branch is quoted to say "Carlos Orio was an outstanding officer and an asset to Special Branch and to the Department as a whole. At our end of the year assessment for 2014 we unanimously agreed to award him for his dedication and efficiency in the performance of his functions. He was so awarded in December. In addition he was recommended by me for promotion to the rank of corporal. Quite apart from his admirable work ethic, he was a remarkable person. He was humble and friendly, always willing to assist and generous with his time almost to a fault. We are trying to come to terms with this tremendous loss and we share the grief of his wife and beautiful children, to whom he was so dedicated and who he has left behind. The death of Carlos is our collective loss. I speak both as his administrative superior and as his friend. I had known him since August, 2006 when he joined Special Branch and over the years we became more than colleagues. I considered him to be my personal friend."

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, July 17, 2015: 86. PICK 3: 0 5 4

    Channel 7

    KHMH Implements Go-Slow, Outpatient Services and Elective Surgeries Cancelled
    Today, services at the country's national referral hospital - the KHMH - were cut back -after workers launched a kind of go-slow because government has not agreed to give them a 6% raise. As we've been reporting, the KHMH's 579 staffers are not considered public officers - so they did not qualify for the raises of pay given to public officers for the last two years. The Chairman of the KHMH Board of Governors made a special appeal to Cabinet on Tuesday - but the answer came back that the workers would have to form a bargaining unit - a union, just like the Teachers or Public Service Union. That may be the legitimate process, but these workers feel they are long overdue, and the union requirement is just one more brush off. So, last night they announced that effective today all Outpatient Elective Services and Surgeries referred to the KHMHA would be cancelled. So what happened this morning? Emergency care was un-interrupted, the day to day running of the wards continued without any glitches, clerk windows were open, but the clinics were closed, and no elective surgeries were performed, only urgent and emergency cases. That's an administrative emergency for the Ministry of Health and today we asked the CEO what's happening, and how long it will last:..

    Cop Loses Life In Fatal Accident
    A police detective constable died last night in a terrible accident on the Spanish Lookout Road. It happened about three-quarter miles east of the Iguana Creek Bridge, close to Coop sheet Metal. Last night at around 8:00 pm, 33 year old Carlos Orio was driving a Toyota Yaris in heavy rain when he lost control, careened off the road and slammed into a lamp-post. His passenger Eddie De La Rosa told us from his hospital bed that he was knocked unconscious, and regained consciousness only after the top of the lamp-post snapped and fell unto the car. He says that he woke up to see Orio who is his brother in law take his last breaths and expire in the car seat. Orio was on the driver's side, which took most of the impact. De La Rosa says that incredibly as they sat injured and trapped in the car, passers-by stopped to try and steal what they could including his cell phone. He says Detective Orio - though gravely injured - was concerned about them stealing his service weapon, which got jammed in the interior of the crushed car. Orio died shortly after, while De La Rosa has fractured ribs and a broken hand. Orio was a special branch officer and had been in the department for 12 years.

    Did DOE Fast-Track Harvest Caye Against Public Interest?
    The lawsuit filed by the Belize Tourism Industry Association to battle Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye Cruise port project in the South was argued to completion today. And tonight, it is in the hands of Justice Courtney Abel to decide if the challenge is legitimate or frivolous. He has to determine whether or not the Department of Environment and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) acted properly when it approved the project, despite the challenges from the private tourism partners. But, as we told you 3 weeks ago, NCL's attorney, Eamon Courtenay tried to get it thrown out of court on the basis that the BTIA wasn't actually making serious steps to advance their case. He was basically saying that the organization's principals were, in effect, wasting the court's time, because the immediate past president, Herbert Haylock, was unavailable to testify for BTIA. Justice Courtney Abel decided to allow the association to proceed, and today, their attorney, Godfrey Smith, was allowed to make his case. Norwegian's President of Destinations and Strategic Development, Collin Murphy, was called to the stand as the last witness in the case, and Smith grilled him about the process that the company went through to get its environmental impact assessment approved.

    PUP Wants Eamon as NCM; He Says DOA!
    All week we've been reporting on Godfrey Smith being given his walking papers as the PUP's National Campaign Manager. His departure has created some volatility within the PUP where he was an important ally to the leader, Francis Fonseca, and now, he's gone. And he left without any natural replacement. So, who will take his job? IT'S an important post because the National Campaign Manager is the one who drums up funds for the party - something that's been sorely lacking in the PUP. And it's not a job for political amateurs because the party's chief fundraiser has to go knocking on many doors, including Michael Ashcroft's. So 7News has learned that Francis Fonseca's old guard allies have sprung to his aid. We have been reliably informed that senior figures in the old guard have reached out to Attorney Eamon Courtenay to take up Smith's post. Now Courtenay had that job before is and surely has the necessary prestige and connections, but, guess what(?) he's not interested, not at all. When we heard the rumors we asked Courtenay who told us via text message, quote: "That idea will never fly. It is D-O-A." End quote. That means "dead on arrival" - an indication of what we are told are Courtenay's fundamental differences with Party Leader Francis Fonseca and the Old Guard actors who are reaching out on his behalf. This quite dramatic backdrop creates an interesting ferment for next week Tuesday's meeting of the party's elected representatives and standard bearers.

    Smith Mum On NCM Departure
    So, while that's the position of the man who won't replace Smith, what about Smith himself? We finally got an opportunity to talk to him today after 4 days of banter about his sudden resignation. We asked him if he would discuss his departure with us, but he made it clear, he wasn't interested in commenting: Daniel Ortiz "We are hoping you will entertain us on your reasons for stepping down as campaign manager for PUP. Are you willing to talk to us?" Godfrey Smith "I had already made a statement to you all that it was by mutual agreement between the party leader and myself. Stemming out of conversations we had, I am not prepared to nor will I comment further on that state of affairs." Daniel Ortiz "It seems a bit abrupt and persons want to understand why you made such a decision?" Godfrey Smith "I repeat, I will not comment further than to say it was reached by mutual agreement and ask you to respect that."

    Kadeem Gets Free Based On Statement Inadmissible
    19 year-old Kadeem Anderson, a teenager who has been on remand for 3 years for the murder of 25 year-old Leo Palacio Jr., is a free man tonight after he was convicted in a trial without jury before Justice Adolph Lucas. Despite the very best efforts of the DPP's Office, this is the second case in two days that they've lost in the very same way. The court heard evidence that on May 10, 2012, Palacio was shot in chest while he was standing at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Pelican Street. Well-known elite cyclist Byron Pope, and Dennis Talbert were with him at the time of the shooting, and both men were injured as well. Pope was only grazed by a bullet, but Talbert was injured in his left arm and right thigh. Palacio Jr., was the only one who died from his injuries. Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell, who was prosecuting this case, had difficulty proving her case when she called Talbert as the main witness to testify against Anderson. He took the witness stand and said under oath that he could not recognize the shooter. That was directly contrary to what he told police in a written statement, when he identified Anderson - who was only 16 at the time - as the gunman who pulled the trigger on them. Talbert had to be treated as a hostile witness, but he refused to acknowledge that he gave the police that written statement that the prosecutor was relying on.

    Social Security Cares For Cancer Victims
    The Belize Cancer Treatment Center in Dangriga is doing serious work for hundreds of Belizeans in managing their cancer care. But, when cancer patients need radiation they still have to go abroad - to Guatemala or Mexico for treatment. Many can't afford it - and that's where things fall apart. And that's where the Social Security Board stepped in today, with a generous donation of three hundred and seventy thousand dollars. We found out how it will be used for children and women with cancer: Dr. Ellsworth Grant - Belize Cancer Center "It's a great honor to be here today on this most historic day and I don't think this moment should really be lost on anyone. I thank the Social Security Board for this - a moment which really allow us to provide a more structured programs to children. I hope that this moment will allow parents with a child who is who newly diagnosed with a cancer to not really have to stress over the portion of where the child will actually go to obtain care or how it will all be financed. I'm hoping we will have a program in place that provides one shop stop. One stop shopping for these parents." Dr. Cecilio Eck "We've seen multiple interviews with parents going to Channel 7 and Channel 5 begging for an interview. asking BNE asking Friends of Pediatrics, the Cancer Center, Ministry of Health, Social Security Board to help put care for their kids and if you work in the trenches it's even more devastating to sit in front of a mom and trying to find out when is their next chemo and they don't have the funds to get to the Center to get it done. So, this is a really awesome day."

    Belize And Guat - Common Ground In Trade?
    Last night, we told you how the Guatemalan Government doesn't want Belize to build a Forward Operating Base at Sarstoon Island, the Southernmost point in the country. While that is certain to cause some friction between both sides on the border, trade relations may be moving forward. Today officials from the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture, BAHA, and the Customs Department met with the private sector to discuss the Partial Scope Trade Agreement between Belize and Guatemala. The government's trade technocrats wanted to find out what sort of goods those business men from Belize City would like to make available for commercial trading in Guatemala, and what would be the challenges everyone would need to overcome to make it happen. 7News stopped by and spoke with the facilitators: Dr. Leroy Almendarez - Director, Foreign Trade "The primary focus of the consultation, let me just give some feedback. In 2010, the Partial Scope Agreement between Belize and Guatemala came into effect. And so as we approach the 5 year anniversary and one of the clauses within the agreement states that the scope of the agreement can be expanded.

    Nestor Mendez Moves Up
    Orange Walk's very own Nestor Mendez has taken up his office as the new Assistant Secretary General of the OAS. That is one of only two elected posts in the hemispheric Organization - and it is among the most senior international posts ever held by a Belizean. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington went to Washington to witness Mendez's installation. He will serve for the 2015-2020 period and leaves the post of Ambassador of Belize to the OAS which he held since June 2008. In his speech today - which he delivered in Spanish and English, Mendez committed to transparency, equity and unambiguous policies. Retired Bank Manager Pat Andrews replaces him as Ambassador.

    T and T Orchestra Visits
    The Trinidad and Tobago Philharmonic Youth Orchestra arrived in Belize yesterday for a colossal music experiment: the 50 member T and T Orchestra is teaming up with the National Youth Orchestra of Belize for an event called the "Night of Musical Excellence." The T and T group has over 50 players all on its own, and there could be as many as 90 musicians on stage at the height of the event. It's so big that the stage had to be extended to accommodate all the players and their instruments. We visited during rehearsals today:.. The concerts will take place at the Bliss Center on Saturday and Sunday and there will be different set lists on both nights. The event is organized by the Belize Bank in coordination with NICH.

    Channel 5

    K.H.M.H. Go-Slow In Effect Indefinitely, Hospital Staff Demands Wage Increase
    Services at the national referral hospital were significantly reduced today, and will continue so for an indefinite period, affecting patients from the districts who require medical attention at the Karl [...]

    Ministry of Health C.E.O. Says Industrial Action Precedes Negotiation with Government
    Coming out of Thursday’s meeting, the staff of the KHMH is organizing a workers’ union and plans to negotiate on behalf of employees with the Board of Governors and government.  [...]

    Police Officer Perishes in Road Traffic Accident in Cayo District
    An accident in Spanish Lookout claimed the life of a detective attached to the Special Branch in Belmopan. San Ignacio police were called out to the Spanish Lookout Road sometime [...]

    Former P.U.P. National Campaign Manager Breaks Silence on Abrupt Resignation
    In news of a political nature, on Tuesday, Attorney Godfrey Smith abruptly departed his post as National Campaign Manager in the wake of a third consecutive election loss by the [...]

    Sedi Elrington on Recent Detention of Belizeans in Guatemala
    Five Belizeans were detained in Guatemala in mid-June and reportedly experienced a horrible ordeal at the hands of the Guatemalans military.  The group was hanging out at a restaurant in [...]

    Former Benque Mayor Arrested in Melchor Holds Guatemalan Nationality
    There is another recent arrest by Guatemalan authorities. On July eleventh, 2015, Benque Viejo businessman and former Mayor, Edgar Contreras was arrested in Guatemala for having a gun not registered [...]

    Arguments in B.T.I.A./NCL Suit Concludes in Supreme Court
    The case against Harvest Caye, a tourism development project created by Norwegian Cruise Lines, concluded in the courtroom of Justice Courtney Abel today with closing arguments. The Belize Tourism Industry [...]

    The Fate of Harvest Caye Development to be Decide on Later Date
    On the other side of that argument is Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith.  He is representing the Belize Tourism Industry Association, arguing that indeed the developers of Harvest Caye proceeded with [...]

    Teenager Acquitted of 2012 Murder of Leopold Palacio
    A teenager walked free from a murder charge today after Judge Adolph Lucas upheld a no case submission. Kadeem Anderson is now nineteen, but he was seventeen years old when [...]

    Attorney General Discusses Justice System
    It is known that there is a backlog of cases and decisions yet to be dealt with at the Supreme and Magistrate Courts level. According to the Foreign Minister Sedi [...]

    Will Early General Elections Be Called? Ask U.D.P. Ground Commander, Boots Martinez
    There is speculation that given the state of affairs within the Opposition party, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will again call general elections before the current term expires to secure an [...]

    Boots Is Ready to Face Any P.U.P. Candidate in Port Loyola
    An audit done by the People’s United Party after a resounding defeat in the municipal elections called for changes to revitalize the grand old party. One affected area representative was [...]

    Ambassador Nestor Mendez Sworn-in as O.A.S. Assistant Secretary General
    Former Permanent Representative of Belize to the Organization of American States, Nestor Mendez is spending his first day as the new Assistant Secretary General of the O.A.S.  The ambassador will [...]

    WINBelize Takes Proactive Approach in Fight Against Gender-based Violence
    The recent murders of two women, Juana Cardinez and Keisha Buller, that allegedly took place at the hands of their domestic partners, has prompted a reaction from the Women’s Issues [...]

    Ministry of Foreign Trade Discusses Partial Scope Agreement with Private Sector
    The Ministry of Foreign Trade and its partners held a seminar to discuss the Partial Scope Agreement (P.S.A.) with private sector partners. It’s an agreement signed a few years ago [...]

    S.S.B. Provides Big Bucks to Aid Children with Cancer
    Today, the Social Security Board made a generous donation to the Belize Cancer Society. A handsome cheque of three hundred and seventy thousand dollars was handed over to the organization [...]


    Whose Sarstoon? Whose Belize?
    The Guatemalan government, through a diplomatic note, has informed the Belize government that it objects to the construction of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) on Sarstoon Island, which lies at the mouth of the Sarstoon River, in Belizean territory, deemed necessary by Belize law enforcement authorities to curb not just illegal fishing in the area, but also illegal logging by Guatemalans who encroach on Belize’s mainland to extract timber, such as the prized rosewood. Sarstoon Island is not in the Adjacency Zone, which is an area spanning 1 kilometer on either side of the western border between Belize and Guatemala, administered by the Organization of American States (OAS), which acts as a broker between the two countries in respect of a territorial claim by Guatemala against Belize, which Belize insists is unfounded. The Belize government had informed the Guatemalan government of its intention to construct a temporary FOB, but the Guatemalan government has reportedly said that Belize should not construct the FOB until the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has adjudicated its claim against Belize. In late May, the Belize Coast Guard was deployed on a reconnaissance mission in preparation for the construction of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) on Sarstoon Island, but the mission was aborted and the Coast Guard was ordered to withdraw from the island before completing its mission.

    Is “El Chapo” hiding in Belize?
    Billionaire drug kingpin, Joaquin Loera Guzman, 58, nicknamed “El Chapo” (Spanish for “Shorty”), the high-profile man said to be the head of the Sinaloa cartel of Mexico, has been put on the wanted list of the US Drug Enforcement Administration and Interpol, which today issued a “red notice” for his detention, five days after Guzman, believed to have been aided by top prison officials, escaped from maximum security at Altiplano Prison in Almoloya de Juarez in Mexico, even while under 24-hour surveillance and wearing a monitoring bracelet. According to the US Department of Justice, an Interpol red notice is the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Mexican authorities have now put out a reward of 60 million pesos or US$3.8 million for information leading to the recapture of El Chapo, who also goes by the names “Chapo Guzman” or “El Rapadito.” However, the US State Department has issued an award of US$5 million. (See here) While reports coming out of Mexico earlier this week claimed that both US and Mexican authorities believed that Guzman, who is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall with a weight of 165 pounds, had headed to Belize, more than 700 miles southeast of where he escaped via a mile-long underground tunnel, National Security officials here in Belize say that foreign officials from those countries have not made any such claim to them.

    Chief Magistrate throws out case due to police brutality
    Sherwin Baezar, a resident of the Mile 8 community on the George Price Highway, will never forget the date, October 24, 2014, when he allegedly committed a minor bicycle offence, but was so severely beaten by police that they had to keep him in custody for three days until his bruised and swollen face appeared presentable enough for him to be taken to court to be arraigned on a string of trumped-up charges. Today, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith dismissed charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, insulting words to a police officer and riding a bicycle contrary to the flow of traffic which had been brought against the 29-year-old Baezar. In handing down her decision, the Chief Magistrate noted that the charges against Baezar stemmed from “a blatant case of police brutality” at the hands of three policemen and their superior officer, a sergeant attached to Police Precinct 1 on Euphrates Avenue. Smith said in open court, “This is one of the most blatant cases of police brutality that I have ever come across. It is the worst case of police coming to court to lie.”

    KHMH employees demand salary increase
    After 7:00 tonight, our newspaper received a press release and short notice warning that effective tomorrow, Friday, July 17, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) will cancel all outpatient elective services and surgeries referred to the hospital, and only referral services and specialties that are not available at the district hospitals will be accepted—a protest by workers to solidify their demand for a cumulative 14% salary adjustment. Amandala was unable to reach Dr. Peter Allen, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health, on the announcement—triggered by the discontent felt by KHMH staff over a decision by Central Government, two years in a row, to reject their demand for a salary increase comparable to that which has been granted to teachers and public officers, represented under the umbrella of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, who have been granted a 6% increase in 2014 and 8% in 2015. The KHMH is a statutory body, and Central Government had taken the position that no employees of any statutory body would receive the automatic salary increase approved for teachers and public officers. Dr. Adrian Coye, KHMH CEO, was briefly available to us via phone tonight, although he was terse in his response, informing us that he wanted to get to bed.

    Devon Sankey, 22, walks from murder charge
    Another accused murderer walked down the steps of the Supreme Court this afternoon, the second man to do so this week, in a trial by judge without jury. The trial of Devon Sankey, 22, who was indicted for the April 8, 2010 shooting death of Renan Reneau, came to an abrupt end when Sankey’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, made a no-case-to- answer submission that Justice Gonzalez upheld. The Crown’s case ran into difficulties early in the trial, which began on Monday, July 13, because the key prosecution witness, while admitting visiting the police station, denied making the statement that police attributed to her. Counsel Kileru Awich, who led the prosecution’s evidence, managed to call four witnesses to the stand to testify before his main witness, Arilee Summerville, the girlfriend of the murdered man, Renan Reneau, took the witness stand and had to be declared a hostile witness. Reneau had been shot four times in the upper body. The shooting occurred in front of his girlfriend’s home, located at 3166 Kut Avenue.

    15 inmates escape death row – 9 freed from prison
    It’s been a full 30 years since the state of Belize executed anyone for murder, and this week, the last man on death row, Glenford Baptist, 44, had that sentence overturned by the Supreme Court, which will either grant him life in prison or a definitive sentence. Baptist was convicted in November 2001 along with Gilroy Wade and Oscar Catzim Mendez of the murder of Ozrin White. In 2006, the Privy Council commuted Wade’s sentence to life, but Wade, whose life had been threatened, was murdered inside prison the following year. Mendez’s conviction was quashed. Central Prison CEO, Virgilio Murillo, told Amandala that the last time there was no one on death row at the prison was back in 2000. Murillo told us that he has been reviewing the prison records and found that there are several inmates who were on death row who have either had their sentences commuted to life in prison or who have been given definitive sentences and have since been re-released into society.

    Brown Bombers complete dream season with Smart 13 & Under Championship
    It must be a first in Belize football competition history, although it wasn’t “association football,” there being no active Belize District Football Association, but the Brown Bombers maintained their unblemished record with no goals allowed for the entire regular season and playoffs, as they clinched the Smart 13 & Under Football Championship 2015 yesterday at the MCC Grounds with a 2-nil victory over a gallant Young Warriors team, who were first time participants in the tournament. There were 12 teams in this, the fourth edition of the Smart 13 & Under, and the top four teams in the single round-robin regular season entered the knockout semifinals last Saturday, July 4, with the 3rd place game and the championship finals being played on Sunday, July 12. In regular season, the games were 20-20 (20 minute halves); but in the playoffs, the time was increased to 25-25, with 5 minutes intermission. The afternoon began with the third place game between Ladyville Jaguars and Collet Strikers, and it was an exciting one indeed. Talented Jaguars striker D’Jon Canelo gave his team the 1-nil lead mid-way through the second half; but it wasn’t enough. Five minutes later, a penalty was awarded to Collet, and Shemar Gillett converted to tie things up at 1-1. But in the second half of overtime, the heavily marked Canelo again came up with a brilliant goal, shaking off two defenders on the left wing, and utterly destabilizing the oncoming goalkeeper, before calmly driving home what proved the game winner, 2-1, for the Jaguars.

    SSBA Basketball Tournament in Cayo
    The San Ignacio & Santa Elena Basketball Association (SSBA) will be hosting its annual basketball tournament, starting on Friday, August 21. The tournament will be held at Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town. The five categories are: Under 23, Under 19, Seniors, Over 35 and Females. Interested persons can contact Elvis “Tigre” Usher at 605-3390 to register a team, or you can send us a message on Facebook, on our San Ignacio and Santa Elena Basketball Association page, or send an e-mail to [email protected] Registration fee for the Senior, Females and Over-35 teams is $300.00; and registration for the Under 23 and U19 teams is $200.00. Senior teams are allowed to have 3 players who participated in the last two NEBL seasons. All other divisions are only allowed 2 players who participated in the last two NEBL seasons. A player can only play in one division.

    Western Eagles captain passed the torch to Sunrise captain
    Thanks to the kind and generous sponsorship of Belikin and Smart, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015 continued over the weekend. Two very exciting games were played. Sunrise and Western Eagles convened on the grounds at Bermudian Landing to battle for advancement to the semifinals. These two teams were tied at one game apiece. Both were in high gear and both had a game plan. Sunrise won the toss and took to bat first. At the onset, things weren’t going well for Sunrise, as wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 0 runs; 2 for 1; 3 for 14; 4 for 14; 5 for 60; 6 for 60; 7 for 73; 8 for 74; 9 for 74; 10 and last batsman for 133. These last two batsmen, captain Garret Joseph and Gilbert Seguro pushed the score from 74 to 133. I still cannot figure out how the bowlers could not have taken out these two men before they had scored so much. Then again, I must say that Sunrise’ strategy worked. In that inning, Garret Joseph and Michael Sobers scored 31 and 28, respectively for Sunrise. Conway Young took 3 wickets for Eagles. During the short lunch break, I could hear the Eagles boys saying, “We have it covered.” Well, it looked that way when they went to bat. Wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 12 runs; 2 for 16; 3 for 53; 4 for 54; 5 for 79; 6 for 87; 7 for 92; 8 for 110; 9 for 116; and 10 for 116. That’s a heart breaking loss. Both teams fought hard, but Sunrise had the better game plan, me seh. In that inning, Conway Young and Dirk Sutherland scored 40 and 17, respectively; while Zaggi took 3 wickets for Sunrise.

    Boxing Expo at Wing Stop a success
    Promoter Clinton Tucker, manager of Lions Den Gym Belize City, told our sports desk today that over a hundred boxing fans turned out to witness a first of its kind, Boxing Expo at Wing Stop on the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway, which got under way at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 11, and entertained fans until around 5:00 p.m. “We apologize for the delay in getting started,” said Tucker, “due to some difficulties in setting up the ring.” The event was scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. “But we consider it a success, because it is not about making money right now, but just keeping the boxers busy and showcasing regular boxing events for the fans. It’s about development right now.” Participating gyms were Lions Den Cayo; Elite Boxing Gym from Burrell Boom; Hardwood Boxing Gym from Punta Gorda; and Lions Den Belize, Leopold Smart Gym and Prevail Gym from Belize City.

    The Centenary spell
    Perhaps the first time the Rt. Hon. George C. Price realized the limits of his power on Belize’s domestic political landscape was when he tried to break the “Centenary spell” in the late 1950s. On coming to leadership power in the nationalist People’s United Party (PUP) in 1956, Mr. Price was sent home from London “in disgrace” by the British in 1957. Then in 1958, the British arrested Mr. Price and tried him for sedition in the Supreme Court of British Honduras. On both occasions, the anti-colonial masses of the Belizean people rallied to Mr. Price’s support, and both times he came out smelling like roses politically. The British, we submit, began to cast their Centenary spell on the Belizean masses in 1898 with their Battle of St. George’s Caye celebrations. Everybody knows the British were notorious tightwads. Just check out the narrow streets and confining bridges they built here. In the line of “bread and circuses,” the only thing they ever spent money on in British Honduras was their Centenary celebrations. The program leading up to and including the Tenth of September was financed by Government House. The British orchestrated Centenary so that a black Belizean, Simon Lamb, received the credit for organizing the first celebrations in honor of the 1798 Battle of St. George’s Caye one hundred years later (thus “Centenary”) in 1898. But Simon Lamb was an employee of the Belize Estate Company (BEC), which absolutely dominated the economy and politics of British Honduras in 1898. If it was not his bosses who gave Mr. Lamb the Centenary idea, then they certainly did not oppose the concept. Such celebration organizing costs money. It is doubtful that Mr. Lamb himself was in a position to foot the Centenary bill. We’re just saying.

    From the Publisher
    I couldn’t believe it is four years now since our beloved Brother Nick (Wilfred Nicholas, Sr.) has passed. I remember he was buried from the Mormon Church on Cemetery Road, where I gave the eulogy, and was very proud to do so. Through all the years in the Seventies when I was isolated and exiled in my own hometown, this was a man who was always there for me, and gave me strength when I was weak, and courage when I was fearful. I believe Brother Nick and Dr. Leroy Taegar died within months of each other. I have on many occasions in my writings mentioned how much knowledge and wisdom Leroy gave to me and to our UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) people over the course of three decades or so. Leroy had studied at universities in Milwaukee, Chicago, Kingston, and Port-of-Spain for 12 to 14 years, and was academically brilliant. Brother Nick definitely did not go to high school: I am not sure he even finished primary school. Over the years between 1996, when UEF was founded, and the deaths of Leroy and Brother Nick in 2011, there were many occasions when they clashed in UEF conversations. The principal reason for the clashes was the fact that Brother Nick had become a devout Mormon some time after the dissolution of UBAD in 1974, and Leroy basically did not subscribe to denominational religion. He was especially skeptical of the Mormons, because he believed that their agenda in Belize had to do with The Jewel’s oil wealth, besides the fact that the Mormons had a white supremacist past. But his religion gave Brother Nick a source of personal strength. He faced death with a peace that was inspiring. I remember one day in his home he said to me in his unpretentious way, “I ready fu travel, yu know.” He meant that he was prepared to die.

    Murder convict mounts constitutional challenge to life in prison sentence
    A man who has been convicted of murder and who was sentenced to the mandatory life in prison minimum sentence, under the prevailing regime of the law, has become the first convict to challenge the constitutionality of his life in prison without the possibility of parole sentence. If Gregory August’s appeal against his life sentence succeeds, this would set a precedent on the sentencing of persons convicted of murder in Belize and elsewhere in the Commonwealth jurisdiction. Following written submissions, oral arguments were made today in appeal #22 of 2012, Gregory August v the Queen in the Court of Appeal. The court will issue its ruling at a future date, its President, Hon. Justice Manuel Sosa, told the parties late this evening when the hearing concluded. Director of Public Prosecution Cheryl-Lynn Vidal argued the Crown’s case. She was assisted by Crown Counsels Shanice Lovell and Portia Staine, while Eamon Courtenay, S.C. argued the case of August, the applicant. Courtenay was assisted by attorney Illana Swift. In November 2012, a jury in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas convicted Gregory August of the May 2009 murder of Alvin Robinson.

    GOB recognized Maya “exclusive right” to control who lives in villages: Maya attorney
    The controversy over the ejection of Rupert Myles from Santa Cruz, a Maya village in Toledo, has been put before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in a claim filed by Maya leaders on July 3, 2015. Attorney for the Maya, Monica Coc Magnusson, said that the claim not only addresses the Rupert Myles/Santa Cruz matter, but also allegations that the Government of Belize has failed to provide protection in other communities as well, including Golden Stream and San Isidro with respect to leasing and logging. Government attorney Denys Barrow had issued a statement of commitment dated April 20, 2015, and Magnusson said that under paragraph 3 of that statement, the Government said that it “recognizes the exclusive right of each village, subject to law, to control who may take up residence within the villages’ lands.” Magnusson added that, “They put this in writing and now it seems that their position is different. Hence, the need for clarity…” However, Barrow has previously told us that the Maya “…need to understand that the national laws of Belize apply to them as much as anybody else,” noting that it is a question of how Maya rights and interests are reconciled with the national interest.

    Stakeholders chime in on new protected areas legislation
    The National Parks Systems Act, in place since Independence more than three decades ago, will be repealed and replaced with a new National Protected Areas Systems law, which was introduced in Parliament last month. On Monday, July 13, the Natural Resources and Environment Committee, headed by Attorney General Wilfred Elrington, met at the National Assembly in Belmopan to receive input from stakeholders on the proposed legislation, as well as proposed amendments to the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) Act. The Committee plans to meet again next Thursday, July 23, to hear representations from APAMO – the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, a coalition of 14 protected areas management organizations which co-manage 18 terrestrial protected areas and 9 marine protected areas. Jose Perez, APAMO’s executive director, told Amandala that they are very grateful that the Committee has agreed to schedule a second committee meeting to hear their concerns on the legislation, because there are inconsistencies which need to be ironed out.

    Monitoring Moochula, endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and other nesting turtles at Manatee Bar
    Manatee Bar beach in Gales Point Mantee, Belize District—a culturally vibrant, grassroots Kriol community of drum makers, fishers and farmers—is said to have the highest frequency and concentration of the endangered species, the Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) nesting in the Caribbean, according to Hawksbill Hope, a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by Dr. Todd Rimkus, a professor at Marymount University. It is connected with the Biology program at Marymount University in Virginia, USA. The Hawksbill Sea Turtle, which can grow as long as 3 feet and up to 150 pounds, enjoys the highest protective status under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international, inter-governmental agreement which regulates international trade of wildlife, flora and fauna to ensure their survival. This turtle is listed under Appendix I, along with other species threatened with extinction, and trade is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, such as scientific research. Hawksbill Hope is conducting its 4th year of turtle tagging in Belize, in order to track the movements of turtles which appear in the Gales Point area, but which may migrate during their lifetime to places like neighboring Honduras. The organization says that the initiative came after several summer study-abroad trips between 2007 and 2009 to the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize, Central America.

    PUP National Campaign Manager steps down
    The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) has been staggering from defeat to defeat at the polls, and last Wednesday, the PUP lost the bi-election in Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek, which was triggered by the resignation of PUP parliamentarian Ivan Ramos, and today the party’s national campaign manager, Godfrey Smith, resigned from his post. Smith has been the PUP’s national campaign manager since April 2014, when party leader Hon. Francis Fonseca brought him into the PUP executive. Even with Smith, a high-profile attorney with purported connections to Lord Michael Ashcroft, at the helm of the PUP’s campaign machinery, the party had failed to secure a victory at the polls in three consecutive elections. In the March municipal elections, the PUP not only suffered a crushing defeat, but the party also lost ground in the south — where there had been PUP mayors in Dangriga and Punta Gorda, as well as several PUP town councilors, whom the voters chose to replace with UDP representatives. On the heels of the PUP’s municipal elections defeat came a major public relations debacle when the party removed Ivan Ramos as its standard bearer for Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek.

    The Reporter

    Nestor Mendez takes on new role of new OAS assistant SecGen
    Former Belizean ambassador to the United States (US) and Organization of American States (OAS) permanent resident Nestor Mendez took on his new role as that body’s new Assistant Secretary General on Friday morning in Washington DC. The ceremony was held at OAS Hall of […]

    Weekend fire leaves family of 12 homeless
    A weekend fire in the early hours of Saturday in Biscayne Village engulfed and completely destroyed a two-story wooden structure and left a family of 12, most of whom are children, homeless. According to home-owner Emmerson Michael, he and his family were asleep in […]

    Suspect in Clarke’s murder remanded on illegal gun possession charge
    The 16 year-old prime suspect in the murder of Kremandala journalist, Kareem Clarke, 27, is remanded to the Hattieville Prison, but on a gun-related offense, not omurder. Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigations Branch (CIB) Superintendent Hilberto Romero, told The Reporter that the boy, who is […]

    Police shoot and kill gun-toting man in Hope Creek
    A regular night out at a village cool spot ended in death on Saturday night for one of the patrons, who was drinking and ended up pointing his gun at customers, police say. This is what the police reported, but witnesses say Leopold Myvette, 28, did […]

    Belize has 5th highest gas prices in Caribbean
    Belize made the list of the top five Caribbean countries where gas is most expensive, ranking at fifth place among 15 countries on that list, compiled with data from the Caribbean Statistics and Data Services institute. According to the report, Belize has one of […]

    Caught snooping in bedroom affairs, stabbed to chest
    One of two youths who were caught snooping around on a man and his girlfriend inside their bedroom in Dangriga, ended up being stabbed in the chest –  a wound that punctured one of his lungs. At around 4:45 last Sunday evening, a 16 year-old boy […]

    BTL restores 4G network after weekend overload
    Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has restored its 4G network after it experienced technical issues on Sunday, preventing thousands of Digicell 4G users from using its mobile internet services for most of the day. BTL’s Public Relations Officer Lorena Martinez, told The Reporter that on […]

    Money laundering plot leads to three arrests
    Three American citizens have been arrested in New York City, following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which uncovered plans to launder large sums of money in Belize and Panama. Kenneth Landgaard, James Shipman and Michael Dodd were arrested last Wednesday […]

    Another youth, Anthony Smith, dies by gun violence
    Teenager Anthony Smith, 18, became Belize’s latest victim of death by bloodshed, when he was gunned down at close range just after 8:30 last Friday night on Central American Boulevard. According to Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigations Branch (CIB) Superintendent Hilberto Romero, Smith was […]

    Productivity Matters & Technology Matters Part III: Quality of the Labor Force
    Our last discussion took us relatively close to the austerity-versus-stimulus debate, as we looked at the marginal impact that debt could have on the level of a country’s productivity—which is measured as Total Factor Productivity (TFP) and is a significant contributor to growth throughout the Caribbean region. More specifically, we […]

    New report says Belize already in debt crisis
    Belize is one of several countries facing a significant external debt crisis, says a new report by Jubilee Debt Campaign, a United Kingdom-based debt-relief lobby group. According to Jubilee, countries are defined as being at high risk of a government debt crisis, if they […]

    VIP weighs in on international financial warnings
    The political third party, Vision Inspired by the People, this week, joined the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in saying that the Government of Belize needs to take warnings from international financial institutions seriously. VIP President, Hubert Enriquez, said on Tuesday, that given government’s […]

    KHMH chapel in the works but one’s already there
    In recent months the talk about constructing an ecumenical chapel at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has increased and come into the national spotlight. A little known fact, however, is that the country’s national hospital already has a chapel that ministers to patients. […]

    El Chapo’s escape puts Belize and other governments on high alert
    Reports that Sinaloa Cartel boss, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, may be headed to Belize or neighboring countries since his escape from maximum security prison in Mexico have caused the governments of Belize, the United States and others in the region to be on high […]

    Stop looking like me!
    A woman who assaulted her look-alike with pepper spray was found guilty of harm on Tuesday and remanded to the Belize Central Prison for two nights, to reflect upon her actions. At her sentencing on Thursday afternoon, Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser asked convicted prisoner, Patrice Ramsey if she learned any […]

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and it was the picture of a Garifuna man, 34 -year-old Rupert Myles, shown handcuffed, tied with a rope and led around like a mule in the Mayan Village of Santa Cruz that infuriated so many Belizeans. . The days of slavery ended […]

    Base will be built says Lovell
    The Government of Belize (GOB) will establish a forward operating base on the Sarstoon River, despite Guatemala’s concerns, declared George Lovell, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, this week. Lovell, speaking on Guatemala’s objections to a base in the area, explained that […]

    Hilux rams into back of horse and buggy Mennonite father dies; mom and children injured
    A Mennonite family travelling on the Philip Goldson Highway about a quarter mile away from August Pine Ridge in Orange Walk Tuesday night suffered a terrible road traffic accident that claimed the life of a husband and father of Shipyard, and left his wife and […]

    Man on death row escapes hangman’s noose
    Glenford Baptist, 44, who was sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead, for murder in 2001 became the last man to leave Belize’s death row, as the Supreme Court quashed his sentence on Monday. Baptist, who had been incarcerated awaiting execution for […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Two vehicles stolen at Benque Fiesta
    Two cars were stolen that were parked in front of the Cancha Marshalek in Benque Viejo Town a short while ago. Our reporter on the scene, Ms. Flora Pereira says that the two vehicles stolen were a red Toyota Pickup Truck and a four door car but due to stealthy […]

    Election date – Government model
    By Delroy Cuthkelvin. This guessing game about when the next General Elections will or will not be called is absolutely ridiculous. It’s not good for Democracy, nor is it good for Development, as there is invariably a degree of inertia and paralysis that accompanies the suspense surrounding an impending General Election. We […]

    Watchman found dead at BAL Shrimp Farm
    A 27 year old watchman from George Town Village was found dead yesterday, July 16th, at the Belize Aquaculture Limited Shrimp Farm, where he worked. Delwin Garcia’s body was discovered by the farm’s supervisor shortly after 9:00 p.m last night, in a drain after 8 feet of water had ran […]

    Business woman loses thousands in Placencia Burglary
    Police in Placencia are investigating a burglary in that municipality in which items valued at more than $20,000 were stolen. A 35 year old businesswoman of Placencia, Danilee Howard, told police that the upstairs part of her Main Street home was broken into, sometime between July 9th, and […]

    UDP: Leader of Opposition in trouble
    A confident Anthony “Boots” Martinez believes Leader of the Opposition and Freetown area representative Francis Fonseca can and will be beaten in the upcoming general election. Fonseca has not won an election as PUP leader and retained his seat by 150 votes in the last election. Martinez believes Fonseca will […]

    Customs officer Keisha Buller laid to rest
    Coworkers of the late Keisha Buller honored her life and memory at funeral services held in her native Belize City on Thursday. Buller, 23, was stabbed as many as 54 times during an argument with common law husband Ervin Wade at their home on George Street in Benque Viejo del […]

    Foreign Minister: “no hurry” on reef damage compensation
    Belize has sent its bill for damage caused to the Barrier Reef by a Guatemalan military vessel which ran aground near Glovers Reef Atoll last month. The gunboat caused $46, 000 of estimated damage after drifting into Belizean waters on its way to Mexico. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington […]


    A Gorgeous Week In San Pedro, Belize And The Week Ahead – Back to the Jungle
    It’s been sun sun and more sun this week…with the wind increasing quite a bit as it progresses. My Tuesday trip to the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef was somehow perfectly timed for relatively calm seas and…just general gorgeousness. I’m already plotting a way to get back to Half Moon Caye for a night or two of camping. I walked down the alley passing one of the cutest spots in San Pedro, the Conch Shell Inn. Definitely wins an award for cutest wall… I went to buy my ticket at the Coastal Express water Taxi to head just a mile and a bit up to Grand Caribe Resort. And now prep for the week ahead. I am heading to Chaa Creek next week – not for their amazing facilities and lodge but for Eco-summer camp! I will spend a day or two in San Ignacio – the largest town in the Western Cayo district and then… …head into the Chiquibul with the Scarlet Six BioMonitoring Team to help (that’s my word, not theirs) with the many month project of protecting scarlet macaw babies from poachers. If you love belize, you must read the book “The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw”…

    Maya Concepts Part 1
    Since the ancient Maya were the only fully literate civilisation of mesoamerica, it is important that we offer some information on some of the concepts they develop. The following writing will include concepts such as: creation, cosmos (world view), and Religion Lets take a concise look at these concepts. An artist rendition of a scene in the Popol Vuh. Credit: Creation The Maya conceived time as cyclical (Life/Universe) The Maya tried so hard to syncretize their needs and that of their environment They Maya believe that we have now entered the 5th creation of the universe They believed that man was created 3 times – 1st of clay, 2nd from wood, and 3rd of corn The Popolvuh was a pre classic time system which was written by the Quiche Maya – it was their book of counsel There were two Hero Twins, one Ixbalanque and the other Hunahpu; Hunahpu was often linked to the corn god The last creation was on December 21st, 2012; before that the last creation was in 3114BC. The Maya believed in a system called the sacred round. This round is every 52 years, when a date on their Tzolkin (sacred calendar) calendar meets the same date on the Haab (solar calendar) calendar again.

    Belize It Or Not: Kickin’ It at Ka’ana Resort
    Belize and the beach. They just go together, like bees and honey, like cheese and wine, like me and Diet Coke. And then there’s Ka’ana Resort. Ka’ana Resort is located outside San Igancio, a two hour drive from the closest coast — about as far as you can be from the ocean in Belize without backing into Guatemala. If travelers are going to include a jungle stop in their Belize itinerary, it’s most likely to be right in this region. The Cayo District packs an impressive punch of Mayan ruins, winding cave systems, lush jungle, and lodging at all budget levels. Our first family trip to Belize twelve years ago also included a stay in San Ignacio; my first introduction to a tropical rainforest. I had very special memories of this place, and I was thrilled to return to the spot where my obsession with all things lush and lowland began. San Ignacio was our second stop in Belize, after Hopkins. Our two home bases had distinctly different feels. Where Hopkins Bay Resort had been approachable and charming, Ka’ana Resort was chic and sophisticated. While we saw families at both properties, Ka’ana definitely had a more grown-up vibe. It’s a resort that would leave any designer swooning! We all agreed we were glad we’d gone to the beach first — Ka’ana would have been an impossible act to follow.

    Belizean Style Stuffing
    Ingredients 2-3 lbs ground bread ¾-1 tsp salt ½ tsp black pepper 1 stick melted margarine 1-2 tsp thyme (dried) 2-3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 2 stalks celery (chopped finely) 1 medium onion (chopped finely) ½ sweet pepper (chopped finely) Directions Add all seasoning to bread crumbs and mix thoroughly. Add margarine and Worcestershire sauce. Cook on top of stove low heat. (optional) Or ADD TO TURKEY OR CHICKEN BEFORE BAKING

    What's happening this week in Placencia, Belize!!
    Lots going on this week!!! Live music Fri. July 17 @ Tranquillo with Los Estebanes.SHUTTLE TIMES FOR BELIZE FILM FESTIVAL BETWEEN PLACENCIA AND BELIZE OCEAN CLUB! Pick up point Scotia Bank! Un Wine'd is featuring a "Specialty Drink" & Appetizer today & tomorrow. "Very Superstitious" is a refreshing drink made with Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot, Mango & Pineapple Nectar for $8.00/glass. Enjoy a platter of locally made hummus served with Ritz Chips for a special price of $5.00. You may also chose from the regular wine/beer & appetizer menu. Open 2 to 6 pm Thurs & Fri.

    International Sourcesizz

    IMF completes mission to Belize
    An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe visited Belize during July 6-17 to hold discussions in the context of the country’s 2015 Article IV Consultation. At the conclusion of the visit, Bouhga-Hagbe issued the following statement: “Growth accelerated to 3.6 percent in 2014 from 1.5 percent in 2013 on the back of a rebound in agriculture, and strong performances in tourism, electricity, construction and services. The fall in international oil and food prices has pushed down headline inflation to -0.2 (y/y) percent as of December 2014. Despite strong tourism receipts, falling exports, particularly of crude petroleum, and relatively strong imports widened the external current account deficit to 7.6 percent of GDP in 2014, up from 4.4 percent of GDP in 2013. “Nevertheless, PetroCaribe and other official disbursements continued to finance the current account deficit and help build international reserves (equivalent to 5 months of imports at end-December 2014). The fiscal primary deficit increased to 1.5 percent of GDP in FY2014/15 (April–March), up from a deficit of 0.2 percent of GDP in FY2013/14. Although revenue collection remained in line with budget targets, spending continued to grow well above budget targets, driven by Petrocaribe-financed spending. “Private credit growth reached 4.7 percent in 2014, supported by strong real estate credit and loans to the sugar sector. The banking system continued to strengthen. The impact of the loss of correspondent banking relations by some banks has been limited so far.

    Where to see whale sharks around the world
    The world's largest fish can be seen in all of the world's oceans - apart from the Mediterranean - at the right times of year. The world’s biggest fish is a global phenomenon, dispersed throughout all tropical and warm temperate seas except the Mediterranean (see map below) but with the largest aggregations in seven key areas. In these it is usually possible to snorkel with these gentle giants, and often to dive with them. Up to 1,000 congregate seasonally off the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico – but as with other large groups, 70 per cent of them are male. Where do the females go? For years this remained a mystery, but satellite tracking suggests they migrate vast distances to mid-ocean sea mounts and remote islands where they give birth. One pregnant female, Rio Lady, is known to have set off from Brazil to Africa on a 4,800-mile trip. The best time for encounters off the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, is June to September, at Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo and Isla Mujeres. Off Belize, the spawning of red snapper from April to June attracts whale sharks hungry for their roe, notably to Gladden Spit, a protected area of the Belize Barrier Reef.

    HMS Severn returns to Portsmouth
    Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Severn received a warm welcome home from friends and family today following a successful eight-month deployment across the Caribbean where she provided security and reassurance to the British Overseas Territories and dependencies. The crew were happy to be home having travelled over 30,000 miles whilst away. They visited 29 ports, strengthening bonds across 20 different countries and islands where they were on standby to assist in the event of a natural disaster. The ship visited all of the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean — Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Anguilla and Grand Cayman. During these visits the 48 ship’s company carried out training with local maritime fisheries enforcement agencies, worked with the Red Cross, and got involved with the local community. The ship’s doctor and medical team offered medical training and the crew painted children’s homes, took part in sporting competitions, and disaster relief exercises.

    Pelagic Sargasssum Fact Sheet
    Want to learn more about the Sargassum drifting to our shores? Follow the link...


  • San Pedro, Belize July 2015, 5min. A trip to San Pedro Belize July, 2015.

  • Study MBBS in Belize | Central American Health University | Career Point | V6 News, 25min. Career point is special program by V6 News, exclusive for the students, where they can take right decisions to make their career bright.

  • Belize Camping Experience at Fountain of Life, 9min. A group of youth came to share their experience at BCE this summer. They impacted many for Christ with songs, skits, cookies, and games. SHOW MORE

  • Snorkeling/ Freediving San Pedro, Belize June 2015 Manatees!!, 9.5min. San Pedro was amazing. This was one of the best water experiences of my life! Manatees, turtles, nurse sharks, schooled fish, rays, conch, we saw a little bit of everything on this one day outing with Caribbean Adventures on their sailboat snorkel tour.

  • Unbelievable dive with the Dolphins in Belize, 3.5min. We had these dolphins with us for about 20 minutes up at the surface following us below. As we came up to the surface they stayed in the area. As we the others were getting on the boat one of the dolphins came over to me almost coaxing me to follow...As you can see i turn back towards the boat to decide to folow the group onto tbe boat or follow my new friend, so i did. As I followed All the others then came over to me. I started to do barrel rolls playing with them they came right up up to me even letting me touch them. AND kept surrounding me. The dive masters who have dived here all their lives have never seen anything like them ineracting with me. In fact they said this is a once in a life time chance and for those who dive know that to be true. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity

  • BELIZE JUNE 2015 7, 16min.

    July 17, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Those glorious views while flying ‘South’!
    Flying, especially if you’re perched in the co-pilot’s seat, affords you some seriously breathtaking views. I’m lucky to have flown our skies many times, and know that the scenes from up high can render one speechless. We’ve seen the multitude of colors of the Caribbean Sea when flying over the water to the cayes, noting the various little off-cayes dotting the water here and there (some with names like “Cockroach”, “Bread & Butter”, “Mosquito” and “Man O War”…). If you’re lucky, you may even see a manatee, ray or dolphins frolicking in the clear blue. I’m a mountain girl (from the Cayo District) so the sight of greens in every shade, rings of mountains and trees in bloom, the occasional puff of cloud…oh yes, please gimme that!

    Jaguars continue to grow in the Football Scene
    The Belize National Football Selection continues to improve their skills and are even escalating in the ranks of Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s (FIFA) World Ranking. The Jaguars’ performance in the past two matches of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Qualifiers has elevated the team’s world ranking to 118th place. This leap of 37 places has made history, as the highest ranking ever for Belize, who were previously 141st back in 2011. Belize has also risen in the ranks of Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and is now in the 15th spot. This monumental achievement has only inspired the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) to continue improving the selection. “This is tremendous news for Belize, we are very proud of the leap in rankings. The players have worked so hard to get where we are. The administration has made a lot of sacrifices and it has now paid off. It is such good news for us. This is a great part of the history that is unfolding in Belize,” said FFB Secretary General, Michael Blease.

    Corry McDermott donates to the San Pedro Sailing Club
    The San Pedro Sailing Club (SPR) is the proud recipient of a 14-feet sailing dinghy courtesy of Corry McDermott. The donation was made on Friday, July 10th at the SPR base located at Caribbean Villas Resort. Apart from the donation of the vessel, McDermott also donated $3,000 to assist with the maintenance of the fleet. On hand to accept the donation was SPR secretary Amanda Syme. The sailing dinghy differs for the other optimist vessels in SPR’s fleet, as it is much larger, and ideal for training beginner sailors. “We couldn’t be happier about this donation. It is a great asset to our fleet and will benefit our sailors greatly. The boat is ideal for an instructor to ride along with two or three youth sailors and perfect for two-man sailing teams to enjoy recreational or race sailing. In addition, the cash donation will assist with maintenance of the fleet of 12 optimist dinghies and the new dinghy,” said Syme.

    Glenford Baptist removed from death row
    The last prisoner to be on death row in Belize was removed from the list on Monday, July 13th. 44-year-old Glenford Baptist has been at the Belize Central Prison for the past 14 years on murder charges. He and two others, Gilroy Wade and Oscar Mendez, had been sentenced to death 10 years ago by Supreme Court Justice Wilfred Elrington after being found guilty of the murder of Azrin White in 2000. Mendez was the first to have his sentence revoked after appealing. Both he and Wade have died since the incident, and only Baptist remained imprisoned for the crime. After Baptist’s initial sentence of death by hanging, his attorney, Priscilla Banner of Courtenay, Coye and Company LLC filed an appeal stating that the form of death is inhumane. “Essentially what happened is that the matter came up for hearing before the Honorable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and the Government of Belize. They conceded to the point that there was in fact a breach of Baptist’s constitutional rights insofar as Section 7 in concerned, and basically conceded that the sentence should be quashed.

    Ambergris Today

    Ignoring Youth Development, Paying A Heavy Price
    The media houses in Belize City are reporting that 2015 is already one of the most murderous year, including the fact that the country has been named the fourth most dangerous country in the world by the accounts of one particular poll. News 5 of Belize City reported that from their statistics, the country has seen a total of 74 murders since the start of the year with April and May having the highest numbers with 19 and 16 homicides, respectively. There were only five murders in January and eight in June. More alarming is the age of the victims that has dropped significantly and more youths are being involved in crime. The youngest victim was 22-year-old Charlie Espat from San Pedro. With high concerns over the alarming statistics, the Belize Younth Movement (BYM) called on government to commit to work with youths and improvement of its Youth Policy. The organization took out the following press release this week:

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of July 6th – July 12th, 2015
    Although it was windy it was very productive with lots of tarpon hooked but just a few landed. Permit continued to be the surprise of the year with exceptional results

    Municipal airport update
    The new taxiway is complete at the Municipal Airport. The new runway is furiously being worked on today.

    Belizean Traveller campaign
    As part of our #BelizeanTraveller campaign, the BTB is working with local stakeholders to provide Belizean rates for locals. Check out our first promo code ad labelled by region. Don't forget to use the promo code: BZTraveller!

    The importance of legal advice for timeshare rights
    n the recent case of Lincoln Cane Ventures LLC v British Caribbean Bank International Limited, the Supreme Court highlighted the need to comply strictly with essential legal requirements when investing in property abroad. It found that more than 160 US citizens who had purchased timeshare interests in a residential resort pursuant to membership agreements could not exercise their purported rights in priority of a bank's mortgage interest on the property. This was because they had not registered their timeshares or paid the required stamp duty on their membership agreements. Facts Tourism is a significant industry and driver of the Belizean economy. Belize possesses many features which make the country an ideal place for vacation or retirement. As a result, people frequently invest in Belizean timeshares and condominiums. Ambergris Caye, an island located off the coast of Belize, houses the residential resort of Sueño Del Mar Limited. The US citizens entered into membership agreements with Sueño Del Mar Limited for the purchase of timeshare interests. However, Sueño Del Mar Limited and the purchasers agreed that they would not register the membership agreements or pay stamp duty in an attempt to minimise costs. A separate company, Sueño Del Mar Holdings LLC, obtained loans totalling US$4 million, which were secured by various mortgages from British Caribbean Bank International Limited, for which Sueño Del Mar Limited stood as guarantor. The bank was unaware of Sueño Del Mar Limited's arrangements with the claimants.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, July 16, 2015: 76. FANTASY 5: 15 26 14 39 37 V

    Channel 7

    Will Belize Put Coast Guard Base On Pause Because of Guatemalan Objection?
    2 months ago, a Coast Guard patrol had a pair of tense encounters with the Guatemalan Navy on Sarstoon Island, which is Belize's Southern-most territorial point. The Coast Guard team was there on a reconnaissance mission to determine if the island was suitable for a forward operating base. The Guatemalan Navy personnel tried to get the Coast Guard to leave, but, they stood their ground, certain that they were in Belizean territory. Belizean officials are only now revealing that after that confrontation was discussed at the diplomatic levels, Guatemala made it clear that they are resisting the construction of the Coast Guard's Forward Operating Base at Sarstoon Island. Now, this plan for this base has been delayed for years, and it is something that the Government identified as important to maintain Belize's territorial integrity and security. The Coast Guard expressed its eagerness to start its construction a few months ago, but then, the Guatemalans made it an issue. They have reportedly requested that Belize refrain from moving forward with building this base until the territorial claim is dealt with at the International Court of Justice.

    "Boots" Will Not Bow To Guatemala's Demands
    But senior minister Anthony Boots Martinez is a lot less circumspect than the Foreign Minister. He told the media today that he could never agree to any neighbor or foreign court being able to dissuade a government from acting in its sovereign right:.. Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, UDP Minister of Government "But I don't know about any such information that could deter a forward operation base that should be built in our territory. For any country or any government to say cease and desist to building something in your country. Haven't heard about it, but I am certain that that is nothing in my view that I will ever agree on as a Belizean and as a minister of government." But, the fact is that while the deepest channel south of the Sarstoon Island is recognized by the government of Belize to be this country's the southern boundary - the Guatemalans do not concede that. Here's what the Ambassador told us one month ago:.. Jules Vasquez "Is it an objective fact or do you accept the fact that we believe to be a fact that Sarstoon Island represents the inclusive territory of Belize and that the border marker or the borderline is at the deepest channel in the Sarstoon River south of the Sarstoon Island. Is that something that you all accept?"

    Delicate Gunboat Diplomacy
    The other very recent territorial issue between Belize and Guatemala is the 65 foot Guatemalan Navy Gunboat, which ran aground on the Glovers Reef Atoll last month. The vessel was removed, and the assessment for damages to the reef has already been handed over to the Guatemalans. There has been no response yet, and today Foreign Minister Elrington told us that he is not concerned about the delay, which he believes is normal: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "These matters take time. So, we are expecting that they will answer in due course. But that is not unusual. You send these communications and you wait until you get a response to them." The multi-Government Agency investigating team has assessed the damages at a $46,000 dollars.

    Shallow Grave For Salvadorian Farmer
    A murder victim was found buried in a shallow grave just outside Belmopan. Yesterday morning at around 5:00 police found the body of 61 year old Salvadoran Farmer Osmar Ramos buried. It was found 5 miles off the main road of Spring Field Community in the Paraiso Area. Police say the body was buried there for about a month. An onsite autopsy was done and it showed that Ramos was chopped to the neck, back of the head, shoulder and chin. We spoke via telephone to Belmopan Deputy Commander Inspector Stephanie Grinage and she updated us on what they know so far. Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Deputy Commander - Belmopan Police "On the 15th July, acting on intelligence received, 3 specialize unit and the Belmopan Police visited an area situated 5 miles off the Hummingbird Highway and south of Springfield Village, Cayo District. Police discovered a shallow grave with the decomposed body of one, Mr. Osmar Ramos of Paraiso area. That's an area in the Springfield Village also. Investigations revealed that Ramos was killed sometime in the month of June." Courtney Weatherburne "When I was speaking with Superintendent Gillett, he was telling us that he has been missing for over a month, but no missing person's report was filed."

    Keisha Buller Got Stabbed 54 Times
    Today in Belize City - funeral services were held for Keisha Buller - the Customs and Excise officer Clerk Three who was killed in Benque Viejo last week Friday. Buller had been with customs since 2009 and her funeral procession was led by Customs officers who escorted the elevated hearse as it went against the flow of traffic on Albert Street. She was killed - as it turned out - on the very last day of her posting in Benque Viejo. She went to Benque in October of 2013 and would have returned to her home of Belize City on August third. That transfer was preceded by leave which started on July 11th - she was murdered on August 10th. And murdered very brutally - stabbed a shocking 54 times - in front of her 4 year old son and mother. Her common law husband Ervin Wade has been charged for the murder and is in prison on remand.

    Hondurans Caught Illegally Fishing At Glover's
    Belizean law enforcement officers caught two Hondurans Illegally fishing in the Glovers Reef atoll on Tuesday. So, tonight, they are spending their first night of a 6 month sentence after appearing in Magistrate's Court today. The officers who police the Atoll caught them after they began conducting nocturnal patrols. They found evidence that fishing was being conducted in the area, and since they didn't encounter anyone during the day, they figured someone was fishing after daylight hours. This evening, the Fisheries Department's Conservation Compliance Unit's Supervisor explained more about the patrol which caught the men: Hampton Gamboa, Supervisor - Fisheries Department "The operation took place on the 14th July, which was on Tuesday in the night at Glover's Reef Marine Reserve out at the atoll. It was a night operation. Officers from the marine reserve was on routine patrols and they came across this Honduran vessel which had two occupants in it, who were engaging in commercial fishing."

    BOOST Program Gets Great Funding From OAS
    The Boost programme - it provides financial support to thousands of needy and indigent families across central and southern Belize. And more than that, the programme has become a model across the region for making conditional cash transfers without creating a welfare underclass. IT has been recognized by the World Bank and today the OAS contributed 130 thousand dollars to support implementation of an extension to the programs: what's called wraparound services to 400 of the most needy households. CEO Judith Alpuche explained at a press conference at the OAS Belize City Office today:... Judith Alpuche, CEO - Ministry of Human Development "When we talk about social workers wrap-around services, it's really looking holistically at what that family needs and working with that family in a holistic way instead of just patch-patch if you will. So we will be doing a pilot that targets 400 BOOST household and we are looking specifically at those households that are below the indigent line - the poorest of the poor. To see how is it that we can, as the name suggests, literally wrap services around these families - to help them to move up to the next level."

    UDP Wants Hon. Fonseca To Hang Around
    And while we had minister Martinez, we asked him to comment on the current state of affairs within the PUP - where party leader Francis Fonseca asked National Campaign Manager Godfrey Smith to step down. No replacement has been named - but the party will meet next week to discuss the way forward. And while the general feeling within the PUP is the Leader Francis Fonseca lost a key ally in Smith, Minister Martinez says he hopes Fonseca isn't going anywhere soon:.. Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, UDP Minister of Government "I felt that, unlike the party leader, he was man enough to know that he was campaign manager over the last year and change and lost every single election and so I think it's time for, man, with good grace to step off. I thought that the first thing for, in my view that would have happen was Francis Fonseca was to take a back. I mean when you look in terms of everything and I hope that he stays. It's only better for the United Democratic Party. I hope that he stays."

    UDP Says Fonseca In Trouble In Freetown
    And while he wants Fonseca to stay in the leader's seat, for the UDP, they also want Fonseca to stay put in Freetown. Fonseca won that seat by 150 votes in the 2012 general election. And while the leader of the opposition always has a special reserve of support because he is the man who could be king, Martinez says that the UDP feels he is politically vulnerable:.. Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, UDP Minister of Government "I have no doubt in my mind, based on previous election results, that the Leader of the Opposition is vulnerable and the Leader of the Opposition 90% to me, stand a chance of losing this election. So, I think that is a seat that we feel confident that we will be able to muster and so that in itself with the political pressure Ms. Barnett is applying on the party leader, gives him not enough time to even concentrate on a party of which he is the leader and I don't that he can be afforded the opportunity to travel here and there and everywhere."

    Okeke Calls Out Fonseca
    Political commentator Steven Okeke feels the same way. He says that in his opinion, Fonseca is in trouble:.. Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "A hundred and plus votes in the last elections with a person who Belizeans had some prejudice against, because he is a Chinese Belizean. In the face of a formidable position, he stands even a lesser chance." Jules Vasquez "Do you think Francis Fonseca is in trouble in Freetown?" Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "He is tremendous trouble." We should note that Francis Fonseca has never lost an election, and is a three term representative.

    When Will Election Be Called?
    But don't tell that to the UDP - right now - after a half year of record victories, they feel like world beaters. And so when will they call the general election? It's not due for another 20 months or so, but everyone knows it will be called before that. So, in view of the recent victory in Dangriga - when is that magic date? That's what we asked Minister Martinez today:.. Jules Vasquez "Has the UDP made a decision on when they will have a general election?" Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, UDP Minister of Government "No, not yet. We haven't made none, but in my personal view I think that is sooner rather than later. But the UDP hadn't made none." Seasoned political observers suggest that the earliest the election could be called is the end of this year, while others put it at March of 2016 as the latest. We'll have to wait and see.

    Pepper Spray Remand
    Pepper spray is typically used as a defensive weapon by women to ward off attackers. Tonight, however, 26 year-old Patrice Ramsey is at the Belize Central Prison after she pepper sprayed another woman - simply because the victim looked like her. The victim, Nikita Usher, testified that she was at the BTL Park last Sunday, when Ramsey approached her, upset because her friends said she looked like Usher. Usher testified that Ramsey insulted her, and told her that she wouldn't tolerate it. That's when Ramsey sprayed her in her face, eyes and all over. Usher said she was unable to see and her skin burned her for a week. The doctor who examined her classified her injury as harm. In her testimony, Ramsey denied that she committed the offence. She was found guilty by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and she was brought to court today for sentencing. But when she appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, she showed no remorse so the Magistrate further remanded her to jail. Ramsey was in tears as she was escorted back to the cell block to be taken to prison to spend 4 days. Her next court appearance is Tuesday, July 21.

    KHMH Staff Demands Raise, Cancels Clinics
    Cancelled! That's what happened to all Outpatient Elective Services and Surgeries scheduled at the KHMH from tomorrow going forward. That's the word coming from angry hospital staff tonight after they were told they would not get the raise that they are asking government for. As we told you on Tuesday, 600 KHMH workers are asking government to give them a raise of pay - just like they did to public officers and teachers. The hospital staffers work for the KHMH Authority which is a statutory board - so they are not public officers and don't qualify for the raise of pay that teachers and public officers got. On Tuesday, representatives of the Board of Governors and senior hospital management went to Cabinet to ask for the increase. But the answer has come back - and it's not positive. It seems government says that, at best, the hospital staff has to form a union, just like the teachers and public officers did and negotiate from the position.

    Bullying At British High? So Say Resigned Staffers
    A number of employees have resigned from the British High Commission in the last few months due to what they say is utter ill treatment at the workplace. The former employees sent us a letter describing the cruelty and emotional abuse they endured working for British High Commissioner Peter Hughes. The letter states, quote, "Between the last quarter of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 the staff have endured discrimination, harassment, bullying, verbal and emotional abuse…by the head of the mission". We spoke to 4 of the employees today and one of them told us the commissioner would shout at them and demean them at the workplace. According to the employees, 6 have resigned in the past year since Hughes' arrival and 4 more resigned in the last 2 months. One of the employees we spoke with was working at the British High for 24 years and told us that he has never had any issues with previous high commissioners and simply could not endure the hostility at the workplace, He resigned last year June. He was the first to resign and then the others followed. They say others are in the process of resigning.

    Fantasy Five Winner Comes Forward
    Last night we told you how someone had drawn the winning Fantasy 5 ticket for the biggest jackpot in Belize's history, 612 thousand dollars. That person didn't want to publicly accept her cheques, because she was camera shy. Well, The Caribbean Gaming Company's representatives convinced the winner to come forward, and they introduced her to us this evening. She's Roselia Vallecillo (vaye-ciyo), a resident of Placencia, and she told us that the winnings will help her to put her family under their own roof: She also told us that the money will also pay for her children's education. Mek Mi Rich gave away the biggest jackpot - which is now the second biggest - of a half-million dollars, just last week Tuesday.

    Vocals With Vision
    Ghetto Life: That's the name of a new CD from a vocal collective called All God's Son's. Their lead song is called "Mama says" - and it highlightes the increase in crime and violence among youth in the city. Well, you can expect that message and more in Ghetto Life. The group came to our studios today and told us how they want to use music to help kids stay away from violence: You can find the CD in music stores in Belize City. The group has been together for 7 years.

    Indian Man In Orange Walk Wasn't Killed
    35 year old Orange Walk Resident Vicky Gyanchandani died of a heart attack, he wasn't killed. That's the finding of a post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Mario Estradabran. He found that Gyanchandani died of a heart attack due to a cardio pulmonary embolism.

    Channel 5

    Foreign Minister Sedi Weighs-In on Guatemala’s Protest
    On Wednesday night, News Five was the first to report on a formal protest issued by Guatemala in relation to the planned construction of a Forward Operating Base at the [...]

    Sedi Reiterates and Affirms His Position on The ICJ
    Just before leaving for Washington and Mexico today, Elrington told News Five that Guatemala’s position on the Forward Operating Base was conveyed in a very civilized manner, through a diplomatic [...]

    Are Belizeans Responsible For Incidents Involving Guatemalans?
    There have been two notable incidents in very recent months – first the capture of thirty-seven Belizeans in Belizean territorial waters by Guatemalan military, and then the altercation between Guatemalan [...]

    So What’s The Status Of The FOB?
    So the fate of the Forward Operating Base now lies in the hands of the O.A.S., and the territorial integrity of Belize will lie in the hands of the ICJ, [...]

    Sedi on Guatemalan Gunboat Update
    In June, a Guatemalan gunboat GC-651, the Tecum Uman, crashed into the reef near Middle and Long Cays, causing damage estimated at around forty-eight thousand dollars. With all dispatch, the [...]

    Murder: Body Found In Shallow Grave in the Springfield Area
    Turning to crime; the discovery of a badly decomposed body on Wednesday morning in a shallow grave several miles outside the Mennonite community of Springfield, has resulted in the detention [...]

    Undocumented Cubans Arrested
    A constant trickle of illegal Cuban immigrants into Belize, presumably with aid from a local human trafficking ring, has resulted in yet another bust in the Cayo District, this time [...]

    K.H.M.H. Personnel on Go-Slow
    Employees of K.H.M.H. are staging a go-slow on Friday and will not be accepting any referrals to the hospital in protest of being excluded from a recent salary adjustment for [...]

    Belize City Man Acquitted Of 2010 Murder
    Twenty-two year old Devon Sankey walked free on Wednesday for the murder of Renan Reneau which happened back in April 2010. A no case submission was put forth to the [...]

    A Disturbing Report in the South
    There is a most disturbing report from Punta Gorda where a thirteen year old girl has been impregnated by her stepfather. Earlier this week, police and social workers went to the [...]

    Boots Says Guatemala Cannot Stop FOB!
    Earlier in the newscast, we told you that Guatemala is objecting to the proposed construction of a forward operating base. This morning, we also had the take of the Port [...]

    Sedi Says P.U.P.s Are Not Strategic
    The People’s United Party has reached the point where politically connected and politically disconnected pundits have started offering advice. Advice of that sort can generally be disregarded, but today U.D.P. [...]

    U.D.P. Boots Martinez Has Words of Wisdom for the P.U.P. Leader
    Anthony “Boots” Martinez is also offering his two cents on the Opposition party narrowing it on the leadership. Boots, who doesn’t live in Port Loyola, but Freetown, says he believes [...]

    Boots Says Godfrey Smith Did the Right Thing to Resign
    Earlier this week, the P.U.P. confirmed that after reaching a mutual understanding, the party’s national campaign manager, Godfrey Smith, who took over the post in early 2014, was stepping down. [...]

    Sedi on Nestor Mendez: “He Elevates Our Profile…”
    In an extended interview with Minister Elrington, we also inquired about the installation of Nestor Mendez as Assistant Secretary General of the O.A.S.  It’s an auspicious occasion since for the [...]

    O.A.S. Helps G.O.B. to Reach Marginalized Families
    The Government of Belize and the Organization of American States today signed a cooperation agreement for an initiative targeting marginalized families. The three-year project, valued at two hundred and sixty [...]

    BOOST Program to Evolve to Better Serve Those in Need
    According to C.E.O. Alpuche, the ministry is working with the O.A.S. and the United Nations to ensure that the BOOST program evolves. Alpuche says the pilot project goes beyond cash [...]

    Katie Usher Remembers Kareem Clarke Through Art
    Two nights ago, we showed you artist’s Katie Usher’s creative approach to highlight how many lives have been taken as a result of the spiking crime. From her records, almost [...]

    Lab 2 Features Briheda Haylock
    Also as a part of Katie Usher’s Lab-Two installation going on at the Image Factory, several creative minds from across the country have started putting on exhibitions and artistic shows [...]

    Healthy Living Does Yoga!
    Over the past few years since they opened their doors, we’ve visited the Om Shanti Center for Yoga and Healing arts to share with you the latest addition to its [...]


    Phillip Goldson Highway Records Another Traffic Accident
    The traffic flow near the roundabout by Bowen and Bowen at mile 52 was disrupted this afternoon at around 1:00 due to a traffic accident. When authorities arrived on the scene, they observed a red Ford pickup truck on the right side of the road and a Tucson Sport SUV on the extreme right of the road with extensive damages. Reports suggest that the driver of the SUV stopped abruptly to turn into Caribbean Tires Depot on the left of the Highway. According to Dave Burgos, driver of the red pickup truck he could not avoid the collision since another vehicle was coming in the opposite direction. DAVE BURGOS – Driver “Freak accident here, we had these folks here from San Salvador seems they wanted to go in to Caribbean Tires so they stopped and eventually after the accident what they were saying is that they wanted to go Caribbean Tires but I want you to really look at the tire marks because the contention here with the police officer is that I am asking them one question am I on the road or am I off the road because the accident happened on the road as you can see it on the tire marks and that is why I took some photos and I am I disagreement in signing the measurements that they have and I told them that no we go to court with it because it certainly it did not happen with the measurements that they are giving.

    El Chapo Guzman Escapes, Belize Beef's Up Security At Its Borders
    The escape of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman continues to dominate the news worldwide, including here in Belize since his elaborate escape on Saturday July 12th from the Almoloya prison located 50 miles outside of Mexico City. This actually is the second time that the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel escapes from a Mexican Prison thus putting in question Mexico’s security system. In efforts of recapturing Guzman, Mexican authorities have distributed 100,000 photos of Guzman and have 10,000 agents on high-alert and have also communicated with authorities from across the globe including Belize. Why Belize you may ask? Well because reports are that he could seek refuge with his allege allies who live in Belize. In fact some newspapers from the state of Quintana Roo Mexico are actually reporting that Guzman is already here in Belize. Yesterday though, CEO in the Ministry of National Security George Lovell put those allegations to rest as he spoke to news five about the escape of Chapo Guzman.

    Rise Up Belize Conducts Academic Summer Program
    While a majority of primary school students are out enjoying their summer vacation, several kids from Orange Walk Town are already occupying their time preparing for the new school year. Since its introduction to Belize twelve years ago, Rise Up Belize has become a hallmark for many Belizean kids during their summer breaks. The group is known for providing quality education programs that are interactive and exciting for the children and this year, it is no exception. This summer, Rise Up Belize has partnered with the La Inmaculada RC School, Father Oliver Smalls, Local Manager of the School and Joey Garcia, Director of Rise Up Belize told us more about the program… “I am happy that Rise Up Belize is here with us this week to help our children not only in the academics but also in the spiritual realm also and I think that the parents have expressed wonderful feelings about their children progress and learning and I am so happy that they young ladies are volunteering their time to come to learn with us and to also share their gifted talents with us also.”

    Guatemala Tells Belize Not To Build FOB
    The territorial, aerial and maritime dispute between Belize and Guatemala has given rise, in the recent past, to serious incidents between the military forces of the two countries. The most recent was the May 28th confrontation between the Guatemalan Military and the Belize Coast Guard in the Sarstoon Island. When it comes to island in the Sarstoon River, a part of it is on the north side of the midline and therefore it’s in Belizean territory and another part of it is in Guatemalan territory, on the south side. Investigations have determined that Belize’s Coast Guard was on Belizean waters preparing for a forward operating base that is intended to be constructed there. In a show of courtesy and in order to preserve the diplomatic process, the Guatemalans were informed of Belize’s intention to build the FOB. But their response was not one expected by the Ministry of National Security.


    Belmopan man shot dead at warehouse
    Police are investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the death of 39 year old Louis Leslie of Belmopan, who met his death at the hands of a security guard at the Gonzalo Quinto and Sons compound in Belize City on Tuesday night. Authorities say Leslie went to the property at Mile 1 1/2 on t...

    Mennonite Dies in Fatal RTA
    There was a fatal road traffic accident last night around 8:50 pm that claimed the life of 39 year old Mennonite Johan Knelsen of camp 13, Shipyard Village, Orange Walk. According to reports, 39 year old Knelsen was travelling in his horse and cart buggy, along with his wife and two kids, heading in...

    Accused Kareem Clarke killer charged for firearm
    The accused teenage killer of journalist Kareem Clarke is in prison tonight, but he has not been charged for his murder. Instead the youth was charged for a firearm police found in his possession when they picked him up. Police, according to Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, continue to gather the evidence...

    Gregory August fights mandatory life sentence
    Back in April the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) agreed to grant convicted murderer Gregory August special leave to appeal his conviction subject to the Court of Appeal hearing and reasoning on two matters raised before them for the first time. One is the matter of trial judge Adolph Lucas not dir...

    Mike Menjivar sues GOB over GSU Raid
    In May 2011, the businessman Miguel Menjivar and his family went through a terrifying episode when the GSU raided his home during a predawn operation where over a hundred shots were fired. Menjivar, Belmopan business owner of the popular La Cabana restaurant and bar, was taken to court to answer to...

    Man charged for stabbing minor
    A man has been charged for stabbing a minor . On July 12th, a 17 year old male of 1st New Site Area, Dangriga visited the Dangriga Police Station and reported that at around 4:40 PM he was socializing with friends on Ramos Road when they had a misunderstanding with another male person who stabbed hi...

    Devon Sankey beats murder charge
    22 year old Devon Sankey was today acquitted of murder by Justice Troadio Gonzalez, sitting alone without a jury. He was accused of the murder of 25 year old Renan Reneau on April 8, 2010. Six witnesses had testified for the prosecution but it all fell apart when main witness and Reneau’s girl...

    The Guardian

    PUP crumbles - Godfrey Smith resigns as National Campaign Manager
    The PUP announced on Tuesday July 14 that their National Campaign Manager, Godfrey Smith resigned from the position effective immediately. Because of the prominent role that Smith had taken on in the past few months, many had speculated that he would have eventually been the one to take up the leadership of the party. But like his party leader, poor decisions are all he was able to give the PUP. In fact he was the chief architect for Ivan Ramos to have resigned from the National Assembly. He was the one who point blank told Ramos that he was not a viable candidate for the PUP for the next general elections and as such, even if he intended to run again, he would not receive any financial support from Smith, who was to have been the one who controlled the PUP’s purse strings. Three consecutive electoral defeats for the People’s United Party in less than six months and their solution is to have Godfrey Smith resign as the national campaign manager of their party. That is definitely no solution to an ailing PUP and a dense leadership that simply does not get the sense that the people do not want them in any ways of form.

    Belmopan resident is holding a half million dollar Fantasy Five ticket
    Some lucky Belizean is holding a 612 thousand-dollar ticket and they are yet to claim it after the numbers: 13, 16, 24, 26, and 34 played on Tuesday night’s Fantasy Five draw. The representatives of the company know that the winner is from Belmopan, but that person doesn’t want to collect. According to Karil Wallace, Fantasy 5’s Public Relations Officer, the winner has already contacted them to indicate that he or she won. This winner reportedly wants to convince the company to allow them to collect the winnings without having to be featured on national television. The company is trying to convince them to feature the collection of the winnings on news, and that person has quite the incentive to agree. That’s because after the Government’s taxes are deducted from it, the winner gets to take home $520,000.

    Belize’s FIFA ranking at its Best ever
    As of July 9, Belize’s World Cup ranking stands at 118 out of the countries that participate in FIFA sanctioned football. The upward ranking is as a result of Belize’s performance in the last four qualifier matches two against Grand Cayman and two against the Dominican Republic. After these matches Belize moved from the 157th position. The 118th rank is the best position Belize has ever held in FIFA; the worst being in 2007 when Belize held the 201st position. According to FIFA Belize is the best mover in the world cup ranking having jumped from 157 to 118. The team now awaits the selection of the third country team which it will play against. This decision will be made by a draw and the announcement will be made on July 25 in Moscow.

    Papa Mena arrives in style and sworn in as newest member of the National Assembly
    Newly elected Area Representative for Dangriga, Hope Creek and Sarawee, Hon. Frank “Papa” Mena, was escorted to Belmopan City on Friday, July 10, by a party of supporters to be sworn in as the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. | A ceremony was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. at the Belize House where Governor General Sir Colville Young was to administer the oath of office. By 10 a.m. the drums of Mena’s forefathers could be heard clearly from Market Square. Mena and his family led a procession along the pedestrian path of Belmopan Central enroute to the Belize House. There he recited the oath of office which starts with a specific commitment: “I Frank Mena do swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Belize…" After taking the oath, Mena walked out to be embraced by a proud crowd. A son of “backatown” was now a Minister of the country. The drums started speaking once again. This time Mena, his family, friends and supporters joined in with a traditional recital. Shortly after paying homage to where he has come from, Mena started to dance in celebration of where he has arrived. His supporters joined in – it was clear that this dance was a special one. It was a dance of relief – their little brother is now sitting at the table. They can’t help but look forward. Finally, Dangriga will get its fair share. Dangriga will be transformed. “Fuh we peepil will eet breda!”

    AHA! NTUCB president admits to no consultation with union members on Petro Caribe Bill
    On Wednesday morning during an appearance on KREM’s WUB morning show the NTUCB President Mora was forced to admit after being probed by Nuri Muhammad that the union executive had not consulted its members as regards to the their Senatorial vote on the Petro Caribe bill. Is that not what the government has been saying for almost a year now? Was that not the reason why the union’s Senator got in trouble with certain members in the NTUCB Executive? Did they not accuse him of not voting the way the unions would have wanted him to vote? Like the Church and the Business sector Senators , the Union Senator represents a specific group of people . In effect all 3 Senators hold PROXIES for and behalf of the members of their various organizations. The vote of these Senators are not their own vote nor is it a vote for the EXECUTIVES of their organizations neither is it for just a few of the general membership of their organizations. The NTUCB should have consulted it’s general membership through it’s various unions and their branches and then instruct their Senator based on the sentiments of the MAJORITY of it’s membership. In a democratic organization it is majority rule.

    12 more scholarships from Belize Bank
    Another twelve ambitious young Belizeans have the opportunity to further their education as beneficiaries of Belize Bank scholarships. The financial institution started the scholarship program in 2012 and now supports 55 students studying at secondary and tertiary level institutions countrywide. The newest members of the Belize Bank family were welcomed by Lyndon Guiseppi, Executive Chairman, at a brief ceremony on Tuesday, July 14. Under Guiseppi’s leadership, the country’s longest serving bank has made strides in its community outreach programs. The bank has received more recognition for its contribution to sports but according to Guiseppi it is the scholarship program that they are most proud of. “As a contributor to and an active participant in Belize’s economy, Belize Bank shares the vision of the Ministry of Education to build the talent pool as a means of furthering the national development of this country. We are hopeful that our investment in the scholarship programme will be a key component in this initiative,” said Guiseppi at the scholarship ceremony.

    Close of the Sugar Cane Season
    The gates at the Belize Sugar Industries remained open past 6:00 pm on Sunday in order to accommodate all last minute deliveries which numbered about 25-30 trucks loaded with sugar cane and which represented the cane farmers’ last opportunity to deliver their cane to the ASR/BSI Tower Hill Factory. With the final delivery of these truckloads of sugar cane, the “Zafra” will have finished 5 days later than originally planned for but purposefully done so in order to facilitate the delivery of cane from those small farmers who had not managed to deliver their full tonnage. However, the overriding good news for the industry was that all stakeholders had managed to achieve a bumper year not only in the amount of cane delivered but a record in terms of sugar produced this year. Last week, when the extension of 5 extra days was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega, an initiative that he pursued as Minister of Agriculture, the numbers were showing that 1.134 Million tons of cane had been ground and that with the extension, a total of 1.175 Million tons of cane will have been ground by the time the factory closes. Although we will have to wait for a final disclosure from the Factory as to the actual numbers, indications are that that figure will be reached and perhaps even surpassed bringing the total very close to last year’s total of 1.2 Million tons of cane ground. Further to that good news, the total tonnage of sugar produced is expected to be at least 17.5 percent above last year’s 120,000 tons, with an anticipated 141,000 tons of sugar produced this year.

    Enhancements continue in the Cayo Central Division
    Numerous enhancements continue to be made within the Cayo Central Division, the working ground of the Hon. Rene Montero; with more projects to be initiated in the near future. As had been promised, Perez Street in Santa Elena Town has recently been double chip sealed and its second portion has been fully cemented. This has occurred even as a contract has been signed for the paving of Salazar Street in Santa Elena and work on this street will commence shortly. Phase one road works will involve the upgrading of the highway between Lin’s Superstore and China Town Supermarket in Santa Elena Town, which will come complete with sidewalks and drains and a median line and will cost 1.2 million dollars. This section of Santa Elena has seen a rapid growth with the levels of economic activity as citizens come from all over Belize to shop at the spacious stores. Adequate lighting will also be placed in that section of the highway between Lin’s and China Town “…to match those on the new Loma Luz Boulevard” states a Facebook post from Cayo Central. Phase two will entail other improvements between the junction of Salazar Street to the Hawkesworth Bridge “…with lights alternating on both sides along with side walks and proper drainage,” says the Hon. Rene Montero, during a Summer Splash at the Macal River on Sunday.

    Police department recognizes students who overcame adversity
    The Belize Police Department held its 10th annual Do the Right Thing Awards ceremony at the Old Belize Restaurant on Tuesday, July 14, and the top two most outstanding individuals were young women who defied the odds in pursuit of quality education. 24-year-old Joycelin Chiquillo and 26-year-old Melissa Harris are both mothers of two children each who courageously returned to school and graduated from Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School this year. The Belize Police Department, Restore Belize, their school counselors and others recognize the courage it took for these women to return to school; therefore, they were given a hand up for doing the right thing. Joycelin Chiquillo had a difficult childhood. “When I was a kid I was abused sexually, verbally and physically,” she says. Chiquillo got pregnant shortly after completing her first year of high school. This forced her to drop out of school and take care of her child. Later she had a second child and became a full time mom. With no support from the children’s father, she had to find work when she could to provide for them. This desire to provide a better quality of life for her children is what motivated Chiquillo to return to school.

    Older folks always sound the warning that retribution takes 7 years before it takes effect. When we see what is happening to the People’s United Party that pronouncement has never seemed to be more factual than at present for the PUP. If my math is right and I don’t need to ask Jules, it’s been just over 7 years ago since the United Democratic Party were swept into office in February 2008 on the heels of a PUP defeat , who were beaten at the polls like an out of tune bass drum. It was just almost at the 7 year mark that everything started to go even further downhill for the PUP. On November 18th the Leader of the PUP was joined in a chorus by his Choir of PUP Area Representatives singing their much used refrain “ CALL ELECTIONS NOW” ! They did so at that time in the face of a very popular government that was buttressed by a throng of 10,000 Belizeans who had assembled on Independence Hill to say to the United Democratic Party ,that they were PLEASED with the United Democratic Party’s performance as the government of Belize and did not want to see the PUP back at the seat of government anytime soon. Much like the book of Exodus in the bible, Pharaoh named his own plague, so was it said to the PUP by our Prime Minster. The words had not long left the mouth of the PUP party leader when one of his own, Mahmoud resigned and forced a by-election in Cayo North. Caught with his pants down he was forced to settle for a failed Businessman turned politician since his choice for the seat turned him down saying he was no sheep to be led to the slaughter; the man who he was to go up against was a man who traps and captures Jaguars without fear. What happened to that failed Businessman was a beat down of epic proportions, where like BTL giving to its costumers the voters treated him to a triple-up. That is to say he lost by three to one.

    $125,000 to Jaguars and “More is on its way”
    The Guardian reported on June 18 that the Government of Belize was planning to make another donation to the Belize Football Jaguars to assist in preparations for the third round of World Cup Qualifiers. That donation has come in the form of a $125,000 grant courtesy of the Petro-Caribe funds. Joseph Waight, Belize’s Financial Secretary, handed over the cheque to Michael Blease, Secretary General of the Football Federation of Belize, on Monday, July 13. “It’s a grant to the FFB,” said Waight, “I was told to keep them in training. It costs, for housing and stipends, as much as $10,000 per week.” Though the Jaguars are not scheduled to play until the first week of September, the Federation continues to spend thousands of dollars in preparation for the games. It is the cost of competing at the level Belizeans have fallen in love with. “We have spent over four hundred thousand for the first two rounds and we know it is a lot of expense practicing, stipend for the players, feeding the players,” said Blease. “The projected budget is $300,000, at least, for this third round.”

    Last person on death row is off that sentence
    The last person on death row in Belize, Glenford Baptist, was charged and convicted for the murder of Osrin White that occurred on July 24, 2000. Oscar Mendez and Gilbert Wade were also charged and sentenced to hanging in November of 2001, by Justice Wilfred Elrington. In June 2002 however, the court of appeal quashed Mendez’s conviction because of faulty eyewitness identification. Mendez has since died on November 2, 2007, meanwhile, Wade was killed whilst recreating at the Belize Central Prison, leaving only Baptist in prison. Back on July 24, 2000, Baptist, Mendez and Wade went to the yard of Juanita Hinds, the girlfriend of White, on Iguana street extension, asking for Eyean Reid. When Reid saw the men through a hole on a zinc fence from ten yards away, he retreated behind the house inside the yard.

    Apprenticeship member accused of robbery
    Allan Phillips, who is a member of the Apprenticeship Program, was scheduled to graduate next week Wednesday, July 22, at ceremony that will take place at the Princess Hotel; however, he may not be able to participate in a ceremony because he has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on charges of robbery, harm and aggravated assault with a firearm. Allegations are that on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, Phillips robbed Fokrul Alam, who is the owner of Take and Pay Grocery store, at gun point, taking $400 in cash. Phillips was also accused of aggravated assault with a fire arm upon Lincoln Roy Glen, who was also at the store. | On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Phillips appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, to hear his charges. Phillips pleaded not guilty to all charges; however, due to the nature of the offense, Phillips was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October 13, 2015. The Chief Magistrate has also ordered that Phillips is to be provided with disclosure in the matter by September 13, 2015.

    Is Michel Chebat trying to transfer his vote?
    QUESTION TO CANDIDATE: Can the PUP candidate for the Cayo North Constituency, Michel Chebat, say if he has or has not applied to the Cayo North registering officer to transfer his vote from Fort George in Belize City to Cayo North giving his address as #5 Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio being the residence of Carlos “Mosquito” Habet? Was Habet’s residence selected given maybe that he could not use his “elderly” parents address as that would put him in Cayo Northeast? Given that they are registered in Cayo Northeast not even his parents will vote for him or is he planning to also move them to Mosquito’s house? It is said that a dishonest candidate makes a dishonest Area Representative. While his bosses have baggages galore at the very least they do not pull off this blatant dishonest stunt.

    Chester Williams Brokers Ghost Town Truce
    The zone from Vernon Street’s intersection with Sarstoon Street to its intersection with Mayflower Street has been the most dangerous in the country and perhaps the region (crimes per capita) over the last three months. The police officer in charge of developing an effective startegy for this area (and the entire Southside of Belize City for that matter) is Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, Commander of Eastern Division South. He says, “We all know that the situation [in the area] is the result of an internal issue between one gang: the Ghost Town gang.” Williams believes that increasing police presence in the area will not solve the issue. He has drafted a multifaceted plan and it starts with mediation. On Friday, July 10, Williams organized a mediation session with rivals from the Ghost Town Gang. Various shot callers and their associates were brought in along with parents and other relatives to have an open discussion. Williams allowed the relatives to speak first. They spoke about how difficult it has been to live in a community torn apart. Young men who were recently best friends are now hunting each other like animals. It has been especially hard on the parents who feel it when victims from either side are killed. They were all one clique until recently and would hang out together at each others’ yards – becoming like sons to their friend’s parents. Now these sons dodge each other in the dark of night and open fire at the mere glimpse of the enemy. The feud has placed the community in bondage. People are afraid to go to shop and walk the street. There is no peace of mind because one does not know who can be trusted. It was a quite emotional session as relatives plea for them to stop the war.

    Da fool di Talk... but dah no fool di listen
    On July 8 The People’s United Party took a trouncing in Dangriga as the UDP’s Frank “Papa” Mena crushed the PUP’s Anthony Sabal at the polls in that constituency’s bye-election. The Bye-election was triggered by the resignation of the then Area Representative, PUP’s Ivan Ramos who bested the UDP’s Arthur Roaches in the General Elections of 2012. Since then the PUP has been going through a metamorphosis of sorts and invariably it has been for the worst. After a terrible loss in the Cayo North Bye-election and an even worse one in the Municipal Elections, the PUP leadership fowled up the Dangriga seat to force yet another election. It is reported by party insiders that the PUP’s campaign manager and purse holder Godfrey Smith summoned the duly elected representative and gave him the unsavory news that he will not be the PUP’s choice to represent them in the upcoming General Elections. He was ordered to stand down and was told in no uncertain terms that he will not have the support of the PUP financially or otherwise. Having heard from the almighty Godfrey Smith, Ivan Ramos tucked his tail between his legs and sauntered on to Belmopan and requested the Petro Caribe Funds made available to all constituencies for the Mother’s Day Cheer. He then held that event in Dangriga where he delivered the news that he was resigning from parliament thereby triggering the Bye-election. Boom there it was, a stunning wakeup call for the PUP and especially to the leadership including Francis Fonseca and Godfrey Smith.

    Lake I Summer Camp closes with a bang
    After two weeks of football and basketball activities the first ever Lake Independence 'Life skills and Summer Camp' sponsored by Hon Mark King concluded on Wednesday July 15. A total of four teams participated in basketball and football for two weeks. During two weeks from July 1 to the 15 over a hundred young children participated in the all day summer camp and on Wednesday Hon. Mark King handed over trophies and gifts to the participants. In Basketball team Complex Unruly Ballers was awarded first place. Second place went to Lake Warriors and Third place was garnered by Police Street. The MVP in basketball was Diandre Arana. In football 1st place was taken by Brown Bombers after defeating team Survivor with a score of 3 to 2. Second place finisher in football was Survivors FC and third place went to Complex United. Individual awards went to Best goal keeper: Dylan Belisle; Best Defence: Denmark Gill; Best Midfield: Shemar Thompson;

    Board Members to the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio Town Re-elected
    Several Board members from the Octavia Waight Center, which is located in San Ignacio Town, were re-elected on Saturday of this past weekend. Taking the task as Chairperson is Claudette Hulse; Vice Chair, Mirna Martinez; Secretary, Clemente Cruz and Treasurer Bernadette Fernandez. While Claudette Hulse has served as Chairperson for two consecutive years, she has been serving at the Octavia Waight Center for the past 20 years. Present for the elections over the weekend was registration officer Ivorie Bulwer, who is also the Director of Help Age Belize. Ivorie Bulwer gave an opportunity for each of the re-elected Board members to speak, and in so doing illuminated the inner workings at the Octavia Waight Center. “It is a challenge taking it on, but I am willing to work with the Board and continue moving forward with the Octavia Waight Center,” said Claudette Hulse. Meanwhile; Deputy Mayor Bernadette Fernandez, who holds the portfolio for the aged at the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council, also accepted nomination to serve once more.

    Last person on death row is off that sentence
    The last person on death row in Belize, Glenford Baptist, was charged and convicted for the murder of Osrin White that occurred on July 24, 2000. Oscar Mendez and Gilbert Wade were also charged and sentenced to hanging in November of 2001, by Justice Wilfred Elrington. In June 2002 however, the court of appeal quashed Mendez’s conviction because of faulty eyewitness identification. Mendez has since died on November 2, 2007, meanwhile, Wade was killed whilst recreating at the Belize Central Prison, leaving only Baptist in prison. Back on July 24, 2000, Baptist, Mendez and Wade went to the yard of Juanita Hinds, the girlfriend of White, on Iguana street extension, asking for Eyean Reid. When Reid saw the men through a hole on a zinc fence from ten yards away, he retreated behind the house inside the yard. Reid overheard the men asked for him. Sharon Nicholas, one of the main witnesses in the trial and close friend, had told the men that Reid was not there, so they said “di good wahn soffa fu di bad”. When the men turned to question White, he simply told them that he was not into this. A voice recognized as Wade said “give mi d thing”, and White was shot. After the men had departed, Reid went to the front of the house where he saw White laying on the drain, dead.

    Apprenticeship member accused of robbery
    Allan Phillips, who is a member of the Apprenticeship Program, was scheduled to graduate next week Wednesday, July 22, at ceremony that will take place at the Princess Hotel; however, he may not be able to participate in a ceremony because he has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on charges of robbery, harm and aggravated assault with a firearm. Allegations are that on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, Phillips robbed Fokrul Alam, who is the owner of Take and Pay Grocery store, at gun point, taking $400 in cash. Phillips was also accused of aggravated assault with a fire arm upon Lincoln Roy Glen, who was also at the store. | On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Phillips appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, to hear his charges. Phillips pleaded not guilty to all charges; however, due to the nature of the offense, Phillips was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October 13, 2015. The Chief Magistrate has also ordered that Phillips is to be provided with disclosure in the matter by September 13, 2015.

    Another teenager shot and killed, hanging out with the wrong company
    Belize City teenager, Anthony Ashton Smith, was gunned down and murdered on Friday night, July 10, 2015, at a location in the Port Loyola area where police officers were stationed, only a stone’s throw away. Smith lived with his family on Sun Rise Avenue, in the Coral Grove area, which is on the other side of the City. It is not known exactly what he was doing on that side of town, but at around 8:50 p.m that night he was riding his bike on the Central American Boulevard. He had just passed by the Freedom Street intersection when a gunman waylaid him and fired shots from an open lot across the street. Smith was struck several times in the body and the head, and as soon as he went down, police officers started firing back at the gunman. They were just a few yards down the street at a bus stop on the corner from Central American and Jane Usher Boulevards, and as soon as they heard the gunshots, they sprang into action to try to catch the shooter.

    Gregory August appeals his conviction and sentence to life imprisonment
    Gregory August, 27 year old was accused of murdering an elderly citizen, Alvin Robinson. Allegations are that Robinson was found with a total of nine stab wounds that later led to his death. The incident occurred on May 23, 2009 inside the home of Robinson, located at mile 8 ½ on the Phillip Goldson Highway. August was convicted by the Supreme Court on November 28, 2013, where he was sentenced to life imprisonment. On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, August was represented by attorney Eamon Courtney, before Judge Adolph Lucas to appeal his conviction and sentence. August maintains his innocence, and has claimed that he was wrongfully accused of Robinson’s murder. Courtney submitted two points on behalf of August, saying that he was entitled to a good character direction.

    Sexual discrimination case against gay activist Caleb Orosco ends in conviction
    Caleb Orosco, 41 year old Gay Rights Activist, was before the court as the victim of a sexual discrimination incident that occurred on August 5, 2015. One of his neighbors, identified as 31 year old Emmerson Picart, a Junior Accounts Officer/Second Class Clerk with the Ministry of National Security was accused of throwing missiles at Orosco and using indecent words upon him. The testimony that Orosco gave was that on August 5, 2014, whilst at his home on Zericote Street, Picart threw pint bottles at him and assaulted him verbally. Orosco said that he immediately called 911, but when he got no answer, he called for his sister to help him. It was not until August 24, 2014 that he was taken seriously and PC Sergio Pott investigated the matter. Subsequently, Picart was charged with the two offences in September of that year. On Thursday, July 9, 2015, Picart appeared unrepresented in court before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, to answer to two non custodial sentences. Though Picart tried to support his non guilty plea, he was found guilty by the Chief Magistrate when his story didn’t add up. He was slapped with a fine of $100 each for the two offences in default two months imprisonment. Picart then had to apologize in open court to Orosco.

    4 Cubans, caught living in Belize illegally
    Four Cubans, a female waitress, along with 3 males, a Carpenter, an Astronomer and a Painter, were caught living in Belize illegally on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, After they were found travelling onboard a Shaw’s bus coming into the city. Allegations are that on Wednesday, they entered Belize through the banks of the Mopan River. It is believed that they were using Belize as a port of entry and route to the United States. On Thursday, July 9, 2015, the group of four appeared unrepresented in court before Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett, to answer to a single charge of illegal entry. They all wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the immigration offense. The group of four was all imposed non custodial sentences where they were fined $1,000 each plus a $5.00 cost of court. The fines were ordered to be paid immediately in default 6 months in prison. The first to be read the charge was 27 year old Waitress, Glendis Barrentos Cardero, followed by her three country brothers, 28 year old carpenter, Libon Castro Rosales, 23 year old Astronomer, Rueben Hernandez Palma and 33 year old painter, Pedro Valerino Martinez, all of Havana Cuba. Neither of them was able to pay their fines. Magistrate Gillett granted a removal order for them to be expelled from the country after they have served a 6 months jail time at the Belize Central Prison.

    Derrick Engleton and a minor walk from charge of use of deadly means of harm
    Twenty four year old Belize City resident, Egbert Jones, who was also once a car washer along with his twin brother at the parking lot located behind the Magistrate’s Court, had a second near death experience back on December 29, 2014. Prior to this incident, he was crushed by a wall while tearing it down at the old Civic Center. He was left hospitalized, fighting for his life, and remains with only scars to remind him of his tragedy. Jones reported to the police that while standing on Lovely lane with its intersection of Pickstock Street he was approached by two men that he identified as 28 year old Derrick Engleton and a 17 year old minor. According to Jones, the two men were armed with a single firearm. The minor took the first shot at Jones, but the gun snapped and failed to fire, Jones took off running, and so did his attackers. Engleton then took the gun to fire a second shot, but the gun snapped yet again.

    Dangriga fisherman charged with wounding over Fonto leaf
    Samuel Frances Juarez, 38 year old Fisherman of Dangriga, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a charge of wounding after allegations made against him by 32 year old Biscayne resident, Rudy Alexander Faber. According to Faber, at about 4:48 p.m. on Monday, July 6, 2015, whilst he was asleep, he was awoken by a loud flute and recognized that Juarez, whom he has known for two years, was the one blowing it. Juarez allegedly asked him for a piece of fonto to smoke marijuana, where he willingly gave it to Juarez. Thereafter, Juarez hit him with a stick on his head and across the back, for no apparent reason. When Faber was defending himself, Juarez pushed him onto the highway, near Biscayne Village, causing him to fall and have a vehicle run over his big toe. In court, Juarez appeared unrepresented before the Magistrate, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge of wounding. He was offered bail in the sum of $1,000 plus one surety of the same amount, but he was unable to meet bail and remained in police custody until he can do so.

    GSU take 5 guns off the streets in 6 days
    Over a 6-day period, the Gang Suppression Unit has managed to take an assortment of firearms off the street, and the unit’s vigilance has led to the seizure a large quantity of drugs. Of the significant weapons find, shortly after the street-style slaying of Anthony Smith (see story on page...), the GSU was one of the units which responded on Friday, July 10. They did a sweep of the area and found a black colored Glock 9mm pistol, which had its serial number filed off. Inside the weapon’s chamber was 1 live round, and the magazine also contained 1 live round. The gunman who had used this weapon escaped, and so it was deposited as found property. Though the investigators believe that this was the murder weapon, it was sent for ballistics testing. About an hour and a half later, the officers in Belize City had to respond to another shooting, which happened on Vernon Street. At around 10:30 p.m. that same night, 21 year-old Glenn Murrillo was standing in front of a Chinese shop when he was shot in the upper right arm.

    Acquitted of attempted murder
    Back in October of 2011, 30 year old Keith Cleland, a resident of #1134 Apple Star Street, Coral Groove area, Belize City reported to the police that he was shot twice in both hands by a lone gunman he recognized as Ernest Thurton Junior. On October 5, 2011, while waiting to catch a bus at the corner of North Front Street and Douglas Jones Street, Cleland told police he was standing near the bridge located next to the drug store conversing with another male, also waiting to catch a bus. According to Cleland, he saw a male of dark complexion, coming from the direction of Douglas Jones and Victoria Street, riding on a bike, when he heard the male yell out to the guy standing next to him, saying “Buoy move”. Thereafter, he saw Thurton lift up his shirt and pull out a handgun, firing a shot in his direction. Cleland took off running towards Douglas Jones Street, as he heard four more shots rang out. When he arrived at the corner of Freetown Road and Douglas Jones Street, he saw that he was bleeding from his two hands, and that’s when a man in a vehicle parked by the traffic lights assisted him and rushed him to the KHMH for treatment.

    Police in Hope Creek shoot and kill Leopold Myvette
    Dangriga Police say they shot and killed Hope Creek Village Resident Leopold Myvette in self defense. The deceased’s family is furious, and they say that the officers did not have to kill him to subdue him. The official police version is that on Saturday, at around 8:45 p.m., they responded to a report of a disturbance in front of Fuentes Bar. When they arrived, they found 28 year-old Leopold Myvette socializing with a group of men under a tree, right across the street. The officers reported to their bosses that the men started to walk away, but they quickly informed the men that they were going to be searched. They say that it was at that moment that Myvette turned away, pulled out what they believed was a black firearm, turned around and pointed it at them.

    Three way lead in Belize District Firms Basketball Competition
    The Belize District Basketball Association Firms Competition continued on Saturday 11 July, 2015, at Bird’s Isle with three games on the schedule. In the first game on the schedule, BWS Pressure defeated Ready Call by the score of 76-55. The top scorers for BWS Pressure were Luis Barcelona with 18 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals, Jamir Enriquez with 17 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal and Ashley Hemsley with 16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals. For the Ready Call squad, the top scorers were Rahiem Franklin with 21 points and 4 rebounds and Septiums Ritchie with 8 points and 4 rebounds. In the second game of the evening, Bulldogs defeated the Digicell 4G squad by the score of 66-61. The top scorers for the Bulldogs were Rupert Brown with 19 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals; Roscoe Rhys with 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 assist and Marcel Orosco with 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals.

    Belize Basketball Federation holding open tryouts for U-14 male
    The Belize Basketball Federation (BBF) will be fielding a male under 14 National Team to participate in FIBA’S COCABA Tournament. The tournament will be held in Merida, Mexico, from August 12-16, 2015. The Belize Basketball Federation is calling upon all interested male basketball players, from around the country, to attend two weeks of open practice, as a means of being selected to the National Team. Players must be born in 2001 or after to be eligible for this tournament and all players must have a valid passport that has a life value of more than six months on its expiration from the tournament. All players who attend these tryout sessions are required to bring their passport or Social Security Card, so that the coaches can verify ages.

    Joel Borland is the Belikin King of the Hills champion
    The Cycling Federation of Belize in collaboration with Belikin Beer held the King of the Hills Cycling event on Sunday 12 July, 2015. The event started at the San Ignacio Welcome Centre and in the case of the Elite category, the riders had to do 15 laps. At the end of the Elite category, first place went to Joel Borland of Digicell 4 G Cycling Team. The second rider to cross the finish line was Joslyn Chavarria also of Digicell 4G, while the third rider to cross the finish line was Ron Vasquez of Western Spirits. The fourth rider to cross the finish line was Giovanni Choto of C-Ray Cycling and he was followed by Jegmar Guerra. In the Masters’ Category, first place went to Liam Stewart and he was followed by Henry Moriera with third place going to Kerry Gladden. In the female category, first place went to Alicia Thompson of Belize Bank Swoosh, second place went to Shalini Zabaneh of Team Sagitun, with third place going to Kaya Cattouse of C-Ray.

    Three way tie in Belize Rural Softball Competition
    The Belize Rural Softball Association 2015 season continued on Sunday 12 July out in Ranch Dolores with three games on the schedule. In the first game played, UB Jaguars blasted Lord’s Bank Sunrise by the score of 17-9. The winning pitcher was Karlene Williams and the losing pitcher was Sherian Wesby. In game two, Easy Does It won handily over Burrell Boom’s Orchid Girls by the score of 13-6. The winning pitcher was Margaret Hendy and the losing pitcher was Rebecca Nicholson. And in the final game of the day, Double Head Cabbage ran all over the host team Country Rose by the score of 25-2. The winning pitcher was Herlet Clarke and the losing pitcher was Angie Tucker. The competition will continue on Sunday 19 July at 11:00 am in Lord’s Bank Village with three more games on the schedule.

    Rebels United maintains lead in John Saldivar Softball Competition
    The Cayo Softball Association John Saldivar Senior Female Competition continued on Sunday 12 July at the Dembeigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote Village with three games on the schedule. In the first game played, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy won handily over Camalote Spokane by the score of 6-1. The winning pitcher was Leandra Guy and the losing pitcher was Rose Rowland. In game two, Esperanza Wolverines defeated the Belmopan Emeralds by the score of 13-6. The winning pitcher was Rose Vernon and the losing pitcher was Guadalupe Chicas. And in the final game of the day, the league’s leading Rebels United of Unitedville defeated the Camalote Spokane by the score of 13-2. The winning pitcher was Francine Salazar and the losing pitcher was Nadina Coye. The competition awill continue this coming Sunday 19 July, 2015, at the Dembeigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote Village.

    Security Guard charged with burglary
    Glenroy Reynolds, 34 year old resident of Ladyville and a security guard of the Traffic Department located on Youth for the Future drive, allegedly burglarized the traffic department and stole a total of 20 decal license stickers on April 4, 2015. Reports are that when the surveillance camera of the department was viewed, Reynolds was seen covering the camera with a piece of cloth, and that’s when an investigation for burglary was undertaken. When Reynolds was confronted, he handed in 6 stickers, valuing $325.00, from a total of $4,225.00, missing property of the Belize City Council. On Monday, July 13, 2015 Reynolds appeared unrepresented at the Magistrate’s court to answer to a single charge of burglary and handling stolen goods. Reynolds pleaded not guilty to the charge and bail was considered; however, police court prosecutor, Cpl. Noel Muschamp, objected and bail was denied.

    Another man walks free from murder in a trial by judge without jury
    Devon Sankey, 22 year old but 17 at the time, allegedly shot Renan Reneau as many as four times to his upper body back in 2010. Reneau was at his girlfriend’s home, located at #3166 Kut Avenue, when he met his untimely death. According to his girlfriend, Arilee Sommerville, Reneau, her sister and Sankey got into an argument the day prior to the killing of Reneau; however, not giving the details of what had caused the argument. According to a statement gathered by Cpl. #155 Arcadio Chun, during the questioning of Sommerville at her house, she identified the shooter as Sankey, since she saw him riding off on a bicycle from in front of her house the same night after the shooting occurred. On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Sankey appeared represented by his attorney, Oscar Selgado, before Judge Troadio “John” Gonzalez, where a no case submission was put forward. This after the crown’s main witness, Sommerville, who was treated as a hostile witness, made it clear to the court and the prosecutor, Kileru Awich, that she wanted no further action with the case.

    Jaimie Smith walks from double murder
    Jaime Smith, a 27 year old construction worker and resident of #10 Racoon Street, Belize City, was accused of a double murder incident that took the life of Eric Arana and Dwayne Tillett. The incident occurred on Antelope Street Extension around 7 p.m. on May 20, 2011. Khiry Haulze and Joanne Gillett were the main witnesses that were hanging out with Smith and Arana when the incident happened. Haulze reported to the police that the three of them were sitting on an old cream colored vehicle that was parked outside a yard. According to Haulze, a man with dreadlocks, whom he identified as Jaimie Smith, was riding a bicycle when he opened fire in their direction from about 30 feet away; hitting all four victims. He immediately ran into the yard and took shelter. Arana died on the scene, while Tillett was taken to the hospital, where he later died from his injuries. Forensic doctor, Mario Estradaban, testified that both men died from Exsanguination. He found a 9 mm slug on the left side of the posterior line of Tillett’s body as well as injuries to his lungs and kidney, while 12 gunshot wounds were found on Arana’s body. He concluded that they both suffered from internal and external bleeding as a consequence of multiple gunshot injuries.

    Customs officer stabbed to death in Benque
    Ervin Wade appeared in the San Ignacio Magistrate Court before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett on Monday of this week, where he was read a charge for murder. He is to make his next court appearance on September 17, 2014, but for the meantime he will be remanded to the Belize Central Prison. Meanwhile; a postmortem which has been conducted to Keisha Buller confirmed that she died as a result of exsanguination due to internal and external bleeding. The charge of murder against Wade stems after twenty-five year old Customs Officer Keisha Buller was stabbed to death on Friday evening of last week in Western Belize. Keisha Buller was stabbed repeatedly in her neck and body by her common-law husband Ervin Wade during one of his jealous rages at her rented home at number 45 George Street in Benque Viejo del Carmen. Buller was reportedly trying to get out of the house, when she was stabbed and as she tried to escape she collapsed. Neighbors would hear her desperate screams from about 1:30 pm. on Friday. Police found Keisha Buller in a pool of blood, after which she was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.

    Government of Belize Summer of Sports Camps taking place across the country
    The Government of Belize Summer of Sports Camps which is funded by the Petrocaribe Funds is currently taking place across the country. The National Sports Council received 167 application forms from across the country and at the end of the exercise the sub-committee that was responsible for vetting and approving those forms which met the basic criteria approved 97 applications for grants. Some camps are scheduled to commence next week with the final three camps including the only Athletics camp at Corozal Community College to commence the first week of August.

    The Reporter

    To be or not to be
    Contributed by: Lisa Shoman In early 2013, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched a new advertising campaign for Belize. Research conducted by the BTB showed that Belize needed to “re-brand” after 26 years of being Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” and ‘Discover How to Be” was launched as Belize’s new campaign, with gorgeous ads and posters, urging visitors to “BE still”, “BE inspired” “BE native” “BE uncharted” and “BE unleashed”. The idea was that in Belize, the visitor was free to BE. But is that really true? The recent news that a private sector entity in Belize, Caribbean Villas Resorts, is advertising that it is holding an LGBT “pride event” in Belize which is billed as “ Temptation Island Pride Week” raises important issues about the Laws of Belize, visitors to Belize and the tourism industry and the freedom of the visitor “to BE”. It is clear that Belize’s laws as they currently stand, do have a real impact, not only in respect of the entry of visitors in Belize, but also because of the criminal sanctions to which visitors to Belize may unwittingly be exposed while staying in our country. The BTB and the alphabet soup of stakeholders of the Belize tourism industry such as the BHA, BTIA, BTGA, BNTOA and all tourism industry stakeholders who are not members of any association, have a duty of care, (which they fulfill to some degree) in ensuring that visitors to Belize are informed that our national law has serious criminal penalties for drug/ firearm possession and for sexual assault against minors and children in Belize.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police officer dies in fatal traffic accident in Spanish Lookout
    The fatal traffic accident that happened last night in Spanish Lookout has claimed the life of a police officer and has critically injured the Village Chairman of Buena Vista. According to reports, both the police officer and the Village Chairman were traveling in the same vehicle when they […]

    Fatal Traffic Accident in Spanish Lookout
    Belize Media Group has been informed about a fatal traffic accident that occurred in Spanish Lookout tonight. According to reports, the traffic accident involves the Chairman of Buena Vista Village who is injured and is in a critical condition, and a policeman who has succumbed to his injuries. This is […]

    It’s craboo season in Belize!
    As a child I looked forward to this time of the year – “summer vacation” – especially on rainy mornings to run outside and pick up the fresh craboo from under the craboo tree. The excitement increased when there were different types to pick up including the big […]

    Teen stepdaughter left pregnant
    A Punta Gorda man has been detained by authorities after his 13 year old Guatemalan stepdaughter reported to police that she was raped by her stepfather and is almost 24 weeks pregnant. Police and social workers on the morning of Tuesday, July 14, visited the minor’s home, where they […]

    Fatal road traffic accident in South
    The body of a 60 year old Santa Cruz Village resident is today awaiting a post mortem at the Southern Regional Hospital, after a motorcycle accident yesterday evening, July 15, caused injuries to which he later succumbed. Honduran National, Cornelio Miranda, was reportedly riding his red and black motorcycle in […]

    Governor General attends COBEC summer conference
    Belize’s Governor General Sir Colville Young is visiting Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A., for the annual summer conference of the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC), being hosted by the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNC-W). COBEC works towards higher education in Belize and also provides opportunities for students to study, research […]

    Police confirm changes to Eastern Division
    The largest police division in Belize is no more – at least not in its current alignment. Eastern Police Division has been divided into three subdivisions: Eastern Police Division North (ED North), Eastern Police Division South (ED South) and Eastern Police Division Rural (ED Rural). Eastern Police Division […]

    Pepper spray attacker guilty of harm
    26 year old hair braider Patrice Ramsey of Price Alley is accused of pepper spraying another woman whom some friends suggested resembled her. She appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today for sentencing after being found guilty of harm on Tuesday but the magistrate was not […]

    Police detain three in senior citizen’s murder
    Suspecting the death of 61 year old Osmar Ramos to be murder, police have detained three men for questioning. Ramos, a Salvadoran naturalized Belizean farmer of Paraiso Area, was observed to have been chopped multiple times to the neck, back of the head, shoulder and chin. Belmopan police say the […]

    Corozal police destroy marijuana plants
    Corozal police on an anti-drug mission have found and destroyed a marijuana plantation. On Tuesday, July 14, police visited Paraiso, Corozal District, and discovered the plantation containing an estimated 3,000 small plants. The plants were uprooted and burnt by police but as there was no one in the area no […]

    Annual summer financial literacy camp
    The love of money is the root of all evil, according to the Bible, but it can also be a source of good. To control and channel our youngest population’s attitudes toward money, the Ministry of Education and international firms PWC and Peace-works are hosting a series of camps on […]

    Guatemala trying to stop construction of forward operating base at Sarstoon Island
    Guatemalan authorities remain peeved after their encounter with Belizean Coast Guard personnel in the vicinity of Sarstoon Island, where the Belizeans had gone to scout the location for the construction of a forward operating base to help with Belize’s law and order. National Security CEO George Lovell told Channel 5 […]

    Belize authorities to help Mexico get “Shorty” Guzman
    CEO in the Ministry of National Security George Lovell told Channel 5 News last night that there is presently no indication that escaped Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, also known as “Shorty,” is in Belize. However, reports suggest that he was smuggled here and is in hiding with […]

    Gregory August fights mandatory life sentence
    Back in April the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) agreed to grant convicted murderer Gregory August special leave to appeal his conviction subject to the Court of Appeal hearing and reasoning on two matters raised before them for the first time. One is the matter of trial judge Adolph Lucas […]

    Accused Kareem Clarke killer charged for firearm
    The alleged accused teenage killer of journalist Kareem Clarke is in prison, but he has not been charged for his murder. Instead the youth was charged for a firearm police found in his possession when they picked him up. Police, according to Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, continue to gather the […]

    Devon Sankey beats murder charge
    22 year old Devon Sankey was acquitted of murder on Wednesday by Justice Troadio Gonzalez, sitting alone without a jury. He was accused of the murder of 25 year old Renan Reneau on April 8, 2010. Six witnesses had testified for the prosecution but it all fell apart when main […]


    A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 5
    What is most incredible about the ancient Maya is the fact that they did not evolve in isolation as a civilisation. There were other cultures next to them and around them. None developed such high civilisation as the Maya. This certainly was an incredible accomplishment. There are 2 interesting ideas that we do not agree with in as far as what points to why the Maya developed such high culture. The first is the Hyper Diffusionist Theory. This theory suggests that an external culture came into America and help develop the Maya, such as the Phoenicians and/or the Egyptians. The second is Local Diffusion. This suggests that there was a mother culture in America (Cultura Madre), such as the Olmec, Zapotec or Teotihuacan cultures, from which the ancient Maya developed.

    Corn Bread
    Ingredients 1 cup flour 1 cup cornmeal 1/4 cup white sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt 2 eggs, beaten Directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Lightly grease an 8x8 inch baking pan. In a large bowl, mix flour, cornmeal, sugar, soda and salt. Stir in yogurt and eggs. Do not over mix, stir only until well blended. Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake in preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until center of the bread springs back when gently pressed.

    Caracol Altar 26 revisited
    As promised this is for tour guides or anyone that would like to know a little more details about alter 26 feel free to download and share the info. this was published by Mexicon

    International Sourcesizz

    ‘You Betta Belize It!’
    It’s cute, catchy and you’ll see it everywhere you look in Belize: “You Betta Belize It!” In part one of this travel series, we had just arrived at our first destination on this sojourn, the beautiful village of Placencia, located along an 18-mile stretch of the Placencia Peninsula (population 3,458) and encompassing four small villages—Riversdale, Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia, which is home to about half of the denizens here. Despite its size, there is a great expanse in the topography here, from approximately three feet above sea level to over 3,600 feet a short drive away in the Maya Mountain range. From here you can embark upon numerous short excursions, such as deep sea fishing, whale shark diving (four times a year during full moon), caving, sailing, scuba diving, visiting to the Mayan ruins, going on a Monkey River howler tour or trying an extensive jungle hike through a jaguar preserve, just to name a few.

    Welcome to Belize!
    Tropical rainforests, Mayan ruins and temples, stunning beaches, picturesque mountains and a rich history and culture. This is only the beginning of what you’ll experience in Belize. Located in Central America, Belize is approximately four hours from both New York City and Detroit, six hours from Seattle, five hours from Los Angeles, three hours from Dallas and two hours from Miami. Many people believe Belize to be an island, however it is a Central American country bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. This mistaken impression is understandable though, given that one of the biggest draws to Belize is for its hundreds of “cayes” (islands, pronounced “keys”) dotted along a spectacular Barrier Reef, the second largest (behind Australia’s) in the world. Once here, you will find that and so much more, as Belize is home to some of the greatest historical, cultural and ecological diversity in the world.

    Real Estate Advice: 5 of the Best Places to Retire In the World
    Are you looking to retire soon? International Living (IL), a magazine and website devoted to expat living and retirement overseas knows where your retirement money could stretch a little further and at the same time allow you to savor a happy and comfy way of living. Here's the list of the top overseas places for retirement as reported by About Home (listed in alphabetical order): Belize: It may not have a cheap cost of living compared to other places in the Caribbean, but Belize still proves to be one of the best places to retire in the world. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and a small-town living vibe with the perfect climate year round. Just south of Mexico, Belize also has a secure banking system that favors foreign investors. Retirees can also enjoy tax-free income for money they earn outside the country. If you still aren't convinced, retirees can actually import goods without fee or penalty through their Qualified Retired Person (QRP) program, a program especially set-up for retirees' interests.

    First regular Houston-Cuba flight begins next month
    A weekly flight between Houston and Cuba will begin next month, marking the first regular flight from the Bayou City to the once-forbidden Caribbean island. Miami-based HavanaAir Charters announced it will begin a service each Wednesday from Bush Intercontinental Airport to Havana. The charter company will fly with its partner Eastern Air Lines on a Boeing 737-800 starting in August. Executives for HavanaAir and Eastern Air said in a statement that Houston will be a gateway to Cuba for the western U.S. The news follows the Obama administration's announcement late last year that it would ease restrictions against Cuba, which has been under a U.S. embargo for a half a century. The new rules clear the way for more travel and business connections to Cuba. American citizens can bring home Cuban cigars, use credit cards in the country and invest in small businesses, among other changes. While general tourism is still not allowed, U.S. travelers allowed to visit Cuba no longer need to apply for special licenses. Under existing rules, Americans were allowed to travel to Cuba for family visits, government business, journalism, research or religious activity. With the changes, the number of visitors to Cuba is expected to jump, particularly in Houston, a key gateway to Latin America.

    Want to Improve Your Quality of Life? Move to Central America
    A sizeable number of U.S. citizens have moved to Central America. Estimates from the United Nations Population Division in mid-2013 showed 13,000 Americans living in Costa Rica, 12,000 in Panama, 4,000 in Nicaragua and 3,000 in Belize. Why would someone pull up stakes to live in a foreign country with perhaps a different language and culture (English is the official language of Belize)? A recently published study, "Expats: Expectations & Reality," by Best Places In The World to Retire, provides some answers. It summarizes the responses of 389 expatriates living in Central America, the vast majority of whom live in Panama, Belize and Nicaragua. The survey was hosted on SurveyGizmo and was conducted between April 17 and April 27. Among respondents, 73.5% said their home country was the U.S., while 12.9% came from Canada, 4.6% from the U.K., 3.9% from elsewhere in Europe and the remainder from other countries.

    Classic ancient Maya “collapse” not caused by overpopulation and deforestation, say researchers
    For years, archaeologist Anabel Ford has been arguing the case that the ancient Maya knew well how to manage their tropical forest environment to their advantage, eventually sustaining large populations even beyond the time when many archaeologists suggest the Maya declined and abandoned their iconic Classic period pyramidal and temple constructions and monumental inscriptions during the 8th and 9th centuries CE. She challenges the popular theories long held by many scholars that the Maya declined because of overpopulation and deforestation from increased agricultural production, perhaps aggravated by draught and climate change. “In the past there was no extensive deforestation,” states Ford.* At the base of her reasoning stands years of research related to the ancient practice of the Maya in cultivating ‘forest gardens’, a method of sustainable agroforestry that employs an agricultural methodology called the Milpa Cycle—the creation of a polycultivated, tree-dominated, biodiverse landscape by dispersed smallholder farmers, employing natural cycles and maximizing the utility of the native flora and fauna.

    Avalon Partners Announces Potential Funding Partner for Bolton Bank
    Avalon Partners, Ltd. announces a potential US funding partner for buyers interested in the purchase and development of Bolton Bank located in Belize. “We are pleased to be able to introduce serious, qualified buyers to a US funder experienced in the Caribbean with several known projects under their belt. This company will consider funding purchase and/or build-out costs for a qualified developer,” stated Grace Lappin, Avalon’s Managing Partner. “We believe this incentive will increase the already high interest shown Bolton Bank as well as offer additional development security for interested parties.” Avalon Partners, in cooperation with Premiere Estates Auction Company, has organized the sale of Bolton Bank on August 4. This event is especially important because it offers commercial buyers and investors an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a prime luxury development site at auction. Bolton Bank, Belize, a 4,000+ acre river and sea-front parcel within a few miles of Belize’s only international airport and the cruise port, has the potential to be a game-changer for the country’s major city providing an opportunity to create an eco-hotel resort complex complete with state of the art conference center, commercial and retail spaces, residential community, as well as world class golf and casino.


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  • Belize Dive at Blue Hole, 5min. We stayed at Ramon's Village Resort on Amergris Caye in Belize. The Blue Hole trip is an all day affair (2.5 hrs roughly each way by boat) that starts with a quick 20 minute (or so) dive at the Blue hole to a scheduled max of 130 feet. This is followed by two other dives on the atoll. While the Blue Hole is interesting for the stalactites and the deep depth, the following two dives are very enjoyable for color, sponges, and fish. They will be covered in a separate video.

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  • Agitation to Relaxation, 2015, 3min. This video is about Belize 2015

  • Aerial Views of the Belize Jungle, 1min. Filming with an aerial drone means getting angles that will sure to impress your viewers. Here are a few shots from my recent trip to Belize.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize, 14min. Prince Cruise shore excursion, riding intertubes through a cave. Wonderful and excitiing trip. Outstanding Cave Tubers "Butt-Up" was the company. More fun, more excitment. Great video shots of the jungle and the cave.

  • Ziplining in Belize, 3min. My wife and I on our Honeymoon in Belize and we got to go ziplining at Zipliners of the Howling Hills. I know the perspective isn't great, but I hope you enjoy anyways.

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  • Belize - By Brian Jeffrey Live 5-9-15, 5min.

  • Hungry Iguanas on Hamaruba, Caye Caulker Belize, 3min. Hungry iguanas come in for their afternoon snack at Hamaruba in Caye Caulker.

  • LINDA LEWIS SERENADES BELIZE'S SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME, 41min. The iconic Belizean softball player and pitcher of the 1970's Belizean softball Hall of Fame, Linda Lewis, comes to Belizean Legends after a long overdue but worth the while wait. Her outspoken and passionate spirit of an athlete with a long line of accolades that speaks for itself, is serenaded on this exclusive feature. After almost 30 years away from Belize, the 1974 softball Gold Medalist reflects on the moment of victory when Belizean women won the first gold medal for Belize in sports. The period of triumph has become a nationalistic symbol for Belizeans at home and abroad, and is the most celebrated and told story of the greatness of the Belizean people. Lewis's in-depth analysis of Belizean women in sports is compelling. It tells of how a high degree of discipline and hard work exemplified by a cadre of Belizean women of the 1960's and 70's appears to be almost dissipating in today's Belizean generation but with a glimpse of hope. Most of all, her incredible story reveals that softball for those Belizean women of her time was responsible for a tremendous degree of success that had built productive careers and professionalism.

    July 16, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    It’s Taco Time!
    Nothing says island living like refreshing cocktails and simple yet tasty eats! I mean, we had some of the best drinks and shrimp tacos among other tasty bites , we’ve had in while! But we won’t tell you where from just as yet, you gotta stay tuned for our lasted food-venture, coming soon! I mean check these babies out…yes, they were as good as they look :-)

    Letter to the Editor: The Catholic Church Welcomes All Persons with Same-Sex Attraction
    To my brothers and sisters with same-sex attraction: Let us all love one another as Jesus has loved us! As the pastor of San Pedro Catholic Church I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all our brothers and sisters who have same-sex attraction. Whether the same-sex inclination is in the nascent stages or you have fully chosen to identify and live a homosexual lifestyle, I want to make clear that I love you and most importantly God loves you. I understand the sufferings, confusion and loneliness that many of you experience in silence and I want you to know that the Catholic Church and God’s mercy is a refuge for you. Strengthened by God’s word and the sacraments, thousands of men and women with same-sex attraction have experienced the freedom and love of the Gospel in the Catholic Church. The established, Courage Apostolate, a nonjudgmental catholic organization for persons with same-sex attraction who desire to be a disciple of Jesus, is known internationally for its support of Christians of all denominations.

    152 goals scored in first week of ICSC 5-a-side Football Tournament
    The Island Citizens Sporting Club‘s (ICSC) Five-a-side Football Tournament officially kicked off on Thursday, July 9th. Island residents gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium over the weekend for three days of fun. A collaborative effort with the San Pedro High School (SPHS), the tournament is being held under the theme of “Keeping our children smiling through sports”. 11 little league teams, four female teams and 28 senior teams are competing in the biggest football tournament San Pedro has seen. Four matches were played in the first game day on Thursday, July 9th. Prior to the real football action, a short ceremony was held with Miss SPHS 2014-2015 Shelia Chi taking the first goal shot. After the ceremony, head organizer Alex Noralez declared the tournament open. The schedule for the next round of games is as follows: Thursday, July 16th starting at 7PM- Goliath FC vs Ruff Strikers FC, Graniel’s FC vs Island Pure FC, Costa Warriors FC vs Green House FC and Vince Warriors FC vs San Mateo FC; Friday, July 17th starting at 7PM- Boca Jr. FC vs Island Boys, Mecanicos FC vs Boca Bombers FC, Phoenix FC vs Raven’s FC, and Mata Chica FC vs Sandy Point FC; Saturday, July 18th- Dorados FC vs Peace Maker FC, Costa Blue FC vs Haramouch FC, Belzie Pro Dive Center FC vs San Pedro Dortmund and Los Catrachos FC vs Star Island FC; Sunday, July 19th starting at 11AM- United FC vs Manchester FC Under 10, FC America vs FC Bayern Munich A, Barcelona FC Under 10 vs FC Bayern Munich B, Castillo’s FC Under 13 vs Barcelona FC Under 13, Inter de Milan vs Manchester FC Under 13, Ernie’s Warriors vs Blue Ocean Sand Girls, Barrier Reef Girls vs Hyde’s Strikers, United FC vs Castillo’s FC, Island Boys vs Raven’s FC, Pheonic FC vs Boca Jr. Fc and Tropic Air FC vs Varela’s Boys.

    Demolition on Ambergris Stadium starts early
    Pre-construction work has started on the Ambergris Stadium located in the San Pablo Area. Demolition on the existing structures started on Thursday, July 9th, and the ground work for the new facility that is to be built by the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) has begun. The estimated $2 million project was initially scheduled to break ground by mid-August or early September, but work has started early. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is working closely with BIL to ensure the project is completed in a satisfactory manner. According to BIL General Manager Christy Mastry, the project includes the installation of a grass pitch, bleachers to seat 800, locker facilities, concession stands, bathroom facilities and a storage unit. While the design for the stadium has already been finalized the project contract is in the stage of bidding by construction agents. Once the project is awarded to a construction agent, BIL will release the official design of the new Ambergris Stadium as well as the expected construction time frame.

    Educational fun for youngsters at Camp Basil Jones
    31 campers enjoyed week-long activities as part of the 2015 Camp Basil Jones held at the Basil Jones educational Center located in the Bacalar Chico Reserve. Now in its second week, another group of children are enjoying the educational summer program that provides a unique balance of both fun and learning. The program, which is aimed at teaching conservation and preservation of the Belize Barrier Reef to children, kicked off on Monday, July 6th and will end on Friday, July 31st. Campers participated in morning exercise, swimming, beach volleyball, football, basketball, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, campfire, yoga, stilts race, coconut oil making, nature trail hiking, sea turtle beach cleanup, and traditional games like hopscotch, skipping rope, hide & seek, and even storytelling (ghost stories). “We try to keep the children active throughout the week. We encourage them to try all the various activities and to get to know each other. What these activities do is create a bond and lasting memories between the campers,” said Paz. At the forefront of the camp is organizer Guillermo “Mito” Paz, who has declared the first week of the camp as a huge success. “I am glad that we are able to provide this opportunity to children. It is vital that we teach our younger generations the importance of protecting the marine environment, and this camp was designed to do exactly that. The camp gives them a unique experience that they may never be able to get otherwise,” said Paz.

    Ambergris Today

    Flashbacks- Sanpedranas Wore Short Shorts!
    Very short shorts and tiny miniskirts are very visible today and you would think they are fashions of today. But I guess you have heard the old cliché, “what goes around comes around.” Well indeed this Flashback proves just that as it takes us back in the 1980’s when hot pants and very tiny mini shirts were in fashion. The girls in jeans are spending a fine Sunday at the high school beach area when the ground breaking ceremony for the new high school building took place. Interesting to note also was that the bell foot pants was also in style during this same time and this was for both males and females.

    25 Years Ago- A Town Oblivious to Dangers of Asbestos
    You see when industrialization arrived in San Pedro, the folks moved from thatch roofs to zinc roofing but the metal used on this kind of roofing corroded so quickly and the folks did not like it. For one thing the lifetime span of zinc roofing was short. Then the water collected from this roofing looked brown due to the rust and the folks refused to drink this rain water. So when the super news came about that asbestos roofing had a 50 to 80-year life span, those who could afford it turned to asbestos roofing. Now that I think of it, the primary school of our village from the 1940’s to 1961 had an asbestos covered roof. This building also boasted of two giant wood vats that provided drinking rain water for the school children and to the entire village. Another large building that was asbestos covered was the Catholic Church and all of its extended buildings which comprised the rectory and kitchen, dining rooms and sleeping quarters for the religious who spent vacations in the village. This building also had a very large vat that provided quality drinking rain water for religious and for the village.

    Letters To The Editor: The Catholic Church Welcomes All Persons with Same-Sex Attraction
    As the pastor of San Pedro Catholic Church I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all our brothers and sisters who have same-sex attraction. Whether the same-sex inclination is in the nascent stages or you have fully chosen to identify and live a homosexual lifestyle, I want to make clear that I love you and most importantly God loves you. I understand the sufferings, confusion and loneliness that many of you experience in silence and I want you to know that the Catholic Church and God’s mercy is a refuge for you. Strengthened by God’s word and the sacraments, thousands of men and women with same-sex attraction have experienced the freedom and love of the Gospel in the Catholic Church. The established, Courage Apostolate, a nonjudgmental catholic organization for persons with same-sex attraction who desire to be a disciple of Jesus, is known internationally for its support of Christians of all denominations. The Encourage Apostolate, has successfully been of assistance to families of persons with same-sex attraction. Online support and resources for you can be found at and the doors of San Pedro Catholic Church are open for you to experience the infinite love and mercy of God.

    Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow Honored in Republic of China (Taiwan)
    On the invitation of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children and spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, was on a five-day visit to Taiwan from July 6 to 10, 2015. During Mrs. Barrow’s visit, she called on Mrs. Chow Mei Ching, spouse of H.E. Ma Ying Jeou, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), as well as H.E. David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Mrs. Barrow also paid a courtesy call to Mr. Fredrick F. Chien, Chairman of the Cathay Charity Foundation, where Mr. Chien and Mrs. Barrow discussed possible areas of cooperation.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    It's raining butterflies!
    Butterflies, everywhere! Welcome back. Currently Belize experiencing butterfly migration of the Pieridae family. This family includes the Cloudless Sulfur (Phoebis sennae) which is the most recognized in the bunch. I have identified six different species in this migration. The migration usually occurs six weeks after the rainy season starts, usual in June/July. The butterflies will only fly south for the summer, none will fly back north. They can travel up to 18 miles a day. Cloudless Sulfur (Phoebis sennae) Orange Banded Sulfur (Phoebis philea) Ruddy Daggerwing (Phoebis philea) Great Southern White (Ascia monuste) Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) Giant Swallowtail ( Heraclides cresphontes)

    Amal Assales Mixed Media Exhibit
    The Soul Project will be opening a new exhibit on Friday. It'll be in the special mixed media style, and the art is all by Cayo artist Amal Assales. While there, you can check out the new selection of artisan wines in flavors like mojito and lychee.

    And for this week's "cute couple" competition...
    A very attentive couple guard the cavity entrance. Inside, a single chick grows closer and closer to "flight day" when he will leave the nest.

    Exploring the benefits from the Belize – Guatemala Partial Scope (PSA) Trade Agreement This year Belize launched a series of Private Sector consultations throughout the country. Firstly in Spanish Lookout, then Orange Walk town, followed by Dangriga and now the team, comprised of Technical experts from the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, BAHA, and Customs, heads to Belize City to meet with producers and traders at the Belize Training and Employment Center (BTEC) located at the ITVET compound in Belize City. If you are a Belizean producer or Business owner seeking trade opportunities in Guatemala then you are invited to attend this session. THE MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE BELIZE TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT CENTER (BTEC) IN BELIZE CITY ON FRIDAY, 17TH JULY, 2015 STARTING AT 9:00 AM.

    GOB and OAS to Sign Cooperation Agreement
    The Government of Belize and the Organisation of American States (OAS) will sign a cooperation agreement on July 16th 2015 at 9:30am at the OAS Offices in Belize City. The Cooperation Agreement is for the execution of a project in the area of social inclusion which is financed through the OAS Development Cooperation Fund and will be executed by the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The three year project is significant as it will assist the Ministry of Human Development to continue the social safety net reforms that started in 2008. The focus of the activities under this project is to strengthen and expand services to families on the government’s conditional cash transfer programme BOOST. In this regard, a pilot project which provides comprehensive wraparound services to 400 BOOST households living below the indigent line will be designed and implemented. The Ministry’s case management system will also be strengthened.

    Belize Rural Finance Programme
    The Belize Rural Finance Programme (BRFP) is a programme being funded jointly by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), and the Government of Belize. The programme's main goal is to improve the quality of life and income of the poor and productive poor by designing and developing permanent access to a wide range of superior financial services including savings, credit, insurance, fund transfer and other financial products and services that meet their needs at an affordable cost.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, July 15, 2015: 80. PICK 3: 2 0 7

    Current situation on the beaches of Ambergris Caye
    Massive amounts of pelagic sargassum have ben washing up. Local authorities are working around the clock to try and clean up the beaches but it is simply too much.

    Giant Cave
    As much as we know about the sea, in the grand scheme of things we actually know very little about our underwater world. Case in point, the aptly named "Giant Cave" beneath Caye Caulker. An extremely technical dive, we're especially grateful to photographer Mark Long for capturing these remarkable images so that we can marvel at the spellbinding sight.

    Bartending Training Dates all over Belize
    BelizeMixology will be going all over Belize conducting public and private courses.

    Power interruption 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Thursday, July 16, Corozal: San Victor, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Roman, Estrella, Libertad, San Narciso, Luisville, Concepcion, Aventura, San Pedro, Cristo Rey, Yo Chen, Patchakan and Chan Chen
    A 30 minute power interruption will also affect the entire Corozal District from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. BEL to install hardware conductors at San Pedrito Substation and repair hotspot in area.

    A Painted Conversation Video
    Cayo's new mural will soon be ready to adhere to the wall on West Street. A Painted Conversation is looking great. Daniel Velazquez did a mini-documentary on it. Cayo Scoop is a proud sponsor. "A painted conversation community mural project"

    Belize Bird Rescue Housing upgrades!
    Some of our younger residents received housing upgrades recently and you can see how happy they are to have more room to stretch their wings. We strive to provide quality enclosures that provide all husbandry needs as well as preparing them for their re-entrance back into the wild. Many of our followers ask how they can help out, and our answer is to donate! We have a fundraising page at this link: which will help us to provide the housing we need to make sure these guys are kept safe and happy on their road to release. We thank you all so much for your support and compassion. It's you guys that help us continue to help others.

    Channel 7

    Did Gun-Wielding Watchman Use Disproportional Force in Killing Epileptic?
    Last night at 6:45 there was a shooting at the Gonzalo Quinto warehouse at mile one and a half on the Northern Highway near the Rotary roundabout. A security guard shot 39 year old Louis Lincoln Leslie in the midsection. He says Leslie was trespassing on the compound and trying to attack him. That one shot at close range with a nine millimetre pistol caused Leslie to bleed out and die a few minutes later at the KHMH. Today at a press conference police could not say if it was a justifiable homicide:… Supt Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB - Eastern Division "The person entered the compound through the front gate and went to the back area of the compound where it is alleged that he had a confrontation there with the security guard - who was armed at the time. The security guard is alleging that he was assaulted and attacked by this person with a metal pipe. He pulled out his service weapon and fired a single shot which caused that fatal injury." Daniel Ortiz "Sir are you willing to say at this time that, lethal use of force is justifiable?" Supt Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB - Eastern Division "We are conducting a full and thorough investigation. At the end of that investigation we will determine if any charges will be levied on the security guard. Well it's alleged he assaulted the security guard with a piece of pipe, that is what we have at this time."

    Hilux Crashes Into Horse and Buggy, Kills Carriage Driver
    An unusual accident last night in Orange Walk claimed the life of a 39 year old Mennonite man from Shipyard. At around 8:30, Johan Knelsen was driving a horse and buggy along with his wife and two kids on the August Pine Ridge road when 38-year-old David Blatz – a Mennonite from Orange Walk Town smashed right into the rear end of the hose and buggy. The impact smashed the buggy and killed Knelsen on the spot while injuring his 37-year-old wife Elizabeth, his 2-year-old daughter and 7–week-old son. Elizabeth Knelsen received bruises to left side of her face, foot and a cut wound on left knee, the two-year-old received scrapes and cut wounds to the left side of her face, forehead and both feet while the baby received minor injuries to the back of his head. The buggy reportedly did not have rear reflectors. It happened a quarter mile out of August Pine Ridge.

    First Criminal Case Goes To CCJ
    3 months ago, we told you how the Caribbean Court of Justice held its first sitting in Belize. One of the cases they sat on in person was an application by convicted murderer Gregory August for special leave to appeal before them as the highest court in the land. At that hearing, they determined that his case will become the first criminal appeal to be heard from Belize. Well today, August was back before the Court of Appeal which has already affirmed his conviction for murder. No, he wasn’t there to appeal the case again, but because his attorney, Eamon Courtenay, will make original points at the CCJ, but these issues were not raised during his first appeal before the Court of Appeal. It involves a good character direction which his new attorney contends should have been given by the judge in his original criminal trial. But, more importantly, the outcome of August’s case could set a precedent for how the Supreme Court handles sentencing for persons convicted of murder, and whether or not life imprisonment is excessive. Those are two very important issues, and so the CCJ wants to see what the Court of Appeals views on these matters are before they hear August’s case.

    Okeke Says PUP's Petro-Tacos Attack Was Mean Spirited
    Why did PUP National Campaign Manager Godfrey Smith leave his post – and who will replace him? Those are the burning questions for PUP Leader Francis Fonseca and Smith himself right now – but none of them are giving interviews. So, into the breech steps political commentator Steven Okeke. He’s written two books on politics in Belize – and three weeks ago – he penned an essay on why the PUP need to look to Cordel Hyde as a possible leader. Yesterday in an extended interview, he told us why he feels the PUP attack on Petro-tacos and other cheer giveways was misconceived: Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "Their views on issues are liturgical and extensively retaliatory. They seem to dislike some people. When I saw senator Lisa Shoman belabour the poor people going to Corozal that Patrick Faber sent the poor people to Corozal because they're so much things to do. I could call Dangriga election instantly.” Jules Vasquez "And why is that?" Steven Okeke - Political Commentator "Because you don't know what you're talking about. Why would I vote for somebody who is saying that if they will, this more crumb - that the government would be taking from me, why on earth would I vote for you? For what!? And you’re saying that this money than can be accounted for, that these people were given a break.

    Winner of Biggest Jackpot Ever Is Holding Out And Camera Shy
    Tonight, someone’s holding unto the winning ticket for the biggest jackpot in Belize’s history. Last night Fantasy five drew a 612 thousand dollar jackpot – and someone in the Belmopan area won it. But instead of coming in to claim it – they’re being camera shy. Press officer for Fantasy Five Karil Meighan explained today:… Karil Wallace - Public Relations Officer, Fantasy 5 "Someone out there has a ticket and we want for them to come in. Actually I think they had call the offices earlier today but I think they're trying to find out how is it possible for them not to show their face on TV due to the amount of money. And we understand all of that but we would prefer for them to show their face due the fact that it's a whole lot of money and we want people to know that this is real. After taxes they will take home 520,200 dollars." Jules Vasquez "Largest jackpot in Belize?" Karil Wallace - Public Relations Officer, Fantasy 5 "Largest jackpot in Belize's history and we at Fantasy 5 are proud to offer that.” Tonight, the jackpot resets to 150 thousand dollars.

    Summer Camp About Financial Literacy
    During the summer break, most students would sign up for sports camps, dance classes or swimming classes – something to keep their minds and bodies engaged during the long vacation. But for others, the summer is all about securing their future. The financial literacy summer camp and showcase was held today at ACC and over 240 students participated. Today the students told us what they learnt about money and budgeting and why it’s so important to learn now. Alester Perez - ACC Summer Camp "We learn about mentor and business. We did arts and crafts, we learned how to create our own business and teach us more into it." Shenese White - ACC Summer Camp "How to save money, how to use it wisely when you grow up because when you don't have a job you can use that same saving to help you get a job." Courtney Weatherburne "Do you have a mini saving account right now?" Shenese White - ACC Summer Camp "No, but I want to." Tahj Cattouse - ACC Summer Camp I learned how to sing in a group and have fun. Learn how to do a budget." Courtney Weatherburne "Did you know how to do a budget before or is this the first time that you've been introduced to saving and drafting up a budget?"

    After 5 Years, Alleged Murderer Devin Sankey Is Free
    After spending 5 years on remand while he awaited trial, tonight, 22 year old Devon Sankey is at home with his family after he was acquitted in a trial without jury. He was accused of killing 25 year-old Ernan Reneau. The judge heard evidence that Reneau was shot 3 times in his chest shortly after 10:30 p.m. on April 8, 2010. He was standing on Kut Avenue in front of the gate of his girlfriend’s house, when a lone gunman rode up and fired the shots. The main witness for the prosecution was Reneau’s girlfriend, Arilee Summerville. But, she had to be treated as a hostile witness after she took the witness stand and said that she could not recognise the person she saw with a gun in his hand picking up a bicycle. In a written police statement, she said that she recognised the shooter as Sankey, whom she has known for about 4 years. In the witness box, she denied that she told the police anything that was contained in the statement. She said that the police were asking her questions at random and she did not know that she was giving a statement. The prosecution had even more difficulties when they could not produce the original copy of her statement. After arguments from both sides, however, Justice Gonzalez admitted a photocopy of her statement into evidence. But based its contents, the court determined that Summerville’s identification of Sankey as the supposed shooter was not very strong.

    Postcard to a Scholarship
    Today 9 students received high school scholarships as part of a post card program. These students submitted their art pieces and those depictions were all transformed into postcards. The money earned from the sale of those post cards was used towards the scholarship program – so these students pretty much got back what they put in. Today a ceremony was held at the Department of Youth Services and the students told us how significant this scholarship is for their high school experience and for their future in art. Sabrina Daly - Coordinator "It is pretty much it's kind of like a body where it has a branch. So the primary school arts skills training is a programme that is specific for primary school children. It's basically where these children get to express themselves in art. It also has a branch that has been launched her today which is the postcard programme - where these children also have a effect on their funding for their education. I think it's really neat because they have an impact on their future where they create art pieces and turns into postcards and it's sold and the money generated is used for their education. There's also scholarships given to them. I think it's something that these children actually get a sense of independence and entrepreneurship because of marketing where they create their own work and they have to put that passion in it. To let it be sold to someone else, to appreciate it as much as they did.

    From The Classroom to The Rainforest
    Usually, the Belize Ecology students would be boarding a boat heading to the Cayes to snorkel and to dissect Lionfish. But today, the students were taken to an entirely different scene: The rain forest. About 19 students were taken to the Las Cuevas Research Center in the Chiquibul to learn more about the basics of rain forest and savannah ecology. Today we met with some of the students at the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi and they told us how this trip will deepen their appreciation for the environment. It is a 5 day trip. Between January and June over 185 students went on these ecology trips.

    King's Camp For Kids
    Two weeks ago, we told you how the Conscious Youth Development Program launched the first summer camp in the Lake Independence area for this year. Well, it closed today but UDP area rep, Mark King says that 4 other camps will be held in that constituency. He told us that the participants will be getting medals and trophies for their high quality performance in the different sporting disciplines: These 5 camps in the Lake Independence area are funded under the Petrocaribe Summer of Sports.

    Channel 5

    Belize on Alert for El Chapo
    Is infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman headed to Belize? While that is the speculation on various Mexican news outlets, there is no indication at the moment that [...]

    Cartel Boss is Self-Made Billionaire
    Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, or Shorty, as he is otherwise known, was first arrested in 1993, broke free in 2001 by reportedly taking cover inside a laundry cart and remained [...]

    Guatemalans Say HOLD UP on FOB
    But there is another story of national importance. Emotions were running high in Belize following an armed standoff between the Guatemalan military and the Belize National Coast Guard, on the [...]

    Belize Named in Money Laundering Scheme
    Today, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Eric Eusey, told News Five that his department has no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the arrests of two Americans and a Panamanian [...]

    Myvette Family Not Allowed to View Autopsy
    On Saturday night, twenty-eight year old Hope Creek resident Leopold Myvette was gunned down by Police officers who fired at least eight shots at him. Their story is that when [...]

    …Say Police Used Excessive Force
    The post-mortem examination, witnessed only by the Police, concluded at around four this afternoon. The family still has gotten no answers, however, and say they are prepared to do whatever [...]

    Security Guard Kills Intruder
    About an hour after he was shot, a thirty-nine year old Belmopan resident succumbed at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was rushed to for urgent medical treatment. As [...]

    Guatemalans Playing Malpago on Bill for Reef Damage
    As we told you earlier, the Guatemalan government is yet to respond on a bill from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for damages caused to the reef when its naval [...]

    Mennonite Man Killed in Tragic Accident
    A tragic accident just outside August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District has left one man dead, and his wife and two small children injured. Preliminary investigations indicate that [...]

    No Progress in Kareem Clarke Murder Investigation
    Police are also nowhere close to determining who callously murdered Amandala’s star reporter, Kareem Clarke last Monday. Earlier this week at a police briefing, CIB’s Officer in Command, Superintendent Hilberto [...]

    Policemen in Myvette Shooting Allegedly Under Investigation
    As we have reported, twenty-eight-year-old Leopold Myvette was shot and killed by police officers in Hope Creek over the weekend, in what is being described as a case of excessive [...]

    August Appeals Life Imprisonment Sentence
    Gregory August, who is now twenty-seven, was convicted on November twenty-eighth 2013 by Judge Adolph Lucas and sentenced to life imprisonment. But August is appealing his conviction and sentence before [...]

    Contreras Detained in Guatemala for Unlicensed Firearm
    Former Benque Viejo Mayor Edgar ‘Whitey’ Contreras was detained in Guatemala on Saturday after being found in possession of an unregistered firearm in that jurisdiction.  While the handgun is licensed [...]

    MoE Hosts Summer Camps
    For the past three days, simultaneous summer camps hosted by the Ministry of Education have been ongoing at various schools across the city. Primary and high school students, as well [...]

    More Camps Scheduled for Next Week
    While activities like these strengthen the bond between the Ministry of Education and international organizations, Mace says that the experience for them is even more rewarding.   Amy Mace, Teacher, [...]

    Students Participate in Arts Training Workshop
    Seventy-eight students from twenty-three schools across the city are in the Primary School Art Skills Training Pilot Project taking place at the Department of Youth Services in Belize City. It’s [...]


    PAHO Conducts Workshop On Air Borne Diseases
    Community health workers and other medical professionals converged at the Gala Lounge today for a sensitization workshop on Vector Borne Diseases specifically Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. The countrywide effort seeks to prevent or lower the reported cases of these vector diseases and also condition the behaviours of community members towards combating the problem. The effort is a collaboration between PAHO, the European Union and the Ministry of Health. ARNULFO CANTUN – PAHO EU Project Coordinator “What happened today is that we are looking at implementing a particular activity that is being supported by PAHO and the European Union along with the ministry of health and what it look at is basically prevention of airborne illnesses and in particular Malaria and Dengue.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Who is it that you are targeting?” ARNULFO CANTUN – PAHO EU Project Coordinator “What happens is that we are implementing a particular methodology which is referred as COMBI, communication for behaviour impact, and what that is, is a planning framework along with an implementation strategy where we target certain behaviours that normally contributes to Dengue and Malaria so what we are also looking at is that for each district to come up with their own specific strategy and then implement them so we are doing this throughout the country and now we are in Orange Walk and our stakeholder here they come up together and made a plan and this opportunity here at this session is for them to sound that plan out to others stakeholders so they can see how useful the strategy is and how it will be rolled out in the coming months.”

    El "Chapo" Guzman Escapes From Maximum Prison
    If you follow international news, you will know that Mexico's biggest cartel boss, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, escaped from his maximum security prison on Saturday. Reports indicate that Guzman slipped through a hole in his shower area into a sophisticated mile-long tunnel with ventilation and lighting. His cartel Sinaloa is well known for building tunnels under the Mexico-US border for transporting cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. But it is hard to believe that prison authorities could not detect such an extensive construction project right under their noses.

    Godfrey Smith Resigns As PUP Campaign Manager
    After 14 months of being campaign manager for the People’s United Party, yesterday the announcement was made that Attorney Godfrey Smith resigned from that post. Reports indicate that Smith and PUP leader Francis Fonseca reached “a mutual agreement” for him to leave the post of national campaign manager with immediate effect. Neither Smith nor Fonseca would speak on the record to the press. But what we can tell you is that last week at his briefing in the wake of the by-election loss, Fonseca stated that the party would do a proper assessment of its campaign, with everyone including himself at their disposal. At the time, he said, he was satisfied that Smith had tried his best to steer the campaign and support Sabal. Smith had replaced deputy party leader Julius Espat who led the party’s 2012 campaign. And while Smith is now out, the party has not yet named a replacement but it is reported that Smith remains Fonseca’s personal advisor.


    A Look at the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Camp
    For months now we have been covering the efforts and contributions made by two American organizations, namely, Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as they relate to the lessons in financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills that they have been giving to Belizean students. Over the course of the summer, primary and secondary students from various institutions […]

    Official Record Numbers Released in Sugar Industry
    Despite an almost two months delay in the start of the 2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season, this year’s harvest period has proven to be not only a good one but by far the best in the history of the sugar industry in Belize. Today the Sugar Industry Control Board released the official figures for this […]

    PUP’s Youth Arm Calls on Government to Address Youth Issues
    The Belize Youth Movement is calling on the Government to address the needs of youths. In a release the group says for over two years the national youth development policy has been ignored by Government. The group has placed a message at the overpass in Belize City, one they say should serve as a reminder […]

    Traffic Accident on Southern Highway Leaves Several Injured
    Four persons are recovering from injuries sustained in a road traffic accident that occurred on Tuesday evening. We hear more in this report from correspondent Angelica Cruz. ANGELICA CRUZ “Yesterday evening Love News reported about an accident on the Hummingbird highway that left a family of four injured. Today, 28-year-old, Roxanna Julisa Lopez, a Belizean […]

    Accident in Northern Belize Ends Fatal
    It was just before nine o’clock last night when Orange Walk police were summoned to an area on the San Felipe/August Pine Ridge Road where they came across a black Toyota Hilux truck in the middle of the road, bearing extensive damages. In addition, investigators found 39-year-old, Johan Knelsen, a Mennonite of Camp 13 at […]

    Motorcyclist Dies After Losing Control on Highway
    A Honduran national who was living in Santa Cruz Village in the Stann Creek District lost his life this morning as a result of a traffic accident. Independence police say that Cornelio Miranda was driving a motorcycle sometime around 6:45 this morning from Santa Cruz Village to Santa Rosa Village on the Southern Highway. Reports […]

    Security Guard Claims Self Defense in Recent Shooting
    A man was shot and killed at a business establishment in Belize City on Tuesday night. Head of the Criminal Investigations Branch, Superintendent Hilberto Romero, shared the details of their preliminary investigations. HILBERTO ROMERO “On Tuesday the 14th day of July 2015 police responded to a shooting at the Gonzalo Quinto compound situated at miles […]


    Belize Bank holds scholarship ceremony
    The fourth annual ceremony for the Belize Bank Limited Scholarship Program took place in Belize City, this morning. Twelve students from four districts were handed scholarships to continue their education; eight at secondary and four at tertiary level. The Belize Bank Limited’s scholars...

    Four arrested in San Pedro for drugs and firearms
    Police in San Pedro Arrested and Charged four persons for drug trafficking and firearm offenses as a result of a predawn operation conducted earlier today by the San Pedro Rural Rapid Response Team in Gardina Sandhill. [ARRESTED PIC] Persons arrested are Nelson Zelaya, Anthony Zelaya, Nichole Moody...

    Orange Walk Man Found Dead inside Home
    An Indian National was found dead inside an apartment in Orange Walk early this morning. According to police the deceased, identified as 30 year old Vicky Hareshlal Gyanchandani, was known to have a history of chronic alcoholism. This along with other evidence is leading police to investigate the ma...

    Silk Grass waterboard electricity issues
    Last year September, villagers of Silk Grass turned to us as a last resort in appealing to the authorities to address their growing issues surrounding the village water board. In March 2014, the village chairman, who is a defacto member of the village water board, wrote to the Minister of Rural Deve...

    Police awards Do The Right Thing
    The Police Department is celebrating ten years of its Do The Right Thing program. Annually it identifies and publicly honors young individuals in school who have overcome adversity to succeed. Today the top 38 awardees nationwide from each of the police zones gathered at Old Belize on the George Pri...

    Belizean company fingered in Panamanian corruption scheme
    A company in Belize has been used to move funds for illegal purchases for the former President of Panama, Ricardo Mantinelli according to one online news article in “ Caribbean News”. According to the article, Mantinelli used a company in Belize to disguise purchases that include illegal telephone a...

    Chopping in Palmar Village
    At about 1 AM yesterday, July 13th, police responded to a chopping incident in Palmar Village. Upon arrival, they were told that the victim of the incident had been transported to the Hospital with multiple chop wounds over his body. Police then visited the hospital where they saw 27 year old Irvin ...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Atlantic Bank will host auto show this weekend
    Atlantic Bank Limited’s main branch in Belize City will host the New and Pre-owned Auto Show this weekend. There has never been a better time to get your wheels, as from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon at the Hour Bar Field, Princess Margaret Drive, […]

    GOB, OAS collaborate on social inclusion project
    The Government of Belize, specifically the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, is to sign a cooperation agreement on Thursday morning, July 16, at 9:30 a.m. The agreement with the Organization of American States (OAS) is for the execution of a three-year social inclusion project which is being financed through […]

    “El Chapo” in Belize?
    Wanted Mexican drug Lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman may have found safe harbour with alleged allies here in Belize, Mexican media report. Guzman broke out of Altiplano prison West of Mexico City over the weekend through a mile long tunnel and remains on the run. Periodistas Quintana Roo, quoted by […]

    Moderate and unstable air-flows are expected to prevail over the country for the next few days
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting partly cloudy skies with the chance of a few showers or thunderstorms developing inland and in the North today, then mostly over the South tonight. Winds will be blowing to the East – Southeast at 10 to 20 knots and the sea […]

    Fatal collision in Orange Walk claims one life and injures three others
    An unfortunate and fatal traffic accident in Orange Walk District has left a hole in the Shipyard Mennonite Community as one of their own perished after he was flung from the horse and cart/buggy he was driving. The incident occurred on Tuesday night, July 14th, when shortly before 9:00 p.m, […]

    Police looking for missing teen in Arenal Village
    A 14 year old female resident of Arenal Village in the Cayo District has been reported missing since July 1st after she went to visit a family member in San Ignacio Town. Telma Romero, mother of 14 year old Britney Vallardes reported to police that her daughter left home on […]

    Security guard shoots, kills trespasser in Belize City
    An alleged trespasser was shot and killed by a security guard at the Gonzalo Quinto and Sons compound in Belize City on Tuesday, July 14th 2015. Police were dispatched to the location on miles 1½ Phillip Goldson Highway and upon arrival, they found 39 year old, Belmopan resident, Louis Leslie […]

    Dangriga resident arrested for stabbing minor
    A 28 year old Dangriga resident has been arrested and charged in connection with a stabbing incident that resulted in a minor being hospitalized. Denis Omar Pineda Hernandez was slapped with a single charge of “Dangerous Harm” after he stabbed a 17 year old minor on Ramos Road, Dangriga shortly […]

    KHMH workers ask for wage increase

    Management of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital have spoken to Cabinet about approving a wage increase for employees that would cost more than $2 million. The hospital’s 579 workers are not classed as public officers; they officially work for the KHMH authority, a statutory body. However, that body is not […]

    Commentator Stephen Okeke has suggestions for PUP leadership

    A few weeks ago political commentator and author Stephen Okeke wrote on Facebook that the People’s United Party (PUP) must think and act radically if they are to regain the confidence of the electorate in time for general elections. He raised ten points of interest for the party to address […]

    Fatal Traffic accident in August Pine Ridge claims 1 life
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that a man riding on his horse and buggy was hit by a vehicle and died upon impact in the vicinity of August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District. Information is still sketchy but we were made to understand that the accident happened late […]


    Snorkeling Belize’s Blue Hole: This Trip is SO MUCH MORE
    Yesterday I went on the all day diving trip out to the Great Blue Hole of Belize. The UNESCO World Heritage site…the 407 feet deep sink hole…formed during various ice ages and lined with stalagmites and ‘tites from when the sea level was much much lower. Our snorkel was beautiful…lots of fish…including beautiful midnight parrot fish and a spotted drum.- an odd looking little guy. I really liked hovering over the deep blue abyss and at one point….I saw a shark. A real Caribbean reef shark. Next time? I’m DEFINITELY going diving. Time to get a refresher course and get ready.

    A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 4
    Where in the world did these early Americans come from? This was the huge question Europeans attempted to answer. Certainly, it is human nature to want to know some answers to some questions like: Why are we here? What are we here for? Where are we going after this life? This is the kind of curiosity which drives all people to organise, culturally, their responses. There are these two great land masses which have disappeared from the centre of the Pacific Ocean and the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. The people who inhabited these land masses were known as the Mu people from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantean’s from Atlantis on the Atlantic Ocean. These two places have never been found. Other people have suggested that the Phoenecians were the ones who brought civilisation to the America’s, however, there is no proof of this culture on the American continent.

    International Sourcesizz

    See the World and Save Money with a Roving Retirement
    Traveling the world in retirement was once the sole purview of the rich and famous…but no more. These days, the world is more accessible than ever to everyday people—if you know how. Getting around it is easier and cheaper than it has been for any previous generation. Nowadays, it really is possible to spend a month savoring the culinary and cultural delights of Paris, a few months soaking up the sun on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and a few more exploring the diverse wonders of Southeast Asia. And all for much cheaper than you might expect. “We started this thing thinking that, if it didn’t work out, we could always go back to work, but six months in, I was ruined for ever working again,” says Greg Winker. “I’m so glad my life has turned out this way. All I want is to continue.”

    UNCW Welcomes Belize Governor-General to Campus
    Belize Governor-General Colville Young will participate in the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC) summer conference July 15-17, hosted by the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Sir Young, who represents Queen Elizabeth II in Belize, also met with UNCW Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli. COBEC promotes “mutual understanding and friendship” through a variety of programs and activities that contribute toward higher education in Belize. The organization also enhances global experiences for students, faculty, staff and administrators from member institutions through study abroad opportunities, research, teaching and other educational development efforts. Belize is a key global destination for UNCW students and faculty, according to the Office of International Programs. During the past academic year, 106 students participated in six different faculty-led study abroad programs in the Central American nation. Only the United Kingdom and Spain attracted more UNCW students to study abroad last year.

    Shooting big Fish in a barrel
    They may be enormous but whale sharks are surprisingly sensitive to the movement of tiny humans around them, as MALCOLM NOBBS discovers in West Papua. And if you want to meet whale sharks, he and marine biologist JAMIE WATTS pin down their annual global migrations January Whale sharks start to arrive off Honduras. March-May The Bay Islands and Belize attract whale sharks in numbers. Cubera snapper are gathered in spawning aggregations off Belize’s Gladden Spit, and the spawn seems to be what attracts the sharks. June-September The northern Caribbean is warming up for the spring. Off Holbox Island off the north of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Bay Islands, Belize and Tobago several hundred whale sharks gather, feeding as bonitos (July and August) and then corals (September) spawn.

    Coco Beach Resort in Belize Ranked by Expedia Among 650 Hotels Worldwide
    The Expedia group, one of the world’s largest full-service online travel sites, announced on Tuesday the results of the Expedia 2015 Insiders’ Select rankings, an annual crowd-sourced list of the world’s best-reviewed hotels. Out of 650 global properties, the following ten Caribbean hotels were featured: This list represents a ranking of the world’s best-reviewed hotels, reflecting direct customer feedback on Expedia group sites. The 2015 list names 650 exclusive properties as Insiders’ Select winning hotels from among bookable properties available on Expedia websites worldwide. Insiders’ Select is now in its eighth year.


  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Belize - Belize Travel Guide, 4min. List of Best Places to Visit in Belize: 1. Belize Barrier Reef, 2. Caye Caulker, 3. Caracol, 4. Placencia, 5. Ambergris Caye, 6. San Ignacio, 7. Tobacco Caye, 8. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, 9. Hopkins, 10. Belize City

  • Profiles: Paul DuVille - Caye Coffee - San Pedro Belize, 13min. Profiles aired on San Pedro Breeze. Reflections of a Canadian expat who gave up the rat race and opened a coffee company in San Pedro Belize in Central America. Paul DuVIlle reveals the challenges and his experiences in this life changing adventure.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize 2015 GoPro, 4min. Some of the best bits of our time on the island of Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize. Shot with GoPro Hero3 Silver. June 2015.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5.5min. Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, Coral Gardens, and Mexico Rocks.

  • Shark EATS GoPro - GoPro Hero 4 Shark Attack POV HD in Belize, 2min. A shark circles a scuba diver and then attacks a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Filmed off of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on July 4, 2015, in Belize.

    July 15, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    A Drive off the Beaten Path- North Ambergris Caye
    While San Pedro’s town core is loaded with restaurants, stores, boutiques and more! There is certainly much more to explore if you dare to venture off the beaten path. A drive north beyond the resorts and paved roads took us on a ride filled with scenery that made me understand just why so many fall in love with Ambergris Caye. Isn’t this a spectacular view, absolutely no filter needed!

    Costa Maya Festival® Presents: Miss Belize and Miss Guatemala
    The list is complete! With the announcements of Miss Guatemala and Miss Belize, we have a full roster of ladies vying for the title of Reina de la Costa Maya 2015. Miss Guatemala, Lisa Hayet Francis, is a 20-year-old visual merchandiser who enjoys drawing, swimming and playing basketball. Miss Belize is the lovely Samalia Vernon. The 22-year-old is from Belmopan and currently attending St. John’s Junior College in Belize City, majoring in Business and Marketing. Vernon enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, painting, cooking, meditating, fashion and modeling, dancing and tennis. Upon arrival on July 29th to La Isla Bonita, the eight ladies will be facing a full itinerary of fun activities. Fido’s Courtyard will be hosting the beauties on the first night of their arrival, and the public is invited to come on down and mingle with the lovely girls before they begin their rounds of preparations for the pageant.

    Coral Reef Ed Ventures campers graduate
    On Wednesday, July 8th, Coral Reef Ed-Venture Summer Program held its annual end of camp open house at the Lion’s Den for its participants. The summer program was divided into two parts: the youth camp which is for kids ages 9 through 12 and the advanced camp for students 12 through 17. Hosted in collaboration with Smith College from Massachusetts, USA and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Coral Ed-Ventures is a children’s education program held annually in San Pedro. The main focus of the program is to teach children about reef ecology, conservation and preservation of marine habitats. This year’s camp saw more than 60 students participating. The open house event began at 7PM and included a variety of presentations that represented all the knowledge the children gained during the summer camp. Family and friends gathered at the Lion’s Den to witness what the children had learned in the two week camp program. Each student received an “Expert” name card as a form of diploma, which stated that they are Coral Reef Experts for the completion of the course. Two time program volunteer, Elena Ayala explained the success of the camp. “We found 2015 to be very successful. Children come back every year, and their knowledge about the coral reef continues to increase. This year we had speakers from different organizations, such as ACES, Mar Alliance and Oceana, among others, come in and made presentations to the children at the camp. We are very happy to be able to come to San Pedro every year and work with the children. The team work that coexists here in San Pedro between the local community and permanent organizations on the island is just phenomenal and encourages that team work spirit,” stated Ayala.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    7th Annual International Silver Dorado 2015 Sport Fishing Tournament
    The much anticipated 7th Annual International Silver Dorado 2015 Sport Fishing Tournament is here this weekend in Mahahual, Mexico. Just a short drive from Corozal and a short boat ride from San Pedro. Get a chance to win the grand prize of the “Silver Dorado 2015” with the catch of the largest Dorado fish. Several Cash Prizes from $25,000 pesos to $100,000 pesos. Six different tournaments. It is going to be exciting and entertaining. It is all happening this weekend July 17, 18 and 19. Mahahual will be waiting for you Corozal and San Pedro.

    Workshop Date: July 16th, 2015 9am to 12pm. A good proposal doesn't just outline what product or service you would like to create or deliver, It should also leave the reader believing it is the only logical choice. This workshop will take participants through each step of the proposal writing process from understanding why they are writing a proposal, to gathering information, to writing and proofreading, to creating the final, professional product. By the end of this training course, participants will: Learn to define the strategy & best approach for each proposal, Determine the correct proposal style Master the best method for effective proposal writing Perform a need analysis & write a goal statement , Acquire a variety of techniques for improving writing skills Learn to use appropriate resources to build a strong case. COST: $40.00 LOCATION: BELTRAIDE OFFICE, Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan Includes a light snack and refreshment.

    Belizean Delegation in Toronto for 2015 Pan Am Games!
    Our news reporter, Hipolito Novelo, is in Toronto, Canada, for the 2015 Pan/Am and Parapan games. The official ceremony will take place tonight and Hipolito caught up with the Belizean team. Belize’s athletes are ready to represent in Athletics and Triathlon. The delegation is headed by Chief of Mission, Allan Sharp. The contingent consists of triathlete Amed Figueroa, athletics delegate Deon Sutherland, and athletes Kaina Martinez and Mark Anderson who will both be doing the 100m. The Vice President of the Belize Olympic Committee is accompanying the team.

    "Mariachi Tierra Maya"
    The Institute of Mexico in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Belize invites you to join the "Mariachi Tierra Maya" for a night of wonderful music and entertainment. FREE ENTRANCE!

    Benque Clean Up Campaign 2015
    The Benque Clean Up Campaign was very successful, with scores of people coming out to make Benque much cleaner. They did the sign too. Thanks to everyone that pooled together for the great community event. "Belize and Guatemala joined hands to work on a project headed by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Matanza Project committee. On Friday, July 10, 2015 various community organizations and individuals came out to clean the riverside and main streets of Benque Viejo Town. A group was also working on cleaning the signage at the entrance of Benque. It is this kind of events that brings together a community and strengthens the relationship between two countries. We feel proud of all participants and hope that this event takes place more often."

    Mysterious Maya Citadel Begins to Reveal its Secrets
    They've started examining the Citadel at El Pilar more closely. There's extensive looting damage, but it allowed them to get a better picture of the structure of the ramparts. If you haven't visited the Citadel, it's really worth seeing. "El Pilar is considered the largest site in the Belize River region, boasting over 25 known plazas and hundreds of other structures, covering an area of about 120 acres. Monumental construction at El Pilar began in the Middle Preclassic period, around 800 BCE, and at its height centuries later it supported more than 20,000 people. Ford, who is the Director of the BRASS/El Pilar Program at the MesoAmerican Research Center of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has taken a 'hands-off,' highly selective conservation approach to investigating the site. With the exception of a fully exposed Maya house structure, most of the structures at El Pilar have remained completely conserved by design, still covered in their tropical shroud. The Citadel excavations have opened a new chapter in the research at El Pilar."

    Mr. Greedy's Relocating
    Mr. Greedy's is finishing up the refurbishment of their new location...the old Torres Bakery building. The building is massive, and they'll use the front part of it for their new location. Their grand re-opening is this Saturday, July 18th. Many of the pictures are of the historical and antiquated equipment left over from the bakery. Mr. Greedy's is bringing in their equipment for their pizzas. Pictures on fb here.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, July 14, 2015: 95. FANTASY 5: 16 34 26 24 13 W

    Power interruption 8:00am to 10:00am, Thursday, July 16, Cayo District
    Portion from junction of George Price & Hummingbird Highways to Camalote, including Valley of Peace, Roaring Creek, Young Bank Road and portion from junction of George Price & Hummingbird Highways to Armenia, including Las Flores. BEL to replace recloser on power distribution system in area.

    Western Ballaz Summer Basketball Camp
    The Western Ballaz Summer Basketball Camp starts next Monday, June 20th, at Falcon Field. It's sponsored by the SSBA, SISE Town Council, and the Ministry of Sports. It's open to kids ages 5 to 18, and will run 2 weeks. "San Ignacio Santa Elena Basketball Association and The Government of Belize presents Ballaz for Life 2015 Summer Camp!!!!"

    When Rudy Miguel, Anthony Hutchinson, Noel Gordon and Alfred Parks ruled Belize's cycling in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, there were no foreign rider, not even the Mexicans and the Americans, that can attest of coming anyway near to capture the Garland then. These were perfectly designed and Belizean-made cyclists who won the grueling 144 Mile Classic, the Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Race in record time, considering the rugged roads that would have obliterate many a foreign riders with their polished performances.

    The long awaited and exclusive feature on the legendary Belizean softball pitcher, Linda Lewis, whose pitching ace led the Belize national softball selection to win the first ever Gold Medal for Belize in the 1974 Central American & Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico, will be aired here on Belizean Legends.

    The colorful and intricate Belizean design is a collaborative effort between two talented Belizean artists, Bella Carib (Dr. Glenda Arnold-Heon), and MarvJate Fashions (Marva Morris) who collaborated in designing one of the most unique attempts in carnival designing for last Sundays, July 12, 2015 Carnival Parade in Long Beach, California, where Belize was represented in grand style, and in living color. The piece seen here worn by a Belizean-American young lady who was sponsored by the Belizean dance phenom and performer herself, Bella Carib, attracted many a viewers and turned many heads at the carnival. It was designed by Bella Carib and crafted by MarvJate. Surely there are good things that come from out of the Los Angeles Belizean community, and this collaborative effort has made the Belizean Legends masterpiece of the month.

    Channel 7

    PUP's National Campaign Manager Rolls Out, What Next For Opposition
    When the PUP lost the Dangriga bye-election last week, PUP Leader Francis Fonseca became the first mass party leader in memory to lose three major elections in six months. And because of the successive losses, everyone knew something had to give - someone had to take a fall for the party's consistently poor turnout at the polls. And it seems National Campaign Manager Godfrey Smith is the man. The news broke just before 11:00 this morning and Smith told us via text message, quote: "party leader and I reached mutual agreement that I would no longer be campaign manager." He would not comment further than that. Though not completely unexpected, it's surprising because it is Fonseca who brought in Smith - as campaign manager in April of 2014. In fact, just last week - in his post defeat press conference, Fonseca endorsed Smith - even in the face of a third successive defeat. Jules Vasquez In the PUP, the national campaign manager is the one who "roosts" out funds but by multiple indications just girl talk on the ground, we understand that the national campaign manager has failed to do that. In any substantial ways certainly not in a ralphian proportions. Should the PUP re-examined the post of national campaign manager and should Mr. Smith remain as national campaign manager?"

    Political Commentator Okeke Says Cordel Should Lead
    One political observer who has been keenly tracking the developments in the PUP is Steven Okeke. He's written two books on politics in Belize - and two weeks ago - he put up an interesting Facebook post in which he offered 10 options for the PUP Leadership in a time of crisis. He wrote it before the Dangriga election and today he discussed the options that are still there after another loss:.. Steven Okeke, Political Commentator/Author "Its unconventional situation for them right now and I don't think they have been in this kind of disorganization, not just that the party is losing, but the leadership doesn't seem to know what to do and their public face, their public presentation - what they present to the public discourages even their own people from coming out to vote. So, what they have to do is to so what they have never done before. Do something drastic. Do something that makes the people see you want to win, you want to show them you are interested in running the country - you are interested the country - you are interested in being a vibrant opposition, not necessarily who is in charge or who is at the helm or who make up the leadership. But you want to win. You want to do something drastic and that is where you have to choose somebody among you who have some charisma, who have some flare, you have some youthfulness and some level of experience."

    KHMH Staffers Cry Out For Raise; Will GOB Balk At 2 Mil Request?
    As we've reported, public officers and teachers received an eight percent salary increase this month - and that follows up on 6% they got last year. It has increased government's wage bill by over 70 million dollars - but GOB may have to dig a little deeper. That's because nobody remembered the folks at the KHMH. Now, they aren't public officers; they work for the KHMH Authority which is an autonomous statutory body. But, it's not fully independent, because in reality, the KHMH's operations are funded substantially by government - to the tune of more than ten million dollars annually. So, the almost 579 KHMH workers say they want a slice of the pie too. Of course, coming up with that kind of money for 600 hospital workers would another at least another two million annually to the wage bill - which is no small feat for government. Today, our reports say senior representatives of KHMH Management appeared before Cabinet to make their case directly. Still, no definitive answer is forthcoming - and Cabinet is now deliberating on the costly request. But, while they deliberate we have heard that the staff is reserving its options and has met with the Public Service union to discuss possibilities.

    Chief Magistrate Throws Out Case Because Of Bad-Acting Police
    28 year old Sherwin Baezar went to court yesterday to stand trial for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, insulting words to a police officer and riding a bicycle contrary to the flow of traffic. But, all the charges were thrown out after Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith learned what police had done with him. The mile 8 resident was arrested for riding "up-stop" in October of 2014. At the time, he told us what police did with him:.. FILE: October 28, 2014 Sherwin Baizer - Allege Police Brutality "On Friday the 24th, I went to the market to buy vegetables on my bike and like the men (police) were coming on the lane the same time I am going to a stall to buy. They came out and search me and they didn't find anything, so the sergeant said "go through" but this next police officer named "AldalBerto Baton," he said no, he will take me in better and he grab me on my shirt and started to drag me and so I told him that I didn't like his son to drag about this place.

    Ladyville Cops Make Bust Out Of Sandhill
    33 year old Anthony Zelaya, a resident of Gardenia Village, is spending his first night of a 12 year sentence after he was arraigned today for prohibited firearms and illegal drugs. Early this morning, around 4:45 a.m. Ladyville police raided Anthony Zelaya's residence in Gardenia village. Zelaya was present at the time along with were Nelson Zelaya, Arlene Zelaya and Nicole Moody. During that operation, they found a sawed-off 16 gauge shot gun, four 16-gauge cartridges and 105 grams - or 3.7 ounces - of marijuana. All 4 persons were charged with keeping a prohibited firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition, and drug trafficking. The officers quickly prepared their criminal charges and marched them to court today, where they were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith.

    Belize Bank On What CFATF Green Light Means
    2 weeks ago, we showed you the press conference hosted by the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, and the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize. At that event, they announced that the country's banking practices are more resistant to money laundering and terrorist financing than ever before. As the lead agencies in the financial and banking sector, they were trying to get all the bankers compliant with the regulations set out by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force. After months of hard work it was finally accomplished, but with this new level of accountability and transparency, it does affect the off-shore banking sector, which used to offer banking without full disclosure. That confidentiality could have been used by criminal organizations to make illicit transactions. So, Belize like all the other territories in the Caribbean took steps to insulate against that type of illegal behavior, and now, we've been given the nod as one of the countries that is compliant. Because of the pressures coming down from the finance regulating organizations from abroad, the Belize Bank was one of the local banks which was negatively affected when it lost its corresponding banking relationship with Bank of America. So, today when we got the opportunity, we asked the Executive Chairman of Belize Bank, who also the CEO of BCB Holdings, about how the compliance has allowed the bank to move past this setback. Here's what he said:

    Using Art To Make Statement About Murder
    Right now, Belize City artist Katie Usher is closing off her latest exhibit at the Image Factory Art Foundation. It is called "Wall" and on it, Usher has placed the names of those who have been murdered in 2015. After examining a collection newspapers, and news articles from the different media houses, Usher's tally is that 78 persons have been murdered since the beginning of the year, up to yesterday. Her wall of names is meant to put into perspective just how many lives have been cut short in the last 6 and a half months. She explained to us this afternoon that the idea for this exhibit was forged when she found out that Amandala journalist Kareem Clarke had been killed 8 days ago. She said that his tragic end was the catalyst to the "Wall": Katie Usher - Artist "We lost, what I think in my mind was a very good Belizean, not just a very good journalist. Because when he wrote his stories he actually cared about the person. He gave these people personalities and families, not just a statistic.

    Violence Against Violence Highlited
    And included in those saddening statistics are two women who were killed in the past two weeks by their husbands. They are Juana Cowo-Cardinez in Punta Gorda and Keisha Buller in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. Today, the Women's Issues Network of Belize sent out a statement pointing this out as Gender based violence which they say is a serious violation of basic human rights. The statement says gender Based Violence is still underreported in Belize: and complaints are not properly handled by authorities, which , quote, "sustains this vicious cycle." They call on citizens to condemn it, and report it, and call on the Prime Minister's Wife, Women Parliamentarians, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Senators...and other leaders to quote, "be united in saying an absolute NO to violence against women."

    Indian Found Dead In OW - Police Suspect Sudden Death
    Police can't say for certain what caused the death of an Indian man who was found dead at his apartment in Orange Walk this morning. 35 year old Vicky Gyanchandani was found dead inside his room on Guadalupe Street. Foul play has not been ruled out because of a ligature mark around his neck, but police have reason to believe it could be a sudden death:.. Inspector Selvin Tillet, Deputy Commander - Orange Walk Police Formation "The body was found lying on the flour with the head facing the door of the room. There was no sign of struggle. However, there's was an apparent mark on his neck down. Investigations revealed that the decease has been in the country for quite a while now. According to the regional hospital personnel, the deceased has a stray of chronic alcoholism. He has been visiting the said hospital and was also suffering from stomach ulcer. The body is currently awaiting a post mortem."

    Landing Man Accused Of Molestation
    40 year-old Orlando Dawson, a construction worker of Bermudian Landing, is spending his second night on remand after being taken to court for having sexual relations with an underage girl. The girl, who is only 14 year-old, went to the police station and reported that Dawson took advantage of her with her on 3 separate occasions: December 7, 2014, December 20, 2014, and December 31, 2014. Police investigated her complaint, and they eventually charged Dawson with 3 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. He was arraigned yesterday before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, and due to the nature of the offences, Dawson was remanded into custody until October 30.

    Buena Vista Water Woes Worsen
    2 weeks ago, we told you about the situation at the Buena Vista Water Board where cheques surfaced at with the Chairman's name, Julio Castillo, on them. We stress that the Ministry of Rural Development has not determined that anything illegal has happened, but the residents strongly suspect that something funny happened with the money. Well, because this situation has not been resolved, the villagers don't want to pay any more money, and so, a number of them are without water tonight because they were disconnected today for non-payment of arrears. As we've told you, cheques for as much as $19,000 have surfaced due to the persistence of Eddy De La Rosa, the Chairman of the Buena Vista Village. He and others continue to suspect that Castillo acted improperly as the Chairman of the Water Board. Castillo has declared his innocence to us saying that he cashed the money in his name so that he could get access to the funds quicker, which made it easier to do the job of the Cayo Village's Water Board. He and his secretary have shown us written records which they assert should prove their innocence.

    Belize Bank Gives Scholarships
    The Belize Bank today announced the 12 deserving students countrywide whose education they plan to fund for the next school year. It's the 4th year that the bank is offering this type of opportunity to students who make the grade. This time around, they are giving away 8 high school scholarships, and 4 to junior college scholars. Today, 7News got a chance to meet the scholarship recipients: The scholarships will last up to the graduation of each students, provided that they maintain a 3.0 grade point average, which is a B average. The bank started this initiative in 2012, and they now have 56 students being funded by this program.

    Doing It Right
    And while those hard working students got rewarded with a scholarships, others who made the right moral choices got bigged up by police today. 39 high school students from 14 schools around the country were acknowledged at the "Do The Right Thing" award ceremony. It was held at Old Belize and we met the winners who all received scholarships to continue their studies. This is the 10th year for the Police Department's "Do The Right Thing" Program.

    From Belmopan to Michigan
    3 weeks ago, we told you about how the youth advocacy organization, 4H Development Center, sent a delegation of youths to Michigan, as part of a cultural exchange program. Well, they returned this afternoon, and they were eager to share with us how it went. They told us what they were doing for the last 21 days: As mentioned in the interview, the 4H Youth Development Center advocates for youths under the Department of Youth Services.

    Mike Menjivar Takes GSU To Court
    Viewers may know the story of Miguel Menjivar very well, he's the business owner from Belmopan whose family put through a terrifying pre-dawn raid by the Gang Suppression Unit. That happened in May of 2011, and after that incident, where over 100 bullets fired by the GSU officers, Menjivar had to stand trial, and get an acquittal for 9 counts of attempted murder because he opened fire on the officers. He told us that he will sue the Government and the Police Department for this incident, and his case finally started yesterday after nearly 2 years. They reported to the Supreme Court with their attorney, Phillip Palacio for the first case management conference. Menjivar and the Police Department have been given case management orders by the court for documents that they must deliver. A date has been set for pre-trial. It will then follow that Menjivar should be given his full day before the Supreme Court where his attorney will try to convince the judge that the GSU acted excessively in that bullet-filled raid, and that he deserves an award of damages. We'll keep following the case.

    Getting High With Weed On Roof
    Yesterday we told you about the GSU's weekend of gun and weed seizures in the city - but they were also working out on san Pedro. On Friday morning, the unit searched the residence of Angela PITTS on Glitter Street in San Pedro Town. On the roof, they found a plastic bag containing a total of 100.4 grammes or 3.5 ounces of weed. It's a small amount, but it resulted in a big arrest where everyone in the home was taken in, including: 53 year old Angela PITTS, 40 year old Kerdel MEIGHAN, 31 year old Indira RIVERO, 34 year old Resendo RUBIO, Silvia TEUL and 19 year old Josie CASTELLANOS. They were all charged for of "Possession of Controlled Drugs with intent to supply".

    Channel 5

    Breaking News: Man Shot In Gonzalo Quinto Warehouse Compound
    In breaking news tonight, there has been a shooting in the compound of the Gonzalo Quinto warehouse near the Napa roundabout in Belize City. From what we have just learnt, [...]

    Another Resignation in The P.U.P.; Campaign Mgr. Godfrey Smith Steps Down
    Tonight, there is major news coming out of the People’s United Party camp in the wake of last Wednesday’s Dangriga bye-election. News Five was able to confirm today that Godfrey [...]

    Man Found Dead In Orange Walk; Was It Murder?
    Police have a number of murders to solve, but there is a new case that is baffling authorities in the north. The body of thirty-five year old Vicky Hareshlal Gyanchandani [...]

    Man Critical After Chopping In Orange Walk
    On Monday, the bloody footage of a man who had been viciously chopped to the face and body made its short-lived rounds on the social media. It was taken off [...]

    Hilberto Sotz Killers Before The Courts; His Family Seeks UNCHR Assistance
    The island of Caye Caulker has resumed a sense of normalcy in the wake of last month’s public uproar caused by the murder of eighteen-year-old Hilberto Sotz while in police [...]

    Did Police Use Excessive Force in Shooting Death of Leopold Myvette?
    And our question for tonight: Do you think the police used excessive force in the recent shooting death of Hope Creek resident, Leopold Myvette? Send your comments and responses using [...]

    Fire in Biscayne Leaves Twelve Homeless
    Two Biscayne families are without their house after it was burnt to the ground shortly after two on Saturday morning. Emmerson Michael, his common-law-wife and their seven children lived upstairs, [...]

    Gun Recovered, But Smith’s Killer Still on the Loose
    Tonight, another cold-blooded killer remains on the loose despite the recovery of this nine millimeter Glock pistol, believed to have been used in the murder of eighteen-year-old Anthony Smith.  The [...]

    Gardenia Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Gun, Ammunition & Drugs
    A man from Gardenia is spending the first night of twelve years behind bars after he took the rap for a prohibited weapon, ammunition and drugs found in his home. [...]

    Apprentice Remanded For Alleged Robbery
    Tonight, a member of the Apprenticeship Program who is scheduled to graduate on July twenty-second has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison.  Allan Allen Phillips was arraigned on Monday [...]

    Chester Williams on Ghost Town Intervention
    On Monday, we reported that an intervention had been staged over the weekend by the Belize Police Department, involving feuding members of the Ghost Town Gang.  The mediation saw the [...]

    Belize Bank Awards 12 Scholarships
    Twelve students will start the new academic year with scholarships through the Belize Bank Scholarship Programme. Among the guests at the Biltmore Plaza this morning were family members of the [...]

    Police Recognize Youths Doing The Rait Ting
    The tenth annual national “Du Di Rait Ting” Award Ceremony of the Police Department was held today at the Old Belize Pavilion in Belize City. It’s an initiative that started [...]

    Artist Share Murder Count
    The official murder stats for the first half of the year is yet to be released by the Police Department, but we can surely say that 2015 is one of [...]


    Palmar Resident Detained For Altercation In Palmar Village
    Yesterday we told you about an almost fatal chopping incident in Palmar Village in Orange Walk involving two men. As we reported, 27 year old Irvin Cantun was seen with chop wounds on the head, left elbow, mouth and side. Investigators say that Cantun was socializing with some friends and about 1:00am he saw Alberto Canche. It is alleged that Cantun provoked Canche and that is when an argument ensued between both men landing Cantun at the KHMH where he remains in critical condition. Selvin Tillette – Inspector: “We have arrested and charged a young man by the name of Canche of San Jose Palmar and has been charged for dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm as well has been detained and he will be taken to court sometime tomorrow.” Reporter: “Have you been able to come up with any motive?”

    Allegation Of Personal Benefits Launched Against Hugo Patt
    Petro Caribe those are two words that apparently won’t be forgotten anytime soon as it is the talk of the entire country. Be it positive or negative there is no doubt that when it comes to the rampant spending of the Petro Caribe funds spending it is a subject that has been widely discussed. And tonight it is making news again, but not because the monies were used to finance another fun day in Corozal with tacos and music. This time the complaint is coming from the P.U.P Standard Bearer for Corozal North David Castillo. In the Village of Patchakan located in the Corozal North Constituency represented by Minister of State Hugo Patt, about quarter mile of road has been paved with Petro Caribe funding. Surprisingly though, the paving leads from the main street directly into Patt’s premises. And that is what is raising eyebrows and building up questions, questions that are not about to be answered.

    Orange Walk Has A New Sheriff In Town
    Orange Walk’s hard-core criminals and lethargic cops better watch out as the town’s new police chief is determined to prove that he means business. Inspector Selvin Tillett wants to rid the Northern municipality of target killers, extortionists, robbers, and other criminals. He has also told police officers to get their act together and put criminals behind bars no matter who they are. “First of all we need to go along with the Commissioner Standing Orders, first of all community policing is the way to go now, zero tolerance on corruption and police brutality the reports on police brutality we are investigating it at this moment and if they are found guilty make them face the music.” In a correction to Tillett’s statement, what he meant to say was “following the commissioner’s policing plan and not commissioner’s standing orders. Tillett replaces Superintendent Dennis Arnold who was transferred to the Corozal Police Formation.

    BSCFA Membership Dissatisfied For The Fact That Cane Remained In The Fields
    At the top of the newscast you heard the chairman of the BSCFA Committee of Management Ezekiel Cansino talk about the nine non-compliances the association currently faces. And while the Association has their fair share of corrective measures to put in place to reverse the action of non-compliances, how did the splintered BSCFA do in the delivery of cane over the 2014-2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season? Cansino says overall the Association did well but individually there are farmers unsatisfied since there is a large volume of cane still left in the fields. “We are not happy because we did not finish our cane we still have cane on the fields but everything was good because we have a good TC/TS and that is the most important thing that we did the hard work and we end up with a good quality cane.”

    Nourishing Minds With The Game Of Chess
    Do you know that according to research, test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities? Interesting right? Well bearing that in mind the Sandy Hunter Library is currently offering summer chess programs for kids giving them an opportunity to learn and play or to improve their game. Currently 15 children are engaged in the program. Far from the preserve of the academically gifted, chess also helps troubled kids to find a better focus for their energies, and allows shy or non-athletic kids an opportunity to exercise their competitive spirit. The program is being facilitated by Chess Tutor, Jose Zavala who also represents Belize in tournaments.

    BSCFA Expands On Nine None Compliances
    Last Friday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, BSCFA announced that were found with nine non-compliances after being audited by FLOCERT, the global certification body for Fairtrade. Non compliances usually spell trouble for organizations under the umbrella of Fairtrade. But according to the Chair of the BSCFA Committee of Management, Ezekiel Cansino, this time around, the non-compliances filed against the BSCFA are not major and will not affect the association’s certification with Fairtrade. EZEKIEL CANSINO – Chair, BSCFA: “We receive the result and we were informed that we have 9 non-compliance but none of them were major and we are very happy for that because it will not affect the certificate of fair Trade and the Organization but we will be working on that as soon as we get the corrective measures we will be sending them today.” Maria Novelo – Reporter: “Corrective measures, like what and then do you have a time frame?” EZEKIEL CANSINO – Chair, BSCFA: “On how we will be working on and reduce that noncompliance, we have to sit and plan and then send it to them on how we will be working on that issues.”


    What International Assessments Are Saying About Belize
    With the world wide web so accessible to everyone and traveling becoming so easy for many, Belize has indeed become a well know destination, albeit, its size and status as a third world country. So much so, that in various aspects, this small Central American nation has and continues to be graded by organizations around […]

    An Appeal to Help Family Rebuild Following House Fire in Rural Belize
    On Saturday, July 11, we told you of a 13-member family that lost their home to a house fire in the wee hours of that morning. The two-storey wooden structure located in Biscayne Village, Belize District, occurred between two thirty and three o’clock that morning, leaving four adults and nine children homeless. 37-year-old, Emmerson Michael […]

    Police Says Chopping Incident Is Not Gang Related
    27-year-old Irvin Cantun is recuperating at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital from chop wounds he received in the early hours of Monday morning while on his way home in San Jose Palmar Village hospitalized. According to reports from villagers, Cantun was heading home when he was suddenly attacked with a machete by a fellow villager. […]

    Foreign National Found Dead Inside His Apartment
    The body of 36-year-old, Vicky Hareshlal Gyachandani was found inside a room he was renting on Guadalupe Street in Orange Walk Town. So far police is treating the matter as a case of sudden death but investigation continues as there is reason to believe that a mark found on his neck could be as a result of […]

    Mena’s Role as Minister of State Explained
    Last week when the political campaign died down and the red and blue waves subsided, the Prime Minister had announced that the recently elected Area Representative for Dangriga, Frank Pawpa Mena would be given a portfolio in Cabinet. The media was then notified on the following day that Mena had been given the title of […]

    Belize Bank Makes Life Easier for Some Struggling Parents
    The Belize Bank Limited today handed out scholarships to twelve students to continue their education. General Manager of Marketing at the Belize Bank, Shakira Tsai said the bank is proud to have a part in shaping the academic future of young Belizeans. SHAKIRA TSAI “We found families dealing with tragedies, some with unfortunate circumstances and […]

    Sugar Season Closes with Record Numbers
    The 2015 Sugar Cane Crop Season has come to an end with record figures. When the BSI gates closed at 6 pm on Sunday July 12, cane farmers had delivered a total of one million one hundred and eighty six thousand one hundred and fifty three point nine tons of cane. Because this year cane […]

    PUP’s National Campaign Manager Resigns
    When you compare the outpour of support that came out of the People’s United Party in the Cayo North bi-election in January 2015 to the Dangriga bi-election held just last week, the blue and white camp showed far more energy and unity in the southern municipality on July 8. According to the Opposition Leader, Francis […]


    What the PACT Bill Should have Addressed
    The National Protected Areas System Bill 2015 , the first Protected Areas bill introduced in the house on Friday June 26was to bring the laws governing the protected areas system in accordance with international law. The Second was an amendment bill to the National Protected Areas Conservation Trus...

    Belize’s last man on death row has sentence quashed
    He killed a man in 2000, and was sentenced to death a few months later along with two others. But 44 year old Glenford Baptist has a new lease on life after being told this morning that his sentence of death by hanging will be commuted. He was Belize’s last man on death row – others bef...

    National Team receives Petro Caribe monies
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Finance officially handed over $125,000 Belize dollar grant to the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) today, July 13. The grant was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund to help them meet the national team’s training and travel costs leading ...

    While police hunt down his killer and the area where he was killed moves toward healing, Kareem Jabbor Clarke is no longer on this earth. He was laid to rest this past Saturday following funeral services at St. Joseph R.C. Church. As expected, the church was packed to capacity with many of those who...

    Police and counselors forge truce in Mayflower
    Regional Commander for Eastern Division (South), Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, toward the end of last week began working along with the mothers and relatives of several known gang members of the Ghost town Crips based on Mayflower Street, who out of fear of further reprisals, have approach...

    Promised Consultation on PACT bill
    On Friday the 26th of June the Government of Belize introduced two bills concerning Protected Areas without the full support of APAMO, the umbrella body for Protected Area organizations. The First was the National Protected Areas system bill, 2015 and the second was an amendment to the protected Are...

    Man is Knocked Down, Doesn’t Survive
    The road side of the George Price Highway in the Village of Camalote was flanked by crowd of on lookers who gathered to see who was the victim of this latest Road Traffic Accident over the weekend. According to reports, sometime around 5:30 pm on Sunday evening, a man was riding his bicycle on the ...


    Mother’s only son murdered on CA Blvd
    A Customs officer was stabbed to death in her home in Benque Viejo del Carmen, allegedly by her abusive common-law husband, who is unemployed, and who, today, was charged with murder in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court. Keisha Buller, 25, a Customs officer at the Belize Western Border, was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital suffering from stab wounds to the neck, upper body and abdomen, but was declared dead on arrival. Police quickly arrested her boyfriend, Ervin Wade, 29, of Benque Viejo, at a roadblock near Galen University in Central Farm as he was trying to escape from Benque Viejo after Buller died. Wade was taken to the Benque Viejo Police Station, where he was charged with murder. Ervin Wade was taken to the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court this morning, Monday, and arraigned on the charge of murder, use of deadly means of harm and grievous dangerous harm. No plea was taken from him and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 17.

    Orton Clarke, career public officer, passes at 84
    Orton Clarke, an exemplary, well-known career public officer, passed away quietly at his home, located at the corner of Amara Avenue and Cemetery Road, on Saturday, July 11. Clarke, who retired from the public service on April 20, 1986, had taken ill a little more than a year ago, his family confirmed to Amandala today. Although he had retired from the public service, Clarke, who was also a Commissioner of the Supreme Court, was a regular presence at the traditional opening of the court’s legal year each January for a number of years. Clarke began his public service career at a very early age, his wife of 44 years, Elaine Clarke, told Amandala. He served as hospital administrator for the old Belize City hospital between 1965 and 1970.

    Accused double murderer walks
    The trial of Jaime Smith, 28, who has been accused of the double murder of Eric Arana, 19, and Dwayne Tillett, 21, which occurred on May 20, 2011, ended in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas this morning when the judge, who heard the case without a jury, ruled that Smith was not guilty of the double murder. The prosecution, Justice Lucas said, had not sufficiently identified the accused as the man who pulled the trigger, killing Arana and Tillett and injuring three others, one of whom was the key prosecution witness but was later declared a hostile witness after he had failed to show up to give his testimony on the second day of the trial. On the night of May 20, a group of friends were socializing on Antelope Street when a lone gunman rode up on a bicycle and unleashed a barrage of gunfire at the group. Five persons sustained gunshot injuries from the shooting. One man, Eric Lip Arana, died on the spot. The other man, Dwayne Tillett, died about half an hour later while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

    Mother’s only son murdered on CA Blvd
    At about 8:30 last Friday night, Anthony Ashton Smith, 18, of Coney Drive, was shot in the chest, head, abdomen, upper body and leg as he was riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard towards Fabers Road, from Caesar Ridge Road. When Smith arrived at the junction of Freedom Street and the Boulevard, the gunman fired several shots at him. He died almost immediately on the scene. Police who were on foot patrol in the area were coming up from Jane Usher Boulevard toward Fabers Road when the shooting occurred and were about 200 feet away at the time of the incident, according to police. The officers chased the shooter, who, police say, fired at them. Police took cover and fired back, and the shooter threw the gun in a yard and escaped.

    Bittersweet sugar season for cañeros
    The recent announcement by Agriculture Minister Gaspar Vega that sugar production had already hit a record high—with production reportedly up by 32%—even before the season drew to a close may have suggested that cañeros would be “smiling all the way to the bank;” but representatives of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA), the main organization representing thousands of cañeros in the north, told our newspaper today that whereas it is true that sugar production has hit a record high this year, roughly 80% of cañeros still have hundreds of tons of un-harvested cane, valued at tens of thousands of dollars, in their fields. Alfredo Ortega, BSCFA’s Orange Walk branch chairman, told us that the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) is expected to conduct a survey to determine the extent of the un-harvested cane. Jose Novelo, SCPC chairman, confirmed that they will embark upon that verification exercise sometime next week. He said that they will look at the amount of cane burnt and not harvested, the new acreage planted, as well as the “ratoon,” a word used in the industry for regrowth of harvested cane. The SCPC had projected that cane production this year would reach 1.45 million tons, and Novelo said that when deliveries were halted on Sunday, cane received by the factory at Belize Sugar Industries totaled about 1.186 million tons.

    A service of thanksgiving for the life of Kareem Jabbor Clarke
    Six days after he was senselessly murdered near the junction of Vernon and Lakeview Streets, the family, friends and media colleagues of Kareem Jabbor Clarke, an Amandala reporter who also performed various functions for KREM Radio and KREM TV, began to arrive around 1:00 p.m. at St. Joseph Church, where the body was laid in an open casket, before the service of thanksgiving. The service got underway shortly after 2:00 p.m., when the casket was closed and Father Noel Leslie began his sermon, in which he lamented the tragic end of Clarke, who has been well known to the St. Joseph Church family, since his childhood days when he attended St. Joseph Primary School. The eulogy was delivered by KREM TV’s Evan Mose Hyde, who narrated how Clarke had written twice to the chairman of Kremandala, Evan X Hyde, in his determined quest to pursue a career as a journalist at Amandala about two years ago. Hyde explained how Clarke’s boundless energy and willingness to perform had led him to juggle his various tasks, which he carried out for the various branches of Kremandala – the Amandala newspaper, KREM Radio, and KREM TV.

    The Mighty Avengers honor 20 Lifetime Members
    Henry’s Eden Resort on the Benque Viejo Road was the venue once again this past Sunday, July 5, for the second award ceremony – Lifetime Membership – to honor past players and, supporters of the legendary Mighty Avengers Football Club (1968-1979). Belize’s football history is a work in progress, but whenever there is consideration about the most memorable, outstanding and awe-inspiring team to grace the football field in the Jewel, there are a few names that always stand out, names that have become legendary and almost mythical among surviving lovers of football from yesteryear. Today’s youngsters cannot be blamed for their ignorance; they have not sufficiently been informed and enlightened about the great teams of the past, names like Queens Park Rangers, Dunlop and the Mighty Avengers. The Mighty Avengers is extra special, because it represents a period of consistent excellence that can hardly be matched in Belizean football lore. This is because the Avengers dynasty did not start small, like most clubs do; nor was it the product of a wealthy owner who could easily attract the best talent in the country; neither did it burst with exceeding brilliance upon the football scene, only to mysteriously crumble and disappear as suddenly as it had arrived. In fact, the team that was to one day become Avengers, was being formed, and molded and pounded into enduring quality and form by its stellar congratulation to the organizers of the event and the Mighty Avengers Football Club.

    BDBA Firms basketball update
    The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Basketball Tournament 2015 continued over the weekend with 2 games on Friday and 3 on Saturday at Birds Isle. In the opener on Friday night, Central Health won, 54-50, over Infotel, behind Steven Wade 19 pts 4 rebs 3 assts, Neil Nicholson 11 pts 3 rebs, and Tevin Vernon 10 pts 4 rebs; while for Infotel, Stafford Young had 11 pts 6 rebs, and Russel Humes 15 pts 6 rebs. And in the nightcap, it was Atlantic Bank with the 55-44 victory over Generals. Leading Atlantic Bank were Justin Wade 16 pts, Herman Ramos 11 pts 9 rebs, Jaheed Smith 10 pts 5 rebs 3 assts, Shawn Stephens 10 pts, and Jermaine Tillett 8 pts 11 rebs. For the losing Generals, Cassian Flowers had 14 pts 8 rebs, Ron Nicholson 14 pts 3 rebs, and Darnell Lopez 7 pts 7 rebs.

    G.O.B. gives Petrocaribe money to FFB for National Team
    The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Finance, officially handed over a BZ$125,000.00 grant to the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) today, July 13. The grant was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund to help them meet the national team’s training and travel costs leading up to Round 3 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. The grant was presented to the FFB by the Financial Secretary Mr. Joseph Waight, who on behalf of the Government extended well wishes to the National Team and assured future support from the Government as the team progresses in the games. Present at the ceremony were a few of the team players, Minister of National Security and National Team Coordinator Hon. John Saldivar, and the General Secretary of the FFB Mr. Michael Blease, who received the grant on behalf of the federation. Both Minister Saldivar and Mr. Blease expressed their gratitude to the Government and said that they look forward to the continued support. (Ed. Note: How sweet it is!! We trust that the FFB accounts are in order?)

    Editorial: On Mayflower, forty years later …
    The UBAD organization and the Amandala newspaper came back here to Partridge Street in late 1972. We had been given notice by our landlords at #46 Euphrates Avenue, and the decision was made to go to swamp land on Partridge Street we had leased from the Government of Belize in 1969, thanks to the foresight of the late Ismail Shabazz. Our conditions were primitive on Partridge, until we managed to complete the original UBAD building, a 30’ by 20’ ferroconcrete structure (now demolished), in the latter part of 1973. Partridge is where we have been ever since. If you go direct east from Partridge, you will meet Santa Barbara Street, Zericote Street, and then Central American Boulevard. Further east, you meet Pine Street, and then Mayflower. On Mayflower Street lived the man Lester “Bailar” Smith, also known as “Sundance,” “Experience,” “Kid,” and other affectionate names. For decades it had seemed that Belize City stopped at Pound Yard, and one of the reasons the city could not expand northwest was because of a large body of water known as Prisoner Creek, which would have been between where Lakeview Street, Banak Street and Vernon Street converge today.

    From the Publisher
    When I began my Belizean journey on the road of public controversy many, many years ago, one of the realizations that was very daunting to me was how powerful the Church was, in something as everyday and mundane as public opinion. The way it works on the ground, if you become an opponent of the Church in any way, what this means is that any setback you or your family members experience from thence forward, that setback will be ascribed to divine retribution, or the judgment of God against you because of your sin or aberration. I’m not trying to open old wounds here, trust me. A lot of things have changed with this new Pope, Francis from South America. At the top of this column, I quoted from an article reproduced from Reuters/The Guardian (UK) on page 55 of last weekend’s Amandala, and if you have not read that article I want you to find it and read it. Some of the statements being made by Pope Francis would have been condemned as “communist” in 1969. What you must understand is that when Pope Francis says something, it is not the same as some obscure, insignificant columnist in some small Third World country writing that something. Pope Francis is a man of awesome international power. He represents maybe a billion people, perhaps a seventh of planet earth’s population.

    Hey GOB! Whatever happened to our ten grams?
    Dear Editor, Most civilized countries are waking up to the fact that the prohibition of cannabis has been a great big failed mistake, not only a mistake, but in my own humble opinion, prohibition itself, is a crime. Even though no one ever had the right to prohibit cannabis, the law has created much harm in our country and time for a change is at hand. If you could give peace of mind to tens of thousands of your fellow Belizeans, and their families, would you? That is about how many cannabis users in Belize would be affected in a positive way by decriminalization. Any person within the GOB that can help, should do it. To be given such a great honor as to be able to alleviate some of the suffering of tens of thousands of your fellow Belizeans is in fact a constitutional mandate, a blessing in disguise and a great good karma move. Do this for Belize and you and Belize will be blessed, in ways that you can only dream of, guaranteed.

    Frank “Papa” Mena sworn in as Minister of State, National Security
    The newly elected Dangriga area representative, Frank “Papa” Mena, of the ruling United Democratic Party, was sworn in on Friday as Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. Mena was officially sworn in by Governor General, H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in Belmopan. Hon. Mena took his Oath of Office in the presence of his relatives, friends and supporters.

    Clock ticking for US Capital’s oil exploration work in Toledo
    In April, we told you that US Capital Energy, the company which has a petroleum concession to drill for oil in Toledo, had decided to abandon its first well inside the Sarstoon Temash National Park after dangerous levels of potentially hazardous hydrogen sulfide were encountered. US Capital Energy’s country representative, Alistair King, had told us that the company may proceed to drill a second well; however, they would have to first meet with Government officials before investors decide the way forward. We learned from King today that a decision has still not been made, since the company is currently doing technical assessments on its exploratory work to date, after which a final decision will be taken. However, King said that the production sharing agreement, granted in 2008, gives them until January 22, 2016, less than 6 months more, to explore for oil, although their permit to enter the national park won’t expire at least until next April. If they fail to declare a commercial find before next January, that could be the end of the road for them, but if they do, they would have 25 years to develop the oil field. King said that a second well is ready to go, if US Capital so decides, and there is an oil rig available in- country to jumpstart the process.

    Death of a journalist
    I represent the extended Samuels family who could not attend the funeral; unfortunately, they are out of the country. I represent every grieving family whose heart weeps over the senseless murder of a loved one. I represent every Belizean whose desperate cry of frustration seems to ricochet against the wall of a helpless, injured or resigned society condemned to be held hostage by those who indiscriminately aim a gun! However, it is within our power to turn every tragedy into a learning moment and thereby to confound evil by producing that unpredicted and positive outcome. (What the enemy meant for bad, the Lord has turned into good.) What is the positive lesson in all this? Is there a positive, learning moment? Well, God has deposited the seed of a gift in every living soul. What is a gift? – It is that thing that you can do better than anyone else; we say it comes naturally, which is just another way of saying, “It has nothing to do with me; I am merely the vessel that bears that seed.” You will know your gift – you will enjoy doing it; others will note that special difference, that “je ne c’est qua”, and it will bring tremendous blessing to others – that is your gift. Some people live their entire lives without stumbling upon their gift. Kareem was blessed, for he discovered his gift of writing. He was passionate about it, did it with seeming ease and it blessed the lives of others. So, let his discovery challenge you to seek your own gift, use your gift and stand and watch the difference it will make to your world.

    Belize gets highest rating from Expats
    A 2015 study titled, Expats: Expectation & Reality – A research Study of Expats Living in Belize, Nicaragua and Panama, reports that the country in which the highest percentage of expatriate respondents indicated that they enjoy their life “much more” was Belize, with 73.1%. The report said that the study, released on July 6, 2015, was compiled by Best Places in the World to Retire, funded and run by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and investors based primarily in Southern Arizona, and that it garnered responses from over 400 expats, who provided more than 14,700 answers and thousands of comments. “The achievement of getting a fresh start was cited by 38.2% of our respondents who moved to Belize, but only by 28.4% of those who moved to Panama and 24.7% of those who moved to Nicaragua. Be warned, however: in our interviews with expats living in Belize, many have cautioned against coming to Belize in order to disappear or hide. You can begin a brand new life in the land of jaguars and black orchids, but in doing so you can’t escape from the long arm of the law,” the report said.

    Former Benque mayor, Edgar “Whitey” Contreras, detained on gun charge in Melchor
    A well-known Belizean businessman of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Edgar “Whitey” Contreras, who served as mayor in Benque in the 1990s, and who operates as a money changer in both Belize and Guatemala and is owner of the UNO service station in Benque, was detained on Saturday, July 11, when Guatemala police reportedly caught him with a gun registered for use in Belize but not in that jurisdiction. Contreras, who we are told is the cousin of Cayo West area representative Hon. Erwin R. Contreras, Minister of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, has been a money changer for about two decades. Ambassador Said Guerra, in charge of consular matters in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lives in Benque, and was able to immediately travel to Melchor to check into the Contreras matter. Guerra told Amandala that on Saturday, he spoke personally with Contreras, who claimed that he forgot that he had his firearm on him when he went to Melchor.

    Glenn Murillo, 21, shot on Vernon Street
    On Saturday night, July 11, Glenn Murillo, 21, was shot in the right upper arm as he was talking to two friends on Vernon Street in front of a Chinese store. The shooter simply came up and fired three shots at him. Murillo’s two friends escaped unhurt and the shooter fled the area, but GSU who were on patrol in the area quickly intercepted the gunman and captured him. He is now in custody, along with the gun he allegedly used for the shooting. Superintendent Hilberto Romero announced today at the police press brief that the shooter, who is a minor, is strongly believed to be the person who shot and killed Amandala reporter Kareem Clarke, 27, who was shot multiple times while riding home on Vernon Street on his bicycle at about 12:30 Monday morning, July 5.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shooting in Belize City
    There was a shooting reported in Belize City tonight. The incident is reported to have taken place in the vicinity of the NAPA-Gonzalo Quinto warehouse on Coney Drive. The injured person has been rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. This is a developing story and we will have more information […]

    Godfrey Smith leaves campaign manager post
    Attorney Godfrey Smith has confirmed that he and PUP leader Francis Fonseca reached “a mutual agreement” for him to leave the post of national campaign manager with immediate effect. While it is not a resignation, it does bring to an end a year and two months of Smith’s […]

    Police awards Do The Right Thing
    The Police Department is celebrating ten years of its Do The Right Thing program. Annually it identifies and publicly honors young individuals in school who have overcome adversity to succeed. Today the top 38 awardees nationwide from each of the police zones gathered at Old Belize on the […]

    Brothers charged for keeping bar open past closing hours
    It may be bad news for those accustomed to carousing, but under the law bars in Belize do have closing hours, usually midnight. However, two brothers from Ladyville, Belize District, 38 year old Jose and 34 year old Oscar Mejia, naturalized Belizeans originally from Honduras, are accused of […]

    U.S. Capital Energy has six months to find Toledo oil
    The Amandala newspaper reports that U.S. Capital Energy, which holds a concession to drill for petroleum within the Sarstoon Temash National Park, has yet to make a decision on whether to drill a second well not from the first, now abandoned, well inside the park. Country representative Alistair King told […]

    Leopold Myvette family upset over death
    Dangriga police say he threatened them with a gun, but family members of 28 year old Leopold Myvette of Hope Creek Village, Stann Creek, believe he was wrongfully and unnecessarily targeted. According to police, they responded to reports made by multiple persons of someone in the village threatening people with a firearm. […]

    Palmar resident charged for chopping fellow villager
    25 year old Alberto Canche of San Jose Palmar has been charged by police for dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm after becoming involved in a chopping incident on Monday night, July 13, that sent a fellow villager to hospital. Canche and 27 year old Irvin Cantun […]

    Veteran senior public officer Orton Clarke dies
    Clarke was a former Permanent Secretary (modern-day Chief Executive Officer) and administrator of a hospital and the Superintendent of Prisons during a lengthy career which ended in 1986. He also served as Cabinet Secretary for 8 years under administrations led by both the People’s United Party and United Democratic Party. […]

    Police question sudden death of Indian businessman in Orange Walk
    Police in Orange Walk Town await the results of a post-mortem examination on the body of Indian businessman 36 year old Vicky Hareshal Gyachandani, to determine when and how he died. While at first police considered the case as natural death, they have not completely ruled out the […]

    Former Mayor of Benque Viejo Town Arrested in Guatemala
    Former Mayor of Benque Viejo Town, Edgar Contreras is expected to be charged today after he was found with a firearm in Melchor, Guatemala. According to reports, Contreras holds a valid gun license in Belize but he allegedly forgot that he had his firearm with him when he crossed the […]

    Financial Secretary says more money may be missing from Treasury
    Some half a million dollars was cleverly siphoned from the Treasury last year. While four persons have already been charged, the extent of the scheme may be greater than previously reported. Financial Secretary Joseph Waight told reporters on Monday that another transaction had been uncovered of about twenty five thousand […]

    Belize Bank Limited Awards 12 Scholarships To Deserving Students
    At its fourth annual ceremony at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City, this morning twelve students from four districts were handed scholarships to continue their education at secondary and tertiary level. The Belize Bank Limited’s scholarship program pays for tuition and books for all […]

    Police find dead body in Orange Walk Town
    Belize Media Group just received a report that police in Orange Walk Town have found a dead body on Guadalupe street. Victor Castillo, our Orange Walk correspondent has been dispatched to the scene to get more info. We will be updating this […]

    Minor detained for Kareem Clarke Murder and Vernon Street Shooting
    Police in Belize City believe they have the individual alleged to have shot Amandala reporter Kareem Clarke, 27, last Monday, in custody. The 16 year old minor, according to Supt. Hilberto Romero, the officer in charge of Crimes Investigation Branch for Eastern Division, is also suspected to have shot 21 […]


    A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 3
    Towards the end of the colonial period, Charles lll became king of Spain. His interest was getting to know more about native cultures in Central America and Mexico. Certainly the Spanish were bringing back to his motherland great wealth in the natural resources they were taking from the indigenous of America. He commissioned one Ordonez to fins out some more of the cultures. Ordonez visited Palenque. He was in such disbelief of the wonders of its architecture that he made certain he told the king that it was the Romans who had to have built that city! King Charles was amazed at that news. To reconfirm that, he sent another person, Antonio Del Rio to Palenque but unfortunately for Del Rio, he was hijacked by the British and his commentary never reached King Charles lll. The next thing we know is that Jean Frederick Waldeck publishes this Del Rio report in England. How interesting isn’t it?

    Top 5 Ways To Experience Belize’s Toledo District
    Southern Belize is home to the Toledo district, where lush jungle spills down to the Caribbean and you find a mix of indigenous, Creole, and even Mennonite folks. Here are five fun things to do here… Explore the Rainforest: Even a short hike on maintained trails lets you experience the diverse eco-systems of Belize’s rainforest… Lodges like Hickatee and the Lodge at Big Falls maintain on-site trails. To explore the rainforest in depth, hire a local guide. That way you won’t get lost in the jungle—and you’ll have an expert to point out unusual birds, wildlife, trees, and medicinal plants used by the Maya. Experience the Caribbean Sea: Take a short trip to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve to snorkel or fish. Or spend a few days in the sapodilla Cayes, near the barrier reef. If you time it right, you may encounter a majestic whale shark. ReefCI runs a marine research outpost at Tom Owen’s Caye. You can spend five days there, scuba diving and taking part in marine research, for less than $1,000.

    Spicy Coconut Chicken or Shrimp with Spicy Mango Basil Salsa
    (serves 4) Salsa: 1 mango, peeled and finely diced 3 scallions, sliced 5 basil leaves, julienned 1 lime, juiced Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper Shrimp or Chicken: 2 fresh jalapenos, sliced 3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 1/2–inch piece ginger, peeled and grated 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1/2 lime, zested 1/4 cup coconut milk Small handful basil leaves, torn 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 15 grinds pepper 1 pound peeled, deveined shrimp or 2 chicken breast, cut in strips For the salsa: Combine all ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Make up to a day in advance. Keep covered in the refrigerator.

    International Sourcesizz

    Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us
    An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus. But will this make us stop treating these animals in totally inhumane ways? While it might not sound like much for scientists to declare that many nonhuman animals possess conscious states, it's the open acknowledgement that's the big news here. The body of scientific evidence is increasingly showing that most animals are conscious in the same way that we are, and it's no longer something we can ignore. What's also very interesting about the declaration is the group's acknowledgement that consciousness can emerge in those animals that are very much unlike humans, including those that evolved along different evolutionary tracks, namely birds and some cephalopods. "The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states," they write, "Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors."

    Belize governor-general visits Port City
    Queen Elizabeth II’s representative to Belize is visiting Wilmington this week. Belize Governor-General Colville Norbert Young is scheduled to arrive in Wilmington late Tuesday, according to a news release. Young will be a guest of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation and the Consulate of Belize, according to the release. He will be in town until the weekend. Edward Paul, a Wilmington optometrist, also serves as an honorary consul to Belize. San Pedro, Belize, has been one of Wilmington’s sister cities since 2007.

    Believing in Belize: Forest Lake LLC makes mission trips smoother
    When a 21-year-old Jason Pfingsten visited the Central American country of Belize, he was struck by the people's friendliness, the beauty of the landscape and the needs of local Christian churches. Fast forward more than two decades later: the 45-year-old father of three has founded a Forest Lake-based LLC called Thirst Missions that has helped some 5,000 people travel to the Third World country. The LLC's function? To handle logistics, oversee safety and arrange for behind-the-scenes local experiences so attendees can focus on ministry itself. This year the interdenominational organization will sponsor 50 trips involving about 1,000 people, while 75 trips involving 1,500 are planned for next year. Staff now includes six employees in Minnesota and 15 in Belize.

    11 Places We'd Love To Go Treasure Hunting With 'The Goonies 2' Cast
    We had a minor freak-out this week. Rumors have been flying that The Goonies – easily one of the most unforgettable, adventurous, dynamite movies of all time (It’s not a candle, it’s dynamite!) – will come back for a sequel, and potentially with the entire cast. Granted, this promised sequel has been a massive mythological tease ever since the original film debuted, but still. Hope is a powerful thing and it got the best of us, yet again. To be fair, according to Snopes, as of July 13, 2015, there is still no new information to indicate the sequel is moving forward. But for some reason this video from last year, of director Richard Donner confirming he was working on a sequel, went viral again and people got all excited. Regardless, we couldn't help but fantasize about where the good old Goonies gang might go treasure hunting next. And we can’t let hope die that they will. (Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. Goonies never say die!) Actun Tunichil Muknal This cave in Belize is full of human decomposition. More specifically, it is home to the famous Crystal Maiden – a calcified skelton. Is the Crystal Maiden the new One-Eyed Willy? Only time (and a sequel confirmation) will tell.

    Bahamas hosting Caribbean's top talent search this week
    Top international fashion and talent scouts, casting directors, record labels, music producers and industry executives will journey to The Bahamas July 13-19, 2015 for the first annual Music, Model & Talent Showcase of the Islands (Island MMTS) which will be held at the Melia Nassau Beach Hotel on the new Bahamian Riviera at BahaMar. Island MMTS is a one-of-a-kind event for the islands, and is the only entertainment, modeling and acting showcase in the world specifically targeting the Caribbean market. Talent from 37 islands and 23 countries, ages 5 to 65 will be represented and showcasing to influencers from U.S., Canada, Latin America and Europe whose business is to identify and develop future stars. Island MMTS is poised to bring approximately 1,500 stopover visitors to the Bahamas July 13 to July 19, 2015. Island MMTS is the brainchild of Pia T. Glover-Rolle at the helm of top Bahamian firm PTG Marketing and Modeling Agency, which has a proven track record of success in modeling, talent development and placement in the industry, both locally and internationally.

    Case For Caribbean Debt Relief Being Made At International Financing Conference
    The United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) will be making a case for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to give debt relief to countries in the region when an international financing conference begins in Ethiopia today. Following up on her suggestion in Barbados on July 2, ahead of the CARICOM Heads of Government Conference, ECLAC executive secretary Alicia Bárcena will present the debt relief proposal and call for the creation of a regional resilience fund, at the July 13-16 Third International Conference on Financing for Development. In 2013, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica and St. Kitts and Nevis were among the 20 most indebted countries in the world, according to the ratio of their public debt to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That year, the total debt burden, both internal and external, of 15 Caribbean countries amounted to US$46 billion, or 71 per cent of sub regional GDP.

    UNM researchers study global warming causes
    Researchers study global warming causes in Belizean Cave Systems. Pretty Interesting.... For decades, it has been getting drier in some parts of Central America that have traditionally enjoyed plentiful tropical rains. Some University of New Mexico researchers say that is because of air pollution during the industrial age causing uneven warming of the northern and southern hemispheres. They and their colleagues on an international science team say the uneven heating of the northern and southern hemispheres is nudging the inter-tropical convergence zone, where tropical rains form, to the south. “What we’ve noticed basically over the last 500 years, especially since the advent of the industrial age, is that the region has been getting drier and drier, relatively,” said Professor Yemane Asmerom of UNM’s Earth and Planetary Sciences. The historical evidence has been found during years of research in a remote cave in the Central American country of Belize, located right at the edge of the inter-tropical convergence zone. The UNM team says the stalagmites of Yok Balum Cave have an especially accurate record of rainfall for the past 500 years.


  • Belize, Missions of Peace, 6min. Franciscan University of Steubenville students organize and fund a mission trio to Belize, Central America. Video shot and edited by Gerard McNicholas.

  • Belize 2015, 4min. We stayed at Casa Buena Vista on Ambergris Caye Belize in April 2015.

  • Belize Maymester 2015, 9.5min. Studying Abroad in Belize 2015.

  • Belize 2015, 6min. Jonny, Andrea, Joey and Kirstyn visit the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in Belize.

  • "Bunny-eared" blue ciliate from Belize, 1min. Ciliate from the family Folliculinidae, from a surface colonization experiment deployed at the margin of mangrove forest at Twin Cayes, Belize. The "bunny ears" are known as peristomal wings, and they carry part of the oral ciliature involved in feeding.

  • Belize Agro Forestry, 6min. A look at the link between modern farming and ancient Maya farming practices in the jungles of southern Belize. Includes interviews with Maya farmer Eladio Pop and his Agouti Farm and Chris Nesbitt at the Maya Mountain Research Farm.

  • BELIZE-ENG, 8min.

  • Mayan Ruins ~ Caracol, Cayo, Belize, 3min. Located in the Cayo District of Belize, the Mayan site given the name Caracol is very impressive. The ancient name is Ux Witz Ajaw, or “Three Hills Lord”. Though the ruins aren't as well known as other Mayan sites, LIDAR imaging done in the last decade has revealed a large Mayan city covered by the jungle. Link below.

  • Belize 9, 4min. Placencia

    July 14, 2015


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    Specials and Events

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    The San Pedro Sun

    H.E. Alexis Rosado Presents Credentials to the President of the Republic of Costa Rica
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that his Excellency Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, President of the Republic of Costa Rica, received H.E. Alexis Rosado in a solemn ceremony on Wednesday, 8th July 2015, on the occasion of the presentation of credentials accrediting Mr. Rosado as Belize’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Costa Rica.

    Frank “Papa” Mena takes Dangriga Constituency By-election
    On Wednesday, July 8th residents of Dangriga Town, Sarawee Village and Hope Creek Village exercised their right as Belizeans in the by-election process for a new Dangriga Constituency Area Representative. At the end of the day United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Frank “Papa” Mena was elected as area representative over People’s United Party’s (PUP) Anthony Sabal and Independent (Indp) Candidate Llewelyn Lucas. The by-election was a result of the abrupt resignation of former PUP Area Representative, Ivan Ramos.

    Ambergris Today

    Marissa Kayleen Gonzalez Celebrates Quinceaños
    Carlos Gonzalez and Alba White presented to the San Pedro society their beautiful daughter Marissa Kayleen Gonzalez on Saturday, July 4, 2015, as she turned 15 years old. A special mass celebration of her Quinceaños was held at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church and a 'Sweet 15' party followed with friends and family. Kayleen's Godparents were Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Monica Alfaro.

    Government of Belize Supports the Belize National Football Team
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Finance officially handed over a BZ$125,000 grant to the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) today, July 13. The grant was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund to help them meet the national team’s training and travel costs leading up to Round 3 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. The grant was presented to the FFB by the Financial Secretary Mr. Joseph Waight, who on behalf of the Government extended well wishes to the National Team and assured future support from the Government as the team progresses in the games.

    Belizean Beauty to Represent at Costa Maya Pageant
    Samalia Vernon, 5'8" of Belize City, Belize District, is Miss Belize 2015 for the Reina de la Costa Maya 2015 international pageant, which is scheduled to take place in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize on August 6, 2015. Samalia, who is pursuing a degree in business and marketing, enjoys reading, painting, meditating, cooking, fashion, traveling and modeling. To stay fit she does yoga, dances, and plays tennis. Eight delegates representing Central America and Mexico are expected to compete in the beauty pageant. At the end of the night, Elisa Espinosa Gomez, of Mexico, will crown her successor.

    Belize Ranks #5 on World Well-Being Rankings
    Not all might be perfect in Belize and we all might complain here and there about a few things that bother us, but overall, we are a happy nation whose people live with much freedom. So it is not surprising to find out that a new global index has Belize standing strong at the No. 5 position in the World Well-Being Rankings. As a region, the Americas faired quite well in Gallup-Healthways Country Well-Being report, with Costa Rica (2), Belize (5) and Mexico in the top 10 positions and Panama at No. 1. Switzerland was the top European country, in fourth. At No. 23, the U.S. (dropping from No. 12) is one spot behind Israel and one ahead of Canada. No wonder Belize is such an amazing place to live in and has so much visitors flocking to its shores. We might think that we are No. 1 on that list, but if you are looking to boost your own well-being you might want to increase your leisure activities or even vacation more in Belize!!! The report indicates that the benefits can include "lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and smaller waists."

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of June 28th – July 4th, 2015
    Lots of people enjoying Belize during of first week of summer 2 for 1 pricing. Even though he fishing peaks in the summer with the addition of Migratory tarpon to the mix, our attendance levels tend to be lower. Come enjoy the summer and fall with us. Even though it was windy we continue to light up the permit boards.

    Ten day Weather Outlook for Belize: July 13-22, 2015
    Two tropical waves will approach Belize over the next ten days. The first will make its entry late Tuesday, and the second will cross the country on Friday-Saturday of this week. An upper level trough in the western Caribbean will shift westwards over the next three days, favoring outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. Conditions will become more stable on Saturday through Sunday, but significantly unstable on Monday through Thursday of next week, associated with the slow-moving low pressure system forming in the extreme NW Caribbean and Belize. Farmers can expect some good showers on Tuesday afternoon, on Thursday and Friday. It will be much drier over the weekend. Expect more showers with some thunderstorm outbreaks during most of the working week next week.

    Prevention of Violence against Women
    Public Presentation

    BTB Tourism Industry Conference
    Aug 1st

    Four Caribbean countries identified as choice locations for business
    St. Lucia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti have been identified as countries outside the United States that companies will move to in five to 10 years. That’s according to readers of Site Selection Magazine, an influential publication that highlights corporate real estate strategy and area economic development. “In a tie with Eastern Europe, 31.4 per cent of respondents selected the Central/South America and the Caribbean and cited an educated workforce, the economic expansion of the region aided by the anticipated increase in traffic due to the widening of the Panama Canal and a growing middle class as some of the reasons behind the decision to invest in the logistics, automotive and chemical clusters,” explained Senior Editor of Site Selection Patty Rasmussen.

    DYS Reading Summer Camp
    The Department of Youth Services and the Belmopan Public Library held their first Reading and Expressive Arts Summer Camp. They have a really cool video of the experience. Worth a watch. Reading is the key. Thanks, DYS! "The Department of Youth Services in collaboration with The Belmopan Public Library had its 1st Reading and Expressive Arts Summer Camp from July 6th- 10th 2015 at the Belmopan Public Library. It was a huge success and we are most thankful for our guest readers that took time out to come and share the love of reading with our little campers. Mrs. Gwen Nunez -Gonzalez, Ms. Claudia Groutsche, Brother Fem and Mrs. Cruz, Mayor Khalid Belisle, Ileana Cruz, Ms.Desha Elijio,Ms. Mary and Althia Garcia. I am also thankful for my team as they were instrumental in making this camp a success. Finally and most importantly we are thankful to the parents who allowed us to share the joy of reading with their little ones."

    SIPL Summer Program
    The San Ignacio Public Library had their Summer Camp for local kids. The theme was all about technology. "Some snapshots of our Summer Program 2015 under the theme 'Technology in Libraries: Past and Present.'"

    New franchises for National Elite Basketball League
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) is inviting any new franchise that would be interested in joining the league for our 2016 season, to submit your Letter of Intent to [email protected] Our next season is scheduled to commence on Friday, January 15, 2016. A new franchise cannot be from any of our 6 existing municipalities; which are Orange Walk Town, Belize City, San Pedro, Belmopan, San Ignacio and Dangriga. More than likely only one new franchise will be allowed to join the league next season, so submissions must be made by August 14, 2015.

    Bowen & Bowen Job Opportunity
    Join our Warehousing team as Dispatcher

    Government of Belize Supports the Belize National Team
    The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Finance officially handed over a BZ$125,000 grant to the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) today, July 13. The grant was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund to help them meet the national team’s training and travel costs leading up to Round 3 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. The grant was presented to the FFB by the Financial Secretary Mr. Joseph Waight, who on behalf of the Government extended well wishes to the National Team and assured future support from the Government as the team progresses in the games. Present at the ceremony were a few of the team players, Minister of National Security and National Team Coordinator Hon. John Saldivar, and the General Secretary of the FFB Mr. Michael Blease, who received the grant on behalf of the federation. Both Minister Saldivar and Mr. Blease expressed their gratitude to the Government and said that they look forward to the continued support.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, July 13, 2015: 77. PICK 3: 5 6 5

    Commentary: Am I a 'Carib' or 'Garifuna' and why would one want to be called a 'Carib' anyway?
    By Wellington C. Ramos. The original names of our people are Kalinagu and Galinagu. These names were changed after Christopher Columbus attempted to take over the island of “Yurumein” now known as St Vincent and the Grenadines around 1502 to “Caribe”… Carib in English meaning cannibals. The reason why he labelled our people “Caribe” cannibal, the root word for “Carib”, was because of the information he received from the “Taino” people when he met them and the resistance our people waged against his forces to take over our lands and enslave us. Then the French and the British came after using these labels: Carib, Yellow Caribs and Black Caribs. Other labels were also used by some other ethnic groups in the countries were we reside by the ethnic groups that were enslaved, brainwashed and subjugated by them. In Belize these labels were “Kerob” and “Kerobee”. After years of protest against these derogatory labels being used to identify us, some Creoles in Belize and other ethnic groups still insist on calling us these names. This led to a movement by our people to bring this issue before the United Nations Human Rights Commission and other regional organizations to acknowledge our true names as Garifuna and Garinagu.

    Paint N Splash "Garinagu Beauty"
    Thursdayat 2:00pm - 4:00pm. Though commonly referred to as "Garifuna", the people are properly called "Garinagu" and the culture and language are "Garifuna". The Garinagu are recent arrivals to Belize, settling the southern coast of Belize in the early 19th century. This is my modern take on a Garinagu lady. I hope you guys like it.

    Summer Art Wave's Corn Husk Art Program
    The Summer Art Wave's Corn Husk Art program began today. Participants began the process of making coasters, place mats, baskets, and rugs. The week long program will also incorporate, flowers, dolls and more ... There are spaces still available for interested persons beginning at 1pm! - Courtesy Corozal House of Culture (NICH)

    Sigourny Usher Wins Flor de la Feria
    Congratulations, Sigourny Usher, for being crowned Miss Flor de la Feria 2015. Sigourny's title was Ms. Barrier Reef for the pageant. They have tons of pictures and videos from the event on their page. There's even some behind the scenes and bloopers.

    King of the Hills 2015
    The King of the Hills bike race was yesterday, and Kenny Lamb got some excellent shots of the event. Well done! More of his race pictures here. Congratulations to all the winners of the race. "Elite Men and Masters. Elite Men: Joel Borland Joslyn Chavarria Ron Vasquez Giovanni Choto Jesmar Guerra Masters Men: Liam Stewart Henry Moreira Kenroy Gladden"

    Fledgling Keel-Billed Toucan
    This little fledgling Keel-Billed Toucan was surrendered to us after suffering an accident that fractured his humerus bone which required surgery to fix. Thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Phillip De Shields at the Animal Medical Centre, the toucan is now on the road to recovery. The little guy also showed signs that he'd been possibly kept as a pet. Toucans are the national bird of Belize and it is illegal to keep them as pets, as are all wild birds of Belize. Please remember they are wild animals and deserve to stay in their natural habitats. If you find a baby or injured bird that needs help please contact us! We work to get these birds back to health and back home in the wild where they belong!

    Caye Caulker Lobster Fest – The Ultimate Island Festival
    The 21st Annual Caye Caulker Lobster Fest took place this past weekend (June 26 – 28), and definitely proved to be an eventful 3 days. Although the high season for travel to Belize runs from November through March, when the weather is commonly dry and cool, summer is also a great time to visit Belize. Summer in Belize typically means cheaper accommodations and tour packages, discounts on airfare and fewer crowds; what it also means and probably most importantly, is an increase in local events and cultural festivals for the entire family to enjoy. The original idea for the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest came from the traditional fishermen on the island, who thought it would be fitting to hold a celebration to honour the crustacean which has nurtured, fed and educated families for generations. Now, every year around the latter part of June, international travellers and locals alike make their way to the island for 3 days of pageantry, DJs, outdoor food booths and beach parties. Of course, the highlight of the festival is the devouring of succulent lobster prepared fresh in just about every imaginable way. Selections include lobster ceviche, stewed lobster, grilled lobster, lobster kebabs, whole lobster and lobster tails. Just about anything lobster was available.

    Channel 7

    Man Shot Up And Killed By Cops In The Place Called Hope
    Police shot and killed a Hope Creek resident on Saturday night. Leopold Myvett was hanging out with his friends in front of a bar at around 9 on Saturday night when the police pulled up. Police say that Myvett pulled out a gun and pointed it at them - which is when they opened fire -killing him with four shots. Now the family is enraged - not only because they lost a family member but because they lost him to the hands of the law. Today we traveled to Hope Creek to get both sides of the story. Courtney Weatherburne reports. Courtney Weatherburne reporting On most days, these wooden benches are occupied. Friends would hang out for hours beneath the shade of this Almond Tree and then move over to the Billar Fuentes bar right in front. But today these seats were empty and have been since Saturday night, when one member of the crew was shot and killed by police. He is 28 year old Leopold Myvette. His niece was in this small house nearby when the shots echoed. Jez Lizama, Niece "I was at a house close to the bar and then we heard gunshots. It sounded like when you burst a whole belt of pop-shot one after the other. We peeped out and in front of the bar we saw a Mahindra there. Then after that we locked up the house. My friend told me to let's have a look and so then we opened the door. Then she says 'let go there.' At the same time were going out, my little brother came and told me that my mom is calling me and I ask where was she and he said at Pedro in front of the bar. I ask him what happened and he said that my son got shot."

    Teenager Shot By Brazen Killer
    And while Leopold Myvette was fatally shot by police in Hope Creek Village, an 18 year-old was murdered 24 hours earlier in Belize City by a very brazen gunman. On Friday night at around 8:00, 18 year-old Anthony Smith was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Central American Boulevard and Freedom Street when he was shot several times by an assailant who hid in the bushes. Daniel Ortiz found out why the on-duty police officers were not a deterrent when the gunman struck on Friday night: Supt. Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB Eastern Division "Around 8:50 p.m. police personnel visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Anthony Smith, 18 years old, with multiple gunshots to the abdomen, to the chest and one gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead thereafter and an investigation was carried out. Information is that he was riding a bicycle on Central American Boulevard near the intersection with Freedom Street when he was approached by a male person who fired several shots at him."

    Sr. Supt. Mediates Madness In Ghost Town
    And while the violence continued this weekend - police say that the most dangerous zone of the city - which is territory controlled by the Ghost Town Gang has been cooled down because of a police led mediation session. It happened on Friday - and Chester Williams - the new boss of the Eastern Division southside is the one who brought it together. Today, he told how it will promote peace:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander Eastern Division South "I met with the two groups from Mayflower. As we all know that the situation on Mayflower is an internal issue between one gang: the Ghost Town gang. I met with them and their parents. I also brought in two counselors, Mrs. Diane Finnegan and Mrs. Anne Palacio and I also have Mr. Douglas Hyde who himself is a mediator and we discussed with them. We had the parents speaking to them first, let the parents know how exactly they are feeling about tension that exists in the Mayflower area. After the session with the parents, I then had the counselors, each having a session with them or a talk with them, to try and see how best they could assist them in calming the situation that exists between them and after the two counselors, then Mr. Hyde spoke to them and I just basically give a closing as it relates to what the three presenters have done or have said." "At the end of the meeting I must say was successful. They all agreed that they will put aside their personal issues and they will try to live together in that small community. They agreed and as part of that agreement they hand in to us one AR15 brand new rifle and I think 15 live rounds of ammunition for this same rifle."

    Was Kareem's Killer A Minor?
    And one man who was killed in Ghost Town turf - but not because of any gang affiliation is Amandala journalist Kareem Clarke. He was killed over a week ago - and now police believe that a minor did it. They say that a teenager has been detained pending charges:.. Supt. Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB Eastern Division "At this time we have one minor in custody for that murder. We are doing follow up work right now and we will determine whether he will be charged. Our officers are working on that case right now. We have one minor detained at this time." Reporter "Has the motive been established?" Supt. Hilberto Romero "No, a motive has not been established."

    GSU Scraped The City Clean On The Weekend
    He was on remand for almost 4 years for a double murder, but tonight, 27 year-old Jamie Smith is at home after he was acquitted in a Supreme Court trial before Justice Adolph Lucas. On May 20, 2011, the victims, 18 year old Eric Arana and 21 year old Dwayne Tillett, were leaning on an abandoned car on Antelope Street Extension. They were gambling with 1 man and 2 other women who included Khiry Haulze, Juvanna Gillett and Karen Rivers when a gunman rode up on a bicycle and opened fire on the group. Everyone was shot, and Arana and Tillett died from their injuries. Well, after 4 years, the accused, Smith, stood trial without a jury. The prosecution was allowed to present evidence against him directly to the judge. Still, at the conclusion of that case today, Justice Lucas ruled that the prosecution did not adequately prove the case against him, and so, he was obliged to acquit Smith. His defense attorney, Bryan Neal, explained to us this afternoon how he helped to convince the judge to find his client not guilty:

    Murder Charge For Man Who Killed Customs Officer
    Last week Friday, we told you how 25 year-old Customs Officer Keisha Buller was stabbed to death by her common-law husband, Ervin Wade. Well tonight, he's at the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned and remanded. He was formally charged with her murder, and he arraigned today in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court. No plea was taken, and he was remanded until September 17. As we told you, the two had a quarrel on Friday afternoon at Buller's Benque Viejo home. Wade pulled a knife and stabbed her several times to the stomach, neck and shoulder. The fight, we are told, went from the house, all the way to street side, where she collapsed and died near her car. As soon after the fight ended, Wade grabbed their 4 year-old son and fled in his vehicle. Police caught him on the Western Highway near Galen University, in the Central Farm area.

    Man Gets Off Double Murder
    He was on remand for almost 4 years for a double murder, but tonight, 27 year-old Jamie Smith is at home after he was acquitted in a Supreme Court trial before Justice Adolph Lucas. On May 20, 2011, the victims, 18 year old Eric Arana and 21 year old Dwayne Tillett, were leaning on an abandoned car on Antelope Street Extension. They were gambling with 1 man and 2 other women who included Khiry Haulze, Juvanna Gillett and Karen Rivers when a gunman rode up on a bicycle and opened fire on the group. Everyone was shot, and Arana and Tillett died from their injuries. Well, after 4 years, the accused, Smith, stood trial without a jury. The prosecution was allowed to present evidence against him directly to the judge. Still, at the conclusion of that case today, Justice Lucas ruled that the prosecution did not adequately prove the case against him, and so, he was obliged to acquit Smith. His defense attorney, Bryan Neal, explained to us this afternoon how he helped to convince the judge to find his client not guilty:

    Former Cop Knocked Down, Killed in Camalote
    A former Inspector of police was knocked down in Camalote. 69 year old Miguel Cho left his home on Young Gyal road yesterday evening to pick up some money. But when he arrived in front of the Pattnet's Bar in Camalote a truck ran into the back wheel of his bicycle. Cho was flung into the air, and landed on his back on the pavement. He died from his injuries. We spoke to an eyewitness and Cho's grieving family today in Camalote. Voice of: Eyewitness "The man was by that hole there passing by. I don't know if he was going straight down, or if he was turning off. But I saw him get by the pool in front of the bar and to my idea, he was shunning that hole, not to go in it and he didn't look back and the truck was coming fast enough because he didn't brakes or anything. It happened so sudden that he didn't look back - just hit. And we ran and say oh my God. By the time he got hit, he got thrown off that bicycle and when we ran over there - I didn't even go close, but I saw bleeding from behind his head."

    Longest Serving Death Row Prisoner Is Off Hangman's List
    For almost 14 years, convicted murderer Glenford Baptist has been the only Belizean prisoner still on death row. That ended today when his death sentence was quashed by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. He was convicted along with co-defendants Gilroy Wade Jr., Oscar Mendez in November 2001 in a Supreme Court Trial before the then Justice Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington. The jury found them guilty of acting in joint enterprise to kill Azrin White on the night of July 24 in the year 2000. Coincidentally, to get the death sentence quashed, he sued Wilfred Elrington who is now the Attorney General of Belize. He contested that it is unjust to have him languishing on death row for 13 years and 8 months. His attorney, Priscilla Banner, argued the case before the Chief Justice, and she successfully convinced him to set it aside. She explained it to us this afternoon:

    City Shooting Is Non Fatal
    At the top of the news, we told you about how police have detained a minor for the investigation of the murder of Amandala Journalist Kareem Clarke. Well, they picked him up while following up on another shooting which happened on Friday night, just about 1 hour or so after Anthony Smith was killed on Central American Boulevard. Sometime after 10 p.m., 21 year-old Stevedore Glenn Murillo was standing in front of a Chinese shop on Vernon Street when a man walked up and fired 3 shots at him. Police told us today that he was only injured to their upper right arm: Supt. Hilberto Romero - OC, CIB Eastern Division "On Friday, police responded to a shooting incident where they found Glenn Murillo, 21 years, with a single gunshot wound to the right upper arm. He was taken to the K.H.M.H. and he was treated; he is in a stable condition. We have one person detained for questioning in regards to that shooting." Supt. Hilberto Romero "We have our investigators working. We are working with the complainant. I know he went to the store and he was approached by one person who fired shots at him."

    Former Benque Mayor Locked Up In Flores
    Edgar "Whitie" Contreras, a former Mayor of Benque Viejo Town, is currently locked up in Flores, Peten Guatemala while he awaits a Court arraignment for having an illegal firearm while in that country. Contreras, who is a legally registered firearms holder in Belize went over to Melchor De Menchos this weekend with his weapon. Our information is that Contreras was alone in a park near the central Market. Unfortunately, for him, that's the time when Guatemalan police officers passed by and decided to do a stop and search sweep of the area. They were looking for a suspect in an incident which happened at a nearby bar. Contreras was searched by the Guat Police officers and because he is not a registered firearm's holder in that jurisdiction, he was detained. We understand that he has told friends and family in Benque that he simply forgot that he had the weapon on him when he crossed the border.

    GOB Gives Petro$$$ To FFB
    The Belize Jaguars are preparing to play the third round of world cup qualifiers on September fourth and eighth. IT'S the furthest Belize has ever gone in the qualifiers - and the national team is playing its best football ever. But, it costs ten thousand a week just to keep them in camp, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor the team's travel and accommodations. The FFB can't just whisk that out of thin air, and Government chipped in today with 125 thousand dollars. We found out more at a handing over at FFB headquarters today:.. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "The government was called upon and willingly stepped up from the funds basically to support the national team and to wish you well in the next round and the round after that and I think we can say that should there be another round and we all expect there will, that the government can come again and to say more is on its way as we progress down the line." Michael Blease, FFB General Secretary "Mr. Waight, on behalf of the federation, we want to thank the Government of Belize, your office, the Minister as well, the national team program - its a wonderful contribution. We expect more as Mr. Waight said as we progressed."

    Treasure Missing Money Probe Deepens
    And while we had the financial secretary, we asked him about the ongoing investigation into mass theft from the public treasury. As we reported in April, hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for schools in the south were mis-directed to private accounts. Today the Fin. Sec. said that that the deeper they look, the more missing money they find:.. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "The investigation continues and I believe there may be a little more from what we heard originally. I got a report last week that there could be another transaction in the tune of twenty-five thousand dollars or so, we are still looking into it. In that one, the police are doing the investigations; we have gotten bank records. One gentleman has been arrested and now the idea is to try to build a case strong enough so that when it gets to court, it does not fall apart." 28 year-old David Enriquez, a clerk at the Treasury Department has been charged for the theft of two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars.

    Man Claims Brutality, Extortion
    We report on police harassment often in our newscast and tonight one more report is added to the list - but this time it's comingled with extortion. Late this evening 7news spoke with Brian Armstrong - who was released from police custody only minutes before the interview. According to Armstrong, he and 3 other men were picked up on Saturday by police for a stick of marijuana. One of the men pleaded guilty to the charges and the other 3 including Armstrong were released. But shortly after, he was picked up by police again - and this time claimed he had to pay an officer fifty dollars for him to be released.

    What A Waste of Coast Guard Time And Resources
    The Belize National Coast Guard is the main law enforcement agency in Belizean waters, and so, it has to respond to every distress call. So, this weekend, they made an urgent response to a report made by the Turneffe Island Resort. The information that the Island's Resort employees relayed to them was that a tour group with 2 international guests and their guide were robbed by pirates operating in the area. Well, it just happened to have been a great exaggeration, because as it turned out, a group of fishermen simply grabbed an ice box filled with food items that they left in their vessel when they went fly fishing. The Coast Guard told us this afternoon how they marshaled resources and manpower to investigate what turned out to be a frivolous complaint: The fishermen who grabbed the icebox were ordered by their captain to return it immediately. They say that they thought that the vessel was abandoned, and that's why they grabbed the food. They were in the process of returning it when the Coast Guard picked them up.

    Channel 5

    Hope Creek Cops Gun Down Running Man
    A man was shot and killed by police officers in Hope Creek over the weekend. There a questions surrounding his death. Police say that the man pointed a gun at [...]

    Youth Riddled With Bullets on Central American Blvd.
    The relentless spate of gun violence in the Old Capital continued this weekend, leaving one person dead and another clinging to life in separate armed assaults.  On Friday night, an [...]

    Minor Detained for Murder of Kareem Clarke
    A Belize City minor is currently in custody for the murder of star reporter, Kareem Clarke. The minor was detained over the weekend by cops on patrol and the police [...]

    Minor Also Main Suspect in Friday Night Shooting
    But the minor, who has since been detained in connection with the murder of Kareem Clarke, is also the main suspect in a shooting that occurred on Friday night in [...]

    Ghost Town Gang Truce in Effect
    For quite some time now, the Ghost Town Gang has been splintered and rival factions have been waging war against each other in an internal squabble that has seen significant [...]

    N.G.O.s Present Concerns on Protected Areas Bills
    In June, two bills were presented to the House for a first reading – an amended PACT Bill and a brand new National Protected Areas System Bill. But while the [...]

    APAMO/PfB Respond to Minister’s Criticisms
    This morning, the N.G.O. stakeholders asked the House sub-committee for more time, and they were granted that time, which means that there is room for much more consultation and input. [...]

    Petrocaribe Drops a Quarter Million on the F.F.B.
    The chronically cash strapped F.F.B. has received a much needed infusion of cash and, you guessed it…it’s a gift from Mister Petrocaribe. The symbolic check was handed over this afternoon [...]

    F.F.B. Needs $300,000 for Third Round
    A quarter million dollars sounds like a lot of money – and it is…but set against the backdrop of a national team in training, and against the costs associated with [...]

    Fin Sec Says Petrocaribe Money Being Spent Wisely
    It’s likely that nobody will be complaining much about Petrocaribe rolling onto the Jaguars’ football pitch. The fact is that G.O.B. has been conspicuously absent in the national team’s journey [...]

    More Money Missing at Treasury Department
    In April 2015 four persons were arrested for their involvement in a Treasury Department scam which allegedly netted them more than half-a-million dollars. Preliminary investigations indicated that money due as [...]

    Smith Walks Free in Double Homicide Trial
    Twenty-seven-year-old Jaimie Smith walked free from the double murder that claimed the lives of Eric Arana and Dwayne Tillett on Antelope Street Extension four years ago The acquittal took place [...]

    Dawson Remanded for Sex With Minor
    A construction worker from Bermudian Landing is tonight on remand for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse three times with a fourteen-year-old minor. Forty-year-old Orlando Dawson Junior appeared before Chief Magistrate [...]

    CEBO Provides Training for Youth Entrepreneurs
    The Department of Youth Services, in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat, is doing a follow-up training to Creativity for Employment and Business Opportunity. The regional initiative was piloted in five [...]

    Training Continues for Local CEBO Reps
    But the visit by the regional delegation is also to establish local CEBO trainers in an effort to sustain this youth and entrepreneurship effort locally.   Hilary Brown, Program Manager, [...]

    Football, Basketball Cycling and Track Stats in Sports
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.     We head immediately to Big Bird’s Isle where Friday night, Atlantic Bank faced Generals in firms division basketball [...]


    $125,000.00 Of Petro Caribe Funds Donated To FFB
    A couple of weeks ago we were all excited when we heard the news that Belize’s National Football Team the Jaguars was advancing to the third round of the of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. But with that excitement, came disappointment, as the Football Federation of Belize announced that due to a lack of funds there was a high probability that team would not be able to travel to abroad. Of course that announcement tampered the spirits of Belizeans and the team itself. But today the FFB received a donation from GOB that could change things around and send team Jaguars to the third round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, or at least get them closer to it. That donation comes in the amount of $125,000. Today we spoke to the executive member of the Football Federation of Belize, Marlon Kuylen, via phone and here is what he told us about the grant which was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund. . Marlon Kuylen – Executive Member FFB “Contributing one hundred and twenty five dollars was award towards the Jaguars fund and we receive that this afternoon and it will be used for expenses for the 3rd round of play for the world cup qualifiers and we have projected that this round will cost us somewhere in the vicinity of $361,000.00 .”

    SIMIS Expected To Relief Delivery Problems To The Factory
    As mentioned at the top of the story, while the 2014/2015 sugar crop season proved to be a huge success when it comes to cane quality there is a sour taste left in the mouths of cane farmers who were not able to deliver one single ton of cane. What will happen to them or their production is yet unknown. What we do know is that so far figures show that last year 138 cane farmers were unable to deliver their cane to the factory. This year that number reduced to 65 out of 5,440 registered farmers. The problem is one that stakeholders hope to resolve with the implementation of Sugar Industry Management Information System (SIMIS) which is designed to collect information continuously for the Sugar Industry in three levels: the general Information of the farmer, Information of the cane fields and finally information generated by the mill during the crop season.

    Bringing Awareness On HIV Aids
    In 2010 the UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic showed that Belize had the highest HIV prevalence in Central America and it ranked 3rd highest in the Caribbean. Since then Belize has made remarkable progress in reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Many trainings, workshops, and symposiums have been carried out over the past five years to achieve the getting to zero theme. But with that comes obstacles including the delinquency in adherence to the antiretroviral medication. On Saturday an adherence workshop was held in Corozal where facilitators focused on the importance of using the antiretroviral medication. Veronica Ortega- Facilitator Adherence workshop “Well, since adherence is focusing on prevention of this drug resistance viral patient it is very important for us to continue this follow up and this is just the beginning to a continuation to adherence specially when it comes to anti-viral therapy so that is where the country is moving as we do have a mixture of viruses now a stronger strand that presently for Belize is being studied and not being seen in other countries and it is a public health issue when it comes to studying this type of virus and what medication will be working if in case Belize continue to have this different process of reinfection and production of different types of HIV viruses.

    Tourist Robbed Of $8000.00 Worth In Items
    In San Pedro police are also investigating a case that left a tourist out of $8,000 in items. Seventy seven year old William Oniel, American retired presently residing at Barrier Reef Drive Resort, told cops that between Wednesday 4th February 2015 and Sunday 5th July 2015, his apartment located was burglarized. Most of the items stolen were appliances and electronic devices amounting to a total value of $8,000 Bze dollars. O’neil reported to police that he had left the keys for the apartment with one Wanda. Police are seeking this individual for questioning. According to island cops, on Saturday, around 9:30am, 77 year old William Oniel, American retired presently residing at Barrier Reef Drive Resort, reported that between Wednesday, 4th February, 2015 and Sunday, 5th July, 2015 his apartment located at the above mention address was burglarized. Most of the items were appliances and electronic devices amounting to a total value of $8,000. O’neil reported to police that he had left the keys for the apartment with one Wanda. Police are seeking this individual for questioning.

    Final Cane Price Still To Be Determined
    With the closure of the 2014/2015 crop the question now is how much money will the industry pump into the Belizean economy. Tonight that question will go unanswered as the factory is still producing sugar. According to BSI/ASR’s Chief Financial Officer, Belizario Carballo revenues generated by the industry won’t be known until all figures are in. “Well, we don’t have a figure yet to be honest we yet to work out on the basis of the actual production cane price, the last cane price estimate was somewhere around $66.69 per ton and clearly that would be reviewed now and the second payment is five weeks after the crop ends so five weeks from now is second payment and by time before we will have a revised estimate in cane price for this crop so in terms of what revenue that has generated we will determine that but we don’t have that figure with certainty but we will have it subsequently.”

    Drugs Confiscated In La Isla Bonita
    Authorities on the island of Ambergris Caye cashed in on some illicit drugs and arrested several persons found within the residence that the drugs was found. Last Friday about 8:00am San Pedro Police was on operations in the Airstrip Area and whilst on Glitter Street officers visited a three apartment complex belonging to one Angela Guerrero/Pitts and conducted a search in all of the rooms. As a result of the search police found under a veranda that is attached to the building of the three apartment; a small pink pillow which contained (1) transparent plastic bag which was sealed air tight. The plastic bag contained some green, leafy vegetable substance weighing 100.4 grams suspected to be cannabis. Several persons including 53 year old Angela Guerrero, 34 year old Rosendo Rubio, 20 year old Sylvia Teul, 31 year old Indira Rivero, 40 year old Kerdel Meighan, and 19 year old Josie Castellanos, all of Glitter Street, San Pedro Town were arrested for the offence of drug trafficking.

    Orange Walk Police Confiscates Fire Arm And Ammunition In August Pine Ridge
    A resident of August Pine Ridge was arrested and charged over the weekend for keeping unlicensed ammunition. According to authorities this is a common offense and cops are cracking down on the illegal holders. “Orange Walk police were in patrol at August Pine Ridge where they conducted a search inside a white mazda pickup at the time driven by one Secundino Torres a Belizean labourer of August Pine Ridge whilst conducting a search inside the vehicle police found 17, 16 gauge cartridges in which a licence could not be produced by Torres, police further conducted a search at Torres residence and three more 16 gauge were found inside the house, Secundino Torres has been arrested and charged for kept unlicensed ammunition.”

    Altercation Leads To One Palmar Resident In Critical Condition At KHMH
    An altercation between two men in the quiet sleeping Village of Palmar in Orange Walk has left one man in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and his attacker in police custody. While there are many theories as to what led to the argument, the police’s version was that the victim provoked his attacker. Inspector Selvin Tillett, newly appointed Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, says officers met the victim at the NRH. “They saw one Orvin Cantun a Belizean labourer of San Jose Palmar Village who was seen suffering from multiple chopped wounds to the back of his head and a large cut wound to his left elbow and hand, a large cut wound across his mouth and on top of his teeth and on his left side, initial police investigation revealed that whilst at Palmar Village Cantun has disrespected one Alberto Canche who attacked Cantun and inflicted said wound and at this moment Cantun is at the KHMH in a critical condition and Alberto Canche has been arrested and charged for crime of dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. What we understand is Canche was passing by and Orvin just start provoke him and he was drinking also.”


    Murder Victim’s Spouse Charged for Her Death
    On Friday we reported on the murder of 25-year-old customs officer, Keisha Buller. Buller who was posted at the Western Border was stabbed, allegedly by her common law husband Orvin Wade who reportedly fled the scene. He was intercepted by Police near Central Farm on the George Price Highway. Today Wade appeared in San Ignacio […]

    Immunity for Ellis Meighan? Chester Says Not at All
    Last Thursday there was a report of gunshots fired in the area of Vernon and Sibun Streets in Belize City. It turns out that those shots were fired just after ten o’clock when 23-year-old, Kendis Flowers and 42-year-old, Raph Martinez were getting out of a taxi on Vernon Street. The duo reported that whilst getting […]

    Court News: Burglary – Firearms – Sex Offences – Robbery
    Glenroy Reynolds, a security guard who was on duty when the Traffic Department building was burglarized on April 4, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Reynolds pled not guilty to the charges. He was denied bail and he was remanded into custody until October […]

    Last Man on Death Row at Belize Central Prison Gets Some Reprieve
    Glenford Baptist is the last person who remains on death row at the Belize Central Prison. Today, Baptist, who was on death row for 13 years, was given some reprieve when he was brought before the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin where the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal was quashed after finding that his […]

    Kareem Clarke’s Suspected Killer Detained by Police
    In a shooting incident that occurred on Saturday, Glen Murrillo was shot to the hand whilst on Vernon Street in Belize City. Quick response to the sounds of gunshots led to the detention of a 16-year-old boy who police believes was the gunman. Sources indicate that the young man, who is out of school and […]

    House Fire Leaves Family of Thirteen Homeless
    A two-storey wooden structure was burnt down in the wee hours of Saturday morning in Biscayne Village, Belize District. The fire occurred between two thirty and three o’clock this morning, leaving four adults and nine children homeless. According to the family, they were alerted of the fire when one of the occupants, Oscar Ponce felt […]


    Mena ready for General elections
    Mena put on an impressive victory against his political opponent Anthony Sabal. However despite their loss, the PUP said that the unity of the blue team at Wednesday’s by election is a sign that the winds of change is blowing. And while Mena holds the seat now, the seat goes up in the air at t...

    Is police officer responsible for fellow officer’s death?
    He has never been criminally charged, but police constable Glenwayne Grant is believed to be the man who shot and killed plainclothes police detective Dean Yearwood Jr. while responding to a robbery in progress at the corner of Nargusta Street and Central American Boulevard in Belize City in Septemb...

    Minister of State Mena; Sworn in two days after election
    On Wednesday Frank Papa Mena was voted in by the people of Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek as their new area representative and two days after his election, he is now the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. The Governor General’s House was flooded by a sea of red shirts t...

    Cotton Tree Village sues Government
    The Cotton Tree Village Council has a grievance with the Barrow administration dating back to last year when the latter decided to set aside 240 lots in a section of the village to be shared up between eight UDP-controlled Belize City constituencies. According to the Council, as the duly elected rep...

    Media colleagues honor the legacy of Kareem Clarke
    With his funeral services set for Saturday afternoon in Belize City, we end this week of news as we began it, honoring the late Kareem Clarke, viciously targeted in the early hours of Monday at the corner of Vernon and Lakeview Streets. Today’s Amandala newspaper announced that the organizatio...

    Woman stabbed to death by common law husband
    A woman from Benque Viejo Town was stabbed to death earlier this evening. According to police some minutes before 3 pm this evening, Keisha Buller, 25 year old Belizean Customs Officer of George Street Benque Viejo Town, was at home when she reportedly got into a domestic dispute with her common law...

    Shots fired, two men escape injuries
    Yesterday, July 9th, two construction workers escaped what could have been a fatal shooting. The men, Kendis Flowers and Ralph Martinez, exited a taxi on Vernon Street. While exiting the taxi, they both noticed Ellis Meighn who pulled out what appeared to be a 9mm pistol and fired several shots at t...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Last man on death row spared
    Glenford Baptist, a prisoner who was on death row for 13 years, was removed from death row today when he was brought before the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and the decision by the Belize Court of Appeal was quashed because it was found that his constitutional rights were […]

    Youth apprentice charged with robbery
    Alan Phillips, who is a part of Mrs. Diane Finnegan’s apprentice program, was charged with robbery, harm and aggravated assault when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Phillips pled not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until October 13. The incident […]

    Security guard accused of burgling workplace
    Glenroy Reynolds, a security guard who was on duty when the Traffic Department building was burglarized on April 4, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Reynolds pled not guilty to the charges. He was denied […]

    40 year old man charged for sex with teenager
    Forty year old Orlando Dawson, a construction worker of Bermudian Landing, who allegedly had sex with a girl 14 years and 10 months old, was charged with 3 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Dawson was remanded into […]

    Two charged with firearm offenses
    Two men, 21 year old Lyson Cacho and 20 year old Nicasio Zuniga, were charged with firearm and ammunition offenses when they appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. They pled not guilty to the charges. They were remanded into custody until October 15. They police, […]

    One Dead in Fatal Traffic Accident in Camalote Village
    Acting on information received on July 12th, 2015, just after 5:00 p.m. Belmopan Police responded to a traffic accident in Camalote Village. At the scene, Police spoke to Odin Herrarte, 22 year old Belizean truck driver of #46 Venezuela Street, Belmopan who is believed to be the person […]

    “Ten Island Challenge” helps Belize promote renewable energy
    Belize is among the world’s most beautiful Caribbean countries with the most beautiful islands but like many other nations in our region, Belize’s development is hampered by the fact that it is among the highest paying countries for electricity in the world. Realizing the potential of these Caribbean islands and […]

    Belize’s fuel prices 5th highest in Caribbean region
    Belizeans have benefited from a series of reductions in fuel prices in conjunction with the lowering of prices around the world. But a recent survey found that they are still among the highest in the Caribbean region, ranking only below several tourist destinations such as the Bahamas, Antigua […]

    St. Vincent Block residents challenge BWS over water
    Monday June 22nd was the last straw for residents of the St. Vincent Block community as about 20 residents of the area gathered to protect the water meter that feeds one hundred and fifty people; men, women and mostly children. An agent representing Belize Water Services (BWS) arrived to […]

    Jamie Smith acquitted of murders
    27 year old Jamie Smith was acquitted by Justice Adolph Lucas this morning of murder charges following a trial without jury. He was accused of the murders of Dwayne Tillet and Eric Arana on May 20, 2011, around eight in the evening on Antelope Street Extension. The two were sitting […]

    Firearm recovered from shooting scene
    The Belize City Police’s Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) made the discovery of a black .9mm Glock pistol after the shooting of 18 year old Anthony Smith on Friday night, July 10th. Smith was shot multiple times to the upper region of the body sometime before 9:00 that night on Central American Boulevard and had already been taken to the hospital when officers arrived on scene. GSU officers decided to conduct searches in the area in an attempt to locate the weapon used to shoot Smith.

    Fair conditions are expected to prevail today across the country
    The national Meteorological service of Belize calls for mostly fair and dry weather conditions. The 24 our forecast, is for mostly sunny today and partly cloudy tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated. Winds will blow to the east at 5 to 15 knots with the sea state to be choppy. High temperatures are expected to be around 88 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; 95 degrees Fahrenheit inland and a comfortable 81 degrees Fahrenheit up on the exposed areas of the Mountain Pine Ridge and along the Maya Mountains in the south.


    Hot, swarmy and a big shout out
    For 8:00am on Sunday it is pretty quiet in San Pablo area, oddly enough it was nosier at 5:00am when I awoke to neighbors singing. Could be worse sometimes we get a confused rooster crowing long before daylight. I had made plans to go to breakfast with Paul this am but due to last nights poker run, I am waiting quietly till an appropriate time to see if it is still happening or on delay. I am going to try and reroute us from Estel’s to Sandbar to switch it up. I ended up at Estel’s unexpectedly on Friday, when I had some time to kill before my flight to Caye Caulker. (Flight and golf cart taxi video coming.) Leaving you with a few pics from my last couple of days of driving around town with my friend Dick, lunch at Sand Bar with Paul and our gorgeous San Pedro Belize weather. It has been super hot and perfect for beach time, there were lots of people swimming this weekend. As for the swarmy is part, we have been experiencing intermittent patches of daytime mosquitoes. Those are the ones to watch out for as they are potential dengue carriers.

    A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 2
    The term mesoamerica was first coined by anthropologist Paul Kirchoff. In 1943 anthropologists attempted to differentiate culture areas – cultures that shared characteristics that were found in the middle part of the America’s. These characteristics were monumental architecture and other important developments such as: Corbel Arch, Ballcourts, Folded Books, Complex Calendars, Knowledge of Astronomy, Reliance on corn, bean, squash, Human Sacrifice, THE HISTORY OF RESEARCH. The Spanish Travellers: This is the period that will eventually lead to the conquest of the Maya. As we have probably heard or read somewhere in history, Christopher Columbus made 4 voyages to the America’s. On his 4th voyage he came to the Bay of Honduras (The area toward the southern end of Belize where it meets with Guatemala and Honduras). he claimed he met some people (Maya) on some dugout canoes – large enough for 25 men and cargo.

    Inner City Kids Just Being Kids at The Beach: Camp Basil Jones on North Ambergris Caye
    Last Thursday, I headed up to a summer camp on North Ambergris Caye not really knowing what to expect. Other than kids…bunks…swimming…summer camp. And I met an amazing group of children & teens, some exceptional adults and had one of my most memorable experiences in my 8 years in Belize. I took an early boat up north from the Hol Chan Marine office in San Pedro. We were headed all the way up to the Basil Jones cut in the reef (see arrow below) – 14 miles north of town and right in front of the camp. This is the second year of summer camp at Camp Basil Jones. The site, just south of gorgeous Tranquility Bay Resort, is used for education for international university students during most of the year.

    First Trip to “Mainlandia” and the Belize Zoo
    For the last 5-1/2 years we have traveled to San Pedro, Belize 2-3 times a year. We have never been to the mainland………unless you count landing at the Philip S. W. Goldson Internationl Airport in Belize City. Can you imagine our embarrassment if we told people that we lived in Belize but had never discovered the beauty and awe that the mainland has to offer! Because of this sad, little fact, we decided to take a week and go exploring. What’s on the itinerary, you ask? The Belize Zoo, San Ignacio and Hopkins. Another fact about our lack of adventure during prior trips is that we have only flown from the mainland to San Pedro via Tropic Air. We have never taken the water taxi over in 5-1/2 years. Shame on us!!!! (I know!) In our defense, I have to mention that we justified our decision for the short 12 minute flight over in order to maximize each vacation. The water taxi takes quite a bit longer. So, we headed over to Caye Caulker Water Taxi to catch the 10:00 a.m. shuttle, purchased our roundtrip tickets with 20 minutes to spare and headed to Lily’s Treasure Chest for a morning Michelada. (Don’t judge us!)

    Top 5 Hostels in Belize
    Belize is late in the game for catering to backpackers but in the past few years many new and impressive hostels have been popping up all over the country. The original place for budget travellers has always been Caye Caulker but now it’s extending to the South and West of Belize. Matter of fact, on my recent visit to San Ignacio I got exciting news that friends were opening a hostel! How awesome – how tired am I of Belizeans thinking the only way to get into tourism is by opening a luxury resort. Here is my list of the top hostels in Belize: Yumas House Belize, Bella's Backpacker's Hostel, The Old House Hostel, Pedro's Inn, The Funky Dodo Hostel.

    Ingredients 1 medium cooked sweet potato 1 cup almond flour 1tsp baking powder 2 organic eggs 1 tsp vanilla ¾ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice pinch of salt coconut oil Instructions Mix all ingredients together except coconut oil. In a pan heat coconut oil over medium-low heat. Drop spoonful of sweet potato mixture and cook for 3-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

    We’d come from New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Flores — three by plane, one by bus. It had been a long journey to get to a tiny fisherman’s village about three hours south of Belize City. But as we unloaded onto the sandy paths of Hopkins Bay Resort, any travel fatigue we might have been experiencing quickly melted away. Yes. This? This would most certainly do for the first stop of our Baackes-Allen Belize Takeover. Hopkins Bay Resort is a sprawling beach-front property at the far north end of the tiny village of Hopkins. It consists of freestanding villas arranged around two pools, the chic poolside Drum Bar, and the main gathering space, the Rhum Shack. The Rhum Shack was something straight out of the glossy pages of a travel magazine, a whimsically designed backdrop for a winning social media profile picture around every corner. “This,” Olivia had declared, “is what Instagram dreams are made of.”

    When I was thirteen, I carefully ripped a page out of a magazine I’d found at the orthodontists’ office. Wanderlust had begun to take hold on my psyche, and I’d forgone the gossip rags and fashion fluff in favor of an old issue of Condé Nast Traveler. Something in it had caught my eye. And so, glancing up to make sure that no one was watching me vandalize a piece of waiting room property, I plucked the page. With that tear, an obsession was born. Forget braces. (I mean really, forget braces. Seriously, anyone who knows me, forget that horrible, awkward phase ever happened.) I wanted Belize. We spent four nights by the beach, and four nights in the jungle. We rode horses to secret waterfalls, kayaked through caves, clamored over Mayan ruins, and marveled at the open-air bathrooms in our resort. We went snorkeling and my sister and I saw coral reefs for the first time. It was the best trip we’d ever taken. It was also, as my extensive scrapbook of the trip reminds us, a terrible era for sunglass fashions.

    Is Belize A Good Destination For Families?
    While kid-friendly destinations like Walt Disney World may be at the top of your list for your next family vacation, why not consider a different kind of family adventure? How about a trip to the rainforests and cayes of Belize? Over the past several years, Belize has seen an increase in the number of family travelers making their way to this Central American paradise. Not only is a trip to Belize an adventure, it can be extremely educational for kids and adults alike. Travel To And Around Belize: With existing air carriers adding new routes, and others, like Southwest, slated to start service soon, getting your family to Belize is becoming a breeze. No one wants to spend a day or more traveling with kids just to start off a vacation. And, if you’re considering a trip to neighboring countries like Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras, check out Tropic Air Belize who offers daily flights between Belize and all three countries. Geographically speaking, Belize is small enough to plan a holiday that includes time in various parts of the country. Spend part of a week in the jungles on the mainland, and then catch up on some rest and relaxation on one of Belize’s cayes. And, getting between destinations within Belize is easy, as both Maya Island Air and Tropic Air offer daily flights all around the country.

    If you’re planning to go to Central America, go backpacking Belize: It’s the perfect place to slow down! Of all the tourists coming to Belize, most of them are headed to the islands in the Caribbean Sea, and the backpacking ones usually to Caye Caulker, I think. It has the aura and the reputation of being a backpacker´s heaven. Luckily, I felt it was not overcrowded nevertheless. Maybe because of the prices – backpacking Belize is not for cheapskates. For a beer at the local Reggae bar at the famous Split, you might have to spend more than in your favourite hometown pub. Still, it was very hard to leave Caye Caulker. It´s the island of ‚go slow‘ – something we all need to remind ourselves to do at times. And it also has some of the best diving I have ever experienced – in the world´s second biggest reef. You get to see turtles, manta rays, nurse sharks, and maybe even manatee – which is a breathtaking site, I can tell. But I was holding my breath anyway to dive closer to that huge sea-vegetarian. It´s the inside of a cave when you´ve put your headlamp off. My most exciting experience up to now has been to a cave near San Ignacio in Belize – it is completely dark inside and the whole cave system is tens of kilometers long – parts of it are not even explored. There is a river inside the cave which you have to swim through to get inside – you also climb across rocks and wade through the river all the way in the cave, until you get to a p art further up, where maya relicts have been found. Mostly clay pots, probably used for offerings, but also human remains were found. The objects are pretty well conserved in the cold of the cave, that´s why they are not transferred to a museum. As with most of the really impressive trips I´ve done so far, I hope this place stays as untouched and remote as it is now – but I don´t really dare to believe it.

    So I cracked open my first bottle of Tiburon yesterday and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the smooth taste from that sexy bottle that feels like running your hand through fine silk, not that I was expecting anything too different. This is highly recommended. I tried it in different ways: on the rocks, with coconut water, with club soda, with sprite, and I must say that on the rocks and coconut water are my favorite ways. If you have suggestions let me know. I will be trying out some recipes and making up my own stay tuned for updates as I run the tests. The rum has a sweet spicy smell along with some smells from back home like chocolate. My first taste was a sliver as is, my tongue did a little dance from the rush of flavors that hit it in a split second, mellow but exciting. This is a fun drink that you can have many ways and it will make a great addition to any bar and just about any brew you can conjure up. Tiburon is aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels amongst other barrels of different ages.

    The 8 Best Places To Live Rich Without Much Money (So You Can Brig Your Dreams To Life)
    It seems like everyone wants to be somewhere different yet no one knows where they want to be. What if you could live rich for cheap? Here are the eight best places to live where you can be rich without much money: (Not in any particular order.) 3. Corozal, Belize. This is a hot spot for people who meditate and those who do yoga. This place is full of captivating beaches and delicious restaurants. Rent for a one bedroom apartment only runs about one hundred and ninety dollars a month as well! Everything is relatively cheap, but minimum wage is only two dollars and ninety-two cents.

    Top fun things to do this week in Placencia, Belize!
    Who says it is low season??? Not Placencia! Tonight, Thursday night, July 9th: -All you can eat spaghetti at Flying Pig, 6pm, $15bz -Rumfish-Live Music @ Rumfish y Vino with Steve Fasano. Blues, Rock, Folk, Pop, Jazz & more. From 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Reservations and info @ 523-3293 -Turtle Inn--Indonesian Rijstaffel Dinner at Turtle Inn tonight.A tasting platter of the rich food culture from the island nation of Indonesia stretching from Sumatra to Timor. They serve 18 small servings on a "Lazy Susan" at BZ$64 per person. Call for reservations-523-3244

    International Sourcesizz

    Countries with the Most Expensive Fuel Prices in the Caribbean
    5. Belize Belize has one of the highest per capita gasoline consumption in CARICOM. Fuel imports as a percentage of its merchandise imports in 2013 equaled 15.22%. Belize’s generation mix includes HFO and Bagasse. Working with The Carbon War Room (an anti-carbon group he co-founded) and Virgin Group’s Richard Branson in the 10 Island Renewable Challenge. Belize among other islands (The Bahamas, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and others) are seeking to switch away from diesel. According to Forbes, to help the cause, Carbon War Room and RMI have worked with the World Bank and the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation to earmark $300 million for new renewable energy projects in the islands.

    Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association donate equipment to help country's athletes
    The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (BOCGA) has donated BZ$17,000 (£5,400/$8,400/€7,500) worth of equipment to the Belize Athletics Association (BAA), it has been announced, in a bid to improve the performances of the country's athletes. The equipment, which including starting blocks, shot puts, discusses, javelins, stopwatches and hurdles, was handed to BAA President Deon Sutherland by BOCGA vice-president Owen Meighan. It is claimed the donation will help around 140 athletes in the Central American country, with Meighan claiming all requests made by the BAA were granted. “We just got a new track and some of the equipment they had before were lost,” Meighan said. “Everything they requested we got. “We foresee a lot of the young athletes now as we see good potential in them and this helps them to perform much better."

    Buying an island property as a second home becoming more popular
    Whether it is a villa on Mallorca, a hideaway in the Caribbean or a remote Scottish retreat, owning an island home is proving popular with wealthy real estate investors. Some islands can still be expensive for buying property but others have seen property prices fall significantly, according to a new report from international real estate firm Knight Frank. The report into the world’s top island destinations points out that while some islands are firmly back on the radar of second home buyers, others are still struggling to see sustained price growth following the financial crisis. Prime property price in Bali increased by 15% in 2014 while in Mustique, once a favourite of the former Princess Margaret, and in Ibiza prices have increased by 5% while those in other popular locations, such as the Caribbean have increased but not by as much. The report also identifies key emerging island destinations in Central American countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize and in Asia Pacific such as the Philippines and Tonga. At the same time the concept of a second home or lifestyle purchase is slowly becoming more established in Asia.

    CARICOM Fears Dominican Migrant Policy Could Spread
    The Regional Cultural Committee of the Caribbean Community recommended Monday that the 15-member organization urge the Dominican Republic to “desist” from deporting Dominican-born descendants of Haitian migrants, a policy some fear could be imitated by other countries in the region. CARICOM should advise the Dominican Republic “to immediately cease and desist such overtly racist policies disguised as state foreign policy,” the Committee said in a statement. “We are mindful that while descendants of Haitian migrants might be seen as a clearly identifiable group in the context of the Dominican Republic, the ethnic similarities and cultural commonalities to the vast majority of the Caribbean population caution us that a similar policy can be utilized to expel wider groups of CARICOM peoples from nations,” the Committee said.

    Former Panama president moved funds for illegal purchases through Belize corporations
    According to a government investigation into the purchase, and installation of illegal telephone and internet monitoring equipment purchased for Panama's former president, Ricardo Martinelli, in order to spy on opposition figures, and individuals that he wanted to blackmail, or to coerce them into having sexual relations with him, Martinelli's assistants used shell companies organized in Belize to mask the purchases, as well as hold title to the surveillance gear. Even though Panama is itself a jurisdiction where beneficial ownership can be totally obscured behind bearer-share corporate vehicles, Martinelli still chose to utilize another jurisdiction. Apparently he feared disclosure of his illegal acts.


  • Last Speech as Head Coach of Galen University (Belize), 1.5min. Coach Adam Carswell addresses the Galen Eagles after their 2014-2015 National Collegiate Championship.

  • Tortilla Soup with Flavors of Belize, min. Want to learn the easy way to make delicious tortilla soup? Flavors of Belize just released a video showing how to do just that. Looks delicious! "Follow along with Chef Carolee Chanona as we prepare a staple soup in Belize and in restaurants throughout the country - Tortilla Soup."

  • A River Somewhere Season 2 Turneffe Islands Belize, 27min.

  • Belize 2015, 9min.

  • 100 Miles From Nowhere: Belize, 42min. Heat, humidity, snakes, bugs and lost GoPro's at the bottom of a jungle waterfall. It's all here in Belize. Belize, Belize where is Belize you wonder? Is it in South America next to Brazil maybe? It has jungles so that means it's on the equator you feel pretty sure about that.

  • Belize Dive, 9min. Blackbird Caye, Turneffe Atoll, Belize

  • Belize Mission 2015 Barton Creek with ROW Kids, 7min. LCC team on mission with ROW Kids to San Ignacio Belize. Sunday was our first day which was spent team building through an amazing adventure at Barton's Creek in the mountains of Cayo district.

  • The Belize Song, 4min. by Hillbilly Cactus Juice. This is a song I wrote when I decided to quit a dead-end job and take some chances with my life. The chances paid off and in a few months we made our way to Jerry Jeff Walker's Camp Belize. Friendly people, perfect climate and cold Belikin beer make it a true paradise!

  • Water Walkers Dancing at Camp Basil Jones Belize, .5min.

  • Crystal cave tubing in Belize, 3min. Clips from our ship on the Royal Caribbean and our cave tubing in a crystal cave in Belize

  • Snorkeling Fun at Long Caye Aquarium Belize, 2min. Visit the popular Long Caye Aquarium site in Belize, Central America and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Snorkel or dive to experience one of the most pristine and beautiful sites in the country and mingle with the rich marine life including colorful tropical fish, sharks, sting rays, sea turtles.

  • Christina, 20min. This is long (20 min) but oh so important to listen to. If you have been swayed at all by the government's take on what happened to Mr. Myles, then you owe it to yourself, your family, your community, your country to get both sides of the story. As long as votes and power can be bought (with our money), we do not live in a democracy in Belize...

    July 13, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

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    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Get Dolled-Up with Makeup by Steff
    While glamming up with lipstick, eye shadow, blush and bronzer might not be for everyone, some women (myself included) love the stuff! Yes, I know it’s Belize, and in these tropical climates, many choose to opt out of wearing the stuff all together. Some reserve applying a pop of glam only on special occasions and others love adding life to their outfits by extending their looks with a bit of contouring and natural gloss. For graduations, weddings, birthdays and more a lot of islanders have been getting glammed up by local make-up artist Stephanie Manuel! Trust me, her work is amazing, so much so that she’s been a go to make-up artist for several of the Belikin Calendar shoots, and make-up artist to the esteemed Miss San Pedro Pageants, and Miss San Pedro herself Michelle Nunez! Steff even did my make up for my baby shower a few months ago, and does it for many others as well.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Faith Healing
    “. . . and in the Mid-East there is tension in Syria as . . .” “Click.” “. . . and tonight on Ice Road Truckers Sam Hebert has mechanical problems . . .” “Click.” “Quit flipping through the channels and leave the remote alone,” Sherry said. “I’m trying to find something interesting to watch,” I told her. “It’s amazing that with over a hundred channels there is nothing on them worth watching on Sunday night.” “Some Ancient Alien theorists believe that. . .” “Click.” A TV preacher said, “We received a letter and a donation this week from Martha Goodwin of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She had arthritis in her elbow for years. Last week during the healing portion of our show she put her elbow on the TV. I prayed for her and she was healed.”

    Police Report: Theft of Firearm
    On Monday, June 7th 35-year-old Walter Estuardo Medina reported that on Saturday, July 4th about 7:30PM, he parked his blue golf cart in front of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church on Barrier Reef Drive and walked a few feet away to talk to someone, and upon his return he noticed that his bag that was on the front seat of the cart was missing. The bag contained his licensed black and silver Taurus brand .9mm pistol with serial number TFP70933 with a magazine containing 13 .9mm live rounds, cash and other personal belongings. Police investigation continues.

    Doctor Love: New Mom
    Dear Doctor Love, Two weeks ago a fifteen year-old girl showed up at our door saying that my husband was her father. I believed her immediately because of the resemblance. I met my husband out here on the island but before that he worked in San Ignacio. It turns out that when he moved his girlfriend was pregnant and was very angry that he was leaving. Instead of telling him about it she decided to raise the child herself. Four years ago she remarried. The daughter says that this year her step-father started trying to touch her when her mother was not around. She complained to her mother and she explained who her father was and where she could find him. That’s how she came out here. I am still in a state of shock about all of this. Two weeks ago I had a seven year old daughter and a ten year-old son. Now, I have a fifteen year-old child to raise who is not mine. I tried to dislike her but it is impossible. She is sweet and well-mannered and is a beautiful girl. I have been trying to find reasons to keep my distance but it is hard to do. Her father immediately accepted her and adores her. I even tried to be jealous of this and I could not. I know she has been through a much harder life than me. I have started to adjust and now my biggest problem is the constant explanations to friends and neighbors. I have avoided it so far but what do I tell them?

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Update from Belize Bird Rescue
    Surrogate mothers are such a blessing!! We have a few mothers at the rescue who have stepped up and taken some orphaned babies under their wings. These moms aid in making sure the babies are fed frequently and receive the adequate amount of nutrients required for growth. By accepting a baby that isn't their own, they allow us to minimize human contact which increases the chance of being successfully released back into the wild when they are healthy and ready. Thanks moms!

    LOTTERY DRAWING for Sunday, Juy 12, 2015: First: 5252 Second: 5193 Third: 9768 Missing: 0, 4

    Belmopan Clean Up Campaign
    Belmopan had their big Clean Up Campaign Saturday. Lots of volunteers came out to help with the beautification of Belmopan. Well done! "Some images of cleanup campaign held today 11th July 2015. Thanks to the Police cadets, Dept. of the environment , BAY U-21 basketball team, Scouts and Leo's, Councillors and workers from the Belmopan City Council."

    Heartz Football Club Summer Camp
    The Heartz Football Club is doing a Summer Workshop, and it starts tomorrow at Broaster Stadium. "Heartz Football Club- Grassroots Football Program When: July 13-24, 2015 Time: 8:am to 12 p.m. Where: Norman Broaster Stadium Age Group: 4 years -12 years Boys & Girls (U7, U10, & U13) COME AND HAVE FUN LEARNING!"

    The Reporter

    Developing countries to learn how to strengthen tax systems through World Bank/IMF initiative
    Developing countries will have the opportunity to strengthen their tax systems, through a new initiative which the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) are launching. The announcement precedes a discussion among heads of state, civil society organizations, multilateral institutions and private sector representatives on how to boost finances to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That discussion will happen during the Financing for Development conference in Addis, Ethiopia this week. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde says, “A strong revenue base is imperative if developing countries are to be able to finance the spending they need on public services, social support and infrastructure, but experience shows that with well-targeted external technical support and sufficient political will, it can be done.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Traffic accident in Blackman Eddy
    Belize Media Group has received reports about a traffic accident that happened just now between a motorcycle and a vehicle in Blackman Eddy, Cayo District. This is a developing story and we will be updating it as more information becomes available.

    Sugar cane crop season 2014-2015 scheduled to close today
    The 2014 – 2015 Cane Crop Season is scheduled to close today at 6pm. The official figures for the amount delivered will be issued tomorrow. We will have a full report tomorrow on the official reports presented by BSI/ASR.

    Manhunt underway after El Chapo breaks out of jail
    Mexican authorities are intensively searching for leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who broke out of Antiplano maximum security prison west of Mexico City between Saturday night and Sunday morning. He was serving a 20-year sentence for drug trafficking offenses. The notorious Guzman was said to have […]

    McAfee, the Movie?
    John McAfee is back. The billionaire online security pioneer turned “person of interest” in a murder case in San Pedro Town will have his life story told in a six-part documentary series titled “The McAfee Project” which has been picked up by Spike TV in the United States. Director Billy […]


    Importance of Mindset for Sustainability in Belize
    Human behavior underlies almost all problems related to sustainability, such as air and water pollution, population growth, climate change, deforestation, consumerism, social equity, and loss of biodiversity. Research in psychology offers clues as to why people engage in unsustainable behaviors despite their concern about the broader consequences. At the same time, the research also explains why people go out of their way to behave sustainably, and how it is possible to motivate and empower sustainable actions. The goal of beginning to examine the psychology of sustainable behavior is to learn how to create the conditions that make sustainable action the most appealing or natural choice to all people. At present many of us find ourselves engaging in unsustainable daily behaviors that have negative environmental and socio-economic impacts. Have you ever found it challenging to persuade your best friend to shut down their computer at night? Or failed to convince your neighbors to turn off their sprinklers? Have you ever felt exasperated by your colleague’s unwillingness to recycle? You are not alone. We are intelligent, thinking creatures. Why is it so difficult for us to change our behavior and act upon our sustainability concerns? One reason is that though our rational minds may know that change is needed, it is not always our rational minds that drive our behavior. Promoting sustainable behavior is not easy.

    Snapshot Sunday: My Week Jungle to Reef in Belize
    Sometimes you just feel lucky. And this past week or so has been one of those times. I went from spelunking the ATM cave in the Cayo District of Belize (yes…I said spelunking) and watching gorgeous toucans as I enjoyed breakfast to sitting on a sandbar on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and eating gorgeous sushi at Blue Water Grill in San Pedro. And in the next few days, I’m planning a trip to the Blue Hole…THAT BLUE HOLE. So here are a bunch of snap shots…all posted to my Instagram account of my last 10 days…a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My life in Belize. And a few other cool pictures from other Instagram users that I just loved.

    A Concise History Of Mesoamerica And The Ancient Maya Part 1
    The Maya did not evolve in isolation. They made up one of the cultures of mesoamerica. Their neighbours were people like the Zapoteca, Huaxteca, Tolteca, Tlaxcalans, Mexica (Aztecs) – these peoples were all contemporary with the ancient Maya. The Teotihuacanos were one of the first civilisations. The Olmec civilisation who lived in the Gulf Coast of Mexico had organised civilisation which began about 1500BC to about 600BC, then they were absorbed as a culture into the larger culture that Mesoamericans will pursue after 600BC.

    International Sourcesizz

    Company Shares of Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. Drops by -0.86%
    Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CWCO) has lost 0.86% during the past week and dropped 1.17% in the last 4 weeks. The shares are however, negative as compared to the S&P 500 for the past week with a loss of 0.85%. Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CWCO) has underperformed the index by 0.33% in the last 4 weeks. Investors should watch out for further signals and trade with caution. For the current week, the company shares have a recommendation consensus of Buy. Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. is up 4.53% in the last 3-month period. Year-to-Date the stock performance stands at 20.52%. The company shares have rallied 19.36% in the past 52 Weeks. On June 26, 2015 The shares registered one year high of $13.75 and one year low was seen on December 16, 2014 at $8.41. The 50-day moving average is $12.63 and the 200 day moving average is recorded at $11.48. S&P 500 has rallied 5.03% during the last 52-weeks.

    Laguna Blanca School’s Planned Trip to Belize to Include Archaeological, Cultural Enrichment
    They are not ruins, they are monuments. The mysteries of the great Maya (not Mayan — that’s only when describing the language) civilization present themselves with full force in Belize, especially when visitors have the opportunity to explore monuments with the archaeologist who discovered them. Laguna Blanca School teachers Arturo Flores and Blake Dorfman were in Belize to meet with Anabel Ford Ph.D., director of UC Santa Barbara’s MesoAmerican Research Center, learning far more about the Maya than one would by simply walking the monuments. It’s all part of the planning process for a school trip to the area proposed for next year. Ford and her team are located at BRASS (Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey) Base in Santa Elena, a muddy 30-minute drive in the rainy season from the ancient site of El Pilar. Last week, Ford led a group of diplomats on a tour of the site, which she rediscovered some 30 years ago, and gave a first-hand look at “archaeology under the canopy,” which will preserve the monuments indefinitely while more exposed treasures wear away.


  • This Water Tells My Story, 9min. The cruise to Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize gave me a chance to reflect on everything I've learned this year, my life progression, and compile a list of things that need to be accomplished in the near future.

  • Belize got border, 5min.

  • SpottedEagleRay -- Belize, 2min.

  • Emma's Birthday in Belize June 2015, 4.5min.

  • Belize, Caye Caulker, 5.5min. On my travels in Central America I stopped in Belize for 4 days. I took a ferry from Honduras to Belize City. At the same port in Belize City that the ferry dropped us off we got a ferry to Caye Caulker (the backpackers island.) I arrived in Caye Caulker around 7pm where we just walked around till we found a hostel (they are everywhere.) There are plenty of locals telling you were to stay but we trusted the many travelers that came up to us and told us where they were staying. There isn't much to do in Caye Caulker except going on trips. We did some laying around on the beach but the beaches aren't that great as there is sea grass everywhere making it also not ideal for snorkeling. I did one snorkel trip that included 3 main stops for $50 USD.

  • Belize Scuba Diving 2015, 5min.

  • Belize Only, 7.5min. This video is about Belize Only.

  • Yucatan and Belize 2015, 22min.

  • Belize Hummingbird 2015, 3min. Driving down the Hummingbird Highway July 2015

  • Project Belize 2015 Trip, 23min.

  • Orchid Village, Belize, 4.5min. We stayed at the Orchid Garden and Eco Village in Belize. We had a wonderful time. The service was excellent. Thank you Mr. Liao and Mrs. Tsiang and to all the staff.

  • Dolphins in Belize, .5min. Dolphins following our tender back to the ship from Starfish Island on our honeymoon.

  • Ziplining At Jaguar Paw Belize, 5min. The zipline portion from the Chukka Belize Cave Tubing & Zipline combo. Located on the banks of the Cave's Branch River, Jaguar Paw is an awe-inspiring ... Seemed kind of silly, but we were there and the guys running it were pros so why not take a trip.

  • Great Blue Hole - unedited - Belize, 83min. This video was shoot by some young underwater explorers. I uploaded it here the raw file and kept it unedited. The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine . Full unedited video of great blue hole dive in belize. check out minutes 12 through 17 for the best of it. Huge shark at 19:00. SCUBA diving in the magnificent Great Blue Hole in the Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize in Central America. Our lovely team was diving the the friendly . A blue hole is a cave (inland) or underwater sinkhole. They are also called vertical caves. There are many different blue holes located around the world, typically .

  • Kicking it with Joe #3 (Belize Cave Tubing), 8min. In this super awesome adventure we're in Belize city, Belize cave tubing in the jungle!

  • Take off at Philip Goldsen Airport, Belize, 1min. United Airlines 1478 Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport - Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Boeing 737-724.

  • Arriving into Placencia (Belize), 12min. Taking the bus from Hopkins to Placencia and a little exploration. Only in town for a few hours before getting a boat to Honduras

  • Lola, one of our Red Lored Parrots, feeding baby Benny, 1/4min. Here's a video of Lola, one of our Red Lored Parrots, feeding baby Benny. This vocal and physical interaction is important for building bonds and learning social cues within the flock.

    July 12, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Island Football teams participate in Libertad Football Marathon
    On Sunday, July 5th, two island football teams traveled to Libertad Village in the Corozal District to participate in an all-day Football Marathon. Proudly representing San Pedro were United FC and Legends FC. While neither team managed to bring home the first place trophy, they certainly had a fun day of football fun. Hosting the marathon was Libertadores FC. The quadrangular tournament encompassed United FC, Legends FC, Libertadores Fc and Orange Walk Under 21 facing off in heated matches. It was a fun family day with lots to eat and drink, not to mention great football action!

    Turtle Nesting season is at its peak!
    The sea turtle nesting season runs from May-November of each year, with July being the peak nesting period. Reports are that this year’s nest spotting looks promising. To date, more than 40 nests have been recorded in Northern Ambergris Caye, including seven loggerhead turtle nests north of El Secreto Resort, along with several by Basil Jones and Punta Azul areas. However, due to the fact that the majority of these nests are on the portion of the beach used as a road, most of these nests have been relocated. Therefore, motorists using the beach are asked to be mindful and to avoid disturbing female turtles approaching the beach or running over any disturbance in the sand, as it might just be a nest.

    Editorial: Are you going to be the one who trashes our island?
    We are pleased to report this week about the new Solid Waste Transfer Station on our island home. Just what does this mean for the residents and visitors to La Isla Bonita? According to Deputy Mayor Gary Grief, who spoke at the site inauguration last Friday, “….no longer will people flying over the island see the plume of smoke from our burning dump site…this is a huge upgrade, one that will benefit everyone and hopefully make the island have a healthier and more beautiful environment.” Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Gaspar Vega, who spoke at the event as well, went on to emphasize that with this transfer station, “…we will be eliminating several problems beside just improper disposal. No longer will there be air pollution from the burning of garbage, nor water and land pollution from the seeping of hazardous materials in to the island’s water sources and land masses.” Unquestionably these a very important and valid points, but as Mayor Daniel Guerrero pointed out in his speech at the ceremony, “…This garbage transfer station will greatly benefit the community. It is without a doubt that we are headed into the direction of cleaning up the island. But still, we need the collaboration of every single resident and even visitors to do their part in keeping San Pedro clean.”

    Veterinary Surgeons Board renew DVM Laurie Droke’s License
    In a meeting held on Wednesday, July 1st, the Belize Veterinary Association (BVA), Veterinary Surgeons Board (VSB) and Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) agreed to renew Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and co-owner of the San Pedro Animal Hospital (SPAH), Laurie Droke’s license. After receiving complaints about the establishment, the VSB was contemplating not renewing Droke’s license for 2015, which is needed to operate veterinary clinic legally. According to Doctor Miguel DePaz- Chief Veterinarian Officer, Director of Animal Health at BAHA and Chairman of the Veterinary Surgeons Board, while they will be renewing Droke’s license, SPAH will still be closely monitored for inconsistencies. “Like I had said earlier in the year, the board considered not renewing Droke’s license therefore the SPAH would not be able to operate. The main reason for this is because we had received reports that Droke was not always present at the clinic and other unlicensed veterinarians were the ones running SPHA. This is against the law. Under section 24.(1) of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (Chapter 326 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000) ‘No person shall engage in the practice of veterinary surgery or hold himself out as engaging in the practice of veterinary surgery unless that person is registered under this Act’,” said DePaz.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Power interruption scheduled for 7:00am to 9:00am Sunday, July 12, portion Corozal
    Joseito Layout, Dominguez Layout, Pueblo Viejo, Saltillos, Copper Bank, Chunox, Orchid Bay and Sarteneja. BEL to change a grounding transformer which supplies power to affected areas.

    Power interruption scheduled for Sunday, July 19 from 6:00am to 2:00pm, portion Stann Creek and Toledo Districts
    Affected areas: the villages of Independence, Placencia, Seine Beight, Red Bank, San Juan, Cow Pen, Maya Mopan, Santa Rosa, San Roman, San Pablo, Georgetown, Santa Cruz, Maya King, San Isidro, Trio, Monkey River and Bella Vista. BEL to conduct critical maintenance and testing of all equipment at Independence Substation.

    SISE HoC Upcycling Workshop
    The SISE House of Culture had it's recycled art workshop for kids this week, and boy did they learn to make a lot. D Russell Photography was there to get some great pictures of the happy kds and their art, and Mama's Pizza provided the graduation lunch. Thanks to everyone that spent their time making this a great learning adventure for the kids! More pictures here, and here. "Kids from 6-15 were invited to participate in this summer workshop on recycling and upcycling trash into treasure! Mama's Pizza brought lunch for the graduation!"

    Pedro Guerra Mena Park Swing Installation
    The Rotaract Club of Benque, along with students from JP2JC, installed some swings and cleaned up Pedro Guerra Mena Park in Benque. Thanks! "Our members in conjunction with students from the Small Business Management course at John Paul II Junior College in Benque Viejo installed swings & cleaned up the Pedro Guerra Mena Park in Benque Viejo this morning. We thank Mr. Jorge Iglesias who was mowing the lawn when we arrived at the park this morning. The club extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who assisted with the project today!"

    Red Lored Parrot finds flock
    Tee, a Red Lored Parrot, was surrendered to us by the lovely Candy Power two years ago, with the hope of providing him the opportunity to make friends. When Tee first came to us, he didn't agree with any of the other Red Loreds we'd been housing and it looked like he'd have to continue his life of solitude. After having Tee for two years, this week under the watchful eyes and dedication of a returning intern Lauren, and new interns Carla and Amanda, Tee has found a flock to call his own. Just goes to show it may take time and dedication to find them, but a flock is out there for every parrot.

    The Reporter

    Journalist, Kareem Clarke laid to rest
    Journalist, Kareem Clarke, 27, was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon following a funeral service at Saint Ignatius Church. In his eulogy to the Kremandala “poster boy”, as Mose Hyde described him, Hyde said today he was nit going to mourn Clarke’s death, but celebrate his life. He denounced criminals like Clarke’s killers who live by violence. “Yoh cud shoot ah down; yoh cud bruk ih bones, but Kareem Clarke cannot be destroyed by bullets. …You and a billion others can’t kill Kareem’s spirit”, Hyde said emphatically. Hyde described the young man as a champion who from childhood loved to read. He said that Clarke grew up without a father; yet he displayed every bit of humility, professionalism, dedication to his work and his family. Officiating celebrant, Father Noel Leslie, in his homily, consoled the mourners that death is a door that all of us must pass through, and that brcausr we do not knoe how and when we will face that passage, we must be ready.

    Special Envoy returns from Taiwan
    Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs Kim Simplis-Barrow has returned home from a five-day visit to Taiwan. Mrs Barrow visited that republic at their invitation, and during her visit, she called on Mrs. Chow Mei Ching, spouse of Ptesident of Taiwan, Ma Ying Jeou, as well as H.E. David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The government’s press office states that Mrs. Barrow also paid a courtesy call to Mr. Fredrick F. Chien, Chairman of the Cathay Charity Foundation, where both officials discussed possible areas of cooperation. On Wednesday, July 8, Mrs. Barrow visited the En Chu Kong Hospital, where she was conferred the Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal by the Chou Ta Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, “for overcoming the pains and difficulties of life with her indomitable courage and persistence, while making sacrifices for others.”

    “Pawpa” Mena says police presence, jobs, land distribution will be priority issues in his area
    Frank “Pawpa” Mena says issues such as improving police presence, creating jobs, improving land distribution and ensuring that more children have access to education will be top priority during his term in elected office. Mena, who garnered close to 58 percent of the votes cast in Wednesday’s by-election in Dangriga over the PUP’s Anthony Sabal, was sworn in on Friday as Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, in Belmopan. Mena said that there is an urgent need for better lighting and police outposts, particularly in areas along Sarawee and Hope Creek villages. These were some of the first things he promised to deliver to his constituents before his term in this adminstration expires, when the next general elections are called. First, however, he said there would need to be some kind of assessment to determine the specific locations along the eight-mile stretch of road where these are needed.

    Youth shot dead on Friday night
    Unofficial but reliable reports reaching The Reporter is that another youth was shot and killed in Belize City. Anthony Smith, 18, was shot multiple times to the chest and abdomen and died a short while later. The police have not yet released any details of this incident.

    The Belize Times

    PUP Says Minister of State Edmund Castro Must Go!!
    Belizeans are in shock and anger at the news that Minister of State Edmund Castro withdrew his lawsuit in the Supreme Court on Friday the 3rd July, 2015 against Mrs. Alvarine Burgess who had accused him of using his Ministerial office for illegal and corrupt practices in the sale of visas to foreigners. Minister Castro, in his lawsuit, told the Supreme Court Mrs. Burgess had said on public television that he: (i) Collected Four Hundred Thousand ($400,000.00) dollars worth of bribes in return for recommending visas for foreigners he had never met; (ii) Used his office in the corrupt practice of selling visas; (iii) Is a criminal and broke the law of Belize; and (iv) Is a corrupt Minister of State. This, he told the Supreme Court, had seriously damaged his reputation and had caused him to suffer great embarrassment and distress. But by failing to clear his name and his reputation and by withdrawing his law-suit in the Supreme Court, Minister Castro is effectively admitting the statements made by Mrs. Burgess are true and correct and therefore he is in breach of the Constitution of Belize and violated the Immigration Laws and the criminal laws of Belize. No serving Minister has ever admitted that he is a corrupt person.

    Anthony Sabal: “Here for the Long Haul!!”
    Anthony Sabal will continue to represent the People’s United Party as its Standard Bearer for Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek and to fight for the residents of the communities. “I’m in this for the long haul,” Sabal told the media houses outside the Holy Ghost RC School in Dangriga Town at the end of vote counting in Wednesday’s by-election. Sabal, in three short weeks of campaigning, was able to re-ignite a fighting spirit for the PUP in the by-election, and despite the UDP entire national election machinery piling up in Dangriga, he held his ground and battled on with committed supporters and the Party’s support. Sabal attracted 1,526 votes to the UDP’s candidate 2,164. The UDP were on a strange high going into the by-election. They were over confident and predicted nothing less than a 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 victory.

    UDP Buy Election!!
    As warned by Melvin Hulse in his now very-famous Barrow-bashing recording, the UDP spent millions to buy the elections held in Dangriga on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. Melvin, who has now been cast away from the UDP at the whim of one man despite him being elected in a convention by UDP supporters in Stann Creek West, predicted that the UDP would spend at least 2 million dollars in the Dangriga bye-election. From the looks of things on the ground, the UDP surpassed that amount easily. Reports are that the UDP paid $200 and $300 for votes. To wear a red shirt got you a cool $100 or perhaps up to $200 if you caught the UDP bagmen at the right time. The UDP had been in Dangriga for several weeks, spending on late-night drinking binges and parties, luring the people into deceit. On the day of the bye-election the Government vehicles rolled into town, fuelled with taxpayers’ money. Luxury vehicles with blue plates circled the town non-stop. UDP Ministers had no shame, spending the people’s money for political purposes.

    Catholic Bishop Calls for Repeal of Petro-Caribe Loans Act
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s anti-transparency law, the Petrocaribe Loans Act, has attracted yet another strong voice of opposition: Catholic Bishop, Dorick Wright. In a July 4th, 2015 release issued by Reverend Father Noel Leslie, he declared that “The Bishop of Belize and Belmopan, His Excellency Bishop Dorick Wright, joins me in calling for a repeal of the PetroCaribe Loans Act 2015 and its amendments and for a return to the adherence to the principles outlined in the Finance and Audit Reform Act 2005”. The release further announces that the Roman Catholic Church in Belize believes that “the Act was devised to correct transgressions in the borrowing and spending of Public Funds. The Church has a duty to denounce any legislation that violates the Rule of Law, the Spirit of Democracy and the Constitution of Belize”. Father Leslie’s statement came days after he voted in support of an amendment to the controversial Petrocaribe Loans Act at a July 1st Senate Meeting. The vote provoked heavy criticism because when the legislation was first introduced at a Senate meeting held on March 30th 2015, he had voted against it.

    Promising Journalist Murdered
    The cold-blooded and senseless shooting murder of 27 year old Kareem Clarke, a reporter for the Amandala newspaper, has left the Belizean community and in particular the media fraternity very shaken. Almost daily, the media has reported on shootings and violent murders, mostly from Belize City where the murder rate is sky high. But on Monday, the victim was one of its own. Clarke was gunned down while riding his bicycle along Vernon Street, near the corner with Lakeview Street, around 1:00am on Monday morning. He was heading home after visiting a female friend in the area when he was stalked by a gunman and shot at. He received two shots in the head and three times on his body. He fell from his bicycle and onto the cold cement pavement. A Police surveillance post that should have been active and manned 24/7, situated about 300 feet away on Vernon Street, was abandoned on the night of the shooting. Police authorities have not explained why this was so, when there have been several shootings and murders in the area over the past three weeks.

    Oh! Far more men like him. With twelve such men Jesus changed the world. With less than twenty, Fidel Castro came out of the hills of Cuba and overthrew the USA supported dictator Bautista. History, both ancient and modern manifests many splendid examples of men and women standing up against the powerful, chancey systems of their times. Belize has such men and women, Phillip Goldson, Antonio Soberanis, Will and Sharper, Gwendolyn Lizarraga, and the great George Price, among others. But the times, at present, cry out for such men and women. One such is the Reverend Dorick Wright, Bishop of the Ramon Catholic Diocese of Belize. No religious leader in the history of Belize has ever stood up with such open and straight-forward bravery against governmental wrong doing in Belize. When the Minister of Education a few years ago introduced some weird “gender policy” it was Bishop Dorick Wright who marched in the streets of Belize to show how opposed the church was.

    To Whom Much Is Given
    Monday morning brought its usual dose of bad news but this time it was rougher than usual; in particular for my colleagues behind the zinc fence. One of their own, a young and upcoming journalist who contributed prolifically and reliably to their headline news stories was shot and killed in the early morning of that same day. Nuri, who is sitting in for Mose, was his usual composed self but co-host India Camile was visibly shaken and affected. It is never easy to lose someone who you see every day; and in particular when the news comes suddenly like that. A release from the Kremandala camp described Kareem Clarke as a “very promising and ambitious young journalist”. When I saw the young man’s picture, I remembered seeing him from time to time, chasing a story or waiting to interview someone in front of Independence Hall where I work. He was a humble and soft spoken individual and someone who was apparently well liked by all who knew him and even by those who simply crossed paths with him. As a regular reader of the Amandala, I have no doubt read much of what Mr. Clarke has written. Being somewhat of a pedant, I am critical of bad writing but I do not remember finding many faults with young Kareem’s pieces. He had a gift and he made the following of his train of thoughts and chronicle of facts effortless and easy. He was young, gifted and black but unfortunately, in this day and age on Belize’s southside of the city, that can be lethal and is usually a prelude to an early and predictable demise. Oh for the good old days!

    A Corrupt Government
    The man who promised good governance is presiding over the most abusive and corrupt administration. The Lands Department under his Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega is “a hotbed of corruption”. Bribery and kickbacks in that Ministry have become the new normal. But the Prime Minister does not hold his deputy accountable. He sees nothing wrong in allowing the brother of the same Deputy to monopolize the exploitation of the rosewood in the Toledo forest. He sees nothing wrong when the nephew of the said Deputy is given a fat contract by Government to pave the road to San Antonio and is fully paid even though no work was done on that road. The Airport Authority funds are looted to provide Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Minister of State Castro with thousands of dollars for his personal and political use. But the Prime Minister sees nothing wrong. It is, in his words only ‘distasteful’. What the other Minister of State Elvin Penner did at the Immigration Department selling Belizean nationality and passports to foreign criminals who never one day set foot in Belize was, in the eyes of the Prime Minister, not a crime because “factual guilt is not the same thing as legal guilt!” Barrow has also now even defended Castro’s admitted visa hustling, which was exposed by whistleblower Alvarine Burgess.

    Rising Starz, Lucky Strikers & UB Jaguars win football matches
    The UB Jaguars posted their 2nd win, blasting the Infinites 6-0. Iris Galdamez struck the Jaguars’ 1st goal in the 14th minute, and Iris added a 2nd goal in the 26th minute. Infinites’ goalie Cynthia Boteo had no chance with one of her own defenders deflected Rosaria Cal’s shot into the back of the net to give UB a 3-0 lead at the half. In the 2nd half, Cindy Bush blasted in a 4th goal in the 53rd minute and Rosaria Cal headed in a 5th goal to put the finish on an assist from Daysi Montero in the 60th minute. Delmi Hernandez came off the UB bench to replace Bush, and she too scored the 6th goal in the 64th minute. After that it was a free for all as the rest of the UB squad: Alberta Garcia, Araceli Galdamez, Daysi Montero, Tracy Chi and Delmi Cornelio came up to take shots at goal. Cynthia Boteo must have felt that she was in a shooting gallery as she did her best to keep it to 6-0. The Belmopan Lucky Strikers defeated the Bullet Tree girls 3-1. Clarisa Salgado scored the 1st goal in the 12th minute, and Kimberly “Brazilian” Perez added a 2nd goal in the 14th minute. Bullet Tree’s goalie Daisy Moya stopped Shadalee Ho’s penalty shot after the village captain Rutilia Useta took down Kim Perez in the 18-yard box to keep to 2-0 at the half.

    Kent Gabourel wins Weekend Warriors Cycling Time Trials
    Team Benny’s Megabytes’ Kent “Bob” Gabourel won the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club individual time trials held from Mile 23 at the Rockville junction to Mile 32.5 on the George Price highway on Sunday, July 5, in preparation for their national road championships to be held on Sunday, July 12. A Division 1st Kent Gabourel – Team Benny’s Megabytes (26:12) 2nd Robert Mariano – Team DigiCell 4G (26:26.04) 3rd Warren Coye – Team Santino’s (26:26.12) 4th George Abraham – Team BelCal (26:29) 5th Daniel Cano – Team Santino’s (26:50) 6th Preston Martinez – Team Benny’s Megabytes (27:09) 7th David Pollard – Team BCB/F.T. Williams (27:22) 8th Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph – Team Lampaz (28:31) 9th Derrick Smith – Team BWS (29:03) 10th Kenny Gooding – Team BCB/F.T. Williams (29:24)

    Bombers & Young Warriors clash in Smart Mundialito finals
    The undefeated Brown Bombers and the Young Warriors will clash in the 2015 SMART Mundialito football championship finals set for Sunday, July 12, at the MCC Garden. The Brown Bombers entered the semifinals as the top seed, and won by the same score they had won over the No. 4 seeded Ladyville Jaguars, as they had in the regular season: 1-0; this time Eldon Byrd scored the winning goal late in the 2nd half, just before the long whistle. In the other semifinal, the Young Warriors were stuck in the same jam as they had been in their regular season math with the Collet Strikers 0-0 after regulation and overtime. So they had to go to penalties to decide a winner. In the penalty shoot-out, the Warriors beat Collet Strikers 5-4. Joshaun Flowers, Nelson Nunez, Jose Juan Garcia, Richard “Bigs” Williams and Anthony Usher converted their penalties for Young Warriors, but only Shamar Gillett, Mikey Palacio, Anthony Parham and Troy Gentle scored for Collet as their 2nd kicker missed the goal completely.

    A lousy Politician and 3 luxury Prados!
    This is a tale of one lousy politician and his three Prados. The UDP politician who belongs to the red party has amassed unknown wealth during his time in office as the Corozal Bay area representative. He now has a three-storey mansion home, forgetting some of the very poor who still live in shabby homes. The politician, an electrician by career, has mismanaged the Health Ministry and every now and again crisis hits the important Ministry such as outbreaks of infections killing babies, poor maternal health care, rats occupying hospital kitchens and monies going missing or being fleeced under large-scale pharmaceutical hustling. But it is his penchant for Prados that has caught our attention.

    Rest In Peace Unionism
    The National Trade Union Congress of Belize was established in 1966 with the mantra “Workers in Solidarity”. The concept of unionism is based on the foundation of solidarity and the struggle for equality and justice. Frederick Douglas said: if there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want oceans without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will. Sometime circa late 2007 and 2008, the United Democratic Party had the luxury of the various token leaders of unions engaging vigorously to topple the then People’s United Party Government. They took their fight to every crook and cranny of the Public Service departments. The NTUCB took out a paid ad with fiery words – “Who is GOB protecting? Mek we get it straight. Let’s talk about what is ILLEGAL. It’s ILLEGAL for the Government to mismanage funds and then lie about it, accept false documents so as to approve loans to political cronies and a few first Belizeans, mislead the people after they have been robbed. Sell of Belizeans passports, cover up for the big fish and allow the small man to take the wrap”.

    St. Matthew’s Government School graduates 27 students
    Twenty-seven students marched proudly to collect their primary school certificates on Wednesday, June 24th at the St. Matthew’s Government School grounds, marking an end to their studies at the institution, and the beginning of a new chapter of higher studies. Principal of the school, Michelle Murray, introduced the theme of this year’s graduation, “Service, Collaboration and Community Building: Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, pointing out that she believes the message is critical to the institution’s success. She added that if it were not for collaboration with partners and the community’s involvement, the school would not exist nor be able to produce promising students. She committed to promoting this spirit. The Valedictorian for Class of 2015 was Orlando Argueta. 13 year old Argueta, whose figure is overshadowed by his taller classmates, had big words of encouragement for his peers.

    Lilly White’s Summer Camp Denied Petrocaribe Support
    Well-known sports activist Edward Charles Rubio aka “Lilly White” says that all the hoopla over the Government’s “Summer of Sports” has been insignificant to his summer camp because despite his request for support he got none. Rubio, who organises a summer camp at the BTL Park annually, said he had submitted his application for funding to the National Sports Council in May. He waited for a response but none came. Weeks later, on Friday June 26th, upon meeting a colleague who is organising a similar camp, he was asked if he wasn’t going to pick up his cheque at a special ceremony at the National Sports Council. Rubio said that because he had submitted an application, he felt that perhaps he was a recipient who had not been contacted about the ceremony. But when he reached the National Sports Council office, he was met with disdain. Rubio said the Sports Council Director, Patrick Menzies, was “rude” to him when he inquired about support for his summer camp.

    UDP Political Alchemy and Propaganda!
    Recently Belize’s airwaves have been bombarded by the United Democratic Party political propaganda “Transforming Belize”, “Believe in the transformation”, and “Petrocaribe Rolling”. Belizeans politicians and political parties have always utilized propaganda as a political strategy to win elections. Propaganda is not a novel strategy employed in the realm of politics – it is as old as politics. However, propaganda is considered one of several pathologies of politics. In Carl J. Friedrich’s book, The Pathology of Politics (1972) the pathologies include corruption, secrecy, betrayal and violence. Propaganda as defined by Friedrich is the behaviour, conduct or action of a propagandist – a person who hands out information to gain benefits, material or non-material advantages, for himself, or, more typically for the group he is acting for. The main objectives of propaganda include one of two things: to get people to vote for someone or to join his organisation (party) even if only for the vote or financially to support it.

    They pretend to care
    Almost 1,000 Belizeans have been murdered since 2008. Belize has been officially recognized as the third most violent country in the world. A crime occurs in this country every 23 minutes. Within the borders of Belize exists Belize City’s south side, which is the most violent place to be. On the south side of Belize 2/3 of the fathers are absent. On the south side of Belize gang infestation is real. On the south side of Belize poverty is pitiless. The negative reviews and realities attributed to Belize City’s south side are unending and have developed somewhat into a monotone. Gun plays and gang wars have become the norm. In 2008 a black man from a south side constituency was elected to become our Prime Minister. That wasn’t the norm. He was to have been the silver lining on the gray clouds always hovering over our south side communities. Things were to have been different. His success at the polls created a feeling of hope for all black Belizeans in the early morning of February 8th when the results had settled in. A black Prime Minister! Our saviour had arrived. Our children would die no more. Our women would be able to find work. Our men would be able to toil the land. This Prime Minister would fight for us and keep our interest at the center of his policies.

    UN Office & International Groups Defend Maya rights – P.M. Dean Barrow should apologize to Maya people, say international groups
    The Barrow Administration’s disrespectful and oppressive treatment of the Maya people of Santa Cruz Village, Toledo District, has been heavily criticised by the international community, including the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, issued a strong-worded statement on today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2015, urging “the Government of Belize to ensure respect for the rights of the country’s Maya people to non-discrimination and traditional property”. Tauli-Corpuz has been monitoring the Government of Belize’s actions against the Maya people, following the June 20th incident in Santa Cruz involving Rupert Myles. She noted that the Maya of Santa Cruz holds customary rights to its village lands which the government must respect and protect, as affirmed by a 2007 decision of the Supreme Court of Belize. She added that “under international human rights standards, indigenous peoples have the right to use, develop and also to control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership”.

    People’s United Party Resolution on the Unjust Guatemalan Claim to Belize
    RECALLING WITH PRIDE that since the inception of the People’s United Party, WE have, as a Party. always rejected in its totality, the unjust and unfounded claim of Guatemala to the land, maritime areas and insular waters of Belize; BEARING IN MIND that Peoples’ United Party has worked tirelessly to internationalize the just cause for Belize’s rights to sovereignty, self-determination and territorial and maritime integrity to the United Nations, the OAS, CARICOM and other international Organizations and the world in the decades since 1964 ASSERTING that it was the fortitude, vision and guidance of our Party, under the bold leadership of the Rt. Honorable George Price who carried our nation to its date with independent destiny on September 21, 1981 without any fear of the unjust. unfounded Guatemalan Claim and that we took our due place in the family of Independent Nations on that historic day; BEARING IN MIND that Peoples’ United Party has, up until 2014, been represented and has participated in all dialogue, discussions and negotiations in which the Government of Belize has dealt with the unjust unfounded Guatemalan Claim;

    Too Much Politics in the Public Service
    Dear Editor, I’m sick and tired of politics in Belize. Today if you want a job, you have to see your area representative who of course must be a member of the ruling party. Now-a-days you can have a degree and it means nothing. It’s not what you have in education, but who you know to get you the job or even worse if you are a strong supporter of the ruling party and show your strong ties, you will get the job even if you are dumb or can’t function effectively. At first the Ministry of the Public Service used to advertise positions that are vacant and an interview is held and the most suitable candidate is chosen. Now, any dumb fool sent by a minister can obtain jobs. I have seen unfairness across the board in almost all government ministries and department. The public service is not what it used to be. It is now a bogus ministry run by politicians. CEO McNab and the Minister for Public Service are wasting their time holding workshops to improve the public service when nothing is being done to implement changes. If they don’t like you, if they can’t gossip with you or if you don’t show political ties connected to them, you are being transferred over and over maybe to frustrate you. Some public officers are untouchable and you know why.

    Paul Rodriguez Disappointed with the Belize Council of Churches
    Dear Editor, I have noted with dismay that Senator Father Noel Leslie was instructed by the Belize Council of Churches to vote in favour of the Petro Caribe Act and its Amendments. Don’t Churchmen know that on matters of public morality it is immoral to require that your representative sworn by oath to act without fear or favour vote in support of what he considers to be illegal and immoral measures. The Petro Caribe Act and its Amendments support the illegal and dishonest use of public funds. No honest citizen should support the use of public funds borrowed to improve the economic conditions of the whole society where there is no transparency and accountability. I regret that no meeting was held by the Council of Churches to discuss how our Senator should vote. I think it is time for Bishop Dorick Wright to re-consider whether our membership on the Council of Churches is indeed contributing to the Kingdom of God in Belize or assisting the process of conforming the Church to the world instead of the reverse.

    6 survive near-fatal accident on Phillip Goldson Highway
    The scene of Sunday night’s traffic accident on mile 82, in the outskirts of San Joaquin Village, was gruesome. The grey-coloured Geo Tracker sat on the road side, badly damaged. Several of the passengers were carted into an ambulance, with various degrees of injuries, but the good news was that there was no fatality. 37 year old Lilian Judith Flores, the driver, reported to the Police that she was driving in the direction of her home village, San Jose Village, when she lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle swerved to the right and slammed into a cement electricity post, then landed downhill.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police and residents aim for Mayflower truce
    Regional Commander for Eastern Division (South), Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, reports that he is working along with the mothers and relatives of several known gang members of the Ghosttown Crips based on Mayflower Street, who out of fear of further reprisals, have approached the police department to organize […]

    Police stalled on finding Kareem Clarke killer
    Funeral services for late Amandala journalist Kareem Clarke, 27 years old, were held this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. at the St. Joseph R.C. Church, preceded by reflections beginning at 1:30 p.m. Earlier this week, KREM News aired exclusively the surveillance video that captured Kareem’s murder, which took place […]

    Teakettle boys charged for murders
    Belmopan police arrested and charged Shaylon Santos and Cardinal Lemoth, Jr., this week for the murders of Americans Julian Christopher Jones and Paul David Signorino. Jones and Signorino were killed at Jones’ estate in Teakettle, Cayo District, on May 15 after being chopped and shot twice in the […]

    When will general elections be called?
    After the events of this week, the speculation begins on when general elections, constitutionally due by 2017, will be called. They are expected to be earlier, but how much? Speaking in the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s by-election in Dangriga, UDP area representative for Port Loyola Anthony “Boots” Martinez suggested […]

    Save Belize With Two Things
    By: Charles Leslie Jr. People keep saying young men will become extinct because of all the crime in Belize City. That is not what will happen. 60% of the Belizean population lives outside of Belize City. This is what may happen if real proportional representation and proportional budgetary allocation is not […]

    Mainly fair weather conditions expected
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies with the chance of a brief thunderstorm developing inland this afternoon. Partly cloudy skies with isolated showers are expected tonight. Winds will be blowing from the East at 10 to 20 knots. The sea state will be choppy to […]

    18 year old youth shot and killed in Belize City
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that Anthony Smith, an 18 year old youth from Belize City was shot and killed last night. According to reports, Smith was shot numerous times to the head, chest and abdomen.


    Your First Time Visit – Ambergris Caye Check-list: 10 Must-Do’s When You Visit Belize
    .Ambergris Caye has SO much to offer and can keep you busy from morning until night. The food, the festivals, the people, the shopping, the aqua blue waters, the gorgeous barrier reef and wildlife – most people are quickly hooked. But it’s your first visit…and with only a few days or a week, where to start? Here is a check list – a mix of fun, adventure and…chocolate – that will make the most of your time on the island. And give you a real feel for what living on Belize’s largest island is like.

    Using maps to conserve Natural Belize
    Adapting to the growth rates, infrastructure, and conservation of natural resources in developing countries can be exceptionally difficult. Belize is no exception to that. The country is the second smallest in Central America, and is commonly known for its diverse culture and natural wonders. Protecting many of these resources has become somewhat of a concern in the scientific community both within and outside of the country. With many coastal developments, high deforestation rates, and difficulty allocating funds for environmental protection, natural resources are taking a bit of a beating. New technologies are helping to begin tackling the problem. The implementation of geographic mapping software (GIS) into conservation talks can improve efficiency, reduce expenditures, and help protect some of the country’s most beautiful locations. GIS is a powerful mapping software that can help land managers and scientists alike view data collected within the country spatially and help them visualize which areas are in need of the most attention. Multiple ‘layers’ of data can be added to any given map so users can overlay different data sets and view them all at once. In this manner, map users can view country roads and protected areas at the same time and then create a buffer zone of unsuitable habitat as a result. Viewing layers of human populations in proximity to jaguar habitat or prime conservation areas can also be beneficial.

    International Sourcesizz

    Doane president, student writing field guide to Belize marine life
    Doane College President Jacque Carter and student Brittany Boyd missed the best time to be a marine biologist in Nebraska by about 100 million years. Late in the Cretaceous Period, when the region lay at the bottom of a massive inland sea that covered about one-third of what is now the United States, massive dinosaurs and fish swam in the sea, their bones becoming fossilized in the muddy sea floor when the sea dried up. A few eons later and a thousand miles from the nearest sea, Carter and Boyd are in the process of writing an interactive field guide to 525 species of coral reef fish of Belize. For two Nebraska scientists to be authoring a book for Caribbean tourists snorkeling off the coast of Central America, or a reference book for marine park managers and ichthyologists (fish scientists), the world under the sea holds a strong affinity. “The whole time I’ve been in administration, I’ve managed to continue my scientific interest, maybe not at the same level or intensity, but with students who are interested,” said Carter, who has been leading the liberal arts college in Crete since 2011.

    Laguna Blanca School Scouts Out Maya, El Pilar for Experiental Learning Trip
    Arriving in Belize after a long series of overnight flights from Santa Barbara, adventurous Laguna Blanca School teachers Blake Dorfman and Arturo Flores met Anabel Ford Ph.D. of UC Santa Barbara’s MesoAmerican Research Center for an introduction to the tropical world of El Pilar in western Belize and the Peten of Guatemala. This is a familiarization journey designed to establish links for a future journey for Laguna Blanca’s upper school students as part of the Hope Ranch school’s commitment to experiential learning. Ford rediscovered the ancient Maya city of El Pilar some 30 years ago, and is researching the site with extreme care, making fascinating discoveries while keeping conservation of the area in mind. Through this proposed program, Laguna Blanca students will have the opportunity to learn about the Maya use of forest gardens, a method of sustainable farming that brings promises for conservation in the future.

    Mayan Leaders Arrested for Protecting Sacred Site
    Mayan leaders of Santa Cruz in Belize say they were arrested for removing and then arresting a man who had illegally started to build on a sacred site in their community and then threatened them in a public meeting; these events transpired only two months after a high court ordered the Belize government to protect indigenous land rights. On Friday, July 3, Mayan leaders filed a petition at the Caribbean Court asserting that the government had failed to honor the lands rights ruling when previously, on June 24, armed police officers arrested 12 Mayan villagers and leaders, including the principal leader or alcalde, on charges of illegally imprisoning Rupert Myles. The Mayan leaders of Santa Cruz assert that Myles had illegally started to build on top of a sacred site, and that after being asked to stop he appeared at Mayan Council meeting and threatened the officials with a gun. Myles was then arrested on the orders of the Santa Cruz Alcalde who according to legal sources had the right to do so.

    Sustainable Tourism: An Opportunity for Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    This week, I had the opportunity to attend the United Nations High Level Political Forum on sustainable development (HLPF) as a guest of the UNWTO. The HLPF on sustainable development is the main United Nations platform on sustainable development. It provides political leadership, guidance and recommendations. It follows up and reviews the implementation of sustainable development commitments. It addresses new and emerging challenges; promotes the science-policy interface and enhances the integration of economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Tourism relies on safe cities to both attract and bring back visitors. Tourism has also realized that the more sustainable and resilient destinations are, the more likely they are to succeed in the tourism business. Xanadu Resort in Belize for example built the resort using monolithic dome construction which enabled it to weather Hurricane Keith, keeping all its guests and employees safe while the surrounding areas was devastated.


  • Fireburn July 2015, 1/2min. Baird's Tapir at Fireburn Fireburn, as part of the North East forest, is one of the three richest wildlife areas in Belize, and lies within Belize's North East forest corridor. This Wildtracks Video Short provides us with an opportunity to share the wildlife with you through photography, camera trap outputs and sound clips.

  • Tropic Air flight from Belize city to San Pedro, 14min.

  • Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef, 16min. This is some raw footage of our first snorkeling trip to the Barrier Reef of Belize.

  • Sea Turtle Belize, 2min. Hawk-Billed Turtle at Turneffe Reef.

  • Belize Aggressor june 2015, 9min.

  • My first Open water dive in Belize, Glovers Reef, 4min.

  • July 4, 2015 Dive at Esmeralda, Belize GoPro, 36min. Full dive including shark eating gopro, curious turtle, remora aggression, and plenty more sharks.

    July 11, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Relaxing at Tranquility Bay Resort
    Seeking a quiet getaway in Paradise? Then Tranquility Bay Resort is the place to go! The farthest resort on the northern coast of Ambergris Caye, Tranquility Bay is nestled within the elusive Bacalar Chico Reserve. With one of the best beaches on the island, this place is a great escape. Privacy is what you will get at Tranquility Bay as they offer all types of lodging from one bedroom cabanas to the Prime Minister’s Suite- don’t you want to lounge like the Honorable Dean Barrow? Each colorful cabin- with marine life inspired names- is only steps from the sea.

    Graduation Season 2015 closes
    The San Pedro Junior College (SPJC) held its 14th Commencement Exercise on the evening of Saturday, July 4th at the Rafael Angel Nunez Auditorium. 37 proud students celebrated achieving an Associate’s Degree before a host of family and friends. Not only did SPJC graduate its largest class, but the ceremony also marked its 15th year in operation. Held under the team “We live and we learn to take one step at a time”, the graduation ceremony kicked off shortly after 5PM, with the students marching up the aisle to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance. Abel Guerrero Sr. led those in attendance in a heartfelt invocation, which was followed by the Welcome Address given by class salutatorian Magdiel Shaw. Guest speaker for the event was none other than Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero. Following the Dean’s report by Gustavo Ellis, Honor Roll awards were issued. Jose Paz delivered the Chairman’s Address’ which was followed by the Valedictory Address by highest grading student, Oumaya Nasser.

    Blue Water Grill donates to San Pedro Red Cross
    The San Pedro Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) was the recipient of a much needed donation on Monday, July 6th, from the Blue Water Grill (BWG). Each month BWG raises monies to support different charity organizations on the island. For the month of June they chose the SPBRC, contributing a check for $502 to assist in the organizations activities. According to Laurie Norton, from SPBRC, they are very pleased with the donation and thanks BWG patrons for their continuous support in their efforts to make a difference on Ambergris Caye. “We are very thankful to Blue Water Grill for this generous donation to the San Pedro Red Cross. These funds will allow us to continue funding our work, particular in first aid and blood drives,” said Norton. Norton emphasized on the importance to keep the island safe and as such everyone should work together to reach a stronger foundation. “We understand that is not easy out there, but we if come together, anything is possible and we can have a safer island, when it comes to health issues. We had a successful blood drive a few days ago, so it was truly very heartwarming to have so much support from everyone,” stated Norton. She noted that Crazy Canucks has been doing a wonderful job with ongoing fundraising for the San Pedro Red Cross. They have designated the last Friday of their weekly trivia as Red Cross night.

    Belize mourns the loss of dance pioneer Rosita Baltazar
    The San Pedro community is grieving the loss of exceptional dancer, choreographer, founding member of the Belize National Dance Company and dance instructor for the San Pedro Dance Academy, Rosa Rosita Baltazar. The death of Baltazar was announced on Tuesday, July 7th, after she succumbed to her battle against cancer. Baltazar was a pioneer in the art of dancing in San Pedro, having been part of the San Pedro Dance Company (now Academy) since 1998. Born in Livingston, Guatemala, Baltazar loved dancing from childhood. After moving to Belize City, Baltazar continued to pursue her dreams of dancing and ultimately traveled abroad to study the art. Throughout her life, Baltazar gained skills from the Jamaica National Dance Company, Sarosita Ballet Arts School in Florida, USA, Canterbury College of Theatrical Arts in London, England and the Folklore Dance Company of Mexico. “We are profoundly saddened to announce the passing a truly exceptional dancer, teacher, choreographer and a founding member of the Belize National Dance Company. Belizean dance has lost an icon today and we will never forget her energy, dedication and passion onstage and off-stage,” said the Belize National Dance Company in an official note.

    Camp GLOW 2015 – inspiring our new leaders!
    The six-day leadership camp GLOW held in Blue Creek Village, Toledo saw the participation of 32 young women, including six from San Pedro Town. The GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Camp 2015 was focused on self-esteem, self-reliance and self-expression, as well as leadership, education, health and team-building exercises, which came via sports and arts. Held at the Tumulk’in Center for Learning in Blue Creek Village, the camp lasted from Sunday June 28th to Saturday, July 4th. Girls from five communities in Belize gathered under the watchful eyes of four Peace Corps volunteers and six Belizean GLOW leaders. The camp was held in the hopes that the girls who participate go on to become active leaders in their community. There were several activities geared towards that goal, and guest speakers were invited to share their experiences and motivate the young women. On the list of invitees was Mary Gonzalez, Associate Editor of The San Pedro Sun. A Belizean of Maya descent who grew up in a Maya village in the Cayo District, she was able to share her experiences growing up and overcoming a few obstacles to become successful. She emphasized the importance of speaking up, seeking help rather than giving up, and to take education seriously; encouraging each of the young women present to be examples in their community. “I really hope that I was able to encourage the girls to realize that they matter, and that their voices can and should be heard,” said Gonzalez.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Pushes to Go 100% Green with Ten Island Challenge
    The Government of Belize has announced its intention to become fully powered by renewable energy, after joining the Carbon War Room's high profile Ten Island Challenge. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to join the Ten Island Challenge, a partnership initiative between Carbon War Room (CWR) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The move signals the Caribbean country’s commitment to transition its transportation sector and outlying islands off of fossil fuel use. Belize will particularly focus on installing wind turbines and shifting the islands' transport sector towards electric vehicles. This move will allow Belize to make significant strides in realizing its renewable energy production target of 89% in the electricity sector by 2033. The country currently sources 60% of its electricity from local hydro and biomass resources, and the remaining 40% is from imported fossil fuel resources.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Construction of the new Ambergris Stadium
    Preparations are well underway for the construction of the new Ambergris Stadium located in the San Pablo area. The bleachers, stall and restrooms have been removed as you can see on the pictures.

    Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow Visits the Republic of China (Tawain)
    On the invitation of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children and spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, is on a five-day visit to Taiwan from July 6 to 10, 2015. During Mrs. Barrow’s visit, she called on Mrs. Chow Mei Ching, spouse of H.E. Ma Ying Jeou, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), as well as H.E. David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Mrs. Barrow also paid a courtesy call to Mr. Fredrick F. Chien, Chairman of the Cathay Charity Foundation, where Mr. Chien and Mrs. Barrow discussed possible areas of cooperation. On Wednesday, July 8, Mrs. Barrow visited the En Chu Kong Hospital where she was conferred the Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal by the Chou Ta Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, for overcoming the pains and difficulties of life with her indomitable courage and persistence, while making sacrifices for others. Mrs. Barrow concludes her visit on Friday, July 10, 2015.

    Mr. Frank Mena sworn in
    Mr. Frank Mena, newly elected Area Representative of the Dangriga Electoral Division, is now Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. Honourable Frank Mena was officially sworn in by Governor General, H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. Hon. Mena took his Oath of Office in front of his family, friends and supporters.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, July 10, 2015: 80. PICK 3: 0 4 9

    Scenes from Caye caulker lobster fest, 2015

    Funeral for Mrs. Caroline Barkwell
    The funeral for Mrs. Caroline Barkwell is being scheduled for Tuesday 14th July here in Caye Caulker. The time is not confirmed as yet, but as soon as her children confirm with me, i will post it. They are asking for everyone to please be dressed in something with a "Leopard" print, as that was her most favorite. I would like to ask for a back up singer for the day of the funeral. I' d love to sing a song for her, but im a very emotional person n i know i wont be able to do d entire song without stumbling (u know what i mean). If anyone would like to assist me, i'd really appreciate it, tnks! Also, any assistance with the planning of the funeral will be greatly appreciated by her children. Jus let me know how u can assist n i will relay the message to them, tnks!

    Commentary: UDP candidate defeats PUP to become new Dangriga representative
    By Wellington C. Ramos. When People’s United Party (PUP) representative for Dangriga town, Srawee and Hope Creek villages, Ivan Ramos, resigned his seat about one month ago, the government of Belize scheduled a by-election on July 8 to replace him. Due to the way this representative was replaced by a new candidate, Anthony Sabal, many people anticipated that it would be difficult for PUP to retain this seat. In the beginning, the PUP even thought about not contesting this seat because for them it would be a waste of time and money. After giving it some thought and consulting their supporters, they decided to fully contest and bring all their supporters from the other districts to win it. The United Democratic Party (UDP) on the other hand saw it as an opportunity to increase their margin in the House of Representative by another vote. They had their standard bearer Frank “Papa” Mena and his team ready to take this seat over from the PUP. Anthony Sabal was given little time to campaign in this constituency and he did not have the support of the outgoing PUP representative Ivan Ramos.

    Day #4 Alboradas (breaking of dawn)
    In honor of our Patron Saint Our Lady of Mount Carmel a true devotion and reflection of our communities tradition and cultural vitality, our living tradition. Prayers, marimba, chants, fireworks, social gathering & breakfast. Lindas tradiciones de nuestro querido Benque Viejo.

    Channel 7

    Female Customs Officer Savagely Stabbed To Death By Husband
    A female Customs Officer was savagely stabbed to death by her common law husband in Benque Viejo Town this afternoon just before 3:00 p.m. 25 year-old Keisha Buller, a Customs Officer Clerk posted at the Western Border, was at her rented home on George Street, in Benque. She and her common-law husband got into a heated domestic dispute, but it escalated dramatically when he pulled a knife and stabbed her first in the stomach and then in the neck and shoulder. The fight went from the house all the way to the streetside where she collapsed and died near her car. Buller's grandmother was there, and she tried to protect her grand-daughter - who got as many as ten stab wounds. Buller bled out, and her common-law Ervin Wade fled the scene with their 4 year-old son. Police set chase and intercepted his white pick-up on the Western Highway near Galen University in the Central Farm Area heading to Belize City. Inside the vehicle, police observed bloodstains.

    Mena Brings The Drums To Belize House For Swearing In
    The UDP's new representative for Dangriga Frank Pawpa Mena went to Belmopan to be sworn in as a Minister of State today. But it wasn't just any old swearing in - his Dangriga supporters brought some fun to the formality as Garifuna Drums descended on Belize House. Courtney Weatherburne was there and she has this report:... Courtney Weatherburne reporting With his wife, daughter and supporters behind him, Frank "Papa" Mena grasped the bible in his right hand, raised it in midair and recited his promise to his people. Frank Papa Mena, UDP Area Representative "I Frank Mena do swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Belize." After the declaration, Mena's appointment as the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security was crystallized by a signature and a firm, congratulatory handshake. Now that the brief ceremony and the recital of the pledge is over - the work must begin.

    Hon. Mena Answers Fonseca's Second Guessing of His Electoral Success
    And while Mena is now a representative for the remainder of this term of the UDP, the PUP say that there should be a little asterisk beside his name - not only because he came in through a by - election, but also because their candidate Anthony Sabal had only been in place since May. Today we asked Mena about that characterization, that he had an unfair advantage over a newcomer. He says the polls are closed and it makes no difference now:.. Courtney Weatherburne "Sir, in a press conference held yesterday by the People's United Party, the Party Leader Mr. Francis Fonseca said that if Mr. Sabal had adequate time to prepare for the elections and to really touch base with the people of Dangriga he would have won. What are your comments or your feelings or thoughts on that?" Frank Papa Mena, UDP Area Representative "A lot of "IF". He is the leader of the Opposition, they already got flagged - All he has to do is humble up and try make sure he corrects and get ready again. That is what he has to do. A lot of IF and so on. This is not IF game. We already won over 600 plus votes and we will do all the work to increase the margin next time, because if we look back, we saw some of the little glitches that we had as well, but the IF is

    Does Hon. Francis Have The Fire In the Belly?
    So Mena has secured the highest ever percentage of the vote in the Dangriga, and back in January, the UDP's Omar Figueroa got the second largest majority ever in Cayo north with his 66%. Add to that the March municipal election where the PUP won only four of 67 seats nationally - and the overall picture for the opposition is dismal - even as the UDP enters its eighth year in office - and is far from being universally loved. So what's the problem with the PUP, and who's to blame? We asked Leader Francis Fonseca if he's doing enough as leader - and, beyond that, if his national campaign manager Godfrey Smith is pulling his weight:.. Jules Vasquez "Are you prepared? You say you have been but I hear that you aren't. Are you prepared to do what is necessary to put yourself in a position to be prime minister? Sir, you were in charge of 14 representatives. You are now down to 12. Do you accept that work needs to be done personally?" Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "Absolutely, I get up with that on my mind every single morning and go to sleep with the same frame of mind. I do that every day, Jules. I've been doing that since the day I became involve with the People's United Party.

    Two Mean Arrested For Teakettle Murder of Americans
    Two men have been charged for the murder of a pair of US Nationals in Teakettle. When it first happened in May, Shaylon Santos was charged with burglary and 19 year old Cardinal Lemoth Jr. was wanted for questioning. Well the investigation came to a close on Wednesday when both were charged with the murder of Julian Christopher Jones and Paul David Signorino. The Americans were killed in May at Jones's estate in Teakettle when Jones was chopped to the head while Signorino was shot twice in the head. Officer Commanding Belmopan Superintendent Howell Gillett told us how police closed the investigation. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Belmopan Police "Viewers may remember that on the 15th of May of this year, 2 persons lost their lives, Mr. Julian Jones and Mr. Paul David Signorino. We initially arrested two persons, Mr. Shaylon Santos and also Mr. Cardinal Lemoth for burglary for entering the property where these people were killed. But on the 7th of July, that is Wednesday of this week, we charged both persons for the murder of both Mr. Signorino and Mr. Jones."

    Police Detain But Do Not Charge Main Suspect in Shootings
    Yesterday we told you about another shooting in the violence riddled area of Ghost Town. Shots were fired, but no one was hurt. Today, police provided details. At around 10:10 am, 23 year old Kendis Flowers and 42 year old Raph Martinez were getting out of a taxi on Vernon Street when they claim a man known to them from the neighborhood pulled out a gun and fired a number of shots at them. Both men escaped injury and police recovered six nine millimeter shells from the street. Police detained the alleged shooter, but up to this evening had still not charged him. He remains in lockdown.

    Belize Football Jaguars In Training To Keep Up With FIFA
    Yesterday, FIFA upgraded the world ranking for Belize's National Football team - moving the team up 37 places from a lowly 155th in the world, to a respectable 118th. The team is also now ranked 15th in CONCACAF. The sharp surge has earned Belize the singular distinction of being the best mover on the FIFA rankings so far this year. All this as a result of the superb showing in the second round of the World Cup Qualifiers - where Belize dominated the Dominican Republic. But, now that the team has gotten everyone's attention, it has got to hold form going into a tough third round of World Cup Qualifying. So how are they handling the newfound reknown? We met with the team today in Belmopan and they showed us just a glimpse of what it will take to keep riding this streak.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting Beyond the flimsy wire fence of the agriculture show grounds, the Jaguars were focused. Fiercely engaged in their training, stomping and flexing on the muddy field. Pushing through grueling drills and stretches. According to the coach Charlie Slusher. The training sessions have intensified - all in the hope of maintaining and improving the team's world ranking.

    Media Moves Forward With Plans For Kareem Clarke Fund
    It's been five days since Amandala Journalist Kareem Clarke was murdered at the corner Lakeview and Vernon Streets. Still, police have not made any arrests. His funeral is set for tomorrow, but his media colleagues are determined to ensure that he is remembered for his contributions to journalism. This morning, a group of his colleagues held a meeting at the UNICEF Conference room in Belize City to talk about remembering "Reemo" with more than just a facebook page. The consensus decision was that the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund will be created to fundraise for the St. Joseph School Feeding program. His former co-worker, Marisol Amaya, the News Director for KREM explained how it will work, and why it's so important: "Kareem, as unassuming as he was. He touched all of us and so today 13 people from 5 media houses who could make it here for our first meeting to ensure that his death just doesn't go just like that.

    Mother Calling For Clay
    14 year-old Belize City resident Clay Uter has been missing for several days now, and his mother, Sophie Myvett, is worried that he is hurt or worse. She came to us to beg him or anyone who knows where he is to contact her, and get him home as soon as possible. Here's her impassioned plea: Myvett has conceded that he has been away from home for an extended period of time in the past, but he was taken back home. Anyone with information on Uter's whereabouts is asked to contact her telephone number 600-3236.

    Chinese Made Wingle Appeals To Middle Class Market
    For most of us, the idea of buying a brand new vehicle with zero miles on it is a faraway thought, or more like an impossible dream. After all a new Toyota Hilux, or Isuzu D-Max will run you upwards of eighty thousand dollars. But those are Japanese brands, long established and well respected. Now, an upstart new car dealer pushing a Chinese Brand is trying to up-end the conventional wisdom surrounding new car purchases by offering the 2016 Wingle Pick-up truck for a trade in discount. And while Wingle may not be anything close to a blue chip name in the vehicle manufacturing business - for Caribbean motors, that's liberating because it gives them the opportunity to offer the working class an affordable work truck: Their promotional event for new customers is happening right now.

    When Will UDP Call Elections?
    So now as we turn the page on a week where politics has dominated the news….the only question that really hasn't been answered is when will the general elections be called? The UDP is riding the crest of three huge national election victories in six months - and hasn't lost an election since 2003. Now everyone knows the next general election is right around the corner, but that could be next month or next year. Which will it be? On Wednesday night, UDP's self styled ground commander Boots Martinez told the media that if he had his way it would be tomorrow:.. Jules Vasquez "He said that you said the flag could only go up and reached the top, so when it hit the top, it start to come down. Is the UDP flag at the top and do they need to call elections ASAP?" Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, UDP Ground Commander "In my view, the flag almost reach the top and when it reached the top, it's just a matter of how fast it could come down or how slow and so I think it almost reached the top and If I were the Prime Minister I would say let's go tomorrow for the election." Jules Vasquez "Mr. Prime Minister, your Ground Commander just said that if he were advising and I believe he is, he would tell you to call general elections tomorrow because the flag is right at the top of the pole." Hon. Dean Barrow, UDP Leader "He must be working for Francis. Is it nor Francis who says call the elections now?"

    Channel 5

    Enraged Spouse Reportedly Butchers Customs Officer in Benque Viejo
    There was a deadly stabbing incident earlier in the west, where a woman was impaled inside her home, allegedly by an enraged spouse. Police have already detained the suspected murderer [...]

    ‘Papa’ Mena Sworn-in As Junior Minister of National Security
    Newly-elected Dangriga Area Representative Frank ‘Papa’ Mena was sworn in as Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security this morning in Belmopan.  The installation took place before Governor [...]

    Did the P.U.P.’s Inner Circle Affect Outcome of Dangriga Bye-elections?
    Is there an inextricable link between the new pecking order of the People’s United Party and that of the previous regime led by Said Musa?  Well, that’s an assertion put [...]

    P.U.P. Fortified Despite Defeat at the Polls
    Despite losing almost a quarter of its constituents since the 2012 general elections, Fonseca says the party is encouraged by its accomplishment on Wednesday given the circumstances leading up to [...]

    Chief Elections Officer Comments on Bye-election Process
    On Wednesday, Frank ‘Papa” Mena was victorious by a significant margin in bye-elections held in Dangriga Town, Hope Creek and Sarawee. Even more than the numbers, the political muscle on [...]

    Grieving Media Colleagues Establish Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund
    Kremandala journalist Kareem Clarke was gunned down early Monday morning, as he headed home on Vernon Street. His murder has shocked and saddened his family, friends and colleagues. Today, journalists [...]

    Alexis Rosado is Belize’s Ambassador to Costa Rica
    On Wednesday, Ambassador Alexis Rosado presented his credentials as Belize’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Costa Rica.  Accepting and accrediting those credentials was Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, [...]

    Ellis Meighan Nabbed for Attempted Murder of Longtime Rival
    For several months we have reported on the continuing feud among rival factions within the Ghost Town Gang.  Enmity between the Meighan siblings and Kendis Flowers has led to ongoing [...]

    Eyewear on Installment, Courts is Now Providing Optical Services
    Courts (Belize) Limited is expanding its services offered to Belizeans and is now venturing outside household items and gadgets. The company, which concentrates mainly on providing customers with much needed [...]

    Will Competition Affect BCVI’s Bottom Line?
    The installation of Courts Optical has been in the works for some time. For the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, BCVI, Courts Belize’s debut into the business of optometry [...]

    K.H.M.H. Needs Your Help in Locating Family of Elderly Man
    The Public Relations Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is asking for some assistance from the general public in locating relatives or friends of Horacio Cardova whose last name [...]

    Melonie Gillett is in Soca Mode
    Soca Mode….it’s the latest song and music video to be released by the female Belizean artist. Earlier this morning, Melonie Gillett made her media rounds and appeared on Open Your [...]

    Carnival Pageant Kicks off at the Bliss
    The Miss Carnival Pageant is underway at the Bliss. The show, held for the first time, is being organized by the Belize Carnival Association. While it is about celebrating the [...]


    Customs Officer Killed Allegedly By Her Spouse
    A mid-afternoon murder was reported in Benque Viejo del Carmen. A 25-year-old customs officer was killed reportedly at the hands of her common-law-husband. Love News spoke to Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Officer in Charge of Benque Viejo Town Formation about the fatal stabbing incident that took place at about 3:15 pm at #28 George Price Street. […]

    Ivan Ramos Uses Area Rep Letterhead and Makes Request to Education Minister
    The recently held bi-election in Dangriga was triggered by the resignation of Dangriga’s Area Representative Ivan Ramos on June 9, 2015 … but despite that move to resign from the House of Representatives, Ramos made a request to the Education Minister, Patrick Faber, using his letterhead as Area Representative. That request letter was sent about […]

    Media Colleagues Meet to Establish Memorial Fund for Kareem Clarke
    In the wee hours of Monday, July 6, 2015, the life of a Belizean news reporter was taken via gun violence in Belize City. 27-year-old, Kareem Clarke, who wrote for the Amandala newspaper was shot five times on Vernon Street at around one o’clock as he was making his way home on bicycle after visiting […]

    Belize Aims for Internationally Recognized Jungle Training Facility
    In latter June when the Tradewinds Exercise 2015 was about to conclude, Love News had spoken with the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones, who boasted that jungle training is what his soldiers know best. So much so, that the BDF, for some time now have begun exploring ways in making […]

    Belize’s Special Envoy Honored in Taiwan
    Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, is on a five day visit to Taiwan. Mrs. Barrow spoke with the Chairman of the Cathay Charity Foundation, Fredrick F. Chien where they discussed possible areas of cooperation. During her stay, she called on Mrs. Chow Mei Ching, wife of the president of the Republic […]

    Newly Elected Dangriga Representative Denies Allegations Made Against Him
    As with any election campaign, there will be the allegations of wrong doings coming out to discredit candidates. The recent bi-election in Dangriga proved no different as allegations were made against the UDP candidate Frank Pawpa Mena as they relate to visa hustling among other things. We did get the opportunity to ask Mena to […]


    Defeated PUP candidate vows to press on
    And while the now-Honorable Frank “Pawpa” Mena experiences the thrill of victory, defeated rival Anthony Sabal must fight through the agony of having come close. The PUP started behind its rival despite holding the seat after former representative Ivan Ramos suddenly resigned last month,...

    PUP offers post-mortem of Dangriga result
    For the third time in six months, the People’s United Party (PUP) has lost an election. And while the result is closer than the others were, yesterday’s defeat in Dangriga is no less crushing – or so you would believe. But in defeat, the PUP showed a self-confidence and poise, even...

    UDP celebrates victory in Dangriga
    The results are in from Wednesday’s by-election in Dangriga. The United Democratic Party’s Frank “Pawpa” Mena is the new area representative, defeating People’s United Party rival Anthony Sabal by 2,164 votes to 1,526. Belize Green Independent Party (BGIP) candidate Lle...

    When will general elections be called?
    So with the Dangriga by-election out of the way, anticipation turns to the date for a general election. It is constitutionally due by June of 2017 but is expected to be called much earlier than that. In fact, if Minister Anthony Martinez had his way, there would be no rest for the Elections and Boun...

    Bi-Election or “Buy” Election
    Allegations of voter buy outs usually surface after the hype of every election. Yesterday’s bi-elections were no different. Even before the polls closed yesterday there was already talk on the streets of people getting paid to vote for a particular color. But while it is illegal to corrupt th...

    Manatee Washed Ashore During National Manatee Working Group Meeting
    The National Manatee Working Group met this week to address issues of short comings in management and discussed new ideas and policies while also updating the manatee recovery plan. During Day 2 of their meeting yesterday, July 8th a young lady from Fisheries Department noticed a lifeless manatee dr...

    PM Taken Aback by Catholic Church’s stance on PetroCaribe
    Last week Wednesday, July 1st, the Senators convened at the National Assembly in Belmopan to debate and pass five bills brought from the House of Representatives. Three of those bills were heatedly debated. Among them were the General Revenue Supplementary appropriation bill to validate over expen...


    US court upholds $44 mil judgment against GOB
    United States District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly for the District of Columbia, South Carolina, USA, recently issued a ruling upholding the $44 million arbitration award rendered by the London Court of Arbitration (LCIA) against the Government of Belize back in 2009. The LCIA had awarded BCB Holdings BZ$40.8 million in damages, reimbursement of the respondents’ costs of the arbitration in the amount of £206,248.40, and legal, professional and other arbitration costs in the amount of BZ$2,960,735.69, with interest at an annual rate of 3.38% compounded annually on all sums. The litigation stems from a settlement deed between the Government of Belize and BCB Holdings, previously known as Carlisle Holdings Limited, dated March 22, 2005. The Kollar-Kotelly ruling noted that in 2008, a dispute arose between the parties over clauses in the deed under which the Government agreed to provide favorable tax treatment to BCB Holdings.

    $4,000 for Kareem’s killer
    In the wee hours of Monday, July 6, we at Kremandala lost a bright young star in journalist Kareem Clarke. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from his colleagues in the media and the wider community. And we at Kremandala and his family are properly grateful. We cannot replace this young man on our compound. He was prolific and he was talented, yet he was humble and warm-hearted. His rise in journalism in just two short years was sensational. Kareem was shot multiple times, including to the back of the head, around one o’clock on Monday morning at the corner of Vernon and Lakeview Streets. He was ambushed by a lone gunman as he rode his bicycle. Surveillance footage from the area shows that a police mobile arrived on the scene just five seconds after Kareem was shot. A minute later, a second police mobile arrived at the scene.

    PUP calls for Castro’s head; PM says no way!
    Today, reporters asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow in Dangriga about a call made earlier this week by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) to have him remove Minister of State Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro” from his Cabinet on allegations of corruption. Barrow was unequivocal in saying that he would not even consider the Opposition’s demand that he remove Castro from his Cabinet. “The man just won a huge convention victory. What happened in court is that he withdrew his defamation suit. How on earth would that be a basis for his removal from Cabinet? That’s nonsense, man; I’m not prepared to dignify that any further with any additional response,” Barrow said with finality. The call for Castro’s removal was made after he withdrew from a defamation lawsuit that he had filed against whistleblower Alvarine Burgess and Great Belize Productions/Channel 5. In late 2013, Burgess, in a broadcast on Channel 5, had alleged that she paid Castro hundreds of thousands of dollars for him to facilitate visa permits for Asians to visit Belize.

    Frank “Papa” Mena triumphs
    The battle lines were distinctly drawn in the Dangriga by-election yesterday, as waves of red-and-white T-shirt-wearing United Democratic Party (UDP) supporters with their message “We love our brother,” contrasted with similar numbers of blue and white T-shirts worn by People’s United Party supporters which carried the message: “Power to the People.” The two groups descended like battle forces and were spread out in the six polling areas of Dangriga Town, Sarawee and Hope Creek, where balloting began at 7:00 a.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m. to elect an area representative for the Dangriga seat of the House of Representatives, vacated by the PUP’s Ivan Ramos, who suddenly resigned, triggering the by-election. The contenders were the UDP’s Frank “Papa” Mena, the PUP’s Anthony Sabal, and also Llewellyn “Pastor Lue” Lucas, a candidate fielded by an independent party, the Belize Green Independent Party (BGIP).

    Chester Williams takes over Southside Belize City
    Veteran tough cop and past Commander of Crimes Investigation Branch of Eastern Division, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, fresh from law school in Barbados and now the holder of a law degree, is now the new Commanding Officer of Police with responsibility for the Belize City Southside, the area of the country with the highest crime rate — with murders being carried out by cold-hearted criminals on an all-too frequent basis. The ruthlessness of the criminals in the area is reflected by the fact that in a short span of time in one particular neighbourhood, three people were killed senselessly, including the hardworking and outstanding Kareem Clarke, a reporter for the Amandala, just hours before Williams took over the high office on Monday morning. The announcement was made yesterday, Tuesday, at a police press brief at the Racoon Street police headquarters. Williams said that he will use whatever means necessary to impact the crime situation and lower the high rate of crime in his area, and bring a sense of safety and security to the residents of the area.

    Hon. Edmond Castro drops defamation case re: visa hustling
    For the first time in Belize’s history, a politician has withdrawn a case, already in court, against principals who allegedly defamed him by publicly airing comments to the effect that he, the minister, was using his office corruptly, complete with the details of that corruption. The Belize Rural North area representative and Minister of State, Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro, who recently won the United Democratic Party (UDP) constituency convention to become the Party’s standard bearer in the next general elections, had sought legal redress in a defamation of character lawsuit for allegations of corruption involving a visa hustle at the Immigration Department, but his defamation case could not proceed, adding more damage to his already battered public image. One of a number of allegations against Castro had led to his removal from Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Cabinet during the last UDP term.

    C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Series 2015 Week 3 results
    The series continued on Sunday, July 5, at 1:00 p.m. on Princess Margaret Drive (in front of Marion Jones Sports Complex). 65 kids were present this week, who participated in 9 different categories. There are 3 more weekends of this year’s series remaining: July 19, August 9 and August 16. Below are the results: Tiny Mites (3-5yrs MALE) – 1st Jayden Tillett; 2nd Khamani Morrison; 3rd Arren Pope. Tiny Mites (3-5yrs FEMALE) – 1st Kadeidre Lashley; 2nd Jadah Muschamp. Tiny Mites (6-8yrs) – 1st Raymond Singh III; 2nd Leon Pope; 3rd Jordan Bernard; 4th Prinston Itza; 5th Charles Straughan. FEMALE Female (under 10yrs) – 1st Mya Bennett; 2nd Tamia Bennett; 3rd Mya Smith; 4th Tikaya Samuels; 5th Abbie Leslie. Female (over 10yrs) – 1st Jamie Muschamp; 2nd Paulita Chavarria; 3rd Tamika Samuels.

    Smart 13 & Under Semifinals results, Finals this Sunday
    The Smart 13 & Under Football Tournament 2015 semifinals took place on Saturday, July 4, at the MCC Grounds, and they were two exciting and well contested matches. In the first semifinal, #4 seed Ladyville Jaguars (coach Michael “Wataplat” Flowers) held the highly favored, undefeated #1 seed Brown Bombers (coach Shanell Gentle) scoreless through the first 25 minute half. The Jaguars’ strategy seemed to be a “lock down defence,” with all of their attack focused on the efforts of their top striker, D’Jon Canelo, who attracted heavy marking from the Bombers’ defence. After a number of near misses, including twice hitting the Jaguars crossbar, the Bombers finally got their goal through a deflected shot from fifteen yards by diminutive but highly skilled Eldon Byrd mid-way through the second half. Bombers’ coach Shanell Gentle then decided to play safe, and deployed her team’s main striker, and the tournament’s leading goal scorer, Jovaunn Ramos to defensive duties, helping to mark the ever dangerous Canelo. The goal held up for regulation, and with the 1-nil win, the Bombers maintained their impeccable record (no goals allowed throughout the competition) into Sunday’s final.

    Eagles tells Sunrise, “I will defend my turf, so come strong!”
    Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015 continued over the weekend. Two games were played. In the semifinals, Wicked 11 of Flowers Bank traveled to Crooked Tree to play against Brilliant, the home team. Wicked 11 took to bat first and scored 148 all out. Shelton Robinson scored 36 for Wicked 11, and Rodwell Conorque took 4 wickets for Brilliant. The home team went to bat after the lunch break. At the fall of 5 wickets, Brilliant defeated the wicked boys by scoring 149. Jermaine Smith scored 54 for Brilliant, while Edison Robinson took 2 wickets for Wicked 11. That made Brilliant the winner of the first of three games in the semifinals. Brilliant now goes to Flowers Bank on Saturday. Let’s see what will be the results. Now for the game that caught the attention of many. I’m talking about Sunrise vs Western Eagles at Rancho. On the weekend before, Sunrise had defeated Western Eagles badly, 69 to 70 with 5 spare wickets. Western Eagles had gone to bat first then.

    Political murder?
    There are people close to Kremandala who immediately began to consider the Kareem Clarke murder of early Monday morning, July 6, as an attack on the media institution, a message to Partridge Street. At this newspaper, we were hesitant to take this position; as the police investigation began to unfold later Monday morning, it proceeded along a personal line, rather than a political one. By Tuesday evening, however, when Kremandala journalists aired a surveillance tape of the murder, we had no choice but to consider the politics of our and Kareem Clarke’s situation. Politics is the biggest business in our little country. Apart from controlling our billion dollar national budget, and the various grants and gifts from interested individuals, groups, and countries, the politicians in power control the illegal drugs in Belize and the illegal drugs moving through Belize. By that we mean that the law enforcement agencies in Belize operate under Cabinet Ministries, and so those Ministries have influence on law enforcement personnel. Since the moneys involved with illegal drugs in Belize and moving through Belize would be at least hundreds of millions of dollars annually, drug moneys routinely corrupt law enforcement personnel on the individual level. But, these moneys also corrupt ruling politicians. Apart from drugs, there are other scams which fill the pockets of ruling politicians and their connected bureaucrats, such as the hustles in passports and visas, human trafficking, rosewood, Maya artifacts, land scams, and so on.

    From the Publisher
    In Belize today, if you are an average person and big people decide to hurt you or kill you, there is not that much that you can do. The most important thing is to become aware of the danger that you are in, and then to make yourself as small a target as possible. In my column last weekend, I tried to explain that big people can make it so that there is no real difference between the underworld and the “overworld.” It is the overworld to which citizens look for protection when they feel threatened by the underworld, but big people have the power to compromise the overworld in different ways, so that then the average citizen is left to his own devices, so to speak. When my generation was growing up in British Honduras, we believed that the colony was safer for the average citizen than the independent republics around us – Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west, and Honduras to the south. Because of the Mexican Revolution between 1910 and 1940, that society had become less oligarchic than Guatemala and Honduras, but the rise of the drug cartels in Mexico has demonstrably weakened the ability of the Mexican federal government to administrate a justice system where citizens can feel equal before an effective law. It has always been the case, it appears, that in Guatemala and Honduras big people can do to small people whatever they feel like doing, and do it with impunity.

    The greatest loss of all
    Dear Editor, It is with a heavy heart that I sit down to write these lines of the events of the past few days. Usually the first thing I crave on getting up in the morning is a hot cup of coffee. Now that is from Monday to Thursday. On Friday that changes. On this day Friday, I want my Amandala first and I want it now! After a few unsuccessful trips to my front door to pick up my Amandala I start to get real grumpy and I start to “bless” the newspaper man. This happens religiously every Friday non-stop. Finally I get my Amandala and I soon devour the headline story “The greatest love of all,” then the editorial and From the Publisher, Colin bh, and soon I have the newspaper covered. When my grandchild David come visit, after a big hug, I show him the headline story of the Amandala and explain briefly the meaning of the story of the love of a mother for her children, that she gave her life to save her kids. I soon get his undivided attention and like we do every Friday, he reads the article (David is in Standard Four and to help him with his reading, I let him read one or two articles of the Amandala every Friday.) “The greatest love of all” by Kareem Clarke, and he gets through the article after I help him with a few pronunciations.

    Belize fuel imports via Petrocaribe exceed 3 mil barrels
    An official management report on the Petrocaribe program, dated June 2015, reveals that Belize had imported almost 3 million barrels of fuel from Venezuela since 2005; however, the bulk of that importation actually occurred after September 8, 2012, when the importation hiatus was ended with the formal restart of the program. According to the report, June marked a decade of success under the Petrocaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, which sets out a framework for “the supply of energy and the financing as engine to social-economic development in the region.” There are 19 signatories to the agreement listed: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Venezuela. Belize is one of thirteen countries to which hydrocarbons are being supplied, and one of the twelve countries where joint ventures have been established. According to the report, countries are overall receiving 68% of their quotas, which is 88,000 barrels a day of a total of 129,000 barrels a day.

    Iconic Belizean dancer, Rosita Baltazar, 55, to be laid to rest Friday
    An illustrious Belizean star, Rosita Baltazar, the iconic dancer who has performed for audiences at home and abroad, succumbed to cancer on Monday night, after her extensive battle against the debilitating disease ended peacefully at her home. First signs of her illness were observed in 2012, just before she was due to travel to Paris with a team from the Belize National Dance Company, which she co-founded back in 1990. Baltazar, 55, had since been on treatment, but the breast cancer, which had gone into remission, later resurfaced. She fought hard while receiving chemotherapy, but about a month ago, things took a turn for the worse. We understand from her dance colleague, Althea Sealy—to whom Rosita was like a soul sister—that Rosita passed away between 11:30 and 12:00 on Monday night, July 6. A tribute will be held in her honor from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 10, 2015, at Holy Redeemer Cathedral in Belize City, followed by a funeral service at 2:00 p.m.

    UN Special Rapporteur calls for end to conflict over Maya land rights
    In a statement issued today, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, called on the Government of Belize to establish a dialogue with the leadership of the Toledo Maya and to discuss outstanding issues over the case of Rupert Myles, who faces eviction from Santa Cruz, as well as the broader land tenure situation of the Maya people. Appealing for that dialogue to ensue “in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect,” Tauli-Corpuz said that, “The current situation of conflict and mistrust cannot be allowed to persist.” She added that, “Under international human rights standards, indigenous peoples have the right to use, develop and also to control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership.” The rapporteur cited the recent controversy over the attempted eviction of Rupert Myles from Santa Cruz after he was handcuffed and restrained with a rope, but later set free after signing an agreement to vacate the premises within two weeks of Saturday, June 20. Tauli-Corpuz also decried the subsequent arrest of 12 Maya villagers and local leaders, who law enforcement authorities charged with unlawful imprisonment due to the detention of Rupert Myles in Santa Cruz.

    19 illegal Cubans busted in Orange Walk Town
    A total of nineteen Cubans who were found on Friday illegally in the country, in Orange Walk Town, are now at the Belize Central Prison serving a 6-month jail sentence after they appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Friday. They were fined $1,005 each for illegal entry, brought against them by the Orange Walk Immigration Department, and they will be deported back to their country when they are released from prison, or after serving the jail sentences. Police on patrol near the Orange Walk bypass, at about 6:00 Friday morning, found 6 Cubans hiding in the bushes, and when a security check was made on them, they could not produce their immigration documents. They were all arrested and charged with illegal entry into Belize, and were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate Court that same Friday morning.

    The Reporter

    Female customs officer murdered in Benque
    Keisha Buller, 25, a female customs officer was murdered at around 3:00 p.m. on Friday, at her house in Benque Viejo del Carmen. Reports reaching The Reporter are that shortlty after the killing, police pursued a car speeding from the scene and towards Belize City. […]

    Media personalities plan series of initiatives in memory of fallen colleague
    Thirteen media personalities met on Friday morning in Belize City to plan a series of initiatives in memory of their fallen colleague, Kareem Clarke, who was shot dead early Monday morning. The press members, who work at five different media houses, discussed establishing a Kareem […]

    Dance legend, Rosita Baltazar dies of cancer
    Belize lost one of its most recognizable legends of dance this week in the person of Rosita Baltazar, 54. She was a dancer for many years before she became a dance instructor and artistic director with the Belize Dance Company. Baltazar died at her Los […]

    One step at a time- Stephany walks again
    Almost eight months after coming close to losing the ability to move her legs, 10-year old Stephany Quiñones is walking again. Stephany, who had suffered spinal injury after a metal gate fell on her in November 2014, took her first steps last week, after a […]

    Police follow leads in murder of journalist Kareem Clarke
    Surveillance video which captured the moments just before the shooting murder of Kareem Clarke have offered telling details. The recording, captured by a surveillance camera attached to Vikings Club on th Vernon Street, near its junction with Lakeview Street, shows Clarke, dressed in a white […]

    Lucky Mom wins $$$ half a million!
    The Mek mi Rich game show has been around for almost a year now and for months they have been asking individuals “What would you do if you won half a million dollars? ” Josephine Humes of Banak Street finally got to answer that question […]

    Fire guts room, but “Mr Program” saves child’s life and rest of house
    He is known for his hit single, “Fall and Die”, but Mr Program was everything but falling on Tuesday morning, when he helped saved a child’s life and a house from burning down in his neighbourhood. A child saw the fire sometime before 11:00 […]

    Brazen mid-afternoon robbery downtown leaves Taiwanese Embassy $70,000 short
    The Embassy of Taiwan in Belize City this week suffered a significant loss when a thief brazenly robbed the embassy’s driver of $70,000, which belonged to the embassy. The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, as the driver left the Belize Bank in […]

    Young welder rejects gang, killed on his birthday
    Twenty-two-year-old David Rivas lived each day fearing that it would be his last.  Those fears came to pass around 10:00 on Friday night when he was shot. Rivas, a welder by profession, was walking on Roches Street in the St. Martin de Porres area […]

    Elderly man beaten to death, dumped in Haulover Creek
    An elderly man was brutally beaten to death and then dumped in the Haulover Creek where his body was later discovered during the early hours of Sunday. Sixty-five year oldMichael Cain, was reportedly associating with several others at Village Kitchen on North Front Street, when he was attacked at the […]

    Castro will remain in Cabinet,PM says.
    Minister of State Edmond Castro, who recently withdrew a defamation claim over allegations of involvement in an immigration scam, will remain in the Cabinet, despite calls from the Opposition for him to be removed. There is no cause for his removal, Prime Minister Dean […]

    CARICOM expects members to support Guyana
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has expressed its full support for Guyana in the face of Venezuela’s territorial claim against that country, and expects all member nations to support Guyana. A representative from the CARICOM Secretariat, speaking to The Reporter, indicated that CARICOM fully expects […]

    UN expert weighs in on Santa Cruz situation
    Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, a United Nations expert from Geneva, who is the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, has written to the Government of Belize, urging the government to ensure respect for the rights of the country’s Maya people to non-discrimination on traditional […]

    PM reconsidering position on Hulse
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is reconsidering his position on allowing former United Democratic Party (UDP) Stann Creek West standard bearer Melvin Hulse to remain in the party, after new revelations by Hulse surfaced, making serious allegations against the party. Barrow conceded that the recordings, […]

    Two weeks ago this newspaper carried the story of a young Nicaraguan student accused of murder, who was acquitted after spending more than four years in jail. . The prosecution based its case on the strength of a confession, made by the accused prisoner to the Commander of the Gang […]

    “The Public Accounts Committee (of the House of Representatives) has the duty of examining, considering and reporting on the accounts showing the appropriation of the sums granted by the National Assembly to meet the public expenditure of the country; such other accounts as may be referred to the Committee by […]

    Council of Churches divided Two largest denominations unhappy with Petro Bill
    Opposing views on issues of national importance is causing a great divide in the Council of Churches, resulting in a call for a meeting to plot the way forward. It appears the Evangelical Association has voiced its discontent with the “yes” vote cast in […]

    Prisoners escape! Hole in the wall provides way out
    Five of six Honduran nationals who escaped from the Benque Viejo del Carmen police station on Tuesday night remain at large. The six were arrested for illegally entering the country. According to Superintendent Daniel Arzu, the officer commanding the Benque Viejo police station, on-duty […]

    How much does Belize owe?
    The 2014 Central Bank annual report puts the country’s national debt at around $2.3 billion. But the actual figure may be higher, factoring in the borrowings of 2015 and unknown, unreconciled debt figures from pending litigations. In this year’s budget, the government requested external […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    U.S. court rules for BCB Holdings in dispute
    BCB Holdings and the Belize Bank Limited have been trying to collect some US$44 million in damages and costs owed by the Government of Belize in settlement of a Settlement Deed made in 2005 which proposed in part to treat BCB favorably with regard to taxes. The Caribbean […]

    Well-known and well-liked Customs officer based in Benque Viejo brutally murdered
    Benque Viejo Town police this afternoon picked up and detained Ervin Wade on suspicion of murder. He is being accused of the stabbing to death of 25 year old Kenisha Buller, a well-known and well-liked Customs officer based in Benque Viejo. Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Superintendent Daniel Arzu […]

    Custom Officer murdered in Benque
    Reports coming out of Benque Viejo Del Carmen in the Cayo District are that a Custom officer has been murdered. We will have more on this story shortly.

    Manatee found dead by CZMAI
    In recent history, Belize has seen a drastic decline in the Manatee population, primarily due to boat incidents. These gentle creatures have been placed on the endangered species list to prevent a total disappearance of the mammal from our seas. It is unfortunate that recently, these defenseless sea creatures have […]

    Pope condemns greed, embraces poor and outcasts in South America trip
    Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has called the “unfettered pursuit of money” the “dung of the devil” and accused world leaders of “cowardice” for refusing to defend the earth from exploitation during his tour of countries in South America, CNN reports, in what some have […]

    Media colleagues honor the legacy of Kareem Clarke
    With his funeral services set for Saturday afternoon in Belize City, we end this week of news as we began it, honoring the late Kareem Clarke, viciously targeted in the early hours of Monday at the corner of Vernon and Lakeview Streets. Today’s Amandala newspaper announced that the […]

    Special Envoy visits Taiwan
    Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and appointed Special Envoy for Women and Children, is wrapping up her five day visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan) today, Friday. Mrs. Barrow visited with her counterpart Chow Mei Ching, spouse of Taiwanese President Ma Ying Jeou; […]

    Frank Mena is now Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security
    Frank Mena, the newly elected Area Representative of the Dangriga Division is now the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. Hon. Mena was officially sworn in by the Governor General, H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan today. Hon. Frank Mena took the Oath […]

    Missing Benque Viejo Man found Alive in Melchor de Mencos
    Reports reaching our newsroom are that 30 year old Danny Marin Castellanos who went missing last month in Benque Viejo Del Carmen was found alive in Melchor de Mencos by Guatemalan Authorities. Castellanos is a mechanic by trade and went missing on June 20th 2015. This is a developing story […]

    Belize Workers Union taking ASR to Court
    The Belize Workers Union, representative for the Belize Sugar Industry Employee’s Holdings Limited, released a statement on behalf of the employees yesterday, saying that a recent lack of cooperation and transparency from the American Sugar Refinery (ASR) has left the union and its members no choice but to advise the […]


    5 Incredible Places You Won’t Believe Exist in Belize!
    If you are looking for a vacation destination that offers exciting adventures in one of the most beautiful locations in the world then Belize is the place for you. Take a look at some incredible places that exist in this beautiful country: 1. Mayflower Bocawina National Park 2. The Great Blue Hole 3. The Chiquibul Cave System 4. Shark Ray Alley 5. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

    International Sourcesizz

    The Mysterious Temples and Citadel of El Pilar Remain Hidden in Thick Jungles of Belize
    Thick jungle vines and choking vegetation have not dissuaded archaeologists in their quest to uncover the mysterious past of a hidden treasure nestled in deep foliage straddling the border of Belize and Guatemala. El Pilar is the site of ancient constructions described as “unusual” by researchers, and most of the twenty-five-plus structures remain unexplored, still buried by a thick canopy and undergrowth. Archaeologists have been studying the ancient Mayan site for decades, but only recently with the help of advanced remote sensing technology have they been able to delve deep under the soil and jungle brush to reveal what is a highly unusual complex, dubbed the ‘Citadel’. According to a recent report in Popular Archaeology, the Citadel is unlike the other constructions found at El Pilar. It appears to be a defensive structure, set apart from the other buildings at the location. Using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and a helicopter to survey the location, “scientists were able to outline the construction features perched atop a ridge with the appearance of fortifications, consisting of concentric terracing and six structures, including two ‘temples’, each about five meters high,” writes Popular Archaeology. Once the team identified where they needed to investigate, in March 2015, the researchers returned and proceeded with careful and limited excavations. Thick underbrush and vines challenged progress, and it was revealed the site had been a victim of extensive looting, with debris left behind. Deep tunnels and trenches had been burrowed into temples on the Citadel, and it was clear some beautiful dressed stone had been pried out with picks. Despite the looters’ destruction, archaeologists were able to get a better understanding of El Pilar and the ancient Citadel.

    by Rafael Hoogesteijn and Almira Hoogesteijn, is now available to download from the Panthera website

    Endangered ancient Maya sites saved
    Tropical and picturesque, it is a place that tourists would likely want to wander through. Known as ‘Tamarindo’, it takes its name from the numerous tropical trees that grow there. Situated next to the beautiful and immense New River Lagoon in northern Belize, it also features remains of an ancient Maya settlement. The site, not far from the better-known great Maya center of Lamanai, remains largely unexplored and unexcavated by archaeologists. Situated as it is in a location that gave its ancient inhabitants strategic access to important coastal trade routes, there is little doubt that archaeologists and other scientists will one day uncover significant finds in this place, once full-scale excavations begin. But those excavations wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the recent purchase of 83.6 acres of land along the Lagoon by members of the Board of the Maya Research Program (MRP). Tamarindo was an important part of that purchase. It is the latest in a series of land acquisitions that the MRP hopes will shelter and conserve ecology and invaluable archaeological treasures that otherwise would soon be lost or destroyed as developers clear land for agricultural purposes. Numerous sites in this area have already been negatively impacted by agricultural development.


  • APART FROM FACING NINE NON-COMPLIANCES THE BSCFA ALSO STRUGGLES FINANCIALLY, 5min. The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association continues to work towards restoring the association to its former glory after it found itself in some serious financial difficulties following the disbursement of over six million dollars of Fairtrade premiums to cane farmers earlier this year. Today, following a number of measures and changes taken, the association auctioned off some of its assets. Here is a look at how the BSCFA has been coping so far.

  • THE ART OF MAKING CLIPS WITH THE SUGAR CITY ARTISANS GROUP, 3min. Hundreds of school children look forward to the summer and many spend it in different ways. This includes indulging in sports, art and even more learning. For a group, this week was all about learning to create their very own, handmade hair clips. This is one of a number of summer programs that the Sugar City Artisans Group has organized in collaboration with the Banquitas House of Culture. We caught up with them on their last day at the Banquitas House of Culture.

  • SUGAR CANE CROP 2015 COMING TO AN END, THERE WILL BE STAND OVER CANE, 3min. There are only two more full days remaining in the 2014/2015 sugar crop. The crop was extended five more days to allow for farmers to deliver as much cane as possible, but even so there is no escaping the inevitable – there will be stand over cane. Industry stakeholders, however, cannot say with exactitude how much cane will be left on the fields as there is no system in place that can allow for such an accurate study.

  • Rain Forest (Belize)Rain Forest (Belize), 1min.

  • Curious turtle - Belize Scuba Diving on GoPro Hero4, 1min. A curious sea turtle inspects a GoPro Hero4 Silver in the Esmeralda dive spot off of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Belize, 14min.

  • Belize Me - SmithFly at El Pescador 2015, 5min. A week at El Pescador in June / July 2015.

  • Carnival Valor Belize, 7min. Carnival Valor excursion in Belize. Cave tubing in the jungle of Belize.

  • AIDA Belize City lebt - Kids & Skateboard #18, 12min. Der Landgang der AIDA Karibik Tour wird zum Erlebnis! In Belize City sehen Semra und Martin nicht nur einiges, sondern treffen auch viele junge Menschen, die Belize von der schönsten Seite zeigen!

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