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April 30, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The April 29th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Boy Accused Of Burglarizing A Policeman’s House
  • Sacred Heart College Wins Again: District elimination round of the Secondary School Nutrition Quiz competition
  • Former Police Commander Arrested On A Small Charge
  • Editorial: Better Days Await Us
  • Businessman’s House Burglarized Shotgun And Cartridges Stolen
  • Electricity Workers Union Stage Mid-day Demonstration
  • A Cutting Edge Educator Coming To Belize Soon: Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzrman
  • Gun And Ammunition Charges Against Corporal Cajun Dismissed
  • Peoples Coalition of Cayo Wants Gentle To Stay
  • There Is No Charge For Love
  • Paved Road - No More Dust - Jobs Coming Soon
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices
  • People’s Coalition of Cayo Recognise Community Policemen
  • Former Police Commander Arrested

The San Pedro Sun

Less active Hurricane Season predicted for 2012
On 4 April 2012, Drs Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray, of the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, issued the expected forecast for the Atlantic Hurricane activity. According to the release, Information obtained through March 2012 indicates that the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season will have less activity than the median 1981-2010 season. It is estimated that 2012 will have about 4 hurricanes (median is 6.5), 10 named storms (median is 12.0), 40 named storm days (median is 60.1), 16 hurricane days (median is 21.3), 2 major (Category 3-4-5) hurricanes (median is 2.0) and 3 major hurricane days (median is 3.9).

San Pedro Town Council Takes the Bull by its Horns
It appears that our newly elected Town Council has “hit the ground running” with a noticeable effort to get things done on La Isla Bonita. Since the swearing in of our new Mayor Daniel “Danny” Guerrero and council members in mid March, it seems that each week The San Pedro Sun has something good to report on the progress made by this new, energized town council. From a traffic safety awareness program, to bridge repairs, a new Culture Committee, an island clean-up campaign, meeting with classrooms, new office hours where they stay open over the lunch hour, to liaising with UNICEF, assessing water access for the fire department and securing land for a hospital, there has been a notable effort by all those involved. I was especially impressed when the renewal notice for my trade license was actually emailed to me!

Misc Belizean Sources

A Day In The Life Of A Travel Writer In Belize
Ever wonder what a guidebook writer does all day? I made this little video to show a few "day-in-the-life" moments from the latest edition of my book, Moon Belize. I shot this video (with a little Canon point-n-shoot and Gorilla Grip tripod) during a foray up the Macal River. Turn up your volume and enjoy.

Feed the Children Fashion Show pictures
Cornerstone Foundation's Feed the Children Fashion Show was spectacular. Lots of great designs and smiling faces. It was a magical night!

Post Agric Pre Labour Day Party with Cloud 9
To celebrate another successful Agric and to bring in Labour Day, Cloud 9 will be at Club Next tonight.

Two dead at NATS grounds in Belmopan
Belmopan police are investigatiing a double murder at the National Agriculture and Trade Show gorunds. In the first incident, police went to the main road on the grounds around 2 am on Sunday, April 29 where they saw Javier Larios, 22, a resident of St. Matthews village, with a large cut wound to the right forearm and a stab wound to the center of his chest. Larios was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing treatment. About an hour and a half later, police visited another scene not too far from the first one where they saw “the motionless body” of Moses Orellano, 23, a resident of Mile 26 on the Hummingbird Highway. Police say when he was discovered, Orellano was bleeding from his nose. When the police searched the body, they discovred that Orellano was stabbed to the left side of his chest. Both incidents are under police investigation.

Two dead on separate road traffic accidents
Two people lost their lives as a result of separate road traffic accidents on Saturday. The first incident happened around 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon at the roundabout connecting Cemetery Road and Central American Boulevard. It claimed the life of twenty five year old Rafael Torres. According to police reports, Torres was attempting to pass on the right hand side of a truck with a tandem trailer, when the handle of the bicycle made contact with the right rear lower side of the trailer. Torres reportedly lost control of the bicycle, and fell to the ground. As a result, the right wheel of the trailer ran over his head killing him on the spot. The second fatality from a road traffic accident happened on the Southern Highway in Tambran village. The victim, ten year old Rufino Xi, a resident of Golden Stream village was knocked down as he rode his bicycle between miles 66 and 67 on the Southern Highway. The driver of a Ford Ranger pickup truck Aaron Coleman says that he tried to avoid hitting the child; but a collision could not be avoided. Xi sustained injuries to the head and left foot. He was rushed to the Punta Gorda Town Hospital but was dead on arrival. Police investigation of both incidents continues.

April takes the spotlight on Tapir Day
And while the crocodile’s encounter with a moving vehicle resulted in injury, thirty five miles away, another animal was getting much happier spotlight. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett headed up the Western Highway to bring you the following report.

Injured crocodile found in Ladyville
Human interaction with wild animals is fortunately not a common occurrence in urban areas of the country. But this morning, Love News was called out to Ladyville where a large crocodile was discovered. The animal had apparently had an unfortunate collision with a moving vehicle. Up to news time there was no word on what eventually became of the injured crocodile.

Commoners group speaks out on crime
He’s been a regular voice on the morning talk shows and at press conferences and today Murphy McLaren held his own conference. He spoke as Chairman of the Commoners of the Port Loyola Area, and his concern was crime and its effects on the society. The only ones present were members of the media but McLaren was all but circumspect, delving deeper into the problem of street crime than just the man bearing the gun. He pointed squarely the people behind the real problem and in his words, they are quote …“the ones at the top”. As for his take about primary school children roaming the streets at night, McLaren said parents and guardians have failed to play their role. The Commoners is a group of people from the Port Loyola Division who raise concerns over problems that affect the lives of the everyday people.


Bird-watching paradise found in Crooked Tree, Belize - Day 1
Crooked Tree on map of Belize -- we live on Ambergris Caye In researching various destinations in Belize, we knew we'd have to pay a visit to the village of Crooked Tree, because it is known as a birding hot spot, particularly in April, during spring migration. We love watching, identifying (or attempting to identify), and photographing birds, so we didn't want to let this month go by without a visit. We were particularly excited about the possibility of seeing the Jabiru Stork, the tallest bird in the Americas. Jabirus arrive in the late fall to nest in Crooked Tree, and we were excited by the possibility of viewing some before they migrated to their summer grounds in June. Crooked Tree is said to be named for its many cashew trees (which do have a rather crooked, multi-branched habit) by early logwood cutters boating on the Belize River and Black Creek to what is now the Crooked Tree Lagoon (source: Lonely Planet). It's a small, sleepy village with a sparse full-time population, but fortunately, one of the "chicken bus" lines in Belize, Jex, runs a daily bus to the village. Since we are traveling on a budget in order to see as much of Belize as possible, this sounded perfect to us. We'd take the ferry to Belize City, then grab the bus to Crooked Tree and avoid car rental and taxi charges.

Belize Health Notice
The Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weekly Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues or anyone else via any means whatsoever – DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! This virus will wipe out your private life entirely. If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest liquor store and purchase one or both of the antidotes – Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system. Here is some pricing in Belize dollars on various medical tests and procedures so you can compare medical treatment costs with Belize and where you live.

The Animals, The Rodeo, Plants and San Pedrano Sightings at the 2012 Belize National Agriculture And Trade Show in Belmopan
I hardly know where to start with this series of the posts (a two parter). The Belize National Agriculture and Trade Show takes place in Belmopan on the huge fair grounds each year. This year it was Friday thru Sunday, April 27th to 29th. It is not just is music, there are games and contests, there are animals, there is a rodeo, there is motorcross, shopping, drinking, eating, dancing, a dog show, a flower show, a sweating clown, there are mechanical rides, a giant ferris wheel that goes incredibly fast and is powered by a guy on a is almost overwhelming. Since they were expecting 20-25 thousand people at the show over the weekend and only about 14,000 live in Belmopan, we knew that lots of people would be travelling. Especially from Belize's biggest city, Belize City. Be prepared. There is no order when getting on the bus in Belize. No waiting on line. It is a total free for all. Even though we were supposed to wait at gate one, people rush from every gate. Usually this isn't a problem...but when there is a crowd, sharpen your elbows. The show was originally started to compare, show, sell and exchange information on animals and crops. I'd guess about half of the fair remains devoted to those pursuits. We first went to examine the fruits and vegetables of Belize that were going to be judged to crown the biggest and best. Most I recognized...and some I didn't. Like this one.

A passion that’s more than purple- Caye Caulker massage
I sat across from Gina and she looked up at the ceiling. “I am a very spiritual person. I think that is in everything that I am and I have to do.” I sat in that post-massage bliss that lends a cloud-like softness to movement and thoughts. I smiled in agreement. Gina had just given me one of the best massages of my life. I couldn’t help but agree that it was both technically excellent, and that she had that quality in her profession that put her in the next tier of practitioner. Gina Badillo is the part owner to Purple Passion in Caye Caulker, Belize. Her sister and partner Stacey Badillo, began the business as a way to run their own spa . Their youngest sister, Candy Badillo, also a clinician, works in the front of the house doing nails, hair and makeup. Each of the sisters is professionally trained. Each of the sisters exude a kindness of spirit that makes you feel like you have known them forever.

International Sources

Belize PM seeks support of civil groups to fight rising crime
Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow has met with officials from civil society groups to outline his administration’s plans for dealing with the recent increase in gang-related crime in the country. According CANA, a statement issued after the meeting on Friday said Prime Minister Barrow presented the latest update on the current police operations to ensure citizen security and the way forward for maintaining peace. The Government has also requested the cooperation and support of civil society to promote peace and to address the underlying social conditions adding to the country’s crime situation. The statement said that the meeting was also attended by Opposition leader, Francis Fonseca and representatives of the church and business communities; the Crime Control Council and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.

Reader voices: A service honeymoon
We were married in December 2011, so even though we are both Southern California natives, we couldn’t wait to go somewhere warmer for our honeymoon. Neither of us knew much about Belize, but as we searched the Internet for tropical destinations, we instantly fell in love with the place. We were searching online for places in Belize that were in need of help when we stumbled upon the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville, Belize, a unique orphanage where the focus is love, respect and education. We had a great feeling about this place and, in our naive minds, thought that it would be nice to have the guests at our wedding donate toys to the Children’s Home that we could deliver on their behalf. With a December wedding, we knew that the spirit of Christmas would be in the air and that people would be looking for opportunities to give. We decided it would be a good idea to call the Children’s Home to make arrangements for our project before we made any permanent decisions. After speaking with the Children’s Home director, Delfina Mitchell, it was clear that they were in much greater need than for the small Christmas gifts we were originally planning to give.

April 29, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

US Embassy Holds Town Hall Meeting in San Pedro
On Friday, April 20th the Embassy of the United States of America held a Citizen Town Hall Meeting in San Pedro at the Blue Water Grill. During the lunchtime meeting American Expatriates were informed about the services the Embassy provides. US Ambassador Vinai Thummalapally addressed the group, stating that the priority of the Embassy is to assure citizen safety and to monitor narcotics trafficking as Belize is a throughway for the transport of illegal substances. Thummalappally, who is completing his two-year term in Belize, took time from his vacation on Ambergris Caye to attend the meeting.

Misc Belizean Sources

Meluchi's Hosts the Feed the Children Fashion Show After Party
Meluchi's wass the place to be again last night for the Feed the Children Fashion Show After Party. The $5 cover charge went to the Cornerstone Foundation. The models did a meet and greet, where people could take pictures with them. Mistah Geeh was be spinning.

World Tapir Day at the Belize Zoo pictures
Here are some pictures from the celebration of World Tapir Day and April's 29th birthday at the Belize Zoo yesterday. They had a skydiver parachute in for the celebration. The signs at the zoo are priceless. Sharon Matola was there to sign the new book, Tambo the Tapir.

Xunantunich Beautifies News Exchange Magazine
Xunantunich is on the cover of the latest issue of News Exchange Magazine. It's a beautiful picture, taken from a distance, with a newlywed couple on El Castillo. Olivera Rusu, who has taken many wedding pictures on Belize's ruins, and did quite a few pictures for this year's Belikin calendar, took the amazing shot. Great picture, Olivera! You can get the latest issue at these locations: Cayo: -->Venus Photos and Records -->Cahal Pech Gift Shop -->Gitz Office Supplies Belmopan: -->Dakers Stationary and Books -->Brodies -->Ms. B Stationary -->UB-BMP Bookstore -->Print Belize Ltd.

Feed The Children Fashion Show Last Night
Cornerstone Foundation's Feed the Children Fashion Show was last at the Bedran Hall inside the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Folks supportted a great cause while enjoying the night.

Belizean Fry Jacks
I have taught so many people to make these Fried Cakes and they have gotten through many of hard times because of knowing how to make this recipe. I believe no one need to go to bed hungry. Ingredients 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 4 ounces milk 4 cups cooking oil Method 1. Place flour, baking powder in a bowl. Add milk slowly to form dough. 2. Cut dough into 6 medium size balls. Use a rolling pin to roll each ball into flat circle. Cut each piece in two then cut slits into each piece. 3. Fry in deep oil until golden brown. Fry Jack Cutting Style This video show alternative ways to cut the Fry Jack or Fry Cake. There is no wrong way to do this. Have fun.


National Agriculture Show opens in Belmopan
The forty third annual National Agriculture and Trade Show opened this evening in Belmopan. Over the course of the next two days, farmers and agriculture producers will showcase their products and services. Thousands of Belizeans are expected to attend the two day event. During the opening ceremony, Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Gaspar Vega told the nation that agriculture remains an important contributor to the Belizean economy, a fact that must not be lost on Belizeans from every walk of life. Minister Vega also noted that last year Belize imported two hundred and thirty seven million dollars worth of agriculture and food products. This he says is twice as much as was imported five years ago, reflecting a sharp increase in the demand for imported agriculture products.

UNIBAM struck out of constitutional challenge
The constitutional challenge to section fifty three of the criminal code inched one step closer to a full hearing in the Supreme Court today. In a preliminary ruling handed down this morning by Justice Michelle Arana, The United Belize Advocacy Movement, known by its acronym UNIBAM was struck off as a claimant in the case. Attorneys for the Council of Churches had argued that as an organization, UNIBAM had no standing in the case being brought against the Attorney General, and therefore asked for the application to be struck out. Caleb Orozaco and UNIBAM went to the Supreme Court a year ago, claiming that their rights were being infringed upon by section fifty thee of the criminal code which makes it a criminal offence for men to have sex with men, an offence which is punishable by imprisonment. No date has been set yet for the hearing of the constitutional case. When contacted via telephone today, the head of UNIBAM, Caleb Orozco told Love News that Justice Arana’s ruling is on a procedural matter and that it does not affect the substantive case. Orozco told Love News that he still maintains his expert witnesses; however Justice Arana did strike out one of his opponents’ expert witnesses, that person being Henry Lawrence, because, in the opinion of the Court, that affidavit is filled with personal opinion which are useless to the court.

Another detainee dies in police custody in San Pedro
For the second time since the start of the year, a man in police detention in San Pedro town has died. The latest incident happened last night and is now the subject of a criminal and internal investigation by the police department. Love TV’s Maria Novelo reports.


Strange Fruit in Belize: Cashew and Wax Apples + Off to the Belmopan Agriculture Trade Show I Go
'Tis the season for fruit in Belize and two new ones arrived at my local fruit stand yesterday morning. One tasty and one downright horrible. Let's start on a positive note: the wax apple or the rose apple or the water apple. Aptly named since it has a waxy skin and tastes like a juicy, crisp, watery apple. Ideally darker red like these... they are almost hollow. Eat the skin and the crisp crisp flesh leaving just the bottom core. I think you might like them. The cashew fruit, on the other hand is a far more interesting for a number of reasons. One reason is the sickly sweet, rotten taste and smell. Another is their beauty. That cannot be denied. Are you picking up what I am laying down? This tree is a MONSTER. And produces 60,000 fruit a year. Oh my...just think of the scent when the fruit start falling from the tree! It is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

April 28, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Belize Weekly Fishing Report
Well, the weather was fairly good all weak long, except for a few showers here and there. Also it was a bit unusual to get the breeze to be blowing from the northwest. And it did pretty strong for a couple of days, but it was welcomed, since all we had been having is hot humid weather. So it help cooled down the island a bit. Anyway, my Turneffe fishing trip turned out to be a barracuda catching trip. I saw a big marlin jump and a sailfish but could not get none of them to bite. I ended up catching 16 barracudas, a king mackerel and a tuna, but a slow day of fishing beats any day at the office!! ...

The San Pedro Sun

Italian Travel Documentarian films in Belize
Italian Travel Documentarian, Alessandro Di Nitto was in Belize filming for the Italian travel program “Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro“. The program is broadcasted on Italian National TV Channel RAI 3. A portion of his filming adventure was spent on Wednesday April 18th and Thursday April 19th on La Isla Bonita, taking footage. Alessandro’s professional career has garnered him much experiences in television and cinema since 1987 in roles such as production organizer, author and creator of new programs, studio and external director and budget manager. His experiences include the production of fiction, culture, sports, tourism, music and documentaries. In the last 15 years his professional activity has been focused mainly on travel documentaries. In this capacity, he has travelled world wide, producing travel documentaries for Italian travel programs mostly for the national channels RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, LA7.

BETEX 2012
The Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) was held in Belize City on April 25th and 26th. The event, sponsored by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), was held under the theme, “Selling the Adventure” with the main objective to promote Belize to international stakeholders. Organized in 1996, BETEX has become a mainstay and occurs every two years, attracting over 300 local and international tourism professionals, press representatives and visitors. BETEX 2012 commenced on Wednesday night with a welcome reception and opening ceremony held at the House of Culture in Belize City. Guests, local and international, had the opportunity to mingle and socialize in anticipation of the show on Thursday April 26th at the Princess Hotel. Of notable presence at the opening ceremony were; Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and Mrs. Heredia, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Honorable Patrick Faber and Mrs. Faber, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Mrs. Tracy Panton, Director of Tourism Mr. Javier Peradez, President of NICH, Mrs. Diane Haylock, President of the Belize Hotel Association, Mr. Doug Thompson, and President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Mr. Jim Scott among others.

Another detainee dies in San Pedro Police custody
A detainee died while in Police custody at the San Pedro Police Station. Sometime after 11PM on Thursday April 26th, the lifeless body of an individual was observed inside the holding cell located in the back of the Police Station. He has been identified as 38 year old Kevin ‘Bocco T’ Myvette, AKA Kevin Kelly, of Fairweather Street in Belize City. According to the officer commanding the San Pedro Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Vienie Robinson, sometime around 10PM last night, 24 year old Felipa Estela Lamb, was walking on an area near Barrier Reef Drive when she was robbed in the vicinity of Central Park. While she would not go into details, Lamb indicated that while on the beach near the Central Park, a man on a bicycle rode up to her and snatched a gold chain off her neck. She further explained that the man then grabbed her and covered her mouth and took her black and gold in color purse which contained $100. Lamb said that the man, after realizing that people were observing the incident, began hollering “give me my phone, give my phone” and grabbed her red and black cell phone and made good his escape. Quick response by Police and Belize Defense Force personnel led them to the man, later identified as Kevin Kelly.

Water Heads and Hydrants inspected by Fire Department & SPTC
The San Pedro Town Council affirms their proactive approach in every aspect of running the town. On Monday, April 23rd, Councilor Kenrick Brackett, along with Fire Chief Ernest Dominguez and retired Fire Chief from Louisiana, USA, Gordon Cagnolatti visited various water access areas and inspected the hydrants on the island. Cagnolatti is a retired Fire Chief with 28 years of service with the Louisiana Fire Department. Cagnolatti has been visiting San Pedro for over 15 years and was contacted by Brackett to advise on the water access situation by fire trucks in San Pedro. The visit started with the fire hydrant located immediately outside the San Pedro Fire Department. The hydrants were checked to assure that they were functioning properly. Fire Chief Dominguez informed Brackett that across the town core and south of San Pedro, there are a total of nine fire hydrants. Dominguez told The San Pedro Sun that while the hydrants are in place, they are more of a second choice for water sources during a fire on the island. The hydrants are supplied with water by the Belize Water Service, so there is a limit to how much water can be pumped out during an emergency; hence it is used as a secondary option.

Annual Secondary School Principal’s Conference hosted on Ambergris Caye
Principals of secondary schools convened in San Pedro Town on April 26th and 27th at the Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room for the annual conference of the Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools. The host principal was Emil Vasquez of the San Pedro High School. This year the conference focused on “Discipline; the legal aspect.” According to Chairperson of the principal’s association Maria Johnston, three lawyers and a representative of the Ministry of Education were invited to be a part of a panel. “We invited them to enlighten us on the education act and to assist us to align our student’s hand book regarding due process when it comes to disciplinary action with children so that we don’t act in contravention to the law or constitution of Belize,” said Johnston. She explained that while discipline is a problem in the secondary schools, it is more “litigious” in city schools when parents choose not to work with the management of the schools to discipline their children. It is the hope of the association that with the legal insight, they will be able to put measures in place that will address such issues of disciplinary action in secondary schools.

“The Fire’s Rest” art exhibition opened in Belize
The contemporary art exhibition “The Fire’s Rest” by Mexican artist Arturo Valencia, opened on Thursday, April 26th, at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City. The exhibition is the result of the plastic work produced by Arturo Valencia-Ruiz for the past three years. It will tour different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean for the next months and Belize was chosen as the first country for this exhibition. Arturo Valencia’s research is centered in exploring different raw materials within the painting tradition. For him, artistic materials intervene in communicating reflections or memories to the viewer that have directly nothing in common with the work itself, except that the work relates itself with vital aspects of the human being that in this proposal are represented by wood and iron.

Village Arts and Craft Expo: All Villages Are Invited To Participate
The BTB is inviting all small village producers in the country to be a part of the first ever “Village Arts and Craft Expo” on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at the Princess Hotel & Casino from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The Village Arts & Craft Expo is a collaborative project between BELTRAIDE, the National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO) and the BTB. Its major initiative is to showcase the arts and crafts of the country’s villagers. The Expo is expected to draw small craftsmen from across the country that will be able to exhibit their products in one location to the public. All small village craftsmen are invited to apply today at the BTB office on Regent Street in Belize City, and become a part of this memorable event. Clive Myers, Destination Planning & Development Coordinator at the BTB said, “Small village entrepreneurs suffer from brand recognition and are always in direct competition with inexpensive neighboring imports in terms of arts, crafts and packaged goods. The Village Expo will afford them the opportunity to market their product while gaining recognition by the Belizean public and other visitors.”

Morgan Freeman lends his voice to the San Mateo Empowerment Project
The San Mateo Empowerment Project (SMEP) has been working to raise money to build roads in the San Mateo community on Ambergris Caye since 2009. San Mateo is a community of roughly 1,500 people and despite being a part of Belize’s largest tourist destination it exists without access to proper water, sewerage or electricity. Before these problems can be addressed, miles of unstable wooden bridges must be replaced with roadways that allow for vehicular access to the community. The San Mateo Empowerment Project is an effort spearheaded by the University of Mississippi Service Learning Class of 2010 and works to provide roads for the residents of San Mateo in place of the “London Bridges” board walks that they use every day. The Ole Miss students created this video to help in their effort to raise funds and awareness of the issues facing San Mateo and the work that are carrying out in the community. They even got the help of well known-actor and activist Morgan Freeman, who is a strong supporter of charitable projects undertaken by Mississippi Institutions and residents. Morgan, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee spent most of his childhood in Mississippi and was more than happy to be a part of the effort and narrate the video made by the University Students.

Prime Minister Meets with Civil Society in Response to Crime
The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, today convened a meeting with civil society to apprise them of the government’s response to the recent increase in gang-related crime and the heightened tensions in Belize City. In the meeting, the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, the Director of RESTORE Belize, and CEO in the Office of the Prime Minister presented the latest update on the current police operations to ensure citizen security and the way forward for maintaining peace. The Government then requested the cooperation and support from civil society to promote peace and to address the underlying social conditions which make our Belizean communities vulnerable to crime.

Ambergris Today

The Monkey Room at Mahogany Hall
After two full days running around western Belize following HRH Prince Harry during his Royal Visit it was truly a heavenly experience to kick back and relax in the natural surroundings of the Cayo District. It was my turn for the royal treatment as the magnificent door of my personal mansion opened up and greeted me to Mahogany Hall Luxury Boutique Resort. The newly opened luxury boutique hotel is truly a jewel of the jungle as it sits on the banks of the Mopan River and boasts eight unique colonial-style rooms that take you, as they say, “back to the comforts and services of an era long past”. And truly, my breath was taken away by the sights and sounds from the viewing deck as I stepped through Mahogany Halls huge front doors.

Gerry Experiences BETEX
The Belize Tourism Expo “BETEX” kicked off and I was there to witness and socialize with many Belizean and International businesses. The excitement was in the air at the Princess Hotel as many businesses were getting their finishing touches on their booths and ready to show off their best presentation skills. BETEX is a business-to-business event held every two years which showcases Belize travel destinations, hotels, tour operators, and other tourism service providers. It provides an excellent...

Unlearn Old Habits and Replace with Effective Ones
By Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant - Ancient Chinese wisdom reminds us that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Following these lines of wisdom, I encourage all Belizeans, most especially school leaders and parents throughout the entire country, to join me in taking those first few steps on our very long and difficult but “necessary” journey to reinvent, reform, and strengthen schools in Belize. Today’s high dropout rate by...

Dorian’s Angels at Geo’s Hideaway Café
In the hustle and bustle of our little town one is always looking for a cool place to relax in the company of good friends, enjoy a refreshing drink and something good to eat. With this in mind the Angels escaped from the busy office and set off looking for a place to hideaway for a little while. We found ourselves at one of the island’s newest hotspots - Geo’s Hideaway Café & Meat Market. Angel Perlita and Angel Sofie were greeted by owner Geovanni Guerra at his café with a big...

BTIA Launches Successful Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX)
The Belize Tourism Expo 2012 was officially opened on Wednesday, April 25, 2012, attracting an audience of approximately 300 - 350 local and international tourism professionals and international press representatives to Belize to see what the country has to offer. The opening ceremony took place at the Belize House of Culture. Guests at the opening ceremony enjoyed Traditional Marimba music, along with other cultural performances by the Maya Center Museum Dance Group.

Second Detainee Dies in San Pedro Police Custody
According to Dr. Zuniga, Kelly was motionless and nonresponsive when he arrived at the station and CPR conducted on him was futile. A pending post mortem will determine the exact cause of death. Eye witnesses to the crime have reported to Ambergris Today that the officers used excessive force while apprehending Kelly. ASP Robinson stated that a complete investigation will take place into the matter by officers of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB).

Misc Belizean Sources

LEAP: Attention Parents: Corrective surgery
Evaluations May 18 & June 8, Surgery May 19-20 & June 9-10. Northern Regional Hospital, Orange Walk.

Village Arts and Craft Expo: All Villages Are Invited To Participate
The BTB is excited to share that it will be hosting a Village Arts and Craft Expo this May. The BTB is inviting craftsmen from villages all over the country to participate in this event. Deadline for them to apply is May 5th 2012. The Village Arts & Craft Expo 2012 is a major initiative to showcase small producers of arts and crafts by our village communities. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is seeking participants for the village Arts & Craft Expo 2012. The Expo will draw all small producers to one location where they can exhibit their products to a variety of buyers and open a new and direct way of marketing to various channels. They will be accepting 10 – 13 participants from each district. The show will be held at the Princess Hotel & Casino on May 12th 2012 from 9am to 4pm.Application deadline is May 5th 2012.

Belize and Guatemala agree on date for simultaneous referenda
At the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) on Friday, delegations from Belize and Guatemala, headed by their respective Foreign Ministers, Wilfred Elrington and Harold Caballeros, met with OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, to determine the date on which the simultaneous single issue referenda will take place in both countries in compliance with the special agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s territorial, insular and maritime claim to the International Court of Justice. In a cordial and cooperative atmosphere and with a view to advancing with the process, the ministers agreed that the simultaneous referenda will take place on October 6, 2013. To this end, the ministers stated that they would now take the necessary steps to begin informing the populations in their respective countries to sensitize them as to the territorial dispute, as well as on the need to find a peaceful and permanent solution to the differendum.

DHS Holding Company Announces Meetings With Ministers of Government in Belize
DHS Holding Company (PINKSHEETS: DHSM) is tentatively scheduled to have meetings with Ministers of Government in Belize, as well as the Prime Minister, sometime between May 16 - May 18. The meetings will be attended by Michael Rohling, CEO of DHS Holding Company, and Charles Barrett, President/Director. Also attending the meetings will be the project's Belize architectural firm, iE International, and Daniel Arguelles, a partner in the firm. At the meetings, DHS Holding Company will present Site Plans for the complete Cenote Falls project that will include the Casino, Hotel and Shopping Center. The plans will also include the project's proximity to the Cenote (lake) that adjoins the site and is the inspiration for the project's name.

2012 Belize Maya Summer Vacations a “Rare Opportunity”
The 2012 summer holidays present a rare opportunity to learn about ancient Maya culture and history in the Heartland of the Maya, a noted Belizean anthropologist said. The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s resident Mayanist, anthropologist Joe Awe, said 2012 is an exciting time not only for the Maya people of Belize, but for archaeologists, anthropologists, Maya healers, academics and professionals from around the world, and this created rare opportunities for tourists interested in Maya culture. “It’s a very exciting time in Belize and the entire Mundo Maya right now. With so much interest in 2012 there has been more attention to Maya culture in general as legitimate researchers work to bring Maya history and culture to light and debunk many of the myths and nonsense we see in the media and on the internet,” Mr Awe explained.

Chabil Mar Villas Voted Top Family Resort in Central America
Chabil Mar Villas, a luxury boutique resort in Placencia, Belize, recently received a 2012 TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice award for being one of the top 25 hotels for families in Central America. This award comes after several previous TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice awards for best service and best luxury hotel in Central America in 2009 and 2010. Chabil Mar offers guests a secluded, all-inclusive resort with 20 individually decorated luxury villas, an exquisite honeymoon suite, destination wedding options to take over the entire resort, 400 feet of private beach front, two infinity pools, a private pier and lush gardens. All amenities at the resort are guest exclusive, allowing resort staff to give individualized and personal attention to each guest. Its central location in Placencia Village, Belize offers guests of all ages a variety of land and sea adventures, making it the ideal location for family vacations.

Channel 7

Another man has been killed in the custody of San Pedro Police. 38 year old Kevin Kelly, known as Boco T is the second man to die while in custody of San Pedro police in just over two months. But the story of his death is not clear cut. Kelly apparently broke his neck while escaping from police last night. The police say he jumped a fence - and fainted twice before they got him back to the station - where he fainted once more. When police realized he was having difficulty breathing, they called the town's Doctor, but by the time he arrived Kelly was dead. Doctor Javier Zuniga is quoted in the San Pedro Sun as saying that his death may have been as a result of, "severe head or neck injuries," possibly form falling from a high fence. The Sun explains that Kelly was the suspect in a robbery earlier that night. Police went to detain him and were escorting him into custody when he ran off. Police chased Kelly and fired shots at him. But he jumped over a high fence behind an area known as Four Sisters Plaza - which is where police are saying he may have injured himself - because he started fainting when they picked him up form that area. He had scrapes to the forehead and elbow.

George street boss, Shelton Pinky Tillett was buried yesterday and, according to reports, Taylor's Alley boss Arthur Young was cremated early this morning. Our sources say he was moved from the morgue at the hospital as early as 5:00 am. There was no funeral and no wake for Young; his family simply held a private service for him today. Young was killed on Sunday night by police. They say he was shot in the struggle for a police man's weapon - while eyewitnesses have reported to us that he was in handcuffs - which would have made a struggle impossible. Police also say he was killed in the back of a pickup truck, but we found evidence of a bloodstain on the street at the entrance to Vista Del Mar, which is where two sources told us he was shot and killed. He was shot three times to the chest.

And so, with the city's two biggest gang leaders dead and buried or cremated, what happens next? Will there be retaliations and continued gang warfare - or will there be some measure of peace? No one knows - but the state is trying to assure all vested interests that it can ensure citizen security in the city. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, today met with civil society representatives and the Opposition to tell them what government is doing to address the recent spike in gang-related crime and dissipate heightened tensions in Belize City. It was a full court press for GOB as the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, the Director of RESTORE Belize, and CEO in the Office of the Prime Minister presented the latest update on the police operations. Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca, and other representatives of the Opposition were there along with religious and business leaders, the Crime Control Council, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.

Belize and Guatemala will have simultaneous referendums on October sixth, 2013. That was agreed to at a meeting held today in Washington DC at the headquarters of the Organization of American States. Delegations from Belize and Guatemala were headed by their respective foreign ministers, Wilfred Elrington and Harold Caballeros. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is in Washington tonight and, via telephone, he told us that the date was decided upon because general elections have recently been held in both countries. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "Since we completed our electoral process early this year we are now in a position to try to decide on a date when that could possibly be done and so we met today to try to determine the date which would be most convenient to do it and we have decided that the 6th of October would be a convenient date. We had to think in terms of getting the finances to do the education campaign that is necessary, we need to inform and sensitize the Belizean people as to exactly is involve in this referendum and then we would have to find the finances also for the holding of the referendum."

UNIBAM - the United Belize Advocacy Movement has become a household name because it's asking the court to overturn Section 53 of the Criminal Code, which outlaws carnal intercourse "against the order of nature" with "any person or animal." UNIBAM says that the law contravenes provisions of the Constitution that protect human dignity and fundamental rights and freedoms. The case first went to court in January where preliminary objections from both sides were heard. Justice Michelle Arana delivered her judgment on those matters today. Michel Chebat, one of five attorneys representing the Churches - which vehemently oppose UNIBAM's effort - gave us the bottom line on the Judge's ruling: Michel Chebat, Attorney for one of the churches "In a nutshell what the judge has done is that she has struck off UNIBAM as a claimant in the case which was one of the primary applications made by the church interested party." "Her ruling is that UNIBAM is an inadequate person and so they could have no rights being affected. So in this case she has struck out UNIBAM as a claimant."

On Tuesday, we told you about 22 year-old Emmerson Eaghan who was convicted in the Supreme Court of the June 2009 murder of 35 year-old Dennis Nembhard. Today, he was sentenced to life in prison by Justice Adolph Lucas. Eaghan was given an attempt to prepare a mitigation plea, but in court today, he called no witnesses to speak on his behalf, and the task was left up to his attorney, Simeon Sampson, to address the court. Justice Lucas then looked at the evidence in the trial and he noted that Eaghan's fate was already decided by the jury who accepted the written police statement from the now-deceased Shelmadine Sanchez. Sanchez's statement detailed the entire murder which included her identification of Eaghan as the gunman.

For the past two nights, we've been reporting on the search for 3 Sarteneja fishermen lost at sea. 49 year old Silvero Tepaz, 50 year old Teobaldo Tepaz and 20 year old Mejadi Tepaz went missing at sea over the weekend, and today the men still have not been found. This afternoon, the Coast Guard told us that the search has ended, and the case will be suspended until any new information comes in. The coast guard searched almost 100 miles, covering the area extending from English Caye Channel to Gladden Spit and found nothing. On Wednesday, their vessel was found near Glover's Reef, submerged. If anyone has any information concerning the disappearance of these men, please call the nearest police station.

Shoplifting, it's a plague to businesses all over the world - and Belize is no exception. There are many well-known shoplifters who've been before the court many times. But tonight, the shoplifting that we'll show you takes it to another level. It shows children caught in the act on surveillance cameras. It is disturbing in and of itself, but it's even worse because it appears that an adult is putting them up to it. Now, you probably can't even imagine the social circumstances that would push people to this - but for the shopkeepers who keep losing inventory - they don't care to know - they just want the thievery to stop. Monica Bodden visited with one of them days ago. We have blurred the faces of all the persons involved.

There are two disturbing cases of rape to report from the Corozal district tonight. At 7 yesterday evening while walking in the San Andres Area, a 22 year old woman was being followed by a man - who was sexually harassing her. When she passed an abandoned lot, she alleged that the man threw down his bicycle, grabbed her by the neck from behind and dragged her into the bushes. He choked her until she went unconscious. The woman told police that when she regained consciousness, the man was raping her. She claimed that he told her if she didn't do what he said, he would choke her again. Minutes later Skeen told the young woman that they can go somewhere else -which is when she took the opportunity to run away from him. Police say they are investigating. And there was another rape incident reported in the Corozal District - this time a minor is involved. A 15 year old female in the company of her mother reported to police that sometime in the month of April 2011, when her mother was not at home, her stepfather went into her room and raped her. The minor also reported that it was the third time that he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police are investigating.

In the last 3 weeks, Belize City has seen a spike in the number of crimes, especially murders. We've shown you the public's reaction and the police's attempts to try to get things under control. Well tonight, we'll show you a grassroots movement which goes by the name of the Port Loyola Commoners. They held a press conference today and had much to say about the situation, it's causes, and possible solutions to the root problems. The organization chaired by Nedal Murphy "Jihad" McLaren, gave a fiery speech which included accusations of government corruption in structural poverty, poor education, and myriad other issues. Here's just a section of what McLaren had to say to the media today: Nedal Murphy "Jihad" McLaren "I think that for us to acquire better leadership we must take responsibility for our deeds. Those children are our children. It is us who have them like that. At age 19, 20, 21, 22 it is us the parents that fail. Violence has gone sky high."

As we reported last night, The Belize Tourism Board is witnessing an excellent out-turn in overnight tourist arrivals so far for 2012. But, while things are good, the governance of the BTB continues to be an issue. First there was the fiasco with Director Seleni Matus, and then CEO Lindsey Belisle left right after the election. Now, there's a new CEO - who is the old director, Tracy Panton - and the Board of Directors has a new chairman and directors. Yesterday Tourism Minister Manuel Junior Herredia outlined the new Board membership for us:... Hon. Manuel Herredia Jr., Minister of Tourism "We have done slightly changes in particularly at BTB with the board. Now I have a mixture of the stakeholders and the private sector working together." "Ian Lizarraga, he understands the industry. He is a person that is fair and I think he is committed to this industry, so I can guarantee that you will see improvement." "Last night as you saw BETEX was particularly well attended. You could feel emotions over there. Everyone is happy and everybody is trying to do the best of it and that we intend to continue doing."

On last night's news you saw 30 of BEL's employees skip their lunch hour to take it to the picket line. The flashpoint that pushed them to picket is the a dispute over three employees who were dismissed. But they have plenty of other issues - many of them dating back to the time when Fortis was controlling the company. One of those issues, though, stems from this management's decision to eliminate the staff at the Gas Turbine. BEL says it's too costly to keep them around all year when they only work a few days year, while the Union says they are essential to the company's smooth operation. Here are both sides of that argument:.. Dorla Staine - General Secretary - BEWU "I want to add that besides the guys going, one of the key points for us being here also is for 4 brothers at the gas turbine plant who the management have decided, that within one year, their posts will be redundant. For the Union, this is a very major concern not only for them as employees, but the general public as well. The gas turbine is the back start engine. In case of emergency, that the engine they look at to get up the system quickly. How could management even think of a decision like that? Which management with responsibility would do that? We asked them - we were in a meeting Friday gone - are you shutting down the gas turbine? The said that they wouldn't.

This morning Mirab department store in Belize City had a fire scare - and a full-on disaster was averted through the staff's quick thinking. At around 9 this morning, after the employees entered the store, they saw smoke spreading all over and heard a crackling sound. The supervisor immediately turned off all the power and called the fire department. According to the Fire Department, the smoke turned out to be the result of a faulty electrical wire which caught fire in the ceiling. The air conditioner then carried smoke all over the building, alerting the staff. The fire department says that if they had not caught it early, things could have turned out much differently. The store was open as usual after the wire was repaired.

Wesley Upper And Belize Primary are Champs
The National Primary School Basketball Championship tournament was held today in Belize City. Winning district Teams converged on Rogers Stadium for the boys, and YWCA for the females. In the male category, Wesley Upper School won first place with Holy Family RC School from Stann Creek coming in second and St. Nazarene Primary School in Cayo finishing third. In the female category, Belize Rural Primary School was first. They defeated Louisiana Government School from Orange Walk which placed second. Again, St. Nazarene Primary School placed third. Shaquille Crawford from Wesley Upper, and Kristy Terry from Belize Rural were chosen as the tournament's most-valuable players.

Belize's Special Olympians Get Special Help
Today at the Lion's Club and the Belize Elementary School Auditorium, Special Olympics Belize carried out its first medical screening for Belize's special athletes. They were assisted by Special Olympics International, the world governing body for Special Olympics. The screening was done by persons from Special Olympics Belize who were trained by personnel from the international delegation in areas of vision, physical wellness, and dentistry. In the screening, the athletes had an opportunity to check their health in these 3 areas and then make arrangements to get help. This afternoon, we stopped in at the Belize Elementary Auditorium and got a chance to speak to the regional and local directors of the Special Olympics bodies. Here's what they said about yesterday's training and today's proceedings: Dr. Peter Seidenberg - North American Regional Director, MedFest Special Olympics International "Special Olympics has come down to perform 3 screening examinations of our Special Olympics athletes. We have also come to train local physicians to be clinical directors for 3 areas: opening eyes, which is for vision screening, special smiles, which is for dentistry, and then for medfest, which is the medical clearance for the sports physical. Today, the athletes came through and they were screened by each of those 3 disciplines, and so - for example - if they were having vision difficulties, opening eyes identified it, and with grants from the Lions Club, a lot of the athletes would actually be able to get glasses for free.

Channel 5

Churches deliver a holy blow to UNIBAM
The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) received a major blow inside the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana. UNIBAM is challenging Section Fifty-Three of the criminal code, which bars carnal intercourse against the order of nature. The crime is an indictable matter with the possibility of ten years in prison. This morning, a ruling [...]

UNIBAM struck out of case, but not giving up
Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM issued a press release this evening on the court ruling in Orozco pretrial hearing. In the Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM versus The Attorney General of Belize litigation, the second claimant, UNIBAM was removed. Caleb Orozco, the first claimant, maintains standing under the Constitution of Belize and according to the release “will [...]

Belize Energy Workers Union wants C.E.O. Jeffrey Locke removed
The Belize Energy Workers Union (B.E.W.U.) staged a midday protest at the gates of Belize Electricity Limited (B.E.L.) on Thursday afternoon. They said that they have honored their Collective Bargaining Agreement. However, it is B.E.L. which has done little to resolve the issues which are close to boiling point. The union wants three dismissed workers [...]

Belize City man survives shooting
Despite the police presence, there was a shooting incident in Belize City today. It occurred in the Gungulung Area and the incident has left one man injured. Shortly after one p.m., it is reported that a man was walking on M&M Street when a hail of bullets were fired. Neighbors in the area say that [...]

Another person dies in police lockup
The death of Arthur Young was foretold by the man himself. He often said that the police would kill him. And though the police said that he was accidentally shot, three bullets bring little comfort to the family of the Taylor’s Alley leader. Since Young’s Sunday night shooting, another man has died in police custody. [...]

Tourist drops dead after snorkeling trip
Also in San Pedro, another person dropped dead; but unlike Boco T, the circumstances are not suspicious. A retired native of Washington D.C. died at the Sun Breeze Hotel. According to the police, seventy six year old Elizabeth Mennings went snorkeling on April twenty fifth. As soon as she reached the beach front of her [...]

Grassroots NGO talks solutions to crime
The recent gangland slayings in the old capital has the entire city on alert. Eighty B.D.F. soldiers and police officers have been stationed across Belize City to prevent rivaling gangs from taking their battle into an all out war on the streets. Many of the gang members are youths themselves. The issues of crime have [...]

Life behind bars for convicted killer
Life behind bars! That was the sentence for twenty-two year old Emmerson Eaghan who was convicted for the June 2009 killing of thirty-five year old Dennis Nembhard. Nembhard was senselessly gunned down while walking home between Flamboyant and Oleander Street in the Saint Martin de Porres Area of Belize City. Eaghan was convicted on Monday [...]

More persons charged for weapon used in shooting
Two more persons have been charged in connection with the nine millimeter pistol and point thirty-eight ammunition found at a Castle Street address. The weapon are believed to be used in this past Wednesday’s shooting of Jermaine “Horse” Garnett. Gion “Gizmo” Bernard has been fingered for the attempted murder of Garnett, but when his mother, [...]

Bus conductor charged for slapping minor
A Bus Conductor of Benque was today in court to answer to a single charge of harm upon a seventeen year old female. Thirty-five year old Felipe Kotch is accused of allegedly slapping the minor while she was walking on Saint Jude Street, and it appears he did it for no apparent reason. The minor [...]

Two atrocious rapes in Corozal
Two females including a fifteen year old minor were raped in separate incidents in the Corozal district. The first involved a report made by a fifteen year old girl who in the company of her mother told police that in April of 2011, she was allegedly raped by her stepfather. The minor says that on [...]

Economist says opportunity for Belize as High Growth Country
In January we told you about an article printed in the Washington Times on a comparative look on Belize and the Cayman Islands. The writer, Dr. Richard Rahn, who is an American Economist, draws conclusions on why Cayman is rich and Belize is poor, although both are small Caribbean countries with similar climate, mixed cultures [...]

Road to Twin Towns get a facelift
The signing of a contract to begin work on a road construction project to restore a stretch of the Western Highway adjoining the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio was held Thursday morning in Belmopan. Present were Minister of Works Rene Montero and John Woods of Cisco Construction. The project, which will cost [...]

Road work will be labor intensive
According to Woods, the project will employ a number of residents living in the Cayo District.   John Woods, Cisco Construction Ltd. “The big thing about this job is it is very labor intensive so we should be able to put an awful lot of people in the area to work and that’s always gratifying [...]

Date for Belize/Guatemala Referendum Set
Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, along with a delegation of negotiators including Senator Lisa Shoman, left for Washington on Wednesday afternoon to meet with Guatemalan Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros at the request of OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza. The purpose of the meeting was to determine a date on which a simultaneous referendum will [...]

Shipment of Belize beans found contaminated
Belizeans love their rice and beans, but half of that equation is getting a bad rap in the Caribbean. According to the Jamaica Observer, their government has seized another imported shipment of food deemed unfit for consumption. The article says, “Approximately twenty-two point seven-three metric tonnes of red kidney beans (red peas), valued at more [...]

National Primary School Basketball Champs
The annual National Primary Schools Basketball Championship was held today in Belize City. After several months of elimination games in the various districts, six primary school male and female teams, each representing the best in the sport at an elementary level, converged at the Roger’s Stadium and the YWCA basketball courts. But their skills weren’t [...]

Special Olympic Athletes get full physical
Earlier today, two hundred special needs athletes received top notch treatment during a session that was focused exclusively on healthcare. The countrywide event is an annual program that came about as an initiative from Special Olympics Belize to provide athletes with special needs the necessary medical attention they need to make them productive in their [...]

Birthday bash for April, the Celebrity
Every local wannabe celebrity has a birthday bash at a paid for event at nightclubs. This particular birthday bash, had the presence of the Ugandani dancers, an elected area representative and, get this, the birthday girl was treated to four cakes. And unlike other local celebs, this bash is the feature of tonight’s newscast. It [...]


Friday, April 27 - - - - - POLICE NEWS
A burglary in San Pedro town has netted thieves over five thousand dollars worth of electronic items. The incident is reported to have happened on Wednesday afternoon. American national David Becker reported to police that he left home around noon on Wednesday afternoon and upon ...

The forty third annual National Agriculture and Trade Show opened this evening in Belmopan. Over the course of the next two days, farmers and agriculture producers will showcase their products and services. Thousands of Belizeans are expected to attend the two day event. Du...

The Ministry of Health Central Health Region in collaboration with Health and Development Services International Inc.,HANDS International is organizing a Medical Mission in Belize City and rural Belize District from April 30 to May 4. The objective of the mission is to provide free out...

A Health Fair for Special Olympics Belize is being held at the Belize Elementary Auditorium. The event which began this morning at eight provides examination in different areas to Special Olympics children. Elodia Bautista is the National Director for Special Olympics. ...

Authorities are investigating the circumstance surrounding the death of a Belize City man in San Pedro. Maria Novelo has the story. “Authorities say that around ten o’clock last night, they received a report of the robbery of a woman in this municip...

Prime Minister Dean Barrow today met with members of civil society. The Prime Minister briefed the group of the government’s response to the recent spate of gang warfare and the heightened tensions in Belize City. A part of the meeting also involved presentations by Ministe...

The constitutional challenge to section fifty three of the criminal code inched one step closer to a full hearing in the Supreme Court today. In a preliminary ruling handed down this morning by Justice Michelle Arana, The United Belize Advocacy Movement, known by its acronym UNIB...

Belize and Guatemala have agreed to a date for the simultaneous referendum on whether or not the unfounded claim to Belizean territory by Guatemala should go to the International Court of Justice. The agreement was announced today following a ministerial meeting which was held at...


Father Of Three Commits Suicide After Receiving Phone Call
Tonight a family from the Village of San Joaquin in the Corozal District is mourning the death of their love one. 30 year old Coast Guard Mario Castellanos hung himself in his bathroom about 8:00 o’clock last night. The one who discovered his lifeless body is his wife 29 year old Filiberta Castellanos who at the moment has not yet figure out why her husband took away his life. Hipolito Novelo-Reporting Tonight 29 year old Filiberta Castellanos has become a widow and her three kids have been left without a father. Around 8:15 last night, 30 year old Belize Coast Guard Mario Castellanos from the Village of San Joaquin in the Corozal District hung himself in his outdoor bathroom. His body was found by his wife who with saddened words told us the agony that the family is going through. The couple has been together for the past twelve years and are parents to three kids, ages ten, seven and four. When Castellanos arrived home Wednesday, he showed no signs of depression or any signals of suicidal thoughts. In fact, Fileberta Castellanos says that he came home happy, that is until he received a phone call.

Gun Recovered By Corozal Police
In wake of the recent murders and gang activities in Belize City, Police and BDF forces have been concentrated in the Old Capital in efforts of curbing the crime situation. But, that is not to say that Belize City is the only place police have stepped up their game; in Corozal Town, police recently conducted a search that yielded unlicensed ammunition and one person remanded. On the 24th of April, Corozal Police conducted a search at the residence of Lionel Leopold Daniels located in the Dominguez Layout area and discovered a Model 9 .22 Caliber Revolver loaded with two live rounds of .22 ammunition. Daniels was the only one present at the time of the search and as such was arrested and charged for the offences of one count kept firearm without a gun license and two counts of kept ammunition without a gun license. Daniels was remanded to prison until his next court date.

Studio 54 Opens In Carmelita Village
There’s a new family oriented entertainment spot that has popped up just a few minutes out of Orange Walk Town. Studio 54 is situated in Carmelita Village and is home to an array of wholesome family entertainment. Now, you may be thinking that the location might be a bit too far from you watching here in Orange Walk Town, but we can only say the trip is worth it because the establishment is like no other. Studio 54 offers two swimming pools for it’s patrons along with a fully stocked pub and restaurant. And To top it all off, a Night Club for those wishing to party into the wee hours as Noel Codd, Manager of the establishment told us. Noel Codd, Manager Studio 54 “Well what happened is that we are here in Carmelita and we have no entertainment and likewise in Orange Walk we need a lace we can go with our family where we will be safe because we have tight security here and we are right in front of the Carmelita Police Substation. So one good thing is that families will be able to come here and relax and at the same time feel safe.” According to Codd, Studio 54 is unique in its own way. It caters to people of different ages and those who are looking to stretch their dollar.

Day Six- Sarteneja Fishermen Still Lost At Sea
Fifty-nine year old Silverio Tepaz, along with Tiobaldo Tepaz and Mijari Tepaz, has been lost at sea since Saturday April 21st. It has now been six days since anybody has heard of these three fishermen of Sarteneja. Their families have explored all options and efforts in trying to locate their loved ones and remain steadfast in their hope of finding the men. When we spoke to family member Gloria Cruz in an over the phone interview, she told us that the search party has grown and the efforts have intensified. Eleven more fellow fishermen and relatives have joined in the search and a total of seven boats are being utilized apart from that of the Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force. Silverio Tepaz is of fair complexion, medium built, about 5feet 6inches in height, has short black hair, and has a scar near the right eye. Mijari Tepaz is of fair complexion, medium built, about 5feet 4inches in height, has short black hair with a round face. Teobaldo Tepaz is of fair complexion, slim built, is about 5feet 4inches in height and has short black hair. The three men were expected to arrive back home on Saturday night. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these three men is asked to contact the nearest Police Station.

Student Of Louisiana Government School To Represent Orange Walk In National Spelling Bee Competition
Today the buzz around town was about the Orange Walk District Finals for the 18th Annual Coca-Cola National Spelling Bee 2012. The top 10 spellers from the Orange Walk District gathered at the Multi-Purpose Complex this afternoon where they put their hard work and preparation to the test. The event saw two participants of each zone which was from Southwest, South, North, East, and central. Janine Ayuso-Reporting The tension was high today as students spelled their way through the five elimination rounds of the Orange Walk district finals. After each round several students were eliminated from the competition while others continued in the fight but only one could claim the title of district champion who would move on to participate in the National spelling bee competition. At the end of the 5th round Angela Trujio of Louisiana Government School was dubbed the winner.

Sports Day Organised For Primary School Students
Today children from Compassion School in Yo Creek Village celebrated sports day with numerous sporting activities. The school hosted what they believed would be their last sports day in 2009 because they saw it unnecessary to continue the annual event. But, through the school’s Parent Teacher Association, sports day is once again revived for the benefit of the children. Janine Ayuso - Reporting This morning the village of Yo Creek was brightened with the smiles of young children who were more than eager to take part in their very own sports day. The school children invaded the Yo Creek football field where they set up for an exciting day. According to the school’s principal, Manuel Rejon, the day was not only intended to be fun but was a crucial factor in developing the students sporting skills and physical fitness. Manuel Rejon, Principal “It’s an initiative by the PTA, they started about this idea of having sports day, since in the past we had sports day and so we stop doing it and so they want to have the kids involved in sport and so we saw it was a great idea and that is the reason why I as the principal decided to support the PTA and have an organize sports day. It develops sportsmanship also team work and it gives them an opportunity to socialize with other schools.”

Awareness Campaign For The Control Of Malaria, Dengue, And Chagas Launched By The Ministry Of Health
An awareness campaign is currently underway in Belize to inform the public on the different diseases caused by vectors within the country. The Ministry of Health and the Vector control department are geared towards the maintenance of a healthy environment that provides for the prevention and control of Malaria, Dengue and Chagas. The awareness campaign is a countrywide event that is being conducted in different schools and communities alerting the public of the issue at hand.


Reality Youth throws free concert for the homeless
A free concert and feeding initiative will be held for the less fortunate this Saturday at Battlefield Park in Belize City. The man behind the event is gospel artist Reality Youth. He today told Love News what the concert entails. Once again the event will take place at Battlefield Park, this Saturday from two o’clock in the afternoon until six in the evening.

Green walk on Earth Day successful
This past Saturday the Belize Audubon Society held its fourth annual walk for a green Belize. The event was a part of the celebrations for Earth Day. Dirk Francisco is the Publicity Coordinator Belize Audubon Society.

Math training for teachers nears completion
The Ministry of Education is about to wrap up a seven month training for teachers in an effort to dispel the negative attitude towards Math and to help them deliver better in the classroom. The teachers hail from 12 primary schools in the Belize District and their engagement today took them through working with different shapes, quite like that of a pre-schooler. But in this case, it’s all aimed at training at a higher level to impart the learning to students at the primary level. Nelson Longsworth of the Ministry of Education’s Quality Assurance and Development Services says that the primary goal is to produce better results on the Primary Schools Exams. The training had at its helm Professor Allan Dawe of Mount Saint Vincent University in the US. He summarizes how this session makes a difference in the classroom, especially for students who are not Math enthusiasts. Friday marks the end of the training session.

PM to accompany his wife for medical treatment
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is scheduled to travel to Miami, Florida this weekend. According to a government press release, Prime Minister Barrow will accompany his wife Kim Simplis Barrow for the continuation of her medical treatment. The Prime Minister is scheduled to be out of the country all of next week, and during his absence from the country, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Dean Barrow is due back in the country on May sixth.

Santa Elena town road getting major upgrade
A contract for the upgrading of the La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena town was signed this morning in Belmopan. The contract for the road works was awarded to CISCO construction company Limited. At the signing ceremony, Minister of Public Works Rene Montero explained what is included in the project. Chairman of CISCO Construction, John Woods, also spoke at the signing ceremony, saying that he is honored that his company was chosen to carry out the road construction project. Work under the project agreement signed this morning is expected to commence immediately.

Two people charged for firearm offences
Two people have been arrested on firearms charges. They are Michael Herrera Junior and Judith Roche. According to police reports, authorities conducted a search of a home at number 34-B Castle Street in Belize City, which led to the discovery of a nine millimeter pistol and five rounds of point three-eight-zero ammunition. Herrera and Roche were charged for the offenses of kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license. Similar charges have been brought against a Corozal man. Lionel Daniels was unable to produce a license for a revolver that was found in house when police conducted a search on Tuesday evening. According to police reports, the search was conducted at Daniels’ house located in the Dominguez Layout areas of Corozal town around five o’clock on Tuesday evening when the point twenty two Model 9 revolver loaded with two live rounds of ammunition was found. When Daniels could not produce a license for the firearm he was arrested and charged for the offences of kept firearm without a gun license and kept Ammunition without a gun license.

Tourism expo held in Belize City
The annual tourism showcase knows as BETEX was held today in Belize City. Love TV’s Natalie Novel and video journalist Brian Castillo attended the event and bring you the following report.

Lova Boy lands in Belize
Belizean Punta Sensation Lova Boy touched down at the Phillip Goldson International Airport today. Lova Boy is in Belize to launch his new album. Love News was at the airport to greet the artist. Love News asked Lovaboy how the public has been receiving his music abroad. The launch of the album will take place in Belmopan at the FFB Stadium on Saturday night . Other artists on the ticket include Tapriq and Consego. Tickets are on sale at Love FM for $15.00 and will be available on the show grounds. It will be $20.00 at the door. Lovaboy will also be at Love FM’s main stage at the National Agriculture and Trade Show on Sunday evening. CD’s will also be on sale for $25.00 each at the Agric show. Following his Belize gig, Lova Boy is scheduled to return to the tour circuit with stops scheduled for Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; Brooklyn, New York; Peten, Guatemala and Chetumal, Mexico.

Food poisoning suspected in San Antonio, Cayo
A public health investigation is underway in Cayo to determine what made several people, particularly children in San Antonio village sick. The incident happened this past weekend, and today, Correspondent Elaine Berry visited the village to get the story. This afternoon, Love News spoke by telephone with the mother of one of the children who had to be hospitalized. Josefa Canto says her son is now at home recuperating. Love News understands that several others have been treated at the hospital and have since returned home.

BEL workers hit the picket line
There was a protest in Belize City this afternoon. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett report from the Northern Highway.


UNIBAM struck out as claimant in gay rights lawsuit
Hearings are progressing on the suit filed by UNIBAM against the Government of Belize. Today court was in session a...

Taking a closer look at cancer in Belize
Cancer is a scourge to our society; as we all know our first lady, Mrs. Kim Simpliss Barrow and her family has been...

BEL takes position on staff demonstration
The Management of Belize Electricity limited has put out a press release clarifying their position in relation to t...

National Agriculture and Trade Show 2012 jumps off
The National Agriculture and Trade Show is one of Belize’s biggest events which draws thousands from across the cou...

Date set for Belize/Guatemala referendum
The date for the simultaneous Referendum in Belize and Guatemala to determine if both countries should take their t...

San Pedro Police investigates suddent death at hotel
An American retiree breathes her last breath on San Pedro. Police visited the Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II on Apri...

Woman escapes frightening encounter
A 22-year old female of Corozal District reported that on April 26 about 7:00pm she was walking on an unknown stree...

Ministry of Public Service takes new turn
The first in a series of meetings planned by Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries, Hon. Senator ...

Belize partakes International Book Fair
This week was observed as Book Week and coinciding with it was Belize's participation, along with other Central Ame...

Step-father accused of rape
A 15-year female minor accompanied by her mother reported that sometime in the month of April 2011, when her mother...


Cayo top cop faces transfer!
Is it because he has turned a “deaf ear” to political meddling in police business? After taking much heat from the public at large, and the residents of the Old Capital in particular, in the wake of the apparently uncontrollable crime wave that seems to have gripped the city and nation, culminating in the murder and mystery death last weekend of two top city dons, and the investigation by police of one of their own in the brutal murder of a city resident (shot 21 times), one would think that the Police Minister and the department’s top brass would welcome an opportunity to regain the confidence lost by citizens simply tired of crime, violence and an apparently corrupt and untrustworthy Police Department.

Energy Workers Union pickets “bad faith” BEL
Power company: Union “refuses to come to the table” for negotiations... Approximately 36 employees of the recently nationalized power company, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), who are members of the Belize Energy Workers’ Union (BEWU), spent their lunchtime picketing the company’s headquarters on the Northern Highway, accusing management of acting in “bad faith” in its dealings with the union, particularly over the recent firing of three employees and plans to make another position redundant, and its consistent failure to engage with and consult the union in its plans for the company.

Death Announcement - Telford Christopher Vernon passes at 88
It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of Telford Christopher Vernon, 88 years of age, of Burrell Boom Village, former Commissioner of the Supreme Court, former Country Manager for Basic Needs Trust Fund, former Comptroller of Customs and former Commissioner of Income Tax, who passed away on April 24, 2012. 3 Sarteneja fishermen missing at sea for 14 days
Three fishermen from Sarteneja Village have been missing at sea since going on a fishing expedition in the southern waters of Belize on Thursday, April 12, and failing to return. The Coast Guard and the BDF Air Wing, along with the Fisheries Department and the family of the men, have begun a search for them.

Cabinet considers proposal to permit voter ID pass for Mexican tourists
Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo has confirmed to Amandala that Cabinet has agreed to further study a proposal from the Belize Business Bureau (BBB) to permit Mexican travelers to visit Belize for up to 10 days on their voter’s ID, which includes several biometric indicators, including thumbprints and eye scan data.

Determined thief tries 3 times in 2 days to steal electrical wire and equipment
He is recovering in hospital after being shot twice... A determined robber who appears hell-bent on stealing electrical wires from a compound is presently admitted to ward at the Corozal Hospital, where he is recovering from gunshot wounds to his buttocks and thigh after he was shot twice by the owner of the business, who found him on his compound, with his property. He is now in police custody in the hospital.

FIFA Grassroots Football certification course completed at FFB headquarters
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) concluded its six-day certification course for coaches in “Grassroots” football at the FFB headquarters in Belmopan on Tuesday, April 24.

1st Semi-pro Commissioner passes; Condolences to the family of Mr. T.
The Amandala sports desk joins with the football family in expressing our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Mr. Telford Vernon, the first Commissioner in 1991 of the Belize Semi-pro Football League, who passed away on Tuesday of this week. We are forever grateful for your selfless contribution to the sport.

3 Bronze for Belize in Central American and Caribbean Karate Championships
A report received today from Belize Karate Federation (BKF) President Sensei Herman Pastor, Jr., says that “Belize won 3 bronze medals in kumite and came in 7th out of ten countries that participated in the Junior Championships” of the Central American and Caribbean Karate Championships which took place in Guatemala from April 16 to 22. Medals were won by Denton Jones (Male – 50 kgs kumite 12-13 yrs - Bronze), Miguel Ramirez (Male – 68 kgs 18-20 yrs - Bronze) and Argazavad Sankey (Male + 78 kgs 18-20 yrs - Bronze).

BAAA news – Kaina Martinez prepares for London 2012 Olympics
The Belize Amateur Athletic Association (BAAA) invites ALL Junior and Senior athletes to training sessions at the MCC Grounds from Monday to Friday, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m., beginning April 23. The Central American Junior and Senior Championships will be held on May 25 and June 15, respectively.

Belizean authorities nab two Guatemalans for illegal logging inside Caracol Archaeological Reserve
Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) reported today that two Guatemalans from Peten were caught red-handed cutting cedar inside the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. Belize security forces, park wardens from the Institute of Archaeology, and Chiquibul National Park rangers went on a special patrol on Wednesday, April 25, inside the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. “During the night operation, several chainsaws were heard and by the time the security agents arrived on location, under the shadow of darkness, two persons were apprehended whilst one escaped,” FCD reports. “In their possession was a 33-inch Stihl chainsaw, measuring tape and machine oil. The persons gave their names as 19-year-old Cruz Milian and 26-year-old Miguel Angel Sandoval from the village of La Rejoya, Peten, Guatemala.” The men faced indictments for illegal entry, illegal logging and resisting arrest, after being transported to the San Ignacio police station. They both pleaded guilty to the 3 charges, and we understand from FCD that the men were levied a $1,000 fine in court this morning, and failure to meet that fine could mean 6 months in prison.

EDITORIAL: Gangs and dons
Gangs are socio-economic phenomena which are considered, almost by definition, the products of depressed urban areas. They involve the bonding of young males and their loyalty to each other under circumstances which are extremely violent, and criminal. When males who are law-abiding, successful members of society draw close to each other in an organized social context, their organizations are called clubs, not gangs. But the general principles are similar. Gangs are definitely not exclusively male, but most of those who murder and are murdered, and who go to jail, are males. It is the male members of the gangs whom we see in the news, but gang neighbourhoods have family structures, that is, gang males are responsible for the welfare of their personal women and children. At the time of their deaths last weekend, Pinky Tillett and Arthur Young were vaunted gang leaders, or dons, inside the George Street and Taylor’s Alley gangs, respectively.

From The Publisher
One of the things that Odinga Lumumba, may he rest in peace, taught me was always to look for the British. It’s not as easy as you may think, because the British are so diplomatic in their approach and almost always understated in their execution. By contrast, the Americans, who are the other major players in Belize, tend to be showy, even flamboyant. Lumumba, as compared to me, had a specific knowledge of the British because he had been sent to London, England just months before Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Lumumba spent eight years in London before he visited Belize shortly after the UBAD movement had begun in early 1969. During that time in London, to which he returned in September of 1969, Odinga had been active with the British version of the Black Panthers. During the 1970s, Odinga converted to Islam and took up residence in West Africa, Ghana and Mali to be specific, and this is an area where the British are active and involved. So that, the adult Lumumba saw how the British operated in their former colonial territories. My personal story was quite different from Lumumba’s.


Sour Sop, Guanabana, Graviola, Guanaba: My Brush with Fame and Fortune
I posed the question last week to my faithful readers: what the heck is this fruit? The Spanish-only speaking gentleman at the fruit stand seemed to be indicating that it is delicious (smiling and the Mmmmm sound needs no translation.) Once IDed as soursop, I popped it in the refrigerator and got ready for eating. And once sliced open, I am totally hooked on this flavor. So much so that I even "friended" Guanaba Soursop Graviola on Facebook (and stole a bunch of their gorgeous pictures in the Soursop fields of Costa Rica). I can now count this fruit as one of my 910 best friends in the whole world. Let me run this by Eileen, co-owner of D and E's Custard Shop on Middle Street in town. She laughed in my face. Soursop is one of the popular flavors in her parlor. She makes the flavoring with the fresh fruit every year. What are you going to invent next, Scoop? (Her look said.) Chocolate? And walking home, I realized that the other ice cream shops got the memo too. Though with a slightly different spelling. And Celi's Deli (home to the best johnny cakes in town)... Whatever. Who wants to be the SourSop Queen anyway? Back to the drawing board. If you are on facebook and want to see some really great pictures, become friends with Guanaba Soursop Graviola. It is a grower of the soursop fruit in Costa Rica.

Restaurant Review: D's Diner Belize City
There are many places in Belize City that have great food. Local, Latin, Chinese, Indian (Hindu) and Caribbean flavors. And everyone has their place that they eat certain days of the week depending on what is on speacial. One such place that many many people enjoy going to time and time again is D's Diner. D's Diner is a very comfortable open deck diner specializing in local Rice & Beans and Stew Beans & White Rice meals with a variety of sides from shake & bake chicken to stew chicken, beef, pork, and curry chicken as it's on the menu daily as well as Beef Soup, Chicken Soup, Tipsy Cake, Chocolate Cake and Bread Pudding (dessert), & Conch Soup (seasonal). D's Diner is located on the corner of Princess Margret Drive and Coney Drive in Belize city. Not sure where that is? It is Right across from the east end of the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital, the MAIN hospital in Belize City. It's most definietly worth a try! Austin is usually seen sitting at his favorite table and talking to the customers joking around and making you feel 100% like family instead of customer. The food is priced low and the servings are healthy...I was full halfway through my meal but forced myself to eat everything including Bread Pudding for The way I see it you can't waste good food.

Jada's Cheese Cake
The first time I had cheese cake was after I came to America. That cheese cake was made with eggs and sugar, but no condensed milk. I decided to make is more Belizean by making it with sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice. This cheese cake is so simple to make that it doesn't even involve baking.

Tambo the Tapir Book Launch Yesterday
The Belize Zoo is celebrating World Tapir Day today, and they are having the Tambo the Tapir book launch. There was fun for the entire family. They had skydivers too.

Downtown San Ignacio Refurbishment Project
Plus TV has a video interviewing those dealing with the downtown projects on Burns Avenue and at the future Welcome Center.

National Agriculture & Trade Show started yesterday
Agric startedm yesterday, and goes through Sunday. The overall theme is, "Agriculture creating greater business opportunities, a healthier population and a more robust ecomomy ." Nice! Congratulations once more to the Farmers of the Year. There will be after parties every night at various locations. Check out the Cayo Event Calendar for more details.

BETEX Pictures from NICH
The Museum of Belize has posted some more BETEX pictures. NICH's display really looks well done. Way to shine, guys.

1st Ariel Rosado Bike Ride Today
The 1st Annual Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation Bike Ride is tomorrow. "Now, the Foundation is embarking on its 'signature event', which 'will be an annual bicycle ride from Santa Elena-San Ignacio to Belize City via the Boom By-Pass with a stop in Belmopan. The annual ride will take place on the third Saturday after the Cross Country Cycling Classic.' This year’s inaugural ride therefore will be on Saturday, April 28."

SHJC Open Day Scholarship Winners
Congratulations go out to Ebonique Pineda of SHC and Kelly Gentle of St. Ignatius for winning scholarships to SHJC. SHJC had a raffle for their Open Day, and those 2 lucky students won. Study hard!

Happy Birthday Captain Ramsay!Today is the birthday of everybody’s favorite – Captain Ramsay. Ramsay or (Puss as many locals like to call him) has been part of the Raggamuffin crew for what seems like forever (8 years) and we are eternally grateful for his presence. Ramsay brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to the crew and still does whilst balancing that with his love for people and sailing! Rams is rarely parted with Ragga Queen, as one of Raggamuffin’s more experienced Captains, they are a match made in heaven as Queen requires the additional attention! For the management team, Ramsay is still brought into many of the major decisions as his opinion is so well regarded – thank you Rams! Aside from the Raggamuffin office, Ramsay can be seen at various establishments around the island – nothing less than the Split and the Sports Bar – as being Triva Master or even taking part in the trivia competitions is one of his favorite past-times – not to mention that Ramsay is one of the most social members of the Caye Caulker community! But today, he has the day off from work and so he should – if you want to see Ramsay, come to the Split and buy him a beer – from there … who knows!!

International Sources

AccuWeather's 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecasts
AccuWeather's 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecasts 12 named tropical storms, five named hurricanes and two major hurricanes. The 2012 hurricane forecast is near-normal for the Atlantic Basin. Potential Impact This Year Predicting exactly where storms will make landfall in the U.S. would be extremely difficult, but there are some indications of areas where storms may brew and coasts that may be vulnerable based on weather patterns anticipated this summer. "Home-grown" storms in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, near the U.S. Coast, are a possibility this year. "Fronts coming down during June and July could cause energy to break off and develop tropically," Paul Pastelok, lead long-range forecaster, said. "Another big storm is possible for the East Coast with heavy, flooding rain," Pastelok added. "With a ridge [of high pressure] over the Rockies and a trough [of low pressure] over the Great Lakes and Appalachians, the East Coast will be open for a hit [this summer]. Of course, this depends on where the storms form."

Belize Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2012 Report
Defining the economic contribution of Travel & Tourism Travel & Tourism is an important economic activity in most countries around the world. As well as its direct economic impact, the industry has significant indirect and induced impacts. The UN Statistics Division-approved Tourism Satellite Accounting methodology (TSA:RMF 2008) quantifies only the direct contribution of Travel & Tourism. But WTTC recognises that Travel & Tourism's total contribution is much greater, and aims to capture its indirect and induced impacts through its annual research.

Placencia, Belize: The Beach Town That's Easier Than Ever To Get To
The tiny plane rocked on the wind currents as it approached the landing strip…just a rutted dirt lane that stretched like a ribbon through a cleared spot in the jungle. As we circled just offshore and narrowed in on this target, all we could see behind us was the neon-blue waters of the Caribbean. Breathtaking. Finally, with wheels safely on the ground we pummeled forward in a cloud of dust to the terminal…a wooden lean-to with a crooked radio antenna perched precariously on top. On this, my second trip to Belize, in 1980, I’d come to dive the world’s second largest barrier reef, just offshore the small towns of Seine Bight and Placencia in southern Belize. Flying by tiny sea plane was the easiest and fastest way to get here…as the dirt road from Belize City was perilously rutted and would take an entire day (if you were lucky and popped only one tire). In 1980, there were but a sprinkling of hotels to choose from, and only a few small restaurants serving local specialties like stewed fish or chicken, and of course, Belize’s famous beans and rice, made with a healthy dose of coconut milk. Bicycles were the preferred mode of transportation up and down the one dusty road that paralleled the water. You could get a Belikin beer at a shack along the road…sometimes cold, if the iceman had cometh earlier that day. If not, opt for a rum punch, made with fresh fruit juice. Reggae played and hips swayed until a couple of hours after dark when everyone retired to sleep with windows open in hopes of catching a bit of that luxurious sea breeze. Today…for better or for worse…little Placencia has changed. The airstrip is paved and the terminal buildings boast air conditioning and modern communication equipment. It’s safer and easier than ever to get here…including by road. The highway is paved all the way from Belize City and along the peninsula itself. There are a string of small boutique hotels along the shoreline (including one owned by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola) and they serve gourmet meals (Thai, Chinese, sushi…) and cocktail confections of all kinds. Want a bottle of Dom Perignon? You can get it now in Placencia.

April 27, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Government of Belize and United Nations sign United Nations Development Assistance Framework
The II United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) was signed by Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Belize’s Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs and United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Belize, Mr. Roberto Valent, at a brief ceremony in Belize City. The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2013-2016 was developed through a consultative and collaborative effort of the United Nations System (UNS) in Belize, Government of Belize (GoB) institutions, Civil Society and Development Partners. The Belize UNDAF constitutes the framework of reference for the collaborative actions of the entire UN system in Belize and is anchored to the National Development vision and priorities of the Government of Belize as outlined in Horizon 2030, as well as in other national sector plans, policies and strategies.

Update on recent tourist deaths on Ambergris Caye
On Tuesday, April 3rd a snorkeling trip ended in tragedy when two tourists lost their lives while snorkeling at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As we reported on the incident in our article ‘Two drown in snorkeling accident‘, several questions remained as to whether anyone was at fault and or in fact would be charged for the terrible incident. American national 54 year old Roger Burger and Italian national Zyihe Florencia both lost their lives that day due to the tragic events. Post mortems were conducted on the bodies on Wednesday April 4th at 1PM where the causes of death were listed as Asphyxia due to drowning. Canadian found dead in SP In regards to the death of 51 year old Jan Peter Sol, a Canadian National vacationing in the country, the case has been closed. According to San Pedro Police, Dr. Estradaban, Chief Pathologists ruled out any suspicion of foul play.

Past BTB Director Tracy Panton appointed CEO of Ministry of Tourism
Mrs. Tracy Panton has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Mrs. Panton was a prominent figure in the Tourism Industry prior to this appointment having spent 12 years as the Director of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) up until 2009. Now, three years later, she is back, taking the reins as the CEO in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. In speaking of her appointment, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Manuel Heredia Jr commented, “Tracy has a wealth of experience in the industry. I personally had an extremely good relationship with Tracy when she was my director. I for one did not want her to resign but you know, I have a board and I respect my board and when they decided to release her, well I had to do so.

Saca Chispas Project awaiting National Assembly ratification
Since 2009, there have been several debates over the controversial Saca Chispas boardwalk and Water Taxi Terminal project proposed for the fishing dock lagoon side of San Pedro. The project has the full support of the Area Representative and Minister of Tourism Hon Manuel Heredia and several key stakeholders in the tourism industry. Just before the general elections in March 2012, it was announced that the project was scheduled to proceed in April. As it stands now, the project is awaiting ratification from the National Assembly before work starts.

Ambergris Today

Video Pick: Belize in Ellen's Global Dance Dare
Well, check this out! Ellen Degeneres of the Ellen talk show has this Global Dance Dares which has people dancing behind unsuspecting people in public. And guess what? There was an entry from Belize, but it was captioned as being in Guatemala. Too bad for the mistake because it is clear that Breanne was dancing at Central Park here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Belize Pursues ‘Mundo Maya Games’ Project
“The Mundo Maya Games Project is planned to be a series of sports that will be hosted in the five different countries simultaneously, giving all of us the ability to attract visitors interested in seeing the different sport events,” said Gonzalez. “I think the meeting was quite successful and the President of the Mundo Maya Organization certainly likes the idea.”

Misc Belizean Sources

BETEX Highlight pictures
The Belize Tourism Industry Association got some great pictures from the opening night of BETEX. Looks like they had quite a turnout, from businesses and customers.

“The Economic History of Belize” book launch
"The Economic History of Belize," written by Barbara and Victoria Bulmer- Thomas, had its launch yesterday to coincide with Book Week. Plus TV interviewed the president of the Belize Book Industry Association. Happy Book Week! "I believe it is an important book because it presents the economic history of Belize. We always hear about the history of Belize, but we never see an economic view of the history of Belize, which takes into account everything that has happened in the context of history and geography and I think that’s why it is important. It presents the facts eloquently and in a simple way, so it is a book that is accessible to students and to the general public."

World Tapir Day at Belize Zoo
Everyone is invited to a magical event tomorrow at the Belize Zoo! Starting at 10:00am they will be celebrating World Tapir Day, and April the Tapi's birthday. It's her 29th, by the way. There will be games and eco-activities for kids, a special cultural performance by the Ugundani Dance Group, and Skydivers! There will also be a book launch: "Tambo the Tapir Tells His Tale." "In the early days of The Belize Zoo, scores of people were unfamiliar with the National Animal of Belize. And many people believed that they were dangerous animals. It was a common myth that the Central American tapir could 'skin a man alive with its flexible nose'…..April the tapir helped her species in a huge way by erasing this myth from our animal-perspective outlooks. She has met thousands of adults and children and has never skinned anyone alive with her flexible nose. If the old girl could talk, she would tell visitors that her flexible snout is used to pull leaves from trees in order to keep her big body happily filled up with greens."

Mega Bingo Results

Trapped Crocodiles to be Rescued
ACES needs donations to complete a wildlife sanctuary on Ambergris Caye to help wildlife in need like these trapped crocodiles. With such a facility in place ACES, would respond to all wildlife calls and see that the rescued animals are quickly and safely transported to the appropriate permitted facility on the mainland that can help them.

Pre-Agric Parties Dominate Belmopan
Happy Agric Weekend to everyone! There won't be a shortage of good times this weekend in Belmopan as virtually every club celebrates Agric weekend. La Cabana, the Wing Stop, the Junction, and E & L Sports Bar all have dances.

TAS Belize's Tell A Story Thursday episode 7
This week, Mervin Budram, the owner of TAS Belize, talks about why Tell A Story Thursday exists. He gives a great explanation. Here's to all the young entrepreneurs out there!

Feed the Children Fashion Show is Saturday
Danny Chung took some promo photos for Cornerstone Foundation's Feed the Children Fashion Show. They were taken at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, and their Bedran Hall is where the show will be held. Great promo shots there, Danny!

A remarkable art exhibition to be opened in Belize: “The Fire’s Rest”
The Embassy of Mexico invites the public to the opening of the contemporary art exhibition “The Fire’s Rest” by Mexican artist Arturo Valencia, on Thursday, April 26th, at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City. This remarkable exhibition is the result of the plastic work produced by Arturo Valencia-Ruiz for the past three years. It will tour different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in the upcoming months and Belize was chosen as the first country for this exhibition. Arturo Valencia’s research is centered in exploring different raw materials within the painting tradition. For him, artistic materials intervene in communicating reflections or memories to the viewer in relation with vital aspects of the human being that in this proposal are represented by wood and iron.

BEL Statement Regarding BEWU Demonstration
Earlier today, approximately 30 employees of the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) staged a public demonstration in front of the headquarters of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). BEL advises that prior to this course of action, the BEWU Executive did not provide Management with any communication requesting a meeting aimed at discussing any concerns of the Union. Management was therefore unaware of what triggered the public demonstration. In a letter this morning, Management invited the Union Executives to a meeting to discuss their concerns instead of their planned course of action. Unfortunately, the President of the Union refused to accept the letter citing that he would do so after the demonstration.

Channel 7

PROFILE: Dr. Leroy Almendarez
Tonight's I am Belize profile is about Dr. Leroy Almendarez - a Stann Creek Valley boy who grew up with his grandmother after his parents abandoned him. He grew up poor - and went from relative to relative until he re-united with his parents as an 18 year old - and the first thing he had to do was find a way to forgive his mother for leaving him. Here's his story:..

Lovaboy In Town
Acclaimed Punta Rock performer LOVABOY is in Belize tonight. He's preparing to perform at the National Agricultural Show this weekend, but he's also promoting a new album - and today he told us about it:.. Lovaboy, artist "You already know that prince Lova is here and I am here on the Punta Mania tour." Monica Bodden "Tell us a little bit about the tour?" Lovaboy, artist "The tour will kick off about a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles and Chicago and now of course of Love Entertainment we are here to mash up the show grounds on the main stage." "The tour is to support my brand new album that I am holding in my hands. This tour is to support this project. I am very happy and excited." Monica Bodden "Tell us about the new album?" Lovaboy, artist "The name of the album is Punta Mania.

The funeral for Shelton Pinky Tillett was held this afternoon at St. John's Cathedral in Belize City. The news is that it went without incident - as with any other funeral, there was great sadness, but there was also palpable tension. But, again, nothing happened. The hearse was followed by a huge procession of George Street Loyalists, family and friends. They proceeded to Lord's Ridge Cemetery - where he was buried in a family plot - above his brother Dean Tillett who was killed in 2009.

And while the boss of George Street has been laid to rest, the city's other gang boss who was killed over the weekend - Arthur Young will be cremated. According to reports, that is the choice of his family - who has also decided against a wake and a public funeral. The date for his cremation is not known - but it is private. His post mortem was conducted yesterday - and according to police, he died from, quote, "the certified cause of death was Internal and external bleeding due to gunshot wounds to the chest."

Last night, we told you about Jermaine "Horse" Garnett's alleged shooter, Gion Bernard being taken to Magistrate's Court. Well, today, it's his family that went to court: they had the misfortune to occupy the family home where he stashed the gun allegedly used in the shooting. According to police, while investigating Bernard for attempted murder, they received information that his gun was located at his family's home at #34-B Castle Street. As a result, they searched the house yesterday at 11:35 a.m. and they discovered a chrome and black 9mm Sig Sauer Pistol along with five live rounds of .380 ammunition inside. Police say that Nurse Judith Rocke and her son, Michael Herrera Jr. were both present at the time of the search, and as a result, they were arrested and charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and keeping unlicensed ammunition.

Thirty BEL Employees took their lunch hour off today to protest against the company. Government took over in June of last year - but now, the Belize Energy Workers Union is saying CEO Jeffrey Locke has to go. We found out what's behind the push from the union - when we stopped in at the picket line:.. Jules Vasquez reporting 30 BEL workers including a good number of linemen walked the picket line through their lunch hour today in front of the company's corporate headquarters at mile one on the Northern Highway. There are many issues - in fact there is a six point list of demands - but the flashpoint issue is the termination of three linesmen - without due notice the Union says - and now they want them reinstated.

This afternoon - BEL's Corporate Secretary Dawn Sampson Nunez agreed to discuss the issues raised by the union. She says they have tried to enter into talks but they were rebuffed. Here's why she says BEL is not to blame:.. Dawn Sampson Nunez, BEL's Corporate Secretary "The employees that you saw out there today, I think there were approximately 30 or so members of the Belize Energy Workers Union - we do not discard any concerns that they have. At the end of the day it's a large company, we have approximately 270 or so employees. In a large organization like this, you are going to make decisions that some people are happy with and other employees are not happy with. That is expected." "What we expect though is that when we have differences - when we do not agree in relation to the operations we expect that proper procedures will be followed. We expect that we would be given an opportunity to properly address any concerns and I can tell you in this case that the union prior to the demonstration today and even now up to the time of this interview has not approach BEL; has not approach the management of this company to say can we sit and wait and address our concerns, these are our concerns, these are our issues, can we sit and meet with you to resolved the matters. We are very disappointed from our perspective."

The search at sea continues for the three missing fishermen of Sartaneja village. On last night's newscast we told you about 49 year old Silvero Tepaz, 50 year old Teobaldo Tepaz and 20 year old Mejadi Tepaz who went missing out at sea sometime over the weekend. The men were last heard from on Friday and were supposed to make their way to Belize City by Saturday midnight. Their vessel which is named Lucerito was spotted near the northwestern tip of Glovers Reef and was submerged in water. None of the fishermen has been found as yet. If you have any information, please call the nearest police station.

On November of 2010, it hit the headlines of all the media houses when 5 law enforcement officers were implicated in the landing of the Colombian drug plane which netted a massive bust of 5704 pounds of cocaine. Well, one officer who was not implicated in the landing of the plane, but named in a wider investigation, was acquitted late yesterday. Corporal Vidal Cahun was released from the charges of keeping an unlicensed firearm and unlicensed ammunition when his trial ended before the Stann Creek Magistrate, Edd P. Usher. Corporal Cahun was accused of carrying and using a 9mm pistol with 10 live rounds for which the police department did not give him a license. In his trial, the police officer who manages the firearms database at the police headquarters in Belmopan, testified for the prosecution saying that Cahun had no license for the pistol he was using.

Yesterday, two illegal loggers were caught in the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. Security forces, park wardens from the Institute of Archaeology and Chiquibul National Park Rangers detained the pair. This came after weeks of hearing the sound of chainsaws around the vicinity of the Caracol - which is five miles inside Belize. The operation was conducted at night when several chainsaws were rattling away - by the time the security team arrived on location under the shadow of darkness, two men were apprehended and one escaped. They had a 33 inch Stihl chainsaw, measuring tape and machine oil. They gave their names as 19 year old Cruz Milian and 26 year old Miguel Angel Sandoval from the village of La Rejoya, Peten, Guatemala. Both were taken to the San Ignacio police station where they are expected to be charged for illegal entry, illegal logging and resisting arrest.

On Tuesday we told you about Luis Valladarez, a 23 year old painter who was killed in the San Martin Area over the weekend. He was with friends early Sunday morning when sources say he got into an argument with a group of men. As he left for home, they followed him with a machete and chopped him to the top of his head, the left side of his face and behind his neck. Police then detained Leonardo Sacareas- an alleged gang affiliate - who was arraigned in court, but it did not end there. Police HAVE ALSO arrested and charged Oscar Cuello, a 23 year old of San Martin Road for the murder of Luis Valladarez.

Turning now to some lighter news - the ninth annual Belize Tourism Expo opened today at the Princess Hotel and Casino. It's good news because, this year - tourism numbers are up sharply. Call it the Mayan Apocalypse bump, or purposeful marketing - but when we visited BETX 2012 today we found not too many reason to complain. Here's the report:.. Jim Scott - President BTIA "Are we ready? Buenos dias." Applause Jules Vasquez reporting And with that, BTEX 2012 was officially opened. If you don't know what BETEX is, don't feel left out most folks outside the industry don't and that's because it's an tourism trade show held in Belize for foreign buyers. Now there are trade shows like this all over the world - but BETEX is Belize's attempt to get a home court advantage: Jim Scott - President BTIA "We are home. Where better can you promote your product? Where better can you promote your culture and your destination than at home?"

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is leaving the country on Sunday. The PM will be away for a week accompanying his wife Kim Simplis Barrow as she goes for another round of radiation therapy for breast cancer. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act in his absence.

This morning the Minister of Works signed a contract with CISCO Construction Ltd. for what's known as the Fourth Road Project in Cayo. This project is divided into four phases, and these include the upgrading of Loma Luz Boulevard; a massive new bridge crossing the Macal River, the construction of a new by-pass, and the rehabilitation of Joseph Andrews Drive. CISCO Construction Ltd was the successful bidder for this project, and at the signing today, John Woods enthused about the project. John Woods, CISCO Construction Ltd. "We are grateful to have won the contract. We are grateful to have won it by a large amount of money. We were quite a bit lower than anybody else. So we are saving the country money and we are grateful to be involved in this - putting people to work." "To be awarded this contract - our big deal in the 80s was to do the road between San Ignacio and the border and this will be our first return since then. The big thing about this job is that it's very labour intensive, so we should be able to put lot of people in the area to work." "That is gratifying because the money instead of going into fuel or equipment - goes into people's pocket so they can feed their kids and have a better life."

Rowan Garel is only 13 years old, but he has already climbed Victoria Peak and now plans to walk across Belize. Those are difficult feats for anyone, but the most remarkable part for this standard six student's is that he has been blind from birth. The thirteen year old along with his father Joe is planning a 90 mile walk from Melchor to Belize City. The goal is to raise $90,000 for BCVI and summer camps for visually impaired children in Belize. It's not an easy road he's choosing to walk, but remarkable Rowan told us that once he puts his mind to it, he can do anything. Joe Garel, Father "We are trying to get some awareness for BCVI for the work that they do and at the same time raise some funds as Rowan mentioned they have lost quite a bit of funds over the last couple of years from agencies pulling out of the Caribbean and finding other places more in need than they think Belize is. We are trying to see if we can help fill that gap." Rowan Garel "My dad and I was just talking about things that we could do and he said how about a walk across Belize and I'm like ok, it's kind of interesting." "We want to set it up in such a way that we arrive in Belize City for the opening of summer camp. This is not something that only my dad and I will do, it's like anyone can join in and if you want you can pitch in a little donation because we really need the funds."

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B.E.L. Union Protest firing of workers; C.E.O. must go
Signs that there is trouble between management and union members of the state owned Belize Electricity Limited, surfaced today. A representative number of members of the Belize Electricity Workers Union staged a protest at mid-day in front of the corporate offices of the utility company on the Northern Highway. The BEWU president read a list ...

Dying man named suspects to his murder
Charges have been levied in connection with the murder of twenty-eight year old Luis Valladarez, which occurred in San Martin, Belmopan on Sunday. Valladarez was involved in an altercation with a group of men, who left the area but two of them returned with machetes and attacked him. He died from large chop wounds on [...]

Massive hunt for 3 missing fishermen
It is now five days since the family of three Sarteneja fishermen last heard from them. Forty-nine year old Silverio Tepaz, his brother fifty year old Teobaldo Tepaz and nephew twenty year old Mijari Tepaz left for a fishing trip on April twelfth and are now lost at sea. They had been contacting their families [...]

Arthur Young died from 3 accidental gunshots?
The funeral of Shelton “Pinky” Tillett took place this afternoon and in anticipation of any violence, police and B.D.F. are on full alert throughout the city and particularly in the George Street area. Meanwhile, the results of the post mortem on Taylor’s Alley Gang leader, Arthur Young, who was believed to have killed Pinky, have [...]

New Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop
A new Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop will be ordained early next month. He is Father Christopher Glancy; originally from Illinois, U.S.A. Father Glancy moved to Belize in 1998 and has done significant work with the Catholic Mission in Corozal. His appointment was announced by the Vatican in February while he was away in Chicago. But [...]

Justice Samuel Awich elevated to Appeals Court
No formal announcement has been made, as is usual in the circumstances, in respect of the elevation of Justice Samuel Awich to the Court of Appeal. But from what we gather, Awich’s appointment was formalized this past Tuesday. His new contract is for a two year period. The previous contract as a Supreme Court Judge [...]

Millions of dollars in illegal extractions at Caracol
Two Guatemalans will be facing charges of illegal entry into the country and into a national park, illegal logging and resisting arrest. On Wednesday, a special patrol conducted in the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, discovered the two men conducting illegal logging operations. According to a press release from the Friends for Conservation and Development, in recent [...]

Gunman’s mother busted for Firearm
South Side gangster, thirty year old Jermaine “Horse” Garnett Senior was shot on the left shoulder shortly before five o’clock on Tuesday evening. Within an hour, the suspected gunman, twenty-seven year old Gion “Gizmo” Bernard, was in police custody. He was charged on Wednesday for the Attempted Murder of Garnett, but he is also facing [...]

Police Corporal Vidal Cajun vindicated of weapon’s charge
Police Corporal, Vidal Cajun, who was charged for keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition in November 2010, was acquitted in the Stann Creek Magistrate’s Court late Wednesday evening. Cajun was attached to the Independence Police Station down south when he was arrested for a nine millimeter pistol and ten rounds of ammunition that the Police [...]

BETEX; Big Tourism Show of the Year
The Belize Tourism Industry Association is staging its biggest show for the year, hoping to grow tourism numbers. The event has attracted international travel agents and writers, who attended a marketplace day at the Princess Hotel today. New and established tourism stakeholders are taking the opportunity to network and promote the Belizean product. News Five’s [...]

PM joins wife in US for medical treatment
The Office of the Prime Minister announced today that PM Dean Barrow will be away for a week beginning this coming Sunday. He returns on May sixth from Miami where his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow, will be receiving further treatment for breast cancer. While he is away, the DPM Gaspar Vega will act as prime [...]

Her ex, a cop, won’t stop harassing her
A Belize City mother came to us in December 2011, desperately seeking assistance because her ex-boyfriend, a senior police officer, had been harassing her since they broke up. Following that story, a restraining order granted to Crystal Allen was amended from two feet to a hundred feet of protection. But she claims that hasn’t stopped [...]

Channel 5 to air fashion show featuring a Belizean
Mission Catwalk; it’s the fashion designer reality series that is taking the Caribbean by storm. Designers from the islands of Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Belize and Guyana are competing for the opportunity to show at London Fashion Week 2012 and other prizes worth three million Jamaican dollars or some seventy thousand Belize dollars. Since [...]

Free music for all, free food and clothes for homeless
Society has placed emphasis on the gang warfare, but the situation of the homeless has taken a back seat. One local musician has made the cause of the homeless his own. Reality Youth is known for his whiplashing dancehall lyrics that chastise residents from the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah to Belize City. This time around, [...]

Healthy Living examines liver diseases
Poor lifestyle choices are continuously wreaking havoc on our bodies. Whether it is uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity or your vice is excessive alcohol drinking, your body may not show the outward effects immediately. Fatty Liver disease is one effect of these poor choices. It is an asymptomatic condition that can be reversed; however, if [...]

Cop questioned about gang slaying
There is a major development to report tonight on the murder of Peter “Jam Boy” Flowers that occurred on Caesar Ridge Road on Saturday afternoon. And that is that a police officer is under question but his name will not be released because he has not been charged with the crime. The officer is suspected [...]

Video shows suspect tried to shoot SSG but gun failed
As we reported on Tuesday, Jermaine “Horse” Garnett, a South Side Gangster, was shot on Freetown Road on Tuesday afternoon. One bullet found its mark on Garnett who was in a Landcruiser near the Freetown Drugstore waiting for his wife who was inside the drug store. A suspect was charged this afternoon. News Five’s Jose [...]

Hattieville villager’s 4 counts including murder
And in respect of a previous murder, a Hattieville resident is facing four criminal charges for allegedly killing a fellow villager and injuring a ten year old boy. The suspect is twenty-two year old Allan Sommerville, who was charged late Tuesday evening for the Murder of thirty-two year old Eleno Requeña as well as Attempted [...]

3 Sarteneja Fishermen lost at Sea
Three Corozal fishermen have been missing for four days and their family now fears the worst. According to relatives, forty-nine year old Silverio Tepaz, fifty year old Teobaldo Tepaz and twenty year old Mejadi Tepaz left Sarteneja Village by road on April twelfth and headed to Mango Creek where their boat was moored. They went [...]

Guatemalan Claim discussed in Washington
With national elections now behind in both Belize and Guatemala, the first round of discussions on a timeline for a referendum in respect of the territorial dispute will take place later this week. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington earlier today departed for Washington where a ministerial meeting will take place with Guatemalan Foreign Minister [...]

Plans for new City Centre is also dilapidated
The Belize City Center was decommissioned by the National Sports Council in August 2010 because of its dilapidating condition. Years of deterioration caused the facility’s structural integrity to be compromised. Following the closure, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, upon his return from an official visit to Mexico in November 2011, announced that President Felipe Calderon had [...]

The cost of housing inmates at the Central Prison
With the number of unsolved crimes, you’d be surprised by the population of the Belize Central Prison, which is run by the Kolbe Foundation. On this week’s Dickie Bradley Special, Kolbe C.E.O. John Woods and the Superintendent of the Prison Taheera Ahmad, appeared as guests. They discussed a number of issues on the handling of [...]

Dangriga resident needs life saving medical treatment
A young man in Dangriga Town has been suffering from a huge tumor for almost four years and he desperately needs help to seek medical attention abroad. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, Joselyn Paulino has been unable to walk in recent months. The family has exhausted a number of avenues and unable to [...]

Found Art; fantastic creations at the Mexican Institute
A Mexican artist is staging an exhibition in Belize as part of an international tour. He uses ordinary and sometimes discarded material such as wood and iron to stimulate reflection of everyday life. It took years for Arturo Valencia to put together the display and it is occupying the entire Mexican Institute. News Five’s Jose [...]

Economic History of Belize; From 17th Century to Post-Independence
As part of book week activities, an important piece of literature was launched today. It’s “The Economic History of Belize; From the Seventeenth Century to Post-Independence” authored by Victor and Barbara Bulmer-Thomas. The book takes an in dept look at Belize’s economical development over three and half centuries and offers and understanding of the failures [...]

Who will win $10,000 and title of KTV Latino Champ?
The final round of competition in KTV Latino season three was held on Tuesday night at the Bliss. Four finalists took the stage for one last chance to prove that they are worthy of the title of KTV Latino Champion, the ten thousand dollar grand prize and the bragging rights of the top Latino singer [...]


Thursday, April 26 - POLICE NEWS
Two people have been arrested on firearms charges. They are Michael Herrera Junior and Judith Roche. According to police reports, authorities conducted a search of a home at number 34-B Castle Street in Belize City, which led to the discovery of a nine millimeter pistol and...

This past Saturday the Belize Audubon Society held its fourth annual walk for a green Belize as a part of the celebrations of Earth Day. Dirk Francisco - Publicity Coordinator Belize Audubon Society “The cleanup campaign began at six o’clock a.m. and had ...

Belizean Punta Sensation Lova Boy is in the country and he arrives with a new clothing line and a new album after embarking in his new tour which has presented in Los Angeles and Chicago. His plane touched down at around 10:30 this morning at the Phillip Goldson International Air...

The Ministry of Education is about to wrap up a seven month training for teachers in an effort to dispel the negative attitude towards Math and to help them deliver better in the classroom. The teachers hail from 12 primary schools in the Belize District and their engagement toda...

The Belize Tourism Expo is being held in the King’s Room of the Princess Hotel. This exposition that occurs every two years is looking to garner a bigger flow of tourists with its Maya 2012 theme. This morning Minister of Tourism and Culture, Manuel Heredia and Presid...

Members of the Belize Workers Union today participated in a demonstration in front of BEL’s headquarters. Reporter Marion Ali reporting… “The unrelenting midday sun did not hinder members from the Belize Energy Workers Union from protesting t...


The Hunt For Ivan Tun Continues
Tonight Ivan Tun, a resident from the Corozal District, wanted for the murder of 17 year old Aiden Perez, is still on the run and police are nowhere close to capturing him. When we spoke to Corozal Police today we were informed that the manhunt for Tun, who is considered armed and dangerous, continues. It is believed that Tun could be hiding somewhere in the Village of Santa Clara or in San Pedro Town. On Tuesday night Aiden Perez, his cousin Kareem Jones and a group of friends were hanging out at the residence of one Raymond Jones located on Mahogany Street in the Halls Layout Area of Corozal Town when an argument ensued between Kareem Jones and one Sergio Tun who was in the company of a group of young men. Reports are that the argument escalated into a fight between both groups. Witnesses told CTV3 News that during the fight rocks were used as missiles damaging a neighbor’s vehicle.

The Story Of A Man Battling With Cancer
On April 9th we brought you the story of four year old Luis Ramos Cal and five year old Yoselin Motino- two little brave cancer patients who were diagnosed with leukemia at the ages of one and four respectively. On April 23rd hundreds of Orange Walkenos showed their support for Cal, Motino and other cancer patients by participating in the 4th annual cancer walk organized by the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group. Tonight we bring you the story of Bernaldino Cabrera who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Synovial Sarcoma in his right leg back in December 2010. His leg was amputated nine months after but worst news hit Cabrera when he found out that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Here is his story. Hipolito Novelo-Reporting Forty year old Bernaldino Cabrera has been battling cancer for the past two years. In 2008 Cabrera begun experiencing pain in his right leg but thought nothing of it. But when the pain got stronger and the pain killers got weaker, Cabrera sought medical treatment. In December 2010, he was officially diagnosed with synovial sarcoma.

Three Fishermen From Sarteneja Village Lost At Sea, Family Fears The Worst
Tonight three fishermen from the Village of Sarteneja in the Corozal District are lost at sea and their family are expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Fifty nine year old Sylverio Tepaz along with Tiobaldo Tepaz and Mijari Tepaz left home on April 12th to Mango Creek where they boarded their boat and headed out to Southern Belize for fishing. Because the conch season closed earlier this year, the three fishermen were expected back on Saturday night. Today we spoke via phone to one of the men’s relatives, Gloria Cruz, who told us that the last time they heard from the three men was on Friday afternoon when Sylverio called her and told her that the trio was on their way back home. Gloria Cruz, Relative “Ellos salieron de Sarteneja el 12 de abril después del Easter holiday. Ellos viajaron a Mango Creek y allí tomaron su bote y entonces ellos venían trabajando todo el sur. Mi cuñado con su esposa que es mi hermana recibió un mensaje el viernes en la noche diciéndole que iba a legue a Belice el sábado porque le dijeron que iba a cerrar la fecha de caracol el lunes así que él se apresuro para legar a Belice y sábado mi hermana no pudo conseguir comunicación con el todo el sábado. El domingo tampoco y dijimos que vamos a darles un tiempo cómo dijeron que el lunes van a cerrar la cosecha dijimos que ellos él lo más tarde que van a legar Belice pero no sucedió así entonces dijimos que ya está más serio la cosa porque dijimos esto no es nada bueno.”

Alicia Martin A Perfect Candidate For The Unsung Hero Award
The First Caribbean International Bank began piloting their Unsung Heroes Program in 2003 from which they paved a new road for the recognition of outstanding people who do exceptional work in their communities. The public, who is in charge of nominating the individuals, are given the opportunity to shed some light on deserving community members who pledge their lives on the happiness of others. While there are many well known community activists and voluntary workers in Orange Walk Town there are many others who are unspoken of. Here at CTV3 News we decided to market these phenomenal characters as proposed nominees for the Unsung Heroes Program. Janine Ayuso- Reporting Alicia Martin, Coordinator of the House of Mercy is a voluntary worker who extends her work of good deeds wherever possible. Her inspiration is derived from well known Irish nun Catherine McCauley, who is renowned for putting others needs before her own. Following this same path, Martin has devoted her time and efforts, for the past 15 years, to the benefit of the less fortunate.

Converting Your Trash Into Treasure
The Banquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk has been actively hosting workshops since the start of the year. This Friday the house of culture in partnership with JICA, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency will be hosting a Trash to Treasure Workshop. The name of the workshop says it all- participants will learn how to transform their trash into treasure. Sounds interesting right? Well it should be because the workshop will be conducted by JICA volunteer Fukutaro Furusawa who has worked closely with the House of culture in numerous workshops. If you are interested in participating in the workshop then here are the utensils that you will need to take along. Cindy Rivera, Assistant Coordinator BHOC “The trash to treasure it is a project that we are working together with a volunteer from JICA and so we are working together with this project whereby we are going to be making greeting cards and book marks out of recycle paper and he will be teaching us the process how to make recycle paper out of newspaper and all those items and with the end product we will be doing this lovely bookmarks and greeting cards.”

2011/2012 Crop Season On The Right Track
The 2011/2012 crop season is in its 22nd week and so far 42, 030.06 tons of cane has been milled producing a total of 86,764.61 tons of sugar. Sounds good right? Well, it is good news because according to Factory Manager of the Belize Sugar Industries Limited, John Gillett, the 2011/2012 crop season is on the right track. Janine Ayuso- Reporting Sugar accounts for 60% of Belize’s agricultural export and is considered the backbone of the Belizean economy. The product is produced by the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd which is supplied with sugar cane by more than 4000 farmers. Since the beginning of this year’s crop season we have been following the progress of the industry which from all accounts is on the right track. John Gillett, BSI Factory Manager “This week we had a fairly reasonable week it was a cleaning week where we milled 42 thousand tons of cane and today’s position as of this morning is 820,000 tons of cane producing 86,700 tons of sugar.” The quality of the sugar cane is the most important factor when it comes to sugar production. So far there has been good news on the quality of juice purity but there has been a downside on the brix of the first expressed juice, according to BSI Factory Manager John Gillett.

Marketing Belizean Soy Sauce
Over the past two years soy sauce production in the north has been a growing progress. It all started with a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture Central Farm Agro Processing Unit and the Taiwan’s Agricultural Mission. The production of soy sauce has now grown into a woman run project in the north that consists of 8 groups in the Orange Walk District and 10 groups in the Corozal District. The food processing project has come a long way since it first began and the Belizean soy sauce is now a bottled product with the appetizing taste to compliment any dish. Winzie Baeza, Chairperson “Well yes you see the soy sauce is a lengthy process so that in the meanwhile the ladies don’t get bored and frustrated waiting for the soy sauce to mature we decided to ask the ministry and other entities to assist us in other trainings. So we have taken trainings in technical and practical as well.”


Do you feel safer today than you did 4 years ago?
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Belize signs agreements with UN agencies
This morning the signing of the Second United Nations Development Assistance framework for Belize took place at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. The first signing took place in July of 2006. The UNDAF which seeks to provide funding and programs for United Nations resident agencies was signed by Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and United Nations Resident Coordinator in the United Nations Development Program representative to Belize Roberto Gariele Valent. During his remarks Elrington said Cabinet perused the second UNDAF, approved its contents without reservations and gave its unanimous consent for him to sign it. United Nations Resident Coordinator, Roberto Gariele Valent said during his remarks that there will be an investment of thirty four point six million dollars in the UNDAF which is almost triple the indicative figure of the last one which was twelve point four million. He said this is done in the context of an economic crisis that may loom for the next three years. He also spoke about the areas to be covered by this UNDAF. The United Nations heads of agencies, including PAHO, UNFPA and UNICEF also signed the agreement.

New ambassadors present credentials
Two new ambassadors have presented their credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young in Belmopan. They are George B. Reyes, representing the Philippines and Abderrahman Leibek representing Morocco. The presentation of their credentials on Monday at Belize House, both ambassadors expressed their desire to consolidate their countries diplomatic and cultural ties with Belize. In response, the Governor General assured both ambassadors of Belize’s warm welcome and pledge of cooperation for enhanced cultural, diplomatic and political ties.

GOB to upgrade Loma Luz Boulevard
The Government of Belize has secured a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank for the fourth road project to be implemented in the Cayo District. The project is divided into four phases, the upgrading of Loma Luz Boulevard, a new bridge crossing the Macal River, the construction of a new high embankment by-pass and the rehabilitation of Joseph Andrews Drive to the point where it re-connects with the Western Highway. The signing of the construction contract will take place on Thursday. Minister of Works Rene Montero will sign along with the successful bidder Cisco Construction Ltd. The first phase of the project involves the upgrading of Loma Luz Boulevard for one mile to its intersection with Trapiche Road. Work is expected to begin immediately.

Governor General hands out musical instruments
The students of Paraiso Government School in the Corozal District were today the recipients of a donation of musical instruments from the Governor General. Correspondent Arturo Cantun has the details.

Police nab alleged Freetown Road shooter
Police have detained a man in connection with Tuesday evening’s shooting of thirty year old Jermaine Garnett, also known as “Horse”. Garnett, who was driving a white Toyota Land Cruiser, had stopped in front of the Freetown Drug Store, while his female passenger went inside to make a purchase. The wait lasted for several minutes and this gave Garnett’s shooter enough time to pounce. And just before five he did, riding right up beside the vehicle and aiming at Garnett. The gunman fired one shot, after which Garnett is said to have pushed him out of the way to flee. The bullet hit him under the left armpit and the camera picks up the image from this point, with the gunman, riding past the Land Cruiser after he shoots Garnett and Garnett flees to the rear of the vehicle, never running in the direction of the camera. The gunman, dressed in a clear T-shirt, white shorts and white cap, stops momentarily, leans over and fidgets with his hands, perhaps rubbing of the gunpowder, before continuing along Freetown Road towards Barrack Road. Garnett was released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital today, after the bullet missed vital organs and arteries. His family declined to comment on the incident. But the proprietor of the Freetown Drug Store, Raul Acevedo, told Love News on Tuesday evening that he is concerned because the shooting could have left him or any of his family members wounded. Today, 27-year-old Gian Bernard, who lives on Castle Street, was charged with the Attempted Murder of Garnett. In addition, Bernard was charged with Wounding and Use of Deadly Means of Harm. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser remanded him into custody until June eighth.

Reports of passenger bus hold up
It has not made it to the daily police bulletin; but reports reaching the RSV Media Centre suggest that there was an armed hold up of a passenger bus on Monday morning on the Northern Highway. Sources tell Love News that the bus was held up at the Burrel Boom junction on the Northern Highway early on Monday morning as the bus was heading to Belize City. The robbers, who we are told numbered four, reportedly robbed the passengers, including students of their valuables before escaping into the nearby bushes. As we said, the police have not issued any official report of the incident; but we hasten to add, that it could be that no official report has been made to the authorities. Love News will continue to follow this story and bring you more details as they become available.

Sarteneja fishermen missing at sea
The search is underway for three fishermen from Sarteneja Village, Corozal, who have been missing since Saturday. According to Silvano Cob, his brother and brother-in-law, Silverio and Teobaldo Tepaz, and his nephew, Mijari Tepaz, were supposed to arrive in Sarteneja from Turneffe Atolls from Saturday, but have still not shown up. The Cob and Tepaz families of Sarteneja have grown worried because their loved ones are experienced anglers and have never been in this type of situation before. This is why Silvano Cob is looking to you, the general public, to alert someone if you or someone you knows, have seen the men or know where they are. If you know of the whereabouts of the three missing fishermen or have spotted them, you can reach their family at telephone numbers: 600-6286 or 601-2821.

Baby Daniel back home in San Pedro
He has been out of the headlines for months now. But today, Baby Daniel’s transformation into a healthy boy is a testament to the collective goodwill of an entire nation. Love TV’s Maria Novelo reports.


Dirt residue found inside bottle of Fanta
It's never a pleasant feeling to find something foreign in your drink and tonight we have such a report. Plus TV ha...

BEWU workers stage demonstration outside BEL headquarters
Earlier today, approximately 30 employees of the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) staged a public demonstration i...

UB Wellness Fair highlights cancer awareness
The University of Belize held its annual wellness fair today at its Belmopan Central Campus. Each year the universi...

Audubon Society springs Earth Day clean-up campaign
Earth Day is commemorated annually around the world on April 22nd with the objective of continuing to build environ...

Contract Signing for Fourth Road Project
The Government of Belize has secured a Loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for the Fourth Road Project t...

Gun used in shooting found at suspect's home
Police conducted a search at Gion Bernard’s home, #34-B Castle Street, yesterday morning (April 25). When they sear...

Man apparently commits suicide after receiving phone call
A strange scenario unfolded in the village of San Joaquin after a phone call. On April 25, Police visited a scene a...

Corozal men missing after fishing trip
A family is still waiting for their loves one to return from a fishing trip. Joaquina Tepaz, of Sarteneja Village i...

Arthur Young autopsy report revealed
Normally we don’t report on post mortem examinations but we thought this one was important. On April 25 Dr. Mario E...

$14,000 boat goes missing from dock
Abel Guerrero a 74year old, Fisherman of San Pedro Town reported that on 24th April, at 5:00pm he left his 21feet w......

The Guardian

National Security Minister deploys Additional Troops to Belize City
Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, held a press conference at the Belize Biltmore Plaza on Monday, April 23, after an extremely wild weekend in Belize City. The violent weekend started with a shootout between affiliates of the George Street and Taylor’s Alley Gangs on Orange Street. Orlando Reyes, Kevin Peters and Kent Henderson were shot in the exchange. Peters and Henderson did not receive life-threatening injuries however, Reyes was shot in the middle of his chest and attempted to run to safety. He made it all the way to Mike’s Club on Regent Street West before he collapsed and eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Security Forces increase Operations in Belize City
The Ministry of National Security informs the Public of the details of their planned operations in Belize City. With effect from 4 pm yesterday, 23rd April, 2012 the following measures have been taken:

Labor for Belize
May 1 is Labor day and the Belize City council is hoping that more than it just being a holiday observance, the day could be used to beautify Belize City. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the Belize City Council is taking the day to encourage residents to clean up their surroundings. Many organizations and groups have expressed interest in the campaign with the Council, focusing its attention and manpower on the entrance into Belize City at the Northern Highway.

Guatemalan Minister to visit Belize to set referendum date
The ‘Diario de Centro America’, a Guatemalan newspaper has reported that a Guatemalan minister will be visiting Belize shortly to try to arrive at a date for the holding of a referendum on the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

Two Gang Generals killed in One Weekend
The most heated and deadly feud in Belize is that between the gangsters of George Street and Taylor’s Alley. Both groups lost their generals in the past weekend.

Denvoy Domingo walks from Murder Charge
On Monday, April 23, 28-year-old Denvoy Domingo was acquitted of the 2007 murder of 27-year-old Jermaine Smart. On August 29, 2007 Smart, also known as San San, was standing at the entrance of Fuller’s Alley when two men approached him and one opened fire. He was hit multiple times, once to the right ankle, right inner thigh, right elbow, right arm and three times to the back. Police investigations led to the arrest of Domingo.

Dead woman’s Testimony leads to Murder Conviction
Emmerson Eaghan’s sentencing has been adjourned to Friday April 27th after being found guilty of the murder of 35- year-old Dennis Nembhard on Monday April 23rd. Nembhard was killed on June 1, 2009 and Eaghan was charged with his death. Dennis Nembhard, known as “Colored” was shot and killed on Flamboyant Street near Oleander Street.

Premier League enters Second Week of Semi-Finals
The Premier League of Belize commenced its semi-final round in its on-going football competition on Sunday April 22, 2012. In the game played out at the MCC Grounds here in Belize City, the league leading Police United and FC Belize played to a 2-2 draw. The host team, FC Belize, got on the scoreboard first when Jeromy James scored a goal in the 1st minute of play to give his team an early lead. However, that lead was short-lived when Bernard Linarez scored the equalizing goal in the 23rd minute for the Police. The Police then took a 2-1 lead when Ivor Arriola scored a goal in the 30th minute of play. The first half of the game ended 2-1 in favour of the Police. The second and final week of the semi-final round will be played on Saturday April 28, 2012 with two games on the schedule. At the Isidorio Beaton Stadium in Belmopan at 7:30 pm, Police United will see action against FC Belize and at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, also at 7:30 pm, it will be the Belize Defence Force against the Placencia Assassins. According to the Premier League, the playoffs are being played under the Cup System in a home-and-away format and a winner must be decided in this week’s games.

Mirage Lady Rebels outlast Orchid Blazers in Slug fest at the Old Ball Park
The 78th Belize City Female Softball Competition continued on Monday April 23, 2012 at Rogers Stadium between Mirage Lady Rebels and Orchid Blazers. Mirage Lady Rebels scored 3 quick runs in the top of the 1st inning for an early lead. The lead was further increased in the top of the 3rd inning when it added another run for a 4-0 lead. However, Orchid Blazers began its come-back in the bottom of the 4th inning when shortstop, Joline Davis opened the inning with a single to centre field and then advanced to third base on pitcher Nicole Arnold’s single to centre field. Davis later scored on left field Ashley Lucas’ sacrifice bunt.

Bishop Martin to defend National Primary Schools Basketball Title
The 2011-2012 National Primary Schools Basketball Championship is scheduled for Friday November 27, 2012. The championship in both the female and male categories features the champions from all six districts. The schools representing the six districts are as follows: from the Stann Creek District Holy Family RC from Hopkins in both the female and male categories and from the Cayo District Bishop, O.P. Martin RC in both the female and male categories. Bishop O.P. Martin RC boys are the defending male champions. From the Toledo District, P.G. Methodist in both the female and male categories; from the Orange Walk District in female Louisiana Government School; and in male Trial Farm Government School, from the Corozal District in female Corozal Methodist School and male St. Francis Xavier R.C. Representing the Belize District in female will be Belize Rural Primary School and in the male competition Wesley Upper School. The championship is scheduled to commence at 8:45 am with the Official Opening Ceremony at the YWCA Basketball Court. The championship will be declared open by the Hon. Herman Longsworth, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The games will be utilising the Belize City Centre outside court and the YWCA court. The championship games will be played at the Belize City Centre outside court where the Minister of State Hon. Herman Longsworth will present the championship medals and trophies.

Pablo Marin Cycling Classic is set for May 1
The 7th Annual Pabl Marin Cycling Classic is organised by the Corozal Cycling Committee under the regulations of the International Cycling Union and the Belize Cycling Association. The 7th Annual Pablo Marin Cycling Classic is scheduled for Tuesday May 1, 2012. The race for the Open/Masters/U23 riders will commence at 9:30 am from the Miami Beach Area in Corozal Town to the Belize-Chetumal Border return to Orange Walk Town around the Caribbean Tyre Round-about, Northern Highway turning around back to Corozal where the race will concludes at the Miami Beach area. The male race will cover a total distance of 86 miles. Meanwhile, the race for Female, Junior and Youth will also commence at 9:30 am from the Miami Beach area in Corozal Town travels on the Northern Highway to San Pablo then return back to Miami Beach for the finish. This race will cover a distance of 40 miles.

Telemedia maintains lead in Belize City Softball Competition
The Belize City Senior Female Softball Competition continued on Tuesday April 24, 2012, at Rogers Stadium between Telemedia and Hurricanes. Telemedia won the game via the default route as Hurricanes could not field a team at game time. On Sunday April 22, it was Mirage Lady Rebels winning over the Hurricanes also via the default route. On Friday April 20, Mirage Lady Rebels defeated Orchid Blazers by the score of 7-0 in five innings. Mirage Lady Rebels scored all 7 runs on 6 hits, 2 bases-on-balls and a hit batsman. However, the Orchid Blazers defence committed an astounding 6 errors in the game. Of this amount, 5 errors were committed in the bottom of the 1st inning. J.P. Morgan, a leading financial advice agency, is reporting that Belize’s fiscal position for 2012 is sound. In its Latin America and Caribbean Outlook for 2012, the financial agency explains that the restructuring of the Super Bond is inevitable. It states that “any hope that the Barrow administration would reconsider plans to restructure the Super Bond has vanished. Accordingly, attention is now squarely on the shape that such a restructuring will take, rather than if there will be one at all.” It goes on to say that the Debt Review Team “will engage investors to see whether terms that are beneficial to both sides can be negotiated,” adding that it wants to make the restructuring “as amicable as possible.”

Belize’s Financial position strengthens says J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan, a leading financial advice agency, is reporting that Belize’s fiscal position for 2012 is sound. In its Latin America and Caribbean Outlook for 2012, the financial agency explains that the restructuring of the Super Bond is inevitable. It states that “any hope that the Barrow administration would reconsider plans to restructure the Super Bond has vanished. Accordingly, attention is now squarely on the shape that such a restructuring will take, rather than if there will be one at all.” It goes on to say that the Debt Review Team “will engage investors to see whether terms that are beneficial to both sides can be negotiated,” adding that it wants to make the restructuring “as amicable as possible.”

Coming Soon! - Bridge in Santa Elena to replace Hawkesworth
On Thursday April 26th, the Ministry of Works will sign a contract for the upgrading of the Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena. The contract is part of a larger loan agreement between the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of Belize, which will also see the construction of a new bridge that will link Santa Elena and San Ignacio. In total, the CDB will lend Belize US$24.7 million dollars with grant funding of US$249,000. The project will be executed by the Ministry of Works, and will involve the construction of a bypass road around Santa Elena and San Ignacio, upgrading 3.2 kilometers of existing road and the construction of a 1 kilometer of new road as well as a bridge that will span 154 meters across the Macal river. The project is hailed as one, which will decongest downtown San Ignacio and Santa Elena, diverting traffic from the narrow streets of the twin towns.

Three fishermen missing at sea
The fate of three fishermen is uncertain after they are reportedly lost at sea. On Monday, April 23rd, the Belize Coast Guard was alerted to three Sarteneja fishermen, 50-year-old TeobaldoTepaz, 49-year -old SilveroTepaz and 20-year-old MejadiTepaz, who did not arrive in from a fishing expedition on their scheduled time. The men were scheduled to make their way to Belize City by Saturday midnight however, they never did. By Monday, the Coast Guard, along with personnel from the Fisheries Department and family members of the men, began an intense search in the open waters off the coast of Belize. On the evening of Tuesday, April 24, the vessel, a sailboat named Lucerito, was found. It was submerged underwater in an area on the northwestern tip of Glovers Reef. All that was visible was the sailboat’s mast, which was projecting on the water’s surface. Coast Guard personnel conducted dives at the sea and found that the boat’s engine, some drums and other items were missing. It’s not certain what happened with the items but it is possible that they may have washed off in the waters.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Island Stars Female Football Club recruiting new team members
The Island Stars Female Football Club will be starting an open camp program. Any female interested in joining or participating in the program to form a future female football team is invited to attend a Meeting on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm at the Football Field. There will also be a game on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Caye Caulker Football Field at 3:00 pm.

Raffle Fundraiser for Lucy Reyes
The Reyes Family of Caye Caulker is asking the general public for their generous financial assistance in supporting Lucy Reyes as she is to undergo surgery for a tumor on her thigh. Tickets can be obtained for ONLY BZ$10.00 a chance at either Tropical Paradise Hotel or Tropics Hotel in Caye Caulker. From what I can note, there are some fantastic prizes involved!


Yesterday: Neri's Tacos, Wild Mango's and Belikin Cans & Belikin Uniforms
I have always heard that Neri's is the best and since I mentioned them in yesterday's post, it was time to try them. Lucky for me, there are two Neri's in San Pedro. One located closer to the lagoon side in town and a relatively new one, Neri's #2, in the DFC area...just around the block from me. My best directions if you don't know DFC? When you are on the main road about 1.5 miles south of town, look for the signs for Hidden Treasure Restaurant. Make that turn (it's away from the ocean) and ask one of the many walkers or bikers headed to work. Ask them the way to Neri's Tacos. Odds are that they already are carrying a bag of the Neri's with them. They are absolutely addicting. The tortillas are insanely fresh, the chicken filling is rich and salty, fresh chopped onions and the hot sauce is just spicy enough. You will be turned into a breakfast chicken taco will be converted immediately. And get this...the juice is ONE DOLLAR. My choices today were: watermelon, lime, banana, orange and horchata. Fresh juice. I have never seen watermelon juice less than $4bzd anywhere. One catch, it comes in a bag. So you can either have them snip off the corner and drink it that way (it's pretty much all or nothing at that point) or you can bring it home, dump into a glass and enjoy. Both the watermelon and the lime are delicious. Mango's (one of my favorite favorite places) has a fancy new the hanging mangos. As always, the food is delicious. It's my #1 recommended lunch place in town. On my way home, I ran into one of the Belikin/Bowen & Bowen employees. All the delivery men have new uniforms. Upside? They have name tags...I like that since I am horrible at remembering names. Not so good? They dress exactly like the police in town. And they are no longer "color coded". Before, the water guys wore blue thin stripes, soda wore red and beer green.

International Sources

A Renewed Matachica Resort & Spa in Belize
Belize is one of the top dive destinations in Central America, and it has a lot going for it as a destination for Americans. English is commonly spoken, and the prices are easy on the wallet. There’s great fishing and great lobstering in season, and the reef is spectacular. I’ve been there twice, first for a week, and then for two weeks. First we (my girlfriend at the time, now my wife) went down to Placencia for a rambling fishing and exploring vacation–going into the caves, checking out the ancient ruins, lots of stuff. We liked it so much we went down there for our honeymoon and stayed at Francis Ford Coppola’s places–first in the mountains and then back in Placencia at his Turtle Inn. We did a lot of fishing, but Belize is strongly conservation-minded and there are a lot of protections in place for their reef fish–at least in the southern part of the country where we were staying.

From Summits With Presidents To Meeting Primary School Students
DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Brent Symonette at the Summit of the Americas last week alongside other world leaders including US President Barack Obama. Front row, from left to right- Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Jerome Stuart, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, President Obama, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. Back row, from left- Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Winston Baldwin, Mr Symonette, Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernandez and Saint Kitts and Nevis’s Prime Minister Denzil Llewellyn Douglas.

Shore Spelunker Billings Explores Around World
He’s known in Long Beach as the man with his name on the circa-1941 Billings Ace Hardware, but Doug Billings, 47, has a second vocation that few people have heard about — once a year, he travels to Belize as a volunteer cave surveyor and mapper. Billings, who returned last month from his latest trip to South America, said he feels like Indiana Jones as he and a team of cavers explore caverns that have never been seen by humans. “We go deep enough, or dig into openings, that no one has ever been into before,” Billings said. “It’s something, it feels like I’m an astronaut, to be the first person to ever step on that ground.” His team, armed with helmets, ropes, backpacks and machetes (to cut through the jungle), is responsible for mapping caves as well as recovering or taking inventory of archaeological (from Mayan pottery, petroglyphs and sacrificial tools) or biological findings (from human skeletons to new insect species). Because many cave systems in Belize were used by the Mayans as places of worship, Billings’ team regularly finds Mayan artifacts that have been sitting undisturbed for more than a thousand years.

Contaminated red peas confiscated at port
THE Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division (FSPID) recently seized 22.73 metric tonnes of imported red kidney beans (red peas) which has been deemed unfit for consumption The peas, valued at more than $2.6 million which was imported from Belize by a local distributor, were found to contain rodent droppings.

Rebecca Stirm Excels Again on Mission Catwalk
While she didn't win the competition on episode 5 of Mission Catwalk, she did score extremely high. "The top scorers from last week’s challenge chose their group members for this week’s task. Two-time challenge winner Rebecca Stirm of Belize, Janel Jolly of Jamaica and Janelle Forde who represents both Trinidad and Barbados were inspired by Victoria “Posh” Beckham... Apart from Gregory, Ryan B and Rebecca earned top marks from the judges, while Keshon, Janelle and Kerin failed to impress. It was ultimately Kerin, the episode 2 runner-up, who was eliminated."

April 26, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Land secured for a San Pedro hospital and current Polyclinic II equipped with lab
There is good news coming from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. During the visit of members of the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) on April 19th officials from the clinic announced that for the past three weeks, the clinic has extended its services to include laboratory testing. The Mayor of San Pedro in turn informed the management of the Polyclinic that a parcel of land has been secured for the construction of a new 24 hour hospital. The welcome news came after both parties held discussions over several issues affecting the delivery of healthcare on the island. Mayor Guerrero informed that a parcel of land has been identified for the construction of a hospital. According to the Mayor, the Ministry of Natural Resources has identified and secured a piece of property opposite Bowen and Bowen’s Cristal outlet on Blake Street all the way north to the San Pedro Family Fitness Club adjacent to the airstrip. The Mayor said that the land has been transferred to the Ministry of Health who will have to identify funds for the construction of the hospital. While funds can take years to be allocated, the Mayor hopes that the hospital is constructed within the timeframe of the current central government administration. Also welcoming was the news that the Polyclinic is now equipped with a laboratory service. According to the recently hired laboratory technologist Marie Carmen Chi, the lab can conduct full hematology (full blood count test), serology and chemistry tests. In addition various urinalysis and parasitology tests are also being conducted. Chi explained that while the laboratory is open daily, samples are taken from 8AM to 10AM in order to conduct tests and have the results the same day.

Belize Territorial Volunteers make first patrol to the Colombia Forest Reserve
The Belize Territorial Volunteer (BTV) is a group of concerned Belizeans who have decided that enough is enough when it comes to taking care of our borders. The group is concern about the continuous plundering of our natural resources by Guatemalans. BTV believes that if they expose these crimes against our country and environment that the government and other Belizeans will take some action to prevent such plundering of our resources. On Thursday April 19th a group of ten BTV headed out into the Colombia Forest to observe what is happening in the forest especially the areas along the Belize Guatemala border. On the three day expedition the volunteers observed that the Xateros continue to come into our country and now not only are they taking Xate but they have also moved into the logging business. The volunteers have observed where they had cut several hardwoods especially Rosewood, Mahogany and Cedar.

Fundraiser for Cancer Victim Fermina Chavarria
Fermina Chavarria, 20 year resident of San Pedro was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and since undergone one operation and Chemotherapy sessions. The family is working on raising funds to help with her treatment, which have become very extremely costly over the years. Presently they are holding a raffle of a Nokia Smart phone to be raffled on Mother’s Day, Sunday April 13th. The raffle tickets are $5 each and may be purchased by calling Rosaria 660-4067 or Kenrick 664-4212.

Belize pursues ‘Mundo Maya Games’ Project
Belize is one of the five countries that form the Mundo Maya Organization (MMO), which is pursuing the implementation of a new project called the ‘Mundo Maya Games‘. The MMO is a historical collaboration among Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Belize whose aim is to promote the sustainable development of the Maya Zones of its member countries through tourism. On Friday, April 13th 2012, representatives of the Belize Tourism Sector had a meeting in El Salvador with Jose Napoleon Duarte, Minister of Tourism in El Salvador and President of the Mundo Maya Organization, to discuss and plan the Mundo Maya Games project. Belize’s delegation included Kevin Gonzalez, BTB’s Director of Destination Planning, Javier Paredez, BTB’s Interim Director and Valdemar Andrade from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. “The Mundo Maya Games Project is planned to be a series of sports that will be hosted in the five different countries simultaneously, giving all of us the ability to attract visitors interested in seeing the different sport events,” said Gonzalez. “I think the meeting was quite successful and the President of the Mundo Maya Organization certainly likes the idea.” Football, kayaking and cycling are only a few of the sports that the Mundo Maya Games Project will incorporate.

San Pedro Polyclinic Quarterly Immunization campaign a success
The Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic and the Ministry of Health held their first quarterly Immunization Campaign on Saturday April 21st starting from 8am through 3pm. Six nurses along with the clinic administrator and the Health Inspector took to the streets, where they went house to house in search of children in need of their immunization shots. A total of 73 vaccinations were administered. Prior to hitting the streets, nurses prepared by researching their database and pinpointing children that had incomplete vaccines. Using this information they plotted their route, reaching areas such as San Pedrito, DFC and San Juan. The nurses issued the following vaccines: OPV – Oral Polio Vaccine; PENTA – vaccine against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Pertusis, and Influenza; MMR – Measles, Mumps and Rubella; DTP – Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertusis and DT – Diphtheria and Tetanus. Further to the vaccines, a total of twelve flu shots were administered to children ages six months to three years old.

Lions Club celebrate 34th annual convention dedicated to SP Lion “Betito” Marin
ions from all over Belize convened in Belize City to celebrate the Zone 59 34th annual convention held from Friday April 20th to Sunday April 22nd. Celebrated under the theme “Lions: Sharing the Gift of Serving,” the convention was a tribute to Lion Edilberto ‘Betito’ Marin of the San Pedro Lions Club. The convention was packed with several activities that were spread across three days of meetings and camaraderie. Amongst the participating clubs was the San Pedro Lions Club which managed to bring home the top three awards at the convention. The first day of the event saw the opening ceremony and booth presentations from each club. At the start of the official opening ceremony, the 34th Annual Convention was dedicated to long standing Lion member Betito Marin. Lion Marin has been a founding and chartered member of the San Pedro Lions Club which was established in 1975. Since then, he has held several positions at many levels including Governor of District 59 which was renamed Zone 59. Lion Betito, as he is referred to by fellow Lions of Belize, has travelled all over the world on behalf of the San Pedro Lions Club, including China where the SP Lions was recognized as the Club of the year in 2005. Among the many awards bestowed upon Lion Betito was the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF) award in memory of international founder of Lionism. The tribute to Lion Betito is historic and a special one for him and his family. Lion Belito, who is no longer an active member due to health problems, travelled to Belize City along with his family to receive the tribute. In a standing ovation, his long time colleague and close friend Lion Pedro Salazar Sr. read the tribute while a plaque of dedication was delivered to him by Lion Alberto ‘Beto’ Mahler. After a short ceremony which included addresses by the Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley and Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) Joan Musa, those in attendance enjoyed a variety of food offered from the different clubs at the booth presentation.

SPTC Earth Day clean up campaign
Councilor Carlos Barrientos spearheaded a clean up campaign on Saturday April 21st, in conjunction with Earth Day 2012. The clean up efforts were, apart from being part of the Earth Hour activities, part of the new Council’s initiative to promote Civic Pride amongst residents of the island. SPTC office workers, alongside Councilors, some children, a member of the media, and members of the San Pedro HIV/AIDS Commission marched along the beach and main streets of town, garbage bags in hand, cleaning up the island. Congratulations to all that came out to show their pride and hopes for a cleaner San Pedro.

Ambergris Today

Security Heightened to Protect Belize City Streets
Report on the security forces operations in Belize City - The Ministry of National Security wishes to inform the general Public of the details of their planned operations in Belize City. With effect from 4pm on April 23, 2012 the following measures have been taken: 1. Static and roving vehicle check points were established throughout the City and at Hattieville and mile 4 on the Western highway, Boom junction and at the Manatee lookout area on the Northern highway. Members from the Criminal Intelligence Unit are assigned to these areas in order to assist in the Identification of known gang members and their affiliates.

Baby Daniel’s Check Up A Success!
San Pedro’s Miracle Baby - Daniel Estell has just come back from a follow-up check up in Columbia, South America after his liver transplant took place in August 2010. We are happy to announce that he has a clean bill of health and arrived back on the island today, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, with a huge smile on his face after seeing his family waiting for him at the airport.

Misc Belizean Sources

Lloyd Alvarez Receives 2012 Outstanding Service Award
Congratulations to Lloyd Alvarez! Excellence was rewarded at Chaa Creek. "Friday afternoon was jittering with excitement at our Reservations Office because Lloyd Alvarez, Chaa Creek’s Reservations Administrator was honored with the 2012 'Magnum Belize' Outstanding Service Award. Magnum Belize is a top US Wholesaler with 60 years of experience in customizing travel packages to Belize and every year they hand out the 'Outstanding Service Award' to someone in the Belize Tourism Industry who they feel has gone above and beyond to assist them and their guests."

Feed the Children Fashion Show this Saturday
Don't forget that Saturday night, at Bedran Hall, the Cornerstone Foundation will be having their Feed the Children Fashion Show. A few San Pedranos will be coming over to participate in the fund raiser. Miss San Pedro Lions Shantell Pascacio and Mr. Jade World Jhoshi Najarro Valencia will be in the show.

Joris Hendrik's Saving The Earth with Fashion
Joris is slowly sharing new fashions that he designed for the 42nd Earth Day on his FB page. As before, the designs are made of recycled materials. With a little help from makeup artist Vanessa Awe, and photographer Will Moreno, the project became a reality. Check out those brilliant designs! "The theme of the Project was 'Mourning for Mother Nature’s slow degradation'. The mission of the project is to raise environmental awareness and to encourage everyone to willingly work together to protect our Jewel, our homeland, Belize. How can we protect our homeland, our world? We can do so by simply producing less waste and by reusing, renewing, and recycling."

BETEX Opening Night was last tnight
The Belize Tourism Expo is open, and it's the big event for tourism professionals. The BTIA and BTB are making sure it'll be a grand event. "Traditional Marimba music will be featured, along with other Mayan cultural performances, with an ambiance to complement the Maya-inspired dinner menu. Since 2012 is the 'Year of the Maya', travelers are excited about the many activities this year, particularly the Winter Solstice event in December. Even though BETEX will highlight the diversity of Belizean cultures, it has dedicated an entire Post Tour focused on Maya 2012 for enthusiasts."

Greased Pole Contest at Succotz Fair
Great video of the Greased Pole contest at the Succotz Festival of San Jose. You might call it fun... Thanks to ISIS for the video.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Video
ATM got a good video from some guests to the cave. Watch them "hike through the rain forest, wade through the river, climb into the mouth, and squeeze in through the rocks!"

Channel 7

Today, for the first time in four days, no one was shot in the Belize district. Tonight we'll tell you about the man arrested for last night's shooting, plus we'll tell you about three men lost at sea. But we begin with the police investigation into Saturday's murder of Peter Flowers known as Jam Boy. That case has taken an interesting turn as 7news has confirmed that a police constable has been questioned and is being held in connection with the murder. According to our sources, the constable is being investigated for involvement with the Black Toyota Camry that was used in the murder. Police have that vehicle impounded - but refused to let us get a picture of it today. As we reported on Saturday at around 4:00, Flowers was on Caesar Ridge Road when a shooter pulled up in a Toyota Camry - and shot as many as 13 times, 5 times to the head.

The families of three Sarteneja fishermen are still clinging to hope as their loved ones are tonight lost at sea. They are 49 year old Silvero Tepaz, 50 year old Teobaldo Tepaz and 20 year old Mejadi Tepaz. The men left their village sometime last week on a fishing trip and were supposed to make their way to Belize City by Saturday mid-night. The last anyone heard from the trio was on Friday. On Monday morning the Belize Coast Guard received information on the overdue fishing vessel named Lucerito which was last seen between South Water Caye and Twin Caye. A search was conducted immediately and the vessel was spotted near the northwestern tip of Glovers Reef. The vessel was submerged and so far none of the fishermen have been found. 7news spoke with the Acting Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard who told us the search efforts will continue but it will become more difficult over time. Commander Elton Bennett - Acting Commander, Belize Coast Guard "On Monday the 23rd, we received information of an overdue fishing vessel by the name of Lucerito. The last known location of the vessel was between South Water and Twin Cayes. Immediately after receiving the information, we commenced a joint search effort with the families - the Coast Guard and the Fisheries Department. We commence search on Monday. On Tuesday evening, an aerial search spotted the vessel near the Northwestern tip of Glovers Reef. We immediately deployed to that location, and we noticed a mass projecting from below the surface.

Jermaine Horse Garnett was shot yesterday evening on Freetown Road. Tonight the man who allegedly shot him is behind bars. Police picked up Gion Gizmo Bernard on George Street yesterday evening - half an hour after the shooting. They were able to identify him by reviewing the Freetown Drug Store's surveillance Camera. As we understand it, police also got Bernard's cell phone which had incriminating text messages on it. The messages - apparently sent by the persons who hired him to do the shooting - asked if Garnett was dead and how many times he shot him. But Garnett didn't die, in fact he is at home recovering from a fairly minor injury - and that's because he saw the whole play unfolding. Garnett was parked near the drug store while his wife went inside to buy. He saw Bernard ride past and then - through his rearview mirror - saw him circling back, pulling a gun from his waist. Garnett, went on the offensive, jumped out of his car, and started to wrestle with Bernard before he could shoot. Bernard still did manage to get off a shot, and Garnett ran down nearby Kelly Street.

Belize has a new Justice of The Court of Appeal. He is Samuel Lungole Awich - who has been sitting as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize since April of 2001. 7news has confirmed that yesterday, the Governor General signed the instrument of appointment elevating Awich to the highest court in the land. It is noteworthy because Bar Association roundly opposed Awich's elevation, passed a resolution against it and urged the government to reconsider. The Leader of the opposition - who has to be consulted, also did not support it. But, the Prime Minister - who advises the Governor General to make all such appointments -remained convinced of Awich's suitability for the post, and proceeded with the appointment - for a two year term, according to reports. It should be noted that Awich has been condemned by the Bar Association before. In 2009, that body pushed for his resignation, citing extraordinary delays in the delivery of judgments.

2 weeks ago, 7News told you about 32 year-old Eleno Requena who was shot and killed while he was carrying a child on his back in Hattieville. Late yesterday evening, his alleged killer was arraigned in Magistrate's Court. 22 year-old Allan Sommerville Jr., a laborer of Hattieville Village, was brought before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. He stands charged with 1 count of murder for Requena's death, as well as 1 count of attempted murder, 1 count of grievous harm, and 1 count of use of deadly means of harm, all for the shooting of 10 year-old Camron Williams. Sommerville has been remanded until June 13, 2012. As we reported, Requena was on the shoulder of the Cornel English Bridge in Hattieville at around 8 p.m. on April 9; he had 10 year-old Williams on his back, and they both were heading home. That's when a person dressed in dark clothing came up on Requena and shot him in the midsection. Requena died on the spot The child was shot in his left foot, and the bullet exited and then penetrated his right foot.

Today, 25 year-old Akeem Tillett, a resident of Ladyville, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was convicted of burglary in Magistrate's Court today. He was accused of burglarizing the YWCA office last year. In the trial before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, the arresting officer testified against Tillett saying that he responded to a report at YWCA on June 9, 2011. The officer found Tillett loading a computer and peripherals into a vehicle right in front of the establishment on Saint Thomas Street. These items included a Dell brand monitor and CPU, a keyboard, a mouse, and a BTL Modem, all to a total value of $2,800. Tillett was arrested and it was discovered that all the items were stolen, along with $157 dollars in cash, which all belonged to YWCA. As a result, he was arrested and charged with burglary and handling stolen goods. In his defense, he told the court that he caught a taxi and the driver told him that the backseat was full. According to Tillett, the driver told him that he had to make space for himself by placing the items into the trunk of the vehicle, and that's when the police arrived and saw him doing just that. He said that he didn't steal anything. Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe him, and she found him guilty of both charges.

There are a good many books on the history of Belize - but today, Cubola books launched the first Economic History of Belize. It is a major work of research, spanning three hundred and fifty years of the settlement turned colony, turned independent nation. The authors are Barbara Bulmer-Thomas and Victor Bulmer-Thomas and their book follows everything from the forestocracy to what they call the Ashcroft Effect. It is an important, revealing book - and according to one economist who got an advance copy - it is also one heck of a good read. The publisher told us more: Montserrat Casademunt - Publisher, Cubola Books "It really is about the History of Belize, but we have never seen an economic history of Belize that takes into account everything that has happened in the context of History and Geography, and that's why I think that the book is very important. It presents the facts eloquently, and also in a simple way. So, it's accessible to students."

From time to time, counterfeit currency Belizean currency pops up all over the place - usually hundred dollars bills. Today, to make sure that as few as possible are scammed, the British Company that prints the currency had an orientation session for those working in the banking sector about the various security features embedded in the notes. The regional manager for De La Rue printing told us more: Matt West - Caribbean Regional Manager, De La Rue "The Central Bank of Belize has very good data on the level of counterfeiting in Belize, and the volumes are extremely low in terms of counterfeits and the number of incidents. So in other words, the security features in your bank notes are working, and the level of sophistication is very low. So in other words, the counterfeit bank notes are not very good, so they are not sophisticated. Users in Belize need to know the key security features in their bank notes. So first and foremost, they need the watermarks, so the sleeping giants on the $2, $5, $10, and $20, and the jaguar on the $50 and $100. Underneath the watermark, there will be a denominational lecture type. So, the words underneath the watermarks will say 2, 5, 10, 20 etc. And also, look for the security thread. That is to the left of the bank note where it is an embedded thread, which is produced while making the paper. So, these are very important security features." Under Belize law, counterfeiters are sentenced to ten years in prison...

Last night we told you about the embattled Officer Commanding for the Cayo formation, Superintendent Alvan Gentle. He was ordered to hand over his post today - and return to Belmopan. But, Gentle didn't do that because - as we understand it - he's taken thirty days sick leave. Another officer - an Inspector, is holding over - and it's left to be seen what Headquarters in Belmopan will do next. Gentle - as we reported - has gone by-the-books in his four months in the twin towns - strictly enforcing laws on liquor licenses, public drinking - and even stopped stores - including the town tortilla factory - from opening past 10:00 on Sunday. And while that has earned him many enemies - including well-connected persons, he also has hardcore fans who say that his law and order approach is just what Cayo needs.

The Dean Barrow Administration is well underway with its second consecutive term of office, even as there are still four election petitions pending in the court. But, a release from the Organization of American States today congratulates Belize on its peaceful elections and massive voter turnout. That's after the Election Observer Mission led by Ambassador Frank Almaguer today presented its report to the permanent council. According to the release, the report quote, "highlighted the massive turnout - more than 73% of the registered voters- and the peaceful environment in which it took place," end quote. In its closing press conference in Belize on the day after elections, the head of mission did note some concerns including the sighting of party activists distributing money inside the polling center to persons who had just voted. The full report has not been released to us, so we can't say whether much was made of such irregularities.

The Mexican Embassy is presenting an art exhibit called "The Fire's Rest" tomorrow evening. The artist, Arturo Valencia, uses waste materials and worn-out objects to explore subjects such as time, memories and the environment. If it sounds far out, it is - but in a neat kind of way. We had a preview of it today: Marcelino Miranda - Press Officer, Mexican Embassy "What the artist is doing with this conceptual art is to try to appeal the public to think and reflect about the basic materials that we have around us like metal and wood. He is presenting them in a different pieces - more than 25 in a collage setting - these basic materials, in order to reflect about different things. One of them is about the way in which those kinds of materials were actually taken from waste. The way in which they play in our everyday life, as you will see in these different pieces of art, is that we have different pieces of metals, and that is indicating the way in which oxidation is transforming the object. It's also to make us reflect about time in which oxidation is working on the materials.

Channel 5

Cop questioned about gang slaying
There is a major development to report tonight on the murder of Peter “Jam Boy” Flowers that occurred on Caesar Ridge Road on Saturday afternoon. And that is that a police officer is under question but his name will not be released because he has not been charged with the crime. The officer is suspected [...]

Video shows suspect tried to shoot SSG but gun failed
As we reported on Tuesday, Jermaine “Horse” Garnett, a South Side Gangster, was shot on Freetown Road on Tuesday afternoon. One bullet found its mark on Garnett who was in a Landcruiser near the Freetown Drugstore waiting for his wife who was inside the drug store. A suspect was charged this afternoon. News Five’s Jose [...]

Hattieville villager’s 4 counts including murder
And in respect of a previous murder, a Hattieville resident is facing four criminal charges for allegedly killing a fellow villager and injuring a ten year old boy. The suspect is twenty-two year old Allan Sommerville, who was charged late Tuesday evening for the Murder of thirty-two year old Eleno Requeña as well as Attempted [...]

3 Sarteneja Fishermen lost at Sea
Three Corozal fishermen have been missing for four days and their family now fears the worst. According to relatives, forty-nine year old Silverio Tepaz, fifty year old Teobaldo Tepaz and twenty year old Mejadi Tepaz left Sarteneja Village by road on April twelfth and headed to Mango Creek where their boat was moored. They went [...]

Guatemalan Claim discussed in Washington
With national elections now behind in both Belize and Guatemala, the first round of discussions on a timeline for a referendum in respect of the territorial dispute will take place later this week. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington earlier today departed for Washington where a ministerial meeting will take place with Guatemalan Foreign Minister [...]

Plans for new City Centre is also dilapidated
The Belize City Center was decommissioned by the National Sports Council in August 2010 because of its dilapidating condition. Years of deterioration caused the facility’s structural integrity to be compromised. Following the closure, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, upon his return from an official visit to Mexico in November 2011, announced that President Felipe Calderon had [...]

The cost of housing inmates at the Central Prison
With the number of unsolved crimes, you’d be surprised by the population of the Belize Central Prison, which is run by the Kolbe Foundation. On this week’s Dickie Bradley Special, Kolbe C.E.O. John Woods and the Superintendent of the Prison Taheera Ahmad, appeared as guests. They discussed a number of issues on the handling of [...]

Dangriga resident needs life saving medical treatment
A young man in Dangriga Town has been suffering from a huge tumor for almost four years and he desperately needs help to seek medical attention abroad. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, Joselyn Paulino has been unable to walk in recent months. The family has exhausted a number of avenues and unable to [...]

Found Art; fantastic creations at the Mexican Institute
A Mexican artist is staging an exhibition in Belize as part of an international tour. He uses ordinary and sometimes discarded material such as wood and iron to stimulate reflection of everyday life. It took years for Arturo Valencia to put together the display and it is occupying the entire Mexican Institute. News Five’s Jose [...]

Economic History of Belize; From 17th Century to Post-Independence
As part of book week activities, an important piece of literature was launched today. It’s “The Economic History of Belize; From the Seventeenth Century to Post-Independence” authored by Victor and Barbara Bulmer-Thomas. The book takes an in dept look at Belize’s economical development over three and half centuries and offers and understanding of the failures [...]

Who will win $10,000 and title of KTV Latino Champ?
The final round of competition in KTV Latino season three was held on Tuesday night at the Bliss. Four finalists took the stage for one last chance to prove that they are worthy of the title of KTV Latino Champion, the ten thousand dollar grand prize and the bragging rights of the top Latino singer [...]


On March 23, 2012 - Love Entertainment, the company contracted to publish news on published a photo of one Kareem Smith regarding the story below. Unfortunately, the photo we published was of the wrong individual. The photo published was that of a Kareem Smith that was ...

27-year-old Gian Bernard, a resident of Castle Street was charged with the attempted murder of Jermaine Garnett aka Horse. Bernard was also charged with wounding and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could the ...

Students of Paraiso Government School in the Corozal District can now sharpen their musical skills through a donation of musical instruments from the Governor General, Sir Colville Young. Arturo Cantun reporting… “Paraiso Government School in the C...

The Miracle baby Daniel Estel arrived in Belize this morning after his last check up with the Doctors in Colombia, California. Daniel who was diagnosed with Biliary artresia as a new born is living a normal healthy life according to his mother Ilda Guerrero. Ilda Guerrer...

Arturo Cantun reporting… “30 new scout and 24 new cub members were introduced to the Corozal community this morning. Members along with parents and relatives convened at the Corozal Methodist Church where the guest of honor was the Governor General of Belize Sir ...

Belizean entertainer Lova Boy is expected to arrive in Belize tomorrow morning. The artist will be in Belize for the launch of his new album, Punta Mania. The launch of the album will take place in Belmopan on Saturday night at the FFB Stadium. Other artists on the ticket i...

A ceremony to mark the completion of a Rotary park equipment project was held yesterday in Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung reporting… “The ceremony was held at the Hopeville Park where the playground equipment brought from Alberta, Canada were permanently...

Two new ambassadors have presented their credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young in Belmopan. They are George B. Reyes, representing the Philippines and Abderrahman Leibek representing Morocco. The presentation of their credentials on Monday at Belize House, both...

The Government of Belize has secured a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank for the fourth road project to be implemented in the Cayo District. The project is divided into four phases, the upgrading of Loma Luz Boulevard, a new bridge crossing the Macal River, the constructio...

This morning the signing of the Second United Nations Development Assistance framework for Belize took place at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. The first signing took place in July of 2006. The UNDAF which seeks to provide funding and programs for United Nations resident agencies was s...

The search is underway for three fishermen from Sarteneja Village, Corozal, who have been missing since Saturday. According to Silvano Cob, his brother and brother-in-law, Silverio and Teobaldo Tepaz, and his nephew, Mijari Tepaz, were supposed to arrive in Sarteneja from Turneff...


Man shot while his wife shops inside drug store
A late evening shooting incident which left one man injured. The victim has been identified as Jermaine Garnett also known as “Horse.” According to reports, Garnett had just stopped at the Freetown Drug store in order for his wife to make a purchase. It was while waiting for her outside in his Toyota Land Cruiser that he was shot once to the left arm pit. Garnett was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and is now listed in a stable condition. Back at the crime scene, Love News spoke with the owner of Freetown Drug Store Raul Acevedo about this evening’s incident.


Unread Text Messages sent in to PlusTV's Morning Show "Rise and Shine" on Wednesday 25th April, 2012

Central Bank holds “Know Your Money” seminar
The Central bank of Belize today (April 25) held a “Know your money” Seminar. Stakeholders from all levels of socie...

FIFA Grassroots Training concludes
Twenty eight kid’s coaches from across the country completed a six days intensive training course entitled FIFA Gra...

Farmers of the Year recipients express enthusiasm
The National Agriculture and Trade Show is almost here and the Farmers of the Year Awards for 2012 will be held on ...

“The Economic History of Belize” book launch
Today at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts the book “The Economic History of Belize” was launched in observation...

Mexican Embassy hosts contemporary art exhibition
The Embassy of is hosting a contemporary art exhibition titled “The Fire’s Rest” by Mexican artist Arturo Valencia....

Man arraigned in connection to shooting of Jermaine Garnett
The shooter who was involved in the Jermaine Garnett attempted murder has been arrested. 27-year-old Castle Street ...

Belize's first murder conviction for 2012
The first murder conviction for 2012 happened yesterday in the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas. 22 year old Emers...

Arrest made in the attempted murder of Anthony Pollard
Police have made an arrest in the attempted murder of Anthony Leslie Pollard which occurred on 16th April, 2012. Th...

'Year of the Maya' Tourism Expo commences
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is launching its biennial Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) 2012. The expo...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Like a BOSS!
April 25th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » Congratulations to 10-year old Std. IV student of Caye Caulker RC School, Blayd Vernon Auxillou, who did an excellent job of representing the school yesterday at the District Finals of the Coca-Cola Spelling Bee. While Blayd did not win, he put in a herculean effort on behalf of his school and his beloved island. Trained by his grandmother, first principal of the CCRCS and former educator, Ms. Ilna Auxillou, Blayd practiced and learned how to spell over 2,500 (yes, two thousand five hundred) new words he had never seen or heard before. He practiced and learned how to spell an average of fifty words per evening for the last 50 (fifty) days. While his classmates were out enjoying the Easter holidays, Blayd was practicing spelling words. It didn’t help that the morning of the Spelling Bee, Blayd got the bad news that his grandfather on his father’s side had passed away during the night.


Caye Chapel Golf taking a Mulligan
This Year Paul decided he wanted to golf Caye Chapel, between Cowboy Doug and Doc we got Evan’s contact at Caye Chapel Resort and Doc went ahead and made all the arrangements and offered that 12 of us could do a gas split and go over in his time share boat Caye Chapel is still up for sale and not officially open to the public right now but arrangements can be made to golf there. Caye chapel rates for us to go spend the day there was $75 usd for golfers and $25 usd for non golfers. We met at Fido’s dock for 9am to board the boat and it looked like we could have been taking a week long vacation for all the stuff we had – I always say better to much food and something warm to wear for the ride home than not enough. And we set off like a herd of turtles on our way for our Caye Chapel golf day. We were doing ok then all of a sudden the waves got worse and the people at the back of the boat started getting a salt water bath, as we neared Caye Caulker it only got worse and we all got soaked. Even though the consensus was that once we hit the lee side of the island it would be much calmer, Doc our captain made the right call that we needed to turn around as it would have been worse coming home. We all agreed to take a mulligan and that we would have an even better time going back then the pool was finished. In a golf game, a mulligan happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a do-over. It was a rough ride back and even though we were a bit disappointed that our golfing party did not work out it turned out to be a great day.

Gems Ever So Slightly Off the Beaten Path: KayDan's Ceviche Stall and Neri's Tacos (Almost)
Yesterday was the last day of conch Season in closed 2 months early since the national fishing quota had been met and as an attempt to preserve the quickly dwindling conch population. It was one of my last chances to have a taste of one of my favorite seafoods (see the bottom of this post for more information). Lobster is good...but in my book? Conch is much more flavorful. If prepared properly (these big mollusks can get a bit chewy), it is delicious. I had heard about a relatively new stall that was serving ceviche only. Specialty is a good thing, right? And it is not that far out of the way at all. It is on a street that every resident of San Pedro travels on weekly, if not daily. KayDan's Ceviche Stall is located next to Giovanni's Signs and just south of Carts Belize. You might also know this house as our Area Representative Manuel Heredia's. It is on block south of Skybox Sports Bar (the old Chon Saan). Just ask any town resident where the rep's house is...we love to give directions. The ceviche place is on the right and Almond Tree Deli is on the left. Who knew there were so many places to eat in town that I never even knew about? Still finding plenty after 6 years... Here are the different types of ceviche you can order. I'd never really heard of horse conch... but now read that it is a huge largest form of sea snail...very similar to the queen conch but a slightly different family (I'm going to have to do a bit more research on this...)

Caye Caulker Barefoot
When were you at your best, in a place that you felt the most alive? For us, it was Caye Caulker. The small island, just east of the mainland of Belize, 15 minutes by plane, and hour by boat, captured us willingly. From the minute we stepped off the water taxi, on to the echoey clack of the worn wood pier, she has us. The island’s motto is an invitation: Go Slow. On Caye Caulker, you can. The roads are paved with packed soft dirt and sand. Most people get around by bike or golf cart. The layout of the town runs in a parallel to the shore: an easily navigated grid of front, middle and back streets. Caye Caulker, known also as “Cayo Hicaco” in Spanish, was once home to sailors, pirates and shipwrights. Fishing was its earliest industry, and still plays a large part of the economic life of the island’s tourism infrastructure. The island is home to close to 1,500 full-time residents. It has become the “secret” hideaway to tourists from around the world, and a haven for sports lovers for the fishing, snorkeling, and diving, and foodies in search of Belize’s much-beloved conch ceviche, snapper, and crab claws.

International Sources

America's Somalia - Belize
It has become all to obvious why Belize refuses to sign the United Nations anti-corruption convention. Would anybody care to argue that Belize a small country in Central America is a wonderful example of a parliamentary based democracy? It is intellectually and factually dishonest to disagree that conditions in Belize were significantly better before the country acheived its independence on September 21st, 1981. The (PUP) Peoples United Party then began its 30 + years of semi-chaotic rule. Now in 2012 the (UDP) United Democratic Party has won its 2nd term in power led by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Under Barrow's deceptive and corrupt rule, relative to 30 years prior, conditions have not improved in any significantly measurable way, not even literacy rates. The cost of living has sky rocketed as has the cost of gasoline and electricity. Minimum wages however remain inadequate to support a family and keep the bills paid. Organized crime, gang violence and government corruption are out of control, as the gangs high powered weapons by far outnumber and overpower the police or even the (BDF) Belize Defense Force. There are areas of Belize City that are literally controlled by gangs, not even the police can go there without becoming an instant target. Dozens of people walk the streets of Belize all day hitting up every foreigner they see tipically saying "gimme dolla ples". It gets old quick when you walk from your hotel to the store and back (maybe 15 minutes roundtrip) and 15 people came up to you and asked for either a coke, a dollar or a cigarrette, or all of the above. Imagine giving a dollar to each of those 15 people, you'll go broke in no time. So much enemployment, so much iliteracy, so many drugs and guns. Belize City is practically a war-zone on the weekends with the bicycle driveby shootings that Belize has become so known for. An 8 year old girl asleep in their bed, pierced through the heart by a stray 9mm bullet, found lifeless the following day by her mother.

10 best off-season beach bargains
Similar to Costa Rica, Belize has a rainy season (also the country's off-season for tourism), marked by occasional afternoon showers and fewer crowds, that lasts from June to mid-November. Rainy season bargains are plentiful in Belize, and given the lower numbers of tourists during the off-season, it's more likely you'll have a beach to yourself. The following are just a few of the Belize summer deals we unearthed: Receive up to 30 percent off rates at Pelican Reef Villas; rent a two-bedroom apartment at Ally's Guest House Belize for $65 per night (find this deal on TripAdvisor); and enjoy discounted low-season rates at Blue Marlin Lodge, where all-inclusive prices start at $385 per night from June through October.

OAS Congratulates Belize on Peaceful Elections with Massive Turnout
The Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organization of American States (OAS) today presented a report to the Permanent Council on the national and municipal elections held on March 7, 2012 in Belize, highlighting the massive turnout on a day in which more than 73% of registered voters took part, as well as the peaceful environment in which it took place. “The OAS Electoral Observation Mission congratulates the people of Belize for their high voter turnout and for the peaceful manner in which they carried out one of the principal responsibilities of citizens in all democracies,” said the Head of Mission, Ambassador Frank Almaguer, who introduced the report that also highlighted as a positive element the "ethnic diversity" of the national and municipal candidates. Ambassador Almaguer said that this was the first mission of the OAS observation in Belize, which included 22 observers from 12 countries. "On Election Day, these observers were able to visit all six of the country’s political districts, all municipalities and more than 85% of the country’s 139 voting centers," he added. The report of the MOE said that "final results in the General Elections gave 17 seats in the national parliament to the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) and the remaining 14 seats to the People’s United Party (PUP).” Among its observations, the MOE said that "women play a significant role in the Belizean political process," but “only 4% of candidates in the general election were women." In this regard, the Mission said, with concern, “this gender imbalance in the electoral process” is “unfortunately common in the hemisphere.”

Shrimp ban down Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) determined the temporary closure for the capture of all shrimp species in marine waters under federal jurisdiction in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The fishing ban will apply in the following dates and areas: From 25 April to 10 August, 2012 in the region from the mouth of the river Bravo (Tamaulipas) to the mouth of the river Coatzacoalcos (Veracruz); From 1 to 28 February, 2013 in the area ranging from the river Bravo to the mouth of the river Coatzacoalcos; From 25 April to 7 November, 2012 in marine waters ranging from the mouth of the river Coatzacoalcos to the border with Belize. Contoy fisheries and marine waters of the coastal strip facing the states of Campeche and Tabasco are excluded from this provision for fishing Atlantic seabob (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri) with smaller vessels. On the other hand, a fishing ban will enter into force from 20 May until 7 November, 2012 in the marine waters of the fishing grounds of Contoy, and from 1 May to 30 September this year in the coastal strip in front of the states of Campeche and Tabasco, for the fishery of Atlantic seabob with smaller vessels.

US Helps Fight Trafficking of Natural, Cultural Resources in Mayan Jungle
The US Embassy in Guatemala City is hosting a workshop to help authorities from Guatemala, Mexico and Belize improve cooperation against the trafficking of natural resources and cultural artifacts from the Mayan jungle. Officials from the US Departments of State and the Interior, as well as the Agency for International Development, are working with their counterparts from the three countries on fighting the illegal trade in natural resources and cultural artifacts from the region, as Prensa Libre reports. Cynthia Perera of the Department of the Interior noted that the meeting was "the first time that there has been a dialogue with reprensentatives of the agencies of environment, culture, prosecution, and police of these nations," according to another report from the newspaper. InSight Crime Analysis According to a 2010 presentation (download .ppt) by the US Ministry of the Interior, the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala is threatened by a range of criminal activities, including illegal ranching, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and looting of archaeological sites.

April 25, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of National Security’s planned operations in Belize City
As a result of the various murders and shootings which occurred in Belize City over the weekend and into the early portion of this week, the Ministry of National Security, on Tuesday April 24th issued the following release, outlining their short term solution for restoring some level of peace in the City. The Ministry of National Security wishes to inform the general public of the details of their planned operations in Belize City. With effect from 4pm, 23 April, 2012 the following measures have been taken: Static and roving vehicle check points were established throughout the City and at Hattieville and mile 4 on the Western highway, Boom junction and at the Manatee lookout area on the Northern highway. Members from the Criminal Intelligence Unit are assigned to these areas in order to assist in the Identification of known gang members and their affiliates.

Water and Sanitation – a Key Theme in Observing Earth Day 2012
The University of Belize in Toledo hosted a fair in observance of Earth Day 2012, under the customized theme “Humanity Owes Ecology an Apology!” on Friday April 20th. Booths at the fair included organizations like Tide, Plenty Belize, Belize Red Cross, Fisheries Department, Sustainable Harvest International, the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, as well as a joint UNDP / Government of Belize booth. University students exhibited group projects illustrating the theme, while primary school students of the Toledo District participated in a “Trash Fashion Competition“, as well as poster and poetry competitions. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project “Applying MDG Acceleration Framework: Addressing Governance Bottlenecks to Achieve Water and Sanitation Coverage in Belize“, being implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development (MLLGRD) / National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), was highlighted at the fair. The project is geared to contribute to poverty elimination by investing in people and aims at enabling improved good governance practices at national and local and non-state institutions like the Ministry responsible for rural development and local government, and the local water boards.

Hon Manuel Heredia donates funds for SPTC Mother’s Day party
Plans are ongoing for the annual Mother’s Day celebration hosted by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). As part of the coordination and planning, on Thursday April 19th the SPTC received a donation from the Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia to help finance the event. A donation of $5,000 was handed over during a short ceremony at the SPTC office. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel ‘Danny’ Guerrero received the donation and expressed gratitude for the generous gift. “It is something that I was not expecting and I must say how grateful I am. The money will go straight to help us with our Mother’s Day event,” said Mayor Guerrero. According to Mayor Guerrero, the event which is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th at the Saca Chispa Field will be different from previous years. The SPTC has already begun work on a new bathroom facility at the old field which will be ready for the Mother’s Day event.

SPTC ends tour of schools and government offices
Members of the San Pedro Town Council led by Mayor Daniel Guerrero were busy during the week of April 16th through April 20th visiting with 20 different institutions. The visits and meetings are part of the council commitment to foster a better relationship with the schools, government offices and other institutions and to also promote civic pride within the community. The members of the council had the opportunity to address the gatherings. The Mayor was clear in his messages to the different institution “we want to see a cleaner San Pedro… we need to ensure that garbage is placed into its proper place. By educating people we believe that a lot can be achieved.” In speaking at the different locations, Mayor Guerrero offered council assistance in an effort to improve the work standards and environments.

Kiryani Pou is Miss Chiquitita 2012-2013
Miss Chiquitita took place this past Saturday, April 21st at the Old Football Field (Saca Chispas). On stage vying for the crown and title of Miss Chiquitita were six adorable young ladies aged six through eight. Elizabeth Grace Sanchez, Tjaunie Ack, Kiryani Pou, Aylen Tang, Ayanna Staine and Yari Flores put on quite a show, working hard to win the hearts of the judges. Enrique de Leon, Maria Jefferies, Patricia Greif, Manuel Ancona and Susana Haros had the difficult task of choosing from the equally deserving candidates. After their introductory dance number, each young lady took to the stage in their swimsuits, modeling for the crowd. Applause was loud and very encouraging for all six girls, and they were excited to come onstage once again and present their talent competition. Dancing is certainly a popular activity, and each young lady had their interpretations. Elizabeth Grace performed a touching ballet with the theme of anti-bullying, while Kiryani’s presentation was against offshore oil drilling. Tjaunie, Ayanna, Aylen and Yari each had their modern interpretations of popular songs, bringing confidence, energy and talent onstage.

Toledo 6th Annual Cacao Festival Is Here!
There is no substitute for clean fun with the convenience of activities centered in the heart of one of Belize’s most cultured and historically rich districts – Toledo. Belizeans and visitors are invited to enjoy the unique cultural diversity that the Toledo District offers through the 6th Annual Toledo Cacao Festival being held this year from May 18th – 20th. This grand event is being organized by the Toledo Chocolate Growers Association (TCGA) and BTIA Toledo in conjunction with other partners. The Toledo Cacao Festival was first celebrated in 2006 with the purpose of bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders from the community to showcase Toledo’s history and culture. The stakeholders involved are comprised of cacao farmers, artisans, performers, restaurants, tourism and transportation providers among others. Roberto Coh from BTIA Toledo says, “The Festival raises funds for Punta Gorda’s community projects that include assistance to chocolate farmers and the upgrading of schools and parks.”

Ambergris Today

A Sanpedrano Fisherman's Party
What’s going on here? You mean Sanpedranos did not take their wives along when they are having a party? Of course they did when they went to a dance or some social event. But this was an end of fishing trip party when the crew of a lobster fishing boat came into town, delivered their eight or nine hundred pounds of lobster tails to the fishing cooperative and then went to Marino’s Club or Skin Diver’s Club to celebrate a successful fishing trip and to relax from the pressures of everyday diving, of course.

Video Pick: Morgan Freeman Assists San Mateo Project
The San Mateo Empowerment Project (SMEP) a partnership between students at the University of Mississippi and the community of San Mateo, Ambergris Caye, Belize, to replace miles of plank bridges with essential roadways. The SMEP put together this great video to raise awareness of the hard work being done to uplift this community on Ambergris Caye and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the video was narrated by A-List Hollywood celebrity Morgan Freeman. We understand he is from Mississippi and was glad to lend a helping hand to the SMEP. Thank you Mr. Freeman!

Joris Hendrik Presents Eco-Friendly Fashion for Earth Day
Remember Belize’s eco-friendly fashion designer Joris Hendrik and is one-of-a-kind “recycled clothes”? Well Joris has never stopped creating these unique and fashionable designs and as a tribute to Mother Nature he presented yet another fashion project in commemoration of Earth Day, April 22, 2012. This year, for the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, Joris Hendrik organized and headed a personal environmental awareness project. He held a photo shoot in the Cayo District at an undisclosed location with the central theme being “mourning for Mother Nature’s slow degradation”.

Misc Belizean Sources

Cayo's Downtown Mural Project
Check out how great the next downtown mural is coming. Jose and the crew are doing an amazing job on the latest mural. They also made a movie screen area for the Cayo Outdoor Theatre.

Coca Cola Spelling Bee: Cayo District Finals
The Benque House of Culture has some pictures from the Cayo District Finals of the Coca Cola Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all the participants!

Meluchi's Neon Party with Mistah Geeh and Cloud 9
Mistah Geeh started the party, and then Cloud 9 took it from there. Another great party at Meluchi's!

ERIs Earth Day pictures
The Environmental Research Institute has some great pictures of the Earth Day Fair that was held at the University of Belize.

The Belize Zoo's Newest Living Room
The Belize Zoo has created a really nice living room for Lizzie the Neotropical River Otter. The rescued 'water dog' has a new pond to play in. "Come see the newest animal on display at the Zoo, Lizzie the Neotropical River Otter!! Lizzie has been a resident of the Zoo for well over a year, living behind the scenes, after being rescued as a young orphan last January. She finally has a 5 star home out in the main, and loves every inch of her fabulous new pond. There is very little data on Lizzie's species, locally called the "water dog," but from observing and interacting with her for so long, we can tell that otters are quick, intelligent, astoundingly energetic little carnivores, who LOVE attention and company."

Belize Audubon Society Green Walk pictures
The Belize Audubon Society also particpated in a Green Walk in celebration of Earth Day. They cleaned up a section of the Western Highway. Teamwork at its finest. Thanks, BAS!

Channel 7

So far there has been no retaliation between George Street and Taylor's Alley after both their bosses were killed this weekend. But as the communities of Taylor's Alley and George street get ready to bury their leaders - gun violence continues to plague the city. A man was shot just after 5:00 this evening - and again, it happened on a busy, much trafficked street at rush hour. Several shots rang out on Freetown Road at its junction with Kelly Street. A gunman rode out of Lancaster Street and shot Jermaine Garnett, known as Horse of Caesar Ridge Road. The extent of his injuries is not known at this time - but he was rushed to the KHMH. Garnett's wife was buying in the Freetown drug store when Garnett - who was parked - was shot. The proprietor of the drug store told us more about the shooting:.. Raul Asevedo, Owner - Freetown Drug Store "About 5 minutes after she was here she yelled that her husband got shot and she ran out. I didn't see anything. I went outside and saw the crowd out there. She was crying because she knew that her husband got shot."

And so while Belize City remains tense, strangely, so does Corozal. That northern town has seen a number of armed robberies and burglaries in the last few weeks and last night it witnessed a murder - which is rare for the quiet municipality. Last night, at around 8:30, an 18 year-old young was killed in a shooting on the San Antonio Road. Aidan Perez's death was particularly senseless because he wasn't even involved an argument which led to the shooting. He was hanging out with his family and friends when a gunman rode up and fired gunshots at the crowd, and he was hit under the left armpit. He fell on the ground - out of the view of fleeing relatives and friends - and no one saw him until it was too late. His grieving family spoke to us today and told us about the events that led to the shooting. Here's what we found out today: Daniel Ortiz reporting 18 year-old Aidan Perez was shot at this spot in an escalated argument which started on the street. The young man was not involved in an altercation between his cousin and a group of young men from another village. Still, he was caught in barrage of bullets not meant for him, and he was fatally injured.

Murder convictions are rare in the Supreme Court - most times witnesses recant their sworn statements, fail to appear, and in a few disturbing cases, are killed before they can testify. And that's just what happened to Shelmadine "Shelly" Sanchez who was killed in August of 2010 - she was the main witness in a murder trial, and, police believe, that is why she was killed. But her eyewitness evidence lived on in the Supreme Court yesterday and it led to the conviction of 22 year-old Emerson Eagan for murder. It happened in the court room of Justice Adolph Lucas where a jury of 12 found Eagan guilty of the 2009 killing of 35 year-old Dennis "Colored" Nembhard. In the trial which started last week, Crown Counsel Chrisophe Rodriguez got Shelmadine Sanchez's written statement admitted into evidence. In her statement, she told police that on June 1, 2009 sometime after 7 p.m., she was walking home on Oleander St. with Nembhard and 2 other companions. She said that Nembhard walked in front into a nearby yard, and that's when she saw Eagan, who was unmasked. According to Sanchez, she saw Eagan pull out a gun and shoot Nembhard from behind.

Yesterday we focused mainly on the gang related incidents which happened over the weekend, but what we did not report was the apparently gang related murder of a man in Belmopan City. Early Sunday morning, Luis Valladarez, a 28 year old artist in the San Martin Area in Belmopan was with friends at the Parke de las Americas. Reports are that around 2 a.m. he got into an argument with a group of men in the area. He walked away, leaving in the direction of Belmopan when the men returned. They accosted him and were armed with a machete. The fight picked up where it left off, and a struggle ensued. He was attacked at the steps of Chan Store, and he received chop wounds to the top of his head, left side of the face and behind the neck. He was then rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment, but later succumbed to his injuries. Apparently, before he died at 4:30 that same morning, he identified one of his attackers as Leonardo Sacareas- who is allegedly affiliated with a nearby gang. Police then detained Sacareas, and this morning he was arraigned in court. According to PLUS TV, Valladarez was known as a painter, and even played a major role in the beautification of Chan Store which is the establishment in front of which he was killed.

On the news last night, Police Minister John Saldivar spoke about the stepped up police operations that have been launched in the wake of the weekend's seismic criminal events. His presentation sounded to us kind of like Returning Again to the Same Solution and so, Saldivar and Commissioner David Henderson took out the media yesterday evening to show them the Static and roving vehicle check points and what they are calling a security corridor along Central American Boulevard and Princess Margret Drive. Sounds impressive, but how did it look on the ground? Monica Bodden was out last night observing - and she has this report:.. You may have noticed a boost in police presence on the ground in the city. Well that is because there are roughly 7 checkpoints around town and at least 2-3 armed officers deployed in every area of interest. This should be continued for at least 2 weeks. David Henderson - Acting Commissioner of Police "We have at least 7 different check points within the city and then we have personnel deploy at all the noted areas or areas of interest where the gangs are likely to operate." Monica Bodden "These checks points will be going on for the rest of the week?"

Exactly a week ago, 7News told you about the shooting of the Wesley Junior College student, 20 year-old Anthony Leslie, who was walking home from school. Today, his alleged shooter was brought to Magistrate's Court. 19 year-old Lloyd Leslie Jr., an unemployed resident of Belize City, who has no relation to the victim, appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer. He was charged with the April 16, 2012 attempted murder of Anthony Leslie, in addition to use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Lloyd Leslie Jr. was also charged with two counts of attempted robbery upon Anthony Leslie and 25-year-old Karen Flores, another student. In court, no plea was taken from Leslie Jr., because the matters are all being dealt with on indictment, and due to the nature of the offenses, bail was denied. Lloyd Leslie Jr. was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until June 7.

As we told you earlier, Corozal district has seen a recent spike in burglaries, and as a result, the communities in the town and villages have attempted to come together to form neighborhood watches. This didn't stop a brazen thief from trying to steal ten thousand dollars' worth of cables and wires from a fledging business, Kuylen's (Quee-Lyn's) Gas Service last week. Today, we spoke with the owner of the business place. He told us that the same man tried to burglarize the place twice before - and on the third time, the owner's shot him. Here's what he told us: Voice of Joshua Kuylen, owner of Kuylen's Gas Service "I made a report to the police station that a man was in my yard cutting my wires. I fired some shot at the man but he got away." "On Saturday I took a spin just to see If I see anybody and the same man was in the yard again. I fired two shots in the air and then I went. In the afternoon about 5 o' clock I came again and decide to talk a walk in the orchard at the back of the yard. I saw the man there sitting down behind a tree; he got up and threw a machete at me. I dodge it and then fired two shots at him. The bullet caught him in his hip and exit through his back."

On Friday 19 year old Orlando Reyes known as "Bam" died at the entrance to Mike's club after being shot on Orange Street and tonight this legendary Belize City good time spot is making bad news again after an attempted arson last night. At around 10, 54 year old Glenford Diamond - who is the bartender at Mike's club, went to feed his cat and saw two men going up the stairs of the wooden building - one with a gallon in his hand and the other with a sprite bottle in his hand. Both men were sprinkling the contents of the containers unto the building. One of the men then lit a match and threw it at the building causing the front portion of the building to catch fire. The men then ordered Diamond to go back into the building while one of them reached for his pants waist as it he had a weapon. Fire officials were called shortly after and responded quickly where they managed to put out the fire. Here's their side of the story:.. Benisford Matura, Operations Officer - BNFS "Last night we got a call at our watch room at approximately 10:06pm at both fire stations. We went to the location and found approximately two spot fires on the exterior walls of the club. We got into operation and extinguish it quite a few minutes. There were no major damages to the building."

Superintendent Alvan Gentle is the officer in charge at San Ignacio - but, after a short and successful stint - his time may soon be up - because he's made a lot of well-connected enemies with his by-the-nooks-no nonsense approach to crime fighting. Gentle has been cracking down on public drinking, night spots open after hours, heck, he's even stopped folks form washing their washing vehicles in the Macal river. And don't even ask about opening up on Sunday - because, by the books, all stores have to close by ten AM on the Sabbath. It's powerful stuff - this by the books business - and it has made him some powerful, well connected enemies - who are reportedly pushing for him to be sent back to headquarters. In a remarkable and candid interview he gave to PLUS TV last week, Gentle says it appears vindictive: Superintendent Alvan Gentle "I was told unofficially so to speak by the Commissioner of Police that I was being recall back to Belmopan. I am a police officer and I am transferrable but at the same if that's the case then I believe it is vindictive for what reason I don't know. There have been some unscrupulous business people that are saying that they will see to it that Mr. Gentle is transferred from here because of them being dealt with because of infractions where the law is concern."

The last time we told you about Katarina Ishim, she was undergoing surgery to remove a massive tumor the size of a watermelon. This tumor covered her face and threatened her life, but required a special procedure in Tennessee. Well, one surgery has been completed, and the prognosis is good. Although she lost her nose and her eye after an entire 40 hours of surgery, Ishim is healing. Ishim should be back cancer-free with her family in Belize in 5-6 months, and we will continue to follow the story.

When Arthur young was killed by the police on Sunday night at the entrance to Vista Del Mar - it ended the life of a legendary street figure. At 38, Young had lived longer than anyone expected him to. After all, he had been in the streets since the 90's in the days of George Junie Balls Mckenzie. Most of the gangsters from that time are either dead or retired from the life. But, despite his criminal history, and multitudes of enemies, Arthur young was a genius at re-invention and a master at survival. He was also reputed to be a ruthless, fearless killer - who genuinely inspired fear in many from other gangs. And, he also knew how to pick his spots media-wise, meaning, over the years he gave a few interviews - which gangsters hardly ever do. But he lived by his own playbook - and that was apparent over the years - as the police repeatedly adjusted their operations to keep up with him. Tonight, we look back at some of his public life - which is really his criminal history - to see the many changes he went through and put police through over the years:..

Channel 5

Gang Truce Dying with Leaders; South Side Gangster shot in Chest
The gang warfare is not letting up in the city. Just after five this evening, a well known affiliate from the South Side Gang (SSG) was shot on a main thoroughfare. Jermaine ‘Horse” Garnett was shot while he sat inside a Landcruiser, which was parked in front of the Freetown Drug Store. According to his [...]

Arthur Young’s shooting death still suspicious
Few specifics are confirmed on the killing of Arthur Young, the reputed leader of the Taylor’s Alley Gang who was the suspect for the Friday night of George Street boss, Shelton “Pinky” Tillett. Police are tight lipped saying only that he was shot in the pan of a vehicle when he attempted to disarm an [...]

Corozal Teen shot to death
While the circumstances in the killing of Arthur Young are under investigation, in Corozal a gunman opened fire on an eighteen year old in the presence of many persons. Aidan Perez was shot multiple times at around eight o’clock on Monday night following an argument. His cousin was also injured, but has survived. News Five’s [...]

Under Siege: Security Ministry brings B.D.F. to protect Belize City Streets
Following the weekend’s reign of terror, the Ministry of National Security has taken the following measures to bring some normalcy to the streets in the old capital. Vehicle check points have been established throughout the City, on the highways, at Belcan and Bel China Bridges as well as lookout points at the approach to the [...]

Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding?
Tonight’s question is: Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

1st Murder Conviction for 2012
There is a murder conviction to report tonight. A man accused of murdering his neighbor in 2009, was convicted late Monday evening in the Supreme Court. Emmerson Eaghan was on trial for fatally shooting thirty-five year old Dennis Nembhard on Flamboyant Street in June 2009. The guilty verdict was announced at around twenty minutes after [...]

19 year old charged for shooting Wesley student
A Wesley Junior College student was shot while walking home from school on the night of April sixteenth. The shooting is believed to have occurred because twenty year old Anthony Leslie defended himself and fellow student, twenty-five year old Karen Flores, during an armed holdup. Today, a nineteen year old unemployed man was read five [...]

2 men tried to set Mike’s Club ablaze
On Monday night, there was an arson attempt at Mike’s Club on Regent Street West. The bartender, fifty-four year old Glenford Diamond was working at around ten o’clock and went outside to feed his cat when he saw two men; one going up the stairs with a gallon and the other with a soft drink [...]

Superintendent Alvan Gentle, a victim of politicians
There is mounting opposition in Cayo to the transfer of Commanding Officer of the San Ignacio Police. A citizens’ group wants to rescind the immediate and untimely” transfer of Superintendent Alvan Gentle. A press release was issued today by the group following an emergency meeting of the Peoples Coalition of Cayo, The JPs Association of [...]

Girl with tumor recovering in the U.S.A.
Almost two weeks after her life-saving surgery in Knoxville, Tennessee, twelve year old Catarina Ishim is on her way to recovery. It has been almost two weeks since she completed about forty hours of surgery, where doctors removed an enormous cancerous tumor from her face. While that is just the first round, she has a [...]

The Bonds of Book Week 2012
Bet on Books… that

Michael Gordon: Homeless, MBE, Sculptor, Painter
Michael Gordon was discovered, so to speak, more than a decade ago. Gordon is a unique personality, eccentric at best but at art, he is a genius. Gordon turns anything that he touches into a masterpiece; be it on canvas, wood or paper. In 2001, he was bestowed with an MBE. But this gifted artist [...]

KTV Latino closer to crowning a champion
The showdown is here. Only four of five participants will perform tonight in the last round of competition in KTV Latino at the Bliss Institute. After weeks of battling to stay in the race, only four have survived and are moving on to compete for the grand prize of ten thousand dollars. It’s all happening [...]


Tuesday, April 24 - POLICE NEWS
Police are investigating an apparent arson in Belize City. Police report that sometime around 10 o’clock last night they responded to reports that Mike’s Club on Regent Street West was on fire. Police say they saw minor damages to the building. 54-year-old barte...

Activities in connection with Book Week continue today in Belize City. Activities are ongoing at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Montserrat Casa d’ Mund – President, Belize Book Industry Association “One of our aims is to promote rea...

Today commissioners and leaders of Girl Guide groups from throughout the Caribbean paid a quick visit to Belize during a Caribbean cruise to check on the vibrancy of the organization in the country. Chairperson of the Caribbean Link of Guiding, Dr. Oluwakemi Banks told Love News ...

The Bar Association of Belize is strongly opposing the proposed elevation of Supreme Court judge Samuel Longole Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals. According to reports reaching Love News, the Bar recently passed a resolution opposing the appointment which is expected to be mad...

Manuela Ayuso Cantun reporting… ” A 17 year old is dead following a shooting incident in Corozal Town last night. Aidan Perez was fatally wounded in a fight when he received a gunshot wound to his left armpit. According to Corozal Police, Perez and a group of his frien...


17 Year Old Shot To Death In Corozal
The level of crime in Corozal Town escalated last night as Corozal Police recorded its third murder for the year. The victim is 17 year old Aiden Perez, an unemployed resident of San Antonio Village in the Corozal District. The senseless murder unfolded shortly after 8:30 last night on Mahogany Street in the Hall’s Layout Area when a known gun man approached Perez and his friends and fired several shots at them. When police arrived at the scene they observed Perez’s body lying face up with an apparent gunshot wound to his left armpit. Perez was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Perez’s cousin, 21 year old Kareem Jones, was also shot in the left leg and groin area. Reporter Hipolito Novelo and cameraman Kenric Simpson travelled up north and found out that the senseless murder stemmed from a gang rivalry. The life of 17 year old Aiden Perez, who is no stranger to the law, was cut short last night after he was fatally wounded during an altercation.

Soon To Come Cenote Falls Shopping Center
DHS Holdings CEO, Micheal Rohling, recently announced the first phase development of the Cenote Falls Shopping Center on a 40-acre parcel of land in the Northern region of Belize. According to Rohling over one hundred million dollars from Belize migrates over the Mexican Border which will give the new hotel, casino and shopping center an advantage at offering retail options in the country. A recent press release by the company stated that since April 18th DHS Holding had secured financing from Clipper Exploration Ltd to the sum of $250,000.00 to be used in securing the parcel of land known as Cenote Falls. The company’s attorney, Emil Arguellas, has been instructed by Charlie Barrett, President of DHS Holding, Co., to make the first payment in the amount of US$150,000.00 in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the purchase agreement. Cenote Falls will act as the first stop coming in from Mexico to Belize.

52 Year Old Pleads Guilty To Theft - He Is Sentenced To Two Years Imprisonment
This morning 52 year old Roy Louis, Belizean unemployed of the Stann Creek District, appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where he was charged for theft. When Louis appeared before Magistrate Clive Lino he pled guilty to the charge of theft and was sentenced to two years in prison. The charge is as a result of an incident that played out around 5:00 on Saturday evening. Reports are that 27 year old Joshua Kuylen, owner of Kuylen Gas Company located along the Santa Elena Road in Corozal, was at his business establishment when he saw an individual hiding behind a tree located within the compound. Kuylen told police he called out to the individual who came out from his hiding spot with a machete in hand. At instance Kuylen pulled out his licence 9mm pistol and fired two shots at the person injuring him on the leg. The individual; however, managed to escape from the area. But he did not reach very far because a search of the area led police to the detention of Louis who was found suffering from 2 gunshot wounds to the leg.

Perenco Oil Company Digs For Black Gold In O/W
Belize is a small Central American country that has always been dependent on imported oil but over the last few years oil exploration companies have invested their time and efforts to locate crude oil within the country. One such company is Perenco Limited which is an Anglo-French-owned; Guatemalan based multinational oil and Gas Company that is currently under operations. The Company’s activities are well known as work is constantly in progress in the northern region. Here in Orange Walk the company is getting ready to drill for black gold approximately two miles out of the Village of Chan Pine Ridge. And there is where the first part of our story starts today. Perenco Belize Limited holds two licenses for oil exploration onshore and offshore. The first, Block-A, covers 3,250 square kilometres of land and sea in the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts and the second, Block-B, mostly-offshore, covers 1,170 square kilometres. Here in Orange Walk the oil company is getting ready to drill for black gold in the Chan Pine Ridge Area. Today we visited the area located about a quarter mile before the Village of Chan Pine Ridge where a 1500 hoarse powered drilling rig was being erected to explore for crude oil.

Fire Leaves Family Homeless
Last night we told about a family who was left without a home after their residence was burnt down to ashes on Friday morning. Pedro Gilharry along with his wife and daughter left their home en route to Orange Walk Town but when they returned home at around 11:30am they found their house and its contents completely engulfed in flames. They say about fifteen to twenty minutes the house burnt down and we have our stove, TV, everything burnt up, all our sheets we have nowhere to sleep. Three of us live here. I work I do carving and all my tools are burnt up so I can’t do anything right now so I wish I can get some help. Well, I am staying at my mom’s house on the floor and right now a bad situation happens to me and sometimes I don’t know what to do and I just finish with a month and it is burnt up now.”

Chapels School Receives Much Needed Donation
Over the past days the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has donated more than $8,000 to primary schools across the Orange Walk District. The money comes from the Social Program which forms part of the agreement made between Fair Trade and the BSCFA and yesterday another primary school benefited from those funds. Chapels School held their official ceremonies welcoming representatives of the BSCFA and proudly received a donation of $1,666.67. The newly allocated finance will be put towards a new pre-school mural and playground. “We applied this year about the mural that we need for the pre-school. The name of our pre-school is Eden Pre-School Centre so with that in mind we said that we needed a mural and a playground there so we need a fence so we applied and the response was positive. If you have noted our playground which is for the primary is not in good shape we have done two renovations and it is a little expensive and at that time the community assisted us and we will do a little on that but at this time we believe that the pre-school needs a playground that is suitable for them and their size and we believe that the items should be at their level.”

The Old Capital Placed Under Tight Security
And the Ministry of National Security is confident that by enhancing their security forces on the ground, the crime wave will diminish in the Old Capital. This evening the Ministry sent out a press release detailing the 7 planned operations that they have undertaken in order to combat crime in Belize City. Will the plan work? Well, that’s left to be seen. In the release the Ministry states that they have established static and roving vehicle check points throughout the City, Hattieville, mile 4 on the Western highway, Boom junction and at the Manatee lookout area on the Northern highway. Members from the Criminal Intelligence Unit were also assigned to these areas in order to assist in the identification of known gang members and their affiliates. (2) Vehicle check points have been established at the Belcan and Bel China Bridges with security forces lookout points at the arrival to the Swing Bridge. Motor cycles were also assigned to the personnel working at the lookout points in order to intercept and interdict criminal element operating in those areas. (3) A security corridor was established along the Central American Boulevard and Princess Margret Drive from the Esso Depot to the UB Campus in Button Wood Bay. ATV’s were assigned to the security teams along the Security Corridor in order to ensure that students and workers can move freely to and from their place of business in those areas. (4) Over 40 Belize Defense Force Soldiers were sworn in as Special Constables to allow them to carry out their functions during this operation. (5) In the various “Hot Spots”, stop and search operations at key areas were established. Key choke point areas are being manned especially in the vicinity of George Street, Taylors Alley, Rocky Road and May Flower areas. (6) Static and roving foot and vehicle patrols were established in and around the various zones where criminal activities are known to occur. (7). Conscious Youth Development Program (CYDP) operations continue in the various problem areas.

Orange Walk Women's Groups Receive Training In Business Management
Soy Sauce production in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts started two years ago through the Ministry of Agriculture Central Farm Agro Processing Unit in collaboration with Taiwan’s Agricultural Mission. The project saw the formation of 8 women’s group who underwent training on the handling, cooking, fermenting and processing of the soy product. This past Saturday and Sunday members of the 8 women’s group participated in a workshop that reflected on the groups aim to form a cooperative. The training focused on business aspects such as roles and responsibilities of the executive body and management and accounting procedures. “We have a small training for the soy sauce group since they are trying to see how they could venture off into selling soy sauce as another product of Belize. What we want to do here today is equip the ladies on what are the roles of a committee. Later the women will b interested in becoming a cooperative but one of the requirements before they become a cooperative is to go through some trainings and this is just part one the trainings that they will go through. We are teaching them some business concepts and the roles of an executive committee and the responsibility of the members within a cooperative and the more often they train the better they get equipped when they become a cooperative.

People's United Party Ready To Work With GOB To Reduce Crime
Over the weekend the streets of Belize City was painted with blood as it saw four murders- that of 19 year old Orlando Reyes, Shelton Pinky Tillett, the leader of the George Street Gang and Kamille Foreman Andrews who were both shot on Friday night and Peter Flowers who was fatally wounded on Sunday night. The weekend also witnessed the death of notorious street figure Arthur Young considered to be the leader of the Taylors Alley gang. The killings shook the old Capital, left residents fearing for their lives and forced Government to hold a press conference where the weekend crimes were addressed. But when the media walked out of the Biltmore Plaza they were left with more questions than answers especially when it came to the death of Arthur Young who, according to the Commissioner of Police David Henderson, was wanted for the weekend murder of Pinkey Tillett and was fatally injured during a struggle with police officers for their gun. Despite the pressing issues the press conference lasted a mere 32 minutes and barely any questions were answered when it came to the weekend murders. Minister of National Security John Saldivar talked about his so called “new operation” to combat crime which includes an increase of police presence on the streets of Belize City, a recent meeting with the gang leaders and the ever popular gang truce, which according to the Minister, is still holding. Belizeans; though, were left with one question on their mind, how those measures will result in a reduction of crime? That question is still left to be answered.


Dangriga youth battles cancer, seeks public assistance
While Catarina Ishim continues her remarkable recovery… another Belizean youth, also from southern Belize is hoping for a similar miracle. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo today traveled to Dangriga to bring you this inspiring story.

Suspected arson at Mike’s Club
Mike’s Club at 17 Regent Street West has been around for a number of decades, and in one night, it could have gone down with the scratching of one match stick. But while someone attempted to do so, it didn’t. [VO starts here.] At around ten on Monday night, the club’s bartender, fifty-four year old Glenford Diamond closed the business and retired for the night. But about an hour later, flames were observed emanating from the front portion of the building. Diamond told police that he went to feed his cat and upon exiting the club, he saw two men emptying the contents of bottles they held onto the front portion of the building. Diamond then saw one of the men light a match and start a blaze before ordering him to return inside and motioned to his pants waist as if reaching for a weapon. Diamond complied and slipped inside and alerted the police. The fire was addressed before it could cause any real damage and aside from a scorched front portion of the building, nothing else was burnt and business was back to normal when we visited the establishment today. So far, police have not made any arrests.

Girl Guide leaders meet in Belize City
Today commissioners and leaders of Girl Guide groups from throughout the Caribbean paid a quick visit to Belize during a Caribbean cruise to check on the vibrancy of the organization in the country. Chairperson of the Caribbean Link of Guiding, Dr. Oluwakemi Banks told Love News that while the organization has held together for the fifty-four years of its existence, there must be new and innovative ways of bolstering its strength. Meanwhile, on the local front, President of the Girl Guides Association of Belize, Dr. Gilda Lewis, says that the weakness in holding the organization together lies in the lack of leaders. If you fit the bill and would like to become a Girl Guide leader, then you can reach their office at 227 6179. There are about 700 Girl Guide members currently in Belize.

Book week being observed in Belize
Activities in connection with Book Week continue today in Belize City. Activities are ongoing at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Montserrat Casa d’ Mund is the President of the Belize Book Industry Association. International Book and Copyright Day was observed on Monday. Book week 2012 bears the theme, “Bet on Books”.

Catarina Ishim recovering well following surgery
Eleven year old Catarina Ishim continues to recover from a marathon surgery she underwent earlier this week to remove a huge tumor from her face. The update tonight is that doctors believe that the eleven year old girl from southern Belize is on the road to a remarkable recovery. We have this story as reported by NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee WBIR Channel Ten. Love News will continue to monitor the progress of Catarina Ishim’s recovery.

Bar Association opposes elevation of Supreme Court Justice
The Bar Association of Belize is strongly opposing the proposed elevation of Supreme Court judge Samuel Longole Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals. According to reports reaching Love News, the Bar recently passed a resolution opposing the appointment which is expected to be made in the coming weeks. President of the Bar Association Andrew Marshalleck says that the habitual excessive delay in delivering timely judgments is the primary reason why the proposed appointment is being rejected. Marshalleck says that it is the view of the Bar Association that given particular challenges facing the Belize Court of Appeals, the addition of Justice Awich to the bench of the high court will not help. The Bar Association president believes that despite their opposition, the appointment will be effected; but they have communicated their opinion to both the Leader of the Opposition and to the Prime Minister. The proposed elevation of Justice Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals is expected to take place the middle of next month.

Weekend violence produces multiple murders
A spate of weekend violence has resulted in multiple homicides. Love TV’s Marion Ali reports.

BETEX to be held this week
The annual showcase event known as Belize Tourism Expo takes place later this week in Belize City. Final preparations are being made for the big event. Love News spoke with the Executive Director of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Efren Perez about BETEX 2012. The showcase event will be held at the Princess Hotel in Belize City.

Youths follow hoop dreams to the U.S.
And while the university athletes came back with gold and bronze medals … a group of aspiring basketballers traveled to the United States at the weekend in pursuit of their hoop dreams. Love TV’s Ava Diaz Sosa reports from the Philip Goldson International Airport.

University of Belize wins gold in regional games
The University of Belize is tonight celebrating the recent successful visit to Guatemala by athletes of the institution. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo explains.

Belize City man freed of murder charge
28-year-old Denvoy Domingo, charged with the murder of 27-year-old Jermaine Smart aka Jerry was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Herbert Lord. After the prosecution closed its case having called three witnesses, Domingo’s attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley submitted that Domingo did not have a case to answer to because the evidence was insufficient. Bradley submitted that there is no evidence that Smart is dead, that he died from harm, that the harm was unlawful and that it was Domingo who caused the harm. Justice Lord upheld the submission and he directed the jury of five men and seven women to find Domingo not guilty of murder and the alternative charge of manslaughter. Smart, a resident of Fuller’s Alley was shot and killed on Cemetery Road near to his home on August 29, 2007. He was standing in front of a Chinese shop when two persons rode by on bicycles and one of them fired several shots at him. Crown Counsel Trienna Yong represented the prosecution.

Staff development training for Toledo teachers
A staff development program for teachers in two secondary schools in the Toledo district was on Friday in Punta Gorda. Our Toledo Bureau Chief Paul Mahung has the details.

Earthquake in Guatemala shakes Belize
A moderate earthquake struck close to the Belize-Guatemala border on Sunday evening. According to reports, the quake measured five-point-one on the Richter. According to the United States geological service, the epicenter of the quake, which struck at six-twenty yesterday evening, was at a depth of thirty five and a half miles underground. Reports from around the region say that the quake was felt as far north as Chetumal, Mexico, and as far south as San Salvador, El Salvador. So far, there have been no reports of injuries from last evening’s earthquake.

PUP concerned about crime; offers hand of assistance
The Opposition People’s Untied Party has issued a press release regarding the crime satiation in Belie City. The release states, and we quote: “The People’s United Party is extremely concerned at the tepid response of the Government and the Minister of National Security to the elevated levels of violence currently occurring in Belize City, which has blanketed the City and surrounding communities with fear, placed citizens under siege, and put at risk the lives of residents. This state of affairs can only be categorized as severe and urgent. The PUP reminds the Government that the Constitution of Belize guarantees all Belizeans, the protection of the state which has a duty and an obligation to ensure safety and security. The response of Government falls short of providing any hope or calming the fears of residents so they will feel safe and secure in their homes and communities,” end of quote. The PUP release ends by saying that the PUP is prepared to work, as a matter of urgency, with Government and civil society partners to chart a way forward which will reflect the multidimensional and holistic approach needed at this time.

Murder in Belmopan
The weekend violence was not limited to the old capital. In Belmopan a man was also killed over the weekend. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

Man injured in shooting near his home
Forty year old Larry Sutherland, remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial after he was wounded in a shooting incident on Saturday night. Police reports say that Sutherland was on Racoon Street Extension along with friends around nine o’clock on Saturday night, when three dark complexion men rode up on separate bicycles and fired several shots at him. Sutherland was shot n the centre of his back with the bullet exiting his abdomen. Police investigations continue.

Minister Saldivar outlines new crime fighting measures
Minister of National Security John Saldivar this morning hosted a Press Conference in Belize City to update the nation on the weekend violence. Flanked by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Housing Minister Michael Finnegan, Human Development Minister Anthony Martinez and Junior Minister Mark King, Saldivar explained since the middle of last week, there has been increased police presence on the streets of Belize City. According to Saldivar, since January, there have been thirty shooting incidents, nineteen of them resulting in murder, with the majority of them resulting from ongoing gang rivalries. That violence in the city in the last 72 hours resulted in three people being killed. Minister Saldivar announced that an additional eighty police officers are being deployed in Belize City to help bring things back under control. Minister Saldivar says his government will do all in its power to return the city to normalcy so that, quote: “we will again live in a tranquil haven,” end of quote. During the question and answer period, Minister Saldivar told reporters that he could not go into specifics about other measures being implemented to stem the crime wave in Belize City, he is confident that things will work out. Even as the Ministerial press conference was getting started at the Biltmore, news was being received of another broad daylight shooting incident. The victim has been identified as forty year old Corrington Bowden. The incident happened on Freetown road. Reports are that Bowden was standing in front of a boutique on Freetown Road when he was approached by a man on a bicycle who fired a single shot hitting him in the face. Bowden was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital where he is listed in a stable condition. Police investigations continue.

Robert Mariano seeks to clear his name
When the police department announced the capture and subsequent death of Arthur Young on Sunday night, the official press release said he was being harbored at a house in the Vista del Mar area of Ladyville. The statement issued by police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood named the owner of the house as cyclist and sports enthusiast Robert Mariano. Subsequent to the naming of Mariano in the official release, Commissioner of Police David Henderson further stated the same thing at a mid-morning press conference hosted by the Minister of National Security. Shortly after, the man named by police as the owner of the house, called the RSV News Centre to clarify the issue. Mariano told Love TV’s Patrick Jones that not only was his name erroneously used by the police; the decision to do so has not put him and his family in danger. Mariano told Love News that the commissioner of police had given an undertaking to inform the media of the error of publishing his name in their press release. But up to news time, that retraction had not yet arrived at the News Centre.

Mystery surrounds the death of Arthur Young
The circumstance surrounding the death of well known Belize City street figure Arthur Young remains shrouded in controversy. The police department announced today that Young, who was wanted in connection with Friday night’s double-murder, was apprehended at a house in Ladyville. But before he could reach Belize City, Young was dead. Minister of National Security John Saldivar provided some details at a mid-morning press conference at the Biltmore hotel.

Murder on Cesar Ridge Road
The weekend’s other murder happened on Cesar Ridge Road in Belize City. The victim has been identified as twenty six year old stevedore Peter Flowers Junior. According to police reports, Flowers was shot a total of twenty one times, sustaining gunshot wounds to the head and body. According to police reports, Flowers was walking on Cesar Ridge road when he was approached from behind by a black Toyota Camry. Police say that the occupants of the vehicle opened fire on Flowers fatally wounding him. Police investigations continue.


Well-known south-side figure shot
Today at around 5:15pm well-known southside figure Jermaine Garnett of Yarbra Area was in his car on Freetown Road ...

Catarina Ishim in recovery after tumour removal surgery
We have received the latest progress report on Catarina Ishim the young girl from Toledo who received a life-saving...

OIC Gentle given directive to vacate his San Ignacio office
Last week plus news ran a series of stories on the rumored transfer of Officer in Command Alvan Gentle. In January ...

Belize celebrates Book Week
The Belize Book Industry Association celebrates book week. The Belize Book Industry Association is this week celebr...

Game plan to pacify crime in Belize City
The Ministry of National Security has put a release informing the general Public of the details of their planned op...

Recruitment for international mission outreach
Operation Mobilization (OM) is a Christian organization with a mandate to take the gospel to all nations especially...

Armed confrontation leaves Corozal youth dead
Police responded to a report of gunfire on Mahogany Street, in the Hall’s Layout area in Corozal last night (April ...

Arson at Mike's Club in Belize City
Mike’s Club is in the news again. It was the site where Orlando Reyes died at the doorway and caused a dangerous do...

Guatemala hit by 4.1 earthquake
A 4.1 magnitude earthquake occurred on Sunday, April 22, a little


Peter Flowers, 26, executed at corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Gill Street
He was shot as many as 21 times... Peter Flowers, 26, a resident of Caesar Ridge Road, was shot and killed at the corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Gill Street.

Kolbe’s prison contract up for review – 2011 audit ongoing
Prisoners at Kolbe cost taxpayers $13.50 per head... CEO says prison population now 1,292; 150 remanded on murder charges... The Kolbe Foundation, an organization founded by Rotarians in Belize, has been managing the Belize Central Prison since 2002. Minister of National Security John Saldivar told Amandala on Thursday that the Kolbe contract with the Government of Belize is up for review and they will soon be undertaking a comprehensive exercise, to review both the terms and conditions of the contract, and the prison regulations.

Orlando “Bam” Reyes, 19, murdered on Orange Street
The mother of yet another Belize City youth is mourning the death of her only son and making arrangements to bury him. Orlando “Bam” Reyes, 19, of Tigris Street, was shot and killed on Friday April 20. He is now in the Karl Heusner Morgue awaiting an autopsy. He was killed around 3:00 p.m. — shot in his chest, abdomen and hand.

Jury acquits Denvoy Domingo of Jermaine Smart’s murder
3 witnesses could not provide enough evidence to convict Domingo... Denvoy Domingo, 28, a resident of Mayflower Street charged with the murder of Jermaine Smart, 27, A.K.A. “Jerry,” was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Herbert Lord.

More police for Old Capital in crime “crisis”
“80 more police” to patrol murder-ridden Belize City; Minister of National Security says truce will continue... The Old Capital remained on edge this past weekend, as an already tense atmosphere became more so following five reported deaths beginning on Friday, part of a greater epidemic of seventeen murders reported since the start of this month.

City’s 2 top dons shot dead in 48 hours
City reels: Pinky, Arthur killed! Citizens of the old capital are still nervous tonight over repercussions they believe might erupt from the unprecedented killing of two of the city’s major gang figures — boss of the George Street gang, Shelton “Pinky” Tillett, at the hands of Taylor’s Alley gang leader, Arthur Young, according to police, and the death of Arthur Young himself, at the hands of the police.

1st Annual Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation bike ride – April 28
Just over a decade ago, a young Belizean teenager burst on the cycling scene at age 13, proceeding to win all the major junior races until, at age 15, there were no more challenges for him in the junior ranks of cycling in Belize; so he started racing with the seniors. His name was Ariel Rosado, and at age 16 he then “surprised the Belizean cycling community by beating a field of 51 senior cyclists including foreigners to win the 2000 KREM New Year’s Cycling Classic. He went on to win every major cycling race in Belize except the Elite Cross Country Classic.”

Draw games in Premier League semifinals game 1
Placencia Assassins 0:0 BDF; F.C. Belize 2:2 Police United... It was a scoreless affair down at the Placencia Football Field between visiting North Zone winners Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the home standing South Zone 2nd place team Placencia Assassins. BDF was reportedly without the services of Deon McCaulay who is said to be out of the country.

Alarming border incursions inside Toledo reserve
Belize Territorial Volunteers say Guats have apparently marked out their plots of land... A group of ten concerned Belizeans going by the name Belize Territorial Volunteers made their way on their first border monitoring expedition on Thursday, April 19, and returned on Saturday, April 21, reporting a range of illegal incursions inside the Columbia River Forest Reserve by persons believed to be Guatemalans.

Generic “Tylenol” for sale? Ministry of Health investigates
Earlier this week, co-host of the Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes (WUB) on KREM Radio and Television, Sharon Marin, ignited questions over pharmaceutical controls in Belize when she mentioned on the show that she had gone out to buy the popular brand “Tylenol” (trade name for the drug known as acetaminophen, a pain reliever) and was instead given what appears to be a generic version marketed as “Tlemol.”

EDITORIAL: Gang violence escalates
On Friday night the Maximum Leader of the George Street gang was ambushed and killed at a Northside Belize City gas station. As the news spread late Friday night and early Saturday morning, a hush fell over the old capital, because most adults residents believed that this sensational murder marked the end of the gang truce, of sorts, which had been in place in Belize City since September last year.

The Reporter

Cenote Falls Shopping Center coming to Corozal
Name brand companies like McDonald’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike will be invited to set up franchises in the new Cenote Falls Shopping Center, which DHS Holding Company of Nashville, Tennessee, announced it will set up in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. But the 40-acre tract of land being cleared for the Shopping Center is not in the Corozal Free Zone; it is located across the highway from the Zone, just west of the Belize Border Management offices at the Belize-Mexico Border, as is shown on a Google map on the company’s website. Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Erwin Contreras told The Reporter that as far as he knew, the project was in its very preliminary stages, and he had yet to received any prospectus. He admitted the two casinos immediately outside the CFZ do have Export Processing Zone (EPZ) status, but the Ministry of Economic Development could not act on its own and grant EPZ status for the Shopping Center. He said the issue would have to be discussed in Cabinet. The same was true for DHS Holding’s application for an online gaming license.

Bar opposed to Awich promotion
The Belize Bar Association is opposing the proposed appointment of Mr. Justice Samuel LungoleAwich, Supreme Court Judge, to the Belize Court of Appeal, and invited its members to discuss and pass a resolution to this effect at a “Special Meeting” at the Best Western Biltmore Hotel on Thursday, April 19. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has put forward Awich’s name to be appointed a Justice on the Belize Court of Appeal. But the Bar Association of Belize in its draft resolution to its members notes that Awich is up for retirement on May 15, 2012, when he will turn 65. According to the draft resolution, the Government of Belize is proposing to appoint Awich on a two year contract to replace Appeal Justice Alleyne, who has resigned. Awich’s appointment would take effect from May 16, 2012, the day after he retires. This is not the first time the Bar Association has gone up against Awich.

St. Ignatius weekend collection jacked
A pair of brazen armed robbers walked on to St. Ignatius Parish compound on Basra Street around 11:00 Monday morning, April 16, and walked out with a money bag containing the offering that the church had collected during Saturday night and Sunday morning Mass. A senior citizen employed by the Parish office told The Reporter he had just sat down at a table to relax, before going to the bank to deposit the cash. He said he’d hung his head down and when he looked up at the sound of a click, he found himself looking into the barrel of a gun. He said he caught a glimpse of the money bag he had left on the table being taken out out, in the hands of another man. Both robbers calmly walked through the sliding door and disappeared. The Parish employee said the deposit bag contained ,ore than $1700 in cash and three cheques.

Salvadoran man accused of crushing foe by driving over him
Belmopan Police were called out to a gruesome murder scene on Tul Street around 5 Saturday morning, April 14, where they came across the lifeless body of Guatemalan Rudy BarrillasMarroquin, 24, of Tulum Street, Belmopan. Marroquin was lying face down with head and body injuries. On visiting the Western Regional Hospital, they found PedoroTeul, 25, businessman, suffering from abrasions to both his hands, his face and chest, face and forehead. The Police are saying that a third person, Salvadoran Roberto Galdamez, 34, used a blue van he was driving to run them down. Galdamez was mad at Marroquin and Teul for not giving back a handgun which he had asked them to hide for him. When Gandamez saw the two men on a motorbike, emerging from a field where apparently they had hidden the gun, he allegedly gunned his van and hit both men as they tried to flee.

Special Constable accused of stealing inside station house
Police Special Constable John Myvett pleaded not guilty to a charge of theft when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer in the Magistrate’s Court on Monday, April 16. Frazer granted Myvett bail of $1,000 and adjourned his case to June 4. Myvett’s charge arose from an incident which unfolded at the Eastern Division Police Station in the early hours of Saturday, April 14. Ronel Rivero, 33, a resident of Belmopan, accused Myvett of stealing $800 from him. Rivero was in Belize City partying with friends on the weekend and missed the last bus to Belmopan. When he realized it was too late for him to travel, Rivero decided that his safest bet would be to stay at the police station until he was ready to take his bus home. So around 4:30 a.m., he checked himself into the Queen Street Police Station. According to Rivero, an on-duty police sergeant checked him to make sure he did not have anything illegal on him. Rivero showed the seargean the money he had on him and settled in for a few hours of respite from the cruel streets of Belize City.

Belize’s Rebecca Stirm wins again on Mission Catwalk
Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm won for a second time on episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. Stirm had placed second on last week’s episode after winning on the episode of the series which aired on Tuesday, April 3. “When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants,” Stirm said. Her decision won her points from judge Novia McDonald-Whyte, Lifestyle editor at the Jamaica Observer, who commented that the pant’s pleating and subtle ankle details were “genius.” Rebecca, who found material for her episode 2 design in the curtain section of Pablos’, again went outside the box and chose fabric from the upholstery department for her pants: “a stronger material with a lot of body and shape.” Her peach-colored, satin blouse had a feminine appeal with an overlay of white lace to tone down the color. She also made the white tailored belt and added a gold jewelry and a yellow purse to complete the ensemble. Milliner Marcellas James, the owner of Cinderella Hats, found the “exquisitely detailed” design, “unusual and unexpected. International menswear designer Carlton Brown thought the accessories “too much” but was pleased with the overall look which he described as “amazing.” “Stylish, on trend and creative” was how the host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George described Rebecca’s interpretation.

Thirty hours of non-stop surgery to remove 10-lb tumor from girl’s face
Eleven year old Catarina Ishim of San Pablo village in the Stann Creek district has received a new lease on life, after surviving nearly 20 hours of surgery to remove a large, cancerous tumor bigger from her face. The tumorous growth, was as big as her head and impeded her speech and her eating. The procedure was performed at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee by a team of specialists which included Dr.John Little, ear, nose and throad surgeon specialist and Dr.Kathleen Herbig, plastic surgeon. Dr. Rick Glover was the co-ordinating pediatrician. Catarina will spend the next several days recovering. Her surgery was a volunteer effort by the many people involved. . Dr. John Little, an ear, nose an throat surgeon at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital led the team of doctors, surgeons and nurses who removed the tumor. One doctor spent 11 hours cutting off most of the blood supply to the tumor on Thursday. Dr Little then began fine-tune cutting early Friday morning. Seven hours later, he had removed the tumor and its roots, now grown to the size of a small melon weighing almost 10 pounds. Dr. Little said Caterina’s case had affected him personally.

Former Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez on the stomp
Former Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez, a relentless fighter for human rights, began his own, very personal campaign to stem the flow of semi-official propaganda to include gay rights among the tenets of universal human rights. He is seen here in front of Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic primary School with his poster which rejects bogus gay rights. Mr. Rodriguez garnered a lot of public attention and support for his original approach to explain the issue. His poster says: Human Rights, Yes. Gay rights - BOGUS.

Wrong order, Cuthkelvin tells Customs!
The six 40-foot containers that have been sitting at the Belize Customs compound on Caesar Ridge Road for several weeks now will go unclaimed, The Reporter learned on Wednesday, April 18. The chemicals inside the containers have been tested abroad and were found to be methylamine hydrochloride, a banned substance used for making crystal meth, the most toxic and deadly of the recreation drugs. Vernon Cuthklevin, a director of a company called Belize Garden Consortium, told Customs that he had imported a cheap fertilizer, titanium dioxide and ammonium sulfate. He insists that he did not order methylamine hydroxide from the company in China which shipped the containers to Belize in February.

Ernest Meighan wins Weekend Warriors Cross Country
The 2001 Cross Country champion Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan of the Santino’s team won the Weekend Warriors Cross Country cycle race for Category “A” Masters riders, while Perry Gibson of the AAA Loans won the 50-mile race for B/C class riders on Sunday, April 15. Meighan rode the 70 miles from La Loma Luz hospital in Santa Elena to the Hattieville roundabout, through the Hattieville Boom bypass road on to the Northern Highway to finish in front of the offices of the M&M Engineering Ltd on the Northern Highway in three hours, 56 minutes and 59 seconds to win a trophy. Meighan had entered the city trailing on the wheel of the “Flying Scotsman” Liam Stewart of the M&M Engineering team, but after they turned at the first roundabout, Meighan out-sprinted Stewart at the finish, Stewart picked up the second place trophy. When the first chase group entered the city, Barney Brown of the Scotiabank team edged out Luigi Urbina of the C-ray team in the sprint for third place.


A Look Around Town: Some Changes and MORE Gorgeous Weather
I am starting to sound like a skipping record but yesterday was another low humidity, perfectly blue skies, cool northerly wind beauty. I walked into town and stumbled upon this... One of the ex-mayor's self congratulatory tombstones wrecked in the Central Park. What the heck??? But let's back up a bit...first I had to walk into town. (No more taxis during the day...I'm trying.) The sea was flat. Looked like another beauty for diving or stand-up paddle boarding...a sport that seems to be catching on more and more in Ambergris Caye. The Xanadu dock. It was lunch time and a work crew was resting on the beach. They are putting in a much needed seawall at Coconut's Hotel. Their beach has been getting smaller and smaller. The seawall is being built about 15 feet from the beach. It was lunch time at the RC School, probably one of the schools with the most students. Mangos are coming into season in Belize and kids (and adults alike) love the less ripe slices served with salt and pepper. I like to wait for the ripe mangos to arrive later in the taste buds haven't become accustomed to fruit and salt yet. Cut me some slack...I'm trying!

BETEX Opening Night is Belize’s tourism event of the year
The BETEX Opening Night is Belize’s tourism event of the year. BETEX registered delegates, members of the local and international press, and special invited guests will enjoy an evening filled with cultural food displays, live performances and lots of entertainment. Belize’s key tourism stakeholders that are BETEX registered Exhibitors will welcome and mingle with international wholesalers and travel agents for a vibrant evening of networking, fun and dance. The BETEX 2012 Welcome Reception and Opening Ceremony is sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board and will be held on April 25, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at The House of Culture in Belize City. The night’s Maya 2012 theme will honor Belize’s Maya heritage and celebrate the Maya civilization that flourished in Belize and the region from around 1800 BC to 1600 AD.

Infant II School Trip – The Belize River
The highlight of a child’s year as a 6 year old attending the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School is their school trip. For those who are unaware of the process for these activities, the Government schools are heavily under funded and for many of the children’s necessities (including their holiday celebrations and excursions) come very much fall on the parents. PTA committees are set up for each class to offer assistance by raising funds through a variety of events such as food sales and raffles- thus has been the process for raising the funds for this specific trip. The Belize River, once a location for the logging industry, now a tourist attraction in its own right as the lush forest that fringes the river holds dense flora and fauna. Such was the choice of Infant II for Friday’s school outing – a decision that had been made some months ago by the parents and one that did not disappoint. The morning was a sultry hot morning with little to now wind as the entire class was accompanied each by a parent (and may be even an additional child) for the 7am departure at the water taxi. There was definitely excitement in the air as this particular excursion is one attraction not undertaken by many of the Caye Caulker residence and therefore eagerly awaited. After an a minor mix up with boats, we were off at a slightly later than anticipated 7.30am to Belize City. There was a small change of boat in Belize City (plus a quick toilet break for those who required it) and we were off to our destination – the mouth of the Belize River itself.

International Sources

Five Places to Live in Belize; Two to Avoid
Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat—especially if you’re looking for real value—there are many places deserving of your attention. Places where you can live the laid-back, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams. So if you’re thinking of moving to Belize, where should be front and center on your expat hit list? Where to Live in Belize In no particular order, check out: Corozal—in northern Belize near the border with Mexico. This may be your low-cost option if you’re looking for waterfront property. Not technically on the Caribbean, but instead on the pretty Bay of Chetumal, you’ll find prices for just about everything…from real estate to local grocery items…will be less in Corozal. The islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Placencia. The Cayo district. Corozal.

Belize Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
The Mutual Evaluation Report (MER) of Belize summarises the anti-money laundering /combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) measures in place in Belize at the time of the on-site visit (April 12th to 23rd 2010). The Report sets out Belize’s level of compliance with the FATF 40 + 9 Recommendations which are contained in Table 1 of the Report.

Fire Storm: Field Researchers and Their Subjects Endure Nature's Tempestuous Power [Slide Show]
Cave-riddled hills jut steeply from the flat pine savanna of Runaway Creek Nature Reserve in Belize. Tapirs, jaguars and wild pigs call the forest-blanketed hillsides home. The territory also encompasses the range of a group of spider monkeys whose lives University of Calgary anthropologist Mary Pavelka and graduate students Kayla Hartwell and Jane Champion have chronicled for four years. The team has amassed a detailed record that goes beyond the animals' daily comings and goings to include measuring stress hormones and the parasites that inhabit their intestinal tracts. Years in the jungle confers exposure to the natural cycles that inevitably beset any forested ecosystem, opening a broader panorama on the dynamics of the animals' lives. In October 2010 Hurricane Richard ravaged the jungle, uprooting countless trees and stripping foliage. The destruction, which left humans and monkeys disoriented, caused the researchers to switch gears and track the recovery of the forest as well as forge new trails through the most afflicted areas to see how the monkeys fared.

Belize’s Spa future looks bright and sunny
When you think of amazing spa experiences Belize is probably not what first pops in your mind when dreaming of being pampered. Although Belize is not yet famous world-class spas but we predict in the coming years, more and more visitors and vacation home-owners will take full advantage of the growing spa presence here. Picture this: As the boys go out to sea to bang the flats for permit and bonefish, the girls are getting pampered at the spa. Then again, winding down in the spa after a day of chasing bonefish doesn’t sound bad either. Here are a few spa retreats my friends and I have really enjoyed when in need of a deep tissue massage or a mud bath. Can’t make it to the spa? There are a few select masseuses who will come to your resort room for your very own balcony massage, but for now, let me fill you in on the best resort spas Belize has to offer. Includes Chaa Creek, Cayo Espanto, Maruba, Ka'ana

April 24, 2012


Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Aurelio Martinez and the Garifuna Collective perform at Sundiver Resort
Aurelio Martinez, Honduran Garifuna musician extraordinaire performed to the delight of many on the beach at Sundiver Beach Resort. Accompanied by the Garifuna Collective, Martinez sang in his distinctive voice, beautiful ballads and infectiously rhythmic Punta/Paranda jams that had the crowd moving. Electric and acoustic guitars, Garifuna drumbeats, the shake-shake of maracas and the voices clear into the night – it was a fantastic evening of music and culture. Opening the evening’s event was Canadian singer/songwriter Danny Michel, who has been traveling to Belize for the past six years. Michel had the crowd singing along; especially to his Caye Caulker based song “Wish Willy”. Adding to the vibe was Aurelio on the drums, and Stonetree Records’ Ivan Duran on guitar. After a short intermission, the Garifuna Collective launched into their beautiful, soul-stirring rendition of songs that catapulted them into the world stage. Two extremely talented ladies led in vocals, while guitar and drums resonated, fusing to one harmonious melody that had everyone on their feet. After an emotional, beautiful rendition of “Watina”, it was time to groove on with faster paced, equally wonderful songs. In no time whatsoever, it was time for intermission and the long-awaited performance by Aurelio Martinez.

Rowan Garel prepares to “Walk Across Belize”
Rowan Garel may have been born without the ability to see, but that certainly has not stopped him from looking for adventure and staring challenges straight in the face. The brave young thirteen-year old, who just last year made history by climbing to the top of Victoria Peak is now back in the spotlight and taking on a new adventure to raise awareness for blind or visually impaired children. On Thursday, July 12th, Rowan and his father Joe will hit the highways to “Walk Across Belize“. Together they will walk some 90 miles from the Belize border with Guatemala across the country all the way to Belize City arriving on June 16th, just in time for the 2012 BCVI Summer Camp. In doing so he hopes to raise double the amount he did last year to help support the BCVI in their work with children who are blind or visually impaired. In his blog Rowan stated that: “With the success of our climb at Victoria Peak last year and the local interest to join, we thought it would be perfect to ‘Walk Across Belize’ and be able to invite you all to join in on the adventure as we stride to help raise money to provide support for other children who are blind or visually impaired. Without your sponsorships the non-profit work that BCVI does on a daily basis will not be able to continue. Whether it’s by getting sponsored to walk, or simply making a contribution, we are grateful for your support.”

SACNW Earth Day Clean-Up
On Earth day 2012 the South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch (SACNW) group organized a neighbourhood clean-up campaign. Over 25 residents of the area plus a number of police officers from the San Pedro Police department gathered at 7AM to roll up their sleeves and take a dent out of the plastic and Styrofoam garbage that accumulates on the beaches and roads on the south end of Ambergris Caye. After 2 hours of hard work the volunteers had filled and delivered over 100 large trash bags to the land fill dump. The SACNW would like to offer many thanks to all that participated and a special thank you to the ASP Vienie Robinson and her team that used their off duty time to help keep La Isla Bonita and to Rite-Way Construction that provided a truck to deliver the trash to the town dump.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro High Gains Way to Food and Nutrition Finals
On Thursday, April 19, a team from San Pedro High School travelled to Belize City to attend the 2012 Food and Nutrition Quiz Competition where it placed first in Zone A of the Belize District. This win has secured San Pedro High a spot in the National Food and Nutrition Competition. The winning team comprised of Captain Solani Graniel, Edith Lopez and Jasmine Ritchie; Alternates: Mahe Perreira, Reyna Chavez, Ethel Villatoro; Coach: Miss Arely Reyes. They were victorious over six other schools in the Belize District area including Excelsior, Sadie Vernon, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Maud Williams High School, E. P. Yorke High School and St. John's College.

Town Council Addressing Town Needs
In a way to address issues concerning the island, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the town councilors set to visit all the schools and government offices on the island all of last week from Monday, April 16, 2012 to Friday, April 20, 2012. These visits were also part of officially introducing themselves and presenting their portfolios of work. During this familiarization visits, the Town Councilors and Mayor had the opportunity to meet with the entire student body and teachers at each school. Students were asked to have civic pride and to help maintain La Isla Bonita clean. They were also invited to participate in the beautification of parks, a project which will soon be launched by the San Pedro Town Council.

Kiryani Pou Dazzles as San Pedro New Miss Chiquitita
Lovely Kiryani Pou won the hearts of the judges and took the coveted title of Miss Chiquitita 2012. It was a night to remember, as all six outstanding girls, Elizabeth Grace Sanchez, Tjaunnie Ack, Kiryani Pou, Ayanna Staine, Aylen Tang and Yari Flores first took on the stage with a very energetic dance and made it known that it was going to be a tough competition. The entire audience joined in by making their cheers and applauses very audible throughout the show.

Belizeans’ Safety Addressed After Homicides of Gang Leaders
And after all the rumors of various shootings and the increase of murders around the country over the weekend in the social media, the Ministry of National Security and Prime Minister of Belize set a press conference early Monday morning, April 23, 2012, to reassure Belizeans that it will continue to work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment to all especially the residents of Belize City in the wake of the recent shooting death of an alleged gang leader Sheldon August Tillett AKA Pinky who was shot and killed on Friday 20, April 2012.

Prostitution Ninety Years Ago In San Pedro For One Shilling!
According to Danny there were two prostitutes in San Pedro in those days as well. Strangely enough, they were both Mayas. One lived south of the village and one lived north of the village. They serviced the young men of San Pedro, but occasionally we heard of married men who felt the urge to take a walk north or south of the village after dinner. These women charged a shilling (25 cents) and that was a day’s pay for most men so it was considered expensive.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize 2012 Crime and Safety Report
Crime has been on the rise in Belize for the past several years. Belize remains a high-crime country due largely to the extremely high murder rate per capita. Belize is officially the sixth most dangerous country in the world with an average of just over 39 homicides per 100,000 residents. Belize has the second highest murder rate in the Caribbean, the third in Central America, and the fifth in the Americas. Belize set new national records for murders in 2009 and 2010. Gang violence, still largely confined to Belize City, is a significant contributor to the high murder rate. There were 125 murders recorded for 2011, four less than 2010, likely due to the gang truce in Belize City that began in September 2011. However, even though the number of murders dipped, ending a three-year trend of new records for murders, the murder rate actually increased slightly, due to a slight decrease in the population. A government of Belize (GOB)-supported gang truce was agreed to in September 2011 and dramatically reduced the intentional homicides during the final four months of 2011. There were also highly-publicized raids in known gang areas by the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). There were only nine murders reported in the 100 days following the truce. The gang truce will undoubtedly have an impact on violent crime in Belize City in 2012.

Belizean joins Cirque du Soleil
Congratulations to Sapphira Pelayo of Belize City for joining Cirque du Soleil as a performer. She is very talented, and Cirque du Soleil is top notch. Maybe we'll get some Belizean-priced tickets to watch her perform? (tee hee). Reach for the stars, girl, the world is your playground. Enjoy it!

The Festival of San Jose in Succotz pictures
Succotz had their festival this weekend. The Institute for Sustainable International Studies got some pictures of the celebrations.

Buy and Sell Classifieds for the week
Another great issue of Cayo Classifieds.

Belize Motocross event photos
And they're off! Pictures from the last event in Belmopan.

"One Day on Earth" at Midas pictures
It was a fantastic Earth Day, and there was a good turnout at Midas for the 'One Day on Earth' screening. The poolside seating was great, as was the in pool seating. Thanks to the SISE House of Culture for making this happen. They will be bringing 'The Remaining' to Midas on Cinco de Mayo for a poolside concert.

Happy Belize Book Week!
It's International Book Week. Here in Belize there are quite a few events over the next 3 days, put on by the Institute of Social and Cultural Research and the Belize Book Industry Association. Today, the University of Belize is having the opening ceremony, and the launching of 'The Economic History of Belize from the 17th Century to Post-Independence." Tomorrow and Wednesday, there are events at the Bliss. Thanks, ISCR and BBIA!

VIDEO: Commissioner of Police comments on the death of Arthur Young

Channel 7

Tonight, it is as if the landscape of the entire Belize society has changed; the two most prominent gang leaders in the country, Shelton Pinky Tillett and Arthur Young are dead - after a weekend that rocked the nation to its core and caused widespread panic and public terror. First off, despite reports that there had been a wild murder spree and a soaring body count, that didn't happen - but that doesn't mean it isn't bad as it is. Four persons - including Pinky Tillett and his female friend - were murdered between Friday and Saturday. There were two more shootings: one on Saturday and one this morning - combined, they left three persons injured. We'll tell you about all of them, but we start with the biggest news of the weekend: the execution of a gang boss. For those who knew him, Shelton Pinky Tillett was not a menacing or aggressive character - but he was considered the boss of the George Street Gaza - the most powerful and dangerous gang in Belize. Tillett himself though, seemed to have been taking it easy on Friday night; he was in the Coral Grove area with a female friend; he didn't have any soldiers with him, and his guard was down. He certainly wasn't expecting to meet a gunman on a singular mission to kill the biggest gang name in Belize.

And so the end of that meeting left us at Sunday afternoon. The situation then was that Arthur Young was on the run. 7news has confirmed that Young communicated to his attorney and police that he would turn himself in on Monday morning. But, Arthur young is considered to be one of the most cunning and daring figures in Belize's crime underworld - and police weren't about to wait around for him to show up at the police station. Intelligence was received that he was hiding out in the Ladyville Area. An operation was launched and it led police to an abandoned home in Vista Del Mar. Jules Vasquez went there looking for answers - and found some disturbing ones:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This is the abandoned house on Bonefish Avenue in Vista Del Mar where Arthur Young was hiding out. Last night around 11:00, police parked their vehicles nearby and walked to the house - declared their presence with a bullhorn - and then stormed in. Police say Arthur YOUNG was found inside and attempted to escape, but was apprehended. Residents say they saw police vigorously beating the person in the house - which has no curtains. They say he was brought out in cuffs- and then thrown into the back of a pickup.

What all that happened since Friday - and all that was rumored to have happened, Belize city residents were literally afraid to come out of their house this weekend - and still today, many fear that an all-out gang war will spontaneously erupt in the streets. It may seem dramatic but that's what a good many city residents genuinely fear. And so, today the Ministry of National Security held a press conference to ally those fears, and tell the shaken populace to take heart, help is on the way, things are under control. But as Jules Vasquez found out, the press conference was less than confidence- inspiring. Here's his report:.. Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security "The gang rivalry activities between George Street and Taylor's Alley started with the death of Orlando Reyes on the afternoon of April 20, at around 3:30 p.m. This was followed with the double murder of Shelton August Tillett, aka "Pinky, and Kamill Andrews, approximately 8 hours later at the Esso Gas Station at Mile 2 1/2 on the Northern Highway. About 14 hours or so later, another murder occurred in the city, on Allan Pitts Crescent, on April 21, 2012, where Peter Flowers was shot and killed. And on April 22, Mr. Larry Sutherland was shot in the stomach, and he remains in the KHMH in a critical condition. There have also been reports of random shots fired." Jules Vasquez Reporting There were four murders in the city in 24 hours - which is astounding, but Saldivar seemed more concerned with the rumors that there had been three times that:

And as you saw in our coverage of the press conference, while Minister Saldivar was giving his opening address, another broad daylight shooting was occurring. A man was shot in the face, but fortunately he is alive tonight. It happened on Freetown Road at about 10:10. 40 year old CORRINGTON BOWDEN, was standing in front of a boutique when a man rode up on bicycle and fired a single shot at him. Bowden was hit in the face and rushed to the hospital where he is in a stable condition. At this time there is no known motive for the shooting.

40 year old Larry Sutherland is in the KHMH in a stable condition after he was shot on Saturday night. Sutherland was on Racoon Street Extension along with friends when three men rode up on bicycles them and fired several shots - one of them hit him in the center of his back. Sutherland declined an interview today.

During this violent weekend rumors rained down on Belizeans creating fear and misunderstandings with invented statistics and mixed up identities. One of the fastest spreading rumors was that Wayne Myles, known to many city residents as "The Jam Roll Man" was shot and killed. People from all across the globe mourned his death as Facebook, Twitter, and cellular phones were ablaze with news that he had been killed. Well, we spoke to the infamous man himself. It appears he was mixed up with 26 year old Pete Flowers known as "Jam Bwai" who was murdered this weekend. Combine that with the fact that the gang war scare caused even him to stay home on Saturday - and you had the perfect storm for a wildfire rumour. And so, when we spoke to the pastry vendor today he told us that no one is happier to be alive. Wayne Myles "When I heard that it changed my whole vibes from working. I went to notify the people that does business with me that I am alive. After that I went home to exile myself. When I was at home I heard the shots still going on. Some said that "pie boy" got shot. Everybody felt that it was I that got shot but he is a different "pie boy."" "I come to the press to show that "pie boy" is alive. I am still here and alive."

Today in the Supreme Court, 28 year-old Denvoy Domingo was acquitted before Justice Herbert Lord of the 2007 murder of 27 year-old Jermaine "San San" Smart. In the trial which started last week, Crown Counsel Trenia Young called 3 witnesses to the stand to testify against Domingo. These witnesses, who gave the investigating officers important information which led them to Domingo, took the stand and told the court that they couldn't recall anything about August 29, 2007. Crown Counsel Young attempted to show the court that the men gave the police statements, but when she confronted them with the statements, they either denied doing so, or they said that they couldn't remember. When she realized that her witnesses would not cooperate, Crown Counsel Young closed her case.

On Friday, 7News told you about the major weapons bust made by the GSU. Today, two of those men who were allegedly caught with some of these weapons were brought to court. 32 year-old Lucius Myers, a laborer of #5 Mayflower, and 32 year-old Kareem Gentle, a construction worker of #20 Albert Street were charged jointly with 1 count of keeping an unlicensed firearm, and 2 counts of keeping unlicensed ammunition. Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges and Gentle then asked to address the court. He said that he was in the area to pick up his daughter from school, and that's when the officers grabbed him and took him into the Mayflower area and accused him of having weapons. He said that he doesn't live there, and that he doesn't know anything about the items found.

By now the public must be familiar with the 100 promises in 100 days by the new city council. Well one of these promises is dragging up a thorny social issue - "protective custody" to deal with the homeless. The city council will try to develop a program to house the homeless in the Kolbe Foundation where they will have access to food, clothing, shelter and counseling services. Although it appears to be a good idea, it has already been brought up before - and shot down. In a press release from the mental health association, they reminded Bradley that incarcerating this population is extremely expensive, and the money could be better used for support instead of detention. Also, the rights of individuals would not be respected if these people would be forced to live at the foundation. They add that most of the homeless are not dangerous, and for those that are, the law already provides methods for dealing with them. Finally, the press release urges that the homeless should not just be locked away - out of sight out of mind.

Today in the Magistrate's Court, 5 people were arraigned for drug trafficking after police busted them with weed during their Friday operations - but a physicial therapist says its medicinal marjuana. According to police, on Saturday at around 5:15 p.m., they conducted a search on a residence at # 85 Amara Avenue, which belongs to 48 year-old Harold Zuniga, a therapist and medicine specialist. Inside the house, police found 5.4 ounces and 2.2 ounces of marijuana in separate plastic bags, and They also found a pipe suspected to be used to smoke weed. As a result, they charged, Harold Zuniga; 25 year-old Clement Martinez, a prison officer of a Tea Street address; 25 year-old Felix Zuniga, a student of Lords Bank; 24 year-old UB Student, Christine Goff, a resident of Lavender Street; and 24 year-old police officer Lawrence Martinez, a resident of Hattieville Village with 2 counts of drug trafficking, and 1 count of possession of a pipe.

Those of us who have children - or who are children - know that a birthday party is something special - you invite over family, a few kiddy friends, maybe a piñata, a clown or even a cake. But the truth is that - especially in these hard times - a lot of folks can't afford a party - and that's why businessman successful Jack Charles had a different idea for his son's birthday. His son, Vansh Chawla turned 5 on Thursday, April 19th. But instead of having a party just for him, Jack Charles had a charitable idea, why not have a party for all Belize City children born on April 19th between 2001 and 2011? Strange as it was, he followed up and requested from the Vital Stats Unit a list of all kids born on that date. There were 37 in the city, but they could only find 20 of them. So, all the Birthday children were invited along with 3 guests each to celebrate their birthday with Vansh and his family. We were invited too and here's how it went for the one to 10 year old's:

Channel 5

George Street Leader, Pinky, and female companion murdered

There was a prevailing sense of insecurity that enveloped the Old Capital over the weekend as open gang warfare flared up. In the past fifteen days alone, there have been fourteen murders; that’s almost one per day. But turning to the bloodbath, at the start of weekend on Friday afternoon, Orlando Reyes was killed at [...]

Taylor’s Alley Gang Leader, Arthur Young, killed in police custody

There are still lingering questions over the killing of Arthur Young, who police believe murdered the other gang leader, Pinky Tillett on Friday night. Young evaded the long arms of the law for many years and more recently, he was attached to the Conscious Youth Development Programme. Young also surfaced as the leader of the [...]

Southside Gang Associate murdered on Caesar Ridge

On Friday night, Shelton “Pinky” Tillett was gunned down. Retaliation was highly anticipated and while it is not confirmed if it is related, on Saturday afternoon, another gang affiliate was killed. Peter Flowers Junior who is associated with the South Side Gang, the SSG, was gunned down in the most vicious way. Flowers was a [...]

Police hosts media on special tour of hotspots throughout Belize

This afternoon, members of the media were invited to a special media tour of hotspots throughout Belize City. After boarding a police bus around five-thirty this evening, Acting Commissioner of Police David Henderson explained the work the police department did at check points on the Western and Northern Highways. Police presence has been beefed up [...]

Ministers meet gangs on Sunday

The violence spurred the government to meet. On Sunday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met at ITVET with several ministers and this morning a press conference was called. Firstly, the press savvy prime minister was present at both but it was left to the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar to deal with the crime. Saldivar’s [...]

80 more cops on streets, but is gang truce on life support?

The press conference had just started when shots rang out again in the city on Freetown Road. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, however, blamed the social media for exaggerating the crime situation and outlined what the government is doing in response to the crime wave. News Five’ Jose Sanchez also has this story.   [...]

Artist with a hope after prison murdered in Belmopan

As we told you, there were four gang related murders in the Old Capital over the weekend alone; three on Friday and one on Saturday. The crime wave also spread to the Nation’s capital where a painter lost his life. Luis Valladarez, who has served time behind bars, was chopped on the head and back. [...]

Larry Sutherland injured during weekend of shootings

Aside from this morning’s shooting of Corrington Bowden, there was another shooting on Saturday night. Three gunmen on bicycles reportedly approached a group of friends on Raccoon Street Extension and opened fire, but only one person was injured. Forty year old Larry Sutherland was shot once on the back and the bullet exited his abdomen. [...]

P.U.P. reacts to elevated level of violence

After five o’clock this evening, the opposition reacted to the violence. A release reads “The People’s United Party is extremely concerned at the tepid response of the Government and the Minister of National Security to the elevated levels of violence currently occurring in Belize City, which has blanketed the City and surrounding communities with fear, [...]

Mysterious circumstances into sudden death of minor down south

Down south in Punta Gorda, a sixteen year old girl also died over the weekend, but under mysterious circumstances. According to police, the minor lived in Jalacte Village with her common-law-husband, nineteen year old Jose Cho. The couple was at home on Thursday evening when she began at around five-thirty. When her condition did not [...]

Elsworth Hendy charged for forcing himself on a minor

A thirteen year old school girl has reported that she was sexually abused over the weekend by a young man who she knows well. Tonight, an alleged suspect is behind bars. He is twenty year old Elsworth Hendy of Belize City. Hendy was unrepresented when he appeared before the Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer this morning [...]

Witnesses amnesia leads to flopped murder case

Today in the Supreme Court, the murder trial against twenty-eight year old Denvoy Domingo ended with his acquittal after Justice Herbert Lord instructed a jury of seven women and five men to find him not guilty. Domingo was accused of the murder of twenty-seven year old Jermaine Smart, which occurred back in August of 2007. [...]

Earthquake in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

An earthquake shook Puerto Barrios, Guatemala in close proximity of southern communities, on Sunday evening at about six-twenty. The United States Geological Service reports that it was five point one in magnitude and that its depth was thirty-five point five miles. The epicenter was located at approximately thirty-nine miles, west North West of Puerto Barrios, [...]

Football dominated the Weekend Sports

Good evening, I’m James Adderley. Welcome to Sports Monday.   The PLB playoffs got off with a bang over the weekend with all 4 teams seeing action in a bid to reach the finals as the league seeks to produce a champion to represent the Jewel in this year’s UNCAF Champions Tournament. So we take [...]


The Belize Tourism Expo kicks off this week. Love News spoke with the Executive Director of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Efren Perez who told us more about the event. Efren Perez – Executive Director, BTIA “BETEX starts off on Wednesday,...

The Mental Health Association has voiced its opposition to the idea of relocating homeless people who occupy the Battlefield Park and other areas of Belize City to the compound of the Hattieville Prison. The idea was floated recently by Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley. Pre...

The Opposition People’s Untied Party has issued a press release regarding the crime satiation in Belie City. The release states, and we quote: “The People’s United Party is extremely concerned at the tepid response of the Government and the Minister of Nat...

When the police department announced the capture and subsequent death of Arthur Young on Sunday night, the official press release said he was being harbored at a house in the Vista del Mar area of Ladyville. The statement issued by police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood ...

The fury of urban warfare escalated to new levels over the past weekend when undeterred bloodshed continued, claiming four lives and leaving several others injured. It all followed last Friday afternoon’s murder of seventeen year old Orlando “Bam” Reyes Jr., who...

Minister of National Security John Saldivar this morning hosted a Press Conference in Belize City to update the nation on the weekend violence. Flanked by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Housing Minister Michael Finnegan, Human Development Minister Anthony Martinez and Junior Ministe...


Man claims police was wrong to publish his name
The man named in the police report as being the owner of the abandoned house where Arthur Young was discovered on Sunday night has reached out to say that he is concerned for his safety because of the police report. In a telephone call, the man, whose name I will withhold, explained that he is receiving threats because of the police’s publicizing his name. He explained that the house, which is not in his name, has not been in use for over a year now, and that he had no prior knowledge that the building was occupied by anyone.

National Security Ministry press conference scheduled
The Ministry of National Security has scheduled a press conference for this morning in Belize City. Stay tuned to Love FM for complete coverage of the event via a live broadcast. Then tune in to the midday news at 12:30 pm and The Evening News at 6 pm for full details.

Arthur Young killed … details shortly
There are reports that Belize City resident Arthur Young has been killed. Details of his killing are still sketchy; but reports are that Young was killed early Monday morning on the outskirts of Belize City. More information on this latest homicide will be provided as they become available.

Earthquake strikes near Belize-Guatemala border
A magnitude five-point-one on the Richter scale earthquake struck near the Belize-Guatemala border on Sunday evening. According to the United States geological service, the epicenter of the quake, which struck at 6:20 pm Sunday, Belize Time, was at a depth of thirty five and a half miles underground. Reports from around the region say that the quake was felt as far north as Chetumal, Mexico, and as far south as San Salvador, El Salvador. So far, there have been no reports of injuries from Sunday evening’s earthquake.


Chopping incident in San Martin leaves a young artist dead
But moving the spotlight from off the old Capital to the City of Belmopan where a fatal chopping occurred and a tal...

Taylor's Alley gang leader dies in Police custody
Another point of interest at this morning's Press Conference had to do with the death of Arthur Young. Last night a...

Cabinet arrange emergency meet to address crime situation
Tillett’s death sparked terror in the streets – as on Saturday night very early all downtown stores were closed as ...

PM Barrow calls press briefing in Belize City
But with the rise of these shootings and murders within the Old Capital, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Nat...

Belize City youth loses life to gun violence
Face book and Belizeans both at home and abroad were in frenzy over the weekend with concern for their country. Fac...

George Street gang leader Sheldon 'Pinky' Tillet shot dead
That set the stage for an onslaught of other lethal events. Since the murder of Orlando Reyes on Friday evening the...

Police reassures public, hours later another man slain
In our first segment we told you about the shooting death of Shelton Pinky Tillett. Well the shooting of Tillett ca...

Gun rampage continues during Police press conference
Besides those reports of murder, several other shootings took place in Belize City and other parts of the country. ...

University of Belize triumphs in Central American games
On a brighter final note for the night - Belize has a reason to celebrate: Last week a contingent of more than 60—i...

Investigation into the sudden death of teen
Punta Gorda Police is investigating a report of sudden death. On Thursday April 19th, at about 3:10am, Police visit...

Min. of National Security addresses the weekend's crime outburst
Those incidents prompted another press release on Sunday, this time from Raphael Martinez of the Ministry of Nation...

Attempted robber shot by store owner
And in the Corozal District. On Saturday April 21 at 5pm, 27yr old Joshua Kuylen, Businessman and owner of Kuylen G...

PUP says it is willing to work with the GOB to alleviate crime
The People’s United Party has expressed its concern at the tepid response of the Government and the Minister of Nat...


Yesterday: Complete Weather Perfection
After a mild winter in the northeast United States, they are now shivering with heavy wet snow, rain and just unseasonably chilly weather for the end of April. The cold front yesterday brought us a wind from the northwest, low low humidity and THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY. Today looks like more of the same. Should be in the mid 80s, super sunny with a cooling breeze. Sigh... The sea was flat and crystal clear. We headed up to Caribbean Villas for a little music, Sunday BBQ and to watch the kids sail. The flat water made sardines (bait fish) easier to see and hopefully to catch. We passed a few fishermen trying to net them.

Kids swim with sharks! – The Belize Shark Project.
Last week we touched on the work of the Belize Shark Project and today we will continue. To summarize, the shark population in Belize has decreased alarmingly here in Belize due to overfishing. The BSP intends through research, education and regulation to stem this decline and therefore to sustain healthy and functional ecosystems. Education is high on the priorities for Rachel Graham (Belize’s resident shark expert/ aquatic Jane Godall and pioneer of the BSP). Due to Rachel’s successful work in protecting the magnificent Whale Sharks off the coast of Belize and Mexico she won the 2011 Gold Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature based in the UK. These funds she channels back into education in her community by two pronged approach. Firstly informing those currently within the industry of the importance of the sharks in their ecosystem – meetings were held in both Caye Caulker and San Pedro the beginning of this month. And then secondly and equally as importantly to educate the youth of the Belize that sharks are not to be feared but encourage them to protect them for the future of their ocean.

International Sources

High-end travelers crave unchartered territory
Luxury travel network, Virtuoso, unveiled the much anticipated 2012 Virtuoso Luxe Report. Virtuoso's elite travel agency membership provided input for the annual survey, which is recognized throughout the industry as a respected trend-predictor for luxury travel based on insight garnered from some of the most upscale travelers in the world. Findings indicate that Virtuoso's client base is a well-seasoned force, not easily dissuaded by rising fuel prices and hotel costs, as is evident by its continued support of Europe. Italy and France ranked as two of the most popular international destinations, with England joining the top five on this prestigious list for the first time. Similarly, Virtuoso's clientele showed a strong desire to explore new, undiscovered destinations with Cuba, for the first time ever, topping the polls as the most popular emerging destination. Similarly, Cambodia and Belize made their debut as new additions to this category, marking a distinct trend towards more intrepid travel locations than in previous years.

Just Belize
Niles’ native Tarr takes national team on tour of northeast Ohio. When Niles native Bernie Tarr held his first basketball camp in Belize in 1995, he was greeted by a ragtag group of athletes, many of whom showed up in bare feet or sandals. Asked to display their dribbling skills, more than a few began bouncing a basketball with their feet, soccer-style. Nearly 17 years later, a new generation of Belize athletes hope to prove they are now ready to compete against the best of the best. Later this week, a group of 15 Belize basketball players will take part in the King James Classic. The LeBron James-sponsored tournament features nearly 100 AAU teams from throughout the United States and Canada. Games will take place Friday through Sunday at various locations throughout the Akron area. The Belizean team arrived in the area on Saturday, and has spent the first part of its trip with a host family in Cortland.

Prognosis good for Belize girl recovering from tumor removal
A young girl from Belize is recovering in Knoxville after a life-saving surgery. Eleven year old Catarina Ishim endured a grueling 40 hour surgery earlier this month to remove a tumor from her face. It was the size of a watermelon. Following a few setbacks, her grandfather is grateful for her prognosis. "Every day is different, every day is changes, every day is improving," Juan Ishim said. "When we came here, she had a big tumor, which is in very pain, in critical condition. But so far today, the big tumor has gone out, she's very much happy, and she's doing very well." Just over a week after surgery, Catarina is now painting and writing, things previously impossible. "To look at her face now is amazing, after one week. It's just so surprising how good it looks. She's 11 years old, kids heal a lot faster than us grownups do," said Dr. Glover.

Mission: To Rule The Catwalk - Belize Designer - Rebecca Stirm
Mission Catwalk Season 2 has aired but four episodes and already it is local television's hottest ticket. With the competition extended to accommodate regional designers, it's incumbent upon all to up the ante in order to 'Rule the Catwalk'.

April 23, 2012

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The April 22nd, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

After more than 12 years in the business, the time has now come for new, young and fresh blood to be injected into the STAR Newspaper. It is in this light that the reigns are being passed on to my son, Albert Nigel August, who after several years of coaching has come of age and has demonstrated both the willingness and the ability to shoulder the responsibility of putting together a product that readers and advertisers alike look forward to getting each week. Notwithstanding this change, the wife, Nyani, will continue to be the foundation of the STAR as Albert Nigel steps in to fill the void. He has, over the past weeks, been introduced to the major stakeholders in the business and is now ready to truly demonstrate his capabilities. While the transision has been in the making for several months, the departure could not come about in the absence of an unshakable understading of the purpose of the STAR within the community combined with the firm commitment of none diviation from that purpose. The change also includes the relocation of the office to the Hoffman Complex, Apartment #5 on the Western Highway, across from Tropigas Store, in Santa Elena. The email address and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

This Week's Stories:

  • Arrested Burglar Caught On Camera
  • Retired Educator Honored
  • Two Boys Busted With Gun And Bullets Sent To Jail
  • Editorial: The Son Steps In
  • Should Gentle Go ... Should Gentle Stay
  • A Missing Pistol And Bullets
  • End Of April Is Agric Show Time
  • Update On The Municpal Development Project In San Ignacio
  • Healthy lifestyle Tips
  • Elections & Boundaries Commission Chairman Resigns
  • The Book- The Economic History Of Belize
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

The San Pedro Sun

UNICEF official meet with SPTC and visit areas in need
On Tuesday April 17th, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) received the visit of two officials from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The team of two, headed by the UNICEF Country Representative Christine Norton met in private with Mayor Daniel “Danny” Guerrero. After the meeting, the Mayor took the UNICEF representatives to tour the San Mateo community and other deprived areas of San Pedro Town. The main purpose of the visit is to reiterate UNICEF’s available support to the newly elected councils across the country including the SPTC. It also serves to look at ways that UNICEF can assist some of the initiatives within the community that target children and falls under the organization’s program dealing with the monitoring of children’s rights in Belize. Speaking at a joint briefing to the media, Mayor Guerrero explained that the council is happy to have received the visit of UNICEF representatives. “As I have been saying, a number of our youth in our community is going the wrong direction… the children play a major role in any society, in any community, and in the country, so we are happy for the visit, which comes at a perfect timing when we are doing a lot of positive things in our town,” said Mayor Guerrero. The Mayor said that issues such as children being on the streets late at night to early morning, children using obscene words and even selling drugs, are some of the things he hopes can be addressed by the council with the support of other organization such as UNICEF.

We CAN Have Our Conch and Eat it too!
One of the prettiest gifts from our Caribbean Sea is the Queen Conch. Her curvaceous pink shell swells with a polished pride that merits her regal name. Whether you simply admire her for her calcified abode that is synonymous with island life or you prefer to eat her fried, in soup or a tangy ceviche, this royal mollusc is in dire need of our help. This week we report on a decision made by the Ministry of Fisheries to close the conch season a full two months before its traditional June 30th closing. Now internationally listed as an endangered species, it is surprising that we are allowed to gather this delicacy of the sea at all. With the fine line of sustainable harvest in the balance, it is essential that we look at all the angles of why this ornate snail is endangered.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Book- The Economic History Of Belize
This 214 pages paperback book, written by Barbara and Victor Bulmer-Thomas, is the first economic history of Belize covering the period from the 17th century to post-independence. It is a new title in the Belize Collection The book starts with the myth about Peter Wallace, widely believed to have been the first British settler, which is shown to be false. It explores the economic system established by the first settlers in the late 17th century that was almost exclusively centred on the export of logwood. This logwood economy operated outside the British imperial system until the Treaty of Paris in 1763, when Belize became a British settlement. In the next century the economy became more diversified through both the export of mahogany as well as the entrepot trade with Central America.

VIDEO: Diving Belize with Vianey
Today we dive with Vianey here on the Belize Barrier Reef. Island Divers Belize, San Pedro

Chaa Creek makes USA Today's top 10 list for eco-lodges
Congratulations to Chaa Creek! They represented Belize in USA Today's top 10 list of eco-lodges. “If you’d like more than 24 hours to celebrate Sunday’s Earth Day, maybe it’s time for an eco vacation. A growing number of lodges adhere to green values, offering nature adventures in a sustainable setting. But you don’t have to rough it. You’re not sleeping on a straw mat on a dirt floor. There are opportunities to stay in very comfortable accommodations”

Green Walk Green Belize Clean Up
The Houses of Culture from Cayo did the Green Walk yesterday in celebration of Earth Day. Looks like they had fun, and cleaned up the highway. Happy Earth Day! "Museum of Belize & House's of Culture (NICH) join the green initiative and clean mile 13 to 14 on the Western Highway, great team work and effort from our staff"

The Belize Tourism Expo is Next Week
We're betting that Cayo will be one of the most talked about destinations at BETEX, which is next week, from Wednesday, April 25th, to Friday, April 27th. It's the big tourism exposition held every other year to bring together international travel agents and Belizean businesses. The BTIA organizes the event, and gives quite a few informational presentations about Belize.

This Belizean delicacy is about to come into season.


445 Grams Of Cannabis Found Strapped On Passengers Leg, He Is Charged For Drug Trafficking
Last night we told you about the two men that were detained by Corozal Police here in Orange Walk after several packs of marijuana were found strapped on the leg of one of the individuals. Today Corozal Police released the name of the individual that was charged for drug trafficking. He is 18 year old Warren Davis of an Antelope Street address in Belize City. A search of Davis’ person led police to the discovery of 445 grams of cannabis which was strapped on his right leg. Based on the discovery Corozal Police arrested and charged the 18 year old for drug trafficking. As mentioned last night around 3:00 yesterday afternoon Davis and another individual boarded a Tilletts bus in Corozal en route to Orange Walk. Information to police was that one of the men had drugs in his possession and as a result police pursued the bus which was intercepted here in Orange Walk during a checkpoint setup at the entrance of Trail Farm Village by authorities. Davis is scheduled to appear before the Corozal Magistrates Court on Monday.

Plane Crash Lands In San Victor No One Found In The Area
On yesterdays newscast we were the first to report on the aircraft that crash landed approximately two miles West of San Victor Village in the Corozal District. At that time information was hard to come by but tonight we have the story in its entirety. Hipolito Novelo and Cameraman Kenric Simpson have the details. At around 1:00 yesterday afternoon this 210N single engine Cessna plane crashed landed into a feeder road just two miles from San Victor Village. Authorities did not get wind of the situation until 3 hours after which is when they arrived at the scene. Soon after, a throng of BDF and personnel from the Anti Drugs Unit were dispatched to the area, indicating that the situation was serious. The plane is the first of its kind in Belize. It can fly at a velocity of 185 knots for about 6 hours straight and its worth over $205,000. Based on their investigations authorities have traced the plane to Ecuador and have determined that its registration number HCCHZ is not the original. As you can observe on your screen the right wing of the plane was smashed, the windows were shattered, the right door was broken, the propellers were jammed with pieces of cane and the retractable gears were destroyed.

Corozal Residents Step Up To The Fight Against Crime
Corozal Town is considered one of the safest communities in the nation. Over the past weeks; however, the peacefulness of the community has been put into jeopardy due to a wave of burglaries which has raised concern among residents. A few days ago Minister of National Security John Saldivar indicated that the lack of resources has contributed tremendously to the increase in crime in the district and that Government was looking into obtaining additional equipment and police force for the department. But Corozal residents are not willing to wait around until Government makes its move and last night they took matters into their own hands by holding a meeting at the town hall. So, what was the outcome? Janine Ayuso has the story. The business community, private sector and residents of Corozal Town met at the town hall last night to voice their concerns on the pressing issue of increased crime. The meeting was brought together by a newly formed organization called ’Citizens for a Better Corozal Coalition’. Crime prevention and solutions were at the height of the discussion which resulted in a piercing wave of distress and high alert on the broadening issue.

OWTC Sanitation Workers Receive New Working Gear
This afternoon Councilor Neri Ramirez in charge of Garbage Collection, Staff Relations and Special Events, handed over 12 uniforms to the garbage collecting sanitation workers. For the workers the action proves that the council is serious about working with everyone and ensuring that all employees receive the necessary equipment in order to get the work done. Neri Ramirez, OW Town Councilor “As you saw we gave each staff a uniform of the sanitation crew for two reasons, one we want them to look professional and at the same time we want to protect our workers with their health issues as well. A total of 12 uniforms were issued today and with all the rubber boots, the gloves and the entire mask and everything are almost $2000.00 the entire set.” Eduardo Hernandez, Employee “We feel good, we feel comfortable with the uniform and we look familiar now to the town council and I think everybody will look at the town council as they unite and everything and together they are working and then every will say and cement that yes now them workers are in uniform and they look good that they don’t have to mess up their clothes.” According to Councilor Ramirez, by next month, another group of workers that fall under the Sanitation Department will receive new uniforms and gears. Ramirez also shared the there will be a change in the garbage collecting schedule.

BSCFA Assists Trial Farm Government School
The Trial Farm Government School falls under one of the six schools to receive a grant of $1666.67 from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association’s social program which falls under the Fair-trade Agreement. This morning during official ceremonies the check was handed over to the school by the Vice Chairman of the BSCFA Committee of Management, Alfredo Ortega. School principal Nazira Romero says, that the money has been earmarked for the schools feeding program which is presently catering to 30 students. “What we did is to put our application some months ago for assistance for enclose our feeding area, we have a feeding program here at Trial Farm School and it is not enclose and so we thought it would be best to enclose it when we heard the opportunity was there for us to apply we did an estimate and we did applied for this grant and it is going to be done shortly.” The school has been fortunate to receive assistance from the BSCFA on several occasions and looks forward to continue benefiting from the social program.


Ministers meet to discuss weekend violence
Minister of National Security John Saldivar has confirmed that there were only 4 murders this past weekend. Minister Saldivar, speaking after a lengthy meeting at the ITVETT compound, which included Prime Minsiter Dean Barrrow, said that he is satisfied with the containment efforts that were carried out to stem the bloody violence which started on [...]

Mexican concert pianist to perform in Belize
If classical music is your way of unwinding after a long week’s work, then you will be delighted in free piano concerts, courtesy the Mexican Embassy. Public Relations Officer for the Embassy, Marcelino Miranda, told Love News that the concerts, two to be exact, are scheduled for Belize City and Belmopan. The first concert again [...]

PAHO offers help with tuberculosis
Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB, is not known to be on the rise in Belize. But the Pan American Health Organization is renewing its support to the countries throughout the Central American region in their fight against the disease. Today, a conference ended in Belize with representatives giving tuberculosis priority. PAHO’s Representative in Belize, Gerardo [...]

Earthquake strikes near Belize-Guatemala border
A magnitude five-point-one on the Richter scale earthquake struck near the Belize-Guatemala border on Sunday evening. According to the United States geological service, the epicenter of the quake, which struck at 6:20 pm Sunday, Belize Time, was at a depth of thirty five and a half miles underground. Reports from around the region say that [...]

Ministers meet to discuss weekend violence
Minister of National Security John Saldivar has confirmed that there were only 4 murders this past weekend. Minister Saldivar, speaking after a lengthy meeting at the ITVETT compound, which included Prime Minsiter Dean Barrrow, said that he is satisfied with the containment efforts that were carried out to stem the bloody violence which started on Friday afternoon. Measures to continue the containment and return the city to normalcy will be announced at a press conference on Monday.

Murder in Belmopan
The bloodshed and wanton violence that have overshadowed Belize City this weekend, moved to the nation’s capital early on Sunday morning. And the weapon of choice was a machete. The victim of this morning’s murder in Belmopan has been identified as Louis Valladarez, 28. Reports are that Valladarez was fatally wounded during a misunderstanding in the San Martin area of Belmopan. According to information received, Valladarez got into an arcument with a group of men. They allegedly three missiles – stones – at each other and a couple of them left and returned later armed with a machete, which was used to chop up Valladarez. Valladarez was wounded to the top of the head, left side of the face and behind the neck. He was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital; but succumbed to his injuries around 4:30 am. Police in Belmopan have detained one person as their investigation continues.

PG teen dies, investigation underway
A young Toledo girl is dead and the circumstances of her demise remains, as they say, under police investigation. The deceased, a sixteen year old girl is from the village of Jalacte. Information received says that the teenage girl was at home on Thursday with her common law husband Jose Cho, 19, when around 5:30 in the evening, she began vomiting. Three hours later, Cho tried desperately to locate a vehicle to take his common law wife to the Punta Gorda hospital; but was unsuccessful. The girl’s condition worsened when around 11:30 on Thursday night, she began bleeding from her nose. By midnight she was dead. Her body now lies at the morgue at the Punta Gorda hospital and a post mortem examination is pending.

A frightening discovery was made of a gun in the book bag of a male student was on Friday morning. The boy, whose name cannot be released because he is only 17 years old, is from Western Paradise village at Mile 8 on the Western Highway. When police on mobile patrol initially searched the boy, they did not find anything illegal. But when they opened up his school bag, they found a black and silver pen gun. As a result of the discovery, the boy was arrested and charged for the crime “Kept firearm without a gun license.”

Double murder in Belize City
Police are investigating the murder of two people last night in Belize City. The victims have been identified as thirty one year old Shelton August, also known as Shelton “Pinky” Tillett and twenty three year old Kamille Andrews. Reports are that Tillett and Andrews were shot dead last night at a service station on the Northern Highway. According to police report, Tillett and Andrews were shot dead inside of a Ford Ranger pickup truck at the Esso Gas Station on the Northern Highway just after eleven o’clock last night. Tillett sustained gunshot wounds to the center of his chest, left side of the ches, right arm and neck. Andrews sustained gunshot wounds to the left arm, left arm pit, right breast and right rib cage. Initial investigations revealed that at eleven o’clock, both August and Andrews arrived at the gas station in the vehicle where Tillett exited and went inside the store and upon returning to the vehicle, a man with a dread hat and a mask over his face armed with a handgun, exited a Silver pathfinder and fired several shots at Tillett and Andrews, fatally wounding the, Tillett and Andrews’ bodies have been taken to the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they away a post mortem examination. As a result of the double murder and Friday afternoon’s murder on Orange Street, authorities have dramatically increased the presence of police and Belize Defence Force personnel on the streets of Belize City. According to a short statement from the Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, the Ministry of National Security intends to do all in its powers to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors in the city of Belize. According to Inspector Yearwood, the increased police and BDF presence on the streets of Belize City will, quote: “remain in place until the situation in Belize City is brought back to normal,” end of quote.

Small plane crash lands in rural Corozal
The Phillip Goldson International airport is the nation’s premier port of entry for air passengers. But in recent years, certain visitors to the jewel have been using the nation’s highways and back roads as landing strip for their planes. Another such incident happened in Thursday in the Corozal district. Our Orange Walk Bureau Chief Manuela Ayuso Cantun has the story.

Body found on Hattieville roadside is identified
On Thursday we told you about the body of a man that was found on the side of the Boom-Hattieville road. Tonight, an identity has been attached to that gruesome discovery. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett went back to the crime scene and file the following report.

Man shot on Orange Street; dies on Regent Street West
Tonight, another Belize City family is mourning after a young man was gunned down on the mean streets of the old capital. It’s a terrible story to tell, especially when the victim is a close family member of one of our staff. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.


Biking, birding, fire, and a fall
If you've been reading our blog for awhile, you know that we usually do some bird-watching on Sunday morning. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we ride our bikes. We'd been mostly walking lately, so this morning we decided to ride, since we can get farther north past more of the golf-cart traffic that way. Although we didn't see many new birds, we ended up riding farther north than we ever have before and had a great time doing it. We started off riding north on the beach from our condo. It was a gorgeous day after a cold front came through last night, whisking the humidity away (so rare for here) and bringing a great breeze and cooler temperatures along with it. Once we got up to Indigo condominiums, we shifted onto the road since we have some favorite birding spots up in that area. The beach offers mainly shorebirds, where the road provides a better variety, from various wood-warblers to flycatchers to Plain Chacalacas. We stopped a few times along the way to check out birds, like these:

Late night Health Care in Belize aka my crazy Friday night Sci Fi experience
Friday night turned into a total real life sci fi movie for me within a matter of minutes. Around 10pm I decided to use some of my Glorious Belize coconut massage oil that I had added some small vanilla pod pieces to scent it. This was not the first time I had used it but this time around I had a severe allergic reaction. My upper body started to tingle and I noticed the veins in my arms were puffing up and going all weird looking. I kept asking Paul if I was crazy or could he see it too and that I needed to get to a doctor right away. He called Dr Daniel Gonzalez at Ambergris Hope clinic who said come right over. The cab ride felt like it was taking forever compared to normal. I just breathed deep and focused in remaining as Zen as I could. We finally finally got to Dr Dan’s and he was in the clinic waiting for us. He showed us into a room and proceeded to get details and examined me. He said my vital signs were normal, thankfully. When I showed him my arms and the bizarre movement of my veins, he agreed I was having an allergic reaction to vanilla. Next we moved to a different room and he gave me a shot cortisone in the butt to reduce the swelling and calm things down. After the shot settled Dr Dan noticed I was a bit more agitated and said I needed to just relax, he gave me a prescription and sent us on our way back home and said everything would be fine. The next day I was chatting on the coconut phone with Dr Al as he has been checking in on me daily regarding my boosting immune system and taunting me with his visits to Tim Horton’s and what he is ordering for breakfast. I told him what happened and right away he started looking it up. He said that he found 2 studies where fresh Vanilla pod can actually be poisonous to ones system – a freak reaction. Later that day Dr Al came back with a new report that I had mild anaphylaxis. He had also called poison control for further research and that they thought it could be latex allergy. Ardently its in the plant the pod and the oil leached it out, not exactly common. Its the pods which are black and have the seeds in them during the curing process latex is leached out. Some was absorbed thru the rash I had on my hand and voila mild anaphylaxis, tingling, dizzy feeling racy. His next recommendation aside from taking the meds Dr Dan had given me and resting was to keep eating good stuff. Go to chemical and then McD’s order the quaretrion con queso, big chocolate shake and large fries every day for a week. Lots of fluids and salt so suggest energy drinks like Gatorade.

A Weather Shift, Early Morning Groceries and A New Strange Fruit
I woke up early this morning to thunder rumbling. Way too was still dark. The weather was definitely changing and I was expecting there to be rain when dawn broke. But no...the wind has shifted. Blowing from the lagoon side, it is a cooler, cloudless blue day. The humidity is incredibly low. 55%! And the sea is perfectly flat. Mata Rocks Hotel pretty in white and purple. If you haven't checked out their beach bar, the Squirrel's Nest, try it. Great evening spot for a cocktail. Happy Hour is 6-7pm each day and there is always a nice little crowd. I headed over to Marina's Store, probably the busiest supermarket on the island. Though it can be a bit crowded...the aisles are very tight, the food turnover is high and the prices are cheap. Marina's sells mostly local food, the basics and lots of beers. No matter what time of day, you'll see some guys sitting out front drinking a few stouts. And you'll encounter a good sized dog pack that seems to hang out here. Marina's also sells coffee and breakfast items early in the morning. The johnny cakes are cheap and tasty. This stuff is gone by 8am. On my way home, I spotted two mysterious fruits at a veggie stand. The teenaged boy manning the booth didn't speak any English but I'm pretty sure he was telling me to try the big prickly green one and not the little waxy one (on the left).

International Sources

Climate change efforts by Guyana and Belize highlighted in film series
The efforts of Guyana and Belize in restoring and sustaining their mangrove reserves along the coast, to aid in protecting against natural disasters were recognised in ‘Living Shorelines’, one of three films launched by the British High Commission and CARIBSAVE as part of global efforts to raise public awareness on the importance of climate change adaptation and, its relevance to the Caribbean people. CARIBSAVE is a non-profit regional organisation formed in 2008 by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the University of Oxford to address the socioeconomic impacts and challenges of climate change in the Caribbean Basin, especially on the tourism sector. The three films were shown on Tuesday, under the theme “Partnership for Resilience”. They were produced by CARIBSAVE and several regional organisations.

Central America focuses on MICE travel facilities
Central America is becoming an increasingly popular host destination for major events as the region continues to improve its conference and meetings infrastructure. Meanwhile, several major international events will be taking place in the region during 2012: Belize will host the “Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX)” from April 25th-27th. The event, organised by the Belize Tourism Industry Association, is aimed at tourism professionals from around the world and will showcase Belize’s main tourist destinations, hotels, operators and other tourism suppliers. It is an ideal opportunity to make new contacts with local providers and get to know the destination better.

New initiative enables travelers to calculate carbon footprint and contribute to high-impact carbon reduction programs
United Continental Holdings, Inc. announced its enhanced carbon offset program in celebration of Earth Day, providing customers the opportunity to calculate and offset the carbon footprint associated with their air travel and cargo shipments. While United and Continental each had a similar initiative, this new program focuses on offset projects that go beyond climate change and provide social and economic benefits in communities United serves. Through its partnership with Sustainable Travel International (STI), a non-profit organization, United offers customers a choice of three carbon reduction projects in communities it serves: forest conservation near San Francisco, wind power in Texas, biodiversity preservation in Belize: Forest Conservation in California - The 23,780-acre Garcia River Forest, located in the Redwood region. The forestland was purchased by The Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting America's most vital landscapes and waterways, and was established as California's first non-profit working forest.

Visit Belize: Lighthouse Reef Atoll Pics, Video
Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll Tracing its way along Belize’s White Sand coast, Lighthouse Reef forms an integral section of the longest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere. Its crown aquatic jewel, Blue Hole National Monument, attracts legions of wetsuit-clad admirers the World over, but the reef is also endowed with plenty other coral formations, aquatic walls, and dive sites. Just 50 miles southeast of Belize City, the physical mass of Lighthouse Reef is meager: only 30 miles long and eight miles wide, and some of the country’s most impressive dives are to be had within this atoll. Most divers first stop at Blue Hole National Monument. The monument was formed from 15,000-anni caverns that collapsed, creating a 1,000-foot-wide sinkhole.

10 great places to check into an eco lodge
If you'd like more than 24 hours to celebrate Sunday's Earth Day, maybe it's time for an eco vacation. A growing number of lodges adhere to green values, offering nature adventures in a sustainable setting, says Irene Lane , founder of the eco-travel agency But you don't have to rough it, she says. "You're not sleeping on a straw mat on a dirt floor. There are opportunities to stay in very comfortable accommodations." She shares some favorite lodges with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY. Unless noted, prices are per-person per-night, and many include meals and activities. The Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize What started as a butterfly breeding center has expanded to a full rainforest lodge. "They've got some phenomenal multi-day packages. You can go horseback riding and hiking. It's a nature, wildlife-active vacation in an extremely comfortable setting," Lane says.

April 22, 2012


Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

CLICK HERE for the full Belize Weekend Weather Report

The San Pedro Sun

SP host darts tournament at Cholo’s Sports Bar
On Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th, darts players from around Belize convened at Cholo’s Sports Bar for two days of darts activities. The event served two purposes, first to complete the national team that will represent Belize in the American Darts and Caribbean Darts Cups that is scheduled for July 2012, and secondly, as an open tournament that served as practice matches for the national team. In speaking to the President of the Belize National Darts Federation Jose Mora, he explained that the event on Saturday was a Round Robin of six players. Mora said that of the six players, the two with the best points filled the 9th and 10th spots to complete the Belize Male National Darts Team for the upcoming international events. The two successful players were Wilber Perez and Valentine Marin, both from Caye Caulker Village. Melanie Paz of San Pedro Town was chosen to complete the Belize Female National Darts Team. Taking $200 and the first place win in the Open Doubles were San Pedro’s own Mario Graniel and Dimas Guerrero. Placing second were Caye Caulker’s Jim Novelo and Emmanuel Gabourel; both taking home $140. In the Ladies Singles, Maria Osmon captured first place and she took home $90, while Cecelia Joseph settled for second and took home $45. The two top females were both from Caye Caulker Village. In the Open Singles, Wilbert Perez of Caye Caulker took home fist place along with $250, while Ricky Manzano of San Pedro settled for second and took home $150.

Police injured in traffic accident
A member of the Police Department was injured in a traffic accident on Saturday April 14th in San Pedro Town. The incident involving a cycle and a golf cart occurred shortly before 7PM on Coconut Drive just in the vicinity of the Belize Yatch Club. The injured person was later learnt to be 38 year old Juanito Cocom, Sergeant of Police of a Tres Cocos Area address of San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, when they arrived at the scene shortly after 7PM, the observed a brown skin male person lying on his back on the pavement next to a blue Honda motorcycle. Cocom was observed covered with blood and with apparent head injuries.

Annual Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge Kayak Race scheduled for May 12th-13th, 2012
The Eco-Challenge began as the brain child of Mr. Elito Arceo, a tour business owner, environmentalist and community activist of San Pedro Town. Elito enjoys getting involved in sports and coming up with activities that can bring the community together. As a child he frequented the back lagoons of Ambergris Caye and grew to love these areas. As development began threatening these areas, it became clear that he needed a way to get people into these lagoons so that they can begin to appreciate the beauty and importance of these areas, and thus the Eco-Challenge was born. In 2005, Arceo came up with the idea of a race that would take people through the lagoons and link them to the eastern shore of the island, showing their connectivity. The 42-mile long kayak challenge takes place over two days. The first day the route heads north and travels through lagoons and mangrove channels along the western side of the island, with an overnight stay inside the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. The second leg of the race takes kayakers south along the eastern coast bordering the beautiful Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and on towards the finish line in San Pedro. Thanks to Elito, the Eco-challenge has now become an annual event that the community looks forward to. This year, the race will be held on May 12th and 13th, with over $15,000 in prizes on the line. The deadline for registration is May 9th, 2012, with a fee of $200BZ. Applications are available at Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office or at Seaduced by Belize. For more information please contact: Kirah Forman at email [email protected] or call 226-2247.

SPTC visits schools and Government offices in familiarization campaign
The newly elected San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has taken the initiative to reach out to community schools and government offices in an effort to get acquainted and become informed of the needs of each entity. Led by Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the campaign took place during the week of April 16th. Visiting the schools served two purposes, the first being to introduce the children to the concept of Civic Pride. Children were invited to actively participate in a planned beautification project that will include the planting of various plants and flowers around the island. Mayor Danny also spoke to the children on the importance of keeping the island clean, with an emphasis on proper garbage disposal. The second motive for the school visits was to familiarize the Council on the needs of each educational institution. Mayor Danny has invited various principals to submit, in writing, their petitions for assistance. The Mayor and his council have pledged to seek ways in which they can provide as much support as possible to the schools, always keeping in mind that the children are one of the major priorities of the present SPTC.

Dancehall Diva Lady Saw To Guest Judge on Mission Catwalk
Grammy Award-winning Dancehall diva Lady Saw will serve as a guest judge on episode five of Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk which airs Tuesday April 24th on Television Jamaica. She will join executive producer/host Keneea Linton-George, judges Novia McDonald-Whyte, Jamaica Observer lifestyle editor and noted menswear designer Carlton Brown in critiquing the work of the remaining 12 designers who will be divided into four groups of three. The teams will have to convince the judges that their mini collection for celebrity/style icons Michelle Obama, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Nicki Minaj and Lady Saw herself is the best of the lot. When asked if she considers herself a fashion icon Lady Saw (born Marion Hall) replies, “Yes I do see myself as a fashion icon. I’m always into fashion I love Christian Louboutin shoes and Marc Jacobs dresses; anything that’s fly- that’s me. I will go all out and rock a very expensive outfit for a big show; but sometimes I do mess up; like when I wait last minute and I’ll call somebody to get me something and it doesn’t work. That can be a disaster!”

Ambergris Today

BBQ Fundraiser for Abel Wiebe
Sunday April 22

Misc Belizean Sources

How long does it take to decompose?
Various common items and how long they take to decompose.

ONE DAY ON EARTH screens on Sunday
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) of Belize joins the global community to SCREEN ON THIS DAY ONLY the amazing film called ONE DAY ON EARTH all over Belize.(Yes, the film includes a scene from Belize contributed by filmmaker Katia Paradis.) We are partnered in this effort by Restore Belize, The Image Factory and the Houses of Culture of Benque, San Ignacio, Orange Walk and San Pedro along with Cayo Outdoor Theatre and San Pedro Townboard to bring you this fascinating look at One Day on Planet Earth. NOW SHOWING IN A COMMUNITY NEAR YOU!! SCHEDULED SCREENINGS IN BELIZE

Belize National Tapir Day is April 27th
The Belize Zoo is celebrating World Tapir Day by having their Belize Tapir Day. TBZ was at the University of Belize's Earth Day Fair. This is what they had to say about it. "A big congratulations to the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus, on another successful Earth Day Fair! TBZ was honoured to be invited to share their work in helping conserve the earth's wonderful natural resources. Info on everything from Barn Owls, to Jaguars, to Boas was shared with over 400 primary school students."

Behind the Scenes at the Cayo Movie Shoot
The crew had some fun while shooting around Cayo. These behind the scenes shots are great. The project is at this point called, "2012, The Belize Witch Project." It will be a full length movie when finished, and Matthew Klinck and Daniel Velazquez will be submitting it to the Belize Film Festival. Good luck to them!


One of the smartest things we brought to Belize
Originally, we hadn't thought of purchasing a dehumidifier for our condo here, figuring we'd just use the air-conditioning when the humidity became too oppressive. We'd never needed a dehumidifier in other places we lived and just hadn't given the possibility any thought. But a very smart neighbor who had been living in San Pedro for a couple of years recommended we bring one, so we took note. After some research, Barry realized that we wouldn't be able to keep the A/C cycling on frequently enough to get the humidity to a reasonable level without living in a very frigid condo -- and busting our budget in the process, since electricity (called "current" here) is a lot pricier than back in North Carolina. Since we don't even like overly air-conditioned spaces and didn't want to live in the cold even if the budget allowed, a portable dehumidifier started looking like a very smart option. When doing our research, the main negatives of using a dehumidifier mentioned by reviewers were the heat and noise the unit generates in use. We figured the noise wouldn't bother us too much, as we've always preferred to sleep with a white-noise machine rather than hear the various things that go bump in the night, including our first Boston Terrier, Pepper, who snored like a truck driver due to her little squashed face, bless her heart. Paisley has more of a snout and is much quieter, but the white-noise habit has persisted. We always turn on the A/C or fan when we stay in hotels to keep the noise from the hall and surrounding rooms down as well.

International Sources

NASA's new space camera will help developing countries manage their environments
Just in time for Earth Day Sunday, NASA in Huntsville announced plans this week to send a new telescopic camera to the International Space Station to give developing countries critical new environmental data. Forest fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes and landslides are just some of the natural catastrophes that change the landscapes and strain official resources in Central America, Africa and Asia. ISERV is NASA's abbreviation for the new camera designed and built at Marshall Space Flight Center to record those changes. It will be installed this summer in the space station's Destiny module. It's a new addition to SERVIR, an information gathering and sharing program named for the Spanish verb "to serve." SERVIR is a joint project of NASA and the United States Agency for International Development. Once it's aboard the station, the camera will obtain near-real-time data, NASA says. It will be able to "see" 90 percent of the Earth's land mass and 95 percent of its populated areas, according to lead scientist Burgess Howell of Huntsville.

Guyana & Belize hailed for mangrove restoration efforts
Guyana and Belize have been hailed for their efforts to restore and sustain mangrove reserves to protect against natural disasters. This was highlighted in ‘Living Shorelines’, one of three films launched by the British High Commission and Caribsave, to raise public awareness on the importance of climate change adaptation and its relevance to the Caribbean. The films were recently screened at Cara Lodge in Georgetown, under the theme, “Partnership for Resilience”.Addressing the event, British High Commissioner to Guyana, Andrew Ayre said the time for action to combat the effects of climate change is now. He noted that Caribbean leaders have signaled their intention to move towards a low carbon economy as quickly as possible, with Guyana already taking a leadership role in this regard.

Belize teachers take lessons from Parker schools
Tharine Gabourel remembers it was only five years ago that she first visited a Colorado school to learn about successful literacy practices. This year, she traveled to Douglas County with seven educators representing three separate schools in the Central American nation of Belize. Gabourel, a principal at the Eden School in Belize, marvels at the growth of a program that is benefitting teachers and school children in both countries. The teacher training project is part of the Belize Education Project, which was started by Douglas County School District teacher Jean Kirshner. For several years, Kirshner and her colleagues traveled to the impoverished country during fall break to strengthen the education system. The literacy rate in Belize hovers around 76 percent. The delegation of five teachers and three students visited Mammoth Heights Elementary in Parker, Fox Creek Elementary in Highlands Ranch and Prairie Crossing in Parker during a weeklong stay that began April 8.

April 21, 2012


Valid: Friday-Tuesday, April 20 - 23, 2012

A vigorous cold front will move rapidly south-eastward across the Gulf of Mexico reaching SE Yucatan and Belize by late Saturday evening and into the NW Caribbean by early Sunday. A broad High Pressure system will build southward into the Gulf of Mexico behind the cold front. This high will keep a brisk northerly to north-westerly airflow prevailing through Monday and Tuesday of next week.

The weather will remain fair and seasonally dry during the rest of Friday, Friday night and early Saturday. It will then become increasingly cloudy on Saturday afternoon and evening with out- breaks of showers and thunderstorms, beginning over NW Orange Walk and Western Corozal Districts at first, then spreading over the rest of the country on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Conditions will remain cloudy and cool during the rest of Sunday through Monday and Tuesday, with most of the showers confined to southern coastal waters.

Daily rainfall totals for Saturday and Sunday will be in the range 0.25-0.50 of-an-inch over most districts. Showers will be diminishing later on Sunday and Monday, with rainfall rates ranging from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch for this period. No threat of flash flood expected this weekend!

CLICK HERE for the full Belize Weekend Weather Report

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 7
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Belize Weekly Fishing Report
The seas stayed calm for a couple of days, just enough to go chase some tuna. The tuna start migrating down here from May through September; but it seems that they are starting to come a little early this year!!! But u have to get up real early if u want to catch them. And I mean at least 5 o'clock in the morning, because by 7 they stop biting. I was able to catch about 50 little (torpedo) tuna, that is black fins, ranging from 5 to 10 lbs and with light tackle, they are a lot of fun to catch and make great sushi and tuna salad or casserole!!!! ... The dorado's and the sailfish are still biting. Some friends of mine caught a few this week and I personally landed some nice dorado, but no sailfish.

NASA Scientists Say You Absolutely Have To Look At The Stars Tonight
If you have to choose one night in April to check out the night sky, it should be tonight, according to NASA scientists. That's because conditions will be ideal for watching the annual Lyrid meteor shower. The Washington Post's Steve Tracton explains what makes this year's shower so special: What makes this weekend especially exciting... is that it coincides with a new moon - unlike all the major meteor showers in late 2011, which were virtually drowned out by bright moonlight. Watch the video below for more details:

The San Pedro Sun

Diabetes fundraiser a success
The San Pedro branch of the Belize Diabetes Association (BDA) held a successful fundraiser on Sunday, April 15th at the San Pedro Lion Den. The event started at 10AM and was aimed at raising funds for the association as well as conducting free rapid glucose tests to members of the public. Community members were generous enough to donate food, which allowed the association to offer chicken barbeque, ceviche, dip, pastries and refreshments. According to the San Pedro BDA members, approximately $1,000 was raised.

SP Culture Committee sponsors traditional Mestizo dance workshop
The San Pedro Culture Committee (SPCC), through the San Pedro House of Culture and the San Pedro Town Council is sponsoring a traditional cultural dance workshop to establish dance groups on the island. The first of a series of planned workshop features traditional Mestizo dances and is being held for two straight weekends at the San Pedro Dance Company studio upstairs of the San Pedro Lions’ Den. One of the main purposes of sponsoring the cultural dance workshops is to preserve the traditional dances from the various ethnic groups in the country. Chairperson of the SPCC, Guillermo “Mito” Paz explained that the dance workshop is just one of many activities planned for the island with the hope of reviving the different Belizean cultures that once existed. Paz said that the training offered to the establish dance groups will give them the knowledge to incorporate traditional cultural dances into their different performances once on stage.

Miss Chiquitita Pageant this Saturday, April 21!
The Miss Chiquitita Pageant was revived in 2010, much to the delight of pageant lovers on the island. The pageant is primarily geared towards raising funds to help ease the burden of operational costs of San Pedro Pre-School. Organizer Ilna Nuñez has worked hard alongside volunteers in preparing the six little beauties for their big night. As before, the pageant will be organized into an opening dance number, swimwear section, a talent segment and the always breathtaking evening gown modeling. Judges will be tasked with choosing the young lady who has presentation, poise and confidence. At the end of the evening, the newest Miss Chiquitita will be crowned by 2011-2012 Queen Gabriella Knox-Alexander.

Engineers recommend urgent repairs on Sir Barry Bowen Bridge
On Saturday, February 25th, 2006, San Pedro witnessed the inauguration of the long awaited Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. Now, six years after, work is in progress for a complete facelift, which will see the complete replacement of the present metal platform of the bridge. Engineers were on the Island on Saturday, April 14th assessing the present situation of the bridge. The present triple span bridge measures120 feet long and 23 feet wide was exclusively for the use of golf carts, bicycles and pedestrians. It was constructed at a reported cost of BZ$750,000 and built in a mere four months by a crew of around 30. Doug Walker, Civil Engineer based in Belize City and the engineer that was tasked with the design of the renamed Sir Barry Bowen Bridge was contacted to advise on the renovation options of the bridge. “This is an informal meeting with the mayor and the contractor who built the bridge. We are at very early stages but the focus of discussion is how to reinstate the Barry Bowen Bridge back to its original condition.”

Caribbean Depot Collections Officer robbed on the way to the Bank
Mr. Felix Ayuso Sr., Collections Officer for Caribbean Depot reported to police that he was robbed on Friday April 20th around 7:55am while en route to make his daily deposit. Reports are that the incident happened in the vicinity of Caribbean Depot on Hurricane Street. Ayuso reported that a man of Spanish descent approached him on bicycle and assaulted him while on his way to make his deposit. It is believed that the assailant knew that Mr. Ayuso had a deposit in his possession. The male individual reportedly approached him, pushed him, and helped himself with the deposit and made off on his bicycle, heading in a northerly direction.

Ambergris Today

Maria Jeffery Registered Nurse In San Pedro
Beauty Ambassador Maria Jeffery was Miss Belize 2006 and represented Belize in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2007 and that same year she wowed the judges at the Costa Maya International Pageant and won the title for Belize. Maria is now back on the island, not to capture any judges hearts, but to work with community as she is a registered nurse.

Visually Impaired Rowan Garel Announces His Next Big Adventure
Thirteen-year-old Rowan Garel and his father Joe, announced their “Walk Across Belize” which will take place in July with the goal of doubling the amount raised last year to help support children who are blind. Rowan, who has been blind since birth, will walk 90 miles in five days starting July 12 and ending on July 16 for the start of BCVI Summer Camp 2012. The duo will start in Benque, Cayo and stop in a few places along the way, putting them in Belize City on Monday evening.

Senior Citizen Robbed of $40K Bank Deposit
According to reports, at about 8:00a.m. this morning Mr. Felix Ayuso left the Caribbean Depot Office with a bag of money set for deposit to the bank. Mr. Ayuso was about to exit the compound when he noticed that a male person in a bicycle was following him. The man then proceeded to jump into the passenger’s seat of the golf cart and pushed Mr. Ayuso off the golf cart. The assailant took with him the deposit bag which was wrapped in a towel and managed to escape.

Belmopan Comprehensive wins SP Softball Cup
Congratulations to BCS! "The Second Annual San Pedro Softball Tournament took place on Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14, 2012 at the Old Football Field. The three teams who part took in the event were St. John’s College, Belmopan Comprehensive and San Pedro High School."

Misc Belizean Sources

Press Release concering Three Murders on 20th April, 2012
In recent light of the two shooting incidents that took place on Friday 20th April, 2012 in Belize City that claimed the lives of three persons, ORLANDO REYES, 19yrs; SHELTON AUGUST aka SHELTON “PINKY” TILLETT, 31yrs and KAMILLE ANDREWS, 23yrs the Security Forces are on full alert and have immediately increased the presence of Police and Belize Defence Force Personnel on the Streets. The Ministry of National Security will do all in its powers to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors in the city of Belize. This operation will remain in place until the situation in Belize City is brought back to normal. The Police Department is hereby appealing to the General Public that if they have any information that can assist in the solving of these recent incidents to please contact the nearest Police Station or call the hotline at 0800922TIPS.

LIONS ZONE 59 celebrates 34th Annual Convention this weekend
Between April 20 to April 22nd, over 150 Lions and Leos from across the country of Belize and Lions from Chetumal, will come together in Belize City to share fellowship and reinforce their spirit of Lionism and voluntarism through seminars and community projects. This year’s convention is being hosted by the Belize City Lions Club whose community project focuses on tree planting. This is in keeping with a request from the International Lions President for a million trees to be planted this year as our contribution to the planet. Other activities over the weekend include a Fundraising Dance for the Lion’s Quest Program with Captain Roby at ITVET compound this Saturday night during which the new Zone Queen from among all the various Club Queens will be elected and crowned. On Sunday an Ecumenical Service will be held at St. Joseph Church at 8 a.m. followed by a parade through the city streets at 10 a.m. Sunday morning. Lions Zone 59 and the Belize City Lions Clube thanks all those who have sponsored and supported our Convention this year and invites the public to join us at our exciting Dance Fundraiser on Saturday Night at the ITVET compound as proceeds go towards keeping the Lion’s Quest Program in the schools..

Community Meeting in San Pedro: Disaster Preparedness, Red Cross
As a follow up to the "Saving Lives in the Caribbean through Preparedness"project presently being implemented by the Belize Red Cross, we have planned a community awareness meeting to be held in San Pedro Town on the 24th April 6:30 PM at the Lion's Den. Community Meeting: BELIZE RED CROSS “Saving lives in the Caribbean through Preparedness” invites YOU to JOIN US: Where? Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 When? Lions Den Time: 6:30 pm Learn about the latest program for your community in Disaster Preparedness! Check out what YOU can do for YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR community! BE PREPARED! BE ACTIVE! BE READY!

University of Belize's 6th annual Earth Day Fair
UB really went above and beyond with their Earth Day Fair yesterday! They had 3 competitions, all with great prizes. The food was great, especially the sausages and the ceviche. They had over 20 booths set up to teach about everything green. The Belize Zoo had a booth too. Most booths had games and prizes too. The highlight was the trash fashion show. Joris Hendrik started it all off with a quick show of some of his Eco Love recycled designs. Amazing yet again! The National Geographic dress was superb. After that, they had the Trashion Fashion competition, where over 20 students made clothes from recycled materials. There is some serious creativity out there.

Top 10 Favorite Can Products of Belizeans [PHOTOS/LIST]
1. Corned Beef : Oh how I love my corned beef! My wife cooks it with smashed potato and sweet pepper. 2. Potted Meat: A picnic sandwich isn't a sandwich without potted meat in it. 3.Chicken Sausage: Whenever we are out of meat we turn to chicken sausage. Yum!Yum! 4. DAK (Luncheon Meat): Fried luncheon meat is a favorite amongst Belizeans. 5. Baked Beans: The brother to a finger licking BBQ is none other than baked beans. Have you tried baked beans with fried jack in the mornings? 6. Canned Sardine: If you are tired of eating chicken meat then you can turn to canned sardine for a change. They don't have the best of taste but they are quiet affordable and reliable during hard times. 7. Salsa Casera: One of my favorite snack is Salsa Casera with fried chips. 8. Powdered Milk: Let us not forget the powdered milk that we use to mix our coffees in the morning. If it wasn't for powdered milk I wouldn't be writing this post. 9. Evaporated Milk: We mainly use this product for cakes and other pastries. 10. Cranberry Sauce: To be honest cranberry sauce is not my favorite but a plate of Belizean rice and beans is not complete without this.

UB's Earth Day Fair pictures
You've heard how much fun UB's Earth Day was. They also took some pictures of the event. Kudos go to Joaquin Magana, Loretta Logan, and the entire crew that did such a wonderful job from idea to inception. "Congrats to the students of the Project Management class of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Belize on their displays promoting alternative green energy sources and sharing knowledge about a greener livelihood for a cleaner environment at the University’s sixth Earth Day Celebration themed: 'A New Wave of Green Energy' on April 19, at Central Campus, Belmopan."

Belize Telemedia Limited 2012 E-Directory
Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize's top tele-communications company, has now launched their new 2012 online telephone directory. On the front page they feature the Maya Deer Dance as a tribute to the Mayan culture of Belize. For centuries, the Mayas have looked forward to 2012 as an important time for rebirth, reflections and renewal as one cosmic cycle ends and another begins. 2012 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in acknowledging the beauty of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world, while celebrating the future with a culture that has been successfully predicting it for centuries. This year’s cover gives a rare look into the vibrant and mysterious Maya Deer Dance. This spiritual dance, although ancient, tells a tale that is important to societies, even today, as it focuses a great deal on the significant relationship between humanity and nature. This dance is sacred and is performed only on special occasions mostly by the Q’eqchi Maya.

Channel 7

A 19 year old male was murdered in Belize City this afternoon. It is another one of those broad daylight shootings - but this one is even more brazen because the victim was shot on one of the busiest, most trafficked streets in the city - and because he appeared to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happened on Orange Street and the victim managed to run two blocks across to Regent Street West - which is where he died. That is where our team picks up the story:.. Jules Vasquez reporting There was no consoling this mother as she cried bitterly, grieving for her young son, Orlando Reyes, known as BAM. He lay dead at the entrance to Mike's Club near the Regent Street West Bridge. But he was shot over a block away, here on Orange Street at 3:00 pm. Reyes was riding along with a friend Angel Dorado - who says they were just caught in the crossfire of someone else's war:

Last night we told you about the body of a man that was found on the Boom-Hattieville Road. He had two large cut wounds to the back of his head. Tonight, his identity is known. It turns out that before his death the man had recently come into some good fortune by winning the Mega Bingo jackpot - and, some feel that may have factored into his death. Monica Bodden went to Hattieville today looking for answers:.. Monica Bodden reporting The body of Glenford Jemmott was found about 1mile from the Hattieville prison - in these bushes just off the road. It was discovered around 11 yesterday morning by a passerby who noticed vultures circling the area. Jemmott's body was decomposed - and may have been lying there for at least 3 days. He was lying face up and had 2 large chop wounds to the back of his head. Also found in the area were two red pillows, two blankets and a purple shirt. Jemmott was the manager of Bombay's Cool Spot in Hattieville and also resides in the village. The news of his murder sent shockwaves throughout the small community as everyone is still left to wonder what happened to their friend.

Yesterday afternoon, the residents of San Victor Village in the Corozal District heard the droning sound of a low flying airplane - not an altogether unusual occurrence in that area - which borders Mexico. But this drone was followed by a crash - because this illicit landing was botched by a bad cane road. Still, the illicit cargo and the occupant were nowhere to be found by the time police got there. We went to the area today to find out what happened, and here's what we found:.. Jules Vasquez reporting Police kept a strong presence on the cane roads adjoining San Victor Village in the Corozal District. But it was nothing more than a good show, because the Cessna 210n had long been emptied of whatever illicit cargo it carried.

It may have been scolded and slightly shamed for the recent Taylor's Alley incident, but the GSU remains in effect - and today the Unit showed its worth with a significant weapons seizure. Between the hours of 7 this morning and 1:30 this afternoon, the GSU conducted an operation in the Mayflower street area at the base of the Ghost Town Crips gang. During the operation a search was conducted in an overgrown property behind the Steadfast Masonic Lodge situated at the corner of Lakeview and Vernon Streets - where police found an AK 47 automatic rifle bearing serial number 4-3-4-7-6 wrapped in a cloth inside a black garbage bag. A few feet away, a black knapsack was found near a tree in the same area. It contained fifty five -5.56 rounds of ammunition - which is used in M16 rifles - and nine - 12 gauge cartridges. Additional weapons and ammunition found behind the Masonic Lodge in the Mayflower are as follows: a Sub Machine Gun, fully automatic rifle, one - 12 gauge Mossberg riot pump action shotgun , nineteen - 12 gauge cartridges, fourteen - .32 rounds of ammunition, three - 9 mm rounds of ammunition, and ten -.380 and four - 16 gauge cartridges. These were all found wrapped up in cloth and garbage bags in varying areas stowed away inside the same overgrown bush. All the weapons are capable of firing.

Tonight, a 38 year-old man is spending the 1st night of a 7 month sentence in jail after his 2nd deportation from the US. Gregory Holis Bennett, a laborer of Price Street, was charged with failing to report to police, and he was arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart today. According to police, Bennett was arrested by American authorities, and he was charged with possession of a controlled substance. On May 5, 2010, he was deported to Belize, and he was served with a letter of compliance, which stated that he needed to report to the Queen Street Police Station every Friday. He did so from May 2010 until January 7, 2011, but police say that he stopped showing up after that. Well, they found out why: he had gone back to the states and Bennett was again deported to Belize from the US yesterday. And so when they picked him up, they charged him with failing to report to police for 67 consecutive weeks.

A couple is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after they were arraigned for drug trafficking and drug possession at the Magistrate's Court. Police say that they busted them with 2.4 pounds of marijuana. According to police, at 8:58 a.m. today, they conducted a search at number 11 Bocotora Street. 35 year-old Shinnette Staine; her boyfriend, 27 year-old Melvin Flowers; and her 14 year-old daughter were all present at the time. Police say that when they arrived at the house, they saw Staine trying to dispose of a package through the window. They retrieved it and found 1.08 Kilos - or 2.4 pounds - of weed inside; they also found another gram of weed in an ashtray in the house. As a result, the police charged them with drug trafficking and drug possession.

19 year-old Dean Vaccario, a resident of Sand Hill Village, will serve 2 years in prison after he was tried and convicted of harm on Wednesday evening in the Magistrate's Court. His victim, 26 year-old Lionel Williams, also a resident of Sand Hill, testified in the court that on January 21, 2012, he was socializing with friends when Vaccario approached him, pulled out a knife and sliced him from the chin to the middle of his neck. Williams had to receive 15 stitches to treat the wound at the hospital. In his defense, Vaccario told the court that he and Williams got into a fight, and it was Williams who pulled out the knife. Vaccario said that he had to wrestle the knife out of Williams' possession, and in that process, that's when he accidentally cut Williams. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith did not believe him, and after hearing the entire case, she found him guilty.

Today the Pan American Health Organization closed a regional workshop on strengthening drug management for what are known as second line Anti-TB drugs. Not exactly exciting stuff, but it is important: 15 countries participated, 12 of which were the countries with the highest level of tuberculosis. You might be surprised to know that Belize is one of those, but Anna Fonz, who was representing Peru, talked more about the goals of the workshop and some of the conclusions that were reached. Geraldo De Cosio, PWR PAHO "We got involve because tuberculosis is a priority worldwide and also in Belize. Not because we have cases in Belize but we are trying to prevent new cases to develop in the country." "Let's assume there is a need to have what we called second line tuberculosis drugs to treat multi-drug resistance, it will benefit because other countries have joint program and joint efforts and so it will be cheaper to buy medications that way." "It is Belize can also establish contacts with other countries that have a lot more experience in treating and dealing with various complicated cases, so they can support Belize also to treat cases and to get the best care."

Punta Rock and Reggae artist Positive Vibz, is one of the most entertaining and hype performers currently on the scene. Now, he has launched his third album, "2 Sides of Positive Vibz". For this one, the 25 year old has collaborated with major players in the Belizean music industry for this album, and today he told us what to expect and where he got his inspiration. Positive Vibz, Punta Rock and Reggae artist "I have out my 3rd album and this album is entitled "The Two Side of Me - Positive Vibz" Punta Rock and Reggae culture and teachings. That is my roots as a Garifuna person. I ended up doing my roots music which is Punta Rock and of course I have a passion and love for reggae as well. I believe through reggae I can teach; slow down the pace and teach the people what they need to know." "I believe that I am incorporating as much Belizean artist as possible on this album because at the end of the day it's not about me but every single musician in Belize."

And if reggae or Punta are not quite your thing, this weekend, then maybe classical is….renowned Mexican pianist, Alejandrina Villamil, will be performing in Belize as part of the cultural exchange program with Mexico. For the recital, Villamil has selected pieces from composers such as Mozart, Bach and Chopin. Press officer for the Mexican Embassy, Marcelino Miranda, told us more about this young musician and the music that she will be performing. Marcelino Miranda, Press officer for the Mexican Embassy "Alejandrina Villamil is a young Mexican pianist. She has performed in Mexico and she has had an education and she has been taking courses with great pianists, not only from Mexico but from North America and Europe." "She is going to present a very interesting program among other pieces of piano that she is going to present from musicians like Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov. This is going to be a good concert because that would give the opportunity especially for young people and children to come and enjoy a piano concert. This is part of the cultural exchange program between Mexico and Belize and one of the purposes is to promote music in Belize. That's the reason the embassy decided to invite Alejandrina Villamil to perform here in Belize."

Channel 5

3 shot, innocent murdered in Belize City
Hell broke loose late this afternoon in gang infested area of the old capital. When the shooting subsided, one man was dead and two were injured. So going into the weekend, there is unease in the city. A News Five team is just back from the scene where it appears the murder victim was not [...]

Bombay’s Cool Spot Owner murdered
The body of a man that was found in some bushes on the Hattieville-Boom Road at around eleven-thirty on Thursday morning. The murder victim, who had two chop wounds to the back of the head, has since been identified as a well-known owner of bar in Hattieville. Just last year, the man took home close [...]

Bar Association disagrees with Justice Appointment
As we reported on Thursday night, the Bar Association, held a special meeting to take a vote on the proposed elevation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Awich to the Court of Appeal. The justice retires on May fifteenth and the government proposes his appointment forthwith for a period of two years. After lengthy discussion between [...]

Unidentified plane crashes in Corozal; no one found
Up north, a single engine plane believed to be used to transport drugs crash landed early on Thursday afternoon, not far from the Mexican border. The plane is retrofitted to carry cargo and while its origin is from Ecuador, it has Mexican registration. There was no cargo on the Cessna but the stretch of road [...]

GSU uncovers AK-47, machine gun and ammo
The Gang Suppression Unit came under fire recently for the use of excessive force on Taylor’s Alley residents. The Unit went quiet and there was a resurgence of violence. This morning, the GSU was back on the streets. In an operation in the Mayflower Street area, known to be the base of the Ghost Town [...]

Greg Bennett regularly deported from U.S.A.
A Belizean was deported from the US for the third time on Thursday. Thirty-eight year old Gregory Hollis Bennett was first deported in 2009, but found his way back to the States. He was again expelled from the US in May, 2010 and was signing in with the Police Station every week for eight months [...]

If Conch Quota is exceeded, Belize can be banned from exporting the fishery
The decision to close the conch season two months early is being opposed by fishermen. The closure was imposed because the seasonal quota had been harvested and conch is considered an endangered species. But not everybody disagrees. According to Melanie McField, the Director of Healthy Reefs Initiative, the Fisheries Department does an assessment each year [...]

Maria Balan is the Female Farmer of the Year!
A mother of five has been named as this year’s Female farmer of the Year. The impressive woman hails from Bullet Tree, Cayo and keeps an extremely busy schedule. When she isn’t growing vegetables at her farm, she is selling her produce at the market. This impressive farmer also finds time in her packed day [...]

Senior Citizen robbed in San Pedro
A senior citizen was the victim of an early morning robbery in San Pedro today. Felix Ayuso was targeted at around eight o’clock this morning when he left the Caribbean Depot Office to make a deposit at the bank. But he barely made it out of the yard when he noticed someone following him on [...]

The Spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games in the Capital
It’s the countdown to the 2012 Olympics to be held in London. The event takes place from July twenty-seventh to August tenth. If you do the math, it’s a hundred days away. Earlier today, diplomats from the host country teamed up with Olympic Committees in numerous countries to build up fervor to the games. In [...]

15 youths head to King James Classic
A Belizean contingent of junior basketball players is heading to Ohio on Saturday for the King James Classic AAU Tournament. Fifteen students from across the country are one step closer to making their dream of playing at the NBA level. On this trip they have the opportunity to secure a college scholarship to study and [...]

Embassy of Mexico’s Pianist Concert for All
If culture and music are two items that are on your weekend list, then there is a concert that will fulfill all your needs. The Embassy of Mexico is hosting two concerts that will provide culture, entertainment and the subtle but angelic fingers of pianist, Alejandrina Villamil. News Five spoke to the Press Officer of [...]


A single engine plane crash landed yesterday evening on a feeder road just out of San Victor Village in the Corozal District. It appears the planes landing gear was damaged when it hit large pot holes on the road landing the plane into a cane field. From all accounts the incident took ...

Natalie Novelo reporting… “This afternoon’s murder brings the running total close to the three dozen mark. Orlando “bam” Reyes Jr. a resident of St. Martin De Porres area was gunned down as he went about his own business. The teenager was ...

Thursday, April 19 - POLICE NEWS
Belize’s latest murder was discovered this morning on the Boom/Hattieville Road about a mile away from the Hattieville Prison. The discovery was made shortly after eleven this morning and preliminary observations reveal that the victim was hacked twice to the back of the he...

A traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway has left a man hospitalized in the Western Regional hospital as a result of the collision. Fem Cruz reporting… “Love News understand that on Wednesday sometime around 6:40 p.m, 52 year old Manuel ...

The government of Canada has offered to assist Belize with the latest forensic ballistics identification equipment. According to press release posted online, Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sunday announced the launch of an initiative to support and enhance Central America&rsquo...

Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez is the President of the Belize Mayors Association. The other members of the executive are Vice President Belize City Mayor Darell Bradley, Secretary is San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Treasurer Orange Walk Mayor K...

The Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association has expressed concern with the closure of the Conch Season 2011-2012. A release from the Association says the fishing industry presently faces a challenge that could negatively impact all fishing cooperatives and thousands of families. It go...

2012 is four months old and while the murder rate has been on an upward spiral over the past weeks, crime overall is lower than the same period in 2011. That’s according to Minister of Police, John Saldivar, who spoke with reporters this morning. John S...


Canada helps Belize with ballistics identification equipment
The government of Canada has offered to assist Belize with the latest forensic ballistics identification equipment. According to press release posted online, Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sunday announced the launch of an initiative to support and enhance Central America’s security infrastructure by providing IBIS ballistics identification equipment to both Belize and Costa Rica. Canada, according to the release, aims to help countries fighting on the front lines against drugs, transnational organized crime and terrorism through equipment purchases, training, and technical assistance. Law enforcement agencies in both Belize and Costa Rica are to receive the latest in IBIS forensic ballistics identification equipment known as the IBIS TRAX-3D. Developed by Forensic Technology WAI Incorporated of Montreal, Canada, IBIS is used by police and forensic investigators to link firearm-related crimes, suspects and firearms. Spearheaded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Canadian Initiative for Security in Central America will focus on many areas, including border security and strengthening justice and security institutions. The IBIS ballistics forensic identification systems are due to be installed in the spring of 2012. Canada’s announcement builds on nearly 2 billion dollars in investments to improve security, promote sustainable economic growth and strengthen institutions related to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in the Americas.

Fishing Cooperative concerned about early closure of conch season
he Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association has expressed concern with the closure of the Conch Season 2011-2012. A release from the Association says the fishing industry presently faces a challenge that could negatively impact all fishing cooperatives and thousands of families. It goes on to say the closure of the conch fishing season will put the last nail in the coffin and seal the fate of the striving industry as thousands of fishers will be out of a job and the fishing cooperatives will be unable to service its debt. BFCA says it believes that the proposition posed by Minister Lisel Alamilla is a valiant one, but realistically it is not feasible with respect to the Government’s financial status. The release ends by saying it is the position of BFCA that reconsideration should be done to seek amicable solutions and exhaust arbitration to secure the livelihoods of thousands of Belizeans.


Sustainable Agriculture Development takes root in Toledo
We often hear on the news and in conversations that Toledo (and to some extent Stann Creek) is the forgotten Distri...

Traffic Enhancement Safety Project underway in Belmopan
As residents may have noticed, currently under way in the City of Belmopan is a Traffic Enhancement Safety Project ...

Broad daylight shooting leaves man dead
Another day and another report of death. Today at around 2:45 pm two friends were walking were at the corner of Ora...

Body of unidentified man found on Hattieville road
Sometime around 11:30am yesterday morning a truck driver discovered a body on the side of the road in an advance st...

Airplane makes crash landing in Corozal cane field
Reports from the north say that a small plane landed today near San Victor Village in the Corozal district. Un-conf...

Amandala editor issues apology to family of suicide victim
In last night’s news we had shared that Amandala’s editor, Russell Vellos, had not released any comments on the pub...

Teen shot at basketball court dies
Earlier this week we reported on the shooting of 18yr old Christopher Jorgenson. On Sunday April, 15th police visit...

Cruz Allen gets 10 year sentence for burglary
25yr old Cruz Allen was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was convicted of burglary. Allen was convicted in ...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Socials: Scotty celebrates his 60th birthday in style!
Saturday, April 14, 2012, Scotty, well known icon on Caye Caulker celebrated his 60th birthday at Barrier Reef Sports Bar in style. He was kept well entertained by the Shimmy Twins, Mar the Fire Dancer and some other dancers from that group. Happy Birthday Scotty and may you see many more!


Housing the homeless at Kolbe: can it work?
Last week Belize City mayor Darrell Bradley, during the announcement of the Belize City Council’s “100-day plan”, discussed point 82 of the plan under “quality of life crimes”, which aims to “work with the Kolbe Foundation, [Department of] Human Services and the police to deal with vagrants.”

Gunmen “riddle” family house
A two-flat concrete house on Albert Hoy Street in the Belama 3 Area has been damaged by gunshots. At least 12 shots were fired; 11 of the shots went through the walls and windows of the house, but no one who was inside, miraculously, was hit or injured.

CCJ judges probe Belize attorneys in Maya King appeal
On union busting claim, Supreme Court had awarded 6 dismissed banana workers $420,000; Court of Appeal reduced it to $218,856. What will the CCJ do? A 5-judge panel of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), sitting for the first time in the Caribbean jurisdiction of Barbados, heard the civil appeal of Maya King, a Belizean banana farm owned by John Zabaneh of Stann Creek, challenging decisions in the lower courts of Belize in which hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages were awarded to six former banana workers, who had allegedly been dismissed way back in 2001 in what the Supreme Court had declared was “undoubtedly union busting.”

Unknown, decaying corpse laid to rest where it was found
The decomposed corpse of a male person was buried in the Hattieville-Boom Road area, after an autopsy was carried out to determine the cause of death. He was found around three yards from the Belize Central Prison towards Burrell Boom Village, around 11:00 a.m. today, Thursday.

Crazy gun possession law!
7 charged with firearm offenses; 19-year-old pleads guilty to all charges and sentenced to 13 ½ years in jail, but 6 others, including a 52-year-old female schoolteacher, still in uniform, remanded to prison! At about 3:30 p.m. on Monday, April 16, Armead Logan Thurton, a resident of Baker’s Ranch, discovered that his trailer, which is used as a warehouse, was burglarized.

Less active hurricane season expected this year
The April 2012 hurricane forecast released by Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray of the Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project said that the probability of at least one major hurricane (categories 3 to 5) tracking through the Caribbean is 34%, lower than the 42% average probability for the last century.

Man pleads guilty to weed for “weed fudge”
“Just wet weed, lone dust fi mek fudge wit”... Robert Pietio, a resident of #90 Jane Usher Boulevard, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart.

Cricket article by Sir Hilary Beckles
At the request of the author, I forward the below article by cricket writer Sir Hilary Beckles who would be most grateful if you would share the article with your readers.

National Junior Basketball Head Coach and President of the BBF meet Minister of Education, Sports & Youth
In 2011, National Junior Basketball Team Head Coach Matthew Smiling received a coaching scholarship to attend the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP) conducted by the US Olympic Committee in the United States. A major component of this program is for Coach Smiling to develop a project that will benefit basketball in Belize. Coach Smiling’s project is the development of a Coaching Education Program for Elementary, High School and Grassroots Basketball in Belize.

Premier League semifinals Game 1 Sunday
Top seeds, Police and BDF choose to play game 1 on the road... We were informed by officials earlier this week that game 1 of the Premier League of Belize semifinal home-and-away series will be at the MCC Grounds and Placencia Football Field.

Ideas and Opinions - Crime and Punishment
If every one who commits a crime were found out and charged and convicted, would we have a relatively crime free society? If that were so, wouldn’t our jails be filled to overflowing, since this is the preferred form of punishment for crime?

Editorial: Therein lies the tragedy…
A few years ago, when a directive from the courts mandated that the pictures and names of minors were not to be used by the media in order to protect the identities of these persons, Amandala complied.

From The Publisher
SHELL BELIZE RELEASE, BELIZE CITY, Thurs., April 17, 1975: We have received confirmation from our Shell Office in Guatemala that the Motor Vessels Partridge and Nigger Gal, together with Shell Barge Number One have all been embargoed by the Guatemalan authorities.


Belize Airports – International versus Municipal and flight fees
One of my longtime readers Jenny and her family always fly Municipal to save a few dollars.This time she and her husband Brad were coming down for a solo trip and out of habit she got me to book them through Belize Municipal Airport then she wrote me back and said she realized that since there were only two of them she wanted to make it easy fly to San Pedro from Belize International Airport instead. Since this is a topic that often comes up on trip advisor in the Belize Forums I asked Jenny to do a comparison between the two airports. This will help you decide which option is best for you. Personally after a long day of travel I like to hop on a Tropic flight and get home to Ambergris Caye as soon as I can. Flying to San Pedro: Airport – Municipal or BZE When flying to San Pedro, two options exist:

SAGA Cook-Off and Trivia at Pedro's Inn Draw Big Crowds
Who says that the "busy season" on Ambergris Caye is drawing to an end? Not me. The SAGA Humane Society held its monthly fundraising cook-off at Wet Willy's Bar (and soon to be restaurant) last night. We arrived right on time...6pm...and there was already a good crowd. After reading yesterday's article in the local paper about an abused Loggerhead Turtle SAGA is helping to rehabilitate, who wouldn't want to help them raise money? Wet Willy's has new owners, a new logo and a fresh paint job.

Single Women Moving To Foreign Countries
I am certainly not brave...but moving to Belize just seemed like the right thing to do. And actually the easy thing to do after visiting a few times. Try it out...while I'm relatively young...why not? Try it for one year. Take a break from NYC. And now it's 6 years. With that is very cool that I have been put on a list of "Adventurous Expat Women". Women who have really great blogs. And really interesting lives.

International Sources

VIDEO: Highlights of Simon on 'Wildlife SOS' over the past two years.
This was made by the film crew that was here, Wildlife Productions Limited, for Simon's Birthday. They always save the best for last...:).... so be patient, let it load, then come back and watch it!

DHS Holding Secures Financing From Clipper Explorations
DHS Holding Co. (DHSM.PK: News ) announced that, as of April 18, 2012, it. has secured financing from Clipper Explorations, Ltd. In the first round of financing, Clipper Explorations has agreed to lend to DHS Holding $250,000.00 for the purpose of securing the 40-acre parcel of land now known as Cenote Falls. The company said Emil Arguellas, attorney for DHS Holding, Co. in Belize, has been instructed by Charlie Barrett, President of DHS Holding, Co., to make the first payment in the amount of $150,000.00 in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the purchase agreement.

Cayo's Saturday Market is on the Huffington Post
While this article starts as a scuba story, once they get to Cayo, they realize that next time, it's just Cayo. All the highest voted pictures are at the market. They've already booked at Macal River Camp. Smart move! "Although I had been waiting all week to get to the Lodge at Chaa Creek, a luxury eco-ranch in the middle of the Belize jungle, I thought I had to stop at the Saturday morning market in San Ignacio, the biggest town in Cayo. I'd heard that I'd find native Belizeans and Mennonites (both of whom have settled in Cayo in large numbers) selling folk art, produce and street food. As a toy lover, I was excited to pick up some tiny embroidered animals made of colorful cloth; as a food lover, the custard apples (a kind of soupy fruit eaten with a spoon) and the hot grilled pupusas (dough with beans and cheese folded in) put me in gastronomic heaven. Even better, the market made for some of the best photo ops in Belize. The peppers were bright, the children were adorable and the spices! I've never seen spices like that."

Belizean Flour Tortilla Version Two
This is the second of two versions of hand made flour tortilla. With this style, you'll be able to create a very thin, soft, flexible tortilla that can be used for burritos or Belizean Gacho.

US: 56 coral species face extinction danger from warming, acidic seas
More than half of 82 species of coral being evaluated for inclusion under the Endangered Species Act "more likely than not" would go extinct by 2100 if climate policies and technologies remain the same, federal scientists concluded. The experts cited "anthropogenic," or manmade, releases of carbon dioxide as a key driver of warming seas and oceans absorbing more CO2, in turn making waters more acidic. "The combined direct and indirect effects of rising temperature, including increased incidence of disease and ocean acidification, both resulting primarily from anthropogenic increases in atmospheric CO2, are likely to represent the greatest risks of extinction to all or most of the candidate coral species over the next century," the experts concluded in a report released Friday by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Six months pregnant in paradise
In the midst of all the doctor appointments, purchases and planning involved with welcoming our first child into the world, my husband and I set aside some time for our last pre-parenthood holiday. Given that I was six months pregnant, travel time, comfort, safety and access to modern medicine were as important to us as sunshine, pampering and relaxation. Belize, the Central-American country famous for its phenomenal diving, Mayan ruins and incredible selection of eco-activities, might have seemed an unlikely choice for a Babymoon, but its great beauty, diverse landscape, warm people and five-star amenities won us over in an instant. Wanting variety, we spent our time exploring four unique areas, but for a more lei-surely trip limit yourself to one or two regions. Wanting variety, we spent our time exploring four unique areas, but for a more leisurely trip limit yourself to one or two regions. PLACENCIA Barefoot perfect describes the brown sugar-sand beaches that fringe the colourful village of Placencia, on the Southern peninsula of Belize's Staan Creek district. This once quiet fishing community has transformed itself into a burgeoning destination that thank-fully retains its traditional charm. To immerse ourselves in the vibrant local culture, we bypassed the large-scale luxury resorts flanking Placencia to stay at the Nirvana Beach Suites in the heart of the village. Owners Evan and Barbara Hall, Belizean-Americans who vacationed in Placencia as children, were lured back by the friendly village lifestyle and opened this beach-front property in 2011.

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