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February 28, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Those long walks on the beach
Taking a walk on the beach on Ambergris Caye can yield all manner of surprises. Sargasso still insists on showing up on our shores, and it’s getting old for sure. But if you know where to look, all manner of surprises can pop up…like, this: Sitting on the soft sand and checking out the families out for a beach day…birds flying by gracefully overhead Enjoying the romance of a sky turning pink and rosy as the sun sends its last rays out before night settles in.

Decriminalization of Marijuana document released
The Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC) has released the document on the decriminalization of Marijuana. In March 2012, a small group of public and private Belizean citizens were tasked to research and make recommendations to assist Belize’s policymakers in considering the amendment of current legislation to decriminalize possession of up to ten grams of marijuana. Members include: Chairman and Businessman, Douglas Singh Public Servant, Rhea Rogers Chang Travel Consultant, Katie Valk Retired Public Servant, C. B. Hyde Entrepreneur, Jeremy Spooner Attorney, Donelle Harding Hawke Director of National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) – Belize, Esner Vellos Entrepreneur, Susan Fuller, and Activist, YaYa Marin Coleman. The document includes the objectives, findings and recommendations on this issue, and can be read here.

Editorial: Innocence Lost
We all knew this day would come, it was just a matter of time. And so the story unfolds, when early Tuesday morning little two-year old Charlie Daniel “Danny” Espat, while sleeping with his parents, was killed by bullets that peppered through the wall of the apartment he knew as home. Home…home sweet home…a place of solitude and safety…a place of sanctuary and love…home, where a two year old can be murdered in his sleep. The dimensions of little Danny’s home extends much further than the four walls of the apartment he was killed in, because his home is OUR home, our San Pedro Town, OUR Ambergris Caye, OUR supposed place of solitude and safety. No longer is La Isa Bonita a quaint little village with a fishing problem, we are now a concrete jungle with a deadly drug problem. Yes, we all knew this day would come, we all said SOMEDAY a baby will die, but have we become so immune to the violence that there is no public outrage? Dare I ask, is outrage only a privilege for members of the community who carry a higher social status? OR, are we so calloused that some may figure that since Danny’s father has already lost three sons to violence he should be good at dealing with losing a fourth? Where is the consideration for a mother, who critically injured by the stray bullets is mourning the death of her baby…a little person who graced this earth for less than a thousand days…a little person who did not ask (or choose) the life he was brought in to…a baby who died for the sins of others.

Tammy Peterson sought by Police for the crime of “Obtaining property by deception”
48-year-old Eliceo Rivero, owner of Thunder Bolt Water Taxi and resident of Corozal Town, reported to the Corozal Police Department that on Thursday, February 5th at about 10:30AM he received a telephone call from phone number 610-0226, and when he answered the call, he heard a female voice on the other end, who identified herself as Tammy Peterson of San Pedro Town, and that she belonged to the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club. A conversation started between them where Peterson requested to obtain the complainant’s services to bringing a total of four small sailing boats from San Pedro to Corozal Town on Thursday, February 5th. Rivero agreed and told Peterson that the cost would be $400BZ as he will be charging $100BZ per boat.

San Pedro House of Culture Burglarized
Several artifacts from the Marco Gonzalez Archeological Reserve were stolen on Sunday, February 22nd after the San Pedro House of Culture was broken into. The precious Maya artifacts had been excavated from the site and taken to the House of Culture on Angel Coral Street to be displayed for viewing. Councilor Guillermo “Mito” Paz, who is in charge of the House of Culture, reported to the San Pedro Police that the building had been burglarized sometime during this past weekend. He stated that on Friday, February 20th at around 4:30PM, he locked up the House of Culture as it is not open on the weekends. On his return on Sunday, February 22nd he noticed that the front door of the building was wide open. Robbery House of Culture-3After inspections, Paz noted that several artifacts were missing, including two conch shell rings, four Quincunx, three stone axes, a small ink pot, a rare jade ear flare, three net weights, two arrow heads, a loom weight and a conch shell spoon. Police are currently investigating the incident but there are no leads as yet.

2015 Mayoral Candidates participate in Debate
The debate was composed of eight question, with candidates being allotted three minutes to answer. The issues highlighted in the questions included crime, education, garbage, development, culture, sports, transparency and accountability. The first question asked candidates what part of the team the Mayor plays and what can he do to assure that the team is successful. Solorzano indicated that the Mayor plays the role of the leader, but that at the same time every person on the team plays a significant role. “Each person in my slate plays a very important role. They all have roles in the community as well, but together we make a team. When united we make the team strong and are able to get things done,” said Solorzano. Guerrero said that his team is like a family, united. “I have always been very open to team work. United we can bring out ideas together. I gave a portfolio to an Opposition councilor that proves that I’m open to anyone,” said Guerrero. Lopez indicated that the VIP slate practices leadership all around, as every member of the team plays a vital role and is a leader within themselves. “If elected we will abide by the Town Council Act and all meetings between the Mayor and councilors will be open to the public. Democracy is only alive if the community is participating. We need to work united as one. I will ensure that every one is included,” said Lopez.

Ambergris Today

25 Years Ago: Belize Home Remedies – Clean Up Your Eyes with Tiny Rocks
PIEDRA OJO. Piedra means rock and ojo means eye. How in the world can you cure or clean your eye with a rock? Ah, here is the secret! This was no ordinary rock; it was a medicinal rock and it was the only way folks of yester years could clean their eyes of sand, saw dust or any impurities that found their way into their eye. This little rock, the size of half a grain of rice, was obtained from tiny snails in the sea that very often crept in the lobster traps of the fishermen. Whenever a fisherman spotted one, he would gently save it and bring it home because he knew of its curative properties. You had to open the tiny snail and in its flesh you found this little shiny white pearl-looking thing which we called the rock. It was actually about half or one fourth the size of a rice grain. Whenever one had a particle of sand, dust or any foreign object in the eye, mom or dad would place one of these little pearls/rocks under the eyelid and send one to bed for an hour or three. Incredibly, but factual, this little pearl (or rock) travelled all over the eye under the eyelid and collected any foreign object and brought it to the outside. When one woke up after a three hour rest, the pearl would by then be outside the eye and would be covered with dust or sand or whatever was bothering you.

San Pedro Town Council Donates Truck and Motorcycle to Police Department
Superintendent of the San Pedro Police Department, Luis Castellanos, mentioned that he wished the department would have a vehicle for each of his rotations (more than two trucks) so that the police officers can me more efficient with their duties. He mentioned that the lack of vehicles puts a strain on the only one (or two vehicles at times) that is operational on a daily basis, thus ware and tare is faster. Requests for more vehicles for the San Pedro Police Department are ongoing to Central Government, the various Ministries, organizations and foreign aid entities, but they are hard to come by, according to Castellanos. At the commencement of his term in office, Mayor Daniel Guerrero was able to donate a pickup truck to the department. Today, at the end of his term he handed over another much needed vehicle to the San Pedro Police, along with a brand new motorcycle and body bags. Mayor Danny indicated that the motorcycle was acquired through an anonymous donor with the assistance of Armando Graniel Jr. The truck was passed down to the Police Department as the Town Council acquired newer vehicles for their foremen. Custom work on the truck to suit the needs of the Police Department was donated by FC’s Aluminum.

Belize Issues Measles Advisory - Free Vaccine Available
The Ministry of Health has been advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of an outbreak of Measles at the Disneyland Resort in California in the United States of America (USA). In addition, cases are being reported in Canada and one case related to the Disneyland outbreak has been reported in Mexico. Measles is a contagious disease characterized by fever, rash, runny nose and red eyes. It spreads through air droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Although Measles remains prevalent in many parts of the world, Belize has been free from the disease since 1991. In order to maintain our Measles free status, the recommended and most cost-effective public health approach is to advise persons to get vaccinated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

On, Thursday, February 26, 2015, The San Pedro Town Council handed over a white Ford Ranger pick-up truck and a brand new red Honda motorcycle and some human remains pouches to the San Pedro Police Department. Master of ceremonies, Mr. Jorge Aldana, invited superintendent to the podium to offer the Welcome Address. Other remarks were given by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Russell Blacketh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ms. Desiree Phillips, Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Mayor of San Pedro Town, Mr. Daniel Guerrero, President of Neighborhood Watch Committee, Mr. Steve Spiro and ending the ceremony was Deputy Mayor, Mr. Gabriel Nuñez. These vehicles are very much needed for the San Pedro Police Formation in their fight against crime in San Pedro Town.

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Mr. Dan Listwin of Canary Coves visited the New Horizon S.D.A. School to witness the completion of new classrooms, palapas and picnic tables. The school also received a new paint job and other upgrades. The total cost of the project was approximately $90,000 which was covered by both the San Pedro Town Council and Mr. Dan Listwin of Canary Coves. Thank you Mr. Dan for you contribution towards education.

Today as Elvin Penner exited the Courtroom of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, he was pursued by an angry mob of PUP supporters who threw eggs at him and chanted "Jail Penner NOW." According to Penner, people should stop chasing a ghost.

Citrus Festival
The 2nd annual Citrus Festival is Sunday, March 1st, in Belmopan. "Bambu Tee will be at the Citrus Festival this Sunday, March 1st at 11am on the lawn of Blue Moon Restaurant at the Belmopan Traffic Circle. This Fest is promoting Health and Charity and other vendors and organizations will be there displaying their goods.. Don't miss this opportunity to give something back to the community and to show support for the non-profit programs. Come Enjoy a Refreshing Bambu Tee on location. See you there."

Chiquibul from Above
The Belize Forest Department got some great pictures of Cayo from above. They got some good pictures of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Beautiful, as always. "Chiquibul, Cockscomb, Victoria Peak, Maya Mountain North"

University of Belize 11th Annual Opportunities Fair
Yesterday, The U.S. Embassy participated in the University of Belize 11th Annual Opportunities Fair!! We were pleased to share information with the students about the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. The Hubert H. Humphrey fellowship program is a one year program of non-degree academic study in the areas of Sustainable Development, Democratic Institution Building, Education and Public Health, that fosters an exchange of knowledge and mutual understanding between American citizens and their professional counterparts from Belize.

Second Annual Beach Party Sat. at Corona Del Mar
Second Annual Beach Party, Saturday, February 28, 2015 starting at 2 PM at Corona Del Mar's Seahorse Bar. Benefiting Sunshine Scholarship Foundation. There'll be live music! Games! Beach-side barbecue, silent auctions, drinks specials.

Game Licenses
The #Belize Forest Department hereby reminds the general public that, as per the Wildlife Protection Act (CAP 220), a license is needed hunt and sell the following game species: • Deer • Gibnut • Armadillo • Peccary • Iguana • Chachalaca, Black-throated Bobwhite A valid Dealer’s License issued by the Forest Department is also needed for the sale of these game species. The Forest Department reminds the public that it will be monitoring and enforcing these laws during the La Ruta Maya River Challenge from March 6 -10, 2015. All hunters and vendors are advised to apply and obtain the necessary licenses prior to this event at the Forest Department Offices located in Orange Walk, Belmopan or San Ignacio.

A Belizean Speaks about Belize and nationality
"I must admit, I struggled with being called a Diaspora Belizean for years but with time I've learnt to embrace it. I don't think it'll be easy for me to accept being labelled a 'Belam' however. What am I...a fish now? I am a #BELIZEAN...end of story. For starters, our constitution needs to be amended and that's a no-brainer. A simple show of hands in the House of Representatives will suffice. My US born daughter whom I nationalized a Belizean can run for Prime Minister in Belize but if I become a dual citizen here in the states: I can't, even though I am a born Belizean. Meanwhile, a Guatemalan-born nationalized Belizean is running for parliament to represent me. What are we...blind? And let's define our so-called 'participation in society'. In my case, my entire family remains in #Belize. I'm talking lock-stock n barrell [mother-father-brothers-uncles-aunts-cousins] and then some. They undergo the same hardships that every other Belizean suffers...hardships that are somewhat neutralized by my assistance and remittances. I own property in Belize...I do business with an Orange Walk bank and credit union. I am directly and indirectly affected by the decisions and policies put into law by the clowns we're voting for. And yet I shouldn't have a say in which clown goes to the circus? If they're sticking it to my people I shouldn't have a say?

Road to CONCACAF Match
The Verdes and the Bandits are playing this Sunday at the Broaster Stadium. It'll be quite the match, and the New Sensation Band will be playing. They'll have a cool half time show too.

Belize's Miss Universe contestant, Sarita Acosta continues to represent Belize wherever she goes. The former 1979 Miss Belize, and the only Belizean to have reached the 7th. spot runner up in the top 10 of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, is a Belizean Ambassador for Belize forever, and her warm smile and personality continues to represent the country of Belize in the Belizean diaspora. Belizean Legends remember the day the Belizean queen made all Belizeans proud at home and abroad, and we are honored to make her the Belizean Legends personality and Legend of the month. Respect Sarita; always you hear!

Channel 7

Penner Gets Stoned With Egg
Disgraced politician Elvin Penner appeared today in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The "CJ" had ordered him to appear for the criminal appeal against him. That's the one where activists turned private prosecutors Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren are trying to overturn his acquittal by Belmopan Magistrate Aretha Ford. The case turned on the decision from Magistrate Ford to refuse an application from the prosecutors' attorney, Kareem Musa, to summon Police Commissioner Allen Whylie. The prosecution wanted the court to order him to disclose the police investigation file into the passport scandal. Today before the Chief Justice, Kareem Musa, the attorney for COLA and Penner's attorney, Tricia Pitts Anderson, made their case for and against the Magistrate's decision .

Lord Ashcroft Appears, Here For The Beer?
And while that was happening at the Supreme Court, just across the swing bridge Michael Ashcroft made a surprise appearance. He showed up unexpectedly at a press conference on the decriminalization of marijuana. But he wasn't there to talk about weed, he was there for the beer! He told me about it:.. Lord Michael Ashcroft "The reason that I landed up in the middle of a press conference here is that I was coming by on a boat and I saw Jeremy Spooner standing there and I called out to him and he suddenly said, "If you come ashore, there's free beer. " Well, that was enough for anybody, wasn't it? And then I found of course that it was in the middle of a conference on the decriminalization of marijuana, so I have nothing to do with the subject at all."

Lord Ashcroft: "Would be very surprised" at Campaign Financing
And while he had no opinion on marijuana, what we wanted to hear was his view on the upcoming municipal election. Dating back to the 90's, Ashcroft has been perhaps the most influential campaign financer in Belize's history. The billionaire has pumped millions into both the PUP and UDP. But now his fight is with the Barrow Administration, and so, we wondered - with just days to go before the election - is he here to weigh in decisively for the PUP - which is starved for campaign cash? He told me, that's not what this trip is about:.. Courtney Weatherburne "In terms of political funds, or funding for campaigning for either party, would you care to comment on that?" Lord Michael Ashcroft (Laughs) "Well over the years and in many countries including the United Kingdom, I've made political contributions and it's fairly well known in Belize that over the years I have helped both parties. Uhm, I don't believe that one party should be dominant in a small country, because when party is dominant, it can lead to excesses in many areas. And I believe there has to be a thriving opposition. So, in cases where perhaps a government has twenty something seats and an opposition has a handful, then I think oppositions at least need something to put their case, ah, to the public."

City Shooting Happened In View of Schoolchildren
There was another shooting in the city this morning. It wasn't fatal but it was very disturbing. That's because it happened in plain sight of a group of Wesley Primary School students who were lined up for a school trip. At 7:20, when they were about to get on the bus, 37 year old Marlon Budran of a Wagner's Lane address was standing on the corner of South Street and Wagner's lane when 2 men on bicycles rode up towards him and opened fire. Budran was shot twice - one of the shots to his head. He was rushed to the KHMH where he is in a stable but critical condition. The commander of Precinct one, Superintendent David Chi today told the media what police know:.. Supt. David Chi, OC - Precinct One "Sometime around 7:30 this morning, today 27th February, police visited the A&E at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they saw one Marlon Budran, 37 years old, of a Belize City address, suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds. Police carried out an investigation to the matter where he reported that he was walking in the neighborhood when he was approached by two other male persons on separate bicycles, who inflicted those wound son him with a firearm. He manages to run away, where he was not injured further."

Pulling Police Teeth To Find Out About Shooting
And while at the press briefing this afternoon, Superintendent Chi also briefed the media on the yesterday's murder on Cedar Street. That's when 29-year-old Herbert BOWDEN was killed in a yard by a gunman. Chi told us what police know. Supt. David Chi, OC - Precinct One "On yesterday's date about in the afternoon hours, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital again, where they saw the body of one Herbert Bodden, 29 years old, resident of Belize City, suffering from numerous gunshots wounds to the body. Investigations reveal that sometime yesterday afternoon whilst in the vicinity of Cedar Street, he was accosted by some male persons where one of them fired shots at him causing his demise." Reporter "In relation to that, any leads as to what could have been the motive behind his murder? And if there is anyone that the police are looking for in connection with this murder?"

Will GOB Legalize It?
Very regularly on the news you hear about people being caught with negligible amounts of marijuana and made to face fines or confinement for it. And it leads us all to wonder, is it time that Belize like other countries decriminalize the possession of small quantities of marijuana? Well the Decriminalization Of Marijuana committee launched its final report today and if it is approved, many will be getting off the hook. We were at the launch today where the committee unveiled the report after almost three years of gestation. Rhea Rogers, Committee Member "Let it not be a criminal offence for anyone to be found in possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana and such individuals should be subject to administrative penalties as referred to in section 2 below." Courtney Weatherburne Reporting This is just one of 11 recommendations that the decriminalization of Marijuana Committee proposed in their report.

SSB Board OF Directors Meets (Finally)
And we also got to ask Doug Singh about his other job, as chairman of the social security board. As we've been reporting, the Board of Directors had been unable to meet because the unions were boycotting meeting after government rejected their board appointee. That's because he is the General Secretary of the Christian Workers Union which represents Social Security Workers. Well, that difference has been put aside, but maybe only for the time being. The board met yesterday and Singh told us how it was done:.. Doug Singh, Chairman - SSB "This is my understanding that they have issue a new letter to the Prime Minister requesting the appointment of Ms. Emily Turner and Mr. Tate and the substantive director and Mr. Floyd Neal as the alternative director. So they have shifted it and they've put a caveat in there that, that will be for as long as the collective bargaining agreement is being negotiated. I would imagine that that means that, after the completion of the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement that, they would expect that they would then change their recommendation and have them be a substantive member. That recommendation still goes against the principle that the board is advocating. The board believes that representation on its board should not be allowed for anyone that represents the union, so whether he is an ultimate capacity or whether he will be after the collective bargaining agreement, it would still be in conflict."

Yolanda “Bex” ‘Darrell’s Missing Hilux
You may recall that grey 2013 Toyota Hilux that Mayor Darrell Bradley started driving in November 2012. It was a sore point for Belize Waste Control at the time because the City was struggling to pay the sanitation company for its services. It owed half a million dollars to the company, but the City Hall found $60,000 to purchase the Hilux for the Office of Mayor, and that earned the mayor the criticism that the he didn't have his priorities in order. Well, now the PUP is saying that the vehicle has been significantly damaged. We heard reports of it on Monday and so, we contacted the mayor for comment via text. He didn't respond, and today, his opponent, Yolanda Schakron reminded the mayor that he hasn't said a thing about it. Yolanda Schakron - PUP Mayoral Candidate, Belize City "Mayor Darrell Bradley, we have heard that your vehicle was totaled, well, it's not your vehicle. It's the vehicle of the Belizean people, because it's us that pays for it, the 2014 truck. Where is it? We can't find it. I heard that one of your councilors totaled it. Come on, this is the people's money. You need to answer questions. Tell us how you spent that 20 million dollars."

Rosado Vs. Sanchez, Resolved
Viewers may remember that back in July of 2014, the founding Directors of the Ariel Rosado Memorial Foundation ended up in litigation and an ugly public fight where one pair was accusing the other pair of financial mismanagement. That's an especially serious allegation since the foundation goes around soliciting funds in the form of donations, and to properly run their social programs, they have to keep the confidence of their donors that the money is being used for the purposes it was given. That's what Bruce Sanchez Sr. and son, Bruce Jr., were accusing Dr. Alvaro Rosado and his wife of doing, and they sought to prove it by disclosing certain cheques which they found questionable. Dr. Rosado, his wife, and other board members held a press conference the next day in which they carefully explained every single money transaction that the Sanchez men were complaining about. But, it has left a taint on the objective behind the formation of the foundation. It was created in memory of the Late Ariel Rosado, a prominent cyclist who was killed in a traffic accident in 2011. Its business is to provide worthy candidates an opportunity to finish their education.

Maud Williams Students Get A Big Break
Maud Williams is not one of the elite schools in Belize City - and that's why it's news tonight that two students have gotten a big break to go on a special trip! Along with three other high school students in the city, they were chosen to represent Belize at the Central America Youth Ambassadors Seminar. They leave for Washington DC this weekend. These students will get to travel to different states and engage in leadership workshops with youth from other Central American countries and America. Today we spoke with two of the recipients who are beaming with excitement. They told us what they expect . They leave for Washington on Sunday. They will be traveling to Idaho and Alabama. They return in 3 weeks on March 22nd.

La Immaculada Sick Out
Students at the La Immaculada RC Primary School showed up for classes today in Orange Walk, but they had to go home because all the school teachers and the administration failed to report to work. Reports are that they are not happy with the local Catholic Management over the reinstatement of a student who was suspended. Our colleagues from CTV 3 News in Orange Walk tried to confirm if that is indeed the reason that the teachers decided to stage a sick out, but neither the principal or the President of BNTU in Orange Walk would address it. Here's what the BNTU Branch President did tell them about the sudden decision not to have classes today: Otillio Munoz, President - BNTU O.W. Branch "I come and make presence here just to find out exactly what's the situation, just to find out that administration/teachers decided not to open the school today. What I can tell you and I will limit myself, is that it is a serious concern, that take them to make that decision not to open the school today. And they have had a meeting with management until Monday and I believe that Monday is too long. When there is a problem, you need to face the problem."

Channel 5

Penner Egged Outside Supreme Court
This morning, former Immigration Minister turned public pariah, Elvin Penner, had eggs, but it wasn’t sunny side up and it wasn’t for breakfast. The former U.D.P. Minister, who was fired [...]

Supreme Court Decision Scheduled for March 13th
Those protesters who gave Elvin Penner such a warm send-off had been gathered outside the Courtroom since before nine that morning. He was in court because COLA contends that when [...]

Mayor Bradley’s Vehicle Involved in RTA
Where is Mayor Darrell Bradley’s taxpayer-funded late model Toyota Hilux? That’s the question everybody’s been asking for a week now, and nobody at the City Hall is saying. Well, tonight [...]

CitCo Crowfooted for $2.5M Debt
And while the loss of his vehicle is surely bad news for the Mayor, there’s much more this week. On Thursday, and today, there were Court Marshalls at City Hall. [...]

BML Attorney Says Enough is Enough
Chebat says that the reason for the crowfooting is that the judgment remains unpaid despite them bending over backwards to reach some sort of arrangement with Mayor Darrell Bradley.   [...]

OW Teachers Stage Sickout
Classes had to be called off today at La Inmaculada School in Orange Walk Town. Students got to school on time but teachers were nowhere to be found. Their sickout [...]

Another Shooting in the City
There have been two murders in the past two days in the City and this morning, those homicides were followed by a shooting near the Wesley Church in the downtown [...]

One Man Detained for Cedar Street Shooting
As we said, two men murdered earlier this week. In the case of twenty-nine year old Herbert Bowden, who was gunned down on Cedar Street, one man is in police [...]

Leon Gomez, Guilty of Manslaughter
Twenty-three-year-old Leon Gomez has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison since April 2010, following the death of Salvador Martinez who was stabbed multiple times during an altercation among [...]

Belmopan Mayoral Candidates Debate
As it relates to political debates, they are far and few, but on Thursday night, Plus TV and the Evangelical Association Belmopan Branch, held a mayoral debate in the capital [...]

Marijuana Committee Releases Findings
Earlier this week, small quantities of marijuana were decriminalized in Jamaica where the use of marijuana is a cultural issue. It took that country fourteen years for its parliament to [...]

Decriminalization Vs Legalization
According to the committee, the decriminalization of the possession of marijuana is not to be confused with the legalization of the drug. Even if it is passed into law, the [...]

On the Campaign Trail in Benque
In the municipal elections countdown, there are only five more days to March fourth. Today, we headed west to Benque Viejo del Carmen where a councilor is aspiring for the [...]

Belize Looks At Convention Against Corruption
Belize has joined several other O.A.S. member states, including Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago in consenting to receive onsite visits as part of the follow-up on the implementation [...]

5th Annual Street Art Festival Kicks Off
The Street Art festival has become a main event of the Institute of Creative Arts to showcase the diversity of the culture of art across the country. On Saturday, February [...]


Early Morning Shooting; Sudden Rise in Crime and Violence?
Another Belize City man was the victim of gun violence this morning. At approximately seven thirty this morning, Belize City Police responded to reports of shots being fired at the corner of South Street and Wagner’s Lane. There they saw, thirty-seven-year-old, Marlon Budran, lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to the head and leg. Superintendent David Chi, spoke to the media on this recent incident. SUPERINTENDENT, DAVID CHI “Sometime around 7:30 am this morning police visited the E&E at the KHMH where they saw one Marlon Budran of a Belize City address suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds. Police carried out an investigation into the matter where he reported that he was walking in the neighborhood when he was approached by two other male persons on separate bicycles who afflicted those wounds on him with a fire arm. He managed to run away where he was not injured further. He received one to the head and one to the right instep.


Ian Adolphus, Jr., 21, ambushed, shot to death
A Freedom Street resident who was blasted moments after he had stepped outside his yard at about 9:30 a.m. yesterday, Wednesday, died early this morning while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to police, Ian Adolphus, Jr., 21, also known as “Uno”, was walking near his home on Freedom Street in the Port Loyola area, and upon reaching its intersection with Justice Street, he came under fire from a dark-complexioned gunman on a bicycle who ambushed and then shot him in the arm and chest in broad daylight. Adolphus – who suffered gunshot injuries to the right elbow, right shoulder, and left side of the chest – had been clinging to life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the KHMH until he succumbed to his injuries 19 hours later, at 4:35 a.m. today.

Frustrated gunman kills innocent man
Herbert “Herby” Bodden, 29, of Tubruce Street in Lake I, a well-known car cutter, who goes around with his bicycle cart looking for old vehicles, which he cuts and chops up into portions with an axe and a machete, before selling the pieces of metal to recyclers, died after being shot multiple times in the chest and upper body at about 1:30 this afternoon in Kevin’s Vehicle Scrap Yard on Cedar Street. Reports to Amandala by a witness who was at the yard are that a man known as “Alex” came to the yard and sat on a car, and shortly after, got up and went to talk to another man. A lone gunman then went into the yard and began to fire at Alex, but Alex saw him first and managed to run away from the gunman.

PUP challenge Josephine Tamai
Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman told Amandala that she has grave concerns over a decision by the Elections and Boundaries Department to conduct simultaneous counting of ballot boxes in Belize City for next week’s municipal elections, because it could lead to chaos and mistakes, especially in the Lake I electoral division – the largest in the City – where there will be as many as 12 boxes to count on election night. Yesterday, PUP Secretary General, Myrtle Palacio, wrote Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, a three-page letter dated Wednesday, February 25, setting out concerns raised by Shoman after a meeting this Monday with Belize City Returning Officer Hugo Miranda. In that letter, the Opposition also said that it is disappointed that the decision was made to move the ballot counting from the ITVET compound in Belize City to 10 different counting stations across the City, each to be supervised by a designated election clerk.

5 years for BDF corporal and wife
A Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldier and his wife, who were both busted with an unlicensed handgun and a number of unlicensed ammunition, received a 5-year sentence after facing trial for the offenses in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Monday. The incident occurred in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, on December 22, 2011, when Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) and Special Branch officers conducted a search at the home of Gerald August, 34, a BDF corporal, originally of Billy White, Cayo District. Police said that while searching the house, they found a black Pietro Berretta pistol, with the serial number grounded off, inside a box with clothes.

Measles outbreak in US sparks local advisory
On Wednesday, February 25, the Belize Ministry of Health issued a measles advisory, indicating that it had been informed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of an outbreak of measles at the Disneyland Resort in California, USA, with additional cases being reported in Canada and one case related to the Disneyland outbreak being reported in Mexico. Most Belizeans don’t know what measles is; that is because it has reportedly been eliminated from Belize since 1991, according to Health officials here. WHO explains that, “Measles starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat. It’s followed by a rash that spreads over the body. [The] Measles virus is highly contagious and spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing.”

Marijuana decriminalization paper goes to Cabinet
The long-awaited final report from the Marijuana Decriminalization Committee will be released tomorrow, Friday, at Spoonaz Café on North Front Street in Belize City. Amandala has been reliably informed that a copy of the paper, which proposes to remove sanctions from the private and personal use of marijuana, has been sent off to National Security Minister John Saldivar, for presentation to Cabinet and hopefully by the time Cabinet meets to deliberate on the matter, it would have already had a gauge of public reaction to the recommendations. The Committee’s proposals maintain the view that marijuana possession of 10 grams or less (that’s about a third of a pound), enough to fit in the cup of one’s hand, should be decriminalized. This does not mean that a person will not face any consequences at all if found in possession of 10 grams in public; rather, such possession in public spaces would attract a fine; and smoking in public would, if the recommendations hold, still attract criminal sanctions.

Anthony “Ladies” Flores predicts win in Holy Saturday half marathon
Veteran runner Anthony “Ladies” Flores predicts he will win the upcoming half marathon which will be held on Holy Saturday. Flores told Amandala that he will leave for Dangriga, where he will work out on the soft, sandy beach, and will run 10 miles twice per day to build his endurance and stamina, on which he will depend to win the 13.1-mile race on a hard surface. Flores said that he is expecting tough competition from the “upstart” Mark Godoy, Sr., who is also a veteran runner, but he is confident that he will defeat him. According to Flores, the race will be held on Holy Saturday after the Cross Country Cycling Classic event has been concluded. The half marathon will commence from BTL Park, into Princess Margaret Drive, onto Central American Boulevard, right into Cemetery Road, then onto the George Price Highway up to Mile 6, after which the runners will turn around and return back along the same route toward the finish line at BTL Park.

Athletics past and present – Fernando Galvez
Born Fernando Galvez, but better known to most everyone as “Journey,” this carefree and energetic individual played a big part in long distance running in Belize throughout the years of his running career, a career that spans over quarter of a century. One day he told me, as I sat with him and interviewed him for this article, that running started from his good friend Louis Haulze, whom he saw come in from just running a race. He said to himself, “I could beat him;” so he started to train, till eventually he and Haulze started to run together, and he said he helped to train Haulze as well. In 1987, he ran his first race, which was a 10k run. Haulze beat him; Joseph Carr was second; and he came in third place. The love of running got stronger, so he kept at it, although the majority of his races were 10k (6.2miles). He also did the half-marathon (13.1 miles). His first was the prestigious Annual Holy Saturday Race against legendary names like Polin Belisle, Joseph Carr, just to name a few. That race was won by Polin. An American Peace Corps, Paul Hamilton from New York, came in ahead of him, as he came in fourth.

BelCare means business
Appearing on Krem WUB this morning were the Chairman/founder of BelCare Football Youth Academy, New Jersey based Belizean Michael Lindo, and the organization’s President, Dean Flowers, a former Belize national team player, presently residing in Belize. After making a huge “splash” in San Ignacio and Dangriga over the weekend, where hundreds of footballs and other football gear were distributed at BelCare Grassroots Football Festivals in conjunction with Adventures FC of San Ignacio and Umadagu FC of Dangriga, the gentlemen felt it worthwhile to give Belizeans across the country a better idea of what BelCare is all about, and the role they can play to help the organization succeed in its mission for Belize. As noted in the President’s address in San Ignacio, BelCare Football Youth Academy, a non-profit organization which was incorporated on April 29, 2014, “is the brain child of our Chairman, Mr. Michael N. Lindo,” whose “pragmatic expertise and management skills” were vitally instrumental in the birthing of the organization and its successful launching in Belize.

Southern Regional Cycling Association monthly race
Dangriga Boys & Girls U-13 football: The Dangriga Boys and Girls Football Club U-13 Tournament, sponsored by Dangriga Cancer Centre, will continue this Sunday, March 1, at Ecumenical football field with 4 games. GAME 1 at 1:00 p.m. – Silk Grass vs Hopkins Esanigu; GAME 2 – Pomona vs Survivors; GAME 3 – Wagiya vs Umadagu; and GAME 4 – Montise vs Wagierale. Cycling – Mr. T. Birthday Classic The Southern Regional Cycling Association will be hosting its second cycle race for this year 2015 this Sunday, March 1, which will be the Mr. T, 8th Annual Birthday Classic. This race will start (and finish) from in front of the Ilagulei building on George Price Drive at 10:00 a.m. and head all the way to Hopkins junction on the Southern Highway and back. It is an Open race for amateur riders from across the country of Belize who wishes to take part. First place will receive $300.00; second, $200.00; and third, $100.00. Cash station prizes will be provided going and coming throughout this race. Registration per rider is only $10.00. For more information, amateur riders from across the country of Belize can contact Moses Lopez at 625-4022, or Mr. T at 662-3310.

Garden City rumble
With the relatively late entry of engineer Wilfredo Guerrero as a mayoral candidate, Belmopan, Belize’s capital city, suddenly had a sensational total of five mayoral candidates nominated for next week Wednesday’s municipal elections. Originally, there had been the ruling United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Khalid Belisle; the Opposition People’s United Party’s (PUP) Jose Chacon; and Hubert Enriquez of Vision Inspired by the People (VIP). Then the well-known Christian advocate, Richard Albert Smith, had thrown his hat into the mayoral ring. Finally, there came old Wilfredo. We are intrigued by the independent candidates, Smith and Guerrero. They have no chance of winning, because they do not have any political machines to get out their voters. Even if they had such machines, their number of pledged voters would, from the get go, be way fewer than those pledged to the UDP, the PUP, and the VIP, respectively. We’re talking real politics here, election day politics. Cayo is the District which has been targeted by evangelical Christian churches for decades. It may be that Toledo takes second place in this regard. Stann Creek is protected, so to speak, by its Garifuna spirituality, in partnership with Roman Catholicism, while Corozal and Orange Walk are firmly Roman Catholic. The Belize District, dominated by Belize City, the population center, is the most heathen of Belize’s six Districts. Belize City, incidentally, was founded by pirates: they worshipped the bottle.

PUP’s Palacio protests to EBD’s Tamai
Dear Ms. Tarnai, At the meeting held by your Department on February 3rd, 2015 with political parties and independent candidates and other stakeholders for the Municipal Elections on March 4,2015, you provided us with your personal assurance that there would be consultation with us and timely follow-through on issues of concern which were expressed at the meeting, particularly in respect of the following matters: a) the prompt settling by the Department of those Polling Stations not yet agreed upon and in particular the Customs compound; b) the final location of all Counting Stations, c) and how many individual ballot boxes would be counted simultaneously. I am disappointed that in fact, such consultation did thereafter not take place and that the final list of Polling Stations and Counting Stations was published in newspapers in Belize last weekend, without consulting us at all.

Belize’s highest hope is in agriculture, not oil: Moody’s Investor Service
Belize’s oil revenues continue to fall, even as we move into 2015 and according to the latest economic report issued by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), there were no crude exports in January 2015, contrasting with BZ$13.1 million in exports the same time last year. All in all, oil revenues paid to the Government of Belize have also been on a sharp decline. Oil revenues made up almost 1 in every 10 dollars the government received in 2010; today, it makes us less than 2 out of every 100 bucks paid into its coffers. And the situation where oil revenues are concerned is not forecast to improve unless Belize declares a new commercial discovery. This slump in oil production is countered by strong performances in tourism and agriculture and if things continue to look up on those two fronts, it could allay fears that bondholders who had subscribed to the restructured bond offering which Belize made in 2013 could face substantial risks.

FIU case against Bahamians fizzles with no-case submission
This morning, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer ruled to uphold a no-case-to-answer submission made by attorney Godfrey Smith, S.C. in the Financial Intelligence Unit’s (FIU) case of “failure to declare funds” against two Bahamian nationals Rhon Knowles and Kelvin Leach, securities brokers who worked in the offshore banking sector in Belize and who are also the subjects of a United States extradition request to the Government of Belize. Frazer’s ruling brought an abrupt end to the FIU case against the two men who she said “are freed from the charge.” In September 2014, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) presided over an operation to dismantle some offshore banking entities in Belize: IPC Management Services, LLC; IPC Corporate Services Inc.; IPC Corporate Services LLC; Titan International Securities, Inc.; Legacy Global Markets S.A.; and Unicorn International Securities LLC. The companies operated out of the Matalon Building on Coney Drive, and the operations against them and their directors began after they were named in a United States federal indictment which was unsealed in Brooklyn, New York, alleging “conspiracy to commit securities fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering that has deprived the US Government of $500 million.”

Belize and Caribbean can help restore stability to Venezuela: Ambassador
Last year, 43 people died in Venezuela’s protracted unrest and today, the society is still being impacted by political turmoil, which His Excellency Yoel Pérez Marcano, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Belize, says is linked to a planned coup d’etat which was expected to take place on February 12. Pérez Marcano says that there is still a plan to overthrow the current administration – a plan allegedly orchestrated by a small group of officers of the Bolivarian Force area and sectors of the civil opposition, among others. While Venezuela has alleged that the US is involved in the coup attempt, Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US Department of State, issued a statement last Thursday, February 19, 2015, from Washington, DC, which said that, “The allegations made by the Venezuelan government that the United States is involved in coup plotting and destabilization are baseless and false.” Psaki’s statement added that, “The United States does not support political transitions by non-constitutional means. Consistent with the principles enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the United States reaffirms the region’s commitment that changes in governments must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful and in accordance with the rule of law.”

Gunman kills toddler sleeping in bed
Charlie Daniel Espat, 2, of San Pedrito, San Pedro, died after being wounded by bullets while lying in bed with his parents at about 1:30 Tuesday morning when gunmen entered the yard of his parents’ home and let loose a barrage of shots at the apartment in which they lived. The bullets penetrated the wooden door and walls of the apartment and a bullet hit the toddler in the head. His mother, Aleyda Sandoval, 33, was injured in the elbow while trying to protect her baby, who died immediately. The gunmen fired about 8 to 10 shots at the house, but their apparent target, Rolando Espat, Sr., was unhurt. Sandoval is in a critical but stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH); doctors at the KHMH have said that a slug traveled from her left elbow to the area between her shoulder and her back. Charlie Daniel Espat, on the other hand, was declared dead on arrival at the polyclinic on the island, due to a gunshot wound in the head.

The Reporter

Taiwan’s Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation gives Pallotti High- 100 recorders
The 175 music students at Pallotti High School got a major boost to their music studies through the gift of 100 soprano recorders, a $4,000 value, from the cancer-fighting non-governmental organization, the Chou, Ta-Kuan Foundation (CTKF) of the Republic of China (R.O.C.) on Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Benjamin […]

Exotic caye resort burns in massive fire
Half a million dollars went up in flames, as a fire burned a great portion of the Exotic Caye Resort in San Pedro Town. The 20-year-old resort, located on Coconut Drive, caught fire around 2:00 a.m. According to the business owner, he received a call at 3:30 in the morning […]

Mandamus application fails! Flawed procedure causes abrupt dismissal
A procedural mistake made in the filing of an Order of Mandamus by Counsel, Audrey Matura-Shepherd on behalf of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has caused the motion to fail in the Supreme Court. The petition asked the Supreme Court to direct the Sugar Industry Control Board to intervene […]

Stevedores protest over ‘shilling’ water at PBL
Relations between Port of Belize Limited and some stevedores is still rocky after workers refused to unload a sugar barge at 6:00 am on Monday, Feburary 23rd. The team, comprising of 34 workers, refused to board the boat to unload the barge anchored seven miles out because they claimed the […]

Man shot near Wesley Church during busy morning hour
There was a shooting on South Street in Belize City on Friday. Six shots were fired and one man was injured. The incident happened at around 7:30 a.m., when students were alighting buses at Wesley Church. We’ll have more details as they become available.

Second fatal accident near Jaguar Paw road in a week
A 58-year-old man died as result of an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck carrying containers that ran straight into him on Monday morning near the Jaguar Paw road junction, making it the second accident in this area in one week. Pablo Martinez was walking […]

Super HIV strain discovered in Cuba
Scientist have discovered a new strain of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Cuba, which is twice as aggressive as the regular strain. Researchers published a report in the medical journal, EbioMedicine this month, explaining that the new strain, which progresses to full-blown Acquired Immune […]

NO Leads in Artifact Heist in San Pedro
San Pedro Police have no leads in what has been reported as the robbery of valuable artifacts from the San Pedro House of Culture. According to manager of the establishment, Guillermo Paz, it happened sometime over the weekend. The robbery was discovered on Sunday. Police say that an unidentified person […]

Mexico’s new development initiative includes Belize. Trade Agreement, an important step-up !
At a working breakfast on Wednesday, February 25th, Mexico’s new Ambassador to Belize, His Excellency Carlos Quesnel Melendez met with members of the media to tell them about Mexico’s new initiative to establish closer ties of friendship and collaboration with Belize. Ambassador Quesnel Melendez heads a new team of dedicated […]

MOH issues cautionary advisory of measles
The Ministry of Health this week issued an advisory to all Belizeans to familiarize themselves with the symptoms of and to report any suspected cases of measles, following reports of an outbreak in parts of North America and Mexico. According to the MOH, they […]

Cost saving report reveals excessive GOB spending
There is too much wastage in government spending and public money can be spent more efficiently by limiting unnecessary spending in several areas, reveals a Report on Proposed Cost Saving Strategies. The report, prepared by the Committee to Evaluate and Advise on Cost Saving […]

FFB introduces Team Belize for World Cup 2018 qualifiers
The Football Federation of Belize, FFB, at a press conference at its headquarters in Belmopan on Thursday, February 26, introduced Belize’s National “A” Team: the Jaguars, who will represent the Jewel in the first round of the FIFA 2018 World Cup qualifiers. The Jaguars’ […]

No one really believes that the air traffic controllers who were scheduled to turn up for work last Saturday had suddenly become disabled by illness. Some of these disabled officers were seen the night before in apparent good health, and they showed up for work on Sunday with no apparent […]

Toddler dies – father lives! Two-year-old boy takes a shot meant for father and dies
A two-year-old boy was killed as he slept in his bed, while his mother survived an injury, during a predawn shooting on Tuesday, February 23rd in San Pedro Town. Residents say a drug feud caused the shooting. The toddler, Daniel Espat, was sleeping between […]

BGYEA/GOB dispute settled via mediation
The Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) and the Government of Belize have resolved the dispute over planting corn in the buffer zone of the mile 41 community known as Harmonyville. BGYEA President, Nigel Petillo, told The Reporter this week that in the resolution the […]

Free tablets stir controversy; some choose to depreciate gift
The Ministry of Education, this week, commenced distribution of tablets for all tertiary level students as promised by Prime Minister, Dean Barrow in his New Year’s address. It created a buzz on social media after it was reported that some students were selling their […]

Marijuana committee recommends decriminalizing up to 10 grams
The Committee on the Decriminalizing of Marijuana has recommended to the government that no penalties be brought against anyone found with up to 10 grams of marijuana. The Committee presented their findings during a press briefing Friday morning and explained their analysis of the matter over the last two years. Dough Singh, Committee chairman said their recommendations have been submitted to Cabinet for review but said there is still more room for further analysis. Singh noted the move by Jamaica this week to decriminalize up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use and said that decision may have been based on the legal limit for what is considered possession. He added that while Belize has similar legislations their recommendation was made after consultation with various institutions and stakeholders.

Police say shooting incidents unrelated
Police say Belize City residents have no need to panic as the recent spike in gun violence this week are all unrelated and isolated incidents. According to Superintendent David Chi, officer in charge of Precinct 1, police have no reason to believe that the Friday morning shooting of Marlon Budran and the Thursday evening murder of Herbert Bowden are in any way connected. Chi confirmed that around 7:30 Friday morning, Budran, 37, was shot twice, once to the head and once to the right instep as he was walking near the corner of East Collet Canal and Wagner’s Lane. According to Chi, Budran told them two men rode up on bicycles and one of them pulled out a gun and shot him. Budran was able to run away and escape and is listed in a critical but stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Chi said the investigation is in its early stage and no one has been detained as yet but police are seeking a few suspects in connection with the shooting.

Penner egged by protesters while leaving appeal hearing
Former Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, Elvin Penner was egged by protesters as he left an appeal hearing at the Supreme Court on Friday morning. As Penner exited the court, a group people who stood among the People’s United Party supporters who were protesting the scandal surrounding his case, and who held anti-Penner signs and chanted “Jail Penner now,” hurled eggs at him. Penner was rushed to a waiting vehicle as the crowd of supporters swarmed the car while it drove away. Penner had appeared at the Supreme Court before Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin as the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) made a submission to appeal its private prosecution against Penner, which was dismissed last July.

The Belize Times

Darrel Dodges!! – Another Stinking Cover Up
UDP Mayor Darrell Bradley is doing everything possible to avoid the media and hide another major scandal. Even the UDP’s grand event scripted by Doug Singh for Bradley to unveil their recycled ideas in a Manifesto which was slated for this week was suddenly cancelled so that the Mayor won’t have to face reporters. What is he running away from? Why is he dodging the media? We know there are a lot of many questions for which he has yet to give answers to but this time it has nothing with the questionable spending of millions of dollars over the last three years. Over the weekend, the Mayor’s Toyota Hilux pickup truck, which the Council bought for him in 2012, went missing! It didn’t disappear like the luxury Government vehicles that have been vanishing into thin air in Belmopan, however. In this case, the last person seen in the vehicle was a very unpopular Belize City Councillor, who the Mayor calls “partner” at times. Information to the BELIZE TIMES is that the Councillor crashed the vehicle somewhere in the river valley area of the Belize District.

UDP Mayoral Candidate hired by GOB as Minister’s Aide
Khalid Belisle, the scrawny UDP Mayoral Candidate for Belmopan is under tremendous pressure for extremely close relationship with Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar. The BELIZE TIMES has exposed that Belisle and Saldivar masterminded a get-rich scheme through a company called “Mytheon Solutions”. The company which was started by Belisle and Saldivar, but is now owned by Saldivar’s wife, Darlene Saldivar, collected over two million dollars from the Ministry of National Security for purchases of phone credit through the company. Saldivar is the Minister of National Security. Belisle and Saldivar gave birth to Mytheon Solutions in 2009. By June 2010, Belisle released ownership of the company to Saldivar and then in late 2010, the company was transferred to the third wheel in the special relationship.

2 yr. old killed in hail of bullets
The San Pedro Town community continues in deep shock following the senseless killing of 2 year old Charlie Daniel “Danny” Espat, who was at home sleeping when bullets ripped through his home, fatally injuring him. The innocent child was fast asleep with his parents, Aleyda Sandoval and Rolando “Roli” Espat, when their home came under attack about 1:45 on Tuesday morning. Neighbors say they heard up to ten gunshots. The shots tore through the wooden walls of the house causing fear, panic and death. The toddler’s father told the media that when he heard the gunshots, he tried his best to protect his family. “I was asleep when I heard the gunshots. The first thing I did was to try and cover my kid because he was in the middle and my wife was in the corner of the bed. I tried covering both of them with my body. I threw myself over them but everything happened so fast. I heard several shots, perhaps 10. When the shots stopped I asked, is everybody ok, and she said the baby is not moving,” Espat said.

Barrow’s Half Million Dollar Scandal
It is not the first time that Prime Minister Dean Barrow is facing serious allegations of abuse of public funds, and considering his history in Government, it won’t be the last. But this time, the allegations that are swirling him hit a nerve so bad that he even put the credibility of his Financial Secretary Joseph Waight on the line. Last week, PLUS TV leaked a document entitled “Report on Proposed Cost-Saving Strategy for the Government of Belize”. The study was commissioned by the Prime Minister in 2013 to appease Union leaders who at the time were agitating for a salary adjustment. The study was completed but never revealed to the public and now we know why. One section dealt the Government spending or massage of the media and the revelation is an eye-opener. The document showed a table indicating the “Break-down of GOB’s Advertisement Costs for the Year 2013” and it listed “Wave” as having collected $568,453 of the total $887,486 spent on Radio Stations.

The sudden shut down of the Phillip Goldson International Airport raises a host of serious questions. Not the least of those questions is the manifest mismanagement and lack of preparedness for crises and unexpected eventualities. An issue is also raised in relation to the private versus public ownership of such an important facility, especially in the age of security and terrorism concerns. Citizens of the United States of America and citizens of Europe are the principal targets of terrorists seeking their twisted notions of revenge. As America increasingly bombs targets in the Middle East, Africa and other geographical locations where ISIS, Al Qaeda, and their so-called affiliates; so too will the counter attack increase against America and European human targets. The Phillip Goldson International Airport should never have been sold. But having been sold, a change of government should have reversed the situation. We have seen what are some of the consequences. Worst is yet to come.

A Convergence of Circumstances
The incompetence of this current administration became glaring manifest this past Saturday when the skies of Belize were turned into a virtual deathtrap. Scheduled flights had to be cancelled, turned back or diverted to airports in Guatemala and Honduras, seemingly with no one in authority having a clue as to what was going on and commuters having nowhere to turn for an explanation. It was later learned that Air Traffic Controllers who were supposed to work that day had all developed a mysterious illness. Industrial Relations Officer for the Public Service Ray Davis would later term it as an “unhappy convergence of circumstances.” According to Davis, “They were sick. End of story – Punto finale. That’s it.” That was not it however, and it is still not “it”! The air traffic controllers are not happy and if everyone continues to pretend as if there is no problem and business resumes as usual, eventually there will be hell to pay. If the existing grievances are not addressed, then the chance of the same thing happening again will be extremely high. Belize got lucky this time; very lucky but this is not the type of gamble that we want to take or can afford to take even once; much less to risk it again in the future.

Dean and Darrell are two of a kind but they dislike each other intensely. On Nomination Day, the ailing Dean, propped up on some kind of steroids made a brave appearance with loyal supporters as the UDP City Council candidates signed up election documents. Posing for photographers for the media, Dean made every effort to avoid Darrell. Darrell stayed his distance at the left hand, four persons away from Dean who took pictures with the City Council team but kept a distance from Darrell. With a magnet, opposites attract while likes repel. Dean and Darrell are likes. They are two of the same kind. It appears that Darrell has lost all respect for his Prime Minister. He is of the view that Dean has provided poor leadership to the party and to the government. The corruption scandals that continue to swirl around the government are blamed on Dean; who for unexplained reasons has talked the talk but failed to walk the walk in stamping out corruption. There have been no measures put in place to stem the tide of incompetence that have been the hallmark of Dean’s term in office.

SJC & Gwen Liz boys win softball games
The Gwen Lizarraga High School boys walloped the Anglican Cathedral College boys 25-4 on Tuesday night, February 24. ACC was without their usual starting pitcher Keyvon Evans, and Gwen Liz boys scored 13 runs in the 1st inning; as ACC’s pitcher Jose George walked 1 batter and gave up 16 hits, while the ACC diamond made 4 errors. Gwen Liz’s Keron Tillett, Devontae Middleton, pitcher Raheem Trumbach, and Clinton Dawson scored 4 runs apiece, while Blake Gentle, and Jovan Usher scored 3 runs apiece, and Keanau Lewis scored 2 runs. Dwayne Balthazar and Raheem Brooks scored one run each, even though the Gwen Liz boys left 3 runners on base.

Ignacio Prado wins Digicell Valentine mini-tour
Benny’s Megabytes Mexican import Ignacio Prado took top honors in the Digicell 4G Valentine’s Cycling Classic, a 3-day mini-tour in Belize City and on the George Price Highway over the weekend. Prado led the tour after the first 2 stages, a prologue on Saturday morning, and a 37.5 mile criterium of 30-laps over a circuit course on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City on Saturday afternoon. C-Ray Road Addikz’ Brandon Cattouse was 2nd, Digicell 4G’s Joel Borland, who represented Belize at last year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, was 3rd; and Team Santino’s Marlon Castillo was 4th. Team Western Spirits’ Oscar Quiros was 5th. In Stage 3, a 90 mile ride from San Ignacio Hotel to the Western border and back to the City, Benny’s Megabytes’ Byron Pope was 1st in 3:54:27. 2nd was Castillo of Team Santino’s and 3rd was Ignacio Prado.

Independence High wins football nationals
The Independence High School boys won the high school football championships hosted by St. Ignatius High School at the Norman Broaster Stadium over the weekend. The Independence high boys drilled the Western Zone champs St. Ignatius’ boys 2-0 with goals by Jonathan Bejerano in the 5th minute of play and by Gabriel Ramos Jr. in the 58th minute. In the consolation game for 3rd place, the Isla Bonita boys won 2-1 against Gwen Liz. San Pedro’s Edley Godoy scored the 1st goal in the 22nd minute, but Clinton Dawson equalized for Gwen Liz in the 52nd minute. San Pedro’s team captain Jose Chimal scored the 2nd winning goal in injury time.

GOB neglects San Jose Village!!!
On a daily basis, representatives of the Barrow Administration can be heard boasting on the media about the millions which the Government is spending in the country. Prime Minister Dean Barrow himself travelled to Cayo North East last year to tell the people that if they vote UDP, he will spend millions and millions in their community. But all this talk of millions has apparently evaded or overlooked the entire Toledo District. On Wednesday, February 25th, three leaders from San Jose Village in the Toledo District and their area representative Hon. Oscar Requena travelled to Belize City on a media blitz to expose the serious neglect of basic and important amenities in their community. Mr. Virginio Sub, the Chairman of San Jose Village; Mr. Francisco Bol, the community’s Alcalde, and Mr. Justino Pec, the Chairman of the Quality Child Friendly Initiative; visited the BELIZE TIMES and the Morning Whip on Vibes Radio to discuss the concerns of their fellow community residents.

“My Story” exhibit debuts at Image Factory
It’s not much of a secret, at least in Belize, that when it comes to anything related to the so-called LGBT community, there’s nothing but scorn, mistrust and at times full-out hatred from non-LGBT citizens, especially since it is considered out-and-out “wrong” by those opposed to such a lifestyle. So you would think an exhibit, comprised mostly of images and stories speaking out about the LGBT community from within, wouldn’t receive so much as an ounce of support from anyone in the country, right? That wasn’t the case for the exhibit “My Story”, launched on Friday, February 6th, at the Image Factory Gallery on North Front Street in Belize City, to ostensibly kick off the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the “hub” of modern Belizean art and culture. But no exhibit in modern memory could possibly prepare you for an exhibit that somehow defies immediate classification.

Recipe for disaster – This happens when the UDP hires a Chef to build your street!
There appears to be a key ingredient lacking in the million dollar infrastructure work funded by taxpayers’ money in the City of Belmopan. This most important ingredient is common sense. The BELIZE TIMES has been informed that the Ministry of Works awarded contracts to construct streets to a former Chef, who “pulled strings” with his friends high up in the UDP. This has turned out to be a recipe for disaster. Just months after finishing the paving of the streets, the costly result of this absurdity is beginning to show. The streets have been cracking up and falling apart.

People’s Power defeats UDP cronyism – Illegal structure removed from Belmopan “Green Space”…but CitCo “compensation” paid as secret
With their backs against the wall, the UDP Belmopan City Council was forced to overturn a decision that had allowed a known supporter of the ruling party to build a structure inside a “green space” area in the city, causing uproar among community residents. Green spaces are areas where no form of construction should take place, but a few weeks ago a structure meant for a commercial business began appearing on parcel #1127 which is inside a protected zone between the National Assembly and the market area. The people voiced their concerns loudly and turned to Senator Patrick Andrews who vigorously opposed what was taking place, and announced that he was prepared to take the issue to Court to protect Belmopan’s laws.

It pains my heart to advert my mind to this topic and to once again write about Hon. Wilfred Peter Elrington, better known here in Belize by his nickname “Sedi.” The thing is that Sedi is once more seeming to exceed himself in his missteps and completely outrageous utterances. If all the controversy surrounding him were not so serious, it would be laughable. However, he is the Attorney General of the country, the premier legal advisor to the government, who actually sits in Cabinet. The Solicitor General is government’s main law officer, but she is an employee of the “Crown,” meaning that she is a civil or public servant. He is a critical part of the political directorate. At the ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court this year, grave concerns were raised by Bar Association President Eamon Courtenay. He said that at its last sitting, the Court of Appeal had not concluded even one criminal appeal, a terrible situation indeed, since so many cases are pending and so many persons are in prison awaiting decisions. In replying to this concern, the Attorney General, with a straight face, announced to the Chief Justice and to all gathered in the Court that this issue is “above my personal pay grade.” (!!!!) The American Ambassador, a judge or former judge himself, maintained a steely poker face. However, the British High Commissioner could not contain himself. He visibly reacted by shifting his whole body to one side, while a huge smile, no doubt of derision, burst across his face.

Tourism designed only for a few
Dear Editor, Tourism in Belize has become a leading and very important industry for the country over the last 15 years. This reality was made possible due to the arrivals of cruise ships to the harbor of Belize City. Today many people are now employed in this particular sector of the industry. Even though most of the business is confined within the walls of the Fort Street Tourism Village many small businesses have evolved just outside the gates of the village. These services include food and craft vendors, horse and buggy, snorkeling tours, taxi and tour guide/operators. This area outside the tourism village is now referred to as the Fort Street Tourism Zone (FSTZ). At its inception this area would generate huge income for these service providers as the country was a fresh and new destination for the cruise lines. Business on the outside was good but it was done in a chaotic and haphazard way. It was only right that the Belize Tourism Board along that the stakeholders came together to try and solve this problem – one that was giving a black eye to the country as a destination in the Western Caribbean. Over the years, many attempts have been made to try and fix this issue; especially in regards to the crowd of tour guides and taxi personnel who would solicit for jobs in front of the gates. Many “turns” systems were put in place to give people a chance to make a day’s pay. There were a lot of illegal activities as well.

Time for a Change!!
Dear Editor, Across the nation, concerned citizens are asking how longer the Belizean people will allow the UDP government and UDP Belize City Council to get away with incompetence, wrongdoing, and corruption. How longer will they sweep such things under the carpet with big lies? After a thorough investigation following the shocking cold-blooded murder of Tourism Police Office Danny Conorque at the Caracol Maya site, Officer in Charge of the Cayo District ASP Dinsdale Thompson told the nation that Conorque was murdered by Guatemalan poachers, who were upset that their horses had been confiscated in the area the previous days by Belizean authorities. Shortly after the good officer spoke the truth publicly, in order to hide their incompetence in protecting our border, government forced him to retract his statement. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington then told the nation that the administration had no idea who murdered Mr. Conorque.

PUP objects to Elections and Boundaries’ proposed counting process
Dear Ms. Tamai, At the meeting held by your Department on February 3rd, 2015 with political parties and independent candidates and other stakeholders for the Municipal Elections on March 4, 2015, you provided us with your personal assurance that there would be consultation with us and timely follow-through on issues of concern which were expressed at the meeting, particularly in respect of the following matters: a) the prompt settling by the Department of those Polling Stations not yet agreed upon and in particular the Customs compound; b) the final location of all Counting Stations; c) and how many individual ballot boxes would be counted simultaneously. I am disappointed that in fact, such consultation did thereafter not take place and that the final list of Polling Stations and Counting Stations was published in newspapers in Belize last weekend, without consulting us at all.

Patrick JonesPJ

Penner egged by opponents at conclusion of appeal case
Police are said to have detained but later released at least one person after missiles were thrown at Cayo North East area representative Elvin Penner as he was hounded by a group of protesters while he was leaving court this morning just after 10:30. The former Minister of State for Immigration and Nationality was at the Supreme Court for a hearing on the inferior court appeal relating to his private prosecution for immigration-related offenses in the saga of South Korean businessman Won Hong Kim. The attempt at a private prosecution of Penner was started by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA president Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren exactly one year ago today.

Decision pending in COLA’s inferior court appeal
At least one person has been detained by police in Belize City after missiles were thrown at Cayo North-East area representative Elvin Penner after leaving court this morning. Penner was at the Supreme Court for a hearing on the inferior court appeal relating to the private prosecution of Penner which was started by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA.


Making a difference - contributed by Tawni Riepe: Wildtracks blog
As my month of volunteering at Wildtracks comes to an end I cannot help but think about when I will be back here again. From the animals at Wildtracks, the wildlife, people, culture, volunteers and Paul and Zoe, I could not have asked for a better place to expand my knowledge about not only animals, but about different cultures too. Before coming to Wildtracks, I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience with a concentration on ecology and organismal. During school I worked in a parasitology laboratory and volunteered for the Department of Natural Resources working with Sturgeon (a North American temperate water fish). After college I did an internship at a wildlife rescue in Virginia, USA followed by an apprenticeship at a wildlife rescue in Texas, USA. At all of my experiences I have gained a lot of knowledge in a variety of animals but never had the chance to work with marine animals. Coming to Wildtracks my expectations were average, I assumed I would learn the basic husbandry, including feeding, cleaning and exercise for the manatees and primates, but little did I know I was going to receive so much more. When I first arrived, everyone was in the main house getting ready for dinner and were very welcoming, even after a long days work. On the first full work day I started by swimming with the manatees - Rhamases, Khaleesi, Mitch, and Lucky - to help them get exercise and to stand in as a mother manatee. In the wild the calf would be swimming next to it's mother while they are still nursing, the first two years of it's life! My first swim was with Khaleesi who is a year and a half and is such a beautiful manatee. Our first connection was made when we were swimming together that afternoon, after a few shy moments of her not wanting to follow me around her large pool, she came up to me, brushed her tail across my back and swam to the front of me where she looked looked deep into my eyes and from then on she knew I could be trusted.

International Sourcesizz

President of Belizean Court of Appeal Visits CCJ Headquarters
The Caribbean Court of Justice announced Friday that the president of the Court of Appeal of Belize, Manuel Sosa, visited the CCJ headquarters to see the working process of the regional body. The CCJ detailed in a statement that Sosa traveled to Port-of-Spain this week to participate in discussions with the court’s members, including presiding judge Dennis Byron. Sosa also met with Trinidad and Tobago’s chief justice, Ivor Archie, and made a presentation to law students at the University of West Indies. The Trinidad-based CCJ is the sole arbiter of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, which established the Caribbean Community in 1973, and has exclusive jurisdiction over matters arising from violations of CARICOM statutes.

Caricom Talks End Without Consensus On Candidacy Posts
REGIONAL talks ended today with no consensus on candidacy for posts in the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Organisation of the American States (OAS). #Prime Minister Perry Christie, chairman of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), said member states have not decided whether to put forward a single candidate or present candidates as they are nominated by individual nations. #However, Mr Christie emphasised that the two-day inter-sessional summit marked considerable progress on key items concerning efforts to protect the financial services sector; prioritise development of cultural and creative industries; and expand capacity in the agriculture sector. #The regional body will establish a Committee of Finance Ministers to advance a high-level campaign against the "unjust" characterisation of the region as a high risk area for financial services.

CARICOM Ministers of Agriculture tour BAMSI
Ministers of Agriculture of the Caribbean Community toured the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute just prior to CARICOM’s opening of the 26th Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean in Nassau, February 26-27. The Bahamas Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government the Hon. V. Alfred Gray thanked the agriculture representatives for taking the tour of the North Andros agricultural initiative with him. Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Labour and Social Security in Jamaica the Hon. Luther Buchanan spoke on behalf of his fellow Caribbean Ministers and praised the Bahamas Government on the project, stating: “It is indeed impressive and I commend the Government on this initiative and I implore the people of this land to support wholeheartedly this programme of sustained agriculture, sustained because agricultural education is important; it is the nerve centre of appreciating the eat what you grow concept. It is the nerve centre of the development of any country.”

CCSA - Belize Geography Summer 2015 - Study Abroad Programs
Belize: an English-speaking country in the heart of Central America, dotted with magnificent archaeological remnants of the Mayan people and populated by their descendants, and is home to one of the greatest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet. Join us as we explore the physical/historical geography and cultural landscapes of Belize through visits to cayes, islands, reefs, mountains, rainforests and ruins. A special feature of this program is the opportunity to snorkel at a World Heritage site. The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad is a consortium of American colleges and universities, which jointly offers study abroad programs and internships in English-speaking regions. A not-for-profit organization, CCSA is headquartered at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Students from any accredited institution are welcome to apply.


  • A MESSAGE FROM THE ALTERNATIVE MOVEMENT, 1min. A message from the Alternative Movement joined together under the Belize Unity Alliance.

  • Better Belize Me!, 3.5min. It's Helmer Time! Fun for two on a West Caribbean cruise!

  • THE GETAWAY... MY TRIP TO BELIZE! ^_^, 5min.

  • Nutné k pežití - 05x06 Belize, 44min. Zdravím všechny fanoušky seriálu nutné k pežití!! :-) ( Ultimate Survival ) Na mém kanále naleznete kompletních 5 sérií tohoto velmi dobrého seriálu. Lajkem, komentáem, sdílením a odbrem m podpoíš k tomu, abych pidával další vci! :-) -Moje videa nebudou nikdy zpenžnna -Chceš, abych pidal filmy? Napiš mi to v komentáích, tu si všechny komentáe a každý Vám velmi dkuji. -Brzy se mžete tšit na snímky i z njakých her, ale toto není herní kanál! Bude to pouze ze srandy a jen obas. -Sdílením m velmi podpoíš a lajkem též! -Odbírejte kanál pro další videa :-) Pro dnes je to vše, tak pkné sledování dílu a zdar!

  • 2011 Belize, 3min. Scuba diving, beach life, and more!

  • Serrucho, 2min. A snippet of the Benque style Serrucho,Benque Marimba Youth Academy at the Benque House National Institute of Culture and History




  • Podziemne miasta Belize Podziemie Majów [Lektor PL][Film Dokumentalny], 44min.

  • Grouper Spawning Ad 2015, 2min. Belize National Spawning Aggregation Working Group updates ten years of monitoring in Belize. SHOW MORE

  • Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley, Belize 2015, 5min. A ROUGH edit of my trip to Belize Barrier Reef

  • Shark Ray Alley, Ambergris Caye, Belize,5 min.

    February 27, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    “Sick” Air Traffic Controllers Shut Down PGIA
    History took place on Saturday, February 21st when the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA) was closed to air traffic after Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) scheduled to work called in sick. The lack of ATC staff caused much chaos across the country, as no plane could land or take off from PGIA. National airports with scheduled flights to PGIA saw masses of distressed and confused customers who were unable to get to the international airport for their connecting flights. The Belize Civil Aviation Authority reported that the shutdown of PGIA caused two international flight to be diverted to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but that by 11AM, operations were back to normal. The problem was first noticed when a scheduled Tropic Air flight from Punta Gorda Town to PGIA was diverted to the Municipal Airstrip because there was no response from the tower. The question was “why would six staff members scheduled to man the control tower from 6AM to midday call in sick?” The answer is apparently ‘low wages, long working hours, and political appointment’. Due to the fact that ATC are categorized by law as an essential service, they cannot participate in a strike, so they called in sick as a form of demonstration. The situation came as a surprise to the Civil Aviation Authority, and as such they were caught unprepared. “On Saturday, February 21st at 6:10AM, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, and its Department of Civil Aviation were informed that the air traffic controllers scheduled to work the 6AM to 12PM shift at the Control Tower of the Philip Goldson International Airport had reported in sick. Subsequently, the Department of Civil Aviation has also received indication that some of the air traffic controllers scheduled to work the 12PM to 6PM shift had also reported in sick,” stated Director of Civil Aviation, Lindsay Garbutt in a press release.

    No leads on the murder of Sylvin Chi and Benjamin Molina
    Initial investigations from the police revealed that on the same date, at around 11:30PM, 51-year-old Jose Wagner reported that two of his coworkers (Chi and Molina) had gone missing since Tuesday, February 17th at 5AM. Wagner indicated that the men had left to go find coconuts and had not returned since. Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police, Superintendent Luis Castellanos stated that as a result a search was launched in the area where the men were last seen. “When the police visited the area, 11.5 miles north of the island, they found what appeared to be blood. As a result, the officers concentrated their search in that area which led to the discovery of the grave 50 yards from the beach side. When the grave was dug up, police found the bodies of the two men that had been reported missing,” said Castellanos. One of Molina’s relatives, Ernildo Jones who took him in and was caring for him as a father, stated that police are not doing their best to catch the criminals. “He had told me that he wanted to go find coconut oil. I gave him $150 and he went up north to get the oil from Chi, who works with him. We didn’t want him to go because we loved him, but he still went on Sunday, February 15th and this is what happened. From the state that his body was found, I believe that my son was tortured. I feel that the police are not doing their job. We have given them information on what we are hearing on the murder, yet they do nothing. I believe that there is some money involved in this. I talked to the police and they say that they can’t do nothing because there isn’t any proof,” said Jones.

    New Horizon SDA benefactor symbolically hands over donation
    The New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist Primary School is boasting a fresh look with two brand new classrooms and a palapa, amongst other donations. A symbolic handing over took place on Thursday February 19th when the school’s largest benefactor Dan Listwin of Canary Coves and Mayor Daniel Guerrero stopped in for a short visit. The donation includes two wooden classroom buildings, the construction of a new zinc roof palapa fitted with eight picnic tables and the renovation of the outer part of the all classroom buildings including the reconstruction of verandahs. In addition, the school got a fresh coat of paint to fit in with the new renovations made to the school’s facility.

    Monumental expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve is official

    Ambergris Today

    Ovidio and Elia Guerrero Celebrate Golden Anniversary
    The local celebrities of the day are Ovidio “Pinocho” Guerrero and Elia Guerrero who celebrated on Tuesday, February 23, 2015 their 50th or Golden Wedding Anniversary. A large nucleus family which include Orlando Guerrero, Ofel Guerrero, Dimas Guerrero, Omar “Kanasi” Guerrero, and sisters Ofelia Graniel and Omelia Marin were at hand at the couple’s residence to celebrate the special occasion. Also at hand were his children, Martha Perez, Anel Rivero, and Luis Guerrero along with the couple’s grand children and great grandchildren. Friends took time to write and talk about their fond memories of the couple and had fun recollecting Ovidio as a talented skin diver/fisherman, an avid basketball forward, a keen baseball pitcher, a talented musician, a man of service as a Lion Club member, and yes a village councilman who was part of the team that brought township to San Pedro. As for Elia Aguilar, everyone agreed that she was the eye of the village when she entered the dance hall being the first in the hall and the last to leave. Together this couple has contributed to San Pedro by offering the very first self-service shop and store known as Martha’s Store, a first class bar establishment the Skin Diver’s Club, and also Martha’s Hotel.

    Maya Artifacts Stolen in San Pedro House of Culture Breakin
    The newly inaugurated San Pedro House of Culture has been the target of thieves over the weekend. The thieves made away with an assortment of valuable artifacts. According to the police, a long list of items were stolen that include two conch shell rings, three stone axes, one ink pot, a rare jade ear flare, three net weights, two arrow heads, a loom weight and a conch shell spoon. Guillermo Paz, manager of the House of Culture, says that he secured the facility on Friday, February 20, 2015, and returned on Sunday, February 22, to find that the front door had been forced open and the items were missing. Police are investigating and residents are urged to contact the San Pedro Police Department if they know of any illegal sales of these stolen items/Maya artifacts.

    San Pedro Boasts Expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve
    In 2010, a community initiative spearheaded by the San Pedro Tour Guides Association, The Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development and The Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) commenced work in establishing Mexico Rocks, the fly fishing shoals on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and its associated wetlands as a protected area. After several public consultations it was agreed that the proposed area be added as an extension of the HCMR. Through an integrated approach and with full participation of government and stakeholders, a final draft was agreed on early February 2015. On Tuesday, February 17, The Government of Belize, through cabinet, approved the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. On Wednesday, February 25, an official signing ceremony took place in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The Real Story Behind Harmonyville
    A collection of videos and other information

    International Living Belize comments on the current Electoral process in Belize!
    This is a local election year in Belize and bright, vibrant signs have been hung along the streets throughout the towns, for each party. We've been watching "Good Morning San Pedro" most mornings, to hear each party give their pitch. Belizeans take their democracy very seriously. A high % of them vote. It's a pleasure to watch this young democracy in action. It really makes a difference when you learn about your adopted country's local and national politics...

    Public Health Notice: Measles Advisory
    The Ministry of Health has been advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of an outbreak of Measles at the Disneyland Resort in California in the United States of America (USA). In addition, cases are being reported in Canada and one case related to the Disneyland outbreak has been reported in Mexico.

    Belizean Chocolate
    Maya Mountain Cacao Newsletter, February 2015

    Cayo Sinkholes by Horse
    Did you know you can ride horses from Bullet Tree Falls to the giant sinkholes behind Santa Familia? One of the sinkholes is huge. Definitely worth the trip. The sinkholes are catching on. Kenny Lamb has an album of pictures from the trek there.

    A Better Man Album Launch
    Deniss Gee is having his CD release party and concert for his album 'A Better Man' this Saturday in Roaring Creek. "This coming Saturday, February 28th, Alida Sharp will be one of the artist before at Dennis Requena album launch in Roaring Creek. Encourage all to come out and show your support."

    Contact a field representative in your area for transportation information: Celeshia Guy for Belize District 607-4405, Judy Waight for Corozal District - 660-0723, BTIA Jazmin Zetina for Orange Walk District - 651-4860, Julie Sanchez for Cayo District - 623-7301, Rubiere Ramirez for Stann Creek District 636-4621 and Cordelia Shal for the Toledo District - 605-0999 or call Amelita Knowles at 610-4874 or 822-2792. For Placencia Village contact Arreini Palacio at SEA 523-3377 and Independence Village Maggie Muschamp 670-1246

    Neotropical River Otter
    Did you know that the Neotropical River Otter does not only eat fish? Here it digs into rotting wood for a tasty larva or even a frog if he is lucky.

    Harvest Caye
    Flying to PG today we got an exclusive look at the real devastation at Harvest Caye. This can not be seen from the ground... suddenly the true horror is revealed. 10 new photos have been posted to my album, but this sums it up.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, February 26, 2015: 61. FANTASY 5: 8 27 2 28 19 A

    Ms. Teresa Lopez passes
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Lopez and Caliz family on the passing of Ms. Teresa Lopez. May her soul rest in peace.

    Corozal House of Culture (NICH)
    Thank you to the Standard 6 teachers and students of St. Francis Xavier School for visiting and viewing the Belize Heroes, Patriots and Benefactor's Exhibit today!

    New Mexican Ambassador in Belize Press Conference
    The New Mexican Ambassador in Belize Carlos Quesnel Meléndez, offered his first press conference. Took place at the Institute of Mexico in the city Belize with the assistance of journalists eight of the most important means of the country, both printed as radio and television. In the context of a breakfast of work, ambassador offered a scenic of the Bilateral relations between Mexico and BELIZE, wish to highlight the issues of economic, Commercial, Tourist and technical cooperation and science.

    Chiquibul from Below
    The Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge is happening again in 2016, and they went scouting all through MPR and the Chiquibul to figure out the route. They captured some incredible pictures from the area. "NoHoch Chen sink hole is tucked away in the secrets of the Chiquibul Forest. Want to know where? Join us for the 2016 MMAC! Registration is now open!"

    Calling all the sound technicians or lovers of the art of audio productions
    Are you interested or do you know someone who would be interested in learning something really cool? Here is an opportunity you cannot miss! Please share with all who might be interested!

    Protecting artifacts
    Key stakeholders learning how to care for important Belizean artifacts in order to protect and preserve them for future generations...

    Belize Heroes, Patriots and Benefactors Exhibit Ceremony
    This year's exhibit featured the addition of Ms. Vivian Seay, Ms. Dorothy Bradly and Corozal's very own Mr. Jesus Ken. So far 21 persons have been featured including Belize's two National Heroes, Benefactor and several patriots and unsung heroes. The exhibit is being hosted at the Corozal House of Culture until June.

    Channel 7

    21 Year Old Ian Adolphus Jr Dies
    Last night police spoke about how they had been holding crime down in the city - after a month with no homicides in the murder capital. Well, they spoke too soon. Tonight, sadly, the news is about two men killed in separate shootings within 30 hours. First, yesterday's shooting victim, 21 year old Ian Adolphus Jr died early this morning. That's murder number one. And then this afternoon at 2:15 pm, 29 year old Hubert Bodden was shot dead on Cedar Street behind Habet and Habet. We start with Adolphus. He was shot yesterday morning at 9:30 am on Freedom Street and died at the KHMH this morning at 4:30. The 21 year old was shot to the arm, chest and elbow. His father tells us that the shot to the chest was the fatal injury because it caused major internal bleeding and also damaged his heart. He said that after surgery Adolphus was listed as 50/50, and later in the night Doctors lowered his chances. He was then taken off life support.

    Two Murders In 30 Hours
    And then this afternoon at 2:15 pm, 29 year old Hubert Bodden was shot dead on Cedar Street behind Habet and Habet. He was in the area taking money for his young son - and he was reportedly caught by a bullet intended for another man who was fleeing. 7News was on the scene, and later we spoke to his stepfather. Dennis Bodden - Stepfather of Herbert Bodden "I feel sad, because he was a respectable person and he is a kind person and we usually get along with each other, with the family. It really hurt when I got the message this morning. I didn't expect this to happen to him. He is not a piece of cloth and I don't feel like it is right. I don't think that will end like this, because he was too kind. He was just at the wrong spot and it hurts me. Anywhere he goes, he is well-known. You would always meet him pushing his cart."

    Hope for Harmonyville
    In May of last year, the dispute between the Lands Department and the grassroots organization, BGYEA, first emerged in the press over the Harmonyville community housing project. You probably remember that the Lands Department ordered that certain tracts of land set aside for Harmonyville has to be left aside for road reserve. But, BGYEA members and their supporters believed that the government was being unreasonable because the amount of land that the Lands Department wanted to leave untouched was significantly larger than in other communities. Secondly, they wanted to plant corn in this buffer area, and the proceeds would be used to construct proper roads and other infrastructure for the community. The Government refused to approve it, and when the grassroots organization agitated to move forward with its plans, Government got an injunction to stop them.

    Election May Cause Two Day Holiday In Some Areas
    Next week Wednesday, March 4 is the date of the 2015 Municipal Elections, something which the mass parties, their candidates, and the independent candidates know only too well. But while that day is not a public and bank holiday, the Ministry of Education has decided that there will be no classes country wide. Parents who have children going to schools which will be used as counting stations will have to monitor the progress of the elections in their town or city closely because if there some dispute over the results, and there is some form of a recount required, or if the counting takes extra time, classes for Thursday March fifth may also be called off. Today, the Ministry of Education's Education Information Officer discussed with what will happen on Wednesday and possibly Thursday at the different schools: Yma Casey Gordon - Education Information Officer, MOE "We have through the chief education officers, sent out a memo a while back, to general managers and to principals, identifying March 4th as a non-school day. We've also inserted in that memo, the possibility of having a non-school day on March 5th and of course this is to accommodate certain circumstances if the needs be when we look at our school who will be used as counting stations as well as polling stations."

    The Tale Of The Tablet
    We caught up with Yma Casey Gordon at the UB Gynmasium in Belmopan while the Ministry of Education was continuing the distribution of the ASUS computer Tablets. As we've reported, the giveaway to the tertiary students started on Tuesday - but since then we've seen at least one for sale online. We asked Casey about this and the question of whether the tablets should have been distributed strictly on a needs basis: Yma Casey Gordon - Education Information Officer, MOE "We had a total of about 1200 students and this is at the UB Belmopan Campus. Up to date we are on our second day. We have one more day left and we have about 400 tablets left to distribute." Daniel Ortiz "Ma'am, some have made issue of the fact that there are some students who qualify who don't particularly need the tablet. Was there any sort of screening done or is there any sort of policy on that, because you don't need the tablet, means you don't necessarily received it from the Ministry of Education?"

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Now 6x Bigger
    It's already one of the most famous marine reserves on earth and tonight, Hol Chan is even better than that because it's gotten 6 times bigger. Last week, Cabinet approved an expansion to include a 40 acre plot of lagoon and wetlands - called Sunset Cove. It was designated as Zone F of the reserve some time ago, but in September reports emerged that it was being surveyed for house lots. That raised howls of protest - and the good news is that it worked - and yesterday a ceremony was held to celebrate the accomplishment. We found out more from the park manager: Miguel Alamilla, Hol Chan Marine Reserve "Hol Chan Marine Reserve has a total coverage currently on 56sqkm. This expansion will greatly add to what it is Hol Chan right now. I think it's over 330sqkm of additional mangrove, sea grass beds and coral reef that we are adding to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. So, in all we are multiplying what we have by more than 6 times."

    The Shame Of Shafane
    19 year old Ernest Leslie, today walked from a charge of grievous harm after he was accused of breaking the jaw of a female 18 year old Excelsior student, Shafane Flowers. How did it happen? Well, the alleged victim, Shafane Flowers did not show up at court today for her own trial which forced the court to withdraw the very serious charge against Ernest Leslie. When Leslie got the news, he was at court alone and unrepresented and wasted no time in dashing out of the court.

    FFB: The New Face Of Football
    Viewers may remember vividly how the country's National A Football Team, the Jaguars, qualified for the Gold Cup in 2013. It was a first for Belize, and a triumph for the Ruperto Victente Administration of the Football Federation of Belize which was determined to show that they were managing football properly. Since then, poor performances have killed the hype, and the hope in the Vicente administration has also ebbed. It hit rock bottom when the team came in last in the 2014 UNCAF Copa Centroamericana - or Nations Cup. Well, the FFB is determined to get it right for the first round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Belize plays against the Cayman Islands on March 25, and this new National Team Selection has been practicing as a team since November of last year. The full National Team has since been selected, and according to the FFB, it is a younger, more cohesive selection which will allow football at this level to develop. The Federation invited the media today for a meet and greet session with the new team, and 7News was there. We saw quite a number of new faces, but also some familiar ones. Here's what they had to tell us today.

    A Change Of Mood and Mind For National Team Coaches
    And the man who will is leading the team as Head coach is Jorge Nunez, a native of Brazil who has been around Belizean football as a coach for over 25 years. He's has coached some of the biggest names in football, and today, he told us why he wants your support to lead the Jaguars into these World Cup qualifiers: Jorge Nunez - Head Coach, National Team "I played football with Juventus. I play football in Central America, I play football in my country, Brazil, professional. I have had training, I have received my certification from FIFA and I did my training in Guatemala, so I am certified to coach in any part of the world." And as you may have noticed from our footage, Charlie Slusher is back at the FFB as the Assistant Head Coach of the National Team. Now, the last time we spoke with Slusher, which was about 2 years ago, it appeared that he and President Ruperto Vicente had major differenced of opinion about what's best for the National Team. Slusher exited on less than amiable terms, and so today, we asked both men how they were able to mend fences. Here's what they had to say:

    A Field of Dreams, Deferred
    And the first match that the Jaguars will play for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will be a home game against the Cayman Island National Team. They will play that match at the FFB Stadium. Now, you may remember well the controversy which arose when the FFB promised last year that the football Pitch would be ready for the 2014 Champions League. It was a big fail for the Administration because in the very last days coming up to the match, Belize, which would have been represented by the Belmopan Bandits was yanked from the competition because the field wasn't ready. Well, the FFB has had months to make sure that the pitch is up to international standards. So, we asked about it today, and the President said that it has passed inspection with flying colors:

    Civil Aviation Minister Iffy on Penalties For Air Traffic Controllers
    Yesterday in San Pedro, Minister with responsibility for civil aviation Manuel Junior Heredia addressed the issue of the air controllers sick out on Saturday. It shut down the airport's operations for five hours - and raised many public questions about the state of the equipment in the air control tower. Heredia today told the media that no one complained to him - but he does have his own complaints:.. Hon. Manuel Junior Heredia "These people should not have acted n that way. Probably they didn't get good advice, but we are hoping that this will not be repeated in the future and we are also working in additional support, which at this point I cannot reveal, when it happens you will know, but definitely from our own government department's we are looking into training other people. I have been very open. When I met with them before the Christmas holidays, I was very open, look, if you are not happy with what is happening over there and people are not listening to you, there is the minister who will entertain from the guy that sweep the area to the highest officer. There is no special for anyone. That is the way I have operated and that is the way I will continue to do so, but at the end of the day, if you do your investigation and you find out that there is mischief, then you have to deal with the issue. You cannot allow anyone..."

    Be Your Own Boss!
    Be your own Boss! That is the motto of the new Youth Apprenticeship's entrepreneurship program. A ceremony was held at the Youth for the Future building this afternoon to honor the 16 participants who will be benefiting from this program. Una May Gordon, the founder of the Institute of sustainable livelihood leadership and Exchange, told us that this program gives youth a chance to reinvent themselves. This program which covers a year, is being sponsored by Australian Aid. The series of workshops and training for participants should start in March.

    The Inevitability of Aging
    We're all gonna get old, but despite its inevitability, aging is not a topic freely discussed. And while we'd rather not talk about it, but the national council on ageing say that it is a timely and relevant discussion. They held a conference today at the Radisson under the theme "Policy Dialogue: Toward an effective Continuum of Care for Older Persons". The dialogue centered on how to improve services for older persons in order for them to live healthy and dignified lives. Judith Alpuche, CEO of the Human Development sector further discussed how this will impact the quality of life for older persons. The National Policy focuses on persons ages 60 and older.

    The Central Corridor's Comeback
    The last time the Central Belize Corridor - also known as the jaguar corridor - made the news was in 2012 when the company Green Tropics raised an environmental red flag when they dug a 2 mile canal through it. But, this corridor extends 750 kilometres - or approximately 466 miles - of the country, and a part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, and this protected area is vital to the wildlife which calls it home. But among those 466 miles, there are private land owners, and different communities which make up parts of it, so the conservationists are trying to make sure that the human interaction with the corridor is beneficial, instead of the deforestation and shrinking of the wildlife habitat which happens whenever forests are cut down for agricultural or housing purposes. The constant threat to the corridor is something that the University of Belize's Environmental Research Institute knows very well, and so a very involved, very exhaustive consultation process in which 15-member task force was put together. This taskforce comprised of representatives from governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, and their objective was to put together a corridor Action Plan.

    Reef-Ready Kids
    In December of last year, we told you about Grace Primary student Amber McKay. She won the art competition held by the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage. Well, yesterday it earned her and 34 of her fellow students a trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in a glass bottom boat. The city students left for San Pedro early in the morning and for the kids, it was a real eye opener - in the most literal sense of the word!

    Whale Shark Sightings Underway
    And they would have had to open their eyes even wider if they were in southern waters where whale sharks usually pass through close to the middle of the year. But this year, they've been spotted as early as January in Belize. According to Director of Reef Conservation International in Sapodilla Caye, Polly Alford, this is not a rare occurrence - over the past 10 years she and her team have sighted them throughout the year. They spotted a whale shark last week and also saw one on New Year's Eve near Tom Owen's Caye and Sapodilla Caye. So if you are looking to snap a picture of one of the whale sharks you can spot them in those areas.

    Channel 5

    Princess Casino Wing Evacuated After Fire Scare
    The 2015 Fire Season has just started and already two major hotels have caught fire. In Belize City, a major catastrophe was averted when a fire broke out on Wednesday [...]

    Belize City Man Gunned Down
    The city has been relatively peaceful for some time as police beef up their presence on the streets. But in less than twenty-four hours, two persons have been murdered in [...]

    Shooting Victim Succumbs
    We say two murders in less than twenty-four hours because Wednesday morning’s shooting victim, twenty-one year old Ian Adolphus Jr., succumbed to his injuries just before five a.m. today. Adolphus [...]

    Government/BGYEA Reach Mediation Settlement
    The Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association had its day today, and it wasn’t even in court. The organization got one up on G.O.B. in the second mediation session to settle [...]

    Harmonyville Plans To Proceed Soon
    Matura-Shepherd says that the agreement will be taken to court and returned as a court order. She says that they expect implementation to go smoothly because they were very judicious [...]

    F.F.B. Introduces National Team
    With an ambitious calendar before them, the Football Federation of Belize today introduced the national ‘A’ selection team which, by next month, will be playing its first home game against [...]

    F.F.B. Field Ready for Play
    As we said earlier, the first international game for the national ‘A’ selection team will be played on March twenty-fifth at the FIFA sanctioned national field on the F.F.B. compound [...]

    Slusher Back With the National Selection
    The last time we heard from the Football Federation, there was an impasse between Assistant Coach, Charlie Slusher, and the Executive of the F.F.B.; Slusher was removed from the coaching [...]

    World Cup Qualifier Set for March 25th
    But football is an expensive sport. There is the cost for training of the players, salaries for the coaching staff and the players as well as the maintenance of the [...]

    Still No Arrests in Murder of San Pedro Infant
    In the wake of the gruesome murder of baby Daniel Espat in San Pedro on Tuesday morning, police have detained several individuals for questioning.  Initially, in the hours immediately following [...]

    $30,000+ For Undersized Conch
    It may very well be the largest fine to be imposed on a family for fisheries offenses, but this morning a father and his son along with the father’s three [...]

    Ladyville Resident Charged for Flashing
    A twenty-seven year old Ladyville resident was today before the court for twice exposing his person to a woman living in the Vista Del Mar area, but whose name is [...]

    SIB Releases Latest Stats
    The Consumer Price Index for January 2015 has been released, indicating that prices were down one point one percent last month.  That comparison is made against the same time period [...]

    The Coalition Speaks on Reserve Expansion Signing
    On Wednesday night we told you about the signing of the expansion at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and while it is a win for conservationists, who have been pushing for [...]

    Mexican Embassy Works to Improve Border Experience
    Mexican Ambassador to Belize Carlos Quesnel is taking on a number of bilateral initiatives, some new and others in the pipeline. A priority area is in trade for which a [...]

    Mexico Offers Anti-Crime Aid
    And that partnership to strengthen the trade and investments in Belize is also being backed up with assistance to fight crime and narco-trafficking, two of the biggest challenges for the [...]

    No School Day on March 4th
    The Ministry of Education announced today that next week Wednesday will be a non-school day due to the March fourth elections in nine municipalities. There will be no classes for [...]

    A Defining Moment in the Military Career of a Former B.D.F. Soldier
    It made national headlines back in February 2000 when a twenty-five man Guatemalan patrol captured a four-man B.D.F. and police patrol and accused them of illegally crossing over into Guatemalan [...]

    Healthy Living Looks at Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy is not just a health concern for the nation; it is also a human rights issue.  Each and every child has the right to achieve their full potential [...]


    International Ice Cream Company Interested In Belize's Sugar
    A potential buyer visited and toured the Sugar Industry in Belize today. We are talking about Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holding Incorporated which trades as Ben & Jerry’s. The American company is based in Vermont, United States and operates internationally. The diary company is famous for their top shelf ice cream, which is not popular in Belize. Still, the company seems to have an interest in Belizean sugar, as the sweetener is an important component of their product. CEO Jostein Solheim is on vacation in Belize but has taken a day out to visit the industry. Jostein Solheim – CEO, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream “Sugar is a very important ingredient for us and we use a hundred percent Fair Trade sugar, including sugar from Belize.”

    PUP Party Leader With Orange Walk PUP Team
    With only 6 days to the much anticipated Municipal Elections, political parties are making their last minute rounds with the electorate and in Orange Walk Town it is no exception. Today the PUP slate was joined by Party Leader, Honorable Francis Fonseca as they visited with the people on their trails in the core of Town. Our newsteam capitalized on the opportunity and posed questions to the Party Leader as it pertains to education, the elections and machinery. According to Fonseca, the plan the People’s United Party is offering to its people in all municipalities compliments that of the quality of candidates that are running in the PUP slates.

    MJC Students Receive Tablets From GOB
    Today, over 280 students from the Muffles Junior College were recipients of ASUS brand tablets, an initiative of the Ministry of Education and the Government of Belize to bridge the gap between education and technology. And while the FREE GIFT may seem like a genuine offertory from the Government, much public debate surrounds the initiative since many students have forfeited the item and sold it to the highest bidder. We asked Party Leader Francis Fonseca for commentary on the initiative and while he is not opposed to the program he did infact set the record straight citing that the plan was not a “well thought out one” and a cheap political gimmick since the information collected by the Ministry has been passed on to the UDP Secretariat where they are now calling and emailing students to vote. Information he says that the students gave the Ministry in confidentiality, here is that clip…

    Other Project Under SIF
    On Tuesday we told you about the progress works in the rehabilitation project of the Central Park that is seeing its final stages of completion. As reported, the project is one in collaboration with the Government of Belize, the Social Investment Fund and the Orange Walk Town Council of which funding was provided from the World Bank in the form of a loan. And while the park project was a major one for SIF, on that day of the inspection, Project Coordinator Ernest Raymond filled us in on the other road works that they have been working on around Town. Maria Novelo – Reporter “Sir, any other projects you guys are working within town or surrounding villages in Orange Walk?” Ernest Raymond – Project Coordinator, SIF “We had under the BMDP we have rehabilitated San Ignacio Street, Avilez Lane, Tangerine Street, and then we now doing Santa Familia Street that is to be completed shortly.”

    Fire At Old Sugar Factory
    This afternoon Fire officials from Corozal Town responded to a fire at the old sugar factory in Libertad Village, Corozal District. The officials arrived at the scene around two in the afternoon. According to official reports, a worker at the premises was burning some dry bushes near an old, abandoned building and did not notice when the fire spread to a pile of dried lumber near the structure. The fire spread quickly and engulfed the entire structure. According to reports, the building was not in use and nothing of value was lost in the flames. Fire officials brought the fire under control shortly after arriving. The fire had also spread to nearby bushes and trees in the compound but did not destroy anything of value to the owners of the old sugar factory. The establishment is owned by Mexican Business persons and is overseen by Belizean employees.

    BSI/ASR Have Commenced Works On Strategic Development Plan
    It is only a little over a month since the 2014/2015 sugar crop commenced and so far the reviews have been positive. Today, in speaking with International Relations representative Mac McLachlan he reiterated that good news and even commended cane farmers for the quality of their cane which he describes as excellent. McLachlan added that the mill has also been performing well. The work being achieved, he says, is a good step in the right direction. As we have reported several times before, the season has for the first time seen changes within the industry as two new associations have signed contracts with the company forcing changes in the operations. McLachlan says the relationship with all stakeholders has been good and work on the strategic development plan has commenced.

    One Person Sought For Murdering Patch Moreno
    It has been over a year that the skeletal remains of the Luis “Patch” Moreno were found in a remote area on a farm off the Guinea Grass road. At the time, the forensic pathologist concluded that Patch was brutally beaten and stabbed before he was executed and his body dumped. But while it may seem like the case has gone cold, recently investigators pulled that file out since they have one person that is being sought for questioning. According to Superintendent Dennis Arnold, in due time the suspect will be interviewed in the hope that the case can be solved and an arrest made. “All of these investigations are on the back burner, we have certain people who we need to speak with but we have to speak to that person at the right time, we don’t want to move too quickly because we don’t know what next but we have our suspect and as soon as the time is right we will interview that person. We are not dragging our feet they say people who don’t understand the art of investigating would say that we are dragging our feet but we are not we got the information but we just need to take our time because we don’t want to make any slip up or make a mess of the whole investigation.”

    Minor Traffic Accident on Liberty Avenue In O/W
    Around two thirty this afternoon, a small traffic mishap was recorded on Liberty Avenue and according to authorities, speeding could have been the factor. According to eyewitnesses we spoke to off camera, this maroon taxi was coming out of the driveway of Calin’s Purified Water when this speeding maroon Wingle slammed into the driver’s side causing it to come to a halt on the avenue’s division bar. Authorities responded quickly and took statements from both drivers. The taxi driver sustained a small gash to the back of the head and the driver of the wingle seemed unharmed.


    Woods Rebuts to Allegations on Street Works
    Yesterday a group led by the People’s National Party in Toledo held a demonstration at the site of ongoing street works in that municipality. PNP Mayoral candidate Will Maheia told our correspondent Paul Mahung that while they appreciated the street upgrade it should be done properly. Maheia said they had spoken to a number of contractors who said it did not make any sense to build a street without putting steel in it. According to Maheia the street works is a temporary fix because when big trucks start running on it, the streets will break apart. Today Love News spoke with contractor Francis Cisco Woods who told us that contrary to Maheia’s comments, the streets are being built to last.

    Adolphus Jr. Succumbs to Injuries
    Meanwhile sometime after four o’clock this morning, 21-year-old Ian “Uno” Adolphus succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Adolphus was shot yesterday morning at the corner of Louise Bevans and Freedom Streets in Belize City and received three gunshot wounds, one to the right elbow, one to the right shoulder and the other to the heart. He underwent surgery however as we mentioned, he passed away this morning. Love news spoke to his father, Ian Adolphus Sr. IAN ADOLPHUS SR. “He doesn’t give trouble he just plays ball and he lives here with his grandmother. He likes playing ball he was going to school and he just hangs out with the wrong set of people. He was hanging out with the guys he plays ball with I don’t know if those young men robbed him for his friends. He was working with those kids on the streets when the area reps give them jobs on the street. He didn’t need to be hanging out on the streets with anybody. I was with him all the time and he never told me that anyone was bothering him so like I tell you, I don’t know why that occurred.”

    Belize City Man Succumbed to Gun Violence
    Another Belize City man was gunned down today. Sometime around two o’clock this afternoon shots rang out on Cedar Street and when it was over 29-year-old Herbert Bodden laid on the ground fighting for his life. Bodden died while being rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to eyewitnesses, Bodden was in front of Kevin’s mechanic to purchase parts when he became a victim of gun violence. We were told approximately ten shots were heard, several of which hit Bodden to the chest. Eyewitnesses said the gun man escaped by running towards Vernon Street.

    Military Summary Hearing Scheduled For Missing Ammunition
    Just over a month ago, we brought you the story of over two thousand ammunition that had gone missing from the explosive and ammunition storage facility for the Belize Defense Force through Lords Bank Road in Ladyville Village, Belize District. It has been five weeks now and there have been no substantial leads in recovering the stolen ammunition, specifically, one thousand live rounds of 7.62 calibre ammunition and one thousand six hundred and forty live rounds of 5.56 ammunition. Tonight, what we can tell you, however, is that there are eleven men of the Belize Defense Force that will be facing the Brigadier General, Commander David Jones, in the next coming days in what is referred to as a military summary hearing.

    The Guardian

    Where will Yolanda be when the counting is happening if she is not good with numbers?
    After any elections, the ballot boxes are taken into counting rooms where the process of counting takes place. All candidates are free to be present at the counting stations and they can actively participate in the counting process. The question on the minds of all Belizeans at this point in time is: where will Yolanda Shackron be? She has publicly admitted on National News that she is not good with numbers and that anything to do with such she would have to ask Jules. So when the counting takes place and the numbers go beyond 300 what will happen with Shackron's brain. Surely Jules will not be there for her to ask him for help so we would really want to know what will happen. Of course that question will be answered next week Wednesday and even though she will not be able to know what number she was beaten by, one thing is certain she will be beaten!

    BIL - Transforming sporting facilities countywide
    Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) is pressing ahead with government’s initiatives to have sporting complexes upgraded across the country. This week work began on the demolition of the Benque Viejo Del Carmen Football Complex. It is not a move of spite, rather one of Transformation as the Belize Infrastructure Limited presses on to construct a new facility there. A total of 4.5 million dollars will be invested and will see the stadium transformed with the placing of lighting to Concacaf Standards, new bleachers, a new natural grass pitch among other amenities. Construction is being done by BCG Limited headed by Salvador Habet and is expected to run between 10 to 12 months. In Belmopan four projects totaling a million dollars are being implemented in Belmopan City. Already construction has been completed at the Belmopan Comprehensive School with a new roof having been placed on the existing basketball court. Another such shed has also been completed at the Our Lady of Guadalupe school with a third under construction at the May Garden area, a fourth and final structure is scheduled to commence shortly in the Hilltop area of Belmopan.

    Belmopan City Council meets with residents
    Members of the Belmopan City Council held their last public meeting with Belmopan residents on Wednesday of last week at the Belmopan Civic Center; just before the March 4th elections. It was an opportunity for local residents to learn about the inner workings of the Belmopan City Council as well as its financial status. In a summary of financial statements, issued by the Belmopan City Council for March 31, 2014 and 2013, it was revealed that the total revenue in 2014 for the Council was $4,461,480.00 while the total expenditure was $4,489,784 and the total assets stood at $12,700,816. From the available data just released, total revenues had increased from $4,442,900.00 in 2013 to $4,461,480.00 in 2014.

    Refurbished streets will relieve traffic pressure into Belmopan
    Inaugural ceremonies were held on Thursday of last week for the opening of the Almond Boulevard and Chiquibul Street, opening a new vista for Mountain View and the Las Flores Community; as well as relieving some traffic pressure going into Belmopan. The project for Almond Boulevard and Chiquibul Street was submitted during the second Cabinet meeting in 2008 and its realization just last week has been a test of patience for some. Improvements to Almond Boulevard and Chiquibul Street has come as a result of a $12,534.06 financial contribution from the Belmopan City Council as well as $417,802.00 from the Government of Belize, under the Belize Municipal Development Project. The newly refurbished roads are just components of the 30 million dollars that the Government is financing on behalf of the people of Belize, from the World Bank. These roads were implemented by the Project Implementation Unit headed by Ernest Raymond at the Belize Social Investment Fund BSIF under the direction of William Lamb Jr., Executive Director of BSIF. The ground work for both streets was done by Isaak Banman, from Synergy Construction.

    12.5% salary increase for BSI workers proposed in new CBA
    On Tuesday February, 24, the Belize Workers’ Union and Belize Sugar Industries arrived at a tentative collective bargaining agreement (CBA) which calls for a wage increase of 12.5% spanning over 4 years. In the first year, beginning 1 July 2014, there will be a 3% increase followed by another 3.5% on 1 July, 2015. Thereafter it will be 3% for each of the following two years. In addition it was agreed that the premium for shift work will be increased and the rate for abnormally wet or dirty work and sandblasting will be adjusted upwards.

    Should a Productive Citizen Go to Jail for Smoking Weed?
    A report on the pros and cons of the decriminalization of marijuana in Belize will be in the hands of the Cabinet Secretary, Carlos Perdomo, on Thursday, February 26, 2015. It will then be made public on Friday, February 27, at 10 a.m. According to the Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DOMC), “The document will include the objectives, findings and recommendations on this issue.” In July of 2012, the Ministry of National Security appointed a committee to examine the pros and cons of the decriminalization of up to 10 grams of marijuana. Their task was to “evaluate and, if appropriate, make proposals for the decriminalization of the possession of small portions of Marijuana”.

    Matura never brags about lost cases
    Audrey Matura has become such a glory hound that wherever there is a dispute that attracts media attention she can be found. Readers may recall the time, on October 26, 2013 when she raced to the ‘aid’ of the Yearwood family after a land dispute arose between them and Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams. On December 2, of that same year she made a grand stand in court claiming that parcel 1141 which sits on Cemetery Lane in fact belonged to the Yearwoods and that the owner, Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams was taking advantage of his position, she claimed, “you’re dealing with an attorney who clearly knows everything and every nuance how to get it done and I’m calling him out on that.”

    Ministry of Health puts out Measles Advisory
    The Ministry of Health has been advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of an outbreak of Measles at the Disneyland Resort in California in the United States of America (USA). In addition, cases are being reported in Canada and one case related to the Disneyland outbreak has been reported in Mexico. Measles is a contagious disease characterized by fever, rash, runny nose and red eyes. It spreads through air droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Although Measles remains prevalent in many parts of the world, Belize has been free from the disease since 1991. In order to maintain our Measles free status, the recommended and most cost-effective public health approach is to advise persons to get vaccinated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

    Old Northern Highway goes from Old to New
    The Old Northern highway has been neglected and abandoned for decades now, when the new highway was constructed traffic was diverted and the old highway was forgotten. Since that time the highway fell into complete disrepair where only minimal work was done on the road to allow the villagers of the 10 or so villages in the area to go in and out of the area. One man who has never given up on the highway has been Hon. Edmund 'Clear the Land" Castro. Even before becoming the representative for Belize Rural North, he has been lobbying and actually doing remedial work on the highway himself through funds he managed to raise and out of pocket. After years of doing this type of effort to improve the road, in September of last year he got what he had been lobbying for, at least partially, when the government decided to pave the first 5 miles of the highway. Shortly thereafter the roadwork began by Rodla Construction Company. Extensive work has gone into the first five miles of road with it being raised and proper base material being compacted on the road. By late January of 2015 the process of hotmixing the road began and when the Guardian visited this week, the first five miles of road are almost now completely hotmixed.

    Police officers conclude Investigative Procedures Instructor Course
    On 27 February 2015, 30 police officers from around the country will graduate from the ‘Investigative Procedures Instructor Course’ at closing ceremonies being hosted by the British High Commissioner, HE Peter Hughes and the Chargé d’Affaires at the United States Embassy, Mr Bruce Matthews. The course is being run by two accomplished trainers from the UK’s College of Policing at Bramshill, who are police officers with over fifty years of experience between them spanning traffic, domestic violence and CIB. This has been made possible as a result of a fruitful collaboration between the criminal justice sector, the British High Commission and the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division of the US State Department. This intensive two week course has covered best practice for investigative policing, including how to treat suspects detained by the police, how to carry out police station interviews and what is just the right amount of evidence to justify the laying of a criminal charge. The course is focussed on the new Police Guidelines for the Interviewing and Treatment of Persons in Police Detention that will hopefully be introduced by the Commissioner next month and that will introduce a requirement for all interviews and confession statements to be digitally recorded and prescribe minimum standards for the treatment of persons in police detention.

    Charged for allowing alcohol consumption
    Xiang Chen, 40, Chinese businessman of 2 ½ miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway is on bail after he was arraigned for unlawfully permitting consumption of liquor on his premises. According to police, on July 25, 2014, Chen sold alcohol and allowed patrons to consume it on his property without authorization to do so. He was arrested and charged but failed to show up at court until Friday, February 20, when he appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Chen pleaded not guilty to the offense and was offered bail in the sum of $500 plus one surety of the same amount.

    Two men killed and buried in San Pedro
    San Pedro Town, known to be the number 1 tourism destination in the country, continues to be plagued by drug-related murders, and on Wednesday, February 18, police found 2 men buried in shallow graves 11 miles north of the town. These men have since been identified as 41 year-old Selvin Chi, and 23 year-old Benjamin Molina, and according to their fellow business partner, 51 year-old Jose Wagner, they went on a short mission and didn’t return at the agreed time. Wagner told police that they left his house, located at 11 and a half miles north of the town, at around 5 a.m. that morning. They went out looking for coconuts to prepare coconut oil, but up until midday, they still hadn’t returned. So, police were immediately dispatched to try to look for the men. About less than a mile from Molina’s house, the officers found a blood trail. They concentrated their search efforts in the area of the trail, when they found both men buried in shallow graves.

    Free from local charges extradition battle still pending
    Bahamian businessmen Kelvin Leach, 34, and Rohn Knowles, 29, are free of money laundering charges after their attorney Godfrey Smith made a successful no case submission before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Wednesday, February 25. The men have been out on bail since September 29 on a charge of failure to declare that they were leaving Belize with more than $10,000 cash. In handing down her decision, Senior Magistrate Fraser pointed out that though there were testimonies that both of the men had more than $10,000 in their possession, no money came to the court as evidence. She also spoke of the word “leaving”. She says a person is deemed in violation of the law when all clearing has been done and you are deemed to have officially left the country. She says the police acted prematurely so she must uphold the no case submission. Leach and Knowles were told they are free to go. However, they cannot leave the country since they are still battling an extradition request.

    Clive Geban and a minor to stand trial for murder
    A Preliminary Inquiry (PI) conducted on Monday, February 23, has concluded that there is sufficient evidence for Clive Geban, 21, and a 17-year-old minor to stand trial in the Supreme Court of Belize for the murder of Ervin Morales, 67. The murder of Morales was extremely upsetting for the people of the peaceful village of Maskall. The senior citizen usually showed up for lunch at the same time everyday at the home of a neighbour who cooks for him. However, the cook became concerned when Morales did not show up on Saturday, January 19, 2013. At around 1:30 p.m. the cook alerted Morales’ neighbour that he did not show up for lunch. The neighbour went to look for him and discovered his body wrapped in a sheet inside his bedroom. Police investigations quickly led to the arrest of Clive Geban who was detained at a checkpoint near the Altun Ha site cutoff two days after the murder, on January 21. Police then apprehended the minor who was 15-years-old at the time. Both were charged for Morales’ murder and have been on remand since.

    Haitian in prison for living illegally in Belize
    Haitian national, Obed Lewis, 25, is an inmate of the Belize Central Prison because he was unable to pay a fine for living in Belize illegally over the last five years. Police picked up Lewis on Thursday, February 19, while he was walking in the King’s Park area. He was handed over to the Immigration Department when he was unable to produce any document to show his legal status in Belize. Immigration investigation shows that Lewis came to Belize in December of 2010 and was living in San Pedro before moving to Belize City in January of this year.

    Mahogany Heights wins in Beverly Castillo Football Competition
    -The 2015 Beverly Castillo Football Competition continued on Sunday 22 February, with three more games on the schedule out at the Ladyville Football Field in Belize Rural Central. In the first game played, Rockville and Largos FC played to a 3-3 draw. The goals for Rockville FC were scored by Omar Maskall (2) and Emerson Gonzalez. For Largos FC, the goals were scored by Denroy McCord (2) and Harold Nava. In game two, La Democracia FC and Williams FC played to a 2-2 draw. The goals for La Democracia FC were scored by Paul Smith and Lincoln Jones. Meanwhile, the goal scorers for Williams FC were Robert Sanker and Walter Sedacy.

    Ignacio Prado Valentine Day Cycling Tour champions
    The Cycling Federation of Belize in collobration with Digicell held the Digicell Valentine Mini Tour on Saturday 21 February and Sunday 22 February, 2015. In the Elite category at the end of the 2 days, Ignacio Prado of Benny’s Megabytes captured the Digicell Mini Tour in an accumulative time of 5:29:21. Prado was followed by Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray Road Addikzx with a time of 5:29:26, and he was followed by Marlon Castillo of Santino’s Ride to Victory in a time of 5:29:35. Oscar Quiros Jr. of Western Spirit Cycling Team finished fourth in a time of 5:29:36 and he was followed by Byron Pope of Benny’s Megbaytes in a time of 5:29:42 to round off the top five finishers in the Digicell Valentine Mini-Tour. The other top ten finishers includes Jose Angel Lopez Robles of Western Spirit Cycling in a time of 5:29:45, and he was followed by Nissan Arana of Predators in a time of 5:33:15, and he was followed by Joel Borland of Digicell 4G Elite Cycling Team in a time of 5:33:25, and he was followed by Ron Vasquez of Western Spirit Cycling Team in a time of 5:33:27, and he was followed by Darnell Barrow of Smart Zoom Team in a time of 5:33:31.

    Trinity Methodist School boys lead in primary schools softball
    The Belize City Primary Schools Softball Competition continues at Rogers Stadium with games in the girls and boys competition on a daily basis. On Tuesday 24 February, 2015, in the first of two games in the boys’ competition, Trinity Methodist School defeated Salvation Army School by the score of 10-5. The winning pitcher for Trinity Methodist was Marcus Lucario and the losing pitcher was Cassian Billary. In the second game of the day, Unity Presbyterian School defeated St. John’s Primary School by the score of 8-3. The winning pitcher was Dennis Colon and the losing pitcher was Maleek Wagner. On Monday 23 February, in the girls’ game played, St. Luke Methodist School defeated Buttonwood Bay Nazarene School by the score of 21-12. The winning pitcher was Samantha Foreman and the losing pitcher was Ivana Mercado.

    Health Hookup
    The Doctor's Order Rum Fits Although most people try to turn a blind eye to it, the problem of excessive drinking tends to be a growing problem. What starts off as one drink a night turns to four or five drinks of hard alcohol a night. Over time the person develops a tolerance leading to the need for a larger quantity of alcohol to achieve the same level of intoxication and its effects. And from the batch of alcoholics there are few who want to turn their life around, and with the help of family they decide they are going to stop drinking. To those people I say, be careful! By no means am I advocating continuing drinking; however the manner in which you quit must be done correctly or else there can be medical consequences. “Delirium Tremens” / “Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms” is a medical condition that results from abruptly stopping alcohol that leads to changes in mental and neurological functions. This condition tends to affect someone who has been drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (5-6 beers and/or 1 pint of hard alcohol) per day for several months, or someone who has been drinking daily for at least 5 years. The condition may also occur if the alcoholic suffers from a head injury, infection, or drinks substantial amounts without eating properly.

    I think the PUP hierarchy was riding on a high after the convention here in OW East, and, together with their surrogates in the media, began making all sorts of wild predictions of winning the municipals in the upcoming elections. But these days as reality sinks in, anxiety imprints its ugly crinkle on their foreheads. You can see the impressions of worry on Bernard’s face as he speaks each morning and evening on CTV 3, giving endless reviews and interviews on every subject under this sun. If we did not know better, he would want us to think that he was an exceptional Mayor, besting even the late Polo Briceño and the late Fred Martinez, two of the most respected men to have held that title here in our town. Let me tell you this; Bernard is a literal lightweight compared to those avatars, and his days as Mayor are numbered in single digits. This goes also to the Mayoral candidate in Belize City, where we can draw some parallels with Bernard as to her facial expression and body language. However, in her case, what mostly shows is a heavy ration of naivety. Shakron actually believes she is a political force to be reckoned with, and in like manner of Richard Harrison, will see the light on March 4.

    Communal Livestock Holding Facility handed over to cattle producers in the Belize District
    A Communal Livestock Holding Facility in Willows Bank was officially handed over to cattle producers in the Belize River Valley area at a ceremony held on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), the European Union in collaboration with the Government of Belize and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) financed a three-year project “Enhancing Belize’s Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”. Of the several components of that three-year project, there is Pilot 3: MNRA-CC: Food Security: Building Resilience among Cattle Producers of the Belize District, which included the construction of the livestock holding facility. The objective of this portion of the project is to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce the vulnerability of the livestock industry for small and medium size livestock holders/local producers in the Belize District.

    CWU Finally Meets with Port of Belize Limited
    Arturo “Tux” Vasquez, C.E.O./Receiver of the Port of Belize Limited, was perhaps the happiest man in the business community when the waterfront workers of the Port of Belize held a minor protest on Monday, February 23, because they were unhappy that their water supply was given in plastic pouches instead of five gallon bottles. Vasquez has been entertaining offers from investors interested in buying the Port; however, one of the ghosts for investors is the unresolved collective bargaining procedure with the boisterous waterfront workers. In Late 2013 these individuals threw out Antonio Gonzalez and James McFoy, former PresidentSecretary of the Christian Workers Union, because of dissatisfaction in their negotiating of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Port of Belize Limited. They then backed Audrey Matura-Shepherd for President at a general meeting on December 14, 2013.

    GOB clarifies Expenditure figure contained in Cost-Savings Report
    The Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the Government of Belize makes reference to a Report on Proposed Cost-Savings Strategy for the Government of Belize dated June 2014 which was prepared by the Committee to Evaluate and Advise on the Cost Savings Measures for the Government of Belize. This Committee is comprised of members of both staff side and unions side as an offshoot of the Collective Bargaining Process. The MOF wishes to clarify that the figure of $568,453 mentioned in the Report as being GOB’s Advertisement Cost paid to Wave Radio for the Year 2013 is incorrect as it actually represents the payments to this media house for a three year period, being FY2011/12, FY 2102/2013 and part of FY2013/14. (up until the date of the Report), and not for the single year FY2012/2013. The other expenditure figures in the Report related to Advertisement Costs are also for the same three year period.

    GREAT has been expanded to the Benque Viejo Area
    The Gang Resistance Education and Training GREAT, which started in Belize in 2011 has been expanded to the Benque Viejo del Carmen Area. The vision of GREAT is building safer communities’ one child at a time, focusing on the preventing of youth crime, violence and gang involvement. Benque Viejo Police, under the internationally recognized GREAT instructor, Corporal Josue Mckoy, has introduced the program to three schools in the Benque Area. These schools are the Hills of Promise Adventist Primary School in Benque Viejo Town, the Victorious Nazarene Primary School and the Alvin L. Young Nazarene High School in Succotz Village. All students from the involved schools participated in the thirteen weeks of Middle School Curriculum training.

    Kevin Bernard’s incompetence will be his downfall
    There was a time when the popular sentiment was that a swing towards the UDP was imminent for the majority of Town Councils countrywide but that the PUP would hold on to the reins in Orange Walk Town. That last sentiment has been slowly changing over the past months so much so that now it is becoming absolutely clear that the UDP will win even in that municipality. The rampant disillusionment against the Kevin Bernard led PUP Team is now a Reality that will turn the tides against them come next week’s municipal elections. Terrible street conditions and blatant misuse of funds and power are the big issues in the Sugar Land. A quick check on that municipality’s finances as reported on the web show that rather than concentrating on basic services to the people, which include paving and cleaning streets and a good garbage pickup system, this Town Council has completely lost focus and have reneged on the mandate that the very Orangewalkeños gave them the last elections.

    PUP Mayoral Candidate Thoughts on Women
    Ramon “Monchi” Quiroz, the PUP mayoral candidate for the twin towns, San Ignacio and Santa Elena, was on Love FM’s morning show on Tuesday, February 24, and made one of the most chauvinistic remarks ever by someone vying for public office. He was asked by one of the hosts how he will be able to run a functional municipal government without the financial support of central government. Monchi said that it can be done if residents of the community become actively involved in the development of the municipality. What role can residents play? Keep in mind that Love FM’s morning show has two female hosts. With no hesitation, Monchi said, “On Sundays we will put the women in the community to cook.”

    Hon. Patrick Faber comments on the supposed sale of tablets
    “Call me overly optimistic with faith bubbling over in my Belizean People but after listening to the buzz that students are selling their new tablets, I have concluded that this is simply not true. The one post that is above from Belize Buy and sell is what this rumour is based on. There is no other indication that our students are engaging in selling their tablets. As to the post it is clearly some hater who wants to try to diminish the wonderful success of the government’s initiative. It tries to give the impression that the tablet is rubbish. Anyone who has received one knows what nonsense that is. I’ve seen the countless smiles, heard the many thank you’s so take it from me the tablets are well received and appreciated by our tertiary students!”

    Yolanda is not good with numbers and Troy Gabb and Darrell Carter can’t spell
    It is now a well known fact that PUP City Council mayoral candidate, Yolanda Shackron does not know numbers but it seems that the problem within the People's United Party not knowing much of anything has reached chronic levels. That became evident on Monday night when Troy Gabb once again hosted his weekly show along with failed businessman Darrell Carter. The show which is called the Business Hour is the sick way in which these two individuals purport to give advice to Belizeans on Belize's economy. But they not only try to give advice they attack all of the government's initiatives. While that is their right, the question on everyone's minds when they see this duo on tv is, what authority do they have to be criticizing anything?

    Dates for Tablets Distribution to College Students
    “If 2014 was a year of infrastructure, 2015 will be a year of technology.” – Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow. The Government of Belize is currently handing out ASUS MeMO PAD 7 tablet computers to students of all tertiary level learning institutions in the country. It is another New Years Day promise made good by Prime Minister Barrow. The Government purchased over nine thousand tablets from the ASUS parent company in Taiwan for distribution to junior college students in an effort to “bridge the digital divide”. Prime Minister Barrow says, “Whether we are talking about infrastructure, agriculture, tourism or services, at some level these days all enterprise success, all societal and cultural progress, demand increasing familiarity with, and mastery of, Information and Communication Technology. Globally this recognition has reached the status of a truism, and Belize cannot be left behind.”

    Abraham Lopez, 40, charged with carnal knowledge of girl, 11
    Abraham Lopez, 40, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a minor from the age of 11. Allegations are that between October 2, 2012 an October 3, 2013, Lopez had sexual intercourse with the minor who was 11-years- old but the incident was only reported over a week ago. The victim is now 13 years old. Lopez was arrested and charged by police over the weekend.

    Charged for allowing alcohol consumption
    Xiang Chen, 40, Chinese businessman of 2 ½ miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway is on bail after he was arraigned for unlawfully permitting consumption of liquor on his premises. According to police, on July 25, 2014, Chen sold alcohol and allowed patrons to consume it on his property without authorization to do so. He was arrested and charged but failed to show up at court until Friday, February 20, when he appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Chen pleaded not guilty to the offense and was offered bail in the sum of $500 plus one surety of the same amount.

    Evan Moody sentenced for drug trafficking now charged for illegal ammunition
    Evan Moody, 33, IT Technician of Ladyville Village, is serving his first few weeks of a three year sentence for pleading guilty to drug trafficking on February 6 but more time might be on the books for him after he was charged with keeping illegal ammunition on Friday, February 20. Allegations are that on February 5 at Gracie Bank, Moody was found in possession of a bag containing 64.7 grams of marijuana and another containing 16.2 grams. He was also allegedly found with a red and bronze Aguila brand 12 gauge cartridge. On Friday, February 6, Moody appeared before Magistrate Herbert Panton and pleaded guilty to drug possession but said it was not for sale but to make insect repellent. Magistrate Panton sentenced him to three years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. He was returned to court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on February 20 to face a charge of keeping unlicensed ammunition.

    Wild Shooting in San Pedro leaves toddler dead and his mother in critical condition
    Charlie Daniel Espat, a 2 year-old toddler, became the latest casualty to gun violence in a family from San Pedro Town that has seen what some would say are too many tragedies. This defenseless child was sleeping in the bed of his parents, Rolando Espat Sr, and Aleyda Sandoval on Tuesday, February 24 at around 1:30 p.m. The family believed they were safe inside their apartment in the San Pedrito Area of the island. About 15 minutes later, however, armed assailants opened fire on their front door spraying bullets which penetrated into the house. The sleeping family were caught by surprise and after about 8 or 9 gunshots, the area quieted once again. Rolando Espat Sr. immediately assessed the situation, trying to find out if his common-law wife and baby had been hit.

    Free of Human Trafficking Charges
    Belizean mechanic of Mahogany Street, Noellwyn Lester Ramclam, 50, and Cuban permanent resident, Alberto Quintana, 49, are free of immigration charges after authorities went to court on Wednesday, February 25, and request that the charges be dropped. Ramclam and Quintana were facing charges for aiding two Cubans to remain in Belize illegally. According to reports, on Friday, November 28, Yoelkis Garcia, 29, and Jaema Manuela Iglesia Aldana, 27, entered Belize illegally through the Mopan River in the Cayo District. There they were allegedly met by Ramclam and Quintana who used a grey Toyota Corolla with taxi license plate to transport them to Belize City.

    Orange Walk Technical girls and Independence High School boys are national secondary schools football champions
    The 2014-2015 National Secondary Schools Football Competition came to an end on Saturday 21 February, 2015, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town. The championship was played over the weekend of 20 and 21 February and was hosted by St. Ignatius High School. On Saturday 21 February, 2015, in the female championship game, Orange Walk Technical High School (representing the Northern Region) defeated Georgetown Technical High School (representing the Southern Region) by the score of 2-0 to capture the National Secondary Schools Football Championship. The goals for Orange Walk Technical High School were scored by Gisel Baeza. In the consolation game for third place, St. Catherine Academy (representing the Central Region) defeated Mopan Technical High School (representing the Western Region) in penalty shoot-out by the score of 4-3. The game ended in a 0-0 draw at regulation time.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Civil Aviation Minister says air traffic controllers’ issues being addressed
    The stand-off at the Philip Goldson International Airport between air traffic controllers and the Department of Civil Aviation appears to have simmered down. Air traffic controllers’ complaints about the management of their posts with relation to equipment, working conditions and personal and professional development for some time now […]

    Expansion to Hol Chan Marine Reserve inaugurated
    Hol Chan Marine Reserve is one of the most recognized marine protected areas in Belize. It has seen some growing pains in the past months after reports that part of it was being carved out for a housing development. But that was reversed and now the Reserve has […]

    Statistical Institute reports lower prices, widening trade imbalance
    The first statistics for 2015 by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) were released this week. In the area of external trade, imports rose slightly and exports fell over the previous year. Belize imported $141 million worth of goods and exported just $28.9 million. There were no crude […]

    Vector control information shared in Corozal villages
    Members of the vector Control Unit in Corozal Town, today visited with residents of San Victor and San Narciso villages in the Corozal District. The purpose of the visit was the share information with residents on how to prevent mosquito-borne dengue fever in their communities. Accompanying the local Vector Control […]

    Government and BGYEA reach agreement through mediation
    This morning the government of Belize and the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, headed by President Nigel Petillo, reached agreement by mediation on a majority of issues concerning their case in the Supreme Court. The government had sued to stop the implementation of a planned project in the […]

    Man charged for exposing himself in public
    A man from the Vista del Mar are of Ladyville village has been arrested and charged with two counts of exposing his person in public. This follows a report by a twenty three year old woman, who called the police on Wednesday morning to report that twenty seven year old […]

    Shooting victim dies; case upgraded to murder investigation
    A Wednesday morning shooting in Belize City has now turned into a murder investigation. 21 year old Ian Adolphus who was shot to the chest, shoulder and right elbow yesterday morning, died at 4:35 am today while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to police, Adolphus was […]


    A Few "Firsts" in San Pedro!
    We have never received mail in San Pedro, let alone a “package”. The mail you get isn’t delivered to your home – it’s held at the post office. It’s up to you to make a stop there every couple of days to check on your parcel’s arrival. I had forgotten to pack a few items when we left the States, so I had them shipped and today was D-day! I walked into the post office and the clerk told me that my package had arrived. Woohoo! My stuff was finally here! However, it was lunch time so I had to come back after 1:00pm but before 3:00pm for retrieval. The anticipation was going to kill me! When I returned to pick up my package, the clerk told me to come behind the counter and have a seat in what looked like an interrogation room. Crap! I was nervous and I hadn’t even done anything wrong! Almost like that feeling growing up when your mom said “Get up to your room and wait until your Dad gets home!” The post master asked me if I had ever received parcels in San Pedro before and then proceeded to explain the process to me. Long story short, the package needed to be opened in front of both of us, inspected in comparison to the customs declaration form attached and handed over to the proper recipient- ME. He commented on the fact that these items could not be sold to anyone in Belize, they had to be for my own personal use and they had to leave with me when I returned to the U.S. Not a problem, sir! I forked over the $.75BZ retrieval fee and skipped out of the office.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve Massive Expansion Approved – Hopefully Highlighting the IMPORTANCE Of Our Greatest Gift & How Much More Work There is To Do
    Yesterday there was an formal announcement and party for a pretty momentous occasion. Belize’s most visited tourist site – the Hol Chan Marine Reserve off of Ambergris Caye – was officially expanded by a SUBSTANTIAL amount and approved by the Government of Belize. Short speeches and presentations were given by a few different people. Billy Leslie was the MC, Ms. Beverly Wade of the Fisheries Department, Honorable Representative Manuel Heredia, Miguel Alamilla, the administrator of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Mayor Danny Guerrero. Here are some of the interesting facts that I picked up. With this move, Hol Chan has been expanded from 55 square kms (Zones A thru D above) to over 400 sq. kms. The well-known Mexico Rocks area, designated H above, is now a NO-TAKE area. With no fishing of any kind and monitored by daily rangers.

    International Sourcesizz

    Question Your Shrimp campaign
    The Question Your Shrimp campaign is currently working to gather support from restaurants, chefs, retailers, & consumers who are pledging not to serve or buy unhealthy imported shrimp. By raising awareness & changing consumer demand in the U.S. (currently, the #1 consumer of imported shrimp), the campaign strives to reduce mangrove deforestation & oppression of coastal communities overseas. The leading cause of mangrove destruction is the meteoric growth of the shrimp farming industry in the developing world. In an effort to produce cheap shrimp, mangroves and their accompanying ecosystem services are stripped from coastlines and replaced by open system shrimp farms that pollute the surrounding environment.

    SeaWorld Loses 1 Million Visitors As It Clings To Orca Captivity
    SeaWorld's troubles persist as evidenced by its fourth quarter earnings released Thursday. Attendance and revenue continued to drop, and SeaWorld suffered a net loss of $25.4 million for the last quarter of 2014. And it's been another very lousy week for SeaWorld. A beluga whale died after a fight in a tank and SeaWorld Orlando was forced to announce the end of a controversial program that allowed visitors to feed dolphins by hand unsupervised. And none of the new numbers give the troubled company reason to hope for a turnaround. SeaWorld's revenue in Q4 was $264.5 million — a decrease of $7.4 million, or 3 percent, compared to the same period in 2013. Total revenue for 2014 was down 6 percent from 2013. Attendance also took a hit — down by 2.2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2013. The Q4 results continue a downward slide for the company. The 2013 documentary "Blackfish" revealed a disturbing track record regarding trainer safety and the care of orca whales. The film also kicked off a spate of backlash against the company, including the introduction of legislation in New York, California and Washington to ban orca captivity. In 2014, the company's stock (SEAS) fell by 50 percent.

    Bioassays for antibiotics in aquacultured shrimp
    This weekend a student of mine ran a series of bioassays for antibiotics in aquacultured shrimp. She focused on a comparison between ecocertified shrimp (all BAP except for one from Whole Foods) and uncertified shrimp. Whole Foods shrimp showed no antibiotics, farms with antibiotic laden shrimp was equivalent with and without BAP certification. Belizean shrimp farms have largely skipped the BAP certifications and are striving for the ASC certification. That process was put together by WWF and other non-industry groups rather than the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Hopefully the ASC label will perform better than what these results suggest BAP is doing at the moment. I was also encouraged to see the Whole Foods performing well.

    Lost Luggage? 7 things to know in case the airline does!
    There’s a unique kind of relief that floods your body when you see your suitcase slowly rotating toward you on the baggage carousel, coming back like a loyal pet (or a cold sore). If you’ve listened to our advice, there’s no reason you should ever lose your luggage again, but with a seemingly endless stream of stories about airlines who have forgotten almost a full day’s worth of luggage or temporarily misplaced several show dogs, it’s worth looking into what you should do if it happens to you. Here are the best ways to handle it (right after you shake your clenched fist toward the sky):

    UWSP students learn ethnobotany on Belizean adventure
    Nine students, two chaperones and 10 days in the field were the recipe for the winter break trip a group of Pointers hold dear in their memory. Professor Virginia Freire, who teaches biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, organized a 10-day trip to Belize during the students' Christmas break to teach them about ethnobotany and let them immerse themselves in a new culture. "That's a great lesson for life," Freire said. She said ethnobotany is about the relationship between plants and people. While exploring the country and experiencing life in an environment unlike their own, they also go to meet with a variety of healers and learn from experts in their fields. Brad Gorzek, a senior at the university studying biology and Spanish, said he gained an appreciation for the minimalist lifestyle during his time in Belize. "Their lifestyle was just so drastically different than ours on a day-to-day basis," he said. "A lot less hustle and bustle, and more appreciating the land."

    Jam Cruise Confirms 2016 Dates, Ports
    Jam Cruise has confirmed a few details next year’s event. The one-of-a-kind cruise will depart Miami on January 6, 2016 before returning on January 11. Along the way, the MSC Divinia will make stops in Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. Jam Cruise has also revealed that the lineup will be announced on Thursday, April 30 As such, pre-booking, which is currently open, will end at midnight on Wednesday, April 29. Tickets will then go on sale to the general public on Thursday, May 14.Last year’s Jam Cruise featured performances by the Pretty Lights Live Band, Umhrey’s McGee, The Word, Galactic, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, G. Love & Special Sauce, Lettuce, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, John Scofield uberjam Band, Snarky Puppy, A Steve Kimock-led tribute to Jerry Garcia and many more. The ship also made stops in Roatan, Honduras and Costa Maya, Mexico.

    Caribbean Community welcomes new Cuba-U.S. relations
    Caribbean Community leaders opened a two-day summit in the Bahamas on Thursday, welcoming the United States’ opening with Cuba but reiterating their call for an end to “the senseless trade embargo” against their Spanish-speaking neighbor. “At our summit meeting with Cuba last December, I called on the U.S. Congress to end its senseless trade embargo against Cuba. I do so again now,” Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said in his outgoing speech as chairman of the 15-member regional bloc known as Caricom. Browne, who became chairman just weeks after winning his twin-island’s elections last year, noted that the region has had diplomatic relations with Cuba dating back to 1972 when “Four independent member states of our community ended the U.S.-inspired, hemispheric diplomatic embargo of Cuba.” “We in the Caribbean can rightly take credit for being on the right side of history in this matter,” he said.

    Caribbean health officials to hold Chikungunya conference
    The Caribbean Public Health Agency, or CARPHA, will host a conference next week in the Trinidadian capital of Port-of-Spain to discuss the region's response to Chikungunya. The March 3-5 gathering, financed by the European Union, will bring together experts from across the region and from other parts of the world to talk about Chikungunya and other mosquito-borne diseases. "The meeting also provides a unique opportunity to renew efforts to position mosquito-borne diseases as a high priority in the public health agenda, and examine the potential for public-private partnerships, as government alone cannot solve the problem," CARPHA Executive Director James Hospedales said in a statement. The Chikungunya virus was first detected in the Western Hemisphere in 2013. Since then, authorities have logged more than 800,000 suspected cases in the Caribbean and Latin America.

    Caribbean Heads of State Meet in the Bahamas
    The 15-nation body will focus on the region’s “human, cultural and natural assets” at the two-day summit. A two-day summit of the Caribbean Community leaders in Nassau, the Bahamas, began Thursday. Heads of government of the 15-member Caricom trade bloc will discuss three main issues over the next two days: the bloc’s Marijuana Commission, the role of the Food and Agriculture Organisation in supporting the agricultural development in the region, and relations with the Dominican Republic. Another area of discussion will be issues related to reparation for native genocide and slavery. Each Caricom country has been mandated to establish a slavery reparations commission. The leaders will also look into how the 15 member countries can combine their human, natural and socio-economic assets to help each other. The 15 member states of Caricom are Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.

    Caricom Leaders Start Talks In Nassau Today
    CARIBBEAN leaders begin talks today in Nassau over key regional issues as the regional body moves to strengthen unity among its members as a voting bloc. #Ahead of today’s meetings, CARICOM foreign ministers convened yesterday to discuss recommendations for candidates to lead two international organisations: the Organisation of American States and the Commonwealth Secretariat. #In an interview with The Tribune, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell confirmed that foreign ministers have not reached consensus on regional candidates for Commonwealth Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General of the OAS. #The only candidate for the OAS Secretary General is Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro. #“All of those elections come up this year,” Mr Mitchell said, “so there is a very spirited discussion on how those choices are going to be made and who those choices will be. The difficulty with the assistant secretary general position is that there are two CARICOM countries vying for that position: one is Belize and the other is Guyana.

    Take Advantage Today! MANY US CITIES TO BELIZE FOR ONLY $326 RETURN APRIL 2015
    Fly from New York, Chicago, Washington, San Fran and more to Belize City, Belize for only $326 return with American Airlines.

    Vacation in Belize For A Family, Adventurous, Or Romantic Getaway!
    Belize is the place for a range of vacation destinations! Whether you want a nice holiday vacation, need to have a great adventure, or seeking a romantic getaway with just the two of you, Belize is it! The country has such a diverse natural landscape that it will feel like several vacations rolled into one! There aren’t many places you can go and visit the rain forest one day and the beach the next! Planning a vacation is the easy part, funding it, is the difficult part! Belize can be extremely affordable! If you have some cash to spend, you can create a tailor-made Holiday getaway! Just want to have a fun adventure?


  • Question Your Shrimp campaign, 2min.

    The Question Your Shrimp campaign is currently working to gather support from restaurants, chefs, retailers, & consumers who are pledging not to serve or buy unhealthy imported shrimp. By raising awareness & changing consumer demand in the U.S. (currently, the #1 consumer of imported shrimp), the campaign strives to reduce mangrove deforestation & oppression of coastal communities overseas.
  • Know the Vision, No Division, 3min. Belize Natural Energy has a uniquely inspiring video. Well done! "Belize Natural Energy: a visionary leader in energy, mining the potential within. Produced by 3D Prototype Animation"

  • Mission trip to Belize, 11min. St. John's Hollywood House. January 19-26, 2014

  • Snorkeling in Belize February 2015, 14min. Here are some highlights from a Snorkeling excursion I went on when we stopped in Belize on our Caribbean Cruise.

  • Belize River Excursion, 5min. Our Belize River excursion on 2/4/2015. We entered the mouth of the Belize River from the Caribbean. Going up river we saw crocodiles, Iguanas, black howler monkeys, herons, dolphins, a stork and Amazon Jungle Tree Bats

  • Neotropical Otter & Be Kind Belize songs performed by Island Academy students, 1min. This is a song written and performed by children at a primary school in Belize about the fantastic Neotropical Otter. The delightful children of Island Academy, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize composed and performed these two songs as part of the Be Kind Belize Humane Education programme. They are too cute for words.

  • Glossophaga soricina Drinking Sugar Water, 1min. Glossophaga are new world nectar-feeding bats. As such they have a very high metabolism and need to be fed sugar water when they're caught. This individual was caught as part of a bat research project in Southern Belize:

  • Manta Ray, 1min. Manta ray cruising Long Caye, Belize. (Feb. 26, 2015)

  • Belize 2015!, 8min.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize 2015, 3min. Some of the adventures I got up to while i spent 8 nights in Caye Caulker.

  • Belize 2015, 3min. FEB 2015 Belize adventures, 2 weeks covered 5/7 territories and the major cities. This is just some highlights put together of the amazing stuff Belize has to offer.

  • The Blonde Side Does Yoga in Belize with Chi Junky, 4min. The Blonde Side's Jayme Lamm does a few quick yoga moves and stretches in Belize with Chi Junky's Rachelle W.

  • Picking coconuts in Belize, 2.5min.

    February 26, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Over $600K in fire damages at Exotic Caye Beach Resort
    With the help of volunteers from the community and police officers, the fire was brought under control around 4AM. “Three structures (and the laundry room) were destroyed, and each had four units. At the moment of the fire, the units were occupied by tourists. When the security guard saw the fire, he quickly notified our guests and they were able to leave the buildings with most of their belongings. They had enough time to evacuate the area,” stated Rodriguez. As such, no-one was hurt as a result of the fire. The fire comes at the peak of the tourism season, and for the resort that had been booked for this season, affected guests had to be accommodated elsewhere. “The first order of business was to ensure that our guests were taken care of and we managed to put them at a sister resort. Those who were unable to be accommodated at our resort were diverted to other resorts who had offered to assist us.”

    Minister Heredia Visits Medical School Campus in San Pedro
    Washington University of Health and Science (WUHS) takes great pleasure in announcing the visit of the Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation on Tuesday February 3rd 2015 at 6:30 p.m. Upon his arrival the minister met with WUHS Vice President, Peggy Allen who updated the Minister on the community outreach and health care events the WUHS Student Government Association participate in within the community of San Pedro. Following their meeting, the Minister addressed both medical students and faculty, sharing both the history and the future planning of tourism and culture within Belize. After his encouraging address to the entire university medical students and faculty members, the Minister took the time to address and congratulate the Belizean students on their academic success of completing the pre-medical program and WUHS BELIZEAN STUDENTS transitioning into the Doctor of Medicine Program.

    Elias Zetina and Mia Cannon to represent the island in Spelling Bee District Finals
    The 21st annual National Coca Cola Spelling Bee zone eliminations 2015 are well underway in various parts of the country. For the islands of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, the Zone 5 Elimination took place on Friday, February 20th at the San Pedro Lions Den. After six rounds of eliminations, Elias Zetina of New Horizon Seventh Day Adventists School and Mia Cannon of La Isla Bonita Elementary School emerged as the top Zone 5 spellers. A total of 14 students from seven different schools participated in the Zone 5 elimination. They were Trevon Habet and Brandon Worthington of Ambergris Caye Elementary School, Lupita Aldana and Andrew Novelo of Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School, Givelie Orellano and Kaiden West of Holy Cross Anglican School, Mia Cannon and Joyce Martinez of La Isla Bonita Elementary School, Aiesha Moreira and Elias Zetina of New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School, Rachel Alamilla and Ayanna Staine of San Pedro Roman Catholic School, and Emil Nuñez and Tahryneh Pott of the Island Academy were the participating students.

    Castillo’s Hardware Ltd. Celebrates 15 years of business with grand raffle
    Castillo’s Do It Best Hardware has been on the island providing excellent service and best value for 15 years now. This amazing feat can be credited to the hard work and dedication of owners Mr. Alfonso and Mrs. Elida Castillo, who are backed by their loyal staff. Mr. Castillo shared a few words of thanks with supporters who were on hand to witness the celebration. “I would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers – without your loyal support, this wouldn’t have been possible…It is our pledge to continue to provide quality service and products for the best value…we feel very blessed and privileged to have been able to open our doors to serve the community of San Pedro 15 years ago, on February 19, 2000…It seems like just yesterday, Ms. Miriam and I, along with one other worker opened our hardware store downstairs at the present Social Security building. We started out with 2,500 sq ft and a hired delivery truck and driver. Today we have 8,500 sq ft when we relocated here in August 2002. We have 15 dedicated staff members, some of whom are serving for over 10 years…Forever thankful to our customers, we have shown our appreciation and gratitude to them by giving back through anniversary and Christmas raffles.”

    Coast Guard confiscate gill net on Lighthouse Reef Atoll
    On Saturday, February 21st the Belize Coast Guard, with the assistance of the Belize Audubon Society, confiscated a gill net illegally placed off of Hat Caye in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The netting caused the death of many fish, including a reef shark and the protected bonefish. The Coast Guard not only removed and confiscated the net, but they also apprehended the fishermen involved in the situation. The Coast Guard was informed on Saturday, February 21st of the whereabouts of the net. Force members stationed at Long Caye were deployed to the scene where the gill net was immediately removed. After further inspection, authorities confirmed that the net was not registered. The gill net had caused the death of close to a hundred fish, including a reef shark and several protected bonefish. The unnamed fishermen face charges of a fine of $500, six months imprisonment, or both, for fishing without a registered net. In addition, they face separate charges for the killing of a protected species.

    Ambergris Today

    Celebrity Spotting – Steven Jackson of NFL’s Atlanta Falcons in San Pedro
    In his latest blog post, running back NFL player of Atlanta Falcon Steven Rashad Jackson stated that at the end of the NFL season he took time off to relax and recover to embrace one of his passions: travel. Well Ambergris Today caught up with Steven just as he was ending his vacation in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Technically the NFL football player was enjoying the luxuries of the private island of Cayo Espanto during his stay in Belize. Prior to arriving in Belize, he had toured Panama City, Nicaragua and Antigua, Guatemala. He mentioned that he is very interested in the Maya and had interest in learning more about their culture.

    Saga Humane Society Starts Education Seminars at R.C. School
    Students discussed humane treatment of animals, cruelty and kindness - San Pedro Roman Catholic School students were in awe of little Trooper on Monday and Tuesday of last week as they learned about this little puppy, abused and abandoned fighting for his life. They learned of Troopers story while attending a Humane Education program delivered by Sandie Betz-Eisenberg, Saga Director of Humane Education. “Troopers story is a success, but a sad reality, and that is why this education program is so vital to the enrichment of our community,” states Betz-Eisenberg. While on vacation from Canada, two visitors discovered a very disturbing scene while walking on the beach. "A group of boys on the beach were throwing him around like a football,"Julie said as she arrived at Saga Humane Society with this tiny near death puppy in her arms.

    Fire at Exotic Caye Beach Resort Destroys Three Buildings
    Fire quickly spread from the laundry room onto an adjacent concrete structure with a thatch roof. Security of the resort indicated that the fire fighters arrived around 20 minutes after they called in about the fire, in which two other buildings had caught on fire as well. By the time the fire was brought under control, the second stories of all three buildings had suffered extensive damage. Nine units of the resort were destroyed, all of which were occupied by guests; luckily all of them were able to evacuate safely.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Presentation of donations to the San Pedro Police Department
    The San Pedro Town Council cordially invites you to the presentation of donations to the San Pedro Police Department. The event will take place, Thursday, February 26, 2015 at ten o'clock in the morning at the San Pedro police station.

    IT IS NOTIFIED for general information that the Elections and Boundaries Commission, pursuant to Section 18 (1) of the Town Councils Act, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Belize, has appointed the RETURNING OFFICERS named below for the Town Councils Elections to be held on Wednesday, the 4th day of March 2015, and the Chief Elections Officer, acting pursuant to Section 18(2) of the said Act, has appointed, with the approval of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the ELECTION CLERKS named below for the said Town Councils Elections:- RETURNING OFFICER Mario Tun District Technical Supervisor Public Works Department Ranchito Village Corozal District ELECTION CLERK Fulton Barry Palacio Agriculture Officer Agriculture Department Corozal Town

    Mexico Rocks!
    It's in stone now. The big wigs have inaugurated and we got the free h'orderves.

    Carnaval de San Pedro
    If you haven't seen the Carnaval Photographic Exhibition yet, please stop by the House of Culture. The exhibit will run until March 24th.

    Do you want to study in the U.S.?
    Yesterday, the U.S. Embassy partnered with the Leo Bradley Library to OFFICIALLY launch the FIRST EducationUSA Reference Center in Belize. The center is located at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City and features free internet access for U.S. college searches, provides up to date reference books and materials needed to apply and study at colleges and universities in the U.S., provides regularly-scheduled introductory public orientations on U.S. study, information on financial aid, pre-departure information/orientations and other topics based on EducationUSA’ s “Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study,” participates in college or education fairs, hosting an EducationUSA booth, and provides information on local government and foundation scholarships. The center is staffed by two librarians dedicated providing EducationUSA Advising Services to library patrons. The opening of this center will serve as the base to explain to Belizean students the incredibly diverse U.S. higher education landscape and decentralized admission process for thousands of U.S. institutions.

    2015 Youth Ambassadors
    Yesterday the Ambassador had the opportunity to meet with the 2015 Youth Ambassadors traveling to the U.S. on an exclusive exchange program sponsored through Exchange Programs - U.S. Department of State. While visiting the Embassy the group had the opportunity to meet with the Ambassador, discuss their upcoming U.S. travel plans, and attend a luncheon in their honor hosted by the Deputy Cheif of Mission at his home. The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from countries across the Americas to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities. Youth Ambassador Program exchanges are primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States, but also include delegations from the United States to select countries.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Wednesday, February 25, 2015: 18

    SHJC Dean's List and Merit Awards
    Sacred Heart Junior College had an awards ceremony for all the students that made the Dean's List or received Merit awards. Congratulations to all the future leaders! "SHJC acknowledges and awards our academic achievers"

    Wildlife Medicine at the BWRC
    The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic has done quite a few surgeries over the years. They did an ovariectomy on a turtle the other day, and Daniel Velazquez was there to record the event. Thanks, BWRC, for saving so many animals! In related news, they are gearing up for this year's Wild Spring Break, where vet students study abroad in Belize, and get some wildlife medicine experience.

    Channel 7

    Broad Daylight Gang Shooting In City, But Victim Survives
    There hasn’t been a murder in Belize City for over a month – and this morning, a 21 year old escaped death when he was the victim of what is believed to be a gang related shooting. 21 Year old Ian Adolphus Jr., was shot to the arm and the chest in broad daylight on Freedom Street in the Port Loyola Area. According to his facebook page, he identifies with one of a nest of gangs in that area. Today, police discussed the shooting:… Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson – OC, Police Precinct 2 "Sometime around nine thirty this morning, police responded to a shooting incident on Freedom street. What they learned was one Ian Adolphus, 21 years Belizean was walking on Freedom street - and upon reaching it's intersection with Justice street, a male person on a bicycle rode up in front of him and fired several shots. One caught him at the right elbow, one to the right shoulder and one to the left side of his chest. The male person then rode off and made his escape. At this time, the victim Adolphus is stable at the KHMH and police are looking for the suspect." Mike Rudon - Channel 5 News "Could you give us an idea - I know the investigation is just preliminary but in terms of a motive?" Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson "It's too early in the investigation to give a motive at this time."

    "Exotic" Resort Burns In San Pedro; Firefighters Say Thatch Roof Was Hazard
    Early this morning, the Exotic Caye Resort, located on Coconut Drive in San Pedro Town, was the scene of a major fire which destroyed 3 buildings that was part of the compound. The owners of Exotic, which has reportedly been doing business for the last 20 years, must now make repairs and try to recover from over half a million dollars in damages. The fire started at around 2:30 this morning, and it is believed to have started from inside a laundry room. That fire quickly spread to 3 nearby structures, and the fire officials say that a huge contributing factor to the quick spread of the blaze were the thatched roofs on the buildings. These 3 buildings were occupied by guests who had booked for the tourism high season, and the quick thinking of the security guard on duty allowed for the resort staff to alert their guests and get them out of the rooms with most of their items intact.

    San Pedro Police Will Have Community Meeting
    The community of San Pedro continues to be outraged at senseless murder of the 2 year-old toddler Daniel Espat, who was killed in his bed as he lay beside his mother and father. Well, police aren’t making much headway, and so, they’re appealing to the community, especially residents of the San Pedrito area, to come forward and give them information. Commanding Officer Luis Castellanos told us this evening, that the investigation is somewhat stalled because they have no leads. So, San Pedro Police has a community meeting scheduled tomorrow in which the residents are being invited to come out and voice their opinions. Castellanos is hoping that the meeting is a step in the right direction to restore the public confidence in the police so that information about this and other open murder investigations can move forward with the help of informants within the community.

    Man Charged For Knocking Down and Killing Pablo
    As we reported last night, accident victim 58 year old Pablo Martinez died of a heart attack 12 hours after he was knocked down by an 18 wheeler. Before this tragic news, the driver Levi Figueroa was served with a notice of intended prosecution but now that Martinez has passed away, Figueroa has been charged for manslaughter by negligence, driving without due care and attention, failed to keep as close as possible to the right hand side and death by careless conduct. He met bail and is scheduled to re-appear in court in May.

    A Titanic Waste of Time
    The Magistrates’ Court has ruled that Bahamian securities traders Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach were stopped prematurely by police who were trying to stop them from leaving the country. Local Law enforcement were cooperating with agents of the US Government who were trying to prevent both men from going back to their home country. They have been indicted on grand jury charges in the US for securities fraud in which it was alleged that they participated with 4 others in defrauding the US Government of a billion dollars in tax revenues. Viewers may remember that on September 12, of last year both men tried to leave the country on a chartered flight, and when they went to check in at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, police detained them. That was around the time when an extradition request was being prepared, but hadn’t come as yet. So, both men were charged with failing to declare funds over 10 thousand dollars while leaving the country. Informed observers concluded that this was a holding charge to stop the men from leaving while the formal documents for extradition requests were being finalized.

    Pressing The Political Panic Button
    We’re now down to just days before the municipal elections and this is when the political operators in both PUP and UDP camps turn up the panic. The PUP sure did that today when it sent the Chief Elections Officer a three page letter expressing grave concerns about the Belize City Returning Officer’s decision to simultaneously count the city’s 85 ballot boxes at 10 different counting stations. They are usually done in aggregate at the ITVET compound, but returning officer Hugo Miranda decided to do it differently. He told the political parties that he will oversee operations from the Elections and Boundaries office. But the PUP says that the letter of the law requires that as returning officer he has to unseal all the boxes himself – and can’t delegate counting clerks to do it at the ten counting stations. Now, Miranda’s approach is far more efficient, and it would mean that the counting in Belize City would be finished possibly as early as 10:00 pm – when normally it finishes until morning of the following day.

    Selling Tablets Like Pills
    In last night’s newscast we told you about the over 500 tablets that government distributed to university students. The students we saw were busy trying out their tablets, but at least one of them is giving in to the pull of the marketplace. We found this facebook post today from one of the students who has put his on sale. It offers, “ASUS memo pad 7, sealed in box, for sale or trade for anything of reasonable value..(and that) it needs to go as soon as possible.” We called the contact number and the seller told us that he’s selling it for 150 Belize dollars and he has more on offer. Now it might seem a cynical twist on a positive initiative, but Minister of Education, Patrick Faber is unfazed. He commented on FACEBOOK today, quote, “There is no other indication that our students are engaging in selling their tablets. As to the post, it is clearly some hater who wants to try and diminish the wonderful success of the government’s initiative.”

    Mexico Wants A Trade Agreement With Belize
    Mexico’s new Ambassador to Belize Carlos Quesnel presented his credentials to the Governor General three weeks ago. Since then, he and a mostly new senior team at the Embassy have been familiarizing themselves with Belize – a country that calls Mexico its second best trading partner. Belize’s exports to Mexico grew by over 100% in 2014 – which we would say is attributable mostly to cattle exports. And, the Mexicans want the trade relationship to expand. At a media breakfast this morning, Ambassador Quesnel said that they want a trade agreement – and that comes form their President:… Carlos Quesnel - Ambassador of Mexico to Belize "The present government, headed by President Enrique Peña Nieto, is focusing strengthening our relation with Belize as neighbours and strategic partners. The embassy will work closely with public and private sectors of both countries to facilitate reaching a trade agreement with our countries. Mexico is already the 2nd supplier of foreign products to Belize and there is no doubt a commercial agreement would force and integration between both countries. Mexico also wants to increase it's presence in CARICOM countries. What a better way to do it than through Belize.“

    Ministry of Health Warns On Measles
    Fever, a runny nose, coughing and rashes: those are a few of the common symptoms of measles – now turning up regularly in the USA where there is a measles outbreak. According to 'Reuters', over 123 people are infected in California and most cases are linked to the outbreak at the Disneyland theme park in December. Now, how does this affect us? Well according to Primary Health Care Coordinator Dr. Javier Zuniga, we are at risk but measures are in place to prevent the transfer of this disease to Belize. Dr. Javier Zuniga - Primary Health Care Coordinator "The problem is that a lot of people has this mentality that if they get the measles vaccine, that their children will have autism. And that is the association some of the people in the United States have and that notion is false. So not because your child gets the measles vaccine means that your child will have autism. So they’re a lot of groups in the US - minority group, like the Mennonites and some others, they refuse to give their children this vaccine.”

    Inflation Rate Down in January
    According to the Statistical Institute of Belize – the inflation rate in January of 2015 was down 1.1% from one year ago. This is owing to a sharp downturn in fuel prices – which also drove down the price of international airfares. And while the price of beef, pork, fish, seafood and potatoes were up Red Kidney beans, eggs, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and watermelon were down – leading to an overall 2.4% decrease in food prices. Looking at the map, Punta Gorda was the only municipality to record an increase in consumer prices for the month, and that was a marginal 0.3 percent, while Belmopan had the greatest decrease, with an inflation rate of minues 1.8 percent.

    Restore and Rotary Team Up
    The students at the Queen Square Anglican Primary School got to enjoy their newly built playground set today. A ceremony was held in the school’s compound to officially open the park which is equipped with swings, slides and monkey bars – a kid’s paradise. Some of partners in the Literacy and Community Development project discussed how this playground will contribute of the student’s social development. The Literacy and Community Development program is a 3 year program. The cost of the playground is over $250,000 Belize dollars.

    Lloyd Loving The Solo Life
    Lloyd Augustine, you may know him as frontman for the band, Garifuna Collective, which has taken on the late Andy Palacio’s torch of spreading Garifuna Music to the world. The Collective has recently been touring the world, but Augustine also has a solo career which he’s nurturing. He’s released his second solo album “Yugadan” (yu gada), which features 12 songs that he’s held on to for some time, but never recorded. Today, he stopped by and told us why you should pick up his new album: The album officially launches in Hopkins on Saturday with a concert featuring some of the prominent paranda artists from the south, and Augustine wants everyone to come out. He told us that it’s going to be a beach party filled with good clean fun and people celebrating Garifuna music:

    Channel 5

    Bahamians Acquitted in Magistrate’s Court
    The trial of two Bahamian nationals who were charged by the Financial Intelligence Unit back on September twelfth, 2014, came to a close today after months before the courts and [...]

    Massive Fire Guts San Pedro Resort
    An early morning inferno caused over half a million dollars in damages to the Exotic Caye Resort, on the island of San Pedro Ambergris Caye. The twenty year old resort [...]

    “Uno” Shot on Freedom Street
    This morning, at least six gunshots rang out on Freedom Street, Belize City and when the echoes died away, twenty-one year old Ian Adolphus lay on the ground bleeding. The [...]

    Minister Heredia on P.G.I.A. Shutdown
    It shook the tourism industry this past Saturday when air traffic controllers at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, called in sick and did not show up to work to land [...]

    2 Detained for San Pedro Murder
    Two year old Daniel Espat was shot twice to the head at two o’clock on Tuesday morning as he slept in his small family apartment.  His mother, Aleyda Espat, who [...]

    P.U.P. Condemns Municipal Elections Procedure
    Municipal Elections are exactly one week away, and while the candidates get in their last days of campaigning, Party officials are busy ensuring that the election process is fair and [...]

    Are Citrus Growers Being Paid?
    A year ago, after weeks of financial instability within the citrus industry, the Government of Belize, along with various stakeholders, including the Social Security Board, the Citrus Growers Association and [...]

    Taylor’s Alley Youth Claims Police Abuse
    Allegations of police brutality in Belize City are commonplace.  Every so often victims would come to our studios to vent their frustration with the manner in which officers go about [...]

    Police in Precinct 2 Increase Presence
    Bloodshed in the area known as Precinct Two was not so long ago almost a daily occurrence. But as we told you, thing have calmed down in the city while [...]

    Queen Square Anglican gets New Playground
    There are few parks in the south side of Belize City and where they can be found, the conditions are less than ideal for use by children. So there was [...]

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve Expansion Signed Off
    The southern tip of San Pedro Ambergris Caye is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Hol Chan, which is Mayan translation for “Little Channel,” was officially established as a protected area [...]

    CSME Holds Workshop
    The CSME Unit in the Ministry of Trade held a workshop in the Belize City to sensitize key front line personnel on how to handle and tap into opportunities to [...]

    Mexican Ambassador Hosts Media Workshop
    The new Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez, has hit the ground running. This morning, he hosted the media to breakfast and spoke on some of the projects that [...]

    Parandero Lloyd Augustine Releases New CD
    Belizean Parandero, Lloyd Augustine, a member of the renowned Garifuna Collective, is releasing a long-awaited solo album entitled Yugadan.  The twelve-track CD is a musical reflection of his life and [...]


    Fatal Traffic Accident Is Still Being Investigated
    Recently, two residents from the North have lost their lives due to road traffic accidents, particularly hit and runs. The first incident was recorded on Monday February 16th whilst Christian Villalobos was walking on the Philip Goldson Highway near mile marker 61 and was struck from behind by an unknown vehicle. The second incident took place over the weekend in Santa Martha Village where David Thiessen, a Mennonite worker was knocked down in a hit and run and left for dead. Officer commanding the Orange Walk Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold says that the person they had in custody for the Santa Martha incident was released and the department is awaiting the cooperation of a source that can help in Villalobos’ case. SUPT DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW Police “The first one we are still investigating apparently the person who we believe saw what happened apparently they just have to give him some more time maybe he might change his mind and come forward and the second one with Mr Theisen it was just circumstantial evidence so far so we are still investigating both of them, the person we had detained we had to release him and in both cases are cane truck we are looking at.”

    WHO And CDC Advices Of An Outbreak Of Measles At Disneyland Resort
    The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have advised Belize’s Ministry of Health of an outbreak of Measles at the Disneyland Resort in California in the United States of America. We understand that cases are also being reported in Canada and one case related to the Disneyland outbreak has been reported in Mexico. Although Measles remains prevalent in many parts of the world, Belize has been free from the disease since 1991. In order to maintain the country’s measles free status, the recommended and most cost-effective public health approach is to advise persons to get vaccinated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine. In Belize, vaccination coverage against measles has been greater than 95% over the last 10 years, according to the Ministry of Health.

    Sixty One Year Old Woman Arrested For Drug Trafficking
    Corozal Police arrest a sixty-one year old woman for drug trafficking. The arrest was made in Ranchito Village by the Corozal Special Operation Team during the search of the residence of sixty-one year old Rosa Lidia Funes. Authorities report that the team, armed with a warrant, found suspected cannabis almost immediately after entering the house. A plastic bag containing the suspected drug was on a wooden dining table. Funes was alone at the house and was arrested by police. A further inspection of the bag revealed it contained fourteen parcels wrapped in transparent plastic bags. Funes was escorted to the Corozal Police Station where the drugs were weighed in her presence and amounted to 444 grams of Cannabis. She was arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

    Sexual Misconduct By Teacher On The Rise
    Reports of sexual misconduct by teachers continue to rise across the country. Reports have been made at the University of Belize, at Mopan Technical School and even here in Orange Walk at the Orange Walk Technical High School. The matter as we have reported is being investigated by the board of management of the school. The District education center is also aware of the allegations. Yesterday, while speaking with Minister of Education Patrick Faber, the media asked him about his efforts to get answers into the reports at least at the University of Belize where allegations are that three teachers have engaged in sexual misconduct with students.

    It Is A Fundamental Right For Employees To Vote Says Labor Commissioner
    Municipal elections are exactly one week away and thousands of Belizeans will be making their way to the polling stations across the country. The elections are taking place on a weekday which means that the majority of voting population will be at work. Regardless of their job, the law stipulates that employers are to allow employees some time off their duties to go cast their vote. Often times, there are problems surrounding this as reports are made that employers refuse their employees that right. Today we asked Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams just what exactly the law says surrounding this matter and how employers should approach it. “Workers have a right to go and vote and that is their fundamental right, however depending on and this have to be worked out by the parties because depends where you live and where you are voting, I know at times people like to take more than it is allowed and so that is the challenge in other words it is not week off or so much days off it would just enough to allow you to but it depends again and employers know that relative to their situation there’s no specific.

    Community Policing Conducted In Orange Walk Town
    You may have seen an increase of uniformed police officers around your neighbourhoods but it’s not on crime business, instead it is an on-going community policing initiative that is being implemented at the Orange Walk Police Station. Under the directives of the Commissioner of Police all formations across the country are being encouraged to work in partnership with the community to help prevent and reduce crime. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, says only by working together can we enhance the quality of life for a safer town. “Community policing extend way back as I had mentioned earlier so that back in the mid 80’s up to the end of the 80’s we use to have the saturation duties, this is where Senior officers from all over Belmopan, Belize City would walk on different streets of Belize city greeting people but now they put a tweak to it and they call it Community Policing right the meet and greet so here in Orange Walk we are doing meet and greet...

    Police Ready For Municipal Election
    Final plans for intensive security arrangements are being put in place for the Municipal elections next week Wednesday. Police presence will be felt at polling stations and on the streets to prevent any election violence and to keep order. We asked Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation about their plans for town and it appears the entire formation will be out on the streets. SUPT DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW Police “We will ensure that the police officer hold the hundred yards line and we will not take sides the hundred yards line is the hundred yards line; PUP, UDP, NIP have to stay behind the hundred yards line, the media as well, unless you talk to the presiding officer they are the only ones who can give that permission for you guys to be within the hundred yards line, basically we are there merely to assist them right.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Usually in elections there is a lot of filed up energy aggressions and stuff like that do you guys have to be safe in terms of if push comes to shove hell broke loose, how is it that we will remain at order?”

    Corozal Police Looking For Woman For Obtaining Property By Deception
    In Corozal Police are looking for one woman for obtaining property by deception. Forty eight year old Belizean businessman, Eliceo Rivero of Corozal Town, owner of Thunder Bolt Water Taxi, told police that on February fifth he received a call from Tammy Peterson of San Pedro indicating that she was part of the San Pedro Island Sailing Club. Peterson allegedly sought Rivero’s water taxi services to move four small sailing boats from San Pedro to Corozal Town on the same day. Rivero says he agreed to do the job for which he charged four hundred dollars. On the day after, Rivero says Peterson called him once more but this time to transport her and eight other persons from San Pedro to Corozal. Rivero charged an additional four hundred dollars for that trip for which he requested that both services which amounted to eight hundred dollars be paid by three that day and Peterson agreed to have someone take the money to boat captain Miguel Dominguez. According to Rivero, Peterson has not made any payments and has not answered his calls. Police are now seeking Tammy Peterson for the crime of obtained property by deception. The San Pedro Police has been informed of the situation.

    Belize Labor Department Conducts Education Session Campaign
    The Labor Department is on a countrywide campaign conducting a labor education session in all municipalities. The officials are presenting information on the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers under various labor legislations and international or regional commitments that Belize has signed on to. Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams told us more about the objectives of the sessions. Ivan Williams – Labor Commissioner “The purpose of this training workshop is to bring the awareness of the legal framework under which employers and workers operate, to hear from the workers the experiences and the challenges and most importantly to try to ensure a proper understanding of the labor legislations and to foster a harmonious relationship in the workplace where right are respected in the workplace and responsibilities working simultaneously in a proper manner.” We asked Williams whether, from their experience, Belizeans are knowledgeable on these rights. Williams says Belizeans need to be more aware of their labor rights as an employer and employee.


    CEO Speaks on Equipment Failure at KHMH
    Reports had reached Love News of some equipment failure and challenges inside the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. According to an inside source, the hospital has been unable to sterilize surgical utensils due to the absence of a functioning sterilizer in the facility. It is a concern expressed by a staff member, who explained that whilst the hospital does seek the assistance of the Northern Regional Hospital in sterilizing the utensils from time to time, the transportation to and fro still poses some exposure to the elements that could possibly lead to contamination. Love News met with Dr. Adrian Coye, the Chief Executive Officer of the KHMH for a response to the concerns. “We have our challenges, we have outdated stuff, they have been working. It is the biggest one in the country and for all these years we’ve been maintaining that sterilization unit, in fact we made some investments recently to bring on board a second sterilization unit that we have but we haven’t reached that point and this is a recurring problem. ”

    Early Morning Fire Destroyed Structures of Resort on Ambergis Caye
    Three structures that make up a part of the Exotic Caye Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye were destroyed in an early morning fire on the island. The inferno was found out just after two o’clock this morning. One of the first respondents at the scene was the Deputy Commander of the San Pedro Police Station, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott. ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT, HENRY JEMMOTT “When I got on the scene I noticed that a small thatched building about 15×12 the roof was engulfed in flames. Immediately I ensured that we called the fire department who responded within a reasonable time. I went into an emergency mode asking officer to assist me with waking up all the guests that were in the room because the flames were spreading to the building that was occupied by people. At that point we managed to get out all the guests and have them secured on the beach side. At this time the fire department has already activated their operation and they managed to extinguish the fire at about 4 am. We managed to save about 6 buildings and only three were partially burnt, the roof was partially burnt.”

    PNP Mayoral Candidate Protest Adressess Issues in PG
    People’s National Party’s Mayoral candidate Will Maheia headed a protest this morning in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. “The mid-morning protest at the site of the commencement of cementing phase of the street project included People’s National Party Punta Gorda town council candidates and PNP mayoral candidate Will Mehia.” “Yes we appreciate that there is a street upgrade but if they are going to do a street upgrade they should do it properly. We have spoken to many contractors who have said it doesn’t make any sense to build a street and it doesn’t have steel inside of it. Cement needs steel for it to hold and last a long time. Sure this is good but it is a temporary fix because if big trucks start running on it it will start breaking apart so we want to urge the government if they are going to do it to do it right. Again they’ve built a street they are starting another street now there is no room for pedestrians this is a town, a people friendly town where people walk around there is no sidewalk there is no provisions for a side walk so if you are going to do something let’s do it right. Then we look at the other end of the street and they have some plastic culverts there that are far below what is required.”


    Ministry to work on issues of air traffic controllers
    The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation held its own press conference shortly after that interview with Ray Davis, and their main message was a return to normal activity, beginning on Tuesday, and a willingness to work with their staff at the Airport on issues known to be long-standing and sensitive. According to Director of Civil Aviation for the Ministry Lindsay Garbutt, the workers say they had nothing to do with the COLA weekend release. “The controllers stated categorically that they had nothing to do with the press release sent out by COLA, and that that press release was erroneous and not factual. Secondly, they said very clearly that the decision not to come to work on Saturday was based on genuinely being sick. The coincident of all of them being sick at the same time and that it had nothing to do with anything that the department and the ministry is or is not doing.

    Police updates on case of nude teacher pics in Bengue
    On Wednesday February 18th the teacher from Mopan Technical High School in Benque Viejo del Carmen was placed on administrative leave, while police conducted investigations into the allegations. Two male police officers were present on Wednesday to witness the teacher leaving the compound, after he was served with the letter suspending him from duties. On Tuesday District Education Officer for the Cayo District Luis Carballo told us more. “The Principal informed the Vice-Principal. They already knew about the issue, because some students were talking about it in school. So, at this time they’re carrying out the investigation to see where that leads. If it is true that the pictures were being sent to students and things like that, then the teacher can be charged with actions unbecoming of a teacher.

    School controversies still unresolved
    On Tuesday January 27th, members of the parents teachers association of the Arms of Love Primary School located in the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio staged a protest calling for the immediate removal of the principal. The complaints date back to 2012, which we understand is the year the principal came into office; however nothing was done and the issue was not brought back up until earlier this year when parents decided that enough was enough and refused to send their kids to school if nothing was done. “The allegations against her is the way that she has been treating parents and teachers. And parents are concern because of the way she has been treating their children, that she shouts at them, sometimes pull them or argues with them or in a way that they feel it’s not necessary. The Principal has been in position for approximately three years. In 2012 we has a complaint from the parents. We had a meeting with the PTA at the time, the management, the Principal and the staff, to discuss some of the things that they can do in order to alleviate these issues.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Accused aides to illegal visitors freed
    They were accused of assisting a pair of Cuban men to illegally stay in Belize. However today, 50 year old Llewelyn Ramclam and 49 year old Alberto Quintana, were freed of their charges when they were withdrawn by the Immigration Department in the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser due to lack of evidence. Ramclam, a Belizean, and Quintana, a Cuban national who has legal immigration status in Belize, were charged in December of 2014 after the Immigration Department detained two Cubans, 29 year old Jolkies Guerra and 27 year old Jaema Aldana.

    Titan executives cleared of currency charge
    Bahamian executives of Titan International Securities, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach had charges of failing to declare personal currency above the prescribed amount to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) dismissed today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. The Senior Magistrate upheld a submission of no case to answer made by Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith last week. The Magistrate said that she considered the key element of the case to be this: “at what point (were) the defendants deemed to have committed the offence; whether they had cleared all functions of the Immigration Department and Airport Authority.”

    New Mexican ambassador aims to deepen Mexico-Belize relationship
    Mexico’s new Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez, sat down with the press this morning at the Mexico-Belize Institute of Cooperation, the Belize City office of the Mexican Embassy, on Newtown Barracks in his first official event since presenting his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young three weeks ago. The two countries already share a deep relationship due to their neighboring status, but in recent years Mexico has become a valuable friend to Belize in key areas, from trade to tourism development, to the arts and culture. This was a staple of the former regime led by Mario Velasquez and his press and consular affairs officer Marcelino Miranda, and the new Ambassador and new press officer Hugo Juarez Carrillo aim to continue and expand that relationship.

    Smart establishes its own transmission link in the Toledo district
    Customers who use the Smart telephone service in the Toledo district can expect “special events” from their provider in the coming weeks. That’s according to SpeedNet Communications, the parent company that owns the telephone company. Smart issued a press release on Wednesday announcing that it had completed the […]

    Early morning fire guts buildings at Exotic Caye Resort
    Three buildings belonging to Exotic Caye Resort in San Pedro town were damaged by fire early this morning. Police say the fire was reported to authorities at 2:29 am and when police and Fire Department personnel arrived at the scene they saw a small building with thatched roof at the […]

    Shooting incident in Belize City; one injured
    A Belize City man was the victim of a shooting incident this morning. 21 year old Ian Adolphus was shot around 9:38 am today at the corner of Louise Bevans and Freedom Streets in Belize City. Police say Adolphus is in stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police […]

    Warm and mostly dry weather conditions prevail
    Mainly fair, warm and mostly dry conditions are currently prevailing factors in our weather heading into the second part of the week. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for mostly sunny skies today. Tonight will be clear. Little or no rainfall is expected. Winds over the […]

    U.B. students get promised Tablets from government of Belize
    The University of Belize Gymnasium was filled with anticipation and excitement on Tuesday as students from the University eagerly awaited the conclusion of the official ceremonies to receive their promised Tablets. According to Financial Secretary Joseph Waight about 9,000 tablets were bought for $200.00 each. He encouraged […]


    Another Eggs-Citing Easter Week in Belize!
    Easter in Belize is another one of those festive celebrations that could only happen in this tranquil melting pot nestled between the Caribbean Sea and pristine rainforests of Central America. Like every holiday in Belize, Easter is a combination of the familiar and the exotic, retaining the traditional elements that North Americans and Europeans love along with an added cultural zest from Belize’s different ethnic groups, from the ancient Maya through to more recent settlers. For example, Easter eggs are hunted amidst colourful tropical gardens, in verdant pastoral land and on the fringes of lush jungles; Easter baskets may include chocolate made from Maya cacao first cultivated in Belize thousands of years ago; the agouti may stand in for the Easter Bunny, and big lazy ham dinners may feature tortillas and tamales on the side.

    A personal Farewell to Caye Chapel
    It is with a heavy heart that I am writing the end of my romance with one of my favorite “off Ambergris Caye” getaway spots Caye Chapel. As previously announced by BELTRAIDE early December, the Caye has been sold to a Mexican Luxury Hotel development group from Mexico. From the an aerial rendering of the island posted on Ambergris Today, it looks like the golf course and the beach front villas are not going to be a part of the new development. Although I am hopeful that this development company will make what they’re doing beneficial to Belize, truthfully if my wish could come true, they will not develop the island. I knew I needed to get back there one last time and end my romance in style before they stopped allowing people over. I asked a few friends who had not been there to join me, Kendall was in from the start unfortunately business took over and he could not go. Unbelievably to me it was a hard sell getting anyone else to go over, I couldn’t believe they were not jumping at the chance to hang out on a gorgeous private island for the day.

    Night and Day Exotic Caye Resort Fire
    Thankfully there were no reported injuries from last night’s fire at Exotic Caye Resort. Apparently the security guard said it was Denise from Pepperoni’s pizza that alerted him, because he was on the other side of Crazy Canucks at the time. He rushed into action, woke and got everyone out of harms way. According to Marla Vanderlaan who shared the night time fire pics said that they were woken up around 2:30 to evacuate their little room, and were allowed back in around 4:15. One of the units in Building 2 had a propane tank in it so the Fire Fighters kept the building watered down and cut the line in case the tank needed to be removed. Marla said the Fire Department did a great job. The fire started in the laundry building and reportedly spread to buildings 3, 4, and 5 which is closest to Melt Cafe. Two “standby” rooms at Banana Beach Resort were used around 3:00 am and two more this morning at 9:00.

    Fish Chowder
    Lent meal...Fish Chowder. Very simple recipe for comfort food on any day.

    The February 22nd, 2015 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

    This Week's Stories:

      A resident from San Ignacio Town was busted with suspected cannabis. Today, Wednesday, 18 February, 2015, Police, at about 1:45pm, visited a 2nd Street address of Emmerson Manzanero to conduct a search. Upon arrival, police questioned Manzanero if there is anything incriminating located inside the house but Manzanero was brutally honest and admitted to the officers that there is a bag of weed in the room. He was immediately placed under arrest and was cautioned. Police conducted their search inside the house and found a bulky black plastic bag on the floor along with a grey digital scale. The officers then open the bag in the presence of Manzanero. The bag contained green leafy substance suspected to be that of cannabis. Manzanero was then escorted to the San Ignacio Police Station. At the Station, the suspected cannabis was weighed in the presence of Manzanero which tipped the scales at 257 grams.
    • Branch Mouth Residents Busted:
      Two men from Branch Mouth Road were busted and charged on Wednesday, 4 February, 2015. The San Ignacio police conducted a search at the residence of Jorge Dubon, 49 year old Honduran National from Branch Mouth Road. On arrival, police saw Dubon and Stuart Bradley, 65, sitting on a log that was located in the yard at the back of the house. At that time, Dubon had a white paper in one hand and the other hand was clinched. Dubon was asked to open his hand which contained green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. Bradley was searched, however, nothing incriminating was found on him. Police continued to search around the yard and 25 feet away they found a black plastic bag that was hidden under some zinc sheets. The bag was opened in their presence which contained suspected cannabis.
    • Fire Season Is Here:
      The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and the Forest Department hereby inform the general public that the Fire Season is on. In Belize, the Fire Season is observed from February 15 to June 15 annually. With the periodical onset of the dry weather, the general public, especially agricultural farmers, are asked to take all the necessary precautions when using fire for their daily necessities such as the burning of their garbage and preparing land for cultivation. Most forest fires originate from the negligent use of fire by farmers for the burning of their milpas and other agricultural lands. In most instances agricultural fires tend to get out of control due to the time of the day when the fire is lit and the failure of the farmer to open fire lines around the entire perimeter of the land clearing. We therefore encourage farmers NOT to burn during the hottest part of the day (10 am - 2 pm) and ensure that at least a 3 meter wide fire line is cleaned around your milpa.
    • Residents Of Belmopan And Surrounding Communities Benefiting From Improved Road Infrastructure Project:
      Residents in the nation’s capital, Belmopan and surrounding communities are enjoying, and benefitting from two paved streets due to a road infrastructure project financed by the Government of Belize at a cost of BZ $417,802.00 through a loan from the World Bank under the Belize Municipal Development Project (BMDP). Counterpart funding by the Belmopan City Council totaled $12, 534.06. This means that the infrastructure road project will facilitate and provide motorists, pedestrians, and bicycle riders with a better and more pleasant street environment; thus, providing men, women and children, with easier access to traverse to, and from their homes, schools, and places of businesses in their daily lives. The completion of the road infrastructure project on Almond Boulevard and Chiquibul Street is also contributing significantly in improving the quality of life for all residents in the nation’s capital and its surrounding communities; since they will no longer have to be confronted by poor road conditions such as dust during the dry season and mud during the rainy season. Other key beneficiaries from the transformation of this road project are vehicle owners who, will not only be driving on a smooth surface, but, will also experience a reduced impact as it pertains to vehicle maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the project is contributing to the mitigation of traffic congestion on Mountain View Boulevard; and will serve both residential and commercial sectors by providing improved access route to Constitution Drive, which represents one of the main economic arteries in Belmopan.
    • Feed The World:
      There is a growing thought that we don’t need inorganic fertilizers and chemicals to grow our food to feed our world population of some 7 billion people, reaching some 9 billion in the next three decades. It is believed by some that organic farming, an apparently more sustainable holistic farming system, can do the job. While this statement could be technically correct, it begs the question, at what price, and at what level of sustenance. In my opinion, this shift using organic materials as soil amendments and source of plant nutrients may only be possible if we become vegetarians, or reduce our meat intake significantly. (A high percentage of our chemicals are used to produce feed for meat production, and in recent times, for fuel from corn and sugarcane.) In essence, we would need to move away from American/European type diets which have become more popular with creeping affluence around the world, and move more towards traditional Asian type diets. This paradigm shift on a global basis is not impossible, but highly unlikely.
    • Avian Influenza In Poultry Detected In Cayo District:
      On the 15th Avian Influenza type A in two (2) poultry farms in Spanish Lookout, Cayo District. It was detected as a result of routine testing under the Belize Poultry Improvement Plan. Samples tested by an International reference Laboratory in the USA has confirmed the presence of Avian influenza H5N2 antibodies in one farm only but not the live virus. BAHA continues to test and has detected presence of Avian Influenza Type A in one other farm. There are very little clinical signs in the affected birds, which may indicate a response to the low pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N2 virus. This virus predominantly affects poultry. There is very low risk for transmission from poultry to humans and there is no evidence of human to human transmission. To date, testing of all surrounding farms continues to confirm that the outbreak is only in those two farms. Containment measures in effect prohibit all poultry and poultry products from exiting the affected farms. In addition, BAHA has set up other control measures, in the Spanish Lookout area, such as movement control of live birds, eggs, and other poultry products.
    • Undefeated Western Ballaz:
      League (NEBL) kicked off on Friday, February 6th, with some huge surprises in the opening weekend. The national anthem harmoniously sang by the Moreno Sisters – Solie and Julie – heralded the arrival of the 2nd National Elite Basketball League Tournament Friday night inside San Ignacio and as usual, the Sacred Heart College Auditorium was packed to capacity. Nevertheless, the introduction of the home team, last year’s sub-champion, Western Ballaz, was propelled to the next level pulling out all the stops with lights, sounds and smoke in a presentation that will be difficult to surpass. That night, the Ballaz play host to the newest addition to the NEBL, Belize Hurricanes, under head coach, Matthew Smiling—a new team venturing into a tournament with ferocious competition. In the opening game on Friday night, Cayo Western Ballaz (1 - 0) defended their home court, as they easily took care of the new franchise Belize Hurricanes (0 - 1) by the score of 85 - 52.
    • Western Ballaz Press Release:
      The Western Ballaz executive committee through this medium would like to make our position known to the general public about our relationship with Sacred Heart College Inc. (SHC). We know this fact: SHC has had the community of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and all communities as priority in its service endeavor in education. SHC has grown through the years by offering excellence in education and upstanding values for its students and the greater community. There is absolutely no reason for doubt in the mind of the Western Ballaz management and team of SHC’s interest to continue serving the community in every way, including our basketball team and for the public who passionately support our team. For the record, SHC has never intentionally or with any malice attempt to refuse your Western Ballaz team from using the facility.
    • Western Ballaz - Schedule:
    • Rotary Park Undergoing Renovation:
      A new set of playground equipment is on the way for installation at the Rotary Park in Santa Elena town, Cayo. The equipment is coming from Canada and will be installed over the course of two days, on March 7 and March 8. To make way for the new equipment, members of the San Ignacio Rotary Club were out at the park on Saturday morning to put in “sweat equity” as the preparation of the Rotary Park for the major upgrade is well underway. With shovels in hand, wheelbarrows at the ready, a backhoe on hand and a dump truck filled with sand, the Rotarians went to work on a bright, sunny and warm Saturday morning ripping up old concrete slabs and carting them away. According to the president of the San Ignacio Rotary Club Sheree Fuaki, the upgraded Rotary Park in Santa Elena town, including the new playground equipment, will be officially inaugurated on Wednesday, March 11.
    • Saint Martin’s Credit Union Youth Month:
      As part of our ongoing effort to promote and market the vision, mission and philosophy of credit unions and promote financial literacy and savings among our young people, our credit union has designated the month of February as “Youth Month.” Throughout the month, our credit union will be visiting primary schools in the area to educate and promote savings among our young people. This will be achieved by engaging them through interactive activities and hands on approach. Primary schools will also have the opportunity to participate in our annual Credit Union Quiz Contest. Students from primary schools in the following zones will participate to elect one winner from each zone. These winners will take home cash prizes and promotional items as well as cash prizes for the winning school.
    • Ground-Breaking - Ceremony At The Octavia Waight Center:
      We are pleased to announce that the Ground-Breaking for the expanded kitchen at the Octavia Waight Center took place on Sunday February 1st 2015. Mr Evan Dakers, Chairman of Help Age Belize, was the guest speaker of the short ceremony and he extended his gratitude and support of the Octavia Waight Center and their efforts to assist the elderly people of San Ignacio and the entire country of Belize. Through collaboration with Challenge Gobie Foundation, the Octavia Waight Center has already raised 50% of the $100,000 needed to complete the project. The Challenge Gobie Foundation spearheaded a bike ride in November 2014 and through this was able to raise awareness on the project as well as much needed funds from generous donors within Belize, the United States and the United Kingdom. Work is expected to commence shortly on the improved and expanded kitchen and should be completed in as early as three months.
    • Tourist Dies In Traffic Accident:
      There was a serious road traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway in St. Matthew’s village. The Incident happened around eleven thirty this morning which involved a tow-head truck that was hauling oranges and a small SUV. One of two American tourists traveling in the SUV died, while the other was treated first at the Western Regional hospital and later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial in Belize City for further medical treatment. Fifty six year old Teresa Lin Muers died while undergoing treatment, having suffered serious head and body injuries.
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    International Sourcesizz

    Canada helps boost regional military capacity with information technology
    The Canadian government in conjunction with the Barbados Defence Force hosted the second session of a ten-week information technology (IT) workshop on information technology systems support for military members within the Caribbean region. This workshop served to enhance the information technology administrative capacity of 16 military personnel in the six Caribbean countries represented in the course. The workshop was staged through partnership with Canada’s National Defence Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation Program (DMTCP), as well as the Barbados Defence Force, and was conducted at St Ann’s Fort, Barbados. Sixteen participants from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago took part in the workshop.

    Next Stop: Belize
    Considering the pros and cons of staying in Memphis. This is not a threat. It is more a cry, a lament for a city I have come to embrace for more than 30 years. Consider this a pre-farewell to Memphis, but with a few caveats thrown in. My wife and I made a decision a few months back to earnestly begin preparations to leave Memphis and retire to the country of Belize. It's not like it's going to happen for a couple of years, because of our job commitments, but this May we're doing a scouting trip to see firsthand if this is truly where we want to spend what's left of our "golden years."

    18 Things To See And Do In Belize
    For only occupying 9,000 square miles, Belize may be small in size, but it has unlimited resources for fun. Listed below are the top 18 things travelers must see and do in Belize while visiting. 1. Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye occupies 36 miles on the north side of Belize and is a must stop for divers and snorkelers. The island has a perfect access for vacationers who are wishing to visit the barrier reef that is located around the island. 2. Placencia Peninsula Placencia Peninsula is the definition of an oasis on the beach. This peninsula has perfectly white sand beaches and coconut trees all around. The nature reserves located around the peninsula make it a perfect destination to take pictures that are postcard worthy. 3. Baron Bliss Memorial Baron Bliss Memorial is a must stop for the history buff on vacation. This memorial is dedicated to the late Henry Edward Earnest Baron Bliss of England. The tomb of Bliss is located here underneath the lighthouse.


  • Dive Belize!, 1min. Nice ad by Belize Aggressor cruise line. Shows Belize nicely....

  • belize fire, 6min. Please don't worry. I didn't start this, I just ended it

  • The Villas At Cocoplum - Boris Mannsfeld & Associates Placencia Belize Real Estate, 4min.

  • OPEN YOUR EYES TOPIC: HEROES, PATRIOTS AND BENEFACTORS EXHIBIT, 36min. The House of Culture in Corozal is hosting the 6 anniversary of the exhibit called "Belize's Heroes, Patriots and Benefactors". The exhibit focuses on figures in Belizean history who were influential in changing the social or political landscape in their time so that the society provided equal opportunity for all.

  • 10 Belize - Ambergris, 6min. Terminons ce voyage par quelques instants de détente sur l' île Ambergris, réputée pour a barrièrre de Corail, d' un pays, mitoyen au Guatemala, que nombre d'entre nous n'en connaissait même pas l'existence : Le BELIZE

  • Belize, 1min. Scuba diving with a gopro near San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Sharks, stringrays, sea turtles, moray eels, manatees, jellyfish, lionfish, conch, remora, horse eye jacks, barracuda, grouper, spanish hogfish, lobster, loads of other unnamed fish.

  • BElize vs hOnduras punta style pt1, 2min.

  • Backpacking Belize and Guatemala 2015 - (GOPRO), 4min. Backpacking through Belize and Guatemala.

    February 25, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Melonie Gillett releases new single!
    The super talented Belizean songstress, Melonie Gillett has released a new song and it definitely one to party too. Titled “Soca Mode”, the single was released on Friday, February 20th and embraces the party culture of Belize. It makes for the perfect song to dance the night away!

    Late night shooting in San Pedrito: toddler killed, mother in critical condition
    A toddler is dead, while his mother remains in a critical but stable condition, after they were shot while sleeping inside their apartment building. The victims are two-year-old Charlie Daniel “Danny” Espat and 33-year-old Aleyda Sandoval, both of an unnamed street in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town. The two were at home sleeping when at least 10 shots were fired toward the direction of their apartment around 1:45AM on Tuesday February 24th. According to Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police Formation, Superintendent of Police Luis Castellanos, Aleyda Sandoval, Daniel Espat and her common-law- husband Rolando “Roli” Espat were at home sleeping in their apartment room located on the ground level of a two storey wooden structure. Sometime around 1:45AM, they woke up to the sound of several loud bangs after which Sandoval realized she and her baby had been shot.

    San Pedrito shooting leaves toddler dead and mother injured
    Initial investigation revealed that earlier at about 1:45AM, Aleyda Sandoval, Daniel Espat and her common-law-husband Rolando Espat were at home sleeping in their apartment room located on the lower flat of a two storey wooden structure in the San Pedrito Area when they heard several loud bangs after which she realized that she and her baby had been injured. They were both rushed to the clinic where the toddler was pronounced dead at 2:25AM. Sandoval was given primary medical care and later transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospiatl in a stable condition.The body of Daniel Espat was also transported to the morgue in Belize City. Police have since detained a 16-year-old male of San Pedrito area pending investigations.

    Tiburon Rum officially launched in Belize
    The newest award winning rum, Tiburon Rum, was officially launched in Belize on Wednesday, February 18th. Created from a collaboration between Basil Destefano and Traveller’s Rums Limited, Tiburon is a hand crafted, aged, premium rum that originated in Belizean soil. Since its inception, Tiburon Rum has captured several international awards and is quickly becoming a top seller in the liquor market. At their fabulous launch party, invited guests got the opportunity to taste the award winning rum.

    Ambergris Today

    Castillo's Hardware Gives Away $15,000 on 15th Anniversary
    Celebrating a great milestone in the town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize last week was Castillo’s Hardware that his the BIG 15th Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Castillo could not think of anything better than to celebrate along with the community that they hold dear at heart. They decided to give away $15,000 to their loyal costumers. So Castillo’s Hardware held a raffle and gave away 15 $1,000 prizes to 15 lucky winners. “It seems like just yesterday Ms. Miriam and I, along with one other worker opened our hardware store downstairs at the present Social Security building. We started out with 2,500 sq ft and a hired delivery truck and driver. Today we have 8,500 sq ft when we relocated here in August 2002. We have 15 dedicated staff members, some of whom are serving for over 10 years.

    Free Specialized Clinical Services at the San Pedro Polyclinic
    The Belize Medical and Dental Association will be conducting FREE specialized clinic on Saturday, 7th March, 9 am at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic. Services that will be available include: Pediatrician, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Neurologist, Urologist, ENT Specialist, Pediatric Surgery, Internist, Cardiologist, Nephrologists, Dermatologist and Orthopedic Surgery

    Visiting Doctor Donates Pediatric Care Equipment to Poly Clinic
    The Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II received another generous donation from a visitor of St. Pete, Florida. Dr. Mike Mazzaferro, a medical director who has volunteered at the Poly Clinic in the past during a medical trip to Belize, presented a very useful device to the doctors on Friday, February 20, 2015. This time around Dr. Mazzaferro was in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize on vacation and decided to bring with him a very useful and cool donation to the polyclinic. He donated a Pedi-Sleeve (Pediatric Dosing System) which is a three-page protected sleeve worn on the forearm (like a quarterback) that displays pediatric medication dosing and equipment sizes. The sleeve contains information to provide medicinal dosage to children depending on their height. A quick measurement and the sleeve can quickly indicate the dosage needed for the child in case of emergencies and quick response situations, without the need for making calculations.

    Two-Year-Old Dies in Neighborhood Shooting
    Police reports state the bullets rang into the sleeping neighborhood of the San Pedrito area at around 1:40a.m. directed at the residence of Rolando Espat. Nine expended shells were discovered by the police at the crime scene as bullets pierced through the house straight into the bedroom where the family was sleeping. Aleyda Sandoval, Daniel Espat and her common-law- husband Rolando Espat were at home sleeping in their apartment room located on the lower flat of a two storey wooden structure when they heard several loud bangs after which she realized that she and her baby had been injured. In the process two-year-old Daniel Espat was fatally shot in the head and his mother 33-year-old Aleyda Espat was shot in the arm and back. The baby boy succumbed to his injuries while the mother is receiving treatment for her wounds, with a bullet still lodged in her back. Rolando Espat, who was also inside the house at the time of the shooting, did not receive any injuries. Police have since detained a 16-year-old male of San Pedrito Area and are still investigating the incident; it is believed that Roland Espat was the target of the assailants.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    From San Pedro Town Council
    The San Pedro Town Council would like to make a clarification on accusations made on the Good Morning San Pedro TV Show of Mayor Daniel Guerrero by the present People’s United Party (PUP) slate contesting for election this March. Attached you will find a scanned letter of request from the Office Manager, Mr. Cervantes, requesting Central Park for the PUP’s political rally for either February 28th or March 1st of this year. Also attached is a scanned letter of response from Mayor Daniel Guerrero where he grants the PUP permission for usage of Central Park on Sunday, March 1, 2015. The San Pedro Town Council did not receive a formal request or notification in regards to the soliciting of Boca del Rio Park or the intent of relocating the rally from Central Park to the Boca del Rio Park. We take this opportunity to notify the general public that the Boca del Rio park, after the beautification project (installation of palapas, plants, re-painting of basketball court etc.), the SPTC has denied all requests to use the park for events or situations that may expose the park to any damages.

    A vacancy exists at Centaur Communications Corporation Limited for the post of reporter at CTV3 News. The individual will be stationed in Corozal Town. Requirements: The applicant must be from the Corozal District, preferably male. - 6th Form Graduate - Good writing & oral skills in English and Spanish - Ambitious and outgoing - Willing to work long hours - Ability to work well in a team - Experience in journalism would be an asset Deadline for applications is March 6th 2015

    New commercial center breaks ground in Chetumal Mexico
    The initial investment will be to the tune of around Five Million US Dollars or 65 million pesos. "CAPITAL CENTER" will have 43 different businesses including, banking services, gymnasium, laundromat, sports bar, and more. The commercial center will be located at the corner of "Avenida Erik Paolo Martinez" and "Avenida 4 de Marzo". This announcement couldn't have come at a worse time for our Corozal Free Zone as we struggle for competitiveness with our Mexico neighbours. We hope there can be a new infusion of ideas and creativeness for our Corozal Free Zone.

    Polling places in Corozal
    All registered Voters for the Upcoming Corozal Town Council Elections on March 4th, 2015 are advised that there will be three (Polling Areas) designated to cast your votes. Depending in the area that you are registered, you will need to go to the right polling area to cast your vote. COROZAL TOWN COUNCIL ELECTION, 2015 Polling Area No. 39 (ST. FRANCIS XAVIER ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL), Polling Area No. 40. (ST. PAUL’S ANGLICAN SCHOOL), and Polling Area No. 41 (OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE R.C. SCHOOL In accordance with the Town Council Act and the applicable Regulations, I Mario Tun, Returning Officer, hereby give notice that more candidates having been nominated than there are seats to be filled, the election of one (1) Mayor and six (6) other members of the Corozal Town Council will be held on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 between the hours of seven o’clock (7:00 A.M.) in the morning and six o’clock (6:00 P.M.) in the afternoon of the same day in the following Polling Stations established in the various Polling Areas described hereunder:-

    "The Year of Technology: Bridging the Digital Divide"
    University of Belize students in Belmopan received their tablets today. Students of the institutions listed below can look out for theirs this week. Kindly check with your school's administration for the distribution dates. Corozal Junior College St. John's Junior College University of Belize (all campuses) Galen University (all campuses) Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College Belize Adventist Junior College Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College Muffles Junior College University of the West Indies Open Campus Wesley Junior College San Pedro Junior College Sacred Heart Junior College Pope John Paul II Junior College Independence Junior College

    The Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the Government of Belize makes reference to a Report on Proposed Cost-Savings Strategy for the Government of Belize dated June 2014 which was prepared by the Committee to Evaluate and Advise on the Cost Savings Measures for the Government of Belize. This Committee is comprised of members of both staff side and unions side as an offshoot of the Collective Bargaining Process. The MOF wishes to clarify that the figure of $568,453 mentioned in the Report as being GOB’s Advertisement Cost paid to Wave Radio for the Year 2013 is incorrect as it actually represents the payments to this media house for a three year period, being FY2011/12, FY 2102/2013 and part of FY2013/14. (up until the date of the Report), and not for the single year FY2012/2013. The other expenditure figures in the Report related to Advertisement Costs are also for the same three year period.

    Hon. Dean Barrow Heads to Summit of Heads of Government of the CARICOM States
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow will be attending the Summit of Heads of Government of the CARICOM States in Nassau, Bahamas.

    "The Year of Technology: Bridging the Digital Divide"
    In his New Year's address, Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow said, "So if 2014 was a year of infrastructure, 2015 will be a year of technology. Thus, Government is purchasing from the Asus company in Taiwan nine thousand tablet computers so as to be able to provide one for each tertiary level student in Belize. As a result, every student at UB and all sixth forms and junior colleges countrywide, will be gifted one of these brand new tablets as we prepare to march into technology's brave new world." Delivering on that promise, today at an official ceremony, students at the University of Belize main campus were the first group of recipients of the tablets. For the remainder of the week, tablets will be delivered to all tertiary level schools throughout the country.

    San Pedro Aids Commission Thanks it's Sponsors and the Business Community of San Pedro
    for supporting this year's Carnaval Comparsa

    Pedro Guerra Mena Park Renovation
    Rotary is celebrating 110 years this week. To celebrate, the Lin-Wood Interators are here in Cayo, and they are teaming up with the Rotaract clubs of Benque and San Ignacio to do some community service projects. The first one was a renovation of Benque's Pedro Guerra Mena park. Thanks, Rotary, and happy birthday! "The Lin-Wood Rotary Interact Club conducted their International Service Project in Belize. In Benque Viejo they sponsored the renovation of the Pedro Guerra Mena Park in the New Area. Our members donated their time today to paint and mow the grass."

    Exotic Caye Fire .... Under control
    At around 3:30am the southern most roadside building started fire. It spread one building towards the beach and then one building north. The SPFD did a pretty good job keeping the north building from completely burning and keeping it from spreading more towards the beach. Under control now.

    NOTICE from The San Pedro Police Formation
    Please be informed that you’re cordially invited to a community meeting that will be held at the San Pedrito Park on Thursday February 26, 2015 at 6:00PM. Organized by the San Pedro Police Department, this meeting is in order to discuss current social issues, and your voices will be heard. Your presence will play a vital role in the rehabilitation of the San Pedrito Community.

    Exotic Caye fire
    Just wanted to keep everyone updated. The resort did catch on fire early this morning (these taken at 3:30am). Everyone is safe. Three buildings towards the south side are destroyed but the bar is okay. We will be open for normal business hours today. Stay safe everyone!

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, February 24, 2015: 73. FANTASY 5: 23 11 27 19 21 O

    Cayo Animal Health Clinics
    CAWS and HBHS are teaming up again to bring in vets to do some free spay and neuter clinics in Cayo. They will also have deworming medicine and vitamins. Saturday...the 29th??...maybe the 28th this year...the clinic will be in Santa Elena. Sunday, it will be in Bullet Tree Falls. Thanks CAWS! Thanks, HBHS!

    Caribbean Tales Submissions
    If you have a project you would like to submit to Caribbean Tales, please don't hesitate to do so now. NICH has partnered wtih Caribbean Tales to open more doors to Belizean film projects and our Film and Media Arts Unit within ICA stands by to assist you in preparing your application form to maximize your chances. Contact us at [email protected] for more info

    Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, Mr. Benjamin Ho visits Chiquibul
    To observe macaws along the Chalillo Reservoir.

    Channel 7

    The Murder Of A Toddler
    Last week Thursday, police found 2 men on northern Ambergris Caye with gunshots to their head. The week before that, a 13 year-old girl was shot in San Pedro Town, and 2 days later, 32 year-old Kareem Eaghan was shot. Indeed, Belize's #1 tourist town has become ground zero for violence fuelled by the drug drops at the north of the island. But now, it has gone too far: a 2 year-old boy was killed by gunshots in the San Pedrito Area this morning - he died in the embrace of his mother: An innocent life taken by bullets meant for adults. The background to the story reveals an even greater pattern of violence - Daniel Ortiz found out more on san Pedro today: Bullets penetrated the Espat's family home early this morning, just before 2 a.m. Rolando Espat Sr., his wife, Aleyda Sandoval, and their 2 year-old baby, Daniel Espat, were all sleeping in their bed when an assailant, or assailants opened fire on their front door.

    Another Jaguar Paw Junction Fatality
    Last night we told you about the accident at mile 37 near the Jaguar Paw junction. It was the second serious accident at that spot in a week - and the only good news the second time around was that it was not fatal. Well, there's no good news now: 58 year old accident victim Pablo Martinez died this morning. Last night at newstime when we spoke to his family, he was in a stable condition at Medical Associates - but at 4:00 AM, he died of a heart attack. I spoke with his family members this afternoon and they are demanding justice for their loved one. Here's his son, Jose Martinez, followed by his wife, Anna Martinez: Jose Martinez, Son "This morning at 4am he got a heart attack and the doctor said that if he get another heart attack, he will pass away. So, this morning at around 11am, they call me they told me news that he passed away."

    Fin. Sec. Says Petrocaribe Rolling Out
    The Petrocaribe programme - it has the Barrow Administration awash in cash and freely funding multiple infrastructure programmes across the country. But what if Petrocaribe just went away? With the turmoil in Venezuela, it's a topic that's been speculated on for months, and today the Financial Secretary Joe Waight said that's just what could happen. Here's what he told the media this morning in Belmopan:.. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "The Petro Caribe is tenuous, going forward. The world oil price has fallen and therefore the amount of money coming from the Petro Caribe has also fallen. How much longer Petro Caribe will last, we don't know. But we are not planning that it will last for perpetuity." According to the Financial Secretary, the Petrocaribe Fund has accumulated 270 million dollars - and there's 160 million currently in the account - meaning about 110 million dollars has been spent.

    Joe Waight Says 500K WAVE Media Expenditure is Correct, But Not Quite
    Another issue that the Financial Secretary had to address today was a report that's been in circulation from mid 2014 - but is surfacing now in the run-up to municipal elections. It is compiled by a Committee To Evaluate And Advise On Cost Saving Measures. The group, comprising senior union representatives and public officers assesses all government spending and makes recommendations to the Prime Minister on areas where costs could be cut. One such area is media advertising. According to the report, more than half a million dollars was spent on the UDP-owned WAVE Radio and TV in the year 2013. That's an awful lot of spending for a single year, but today the Financial Secretary told the media, it's about right:.. Mike Rudon, Ch5 "There is one figure which says that Wave in particular received over 500,000 in 2013 for advertisements. Again, are you aware of that?" Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "I guess that was in the report and as far as I know it is accurate. I've ask them to substantiate it, to bring the copies of the Smart Stream invoices, but I was told by my people that the number is real."

    Man Claims GSU Beatdown
    There is another allegation of brutality against the GSU tonight. This time it comes from the Port Loyola Area of Belize City. A teenager says police brutalized him for no reason - and left him badly banged up. Monica Bodden found out more when she visited the family today:.. Monica Bodden reporting On Friday night GSU officers conducted a search here at this address on Rivero Street on the Southside of Belize City. 18 year old Shaquille Patnett was home at the time, inside the yard in one of the bungalow houses. He soon became another victim of police brutality. Shaquille Patnett - Alleging police brutality "I was sitting down in my chair and I heard the GSU outside and so I opened the door a little bit because the door was closed. I didn't want them to run in here and see me, like I was hiding them and so I opened the door. They ran inside and they ask who and I lives here and I told them only my mom and I."

    GOB Delivers ASUS Tablets To UB Students
    Over 500 tablets were distributed to university students today. It's a follow up on a promise that Prime Minister Dean Barrow made in his New Year's Address. Today - just in time for municipal elections - a ceremony was held at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan to hand out the first set of ASUS tablets. The gym was packed with eager students and I spoke with some of them today about their new gadgets. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "It's not necessarily only that we wish for you to use it as a tool for your education advances, it is especially to be used however to bridge the digital divide to make sure that those of you who are still outside the loop, in terms of the use of the technology." Courtney Weatherburne Reporting In order to bridge that divide, university students were each given an ASUS tablet today. Hundreds of students waited patiently in line with their ID's and application forms to get their device. When they did, some began to initialize their devices to browse through some of the features.

    Faber Says Teacher Misconduct Sometimes Covered Up
    In the past few weeks - multiple reports of gross sexual misconduct by teachers have emerged in the North, Central and West of the country at the primary, secondary and now tertiary level. Today, at the UB event we asked the Minister of Education about it and he said that the reports had not reached his desk - but there are instances of professional misconduct in the teaching ranks, and a culture of covering it up: Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "But let's say for instance, somebody gets into the classroom, puts on the proverbial sheep skin on the wolf, for instance. What we do then is very important and that is where I cannot find a fault with our system. If we don't know about something then, there is not much that we can do and there are many players out there who help to cover what is going on and when I say that, I mean the schools themselves, sometimes the parents refuse to make the complaints, sometimes the school want to embarrass or they protect, sometimes the churches are involved, sometimes there is politics involved, I will tell you. And there can be no excuse or that and I want to place on the record certainly my position and our ministry's position, that that should not be tolerated. These kinds of cover-ups should never be tolerated and any person, especially those that are given the kind of sacred trust to take care of our children. This ministry does not condone that kind of behavior and those persons should be dealt with according to the law."

    Principal-Hate At Arms Of Love School
    At the Arms of Love Primary School in San Ignacio Town - the charge is of maladministration not sexual misconduct. The parents say the Principal is deliberately difficult and they want her removed. A month ago, parents kept their kids home in protest. Since then, the ministry has gotten involved and the District Education officer discussed it today:.. Luis Carballo, Principal Education Officer - Cayo District "The allegations against her is the way that she has been treating parents and teachers. And parents are concern because of the way she has been treating their children, that she shouts at them, sometimes pull them or argues with them or in a way that they feel it's not necessary and with some of the teachers, they believe that she treats them unfairly and sometimes shouts at them in the presence of other parents and things like that. Because of their frustration, it led to about 50% of the students not attending school for a period of time. The management side saw it fit at the time to put on administrative leave the principal, so that they can carry out an investigation with the parents and the teachers and the students, as to the way they have been treated and things like that."

    The Case Of Compensation For Conorquie
    Tourism Police Officer Danny Conorquie was killed in September of last year - while on duty at Caracol. And while the lawman was likely killed by Guatemalan bandits in the line of duty, his family says it has not gotten promised compensation. We asked the financial secretary about it today:.. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "We did make some payment. I don't have the figures. Again, it's a goodwill gesture. He was a tourism police as I understand it, there are certain benefits that should have been paid due to the death and above that. I think the government paid $10,000, I am not sure. I think the government paid something towards the family, with more to come. I really don't have the figures in front of me. The legal payments when somebody dies, in harness is very small, depending on your category."

    15 K For Elisa
    The Financial secretary also had to answer on the compensation for Elisa Hunter. She's the 31 year old woman who was knocked down by the Minister Wilfred Elrington's driver on November. The mother of one, died days later. Government paid five thousand dollars for the family to fly her body back to her home country of Nicaragua but will they pay more -w e asked the Fin Sec:.. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary "There was a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ex gratia payment which my instructions were to hold on the payment pending clarification as to what the insurance company would actually pay. Having said that, we had already paid about almost $5,700 for funeral expenses. The government gave an ex gratia payment. But since yesterday, I spoke to my minister, the Prime Minister, who said the insurance company is taking too long, let us go ahead and make the payment. So the payment is in train, the $10,000 ex gratia - a few more days, it should be paid."

    PM to Caricom
    And while his financial secretary was in Belize fending off the media, Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to attend the Summit of Heads of Government of the CARICOM States in Nassau, Bahamas. The meeting, which will be held on February 26 and 27 is to continue the CARICOM Mandate. That mandate includes working together to improve standards of living and work of the people of the region; the full employment of labour and other factors of production; accelerated, coordinated and sustained economic development and convergence; expansion of trade and economic relations with third States; and enhanced levels of international competitiveness.

    The ATC Dispute: Both Sides Now
    Today, Air Traffic Controllers returned to work as normal at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. This is after a sick out on Saturday that immobilized operations at the country's only international airport for five hours. Since then, operations have been normalized and the controllers have met with the Civil Aviation Department bosses to air some grievances. We don't know what was said behind closed doors - but we do know that the most cogent list of grievances was circulated by COLA - which seemed to act as a sort of spokesperson for the group of 18 Air Traffic Controllers. Here's what COLA had to say and how the Director of Civil Aviation rebutted it:.. Geovannie Brackett, President - COLA "Is that they have made it very clear to the management that one of the biggest problem that they have is a shortage of professional qualified controllers and what has frustrated the members of the control, the controllers, is that some of them have not been able to take their vacation adequately. Some of them have had to work for more than 12 hours, and in some extreme cases, 18 hours and yet have to return back in a morning shift after leaving work at 2 in the morning - that is pretty much frustrating. I can only as president of COLA relay after I have done my research, to relay what has been told to me and I could only understand their plight."

    Women Out Of The Shadows
    As a part of women's month, every year in the month of March female artists from around the country take part in an exhibit called Women in Art. Curator for this year's project is Belizean Painter Rachel Huesner who has teamed up with the Institute of Creative Arts. The exhibit theme for this year is "Shadows" and Huesner is calling for all female artists who are interested in submitting art work to be featured in the upcoming exhibit. Pieces can be submitted to the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts and deadline of submission will be March 6th. Interested Artists who need more information can contact Rachel Heusner at 2-2-7-2-1-1-0 or - 6-2-2-9-5-5-1.

    Street Art Bigger This Year
    It's the fifth year for the annual Street Art Festival and this year is expected to be bigger. On Saturday afternoon downtown Albert Street all the way down to South Street will be lined with booths showcasing live art, fashion and a wide selection of entertainment. The festival offers artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and artwork in a dynamic public setting. 7news spoke to one of the organizers today. The Festival starts at 2pm on Saturday afternoon and is being celebrated under the theme "Street Art Festival, come party with us".

    We Could Be Heroes
    The House of Culture in Corozal is hosting the 6 anniversary of the exhibit called "Belize's Heroes, Patriots and Benefactors". The exhibit focuses on figures in Belizean history who were influential in changing the social or political landscape in their time so that the society provided equal opportunity for all. The 3 new heroes who were introduced to the public as part of the exhibit were Nurse Vivian Seay, Nurse Dorothy Bradley and Jesus Ken. Research Assistant Linette Sabido explained a bit about the contributions of Jesus Ken: Schools in the north stopped by to view the exhibit which opened today.

    Remembering Romaldo
    The funeral for Police Constable Romaldo Herrera was held this afternoon at St. Martin's De Porres in Belize City. Now, Romaldo Herrera was not a big name in Belize - in fact he only briefly flashed across the public stage - but when he did, he shined brighter than most. That was in February of the year two thousand, when he was a BDF second lieutenant in his mid 20's. Herrera was the senior officer in a 4 man BDF and Police patrol and accused of crossing into Guatemala. All four were captured by Guatemaln Armed Forces on February 24th, and put in a Guatemalan jail. Herrera was their leader and when we spoke to him 15 years ago, he was showed uncommon lucidity:..

    Channel 5

    San Pedro Shooting Leaves Toddler Dead
    Family members and the community on San Pedro Ambergris Caye are tonight mourning the terrible loss of two year old Daniel Espat, who was shot and killed as he slept. [...]

    Kareem Eagan Detained for Questioning in Deadly Shooting
    Thirty-two-year-old Kareem Eagan, who is a person of interest in this morning’s bloodbath, was shot in the right foot in San Pedrito on February second, as he sat inside his [...]

    Fin Sec Says Report is the Real Deal
    A report allegedly commissioned by Prime Minister Dean Barrow in 2014 has been making waves in the media. It’s a white paper type document on cost-cutting measures in government, and [...]

    UB Silent on Alleged Sex Scandal
    The University of Belize has remained absolutely close-mouthed about reports that three faculty members are being accused of sexual misconduct with students at the facility. There are reports that at [...]

    Minister of Education Wants Answers
    After that roundabout answer without anything concrete, we tried to press the minister for more details. The alleged UB sex scandal is only one example of various allegations of that [...]

    Teacher Suspended for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
    And since we were on the subject of inappropriate sexual conduct in schools, we did some digging into another scandal, this one at the Mopan Technical School. A male teacher [...]

    Moody’s Predicts Loss for Bondholders
    The 2014-2015 budget speech is expected to read after the March fourth Town Council elections and while there is a three percent economic growth to boast, the rating agency Moody’s [...]

    Free Tablets for UB Students
    Today, the Ministry of Education invited the media to a breakfast where they discussed the road forward. But that was only a prelude to the real show – the distribution [...]

    An Update on Petrocaribe
    Those tablets cost about one million U.S. and reliable word is that it was paid for with Petrocaribe monies. We haven’t heard much about Petrocaribe lately on the local scene, [...]

    Still No Money for Hunter Family
    In November 2014, Elisa Hunter was knocked down and killed on the George Price Highway. The vehicle which hit her was government issued, and was taking Minister of Foreign Affairs [...]

    The Value of the Sacrifice Made by Danny Conorquie
    In October 2014, when asked about compensation which would be paid to the family of slain tourism police officer Danny Conorquie, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that it would reflect, [...]

    Meighan Charged for S.S.B. Offences
    A well-known Belize City businessman, Joseph Meighan of JB’s Security Firm, was hauled to court today for failure to pay three months of Social Security for his workers.  This morning, [...]

    San Pedro Minor Molested by Father
    There is very disturbing news tonight about a father who molested his twelve year old daughter. The minor who lives in San Pedro told police that while she was at [...]

    OW Man Charged for Drug Trafficking
    An Orange Walk man has been charged with drug trafficking after he was discovered with eight hundred and sixty four grams of cannabis. On Monday around six thirty in the [...]

    Drug War Threatens Residents of San Pedro
    A near-fatal shooting in San Pedrito on February eleventh preceded this morning’s deadly attack at the Espat apartment in which two year old Daniel was killed.  It is firmly believed [...]

    Workshop on Preserving Antiquities Opens
    In Belize, there are Mayan, colonial and modern artifacts from different cultures that are kept under lock and key to preserve the tangible work of art. Since Monday, representatives from [...]

    Interpol Contacted in Stolen Artifacts Case
    Still on the issue of stolen artifacts, which globally represents a billion-dollar industry in the parallel market. Over the weekend, the San Pedro House of Culture was burglarized and stolen [...]

    Call to Artists for Women in Art Exhibition
    The annual Women in Art Exhibition will open at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts on March twelfth. It takes place during Women’s Month as one of the calendar [...]

    Education Reference Center Launched
    Have you considered studying in the United States? Well, your opportunity to do so just became easier. Today, the U.S Embassy and the Leo Bradley Library teamed up to open [...]


    BWU Not Happy With Negotiations With BSI
    Representatives of the Belize Workers Union met with officials of the Belize Sugar Industry to further negotiate salary increments for about 160 hourly paid workers at the company. These workers include those from storage in Belize City and the Ship dock in Corozal. Chairman of the BWU Orange Walk Branch Ramiro Gongora says they are not too content with the outcome of the discussions. “Well the negotiations were based on the conclusion of the 2011/2014 which ended on July 1st 2014 from thereon we have to negotiate on a yearly basis or two three years as to achieving a SBA for the workers at the factory. We had targeted a fifteen percent increase on our initial basis because for the past 2011 to 2014 we receive 14% increase for those three years and we were looking a target about that but we had arguments with BSI and is something that we as employees and beneficiaries need to be aware that the European Union will be terminating the agreement with the ACP countries and that is something that we as employee need to focus as yet if the benefits for the employees is something that is reasonable and we can say that at this point we did not like the outcome but it is a negotiation process and whatever is achieved is for the members.”

    Moody Says Bond Holders Will Loose When It Comes To Oil Investment In Belize
    An investor service reports that falling oil output and a weakening fiscal account in Belize may hurt growth and cause losses to bondholders two and a half years after it defaulted on about $550 million of bonds, according to an article on the Bloomberg Business website. The report goes on to say that quote, “oil production in Belize declined twenty percent in January through August 2014 from a year earlier and will fall to less than 500,000 barrels this year after declining 23 percent in 2013 meaning that the country’s primary surplus, or budget balance before interest payments, will shift to a deficit in 2015,” end of quote. What this translates into, according to the report, is that the risk of losses to bondholders remains considerable especially since the country may run out of oil by 2017. “Debt sustainability is fragile. There are downside risks to fiscal performance over the next 2-3 years,” it added.

    Three Men Charged With Possession of Cannabis
    A search conducted by Orange Walk Police over the weekend in Trial Farm proved successful for the authorities. According to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, the search resulted in the detention of 3 men and one female person who were found in the residence on Hummingbird Street. SUPT. DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW POLICE “On the 22nd day of February 2015 at about 5:30pm police visited #26 Hummingbird Street Trial Farm Area where a search was conducted and approximately 246 grams of cannabis was found and three persons were arrested yet to b charge and they are in custody on today’s date police went up to that same yard and found approximately 684 grams of cannabis where one person was arrested and both incident the person awaiting trial for drug trafficking.”

    PM Takes Part In The 36th Annual Summit Of Head Of Government Of The CARICOM
    The Prime Minister of Belize, Honorable Dean Barrow, left the country today to take part in the 36th annual Summit of Heads of Government of the CARICOM States in Nassau, Bahamas scheduled to take place on the 26th and the 27th of February. During the summit Caribbean heads of state are expected to address a variety of issues including the creation of a marijuana commission, regional food security initiatives and the recent controversial court ruling by the Dominican Republic that denies the children of foreign nationals born in the country the automatic right to claim citizenship.

    No Arrest Made On Case Of Christian Villalobos, Investigations Continue
    Last week Monday we told you about a fatal road traffic incident that claimed the life of 19 year old Christian Villalobos, a Louisiana area resident, who was hit on mile marker 61 near the mameyal curve. When we left you, police were seeking the help of the public in identifying the driver since they believed he was struck from behind and left for dead. Today, police in Orange Walk Town say they are closer to arresting the person responsible. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold gave us an update on that case file… SUPT. DENNIS ARNOLD – Officer Commanding, OW POLICE “We are still canvasing that area because apparently we are following all leads and we yet to follow a lead from the same village and we believe that soon there will be an arrest.”

    Police Charges One Man For Traffic Offences
    One man has been arrested and charged for the hit and run incident on February 19th that left a sixteen year old hospitalized with serious injuries. Following the incident, Corozal Police conducted an intense investigation and soon after officers located the vehicle. Police subsequently arrested and charged Ismael Mosias Gomez of San Victor Village for six traffic offences. These include failed to report an accident, failed to stop and render aid, drove without care and attention, drove unlicensed motor vehicle, drove motor vehicle without third party risk insurance and negligent grievous harm. Police report that Gomez has been fined and disqualified for the offences with exception of the negligent harm due to the fact that the victim is still hospitalized.

    Another Disturbing Case Of Carnal Knowledge In Chan Chen Village
    Corozal Police are tonight investigating another disturbing case of carnal knowledge and are seeking one man in connection to the report. That report was made by a fifteen year old female, a Belizean domestic of Chan Chen Village. She, along with her mother, told police that she had left her house in San Pedro Town on December 16th 2014 in the company of a male person she knows very well and headed to Chan Chen Village. The minor told authorities that she has been sexually active with the male individual since December 19th 2014 to the 16th of February this year. A medical examination concluded that the girl was carnally known and police are now looking for the accused who is also from Chan Chen Village. He is being sought for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse.

    Gun Shots On La Isla Bonita Leaves Toddler Death
    In the wee hours of this morning on La Isla Bonita, gunshots rang out in the San Pedrito Area shattering the calm of the night and injuring two persons, including a two year old toddler fatally wounding him. The area has been seeing a spate in increase of gunfire and according to police they are looking at all possible angles as to what may have led the gunman to discharge his firearm at the family. In an interview over the telephone, Superintendent Luis Castellanos, Officer Commanding the coastal zone, told us the family was targeted whilst they slept in their apartment located on the lower flat of a two storey wooden structure in the San Pedrito Area. “Police responded immediately to the residence of Mr Rolando Espat and upon the arrival they learnt that the victim had already been transported to the Poly clinic and as a result we made our way to the Poly clinic where on arrival at the Clinic we saw doctor attending to a minor, a baby toddler, a two year old, whose name we later learnt to be Daniel Espat and we observed that this toddler was suffering from some what appears to be gunshot injuries in the head, shortly afterwards that doctor pronounce the baby dead and we also at the hospital we notice that the mother was there and her name was Mrs Aleida Sandoval 33 years, Belizean housewife of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town and she was observed to be suffering of gunshot injury from the left part of her hand by the elbow area and it is understood that the bullet was lodged in her back, at the scene we observed that the door to the apartment had about eight to nine bullet holes and at the crime scene we found five plugs and one expended shell.”


    Toddler Shot In Head Whilst He Sleeps
    Residents of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye are in shock at the news of the death of a two year old boy following a shooting incident that occurred on the island last night. We spoke to the Officer Commanding the San Pedro Police Station, Superintendent Luis Castellanos for the details surrounding this shooting incident. SUPERINTENDENT LUIS CASTELLANOS “At 1:40am, we received information of shots being fired in the San Pedrito Area. As a result of that, we visited the area or we visited the residence of Rolando Espat, 46-year-old fisherman of the San Pedrito Area. However, upon arrival there, we learnt that the victims had already been taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic. So, we diverted our attention and went to the clinic and there we saw the doctors on duty attending to the two year old baby boy, who apparently had gunshot injuries to the head. Shortly afterwards, the doctor on duty informed us that the baby had passed away and we learnt his name to be Daniel Espat. Also at the clinic we met Aleida Sandoval, 33-year-old Belizean housewife of the San Pedrito Area who was also suffering from what appeared to be gunshot injuries to her left hand and the doctor on duty also informed us that apparently the round has lodged in her back. We returned to the crime scene where we found that the door of the apartment had several bullet holes and on the scene we found five slugs and one expended shell. So far, we are investigating the case.”


    BDF corporal and wife get 5 years for ammunition
    On 22nd December 2011 C.I.B personnel and S.B. personnel conducted a house search at the premises of 34 year old Gerald August, Belizean BDF Corporal of Billy White Village. Present was his wife, Loida Eunice August. During the search, Police found a black Pietro beretta .9 short/380 pistol with serial number tampered with. The gun was found inside a box with clothes. Further searches led to the discovery of a number of ammunition cartridges under a sewerage bowl behind the kitchen area and inside a black plastic bag buried about 6 inches in the ground covered with two pieces of board.

    17 year old gets 5 years for gun
    A 17 year old was found guilty of kept firearm without a gun license and kept Ammunition without a Gun License on February 24. The minor, was arrested in December of last year after C.I.B personnel were on mobile patrol on Flamingo Avenue, San Ignacio Town. The minor walked into Kenny’s store acting suspiciously. CIB personnel then followed him and saw the minor place a firearm beside a shelf inside the store. He was escorted to that area and Police found 9 mm Smith and Wesson brand pistol loaded with 2 live rounds.

    Minister Faber Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct at UB
    On Tuesday the Ministry of Education hosted a media breakfast to discuss strategies of the Ministry of Education going into to the year 2015. After the breakfast meeting the Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber addressed the issues surrounding the recent influx of allegations concerning misconduct of teachers and educators in three different institutions. First Minister Faber addressed the recent allegations at the University of Belize that singled out three educators accusing them of sexual misconduct. “As you know I do not interfere directly into the affairs of the University of Belize. I appoint the Board of Governors here and that is about my role. I have not gotten a formal report of what has transpired, so I think that question is best served for the officials here at the university.”

    COLA discusses air traffic controllers’ claims
    Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) issued a lengthy release over the weekend discussing information it received from sources within the Department of Civil Aviation concerning the the plight of the air traffic controllers working at the International Airport. The organization claims to have spoken directly to affected workers and shared some of their concerns. President Geovannie Brackett spoke to the issue of staff complement and the feeling that the lesser-trained workers are dragging down their superiors. “They told me that Miss Tracy from the BTB attended one of the meetings. They have made several expressions to Mr Garbutt. One of the things that frustrated them is that they have already expressed over and over [for] the past couple of years to various management of their plight. What I found troublesome was that there is about six folks, they say, that are on their third probation period. Now, if you hire me for three months and I’m on probation, and I fail the first probation, and you rehire me for the next three months, and another three months, and my incompetence affects the effectiveness of your role above me. Because every time you have to leave the directing of the news now to come babysit me, at some point you get frustrated.

    Two year old dies after he and his mother are shot
    A two year old boy is dead after he and his mother were shot in San Pedro early Tuesday morning. According to police reports, at around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday February 24, shots were fired in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro. 2-year-old Daniel Espat was shot twice to the head, while his mother, 33-year-old Aleyda Sandoval, was shot to the left elbow. Aleyda Sandoval, Daniel Espat and her common-law- husband Rolando Espat were at home sleeping in their apartment room located on the lower flat of a two storey wooden structure, when they heard several loud bangs. Bullets entered the room and the baby was hit, as well as the mother. They were both rushed to the San Pedro Poly Clinic, where Daniel Espat was pronounced dead at 2:25 a.m. Aleyda Sandoval was transported to K.H.M.H, in a stable condition and the body of Daniel Espat was transported to the morgue.

    12 year old sexually assaulted by her father
    A 12-year-old has reportedly been sexually assaulted by her own father. The minor, along with her mother, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on February 18, 2015 at 5:30 p.m., she was at her father’s house when he sexually assaulted her. A medical examination was also conducted on the 12-year-old that confirmed that she had been carnally known. Police are seeking the father pending charges.

    Tourists take PGIA stress in stride
    On Saturday we spoke to a few visitors heading out of Belize before normal service was resumed and for the most part they took the news of flight delays in stride. A young woman we spoke to said she hoped to get back in time for school in the U.S. Tourist : “We were told that the Air Traffic Contro...

    Second truck accident in days at Jaguar Paw junction
    A man is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after a towhead truck ran him over on the George Price Highway...

    Supreme Court dismisses sugar farmer’s claim
    Instead of allowing time for amendment of the claim of cane farmer Lucilo Teck against the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to reflect a change in circumstances since permission was granted to file on January 23, on Monday Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith decided to dismiss the claim, on the ...

    Controversial Wooden House Removed
    Last three weeks, PlusNews broke the news of a controversial wooden structure that was being erected close to the National Assembly in Belmopan, purportedly in a green space area. But according to the City council,  the structure  was being built outside the designated green space area.Neverthele...

    Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm
    Aging with Grace and Enthusiasm is a fairly new organization established in October of last year. The organization deals with “shut ins” or elderly people in the Belmopan area who are unable to leave their homes due to complications associated with ageing. You have probably heard of HelpAge Belm...

    Unlicensed Driver who knocked down woman works for 88 Shopping Center
    On Friday we reported on the charges pressed against 19 year old Boyd Lopez,  after he lost control of  a vehicle on Baghdad Street, Belize City,  and knocked down and killed 70 year old Marie Knowles. We reported that Mr Lopez was  driving a Toyota Highlander SUV which belonged to his boss...

    San Ignacio Town Hall on Fire
    The San Ignacio Town Hall caught fire on Monday evening. The building, right near the roundabout by the Hawksworth Bridge, houses the Town Hall on the second floor and NICH on the first floor...

    Laborer admits to drug trafficking
    25 year old Victor Bon Jovi Cima, a labourer of Belize City, who was charged with drug trafficking for a total of 690.4 grams of cannabis, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty when he appeared on Monday before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was originally charged with two counts for separ...

    Inmate faces marijuana charges
    He is already serving eight years’ imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter, but 50 year old Vincent “Steeno” Tillett could see more time behind bars after being charged with drug trafficking for cannabis found in his prison cell. Vincent Tillett appeared on Monday before Magistrate Herbert Panton a...

    San Pedro House of Culture burglarised
    56-year-old Guillermo Enrique Paz from San Pedro Town reported to police that on February 20 at 4:30 p.m. he locked up and secured the House of Culture located on Angel Coral Drive and left for the weekend. However, upon his return on February 23,  he noticed the front door was opened and some artef...


    Belize air traffic controllers strike!
    Government officials are refusing to call the actions of air traffic controllers (ATC) at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) a “strike,” but there is no other way to explain the fact that six of the controllers called in “sick” on Saturday morning, causing chaos at the airport – flights could not leave, nor could flights land. Because the airport and its functions are so important to the nation, it is, by law, categorized as an essential service, and the controllers cannot take industrial action by declaring a strike. If they wish their employers to “get the message,” therefore, they must call in sick. The effect, essentially, is the same as going on strike – the airport shuts down. The tactic is well-known and used by “essential services” workers to make the government know that they are serious about their demands, without getting into trouble with the law. It is the first time, however, that an entire essential service has been forcibly shut down by this means.

    Police autopsy: Otto Palma died by “hanging”
    Otto Raimundo Palma, 23, of Ladyville, detained by Ladyville police on Tuesday, February 17, pending a charge of rape, was found dead in his cell at the police station at about 7:45 Wednesday evening, February 18. Police say that Palma was found suspended by a white T-shirt from the upper metal bar on the door of his cell. Police labeled his death a suicide, but Palma’s family do not believe the police. Today, Monday, Preston Reynolds, Palma’s father, visited Amandala and showed us a copy of the medical certificate which stated the cause of Palma’s death. In that certificate, police coroner Dr. Mario Estradabran listed hanging as the cause of “injury leading directly to [Palma’s] death”. The section listing “other significant conditions contributing to death” was blank, which could apparently invalidate the family’s theory that Palma was tortured and died during the ordeal.

    Boyd Lopez, 19, charged for Maria Knowles’ death
    A teenager who wreaked havoc in an area between Water Lane and Bagdad Street early Wednesday afternoon, when he lost control of a Toyota Highlander SUV and mowed down a retired educator a stone’s throw from her home, was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court this morning on a slew of charges for which will be tried on indictment. After two nights in police custody, Regent Street resident Boyd Lopez was arraigned before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Panton explained to the 19-year-old that he did not have to enter a plea on the charges, because they will be heard in the Supreme Court.

    Déjà vu at Jaguar Paw cutoff
    Tragedy struck again this morning at the Jaguar Paw Road junction when an 18-wheeler towhead truck, loaded with double containers, knocked down a village pastor after the driver of the truck lost control and veered across the highway. Belmopan police said that shortly after 10:00 a.m. today, they were alerted about a road traffic accident that had occurred between Miles 37 and 38 on the George Price Highway, near the Jaguar Paw Road junction. When they arrived at the scene, a man was seen lying on the left shoulder of the highway, while an overturned towhead with two loaded containers was observed a short distance away on the same side of the highway.

    Premium gas prices up nearly 10%
    Last Thursday, an official of the Ministry of Finance indicated to us that the price ease that was benefitting premium gasoline users, with the per gallon price being $8.03, while the price of regular gas was actually higher, at $8.04 a gallon, would come to an end around mid-week this week, but it turns out that later that same night, the Government of Belize, via the Ministry of Finance, implemented new controlled prices at the pumps, which has resulted in premium customers now paying nearly 10% more for a gallon of gas. The price adjustments implemented last Thursday night mean that consumers are now paying $8.80 for a gallon of premium gasoline while consumers of regular gasoline are now paying $8.13.

    FIU not investigating US$54.8 mil in Swiss accounts
    It’s far easier to move money from Belize via an offshore company than to deposit those funds in a local commercial bank, especially with more stringent banking requirements which have been implemented as part of the new anti-money laundering regime here in Belize. If a citizen shows up at the bank with an unusual amount of money to deposit—or any sizeable sum for that matter—that customer will most likely face a routine probe into the source of the funds and if the cash transaction is deemed suspicious, it could be cause for an immediate alert to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Less than two weeks ago, we reported on information published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) under the Swiss Leaks project, indicating that US$54.8 million had been deposited from Belize at the HSBC bank in Switzerland, and 9 Belizean citizens were included along with the clients of several offshore companies which had established accounts at the foreign bank.

    BelCare showers Belizean children with footballs
    In his interview last month with, retiring Argentinian #10 Juan Roman Riquelme said “The ball has given me everything…. The best toy I’ve ever had, or could ever have, is a football…” His passion is shared by hundreds of Belizean children. Thirty years ago, Belize, Panama and Nicaragua were called the “whipping boys of Central America.” Today, Panama is a football powerhouse, having gone to penalties in the finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup against the USA. They got there, like Costa Rica, by building their program with an emphasis on the youth. And they provided the resources needed – the infrastructure and equipment, and the support and training for coaches.

    Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta 2015, Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8
    The Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta Committee proudly invites the general public to the BTL Park, New Town Barracks to witness the 87th Baron Bliss Regatta. The series of boat races will run from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, March 7 & 8. Over 50 boats are expected in the Optimist, Laser, other “one design” classes, as well as the traditional Lighters, Sailing Dories and Seagulls. Sea Scouts’ “Bosuns” will open the course with the first race on Sunday. Last year, in the Lighter class United defeated the long standing champion, Radio. In the Optimist class, the youngest ever to sail single-handedly on the traditional course were two 8-year-olds, “CJ” from Placencia Sailing Club and Malik Jones from Caye Caulker.

    Richard Troyer of Western Ballaz sets NEBL scoring record with 43 points
    Week 3 of the second annual National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) season continued to roll this weekend, as teams took the court on a quest to separate themselves from the pack. Fans are reminded that all games have a live webcast, where the play-by-play along with box scores are available for all games. Fans can follow every game live on the internet, as scores are in real time. The games can be accessed from our website at Belmopan Red Taigaz handed Dangriga Warriors their first loss. Belize City No Limit scored their first win of the season. San Pedro Tiger Sharks bounces back. Western Ballaz rolls, to remain as the only undefeated team.

    Editorial: Stumbling blocks
    In late February of 1998 an attack was made on the KREM Radio broadcast tower on Partridge Street. It was not the first such attack which had been made on the tower, but the cold-blooded and sophisticated nature of the February 1998 attack was noteworthy. At that specific time, Kremandala was in a battle with the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP). Apart from the fact that Cordel Hyde, the second son of the Kremandala chairman, was about to contest the seat in the Lake Independence constituency as the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) candidate, in September of 1997, the UDP Minister of Housing, Hubert Elrington, had called for the KREM Radio license to be revoked because of a controversial KREM sports broadcast. Perhaps coincidentally, and perhaps not so coincidentally, Mr. Elrington was the incumbent UDP area representative and standard bearer for Lake I.

    From the Publisher
    Personally, I find it necessary and important to control nostalgia. Some days are gone, never to return. Sentimental wallowing in the past is, ultimately, an exercise in futility. At the same time, remembering good things and good times is a valuable aspect of our community and societal consciousness. Week before last Friday afternoon, I was driving past the MCC Garden and the gate was open. So I drove inside, got out my vehicle and walked on to the field. The “groundskeeper” was watering the grass. I am no kind of expert on fields, so I will not try to explain why I felt unhappy about the condition of what is like a football shrine to me. Just suffice to say, I’m very unhappy. When the British donated the MCC to Belize circa 1960, they brought a Jamaican by t he name of McMahon to be the first “groundskeeper.” (Belizeans called him “Mac-ma-hone.”) He was a brown-skinned, bespectacled guy, somewhat crotchety, perhaps in his early/middle fifties, still young enough to play cricket with one of the city teams. Remember now, the MCC was, in the first instance, a cricket pitch, but football slowly took it over.

    Thanks from Wayne Uter
    Dear Editor, This is Wayne Uter again, only this time I want to extend my gratitude for the publication of my letter that I wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, titled: “Taxation without Representation.” Because of the part you played by publishing my letter and assisting in spreading the story, I am happy to tell you all that I was contacted by someone out of the Ministry, and that my “beef” with them has now been addressed. I was informed that my wife’s passport is at the offices of the Permanent Mission here in New York and is now ready for pick-up.

    Fake red potatoes were consumer rip-off
    Although it was initially thought that someone had imported Mexican potatoes and dyed them in Belize – since it is not routine for Belize to allow the importation of red potatoes, which are produced locally – our newspaper was reliably informed today that a Belizean distributor bought the dyed potatoes in Chetumal, Mexico, from a supplier who died the imported Idaho potatoes specifically for the Belize market, so that higher price tag could be charged in sales to Belizean consumers. It is clearly a consumer rip-off, our official source indicates, since the purchaser could have sold the produce at a much higher profit margin. We have not received word of any move by authorities to prosecute the person or persons responsible.

    Farming beautiful butterflies
    Belize’s tropical forests are home to a variety of plant and animal life, including butterflies that are present in vast array. Belize has several species of butterflies, some of which are seasonal. It may take you hours to seek out the various species in their natural habitats, but several of these species can be seen at a convenient location near Belize’s western border with Guatemala. These butterflies are farmed on the premises of the Tropical Wings Nature Center, located 6 miles west of San Ignacio, Cayo, just east of San José Succotz Village. The largest of the butterflies in the extant collection are the owl butterflies, whose wings are a bright blue on the upper surface, but when they perch atop trees or feed on their favorite fruits, their wings close up to display a dark brown pattern with circles reminiscent of an owl’s eyes – which is how this butterfly got its name. The zebra butterfly, the giant swallowtail, the monarch, the red rim and the postman butterfly are also found in Belize. The morpho butterfly, which can have an impressive wingspan of nearly half a foot, is also reared at the farm.

    Magistrate to rule on George McKenzie, Jr., PI for attempted murder
    This morning the prosecutor in the #3 Magistrate’s Court concluded the submissions of statements in the preliminary inquiry into the attempted murder charge against George McKenzie, Jr., the son of reputed gang boss George McKenzie, Sr., deceased. After hearing submissions from McKenzie’s attorney Kareem Musa and the response of the court prosecutor, Corporal Kennard Clarke, Magistrate Herbert Panton is expected to make a ruling on Friday as to whether he will strike out the charge against McKenzie or send the case up to the Supreme Court for trial. Last year June, police charged McKenzie with the attempted murder of Paul Alvarez, Jr., who was shot by a lone gunman on Lovely Lane.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Belize Education Sector Reform Project report card discussed
    The achievements and accomplishments in the education sector were agenda items today for a media event in the nation’s capital, Belmopan. With a report, here is Gwen Nunez Gonzalez. Gwen Nunez Gonzalez Reporting: The Hon. Patrick Faber accompanied by the Management Team and Director of Projects, Dr. Ellajean […]

    Air Traffic Controllers back at work, no penalties for Saturday’s occurrence
    The air traffic controllers recently taken sick are back on the job following a Monday afternoon meeting with their bosses at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, which also featured participation from the Public Service Union (PSU). The workers claim delays in salary adjustment and increments, […]

    Two year old killed, his mother injured in early morning shooting
    A two year old child was fatally wounded in a shooting incident early this morning in San Pedro town on Ambergris Caye. It happened just around 1:45 this morning in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro town. According to police, two year old Daniel Espat sustained gunshot injuries to […]

    PM Barrow attends CARICOM summit in the Bahamas
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow today traveled to Nassau, the Bahamas to attend the Summit of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM. The terse press release from the PM’s office was short on specifics other than saying that Mr. Barrow will return to the country on Sunday and that […]

    Police look for two alleged sex offenders
    Police in Corozal and San Pedro towns are investigating the sexual of two minors. The first involved a 12 year old girl from San Pedro town. The girl, in the presence of her mother, told police that on Wednesday evening of last week, she was at her father’s house when he sexually assaulted her. Police say that a medical examination of the 12 year old girl confirmed that she had been carnally known. Police are now looking for the father of the 12 year old girl, pending charges.


    A Walk Over Boca Del Rio Bridge: Barrier Reef Resort (nee Reef Village) & Lina Point
    And Barrier Reef Resort (nee Reef Village or “Grief Village”) along the brand new beautiful road. This resort/village has been fraught with drama for quite some time and I don’t know enough to comment on any of it. (Though I have added some notes at the end of this post…and please feel free to comment at the bottom if you know anything additional.) I followed in the sand/gravel truck to find new construction. Note: I can’t find a website for Barrier Reef Resort or the old “Reef Village”. Are my google skills failing me or is there really none? And then after the last home…Lina Point. A plan I saw on-line and was…wowed. A construction worker showed me a board with this depiction on it. I copied this clearer version from their website. The homepage of the site is not working well but click around. There is lots of information.

    Belize Rainforest Safari ATV Tours Launched!
    Late last year those imaginative folks at Chaa Creek promised some new adventures for 2015, and we’re happy to report that an exciting new Rainforest Safari has been added to the list of jungle exploits. And for us, the beauty of Chaa Creek’s Rainforest Safari is the convenience and affordability of this rather awesome motorised trek into Belizean landscapes not often visited by the casual traveller. With two safaris a day; a morning excursion leaving at 7.30am and returning at 9.30am, and an afternoon jaunt between 1.30pm to 3.30pm, intrepid travellers can experience a real bush safari guided by experienced licenced naturalist guides while still having plenty of time for, say, swimming, canoeing or taking part in any of the many other activities on offer within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre private nature reserve.

    Early Morning Fire at Exotic Caye Resort in San Pedro
    A fire at Exotic Caye Resort on Ambergris Caye is now under control. Reportedly starting around 2:30am at the southwest corner (farthest from Crazy Canuck’s Bar) and on the street, the fire evacuated the hotel as well as neighbors at Corona Del Mar Resort. Across the street, people helped wet the Pepperoni’s Pizza building. After a few days of high winds, tonight, THANKFULLY, the breeze died down and is currently coming from the SE at about 3-5 miles an hour. Early pictures (by Le Roi Hyde) show a large fire at the traditional wood and thatch resort.

    International Sourcesizz

    Bloomberg: Belize Bondholders Face Losses as Oil Output Falls, Moody’s Says
    Falling oil output and a weakening fiscal account in Belize may hurt growth and cause losses to bondholders two and a half years after it defaulted on about $550 million of bonds, Moody’s Investors Service said. Oil production in the Central American nation wedged between Mexico and Guatemala declined 20 percent in January through August 2014 from a year earlier and will fall to less than 500,000 barrels this year after declining 23 percent in 2013, Moody’s said in a report distributed Tuesday. The country’s primary surplus, or budget balance before interest payments, will shift to a deficit in 2015, Moody’s said. “The risk of losses to bondholders remains considerable,” Moody’s wrote, adding that Belize may run out of oil by 2017. “Debt sustainability is fragile. There are downside risks to fiscal performance over the next 2-3 years.”

    one mosquito coil equals 100 cigarettes
    The smoke emitted from a coil is 100 times stronger than the cigarette, regular use of mosquito coil may lead to various lung infections and finally become an agent of cancer

    The Mexican and Central American cesspool of infectious diseases
    According to the Washington Post, Mexican border officials and health authorities are worried about the spread of measles out of the United States and into Mexico: As Republican lawmakers suggest that undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border may be responsible for bringing measles and other diseases into the country, Mexican health authorities are warning people traveling to the United States about the risk of infection here following an outbreak of measles at Disneyland last month that has sickened dozens of people in several states. It's a remarkable reversal that demonstrates how far public health in Latin America has advanced in the past few decades -- especially in contrast to measles's alarming return in the United States.

    How To Retire Overseas In A Place With Year-Round Sunshine
    Back in Omaha, Nebraska, where we're from, our adult years were spent slaving away inside. During the winter, the sun would come up after we were already firmly entrenched in our cubicle or office. And it would disappear long before we were finished working for the day. But as we grew a bit older and a bit more financially secure, we began to take vacations to some of the sun-drenched beaches and other retreats we'd always dreamed of visiting. We went diving in Belize and Mexico, to visit the Maya ruins in Guatemala, and to explore Costa Rica and Panama... Wow, we thought, what might it be like to live in a place like one of these places ... where the daily struggle wasn't about earning enough money to heat the house in the winter or to buy snow tires and anti-freeze for the car ... or heavy-duty winter survival clothes... Would it actually be possible ... some day ... to live in a place where the sun shines practically every day of the year? You're darn right it would. And here we are today -- sitting on our terrace sipping fresh-squeezed lime-aid we've made from the limes that grow year-round in our garden and looking up at an incredibly blue sky dotted with two or three puffy white clouds and, of course, that glorious sun.

    Caribbean agriculture ministers meeting with FAO Director General
    Caribbean Community (CARICOM) agriculture ministers will hold talks with the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) José Graziano da Silva. Agriculture Minister Alfred Gray said the meeting on Tuesday follows concerns by regional countries that their issues are being lost at meetings involving agriculture ministers from Latin America and the Caribbean. CARICOM agriculture ministers had during the Third Regional Conference with Ministers of Agriculture for Latin America and the Caribbean in Chile in May last year, expressed the view that the issues facing the Caribbean were all lost in the mix of the overall conference where major producing nations such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay were the dominant players.


  • Adventure Belize Video, 3min. Excellent little video from a Belize vacation. The mixing is unique. Cayo is in there, as is Cahal Pech, Rio On Pools, and Caracol. Definitely worth a watch. "This is a small attempt at capturing a recent trip to Belize. I went with a Gopro and a Olympus Tough camera and came back with just enough footage to put this together. As you'll see I experienced an abundance of love and friendship with some amazing people, and got into some fun trouble and saw some amazing things."

  • Belize 2015 Mission Trip Recap, 3min. Every year, Asbury Church sends a team to Orange Walk Church in Caledonia, Belize to minister to the community, help with construction projects and share Christ's love with those in the area.

  • La colère d'un jaguar vue de très près, 1min. Au zoo du Belize, il est possible d'approcher de très proche différents animaux, dont le mythique jaguar, extrêmement difficile à apercevoir dans la nature (nocturne et craintif). On pourrait même les toucher... mais ils vous mettent en garde aussitôt que vous violez leur «zone de confort».

  • Belize Sail Away, 84min.On board Carnival Splendor. Filmed ass the ship sailed from Belize. I filmed it from my balcony. Filmed on 11/13/2014.

  • Belize Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival 2015, 4min.

  • Belize Diving 2014, 4min. Turneffe Atoll

  • Arrecifes de Coral Belize, 2min. El Sistema de Reservas de la Barrera del Arrecife de Belice es una serie de arrecifes de coral que se ubican a una distancia variable de la costa de Belice, unos 300 metros de la costa en el norte y a unos 40 kilómetros en el sur

  • Belize - Shark Ray Alley, 1min. A short video taken at Shark Ray Alley in Belize with a thrilling ending :)

  • Earth Bag Home in Belize, 11min. Designed by the owners, a doctor and nurse from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Built by local Belizean builder, Jorge Rosales, this organic home emanates a sense of place at the junction of Parrot's Cove and Forest Hill Drive in our Belize Eco Village. A sublime design.


  • Exotic Caye Fire, San Pedro, Belize, 1/2min.

  • Belize, 11min.

  • Airboat Ride in Belize - Crazy Fun Excursion, 1min.

  • Belize, 15min.

  • Diving and Snorkeling In Belize and Cozumel, 11min. Cruise to Belize and Cozumel on Royal Caribbean.

  • Climbing to the top of the Temple to the Sun God at Altun Ha, Belize, 2.5min. Altun Ha is the ruins of an ancient Maya city in Belize, located in the Belize District about 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Belize City and about 10 kilometres (6 miles) west of the shore of the Caribbean Sea. The site covers an area of about 8 kilometres (5 miles) square. According to Belize's Institute of Archaeology, the site's name means "Rockstone Water," and is a Yucatec Maya approximation of the name of the nearby village of Rockstone Pond. In Yucatec Maya, haltun is a stone water deposit or cistern, and ha means water.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize 2015, 3min. Some of the adventures I got up to while i spent 8 nights in Caye Caulker.

  • Just a simple crazy biology class in Benque, Belize., 4min. Crazy Teacher..!

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    The San Pedro Sun

    2015 Mayoral Debate
    The San Pedro Sun and Reef TV would like to thank all participants and invited guests for making the 2015 Mayoral Debate a success!

    2 year old killed, mother wounded in shooting
    The San Pedro Sun can confirm that a two year old boy was killed and his mother injuried in a shooting. The names of the victims are 2-year old Charlie Espat and 33-year old Alieda Espat. It happened shortly around 2AM in the Sanpedrito Area of San Pedro Town. The mother is recieving treatment while the boy succumed to his head injuries at the Dr Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II.

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks slows down the Belize City Hurricanes
    Week three of the second annual Belize National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) regular season continued to roll over the weekend. It saw basketball action on the island when the San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted the Belize City Hurricanes on Saturday February 21st. What started off with a small crowd turned into a packed house at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, where spectators got to see the home team played and won their first home game. Belize Hurricanes, now with one win and two losses, started the game with a lead over the home team. By halftime, the Hurricanes had blown past the Tiger Sharks with a 12 point lead. This of course was a huge upset to the islanders, where the Tiger Sharks boast a perfect home record in the two NEBL seasons so far. But like the good old saying goes, the game is not over until the ‘fat lady sings.”

    Cabinet approves expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve
    The expansion of the reserve went through a series of consultations conducted under the auspices of the Ambergris Caye Wetland Committee (ACWC). In August of 2012, following almost two years of back and forth, it finally got the full approval of local traditional fishermen, guides and other stakeholders on the island. However, in 2014, the fate of the proposal was tested after there were attempts made to subdivide a portion of the wetland for residential house lots. Following condemnation by environmentalists and other island residents, that decision to subdivide a portion of the proposed reserve expansion was reversed. In total, approximately 135 square miles of shoal, reef and mangrove wetland will be added to the existing Hol Chan Marine Reserve. With the expansion of the reserve, it will form a complete corridor of marine protected areas that will see the connection of Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Corozal Bay Wildlife Sactuary, Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, all in Belize, and El Arecife de Xcalax Marine Reserve in Mexico.

    Ambergris Today

    Island Residents Confused with Poly Clinic’s 24-Hour Services
    It is only the emergency room that remains open to attend to extreme/serious or life-threatening medical situations considered to be emergencies. If someone could not make it in time during regular clinic hours or missed their appointment with a doctor, it does not mean that they can go past 8p.m. for normal medical attention. Management has also explained that the clinic is also not conducting deliveries of babies. It seems that this situation was not clarified during the official inauguration ceremony that took place at the Poly Clinic on Monday, February 2, 2015, when both Minister of Tourism and Minister of Health were on hand to deliver the news. The medical staff at the clinic would like to make this clarification so that island residents are not confused with the services provided to them and can make proper arrangements when visiting the clinic.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Belize Sailing Assn. 2015 Event Calendar
    This is the Belize Sailing Association Event Calendar. The difference between the two types of regattas on the calendar is that the 5 regattas with National Ranking implications form the 2015 series of regattas that will determine Belize's 2015 Optimist Dinghy Sailor of the Year, and other honors as well. The invitational regattas are just for the pleasure of participating. They remind all that the First Rule of sailing is to Have Fun. You will note that one of the invitationals, the Corozal Bay Regatta, has already taken place. Twenty four sailors entered and raced. Belize City Sailing Club's Antonio Ricardez, edged out the reigning National Champion Blanca Velasco of San Pedro Junior Sailing Club to take home the trophy. The winner's sister, Nashira Ricardez, from the same club, took 3rd place, and Belize Sea Scouts' Trent Hardwick came in 4th.

    Belize FISHING REPORT: Week of February 15th – February 21st, 2015
    Half way through the week the wind kicked up and put a damper on the fishing as boats had to hide in the sheltered areas on the south end of the island. Despite the wind some anglers did well, but others found even the bonefish tough to hookup mid week. Later in the week fish started to get back to normal as the wind switched back to the easy.

    National Agriculture and Trade Show Announces New Dates for the Sale of Booths
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show Committee is hereby informing the public that the new date for the sale of booths has been changed to Thursday, 26th February 2015. Contact person for the sale of booths is Ms. Catherine Hob; phone number 828-5099/822-2332/624-9459, email address [email protected] Concessioners who held booths last years are advised to call immediately to secure their booths, indicating the booth number they held.

    Wildtracks Update: We are in the middle of aerial surveys, working with our partners, the Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development
    counting manatees throughout Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the larger, associated seascape (including Bacalar Chico and Hol Chan). A total count of 62 manatees yesterday, mostly within Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary!! A huge thanks to the amazing survey team (Marcelo Cruz (SACD), Jaimie Cruz (Wildtracks) and Henry Brown (Fisheries Department) ...and thanks to the amazing support from LightHawk and their pilot, Chuck Schroll...we couldn't do this without you!! Watch out for more on the aerial survey results!

    Vote Wisely!
    Ten days before Town Council Elections and ten long days for interested parties. VOTER STATISTICS (as of January 2015) for Corozal Town on upcoming March 4th Corozal Town Council Elections - The statistical information by P.A. (Polling Area) has been obtained by the Corozal Daily from Elections and Boundaries Department: COROZAL DIVISION P.A. 39 Male 1939 Female 1958 Total 3897 P.A. 40 Male 1341 Female 1436 Total 2777 P.A. 41 Male 747 Female 800 Total 1547 TOTAL Registered Town Council Voters for Corozal:- Male 4027 Female 4194 Total 8221 Corozal Daily Editor’s Note: Of the 8221 electors registered to vote for the Corozal Town Council Elections on March 4th, 2015 the number of FEMALE voters is greater than the number of MALE voters by 167 Female Voters.

    CARICOM Single Market trailblazers and public sector workers courted as Spokespersons
    Belizean public sector workers and Belizean nationals who have actively participated in the CARICOM Single Market (CSM) are to be trained as spokespersons in a special training workshop scheduled for February 24 and 25 at the Best Western Hotel in Belize City. The workshop is spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection – the National CSME focal point in Belize - in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat and with funding from the Government of Canada.

    Baby Howler born in the wild
    WE HAVE OUR FIRST BABY HOWLER BORN IN THE WILD!!! SECOND UPDATE: Identity of troop not certain at the moment - three females present, no male....and TWO BABIES!! They say that the first sign of a successful wildlife rehabilitation, release and reintroduction programme is the first baby born in the wild. This morning we received news from our post-release tracking crew that we have not just one, but two baby howler monkeys in one troop at our release site, Fireburn! These young are estimated at over a month old, so these monkeys have shown that they have the skills for mother-hood, even though they were once kept as illegal pets. Now to see if they can rear these youngsters through to one year...! This is the first time that these endangered Yucatan black howler monkeys have bred at Fireburn for over 70 years, with the first troops reintroduced to the site four years ago.

    COLA highlights problems at airport and sympathies with sick air traffic controllers
    The CITIZENS ORGANIZED FOR LIBERTY THROUGH ACTION (COLA) has sent a press release about the sick air traffic controllers who were unable to attend work over the weekend. This is not an official statement from the air traffic controllers. The illness of these employees prompted COL's President, Geovanni Brackett, to issue the following statement about the work conditions at the airport: Saturday’s events at the Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville, where two separate shifts of air traffic controllers called in sick, has for us raised awareness of the value and importance of a thankless job. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of airplanes taking off and landing expeditiously. ATC staff may sometimes work as many as ten hours per day if not more. Despite international standards ensuring that controllers are to rest for 8 hours between shifts, we are told of some workers going above and beyond, working for as many as 18 hours of a 24-hour day. That kind of dedication results in lower vigilance and reaction, and when multiple aircraft are in the air, a split second may see an unfortunate and terrible accident. Rest is necessary to ensure that such accidents can be avoided.

    CARICOM Single Market trailblazers and public sector workers courted as Spokespersons
    Belizean public sector workers and Belizean nationals who have actively participated in the CARICOM Single Market (CSM) are to be trained as spokespersons in a special training workshop scheduled for February 24 and 25 at the Best Western Hotel in Belize City. The workshop is spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection – the National CSME focal point in Belize, in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat and with funding from the Government of Canada. Participants being mobilized include local CARICOM traders, exporters, professionals and CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, as well as public sector workers who facilitate applications under the four regimes of the CARICOM Single Market – Skills, Goods, Services and Rights of establishment of businesses.

    International Trade Center – Delivering Results Globally
    The International Trade Center began working with Belize in 2012 to help with the adoption of the Small Business Development Center model. Belize has made great strides in adopting the SBDC model. Since their initial consultation, they developed legislation to support small business development, and created SBDC operations manuals to formalize the processes and effectiveness of their SBDC programs.

    Poets Corner: Impressions
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. Going into municipal elections There is lots of speculation about taxation In the PUP there are clear divisions Three distinct factions The Fonseca faction and the Brecenio faction Then how will the party deal with the Tulio situation People in the UDP are looking forward to by-elections The opposition is at a disposition There is clearly no unison The Blue Machine is not firing on all pistons There is clearly no vision The leader is unable to answer straight forward question A clear indication that there is no vision Then amidst his party his leadership is in question Having gotten his ass handed to him in Cayo’s by-election There is yet another dimension, one derived from out West The party chairman keeps beating his chest

    Western Ballaz Defeat Diplomats
    Congratulations, Richard Troyer, for setting the NEBL scoring record with 43 Points!!!! The Western Ballaz defeated the Diplomats down in PG over the weekend, and they are now the only undefeated team in the NEBL!

    Everyone at The Belize Zoo is so proud of Tony. The Belize Audubon Society awarded our superb Animal Management Supervisor with the extremely prestigious James A. Waight Award in honour of his contributions to conservation in Belize for over 25 years. Some of Tony’s accomplishments include: His pioneering of the captive breeding program for the endangered green iguana. Crocodiles? There’s Tony, assisting the Forest Department in the safe capture of any crocodile believed to be injured or a possible threat . Problem Jaguars? Again, Tony, along with his colleague, Humberto Wohlers, is on the front lines with the Forest Department to address these difficult human-wildlife conflict issue. Tony was at the forefront in efforts to save the Sibun River from a hideous and badly- planned landfill project over a decade ago. As the head of the Sibun Watershed Association during that difficult time, he showed possible funding agencies the true science behind the project. Landfill goes in? Then the Sibun river would be toxified forever. Thanks to Tony’s hard work, the development plan was subsequently dropped. And today, people living along the Sibun River can safely bathe and fish in these waters.

    Baron Bliss Harbor Regatta
    The Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta Committee proudly invites the general public to the BTL Park, New Town Barracks to witness the 87th Regatta. The series of boat races will run from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March 2015. Over 50 boats are expected in the Optimist, Laser, other “one design” classes as well as the Traditional Lighters, Sailing Dory and Seagull. Sea Scouts “Bosuns” will open the course with the first race on Sunday. Last year in the Lighter class “United” defeated the long standing champion “Radio”. In the Optimist Class the youngest ever to sail single handed on the traditional course was two 8 year old, “CJ” from Placencia Sailing Club and Malik Jones from Caye Caulker.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve Extension Presentation
    The presentation of the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on Wednesday, February 25th at 10 AM at the Hol Chan office. In 2010, a community initiative spearheaded by the San Pedro Tour Guides Association, The Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development and The Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) commenced work in establishing Mexico Rocks, the fly fishing shoals on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and its associated wetlands as a protected area. After several public consultations it was agreed that the proposed area be added as an extension of the HCMR. Through an integrated approach and with full participation of government and stakeholders, a final draft was agreed on early February, 2015. On Tuesday, February 17th, The Government of Belize, through cabinet, approved the expansion of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. On Wednesday February 25 an official signing ceremony will take place on San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.


    BOLEDO DRAWING for Monday, February 23, 2015: 12

    For those who do not know Seismology is the science that studies earthquakes and related phenomena and is used in oil exploration. In the old days, on land, holes were drilled at intervals and pots (geophones) were placed at specific intervals and then you would shoot the holes. That meant blasting the holes with small explosives in a precise sequence and recording the seismic wave that is reflected through and by the substrata. These waves were recorded on LONG rolls of paper (logs) and studied in detail by geologists to predict the presence of formations likely to produce oil. Most likely the source of the seismic wave has been upgraded and there are certainly no longer long rolls of paper. Instead there are computers and programs to aid the geologist is his search for oil.

    Made for Belize Concert
    Seth Montfort will be performing his 'Made for Belize' concert again this Wednesday at the GPC. Definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

    Independence Park Restoration
    The Belmopan Active Youths teamed up with the Red Taigaz to refurbish Independence Park. Thanks, BAY, and Red Taigaz! "This weekend we made some more progress on our Community Park Rehab Project at the Independence Park. We were happy to have some players from the Belmopan Red Taigaz Elite Basketball Team assist us with completing the painting of our playhouse and constructing one more sandbox. It was a successful and fun-filled day! We look forward to continuing building strong partnerships with organizations in Belmopan and by extension our community. Together we can make our City a better place for everyone! Educate! Engage! Empower!"

    Street Arts Festival in downtown Belize City
    Where will you be on Saturday Feb 28th? I will be at the Street Arts Festival in downtown Belize City starting at 2:00 pm....bring out the kids and make it a family affair...

    Belize's Heroes, Patriots, and Benefactors Exhibit
    You are invited for the opening of an exhibit today 9:00 am at the House of Culture in Corozal! Three new persons will be added to the exhibit entitled, " Belize's Heroes, Patriots & Benefactor"...Free of cost!

    Channel 7

    Shutdown Saturday At PGIA: "Sickout" or ""Unhappy Convergence of Coincidence"?
    On Saturday morning Air Traffic Controllers at Belize's only international airport, the Phillip Goldson stayed home - effectively shutting down all airport operations: no planes could fly in or out. The workers staged what's called a sick out - where all of them simultaneously call in sick. It's a kind of industrial action that's not a strike - but it has the same effect. Without the air traffic controllers - and on a busy Saturday with 13 scheduled international flights that spelt disaster, and massive losses, plus great inconvenience for travellers, particularly those who had to make connecting flights. Now, Saturday is the busiest travel day of the week - so it was staged to maximize the effect - and more than that, Saturday was also the day that the Prime Minister was returning from personal leave. Indeed, it could have been chaos and 7News was at the airport to see how things got out of hand - and how the Civil Aviation Department got it back in control. Jules Vasquez reports:..

    Stevedores Strike Say "Bag Water" Is Bad Water
    And while the Civil Aviation was working all the way up to this evening to normalize operations at the PGIA's Air Traffic Control Tower, the management of the Port of Belize had to bargain with the water front workers, over, water. The stevedores say Port Management is giving them pouches of water - and they want five gallon bottles. Now, if you are familiar with the pouches, they are the 25 cent bags. Their issue is that whenever the bag water is stored in heat or direct sunlight, it makes them sick. Hanging in the balance is a sugar ship - fourteen thousand tonnes which takes weeks to load. Loading was supposed to start this morning, but the stevedores refused to do it without the five gallon water. 7News was there when the stevedores gathered outside the gate, and we spoke with Raymond Rivers, the leader of one of the work gangs,. Here's how he explained the issues:

    Another Accident At Jaguar Paw Junction
    There was another accident at mile 37 near the Jaguar Paw road this morning. Exactly one week ago on the 17th - in this same area- we reported on the fatal accident that claimed the life of one American while leaving another hospitalized. That accident involved an 18 wheeler and an SUV. Well, today another 18 wheeler was in the ditch after it hit a pedestrian. We were at the scene this morning and an eyewitness told us what happened. Courtney Weatherburne Reporting These squashed carrots belonged to 58 year old Pablo Martinez. He was carrying them this morning before he was run over by this 18 wheeler truck near the Jaguar Paw road. While the rotten oranges from last week's fatal accident were still scattered on the side of the road. This fresh stain of blood in the dirt signaled another tragedy in this area.

    No More Mandamus
    A month ago, we told you how the grinding season for 2014-2015 sugar crop, or "zafra" started almost 2 months late. That's after the protracted dispute within the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, where the farmers initially accepted the so-called "cane compromise" hammered out by the Prime Minister, then refused it two weeks later, only to then accept it once again, but only after the 55 year old Association splintered. The pivotal event came when the veteran cane farmer Lucilo Teck sued the Sugar Industries Control Board - asking the court to compel them to declare the season open. But events overtook that hearing, and the season opened anyway on January 27. So his mandamus lawsuit became practically irrelevant. But, Teck wanted the court to make a pronouncement on the extent of the Sugar Board's powers in the case of future industrial disputes between the cane farmers and the factory owners. So, his attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, pressed on with the law suit, even though the season has been opened for 4 weeks.

    Policing With "A Light Touch"
    You probably remember that in June of last year, the Police Department's Eastern Division launched its Not In My City Campaign to reduce crime. That included a crackdown on quality of life crimes, such as public drinking, and the bike offences: riding up-stop, double riding, and riding bikes without bells and lights. The mass arrests for the bells and lights offences hit the news when residents were complaining that 100 dollar fines were harsh, given that, in their opinion, the police had more important crimes to investigate. It received almost universal condemnation from the poor residents of the city, who also claimed uneven treatment under the law. Police, for the most part, bore the tough critics, and kept up with the crackdown.

    The Art of Conserving Antiquity
    In late 2013, we told you all about the definitive international Mayan Exhibit called "Hidden Worlds Revealed" designed by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Featuring 160 artifacts - the majority of them from Belize, it has been traveling all over America. It's the most exposure many rare Belizean artefacts have ever gotten. That's because many of them are stored in an area known as the dungeon, a dank and dark basement at NICH Headquarters. Well, today a representative from the Science Museum of Minnesota traveled to Belize to hold a collections preservation workshop at the House of Culture. The main objective of the workshop was to train museum directors and staff on the methods of preserving artifacts and antiquities. Belize's precious artifacts need to be properly maintained and the coordinator of the workshop Rebecca Newberry told us about the training in techniques.

    Mother Cries Out For Son's Burial
    Last week Thursday, we told you about an 18 year-old Ladyville resident who died in police custody at the Ladyville Police Station. Police say he committed suicide by hanging himself with his own shirt, but his family refuses to accept that version of events. It's a particularly difficult time for the family, who are suspicious of police, but they're also trying to give Palma a proper burial. His mother begged police on the news to help her cover the cost of the funeral, and since then, she's been trying to ask for help from different persons to put together the money owed to the undertaker. She says that the undertaker is asking for $1,500 to handle the funeral arrangements, money that she doesn't have, and she told us this evening that she has only been able to raise $500 toward the funeral costs:

    On The Road Again For Digicell "Mini-Tour"
    For 3 days, starting on last Week Friday morning, Cycling Federation of Belize hosted the 20th Digicell Valentine's Classic. But, this one was different, it was a mini tour in which the cyclists had to do a time trial on day one, a 30+ mile criterium, and, then, a 90 mile ride from Western Belize to Belize City. It's first time that the race was done in this format, and so, 7News out on the road yesterday as the cyclist pedaled every one of those 90 miles. Daniel Ortiz reports: Mexican Ignacio Prado also won the U-23 category. He defeated Oscar Quiroz Jr. who came in second, and Joel Borland, who came in third.

    Channel 5

    P.G.I.A. on Semi-Lockdown
    Travelers were piled up at the Philip Goldson International airport on Saturday morning; no flights were coming in or going out. The early flights of Delta and Avianca couldn’t land [...]

    Civil Aviation Caught Sleeping
    The unprecedented move by air traffic controllers, who reportedly called in sick, is being called an industrial action. Service was restored around midday, but by then the damage had been [...]

    Air Traffic Controllers Summoned to Meeting
    In the wake of that unprecedented situation at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, reports circulated that the air traffic controllers who called in sick on Saturday were refused entry to [...]

    P.S.U. Rep. Says There Was No Sickout
    At around five-thirty this evening, air traffic controllers and Public Service Union reps finally emerged from their meeting with Civil Aviation officials. As we’ve showed you, those officials have claimed [...]

    Civil Aviation Admits Issues Affecting Department
    According to Davis, there will be a move by management to try to address critical issues including human resource shortage and salary concerns. This evening, Director of Civil Aviation, Lindsay [...]

    Father of 5 Critical after RTA
    Fifty-five year old Baptist Pastor, Pablo Martinez is tonight fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He was critically injured in a road traffic accident this morning [...]

    Deadly Weekend on George Price Highway
    Over the weekend, there were other traffic mishaps. A near-fatal collision involving multiple vehicles, also along the George Price Highway, left several people injured.  The road traffic accident happened on [...]

    San Pedro House of Culture Jacked
    The San Pedro House of Culture, which was inaugurated last November, is reporting a break-in at the building located on Angel Coral Drive. Thieves made away with an assortment of [...]

    Alarm Foils La Popular Robbery
    In Orange Walk Town, a robbery was averted at La Popular Bakery and indications are it was an inside job and the watchman was reportedly held at gunpoint. Thirty year [...]

    Sugar Barge Workers Protest Over “Shilling” Water
    Today, thirty-four stevedores working with the Port of Belize refused to board the boat which would take them out to offload the sugar barge, anchored seven miles out. They have [...]

    P.B.L. Calls C.W.U. to the Negotiating Table
    Vasquez says that if its fresh water that’s the problem, he’s willing to provide it every day. But is there another agenda at play? Currently a collective bargaining agreement with [...]

    Mandamus Case Struck Out on Technicality
    This morning, before Justice Shona Griffith, a battery of lawyers representing various parties, including the Government of Belize, the Belize Sugar Industry, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, the Sugar [...]

    Mistakes Maim Mandamus Hearing
    According to Senior Counsel Michael Young, the claimants got off on a wrong foot when they filed the application erroneously.  Despite being granted permission to proceed with the claim, another [...]

    Lucilo Teck Disappointed in Outcome
    Lucilo Teck, a canero himself, initiated the legal process by seeking from Matura-Shepherd and proceeding with the suit.  He expressed disappointment with the outcome of the case.   Lucilo Teck, [...]

    Two Persons to Stand Trial for Murder
    This morning, preliminary inquiries determined that a minor along with Clive Geban will stand trial for the January nineteenth, 2013 murder of Ervin Moralez, a Maskall villager, who was hacked [...]

    Cops Play Nice in the City
    In its fresh approach to tackle crime, the top brass of eastern division was out in the city last Friday night. But instead of hauling in persons who were breaching [...]

    Sports Monday with James Adderley
    Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   24 watercrafts lined up for Saturday’s start to the pre-season La Ruta Maya race at Henderson Bank inside Burrell [...]


    Belize Diving Adventures Robbed, Police Continue Their Investigations
    Another report was made on the same day of another burglary. Everett Anderson owner of Belize Diving Adventures reported that on Saturday at about 6:00p.m his dive shop was properly secured and all the dive equipment was stored inside the shop. On Sunday at about 7:00 a.m. an employee went to open the shop and realized that the wooden door was damaged and missing from the dive shop were: (6) Pairs Sea brand fins valued at $1338.00, (3) Spear guns valued at $2500.00, (18) diving mask different brands valued at $1620.00 (3) bank stick valued at $450, all to a total value of $6000.00. Police have no suspects and their investigations continue.

    San Pedro House Of Culture Robbed With Precious Artifacts
    In other crime news from San Pedro Town, thieves made away with precious artefacts from the islands House of Culture. According to the report made by 56 year old Guillermo Paz, he locked up and secured the House of Culture located on Angel Coral Drive and left for the weekend. However, upon his return on Sunday he noticed the front door was opened. Upon entering he noticed that some artefacts were missing which included (2) Conch Shell Rings, (4) Quincunx (3) Stone Axes (1) small Ink pot (1) Rare Jade Ear Flare (3) Net weights (2) Arrow Heads (1-2) Loom Weight and (1) Conch shell Spoon. The prices on the items altogether are unknown to police at this time and they have no suspects.

    Court Strikes Out Mandamus
    In January of this year, cane farmer Lucilo Tek filed an application instructing the B.S.C.F.A. and its committee of management to support the writ of mandamus to have the court order the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the start of the crop season. Today that application was brought in the Supreme Court and was struck out by Justice Shona Griffith. So what was the rationale behind this move? Well, according to Justice Griffith, Teck’s application did not comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. It court today, Teck was represented by Attorney Audrey Matura-Sheperd while the Sugar Industry Control Board was represented by Rodwell Williams. Here is his take on the court’s decision.

    Chan Pine Ridge Villagers Concern About Who Sold The Water Tank
    A group of concerned residents in Chan Pine Ridge Village are seeking for answers after, according to their understanding, the land and the water tank that once provided the community with potable water was sold. A resident, Damian Tzul told CTV-3 News that the tank was taken down last Friday and as a resident of the community he and a few others want to know what has happened with the property belonging to the community. “It was alleged that it was sold and also this plot of land that you see back here and it is said that it was sold also so the villagers wants to know exactly who authorize them or whoever sold it who authorize them to do so, if any monies was aid and to whom it was paid because the villagers want to know it is a concern. We understand that BWSL is one that have purchase the land we don’t know but we want them to come forward and we are asking the Rural Development Officer to come forward to convene a meeting with the chairman of Chan Pine Ridge and inform us exactly what has transpired with this transaction that was made without the consent of the people of Chan Pine Ridge.”

    Fuel Prices Start On The Rise
    Tonight there is not much good news for consumers as the price of fuel, with the exception of Kerosene, has seen a slight increase. If you are a driver then you are well aware that for the past months consumers have been paying less for a gallon of premium, regular and diesel with the plunging of oil prices in the world market. But the next time you visit the pumps you will be paying a bit more for the gallon of fuel of your choice as prices went up on Saturday. With the increase consumers will now pay $8.87 per a gallon of premium as the price increased by seventy seven cents.

    Three Persons In Police Custody After Robbing La Popular Bakery In O/W
    Things could have been worse for one watchman who was accosted by three men whilst on duty over the weekend. According to police, while they were in the immediate area of San Francisco and Progress Streets near Popular Bakery they responded to a burglary in progress and according to the police, the watchman on duty was tied up as the men fled the scene. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Station, Supt. Dennis Arnold says they have three men in custody and are looking for one more. From all accounts, it appears that the watchman was set up. “Initial police investigation reveal that whilst the watchman for popular bakery was on duty a worker came to visit him explaining that he had forgotten something in the building upon giving him the key to go into the building apparently three others were in the immediate area where one of the person approach the watchman with a firearm and held him up robbed him of his cell phone and seventy dollars, they tied him up, they went into the building and apparently the alarm went off and the three persons fled the scene and police was in the immediate area when the alarm went off and set chase after the three persons and one of the persons was caught and presently in police custody, the other two has been sought also so we have three persons in custody for that incident.”

    Students Learn More About The Bible
    Students in at least four schools today received a very interesting visit from a small group of people who brought not only some fun for the morning but a small gift. The visitors are led by Wayne Bertness who is a Gideon who is dedicated to bible distribution and evangelism. They do not belong to any denomination and work all around the world. Bertness told us more about the reason for their visits to schools today. Wayne Bertness – Gideon “What the Gideons do is, our purpose is to handle the bibles all over we can whether in hotels or schools or hospitals where we can get the scriptures out to as many as possible because the scriptures have the words of life how we can go to heaven and how we can live here on this earth.”

    Police Investigates Hit And Run Case In Santa Martha Village
    Orange Walk Police were moderately busy over the weekend as they responded to crimes in progress and continue to come up successful on searches that have yielded drugs from off the streets. But before we get into those stories we’ll tell you about a hit and run accident on Saturday night that claimed the life of a Mennonite and resident of Santa Martha Village in the Orange Walk District. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Formation, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, says they are pleading to the community for information that would lead to the driver of the cane truck which killed forty year old David Thiessen. Supt. Dennis Arnold – Officer Commanding, OW Police “While David Thiessen 41 years old was walking in Santa Martha Village he was knocked by apparently a cane truck and h was left there, members of the community had taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, Police investigation continues into this matter, in relation to the same incident we had canvas the area and basically came up with someone who believe to have committed that traffic accident, at present we have one person in custody investigation continues also.”


    UB President Confirms Lecturers Resignation
    Since last week Love News has been following a story where two lecturers and an Acting Dean at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus, were being accused of sexual misconduct towards some students and faculty members. The allegations were brought to light via a flyer circulated around the campus. When we asked for comment from the university, all we were told via a brief release was that any reports of a sexual nature by any member of faculty is treated with much seriousness. Whether there was an official report made against any lecturer was still not mentioned by the institution. Last Friday, we told you that one of the lecturers had resigned but when we called that individual, he refused to comment and told us to speak with the university. We did make some futile attempts … and today, we got through the president, Alan Slusher who told us that he can confirm the resignation of one of the lecturers but that there were no official reports made to the school’s administration and that the source of the flyer has still not been ascertained.

    Man in Critical Condition From RTA
    One person is in critical condition following a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway this morning. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story. FEM CRUZ “Based on information received some time around 10:30 am this morning Love News was called out to an area between mile 37 and 38. Upon arrival at the scene saw a white trailer truck on the left hand side of the highway when travelling towards Belize City. Love News spoke to an eye witness who told us what happened.” “Well what happened this morning is when I was waiting on tours and we saw a big truck coming from Belmopan into Belize City and a bus that came from Belize City going into Belmopan took off some passengers up ahead from the bus stop. The gentleman was actually walking back into the direction of Belize City while the big truck was actually coming from behind and it looks like the guy was actually sleeping or he probably lost control I don’t know but he actually went onto the left hand side of the road where the gentleman was actually walking and actually ran over him.

    PGIA Services Halt; Air Traffic Control Room on Strike
    On Saturday morning, services at the Philip Goldson International Airport, PGIA, were halted. All the employees stationed at the air traffic control room who were supposed to show up for their six to twelve o’clock shift called in sick. It was a sudden move that no one expected, not even officials from the Department of Civil Aviation or the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation. By all means it seemed to be a “sick out”. Planes were grounded and incoming international and local flights have to be diverted to a different landing strip. A Delta flight coming from Los Angeles, USA, had to be diverted to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Tourist looking to fly out of Belize to their home country were left puzzled. Our news team was deployed to the airport where Hipolito Novelo found out more. HIPOLITO NOVELO “Saturdays are the most demanding day of the week for the Phillip Goldson International Airport but early in the morning at 6:10, notification went out to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, and its Department of Civil Aviation that the Air Traffic Controllers scheduled to work the 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. shift at the Control Tower called in sick. Services at the PGIA were halted with planes grounded and international and local flights unable to touch down.Out of the 13 flights scheduled for Saturday, the 6:45 Delta flight from Los Angeles had to be diverted to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The 9:45 Avianca flight from El Salvador and two United Airline Flights, one from Chicago and another from Newark had been delayed. Two local flights scheduled to land at the PGIA had to do so without permission because they were running out of fuel. Another local flight from Placencia had to be diverted to the municipal airport.”


    63 year old woman robbed at knife point
    A 63 year old seamstress was robbed at knife point at her business in Belize City. The sewing shop, located on Bocatora Street is owned by 63-year-old Kathleen Skeen. On the morning of Friday February 20, at around 8:00a.m. a dark skinned man entered her business and asked her if she sewed male pants. She told him no and he left, but about thirty minutes after, he returned and pulled out a knife demanding that she hand over her cell phone, her golden earrings, and her gold wedding band. The elderly lady had $33.00 in the store and the culprit took that as well.

    Air Tower Controllers Sick Out on Saturday
    For several hours on Saturday, Belize’s only major international airport, the Philip Goldson International Airport at Ladyville, was paralyzed by inaction due to a decision taken by employees working in the air traffic control department to report sick. These employees’ service are considered essential under law and their options to protest working conditions through industrial action are severely limited. But their list of complaints has grown steadily and the result on Saturday was inconvenience for quite a few groups of stranded travellers. We will have their stories later, but first, around midday, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation hosted the press to a briefing which essentially reported that the situation was back under control. According to the Ministry’s Director for Civil Aviation Lindsay Garbutt, just a few flights were ultimately affected.

    Mennonite man dies of head injuries
    Police in Orange Walk are investigating the death of an Orange Walk Mennonite man. On Saturday February 21 at minutes before 9 pm, the body of 40-year-old David Thiessen, a Belizean Mennonite of New Land Mennonite Settlement, in the Orange Walk District, was discovered lying on the ground on an unknown street in Santa Marta Village in the Orange Walk District. David Thiessen had severe injuries to his head. Police say they have detained a man from Guinea Grass Village and are seeking another as investigations continue.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Inmate faces marijuana charges
    He is already serving eight years’ imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter, but 50 year old Vincent “Steeno” Tillett could see more time behind bars after being charged with drug trafficking for cannabis found in his prison cell. Tillett appeared today before Magistrate Herbert Panton and pleaded not […]

    Man charged for carnal knowledge of minor
    A naturalized Belizean originally from Guatemala is accused of having sex with an 11 year old female minor more than a year ago. In the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, 41 year old Abraham Lopezs was read the count of carnal knowledge of a female child, a […]

    Ministry of Civil Aviation says sickout unexpected; tourists unfazed
    For several hours on Saturday, Belize’s only major international airport, the Philip Goldson International Airport at Ladyville, was paralyzed by inaction due to a decision taken by employees working in the air traffic control department to report sick. These employees’ service are considered essential under law and their […]

    Supreme Court dismisses sugar farmer’s claim
    Instead of allowing time for amendment of the claim of cane farmer Lucilo Teck against the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to reflect a change in circumstances since permission was granted to file on January 23, today Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith decided to dismiss the claim on […]

    TIDE hosts climate change forum on Punta Gorda
    The Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment, TIDE, is this week hosting an important forum on Climate Change. Delegates from the region arrived in Punta Gorda town over the weekend for the event which opened this morning at the TIDE conference room. Celia Mahung is the executive director of […]

    Maya Day planning underway
    Plans are well underway for the annual Maya Day celebration in rural Toledo. The Tumulkin Center of Learning located in Blue Creek village, Toledo has been organizing the event for over a decade now. Esther Sanchez Sho is spearheading the planning of the event. Maya Day has become a […]

    Laborer admits to drug trafficking
    25 year old Victor “Bon Jovi” Cima, a labourer of 8474 Mckay Boulevard, who was charged with drug trafficking for a total of 690.4 grams of cannabis, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was originally charged […]

    Man cleared of fault in traffic accident
    Twenty-five year old Douglas Rodriguez, charged with negligent grievous harm, was acquitted of the charge by a jury of 4 men and 4 women in the court of Justice John Gonzalez on Friday, February 20. The jury, which was missing a member who did not appear in court […]

    Orange Walk man killed in hit-and-run incident
    Police in Orange Walk are also reporting the death of a man in what appears to be a case of a hit-and-run incident in Santa Martha village. The victim has been identified as forty year old David Thiessen, a resident of New Land Mennonite Settlement in the Orange Walk district. […]

    Another traffic accident at the Jaguar Paw junction
    One week ago, an American tourist, fifty six year old Teresa Lin Muers died in a road traffic accident at the Jaguar Pay junction with the George Price Highway. Tonight there is another serious traffic accident at the same spot to report. It happened just after ten o’clock this morning […]

    Supreme Court strikes out application for Writ of Mandamus by Lucilio Teck
    The application for Writ of Mandamus brought by Lucilio Teck in January seeking to force the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the opening of the sugar cane season was struck out today by Justice Shona Griffith. The reason given by the judge was that it did not comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.


    Yours truly revisiting of the Watts Tours came just this weekend on Sunday, February 22, 2015, during the attendance of the 50 year anniversary of the Watts Rebellion in South Central Los Angeles. Since 1989, twenty-five years later, the return to this masterpiece in artistic expression by a man of European ancestry, Simon Rodia, and the powerful story of how he erected this majectic pyramid of freedom, justice and equalty in one of the most empoverished but culturally rich nreigborhoods called Watts in South Central Los Angeles as a temple raised to the heavens, has become for me, a symbol of the restless soul that yearns to be free. In coming back to Watts and be reminded of the struggle of a people that yearns to be free from all oppression is like coming back to find myself again as a black immigrant in L.A., and connecting with Rodia and his immigration from Italy in 1902, and why he followed the quest of his soul to erect a symbol of struggle for the whole world to see.

    Ambergris vs. Roatan vs. Placencia...pros/cons, best beaches?
    Recently, West Bay Beach on the island of Roatan, Honduras, was rated one of the top beaches IN THE WORLD by tripadvisor---congrats!! Having been on this beach, as well as the beaches of Ambergris Caye and Placencia, it may be helpful to give a comparison of the three. Many travelers looking for great snorkeling, beaches, and the Caribbean/Central American vibe will no doubt be looking at all three places. All three have their own fantastic reasons for a visit! Ambergris has a gorgeous, white, soft sand perimeter around the whole island. The sea side is more appealing in most areas I saw as compared to the lagoon, but gorgeous on both sides. I read reviews that said the beaches were disappointing and that there were no beaches for swimming....this is simply NOT accurate! Ambergris is closest to the reef of the three spots, and has the added benefit of GORGEOUS, crystal clear water, no waves, and less sea grass/trash actually coming in than the mainland. People actually use the beach for a walkway in places in town, and you can ride your bike on it. The beaches truly look like the pictures you look at on your calendar in your cubicle...Note...THIS is an old post from a TripAdvisor forum that is amazingly accurate comparing Placencia and Ambergris (even though it is now 4 years old!)

    Punta Gorda, Toledo's Best Food Spots
    An earlier post provided a few ideas on what to do in Punta Gorda. However, finding things to do is only half the battle. The other half has to do with the question “where do we eat?” and answering this can be tricky in a small town. However, this list is an open and delicious attempt at naming the best places to eat in Punta Gorda.

    Living in Belize is like living in the Wild West
    I have always maintained that living in Belize is like living in the wild west sometimes. Yesterday’s shut down of the Control Tower at Philip Goldson International Airport was a good reminder of how true that can be. Until yesterday’s parallelization of Belize airways due to the first and second shift of Air Traffic Controllers calling in sick and, the last Professional Air Traffic Controllers strike I know of was in 1981. The ‘Sick Out’ reminds me of the days when they protested with 2 week long bed-in’s back in 1969. As a kid, I remember seeing a picture of my Aunt (who was a Hare Krishna at the time) with John and Yoko at the famous bed-in at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

    Crocodile communication and Belize conservation
    Over the course of my 9 years living in Belize, I have crossed paths many interesting people from afar. This post is about one of them, a crocodile research intern who was in Belize last year. I met Miriam in September 2014 when I offered to host a small pool party for a visiting Biologist and her interns that were down working with Chris at American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). They were a smart funny group and I was glad to give them a chance to cool down after a hot day in the sun of taking toxicity samples coupled with the stinky work of dissecting crabs and fish. To see pictures of them working in Tamara’s yard check out Crocodile health on Ambergris Caye is alarming says initial research findings – San Pedro Sun. To find out results their samples that were taken read Environment around Ambergris Caye is contaminated – also San Pedro Sun News paper.

    The Best of Belize: Can’t Miss Experiences!
    Belize is an un-belizeable country to experience, particularly for those seeking an Eco-tourism trip. An independent nation since 1981, this Central American country is a charming escape for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy diving, swimming and adventure. The laid-back Caribbean hideaway is populated with pastel clapboard restaurants and shops, turquoise water and sparsely populated beaches. Belize’s six districts and 200 offshore cayes (islands) are easy – and beautiful – to navigate. We’ve curated 12 can’t miss experiences that represent the best of Belize. Dive into The Blue Hole, Be a beach bum, Step back in time, Try ‘The Royal Rat’, Enjoy hoppy happy hour, Monkey around in the jungle, Go cave tubing, Feelin’ hot, hot, hot: Sample Marie Sharp Hot Sauce, Swim with the fishes, Indulge in an amazing outdoor massage, Get immersed in Garifuna culture, See sunsets and sip sundowners.

    Things that Made Me VERY Happy To Live in Belize This Week
    Sunday brunch at Estel’s Dine By the Sea with Charles at the BBQ, friends all over the place and my favorite breakfast in San Pedro. Best fry jacks in the world. Whether you go savory and dip them in your egg yolk or sweet with some Marie Sharp’s Jam, they are just divine. Eli Wallach as Tuco (with a noose around his neck) in the “Good, the Bad and The Ugly”. An prolific actor who died just last year at the age of 98. For Carnaval continuing as a HUGE super fun tradition in San Pedro. Though I did not get painted, I liked besting 2 little kids on their challenge that they wouldn’t smile. “Dog Poop” was all it took.

    International Sourcesizz

    Tropical turtle discovery in Wyoming provides climate-change clues
    Tropical turtle fossils discovered in Wyoming by University of Florida scientists reveal that when the earth got warmer, prehistoric turtles headed north. But if today’s turtles try the same technique to cope with warming habitats, they might run into trouble. While the fossil turtle and its kin could move northward with higher temperatures, human pressures and habitat loss could prevent a modern-day migration, leading to the extinction of some modern species. The new turtle is an ancestor of the endangered Central American river turtle and other warm-adapted turtles in Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico. These modern turtles, however, could face significant roadblocks on a journey north, since much of the natural habitat of these species is in jeopardy, said co-author Jonathan Bloch, a Florida Museum curator of vertebrate paleontology.

    Caribbean Roundup
    American Airlines is increasing its regional service with a wave of new routes to the Caribbean region, the carrier announced recently. The new flights include a new Caribbean destination: Barranquilla, Colombia, which will receive daily service from Miami beginning June 4. That comes alongside an expansion of service to the French Caribbean island of Martinique, which will see an increase to four weekly direct flights out of Miami on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. The carrier is also adding new Saturday service between Dallas Fort Worth and Grand Cayman, along with new Saturday and Sunday flights between Los Angeles and Belize City.


  • Diving with Rays in Belize, 6min. eagle ray and southern ray in Belize.

  • Belize Vacation, 3min. Highlights: -SCUBA diving off of the Ambergris Caye -Snorkeling in Hol Chan Marine Reserve -Exploring the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins -Cave tubing in the San Ignacio Mountains

  • Our Story: Belize & Tikal Ruins - 2015, 8min.

  • Loving Belize 1 - Tourist Advice, Corozal, Consejo, Sarteneja., 32min. Welcome to a new documentary series about Belize and the amazing, diverse, beautiful, people that live there.

  • Belize, 3min.bede family vacation winter 14-15

  • Belize Valentine 2015, 11min. Hol Chan Reserve, Shark & Ray Alley San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Belize, Central America, 7min. Snorkeling in Belize.

  • Mariniers versus Jebroer (Tim Kimman) in de jungle van Belize, 9min. Tim, beter bekend als de rapper Jebroer, daagt JayJay Boske uit om naar Belize in Midden Amerika te komen. Samen met Mykel Hawke, ex-Green Beret en jungle survival specialist bij uitstek, gaat Tim de strijd aan met JayJay en de mariniers. Welcome to the jungle! Bekijk alle Mariniers Versus battles op:

    February 23, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Doctor Love: Honesty and Acceptance
    Dear Doctor Love, I am a divorced woman who has been involved with a married man for three years. He wants to stay married because of his children. He has been very honest with me and he expects the same of me. I had one friendship (only friendship) with someone I had known a long time. When he found out about it he left me. The most important thing he wanted from me is honesty and I could not give it. I have always tried to be as honest as I can but I knew he would be upset so I kept it hidden.

    Local Dive Shop Burglarized
    This morning, February 22nd, the owners of Belize Diving Adventures discovered that their dive shop was burglarized sometime last night. The dive shop, which moved to its new location just a couple months ago, is located on a pier just south of San Pedro Town. Sometime between 6PM on Saturday February 21st and Sunday morning at 7AM a locked door, which faces the east and is not visible from the beach was pried open. An initial inventory shows that four spear guns, 18 dive masks, five sets of fins, two bang sticks and a set of boat keys were stolen, adding up to an estimated $8000 loss. Many other valuable items were not taken, indicating that either the thief(s) were in search of specific items or had limited space to carry off the equipment. This morning one fin from the dive shop was found on the beach just south of the dive shop. It is speculated that the culprits may have been in a kayak that was overloaded with the goods. Other dive shops in the area are asked to be on the lookout for the stolen equipment, and the fins are marked with BDA.

    Wild Animals are NOT pets!
    It has been noted that some island residents are keeping raccoons, coatimundi, foxes and other wildlife as pets. This is not only illegal it is also dangerous to the health and well-being of the care taker and his/her family. It is against the laws of Belize to keep any wild animal as a pet. In addition wild animals pose a threat to the health of humans as they harbor certain diseases that can be passed. According to the Belize Wildlife Protection Act Revised Edition 2000 “wildlife” means all undomesticated mammals, birds and reptiles and all parts, eggs and nests of any of these wildlife forms. Possession of any wildlife without a permit from the Belize Forest Department can result in imprisonment or fines equivalent to the offense committed.

    Wolfe’s Woofers: Eulogy
    “Don Rafael lived a long and wonderful life,” the village minister intoned. “His family and friends loved him deeply. Everyone who ever had business dealings with him trusted him and he earned their respect. This world will be a poorer place without Don Rafael. Although he is no longer with us in body he will be with us always in spirit.” After the eulogy and service, the mourners filed past Don Rafael’s casket and said a few words or shed a few tears. “Rest in peace my friend.” “We will miss you.” “God bless you.”

    “Sick” Air Traffic Controllers Shut Down Philip Goldson International Airport
    At approximately 9AM Saturday, February 21st The San Pedro Sun received word that the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport was closed to air traffic. Reports were that several calls from employees of the Civil Aviation Authority, specifically Air Control staff had called in sick. Incoming international flights were diverted, with a Delta Airline flight from Los Angeles, California USA containing 150 passengers ending up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. In a brief press meeting at 11 AM the CEO of Civil Aviation Mr. Lindsay Garbutt indicated that air traffic controllers from neighboring countries would be brought in to man the command tower. The first of 15 international flights was expected to land at 11:30AM. In San Pedro Town both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air were crowded with travelers who were destined for the international airport. At 2:45PM the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, along with the Belize Department of Aviation issued the press release below.

    Editorial: Who is running the paper?
    Dear Mrs. Sniffin, I am writing to you to request that you remove Mr. Jorge Aldana as the political correspondent for your news outlet The San Pedro Sun. The decision to make this request has not been taken lightly and has been discussed and unanimously agreed upon by the People’s United Party Belize Rural South Executive. This request is being made due to Mr. Aldana’s biased reporting and visible support of the United Democratic Party (UDP), especially the incumbent Mayoral Candidate Mr. Daniel Guerro.
    It pains me to have to respond to this letter, because the entire scenario makes my blood boil and my pressure go up. I hate giving attention mongers even more attention (like the ones who use Facebook as a means to antagonize others) and I REALLY hate responding to Facebook Wars. Unfortunately, there are those who have been deeply sucked in to the ugly vortex of freedom of speech that social media allows, and yes, there is a time and place for personal opinion. Like it or not, social media IS the place for brutal honesty, lies, slander and personal vindication. It is also the place for photos of fluffy kittens sleeping in tea cups, sharing what you ate for lunch and daily feel-good affirmations. You can take it with a grain of salt, or you can allow it to ruin your life.

    Communal Livestock Holding Facility Handed Over to Cattle Producers
    A Communal Livestock Holding Facility in Willows Bank was officially handed over to cattle producers in the Belize River Valley area at a ceremony held on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), the European Union in collaboration with the Government of Belize and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) financed a three-year project “Enhancing Belize’s Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”. Of the several components of that three-year project, there is Pilot 3: MNRA-CC: Food Security: Building Resilience among Cattle Producers of the Belize District, which included the construction of the livestock holding facility. The objective of this portion of the project is to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce the vulnerability of the livestock industry for small and medium size livestock holders/local producers in the Belize District.

    Ambergris Today

    Chaos at Belize Airports Nationwide as Belize International Airport Shuts Down
    Information coming to the office of Ambergris Today is that a worker’s strike at the Belize’s Phillip Goldson International Airport has put the airport on shutdown today Saturday, February 21, 2015. According to sources, as of this morning no aircrafts (both local and international) have been able to land at Belize’s only international airport due to the fact that workers, operators and controllers at the air traffic control tower have gone on strike. Information given to Ambergris Today indicates that Delta's early morning flight from Los Angeles to Belize was diverted to San Pedro Sula, Honduras after it circled a few times over Belize's international airport. That flight is still grounded this morning in San Pedro Sula with 150 passengers. All other flight aircrafts scheduled to land at the airport have been cancelled for the time being. Reasons as to the strike are still unknown and airport authorities are looking into the matter to get the airport back in operations.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    PRESS RELEASE - Operations at the Philip Goldson International Airport
    Government of Belize Press Office

    The Central American who made planes fly
    Meet Rick Cocom, a resident of Ladyville, in the Belize District. On the worst day in the history of Air Traffic Control in Belize, flights were diverted to other countries, passengers had to pay for layovers that were not caused by the airlines, but by sick air traffic controllers on Saturday, February 22nd. Reports have surfaced of Central Americans being brought in to replace the sick employees who incidentally have a dispute with their employers over salary increments. A former employee of the airport received a call he didn't expect. When Rick Cocom retired from the airport he had no idea that his services would be needed. On the screens were 354 flight movements an 15 international flight vectors (not sure what it means but it sounds technical) and Cocom says " I was in the control radar room to work from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. One of the most hectic days for me but i am greatful to assist.

    National Sites introduced to members of diplomatic corps
    Oceana Belize and the Belize Audubon Society teamed up Saturday, February 21st to introduce Natural Monuments and World Heritage sites Halfmoon Caye and the Great Blue Hole to members of the diplomatic corps. Here are a couple of the stunning scenes of our beautiful Belize.

    Belize Wins Miss Culture International Maya
    Congratulations, Vany! Vany Pat won the Miss Culture International Maya pageant, which was held in Merida this weekend, making it 3 years in a row that Belize has won.

    Rotary Building Bathroom in Benque
    Thanks, Rotary, for building another set of much needed bathrooms. This time, they are at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School in Benque. "Work continues on the new bathroom facility at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School in Benque Viejo. Weather permitting the roof will go on next week. The students and staff eagerly await completion... Friday morning, roof going on at Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School's Sanitation facility and septic tank being constructed. Saturday, roofing will be completed."

    The Reporter

    Benque to get new sporting complex
    Benque Viejo del Carmen will soon see a new football complex and facility as construction is about to expected to begin in the coming weeks. According to the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) the design phase of the project has been completed and the construction […]

    Taiwanese embassy donates instruments to Pallotti music program
    The Taiwanese Embassy made a donation of several music instruments to the Pallotti High school music program on Thursday during a handing over ceremony at the school. Taiwanese Ambassador, Benjamin Ho said the donation was actually made to Pallotti through an organization which was […]

    Fire destroys acres of cane
    A massive fire early Sunday morning destroyed several acres of sugar cane near Libertad Village in the Corozal district, way before the scheduled harvesting for that particular harvest. As a result of the fire, the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) has since advised all […]

    Teacher and six primary school students die after car plunges into canal in Guyana
    A teacher and six students of the Husburg Primary School, Mahaicony, in Guyana have died when their vehicle plunged in a canal along East Coast Demerara, the Guyana-based website has reported. According to police the students and teacher, Shondell Duke, were travelling south along the road when Duke lost […]

    Belize district cattle farmers get Communal Holding Facility
    Cattle farmers from the River Valley area have a new communal livestock holding facility in Willows Bank Village to help mitigate the effects of climate change on the industry. The facility, built at a cost of $71,500, came through joint collaboration of the Global […]

    Airport sick out causes delays and reroutes at PGIA
    Several flights were grounded and others rerouted from the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Saturday morning after all air traffic controllers scheduled to work the morning shift called in sick. According to Lindsay Garbutt, director of Civil Aviation, after they received word that all […]

    Strike at PGIA results in planes being rerouted, grounded
    The Reporter has confirmed that there is a workers strike at the Philip Goldson International Airport. We are investigating the extent of thr strike, but preliminarily we can report that the strike involvies air traffic control personnel and that the strike has caused several flights to be grounded and rerouted […]

    NHI expands northwards to Czl
    The National Health Insurance was extended to the Corozal District, with services available to roughly 16,000 residents from Corozal Town, Patchakan Village and neighboring communities, at two clinics – the Corozal Polyclinic II, which was built on the Corozal Hospital compound, and the Patchakan Presbyterian […]

    Petrocaribe loan payment becomes due this year
    The government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow has to start repaying Venezuela this year on what it has used from the Petrocaribe funds. Belize has used around $240 million from the funds to invest in infrastructure and the first tranche of payment will mark an […]

    Possible causes for the Apocalyse
    Researchers from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation have produced the first serious scientific assessment of the apocalyptic risks that could bring about the end of the world. Some of the 12 scenarios envisioned by the scientists arise from events that are beyond human control, […]

    The Belize Times

    Chief Justice Summons Elvin Penner – COLA seeks 2nd chance to prosecute corrupt UDP Politician
    Corrupt UDP Area Representative Elvin Penner may have thought that he had gotten away scotch free after COLA’s private prosecution of his treacherous actions was struck out at the Magistrate’s Court. But Penner isn’t out of the hot water just yet. The disgraced UDP politician who broke our sacred immigration laws to grant a fraudulent Belize passport and nationality to South Korean national Won Hong Kim has been ordered to appear before Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on Friday, February 27th, 2015 as the appeal of the August 2014 decision of Magistrate Aretha Ford gets underway. COLA’s attorney, Kareem Musa, successfully filed an application for an appeal at the Supreme Court which was upheld last week Friday, February 13th by the Chief Justice Benjamin.

    Deeds, Not Words!! – Yolanda Schakron & Gilroy Usher Sr. carry out much needed clean-up in Port Loyola
    On Tuesday, February 17th 2015 People’s United Party Mayoral Candidate Yolanda Schakron, PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola Gilroy Usher Sr., about thirty residents of the division, as well as and councilor candidates Lennox “D.J. Tambran” Young and Jermyn Galvez conducted a very successful cleanup campaign in the area. The work included carrying out a much-need cleaning up of the clogged drains and cutting of overgrown grass on both sides of Central American Blvd from Trinity Street to Jane Usher Blvd. that have been neglected for years. The purpose of the cleanup was to promote civic pride and remind the residents of Port Loyola that despite the millions and millions of dollars that the Belize City Council has spent over the last three years the residents have hardly benefitted.

    PUP blocks UDP land grab in Belmopan!!!
    The efforts of PUP Standard Bearer for Belmopan, Senator Patrick Andrews, to stop the greedy United Democratic Party from a barefaced land grab in the capital are nothing short of heroic. The UDP Belize City Council, which has proven its incompetence over the last six years with its inability to bring deliver the very basic of services to residents, is on its way out of office, but appears hell-bent on abusing its power and authority in their last days. Several weeks ago, the construction of a wooden building in an area between the market building and the National Assembly began. Residents noticed the construction and had a strong feeling that something wrong was taking place. They were right! They took their concerns to Senator Patrick Andrews who launched an investigation immediately.

    Darrell Bradley Does NOT Want to be Mayor
    The irony for the UDP in the upcoming municipal elections in Belize City is that their candidate for Mayor has absolutely no intention of serving as Mayor. Whether it is because he has racked up such a massive debt that he has scared himself from returning to office, or whether it is because his councilors despise the ground he walks on, or whether it is because he has his megalomaniac eyes set on higher office, one thing we know for sure is that Darrell Bradley does not want to be Mayor. On Monday of this week, amidst the ranting and raving in his interview with the press, a particularly important sound bite got lost in all the noise. Bradley was asked a very simple question by Marisol Amaya, the reporter from the Krem Radio/TV news: “What assurance can you give residents of Belize City that you will not abandon your mayorship to seek higher office?”

    Attacking the messenger
    As we approach the March 4th date for Municipal elections in Belize, the political rhetoric has ratcheted up considerably. Political ads are running ad nauseam and the half hour news is now over two hours long; comprised primarily of long and expensive political ads. Given the type of money that is being spent on propaganda during this season, it is more apparent than ever that there is a dire need for discussion about campaign financing and spending. The question is; who will bell that cat? The United Democratic Party has painted the country red with banners, flags and tee shirts. Every lamp post, every dirt box and every bus stop is plastered with banners, posters and political slogan. In an effort to present a false sense of support, the UDP’s are rolling out Petro Caribe in every district and own, bussing in people and throwing lavish rallies and concerts. Where is all this money coming from? There was a time when political parties had to dip into their war chests and spend cautiously because there was a limit to their funds. In today’s reality, the government of the day knows no limit because nothing is available to hold them accountable. They have unfettered access to the public coffers and none dare ask any questions. The Auditor General is busy doing criminal investigations (seems she is still busy working on the Penner files), the Public Accounts Committee is moribund and the Integrity Commission is non-existent. The rats have free access to the cheese and corruption runs rampant.

    Editorial: Schakron Exposes the Mayor
    The Mayor of Belize City is in deep financial trouble. His so-called financial statements confirm the citizen’s suspicions that the spending of over forty million dollars has been wasteful, mismanaged, and bloated with irregularities. The spending may also be infested with corruption. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Mayoral candidate Yolanda Schakron, a fiery and outspoken advocate. It is Mrs. Schakron, who as a successful and no-nonsense business-lady has taken the time out to painstakenly comb through the Mayor’s City Council financial information. In order to be accurate with her critique, candidate Schakron has sought the advice of qualified accountants to confirm her concerns. Their professional advice proved her correct. The so-called financial statement of the Mayor for 2013 has been exposed by Mrs. Schakron to be a fraud. It is incomplete and the Auditors who tried to make sense of the Mayor’s figures have been handed a basket to carry water. The Auditors could not offer their professional opinions on what the Mayor handed them. The question now becomes what all are missing?

    This past week there have been the excitement of Nomination Day, the massive PUP march, more work in Belize Rural Central, and attending the sad funeral of a very young woman in La Democracia. We have also as a party had to call out Prime Minister Dean Barrow for his hypocrisy and his most inappropriate comments to the media. Seemingly without thinking, the Prime Minister wades right into very sensitive issues. He seems, as do all his roguish colleagues, to feel that he can get away with almost anything. I want, though, to continue my focus on the positive. The old song goes: “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative; don’t mess with Mr. In-between.” It is therefore not at all difficult to choose to write about the lady Yolanda Schakron, our candidate for Mayor of Belize City. Yolanda has been successful in business and in advocacy, and she has come into the public spotlight by becoming an activist for the causes of fairness, justice and betterment.

    Eulogy for Sister Mary Elsa Oliva
    I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith, Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also, that Love His appearing. 2 Timothy 4:7-8. With long life God satisfied Sister Mary Elsa Oliva and showed her His salvation. She was born on 3rd July 1935 in Corozal, British Honduras, to Edwardo Oliva and Leonor Alcala de Oliva. She attended Holy Redeemer elementary school and completed her high school studies at Pallotti High School. She made her first profession to enter the Novitiate on May 31st 1955 and her final profession was on May 31st 1961, both in Nazareth, British Honduras.

    A Puppet On Strings? – The “special” relationship between John Saldivar & Khalid Belisle
    Belmopan residents have become highly suspicious and wary of the UDP’s Mayoral Candidate. Many questions have surfaced over the candidate’s special and close relationship with John Saldivar. In 2008 when Khalid Belisle challenged Simeon Lopez for Mayor on the UDP ticket, he was resoundingly rejected by residents. Back then Mayor Simeon Lopez made interesting revelations of Belisle’s special relationship with Saldivar. First, Lopez said Saldivar was on a campaign to remove him from office. “We’re being challenged from within,” he said in a Channel 7 interview, “basically because of the fact that some people cannot get their way, how they want. They want their way with the council.”

    San Pedro Police discover bodies in shallow grave
    Coast Guard and San Pedro Police made a gruesome discovery of two men buried in shallow grave in an area located 11 ½ miles north of San Pedro Town on Wednesday afternoon. The men have been identified as 41 year old Sylvin Chi and 23 year old Benjamin Molina, both residents of Corozal District. Both men travelled to San pedro for employment. The men’s employer went to the Police on Wednesday morning to report that they had left his house about 5:00am the day before and had not returned.

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Driver charged in fatal Belize City accident
    19 year old Boyd Lopez was arraigned on charges of manslaughter by negligence and causing death by careless conduct on Friday. The charges arose out of an incident on Wednesday, February 18 in which a vehicle he was driving, knocked down and gravely injured 70 year old retired […]

    Air traffic controllers “sick out” halts operations at PGIA
    Operations at the Phillip Goldson International Airport were disrupted for a few hours on Saturday morning due to unavailability of air traffic controllers. This included personnel scheduled to work in the control room and the radar room to guide aircraft landing and taking off. At issue is a […]

    Project targeting girls launched in Toledo
    A new project aimed at creating safe meeting spaces for young girls was launched today in the Toledo district. The project is called “Girls creating opportunities for a brighter tomorrow,” and is being implemented by the Toledo Maya Women’s Council. The launch of the initiative was done on […]

    Jury gets case in accident collision
    26 year old Douglas Rodriguez, charged with negligent grievous harm, is awaiting the verdict of a jury of 4 men and 4 women in the courtroom of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The jury, missing a member who did not appear in court this morning for the summation of the […]

    Belize City residents help Steven Buckley out of court jam
    Steven Buckley’s quest for justice after being shot in the head by a senior police officer in April of 2010 has taken some twists and turns but his latest run-in with the law has left him, if possible, even more shaken. On Wednesday night police stopped him near […]


    Looking Back at Your Ecological Footprint on Belize
    Do you ever take the time out of your busy day to consider how your personal activities affect other people and the place on Earth where you live? If you do then you should consider your ecological footprint and its effect on the people and place where you live. This would be especially important for a developing country like Belize where there is still time to establish standards of living that are sustainable. There are approximately 300,000 people in Belize, not including many visitors that land on Belize’s shores every day. Because Belize has many pristine environments, some of which are protected, it is important to try and understand what impact the population has on its environments and ecosystems by the lifestyles that people follow who live in Belize or while visiting Belize. There is a way of evaluating one’s impact on a place’s natural resources, as well as the entire planet. The Global Footprint Network has developed a Calculator to estimate the amount of biologically productive area needed to support a person’s lifestyle. How much land area does it take to support your lifestyle?

    Stunning Developments, The Arctic Blast in Belize and GREAT Times at the San Pedro Tiger Sharks Game
    I’m going to start this newsletter of sorts with the great news! While much of the world…particularly the Eastern US and Canada seem to be getting molested by bitter bitter cold weather, we too have been experiencing the cold front. But yesterday it manifested itself in the form of a gorgeous low humidity, mid 70s day with a cooling breeze from the north. Perfection. Here are some pictures I took around Miles 4.5 and 5, Ambergris Caye. In no way am I THE arbiter of taste in San Pedro or Belize, though from what I am about to show you, I think that is a position we NEED to make an official job. Someone independent that can veto horribly ugly, misplaced, misconceived, just stunning (and not in a good way) developments that are planned or currently going up on our island. Maybe just affirm that “yes – that is a giant eyesore and a blight on the island we all love”.

    5 Things About The Ancient Maya You May Not Have Known
    The ancient Maya are a group of people whose ancestors came over to the America’s as far as 50,000 years ago. The culture changed over time as they originally came following large animals such as mammoths and cave bears and even mastodons. These animals were their food. As their culture changed, and it is important to note, the people did not change per say, the environment changed and their needs were different hence the law of the land demanded these people to adapt. Around 7,000 BC a massive demand from the environment made their culture change. The change was due to the fact that the large pleistocene animals they followed to the America’s had all but gone extinct, hence, it was time to adapt again – this time refining tools for hunting smaller mammals. let us call this time between 7 thousand BC and 2,500 BC the archaic period. An interesting thing happens at around 3,500BC. Farming started in the valley of Mexico. The gift to the world out of this valley was corn. Like the gift our of the Fertile Crescent in Iraq was wheat and barley and in Asia, rice.

    International Sourcesizz

    Best Places to Retire Abroad Lists are Flawed
    Many people produce lists of the best places in the world to retire, but these lists are inherently flawed and misleading. International retirement magazine International Living recently released its 2015 list of The World’s Best Places to Retire, which emphasized a balance between low costs and a high living standard. The best country for retirees looking to get the best value in retirement, the site suggests, is Ecuador, which it calls “the world’s number 1 retirement haven.” The full list is: However interesting these lists can sometimes be, the concept of ranking the best places to retire for all expats is flawed for many reasons:


  • Disturbing Video of Human Botfly Larvae Being Removed from Woman’s Head, 3min. In the video above, a woman is seen having a human botfly, or Dermatobia hominis, removed from her scalp. After returning from a trip to Belize, she noticed something wasn’t quite right. The human botfly is a small fly mainly found in Central and South America. They are one of various species of fly whose larvae take on human hosts. We absolutely love to travel, but we sure hope we never come home with one of these guys burrowed into our skin. It is one of the most horrific things we have ever seen. It’s definitely something that can’t be unseen.

  • Belice, Un paraíso en Centroamérica., 1.5min. Un Paraíso de habla Inglesa en América Central. Mire el video y compártelo con sus amigos beliceños.

  • Belize Diving, 1min. Mermaid's Lair - Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • belize 2014, 4min.

  • Belize, 11min. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, the Hummingbird Highway, Dangriga, Glovers Reef, and Isla Marisol Resort. Music by Bredda David & Tribal Vibes, Dangriga, Belize

  • Fishing For Permit In Belize, 5min. Fishing With Guide Ken of Chasin' Tail

  • Kelly McGuire Live on Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5min. One of the best Vacations we ever had. Definitely the one we needed the most.We truly love all our friends we get to see down on Ambergris Caye, Belize. You help make this crazy ass world we live in a lot easier... Can't wait till we see most of you on Isla Mujeres in May...The rest next Feb. on the Island.. Take us home Kelly McGuire

  • Landing at San Pedro Airport, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1min. It was very cloudy that morning but 45 min later the sky was clear.

  • Our Story: Belize & Tikal Ruins - 2015, 8min. Primarily shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition using the Pocket Xshot extender pole. A few shots with Samsung Galaxy 4 cellphone. Edited with GoPro Studio.

  • The Apprentice | Series 1 | Episode 1, 67min. The Belize Apprentice is a new reality TV show in which aspiring young men & women compete for the chance to work in one of the most prominent Banks in Belize, The Belize Bank. Candidates will...

    February 21, 2015

    There will be no news report tomorrow, Sunday February 22. Sorry for the inconvience. We'll be back Monday morning....

    Here is the Saturday morning news...


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Two critically endangered marine species fished
    The environmental community in Belize has weighed in and condemned the catch of two highly vulnerable marine species that are considered critically endangered next to extinction and endangered respectively. A Goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) and a Scalloped Hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini) were both caught in Belize in two separate areas, but it brings into sharp focus the country’s fishing regulations. In the case of the Goliath grouper, the large fish was caught off of the Turneffe Atolls by a local tour guide from Ambergris Caye. The Scalloped Hammerhead shark was caught in shallow waters by fishermen from Hopkins Village in the Stann Creek District. Pictures showing the Goliath grouper, over four feet in size, were posted on social media, in which the guide and tourists claimed that it was speared near Turneffe Atolls. According to Biologist Dr Rachael Graham of MarAlliance, the Goliath grouper population has been critically threatened, and that alone should discourage guides from fishing them. “Goliath grouper are listed as Critically Endangered to Extinction globally by the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN). Their populations have plummeted throughout their broad distributional range in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic due to their site fidelity, predictability and curiosity – which makes them great spear fishing targets,” said Graham who has conducted long term research on these species in Belize.

    Rider’s Fee on Domestic Flights could increase by 120%
    Commuters on domestic flights in Belize may have to brace up for an increase in rider’s fee. The fee, which is slated to increase by 120%, should have been a temporary charge on flights. While sources within the local aviation industry say the new increase came into effect on February 17th, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., who is the Minister of Civil Aviation, has indicated that there has been no such increase. The current rider’s fee is at $5 per flight. The increase will see passengers paying $12 in rider’s fee, an astounding $7 more.

    Where does Manuel Heredia stand on offshore Oil drilling?
    The issue of offshore oil drilling has resurfaced once again after the Geology and Petroleum Department recently circulated a document entitled “Petroleum Exploration Zones and Exploration Guidelines.” Oceana in Belize said that the document is a step taken to allow offshore oil exploration in Belize. To raise awareness against offshore oil drilling, Oceana in Belize launched a “selfie” photo campaign calling on Belize to say “No to offshore oil drilling.” One picture that caught the eye of the public and was shared on social media shows Tourism Minister Hon Manuel Heredia Jr posing with Director of the Belize Tourism Board Karen Bevans and Oceana in Belize Vice President Janelle Chanona.

    This year The San Pedro Sun’s annual Valentine’s Poetry Contest saw a great number of entries, with over 25 submissions! Poets of all ages shared their poems of love and devotion, and we were so overwhelmed in choosing the winners we decided to put our Facebook fans to the task. Our Valentine’s poetry contest winners chosen by our Facebook fans
    A handful of poems were posted each day on our Facebook page at and readers were asked to “Like” and comment on them. Likes equaled votes and were considered up to February 17th when they were tallied. “My Beautiful Blue Pen”, composed by nine-year old Javier Gongora earned a whopping 244 Likes, making the poem dedicated to a pen the top winner. In all, the five poems that received the most Likes were chosen as the top contest winners.

    Ambergris Today

    Zone 5, 21st National Coca Cola Spelling Bee elimination
    Winners of Zone 5, 21st National Coca Cola Spelling Bee eliminations, San Pedro. Congratulations to: 1st Place (top left ) Elias Zetina, New Horizon SDA 2nd Place (top right) Mia Cannon, Isla Bonita Elementary School. Participating schools included Ambergris Caye Elementary School,, Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School, Holy Cross Anglican School, Isla Bonita Elementary School, New Horizon SDA, San Pedro Roman Catholic School and the Island Academy.

    San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018
    With much confidence that the UDP team will regain the offices of the San Pedro Town Council for another three years, Mayor Guerrero and his UDP candidates proudly presented their 2015-2018 Manifesto. “We are ready for the game, we are ready to com out, the victory is already on and it is look very good for the United Democratic Party,” continued Daniel Guerrero. “The manifesto highlights a continuation of projects that have already started, but also on new projects that will kick in. It is our guideline to projects that the UDP has promised to work on for the island of Ambergris Caye. I can tell you that we are on the right track, we are working very hard and people are seeing the results and we are going to get a good passing grade on March 4th, election day.”

    Belize Coastguard Steps up Patrols in Ambergris Caye
    In the midst of the recent double homicide in North Ambergris Caye and recurrent drug related murders and incidents, the Belize Coast Guard has stated that it is increasing its presence on the island with additional maritime and foot patrols that extend to the Belize/Mexico border. Although the northern part of Ambergris Caye is known of its more tranquil environment and high-end luxury resorts that offer a taste of paradise, there is still crime issues that threaten this tranquility and state of paradise. It’s a situation that authorities battle on a daily basis and are working hard towards controlling. It is evident that the majority of the crime is drug related and mostly occurs beyond the hotel zone of North Ambergris; the area has become active with beachcombers who roam the largely uninhabited area in search of drug deposits. It is this increase in criminal activity related to drug trafficking and drug wars tied to Mexican counterparts that lead to the Belize Coast Guard establishing its northern Forward Operating Base on Ambergris Caye that was inaugurated in 2013. Coast Guard personnel are now permanently stationed in San Pedro and can deployed instantly on operations from the Belize-Mexico border to the northern limits of Belize’s territorial seas. The structure was funded by the US Southern Command to the cost of $1.5Mil US.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    ADO Mexico Bus Line ad depicts Belize as part of Guatemala.
    ADO's Guatemala Map in Mexico. Donde es Belize? ADO is the bus company that operates in Belize and ferries passengers throughout the region. Though they hope to improve their services to Belizeans. This map of Central America, with ADO's name on it was found by a Belizean in Tulum, Mexico. Where is Belize? Because it is a company that offers a service in Belize, that company should respect our sovereignty. ADO can't say it was unaware that Belize is a country. They must pass through our borders in Benque and Corozal. 

    Communal Livestock Holding Facility in Willows Bank was officially handed over to cattle producers
    A Communal Livestock Holding Facility in Willows Bank was officially handed over to cattle producers in the Belize River Valley area at a ceremony held on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), the European Union in collaboration with the Government of Belize and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) financed a three-year project “Enhancing Belize’s Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”. The objective of the project is to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce the vulnerability of the livestock industry for small and medium size livestock holders/local producers in the Belize District.

    Yet another dead manatee in Belize waters
    a female calf. This year's death rate for this gentle, endangered species is alarmingly high

    The Noah's ark for Cattle Producers in the Belize District
    Noah's Ark held all life forms on earth during the great biblical flood. Climate change has made it necessary for a facility to be developed to protect livestock in times of disaster. That is why a Communal Livestock Holding Facility was built in Willows Bank and handed over to cattle producers in the Belize River Valley. The Global Climate Change Alliance, the European Union in collaboration with the Government of Belize and the United Nations Development Programme financed a three-year project “Enhancing Belize’s Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”. Of the several components of that three-year project, there is Pilot 3: MNRA-CC: Food Security: Building Resilience among Cattle Producers of the Belize District, which included the construction of the livestock holding facility. The objective of this portion of the project is to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce the vulnerability of the livestock industry for small and medium size livestock holders/local producers in the Belize District. The Pliot 3 project is funded by the European Union at a cost of approximately $71, 500. It was implemented by the #UNDP and execu

    Deputy Prime Minister Departs Country
    Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Gaspar Vega and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture will be departing Belize today, February 20th, 2015.

    Volunteering Symposium
    The Symposium on Volunteering will be happening tomorrow at Maya Mountain Lodge, starting at 1:00pm. All the big volunteer organizations will be there: Rotary, Cornerstone, Mary Open Doors, Helpage, Pro-Belize, and the Cancer Society. They'll have informations displays and presentations. It's free, and educational.

    The USA Embassy is currently accepting applications for a Security Investigator position
    This vacancy is being re-advertised with an extended deadline. If you previously applied for this position via Vacancy Announcement No. 2015-02, dated January 16, 2015, you need not re-apply as your application will be considered. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: • Completion of secondary school is required. • Two years of progressively responsible experience in investigative work with a military, police or private security organization is required. • Level IV (fluent working knowledge) speaking/reading/writing English is required. • Good working knowledge of MS applications (Word, Access, Excel, and Outlook) is required. • Must have excellent investigative and reporting skills. • A valid Belize driver’s license is required.

    Missing person Brittney Galvez
    The public assistance is ask to find this missing girl.

    Red Taigaz Defeat Warriors
    Congratulations to the Red Taigaz for their win over the Warriors. "What a night! We are so elated and thankful for the huge show of support from all our family, friends, fans and sponsors at our Opening Game last night - it was a success! YOU made the victory sweeter and even more worth it! Thank you and we look forward to the continued support and love! Thank you, Belmopan!"

    Soul Project Metal Concert
    The Soul Project is having a different kind of concert. Just try to read that flier. They concert is tomorrow night. The Soul Project has the best selection of Local Artisan Wines in Belize.

    BNE Cancer Charity Ride
    BNE Employess organized a Charity Ride to raise funds for the Belize Cancer Society as part of their Energy for Life Program. They rode from Belmopan to Dangriga. Thanks to everyone involved. "The Energy For Life Program, a BNE Employee Initiative, organized a Charity Bike Ride for the Belize Cancer Center – Dangriga. This ride took place on January 17, 2015 from Belmopan to Dangriga Town. Over 100 riders participated in the ride that left Belmopan at 6:30 AM and reached the Princess Royal BTL Park in Dangriga shortly before 11:00 AM. The highlight of the ride is that two cancer survivors participated and rode the 56 miles from Belmopan to Dangriga. The event successfully raised $20,000 for the Center to assist patients seeking treatment there. Handing over of the funds was done at BNE on February 6, 2015. We, at the Energy For Life Program extend our sincere gratitude first and foremost to Jehovah for his guidance and protection for all the riders, the donors, the police, the paramedics and everyone who in one way or the other supported this great cause."

    Illegal dumping
    Orange Walk license plate 17193. Dumping Garbage by Dew Drop Estates.

    BOLEDO DRAWING for Friday, February 20, 2015: 86

    Channel 7

    UDP's Mayoral Candidate Sued
    Another Orange Walk politician had to go to the Town Courthouse today - except this time it was a UDP. Mayoral Candidate Yvette Torres was not criminally charged, but is facing a civil suit - from a craft maker who says she owes him two hundred dollars for some wooden spoons that she never paid him for back in 2012. It may sound minor, but Frederick Tillett says he just wants to get paid. He and Torres were part of the Sugar City Artisan's Group back in 2012 - when he claims she promised to sell 23 of his craft pieces at the Sugar City Artisan House. But when she left the business in 2014, he never got paid, and so now he's suing her for two hundred and eight dollars. Today, outside the courtroom she told the media she is innocent:..

    Another Hilux Heist
    In October of last year when police intercepted a Toyota Hilux pickup that had just been stolen - and caught the driver - they thought that might be the end of a ring which was responsible for the theft of at least four Government owned Toyota Hilux pickups in 2014. But, tonight, it seems that ring may have been resurrected - and they picked up, literally, where they left off: at the NICH Office in Belmopan. Public officer Jeovanni Pinelo told police that at around 2:00 in the afternoon he parked the grey 2010 Toyota Hilux at the NICH office - and when he went back outside at 3:30, it was gone. He alerted Belmopan police who went all the way to El Pilar near the Guatemala border - but found nothing.

    Buckley Gets Free
    Last night, we told you how 42 year-old Steven Buckley, who was awarded 100 thousand dollars by the state in August of 2013, ended up in jail last night for unpaid drug possession fines. Well, he won't have to be in jail for too long because a good Samaritan came to his rescue. As we told you last night, he was arraigned yesterday before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on the charge of drug possession for an undetermined amount of marijuana. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $150 dollars. He would have been allowed to leave court since he had until March 31 to pay the fine, but the police checked into his background and found out that he had $360 in unpaid fines for previous convictions. So, because he hadn't paid, he was sent to jail to serve 3 months in jail in default.

    He Knocked Down Ms. Knowles
    Last night, we told you about 70 year-old Marie Knowles, the career educator who died after being knocked down on Wednesday on Bhagdad Street. Well, the young man who was behind the wheel of the vehicle which hit her is 19 year-old Boyd Lopez, a labourer of Regent Street. He's out on bail tonight after being taken to Magistrate's Court. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Herbert Panton in the charges of causing death by careless conduct, driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, driving a motor vehicle while not being in possession of a valid driver's licenses, and driving a motor vehicle not covered by third party risk insurance. No plea was taken from him because the offences will be treated as indictable, and he was released on bail of $5,000. He must return to court on April 17.

    Banks Holdings Wants Out Of CPBL
    The Barbadian company called Banks Holdings owns 46% of Citrus Products of Belize Limited and 7News has confirmed that they want to sell. Speaking off camera to Jules Vasquez in Bridgetown, Barbados earlier this week, Chairman Anthony King said that their holding in CPBL is the only losing investment in the Banks Holdings corporate portfolio. He confirmed that they are looking for a buyer for their shares, but conceded that it would not be easy to find one. And that's because CPBL has been going through tough times - only four million boxes of product were processed last year, compared to eight million boxes at the high water mark. Banks bought its shares nine years ago for 12.5 million US dollars - and informed observers say while they would want to sell, it's not at any price: they would want to make at least a 50% profit on their initial investment. But while CPBL is in a negative cash flow position, posting losses, and its shareholders aren't seeing any dividends, it's a buyers market apparently because 7News ahs learned that there are expressions of interest form foreign investors who may want to purchase controlling interests in the company.

    Former President is New President At The Bar
    The Bar Association has a new executive. Elections were held at the Bar's Annual General Meeting yesterday. The new president is also former president Jacqueline Marshalleck - who previously served two terms. She is joined by Denys Barrow who was chosen to be the new vice president. Oneyda Flores was elected as Secretary, and Aldo Salazar was elected as treasurer. Filling out the executive of the Bar are Edwin Flowers, Vanessa Retreage, and Melissa Balderamos Mahler, who will serve as Bar Committee Members.

    Weed To Placencia By Plane
    On last night's newscast, we told you how accurate police intelligence led Placencia Police to intercept a cargo of marijuana which was mailed from Corozal to the peninsula, via Tropic Air's cargo service. Well, Placencia police have kept the pressure up, and this morning, they seized almost 1.5 kilos of marijuana during an anti-drug operation. Between 5:30 and 9:00 this morning, a team of officers from Special Branch, the K-9 Unit and uniformed police went out on an operation in both Seine Bight and Placencia Villages. 3 houses were searched in Placencia, which resulted in 1 person being arrested for possession of controlled drugs. The discovery of the large stash of marijuana happened shortly after when 2 empty lots were searched in Placencia Village. In one of the lots, the officers found 1 white t-shirt, and wrapped inside it were 5 plastic bags each containing cannabis. The bags had a total of 1.156 kilograms - or 2 and a half pounds.

    CDB Says Petrocaribe Money On Infrastructure Well Spent
    On Wednesday on St. Michael Barbados, the CDB held its annual press conference reviewing the performance of its 19 member countries in 2014. One issue they addressed was the growing debt profile of a number of those countries - and no small part of that is owing to the PEtrocaribe programme. IT's debt on concessionary terms, but we asked the economics expert if it is sustainable:.. Jules Vasquez "It is two things; it is both extremely concessionary terms. As far as debt goes, it's the best that you can get. But at the same time, it's also debt. It has to be repaid. How do you see Belize's taking of quite significant sums, it's in the hundreds of millions, from the Petro Caribe initiative." Dr. Justin Ram, Director of Economics, Caribbean Development Bank "Petro Caribe can have a debt burden, but if it is manage properly, I am sure the authorities in Belize can find ways to manage it so that this debt is a sustainable debt and can rebound to the benefit of Belizeans."

    Cops Cleaning Up The Hood
    Police officers from Precinct 2 in Belize City, were today in Lake Independence on a cleanup campaign to help residents living on Jasmine Street. It's community policing initiative - to try and help residents meet their community needs. Today, they took on the task of trying to clean up an abandoned lot and building which has become a dump site and an eyesore. The residents say that this unsanitary mess has been plaguing them for years, and so, they were eager for the help from the police.: Sgt. Brent Hamilton - Commander, Community Policing Precinct 2 "We try to meet with the people of the community. What we are witnessing here today is one of our programs that is mandated by us. We go out and we talk to the residents of the community and they sometimes suggest certain things to us and we look at it. This property you see here at the corner of Poinsettia and Jasmine Street, is a property that is abandoned a long time ago. And we have several incidents that happened around the property. So, as a result of that we decide to team up with City Council, Community Policing officers from Precinct 2 and we decide to do something today, to try to assist the residents of this neighborhood here."

    Mental Healing For Community
    Emotional trauma is a topic not openly discussed and because of the stigma associated with visiting a counselor or a psychiatrist, many people repress and simply endure the pain. But American practitioner Jean Abbott says there are practical ways take control of your emotions and responses to triggers - and one way is through thought field therapy - which centers on self-healing and development. A therapy workshop was held today to guide mental health professionals through their own process of healing so that they are able to do the same for others. We found out more when we visited today. Courtney Weatherburne Reporting It's lunch time in the city and Belizeans are going about their day quite normally. Buying lunch, going home from school or simply walking and chatting with friends and co- workers.

    Jury Deliberates: Did Douglas Do It?
    A Jury of 4 men and 4 women are deliberating the fate of 26 year-old Douglas Rodriguez, who stood trial before Justice Troadio John Gonzalez for the charge of Negligent Grievous Harm. He was accused of knocking down Liston Myers who was driving his motorcycle. Myers took the stand and testified for the prosecution, led by Crown Counsel Kileru Awich, that at about 6:45 p.m. on December 12, 2009, he was riding his motorcycle between miles 6 and 7 on the George Price Highway. He testified that he was heading toward Gales Point, Manatee, when he ended up in a head-on collision with Rodriguez's Honda Car. He suffered severe injuries, and because of the accident, he ended up losing his left hand, which had to be amputated at the wrist. A police officer who was at the scene also testified for the prosecution that on that day on the scene, Rodriguez accepted responsibility for the accident.

    No More Weeping For Cattlemen 'Cause of Willows Bank
    Flooding in the Belize River Valley is not just an emergency for rural residents - it's also a huge problem for their livestock, mainly cattle which have to be moved out of the area - but with rising water all around, where can they be taken to? It's a confounding problem which has resulted in major monetary losses for cattle ranchers. But now there's a solution. The Ministry of Agriculture in concert with the Global Climate Change Alliance and the European Union have set up a communal livestock holding facility. It's 50 acres of high, dry land in Willow's Bank and it can be used for 90 days in the year in flood or drought. IT was opened on Wednesday. An official release says it will be open to all farmers for them to weigh, fatten, and sell their animals. All services provided through the facility are expected to have a minimum cost.

    Lighting The Way For Youths
    It is called 'Guide Light Production'- a non-governmental organization for youths from all different backgrounds. The newly formed organization has over 80 peer helpers who have taken on the task of working along with young people to help them make a successful transition into adulthood. A first of its kind car breaking opening ceremony was done today out at the Battlefield Park and it was well attended by youths. 7news was there. The organization's first meeting will be held on March 4th at 1pm at the Nazarene High School in Belize City. For those interested in volunteering, you are invited to be a part of the meeting.

    Remembering The Referendum
    On February 29, 2012, Oceana Belize, under the then Vice-President, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, held what the organization called the "People's Referendum" on offshore drilling. It was an independent attempt to GET A POPULAR MANDATE on what should be the policy on drilling in the country's offshore AREAS. At the end of the exercise, OCEANA reported back to the public that just over 29,000 voters participated, and 96% said "no" to offshore oil drilling. Though, it was not an official exercise, it drove the message home, emphatically. At the time it forced Prime Minister Dean Barrow - who was campaigning for a second term - to promise that if elected he would hold an official referendum - which hasn't happened. And so, on the verge of another election, OCEANA's new management is holding a free concert to commemorate the 2012 event, while still keeping it current. They have a lineup of popular local artists who have signed on to perform.

    When A Classic Is A Tour
    The 20th. Digicell Valentine's Classic will be held this weekend. But it's not your regular classic - this one is a stage race, or a mini tour as they're calling it. President of the Cycling Federation Dion Leslie told us more:.. Dion Leslie, President - Belize Cycling Federation "This year we are doing it differently. We are having a mini tour, being that we will have two days of events with 3 separate races." Jules Vasquez "Do you think having it in a tour format gives you a better preparation, gives the cyclists a better preparation, for the cross country is that? Or is it just marketing?"

    OW Bugged Out
    On Tuesday we confirmed that the icicle formation found on a cotton tree in Ladyville was in fact spittle mass - which is secreted from spittlebugs and acts as a safety shield. Well, according to CTV3 news another formation was spotted on a fig tree in Orange Walk. A resident reported that she was hanging out clothes in her yard when she felt water drops on her forehead. When she looked up at the fig tree she saw the limb dripping. Based on the report, it could be a formation called "cuckoo spit" which is formed by the frog hopper.

    Channel 5

    The Misfortunes of Steven Buckley
    Steven Buckley – he’s the man who became the poster boy of police brutality in 2010 after he was shot to the head by a cop while he was sitting [...]

    OW Mayoral Candidate in Court
    Here at News Five we can’t remember any time when so many politicians have seen the inside of a Courtroom on such a variety of charges…serious and frivolous. In Orange [...]

    Examining a GOB Report on Cost-Cutting
    A government-commissioned report which has suddenly become public information has been making the rounds of social media since Thursday. We can tell you that it has unleashed a storm of [...]

    Grocery Shop Consumed by Fire
    A small wooden structure went up in flames at about two o’clock this morning.  Thirty-nine year old Darrel McClaren was asleep when he heard the crackling sounds of the fire [...]

    Belize City Youth Gets Bail for Traffic Fatality
    A Belize City resident got bail today for charges relating to the traffic fatality that took the life of seventy year old well know educator, Maria Knowles. At around one-thirty [...]

    Haitian Immigrant to be Sent Home
    After living in Belize for five years, Haitian national, twenty-five year old Obed Lewis, was found without valid documents to ascertain his status in the country. He was today before [...]

    Hol Chan Reserve Expansion Approved
    Shark Ray Alley, Cangrejo Caye, Bacalar Chico and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve have been designated as protected areas on Ambergris Caye. This past Tuesday, cabinet finally moved to approve [...]

    Southern Cops Crack Down on Drugs
    Earlier this week we told you about a drug bust in Placencia. The drugs were discovered in a package sent from Maria Chan in Corozal to one Diego Moralez in [...]

    Community Policing Cleans Up the City
    Earlier this week, the top brass of the police department met with the media to build on relations and to improve the flow of information. And today, officers rolled up [...]

    OW Mayoral Candidate on the Campaign Trail
    U.D.P. Mayoral Candidate Yvette Lui Torres says that she is the victim of a political attack, timed to affect her run up to municipal elections in just two weeks. Torres [...]

    Living Positive Lives
    There is a group of young people that is busy doing good works and actively seeking to influence other youths to lead positive lives. The group is made up of [...]

    Entrpreneurs Graduate from six week training
    Today, six business entrepreneurs graduated from a six-week intensive training program in San Ignacio. The initiative is one aspect of annual programs delivered by the Nancy Marin Youth Foundation, and [...]

    OCEANA Rocks the Vote on March 1st
    OCEANA will be celebrating three years since The People’s Referendum. It made history back in 2012 and this year they will celebrate in grand style with a free concert called [...]


    Strange Formation Observed In Orange Walk
    There was a report made on one of the Belize City media last night about an icicle like formation on a tree branch in Ladyville Village which probably sent many Belizeans looking up their trees. Today, we report another strange looking formation on a tree in a family’s backyard that resembles the one featured in the media last night. This time though, that was found in Orange Walk. The family did not want to comment on camera but they did say that they came across this white substance by accident. Someone was pinning some clothes out and felt water drops on her forehead and looked up. Upon closer inspection of the branches on this very tall fig tree, the woman spotted the limb which was dripping. Below, on the lawn, the drips have dampened bricks.

    COMPOL Not Too Concern About Penner's Appeal Case
    The case against Cayo Northeast area representative and former Minister of State for Immigration and Nationality Elvin Penner has been appealed in court. The rare inferior court appeal was heard on February thirteenth but was adjourned to later this month. The appeal is being brought by Geovannie Brackett, president of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) and advisor Nedal ‘Jihad’ McLaren, against Penner. According to Brackett and McLaren’s attorney Kareem Musa the appeal surrounds the analysis of section thirty of the Summary Jurisdiction (Procedure) Act under which they had applied to the Magistrate for the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie to be summoned to court and deliver all evidence in his possession relating to the Penner and Kim scandal. Today the media asked the commissioner of police if he is prepared should the previous decision to not summon him to court is reversed. Here is a clip of what he responded, provided to us by our colleagues at KREM News.

    Murders Gone Unsolved In Orange Walk
    One year ago today, the decayed remains of Luis Moreno better known as “Patch” was found approximately half a mile in on a farm at Richman Hill, off the Guinea Grass Road. This was after he was reported missing fourteen days before he was found. As we’ve reported, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Mario Estradaband conducted the post mortem examination which concluded that the cause of death was chest trauma with a sharp instrument. Viewers may recall that at the scene where the human remains were found, Moreno’s sweater was riddled with slashes and from what the Estradaband could establish, Moreno was brutally beaten before he was fatally stabbed. Today, one year later that case has gone “cold” and no leads or arrests have been made since. Patch Moreno was the second homicide recorded in Orange Walk Town for 2014.

    OWTC Officially Adopts Municipal Development Plan
    The Orange Walk Town Council held an open council meeting last night during which they officially adopted the Municipal Development Plan for Orange Walk. The adoption of the plan is the last leg of the work that begun in 2013 through the Belize Municipal Development Project under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. Keisha Rodriguez is the Urban Planning Officer and told us more about the project. Keisha Rodriguez – Urban Planning Officer, BMDP “We prepared the plan with the collaboration with the local planning working group here in Orange Walk as well as a consultant team, Institute for International Development, and us working at the ministry as well and really it was a of work and a lot of meetings and so forth so it is really Orange Walk’s plan and the people prepared the plan where the residence of Orange Walk town, we had stakeholders meetings and we meet with different sectors of the society here in Orange Walk and all of that contributed to what is in the development plan.”

    Belize Ranked Among Top Foreign Retirement Haven For 2015
    In the international scene, Belize was ranked among the top twenty “Foreign Retirement Havens for 2015” by Forbes Magazine. According to the travel and business publication, the list is non-ranked and the places named were chosen by considering factors such taxes and the cost of living. Other countries on the list include Philippines, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal, and Uruguay. Earlier this year, Frommer’s Travel Guide picked Belize as one of 15 Most Tantalizing Travel Destinations for 2015!

    BFD Releases Statistics For 2014/2015
    Following the closure of the Lobster Season on Sunday, the Belize Fisheries Department issued statistics from the 2014-2015 Season. BFD figures reveal a 0.45% decline in the total production when compared to that of the 2013-2014 season. The Spiny Lobster remains as one of the top marine exports for Belize, with earnings for the 2014-2015 season amounting to an estimated $15.2 Million Belize dollars. Fisheries recorded a total of 484,891 pounds of lobster being caught out of Belizean waters during this season. The 2014/2015 lobster fishing season is considered a good one and the fishery has remained relatively stable over the past 28 years within the production range of 400,000 – 600,000 pounds. In 2014, lobster catch landings amounted to 484,891 pounds, which represents a decline of merely 0.45% when compared to the 2013/2014 season when 487,066 pounds was produced.

    PM Accompany His Wife For Medical Treatment
    Prime Minister of Belize, Honourable Dean Barrow, departed the country today to accompany his wife, Kim Simpliss Barrow for her medical visit, announced a release from his office today. The release states that in his absence, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will take over the reins of the country’s affairs. Barrow is scheduled to return to the country on Saturday, February 21st.

    Belize Met Service Conducts National Climate Outlook Forum
    Variation in climate influence directly or indirectly affects human activities in either experiencing losses or benefits. Understanding and making effective use available of climate information is therefore critical to ensure efficiency and sustainability. Without a doubt Climate Change is an important topic and with that in mind, today the Belize National Meteorological Service, in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization and Environment Canada, hosted the Second National Climate Outlook Forum at the ITVET conference room in Corozal Town.

    River Hills Christian Church Empowers Women In Corozal District
    A group of professional health care providers and missionaries are in Belize providing much needed assistance to Belizeans in the north. The missionary group from River Hills Christian Church from Ohio, USA are offering medical assistance and empowering women from the village of San Pedro in the Corozal District. Nancy Brokamp – Missionary Leader: “Our mission trip is from River Hills Christian Church, Cincinnati Ohio, and we come down every year as a medical mission trip basically, the sowing was an off shoot of that trip, we started here about three or four years ago with one women and now we have a group of fifteen and we invited women from Louisville to come in and also learn how to sow, so they are here with us today we have a group of about twenty three.”

    Bodies Of Two Corozalenos Found Buried In Shallow Grave
    The bodies of two Corozal residents were found shortly before midday today in a shallow grave 11 miles north of Ambergris Caye, according to the San Pedro Sun. The newspaper reports that police have identified the bodies. Benjamin Molina and Selvino Chi were found sometime around 11:40 this morning about 11 miles north of San Pedro Town.


    Did Accused UB Lecturer Resign After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct???
    Some days ago the disturbing report of two lecturers and an Acting Dean sexually harassing students at the University of Belize began surfacing, primarily from some flyers that were posted around the Belmopan campus. The flyer was an obvious attempt at exposing the allegations against these three men. It is a story that Love News sought several avenues in following up including contacting UB for an official comment. While they did submit a release expressing how seriously they take allegations made against faculty, particularly of this nature, nowhere in their release did they confirm or deny an official report being made to the institution’s administration. Today, we got news of the resignation of one of the accused and so, we contacted him to get a comment on the situation.

    Suicide or Murder? – A Mother’s Appeal for Answers
    A teenager is dead and Police believe he took his own life while inside the Ladyville Police Station. The family however is questioning the report. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTING “Eighteen year old Otto Raymundo Palma was found dead inside a cell block at the Ladyville Police Station last night. Police say that he committed suicide.” SUPT. HILBERTO ROMERO “Upon information received, the CIB personnel visited the Ladyville Police Station cell block area where they observed the lifeless body of Otto Palma, 18 years, of a Ladyville Address in the Belize District, hanging from one of the iron bars within the cell block area of the Ladyville Police Station hanging with T-shirt around his neck apparently dead. The scene was processed, the body was viewed; no signs of any violence was observed on the body.”

    Motorcycle Accident Leaves Trio Injured
    Two persons are in serious condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City while another is recuperating at home following a motorcycle accident. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story. “On Wednesday evening, February 18, just before 6 o clock, Love News was called out to an area on the Hummingbird Highway between miles 53 and 54. Upon arrival, a red scooter was observed on the right hand side of the highway when traveling from a north to south direction with damages, about ten feet away. A Hispanic man was seen lying face up in the middle of the highway bleeding profusely. According to the passenger of the scooter, 19-year-old, Arturo Leiva, a resident of Las Flores, he was traveling along with his girlfriend from work to Belmopan. Upon reaching in front of E & L Sports Bar in the Las Flores Area of Belmopan, a Hispanic man who was in front of them suddenly ran across the highway.

    Agronomist Loses Life After Losing Control of Vehicle
    Just before eight o’clock last night there was a traffic incident between the towns of San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen that left a 29-year-old man dead and a Nissan sedan extensively damaged. Officer commanding the Benque Viejo del Carmen police station, Superintendent Daniel Arzu told Love News what the preliminary investigations have revealed. SUPT. DANIEL ARZU “We were called out to mile 69 and 70 on the George Price Highway. There, the officers saw a four door Nissan Altima with license plate CYC27846. This vehicle was in a pasture off the road. Investigation suggested that the vehicle was traveling from San Ignacio in the direction of Benque Viejo. Reaching at the location mentioned the driver lost control and overturned several times and as a result the police found him at the scene, the vehicle extensively damaged and he was seen motionless. The person was later identified as Edgar Caan, 29 years, an agronomist of Corozalito Area, Cayo District. Following our investigation of the scene, the body was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where it is currently awaiting a post mortem examination. That is the information that we gathered.”

    Maria Knowles Dies Following Road Accident
    The family of a 70-year old woman is mourning her passing as authorities confirmed to Love News that Maria Knowles passed away this evening at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Knowles was the victim of a traffic incident when she was swooped off a sidewalk on Bagdad Street in Belize City by an SUV, reportedly traveling above city speed limits. It was a traffic incident that brought out residents from their homes and drew the attention of passersby just before two o’clock yesterday afternoon.


    Driver charged in fatal Belize City accident
    On Wednesday we reported a grave traffic accident on Baghdad Street, Belize City, in which 19 year old Boyd Lopez of Regent Street West was accused of gravely injuring 70 year old retired educator Marie Knowles, when he knocked her down after losing control of a Toyota Highlander SUV around 1:30 in the afternoon. Mrs. Knowles was taken to the hospital with head trauma and other injuries, and police confirmed on Friday that Marie Knowles died around 3:30 Thursday afternoon, from her injuries.

    Rehabilitated streets inaugurated in Belmopan
    The infrastructure drive continues in Belmopan. As a result on Thursday, at a special ceremony, Almond Boulevard and Chiquibul Street were officially inaugurated and handed over to the Belmopan City Council ,who will oversee its maintenance. The rehabilitation project covered 1 thousand 7 hundred feet of carriage way and included a double lane and double chip dressing. It was also inclusive of drainage systems, street signs, speed bumps, and pedestrian crossing. The paving of these two streets was the first part of phase two of an infrastructure drive to rehabilitate streets in Belmopan and was done in a collaborative effort between Central Government, the Belize Social Investment Fund, and the Belmopan City Council.

    Freedom House; a safe place for ex prisoners
    Freedom House, a nonprofit program operating under the umbrella organization Prison Fellowship Belize, is a Christ-centered facility that ministers to former prisoners, assisting them with opening bank accounts and teaching them how to walk with Christ, so that they can return as productive citizens of society. Since its inception in 2008, Freedom House has ministered to over a hundred people. But like all nonprofit organizations, money is always an issue. To help with the organizations financial endeavors, Freedom House is having a barbeque and garage sale on Saturday 21st and is asking for the public’s support.

    Elderly man knocked down by motorcycle in Belmopan
    On Wednesday we told you about an accident on the Hummingbird Highway, a couple of yards before La Cabana in Las Flores, Belmopan. The incident happened just before our newscast at around 5:30 pm. It was reported that a motorcyclist and his passenger crashed into an Hispanic man, who was attempting to cross the street. The man has since been identified as 72 year old Ramon Escobar, who suffered head and body injuries, and his left foot was almost amputated as a result of the collision.


    Did accused rapist commit suicide in police station?
    Police say that Otto Raimundo Palma, an 18-year-old man from the Milpa area of Ladyville, who had been detained for the rape of a 13-year-old girl, was found hanging from the metal bar of the Ladyville Police Station’s holding cell, to which he was tied by a T-shirt which was wound around his neck, at about 7:43 p.m. on Wednesday, February 18. There were no signs of injury on his body, said a police report. Palma had been detained in connection with a report made by a 13-year-old girl, who had told police that at about 12:30 Sunday afternoon, she was on the seashore behind Vista Del Mar in Ladyville, where she had gone swimming, and had gone to a secluded area to change into her bathing clothes, when a man came out of the bushes, held her mouth and raped her. The girl told police that the man was unknown to her.

    New billion-dollar budget to be read on Friday, March 13
    Amandala was informed by an official of the Ministry of Finance this morning that the new national budget for the fiscal year 2015-2016 is due to be read on Friday, March 13 – that’s the week after the municipal elections are held. Deputy Financial Secretary Marion Palacio said that their team is still working on putting together the numbers for the budget that will exceed a billion dollars. The performance for the current budget year is being impacted by a number of factors, including large capital outlays from Central Government for works in the various towns and cities, as well as the salary adjustments implemented for teachers and public officers during the course of the budget year.

    Two men executed – bodies buried in shallow grave
    Police say that they have found the bodies of two men – Benjamin Molina, 23, and Sylvin Chi, 41 – buried in a single shallow grave about 50 feet from the seaside in some bushes in an area about 11 1/2 miles north of San Pedro Town. Both men had been shot. Chi had been blasted in the head with a shotgun, and Molina had been shot in the head with a 9mm pistol. The gruesome discovery was made at about 11:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday, by police and a search team that had been formed to find them after they were reported missing and were last seen in the area by the caretaker of a house at which they had been staying.

    Unlicensed driver, 19, kills woman, 70
    A teenager in whom his employer had full confidence, so much so that he allowed him to drive his Toyota Highlander even though the teenager did not have a driver’s license, is in major trouble with the law, and was arrested, along with his boss, yesterday, Wednesday afternoon, pending charges for a high-drama accident that has claimed the life of a retired 70-year-old educator. Family members of the woman, Maria Knowles, 70, confirmed to Amandala this afternoon, Thursday, that she died today while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Maria Knowles has spent all her life as an educator, who taught at St. Mary’s Primary School for many of her teaching years; she also taught at All Saints Primary School. During her retirement years, up to the time of her untimely death today, she was still involved in education, teaching classes at the YWCA. Maria Knowles was the wife of retired public officer Gordon Knowles..

    1 dead, 3 injured after 18-wheeler slams SUV near Jaguar Paw
    The Jaguar Paw Road junction was the scene of a dreadful road traffic accident that occurred shortly before noon today when an 18-wheeler delivery truck rear-ended an SUV with three passengers between Miles 36 and 37 on the George Price Highway. The high-impact collision sent the blue late-model Suzuki SUV careening into a ditch, while the cargo truck ended belly up in the middle of the highway, which became strewn with thousands of oranges that spilled from its mangled container during the deadly crash. At the time of the incident, Leon Rodriguez, 30, a tour guide of a Belize City address, was heading west in the SUV towards Frank’s Eddy Village, Cayo District, along with American nationals Samuel Douglas Schulte, 66, and Teresa Lin Meuers, 56, who were both in the country on a Valentine’s weekend cruise and decided to take a day trip to Jaguar Paw, a popular tourist destination located off the George Price Highway.

    Epidemiologist defends vaccination amid charges that vaccines don’t always work and actually may cause irreversible harm or even death
    The United States, including states like California to which Belizeans travel often, is currently experiencing an outbreak of measles, a rash associated with fever which mostly affects children, reigniting calls from some factions for the more liberals states in the US to tighten laws that would force more people to vaccinate their children. The Belize government provides cash incentives for families under the Building Opportunities for Our Social Transformation initiative (BOOST) program based on whether children are immunized and attending school; and also for pregnant mothers who seek early prenatal care.

    Life in prison for Justin Jones’ killer
    Godwin Santos, 43, a construction worker of Ontario, Cayo District, will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder of Justin Jones, 22, who was killed in the said village in late 2010. The case went to trial two weeks ago, and climaxed last Friday in the Belmopan Supreme Court with the conviction of Santos, who was given a life sentence by Justice Antoinette Moore. After the ruling, the victim’s family was relieved at the notion that justice, in their eyes, was served, and Jones’ mother-in-law, Joan Sutherland, expressed gratitude that they have gotten some sort of closure in the matter at a time when “we hardly get justice in Belize.”

    Belize karatecas medal in El Salvador Open
    Members of the Cayo Shotokan Karate Club, Belmopan and San Ignacio branches, including four members of the Belize Karate National Team, successfully competed last weekend in the El Salvador Open Championship held in San Salvador. Nine countries, ranging from the USA, Mexico and Argentina to all of the countries of Central America, took part in the event. At the end of the two days of seminars and competition, the Belizean athletes came away with seven medals: one gold by Kaylon Dyck in the Male Advance Category, age 12-15; 3 silver – Kaylon Dyck in Kumite, Cesar Dyck in Kata, and Asha Pastor in Kumite; and 3 bronze medals – 2 by Briane Guzman in both Kata and Kumite, and 1 by Basil Brown in Kumite.

    National Cricket Competition starts with a bang!
    The Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2015 started out with a bang and some exciting games. To start, the most exciting one was the game between Police and last year’s champs, Easy Does It. Police took them down on Saturday in Belmopan. But for those who were not there, a couple of players for Police this year were a part of Easy Does It last year. Anyway, congrats to Police Team on their big win! Scores for that game went this way. Police took to bat first and scored 96 runs. Sylbert Martinez, a veteran that played with Excellence last year, top scored for Police with 35 runs. Orlando Banner, who played for Police last year, took 5 wickets for Easy Does It. Warren Anthony scored 34 for Easy Does It, and Brandon Lewis took 5 wickets for Police. Easy Does It lost with a score of 70 runs.

    Elements Team of Belize City leads 8-Ball
    The results of the 12 matches played in the Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan on Sunday, February 15, at Mike’s Cue Club are as follows: Match 1: Las Flores won Pelayo’s Electrical by default, 3-0. On the line-up for Las Flores were: Salvador Orellana, Oscar Avelar and Julio Hernandez, who were credited with the points. Match 2: Twin Stars won Capital Sales, 2-1. Twin Stars’ Ernest Turner won David Mejia, 3-2; and Manuel Barientos won Elmer Rodas, 3-2. For Capital Sales, it was Jose Alvarenga over Sam Yam, 3-1. Match 3: Set-Up won Special Effects, 3-0. For Set-Up, Floyd Thimbrel won Thomas Myers, who both play each other at Charishma frequently, 3-2; Sheridan Lemoth won Edmund Guy, 3-2 (This is after Edmund could have won, but tried to delay the game for his teammate to show-up; but Lemoth made him pay, surprising him with some crucial shots to win overall); and Ruben Ruiz got the “W” over David Fernandez by default, 3-0. David stayed to play a tournament in Cayo, hoping he would have been victorious; but, as they say, he swam far to drown.

    Editorial: Mortal bodies, eternal souls
    In a speech on Wednesday, United States president, Barack Obama, said that the United States was not at war with Islam, but rather was fighting against “people who have perverted Islam.” He was referring to groups known as “ISIS” and “ISIL.” The acronyms stand for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” and the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” respectively. Mr. Obama’s Republican Party opponents are pressuring him to single out Islam and attack “Islamic extremism.” The Republicans are criticizing Mr. Obama for being too careful in his rhetoric. The mainstream American media have focused for months on atrocities being committed by ISIS and ISIL in the Middle East, and also by the Boko Haram group in Nigeria, Boko Haram being described as a Muslim group. There were two world wars fought in the twentieth century. These were World War I between 1914 and 1918, and World War II between 1939 and 1945. In both cases, the principal antagonists were Great Britain and Germany, and what they were fighting each other for was control of the rest of the world, which is to say, control of the raw materials/natural resources which they required for their industries and factories. France was an ally of Great Britain’s in World War I, as were Russia and the United States to a lesser extent. In World War II, Russia and the United States were again British allies, while Japan and Italy were German allies. France was again a British ally, but the Germans wiped out the French early in World War II.

    From the Publisher
    No doubt In response to all the rising black consciousness in the United States in 1966, Dartmouth College admitted a larger amount of black students than usual in its “Class of 1970.” I believe that class included Wallace L. Ford III, who helped our UBAD organization establish the Amandala newspaper in August of 1969. Wallace Ford solicited a donation from a Dartmouth professor named Mirsky, whose check completed our fund-raising, which we had begun in May of that year. We purchased a Gestetner stenciling machine from British Honduras Distributors (remember them at the foot of the Swing Bridge on North Front Street?) for $534.00. Today, Wallace Ford is a very wealthy attorney in the United States. He writes an online column called “Point of View.” A couple years ago I made contact with Wally, Bob Bennett, and Dennis Young through the e-mail technology. This was after more than forty years. Wally started sending me his column, and the latest one featured Malcolm X. February 21 is the fiftieth anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan.

    In search of Estella Goodley
    Dear Editor, Please help me. I am searching for my mother’s cousin, Estella Goodley, formerly Estella Mcgallon; her name could be Kituna. She went to live in Belize in the 1930s and returned to Jamaica in the 30s with her young daughter. My mom says the little girl looked Indian. Estella Goodley’s father was John Mcgallon and her mother’s name was Ann Mcgallon. She also had a sister, Maud Mcgallon. They all came from Negril, Jamaica.

    Setting the record straight
    Dear Editor, This letter is written in regards to an article posted by The Reporter newspaper on Friday, February 13, 2015 at 8:24 am, with the caption “CitCo and Canadian Legion honor veterans.” The Belize City Council was not in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Legion. It was I, the former National Executive Secretary/present Office Manager of the Belize Ex-Services League who was in constant collaboration with the Royal Canadian Legion and its representative since October of 2014 pertaining to the cruise ship visit. Accompanied by the former President of the Belize Ex-Services League we met with Mayor Darrell Bradley on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 and informed him of the visit of the President of the Royal Canadian Legion and other Legion members.

    Zane and Julie Smith donate to 6 institutions of learning
    Dangriga natives Zane and Julie Smith have donated desks and chairs to six learning institutions in Dangriga — Delille Academy, Kids First, Coastland Methodist School, Gulisi Primary School, Garifuna Pre-school and the Pablo Lambey Cultural Center. The total value of the donations is about $52,000. The chairs range in sizes from those suitable for preschool students to those which can seat high school students, and the desks and tables are adjustable to fit students ranging from the preschool to the high school level. The donation was made possible through a collaboration with the Naperville School District of Chicago in the United States, and Zane and Julie Smith, who are from Dangriga, but who are now living in Chicago. Julie Smith said that on Friday morning, there was a brief ceremony at the Gulisi Primary School, during which the items were handed over to the respective schools. .

    Attorney Ernest Staine “escapes” jail
    Attorney Ernest Staine was spared a prison sentence this morning when Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel vacated a suspended committal order this morning, because Staine has provided disclosure of his assets, in compliance with the order of the court. The 77-year-old Staine, one of the most senior lawyers in Belize’s Bar Association, has been accused of not paying to his client, Rita McField, $230,000.00 that he was holding in an escrow account for her, despite a court order that he do so. Staine, who was previously representing himself, is now being represented by attorneys Denys Barrow, S.C., his former law partner, and attorney Naima Barrow. This morning he was present in court for the hearing. Justice Abel remarked that the suspended order had been lifted because “there has been substantial compliance”.

    The Reporter

    Oceana to hold Rock the Vote concert
    Oceana Belize will hold a Rock the Vote concert on Sunday March 1st at the Memorial Park, to commemorate the third anniversary of the People’s referendum. Alyssa Carnegie, Oceana Belize communications director said the purpose of the concert is to commemorate the importance of the people’s referendum held in 2012. Carnegie said it was a sinificant showing of people who voiced their opinion on the critical issue of offshore drilling and it deserves to be highlighted. According to Carnegie, the referendum revealed the public’s overwhelming position against offshore drilling and that position is still relevant and of concern today. Carnegie added it was a celebration of the democratic process and people’s right to be heard. Carnegie said those who attend the concert are sure to be fully entertained as the line-up includes Tanya Carter, the Garifuna Collective, Melonie Gillet, TR Shine, Nello Playa, Verge of Umbra, Positive Vibes, Jackie Castillo, among others.

    Youths destroy car to uplift Belize
    Guide Light Productions, a youth organization, in collaboration with Belize Peer Helpers and the Department of Youth Services, held the first ever symbolic car demolition ceremony at the Battlefield Park Friday morning after honoring youths helping their communities. Andrew Munnings, Guide Light executive director, said the ceremony was organized to honor the youths who have been contributing to the society in a positive way. Over 70 peer helpers received awards for their efforts during the ceremony, which ended with the demolition of a donated vehicle.

    Buckley Freed
    Steven Buckley, who was shot in the head by police in 2010, was freed from prison on Friday morning when supporters cleared an outstanding debt he had with the court on a drug-related conviction. Buckley was confined to prison on Thursday for failure to clear his debt when police took him to court on a new charge. People’s United Party Port Loyola standard bearer, Gilroy Usher and other anonymous supporters paid Buckley’s debt. On Thursday, Buckley appeared in court to answer to a charge of marijuana possession, plead guilty and was fined $150, but was remanded when Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser discovered that he had owed the court another $360 for two previous marijuana possession charges.

    19-year-old charged with retired teacher’s death
    Boyd Lopez, the 19-year-old unlicensed driver that knocked down 70-year-old Marie Knowles on Wednesday, was charged on Friday for causing her death. Lopez, of a Regent Street address, faces a total of five charges: manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, driving a vehicle not covered by third party insurance and driving without a valid driver’s license. The Toyota Highlander that Lopez was driving slammed into Knowles as she walked along the sidewalk on Baghdad Street on Wednesday afternoon. The retired teacher was reportedly flung into the air and landed face first onto the pavement while the Highlander continued on to crash into a parked Mitsubishi Montero on the other side of the street. Knowles suffered a deep gash to her head and was transported by ambulance to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where she died the following day from her injuries.

    Police undertake clean up campaign
    Officers from the Belize Police Department, in collaboration with the Belize City Council, cleaned an abandoned lot at the corner of Jasmine Street and Poinsetta Lane on Friday as a service to the residents in that community. Brent Hamilton, community policing commander for Precinct Two, explained that this was not the first time the department has undertaken such an effort. According to Hamilton, the community policing unit regularly visits different communities to observe the needs of residents. Hamilton said in this case it became clear that residents in the area needed the abandoned lot and structure to be cleared as residents have complained that people use the lot to store all sorts of illicit substances and dump garbage and toxic waste there as well.

    Colombia’s constitutional court ruled on Wednesday to keep the current limits on same-sex adoption
    Colombia’s constitutional court has ruled to keep the current limits on same-sex adoption. The court said that same-sex couples could only adopt a child if it was the offspring of one of the partners. Discussion about whether to lift the current restrictions had dominated social media in the hours before the ruling. It comes almost two years after the country’s Congress voted against allowing gay marriages. Colombian media said the ruling showed great wisdom, arguing that it took the middle road between allowing same-sex couples to freely adopt children and banning same-sex adoption outright.

    Belize slips a notch on press freedom
    Belize has slipped a notch from last year on the 2015 World Press Freedom Index, ranking 30th on this year’s index, prepared by Reporters Without Borders. Belize still ranks high, at 30th out of 180 countries, included in the index with a score of […]

    Shooting suspect murdered in Ladyville
    Denver Owin Jones, 29, a resident of Hattieville Village was shot dead on Marage Road, at its entrance to the Lake Garden area of Ladyville Village, on Saturday. Crimes Investigations officer in Belize City, Superintendent, Hilberto Romero, explained to reporters that Jones had apparently […]

    Money changer robbed of $40,000
    Two armed men brazenly robbed a money changer of 240,000 pesos, the equivalent of $40,000, in Corozal Town last Friday evening. The money changer, Mahesh Balani, 29, told police he was having a conversation with a friend in front of a store on Fourth […]

    Boy, 9, and man shot outside shop
    Davien Sanchez, 9, and Charles “Robin” Guy, 56, were shot on Sunday night as they stood outside Zan Chinese shop on Faber’s Road in Belize City. Sanchez suffered two gunshots wounds on the right leg as he was buying at the shop, around 7:00 […]

    American woman dies in highway collision
    An American woman was killed in a deadly traffic accident, involving a small SUV and an 18 wheeler truck hauling oranges near the Jaguar Paw road at mile 37 on the George Price Highway on Tuesday. Theresa Meuers, 56,and her partner, Samuel Schulte, 66, […]

    Belize Audubon Society honours Tony Garel
    Belizean zoologist, Tony Garel has won the prestigious James A. Waight Award, for 2015. The award is presented each year by the Belize Audubon Society to a distinguished Belizean conservationist. James Waight’s grandson, Mica James Del Margo, presented the award to Garel at a special award ceremony at the Chateau […]

    Mayoral candidates dissect audit and city finances
    Mayoral hopeful, Yolanda Schakron and incumbent Mayor Darrel Bradley this week disputed details of City Council audits over the past several years and the municipality’s finances. Schakron claims mismanagement on Bradley’s part while the Mayor insists he has always been transparent. At a press […]

    Carnival awards Belize tour operator as best in Caribbean
    Carnival Cruise Lines held a ceremony on-board one of their ships, the Carnival Glory, to present an award to the owners and staff of Belize tour operator H2O-Tierra Limited, which they voted as the Caribbean’s leading tour operator for 2014. H2O-Tierra Limited owners Tom […]

    Taiwanese cultural festival shares art and cuisine with Belize
    The cornucopia of gifts, which the Republic of China (R.O.C.) on Taiwan shares with Belize, grew to include its art and cuisine, when the ROC hosted the “2015 Taiwan Cultural Festival in Belize” over the weekend, to promote greater cultural exchange between the two countries. […]

    ComPol says Penner investigation complete
    Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie has indicated that the police investigation in the case involving former Minister of State, Elvin Penner, issuing a passport to South Korean fugitive, Wong Hong Kim, is now complete. Whylie said the investigation has followed all the directives of […]

    Venezuela under attack from within and from the U.S. CARICOM nations can help, Ambassador Marcano says
    The information and images coming out of Venezuela on the US media suggests that hunger is one of the the main reasons for unrest in the country. But this week Ambassador Yoel del Valle Perez Marcano declared in Belize that these reports are part […]

    Fire season begins and warnings are issued
    The fire season, which is observed from February 15th to June 15th in Belize, has started and the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has issued a caution to citizens. With the onset of the dry weather, the Ministry cautions the general pubic […]

    It is the right of every man accused of a criminal offence to protect and defend himself. He may chose to do so by saying something, or he may chose not to say anything. This right is clearly defined in both British and American systems of jurisprudence. “You have the […]

    Missing men buried in shallow graves
    San Pedro police have boosted their presence in the upscale north end of Ambergris Caye, where two men who were reported missing on Tuesday were discovered murdered and buried in shallow graves shortly after 11 on Wednesday morning. Sylvin Chi, 41, and Benjamin Molina, […]

    Seventy-year old woman killed by unlicensed driver
    A 70-year-old woman was knocked down by a car driven by an unlicensed 19-year-old driver who lost control of the vehicle. It happened on Baghdad Street around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The woman died on Thursday around 3:40 p.m. from her injuries. The victim, […]

    Family claims Ladyville police killed Otto Palma
    An intensive Police investigation is taking place into the death of a Ladyville youth, 18 year old Otto Palma. Palma was found dead in a police holding cell at the Ladyville Police Substation Wednesday night. Palma had been detained pending a charge of rape of a 13 year old girl […]

    The Belize Times

    Patrick JonesPJ

    Pre-dawn operation nets bags of marijuana in Seine Bight and Placencia
    Police today confiscated bags of marijuana and arrested one person during an early morning anti-drug operation carried out in Seine Bight and Placencia villages. The pre-dawn operation started at 5:30 am today and included personnel from Special Branch, K-9 Unit, and uniform Police from the Placencia Police Station. According to information received, three houses were searched in Seine Bight Village which resulted in one person being arrested for possession of controlled drug. Two separate empty lots were also searched on the north side of Placencia Village.

    Fishermen charged for fishing violations
    Fishermen Giovanni Murcia, 32, of Honduras, and Belizean 48 year old Emilio Novelo, were read charges related to fisheries violations when they appeared in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Novelo, who has a valid fisherman’s license, pleaded guilty to facilitating Murcia in engaging in commercial fishing in Belize without holding a fisherman’s license and Murcia pleaded guilty to engaging in commercial fishing in Belize without a license. They also each pleaded guilty to possession of 57 pieces of fish filet without the skin.

    Trio charged for assaulting police officers
    A couple and their relative are accused of assaulting multiple police officers at the Racoon Street Police Station on Wednesday afternoon. The accused persons, however, tell the story in reverse, claiming that they were defending themselves against abuse by the police. 38 year old Felix Vanegas; his common-law wife, 32 year old Mexican national Reina Mayo, and his sister 28 year old Reina Vanegas Silva, were read multiple charges related to assault of a police officer before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Vanegas is accused of assaulting Sergeant of Police Dirk Dyer; Detective Constables Uribe Alamina and Ronel Flowers; and officer Anthony Simpson.


    Foodie Friday: Recipe for Belize Goat Cheese Lovers!
    Goat cheese, with its pristine white color and distinct flavor is one of the most amazing foods in the world, a humble basic for some, a gourmet delight for others. We have plenty of goat cheese enthusiasts visiting our restaurants daily either at our Mariposa Restaurant, Macal River Camp Restaurant or downtown San Ignacio’s Guava Limb Cafe. We also use this cheese in several of our dishes. So, we thought our food and beverage department would find a goat cheese class very informative. We invited Mrs. Collet, a longtime friend of the Flemings to give the F&B department a short but knowledgeable class on how to use and pair this delicacy. She brought some of her famous homemade goat cheese for the staff to taste and enjoy. She also gave us some helpful tips and mouthwatering recipes that our chefs will be sure to try!

    10 Reasons Why You Have to Vacation in Ambergris Caye
    Ambergris Caye, Belize is one of the top destinations for travelers worldwide. The island is rich with Mayan history and has incredible adventures and scenic views. Listed below are the Top 10 reasons why you have to vacation in Ambergris Caye.

    Tiburon Rum + white = a night of flavorful fun
    Many of you have heard me talk about the “new San Pedro math” before. Last nights Party was a perfect example of that ….. Tiburon Rum + white = a night of flavorful fun I am still an alcohol virgin so I was very happy that Basil said I could bring 2 plus 1’s to the event as my taste testers. I knew both professional photographer, Karen Brodie and fellow blogger, Kendall Beymer would be ready and willing to share their rum party review and a picture with you. I will share my thoughts on the event and more about Tiburon later in this post.

    Carnaval in San Pedro With Fin Kardashian Means Paint and SELFIES!
    Fin no longer needs any introduction and there is no one better to send out into the field when the town of San Pedro, Belize is going to come alive with color, glitter and cross-dressing. Carnaval! The final celebration before lent begins. Here’s our little monster – Fin Kardashian. HELLO WORLD! So this weekend was Carnaval in San Pedro – which means Carnival or Mardi Gras in other places – and to me FUN and VODKA. I did not miss out on it. Carnaval is celebrated all around the world but the world needs to know that WE do it in San Pedro. There is a little feather and a little glitter but there are more PAINT and EGGS…which makes it way BETTER! I mean who doesn’t like to look like the cover of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP.

    Lackadaisical Day in Paradise
    I know it’s been a few days since our last post but between the slow internet and my lack of cold-weather clothing to enjoy the outdoors (it’s been quite cool here), I was a little bit pissy. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to upload one photo to the blog so when that happens, I slam the laptop shut, curse the internet provider and proceed to play Bubble Witch on my iPad. Yes. I mentioned it’s been cool here. A little rainy at times, as well. Some of you live in very cold, even Arctic areas of the world and I feel your pain. We are Minnesota gals and understand your desire to be out of the colder climates with your butt planted in the sand on a tropical island, so hearing me say that it’s cold here probably sounds ridiculous. (I can hear my family and friends back home cursing me out right now). However, there are Canadians down here that are freezing their tukas’ off, too! We had been hearing a lot about the breakfast and brunch items being served by Drita’s Delights at Wayo’s Bar so we called in an order to be picked up. We ordered a bagel sandwich and a “bagel overload”. Here’s a look at her menu.

    International Sourcesizz

    Poseidon Academy At MVHS Plans Trip To Belize
    The Poseidon Academy students at Mar Vista High School will take part in a trip of a lifetime to Belize next month where they will get to experience the rainforest and the reef habitats and take advantage of what they have to offer. The Poseidon Academy which focuses on marine biology was founded 20 years ago at Mar Vista High School by science teachers Mario Olmos and John Ashley. The academy, referred to as “a school within a school,” is one of 230 California Partnership Academies funded by the state. Over the years the students of the academy have had the opportunity to take part in trips where they learn science first hand. “You can’t study marine science out of a book or lecture; you have to experience it,” said Olmos who teaches marine biology, biology and oceanography.

    Ground-breaking science could help manage sharks
    Can we use environmental DNA to investigate shark populations? Judith Bakker, a Ph.D. candidate at Salford University in Manchester, England, was conducting shark research in The Bahamas last week with support from the Bimini Biological Field Station, often referred to as the Sharklab. Bakker is developing methods for scientists to be able to collect environmental DNA, or eDNA, and to test it for the presence of shark species. The study is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Washington, D.C.-based non-government organization that worked closely with The Bahamas National Trust and the government to create a shark sanctuary in Bahamian waters in 2011. eDNA is made up of DNA shed by animals and anything else that lives in the sea, this DNA can be either free-floating or bound to particulate matter found in the water column.

    Mother Nature stars on Caribbean trip
    A trip to four ports on a seven-day cruise in the Western Caribbean is a lesson in lean versus luxury living. In Roatan, Honduras, laundry hangs to dry under the protection of stilt-built, stark-looking houses because it's always raining — 100 inches a year — and few people can afford a clothes dryer. In Cozumel, Mexico, pretty houses painted pastel colors dot the roadways while sunbathers frequent beautiful beaches. Belize is somewhere between economically, thanks to retirees flocking there for upscale homes priced around $250,000.

    Petition: Direct flights from Canada to Belize
    North America has 5000-7000 baby boomers retiring daily. A lot of these people are looking to retire to the warm climates of the Caribbean. Presently many Canadians are living (or looking to live) in Belize. The only options for flights right now is with US carriers, through points in the USA. Lost luggage and getting bumped from flights is a common occurence not to mention the high costs associated with these connections. Westjet presently flies direct to Cancun, so why not Belize which is now a popular destination for vacationers as well as retirees.

    The Belizean Bruiser. She's a knockout!
    There are easier ways to put together money for your child’s college tuition fund, but don’t tell that to mother, high school teacher, Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and UFC bantamweight Marion Reneau, who several years back wondered, like any other parent, how she was going to eventually afford college for her now 13-year-old son. “I was struggling,” she admits. “I was a single mother, and even as a teacher I was living paycheck to paycheck, trying to pay the bills and his daycare expense, which was a lot of money, and not only that, but I was renting at the time and paying a car note. It was very expensive.” A lifelong athlete who received college scholarship offers for soccer and track and field, opting to become a heptathlete at the University of California Long Beach, Reneau soon found something that caught her eye which could also make her some money on the side.


  • Making la isla Bonita, pilot episode, min. A behind the scenes short documentary of the making of Belize first telenovela pilot episode, featuring former Miss Italy actor and model Denny Mendez, a local San Pedro cast and crew. A longer cut will premiere at Cayo film festival later this year.

  • Ross Kemp On Gangs Belize, 45min. Full Documentary,

  • Wahoo in Belize 45 minute fight, 5min. Wahoo are distinguished from King Mackerel by their Latitudinal strips vs Longitudinal strips of the latter.

  • Dolphins in Belize, 3min. On the way back to San Pedro from the blue hole.




  • Living in Rural Belize feb 20, 11min.

  • Belize City Tour, 7min. While in Belize City, we took a city tour led by a gentleman named George, who did a very nice job.

  • Tarpon Feeding Caye Caulker Belize, 1/2min. Unsuspecting tourists feed fish the wrong way. Watch as Leon's hand gets eaten by a Tarpon.

  • A drive in downtown San Ignacio., 7min.

  • Castillos Hardware 15th Year Anniversary Raffle, 5min. Congratulations to Castillos Hardware for celebrating their 15th Anniversary. To show their gratitude they gave away $15,000 to their customers in their raffle.

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