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May 31, 2019


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro teams make it to National Amateur League Championship round of 16 playoffs!
Various matches were held during the first round of the Belize National Amateur League Championship (NALC) Football Tournament Round of 16 playoffs. Both island teams that are participating in the tournament have done extremely well, advancing to the playoffs which include a home and away game. For the first match of the round of 16 playoffs held this past weekend, Vince Assassin lost their match, while Los Catrachos F.C won theirs. For the second match of the NALC round of 16 playoffs, Los Catrachos F.C will be playing at home against Santa Elena F.C on Sunday, June 2nd. The match is scheduled to start at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town at 4PM. Vince Assassins, will travel to Belmopan City to face Club Atletico at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium starting at 4PM.

Belizean-American news anchor Kendis Gibson speaks to hundreds of students at SPHS

Private Belize Adventures wins BTB and Love FM second annual Belize Sea Challenge
The second annual Belize Sea Challenge took place from Wednesday, May 22nd through Monday, May 27th, starting from Punta Gorda Town Toledo, and ending in Corozal Town. The challenge saw 16 teams taking on 218 grueling miles in the six-day race. Organized by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Love FM, the event saw teams competing in the male, female, and mixed category, beginning every day as early as 5AM from each point of departure. After kayaking along the Belizean Caribbean coast, Team Private Belize Adventures claimed the top prize in the male division with a total of 34 hours and 23 minutes. In second place was Team Recinos Imports BDF Recce Squadron, clocking a cumulative 35 hours and 17 minutes. Taking third place home the Belize Coast Guard Alpha with a cumulative time of 35 hours and 18 minutes.

Ambergris Today

Meet Miss Guatemala And Costa Rica For Costa Maya Pageant
The International Costa Maya Festival is proud to introduce two beauty contestants for this year’s International Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant. This week we introduce the Miss Guatemala contestant for Costa Maya Pageant; she Nallely Paola López Juárez. She is 21 years old and is a licensed Criminal and Forensic Investigative Technician who enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and spending time with her pets. Miss Costa Rica is Lisbeth Valverde Brenes, she is 24 years old and is an educational psychologist by profession, with an emphasis on working with people with disabilities. She is 5’6” tall and her hobbies include swimming, singing, dancing, and involving herself in social work.

BTB Holds Its Second Annual BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge
The second Belize Tourism Board(BTB)Love Belize Sea challenge, a grueling six-day adventurous extreme race covering over 218miles of sea paddling. The challenge commenced at Punta Gorda on May 22ndand concluded at the Rainbow Beach in Corozal Town on Monday, May 27thas the kayakers crossed the finishing line amid thunderous cheering and applauses from the spectators. Besides providing a truly unforgettable lifetime experience the race aimed to promote Belize as a key tourism destination for paddlers and kayakers; underscore Belize’s rich and effervescent culture and history.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Defence Force Participates in Tradewinds Exercise 2019
Forty-one men and women of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) departed Belize on May 29th for Exercise Tradewinds 2019 which is being held in the Dominican Republic and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Tradewinds is an annual exercise held jointly by the United States Southern Command and its multinational partners to promote regional security cooperation. This year’s exercise comprises 22 nations and over 18 different regional organizations and focuses on four main objectives.

International Costa Maya Festival FLASH SALE
Don't forget about our FLASH SALE! Starts Tomorrow, May 31 at 9 AM and ends at 4 PM. It continues on Saturday, June 1st at 9 AM and ends at 12 noon. EXCLUSIVELY SOLD AT THE COSTA MAYA FESTIVAL OFFICE ON BARRIER REEF DRIVE (in front of the San Pedro Town Hall) Season Pass - 3 days (General) - Original Price: $175, Flash Sale Price: $160, Save: $15. International Night -Saturday (General) - Original price: $150, Flash Sale Price: $100, Save: $50. CASH ONLY, NO REFUNDS, LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE.

Mr. Florentino Gonzalez passes away
We have lost yet another pioneer of the fishing industry in San Pedro and a great business man. Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Gonzalez friends and family on the passing of Mr. Florentino Gonzalez also known as “Don Yach” or “Tio Yach”. Don Yach was the father of Councilor Ruben Gonzalez. We hope his family and friends find the strength in each other to overcome this great loss. May his soul rest in peace. A wake was held Thursday night at his residence on Barrier Reef Drive.

Country: Costa Rica. Lisbeth Valverde Brenes is an educational psychologist by profession, with an emphasis on working with people with disabilities. Country: Guatemala. Nallely Paola López Juárez is a licensed Criminal and Forensic Investigative Technician who enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and spending time with her pets.

Public Advisory on Illegal Peddling of Medicines
The Ministry of Health alerts the public on the identification of products that are being sold as medicines but not officially recognized and registered by the Ministry of Health. Two recent inspections resulted in the identification and subsequent confiscation of these types of products and other related supplies from peddlers/street vendors. The Ministry advises that peddling of medicines is illegal. The products being sold by the street vendors pose a health risk as these may be falsified, substandard and/or unregistered medicines that are sold by non-professionals. The public is encouraged to visit only licensed pharmacies that have registered pharmacists providing pharmaceutical service to the community.

The first phase of the contest is in effect, send in those songs. Corozal Town are you ready for this year's National Song Competition???

Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle - Belize Cuisine
The 6th issue of Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle is out, and it focuses on the incredible food found throughout Belize. They have a nice online version. It highlights Belize's initiative to eliminate single use plastics, along with the biodegradable containers and green packaging. Cahal Pech has a great article about it, and the burial site that was recently discovered and excavated(pages 18 and 19). Definitely worth a read. They even have a cool video showing how cacao beans are heated, opened, crushed, and turned into chocolate.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Five Feet Apart, The Queen's Corgi, Captive State, Captain Marvel.

Channel 7

San Narciso Mourns Elderly Couple
Tonight, the Chan family - and indeed the entire community of San Narciso, Corozal is mourning the loss of two of its beloved Senior Citizens. As we showed you last night, the elderly couple Audomaro and Ramona Chan were killed when an 18 wheeler rammed violently into their Ford Ranger - virtually snapping the little pickup under the Freightliner's massive front end. Audomauro and Ramona Chan didn't have a chance. Their Ford Ranger was crushed beyond recognition. Two hours after the accident, it had to be hauled across the pavement - almost like scrap metal.

Police Say Chan May Have Been At Fault
As you saw earlier, at today's bi-weekly police press briefing, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations told us that preliminary observations of the accident suggests that the elderly Mr. Chan may be at fault: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On yesterday's date, sometime shortly after 1:30 p.m., Corozal Police were called to the scene of a road traffic accident between miles 72 and 73 on the Philip Goldson Highway, which is near the San Narciso Road Junction. Upon arrival, police observed a red Freightliner truck, which was being driven by Erik Ermoff, and the truck was southbound..."

Mayor Bernard "Bex"ť With Deputy PM
In October, we told you about an interesting plan that the Ministry of Health and the Mayors Association came up with to improve the health of the residents of municipalities countrywide. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to help Belizeans live longer healthier lives, by building wellness spaces and promoting healthy lifestyle habits. These wellness spaces were supposed to be integrated in the public parks in the different cities and towns around the county. A part of those wellness spaces was supposed to include exercise equipment which the Ministry would purchase using funds donated by the Taiwanese Embassy.

Alcoholism in Belize: From Ruin to Redemption
As you heard on Tuesday, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is actively trying to crack down on alcohol related offenses which drive of many violent crimes and traffic fatalities. Williams has ordered his commanders to crack down on liquor license infractions and public drinking abuses. While that is what is happening on the law enforcement side, what is really happening on the ground and in the lives of those who have a drinking problem? What is alcoholism and how are people coping with it? For over a month, our Courtney Weatherburne has met and conducted several interviews with recovering alcoholics to get the answers to these questions and to better understand how destructive alcohol addiction is. Here is her special feature report...

The Strange Case of Sapote Lagoon
Sapote Lagoon outside San Narciso Village is known for good swimming and fishing waters, but, go there today and all you'll find is parched land. That's right. It has completely dried up - all the birds, fish and even the crocodiles are gone! The cause is most likely a drought - but today the village chairman told us that int hasn't happened for decades:.. Elvis Correa, Chairman - San Narciso: "We have persons that use to go and catch fish and sell it to the villagers and mostly all around the villagers and other villages come here for fishing..."

CEMO Ready For All Hurricane Contingencies
On Saturday, June 1st the Atlantic hurricane season officially opens. Some of the world's leading weather forecasters are predicting that around 13 named storms, and that about 5 of those may become major hurricanes. That's supposed to be near the average number of storms that form in the world's Atlantic Hurricane Belt annually. But, like all the other hurricane-prone countries in this part of the world, Belize is preparing for the season, and the Belize City Council, says that the City's disaster emergency apparatus is ready, in the event of a storm. The Council held a press conference to assure the residents of the country's biggest population center that CEMO is up to the task to look after them, if there is a storm. Here's what the Mayor had to say:

Competent, Courageous Cops
On Tuesday, we told you how police performed with admirable competence on Saturday, when they foiled an armed robbery and hostage situation at A&R Store in Belize City. The responding officers intercepted the teenaged robbers, and though the culprits fired shots at them, they managed to detain the young men without any injury, and they retrieved the stolen money. That's the type of good police work that the top brass wants to encourage, and so, today, Police Commissioner Chester Williams held an award ceremony to recognize them and 3 others who made similar moves to stop another crime in progress.

Man Charged For Stabbing Senior Citizen
Last night, we told you about 67 year old Frank Arnold, the resident of Neal's Penn Road, who was viciously stabbed multiple times on Tuesday night near his house. Well, the man who they say was the knife wielder is 29 year-old Ronald Percival Augustus Flowers. He's at the Belize Central Prison on remand, and we'll tell you about his arraignment at Magistrate's Court today. But first, we start with the comments from police who discussed the case at today's bi-weekly police press briefing. Here's what they told us about their investigation so far:

Cops Looking For Cattle Landing Criminals
Last night we showed you a terrifying armed robbery which happened on Tuesday night at the Village of Cattle Landing, right outside of PG Town. As we reported, at around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday three masked men slipped into "D Cattle Landing Palace Store" through the back door, and held up an employee and an older woman. One of the men had a pump action shotgun and the other carried a machete, while the third male person stood guard at the back door - also with a pump action shotgun. It's the kind of nightmare that no one should be subjected to, and today the cops told us what they know so far:

Cops Have No Luck With Sun Luck Robbers
And turning now to that robbery which happened in Orange Walk at around 7:30 on Tuesday night at the Sun Luck Store. As we showed you 2 masked men robbed the store at gunpoint, and they assaulted the owner with a loaded pistol nudged right against his head. Today police told us that they are trying to locate these culprits: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday, sometime around 7:30 p.m., Orange Walk Police was called to Sun Lock Store, located in the Louisiana area, where upon arrival, the owner reported to them that sometime around 7:15 p.m..."

20 Year Old Shot In West
And in our last story from today's police press conference, the cops discussed a shooting from Tuesday night in Armenia Village, which left 20 year-old Edin Perez hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. Here's what the police had to say about that incident: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday night, shortly before midnight, Belmopan police responded a shooting incident, but first, visiting the visiting the Western Regional hospital where they met one Edin Garcia Perez, 20 years-old, of Armenia Village, which gunshot injuries..."

"Diginet" Now In Every Corner of Country
Belize Telemedia - now called Digi - has completed one of its most ambitious projects which started back in 2017. That's the national rollout of a fiber topic network for high speed broadband. It was completed in April when Diginet reached Toledo. That means that the company's high speed fiber optic broadband internet service has now reached every corner of the country and has essentially replaced the old copper network. But, it didn't come cheap; it cost 96 million dollars. Still, the company's executives say this fiber optic backbone now positions the telecoms company to be "future-proof". What's more, they say that consumers have shown surprising appetite for the service. Here's more from a press conference held last night at BTL's flagship store in downtown Belize City.

Faber's Fight with City Hall
At the top of news, we told you about the complaint that Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner made against Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. He claimed that - as minister of sports - Faber basically hijacked the outdoor exercise equipment that should have gone to the Belize City Council, and re-directed it to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Well, just a short while ago, The Deputy PM responded to our request for comment, and he said Wagner is completely mistaken to be blaming him, Faber said, quote "I had absolutely nothing to do with the determination that the national sports council would be a recipient of such gym equipment.

Beware, Bogus Drugs
The Ministry of Health says beware of bogus pharmaceutical products being sold by street peddlers. The Drug Inspectorate led by Danini Marin says that two recent inspections turned up these types of products and other related supplies from street vendors. She told us more via phone from Belmopan today:.,.

BDF On A Tradewinds Mission
A group of BDF soldiers have probably already settled in at what will be their new home in Dominican Republic for about two weeks. Now they aren't on vacation, not at all, 41 soldiers traveled to the DR yesterday for the first half of the annual Exercise Tradewinds. In a release sent today it states "it is held jointly by the United States Southern Command and its multinational partners to promote regional security cooperation. This year's exercise comprises 22 nations and over 18 different regional organizations". The focus is on humanitarian assistance or disaster response, counter threat network, rapid response among other critical themes.

Restore Safe Spaces
How can you create a safe space for children at home, in the school, and in the community? That is an extremely tough task given the level of violence and trauma children are exposed to on a daily basis in Belize. But Restore Belize, The Ministry of Education and UNICEF are trying to achieve that reality by gathering all the stakeholders and discussing what interventions have been used and what more needs to be done to give children a chance to freely and safely live, learn and play. We dropped by their round table discussion yesterday at the Biltmore to find out more about this initiative.

Bradley Roe Sends Lawyer For Shyne
UDP standard bearer Shyne Barrow has been having a moment or two recently. He's twice clashed publicly at a night spot with Bradley Roe - and it has now resulted in a public black eye for the aspiring politician. Roe has gotten his attorney Bryan Neal to write to the Commissioner of Police, claiming to the COMPOL that Shyne Barrow is provoking and harassing Roe. Neal's letter says that Barrow insulted and assaulted Roe earlier this month.

Channel 5

Inseparable Elderly Couple Die in Horrific Traffic Collision
The Chan family in San Narciso Village is tonight making final preparations to put to rest two of its most senior members. Married for more than fifty years, on Wednesday [...]

Ronald “Jack” Flowers Arraigned for Attempted Murder
Sixty-seven-year-old Frank Arnold is fighting for his life at the K.H.M.H., after he was stabbed multiple times by Ronald Flowers, who is known in the neighbourhood to be suffering from [...]

Police Officer Freed of ‘Harm’ Charge after Ex-Girlfriend Withdraws Charges
Also in the courts today, PC Leon Bradley was freed from the charge of harm. This was after his estranged girlfriend twenty-year-old Ashley Pate told the court that she does [...]

Who Wants Guatemalan National Edin Perez Dead & Why?
Who wants Guatemalan national Edin Garcia Perez dead and why, is still up in the air tonight as police officers continue to investigate a shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday [...]

Terrence Lopez is Arraigned for Placencia Shooting
Earlier this week, we reported on a shooting incident in Placencia in which Francis Eiley was shot in the leg during an altercation with his neighbour. Initial reports were that [...]

Still No Arrest for Robbery at Sun Luck Store in Orange Walk
On Wednesday night, we showed you surveillance footage that captured the armed robbery of a store on Zericote Street, in the Louisiana area of Orange Walk Town. Just after seven [...]

1 Person is Detained for Robbery in the South
Meanwhile, in the south, police have detained one of three persons reportedly involved in an armed robbery. Also on Tuesday, Punta Gorda Police responded to a report of a robbery [...]

CEMO Kicks off 2019 Hurricane Season
The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on Saturday and for the next six months the City Emergency Management Organization will remain on standby should a storm head towards the Old [...]

Party Politics with Placement of Exercise Machines?
Is central government playing party politics with a donation of exercise equipment gifted by the Taiwanese Embassy earlier this week?  According to Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner, the mayors of [...]

Beware of Illegal Peddling of Medicines
The Ministry of Health is warning the public to be cautious of medicines which are not officially recognized and registered by the ministry. Several brands and types of these medicines [...]

9 Officers are Recognized for Heroism in the Face of Danger
Today, a group of police officers was awarded for bravery during two crimes that occurred in the month of May. The ComPol’s Outstanding Officers Award Ceremony was held at the [...]

Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise Showers Saint John Vianney with Gifts
Saint John Vianney Catholic School on Faber’s Road was showered with gifts courtesy of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Belize. Today, the students, faculty and staff were officially given the [...]

Where Education and Citizen Security Intersect
The Ministry of Education and RESTORE Belize have concluded a series of roundtable discussions to share new ideas and methods in the education response to citizen security.  The goal was [...]

RESTORE Belize Initiative Improves Student/Teacher Relationship
Vice Principal Georgia Griffith, of Maud Williams High School, says that with the introduction of the pilot project there has been vast improvement in the relationship between students and teachers. [...]

Healthy Living Looks at a Screening Option for HPV
Last week, thousands of Belizeans participated in the ten mile cancer walk coordinated by the Belize Cancer Society. The activity had multiple purposes, including spreading awareness about the prevalence of [...]

The Reporter

Ministry Of Health Issues Alert About Dangerous Medicines
The Government of Belize’s Ministry of Health has issued an advisory to the public about unproven or unqualified medicines being sold by unscrupulous vendors that have not been approved as licensed to sell pharmaceutical products, and that their activity pose a danger to the public.

Motorcyclist Seriously Injured In Traffic Incident
A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a traffic incident that occurred at the corner of Dean Street and Pluse Street in Belize City.

Traffic Incident On The Northern Hwy. Last Night
A traffic accident in which an overturned vehicle is seen in this video occurred last night near a Belizean nightclub near Mile 13 on the Phillip Goldson Highway ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Student from Toledo reported missing
Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating a missing girl from Toledo. Evelyn Caal […]

FCD promotes sustainable farming in Vaca Forest Reserve
Today, Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) went on a tour of farms at the […]

Police: Man stabbed senior citizen multiple times for no reason
Belize City police have charged Ronald Flowers in connection with the stabbing of a senior citizen. […]

One man detained for robbery in Toledo District
Toledo police have detained one man in connection with a Tuesday night robbery in Cattle Landing. […]

Driver served with notice of intended prosecution after fatal road traffic accident
Erik Ermoff has been served with a notice of intended prosecution following a fatal road […]

BAHA meets with stakeholders to safeguard agricultural health in Belize
The Belize Agriculture and Health Authority (BAHA), the Ministry of Agriculture and Organismo Internacional Regional […]

Government warns of illegal peddling of medicines
The Ministry of Health is alerting the public on the identification of products that are […]

2019 National Song Competition Accepting Entries
The National Celebrations Commission is inviting musicians, performing artists and songwriters to submit their songs […]

Belize Defence Force participate in Tradewinds Exercise 2019
Over 40 men and women of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) departed Belize yesterday for […]

Inflation ticks up in April
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) says consumer prices are up marginally for the first […]


Sun Luck Store robbers got away with cash
There was a robbery at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday night in the Orange Walk District. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett , says that the thieves, who had their faces covered, attacked Sun Luck Store and escaped with cash. A.C.P. Joseph Myvett – Head National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Orange Walk police were called to Sun …

Western and northern Belize experiences drought
Ronald Gordon – Climatologist, National MET Service: “In terms of impacts, we have not had any major report. Our person who liaises with the Agricultural Sector has been making calls and the latest information that we got was that some farmers were having problems with feeding their livestock. Apart from that, we have not had …

Armenia Villager shot in front of home
In the past few months 2 Armenia Village residents have been killed. There could have been another one to report today, but the victim of a shooting incident earlier in the week, is recovering. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says Edin Garcia Perez of Armenia Village was shot when he exited his home minutes …

Law and Order’s Finest Recognized
The police department held a special ceremony today for officers who have not only done their duty, but showed additional vigilance and courage under pressure. Love News attended the ceremony at the Queen Street Police Station this morning in Belize City. Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “The Belize Police Department held another award ceremony to recognize …

Attempted Murder suspect arrested by the police
On Tuesday night after 8 pm, fifty seven year old Frank Arnold was viciously stabbed on Neals Pen Road Extension. The incident was witnessed by several persons including a family member. Today, the police department revealed that the attacker, identified as 29 year old Ronald Flowers has been charged for several crimes including attempted murder. …

Ministry of Health to tackle childhood obesity
For the most part children spend a lot of their waking hours being sedentary and engaging in poor eating habits. These factors contribute to a myriad of problems in children including high blood pressure and diabetes. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education held a meeting with its stakeholders to see how they can collectively address obesity …

Andrew Bennett continues to fight an extradition order
Belizean attorney, Andrew Bennett, who is wanted in the United States of America on money laundering charges, appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, where he continues to fight the extradition order. Assistant Solicitor General Samantha Matute-Tucker and DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal represented the crown while Anthony Sylvestre represented Bennett. Sylvestre is hoping to get his …

Double Fatality in Northern Belize
There have been several, fatal traffic accidents reported in our news recently. The one that occurred on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 72 and 73 was no less brutal. On Wednesday, after 1:30 in the afternoon a red freightliner and a white Ford Ranger collided on the road. The police say that the driver …

Medicine sold by vendors are not safe
Today, the Ministry of Health sent out an advisory alerting the public of medicinal products being sold by peddlers or street vendors. It advises the public only to purchase medicine from a registered pharmacist. Love News spoke with Dr. Marvin Manzanero, the Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, who said that the …


Belize Electricity Comparison 2006 – 2019, Freaky Sandstorm and Sargassum Report
Last week, I ran into Tamara Sniffin (owner of San Pedro Sun) and we got chatting as we walked. Both of us were in the same frame of mind – trying to stave off the use of air conditioning as long as we could. Many people practice being frugal in low season... Aside from the cost of living in Belize, another popular topic people want to know about is sargasso aka sargassum. but first duck and cover. This past Wednesday we experienced a sandstorm in Central Park... Kids step over it and pets step in it, often it, is hard to avoid, it is what it is. However, sargassum related health issues are still on the rise. Anyone with an autoimmune issue could be more susceptible to it affects. Some symptoms include labored breathing, nausea, itchy eyes... One last shopping picture for anyone coming soon, it’s Mango season in Belize. All around town you will find whole or sliced mango for sale.


  • Galen University - Update, 27min. Galen University continues to develop its course offerings to include professions that are needed locally. We spoke with their representatives about some of the new programs as well as the new financing options to help prospective students enroll. On our couch: Dr. Sylvia Cattouse - Dean of Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship, Galen University Dr. Dorian Barrow - Dean of Faculty of Education, Galen University Sherry Gibbs - Dean of Faculty of Arts & Science, Galen University

  • The United States Embassy representatives - WE Americas Accelerator Program, 24min. The United States Embassy representatives were our guest to discuss the WEAmericas Accelerator Program. We spoke with a program mentor and participant about their experience and why others should take interest and participate. On our couch: Stacy Badillo - Owner, Purple Passion Studio & Spa/(current Belize participant of WEAmericas Accelerator Project). Leisa Carr-Caceres - Marketing & Sales and Past President of Belize Hotel Association (current Mentor For WeAmericas Accelerator Project). Martha Videa - Program Manager, WEAmericas Accelerator Project.

  • Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, gave Police Department update, 42min. The daring robbery of A&R Enterprise Ltd. was one of the latest incidents in a spate of robberies and shootings in the City over the last two weeks. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, gave us an update on the crime prevention strategies of the Belize Police Department. He explained one of his biggest goal is to build relationships with vulnerable communities and to build their trust in the police department to protect and serve.

  • DIVE TRIP BELIZE, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2019, 13min. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize April 10-16, 2019.

  • "Cronyism and Nepotism in Belize" - Podcast, 33min. Juel and Jamall go into an innovative and exciting discussion about the prevalence of Cronyism and Nepotism in our country.

  • Carnival Dream Sharks Stingrays & Tarpin Belize, 16min. Carnival Dream Cruise Excursion Sharks & Singrays with Tarpin 2019 4K Great shots of the Rays & Sharks with Tarpin jumping and eating out of my hand. Caye Caulker Island... would like to spend more time there it looked like a fun place to chill, The Lazy Lizard had the best Shrimp Tacos I have ever had along with Ice cold beer. Stingrays, Sharks, Tarpin and the Belize Barrier Reef all circle around Caye Caulker where the island was split after Hurricane Hattie in 1961. This was a fun memorable excursion that I wont soon forget.

  • Belize bonefish on spinning gear, 10min. Fishing the flats and shore on Ambergris Caye with spinning gear.

  • Belize Bound | Placencia Travels, 9min. Traveling internationally with our family to Belize for a month! Buckle up, and join us on this amazing adventure!

  • Caracol in Belize - Auf den Spuren der Maya, 6min.

    May 30, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Triple R Response hosts successful fundraiser in Houston Texas, USA
    To continue their great work on Ambergris Caye, Rickilee Response & Rescue (Triple R Response) held a fundraiser event at the Fortress Beerworks in Houston Texas, USA on Saturday, May 18th. The fundraiser was a total success, raising $34,000 total, of which $6,000 came from silent auction items donated by San Pedro Town businesses. Founder Traci Curtin told The San Pedro Sun that with the money raised they plan to supply the Triple R Response team with everything they need to raise the level of response and care on the island. “With each response, something is learned, and they learn what they need to give better response and care,” she said.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    A week that started windy and cloudy turned very lovely at the weekend, providing a lot of angling opportunities. Highlights included a Grand Slam by Geff with Capt. Cesar and a 100+ pound Tarpon by Justin on a day trip with Capt. Vince.

    April 2019 External Trade & Consumer Price Index
    For the month of April 2019, results from the Statistical Institute of Belize's monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey show that the All-items CPI stood at 104.9, an increase of 0.2 percent from 104.7 in April 2018. For the month of April 2019, Belize imported goods valuing $147.4 million. This represented a 5.7 percent or $8.8 million decrease from the same month in 2018, when imports totalled $156.2 million. Total domestic exports for April 2019 amounted to $48.7 million, up by a significant 81.9 percent or $21.9 million when compared to exports for April 2018, which were valued at $26.8 million.

    BTB holds its second annual BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge
    The second Belize Tourism Board (BTB) Love Belize Sea challenge, a grueling six-day adventurous extreme race covering over 218 miles of sea paddling. The challenge commenced at Punta Gorda on May 22nd and concluded at the Rainbow Beach in Corozal Town on Monday, May 27th as the kayakers crossed the finishing line amid thunderous cheering and applauses from the spectators. On day one from Punta Gorda, the contenders travelled to Abalone Caye to Monkey River and to Placencia. On the second day, paddlers travelled from Placencia to Hopkins by road, due to rough seas and inclement weather, where they then resumed their journey to Dangriga.

    Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Training for Belmopan & Surrounding Communities
    As Hurricane Season 2019 approaches, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is stepping up its preparations, constantly assessing and enhancing its state of readiness. On Tuesday, May 28th, 2019, more than 20 persons from Belmopan and surrounding communities participated in a Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) Workshop. The DANA Workshop aims to prepare participants, in the event of a disaster, to make an accurate assessment of the damage caused and the needs of those affected, both immediate and long term, so that the relief and assistance provided is adequately and rationally distributed.

    Power outage scheduled for Sunday, June 2 from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to affect: entire Toledo District and entire Placencia Peninsula
    Including Placencia Village, Plantation, Forest Lagoon, Maya Beach, Cocoplum Development, Surfside Development, Seine Bight, Independence, Maya King, Santa Cruz, Georgetown, San Pablo, San Roman, Santa Rosa, Maya Mopan, Red Bank, Cow Pen and surrounding areas. BEL to replace transmission poles, conduct maintenance of equipment at Independence Substation, and upgrade transformers from Surfside Development to Placencia Village in order to meet the growing demand of power supply in Placencia.

    Cayo Cancer Society Gala 2019
    The San Ignacio Cancer Society is having their 6th annual Gala fundraiser on Saturday, July 6th, at the Bedran Hall. Contact the Cancer Society for more information and tickets. "Once more we present to you our Belize Cancer Society Annual Gala... All members have tickets for sale. Please support us. Purchase your ticket now! Look forward to our giveaways... And dance the night away!"

    US Marines at community relations event in Sarteneja, Corozal
    The U.S. Marine Corps Civil Affairs Team collaborated with the Belize Defense Force Senior Civil Affairs Liaison and two volunteers from the Orange Walk Company to support the community relations event in Sarteneja, Corozal, highlighting the solid relationship between our militaries and the close friendship between our people. 345 students received brand new backpacks filled with school supplies, including papers, pens, notebooks, rulers, maps, and folders. The project was funded through the USSOUTHCOM’s Humanitarian Assistance Program.

    Corozal Rotary Club Cheap Sale
    The Corozal Rotary Club Cheap Sale is joining with Corozal Town council municipal Bazaar on Friday May 31st at Central Park. We are changing our location for your convenience See you there Corozal

    Rainbow Town Neighbourhood Watch Meeting
    Thursday May 30, 5pm at Rainbow Beach.

    Professional Core Module in Sarteneja
    To all TOUR GUIDES from Sarteneja Village interested to take the Professional Core Module that will be a requirement to obtain a BTB license. Option 1: 22nd July - 2nd August 2019. Option 2: 5th - 16th August 2019. Requirements: 1. You must be a resident of Sarteneja. 2. You will need to commit for 2 weeks. Free Of Cost Sponsored by MCCAP/BFD. ONLY 25 spaces available for each Session! Interested persons please sign up at SACD office!

    BTB Career Week 2019

    Kendis Gibson visits San Pedro High School
    Thank you Kendis Gibson for inspiring over 500 students of the San Pedro High School today! And a huge thanks to the all of the students and teachers, especially Ms. Conchita Flora, for warmly welcoming Kendis and giving him the center stage on La Isla Bonita!

    2019 Belize International Jazz Festival
    Start your tour of the 2019 International Jazz Festival on 5th June at Mexican Cultural Institute.

    2019 Belize International Jazz Festival
    Performance Schedule! Jazz running rampant in June! Choose your date and venue and make it a date.

    Nominate your Ocean Hero today!
    Oceana Belize is pleased to announce nominations are now open for the 2019 Oceana Ocean Hero Award. This award recognizes and celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the protection of our oceans. The award is open to individuals throughout Belize with interests in the ocean including: • Teaching and education • On-ground conservation, restoration and rehabilitation work • Project work • Private or individual research Nominees of all ages are accepted, however the individual nominating an Ocean Hero must be 13 years or older. Want to nominate someone? Click here: DEADLINE: June 30th, 2019

    International Museum Day
    The Belize House of Culture ( Museum of Belize was today celebrating International Museum Day. Urban schools converged to participate and interact in activities presented by NGO " To'one' Masewaloon from Corozal. To'one Masehualo'on presented about the Yucatec Maya of Belize . The day was productive as we saw the children's participation.

    San Pedro Red Cross Blood Drive on Saturday
    San Pedro Red Cross has assisted to arrange a blood drive at the San Pedro Poly clinic to assist me with blood needed on Saturday starting at 9am. Please help me you guys im in great need. This Saturday June 1st, 2019.

    Channel 7

    74 Year Old Husband and Wife Killed In Highway Collision
    An elderly couple from San Narciso Village in the Corozal District was killed today when a Freightliner towhead obliterated the Ford Ranger they were in.   It happened at around 2:00 on the Phillip Goldson Highway in front of the San Narciso Community clinic.  The Ranger, driven by 74 year old Mario Chan was northbound turning into the clinic when the southbound Freightliner hit it.   It was a massive collision that literally snapped the small pickup into two.

    Carmelita Collision Non Fatal
    There was an accident about two hours earlier - also in the north - at mile 46 - near the entrance of Carmelita Village. Fortunately, this one was not fatal. It was a collision between a Ford Explorer and a Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Reports from the scene say that two persons were rushed to the hospital. Again, it was not fatal, and we'll have more on this tomorrow.

    Attorney Fighting Extradition On Technicality
    Attorney Andrew Bennett was back in Magistrate's Court today continuing his fight to resist an extradition request that the US Government has made against him.  US authorities made that request to the Government of Belize back in 2017. They want him to stand trial for 7 counts of money laundering because they claim to have evidence, that he met with an undercover agent of theirs, and allegedly negotiated the laundering of money for a fictitious drug cartel.  They claim he took payment from them in a backpack, which reportedly contained a quarter of a million dollars in cash. Since the request was made, the Attorney General's Ministry has had a few changes in the attorneys leading the extradition proceedings against Bennett at the Magistrate's Court.

    Chessman - Accused of Murder Three Times, Pleads Guilty On The Fourth
    28 year-old John Chessman Jr. has asked the Supreme Court for leniency after pleading guilty to manslaughter for the August 2012 shooting death of Jiantao Yang, a Chinese businessman who was robbed and killed in Ladyville. Chessman was originally charged with murder, but he pleaded down to the lesser charge. Viewers may remember the case from August 9th, 2012. Yang was at his business place, E-Bay Supermarket, on Crab Catcher Street in Ladyville. At around 5:00 that evening, Chessman and another man entered the store, held Yang at gunpoint, and ordered that he hand over money. They made their way behind the counter and while Yang was opening the cash register, one of them shot him.

    Put A Gun To Grocer's Head
    Last night we showed you some hapless robbers on a Saturday misadventure at a Chinese Grocery Store in Belize City.  Fortunately no one was hurt, and the shopkeeper went and ducked behind a cooler.   But, last night in Orange Walk town at Sun Luck store, there was nowhere for 25 year old proprietor Hong Zhen Qiu to hide.  At 7:15, two men stormed in.  One of them grabbed him around the neck and put a knife to his throat, while the other pointed a gun right at his head and demanded money.

    Charged For Peninsula Shooting
    On yesterday's news, we told you about the shooting in Placencia Village, which left 43 year-old Francis Eiley with injuries to his feet and thumb. Well, the man who police believe was the shooter is 41 year-old Terrence Lopez. Tonight, he's facing two very serious charges.  Investigators arrested and charged him with 1 count of aggravated assault with a firearm, and 1 count of grievous harm. He is expected to be arraigned in the Magistrate's Court tomorrow.   As we reported, police from the village received information of a shooting near Rick's Cafe at around on Monday night. They found Eiley walking to the clinic with those gunshot injuries.

    Santa Elana Duo Charged
    Two Santa Elena men have been charged for aggravated burglary. They are 24 year old Felipe Guzman and 28 year old Rasheed Hyde. The incident happened on May 14th. The men along with two others who were armed, allegedly held up a farm watchman at mile 44 on the George Price Highway. They tied up 21 year old Juan Garcia, beat him and stole his money. Quick police response led to the detention of one the men which helped them in the case to lay charges. 

    Success for Belizean Studies?
    Last year the Ministry of Education launched a Belizean Studies pilot project where first form teachers from about 11 schools countrywide taught the new subject. Well, the pilot has concluded and now the Ministry will evaluate the success of the trial run and officially incorporate it the high school curriculum countrywide. Here is more from today's seminar at the Marion Jones Stadium. John Newport - Ministry of Education Director of Quality Assurance Development Services: "The first form pilot we just completed probably a third of the time what you would traditionally think of as history, some of it was environmental studies, some of it was development, some of it was more human based looking at identity..."

    Enhancing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    Beltraide, along with its partners has launched a new program called the MSME Enhancement program. As the name states, the main focus is to assist micro, small and medium enterprises to becomes more competitive and successful which translates to overall economic growth. Executive Director for Beltraide Leroy Almendarez explained today at the Biltmore. Leroy Almendarez - Executive Director, Beltraide: "The launch is a program called MSME Enhancement program and the whole purpose of it is to benefit micro, small and medium enterprises that is what we launched today..."

    Compols Take On The Cops
    Last night, we showed you the comments from Police Commissioner Chester Williams who discussed multiple important topics, including his recent trip to Grand Cayman Island to attend a meeting with his regional counterparts in the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. In that press conference, the Commissioner alluded to a pending press release that the ACCP intended to send out as their official position on the April press release from the  Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations. You'll remember it as the one where that Federation called ComPol Williams a dictator for the way he was handling his dispute with Corporal Eldon Arzu, the President of the the Police Association. 

    The Case Of Constable Kerr
    There are two, sometimes three sides to every story. And that's what Police Constable Leroy Kerr's wife says about the episode where he is seen on camera, carrying a weapon while he is being taunted by a mob. It happened at a Hattieville bar, and Kerr's wife told us that Kerr's very close friend had just gotten beaten down by men in that bar. Kerr allegedly had to fire a warning shot to get the men off his friend - who has since made a police report.  

    Craziness In Cattle Landing
    Earlier, we showed you a robbery at Sun Luck Store in Orange Walk - where the robbers held a loaded gun right to the storekeeper's head. There's any even more scary surveillance video coming out of Cattle Landing, outside Punta Gorda Town.   At 8:30 last night, three masked men slipped into "D Cattle Landing Palace Store" through the back door, and held up an employee and an older woman. One of the men had a pump action shotgun and the other one carried a machete, while the third male person stood guard at the back door - also with a pump action shotgun. 

    Senior Citizen Stabbed Up
    Tonight, 67 year-old Frank Arnold, a resident of Neal's Penn Road Extension, is hospitalized at the KHMH, after he was attacked and stabbed near his home last night. Police say that at around 8:50 p.m. yesterday, they found him at the KHMH suffering from multiple stab wounds to various parts of his body. What they've been able to determine so far is that Arnold was riding his bicycle through an unnamed alley behind Neal's Penn Road Extension.

    Teaching Students To Prepare For Intruders
    If you passed by Nazarene High School around 2:00 this afternoon you might have been alarmed seeing GSU officers chasing after a man into the compound. Fortunately, it wasn't actually a hot pursuit, it was part of an intruder simulation exercise. The school's security director Shihan Ray Kelly told us more about the importance of a school being prepared for such scenarios.

    The Hidden Face of Illness
    "Let's make healthier choices together" - that was the theme of a health fair held today in downtown Belize City.  Organized by the Belize Cancer Society, the idea was to focus on non communicable diseases.  WE learned about two: cervical cancer and mental illness:.. Sharmane Garcia - BFLA Marketing Officer: "Basically we constantly push education because you could never do enough and we welcome the invitation to these health fairs because we get to meet the population on a different level...."

    Courts Gives 10 Grand x 2
    Tonight, two Courts customers are ten thousand dollars richer after being selected in an appliance promotion.  All they had to do was buy a Whirlpool appliance between March and April - and they were part of the drawing.  But the first winner didn't know the ten grand was hers until she was called into the store for a routine matter today.  Here's her moment of realization that she had come up, big time:

    Preschoolers At Festival
    And, we close tonight with the festival of the arts - and highlites from the weekend's golden showcase.

    Channel 5

    Elderly Couple Perishes in RTA in San Narciso
    An elderly couple perished in a deadly collision earlier today in the Corozal District.  Sometime around 1:30 pm, a white Ford Ranger pickup crashed into Freightliner truck in the vicinity [...]

    Another Adjournment in Andrew Bennett’s Extradition Hearing
    Attorney Andrew Bennett was back in court today where he continued to defend against an extradition request by the U.S. government.  In the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer this [...]

    Bennett Returns to Court on June Fourth
    Despite Sylvestre’s objection that the document ought not to be entered into the proceeding, the Chief Magistrate ultimately decided on its admission.   Anthony Sylvestre, Attorney for Andrew Bennett “We [...]

    2 More Suspects Charged in Mile 44 Attack
    Twenty-four-year-old Felipe Guzman and twenty-eight-year-old Rasheed Hyde, both of a Santa Elena address, have been arrested and charged for aggravated burglary, following an incident near mile forty-four on the George [...]

    John Chessman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Killing of Chinese Businesmman
    Twenty-nine-year-old John Chessman Junior has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a lesser charge from the count of murder which he was read in August 2012 for the shooting death of Chinese [...]

    Armed Thieves Target Sun Luck Store in Orange Walk Town
    Police in Orange Walk are investigating a robbery which occurred on Tuesday night. Sun Luck Store on Zericote Street was targeted by a pair of armed thieves after seven o’clock. [...]

    An Elderly Man is Stabbed by Mentally Ill Person
    An elderly man remains hospitalized tonight after he was attacked by a mentally ill person. Sixty-seven-year-old Frank Arnold was stabbed three times to the body by Ronald Flowers, aka “Jack,” [...]

    A Guatemalan National Escapes an Attempt on His Life
    Guatemalan national Edin Ismael Garcia Perez is hospitalized tonight after an attempt on his life on Tuesday night in Armenia Village.  The twenty-year-old was observed with multiple gunshot wounds to [...]

    Nazarene High School Prepares Students for Possible Intruder
    An intruder found himself on the compound of Nazarene High School in Belize City this afternoon. He was subsequently subdued by two GSU officers as part of a simulation. The [...]

    SIB Releases Economic Data for April
    The month of April saw a decrease of five point seven percent in imports, while exports went up by as much as eighty-one percent.  The total value of goods brought [...]

    Municipalities Receive Exercising Equipment for Public Use
    The Ministry of Health wants you to live a healthy lifestyle by not only eating healthy but exercising as well. Minister of Health Pablo Marin on Tuesday handed over exercising [...]

    Belizean Studies to be Rolled Out Countrywide
    In August, first form students across the country will begin to learn much more about Belize. They will be taught about Belize’s transformations and connections, governance and society and origins [...]

    2019 BioBlitz A Success!
    Three years ago, Ya’axché Conservation Trust began engaging students from communities within Ya’axché’s focal area, the Maya Golden Landscape, on the importance of biodiversity and conservation through its BioBlitz event. [...]

    Government Launches its MSME Enhancement Programme
    As a micro or small business entrepreneur, the main objective is to develop your product or service to international standards. But that comes with limitations in terms of capital to [...]

    A $3 Million Investment to Make Micro & Small Businesses More Competitive
    The Economic Development Council is the bridge between the business community and the government and advocates for and supports policy reform to make it easier to do business in Belize. [...]

    The Criteria to Access Benefits from MSME Enhancement Programme
    In the second phase of the programme, countrywide consultations will be held with entrepreneurs on steps that must be taken for successful applications. The Small Business Development Centre, an arm [...]

    Atlantic Insurance’s Health and Wellness Fair 2019
    A health and wellness fair was held today in downtown Belize City. Residents were able to get information on various health conditions and where they can access services. It was [...]

    The Reporter

    Woman Killed In Traffic Accident In Corozal
    The Reporter has been able to confirm that a woman is dead following a terribly traffic accident in San Narciso, Corozal District just moments ago. We are told that when the truck slammed into the pickup she was killed instantly...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Francis Fonseca donates to All Saints’ primary school music program
    People’s United Party Area Representative in the Freetown constituency, Hon. Francis Fonseca, made a generous contribution […]

    OAS divided, passes Nicaragua resolution
    The Organization of American States (OAS) passed a resolution today, referencing the ongoing social unrest […]

    Security simulation conducted at Nazarene High School
    Today, the faculty, staff, and students of Nazarene High School, had a disruption in their […]

    Francis Fonseca donates to All Saints’ primary school music program
    People’s United Party Area Representative in the Freetown constituency, Hon. Francis Fonseca, made a generous […]

    Stemming domestic violence among police officers
    Since the start of this year, a number of police officers have been taken before the […]

    Police announce zero tolerance plan to fight alcohol consumption and sale
    Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has issued an internal memo to his officers on the sale […]

    Two men Arraigned for Antelope Street shooting
    On Tuesday evening, Jose Vasquez and Jose Rivera were arraigned in court for a shooting […]

    Two men from Santa Elena charged for aggravated burglary
    Felipe Guzman and Rasheed Hyde, both of Santa Elena town have been charged for aggravated […]

    Former murder suspect gunned down in quiet Lucky Strike
    Police believe 21-year-old Alejandro Lauriano was a marked man, and it appears he was lured […]

    No safe haven in Belize for escapee Joseph Budna, police say
    Joseph Budna, 38, is once again on the run from Guatemalan authorities after escaping a […]

    Police: Training prevented mass casualties in A&R robbery
    Police responding to Saturday morning’s robbery of the A&R store on the Philip Goldson Highway […]

    Elderly man critical after last night stabbing
    One man is detained after he allegedly stabbed another last night on Neal’s Pen Road. […]

    Edin Perez shot multiple times in Armenia, Cayo
    As we had previously reported, a man was shot in Armenia, Cayo last night. He […]

    All about the kids: Education stakeholders hold roundtable discussions
    Today, various organizations that hold an interest in the education sector gathered at the Best […]

    BELTRAIDE launches new business support programme
    Today, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRIADE) launched a new programme geared towards […]

    Hurricane Names 2019
    The Atlantic Hurricane season officially opens on June 1 and goes through to November 30. […]

    US Southcom donates school supplies to students in Corozal
    The United States (US) Marine Corps Civil Affairs Team collaborated with the Belize Defense Force […]

    Three masked men rob D Cattle Landing store
    Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that occurred last night in Toledo. Businessman, Ruihuan Zhong […]

    Two masked men target Orange Walk store
    Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that occurred last night in the Louisiana area of […]

    Ministry of Health donates exercise equipment to 5 municipalities
    Yesterday, Minister of Health, Pablo Marin donated several sets of outdoor exercise equipment to the […]

    Residents in Belmopan and surrounding communities participate in Damage Assessment Analysis Workshop
    As Hurricane Season 2019 approaches, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is stepping up its […]

    Police reports from the districts: deaths by drowning and rock-throwing
    Eighteen-year-old Carlos Reyes apparently drowned in the Belize Old River on Saturday afternoon, near Valley of […]

    Robbers target Sun Luck store in OW
    Sometime before 8 o’clock last night there was a robbery at Sun Luck Store in […]

    BBN’s Zoila Gonzalez goes to Taiwan!
    Breaking Belize News journalist Zoila Gonzalez is going to Taiwan! Gonzalez is the Belize delegate of […]

    Armenia shooting leaves one injured
    Our newsroom has recieved reports of a shooting last night. It reportedly happened just before […]

    Caribbean police commissioners talk citizen security
    According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, Belize has seen for this year the largest decrease […]


    First Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Enhancement (MSME) Program
    Today the government launched its first Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Enhancement (MSME) Program. The program aims to reduce the cost of doing business and creating greater operational efficiency, while strengthening the competitiveness of the MSME Sector. The benefits will include the enhanced customs and trade, facilitating measures on select packaging and labelling materials. The …

    NEMO Prepares for Hurricane Season
    This morning, the Minister of the National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro addressed personnel at a Transportation and Evacuation Planning Session conducted at the NEMO Headquarters in Belmopan. The specific purpose of the session was to discuss Coastal and Mainland Evacuation in the event of a major hurricane. While the hurricane season runs from June to …

    57 year old man stabbed and clings to life
    The police department has a crime fighting strategy that it hopes will help curb crime and lead to more convictions in court. But prevention is everyone’s responsibility. There are crimes that seem to occur without cause or motive. A sixty seven year old man from Neals Pen Road Extension in Belize City became a victim …

    Workout Equipment Donated to Government
    The Republic of China (Taiwan) continues to assist Belize in its efforts to promote healthy lifestyles. While Taiwan has assisted in medical, educational and agricultural areas, the country also wants Belizeans to flex their muscles. The Minister of Health Pablo Marin has received several sets of exercise equipment and is distributing them to different municipalities …

    ComPol Gets Tough on Alcohol
    Yesterday the Commissioner of police said he believed that alcohol was a significant factor that is responsible for more than 50% of deaths in Belize. That’s a bold estimation but to show that he believed alcohol should be targeted by the police department, he told the media that he had sent a memorandum to police …

    Ministry of Education to roll-out Belizean Studies in all high schools
    A year after the Ministry of Education piloted Belizean Studies in eleven schools, the Ministry is now ready to roll-out the subject in all the high schools. In this regard, a Belizean Studies Seminar is being held today to update educators on the knowledge gained from the pilot project as well as to prepare them …

    Consumer Price Index records 0.2 percent inflation for April, 2019
    The Statistical Institute of Belize has released the results of the country’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey. For April, 2019, the CPI stood at 104.9 percent, which is an increase of 0.2 percent from 104.7 from April, 2018. This means that on average, Belizean households experienced a marginal increase of 0.2 percent in the …


    My 2019 Summer Aspiration List: Plans for the Slow Season
    The long holiday weekend is over and summer has unofficially begun! In the northern climates, the change (pre- vs. post-Memorial Day weekend) seems huge…as days get markedly longer, the weather is warm (rather than snowy) and flip-flops, shorts and tank tops come out of winter hibernation. The difference in Belize is much more subtle. Our most noticeable seasons, from my perspective, are “Tourist season” & “Slow season” which are very similar to “Dry Season” & “Rainy Season”. These Belizean seasons are not black and white. There is no date that all tourists leave or when heavy rains move in. It’s a transition…visitor arrivals slow a bit into the summer and then things are downright sleepy in September and October. So for the past few years, I’ve put together a list – objectives for the summer months when I have a bit more time to get out and about.

    International Sourcesizz

    OAS, Telefónica and Fundación ProFuturo signs ICT agreements with Latin American and the Caribbean
    The Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) of the Organization of American States (OAS), Telefónica, and Fundación ProFuturo recently signed two agreements to promote digital inclusion and education in the region, as part of the commitments made in the framework of the TIC 2030 Alliance. The agreement signed with ProFuturo is focused on digital education in Guyana, where 5,435 primary school students and 449 teachers in the country will have access to interactive content and materials to improve their learning experiences. This agreement is part of the first edition of the Program in the Caribbean, in which the OAS is a strategic partner, and which will benefit more than 23,000 children in The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Guyana and Jamaica.

    Brewery Unveils 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead of Killing Them
    The plastic six-pack rings can severely damage marine life, as they tangle the wings of sea birds, warp the shells of sea turtles, and choke seals. Plastic pollution is a serious issue for the Gulf of Mexico, as it has one of the highest concentrations of marine plastic in the world. However, one brewery in Florida has a solution- bio gradable six-pack rings that can serve as a snack to wildlife, as they are made of wheat and barley.

    Belize school makes progress at Penn Relay
    Officials at Stann Creek Ecumenical College, the only Belize high school to compete to date in the illustrious Penn Relays Carnival at the Franklin Field Stadium at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, have expressed satisfaction with the school’s performance for the second successive year. “Overall, the results this year were way better than that of last year’s in terms of participation and performance,” said Head Coach Gary Francisco, in an exclusive Caribbean Life interview after his school competed in the games late last month. In addition to the boys’ team, Francisco said a girls’ team competed in the games this year.

    Regional co-operation needed in medical cannabis approach
    Barbados and other Caribbean countries are being encouraged to form partnerships to tap the lucrative medical cannabis industry. At the same time, one industry expert is predicting that with Barbados having the highest consumption rate of cannabis per capita in the region, this could result in tremendous economic benefits for the country. However, Dr Machel Emanuel, Teaching Assistant in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, warned that developing the “right legislative framework” would be critical in how much the country benefits.


  • Fiestarama 2019, .5min. Fiestarama 2019 is coming to Downtown Orange Walk with Mechanical Rides, Games, Food, Drinks & Lots of Entertainment. June 29th & 30th 2019

  • Parasailing over San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 14min.

  • ARF Spawning Ghost - Belize Series #3, 6min. Welcome to third installment of PEAK Fishing's Belize Series! This multiple episode fly tying series covers a number of saltwater flies you can tie. In this episode, learn to tie the ARF Spawning Ghost with Al Ritt.

  • Inside the Sanctuary Belize, 11min. Sapodilla Lagoon is a safe hidey-hole for boaters during stormy weather. While seeking shelter, we explored the strange ghost town community of The Reserve aka The Sanctuary Belize. We learned enough to be intrigued enough to research what happened and make this video on it.

  • Travelers Cocktails - colada and daiquiri recipes that featured bananas, 11min. Travellers Cocktails was back to bring the drinks to our fun Friday. Jordan Ramclam, Mixologist for Travellers Liquors Ltd., shared colada and daiquiri recipes that featured bananas.

  • PETAL - Udate, 30min. PETAL is marking its 3rd anniversary this week. Members of the group were our guests to discuss their major accomplishments as well as future plans for the organization. On our couch: Gwen Gentle - Director, PETAL. Ifasina Efunyemi - Secretary, PETAL. Simone Hill - Coordinator/President, PETAL.

  • The Belize Red Cross - preparations for the upcoming hurricane season, 31min. Do you have a family hurricane plan? The Belize Red Cross talked with us about how to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. They walked us through the stages of planning and what you should consider in times of emergencies. On set: Fred Hunter Jr. - Focal Point for Disaster Risk Reduction, Belize Red Cross. Feliciana Vernon - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Belize Red Cross.

  • Silk Cayes Snorkeling - Placencia, Belize, 4min. Snorkeling with Nurse Sharks and turtles in the Silk Cayes Shot on GoPro HERO7 Black.

  • A Honeymoon in Belize, 28min. Fishing, snorkeling, eating, drinking, and chillin' out on Ambergris Caye.. You betta Belize it!

  • Bull shark infested water in Belize, 5min. Bull shark encounter with cuesta scary.

  • Pine Ridge Forest in Belize, 4.5min. Auf unserer Reise entlang der Panamericana machen wir in Belize einen Abstecher zum Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

  • Who Cares - Belize, 6min.

  • Belize Spring 2019, 7min.

  • Belize, Turtle on the run, 1min.

  • Travelling from Flores Guatemala to Caye Caulker Belize, 6min. In this episode we travel from the Guatemalan town or Flores to Belize City and onto the Island of Caye Caulker. We share with you our travel day.

    May 29, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks are one win away from 2019 NEBL championship
    After losing against defending champion Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes during the second game in the best-out-of-five series of the 2019 National Elite Basketball League’s (NEBL) finals on Friday, May 24th, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks regrouped and strategized a win for game three the following day. This victory gives the Tiger Sharks a 2-1 series lead and the advantage to claim the 2019 NEBL championship if they win the fourth game scheduled to take place on Friday, May 31st at the Belize City Civic Centre.

    Report of Illegal Poaching of Jaguars
    The Forest Department received a report on Saturday night that a jaguar had been poached in Toledo. The animal was beheaded and the carcass left near the dump area of the Punta Gorda/San Antonio road. This is the second such report of jaguar poaching in the last two years, and the pattern of beheading is the same. It is believed the poachers operate on orders of local or international buyers who seek the animal head for display or for other illegal ornamental uses.

    Ambergris Today

    Foreign Ministers Of Belize And Guatemala Meet At OAS Office At The Adjacency Zone
    Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize met on Friday, May 24, 2019, with his counterpart H.E. Sandra Jovel Polanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guatemala, at the Organization of American States (OAS) Office at the Adjacency Zone. The two Ministers took stock of the progress made in the Belize-Guatemala process. Minister Elrington updated Minister Jovel on Belize’s referendum held on May 8, 2019, wherein the people of Belize agreed to refer Guatemala’s claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in accordance with the Special Agreement. Minister Jovel congratulated Belize on the successful referendum which now paves the way for the case to be heard at the Court.

    Report Of Illegal Poaching Of Jaguars
    The public is advised that poaching of jaguars is a punishable offence under the wildlife laws of Belize. Hunting, killing, injuring, trapping or harassment of jaguars and other endangered wildlife is illegal. To avoid prosecution and possible incarceration, no one should partake in any activity related to hunting or capturing of jaguars and other endangered wildlife.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Scholarships available
    The Government of Belize and the Ministry of Higher Education Cuba are pleased to invite all interested candidates to apply for scholarships. Areas of study include Pedagogy (Math/Physics), Biology/Chemistry, Architecture, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. Deadline: May 31st, 2019.


    Orthopedic Clinic - Belize Children's Project!
    Clinic dates, locations, and times.

    Outdoor exercise equipment donated to Belmopan, San Pedro, San Ignacio/Santa Elena and Punta Gorda Towns
    This afternoon, Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin officially distribute several sets of outdoor exercise equipment to the Mayors of the City of Belmopan, San Pedro, San Ignacio/Santa Elena and Punta Gorda Towns. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, Hon. Patrick Faber received for Belize City specifically for placement at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Total value of the equipment is approximately US$22,000. Corozal, Benque Viejo del Carmen and Dangriga Town previously received exercise equipment.

    The Tax Benefits of Banking and Investing in Belize
    Belize has long been popular as a destination. Known for its beautiful beaches, lush tropical landscape, and friendly people, it’s no small wonder people flock here each year for a little rest and relaxation. What many people might not know about are the tax benefits and asset structures available in Belize that are available to those who choose to retire, invest, or bank here. These tax advantages extend to companies as well. Every jurisdiction has its own taxation rules for foreign investors and bank account holders, but Belize offers some of the biggest savings. Here are a few of the most significant ways you can benefit.

    Snapshot Of Sarteneja Fisher Fair 2019
    On Sunday, May 26th, SACD and the Sarteneja Easter Regatta working crew were happy to host this year’s Sarteneja Fisher Fair, which was the official opening ceremony of the Fisherfolk Month 2019 and coincided with the Belize Tourism Board/Love FM Belize – News and Music Power Kayak Challenge 2019 – making this year extra fun! The topic of this year’s Fisherfolk Month is “Gender equity and ocean health: supporting access to markets for small-scale fishers”, recognizing the men and women of Belize who work hard to ensure that we are all able to eat seafood daily, and highlighting the importance of access to fair markets that contribute to the development of employment, food security and nutrition. We had special presentations, informative booths, a great variety of music, exciting tournaments and amazing prizes. A special thank you to all who participated in the tournaments, especially in the beach trap fishing, cast net throwing, swimming and breath holding competition.

    Belmopan Bandits Heading to SCL
    Congratulations, Bandits! The Bandits are heading to the Scotiabank Concacaf League, and this is their 3rd time making the cut, which makes them the only team to be able to say that. Well done, Bandits! "Even though the Scotiabank Concacaf League is entering just its third year, Belmopan Bandits are well versed in the nuances on the competition... Comparatively, Bandits certainly held their own against the 2018 SCL Finalist, which should provide a good foundation for their 2019 SCL campaign."

    BWS Hiring Customer Services Representative (Belmopan)
    Under the general supervision of the CS Supervisor; the primary function of the Customer Service Representative is to interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about services and to answer questions, direct customers to the appropriate department or individual, and to resolve complaints.

    Calling all Consultants!
    The Belize Tourism Board is seeking a consultant to execute the carrying capacity of the two major cruise Ports in the country of Belize.

    Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project Update
    May is almost over and we are pleased to share with you an update on the various projects completed, in progress and to soon start under the auspices of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project in Downtown Belize City. 1) In the first picture, the new House of Culture building on the Government House property has started to rise from its foundation. 2) In the second picture, the old Frederic Greenwood property at the corner of Cockburn Lane and Regents Street is making slow, but steady progress. This new building is proposed to be a museum (second floor) and a restaurant/cocktail lounge on the first floor.

    Maya Beach Cleanup June 1
    As if a clean beach isn't enough reason... Be a part of the Maya Beach community beach clean up and get a chance to win some great prizes!

    Vol.2 of 'The Future is Female' art exhibit
    You are cordially invited to indulge in an evening of exquisite art and poetry.This Friday May 31st, 2019 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm we will open to the public Vol.2 of 'The Future is Female' art exhibit highlighting twenty (20) talented Belizean Female Artists. Don't miss it!

    Channel 7

    Man Killed Two Months After Getting Off Double Murder
    Was Alejandro Louriano's murder an act of retaliation in a cycle of family on family violence ? That's one theory after the 21 year old, who got off a double murder charge in March of this year, was killed last night at a relative's home in Lucky Strike Village. Courtney Weatherburne has more on this killing. Alejandro Louriano's final handy-man job was to repair this refrigerator at a Lucky Strike fast food joint. He never completed it.

    Teenagers Robbed A & R, Got In a Shootout With Cops
    Saturday morning is the busiest business day of the week at the A & R Center in Belize City. But, that didn't stop two teenaged robbers - who went into the store at 11:30 dressed up as employees, and then took the security guard hostage. They then went to the manager, also held him at gunpoint and demanded money. They got a bag with cash, but before the they could escape, they ran into police. The lawless robbers weren't afraid to fire at the cops - shattering the store's glass door. And the cops also fired back on them - an exchange that made for tense moments on the busiest shopping day the week. Very fortunately, no one was hurt

    Killed A Candy Vendor With A Cement Brick
    52 year-old Jesus Mossiah, a well-known candy vendor from Calcutta Village in Corozal, was killed on Saturday night. That's after 28 year-old Sadam Lionel Vasquez, a resident of Corozal Town, stoned him in the head with a chunk of concrete. Tonight, Olivera is on remand at the Belize Central prison on a manslaughter charge. The incident happened sometime around 7:00 that evening. The two men were at a business place on 7th Avenue in that northern town when they had some sort of disagreement. That dispute escalated when Olivera allegedly picked up a piece of concrete, and he threw it at Mossiah. That piece of cement block struck Mossiah in the head, causing him to collapse on the street. Police were called in, and they rushed Mossiah to the Corozal Community Hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors on duty could not save Mossiah's life, and he passed away while undergoing treatment.

    Land Dispute Leads To Shooting Placencia
    And while that dispute led to a killing in Corozal, a Placencia Village man in the Stann Creek District is lucky to be alive after he had a bitter land dispute with an armed and licensed neighbor. At around 8:30 last night, police found 43 year-old Francis Eiley suffering from a gunshot injury to the leg. He was on the way to the village's polyclinic to get medical help, and when they started to inquiry about how he was shot, he told the cops that his neighbor, Terrence Lopez, shot him in the leg.

    Compol Debunks Grenade Scare At City School
    This morning, parents at one of the city's biggest primary schools - which is Holy Redeemer - were on pins and needles after a panic message started circulating last night. It said that a grenade would be thrown at the school today. That understandably terrified parents. And, the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams took to social media this morning to put them at ease. His message said, quote, "we put measures in place to prevent any such thing from occurring.the BDF bomb expert will be checking the compound before any teach or student is allow in this morning." That bomb expert did do a full scan before school started and gave the all clear just after 8:00, which is when the Principal sent out a message saying there would be regular classes.

    Cop Seen Brandishing Weapon In Viral Video
    The police have taken another black eye with a video that was posted on Facebook this weekend. It shows an off duty police officer, apparently drunk, brandishing a firearm as others in the room shout at him to shoot it if he is brave enough. Now, it's reckless handling of a weapon - most unbecoming an officer. But, today the Compol didn't want to comment:.. Chester Williams - Police Commissioner: "Yes, the video was shared with me, and I have directed Professional Standards Branch to investigate the matter, and so I'm not going to comment on it at this time."

    Grocer Hides From Hapless Armed Robbers
    Earlier in the news we told you about the dramatic scene at A & R on Saturday morning when a pair of teenaged robbers had an exchange of fire with police. Well, a pair of hapless young robbers didn't fare much better later that morning on Iguana Street. Surveillance video shows the young men walk into Jan Kang store and buy a soft drink. After that, one of them pulled down his warm hat - and pulled a gun. But the proprietor dashed behind a soft drink cooler, where he couldn't see her or harm her.

    No Charges Yet In Heusner Fatality
    Police have not brought any charges in the tragic death of 35 year old mother of two Jess Heusner. The 35 year old Immigration officer crashed into two freight liner towheads that were driving one behind the other, on the Western Highway on Thursday night. Her vehicle clipped the wheel on one trailer, and careened into the one right behind it. Her Ford Edge suffered major damage and burst into flames. Heusner's charred remains were found inside. Police have not yet determined who was in the wrong. The Commisisoner had an update today:..

    Alleged Wife Beater Constable Chub May Escape Disciplinary Charges
    Last week we told you about Constable Brizenio Chub, who got off a common assault charge after his wife went to court and withdrew her complaint against him. She had initially reported to police that on May 11th he beat her with his police baton and pepper sprayed her in the face. So while he is off on criminal charges, she told the court, quote, "The reason why I made the report was for future reference." End quote. So, what will the police senior command do about it? Commissioner Chester Williams has said he'd get tough on domestic violence. Today he said their hands may be tied:...

    Budna Escapes From Guatemalans Again
    Joseph Budna, the Belizean who has been serving a 25-year prison sentence in Guatemala for kidnapping in that country's Supreme Court, has escaped from the authorities there for a second time. He was convicted back in 2013, even though he has insisted that he is innocent, and in April 2014, 8 months after his case ended, he gave the Guat. authorities the slip while he was admitted to a hospital. He was recaptured, and news coming out of Guatemala is that yesterday morning, he managed to successfully escape from the Guatemalan authorities yet again. And again, Budna slipped away from police while he was getting treatment at the Regional San Benito Hospital.

    Caught Corona's In Cayo
    Contraband was flowing this weekend in Cayo - and police cut out a piece of the action. On Saturday, the cops were patrolling Santa Elena when they saw a woman selling Brahva Beers - which is a Guatemalan brew. They picked her up and went to search her house where they found seven cases of Corona Beers six cases of Sol beers, and one case of Brahva Beer, all hidden under the sofa set inside the hall area. There were also beers in the refdigerator. The beers are believed to have originated at the Benque Viejo Free Zone, or come right across the Mopan River.

    Teenager Drowns In Valley Of Peace
    An 18 year-old teenager from Valley of Peace, drown on Saturday afternoon, after he and 4 friends were socializing and drinking alcohol at the riverbank in Cayo Village. Police say that Carlos Reyes caught his friends off-guard when he jumped into the river and didn't resurface. The police spokesperson told the press today that his friends became worried, and after one of them jumped in behind him, they found his body on the riverbed.

    Outrage!: They Cut Off A Jaguar's Head For An Ornament
    The Ministry of Forestry is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction of the persons who beheaded a jaguar. The big cat was found at Dump outside PG on Saturday night. It is a monstrous act but beyond that it is illegal to kill an endangered species. The CEO in the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment told us more about this infraction. Percival Cho, CEO, Ministry of Environment: "It's always tragic and shocking to see any animal killed in a ruthless way. The only reason you would kill a jaguar is obviosuly use it for illegal purposes, because the act of killing a jaguar itself is illegal."

    Car Almost Does "Popalick"ť
    Remarkably no one was seriously hurt when a vehicle flipped in Benque Viejo on Sunday night. The car ended up propped up against a lamp-post, but the driver escaped without major injury.

    Fitness Machines for Municipalities
    No more excuses: that's what you should be telling yourself as you change into your workout clothes and go exercise on one of the newly donated fitness machines. The Ministry of Health handed over exercise machines to the Mayors in 5 municipalities today. They are for the public to use free of cost. Here is more from the handing over ceremony.

    Yes to Ya'axche
    Over 120 primary school students from schools in the Toledo District joined the Ya'axché Conservation Trust last week Friday for their 4th Annual BioBlitz event. It's the organization's attempt at empowering the communities around the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve to understand the importance that the wild-life in that conservation area, and why they must help to protect it. The event was held under the theme, "Empowering communities, Conserving biodiversity, Connecting the world", and with video provided by Ya'xaché, here's what a few of the participants of this year's BioBlitz had to say:

    Compol: "The Less Bars We Have The Better Our Society Is Going To Be."ť
    Last week we told you about the directive from the Commissioner of Police to all formations, urging them to crack down on on alcohol related offenses And liquor license violations. Today, the Compol said it is a major driver of crime:... Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "If we were to combine both crime and traffic related incidents you would see that alcohol is responsible for more than 50% of deaths in Belize and we need to find a way to ensure that. And so we are pointing out to the commanders that these laws do exist and having looked at the crimes being committed across the country..."

    Police Say Anti-Crime Strategies Working
    At the top of the news, we told you how police in Belize City managed to successfully foil a broad daylight robbery at A&R store on Saturday afternoon. The cops were quickly able to intercept 2 fleeing teenagers after the store's employees handed over $1,500 in cash at gunpoint. After a short exchange of gun fire, the cops apprehended the robbers without injury, and they have been arrested and charged. Today, the Deputy Commissioner in charge of Operations and Crime, told the press, that this is one example where their anti-crime strategies are at work. Here's what he had to say about those strategies:

    What Happens When Crime Spikes?
    So, how does the Belmopan Commander of Operations and Crime explain that explosion of violence in the City and different parts of the country 2 weekends ago? As we told you, on the weekend of the 17th to the 19th, 7 males were shot, and of those 7, two died. You'll remember that 11 year-old Kyron Green, who's currently hospitalized at the KHMH, was one of the victims shot during that weekend. We asked about that spike, especially in Belize City, where there had been an extended break from gang violence for several weeks. The Deputy Commissioner gave us a surprising answer to that inquiry, and here's what he had to say:

    Compol Confident After Cayman
    And if the man beside Broaster, Commissioner Chestier Williams looked fighting fit today it's because he just came back from Grand Cayman - where he interacted with his regional commissioners. It was the ACCP conference, the Association of Caribbean Commissioner of police and he told us that they discussed the rising trend of crime across the region: Chester Williams - Police Commissioner: "The ACCCP - ACCP conference was held in Grand Cayman Islands between the 20th and the 24th of May, 2019, and we had representation from each of the Caribbean Islands, represented by their respective commissioners of police..."

    King Sugar Wants Back Its Caribbean Home
    King Sugar - that's what the cane industry used to be called in the Caribbean maybe a century agobut - as the song says - "King Shuga Dead" and now only a few countries like Belize, Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica still produce sugar. And they assembled in Belize last week - for their 170th Board of Directors Meeting. A release laments that, quote, "Presently, more than two-thirds of sugar consumed in CARICOM comes from extra-regional sources, duty free, displacing market opportunity for over 200 thousand Metric Tons of CARICOM sugar, which is forced onto the low value global market. Policy changes, therefore, are required to secure the integration of the sugar market within the CARICOM Single Market & Economy. A failure to achieve this threatens a major agricultural sector of the region's economy, hundreds of thousands of Caribbean jobs and questions the effectiveness of the single market in meeting its stated objectives." END QUOTE.

    Channel 5

    Belize City Man Murdered in Lucky Strike
    A Belize City youth was brutally murdered over the weekend. Twenty-one-year-old Alejandro Lauriano was chopped, stabbed and shot to death on Monday night while in Lucky Strike Village, rural Belize. [...]

    Mentally Ill Vendor Fatally Wounded With ‘A Piece of Cement’
    Up north, a family in Calcutta Village is coming to terms with the sudden passing of their loved one. Fifty-two-year-old Jesus Mossiah was reportedly stoned with a piece of cement [...]

    A Brazen Saturday Morning Robbery at A&R is Thwarted by Police
    There was mayhem in Belize City on Saturday morning when shoppers in the vicinity of the Northern Shops, Courts and the nearby Uno Gas Station were startled by the sound [...]

    A Bomb Threat at Holy Redeemer!!
    There was a heavy police presence at Holy Redeemer Primary School this morning where officers, including a B.D.F. bomb expert, were combing the grounds for a grenade or a suspected [...]

    Police are Actively Looking for Person Who Made Bomb Threat
    According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, they are actively looking for one person whom they believe can assist with information on the false alarm.  He says that charges can [...]

    Joseph Budna Escapes from Guatemalan Authorities Yet Again
    Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Budna, a Belizean inmate who is serving a thirty year sentence in a Guatemalan prison for kidnapping and escape, has once again escaped from lawful custody.  His flight [...]

    Valley of Peace Teen Drowns
    A teenager drowned over the weekend in the Valley of Peace Community out west. On Saturday afternoon, a group of friends was socializing near the bank of the Belize River [...]

    Placencia Land Dispute Ends in Shooting
    A resident of Placencia is tonight recovering at the Southern Regional Hospital after an altercation with his neighbour ended with him being shot in the leg. Francis Eiley has had [...]

    2 Men Arraigned for Antelope Street Shooting
    Two Belize City residents were arraigned late this evening in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson for Friday afternoon’s shooting on Antelope Street. Police believe that they have obtained [...]

    Police Say a New Gang has Emerged on the City’s Streets
    There’s a new gang in town – that’s one of the messages coming out of the Belize Police Department tonight. Prior to last weekend’s spike in gun violence, there had [...]

    A Crackdown on the Consumption of Alcohol
    A number of murders, as well as fatal road traffic accidents, has been as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams issued an internal [...]

    P.S.U. Concerned Over Tax Administration and Procedure Bill, 2019
    On Monday, May twentieth, government tabled a bill for an act to establish the Belize Tax Service Department. This department is expected to facilitate the official and effective administration and [...]

    Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police on CRPWA Release
    In late April, the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Association blasted Commissioner of Police Chester Williams about the ongoing conflict with Police Association President, Eldon Arzu. The Caribbean association raised [...]

    A New Look for Holy Angels
    Holy Angels RC School in Pomona Valley made headlines back in March when it was shut down by health officials because of a major rodent and termite infestation.  Since then, [...]

    Illegal Poaching of a Jaguar in the South
    There was disturbing find on Saturday night in Toledo District. The headless body of a jaguar was discovered near the dump area of Punta Gorda/San Antonio Road. It is believed [...]

    Creating Awareness of the Disease – Cancer Walk 2019
    This year, Cancer Walk came a little earlier than usual, but it was still able to gather the support from the public in bringing awareness to the deadly disease that [...]

    James Adderley with Sports Tuesday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

    The Reporter

    WesTrac Ltd. and Benny’s Renovates Holy Angels RC School
    Holy Angels RC School in Pomona Village in the Stann Creek District was so dilapidated and unsafe for the school children to occupy that the building was closed and could not be used as classrooms and other use by the school. A few weeks ago several corporate and community heroes stepped in to help, and the building is now renovated and safe for the children of Holy Angels RC School.

    Man Murdered in Lucky Strike Village
    A man was reportedly murdered in Lucky Strike Village, Belize District late last night. He is Alejandro Robert Lauriano; 21, a villager of Lucky Strike. He was found on the ground with a large cut wound to the left side of face...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Saving jaguars – The Belize Zoo!
    The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is currently home to 17 jaguars. This is […]

    Private sector unites to offer $10,000 reward for jaguar killer
    R&B Construction, in collaboration with Hobb’s Brewing Company in Placencia is offering a $10,000 reward […]

    Ya’axché Conservation Trust hosts fourth annual BioBlitz
    On Friday, the Ya’axché Conservation Trust held its’s fourth annual BioBlitz event, which is geared […]

    18-year-old charged for raping minor on 8 separate occasions
    Last week, an 18-year old man was charged for raping a minor on 8 separate […]

    Government to launch 1st Small Businesses Enhancement Program
    The Government of Belize today announced the launching of its first micro, small and medium enterprises, […]

    Ten amazing things about The Belize Zoo
    Founded in 1983, The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is today home to over […]

    “Burn-out now an official illness,” says World Health Organization
    In it’s latest International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized […]

    Tigersharks can clinch title this weekend after Game 3 win
    After road teams swept the first six games of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) […]

    All clear at Holy Redeemer
    The Belize Police Department has declared Holy Redeemer school safe following an assessment by a […]

    ComPol calls out bomb expert to Holy Redeemer following grenade threats
    Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) Chester Williams, via a Facebook post early this morning, informed that […]


    UNO holds road safety training
    Every year a significant number of new vehicles is added to our roads increasing the need for drivers to use the road with care to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Today, UNO Belize Gas Station is holding a two-day seminar with truck drivers who transport gasoline for them. Love news stopped by and …

    News from the Cops: Joseph Budna escapes Guatemalans
    Placencia is known to have one of the narrowest streets on the planet, but it turns out it also has two property owners that have a very short fuse. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett says Francis Eiley was shot over a land dispute on Monday night. Chester Williams – Commissioner of Police: “Placencia …

    Fishermen post pictures of illegally caught Tarpon
    On Friday, a group of fishermen proudly posted pictures of their catch on Facebook. All would have been well, if the men weren’t fishing for Tarpon. Tarpon one of the three protected species of fish in Belize, used only for catch and release. Communications Director at OCEANA Belize, Alyssa Carnegie, told us more about the …

    St. John’s Credit Union holds 73 AGM
    On Saturday, St. John’s Credit Union held its 73 Annual General Meeting at the St. Catherine’s Auditorium in Belize City. At the meeting, the credit union reported to its members the activities and financial performance of the previous year. Daisy Dawson, the General Manager, told Love News that they recently implemented a new banking system. …

    Alejandro Lauriano killed in Lucky Strike
    A 21-year-old was brutally murdered this morning in Lucky Strike Village. However, this is not the first time Alejandro Lauriano has made the news. In fact, he was on trial for a double murder just last year, around this time. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, had more details of how Lauriano went from being …

    SAC discusses future of the regional sugar supply
    The World Trade Organisation had ruled that European Union preferential sugar relations with the Caribbean breached global trade regulations. Forcing the EU to take drastic measures against the Caribbean countries by ending the preferential prices on sugar, which took effect in October 2017. According to the Sugar Association of the Caribbean, SAC, the Caribbean countries …

    Can the police discipline one of its own after wife drops case?
    But turning to crimes closer to home and in the home. There was a case that recently went to court where a woman accused her common law husband, a police officer of allegedly pepper spraying her and beating her with a baton. The case fell apart after the woman refused to continue the case. We …

    Bomb threat: false alarm
    Late yesterday evening, an alert began circulating of intentions to plant an explosive device on the compound of Holy Redeemer Primary School in Belize City. The alert reached the authorities and immediately a plan of action was executed. The Bomb Expert at the Belize Defence Force was called in and a sweeping operation began this …

    Corozal Resident Hit over the head and dies
    On Saturday a Corozal resident was slain after a brief argument. The police say they are still investigating the incident during which 52 year old Armando Mossiah was struck in his head, but the man detained for the crime will not be charged with murder. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett explains that the evidence …

    Gerald Henry is running for President of the PSU
    Gerald Henry Jr., stationed at the Auditor General’s Office as Examiner of Accounts – Grade Two, is aspiring to be the next president of the Public Service Union. Henry will have the opportunity to run for the presidency at PSU’s Annual General Meeting, which takes place on June 1 in Dangriga. In a video, he …

    Jaguar Decapitated and Reward Offered for its killers
    Jaguars are protected under the laws of Belize but that doesn’t stop poachers from killing the animal for sport or for selling their heads as trophies to North Americans. On Saturday night the carcass of a jaguar was found without its head, near the dump area of the Punta Gorda/San Antonio road. The Forest Department sent a press release today indicating that it’s the second such report ...

    Cops Foil robbery of A&R
    Two men have been charged for robbing a store on Saturday afternoon in Belize City. Joseph Castillo and Keyon Budna were trapped inside A & R Store on Saturday, May 25 when they entered the establishment on the Philip Goldson Highway and carried out a robbery. Police were alerted of the robbery in progress and within minutes, six police mobiles responded and surrounded the store, blocking incoming and outgoing traffic on the highway. Investigators on the case, reported more in yesterday’s press brief.


    Quit Your Job And Live In The Caribbean: 5 Cheapest Dream Islands
    Have you ever dreamed of moving to a Caribbean island that's so cheap you can quit your job, retire early and live in a tropical paradise? A new report from the editors of the website will help make it possible. The website recently unveiled the five cheapest Caribbean islands, places where you can retire early and live on as little as $1,400 a month for two people. Ambergris Caye, Belize: Where It's Located: The largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye is just 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide. It has only one town: San Pedro. Why It's Great: A popular dive spot thanks to its offshore reef, English-speaking Ambergris Caye has become popular with expats who are attracted to its easy-going and affordable lifestyle. Plus, you can fund reliable cell phone coverage and internet access.

    International Sourcesizz

    Miami’s Big Caribbean Food Festival Is Back
    Miami’s biggest Caribbean food festival is back again this year when Caribbean305 returns for its third edition. This year, the culinary and cultural celebration will take place at Mana Wynwood in the heart of Miami’s hippest neighborhood, with flavors from more than a dozen Caribbean destinations. The food fete will be accompanied by live music from the region, from reggae to zouk to salsa, carnival dancers in full regalia and Caribbean tourism representatives on hand to give their top travel tips.


  • Diving Belize - The Blue Hole, 32min. Diving in Belize at the dive site The Blue Hole

  • Nationwide American crocodile survey, 1min. Just finished the countrywide Morelet's crocodile population survey... and right into the countrywide American crocodile population survey! This weekend the CRC kicked off our nationwide American crocodile survey. Our day started with education and outreach at the Sarteneja Fisher fair hosted by Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development - Belize, and finished with a nocturnal eyeshine survey in a remote lagoon. It was fantastic to have last year's UB/CRC intern and continuing volunteer Jonathan Triminio putting his conservation skills to work during both activities. A great way to start this next round of research, conservation, and outreach projects!

  • Belize, Brothers & Belikinis! 2019, 6min.

  • Lost For Centuries, Archaeologists Made This Stunning Discovery in Belize!, 6min. The site remained empty, eventually being hidden and consumed by the surrounding jungle until it was rediscovered by explorers.

  • Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize, 8.5min.

  • Adventures in Belize, 2019, 36min.

  • Popcaan Jet Skiing And Rafting In Belize And Spots Dolphins, 11min.

  • BEST Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye, BELIZE ~ MARCH 2018, 11min.

  • Belize Foraging Study, 12min.

  • Our First Trip to Placencia, Belize, 4min. Recently we went to Belize and on our first leg of our trip we flew in from LAX to BZE and then took a puddle jumper with Tropic Air for our 35 minute flight to Placencia where we rented a fantastic beachfront two bedroom condo at Los Porticos Villas with a gigantic balcony and literally a three minute drive to and from the little airport. Placencia is located on a peninsula, a three hour drive south of Belize City, which is why we took the puddle jumper. During our stay at Los Porticos Villas we enjoyed a few meals at the nearby Breezeway Pool Bar at the Mariposa Beach Suites and the onsite Italian restaurant called La Dolce Vita.

  • Caye Caulker - Best Place In Belize?, 5.5min. While on Caye Caulker, the Nomadic Weekenders found that this statement is more of a law than a local saying. However, following this “law” is more than easy to do on the Caye given that you can walk clear across it in less than 15 minutes! Come join us as we explore all The Sip 'n' Dip, The Split, The Lazy Lizard and other local spots on this breathtaking gem in the middle of the Caribbean.

  • BEST Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye, BELIZE ~ MARCH 2018, 11min. My husband and I have vowed to take a trip each year since we were married in March 2017 in Costa Rica. We had a great time eating the local cuisine of Belize which included Iguana and Iguana eggs! If you love spicy food, fresh seafood and flavor, do yourself a favor and book a trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    May 28, 2019


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Sargassum Solution? Mexican entrepreneur says turn it into building material on Ambergris Caye
    With Sargassum seaweed inundating the beaches of the Carribean, south-eastern Mexico, and Belize, local and regional authorities are looking for solutions to dealing with the massive accumulation of algae that threatens the tourism industry. Constant efforts utilizing hundreds of hours of workforce to remove the mounds of seaweed and placing floating barriers along the shores have not been enough to protect our coastal communities. With no clear solution in sight, Belizean authorities and key stakeholders on the island met on Friday, May 24th, with Mexican entrepreneur Omar Vasquez Sanchez, who presented a promising option to finally get Ambergris Caye and other areas of Belize rid of Sargassum by using the algae to build houses.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Reward for information on killing of jaguar
    A $6000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for the killing and decapitation of a Jaguar. Please call 0800-922-TIPS to make the report. Our information is that the Jaguar was recovered near the Dump, Toledo District on Saturday night around 9:15pm. The call went in to Forest Department officials. The reward is being offered by the Belize Forest Department Wil Maheia and Lara Goldman

    Report of Illegal Poaching of Jaguars
    The Forest Department received a report on Saturday night that a jaguar had been poached in Toledo. The animal was beheaded and the carcass left near the dump area of the Punta Gorda/San Antonio road. This is the second such report of jaguar poaching in the last two years, and the pattern of beheading is the same. It is believed the poachers operate on orders of local or international buyers who seek the animal head for display or for other illegal ornamental uses. As in all instances of poaching of endangered species, a full investigation will be carried out to find the perpetrators of this heinous act. This incident marks a stark departure from the established norms of wildlife conservation in Belize and every effort will be made to identify and arrest the persons responsible.

    BWS Notice for customers in parts of San Pedro
    Planned interruption for Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Duration: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Areas to be affected: San Mateo and Boca del Rio areas

    Don Betin
    This image sends strong messages about my community and its people. The image showcases Mr. Norberto Howe, Don Betin, who is perhaps gazing at a scene in last year’s “A day in San Antonio.” His posture externalizes an image of a strong man, who has endured many years in our community. Certainly, Mr. Howe personally witnessed the transformation of our community from a small, remote settlement to an established village and a bolstering community. The image showcases a man of knowledge and experiences that has strong Maya roots and noble origins.

    Exhibit “From Dispute to Referendum”
    On Thursday 21 March 2019, the BHA sponsored part of the travel cost for students form St. John’s College High School and Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School to view the exhibit “From Dispute to Referendum” at the Goldson House in the City of Belmopan. The students were engaged and had many questions on the treaties that have established the boundaries of Belize. We encourage teachers, schools and NGOs to contact the BHA or NICH to schedule a tour of the exhibit.

    Channel 5

    Joseph Budna on the Run
    Reports emerging from Guatemala are that Belizean Joseph Budna has manage to elude police. Budna, a prisoner, reportedly escaped law enforcement officers while at the San Benito Hotel.

    Jesus Mossiah charged with manslaughter
    Police have charged one man for the death of Jesus Mossiah of Calcutta Village, Corozal. He is 28 year old Sadam Jose Vasquez of Corozal Town. Vasquez was charged for the crime of manslaughter.

    Police have charged two persons for robbing A & R Store in Belize City
    They are 19 year old Haldwin Castillo and a 17 year old minor. The duo was jointly charged for the crimes of robbery and aggravated assault. Castillo was additionally charged for aggravated assault on a police officer, damage to property, and possession of a firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

    Police have charged one man for the death of Jesus Mossiah
    Police have charged one man for the death of Jesus Mossiah of Calcutta Village, Corozal. He is 28 year old Sadam Jose Vasquez of Corozal Town. Vasquez was charged for the crime of manslaughter.

    It Could Have Been Fatal
    A Belize City man has been arrested for aggravated assault after he pointed a firearm at a group of persons. Jerome Goff told police that he was with some friends in front of his house in Belize City when a man known as “Chinchi” approached the group. The man reportedly pulled out a .38 firearm and pointed it at the group while threatening to fire at them. Fortunately, he placed the firearm back into his pants and walked away. “Chinchi” is in police detention.

    A traffic accident occurred last night in Western Belize
    It happened in the Santa Cruz area of Benque Viejo del Carmen Town. Fortunately, there are no reports of any injuries.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man shot in Placencia
    Our newsroom has confirmed that a shooting occurred minutes ago in Placencia, Stann Creek district. It reportedly happened near a popular hangout spot in Placencia.

    Moist weather to continue
    Moist weather is expected to continue today and tonight. Sunny skies with cloudy spells, a few showers and isolated thunderstorms are forecaste for today.

    Reward offered for capture of jaguar poacher/s
    A reward of $5,000 is being offered for any information that leads to a conviction of jaguar poacher/s in Toledo. The Forest Department issued a statement today warning the public that poaching of jaguars is a punishable offence under the wildlife laws of Belize.

    Belizean prisoner escapes in Guatemala
    A Belizean jailed in Guatemala has escaped custody. He is the controversial Joseph Ryan Budna, 38. International media outlets are reporting that this prisoner was taken to a hospital in San Benito, Petén, for health reasons. However, that was when he seized the opportunity to escape.

    Two charged for A&R robbery
    Police today arrested two men in connection with the robbery of A&R Store on the Philip Goldson Highway on Saturday. Those men are Haldwin Castillo, 19, and an unnamed 17-year-old.

    Corozal resident charged for killing man with concrete
    Today police arrested and charged Sadam Jose Vasquez, 28, with the crime of manslaughter. His charges are in connection with the death of Jesus Mossiah.

    Belize commemorates Sovereign’s Day 2019
    Formerly known as Commonwealth Day, May 27 is being observed in Belize as Sovereign’s Day 2019 in lieu of May 24. The national public and bank holiday celebrate the organization of 54 independent or sovereign states under the British Monarchy.


    Chamoyadas: Satisfying those sweet and spicy taste buds!
    Chamoyadas are mostly made by local fruit or smoothie vendors, and make for the perfect snack on a hot afternoon. While a Chamoyada can be made from a variety of fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, tamarinds or strawberries, my personal favorite is the mango chamoyadas. Since mango season is upon us, May and June are my favorite months to indulge in my cravings! Of course, if you can’t find a vendor, you can easily make your own chamoyadas from home. Here is a recipe for mango chamoyadas as made by us:

    Second Annual Love Belize Sea Challenge Kayak Race 2019
    Today in Corozal, everyone gathered for the last day of the BTB Love Sea Challenge Kayake Race 2019. Love FM, a local radio station, and the Belize Tourism Board have teamed up to contest what used to be Belize’s most grueling race by rolling out the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge. La Ruta Maya participants had to practice months in advance for the 4-day race, but for this brand-new sea challenge, paddlers will endure six days. The route stretches from the southern region of the country to the northern, totaling over 190 miles.

    Belize’s 3 Best Beach Towns
    Most expats who consider moving to Belize dream of living near the Caribbean Sea on a beach. Fortunately for them, Belize offers several beach lifestyle options. Right now, the three most popular beach areas expats settle are Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and the Placencia Peninsula. Here’s a quick peek at each of these popular beach retreats…

    Do I Need Medical Evacuation Insurance When Moving Overseas?
    You are going traveling abroad and you have organized your travel insurance. Great. There is nothing to worry about. Right? Wait, have you thought about medical evacuation insurance…or even heard of it? You may be surprised to learn that a standard medical insurance policy may only supply limited cover when traveling abroad. Generally, travel insurance covers lost bags, or canceled trips, but falls short of providing emergency evacuation for life-saving care that may not be available at your location. So what if the unthinkable happens when traveling, and you are not covered? This is where medical evacuation comes in.

    Sargassum seaweed in Belize - PSA - what guests are saying, asking, & experiencing!
    PSA blog - We are getting a lot of questions about's an assessment of many of the questions we are asked, and how to visit without worrying too much about it! Sargassum continues to be an issue throughout Mexico and the Caribbean in 2019 - Mexico appears to be getting the brunt of it, but it is showing up many places in the Caribbean, and the currents and wind can change daily, so there really is no predicting into tomorrow where it will land. In Belize, it has been inconsistent - worse up north in the cayes thus far. There have been days over the last several weeks where it has been what would be considered "bad" - which, if you live here, means you can see mats of it coming in, it is coming in faster than it can be removed, and it starts to decompose, leaving a sometimes gross smell in the air. There were some really windy May days that seemed to be making it worse, although in the last couple days, it has abated.

    10 Reasons Why A Belize Adventure Vacation Is Good for You
    Today’s hottest travel trends are wellness and adventure vacationing, but suppose you could do both? After all, the word adventure has many definitions so by undertaking both body- and mind-building activities, you get the best of both worlds and return home, say doctors, scientists and researchers, feeling fantastic. Here’s why: 1. There are no age limits. Healthy seniors take them every day and savvy parents start bringing kids along to expose them early to the wonders of nature. 2. Getting dirty keeps your immune system stay healthy and could prevent you from developing chronic illnesses. Every adventure includes getting dirty and loving it!

    International Sourcesizz

    Tropical downpours to enhance flood, mudslide risk in Central America this week
    As the month of May moves into its final week, the East Pacific basin continues to wait for its first named tropical storm of the 2019 season. AccuWeather meteorologists continue to monitor a large area of showers and thunderstorms associated with an area of low pressure off the coast of Central America, which has been bringing widespread rainfall from Guatemala to Panama since last week. There is some chance that this tropical low will further organize into a named tropical system; however, the likelihood of this occurring remains low. Regardless of development, the tropical low will bring downpours to Central America into this weekend.


  • It's the home stretch ! Live Coverage of Day 6 of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge !, 3hr55min.

  • BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge Award Ceremony, 1hr44min. We're in Corozal for the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge Award Ceremony !

  • Interview With the First Place winner, 1min.

  • Cayo From Above, 2min. Will Moreno got some spectacular drone footage of the twin towns. Some from the market area, and some from the Cahal Pech hill. Worth a watch.

  • Eagle Rays of Belize, 1.5min. These magnificent creatures 'flew' past me whilst diving off Trick Ridge on the Belize Barrier Reef. I encountered these White Spotted Eagle Rays (Aetobarus narinari) several times during the days spent diving with Belize Underwater out of Hopkins. They are so graceful and serene as they pass by along the edge of the reef.

  • Turtle Inn - Belize, 1.25min.

  • Dangriga to Belize city by Air, 9.5min.

  • Belize April 2019 Scuba Highlights, 10min. Please Note: That we made sure that animals had ways to escape while we were diving / videoing them.

  • SCUBA at Mexico Rocks, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 6min. Tour group: Inland and Sea Adventures. Low season so it was just me and the guide for the dive. There was a VERY friendly stingray here who was just begging for human attention :) Ended up seeing more different types of marine life here than the dive at Hol Chan.

  • SCUBA at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize, 1.5min. SCUBA diving at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Ambergris Caye, Belize. We did a tour which included both Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Lots of schools of fish seen here with a mild current/drift

  • Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley, Ambergris Caye, Belize, 4min. We did a tour which included both Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. The rays know who the locals are, and were very friendly and playful. The nurse sharks let you get very close to them and will even bump into you.

  • Orange Walk Town Belize, A Walk to Central Park, 360, 2.5min. A short walk to Central Park in Orange Walk Town Belize using a 360 camera.

  • Need Some Coffee? Check out Caye Coffee on Ambergris Caye Belize, 5min. Curious about where to find great coffee on Ambergris Caye? Well look no further than Caye Coffee in San Pedro. They actually roast the raw beans to create the delicious coffee that is enjoyed by so many on the island.

  • Surprise Scuba Proposal 130 ft deep in the Blue Hole Belize!!, 3min. Blue Hole, Belize 5/2/19.

  • BTB Love Belize Sea Kayak Challenge | Winners, 40min.

    May 27, 2019

    Enjoy Sovereign’s Day/Commonwealth Day!!!


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Fruits and Vegetables
    “Did you try Mr. Francisco’s vegetable store?” I asked. “He always has the ones that are hard to get.” “I’m not driving that far just for your avocados,” Sherry said. “If you want them that bad, drive yourself.” “Don Franco, where are your watermelons?” the lady ahead of me in line at Francisco’s asked. “Watermelon season starts in about two weeks seńora,” Francisco said. “In two weeks, we got plenty melons.” I could see into the back room where one watermelon sat on a table with a dozen avocados.

    Doctor Love: Not the Mama
    Dear Doctor Love, I am a grown woman, married with three teen kids, and I am very happy with one exception—I don’t feel any deep emotional connection to my mother. I didn’t grow up with her due to my parent's divorce when I was a baby. I didn’t even meet until I was fourteen, and I’ve not seen her since I was twenty, except on social media. There, her need to shower affection on me publicly has become an almost daily occurrence, and it has become overwhelming and difficult. I dread seeing her comment on something I say online.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Loraxification at Wildfire
    The Wildfire Artzmosphere is having their performance of their interpretation of the Lorax next weekend. They'll have 3 performances from Friday through Sunday. They start at 7:15pm. They always have wonderful productions at Wildfire.

    BTB Love Belize Sea Kayak Challenge 2019
    Here’s today’s top three competitors from San Pedro to Sarteneja: First- Recinos Imports BDF Recce Squadron (6:27:25) Second- Coast Guard Alpha (6:28:19) Third- Private Belize Adventures (6:31:38)

    San Pedro Lobster Fest Schedule
    Schedule Thursday, June 13, 2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Lionfish Tournament hosted by Estele's Dine By the Sea Friday, June 14, 2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM LIONFISH POP-UP PARTY AT THE COMMONS - hosted by Cook Inc, Iguana Juan's & Madisco 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM Lionfish Feast at Pirate's Treasure Restaurant - reservations recommended

    Channel 5

    Contraband Bust In Cayo
    Police in San Ignacio were on patrol today when they observed a woman reportedly selling Brahava beers. After a warrant was obtained, officers searched the woman’s residence on Peter August Street and found 7 cases of Corona beers, 6 cases of Sol beers, 1 case of Brahava beers. The contraband beers were reportedly found under a sofa set. Officers also found additional contraband beers in the refrigerator. The woman was detained and escorted to the San Ignacio police station.

    Outrage Over Decapitated Jaguar
    A decapitated jaguar was found last night near the ‘dump junction’ in Toledo. Officials from the Ministry of Forestry were called out to the scene at around 9 o’clock last night. Our colleagues at PGTV are offering a reward of $500 to anyone who is able to share information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible.

    The Reporter

    Full Weekend Report – Sunday May 26th.
    Police have confiscated a stash of contraband beer in San Elena Town, Cayo. It happened while Police were on mobile patrol on Peter August St this evening and their attention was drawn to a woman selling Brahava beer.

    CXC To Consider Petition Calling for Re-sitting of 2019 CSEC Math
    Perhaps the most serious breach of an exam in the history of the Caribbean Exams Council (CXC) occurred last week when students sat Paper II of the 2019 CSEC Mathematics exam. It was discovered shortly thereafter that there was a breach in security in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), which has led to three invigilators being fired, and since then well over 5,000 people across the Caribbean have signed a petition on Facebook, lobbying for the exams to be re-administered; but the incident has no bearing on Belize, neither in the results for our students nor as far as the petition is concerned.

    Man Killed During Fight In Corozal Town
    The Reporter has confirmed that a candy vendor was killed during a dispute last night in the Corozal District; and Police have detained the man who allegedly inflicted the fatal wound.

    Drowning In Valley Of Peace Community, Cayo
    A teenager died from drowning in Valley of Peace community, Cayo, this afternoon (Sat. May 25th.), he has been identified as Carlos Reyes, 18, of the community. Reyes was at the area known as “Riverside” behind the reservoir in the community sometime around 12:30pm., his friends reported that he jumped head first and went under the water and did not resurface.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Forest Department warns of illegal poaching of jaguars
    The Forest Department issued a statement today warning the public that poaching of jaguars is a punishable offense under the wildlife laws of Belize. A jaguar was poached last night in Toledo. The animal was beheaded and the carcass left near the dump area of the PG-San Antonio road.

    #Together We Can; World Ocean Day 2019
    World Ocean Day 2019 will be observed on June 8, 2019. The World Ocean Day organization has launched a global #Together We Can campaign to highlight the importance of creating a healthy ocean. The United Nations also launched the #Beat Plastic Pollution campaign which is a global campaign against plastic pollution.

    Police issue report on A&R robbery
    Police have issued an official report on yesterday’s robbery at A&R Store at mile 1 1/2 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. When officers arrived at the scene just before midday they were met with gunshots from inside the store. As a result, they returned fire.

    Belize abstains from OAS Nicaragua vote
    Belize was among the 10 nations that abstained from taking a vote on a resolution passed by the Organization of American States (OAS) referencing the ongoing political crisis in Nicaragua. Belize, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica and St. Kitts-Nevis were among those countries, while Trinidad and Tobago was absent from the meeting altogether.

    Man struck with concrete dies
    Corozal police are investigating the death of Jesus Armando Mossiah. Sometime before 8 o’clock last night he was seen motionless on 7th Avenue. When officers took a closer look at him he was seen with a large laceration to the right side of his forehead and the right side of his temple.


    Mr. Trever Riverois in Corozal Town Doing Spanish Speaking Research
    Mr. Trever Rivero will be here in Corozal for one more week in Doing a Spanish Speaking Research Interview. If you would like him to interview you about the Spanish speaking Language contact Him at his number:6390494.


  • Coverage of the Love Belize Sea Challenge Day 5, 2hr50min.

  • Adventure Awaits at Hopkins Bay, 12min. Join us as we visit Belize, on the Caribbean Sea, in the heart of the cozy Garifuna village of Hopkins.


  • Popcaan performance in Belize having fans go crazy, 9min.

    May 26, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    Misc Belizean Sources


    12th NRM Symposium
    Join us at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium for the premiere showcase of Belizean and Belize based natural resource research and management. We had another record year of abstract submissions - this year we will feature 39 presentations over the two days, covering too many topics to list here (marine, freshwater and terrestrial). Look out also for our Posters and Cocktails event, on the evening of Day 1, featuring 20 presented posters at the Embassy of Mexico.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve takes non-compliant Fishermen to Court
    On May 21", 2019, four fishermen were found guilty in the San Pedro Town Magistrates Court for offences committed against the Fisheries Act. Let the massage echoes, that offenders will be punished for violating the regulations of the marine reserve. These cases were A result of patrols conducted by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Compliance Enforcement Team in April in the Ca, Cangrejo and Zone E Areas of the Reserve. Hol Chan Marine Reserve has significantly inaeased its enforcement efforts throughout the entire reserve including the reef side and Western portions. Members of the San Pedro community have been very helpful in providing tips and information which have resulted in successful patrols. Kindly note that all persons on a fishing vessel, engaged in commercial fishing, are required to have a fisherfolk license and that the vessel must also be registered with the Fisheries Department. All marine products caught must be within season and meet the legally required size limits. Anyone who has any information on Fisheries Violations or other concerns can contact the Hol Chan Marine lteserve at 226-2247 or via WhatsApp at 671-0191.

    Channel 5

    Murder in Corozal
    News Five has confirmed that a popular vendor was killed after he was attacked during an altercation. The person has since been identified as Jesus Mossiah and he was stoned to death.

    Robbers Caught During Brazen Attempted Robbery
    An attempted robbery at A and R in Belize City results in the detention of two men. According to reports, the men attempted to rob store but police quickly foiled their plot.

    The Reporter

    Drowning In Valley Of Peace – Cayo
    A man reportedly died while in the company of others in Valley of Peace community, Cayo, this afternoon. Reports reaching the Reporter are that the man, dressed in only a pair of shorts, was socializing with the others at the riverside behind the reservoir sometime around 12:30pm, and went into the water and disappeared.

    Robbery On Camera At A&R In The City
    In plain sight in a department store that has been robbed several times was the target of another robbery today, and police apprehended the suspects who held up A&R Store in Belize City shortly before midday today.

    By: Dr. Abigail Joseph - It is not uncommon for doctors to be the center of scrutiny or accused of something based on misinterpretation. Many times we do things in the best interest of others, but our actions are interpreted as scornful. I can only speak for myself and my experiences and I have had several instances where my actions have been misconstrued.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Robbery in progress in Belize City
    Eyewitnesses report to Breaking Belize News that there is a robbery in progress in Belize City at A&R on the Philip Goldson Highway. The robbers have reportedly fired shots and police are on the scene.

    Second annual Banana Fest started last night
    Last night, the Second Annual Banana Fest began in Stann Creek. The three-day event is being hosted by the faculty and staff of San Juan Bosco Roman Catholic School in collaboration with Fyffes, Big Creek Group of Companies and United Democratic Party standard Bearer Ivan Williams.

    Belize and Guatemala meet to discuss ICJ affairs
    Following a delay earlier this month due to scheduling issues, the Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala met yesterday to discuss the necessary steps to take the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


    Saturday May 25, 2019 Corozal Bay, Belize View
    This is the Reason Why I wake up in the morning's in Corozal to take photo's of the Scenery Corozal has. Who said Corozal does have nothing to do? Of course, there is. If you get to know the town more you will get familiarized with the history Corozal has to offer. Corozal is located towards the northernmost region in Belize. On the map, the district is just 8 miles N of Belize City and 31 miles N of the famous Orange Walk Town. Those coming from Mexico will be happy to know that Corozal is only 8 miles south of the Mexican border. This quaint seaside town is located south of the Rio Hondo. The scenic river of Rio Hondo forms a border between Belize and Mexico.

    International Sourcesizz

    From sharks in seagrass to manatees in mangroves, we’ve found large marine species in some surprising places
    When we think of mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and saltmarshes, we don’t immediately think of shark habitats. But the first global review of links between large marine animals (megafauna) and coastal wetlands is challenging this view – and how we might respond to the biodiversity crisis. Mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and saltmarshes support rich biodiversity, underpin the livelihoods of more than a billion people worldwide, store carbon, and protect us from extreme weather events. Mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and saltmarshes are the three key vegetated habitats found in coastal wetlands. We know marine megafauna also use these habitats to live, feed and breed. Green turtles and manatees, for instance, are known to eat seagrass, and dolphins hunt in mangroves.


  • BTB Sea Kayak Challenge 2019! Saturday coverage, 70min.

  • Continued coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge, 2hr23min.

  • Sea Challenge Kayak race 2019 arrives in San Pedro!, 8min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 9min.

  • Belize 2019, 25min. This is a video of my wife Dawn and I's trip to Belize. We spent 12 days in Belize, mainly on Ambergris Caye, with a day trip to Caye Caulker. We did a 7 day Yoga retreat at Akbol which was amazing. We stayed in San Pedro for 5 days

  • Scuba Diving Belize, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Hat Caye Wall from Aggressor III, 2.5min. Scuba diving in Belize off Lighthouse Reef Atoll aboard the Aggressor III. The afternoon of May 5 2019. The dive site is Hat Caye Wall

  • Rio Dulce to Belize, 13min. We finished hurricane season in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, then had a rough start to the new cruising season. But we sailed to Placencia, Belize, on our second try.

  • Belize Dragon fruit, 1min.

  • My First Trip to Belize, 15min. This is some footage I got on my phone from our trip to Belize in 2018

  • Game 3, NEBL 2019 | Tiger Sharks vs Hurricanes| Live at San Pedro High School Part 1, 2hr. Tiger Sharks 81 vs Hurricanes 78, San Pedro leads series now 2 games to 1

  • Game 3, NEBL 2019 | Tiger Sharks vs Hurricanes| Live at San Pedro High School Part 2, 8min.

  • Chocolate Festival 2019, 15min.

    May 25, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Los Catrachos and Vince Assassins are participating in Belize’s National Amateur inter-district League Football Tournament 2019!
    Belize’s National Amateur League (NAL) inter-district football tournament is underway! The tournament began on Saturday, May 11th and is currently seeing the participation of various male football teams from across the country, including San Pedro’s very own Los Catrachos and Vince Assassins Football Club. These two island teams qualified for this inter-district tournament after becoming the champions for Copa San Pedro 2018-2019 Opening and Closing Season football tournament held in San Pedro Town.

    BWSL presents water system improvements on Ambergris Caye
    Since acquiring the shares of the Cayman-based water company, Consolidated Water Belize Limited (CWBL), BWSL now has full control of the water supply system and is able to make the necessary investments to fulfil the demands of the island. On Wednesday, May 22nd, at an inauguration south of San Pedro Town, the company presented their accomplishments and future plans for the water infrastructure of the island, announcing the near completion of a second, million gallon- tank, and a completely separate water and sewage system for northern Ambergris Caye.

    House of Representatives and Senate approve amendment to Maritime Areas Act
    As Belize continues to prepare to head to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle the Guatemalan territorial claim, the House of Representatives and the Senate amended the 1992 Maritime Areas Act, restoring its claim to its previous 12 miles of territorial seas instead of the recent three nautical miles as stipulated under international law. The House met on Monday, May 20th, while the Senate met the following day, yielding a bipartisan decision to extend Belize’s seas.

    Turtle nesting season begins, island residents are asked to be cautious
    The 2019 sea turtle nesting season has commenced, and personnel from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) have been closely monitoring the first nests found in northern Ambergris Caye. HCMR is uncertain about the success of the season this year and ask the general public visiting the beaches north of San Pedro Town to be extra cautious and to not interfere with any potential nests. The annual sea turtle nesting season normally runs from May through November, and most of the nesting usually takes place in Robles or Rocky Point Beach, several miles north of San Pedro Town. The main nesters are Loggerhead and Green turtles, with the Hawksbill making rare visits.

    BELTRAIDE hosts informative town hall session for competitiveness month
    San Pedro Town was the first venue in a list of planned informative town hall sessions being led by BELTRAIDE. With the assistance of the San Pedro Town Council, invited guests learned more about BELTRAIDE and its far-reaching assistance to businesses in Belize. Presenters included Brian Lin, Senior Manager of Investment; Thelma Montero, Acting Manager of Belize Investment Generation; Monique Usher, Acting Manager, SBDC Belize and Nikki Augustine, Marketing Manager of Beltraide.

    Ambergris Today

    Mexican Visionary Talks About Making Houses Out Of Seaweed
    What authorities in Belize and Quintana Roo, Mexico and scientists never imagined in their wildest dreams, Omar Vasquez Sanchez has done! He built the first house entirely made of Sargassum, which could represent a worldwide milestone. Omar Sánchez Vázquez originally from Jalisco, lived part of his childhood in California, USA and returned Mexico to fulfill his “Mesican dream” in his birth country and created a new industry with organic materials that preserve the culture and environment. “I’m just a simple Gardner with a love for nature,” stated Sanchez Vazquez. “I built my first home and named it after my mother “Casa Angelita” who taught me to respect the earth and value all things in life.”

    PACT Concludes Three-Day Green Climate Fund Training Workshop
    The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), the Green Climate Fund’s Direct Access Entity for Belize on May 22, 2019 concluded a three-day training workshop on the Green Climate (GCF) Project Design, financed under a GCF readiness project implemented through the regional climate change centre. This workshop brought together key stakeholders from the conservation and natural resource management sector, introducing them to the GCF, its financing portfolio, investment criteria and funding procedures. Furthermore, the sessions supported PACT in further defining its Climate Finance Portfolio and its programme of work with the GCF.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Ministry of Agriculture Advises of Contraband Carrots
    The Ministry of Agriculture informs the public that no recommendation has been given to anyone to import carrots. Harvesting for carrots started in December 2018 and is expected that farmers will supply the domestic market until June 2019. Communities that are harvesting carrots include La Gracia, El Progresso and San Antonio in the Cayo District and Roseville in Stann Creek District. Other crops that are also in harvesting mode are romaine lettuce, onions and potatoes, which are also expected to last until the end of June.

    Maya Hieroglyph Training
    Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 8 AM – 4 PM. George Price Center, Price Centre Road, Belmopan. People of Belize, Maya heritage, Village Leaders, teachers, tour guides, university students, youth and those who have already participated in the glyph training. Learn to read and write the glyph, must have a desire to teach the knowledge to other Mayas, Belizeans and visitors. Registration Fee: Students - $5.00 (MUST PRESENT SCHOOL ID) Others - $10.00

    Laser Combat Cayo
    Cayo is getting a Lazer Combat arena! It's off Bullet Tree road, past the hospital. They'll have many different types of game formats. Their grand opening is next Saturday, June 1st. Check out their website for more information and rates.

    Paradise Theater playing this weekend
    Us, Alladin, The Perfection, A Madea Family Funeral.

    Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala Meet at OAS Office at the Adjacency Zone
    Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize met today with his counterpart H.E. Sandra Jovel Polanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guatemala, at the Organization of American States (OAS) Office at the Adjacency Zone. The two Ministers took stock of the progress made in the Belize-Guatemala process. Minister Elrington updated Minister Jovel on Belize’s referendum held on May 8, 2019, wherein the people of Belize agreed to refer Guatemala’s claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in accordance with the Special Agreement. Minister Jovel congratulated Belize on the successful referendum which now paves the way for the case to be heard at the Court.

    BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge. Monday, May 27th. Come out support & have a great time! Let's show some love and hospitality to our kayakers.

    Chocolate Fest Wine & Chocolate Gala
    Photos from The annual Wine & Chocolate Gala at Garbutt’s Marine in honor of Punta Gorda’s Chocolate Festival this weekend.

    Photos from the Chocolate Festival 2019

    Crooked Tree Museum June Special Events
    Crooked Tree Museum celebrates their first anniversary this June!! We are excited to announce a month of events to celebrate the museum's one-year anniversary. Join us each Saturday in June for programming that highlights the content of the Crooked Tree Museum and Cultural Heritage Center. All events begin at 3 p.m. and are free and open to the public, with the exception of the 15 June teacher workshop. We will be creating events as a part of this Facebook group to remind you of key details.

    Today honoring our Maya Yucatec rebels from the Chable,Canul and Cocom Family during the Invation by the spanish in 1610. The leaders, ah k’ino’ob (prophets) Alfonso Chablé and Francisco Canul, sought to create a Maya Church as an alternative to the Catholic Church. They took over the functions of the Catholic rituals ,celebrating mass, performing baptisms, ordaining priests, hearing confessions, administering communion, and replacing Catholic images with traditional Maya ones. Chablé and Canul were arrested and after a religious trial they were hanged and their bodies exhibited for several days in the town plaza of Tekax by the Spanish .

    Channel 7

    Car Crashes And Burns, Mother Perishes
    A mother of two was killed in a terrible accident last night. 35 year old Immigration officer Jessica Heusner was heading to her Belmopan home after 10:00 when she rammed into a freightliner towhead. After that massive impact, her SUV exploded into flames with her trapped inside. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. The scene near mile 11 on the George Price Highway was still active this morning around 8:00 when the freightliner company workers were clearing the road and towing one of two wrecked trucks.

    Jessica, They Reminisce Over You
    Jessica Heusner was loved and cherished by many for her jovial spirit and love for life. She had many friends in Belmopan. We spoke to her neighbor and close family friend, former Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez. Lopez and the Heusner's lived right next to each other on Nargusta Street for many years. Today he told the media how he found out about the heartbreaking news and he reminisced about the close relationship they all had. Simeon Lopez, Neighbor: "I think the accident that the accident my grandson was coming from Belize City at that time and then he texted me and says he sees traffic on the road..."

    New Era In Relations: Guat Foreign Minister Comes To Belize
    Since May 8th, when Belizeans voted "yes" to go to the ICJ, this country entered another phase of relations with our Guatemalan neighbors. We still have a territorial dispute, but we're no longer hoping for a breakthrough in negotiations, or praying that the Guatemalans will magically drop the claim: we're taking it to court for the judges to decide definitively in the next 3 - 5 years. Today, the first meeting of this new era was held on Belizean Territory at the Las Adjacency Zone office - which is at the Benque Viejo border. The media wasn't invited, but Jules Vasquez has put together a story with information and video from the Government press office:..

    ACP Keeps Pressure on Guatemala
    In other diplomatic news... Belize continues to enjoy support of the the ACP group of countries - which is again pressing Guatemala for that Sarstoon Protocol. ACP stands for African Caribbean and Pacific and it comprises 79 member states from three continents which make of 40% of the United Nations. On a regular basis for the past few years, they have been putting out resolutions supporting Belize's sovereignty - which puts enormous international pressure on Guatemala. And this week there's one more. The ACP Council of Ministers held their 109th Session in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dylan Vernon, Belize's Ambassador to the European Union, attended that session with the support of the diplomatic staff of the Mission of Belize.

    Belize Works Diplomatic Channels To Keep ACP Engaged
    When 7News was in The Hague, Netherlands in November of last year - Ambassador to the European Union, Dylan Vernon underscored the importance of the ACP as a means of keeping the pressure on Guatemalans:..,. H.E. Dylan Vernon, Belizean Ambassador to EU: "In the case of where I am in Europe, the African Caribbean and Pacific groups of states, we have been getting support from these groups to pressure Guatemala to agree to the protocol for the use of the Sarstoon River..."

    Belize Will Be Shuttling Between The Hague And Brussels
    We spoke to Vernon at The Hague in the Netherlands, which is about two and a half hours from his Embassy in Brussels. But, the Guatemalans have an embassy in the Brussels and they also have one in the Hague. We asked Vernon whether Belize will be able to keep up with the Guatemalans: Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Although we tend to punch above our weight, are we hopelessly outmanned in terms of feet on the ground and brains working on this issue?" H.E. Dylan Vernon, Belizean Ambassador to EU: "The most important thing you said was that we punch above our weight. Brussels is only two and a half hours away by car, so we can get here rather quickly..."

    Crops, Crack and a Corozal Culvert
    Corozal Police found more than half a pound of crack hidden in a drain. At around 7:40 a.m. yesterday, officers were on an operation which took them to Dangriga Street. Acting on intelligence, they searched under a culvert, and that's where they found 15 pieces of crack in 3 bags. They weighed it and it amounted to 253 grams, or 8.9 ounces. No one was in the area, and so, the crack was properly sealed and deposited as found property.

    Don't Buy Contraband Carrots
    Contraband carrots are in circulation and the Ministry of Agriculture is urging the public not to buy it. The Ministry says that no recommendation has been given to anyone to import carrots. Local farmers started harvesting in December 2018 and they will supply the domestic market until the end of June 2019. These farmers are from La Gracia, El Progresso and San Antonio in the Cayo District and Roseville in Stann Creek District.

    Kirk Smith Charged for Shooting Months Later
    35 year-old Frank Smith, a resident of Pelican Street in Belize City, is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after he was charged for the attempted murder in March 2019 of 38 year-old Lawrence Simpson. Late this evening, Smith, who had been hospitalized after he was shot by a private citizen, was taken to court where he was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson on the offenses of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm for Simpson's shooting.

    Gangsters Change Plea, Pay Big Fines
    Last week, we told you about the 4 men police charged for being members of 2 separate rival gangs who operate in the Lake Independence area. Well, all 4 men have pleaded guilty, and now, they must pay hefty fines for it. They are 26 year-old Akeem Augustine and 21 year-old Ulide Allen, who police accused of being members of the Peace in the Village gang, and 25 year-old Kevin Cacho and 23 year-old Jeffrey Buller, who were accused of being members of the Bacaland Crips gang. The cops say that before the brought criminal charges against all 4, they conducted investigations, and kept them under surveillance. Last week, when they were initially arraigned, they all pleaded not guilty to the offense.

    Accused Murderer Charged For Role In Shooting
    He is accused of fatally stabbing a Wesley Junior College student, and was out on bail for that murder. But, tonight, 28 year old Clement Bol Jr., is back behind bars - accused of being the other man on a motorcycle during the Pelican Street shooting of Jamaal Palacio. Bol was arraigned today in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on a single charge of abetment to murder. Police say he aided Tareek Smith, in the shooting of Jamal Palacio and Justin Stuart on Sunday on Pelican Street Extension.

    Come Een Popcaan!
    For the past 3 years, Belize's Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, has been hosting Belize Music Week, which is usually filled with events to recognize the diligence of local artists who continue to practice their craft. This year, however, the Music Ambassador sought to improve on Belize Music Week this year, by designating the entirety of May as Belize Music Month. The 5 weeks of activities has led up to the highlight called Music Month Festival. It's 3 consecutive days of concerts, where all the biggest local artists are given an opportunity to perform for Belizean music lovers. It started last night at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex, and, right now, the second night of concerts is about to begin on the Belikin Stage.

    Enhancing IT
    Earlier this week, Business Computer Systems in Ladyville hosted a seminar at the Radisson to market what they say are cutting edge products and services that can enhance the IT capabilities for many businesses. Representatives from BEL, BTL, THE CITO were present. Here is more from the session. It was a one-day event. If you want to find out more about Business Computer Solutions you can call them at 224-2013.

    Teenaged Sex Offender Remanded
    18 year-old Kevin Jones, a student of Gwen Lizarraga Evening school, is at the Belize Central Prison tonight after he was charged with repeatedly engaging sexual intercourse with a female minor under the age of consent. The complainant, who is now 15 years and 3 months old, went to a police station with her mother, and reported that on 8 separate occasions, dating to as far back as when she was only 13 years, she and Jones engaged in intercourse. She then outlined each of those encounters, the last of which allegedly happened this month.

    Channel 5

    Immigration Officer Perishes in Road Traffic Accident
    A road traffic accident last night claimed the life of immigration officer Jessica Heusner. It happened at around ten-thirty between miles eleven and twelve on the George Price Highway. Heusner [...]

    Officials Say RTA Victim was Overtaking
    The official police report, has Jessica Heusner labeled as ‘Jane Doe’ until DNA testing can confirm that it was her in the SUV that crashed and burned. A post mortem [...]

    Amendment to the Maritime Areas Act is Soon to be Law
    The revised Maritime Areas Act in which Belize is reclaiming all twelve miles of its territorial waters under international law is complete, following the Governor General’s approval of the amended [...]

    AG Not Sold on the Idea of Occupying Reclaimed Territorial Waters
    Opposition Senator Eamon Courtenay suggested during a meeting of the upper house on Tuesday that Belizeans, including civilians and members of the armed forces, begin to utilize the twelve miles [...]

    ACP Countries Commend Belize for Going to the I.C.J.
    On Thursday in Belgium, during the one hundred and ninth session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Council of Ministers, a resolution was adopted that reasserts the firm commitment of [...]

    Belize & Guatemala Foreign Ministers Meet at O.A.S. Office in Adjacency Zone
    Earlier today, the foreign ministers of Belize and Guatemala, Wilfred Elrington and Sandra Jovel Polanco met at the O.A.S. Office at the Adjacency Zone in the west. The meeting was [...]

    Belize Peace Movement Takes Up the Special Agreement Challenge
    The People’s United Party has formally withdrawn a case against the Government of Belize in which it was challenging in the Supreme Court the legality of the Special Agreement signed [...]

    AG Peyrefitte Weighs in on BPM’s Renewed Legal Challenge
    The Belize Peace Movement has decided, following a national planning meeting, to take up a legal challenge commenced by the People’s United Party which it has abandoned following the outcome [...]

    Making Trade Easier, Efficient
    A trade facilitation workshop organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development came to an end today in the Old Capital. Essentially, the aim was to bring together [...]

    Corozal Cops Find Crack Cocaine
    On Thursday morning, police received information which led them to Dangriga Street in Corozal Town. The officers searched under a culvert on that stretch of road and found drugs. Four [...]

    3 Persons are Reported Missing in Belize and Toledo districts
    Three persons were reported missing on Thursday from the Belize and Toledo districts. William Reyes Senior is reporting that his wife and five-month-old son have gone missing. Reyes Senior claims [...]

    The Golden Showcase to Begin for the 2019 National Festival of Arts
    The opening ceremony for the 2019 National Festival of Arts was held today at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. It’s the hallmark event for expressive art lovers, especially [...]

    Another Scratch & Win $15,000 Winner is from Corozal
    There is another fifteen thousand-dollar winner for Scratch and Win. Jennifer Franklin is from Corozal and she only just started testing her luck about two weeks ago. But on Thursday [...]

    Scratch and Win Rules are Simple
    Since late March, there have been many winners of the grand prizes of fifteen thousand dollars and five thousand dollars and even more winners of the smaller amounts. At our [...]


    Kyrone Green, 11, paralyzed; school marches in protest
    Classes at St. Luke Methodist School, also known as Lake I Methodist, located on Mahogany Street, Belize City, was suspended this morning as students and staff took to the streets to conduct a protest march to demonstrate their hurt over the shooting of Standard 4 student, Kyrone Green, 11, who lies in the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition, paralyzed from the neck down. Kyrone was on a shopping errand for his mother, at a supermarket on Central American Boulevard, when a gunman rode up on a bicycle and fired shots at a man who was standing in the store. The man was struck in his abdomen and he was taken to the KHMH where he received treatment and has since been released.

    Darrell out, Lee Mark, Leila “in” for UDP Caribbean Shores
    Former Belize City mayor, Darrell Bradley, who decided not to seek a third term at City Hall because he had his ambition fixed on being elected to national office as a United Democratic Party area representative, had that aspiration fizzle when he lost to the People’s United Party newcomer, Hon. Kareem Musa, in the Caribbean Shores race in the general elections of November 2015. On Monday, following the House of Representatives meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed that Bradley will not be contesting a convention for the Caribbean Shores constituency.

    PUP abandons constitutional challenge; BPM steps up
    A lot has happened since July last year, when the Belize Peace Movement (BPM) announced that they wanted to challenge the constitutionality of the Special Agreement which Belize and Guatemala signed in December 2008 to have the International Court of Justice (ICJ) resolve Guatemala’s claim to Belize territory. The referendum on the Special Agreement has come and gone, but the BPM has not given up hope that the Special Agreement could be successfully challenged in the high courts. Today, the BPM announced in a press release that they have launched a defense fund to raise money so that they could continue the legal challenge to the Special Agreement that was abandoned by the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP).

    Charges against alleged “cocaine cowboys” dismissed a second time
    A submission of autrefois acquit, which means that a defendant should not be tried for the same offence twice, that was made by attorney Ellis Arnold in the case of 37-year-old Peter Schmidt, accused of possession of 5.7 kilograms of cocaine, was upheld today by Magistrate Michelle Trapp, and the charges against Schmidt and Carlos Lopez, who didn’t appear in court because he could not be found, were dismissed. Apart from possession of cocaine, Schmidt and Lopez were charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

    Horrific accident claim the life of Immigration Officer
    There was a horrific accident last night on the George Price Highway, which claimed the life of a 35-year-old Immigration Officer. Reports are that Jessica Heusner lost control of her SUV and it careened into an 18-wheeleer truck. The impact caused Heusner’s SUV to explode and she apparently died on impact.

    Maduro survives attempted coup; popularity of US-backed interim president wanes, says Venezuela’s Ambassador to Belize
    In January, the name Juan Guaidó burst onto world headline news as the 35-year-old Venezuelan parliamentarian declared himself to be the oil-rich nation’s interim president, a post that is not recognized in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s constitution. The United States administration of President Donald Trump, along with a number of other countries, quickly recognized Guaidó as Venezuela’s leader however, there was only one difficulty: how to get rid of Nicholas Maduro, the country’s elected president, so that Guaidó could be installed in his place.

    Cricket Corner – Summer Fever and Bandits will clash in Belmopan; and Easy Does It stopped by Bandits
    Hello to all my faithful readers, family, friends and supporters of our so loved game, Cricket! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, I am once more pleased to highlight you on last weekend’s games. Thanks to the sponsor, Bowen and Bowen, the Harrison Parks 2019 National Cricket Competition continued over the weekend with very exciting and impressive games. Let us start at Landing, where Western Eagles went up against home team, Summer Fever. The Eagles have been struggling along the way so much that all they could do now is play for pleasure or be a spoiler. This they nearly did, by having Summer Fever boys playing very hard to win.

    Corozal F.A. crowns U-10, U-13 and U-19 champions
    We start off our weekly updates by thanking each and every one that has given their unconditional support to our office. Thanks to all the parents, managers, sponsors and foremost, the players for a very successful youth tournament. As we conclude the U10, U13 and U19 today, May 19, we thank you for believing in us, and believing in the process. We are certain that the impact we have created, and will continue to create in these youths, is so positive that we anticipate that in the next five to ten years, Corozal will be in a better position regarding football. These successes will certainly open doors for our players.

    Verdes Rebels vs Jewel Fury – National Women Football Championship game 1 on Saturday
    The National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019 Tournament is down to its championship final, after the 2nd leg home-and-away semifinals were concluded over the past weekend. On Saturday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan’s Jewel Fury Bandits put away Rumberas of Independence by a 5-1 score, after drawing 1-1 in the first leg. Netting a goal apiece for Jewel Fury were Mariela Moralez (30’), Fatima Romreo (46’), Kursha Pollard (59’), Suswani Martinez (76’) and Jennisha Scott (90+’); while Rumberas’ only goal was by Ashley Rodriguez (76’).

    Tennis News – Singles Tournament held in Belmopan
    This past Saturday, May 18, in Belmopan at the Hill Top tennis courts, 13 male and 6 female tennis players competed in a singles competition sponsored by Pine Lumber Company Limited. Despite the scorching sun, the players gave it their all, and the fans witnessed some nice, competitive tennis. In the female division, after the round-robin, which also included participants Sophia Sosa, Esmeralda Rayo, Els Arnold and Anselma Gullap, the 2 top players to reach the finals were Samira Pott and former college player and current Peace Corps volunteer, Alexandria Rios. After long rallies and a very tight match that could have gone either way, Alexandria edged Samira, 6-4.

    Editorial: Cruel Irony: our country’s guilt
    The next person who is brought before the court for a “revenge murder” should sue the state for negligence in delivering justice. Revenge murder is a too-real story in Belize. If you don’t believe that, listen carefully to ASP Cowo, ACP Myvett, and Inspector Ferrufino when they speak at the next police brief at the Raccoon Street Police Station after a murder has been committed in certain areas of the country. They will say, Police will be beefing up their presence in the area to prevent retaliation for the murder that has just occurred. All too often the murder that has just been committed is in retaliation for a murder that went unpunished by the state.

    From The Publisher
    The enormous Sanctuary Bay real estate scandal, which led to the crash of Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL), which I understand to have been a Belizean offshore financial entity, underlines how significant something called “subdivision” is in the land/real estate business. The ruling politicians guard their subdivision power very jealously, because it is always a source of ready and substantial liquidity. Any large piece of land increases exponentially in value once the owner receives (or “purchases”) permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources to cut up (subdivide) the acreage into smaller portions for sale to individual land owners.

    Abortion debate raging in the US
    In one of my pieces some time back, I mentioned that I don’t support abortion, but I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion. A couple days ago one of my female cousins re-posted (on Facebook) a bit from Feminist News, which read: “Just because I am pro-choice does not mean I am pro-abortion. It means I understand your choice is none of my business, and I will always fight for your right to choose.” It is easy to understand why men of old felt they had the right to outlaw abortion. In the old times the continuation of families, tribes, and countries depended on large families. A woman who didn’t want to have a child was dangerous to the survival of the group.

    KREM Radio’s first anniversary celebration
    Sat. Nov. 24 (1990)– KREM Radio, 96.5 FM, Belize’s first private, commercial radio station, celebrated its first anniversary (a week late after rain washed out last Saturday’s program) today at the Memorial Park. The “Anniversary Bram” featured all day live broadcast from Memorial Park, official ceremonies in the morning and bramming in the afternoon. Official ceremonies began with the singing of the national anthem by S.J.C. Sixth Form student Carlota Cacho; Lauren Burgess Herrera, KREM hostess, was mistress of ceremonies. Energy and Communications Minister Carlos Diaz gave the welcome address. He is a neighbor of KREM on Partridge Street, and described how he has seen a swampy lot in 1972 become AMANDALA Press and KREM Radio in 1990.

    National Heritage Library honors Francis B. Arana Sr.
    Francis “Frank” B. Arana, a highly respected Belizean agriculturist and writer of yester-year, was honored today for his literary contributions to the country in a ceremony hosted and organized by the National Heritage Library in Belmopan. Mr. Arana spent his most productive years working in the Belize Agriculture Department and the Development Finance Corporation, and after he retired he turned to writing, to record his experiences and the experiences of others he met on the way, for posterity.

    PSU picket Belmopan mayor’s office over unresolved issue of the sale of their headquarters
    Around 50 members of the Public Service Union (PSU) staged a protest this morning in front of the Belmopan City Hall. The protest was aimed at the Belmopan mayor, Khalid Belisle, who brokered a deal with an Asian businessman who bought the Hill Top property, which has been serving as the headquarters of the PSU for many years. After being in possession of a lease for around 17 years, it came as a major surprise to the PSU Council of Management when they discovered last November that the property they had been in discussions to buy from the Belmopan City Council, had been sold secretly—right under their noses.

    Climate change results in drought in Belize
    Belize’s dry season for 2019 has been especially stifling and the northern and central districts have be taking the brunt of the heat. The National Meteorological Service of Belize has verified that short term drought is likely to occur in the Corozal, Orange Walk, northern Cayo and Northern Belize districts. A drought occurs when there is lack of precipitation in an area for an extended period of time and can have drastic effects on a country’s agriculture, water supply and even on public health. The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) which is an index used to provide early warnings of extended droughts as well as assessing drought severity, was utilized and determined that long term drought is evolving over most of Cayo district as well as southern Orange Walk and Western Belize and Stann Creek.

    Choice Bank withdraws its lawsuit against Prime Minister and Central Bank
    Choice Bank Limited and its parent company, Choice Group Holdings, LLC, had filed a lawsuit last August against the Belize Central Bank; Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow, in his capacity as Minister of Finance; and Attorney General, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte. Choice Bank was seeking compensatory damages from Prime Minister Barrow and the Central Bank of Belize for the premature termination of Choice Bank’s operating license for offshore banking, making the bank lose business. In addition, Choice Bank was also seeking a declaration from the court that the defendants acted contrary to their statutory duties.

    Following nationalistic speeches, Senate approves amendment to Maritime Areas Act
    On Wednesday, May 8, Belizeans went to the polls and voted “yes” to taking Guatemala’s territorial claim for a final resolution to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and on Thursday, May 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that based on the legal advice of Belize’s team of international lawyers, government would amend the Maritime Areas Act, prior to Belize filing its defense against Guatemala’s claim at the ICJ. On Monday, May 20, the House of Representatives passed the amendment to the Maritime Areas Act in record time. The bill sailed through the House in a spirit of renewed bipartisanship on the Guatemalan claim issue that has been absent since 2009, after the United Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow began handling the issue of the Guatemalan claim singlehandedly.

    The Reporter

    Belize & Guat. Foreign Minister Meet At OAS Border Office
    Earlier today the foreign ministers of Belize and Guatemala met at the OAS office (Organization of American States) at the western border of Belize and Guatemala. The symbolic and cooperative meeting is seen as a “Best-Effort” in dialog and communication between the two governments.

    3 People Reported Missing In Separate Incidents
    Three persons, including an infant, have been reported missing in separate instances, and their families are asking your assistance to locate them. Iris Yasmin Dubon Sarmiento, 23, reportedly left home in Belize City on Wednesday with her five month-old son, William Pablo Reyes II, and they have not returned.

    Anti-Bullying Campaign Changing Culture at “Martin’s”
    By Marion Ali – Bullying has become such an ingrained culture in Belize, that it is perhaps seen as a natural part of life, an everyday occurrence where one party enjoys superiority while the other feels humiliated, oppressed, even terrorized.

    Influence Peddeling
    In 2016 the Belize National Teachers Union [BNTU] placed as one of their demands that the Barrow administration sign on to the UN Convention against Corruption. The Barrow administration resisted the BNTU’s demands on the basis that their demands were outside their ambit as teachers.

    Police Seek Two Suspect for Matute’s Murder
    In Roaring Creek, the search remains ongoing for two known suspects whom it is believed can shed some light on the investigation into the shooting death of Teakettle resident Clifford Matute, 34, which occurred at his home in Teakettle on Saturday night.

    Minor Killed While Downloading Movies
    A worried father who spent Sunday night waiting for his son to return home from a family visit, got the shock of his life when he went looking for his son Monday morning and found his body in a drain on the Stann Creek Valley Road.

    Editorial – May 24th. 2019
    The fallout from the collapse of Sanctuary Belize, a high end multi-million dollar resort project on prime seaside property immediately south of Sittee River, has buried Atlantic International Bank in an avalanche of debt and left its professional staff of 42 workers without jobs.

    Far From the Shallow Now
    By: Mike Rudon Jr. The last week was a bad one for me. I was hit with some unexpected blows, one on top of the next, and I fell. Scorn me, scold me, condemn me or just have a good laugh at my expense. That’s all okay. And it doesn’t matter much to me at this point. Because I caught myself in a hurry.

    Stuck at the Starting Line PM Won’t Support Me, Says Santi
    The United Democratic Party’s (UDP) seat for candidacy of the Caribbean Shores constituency is officially a two-person race, pitting Lee-Mark Chang against party favorite Leila Peyrefitte, as Santino Castillo, who had announced his intention to also contest the convention has withdrawn from the race citing a lack of support from the Prime Minister, and the leadership of the party.

    Traffic Fatality On The George Price Highway Last Night
    Early reports of the incident that claimed the life of immigration officer Jessica Heusner, say that she may have lost control of the car she was driving as it reached a curve and it slammed into an 18-wheeler truck.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Near- Average hurricane season expected in 2019
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has forecasted the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season to […]

    Corozal police find cocaine on the street
    Corozal police conducted a special operation yesterday morning which yielded 253 grams of cocaine. Authorities […]

    CARICOM congratulates Guyana on 53rd Independence Anniversary
    The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has commended Guyana’s significant contribution to the fight against climate change […]

    Ministry of Agriculture advises of contraband carrots
    The Ministry of Agriculture today issued a statement informing the public that no recommendation has […]

    Ministry of Agriculture encourages public to support local products
    On Tuesday, May 22, BBN broke the story of local farmers in La Gracia, Cayo […]

    Mother and 5-month son missing
    Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a young mother and her 5-month old […]

    Young man missing in Toledo
    The family of 17-year-old Jason Tzot is concerned about his whereabouts. Tzot’s brother, Darwin Tzot, told […]

    PACT concludes 3-day green climate fund training workshop
    On May 22, 2019, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), the Green Climate Fund’s Direct […]

    Black Orchid Resort In Belize Earns Prestigious TripAdvisor’s ‘Hall of Fame’ Award
    According to investigative reporter Linda Kinstler writing for “The Guardian,” is no ordinary travel website. Around 456 […]

    Attorney General forsakes politics: sister and son not going anywhere, says PM Barrow
    Queen’s Square and Mesopotamia electoral divisions, located next to each other in the heart of Southside […]

    How Lee Mark Chang says he can win Caribbean Shores
    Now-former President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang, finds himself in a one-on-one showdown with […]

    Wait in ‘weeks’ for Senate Immigration report
    Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee, Aldo Salazar, says work continues on the first […]

    Immigration officer dies in early morning accident
    An immigration officer is dead after a road traffic accident last night. She has been […]


    Though she abstained from voting, Woods still PUP Senator
    On Friday, April 12, Former Prime Minister Said Musa received a standing ovation from the UDP side of the gallery in parliament when he abstained from voting on the Referendum Bill. Musa had already made it clear that he supported the “yes” vote to forward the territorial dispute for final resolution at the International Court …

    Mother of 2 dies in Traffic Accident on George Price Highway
    Last month the police commissioner addressed the issue of road traffic accidents that continue to plague our highways. Last night there was a massive RTA on the George Price Highway. 35-year-old, Immigration Officer, Jessica Heusner passed away during that Thursday night accident that left traffic backed up on the highway. Heusner was driving to Belize …

    Senator returns from LGBT Meeting in Colombia
    As a senator and a member of Parliamentarians for Global Action, Valerie Woods serves as a member on that organization’s board of directors. The organization executes several programs that impact issues such as: gender, death penalty, women, ocean, conservation, armed and LGBT issues. Woods attended a meeting in Bogota, Colombia last weekend and today she …

    Quartet performs at the Mexican Cultural Institute
    There is a concert tonight at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize City. The quartet will play different genres including baroque, classical and pop music. The concert tonight is free. We spoke to Peter Illavsky and Richard Thomas Leister about what concert goers can expect tonight. Peter Illovsky – Musician: “I am a musician, I …

    Young mother and her 5-month-old baby missing
    A 23-year-old woman and her 5-month-old son are currently missing. According to 33-year-old William Reyes, he left his his ex-common law wife, Iris Yasmin Dubon Sarmiento (Dubon VO) and son, William Pablo Reyes the 2nd, at home on May 22nd, around 5 a.m. When he returned to his home at 9:30 a.m., Sarmiento and the …

    Another lucky Belizean wins $15,000 with Scratch & Win
    Another lucky person has won $15,000 with Scratch and Win. The game seems to be picking up among Belizeans who want to try their luck and see how much they can win. There are still other out there, though, that are not quite sure of how the game works. One of the Directors of Scratch …

    Woman and son reported missing
    A 23-year-old woman and her 5-month-old son are currently missing. According to 33-year-old William Reyes, he left his his ex-common law wife, Iris Yasmin Dubon Sarmiento and son, William Pablo Reyes the 2nd, at home on May 22nd, around 5 a.m. When he returned to his home at 9:30 a.m., Sarmiento and the child were …

    Belize and Guatemala Foreign Ministers meet at OAS Adjacency Zone Office
    The May 8 referendum results have placed the Belize on a path that will lead to a legal wrangle with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for final resolution. But before the legal fireworks take place, today a cordial meeting was held between the foreign ministers of both countries at the Organization of …

    Contraband carrots being imported
    A noted importation of carrots has been taking place and has raised concerns at the Ministry of Agriculture. The ministry sent out a release this morning informing consumers and farmers that the ministry did not give its approval for carrots to be imported and that as far as it is aware, the local farmers are …

    Pallotti students to compete for Miss Campus Darling
    Pallotti High School will be holding their annual Miss Campus Darling Pageant tomorrow night at the Bliss. Six young ladies will take the stage in hopes to win the title, and Love News caught up with them before the big event. Courtney Menzez – Reporter: “Friday night at the Bliss Center of Performing Arts six …


    Adventures at Sea with Xsite Belize!
    There are several options for a perfect adventure at sea when you find yourself vacationing on La Isla Bonita. From speed boats to catamarans and even classic sailboats, Belizean Captains are here to ensure a memorable trip. One go-to for sailing is Xsite Belize. They offer customizable trips aboard their 42-foot catamaran Miss Faith or their Sailboat Miss Take. As Xsite says “If we can make it happen, we will try!” Sailing trips are available to top snorkeling sites such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and Coral Gardens. One of their unique and fun trips is their Live Aboard Sailing Charters – overnight sailing, camping at one of Belize’s most beautiful atolls, snorkeling or diving along the second largest Barrier Reef in the world and even fishing! Xsite takes care of all the details of the trips from meals to drinks and even gear.

    Blue Skies Shining on Ambergris Caye…Again!
    May started out with two…almost three weeks of the craziest weather. HOT and dry. But that’s not so crazy, according to our meteorological website, May is the hottest month of the year and one of the driest. But HAZY grey skies. Almost as if fires were burning in the distance. Because…they were. This incredibly dry weather was fostering bush and forest fires across Mexico – and particularly the Yucatan peninsula – and the smoke was covering a huge area. Even Northern Belize. I am glad to report that the sky is blue again. And I’m back to taking pictures…way too many pictures. Enjoy and if you are in the states, have a happy long beginning-of-summer holiday weekend.

    International Sourcesizz

    Over 42,000 Caribbean nationals overstayed their non-immigrant US visas
    Acting Homeland Secretary, Kevin Mc Aleenan revealed that over 42,000 Caribbean nationals from across the region overstayed their non-immigrant visas and stayed in the US between October 2017 and September 2018. This figure is contained in the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DSH) fiscal year 2018 entry/exit overstay report. The US government has provided figures to show that overall, in the wider Caribbean Community (CARICOM countries, Trinidad and Tobago has the lowest over-stay rate with the United States at 0.40 percent, followed by The Bahamas (0.475), Barbados (1.11 percent), St Kitts and Nevis (1.73 percent), Saint Lucia (1.86 percent) and Belize (1.93 percent).

    Way too much of a good thing: Sargassum and the sea
    Beach, shore and bay-choking sargassum may be the new normal throughout much of the Caribbean. I was in a bad mood, and for a gringo who’d rented a small house just across the street from the beach in a tiny Mexican fishing village just north of the border with Belize, that’s hard to fathom. We pulled into town and both of us looked at each other, our faces crossed with expressions of utter disgust. “What is that smell?” I asked Rachel. It was almost as if the query came out in stereo, as Rachel posed the same question to me. It was a foul, fetid stench that hinted of rotting fish and the decaying leave-behinds of a Vegas buffet. I retched a little. The culprit? Sargassum, the naturally occurring seaweed that, in normal amounts, is actually a good thing. The floating mats of algae provide cover and habitat for pelagic and inshore fish. They attract smaller fish which bigger fish eat. Sargassum has been a part of the Caribbean environment for as long as records have been kept—it was first documented in the West Indies by none other than Christopher Columbus.


  • Tropic Air Blue Hole Tour, 22min.

  • Belize Sushi Cook Off Challenge!, 4min. Another episode of our Belize cook-offs! This time we go to Jyoto to compete with chef Toshiya. Jyoto is Belize and San Pedros first Sushi restaurant with traditional dishes with a Belizean twist! Located in Mahogany Bay Village

  • BioBlitz: Engaging children in biodiversity research!, 44min.

  • Friday's TV coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge, 4.5hr.

  • Belize Now, May 24, 25min. In tonight’s headlines: Amendment to the Maritime Act gets bi-partisan support, we find out what are the next steps for Belize in preparing to go to the ICJ, and the Belize Coast Guard seeks more women recruits. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, May 24th, 2019!

  • Office of the Music Ambassador Presents: Belize Music Month 2019, 2hr27min.

  • Allen the 2A the remixed dancer in Belize city, 1.5min.

  • How To Ship Your Dog To Placencia/Belize !!!, 7min.

  • Esmeralda Belize, 21min. Shark feeding dive.

  • Xunantunich by Horseback Video, 2min. St. Leonard Tours has an epic video chronicling their horseback ride to Xunantunich. Words don't do it justice. The video really captures the Xunantunich Archaeological site in all its glory. Amazing!

  • Belize Eagle Rays, 1/2min.

  • May 24th. 2019 -Belize & Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Meet At OAS Border Office, 4min.

  • Finals Game 2, NEBL 2019 | Hurricanes 82 Tiger Sharks 79 | Live at Civic Center, Belize City, 2hr43min.

    May 24, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Tropic Air welcomes another new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Ex
    Tropic Air announced today that it has taken delivery of another new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX aircraft for its fleet. The aircraft (V3-HIM) arrived at the Philip Goldson International Airport at 3:30pm on Wednesday after a ferry flight from Cessna headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, and comes fully equipped with a G1000 glass cockpit, weather radar and air-conditioning. “This aircraft is the latest example of our commitment to reinvest our earnings in our employees, our terminals and new aircraft to provide the best possible service to our customers,” commented Steve Schulte, CEO of Tropic Air.

    Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries calls for ban on Gill Nets
    “Ban gill nets!” was the cry from the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries as they presented the latest data on the minority of Belizean fishermen using gill nets, and the depredation resulting from illegal users of gill nets – most of who come from across the border. The Coalition presented their findings at a press conference at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on Wednesday morning, May 22.

    GOB continues works on Anti-Cyberbullying Legislation
    For the past several years, the Government of Belize (GOB) has been working on a piece of legislation to address cyber-bullying in the country. The process to bring this long overdue policy into effect was prompted early this year after nude pictures of females were leaked, including a teenager in school uniform. The images were shared on social media. GOB condemned such actions, sympathized with the victims, and recently suggested that such legislation could allow punishment to those voluntarily involved.

    San Pedro Green and Clean launches Educational Campaign on Ambergris Caye
    On Thursday, May 2nd San Pedro Green and Clean launched its environmental educational campaign at Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS) in San Pedro Town. The aim of the campaign is to educate the younger generation in ways to keep their environment clean and healthy and the importance of doing so. HCAS will be the program’s pilot school and any necessary changes needed will be made before expanding to other schools on the island.

    Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease threatens Belize’s Barrier Reef
    A new coral disease might be on its way to Belize’s Barrier Reef-the largest in the western hemisphere-and could impact the country’s tourism industry. The culprit, Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease has already affected reef areas in Florida, USA, the Caribbean and southern-eastern Mexico. The disease, believed to be caused by water-borne pathogens spreads rapidly and affects the slowest-growing and longest-lived reef- building corals such as star corals, pillar corals and brain corals.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize District Volunteers Attend Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Workshop
    Wednesday, May 22, 2019, volunteers from villages and communities throughout rural Belize District joined NEMO coordinators and assistant coordinators from the area for a workshop on Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA). This is to better prepare them, in the event of a disaster, to make an accurate assessment of the damage caused and the needs of those affected, both immediate and long term, so that the relief provided is adequately and rationally distributed.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Road Traffic Accident in Corozal
    Just after 10 this morning, a black 4-door passenger car crashed with a Grey SUV at the Northern Highway.

    Join us this Sunday in Sarteneja for the official opening of Fisherfolk Month, to coincide with the Belize Tourism Board/Love FM Belize - News and Music Power Kayak Challenge 2019. Check out the activities that are planned and be sure to participate! Let's recognize the men and women of Belize who work hard to ensure that we are all able to eat seafood daily!

    ACP Group of States Commends Belize on ICJ Referendum and Calls for Cooperation Mechanisms for the Sarstoon
    The 109th Session of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Council of Ministers meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium from 21-22 May 2019. The ACP group adopted a resolution that reasserts the steadfast commitment of the 79 member states to the territorial integrity, sovereignty and security of Belize in the context of Guatemala’s claim. The ACP Ministers commended Belize for successfully conducting its national referendum on May 8, 2019, and welcomed the decision of Belizeans to seek peaceful recourse to the dispute by submitting Guatemala’s claim of Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final resolution.

    REDD+ Preparedness Project Launched in Belize
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration officially launched the REDD+ Preparedness Project in Belize at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel today, Thursday, May 23, 2019. REDD+, which stands for Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, is a long-term forest-based initiative that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase carbon sequestration from the forest. The “+” is the conservation of forests, the sustainable management of forests, and the enhancement of carbon stocks. This project is the first of three phases of REDD+ implementation and is the preparatory phase for assessing, safeguarding and preparing plans for the next phases of implementation.

    BTB Sea Kayak Challenge 2019 San Pedro Stop
    Saturday May 25 10am-7pm at the Boca del rio Park. Horse Shoe Tournament, Live Music and more!

    FSTV Mango Fest Event

    Deadline for Small CARSI Grants proposal is right around the corner!
    Apply Now!

    to Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR) Project
    Just in time for the summer field season, you can find our 2018 site report here. Read about our excavations at Baking Pot, Cahal Pech, Lower Dover, and Xunantunich!

    Channel 7

    Kids March For Kyron
    All this week, we've been closely following the story of 11 year-old Kyron Green. He's the child who remains hospitalized and partially paralysed after he was hit by a stray bullet on Friday night while he was buying at the neighborhood store for his mom. The senseless shooting of another child is particularly vexing because he's an innocent child who became collateral damage in a street war between adults. Since his injury, his school, St. Luke's Methodist, has been a pillar of support to his worried family. And this morning, his fellow schoolmates and teachers took to the Belize City streets to demand justice for his shooting, and to call for an end to gun violence.

    Anisha' s DNA Test Inconclusive
    ASP Cowo also spoke about the DNA results from the suspected remains of Anisha Young.  The 23 year old Belize City resident went missing in December.  And at the end of that month, a small scattering of human remains were found on the old northern highway which were believed to be hers. Those were sent to Jamaica for DNA testing, and last week her family told us the results show that it is not her remains.  Today, police said that's not quite the case.  As Cowo explained, the results are inconclusive:..

    Drug Case Drops Through At Court Again
    Back in December 2017, it was major news when police arrested and charged 39 year-old Peter Schmidt, and 35 year-old Carlos Lopez for drug trafficking after they were allegedly busted with 5 kilos of cocaine. Well, both men are free again tonight after the sitting Magistrate ruled that police aren't allowed to get a second bite at the cherry, after they fumbled the prosecution of this case in August of last year.    That was the date of the final adjournment, when the arresting officer failed to show up for court. So, at the time, their attorney, Ellis Arnold, submitted that they have no case to answer. Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford upheld that submission and dismissed the charges against them.

    Elrington and Eamon, Can They Coexist?
    For the past week we've been reporting on the bi-partisan committee which will be liaising between the government, the public, and the ICJ team at the Hague.   It's comprised of four members, two from the government and two from the opposition.  They are: Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney Leslie Mendez and Senior Senator Eamon Courtenay.   Elrington told us today that he has been asked to chair the committee. He says the primary role of the committee will be to update the government and the public about what is happening during the ICJ court proceedings in the Hague.

    PUP Reps Blow off Meeting With Ben Juratowich
    And, reports tell us that the PUP half of that committee - along with Belize's lead international lawyer, Ben Juratowich from the Freshfields law firm - were supposed to meet with PUP Parliamentarians this afternoon at 2:00.  The meeting was set up for Juratowich to give the Representative and Senators a full briefing on the game plan going forward.  But, 7News has confirmed that only one of the party's 12 elected area representatives showed up to the meeting - and that was leader John Briceno - at whose office the session was held.

    Elrington Sides With PM: Seek A Sarstoon Protocol, Not Provisional Measures
    And while time will tell if the PUP reps were boycotting or just busy, right now, that's a distraction.   The priority right now is regularizing movements not he Sarstoon.   We also asked Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington about the next step on our southern boundary river. Elrington agrees with the Prime Minister in saying that the best way forward is to talk it out and come to an agreement with the Guatemalans rather than going to the ICJ for provisional measures.

    The "Yes" Sweet Sedi
    And so while practical matters such as the Sarstoon protocol now dominate Elrington's focus, two weeks after the referendum, the Foreign Minister is still basking in the afterglow of the "yes" vote.   He was like a lightning rod for controversy on this issue, and took many blows from the public and the opposition for his plain spoken, highly controversial characterizations of the Belize - Guatemala dispute. But, in spite of all that, his voters in Pickstock voted decisively in favor of going to the ICJ.   It's a badge of honor for the often embattled foreign minister, but today, he didn't outrightly say "I told you so", but he certainly wasn't surprised by the outcome: 

    Peace Movement Picks Up PUP' s Constitutional Challenge to Special Agreement
    And while the PUDP machines are now in unison heading full steam to the ICJ, don't look back just yet, but the Belize Peace Movement "noh deh wid they." That group has launched a drive to bring back the case which the PUP just dropped!  That's the constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement.  The movement announced today that it will take up the challenge, quote, "on behalf of the Belizean people."

    The Case Against Corruption
    Democratic Governance against Corruption": that's the theme of an OAS sponsored seminar held at the Radisson today. The topic is self -explanatory and corruption in particular is a topic all the common folk and government officials talk and complain about a lot. Mostly Belizeans rant about the wide spread corruption and express outright disillusionment with the system and the politicians mostly point fingers, calling each other out for their corrupt behavior. But today's seminar was all about civil society groups working together to find  effective ways to address this issue. Here is more from the event.

    Scary Home Invasion For Mother and Daughter in Rural Cayo
    A woman and her daughter are traumatized after a home invasion early this morning inside their home in Georgeville, Cayo. Around 1:00, 42 year old Anna Myvette woke up to the sight of a man who had a gun pointed to her head. A feeling of pure terror - more so because she was at home with her 19 year old daughter and - the gunman was only one of two male intruders.  Luckily, they escaped the encounter without injury or assault.  Police told us about this aggravated burglary:

    Dissent Again In PG Town Council
    The last time we reported on the UDP-held Punta Gorda Town Council, it was because the Deputy Mayor and a Councillor had submitted letters of resignation.  That was in January, but before you could say "bam-brigidim-buf" the UDP Chairman swooped in to clean everything up - and get those letters rescinded. But, it was just a patch up job because the inter-council disputes persist.  Today we saw a facebook post from councillor Kevin Choc publicly griping that the mayor Ashton McKenzie had stripped him of the "youth" portfolio.

    Alleged Killer Named Neto Gets Off
    22 year-old Ernesto Vasquez, aka "Neto", has been acquitted of murder for the 2015 killing of 29 year-old Herbert Bodden. Bodden, an auto mechanic, was shot and killed in a broad daylight shooting which happened at around 2:15 on February 26th, 2015. Bodden was on Cedar Street, behind Habet and Habet when he was hit by a bullet, which was reportedly intended for another man who was fleeing the area.  When the murder trial against Vasquez began this morning, the main witness testified that before the identification parade was held, police officers showed him a photograph of Vasquez.

    The Importance of a She Who Mentors
    Becoming an entrepreneur is a bold, risky and pretty scary move for some and that is why tips and advice from successful business owners can make a positive difference in the journey of a new entrepreneur. So Beltraide's SBDC unit organized what is called a SheMENTORS seminar at the Biltmore for female entrepreneurs looking to expand or improve their business. Here is more from the session. We also spoke to two participants about what they learned at the seminar.

    Classical Music Back In City
    We've told you about the 3 Classical Concerts on 3 Fridays, and tomorrow is the last night. The Embassy of Mexico along with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and NICH organized these three events to celebrate the beauty, purity and complexity of classical music and to give the Belizean public and artists a chance to experience it.  Today at rehearsals, we met up again with the lead Austrian musician Peter Illavsky and he told us what to expect at the finale concert tomorrow.

    How To Pave Properly
    For the past 2 days, members of the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize have been attending a training session at the Inspiration Center called pavement workshop. The problem is that The Ministry of Works has noticed that whenever the Government puts different construction contracts out to tender, very few Belizean engineers apply. That worries them, because the country has to then go to the international community to identify a qualified contracting firm.  The Ministry of Works wants to see more Belizeans awarded contracts, and so, they invited the Association of Professional Engineers to conduct this training in the hopes that the local talent will start to qualify. 

    Woman Injured When Golf Cart Crashes
    And pavement is just what a golf cart driver ran out of in San Pedro. This accident happened 11 days ago near the new medical centre by Grand Caribe in San Pedro. As you can see the woman in the passenger seat was flung violently from her seat when the golf cart crashed into a cement structure.   We have learned that it was a local, and she received major injuries to both her legs, but is recovering.

    Belize Leads REDD+ Effort
    The Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation or REDD for short is a major long-term forest-based initiative that's taking place in Belize.  The project was launched today in San Ignacio and we learned how it is tied into the more prudent use of the FOREST resource:

    Fatal At The Georgetown Junction
    Today, police had updates on two stories we told you about last night.  The first is the fatal accident that happened on the Southern highway - between miles 29 and 30, near the Georgetown junction headed to Independence. On Monday night at around 8:00 31 year old Lascelle Coote and 24 year old Henry Augustine had pulled over on the roadside and were chatting when a tandem truck ran over Augustine, killing him on the spot.   Police say they had parked their Ford Ranger on the side of the road, but not fully on the shoulder of the highway - leaving them open to oncoming traffic:

    Machete Man In San Roman Was Also Burglar
    And in another incident from South Stann Creek, police say that the man accused of chopping three men in San Roman village earlier this week - had been linked to a string of burglaries.  Here's what ACP Myvette told the press about it today: ACP Joseph Myvette, Head NCIB: "Tzub and Melgar were at home when they were approached by one Hermenio Ical, who was armed with a machete and he inflicted injuries to them. Ical then left the area where he visited the home of Benjamin Hul and also inflicted a chop wound to his left palm. So far, Hul is in a stable condition, whilst Mr. Tzub remains in a critical condition at the KHMH..."

    BWEL Burgled
    The Belize City Office of Belize Western Energy was burglarized on Tuesday.   Around 3:00 am, burglars tied up the watchman and broke into the office through the backdoor. They stole a number of pieces of office equipment.  Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: “What we understand is the watchman was inside of the small guard hut, when 3 male persons arrived there and tied him up and they went and broke into the building..."

    Channel 5

    St. Luke Students Take to the Streets, Despite No Arrest in Shooting of Kyron Green
    Twenty-one-year-old Raymond Fuller is at home recuperating from injuries he received during an attempt on his life last Friday.  His injuries were not life-threatening and he was released from the [...]

    Several Arrests Made in Weekend Shootings
    An altercation at a popular entertainment event last Saturday in Belize City ended with multiple shots being fired during an ambush at the corners of Baymen Avenue and Calle al [...]

    Thieves Hit BWEL Office in Early Morning Burglary
    An overnight burglary at a fuel depot in Belize City has netted a trio of thieves several electronic items, including a laptop and a cell phone.  According to the security [...]

    DNA Test Yields Inconclusive Result, Still No Sign of Annie Young
    A family’s search for the remains of their loved one who disappeared in December 2018 has hit another dead-end, following the inconclusive results of a DNA test conducted in Jamaica.  [...]

    Mother and Daughter Robbed During Home Invasion in Georgeville
    A mother and daughter were attacked inside their home in Georgeville sometime after midnight on Wednesday by a pair of thieves.  Ana Myvett was awakened by two masked intruders who [...]

    Henry Augustine Perishes in RTA Near Georgetown Junction
    Twenty-four-year-old Henry Augustine lost his life on the Southern Highway earlier this week when a vehicle knocked him down near the Georgetown junction.  According to thirty-one-year-old Lascelle Coote, himself and [...]

    Santi Backs Out of Caribbean Shores Race
    The race for Caribbean Shores has narrowed down to two U.D.P. candidates, as former area representative Santiago Castillo Junior has formally withdrawn from the upcoming convention in that constituency.  His [...]

    Peace Movement Wants You to Funds its Legal Challenge of the Special Agreement
    In the wake of a resounding “YES” by Belizeans at the May eighth referendum, the People’s United Party withdrew its legal challenge to the Special Agreement and the I.C.J. referendum. [...]

    O.A.S. Hosts a Seminar on Corruption
    A seminar on corruption was held today at the Radisson in Belize City. Organized by the O.A.S., the session is an offshoot of the April 2018 Summit of the Americas [...]

    O.A.S. Can Assist through the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption
    Back in December 2016, Belize took a historic step when it signed on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.  While the government was lauded for taking a step in [...]

    A Mentorship Programme to Support Female Entrepreneurs
    Empowered for Work and Self was the theme for a mentorship networking session held today by BELTRAIDE at the Biltmore Plaza. Through the Small Business Development Centre, female entrepreneurs were [...]

    Primary School Financial Literacy: Spend, Save, Share
    The month of May is being celebrated as education month under the theme, “Financial Literacy, a Pathway to a Productive Life.” As the month winds down, there are continued activities [...]

    REDD+ Launches in Belize
    Today, the Ministry of Agriculture officially launched the REDD+ Preparedness Project, a long-term forest-based initiative that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The project is the first of three phases [...]

    A Classical Concert featuring Belizean and International Talent
    The Embassy of Mexico in Belize in collaboration with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and the National Institute of Culture and History is putting off the third classical concert at the [...]

    Healthy Living with the Belize Cancer Center
    Over a decade ago, the Belize Cancer Center opened its doors on the first of October 2008. It was the first and still remains the only center providing cancer treatment [...]

    The Reporter

    Woman Injured In Golf-Cart Incident On San Pedro
    A woman was injured in a golf cart accident in San Pedro Town, sources have claimed that the woman was seriously injured. The accident occurred near what will be a hospital near the Grand Caribe Resort, the accident victim is a tourists.

    Home Invasion In The WEE Hours, In Georgeville
    The Reporter has confirmed that there was a home invasion in Georgeville around 1:30am this morning. A woman reported to Police that she was at home when she woke up to find a man in her room.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BWS makes “historic” $35 million investment on Ambergris Caye
    Since its acquisition of Consolidated Water Belize Limited in February, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) has set about fulfilling the needs of one of its largest customer bases countrywide. […]

    Fledgling national rugby union team making strides
    It all started with a ball and curiosity, says Tony Gillings. The rugby union enthusiast, […]

    African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States commends Belize on ICJ Referendum; Calls for cooperation mechanism for Sarstoon
    The 109th Session of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Council of Ministers meeting was […]

    Belize District Volunteers attend Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Workshop
    Yesterday, volunteers from villages and communities throughout rural Belize District joined NEMO coordinators and assistant […]

    Chopping incident leaves 3 hospitalized
    One man is detained by police while three other men are hospitalized after a chopping […]

    Men enter home and rob homeowner
    A woman and her children are lucky to be alive after two armed assailants entered […]

    One man dead, two served with notice of intended prosecution in fatal road traffic accident
    One man is dead and two have been issued notices of intended prosecution (NIP) after […]

    Kendale Green charged for Sunday shooting
    Belize City police have charged Kendal Green, 25, with the shooting of Ronald Michael. […]

    Man charged for double shooting
    Belize City police have charged Tarique Smith in connection with the shooting of Jamal Palacio […]

    Thieves target Belize Western Energy Ltd.
    Belize City police are seeking three men in connection with a crime at Belize Western […]

    Belizean graduates from Yale with Masters Degree in Forestry
    On Monday, May 20 Belizean Ki’ila Salas graduated from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental […]

    Home Invasion reported in Georgeville, Cayo
    A woman and her daughter in Georgeville, Cayo were the victims of a home invasion […]

    Tropic Air welcomes another new Cessna 208 B Grand caravan Ex
    Tropic Air announced today that it has taken delivery of another new Cessna 208B Grand […]

    BELTRAIDE hosts 1st SHEMentors Networking Event
    The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) through support from the Regional Center of […]


    Students take to the streets for a Justice March for Kyron Green
    On Friday, Kyron Green was running an errand for his mother, like he usually does, when was caught in the line of fire after a gunman fired shots inside One Plus One Supermarket. Today, a friendly, caring young boy is fighting for his life at the KHMH. To support him, and all other children who …

    Minister of Trade speaks on expansion of Freezone
    The Corozal Freezone has not really been the “talk of the town,” and, in fact, is in dire need of some TLC. The Freezone has not been forgotten, however, as there are big plans in the making to not only expand but also to revamp it. Minister of Trade, Tracy Taegar-Panton, met with the Freezone’s …

    “Democratic Governance against Corruption”
    Reports have shown that at the global level, corruption costs over three trillion dollars and while there isn’t any data on the cost for Belize, we know that its negative effects are vast and far reaching. The Organization of American States, OAS, have undertaken a huge mandate to curb corruption. In this regard, OAS and …

    Home Invasion in Georgeville
    A resident of Georgeville Village in the Cayo District was the victim of a home invasion which occurred in the still of the night. It was about one o’clock this morning when 42 year-old Anna Myvette woke up and found a stranger in her bedroom. The intruder’s head was covered with a white shirt and …

    DNA tests inconclusive on Remains
    A reward of thirty thousand dollars was offered for the return of twenty three year old Anisha Young in December, 2018. Young went missing after a party and a social outing along Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. Her coworkers and her boyfriend were questioned by the police about her whereabouts. The trail eventually grew …

    UDP Caribbean Shores Candidate bows out again
    No one was expected to be harmed during the three way race that was expected to occur in the United Democratic Party (UDP) Caribbean Shores constituency. But the race which would have had three, had now whittled to two. Santino Castillo Junior has withdrawn from the Caribbean Shores race. Last week Castillo had granted us …

    International Sourcesizz

    These tiny, mysterious fish may be key to solving coral reef 'paradox'
    If a snorkeler or scuba diver is lucky enough to spy a cryptobenthic fish—named for its elusive nature—all they may glimpse is a brief flash of color. But these tiny swimmers may be a cornerstone of coral reefs, making it possible for bigger, more charismatic fish and many invertebrates to thrive, according to a new study. And they could help solve a mystery that stumped even the father of evolution, Charles Darwin. “By not dealing with these little guys, we were missing a big part of what’s happening on reefs and the food web,” says Nancy Knowlton, a coral reef biologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., who was not involved in the work.

    IRS Tax Webinar Series!
    In June 2019, the IRS will be hosting a series of webinars to assist Americans living abroad with their tax filing requirements. Details for the upcoming webinars can be found through accessing the IRS website below. Please consider messaging your registrants about these upcoming IRS webinars.

    Why Belize Is Likely to Prevail in Its Territorial Dispute With Guatemala
    Since gaining independence in 1821, Guatemala has refused to recognize all or part of Belize, its small English-speaking neighbor. But under the terms of a 2008 agreement, this long-running territorial dispute will soon head to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. That agreement required each country to hold a referendum on going to the ICJ, which Belizeans approved earlier this month; Guatemalans did so in April 2018. In an email interview with WPR, Victor Bulmer-Thomas, an honorary professor at University College London’s Institute of the Americas, explains the historical roots of the dispute and why Belize will have the stronger case at the ICJ.

    NOAA: Expect a Near-Average 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season
    Residents of Hurricane Alley can anticipate a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season in 2019, said NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center on Thursday. In their first seasonal forecast for 2019, NOAA predicted a 40% chance for a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, a 30% chance for an above-normal season and a 30% chance for a below-normal season. NOAA gave a 70% likelihood of 9 - 15 named storms, 4 - 8 hurricanes, 2 - 4 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale) and an Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) 65% - 140% of the median. If we take the midpoint of these ranges, NOAA called for 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. This is the same as the 1981-2010 seasonal averages of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes.

    Drier, hotter wet season forecast for Caribbean
    The dry conditions affecting the Caribbean over the last few months are expected to continue into September for most of the region, forecasters said today. “For the June to August, we are expecting it to be drier than usual or close to normal. So we are already dry and we are expecting the next three months to be dry,” Sheryl Etienne-LeBlanc of the St Maarten Metrological Department said on Wednesday. Speaking at the opening day of the Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CartiCOF) she said that for September to November, forecasters are expecting above normal conditions in the Greater Antilles, the Leeward Islands, The Bahamas, and Belize.


  • Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation - 8th Central American Physique Cup, 28min. The Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation (BBBFF) is hosting the 8th Central American Female Championship & Men’s Physique Cup. Our guests talked with us about the competition and how they are working to prepare the Belizean athletes to take home the gold. The event takes place at the Belize Civic Center on Sunday.

  • Grace - Flava With A Beat - Salt Fish & Fungi from Antigua, 18min. Grace Flava With A Beat shared a recipe for Salt Fish & Fingi from Antigua & Barbuda. Duane Lizama - Resident Chef. Alex Gordan - Marketing Officer, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd.

  • Lerisi Garifuna Restaurant is having a Mother's Day Concert - Wayne Wonder, 18min. Lerisi Garifuna Restaurant is having a Mother's Day Concert this weekend. Wayne Wonder is headlining the concert. He stopped by our show to talk about his music and what you can expect for the event.

  • Female Entrepreneurship - SHEMentors program, 31min. SBDC Belize is supporting female entrepreneurship through the SHEMentors program. The SHEMentors program provides a platform for women entrepreneurs, leaders, stakeholders and executives who champion for inclusion to dialogue. Participants contribute in discussion with likeminded women, access tools and create a network that will focus on supporting their business. A networking event will be held on Wednesday May 23rd at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. We spoke with representatives of the program about the significance of female entrepreneurs and what's planned for the event.

  • Gill Nets, 31min. The Government of Belize has extended its submission period for the public to present information relating to gillnets. We spoke with representatives of Oceana Belize and MarAlliance about the data collection exercise and what they have been learning thus far. On set: Janelle Chanona - Vice-President, Oceana in Belize, Dr. Rachael Graham- Executive Director, MarAlliance.

  • Maritime Areas Act (Amendment) Bill during a special Sitting of the House of Representatives, 35min. Today the Government of Belize will introduce the Maritime Areas Act (Amendment) Bill during a special Sitting of the House of Representatives. In the amendment, the government will claim all of Belize’s territorial waters. Kareem Musa , Attorney-at-law, gave us an introduction to the Act and the proposed amendments.

  • This morning’s video shows clearly mamma parrot regurgitating as she feeds her babies, 1/2min.

  • March for 11 year old Kyron who was a victim of gun violence, 3.5min.

  • Belize has dubbed May Music Month, 2min. The month of May has been dubbed Music Month by the Office of the Music Ambassador. It was a month filled with music-centered activities and will end with a Music Festival this weekend.

  • Financial Literacy Challenge May 23, 2019 St. Martin de Porres Belize City, 5.5min.

  • Riding Golf Cart in San Pedro Belize, 1min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

  • Di Alright Show episode 2, 15min. on PGTV

  • Live Coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge, 3hr10min.

  • Wildlife Conservation Society Update, 25min. Wildlife Conservation Society updated us about the upgrades to the OurFish App and Fish Right Eat Right initiative.

  • Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar Belize's first animated movie, 22min. Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar has the honor of being Belize's first animated movie! We spoke to the production team about the inspiration for the movie and the work they are doing to bring it to completion. Our guests explained that is a tool to teach conservation using our local culture. On set:

  • Venezuela current crisis Update, 36min. Ambassador Gerardo Antonio Argote, Venezuelan Ambassador to Belize, gave us an update on the current crisis in Venezuela.

  • The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) - 13th Chocolate Festival from 24th-26th, 23min. The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) Toledo Chapter plans to make your long weekend full of decadent chocolate treats! They are hosting the 13th Chocolate Festival from 24th-26th May. Representatives of the BTIA Toledo shared all the details of the event and why you should make the trip down south to indulge in the chocolate celebration.

  • Cancer Awareness Month - Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga Update, 33min. May is celebrated as Cancer Awareness Month. The Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga continues to offer its services to citizens. We spoke with Founder, Dr. Ellsworth Grant, about his work to make affordable treatments accessible to families. He explained that breast and cervical cancer continues to be the most prevalent and that his focus is on securing sustainability to keep the services available.

  • Vistro new mobile application, 18min. Vistro is a new mobile application that allows you to order your food from various restaurants and have it delivered to the comfort of your home. Our guests talked to us about the inspiration for this new service and how you can tap into this convenience for all your food cravings.

  • The Department of Environment and NEMO and BECOL Emergency Preparedness Update, 34min.How prepared are we in the event of an emergency? The Department of Environment and NEMO and BECOL officials talked with us about the overall policy and institutional issues related to the Emergency Preparedness Plan for BECOL and the roles and responsibilities of each entity in the overall process.

  • The 3rd Annual Sun Splash Beach Volleyball, 21min. The 3rd Annual Sun Splash Beach Volleyball Open Tournament takes place this weekend at the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker. Representatives of the Belize Volleyball Association shared the details of the tournament.

  • High Commissioner of Jamaica to Belize, 23min. H.E. Jason Hall is the newly appointed High Commissioner of Jamaica to Belize. He presented his letter of credence to the Governor General of Belize on Monday. We spoke with him today about the vision for diplomatic relations between Belize and Jamaica.

  • The Public Service Union will hold its 97th Annual General Meeting, 18min. The Public Service Union will hold its 97th Annual General Meeting on Friday May 31st, 2019. This year's theme is: "Organized for Public Officers Empowerment, Employment Security and Increased Public Services." There will also be elections for the post of President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary General and Councilors. Our guests talked about the agenda for the AGM and their prospects for re-election.

  • Directors of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) - CARICOM Sugar Producers, 41min. Directors of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) are in country to discuss the future of CARICOM Sugar Producers. The region is at critical juncture and face serious threats from extra-regional sugar producers like Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia with low global prices. Our guests talked with us about how they are planning to address these concerns.

  • Corozal Free Zone Meeting, 14min. Take note Corozal business stakeholders! Feedback on Minister Tracy Taegar-Panton's consultation with stakeholders of the Corozal Free Zone on the revitalization and repurposing of the zone.

  • ARF Bird Fur Shrimp - Belize Series #2, 5.5Welcome to PEAK Fishing's Belize Series! This multiple episode fly tying series covers a number of saltwater flies you can tie. In this episode, learn to tie the ARF Bird Fur Shrimp with Al Ritt. min.

  • Victoria Tunnel Belize, 14min. Shark swim along in Belize.

    May 23, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Changes in Pump Prices for Regular Gasoline and Kerosene
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on May 22, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline will decrease by 39 cents from $10.87 to $10.48 per gallon, while the pump price for kerosene will increase by two cents from $7.81 to $7.83 per gallon.

    San Pedro joins Hands Across the Sand 2019
    Island residents joined hundreds of Belizeans for the annual ‘Hands Across the Sand’ on Saturday, May 18th. Organized by Oceana Belize, the activity highlights issues that threaten Belize’s marine life, while encouraging Belizeans at home and abroad to love and protect Belize’s unique marine wealth for future generations. In San Pedro Town, island residents gathered on the beach by Central Park at midday on Saturday. The group formed a horizontal line and for about 10 minutes holding hands in solidarity against unsustainable developments in Belize’s marine environment and in support of clean energy.

    Island Teachers and Nurses honored and celebrated
    To celebrate Teachers and Nurses Week 2019, a party was held at the Angel Nuńez Auditorium in San Pedro Town on Thursday, May 16th. The yearly event is hosted by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) along with Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civic Aviation Hon Manuel Heredia Jr and shows appreciation for all teachers and nurses who do an excellent job on the island. The party saw the attendance of health and education professionals from across the island enjoying a fun-filled night.

    Islanders enjoy Beach Brawl MMA fight night
    The anticipated and first ever beach brawl was organized by the recently established San Pedro Fight League (SPFL), founded by MMA fighter and instructor Martin Dawson and island resident Felipe Sansores. The event saw a packed venue, with hundreds of islanders supporting their favourite fighters. As the clock ticked 7:30PM, the first contenders stepped into the cage. Mexican Geovany Hernandez easily overcame Giovannie Yu from Belize by submission in the first round in the Jiu-Jitsu division. Immediately after, Marvin Garcia gave Belize its first victory against Mexican Alejandro Gomez by technical knockout (TKO) in Kick Boxing.

    Ambergris Today

    The Dog Whisperers Of Belize At Pampered Paws
    Katia Marin had a dream over 15 years ago and her passion and love for animals saw her opening her own pet grooming service in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Years later, from doing the work herself, Pampered Paws employs over 10 enthusiastic young gentlemen who share her passion. Katia has accumulated various certification in dog training and her business has expanded from pet grooming to a pet shop, pet supplies, dog walking, dog training, boarding and day care.

    San Pedro Pirates Victory Parade
    The San Pedro Pirates Football Team held its victory rally on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Hundreds of fans came out in support of the Island's team to celebrate their championship. The parade was led by the thrrough the streets of San Pedro proudly showing off their trophies in very high spirits! Congratulations to the San Pedro Pirates! Si se pudo!!!

    Decrease In Pump Price For Regular Gasoline
    The Ministry of Finance announced that at midnight on May 22, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline will decrease by 39 cents from $10.87 to $10.48 per gallon, while the pump price for kerosene will increase by two cents from $7.81 to $7.83 per gallon.

    Belizeans Gather Across The Country For Hands Across The Sand
    On Saturday May 18th, 2019 at noon, Belizeans from across the country joined hands on beaches, across bridges, in conference rooms and along seawalls and other public areas to celebrate in OCEANA’s 2019 Hands Across the Sand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize’s economically important marine environment. Over two hundred ocean-lovers from Orange Walk Town, Dangriga, Belize City, Placencia, Corozal Town, San Ignacio, Hopkins, Sarteneja, Punta Gorda, Caye Caulker, San Pedro and Belmopan were a part of this year’s event hosted by Oceana Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Darrell Bradley Proposed to Succeed Lee Mark Chang as President of the Senate
    The Government of Belize, at the next sitting of the Senate and through the Leader of Government Business, will propose the election of Mr. Darrell Bradley as the new President of the Senate.

    San Pedro RC Traffic Officers get Love!
    Alfredo “Freddy G” Gonzalez and Nadir Nunez are two traffic officers posted near the San Pedro RC school every school day. The work they do goes along way to ensure the safety of our students. Today they were shown some love by the very students they protect every day. It is indeed a good gesture by the SPRC students and it shows that the work they do, doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Bingo for Books & Karaoke for Kicks!
    Mark your Calendars! On May 24th at 6pm TIA will be hosting BINGO FOR BOOKS and KAROKE FOR KICKS to raise money for a new Language Arts curriculum, hosted by The Island Academy! Come enjoy a night of Bingo, belt out your favorite song, and see what the silent auction has to offer! Caliente Restaurant - San Pedro, Belize will be selling tacos for $25. Purchase your ticket for food at The Island Academy. If you would like to donate to our silent auction, please email [email protected]

    Notice from Atlantic International Liquidator
    Message to all Depositors and Creditors from the Liquidator, Atlantic International Bank Ltd. 15th May, 2019, Belize City, Belize. Appointment of Liquidator, Mr. Julian Murillo. On 12 April, 2019, the international banking license for Atlantic International Bank Limited was revoked on the recommendation of the Central Bank of Belize. Atlantic International Bank Limited is therefore prohibited from carrying on international banking business.

    Members of the Integrity Commission of Belize Appointed
    The Office of the Integrity Commission of Belize, hereby announces that in accordance with Section 5 of the First Schedule of the Prevention of Corruption Act, #21 of 2007 the following persons are hereby appointed to serve for a period of two years, with effect from 1st January, 2019. Ms. Armead Gabourel - Member, Mr. Wilmot Simmons - Member, Mrs. Lisbeth Delgado - Member, Mr. Nestor Vasquez - Member, Mrs. Claudet Grinage - Member, Mrs. Zoe Roberson Zetina - Member. Mrs. Deshawn Arzu Torres, is the Chairperson of the Integrity Commission who was appointed on 1st June, 2018 to serve for a period of two years.

    SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Professional and Technical 2019
    Full application package available at

    Water Improvements in San Pedro
    Today was a historic day for the people San Pedro Town. The single largest investment this island has ever received by any government was launched and is being executed, marked by a symbol ribbon cutting. The Ambergris Caye Water & Wastewater Improvement Project was launched today. The total scope of the project is Belize $35.5 million.

    Symposium: Belize Tourism Industry Association BTIA
    Paving the Road to Sustainable Tourism in Belize, on Friday, May 31st, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza. At this event the BTIA will be presenting the blueprint of a Sustainable Tourism Project for Belize to promote the conservation of the Mesoamerican Reef (Belize Barrier Reef System). FREE ADMISSION!

    Fundraising for signs in Corozal
    Please support a worthy cause! Rainbow Town Neighbourhood Watch Group is raising funds to place signs in our neighbourhood. Monday May 27, Rainbow Beach at 11am.

    BTB Job Vacancy
    Are you a passionate Marketer who is ready to take your career to the next level? We need someone like you! A leader, who will be part of a stellar tourism team that enjoys promoting our beautiful Belize. Check out the vacancy for Director of Marketing & Industry Relations.

    Channel 7

    Santa Says "See Ya!"ť
    The race for the UDP Convention in Caribbean Shores in heating up - but tonight, it's officially a two way contest. As we first reported last night, Santiago Santino Castillo has bowed out. The former area rep - who was the last UDP to win the Shores back in 2012 - made to official today; he's stepping aside, but he's not happy about it. In a statement which he gave exclusively to 7News, Castillo says: "When I gave up my seat to Darrell Bradley, I did it for greater good of my party without asking for anything in return. Consequently, when I announced my candidacy for Caribbean Shores on May 10th on Facebook, I was sure I would have the support of both the Party Leader and the party. However, the PM called me last week Thursday to tell me he would be supporting Leila Peyrefitte due to her work in Caribbean Shores for the Referendum.

    From Standard Bearer To Senate President
    And - in the endless game of musical chairs that is politics -  that Senate seat will now be taken over guessed it, Darrell Bradley.  That's right, the former Caribbean shores Standard Bearer has been designated new President of the Senate - basically swapping jobs with Lee Mark Chang.   An official release says, "the Government of Belize, at the next sitting of the Senate and through the Leader of Government Business, will propose the election of Mr. Darrell Bradley as the new President of the Senate."

    St. Luke's Supports Fallen Student
    11 year-old shooting victim Kyron Green is still in intensive care at the KHMH after he was shot in the face on Friday night.  But his school, Saint Luke's Methodist has been stepping up big time for this student who is missed in his Standard four classroom.   There is outrage at the school, as well as in the general public, that an innocent child, known for his big personality, is fighting for his life in a hospital bed simply because he was collateral damage in an adult's gang war while running an errand for his mother.  The school held a candle light vigil in his honor yesterday evening on its compound, and this morning the teaching staff was busy with a barbecue sale.

    Police Command Demands Crackdown On Drinking Offences
    You don't need to watch the news to know that alcohol abuse is one of the biggest drivers of violent crime and traumatic death in our society.  And binge drinking is facilitated by lax law enforcement.  But, not anymore, not if the new Commissioner has anything to do with it.   Chester Williams says he is serious about cracking down on alcohol abuse and that's what's behind a police memorandum sent to all formations last week.  It calls for "strict enforcement" of liquor license laws and lists 29 offenses that establishments can be charged for.

    San Pedro Says Adios To Water Worries
    Back in February, we told you how the country's main water provider, BWS, was making big moves with the help of the Government and the Caribbean Development Bank to end San Pedro's water worries completely.  For years now, the local water company, Consolidated Water Belize Limited, has been unable to meet the water demands of the island, which has grown exponentially in the last 2 decades. Currently, the average daily water consumption on the island is approximately 800 thousand gallons.

    Gillnets Be Gone Says OCEANA
    The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries hosted a press conference at the Radisson today to present key information and findings about the detrimental effects the use of gill nets have on marine resources and the economy. Now organizations like OCEANA have been rallying for gill nets to be banned and today's event was held to ramp up the public pressure. The Coalition along with its partners believe that the data they have collected and will present to the Gill net task force will help their cause. Here is more from OCEANA's vice president about the realities of gill net fishing and what they hope to accomplish. Janelle Chanona - Vice President, OCEANA: "We have been pushing for a very long time to get the data that we shared today because obviously making informed decisions are critical and in terms of our position we wanted this data so we know exactly who are using this gear..."

    Sargassum, Beast of No Nation
    Sargassum: we are not sure if you are more tired of hearing that word than you are actually seeing and smelling it, we will assume you are fed up in both cases. Regardless, the discussion on how Belize can get rid of this smelly seaweed must continue if any action is to be taken. Today we asked OCEANA about its role in this fight against the filthy floating mass: Alysa Noble Carnegie - OCEAN Communications Director: "OCEANA is part of the Belize network of NGO's and the network was invited to participate in a formal task force that was put together for sargassum and is absolutely providing feedback through that medium. At the same time we get approached for information, what are other countries doing, what is the science behind it and how we can help so we really try to help in that way but it definitely a huge situation and it really requires a multi-sectoral and multi-faceted response."

    Senior Citizen Still Critical After Strange Stabbing
    On Monday night's news, we told you about 70 year-old Pedro Chuc. He's the Carmelita Village resident who was stabbed multiple times to chest on Sunday night at around 8'o'clock.  Not much is known about the attack itself, but reports are that he was standing in his doorway, when his assailants attacked. Fortunately, a pastor found him bleeding out on the side of a dirt road in the village, and rushed him to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment. Our colleagues from CTV 3 News spoke with his daughter, who described that moment on Sunday, when she saw him bloodied and injured:

    Tareek For Shooting Two
    On Monday's news, we told you about a shooting on Sunday night at around 10:30 in Belize City, which left 27 year-old Jamal Palacio and 30 year-old Justin Stuart injured.  The cops believe that this shooting was in direct retaliation for a shooting which happened 18 hours prior. And tonight, they have charged the man who they believe was the shooter. He's 22 year-old Tareek Smith, a stevedore from Raccoon Street Extension.  He was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson on the 2 counts of attempted murder, 2 counts of use of deadly means of harm, dangerous harm, and wounding.  There's no bail for gun offenses, so she remanded him into the Belize Central Prison until July 23rd. 

    Kendale Before Court Again
    Another one of the alleged weekend shooters has been arrested.  He is 25 year old  Kendale Greene, who allegedly shot Ronald Michael, and shot at his common-law wife and a third man, Christopher Hyde. Late this evening Greene was arraigned before Senior Magistrate, Tricia Pitts-Anderson.  He was read four charges: two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Allane Usher and Christopher Hyde, one count of use of deadly means of harm upon Christopher Hyde and one count of wounding upon Ronald Michael. Because it was a gun offence, he was remanded to Prison until June 24, 2019.

    Three Chopped In South Stann Creek
    Three men were chopped up in San Roman village in the Stann Creek District on Monday night.  At about 6:30, 48 year old Victor Tzub, and 24 year old Adan Rodriguez Melgar were at home in San Roman when they were attacked by an acquaintance wielding a machete.   He chopped them both in the face and head, and then went to the home of 16 year old Benjamin Hul and chopped him in the hand.  

    10 Years In Jail For Killing Man Over A Flat Tire
    24 year-old Paul Martinez, who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the July 2012 stabbing death of 18 year-old Raheem Smith, will serve 10 years and 2 months in jail for the crime. That's the sentence that Justice Marilyn Williams handed him today after she heard his mitigation plea. He, his mother, his girlfriend, and his attorney, Oscar Selgado all made comments for the judge to consider why she should be lenient on him.  After consideration of the case, the evidence, and the mitigation plea, Justice Williams sentenced him to spend 20 years for the manslaughter conviction.

    Belizean American MMA Fighter Visits
    For those of you interested in MMA as a past time sport or as a career choice you can head over to the Swift Hall in Belize City on Saturday morning to train with a Belizean American UFC fighter. He is Albert "The Warrior" Morales. He arrived in Belize this afternoon. He stopped by our studio to tell us more about his Belizean roots and how he wants to give back to communities in Belize. So as you heard, the morning seminar runs from 8:00 to 11:30 is open to the public free of cost

    Kids, Art, Action
    Over 200 art pieces are plastered on the walls at the Mexican Institute in Belize City for the Belize District Art Showcase. It's all about celebrating kids in art. We spoke to the coordinator about the event and two of the talented young artists. The exhibit will be up until May 31st. 

    Hands, Sands And A Serious Message
    The annual Hands Across the Sand initiative was held on Saturday. Belize was among countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Greece to commemorate this event. It may seem like a simple gesture for a bunch of people to hold hands on a beach but it sends a strong message against offshore oil drilling and for the protection and preservation of marine life and the environment. Here's more from OCEANA'S communications director.

    Integrity Is A Cloistered Virtue?
    The Governor General swore them in last week and today the Commissioners of the Integrity Commission took their oath of office at the National Assembly Building in Belmopan.  No media was invited or allowed into the session and there is no known photographic record of the event.

    Cheers To Chocolate
    If you're heading south to Punta Gorda Town for the upcoming 3-day holiday weekend, the organizers of the Chocolate Festival of Belize, formerly known as the Cacao Fest, want you to stop by and indulge your sweet tooth.  The Festival celebrates local chocolatiers from Toledo, who depend on the cacao industry, by highlighting all their products.Today, representatives of the Toledo Chapter of Belize Tourism Industry Association stopped by our office tell us why you'll stop by for Friday night's Wine and Chocolate event, and Saturday's Taste of Toledo Fair. Here's what they told us about the Festival:

    Keith Lynn, Back At Bird's Isle
    He's been playing concerts in Belize with Byron Lee and the Dragonairres since the 1970's, and now Keith Lyn is right back where it all started at the Big Birds Isle.  The celebrated Jamaican singer is playing a concert at the Island on Saturday night.  He spoke to Rhonda Crichton about that green green grass of his second home:

    The Etiquette For The Differently Able
    Belizeans living with disabilities struggle daily to accomplish regular tasks that the able-bodied population takes for granted.  So, they certainly don't need our judgment, or insensitive references to those disabilities. That's why the Ministry of Education and the National Resource Center for Inclusive Education (NaRCIE) held a disability etiquette workshop yesterday for educators and ministry managers on how to interact with the disabled without crossing lines.  The Manager of NaRCIE shared a few more details with the press on the objectives of the workshop:

    Channel 5

    Darrell Bradley to be Elected New President of the Senate?
    At Tuesday’s special sitting of the Senate, President Lee Mark Chang announced his resignation as head of the upper house to pursue his political ambition of representing the United Democratic [...]

    Integrity Commission Appoints New Members
    The Integrity Commission has appointed new members to serve a two-year term retroactive to January first.  The seven-member taskforce is comprised of Armead Gabourel, Wilmot Simmons, Lisbeth Delgado, Nestor Vasquez, [...]

    Angel Campos is Junior Minister of Human Development
    In other government news, Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Angel Campos has been reassigned as Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation [...]

    Drive by Shooter is Arraigned for Sunday Night’s Gun Violence
    One of two motorcycle drive-by shooters was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson today for Sunday night’s armed attack on Pelican Street. Tareek Smith is charged with six counts: two [...]

    Kendale Greene is Charged for Aggravated Assault
    A twenty-five-year-old man, Kendale Greene, has been remanded to prison after being accused of shooting Ronald Michael and two others on Sunday morning. Greene was arraigned this afternoon on four [...]

    3 Persons Chopped in the South
    Three persons, including a minor are recovering from chop wounds after they were reportedly attacked by a man they know. Police report that on Monday evening around six-thirty, forty-eight-year-old Victor [...]

    Elderly Taxi Man Attacked and Robbed by Customers
    There was a brutal attack on an elder taxi operator in the west. Sixty-eight-year-old Jose Roca of Arenal was attacked with a knife and cut to the left hand and [...]

    Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries Releases Data on the Use of Gillnets
    The data on fisherfolk in Belize is out….today at Radisson, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries held a press conference to release the findings of data received from the Belize Fisheries [...]

    Sargassum Scare, Everyone’s Responsibility
    Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia Junior will be heading to Cancun, Mexico next week for a meeting with other CARICOM members to discuss the issue of sargassum. The regional meeting will [...]

    Taking a Stance against Dirty Industries
    At noon on Saturday, hundreds of Belizeans created symbolic barriers against offshore oil drilling to commemorate the BP oil spill of 2010. It is part of OCEANA’s 2019 Hands Across [...]

    BWS Kicks Off Water Improvement Initiative in San Pedro
    Consolidated Water Belize Limited, the sole utility in San Pedro that provided potable water to thousands of homes and businesses on the island of Ambergris Caye, was acquired by Belize [...]

    Accident Victim Cry Negligence on the K.H.M.H.
    A mother and son are accusing the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital of negligence. The mother, Maureen Staine, says she will also be suing the hospital after her son Steven Staine [...]

    Mother is Furious and Threatens to Sue Hospital
    His mother, Maureen Staine, is furious because, she says, the doctors at the K.H.M.H. assured her that, following x-rays which she did not see, her son was well. Additionally, Staine [...]

    NEBL Finals: We Catch Up with Belize Hurricanes
    The 2019 season of the National Elite Basketball League is in its finals and as fans predicted, the Belize Hurricanes is in the running for the trophy and the championship [...]

    An Art Exhibit Featuring Pieces from Children across Belize District
    An exhibition showcasing the art work of students in the Belize District opened today at the Mexican Cultural Institute. For the second year, the Belize District Education Center partnered with [...]

    The Reporter

    15 yr. Old Belizean In Guat. Hospital Must Pay $19k Bill To Leave
    The family of a 15 year old Belizean student that underwent a successful surgery in a Guatemalan Hospital is appealing for help to pay a bill at a Guatemalan hospital in order to secure her discharge from the hospital.

    GOB Announces Intent To Elect Darrell Bradley Senate President
    At midday today the Government of Belize announced their intent to elect former Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley to succeed Lee Mark Chang as president of the Senate.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Integrity Commission appoints new members
    The Office of the Integrity Commission of Belize, informs that in accordance with Section 5 […]

    Choice Bank drops suit against Government over closure
    Choice Bank Limited and Choice Group Holdings agreed with the Central Bank of Belize, Prime […]

    Sanctuary Bay headache – AIBL pursues settlement as GOB washes hands
    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) are in negotiations over […]

    Government Senator clarifies involvement in Atlantic International/Sanctuary Bay FTC case
    Attorney and government Senator Aldo Salazar, following Tuesday’s Senate meeting in Belmopan, says his recent […]

    Belizean teachers have an opportunity to teach in the US
    Belizean teachers have an opportunity to teach in the United States through Participate Learning, a teacher […]

    Belize and Guatemala – can we work it out?
    Belize has already indicated plans to address the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on provisional […]

    Opposition Leader announces withdrawal of court claim, seeks concessions
    Leader of the Opposition, John Briceńo, committed during Monday’s quiet meeting of the House of […]

    “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health,” International Biodiversity day
    International Biodiversity day is celebrated annually on May 22, 2019. The United Nations Convention on […]

    US Embassy’s Natella Svistunova honored with prestigious award
    Public Affairs officer of the United States (US) Embassy in Belize, Natella Svistunova was awarded […]

    Machete wielding man chops three villagers in San Roman
    Police are investigating a chopping incident that occurred on Monday night in San Roman, Stann […]

    Lee Mark Chang leaves Senate to advance political career
    Lee Mark Chang, once the President of the Senate, has officially resigned his post to […]

    Former Belize City Mayor to succeed Lee Mark Chang as Senate President
    At the Senate meeting on Tuesday, May 21, Lee Mark Chang announced that he is […]

    Minister of State immediately reassigned. Was it bad blood?
    Yesterday, the Government of Belize (GOB) announced that the Minister of State in the Ministry […]

    Belize participates in 72nd World Health Assembly
    Belize is participating at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva. The World Health Assembly […]

    Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize participates in CEO Caucus ride
    The Chief Executive Officers (CEO) caucus cancer ride was held over the weekend in Belize. […]

    Four women elected for leadership positions in community groups
    Four Belizean women residing in San Ignacio and Santa Elena towns have been elected leaders […]

    Farmers in La Gracia fears thousands of carrots may rot
    Imported carrots Farmers in La Gracia village, Cayo fear that thousands of sacks of carrots […]

    Bishop Martin Neighborhood Watch elects new executive committee
    Bishop Martin neighborhood watch committee held elections for its executive committee on May […]

    Man killed in traffic accident
    Henry Augustine lost his life in a road traffic accident that occurred on Monday night. […]


    Senator Salazar Says US questioning was in relation to Immigration not Sanctuary
    In late April, President of the Senate Lee Mark Chang led a delegation to a visit in Taiwan. Upon their return, one of the senators was briefly held for questioning at an airport in Houston, Texas. UDP Senator Aldo Salazar was questioned by authorities and it was alleged in relation to his work as an …

    Rugby Team places 3rd on First Outing
    Rugby is not as popular as cricket in Belize. Sometimes it can be confused with American football but the sport is gaining traction across the country. Tony Gillings, the President, Rugby Belize has spent the past few years promoting the sport and over the weekend he took the first national team to play in Salvador. …

    Albert Morales gives pound to pound MMA Seminar
    One of the fastest growing sports this century has been Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Locally there have been the development of schools that train in different disciplines including judo and Shotokan. Between 2015 and 2018 a Belizean born fighter, Albert Morales had made the rounds in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In most of his …

    Family Court failing those most in need
    A mother from San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, has reported to our news centre that her payments from Family Court have not been forthcoming for the last four months. Merlene Villanueva explained that she has been given the run-around in trying to collect child maintenance already paid via the court system. She has even gone …

    Hands Across the Sand
    Last Saturday, over two hundred people came together from all walks of life to join hands on beaches, across bridges, along seawalls and other public areas to celebrate Oceana’s 2019 Hands Across the Sand, taking a stand against offshore oil exploration. There was a lot to celebrate with the historic passing of the Moratorium on …

    St. Luke Methodist organizes Justice Walk for Kyron Green
    The mother of Kyron Green, Marsha Belisle, has been put through the wringer since her 11-year-old son was shot in the left cheek on Friday. Though she refused an interview, she did tell us that she is just trying to be strong in this trying time. We managed to speak to the principal of Kyron’s …

    Ranch Dressing, Bucket and Spoons stolen by Serial burglars
    Three food kiosks near Transparent BPO on Coney drive were the victims of a serial burglar or burglars. The stalls, all managed by self-employed individuals were burgled on Monday night. Galya O’Brien told the cops her stove which was valued at 38 dollars was stolen. Another kiosk manager, Rosita Perez told the cops, three packs …

    Author’s posthumous celebration
    The Meet the Author Series is a project designed and implemented by the National Heritage Library. It allows authors, the public and the library to interact, discuss and promote literary works while preserving our culture. A derivative of the series was held on Tuesday and that was the posthumous celebrations of the writings of Francis …

    International Sourcesizz

    Meet Camazotz; the Ancient Maya ‘Batman god’ Worshiped 2,500 Years Ago
    Some 2,500 years ago, and even before DC Comics introduced us to Batman, the ancient Maya worshiped Camazotz, an ancient god that had the body of a person and the head of a bat. Did you know that thousands of years ago, the ancient Maya worshiped a god that had the body of a person and the head of a bat? The ‘creature’ had pointy ears and was referred to by the ancient Maya as Camazotz. Curiously, that description may sound awfully similar to a character most of us are familiar with, seeing him in movies, series, and comic strips. His name is Batman.


  • Let's play Spot the Croc, 10sec. Who can find the croc in this video? The CRC uses drones as a way to monitor habitat, find croc nests, and monitor croc and manatee populations. This footage comes from a recon flight by CRC drone intern Matthew Sparks.

  • Ambergris Caye Water Improvement Inauguration, 49min.

  • Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony May 22, 2019 Mexican Cultural Institute Belize City, min.

  • NCL Dawn April 2019 Harvest Caye Belize, 17min.

  • The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries Press Conference, 63min. The findings of data received through the Freedom of Information Act request to the Belize Fisheries Department was shared.

  • Caye Caulker Ocean Academy is the winner of Youth Innovation Challenge School Challenge, 28min. Preston Smith - Student, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. Lupita Aldana - Student, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. Daniela Novelo- Student, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. Vincent Sotz - Student, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. Alejandro Arias-Perez - Student, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. Janel Cayetano - Mentor, Caye Caulker Ocean Academy.

  • Healthy Body Tips - Expertise in Naturopathic Medicine, 30min. Cornelio Marfield shared his expertise in Naturopathic medicine and gave us guides to herbs and fruits that can be used to cleanse the body.

  • The Belize Agriculture Health Authority (BAHA) - Detection of Mediterranean Fruit Fly, 30min. Hernan Zetina - Deputy Plant Health Coordinator, BAHA. Margarito Garcia - Technical Director of Quarantine Department, BAHA.

  • Belize Art Exhibit and Concert, 21min. From Bach to Belize Art Exhibit and Concert takes place this Friday at 7:00 p at the Mexican Institute of Culture. The art and music fusion event will see musicians and artists perform and mix local and classical music. Our guest talked with us about what you can expect. Admission is free! On our couch: Yaoling Lee - Artist, Peter Illavysky - Cellist, Alobi Young - Cellist.

  • International Day of the Family - NCFC, 37min. The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) us recognizing the International Day of the Family. The NCFC is mandated to help families strive and to create nurturing environments for children to reach their fullest potential. Our guests spoke to us about the work they do to empower families and how they are celebrating the awareness day. On our couch: Margaret Nicholas - Executive Director, NCFC. Sheena Gentle - Belize Family Life Association. Lurleen Betson Gamboa- Member, National Belize Task Force.

  • Educators - Experiences with positive discipline methods in the classroom, 55min. We invited a panel of educators to talk to us about their experiences with positive discipline methods in the classroom. The educators shared that for discipline to be effective there needs to be a partnership with families to reinforce the strategies in the homes. They also shared their thoughts on how to make discipline healthy among populations of children who have experienced trauma.

  • Coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge 2019, 1hr28min.

  • Continued coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge, 2hr40min.

  • Caye Caulker Snorkeling- COMD Coogs in Belize!, 11min. Footage from the COMD Coogs in Belize Therapy Abroad snorkeling excursion! We visited Shark Ray Alley, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the Sunken Barge.

  • Scuba diving with MASSIVE 15 foot Tiger Shark in Belize!, 2min. My dad and I scuba diving a reef in Belize

  • Belize, 10min. Documenting the amazing experience I had serving in Belize and enjoying the beautiful country.

  • Scuba diving in Belize: 2019 05 04 Belize Aggressor lll, 5min.

    May 22, 2019


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Tiger Sharks win first game of the NEBL finals!
    The San Pedro Tiger Sharks have the lead in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) finals after winning the first of the best-of-five games against defending champion Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes. On Saturday, May 18th, the Angel Nuńez Auditorium in San Pedro Town was the venue for a close game, with the visiting squad threatening to steal the victory throughout the four quarters with the visiting squad threatening to steal the victory. San Pedro’s Jihad Wright took the lead, pushing his team in the fourth quarter and grabbing the 87-70 win.

    U.S. Government Sponsors Advance Precursor Chemical Investigation Training
    The two-week advanced training provided the regulatory framework and investigative and operational procedures for dealing with pharmaceutical diversion and chemical precursor proliferation, ultimately promoting citizen security in Belize.

    New Toolkit to Access the Green Climate Fund in Belize to be Launched in June
    he toolkit was designed to help organisations in Belize understand and access “climate finance”. The toolkit will also provide guidance to the Ministry in the undertaking of its roles and responsibilities as the country’s National Designated Authority (NDA) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).Three ambassadors and a high commissioner accredited to Belize presented their letters of credence to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young this morning at the Belize House.

    Presentation of Credentials
    H.E. Mr. Marino Berigüete, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic; H.E. Mr. Anders Kompass, Ambassador of Sweden; H.E. Mr. Jason Hall, High Commissioner of Jamaica; and H.E. Mr. Jean-Franois Charpentier, Ambassador of France, all expressed their honour to be representing their respective countries in Belize.

    Ambergris Today

    Social Protection Response In Emergencies Focuses On The Poor
    Ministry of Human Development Hosts 3rd Social Protection Conference The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and UNICEF, is hosting the third in a series of social protection conferences on May 20-21, 2019 in Belize City. The two-day meeting focuses on “Social Protection Response in Emergencies” and will explore how the social protection system can be best used to support the poor and those most vulnerable in times of disasters and emergencies.

    U.S. Government Sponsors Advance Precursor Chemical Investigation Training
    Eighteen police officers from the Criminal Investigation Branch, Special Patrol Unit, Anti-Narcotics Unit, Mobile Interdiction Team, and Prosecution Branch attended the training, along with two Ministry of Health officials and three National Forensic Science Services officials.

    SPHS Graduation Announcement
    Graduation season is here and there was quite a buzz at the San Pedro High School on Monday, May 20, 2019, in the afternoon as they gave graduation announcement. Students were all excited and nervous to know what the results were as we enter graduation season.

    Social Protection Response In Emergencies Focuses On The Poor
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and UNICEF, is hosting the third in a series of social protection conferences on May 20-21, 2019 in Belize City.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Turtle Rescue
    Hopkins has had an unusual week, in the life of sea turtles. Probably a month of so after she was attacked by a really big shark, she started floating and was not able to dive. That's when she was close to the beach in Hopkins and concerned residents alerted members of the Belize Sea Turtle Conservation Network to the injured turtle. Hopkins spent her first couple of days away from her home in the sea at Animal Medical Centre, where she was attended to be the dedicated veterinarians, and provided with an initial checkup, medication and surgery to remove the protruding bones from her severed flippers. Hopkins was ecstatic when placed back in sea water in her temporary tank and settled in but, floated at the surface. One week after her rescue, she had a big milestone on Saturday - she dove down and stayed there for 5 minutes!

    Photo shot for Mundo Maya at U Chan Muul Yaax K'aax
    Advocate -> Educate. Preserve ->Promote: Nestle in what was the route of the great Icaiche Maya Marcos Canul; now the Sugarbelt along the Ribera of the Rio Hondo lies vibrant communities proud of their culture! Take a peep of these cultural ambassadors from Belize High School of Agriculture doing a photo shot for Mundo Maya at U Chan Muul Yaax K'aax.

    Hope Haven Yard Sale May 31
    We’re having a yard sale on Friday, May 31, and we need your help! Our yard sales are great for folks that are looking to buy common household items at a great value! Please stop by to help support a great cause. 100% of proceeds from the sale will benefit the children (in the children’s shelter) and their needs, so please mark your calendars!

    Benque Father's Day Celebration
    A huge Father's Day dinner, dance, and concert will take place at the Cancha Marshalleck on Saturday, June 15th. Los Hijos del West and Los Phoenix will perform. Get your tickets at the Benque HoC. This season calls for a Grand Fathers Day Celebration, are you going?? Reserve your tickets today at the Benque House of Culture with Ms.Ingris Can Valdez this event is being organized by Ms.Brenda Guerra!

    CEO Caucus Cancer Ride 2019
    The GoB Press Office has some very nice pictures from the CEO Caucus Ride. 73,000 was raised this year.

    Windy weather continued, but guides and anglers made the best of their opportunities. Several nice permit were landed, and Phil and Gilbert hooked 14 tarpon in one-day fishing with Capt. Gordy.

    Chords & Voices 2019
    Friday May 31, 7pm at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts

    Great news coming for Another Beautiful Day In San Antonio June 16th 2019!
    The dancing group Jats'uts O'ok'ot, meaning beautiful dance, from Xaibe, Corozal, will be showcasing Maya traditional dances during our event. They are a group of talented young dancers that are guided by Mrs. Genara Cano, Ms. Adela Pederson, and Mr. Adan Perdomo. Please do not miss watching the traditional dances including: LA CINTA, EL TORITO, KOONEX KOONEX, LA BOTELLA, LA JARANA.

    Paint N Splash
    See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Meet Me Under The Palm Tree.”

    Changes in Pump Prices for Regular Gasoline and Kerosene
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on May 22, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline will decrease by 39 cents from $10.87 to $10.48 per gallon, while the pump price for kerosene will increase by two cents from $7.81 to $7.83 per gallon.

    Re-assignment of Responsibility to Minister of State
    The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, Hon. Dr. Angel Campos is being reassigned as Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation effective 21st May 2019.

    Melody’s new shop and paint studio is opening today
    At noon in the cute little area across from Belizean Shores - about 3 miles north.

    The Government of Belize and the Ministry of Higher Education Cuba are pleased to invite all interested candidates to apply! Deadline: May 31st, 2019 Application package available at

    BEL Paperless Billing
    Let's go green together! Sign up for paperless billing to receive your electricity bill by email and help reduce the use of paper.

    BTB Love FM Belize Sea Kayak Challenge 2019
    Love FM and Belize Tourism Board is having their Second Annual Love Sea Kayak Challenge that will be happening on May 22nd-27th, 2019. Kayakers will paddle 218 miles along the Belize's coast, that starts from Punta Gorda to Corozal. The Kayakers will stop at Corozal Rainbow Beach on May 27th, 2019. The event will commence at 10am until... Food, drinks, entertainment, live music, and more will be at Rainbow Beach.

    Music Business Conference

    2019 Hands Across the Sand
    On Saturday May 18th, 2019 at noon, Belizeans from across the country joined hands on beaches, across bridges, in conference rooms and along seawalls and other public areas to celebrate in OCEANA’s 2019 Hands Across the Sand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize’s economically important marine environment. Over two hundred ocean-lovers from Orange Walk Town, Dangriga, Belize City, Placencia, Corozal Town, San Ignacio, Hopkins, Sarteneja, Punta Gorda, Caye Caulker, San Pedro and Belmopan were a part of this year’s event hosted by Oceana Belize. To see more, click here:

    May 24th, Public and Bank Holiday in Belize
    It all began as EMPIRE DAY. THIS was created, as a celebration of the British Empire, when The United Kingdom was Great BRITANIA that ruled the waves.. Then followed, the amalgamation of the many COLONIES which Britania ruled. FINALLY Most of the British Colonies gained their Independence and were joined into a British Commonwealth of Nations. NOW we celebrate the 24th of May as COMMON WEALTH DAY.

    Another Beautiful Day in San Antonio
    Come and enjoy the Yucatec Maya village of San Antonio in Cayo. June 16, 9am-5pm. Corn Shelling, Palm leaf braiding, Greasy pig, Dancing group from Xaibe, Corn grinding and Much More!!!

    Channel 7

    Dr. Campos and Mr. Marin Go Their Separate Ways
    They're both from the north - so you might have thought that Health Minister Pablo Marin from Corozal Bay and his Minister of State from Corozal Southwest, Dr. Angel Campos would be a natural fit. And, besides, Campos is a medical doctor - and so he was assigned responsibility for NHI and Primary Health care. But, sources tell us, the two nortenos have spent most of the last two and a half years bickering. Multiple reports confirm that Marin made it known to Campos that he was not welcomed at the Ministry in Belmopan and he was reportedly under strict orders not to interact or give instruction to any of the Ministry's technical advisors. Sources tell us that the result of this was that Campos would only visit the ministry on the days when Marin wasn't there.

    Shooting Victim Kyron's Classmates Traumatized
    Tonight, the loved ones of 11 year-old Kyron Green, are waiting on the results of an MRI which was done to determine the extent of the damage from a stray bullet that hit him on last Friday night. Kyron went to the One Plus One Supermarket on Central American Boulevard at around 7:00 that night. He went there to buy French fries and ketchup for his mother, Marsha Belisle, who is a food vender right down the street from the store. While Kyron was inside, a gunman went after his target, 21 year-old Raymond Fuller, who was standing at the entrance of the store. The shooter fired several shots at Fuller. Unfortunately, Kyron was in the line of fire, even though he was inside the store, and he was injured in the left cheek by one of those shots.

    Hon. Courtenay: ICJ, All The Way! The Age of The Acrobat or the Period of the Patriot?
    On the heels of yesterday's house meeting, today was Senate day in Belmopan - a meeting convened for the sole purpose of quickly pushing through the amendments to the Maritime Areas Act. And just like his party leader John Briceno yesterday, today the PUP's Senior Senator Eamon Courtenay pledged full support for the amendments and for going to the ICJ - where, he is fully confident, Belize will see victory. Yes, that's the same Eamon Courtenay who fought and won in court to have the referendum delayed, and the same Senator Courtenay who, five weeks ago, said the risks of going to the ICJ are real and knownfor context, here are those remarks from April 15th:

    Senator Peyrefitte Urges Caution on Maritime Machismo
    And while those optimistic remarks got support from the other side of the floor - there was a little friction over how far Belizeans should go to assert eminent domain over our territorial waters. Courtenay said its should be a national imperative to be territorial about our waters - while UDP Senator Peyrefitte urged caution: Hon. Eamon Courtney- PUP Senator: "What we on this side call for is a living of our sovereignty when we make absolutely clear that our territorial sea goes to the median line it requires all state apparatus, all state functionaries, the coast guard..."

    Hon. Mike Encouraged By Hon. Eamon
    And while Peyrefitte did offer light resistance to Courtenay inside the house, outside, he said all the sweetness was a little cloying:... Reporter: "Senator you actualy had to restrain yourself, you could only restrain that much, but you actually had to restrain yourself when you heard your colleague across the floor lavish, praise and confidence on the effort going to the ICJ - bipartisanship sir." Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Senator: "It was amazing, but it is a serious national issue. I am glad to see that the PUP has decided to come on board and have us put one huge national effort that we will need as we go to the ICJ."

    Will There Be Battles on The Bipartisan Committee?
    And Peyrefitte will have to get along with Courtenay - they are two of the four members of the bi-partisan committee which will consult and offer guidance to the government on the ICJ case. It's a four person committee - with no government majority. Wilfred Elrington and Peyrefitte represent the government, while Eamon Courtenay and attorney Leslie Mendez represent the opposition. Now, looking at Courtenay and Elrington and their known history, that could be a combustible mix of personalities. We asked Peyrefitte about it:..

    PSU Pickets Belmopan Mayor
    Today in Belmopan, the Public Service Union pulled out the placards to picket the Belmopan City Council. The issue is its hilltop headquarters - you'll remember that it emerged in November of last year - that the council had sold the land to a private company, Simplex, for $600,00 thousand dollars. The Prime Minister intervened to get the land back for the PSU - so we thought that was the end of it. But the PSU says that Mayor Khalid Belisle has been giving them the run around. And so, after they claim he failed to get back to them a month ago - the PSU staged its industrial action today. 7News was there in Belmopan:

    Senate President Steps Down To Pursue Politics
    On tonight's news, you've already seen the rare show of bipartisanship at today's Senate meeting. But that wasn't the only news coming out of Belmopan. President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang also stepped down. He's going to run for the UDP Caribbean shores convention which is a no-no for a step which should be - at least not overtly political. So he gave a farewell:... Hon. Lee Mark Chang, Senate President: "As you already I have declared my interest in running in the division in the next general election and as such this is likely to be my last occasion as president of the senate..."

    Can Lee Mark Win A Snap Convention?
    Speaking to us outside - now as the former President Chang discussed his political prospects heading into a mass party convention with only a few weeks to prepare:... Reporter: "How will you effectively mount a campaign in 7 weeks?" Hon. Lee Mark Chang, Senate President: "About 2 months ago I've heard the rumours of Darrell stepping aside. I've always maintained that if the seat becomes available then I will have an interest in it. So there have been preparations over the last 2 months."

    Hon. Aldo, AIBL & the FTC
    At today's Senate meeting we also spoke to Senator Aldo Salazar. He is the former attorney for Atlantic International Bank - the now defunct offshore bank - which went under when it was named in a civil suit by the US Federal trade Commission. Reports in April said that Salazar had been taken into one of those rooms by US authorities when he was passing through Houston on the way back to Belize from an official trip to Taiwan. Those reports said he was questioned by the FTC. Today, Salazar denied that:..

    Central Bank Gets A Rare Reprieve in Choice Bank Debacle
    Back in August of last year, we told you how Choice Bank Limited and its shareholders sued the Government of Belize. That's after Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow revoked their license to conduct offshore banking in Belize. The Bank was asserting that the Government did this prematurely, and that it caused them to lose investments. They were seeking monetary damages against the Government in compensation, but today, very surprisingly, they did a complete 180 and withdrew their claim against the Government, which now ends their dispute with the government.

    Key Witness Fails to Show, Man Gets Off
    He was charged with murder, but when the main witness failed to show up, 34 year old Hugh Dyer got off today. In July of 2015, it was alleged that Dyer killed 48 year old Steve Munnings. The lynchpin testimony was to come from Dyer's estranged common-law wife, Michelle Brakeman. She gave police a statement that she saw when Dyer struck Munnings with a piece of stick and punched him several times. She said that Munnings was building her bathroom and she had gone to Munnings' house to get the keys for her house.

    Another Fatal Accident In South
    Another man has been killed in the south in a traffic accident. Last night at 8:25 24v year old Henry Augustine was talking to a friend between miles 29 and 30 on the Southern Highway, near Independence Village. That's when a truck came from the opposite direction and it hit Augustine. Augustine received multiple head and body injuries died on the spot. Police have since detained the driver 24-year-old Miguel Arriasa, from St. Margarets Village pending charges.

    Sorry, Shaquille
    Our next story is a correction. Last night we showed this picture saying that it was 27 year-old Jamal Palacio, a resident of Pelican Street in Belize City who had been shot. That was wrong. It is actually Shaquile Palacio - a PG resident who had no relation to any shooting - and was in PG at the time. We apologize for the mix-up and stress that that man in this photo was not involved in any shooting in any way. Our apologies to him.

    Finding A Social Safety Net In A Storm
    A fire, hurricane, flood or any such disasters are terrifying and then there is the aftermath which is just devastating and life altering especially for those who lose everything they have worked all their life for. Well, NEMO along with its partners hosted what is called a "Social Protection Response in Emergencies" conference at the Biltmore. The focus is to have a synchronized and prolonged post disasters response plan for those in need. Shelton Defour, National Coordinator, NEMO: "This is about social protection system how do they cope in times of disaster of post impact phase so that the most affected population could get the resources they need and now for NEMO we understand clearly what are some of the challenges these systems will face."

    Trade For Development
    The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is hosting a 5 day workshop entitled "Planning skills for implementing Trade Facilitation Reforms." Representatives from the Ministry of Investment and the Customs department participated. Now, you engage in trade every time you travel to..let's say Chetumal or when anyone crosses one border to next whether it be for shopping, vacation, school or business. But that is just one aspect on the trade pyramid. On the larger scale, there are so many regulations and tariffs among other factors that impact free trade and investment. So the workshop is centered on the trade facilitation agreement and how the committee can better enforce it for economic development. Here is more from the event...

    The Call For New Buses In Belize
    Comfy reclining cushioned seats, AC, a bathroom and a smooth noiseless ride - that's the dream of every Belizean bus commuter. There are only a few local buses on which you can enjoy those luxuries, so the other buses just have to cut it because they get you where you need to go. But the UNDP's Japan Caribbean Climate Change program along with the Belize Bus Association and other partners met today at the Biltmore to develop a plan to replace those old worn buses with new road-worthy ones. This is to enhance the commuter comfort but also to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    Compol to Cayman
    Police Commissioner Chester Williams is currently on the Grand Cayman Island. He's attending the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police Conference. The Police Commissioners of the CARICOM nations are there to discuss the emerging trends in crime, as well as how they can improve policing services with the objective of making the Caribbean region safer for its citizens. The conference ends on Friday, May 24th.

    Cop's Wife Stands Down on Charges of Abuse
    Brizenio Chub, a 32 year-old police officer is free tonight of a common assault charge after his wife went to court and withdrew her complaint against him. She initially reported to police that he beat her with his police baton and pepper sprayed her in the face. 30 year-old Reveira Teul reported to police several days ago that on May 11, 2019, at around 5:45 p.m., she was at home, when Chub, her common-law husband, arrived and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. She said that she started to question him about where he had been, and that's when he left the living room and went their bed room. She reportedly followed him in there, and continued to question him where had been.

    When Will the Immigration Report Be Tabled?
    Earlier we spoke to Senator Aldo Salazar about his situation with the Federal Trade Commission and Atlantic International Bank. As you heard, that one is a little complicated, and he says that is why as chairman of the committee which will produce the senate on immigration irregularities - he's been a little busy:...

    Drunk Driver Sosa Spared A Sentence
    In June of 2016, Gilberto Sosa knocked down and killed popular Orange Walkeno and Disc Jockey, Sergio Che Mendez, near Buena Vista village in Corozal. Well, he appeared at the Orange Walk Supreme Court where a sentence was handed down this afternoon. Sosa's attorney, Simeon Sampson asked the court to take into consideration that his client has gracefully accepted causing death by careless conduct and has saved the court trial time by pleading guilty. He also requested that the court take into consideration that Sosa has no previous conviction and that there was interference with the control of the steering wheel of the vehicle transporting the deceased. Given those circumstances, Sampson requested that a sentenced be imposed today.

    Stopping Forest Fires
    The Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund of the Caribbean Development Bank, has collaborated with Humana People to People, and the Firefighters of Independence Village, in the Stann Creek District. They want to train residents from villages in two southern districts in managing forest fires which are prevalent in that part of the country during this time of year. A press release from the CDRRF notes that they have been working with Humana People to People on what is called the Farmer Club Project. All 9 farmers clubs are located in remote communities that are often difficult for fire fighters to reach. So, to help them avoid causing dangerous forest fires, the CDRRF is working with the members of the farmers clubs to implement climate smart agricultural practices

    Channel 5

    Senate Ratifies Amendment to Maritime Areas Act
    There was a Special Sitting of the Senate this morning in Belmopan, hard on the heels of a similar meeting of the House of Representatives on Monday to table and [...]

    Lee Mark Chang Resigns as Senate President for Political Career
    Lee Mark Chang is no longer the President of the Senate. Chang resigned today in pursuit of his political ambitions to represent the Caribbean Shores constituency under the U.D.P. banner. [...]

    Senator Aldo Salazar Says Questioning in the U.S. was ‘Routine Customs Issue’
    U.D.P. Senator Aldo Salazar broke his silence today, following the sitting of the Senate. Senator Salazar took questions from the media regarding his brief questioning in the US by immigration [...]

    FTC Alleges AIBL Facilitated Sanctuary Belize Scam
    In addition to the lead scammer, Andres Pukke, more than two dozen persons and entities have been named in the suit, including Atlantic International Bank, which the FTC said is [...]

    Lawsuit Against Central Bank and G.O.B. by Choice Bank is Dismissed
    A lawsuit filed against the Central Bank of Belize, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte by Choice Bank Limited and Choice Group Holdings [...]

    P.S.U. Takes Industrial Action Against Belmopan City Council
    Discussions between the Public Service Union and the Belmopan City Council have come to a screeching halt. Members of the P.S.U. executive were out in full force today, picketing the [...]

    PM Says No General Elections Before November 2020
    A more than favorable outcome in the May eighth I.C.J. referendum has led many to believe that the U.D.P. government will ride the wave of an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote to [...]

    Queen Square Belongs to Sista B, Says PM Barrow
    While there won’t be any general elections held before November 2020, there is still time for a few candidates to find a constituency should they be interested in representing the [...]

    Price for Regular Fuel to Decrease
    Come midnight on May twenty-second, the price of regular fuel will decrease by thirty-nine cents, falling from ten dollars and eighty-seven cents to ten dollars and forty-eight cents per gallon. [...]

    St. Luke’s Methodist Primary School Reeling from the Shooting of One of its Own
    An eleven-year-old student of Saint Luke’s Methodist Primary School in Belize City is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was innocently shot while carrying out [...]

    Accused Murderer Hugh Dyer Walks on Nolle Pros
    Thirty-five-year-old Hugh Dyer, who has been incarcerated since 2015 pending the outcome of a murder trial, walked away from the charge today when a nolle prosequi was entered.  On July [...]

    Social Protection & Disaster Emergency Services
    The Ministry of Human Development Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation is on a mission to establish a comprehensive social protection system in Belize, in an effort to eliminate poverty among [...]

    NEMO’s Coordination in Social Protection to Prevent Double Dipping
    As the coordinating ministry, it ensures that people get a healthy start in life; good quality education is provided for children and employment. Also playing a role is NEMO, specifically [...]

    OCEANA’s Hands Across the Sand 2019, a Success
    Over the weekend, Belizeans across the country joined hands on beaches, across bridges, in conference rooms and along seawalls and other public areas to celebrate OCEANA’s 2019 Hands Across the [...]

    A National Appropriate Mitigation Action for Public Transportation in Belize
    The United Nations Development Programme, through the National Appropriate Mitigation Action for Belize, is meeting with public and private stakeholders to focus on public transportation. The idea is to improve [...]


    House amends Maritime Areas Act
    In 1992, the Belize Government was holding negotiations with the Republic of Guatemala to find a settlement for the Guatemalan claim to Belize territory, and as a negotiating device, Belize passed into the law, the Maritime Areas Act, limiting its territorial sea to 3 miles, instead of the 12 miles guaranteed under the United Nations Law of the Sea Conference (UNCLOS). Now twenty-seven years after the Maritime Areas Act was legislated and passed into law, members of the House of Representatives met today in a newly fashioned spirit of bipartisanship, to amend the Maritime Areas Act. The bill went through three readings in record time, in what may have been the shortest meeting of the lower chamber of parliament.

    “Belmopan badman” captured after 3 years on the run
    Police have arrested Lincoln Bejerano, 29, also known as “Belmopan badman,” a resident of Belmopan who has been on the run for almost three years after escaping from the Belmopan Police Station on the night of October 25, 2016. Apparently, Bejerano was hiding in Guatemala, and he was captured at about 8:30 this morning, Friday, at the western border when he came into Belize from Guatemala. Police who were on patrol in the area of the western border immediately arrested him and took him to the local police station, from where he was then taken to the Belmopan Police Station, where a number of charges to be brought against him had been mounting.

    9 shot, 2 dead, in another violent weekend
    The ongoing gun violence in the city and in Teakettle, in the Cayo District, which began on Friday evening, resulted in 9 persons being shot, which resulted in 2 deaths. Dead are Tyrick Francis 20, of Gungulung, Belize City, and Clifford Matute, 35, a carpenter of Teakettle. The seven injured are Ronald Michael 30, of Lovely Lane, Belize City, who was shot in the arm; Raymond John Fuller, 21, of North Creek Road, Belize City, who was shot in the body; an 11-year-old student, Kyrone Green, of Croton Street , Belize City, who was shot in the face and head...

    Belize Ambassador to Washington suffers heart attack
    Amandala has been reliably informed that Belize Ambassador to Washington, HE Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez, has suffered a heart attack and is recovering, although we were unable to confirm if he is recovering at home or if he has been hospitalized. When we called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belmopan today to get an update on our Ambassador’s condition, we were told that the matter is a private matter and the Ministry would not issue any comment.

    One charged with murder; three charged with conspiracy to commit murder
    Shawn Gibson, 31, a laborer of Maxboro, Sandhill, was charged with the murder of Lyndon Baldwin, 22, when he appeared today before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who explained to him that she would not take a plea because the offence is indictable, which means that a plea will only be taken if the matter is sent up to the Supreme Court for trial after a preliminary inquiry is held. She also explained to him that she could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offence. Gibson was remanded until July 21.

    PM Barrow’s update on Sanctuary Belize and the Atlantic International Bank fiasco
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked to provide an update on the Sanctuary Belize mortgage scam, one of the largest real estate fraud cases in the history of the United States Federal Trade Commission, which has been investigating the matter, and which brought pressure to bear on Atlantic International Bank Limited, resulting in the bank’s closure and subsequent liquidation. From what has been emerging in the public domain, it is apparent that the United States is pressing for some kind of settlement for its citizens who lost money in the fraudulent retirement housing scheme.

    San Pedro Pirates are first time National Football Champions of Belize
    Trailing defending champions, Bandits Sport by a 1-goal margin following the Bandits’ 1-nil home victory against the San Pedro Pirates in game 1 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) championship finals series at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium a week earlier, the Pirates needed a 2-goal margin of victory at home against the Bandits on Saturday night to clinch their first PLB title; and that they did in dramatic fashion in front of a packed Ambergris Stadium.

    Jihad and San Pedro Tiger Sharks grab game 1 in NEBL Finals
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) tipped off its best-of-five finals this past weekend in San Pedro Town. Two-time champions, San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted two-time champions, Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes at the San Pedro High School auditorium out on the island, to see who would take the early lead in the series. It was a tight contest through the first three quarters, which saw 13 lead changes and 10 ties in the game.

    Belmopan City Council Kids Cup and Second Division 2019
    The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) hosted games over the weekend in the Belmopan City Council Kids, Youth & Female Cup as well as in the BFA Second Division Tournament 2019. Below are the results from games played at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium.

    Belize at CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship in Mexico
    Early last week, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) sent our National Beach Soccer Selection to represent Belize in the 2019 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship, which was being held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, from Monday, May 13, to Sunday, May 19. Belize lost our first match against Guadeloupe on Tuesday by a score of 7 to 6, with our goals scored by Evan Mariano (7’), Raymond Ramos (25’), Wayne Ford (31’) and Marlon Mesa (23’, 30’ & 35’). On Wednesday, Belize fell, 7-1, to El Salvador; and on Thursday, our squad exited the tournament with a third Group Stage loss, 3-2, to Guyana.

    Editorial: Rewards for success; punishment for failure
    A columnist in The Guardian wrote in last week’s edition of that newspaper that “The Amandala’s Editor does NOT know that the referendum is very, very different from a vote of no confidence.” We believe the columnist is referring to our editorial of May 11, 2019, titled, “Belize Going To The ICJ”, in which we said that if Belize had voted NO in the referendum on May 8, the Prime Minister should have “gone to the Governor General the next morning and told him to dissolve the government.” We would allow that the Prime Minister could have taken the fall for all of his men and women. We insist that if the May 8 referendum was consequential, and the UDP and the Guardian said it definitely was critical and critical that we voted YES, and to that end the government and the Friends of Belize invested millions of dollars, then it cannot be that life continued just as before, if we had voted NO.

    Letter from a broken-hearted mother
    Dear Editor, My name is Rosa Aura Maderos, 46 years. I lived at #9 Kut Ave in Belize City for many years as the common-law-wife of Patrick Castillo. I had my five kids along with his two kids living together. He was always abusive and hateful towards my kids, but I tried to work things out. Patrick Castillo was charged with murder for chopping my son to death with a machete, but the court found him not guilty. The ruling was that Castillo acted in self-defense when he killed my son.

    Francis Mandewah thanks PG police officers
    Dear Editor, I am a retired United States citizen residing in Punta Gorda, Belize. I write to commend the two Punta Gorda police officers who intervened on my behalf last Saturday and diffused a contentious verbal altercation and dispute I was having with a local PG auto mechanic and his workers over unfinished work on my vehicle that I had paid them for, in advance, and in full.

    Guatemala getting set to bore the court
    When Guatemala and Belize make the official announcement that they are ready to go to the ICJ, for that court to hear whatever legal arguments Guatemala says it has in its claim for some or all of Belize’s territory, there’ll be broad smiles on the judges’ faces at The Hague for the recognition for the important job they do and, of course, the little chum that will be coming their way. People have to eat, and educated people like rib eye and roe. First laaf da noh laaf. They, the judges, don’t know that they are in for the worst time of their lives. The smiles won’t be long on their faces when they find out that Guatemala will be rolling out every antiquated document, argument, propaganda they can find, from as far back as 1492. They can’t go back further than that because in 1491 Guatemala belonged to the Maya. We know how they treated the Maya then, and now.

    Edwards Park …
    (Publisher’s NOTE: Open, public spaces for young people to romp and frolic in are vital for the sociological health of all communities in poor countries like Belize. In the last three and a half decades, Belize City, the nation’s largest population center, has lost most of Yarborough Field, all of BEC Field, Memorial Park, the three/four fields at the old Newtown Barracks, and so on, when it should have been that we were increasing the open, public spaces for our youth to play. That is one reason why I felt it important to reproduce the following excerpt from my 2008 book – SPORTS, SIN AND SUBVERSION. No one else reproduces yours truly’s material, beloved, so sometimes reproduction becomes yours truly’s responsibility. To make any sense whatever of the bloody insanity that has taken over in the old capital for three decades now, we have to read between the lines sometimes.)

    Trial Farm student, 19, missing
    Isais Sosa, 19, a student of Trial Farm, has been reported missing from home since Wednesday, May 15. His family said that he left home that morning for an unknown destination and has since disappeared. He was last seen wearing short camouflage pants, a black sleeveless shirt, a blue cap, and a pair of white slippers. He is of fair complexion, with a low haircut; and is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs about 140 pounds.

    Hon. Julius Espat wins appeal against Supreme Court dismissal of his constitutional claim
    Yesterday, Thursday, May 16, the Belize Court of Appeal handed down a ruling regarding an appeal in connection with a case in which Opposition People’s United Party parliamentarian, Hon. Julius Espat, area representative for the Cayo South, had sued the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Michael Peyfefitte, and the Clerk of of the National Assembly for violating his constitutional rights when he was dragged out of a House meeting. The Court of Appeal ruled to send back the case to the Supreme Court so that it could be tried by a different judge.

    Presentation of Credentials
    Three ambassadors and a high commissioner accredited to Belize presented their letters of credence to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young this morning at the Belize House.

    Fisherman fined $2,000 for 1 pound of weed
    Jaheem Bradley, 18, a fisherman of a Hunter’s Lane address, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Because it was his first offence and he saved the court time, she fined him $2,000 and gave him until September 20 to pay. If he defaults on payment, he will serve 1 year in prison.

    The Reporter

    Coincidence ? – GOB Re-assigns M.O.S & Mark King Posts Serious Accusations
    It maybe a co-incidents of events, but today there was a major shuffle, and the Minister of State for the Ministry of Health Dr. Angel Campos was re-assigned to the Ministry of Human Development, and by coincidence former UDP Minister Mark King made accusations claiming that high management at the Ministry of Health were attempting to do a pay-for-contract deal with his company Brints Security.

    Machete Attack In Southern Belize – 3 Men Seriously Wounded
    3 men are at the Southern Regional Hospital suffering from serious chop wounds. Sources say that sometime last night Police were called to the Independence Polyclinic where they found Victor Tzub, Adan Rodriguez and Benjamin Hol...

    Hit & Run Near Georgetown Village Kills Henry Augustine
    A man from St. Margaret’s Village is detained after a road traffic accident near Georgetown which claimed the life of Henry Augustine...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    What does Guatemala want? Some answers coming soon, says P.M.
    The Government of Belize would give anything to know the answers to two questions now […]

    PSU protests against Belmopan Mayor over land sale
    The Public Service Union (PSU), Belize’s largest trade union, is threatening to turn up the […]

    PSU protests against Belmopan Mayor over land sale
    PSU protests against Belmopan Mayor over land sale The Public Service Union (PSU), Belize’s largest […]

    Government lists reasons for changes in fuel prices
    The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on May 22, 2019, the pump price […]

    More changes to gas prices
    The Government of Belize has announced two more price adjustments to the cost of fuel. […]

    Dr. Angel Campus is re-assigned to Minister of State in Ministry of Human Development
    The Office of the Prime Minister informed today that the Minister of State in the […]

    Belizean born Math professor challenging racial status quo in the US
    Belizean born Arlie Petters, Dean of Academic Affairs for Trinity College, is advocating for more […]

    Belize among nations supporting Taiwan’s inclusion at the World Health Assembly
    Belize is one in a group of 14 nations that have written to the United […]

    Senate debates Maritime Areas Act amendment
    The upper house of the National Assembly is currently in debate over the amended Maritime […]

    Oil rush in northwest Belize?
    The march for petroleum revenue has slowed in recent years, with exploration in Toledo stalled […]

    Mexican Cultural Institute to host Classical Concert
    The Embassy of Mexico in Belize, in collaboration with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and the […]

    Three-way battle for Caribbean Shores candidacy
    In six weeks, the United Democratic Party (UDP) will hold a convention to decide who […]

    Belize to seek ICJ provisional measures on Sarstoon
    During yesterday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made a newsworthy […]

    PM Barrow: General Elections to be held in November 2020
    After the sitting of the House of Representatives held yesterday in Belmopan, Prime Minister Dean […]


    NARCIE teachers disability etiquette to educators
    The National Resource Center for Inclusive Education (NARCIE) held a training session for educators. NARCIE’s mandate is to assist with assessing learning disabilities while promoting the education of people with diverse abilities. The session held today was about disability etiquette. The video provided courtesy of the Ministry of Education puts participants in the role of …

    The Fight against Cancer
    Cancer is one of the top five leading cause of death in Belize. Many have lost their battle with cancer such as Rosita Baltazar and Sharon Baird. With every passing year, more people are diagnosed with the debilitating disease. Last year, Tara Morgan went to the doctor for a routine check-up when the doctor noticed …

    Children Artists on Display
    Education month is an important time for students and teachers. The Belize District Education Center is hosting several activities to showcase the development of the children and Wednesday’s event is being held under the theme “every child is an artist, a pathway to a productive and creative life.” We spoke to Darlene Lozano, the IRO …

    Commonwealth assisting Belize to eradicate marine litter
    Scientists from the United Kingdom are in Belize to assist their Belizean counterparts to tackle plastic pollution in the sea. The initiative is made possible through the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP) which is being funded by the United Kingdom. Belize is the third country to receive support through CLiP and the team will bring their …


    A Bittersweet Joyride
    Over the years I have met and become friends with many people who have deep roots here in one way or another. Recently one of them came back for a visit, it was definitely bittersweet and a bit of a whirlwind. Thankfully we crossed paths briefly a couple of times while Deb was here. It was a perfect day to take a long drive on roads less traveled. Deb set south as our destination. As we were driving, it ended up being a spur of the moment decision to turn off the main road and pop in at Playa De Sala. This lagoonside adults-only 5 room boutique hotel has a great rooftop for a drink. Last time both of us were at 3Sixty lounge bar together, it was still in concept. They did a great job of finishing it.

    Grand Caribe Belize Helicopter Tours
    Grand Caribe, located 2 miles north of San Pedro Town on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, offers several Belize inland and island adventure tours. Among these tours is Grand Caribe’s helicopter tours with Astrum Helicopters. Helicopter tours in Belize is the best way to explore and see more of Belize…above and beyond! These helicopter tours include both fly-overs and activity stops at some of the best attractions in Belize.

    Top Things to do in Cayo
    When I started planning my trip to Belize, pictures of beautiful beaches and ocean adventures filled my screen. That’s what we all know about Belize, it’s near the Caribbean and home to the largest living barrier reef in the world. But Belize is so much more than that. As I continued my research, I found out that over 60% of Belize is covered in jungle, much of it protected, including the world’s first jaguar sanctuary at Cockscomb Basin. Now I was really intrigued. Who knew you could get jungle and beach in one easy vacation?

    International Sourcesizz

    The Maya dealt with a form of climate change, too. Here's how they survived
    Carbon dioxide concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere have reached 415 parts per million—a level that last occurred more than three million years ago, long before the evolution of humans. This news adds to growing concern that climate change will likely wreak serious damage on our planet in the coming decades. While Earth has not been this warm in human history, we can learn about coping with climate change by looking to the Classic Maya civilization that thrived between A.D. 250-950 in Eastern Mesoamerica, the region that is now Guatemala, Belize, Eastern Mexico, and parts of El Salvador and Honduras. Many people believe that the ancient Maya civilization ended when it mysteriously “collapsed.” And it is true that the Maya faced many climate change challenges, including extreme droughts that ultimately contributed to the breakdown of their large Classic Period city-states.


  • The Business Perspective on Love FM., 2hr20min.

  • Belize Honeymoon Snorkel 2019, 3.5min. Kyle and I snorkeling on the Belize Barrier Reef in April 2019 during our honeymoon.

  • TRAVEL VLOG: TIKAL, GUATEMALA & SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE - PT. 2, 9min. The second part of our trip to Belize! We took a day trip to Tikal National Park in Guatemala and hung around our hotel. We stayed at Maya Mountain Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize and would recommend if you are looking for a jungle experience.


  • Special Sitting Of The Senate, 30min.

  • San Pedro Pirates victory parade!, 2min.

  • Sea Challenge!, 1min. Its all happening at Rainbow Beach this Monday!!!!

  • Seahorse Diving Belize, 5.5min. Amazing diving in Placencia - Belize

  • 2019 Belize Trip, 8min. Just a good time in Belize at Turneffe Flats.

  • Eating FRESH TERMITES In Belize!, 2min.

  • Rondreis Belize in 17 dagen, 10min. Belize is maar de helft zo groot als Nederland en daarom perfect om binnen drie weken te ontdekken. Van het op één na grootste koraalrif ter wereld, jungles, luxe accommodaties en parelwitte stranden: Belize heeft het állemaal!

  • BTB Love Belize Sea Kayak Challenge, 10min.

    May 21, 2019


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ministry of Human Development Hosts 3rd Social Protection Conference
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and UNICEF, is hosting the third in a series of social protection conferences on May 20-21, 2019 in Belize City. The two-day meeting focuses on “Social Protection Response in Emergencies” and will explore how the social protection system can be best used to support the poor and those most vulnerable in times of disasters and emergencies.

    Champions! San Pedro Pirates FC win 2019 PLB Closing Season Championship
    It only took two years and four seasons for amateur football club San Pedro Pirates to make history, becoming the Premier League of Belize’s (PLB) 2019 Closing Season Champions! On Saturday, May 18th the island team defeated the Belmopan Bandits during the second round of the championship finals at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. Two goals landed by Facundo Garnier and Mailson Moura within 10 minutes in the late second-half of the game gave the Pirates a 2-0 advantage, and ultimately, the 2-1 aggregate championship score.

    Ambergris Today

    San Pedro Pirates Win First Premier League Football Championship
    For the first time in years San Pedro has finally come out victorious in the Premier League Football Championship. With a loss against Bandits last week, San Pedro Pirates fans flooded the Ambergris Stadium to cheer on the home team at this past weekend’s game. It was in the second half of the game that Facundo Garnier scored the first goal for the San Pedro Pirates in the 66 minute of the game. Ten minutes later, Facundo Garnier centered a corner kick which Nelson Mora headed into the goal to give the Pirates the two to zero advantage, securing them their victory.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Humane Society Saturday Clinics
    Saturday Clinic! We are open every Saturday morning from 9 - 11 for vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, wound care, wellness checks, etc. Have questions or concerns about your pet? Come see us.

    Presentation of Credentials
    Three ambassadors and a high commissioner accredited to Belize presented their letters of credence to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young this morning at the Belize House. H.E. Mr. Marino Berigüete, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic; H.E. Mr. Anders Kompass, Ambassador of Sweden; H.E. Mr. Jason Hall, High Commissioner of Jamaica; and H.E. Mr. Jean-Francois Charpentier, Ambassador of France, all expressed their honour to be representing their respective countries in Belize.

    Contributions for Orlindo “Jonesy” Jones funeral expenses
    Please note that a donation box has been placed at the cashier at the SPTC for contribution towards Orlindo “Jonesy” Jones funeral expenses.

    BWS Notice for Customers in Caye Caulker: Planned Low Water Pressure for Thursday, May 23, 2019
    Duration: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Area to be affected: The entire Caye Caulker Distribution System

    BTB Northern Border Chocolate Event

    "Here is the new creation, made of mud and earth. It doesn't look very good. It keeps crumbing and softening. It looks lopsided and twisted. It only speaks nonsense. It cannot multiply. So Heart-of-Sky lets it dissolved away. Now Heart-of-Sky plans again. Our Grandfather and Our Grandmother are summoned. They are the most wise spirits...

    Happy World Bee Day!
    Within the Maya Golden Landscape, Ya'axché is working with 18 beekeepers to raise the important pollinators. The farmers are provided with training, materials and technical field support through Ya'axché's apiculture program. Honey produced by the amazing bees and recently harvested by our farmers is in London; the honey will be on display at the World Bee Day event on May 21st 2019 from 6:30-8:30pm. If you are around do drop by the Conway Hall (Conway Hall Ethical Society, 25 Red Lion Square) to see and perhaps sample 100% pure honey – a proud product of Belize! You can register for the free event at

    "Un Jarocho en Aprietos"
    Super show of the jaibita this Saturday may 25th. Two Presentations 7 PM AND 9 pm at banana beach resort. Pre-sale tickets for only $ 25. Buy your ticket on radio arrecife, banana beach resort and the botanero. See you there!!!!

    Victory Parade this morning for the San Pedro Pirates
    Island residents are reminded that a victory parade will be held for the San Pedro Pirates F.C on Tuesday, May 21st, starting at Central Park in downtown San Pedro at 5:30PM. Don’t miss it!

    The CEO Caucus of the Government of Belize thanks all riders, professional cyclists, children, public officers, donors and partners for participating and supporting the 2019 CEO Caucus Cancer Initiative. This year’s initiative, which was launched in April, was celebrated under the theme “Stronger Together” and raised $73,000.00 to support efforts to combat cancer. The initiative culminated in the awareness ride on Saturday, May 18th and saw the participation of 170 riders, including children.

    Ministry of Human Development Hosts 3rd Social Protection Conference
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and UNICEF, is hosting the third in a series of social protection conferences on May 20-21, 2019 in Belize City. The two-day meeting focuses on “Social Protection Response in Emergencies” and will explore how the social protection system can be best used to support the poor and those most vulnerable in times of disasters and emergencies. The poor are the most severely impacted by disasters and climatic events. Households which fail to fully recover after such stress can fall into poverty traps, increasing their risk of food insecurity and their need for further social assistance.

    Agro Expo 2019 – El Salvador
    In its continued efforts to foster trade and investment between El Salvador and Belize, the Embassy of Belize in El Salvador, represented by Ms. Margaret Juan, Charge’ de Affairs, organized participation for the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, BELTRAIDE, at the Agro Expo 2019. It is one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the Central American region held on May 15 – 19, 2019 in San Salvador, El Salvador. The event served as a platform for over 200 exhibitors, including agro producers and agro processors, to engage in establishing strategic partnerships for trade and investment between both countries.

    Belize Macaws Take 3rd Place
    Super proud of the Belize Macaws (national rugby 7s team), who took third place in the Central American Rugby 7s tournament held in San Salvador last Saturday. They took on the Central American Champions in their first overseas encounter, and eventually walked away with two wins out of four games against other Guatemalan and El Salvadoran national 7s teams. Pictured here is the team with Belizean Ambassador to El Salvador, Margaret Juan) and Captain Raheem Cummings presenting pendant Belize flags to the Catpains of the other teams - we were the only ones to do this. Our guys also presented small gifts to all the officials - again, only we. So, they put Belize on the Central American map and I am SUPER SUPER PROUD!

    Vistro Comes to Cayo
    Vistro, the app that allows you to contact restaurants and order food, is now being used in Cayo. Currently, Erva's, D'Vine Cravings, and SweetTeez are on it, and surely many more will join soon. Looks like it's easy to use, and it has good reviews.

    BTB's Annual Digital Marketing Summit
    It's that time of the year to mark your calendars for BTB's annual Digital Marketing Summit! The fifth annual all-day event will take place on July 19, with both local and international expert presenters gracing the stage. Stay tuned later on for more details.

    Music Monthfest
    Music Month is in full swing, and as an honored sponsor, the BTB encourages everyone to partake in these musical activities all month long.

    Chemical Diversion and Precursor Chemical Investigations Course
    The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a Chemical Diversion and Precursor Chemical Investigations Course from April 29 – May 10, 2019. The two-week advanced training provided the regulatory framework and investigative and operational procedures for dealing with pharmaceutical diversion and chemical precursor proliferation, ultimately promoting citizen security in Belize. Eighteen police officers from the Criminal Investigation Branch, Special Patrol Unit, Anti-Narcotics Unit, Mobile Interdiction Team, and Prosecution Branch attended the training, along with two Ministry of Health officials and three National Forensic Science Services officials.

    Since 2014, 31 farmers have been growing cacao in Belize's first agroforestry concession with support from Ya'axché Conservation Trust and as of March 2019, over 9,000 pounds of wet cacao beans have been harvested. We wanted to verify whether growing cacao, a sustainable farming practice, is supporting wildlife. Ya’axché's team deployed field cameras to allow us to observe and record the presence of wildlife in and around the reserve. We excitedly share some of our photos captured by camera traps deployed in the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve.

    Caye Caulker Lobster Fest
    Caye Caulker Lobster Fest is around the corner. Don't forget to secure your rooms!! It will be a fun weekend - Live performance with Pandemonium Steel Band and Marlyn Vansen on Friday night. Travellers Liquors Ltd Bartending Competition & POWDER PARTY will be in full effect! For the first time in Belize, Dj Scratch Master for Saturday Night - Music all weekend with Youth Connection Band - Julian Blue Wave Pacheco - Khris Alexander Rosado - Justin Jago Williams - K-Mix Evolution - Evolution Sounds - Kori Odyssey Dawson - powered by #cayecaulker #1 sound system Blue Wave Sounds - Caye Caulker - Thanks to all our sponsors!!

    The 2019 sea turtle nesting season has begun
    Real estate signs and survey posts line the last isolated, the last nesting location with the highest density of loggerhead and green turtle nesting beach in Ambergris Caye, in Belize. It takes 20 years for hatchlings to return. What will happen to this beach? The people that own this land are aware of the turtle nesting and in fact that is why they are planning to build their homes there. Providing info to assist owners with being sensitive to the turtles would be super. Certainly hope at least setbacks are maintained and owners are educated about outdoor lighting during nesting season.

    BIJF 2019 Welcome Jam Session
    Join us for the BIJF 2019 Welcome Jam Session. Mexican Institute, Wednesday, June 5th 7:30pm. Featuring Omolewa Osain, Sincopa Jazz and Morena Son.

    Channel 7

    11 Year Old Shot, Clings to Life, Left Paralysed
    It was a terrible, traumatic weekend in Belize. Nationally, 7 males were shot - including an 11 year old, 2 males were killed, a 70 year old was stabbed in his home, and a 15 year old was killed in a hit and run. Very rough - most so for the families of these victims. We begin tonight with one mother who is praying very hard that her 11 year old son makes it after he was shot in the left cheek. Kyron Green was running an errand for his mom when he became collateral damage in a war between adults. Daniel Ortiz has his story:...

    PUDP Bipartisanship
    But switching gears to national matters now... If you were expecting a reckoning or a showdown in the House of Representatives todaywell, you were wrong. It turned out to be the shortest house meeting we can remember attending. Convened for the sole purpose of repealing the Maritime Areas Act - it was over in less than an hour, and there wasn't one sharp exchange; it was the rarest display of the true spirit of bi-partisanship on a national issue. Opposition Leader John Briceno set the tone by declaring to the house that the will of the electorate had been heard:...

    House Meeting Heaven
    So Briceno made it official: the PUP fully supports the repeal of the maritime areas act; they are also withdrawing their claim before the court, and the party will show full support of and involvement with the official mission to the ICJ. And no one on the other side of the floor said anything to dispute that. Indeed, a remarkable day, and we asked the Prime Minister about it when it was finished:

    PM Wants to Talk to Guatemala Before ICJ Provisional Measures
    And while today may indeed be one for the books - there is some serious business to take care of, and that's on the Sarstoon - the river that marks Belize's southern boundary. As you heard, the opposition leader stressed that Guatemala's aggressive military tactics on the Sarstoon must stop - either through an accord with the Guatemalans, or through provisional measures from the International Court of Justice. The Prime Minister repeated what he said 11 days ago, that he would prefer to work it out with the Guatemalans:

    Should Belize Go for Dialogue or Court Action
    But while the government and the opposition leader seem to be on the same page with this one - Belize's Agent at the ICJ, Assad Shoman holds a slightly different position. Last week he told us that he doesn't have much confidence in the Guatemalans - and it might not be wise to first ask them to take measures on the river - when Belize may end up eventually having to ask the Court to do the same:

    Will Repeal of MAA Ruffle Guatemalans?
    And while the Prime Minister is hoping that the regional big brothers of the USA and the OAS can prevail upon Guatemala for non-aggression in the Sarstoon - will the repeal of the Maritime Areas Act cause some friction with the Guats? When it becomes law later this week - it will see Belize reclaiming its full 12 miles of territorial waters. It's a return to the position that prevailed before 1992 when Belize passed the Maritime Areas Act - as a good faith gesture during negotiations at the time. But now, all negotiations have ended - and, as you heard the Prime Minister say - Belize is now re-claiming its full territorial waters before filing its case at the ICJ.

    PM Won't Go For Snap Election
    And while only time will tell how that one will go down - tonight, one more important step on the road to the ICJ has been made - and, politically, it's a plus for the UDP - which is in in the driver's seat as Belize embarks on the most important national quest since independence in 1981. Indeed, after the May 8th referendum's "yes" vote - many in the UDP are "feeling themselves" - but the PM stressed today that would be a fooling feeling if anyone thinks he should call a snap election:.. Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "The UDP feels prime after the referendum outcome, the position they campaigned for was indicated. Is there any chance of an earlier election that planned?"

    Man Executed At Home, Third Sibling to Die
    A father of two was executed at his Teakettle home on Friday night around midnight. 34 year old Clifford Matute was home alone when two gunmen pounced on him and shot him with a shotgun. His family knows the pain of losing a loved one all too well, Matute is the 3rd sibling to be murdered. I spoke to his aunt who was like a mother to him. Here is that story. Residents found Clifford Matute's shirtless bloody body thrown in his back yard -He was shot and killed on Friday night.

    Killed By Men On Motorbike
    At today's press briefing, police provided more insight into the Teakettle killing. They say that the men on the motorbike called out for Matute and when he came out onto his verandah they shot him. They say Matute may have known his killers. Here is more. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: "What we know so far is that sometime just before midnight, two persons arrived on a motorcycle at the resident of Clifford Matute where one of them called out for him and as he approached his veranda he was apparently fired upon by that person. He received several gunshot injuries. So far police are seeking 2 persons who we believe can assist in this investigation."

    Killed Close To Home
    And from that murder in Teakettle Village, we turn back to Belize City for Saturday night's murder of Tyrick Francis. Around 9:00 that night, the 20 year old was walking on Fabers Road Extension, along with Deon Smith. They were a short distance from Francis's home on Holy Emmanuel Street, and while they were passing near Krooman Road, an unknown gunman jumped out of the nearby bushes, and opened fire on the pair. Francis was the only one injured; he was shot in the chest, the left side of his neck, and both forearms. Police were quick to respond, and rushed him to the KHMH. But, he died shortly after while undergoing treatment.

    Teenager Shot in Belama
    One shooting victim who is lucky to be alive tonight is 18 year-old William Lewis, a resident of Belama Phase 2. On Friday night, at around 10:00, the teenager was hanging out with a few friends. They were sitting down right across from his house on Peter Ashdown Street. They were socializing, when they saw a strange man emerge from Lewis's backyard. It was a gunman trying to catch them off-guard, and he immediately pulled out his weapon and started firing shots at the group. He chased several of the men down, and in the aftermath of the wild spray of bullets, Lewis was injured to the lower back, and the left buttocks, while Raheem Staine was grazed.

    Teenager Killed In Hit And Run
    A 15 year old boy was killed in Hope Creek village in a hit and run accident sometime last night. It happened in front of the Belize Citrus Growers Association where Marvin Morales's body was found in a drain early this morning - beside his mangled bicycle. Police believe he was run over and left for dead from last night. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: "In relation to the third incident, this morning sometime around 5am Dangriga police were called to an area between nine and ten on the Stann Creek Valley Road where they observed the body of a Hispanic male later identified as Marvin Morales..."

    Senior Citizen Stabbed Up
    A 70 year old man from Carmelita village was stabbed at his home last night. It happened at around 8:00 when the senior citizen was standing in his doorway. He was saved by a pastor who found him bleeding out on the side of a dirt road. Police told us more:... ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch "What we know so far is that shortly after 8p.m., neighbours were called to the area of Mr. Chuc's home where he was seen with those stab wounds and apparently assisted in transporting him to the Northern Regional Hospital. He has since been transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he remains in a critical condition. So far, we do not have any credible leads and we are seeking the public's assistance in trying to solve this matter."

    Central Bank Officials Meet With FTC in DC
    The Governor of the Central Bank, Joy Grant and Belize's Economic Ambassador, Mark Espat have been in Washington DC from last week. They are meeting with the Federal Trade Commission on the thorny issue of Sanctuary Belize. The FTC shut down Sanctuary Belize in November of last year, calling it "the largest overseas real estate investment scam (it) has ever targeted." The FTC also brought the hammer down on Sanctuary Belize's bank, which is Atlantic International Bank - an offshore bank in Belize. That was a deathblow - and it forced the bank to close down.

    GOB CEO's Raise Cash For Cancer
    How long does it take a CEO to travel 24 miles? Wellit depends on whether they're driving a 2018 or a 2019 SUV. We jest, but the 4th annual ride of the CEO Caucus on Saturday was no joke. It's a very serious fundraiser funding national efforts to combat cancer - and they weren't cruising in air conditioned SUV's; these CEO's were grinding out the 24 miles on the hot pavement from the mile 24 Solid Waste Management Landfill to the National Agriculture Showgrounds in Belmopan. With the support of 170 riders, they did it under the theme"Stronger Together" and raised $73,000.00 to support efforts to combat cancer.

    Alleged Killers To Court
    A week ago, 23 year-old Lyndon Baldwin was shot and killed at a home at the corner of Ebony Street and Youth for the Future Drive. Tonight, the men who police believe were responsible for his murder are at the Belize Central Prison. They are 31 year-old Shawn Gibson, a labourer of Maxboro, 18 year-old Denver Bevans, 22 year-old Joshua Gillett, and a 17 year-old male minor. The cops think that Gibson was the gunman, and so he was charged with murder. Bevans, Gibson and the 17 year-old were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. At today's police press briefing, the cops discussed what allowed them to crack the case, and bring criminal charges:

    Man Shot on Baymen
    And while police have made arrests in this case, they have all those incidents of violence from this weekend to investigate, including the shooting of 30 year-old Ronald Michael. On Sunday morning, at around 3:40, the cops encountered the Lovely Lane resident at the KHMH with a gunshot injury to the right arm. They spoke to his 24 year-old common-law wife, and she told police that about 3:35 a.m., they were walking on Baymen Avenue, and when they arrived at the speed bump in front of GSCOM, a gunman emerged from a bushy lot, and shot Michael.

    A Retaliation Shooting
    And police believe that this Michael's shooting, resulted in direct retaliation about 18 hours later. At around 10:00 p.m. that same Sunday, 27 year-old Jamal Palacio, a resident of Pelican Street in Belize City, and 30 year-old Justin Stuart, a park ranger from Belmopan, and Kent Troy were in front of Palacio's house. That's when men rode up on motorcycle, and one of them pulled out weapon and fired on both of them. Palacio was injured to the left thumb, but Stuart suffered the worse injury of the two. 2 of the bullets injured him to the abdomen.

    UDP Snaps Convention in Carishores - Advantage Leila?
    The UDP's National Party Council met on Saturday and agreed to hold a snap convention in Caribbean shores on June 30th. Deadline for the submission of names is May 31st. For those just starting up their campaigns like Santiago Castillo Jr and Lee Mark Chan, 6 weeks is hardly enough time to get a campaign going. We asked the Party Leader if the tight timing is designed to give the edge to Leila Peyrefitte - who's already been working in the division:...

    Darrell Bradley, The Long Way Home
    And so while there will be a convention - what about the present standard bearer, Darrell Bradley? He's being muscled out according to his loyalists, but the PM said, there is a technical defect with his standard bearer post: We have reached out to Bradley for comment, but gotten no response.

    Channel 5

    Maritime Areas Amendment Bill Receives Unanimous Yea Vote
    Preparations for Belize to take its case before the International Court of Justice, in respect of the unfounded Guatemalan claim, continue to be made, following a historic referendum on May [...]

    P.U.P. Formally Withdraws Legal Challenge of Special Agreement
    Opposition Leader John Briceńo, the only member of the People’s United Party to address the amendment in the house today, spoke on the P.U.P.’s willingness to work with the Barrow [...]

    How Much Will Government Pay Assad Shoman?
    Ambassador Assad Shoman continues to be a key figure in Belize’s move towards resolving the age-old territorial dispute with Guatemala at the International Court of Justice.  He is one of [...]

    Clifford Matute is Executed in Teakettle Village
    Turning to other news….it was an exceptionally violent weekend across the country. We start the crime news with a homicide in the west.  Thirty-four-year-old Clifford Anthony Matute was murdered after [...]

    Tyrick Francis is Ambushed and Killed on Fabers Road, Belize City
    The second murder for the weekend occurred in the Old Capital on Faber’s Road Extension. Tyrick Francis was shot and killed as he was walking home. It is believed that [...]

    Minor Perishes in Hit & Run Incident in the South
    A minor was knocked down and killed overnight on the Hummingbird Highway and his body discovered at dawn today. Fifteen-year-old Marvin Morales left his aunt’s house in Pomona on bicycle [...]

    4 Men, including a Minor, are Arraigned for Lindon Baldwin’s Murder
    Less than a week after the shooting death of Lindon Baldwin on Ebony Street, police arrested and charged four persons, including a minor, for the crime. This afternoon, Shawn Gibson [...]

    11-Year-Old Shooting Victim Critical in K.H.M.H.
    Tonight, an eleven-year-old student is in a critical condition at the hospital after he was caught in a hail of bullets intended for another person. Kyron Green was inside a [...]

    2 Men Injured in Belama Shooting
    Within hours of the shooting on North Creek, gun violence erupted in Belama. Just after ten p.m., a group of men were socializing on Peter Ashton Street in Belama Phase [...]

    2 Shootings on Sunday; Lovely Lane Resident is Targeted by Gunman
    There was further gun violence on Sunday and police believe that the two shootings that span both south and north side Belize City are related.  It started early when Ronald [...]

    2 Shot, 1 Critical in Pelican Street Shooting
    By ten-thirty that night, shots rang out on Pelican Street Extension and two persons were injured. Three men were standing on the street corner in front of the home of [...]

    Elderly Watchman is Stabbed Multiple Times in Carmelita
    An elderly man from Carmelita Village, Orange Walk is in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was stabbed multiple times to the chest and abdomen. On [...]

    The U.D.P. Race in Caribbean Shores, 6 Weeks to go!
    A heated political race within the United Democratic Party to select a standard bearer for Caribbean Shores is underway, as three candidates have since signed up to contest an upcoming [...]

    FTC Still Pursuing Settlement with AIBL over Sanctuary Belize Scheme
    A settlement between Atlantic International Bank Limited and the Federal Trade Commission is still being pursued as a consequence of the Sanctuary Belize debacle which resulted in foreign investors losing [...]

    Fire Destroys Popular DVD Store in Ladyville
    A fire over the weekend destroyed a popular DVD store in Ladyville. The fire reportedly broke out in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Albert Flowers of A and J [...]

    Escaped Prisoner, Lincoln Bejerano, Back in Prison after 2.5 Years
    Lincoln Bejerano escaped from police custody in Belmopan in October of 2016, but tonight we can report that after two and a half years on the lam, he is back [...]

    UNCTAD Hosts Trade Facilitation Workshop in Belize
    The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Directorate of Foreign Trade and the Customs and Excise Department kicked off a series of workshops under the Empowerment Programme for [...]

    C.E.O. Caucus Ride Raises 70K for Cancer!
    The C.E.O. Caucus Ride 2019 surpassed its goal of fifty thousand dollars to combat cancer. For a fourth consecutive year, one hundred and seventy riders, including C.E.O.s and other partners, [...]

    Budding Belizean Cyclists to Train with Mexican Professional
    Budding cyclists Christian Avila of Belmopan and Jyven Gonzales of San Ignacio are being given the opportunity to travel to Mexico and train. The two young cyclists have been chosen [...]

    Sports Stats with James Adderley
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

    The Reporter

    A Happy Day & Good Results For A Worthy Cause
    Early Saturday morning a stream of approximately 300 cycling enthusiast, including youngsters, pro-cyclists and little girls on their pretty bicycles joined the CEO’s from many government ministry’s for a pleasant early morning ride of 25 miles...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    PM Barrow: Agent Assad will be paid as an Ambassador
    The Cabinet has appointed Former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman, as Belize’s Agent at the International […]

    Teenager dies in traffic accident
    A 15-year-old minor lost his life in a road traffic accident on the Stann Creek Valley […]

    Police: Dispute may have caused shooting incident
    Authorities are investigating another shooting incident that occurred on Friday night. Around 10:30 p.m., police […]

    Police seeks public assistance to solve stabbing incident
    Police is seeking the public’s assistance in seeking the person who stabbed 70-year-old Pedro Chuc. […]

    Lincoln Bejerano captured in Guatemala after 3 years on the run
    On Friday, BBN reported that Belizean authorities had detained Lincoln Bejerano who was on the […]

    Police: Minor in critical condition
    Authorities are still seeking persons of interest for a shooting incident that occurred on Friday […]

    Police: Clifford Matute was at home when he was murdered
    Authorities are investigating the murder of Teakettle resident, Clifford Matute,34 that occurred on Saturday. Police […]

    Mexican Cultural Institute to host art showcase
    The Embassy of Mexico in Belize, in partnership with the Belize District Education Center & […]

    Belizeans in Illinois share love with Sarteneja Nazarene School
    The group, United Belizeans of Northern Illinois (UBNI), shared some love with Sarteneja Nazarene School during […]

    Ministry of Human Development hosts 3rd Social Protection Conference
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, in collaboration with the National […]

    Man murdered in Belize City
    Authorities are investigating the murder of Belize City resident Tyrique Francis that occurred on Saturday […]

    Short debate on amending Maritime Areas Act
    The second reading of the Maritime Areas Act and debate is complete in the House of […]

    Warm weather to continue
    Warm and mostly dry conditions are forecast for today. Skies are expected to be partly […]

    John Saldivar congratulates San Pedro Pirates – awaits Clash of the Brigands Part 2
    Owner of the Belmopan Bandits Sporting Club, John Saldivar, on Sunday issued his congratulations to […]

    Amended Maritime Areas Act strips provisions for negotiations
    In opening this morning’s special meeting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow clarified […]

    Shooting in Belize City leaves 2 men injured
    Authorities are investigating another shooting incident that occurred last night in Belize City. According to […]

    70-year-old man stabbed multiple times
    A 70-year-old man is recovering at the KHMH from multiple stab wounds. According to reports, […]

    Police investigate shooting incident in Belize City
    Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred around 3:30 am yesterday. According to reports, […]

    Body found in Belize City
    Last night, authorities responded to reports of a body that was found in an apartment […]


    Ocean Ferry gets New Engines for Boats-post accident
    Ocean Ferry Water Taxi made headlines two weeks ago, but not in a positive way. There was an explosion aboard Water Jets International boat that they were chartering. This incident took the lives of two little girls and injured their parents as well as several other tourists. Love News recently spoke with the director of …

    UNCTAD holds training in Belize
    In December 2013, members of the World Trade Organization, WTO, completed negotiations on the Trade Facilitation Agreement. Four years later, in 2017, the Trade Facilitation Agreement was ratified by members of WTO and Belize embarked on implementing the Trade Facilitation Agreement. In this regard, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, is in …

    Tyrick Francis 2nd brother to be killed in one year
    A little over a year ago on Sunday March 11, 2018 Tyrique Francis was walking on Jones Street, heading home when a man on a bicycle fired several shots at him. The forensic team recovered six expended shells at the scene and Francis was lucky to walk away with only a gunshot injury to his …

    Two men, Palacio and Stuart shot in front of City home
    Sunday night two men were shot as they were socializing in front of one of their homes on the south side of Belize City. Belmopan resident Justin Stuart was standing in front of Jamal Palacio’s on Pelican Street Extension when a gunman fired at them. The police did not say specifically what was the motive …

    William Lewis and friend shot in front of home
    The violence was amped up over the weekend in Belize City. Just before ten o’clock on Friday night, 18-year-old, William Nicodemus Lewis was shot to the back, the left side of his derriere while 23-year-old, Raheem Staine bore abrasions to his left hand, right wrist and left calf. Love News spoke to Lewis’ mother who …


    AFTER Antartica, Melbourne, Finland, India, and Dubai, your wanderlusting soul must be itching for the next destination to scratch off your bucket list. But in the spirit of packing lighter, how about jetting off to one of our recommended snorkelling spots where you can show off your new Vilebrequin shorts? It might be on the other end of the world, but a vacation to Belize will make all your Instagram followers green with envy. Its year-round tropical climate is ideal for an all-day snorkelling fest. Take a day trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (near the Ambergris Caye) and swim alongside sharks and stingrays, or travel to the Great Blue Hole, one of the world’s most iconic underwater sinkholes, for a tranquil soak in dark blue waters.

    Everything You Need to Know about Placencia, Belize
    Placencia is a charming little seaside town found at the tip of a peninsula off the coast of mainland Belize.It’s fast becoming Belize‘s most desirable location as it fronts the gorgeous Caribbean Sea to the east and a resplendent freshwater lagoon, full of wildlife and with a view of the gorgeous Maya mountain chain, to the west. The Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile spit of land that parallels the mainland, offers scenery of vivid blue waters and pure white sandy beaches. Often referred to as the “caye you can drive to”, Placencia is equipped with the same beauty and activity of the other Belize islands at a more relaxed pace. The palm tree lined beaches are nothing less than exquisite.

    The Rainforests of Belize
    More than half of Belize’s mainland consists of dense tropical rainforests, much of it explored. A sizeable percentage of the rainforests of Belize are under government protection in the form of a national park, wilderness sanctuary, or animal refuge. The rainforests of Belize are highly diverse ecosystems home to a wide range of plant, bird, and animal species. Indigenous wildlife in Belize includes five species of big cats (including jaguars, the sacred animal of the ancient Maya), armadillos, tapirs, monkeys, and crocodiles. In addition, more than 4000 species of tropical flowers are found in the rainforests of Belize, including more than 250 types of orchids. More than 500 species of birds have been recorded in Belize, including keel-billed toucans, endangered jabiru storks (the largest flying bird in the western hemisphere), tiny hummingbirds, enormous harpy eagles, and a kaleidoscope of brightly colored birds like parrots, egrets, woodpeckers, herons, hawks, and warblers.

    ADO Bus from Cancun to Belize City
    Belize is located just south of Mexico’s famed Yucatan Peninsula, so many travelers are interested in information on how to get from Cancún to Belize City or vice versa. The cheapest option by far is to take the bus. The ADO Bus company operates the sole Cancún-Belize City route with an express service that operates each way twice per day. From the main bus terminal in Cancún, the bus leaves at either 7:30 AM or 10:15 PM. The busstops at Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and then Bacalar before crossing the border into Belize. The bus also makes brief stops in Corozal Town and Orange Walk Town before arriving at the central bus terminal in Belize City. Transit time is approximately eight hours. Going back, the bus departs Belize City at 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM with the same stops along the way, arriving at the Cancún airport approximately eight and a half hours later. To board the bus in Belize City, the fare is BZ$19, but you will need to pay the rest of the fare (roughly $40 USD) upon arrival in Cancún.

    Belize’s Biggest Cultural Event – The Costa Maya Festival
    Originally a regional celebration of Maya culture in 1992, the International Costa Maya Festival has become the biggest cultural event of the year in Belize. Held every August in San Pedro, the capital of Ambergris Caye, the Costa Maya Festival is a multi-day event featuring a beauty pageant, live music from some of the region’s top acts, and plenty of dancing, food, art, and games. The first day of the festival begins with a beauty pageant to select the Miss Costa Maya International. Women from Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and other countries with Maya populations compete to win this prestigious event. In the evening, there is a grand opening where government officials, foreign diplomats, and dignitaries formally announce the beginning of the event. The weekend is a time of lobster cookouts, rides and games, football (soccer) marathons, and parades during the daytime. As evening falls on Saturday, Noche International (International Night) begins with top bands from the Latino world taking to the stage to keep the party going until dawn.

    More Than Just A Pretty Face, Belize Can Carry A Tune – All Around The World
    As The Highpoint Of Music Month In Belize Approaches, We Want To Share Some Very Exciting News That Was Just Released. We also feel it’s only fair to say a few words about this other aspect of Belize that not everyone is aware of… Belize got rhythm! And Blues, and Roots and Soul and Punta and Brukdown and Calypso and Paranda and Punta Rock and traditional Maya and Belize City Hip Hop and… Even the scofflaw songbird king of Texas, Jerry Jeff Walker, has for years been Ambergris Caye’s resident singer/songwriter, Cyndi Lauper has been seen at Chaa Creek, and did Madonna really write “Isla Bonita” as a paean to Ambergris Caye?

    International Sourcesizz

    Dave and Mary Spellings’ Palapa Pineapple taking shape in Belize
    They inflated a giant balloon and built a house over it! Interior construction is underway for Dave & Mary Spellings’ Monolithic Dome home — the Palapa Pineapple — in Belize. Dave Spellings said he got the idea about 25 years ago when he visited Ivan Sheinbaum’s Xanadu Resort on Ambergris Caye in Belize. “I wanted a smaller, more unique shape, with one room on top of the other. I squeezed the dome into the shape it’s in.” The result is a tall, prolate ellipsoid shaped monolithic dome with multiple windows that create a unique “pineapple” look. It is five levels tall and features a rooftop patio overlooking the ocean. Dave and Mary planned to build the home on Caye Caulker, Belize, after discovering the island years earlier. “We turned it into ‘our island’ when we found a property on the north side,” he said.

    Subtropical Storm Andrea, season's 1st named storm, forms southwest of Bermuda
    The National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Monday said that the first named storm of the 2019 Atlantic season had formed hundreds of miles southwest of Bermuda. It was given the name Andrea and classified a subtropical storm by the NHC. AccuWeather meteorologists have been monitoring the low pressure system, which has largely existed as an area of showers and thunderstorms, since last week. On Monday, it moved to the north of the Bahamas as it gathered strength, prompting the NHC to send the aircraft to examine the storm.

    Misreading the story of climate change and the Maya
    Maya communities’ ability to adapt their resource conservation practices played a crucial role in allowing them to survive for as long as they did. Many people believe that the ancient Maya civilization ended when it mysteriously “collapsed”. And it is true that the Maya faced many climate change challenges, including extreme droughts that ultimately contributed to the breakdown of their large Classic Period city-states. However, the Maya did not disappear: Over 6 million Maya people live mainly in Eastern Mesoamerica today. What’s more, based on my own research in the Northern Yucatan Peninsula and work by my colleagues throughout the broader Maya region, I believe Maya communities’ ability to adapt their resource conservation practices played a crucial role in allowing them to survive for as long as they did. Instead of focusing on the final stages of Classic Maya civilization, society can learn from the practices that enabled it to survive for nearly 700 years as we consider the effects of climate change today.

    High-quality jadeite tool discovered in underwater ancient salt works in Belize
    Anthropologists discovered a tool made out of high-quality translucent jadeite with an intact rosewood handle at a site where the ancient Maya processed salt in Belize. The discovery of these high-quality materials -- jadeite and rosewood -- used as utilitarian tools, demonstrates that salt workers played an important role in the Classic Maya marketplace economy more than 1,000 years ago. "The salt workers were successful entrepreneurs who were able to obtain high-quality tools for their craft through the production and distribution of a basic biological necessity: salt. Salt was in demand for the Maya diet. We have discovered that it was also a storable form of wealth and an important preservative for fish and meat," said lead researcher and anthropologist Heather McKillop, who is the Thomas & Lillian Landrum Alumni Professor in the LSU Department of Geography & Anthropology.

    Caribbean305 returns to Miami this summer
    South Florida’s premier Caribbean culinary and cultural celebration, Caribbean305, returns to Miami on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Mana Wynwood, a new location for the annual event. Featuring flavors from more than a dozen countries and territories, Caribbean305 spotlights award-winning chefs and mixologists from 14 destinations, such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Grenada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turks and Caicos. The event will also feature cultural influences from Antigua and Barbuda, and the Dominican Republic.

    Rocket man: LSU Mechanical Engineering alumnus Max Faget remembered 50 years after moon landing
    Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong is rightfully remembered for taking man's first steps on the moon nearly 50 years ago on June 20, 1969. Less well known, perhaps, is LSU Mechanical Engineering alumnus Maxime "Max" Faget, who designed the spacecraft responsible for that "giant leap for mankind." Born in Stann Creek, British Honduras (now Belize), in 1921, Faget was the son of American doctor Guy Henry Faget and the great-grandson of New Orleans doctor Jean Charles Faget. Guy Henry was famous for discovering the first effective treatment for leprosy using promin and also served as director of the United States Marine Hospital in Carville, La. Jean Charles is renowned for discovering the unique symptom of yellow fever, known as the Faget sign, which allowed early detection and quarantine. Unlike the men before him, however, Max took a different path in life.

    Alone, They Stink. Together They Create Dark Chocolate’s Alluring Aroma
    If there was ever a science experiment you’d want to participate in, it might be this one: sitting in a booth and inhaling the tangy, intense aromas of dark chocolates. But not just anyone gets to join this research. The people doing the sniffing were trained to detect subtle differences in scent, helping chemists uncover just which odor molecules are behind the distinctive smell of these rich treats. In a paper published last week in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the researchers behind this endeavor reveal that dark chocolate’s aroma comes down to 25 molecules, in just the right concentrations — some of which you might find rather disgusting if you sniffed them on their own.

    The Bakabs, the Yearbearers and the Gods of the Wayeb
    This study investigates the identity of the gods involved in the Wayeb and New Year ceremonies of the Maya. It reviews the claim made by a number of researchers that the seating of Pop was the first day of the year and provides evidence that it was 1 Pop. It also reviews the evidence for Wayeb-New Year ceremonies in the Pre-Classic and Classic period.


  • Trash the dress photo shoot in Belize, 2min. Trash the dress session at Blue Hole National Park.

  • 2019 Belize Trip, 8min. A video from our 2019 Belize trip. We stayed at Turneffe Flats and had a BLAST!

  • Fish Out Of Water - Surviving The Jungle - Doc for British Army, 6min. This is a concept I wrote, directed and assisted on cam for. We went put to the jungles of Belize and lived there for a month making seperate bits of content for the army. One was a serious documentary and this was a more light hearted approach, taking my writer out to see how he would fair in the extreme conditions.


  • Belize 2019, 28min. Highlights from Ambergris Caye, January 2019.

  • Spring Break Vacation Caye Caulker, Belize!!, 15min. We went to Caye Caulker Belize for spring break! It's a small 5 mile island off the coast of Belize City

  • Shooting A Wedding In Belize!, 16min. 1st trip out of the country, and I had a blast!

  • Fishing trip in Southern Belize, 11min. Hand Line Fishing in Southern Belize. Fun Fishing trip with some friends. Visited Moho Caye and caught some snappers. Fun way to spend a sunday in Belize.

  • Tying a Bonefish Shrimp Fly, 5.5min. We are happy to present the first episode in our Belize Series! This multiple episode fly tying series covers a number of saltwater flies you can tie. In this episode, learn to tie the Bonefish Shrimp Fly with Al Ritt.

  • A look back at Reef Fest 2019!!!.....Our Reef, Our Life, Our Responsibility, 5min.

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