Ian Anderson's CAVES BRANCH

If you haven’t experienced CAVES BRANCH ..
                  You haven’t experienced ADVENTURE ...
                                     You haven’t experienced BELIZE !

ADVENTURE is what CAVES BRANCH specializes in ...
Sightseeing is what a lot of the others do!


The Caves Branch Estate is our privately owned 58,000 acre estate of virtually pristine pine ridge mountains, shimmering waterfalls, major river ways, babbling creeks, magnificent limestone cliffs, underground rivers, crystal caves, Maya ruins .. burial mounds and ceremonial sites, deep, luscious sub-tropical jungle and rainforest, filled with over 160 varieties of orchids, bromeliads, and air ferns, various species of palm, ceiba and guanacaste trees and 6 different Blue Holes. Tropical hardwoods flourish and the majestic mahogany can still be seen towering throughout Caves Branch. Wildlife at Caves Branch is just as vitally rich as the main character on stage is still the magnificent jaguar. Other local inhabitants are howler and spider monkeys, tapir, gibnut, warrie, peccary, white tailed deer, armadillo, ocelot, tarantula, dozens of different frogs and toads and iguana ... just to mention a few ...



The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is centered on the Caves Branch Estate in the heart of the Belizean jungle ... overlooking the pristine turquoise waters of the Caves Branch River and nestled below a 100 foot rainforest canopy. 

We are not sanitized from the jungle .. we are a part of it. Wildlife surrounds us. Our various cabana styles are thatched in the tradition of the Maya and are completely screened offering a comfortable and bug free environment yet wide open to the symphony of nature. With our torches burning throughout the night, casting an eerie glow through the jungle, the babbling river and the cacophony of night creatures, you settle in for a good night’s sleep but are roused early to the sounds of the jungle coming to life.

We consider ourselves RUSTIC and UNIQUE.

For more pictures, click here and go forward several frames to see pictures of the estate grounds, the cabins, the flora and fauna, and some pictures from their tours.

And for another batch of pictures from caving with Ian Anderson's as well as pics of the grounds, click here.

For pictures from our stay in 2003, click here. Caving pictures, flowers, and more!

On any given morning, avid bird watchers can identify over 165 species of birds along our 1 km driveway which passes through 3 distinctive bird habitats. Butterflies and dragonflies fill the canopy during the day and after dark, the sounds of the night come alive.

The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge provides an array of accommodations from camping, bunkhouse and jungle cabanas to 4 **** Cabana suites. While maintaining our original objective of each traveler experiencing the rugged beauty and natural symphony of the nature that surrounds us, we have provided accommodations that suit every expectation.

Cabana Suites

Full comfort in our cabana suites, a master bedroom with king size bed, full washroom facilities with hot and cold shower and toilet, furnished living room with double pull out bed and completely screened for a bug free environment, yet open to the sights and sounds of the jungle.

Single or Double occupancy: $97.00 per night

Additional persons over 2, add $20.00 per person

Jungle Cabanas

Our more rustic jungle cabanas combine double and single beds for a more versatile use. Completely screened for a bug free environment, yet open to the sights and sounds of the jungle. Full washroom facilities are located outside the cabanas with modern toilet facilities and our warm water "jungle showers" shrouded in leaf.

Single occupancy: $48.00. Double occupancy: $58.00

Additional persons over 2, add $15.00 per person


Our bunkroom is snug and friendly. Just perfect for the more budget oriented traveler. As with our other cabanas, the bunkroom is fully screened and open to the sights and sounds of the jungle. Full washroom facilities are located outside the bunkroom with modern toilet facilities and our warm water "jungle showers" shrouded in leaf.

per person $15.00


Along the upper bank of the Caves Branch river we have set aside a very pretty spot full of flowering jungle plants and high canopy trees overlooking the river. You must bring your own tent but camp cooking of any type is not allowed. Full toilet and shower facilities provided.

per person $ 5.00


(All meals served buffet family style)

  • Breakfast $12.00 per person

  • Lunch $12.00 per person (all full day expeditions include lunch at no additional charge)

  • Dinner $17.00 per person


All of our expeditions have been designed not only to create the utmost in adventure but also to give each traveler a once in a lifetime experience of the natural, historical and cultural wonders within the world of the ancient Maya; the tropical jungle, the caves and caverns, the rivers, the lost Maya ruins, burial sites and ceremonial centers, the indigenous wildlife and the mysticism that surrounds it all. Ian Anderson, Belize’s premier explorer into Xibalba (the Maya Underworld), has hand picked and trained each of the local guides that lead you into the world of a civilization lost. Each guide has received intensive training in cave and wilderness evacuation / wilderness first aid and is a founding member of the “Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team”. Each guide must be re-certified each year in Wilderness and Cave Rescue and Wilderness first aid. This is mandated by Ian Anderson.

Ian was the first to create open expeditions into the underworld realm of the ancient Maya ... the Caves and the Caverns of Xibalba ... and is today, Belize's foremost explorer of those ancient sacred sites. Through continuous explorations, new discoveries are constantly being made .. areas that no human has seen since the ancient Maya priests and Shaman performed their most sacred ceremonies to the Gods, almost 2,000 years ago. Some of these new discoveries are shared with our guests each year.

While supporting the efforts of the Department of Archaeology of Belize, by providing highly trained guides to ensure that we maintain the natural and historical integrity of these most sacred areas, we also strive to create expeditions that not only provide the utmost in adventure, but also to maintain the natural and historical integrity, to educate travelers to Belize and our pristine resources; the tropical forest, its wildlife, the great ancient Maya Civilization and its most sacred ceremonial centers … Xibalba! Our efforts to preserve and maintain the natural and historical integrity of these sites are unprecedented.

Whether you are an individual traveler, an organization, researchers or student groups, We now invite you to join us on some of the most adventurous and conscience altering expeditions that few will ever have the opportunity to experience.

All expeditions take place on our private estate. We are the only company that operates in Caves Branch.

We are Caves Branch!


This is where it all started! Ian Anderson’s first and still Belize’s longest and most spectacular “River of Caves” cave tubing float .. over 7 miles underground. Enter the exciting world of rivers disappearing into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only your headlamp to light your way.

Floating past side windows that filter the jungle light through the mist as you swirl around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. Float past underground waterfalls then into the crystal cathedral, a spiritual center to the ancient Maya.

Since Ian introduced Cave Tubing to Belize tourism, Cave Tubing has become Belize’s most popular adventure trip. The original and full 7 mile "River of Caves" tube float is only available through the Caves Branch Adventure Co.

Some underground hiking and jungle trekking is necessary.

Daily departures year round .. subject to high water levels during the rainy season.

MINIMUM 4. Maximum 8. $80.00 per person


More underground rivers .. This time combine cave tubing and cave exploration to explore this incredible river cave system where ancient Maya Ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, jade and the actual footprints of the Shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D. are still seen. Spectacular crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old cast eerie shadows into the black abyss as you explore and experience the most sacred area of the ancient Maya. A living museum where the past can still be experienced in its historical and natural location. Massive cathedral size chambers with walls of river sculptured rock dwarf explorers as we pass on foot and inner tube. Imagine the experience as we float through a cathedral and you turn off our lights … leaving you with the sensation of floating in timelessness.

Daily departures year round .. subject to high water levels during the rainy season.

NO MINIMUM. Maximum 8. $70.00 per person.


Waterfalls .. waterfalls .. and more waterfalls. Hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above, explore this river cave with a total of six waterfalls that must be challenged and conquered before days end. No cave tubing today. Spectacular crystal formations loom above and ancient Maya ceremonial centers are hidden in side chambers as you explore this mist shrouded kingdom. At the end of the day, a three kilometer hike through the forest where a driver will be waiting to bring you back to the lodge. This expedition has a very high difficulty level and all participants must be fit and agile.

Daily departures year round .. subject to high water levels during the rainy season.

NO MINIMUM. Maximum 6. $75.00 per person.


If You Dare...enter into the world which was believed by ancient Mayan priests to be the “ENTRANCES TO THE UNDERWORLD”.. the Realm .. the Domain .. The Kingdom of their Gods .. XIBALBA. Fighting the forces of the spirits left from a civilization lost, walk the actual steps that Mayan Shaman walked as they entered .. Xibalba. Feel the presence of the ancient Gods as we explore spectacular and awe filled crystal chambers that hold 2,000 year old Maya ceremonial centers. Fire pits, charcoal and ash, pottery, bowls, relics, alters, wall carvings, glyph writings and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims are found in various ceremonial caves. These caves are dry caves .. no cave tubing.

Daily departures year round, not subject to seasonal rains

NO MINIMUM. Maximum 8. $75.00 per person.


It's now tried and tested and the results .. SPECTACULAR, INCREDIBLE, A RUSH LIKE NO OTHER !!!

The “Mother of all Caves” .. Actun Loch Tunich ! This expedition starts off with a vigorous hike into the foothills of the Maya Mountains. The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole sits over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that grows out from the sink hole basin. Our fully trained caving guides then rig a system of rappelling ropes for your decent to the basin below.

The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline, the next 200 feet provides an unforgettable experience and sights to behold, the last 100 feet takes you down through the rainforest canopy. But before you start it all .. you might just throw up! The sink hole is not actually black, but you can't see the bottom from where you start. Once you're at the bottom, the question is .. How do we get you out??? Then a return hike out of the foothills and a well deserved cold beer at camp. There is the Actun Loch Tunich river cave .. but no cave tubing. This expedition is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit.

Daily departures year round, not subject to seasonal rains.

MINIMUM 2, Maximum 6 persons. $95.00 per person
Here is one groups experience at the Black Hole Drop:

We first arrived in Belize on Friday, May 10. First stop – women’s bathroom to put on shorts. Then we took a taxi to the bus station, and caught the 4:00 bus to Caves Branch. This was quite an experience. We were relieved to know we had been assigned seats. Many were left standing. Turns out a lot of people, especially students, were traveling home for Mother’s Day, so the bus was VERY full. It wasn’t bad until it started pouring, and we had to push up the windows. It was pretty hot and steamy. Just what a girl needs after several hours of traveling! We stopped in Belmopan for a break, and hoped that the rest of the ride would be a little less crowded. Not so – it was even worse. When we finally got to Caves Branch and got our luggage out, we realized it had been stepped on, sat on and squished. It was a fun experience, and we met some great people, but note to self for next time: take a taxi. It’s worth the price!

We were mercifully picked up on the road by Abell and another Caves Branch employee, taken to the bunkhouse (only $15 per night), and then joined the rest of the guests for dinner. It reminded me of summer camp – for adults. It was so much fun being there with all the adventure-minded people that had come for some fun. We had a great dinner, got the intro (which made me question my decision to do the Black Hole Drop, but there’s no turning back now), and got settled in for the night. We enjoyed the jungle showers and staying in the bunkhouse. It was all so prettily landscaped and nicely tucked in the trees.

Saturday morning: those butterflies in the stomach have turned to ulcers. OK, well that’s an exaggeration. My biggest question at the moment is “will I even survive the hike up?” After reading Chanin’s report from a few weeks ago and getting the intro from Abell, I was wondering. We had a good breakfast, packed up, got the “drinking water is not an option” lecture from Ian (gotta love it), and headed out. One guide slipped in the first 15 feet. OK, I’m thinking…. I’M IN TROUBLE! But it wasn’t so bad. Much of the hike is seriously vertical, and not for the faint-hearted. However, I’m not exactly in good shape, and I made it. I have to say that the guides we had, especially Esperanza and Carlos, were incredibly patient and encouraging. Twice on the way up, I had to stop and catch my breath. Instead of pushing, Carlos picked a flower and brought it up to me and said to the others with us, “she’s just waiting for a flower.” There was never any pressure to hurry or do better. I did keep up for the most part, and it was such a sense of accomplishment when we reached the top.

At the top, when you look out over the sinkhole, you start to think again, “What am I doing here?” But I was in it for the long haul, for the sheer love of adventure and challenging myself to conquer my fears. I wasn’t going to give up now. Carlos and Esperanza led us through some safety info, including letting us know that the rope holds 9,000 pounds, and the webbing does, too, I think. We felt pretty comfortable with our gear by the time they were done. Then we got strapped in and had lunch. I could hardly eat, and the longer we stayed at the top, the more nervous I got. But, the adrenaline rush is half the fun!

When it was finally my turn to go, and I got hooked to the rope, I felt thoroughly comfortable. Esperanza walked me through the first few feet, and over the edge. It was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I felt the total control that I had over the rope, and how fast I would go. I enjoyed the ride down, and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was an amazing view, and just hanging up there above the treetops is so amazing. You can’t see anything or anyone – it’s just you and God and nature, and the rope. It’s an incredible feeling.

After everyone got down, we started the hike back up. Over many rocks, some precarious. The scariest part of the trip, aside from the anticipation, was climbing the aluminum extension ladder back up. Wow, I was shaking through that one. I can do heights, but ladders maybe not.

Once at the top, the last hour or so hike out was nice and leisurely. It was very slippery from having rained through the day, but mostly downhill. The muscles began to get sore, as much from adrenaline and tension as from the activity of the day, I’m sure.

We made it back to Ian’s where we had cold beer/water waiting for us. We took showers, had dinner, enjoyed a massage (thanks again, Kelly!), and shared our adventure stories with other guests who had done different adventures. It was a wonderful couple of days and when we had to leave on Sunday morning, we wished we had planned more time there. Oh well, there’s always next year, and more adventure awaits us in San Pedro.

Thanks so much to Ian, Esperanza, Carlos, Jesus, Morjelio, Abell, Pedro, Bernabe, Neal, Blanca, Kelly, and anyone else I’ve forgotten. You all run a class operation, and we’ll be back for sure!!!!!!!


Starting off on day one with the Black Hole drop. Once you are in the basin of the sink hole, your guides then lead you into the incredible rim stone dam entrance of the Actun Loch Tunich river cave system. Camp is set up inside the entrance and dinner prepared. Then on to exploring the upper crystal chambers, ceremonial sites of the ancient Maya. With the campfire ablaze, you settle into a rest filled sleep as the sounds of the jungle eerily sift into the darkness of the cave and the mists of “Chac”, the Mayan rain god, rise from the darkness below. The next morning, after a hardy breakfast, you trek down another 400 feet along cave cliff walls on routes of the ancient Maya to the Actun Loch Tunich underground river, with over 24 kilometers of mapped passageways, exploring in the steps of the ancient Maya, past bubbling springs and an underground waterfall. At the end of the second day, the problem still exists … how do we get you out ? Regardless, we will still have a cold beer waiting for you back at the Lodge!

When exploring the Actun Loch Tunich River Cave, you do so by trekking, no cave tubing. This expedition is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit.

Daily departures year round, seasonal rains could alter specific activities.

MINIMUM 2, Maximum 6. $ 195.00 per person


With local bushmen as your guides, explore the jungle searching for the “Lost Maya cities”...buried by the jungle for the last 1,400 years. Walk across the plaza where priests once dictated and stand on the palaces where kings once ruled. Listen to the eerie sounds of the jungle and try to hear the sounds of a civilization lost.

Daily departures year round, seasonal rains will not affect expedition.

NO MINIMUM. Maximum 8. $60.00 per person.


This is no gym wall .. practice time is over, now it’s the real thing. Under the canopy of the tropical forest, limestone cliff faces sometimes 200 feet high. But we have two specific rock faces set out to challenge you. One is a beginners wall, only 40 feet in height while the second is much more challenging. All equipment is provided except climbing shoes. All participants must be relatively fit.

Daily departures year round, seasonal rains will effect scheduling. All climbs are full day trips.

MINIMUM 2, Maximum 6. $70.00 per person.


Departing the Jungle Lodge after dinner, local bushmen guides will lead you through the jungle in search of many of the elusive animals that feed under the cover of darkness .. howler and spider monkey, gibnut, kinkajou, wild boar, deer, quash, armadillo, tarantulas, scorpions, leaf-cutter ants and of course .. snakes! On a number of outings since we opened the Lodge, even the elusive jaguar has been sighted as close as 2 minutes from the Lodge itself. An exciting and enthralling experience for all.

Nightly departures year round, full moon negatively effects possible number of animals seen.

NO MINIMUM. Maximum 6. $30.00 per person.


A full day in pristine jungle with local bushmen guides. Learn many of the secrets that the jungle holds: natural medicines, herbs, barks and many plants that are still used today by natural healers throughout Central America. Ancient ruins, burial sites and altars lurk below the shadows, hidden by time, as you trek through areas few have ever seen. Explore the Blue Hole River as it surges from below a 250ft cliff and take the opportunity for a refreshing dip in its aqua blue waters.

Daily departures year round, seasonal rain does not effect expedition.

NO MINIMUM, Maximum 8. $60.00 per person.


As the black sky grays and the jungle comes to life, you'll start your walk down our 1 k.m. drive that shares 3 different and distinctive birding habitats. It is not unusual to spot over 100 species over a couple of mornings. Morning bird watching runs from dawn to 8:00 a.m. (breakfast).

MORNINGS: NO MINIMUM, Maximum 6, $30.00 per person

FULL DAYS: NO MINIMUM, Maximum 6, $90.00 per person.


2 full days and 1 night deep in pristine jungle...just what every adventurer needs to experience. Bushmen guides will take you out and teach you how to survive in the jungle on this mini jungle survival trek. Tents? Nope! Learn how to build your own shelter .. then sleep in it. Food? Well, we’ll bring a bit, but for the rest .. learn where to find it in the jungle .. then learn how to cook it. Upset stomach? Possibly! Special herbs and barks make great medicinal tea. Participant must provide own full size back pack. All participants must be relatively fit.

MINIMUM 2. Maximum 6. $175.00 per person.


This expedition is designed for the true adventurer

The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! This is a 4 day/3 night hard core adventure for the hardiest and most adventurous people. No couch potatoes allowed. The 2 day Jungle Trek is just a teaser. This is “Jungle Survival” at a premium.

Leave the Jungle Lodge with only a Machete and your Bushman Guide. When you return... You will have proven yourself. CERTIFICATES AWARDED for accomplishment!

Participants must provide own full size backpack. This expedition is high on adventure and difficulty. All participants must be fit and adventurously aggressive.

MINIMUM 2. Maximum 6. $390.00 per person.


“Ninety per cent of our guests have never had either caving nor jungle experience before coming to Caves Branch. We have taken children from the age of 6 years to seniors at the age of 76 years on some of these expeditions but have on numerous occasions, refused participation to 20, 30 and 40 year olds. Age is not “necessarily” a deciding factor on our expeditions, however, a degree of fitness and most importantly, your sense of adventure is what will be the deciding factor.

From time to time, weather conditions will cause us to cancel or alter expeditions whose activities are subject to drastic changes in water levels. Safety is our highest priority and all decisions to cancel or alter activities due to potential weather changes are decisive and final.

All of the Caves Branch guides are re-certified each year in Cave and Wilderness Rescue and Wilderness First Aid and are all founding members of the Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team, created and solely sponsored by Caves Branch. Every expedition that leaves Caves Branch has a back up to support the possibility of a potential injury. Each expedition is monitored to within an hour of returning to base.

When planning Caving or Jungle expeditions in Belize, I beg you, please, ensure that you are with fully trained “caving / wilderness guides”. Ask for proof that they are fully certified in Cave and Wilderness Rescue and Wilderness first aid. Your life is in their hands. What is your life worth?


These full 1 day trips take you away from the Caves Branch Estate and include transportation to and from each site, full lunch service, licensed guides, all entrance fees, bottled water and refreshments. All trips depart from and return to the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.


Minimum 2. Maximum 6. $90.00 per person.


Minimum 2. Maximum 6. $90.00 per person


Minimum 2. Maximum 6. $90.00 per person


Ride along jungle trails, tropical rivers and Maya ruins. Spend time with John Carr of the Banana Bank Equestrian center and learn how the horses "whisper" !

Minimum 2. Maximum 6. $75.00 per person

All Inclusive Packages


Four nights accommodations in one of our jungle cabanas, all meals from dinner on arriving day to breakfast on departing day, choice of any 3 one day expeditions or choice of 1 overnight expedition and 1 one day expedition. Complimentary drinks on arrival and a complimentary glass of wine with each dinner.

$ 445.00 per person based on double (2 person) occupancy.

*Single surcharge of $76.00

*Surcharge of $120.00 for accommodations in our Cabana Suites


Seven nights accommodations in one of our jungle cabanas, all meals from dinner on arriving day to breakfast on departing day, choice of 5 one day expeditions or choice of 1 overnight expedition and 3 one day expeditions. Complimentary drinks on arrival and a complimentary glass of wine with each dinner.

$ 760.00 per person based on double (2 person) occupancy.

*Single surcharge of $133.00

*Surcharge of $210.00 for accommodations in our Cabana Suites


Complimentary drinks on arrival. Your first night in our private cabana suites overlooking the sunset and the Caves Branch River. THEN .. off into the abyss of the ancient Maya Gods where our guides will take you down 300 feet on rappelling rope into one of the most spectacular underground caverns found anywhere on the planet. Your honeymoon experience awaits deep within the underworld, alongside a subterranean bubbling spring and waterfall. We love surprising couples with a sensuous sanctuary of candles, champagne, delicious treats and a flower-strewn bed, so we can't tell you the rest. But be assured your honeymoon setting will be especially prepared for you to tantalize your senses for 24 hours of awesome adventure and eternal tranquility. Then back to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge for 3 more nights in our cabana suite and your choice of another 2 adventures.


$1,375.00 per couple.

Ian’s “BAD ASS” Expeditions


With more exploratory expeditions into the Caves and jungle areas of Belize than any other organization within Belize to their credit, it is not hard to understand that “High Adventure” is what the makes the Caves Branch Team so popular with adventure travelers. Continuous exploration, discovery and the adventure that goes along with it .. is what we are all about. Ian Anderson and members of his team set out each year to explore for and discover new entrances into the ancient mystic real of the ancient Maya .. the Kingdom of the Gods .. “Xibalba”. Join one of these 7-day expeditions that search for the forgotten entrances into this mystic domain where only Priests and Shaman once entered. Only 2 expeditions planned for the spring of the year 2,001. No previous caving or high adventure experience necessary, only a good level of fitness and an adventurous spirit.

Contact us for more detailed information and departure dates.

Minimum and maximum number in affect.

$895.00 per person.


This year, Ian and his team of guides plan exploratory trips deep into the mist shrouded Maya Mountains, areas of Belize that few have ever explored before. Along with his team of guides, a Maya anthropologist and a natural historian and yourself, your team charts its course into some of the most remote, challenging and breathtaking areas of Belize. The adventure is high .. the discoveries unknown .. but what is guaranteed is one of the more spectacular adventures since Livingston of Old. Departing Caves Branch Lodge and returning 9 days later is our only itinerary. Only one expedition is planned for October of the year 2,000. No previous high adventure experience necessary, only a good fitness level and an adventurous spirit.

Contact us for more detailed information and departure date.

Minimum and Maximum number in affect.

$1,150.00 per person.

THE “LOST WORLD” EXPEDITION Into the mystic realm of the ancient Maya

This 9 day high adventure expedition was designed by Ian Anderson to take you exploring the tropical rainforest and 4 of Belize’s most spectacular and awesome caves, all located on the Caves Branch Estate .. into the past of the ancient Maya .. their sacred underworld .. and the spirit filled tropical rainforests that surround it all. 300 foot deep sinkholes, miles of underground rivers, cathedral size crystal chambers filled with natures most awesome formations, millions of years in creation, Maya ceremonial centers deep underground where pottery artifacts and skeletal remains of sacrificial victims still lay .. waterfalls cascading down from above, hundreds of feet below the mountains above .. pristine tropical rainforests and ancient Maya ruins, buried by the jungle for almost 1,500 years. Involves rappelling into a 300 foot sink hole and down 250 foot cliff face into and through jungle canopy. No previous high adventure experience necessary, only a good fitness level and an adventurous spirit.


Minimum and Maximum number in effect. Monthly departures scheduled from August 2000 through to April 2001. Write to us and ask for the full 9 day itinerary.

$1,470.00 per person. 10 % discount for organized groups of 6 - 8 persons.


Day 1 of all itineraries is your arrival day. Day 2 of all expeditions is spent on site at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, providing hands on training for all technical rope work that will be involved in each expedition. There is no need for previous experience.

70 % of all participants on the above 3 expeditions that I humorously call my “Bad Ass Expeditions”, have been women between the ages of 25 and 45. Congratulations to the ladies for having what it takes to grasp the challenge and living through it all to tell your stories for years to come.


Caves Branch.. The Jungle Lodge is located 12 miles south of Belmopan, the capital city, on the Hummingbird Highway and can be reached in 3 easily accessible ways: 1) your own automobile using the Hummingbird highway from Belmopan. 2) Z-Line Bus service that runs from both Dangriga and Belize City, through Belmopan, 7 times daily. Ask to be dropped off at “Ian’s Place in Caves Branch” or “the Jungle Lodge in Caves Branch”. Then walk in 15 minutes along our driveway to the Lodge. or 3) private transfers .. all following prices are one way trips to or from the stated cities to Caves Branch and are provided by private vehicle and driver. Transfers from individual resorts outside these areas may slightly change prices.

Belmopan .. $ 25.00

Belize City .. $110.00

San Ignacio .. $ 60.00

Placencia .. $175.00

Dangriga .. $100.00


CAVES BRANCH .. The ADVENTURE Co. & JUNGLE LODGE is neither a sightseeing business nor a “Resort”! All of our expeditions are fairly strenuous and designed for the adventurous spirit. Our Jungle Lodge is located in the heart of the “Jungle”!

The CAVES BRANCH JUNGLE LODGE and surrounding areas are also considered home to many wild animals which do, from time to time, visit the guest areas.

If you are looking for a jungle “resort” that is sanitized from its surroundings .. then WE ARE NOT IT! If you are looking for a "RESORT", we respectfully request that you do not consider Caves Branch.

BUT .. if you are looking for a unique and natural setting in the heart of the jungle where wildlife abounds and want to experience some of the true great adventure that surrounds the mysticism of the ancient Maya found only in Belize, then we probably are just what you are looking for!

However , no matter what we say about our Lodge or expeditions.. you may be skeptical .. after all, we are promoting ourselves! So here are just a few comments made by some of our guests .. Listen to what they have to say:

“Literally walking in the footprints of the Maya .. Mysterious, Mystical and Magical” Deanna Marie Miller.

“An awesome jungle river adventure with just the right mix of history, mystic and romance. Would highly recommend this magical and very diverse caving experience to all travelers to Belize!” Jean Barbman (Jungle Jeanie)

“Two of the most beautiful and memorable days we’ve experienced .. to be re-lived many times!” Judy Whitley.

“The ghosts of the ancient Maya leapt right into my soul!” Mason Simpson.

“This is my second trip to Belize and my stay here at Caves Branch has been undoubtedly the highlight. The adventure, hospitality and experiences were unforgettable” Elizabeth McCracken.

WOW! Never expected something spectacular like that! Thanx for the superb guiding.” Frank Rodgers.

“In a word .... SUPERLATIVE !” Robert Greaves.

“A Maya magical mystery tour .. An experience that will be remembered for a lifetime! A true adventure .. an ancient Maya experience!” Marianne Mangold.

“A truly exciting adventure!! The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is the gateway to the caves, the jungle and the ancient Maya. I’m glad that it is retaining the rustic charm of the jungle without the modern hassles of city life.” Krista Yost.

“Significant emotional experience! I highly recommend the experience. Ian’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the ancient Maya culture made it well worthwhile.” Stanton King.

“A true ‘LOST WORLD’ experience!” Robbie Cox.

“This was just an incredible experience. I never imagined you could do something like this in Belize. Everyone was just so friendly .. I’ll never forget our stay.” Marco Bergeuin.

“The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge was one of our best experiences in Belize .. Thanx to Ian and his team. The atmosphere, food and Cabanas made our stay perfect! A recommended stay for all!” Michael - Lisa VanAlstine

“Beautiful place! The birds and wildlife are incredible. You have a wonderful staff and the guides were great during the trips.” Sherry White.

“Keep your place the way it is .. cozy, romantic and absolutely adventurous. It is so SPECIAL!” Eric – Monique Vogel.

“An unbelievably unique and inspiring experience. I am thankful that you had the vision to create this for others!” Mary Kesecker.

“Absolutely incredible .. the kind of experience that changes ones life ..” John - Lee Terping.

“This is the most luxurious spot on the planet! The extraordinary people here make it that much more remarkable .. As close to a slice of heaven on earth as you can get!” David - Sue Fry.

“I’m not sure what I was looking for in Belize .. but I found it at Caves Branch!” Richard Crook.

“We came here not knowing what to expect .. now leaving after having lived one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives! Congratulations to a great staff .. beautiful and warm people.” Jacque - Lillean Noe.

“Caves Branch is by far one of the most memorable places we have visited on our adventures through Central America. Thank you for showing us the beauty of the caves .. Millions of years in the making! As the ancient Maya once explored these incredible places with awe and respect, today you share these wonders with modern eyes. Here’s to conservation, preservation and the continued beauty, wonder and growth of the jungle!” The “MAYA QUEST TEAM”.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience with us as have so many others. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you ..

Ian, Tangie and the Caves Branch Team.


RESERVATIONS can be made by phone , fax or by email, either by yourself or your travel agent. If the reservation is made by an individual booking for themselves, the space is blocked for 3 weeks. During that time we ask that you send to us a deposit covering 50 % of your booking. If a deposit is not received within the 3 week period, the blocked space will be released..

DEPOSITS should be mailed to P.O. Box 356, Belmopan, Belize, Central America. We request a deposit of 50 % of your booking. The deposit can be made in the form of a personal check, bank draft, travelers checks or certified checks. All deposits are to be made out to “Caves Branch”. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.

TRAVEL AGENTS AND WHOLESALERS commissions are paid on all accommodations and expeditions. Meals and transfers are not commissionable. Net payment in full must be received 3 weeks before guests arrival.

CANCELLATION must be received in writing. Cancellations 45 days or more before arrival, 100 % refund less $25.00. 30 – 44 days in advance of arrival, 50 % refund less $25.00. 29 days before arrival, no refund. Caves Branch can not be held responsible or liable for trip cancellations or altered itineraries due to reasons out of our control.

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY must be signed by each participant on every expedition while on sight at Caves Branch. All participants must acknowledge and accept responsibility that expeditions offered by Caves Branch contain some element of risk and danger to ones well being. Caving and jungle activities, in themselves, due to the nature of the environment, may result in injury or death.

GUARANTEE of participation can not be made in advance for any person even if they have made a reservation and or made a deposit or made payment in full for any activity. Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, the management and their staff have the right to refuse participation of any person at any time for any reason due to their concern that the person's fitness or actions might put that person, or others, in harms way. All decisions are final and not arbitrated. Our concern for your safety is our primary mandate. Alternative activities will be recommend or if prefer, payments made to Caves Branch will be refunded in full if we feel that it would be better for your safety if you did not participate on a specific trip.

CHILDREN under the age of 14 will not be guaranteed participation in any activity unless the staff of Caves Branch approve their participation. Age is not necessarily a deciding factor but our concerns are strictly for your child’s safety.

FAMILY RATES: Families staying at Caves Branch with children will be offered the following discounts: Children 9 years of age and less, when staying with parents, will stay, eat and participate on activities (when approved to participate) at no charge. Children 10 - 14 years of age will be discounted 25 % on meals and activities, but no charge for accommodations when staying with parents. Children 15 years and older will be charged rack rates as adults.

STUDENT PACKAGES: Discounted student group packages available. We look forward to hosting educational or research groups. Please allow us the opportunity to put a combined adventure and educational package together for you.



All river cave expeditions: Hiking boots, shorts and t-shirt.

All dry cave expeditions: Hiking boots, long pants and long sleeve shirt.

All jungle expeditions: Hiking boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt and mosquito repellent.

All over night expeditions: Hiking boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt, mosquito repellent, minimum one full change of cloths, full size back pack and flashlight.

Those that are Caves Branch Lodge guests need to bring mosquito repellent and a flashlight with them.

If your foot wear is determined by Caves Branch to not be up to standard to provide a safe trip, we will rent hiking boots at a nominal charge of $5.00 per day, however, we only have a limited supply of various sizes.

Due to safety concerns, those not prepared with mandatory clothing will not be allowed to participate on any activity.


Effective from June 01, 2000 until November 14, 2001.

All prices in $US. See the descriptions for each Accommodation and Adventure for current pricing and special conditions.

All taxes are included in our prices. These taxes include the 7 % Government hotel tax and the 8 % Government sales tax.

Gratuities are not included in any charges and we do not add gratuities to any bill. Gratuities are, however, appreciated by all staff but we prefer to leave tipping to the individual.

Caves Branch reserves the right to adjust pricing without notice before any reservation is confirmed. Once a reservation is confirmed, all pricing is guaranteed final.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Ian and the Caves Branch Team.

For more pictures, click here and go forward several frames to see pictures of the estate grounds, the cabins, the flora and fauna, and some pictures from their tours.

And for another batch of pictures from caving with Ian Anderson's as well as pics of the grounds, click here.

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