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San Pedro is graced, by many forms of entertainment on a daily basis. This week of though, we are most fortunate-to be entertained by comedic magician Fortunato! Isn't it time you put some magic in your life? You can- this Friday only at the BoatYard Bar. As he strolls through the audience, Fortunato skillfully blends his gift of comedy with extraordinary magic. Starting at 8:00 p.m. sharp, Fortunato will perform his tableside magic to the delight of all who attend.

The San Pedro Sun had the pleasure of meeting this renown artist and observed his talent in a private showing. He performs in any language appropriate (English, Spanish or Italian) and prides himself on his "close up magic." His unique style uses no mirrors or hidden boxes like magic performed on a stage. He told the Sun' "This type of magic is contagious. it spreads from table to table! You can hear everyone laughing at the table next to you, and you can't wait until it's your turn to be entertained."

Presently at Journey's End on vacation from Costa del Sol, Spain, "Fortunato" was born Vincent Ginardi Pennsylvania, USA. In 1970, after serving a two-year tour of Viet Nam with the US Marine Corp, Vince found himself traveling through Europe. Working odd jobs to get by, he joined a group of street entertainers to earn some extra cash in Amsterdam and learned the art of mime. This was just the start of his life and career in the entertainment world. Marriage, friends and fate led him to Italy where he entertained a life as a gypsy troubadour. Performing a mixture of music, stand-up comedy and mime on the road seemed to be his calling. From Italy, he traveled to Spain and became a partner in a friend's night club. Years of this life took, its toll on Vince and consequently ended. his marriage. In 1988, Vince sold his share in the club and sought refuge in the remote Maldives Islands off the coast Of India. He discovered a passion for scuba diving spending six months in the islands and earned several certifications including Master Dive Trainer. Leaving the Maldives to travel around to popular dive spots, Vince found himself on North Ambergris Caye it Journey"s End Resort. It was here that he was offered the chance to be in the "Spot light" -again when the resort owner mentioned he was looking for someone to entertain at his bar and restaurant.

These were the early days of Vince's magic and his transformation into "Fortunato". Having only learned three tricks during his stay in the Maldives, he bought $1000 worth of books, and got to work. Diving and doing comedy and magic in Belize, he entertained such celebrities as former US President Jimmy Carter and the former Prime Minister of Belize, George Price. Speaking of one of his worst experiences, he recalled, "I did an outdoor beach show for the Prime Minister and his whole congregation of delegates. I did the hundred dollar bill in the orange trick. When I asked for a hundred dollar bill, the Prime Minister volunteered one and just then the wind picked up. It must have been howling a hundred miles an hour. It took that hundred dollar bill and awaaaaay it went, and I didn't know what to do. I think it was Pure Freaking Magic that I got through the show at all: But I'll never forget the sight of the whole congregation on its knees in the sand looking for that hundred dollar bill."

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