The Porgy

May 5
Inside the reef: Mutton Snapper and Porgy
In the Lagoon: Bone Fish, Permit and a few Tarpon

Outside the reef: Last week turned out to be a winner for bill fish. The Bradley Bros Leonardo, Alberto, Roberto and Shedanny caught three sail fish and then went on and fished in a bill fish tournament in Mexico where they caught a 40 pound White Marlin but lost a sail fish on the first day. Had they landed the sail fish they would have taken 2nd place. Fishing against much larger boats that were equipped with the latest fish finding gadgetry the Team Bradley came in 8th out of a pack of 37. If last week was any indication the Bradley Bros are going to be the team to watch out for in San Pedroís Belikin Marlin Tournament this year.
Caught all over the Western Atlantic and commonly known as Scup in the US Porgy are great eating and fun to catch.

I fish Porgy when I can t get outside because the weather is too bad. Porgy taste great on the grill. This fish is a real show stopper when youíre stuck inside the reef for weather and got a barbeque in mind. They weigh up to 10 pounds, they fight like hell and can be caught easily by fishing around sea fans near a reef. For me, I like the offshore fish, but when we are closed out for weather I can always count on catching Porgy. Here is what I do. First I get on the sight and chum the whole area with chopped sardines for about an hour. I fish the sight. After Iíve caught all the pesky grouper and snapper out of the area I take a light weight with a size two hook hang back off the reef a few yards and bait with sardines. I guarantee you I can always load a grill. Thatís how I am. Now you go try and see.

Not the most exciting or glamorous fish to catch but it is a standout when I canít get outside for weather. Captain Dilzon Murcia is the project manager for Island Ferry and owner operator of Dilzon Charters, a sport fishing charter business. To catch the fish featured this week, and other large fish, call Dilzon at 620-6118 or drop by the Island Ferry office and schedule your next fishing adventure.

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