Grand Slam

July 17

A grand slam in fly fishing involves catching a tarpon, a permit and a bonefish in the same day. Here, Dave Ozuna holds one of the three: a bonefish.

With Nestor’s guidance in directing his casts Mr. Ozuna caught a nice seven pound permit.

With Nesto’s help, a nice 40-pound Tarpon was reeled in. The group went to BC’s to celebrate Nesto’s 22nd Grand Slam and the 192nd permit caught in his career.
My husband, Dave, and I have traveled to beautiful San Pedro town for the past 13 years to go fly fishing for tarpon. We always have a wonderful time, but this year was especially fun,.

Fishing guide Nestor Gomez helped fisherman, Dave Ozuna, from Seattle Washington, get his first “Grand Slam” on July 17th, 2006. A Grand Slam in salt water fly fishing involves catching a tarpon, a permit, and a bonefish in the same day.

The day began when Nesto found a spot where many tarpon were rolling on the surface. Mr. Ozuna hooked two tarpon earlier in the day, but lost both of them (not an unusual outcome in the chaos of fly fishing for tarpon).

However, he managed to “land” a 40 pound tarpon on this third hook up, using a fly called “Black Death.” A fish is considered legally landed if it’s reeled in close enough that the leader is inside the guides of the fly rod.

Shortly after landing the tarpon, Nesto, with his uncanny vision, saw several permit swimming within casting range. Mr. Ozuna grabbed his permit rod, with a pink shrimp fly. He couldn’t see the permit, but with Nesto’s guidance in directing his casts he caught a nice seven-pound permit.

Having accomplished toughest part of the grand slam, Nestor headed for the bonefish flats near Cangrejo Caye. Within 10 minutes, Mr. Ozuna caught a small bonefish on a “Crazy Charlie” fly. The Grand Slam quest was now complete! Nesto said this was the 22nd Grand Slam and the 192nd permit caught in his career.

The feat was celebrated at BC’s Bar with Nesto, his wife Tere, Dave and Judy Ozuna, and their traveling friends, Monty and Peggy Cabe. Nestor has guided these two couples for over 12 years. Monty and Peggy Cabe both achieved their Grand Slams under Nestor’s guiding expertise in past years.

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