Blue Marlin

Catching a Blue Marlin is a fun, exhausting affair that could involve the entire family of avid fishermen, like the Bradley men, above.
July 20

A highly sought after game fish that is rarely caught in Belize waters, Blue Marlin principally inhabit warmer oceanic waters of the world. They are known to migrate large distances. A marlin was caught off Florida earlier this year bearing a tag that had been placed on the marlin in South Africa three months earlier. Blue Marlin primarily feed on mahi mahi, black fin tuna and squid. Recent long lining activities by Cuba and Japanese fishing fleets have severely depleted marlin population’s world wide.

The blue marlin is cobalt blue on top and a silvery white below with a large spear protruding from his upper jaw. It can be an enormous fish growing to over 15 feet in length and weighing over 2,000 pounds. I believe we had one of these monsters on in the San Pedro Day Fishing Tournament. I had hand picked my anglers: Sterling from Island Ferry, Ernie from Captain Morgan’s and John from Sueño del Mar. Since I was targeting large fish this tournament I picked my anglers based on body mass. Heavy anglers make for more effective counterweights when wrestling big marlin.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon Sterling had a big strike that smoked his line out down to the final to wraps before he was able to stop the fish. For the next two hours he battled the fish who dragged us about four miles north east of the position he took the bait. Once the fish ran toward the surface causing Sterling to reel in line rapidly to keep tension on the fish but never did the monster break the surface.

Which is a characteristic sign of really big marlin. At about 75 feet of line to go and a 1:58 into the fight the fish threw the hook, leaving one of my anglers angry and exhausted.

Captain Dilzon Murcia is the project manager for Island Ferry and owner operator of Dilzon Charters, a sport fishing charter business. To catch the fish featured this week, and other large fish, call Dilzon at 620-6118 or drop by the Island Ferry office and schedule your next fishing adventure.

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