San Pedro Gets Ready For Hurricane Threats

On Wednesday, March 8, 2000 the National Emergency Management. - Organization (NEMO) and the San Pedro Emergency Committee (SPECI) held a meeting to review the San Pedro Emergency Plan.

A workshop for Shelter Management and Evacuation was also held the following day, March 9.

Conducting the Plan review was his Lordship Mayor Alberto Nunez, Major Shelton DeFour and James Janmohamed.-The workshop was conducted by Maj. Shelton and Mrs.Angelita Magana from the Red Cross and was attended by the new commitee and the Town Council members who are now part of SPEC.

According to Maj. Shelton and Mrs. Magana, the workshop was very successful and well attended. He also mentioned that San Pedro has one of the best committees in Belize and that the members are very serious about the roles they have to play.

Mr. Jammohamed informed NEMO of the new and revised committee which consists of the following members:

  • Chairperson-Representative (BRS)-HON. Patty Arceo.
  • Vice Chairperson-Mayor of San Pedro-Alberto Nunez.
  • Operations Officer-James Jammohamed.
  • Officer-in-Charge-Police-ASP Gutierrez/Sgt.Alvarez.
  • Liaison Officer (BDF)-Appointed by NEMO at call out.
  • Transportation Member-Mel Spain/Norman Eiley.
  • Evacuation Officer-Baldemar Graniel/Gach Guerrero/Debbie Spain.
  • Tourist Representative-Omar Arceo/Einer Gomez.
  • Supplies Member-Jimbo Vasquez/Santos Acosta,
  • Communication Member-Jim Diehl.
  • Officer in Charge BEL-Chris Nunez.
  • Officer in Charge WASA-Alvin Aaron Locke.
  • Technician in Charge BTL-Francis Usher.
  • Medical Officer-Lions Clinic-Natalie Palen.
  • Shelter Member-Domingo Perez.
  • Representative Fire Service-Denice Plummer.

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